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And at this time the dance began.Interested in dancing together Baron Alexon.Elena s voice sounded behind her.Wang Weiyi rubbed his nose and smiled wryly Miss Heinrich Elena von Liwenski, please don t make fun of me.Sarcasm I think you misunderstood.It was completely different before, without the cold arrogance he had when he nala cbd gummies for tinnitus was on the battlefield, his smile was like a flower, and he became more and more charming Baron Alexon, as His Majesty said, 10 mg cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummies are good for it has been a long time in the history of Germany that a commoner has not been promoted at once.I think this is your pride.Okay, okay.Wang Weiyi decided not to argue with the other party on this issue I will not call you Miss Livinsky in the future, please don t call me Baron either.Elena covered her mouth and smiled, Wang Weiyi scratched his head and said, I don t know how to dance at all, and I m not interested in it at all.You have 24 hours.If you exceed this time, I will consider your mission a failure and the base will be exposed.I must enforce the bombing order It cannot be changed Repeat it again, It cannot be changed Wang Weiyi smiled wryly.Baron Alexon Now the baron was at a loss as to how to rescue one of his men.Ah, by the way, I was just about to contact you.Xiao Ling s words sounded again I said earlier that you have completed the first phase of the Flyer Mission , and you have received new reinforcements, but it was not shown before.Now it is displayed.According to the tracker, you have been promoted to captain, and you will receive six aircraft reinforcements in future wars.You can choose to use it all at once, or you can choose to call for support in six times.Rambler has cbd gummies are good for obtained Support Authorization, Aircraft Support Status Standby Oh Got aircraft support That s a good thing.But what can you do if you beg others now Even if you feel drowsy now, you have to hold on.At this moment, the door was pushed open, and Depusey appeared in the living room, and then said in an unusually calm tone Madam, Baron Alexon, I brought back the person triple lab tested cbd gummies you want.Brother We recommend it, please Fifty eight.Hyena Wang Weiyi suddenly stood up.The Guo Yunfeng who appeared in front of him was simply not the original Four Knives.There were scars all over his body, especially native cbd gummies review the knife wounds on his chest were shocking.No one needs to say what kind of torture he had suffered in the Military Intelligence Service.Depusey stuffed a pocket into Wang Weiyi s hand This is your companion s item brought back from the Intelligence Bureau.The blow is an insult to the German officers Even though Guo Yunfeng is a Chinese, he is a subordinate of a noble officer, and the dignity of a noble officer cannot be provoked.Wang Weiyi muttered to himself.Major, what should we do Hitler, who was half dead, gasped and asked We were almost caught by the French, but fortunately Guderian had the police Ah, yes, I still I saw three tanks entering Lance, maybe they are preparing to reinforce the front line.Wang Weiyi smiled wryly, and the tanks had arrived.Moreover, after such a setback, Major De Sade will definitely not let it go.It has become even more difficult for him to lead his team members to leave Lance safely.The truck stopped, and Okus poked his head out Major, it s not good news.We re out of gas.The team members got off the truck helplessly, and Steck and Bonkelilei closely monitored the surroundings We won t be able to hide for long in Reims.Rommel frowned and said, The French must have launched a big manhunt in the whole city now Wang Weiyi thought for a while Fritz, you bring Some people go to reconnaissance to see if there is a chance to break through.Wang Weiyi turned around and stabbed HCMUSSH cbd gummies are good for to death a French soldier who rushed forward recklessly, blood spattering all over his body.At this time, he saw that Guderian was surrounded by two French soldiers, and immediately rushed up to help Guderian get rid of the two French soldiers.Stay safe in the tank, Major.Guderian gasped.Heinz, you will become an excellent tank commander, trust me.Wang Weiyi laughed and rushed to the other side.Guderian shook his head.He never understood why Major Ernst was so sure that he would command tanks in the future Adolf Hitler bravely came to Wang Weiyi s cbd gummies are good for side, and he could have a sense of security by Wang Weiyi s side.He fought side by side with Wang Weiyi, constantly assassinating the enemies who rushed over.Every time Hitler was in danger, Wang Weiyi could always provide him with protection at the first time.For this reason, Riley changed his name and surname, got into the Krupp Arsenal in Essen and became a cbd gummies are good for welder.At that time, Britain already knew that this German factory produced a HCMUSSH cbd gummies are good for new type of weapon, but it did not know what kind of new type of weapon it was.Here Riley found out that the new weapons produced were gas bombs.The news shocked the British side.British intelligence asked Reilly to make a production plan for the factory so that corresponding precautions could be taken.After a period of observation, Riley found that the factory s secret plan was kept in the hands of full spectrum cbd sleep gummies the factory secretary.One night, cbd probiotic gummies he sneaked into the secret room and stole the plan, but was discovered by the guards when he escaped from the secret room.He killed two security guards without hesitation, and left the factory with the secret plan.LA Under such stimulation, these surrendered Russians immediately burst out with incredible energy.Although some of them kept falling down, it didn t affect their determination to rush here in the slightest Major, a tank has been destroyed Don t worry about it, don t worry about it Wang Weiyi shouted loudly Rush over, rush over Before the Russians can encircle you Major, Shiplow is dead Take off his badge, get out of here, get out of here Every minute you spend here is an extra minute in danger.Cannonballs explode here continuously, and the flames have lit up everything here Wang Weiyi, who was commanding the battlefield, suddenly felt a pain in his left arm.A stray cbd gummies are good for bullet grazed his arm.Hell, it actually hurt.Ernst.You re injured.Elena yelled.Don cbd gummies are good for t worry about it Wang Weiyi almost roared there Fritz, hurry up, you are responsible for protecting Elena Erwin, the left side is about to be overwhelmed by us, let Sergey work harder, no matter how much you pay The price has to be rushed Another tank stopped advancing due to a malfunction, and the tank soldiers on it quickly jumped down, picked up their weapons and immediately threw themselves into the battle.And the cbd gummies are good for pride of Germany, the trump card of the German Wehrmacht the Skeleton Commando was placed at the forefront The order Wang Weiyi received was.Under the cover of the two wing troops, stick to the Ci Nuoxi position.The French cbd gummies are good for cbd gummies for pain walmart cost offensive was overwhelming.But under the cover of artillery fire and tanks, the Skeleton Commando stubbornly and calmly held on to their position, never letting the French army move forward.On the 7th, the French left more than 800 corpses in front of the Cinohi position What they faced was the most elite team of the German army the Skeleton Commando A force with light and heavy machine guns, mortars and tanks.On the battlefield, the dazzling skull battle flag was always fluttering in the wind, and this battle flag was constantly stimulating the hearts of the French.

