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Qingyu returned a mischievous expression.Qi Fei crossed his hands and propped his chin.He just needs to wait quietly for the next thing.When the time comes, which newspaper office in Bingang City carries out the action he just mentioned, then Qingyu will be the boss there.Will the rain be Cheng Siyu Now Qi Fei doesn t even know whether he really wants to be like this, or if he really doesn t want them to be the same person, this kind of psychology is quite contradictory.At this time, he found that if he thought that Qingyu and Cheng Siyu were not the same person, there would be an indescribable loss in his heart, and he didn t know if it was a loss, so let s just say it.If it s really the same person Qi Fei shook his head with a wry smile and said to himself, We d better wait for the answer to come out before thinking about it.Lan Sister Lan.Qi Fei s cheeks started to feel hot.Yi Lan chuckled and said, Your heart is beating so fast, why are you so nervous Sister Lan, II Hold me tight, Yi Lan said.Qi Fei felt a rush of blood rushing into his brain, almost making him dizzy.Yi Lan is not only beautiful, but also a mature woman.Even if she is not like this, a smile is enough to seduce a man.This is the charm of a woman.Without the precipitation of time are cbd gummies legitimate and the accumulation of experience, there will be no such charm.I think back when his family was rich, how many women took the initiative to throw themselves into his arms.It s just that it s different this time, he s just a down and out and ordinary employee, and Yi Lan is definitely not the kind of person who covets his money.And this kind of attraction makes Qi Fei even more irresistible, especially for him in the are cbd gummies safe current situation, he really needs someone to comfort him.Qi Fei Okay.Is your work going well It s going well, how about you It s okay, everything is going according to plan, and I m really lucky to have your help Yes Yes, I also discovered something today.What To prepare for that plan, I personally went to conduct some investigations, and accidentally found that there is a representative of our company newspaper at the gate of a high end residential area.Order This inspired me a lot, our company employees can t go door to door in that kind of community to sell, but they can sell in this way Qi Fei was a little enlightened Ahthat s very good , Very good.This idea is really good, I checked it out, it turned out that it was thought up by an employee in a publishing station under the company, it s really amazing, what s the name of that person Qi Fei He said to himself Isn t that me I remember, my name is Qi Fei Qi Fei held his forehead, with a depressed and helpless expression on his face, but he was finally discovered.In the following time, he successively operated several cooperation projects with other merchants or companies.Although they were not too big orders, but When the salary is paid next month, Qi Fei estimates that he can get enough money.Yi Lan california cbd gummies is also very busy these days, and she has also personally won a few deals, which gave the customer resources contact department a very good start.Cheng Siyu is very satisfied with Yi Lan s work, and there are several meetings.commended separately.And Qi Fei knew very well that if he wanted Yi Lan s position to be stable, these were not enough at present.This department must become a vital existence of the entire company.Besides work, Qi Fei also secretly cares about Yi Lan s love life.He feels that he can t give her what she needs, so he can only pay attention to it silently.Cheng.Fei raised his head and looked into Cheng Siyu s eyes In order to treat Sister Lan, I can only do this.No, there are other ways.Cheng Siyu said a little excitedly You leave Li Xuan s place quickly, Don t follow him Otherwise you will smash his hands What else can I do Qi Fei asked.III m going to borrow money from Li Xuan.Qi Fei smiled wryly and shook his head Borrowing money how much can you borrow from him Sister Lan s situation seems like a bottomless pit.Do you expect Li Xuan to pay enough to support Sister Lan for a lifetime He should be able to provide a lot.It s not necessary, my current salary is enough to support all the expenses that Sister Lan needs, so that s it.Qi Fei still rejected Cheng Siyu s approach, because he knew 600mg cbd gummies cbd gummies at local drug store that he absolutely couldn t let Cheng Siyu do that.It would make her lose face dr oz and megan kelly cbd gummies in Li s house and be restricted by others.It s fine now.I ve been suspended.It s just asking for trouble.I resigned at this opportunity, don t be so fucking angry After saying this, Li Xuan stared at Cheng Siyu, hoping that she would nod her head in agreement.Unexpectedly, Cheng Siyu put down the knife and fork, looked up at Li Xuan, and said firmly, I will not resign.Damn Li Xuan patted the table You got into a fight with me on purpose, right No, I want to work, it s just my own idea, don t get me wrong, now that I m still young, I want to have my own career, if I have to waste time in such a good time, I will not do it.It s so funny Li Xuan stared angrily.Cheng Siyu didn t say anything, and continued to eat, while Li Xuan drank the wine one after another.After a while, Cheng Siyu suddenly said Li Xuan, can you do me a favor.Li Xuan showed a surprised expression Oh, this is really interesting, our general manager Cheng actually needs my help , Tell me, I ll listen.When the door was opened, there was a luxurious private room inside.This must be a private place for Li Xuan Several people walked in, Qi Fei took a look around, the area inside is not small, the decoration can be said to be luxurious, there is a huge LCD screen hanging on the wall, and singing can be performed here.Afterwards, the manager personally served snacks and fruits, as well as a few bottles of high end foreign wine, and left after doing everything right.Li Xuan sat down on the sofa and said to Qi Fei and the others Let s play, sing and drink, do whatever you want.Heizi and Maoqiu started drinking without saying a word, and then each of them took a microphone and howled at the top of their voices.The voice of the song was really shocking.Qi Fei thought for a while, picked up the wine bottle and served Li Xuan a drink, Li Xuan glanced at him and asked, Why don t you sing ThisI really don t know how.Li Xuan was full of praise while eating.Qi Fei smiled Brother Xuan is satisfied.By the way, anyway, I don t need to take care of the negotiation over there.I have nothing else to do today.Why don t you go home and see how your parents are doing Li Xuan asked suddenly.This Qi Fei hesitated a little.It seemed that he couldn t justify it if he cbd gummies para que sirve didn t agree, so he nodded after a few seconds.Well, it happens that I m fine, so I ll go take a look with you.Qi Fei almost choked on the soy cbd gummies para que sirve milk.Li Xuan chewed the buns and said vaguely to Qi Fei You are also in your twenties.You have been outside for many years, but you haven t made a name for yourself.This time I will save some face for you.I will rent a place later.Mercedes Benz, let you go home in style, and make sure your parents are happy from ear to ear Qi Fei s complexion changed No need Brother Xuan I can t stand it Damn, why can t you bear it Li Xuan narrowed his eyes Seeing that your reaction is really not quite right, could it be possible Do you have something to hide Tell me.

