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Yi Lan didn t want Qi Fei to pay the money, but she had no other choice but to do so.Without much hesitation, she agreed.Her mother Bai Xiu almost knelt in front of Qi Fei and shouted for her benefactor.This made Qi Fei extremely uncomfortable.After the money was gathered, Yi Lan signed it, and the hospital finally operated on her father.Qi Fei Thank you, I will definitely return the money to you.Yi Lan said to Qi Fei with red eyes.Qi Fei shook his head Let s not talk about these things, let s focus on treating uncle first.After the operation, Yi Fuxiang was out of danger, which made his family and Qi Fei heave a sigh of relief.However, the mother and son s faces turned gloomy again.This is just an operation, and when the time comes, you will need to be hospitalized, checked, and continue to receive treatment, cbd gummie worms and a lot of money will need to be poured into it.Mr.Yan originally had a serious expression, cbd gummies 40 mg cbd peach gummies but he also smiled when he saw Yi Lan, but that smile always seemed uncomfortable, he shook hands with Yi Lan and said with a smile The distribution company really has many beauties When I came here, I saw 20 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 40 mg a beautiful cbd gummies 40 mg woman again, the boss is always a beautiful woman, and the manager of this department is not bad, he is even more youthful than an 18 year old girl Hahaha His words stunned Qi Fei, this guy is not like a president When he came to inspect, he felt like a prostitute visiting a brothel.If he hadn t seen it with his own eyes, he couldn t believe that the president of cvs have cbd gummies Tangtang Group would have such a face in front of so many people.Cheng Siyu couldn t help but frowned slightly, as for Tan Jianren and Zhang Li, they laughed along side by side, but Zhang Li looked at Yi Lan with a bit of cold eyes.After a long silence, Qi Fei asked There was a car accident Is it because you were drunk and driving Li Dafa was a little flustered, and hurriedly said No, no I didn t drink and drive It s justjust that the speed of the car was a little faster, and the turning Suddenly a big truck appeared, and I was afraid of hitting it, so I slammed the steering wheel in a hurry I didn t expect that there would be a car accident Li Dafa pulled his hair Both of us have already had a physical examination.I have to register in the next daywhywhy did this happen Seeing Li Dafa s pitiful appearance, Qi Fei didn t sympathize with him, and even wanted to beat him up.If it wasn t for him, Yi Lan would never have become what he is now, and he, Li Dafa, is the culprit It s just that Qi Fei can t use much strength now, and after all, he had a relationship with Yi Lan before that, even if he didn t do it voluntarily, it still made Qi Fei feel a little bit sorry.Old Shi, we are old friends, what are you going to do when these three bastards attack us Qi Fei was startled, this guy is friends with the lobby manager Manager Shi laughed Hehe, it s all right, I ve already called the police, and the police will be here soon.These three people started the trouble, right Let them go to the police station to reflect on it later, they actually made trouble here You really are so bold.Hearing these words, Heizi and Maoqiu were unexpectedly calm, they didn t say anything, they just stood there with a sneer, and Heizi patted Qi Fei s shoulder lightly Fei Fei Brother, if the police come, you can enjoy the show.What do you mean Qi Fei was puzzled.Heyyou ll know when the time comes.Heizi looked enigmatic.Qi Fei frowned, thinking that this guy must have been with Li Xuan for a long time, and he learned everything he said.Who knows that guy won t agree, and I actually don t want to refute the face of the broker.After all, I am an old acquaintance, hehe, but I m fine now.Thanks to you guys, I don t believe he still has the confidence to come to me Qi Fei understood this in an instant, and it turned out that the other meaning of Li Xuan s good job was referring to this matter.Qi Fei couldn t help but heaved a sigh of relief, he didn t expect that not only did nothing bad happen, but he also helped Li Xuan.Li Xuan seemed to be in a good mood.He said to Qi Fei Brother Fei, I heard the driver tell you how you handled things at that time.It was very good.I like to use my brain when doing things.Heizi, Maoqiu, how many of you two are you Learn from Brother Fei Yes Brother Fei Heizi and Maoqiu quickly replied in unison We must learn from Brother Fei It s your mother s head Ah It s the boss Chapter 64 I will not resign Qi Fei intends to go to the hospital, so Li Xuan asked the driver to drive him there first.How much is it Qi Fei stared at Li Dafa s face Eye.Fifty thousand Li Dafa s heart ached when he said this.Qi Fei laughed Brother Fa, you are really interesting.You say you have no money again and again, but you can come up with money again and again.Li Dafa s face turned green and red for a while, He smiled embarrassingly Actually, I really have no money, and strictly speaking, the fifty thousand yuan is not mine I was just forced to do nothing, I can find a way to get it, and then I will give it to you.I see.This is the condition you gave me, so what about the condition you need Let me go.Li Dafa said these three words directly.Qi Fei took a deep breath of the cigarette and didn t speak.Li Dafa s voice was trembling Qi Fei, please let me go, I don t know what Li Xuan will do to me, I I m so scared Let me go, I promise to give you the money Qi Fei coughed dryly twice, and suddenly changed the topic Brother Fa, I want cbd gummies for seniors cbd gummies 40 mg to know, why on earth did you go to work under that Qin Wu Li Dafa s expression froze for a moment, he didn t expect Qi Fei to talk about it all of a sudden Other things, after being stunned for a while, he cbdmd cbd oil gummies 30 count said in a low voice Thereof course there is a reason.The fat boss probably sensed the unusual temperament of the man in gray, so he said politely I m sorry boss, my friend, Mr.Andre has taken a fancy to this private room, please let me go.The man in gray didn t even lift his eyelids That is to say, I have to give in because he s taken a fancy to it What s the reason Everyone who comes here to drink tea has only one identity that s a guest, no matter if you re Chinese No matter foreigners, everyone is here to drink tea, you don t understand the principle of first come, first served How can there be absurd things like latecomers forcibly occupying other people s private rooms This made the fat boss speechless, but Andre Seeming to be getting more and more angry, the bald headed man cursed at the gray clothed man after seeing Andre s expression, You re the only one who talks too much shit Then he cbd gummies purchase reached out to grab his collar and drag him out.Chapter 89 Old Gongsun Qi Fei was at the side, seeing that the bald head was so presumptuous, he immediately grabbed the bald head s wrist.The bald head only felt that his hand was clamped by iron tongs, and he could no longer move forward an inch, so he couldn t help being surprised.Qi Fei said to the bald head with a calm face Open the door to do business, so naturally you are not afraid of trouble.If you dare to make an inch, I won t be so polite.Why don t you go to the police station What are you People.The bald man asked through gritted teeth, he felt the strength of the can i bring cbd gummies on a plane other party s fingers getting stronger and stronger, which made his expression change.This teahouse belongs to my boss, and I am his subordinate, responsible for the safety work here.Qi Fei said.Hearing his words, the gray clothed man showed a strange expression in his eyes.Let the rest of Qin Wu s subordinates know, then we will lose face Langtou spit out a smoke ring Let s build up our prestige in the future, and let people here know the tricks of buddies Qi Fei heard these words, Secretly surprised in my heart, this is terrible, for a long time the three of them are Qin Wu s subordinates, presumably Qin Wu lost people before, and then found three new ones, they must not know that this is Li Xuan s territory Otherwise, he wouldn t have barged in like a fool.By the way, the six guys before Qin Wu are said to be very powerful, but they still stumbled, failed to play with women, and were overthrown by an unknown boy, and were finally arrested by the police.Didn t come out, let me see that this is a real useless bastard The snake head said loudly, without any scruples that there is still a waiter here.The more he was like this, the more curious Cheng Siyu was, and Qi Fei was equally curious, but he could hold back, but once this woman s cbd gummies 40 mg curiosity came up, Ten cows could not be pulled back, Cheng Siyu looked at Wu Wei Is it inconvenient to say Hehe, that s not true, I just think that if I say something about myself, I m afraid it will affect your dinner No, no, we can also promote understanding.Cheng Siyu winked at Qi Fei Do you think so, Qi Fei.Well, I think so too.Qi Fei nodded again and again.Wu Wei hesitated to speak, and finally smiled helplessly.Qi Fei said Brother Ang, I heard from the doctor who introduced you to me before that you used to work in the capital, but you were transferred here.I was thinking, with your ability, you should be in the capital.Can it develop better Why Wu Wei pondered for a moment Okay, let me tell you, you two are also the first friends I met when I came here, and I just need to find someone to talk to.He also saw several people lying on the ground with bruises and swollen faces Struggling desperately on the ground.Microphone Give me the microphone Qi Fei shouted until his voice became hoarse, and he kept making gestures.The host finally knew what Qi Fei wanted, he threw the microphone in his hand