Gustav was unwilling to fight, and Wang Weiyi wanted to preserve his strength as much as possible until the day of the counterattack came.Therefore, this situation is what everyone wants to see.However, the peace was completely broken with the arrival of the newly transferred Major General Romand Benweihao This Benweihao, nicknamed Brave General , is a hero of Verdun, General Henri Philippe P tain, commander in chief of the French cbd gummies are good for 2nd Army, personally appointed the front line commander in chief of Cinosi, who will take the position of General El Raffarin to command the French army.It is very rare for a major general to obtain a lieutenant general, and it is also a great shame for General Raffarin But there is no way, some subtle changes have taken place in the French army.The biggest supporter of General Raffarin, the former commander in chief of the French army, Joseph Joffre, was removed from his actual post because of the heavy losses in the Battle of the Somme he advocated, and was changed cbd gummies are good for to the French government military adviser, and was promoted to marshal in the same month.What casualties have been caused, and then this has brought a dangerous signal to France the confidence of the army is collapsing Moreover, this made the already depressed morale even lower, no one is willing to take up arms and go to the battlefield anymore So far, the spring offensive organized by the French army has completely failed.Those troops on the front line have received the same order to withdraw from the battlefield in an orderly cbd gummies are good for cbd gummies for pain walmart cost webmd cbd gummies manner.These situations were sent to Wang Weiyi at the first time.The infantry brigade is retreating significantly, and now the remnants of the 79th infantry brigade, plus a whats a cbd gummies battalion of French troops, are on the front line of Laner.Rommel pointed to the map and said Once our army launches a large scale counterattack, Laner will become a French army.How about Ernst, the first line of defense The officers on the side all knew what Rommel meant by how.At first, everyone was dubious, and no one believed that there would be such a good thing.But when one or two people tried it and it was true, a large number of Parisians flooded into the clothing factory of Tinland s family, and they rushed to buy those beautiful clothes.To meet the needs of so many people Oh my god, such a scene is rare during the war Elena asked curiously If those who took the clothes, even if they have What should I do if I don best cbd gummies at walmart optimum cbd gummies t want to pay when I m rich What does that matter Will showed confidence on his face Actually, I never thought that they would come to pay back the money, maybe there will be one or two gentlemenbut the name Montejiao of the Tingland family , but has already used this method to let all Parisians know.After the war is over, we will be able to establish Montagut s excellent reputation by relying on this method.Desimov is the one to focus on, he has a lot of prestige among the Russians in Paris, and it s even possible to dig up some very valuable intelligence from himbut.Obviously, there is nothing worth celebrating in the past few months Seeing that the major was a little dissatisfied, Odinensky said hastily One more thing, a foreigner came to Desimov s place yesterday , It is said that he is a gem expert just cbd sugar free gummies Gem expert Desimov didn t pay much attention What is he going to Desimov s I don t think there are any gems in a place full of poor people We don t know.Odinensky would not say that he also coveted gems That man is very young, but he is very generous.I heard that he gave anderson cooper cbd gummies Desimov a large sum of money.Qian best cbd gummies at walmart optimum cbd gummies Major De Sade paid a little attention What s his name It seemsit seems to be called Moyol Moyol Major De Sade suddenly became nervous, but then he comforted himself, he was too sensitive.Now that Ernst suddenly became obsessed with airplanes, Richthofen simply painted a biplane in his flying wing into the whole body.Black , to match the nickname of Skeleton Baron , is exclusively for Ernst.Since then, there have been two very special fighters in the German First Flying Wing one is fiery red and the other is dark.Of course, Richthofen didn t expect that Ernst would one day drive this black fighter plane to engage in an air battle In fact, Richthofen still has one more thing he doesn t know Ernst knew how to fly a plane a long time ago.That was when Wang Weiyi was just a candidate for Rambler He flew many types joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies are good for of aircraft, learned how to use them, and how to use them for air combat.However, the biplane is a brand new attempt for Wang Weiyi Wang Weiyi also begged Xiaoling for help, but as he expected, Xiaoling stubbornly adhered to her procedure and would never go Deliberately destroying time and space.Ernst.Bram s most famous nickname is Skeleton Baron.The flag of his commando is the skull battle flag, and the skull is the symbol of pirates.Use the name of the most famous pirate in British history to defeat cbd gummies are good for cbd thc hybrid gummies another pirate.This is what the s group most hopes to see.Operation Francis began.At this time, Wang Weiyi in Udine, Completely unaware that such an operation existed.The arrival of British and French reinforcements was what he valued most.The Italian army had been beaten to its knees, and now the British and the French came to join in the fun again.Hey, Colonel, we have caught some spies.When Wang Weiyi came to inspect the position, Model came over, and there were three people behind him.Minister Wang Weiyi was a little curious.Yes, they have been appearing near our position since yesterday.Once this group of commandos entered the battlefield, they turned into a bunch of madmen.There are only two things in their eyes killing and being killed Either kill the enemy under your own bullets, or be killed by the enemy s bullets In a trench assault battle, a new veteran of the commando faithfully recorded everything he saw in his memoirs after the war The first unit led by Colonel Ernst rushed to the forefront, and he and The Chinese named Guo or Huo I m sorry I can t remember what his name is , shot the French with the MP in his hand, and at least how often do you eat cbd gummies twelve or fifteen French fell to their guns Lower Steck was throwing grenades hard and growling loudly as if the French owed him a lot of money.I remember he seemed to have thrown no less than thirty grenades in this battle, and the carts were almost out of supply.

Also, we have all experienced more dangerous things than this.So many enemies in the Somme River have not been able to do anything to us.What do Americans have to be afraid of What Yeah, what are Americans afraid of Wang Weiyi smiled Si Dao, let us perform a miracle here.With my brothers around, there is nothing to be afraid of Stike, Bon Cray, Sean Here I am going to divide the ranks into three formations again.I command the first division, Steck, and you are the interim captain of the second division, Bon Crayley.You are the interim commander of the third division.Yes, Colonel.Sean.I will give you all the opportunities to command and form a machine gun team.Wang Weiyi called his three old subordinates to his side Smith didn t take us to heart, then we will give him a good.Stike, you and Sean stay and block the enemy from the front.Therefore, the German army continued to further strengthen the already heavily guarded Meuse Argonne region.Every forest and village has become a large obstacle, and several lines of defense have been established behind the front position.Facing the sector assigned to Pershing s attack, where the railroad line was closer to the front, a system of trench defenses ten miles deep had been erected.The advantage of the German army was that the Meuse Argonne terrain was naturally suitable for defense.Just to the east of the Meuse lies the steep heights optimum cbd gummies nature stimulant cbd gummies of cbd gummies are good for C te de Meuse, an excellent artillery position and an almost impregnable obstacle to the attacker.The crags and deeply crevassed hills of the Argonne were linked into a fortified area by miles of barbed wire, concrete machine gun bunkers, heavy machine guns, and assorted obstacles weaving back and forth between the lines of defense.Chiang Kai shek pondered for a while I have to meet such a person.Since he is here, let him come here.Let s see what kind of amazing person he is.Yes, Li Mingguang, call Wang Weiyi in immediately To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point qidian.to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.Your support is my biggest motivation.Two hundred and seventy five.Huben Guard Camp 1170 monthly tickets Jia Geng Chairman Jiang, Captain Wang Weiyi of the National Revolutionary Army Central Teaching Corps Standing there straight, Wang Weiyi said loudly.When he was called in, although he was used to seeing big shots, Wang Weiyi was still a little nervous.Not for anything else, just because what he wanted to see was to lead the whole country.The only leader of the people s war of resistance.Maxim heavy machine guns, ZB26 light machine guns, officially the prototype of a skeleton commando belonging to the country the Huben Guard Battalion has appeared.Of course, in terms of the current combat effectiveness of the Huben Guard Battalion, it cannot be compared with the Skeleton Commando, 10 mg cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummies are good for but there is no need to worry, the combatants will naturally grow up slowly.After obtaining Xue Yue s approval, Wang Weiyi transferred Ouyang Yu, Long Yin, and Li Lu into his battalion.They all experienced the Battle of Sanhuqiao with Wang Weiyi, and they have accumulated a lot of experience.Especially in how to deal with the Japanese attack and defense.And this is exactly what the military officers lack The combat quality of the soldiers of the Huben Battalion cannot be trained garden of life extra strength cbd gummies in a short period of time.MGM Films announced the purchase of the film adaptation rights of Baron Rose , and it began shooting that year.The actor of Rose Baron Ernst Brahm chose Clark Gable, who became the most popular star in the United States with his Red Dust botanical farms cbd gummies near me , and the heroine Heinrich Elena was played by Mi Another star of Gaomei, starring Greta Garbo, who has become a first line Hollywood star with Remnant Flowers.The director is the ace director Stroughen.In 1935, the film The Baron Rose joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies are good for was officially staged, capturing the hearts of countless Americans.Especially when Beasley adapted it himself, the scene where the hero and heroine parted for the last time before the end of the war was praised as one of the ten most tearful scenes since the film came out.With this film, Skeleton Baron became the first film in Hollywood history to win five Oscars that year.There are still a few days left, what are you thinking Save Gao Zhihang once like best cbd gummies at walmart optimum cbd gummies saving Richthofen But you can t do it, you can t There are no dark fighters.Little Ling, help me Wang Weiyi s voice sounded like he was pleading The National Air Force doesn t have much strength.It s a good idea to keep one more excellent pilot like Gao Zhihang.Xiao Ling was silent for a while You take care of the matter in front of you first Xiao Ling is indeed different from the past, and no longer directly refuses so coldly.Maybe this is a good start.look up.The fierce battle in the sky is still going on.However, it seems that the Chinese fighter planes have begun to gain the upper hand, and the Japanese fighter jets are somewhat embarrassed.A national fighter plane suddenly pulled up rapidly, and then condescended again Enemy plane, enemy plane Suddenly, someone shouted loudly.Dai Li is also here.It is too difficult to get this record.It is already very remarkable that Wang Weiyi can provide himself with so much information.How to treat Wang Jingwei After all, he is the No.2 figure of the Kuomintang , and I have no real evidence It seems best cbd gummies at walmart optimum cbd gummies that I can only report these to the committee and let the committee make a decision.Battalion Commander Wang, you are very capable, and you know such a confidential agreement.Dai Li said very seriously How you got it has nothing to do with me.All I care about is whether this information is valuable.I hope you can provide me with any information in the future as soon as possible.Wang Weiyi smiled, no matter what kind of information Dai Li needs As long as cbd gummies are good for the confrontation is helpful, he is willing to provide it to the other party unconditionally.

