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Tang Tanger immediately changed her words, sat down on the sofa, and waved her little hand, Xiao Shuang, go, remember to wash your hands Tang Shuang came back a few minutes later, Holding a bottle of bear drink cbd gummies vs thc gummies in his hand, he plugged in a straw and pretended to drink.Snacks pay attention instantly, even if the appetite is reduced due to illness, the true nature of the food remains the same.You can skip meals, but you can t live without snacks, Xiao Shuang, what are you drinking Show Tangtanger.Tang Shuang gave her the body of the bottle Look, Drink bear, it s delicious.Candy immediately yelled This is bought by my mother, I want to drink It doesn t matter if my brother HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs thc gummies drinks it, so stingy.Candy said coquettishly I m so hungry Ah, I want to drink Tang Shuang handed the little bear with a really helpless expression on your face You are sick, let me feed you, don t spill it on your body.

The little guy didn t even is cbd gummies good for anxiety cbd gummies vs thc gummies look at him when he was full, and all his mind was on the TV.Tang Shuang took the remote control, turned it off, and said to the dissatisfied Tangtanger Brother will tell you a story, do you want Tangtanger blurted out You will be so good After speaking, he laughed dryly, swinging his little feet, ready to escape at any time.Tang Shuang don t say that about brother, brother will be sad, I also told you a lot of stories, Shuke and Beta, little rabbit and giraffe, right Candy nodded repeatedly, she is not stupid , if you provoke Xiaoshuang again, this unsteady brother will definitely teach her a lesson, so he quickly poured sweet words Tang Tang likes Shuke and Beta very much Tang Shuang was very pleased, and praised That s right, brother The stories I tell are very nice and exciting, and what I m going to tell now is about the little white rabbits and the big bad wolf, and it s very nice.

For example, Tang Zichen s move of moving, blocking and hammering took down cbd gummies vs thc gummies a wolf weighing nearly 200 jin, and his move of turning back cbd gummies for carpal tunnel cbd delta 9 gummies palm crippled a violent bear weighing more than 200 jin.The monkey steals the peach, and the dragon raises its head.The second is to explain to readers how Chinese martial arts and firearms fight.Will a person who has practiced martial arts for many years be easily killed by a gun Shenhu s marksmanship is superb, and with super close range shooting, only one of the three shots hit.Moreover, Tang Zichen shrugged his shoulders for this shot, and used his muscle strength to easily squeeze out the bullet, and the bleeding stopped, just like ordinary people peeling fruit and peeling the skin.The impact of Dragon Snake in another world is shocking.Its biggest attraction lies in the description of Chinese martial arts and the passionate battle.

Tang Sanjian interjected Dad also made it.Dad is also great.Tang Shuang Wow Mom, you are a princess Tang Tang s eyes stared.In the photo, Huang Xiangning is wearing a traditional Austrian costume and standing in a garden castle.The castle behind Huang Xiangning is called Salzburg, and the night view is famous all over the world, like colorful glass.Mom, can you bring Tangtang next time The reason for not taking Tangtang this time is that she is too young to fly for a long time, I will grow up by then, and I won t be afraid to take a handjob.Tang Shuang let out a hehe laugh suddenly, Tangtanger stared at him extremely dissatisfied, raised his little hand to complain, Mom, Xiaoshuang is not serious, he is being lazy.Tang Shuang Hehehehehehehe The small dispute was resolved because Tang Shuang was flicked on the forehead by Tang Shuang, because everyone thought that the laughter he just made lacked good intentions, and he did not really appreciate the photos seriously.

I didn t see many celebrities who seemed to have infinite glory, but they were depressed behind the scenes, and even committed suicide in serious cases.Tang cbd gummies if pregnant Zhen liked to keep things in her heart, which made Tang Shuang even more worried.Because she would never tell the people around her about any difficulties she encountered or any grievances in her heart, so she couldn t help at all.Even if you don t help, it s good to have someone to talk to, but Tang Zhen doesn t This stubborn sister Tang Sanjian often scolds Tang Shuang, saying that he is the most annoying person.But Tang Shuang actually knew that what he was most worried about was not himself, but the mature cbd gummies for anxiety 2021 and sensible Tang Zhen.Tang Shuang would yell whenever she encountered anything, which made HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs thc gummies Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning know it well.

He has revenge So he intentionally sat next to Tang Zhen, squeezed her body to one side, and before she could reprimand him, cbd oil gummies cbd gummies for carpal tunnel he snatched the book from her hand again.Show me, you re obsessed all day long, so don t let it go.Tang Zhen Give it back to me quickly Tang Shuang wanted to tease the Frost Goddess, and said cbd gummies vs thc gummies hemp waves cbd gummies forcefully, I don t.What he did was not killing him by touching his head, but the stunt of pulling his ears that he had used for more than ten years.Tang Zhen s ear pulling was like Xiao Li Feidao.All opponents knew that he was going to throw a flying knife, and they thought they were fully prepared, but the end result was the same.The prestige of no case without false hair.Tang Shuang thought she was ready to deal with Tang Zhen pulling her ears, but she still couldn t avoid it The right ear was grabbed, and he was instantly beaten back to his original shape.

Huang Xiangning took Candy away again with a headache, telling her that the baby cbd gummies for carpal tunnel cbd delta 9 gummies is sick and needs an injection to get better, otherwise it will be even more uncomfortable The young woman lowered her head and said to the baby in her arms Look, there is such a cute little sister I like you, I m not happy.Candy walked up to the little baby sadly, HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs thc gummies and begged Brother Hua to prick him gently.Brother Hua promises that the attack will be light.As for whether the baby will cry, I can t guarantee it.Candy made faces next to the little baby, and the little baby giggled happily, taking advantage of this opportunity, Li Dehua gave the needle quickly.It wasn t until cbd overdose gummies the injection was finished that the baby felt the pain and burst into tears.Tangtang er frantically comforted the baby, worrying more than the baby s mother, it broke his heart.

This is Tang Tian s son, Tang Yu, who is 8 years old this year.He is known as the little poisonous tongue, and he is a fan of Tang Shuang s big poisonous tongue.Yu, originally meant to speak elegantly and well bred, but it was completely out of shape on him, the shadow of elegance could not be seen at all, and he was more mischievous than Tang Shuang when he was a child.Maybe Mudan had a premonition and was worried that Tang Tian would hit the child, so she sent another 6 minutes and 30 seconds voice, but still no one clicked to listen.Tang Sanjian was not at ease, worried that he would cast a psychological shadow on the child, and reminded Tang Tian Xiao Tian, it s okay to educate the children, but don t do it Candy came back from Brother Dehua s clinic alive and kicking, excitedly He ran up to Tang Sanjian Dad, Dad, I have a little sister, she is pretty and as cute as me What are you doing Show me.

Xiao Ma put the red envelope in it awkwardly, and asked Master, do you cbd gummies vs thc gummies know who Cheng Mai is going to sign this time This momentum is caused by it.I saw Hu Zhongyuan just now.It s really a face, and the shot is generous.Bai Jianming shook his head and didn t speak.He heard some news, but he was not sure.Cheng Mai s actions this time were too fast and too covert.Even though he was involved, he didn t get any definite news for a while.Seeing the battle of Chengmai, it seems that he is a big shot, at least a rising star, Chengmai is very optimistic.If you can get inside information in advance, the company will definitely give you a lot of bonuses.He checked the recent news in the entertainment circle, except for the disbandment of Girl s Day, there was no other major news.Who did Orange Mai poach The reason why he was determined to be poaching people, not newcomers, was evident from the cbd gummies vs thc gummies are cbd gummies good for you scene in is cbd gummies good for anxiety cbd gummies vs thc gummies front of him.

For Tang Zhen s first album, we specially invited Mr.Yu Xiang to produce it.Among the eleven songs, ten of them were written by Mr.Yu Xiang long ago.The melody that sounded on the screen just now is one of them.Speaking of this, Xiao Na emphasized There is another song, written by us Zhen Zhen, it s very nice.Our Zhenzhen is not only good at singing and dancing, but also full of talents.Influenced by the family atmosphere, we have been composing songs since we were young and have written many good works Tang Zhen was very embarrassed to sit on the sidelines.People, naturally know that Yuxiang has been in the limelight recently, so gummies cbd amazon when he heard the news that Yuxiang was going to make an album for Tang Zhen, there was an uproar The melody at the beginning of the ceremony just now was really amazing.

Tangtanger looked down anxiously at the moment.This is an indoor ski resort in the World of Ice and Snow.This hillside is a bit far away.After sliding down from a high place, it will keep sliding down until it is about four or five hundred meters away.place.Next to Candy are Little Putao and Qiqi.Their mother is guarding the foot of the mountain, responsible for welcoming a few babies who are skiing.Qiqi I saw my mother, she looks like an ant Tang Shuang held Tangtanger s skating ring with one hand, and Qiqi s skating ring with the other, while Little Putao was held by Chu Mei.Responsible.Tangtang er was scared, but wanted to play very much.She held Tang Shuang s hand tightly, fearing that the villain would suddenly push her down.Xiao Shuang, I m so scared, can you sit with me Tang Shuang If you can t sit for two people, you won t be able to slide.