towards Qi Fei without hesitation, Qi Fei grabbed the microphone with a sudden jump, and quickly stepped back to avoid the crowd.Then he took out his mobile phone as quickly as possible, turned on the player inside, and turned the volume to the maximum.The next moment, fierce gunshots rang out in the hall, accompanied by a hoarse roar Don t fucking move Rob Anyone who doesn t want to die, put your head in your hands and squat down In many crisis situations, human Thoughts haven t caught up yet, but they will immediately make instinctive actions to save their lives.On the other side, in the Tingyinxuan nightclub, everything seemed to be back to normal.The bald man and his subordinates were all arranged in a luxurious private room, and Lin Xuan er was also brought in.But the bald guy wanted to enjoy Lin Xuan er by himself first, so he asked the nightclub to get him a luxurious private room alone, and let him stay with Xuan er, and the two most powerful younger brothers Stay at the door.Qi Fei is well aware of these situations, and this is exactly what he wants to see, because he laid out the plan from the very beginning.After the bald man entered the box, Qi cbd gummies for seniors cbd gummies 40 mg Fei asked the vice president to follow him in, using the excuse of discussing money, but in fact it was to temporarily prevent the bald man from messing around with Xuan er.Qi Fei didn t really hope that benadryl and cbd gummies she would encounter danger.Qi Fei s voice was sharp The hoarseness was caused by shouting out his throat, and his current voice, like a night owl, sounds particularly intimidating.It s because of the way his voice has changed that Qi Fei can speak in front of Xuan er, so don t worry about her hearing cbd gummies 40 mg it.Not only Xuan er couldn t hear it, but even his own parents probably couldn t hear it.Xuan er stared blankly at Qi Fei s figure, she only felt that the man who suddenly barged in was her savior, and vaguely, she found that the figure of this man seemed familiar.The bald man is still a big brother cbd gummies stay alert in the wrong way, so he won t be bluffed by Qi Fei casually, even if there is a trace of fear in his heart, he hasn t just caught him cbd gummies 40 mg without a fight.Damn it I think you don t want to live anymore See if I won t kill you The bald man got up from the ground and picked up the wine bottle on the table and threw it at Qi Fei s head.Lin Xuan er walked out of the Tingyinxuan nightclub alone.At three or four in the morning, it was very cold outside, and she couldn t help but hugged her arms tightly.At this time, she heard the phone ringing in her pocket, so she immediately took it out to check, it was Gao Wei calling.After connecting, Gao legit cbd gummies on amazon Wei s anxious voice came from inside Xuan er, are you alright I m going to call the police right now, and I just lost a little time I was caught drunk driving by the traffic police.Said with any emotional tone I m fine, I ve left the nightclub.Really They didn t cbd gummies 40 mg cbd peach gummies do anything to you, did they No, something happened suddenly, that person was given by another person I took it away so I m fine.That s great You hurry up and take a taxi back, I can t pick you up.Yes.Lin Xuan er hung up the phone, feeling unspeakable in her heart uncomfortable feeling.After a pause, he asked Asked Where are your two brothers Xiao Tie slowly picked up the flashlight and shone at the man s side.Only cbd gummies 40 mg now did they see that there were two other men in the same dress, but one of them His body was covered in blood, and the other half was lying there clutching his cbd gummies 40 mg chest and gasping for breath.Qi Fei understood that the movement he heard before and the strange footprints belonged to them.After a long time, the sleep cbd gummies bundle three tomb robbers happened to be at the bottom, but they were buried by the rocks and soil that fell from above.They were all knocked dizzy for a while, and only then did they almost recover.Dude, there was a misunderstanding.Qi Fei said calmly, Hurry up and treat your friend.After saying this, Qi Fei was the first to put down the gun in his hand.Retracted her shotgun.Qi Fei didn t know how Dongzi s luck was.Seeing Cheng Siyu s sad face, Qi Fei could only comfort her Both of us escaped.Dongzi, a native of the area, must know more about the situation in those places than we do., logically speaking, the possibility of him surviving is much greater than the two of us Maybe he has returned to his home earlier.Cheng Siyu didn t speak for a long time, what Qi Fei said was not unreasonable , and she has no way to verify it now, she can only pray in her heart that Dongzi will be safe.Chapter 155 Qi Fei who was drifting away didn t want Cheng Siyu to fall into sadness again, so he immediately said Tomorrow we will go to Kunming, and then fly back to Bingang, you should rest early, don t think about it Yes.Cheng Siyu nodded Then you should go to bed earlier.Well, good night.Piao Ling It would be great if you could be by my side Cheng Siyu stared into the distance and murmured to himself.Originally, she planned to go back directly, but by accident, she walked slowly in the opposite direction.At this moment, Qi Fei was pacing back and forth in his room, and he always felt a little uneasy in his heart.He opened the outside door just after finishing the phone call with Cheng Siyu, and he could see Cheng Siyu as soon as he came back.It s just that ten minutes later, Cheng Siyu still didn t show up, Qi Fei couldn t bear it anymore, grabbed his phone and went out quickly.Qi Fei looked hurried, stepped out of the elevator, and strode towards the hotel door.While taking out his mobile phone to make a call to Cheng Siyu, he suddenly saw that QQ had received a message from Qingyu.Cheng Siyu carefully squeezed the cigarette, and then took a light puff.The cigarette was only lighted a little bit, but she still choked on it.As soon as she let go of her hand, the smoke fell down, and Qi Fei quickly caught it with his sharp eyes.Cheng Siyu waved his hands again and again No, no, I still can t stand the smell, it s too choking.Qi Fei grinned Then Mr.Cheng, do you still smoke No more, smoke it yourself.Cheng Siyu said with her mouth curled.Hey.Qi Fei smiled, and casually put the cigarette in his mouth.In the next second, he thought that this seemed a little bad, because the cigarette had just been bitten by Cheng Siyu He didn t dislike it, but he felt that if a woman saw another man doing this without scruple, she might be afraid.disgusted.There was a strange look in Cheng Siyu s eyes.If he wants to give the plan to him earlier, needless to say, he will definitely To arrange the rest of the tasks.Qi Fei was in a good mood and relaxed, so he fell asleep not long after.When he cbd gummies 40 mg woke up, it was 8 30 in the morning.He immediately called Ye Xiaobei to see if she had woken up.Chapter 172 Do you surrender or not It turned out that Xiao Bei got up early, and tidied up Qi Fei s house, saying that he would quit drinking cbd gummies natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews go there with breakfast.Qi Fei said Going to bed so late last night won t affect your spirit, right No, I m in a good state of mind, hehe.Okay, I ll go there now.Okay Brother Qi.After Qi Fei left the hospital, he bought some breakfast and rushed back to the residential area.Qi Fei s footsteps are so light, and his whole face is radiant.The only thing that makes him think about it now is the matter of Gongsun Hai.aside.The man who was rummaging through things was a man in his thirties, wearing ordinary cbd gummies for seniors cbd gummies 40 mg clothes, a black overcoat, and a gray round hat.He was not tall, with thin cheeks and dark skin.A kind of liver shattering evil spirit.Judging from his state when he was rummaging through things, this person should be a veteran.After more than 20 minutes, Qi Fei s house was turned upside down by him.But he still didn t seem to find what he wanted.After a while he took out his cell phone and made a call.Hey, I didn t see what you said.The man s voice was hoarse.After listening for a while, he continued I ve been staring at him as much as possible during this time, this kid didn t do anything special, since I took this job, I haven t seen him take out that thing by himself Well, tell me what to do.The man on the other end of the phone didn t know what he was talking about.Where is the thing the killer asked sensei cbd gummies coldly.Qi Fei looked at Ye Xiaobei, her eyes were closed, her chest was still heaving, but she just passed out, there shouldn t be any serious problems.hinder.Qi Fei already had a bold idea in his heart, but he knew that he could only gamble, and if he failed, he and Xiao Bei would definitely go to see Lord Hades.He didn t have time to guess the origin of this killer and who sent it.He could only concentrate on thinking about how to save Xiao Bei and his own life.To take a step back, even if he will be murdered, Xiao Bei must escape no matter what.Chapter 174 The killer s gun was always aimed at Qi Fei at the moment of life and death.His hand was very steady without any shaking at all, which made Qi Fei believe even more that the killer s ability must not be underestimated.Brother Fei, let s go.Li Xuan said to Qi Fei, Don t be nervous, nothing will happen.Any movement from Qin Wu s side can t escape my eyes.Qi Fei was very surprised, why did Li Xuan say that What did he do secretly It s just that Qi Fei couldn t ask.He followed Li Xuan out of the restaurant and got into a car.Since Qi Fei had a shoulder injury, Li Xuan drove the car himself.When the two left, Heizi was already on the phone calling for someone.Bai Jin covered his stomach and hemp bombs cbd gummies reddit said to Heizi, Brother, I feel sick I have to go to the bathroom.Heizi