He Pointing to the two corpses in the pool of blood At the time of the nation s survival, I want to take you to the Japanese pirates and ruin your reputation.Can you kill or not There was only a short silence, and then the sound of killable sounded Death to traitors Death to traitors Death to traitors Wang Weiyi s voice made everyone quiet Millions of my soldiers fought bloody battles in Shanghai, but there are people behind the scenes who commit treason and treason.If you don t kill , God forbids it This matter has nothing to do with all the brothers of the 3rd Regiment, I promise you will not be implicated From now on, the 3rd Regiment will be under my direct command.The Japanese army is about to invade Changshu.Fight the enemy with blood Heart up and down, fight the enemy with blood The soldiers of the 3rd Regiment fought against R himself in Shanghai, and countless brothers fell on the battlefield in Songhu.If my guess is right, the d l 4th Brigade will not be able to withstand it tomorrow.Now that they have been maimed in Shanghai, and weapons and ammunition are extremely scarce, it is a miracle that they can withstand the Japanese pirates nine charges.Xiao Zhichu was speechless, and he also knew that Wang Jinyong really tried his best.You can block the enemy s nine attacks with a crippled army, what else can you ask him to do Wang Weiyi took the initiative to ask for a fight He is only going to use two battalions Two battalions just want to hold back the Orientals It sounds so ridiculous.I m afraid that two battalions are not enough for the Japanese to fill their teeth.Military seat, come here.Wang Weiyi invited Xiao Zhichu to the front of the map Originally, I used my first battalion to defend Kuncheng Lake, but now, I have used a battalion of the regiment to take over the defense.I stayed here for two full days and two nights When the sun of the third day pierced the joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies are good for sky, best cbd gummies at walmart optimum cbd gummies the planes of the Japanese army had already appeared in the sky, and the cannons also roared immediately.The Japanese themselves come to kill The corner of Zhang Lingfu s mouth showed a slight smile instead He did what Wang Weiyi asked him to do, completely angered the HCMUSSH cbd gummies are good for Japanese army, and led the Japanese army into a trap that had been preset long ago But again, this day will become the hardest and most difficult day.The bombing has not stopped since the early morning.The menacing Japanese planes and guns threw bombs and shells on the Jiangjia Village position with all their might.Explosions are everywhere, fires are everywhere, this is a time to test the mental endurance of the soldiers The brave will only become stronger under the baptism of such artillery fire.He s a real gentleman again.He would rather risk being convicted by his own country than optimum cbd gummies nature stimulant cbd gummies let the wounded British soldiers go without hesitation.Not every soldier can do such a cbd gummies are good for thing.Rosen is grateful to him, Monlington is grateful to him, the wounded soldiers he let go are grateful to him, and the whole of Britain is grateful to him British soldiers who had been captured by the Germans and released after the Second World War described their enemy, Baron Alexon On the battlefield, he was a demon.No one can defeat a demon.But when the war was over, he behaved politely.He didn t allow his soldiers to mistreat the captives.He even gave us the best food possible.He strictly respected our rights.Tradition, even in temporary POW camps, officers and soldiers are strictly distinguished.We had a major who was dying of illness, and it was His Excellency the Baron who tried his best to save the life of the major.When we meet again, there are no tears, but only happiness there is no loud call, and some are just smiles.Because they know that no matter how many years have passed, they have had and continue to have, and that is enough.Plain, and sometimes that s what many people pursue You owe Leonie a wedding, don t you .said Hermione, who was sitting across from them.Yes, I owe her a wedding, and I also owe Elena a wedding.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly I owe it, and I will pay it back sooner or later, but I don t know who should pay it back.Elena has After leaving this world, you don t have to return it.Hermione said softly, she was afraid of causing sadness in the baron s heart.Wang Weiyi smiled wryly.Elena is still alive, but how can she reappear in front of everyone This question cbd gummies are good for has troubled Wang Weiyi for a long time, Did you kidnap all those missing scientists .What an assassination You are crazy Song Ziwen shook his head and said Do you know what a concept of 100 million dollars is Tang Naian, Li Zufa and Tang Ying also thought he was crazy.This is a whole 100 million dollars Only Tang Weihong optimum cbd gummies nature stimulant cbd gummies s eyes flashed with firm belief in Wang Weiyi.Do you have a phone here, Mr.Song When Wang Weiyi made this request, Song Ziwen pointed to the back, It s here.Wang Weiyi came to the phone, picked it up, and asked for a number.After talking with the other party for a while, he said to Song Ziwen Mr.Song, is it convenient for you to answer the phone Song Ziwen hesitated for a while, but stood up Wang Weiyi sat back again, his face was full of confidence Song Ziwen put down the phone, and when he returned to his seat, he looked a bit lost, and his eyes were filled with fear.But then, Abdul Karami was secretly arrested by the Turkish government and held in an undisclosed location in Ankara.The First Army Corps in the capital has always been trying to rescue Karami, but they can t succeed at all Klingenberg understood what the Marshal meant, he seemed to want to rescue this man named Karami Come out Wang Weiyi said slowly When Kahn was in Ankara, he had contact with those people from the Capital Corps, and he also vaguely knew something about Karami, so this is what we have to put Kahn on.Another reason to get out.I see, Marshal.Klingenberg immediately said loudly I will rescue Mr.Kahn, and then I will rescue Karami at all costs Brave captain.Wang Weiyi smiled approvingly This time, we will rest here for three days, wait for new supplies to arrive, and then advance towards Ankara.

Mr.It s irresistible, and of course I don t have time to find any treasure right now.After the Turkish battle is over, I think I ll find some time to Mr.Kahn s work efficiency, adhering to the rigorous, serious and efficient Germans.He arranged the meeting between Baron Ernst and Mr.Raffke in the shortest possible time.Of course, Mr.Raffke would never have imagined that the person sitting opposite him was the famous Baron Alexon.Wang Weiyi always has another identity Mr.Moyol I need to rescue Prince Abdul Karami.Wang Weiyi said straight to the point This is an order from the German government.Lafke, best cbd gummies at walmart optimum cbd gummies who is already in his seventies, looks quite good both mentally and physically.He could also take up cbd gummies are good for arms and fight, if necessary.However, he obviously did not believe that the young Mr.Moyol in front of him was capable of rescuing Prince Karami.In his plan, Schliemann wanted to transport these boxes out one after another, but so many years of arduous archaeological work caused Schliemann s body to suffer great trauma, and Schliemann, who was ill, announced in advance that he had discovered Treasure of Priam.The whole world was shocked The Turkish government condemned angrily and asked Schliemann to return the treasures that should belong to Turkey, but Schliemann refused.But Schliemann completely overlooked a problem he was fighting a country Turkey secretly sent someone to kidnap his wife Sophia, and used it as a blackmail for Schliemann.But the treasures of those ten boxes had already been handed over to Germany by Schliemann.In order to save his wife s life, he was forced to tell the Turks about the whereabouts of the twenty boxes he had hidden in Turkey This is a secret, both for Turkey and Schliemann.It can t be said that the local occupation has been stabilized.At the same time, a large number of resources there also need to be developed by Germany.And time is what the whole of Germany needs most If you digest the fruits of victory So, I guess, you are now There are two options, but both lead to the same result.General Rosen said calmly First, stop the attack on Egypt and conduct secret armistice negotiations with Britain.Your intention has been fully expressed before.Second, capture Egypt and win more bargaining chips for the armistice negotiations Rosen, Rosen, you are really smart Wang Weiyi smiled I ordered the Luftwaffe to stop the bombing of London for precisely this purpose.If the fight continues, Germany and Britain will be exhausted, and Germany will not be able to draw more troops from the war to deal with our common enemy, Russia However, the harsh situation of the German army in Africa has forced me to personally come to command and win more bargaining chips for Germany Seriously, I want to get Egypt, so your government has to seriously consider and Negotiations in Germany Rosen, I know you are a representative of the negotiating faction in the UK Hey, do you want pulse cbd full spectrum gummies me to sell out my country s interests I will never do that.To be honest, Egyptian soldiers did not perform very well on the battlefield, but in the fight for freedom and rights, they performed so eloquently.They desperately fought with the British, blowing up the British invading tanks at the cost of their lives.The battle progressed to 5 o clock, and the suppression that was supposed to end in the British plan did not make any progress at all.At the same time, General Canlemu and his companions are still HCMUSSH cbd gummies are good for using their influence to call for an end to the battle as soon as possible and to negotiate with the mutiny soldiers.Montgomery knew that the longer the battle was delayed, the worse it would be for them The density of the British attack was suddenly strengthened More soldiers were thrown into the suppression, At the same time, more ordinary Egyptians also joined the ranks of solidarity with the Egyptian mutiny soldiers.Before the British were fully assembled.It was still the dreaded demon tank that opened the way, and all the rebels were thrown into the big breakout.The ghostly German plane appeared again, and this The point is that the British feel helpless the most.They have never figured out where the bases of these mysteriously appearing and mysteriously disappearing German planes are And General Cammondson, who received the death order, also issued a death order to his soldiers the Egyptians breakthrough must be stopped The British soldiers showed their tenacity.They stood firmly .

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on the ground and tried their best to prevent the insurgents from breaking through.In front of the position, the corpses of countless Egyptians lay there like this One attack failed, and then a new attack started These Egyptian soldiers who were in a frenzy, completely ignored the casualties launched a wave of attacks higher than the wave.This made Egypt Erwin Rommel and the German soldiers were astonished They never imagined that such earth shaking changes would take place in Egypt in just a few days How did it happen No one except Erwin Rommel knows what Marshal Ernst Brahm did in Cairo.Keep it secret, even if you want to speak out, the Skeleton Baron has performed miracles again, but for cbd gummies are good for the safety of the Skeleton Baron, Rommel also had to keep this secret in his heart.At this time, General Montgomery also knew the critical situation.He didn t have time to mobilize all the troops, so he could only concentrate all the troops he could mobilize in Kantara to cbd gummies are good for Iraq.He must contain the German attack here, otherwise, Cairo will be exposed to the Germans Rommel and Montgomery, a pair of natural enemies who may not be able to coexist from birth , This time we finally stood together face to face again.When more than half of cbd gummies are good for the British army broke through, Rommel, who had achieved his goal, decisively ordered to close the gap.Now, the strength of the enemy has been greatly weakened.There was little resistance for the Germans to take Cairo.The German offensive was once again intensified In fact, Montgomery was fully aware of the opponent s intentions, but he just wanted to use Rommel s abacus.Come and break out as many troops as possible.It s the only thing he can do right now.Rommel and Montgomery, the two famous generals, have tried their best on the battlefield, no matter whether it is favorable or not The German offensive is going on, and the Allied retreat is also going on.When the British once optimum cbd gummies nature stimulant cbd gummies again asked Montgomery to optimum cbd gummies leave Cairo immediately, Montgomery sent the most important telegram in his life While there is still a British soldier in Cairo, I will not leave cbd gummies are good for my combat post.

