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There is a sofa, but the sofa is full of clothes, and even women s penis.Yue Ming was born in a well educated family, and it was impossible to imagine that anyone could survive in such an environment.But, there is no way, Wei Renwu has already invited him in, so he has to go in too.As soon as he stepped through the gate, Wei Renwu said, Find a place to sit down first, and I ll go change my clothes.After speaking, Wei Renwu went into his room.Now Yue Ming was embarrassed, so he found a place to sit down, and looking around, there was no place to sit at all Therefore, Yue Ming would rather stand.Wei Renwu s home is not very big.The whole living room is at most 15 square meters, and there are two bedrooms.I don t know what it looks like inside.The doors of the toilet and kitchen are closed.Wait, the toilet light is on, there should be someone inside.Wei Assistant.Wei Renwu took the words and answered.Yue Ming stood up and said modestly I m not an expert, so please give me your advice.Yue Ming s humble attitude was in stark contrast to Wei Renwu s aggressiveness, so he won the favor of everyone.In fact, Yue Ming was quite contradictory.He obviously asked Wei Renwu for help, but somehow he became involved in this case, and somehow became Wei Renwu s assistant.Forward.Fang Ronghua, let s start with you.The meeting started.Okay, Captain Lin, I m in charge of investigating the family background of highland cbd gummies the deceased.Through contact with the police in Beijing, I learned that the deceased was from Shenyang.Both parents are in Shenyang.He was studying alone in Beijing.He was a third year student at Peking University.I don t have any other relatives in Beijing, and I usually only hang out with my classmates, and I seem to have a boyfriend.I feel plain, Very good.Tell me, that Fengshenhui hasn t come .

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to me for more than half a month, are they really not afraid that I will hand over the list to the police If you are willing to hand it over to the police, I definitely agree with it.Good idea.At this time, the landline phone at home rang.Wei Renwu jumped up and said excitedly, This must be Lin Xingchen s call.Wei Renwu immediately ran over to answer the phone, forgetting to put down his chopsticks.Hey, Miss Lin, is it a big case Another case of falling from a building.Sorry, I m too busy today Don t hang up, this case of falling from a building is a bit special, you won t think about it.Missed it.I promise, I will come to you as quickly as possible, because you have successfully aroused my interest.This time the falling case happened on Laochengren Road near the south extension line.Wei Renwu pulled Shu Xin up .

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with all his breastfeeding strength.Shu Xin shouted heartbreakingly Why do you want to save me I m a demon, just let me die like this Wei Renwu s forehead was bulging with veins, and while struggling to save hawkeye hemp cbd gummies can you carry on cbd gummies people, he also struggled to reply I made a special trip to I didn t come here to watch you die.I came to save you, because I really like you.Shu Xin was shocked.She was so moved that the man in front of her, who had tried his best to save her up, fell in love with her.Love is sometimes a poison that can destroy a person but love is sometimes a good medicine that can save a person.Wei Renwu spent a lot of physical strength, finally pulled Shu Xin up, and his whole body was exhausted on the ground.Shu Xin s cheeks were flushed, she hugged Wei Renwu very tightly, so tight that Wei Renwu could barely breathe.Lin Xingchen said It was hard for the four of us to get together, and it all depends on Lao Lu s wife marrying him.So, what does Lao Lu s wife look like Wei Renwu finally spoke again, saying Should be a young and beautiful woman.Lu Tong was cheerful, his heart was already blooming.Quan Kai said I m usually too busy, I should have come to see everyone.This time Lu Tong s marriage, even if it is a matter of the central government, I have to let it go.Wei Renwu sneered I didn t I hope that you, a famous person, can still remember us little people.Lin Xingchen opened his mouth and sneered back Oh It turns out that detective Wei Renwu is not a big celebrity, but just ordinary people.Wei Renwu held his mouth and said Xiao Chenchen, when did you start standing on Quan Kai s side I m not on his side, I m just standing opposite you.Although Yue Ming thought so, but after Quan drove away, Lin Xingchen said He actually just doesn t want to hear Wei Renwu s opinion on this case.As soon as Lin Xingchen saw Wei Renwu, he joked Hey, Wei Renwu, why don t you Not dead.Sitting on the bed, Wei Renwu said weakly I m dead, don t you want to be a widow Lin Xingchen laughed and said You can fight back, which means your illness is not serious.Wei Renwu said Joke, How can you carry on cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for pain relief can I be overwhelmed by this little ailment, I am a dignified seven foot man, I guarantee that tomorrow I will be able to go out to enjoy the joy of fish and water.Lin Xingchen said with a sinister smile Then I have to take a good look, you will be able to play tomorrow.At this time, Yue Ming was not in the mood to joke, he said seriously Mr.Wei, something happened today.Huh Just as Yue Ming was dumbfounded by the question, he saw Quan Kai take out a wire from his trousers pocket.You want to open the lock with a wire In fact, the full open did open the door with a wire.Walking into the room with full swing, Yue Ming hurriedly followed.Yan Xiluo s room is a single apartment with only more than 30 square meters.The room is very messy, clothes are thrown everywhere, chairs are also tilted on the ground, and the quilt is not arranged.Fully open to remind Yue Ming Don t touch anything, it is very likely that you will destroy some clues.Yue Ming nodded, he has followed Wei Renwu for a while, he still understands this common sense.Facing the with the full face, holding his chin with his right hand, or opening or closing his eyes, he thought for a long time, and then went to the toilet to check again.Yue Ming smirked and said, I usually get up very early.I was thinking, anyway, I have nothing to do, so I will come here and take Mr.Quan to have breakfast in Chengdu.Quan Kai got into Yue Ming s car and said, What s delicious in Chengdu I know there is a Mimi Fen that is delicious.Yue Ming started the Beetle.The Mimi Fen restaurant that Yue Ming took all the way to is called Wenxing Mi Mi Fen., can you carry on cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for pain relief 300mg cbd gummies can you carry on cbd gummies Quan Kai couldn t praise it.Yue Ming ate, and introduced this Mi Mi Fen to Quan Kai This Mi Mi Branch is a special breakfast in Nanchong City, and Wenxing Mi Mi Fen is the best in Nanchong.A branch of Mimi, so Chengdu also has their branch.If it wasn t for work, I would really like to leave Beijing and live in Chengdu.do you know hawkeye hemp cbd gummies can you carry on cbd gummies The food in Chengdu is really tempting.Full open and sloppy two chopsticks divided.Looking around with full open, he saw that there was just a small department nearby, and the location of this small department just happened to be able to see the word.He immediately ran to the small department, and Lu Tong and Lin Xingchen followed suit.The boss of the small department is an old man.He is sitting on a rocking chair at the entrance of the small department, shaking a cattail fan to cool off.Quan Kai asked very politely Master, I want to ask you something.Seeing such a polite classmate, the old man naturally had a very good attitude, and he said, Young man, what do you want to ask Just say it.Quan Kai pointed to the word ghost and asked The poplar tree in front has a word carved on it, I want to ask you, sir, did you see who carved it there The old man showed a kind smile, and said Then you are asking the right person, I really saw it.It will come out soon.This time it was fully open, and the female boss really left the Midi bar , and when she came out, she looked around and looked very flustered.The female boss s car was parked next to the Midi bar , she drove away quickly, and Li Jiaran also drove his Santana to keep up.Although the female boss drives very fast, she is a female driver after all.Compared with Li Jiaran, an old driver who got a driver s license at the age of sixteen, her driving skills are still far behind, so no matter what, Li Jiaran s Santana can follow closely behind.The female boss s car was parked next to a seven story apartment building, and Quan Kai followed behind the female boss alone.After finding out which house the female boss lived in, she came downstairs cbd gummy worms extreme strength 50 mg cbd gummies again.Lu Tong hurriedly asked, Which house does she live in Quan Kai looked up at the rooms upstairs, pointed to a room on the sixth floor, and said, That s the one.Fang Jingtang said proudly You trust too much old man Nan Guo to give you Don t you know that he owes more than you alone, so Mr.Wei, you just go and capture him obediently.Wei Renwu said, Before you capture him, can you let me smoke a cigarette Then hurry up and enjoy this One last cigarette.Wei Renwu took out one of his most smoked Lan Jiao cigarettes from his pocket, lit it, took a deep breath, and suddenly a strange smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.Don t move.A voice said in Fang Jingtang s ear.Fang Jingtang didn t dare to look at who was next to his ear, because a cold and sharp object was pressing against his neck artery.Who is it Fang Jingtang said in horror.It s me, Mr.White Paper Fan.It turned out to be Yue Ming who was tied up just now.How is it possible When we caught you, we already used a metal detector to probe your body.Yue Ming exclaimed What It turned out to be Captain Lin Yes.Wei Renwu blamed himself I ve always said that people like me can t have friends, can t have friends, it s good now, if they can you carry on cbd gummies threaten me with you every time, I really can t do anything about it.Yue Ming comforted Mr.Wei, don t blame yourself, this is where you are kind, and this is what makes hawkeye hemp cbd gummies can you carry