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I think I, Li Dexiao, was a bully in the past anyway.Let s go The little brother followed, if my dad hadn t stopped me, I would have become the big brother in Tsim Sha Tsui.Li Huifang sneered, and said mockingly, I m still the big brother in fun drops cbd gummies cbd gummies katie couric Tsim Sha Tsui and fighting with your father.I know your crap.I lived next door to your house back then.I don t know how you were beaten by your father when you were young.If you weren t the only handsome boy in this area, you thought I would be with a flower in Tsim Sha Tsui.you Hehe, that s that, my wife is unparalleled in beauty, rare premium jane cbd gummies hair loss in the 600mg cbd gummies cbd gummies drug test results world, following me is a blessing from my previous life, no no, not from my previous life, it s a blessing from my third life Li Dexiao respected Po Bianma Slip down and don t talk back to Li Huifang, this is something he has realized after so many years of marriage, don t talk back when you quarrel with your wife, otherwise you will be the one who suffers in the days to come.Oh, it s making wife cakes.You, Li Ji, have also started making wife cakes Lao Zhang asked in surprise.You should know that in general, tea restaurants, apart from making a little pineapple buns, the rest is mainly cooking pasta, and rarely make these pastries.After all, people who come to tea restaurants to eat are ordinary people.At that time, I drank tea and ate cakes at the same time.Create whatever you want, and eat by yourself.Li Dexiao smiled a few words, How about I get some for you first Okay, go get it, how much is it Lao Zhang nodded.Li Dexiao went into the back kitchen, found a convenient bag, and filled it with a dozen pieces of wife cakes.Hearing what Lao Zhang said, he smiled and declined, Forget it, they are all neighbors, and they are not worth a lot of money.Usually you don t Do you often holland and barrett cbd gummies for sleep give us fruits to eat Well, that s fine, I ll go first.He hurriedly went back to the back kitchen to take a look at the materials.What s the matter, Guohao Grandpa Li Renzhong also relaxed, sitting in a corner of the back kitchen bolt cbd gummies drug test cbd gummies katie couric and started smoking a pipe.Maybe we don t have enough wife cakes to sell There are still a lot of flour and eggs, but there are not many rose fillings, and probably only a hundred or so at most will be gone.There is no way, the cost of this game is already expensive, and Li Guohao was worried that he would not sell much, so he didn t prepare too much.Although he didn t prepare too much, it still cost nearly 10,000 yuan.No way Li Renzhong was also surprised.Hastily extinguished the dry tobacco, walked over to take a look at the few fillings left in the barrel.Then what should we do Li Renzhong asked anxiously.At the beginning, Li Renzhong and Li Dexiao felt that 10,000 Hong Kong dollars was too much stuffing.Li Guohao simply calculated.I m sure everyone has seen or participated in this situation.A certain shop near my home, whether it was opening a pastry shop or selling clothes, was promoting promotions.After the one month promotion ended, the shop closed and left.This is running business.The way I call it here Especially those who open temporary stores cbd gummies katie couric stimulant cbd gummies to sell woolen sweaters, one trip in early spring and one trip in winter can earn 70,000 to 80,000 yuan a year.There are quite a few people running business in our hometown.Well, what Guohao said is right.Although this promotional activity is very good, business, especially the one that sells food, still depends on the taste.Li Renzhong s generation is still down to earth , He made thousands HCMUSSH cbd gummies katie couric of dollars in this kind of promotion, and he always felt uneasy in his heart.Sister, come here, come quickly Suddenly hearing someone calling herself, the elder sister turned her head Go, see my sister Ah Zhen standing in front of the bar, waving at herself.You girl, why are you running I m so worried.Let s see if I will take you out to play next time My sister walked over and said angrily.Sister, I know fun drops cbd gummies cbd gummies katie couric I m wrong, don t say it, look, what a big panda puppet My sister cbd gummies katie couric exclaimed, pointing to the panda puppet hanging on the wall, which was a circle bigger than a person.Wow, what a big doll My sister looked up and also exclaimed.Chapter 19 Opening of Business 2 The two sisters were amazed at the huge puppet in front of them.Hi, miss, is there anything I can help cbd gummies katie couric you with The staff at the side saw the two standing there for a while, and then stepped forward to ask.My sister came back to her senses, glanced at the person who came, shook her head and said, Oh, it s okay, I m just curious, where did you buy such a big doll Is this Our boss specially went to cbd gummies drug test results the toy factory to make this , this panda puppet is the label of our store, and he also has a nice name, called Po.It s not bad, there were so many traffic on the first day, and when my membership mechanism is publicized, I think I can attract a lot of people to come.Thinking of this, Li Guohao couldn t help but feel cbd gummies drug test results uno cbd full spectrum gummies happy, and suddenly he glanced at a few people beside the cashier counter, That person looks familiar, he must be some future star.It was not the first time for Li Guohao to meet a star in Xiangjiang Yes, when I went shopping some time ago, I met Fa Ge, who will be famous in the future, but at this time, Fa Ge looked very immature.Although it was just a glimpse, it also made Li Guohao feel very interesting.What s the matter, Ah Hao At this time, Zhang Dong who came in from the outside saw Li Guohao staring outside motionlessly, followed his gaze, and saw a young and beautiful woman standing at the cash register.And the secret Honeycomb Cake is not just that simple.The inside is made of flour, noodles, milk powder, and eggs to form a prototype.After the first baking, let it solidify into a paste, then take it out of the oven, spread a layer of honey on it, and then carry out the second bake.After cbd gummies katie couric the second baking, take it out for the third step, wrap it with a layer of refined brown sugar, and then bake it for the third time.Immediately after the finished product is baked, a sprinkle of thick milk powder is sprinkled on top.With the heat just out of the oven, the milk powder is melted, making it perfectly wrap the whole cbd gummies katie couric stimulant cbd gummies body of the pastry, so that the secret honey honeycomb cake is finished.This pastry is from the recipe, but it was innovated by Li Guohao.The honeycomb cake in the original recipe is much better than the ordinary honeycomb cake in terms of formula.Then I ll go back first If Li Sheng has anything to do, you can call me.Yeah.He watched Mai Qi leave.Li Guohao turned his head and scanned the street, but he didn t see the person who called himself Shangguan Xiaobao.Opposite of the road.Young man, let s get a doll book, it s very good, you know The office worker was stunned for a moment, but he didn t realize it.After Shangguan Xiaobao took out a wet book from his arms, he said hastily, Don t take it out, there are too many people here Let s go to the back.Understood, I understand Shangguan Xiaobao laughed lewdly.After the two completed their transaction in the alley, Shangguan Xiaobao counted the money and said to the office worker who was leaving quickly, Young people can find me here next time if you want anything Pedestrians walking around looked sideways curiously.

