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A group of soldiers walking in neat steps appeared in everyone s sight, they were the officers and soldiers of the W rttemberg Mountain Battalion.They stopped suddenly, and then separated automatically.Two flag bearers cbd gummies gayle king walked out, and a German flag and a German flag were crossed together.Those German soldiers wearing pointed steel helmets stood up straight with a hula.Then, the creators of the miracle appeared Lieutenant Ernst Brehm of the 3rd Company of the Bavarian Supplementary Battalion of the 16th Infantry Regiment, and his companion Guo Yunfeng Although the military cbd gummies gayle king uniform on his body was filthy and tattered, Lieutenant Ernst Brahm s waist was still so straight, and his steps were still so firm Seeing the creator of this miracle walk in front of them step by step, the eyes of all the German soldiers showed fanatical worship and infinite admiration Even those paladins couldn t create the glory of Lieutenant Ernst Brahm Ernst Brahm Suddenly someone called out loudly.

He and Guo, a temporarily hired Chinese laborer, miraculously destroyed the mighty Prince Soberk Battalion and the 19th Welsh Infantry Regiment when surrounded by hundreds of thousands of British troops.There are more than five hundred enemies.Inspired by the Miracle of Ernst , the German soldiers fought bravely and finally achieved the great victory on the Somme.The article described the course of the best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 cbd gummies gayle king battle vividly, as if seeing it with my own eyes.The Creator of the Miracle of the Somme , Mr.Miracle , The Hero of Germany The article is full of praise.It s just that the word tank was not mentioned.It seems that Lieutenant Ernst and his companions achieved such a victory entirely with their own hands.Wang Weiyi could only smile wryly.How can there be hundreds of thousands of British troops There were really so many enemies surrounding him, and each of them drowned himself with a mouthful keto cbd gummies unbs cbd gummies cost of saliva.

Hindenburg nodded Lieutenant, what you said is very interesting.Although some words are whimsical, young people need such active thinking.But now that His radiant supplements inc natures boost cbd gummies Majesty the Emperor has summoned us, we can have a long chat next time.Yes, Marshal.Wang Weiyi watched Hindenburg and Ludendorff leave, and he didn t take this matter too seriously.He originally wanted to say that if he only relied on the power of Germany, if he went to war with Britain and France at the same time, he would also have to deal with Russia.It is impossible to overcome, of course, there are various factors such as the terrible weather in Russia.However, he did not have the opportunity to continue.Wang Weiyi ignored one person Adolf Hitler.Hitler took out his r Diary, walked to a secluded corner, and carefully recorded some words in his diary Today, Lieutenant Ernst told us that Russia is the most terrible enemy, especially a unified and powerful Russia.

Could it be that Xiao Ling specifically found such a woman in the database Later, she died Wang Weiyi mechanically repeated Xiaoling s words in his ears.When he said these words, he was taken aback.Dead It s so boring, why do you have to make up such a plot Ah.Elena exclaimed in a low voice, and then said apologetically, I m sorry, I shouldn t have asked about this. It doesn t matter, it s all over.Wang Weiyi breathed a sigh of relief, anyway, he was able to get over this layer of confusion.Elena seemed to want to ask something, at this time her female companions gathered around again, and a girl who looked good asked boldly.Said Baron Alexon, are you married Wang Weiyi shook his head in embarrassment.The girls suddenly burst into cheers.It seemed to them that it was impossible for Wang Weiyi to escape from their clutch.

But my dear brother, I will bet my reputation that Baron Alexson is a patriot.Prince Joachim sneered Voice.patriot Can he tell what a patriot is He glanced at Hindenburg and Ludendorff who were sitting on the side, and couldn t help feeling a little worried.All these high level military officials are here Obviously, Ernst Brahm is the pride of the German army, a god like figure used to boost morale in adversity, and they would never let the heroes they created fall to the ground.So what role will they play before and after this trial He couldn t ask any questions, the senior generals of the military all had stern faces, looking extremely serious.The Intelligence Bureau that he presides over personally planned this trial.If he asks the military about their attitude now, he will surely make a fool of himself.

Treatment, I am afraid it will be difficult for them to continue to survive.one hundred and six.I would like to testify that it was I who implicitly advised Captain Ernst to release those captives.Sergeant Sparrow said seriously If there is really a guilt, then I should admit it, not Captain Ernst Brahm Pastor Exon continued, Captain Ernst is the most upright and compassionate person I know.Yes, he did let go of a group of prisoners, but I can In God s name he never intended to be in collusion with the British, he just did it with the mercy of a righteous man.If Captain Ernst is found guilty then I will pray for him, I am even willing to take responsibility for him if necessary.Captain Ernst is not a sinner, he is a saint All the people fell silent, how amazing it is for a priest to make such an evaluation keto cbd gummies unbs cbd gummies cost of an officer surprise Sergeant Sproul, Pastor Exon, can you vouch for your testimony Yes, we can.

The two sides invested 1.5 million troops, 300,000 The casualties are really embarrassing The place where the tree is scarred is the strongest place Wang Weiyi suddenly said with emotion.What did you say Kilok didn t seem to hear clearly.Wang Weiyi smiled Ah, I said, only by tenaciously getting up from the pain of the war can France continue to win victory after cbd gummies gayle king victory.Yes, exactly.It seems that the two chatted very speculatively, and Kilok gradually lost the seriousness and seriousness before, and gradually chatted and laughed with Wang Weiyi.After drinking a glass of wine, Kilok poured another glass for the two of them, and Wang Weiyi pointed Pointing to a small gold ornament placed on the side of the wine bottle It s really a beautiful decoration Gold will always make people daydream.Kierok greatly agreed, and then suddenly asked Lieutenant, do you believe in alchemy I haven t studied it, but I don t think there are such absurd things in the world.

Is Zhukov s judgment wrong But Zhukov seemed full of confidence.He told his colonel that the enemy would definitely appear.Apart from this, they had no second choice.There are two ways to go.Fritoyak still decided to trust the young sergeant, at least he saw through the enemy s attempt Maybe you are right, Zhukov, I hope we can capture the enemy hereAh, did you hear that the German army under the command of General Gedel launched a new offensive and still broke through several of our defense lines, but under the strong counterattack of General Kashanov, the Germans Returning to their original line of defense It was meeting their infiltrators.Zhukov said without thinking.Colonel Fritoyak was a little puzzled Are you really that sure Yes, quite certainly.Zhukov nodded According to my understanding, General Gedell is a very cautious general, and he will not launch an attack even if it is not necessary.

Ludendorff nodded solemnly Yes, the French have concentrated more than 350,000 troops in this area, and are still in the process of further mobilization.In early April, the enemy will attack on a large scale in this area.Given that you have performed missions in this area.So we re going to put you and your skeleton commandos on the front line Yes, 25mg full spectrum cbd gummies Your Excellency First Class Admiral.Wang Weiyi did not hesitate at all.The significance of the establishment of the Skeleton Commando is to perform the most dangerous and difficult tasks.Marshal Hindenburg also put away his smile Many people may die.So you have to be fully mentally prepared.Please rest assured, Your Excellency the Marshal.Wang Weiyi replied solemnly When soldiers stand on the battlefield the first minute, they are ready to sacrifice.

It was not until the eighth day that the French finally figured out that the enemy facing them was the German army that had made a big fuss in Reims General El Raffarin has met his old opponent who made him humiliated Those damn Germans.Making a big fuss in Reims almost made him lose his face, especially General von Kierock was kidnapped by them again, which made the annoyed French army seniors give him the most severe reprimand.But fortunately, in order to cover up their incompetence, the French did not publicize this matter, but announced it to their own people.They destroyed a German spy organization and successfully defended the safety of Reims.And all of this was under the joint command of General El Raffarin, Colonel Gustav, and Major De Sade of the Intelligence Bureau just cbd gummy bears 250mg General Raffarin was awarded a medal.

However, will the casualties be too great Biwoge looked distressed.Although all the dead are British, this is also closely related to France.Every time an Englishman dies, his strength against cbd gummy to sleep the Germans will be reduced.However, Laurent s answer surprised him The s team believes that cbd gummies gayle king even at the cost of three divisions, as long as they can defeat the The legend of the skeleton baron s invincibility is also worth it.Biwo couldn t help shivering enthusiastically, for one person, is it necessary to pay such a heavy price They hope to capture him alive.Laurent put down the binoculars Capturing him alive is more meaningful than killing him.Do you know, General Bievere, among us British, it is said that the Baron Skeleton is a real gentleman , there is an even more strange remark.Laurent seemed reluctant to say it, he hesitated and said Many British people believe that even if Germany is defeated, the skeleton baron should not be judged.