What s the difference.The atmosphere in your home makes people feel very comfortable, It s very relaxing I think it s called home, and the words cbd gummies para que sirve your father said, I thought it was very fresh and interesting at the beginning, but the more I thought about it, the more connotation and depth it became.Let me tell you.Well, my parents never told me that.Qi Fei thought for a while and then said Brother Xuan, our family is different from yours.As you can see, my family is ordinary, so the education methods are also different Li Xuan s face showed a smile again.With that disdainful expression, he sneered a few times I see, it s not that the education methods are different, it s that they didn t teach at all You are right, our family conditions are indeed different, you know what my family is Does it look like it Probably at least the material conditions are very rich.The two security guards next to him only thought that he and Li Dafa were very good friends, and they were joking at the moment, but to Li Dafa s ears, this was obviously a warning.Li Dafa didn t dare to mess around anymore, he walked forward obediently, without saying a word, and was then pushed into the car by Qi Fei.Before Li Dafa could see clearly what was going on inside, a thick black hood covered his head.Li Dafa stood up like a frightened bird, but hit his head on the roof of the car and knocked himself out.Qi Fei happened to save trouble, so he didn t wake up Li Dafa, and ordered Heizi to drive tucker carlson cbd gummies to the place where he lived.When they arrived at the residential area, it was already cbd gummies at local drug store dr charles stanley cbd gummies dark.Heizi and Maoqiu carried Li Dafa, who was still awake, out of the car and quickly entered the building.Mao Qiu was not at ease Brother Fei, did you bring a guy Qi Fei was stunned What guy It s just papapa Maoqiu gestured.Qi Fei understood, he was talking about guns.To be honest, Qi Fei didn t dare to carry that thing with him.It is not fun to own a gun illegally.After he used it to scare Li Dafa last time, Qi Fei felt uneasy for a long time, and then he took the gun away.Put it away.No, I don t need that thing.Qi Fei said.That won t work.It s always kenai farms cbd gummies website safer if you have it.Maoqiu said, he pulled out his own gun, and prepared to use it for Qi Fei.Qi Fei s face changed slightly, feeling that these two guys carry pistols with them, he hurriedly said Put best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 cbd gummies para que sirve it away quickly You think this thing is a slingshot If we want to make a fuss to the point of drawing a gun, none of us will It s a good end At this moment, a growling voice came from the box I fucked your ancestor Why is there no one to entertain me, I m going to smash this place In fact, the sound insulation effect of the box is not bad, but this All the people standing outside the door heard the roaring sound, which shows how bad tempered the guy inside is.Regardless of the bleeding from his head, he stood up and returned to the fighting ranks, joining hands with Hutou to deal with Qi Fei.Qi Fei couldn t help secretly marveling, these two guys are really tough enough, they can still fight.Little did they know, the two of them were just out of breath, holding on to their breath and wanting to clean up Qi Fei.Qi Fei didn t dare to be careless, and took two or three steps back cautiously, staring straight at the tiger head and wolf head in front of him.Those two were not in a hurry to launch an attack, they natures stimulant cbd gummies for ed reviews cbd gummies para que sirve just gritted their teeth and looked at Qi Fei.Suddenly, Qi Fei heard an abnormal sound coming from behind him, before he had time to look back, he quickly turned sideways to avoid it.There was only a whirring sound, and the snake s head turned towards a wine bottle, and if Qi Fei hadn t dodged quickly, it probably hit the back of his head.He wished that no one would look for him.He just wanted to stay with Yi Lan until she woke up.Qi Fei thought, after all, someone died cbd gummies para que sirve in the bar last cbd gummies para que sirve night.This matter is not a trivial matter.It is estimated that there will be reports in the news, so he turned on the TV to see if there HCMUSSH cbd gummies para que sirve would be any news in the news, and after looking around, It seems that they didn t mention it.So he took out his mobile phone and searched the Internet, but there was still nothing.It seems that this matter has been covered up, and it is true, after all, it happened in the box, except for Qi Fei and others, the manager, the security police, and the medical staff, the guests in the bar probably don t know what happened.Moreover, the death of a person will also affect the business of the bar.Li Xuan must have found a way to inform the police and relevant insiders to keep everyone secret.Now you are here on a business trip, and you can accompany her by the way, am I right WellLet me tell you, you two are flying around in different places It s not easy to go, why not just stay in one place Qi Fei said solemnly Xiao Bei, tell me the situation in detail, cbd gummies at local drug store what s going on I don t even understand.Ye Xiao Bei was a little surprised why Qi Fei had such a reaction Brother Qi, what s wrong with you Tell me the specific situation first, and I ll explain it to you after I m done.Okay, let me think about it Ye After recalling it carefully, Xiao Bei began to talk to Qi Fei.The thing is like this, Ye Xiaobei went to Bingang on a business trip, the first time she met Xuan er on the plane was about ten or so last month, she said she met, but in fact Xiaobei saw Xuan er from a distance.Ye Xiaobei looked at it quietly for a long time, guessing that it was Qi Fei s girlfriend, so she wanted to go over and say hello to her, but she found that the other party seemed to be in a bad mood, and Ye Xiaobei was worried that she had identified the wrong person, so in the end it was Qi Fei.The reporters took photos of the nightclub hall with their cameras, cbd gummies para que sirve and Qi Fei was not worried, because the place had been cleaned up, and there was basically no trace cbd gummies para que sirve of the chaos at that time.Qi Fei thought to himself that all the employees of the nightclub should be exhausted enough, and he couldn t help but hesitate to ask Li Xuan, why don t they open today and let everyone have a good rest.Just thinking about it, it is estimated that even if the business is closed, there will be no time to rest, and if the business is suddenly closed, the reporter will definitely notice something is wrong.Qi Fei believes cbd gummies para que sirve that Li Xuan has a way to suppress the accident and prevent the Langzhou media from reporting it.So looking at it this way, the nightclub still has to operate as usual, and it must not close today.

