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Cui Zhen looked straight at Zhou Ruzhang, and Zhou Ruzhang couldn t help shivering with those dark eyes.It is said that there is a murderous look in the eyes of generals who have been fighting all the year round, and she has really seen it today.Cui Zhen s expression became even colder.He wanted to suppress the bandits in Shanxi.Firstly, he could get rid of HCMUSSH cbd gummies for male enlargement troubles and gain support.However, all of these had to be considered in the long run.He was somewhat interested in what Zhou Ruzhang had in his hands, but he didn t come here from the frontier because of this.His real purpose was to find out the details of Shanxi through the robbery case.Others.But now that he s back, he still depends on the clues Zhou Ruzhang got.Where s the stuff Cui Zhen asked.Zhou Ruzhang s face was like gold paper, and he said tremblingly, I lost it I lost it.

However, these little tricks can at most deceive the female relatives, but they can t hide it from those Lianjiazi, but it cbd gummies for male enlargement is enough for her.The reason why she didn t directly throw the purse into the lake was because she wasn t ready yet.If she wanted to fool Cui Zhen without any chance, she had to do it more rigorously, and she didn t have the medterra cbd sleep gummies review cbd gummies and smoking time to deal with it at that time.After returning from swimming in the lake, she crushed the wax pellets, took out the contents, and put a random piece of paper in it, but the wax pellets had been destroyed, and the paper would become wet after entering the water.Live Cui brothers.What is Miss going to do Bao Tong asked, Marquis Ding Ning has returned to Cui s house, will Miss be in danger Gu Mingzhu said I will be careful.When she came to Cui s house, she knew that she would meet Cui Zhen , if Cui Zhen can t even pass this level, then she won t even think about doing the next thing.

Disappearing out of thin air is just a way of trying to save the yamen s face.Mr.Wei really didn t show any mercy.Feng Anping coughed and continued After the Kuyin case, the Pearl Thief never showed up again until the pearl was discovered in the Jinta Temple.If it is true that the Pearl Thief has returned, then the recent robbery in Shanxi may have all happened.From the hands of the Pearl Thief.The Ku Yin case seven years ago has not been resolved, maybe this time the two cases can be investigated cbd gummies for male enlargement together.Feng Anping said with a rush of blood in his chest, if he can catch That big thief, he didn t make this general judgment for nothing, especially in the Kuyin case back then, when the relief food was burned and killed so many people, this was the first sentence he issued after he made the general judgment of Taiyuan Mansion.

He was punished by the court and can no longer be reused , the Cui family also began to show signs of defeat.It was not until the thirteen year old Cui Zhen secretly left home to join the army at the frontier that he gradually reversed the situation in the Dingninghou Mansion.Cui Zhen always selects the selected Cui family s children to bring to the battlefield, and deliberately trains the children of the clan.It can be seen that Cui Zhen is a person with a long term vision, so when getting along with this Lord Hou, he must be more careful.When Nie Chen saw the two people in the room, he immediately saluted Cui Zhen who was in the chair Nie Chen pays homage to Lord Dingning.After speaking, he turned to Cui Wei and called out, Master Cui.Cui Wei stretched out his hand and said Mr.Nie, please sit down The servant brought HCMUSSH cbd gummies for male enlargement tea and gently closed the study door.

Very different.Hearing this, Cui Wei said, What if it s an accomplice Nie Chen pursed his lips, Then the Pearl Thief doesn t just steal, he also kills.Cui Wei said After seven years, the Pearl Thief is medterra cbd sleep gummies review cbd gummies and smoking naturally different from before, but what is a bandit going to do to buy so many dead men Is it possible to rob them openly Cui Zhen took two steps forward, suddenly stopped and turned his head Maybe the things they want to take are not easy to get, such as the Lumi silver that Shanxi will escort to the imperial court.I robbed Kuyin seven years ago, and now I want to take Lumi silver, Cui Wei snorted coldly, I just want Look at how this thief stole money from under our noses.My lord, Nie Chen bowed to Cui Zhen, I want to go and see that murderer again.Cui Zhen nodded, Nie Chen turned and walked slowly towards the murderer cell.

He probably had no chance of returning the house to its original owner, so he rented a small yard not far away to live in.Come and have a look and chat for comfort.Are you still thinking about this house Feng Anping s entourage whispered, I think of a way.In Miss Gu s situation, the Marquis of Huaiyuan will definitely recruit his son in law in the future.My lord, you can go along with it.Did you get back the house smoothly Feng Anping immediately widened his eyes If you dare to talk nonsense again, I will .

what are cbd infused gummies?

punish you.The most kind and innocent girl like Miss Gu, how could there be anyone Have the heart to plot against her.That Mr.Wei also has no eyes, and even suspected that Miss Gu deliberately killed the murderer, but no one with a little brain would think this way.He really doubted Mr.Wei s future.

Wei Yuanchen s eyes swept across the bustling crowd, and a somewhat familiar figure came into view.This person walked with a limp, he was the person he met in Yong an Lane that night, the doctor s entourage.Since the medical woman was walking around in Taiyuan Mansion, it was not uncommon to see these two people on the street, but Wei Yuanchen looked around, but did not see the medical woman.All the way back to the courtyard, Wei Yuanchen cleaned his hands and began to read the official documents on the table.Chu Jiu couldn t help but said, My lord, what did you say about the earthquake He and Nie Chen went to the villages to inquire, and found out that many people in those three villages died during the earthquake.That s not an earthquake, Wei Yuanchen said plainly, An earthquake won t make people lose their clothes.

What are you still doing Mrs.Lin looked at Mrs.Cui Si sharply, and shouted loudly, Don t let anyone ask.Mrs.Cui Si saluted and hurried out.Madam Tai was serving in the house, Madam Tai was very displeased with the matter of the master, scolded her for being too negligent in daily life, she didn t even know anything, it can be seen that the affairs of the clan have been chaotic in recent years.She stood aside and listened to Mrs.Tai s reprimand.Although she felt very wronged, she didn t dare to argue.Mrs.Tai also mentioned that the master was suspected by the court of being related to thieves and bandits.To be cautious, she had to check the accounts of the clan over the years, as if she believed that the husband and wife had secretly corrupted the clan cbd gummies for male enlargement s money.Fourth Mrs.Cui bit her lips tightly.

Moreover, you should be able to meet acquaintances along the way.There was a sound of horseshoes, Gu Mingzhu looked up and saw a group of people rushing towards this what do cbd gummies do cbd gummies for male enlargement side, the leader was Cui Zhen.The Cui family brothers swept past with their pro army like the wind.Gu Mingzhu left the official road and cbd gummies for male enlargement walked along the small road.Cui Zhen would not give up easily when it came to his official career and family.Although the fire at the Cui family s ancestral tomb would involve his energy, he must have gained something by leaving the village at this time.information.If it cbd gummies for male enlargement wasn t for the inner house s frequent drag, Cui Zhen would really be a difficult character to deal with.Gu Mingzhu kept walking, and she didn t forget to dig up wild vegetables when she saw them along the way.These things are very common and can also replace medicinal materials.

Poor people can t afford medicinal materials, so they rely on cbd gummies for male enlargement simple prescriptions to cure diseases.The things used in the prescriptions are very common.For example, the plantain can cure swelling and relieve cough.Most farmers have such things in their homes.They also know its curative effect.Just as Gu Mingzhu threw a large handful of plantains into the medicine basket, two riders left and returned.Cui Zhen looked condescendingly at the woman in front of him.There were several villages not far in front of him.The woman walked over with a medicine box and a medicine basket on her back, probably to see a doctor in the village.This doctor, said the guard next to Cui Zhen, Are you going to the village ahead Gu Mingzhu nodded.The guard turned to look at Cui Zhen, and then asked, Did you see some middle aged men going in and out of the village So she guessed right, after Cui Zhen checked, he felt that there was someone else hiding in the mountain, and Cui Zhen didn t arrest those people, either because he couldn t determine where those people were entrenched, or those people were difficult to deal with, it was difficult to take them down with the Cui family s personal guards alone, and going there rashly would scare the snake away.

Bell, he never expected to see an acquaintance among the thieves.He just said that what happened tonight was not that simple.Feng Anping swallowed.Isn t the person in front of him Chu Jiu whom he has been thinking of bribing Absolutely, he could recognize it even with his eyes closed.Seeing this scene, he really felt that someone was going to be unlucky, either him or Mr.Ding who was arresting people on the boat tonight.Thinking about it carefully, Mr.Wei s legs should be thicker than Mr.Ding s.After all, Mr.Wei is also a child of a relative, so the unlucky person is likely to be Mr.Ding.On the ninth day of the ninth day, he saw Feng Anping s head popping up, but before he could wink, Feng Anping immediately moved his body back.This catfish spirit only knows to hide when encountering problems.

Seeing that Gu Mingzhu didn t respond, Mrs.Lin said What s going on There were other people in the Jinta Temple besides the cbd gummy benefits list cbd gummies for male enlargement murderer and Mr.Wei She didn t realize it at all before, but thinking about it, she felt dangerous.Wei Yuanchen said As soon as Miss Gu came out of the Zen room, monks greeted her and tried to stop Miss Gu, but then she left in a hurry for some reason.I went to investigate carefully, but I didn t find the monk s whereabouts in the Golden Pagoda Temple.I called the monks to ask questions, and they all said that there was no ugly monk in the Golden Pagoda Temple.If the monk who blocked him was on the same road as the murderer, why He didn t attack Miss Gu Instead, he prevented Miss Gu from going to a secluded place alone.I was puzzled by this matter, so I came to the Gu family to inquire.