Now Li Ji opens its doors in the morning and closes in the evening every day.The business is endless, and the customers come like a cloud.The daily turnover has gradually increased, and now I can basically earn nearly 10,000 Hong Kong dollars every day.As for Wing Kee on the opposite side, it is dying day by day.The customers who come here to buy every day are basically old people who are greedy for cheap.Why is the gap so big.This is to compare the current situation of the two stores.Liji s storefront is newly renovated, with all marble floor tiles inside, and the newly pasted strong paper, it looks very clean, and cbd gummies katie couric the place where the pastry is made is also separated by a glass wall, which can make people feel at ease about the hygienic condition.As for Wing Kee, it has been in business for many years, and the environment inside the store is comparable to the newly opened Lee Kee.My memory has always been good.What are you doing here Are you working Miao Kexiu stuck out her tongue, thinking to herself I won t say it s because your name is bolt cbd gummies drug test cbd gummies katie couric the same as Brother Xiaolong s son s name.Yes, I work here.Li Guohao said with a smile, By the way, I forgot to congratulate you.It seems that your Big Brother Tangshan has already broken Xiangjiang s box office record.I know it too well, but I just remember that I seem to have appeared in Bruce Lee movies a few times in the past.But what I have to say is that Miao Kexiu is indeed very sweet.The last time we met was because Bruce Lee was there, so Li Guohao didn t pay too much attention to this beauty.When I see you this time, I have to sigh how beautiful Xiangjiang is.Miao Kexiu smiled, Hee hee, thank you She smiled beautifully, the corners of her mouth were raised at a special angle, two special dimples appeared, and her big watery eyes were also narrowed.The taste is not much different The biggest difference between Li Ji and Rong Ji is the different materials and secret recipes.But most of the cakes, recipes and baking cbd gummies katie couric methods are basically the same, only a few cakes have been improved by Li Guohao, or improved by later generations, and some palace secret recipes obtained cbd gummies katie couric from family heirlooms.Under the same formula technology, only the materials produced can distinguish the difference between the two.Cakes made from refined flour and poor quality flour will definitely taste different.Okay, I know, but just push the business to Rongji like this Zhang Dong was still unwilling.For more than a month, Li Ji has been suppressing Rongji.Yan.Being caught off guard by his opponent at this moment, he was naturally very upset.People who should buy our pastries will still come to buy them.Our unilateral breach of contract is Not bad.I didn t say not to import flour from Nanshun, but you have also seen that Li Ji on the opposite side is under cbd gummies katie couric too much pressure.No matter how cheap the flour in Nanshun is, there is no way to recover the loss.Rong Bingcai looked at it very dissatisfied.Master Wang.It has been more than a month since I asked Master Wang to come over to bolt cbd gummies drug test cbd gummies katie couric make new cakes.Not only did Master Wang fail to develop the secret recipe for the Rose Wife Cake, but he also wasted a lot of materials.It was all money Coupled with the fact that Li Ji s business was getting better and better, Rong Bing felt that it was Master Wang s fault.If he could have cracked the other party s formula earlier, he would not have made himself so passive.If he hadn t been so wise and powerful, and had seen through Li Ji s conspiracy in a short period of time, Rongji Bakery wouldn t even know where he was going when the time came Rong Bing is a businessman who puts profit first.What comics Look, here is a newly published Kung Fu Panda.The boss happily took out a doll book suitable for children from a pile of comics when he heard that the business came.Kung Fu Panda We don t want to fight.The young woman shook her head and refused when she heard the name.Although the comics industry in Xiangjiang is in a downturn at this time, there are still many comic publishing houses, but most of the comics are mixed with pornography and violence, and it is indeed not suitable for younger children to read.No, no, this one has a good name, but it s a children s comic.Look, it s full of animals, and the main character is a panda.The newsstand owner pointed to A Bao on the comic book.Animal Panda After hearing that it was an animal, the young woman picked it up and took a look curiously.The only way to promote Kung Fu Panda is to let more people in Xiangjiang know about this comic.Just like Disney, who made his fortune with a small mouse, he has now become a Hollywood animation giant, and its offline industry is also in full swing.I believe that most of us carried schoolbags with images of Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck on them, or things like pencil cases when we were young.Although most of them are pirated in China, these animation characters have gained the greatest popularity.For example, Disneyland in Shanghai achieved profit on the first day of its opening.According to the fact that the park can receive 30,000 people a day, the average ticket is 400, which is 12 million a day.This is just the ticket, and it does not include the sale of some offline products, such as Mickey hats, Mickey dolls, etc.He Chaoying glanced at the various dishes on the table, and asked Arjun next to where to buy eagle hemp cbd gummies him Does Arjun eat this No, I want to eat dim sum, not cbd gummies less effective vegetables Kung Fu Panda , He Chaoqiong eats the most food every day is pastries.Coupled with the fact that children of this age already like to eat snacks, it would be even more enjoyable bolt cbd gummies drug test cbd gummies katie couric if He Chaoqiong didn t eat them.He Chaoying gently squeezed Ah Qiong s little face, and said tauntingly You still eat snacks Look, you have gained a lot of weight recently After eating, you will really become Ah Bao Fat is fat I want to eat snacks He Chaoqiong patted her sister s hand dissatisfied, no matter how old a woman is, she doesn t like being called fat.You are the best if you are fat Come on, my sister will take you over there to eat dim sum.After He Chaoying said something angrily, she stood up and scanned around the venue.

Most people don t have much idea about starting a company in the store, only a few people have some ideas.When Li Guohao ordered Zhang Dong to print out the company s new regulations and paste them on the door of each store s locker room, he let everyone understand that after the establishment of the company, the store has a lot to do with him.Nathan Road shop.Wow, look, Miss Wang Xiao Min shouted carelessly.After Sister Wang tidied up the hygiene of the coffee shop on the second floor, she heard Xiao Min shouting there when she came down.She frowned and approached and asked, What s the matter, Xiao Min You re so surprised.Sister Wang, Store Manager Zhang posted an announcement at the door of the locker room just now, come and see it Xiao Min grabbed Sister cbd gummies katie couric Wang s arm and went to the locker room.Ah Fa noticed this, but just as he turned his head, he saw the young man whom Sister Wang called the boss standing behind him.He looked angry, and it seemed that he had been here for a while.Thinking about what he just said, Ah Fa, like Ah Ming, was instantly frightened and stupid, and the dough he was making in his hand fell to the ground with a snap.Afa, Amin, what are you doing Why are you still making pastries at such a late hour Didn t you say that after three o clock in the afternoon, even if a certain pastry is out of stock, don t make any more.I understood Li Guohao s words, but when she came closer and looked, she frowned and asked, the dough balls and fillings that had been made on the table.I, I just saw that there were not many wife cakes in front of me, and I was thinking of making some.If you miss your son, just call and ask.Ask, why don t you want your mother to call you No, how come.Li Huifang dotes on her son very much.In the past, Li Guohao would hang out with her every day, but now she only sees her once every three days.Except at night, she seldom sees her.Naturally, she misses her very much.At this moment she said It s nothing, I just want to ask if you have been talking about a girlfriend recently Talking about a girlfriend Who told you Li Guohao shook his head and said, Nothing.Then Why did A Dong tell me that you were very close to a girl before Li Huifang fully expressed her female curiosity.This big mouth Li Guohao thought to himself.When it came to betraying their friends, both of them were not inferior.Li Guohao changed the subject instantly and cbd gummies katie couric said, Don t listen to A Dong s nonsense.I hope that Mr.Li can deposit all the company s daily turnover in our HSBC Bank in the future, so as to increase our HSBC deposit business, which is also a small request.Shen Bi chuckled.Just this little thing I thought it was something Li Guohao said with a smile I thought there was something wrong.There is no problem at all.Tomorrow, tomorrow I will transfer all the deposits from Standard Chartered Bank to HSBC.Thank you, Mr.Li.As for the loan I will tell the low level people when I go back later, let them go to your company to check the current situation, as long as it is as you said, I think the loan will be available in less than a week.After talking about this matter, the three of them agreed We chatted a few more words.Suddenly, Shen Bi remembered something and asked Is the pastry company opened by Mr.Did you two work there before Rong Binghua asked casually.The other side is Li Ji Li Ji Rong Binghua said in surprise.Yes.Rong Binghua cbd gummies katie couric casually asked some questions about Li Ji curiously, and Ah Fa followed suit.A Ping, A Ping Rong Binghua shouted.A Ping quickly opened the door and asked, What s the matter, Boss Rong You take the two of them to change clothes, go to the back and get familiar with the environment first.Oh.After the three left, Rong Binghua sat down.Sitting on the chair, thinking about what Ah Fa said just now.Maybe we can use this method Chapter 76 New ideas Please collect and recommend tickets Mid January.The climate in Xiangjiang is not that cold, similar to that of GD.Under normal circumstances, it is around 10 20 degrees, cbd gummies katie couric and the lowest temperature will not exceed 5 degrees.Thank you, Shigong Guan Qi happily stood up and took the red envelope.Only Guan Yunfei said in embarrassment How can this be done, master.Okay, I entrusted this to my disciple and grandson, not to you.Li Renzhong gave Guan Yunfei a white look.Guan Yunfei said nonchalantly, Xiaoqi, go and do your work.Oh.After speaking, Guan Qi went back to the kitchen.Li Renzhong glanced around the store, and found that the bolt cbd gummies drug test cbd gummies katie couric layout and decoration were still the same as it was more than 20 years ago, except that some tables and chairs had been changed, and the walls had been painted.Yunfei, your store is still the same.Yes.Guan Yunfei nodded melancholy.Can be changed in a small range.By the way, why did you ask me to come over this time Li Renzhong asked about the doubts he had in his heart early in the morning.Sister Wang, don t take things to yourself.Push This time it is obvious that someone secretly planted the blame on us.We will send people to clean up cbd gummies katie couric at night.If there are so many cockroaches and rats, we will find them the first night.People found out, not to mention whether it was a bit of a coincidence, the people from the Department of Health came over, and the TVB reporter also followed.Zhang Dong said while sitting aside.Li Guohao is not a fool.He went to the store on Nathan Road before and saw the camera at the door, and the reporter was interviewing him.He heard Xiaomin say that these reporters came in after the Department of Health.Thinking about it, there is a problem.This matter is indeed not your responsibility, Miss Wang.Who was the last to leave the Nathan Road store last night Li Guohao asked.