Standing up involuntarily, he nervously looked at Tang Zhen who looked like a snow lotus flower.This is a musical elf The passage just now completely moved him, and it was the most touching moment he heard this year.The free world in my heart.So clear and lofty.Blooming never fades.Blue lotus flower Through the dark years I also felt hesitant when you bowed your head moment just realized the road under my feet She got out of the car, hiked up the snow mountain, walked through the wind and snow, stood in front of the cliff, looked at the infinite vast world, and the eagle above her head screamed couldn t help but let out a loud voice sing The free world in my heart is so clear and lofty in full bloom never fades blue lotus in my heart free world so clear and lofty.Never fades Prior to this, the singing was all softly chanted, occasionally with a slightly longer drag.

In terms of income, in addition to a fixed income, according to the industry regulations, Tang Shuang will participate in film sharing, and the share ratio is the highest in the industry.Li belongs to the middle level.He wants to be higher, but he has no bargaining chips.Zhang Fei is in a strong position.Although the two of them had a good talk yesterday, in business, everyone must strive for the best interests.For this cooperation, if Tang Shuang s novel is to be adapted in the future, no matter who the director is, I believe he will have more say and strive for more benefits.Li Haonan came and went in a hurry.After Tang Shuang signed the contract, he flew back to Shengjing.He was uneasy when he came, and he was very excited when he left.He was happier than Tang Shuang, the client.Although Li Haonan didn t get any money from it, as Tang Shuang s cbd gummies vs thc gummies editor in chief, he was all honored, and his status in Starry Sky Culture rose with each passing day.

It s the big bad wolf Tang Shuang praised Smart It s the big bad wolf in disguise, not the mother rabbit at all.The person just now was the big bad wolf.She doesn t know you at all, she just pretended to know you.Candy The small face said seriously Then I won t go with her Tang Shuang cbd oil gummies cbd gummies for carpal tunnel gave her a thumbs up Good job You must not go with her, you were very smart just now, although you took two steps , but stopped immediately, remember When you encounter such a situation in the future, you must not believe her words.If your parents, brothers and sisters are not around, ask other brothers and sisters for help.If you are stupid and dare to follow strangers , I ll catch you kissing you a hundred times, and I ll break your face This move was so ruthless, Tang Tanger hurriedly covered HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs thc gummies her face with her hands, she was really worried that Tang Xiaoshuang would kiss her a hundred times in broad daylight.

Who doesn t like cute, smart and well behaved children, and she doesn t know that Candy likes it.What kind of snacks do you eat, so you take some extra, it s not surprising if there are many people, and it s not surprising for children if there are too many snacks.It s so rich, it made Xiaozhuzhu very happy.She was about to pinch a beef pad to pad her stomach, when she suddenly thought of something, looked at the many snacks on the fruit plate, her face cbd gummies vs thc gummies was full of reluctance, and finally she reluctantly stopped, looking at it cutely To Pan Wenling.Pan Wenling asked puzzledly What s the matter, Tang Tang, don t you like it Tang Tang shook her head, swallowed her saliva first, and then said I like it It was prepared for you, and older brothers and sisters won t talk about you.She thought that Little Piggy was worried that Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen would talk about her.

This is bought by Tang Shuang, parent child outfits, Huang Xiangning always likes to buy parent child outfits, Tang Shuang followed suit, and bought a set of Tyrannosaurus rex inflatable suits, old and young in the Tang family, even people as small as candy.Comrade Three Swords almost stared at him to death.Except for Candy, no one knew that her baby Tyrannosaurus inflatable suit was hidden in Tang Sanjian s study Tang Yu was wearing a candy baby Tyrannosaurus rex inflatable suit, propping up his bulging body.This was a baby Tyrannosaurus rex that was overnourished.Tangtanger circled around the Tyrannosaurus rex happily and laughed.Poor Tang Yu usually dominates at school, but is suppressed when he returns home.He managed to run away from home once, but was almost crippled by Candy s little ancestor.

Tang Shuang As relatives, brothers and sisters, why don t you even have the basic trust of ordinary people You make cbd oil gummies cbd gummies for carpal tunnel me very sad, and it also violates the family rules of the old Tang family.According to the family rules, you cbd gummies vs thc gummies can t be suspicious of each other.You must live in harmony and calm down.Wait, look at you, you are either rolling your eyes at me or being rough, can you be more kind, you are also a big girl with yellow flowers, and you are not married yet, if this spreads outside, who would dare to want you Barabara A minute later, Tang Shuang ran away, and Tang Xin gritted her teeth in hatred.Tang Yu and Tangtanger rushed to chase Tang Shuang, not to catch Tang Shuang, but between Tang Shuang and Tang Xin, they followed their hearts and chose Tang Shuang.Seeing this, Tang Xin sighed deeply, why do children like the sleazy Tang Xiaoshuang Five minutes later, Tang Shuang came over with a large box of ice cream, cbd gummies vs thc gummies followed by two children, Tang Yu was eating one, Candy was eating one, and held another in his hand.

He discussed Tang Shuang s current contract with the company, and finally decided to give him another one.A more favorable contract is given according to the highest standard of the website, showing sincerity.As soon as Li Haonan came out of the editor in chief s office, he immediately called Tang Shuang.He not only discussed the contract with him, but also the copyright of Dragon Snake Film and Television.Some of them are film and television companies, some are well known directors, producers, and even celebrities.The current situation is similar to robbing the oiran.With the first person to bid, it is equivalent to sounding the clarion call for battle.This is a good thing for Tang Shuang and Xingkong Culture.They just need to wait for the competitors to win, and the one with the highest price wins.

Tangtanger got what she wanted, and happily served as a deputy, dutifully assisting Teacher Zhang to take care of the cute babies.At this time, many babies took out the snacks and water in their bags to replenish their energy.The teachers interspersed among them, taking care of this, taking care of that, and helping the children take pictures in twos and threes.Occasionally there were crying sounds, but more babies were still very happy, running on the meadow and getting close to nature.Candy and Little Grape held hands and picked wild flowers everywhere.Butterflies in the flowers were startled one, two, three The two chicks chased after the butterfly and shouted Butterfly Butterfly Don t run away, let the butterfly run away Let me take a look at you The sun was shining brightly, Tangtanger was in a good mood, and blissfully ran to Teacher Zhang s feet, and said, Mr.

Sashang, safety is guaranteed, and it is at the door of the house, and you can withdraw into the house at any time.What do the two parents think Before the two parents expressed their opinions, Tang Tang s children s shoes were already jumping up and down excitedly, circling around Tang Shuang, claiming that Tang Xiaoshuang was the best brother of the old Tang family Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning waved their hands when they saw that is cbd gummies good for anxiety cbd gummies vs thc gummies Tang Tang er was really yearning for Tangtang.,agreed.When Tangtanger heard this, she rushed out sullenly.It seemed that she wanted to imitate Master Pei and come to the wilderness to survive overnight.Tang Shuang grabbed the little pig who was silly and unclear, What do you want to do Just lie in the grove in such a natural way This won t work, Tang Tang s children s shoes, we have to pitch a tent and live in a tent.

She took a fancy to the steamed winter melon with ham in the middle of the dining table, but she couldn t reach it.Standing on the dining table, leaning over to pinch Quickly stuff it in your mouth, it s bulging, delicious Mom is amazing Let s have another piece Repeated the same trick, squeezed another piece, and was about to stuff it into his mouth with a smile Suddenly, he saw Tang Xiaoshuang standing at the door with a smile on his face The little girl shook her hands in fright, and dropped the dishes on the table.She quickly hid her hands behind her back and said, I m helping mom serve the cannaleafz cbd gummies cbd gummies vs thc gummies dishes I didn t steal them Tang Shuang said with a smile, Your mouth is so shiny, How fat is it Ah Tang Tanger casually wiped it, and quibbled Is there any more Tang Shuang I caught stealing food, and you vitamin world cbd gummies still lie, bad boy, bad boy Hurry up and buy me off.

Wei Tingting blushed secretly when she was told about the central matter, but she knew the temper of these little hoofs, if she showed a little bit of timidity, she would be held accountable immediately, and it would be even more difficult to get out, so she pretended to be frank , subtly diverted the topic.I watched the Mid Autumn Festival Gala last night.Luo Yuqing and Tang Zhen are so beautiful Luo Yuqing liked the girl with ponytails, and Tang Zhen liked the girl with big round earrings, and they were taken away with one sentence.Seeing that the two were drawn away, Wei Tingting felt relieved.At this time, the editor in chief called and told her to go to the office.The editor in chief s office is very spacious.There are five people sitting on a group of sofas in front cbd oil gummies cbd gummies for carpal tunnel of the floor to ceiling windows.

This kind of abusive girl would make the aunt forget to slice and study him in an instant.Xiaomei is the girl who drove Huang Weiwei back.She was sitting in the car, rolled down the window, looked at the crazy Huang Weiwei, and looked at Tang Shuang who was hugged by the crazy woman.She thought that Weiwei said she would introduce Her cousin gave it to her, wouldn t it be this Hee hee hee hee Huang Weiwei once exposed Tang Shuang s cannaleafz cbd gummies cbd gummies vs thc gummies broken love in front of the parents in the WeChat group of Believe in love and love with a big mouth, and threatened to introduce her best friend to him.The girlfriend she was talking about was Xiaomei who was sitting in the car at the moment.Xiaomei just chuckled for a while, and then thought of Huang Weiwei s nonsense words about taking off her pants, tsk in front of a handsome guy how can he be so rude in front HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs thc gummies of him Huang Weiwei leaned into Tang Shuang s ear and said that Xiaomei was the girl who showed him the photo last time, whether she still remembered.