I m afraid it s wrong for you to do this What does it have to do with your nightclub, woman You can control it It s our guest, so we are naturally responsible for it.If you do cbd cannabidiol gummy bears this in other places, I can t control it, but in this place, it s absolutely not allowed.The vice president s attitude was very tough.It s not that he wants to protect others out of justice, it s just because, if this matter gets out, it will have a very bad impact on the nightclub.Customers who spend here will suffer for no reason, and nightclubs can t protect customers well.If so, who will come here in the future The bald man had a weird smile on his face, and he looked at the vice president in front of him and the security guards around him with disdain You guys are not enough for me, and trying to stop me is just a joke, but In fact, I don t want to make too much noise, so as not to bother all my friends in the bureau to come over.Why don t you speak Cheng Siyu became even more anxious.Qi Fei took a deep breath of the air with the unique smell of the toilet, and then said solemnly Mr.Cheng, it s useless for HCMUSSH cbd gummies para que sirve you to talk so much.It is impossible for me to tell your boss s whereabouts.No matter what I do or where I go, I must Absolutely keep it secret, this is my duty as a subordinate.On the other end of the phone, Cheng Siyu was obviously stunned for a few seconds, and then said Youwhat did you say What do you mean Qi Fei added I know you are also worried about the boss, but I will always protect him, Mr.Cheng, so please stop asking, I will absolutely obey the boss.Cheng Siyu reacted , and asked tentatively Is it inconvenient for you to speak right now Qi Fei replied Yes, Mr.Cheng, as long as you understand.Okay, I get ityou must Be careful, I remember the location you said earlier, take care, I m cbd oil gummy bears for sale hanging up.At this moment, many images flashed through Qi Fei s mind.He didn t want to die, and he also regretted his life.He still had too many things to do.He had witnessed the fragility of life before, but this time, he wanted to experience it himself.Although Qi Fei had times of depression, he never waited for death.At this moment, he still did not give up hope.He did this not only for himself, but also for those who cared about him.The vines in Qi Fei s hand had already been released, but this also slowed down his falling speed cbd gummies para que sirve slightly.Now his surroundings are dark, but there is still light shining from above his head.All of a sudden, Qi Fei saw a blurry shadow appearing below, and it would be in front of him in the blink of an eye.Without thinking, he stretched out his hands and quickly grabbed it.Manager Ding, I Qi Fei just wanted to say it.Manager Ding made a gesture of silence, and then signaled Qi Fei to follow him.Qi Fei couldn t figure it out, but he got up anyway, and followed Manager Ding to a wall, where there was a row of tall bookshelves leaning against the wall.Manager Ding walked over to take away a book, reached in and pressed it, and then Qi Fei saw the bookshelf in front of him silently and automatically opened to both sides, and then a door was revealed.Manager Ding unlocked the door and walked in with Qi Fei.It turned out that there was another room here.The room is not big, it looks a bit like an office, but it doesn t look as serious as an office.The furnishings inside are extremely high end, but not gorgeous at all, it looks very connotative, giving people a feeling of low key luxury.Qi Fei became a little nervous, thinking that this guy is so fickle, he won t be upset all of a sudden, load the pistol and shoot himself, right Facts have proved that Qi Fei was cbd gummies para que sirve best cbd gummies for child anxiety thinking too much.Li Xuan sat there thinking for a while, and finally looked at Qi Fei as if he had figured it out You are right, everyone has his own ambitions, and it s okay if I force you to stay.Meaning, even if you are really allowed to stay, you probably don t have the heart to do things for me, and you might ruin my affairs, okay, I ll let you go.Qi Fei finally breathed a sigh of relief, and hurriedly said Li Xuan said HCMUSSH cbd gummies para que sirve Thank you so much Brother Xuan Unexpectedly, Li Xuan knocked on the table with his fingers and said, Don t worry, I haven t finished talking yet, I can let you go, but I have Conditions, you must agree to my conditions before you can leave, otherwise I will never let you go.Li Xuan stared wide eyed, he didn t receive it Checking the time, when Heizi called, Li Xuan and Qi Fei were still upstairs, and they didn t reach the entrance of the conference hall.Li Xuan gritted his teeth.At that time, because he passed the dance hall two floors below, Li Xuan didn t take the elevator because he was afraid of being ambushed.Who knew that the sound of the dance hall covered the vibration of the phone, and In fact, he himself was a little nervous, and he didn t notice the vibration.Just like that coincidences one after another made Li Xuan fooled.Qi Fei complained incessantly.Li Xuan has always been thoughtful, but this time he was a little reckless.If he receives Heizi s text message and natures stimulant cbd gummies for ed reviews cbd gummies para que sirve confirms again, he knows that Heizi and his subordinates are 100 ready.If you go up again, this situation will not happen again.As for the rest of these bastards, I will let them be punished.Qi Fei believed that Heizi would definitely To punish those people, and he also wanted to go back to the hospital quickly to see how Yi Lan was doing, so he nodded.Heizi said to the rest of the workers with a stern face Get out of here and go back to work right now.I ll put it down first.You will definitely be punished.But don t try to run away.I have plenty of ways to get you back.By then How serious the consequences are, you can go there yourself After saying this, Heizi ignored the reaction of the workers, and helped Qi Fei to leave the park.Afterwards, Heizi drove Qi Fei to the hospital.The doctor quickly treated Qi Fei s wounds.They were all skin traumas.The most serious part had three or four stitches, and he was almost fine.

After feeling almost done, Qi cbd gummies para que sirve best cbd gummies for child anxiety Fei walked out of the bedroom and returned to Ye Xiaobei s side to wipe her hair.Ye Xiaobei patted her hair slightly, and Qi Fei wrapped her hair with a towel and slowly wiped it.At first, Qi Fei managed to calm himself down, but in this way, he saw Xiaobei s slender and fair neck again.Qi Fei swallowed a mouthful of saliva, but the voice was slightly louder, and Ye Xiaobei could hear it.Ye Xiaobei raised his head subconsciously, Qi Fei saw that her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were extremely shy, which made Qi Fei extremely embarrassed, he thought it better not to rub her hair with Ye Xiaobei anymore.So Qi Fei said embarrassingly Xiao Bei so I still have injuries on my body.I just wiped it for you a few times and it hurts a little, so I m sorry, Big Brother Qi, I I Forget about all this, then I will do it myself.Strict rules Otherwise, you guys will always be lawless Those people hurriedly got up and hurried down the stairs as if they were being pardoned.Brother Fei, I won t bother you, you guys have fun.Heizi also strode away after Qi Fei said this, Qi Fei secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and after waiting for ten minutes at the door with Xiao Bei I just went downstairs.That morning, Qi Fei took Ye Xiaobei to play in the playground for half a day, then cbd gummies para que sirve took her to go shopping, and finally went to a famous snack street in Bingang in the evening.The night is coming, the lights are on, the snack street is very lively, all kinds of food shops and snack vendors are scattered on both sides of the street.This street is not too big, and there are many cbd gummies para que sirve best cbd gummies for child anxiety shops and vendors, and there are many passers by, so it seems very crowded, especially now it is the Spring Festival holiday, and the snack street is a bit messy.After a long time, she clicked on Add Contact, and then entered the numbers one by one.It was a wandering QQ number.Even though she deleted it from the QQ list, those numbers had already been engraved in her heart.Can t forget it at all.Under the circumstances, Cheng Siyu was stunned and wanted to add Piao Ling as a friend again.A strong emotion governed her movements.Cheng Siyu s eyes were almost blurred by tears.She wiped away her tears and entered the last two digits of Piao Ling s QQ number with trembling fingers.Then click the Find button.The wandering QQ profile picture appeared in 600mg cbd gummies cbd gummies at local drug store front of Cheng Siyu again, and at this moment her tears were out of control again.Seeing his avatar, it was as if he had seen all the contents of the chat with him.Cheng Siyu gritted his teeth and moved the mouse to the add friend button next to the avatar.What did Li Xuan say, when the time comes to let Bai Jin play his best role, as long as Bai Jin works hard, it is guaranteed that he will enjoy endless prosperity and wealth for the rest of his life.Bai Jin was very happy to hear that, Qi Fei stared at his face for a long time, and he didn t seem to see anything wrong.Qi Fei felt that it was time for him to leave, so he