waved his hand to signal for him to go.So Platinum walked away quickly, and soon went into the toilet of the restaurant, and then he took out his mobile phone and made a call.Boss, on the surface, Li Xuan only brought one person there, but in fact he arranged cbd gummies 40 mg for soul cbd gummies quit drinking cbd gummies a lot of subordinates to cbd gummies 40 mg follow him.Yan Fengtao must feel very uncomfortable, and he will definitely give Cheng Siyu various things in his future work.Make a trip.As a high level leader, Yan Fengtao will not do those things himself in all likelihood, he should use his own people to do them, and think of ways to complete Cheng Siyu, such as using Tan Jianren and Zhang Li, who really want to replace Cheng Siyu s position people.The more Qi Fei thought about it, the more he felt that Cheng Siyu was surrounded by dangers, which made him want to return to the publishing company to escort her even more.Qi Fei really didn t want to chat with Zhang Li any longer, but this woman talked a lot, and she would say some hints to Qi Fei from time to time, which made Qi Fei a little embarrassed, but fortunately, after another two or three days Minutes later, Yan Fengtao came down.The one hundred and ninety eighth chapter told him to shut up, but these guys won t be scared so easily because of cbd gummies 40 mg the large number of people, so they launched a more crazy attack after only a short period of stupefaction.Excluding the four who ran to catch Ye Xiaobei and Yi Lan, and the three who were completely lost in combat by Qi Fei, there were still fourteen men left.One singled out fourteen, Qi Fei s skill is good, but not strong enough to handle all these people.Although these guys are not experts, they are still stronger than ordinary people.When Qi Fei gets ruthless, they also start to get ruthless.Even if Qi Fei can resist the attack, he will be exhausted after a long time.In addition, these guys rushed over in a swarm, and the strikes were as heavy as they wanted.Qi Fei was not supercilious, and he would get hit several times from time to time.After a long cbd gummies 40 mg time, she clicked on Add Contact, and then entered the numbers one by one.It was a wandering QQ number.Even though she deleted it from the QQ list, 2mg cbd gummies those numbers had cbd gummies 40 mg already been engraved in her heart.Can t forget cbd gummies for seniors cbd gummies 40 mg it at all.Under the circumstances, Cheng Siyu was stunned and wanted to add Piao Ling as a friend again.A strong emotion governed her movements.Cheng Siyu s eyes were almost blurred by tears.She wiped away her tears and entered the last two digits of Piao Ling s QQ number with trembling fingers.Then click the Find button.The wandering QQ profile picture appeared in front of Cheng Siyu again, quit drinking cbd gummies natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews and at this moment her tears were out of control again.Seeing his avatar, it was as if he had seen all the contents of the chat with him.Cheng Siyu gritted his teeth and moved the mouse to the add friend button next to the avatar.He is a native of Bingang and has a certain background in the company.Compared with foreigners like Qi Fei, Zhang Wei has an inherent advantage.And Zhang Wei also knew that Qi Fei was just a small publisher at first.Although he was lucky enough to join the company later, he is still not an employee until now.A sense of superiority surrounds Zhang Wei, but under the premise of such a sense of superiority, Zhang Wei is still a little jealous of Qi Fei, which is precisely because of the previous plan report.First of all, Zhang Wei didn t believe that Qi Fei was really capable of coming up with a good plan, but later the other party had cbd recovery gummies another idea, and then he peeked at Qi Fei s idea, and then thought, now you must be no better than me.Who knew that with the same thinking, Qi Fei could actually come up with such a meticulous and impeccable plan, which frustrated Zhang Weiwei who was full of confidence and didn t think Qi Fei saw it in his eyes.Before Qi Fei could speak to Ou Hanhua, Cheng Siyu hurriedly asked Qi Fei Where is your own project file It s in my USB flash drive, what s wrong cbd gummies 40 mg Give it to me.Without thinking about it, Qi Fei took out the i disk from his pocket and handed it directly to Cheng Siyu.Okay, both of you come to my office.Although I don t know what Cheng Siyu is going to do, but she seems to be quite anxious, so Qi Fei and Ou Hanhua followed her to her office without saying a word.But after arriving at her office, Cheng Siyu sat in front of the computer, plugged in the USB flash drive Qi Fei gave her, and then got busy.Qi Fei and Ou Hanhua sat on the sofa and looked at each other.Ou Hanhua s eyes were dazed, but Qi Fei seemed to be deep in thought.He vaguely thought of something, but he couldn t be sure yet.About ten minutes later, Cheng Siyu printed out a document, she bound the document and handed it cbd gummies 40 mg to Ou Hanhua.Bin was reminiscing about the old days, who knew that the other party would not mention the old things when he came.However, since Ning Bin said so, he still nodded.Qi Fei couldn t help thinking, what happened between these two people It s so mysterious Originally, Qi Fei thought that maybe he could take this opportunity to learn about Ning Bin s past and see how he was related to Qin Wu, but now it seems unlikely that he will find out, so let s eat with peace of mind.The four of them chatted and ate hot pot.They talked about trivial matters, and there were a lot of things that Ning Bin and Xiong Jun said.What does it mean.During this period, although Qi Fei didn t know what kind of job Xiong Jun was doing, he probably heard that he should be doing pretty well, and Xiong Jun s hometown seemed to be Bingang.It s me.Qi Fei walked over Director Hu, cbd gummies 40 mg you are here Director Hu nodded, Then they all arrived in front of Captain He.Captain He looked very excited, but Director Hu scolded with a straight face You are looking for death Captain He froze for a moment, opened his mouth to say something, martha stewart cbd gummies instagram but Director Hu slapped him Dazed, he turned his head and said to the two policemen behind him Send this guy to the hospital, and deal with it seriously later, save his life first Yes, Director The two policemen quickly He stepped forward and carried Captain He away.Qi Fei breathed a sigh of relief at this moment, but Ning Bin still had a dignified expression.Qi Fei comforted in a low voice Brother Bin, don t worry, Director Hu will understand the situation clearly, and for Brother Jun s sake, he will definitely help us.Qi Fei didn t know whether to laugh or cry, and a sense of warmth and gratitude surged up in his heart In that case, I d like to thank brother Bin That s it Ning Bin seemed very happy.By the way, Brother Qi Fei.Ning Bin said Who is that Brother Xuan of yours Qi Fei thought for a while and decided to tell Ning Bin the truth He is the son of the director of Bingang Public Security Bureau No wonder Director Hu is so afraid, hahaha, the wicked will be tortured by the wicked Qi Fei was surprised Brother Bin, how do you say that Li Xuan is a wicked person It can be seen.Ning Bin was mysterious With a smile I m very accurate in seeing people.Anyone in front of me, no matter how he pretends, I can tell what kind of guy he cbd gummies 40 mg is.Maybe some things on the surface can pretend to be like that, but everyone is from the inside.Chapter 249 Will Ning Bin looked at Qi Fei who was stunned, and smiled Looking at your expression, I am 100 sure.It was just a guess before.You guessed it I m so convinced Qi Fei clasped his fists with a serious expression on his face, I m sorry Brother Bin, I came here for a purpose.Ning Bin waved his hand You don t need to apologize to me.This kind of purpose has no effect on me, besides, no one in this world will have a reason to do anything Then Ning Bin asked Qi Fei Did you get black hands because you offended Qin Wu Qi Fei looked blank That s not truewhy Brother Bin asks that Oh this matter will be later Er said, let me tell you about Qin Wu first.Brother Bin, please tell me.Ning Bin took out the cigarette case, handed Qi Fei one, lit one himself, and said quietly.Qin Wuthe power behind this person is not small, and that power is precisely the power that the bastard who killed my childhood sweetheart relied on, so when I heard this name, I had an abnormal reaction Qi Fei couldn t help but gasped, it seemed that he really didn t know Qin Wu very well, and Li Xuan didn t seem to know everything about this person either.When will it be your turn to intervene in my business Qin Wuchong s subordinates stared.At this time, Qi Fei came out holding a bouquet of flowers, and saw Qin Wu and his subordinates at a glance.Qi Fei immediately became 20 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 40 mg alert, and walked quickly to Xiaobei s side to protect plus cbd gummies sleep her behind him.Qin Wu chuckled, I didn t expect you to be here, Qi Fei, hehe, what a coincidence.Qi Fei frowned, ignored Qin Wu at all, and put the flowers in Ye Xiaobei s hands directly.Ye Xiaobei held Qi Fei s arm tightly and said to him, Brother Qi, let soul cbd gummies quit drinking cbd gummies s go.Well, let s go.Just like that, Qi Fei took Xiao Bei and left.Qin Wu looked at the backs of Qi Fei and Ye Xiaobei, and couldn t help clenching his hands, with a cold light in his eyes.Chapter 263 Meeting the Killer Again Qi Fei and Ye Xiaobei had already disappeared on the street, but Qin Wu s expression became more and more ugly, and his hands creaked.Qi Fei opened the door and sat in.Viagra, how s your talk with the editor in chief of Metropolis Daily going Brother Fei, I don t understand what you re talking about.Viagra, you said that if your