I only need the equipment of one regiment, which is not an excessive requirement.These aid supplies to China were originally used to fight against the Japanese, and I don t think it will affect your principles to which army to aid Keluer still shook his head I admit that what you said is very Makes sense, Mr.Major.But He was silent for a while, and then said Neither Hannah nor I have that much power Werner looked at Wang Weiyi and shrugged regretfully.Wang Weiyi He had already expected such a result, so he didn t get angry.Instead, he said suddenly, Then I can only give up He reached into his pocket and took out a pack of cigarettes Just as the pack of cigarettes was being taken out, something fell out of his pocket incidentally The eyes of the three people looked there together, and suddenly, the eyes of the three people cbd gummies gayle king froze on got there Wang Weiyi was about to bend down to pick up such a thing, but Klore suddenly said loudly Wait, Mr.

After all, the Japanese planes are uly cbd gummies legit cbd gummies gayle king couldn t bear it.Hit and shoot before dropping the bomb.The water curtain collapsed and faded, and the entire Jiangyin fleet was hazy in the gun smoke.Standing unharmed and proud on top of a sea of orange ripples The 96 Land Attack is an attack aircraft specially developed by the Japanese Army for land based attack ships.It has a long range endurance of more than 4,000 kilometers.Because of its good endurance, this type of bomber became the main force of the Japanese army s long range bombing tsunami cbd gummies on the national battlefield.However, the first bombing of this famous aircraft against a ship was defeated by the Chinese navy s last ditch efforts to survive At this time, Wang Weiyi had already arrived in Jiangyin.And what came with him was a large amount of munitions.God knows where the battalion commander got the munitions.

It s really amazing.What are we doing now What do you think Guo Yunfeng asked after taking a sip of water.Tao Jinsong tilted his head and thought for a while Why don t we go sneak attack again at night The little devil has unbs cbd gummies cost entered Jiangjia Village now.Did you forget what the commander ordered Guo Yunfeng returned the water bottle to him At night, it is strictly forbidden to attack.Devils who have suffered during the day will definitely strengthen their defenses at night.The devil s night combat ability is barely better than mine.Moreover, we are sneak attacking during the day.The devils don t know where we are.The possibility of success is very high, but It will be different at night.Once discovered, it will become a violent attack, which will not be worth the loss, and we will never do such a thing.

With such equipment, coupled with the interference of Xiao Ling s facial image, it is not particularly difficult to get out of here.No A Japanese officer suddenly stopped, with doubts on his face No, that person He suddenly cried out heart piercingly That person is not your Excellency, the captain Three hundred and twelve.Fuck it The course of history A piece of news shook the battlefield The 13th Division of the Japanese Army, the 103rd Brigade, the 65th Infantry Regiment, Commander Otsukahara Wei, cbd gummies gayle king and the captain, Iida Yona, were assassinated in their own headquarters It s in his heavily guarded headquarters What could be more terrifying than this And on the wall of the headquarters, there are several big, shocking scarlet letters written in blood Killer Wang Weiyi Wang Weiyi Wang Weiyi cbd gummies gayle king It s that Wang Weiyi again Killing the Japanese and Han jians like ghosts and ghosts, appearing like ghosts and ghosts on every battlefield He can kill whoever he wants, and he can appear wherever he wants .

will cbd gummies help with menstrual cramps?

No one can stop him, any defense is like air in his eyes.

If the boss next door, Mr.Cai, knows that Mr.Nongjie s big guests are coming, he will be very happy.I will help Mr.to call Yi Wang Weiyi smiled What s your name Ouch.People here call me Little Yangzhou, sir, they call me Little Yangzhou Haolie.Wang Weiyi took out a gold bar Little Yangzhou, have you seen this Little Yangzhou has never seen gold bars in his life, his eyes are straight, and his hands are stretched out involuntarily.Wang Weiyi smiled and put away the gold bars You can do one more thing for me.I want to exchange the gold bars into oceans., Do you know who did this I know, I know.Little Yangzhou was excited.He threw away all the Shanghainese dialect of the pidgin There is a man named Ding Laosi, who is from the Cun generation of the Qing Gang, and he eats very well on the ground.

In front of Madam, you must dress yourself carefully, otherwise Madam will be unhappy.Since Elliott was sensible, he respected his wife infinitely.Madam has a beauty that makes people dare not breathe, and are uly cbd gummies legit cbd gummies gayle king a nobility that cannot be imitated no matter what.Every move of her hand and every shot of her foot made people feel that she was born to be the center of everything.Those men who are lucky enough to meet Madam will be overwhelmed by Madam s astonishing beauty, but unfortunately Madam will not be tempted by anyone those women who have met Madam will be fascinated by Madam s noble temperament, and they will quietly imitate it when they go back Madam s every move, but no matter how hard they try, they can t achieve the innate nobility of Madam.Therefore, Elliott is a well known bohemian boy outside, but as long as he sees his wife, he will become well behaved and honest.

Just when Xiao Ling and the others thought that Wang Weiyi was about to return to Changshu, Wanderer suddenly asked, Xiao Ling, do you think that Riley is going to return to Changshu now still beautifulThe country is alive and well Yes, he s living a decent life in Washington now, and occasionally engages in espionage activities, but most of them are of a fun who sells cbd gummies in schenectady ny cbd gummies gayle king nature.There s keto cbd gummies unbs cbd gummies cost still time, go to the United States, I have to find Riley.Wang Weiyi thought for a while and said.This time Xiaoling didn t have any objection Also, Guo Yunfeng and Elena s bodies should be given a comprehensive inspection.Can the repair cabin fully restore the body functions , I don t know very well yet, their safety must be ensured, and the inspection and repair time for this time is three days.I think you can stay in the United States for three days.

There are too many people like him on the battlefield.These soldiers gathered from all over the world to join the squadron to fight against foreign enemies.When they died, few of them left their names behind.At most, a monument will be erected for them together, which reads Tomb of the Unknown Soldier The fourth He smiled towards the west of the gang, and added new military exploits to his credit book.He decided to stay on the battlefield and continue to increase his harvest until the day when the empire won or he was killed Zhang Lingfu, how is the situation on the front line Report to the brigade, everything is normal The Japanese army is attacking fiercely, but I can definitely hold on until 12 o clock tonight Zhang Lingfu, the Japanese army has not yet fully taken the bait, can you hold on for another day No problem, I can continue Persist for a day, but the Japanese army s snipers are too powerful, and mine are all newbies, inexperienced, and already somewhat suppressed.

De Sade took the Paris Gazette and read it carefully When the prisoners are released, the Germans must be heavily guarded.We don t have many chances to attack.St.Mary s Hospital is a good choice.There are our people there, Nedaro , I decided to fight there, and you will lead the team, are you willing I am willing Nedaro said in a loud voice, I am willing to pay any price for the freedom of France You may not be able to Came out alive.I am still willing, no one is more suitable for this task except me General, please entrust me with this glorious task.Nedarro, will be the hero of France De Sade Stand up When the day of victory comes, the whole French people will remember you I know, general, this will be my greatest pride Four hundred and twenty seven.Bayonets and bread The French at least know one thing Baron Alexon did not deceive them More than half of the more than 300 members of the resistance organization that were captured are about to be released.

Sophie seemed lighthearted He breathed a sigh of relief I am the youngest daughter of General De Sade.Wang Weiyi was startled, this is a bit funny, he actually caught De Sade s daughter Your father actually let his daughter stay in Paris to do such a dangerous thing Wang Weiyi was a little puzzled And he even asked you to assassinate me Even if you succeed, you can t leave alive.You don are uly cbd gummies legit cbd gummies gayle king t cbd gummies gayle king understand My father.Sophie s tone became very strange, even with some anger and sadness in it He is full of his career, so my mother was not able to see it before she died.His eyes.My two elder brothers were sent to the battlefield by him, and they all died in battle.The same is true of my sister s husband, which made my sister far away from him, and now, it s my turn again Crazy De Sade, Wang Weiyi sighed in cbd gummies gayle king his heart.

Terrible.As long as you cooperate, there is a solution.Wang Weiyi said confidently And are you willing to cooperate with me Korkerova looked at her children, and then nodded firmly.As a mother, as long as their children can be cbd gummies gayle king cbd gummies 250mg safe, they are willing to do even the most dangerous things.Even if they lose their lives because of this unbs cbd gummies cost cbd 8 gummies Wang Weiyi exhaled softly Then, you are waiting for me here quietly, advanced formula cbd gummies and I will rescue you before tomorrow night Thank you, sir.Korkerova said gratefully I still don t know your name, sir.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly You can call me Kantelsky Four hundred and forty three.The Deputy Commissioner has now figured out where Kolkorok s family is.But how can we rescue them Wang how long for cbd gummies to work Weiyi didn t seem to be able to find a good solution.Hodwich would let him see them, but he would never risk his life to help him rescue cbd gummies gayle king the three prisoners.