on cbd gummies you different from their criminals, because you care about your friends.Wei Renwu shook his head and said No, I It means that you are dragging me down.Yue Ming suddenly felt bar nutrition cbd gummies embarrassed, like a bucket of ice water was suddenly poured into his fiery heart, which instantly cooled his heart.Wei Renwu sighed It seems that the danger will not be lifted until the Fengshenhui is completely wiped out.I have to think of a perfect plan, otherwise I will be led by the nose.The best way for a criminal.Yue Ming sighed softly I think you must have experienced some things before you can conclude such a truth.Yes, I have experienced many things.I miss you You won t tell me about these things. I don t want to cbd melatonin gummies cbd gummy worms extreme strength talk about it at all.Yue Ming pursed his lips and said, You actually refused directly, at least pretend to be.Wei Renwu laughed and said, I m a person who always speaks.It s all straightforward, never pretending. Oh, who said that I always hide my emotions just now That person seems to be called Wei Renwu. Are you Wei Renwu Yes, I Yes.Now you say again, you never pretend Never pretend.You are really unpredictable Hahahaha, if I let you figure it out, what will I do In the world of reasoning Wei Renwu laughed.Yue Ming also laughed.The laughter of the two echoed in their home, one after another, endlessly.You can also wait for the lawyer as much as you want, but judging can you carry on cbd gummies from the current situation, both you and Ruyan Liu must go to the police station with me, and you can wait for your lawyer there.I have something to say.I knew Xiao Hua, who was useless to argue, said in despair.Tell me, I ll give you a chance to say, anyway, the gate of the prison is open for you at any time, and you can never escape under my nose.Duke sneered.Ruyan, I m sorry.Xiao Hua said to Liu Ruyan with teary eyes.As the saying goes, a man does not flick his tears lightly, and it must be a matter of great compassion for a man to shed tears.Liu Ruyan also cried, she originally had beautiful makeup, but the two lines of tears also scratched her makeup, she cried Ah Xiao, don t blame yourself, blame that bastard Shen Wende, his death is I deserve it, I have no complaints or can you carry on cbd gummies regrets.Wei Renwu and Yue Ming said in unison.1.People whom Wei Renwu respects Wei Renwu, a criminal investigation consultant from Chengdu, assisted the Wenzhou police in arresting the murderer who murdered Wenzhou s richest man.Yue Ming read the news on his mobile phone excitedly.He thought in his heart that he must show Wei Renwu.Although Wei Renwu can you carry on cbd gummies was still sleeping in the room, he must wake him up.Mr.Wei, hurry up and have a look Yue Ming happily rushed into Wei Renwu s room, but there was nothing above Wei Renwu s bed.Oh, cbd melatonin gummies cbd gummy worms extreme strength I sneaked out to fool around again.Yue Ming said to himself.Wei Renwu walked into Unit 3 of Zuo Zuo Community with a happy face.He had a great time today.He went to Wenzhou for a few days, and he couldn t vent cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety without thc his anger.Last night, he finally found a suitable time to go next plant cbd gummies to Xiaomei s house to vent his anger.At this time, you will naturally notice the beggar.At this time, you will think, is he dead or cbd gummy bears near me what happened Why is he lying still Then two or three people would stand there whispering, then four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and finally the beggar would be surrounded by people.Although, the group of people asked each other, Do you want to call an ambulance But no one actually called an ambulance.There was only one person, a man in his forties wearing an expensive suit with a puffed hair, walked up to the beggar, checked it out, then turned to a gentle young man wearing glasses in the crowd and said Akai, call an ambulance.The young man in glasses immediately took out his phone after receiving the order.Don t call an ambulance, I m not dead yet.A weak voice came from the ground to the ear of the man with the head behind.2.The beggar and the rich man If you re not dead, why do you pretend to be dead on the ground Why don t you get up quickly the man with the back of his head said to the beggar who was still motionless on the ground., don t you agree The beggar stretched his waist, and said with a broken mouth You rich people have really strange hobbies.You cbd melatonin gummies cbd gummy worms extreme strength are really meddling in your own business.Akai, who was wearing glasses, stood up and shouted What are you talking about do you know who he is The beggar ignored Akai, but carefully looked at the man with the back of his head.He said contemptuously Isn t it just the big boss of the Sunflower Group smiling at the sky It s nothing special.As soon as Xiang Tianxiao s name came out, many people in the crowd exclaimed.The man with the big back laughed and said Boy, do you know me The beggar shook his head and said, I don t know, I just met.I m hungry, so hurry up.What Mary and Ah Zhen can you carry on cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for pain relief prepared for Wei Renwu was a guest room.The size of the two guest rooms is not small, a full ten square meters, and it can be used as the master bedroom in an ordinary family s house.The is a two meter wide Simmons big , and the quilt is a real silk quilt.Wei Renwu was very satisfied, and almost fell to sleep.Unfortunately, he got up late, and he was so hungry that his chest was stuck to his back., the top priority is to eat.Mary and Zhen, prepare a hearty lunch for Wei Renwu, all kinds of meat, beef, chicken, duck, fish.Wei Renwu hadn t eaten good food for a long time, and he was so moved that he was about to burst into tears.He was about to move his chopsticks, but he stopped suddenly, and said to Mary and Zhen who were standing next to him, Can you two not stand next to joint restore gummies boswellia cbd me Mary and Zhen looked at each other, and said, Then the two of us Step back.Hmph, you are the fool, no I ll ignore you.Mary and Ah Zhen scolded coquettishly.Wei Renwu laughed even louder, almost turning over from his chair.After eating and sleeping, this is the happiest thing in life.Especially Wei Renwu, who had finished eating, wanted to feel the charm of Simmons a long time ago, so he fell asleep, and within two seconds, he snored loudly.Mr.Wei, Mr.Wei, get upMr.Wei, Mr.Wei, get up A soft but urgent voice interrupted Wei Renwu s lucid dream.Wei Renwu hated others quarreling with him when he was sleeping, and he couldn t afford to offend people who were disturbed.Wei Renwu immediately jumped up from the bed and shouted What are you making a noise about But when he saw the two extremely beautiful but tearful maids in front of the bed, his gasp disappeared immediately, and his voice became gentle. I said so, have you found your true heart Originally not, but today you can you carry on cbd gummies gave me a bath A place for me to eat, and a good place to sleep, to be honest, I owe you a big favor, for this favor, for you, today I should find my true heart again.5 , The evidence is convincing Wei Renwu slowly said Then I ll start.Wei Renwu first carefully observed the details of the entire room.The deceased was lying on the desk with blood all over the desk.The murder weapon was a mace, which fell to the ground.The body was also stained with the blood of the dead, but there was no blood on the handle of the hammer.And Xiang Tianxiao was wearing an expensive suit, and there was a big pool of blood on the suit.Wei Renwu said Boss Xiang, can you tell me what happened Xiang Tian looked at the ceiling with a smile and said, This person is Jiang Jin, the chairman of the Guojianglong Group , and he came here specially to discuss business with me this time.That s right, my condition is also seven to three, I seven, you three.At this point, Zhao He hesitated, and he said Brother Li must have got a little bit more appetite.Li Kai s attitude was very firm.Seeing that Zhao He was hesitant, he stood up from his seat, straightened his suit, and said, It s fine if you don t agree, I ll go.Just talk to another candidate.Brother Li, don t leave Zhao He gritted his teeth and said, Okay, I promise you, seven or three, as long as it makes me the chairman, less Money doesn t matter.Li Kai laughed and said, It s cool, I like doing business with people like Brother Zhao.Li Kai and Zhao He stood HCMUSSH can you carry on cbd gummies up and shook hands, each with their own calculations in their hearts, and Wei Renwu, who was standing beside him, smiled with satisfaction.Zhao He returned to his office.This is a trap set by Li Kai in order to completely defeat the Guojianglong Group.What rise.However, after thinking about it, he found that something was wrong, and he tried again Then I don t even know your name, so why should I trust you Wei Renwu stood up, bowed like a gentleman, and said Brother Zhao, my name is Wei Renwu, you don t need to trust me, but after you listen to what I have to say, you can decide whether to trust me or Li Kai.Zhao He paused, then said Then tell me, I Listen to 300mg cbd gummies can you carry on cbd gummies you.Brother Zhao, I don t know something.When Boss Jiang went to Boss Xiang, he went there with the excuse of Boss Xiang.Well, I know that Chairman Jiang found evidence that Boss Xiang had an illegitimate child., That s why I dared to make a deal with Boss Xiang.Does Brother Zhao know who Boss Xiang s illegitimate son is I don t know, Chairman Jiang only mentioned this matter to me, but he didn t tell me.If I want to find them, I just need to get another dog.Use the dog as bait, and you can catch them.Good idea, I ll implement it right away.After speaking, Yue Ming rushed out of the gate.Wei Renwu looked at Yue Ming s leaving back and smiled triumphantly.He already knew in his heart that Yue Ming wanted to find a way out of him, and only a simple minded person like Yue Ming would come up with this idea.A method full of loopholes.In order to carry out Wei Renwu s method, Yue Ming bought a puppy specially, and put it in the courtyard of the little girl s community, allowing it to play freely, while Yue Ming hid in the dark and watched secretly.Half an hour passed, and the puppy was still playing there.An hour passed, and the puppies were a little tired from playing, and began to squat.It was already dark, and the puppies were all asleep, but the dog thieves still didn t show up.Accept it, so he often finds fault with Yang Yang deliberately on weekdays, but since that incident, he has never bullied Yang Yang again.What can you carry on cbd gummies is it There are not a few people who know about this incident, but everyone never mentions it because it is too terrible.As soon as Brother Xu went downstairs, he would light a cigarette as usual, because smoking was not allowed in the company, he held it for almost a whole day.As soon as Brother Xu lit his cigarette, he heard someone shouting from behind Xu Hao.When Brother Xu heard that it was his name, he turned his head and saw that it was the two people who came to look for Yang Yang.At this time, Xu Hao didn t know that they were Wei Renwu and Yue Ming.How do you know my name What can I do for you Xu Hao asked doubtfully.