Luo Yuqing smiled and told her something, and then suddenly asked Jia Yin, if I didn t become popular, would they cbd gummies vs thc gummies think that I ve been smug all my life but achieved nothing The cousin was at a loss for words and is cbd gummies good for anxiety cbd gummies vs thc gummies didn t answer.She also said Isn t loving beauty the same as loving yourself Isn t it loving life and the world It s so full of positive energy, why didn t they understand it at the beginning The cousin sighed and said, Sister, are you still thinking about it Are you angry about what happened back then Do you hate these relatives who mocked you back then Merlin, the Mid Autumn Festival dinner is over.Tang Zhen and Huang Weiwei cleaned up the dining table, while Tang Shuang, brother San Jian and Tang Tanger set up tables and chairs, moved them to the yard, and placed melons, fruits and mooncakes.

Little Zhuzhu didn t give up, and after Huang Xiangning finished washing the dishes and came out of the kitchen, she sneaked in, and then came out secretly holding the stainless steel basin, and played in her room for a while, stumbling around, Clang clang.Pain and happiness Such a fun game, but can only be enjoyed by one person, I feel so uncomfortable.Xiaozhuzhu quickly analyzed who could play with her in Old Tang s family, and her parents were quickly ruled out.If they bumped into them, they could only confiscate their helmets.Then only little Shuangzi is left Do you want to go play with Xiaoshuang Tangtanger thought about it, and felt that the risk was very high, and it was very likely that she would never come back after going there.However, if even Xiaoshuang can t do it, then who else in Old Tang s family can play with her Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, In the end, Tang Tanger came to Tang Shuang s room by luck, and then, there was no more.

Pan Fugui asked Little Tangtang, I heard from your brother, do you want to participate in the slide race What does chasing the wind mean Let me let you guess first.Be careful hey Pan Fugui just reminded, Tangtang er hit the road with his slippery car The Youth Film Festival finally opened, and many outsiders came to Guangdong University.Such a bustling atmosphere made Candy very excited.He started yelling from the moment he woke up that he was going to go shopping Tang Sanjian went to the college early in the morning.Although the film festival did not involve the Faculty of Arts, he was worried and went to see it.Huang Xiangning made an appointment with a friend for a beauty treatment today, but he has already left.Only Tang Shuang and Tangtang were left in the old Tang s house.Candy can only count on Xiaoshuang to take her shopping and eating, saying that she can t wait for a minute She lay on the balcony on the second floor and looked at the faint crowd in the distance.

Handsome guy, I didn t know you couldn t fish in the lake.The weather is so good today, so I just wanted to come out to play and fish for entertainment.I never thought I would actually catch fish.This is also Pan Fugui s bad luck.The uncle and the other security personnel are not allowed to ask for leave these days.They must all be on duty to ensure the smooth holding of the film festival.If it was normal, who would wander around the lake Uncle looked at the confiscated fishing rod, cbd gummies vs thc gummies pointed to the bait and said, I kind of believe what you said.This bait is a fake bait, a small fish made of plastic.It should be used for sea fishing.Go to the lake to catch it.It s basically useless to catch freshwater fish.Huh Pan Fugui thought to himself, no wonder he and Tangtanger fished for a long time, but there was no cbd gummies vs thc gummies fish to bite the hook When Tang Shuang brought Tangtanger to the security office at the south gate of Guangdong University, Pan Fugui was still arguing and refused to explain his family situation.

So he tactfully persuaded Tang Shuang that the martial arts director didn t mean that, so don t worry about it.Tang Shuang smiled, didn t speak, and looked straight at Wu Shulian.He treats people with kindness, but if he thinks he can be deceived, it is a big mistake.Chapter 310 Meeting again in a blink of an eye After everyone left, Ye Liang and Shang Hui came back with candy.Ye Liang said This person surnamed Wu is humiliating himself today.It s simply inexplicable.He has no nerve in his head.Tang Shuang shook her head with a smile and said nothing.Tang Shuang rushed over anxiously, raised her head and looked at Tang Shuang carefully to see if she was crying, Xiao Shuang, are you crying Tang Shuang pinched her face and said, How is it possible, my brother quarreled so hard, Even you can t beat me, and others can t beat me, don t you think so Tangtanger thought for a while, isn t that right, this little Shuangzi, who often quarrels with her and won t let her younger sister, pissed her off to death snort The Lun family is still worried outside.

Bamboo dragonfly What bamboo dragonfly It s the acridine in Tinker Bell s pocket, the little stick that can fly around when worn on the head.What a naive little girl, I can t do it.I can take you in a helicopter and fly around.what Tang Shuang came to Tang Shuang in an instant, like a puppy lured by a bone, wagging its tail and begging for a hug.Everyone will fall, which is unavoidable.Fortunately, Xiaozhuzhu is very strong, and the protective measures are in place, so he never cried or was injured.He got up and continued.Tang Shuang and Tangtanger agreed to sign up for the slide race today.Go home first, Tang Huohuo had already been waiting there, as soon as the car stopped, he jumped out, yelled for Tang Shuang to apologize for his deceit, and then took Candy away.Hey, hello, where are you taking Candy The big and small people ignored him, especially Tangtang, a little pig who had no awareness of being kidnapped at all, and even smiled and waved goodbye to Tang Shuang.

Tang Zhen was puzzled How do you know, I don t remember that you have never seen him.Unexpectedly, Bai Yang er said Nowadays when they are in love, they call each other s elder sister and younger brother.Tang Zhen O O After Tang Zhen s explanation, Bai Yang er reluctantly believed it, so here comes a new question, Tang Zhen, your brother is so handsome Why didn t you introduce us before It s not that Tang Zhen didn t introduce him, it s that Bai Yang er and Li Xiaozhi didn t take it seriously when they heard Tang Zhen said HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs thc gummies that his younger brother was still studying.Tang Zhen hung up the phone, looked for Tang Shuang everywhere, and finally saw her in her bedroom Tang Shuang was sitting at the desk looking at the new manuscript on the desk.Tang Zhen blushed, and immediately puffed up her chest.

The album will be officially released on New Year s Day.Starting from next Monday, we will release three title songs one after another.Blue Lotus has already been released, so the focus is on the next two songs, which are for the album.Building momentum Oh, by the way, Young Master Tang, are you good at writing hip hop music Chapter 328 Encounter by chance Hip hop music Yes, hip hop music, it s like this After Xiao Na explained, Tang Shuang understood.It turned out that Chengmai wanted to hold a talent show variety show with Fengxing Video, a well known domestic video website, and temporarily named it I m the Hip Hop.You can tell by the name, it specializes in matching hip hop music and selecting hip hop talents.As a prize, in addition to bonuses and signings, Orange Mai wanted to use the new song as a gimmick to attract the best hip hop singers to participate.

He is the one who wrote the Hero directed by Zhang Fei.Oh yes, Zhenzhen also has a younger sister named Tang Tang, whose nickname is Tangtanger.She will be six soon I remember you should Have you met When He Zhenyi heard about Tang Zhen s sister, the little sister wearing big earphones, shaking her head, listening to music and eating snacks immediately appeared in cbd gummies vs thc gummies He Zhenyi s mind, her expression cbd gummies for carpal tunnel cbd delta 9 gummies was very bad.I know, I m so ashamed in front of that cutie It s ashamed to see children I hope the children have already forgotten her, and don t mention the embarrassing thing that day again.He Zhenyi s expectations are doomed to fail, Tangtanger s memory is particularly good, especially her curiosity, aroused her curiosity but did not get an answer, this kind of thing remembers more clearly.When He Zhenyi followed Pan Wenling to Old Tang s house, Xiaozhuzhu was sitting on the sofa with her sister watching Wow Team , and the room was full of her giggling, laughing to and fro.

The Lun family did nothing wrong.Don t you fart, Xiaoshuang Tang Shuang said helplessly.I won t talk about this with you anymore, I ll just ask HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs thc gummies you, you asked me to massage just now, and you farted as soon as you lowered your head, didn t you do it on purpose, did you deliberately hold back to cbd oil gummies cbd gummies for carpal tunnel smell me Tell the truth, or you will explode Your ass.Little Zhuzhu seemed to have been greatly insulted, and raised his fists angrily The Lun family didn t do it on purpose, the Lun family just wanted to fart, and it happened that Xiaoshuang farted when she came, don t blame the children Tang Shuang was very suspicious that this little pig was acting, otherwise why did he stick his butt up just now, obviously he was ready to fart and smell him, but this guy is getting harder and harder to deal with.It looks like he has been cbd gummies vs thc gummies greatly wronged.

This is a product advertisement, and it is not under the control of Jiang Yiguo and Lao Zhao, so they will not comment.After the Brain Gold commercial, it was The Other Shoe.The original excellent short film is now lined up with the junk advertisement Brain God Gold, which further highlights its excellence.The dishes evoke warmth and good memories in my heart.On the other hand, I found that I was dizzy, and I actually ate Tuo Xiang, thinking that it was a tonic.I am not stupid.Chapter does cbd gummies help with acid reflux 382 I Feed Myself a Bag of Salt The Other Shoe was broadcast, some families were happy, some were sad, and some felt very uncomfortable.Needless to say, Laotang s family, Xiaoye s family, and several people from the advertising management committee of China TV Station were happy.The most uncomfortable one is Brain God Gold Company.