discussion with the editor in chief of Metropolis Daily was found out by the company s senior management, What will they do Zhang Wei broke cbd gummies 40 mg out in a cold sweat from Qi Fei s words, and hurriedly knelt down to Qi Fei who was sitting behind him, and said, Brother Fei, we are all brothers, so speak up if you have something to say.It s time to have a good talk.Brother Fei, your lord has a lot of people.In the past, I offended Brother Fei because I didn t know Taishan.Please don t forgive me.Zhang Wei is about to lose his job, so Zhang Wei can t care about face, as long as Qi Fei doesn t tell the story today, even if he is asked to call him father, he can still call him.As long as you can find a bone marrow that matches your father s, you can perform the operation, and the person must be a man.Brother Ang, I don t know if my bone marrow matches Sister Lan s father s frontal diamond cbd gummy does it get you high bone marrow.Qi Fei stood aside Speaking of.Wu Wei said, Let s test it first.Then he took Qi Fei to the laboratory.After the test results came out, Wu soul cbd gummies quit drinking cbd gummies Wei could only shake his head and sigh, Qi Fei s did not match.Brother Ang, you must save my father.Yi Lan was already in tears.Wu Wei nodded with a solemn expression, expressing that he would try his best and told Yi Lan not to worry.Then Wu Wei sent the test report of Yi Lan s father s bone marrow to his friend in the hospital by fax, and asked his friend to help find whether there was any suitable bone marrow.One day later, Wu Wei received a call from a friend in Beijing.Qi Fei looked at the sky and took a deep breath.Chapter 292 Questioning Bei Dao Chuanzi Hitomi Shisha did not disturb Qi Fei s thinking, and quietly held Qi Fei s arm.Back home, Qi Fei did not avoid Hitomi Shisha, and called Xiao Wu.Brother Fei, I said I would look for you in two days I didn t expect you to miss my brother so much.Xiao Wu still had that ruffian tone.Qi Fei only wanted to know about Xu Kaixuan, and he didn t go around with Xiao Wu.He directly asked Xiao Wu about Bei Dao Chuanzi, Xiao Wu, I won t talk nonsense, is Bei Dao Chuanzi still here Where are you.Xiao Wu frowned slightly, then laughed and said, Brother Fei, cbd gummies 40 mg don t you want to exchange culture with that Japanese girl, right Wait a while and I ll have that girl taken away.Send it to you.Qi Fei was full of black lines, Xiao Wu, the important task of cultural exchange is up to you, I m not interested, I have something I want to know about her.The three of them left the hospital, went to an oriental restaurant, and ordered some light food.Looking at the decoration of this restaurant, Qi Fei s eyes lit up, and he had a new idea about the hot pot restaurant.After a week of treatment, Hitomi Shisha recovered well, and the doctor told her that she could be discharged from the hospital.Hearing this news, she was a little unhappy, a little bit disappointed, and cbd gummies 40 mg cbd peach gummies a little bit sad appeared on her brows.Qi Fei went through the discharge procedures for Tong Shisha, and the two walked out of the hospital.Cui Yangze and Jiang Fan and a few old fried dough sticks were already waiting outside the hospital.They kept saying that today is a good day, and they must celebrate it tonight.Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan originally planned to come to the hospital, but suddenly the company was going to have a meeting, and they couldn t come.Just pull over and stop.It s been a long time since quit drinking cbd gummies natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews I felt the breath of the harbor at night.A man s voice came from the back seat of the car, and then the black high end can cbd gummies show up on a drug test car slowed down and pulled over.After the car stopped, two men came out from the car.They were Xiao Li and Gongsun Hai.Gongsun Hai stretched his muscles and took a deep breath, Bingang is quite quiet at this time, with less noise There are a lot of people on the street, and there are very few pedestrians on the street.The tranquility of the city is not as gummy worm cbd good as that of the countryside.People in the city envy those who live in the country, living in an oil painting, with beautiful scenery, fresh air, and no noise from the city Rural people envy city people and live in a place full of feasting and feasting.Xiao Li stood not far from Gongsun Hai, looking at Gongsun Hai who was exercising his muscles and bones.Qi Fei naturally understands that if he wins the bid, the profits will be huge, otherwise there wouldn t be so many people who would try their best to get the bid.After a pause, Hitomi Shisha looked at Qi Fei with a pair of colored contact lenses, showed a cute smile, and said, Cui Yangze is quite capable.If he goes with you to participate in the bidding activity, the probability of winning the bid is quite high.Qi Fei can It is certain that Cui Yangze is the person Gongsun Hai sent to help him, but he never told Tong Shisha about this matter.Tong Shisha always thought that Cui Yangze was a senior designer who had been in the design industry for several years.When Qi Fei and Tong Shiyan walked into the house from the outside, the parents looked at Qi Fei and said with some reluctance Xiao Fei, although you are the boss now, you still have a lot of things to be busy with.Although his people found the place, However, Li Xuan couldn t believe their skills, so he decided to cbd gummies 40 mg ask Qi Fei and Bai Xiye to investigate.Back in the bungalow, someone had prepared meals and was waiting for them.After Qi Fei and Bai Xiye had eaten, Li Xuan asked a driver to take the two of them to the place where Qin Wu s drugs were traded.When he arrived at the location, the driver parked the car outside and told Qi Fei and Bai Xiye that he was waiting for them outside.The location of the drug deal was located in a suburb north of Kunming City.Qi Fei and Bai Xiye got out of the car, and after walking for a short distance, a small house appeared in their eyes.There are still some people with guns patrolling outside the house, and some people with boxes enter the house at the same time.Qi Fei and where can you get cbd gummies for ed Bai Xiye looked at each other.Chapter 356 Qin Wu s Revenge After taking over Qin Wu s two drug markets, cbd gummies nyc Li Xuan originally planned to continue doing so, but some things were not as good as imagined.Just after Li Xuan took over Qin Wu s second drug trading market, Qin Wu started to attack Li Xuan.Brother Xuan, when are you coming back Heizi s voice on the phone was a little trembling.These days Langzhou is still in peace, but Li Xuan s business in Bingang is not so peaceful.Heizi himself is from cbd gummies 40 mg Langzhou.Go to the harbor.Heizi, what happened Even when Mao Qiu died, Heizi had never looked like this.Li Xuan frowned and asked Heizi.Qin Wu s bastard is going to take over Brother Xuan s property in Bingang, and you want cbd gummies 40 mg to charge interest.Although Qin Wu didn t come these days, Bai Jin did.Bai Jin told Hei Zi that when he left Bingang, he would not fight Hei Zi for the first time after Nian Zai spent some time together, but if Hei Zi didn t listen to his advice, he would.At this time, most of the people in the hospital had fallen asleep, and even the nurses who were on duty were leaning on chairs to rest.Heizi had told them the ward number on the phone, and Li Xuan went straight to Heizi s ward, and could hear Heizi s snoring before he arrived.Bai Xiye opened the door of the ward, and Heizi was lying on the bed with his feet hanging in the air, completely unaware of Li Xuan s arrival.Pa Bai Xiye slapped Heizi to wake him up.Heizi wanted to deliver the goods, but after seeing that the person who came was Li Xuan, he swallowed the words he wanted to curse.Brother Xuan, when did you come here Heizi wanted to get up, but his feet were still hanging in the air.Heizi s ward is for two people, but the other bed is empty.Li Xuan sat on the other bed and glanced at Heizi, and asked, This injury was caused by Platinum.Fuck Bai Xiye is good at fighting, but this is the first time he has done this as an entry level burglary.He managed to sneak into the community, and after a lot of scrambling, he finally opened the door of the chief s house, but he almost missed him when he entered.Scared to death.Damn You re not afraid of being heard by the neighbor next door if you yell so loudly As soon as he entered the door, he heard a woman moaning from the bedroom.However, the director was busy working in the bedroom, which gave Bai Xiye a chance to find things.He searched the room all over, but he didn t find the share transfer letter that Li Xuan mentioned, nor did he find anything like the safe.Bai Xiye looked at the only room he hadn t looked for, and frowned.The woman s moans from the bedroom didn t stop in the slightest, and even one sound was louder than the other.The last time the chairman of Yunxiang molested cbd gummies drug tests one of our employees in this office, Brother Fei beat up the chairman of Yunxiang.Brother has complaints, but since he beat someone up last time, we only have worship and respect for him.Bosses who can stand up for their employees are rare these days like national treasures.Can you tell me about the day when Chairman Yun Xiang How did you get beaten up here Ruoyun didn t put on airs at all, and she was just listening to hearsay, sitting here and waiting is just waiting, it quit drinking cbd gummies natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews s better to let Milan s employees restore what happened that day.Sister Yun, do you think our brother Fei is very nice to us The female employee explained what happened that day in detail, and did not forget to show off in front of Ruoyun.After getting along for a while, Ruoyun got .