Yes.They will do that.Wang Weiyi nodded In the Soviet Union, the treatment of the dead in battle is completely different from that of the prisoners.I m starting to like Belyanlowski now Those prisoners of war Some of them have lowered their heads, and some of them even wiped their eyes quietly because they thought of what happened to their family members But.It s not our fault Biryanlowski s voice suddenly increased We fought for our country, and we fought until we ran out making cbd oil gummies of ammunition and food.We were forced to become prisoners.Any country, any country In every battle, there will always be prisoners In the Russia that was overthrown by us, the families of the prisoners will be comforted and properly resettled.When the prisoners return, they will be cheered like heroes.This point, no matter in the old Russia, or in England, or France, or even our enemy Germany But only in Moscow, such an abnormal and terrible situation can occur Even if we are all released now, you all know what awaits Y all, censorship, censorship, never ending censorship They ll make us account for what we wyld thc cbd gummies said in the POW camp, they ll make us account for each other, and then we ll all be re introduced cbd gummies gayle king into the military, but not We fight, but we are required to step on landmines, and we are required to block enemy tanks with our flesh and blood There is no difference between life and death And our family will still suffer from never ending misery His voice gradually became agitated.

These In 2010, with the support of Wang Weiyi and the full help of the Wittgenstein family, Casanovich thrived.The French, Italians, or other forces before New York were all wiped out under the efforts of him and New York Police Chief Frank.Now, the New York gang has become Casanovich s world alone.Director Frank is also good.Also with the support of the huge financial resources of the Wittgenstein family, Frank became the deputy director of the FBI.This is a very high position.Frank is the deputy director of places to buy cbd gummies near me the FBI Wang Weiyi did not expect this.Ah, yes.Kasanovic said hastily He often comes to cbd gummies gayle king New York, and he will come to me every time, and I will pay him a lot of money as agreed.But recently he is very busy.You have heard One is Charlie.Chaplin s Chaplin That comedy master Kasanovic leaned closer and said in a low voice, He s a filmmaker.

Joe Cole continued, Besides, I want to show you some trophies.Curiosity was heightened again A large group of security guards from the security company appeared, There are also some police officers among them.All of them were armed.His expression was tense and solemn.Joe Cole got out of his way, can cbd gummies make your stomach upset and behind him, a door slowly opened In an instant, everyone s eyes were stabbed They saw Gold A neat pile of gold God, everyone here swears they ve never seen so much gold in their entire lives Gentlemen, 300 pounds of gold Mr.Joe Cole said with a confident smile on his face This is our first batch of mining results.The gold mine is named Jocole Gold Mine by us.The gold reserves are so high.We are amazed And this document in my hand is the report of Mr.Milley, the National Mining Association of the United States, after the on site inspection, which confirms the existence and reserves of our gold minesI don t think anyone here will doubt the authority of Mr.

On behalf of Song Ziwen, there is another named Tang Tang or something They wanted to make a movie about the war in China, but they couldn t move my father, so they found me Honey, can you come with me Wang Weiyi hardly hesitated for a second Of course.Rui Man suddenly became excited, and her body gradually began to move again Four hundred and seventy eight.The arrival of an old friend from China, the Chinese delegation, is not particularly unusual Things.Since the outbreak of the Sino Japanese War, such delegations have appeared in keto cbd gummies unbs cbd gummies cost HCMUSSH cbd gummies gayle king the United States many times.The cbd gummies para quê serve biggest hero among them is undoubtedly Song Ziwen, who won 600 million US loans for China twice.Now, by The delegation led by Tang Nai an once again shouldered the burden of asking for US aid Tang Nai an and Song Ziwen are old friends, and meds biotech cbd gummies review it is perfect for him to lead this delegation.

Then, all those who listen to his speech will be completely brought into his world.Excited with him, fanatical with him, cheered with him.A man who has firmly grasped the atmosphere of the speech from beginning to end The people followed their head of state and continued to cheer and shout passionate slogans.At this point, Wang Weiyi had to admit that he was not as good as Hitler.I can t use this method to mobilize all the emotions of the audience.When Hitler s last word was delivered, the audience cheered wildly.Hitler kept waving his arms, and then shouted into the microphone Who led the heroic German soldiers to victory in the Battle of Kharkov St.Ernst St.Ernst Saint Ernst The audience yelled the name hysterically.Who will continue to lead the great Germany to greater victories St.Ernst St.

When he walked in front of him, the gatekeeper found that these policemen looked strange, and when he was about to ask, a dagger was already deeply stuck into his chest The gatekeeper fell down, Klingen The accomplice behind Berg quickly took two corpses and threw them at the entrance of the radio station, and sprinkled a lot of leaflets on them Kill the Germans.We don t need Germany.Let are uly cbd gummies legit cbd gummies gayle king s form an alliance with Britain, Defeat Germany Klingenberg waved into the radio, and his accomplices rushed in, weapons in hand.Klingenberg had a victor s smile on his face.He took over a submachine gun and fired a burst of bullets into the sky The gunshot broke the tranquility of Qiaobulu in an instant Those Turks on the radio did not understand what was going on at all.Several staff members were preparing to broadcast the speech of Inonu, the leader of the Republic, when they were stunned by the gunshots.

Klingenberg nodded in agreement, You can also hang our dead bodies on the streets of Joblu.Then say, Look, this is what happened to the Germans.But what will you get Revenge, I am sure you will get the worst revenge from the German army.Field Marshal Ernst Brehm will definitely bloodbath Joblu Who are you talking about Major General Yiliglu didn t seem to hear clearly.Marshal Ernst Alexson von Brahm Iligelo s complexion became quite ugly.He would never have thought of it anyway.It was the Skeleton Baron who commanded the massive German invasion Now.For General Iliglu, the last glimmer of hope has also been shattered.No one can stop the Skull Baron, no one The air raid alarm sounded again, which made people feel nervous.You re running out of time.Klingenberg suppressed the smile on his face, Listen, what we want is Joe Blu, not too many dead people Wait, wait, Please give us five minutes to discuss it.

This is a great rarity.The occupying army actually wants to compensate the people in the occupied area for their losses Wang Weiyi confirmed that what they heard was not wrong.On the same day, the tweeters and the radio broadcast the speech of Marshal Ernst Brehm We are here for the German nationals who were massacred in Turkey.We are seeking justice and morality.Comewe are protectors, not aggressors We are fighters for freedom and justice, we are not demons who HCMUSSH cbd gummies gayle king despise all lifeOur target is not ordinary Turks, but the one who caused all the massacres in AnkaraOurs The goal is not to enslave Turkey, but to give Turkey real democracy and freedom This speech clearly gave the Turks a message Germany is to overthrow Inonu s tyrant, in the name of democracy and freedom What makes the Turks even more curious and even kind is that Marshal Ernst Brehm first re delivered his speech in German, and then himself in Turkish.

General Rosen sat there calmly.He never imagined that the decisive battle in Ankara was about to take place.When it broke out, such a mutiny broke out under the command of the commander in chief of the Turkish army, Kistafa, and he was contained immediately Poor Turkey.General Rosen is not afraid, This is not the first time he has cbd gummies gayle king been a prisoner.The only thing he regrets is that the fate of Turkey has been doomed from hemp taffy cbd gummies 1000mg the moment of the mutiny.All the efforts of Britain and the Soviet Union here will be in vain Five hundred and sixteen.Ankara Mutiny 4th update asks for a monthly ticket On August 3, 1942, the Ankara Mutiny took place This mutiny led by General Kistafa, the commander in chief of the Turkish army in the Ankara Defense War, completely shocked Ankara, Turkey, and the whole world.

Wang Weiyi suppressed the smile on his face During the first Great Depression, the Morgan family not only survived unscathed, but also expanded their empire.Then, in crisis after crisis, you continue to grow stronger, and many things that were unimaginable in the past have all become reality.The economic crisis has had very little impact on you, and you can even say that you are eagerly awaiting the next one I remember a famous saying within the Morgan family, Without a million bankruptcies, there will be no There is a financial empire is born Morgan was a little surprised.Where did Baron Alexon hear this sentence This sentence has only been passed down from generation to generation among the heirs of the Morgan family.No outsider can know.But think about it carefully, sitting on your own Opposite is Baron Alexon, the Baron Rose who can create any kind of miracle Naked capital plunder, isn t it Wang Weiyi looked so calm and calm The financial empire is built on blood and corpses, which is no different from the battlefield.