I was kissed hard Tangtanger grimaced, muttered, and secretly asked Xiaoshuang for help Now she is like a little turtle caught by an octopus, trying her best to crawl into various crevices, hoping to escape Little Pig managed to escape, out of breath, it was not easy, it was more tiring than riding a slide bike.Gululu Gulu hugged her baby cup and drank it vigorously.Originally it was just an excuse to drink water, but I didn t expect it to be so hard to escape.I escaped three times and was caught three times.I was tired physically and mentally.Little Pig made up cbd gummies vs thc gummies his mind to wear a black mask like his sister when going out in the future to disguise himself.Xiaoshuang didn t buy her a mask, so she wore a motorcycle helmet.Ouch, the little piggy didn t dare to approach Zhang Yifen anymore, dragged her little stool away, and sat by the fish tank alone to rest.

Tangtanger was the first to find out and called Teacher Zhang in time.So every time I saw Li Baibai, Candy had to take good care of her and looked very nervous, even more careful than the baby in Meng Qianbin s arms.As for Li Baibai, he has formed a year end friendship with Tangtanger since then.This little doll is very charming, especially fun, carefree but sometimes caring and warm.With so many friends and relatives here, of course we had to take a group photo.Everyone is on the podium, with a few cute kids standing at the front, everyone straddling a slide car, arrogant and high spirited, and about to go to the arena, everyone is full of confidence, everyone is like scissors, candy The tooth smile is very happy, this is a little sun, which will always transmit warm and positive energy.The slide racing competition has officially started, starting with the 2 year old group.

Chapter 420 Candy s Invitation As soon as Ka Tangshuang left with Tangtang, Sayang chased after her and asked to exchange mobile phone numbers.She had is cbd gummies good for anxiety cbd gummies vs thc gummies never had a chance to meet her before, and if she didn t take the initiative at this time, she would really have no chance.Tang Shuang said meaningfully Yuqing and I are very familiar, I think we will meet again soon.Sayang looked at Tang Shuang s leaving back, thinking about what he said just now, but he did not expect that it would be a rival in love, Yuqing Xiang and Chengmai cooperate closely, so it is normal to know Luo Yuqing.I don t know how Luo Yuqing felt when she learned that Tang Shuang and Sa Yang would participate in the launching ceremony of My Most Hip Hop.Did she ever think that the two people who pursued her would collide with each other She has no time to think about these things now, she has other bigger worries.

Now, more than 30 years later, the branches and leaves are luxuriant.The two parties landed on the two banyan trees next to each other.You chirped and she chirped, as if they were quarreling with folk songs and competing for superiority.An old man stood under the banyan tree, looking at the group of little birds cheerfully The lively ones are really like the little guys in the kindergarten, the one who calls the most happily, and the one with a strand of red hair on its head looks like a freshman class.Tang Tang, hey, that little guy is so cute, like Xiaozhi when he was a child It is his great pleasure to go to the tree under the tree every morning to watch and listen to the birds.Mr.Li Good morning.A greeting interrupted the old man s chatter, and Mr.Li turned his head to see that it was the head of the garden.

After saluting his grandfather, Tang Hongjun also slowly raised his hand and returned the military salute.The two of them had played this game many times.Immediately, Tang Tang er put down her little hand with a smile.She hadn t seen her grandpa for a long time, and she missed her very much.At the same time, she believed that her grandpa must also miss her very much, so the little guy said to Tang Shuang beside him, Xiao Shuang, please step aside a little bit, let him Talk to the Lun family and grandpa.As he spoke, he forced his way to Tang Shuang s side.Tang Shuang was helpless You really don t know what to say about you.Isn t there a natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews 2022 place over there Why do you squeeze me Candy said with a smile, It s better here and then occupied Tang Shuang without hesitation.In the original position, he dropped the puppy, hugged his grandfather s arm, and acted coquettishly.

Little Zhuzhu was scolded and ran away without saying a word, which made his parents very anxious, and they really didn t have the consciousness dropshipping cbd gummies of being a child at all.Mom, I m sorry, I know I was wrong It won t happen again next time, can you forgive me Candy pulled Huang Xiangning s hand flatteringly.Huang Xiangning looked down at this cute animal, and said with a straight face, First observe you for a week, and only if you are obedient and don t make mistakes for a week, mother will forgive you.Tang Shuang had already told her that she couldn t sneak away alone, that would make people unhappy.Several people went outside to find Tang Sanjian.When Tang Tanger heard that Tang Shuang would continue to record, she said in shock I still have to cry.I don t want to listen anymore.I m afraid.Listening to it, although the story is very touching, it also makes people cry unbearably.

Tangtang er glanced at the delicious food on the table with excited eyes, and said eagerly Xiaoshuang , can I start Eat, slow down, don t get your clothes dirty, Tang Shuang reminded.Tang Shuang happily dug a hole in the tiramisu cake with a small spoon, put it into his mouth with a groan, smack it, smack it, his little eyes, as if he had become a fairy, made Tang Shuang laugh Is it so delicious Candy immediately dug a spoon and fed it to Tang Shuang Take a look, it s really delicious, shall we come to this store again in cbd gummies vs thc gummies the future, the service is really good.Tang Shuang What kind of service can you provide Didn t you just think that the food was served slowly and made you hungry Did the young lady praise you just now Do you like this service Candy curled her lips, He took a cbd vs hemp oil gummies sip of milk and said, What are you talking about Encourage children to grow up well.

Teacher Zhang also came, walked up to Tangtanger, and stretched out his hand to look at her.Tangtang er looked up at Teacher Zhang with big innocent eyes, not understanding what she was going to do.Teacher Zhang Leave the phone to the teacher.Ah Tang Tanger blinked, cbd gummies vs thc gummies confused, as if she didn t understand, and walked around Teacher, what are you talking about Tell the children a story., It s been so long, and you haven t started class yet If the headmaster finds out, you ll be sad This little piggy dared to threaten Teacher Zhang, hum Teacher Zhang strode forward and continued to stand in front of Tangtanger, stretched out his hand, and said, Tang Tang, don t pretend to be confused, the teacher will keep your mobile phone.Children are not allowed to carry mobile royal cbd delta 8 gummies phones with them during school.

The matter of educating children should be left to the cbd gummies for carpal tunnel cbd delta 9 gummies two parents.Tang Shuang has never raised children before, so he doesn t know how to educate them.The exhausting experience during the summer vacation has proved that he has no problem playing with children, but if it involves growth education , there is no way at all, a mess.Tang Shuang noticed that the two girls who came with Tangtanger, one big and one small, were very strange.Li Haonan had already introduced them just now, and they were the two who drove Tangtanger here, otherwise something bad would happen.Thank you I m Tang Tang s brother, and my name is Tang Shuang.Tang Tang wanted to come with me to the new book signing today, but he didn t come.This little guy was thinking about it in how many mg of cbd gummy bears should i eat his heart, so he slipped out of the kindergarten, thanks Thank you, thank you Tang Shuang quickly expressed her gratitude to the two sisters, if she hadn t met them, she didn t know what would have happened to Tangtanger, a little villain, and any bad things could happen, thinking of this, she felt very sorry for each other gratitude.

The girl with yellow green hair is called Yue Yijie.She is 16 years old this year.Her older sister is called Yue Yiwan.She is already working.The two of them started from home cbd gummies vs thc gummies and were going to pick up someone at the where to buy purekana premium cbd gummies train station.They were stopped by Tangtanger on the way, and she was a child.There were no adults around, so I was worried about something happening, so I took a temporary detour and sent her to the hotel first.The younger sister, Yue Yijie, had been secretly looking at Tang Shuang, but when Tang Shuang caught her sight suddenly, her eyes rolled around guiltily.Elder sister Yue Yiwan said You re welcome, we just happened to pass by the kindergarten and saw Tang Tang waving at the side of the road to stop the car, just send her safely.But this is really just cbd gummies sour bears review too dangerous, we must be careful in the future, the child is alone It s not safe to be outside, Tang Tang, don t come out alone in the future, you know Tang Tanger sat on the sofa with her head down and pouted, hearing this, raised her head and nodded obediently, and said crisply I know, thank you Sister Yueer.

It s too difficult if you can t look at your phone.Not to mention everyone, even Tang Shuang can t tell all about it.There are dozens of short stories he published in United Life Weekly.Everyone knows these short stories, but No one could tell everything, so three more people were ordered one after another, and they were all defeated.Tang Shuang said with a smile Well, I ll give you a minute to look at your phone, and we ll come cbd gummies uk 10mg back in a minute.Whoever gets the answer right this time, We can take a selfie together.Everyone immediately took out their mobile phones to watch, and soon, before a minute had passed, someone raised their hand.The host saw this and clicked on her directly You are the first one, and it takes the least time.You are the one to come, and you must seize cannaleafz cbd gummies cbd gummies vs thc gummies the opportunity.

Regarding the title of The Best Storyteller in China , it was given to him by United Life Weekly and Penguin Entertainment, because X and other short stories are about to be published in a collection, and the two medias have made a big effort to boost the momentum.The publicity, without consulting Tang Shuang s opinion, gave him this directly, and he only knew about it after seeing the news.Each of Tang Shuang s stories on United Life Weekly is very exciting, full of suspense and fantasy.Every plot is a test of the reader s imagination.When the reader thinks it is going forward, the plot suddenly turns a corner , People are stunned and think about it at the same time, such a turning point is also unexpected cbd oil gummies cbd gummies for carpal tunnel and reasonable.His short stories are completely different from traditional short stories, with a very different style.

