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There are two rooms, the big one on the outside has work desks, and the small one on the inside is the supervisor s office.Qi Fei looked at the time, it was 4 50, and he was ten minutes earlier.However, Yi Lan, the supervisor, arrived earlier than him, and was cleaning at the moment.Morning Sister Lan.Qi Fei greeted.It s too early for you.Yi Lan straightened her waist and rolled her hair by her ears Speaking of which, when Mr.Cheng appeared yesterday, you didn t respond when I called you, and you walked so fast, I was afraid you would be eaten Qi Fei shrugged Maybe I was thinking about other things at that time and didn t notice.Okay.Yi Lan put the broom aside, and then pointed to a place on the wall on the delivery division map You are in charge of this part.I will first guide you to familiarize yourself with the environment.He didn t stop until ten o clock in the evening because he was too hungry.Pulling out the box of instant noodles from under the table, Qi Fei reached out and took two packs, but after hesitating for a few seconds, he put one pack back.Heylet s eat sparingly.After boiling the water and soaking the noodles, Qi Fei ate everything in two or three bites, and there was not even soup left.Qi Fei licked his lips eagerly, at this moment, the do cbd gummies show up cbd delta 8 gummies near me creaking of the bed and the blushing voice of a woman came from the next door.The place where Qi Fei lives has a big disadvantage, that is, the sound insulation effect is very poor.Originally, they were all partitions remodeled by the landlord, and some walls were directly blocked with plywood.heard.It s better when you were in college, you little bastards, you live a carefree life and have plenty of energy Qi Fei said to himself helplessly, then got up and went out.He held his forehead and said weakly Our house is very good, but now the funds are too tight, and advertising can t be done That s the problem.Qi Fei snapped his fingers I guess you have also done some preferential measures to attract citizens, but it s useless This well, I have given some gifts worth hundreds of dollars, but it s useless.Sales Manager He smiled wryly, and then he frowned Why should I talk to you about this Qi Fei went to his desk and sat down, and said seriously In this world, people who can afford a good house like yours For those who are interested, you must not be short of discount gifts, and you can t afford too expensive discounts.What if use some kind of cheap cultural consumption to attract them The sales manager was slightly taken aback Tell me Look You also know that I sell newspapers, but do you know what kind of newspapers I sell What does it matter Qi Fei shook his finger I sell the most popular newspapers in this city.There will always be failures, but I will definitely keep working hard.After finishing speaking, Qingyu sent a struggling emoji.Looking at that expression, Qi Fei suddenly felt that it looked a lot cuter.Afterwards, Qingyu asked a few questions about sales.Originally, she was just complaining, but Qi Fei answered them in detail.This surprised Qingyu for several seconds before sending a sentence I didn t expect you to be so powerful I have seen it Thank you, Qi Feiyile You re welcome, you re welcome, by the way, what kind of sales are you doing Cultural products.Can you be more specific This scope is too broad.Hee hee, why don t you guess.Qi Fei typed the word newspaper and sent it without even thinking.Wow, you guessed it right Do you want to be so powerful Qi Fei said to himself, It turns out that you are also engaged in newspaper sales, and you have been in the same business for a long time.She said that she doesn t care how low the starting point of the employees is, as long as they have that talent and ability, she will appreciate and reuse it.This undoubtedly cheered Qi Fei up.From this point of view, live well cbd gummies to quit smoking there would be less resistance if he wanted to push Sister Lan up.Cheng Siyu s speech continued, and Qi Fei listened carefully.When she finished speaking, all the employees applauded her vigorously from the bottom of their hearts.It was definitely not out of compliment, but affirmation of her ability.Of course Tan Jianren was also applauding, but he seemed to have a bad complexion.Of course, he was not happy to see this kind of situation.Amid the applause, what is cbd gummies made of Qi Fei stared at Cheng Siyu for a long time, and Cheng Siyu seemed to have noticed something, and suddenly turned his head to look at Qi Fei.After Tan Jianren left, Qi Fei emerged from the corner of the corridor, waited for a while, and then walked to the door of Zhang Li s office and knocked on the door.Who is it Zhang Li called out.Director Zhang, it s me, Qi Fei.I came here to ask about the documents submitted for approval a few days ago Oh, come in.After Qi Fei went in, he saw the report and put it in Zhang Li s On the table, Zhang Li picked it up and handed it to him.Here, I handed it in as soon as the president came back from a business trip, and just after the approval, don t think I m wasting time.I don t dare to delay the issue of your publishing company.Qi Fei took the report document Thank you, Director Zhang.Qi Fei Zhang Li stared at him and suddenly called out, Qi Fei noticed that the woman s eyes were a little frivolous.Qi Fei clearly felt Li Dafa s body cbd delta 8 gummies near me trembling violently.Brother Qi Fei what else do you want to do Li Dafa stood still and didn t dare to move.First of all, to pay back the money, and next, I want to invite Mr.Li out for some tea.After all, we haven t seen each other for a while, is it okay to catch up Go out for tea What do you want to do Hey, for the sake of paying back your 15,000 yuan, why don t you give me this little bit of face It s okay to HCMUSSH cbd delta 8 gummies near me drink tea and reminisce about the past, but I won t go out, just chat in my office.Li Dafa It is expected that once he goes out with Qi Fei, there will be problems, so he immediately made up his mind not to go with Qi Fei.This place is not suitable Qi Fei said with a smile Mr.Li, if we met once, we can be regarded as friends, right Don t embarrass my friend, can you Li Dafa gritted his teeth I don t I know what you are going to do, but I know there must be nothing good, and I am not a fucking fool I won t leave, what can you do Do you still dare to kill me here Besides, you can t take me out , there are security guards outside, and they will clean you up as soon as they see something wrong with me It seems quite reasonable.Wu, Cheng Siyu still After leaving the ward, Qi Fei grabbed her arms and asked, How is it Sister Lan, how is she Look, you re in a hurry.Cheng Siyu laughed, Don t worry, Yi Lan Her condition has improved a lot, and I saw her eyes roll under her eyelids Really Thenthen, is she going to wake up Qi Fei was so excited that his face was flushed.There cbd gummies pros and cons was a flush.Cheng Siyu frowned Qi Fei, be gentle, my arm hurts from your scratch.Only then did Qi Fei realize that he withdrew his hand like an electric shock while apologizing repeatedly I m sorry Mr.Cheng, I was so excited, I m sorry, didn t I hurt you Looking at Qi Fei s embarrassment , Cheng uncle petes cbd gummies review Siyu couldn t help laughing Okay, no need to apologize, in fact, I am also very happy, I can fully understand your mood.Thank you Mr.Cheng for understanding Cheng Siyu blinked Wait for Dr.In this case, Qi Fei can only be honest, so he replied to Qingyu Okay Okay, if you ignore cbd delta 8 gummies near me me, I will die of grief, I guessyou should be reinstated, right Wow, you really guessed it You re so smart Qi Fei just thought Knowing the reason for Cheng Siyu s reinstatement, it is not easy for him to ask directly in reality, but here, with the virtual identity of Piao Ling, he feels that he should be able to get the answer.That s really a great thing Congratulations I m happy for you too Qi Fei said.Cheng Siyu laughed from ear to ear when he saw this sentence, and immediately replied Piao Ling Actually, this matter is much smoother than I thought, it was beyond my expectation.Seeing that the other party took the initiative to talk about this, Qi Fei strikes while the iron is hot Then how on earth did you get reinstated Well, hee hee, I haven t told anyone yet.He smiled knowingly and replied If we are friends in reality, I must take you to celebrate Take a look After sending this sentence, the other party didn t reply for a while, Qi Fei suddenly woke up, and found that he seemed to have touched something that shouldn t be touched.In front of the computer, Cheng Siyu lost her mind for what do cbd gummies do for u cbd delta 8 gummies near me a while, and her expression became a lot more lonely.At this time, she saw Piaoling sent a message Qingyu, are you still there Don t show me your cbd delta 8 gummies near me photo Wellahem.Forget it, I understand The two fell into silence at cbd delta 8 gummies near me joy organics cbd gummies for sleep the same time.A few seconds later, Qi Fei took a few deep breaths and sent a message Let s continue talking about your reinstatement.What edibles cbd gummies I m worried about is that your immediate superior will have an opinion.Qingyu replied I was also worried before, and it was precisely because of this that I didn t use this method at first, but later well, it s just that he forced me to do nothing, I can only do that.Official.Wu Wei only said these three words, but he didn t say what cbd delta 8 gummies near me official position he was.Qi Fei didn t ask any more questions, and if he wanted to ask again, he would definitely go deep into the other party s more privacy, which is not appropriate.Wu Wei probably didn t want the atmosphere to become so dull, so he squeezed out a smile and said, I m really sorry, I m really ashamed in front of you today, and it also affected