That s it, the third, the fourth, the fifth.Destroyed six in a row.Wingman Pai Degen praised loudly At that time, I didn t even have the cbd gummies gayle king time to count.I had to find out when and where the enemy plane was shot down, and I was also responsible for protecting the safety of Yellow 14.The wingman pilot went on to praise his illustrious lead plane He has an incredible sense of where the nose of the turning plane is going.When he shoots, he just looks at the enemy plane.The shells are coming from the enemy plane.The engine hood of the plane hits all the way to the cockpit.It s perfect He fired while turning, and took down six enemy planes in a row.No one else can do this.In just eleven minutes, he destroyed six enemy planes in a row.Only the pilot of Yellow 14 could destroy so many planes in such a short period of time.

The attack is in its final stages.By this time, the British had lost over one hundred and eighty tanks, but the rest, under the command of General Connorey, were successfully evacuated from Devil s Landing.The loss of the infantry was unimaginable, and the entire Devil s Land was completely stained red with blood The shocking corpses, the rivers of blood flowing, are telling everyone that the British here What kind of terrible nightmare did you encounter After the German plane attacked the last bombing, it finally left here The British high command chose the Devil s Land , this piece of Germany Taking the dead land full of landmines as their breakthrough point, they tried to rely on the cooperation of engineers and tanks to catch the Germans by surprise, but they never expected that the Germans had already prepared and truly turned this place into a A place of death The wreckage of the tank is still burning, and a smell of burnt smell permeates the air The sky is already bright, just cbd gummies coupon and when you look around, the scenes that come into view will make you unforgettable for the rest of your life.

A few years later, these blood soaked lands will slowly dry up In a few decades, no one will know what happened here those A soldier who fought to the last moment for what he believed in.No one will remember their names anymore.War is just a contest between countries, a bloody fight for their own political goals.These soldiers are undoubtedly victims But.The soldiers didn t think so.They firmly believed that it was an honor HCMUSSH cbd gummies gayle king to die for their country, and they were willing to give everything for are uly cbd gummies legit cbd gummies gayle king it.Wang Weiyi watched the battlefield calmly, the shells whizzed around him and would explode anytime and anywhere, but he didn t seem to feel it at all.He thinks that when the war is over, a big monument should be erected here to commemorate those soldiers who died for the war cruel, ruthless, cold blooded no matter how much blood was shed , no matter how many people die, war will always be war.

Marshal Ernst, Rommel The marshal asks you when he can attack Wang Weiyi looked at the time At three o clock in the morning, launch a full scale attack and tell Rommel that the time to create victory has come.He will add another one to his medal of merit Yes, Marshal Ernst, do you still want to participate in the attack yourself why not Wang Weiyi smiled and asked back Is this not good for everyone Five hundred and sixty five.The African Legion of War Movement sufficient supplies German soldiers high morale On October 24, 1942, on the Kalman battlefield of the Second Battle of Alamein , the war broke out since the beginning of the war The first tank battle.General Woodrow, who commanded the entire Commonwealth army, was full of confidence in victory at the beginning of the war.He firmly believed that the German army would soon lose the war due to exhaustion of fuel, and he would become the first A general who defeated cbd gummies gayle king the Skeleton Baron was worshiped.

At this time, this once confident man, The British lieutenant general, who felt that the last chance to defeat the Skeleton Baron was at hand, was completely in chaos.He loudly asked the high command to provide reinforcements to .

what is the cost of green lobster cbd gummies?

him immediately, but in a short period of time, General Alexander and Montgomery could not give him any reinforcements at all and the British high command finally faintly aware of his own intelligence There is a major problem with the system.The fighter , who has always been able to produce the most accurate information, provided the British with none of the information before the outbreak of the war.What happened The situation on the battlefield is no longer for the British to consider carefully.Wang Weiyi has decided to end the battle before dark today Here is the main force of the British.

And what is even more regrettable is that Tamusta has joined a British plan to overthrow the existing Egyptian government Kanlemu did not believe that Tamusta would do such a thing Things are coming.Indeed, Tamusta has a big disagreement with himself now.He is cbd gummies gayle king a big Egyptist and refuses to cooperate with any foreign forces.He will definitely not come together with the British, and he will not even want to What overthrows the existing Egyptian government.There is only botanical infusions cbd gummies one possibility.Tamusta s previous words and deeds have aroused the best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 cbd gummies gayle king anger of the Germans, and the Germans are ready to take action against their former subordinate Colonel, I suggest a more careful investigation Canlemu decided to excuse Ta Musta as much as possible It s hard for me to believe that Ta Musta would do such a thing No, no, Mr.

On the meadow, it seems to have passed out Taking a closer look, Mo Guangzhi s cheek was swollen with a big lump, and his nostrils and mouth corners were covered with blood.He rushed up a few steps and shook Mo Guangzhi Officer Mo, wake up Are you alright After calling several times, Mo Guangzhi slowly opened his eyes, glanced at Yoshimura Hidezou and murmured He murmured No.18, Qingbin Road, Beijiao There are, there are military commanders, I, I shot and killed Just after saying this, Mo Guangzhi tilted his head , no more sound Yoshimura Hidezou was surprised and delighted, and shook Mo Guangzhi again and again, but Mo Guangzhi s head was shaking from side to side, but he never opened his eyes again.Seeing that the situation was not good, Yoshimura hurriedly called two gendarmes and urgently ordered Send it to the Central Hospital of Manchurian Railway While several people were busy, they didn t notice that the corner of Mo Guangzhi s mouth curled up.

Heisenberg could only see his right arm and head, and the rest of his body was on the other side of the corner.Facing the direction where the Soviet Russian soldiers poked their heads out, the agile paratrooper continued to move forward, and soon reached the door.Heisenberg aimed his gun at the point where Edim hit the Russian soldier, and Edim aimed carefully.Another Russian soldier leaned out from around the corner, also holding a pistol.Two bullets immediately struck him in the face, and the soldier dropped his pistol and fell.Shrieking in shock, he retreated into the room.The nimble paratrooper pulled the fuse and waited two seconds holding the grenade before throwing it around the corner.The grenade exploded, and there were many screams of pain in the room.A paratrooper with a flamethrower on his back rushed to the door.

Only 4 of the 33 anti aircraft artillery companies of the cbd gummies gayle king army on the island fired.Most of the anti aircraft artillery companies shells are still in the ammunition depot, and it is too late to go into battle.There was little organized resistance by the U.S.military at Pearl Harbor as a whole.At 8 05, Fuchida led a horizontal bomber to the west side of Oahu Island and entered the bombing route from the south.A group of five aircraft was formed into cbd gummies gayle king a column formation with a distance of 200 meters between individual aircraft.At an altitude of 3,000 meters, it bombed the battleships on the east side of Ford Island and the Iva Airport where the antiaircraft firepower was relatively concentrated.Seeing that no U.S.planes had taken off, the fighters acting as cover divided into six formations and fired at six airports.

De Gaulle Colonel Menzies knew that his task was completed, and now it was Prime Minister Churchill s turn to have a headache Faced with a lot of detailed evidence, Prime Minister Churchill really had a headache to the extreme.While having a headache, he also felt extremely angry.The French actually did such a despicable and shameless thing, pushing the British government and themselves into an extremely embarrassing position time and time again.De Gaulle and the organization he led completely disregarded how much Britain had contributed to them, and did not consider at all that if it were not for the generous support of the United Kingdom, France would have been completely over.They did not consider the bloodshed of British soldiers on the battlefield.The French movement, the French National Liberation Committeehas been dismembered long ago.

She is 26 years old, unmarried, and has no boyfriend.Restricted travel, I think it is probably because of Lindelof s relationship Restricted travel Wang Weiyi frowned Is it possible to see her alone some.Riley immediately said Although she is restricted from traveling, she still has to go to work every day.She was originally doing inspection work, but due to the review, she was transferred to the mechanical work group, which is a job done by a man..I can help you sneak into the third military factory, and use my identity to let you meet alone, but the time cannot be long.Twenty minutes is enough.Wang Weiyi is very satisfied with Riley s work Tomorrow afternoon, I must see Avrona.Yes, Baron.Riley s answer was very relaxed I will bring her here during are uly cbd gummies legit cbd gummies gayle king the meal time. Where is Xenia When Wang Weiyi asked this question, Riley was silent for a while Baron, since Ksenia is Lindelof s daughter, her surveillance is very strict.