wanted to take out the gun that Li Xu gave him back then and return it to Li Xuan.At this moment, Li Xuan s cell phone rang, and he picked it up to answer it directly.Chapter 216 Leave the gun What s the matter Lost it You useless things Li Xuan cursed Are you all fucking blind Found it but lost it again What s the difference between this and not finding it What A photo Okay Send it to me After speaking, Li Xuan angrily hung up the phone.Cheng Siyu s trick of diverting the tiger away from the mountain can be said to be extremely clever.Of course, she said before that she wanted to integrate the two plans, but it was just to stabilize Zhang Wei.She never thought of using Zhang Wei s plan at the beginning.Moreover, Cheng Siyu still deleted all the plans that Zhang Wei had previously integrated in the office of the General Affairs Department without moving his face.Now, Cheng Siyu printed only one copy of Qi Fei s plan, and handed it to Qi Fei.Chapter 219 High intensity work The reason why she did this is because she is not in a hurry to hand over the plan to Zhang Li, but will wait until Qi Fei has prepared all the work before going to it pay.Just now Cheng Siyu got rid of what is cbd gummies for Ou Hanhua who seemed hesitant to do things.If this step is reached, Cheng Siyu will implement the plan cbd gummies at local drug store dr charles stanley cbd gummies as quickly as possible.Ning Bin thought for a while, then looked at Qi Fei You I also know that I have to pay protection fees every cbd gummies para que sirve month, so I can t pay much salary at all, but you are a good person, and you helped me before How about this, if you come to me as a handyman, the salary will be paid according to the number of days , forty yuan a day, you can eat.Qi Fei smiled and said This is no problem Let me tell you first, this job is not easy, it is a dirty job.Brother Bin, you can rest assured that you can give me If I have a job, I will try my best to do things well Ning Bin nodded slightly Well, let s start tomorrow.Qi Fei felt that he should leave too, but he wanted to help clean up before leaving, so he He said to Ning Bin, I ve been bothering you here for so long tonight.Although I ll come to work tomorrow, let me clean up the table and chopsticks.No, no.Ning Bin shook his head again and again It s probably because I slept with my arms pressed down last night, and I have been feeling uncomfortable.So that s the case, why don t I dredge your meridians for you, and I can massage a little bit.No, it s not a big deal anyway by the way, I forgot to make hot pot soup last night, so you can help me.No problem At noon, Qi Fei and Ning Bin had dinner together, The meals are naturally cooked by Ning Bin.Ning Bin s cooking skills are very good, and Qi Fei is very happy to eat.He also said that he can eat such a good meal every day, even if he doesn t need salary.While the two were eating and chatting, Qi Fei received a call from Cheng Siyu.In fact, when he saw that Cheng Siyu was calling, Qi Fei was in a tangled mood.He hesitated for a moment, but he still answered.

Please sit down, both of you.Qi Fei greeted them with a smile The boss is busy in the kitchen, what can you natures stimulant cbd gummies for ed reviews cbd gummies para que sirve do for him I m his friend, come and see him.The scarred man said with a smile arrive.Then I ll go talk to the boss.Qi Fei immediately went to the kitchen and told Ning Bin, and Ning Bin came out after listening.Hahaha, Brother Bin The scarred man stood up and shouted happily.Ning Bin s expression was calm Brother Xiong, I didn t expect you to come to me.The man with the scar said to the man following him, This is Brother Bin.Hello, Brother Bin.The man smiled.Ning Bin nodded, and then asked the scarred man, Why are you here The scarred man said, I have something to do, so I came to Bingang, and I came here to see you when I first arrived in Bingang.Really, that s fine, I ll serve hot pot for you, it s delicious.Ning Bin shook his head Actually, I asked her what she meant, and she didn t want it.She said it was given to me by the old man, and I should take care of the old man.A little reward, so let me handle this place.This Brother Qi Fei, do you dislike this place for being too shabby and remote After best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 cbd gummies para que sirve thinking about it I can probably guess that it will definitely be profitable to get here.Yes, this place should not be rebuilt in a long time.Judging from Director Hu s attitude, it is likely that this place will be rebuilt at that time.It s very valuable, so Brother Qi Fei, this is actually a treasure.Brother Bin, I You don t want to be a mother in law, you don t look like a mother in law, why did this matter become so verbose Now Let me tell you, if you don t want this place today, you have to.Ning Bin stared at Qi Fei.I will definitely keep such a precious souvenir well Qi Fei said.Ning Bin laughed I still have a gun.That gun and this dagger are both specially made, so they are unique, but it is not easy to hand over the gun to you.I m afraid it will cause you trouble.Qi Fei nodded.Ning Bin suddenly said Actually, you saw it when you entered my bedroom before Qi Fei was stunned for a moment, and then smiled embarrassedly I saw it But, Brother Bin, how did you know It s simple, because you touched my pillow, everything in my room, what it looked like before I left, what position it was placed at, and what angle it was placed in, I can remember exactly what it was, even if it was a little bit off., I can see it, so I know.Amazing, really amazing Qi Fei admired sincerely.This is all trained to perform tasks better, and it has become a habit Well, it s almost dawn, I have to pack up and deliver this house to your name, I It s time to leave too.In this way, the connection between the three departments will be .

what effect does cbd gummies make you feel?

closer, and the design, editing, production and distribution of the newspaper will be greatly improved.Qi Fei only made one suggestion to Cheng Siyu, rewarding those who cbd gummies para que sirve have made contributions to the Bingang Evening News.As for what the reward is, that is not what Qi Fei considers.Qi Fei, I don t know what you think about opening up the market Cheng Siyu never underestimated Qi Fei s ability.She really wanted to know what method Qi Fei would use to increase business after he became the manager of Department B of the Human Resources Department., a pair of big eyes stared at Qi Fei.Cheng Boss, I have some ideas, but they are not perfect yet, I will tell you when I finish them.Qi cbd gummies para que sirve Fei deliberately put it off.Cheng Siyu laughed Okay then, we ll see how you perform.When will it be your turn to intervene in my business Qin Wuchong s subordinates stared.At this time, Qi Fei came out holding a bouquet of flowers, and saw Qin Wu and his subordinates at a glance.Qi Fei immediately became alert, and walked quickly to Xiaobei s side to protect her behind him.Qin Wu chuckled, I didn t expect you to be here, Qi Fei, hehe, what a coincidence.Qi Fei frowned, ignored Qin Wu at all, and put the flowers in Ye Xiaobei s hands directly.Ye Xiaobei held Qi Fei s arm tightly and said to him, Brother Qi, let s go.Well, let s go.Just like that, Qi Fei took Xiao Bei and left.Qin Wu looked at the backs of Qi Fei and Ye Xiaobei, and couldn t help clenching his hands, with a cold light in his eyes.Chapter 263 Meeting the Killer Again Qi Fei and Ye Xiaobei had already disappeared on the street, but Qin Wu s expression became more and more ugly, and his hands creaked.In Qi Fei s future journey, Gongsun Hai did a lot HCMUSSH cbd gummies para que sirve for him.Qi Fei, why don t you quit your job at Bingang Evening News and come to work here and be my personal bodyguard.Gongsun Hai has seen Qi Fei s skills, Qi Fei is a rare talent, a man who loves talent Everyone has it, and he, Gongsun Hai, is no exception.Thanks to Mr.Gongsun who thinks highly of me, Qi Fei, the job at Bingang Evening News is quite good for me.Well, everyone has his own ambitions, and I don t force you to come and be my bodyguard.If you need help in the future Yes, just come to me.Qi Fei nodded and left Gongsun Hai s villa.Ali, there is news about the traitor.After Qi Fei left, Gongsun Hai s eyes turned cold, and he turned his back to the door.Boss, he has been caught and is waiting for the boss to dispose of him.If it wasn t for Qi Fei this time, I would have died long ago.As he spoke, a man in a black suit opened the back door of the black limousine and stood aside respectfully.Sister Xiaobei, we meet again.Qin Wu walked out of the car with a smile.The sun shone on Qin Wu s face, looking so sunny.Who is your sister, I don t know you Really Qin Wu looked at Ye Xiaobei with interest, It doesn t matter if you don t know me, as long as I know you.Qin Wu patted his head, Haha, why don t you call me fifth brother from HCMUSSH cbd gummies para que sirve now on.Whoever wants to call you fifth brother.Ye Xiaobei looked sullen, wishing to spit on Qin Wu s face.Fifth Master Fifth Master cbd gummies para que sirve smilz cbd gummies reviews reddit One of Qin Wu s subordinates called Qin Wu softly several times.Qin Wu woke up and looked at Ye Xiaobei with such fiery eyes.Qin Wu s gaze made Ye Xiaobei very uncomfortable.How much she wished that Qi Fei was by her side, so that Qi Fei could take her away.