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along well with this female employee in Milan, and even the address was changed from Dear Guest to Sister Yun.Qi today.Wu Mo couldn t express the 20 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 40 mg pain in her heart, but she followed Ruoyun s order and didn t tell Qi Fei about Ruoyun s identity.As for how Qi Fei knew, she also wanted to know.I heard from Wu Mo that Boss Yun came here to talk to me about fashion design.When discussing fashion design, Qi Fei wanted Tong Shisha to come over, but he couldn t even be called half hearted.Ruoyun nodded, and said with some embarrassment, Milan gave me too much shock today.It s not so much a discussion, it s better to say that I learned from Milan.This may disappoint Mr.Yun.A bitter smile appeared on the corner of Qi Fei s mouth, I don t know anything about fashion design.Ah Ruoyun and Wu Mo shouted in unison, boochie bears cbd gummies looking at Qi Fei in amazement.Qi Fei saw doubts in the eyes of Ruoyun and Wu Mo, and explained to them, Hitomi Shisha has always been in charge of the operation of Milan, and I am just a hands off shopkeeper.Stupid, do you want to go with us Tong Shuiyan looked at Qi Fei and asked softly.There are so many beauties, so I naturally want to go.He didn t want to go to discuss the cooperation, but he didn t know where he was going for a while, so he might as well go with them.After leaving the company, Meng Tingting called Long Xiaotian and told Long Xiaotian that she would not come to the company to pick her up tonight, and she had some things to deal with.Tingting, I think you and Long Xiaotian got married earlier.Tong Shisha didn 20 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 40 mg t miss the opportunity to tease Meng Tingting.Meng Tingting blushed, Who wants to marry him.The more she said 20 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 40 mg these words, the softer her voice became.Hitomi Shuiyan rolled her black eyes, and smiled slyly at Meng Tingting, Since you don t want to marry Long Xiaotian, then I ll tell you a secret about him.He walked to the bathroom, washed his face with cold water, and shook his head vigorously to wake himself up.Walking to the bedside, he picked up his phone and checked the time.It was eight o clock in the evening, and Qi Fei smiled wryly.He didn t expect that he would sleep for three hours.When Qi Fei opened the door and walked out of the room, Zhao Yun and Xiao Wu were already waiting for him outside.Xiao Wu patted Qi Fei on the shoulder and said, Brother Fei, let me show you the style of the Golden Triangle.Xiao Wu from the Golden Triangle has also been here before.The hotel they lived in is located in a very remote alley.Xiao Wu took Qi Fei and Zhao Yun through the alley and came to a street.In fact, it is not a street, but it is much wider than ordinary alleys, and there is a lot of cbd gummies 40 mg shouting and selling.There are a lot of drugs and guns in the Golden Triangle, but there is very little food.Qi Fei feels a little tasteless when eating the food on the table, but he is not a picky person.After eating and leaving the tavern, the three of Qi Fei saw several waves of fighting people, and there were a few cold corpses on the street.After waiting for two days, the three of Qi Fei finally waited for the Bloody Queen.In Qi Fei s room, Xiao Wu and Zhao Yun sat on chairs, and none of the three spoke.Chapter 380 The Bloody Queen was sitting in the room.None of Qi Fei, Xiao Wu, and Zhao Yun spoke a word.shook his head.Zhao Yun naturally understood the importance of this mission.The Bloody Queen not only has a famous name in the killer world, but also has an extraordinary name in the mercenary world.I don t know how many killers want to replace the bloody queen and climb to the top of the killer, cbd gummies work but none of them succeeded.When did the Golden Triangle come to beauties again Xiao Wu s eyes lit up, and he licked his lips, This girl is no less hot than the Bloody Queen.Why don t you go up and make bubbles, Boss Find me another one.A sister in law.Zhao Yun looked at Zhao Yun, showing a smile that you understand, I understand men.Fuck you Xiao Wu rolled his eyes at Zhao Yun angrily, and kicked Zhao Yun s ass, Do you deserve a beating Zhao Yun was a little helpless.up.Stop making trouble.Qi Fei stopped Xiao Wu and Zhao Yun with a voice, half closed his eyes and revealed a smug smile, and said, Watch a good show.Watching a play Xiao Wu and Zhao Yun Dazed, he raised his head to look at the girl in white who was walking slowly, and then suddenly cbd gummies for seniors cbd gummies 40 mg realized what kind of drama Qi Fei was talking about.Little girl, I think you look quite handsome.In Bingang Evening News, Cheng Siyu is the second in command, and the chairman is very relieved of her.Many things in the company have been entrusted to her, and there is a tendency to pass the chairmanship to Cheng Siyu in a few years.Cheng Siyu has promoted many talented employees, and her own workload has been reduced a lot.She and Yi Lan are very busy shopping these days.I haven t lived such cbd gummies 40 mg a leisurely life since I started working.Yi Lan s diligence is obvious to all in the company.She has devoted too much time and energy to the company.The leisure life these days cbd gummies 40 mg reminds her of the previous college life.Cheng Siyu smiled slightly, As long as no one makes trouble, this kind of life is not a legend.Recalling that when Yan Fengtao, Tan Jianren and Zhang Li were in the company, the three of them often made troubles behind and kept her and Yi Lan busy.When Qi Fei arrived, Li Xuan was sitting in the driver s seat smoking a cigarette.Qi Fei didn t see him.See the figures of Heizi and Bai Xiye.Sitting on the grass in the park, Li Xuan took out a cigarette and handed it to Qi Fei, and looked up at the sky with many white clouds drifting by from time to time.Because this park is located in the suburbs, there are very few people during the day, but there are quite a lot of young couples who come to play in the park at night.Li Xuan naturally has his reasons for choosing this park.There is a water pool in front of the grassland, a water pool that will automatically emit water, a trace of white mist rises from the water pool, and there are a few bamboos beside the water pool, and some unknown birds are standing on HCMUSSH cbd gummies 40 mg the pillars and singing wantonly.In the Bingang Evening News Company, Cheng Siyu took care of her a lot.Cheng Siyu told her about Li Xuan s divorce from her, and then called Li Xuan to tell her that her biological parents might still be in this world.Yi Lan is in the same mood as Cheng Siyu at the moment, happy that Cheng Siyu is finally free, which means Qi Fei still has a chance, sad is the HCMUSSH cbd gummies 40 mg vast crowd, where to find Cheng Siyu s biological parents.Comforting Cheng Siyu, he said It s human effort.It s already a good thing to know that your parents are still in this world.Mr.Cheng, maybe your parents are looking for you too.Cheng Siyu s eyes lit up, yes, how could I forget this, which parents are not in a hurry when they lose their children, newspapers and magazines have often reported on how parents lost their children and how to find them.Their identities in the underground organization are not high.They are responsible for these confidential matters.No way of knowing.Follow the vine, and first remove the nearby forces related to the underground organization.Qi Fei didn t want to see when someone made dumplings or was stabbed in the back.In a luxurious villa in downtown Changsha, there are five men and one woman sitting.They are the top leaders of that underground organization.Liu Chen, the No.1 figure in the underground organization, has an average appearance, a middle aged man who is no taller than 1.6 meters, always smiling on his face, giving people an amiable feeling, and the strongest person in the underground organization.Tang Qiu s strength was only second to Liu Chen s, and his appearance was much poorer than Liu Chen s.After visiting the three floors, it was already four hours later.Qi Fei found a shopping guide and said, Hello, I want to meet your manager.I wonder if I can help you get in touch.The manager of our Milan store There are seven of them, and there are two managers on each floor, and there is also a special zone manager, I don t know which manager you want to meet, sir Qi Fei smiled and said, I want to meet your special zone manager.Sir, please wait a moment.After speaking, the shopping where to buy clinical cbd gummies guide walked to the front desk and said a few words