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said with a smile When I was in your company today, I saw your name written on your desk.Wei Renwu heard some sarcasm in Yue Ming s last sentence, but he didn t mean to retort, he said Tonight, many things are very suspicious. For example For example, there are two rooms in Yang Yang s house, and Yang Yang is alone at home without any relatives or friends.It is full of men s clothes, the food in the refrigerator is divided into two categories, Yang Yang is a bachelor, but his house is clean, and there is a ghost that comes and goes without a trace, all of these It s all too weird.Wei Renwu concluded, stroking his mustache.Yue Ming asked suspiciously, What do you want to express Wei Renwu said I want to say that Yang Yang s family doesn t seem to be living alone, but like two people.Two people How is it possible If there is still one person living in Yang Yang s family, will Yang Yang not know He is not Blind man, even if he is blind, he still has someone at home, so he can t notice Yue Ming couldn t understand what Wei Renwu said.Wei, do amazon prime cbd gummies we want to change places The viewing angle there is the best, allowing me to see all the situation clearly. It s just that I m afraid the street is too congested, so it s a bit inconvenient to turn around and go back.It s going to be bad if I miss Captain Lin s return home. No Yes, her place of work is far away from home, she must still be stuck in the distance, and it is still early to go home, you have plenty of time to turn around.By the way, Mr.Wei, we must stay with Captain Lin Is it at the door of the house The Red Stick of the Baihutang is dead, and the most powerful generals in the hands of the Baihu have can you carry on cbd gummies been wiped out.He will definitely not let it go, so we have to be on guard early., before he attacks Xingchen, stop him.Wei Renwu s words were very serious, and Yue Ming rarely saw him so serious.She did not choose to be a policeman in her hometown Tianjin, but came to Chengdu, which is far away from her home, and became a criminal policeman here.As a young girl who has just stepped into society, Lin Xingchen has can you carry on cbd gummies demonstrated courage and ability that are rarely marijuana cbd gummies seen among rookie criminal police officers.Therefore, among the criminal police officers of her generation, she is the one most appreciated by her superiors.Lin Xingchen stood in front of his grooming mirror, carefully arranging his police uniform, and lightly stroking his short, simple and capable hair.Today, there was an extremely important meeting in the Sichuan cbd melatonin gummies cbd gummy worms extreme strength Provincial Public Security Department.Her boss, Wang Chaoyang, the captain of the Second Serious Case Detachment, appointed Lin Xingchen to go to the hall with him for this meeting, so Lin Xingchen also took the stand seriously.As soon as this remark came out, the entire conference room was in an uproar.Everyone knew in their hearts who were in the second team of serious cases.Well equipped and cruel gangsters will undoubtedly die.Even Wang Chaoyang was taken aback by Lin Xingchen s words.He yelled at Lin Xingchen in a low voice, Are you crazy Regarding this case, even a legendary policeman like Wang Chaoyang had no idea what to do.I don t know where Lin Xingchen got his courage.Liao Fan was also surprised Just you But Lin Xingchen s words undoubtedly gave the other detachments a big step.Zhao Jun of the first detachment quickly stood up and echoed I also think that the serious case number The second detachment is competent, although everyone knows that the second detachment is basically composed of a how much are cbd gummies in australia group of newcomers, but they have a legend in our Chengdu police circle Captain Chaoyang Wang, this is the trump card of the second detachment for serious crimes, I think Team Wang will definitely be able to lead this group of rookies to solve the case.She didn t dare to look back, but she could feel that there were at least two people in the same way behind her.The speed is chasing her.She can you carry on cbd gummies ran out of the Nine Eyes Bridge , but she didn t dare to take it lightly.She ran towards the path again.When she looked back, she found that two men in hoodies were following her closely.Getting closer.After running for a kilometer with all her strength, Lin Xingchen obviously felt that she was a little physically exhausted.When physical exhaustion began to appear, her spirit would also be impacted.She even wanted to give up and run away, and turned around to fight those people.While she was still struggling with thoughts in her mind, she suddenly heard the loud sound of starting a car from her left side.Lin Xingchen looked towards the voice, and it was a man wearing a brown jacket and a motorcycle helmet who suddenly appeared on her left side riding a sports motorcycle.After driving the motorcycle for a long time, the motorcycle man brought Lin Xingchen to a dark stream.The motorcycle man turned off the motorcycle, and Lin Xingchen jumped off can you carry on cbd gummies the motorcycle.You damn ghost, finally willing to come to see me.Lin Xingchen cursed in a low voice, although the language seemed to be scolding, but the tone was full of warmth.The motorcycle man took off his motorcycle helmet, and a face with Chinese characters and a well trimmed mustache appeared in front of Lin Xingchen.This man is actually can you carry on cbd gummies Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu laughed and said, You man, we haven t seen each other for two years, and when we meet, it s fine if you don t say you miss me, why are you still swearing Do you think you should be scolded On the day of graduation, you didn t even get your graduation certificate, and you left without saying a word.Do you have a picture of your daughter Zhang Feng was more interested in Wang Ling s appearance.Be interested.Yes.Wang Chaoyang took out a very old photo from his pocket and handed it to Zhang Feng.Zhang Feng was driving the car with one hand, and glanced at the photo with the other hand.It was a family photo of Wang Chaoyang s family of three.Floral dress, good looking, between the two of them is holding a long haired, very well behaved little girl.Let me see.Lin Xingchen snatched the photo from Zhang Feng s hand.Zhang Feng said I said Team Wang, don t you have any photos now The photos when you were young, you can t see beauty or ugliness.Wang Chaoyang smiled and said No way, I only have photos can you carry on cbd gummies of her when she was a child.Willing to see me, let alone give me a photo.Lin Xingchen took the photo and admired it carefully, and muttered I think Captain Wang s daughter must be very beautiful.Yue Ming hurriedly asked How is it I just started to learn Sichuan cuisine recently, is it delicious Wei Renwu commented while chewing Shuizhu Pork Slices Generally speaking, it s not bad, but the taste is still bland.A hawkeye hemp cbd gummies can you carry on cbd gummies little bit.Is it light Yes, mainly because you are not from Sichuan, so you don t have enough control over the taste of Sichuan.After a long time, you will get used to the taste of Sichuan and you will improve the taste.Yes.Okay.Yue Ming knew that Wei Renwu s evaluation was considered relatively good, and he was still eating desperately, which meant that although the taste was a little flawed, it was still delicious overall, otherwise it would not be delicious, Wei Renwu No matter how hungry you are, you won t eat more than one bite.Yue Ming smiled and said, Mr.Wei, you slept soundly cbd gummy worms extreme strength 50 mg cbd gummies last night.One person is divided into half, that is, four billion.This guy is quite can you carry on cbd gummies self conscious, and he divides his four billion in half to honor can you carry on cbd gummies himself.You must know that two billion is not a small amount for anyone, especially For an iron cock like Boss Wang, he would be willing to spend two billion.But for such a gift, Lin Feng naturally would not be embarrassed, and took it as a matter of course.Secretary Li and Zhu Ganai next to him were very surprised that Lin Feng could increase the profit of this event so much.For a businessman, he had already made a profit of 8 billion before the project started, which is simply a myth.When returning to Yiqing Bieyuan in the evening, Mo Xiaonian gave Lin Feng cbd gummy worms extreme strength a hug as soon as he entered the door Someone earned a little too much today, is there a dividend Cut, I don t know how long it will take Only in this HCMUSSH can you carry on cbd gummies way can we repay all the shares Lin Feng carried Mo Xiaonian to the rocking chair outside How is your stock market earnings today I heard that some sensible people in the company have been frowning recently, so I asked After knowing the reason, I realized that they lost money because the can you carry on cbd gummies stock market has been turbulent recently That s because they are stupid Mo can you carry on cbd gummies Xiaonian rolled his eyes Although money in the stock market is easy to make, it will always fall .

does walmart sell cbd gummies in-store?