Hearing the little pencil crying, the homework book also said in a sad tone Oh, the Lun family is almost finished, there are still three pages in the Lun family s book, little pencil, little pencil, I will finish it with you.Little pencil and homework book Crying with their heads in their arms, feeling sorry for their respective tragic fates.Seeing this, Tangtanger also hugged them both, blah blah I felt sorry for my miserable fate of writing two self criticisms in a row.Just as one person, one book, one branch were holding a grief meeting, the door of the study room suddenly opened, and Tang Sanjian came in, holding Tangy cannaleafz cbd gummies cbd gummies vs thc gummies s small mobile phone in his hand, and at cbd gummies vs thc gummies his feet was Bai Jingjing who was so excited to save her life.What s wrong Why are you crying As soon as Tang Sanjian entered the study, he saw Candy sitting in front of the small desk, holding a homework book and pencil in his arms, crying.

Tang Shuang brought a book basket, put it on the ground and said, Put the books here, you re tired from holding them.Tang Tanger carefully placed the books in the basket and lifted them up with difficulty, ouch, add After picking up the basket, she couldn t lift it anymore, so she laughed at Tang Shuang, and said embarrassedly Tangtang is still too young, she needs to grow up a little bit, look She said, bending her arms, It s weird, outsiders can t understand it at all, but Tang Shuang understands it in seconds, because the little guy learned this movement from him.In summer, Tang Shuang often shows off his triceps to her to show that he is very powerful I have chicken too said the little man unwillingly.Is it hard not to pretend Tang Shuang was speechless, stretched out her hand and pinched it, and the bulging clothes shrank instantly, and the slender arms could be pinched through the thick clothes.

After chasing for a while, Tang Shuang paused, letting Luo Yuqing catch her on purpose.Then, after the two whispered to each other, Luo Yuqing punched Tang Shuang, and Tang Shuang willingly walked back with their umbrellas still on the ground.Just as Luo Yuqing was about to pick up the umbrella, Tang Shuang grabbed her suddenly, looked at the dreamlike beauty under the street lamp, helped her pat off the snowflakes on her head, and said, It looks so good when we grow old together.After cbd gummies vs thc gummies finishing speaking , and slowly hugged Luo Yuqing in her arms.Luo Yuqing in her arms had a complex expression.After staying for a while, she broke free from her arms with a little effort, turned around and stepped on the snow, and walked back along the tall red wall with her head bowed.Tang Shuang looked at her back in disappointment, but this disappointment was only for a moment, and then disappeared.

She was happy and couldn t sleep.Huang Xiangning said that he will chat with his brother tomorrow, and that s all for today.Little Pig refused, pointing to the dark night outside the window, saying that the moon hasn t risen yet, what s the rush Huang Xiangning There is no moon tonight, and the sky is covered by dark clouds.Tang Shuang told Huang Xiangning where to buy sera relief cbd gummies that he would bring Tangtang back to his room cbd gummies vs thc gummies to sleep in a while, please let the mother rest early, it is better for the children to be disciplined by the handsome guy, obviously, the children like the elder brother very much now, the elder brother said, Little piggy won t say two, if brother says go east, little piggy will cbd oil gummies cbd gummies for carpal tunnel never go west.I don t, I don t sleep If you want to sleep, you can sleep by yourself.When Tang Shuang tactfully said to Candy who was lying on the map to identify the place, it s time to go to bed, it s time for beauty treatment.

Two parents, there will be a farewell after sending you off, Goodbye Xiang The book Sister Ning mentioned is the crystallization of the collective wisdom of the old Tang family Many Ways to Take Care of Tang Tang.Gude, Goodbye Tangtanger also bid farewell to the two parents, but she pronounced Goodbye word by word, feeling like someone s name.Huang Xiangning waved goodbye, wishing them all the best and have fun.Let s go Tang Shuang and Tangtanger shouted happily, bid farewell to Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning, and drove away.Not long after the car left, Tangtanger was very surprised when he met little fat man Pan Fugui, hey, why is this little nobleman so early Just cbd oil gummies cbd gummies for carpal tunnel got up, she knew that this guy was super good at sleeping late, much better than her.Pan Fugui s route was towards the old Tang s house.

Snowman, plug in red carrots to make a nose, adults help from the side, and the sound of playfulness comes from afar.This is the second snow this year, auspicious snow heralds a good year, but it doesn t work on Lushan Mountain, because there is heavy snow every year here, and it is reasonable to have a bumper harvest every year, but this is not the case.In the snowstorm on the street, there were quite a few pedestrians, and everyone cbd gummies vs thc gummies s faces were filled with festive expressions.They got together intimately two by two, whispering to each other.As they breathed, white clouds rose continuously in the air in front of each of them.Fog, like candy, this little piggy had a great time playing, breathing into the air constantly.But when she came to the street, her attention was diverted, and she stared at an adult and a little boy cbd oil gummies cbd gummies for carpal tunnel about her age walking towards her.

Tang Shuang I can t guess, Just tell me.Tang Tanger patted Tang Shuang s thigh and sighed, Mom said that everyone s brains need to be used frequently so that they don t rust.Do you know what will happen if they get rusty Become a fool.Tang Shuang looked at the child Are you scolding me Nothing Tangtanger said loudly Hee hee, Xiao Shuang, let the Lun family tell you, the bear is because of She didn t find happiness in the forest, she was tired after working in the forest all day, so she wanted to run home quickly and ask her mother.Then she substituted for the little bear and said in a shrill voice Mom, what is What about happiness Xiao Shuang, do you know Happiness How did you start to study such an important topic in life Tang Shuang said in bewilderment, and then realized that this question was familiar, as if he had mentioned it somewhere.

Pan Wenling put down her luggage and was about to leave.They also booked a hotel on the mountain.Let s go after dinner, we re ready.Tang Shuang stayed behind.Tang Zhen also led the little piggy over to persuade him to stay for dinner.Candy saw this, and the little fairies and big fairies of Old Tang s family were all urging people to stay for dinner.She, the little fairy, had to express it too, with a stern cbd gummies vs thc gummies face.The vice admiral said, Have you eaten No Why don t you eat if you haven t eaten Eat it, why don t you eat it You don t have to eat it if you eat it, but you haven t eaten it, of course you have to eat it if you haven t eaten it.Don t you want to eat Our food is delicious.It s not deceiving.If you don t eat it, you won t eat it.I will choose to eat, and it s hard to suffer.Don t suffer.

Yuxiang is very optimistic about you, come on Sell more records, and make money for your younger siblings to raise Koda Duck.Tang Zhen What Tang Shuang said with a smile, Kodak is a kind of duck that has mutated and has incredible power, but when using this power, it will be accompanied by severe headaches, so they often hold their heads in their hands and tilt them to one side.My neck hurts so badly that I shed tears.Ah that s really pitiful.Tang Zhen thought for a while, and then said, This is how much pain you can bear, and how much honor you can enjoy.Ah Tang Shuang looked at it.Looking at Tang Zhen, he hadn t thought about it, but it still made sense, so he nodded, You re right.The two of them then chatted about the song are cbd gummies coated green roads A Taoist cbd gummies vs thc gummies hemp waves cbd gummies Friend of mine , Tang Zhen said yes The TV series wanted to use this song as an episode.

Tang Shuang laughed and said Then you are a thing I come here to let you control By the way, why do you dare to go out Running around Aren t you afraid of being caught by media reporters Ha You Jian Siming was furious, but he could only hold back, and said with an unfriendly expression Young people take care of your own affairs.You don t know the heights of the sky and the earth at a young age.You will suffer a lot sooner or later.Tang Shuang retorted I see that you are quite old, and you don t know the heights of heaven and earth, no, you have suffered a lot, and you have lived very comfortably during this time, celebrity treatment, not everyone can enjoy it.Jian Siming wanted to speak, Tang Shuang called Cut him off, and continued By the way, I would like to ask you, what are you doing here Seeing that the two were arguing when they met, Yuan Jiangwei came out to smooth things over.

Being confiscated and brooding, you have to let it go, think about it, although you have lost your small treasury, but you have gained the infinite care of the sun, smart people know how to choose.Tang Sanjian is a smart man, he is good at doing good things, took out his mobile phone to choose music, and asked Huang Xiangning, Which one do you want to hear, my wife The child didn t notice this.Huang Xiangning calmed down, thought for a while, and said, With the current atmosphere, I want to listen to Autumn Grasshopper.Ahhh Xiao Shuang, don t run away, let me bite you woo Candy The son s shout resounded in my ears, and Tang Sanjian put forward a different suggestion Actually, listening to Chop Chop, Chop Chop Chop is more suitable for the occasion.Oh, aha, don t make trouble like this, candy, okay Tang Shuang s words rang in his ears, Huang Xiangning thought for a while, and said with a smile, I ll just listen to you, let s listen to Chop Chop, Chop Chop Chop.

The handles of each thick backed broadsword were tied with red cloth, but some cbd gummies vs thc gummies were broken into strands, cannaleafz cbd gummies cbd gummies vs thc gummies and some were simply gone.Only one was preserved intact.This piece of red cloth showed a deep dark red color, It even looks black in some places, because it has been soaked in too much blood.Beside the knife cbd gummies vs thc gummies hemp waves cbd gummies rest stands a long spear with a wooden body and a rough iron tip on the end.This is the weapon Tang Hongjun used when he first went to the battlefield.There are no muskets, only such a cold weapon.This is his soul breaking gun.Chapter 632 cbd oil gummies cbd gummies for carpal tunnel A nameplate and a suicide note Tang Shuang didn t go to Tang Jin.He knew that whenever this happened, there must be something important and it was inconvenient to bother him.After thinking about it, Tang Jin would come out naturally.The big orange cat seemed to have finally had enough sleep.