, You haven t come home yet, and you called your company, but you just said you were dealing with it.Li Huifang asked worriedly.Li Dexiao on the side also looked concerned.Faced with his family s concern, Li Guohao felt warm and said with a smile It s nothing, it was the people from Rongji Bakery who sent people to secretly throw some cockroaches and mice into our shop at night.The matter has been resolved.And they reap the consequences, you know about the recent food poisoning incident.Li Renzhong was angry when he heard that it was Rongji s trouble, and when he heard that Rongji s pastries had caused food poisoning, he slapped the table and said excitedly Okay, this means that the wicked will be rewarded with evil Li Huifang also said happily The people of Rongji did their own crimes, and finally let God take care of him.Well, now that the comic club has recruited a group of new assistants, I will hand over Kung Fu Panda to them to draw.I am not going top rated cbd gummies canada to open a second comic book.Pass it to Li Guohao.Li Guohao took the manuscript and looked at it for a few times.Seeing that the characters were a bit familiar, he glanced at the first drawing again.There were three large characters Bruce Lee written on it, and he opened his mouth in surprise You are drawing Bruce Lee Well, I ve always had this idea since I read Bruce Lee s Brother Tang Shan, and now I m going to draw cbd gummies katie couric a modern martial arts comic when I m free recently, with the foundation of Kung Fu Panda before, I believe this book will definitely sell well Shangguan Xiao Bao said confidently.You must know that recently, apart from drawing the second part of Kung Fu Panda, Shangguan Xiaobao has devoted all his energy to this brand new comic Bruce Lee.In half a year, there were indeed 6 million Hong Kong dollars, but the money saved by more than 3 million members was also excluded.The real money he earned was only about one million yuan, and it was all used by Li Guohao.The rest was money to be paid to the raw material supplier, or money that could not be used.Chapter 101 Buying a house Because it is the first time to engage in the franchise plan, the company has given a relatively large discount to the people who recruited the franchise this time.In addition to helping with technology, packaging, and marketing, it will also send special personnel to guide when decorating the store Help, and after the opening, people will go to the store every day to inquire about the business situation.In order to open a branch store as soon as possible on the eve of the Dragon Boat cbd gummies katie couric stimulant cbd gummies Festival, Li Guohao asked Li Qiang, Gu Qianqian and Xiong Yilai from the Franchise Department to help ten franchisees find stores.Li.He walked for a while silently.After hearing Li Guohao s words, Zhao Yazhi trembled in her heart, cbd gummies katie couric stimulant cbd gummies hesitated for a moment, frowned slightly, and said in a low voice Ah, Ah Hao.Hearing Zhao Yazhi call himself, Li Guohao turned his head to look.At dusk, on the streets of Xiangjiang, Zhao Yazhi has long fluffy does cbd gummies give you a high and slightly curly hair, wearing a blue long sleeved shirt with a white suspenders inside, her figure is plump and not skinny.It is not fashionable as people understand it now, but it is very beautiful Her unique good temperament, noble and gentle.Two willow leaf eyebrows, eyes that seem to be smiling but not smiling, and gorgeous lipstick on the lips, beautiful but not coquettish, squinting slightly against the wind, pursing lips, looking into the distance, the beauty is touching.Li Guohao s eyes were hot, and he blurted out Azhi, you are so beautiful After being praised suddenly, two blushes appeared on his face instantly, Zhao Yazhi lowered her head shyly and said, Thank you.Lion dance Hehehe Li Guohao chuckled and said, I didn t expect these franchisees to think of lion dance.Yes, I was also very surprised.In fact, it is the most normal thing for Xiangjiang to open a new store at this time, but Li Guohao is a descendant, so he doesn gummy with thc and cbd for pain t understand it, and Li Qiang has lived abroad for a long time.In his previous life, Li Guohao also had some memberships, most of which could not be refunded, and he didn t care much about the hundreds HCMUSSH cbd gummies katie couric of dollars, anyway, it will not disappear in the existence, and it will be the same when you come to spend next time.But at this time, the membership system was still a relatively new activity, and it was not as common as in later generations.There were also many people who wanted a refund after impulsive consumption.In addition, the money at this time is still very valuable, 500 yuan can maintain the living expenses of an ordinary person for a month, so it is inevitable for some people to ask for a refund.Just getting a franchise fee costs 100,000 yuan, wouldn t it cost more than 300,000 yuan to open a store.Liu Peilin saw that everyone in the venue was full of endless fantasies about joining the palace pastry.The corner of his mouth sneered and said, Don t think about it, Xiangjiang is such a big market.I sent someone to investigate before.This time, the palace cake will join ten companies.After the store, Xiangjiang will not be recruiting franchisees for the time being, everyone should not place your expectations on the other party, otherwise your own store will close down due to serious losses before you join in.After a pause, Liu Peilin continued Actually, the palace cbd gummies katie couric cakes had little contact with us.Although some cakes overlapped with ours, their prices were relatively expensive, which naturally prevented most people from buying them.Their combination will definitely have an impact on your company.You must not take it lightly.Well, I see.I ll go to the company to discuss this with you when I go tomorrow.Did Boss Gu, who sells bozai cakes in our tea restaurant, tell you about this Li Guohao asked suddenly.Well, isn t it him It s kind of funny to say it.Gu Yonghe actually said in front of me that he wanted to destroy the palace pastry, but I don t know that this is the company opened by my son, haha.Speaking of this, Li Huifang laughed from ear to ear.Li Guohao laughed after hearing this.I might go to Macau in a few days.Li Guohao said suddenly.Go to Macau Why do you go to Macau You must not go to gamble.How many of us want to go to Macau for a try, and they are still repaying usury.Hearing about Macau, Li Huifang said in horror.

Come to think of it, your wife sells the best cakes, but you have to share the profit with more than a dozen people, will you be willing Of course not.Xie Honghe subconsciously said.So that s how it is.Zhang Dong realized later, at first he also felt that if this so called company opened up, it would definitely have an impact on his own company, but after hearing what Li Guohao said, he felt that the other party was vulnerable.Sometimes you don t need to wait for others to do more, they will disintegrate on their own because of unclear internal interests.Xie Honghe also suddenly realized.No wonder Li Guohao looked calm when he said that Liu Peilin had joined forces with more than a dozen pastry shops to start a company.He had already thought of this situation.Li Guohao also said Although the pastry company of the other party will collapse on its own sooner or later, it will definitely have a certain impact on our business in the early stage.Although it s useless to object, Li Guohao is the chairman, but he doesn t want to cause turmoil in the company.If the pastry company can continue and continue to expand like this, it will not be long before it is steady and steady.I believe that it will soon be able to open branches and franchise stores in Bay Bay and various regions in Southeast Asia.Chinese pastry may not be so popular in western countries.After all, western pastry has its own unique features, but in Southeast Asia, Chinese pastry can be said to be the number one in the dim sum world For example, the island countries are very fond of Chinese cuisine, and have developed unique Japanese cuisine based on it.The same is true for Thailand.Most of them are based on Chinese cuisine combined with local characteristics.Early morning, Dragon Boat Festival.The leader was holding a long stick wrapped in something like an embroidered ball, playing with the dragon while playing.While avoiding the crowds of tourists who come here to watch.Li Guohao and Zhao Yazhi, one with delicate features and beautiful features, the other with a peachy face, their handsome looks attracted many people in the teahouse to look sideways.This scene was seen by a middle aged man sitting in a corner of the teahouse and wearing round black sunglasses.Seeing that the two were dressed unusually, the man in the sunglasses stroked the mustache at the corner of his mouth, his eyes hidden in the sunglasses turned around, and walked over with strides.The man in sunglasses walked up to Li Guohao and the two of them, glanced left and right, took off his sunglasses at the end and looked at the two deeply, first surprised and then delighted, and shouted It s amazing, is it today It was the day when I, Dong, exhausted all my luck After being sized up by the person in front of him for a long time, Li Guohao was a little annoyed, and when he was about to question him, he suddenly felt a little puzzled when he heard what he said.I have to say that Liu Peilin s hand is very beautiful.It not only stimulated the interests of his own company, but also brought cbd gummies katie couric stimulant cbd gummies a lot of trouble to Li Guohao.After thinking for a moment, Li Guohao asked When will the pastry processing edipure cbd black cherry gummies factory be built It s still early I haven t finished the factory yet.Li Qiang shook his head and suddenly asked By the way, are you cbd gummies katie couric sure you want to rent Not to buy Let s rent it for now.Thinking of the stock market crash, Li Guohao decided to rent it first.Alright, I ll go to Yuen Long in the afternoon to see if there are any ready made factory leases, and I will rent them directly.In fact, according to my idea, I have borrowed so much money this time.Why don t I buy a piece of land and build it myself A factory.Li Qiang thought that since he wanted to build a pastry processing factory, why not buy a piece of land and build a factory, and then incorporate the stuffing factory.I have never seen someone like you in Xiangjiang who sent people to deliver pastries every day.Being praised by Master Wang, Li Guohao He smiled and said If you have the ability, please help more.You can t just look at those children alone.Sin, those who killed these days are all my own flesh and blood, so I how long for cbd oil gummies to work m so willing to abandon it Master Wang cursed , since he took this job, he who always thought he had a normal heart gradually became sentimental every day.Li Guohao doesn t make many comments, everyone is different.Ahao.At this time, Zhao Yazhi came from not far away, dressed in a bright and beautiful manner.Boss Li, is this your friend So pretty.Master Wang looked at Zhao Yazhi and praised.Yes, my girlfriend.Li Guohao responded with a smile.Good cbd gummies katie couric luck.At this time, Zhao Yazhi also walked to the side of the pickup truck, glanced at Li Guohao, then nodded at Master Wang and asked, Where is Ah Hao going The driver s seat was opened, and he said to Zhao Yazhi Get in the car first.He was looking for the bride s red shoes again, and doing some strange things, It was too noisy inside.Not too familiar.Zhao Yazhi followed Li Guohao to wait outside the house.Ah Hao.Zhao Yazhi said suddenly.What s wrong Li Guohao asked.I only heard Zhao Yazhi say Zhang Dong is married.Yes.Li Guohao let out a melancholy, remembering the young man who followed him everywhere to shop and was busy opening a new store.He married his wife in just one year.Getting married, time flies by really fast.Zhao Yazhi glanced at Li Guohao, and asked a little shyly Ahao, have you ever thought about when you will get married Azhi, when is the best time I don t know.Immediately, two blushes appeared on Zhao Yazhi s face, so charming.marry.Li Guohao has not thought about it for the time being, he is a person of later generations, and his thinking and concept are a little different from those of today s people, that is, it doesn t matter whether he gets married sooner or later.After all, the craftsmanship is not very complicated.The group of people in the technical department still understand these things.Huang Yaohua only worked in a soda factory before , although he is also the director of the factory, it is still very different from a food processing factory.The change in the soda factory is nothing more than the taste of the soda.A soda can be made into orange flavor, orange flavor, mango flavor.Even if you want to make it into durian flavor, as long as someone is willing to buy it.But food processing factories are not good.There must be a variety of products in order to attract customers fun drops cbd gummies cbd gummies katie couric of different ages to buy.Just like milk candy, a candy suitable for children, can be produced and sold.Moreover, the cost is not very high, and the profit cbd gummies katie couric cbd gummies 600mg is also there.It can be popularized by the public, so that everyone can eat it with a small amount of money.