into it.If he didn t tell him that, he would have spent so much money to buy a sword and go back.Can you cbd gummy worms extreme strength 50 mg cbd gummies feel better in your heart However, in the antique business, one cannot complain about how high the price is.After all, this kind of thing has always been a matter of willingness to fight and suffer.After getting the bronze sword wrapped in wooden packaging, Lin Feng walked out of the backstage.At this time, Boss Liu had already signed the contract.He walked over with a smile, and said apologetically, Director Lin, I m sorry.Yes, I received a call from Director Mo temporarily asking me to take pictures of this land, saying that you need to use it, because the auction has already started and I have no time to notify you, so I took pictures directly, cbd gummies toledo you see we found Just transfer the contract to a different place.When Boss Wu saw Lin Feng approaching, there was no smile on his face.This is probably the case for anyone who has this matter.After all, the good eight billion will be given to others for four billion.If it is Lin Feng and it is still irreversible , Lin Feng will not be too happy.But Boss Wu is also a smart person, he knows that if he breaks the contract, Lin Feng is fully capable of ruining his Qin family if he hand over the four billion now, maybe he can get it back if something good happens in the future.Thinking of this, Boss Wu said straightforwardly Boss Lin, hey, I just finished the deal with their staff, this card has 6 billion in it, and the other 2 billion is my point.It s a small thing, if there is such a thing in the future, I hope Boss Lin can take me more Lin Feng looked at Boss Wang in surprise, he didn t know what prompted Boss Wang to make such a move.Mr.Lin, congratulations, but I haven t seen you interested in bronze wares before Zhu Gan didn t say anything, but Secretary Li was a little curious.During this time, she stayed by Lin Feng s side almost every day.He is also aware of the fact that Lin Feng likes ancient styles, but the antiques that Lin Feng handed over before are also small objects, and he has never touched bronze wares.Lin Feng smiled I m just curious.I ve never touched bronze wares before.Buy it back and have a look.If this sword is real, then it s worth the price.I even picked up a big leak.Let s go.After the auction is over, we will sign the contract, and we still have four billion yuan to pay back, haha Since it was all backstage transactions, Lin Feng came to the backstage of the auction after the auction to be in charge 300mg cbd gummies can you carry on cbd gummies of the event.to revenge.Lin Feng was taken aback for a moment, could it be that he encountered a top price of the same nature as before Abandon the auction Although the host was disappointed for a moment, he still said in a professional spirit Abandoning the auction is the right of every auctioneer.Now it is 510 million once, 510 million twice.The host paused intentionally, but still no one made a top price, so he could only make a final decision 510 million, deal, and the final buyer is Chairman Lin Donglin of our Jianfang Real Estate Company.Congratulations He There was warm applause at the scene, although this lot was not the one with the highest price in the entire auction, but as the finale lot was taken by Lin Feng, this person should be respected, the reason is also very simple, this is the According to the rules of the industry, the person who took the finale of the auction deserved such applause.So, the murderer can easily Kill the dead if you know about it.Wei Renwu analyzed.It seems so.Zhang Feng agreed, Then Mr.Wei, will you go to see the corpse with me now Wei Renwu hurriedly waved No, I still want to eat.Zhang Feng said anxiously But Mr.Wei, check the corpse on the spot, what if you find anything new Zhang Feng said helplessly Then we have to do something, right Wei Renwu took out a cigarette from the Lan Jiao cigarette box on the coffee table and lit it, and said leisurely, Go and find out where the two deceased s addresses are, and then call them.Give me the phone.Didn t you throw away the phone Zhang Feng asked suspiciously.Wei Renwu took out a new mobile phone from the pocket of his pajamas, and said, Throw it away, wouldn t I buy it again Wei Renwu pressed a few keys on the mobile phone, and then Zhang Feng s mobile phone rang, and Wei Renwu Said Save the phone number, and go quickly.And his family is undoubtedly his favorite case.Only the case can give him the most cordial warmth, relieve his emptiness and loneliness, and make him feel the meaning of life.If he can t love the case, then he is really a walking dead.Wei Renwu walked in the howling cold wind, and the wind was filled with the smell of gunpowder.To be precise, it was not gunpowder, but fireworks.Fireworks could be seen everywhere on the street, children playing with each other, and bright lights from house to house.At 9 30 in the evening, Wei Renwu got into a bachelor apartment, which was the address of Wang Aimin.Because most of the tenants of the bachelor apartment were people who came to work in Chengdu from other places, the building was almost empty.Outside the building, the sound of fireworks was like thunder, but inside the building was eerily quiet.Wei Renwu said proudly, Think about it, isn t it reasonable to drive the garbage truck to those remote parks in the middle of the night to collect the garbage from the garbage bins It sounds so.It s reasonable, but if you hide the corpse in the garbage truck, if someone bumps into you when you dump the corpse, won t it still reveal your secrets Wei Renwu shook his head and said, There will be no secrets at all.First of all, he hid the corpse Put it in a garbage bag and put it in the garbage truck.The stench in the garbage truck is enough to cover up any smell of the body, including blood.Then, just find an empty place and release the body from the garbage bag.As for what you said about being bumped into can you carry on cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for pain relief by others, this kind of hawkeye hemp cbd gummies can you carry on cbd gummies thing will never happen.When people see garbage trucks, they will unconsciously avoid them.Zhang Xiaoting became curious, and she put her hands on the counter and asked playfully What does the uncle have What s the matter Wei Renwu paused deliberately, and then slowly said I want to know about can you carry on cbd gummies your father, Zhang Yuning.Zhang Yuning s name seemed to be very magical, and Zhang Xiaoting s delicate body was startled, and she said with a change of complexion What do you want to know about him Just as Wei Renwu was about to talk about Zhang Yuning, another customer came to the store.Wei Renwu looked at the time, and it was already four o clock in the afternoon before he said, There is Are you free, let s have a meal together, and let s talk about Zhang Yuning.Zhang Xiaoting smiled at Wei Renwu while preparing milk tea for the guests.Wei Renwu understood that Zhang Xiaoting agreed to eat together, so he walked out of the milk tea shop and said to Zhang Feng who was waiting outside Now you go door to door to the garbage disposal plant to find Zhang can you carry on cbd gummies Yuning s trace, I think you will be able to get something, remember to act fast, Hurry up before the next life is lost.Zhang can you carry on cbd gummies Xiaoting sighed, and said, Yes, I picked him up and he was released from prison, but he left again, and left here.Gone He has been in prison for ten years, okay Yi came out to reunite with his daughter, but he chose to leave Wei Renwu said in surprise.Zhang Xiaoting suddenly looked sad, and said Yes, Dad is gone.Before he left, he said that he was a sinner and that living with me would cause me a lot of inconvenience, so he chose to leave.I tried to persuade him to stay., but he still insists on leaving, and there is nothing I can do about it.Then do you know where he has gone Wei Renwu asked anxiously.Zhang Xiaoting shook her head and said, I don t know.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache with a slightly disappointed expression.Zhang Xiaoting asked curiously You ve been asking Dad, now that I ve told you what I know, don t you need to invite me to dinner , not to mention inviting beauties to dinner.Wei Renwu shook his head and said, I m not talking about this restaurant, I m talking about Chongqing Forest.Zhang Xiaoting asked suspiciously, You can you carry on cbd gummies mean the movie Chongqing Forest Wei Renwu nodded and said, That s right, it s the movie by Wong Kar wai.I ve seen that movie, it tells two love stories, one The story is that a policeman fell in love with a clerk of a fast food restaurant, and another story is that a policeman had a one night love affair with a female killer.Zhang Xiaoting opened her big innocent eyes and said with relish.Wei Renwu pointed to Zhang Xiaoting, then pointed to himself, and said, Don t you think that we are eating in the Chongqing Forest and the story of Chongqing Forest happened Zhang Xiaoting sighed softly Said It s a pity, you are not a policeman, and I am not a female clerk in a fast food restaurant.The car, and simply replied Now is not the time to talk about this, let s chase the suspect first. Ah You are so annoying Yue Ming couldn t concentrate on chasing the suspect, and the four wheels were almost thrown off by the three wheels.Even if you think I m annoying, I have to say, what do you want to do when you come back Don t care about your career over there Don t care about your girlfriend just cbd gummies peach rings png over there Wei Renwu chatted on the sidelines.Yue Ming couldn t bear it anymore Well, let me tell you, I came back because I have my business here.Then what is the Yue Group That s my dad s business, not mine.The business I established is Mingwu Detective Agency.Although Yue Ming shouted at Wei Renwu, his attention did not move away from the garbage truck in front, so he was not thrown away by the garbage truck.Then what should we do now Yue Ming asked.Now let s settle the matter at hand.Wei Renwu walked up to the naked man who was tied to the bed and took the rag from his mouth.Once he was able to speak, the man immediately burst into tears Thank you, your great benefactor Thank you for saving me.Don t thank me first, I will arrest you and return to the police station.You have committed rape.Wei Renwu He covered his mouth and smiled.However, the man was not afraid of going to jail.He said It doesn t matter, as long as you can survive and go to jail, it doesn t matter.Besides, I know that this is not the only little girl who was victimized by the inside story of the Ten Stone Primary School , and these people were not the only ones involved at that time.I want to transfer it.Smudge the witness.Wei Renwu laughed and said, It seems that we have picked up a big case.Yang Xi took the wine glass and said with a smile You are so confident that I can t beat you Wei Renwu raised the wine glass and said, Of course I have this laura cbd gummies confidence, otherwise I won t uncuff you.Yang Xi and Wei Renwu After clinking glasses, they all drank it down.Yang Xi said, Well, I might not be able to beat you, and I don t intend to try good wine and