After speaking, the man waved his hand, and immediately several people in black suits came out , Surrounded Jiang Fan and several old fritters.Jiang Fan s complexion changed slightly.They had heard of Zhang Yang s name.He was the king of the red light district.There were several shops in the red light district with shares.When will Brother Fei arrive I called Brother Fei and told us not to fight them.Hit, let them remember.As soon as Zhang Yang finished speaking, several younger brothers under him waved their fists and beat Xiang Jiang Fan and the others.Although Jiang Fan and the others are old fashioned fried dough sticks, they are dealing with people in the world.When they really fight, they are not opponents of Zhang Yang s younger brother.It didn t take long for Jiang Fan and the others to suffer.Boss, Xu Kaixuan approached Qi Fei and cbd gummies para que sirve wanted to win Qi Fei over, but he was unsuccessful.Boss, according to the information, Xu Kaixuan still has the identity of the Japanese Yamaguchi gumi.A sneer appeared on the corner of Gongsun Hai s mouth, his eyes brightened flashing.Ali, do you know that Xu Kaixuan has a big appetite and has been coveting the position of the boss of the Northeast underworld for a long time.I don t know what happened to the commercial street for Qi Fei.Boss, I gave Cui Yangze to him, and the construction of the commercial street is on the right track.I believe it will not be long before a different commercial street will appear in Bingang.Cui Yangze doesn t mean that he has never found someone he admires.Is it There was a smile on the corner of Xiao Li s mouth, Boss, Cui Yangze is going to help Qi Fei, firstly, it can sharpen his arrogance, and secondly, it can let him study hard with Qi Fei.Chapter 6 Bei Dao Chuan Zi Qi Fei did not expect that Xiao Wu s face would change so quickly, from a playful smile just now, he would become extremely serious in the blink of an eye.Xiao Tie and Hitomi Shisha are still here with Xiao Wu, can he refuse Xiao Wu cbd gummies or oil for anxiety s request Seeing Qi Fei s wry smile, Xiao Wu patted Qi Fei s shoulder, Brother Fei, I won t make things difficult for you.If you want to leave, you can take the two of them with you at any time, and my people will not make things difficult for you.Qi Fei didn t doubt Xiao Wu s words, since he was the king of mercenaries, his words were naturally trustworthy, Tong Shisha and Xiao Tie both looked at Qi Fei, waiting for Qi Fei to make a decision.Xiao Wu, let s go out and talk.Qi Fei sighed, glanced at Xiao Tie and Tong Shisha, stood up and walked out of the tent.Seeing that the car was about to rush out of the road, Qi Fei gritted his teeth and comforted Hitomi Shisha not to be afraid.Maybe the car will stop after a while.Qi Fei s hand holding the seat belt on the seat was trembling.The mountain in Yunnan is big, and there is a saying that there are eighteen bends on the mountain road.If the car goes off the road, whether it survives depends on their own luck.Boom The last thing I wanted to see happened, the car rushed out of the road, drew an arc in the air, and rolled on the hillside.Ah Panic and screams sounded in the car.Although Hitomi Shisha has a feminine side, she is still a woman and needs to be cared for.Whenever she encounters such a thing, she trembles and hides in Qi Fei s arms, tightly hugging Qi Fei s waist.Fortunately, the seat belts on the car could be used, and Qi Fei and the two were not thrown out during the continuous rollover.Brother Fei, The explosive guy is purely here to find fault, but he can t let it go.Seeing Qi Fei coming out, the disabled hand heaved a sigh of relief, he had seen Qi Fei s skills before, and believed that he could get rid of this man.So you and them are in the same group.The man said, clasped one hand, and hit Qi Fei s lower abdomen.Qi Fei stretched out his hand to block the man s punch, and at the same time held the man s wrist with his backhand, and said with a smile Brother, this place is not suitable for fighting.If you want to fight, let s go out and practice.The man s pupils shrank slightly, He didn t expect Qi Fei to be able to block his punch, and even hold his wrist with his backhand.He glanced at the casino and nodded, agreeing to Qi Fei s request.Chapter 301 Settling the storm Qi Fei lifted his disabled hand from the ground and asked him to lead the way to a place where there were few people, to shake hands with the man who caused trouble in the casino.Long Xiaotian did not leave, and followed Qi Fei and the others to stroll around Bingang for a day, and had dinner in the evening , Long Xiaotian proposed to go out to sing and so on, Meng Tingting waved her hand and refused, telling Long Xiaotian that it was late and she had to go back to wash her face and catch up on sleep.Looking at his watch, it was only eight o clock in the evening.It was already late, but cbd gummies para que sirve he didn t think it was too late.Qi Fei spread his hands, saying that it doesn t matter what he said, and he should follow Meng Tingting.Wanting to chase Meng Tingting is not something that happens overnight, and it has to be done slowly.I don t know where Long Shao lived when he came to Bingang Qi Fei gave Long Xiaotian a cigarette, and took out one to light himself.Hey, where do I live, wait a minute Long Xiaotian reached out and rummaged in his pocket for a while, and took out a receipt, Look at my memory, I live here by myself.Hitomi Shisha looked at these punks standing beside him, they were about fifteen, sixteen or seventeen years old.People of this age should be still in cbd gummies para que sirve junior high school or have just entered high school, but they didn t learn well, so why did they come here gangster.Hurry up, you can save yourself some suffering.Tong Shisha shook her head, she didn t want to do anything, if she could persuade these little bastards, that would be the best.Yo.The little gangster looked at Tong Shisha relentlessly and said, I can t tell that this chick has a bit of a bad taste.Brothers, how about we play with this chick with a whip later Hitomi Shisha was also angry, these little gangsters challenged her patience time and time again, her fiery side was revealed immediately, she stretched out her hand to grab the wrist of a gangster, and at the same time punched the gangster with a left uppercut on the lower abdomen.