your emotions.I m very sorry.Qi Fei waved his hands again and again It s all right, Brother Ang, if you are willing to tell us these things, it proves that you regard us as friends, what are you talking about between friends Mr.Cheng, do you think so Qi Fei lightly touched Cheng Siyu s arm.Only then did Cheng Siyu come to his senses Yes, Qi Fei is right.I m really glad to meet you two here.I planned cbd delta 8 gummies near me to cbd delta 8 gummies near me ask you after I got off the plane, but you got in the car and left.I didn t expect to meet again in this place Little Bei, you are on the same plane as me, what did you go to Bingang Why did you come here Wellit s cbd delta 8 gummies near me a long story, Brother Qi, why don t we go have a cup of coffee Drink and chat Okay, okay, no problem.Qi Fei didn t expect that he would meet Ye Xiaobei this time.In fact, he is not familiar with Ye Xiaobei, otherwise he would not have recognized him at first.The one he is familiar with is Ye Xiaobei s brother Ye Dabao.Ye Dabao is Qi Fei s classmate in college, and he is the best friend, the kind of iron buddy.When the two entered their senior year, Ye Dabao s younger sister also started college, but Ye Xiaobei and the two of them were not in the same school.Since Qi Fei and Ye Dabao have a good relationship, he has met Ye Xiaobei several times, and Ye Dabao and Ye Xiaobei are brothers and sisters, so there are still some similarities in appearance, which is why Qi Fei feels familiar reason.The box was made of tempered glass, so it would not be broken like this, but when it fell in front of the crowd, it had turned over, and there were a lot of banknotes and gold beads.All leaked out of the glass case.These things happened so fast that the host froze in place, and what Qi Fei was worried about was about to happen.The reason why Qi Fei screamed that it was terrible was because he knew that once the gold beads fell among the crowd, looting would be caused, which would easily lead to riots.What he didn t expect was that the entire glass box would then fall, which might cause a lot of trouble.Make everyone lose their minds.Money A lot of money Someone yelled, and in the blink of an eye, everyone rushed towards the place where the box fell.There were at least one or two hundred people around the host.Ye Dabao had told Qi Fei before that Xuan er had followed Gao Wei.Although Qi Fei hadn t seen it with his own eyes, he also believed that cbd delta 8 gummies near me Dabao would not lie to him.But having said that, if you don t see this kind of thing with your own eyes, you will always have some other thoughts in your heart.Now that Qi Fei saw it with his own eyes, an extremely complicated feeling rushed into his heart.He didn t know what it was like, he only knew that his chest seemed to be strangled by someone, and he couldn t even breathe.You have to use all your strength.Gao Wei combed back his hair, wore a pair of gold rimmed glasses, a white sweater on his upper body, and gray slacks on his lower body.He has been in this style since college, and it has not changed since then.To be honest, Gao Wei is tall and handsome, but there is always a gloomy look between his brows, every how to use gummy cbd liquid time Qi Fei sees him, he feels uncomfortable.Qi Fei turned sideways to hide , and then nimbly clasped the bald man s wrist, and knocked the wine bottle on the bald man s shiny forehead.The wine bottle burst at the sound, the bald head trembled, and staggered towards Qi Fei, but Qi Fei didn t go to help him, he just randomly kicked the bald head s ass, and the bald head just staggered out of the box door went.At this moment, Qi Fei turned his face sideways, and Lin Xuan er also saw his silhouette.An extremely familiar feeling rushed into Lin Xuan er s heart in an instant.She stared blankly, opened her mouth and shouted Let s fly When Xuan er called out his name, Qi Fei s heart trembled violently.He hastily turned his back to Xuan er, pretending he didn t hear anything.Qi Feiis that you Xuan er stood up and asked again.Qi Fei gritted his teeth, remained silent for a few seconds, and then said, Beauty, are you calling me I m sorry You must have mistaken someone.Qi Fei was so frightened that his heart jumped out of his throat.He gritted his teeth and rushed over at the fastest speed, then grabbed the hanging rope what do cbd gummies do for u cbd delta 8 gummies near me and shook it vigorously.The rope twisted and hit Li Xuan with a slap.face.But it was also because of this that Li Xuan was able to grab the rope, and in a short moment, both of them exploded with unprecedented physical potential.Li Xuan grabbed the rope tightly, even if his fingers were rubbed bloody, he didn t care about it, and finally slowed down the moment before he fell to the ground, and then fell into the mound with a muffled bang.Qi Fei hurried over and helped the disheartened Li Xuan up.DamnfuckI m reallyso scared that I almost shrink in I m scared to death Li Xuan grabbed Qi Fei s arm and said incoherently.Qi Fei panted heavily, swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva and looked up, but there was no sign of Xiao Tie, probably she was pulling the rope outside.Being moved is enough to prove that this person is very reliable.Liu Battalion Commander I respect you for being a man I also believe that you need the money Remember, you deserve it, and you have a clear conscience Qi Fei added.Okay Liu Dengfeng gritted his teeth Thank you, Boss Li Li Xuan nodded Now think about how to get out, and you must not walk around in a big way.People outside may have entered this hotel and will find you at any time.Our room Liu Dengfeng said I can take you there, in case something happens to me, you just need to report my name to the people over there, and you can still leave Cheng Siyu stood aside without speaking, She looked very nervous, even though she didn t know exactly what happened, she knew that cbd delta 8 gummies near me the situation was very urgent.Li Xuan frowned and thought for a few seconds, then Qi Fei said Brother Fei, those guys are all after me.Last time Qi Fei could barely observe the surrounding situation during the fall, but this time he couldn t.The moment he lost control of his body, Qi Fei could only see the earth and rocks that fell with him all around him, and the light disappeared in less than a second, and he could no longer see anything.Only the deafening roar and the feeling of weightlessness told him that he was still falling.In such a situation, Qi Fei s mind went completely blank in just a few seconds.Suddenly, Qi Fei heard a muffled sound, and at the same moment he realized that he was surrounded by icy water, probably because he couldn t adjust his posture when he fell into the water, which made Qi Fei almost fainted from being hit by the water.The surroundings were completely dark, and all he could hear was the sound cbd delta 8 gummies near me of raging water.The terrain towards the entrance of the cave is relatively steep, Qi Fei desperately climbed up with Cheng Siyu on his back, now he is almost crazy, his eyes are bloodshot, and his facial features are distorted.In the end, Qi Fei walked out of the cave with Cheng Siyu on his back.At this moment, there was a jungle in front of him, and beside him was the river that flowed into the cave and eventually became an underground river.Tears flowed cbd delta 8 gummies near me from Qi Fei s eyes, he finally walked out alive, the air outside, the color, the light, everything made him extremely excited.This feeling of narrow escape is stronger than any previous feeling after escaping danger.Qi Fei greedily breathed the sober air with the smell of the jungle, and then he wanted to put Cheng Siyu down first to check her condition.Siyu We re out Qi Fei shouted loudly.Qi Fei swallowed a mouthful of saliva I want to resign.Li Xuan gritted his teeth, veins appeared in his temples, and at the same time, his index finger on the trigger began to exert force.I ll give you one last chance, listen clearly, it s the last Qi Fei s forehead was cbd gummies au sweating, and Li Xuan gritted his teeth and began to count down Three two Qi Fei s breathing was trembling, and he He felt that the god of death had already stood behind him and raised the deadly scythe, but he mustered up all his courage and closed his mouth tightly.This means that it is obvious that his attitude will not change.A look of extreme surprise appeared in Li Xuan s eyes, but was immediately covered by a gloomy light.Okay, you are kind enough You think I can t shoot, right Three Li Xuan shouted and pulled the trigger forcefully.Even if it makes you unhappy or even makes you angry, I still won t change my mind.Don t be afraid of me Li Xuan didn t say anything halfway through, and just stared at Qi Fei with that murderous gaze.Qi Fei stood up and looked directly into cbd delta 8 gummies near me Li Xuan s eyes Brother Xuan, I ll just say it straight.If I, Qi Fei, really want to leave, no one can stop me.The murderous intent in Li Xuan s eyes became stronger Qi Fei , is what you said true It s absolutely true Qi Fei showed no fear at all.Li Xuan stared at Qi Fei, and suddenly laughed again after a few seconds, the laughter was really creepy to Qi Fei s ears.After Li Xuan finished laughing, he stretched out his hand and patted Qi Fei cbd delta 8 gummies near me s shoulder with a grin Brother Fei, you really have a tough personality.Okay, you really have a kind.I have seen it many times in the past.Yi cbd delta 8 gummies near me joy organics cbd gummies for sleep Lan wanted to sit up, but it was still very difficult.After all, she hadn t moved for more than two months, so Qi Fei told her not to worry, it was too late at the moment, and he would call the nurse for a checkup tomorrow Let s talk about the situation.Yi Lan kept looking at Qi Fei s face.She was trying hard to recall the memory of this person.Although she couldn t remember who this person