Something happened to Zhuzhu.Speaking of Zhuzhu being hugged By the way, if Mr.Wei hadn t mentioned this pure cbd gummies greenhouse incident, she would have forgotten whether Mr.Wei had touched her Zhuzhu.I, Zhou Ruzhang did not dare to lie, I went to talk to some ladies, and then I heard that Zhuzhu disappeared.I don t know anything.Wei Yuanchen continued to ask Did you see a monk with an ugly face medterra cbd sleep gummies review cbd gummies and smoking Is it Nono, Zhou Ruzhang said while looking at Mama Bai on the ground, Mama Bai is with me, we didn t see anything, Mama Bai, do you think so Mama Bai turned pale from the pain, There is still nothing to worry about, so I can only nod cbd gummy benefits list cbd gummies for male enlargement again and again.Zhou Ruzhang tightly clutched the veil, she was still kneeling on the ground, no one came to help her, she had suffered a lot of humiliation today, thinking about her, she couldn t help sobbing and crying.

Wei Yuanchen looked at Nie Chen s expression and said coldly It s between saving people and killing people, just like the Pearl Thief who never thought about it, because his actions ruined so many lives.Nie Chen was silent.After a long while, he said We persuaded those people to go back.I know they don t believe in the government office, so I asked people to persuade the government office first.Wei Yuanchen said Just relying on you, they will listen He licked cbd gummies for male enlargement his lips No, Lu Guang and the others are determined to save people and will not give up at will, and they have gone through so many things and only believe in themselves.Wei Yuanchen s eyes darkened What method did you use Nie Chen looked up It started I pretended to be the Pearl Thief.Chu Jiu had a surprised look on his face when he heard this.

That night he went to Ao Cang to investigate, but was ambushed and seriously injured.Liu Su finished speaking.look up.Wei Yuanchen said How do you know Looking at Wei Yuanchen s mouth shape, Liu Su said I saw it with my own eyes, when I was only seven years old, my parents died and I didn t have any relatives around me, all because of cbd gummy benefits list cbd gummies for male enlargement the Pearl Thief Bring me food to survive.That year he was plotted against and escaped from Ao Cang with all his might.He found me in the ruined temple and gave me all the money left on his body, telling me to survive.Liu Su still remembered that scene, Pearl Thief rubbed his head affectionately cbd gummies for male enlargement with his big hand Boy, hide it well, don t let anyone catch you and eat it.That night was very dark, but those words made him He thought it was so bright, as bright as the sun, but then he noticed something strange about the Pearl Thief , and the world suddenly dimmed.

On the ninth day of the ninth day, tears almost fell.When he comes back, he will cbd gummies for male enlargement kill those five black chickens and eat their meat.Let it know what is meat debt Gu Mingzhu looked at the cicada slough on the table, and reached out to touch it.Unfortunately, even though it was just a shell, she had put a lot of thought into it, and hoped that Mr.Wei would be satisfied.Master saw so where to buy natures only cbd gummies much of the Jiumai case today, I hope she didn t see any clues.Standing beside Master, she always has a feeling of being seen through.When Master looked at her, the expression would always overlap with that of five years ago.Miss, let s rest early Baotong said, I don t know what will happen tomorrow.Gu Mingzhu cbd gummies for male enlargement lay on the bed after washing up, closed her eyes but couldn t fall asleep, it would be great if she could have a long talk with Master all night.

This Third Master Wei was usually restrained, gloomy, and unfathomable, but whenever they faced each other, Wei Yuanchen s HCMUSSH cbd gummies for male enlargement eyes never concealed his hostility towards him.Cui Zhen said Why hasn t Mr.Wei come back The jailer complained Mr.Wei left the yamen without saying anything, and only ordered us to continue interrogating.Cui Zhen stood up, and just as he was about to go out, Lu Shenzhi greeted him.Master, Lu Shenzhi saluted, Master Wei asked me to invite you over, the case has progressed.Cui Zhen followed Lu Shenzhi out of the yamen with doubts.Cui Zhen asked with a sullen face, Where are you going Ever since the conflict at Cui s house last time, Lu Shenzhi had been more estranged from Cui Zhen, but today Lu Shenzhi seemed very cbd gummies for male enlargement patient Master, come with me.That s right.The two came to the east street and stood still, Lu Shenzhi pointed to the shop not far away, staring at Cui Zhen with a pair of eyes Master Hou, do you know who opened that shop His name is Liu Su, Lord Hou can you Recognize it Cui Zhen shook his head.

Especially at this time, they should not rub their eyes, otherwise they will be damaged.Gu Mingzhu pulled Baotong to her side There are medicinal materials in Zhuangzi, go and get them, especially for treating trauma, andthe sun is too bright here, take a clean towel to cover their eyes Baotong immediately understood that after so many years of being by Miss s side, brewing and changing prescriptions for Miss, she also knew a little bit, and she knew what to do after being instructed by Miss, not to mention that it wasn t a weak and incompetent person.Is it your doctor The two had just finished talking when Gu Mingzhu saw a person coming out of the room.It s Master Wei.Baotong could see clearly.As soon as the words fell, Gu Mingzhu, who was still giving instructions to Baotong just now, huddled on Baotong s shoulder like a child, looking around nervously.

He left this note I hope that people from the government office will find the note, and the purpose is to expose your crime.Wei Yuanchen paused for a moment, watching Han Yu s emotions gradually lose control This is his real purpose, to let the truth of the case seven years ago Dabai, so it is impossible for him to poison you to death, I have seen it too, your wound has not turned black, and the arrow is not poisonous.You have been fooled These words became the last straw that crushed Han Yu, and he suddenly Struggling up You lied to meyou lied to me Wei Yuanchen glanced at Han Yu So, we still have a long way to go, you won t die easily, and I won t let you die unless You will confess all your evil deeds clearly.As soon as Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, cheers came from the yard, and soon the cheers turned into crying.

He just came back from the outside, and what he saw was the scene of the third master hugging Miss Gu.OMG.How to explain this cbd gummies for male enlargement to the Gu family.Chu Jiu rushed forward, about to help Wei Yuanchen who was paralyzed on Miss Gu.What s going on Mrs.Lin s voice came from the door.It s over, it s over, Chu Jiu just feels bitter in his mouth, all the things that shouldn t come have come, everyone has seen it this time, but what to do.He can cbd gummies for male enlargement cbd sleep aid gummies t solve this day s big trouble with just one follower, so he can only let the third master talk about it.Third Master On the ninth day of the ninth day, Wei Yuanchen was lifted up and looked over.At this time, Wei Yuanchen s eyes were closed and he fell into a coma again.On the ninth day of the ninth day, Wei Yuanchen was put back on the bed, and Baotong also protected Gu Mingzhu.

Madam Lin picked up the tea and took a sip.Although Zhuzhu was taken advantage of, she was anxious and angry, but Zhuzhu would suffer even more if she made things big.Third Master Wei is still asleep, and cbd gummies for male enlargement it seems that he won t remember what happened just now when he wakes up.It s the safest way to deal with it now.If Third Master Wei thinks kangaroo cbd gummies reviews 700 about it, she will think about it again.Mrs.Lin stood up and walked to the window.The weather has been bad for the past two days, overcast and gloomy, and the sky is getting darker.Mrs.Lin said Wait a while and take your third master away while it s cbd gummies and smoking full spectrum cbd gummies 500mg getting dark.If your third master wakes up and forgets, don t mention it.Chu Jiu nodded, didn t he let him lie to the third master He has never lied to the third master in his life.Mrs.Lin, Chu Jiu said with a mournful face, Third Master can t walk, even if it gets dark, I m afraid he can t.

Now she is Nie Chen s junior sister, and she is investigating cases by Nie Chen s side.As long as she does her work in a peaceful manner, she will not attract attention.Master Wei has no time to think about a little girl.Nie Chen and Liu Su stepped forward to salute, Gu Mingzhu stood there in a daze, waiting for Nie Chen and Liu Su to call Master Wei.She seemed to understand the identity of the visitor, and immediately squatted down towards Wei Yuanchen Saluting, thinking that I am wearing men s clothes now, and changed to bowing in a hurry.After this what do cbd gummies do cbd gummies for male enlargement set of movements, it is very nondescript.Wei Yuanchen didn t look at Gu Mingzhu, she was right in this figure.He suffered a disadvantage on the painting boat before, and didn t pay attention to the characteristics of the doctor s wife.After going to Gu s house, he took a careful look at Miss Gu.

Cui Zhen in the room looked at the white porcelain tea bowl.He knew that he should leave, but he had a mess of thoughts in his heart, and he couldn t manage it.Mrs.Zhang wrote a letter from home, full of self blame between the lines, and he also knew that his mother The matter has nothing to do with Mrs.Zhang, and Mrs.Zhang will definitely not be able to stop her mother from coming to Taiyuan Mansion, but is it really cbd gummies and smoking full spectrum cbd gummies 500mg the mother s fault that the family is in such a mess He is right Ever since his father died, he felt that his family was cold and no one could be trusted.After his father died for so many years, his mansions changed one after another, and there was never a shortage of women around him, but he still seemed to be staying in the ancestral house of the Cui family.In the middle of the day, watching his father lying on the bed lingering, he could see his father s eyes full of anger and unwillingness when he looked up.

Prince, this matter needs to be investigated thoroughly, Wei Yuanchen super cbd gummies for hair loss reviews said.It s related to war horses and ironware.This kind of crime is unacceptable.Once there is a serious relationship, if you don t make it clear, it will definitely be used by people with intentions in the future.Wei Yuanchen s words were meaningful, and Mr.Shen who was not far away looked calm on the surface, but his palms were slightly sweating.Wei Yuanchen said The imperial envoy s secret box is about to be handed over to Beijing.Let the civil servants write clearly about the killing of the second master Zhao.You all sign your names with me and submit it to the emperor.It is also considered as the crown prince to clarify the matter.What do you think The officials murmured in low voices.I am willing.Feng Anping spoke again, his voice sounded sharp and out of place.