Sitting in the car, Qi Fei was driving the car, Ye Xiaobei was sitting in the passenger seat, Jiazi, Tong Shisha and Meng Tingting were sitting in the back row, Tong Shisha asked Meng Tingting, Long Xiaotian has already I confessed to you, are you going to accept his confession, or are you going to find another one Meng Tingting looked at the smile on Tong Shisha s face, lowered her head and clasped her fingers, I don t know whether I should accept him or reject him Meng Tingting told Tong Shisha that after they went to Qifei When she was at home, one day she ran into Long Xiaotian on the street.Long Xiaotian invited him to sit in the leisure bar for a while.Afterwards, Long Xiaotian would wait for her at the door of the Milan company every day after get off work, because Long Xiaotian was a handsome guy, and many female employees in the company did not forget to wink at him.Editor cbd gummies para que sirve in Chief Liu, Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren came out of the western restaurant.Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren insisted on sending Editor in Chief Liu back, but Editor in Chief Liu waved his hand and refused.Editor in Chief Liu told them to go to Metropolis Daily at 2 o clock tomorrow morning.I want to conduct an interview with the two of them, and after speaking, I staggered towards the parking lot.Zhang Li came with Editor in Chief Liu, but she didn t go in for dinner with him.She sat in the car and waited for Editor in Chief Liu.How are the two of them getting along Seeing Editor in Chief Liu approaching, Zhang Li got out of the car, opened the door and greeted Editor in Chief Liu.The matter has been settled, let s wait and see the good show tomorrow.As he said that, Editor in Chief Liu s hands had already stretched cbd gummies para que sirve out Zhang Li s body, wantonly taking advantage of it.The news report of the Bingang Evening News interviewing employees was published, which caused a sensation in Bingang, and many people were discussing the truth.Bingang Evening News is a competitor of Metropolis Daily.The Metropolis Daily uses Yan Fengtao and two people to write articles.Obviously, it wants Hei Bingang Evening News.The sons of my three aunts work for Bingang Evening News.I heard from him that HCMUSSH cbd gummies para que sirve there were a few people in the company who formed a faction and wanted to get Cheng Siyu away, but Cheng Siyu s outstanding ability and deep trust of the chairman have actually held power in the company.Chapter 344 The bidding began.I ve heard cbd canada gummies all the cbd gummies para que sirve things you said.It is said that Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren are spies placed by the Metropolis Daily in the Bingang Evening News.This matter, however, is more biased towards the Bingang Evening best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 cbd gummies para que sirve News.After speaking, Tong Shisha pulled Meng Tingting and 9000 mg cbd gummies walked to the parking lot.Ye Xiaobei and Jiazi met each other.Seeing Qi Fei smile, he left with Hitomi Shisha.Long Xiaotian looked at Tong Shuiyan s feminine appearance, cbd gummies hemp bomb review and gave Qi Fei a thumbs up, Only a person like you, Brother Fei, can control Tong Shuiyan.Quite deflated, from the time he knew Tong Shisha to the present, Tong Shisha s feminine aura cbd gummies para que sirve can only be restrained when he is with Qi Fei.Qi Fei spread his hands helplessly, the relationship between him and Tong Shisha really didn t have the kind of relationship they imagined.Hitomi Shisha and his team came to a newly opened restaurant, and after ordering some dishes with the menu, the six of them sat in the private room and chatted.Young Master Long, do you want to work in cbd gummies para que sirve Mulan Qi Fei can naturally see Long Xiaotian s love for Meng Tingting.Baby.After Ye Dabao finished speaking, before Qi Fei could say a word, he walked into the living room and sat down.Qi Fei asked Ye Dabao about his work, and also asked him if he wanted to switch to Milan, but Ye Dabao rejected Qi Fei s offer.He told Qi Fei that coming to Milan may not be suitable for him, and he still likes his current job.Seeing Ye Dabao s insistence, Qi Fei didn t say anything.After sending Ye Dabao away, Ruoyun told Qi Fei that she was leaving tomorrow too, and that the cooperation with Milan was almost finished, and the sky still needed her.Ruoyun s plane ticket was issued the next morning, Qi Fei and his group sent Ruoyun to the airport, Qi Fei changed the boarding pass for her and Wu Mo, watched the two of them board the plane, and the group left the airport.On the plane, Wu Mo looked at the atmosphere outside through the glass, and asked cbd gummies para que sirve Ruoyun who was sitting beside him, Sister Yun, how are you getting along with Mr.If Qi Fei can t survive Xu Kaixuan s struggle, Gongsun Hai is thinking highly of him, and he can t give Qi Fei the chair of the Northeast underworld boss.After finishing the tea in the teacup, Qi Fei poured a cup for Gongsun Hai, then poured another cup for Xiao Li, and finally poured one for himself.After being silent for a while, Gongsun Hai broke the atmosphere, What do you think of your current power Qi Fei really couldn t figure out Gongsun Hai s thoughts.In front of him, he felt as if all his secrets were known to the old man in front of him, and he told Gongsun Hai all his power.With my current power, if I was the me a few years ago, I might think that I am strong enough.After several years of honing, let me know that my strength is nothing.There are people stronger than me.A lot.Li Xuan, Qin Wu, and Xu Kaixuan, all three of them are stronger than him.Xiao Wu said very well Self confident, since he met Bei Dao Chuanzi, he has asked Bei Dao Chuanzi a lot about cooking.Qi Fei didn t understand what Xiao Wu was going to do.He didn t have much talent for cooking, and he seldom did it.Seeing Qi Fei shaking his head, Xiao Wu was very proud, and deliberately showed off in front of Qi Fei that he learned about cooking crucian carp from Bei Dao Chuanzi and some things that need to be paid attention to.Zhao Yun listened to Xiao Wu s talk, and secretly pulled Xiao Wu s clothes.What the boss said seemed to be the way of Tokyo fish fillets, but it had nothing to do with the braised crucian carp on the table.side.How about it Is my knowledge extensive Xiao Wu glanced at the Bloody Queen proudly.How embarrassing, that s what Zhao Yun felt at the moment, and whispered to Xiao Wu Boss, it seems that what you said is made of sashimi.