to the staff at the front desk.After the staff at the front desk glanced at Qi Fei, they nodded and called the manager of the special zone.Manager, this gentleman wants to see you.Qi Fei didn t wait long, and the shopping guide came over with a middle aged man.Xiaobei, sit down and I ll serve you rice.Qi Fei brought out two bowls of rice from the kitchen, one for Ye Xiaobei and one for himself.Qi Fei ate this meal 20 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 40 mg very slowly, it was Ye Xiaobei s painstaking effort, which contained Ye Xiaobei s love.Brother Qi, are the dishes I cook delicious Seeing Qi Fei eating so deliciously, Ye Xiaobei felt very sad, with tears in his eyes, I don t cook as many dishes as Sister Jiazi, and I can t cook as much.I don t have the skills of Sister Tong. Xiao Bei, don t cry.Putting down the bowls and chopsticks in his hands, Qi Fei walked to Ye Xiaobei s side, gently wiped the tears from her eyes, and said with a smile What are you, Xiao Bei No one can compare to your cooking skills, who said that the food you cook is unpalatable Brother Qi, is what you said true Ye Xiaobei raised her tearful eyes and looked at Qi Fei with joy.Afterwards, Qi Fei was hungry and had two meals in Wang Li s snack bar yesterday.I told Yang Xueyu about meeting Wang Li in front of the snack bar this morning.There have been many men who have pursued Yang Xueyu over the years, but there is no one like Qi Fei who will give her breakfast.At this moment, Yang Xueyu feels warm in her heart.Fuck the star, fuck the actor.Yang Xueyu decided to give up the dream she was pursuing.Yang Xueyu ate this breakfast very slowly, and this bowl of breakfast changed Yang Xueyu s view and attitude towards Qi Fei.She always thought that Qi Fei was a plague god, but now she thinks that Qi Fei is a man worth entrusting her whole life to.When Yang Xueyu finished breakfast and Qi Fei was about to leave after packing up the dishes, Yang Xueyu called to stop him.Youdon t leave, I m afraid. His identity is not what you imagined.The Bloody Queen looked at Qi Fei who soul cbd gummies quit drinking cbd gummies was sitting in the passenger seat while driving, and said, As for his identity, you two don t want to guess.You will know when he regained his memory.There is one more thing I need to remind you.The Bloody Queen had a bitter smile on her face, There are many girls around him, and the two of you want to stay cbd gummies 40 mg with him.He must be mentally prepared.Hearing what the Bloody Queen said, Qi Fei frowned, he still wanted to know who he was from her mouth, but now it seemed that it was useless.Yang Xueyu and Li Li had cbd gummies 40 mg a meal.The amount of information in the Bloody Queen s words was too great, which made them unable to accept it for a while.There are entertainment venues in the suburbs.The Bloody Queen didn t take Qi Fei to the city because of her own reasons.Walking into the box, ear splitting music was playing inside, and a burly man with a naked upper body and a beautiful woman in his arms was screaming a classic Sailor.Qi Fei laughed, others need money to sing, but this one is terrible.Because he was too selfless, other people were making noises, and no one paid attention to Qi Fei who was beside Da Kunzi.Originally, this guy didn t like making noise very much, so he just found a corner and sat down.Tonight s game is Dakunzi s birthday party.As the birthday star, of course he is the protagonist.As soon as Dakunzi came in, he was entangled by several women who looked like water snakes, clamoring cbd gummies 40 mg for a love song duet.Stop, stop, everyone, listen to me first, Xiao Mao, why did you turn off the music.Da Kunzi stood in the middle of the crowd and said loudly, but the loud music directly drowned out his voice, this guy is still Walked over and slapped Xiao Mao on the head, and then turned off the music again.Wu Lun is very depressed and sad, he wants to cry now.Is it easy for someone to pick up a girl Is it okay to beat someone after being splashed with milk Are you Huaxia people so overbearing Besides, people are the victims, okay Is it really appropriate for a current perpetrator to chat with another former perpetrator Now you still use your eyes to stimulate others, do you really think that they dare not hit them So no matter how he raised his palm again and slapped Ye Mengqi in front of Qi Fei, Qi Fei was very happy.This buddy was simply too cooperative.Could it be that he already understood Qi Fei s intention to hit someone Sure enough, Wu Lun s palm was struck down, but he also flew out with the palm, and hit heavily among the crowd who were still twisting their waists, causing a crowd of exclamations.Hearing Qi Fei s words, Sansha immediately had an aggrieved cbd gummies 40 mg cbd pain killer gummies expression on his face.Brother, it s not good.Twenty laps will kill people.Mao, brother, we still want to shit.Sansha said aggrievedly, and at the same time secretly glared at Chen Wenli, assuming that this matter must be taken seriously.Remember it on Chen Wenli s head.Get out, immediately, immediately.Qi Fei was furious.In an instant, what happens if a child eats cbd gummies three gusts of cool wind appeared in the office, and Sansha disappeared in a blink of an eye.Right now, when everyone just went to work, two strange men came to the company.One of them was dressed in formal clothes, the other was dressed in casual clothes, but they were more handsome than the other.Coupled with their European and American faces, they were simply girl killers.These two people are David and Jock who were taken over by Hu Mingyue before.You re in a good mood.Come and tell me, what are these two guys from Qi Fei walked in, picked up a cup of tea in front of Wu Lan, and drank it down in one gulp, regardless of whether it was hot or not.Wu Lan gave Qi .

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Fei a blank look, but didn t say a word, the two of them had sex, so they didn t care about sharing a teacup.I don t know either.They came in and wanted to fuck me without saying a word.I was so scared at the time.How could I have the heart to ask these things Nuo, this is the business card of one of them.You can go there later Take a look.Li Wan put on a pitiful look, handed Qi Fei a business card and said.Really able to pretend, this is Qi Fei s first impression.As long as a woman like Li Wan can still be scared, cbd gummies for seniors cbd gummies 40 mg it s fine if she doesn t scare others.Besides, isn t she yearning for someone to throw her down every day Sometimes I can t wait to throw Qi Fei down directly.Qi Fei said.At this time, you absolutely can t talk to Li Wan, withdraw after finishing talking, and start talking nonsense if you can t withdraw, otherwise, maybe this woman will catch Qi Fei s language problems and start molesting green lobster cbd gummies tinnitus her to death.I m fine, but maybe you will have something soon, or you can say that Qi Fei Environmental Protection will have something soon, you don t need to care about me, but you can t care about Qi Fei Environmental Protection, this is what you exchanged with your life It s your child.Li Wan said, the words were a bit exaggerated.Qi Fei s face was full of sweat, why did this girl speak so nonchalantly, this is also your child, everyone s child.But there seems to be something wrong with this sentence.Think about it, our company was just established, and we didn t announce it to the public at all.Ten thousand Qi Fei how much are cbd gummy bears cbd gummies 40 mg cbd peach gummies also expressed some surprise.Why, too few Our equipment is a bit old, and some of them are not yet capable of producing such refined products.We drove out 10,000 pieces day and night.Of course, if you are willing to wait for a while, we I can give you a more satisfactory number.Martin said with a smile.There was no dissatisfaction in her words, she was just explaining the status quo.Besides, she still owns a small amount of shares, and the pace of production cannot keep up, so she is also anxious.No, you misunderstood, 10,000 is not too little, but too much.Qi Fei shook his head and said with a smile.Hearing Qi Fei s words, Wu Lan and Ma Ting were even more surprised, but these two are smart people, and they understood Qi Fei s thoughts in an instant.Although this product is just a failure in the eyes of the old man Ma, it has unlimited commercial value.Every time he made an expression, the scary scar would squirm along with his facial muscles, as if he was about to come alive generally.What is even more frightening is that the old man s left arm was broken from the wrist, and pale bones were .