Thank you.In less than a minute, the stewardess poured a glass of water, handed it to Li Guohao, and said Sir, if you need bolt cbd gummies drug test cbd gummies katie couric anything, you can press this button.Okay, I will Got it, thank you.Facing the stewardess, Li Guohao inexplicably thought of Zhao Yazhi, nodded and smiled.After the stewardess left, Li Guohao took a sip of water.Leaning on the seat, it took a long time to swallow the nausea forcibly.The air ticket I bought this time was booked with Zhao Yazhi s help, and I chose a relatively good window seat, which was still first class.Looking out the window of the plane, the sky is dark, and from time to time you can see the lights of stars in the distance.It is getting farther and farther away from Xiangjiang.Looking at the dark night outside the window, Li Guohao remembered the fax sent by Li Qiang during the day.The area around the airport is still quite messy.Yes, he just HCMUSSH cbd gummies katie couric royal blend cbd gummy came from Xiangjiang, and he doesn t understand English very well, so he might suffer.Oh, I ll take it.When Huang He heard this, he immediately ran to the parking lot and took the signboard that he had made a long time ago from the car.Take it out, trot all the way back again.Zhang Nana glanced at the words Li Guohao on the sign.There are so many of you with the surname Li.Before this, Zhang Nana had never known Li Guohao s name, but now she saw the sign with three large characters in traditional Chinese characters, and said with a smile.It s a lot.Li Qiang smiled.Huang He held up the sign in his hand high, and stood on the only way to the airport gate, waiting for Li Guohao to come out.a long time.I haven t seen Li Guohao come out green apple cbd gummies dr phil yet.After ordering a few dishes, Li Qiang turned to look at the crowd and asked Do you want to order something else You can just order.Okay, let s have some soup.What kind of soup do you have Black bone chicken soup, pickled cabbage tofu soup, green vegetable tofu soup the waiter said A string of soup names.Li Guohao interjected Let s have a vegetable tofu soup, I don t want to drink something too greasy.He had just got off the plane, and although he had slept all night, the jet lag had eased, but he didn t have much appetite, and he didn t really want to eat greasy things.Then let s have a vegetable tofu soup.Li Qiang nodded, and said in a deep thought Well, that s all for now, and you serve it first.Okay. Wait for the waiter to take the ordered menu to the back kitchen.Li Qiang looked around the shop, and said to Li Guohao and the others No, at this point, Changji s business should be the best.Therefore, Li Guohao felt that there was no need to expand the branch for the time being, and besides Daronghua Company, there was no pastry company in Xiangjiang that could compete with him.Not to mention that Da Ronghua was still opportunistic, and the profits he made were very meager.After pondering for a while, Li Guohao looked hesitant to speak, and heaved a long sigh It s not that I don t want to expand the store, but I have difficulties.And it is very sufficient, if you don t open a store now, will you open it later when others take up all the market Xie Honghe said with a look of hatred.Xie Honghe s age is about the same age as Li Guohao s father, maybe a little younger, so at this moment, he subconsciously substitutes Li Guohao into his nephew generation.One was angry, the other was muttering something in his heart, neither of them noticed the change in the tone of the two sides, one was speechless, and the other was accusation of hating iron for not being able to make steel.Once you drag it, you can make a few more episodes and use it for broadcast.Wang Zheng mentioned this matter to Li Guohao, but Li Guohao directly rejected it.Originally, the purpose of watching the pastry contest was to see something new.They couldn t eat any delicious snacks on the TV.How could they have such great interest , Come and slowly chase this game.It s not a singing competition.The boss disagreed, so Wang Zheng could only refuse upstate elevator supply co cbd gummies the other party cbd gummies katie couric s request.After seven consecutive days of pastry preliminaries, more than 300 pastry chefs were successfully 600mg cbd gummies cbd gummies drug test results selected into 50 people.These fifty people will participate in the group stage, divided into groups of ten, and two will be selected to advance.In the bolt cbd gummies drug test cbd gummies katie couric end, a total of ten people will be selected to participate in the finals and the championship competition.One star good restaurant worth stopping by two stars first class cooking, excellent food and wine pairings, worth the detour, but not cheap three stars perfect and consummate cooking, Worth making the trip for superb food, a good selection of house wines, impeccable service and superbly refined dining, but it will cost you a fortune.The chef is the same.Samsung selection.In a word of arrogance, if Michelin praises a person who has just learned cooking skills as top notch, then no matter whether the cooking of this person is delicious or not, he will definitely become the object of competition among many restaurants.Of course, this is just a joke, Michelin will not smash its own brand.In the same way, the main purpose of Li Guohao fun drops cbd gummies cbd gummies katie couric s establishment of such an association is still to influence, and now it is only in the pastry industry, or Xiangjiang.The check, and it belongs to Mr.Li.Seeing this, the female salesperson said directly.I m really sorry, Mr.Li, you also know that everyone has this idea now, and the amount of this check is too large, so I have to be careful.When Manager Bai heard this, he quickly stood up and apologized.It s okay, I just want to ask when it will be done. five minutes Manager Bai patted his chest and said.First of all, the stock market in Hong Kong cbd gummies katie couric was indeed so crazy at that time.If you invest 100,000 yuan in it, you can earn 10,000 yuan the next day.Of course, it doesn t matter if someone takes over.I also I saw an interview in Hong Kong on the website.There is indeed such a monster stock in Hong Kong Antenna, which has risen from the issue price of one yuan the best cbd gummies uk to the highest of more than 50 yuan.Chapter 184 Garbage worms, garbage worms After earning 100 million, Li Guohao s mouth was almost crooked when he laughed in his heart, but his face was calm and expressionless.