Maybe it s been a long time since I ve seen such a warm scene, and I m vaguely envious.Cui Zhen regained his composure, his face remained unchanged, and he continued I want to write a letter to my uncle, in case someone wants to use this as an excuse to involve more people after my incident gets into the capital, please ask my uncle to help guard Datong.The soldiers begged for a favor, and the new x cbd gummies Tatars are eyeing them, and at this time they will go to war, which may not be good for Zhou.Mrs.Lin said That s all Cui Zhen nodded.Mrs.Lin didn t know what to say and sighed for a long time Is there no other way Cui Zhen said If the case of the war horse can be found out, it will be a good thing for both the frontier and the guards.I can clearly distinguish the priorities.After Cui Zhen said this, he raised his eyes, and his face naturally became a little more confident Auntie, don t worry too much, there are not many generals when did cbd gummies get created available in Dazhou, and now there are strong enemies around, and the few people in the Ministry of War may not Dare to take over the post of guarding the border, even if I am convicted, the court may not never use it.

Cui Zhen walked into the study for cbd gummy benefits list cbd gummies for male enlargement a long time before writing the official document , opened the door and walked out, and saw Zhuzhu sitting in the yard weaving straw rabbits.Cui Zhen had never played with these things when he was young, and his father supervised him very strictly.The time is spent on the battlefield, where is there any leisure to play with these flowers and plants.Thinking this way, Cui Zhen slowly walked up to Gu Mingzhu, and saw that Gu Mingzhu had a fluffy grass rabbit under his hands.The ears and the four short legs are very cute.Unconsciously, Cui Zhen picked up the dog s tail grass on the stone table and learned to weave it.Gu Mingzhu raised her eyes to look at Cui Zhen with a calm face.The dog s tail The grass looked a little weird in his hands, how could he be interested in these cbd gummies for male enlargement little things After busying for a while, Cui Zhen weaved the grass rabbit and handed it to Gu Mingzhu.

Based on her experience, the dim sum ordered by her mother must be Cui Zhen s favorite.Seeing this, Cui Zhen might gain some comfort, but she never expected that the little rice cake would make Marquis Dingning so moody.It was so big, maybe it brought back some memories cbd gummies for male enlargement cbd sleep aid gummies of Cui Zhen.Sometimes, what you think you can get easily may be out of reach for others No matter how Zhou Rujun and Cui Zhen were in cbd gummies for male enlargement the past, today Cui Zhen can not be concealed by Mrs.Lin and Lin Sizhen.He is still a responsible person who distinguishes between good and evil.Gu Mingzhu turned around and walked out, pulling Mrs.Lin in through the door.Let my aunt worry about it.Cui Zhen saluted Mrs.Lin.Where did you come from Mrs.Lin said, If these things happen, I will feel sad if you don t come to me.Thinking that the Cui family must be in chaos now, Mrs.

Mrs.Lin nodded Be careful, no matter what happens, stay by Zhuzhu s side.Baotong responded.Gu Mingzhu got into the carriage with Mrs.Lin, and went to Dongdaxiang with Zhao Gongren.Gu Mingzhu glanced at her mother with a serious face.It seems that her mother also guessed that Cui Zhen did it on purpose.Although Cui Zhen speculated that there was something wrong with Lin Temple, she still had to look for evidence carefully.Zhao Gongren obviously knew some facts, but still It s fine if you don t want to say it, you need to find a time for Zhao Gongren to tell the whole story.Miss.Baotong called out, signaling Gu Mingzhu to look out of the carriage.Not far away, there was a man sneaking behind the Gu family s carriage.Gu Mingzhu took a look and immediately recognized that it was the servant next to Mrs.

The prince raised his head and looked at the clouds and clouds in the sky.All major events in the world seemed to be weighed in his mind.After a long while, he said If Lin Si really rebelled against Da Zhou, these two children will definitely not survive.If you can lure Lin Si really to Catch them in the middle of the capital, help me to find out the case, catch the envoy Lin Sizhen, I can save the two children for you, although they may not be able to become officials again, but I can give them land Let them be squires in peace.If you want to keep the children, where to buy fun drops cbd gummies you have to plot against your husband.Although Zhao Gongren was full of hatred for Lin Sizhen after seeing this house, but thinking of Lin Sizhen s future results, he felt sour again.All kinds of things came to my mind, so I cried out mournfully.

The most important thing is that if it is not well controlled, it will harm the people in the frontier.There should be no military chaos in the border town, even if there is a change, it must be calmed down in the shortest possible time, no cbd gummies for male enlargement more than three days, otherwise there will be changes, he sent a letter to the capital to warn, but he is afraid that Lin Temple is really prepared.Although Suzhou Wei was far away, it seemed that he would not be able to reach it for a while, but who said that Lin Si would really stay in Suzhou Wei honestly.A month ago, he asked the women from Dongdaxiang to move out.They had been investigating the case in Taiyuan Mansion for so long, leaving enough time for Lin Sizhen to plan the way forward.Wei Yuanchen pushed the tea aside again, and Chu Jiu took it away with his mouth pursed.

Inquiry into this matter, what can he do with a child Mr.Lu was his teacher at the time.He saw what he was thinking and persuaded him to be patient first, and then do what he wanted to do when he had the ability.Finally, he made it to the day when he could go out of the house alone, and he immediately went to the place where his mother fell into the water to inquire about the news.He looked up the case files of the local yamen and asked the people who punted on the river.In addition to asking how many bodies were fished out of the river after his mother passed away, he asked whether anyone had ever been rescued.When order cbd gummies he heard a boatman say that he seemed to remember someone swimming to save someone, As if he had rescued a female family member, he began to look around for traces of his mother.

Zhou Zesheng couldn t help being startled when he saw Gu Mingzhu, how could there be a female relative in Wei Sanye s yard.Isn t this Miss Gu Chu Jiu pretended to be surprised.In the morning of the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, he took his guards to prepare the chariots and horses.When he left, he saw Baotong not far away.Baotong might come to inquire about the third master again.They were not here, it was easier for Baotong and Miss Gu to enter the yard, so he pretended to be deaf and dumb as if he hadn t seen anything, and he simply sent away the guards at the door, unexpectedly, he missed Zhou Zesheng, the Zhou family The master is too good at picking the time.The third master is not awake yet, and everyone is leaving.How sad it is for the third master to know.Liu Sudao I was cooking in the house when I saw the eldest lady enter the yard.

It can be regarded as the sky pays off, I went to work with a general guard under Zheng Bian s command, and found that they had contacts with the Tatars.It was said that General Zhao had contacts with Jinong, the eldest son of the Tatar Khan.The letter written by Jinong to General Zhao was intercepted, and then General Zhao was charged with colluding with foreign enemies.This is not the case.The people who really communicate with Jinong are the military generals on the border.I learned from Mr.Na Wei that Jinong had a younger sister who was born with a beautiful face.In order to win over others to serve him, Jinong married that sister to someone else as a concubine.The portrait of Sister Nong is Zheng Bian s concubine.After Zheng Bian died, the Tatar woman returned to Tatar and married a tribal leader.

Go ahead, let s go on time, don t drag the whole team down.Mrs.Lin let out a long sigh of relief, and don t panic at this time.Although they are female relatives and can t charge forward, they must do their own things well and don t show off.The clue made those people suspicious and messed up the arrangement of Lord Wei and the princess.Gu Mingzhu guessed that Wei Yuanchen s people had already left at this time, and this battle was related to the safety of northern Xinjiang, Wei Yuanchen would never make any mistakes.This is the only thing that can make her feel at ease.Ma am, Second Master Cui is here.The mother in charge led Cui Wei into the door, and Cui Wei bowed to Mrs.Lin Auntie, is everything ready Mrs.Lin nodded It s all done.Cui Wei Looking at Mrs.Lin Auntie s complexion is not good.

After Lin Sizhen finished speaking, he paused for a moment, as if to give Cui Zhen time to think The uncle will give you another advice, you just need to guard your Datong Mansion, don t force me, when I leave the old camp, I will release His Royal Highness, and when you escort His Highness back to Beijing, the court will understand your painstaking efforts.Cui Zhen stood there motionless, as if already I agree with Lin Sizhen s words.Lin Sizhen looked at the cbd gummy benefits list cbd gummies for male enlargement lieutenant beside him, and the lieutenant picked up his horse and walked to the north.What he said was passed on by the young master, and he felt a sense of enlightenment when he heard it.No wonder Wei Yuanchen always targeted him for no reason these years.Brother Cui, he did not believe that Cui Zhen would remain indifferent.Men are the same, even if you don t like the woman around you, you still need that woman to keep her duty.

The soldiers and horses of the Wei family in the guard cannot be touched, and the court will not give us this chance.When we clear up the situation, there will be news from the capital, and someone will come to control As for the credit, I don t need him to give it.Zhang Tong understands that Mrs.Tai always says that it is not the written credit that can make the Wei family live, but the real deeds.Such a thing, even if the court does not mention it, cannot be annihilated, so even if the Wei family no longer leads the army, there are still soldiers willing to follow secretly.Wei Yuanchen said indifferently After dealing with these, we will join the team returning to Beijing.Chu Jiu heaved a sigh of relief, it seems that the third master is still thinking about Miss Gu, and it is a good thing if someone cares Mrs.

When did his cbd gummy benefits list cbd gummies for male enlargement younger brother be so cruel Mrs.Lin Tai went to see her sister in law next to her.The sister in law was pinned to the ground, her mouth was covered with a rag, and she was struggling miserably there.Mrs.Lin suddenly realized, yes, that s right, this is her brother, but Nian came up with an idea to let her kill the old Hou Ye s brother.Now my younger brother used the method he used to deal with cbd gummies for male enlargement the old Hou Ye on her.Chapter 183 Retribution Next Mrs.Lin saw that Lin Si was really cruel.Lin Sizhen lifted Zhao Gongren from the ground, and said calmly Don t make a fuss, if you are ordered to go back to Aoer Dusi with me, they will still be by my side in the future, and I want to bring those two children out, but they should have fallen into Wei Wei now.Yuan Chen s hand, that is their fate, I have done my best.