The so called female hooligans on the stage are Sun Jianmei, a young rock girl, and her friends.Huang Xiangning was not cbd gummies vs thc gummies interested, and said, Let s go, let s go to eat.Tang Shuang didn t ask Tangtanger s opinion, and left with the little man on her back, turning a deaf ear to her cries to stop.In the restaurant, Tang Shuang cbd gummies vs thc gummies said to Tang Tanger, who had a puffy cbd gummies vs thc gummies bun face, Are you still angry when I invite you to dinner Then, do you want to eat You can also see the stage outside here.If you don t eat, you can sit next to me.Can you see it by yourself Tangtanger with a steamed bun face rolled her big eyes, snorted, and immediately stopped being angry.For the little people who follow the principle that if you don t eat, you will suffer, it is impossible not to eat when you have food, and you have to eat when you are angry, and you can t fill your stomach when you are angry, and the angry candy is not cbd gummies vs thc gummies a little sun.

If you want to learn, then go and help mom wash the vegetables.Go quickly, don t just talk and do.Tang Tanger obediently ran to Tang Sanjian who was washing tomatoes, stretched out her little hand and said, Dad, give me a tomato, Tang Tang will give me a tomato.You wash it clean.Tang Sanjian refused to give it to her, and let her go out to play, so what to do, just don t come to the kitchen.Tang Shuang cbd gummies for carpal tunnel cbd delta 9 gummies thought this was not a good way of education, and pointed cbd gummies vs thc gummies hemp waves cbd gummies out the mistakes in it, and thought that the little person should wash tomatoes to cultivate her habit cbd gummies vs thc gummies of loving labor.Candy felt that what Xiaoshuang said was very reasonable, and jumped up and down Xiaoshuang is right, train me Cultivate the Lun family I beg Father Sanjian Hurry up and cultivate the Lun family Tang Shuang Takes a step back, trying to escape.

Instead of going back to Old Tang s house, he came to the court.Today is the day for the trial of Jian Siming.Hard work paid off.First, a person took the initiative to find Xu Jiaojiao, claiming to be Jian Siming s former student who had been violated by Jian Siming.After that, this person contacted three male classmates who were also violated.In fact, he didn t know whether the other people were violated by Jian Siming, it was all his guess.Because he had been hurt before and knew that another boy had the same experience, he guessed that it was not the first time that Jian Siming had done it, he might be a repeat offender or an old thief, so he found someone who had been a student under Jian Siming and hugged him The mentality of giving it a try, I didn t expect to ask one.And the boy he knew who was raped by Jian Siming didn t get in touch with him.

Thinking about it now, it was really a big negligence.He only knows what it is, not HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs thc gummies why.After Tangtang er finished speaking, Old Tang s family fell into silence.The family cbd gummies vs thc gummies of four, plus a puppy and a small parrot, all remained silent.Are can cbd gummies cause dry mouth you scared by me Is Candy very bad Killed Xiao Hei and true nature cbd gummies Xiao Hua, ying ying Tangtang er raised her crying face, looked at her father and brother, and looked sideways at her mother.She asked if she was cbd gummies vs thc gummies bad, but she desperately hoped that her parents and brother would not say that she was bad., don t abandon her, help her, she really wants to tell them that she is not that bad.But Xiao Hei and Xiao Hua were indeed killed by her.Every time she thinks of this, she feels very sad, and feels that she is really bad, a bad child, and the two little goldfishes are so cute, but they died in her hands.

Yang Qinxin continued to say that she was forced by her family to go on blind dates many times, but she failed every time and was accused of being too proud.In fact, she is not, she just still loves her ex boyfriend.She didn t want to go home just now because her family would say that she went home too early.When I came out, my mother said about your conditions.You are much better than me.If I go back too early, I will definitely be accused of not seizing the opportunity.I, I can t stand it.Tang Shuang nnn Tang Shuang thought for a while, and said How about this, after I go back, I will tell Aunt Yang that I have no feelings for you, so the responsibility is not on your side.Yang Qin was heartbroken and speechless.Tang Shuang What s the matter Yang Qin shook his head with tears in his heart Thank you Tang Shuang, you are a good person.

Both of them praised, Tangtanger expressed his happiness, looked at Tang Shuang, and asked the king to also praise for thirty or forty buying cbd gummies near me sentences.Tang Shuang also said with emotion Fortunately, the little rabbit is smart and cbd gummies vs thc gummies brought a reporter in plain clothes, otherwise she would be dead I want to kill her after hearing this It s been a long time since I ate stir fried rabbit meat Pan Wenling and He Zhenyi nodded secretly, They also mean the same thing, this pink little white rabbit is cheap and needs a beating.Candy said he was a little unhappy, why is he so heartless, what a smart little rabbit.You know, the pink little white rabbit in the story is her incarnation, and Xiaoshuang, the big devil, wants to eat her, doesn t he just want to eat her, little fairy Tangtang Thinking of eating, Tang Tanger left everyone behind, slipped into the kitchen, and quickly ran out again.

At a glance, it was all HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs thc gummies snow white, and almost no other colors could be seen.It snowed heavily for a day and a night, and it was freezing cold.People who cbd gummies vs thc gummies came here for the first time would be very excited about the snow scene in front of them, but as people who grew up here, they would find it monotonous and boring.Sister, sister, here Outside the glass wall, a girl with a cbd oil gummies cbd gummies for carpal tunnel round face was happily waving at her.The girl looked somewhat similar to Luo Yuqing.Luo Yuqing also smiled and waved to her, dragging the suitcase and walking towards the exit.Sister, you re finally back.I ve been waiting for you for several days.Didn t you say you re on vacation The girl immediately jumped up to Luo Yuqing and stretched out her hand to help her carry her luggage.There are other things.I just finished my work yesterday.

After the three of them were sure, they went crazy for a while and calmed down.Ye Liang looked at the time, it was exactly midnight, he changed his laughing and wide eyed appearance just now, thought for a while, and said It s really a huge cannaleafz cbd gummies cbd gummies vs thc gummies sum of money, but it cbd gummies vs thc gummies doesn t seem to have anything to do with me.Guo Zi went.At this point, Ye Liang shrugged and said, You two split up, I wish you good luck.You don t want it Tang Shuang asked in surprise.Ye Liang sighed It s pretentious to say that you don t want it, but it really has nothing to do with me.Tang Shuang no longer had a playful smile on her face.disposal.He didn t expect that Ye Liang would take the initiative to ask to quit.He was the one who was most concerned just now.But he didn t immediately say that you would come to share together, if it was just him and Ye Liang, he could say this right away.

The bank s cameras have been adjusted, and part of the money has been found.The evidence is solid.Guo Zifeng finished the matter in a few words.Talking to him was too tiring, Tang Shuang didn t ask any more questions, and drove directly to the nearby police station, where she saw Ye Liang and Guo Zifeng sitting in the hall, followed by a policewoman.Little Shuang Ye Liang waved at Tang Shuang.Both Guo Zifeng and the female policeman looked over.The female policeman s eyes lit up and she stared at Tang Shuang as if thinking.When Tang Shuang came to her side, she asked in surprise, Ah, you, you are Tang Shuang The Tang Shuang of the hero , isn t it Tang Shuang shook her eyebrows at Ye Liang and Guo Zifeng when she heard the words, meaning I told you, my face Hello, Comrade Police.Tang Shuang greeted.

Then she grabbed Tangtang er s hand and helped the little man get out of the car.When Tangtanger got out of the car, she saw Tang Yu running over, and asked hopefully, Xiao Yu, what cbd gummies vs thc gummies about me Don t you welcome little aunt Tang Yu immediately shouted, Little aunt, you re getting fat Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen looked at him together.Tang Shuang knew that this kid was probably because of Tang Zhen s visit, so she was so happy and hilarious, and told the truth.The truth is much more effective than ordinary words.Nice truths will move people, and harsh truths will destroy a relationship.The reason is that the truth is too close, whether it is good or bad., can directly impact the heart, so the sadness and joy it brings are multiplied.Use with caution.For example, at this moment, the kid Tang Yu is bluffing and yelling, and cbd gummies vs thc gummies he utters a dangerous truth out of his mouth.

But, look at the sweater, look at the mother, and hold cbd gummies for carpal tunnel cbd delta 9 gummies her tightly in her arms, This is a sweater Mom, is it for the baby Huang Xiangning touched her head and said, It s for Candy, Do you want to open it and take a look Yes I couldn t wait.Candy opened the package, and it was in a transparent bag.She happily took out the little sweater, looked left and right, and was overjoyed.Wow Mom, it looks so good, Candy likes it so much Tangtang launched a sweet offensive, throwing all the compliments to Huang Xiangning.Huh What s this Candy found a pattern on the chest on cbd gummies vs thc gummies the sweater, which was knitted with blue wool.She unfolded the sweater and looked carefully a little babyand hers, mom Ha, is this candy The more she looked at it, the more she felt like herself, with doubts and surprises on her face, looking for Huang Xiangning s Sure.