In order to solve this problem, Yamamoto proposed the method of aviation combat.At the second London Naval Armaments Conference in 1930, Yamamoto Fifty six s suggestion to the Vice Minister of the Military Command Nobumasa Sueji is The Imperial Navy, which is forced to accept the disadvantage ratio, can only deal a severe blow to the enemy by air strikes at the beginning of the battle against the superior US Navy.In the letter to his subordinates, he said The day of war with Britain and the United States will not be too far away.How to achieve a leap forward in aviation before the war is the most urgent task He glanced at everyone We have been preparing for this war for a long time, but we have not yet reached a conclusion.Ladies and gentlemen, I still hold the previous view that a war with the United States is unavoidable, and the first strategy that our army should adopt in the Japan US war should be to smash the enemy s main fleet as soon as the war starts, leaving the U.However, Baron Alexon is still alive and well It s hard to imagine.How on earth did they do it Britain s most HCMUSSH cbd gummies are good for important guest, Marshal Ernst Brahm, was despicably assassinated in London, which has always been extremely safe.As soon as the news spread out.The whole of Britain was shocked quickly.You have to know, what kind of best cbd gummies arthritis terrible situation would it be if those assassins really succeeded German planes will fly back over London in droves, and thousands of bombs will roar again.Countless German soldiers will re launch attacks on various battlefields cbd gummies are good for regardless of .

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everything Uninterrupted and craziest attacks Germany will spare no effort to empty their last soldier, with only one purpose to avenge the Baron whom they respect and admire so much At that time, there is no force that can stop the crazy Germany Fortunately.No one thought that Ernst Brahm would decide to advance the time of the decisive battle by nearly a month.Vasilievs Ki would never have thought of it Judging from the information from various channels, the Germans are undoubtedly preparing to launch a full scale offensive in March, and all the arrangements of the Soviet Union are also being carried out around this time period Now, Wang Weiyi decided to give the other party a blow that was caught off guard When Wang Weiyi decided to take another risk, Ludwig tried his best to oppose it, but his heart was full of admiration for the marshal.Returning from the baron From the first day, he found out that the baron was still the same baron in the past.He was still fighting with his soldiers, and he was still carrying out various dangerous missions.m.At the beginning of the day, Marovsky saw the hope of victory the German army began to retreat from some positions Overjoyed, Malovsky issued the strictest order to the Soviet soldiers on the front line the Germans are about to be defeated, and for the victory of the great Soviet attack Seeing the hope of victory, the Russians almost went crazy.They started to attack uninterruptedly.At 5 o clock in the afternoon, the German army completely abandoned Samilos.Victory Ah yes, victory It took a long time for Marovsky to react when he saw the German army cbd gummies are good for retreating across the board.He couldn t wait to send a telegram directly to Moscow I am standing on the land of Samiros Congratulations.Comrade Marovsky, Moscow is watching you, the whole Soviet is watching you Soon.Moscow responded to this enthusiastic telegram.There were less than 300 Russians left, and they continued to stand on the last line of defense Those captured Russians glared at the German HCMUSSH cbd gummies are good for soldiers.If possible, Myristel and his companions firmly believe.They will break the rope and continue to fight.Even the women among the captives Myristel really wanted to try to challenge an impossible gummy cbd vape oil task trying to comfort the last Russians to surrender, but the envoys he sent are cbd gummies good for pain relief hadn t seen the Russians yet , was shot by the opponent s bullet.Forget it, let s give up on this idea The cbd gummies are good for remaining seven tanks are already lined up, with their muzzles pointed horribly ahead.Then, the artillery shells roared down, and bursts of flames rose in the enemy s position.The explosion continued, and the Russians could be seen looking very embarrassed in the smoke and fire.It can only be detonated by a detonator.There is a timer on it, the latest invention of German scientists Probably no German scientist recognized the explosives provided by the Ziguang military cbd gummies are good for base Everyone understood in an instant that Marshal Ernst was going to detonate the third military factory up.The third military factory is the most important ammunition production factory of the Soviet army.Once it is detonated, it will cause very terrible consequences.look.Marshal Ernst is really going to have a big fight in Moscow Klingenberg didn t quite understand Marshal, do we have to get that Avrona out Yes.Wang Weiyi answered the question without hesitation Although Lindelof deceived us But at least one thing he said is right, he knows everything about the Caucasus Front Army, he knows the number of the troops, the equipment of weapons, and even the character and weakness of every senior officer, which is very important for the Stalingrad battle we are preparing for It is extremely beneficial for me.Don t let me down, General De Sade, don t let all of us down here Six hundred and seventy nine.Traitor The German counterattack came so quickly and suddenly that the Soviet 56th Army and 81st Panzer Army, which had just recovered from the failure of the attack, had no time to adjust.The assault force set their sights on the 81st Panzer Army, and now the 81st Panzer Army has long since become a remnant.They have pitifully few tanks and ammunition.Under the ferocious 10 mg cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummies are good for assault of the German army, these soldiers who were exhausted in the previous attack The Russians lacked effective cbd gummies are good for resistance.As Liaokov judged, after the 81st Panzer Army was attacked, it was the 56th Army under the command of Dawamirsky who was the first to send reinforcements to them.However, this hit the Germans.In my arms Guo Yunfeng s battle group showed its ferocious minions on the battlefield The powerful armor force was quickly put into the battlefield, and launched the most ferocious assault on the 56th Army whose flanks were completely exposed.

When the news of the failure of the 56th Army and the 81st Armored Army came, Vasilevsky quickly He understands the mystery.But he has no good solution.He has a solution to any unexpected situation on the battlefield, but this is the only thing he can t do.Even after he heard that Voroshilov began to use After the attack of large scale group crowd tactics, he can only let Voroshilov do what he wants to do.For the current Soviet army, Vasilevsky has already done his own thing.He succeeded The skeleton baron was brought into the encirclement.And the honor of the final victory must be left to Comrade Stalin s trusted Marshal Voroshilov Khrushchev also understood the reasons.From the emotional and practical point of view, he was more inclined to Marshal Vasilevsky to personally command the battle, but intellectually, he was unable to do so.Before Zaitsev could think about it, the vengeful Safonov saw the opportunity and was about to shoot.At this time, with a sound of beep , Safonov threw his head optimum cbd gummies nature stimulant cbd gummies back and fell to the ground without moving.It turned out that he had been hit by Major Cunnings trick to lure the enemy.Zaitsev was very guilty, because his improper command caused the sacrifice of his companions and friends.He secretly vowed in his heart he must pay back the blood debt to the German .

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army and avenge his comrades.For the next whole day, Zaitsev closely observed the German positions and searched for Konnings.At dusk, a steel helmet suddenly appeared from the enemy s bunker and moved slowly along the cbd gummies are good for trench.shooting No, this is a trick.It must have been Cunnings assistant moving around with the helmet, while he himself waited to reveal himself when Zaitsev shot him.Xiao Ling quickly changed the subject Now we are going to discuss the wealth concentrated in Moscow.I puff n stuff cbd gummies don t know exactly how much property was transferred here by Stalin s order, but I am very clear about one thing.A huge amount of gold and treasure will be transferred out of Moscow tomorrow and transported to another hidden location how many Wang Weiyi asked.From my monitoring, the total amount of gold and gold products exceeds 370 tons.At the same time, there are a large number of precious cultural relics, as well as a large amount of dollars and pounds Wang Weiyi was a little out of breath.The 370 tons of gold, and the rest, are not worth mentioning in front of these gold.God, once this wealth falls into his pocket, the harvest will be huge and terrible.But there is a prerequisite.When capturing Kolchak s gold, he used his own skeleton commando, so who can he use this time The gold will be transferred out of Moscow by train just like Kolchak s gold.Xiaoling explained And just now When Sophie was in a coma, I checked the base and found that the y elements had temporarily lost all their radiation, and I don t know when they will recover.Well, well, Xiaoling s meaning couldn t be more obvious Already Everyone on the base.All have to stay here What s going on here now Ancient Germany Wang Weiyi muttered rather dissatisfied At least I have to know what s going on here now.He has already experienced several times of time and space travel, and he adjusted quickly own mood.Now that we have come to this era.So why so many complaints All I can do is try my best to adapt to this era and survive in this era.During this period of time, Gaius Julius Caesar, the Caesar that Europeans often call, completed the alliance with Pompey and Crassus, known as the Triple Alliance.After all, this is not theirs.The familiar era of using planes, cannons and machine guns is an era in which muscular fights can happen anytime and anywhere.The armor on Elena is so beautiful and sexy, which inevitably reminds Wang Weiyi of a certain woman.Some evil things When Richthofen came out of the base, he couldn t help looking at the sky.For some reason, he always had a feeling that his world should be above the blue sky As for Baroness Leonie, Steward Depusey and Steward Vidlio, they have nothing to do with battles, and Xiaoling prepared costumes for them that are suitable for this era.Especially Xiaoling for Baroness Leonie The costumes prepared, as well as the string of radiant necklaces worn around her neck, made the baroness look more irresistible and mysterious Originally, Wang Weiyi invited Xiao Ling to accompany them Going out to really see the outside world, but Xiao Ling seemed a little afraid of the outside world.Then, he saw that Leonie was holding a bloody dagger in her hand.The baroness was trembling, this was her first murder Butler Videlio and Butler Depsey, who was also pale, glanced at each other, and they were both a little embarrassed.If it wasn t for the baroness, I m afraid these two men would die here today.Good job, Leonie.At this moment, Elena, who finally dealt with the Roman soldier, came over and took the dagger from the Baroness s hand At least, you look like Ernst s woman now..Leoni thought for a moment, and then a faint smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.Seven hundred and thirty six.The Roman slaves Night of the Barbarians , also known as The Night of Roman Sorrow , while the Germans called it The Night of the Rise of Germany.On this night, the Romans were actually able to calm down a bit and were able to fight and even repel the attack of the Germans.What are the savages doing Are they tired too This was probably the only judgment Senardi could make. After daybreak, when the Roman legions were about to attack, the barbarians fled before them again.And at noon that day, the cbd gummies are good for barbarians even stopped and fought the Romans again.But the Roman soldiers, who had greatly increased their confidence, repelled the provocation of the barbarians again.These strange savages. Senardi shook green valley cbd gummies his head helplessly. As the pursuit progressed, the surrounding terrain began to change, and the open plains gradually disappeared, replaced by dense forests and complex terrain.When the third day came, Senardi and his Roman legion entered a more 10 mg cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummies are good for complex terrain the surrounding mountains gradually increased, but Senardi still had nothing to worry about.In his view, the barbarians have been pushed into a desperate situation by themselves, at most this afternoon, the powerful Roman legion can successfully pursue the barbarians.