She didn t want to say that it was useless for him to ask, and if he was forced to hide because of it, it would be even more harmful than the gain.Wei Yuanchen lowered his eyes, and he could see clearly now.If he wanted to ask the truth, he could only try to trick her, trick her into being fooled, and subconsciously reveal the truth.But it might not be easy for this fox to be fooled.What s the problem cbd gummies for male enlargement with Mr.Wei Gu Chongyi looked at Wei Yuanchen s frown and said in a low voice, Why don t you say it, maybe we can help What s the problem Maybe they will face difficulties after returning to Beijing, but these are not as good as Gu Hou s precious daughter, Wei Yuanchen was about to refuse cbd gummies to quit drinking shark tank Gu Hou s kindness, Chu Jiu hurried forward to report.Third Lord, Chu Jiu said, Zhou Qiye was injured in order to save someone.

Mrs.Lin recovered from her thoughts and coaxed Zhuzhu to lie down.On the kang Go to bed early, maybe we will start our journey in two days.The imperial court sent someone to send the official documents, and the master went to the front to discuss matters with the son in law and the third master Wei.Follow them back to Beijing.The military turmoil in northern Xinjiang is no small matter, the prince was not only taken away but also injured, the court must ask them and those who accompanied him to find out the whole matter.Now the most uncomfortable thing is the imperial concubine and the East Palace.The crown prince has made such a big mistake.It cannot be solved by the imperial concubine crying and starving a few meals.Madam Lin thought of this, and suddenly felt a little relieved.The crown prince is really too immoral.

What they did in private in the past, I will pay for it.You can turn a blind eye and close your eyes, it s different now, in short if you don t listen to me, if you are caught, you can wait to be put in prison, don t think that I will intercede for them.The female officer nodded., hands and feet were terrified cold.The imperial concubine said again Remove all the exquisite decorations in the palace, especially those sent by my natal family.These days, no one should go to the emperor to inquire about the news.If you do so, you will be caught by someone with a heart.The emperor hates it the most.Someone tried to figure out his thoughts, the Wei family would always find out the emperor s intentions, so he was rejected by the emperor.Seeing the cautious look of the imperial concubine, the female official suppressed the soreness in her nose and said, Don t worry, my lord, the people in our palace will not go out and act recklessly after listening to the orders.

It took a long time for the old imperial doctor to recover, Did Mr.Wei hear what he said clearly Wei Yuanchen stood up Then don t bother the old imperial doctor.The old imperial doctor Chai sent Wei Yuanchen out, and seeing the tall figure walk out of the yard, the old imperial doctor couldn t help being at a loss.He didn t come to tear him down.Is it the Holy Hand sign Then when he sees the Wei family in the future, doesn t he need to blush Wei Yuanchen got on his horse and went all the way back to Wei s house.Mu Qiu wanted to ask several times, but seeing the tense face of the third master, she finally gave up.The third master has something on his mind, and he shouldn t come forward to disturb him at this time.Wei Yuanchen arrived in front of Wei s house, got off his horse, and walked towards the mansion, but his left foot accidentally tripped over the threshold, staggered, he couldn t stabilize his body, and fell firmly to the ground.

In the dream, Rujun s face suddenly turned into Gu Mingzhu.Rujun, are cbd gummies a con didn t she leave Wei Yuanchen only felt that his heart was pulled a bit, he was both happy and afraid, what was cbd gummies for male enlargement afraid was that everything was delusional, and everything would be nothing in the end.Thinking like this, Qi and blood surged, mixed with sorrow and joy, but his chest seemed to strongest cbd gummies 2022 be blocked by a stone, and he felt pain even while breathing, and with a little force, the big stone that had been pressing on his chest for a long time was finally pried away, and the fishy and sweet smell burst out suddenly.On the throat.Mu Qiu just stepped forward to support Wei Yuanchen s arm, and was about to help Wei Yuanchen off the ground, but felt Wei Yuanchen s body tremble.Wei Yuanchen lowered his head and spat out a mouthful of blood, and fell limply to the ground.

Tai is not allowed to step out of the door.Cui Wei also had to stay in the courtyard, waiting for the imperial court to ask him.Mrs.Zhang had never experienced such a thing before, so she couldn t help feeling a little flustered.When she heard that Marquis Huaiyuan and his wife had arrived in Beijing, they came to Gu s house, firstly to visit, and secondly, to ask for advice.Mrs.Zhang was waiting anxiously, but she saw a young girl running over.The girl was wearing .

where can you buy cbd gummy bears?

a goose yellow dress, like a cloud in the sky, blown by the wind.That was Gu Mingzhu.Zhuzhu.Mrs.Zhang got up and walked a few steps forward, smiling at Gu Mingzhu kindly.When Gu Mingzhu walked in, Mrs.Zhang immediately opened the box of eight treasures handed over by the maid, which was full of candied fruit and candied fruit.Mrs.

No more trouble explaining.Mrs.Zhang also nodded Auntie s health is the most important thing.Mrs.Zhang ordered her servants to put away the gifts they brought, and then stretched out her hand to grab Gu Mingzhu Zhuzhu likes sweet scented osmanthus, and the golden osmanthus in our garden is all in bloom.How about Zhuzhu come over to play in the past two days Sister in law You make sweet scented osmanthus cakes.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Mrs.Zhang took out a purse from her sleeve and put it on Gu Mingzhu s waist with her own hands.There were two fluttering butterflies embroidered on the purse, which was truly beautiful.Mrs.Zhang was talking about tidying up Gu Mingzhu s dress Zhuzhu is a big girl, she looks better dressed up, and my sister in law will make you a beautiful dress tomorrow.Looking at the gentle Mrs.

When she was in Gu s house, she should have known his identity after seeing his injuries, but she has always been so careful to cover herself up.What should he do in exchange for her trust When will we not have to look at her through these veils Gu Mingzhu put the lampshade back, raised her eyes again, Mr.Wei still sat there motionless, as if lost in thought, Gu Mingzhu took advantage of the situation and moved her gaze to the document.Sure enough, it was the news from Nie Chen, which described Mr.Shen s situation.After Mr.Shen arrived in Zhending, he hid.A body was found near Mr.Shen s hiding place a few days ago.There is also the post mortem document from the government office at the back, but it is obscured by Mr.Wei s sleeve, so I can t see it clearly.My my lord A stammering voice came, although it was concealed, but finally opened his mouth, Wei Yuanchen restrained the thoughts in his eyes, so as not to scare her away.

Wei Yuanchen watched the figure run away, and couldn t help frowning.She had discovered the clue and was about to run away with oil on the soles of her feet.Is he still too impatient Fortunately, chalice farms cbd gummies the figure stopped at the door.The monk can t run away from the temple, since Master Wei may have guessed the identities of the doctor s wife and Miss Jiang, she will naturally go back to the source, and Gu Mingzhu suddenly finds herself in a dilemma.Generally speaking, Mr.Wei has a good character and is not the enemy she wants to deal with, and at least now it seems that he has the same purpose kush cbd gummies as her.They all wanted to find out who was behind the second prince s treason case and framed them.Although the truth about her being Zhou Rujun cannot be revealed, she would eventually get closer to the truth by investigating the case.

, How should she repay Master Wei Cheng Yi was invited by Chujiu to speak in the hallway, and saw a woman wearing a fence standing there.Chujiu had said in advance that this was an outsider invited by Mr.Wei to help investigate the premium cbd gummies 500mg with a turtle logo case, and Cheng Yi knew that that person Nie Chen helped them a lot This also explains why Mr.Cheng has no fear.If no problem can be found out, Mr.Cheng will definitely refer to Mr.Wei s book when he goes to court at clinical cbd gummies website dawn, saying that Mr.Wei is bullying others so that Mr.Wei cannot continue to investigate the case.Of course she wasn t worried about Mr.Wei, she was afraid that they would not be able to intervene in these cases openly.Gu Mingzhu walked to the side and waited for Master Wei to come and speak.Wei Yuanchen stepped up to follow, and Gu Mingzhu immediately stepped forward and whispered Master Wei Mr.

Gu Mingzhu took out from her waist a bunch of nets made of the hair shed from Yuanxiao and twisted into threads, and she didn t miss any things for Mr.Wei.Seeing the soft rabbit fur, Wei Yuanchen only felt a little itchy on his neck.The bad experience in Gu s family came out of his mind.Fortunately, he woke up in time and saw that Miss Gu s hand was quietly moving.Push an object cbd gummy benefits list cbd gummies for male enlargement over.Wei Yuanchen dodged backwards, Gu Mingzhu s hand was emptied, and a letter was stuffed instead.Wei Yuanchen said indifferently You want to simply return what you took away My lord, that chapter is no longer usable, Gu Mingzhu said with tears in her eyes, I don t know how it fell into my pocket.On the clothes, I didn t see it, but when I was changing clothes, the chapter fell on the ground and a corner fell off, or you can get a new one and forget about it A crystal clear teardrop rolled down the side of the cheek, and It s like a child got into trouble HCMUSSH cbd gummies for male enlargement and tried every means to find a ridiculous excuse to prevaricate.

Nie Chen bowed again and saluted Caomin retreat cbd gummies amazon kangaroo first.Shuntian Mansion s errands for tonight were all done, and it was time to withdraw troops.Su Fu nodded, and then walked towards the government office with his entourage.Nie Chen was about to tell the eldest lady everything, but just as he was about to leave, he felt a figure flashing past in the darkness, and someone was watching his every move.who is it To be cautious, Nie Chen did not immediately run to the hiding place of the eldest lady, but chose another way to leave, and the figure followed cautiously.Nie Chen frowned.His identity as a common man was well known.It seems that he should be more cautious in his actions in cbd gummies for male enlargement the medterra cbd sleep gummies review cbd gummies and smoking future, so as not to expose the eldest lady.Tonight, in addition to cooperating with the Shuntian government office to investigate the case, they also asked Liu Su and others to investigate around.