was, the strong sense of familiarity reassured her.Yilan, I don t even know what to say, I m really happy.Cheng Siyu said while holding her hand.Yi Lan showed a smile You and Qi Fei seem to be very tired You should go to rest, I think I feel very good now, but I can t use my strength.I m not tired, Seeing you wake up makes me more energetic.Cheng Siyu said.We are all here with you, Sister Lan.Qi Fei said.Heizi moved his wrist, squinted his eyes and made two gestures at the man s hand with the dagger, then he gritted his teeth and cut it down forcefully.The one hundred and ninety ninth chapter was comatose again.With a scream, the man s little finger was cut off.Heizi picked up the bloody severed finger and what do cbd gummies do for u cbd delta 8 gummies near me threw it vigorously, and threw it directly into the mud far away in the lake.The other man who made a move on Yi Lan and Ye Xiaobei is now scared out of his wits, his eyes are full of despair, his whole body is already soaked in sweat, he knows that this time he will definitely not escape, So he gritted his teeth and opened the fingers of his right hand to the ground.Heizi sneered, If you re brave enough, I ll cut it less.Ah There was another scream, and the man s little finger was cut off in half by Heizi, and heizi also threw away the severed finger.Qi Fei really didn t want to have anything to do with these people, even if they came to apologize, Qi Fei didn t want to waste time with them.Qi Fei is very clear about who these people are.Hearing what Qi Fei said, those people immediately breathed a sigh of relief, but Qi Fei changed the subject I don t care about it, but my little sister I don t know what she thinks.Qi Fei looked around Ye Xiaobei.Now, those people became nervous again, and the leader hurriedly said to Xiaobei This big sister Before he finished speaking, Ye Xiaobei stared at him Who are you calling big sister How old are you How old are you Are you calling me old No, no, that s not what I meant, thenthen I m called sister in law Qi Fei was stunned for a moment, and just about to explain, Xiao Bei spoke again What did you can cbd gummies cause heartburn say It s useless, anyway, I m very angry, I feel disgusted when I think of your actions before, so I can t eat, you better get out of my way, I don t want to see you.Early the next morning, Ye Xiaobei left Bingang, and it was Qi Fei who took her to the airport.Ye Xiaobei was very reluctant, best cbd gummies to replace alcohol what are side effects of cbd gummies and Qi Fei also found that he seemed to be reluctant to let her go.He felt that staying with this girl was actually quite relaxed and happy.Xiaobei is such a person who can give people positive energy girl.At the airport, Qi Fei looked at Ye Xiaobei s back and said to himself Such an angelic girl must have a beautiful home After bidding farewell to Ye Xiaobei, Qi Fei returned to the airport.Arrived at the place to live.Yi Lan went back HCMUSSH cbd delta 8 gummies near me to her hometown, Xiao Bei left, and Qing Yu also left forever, Qi Fei sat alone on the sofa in the living room, thinking about many things in a mess.An inexplicable sense of loss what do cbd gummies do for u cbd delta 8 gummies near me was entrenched in his heart.It seems that at this moment he really feels what loneliness is.The two people who were still very interested suddenly lost their mood, especially Ye Xiaobei, so they had no choice but to go back.The next morning, Ye Xiaobei left.She said that there were three days of vacation, she came here on the first day, and had to go to her parents place in the next two days.Xiaobei left, and Qi Fei went to work in the company.As soon as he entered the cbd gummies throat cancer office, he saw today s newspaper, which reported the news that the first prize and the second prize were drawn away yesterday.The newspaper also published photos of Beckham holding a laptop.Looking at Ye Xiaobei who was smiling like a flower in the photo, Qi Fei suddenly felt a little heavy.Before cbd delta 8 gummies near me Qi Fei could start working, he received a call from the office staff of the distribution company, saying that he was asked to go to the Economic Management Office, and Qi Fei went there immediately.Dog bent down, leaned close to Qi Fei s ear and said sinisterly He said Let s talk after the beating.Qi Fei was startled when he heard this.He knew that even if he was beaten up, Lord Dog would still continue to cause trouble, but even so, Qi Fei still couldn t resist.why Because, if he resists, he won t cbd delta 8 gummies near me joy organics cbd gummies for sleep be able to deal with so many people like Mr.Dog in the end, and it will inevitably cause more serious consequences.If he doesn t resist, at least he can let the other party vent his anger first, and the rest of the matter is relatively easy to discuss.So Qi Fei made up his mind, he must not make a move this time, no matter what, he had to carry it down first.Qi Fei s face was pressed against the table, and those four guys were so strong that they pressed Qi Fei s face so painfully.At this moment, Qi Fei could barely see Ning Bin and Xiong Jun.Ohthat s right, I heard him say he was going to leave that night, alas, look at my memory, I don t remember anything when I m busy.Qi Fei said hello Li Xuan and Heizi sat down, and made tea for cbd delta 8 gummies near me them.Li Xuan took a sip of tea, and then frowned Brother Fei, your quality of life has really dropped too badly, and all you drink is this kind of tea, alas I feel sorry for you.Qi Fei smiled I m not the kind to get rich, so that s good.Li Xuan rolled his eyes Brother Fei, you don t have a job now, do you want to continue working with me Qi Fei shook his head I can find it myself.Really Li Xuan narrowed cbd cherry gummys his eyes, and after a moment of silence he suddenly said casually Ohthen I can t continue to let you live in my place for nothing., I paid so much, but I didn t get anything in return, and I m also quite sad.Then I I ll change jobs.Qi Fei said.Li Xuan sneered Then I will continue to smash.If I can t, I have other ways.Don t forget who I am.I have enough ways to make no place in Bingang what do cbd gummies do for u cbd delta 8 gummies near me dare to recruit you.He froze, Qi Fei might feel that the other party was bragging when someone cbd delta 8 gummies near me said this, but it happened to come from Li Xuan.He really can do it.A thought popped into Qi Fei s mind, could it be that he had to leave Bingang like this When this idea came up, Qi Fei s heart throbbed inexplicably, because he thought of are cbd gummies a blood thinner Cheng Siyu.After all, there is still a person here who I can t bear no matter what.At this time, Heizi looked at his watch, and then said to cbd gummies for essential tremors Li Xuan Boss, it s almost time, and it s time to do that.Li Xuan nodded, stood up, and then said to Qi kana cbd gummies review best cbd gummies to replace alcohol Fei Brother Fei, Tomorrow I will stay in Bingang for another day, I will give you the last day, and the day after tomorrow you will follow me to Langzhou honestly After saying this, he did not wait for Qi Fei to reply, just took Heizi with him left.A complicated look flashed in Qi Fei s eyes, and he didn t know how to talk to Yi Lan said that, he could feel that Yi Lan had a crush on this outstanding man.Qi Fei, why are you silent Yi Lan asked.Ah this.Qi Fei rubbed the back of his head Doctor Wu, he is not married yet, but has a fianc e.look.In fact, Qi Fei really couldn t bear to see Yi Lan lose, but he felt that the fact was like this, so he had to let her know.Okay.Yi Lan showed a smile In this world, excellent men are a scarce resource.I already thought he had a partner.Then Yi Lan muttered There are still some scarce resources., although I don t have a date, but I don t like me, such as the one next to me Qi Fei was instantly embarrassed Sister Lan, what are you talking about It s not a joke.Hey, okay, no problem.The cbd delta 8 gummies near me joy organics cbd gummies for sleep two continued to walk forward, and they didn t know why, and they were silent after that.He took out do cbd gummies show up cbd delta 8 gummies near me the key to open the door and went in.Qi Fei said casually Yes, there is still a door blocking this place.Even if someone is really following you, it is impossible to go in casually.Qi Fei was really wrong about this point.Well, the cripple still didn t have a key, so he got in when someone else opened the door.Needless to say, this is a real safety hazard.Although there are many people living in the building, they basically don t care about others, which makes it easy for criminals to find opportunities to easily enter the building.Okay, it s not a big deal.Seeing you like that really scared me.Yi Lan said with a smile, I m already down now, so I might as well go shopping with you.Qi Fei said embarrassingly Sister Lan, I made you go up to the fifth floor and then come down again.He just wanted to protect Cheng Siyu.First, he promised Li Xuan would protect Cheng Siyu.Another reason was that he liked Cheng Siyu.Naturally, he wanted to protect Cheng Siyu.Protect Cheng Siyu.Cheng Siyu told Qi Fei about the recent situation of the Bingang Evening News.Although Tong Shisha had heard Qi Fei mention that he used to work at the Bingang Evening News, he didn t know that he had such a great ability and that he still had such a high profile in the company.Popularity, but I feel a pity for Bingang Evening News.After sending Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan home, Qi Fei and Tong Shisha also returned home.Back home, Hitomi Shisha said that she was so hot that she was covered in sweat, so she went to the bathroom, and soon there was the sound of running water in the bathroom.Qi Fei sat on the sofa, tonight exhausted him a lot of energy, but he felt a little sleepy, HCMUSSH cbd delta 8 gummies near me listening to the