He gritted his teeth Retreat, retreat to the woods The Saxons began to retreat, but this aroused the cheers of the Romans.They didn t want to give up such a great opportunity at all.To the massacre of Roman soldiers.Gaius looked at the battlefield with satisfaction, and Tenadus said flatteringly, My lord consul.Congratulations to your unit for another great victory.It s nothing.Gaius concealed Self satisfied We haven t killed all these barbarians.We haven t really won yet.But they have nowhere to escape.Tenadus said with a smile I am in the territory of barbarians.After staying for a long time, I already know everything about them.No matter where they go, I have a way to find them, my respected consul.Gaius nodded, Caesar had arranged for a long time among the barbarians This pawn is finally going to play a huge role The sun is shining in the woods, but for the Saxons, the sun is full of blood.An impatient Roman hurriedly picked up the jar of wine and filled it up for him, and motioned for Hells to continue talking.At this time another centurion shouted loudly.When he got up, his voice was not as calm as usual, and he was trembling with joy Brothers, the Apolinas Legion and our cavalry crossed the desert from the Syrian pass and took cbd gummies are good for the back of these barbarians They are going to die Now the brothers are excited, but the Parthians are stunned.Taking advantage of this opportunity, Commander Yakulius immediately ordered the 2nd and cbd gummies are good for 3rd Battalions on our left and right to rush back to help the 8th and 10th Battalions.Parthian cavalry.At the same time, the 9th Battalion, which had not participated in the battle, joined the ranks of the 8th and 10th Battalions, and the Parthian plan to break through from the junction went bankrupt At this moment, anyone who has fought You know, the Parthians either leave these cavalry entangled with us, and go back to deal with the legions of Apolinas and our cavalry.We can completely annihilate you within 30 minutes.However, our Arman General Ke is a kind man, he doesn t want to continue best cbd gummies at walmart optimum cbd gummies to kill too many people, so he asks you how to make cbd gummies from jello to put down your weapons and surrender within 15 minutes Wang Weiyi said lightly.These nonsense could not be deceived at first, but the Italian officer standing in front of him.An Italian officer who can find an excuse to surrender even if there is no excuse for surrender Sure enough, the enemy came with a general God.Did they send a division Major Bertinano was very proud of his wise judgment Then, how will you treat us General Almanck only wants Longenberg, and he will not hurt you.The expression and tone of voice have already given Wang Weiyi full assurance What you have to do.Just gather up, put down your weapons, hand over Longenberg, and then you can leave here.Then returned to the room, at this time Agent Annette was fully dressed.Her face looked complicated, obviously trying to explain to Major Davyn what he had seen.Wang Weiyi smiled and comforted her.I feel a little guilty in my heart.After she successfully escaped, Agent Annette would inevitably be investigated, and perhaps her identity as a CIA agent could no longer be maintained.But for the sake of the whole, anyone s interests can be sacrificed Brigadier General Johnson and Major Daveyne arrived at the residence of Baron Platt on time.The baron dismissed his butler, and then took out some cbd gummies are good for things from the room Look, gentlemen, what did I find Then There are some ornaments made of gold, only a few of them.But it was enough to make the eyes of Brigadier General Johnson and Major Davyn glow with a strange color.Yes.They are unarmed at the moment.But what does that matter They have a weapon the enemy has never had Major Moyol.Everyone in the commando firmly believes that as long as Major Moyol is there, no matter what kind of difficult situation they encounter, the major will be able to take them through calmly Is there anything going on here, Major Ah, no, Lieutenant Colonel Kars.Henner shrugged.To tell the truth, he was extremely disgusted with these Americans, they always look domineering.What is this Kars leaned down.Picking up a cigarette butt from the ground, he put it in front of his eyes and looked at it.It s an American brand of cigarettes Major, do you smoke American cigarettes Ah, no, are these American cigarettes Major Henner was taken aback, A farmer who lives nearby gave it to me just now.Please call me Lieutenant Jonas.Wang Weiyi smiled Laugh, yes, now Guo Yunfeng is his adjutant Lieutenant Jonas Okay, joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies are good for Lieutenant Jonas, please prepare for battle, because I saw several Russian officers coming.After finishing speaking , he jumped cbd gummies are good for out of the car, walked towards the Russian colonel opposite, and said in fluent Russian Colonel, I am Major Henri Ren Abel of the 78th Division of the French Infantry.I It s Colonel Papalosovsky.The Russian colonel didn t look particularly friendly Why are the French coming again You just passed a batch here yesterday.Colonel, I don t know, I just obey the orders of my superiors That s all.Papalosovsky sneered Do you really think us Russians are fools We occupied Poland with the lives of many Russian soldiers, and now you are going to share the fruits of our victory Colonel, this has nothing to do with me.Captain, do you know the defensive position of the Nordland battle group Wang Weiyi said to Captain Scherer.Yes.Captain Scherer quickly replied They are defending the Antwater position, which is located on the left HCMUSSH cbd gummies are good for flank of the Skeleton Division.Once the enemy breaks through there, the Skeleton Division will have to fall into a passive position.Yes huh Then they need assistance now When Wang Weiyi said this, Guo Yunfeng and Richthofen smiled at each other.They already knew what the Rambler wanted to do.Captain Scherer quickly guessed something Major, are you going to Nordland battle group for reinforcements Why not, Captain Wang Weiyi calmly said If the Skeleton Division fails under the enemy s attack, Berlin will be attacked directly by the enemy.But if we can cbd gummies watermelon pain delay the enemy s attack as much as possible, we can buy some more time for Berlin.