He has a photographic memory and is always cautious.He remembers these things clearly.Chu.Qiao Song went on to say If this case is true, Yuan Zhixing used merchants to buy and sell private goods in private, and naturally he could also get to know those Tatar merchants through them, so he persecuted Zhao, framed Peng Liang, and made Ximen soldiers Ma Si s men went to catch Peng Liang, and the arrangement was perfect, I didn t expect Master Wei to notice the strangeness beforehand.The emperor thought about Qiao Song s words.Qiao Song continued Lord Wei found out that the person who went to Shanxi to harm Mrs.Zhao was from the Daning Capital, and Yuan Zhixing happened to have been to the Daning guide to cbd gummies Capital.Not only that, when General Zhao was defeated in Northern Xinjiang, although Yuan Zhixing was only He was an authentic seventh rank supervisor of the censor, but he went to northern Xinjiang to inspect the military camp with does eagle hemp cbd gummies work Shi Ze, who was then the censor of the capital.

I have just abolished the East Palace.There can be no more chaos in the court.Qiao Song said I understand.Qiao Song slowly withdrew from the hall, It became quiet again, and the chief eunuch Huang Chang immediately stepped forward to exchange for a cup of hot tea.Do you think the Wei family is using this case to plot against me the emperor said indifferently.Huang Chang didn t dare to say this, and said in a low voice It s different now, many families like the Zhao family have no sons who can become officials, Wei Shangshu is long gone, the emperor has also seen the situation of the second master of the Wei family cbd gummies for male enlargement , is one who can t be supported, and the rest of the children, except for Wei Sanye, are also of mediocre aptitude.Wei Yuanchen s ability to investigate the case is also the face given by the emperor.

I spent a lot of money looking for medicines everywhere, I Achan s suicide made me very guilty, my brother in law took good care of me, and I wanted to do something to repay cbd gummies for male enlargement them, so I asked about the fairy medicine again.Bai Jingkun said There is some hesitation here, obviously it is the key point.Wei Yuanchen said By taking advantage of Yuan Bai s injury, you persuaded Yuan Zhixing to collude with soldiers from the five cities to open the city gate and let you enter Beijing to buy and sell imported goods.Bai Jingkun s eyes showed a bit of fear, but he still defended himself How could I be like thisit s all a coincidence, and no one will believe me when I tell it.Bai Jingkun couldn t figure out why he got to where he is today, and he began to pull his hair fiercely What did you say Wrong, it was me They forced me to make a dry compass again.

Master Hou and Madam, can you see if this child is not good enough This child has been strong since he was a child, and he is willing to read.Although he is only three years old, he already knows how to read.If he can be praised by Master Hou and Madam, he will be his biggest Blessing.Zou Lin stood up excitedly when he said this Madam doesn t believe you test him.Madam Lin looked at Zou Lin and could feel Zou Lin s urgency, and she probably knew why Zou Lin found him.She, she is pregnant, in case she gives birth to a child, she will naturally find a child of the right age to be her bodyguard and entourage.Zou Lin s child is of the right age, but it is not Zou Lin s own, and his status is extremely embarrassing.It s adoption again.As Zou Lin s identity, he s not wana cbd gummies 10:1 review the kind of domesticated servant.

You came at a good time.I have been growing this Yulouchun for more than half a year, and cbd oil gummies tablets it has been unwilling to bloom.It just opened when you came.You are still lucky.The queen mother raised her eyes to look at Mo Yangming, and then turned her eyes down.On the girl next to Mo Yangming.The girl stepped forward to salute the Queen Mother, her pretty face showed no restraint or fear, her eyes were very clear, but a little less agile, but not as stupid as those people said.The Empress Dowager returned her eyes to the pot of Yulouchun , cut off the useless branches and leaves, then handed the scissors to the female officer, and then walked to the chair and sat down.Don t hold back, the queen mother said with a kind smile on her face, I have nothing to do with calling you here, but to talk casually.

Empress Wei was slightly surprised, but immediately nodded, she also wanted to know what this young girl was going to do.Gu Mingzhu walked over quickly and came to Empress Wei, slowly lowered her head and said softly Your Majesty, the webbing in your sleeve is exposed.Empress Wei looked, and the webbing she hid in her sleeve really showed a head Well, thanks to this kid s sharp eyes, ordinary people probably wouldn t notice this.Empress Wei was about to take out the net, but she was pressed by a little hand just as she pulled cbd gummies for male enlargement out half of it Wrong Your Majesty You typed the net wrong.Empress Wei took out the net and put it on her lap Look, no difference was found.Gu Mingzhu saw that the top of the net was flat, but the back was a mess, and Fang Sheng on the net was crooked.Ma am, Gu Mingzhu said, Do you want to take the net apart and have a look, and learn how to do it, but you can t make it back Gu Mingzhu said and glanced at the palace next to her.

Jiao Zhong looked at Third Master Tan in shock, he couldn t believe his ears, the Tan family killed Aunt Zhen and wanted to kill Bao er How is this possible Say it again, Feng Anping said, Who did he kill Aunt Zhen, Bao er said, I heard Mr.Tan said that he was going to kill Aunt Zhen.Aunt Zhen was so frightened that she knelt down and begged for mercy.Later, Mr.Tan found me and I fell off the roof when best cbd gummies gold bee I ran away in a hurry.When I got down, Mr.Tan just came to ask me if I overheard him talking to Aunt Zhen.He already knew that Aunt Zhen must have been killed by him, and now he is going to kill me.Feng Anping continued You Hear what Tan Sanye and Aunt Zhen said You say it verbatim.Baoer looked at Feng Anping, and licked his lips nervously Tan Sanye medterra cbd sleep gummies review cbd gummies and smoking said that right now Beijing is going around arresting businessmen and smugglers.

Second Master Wei is playing the huqin, the steward reported, maybe because he is happy today, and he refuses to leave if he pulls Master Hou, and there is nothing he can do about it.There are no rules at all when talking, Mrs.Lin scolded the steward, Hurry up, prepare some food and send it, and you can t neglect the distinguished guests.The Wei family is considerate to them in everything, and the Gu family can t lose their courtesy.The steward responded, he knew he had made a slip of the tongue, but that was what his eyes saw Mrs.Lin went on to say Tell Hou Ye, let him not miss me and Zhuzhu, let him stay with Master Wei Er, if it s late, he can rest in the front yard.She should be considerate of Hou Ye, let Hou Ye Take it easy once in a while.When Gu Chongyi heard the manager s report, he looked at the cakes and side dishes that were served, his teeth were gritted, it s all right, he won t even be able to go back to the main room tonight.

We have to wait for the yamen to come to ask cbd oil gummies dosage for pain the case.Wei Yuanchen said, looking at Tan Zigeng, If Tan Zongqi has nothing to do with the affairs of this village, Why did you come here from the capital in disguise Chapter 342 Injustice Tan Zigeng licked his lips, subconsciously trying to find an excuse to avoid Wei Yuanchen s questioning, but when he heard the noisy voices around him, he saw some farmers taking When he went to Zhuangzi to fight the fire with his things, his face became even uglier.The current situation is different from what happened in Anjiyuan.Someone witnessed him murder, even if he said there was another story, no one would believe him casually.Tan Zigeng didn t speak, and the surroundings fell into silence, Wei Yuanchen didn t seem to be ready to speak again.Tan Zigeng became more and more flustered.

Zhang Tong didn t expect that the people in Zhuangzi would suddenly bump into the long knife in Tan Zigeng s hand.Seeing that one of the people in Zhuangzi was dead, and the other was fighting with Tan Zigeng again, he shot the hand of the remaining person with a hidden weapon.Elbow, as soon as the man let go, Tan Zigeng was about to kick the man away when he got the chance.In a panic, the man pulled the mechanism on Tan Zigeng s wrist, but fortunately, the mechanism missed his aim hastily, and the flying knife shot obliquely into the man s chestno viscera were injured.When Tan Zigeng went after the old man Zhang Tong stepped forward and saved the man.Zhang Tongdao Third Master How do you think the people in Zhuangzi look like dead men They died on purpose by Tan Zigeng.If they didn t come with Tan Zgeng, what they saw would be Tan Zgeng killing people with his own hands.

Zhang nodded, seeing Cui Zhen was about to leave, she hurriedly said Master Hou, don t you blame the concubine Cui Zhen met Zhang s gaze, and there was a gentle flash in his deep eyes I know you are kind, go ahead, don t take it to heart.Zhang s eyes trembled, and he saluted Cui Zhen Thank you Hou Lord.After speaking, he picked up the handkerchief and wiped the corners of his eyes.Cui Zhen looked at Mrs.Zhang who was leaving, and frowned slightly.He heard that Mrs.Zhang mentioned the marriage between Tan Zigeng and Hehua Hutong first, and his heart sank.Mrs.Zhang cried for a while, and then begged him to come to Huaiyuanhou s mansion together to explain this matter clearly.Mrs.Zhang was only in charge of the inner house, and she didn t go out for banquets very much before, and she didn t even have frequent contact with her natal family.

His thoughts like this are getting harder and harder to control, what do cbd gummies do cbd gummies for male enlargement and he was almost discovered by Tan Shangshu several times.He thought that one day he would try to steal money and leave the capital, but Tan Shangshu s supervision was too strict, so he had no chance to do anything., finally made him wait for this opportunity.He took the Fang family s money, and naturally wanted to do things for the Fang family.He found an opportunity for Tan Shangshu to meet Aunt Zhen.Seeing that Tan Shangshu refused to take the bait, he and Aunt Zhen went in and out of Anjiyuan several times, and finally attracted Tan Shangshu.It is a pity that Tan Shangshu only sent some money and medicine stones to take care of Aunt Zhen, and did not intend to keep Aunt Zhen by vegan friendly cbd gummies his side.Aunt Zhen s repeated attempts to seduce Tan Shangshu also aroused Tan Zigeng s suspicion.