sound of running water from the bathroom, he shook his head vigorously to wake himself up.Cheng Siyu, Yi Lan and the female staff left the office, and Qi Fei wondered if the chairman would come to see him Own After all, many employees saw me coming to the company today, if someone said it in front of the chairman Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan trotted all the way, the chairman smiled kindly when he saw Cheng Siyu, Siyu, the company is busy, so you don t have to come out.Cheng Siyu shook his head, Chairman, I don t know what you are doing this time Come on, do you have something important to explain Yan Fengtao was a little displeased when he saw that the chairman had such a good attitude towards Cheng Siyu, she was a girl who was not as good as Zhang Qi, how could she get the attention cbd delta 8 gummies near me of the chairman He also knew what to say and what not to say.He smiled at Cheng Siyu and said, Chairman, Mr.She doubted her charm, waved to the men standing behind her, and immediately brought out two beaten men from the woods.A mercenary with a bruised nose and a swollen face.Xiao Wu looked at his two subordinates.If it wasn t for the clothes they were wearing, he really wouldn t have recognized them as his subordinates.He frowned at Bei Dao Chuanzi and asked, I don t know what Miss Chuanzi wants How do you understand this It s very simple, as long as Wu Jun, you will no longer be an enemy of our Yamaguchi gumi.Bei Dao Chuanzi s eyes suddenly fell on Qi Fei, and an imperceptible light flashed in his eyes.The mercenary is no longer an enemy of the Yamaguchi gumi, but tells Xiaowu in a disguised form that his subordinates cannot accept tasks related to the Yamaguchi gumi in the future.Miss Chuanzi, what if I refuse Murderous aura emanated from Xiaowu, and the mercenary behind Xiaowu immediately raised his gun and pointed it at Beijima Chuanzi.A sneer appeared on the corner of the troublemaker s mouth.He didn t believe that Qi Fei s small body could hold him up, but the fact surprised him.Qi Fei picked up the troublemaker, and with a force of both hands, he fell to the ground hard.The troublemaker is of tamra judge cbd gummies the same cbd gummies high potency 125 type as Heizi, both of that burly type, while Qi Fei looks very slender compared to him, and those who watched the fun from the sidelines did not expect that Qi Fei could throw such a big man down on the ground.Hey, after reacting, he did not forget to applaud Qi Fei.Qi Fei glanced at the troublemaker who had fallen to the ground, and said coldly, Now you can tell who is behind you.The man got up from the ground, patted the dust on his body, There is no one behind me.Someone instructed that the reason for the trouble today is that you lost five million yuan in your casino, which is a bit inexplicable.Of course, it should be said that he is Xiao Li s boss, Gongsun Hai s help.Brother Qi Fei, let s talk about it like this.When is the time, we two brothers are going to have a good drink.After a pause, Xiao Li explained the purpose of coming to Qi Fei today, Brother, I don t know if you have time, but Mr.Gongsun never forgets about my brother, and keeps talking about when I will have time to sit down again. Brother Li, Mr.Xu has invited cbd delta 8 gummies near me me, how can I not have time Qi Fei although Gongsun Hai was looking for him for something, but Gongsun Hai gave Qi cbd delta 8 gummies near me joy organics cbd gummies for sleep Fei a good impression.When he arrived at Gongsun Hai s villa, Xiao Li ordered two cars to be driven in and parked, and took Qi Fei upstairs.Mr.Gongsun, I haven t seen you for a long time, but you are getting younger every day.In the lobby on the second floor, Qi Fei saw Gongsun Hai playing chess there, and his complexion was much better cbd delta 8 gummies near me than when he saw him last time.The matter of Jiazi living in Qi Fei s house, Tong Shisha also heard Jiang Fan s old fritters talk about it, and she cbd delta 8 gummies near me joy organics cbd gummies for sleep also knew in her heart that an excellent man like Qi Fei can always attract the opposite sex.However, Tong Shiyan still understands one thing in his heart, in Qi Fei s heart, maybe he has always regarded her as his younger sister.When she heard Jiang Fan talk about Jiazi earlier, she thought that Qi Fei fell in love with Jiazi, but after seeing Qi Fei s attitude towards Jiazi, she felt a little proud.Qi Fei didn t seem to like Jiazi either, it was Jiazi I posted it upside down.It was the first time for Jiazi to see Qi Fei and a girl walking so intimately, and she felt a little bitter and sad.She is a ninja, and she has been practicing hard since she was a child.When she met Qi Fei for the first time, she didn t have much affection for Qi Fei.In the co pilot seat, Cheng Siyu looked at the scenery outside the car window and asked Qi Fei, Are you free tomorrow A few old fried dough sticks, there is Cui Yangze in the commercial street, but he has nothing to do.Seeing Qi Fei nodded, Cheng Siyu continued, Come shopping with me tomorrow.Although he didn t know why Cheng Siyu invited him to go shopping with him, Qi Fei cbd delta 8 gummies near me still nodded and agreed, and sent Cheng Siyu to the door of his house, but Cheng Siyu didn t rush in , sitting in the car with Qi Fei, looking up at the night sky outside the car window.The moon did not appear, but some stars hung in the night sky.Looking at Cheng Siyu like this, Qi Fei felt a little pain in his heart.He wanted to protect Cheng Siyu and share her worries, but there were some things that he could do with his wandering identity before, but not now.Xiao Wu walked up to Qi Fei, still looking like a ruffian, and put his arms around Qi Fei s neck affectionately, Brother Fei, it s hard to find a woman as good as Sister Tong, why don t I be a witness for the two of you , I will take care of things today.If Qi Fei wants to say a word to Xiao Wu now, it must be I can t spit out ivory from a dog s mouth.Back at the Hilton Hotel, for today s trip to Tong s house, they had already planned for the worst when they went, but they were not disappointed.In terms of what Xiao Wu said, cbd delta 8 gummies near me they just don t care what old man he is.At that time, if you offend the young master, teach him to be a man again.Qi Fei saw that Hitomi Shisha looked a little unhappy, so he asked Jiazi to accompany her, for fear that Hitomi Shisha would do something unexpected.In Xiao Wu s room, Xiao Wu, Qi Fei, Zhao Yun and Cui Yangze were sitting there.He frowned and asked Qi Fei That old guy from the Tong family doesn t agree to release the pupil Regarding the hookah marriage, today we beat someone at Tong s house, and we have formed a relationship with Tong s family, so we should leave Hong Kong directly with Tong s hookah, or wait and see.Qi Fei also thought about it, if he took Tong s directly Shisha left every day optimal cbd gummies Hong Kong and went to a place where Tong s family couldn t find it, so she could avoid this marriage, but it was unfair to Shisha to do so.After thinking for a while, Qi Fei said Let s go to Tong s house tomorrow to have a look.If it really doesn t work, we can start with Lao Maozi and see if we can change Lao Maozi s mind.Come here, keep talking to Qi Fei and Cui Yangze You don t know, the women in Russia have big boobs and hips enough, you can feel it when you look at it Listening to Xiao Wu talking about Russia The girl, Qi Fei and Cui Yangze are a little speechless, I really don t know what is in this guy s mind, except for a girl or a girl.Qi Fei sat down on a rock, looked at Bai Xiye with interest and asked.There was a bitter smile on Bai Xiye s face, It s been a long time since I ve heard the term special forces mentioned before.I think my brothers and I came here to fight drugs, but in the end I was the only one alive.They will stay here forever.When Qi Fei saw Bai Xiye say this, a look of sadness flashed in his eyes, Although they sacrificed, they are the pride of the motherland.Yes, although they sacrificed But they will always live in people s hearts.Bai Xiye asked Qi Fei, as his comrade in arms would die in a few days, would he like to visit his former comrades in arms together In the bungalow, Li Xuan and the others were discussing how to take Qin Wu s drug route.Sitting opposite Li Xuan, a forty year old man with a pretty faceLooking at a man with a fat belly, he asked, I don t know how many people you dispatched this time.Bai Xiye nodded and shook his head again, Some trading rooms are under control, and some are not.After a what do cbd gummies do for u cbd delta 8 gummies near me pause, Bai Xiye turned his head and glanced at Qi Fei who was standing back to back with him cbd delta 8 gummies near me , asked Brother Fei, can you continue to fight A bitter smile appeared on the corner of Qi Fei s mouth.He also picked up a dagger from the ground, and said to Bai Xiye Aren t you a little unconvinced in the last competition Today, our two brothers will come to compete and see who can knock down the most people.Okay.As soon as the words fell, Bai Xiye s whole body was like a gust of wind, running towards the nearest brother of Qin Wu, swung the steel bar in his hand, and hit the younger brother.The place Bai Xiye hit was not a vital point, it just made these little guys lose their fighting power.Qi Fei and Bai Xiye were originally standing back to back, but Bai Xiye rushed out suddenly, almost causing Qi Fei to fall to the ground, looking at Bai Xiye who was like a wolf into a flock of sheep, the corner of Qi Fei s mouth slightly Tilting upwards with a slight arc, cbd gummies with melatonin for sleep 1500mg he waved the dagger in his hand, and walked towards Qin Wu who was standing beside him.How did you get the position of president.Tan Jianren said aggrievedly in his heart, I haven t got the position of president yet Editor in Chief Liu scolded Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren a few words, and told them to get out quickly.Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren, as if they had been pardoned, ran out of the office after saying goodbye to Editor in Chief Liu.After Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren left, Zhang Li walked into Editor in Chief Liu s office, and said to Editor in Chief Liu charmingly, Who made our Editor in Chief so angry After taking a look, Editor in Chief Liu had already disappeared Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren said angrily, The only ones who can make me angry are Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren, two idiots.One wanted to get Cheng Siyu, but failed in the end, and was fired by Bingang Evening News instead.Bang The bald head was punched by Bai Xiye in the chest, and the sound of bones breaking came out, which made the little Vietnamese best cbd gummies to replace alcohol what are side effects of cbd gummies girl in the room scream in fright.Li Xuan frowned.If the little Vietnamese girl kept screaming, the police would be attracted, and that was not what he wanted to see.Without Li Xuan s instructions, Lao Jiu had already come to the side of the two Vietnamese girls and told them not to scream if they wanted to survive.A mouthful of blood spat out from the bald head s mouth.The bald head wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with his sleeve, looked at Bai Xiye and said, Ahem I was mistaken, you still have two brushes.Li Xuan If he wanted to ask something out of the bald head s mouth, he would not let Bai Xiye kill the bald head just like that.He winked at Bai Xiye, Bai Xiye smiled knowingly, and walked towards the bald head.This time, Qi Fei s new idea for Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan is to add a section to Bingang Evening News for those who come to Bingang for the first time and want to obtain first hand information.Of course, he didn t ask the Bingang Evening News to get any maps or the like, but put some iconic places and some representative things in Bingang on this board.Cheng Siyu took the piece of paper that Qi Fei had just written, looked at it and said, I ll call Brother Hu in a while and ask him to come and take Qi Fei s new idea and type it.Yi Lan groupon usda organic cbd gummies and Qi Fei After chatting with Cheng Siyu for a while, she left the office.She still had her work to do.After Yi Lan left, Cheng Siyu looked at Qi Fei and asked, You left for a few days, you should go to work with Li Xuan.Cheng Siyu probably didn t know about it.An employee from Milan came in from outside with a pot of freshly cut tea, poured a cup each for Yun Changkong and Jialin who were sitting on the sofa, and stood aside.Yun Changkong s eyes fell on the female employee in Milan standing beside him.With the female employee s breathing, the pair of weapons on her chest seemed ready to be released at any time, which made Yun Changkong feel a little parched.His perky buttocks made him want to cbd delta 8 gummies near me smear it on.Looking at Yun Changkong s appearance at this time, Jialin frowned.Ahem Jialin knows better than anyone else what Yun Changkong is like.Yun Changkong is a family man, but he still has hybrid cbd gummies many mistresses outside, and Jialin is among those mistresses.With Yun Changkong s appearance like this, Jialin felt uncomfortable for a while, and coughed to remind Yun Changkong to pay attention to his identity.Han Yu s assistant was a little puzzled.He was puzzled before.The former Han Yu was not lustful at all, but now this Han Yu is a little bit lustful.Seeing that his assistant didn t speak, Han Yu was a little displeased, Everyone has a love for beauty, and I went to poach the wall to better reflect this beauty.Han Yu s assistant was completely speechless, this lecherous To be able to be so confidently spoken by Han Yu, I hadn t realized before that the boss s face was so thick.Han Yu chatted with the assistant for a while, seeing that the assistant didn t say anything, but instead looked at Han Yu with a look like seeing him for the first time, which made him very upset, and waved his hand to let the assistant leave room.Everyone has a love of beauty, so how can my spirit of helping others not be known.She also didn t know why she had the second point, Maybe just like what Xiao Wu said, I have already started to like him.After entering the office, Wu Mo went straight to Ruoyun s side and made a face at Qi Fei.After the female employee in Milan poured a cup of tea for Qi Fei, she left the office tactfully.Qi Fei started to look at Ruoyun from the pair of weapons in front of Ruoyun s chest.He admired a woman not from her eyes, but from her chest.He looked at Ruoyun with pure eyes.I don t know why, but Ruoyun didn t see the slightest greed or obscenity in Qi Fei s eyes, and felt a little bit regretful in his heart, Maybe this is what makes him different.Maybe Miss must be the chairman of Sky.Qi Fei smiled slightly.Ruoyun was taken aback, she didn t expect Qi Fei to be able to reveal her identity by opening her mouth, she glanced at Wu Mo, and nodded to Qi Fei, It s really an honor for Ruoyun to meet Mr.Grass mud horse.Today s incident is the shame in the bearded man s heart.Hearing Long Xiaotian tell this matter, if it wasn t for the injuries on his body that made him 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tears, and she didn t bring any resemblance after talking for almost half an hour.The stench in the room made her feel miserable even more.It s easy to stop Xiao Wu s complaints, but the price is that the three of them don t have to donate this time.The world s number one killer, the Bloody Queen, suppressed her nausea, talked to Qi Fei and the other three for a while, and then left the room very quickly.Read it and never forget it.But I don t know if the Bloody Queen heard Xiao Wu s words after that.Thirteen, who was waiting at the door of the hotel, saw the Bloody Queen running downstairs with her hand covering her small mouth, and forced a smile to greet her, How is it The Bloody Queen took a few breaths of fresh air outside, Fuck that The three of them should not be sent by the opponent.Then she cbd gummy mold told about her conversation with Qi Fei and the three of them, as well as what she had secretly observed.A cold light flashed in Thirteen s eyes, he looked at the small hotel and said, I d rather kill a thousand by mistake than let one go.The Bloody Queen shook her head, I can t kill now, the time has not yet come.If mass killings are carried out now, it is estimated that this place will not be a sacred place for the drug trade in the future.As for the construction of the Golden Triangle, there is no need to talk about it.It is useless if people dare not come to build it.After walking for a while, the cbd delta 8 gummies near me Bloody Queen stopped and glanced at the small inn behind her, Just let one best cbd gummies to replace alcohol of your subordinates pay attention to these three people.Wu didn t know when he stopped crying, raised his head to look at the aisle outside, and asked Qi Fei and Zhao Yun beside him.I haven t seen it before, but after hearing Xiao Wu s talk, he also has some expectations in his heart.Will there be a great battle between the queen and the hot sister Tong Zhao Yun remembered that there seemed to be quite a lot of people who liked Qi Fei.Besides Hitomi Shisha, there seemed to be a female ninja, Jiazi, and Ye Xiaobei.Thinking about the scene where several women met, Zhao Yun and Xiao Wu looked at each other.With a glance, they all showed wretched smiles.It was already four o clock in the afternoon when the four of Qi Fei arrived at the county seat.There was no bus from the county seat to Kunming at this time, so the four of them found a hotel and stayed in it.After throwing their luggage into the hotel, they took a brief rest and walked out of the hotel.It s July at this time.It is said that the weather in July is still very hot, but the climate here in Yunnan is much cooler is cbd gummies legal in nc than that of Bingang or Langzhou.The county where they are located is not too big, but the greening is pretty good The four of them walked on the street, feeling cbd delta 8 gummies near me the cool breeze blowing, watching the pedestrians passing by, even Xiao Wu, who talked the most, fell silent rarely.It s a good place for retirement.Xiao Wu decided to take Bei Dao Chuanzi to Yunnan next time, and let her know that not only their Japanese cherry blossoms are beautiful, but the scenery of any small city in Greater China is as beautiful as ever.Never lose to the island nation.After walking into a restaurant and ordering a few signature dishes, the four chatted, but none do cbd gummies show up cbd delta 8 gummies near me of them talked about the Golden Triangle.Xiao Wu put his arms around Qi Fei s neck, pointed to a plate of braised crucian carp on the table, and said affectionately Brother Fei, I don t think you know how to cook this fish.Qi Fei Pointing to the knife wound on Jiazi s face, he asked Wu Wei, Brother Wu, can you treat this knife wound Wu Wei understood the meaning of Qi Fei s words, thought for a while and nodded to him, He said with some uncertainty I have seen a method to get rid of this kind of scar in an isolated medical book before, but I haven t found anyone to try it, and I don t know which method will work.Hum the attending doctor snorted coldly, and said very unabashedly With your poor appearance and returning the only medical book, I think you can only brag.He could tolerate what Wu Wei said was wrong, but he couldn t tolerate it this second time.He was in a bad mood at first, but now he suppressed the anger in his heart, turned his head to look at Jiazi s attending doctor, and said coldly Doctor Zhang, I have considerable confidence in my friend s medical skills.Wu Wei explained the whole story in detail.I said it out of ten, and what I