Chairman, are we going pure kana cbd gummies coupon code to open a new store too Gu Qianqian was a little excited, but remembering that Li Guohao himself said that he was not going to open a store for the time being, he felt a little doubtful.No, I won t open it for the time being.I just want you to prepare some good stores first, and wait until the time comes.Li Guohao smiled.In fact, his idea in his heart was to spend money to buy some stores after the stock market crash.By the way, I bought a piece of land in the New Territories.When I set up a factory, I thought about building it myself, but considering the time issue and the rising land price, Li Guohao temporarily gave up this plan.Oh.Gu Qianqian nodded, suddenly remembered seeing Li Guohao s voice on TV yesterday, and asked with a smile, Chairman, why did you go on TV yesterday Uh I don t know, a group of people suddenly appeared from the corner.It was fine if he didn t tell himself and others in advance.This price increase directly increased by nearly 10 of the original price.Combining Zheng Jiachun s reminder to himself, Li Guohao wondered if he was trying to find a few backup suppliers from other places, or he was planning to build a supply chain in some places, and everyone was asking headhunters The company found it, but it was still a step too late.How much flour do we have left Li Guohao asked.We just bought a batch of flour not long ago, and it should last for a while, but it s only five or six days at most, Luo Bin said.Five or six days should be enough for the time being, but no matter what, let s ask what s going on at the flour mill first.Everyone discussed for a while.Still haven t talked about how to do it.Forget it, let s do it for now.Dingling Suddenly the phone rang.Li Guohao subconsciously picked up the phone and said, Hello Ahao Hearing Zhao Yazhi s voice on the phone, Li Guohao asked in a daze, What s the matter, Ah Zhi Mr.Cai came to the company to look for you, I ll see him I was a little anxious, so I called and asked if you have time to go back to the company now.Zhao Yazhi said.Cai Lan Li Guohao said without thinking too much I ll go back later, you take brother Lang to my office and sit for a while.Okay.After hanging up the phone, Li Guohao glanced HCMUSSH cbd gummies katie couric at Ni Xingqing and Jin Jiashi Someone asked Is there anything else Ni Xingqing asked Um, and the name of the group Guohao Guohao Group The industry established a group, but I didn t expect the name to be Guohao He has been unable to complain about Li Guohao, anyway, except for the first company, Palace Bakery Company, all others are Guohao, Guohao Really narcissistic enough.Like Yuen Long District, it is also an area full of factories.The terrain here is best cbd gummies for migraines not as flat as Yuen Long, but it is also a rare open area.This time I visited the former Xiangjiang cbd gummies katie couric Flour Factory, because only this of the two flour factories has some noodle and dumpling skin and other noodle products business.When he first arrived near the Kowloon factory area, Li Guohao couldn t help but frown.The air here is not very good, and the surrounding area is full of industrial pollution.Does the chairman smell bad Shi Yuda, the director of the nearby flour mill, also subconsciously asked when Li Guohao frowned and covered his nose.Ok.Shi Yuda sighed fun drops cbd gummies cbd gummies katie couric helplessly There are a lot of heavy industries here, which have a great impact on the environment.The government has been promoting the development of light industries earlier, just for the sake of increasing pollution.Father, Li, mother, Zhao Yazhi and others.In the early morning, three cars slowly drove up from the middle of the mountain.The first car was Li Guohao, Zhao Yazhi and two bodyguards, in the middle were Li s father, Li mother and grandpa, and the last car The car is Zhang Dong and his wife.Driving all the way, the surrounding dense trees and beautiful scenery make people overwhelmed.I said husband, what is Ahao picking us up so early in the morning here It seems to be in the middle of the mountain.Li Huifang remembered a street sign that just passed by.Li Dexiao looked out from the glass window sideways.The road was slanted.He glanced at the passing bus stop, nodded and said Yes, this is indeed the Mid Levels villa area.Could it be Ah Hao who bought a villa here Li Renzhong sat in the front co pilot seat, turned his head and looked at his son and daughter in law and asked.When you get married, your bolt cbd gummies drug test cbd gummies katie couric father and grandfather and I will move back to the old house.Live.Mom, this house is so big, how could Ah Zhi and I live here, and besides, you hired a chef to run the tea restaurant business.From now on, you, Dad and Grandpa will live here cbd gummies that get you high Now, if you are bored, go to Central, there is a club for the elderly, just go in and play cards with them.Li Guohao also looked at his parents and grandpa helplessly, if it wasn t for the hard won talk just now, I m afraid they would never Will stay here forever.Okay, listen to my son.Li Huifang laughed.Her son knew how to be filial to his elders after earning money.This cbd gummies katie couric was what she was most happy to see.On the contrary, Li Dexiao said, Ah Hao, I have recruited two chefs to work in the back kitchen according to your previous instructions at the tea restaurant, and the taste of the food is not bad.St.Mary s Hospital is a famous medical school in the UK.The hospital of the same name in Xiangjiang is also an affiliated hospital of which one in the UK.It is one of the most prestigious hospitals in Xiangjiang, and it is also the first hospital to build a pediatric department.The reality is Mary cbd gummies drug test results uno cbd full spectrum gummies s Hospital Ten minutes later, we arrived at Xiangjiang St.Mary s Hospital.Mr.Li, thank you for taking time out 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At the same time, four or five people in black special uniforms surrounded Li Guohao and the others with guns, and shouted Don t move We are the police After hearing the word police, Li Guohao felt at ease, Finally, he lost cbd gummies katie couric his strength and fell into a coma.After all, the hours long chase was exhausting both mentally and physically.Chapter 250 The second day after the incident, early in cbd gummies katie couric the morning, in the inpatient department of St.Mary s Hospital.Li Guohao woke up from his sleep.Ahao, Ahao, you finally woke up Li s mother sat beside her with a crying face and didn t sleep all night.If the doctor hadn t explained that her son had just passed out from exhaustion, she might have gone crazy.Li Guohao sat up, only feeling sore all over his body, obviously due to excessive exercise, he scanned the surroundings of the room, and found out that it was a ward, he felt relieved, it seemed that fun drops cbd gummies cbd gummies katie couric he was out of danger.Just as Li Guohao led Jin Jiashi to open the door and walked out, he saw two plainclothes policemen from the police station sitting at a small desk not far away.Xiao Liu, take those two police officers to the restaurant for lunch.It s time to eat and you can t let them go hungry.Unlike many movies, the big boss is very angry with the police officers sent by the police station to protect him.He was very dissatisfied, but Li Guohao welcomed him very much.After all, he was protecting himself.Anyway, the company did not do anything illegal, as long as the other party did not show up in the office.Yes.Xiao Liu also walked quickly towards the two plain clothes When the two plainclothes heard Xiao Liu say that the chairman 600mg cbd gummies cbd gummies drug test results invited them to the restaurant for dinner, they were taken aback for a moment, but then they felt warm in their hearts.As the founder of fondant cake, Li Guohao also made headlines in some British newspapers after winning the fun drops cbd gummies cbd gummies katie couric gold medal, even the well known British Daily Mail.Just a few words, the dim sum chef from Xiangjiang won the gold medal After winning the gold medal, Li Guohao returned to cbd gummies katie couric Xiangjiang with Zhao Yazhi and two bodyguards the next day.As for the others, they stayed in the UK for a few more days to deal with some follow up matters of the competition.one time.Xiangjiang Kai Tak Airport.Xiangjiang is still comfortable Li Guohao looked at Kai Tak Airport, which was several times smaller than the British International Airport.He didn t feel the slightest dissatisfaction because of its oldness and smallness, but he felt very kind in his heart.It was the same when I came back from the US last time.Now You can only prosper, it doesn t matter, in a few years time, your son will definitely be rich and powerful Well, let s stop here today, the secret must not be leaked, I have leaked too do delta 8 cbd gummies have thc much today, I need to rest and recuperate.My son Will it really develop in the future The woman continued to ask persistently.Yesdon t ask any more.If you ask again, I m afraid that my fate will be lost again because of the leakage of the secret.Okay I will stop asking, thank you master.As soon as the woman obeyed her fate, she immediately covered her mouth, nodded repeatedly, and thanked her before leaving.She also took out ten yuan from her bag and put it on the table, saying, This money is for thanking the master.After finishing speaking, the woman turned around and chatted with the young man behind her before leaving.Perhaps seeing Li Guohao s doubts, Master Dong also smiled hehe.Speaking of feng shui, Li Guohao happened to have plans to build a food industrial zone at the company, and with the mentality of believing or not, he also invited the other party to come and help him look at the feng shui of the factory after a while.It s easy to say, easy to say, according to Li Sheng s orders, the poor will definitely arrive Master Dong s face was as bright as a chrysanthemum with a smile, and he almost rolled on the ground in excitement.Perhaps it was because of Master Dong s good hexagram that Zhao Yazhi was in a particularly happy mood all day long.At night, she even unlocked a new posture, which made Li Guohao enjoy it, and the joy of the boudoir is inhumane three days later.The day of engagement has come.If he is engaged in real estate in the future, let this A master went through the motions and talked about how good this real estate is, and I believe there will be an endless stream of people to buy it.Chapter 273Food high tech simply surveyed the surrounding environment again, and Li Guohao got in the car and drove Master Dong Driving towards Xiangjiang Island.In the car, Li Guohao glanced at Master Dong, who was in his fifties, and said with a smile, Master Dong, how about I give you a fortune Oh Master Dong was taken aback.There will be reporters coming to interview you in a few days.You d better rent a better place.What does Li Sheng mean Master Dong asked confusedly.Do you know Chen Lang Chen Lang That feng shui master Yes, I think Master Dong s Feng Shui skills are no less than that of Chen Lang.At the same time, according to the gossip of this newspaper, it was learned plus cbd c02 gummies review that Li Guohao made this large investment because of a proposal from a Feng Shui master.Huaqing Daily The name Li Guohao is believed to be familiar to many people.He is only 21 years old and the youngest billionaire in Xiangjiang.He is the founder of the new Xiangjiang dream.In just three years, Is it really just that the Guohao Group, which has developed from a palace cake to the present, is just a good business mind No.According to the gossip in this newspaper, Li Guohao has always believed in a Fengshui master.His store chooses a place with good Fengshui, which is one of the reasons why Li Guohao s store is sure to be prosperous every time it opens.Even the Fengshui in Li Sheng s office is personally handled by this master, and he has set up a big formation of Longmen Fengshui to make money This is also one of the reasons why Li Sheng s company went in the opposite direction and the business was booming every day when Xiangjiang s economy was sluggish and the stock market plummeted.