good food.Who would want to fight and kill if you put it in front of you Yang Xi picked it up One chopsticks of fish flavored shredded pork took a sip and said with satisfaction Wei Renwu didn t expect your cooking to be pretty good.It s much better than the food in the Public Security Bureau.I hope you will come to see me often in the future.Wei Renwu also started to eat.He said Thinking too much, I don t have such skills.My assistant did it.Wei Renwu didn t answer Yue Ming, but laughed by himself until tears almost flowed out.Just when Yue Ming wanted to ask more questions, Wei Renwu s cell phone rang.Wei Renwu answered the phone with a smile Hahaha what s the matter Suddenly Wei Renwu put away his smile, frowned, his expression became extremely serious, and he said to the phone, Okay, I see.Wei Renwu hung up the phone.Yue Ming asked What s the matter Wei Renwu shouted Turn around the car and hurry up.What happened Yue Ming hesitated.Wei Renwu urged White Tiger did not appear in this direction, he appeared in Century City.Yue Ming braked suddenly and the rear of the Maserati drew a cbdmd premium cbd gummies beautiful arc on the street.Yue Ming accelerated the Maserati again and headed towards Century City at high speed.Yue Ming asked, Why did he show up there again Wei Renwu shook his head and said, I don t know, but just now the police received a report that Baihu killed another passerby with a pistol in the direction of Century City.Yue Ming was originally angry that Wei Renwu had lied to him.At first he kindly thought that Wei Renwu would really go for an infusion, but in the end he just came here to drink and pick up girls.Yue Ming angrily sat in the corner alone.Wei Renwu dealt with these women proudly, and said Oh, I was so unlucky that I got into a car accident.I miss you all so much.Look, I will come to see you as soon as I can walk.These women hurriedly expressed condolences to Wei Renwu illness.Wei Renwu was supported by these women to the corner where Yue Ming was.Sitting down, Wei Renwu saw Yue Ming turning his face away angrily, and asked, can you carry on cbd gummies What s the matter with you Yue Ming snorted coldly, but didn t answer.Go and play with yours first, I will come to you later.Wei Renwu dismissed the group of women.Then you must come to us, and we won t bother you.You see, I even brought fruit.Sure enough, he was carrying a fruit basket.Wei Renwu sat up from the bed, immediately took out an apple from the fully opened fruit basket and gnawed it, and said as he gnawed, I m afraid you didn t come to visit me, but to inquire about some clues about the Death Right.Quan Kai said Oh Do you really think so Yes, can you carry on cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for pain relief I think so, don t I know you yet Quan Kai sighed softly To be honest, I really do I m interested in Reaper , but then again, Renwu, you and Xingchen have gone through so many things, but you are not willing to ask me to help, and in the end you were injured in the end, which makes me feel very guilty.If I If you were here, the result might be different.Don t Wei Renwu interjected, Don t take the responsibility on yourself, you have nothing to do here, I can handle a case like this by myself, can you carry on cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for pain relief how dare I I ask you, a great detective, to help, not to mention that I was injured because I was not careful, so don t blame yourself, let alone touch a hair of my case.Wei Renwu looked at the opening and can you carry on cbd gummies said Quan Kai, what s your opinion Quan Kai shook his head and said, I want to hear your opinion.Wei Renwu pursed his lips and said, It s useless to ask you.From the current point of view, White Horse Pirates is the only thing that makes people What I don t understand is how he entered the museum wearing such a circus costume without anyone noticing, avoiding all monitoring and security guards, and came to the exhibition room without anyone noticing.After stealing the scepter, he was How did you escape all the monitoring can you carry on cbd gummies and security guards without anyone noticing, and left the museum.Li Yi said disdainfully He said a lot of nonsense again, and we are not blind, can t we see the situation Wei Renwu He didn t care what Li Yi said at all, in his eyes it seemed that there was no can you carry on cbd gummies such person at all.Everyone knows that the White Horse Pirate has never missed anything it wants to steal.If the White Horse Pirate wrote to the museum, saying he wanted to steal the scepter, but he didn t come, where would his White Horse Pirate face be put, even if the letter was forged, as long as everyone thinks that The letter was written by the White Horse can you carry on cbd gummies Pirate , so he will definitely come.Hearing this, Yue Ming praised I have to say, Brother Li is indeed a very thoughtful person, and his strategy should be able to force the Out of the White Horse Thief , but you can cbd gummy worms extreme strength 50 mg cbd gummies set up traps and wait for the White Horse Thief to steal the scepter, and there is no need for him to take the scepter.Quan Kai shook his head and said Xiao Li thinks that we have no He was completely sure of taking down the White Horse Thief , so he chose a more secure way, playing the role of White Horse Thief to take away the scepter and hide it.On the other side, Yue Ming came to the Dongpo Detective Agency without confidence.Today s office is still crowded with people, even more people than yesterday, but today when he stepped into this door, the situation he got, But it was very different from yesterday.When he stepped into this door yesterday, no one paid attention to him at all, but as soon as he stepped in today, all the attention was focused on him alone.why It was because he challenged the city s new darling yesterday, so everyone wanted to see how this ignorant brat would be completely abused by an experienced detective.And at least half of the people who came to Dongpo Detective Agency today came to see the excitement.Hey, here comes the man who dares to challenge Detective Shu.I can t wait to see him in a mess.I don t know where he got the courage to challenge Detective Shu.Next, they are going to a garment factory in Xindu.Because of the distance, Shu Po actually took the initiative to talk to Yue Ming in order to entertain boredom Your family Wei Renwu is quite a good person.Since Shu Po talked about Wei Renwu, this also made Yue Ming very interested.Naturally, he continued You have only talked with him for a few can you carry on cbd gummies words, can you make such an evaluation of him Shu Po said Talking is only one aspect, and many things cannot be understood through talking.Yue Ming asked curiously Then what do you need Shu Po chuckled and said, One look is enough.One look Yue Ming couldn t understand.Shu Po said This is the gap between you and Wei Renwu.You can t express a lot of things with your eyes, but he can.Wei Renwu s words of encouragement to him made him feel that Shu Pu hit him just to wear down Yue Ming s fighting spirit.Based on these, you conclude that someone is hiding in the detective agency Shu Po asked doubtfully.Of course it s more than that.In order to prove it, I came to your detective agency to meet you early in the morning, just to prevent you from destroying the clues.Sure enough, when I came to your office, I found that the tableware left by Supper was still in your office In the trash can, I knew that the person must be hiding in the detective agency, because a person of your stature can t eat so much supper by himself, even a person who can eat like me can t finish it.Wei Renwu Every word is like a sharp knife piercing Shu Po s heart.Shu Po let out a long sigh and said, Mr.Wei is indeed a very smart person.It seems that the previous reports did not exaggerate your evaluation.Now it seems that their evaluation of you may be a little restrained.He said that I already have the ability to stand alone.Lin Xingchen sat down on the office chair and said angrily What an irresponsible man.Yang Wen covered his mouth with a smile and said, Captain, don t be angry, isn t Mr.Wei always like this He is only responsible for the things he is interested in.Lin Xingchen sighed, Said Forget it, forget it, this case can you carry on cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for pain relief has reached the final stage, Zhang Feng will tell you about the current situation.Holding the report in his hand, Zhang Feng read More than 30 members of the Five Dou Rice Gang have been arrested, and 20 of them have pleaded guilty, and more than ten people are still at large.Now we are organizing can you carry on cbd gummies the police to hunt down the remaining members of the Five Dou Rice Gang.The Mi Gang has collapsed.There is another thing worth mentioning.Commander Zhao Jun of the No.Wei Renwu himself is not completely sure that he can solve this case.Although Wei Renwu looks very confident, Yue Ming understands that Wei Renwu does not have much confidence in his heart.Yue Ming s ability to see this is entirely due to the long term understanding between Yue Ming and Wei Renwu, because in previous cases, best cbd gummies for menopause Wei Renwu would solve the case as if everything had been planned long ago, 1000mg cbd gummies reddit but in this case, Wei Renwu HCMUSSH can you carry on cbd gummies had no clue and could only solve the case.Look for clues step by step like a beginner.Yue Ming didn t want to discuss the Reaper case anymore, so he changed the subject where to buy lucent valley cbd gummies and said, Let me tell you about the situation in the Public Security Bureau today.By the way, Officer Zhang is going to fight for the position of the captain of the No.1 Serious Case Detachment.That s what he deserves.Jiang Mengdie felt the warmth Yue Ming brought her, and she felt a little peace in her heart.Yue Ming felt that he should be more mature now, so he can you carry on cbd gummies asked again Xiaodie, what happened It was the first time Yue Ming used the can you carry on cbd gummies name Xiaodie, and he called Jiang Mengdie best broad spectrum cbd gummies for anxiety in the hope of being able to draw closer The distance from Jiang Mengdie made Jiang Mengdie trust him.Jiang Mengdie got up from Yue Ming s arms, cupped his face, and replied in a trembling voice Theresomeone is trying to harm me.Who Who is trying to harm you Yue Ming supported Jiang Mengdie s head with both hands.Xiang Jian said eagerly.He s someone I can t afford to offend.Jiang Mengdie exposed his eyes from his hands.In the darkness, Yue Ming could cbd gummies liver issues see that Jiang Mengdie s eyes were so bright, yet so dim.It was the fear in her eyes.It s not my house, could it be yours Yue Ming would not give Wei Renwu a good look.Wei Renwu pursed his lips and can you carry on cbd gummies said, My house is much simpler, are you right Little handsome guy Jiang Mengdie sensed the smell of gunpowder between the two of them, and asked, What s the matter with you two Hurry up and eat.Maybe this handsome guy doesn t like can you carry on cbd gummies fun cbd gummies having men appear in his home.Wei Renwu sat down at the dining table, Hey, handsome