said was so excited that it made the younger brothers of the third child feel worthless for Wu Wei, and felt a pity.I can t wait to go to Zhang Yun s office now and give him a good meal.You say that such a doctor stays in the hospital, is it like a vampire, sucking the patient s blood The mistake is money.At this moment, even the third child s heart was a little shaken, as if his group should not follow him Zhang Yun is helping the evildoers together.It was not easy for Wu Wei.While trying to make the third group of people dissatisfied with Zhang Yun, he had best cbd gummies to replace alcohol what are side effects of cbd gummies to carefully observe their faces.He prayed in his heart that Qi Fei would come quickly.If you edit it down, you will be wearing clothes.What Wu Wei didn t know was that during the years Zhang Yun was in the People s Hospital, he was hooked up with what he made up.Zhong Da told all the details about Qi Fei without any omission.Afterwards, none of the three said anything, each thinking about his own thoughts.Gongsun Hai didn t pay attention to the fight between Li Xuan and Qin Wu, and the loss of Li Xuan s father caused quite a stir in Bingang.Behind Qin Wu there is a shadow of the Qin family in the capital.Li Xuan s defeat this time is not unjust.The Qin family in the capital is very powerful.Although Li Xuan s father will be transferred to the imperial capital, it seems that a small force in the imperial capital is supporting him.For Li Xuan s father, it was not only Li Xuan s power that was unlucky this time, but also cbd sex gummies near me the small power that supported his father behind him.As long as Gongsun Hai wants to know any news about Bingang, Xiao Li will definitely tell him the news.The news that Chaidlov fed back made the mafia attach great importance to it, and immediately sent people to support Chaidlov in Changsha.The thing in the ancient tomb was really important to the mafia.Chaidelov was in a good mood, and disappeared in the red light district of Changsha before dark.I really hope those old men don t come too slowly.Xiao Wu wanted to laugh out loud when he imagined the scene when Liu Chen came out of the ancient tomb and saw that the people standing outside had turned into old men.Xiao Wu found that Qi Fei became taciturn today, thinking that his own method failed to make Qi Fei eradicate the underground organization himself and was unhappy, so he said to Qi Fei Brother Fei, is that the one I mentioned to Chadlov Does the idea make you unhappy As long as Qi Fei nods, Xiao Wu will try his best to get Qi Fei to eradicate the underground organization with his own hands.On the other hand, Cheng Siyu called Ye Xiaobei the next day after learning that Qi Fei was wandering, and Ye Xiaobei told her that she, Tong Shisha, and Jiazi were all in Bingang, and Cheng Siyu asked for their addresses He hurried over from home and found Ye Xiaobei, Tong Shisha and Jiazi.Xiaobei, Sister Tong, cbd delta 8 gummies near me Miss Jiazi, I am the one who is sorry for you.Cheng Siyu could tell that the three daughters, Tong Shisha, Jiazi and Ye Xiaobei, were all concerned about each other, they were sincere, and they were not inferior to him at all.To Cheng Siyu s surprise, Tong Shisha, Ye Xiaobei and Jiazi not only did not blame her, but comforted her.Mr.Cheng, cbd delta 8 gummies near me joy organics cbd gummies for sleep you don t have to blame yourself anymore.Xiao Wu has asked his subordinates to look for Qi Fei.As soon as there is news about him, we will let you know as soon as possible.Manager, hurry up and tell the headquarters what happened here.A clerk came to the manager and asked the manager to call the headquarters immediately.What did you say When Han Yu received a call from his cbd delta 8 gummies near me subordinates, telling him that the company s website was attacked by hackers, all the information on the website would be cleared after the attack was over, and the specialty store was also attacked by some hooligans and hooligans.When the news of the attack came, Han Yu almost vomited blood.Checkcheck it out for me, and immediately find out who is behind the scenes.Han Yu was furious.He was the only one to deal with others, and no one had ever dealt with him.The person who best cbd gummies to replace alcohol what are side effects of cbd gummies is behind the scenes must be found out at an extremely fast speed.Chapter 452 The flames of war are still rejoicing that his website and specialty store have not been attacked, and when he was about to comfort Han Yu, his phone rang.On the other side, Qi Fei was invited to come to the private club cbd delta 8 gummies near me mana fx cbd gummies in Hongyang Park on time, asked the waiter to park his low key Mercedes Benz, and walked in.Qi Fei really doesn t want to park the car by himself.Although he has buitrago cigars cbd gummies always insisted on keeping a low profile, he can see luxury cars what do cbd gummies do for u cbd delta 8 gummies near me worth more than a million dollars all the time, which makes him very upset.Sorry to strike up a conversation.Out of sight is pure.Sir, do you have a membership card When he reached the door, the security guard stopped Qi Fei.I still need a membership card, I forgot to bring it.Qi Fei lied, this kana cbd gummies review best cbd gummies to replace alcohol is his first time here, so where is the membership card Sorry, you can t enter without a membership card.This is our regulation here.The security guard said.Qi Fei was dumbfounded, just now he threw the car keys to the parking boy in a very cool manner, and automatically ignored the displeased look in the boy s eyes.As for Brother Gou s little friends, they were all stunned by Qi Fei s behavior of beating people to death, and they were all stunned, not knowing what to do.Fighting but not daring to fight, walking but not being able to go, it is really tangled.However, cbd delta 8 gummies near me there are still people with flexible minds who have already run out to call cbd delta 8 gummies near me the security guards.Master, if you keep hitting him, you ll be killed.How about you take a break cbd delta 8 gummies near me Just as Qi Fei was about to hit Brother Gou on the head, a man who had been standing beside him in the box grabbed Qi Fei s arm and said.Okay, I ll save face for you, and spare the life of this HCMUSSH cbd delta 8 gummies near me idiot.Qi Fei threw the bench legs on the ground, as if he was a little tired, he nestled on the sofa, opened a bottle of beer and began to drink heavily.Didn t you say you don t know how to drink Why do you drink more than anyone else now He downed a bottle of beer in one breath, counting the time, the security guards in the clubhouse should come in, maybe the boss will come to chat with Qi Fei in person, after all these guys smashed his painting, the blood that flowed out Also stained the carpet.Seeing that the American ambassador is so close to the people, the reporters smelled the news, and after seeking Brooke s consent, they began to come up for interviews.High level figures like the US ambassador are not interviewed by ordinary people.Mr.Ambassador, what are you doing here What do you think about the violence against citizens of your country in China Are you here to trouble the perpetrators These reporters chirped., All kinds of questions were thrown over at once, some of which were even weird, but Brooke still listened to the reporter s questions with a smile on his face.Such a character has a strong information processing ability.Let a group of people ask him questions for five minutes, and he can integrate all the information in an instant, and then reply in a unified way.Everyone, thank you for your enthusiasm and attention to the incident of our citizens being violently injured.However, without the guidance of Niu Da and Niu San, Niu Er didn t know how to speak at all.This guy is used to the communication method of three people talking nonsense at the same time.How long will it be Qi Fei looked at the bustling crowd outside, feeling a little depressed.The most annoying traffic jam in Langzhou.Niu Er didn t speak.I m asking you something, are you dumb Qi Fei suddenly became angry when he didn t hear Niu Er s answer.Niu Er still didn t speak.Grass.Qi Fei scolded.Niu Er s face was dripping with sweat.I really don t know how to say it.The boss and the third child are not here, so how can he, who always says the middle sentence, communicate with others.Half an hour later, the car finally stopped in front of a dilapidated residential building.People entering and leaving the building looked at the Mercedes Benz parked at the door and Qi Fei who came out of it with strange eyes.First day at work.The nurse said aloud without looking up.The main dish for lunch is boiled fish.It smells delicious.How do you eat it Said, at the same time, he retracted his other hand into his sleeve.The nurse still didn t look up, and placed the steaming boiled fish on the small table in front of No.3, and let go of one hand Please use it.With an extremely thin blade between them, it cut directly at the nurse s wrist.No one would doubt the power of that blade, no matter what in the hands of an expert like No.3, it would become the deadliest weapon.Damn it, I found it.The nurse didn t panic at all, flicked his finger, and the hot boiled fish directly hit No.3 s head.Boom No.3 pulled up the quilt to block it out, but a few drops of hot oil still splashed on his face, and a fishbone fell on his head.Number three was about to think about it, but only a second passed, and the stepped finger suddenly lost any feeling, and was completely separated from the body again.Didn t you say to count to three Number three s face was already a little distorted.Liar, whoever promised to count to three, stepped on it before counting.Sorry, I m used to it, come on best cbd gummies to replace alcohol what are side effects of cbd gummies again, now I m