That s Baron Alexon Wang Weiyi quietly watched the enemy approach.He did not give an order cbd gummies are good for to attack immediately, but kept allowing the enemy to get closer to some shooting ranges.He needs to be within the best range.Deal the heaviest blow to the enemy.A little closer, the Americans are a little closer Major.It s close to the firing range.Captain Sherer couldn t wait.Wait, wait Wang Weiyi s voice sounded so calm, without even a trace of emotion.When the Americans approached so close that their faces could be seen clearly, Wang Weiyi yelled suddenly Fire hustle and bustle.The initial smooth attack made the Americans lose their original vigilance.They probably thought that the Germans on the opposite side had been frightened by the powerful fire suppression just now and turned around and ran away.However, the Skeleton Baron decided to do the opposite 1700 people, he now has 1700 people.When he had thirty men, he dared to charge a battalion of the enemy.When he had a hundred men, he dared to face the challenge of several battalions of the enemy.And when he has 1700 people, he will set off a huge wave on the battlefield He has 1,700 brave soldiers, six Leopard 7 tanks and two Garde self propelled artillery , which in his opinion is simply an extremely huge wealth.With these, what miracles cannot be created We are going to counterattack All the soldiers of the Nordland combat regiment were called up when Lieutenant Colonel Moyol said these words.Everyone was dumbfounded.They thought they had heard wrong.Counterattack Under the circumstances of cbd gummies are good for being so passive and inferior to the enemy in every aspect, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol actually said the word counterattack We are going to counterattack Wang Weiyi reiterated this sentence again The enemy is in front of us.And when he shows up next time.His strength will be further strengthened.From the earliest thirty soldiers.It is found that there are 1,700 soldiers in a combat regiment so far, and this magical German has become stronger as he fought.Now, even Lieutenant Colonel Karls has to admit that Lieutenant Colonel Moyol is a magical German However, if he cannot be eliminated as soon as possible, this German will sooner or later become a confidant of the Allied forces Big trouble.Facing repeated failures, Lieutenant Colonel Kars never wanted his uncle to let it go Today, we encountered some small groups of troops, and Lieutenant Colonel Moyol led us cleanly Killed these enemy troops While the Nordland combat regiment was resting, Captain Lampden, who likes to keep a diary, took out his diary again From last night to now, we have killed at least two hundred enemies.What s wrong with his father He is still in good health.Why did he suddenly hand over the rights to himself without 10 mg cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummies are good for warning Tomorrow I will A board meeting will be held and the matter will be announced.Will has already made up his mind I know you are a very capable person, Montagut will definitely burst into vigorous vitality under your control.Don t live up to my expectations.Ah, yes, father.Pierce said in a daze, What about you I will put all my energy into a very important thing.Will said calmly I have been waiting for this day for so many years.I m so lucky to still be able to do these things in my lifetime.Pierce, no matter how far Montagut has cbd gummies are good for developed, don t forget that Montagut does not belong to the Tingland family.Of course I will never forget that Baron Alexon owns half of our shares Speaking of this, Pierce seemed to suddenly think of something Father, what you want to do Pierce, remember, we re doing the right thing.Regarding this, Wang Weiyi is not too worried.He is not particularly familiar with the Dutch Land Stormer, he only knows that it is A former unit of Dutch volunteers, later incorporated into 10 mg cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummies are good for the SS, did not see much combat.Of course, from what Klingenberg told himself, the unit was strengthened after the war , the proportion of cbd gummies third party tested Dutch volunteers was rapidly reduced and replaced by a large number of German soldiers.The current commander, Lieutenant General M ller pure vera premium cbd gummies Bach, participated in World War II, but did not serve under the command of Field Marshal cbd gummies are good for cbd gummies for pain walmart cost Ernst Brehm.He has fought under his command.Is this probably why he gained Kroll s trust Miller Bach was so depressed that he even had the possibility of retiring at one point.Klingenberg continued to tell Wang Weiyi But after Kroll gained the trust of the Marshal and gained a lot of power, Bach was reused.They did not dare to make any fierce resistance at all. Immediately disband the Guards.And interrogate those commanders separately.Wang Weiyi thought for a while and said I think Kroller must have colluded with the United States.It is very likely that there are a large number of spies hidden in these guards.The spies leave Berlin At the same time, the search for the enemy s spies is launched throughout Berlin He issued one order after another, and Fels responded one by one Marshal , Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip request to see you immediately.OK.I will meet them here Wang Weiyi paused at this point No, I joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies are good for will visit them in person.Now Britain cbd gummies are good for was once Germany s enemy in the two world wars, but because of the appearance of Baron Alexon, the enemy has become an ally.After the United States raided Britain and Britain was defeated and surrendered, the exiled British royal family will be in Wang Weiyi played an extremely important role in the whole plan Arriving at Queen Elizabeth s temporary residence, Wang Weiyi knocked on the door himself instead of letting the guards know.In such an era, no matter how far technology has developed, it is ultimately up to the infantry to solve the battle.Marshal Ernst Brahm made a strange arrangement.He only placed a small number of national army forces on his flanks to deal with the Italian army.In World War I and World War II, Wang Weiyi had dealt with Italians many times, and he knew what kind of virtue these people had.When he just returned to this era, he was still wary of the Italians, but after the previous confrontation, he was sure that the Italian army hadn t changed in the slightest.The irregular cbd gummies are good for armed forces joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies are good for of the National Army are enough to deal with them On this point, the German generals have no opinion.After the German mainland was attacked, they suffered from the Americans, the French, the Russians, but they just didn t take the Italians seriously.

They are preparing to attack Report to Commander Garden.33rd Infantry Division, ready to fight When Jean Doss shouted this At the time of the order, the German artillery fire had already sounded first.December 11, 1965 at 5 30 pm.Marshal Ernst Brahm used the lies of the Italians to lure the 33rd Infantry Division of the French Army to go deep, and personally commanded the Skeleton Commando, the Nordland Combat Regiment and the 2nd and 6th Brigades of the National Army to fight back This is the first counterattack of the German army after the start of the Unicorn combat plan, and.It was personally commanded by Marshal Ernst Brahm.German concentrators locally superior artillery fire.Taking advantage of the favorable time when the French army had penetrated too deep and a large amount of equipment and supplies could not keep up, it launched a fierce attack on the French army.I believe that the vast majority of people in France and Russia are unwilling to do such immoral things.I swear to do my best.As for the leaders of the two countries who have decided to betray, I can also swear that I will personally send you to the trial stand and personally return your crimes to you.Maybe you think you are safe, but I can tell you with certainty that joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies are good for even under the cover of a high wall, even under the protection of countless troops, you will live in a nightmare.Victory over the threat of the Skull Baron, I promise Even under the cover of a high wall, even under the protection of countless armies, you will live in a nightmare.Victory is under the threat of the skeleton baron, I promise When these words were spoken, Wang Weiyi has clearly conveyed to the world Such a message was conveyed Baron Skeleton s revenge has officially begun He will take all means he thinks he can take advancing the frontal battlefield, calling for popular uprisings in France and Russia, and even assassination Probably many people will remember that even in the At the most critical moment of World War II, Marshal Ernst Brahm, the supreme commander of the German army, also went deep into the enemy s heavily guarded heart many times, and miraculously completed the mission again and again.Now, I m back, and so are your friends.I will counterattack on the Berlin battlefield, and I order you, in the Middle East and North Africa, to find the right time to counterattack and cooperate with the Berlin operation to achieve the final victory of GermanyCommander of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Division HCMUSSH cbd gummies are good for of the US Army General Kerrett Korrett, who was listening carefully, suddenly heard the skeleton baron call his name, and his heart tightened.He held his breath and listened General Krrett, you were once arrogant I cbd gummies are good for don t want to blame you too much for rudely asking me and my troops to surrender to you.For you, you haven t figured out what war is all about, nor have you figured out the cruelty of war.And now, my friends are back, you will soon learn about the war, I can assure you of that Allied soldiers, whether you are American or French.A large number of artillery positions were devastated.Moreover, the enemy s full line counterattack is about to begin The chief of staff s answer made Westmoreland stunned At this time, Germany s greatest counterattack has officially kicked off Rommel Field Marshal, you will once again show the dignity of the German soldier on the battlefield Wang Weiyi said to the phone in the most peaceful voice Now, let s attack Now let s attack On the cbd gummies are good for battlefields on all fronts, the German soldiers uttered the strongest cry since the outbreak of the Battle of Berlin.Their tanks rushed out of their positions, and their soldiers jumped out of the trenches.Since the start of the war, , They have been suppressed by the enemy s artillery fire.For the first time, they cbd gummies are good for have an absolute advantage in artillery fire.In this battle, the Allied forces lost too many soldiers.For a long period of time, they had to digest such a failure, find ways to eliminate the shadows in the hearts of the soldiers, and readjust their forces, but this took a long, long period of time Before Christmas The declaration to end the fighting has become a joke.But the Germans can live a relatively safe Christmas.The most embarrassing person was probably General Kerrett, the guy who vowed before the battle that he would cbd sleep well gummies defeat the Skeleton Baron, and even ask the Skeleton Baron to surrender, but caused his troops to suffer the just cbd gummies for sleep heaviest loss.Especially after the baron specifically named General Kerrett in his speech to the world, best rated pure cbd gummies General Kerrett simply didn t know how to continue commanding his troops.Two cars appeared, and when the senior German generals on top came down, they immediately aroused the craziest cheers from the German soldiers.Sir Rosen even included Xiao Ling Su cbd gummies are good for Ling.Xiaoling and Sophie are a mixture, and the two are finally in line now.No longer bickering every day, fighting endlessly for the ownership of the body.However, on the issue of whether to attend the banquet, the two women still had serious differences.Sophie was determined to participate, otherwise staying in the base unanimously would suffocate this former blonde beauty to death.But Xiao Ling has no interest in leaving the base to attend any banquet.The two men probably argued for several hours about this issue.Finally, under the repeated persuasion of Wang Weiyi, Leoni and best cbd gummies on amazon 2021 Elena.Xiao Ling reluctantly agreed, leaving the base to attend the banquet for the first time in his life What a lucky baron.During the banquet, the always humorous Queen Elizabeth II said He is always accompanied by so many beauties, look, Leonie, Elena, Sophie, Tilly Ya.The rebel army built ammunition factories and gun factories in the city, preparing to persist in long term operations.In mid April, a large number of French reinforcements arrived in Cairo.With the enemy at hand, the elders in the uprising team began to waver, advocating a compromise with the French army.The uprising masses 10 mg cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummies are good for in the middle and yes cbd gummies lower classes sternly denounced the betrayal of the Presbyterians, refused to surrender, and persisted in fighting.The best cbd gummies at walmart optimum cbd gummies commander in chief of the French army, Kleber, ordered the attack, and finally set fire to Cairo.The second uprising in Cairo failed in a sea of fire.But the Egyptians continued to wage guerrilla warfare in other areas, forcing the French to retreat to the main towns.The fourth uprising broke out just twenty years ago, and they were victorious that time.