Becoming captives can temporarily free them from the threat of death The German army does not have much power to take care of them, and it can even be said that as long as these Russians are willing.They can escape from here anytime and anywhere.But why run away Is it possible to return to one s own troops, and then be distributed to weapons and put into the battlefield of death again See Marshal Ernst coming.De Sade, who was questioning a prisoner, came to him Marshal, we have captured a Soviet major, which seems to be very valuable The Soviet major named Liaokov was brought in front of Wang Weiyi , when he cbd gummies gayle king cbd gummies 250mg heard that the person standing in front of him was Marshal Ernst Brahm.Liaokov stood up cbd gummies gayle king straight and said, Marshal, hello.I have heard your name countless times.Wang Weiyi had heard too much of such flattery, and he was only interested in another thing Major Liaokov, where did you learn your German From my grandfather and father.

Ever since his friend Lard Mettler died at the hands of the Russians, Sipple vowed not to have any sympathy for the Russians ever since.Every time he fights, he always behaves so bravely, he even doesn t cherish his life very much, and this time is no exception.Dom saw with his own eyes that Sipple swept a few enemies with a submachine gun, then rushed up, raised the submachine gun viciously and smashed it on the head of a dying Russian What a lunatic, how much Mu muttered in his heart Two machine guns blocked the commando s way forward.At this time, Dom and Sipple rushed to the front of the team, and Major Klingenberg s call sounded behind them Stella, Fletz , kill em, kill em Stella, cover me Sipple said, pulling out a grenade.The gun in Dom s hand rang, but it was difficult to suppress the enemy with a submachine gun, but the gunshot here quickly attracted the attention of the enemy s machine gunner, and all the bullets were directed here.

Most of the front army organization was completely disintegrated under the wave after wave of German attacks.The troops that Voroshilov can cbd gummies gayle king directly control refer to an infantry division and an armored division that was barely reorganized after being defeated.What else could he do with such power German planes appear all the time.Shells and bullets continued to give the Russians the final kill.Even Voroshilov s headquarters is often attacked by German planes Chaos, everything on the battlefield is completely and completely chaotic once.They are so invincible, once, they were so close to victory, but now, everything has completely changed Standing here, you can see the German tanks showing off their might on the battlefield Rampaging, you can see the unstoppable assault of German soldiers And what can is cbd gummies legal in tn those Russians do Killed, surrendered, or fled.

So what s the point of the defenders here continuing to fight But this information was strictly concealed from the lower ranking officers and soldiers so no matter what happened, what awaited the Soviet officers and soldiers was still only non stop fighting blood continued The ground was washed away, and the whole of Stalingrad was completely dyed red Every Russian who could fight was sent to the front line In fact, plus cbd citrus punch cbd gummies there is no cbd gummies gayle king front line or rear in Stalingrad now Parting painful battle.painful torment Even a person with a strong will to fight.Faced with such a hopeless situation, they would probably also grow fearful.There was no order to retreat none When ordinary soldiers see their officers, they will always tell them optimistically that a large number side effects of just cbd cannabidiol gummies without thc of reinforcements are about to arrive in Stalingrad, and the final victory will belong to the Soviets.

The HCMUSSH cbd gummies gayle king weather is gradually getting hotter, and green dolphin cbd full spectrum gummies there are a large number of keto cbd gummies unbs cbd gummies cost corpses that are too late to deal with.It is likely to cause the spread of disease.And whether those soldiers injured on the battlefield can receive timely treatment is also the key to their survival.German field medical teams can be seen everywhere.Those medical officers braved the enemy s artillery fire and bullets, and provided rescue treatment to soldiers on the verge of death anytime and anywhere.And the German army is also grateful to these medical officers, they are like a group of angels on the battlefield guarding their side.Klingenberg is one of them In his commando, some members who were injured in the attack, if it weren t for those lovely angels, I m afraid they would have bid farewell to this world.But on July 20, something that made Klingenberg angry happened Sergeant Matthew Mann and Nurse Linda disappeared The sergeant was a doctor.

As each failure came, their losses became heavier and heavier.Soldiers and tanks could no longer keep up with the consumption of the front lines.The resources of any country are not truly endless.Here, the German army has an absolute upper hand, both in terms of numbers and the number of tanks. The Soviet tanks in the battle are still being consumed rapidly.The German armored forces firmly grasped the absolute initiative on the battlefield.Ershakov watched all this anxiously, but he had no good solution.Tenacious fighting spirit and firm determination cannot make up for the huge gap in weapons between the two sides.He could only watch helplessly as his tanks lost one after another under the fierce attack of the enemy. He suddenly remembered after the end of the First World War.A story began to circulate in the European continent The gates of hell were temporarily closed, and the striker of death hid his spear.

The Nordland battle group s offensive was stalled. All Wang Weiyi s interest was kicked up.who is it Predicted his attack position again and again in advance Or did Zhukov himself come up Such an idea suddenly appeared in Wang Weiyi s heart.But he was not very sure, maybe Zhukov really came in person. Order, Klingenberg Commando, Myristel Battle Group, and the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion of the Skeleton Division, to launch an assault on position G.Order, Paipa battle group, to launch an assault cbd gummies gayle king on position G at the same time after half an hour Assault Wang Weiyi decided to have the most direct confrontation with the mysterious commander on the opposite side. Comrade Marshal Zhukov, our position at the No.1 Cotton Mill was attacked by the Germans, and the attack was very violent.Ershakov s report did not move cbd gummies gayle king cbd gummies 250mg Zhukov in any way It was a feint attack by cbd gummies gayle king the Germans, and the position was ordered to All officers and soldiers stand firm.

Their final offensive against the Soviets is underway.In September 1943.The moment to decide the fate of the world has arrived.A large number of German soldiers and their allies, Romanians, Bulgarians, or Russians, appeared on the battlefield in batches, completing breakthroughs one after another.Moscow is already precarious, and it may collapse anytime, anywhere.No now Moscow has actually collapsed The blood of the civilians washes the earth, and the blood unbs cbd gummies cost cbd 8 gummies of the soldiers washes the earth.Even the air is filled with blood flowers Desperate resistance brought more despair to the Russians.They resisted the final charge from the enemy exhaustedly, and completed their unbs cbd gummies cost cbd 8 gummies final mission exhaustedly.They are confused and helpless.Everything they do cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety dosage is so mechanical and numb.Many of them don t even know why they are doing this at this time On the afternoon of the 11th, the German Skeleton Division completed a beautiful breakthrough, and the last perimeter defense of the entire Kremlin was completely collapsed.

Their offense is getting harder and harder.My lord, it cbd gummies gayle king s too unsafe here, please step back The commanders at all levels of the legion ran over sweating profusely.Gaius didn t look at them, looked around, but walked towards a small hill further ahead.A brief battle had just taken place on this hill, and a slain Roman legionary captain lay a few steps from his feet.Lost eyes bulge outward.Staring at the sky weakly, there was a big hole in his stabbed abdomen, from which colorful intestines flowed out, and sticky tomato cbd gummies the dirt piled up on the ground under him However, Gaius didn t seem to have seen this at all.After walking up the hill, he continued to focus on the battle situation on the mountain.The officers who followed Gaius were stunned by his actions and began to dissuade him more fiercely.After a while, he heard a few words uttered from his mouth I m right here Gaius personal slave secretly waved his hands at the officers.

Gaius was expressionless, and looked at himself with are uly cbd gummies legit cbd gummies gayle king a smile on his face.The servant, the servant shuddered under his gaze.It s too late If you surrendered yesterday, your lives could have been spared the attendant said according to Gaius order.We will surrender only if we accept our conditions Thirty The attendant seemed to have not heard the Celtic leader s words, and he was as expressionless as Gaius.Twenty nine Twenty eight Five The number popped out from the attendant s teeth.When Gaius heard the count to five , he turned and walked down the mountain without hesitation.He had just taken two steps when the gate of the cottage opened, and then the mountain people on the parapet dropped their weapons one after another, and the Celts surrendered.The Celts who could only see the back of Gaius didn t know, and the commander also secretly breathed a sigh of relief Fortunately, the Celts are very superstitious, and they don t know that there are only more than 200 soldiers on the top of the mountain, and they cherish themselves very much.

Caesar stood up Calene, lead your legion first, and carefully search for the whereabouts of the barbarians.Don t be careless.I feel that the fighting methods of these barbarians are not the same as before.It s over, we can t continue to let the prestige of the Roman Legion suffer any damage Yes, my lord governor Gaius, you are in charge of covering my right wing.Yes, my lord governor.Everyone, act now Yes, my lord governor Caesar looked at everything in front of him coldly.At this time, he had already decided to kill all those barbarians Seven hundred and thirty seven.The news of Caesar s defeat in the Germania province has not yet reached Rome.The only thing that Pei and the Senate are worried about now is Caesar s growing power and prestige.If this continues, it will be difficult for them to control Caesar.