Sanwen Newspaper I practiced in Wudang Mountain since I was a child.In the early years when the Japanese invaded China, this master walked alone on the battlefield to save the wounded soldiers, relying on his superb medical skills.A soldier for the country and the people.After coming to Xiangjiang, he also helped some poor families from time to time, and even distributed the money earned by relying on Feng Shui to everyone.I have been alone in Hong Kong for more than 20 years, with a breeze in my sleeves The company.In the chairman s office.Li Guohao full spectrum cbd gummy edibles for sale online looked at the newspapers in his hand and wrote that the money greedy Master Dong was a leader who saved the country and did not care about fame and fortune.He cbd gummies katie couric also thought it was a little funny, and glanced at Chen Shengxiao beside him Said, Is this what you arranged I m not that shameless.If they had agreed to the remuneration proposed by Bruce Lee, the artists under the Shaw Brothers would definitely go berserk.Ask for a wage best cbd oil gummies full spectrum for cheap online increase.Don t look at Bruce Lee s recent movies, which are getting more and more popular, and his personal box office has exceeded 10 million Hong Kong dollars, but these are nothing to Shao Liushu.The big deal is that Shaw Brothers can make a few more films and earn so much money.Anyway, the actors signed by Shaw Brothers don t have any so called remuneration, they only get a monthly salary, and the company can make several movies in a month s time.Now Shaw Brothers is making money by absorbing the blood of actors, which is one of the reasons why Shaw Brothers Film Company stopped production and closed cbd gummies katie couric down in the future when Xiangjiang s economy is getting better and better.I m going to start a new company, take a look at this plan. yes.Suddenly, there was only the sound of flipping through papers in the cbd gummies katie couric office.Di Yimin looked at it quickly, and after ten minutes, he asked in surprise The boss wants to make Chinese fast food like McDonald s Well, what do you cbd gummies katie couric think It might work.Di Yimin is not sure whether this Chinese style fast food can adapt to the environment of Xiangjiang.Seeing that Di Yimin only gave an ambiguous answer, Li Guohao was a little cbd gummies katie couric stimulant cbd gummies disappointed.After thinking about it, he thought it was normal.Fast food The concept is not very popular now.When people go to McDonald s or KFC, they just eat it as a kind of Western food similar to steak, and they don t think of the most fundamental point, which is fast food.Okay, you go out first.Don t mention this matter to others for now.If I am too tired, it will hurt the brain nerves.The specific doctor said I don t really understand the symptoms of my illness.I only know that I may not be able to make movies in the future.Bruce Lee sighed.Does Brother Xiaolong want to make money, become famous, or spread Chinese martial arts Hearing Li Guohao s words, Li Xiaolong fell into deep thought, and after a long time, he said slowly There are some reasons.I once gave myself Three goals.The highest paid actor in the United States, with which I will win worldwide fame, and earn 10 million before 1980, and live a happy life with my family.Now you have completed several Li Guohao s later generations have also heard about these three goals, how many mg of cbd gummieas and now seeing Bruce Lee say them personally, he is also deeply moved.Not a single one.Bruce Lee said in a bleak voice.Li Guohao didn t really want to make more comments on this.Bruce Lee s promotion of movies cbd gummies drug test results uno cbd full spectrum gummies and culture is unprecedented, allowing more people to understand Kung Fu and the Chinese philosophy contained in Kung Fu.As for actual cbd gummies drug test results uno cbd full spectrum gummies combat, Li Guohao thinks there is no big problem.After all, being able to open a martial arts gym in the era of widespread discrimination against Chinese in the United States is enough to prove that Bruce Lee is still where to buy cbd gummies for sleep capable.Otherwise, some white activists may have already kicked out the martial arts gym.broken.The man was taken aback for a moment, then nodded, Sure, but you have to pay me for the extra copies.No problem. at this time.On the ring.Takeyuki Kimura, who was serving as a temporary referee, picked up a towel and threw it in the field.The game officially begins.It is more likely that the American father will personally participate in it, and rely on the war to obtain local resources, and the stock market will inevitably rise sharply.Just like oil, which costs three dollars a barrel now, maybe after the United States wins the war, it will force the big oil countries to lower their crude oil prices.Then, relatively, the stock prices of those oil companies in the United States will inevitably rise, and at the same time, the stocks of some other oil related companies and companies will also increase.If the price of oil drops to two dollars a barrel, then the cost of the refinery will be reduced, and the profits of some related industries will be much higher.However, if the price of oil rises, refineries will need to spend a lot more, which will directly affect the automobile industry, the energy industry, and all oil related enterprises or companies in society.No Middle Eastern country would dare to disclose such a major national event privately.Therefore, this is very likely to be Li Guohao s unilateral guess, guessing that the Middle East will embargo oil Only in this way can you short oil related stocks or futures before the news reaches the United States Can guess this kind of thing, and seize the opportunity to stir up the situation in the stock market Bao Daheng couldn t help admiring in his heart, this son is really a genius in the stock market Chapter 310 Commercial Daily Pang Heshuo s sales of Sing Tao Daily cbd gummies katie couric stimulant cbd gummies soared that day.Almost all Xiangjiang people knew who the newspaper was writing about.Teahouses, restaurants, hotels, cbd gummies katie couric and even some companies were all talking about it.Whether it is stockholders, melon eaters, or office workers, they are all discussing whether it is true or not that Li Guohao earned hundreds of millions of dollars in the United States this time Some people say it is true, because there are indeed reports in the United States that two Asian men made hundreds of millions of dollars in the U.