At the critical moment, they put the crime on the crown prince.This is their method.That s why Master Wei handed over the case of King Huai s Mansion to Qiao Zheng of the Ministry of Punishment.Cao Huai turned around twice and finally entered a yard.The lights in the yard were turned on, and then a few figures flashed out from the yard to guard the whole yard tightly.Gu Mingzhu looked into the yard, who lived here After a cup of tea, Cao Huai came out of the courtyard, and medterra cbd sleep gummies review cbd gummies and smoking the courtyard was quiet again.After a while, Zhang Tong came to Wei Yuanchen and told him, The accent spoken by the people best cbd gummy flavor in the courtyard is from the north.When the Tamba wild rice is transported near the capital, someone will come to take it over.They haven t been able to find the person who took over the goods.Maybe they have a clue tonight.

When he raised his head, he found that there was no one in front of him.Hey, is he delusional Didn t Lord Hou get up to practice boxing Chapter 365 Does he know On the ninth day of the ninth day, he almost bit off his own tongue.Miss Gu was talking to the third master.He listened to him all night, and even followed Miss Gu to call Master.It s also cbd gummies for male enlargement the same address.When Miss Gu called out, the third master had a gentle temper.He even sent over the cloak made by Mrs.Tai.When he called out, he felt that he was now in a pigsty.Chu Jiu lowered his head and cleared his throat Someone from home asked.Wei Yuanchen nodded, it must be the second uncle who told the situation to the grandmother, and the grandmother was worried.Wei Yuanchen returned to the Wei Mansion, and Wei Yuanhong waited at the door with someone.

The third master is so smart that he can definitely see the difference.These third masters are silently suffering without saying anything.They really want to be the third master of the Wei family, and they don t want to cause trouble for the Wei family and the empress cbd gummies for male enlargement cbd sleep aid gummies because of him.Mrs.Li sighed I have also noticed it, and I have been waiting for him to ask me.After Cong Sheng s accident, I thought Brother Chen would mention it, but he never said it.Maybe it s not important to the third master, Ru s mother said, the third master doesn t care either.Mrs.Li had a complex expression on her face, which was a little sad, but also very gratified.The sad thing was cbd gummy frogs that Brother Chen was so cbd gummies for male enlargement sensible, and the same thing was gratifying.Mrs.Li said At first we wanted him to be carefree.The children of the Wei family are unsatisfactory in many things, and they are afraid that one day they will be involuntary.

Gu Mingzhu hurriedly said My lord, that s not a child.When I was a doctor, I saw people walking around the streets.Some people looked like children, but they were actually in their thirties.That s why my lord don t feel guilty.Mingzhu could see that the expression in those eyes was not something a child could possess, and his actions and mind did not match those of a child.She was afraid that Mr.Wei would be affected and disturbed because of this.Maybe Mr.Wei just now The frown was not because of the pain, but because of the child.Gu Mingzhu continued It can be seen that these people are omnipotent.They must be well aware of Lord Wei s temperament.Lord Wei must be more careful next time.Wei Yuanchen looked at the girl.It was strange, that s why he made a decisive decision to use the child s body to cover the firearm.

Good wound medicine is indispensable.Wei Yuanchen He raised cbd gummies for male enlargement cbd sleep aid gummies his eyes and said, The medicine is good.The Tai Hospital also prescribed a prescription, but I didn t use it.I only asked Chu Jiu to fry your prescription.Gu Mingzhu met Wei Yuanchen s eyes, and suddenly felt that Master Wei usually In Li s cold eyes, there seemed to be a scorching light, which made her cheeks become hot after a glance, and she couldn t help lowering her eyes.Gu Mingzhu said How do you feel, my lord Look at it Wei Yuanchen raised his sleeve and opened his wrist.Gu Mingzhu put her hand on it, she didn t know what was going on, since Zhuangzi rescued her last time, she always cbd gummy benefits list cbd gummies for male enlargement felt that Master Wei treated her differently than before.Thinking about it carefully, it seems that Master Wei s attitude towards her has changed since entering Beijing, and she was only sure after Master Wei risked his life to save her.

She often remembered her experience in prison, so those Mr.She remembered what Yan Tanhua and Lady Rong said very clearly.Mr.Yang said that it s a pity that the old man accidentally followed the wrong person and was sent to take the blame.They are now in a hurry to let the old man die, otherwise the old man can plan for you and save you from danger.These stupid people have harmed me so much.You have to know that with me, even if he has nothing now, I will plan everything for him.In the future, he will soar into the sky.Without me, it will be difficult for them to accomplish anything.What they abandon is not a small staff member, but a unparalleled national soldier After Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, she looked at Wei Yuanchen and said I used to think that Mr.Yang s case was the simplest.He was implicated by the second prince and sent to prison, so he didn t think much about it.

Master Fang Er confessed that the idea of killing the Lu family was the elder brother s idea, and that the Lu family in Daxing Zhuangzi had been disposed of before Fang s family arrived in the capital.If Master Fang Er said the truth, those who worked for the Shen family secretly betrayed the Shen family.The eldest brother would not lie to him, otherwise he would not let him find a way to find out the eyeliner planted in Shen s house.Nie Chen went on to say Another thing, you once found Ying Tianfu to judge Yan Shen to investigate the case, why didn t you let it go Yan Shen was seriously injured for this, and you didn t care about it until Yan Shen was sentenced for murder.Cut.Did you abandon Yan what do cbd gummies do cbd gummies for male enlargement Shen Master Shen Er s heart skipped a beat, the people in the market really knew about this past, were they questioning him and the Shen family on Yan Shen s behalf Sure enough, the mistakes made can never be erased.

Even if Mr.Zheng is not afraid of offending Shangfeng, he is willing to speak for us, but who will listen to Mr.Zheng What After Shen finished speaking, she began to cry softly Second Uncle and Eldest Brother went the wrong way, I m afraid there is no way to save them, I just dreamed that they died.Don t cry.Eldest Master Zhang said Sighing for a long time, he couldn t find the right words to comfort Shen Shi.Shen said I just want to keep my second brother and Shen s innocent people.Grandpa Zhang said while patting Shen s back Let me think about it There must be a way.After so many years in the court, it is not possible to just wait to die like this, father in law is the chief assistant of the two dynasties.Shen sat there blankly, as if frozen, and managed to recover I I remember my father once said that no matter how high he climbed, he would inevitably die well.

Zou Lin s heart is even more worthless for Qing girl, but since she has already opened her mouth, she has to make it clear, Zou Lin continued Qing girl and the stewards around Mrs.Zhang found Bai in Aunt Sun s yard.Obviously, the ghosts that Aunt Sun saw on weekdays were man made.The mother in charge began to interrogate the servants in the yard, and finally found that the mother in charge who was next to Aunt Zhao when the incident happened was surreptitious.In addition, Qing girl once saw that white shadow walk into Aunt Zhao s yard, which is equivalent to convicting Aunt Zhao.I heard that Aunt Zhao is very popular with you, Lord Hou.Ma am, this time she has the heart to harm Lord Hou s heirs, no matter how gentle Mrs.Zhang is, she can t spare cbd gummy benefits list cbd gummies for male enlargement her.Aunt Zhao is also a fierce person, she only said that Aunt Sun set her up, so she rushed to Aunt Sun, and the two wrestled.

Mrs.Zhang said Did Hou Ye send someone to ask me about my current situation Yes, said cbd gummies for male enlargement the mother in charge, You forgot, Hou Ye sent someone here just now.Why Mrs.Zhang looked at Mrs.Lin.Could it be that she was thinking too much In fact, since knowing that Zhuzhu s condition has improved, she has been a little nervous to help Mrs.Lin take care of the inner house.Thinking about what Zhuzhu did with Mrs.Lin in Shanxi, it may not be easy for Zhuzhu to be good.Will Zhuzhu be like Master Gu, a person who is always hiding his clumsiness Otherwise, how could the condition get better, and she would start stretching her hands and feet like this, she could see that many managers obeyed Zhuzhu s orders, the person in charge of the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion seemed to have changed suddenly, it was not Mrs Lin s handwriting at all, which made her feel a little strange , that s why she was flustered, she had to carefully sort out what happened recently, especially which Zou Lin and Zou Xiang, she had to ask someone to go to the Lin clan to ask carefully.

After talking about Qiu Hai s matter, Gu Mingzhu mentioned Zhang s matter.Zou Xiang is Cui Zhen s son, Gu Mingzhu said, Ms Zhang used Zou Xiang s mother to kill Cui Zhen s concubine and newborn child, and then got rid of Zou Xiang s mother.Cui Zhen and Mrs.Lin s mother and son were at odds with each other in the inner house.This was done in one fell swoop.After achieving her own goal, Cui Zhen and Mrs.Lin became more resentful to each other.That s why when she was in Shanxi, Mrs.Lin would treat Cui The attitudes of Zhen and Cui Wei are very different.Gu Mingzhu looked cbd gummies for male enlargement at Wei Yuanchen If the marriage between the Zhang family and the Shen family and Dingninghou s mansion was planned, then Gu Mingzhu didn t continue, but she felt that Wei Yuanchen could understand.So as Zhou Rujun, she died tragically in the prison, is it also related to the Zhang family Wei Yuanchen frowned, and his eyes became as deep as the sea.