Every fight.Accompanied by countless blood and lives, every battle, even the victorious side, must pay the heaviest price.Countless families will be destroyed by war countless fathers will lose their sons, and countless wives will lose their husbands.They have died in battle for what they believed in.But who can end all this As long as there are people, there must be war.Wang Weiyi saw how the German soldiers fought bravely.That is Thomas, Wang Weiyi still remembers this soldier.He saw in the binoculars that Thomas was braving the enemy s crazy firepower, bravely commanding an assault gun on his position to give the US military the most vicious attack.His efforts were not in vain.Under his command, the only assault gun in this small position accurately wiped out enemy tanks and armored vehicles.Do your own thing.Yes, Marshal, I can only wish you good luck.Putting down the phone, Wang Weiyi came On the front line, he saw that Captain Urne was directing the soldiers to readjust the position, while shouting for the wounded to be treated.Fortunately, there were not many wounded.Under such circumstances, sometimes death is even more fortunate than injury.The German soldiers have adapted to Marshal Ernst to fight by their side in a short time.They began to feel more secure when the Marshal was by their side.How about the casualties Wang Weiyi helped the medical officer deal with a wounded person.Then he called Captain Urnet to his side and asked.Ah, in the morning s battle, 39 people were killed and more than 60 people were injured.The casualties were not very large, but the results we achieved were quite good.Have you persuaded him to surrender Wang Weiyi asked while grabbing the binoculars.Yes, Marshal, we have already tried to persuade you to surrender, but the other party has not responded.Wang Weiyi breathed out If you make another attack, if you still can t defeat the opponent s defense, then the two tanks I brought will be destroyed.Unification is under your command.Yes, Marshal.This time Bodmel had his mind firmly set.In fact, at this time, Wang Weiyi is more eager than ever to see the commander of the opponent, but if he wastes a lot of time here because of this, he absolutely does not allow it 10 mg cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummies are good for The new attack started soon, and Colonel Bodmer concentrated all his firepower, tightly suppressing the Italians on the opposite side, and although the Italians suffered heavy casualties, they had no intention of fleeing at all.Because of the high temperature when shooting, his hands were burned, and the red and swollen skin even emitted slight white smoke.However, when Hasen screamed and pointed to Zoff s ear, everyone realized that the problem was much more serious.Zoff s lip was chapped and his right optimum cbd gummies nature stimulant cbd gummies ear was torn off by a bullet.Blood flowed out from there, gushing out one after another with the violent beating of his heart.We succeeded Heisenberg panted exhaustedly on the floor, and scanned the surrounding soldiers who were as embarrassed as him.Heisenberg counted, and only 6 people survived Ruben and his men came and took them to the second floor of the museum.The Russian offensive seemed to have come to an end.At this time, the charging soldiers were gone, the shouts of killing were gone, and the sound of firing and explosions gradually calmed down Only hundreds of Russian corpses were scattered all over the battlefield Quietly cbd gummies are good for covers the earth.Those cbd gummies are good for Russians who were ordered to rest were getting out of the tanks, sitting lazily on the tanks or on the ground.When the attack came, they had no defense at all.In an instant, the unprotected Russian tank soldiers who left the tank were beaten into a large area, and the rest of cbd gummies are good for cbd gummies for pain walmart cost them got into the tank in a hurry, but the cbd gummy for child narrow road made them crowded together and couldn t use it at all.What s more terrible is that after the enemy s attack starts.Another group of troops came out of the slanting stab and cut the entire 26th Armored Brigade in two.Travert was stunned, he didn t know how to face the penguin cbd gummies for ed current situation Your Excellency, Marshal.We killed a large number of enemies, and captured six tanks, three armored vehicles, and one self propelled artillery When Wang Weiyi came to the battlefield, he was stunned by the results Boschek reported to him Although he knew that the attack would be successful, he was still surprised to achieve such a result in such a short period of time.Peter Goff quickly attracted the attention of people around him.There are constantly beauties chatting up with him, hoping to attract his attention.You know, such high rollers are in a good mood.Just giving them a few chips is enough for them to spend for a few days.If you are lucky, you can also spend a wonderful night with him.Then there may be several zeros in their accounts.As for those gangsters in the casino, they are even more eager to hook up with this rich man It s a pity that Wang Weiyi s thoughts are not on them at all.Mr.Rich, your gambling luck seems to be bad today.At this time, a woman s voice sounded.Probably another woman from another force.Wang Weiyi turned his head to look, and he saw a different beauty.About twenty five or six years old, sexy and beautiful, with red hair that was deliberately dyed.Panzer assault gun pilot It is a technical branch.You have the right to leave first Takot, wearing his eye catching black SS coat, lit a cigarette facing the officer next to the transport plane.Is he an assault gun driver The officer looked down at the man with a calm face.His left leg was shot, and the skin on his face was purple All this began to make him suspect that it was a frozen man.Death features, but he does wear the uniform of the SS Panzerman.I am Captain Takot of the SS assault gun company.This wounded is a senior technical arm of the SS.He has priority transfer rights.Takot reiterated again.Brothers in the Wehrmacht don t have such good luck Reluctantly, the officer in charge of loading and unloading the wounded gave in, opened the hatch, called for a stretcher to be brought down, and took Taco Captain Te s advanced technical arms loaded onto the plane.

Finally, the Prussian infantry launched a counterattack under the commander s command, forcing the Austrian army to retreat, and finally won.It stands to reason that such a monarch cannot be called great.Then.He still became the most remarkable figure in German history The priest paused for a moment After several victorious wars, Prussia ushered in more than ten years of peace.And Friedrich also began to turn his attention to domestic construction.Under his auspices, the Berlin Academy of Sciences was established, and he himself became an honorary member.At the same time, Friedrich also began to allocate a royal fee as a scientific scholarship to encourage the development and progress of science and technology.On the other hand, it is the reform of basic education.He requires all children of nobles to go to school.They didn t understand the anger and shame that came from the heart.In Nuo Qier s heart, he could not tolerate any injustice from others.Bodilla and 10 mg cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummies are good for the others didn t use any good words to persuade the already irrational Noqier, but he became extremely unreasonable because his eyes were covered with anger.Yes, he wanted the best for himself Not to be outdone But the reality is that they belong to the tail of the crane in the sequence of armored soldiers Lamel said cautiously, Noit s not that bad, is it Nuoqier glared at Lamel, shaking his head helplessly.Nuo Qier raised his arm and pointed out the window of the dormitory Go out and best cbd gummies at walmart optimum cbd gummies have a look, go and see The number of those new tanks Insufficient armor Damn Find a convincing excuse Nuo Qier Er roared angrily, but he didn t realize that he was complaining all the time.Victory is almost impossible.All they can do is to fight side by side with General Volyn Katzky and fight for the glory of Russia to the last breath of their lives The enemy s attack seemed so powerful.Countless tanks roared terribly on the battlefield, rushing towards the battlefield as if no one else was there.The soldiers accompanying these armored vehicles uttered joyful shouts, pressing towards the enemy s position little by little.The Russian soldiers are doing their best, but those old and backward armored forces can t provide them with much substantive help at all.Russian armored vehicles were destroyed one after another.These steel monsters, which were previously used as mobile fortresses, were completely vulnerable to the advanced and powerful German armored forces.General Jenov and Destaff tried their best to dispatch troops continuously.street fighting.There are two biggest features.First, it is the hand to hand combat between the enemy and ourselves, which is extremely cruel.Since the battles are almost always based on infantry light fire assaults.They are all carried out within the visual range, and the terrain is complex and unpredictable.Therefore, in street fighting, heavy weapons are useless.The cbd gummies are good for buildings in the city are dense.Skyscrapers.Even tanks and armored vehicles cannot lift the barrel to a sufficient height due to their own structural limitations, so they cannot effectively shoot high targets.The narrow streets also make it impossible for tanks and other large tanks to turn around, making their sides and rear vulnerable to attack.In street fighting, the mobility of the troops is severely restricted the limited field of vision makes observation, shooting, and coordination very inconvenient.Migroski, I think you should first consider your current situation Wang Weiyi was not afraid at all Of course I will be hanged by Gregory, but do you think the Grand Duke will let you go You participated in the whole incident from the beginning to the end, you recommended me to the Grand Duke actively and enthusiastically, and successfully prompted the Grand Duke to make up his mind to invest huge sums of money in the exploration of the so called oil fields.What can you get Ah, after I was hanged, I think it will be your turn next, and your situation will not be much better than mine The paleness of Migroski s face is hard to describe in wordsNo one knows the character of the Grand Duke better than him.Yes, the Grand Duke will never let him go.Petergoff is only one person, but he has so many family members who need him Take care of me.Speaking of arousing the strong attention of the United States Again Kim Walker didn t know what to dohe didn t know about these things at all, how should he answer these questionsthe Russian reporters also became confused If everything is true, then Russia will be in a huge trouble In order to ensure the smooth development of the Armenian oil fields, Gregory not only spent a huge 10 mg cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummies are good for amount of money, but also forced A large number of workers moved to Armenia Explosion, the whole of Russia, will explode because of this huge scam Well, they still need to continue to work for the Grand Duke Bierstoka Could he He might not even be able to keep himself Mr.King Walker, Mr.Poldorf, editor in chief of the cbd gummies are good for Moscow Herald, is outside.He asked to be admitted to the press conference and asked to speak The American reporter who gave King Walker a headache countless times today said again I beg you to agree to this request, and we all have to listen to Mr.At that time, everything will be in vain Make a decision, it s time to make a decision.Either accept Mr.Moyol s proposal can keep a lot of things, or he can refuse it directly, and the result will be losing everything.Mr.Moyol, can you really let me keep Dewey Bank Rodini finally asked.Yes, Dewey Bank is still yours, but some things must be decided by me Wang Weiyi said lightly.Rotini swallowed hard Well, I think I must accept your terms Wang Weiyi smiled.What he wants can always be obtained by special means, such as Dewey Bank.Then, he stretched out his hand From now on we are business partnersRodini gentlemen.I can promise you that I will not cbd gummies are good for cbd gummies for pain walmart cost participate in the operation of the bank After shaking hands with the other party, Rotini was a little puzzled, he would not participate in the normal operation of Dewey Bank What s the use He found that he couldn t see through the true thoughts of Mr.