They kept talking about skeletons, Vulcans, and blood devils there, discussing where they came from, and discussing whether there really was a Holy German Empire.Some people even started talking about the so called Holy German Empire.In fact, it is the territory of the devil.And the demon opened the door.Released his three generals, in the near future, there will be more demon messengers appearing.Caesar was keenly aware of the change in the mentality of his subordinates, and he had to change this situation.If even the general loses the confidence to win, then the victory will be out of the question He took out the best wine to entertain his subordinates, which was rare in the past.That s what Caesar did when he was victorious.But now they are the loser.How can you deserve such treatment I have experienced the riots of Spartacus Caesar s expression looked very relaxed I think the riots of unbs cbd gummies cost cbd 8 gummies Spartacus and the slaves, you should remember When we are strong.

The first battalion stops advancing Put up shields in the front row Yakulius majestic voice came from behind.Hells, who was standing in the first row, grasped the handle of the shield and stood it on the ground.The shields of his companions were immediately joined tightly chill cbd gummies uk to his shield.Almost at the same time, the sharp arrows of the Parthian cavalry began to pour on the Roman defense line.The first battalion, form a turtle formation Yakulius calmly gave the order.The first battalion quickly gathered its formation, and Hells and the Roman soldiers in the first row immediately put their shields on the ground in a squatting position.Soldiers in the second row put their shields on top of the shields in the front row.Soldiers in the third row and behind raised their shields above their heads and stacked them like tiles.

He is proud of himself.From the beginning to the end, he has lived up to the reputation of his parents, the reputation of the Skeleton Master, and the people flying around him.This battle flag.Not to mention his father Ludwig Ellierst He knew that victory was hopeless.He knew that sooner or later the enemy would break through this line, but he didn t care.As long as the Skeleton Master still has a soldier, they will fight to the end On the first day when he became the head of the Skeleton Master gloriously, his fate was already doomed fight for him die for him No one knows better than him what the Skeleton Division means.Its predecessor was the Skeleton Commando, a myth of undefeated Germany.And its founder, the first captain, is the miraculous Ernst Alexson von.Baron Bram Baron Skeleton General, the enemy has begun to attack Colonel Coleham, HCMUSSH cbd gummies gayle king the commander of the 2nd Skeleton Infantry Regiment, shouted amidst the sound of cannons filling the sky.

Throw away the half smoked cigarette in your hand.Guo Yunfeng left the truck, Wang Weiyi restarted the car, then held a piece of cbd gummies gayle king wood against the accelerator, and the moment the truck rushed out ahead.He jumped out of the truck.The truck rushed straight into the hotel At the same time, Guo Yunfeng pressed the detonator in his hand A terrible explosion suddenly came from the hotel, tearing apart the hotel in an instant.Calm of the night Boom boom boom .Several huge explosions sounded one after another, and then the hotel was submerged in flames.And the three story hotel began to gradually collapse.Boom boom boom , in the distance, waves of explosions came at the same time.That was Max and the others, and they also cbd gummies gayle king cbd gummies 250mg detonated the entire convoy Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng stood calmly outside the hotel.

However, the muzzle did not intend to turn at all Then, the first shell flew out of the barrel and fell heavily among the American soldiers.With a sound of boom , more than a dozen American soldiers were suddenly blown up.Then, the second shell came out without any pause M60 tank, a well trained gunner can fire 6 8 shells in one minute, and now, the gunner in the tank is Guo Yunfeng an absolutely well trained gunner Cannonballs kept flying into the U.S.troops, and explosions sounded one after another.Pieces of U.S.troops fell under the attack of the cannonballs, which made the U.S.troops into a mess.Not only the Americans, but even the members of the Skeleton Commando were stunned.What happened Why did the Americans beat up their own people At this time, it was not just the attack of shells, the 127mmmm85 anti aircraft machine gun keto cbd gummies unbs cbd gummies cost on the m60 commander s conning tower also crazily ejected bullets at a rate of fire of 400 rounds per minute.

Some U.S.soldiers have already entered the building, and then quickly established a temporary forward base in the building, and then more U.S.soldiers poured into the building.Corpses can be seen everywhere, and the militants remained in a fighting stance until their best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 cbd gummies gayle king deaths.This also made cbd gummies gayle king those American soldiers gasp, what kind of enemies they encountered Even though the building was under control, the gunfire never stopped for a moment Grenades were constantly being thrown.The booming explosion made this building a hell on earth.Major Konrkoff had lost about seventy of his men, and he had less than thirty combatants left.And they know it well.They have nowhere to escape.Major Konlkoff didn t have the slightest fear.His only regret was that he didn t fulfill Colonel Papasolovsky s who sells smilz cbd gummies entrustment.

The only difference is that old Nicholas woke up in time.F hrer, I think we may have other ways.Wolf said his thoughts in a low voice.Keluer s complexion kept changing, and it took him a long time to say with great difficulty cbd gummies gayle king Perhaps this is the only way Eight hundred and twenty five.He is Baron Alexon At that time, we were attacking in Ibor, and we didn t know anything about what happened in Ibor.Mood.But anyway, the Baron is back.Captain Scherer, Combat Regiment Nordland, November 1965.The Skeleton Baron has announced his return to the world in a special way.Some people wept with joy, while others didn t believe it was the real Baron Skeleton.But in any case, the baron has returned, and he will continue to lead the German army to new victories.Like in Ibor.The vast majority of people in Ibor, whether German or American, were dragged into the war.

Capture the leading criminal, and tell the Germans in Berlin in various ways that the so called news of Baron Alexson s return was fabricated by enemies with ulterior motives.Wolfe.I repeat again, as long as Ernst cannot enter Berlin, everything is still under our control Yes, F hrer.I will faithfully obey your orders.Wolf has reached this point.There is no choice.He paused and asked suddenly What about those people in the British royal family Keep an eye on them, someone must arrest them.Kroll sneered Especially Queen Elizabeth II and Baron Rosen, they are all admirers of Ernst, and their every move must be strictly controlled. Yes, F hrer, I will do it myself.Suddenly there was a muffled thunder in the sky, which caused Kroll and Wolf to raise their heads involuntarily.A big storm that would shake Germany is about to arrive Your cbd gummies gayle king cbd gummies for joint and muscle pain Majesty, the Baron Rosen has arrived.

The soldiers are responsible for the safety of the surroundings, and it is this group of soldiers who really protect Baron Alexon.On the opposite side, there is a temporary machine gun position, and several tanks and armored vehicles are also ready to shoot.It s just that these German soldiers are responsible for protecting the Empire State Building.Obviously, he did not expect such a scene to appear.They were overwhelmed and keto cbd gummies unbs cbd gummies cost their commanders shouted orders not to shoot That s countless civilians, once shot.No one can bear such a responsibility.It s just that these commanders don t know what to do at all.If you shoot, you will become a sinner for Germany.If you don t shoot, what will happen to the order issued by Head of State Kroll Don t shoot, don t shoot Looking towards the voice, it was Major General Laimde, General Miller Bach s most trusted assistant.

Major Ludman saluted the two marshals.He hesitated and said, Marshal Ernst, I am sorry for what I have done. No, you don t have to feel sorry.A smile appeared on Wang cbd gummies gayle king Weiyi s face Wait until the war is over.You can proudly tell everybody, Hey, look, this guy Ernst is no big deal, I just arrested him and locked him up.Ah, the only thing I regret is not kicking him hard a few times in the ass Major Ludman smiled.He had never smiled so comfortably before Marshal Ernst, meeting you will be the greatest honor in my life.I will fight for you and die for you Watching Major Ludman leave under the leadership of Heathley, Wang Weiyi sighed in his heart, what a great officer.But when the war is over, how many of them will survive Baron, you just said What is your main purpose of coming here Model suddenly remembered what Ernst said just now.

Your Majesty, do you have anything to say Tamusta asked out of politeness.Ah, yes, General Tamusta, I do have something I want to ask.Fuad said unexpectedly I heard that when my father was young, he could eat twelve eggs for breakfast and as much for lunch.He can eat 40 quails, drink up to 30 bottles of beer a day, often lock cbd gummies gayle king himself in a dark room and eat chocolate continuously, and his weight rises straight up to 300 pounds.And he still maintains his gambling nature during his tenure.Lost 150,000 in 7 hours.Are these real Tamusta was so embarrassed that he didn t know how to answer.Fuad became more enthusiastic Ah, I also heard that my father has a rather cbd gummies for sleep well known eccentricity.He learned the art of stealing from an old pickpocket in prison, and in order to thank this pickpocket Unexpectedly, he was released from prison for an unprecedented time.