Tang Shuang said.Tang Tanger stood up, took Tang Shuang s hand and left.When they came to grandma s screen, everyone had already arrived.Tang Shuang handed the flowers to Tangtanger and said, Go and put them in front of grandma s tombstone.Without saying a word, Tangshuang held the flowers and placed them meticulously in front of the tombstone.On the tombstone is a photo of grandma not long before her death, a very young and beautiful mother.Trembling with his own hands, Tang Hongjun arranged all the sacrificial objects neatly, took out a towel from his arms, and wiped it carefully on the tombstone.Tang Huohuo said, Grandpa, let me come.Tang Dajian stopped him and whispered, Let your grandpa come by himself.Everyone watched quietly as Tang cbd gummies vs thc gummies Hongjun wiped grandma s tombstone slowly and inch by inch.

Zhang Yifen chased after them and also left.After they left, Sister Xiangning came Where s Candy Come quickly, you are all short.Tang Shuang walked back with her arms around Sister Xiangning s shoulders, and said as she walked, Sister in law Yifen took her The two of you have gone to wash your face.Tang Shuang returned to the dining room, except for the few of them, everyone was seated.Tang Shuang looked left and right, patted Tang Huohuo s shoulder beside her, and said, Come on, let s change seats.Tang Huohuo laughed and shook his head Sit down, don t think about it, hehe.Hey, come on, change seats, change seats.Tang Shuang was very dissatisfied with this guy s attitude.Tang Huohuo ignored him and remained motionless.Tang Xin who was sitting next to Tang Huohuo laughed.Tang Shuang Tsk Xinxin, what are you talking about Tang Xin rolled her eyes at him, Don t call me Xinxin Tang Shuang said, Little fairy, let s change seats.

The sea water enters the urban area of Guangdong City cbd gummies 1200 mg along a small stream, forming this lake.This lake has an area of 10 square kilometers.Compared with other lakes, it is indeed worthy of the sea , but compared with the sea in her neighbors, it is just a baby.During the Spring Festival every year, colorful lights are lit up on both sides of Xiaochanjian and Yanhuahai.The moon reflects the bottom of the waves and the lights illuminate the embankment.Compared with Yanhuahai, a magnificent lady from a great family, Aixi Lake in front of the old Tang s house looks like a shy Xiaojiabiyu.For Chinese New Year, Xiaojiabiyu is surrounded by Heibu Longdong, which is extremely quiet, and it is very suitable for cbd gummies for carpal tunnel cbd delta 9 gummies people who cultivate immortals, and ordinary people have fled to Yanhuahai.After Tang Shuang took Tangtanger to Yanhuahai to watch the lights last year, the little guy couldn t forget it.

The lights in the living room are turned off Just leave one light on.The living room is still bright.Tang Sanjian said Who are you talking to Tang Shuang was taken aback for a moment, and got up obediently to turn off the light.Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning sat on chairs not far from the sofa, Bai Jingjing squatted beside them, Tang Xiaowu stood in the cage by the window, the little goldfish in the pond was spitting bubbles.Candy was standing on the sofa, and Tang Zhen was sitting beside her, holding a flashlight in his hand.everything s ready.Countless cbd hemp gummies for kids eyes of the old Tang family looked at Tang Shuang.Facing these gazes, Tang Shuang said with a little pride I ve been waiting for everyone, and I m here.Hey the eyes of everyone changed immediately.They were really looking forward to it, but after hearing Xiaoshuang s words, everyone was immediately discouraged.

The air is a little quieter.Tang Shuang broke the silence What are you doing Why don t you make a sound Tangtanger heard the words, met the eyes of the adults, and said with a smile Good little Shuang, the Lun family is willing She has already eavesdropped.In the end, under the principle cbd gummies vs thc gummies of fully embodying democracy, everyone unanimously approved Candy s participation in the recording of the variety show Baby is Coming.But there is a principle, that is to participate in the program, but only participate in the program.Candy does not participate in any commercial activities, does not participate in the filming of any commercials, and records programs on weekends.The rest of the time must be the same as usual, going to and from school, and the pace of life cannot be changed.Chapter 878 New work This night, Tang Tanger exchanged two kisses for Tang Shuang s bedtime story.

The acceptance speech of Huaxia Literature Award is a very important part of the awarding process of literature awards.For example, Mo Yan s acceptance speech for winning the Nobel Prize in Literature, more than 8,000 words, is almost a short story about his own growth.Of course, there is no need for a long speech like Mo Yan s here.In the compound of the Guangdong military region, Tang Hongjun, Tang Erjian, Mudan, and Tang Xin who had returned home were all sitting in front of the TV, watching Tang Shuang s winning process.When Tang Shuang said that some of the sand dragons were based on grandpa, Tang Xin said to Tang Hongjun, Grandpa, Xiaoshuang is talking about you.Smiling, in a great mood.Tang Xin said to herself, When did this little Shuang become so powerful Before I knew it.Old Tang s family, Tangtanger was suppressed by Huang Xiangning.

For example, whether you can still learn the spirit of that generation of outstanding writers in a real environment where the literary atmosphere is completely different.It is not easy.Soulbreaker is an Short stories, but everyone who knows me knows that I have written super long stories and serialized them on the Internet.This is an extremely long and arduous process that requires great perseverance and execution, as well as an endless stream of creative inspiration.It s like a literary marathon. Actually, the long journey for me has already started, and it will continue.So I will cherish all kinds of assistance and listen to all kinds of voices, just to write better in the future I have always been obsessed with writing, and I hope that a little cbd oil gummies cbd gummies for carpal tunnel imagination and a slightly different literary personality will take me further.

Tangtanger let go of the little grape, looked into the classroom, but did not see Xiaoshuang looked at the big banyan tree in the campus, but did not see Xiaoshuang looked at the flagpole, but did not see Xiaoshuang looked at the fence , did not see Xiaoshuang looked in the toilet, but did not see Xiaoshuang Where are you looking Oh here Xiaoshuang s voice shouted.At the same time, Chu Mei reminded Tangtanger to look at the school gate and not to look for it on the slide, there would be no brother there.Little Shuang Tangtanger suddenly saw the HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs thc gummies familiar figure at the school gate, excitedly dropped the little ladybug, turned into a gust of wind, and rushed over Completely forget what I said earlier, Don t care about Xiaoshuang anymore It doesn t matter what the kid s paper says q s t r Tang Shuang flew back to Guangdong in the afternoon to check that the time was almost up.

So when Aluman proposed to transfer the shares of Tuzi Entertainment, Tang Shuang didn t hesitate much, and she had to bite the bullet and take it after spending all her net worth.What is placed on his desk now is the plan for the establishment of the film and television department formulated by Wang Jian.Establishing a department is very simple, but after it is established, how Tang Shuang transfers her copyrights to Tuzi Entertainment is a rather complicated task.Now the copyrights of these books, movies, TV series, and music belong to Tang Shuang s candy capital.Now it is time to transfer from Candy Capital to Tuzi Entertainment.Candy amanda kloots cbd gummies Capital is only an investment company, and as the controlling party of Tuzi Entertainment, it holds 70 of the shares.Its holder is only Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang wrote his opinion on the plan and handed it to Li Yaqing You go and give it to Mr.

Standing together, Zhang Weitong is more like a younger brother.Zhang Weitong didn t know why, with a warm smile on his face, he let Feng Xiaofeng compare himself with him.Feng Chaoqun was a little embarrassed.He could feel that everyone was looking at him, and he knew without guessing that the camera must be aimed at him.He paused for a while and said, Weitong is taller.This made Feng Xiaofeng very unhappy, jumped up, and said loudly angrily, Ah I am taller Obviously I am taller The two stood together , Obviously he is taller, but his father said that others are taller Feng Chaoqun said It s Wei Tong who is tall, we all saw it.Feng Xiaofeng was very unconvinced, the child s idea is very simple, he is as tall as he is, the fact is like this, why lie He felt greatly wronged, yelled that he was taller than Zhang Weitong, and asked Li Yushu beside him.

Zhang Weitong nodded.It s easier to nod than to talk.Candy immediately said happily Hey I know him, his name yuppie cbd gummies is Zhang Weitong, right Zhang Weitong was very happy Yes, my name is Xiaotongzi.After meeting Zhang Weitong, only Li Yushu was left.This kid seemed a bit shy, and stayed obediently by his father Li Guanping s side all the time, but when Tangtanger looked at him, the little guy said fiercely Tang Tang My name is Li Yushu, you can call me Little Comb, my That s what good friends call me.Little comb Tang Tanger was very curious, and suddenly reached into Tang Shuang s trouser pocket, and said, My little brother has a small comb in his pocket, joint restore gummies boswellia and cbd formula and the Lun family found it for you.Take a look.Tang Shuang Don t mess with my trouser pocket, okay Let the Lun family look for a small comb.This is my trouser pocket, you have to find it in your own trouser pocket.

If the feature film is released, one can imagine what kind of frenzy of ratings there will be.Li Xiulun was beaming and was answering the phone in the office.Thank you for your concern, director.We will continue to work hard to create greater glories for the TV station.After hanging up the director s congratulatory call, Li Xiulun called several department managers to a meeting.According to our public opinion monitoring, when the two brothers and sisters of the Tang family appear, the ratings have obviously increased significantly.The bullet screens and comments are also about the two brothers and sisters.The next is Zhang Martian and his son, and Feng Chaoqun and his son are also very popular.Attention Director, you were right in your insistence at the beginning, and the facts speak louder than all arguments.