You can take that bitch back anytime you want.He has plenty of money, and he doesn t care which mistress.There are so many beautiful women in Bingang City.As long as he wants to, he can take care of another one after cbd gummies para que sirve a while.Chairman Yang, isn t my girlfriend doing a good job Lu Yang sat down on the passenger seat and asked with a lewd smile.Humph Yang Zhe snorted coldly, The technique is good, I really want to thank you for allowing me to try out moves that I haven t used before.I d rather die under the peony flowers and be a ghost.Thinking of the goblin level mistress, Lu Yang felt itchy in his heart, and said to Yang Zhe with a playful smile Chairman Yang, you have enjoyed my girlfriend too.It s not time to give me some compensation.The corners of Yang Zhe s mouth twitched a few 600mg cbd gummies cbd gummies at local drug store times, scolding his subordinates in his heart, why didn t he come over soon, today s anger made him feel depressed enough.I m at the same level as you now.What s wrong with you The leader of the underground organization was caught up, although this leader is just a polished commander.Is she all right Qi Fei walked to Xiao Wu, pointed to Wang Yu and asked Xiao Wu.It s also fortunate that Young Master Chai Deluofu told his subordinates not to hurt her.Xiao Wu said proudly to Qi Fei with HCMUSSH cbd gummies para que sirve his chest out The injuries she suffered were only skin traumas.The doctor said that she should rest for a few days.God will be fine.Those mafia members who were killed by Wang Yu were wronged, they strictly obeyed Chayderov s order and could not hurt Wang Yu, but Wang Yu was merciless in his actions.Wang Yu sized Qi Fei up for a while, and asked, Last time our organization dispatched ten killers to assassinate a woman.I cbd gummies at local drug store dr charles stanley cbd gummies think that woman is someone you care about very much.Such a bitch, no matter what you say, you can t let him go to someone else s bed.A bald man with a little influence in the underworld in Langzhou stood up from his seat and looked at the two people sitting beside him.The younger brother gave a wink, and the two younger brothers followed the bald man to catch up with the modern girl.Little sister, let brother hug you.After the bald man caught up with the modern girl, he stretched his hands towards the woman s long legs, but the woman blocked her with her hand.The bald man proposed to hug the modern girl.No, there are too many people here.The modern girl dodged left and right to avoid the hug of the bald man.Tingyinxuan Li Xuan originally designed the private room that was only open to internal personnel, and all the scenes outside could be seen from the inside.Queen, according to the news from Langzhou, Qi Fei has driven Qin Wu out of Langzhou, and he has established a gangster organization in Langzhou.After a pause, the man raised his head and looked at it secretly.The Bloody Queen glanced, There is one more thing, I don t know if I should say it.Say it.A faint smile appeared on the Bloody Queen s face, and the black suit didn t dare to look at the Bloody Queen, which angered the bloody queen.A person who takes the initiative can kill his own life.The underground organization in Changsha has not been destroyed, but there is still one named Wang Yu alive.Wang Yu has re established an underground organization in Langzhou.Oh.The Bloody Queen drank the liquid in the cup, Does Qi Fei know about Wang Yu s establishment of an underground organization in Langzhou Yes, it seems that Qi Fei is still supporting Wang Yu behind his back.Although the clerks of the Milan clothing store do not have a high status in society, the benefits and treatment given to them by Milan are good.As long as Milan releases the recruitment information, I don t know how many people want to join the big family of Milan.Come.In the company, there are still several people staring at him as a manager.Tong Shuiyan half jokingly said to Yang Xueyu I really want to see what kind of man is that Mu Mu in your mouth, who can make a beautiful girl like you so infatuated.Infatuated Yang Xueyu also doesn t know that her feelings for Qi Fei are infatuated She had known Qi Fei for no more than a week, and Qi Fei was in a coma for a few days, and the last day or two was when he was awake.Mr.Tong, I will take you to meet Mu Mu when I have time.Yang Xueyu remembered that Qi Fei beat up Wang Quan an for herself yesterday morning, and accompanied her to Milan for an interview.He happened to see the chill on the Bloody Queen s body, and was startled, This Who is the woman Why does she have a strong murderous aura.Qi Fei watched Wang Li bring out the snacks himself, smiled awkwardly, and said, Brother Wang, I m sorry I was cbd gummies para que sirve busy chatting just now and forgot to go to the back to bring things.Wang Li looked at Qi Fei, and said helplessly, Did I hire a small worker, cbd gummies para que sirve or did I find a master Qi Fei had heard Wang Li s words no less than fifty times.Knowing that Wang Li is a knife mouthed bean curd heart.You two know each other Pointing to the Bloody Queen, Wang Li asked Qi Fei.Qi Fei nodded and shook his head, telling Wang Li that she knew him, but he didn t know her.You really don t remember anything about the past The Bloody Queen raised her head and said to Qi Fei while eating a piece of fried rice noodles.Yang Zhe took a sharp puff, narrowed his eyes, and his face was full of intoxication.This cigarette is really easy to smoke, with a strong taste, a long aftertaste, and more importantly, it is strong enough.He has been an old smoker cbd gummies para que sirve best cbd gummies for child anxiety for decades, and he has never smoked any stimulating cigarettes.He has not experienced the feeling of fainting for many years.Yes, to be honest, he still misses it.So, Yang Zhe didn 600mg cbd gummies cbd gummies at local drug store t think much about it at all, he finished the cigarette in two or three puffs, spit the cigarette butt on the ground, and his eyes felt more radiant.It s so cool, do you still have this cigarette When it s over, give me some.Yang Zhe said.At this time, it seemed that this guy really didn t regard himself as a prisoner, but as if he was chatting with a friend.Hey, there are plenty of cigarettes.

That scene must be very good.I don t know anything, just kill me.Yang Zhe said.He would rather die than see the scene described by Yang Zhe.It s not easy to die, don t worry, you will live cbd gummies para que sirve well, watch a big show with me.Jiang Fan said with a smile, and then made a call.Let s do it, catch that chick, strip her naked and bring it to me.The time limit is half an hour.After finishing speaking, he hung up the phone, and Jiang Fan smiled coldly at Yang Zhe, and knocked Yang Zhe off again.To prevent suicide by biting his tongue, best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 cbd gummies para que sirve he squatted in the corner and smoked one after another.Half an hour passed quickly, and the two of them could already hear the cries of women from far and near.Whether it was Yang Zhe s sister or not, Yang Zhe felt as if a knife had been stabbed in his heart.Full of hate.He made up his mind that if he could survive today, he must avenge this revenge.No matter how he attacked, No.3 was always able to snatch it narrowly.Several times, when he was about to get stabbed, he simply turned sideways and slid past the sharp edge of the military thorn without any damage.You can t beat me to death, why don t we sit down bio life cbd gummies reviews and talk No.3 said with a big swipe, throwing Qi Fei away, and said with a smile.After being chased and beaten by Qi Fei for so long, not only was this guy not injured, but he didn t even seem to be sweating at all.If the beating continued like this, Qi Fei almost lost his confidence.However, Qi Fei s previous experience of fighting with this organization told Qi Fei that the speed of these people is very strong, but it seems that there is a time limit.After a while, they will change from gods to mortals.Let Qi Fei be ravaged Of course, the premise is that Qi Fei can force the opponent to that state.The two are so close, they will arrive in the blink of an eye, and David can t wait to enjoy this rare meal in the world.Crack At this moment, Jock suddenly jumped forward and landed on his face, and the door of the office was kicked open from the outside.Hey, it seems that I came in time, the big show hasn t started yet, you continue, cbd gummy store I ll enjoy it for a while.Qi Fei didn t look at Jock who was lying on the ground