Atedler knew that the other party would definitely not Do what you want Okay, Mr.Mordor, I think you can call Phils first and tell him that next year s winter may be very cold The guy who called himself Atedler was a bit mysterious.He looked like a lunatic, but his tone of voice was so calm, which made Mordor somewhat hesitate.He decided to give it a try.He Let Atedler be put under guard first, and then he picked up the phone and connected to General Firth s office General Firth, I caught a suspicious person here Ah, no, no There was resistance, but he said something inexplicable, I didn t understand a word, what the hell was he saying there He wants you and all officers above one rank to see him immediately, yes , I also think he is crazy Yes, no one can say such things except Baron Alexon Ah, I immediately interrogated him But he Let me tell you something next winter may be very cold What What did you say General Firth on the other keto cbd gummies unbs cbd gummies cost end of the phone roared.

Hewitt handed the submachine gun he had just grabbed to Nora behind him.I don t need this thing Nora smiled and said nothing.Pick up.This is the battlefield Nora Enemies won t be soft on you just because you re a woman.Hewitt insisted.Although she didn t agree with it, Nora just couldn t bear to reject Hewitt s kindness, so she took the submachine gun with some reluctance.Considering that the bridge had been blown up.And Amister The bridge was the focus of the Russian attack.Hewitt decided to abandon the plan to approach the bridge directly.He rushed to the river first and then sought opportunities to cross the river.Unfortunately, the soldier in charge of covering did not follow.He is probably killed Or lost their way.They can t wait for long.Fumble along the dilapidated alleys.Finally, you can see the Amister River Everyone s spirits are up at once.

The crosshairs aimed at the belly of his uniform, which was the spleen.The crosshairs slowly followed the slow moving Russian army, Boom The bullet hit the soldier s abdomen directly, and when he tilted, the officer on his body fell from his back like a sack of potatoes.At this point the target becomes two.At this time, the Russian army gave up and sent them back to the rear.A few minutes later, an unarmed medic entered Hewitt s sight.He was the third, and medics are prohibited targets under the international laws of war.But in the cruel war, the health soldiers of the German army are often the priority of the Russian army, so they don t care about the law of war.Boom This time the bullet hit the head directly, and the health soldier fell in front of the two wounded.And Hewitt s location was discovered by the Russian army.

Yes, I m sure.Boschek said and called a lieutenant colonel Lieutenant Colonel Kapunov, I heard you recognize Travitt Yes, General, I have a good relationship with him.I recognized him a long time ago.So, can you persuade him to surrender When he heard the general s question, Lieutenant Colonel Kapunov couldn t help but smile General, in my opinion to Travert can you get high on cbd gummy bears I understand that he is probably peeing his pants in shock.Please leave this task to me.I promise to make him come out obediently and surrender to you.Okay, I m here waiting for your good news.Listen to their conversation.Wang Weiyi and his German police officers looked at each other, they couldn t think of any expression other than surprise Brigadier General Travert met his old friend Lieutenant Colonel Kapunov reluctantly.Although he didn t pee his pants as Lieutenant Colonel Kapunov said, there was no way to hide the panic on Travert s face.

200 million US dollars What kind of concept is this Even though Migrosky has been so successful in Russia and monopolized a large number of industries, his property has not reached such a sum.The Petergoff family Either he was extremely lucky, or he was bragging.But judging from his actions, he doesn t look like a liar.Now, those oil fields and industries can bring me tens of millions of dollars in profits every year Wang Weiyi still said in that faint tone.I really envy you for having such luck.Migroski regained his composure It s not that I have any doubts about your words, but it s just a coincidence that I also know the Wittgenstein family, and I also know Mr.Elliott, I don t think you If you object, I can have Ivan get in touch with Mr.Elliott to confirm your identity.Ah, please don t misunderstand my purpose, I just want to treat you as a friend better.

The main outer positions are still under our control.Marshal Guderian, what do you cbd gummy testimonials youtube think Rommel turned his attention to his good friend.The time is still wrong, continue to wait.Guderian s answer was very firm We must wait until the best time to counterattack Marshal Ernst Brahm is here When the voice sounded, the General Staff All the voices in the room were silent, watching the German supreme military leader in the black SS uniform come in, all the officers raised their right arms together Hey Ernst Come on, put it away Now is not the time to cheer me on this set.Marshal Ernst Brahm, who has been missing a lot, has no expression on his face Don t tell me the frontline battle situation, I know it better than you, tell us how you plan to defend Berlin.The enemy s attack was very ferocious Rommel knew his are uly cbd gummies legit cbd gummies gayle king temper too well However, during the several days of fighting, they did not find a real breakthrough.

But I didn t see any women in your family Hmph where s the woman where is it The little man looked around exaggeratedly, and continued the joke.Dad Kyritz Nash called Kiritz s name This guy asked where the woman in our family is During these months, introducing the women of their family to strangers became one of Kyritz s favorite things in these years.You want to meet the women of our family, Paulos Kiritz handed the little man a cigarette, and hugged him to the back door of the wooden house.Outside the door were piles of buy cbd gummies canada timber, a bitter wind, and their white chariot.Kielitz put an elbow on the On the tracks of their Type 3 assault guns This is my woman.Kiritz patted the hard shell of the chariot tenderly Her name is Marina, she is the mother of the children, my wife.The cigarette in the scout s mouth fell to the ground.

situation they must retreat.At 1 o clock in the evening, they broke through the American defense line and broke out from the south, which of course cost 150 lives.When they broke through the encirclement, they found keto cbd gummies unbs cbd gummies cost that there were only 600 people left.Of course, many troops have already left the battle order, but no one expected it to be so tragic.But this cruel battle has only just begun Nine hundred fifty two.On March 21st, all fronts were fighting fiercely, and at this time, Wang Weiyi s counterattack had already begun This is the long awaited counterattack When the order to counterattack is issued, all firepower in Berlin is fully fired Countless battle eagles appeared in the sky in an instant.Countless missiles showed their ferocious fangs.This is Germany s counterattack This is the roar of a nation in times of crisis Wang Weiyi and all the Germans witnessed this happening with their own eyes This is a shocking scene, this is the most chill watermelon cbd gummies shocking scene.

He didn t even want cbd gummies gayle king to meet the German envoy Respectable, isn t it Wang Weiyi, who arrived at Belsota, said with a relaxed expression after learning of the situation Such a person, Always worthy of the respect of the opponents However, respect is one aspect, and Wang Weiyi is not prepared to stop the march even for a minute On April 19, 1966, the Belsota attack here we go.This will be the most critical battle unbs cbd gummies cost cbd 8 gummies in which Germany will completely merge with the Ukrainian army and the one commanding here is Marshal Ernst Brehm, Baron Alexon Planes appeared over Belsota and bombarded the city indiscriminately.Countless bombs and incendiary bombs fell on the city or 20 mg cbd gummy bears dosing the positions of the Russian army, and everything was submerged in smoke and flames in an instant.The bombing continued all day.On April 20, the main force of the German army arrived.

Except Except for a small number of troops, many Russian troops often only put up a simple resistance and were quickly defeated.Wang Weiyi smiled I already know this situation.The United States has provided a lot of financial assistance to Russia, but unfortunately the money is not They were not used in Russia s domestic construction or in the upgrading of the army, and without exception, they filled the private pockets of those big bureaucrats, such as cbd gummies gayle king cbd gummies 250mg the Grand Duke Bierstoka.It s a pity.Kalumbu suddenly sighed He said Russia has such a large territory and so many people.If it cbd gummies gayle king can develop with all its strength, not only Germany, but also the United States will become the strongest opponent.It is a pity that they have such a government.Wang Weiyi nodded silently.NodYeah, Russia is perfectly capable of becoming a superpower But the more this is the case, the more I can t let it develop smoothly.

Degro glanced at Naba who was adjusting the gun and stopped talking, concentrating on the battlefield.After receiving the commander s order, the Russian army also understood that the enemy in front of them was only a few people, but these few people made their side so embarrassed.Those who hid in the trenches hid in the trenches, those who retreated continued to retreat, and there were still some people who simply delayed on purpose.The most outrageous thing was that there were a few people who wanted to be deserters.Isn t this discrediting noble Russia.Didn t you see another battalion coming from behind They said they came to help, but looking at the eyes of the people who just came up, they were clearly contemptuous.Think about it, just a platoon of people scared a battalion of people, what is this called.