When Li Guohao heard this, he thought about it, nodded and agreed, Yes.Then I don t know the name of this newspaperLi Sheng has thought about it.Li Guohao really didn t think much about the name of the newspaper However, his previous company names were very random, basically preceded by the word Guohao, but the newspaper office was not good, because the newspaper paid attention to publishing articles HCMUSSH cbd gummies katie couric or news in a fair and open manner, and it was inappropriate to use a personal name to name it.Originally I wanted to name it Tiantian Daily, but suddenly remembered that there seemed to be such a newspaper in Xiangjiang.After thinking about it, Li Guohao said, How about calling it Daily Daily See you at Daily Daily What a daily newspaper.See you every day Li Sheng s words can be used as the motto of the newspaper He is indeed a well known business genius in Xiangjiang, and Li Sheng writes articles casually Pang Heshuo was pleasantly surprised when he heard it.It is estimated that our factory will be officially will cbd gummies ruin a drug test started within a week.So, can the publicity be started now Huang Yaohua asked.Let s start tomorrow.In addition to the TV cbd gummies katie couric station, we can also place advertisements on our Daily Daily.After obtaining the first issue of the Daily Daily, it was officially released yesterday morning.The Daily Daily newspaper, at the same time, moved out Pang Heshuo, the founder of Business Daily , in order to increase its reputation as soon as possible.The Daily Daily sold 3,000 copies of the newspaper the day before, a small part of which was ordered by the palace pastry shop and various subsidiaries.Compared to Ming Pao, which sells more than 100,000 copies a day, it is simply appalling.Fortunately, Li Guohao doesn t care whether the Daily Daily can make money, he only cares whether someone reads his newspaper.After he turned around, he asked When leaving, Lao Zhang said By cbd hemp gummies for anxiety the way, bring some newspapers.What newspapers do you want Ming Pao, Sing Tao Daily, and Oriental Daily, three copies.Drinking tea with friends in a teahouse One advantage is that you can buy a few more newspapers, and everyone reads them in turn.The waiter nodded, suddenly thought of something, turned his head to look at the calendar on the wall, and asked with a smile Today, there is an exclusive interview cbd gummies katie couric report by Li Guohao from the Daily Daily. Old Zhang was taken aback, and asked, Is cbd gummies katie couric that the pastry king Yes. Then have one. Okay Soon, the waiter 600mg cbd gummies cbd gummies drug test results came over with some newspapers.Lao Zhang snatched the Daily Daily first.Oh, Lao Zhang, I want to read the Daily Daily first.I want to read it too.The guys wanted to read the Daily Daily first.Boss Li, we are going to the biggest muay thai martial arts gym in Bangkok later.It is best not to disturb is cbd gummy bears illegal their training when we visit in the past.After all, you should know that people who practice martial arts are a bit irritable.Tour guide Zheng said with a smile.Then what are you going to do Chen Xuewen, who was next to him, immediately asked back when he heard this.Tour guide Zheng explained There are many scenic spots in Bangkok, but the ones that are closer to the city center, except for a few temples, are Muay Thai martial arts halls.It may take some time to catch up to other scenery.After finishing speaking, he thought of something, and smiled again You must know that this Muay Thai martial arts gym is not accessible to ordinary people, only VIPs or old tour guides like me are eligible.Li Guohao Li Guohao The one who cooperated with the eldest lady Brother Sheng was stunned and asked.That s right, it s him.I really didn t expect that Li Guohao would come to Thailand to watch black boxing.He Fei didn t expect that this newly promoted Xiangjiang billionaire would also come to Thailand to watch black boxing.If He Fei hadn t met Li Guohao several times with He Qianjin before, and he had a deep impression on him, he might not have recognized him just now.Brother Sheng frowned and said, Maybe you came to Thailand to do business.Didn t you always follow the eldest lady Don t you know that the eldest lady s company also has a branch in Thailand.I know.I m just a little surprised.I saw him here.He Fei laughed dryly.How could Hongsen Ho, who is the gambling king of Macau, not participate in this black boxing match in Thailand, so he sent his right hand assistant and bodyguard He Sheng to Thailand At this time, Lao Zheng, who was in the box next door, knocked on the door of Li Guohao s cbd gummies katie couric box.One is the brand of the Chinese agent, and the other is the international Red Bull brand jointly established by the Austrian businessman Mateschitz and the founder of Red Bull Xu Shubiao.Just like Jia Duobao and Wang Laoji.It s just that, in China, it s a small golden can, while abroad it s a blue and white package the same size as the filled coconut juice.At the same time, the taste varies according to the tastes of different countries.Hearing that Red Bull has not yet become a brand at this time, and it is only popular in Bangkok, this makes Li Guohao see an opportunity, an opportunity to include Red Bull in his pocket You must know that the world s No.1 functional drink in later generations is Red Bull.The cola market is shared by PepsiCo and Coca Cola, while most of the energy drinks are owned by Red Bull.Manager Jin, are you seasick Li Guohao asked with concern.A little bit.Jin Jiashi nodded and said without opening his eyes when he heard the sound.Seeing this, Li Guohao couldn t help admiring Jin Jiashi s professional dedication, and cbd gummies katie couric he was airsick and seasick, so he fun drops cbd gummies cbd gummies katie couric insisted on coming to Thailand to inspect it in person.Ask the boss of the ship if he has any medicine for seasickness, give some to Manager Jin, don cbd gummies katie couric t go anywhere, he will die.Li Guohao said to Chen Xuewen.Seeing this, Chen Xuewen hurriedly said I have prepared seasickness medicine.Manager Jin, why didn t you tell me you were seasick earlier Forget it, I ll get keoni cbd gummies contact number it. Around ten o clock in the morning.After taking a boat for four or five hours, the group arrived in Roi Et Province, and spent another two hours changing cars to drive to the predetermined village.

Like Bangkok, it benefits from the capital of the country, Chiang Mai because of its high quality geographical environment, and Pattaya because of its sea view.Roi Et has only green mountains and green waters, as well as a tropical area Rainforest, this is very common in Thailand.There are rainforests everywhere, and there are green hills everywhere.Therefore, in order to win the investment of Li Guohao, the officials of Roi Et Province also worked hard and offered the most favorable policies.It was put on the table.For Li Guohao, tax exemption and tax reduction are good, but it is a good thing to win more benefits.The two groups exchanged ideas on preferential policies.After three days of discussions and the warm invitation of Chairman Madham, Li Guohao followed him to visit several nearby counties.After being scolded for no reason, knowing that his father cared about his own face, Li Guohao shook his head helplessly, found Li Huifang and Li Renzhong who were busy in greenery, and after saying that he was leaving, he took Zhao Yazhi out and went back to the company Maxim s Company.Wood Shun frowned and waited in the office.Today is the opening day of the new store of Li Guohao, the life and death enemy, and he is competing with the Maxim restaurant he opened.This made him very angry for a while.To kill them all.I have already half quit the pastry industry and switched to a restaurant.I didn t expect Li Guohao to still cling to it, and he followed behind him stubbornly.He opened whatever shop he opened.He made a soul cbd strawberry gummies Liji tea restaurant to fight against himself, so it s not obvious that he is disgusting himself.Intense applause sounded in the square.Li Guohao stepped up from the backstage and took a look at the audience, there were at least six or seven hundred people.He was still a little nervous before going on stage, but he really felt relieved to be standing here.Hello, students, parents, reporters and friends It s already past three o clock in the afternoon.We originally planned to hold the entrance ceremony for freshmen in the morning, but because some students came to the school a little late, we had to postpone it to the afternoon.Here I will To make a long story short.You may see that the school we are in is still relatively simple, but in two months at the latest, our new school will be built near Marian Road in Tai Po District, and we will provide dormitories for each student.With the cafeteria Papa papa Principal Li has prepared a film screening for you.That s good, tell me, what s the matter.Li Guohao won t act good when he got the advantage, so he hugged him directly by the waist.Ms.Shen asked if we could provide some assistance to some nursing homes.this one Ok.Li Guohao touched his chin and said Why did she mention this properly Aren t we a child friendly charity foundation Yes, but the government conducted a survey a few days ago.There are now more than 10,000 widowed and lonely elderly people in Xiangjiang.What do you mean I m trying to help if I can, but Zhao Yazhi glanced at Li Guohao and said But there HCMUSSH cbd gummies katie couric are too many old people who are lonely and widowed, and funding is a big problem.Do you think I am a person who is reluctant to part with money Seeing Zhao Yazhi looking at him like this, Li Guohao directly guessed what the other person was thinking, couldn t help but patted her forehead and said I m not that kind of stingy person.Among the vast sea of people, all kinds of men and women meet.They may become passers by, or meet and fall in love, but eventually form strangers.Today our new couple seems to be destined for their encounter to create a different relationship.Ordinary stories, destined by fate, their story will become a sweet love story for a lifetime.As the saying goes, a match made in heaven, a couple made in heaven Shen Dianxia s opening speech this time is not like what she usually brings to everyone on TV.Joy, but a more dignified, sincere and cherished cbd gummies katie couric tone.After the four to five minute opening remarks ended, Lydia Lydia said with a smile on her face Love is what people yearn for the most in life, and marriage is the end of love.Let us give the warmest applause to welcome today s most handsome groom, Li Guohao Mr.In addition, I came into contact with some new filming techniques in the United States With skills, I thought about re shooting this movie.Speaking of this, Bruce Lee thought for a moment and said I plan to invest five million dollars in this movie.Five million dollars is equivalent to 25 million Hong Kong dollars.To put it bluntly, this amount of money is enough for a family to live a stable life in Xiangjiang.Five million U.S.dollars To make a Hong Kong movie Li Guohao was dumbfounded.You must know that Hui Guanwen s movie only cost a few hundred thousand Hong Kong dollars, and most of the money was because Xu Guanwen was directing for the first time.A lot of film was wasted for the sake.Dim Sum , which was released not long ago, went to the UK to shoot, and the investment cost was only more than 200,000 yuan.It was only because the food association could not develop, so he first fiddled cbd gummies katie couric with the pastry association.So far, more than 80 of the talents in the pastry industry in Xiangjiang have joined the association , to become a member, and in Southeast Asia, all franchise store managers and pastry chefs must also be required to join the association, and only after being rated can they be employed as palace pastry chefs.As of now, the number of members of HCMUSSH cbd gummies katie couric the Pastry Association has exceeded 3,000 Most of them are members from Southeast Asia.Before Cheng Xizhi had no intuitive concept of the Michelin three star rating, but since tourists went to Maxim s restaurant to eat, he realized that it is not Michelin three star.There is no selection, but Xiangjiang people don t understand this selection.On the other hand, people in Europe and the United States, because they have more contacts, understand the significance of Michelin s three star selection.