counting, one Qi Fei said.Before Chang Yan came, Qi Fei had already had a very intimate and enthusiastic exchange with No.3.Although there were some words of mocking and attacking each other, the overall situation was relatively harmonious.However, this kind of harmony is established within the rules of the game set by Qi Fei.As for No.3, it is impossible to die, and it is impossible to live.In just a few hours, No.3 has already regretted going through this world In fact, No.Women who have experienced all kinds of wind and rain always have shining points that are different from ordinary people.If someone who was not Wang Wutian found her before, maybe she would choose to live like this forever.With endless money, she can call a lot of high quality men with just a wave of hands, what else is she planning Nothing more than a security.No, old friend, although we didn t have any direct contact before, I have always known of your existence, and you must not ignore me.I invite you to come here this time.In fact, I just want to explain to you, friend two.The meaning of the word.Now that we have a common enemy, then only the two of us are the closest friends in this world.At the same time, I want to remind you very seriously that the Chen family has not disappeared, but has been occupied by doves and magpies.The gas was extremely HCMUSSH cbd delta 8 gummies near me strong, and as long as you smelled it, you would feel that the whole world collapsed.It was extremely disgusting.David and Jock were the first lucky ones to experience the power of feces yellow gas.At the beginning, they were full of doubts, and they scolded that the environment of the China National Convention Center was so bad that there was such a disgusting smell.The two of them didn t notice anything unusual, but when they unconsciously took a few more breaths, they immediately felt their stomachs start to convulse violently, and the food they ate last night began to surge up, and they couldn t help it.Wow After all, Jock s body was thinner, and he cbd delta 8 gummies near me couldn t hold it back anymore.He bent down and vomited it out.After spitting out the first mouthful, he couldn t control it anymore.Justify the name of a good man in China.May I ask who in China can afford to kneel before the king of heaven No one.At this time, if someone dares to appear in front of the king s knees, then in an instant, this person will become the enemy of all soldiers in China.The king of heaven represents the military department, representing The entire military court represents the attitude of all soldiers in China.Once he kneels, the Mobei Canglang has been rehabilitated.Haha, refreshing.Qi Fei laughed suddenly, picked up the tea in front of him, and knelt side by side next to the king of heaven Brothers, you should rest in peace today, because you didn t die in vain.Don t worry, you will pay with blood and wait for my good.information.After finishing speaking, before he knew it, Qi Fei burst into tears.Is it possible that after Ali s mother, there will be another business empire in Huaxia that can sweep the world Everyone is looking forward to it.However, some people can t see others living better than them.Coupled with the best cbd gummies to replace alcohol what are side effects of cbd gummies super copying ability of the Chinese people, this wonderful environmental protection uly cbd gummies reviews consumer reports mask finally ushered in the first sad hurdle shortly after it came out.Inside the building of Momo Group, all employees are highly mobilized, like a precision instrument, cooperating with each other and running at high speed.In the president s office, Wu Lan, Li Wan, and Martin were all sitting on the sofa, frowning as they looked at the Langzhou Morning News in front of them.Is the emerging environmental protection company a conscientious enterprise or a black hearted killer The environmental protection mask that claims to be able to fundamentally solve the hazards of smog has become a poisonous hand that steals the user extra strength cbd gummies s name.Qi Fei asked.But I have some doubts.For example, your mother was raped by your father first, so you were born.Later, if other people have the same idea as you, they can enjoy it after seeing your mother.Shouldn t they be Is it correct I cbd delta 8 gummies near me want to ask you, how many brothers and sisters do you have, you must be very happy as a big family.Qi Fei doesn t swear, but if he swears, it must be bloody, absolutely Sour.You Sure enough, after hearing Qi Fei s cbd delta 8 gummies near me joy organics cbd gummies for sleep words, no matter how high the cultivation base and the best self cultivation, the insane Taoist couldn t control the boiling mood in his heart at this moment.He could not stop pointing at Qi Fei s finger.Trembling, unable to speak at all.I, me, your own argument, you think it is appropriate, is it inappropriate for others to use your argument, this Taoist priest, it seems that you have forgotten the habits you should have when you are someone else s dog, it is really pitiful.However, even though his shot couldn t kill the Daoist Madman, Qi Fei is not just for nothing.When the Daoist Daoist was struggling to avoid the bullet, Qi Fei grabbed it with a few steps and punched the Daoist Daoist hard.Taoist chest.Pfft The insane Taoist s face turned cbd gummies by dr charles stanley pale, blood spurted out of his mouth, he also smashed through the door and fell on the corridor.Such a huge movement made nearby guests come out to watch one after another, but when they saw Qi Fei coming out, they all chose to shut up, but they would not stay away.Qi Fei is now a thunder, whoever touches it will explode, and there is nothing wrong with this guy.As a result, there was a trace of pity in the eyes of those people looking at the insane Taoist, this is another thunderstorm.Junior, I fell into the hands of both of you today.The judge said coldly.As soon as the words fell, the figure of the judge disappeared from the spot, and when he reappeared, he was less than one meter away from Li Er.Afterwards, the judge could be seen clenching his fists, as if gathering all the strength in his is condor cbd gummies legitimate body, and blasted straight at Li Er s throat.He wanted to break Li Er s neck with one punch, twist his head off and use it as a chamber pot, and see how Li Er can be a poisonous snake.The powerful fist directly blasted through the air in front of the fist, forming a cylindrical vacuum zone where the fist passed.As a result, it also brought up a blowing air current, curling up Li Er s long hair and skirt.The power of a single punch can reach such a level, the title of judge is by no means in cbd delta 8 gummies near me vain.No wonder no one can know the true strength of the judge, there are very few people who can resist such a punch.No one with high ability is trained in a stable environment.Qi Fei said.Tch, it seems like I m afraid of me.Hua Zhihu muttered in a low voice.Shut up, Xiao Hua, you will be on the battlefield from now on, if you are more willful, they have the right to kill you on the spot.The king of heaven reprimanded Hua Zhihu.Remind him at this time, save yourself from committing another crime on the battlefield, and if you get into trouble, you will lose your head.Everyone s life cannot be restarted.Is everything ready Qi Fei asked Tianwang.It s all in the car.There aren t many types, but it s basically enough for the four of you.Besides, when it s on the battlefield, when the fight is cbd delta 8 gummies near me hot, the ground may be full of things you need.Tianwang said with a smile.Okay, let s not talk nonsense, the flag is set to win, and we will triumph as soon as possible.It s fried until there s not even a hair left.It s too boring, go back to sleep.Such a simple conversation highlights their strong self confidence and pride.How can I say that people also come here by car, are they still afraid of some people who rely on their legs However, the moment the man turned around, a deadly gun barrel suddenly appeared a few meters cbd delta 8 gummies near me behind him.With a clear gunshot, the man s head instantly turned into a rotten watermelon, blood and tofu Brain splashing.Ah The other person standing next to him seemed to have seen the most terrifying scene, but he could only let out a scream because his mouth had been pierced by sharp bullets.At this time, the driver of the armored vehicle also noticed the outside situation, and manipulating the cbd delta 8 gummies near me turret was about to shoot at the place where the shot was fired, but it seemed that everything was too late.I m already deeply infatuated with this armored vehicle.If I can, I d rather give up my identity as a shooter.I don t ask much.Just give me an armored vehicle every day and let me work hard.Xia Zhilong Said with eyes full of little stars.Compared with armored vehicles, guns are so boring.One shot can kill one, and good skills can knock down two.Three is the limit, but armored vehicles are different.Not only do you not need to dodge, but you can also wantonly ravage the enemy.Watch them The expression of fear on his face made him feel refreshed.I found out that you are a pervert.Do you know that you are engaging in massacres, and I will not be with you.Hua Zhihu said.Having said that, this guy looked at cbd delta 8 gummies near me Xia Zhilong eagerly, and he was really looking forward to Xia Zhilong letting him play, but what made him depressed was that he couldn t play with this armored vehicle at all.That can t be done.No matter how shameless Qi Fei is, he is still my elder brother.I still need to go and see, right sister in law.Lei Dao got up from the ground shamelessly and said.He was very afraid that the king of heaven would blow him away if he got upset, so he quickly hugged Wu Lan s thigh tightly.Chapter 557 Very excited Let s go and have a look together.Wu Lan blushed a little.Although