Courage Albjok, April 1966.Not far from base b, Sweet and Troman led people to ambush.Just now another troop has gone out from the b stronghold, Sweet thinks the time has come, think about it, De Gro is buying himself the most time at the cost of his life in another battlefield, he must grasp it well, he can t Let their efforts be in vain.Let s go, I don t think there are many people in the stronghold now.Twenty of us should be fine.Troman said anxiously.Okay.Tell Rudock to bring ten people closer to see the situation.We will dispatch later.Understood.Rudock was about to run over to ask when to attack, when Sweet said this , agree immediately.Hmm.Before Sweet could react, Ruddock had already run down to carry out the order.Sweet came back to his cbd gummies gayle king senses, touched the weapon in his hand, and couldn t help feeling a little nervous in his heart.

They have no evidence, everything is just the testimony of Similov alone Andreas quickly had his own answer You can completely deny it.As long as you can kill this For one thing, I believe those people must have nothing to do with you At this point, Milosevic could only nod helplessly His wife Natalia left came in.It can be seen that Natalia s expression is full of worries about her husband.Originally, Milosevic hated his wife very much.The reason is also very best cbd gummies sleepy bear cost 300 mg cbd gummies gayle king simple.When he married the Grand Duke s daughter, he thought that he could rise to the top from now on, but who would have thought that the Grand Duke would not take him seriously at all.What made him even more angry was.He later learned that his wife had actually worked as a prostitute when she was in the United cbd gummies gayle king States.Which man can bear such humiliation Therefore, domestic cold violence has become commonplace.

If this is the case, why can t other methods be used to stimulate the colonel s determination and enthusiasm for fighting Sure enough, Colonel Hua Erjin, who had been listening to the phone all the time, showed a grateful expression on his face He really didn t expect General Duby to speak for himself like this Next time, I will die on the battlefield Colonel Joaquin said solemnly As you said, I will wash my shame in battle Brigadier General Dolby laughed, he knew that he did not Wrong choice Vulnerable, isn t it, Marshal General Caroner said happily According to this rhythm, I think we will capture Hannover soon Wang Weiyi didn t have any expression on his face You Do you really think so, General The Americans have not exerted all their strength.They are still watching us, waiting for us to show all our cards.

Eric He said in a low voice This is not good, Eric, even if we lie down like this until we grow old, we will inevitably die in the end. Otherwise, what else can we do grunted Eric.I heard, Eric, why don t we take a risk.Eric s eyes lit up, maybe this guy would come up with an unexpectedly good idea to solve the predicament they both faced.Well, you say.what idea Eric looked forward to his flying pen.We form a counter sniper team.He cbd gummies gayle king said slowly.This guy, I thought he would come up with some kind of genius idea, but I didn t expect it.That s it.You idiot, stupid pig, do you think we are practicing Eric yelled at him, This is not a drill.For a sniper of this level, the bait is death.The only chance now is to pray that he will pop cbd gummies gayle king out like a silly rabbit and bump into the muzzle of our guns.But is it possible Eric shakes Shaking his head, this kind of thinking is tantamount to wishful thinking.

Waited, 10 minutes passed.There is no movement 30 minutes have passed and there is no movement 1 hour has passed and there is still no movement.They are all waiting.They are all waiting for the other party to move first, and they are all waiting for the other party to make a mistake, even if it is an extremely small mistake.Sniping is a competition of patience, but also a competition of perseverance and psychological quality.Whoever is stronger will be the winner.And the loser has only one ending, death.Eric knew what kind of opponent he was facing.Dare not have the slightest carelessness.None of us will back down.The ultimate dream of the best snipers is to fight one on one with an equally good opponent.To retreat is our disgrace, and between two there must be one who falls.Eric searched carefully through the scope again, from left to right.

It can be seen that there is still a fluke in his heart.Wang Weiyi laughed again Actually, he himself is also a revolutionary.A stumbling block on the road to success One thousand and forty seven.On the eve of the uprising, everyone may become a stumbling block on the way forward, even Lantes is no exception.When Wang Weiyi saw Langtes, this former leader of the Yetili Revolutionary Party stood up with a huh as if he saw the biggest savior in his life.Baron, Baron, our affairs have been exposed, please save me.Lantes cried.Ah, Lantes, I think you probably made a mistake.Everything that happened was done by you, and it has nothing to do with me.Wang Weiyi corrected him.Lantes was stunned for a moment, and then said Yes, yes, I did everything, but, Baron, you have to find a way to get me out of here.

Salam was completely stunned, and he voluntarily gave up all his deposits in Dewey Bank Crazy, Mr.Wittgenstein must be crazy.If he agrees to this request, then he is also crazy.That s 6.2 million francs. Salam cried out No, no.Mr.Wittgenstein, I will never agree to such a request Calm down, Chief Salam.Wang Weiyi interrupted the other party No one will force you to do this.We are in business, we are not robbers.You have to know, we want to rescue your family and get those revolutionaries out of your house, we also need to pay a big price, are cbd gummies gayle king these funds coming from us Those revolutionaries are approaching a state of loss of control.The longer the time drags on, the less I know what they will do.6.2 million francs That is the guarantee of your family s life No, no, that s just too much.Salam murmured, and then he seemed to be begging Please, Mr.

To be honest, Berkeley s reputation was not very good before, and he was always present in the French Reign of Terror.It is difficult to count the people who died in his hands.However, after the beginning of the French Revolution, Berkeley s performance was surprising, especially in the military operation to arrest former French President Cattery, former French Prime Minister Sinager and former French Minister of Defense Lucien.decisive role.On the day of his appointment, Roberto commented on Berkeley In the past it has indeed been misunderstood by some people.But the heart of a man with great unbs cbd gummies cost cbd 8 gummies sentiments is always difficult to understand The success of the French Revolution would never have been possible without the help of Prime Minister Berkeley.In countless struggles, he can always be seen hidden.

Major, ten minutes, I have already asked Mr.Lopez, It only takes three minutes to walk unbs cbd gummies cost cbd 8 gummies from here can cbd gummies help with anxiety to your guest room to pull out the pocket watch and back, and seven minutes is enough to do many things.Mr.Major, can you explain to me what you have been doing for seven minutes I m looking for my pocket watch Major White became angry I declare again, I forgot where I put my pocket watch, that s why I was delayed for so long But the pregnancy watch is in your hands now Director Pascapa s tone suddenly became severe Please tell me, since you forgot where it was put, how did you find it Mr Major.It s hard for me to explain why.Major White s face turned red with anger.Everything he said was the truth, why did Commissioner Pascapa refuse to believe it If you don t mind, I would like to send someone to your room to check In fact, Major White did not need to agree best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 cbd gummies gayle king at all.

The order I got is Eliminate the enemy s spy organization, whether it is the FBI or the CIA.Wang Weiyi said lightly When necessary, I can provide you with the support you need.As for the components of the spy network, I I think I have a list in my hand, and I can provide it to you.Lieutenant Colonel Mills felt a little unbelievable, if Lieutenant Colonel Moyol really had this list in his hand, he could destroy the enemy s spy organization by himself , why is it necessary to give such a big credit to the FBI Wang Weiyi probably saw the doubts of Lieutenant Colonel Mills Lieutenant Colonel, my main responsibility is military intelligence.In addition to the New Sea Lion Project we have already obtained, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done by me.Those spies To be honest, it s not the focus of my work.

Duila said loudly The situation is not as bad as we imagined, we will do everything we can to rescue all the hostages, and I will guarantee that few people cbd gummies gayle king will be harmed.Mayor Sir, what do you think is the main reason for this incident When the reporter asked this question to the mayor of Duira, the mayor said without thinking This is nothing more than a group of anarchists who destroyed It s just behavior.As far as I know Castri College, these are a group of educated students.I myself graduated from Castri College, and I know this school too well. However, .

can you buy cbd gummies in a store?

the cause of the incident But it was cbd gummies smilz five black youths who were collectively beaten by Casli College This is simply a baseless legend.Duila was very disdainful I firmly believe that the students of Castri College will not beat each other for no reason, even if the other party is black.

What you have to do is very simple, stick to your existing position.Once there is a HCMUSSH cbd gummies gayle king stalemate, immediately turn around on the battlefield and launch a full scale attack on the US military.Seeing that Bacchus was still hesitant, Wang Weiyi s expression gradually became serious General Bacchus, you don t have much time to think.When Her Majesty s troops attack Southampton, I guarantee half the English people in the city will stand up.And, can you make sure that your subordinates don t have such thoughts I ve given you everything you want, now it s your attitude.Bacchus picked up a cigar, but did not light it.It could be seen that his heart was full of contradictions at the moment.He held the cigar in his hand and kept turning it.After a long time, he slowly put it down.Come down Please tell Her Majesty that Bacchus will be Her Majesty s and the British Empire s staunchest defender He has completely abandoned all illusions, and he knows that he can no longer hesitate.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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