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still exposed at the cbd gummies 40 mg cbd peach gummies fracture.No one knows what kind of tragic things this monster has experienced, because this strange old man has not appeared in public for decades.Although no one knew cbd gummies 40 mg the strange old man, they were very familiar with the three people behind the old man, the three Shuras of the Yan family, each of whom was a famous figure.When they found San Shura s position, no one dared to laugh at the old man s appearance anymore, because they remembered a character that made them sweat all over.The founder of the Yan family, Old Ghost Yan.This is not his real name, but no one knows his real name anymore.If he drank this glass of wine, all the momentum accumulated before would be dissipated.If he didn t drink it, it would only prove that he was afraid.No matter what, Wang Poluo couldn t choose.We are about the same age.I will drink this glass of wine for my ancestors.Thank you, Young Master Qi.Standing behind Wang Poluo, it is impossible for Wang Wutian not to understand Qi Fei s method.Po Luo drank the wine glass in his hand.Qi Fei smiled, raised his wine glass to Wang Wutian, turned around and was about to leave.Today s matter has reached this point, and there will be no meaning in the future.You can completely accept the Lu family s kindness, it will benefit both you and me.After Qi Fei turned around, Wang Poluo said suddenly.At this time, he still wanted to try again.If you can t get what you want, then make up your mind to kill it.What do you think Qi Fei glared at Yan Ze.I don t know.Yan Ze replied.Grass Sure enough, this oriental ninja would not give Qi Fei a chance to breathe.When the two were having a romantic conversation, he stabbed Qi Fei directly at the chest.Yan Ze, who was standing behind Qi Fei, was not spared either.Just when the long knife was less than a foot away from Qi Fei, a cunning look suddenly appeared in the eyes of this guy, leaning his back on Yan Ze, he used his strength to dodge out.But it was precisely because of Qi Fei s strength that Yan Ze lost the time to dodge.The oriental ninja didn t seem to mind killing Yan Ze directly, even if he lost Qi Fei s target, his speed still remained unabated.This completely enraged Yan Ze, the guy didn t dodge or dodge, he directly threw his chest towards the long knife, swung his somewhat excessively long arms, and blasted at the man s head from two directions.The plan is very simple.I will pay for your car repair, and the coffee will be free, or wait for the police to judge the responsibility, and whoever should be responsible.Cheng Siyu said.It s not like she s short of car repair money, pretending to be a big money.You re playing with me.The blooming chrysanthemums on the big fat man s face disappeared, replaced by an angry face.Otherwise Cheng Siyu glanced at the fat man and said.Complete disregard, no, this is called contempt.The big fat man was angry.Brothers are like this, why don t you appreciate it, even if you don t need this little money, why don t you come and have a cup of coffee with me, can you die if you go with me The script should not be like this at all.As long as the little girls on TV see the rich master, don t they all jump up The big fat man couldn t accept this result at all, so he was going to be ruthless.However, in his heart I didn t feel the comfort of guessing correctly, but I was very surprised.Are the legends true Nanlong is too smart, so he doesn t want to do anything by himself Beihu is too brainless, he has to use violence to solve everything.If this is the case, this world is simply tru harvest cbd gummies amazing, so that two top characters can become idols in the hearts of the Chinese military.From this point of view, the standard of this idol is too bad.In order to pick up girls, Xia Zhilong actually cut off all the customer sources of Cheng Siyu s company.What he wanted was to wait for Cheng Siyu to come to the door by himself.If Qi Fei hadn t appeared cbd gummies for dog pain suddenly, with Xia Zhilong s IQ, I don t know how far this farce could go.In order to meet the standard that can make Xia Zhilong end and today s Hua Zhihu, in a fight, one of them must fall, and the purpose is too obvious, that is, to kill people.It was afternoon at this time, and the sun was shining brightly.The Sea Lion special operations team acted so aboveboard, either because they were mentally retarded, or because they had strong confidence in this operation.Obviously, the latter is more likely.These few days they were performing missions in Langzhou, and Qi Fei happened to know about it, and Qi Fei needed their help, because Qi Fei felt cbd gummies 40 mg guilty before the sea lion, no matter how busy he was, the sea lion could not refuse.Chapter 534 The Master Appears But when he heard from Qi Fei that it was just a mission to catch people and also needed King Kong s cooperation, this guy was extremely upset.After all, we are also a special operations unit, all doing murder, but you asked me to arrest people, and there was a woman among them.Is there anyone who looks down on people so much Besides, it was simply unbearable to send another person who had already had quit drinking cbd gummies natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews festivals to be the eyes of this operation.After Jiang Fan left, Qi Fei looked at the road, took two taxis, and headed directly to Zui Sheng Meng Shi Club.Drunk Life Dream Death Club, just like its name, is a place that can really make people drunk.Although its specifications are not as cbd gummies 40 mg cbd peach gummies good as Jinghua Qiumeng, Yanran has become the largest entertainment venue in Kyoto because of its unlimited nature.Here, as long as you have money, there is nothing you can t get.I m afraid that you have no money, and cbd gummies 40 mg you can t think of it.Well, there is everything you can eat, drink, gamble and smoke here, and the place is full every night, gathering all kinds of people.Of course, in fact, the places that come here are rich people.Although, it does not have any restrictions, as long as you go in and consume.However, the consumption here is not cheap.My father is there, why are you so anxious Hey, boy, does your father know that you treat him like this Fei looked at Ye Xiaobei, her words echoed in his mind, and he was startled.Damn, for the sake of food, she left her father aside The power of this foodie is indeed powerful.Why should I let him know Besides, even if he knew, I don t think he would say anything.At this moment, Ye Xiaobei had already set her sights on the basketball court.Qi Fei also turned his attention to the basketball court, thought for a while, and said, To be honest, what did your father want from me Seeing that Wei Yuanliang had been intercepted, megyn kelly and dr oz cbd gummies Ye Xiaobei said, Hey, Your colleague s skills are not good.I think so too.But, you haven t answered my question yet Qi Fei reiterated his own question, and said, Could it be that he wants to see his future son in law For this question, Ye Xiaobei immediately turned her attention back to Qi Fei, looked him up and down, and then touched her chin, as if she was really thinking about it.Is this considered a benefit Qi Fei was very excited at the thought of patrolling the girls dormitory building.The doorman in the girl s dormitory did not disappoint me.In the afternoon, I became a chef again.After serving a light meal for the three girls, I watched TV for a while, and it was almost half past ten in the evening.The gate of the dormitory building was closed at eleven o clock, soul cbd gummies quit drinking cbd gummies and many girls came back in groups of twos and threes at this time.It was the first time he spent the night here, Qi Fei deliberately sat on the chair by the door of the guard room, staring closely at every girl who came in from the outside, his eyes sparkling.What, do you think Qi Fei is here to see beautiful women oh you are wrong No matter what Qi Fei said, he was a man of integrity.Would he do such wretched things Of course, even if you cbd gummies 40 mg really look at a beautiful woman, you can owl premium cbd gummies reviews only appreciate it.The fist is waving down, and the elegant picture makes people fascinated.His control is excellent, and when he punches his fists, his strength is also great.Well, it s still the same as hitting a stone, all of which hit the bridge of the nose, and the blood from the two nostrils was like a flying arrow, a stream of blood.A miserable howl sounded in the classroom, and Zhou Sisi and the others were so frightened that they covered their ears.This picture is not good at all.Looking at the two nosebleeds, the classroom is like a hell on earth, which is very scary.Faced with such a situation, Qi Fei still did not stop.He raised his big foot and kicked it out.Yes, he said he would bring these people to their knees.Click Under the kick of Qi Fei s big foot, Xiaoqiang and Baozi suddenly knelt on the ground, and then there was the sound of bones breaking.Under this mighty force, several of his teeth flew out.Since you don t want to say it, then I won t force you Qi Fei said lightly, letting go of Xiaoqiang s collar.Xiaoqiang, who was beaten into a daze, felt that he was extremely tragic It s not that he doesn t want to say it, he just wants to ask, can quit drinking cbd gummies he not say it If he can t, then he will definitely say it.But who knew that Qi Fei didn t follow the script he had in mind, he just asked a question, and the casserole sized fist hit him.Buzzing, his head was rumbling, Xiaoqiang soon became vague and passed out.The moment Xiao Qiang was thrown off, Qi Fei grabbed Xiao Bao, looked at him indifferently, and said, Tell me everything you know.Okay, I say, I say, don t hit me Our brother Bao saw that his boss had several teeth knocked out by Qi Fei s punch, so he didn t dare not cooperate in the slightest.In fact, not only Zhou Sisi thought so, Qi Juanjuan and Li Xiaoya also thought so.Every time they are in trouble, Qi Fei will appear in front of them, sheltering them from the wind and rain, sweeping away all the difficulties one by one, and propping up a safe 20 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 40 mg world for them.Even if one day, Qi Fei s hands are covered with blood, in their hearts, Qi Fei soul cbd gummies quit drinking cbd gummies is still the existence who dares to fight against the whole world and fight for himself when he encounters danger.This idea is deeply imprinted in their hearts, like a brand, it is impossible to erase it Yes, Qi Fei brother is the cutest person in the world.Li Xiaoya and Qi Juanjuan also said along with each other, and their tone was even firmer than Zhou Sisi s.Wu Yaqin was startled by the somewhat blind tone.What happened in it that made them so blind Students, is that really the case Wu Yaqin couldn t help asking.Qi Juanjuan glanced at Qi Fei, and found that her brother was still calm, she was somewhat anxious.Brother, your sister has been bullied, when will you wait However, she also knew that Qi Fei might have his own plans, so she didn t ask for help.Instead, she took a cold look at Wu