Following the little man s gestures, he saw both the plantain and a roll of paper tied to the plantain leaf Huh There are mission cards here.The program team s ability to hide things is getting worse and worse.Ha ha.What is it Tang Tang watched curiously as Tang Shuang unwrapped the task card and unfolded the scroll.Can we get some sleep Are you sleepy Well, you ve had too much candy.Then let me smell if you smell alcohol.Ahahaha, don t, ah, don t, Xiaoshuang, brother, spare my life ah run away martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe Tangtanger ran wildly, and Dalin, who was carrying the can a person over dose from cbd gummies camera, hesitated for a moment, then decisively left Tang Shuang and went after Tangtanger.Tang Shuang s lens can be absent, but Tang Tang s lens must be available.Not long after, Tang Tanger dawdled back under Xiaofu s persuasion and Tang Shuang s promise thcv cbd cbc cbn cbg delta 8 gummies hemp edible not to tickle her again.

But Zhang Huoxing could only admit that he was unlucky, stroked his wet hair, and then wiped a handful of water on his face.His face was burning, and he opened his eyes.The bright sunshine is a bit dazzling, hey I poured a bucket of water, it s quite cool.Zhang Xingxing put on a happy face and said It s okay this trivial matter is nothing at all, let s come again Tang Tang, cbd oil gummies cbd gummies for carpal tunnel come again Tang Tang ran away.bucket.The small wooden barrel was turned upside down, probably knowing that he had caused a catastrophe, so he was overwhelmed by fright and buried his head.And the little girl with long hair who was carrying the small wooden bucket and boasted that she had chicken, has disappeared and slipped away very fast.Zhang Xingxing The staff and onlookers around him laughed together.Chapter 952 Bud Zhang Martian couldn t hold back when he saw this, he started laughing, being amused by Candy on the one hand, and laughing at himself on the other.

There was no escape, she could only face the bleak reality.She dejectedly gave up the idea of escaping, her little head drooped in desperation, and her hands drooped weakly, dangling around, looking hopeless.Why is this Take heart.Seeing this, Tang Shuang said with a suppressed smile.Tangtanger muttered a few words, probably because she disliked Xiaoshuang for catching her, and broke her plan of pinching the face of the little comb and then slipping away.It s really not as good as Xiaoshuang.The big bad guy Also, what is wrong with the little boy Little Comb Why do you cry like this How to say is also a little boy acridine.Like her, the little princess Tang Tang, who has been pinched countless times by Xiaoshuang and has never cried Her nervous system is different from other children.Other children cry when they are wronged, but her is probably directly connected to the anger system.

Feng Xiaofeng said loudly It stinks, where is the smell Lah, Tang Tang, you stink too now, I don t want to be with you anymore.After speaking, he ran to four or five meters away, looked at Tang Tang from a distance, and cbd gummies vs thc gummies laughed.Candy s face was puffed with anger, and she began to grind her teeth.The little rascal.Is it really not smelly Zhang Weitong half believed, let go of his hand covering his nose, sniffed, vomited ran away without saying a word, ran to Feng Xiaofeng s side, watched from a distance, and never dared to come again.Candy i s t i After thinking about it, she also covered her nose.Little Qiao and Little Butterfly came holding hands, and Little Butterfly said in a whimsical way that she wanted to find a bunch of bugs to carry the dung balls, so that Miss Tang is cbd gummies good for anxiety cbd gummies vs thc gummies Tang could be rescued.

Do you want Xiaoshuang Xiaoshuang doesn t want it, right Okay, cannaleafz cbd gummies cbd gummies vs thc gummies Xiaoshuang doesn t want it.Hehe, Na Lun s family can just eat two.The little man caught another steamed egg for himself, looked at Tang Shuang with a smile on his face, and kept holding it in his hand without putting it on his plate.This is audacious teasing Tang Shuang.Bring it Tang Shuang said, putting the plate in front of her.Okay here you are.Tang Tanger put the steamed eggs on his plate, Humph, I don t thank the Lun family either.Tang Shuang , thank you.Hey, good, received Tang Shuang Luo Yuqing was overjoyed, and suddenly saw a pair of eyes staring at her, she was taken aback, her face flushed red, and she was also a little embarrassed.It was Tang Zhen who was sitting across from her.Tang Zhen was in a daze the whole time, as if she had just woken up and was still in cbd gummies for carpal tunnel a dream.

Tangtang er was so surprised that she opened her small mouth, and was forced to close it by Tang Shuang, then opened it again, closed it, opened it again Finally, Tang Shuang stuffed an egg into her mouth and blocked it Hate Candy took the egg away from her mouth and held it in her hand.She has no time to quarrel with Xiaoshuang now, and now her greater interest is concentrated on the young lady in the red skirt.Seeing the children around her as if they had never seen her before, Luo Yuqing stared at her closely, her big eyes were full of wonder, she stroked her little head amusedly, and said softly, Don t you know my sister Tangtang nodded, then shook her head Ho ho ho Luo Yuqing was amused by her silly cuteness Tang Tang, you are so cute.Although Huang Xiangning didn t speak, but judging natural solutions cbd gummies by his expression, he was quite satisfied with Luo Yuqing, The most intuitive point is that although the girl is a little nervous, she keeps laughing.

This company is located in Guangdong Province.It is a small company with 20 employees.The average age is 27 years old.It is relatively young.It was originally founded by three young men.After working for 5 years, they couldn t continue.The Huaxia comics and animation industry has always been sluggish.If pure comic companies want to survive, they must find another way, otherwise it will be difficult to operate in a healthy manner.The cbd oil gummies cbd gummies for carpal tunnel three young men who started the business originally persisted for five years with enthusiasm cbd gummies vs thc gummies and spent all their belongings in it.Now it is difficult to sustain and they have to find a rich man to take over.Peng Lei prepared a lot of materials, some of which were provided by the studio itself, and some were researched and analyzed by the company itself, giving a comprehensive and in depth introduction to the current situation of the studio.

Tang Shuang nodded That s right, these three songs can be found on the music source website.It cbd gummies vs thc gummies has been more than half a year since last year, and the accumulated copyright fees are quite a lot.The copyright company called me a few days ago They said they have already paid to my account, and I checked it just now, and it has indeed arrived.If you give Candy 1.5 million, you will give 1.5 million, and you have money Tang Zhen finally cbd gummies vs thc gummies hemp waves cbd gummies understood, and she said, how can this little Shuang be so talkative Giving Tangtanger 1.5 million, it turned out that Tangtanger earned the money himself Use the little sister s own money to be generous, really don t want it, emmm How thick skinned.Tang Zhen silently mourned for her little sister for five seconds.You can imagine how happy Tangtanger would be after receiving 1.

Because the three of them had already practiced the song Listen to Mother s Words at home, and the recording went smoothly.Not only the three person chorus was recorded, but also the three people sang separately, including Tang Shuang s gong sound, Candy s small voice and a little milk sound, Tang Zhen s crystal voice, and Tang Zhen and Tang er s voice The two sisters sang together, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen also sang together, and Tang Shuang and Tang Tanger sang together, anyway, it was as fun as it was, and it didn t matter what level it was.The cbd gummies vs thc gummies three of them had a great time playing in the recording studio, from the time when the sun was high until the sun was setting and the moon was rising.At this time, Miss Xiangning had already called to urge her to go home for dinner.Back home, Tang Tanger ran into the kitchen, stood one meter away from Huang Xiangning who was how long is a cbd gummy in your system cooking, held her head high and said, Mom, I love you so much.

I don t know what stimulated this child, When there was a disagreement, he confessed crazily, making Miss Xiangning so tender HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs thc gummies that cbd oil gummies cbd gummies for carpal tunnel she wanted to hold her little sister in her arms and cook.Brother Sanjian, who was cooking together, repeatedly stopped to look at the little sister, looking forward to something, but the little sister completely ignored cbd gummies vs thc gummies him.Brother Sanjian is extremely sad, are all the sweet words on the phone during the day a lie The little sister only has her mother in her eyes at the moment, praising her crazily and showing her love to her.If it hadn t been for Tang Shuang s repeated warnings not to tell her mother the pictures she drew and the songs she cbd oil gummies cbd gummies for carpal tunnel sang, otherwise this villain would have been exposed long ago.Hee hee hee After the victim s mother stopped and kissed her for the third time, Tangtanger said happily, Mom, Tangtanger sang songs, drew pictures, and played the piano with her brothers and sisters today She blah blah blah , Tell Huang Xiangning in detail what I did today.

Tang Zhen bent down to pick it up first, but suddenly there was a sound of ahh , and she was shocked.Jiang Yue was also taken aback by Tang Zhen, and turned around to look, only to see a little doll quietly floating out from under the bed This little doll stretched out cbd gummies vs thc gummies its hands together, was wearing a pink nightgown, closed its eyes, and floated out from under the bed without a sound Tang Zhen s heart was pounding with fright, and when she saw clearly that it was a sleepwalking doll, she couldn t laugh or cry.It s really scary to come here all of a sudden It s like the zombies in the zombie movie travel The sleepwalking doll first floated straight to Tang Zhen s feet, and when it encountered an obstacle, it took the initiative to avoid it, circled around, reached Jiang Yue s feet, circled around again, avoided the two of them, and walked everywhere in the room roam.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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