guy, it seems that I don t have any bowls and chopsticks.Yue Ming gritted his teeth and said, I ll get it for you.Yue Ming took a pair of bowls and chopsticks and threw them viciously in front of Wei Renwu, but Wei Renwu pointed to cbd melatonin gummies cbd gummy worms extreme strength the red wine on the table and said, It seems that I still need a wine glass Yue Ming was about to have a fit, but finally he held back and took a goblet for Wei Renwu.Yue Ming didn t seem to hear what Lin Xingchen was saying, he suddenly yelled, and he yelled Wei Renwu, Wei Renwu met Jiang Mengdie, He can prove what I said.A smile appeared on Lin Xingchen s tense face, and she said with a smile That s why I said he is your savior, I think he should be rushing back too, you know He s more than just proving the existence of Jiang Mengdie.After talking on the phone with Lin Xingchen, Wei Renwu didn t have time to buy a ticket to take the train immediately, so he called a black taxi and spent 300 yuan to let him go immediately.Take Wei Renwu back to Chengdu.It took less than three hours for Wei Renwu to return to Chengdu, but he did not immediately rush to the Public Security Bureau, but went straight to the villa where Liu Yonghao and Yue Ming were in a stalemate.They should find a hidden place to stay first, so as to avoid the police s pursuit and get enough rest.However, Yue Ming didn t ask a word, because he felt that Jiang Mengdie knew where to go, and she was very resolute in several turns without hesitation.Yue Ming just watched Jiang Mengdie driving his car quietly, she will always find a place to stop.After walking through a few blocks, Yue Ming began to feel that these blocks were a bit familiar, and he suddenly realized cbd melatonin gummies cbd gummy worms extreme strength to Jiang Mengdie You want to go back Yue Ming said that going back meant that Jiang Mengdie was going home, no, It should be Jiang Mengdie s home that he thought before, but in fact that home is Liu Yonghao s property.Jiang Mengdie didn t deny it, she nodded and said, That s right.Why are we going back Yue Ming puzzled, What we need to do most now is to escape, before the police set up all the checkpoints at the exits from the city.Lin Xingchen sneered, How can someone as thick skinned as you be embarrassed Wei Renwu laughed Said Yeah, so a thick skinned person like me, didn t he just come to see you Okay, stop playing tricks with you, come in with me quickly.Lin Xingchen urged.Lin Xingchen reserved a large private room.There is a large round table enough for a dozen people to sit in the private room, but now there are only three of them.Yue Ming guessed that there must be other people, so he asked Captain Lin, are there other people Is it Lin Xingchen shook his head and said, There is no one else, just the three of us.Is it too loose for us to sit at such a big table Yue Ming wondered.No, I just like big tables.Wei Renwu said leisurely.While speaking, Wei Renwu had already taken the guest seat.Yue Ming and Lin Xingchen also faced each other and sat down.It turned out that the target person was a beautiful woman.Yue Ming returned the photo to Wei Renwu, restarted the car and started on the road.He said with a smile, Mr.Wei, Xu Jiu will arrive tomorrow.Do you have any plans I believe the Fengshenhui has also received this news, tomorrow must be a dangerous day, you must know that the Fengshenhui has a terrible shooter.Yue Ming said I don t know, will HCMUSSH can you carry on cbd gummies Xiao Wu also appear this time After he finished saying this, he immediately regretted saying such a thing.Wu Wei was an undercover agent placed beside hawkeye hemp cbd gummies can you carry on cbd gummies them by the Fengshenhui That is to say, Wu Wei is actually an enemy, and Yue Ming shouldn t miss him, but Yue Ming really misses the days when Wu Wei handled cases with them.Wei Renwu said I don t know if he who owns botanical farms cbd gummies will come, but I really hope he can come.Yue Ming didn t quite understand, how could such a place exist He wondered Where are you talking about Wei Renwu said Maybe I don t know clearly, just look cbd gummy worms extreme strength 50 mg cbd gummies for yourself, it will be there soon.Curiosity, and unwillingness to let go of this feeling, this feeling is simply terrible.However, this feeling didn t last long, and soon Yue Ming saw what Wei Renwu said.An overpass appeared in front of the Maserati car.This overpass is the passage bridge where Yixin Avenue crosses the airport expressway.When Yue Ming saw the bridge, he immediately understood what Wei Renwu meant.On the flowing driveway, sitting in a driving car and shooting, not only could he kill the what store has cbd gummy or drops target at close range, but he could also drive away from the scene in an instant.This place is indeed the most ideal Location.However, there is still a problem in the middle, that is, not every gunner can do mobile shooting.There is a safe house there that I think is safe enough.Yue Ming didn t dare to ask more questions, and just drove towards Nanchong, regardless of what Wei Renwu said about the safe house.Where is it, he only needs to understand the word safety, and what Yue Ming needs most now is safety.Nanchong and Chengdu are nearly 300 kilometers away, and Yue Ming s Maserati arrived here in less than two hours.After getting off the expressway and entering Nanchong, Yue Ming immediately asked Mr.Wei, where is the safe house Xili District on the second section of the road.Okay, let s go right away.Yue Ming turned on the car navigation and entered the location that Wei Renwu said.Yue Ming drove the Maserati along the navigator, and soon came to the gate of Xili Community.He was about to drive the can you carry on cbd gummies car into the community, but he heard Wei Renwu say Don t stop in, stop at the opposite community.It turned out that it was a bomb.Boom Before Xu Jiu fled the alley, she heard the loud noise behind her, but she didn t have time to look back to can you carry on cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for pain relief see what happened.What she needed to do was to continue running.After leaving the alley, there were no pursuers behind her, but she knew that this was just a temporary lack of pursuers, and she had to find a safe place to hide.She is not aimless, her goal is very clear, she knows that there is a safe place, and it is nearby, the reason why she did not enter that safe place immediately is because she was found by pursuers, she must first Get rid of the pursuers, otherwise the safe point will be found, then the safe point is no longer safe.Now that she s out of the way of her pursuers, she can move into a safe spot.This safe point is the very old community across the alley, so old that it has been marked with demolition signs.Since she was discovered, there must be loopholes in what she did.Although she herself didn t know where the loopholes were, the matter had come to an end, and the only thing she had to do was to survive.Boomboomboom There were footsteps, although the footsteps were very thin, but the sensitive Xu Jiu could hear them clearly.Xu Jiu became even more nervous, she held the pistol tightly, and quietly opened the safety catch.This is a community that is about to be demolished.No one lives here, and no one else will come here.Those who will come here will naturally come to find her.Xu Jiu made up his mind that as long as this person opened the door, Xu Jiu would shoot him to death.Sure enough, a corner of the door was opened, and a flashlight was shining through the opened door.boom Xu Jiu pulled the trigger without hesitation.It turned out that they were looking for something on him.But after thinking about it, no, he vaguely remembered that the fake ID card Wei Renwu gave him contained a gps tracker, and the fake ID card was now in the hands of the Fengshenhui , which meant that Wei Renwu couldn t find him.This time is miserable.Click Yue Ming could hear the sound of the tracker in the fake ID card being crushed, and he felt ashamed at this moment.Back to Wei Renwu and Xu Jiu.Wei Renwu agreed, Yes, the tracker on him will be found.Although Wei Renwu said so, Xu Jiu noticed that the black dot on the tablet was still moving.Xu Jiu was puzzled and asked, What s going on now Why is the tracker still there Wei Renwu pouted and said, Although the tracker on his body will be found, I didn t say that he only had one tracker on him.Said calmly Then we really want to thank you.Wu Wei laughed and said Mr.Wei, you re welcome, as friends, I should also leave some space for the two of you to talk about the last psychological words.Wu Wei Wei stretched out his hand and signaled Come here, get another chair, and tie the two of them back to back.The thirteen men in black immediately followed Wu Wei s instructions, got another chair, and tied Wei Renwu to the bed.In a chair, have the two of you sit back to back.Xuanwu , I m tired, let s step back first, let the two of them spend some time alone, we have to go and see that traitor.The master chair spoke again.Facing the grand master s chair, Wu Wei respectfully said I obey.Wu Wei waved his hand and shouted Retreat.Huh As soon as Wu Wei finished speaking, the torches on the wall suddenly went out as if they could obey Wu Wei s order, and the whole basement was once again plunged into darkness.I will guard the door to prevent them from coming in.Wei Renwu aimed his gun at the only entrance to the backyard, and prepared to guard against it.Xu Jiu was yelled at by Wei Renwu, and she immediately collected all her sad memories.Now is not the time to be sad, and the top priority is to rescue these two men who just saved her.Yue Ming tried can you carry on cbd gummies to break off the manhole cover with his hands, exhausted all his strength, but the manhole cover did not move at all.Yue Ming said anxiously It s too tight.A man like Yue Ming couldn t open it, and a woman like Xu Jiu didn t have the strength to open the manhole cover.She had to find some tools.Xu Jiu took a look and found a shovel in a corner of the yard.She immediately ran to pick up the shovel and joined Yue Ming in breaking the manhole cover.Here we come Wei Renwu shouted, and immediately fired the first shot.Is it hard to answer Wei Renwu was a little dissatisfied.Xu Jiu said slowly This involves state secrets.I really can t answer it.If you leak this, you will die.Wei Renwu said angrily Dead If it weren t for me, you would have died last night.You You already owe me a life, to be fair, you tell me what I want to know, we are both clean.Indeed, Xu Jiu cbd gummy worms extreme strength 50 mg cbd gummies s life was saved by Wei Renwu, and she couldn t refuse any request from Wei Renwu.Xu Jiu struggled for a long time, and finally said Well, I ll tell you what I know, but in fact I don t know a lot, after all, my position is humble.Xu Jiu was able to let go, and Wei Renwu was satisfied, and he Excitedly said It s okay, just tell me what you just cbd nighttime gummies know, I believe you should be able to give me the answer I want, Mr.Yu will definitely tell you something, otherwise you will be sent undercover for the Fengshenhui , but you don t know what to do.Miss Z wants to see me In fact, Xu Jiu didn t know Miss Z, but she had heard