The stone hit his shoulder.Wei Yuanchen s brow that had been stretched just now was wrinkled again.Gu Mingzhu hurriedly said It s nothing serious, it s just a little red and swollen, and it will get better in two days.She pointed to the wound medicine on the table.Brother also sent the wound medicine.Cui Zhen s doing this was considered to be a remedy for the dead, and Master Wei s anger could be relieved after hearing this.I don t know if it was her illusion, but she felt that Lord Wei s frown deepened.Wei Yuanchen asked, Did you hire a doctor Gu Mingzhu shook her head, she was a doctor herself, so there s no need to alarm others with this small injury.It s ready, Gu Mingzhu said, It s really well.Looking at the smiling girl in front of him and seeing her arms moving as usual, Wei Yuanchen was relieved.

The war horse case in Taiyuan Mansion was started by Huaiyuanhou, and Huaiyuanhou didn t seem to intervene in the subsequent cases, and he didn t have any involvement behind his back.Don t waste your energy, the Wei family will check the coastal guards and shipyards, and the Marquis of Huaiyuan will not stand by.They are all smart people, if they join forces to deceive Aijia, Aijia will be fooled.The queen mother waved her hand There is no perfect solution in this world.The Ai family has thought about it over and over again, so let s do this.I hope the Ai family has not lost sight of it.Mo Yangming said The empress dowager has made up her mind to help, otherwise she will not Let the Taoist see the queen s symptoms, and let the queen come out to preside over the funeral after Concubine Mi has gone.

Wei Yuanchen looked at Pei Shangqing Sir, my father impeached the shipyard when he was alive, who was the one who suppressed this matter Pei Shangqing thought for a while It is Jiang Hong, the chief secretary who palmetto cbd gummies became an official.Speaking of which, Pei Shangqing knew why Wei Yuanchen asked this question.Zhang Congju, who was about to go to Guangzhou to take over the city ship department, worked in the chief secretary.The Zhang family was familiar with maritime affairs, not to mention the transfer of warships in coastal shipyards.Almost, Pei Shangqing said, with these evidences, coupled with the guess of Tan Dingfang s life experience, it is enough for the emperor to be suspicious.As long as the cooperation is good, these people can be captured.This is not a small pawn like Lin Sizhen., but will affect the layout of the people behind the scenes for more than ten years.

These people failed to win over the humble ministers, so they took the opportunity to replace their own people to control Datong.After saying this, Cui Zhen s expression became more solemn Your Majesty, The real mutiny in Lin Temple has already had an impact on the northern border guards.An accident happened to the Liang family, and Yongping Mansion was in chaos.If Cui Wei had ulterior motives, the consequences of someone really launching troops in northern Xinjiang at this time would be disastrous.Your Majestywhy not send someone to the northern border Arrest Cui Wei and these generals to Beijing, if they are innocent, they will not resist, if they have dissent, they can be dealt with earlier.Marquis Dingning, the ever victorious general, has always been ordered to go to the border immediately after receiving military orders, and it has never seemed like this eagerly.

Madam Dong packed up the dishes, walked out of the study door, and walked out of the courtyard.Madam Dong turned her head and looked over again.It seemed that the master had made a decision.This is also very good, lest she have to be in a dilemma, as long as the master is dedicated to being a Shangshu of the Ministry of War , it will not be her turn to help.Mrs.Dong let out a long sigh of relief.It seemed that she could only hope that the court would not have evidence, otherwise they would all die In Huaiyuanhou s mansion.Several figures entered the mansion, one went to the garden, and the other ran to the main house.Master Zhang ordered them to fetch Cui Zhen s concubine son and Huaiyuanhou s son who had just landed.Marquis Huaiyuan was not in the mansion, and the inner house was handed over to Miss Gu.

It s a pity, it s only one step away, but this time when he returns to Northern Xinjiang, he will start to straighten out his soldiers and horses.He can feel that Wei Yuanchen and the others have found clues.caught off cbd gummies for male enlargement guard.Is there any news from the Zhang family and Qiu Hai yet Didn t the uncle deliver a letter Zheng Ruzong looked at the cronies beside him.No, said the friend, there has been no movement.Not quite right, Zheng Ruzong sensed danger, and it was easy for Da cbd gummies for male enlargement er to send some news to him.No matter what the situation is, it shows that the situation is very tense.Let s go overnight, Zheng Ruzong made up his mind, it s not easy to be found at night.They are in the dark, and they can escape by the moonlight.Although there are many soldiers and horses in the court, they don t know where boulder heights cbd gummies they are, so there is nothing they can do Zheng Ruzong made a decision to go to Yanqing Guard overnight, but for the sake of caution, they would not go directly to the guard, they would go around and then inform betru cbd gummies the lieutenant guarding the guard.

The mother in law responded and took Gu Mingwan away.Gu Ziyan turned to look at Gu Minglan who was not far away Third sister, help me watch.The mother and eldest sister at home are too confused, and the second sister is cowardly and easy to be judged by others.Persuasion, only the third sister has her own opinion and sees things clearly.Gu Minglan naturally knew what it meant.Although cbd gummies for male enlargement she was in a bad situation at home, she couldn t just hide when it came to a critical moment, hoping to help her elder brother.After saying this, Gu Ziyan looked in Feng Anping s direction, Is that Cousin Feng Feng Anping took a few steps forward.Gu Ziyan bowed to Feng Anping Let Cousin Feng worry about it.Now that I am at home, Cousin can go to other things.I know that the Shuntian Mansion Yamen is busy now.I will send someone to the Yamen to report what is going on here.

After today s incident I am sure that the news should be true.The old lady Zhou urged again Say it quickly, are you going to die in a hurry Zhou Zejing took a deep breath We offended the current queen s nephew, the general envoy of Guangwei, who has just been appointed by the imperial court.Yuan Chen.Zhou Zerui s eyes were blank Why Wei Sanye is not Zhou Zejing said Wei Yuanchen did take care of his younger siblings all the way, but he didn t do it for Ruzhang, he did it for Rujun.Zhou Zejing ignored the astonishment of his mother and younger brother, and continued If the mother hadn t betrothed Rujun to Cui Zhen, maybe someone from the Wei family would come to propose marriage soon, then Rujun would marry into a family of relatives and become the empress s concubine.Nephew and daughter in law, the wife of General Guangwei.

Commanding the sixth rank official position, in charge of the soldiers and horses of Beicheng, the master on Wednesday was taken away by the yamen, and the seventh master even found the support of the elders in the clan, who would dare to confront him head on.Hearing Jiaofangsi s words, Zhou Ruzhang shuddered, but she quickly came back to her senses How can what he said count, and grandma was also bluffed by him Besides, there is second uncle.The second master did not go out in the yard, restraining all the servants of the second room.The servant girl cbd gummies and smoking full spectrum cbd gummies 500mg pursed her lips, and did not say a few words, anyway, it was the third master who was arrested, so the second master was naturally not in a hurry, if he couldn t say it, he would return at the critical moment.The three rooms will be abandoned.

Let s do this, Liu Su said, People in the market must have a title, in terms of ranking I will call you Jiumei, and you will call me Second Brother.In this way, he can feel more at ease.Chu Jiu is a guard, so of course she can t be a Jiumei, but why Jiumei doesn t sound so annoying, and it s a little bit pleasing to the ear Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Mrs.Lin woke up very early today.After this period of recuperation, most of the energy due to the lack of production has returned.Mrs.Lin asked Mama Yang to help her cbd gummies for male enlargement cbd sleep aid gummies walk around the house a few times, and she felt very good.I m much better, Mrs.Lin sat back on the heating kang, I felt tired after walking before, but now my legs are not so heavy.If things go on like this, she will soon be able to help Zhuzhu with housework.During this period of time, Zhuzhu was tired and had to take care of the inner house and take care of her and Brother Chun.

Wei Yuanchen said Not yet.He wanted to stabilize the situation and return to the capital earlier, but before that he had to figure out King Liang s intentions.When Cheng Yu left the military tent, Zhang Tong stepped forward and said, Third Master, why don t people go back and ask Miss Gu He didn t know what Chu Jiu wrote, but it must have something to do with Miss Gu.After the third master came to Beijiang, he hadn t received a letter from Miss Gu.Every time the third master asked him if he had a letter, he wished he could write one for Miss Gu.If he was asked to write, he cbd gummies for male enlargement would What should I write A day without seeing is like strongest cbd gummy three autumns Hope you return early Zhang Tong shuddered shiveringly.Research ink, Wei Yuanchen ordered, I ll write a letter, and you have someone send it to Miss Gu Gu Mingzhu took Baotong out early in the morning.

I went to Cui Wei, and Cui Wei said that as long as I keep my mouth shut, he can keep me safe.Cui Wei also belonged to the day I was caught by the Yamen.I was called to go, but I dared not to go, for fear that they would sue me to the Yamen.I didn t think about it The Yacha had already ambushed around and caught me and those people.I cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews green lobster cbd gummies to quit smoking am different from them, Yaya I almost said that they are all eyeliners and dead men, I am not I just stared at the Zhou family because of Cui Wei, made some money with Cui Wei, and did nothing else.Feng Anping asked Where is Mrs.Zhou Xu Gui shook his head I didn t do anything, I saw the master on Wednesday running out of the eldest wife s room in a panic, so I went to talk to the third master, and wanted to use this to become the third master s confidant, just in case If you can help the third master, you will get more rewards.

Zhou Zejing had to stand on tiptoes to let the rope leave his throat slightly, but when his feet fell On the ground, he was strangled again.Zhou Zejing waved his hands, but he couldn t free the rope around his throat.Zhou Zesheng walked up to Zhou Zejing, staring at Zhou Zejing with his eyes.Zhou Zejing refused to speak at first, but when the suffocation hit again and again, he finally panicked Savesaveme Zhou Zesheng smiled slightly Second brothernoyou are nothing more than in my heart It s Mr.Tuesday, I ll send you on your way Zhou Zejing didn t want to beg Zhou Zesheng, but the pain what do cbd gummies do cbd gummies for male enlargement that came out of his bones just now was cbd gummies for male enlargement wiped out by the ensuing pain II knowI know Zhou Zesheng knew what Zhou Zejing was going to say, if it wasn t because Zhou Zejing knew the inside story, he would have stood here and watched Zhou Zesheng die.