Hey, Mike En What are you still dawdling about Ericie shook off a handful of sweat on his face and surpassed Pete.I m coming Go all out Sergeant Mike yelled at Mike En and the soldiers who had just rushed up.Finally, there was an exit in front of the barbed wire fence more than 30 meters away, and Mike climbed out quickly One thousand and forty two.growing up Against the dark background, everything appears blurred and unreal.Eric knew it wasn t his own eyes fault.So, when Eric adjusted the brightness a little, the image in the scope became clear and bright again.Eric let out a breath, focused and observed carefully.In the distance, the undulating hills meander and stretch to the sky, rocks of all sizes are scattered among the mountains and dense forests in a disorderly manner, and the creeks twist and turn between the hills like strips.But Orangje didn t notice this.Instead, as usual, before the food he asked for was served in front of him, he took a newspaper in his hand and read it intently.Damn the government has started to lie to its own people again in the newspapers Well, the Yetiri Revolutionary Party also needs to have a newspaper under its own control Yes, This is the mouthpiece of the party, and it must hemptrance natural cbd gummies will show on drug test not fall into the hands of others Even when eating, Orangier s mind is always on the affairs of his own party Monsieur Orange Suddenly, someone at a nearby table called out, then stood up and walked towards Orange.The two bodyguards hurriedly stood up and stood in front of the uninvited guest, cbd gummies are good for cbd gummies for pain walmart cost but the uninvited guest quickly said Our dreams are always in our own hands Mr.Orange, I am your admirer Our dreams I will always be in my own handsOranger couldn t help laughing when he heard this sentence.Today is a good weather.The continuous rain in London has stopped today.Wang Weiyi stared at the opposite side We will launch Plan B.This best cbd gummies at walmart optimum cbd gummies is the first time Nash has heard of Plan B.Listen carefully to what Lieutenant Colonel Moyol said We must figure out that once the war cannot go on according to our wishes.How many people in the Fenton government are willing to join the possible government in exile To find out how many weak willed people there are in the Fenton government.What worries us most is that, based on the information we have, some senior officials have secretly contacted the Axis powers, which may give us to wreak havoc on the entire plan of the Now, Nash has added a little more trust to Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, which is almost the same as the intelligence he obtainedhis intelligence Tell him too.Mr.Nash, I grant you special powers.You can arrest Minister Yess when you think it is necessary, and you can also arrest all suspicious officials when you think it is necessary.Nash finally got the great power he had been waiting for countless days What s strange is that it s not President Fenton that he wants to thank at this moment, but Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, who he already regards as his lucky star.So what about his family Nash asked cautiously.Murderous intent flashed through Fenton s eyes They are not allowed to leave London for half a step, and their every move is closely monitored, as well as the Paris you mentioned, he must be severely reprimanded, and then he must be handed over.Kick him out of the UK, and never allow him to set foot on British soil again But I suggest keeping him.President William told Singlag In France, Italy, Of all the things that happened in Russia, I firmly believe that this man has always been there to make the wind and rain, that he planned everything.Now that the war is at its most important stage, he will definitely appear in England, in London, and he has now been with The FBI or the CIA became one.Sinrag did not understand what Mr.President said.Lord Alexon, Ernst.brahm.President William said calmly It is the skeleton baron we usually call.Mr.Sinrag, believe me, my intuition tells me that Baron Skeleton is in London, and a series of weird events that happened in London recently, such as the treason of Yess, the death of Nash, etc., are all related to this person.Synrag, you must find the Skeleton Baron this time.If it is what you say, I will definitely try to find him and arrest him.Hey, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, what else can you ask me to do Lieutenant Colonel Mills shrugged Now is a special joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies are good for moment.Our manpower is already insufficient.And, it s in the sky.Even if there were enemy planes, would I still have Captain Eduardo and his agents draw their pistols and shoot Colonel Jade also laughed out Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, I think you are too worried, there will be no problem.Wang Weiyi blinked his eyes, and then said nothing more The Yinhe full of precious cargo and a large number of important passengers took off, and then quickly disappeared from everyone s sightColonel Jed and Lieutenant Colonel Mills both heaved a long sigh of relief.At least Operation Igor has successfully completed its beginning When Wang Weiyi got into the car and left, he found General Gandra is watching himself silently from a distance This general probably already knows what will happen to the Galaxy , but what makes him painful is that he can t tell what he knows.I hope you will not cause me any trouble.Pross looked at his handcuffs and shackles What else can we do under such circumstances What The car drove for about an hour before stopping The car door was reopened, and a strong ray of sunlight came in.It made the prisoners in the car very uncomfortable.Pross was joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies are good for the first to get out of the car, and he saw Lieutenant Colonel Moyol at first sight.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol lit a cigarette It s another rare fine weather in London.Yeah, it s another rare fine weather.Prows sighed.It would be a good choice to die in such weather, but he soon discovered that something was wrong.This is definitely not cbd gummies are good for cbd gummies for pain walmart cost like an execution ground where people are shot.Nearby is a cbd gummies are good for manor.Who would kill 11 people in such a place Come on, come with me.Wang Weiyi threw away half of the cigarette.

No matter how hindered the reinforcements are, 2500 mg cbd gummies they can still arrive at the battlefield in the shortest possible time.He has nothing to worry about.But what he didn t know was that he was preparing for the battle.The Lieutenant Colonel Moyol , cbd gummies are good for who made the Fenton government and the Americans gnash their teeth, has quietly appeared in Southampton.To achieve the greatest victory with the least cost this is always the war that Wang Weiyi hopes to see.Although a strong attack can also achieve victory, it will cost him HCMUSSH cbd gummies are good for the lives of a large number of soldiers and consume a large amount of vitality of the troops.This is the result he does not want.Southampton looked solid.In fact, it is not invulnerable.Because there is still a turbulent risk factor here the 6th Division of the British Army commanded by Major General Bacchus Everyone gummies cbd 25mg knows that General Cacchino s uprising had a great impact on the war.The difficulty of the Battle of Southampton of the English Free Army has exceeded Romeo s imagination, and the enemy s determination to resist has also exceeded his imagination The soldiers of the 1st R.A.Army performed beyond reproach and did everything a soldier can do.Their courage on the battlefield is no less than that of their enemies.Even if optimum cbd gummies nature stimulant cbd gummies the attack does not achieve the desired effect, they can still leave with their heads held high.However, all British officers and soldiers, including Romeo, understand one truth when the war is in the decisive stage, never underestimate the enemy s determination and will to resist.Only when the last gunshot falls, can it represent that the war is really over.As for Don Tanner, the Allied commander in Southampton, he felt that he had done quite well after the decisive battle broke out.I want to lay down my arms, I have my father and mother waiting for me to go back.I respect your choice, soldier.Colonel Depra nodded You can put down your weapons.The soldier put down the gun in his hand, then took out a white handkerchief and waved it to leave the position.He didn t feel any regrets, and he could be sure that Colonel Depra would not shoot himself in the back.Then, another soldier stood up, and then another.In less than ten minutes, more than two thirds of the American soldiers chose to give up, and even the soldiers of the Axis Army didn t know what happened.What happened.Colonel Depra watched his soldiers leave just like that, and Don Tanner just watched his soldiers leave like this.What more can he say He can t say anything more.From this moment on, he knew that he had lost everything.If it is not best cbd gummies for menstrual cramps necessary, he is not willing to see his subordinates sacrificed in vain.Our two brigades are completely surrounded and lack all the support we urgently need.General Denardo said slowly It doesn t seem realistic to expect support from London now, Tesla , Before the enemy completes the complete encirclement, order the soldiers to break out separately.Separately break out Tesla was taken aback General, now I think what we should do is to defend on the spot, if each breaks out.The troops will fall into complete chaos, and we will be defeated in the shortest time.Denard General Duo shook his head slowly No, I still stick to my order.This is their only chance to survive.Moreover, I must add one more item to my order, I allow all officers and soldiers to Surrender to our enemies.Tesla sighed deeply, knowing that the commander s determination could not be changed October 13, 1966 at 13 00 pm On the 30th, General Denardo, commander of the British government forces, gave the order to break out of the siege.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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