of this woman.It was said that she was the person in charge of intelligence sources in the Ministry of National Security, which meant that she cbd melatonin gummies cbd gummy worms extreme strength was Mr.Yu s immediate boss.Mr.Yu nodded.Xu Jiu paused and said, Okay, I ll go see her.As soon as Mr.Yu heard can you carry on cbd gummies that Xu Jiu was willing to see Miss Z, he immediately asked Xu Jiu to enter the hotel.Wait a minute.Xu Jiu said suddenly.Mr.Yu asked suspiciously, What are you waiting for Xu Jiu glanced at Wei Renwu, who was fooling around, and said to Mr.Yu, Can I have a private word with Wei Renwu Mr.Yu nodded and said, Of course.So, Yu The gentleman stepped aside very consciously.Xu Jiu stood in front of Wei Renwu, looking at Wei Renwu affectionately.Wei Renwu could feel a different kind of affection in Xu Jiu s eyes.Long Qian still jumped out of the original box, he did not cross the Grand Canyon.Long Qian laughed loudly and said, I m just joking with everyone, take back your questioning expressions, and then it s time to truly witness the miracle.Long Qian jumped back into the box again, before closing the box, Smiling at the camera, he said, Next, switch the camera to the second live broadcast, and wait quietly.This time, the camera really showed the second live broadcast, and the camera circled around, proving that it was the real second live broadcast The scene, and gave the camera to the box here.A minute later, the box was opened with a bang, and Long Qian really jumped out of the box, shouting Gentlemen and ladies, thank you for watching this historic moment.2.It turned out to be Such a stunning clown.It should be said that the doll appeared where it should be, which also caused the little girl to appear.It s where it should appear.Yue Ming doubted The more you talk about it, the more mysterious it becomes.Wei Renwu said It s actually very simple, a doll can t walk, so naturally it can t walk there by itself to seduce a little girl to the middle of the street, it will Someone put it there on purpose.5.Your dream and my career Yue Ming understood what Wei Renwu meant, and he said, That is to say, can you carry on cbd gummies someone put the doll in the middle of the street on purpose, so The little girl was attracted to the middle of the street, and at this moment the driver s car drove over.Wei Renwu nodded and said, That s it, and it must be like this.Yue Ming exclaimed My God, this Is it really a man made plan If it is true, then this person is too amazing.Naturally, he has something important to the murderer.Based on the evidence collected now, that The thing is the photos taken by the murderer, a few photos that are enough to extort a large sum of money from the murderer.Zhang Feng nodded and said From this point of view, these photos are indeed very important.Wei Renwu said From this reasoning, the murderer s killing The motive came out, as long as the deceased has these photos in his hands, he can blackmail the murderer infinitely, of course the murderer can t be willing to be trampled underfoot forever, so he planned to kill the deceased to avoid future troubles.Zhang Feng said Mr.Wei s reasoning has reached this level, and the context of this case will gradually become clear.The only thing missing is the true face of this mysterious murderer.Where are we going to investigate now Yue Ming took advantage of Li Long s topic and replied, Zhang The captain asked us to investigate the photo studios near the community one by one, and see if the deceased had been to any of the photo studios a few days ago.Li Long wondered Why do you want to investigate the photo studio Yue Ming shook his head and said, I All I know is that the deceased had printed the photo, and this photo is the key to the case.Now that the photo is gone, as long as you find out which photo studio the photo was printed in, you may find clues to the photo in that photo studio. That s right.Li said.Long nodded and said, Then where should we start our investigation Yue Ming pouted and said, I don t know how many photo studios are nearby.Plenty of time.Liu Hong mocked again So we are headless chickens, we can only scurry around.Yue Ming cursed himself.Oh Wei Renwu suddenly called out.What s wrong Mr.Wei Yue Ming asked doubtfully.Wei Renwu ordered Let the police clean up the scene.There s nothing to see here.I m going out for a while.After speaking, Wei Renwu ran away.Yue Ming looked at Wei Renwu s back and shouted Mr.Wei, where can I find you later Yue Ming only heard Wei Renwu s voice from a distance I will call you later.Yue Ming Ming said helplessly to himself Okay.Wei Renwu rushed out of the photo studio, stopped a taxi cbd watermelon gummies review immediately, jumped into the taxi, and shouted to the taxi driver Master, Public Security Bureau, hurry up The driver said blankly, Are you in a hurry Urgent.Wei Renwu replied anxiously.The driver showed a puzzled smile and said, Then put on the seat belt.Wei Renwu put on the seat belt according to the driver s instructions.Yue Ming continued Then, from this point of view, the child of the Zhang family should be closer to Long Qian.However, I found that in the fire story, there was no mention of where the two children went.The police have told Did you Wei Renwu said The two children disappeared after the fire.Cheng never showed his face before and after the fire, and Zhang Qian was seen when the fire broke out.But after the fire, the two of them disappeared at the same time as if the world had evaporated.It was not until Long Qian was born, and when talking about the fire, no one thought of the two children.Because someone saw Zhang Qian , can you carry on cbd gummies so Zhang Qian must be alive, but Cheng is not.The police suspect that Cheng actually died in the fire, but the body was not found.Yue Ming said The story of the fire is roughly clear.Immediately afterwards, Long Qian put the wine glass on the table.Magicians always say some irrelevant nonsense before performing magic tricks, but these nonsense are necessary, these words can always imply something, and Long Qian is well versed in this.Long Qian put his palm on the wine glass and said, But this glass of wine will soon become strange.Wei Renwu and Yue Ming stared at the wine glass without blinking, waiting for the glass of wine to become like What Long Qian said was so strange.There was a smile on the corner of Long Qian s mouth Next, it s time to witness a miracle.As soon as Long Qian finished speaking, he waved his big hand, and white smoke rose from the wine in the wine glass.Anyone with a discerning eye could see the white smoke at a glance It is water vapor, but this water vapor is not the water vapor formed by the boiling of wine.When did you start to become so complicated Where is my simple Xiaoyue going Already Yue Ming said ashamedly Let s trust can you carry on cbd gummies you once, but you made such a fuss today, which embarrassed Brother Qian a little bit, you must know that Brother Qian invited us with good intentions, even though the things didn t suit your taste, But there is nothing wrong with his essence, right Wei Renwu nodded and said, You are right, I also feel that I owe him a cbd melatonin gummies cbd gummy worms extreme strength little, how about this, let s go to him again tomorrow.Go to him again Let others treat us to a meal Are we a bit too thick skinned Yue Ming really couldn t agree with Wei Renwu s thoughts.Bah Wei Renwu said med terra cbd gummies sternly, Who do you think I am Am I the kind of person who eats and drinks while eating Yue Ming pouted and said, It seems to be true.Wei Renwu stubbed out the cigarette and used a large Thumb, pointing to his nose and said I m not that kind of person, I mean, let s go to him again tomorrow, treat him to a meal, save a little face, and we can can you carry on cbd gummies choose a restaurant that suits my taste Why not do it. Really Another show Yue Ming seemed very looking forward to it.Long Qian said proudly Of course, if I don t perform, how can I make a living Is Xiaoyue interested in watching it Of course you have to watch it, I m a fan of Brother Qian.Yue Ming can you carry on cbd gummies was very excited.Long Qian smiled and said When the time comes, I will leave you a ticket in the front row.Really Yue Ming couldn t believe his ears.You must know that tickets for Long Qian s magic show are hard to come by.The last time Long Qian held a 300mg cbd gummies can you carry on cbd gummies close up magic show, the tickets were sold out within 20 minutes of being issued.The tickets in the first row have to be delayed to get them, let alone the tickets in advance.At this time, Long Qian said that he would give Yue Ming can you carry on cbd gummies a ticket in the front row, and Yue Ming was so happy that he jumped up.Yue Ming quickly helped Cheng Cheng up.Wei Renwu said Xiaoyue, if you put him down, he has no ability to resist now.Yue Ming quickly nodded and followed suit, helping Zhang Qian untie the rope.Cheng caught the weak Zhang Qian and laid him flat on the ground.Cheng said to Zhang Qian Ah Qian, everything is over.Zhang Qian stretched out his bloody right hand, stroked Cheng s crying face, trying to wipe cbd gummy worms extreme strength 50 mg cbd gummies away the tears for Cheng, he comforted Pengcheng, it s really nothing.As long as you re here, it s the same everywhere.Even if I go to prison, I feel very happy.Zhang Qian wiped away Cheng Cheng s tears, but left behind his own blood.More and more blood smeared on Cheng Cheng s face, unable to wipe off.Cheng grabbed Zhang Qian s hand and showed a happy smile.He said with a smile, That s right, as long as you are by my side, it will be the same wherever you go.Old man Hu wondered Aren t you looking for this pile of dead money Yue Ming shouted What I m looking serenity cbd gummies on shark tank for is real money, money for living people, of course not dead money.Old man Hu shook his head and said Could cbd melatonin gummies cbd gummy worms extreme strength it be that the death courier you mentioned is the money of the living But the death courier I received is the money of the dead.Yue Ming can you carry on cbd gummies said Impossible I watched Mr.Wei put the money in, After the courier is delivered to the mailbox, only you have touched the courier, and only you can drop the package.Lin Xingchen was naturally on Yue Ming s side, and she pressed the muzzle of a gun to Old Man Hu s temple, threatening I suggest To tell you the truth, my gun is easy to go off.Old man Hu was not affected by the threat at all, he insisted I m telling the truth, I received this pile of things, that s it, that s what I m surprised about The thing is, in the past seven years, different people have been sending couriers from all over the world to Yinsi Street, and every time I open it, it is a ghost coin, which is very unusual.The bearded man s full beard basically covered all his lips, but the old man Hu Still felt his mouth grinning, he was smiling, very sinister.Old man Hu didn t dare to mock the bearded man anymore, he said seriously to his companions Let s go.Thirteen.Unbelievable derailment Old man Hu angrily brought his companions to the door of his girlfriend s house where his wife was.However, at the moment when old man Hu was stretching .