The next day, early in the morning.Li Guohao s New Territories Real Estate has officially started the acquisition war A large number of people were sent to the town to discuss acquisitions with some local high rise buildings or residents who occupy cbd gummies katie couric a large area.Since last year, the government has implemented the new town plan for the New Territories.Residents of the entire New Territories are excited about it.After waiting for so many years, the government is finally going to develop the New Territories In other New Territories such as Tuen Mun, Tai Po, and Sheung Shui, many backward towns and villages have been acquired cbd gummies katie couric stimulant cbd gummies and rebuilt.Only Yuen Long remained silent.This made the residents of Yuen Long feel that it was not yet time.And Li Chaoren sent someone to buy it secretly, and also signed a non disclosure agreement with the owner, so it didn t cause waves in the town.Chen Shao ran so anxiously because the factory didn t allow cars to come in, he smiled and said, Okay, don t be so anxious.Director Zhang, please find a place nearby, I have something to tell you.yes.Upon hearing this, Factory Manager Zhang immediately whispered fun drops cbd gummies cbd gummies katie couric a few words to the entourage next to him, then raised his hand, pointed to the distant factory lounge and said, Chairman, Manager Chen, please over there.Soon, Li Guohao and Chen Shao followed Factory Manager Zhang to the staff lounge in the factory building.Seeing the words staff lounge on the door, Li Guohao stepped in and saw that the room was quite big , about 50 square meters, and there is no rubbish on the ground, it is very clean.There are two small beds and several rows of long wooden sofas inside.Director Zhang said Chairman, the place is quite leaky.I mentioned to you, Li Sheng, about going north, and the itinerary may change.Chapter 652 Going north next month Kowloon Peninsula, Tsim Sha Tsui, inside Fu bolt cbd gummies drug test cbd gummies katie couric Man Building.In the box on the fifth floor, Li Guohao was sitting on the window seat with a teacup in his hand, looking at the opera performers in the courtyard downstairs.He seemed to be staring at the opera downstairs, but his eyes were distracted, and his thoughts had other uses.With a sound of bang dang , the door of the private room behind him was pushed open from the outside, Li Guohao woke up startled, turned his head to look, and saw Bao Daheng walking in slowly behind the waiter.Li Guohao stood up and said, Uncle Bao, you are here.Yes.Bao Daheng nodded.Li Guohao glanced at the waiter next to Bao Daheng and said, You go down first, don t come up until you are called to serve.But there are only tens of cbd gummies katie couric stimulant cbd gummies thousands of cows on such a large grassland, which still supplies more than half of the output of the three northeastern provinces, which is very unreasonable.At the same time, knowing that their fresh milk processing technology was relatively backward, Fu Shengkuan thought of Guohao Dairy of his own group.Guohao Dairy has developed to this day.In addition to its business in Australia, it also sells a lot of dairy products in Xiangjiang and even half of Southeast yummy gummy cbd Asia.Because fresh milk can be stored endlessly, it can be made into dairy products, which can be sold more conveniently and with high quality.The Hulunbuir milk factory also faces this problem.Their insufficient production is one problem, and their lack of good fresh keeping technology is another problem.Because there were not many places to live in the grandfather s house, Li Guohao took his family and a group of subordinates to live in the guest house.The guest house was expanded at the end of last year, and it was very whats gummi cbd oil easy to arrange dozens of people to live there.Just as Li Guohao put down his luggage, Zhou Dakang, the magistrate of Baoan County, Zhang Zhangqin, the county secretary, and Hu Jianjun, the deputy director of the Guangdong Merchants Bureau, came to visit.After Fu Shengkuang introduced each other, they became acquainted.Mr.Li, you are welcome to invest in the mainland As the magistrate of Bao an County, Zhou Dakang took it for granted that he was the owner.Li Guohao did not directly answer the other party s investment, but said with a smile Long time no see, county magistrate Zhou.Considering that Baoan County is the key point, we bought the super crane from the United States and The cranes and other mechanical equipment were brought by cargo ship.All these construction equipment were purchased from the American company that was contracted when the Guohao Building was built, and I was thinking about which American company to guide , Guohao Real Estate brought its own people to build it, so as to strengthen the technology and experience of the real estate company.Therefore, for the sake of convenience, a lot of money was spent on these valuable construction machinery and equipment.Since the Guohao Building cbd gummies katie couric was built, most of these devices have been used by real estate companies when building residential or office buildings.At this time, the mainland is not yet a big infrastructure country for later generations, and some infrastructure equipment is still not perfect, so it can only be transported from Xiangjiang.I heard from Miss Meiqing that the teachers in that kindergarten are very good.Very strong, the school s facilities, safety and school spirit are the best kindergartens in Hong Kong.What s the name It seems to be a Catholic kindergarten.What is it called St.Mary Seeing this, he said, Manager Liang, do you think there is any way to merge the two TV stations Liang Shuyi frowned, and after thinking about it for a long time, she couldn t think of a good way, so she shook her head I m sorry, Chairman It is very difficult for the two TV stations to merge into one, and it is impossible for the government to agree, after all, our Fenghuang TV station is basically an education station.Hearing what Liang Shuyi said, Li Guohao was moved, thinking that since the two TV stations cannot be merged into one , then the two develop together At present, although Phoenix TV s income and expenditure are gradually flat, the ratings of several TV dramas co produced with Nanyang Overseas TV Station this year are all good, and because of this, they have made a small fortune.

Only his own private financial management team knows how much of his personal property and private investment.Ever since Ni Xingqing came out of Li Guohao s private financial management team and went to work in the Guohao Securities Group, most of Li Guohao s private asset management has been handed over to another team in charge.However, when tidying up Guohao Group s financial operations and business this time, Li Guohao also asked his private financial management team to integrate his personal property.The Xiangjiang Food Trading Import and Export eaglehemp cbd gummies Company, which he personally funded and cooperated with Li Qiang and Zhang Nana, is developing very well.It has cooperated with many countries in the United States and even Europe, importing or exporting high quality food from various countries, food with regional culture and taste, in the Xiangjiang and Europe and the United States sell very well.Several juniors also expressed their opinions there.After chatting for a few minutes, Zheng Daheng glanced at the box, saw that the owner was not there, and asked in surprise Where is Li Sheng Didn t he come in together just now Huo Zhenting replied Ah Hao, he went out and said he would be back soon Chapter 781 The prosperity and decline of Xiangjiang Real Estate said Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrived.As soon as a few cbd gummies katie couric people mentioned Li Guohao, he brought Ni Xingqing, Qi Boheng and others, and walked in with a thick stack of folders.After Li Guohao put down the folders in his hands, he said to the two people behind him Manager Ni, Manager Qi, put down the files and go to the next door to rest for a while.Yes.The two nodded, turned around and took the door to the next door Went to rest in the box.Huo Daheng took out a folder, cbd gummies chicago il and did not open it rashly, but asked Li Sheng, what is this This is the land price and house price of all the years since Xiangjiang was opened.Many real estate properties have been obtained.When Ni Xingqing said Carrian s buyer was Li Jiacheng, Li Guohao sneered a bit in his heart, it turned out to be Li Chaoren Fortunately, the existence known as Superman was able to see business opportunities from the collapse of the real estate market.He was also the one who played tricks last month.Boss, the person who caused Carrian s bankruptcy last month should be Li Jiacheng I have been sending people to track down the auction site where Carrian went bankrupt and liquidated, except for the people from Changjiang who bought the five rumored auctions.Outside of the dilapidated building, there is no one else.Ni Xingqing said.Sitting on the boss chair, Li Guohao took a few steps back, turned his head, and stared at the scenery outside the floor to ceiling windows Now the property market has turned around, but this is just an illusion after we spread the news.It may be that after this Sino British negotiation, the mainland successfully took back Xiangjiang and ended.The invitation to watch the ceremony proposed by the mainland is not limited to Xiangjiang, but also includes Macau, how to tell if cbd gummies have thc laying a good mass foundation for the future recovery of Macau.After more than ten days of repeated selection, core cbd gummies the British Hong Kong government and the mainland finally made a final decision on the candidates for the ceremony.Finally, a viewing group of celebrities from all walks of life in Hong Kong and Macau was formed, with a total of more than 200 people, divided into 12 sub groups.people the third group has 21 people from the educational field the fourth group has 71 people from the medical field the fifth group has 11 people from the scientific and technological field the sixth group has 14 people from the legal field The eighth group has 10 sports people the ninth group has 12 journalists the tenth group has 15 women the eleventh group has seven religious people There are 6 students in the regiment.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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