Lei Dao knew about her cohabitation with Qi Fei for a long time, but being called sister in law in front of the king of heaven by Lei Dao is still a little uncomfortable, but there is still a little sweetness in his heart.The three of them came out of the room, and led by the officer who had been waiting at the door, the three of them walked through a cbd gummies dosage by weight small courtyard and walked into the heavily guarded small hospital.Remember to come back early next time, you know After all, it s not very safe for a Li Xiaoya to be wandering outside at such a late hour.Qi Fei took a few steps closer, but because of the light behind his back, he couldn t see clearly outside the door.The girl s appearance.Qi Fei couldn t see what Li Xiaoya looked like, but after seeing Qi Fei, Li Xiaoya froze there.Hallucination The figure of this person looks like him Chapter 584 A Wonderful Life Yes, she thought of the man who escorted her and her cousin back home.Although he had long hair at the time, she couldn t see what he looked like, but she still kept this figure firmly in her heart.But it s not right, I just think of him occasionally, did he appear in my hallucination If it s true, then I m in a sick rhythm.Qi Fei opened the door, and when he saw the woman s face, he was stunned.These little bastards, all they can do is follow the boss s orders and do things well.Well, by the way, their boss was beaten by Qi Fei.That s right, it was Mo Xuanzhuo Mo Qiuling is the apple of the eye of the Mo family.This is also the cbd gummies highest dosage reason why she was not afraid of Zhou Sisi at Yan University.In fact, it s not that the Mo family can really compare with the Zhou family, it s just that she doesn t know the strength of the Zhou family.Miss, don t worry, we will definitely get this done.After finishing speaking, the dark skinned gangster waved his hand and followed Zhou Sisi and the others with his two younger brothers.Looking at their backs, Mo Qiuling thought to cbd delta 8 gummies near me himself I hope you guys don t let me down Yes, she actually doesn t know how strong they are.She asked them to do this matter mainly because she saw that what do cbd gummies do for u cbd delta 8 gummies near me you don t look like punks in your clothes and can sneak into the school.It s so early in the what do cbd gummies do for u cbd delta 8 gummies near me morning.Could it be that I didn t sleep well last night and my eyes were blurred If not, how to explain this scene Doesn t this thing only appear in TV series or movies Although there is reality, it is really more difficult than winning a lottery to see this scene Wu Yaqin looked at the study room, three boys fell to the ground, one of them passed out, but bleeding.Although the other two were not unconscious, they were also scarred.The blood stains on their faces made people feel chills on their backs, giving them a creepy feeling.How could this shuddering and extremely hideous scene appear here Also, the person who lost a lot of blood and passed out, shouldn t have been beaten to death, right At the same time, she saw Qi Fei, the new guard of the girls dormitory building at No.Well, brother Xiaoqiang, it s really not what you think.You heard it wrong, really.Brother Bao quickly explained.It s a pity that his teammate Shitou didn t think so.For his own safety, he said annoyedly Obviously he forced us to come, and he said that this is a task assigned by the boss himself.If we don t If you finish it, you will be punished Stone You Xiaoqiang heard Shito say this, and the pain in his whole body, which was already badly injured, became even worse.Brother Bao, a guy who wants to please both ends, doesn t know what to say after hearing this.Qi Fei didn t speak, but just watched these two people arguing there quietly, feeling a little sad.Does this count as so called human nature Everyone, when encountering a problem, will subconsciously choose to escape, and then push the problem to his teammates.Anyway, this way you can be aboveboard and not be bored in the guard room.Yes, Qi Fei had already seen that she was lying.Although I HCMUSSH cbd delta 8 gummies near me don t know what she wants to do, I still cooperate with her.Well, there is no way to do it, I hope you can understand.Wei Yatong was caught off guard by Qi Fei.Qi Fei pretended to think for a while, and said Well, you seem to be right, so may I ask the police officer if you have anything to ask me Wei Yatong didn t answer Qi Fei s question directly, but got out of the car first Out of the notepad and pen, cbd delta 8 gummies near me he said in a dignified manner The thing is like this, where were you between 8 30 am and 10 00 am on July 22, 2014 I ll go, this is really professional what However, Qi Fei pretended to think about it, and said decisively Well, I m at Beijing University.Want to bluff me See if I don t play you to death Hearing this, Wei Yatong said helplessly, Can you be more specific Qi Fei nodded and said, Yes, at that time, I should be teaching in No.The comrade who had been crushed by the punch fell to the ground without even responding.Who are you After being surprised, several soldiers from the Ninth Police Bureau surrounded Qi Fei tightly.Although he admired Qi Fei s style, it might be worth their nervousness for someone with such skills to cause trouble in Jinxiu Community.After all, everyone knows that there are quite a few high ranking officials in Jinxiu Community.If this person is some kind of killer, or a robber like kidnapping, relying on his combat power to sneak in, maybe he can do something.If something is really done, then the special department headed by the guards will be ashamed and thrown to the whole world.Thinking of this, several people began to pay attention, and surrounded Qi Fei.I said, the combat effectiveness of you security guards is too bad, isn t it You were put down by a brat all of a sudden.Then he released his emotions loudly.No way, when I saw the cs and lr4, Changmao felt that cbd delta 8 gummies near me he was very dangerous.Not only that, but there is a funny subordinate beside him, which is even more dangerous.Just as Pingtou was about to speak, Changmao was afraid that this guy would do something wrong, so he slapped him directly to signal him to shut up.You bastard, if you hadn t been procrastinating just now, we would have left by now, do we still need to face such danger now When the policeman heard this, his heart beat wildly.Could it be that those terrorists slipped through the net Although this may be a credit, the police pistol in my hand is completely a display for those people.Whether he can get this credit is still a question.It is said that danger and opportunity coexist, but my danger is too dangerous, right Listen to me, the people inside.Because, now is a society where the Internet is developed at a high speed, if any student curiously posts a question on the Internet, the matter may cause a commotion.Although Qi Fei felt that he did not make a mistake, he couldn t help but have 50 cents or 50 cents to spray himself The impact at that time was great.So Qi Fei could only do this when he was very upset with Zheng Zheguang.Besides, they are just eager to protect their sister, although Qi Fei doesn t agree with their behavior, but he can understand it.Well, it would be kana cbd gummies review best cbd gummies to replace alcohol even better if they could be more kind, ask the ins and outs of the matter, and get along with each other in a friendly manner.Are you saving people Although Zheng Zheguang was very angry, he still listened to Qi Fei s words, and immediately yelled You are clearly taking advantage of my sister, look On his mobile phone, he turned to the picture in the circle of friends with an angle that made people think, and said angrily There are pictures and the truth Qi Fei glanced at the photo, and knew what it was at the first glance It s over.Qi Fei kindly suggested.Is this okay The skater girl was cbd delta 8 gummies near me somewhat moved by this proposal.Because before she started, she really never thought about getting rid of her second brother, and she would have to pay such a tragic price.While they were still circling, Zheng Ershao s phone rang on the cbd delta 8 gummies near me white domestic Mercedes Benz.It was called by Young Master Zheng who had checked the monitoring system in the nearby traffic department.On Fuqian Road, hurry up and follow up now.After the call was connected, Young Master Zheng didn t even talk nonsense, and directly reported the trace of the car found in the surveillance.Zheng Ershao didn t hesitate, and said directly to his younger brother, Hurry up, go to Fuqian Road.The younger brother who was driving looked at the red street light, and said, Brother Guang, it s a red light now What should I do Hurry up Damn it, can t you wait for the red light to pass, and then hurry up In fact, Zheng Ershao really wanted him to run through the red light and fly over, but he took a look at the passing vehicles on the road.Young Master Zheng s words are really not nonsense.Think about it in their shoes, if a person who has lost their family s face so much, will betray his promise when his family is in the most difficult time.But after our family got up, you came to ask for help, would I agree All benevolence and trust, at any time, have a limit.It is obvious that the Zheng family has no benevolence to speak of with the Qi family.Facing his son directly revealing his inner thoughts, Zheng Maocai was very unhappy and said You talk too much Besides, if you don t try it, how do you know it s okay Could it be that we let the police arrest people now , is that right Obviously not, if they really did this, then the Qi family was really provocative.If it were any other family, in fact, if the Zheng family did this, there would be no problems.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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