Hao, who made her hate him so much, and said, No need Get lost Your mother is in the hospital and needs a lot of money to save her life, what Did you sell the diamond necklace I gave you Looking at the angry Qi Juanjuan, Wu Hao sneered.Looking up and down Qi Juanjuan s clothes, Wu Hao continued to smile and said The clothes on your body are quite new, but they are not affordable by your family s current financial resources.It seems that the necklace has sold a lot Ah.Hearing this, Ye Xiaobei wanted to step forward and give Wu Hao a big slap in the face, but Qi Fei appeared beside her at some point and grabbed her.Seeing these security guards, Boss Qi became dizzy, and hurried forward and said something to them.While listening, the security guards looked at Qi Fei and Ye Xiaobei from time to time.Obviously, although they didn t really believe Boss Qi s words, they recognized Ye Xiaobei.Although it was very troublesome for Wu Hao to be beaten, but the fact that the daughter of the Ye family was molested was a serious problem.Why Although they are security guards here, they are members of the Ninth Police Bureau, and their leader is Ye Xiaobei s father, Ye Zhicheng.However, the Wu family is involved here.Although they look down on the Wu family, the Wu family can be regarded as having some status in Langzhou, so they have to show some face no matter what.So, after learning about the situation, they sent someone to notify the Wu family to cbd gummies 40 mg come over.Li Xiaoya ignored this contempt, and continued After being rejected by Sisi, she started to play tricks Now, Li Xiaoya finally circled the story to a plot that is more in line with reality.Li Xiaoya is a smart woman, she knew that if she said that Wu Hao was playing hooligans with Ye Xiaobei, then there would be nothing interesting to watch later.If that s the case, let s just make this matter a little messy.Youyou are bloody.Xie Meiqi yelled angrily Our Hao er is not that kind of person How could he say such nonsense as pampering Sisi He would never do such a thing Yes Xie Meiqi directly ignored the matter of Qi Juanjuan s hands and feet, and completely focused on taking care of Ye Xiaobei.Because, in her opinion, talking about taking care quit drinking cbd gummies natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews of Ye Xiaobei is simply pushing the Wu family to the opposite of the Ye family.If such a person appears in the Jinxiu District, he will definitely come and go, and he will be directly arrested by the relevant department.Worst of all, this kid is not a deserter Yes, he is not a deserter Not only that, but he is also an excellent special forces member who has made military achievements cbd gummies 40 mg and was featured on CCTV s 7 00 p.m.No, the Chen Lin family was severely slapped in the face by this kid Although Xie Meiqi is a housewife, she still learns a lot from her daily life at the poker table.Moreover, she is not a stupid person.Although she is a little arrogant and never looks down on those who are poorer than her, this does not mean that her IQ is problematic.As soon as Qi Fei s status as a deserter is gone, even if he is not retired from the army with Yongyao on his shoulders, just cbd gummies for health the status of the third generation of the Qi family can make him run amok and be a dandy to the end.After all, some people s bureaucracy is really too big.Ye Zhicheng nodded and said, That s true.The higher ups deliberately asked you to deal with them.Come on, Qi Fei felt cbd gummies for seniors cbd gummies 40 mg that those people either had their brains flooded, or their IQs were eaten by dogs.Let me deal with a few people from the mercenary regiment, how high is this for me Or, did they take me for Superman Sure enough, those guys who can only sit in the office and point out the country, have never seen it at the grassroots level, and don t even have a little common sense, let me go to the coalition of the opposing mercenary group, can you stop playing like that Qi Fei thought it was better to reject them, although they found HCMUSSH cbd gummies 40 mg him secretly and expressed that they needed his help.However, how could he deal with such a ferocious enemy by himself I have no underwear to wear outside Uncle Ye, isn t this .

is cbd gummies good for naisea and diarrha?

a little difficult Qi Fei didn t address Ye Zhicheng s official position, but used the title of uncle, the meaning is very obvious, here is a personal identity, and has nothing to do with the official.Indeed, love requires money, but do you know Don t bully the young and poor Moreover, a marriage with only money, is such a marriage really good You giants and whatnot, I can t understand it all too well.So sometimes, the person you love happens to love you too, and if you have a little money, that would be fine.Of course, you may have no money at the beginning, but it doesn t matter, as cbd gummies 40 mg long as you have a motivated heart, you will do.How, have you figured out how much money Xie Wenjin waited for a while, feeling that the time was almost up.Qi Fei raised his head, glanced at Xie Wenjin, and said, I think you think too much.My love for Sisi is priceless.Rolling clouds.Ye Xiaobei, in order to mess up this blind date for you, I sacrificed a lot.Bastard, don t be shameless, or I will make you miserable Xie Wenjin was furious Really angry Fortunately, he told Qi Fei so many things about love and money, but who would have thought that this guy didn t listen to a word.What You say it again Aunt Xie was stunned again, it was quit drinking cbd gummies natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews hard for her to accept this fact.My aunt, please stop talking nonsense here, otherwise, be careful that we will arrest you according to law for obstructing the police.This woman who soul cbd gummies quit drinking cbd gummies doesn t understand anything only knows how to yell here He s the secretary on the other side, if you keep messing around like that, maybe you Xie s family won t be able to eat and walk around.Damn, who is not easy to provoke, but unexpectedly provoked the young master of the secretary s family.Your bastard son, are your eyes scared At this time, the police leading the team felt that Xie Wenjin s beating really deserved it.He even felt that the boy had been beaten a little lightly, and he had to be beaten hard to make him remember better.After drinking Aunt Xie, the policeman was very thankful that he didn t hit them hard just now.Sure enough, the more you look at this thing, the more unnatural it becomes.Qi Fei stood up and made a frame gesture with both hands, as if he was measuring something.Then, he walked to the side, looked at some traces left by the stone wall on the roof, and said, The sniping point is here, and this group of killers is not alone.Ye Zhicheng and the others did not speak, looking at Qi Fei s point place, walked over.Sure enough, although the marks were small, it was obvious that a hundred guns had been placed here once.How do you know they are not alone Ye Zhicheng was very curious.Regarding this question, Qi Fei asked, Did you see this He pointed to the marks on it, and said, This is a handprint.Although it is very faint, it honestly records their stories.In the world, only the uncanny workmanship of nature is the least deceiving.Seeing that Qi Fei still suppressed the chick, Ye Zhicheng knew that it was time for him to appear on the stage, so he glanced at the elites of the major police forces and said, Okay, everyone may be very curious about why cbd gummies 40 mg you are still here at this time Next, Ye Zhicheng introduced himself, talked about the situation, and cbd gummies 40 mg then pushed out the chief person in charge Qi Fei.Seeing this scene, Wei Yatong was stunned for a while.Is this really what he said People from Police Ninth Bureau asked him to help This joke is also a bit too big.After being pushed out by Ye Zhicheng, Qi Fei didn t talk nonsense, but directly asked the intelligence department to tell the three of them the information of one of the cbd gummies for sleep royal cbd drug dealers.Yes, you are dealing with a group of vicious and vicious guys.According to preliminary estimates, they have heavy weapons and are extremely dangerous.Someone shouted In a word, someone really made a move on Qi Fei.Facing the fists of these people, Qi soul cbd gummies quit drinking cbd gummies Fei fought back unceremoniously, and beat these people hard in a few blows.Chapter 641 Stabbing each other Students, this guy definitely hits people, isn t he a good guy, he actually hit us, let s go Beat this guy up Hearing this, Qi Fei almost wanted to spray them all in the face.Obviously it was you people who hit someone first, but I was forced to fight back.This is justifiable self defense Don t you guys who ve been through so many books know that You also said that beating people is not a good person, don t you also beat people with your hands Could it be that you are good people I bother Fortunately, he is still a top student of Yanda University, so shameless Qi Fei, who is still HCMUSSH cbd gummies 40 mg considered superior in appearance, stood on tiptoe and looked at the lake through the heads of these people surrounding him.In this regard, they directly received Zheng Peishan s eyes.She was annoyed and said directly Don t make trouble, can you be more serious Surrender, what is this Do you think we are gangsters I said, is your family an official I think it looks very powerful.Qi Fei teased some suspicious points.After the driver heard this, he didn t even think about it, and the ordinary citizen said directly No way Do you really regard us as gangsters I didn t violate the traffic rules.What s the situation Faced with this problem, Not to mention the big brother driver, even Qi Fei couldn t fully understand what was going on, so he could only shake his head helplessly.Listen, kidnappers in the car, you are already surrounded.I advise you to release the hostages and get out of the car to punish you.After a pause, the loudspeaker came out again, saying, Little sister, don t Nervous, the third brother has led people to seal this place, and he will rescue you soon.Heh, you can dance if you want to, what does it matter to me As soon as Qi Fei finished speaking, Lin Shijia shouted directly Qi Fei, you are taking human life like a fool, do you know that Mao, that s why he wanted to jump off the building himself, so it s none of my business Well, what are you two still doing there Drag that girl lying on the bed away.I want to use this method to save people Please, although I am a warrior like Lei Feng, I am not a blind believer.Your trick doesn t work for me at all, okay Chen Hongyuan received a strange call just now.The person on the other end of the phone didn t speak after the call was made.If it wasn t for the caller ID on his mobile phone, if he knew it was his son s servant, he would have hung up the phone up.After patiently listening to the content from the phone, he found that someone wanted to arrest his son, and he was still in the hospital, which made him very angry.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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