how much sugar is in cbd gummies?

out his hand to knock on the door, he stopped and hesitated.Brother Hu, what s the matter with you Li Fan didn t understand why the angry old man suddenly stopped knocking on the door, and he raised his hands in the air, The gold bar will be yours soon.Everyone could see the old man s face The anger above had dissipated, but old man Hu s face was solemn, he put down his hand that was about to knock on the door, and said calmly, I suddenly thought of a question.The two hooked up and entered the community like this.Professor Fang s intuition told him that this is Wei Renwu, which is very similar to Wei Renwu s pervert style.Professor Fang finally caught Wei Renwu s first move, which shows that Wei Renwu should be a habit of returning late.Wei Renwu is a bachelor who has lived alone for a long time.People like this will inevitably feel lonely.When people feel lonely, they will find ways to resolve the loneliness.Going out to have fun is a good way.Professor Fang is not the kind of person who makes decisions by chance.He will spend more time paying attention to Wei Renwu s late return.Wei Renwu will can you carry on cbd gummies always have a specific place to go at night when he returns late.Moreover, since Wei Renwu would take the woman home alone, it can you carry on cbd gummies also means that there is no Yue Ming at home, and Yue Ming, who has been inseparable from Wei Renwu for nearly a year, is not at home, which means that the two may have really broken up.Lei Jia started to flip through the menu with satisfaction, but when she just opened the first page of the menu, her face changed, becoming very ugly and embarrassing, from wrinkled to Her regret can be seen from the raised brow.Zuo Liang understood why Lei Jia did this, he smiled and said, What s wrong Did you find that you might not be able to afford my meal Lei Jia looked around and said in a low voice, Why is it so expensive here Zuo Liang laughed and said This is a very famous restaurant, all the ingredients are imported, and the chef is also a senior chef invited from Europe, why do you think it is so expensive Lei Jia blushed, embarrassed Said I didn t bring much money with me when I came out of Shanghai.If I invite this meal, I will spend all the money I spent looking for a house.Zuo Liang shrugged and said I guessed it too , so at the beginning, I said please, you insist on being brave, now you are embarrassing, forget it, forget it, I accept your wish, this time I invite you.Wang Min picked up the pen and paper, and wrote the word Wang Min in a fluttering manner, Turn around and walk towards the interrogation room.Wang Min quickly cannactiva cbd gummies left the Public Security Bureau, called a taxi, and returned to the hotel where he was temporarily staying.As can you carry on cbd gummies soon as Wang Min returned to the hotel, he turned on the room lights and sat down in front of the dressing table.Facing the mirror, Wang Min poked his right cheek with his right hand.With a snap, Wang Min low thc high cbd gummies tore off his entire face from right to left, and Wang Min became a youthful Wang Xuanmin again.Wang Xuanmin took the human skin mask, went to the toilet, threw the human skin mask into the bathtub, and took out an ID card from his pocket.Wang Xuanmin glanced at the ID card, it was impressively can you carry on cbd gummies written with Wang Min s name, and then he threw the ID card on the human skin mask, and he took out a lighter and a hundred dollars.He must first pretend that he doesn t know Yue Ming and Lin Xingchen, test the two of them, and said in surprise Are you Who Could it be a robber Seeing that Wang Xuanmin did not give in easily, Lin Xingchen sneered and said, Hmph, you don t need to pretend anymore, Reaper.Reaper Wang Xuanmin asked suspiciously, Is this calling me At this time, Yue Ming said Your name is Wang Xuanmin, and you are a member of the five HCMUSSH can you carry on cbd gummies member group of Reaper.You pretend to be a courier, but you are actually in charge Those who received the Death Express and dropped the Death Express package, you don t can you carry on cbd gummies need to pretend anymore, can you carry on cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for pain relief we have fully grasped your true identity.Hahahahahaha Wang Xuanmin laughed suddenly, I really didn t expect that.Ah, Wei Renwu is dead, but his assistant managed to find me, I really underestimated you.Yue Ming didn t dare to open it, he just tried to aim at any inch of Wang Xuanmin s body, but he didn t use it.No confidence and guts to hit the king electorate.I told you to throw it away Wang Xuanmin roared loudly.He was not joking with Yue Ming.In order for Yue Ming to understand his words, he had to use a knife to draw a line on Lin Xingchen s snow white neck.bloodstains.Wang Xuanmin wanted to do something, Yue Ming was in a hurry, he couldn t risk Lin Xingchen s life, so he immediately threw it downstairs, making sure that none of the three could get it.Yue Ming said I ve already thrown it away, you let Captain Lin go now.Wang Xuanmin laughed and said, What are you thinking You don t have it in your hand, but I have your companion in my hand.Why should I listen to you Lin Xingchen sighed softly Xiaoyue, you shouldn t have thrown it away, now, both of us may be in danger.Hahahahahaha This was Wang Xuanmin s laughter, and Wang Xuanmin laughed, Wei Renwu, why don t you What a good plan.Wei Renwu glanced at Wang Xuanmin, and said to Lin Xingchen I think I need to talk to him at this time. Thirty six, the rules of the god of death Wang Xuanmin s eyes widened with anger, and he said fiercely I really don t understand, how did you deceive all of us Wei Renwu walked in front of Wang Xuanmin, laughed synthetic cbd gummy bears that get you high loudly and said Have you seen the movie Wang Xuanmin didn t understand Wei Renwu s meaning, he was puzzled and asked What do you want to express Wei Renwu explained In the movie, there are many scenes of murder, bloody cbd gummies gq and bloody, horrible, acting like real It s the same, but acting is acting after all, it s not real, and my death is a play I personally acted in.Wang Xuanmin felt that she had understood a little bit, but Lin Xingchen didn t quite understand, she asked No, at that time the doctor came to examine you and declared you dead, so you shouldn t be alive.Wei Renwu praised Confidence is a good thing, but Confidence should be directly proportional to your ability, you were successful before, but you just didn t meet me.Wei Renwu was praising the Grim Reaper on the surface, but he was actually laughing at them, Wang Xuanmin couldn t refute Wei Renwu, what qualifications would a defeated general have to refute.Wei Renwu said There are a total of five of you Reapers.I have to take the risk of being the target myself in order to seduce the five of you, so that I can know your true identities.Wang Xuanmin asked So, the other You already know the identities of the four Wei Renwu said triumphantly Of course.Wang Xuanmin said Then how did you know our identities Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and explained I have stayed in Chengdu for many years.Chengdu is like my home.Although Li Yi didn t speak, he moved two steps sideways, as if to block cbd gummies help depression Professor Fang s direction from leaving the classroom.Professor Fang knew what Li Yi meant, and he said to Quan can you carry on cbd gummies Kai I know who you are, and since you will find me, I can probably know what your purpose is.Quan Kai smiled and said, Since Professor Fang knows us The purpose of the two of them coming here is to make it easier for us to communicate.If the professor finds it convenient, can we talk in another place I always feel that if we talk here, what will happen next will not be very good.Professor Fang s face was livid, and he knew that he was doomed this time.On the other side, in a police station in Chongqing, a young and handsome policeman, Tan Mingming, dragged a wretched man into the police station.Xiao Tan, did you catch another one the doorman said to Tan Mingming who had just entered the gate.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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