Regarding the matter, I heard that there were several rhythmic people in Pyongyang, so I went to visit.The eldest brother accidentally discovered that among the people who are good at medterra cbd sleep gummies review cbd gummies and smoking rhythm, there is a female gentleman who has taught the concubine Defei.The eldest brother and the female gentleman had a cbd gummies and smoking full spectrum cbd gummies 500mg one sided relationship, only because Miss Cao, who is now the concubine De, also likes to collect Guqin scores.The female gentleman was ordered by Miss what do cbd gummies do cbd gummies for male enlargement Cao to search for the piano score, and happened to collide with the elder brother.Later, with the consent of Miss Cao, the female gentleman gave the piano score to the elder brother.The elder brother was very grateful to the female gentleman, so I remembered her face.After explaining the relationship between Zhou Zecheng and the female gentleman, Zhou Zejing continued Brother thought it was a common thing to meet that female gentleman, but he didn t expect that female gentleman to ask for help from him, begging him to take her back to Dazhou.

Gu Mingzhu put on a bamboo hat and walked out of the house with Zhou Zesheng, so that Su Fu and Feng Anping could talk more easily.Su Fu read the document several times, and then raised his head to look at Xue Laotong.If it was on weekdays, he would immediately go to the palace to report to the emperor, but now Xue Laotong said Your Excellency understands the emperor., Your Excellency, do you think the emperor will order someone to take down Concubine De, mother and son immediately after knowing this Su Fu shook his head I don t cbd gummies for male enlargement dare to make a conclusion, maybe it will, maybe it won t.Originally, this is not a problem, sooner or later They will investigate the case, just like what Feng Anping said, the most frightening thing is not knowing whether King Liang will take the opportunity to act.

Wrong, people who do great things can t have the benevolence of women, so he asked someone to give Mr.Yang a ride.Zhao Qi watched his cronies go to straighten out the troops, and he also drew the long sword from his waist.Under the sun, the blade of the sword glowed with a chill.Zhao Qi said Take down Xingzhou Zhongtunwei first.I believe that Huang Chang and others in Beijing can also play by ear In Kunning Palace.Shen Lan heard footsteps outside, and then the door was opened, and someone walked in.Shen Lan raised her head and looked hard, trying to identify who it was.The empress was walking in front, and there was a girl of sixteen or seventeen beside the empress.That girl seemed to be Miss Gu who often entered the palace with Mo Yangming.When the empress was poisoned, this girl also followed the empress dowager to Yongchun Palace.

Sister, did a group of people pass by Yes.It was so fast, they disappeared in a blink of an eye.They were holding a big flag.Did sister see it I saw it.Read in middle school and know the word.That s the word Wei.I heard that there was a General Wei in Yongping Mansion who was fighting.This road is back to the capital.Did we win the battle and General Wei led the army back to the capital The younger brother s eyes lit up, his face Showing a look of joyHuang Chang and Concubine De waited for news in the Hall of Mental Cultivation, and dispatched their personnel to the Palace of Compassion and Peace, and the Palace of Kunning respectively.Seizing the Empress Dowager and the Empress first was tantamount to mastering the situation in the palace.Huang Chang, pure kana premium cbd gummies reviews come and see, is the emperor out of breath Huang Chang, the emperor has passed away.

Everything was under the control of the empress, and he also followed the steps.Taking advantage of Shen Lan s speaking just now, he moved two steps forward quietly, found the right position, and when Huang Chang laughed, he stepped forward and ran straight To the soft couch.There is only one chance, if he can t do cbd gummies for male enlargement it, Huang Chang will understand their intentions and step forward to hold the emperor hostage, then the situation will be complicated.Peng Shi pulled the emperor up from the slump in one go, turned around and took two steps back, behind him was Long Jinwei who rushed over to meet him.Several people cooperated with each other and rescued the emperor from the soft couch.Peng Shi carried the emperor out of the inner hall.Gu cbd gummies for male enlargement bio wellness cbd gummies Mingzhu lifted her skirt and hurried up.She just used master Zhang s prescription to can you eat too many cbd gummies make the drug used in the workshop, and the empress handed it to Xiao Huangmen and brought it into the inner hall.

On the surface, King Liang was more magnanimous and wise than the emperor, but in fact, King Liang was good at plotting secretly.The Taiyuan Mansion oppressed the people, plotted against Zhongliang in order to plant eyeliners, and the righteousness that King Liang spoke of was always for self interest.King Liang planned to attack the capital a long time ago.It was not impulsive.After King Liang fled eastward after his cbd gummies for male enlargement defeat, he was prepared in advance.As long as he can return to Daning alive, he will make a comeback in time.King Liang will not give up easily.There is another advantage of setting fire to the mountain.The corpse is burnt beyond recognition, and the identity cbd gummies for male enlargement can only be identified from the clothes.It is really a good time for the golden cicada to shed its shell.Third Master, Zhang Tong stepped forward and said, Miss Gu sent a message from someone in the market.

Just as Gu Chongyi was about to return to the cabin, the Second Master Wei at the bow jumped up and rushed to Gu Chongyi Have you thought about it Gu Chongyi frowned What are you thinking about What reward do you want for my brother Chen when you go back Second Master Wei s eyes flickered with ill intentions, Brother Chen gave you the credit for capturing King Liang with his own hands.You have to show something.Waiting for King Liang s lucky boat, if all goes well, he will naturally capture King Liang himself.This credit is indeed not small, but he didn t want to be greedy for credit.Second Master Wei said Don t try to renege on your debt.Gu Chongyi frowned At that time, I will say that you have captured King Liang, and these things have nothing to do with me.Second Master Wei stretched out his hand to support his forehead Why do I feel dizzy It must be that you have spent too much these days, I am afraid I will not be able to help you tomorrow.

You should thank Lord Hou a lot.Gu Chongyi frowned.When did Da Zhou have such a rule Need a few words of praise I don t know what bad idea Wei Congzhi is playing.Gu Chongyi glanced at Wei Congzhi.Wei Congzhi s hair was still wet, and he even wrung the seawater on his clothes with his hands, looking a bit embarrassed.Wei Congzhi made a great contribution to capturing Liang Wang, forget it, and don t care about him today.Seeing that Gu Chongyi did not stop him, Wei Congzhi continued Chongyi, my elder brother left early, my nephew oh pitiful, cbd gummies for male enlargement fortunately you like him, from now on you should treat him better, treat him like this It can be regarded as a kind of compensation.Gu Chongyi couldn t understand even more, even if it needs to be made up, it s the Wei family s business, not his fault.While speaking, Wei Yuanchen took off his hairpin.

This is the daughter s wish, but also the daughter s knot.Sometimes acceptance is not a kind of love, at least it can make my daughter more comfortable.Okay, Mrs.Li helped Empress Wei up, My child, you have done your filial piety, and mother will accept your last gift.Hearing the last time, Empress Wei almost burst into tears.But when she raised her head again, Empress Wei still had a smile on her face.For the last time, it was right and wrong.No one knows what will happen in the future, parting will always come suddenly, people are caught off guard, just like her brother Empress Wei looked at her mother s cheek, there were countless wrinkles on it because of her, even if she walked out now The Kunning Palace has power, but it can t heal them, and it can t recover those lost times.Originally, she should have more time with her mother, and her rights could be regained, but her life has gone out, and there is no chance to go back.

Almost all the female relatives were beaten and scolded by their mother in law, Mrs.Zhou and Zhou Ruyue didn t dare to speak anymore, and hurriedly lay down to rest.The cold air penetrated cbd gummies for male enlargement into the body along the icy ground, and Mrs.Zhou clenched her cbd gummies and smoking hands.Although the third sibling and Ruzhang were also imprisoned in the clan, as long as they live in peace and order in the future, when the elders in the clan are satisfied, They might be released.But they are different, the master is involved with the Cao family, even if they will not be killed, they will not have a day of escape, I don t know how many days and nights they will have to suffer slowly The next day, as soon as the courtiers left the palace, a servant led them straight to Huaiyuanhou s mansion.The mother in charge told Mrs.Lin Ma am, it is the order to grant marriage.

Wei Er was not good, but he always cared about Mr.Wei Er in his heart, otherwise he cbd gummies for male enlargement couldn t prepare the banquet in advance, and now he was afraid that Mr.Wei Er would not agree.Come on, then use her to cover up.What a child, she used to take care of Zhuzhu wholeheartedly and didn t put too much energy on Lord Hou.Now that Zhuzhu got married, she realized that the youngest in the family was not Brother Chun but Lord Hou.After Madam Lin finished speaking, she turned and went to the kitchen, and she asked the cook to make some hangover soup, so that the two of them would not drink too much again.Master Hou ordered to make hangover soup in advance, and even warmed the wine and sent it to the study.Hearing what the cook said, Mrs.Lin had an expression of as expected.Then everything will be arranged according to Lord Hou s order.

Could it be that he escaped because he was too sick and worried that his family would be hurt The boat boss thought that was the case You escaped Wei Congzhi didn t speak, how could this little old man talk so much.The boss of the boat sighed, and as expected, he was expected Then, do you want to come to my house Go home with the boss of the boat and listen to his ramblings Wei Congzhi shook his head decisively.The boss of the boat had no choice but to leave Wei Congzhi in the cabin.Before he left, he told him Don t look into the water.There are water ghosts in the water.They like to confuse people.There are always poor people who are deluded and fall into the water.Suicide.Wei Congzhi had never seen such a noisy boat boss, and when the boat boss left, he lay in the cabin, and the world seemed to be quiet, indescribably at ease.

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