at all, stepped in with one step, and stepped on Jock s cbd gummies para que sirve head by the way.Such a shame, Jock felt like he was going to explode.His handsome face came into close contact with the ground, his nose completely collapsed, blood and tears flowed, and Qi Fei stepped on his head again, although it didn t hurt, but no one can bear the humiliation in the crotch.I tore you apart.Jock got up from cbd gummies para que sirve the ground, Qi Fei rushed over with an angry face, and punched Qi Fei s back with his fist.I m asking how you are, can you be serious and die That s right, I was the one who hit them.The two of them are too careless to hit them, and they will die after a few hits.Qi Fei said with a smile.Hearing Qi Fei s is it illegal to give your child cbd gummies words, everyone immediately began to communicate in low voices, or use their laptops to write press releases and publish them at any time.If this news is sent out, the Qi Fei cbd gummies para que sirve beating incident will be pushed to a new peak.Very good, since Mr.Qi does not deny his violence at all, I have nothing to say, Captain Qi, it s up to you.After speaking, Brook took a step back and pushed Captain Qi next to him to the front desk.Qi Feng felt very uncomfortable today.He was very resistant to being asked to arrest people, but he didn t expect that Qi Fei is really a murderer, but even if he is a murderer, you can t admit it.The golden rooster s independent posture was still steady.I m afraid cbd gummies para que sirve there will be no next time for you.After speaking, Lei Dao pounced on him again.You can t keep me, Lei Dao, I will kill you.After finishing speaking, No.3 touched the ground with his toes, dragged his big feet and ran away without a trace.Looking at No.3 s back, Lei Dao showed a sneer at the corner of his mouth.Yandu No.1, which was knocked down by Qi Fei with a very brutal attitude, finally reopened to the outside world after a period of renovation.With the existence of this club, Lu Yang can still gather a steady stream of contacts and wealth here.At the same time, it can continue to declare the strength of the Lu family to the outside world.However, when people see the renovated Yandu No.1 gate again, they cbd gummies para que sirve best cbd gummies for child anxiety can always think of the man with the evil smile on his lips, his domineering methods, and his meticulous thinking.There is very little content on this cbd gummies para que sirve photo, just a magnified cigarette butt, bland.But Lu Yang and Jiang Fan knew best that this cigarette butt was a special product of the Lu family and only Jiang Fan would smoke unscrupulously in the outside world.Chapter 477 The Disappeared Friendship At that time, Chen Yaqiang probably threw such a cigarette butt in the small building, but he didn t expect it to become the capital for Hu Mingyue to negotiate with Lu Yang.Qinye Liansi, this is really a headache, Jiang Fan, someone pretends to be your name and goes out to bluff, you can solve this problem yourself.Lu Yang turned to Jiang Fan and said.Jiang Fan grinned, showing his disgusting big yellow teeth.Young Master is a smart person, I knew that Young Master would make the most suitable choice.Hu Mingyue offered a cup of tea to Lu Yang and said.This beautiful woman leaned against Qi Fei and asked.Yes, only after you go can you know why those people insisted on letting you go back and what their purpose is.Only by figuring out their truest starting point can I completely solve this matter.Cut off the danger from the source, so that they will not have the ability to hurt you in the future.I am your man, even if just cbd peach ring gummies I am in danger, I will protect you well.Qi Fei hugged Wu Lan s waist, gently Said.After one sentence, this guy admired himself a little.He is really a man with love and righteousness, rare in the sky, unparalleled in the earth, and the best man who waved his hands and created thousands of romances.However, this idea is very good, but it cannot be said, and it must be low key.In fact, there is a reason why he didn t say it, and that is about Wu Lun.

Bear with it, one day he will slap him to death.Qi Fei cooperatively signed his name and the reason for his visit, and took out his ID card to be scanned by the security guard for filing.Then he walked into the elevator led by the smiling Secretary Zheng.Originally, these procedures and rules were necessary for entering and leaving such a public office.Qi Fei didn t feel that he didn t understand, but he always felt that Secretary Zheng was stumbling him behind his back.Maybe it was Secretary Zheng s inner superiority Mr.Qi, please wait here for a while, I ll ask the minister.Secretary Zheng turned to Qi Fei and said when the elevator stopped on the sixth floor.This is the entrance of the elevator, does this guy just let Qi Fei stand in the corridor in a daze and wait Although he s not a big shot, and he doesn t have any status that a deputy secretary can take seriously, isn t it too blatant for you to do this Before I went to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development to find my enemy, Director Hu.According to the previous practice, he should be transferred to endemic diseases and rectified, but there has been no movement.He cbd gummies para que sirve best cbd gummies for child anxiety found a chance to ask Minister Liu, and cbd gummies para que sirve best cbd gummies for child anxiety Minister Liu always said the timing not yet.He was a little anxious, so he was dazzled by interests and power.Since Minister Liu s leg is not very secure, let s find a chance to change it.What he did to Qi Fei today was also an act of loyalty at the behest of others.But his behavior of showing loyalty today is a fool in Qi Fei s eyes.If you do this, let Liu Zhengfeng, who is full of righteousness, think of me, and want to be promoted in the future, it s just a dream.If there is no love for no reason, naturally there will be no hate for no reason Qi Fei knew this very well.Since he had chosen to cooperate with Liu Zhengfeng, he had to investigate the people around Liu Zhengfeng.Neither can be removed.Terrible, everyone feels the fear.Wang Wutian looked coldly at the old ghost Yan at the door and the third Shura of the Yan family behind him, without any emotional surge in his heart.We have already occupied the opposite side, and we will be the enemy in the future.Although they often stabbed each other in the back before, they still have exchanges in the open, chatting and laughing happily, and their lives are extremely hypocritical.Now it s all right, everyone doesn t need to pretend anymore, and it will be clear that the chariots and horses will drive directly in the future, so that it will be refreshing.Bang The door was pushed cbd gummies para que sirve open again from the outside, making a discordant sound.Oh, I m sorry, I m late, yo, Yan Ze, you are here, don t stare at me, fight if you have the ability.Today s matter of the Wang family is just one link in all her plans, and at the same time, in her opinion, the effect brought about by this link is perfect.Since Wang Wutian wanted to ask, she couldn cbd gummies para que sirve t help but answer, but she wouldn t tell all the thoughts in her heart, everyone is a smart person, and she can understand everything in one sentence.Besides, as a leader, isn t it all about resultism I hope you don t let me down again, otherwise, even if Dongyang is covering you, I will make your life worse than death.Wang Wutian said coldly, and then he waved to the sea snake and quickly walked into the darkness.Since Hu Mingyue doesn t want to talk about the detailed plan with him, he won t force it either.Although the two of them were a little unhappy just now, they are still close partners after all, with a common goal, and have decided to give Hu Mingyue another chance, so let s see her performance.What a joke, so screwed up.The joke was not taken, but he was slapped severely, and he was slapped one after another.No matter how well behaved Wang Wutian was, he couldn t calm down this time.This Qi Fei is really omnipotent.Obviously, the gas at the scene was released by someone arranged by him.As for the so called mask, there must be an antidote hidden in it.There is no more despicable method than this, I Call my dad and ask him to investigate this matter carefully.To make us feel bad is to bully us, brothers, what do you think we should do.Seeing Wang Wutian getting plus cbd oil gummies benefits mad, these people immediately found all kinds of excuses Flattery shows loyalty.Chapter 508 I hate it I really hate this country, everyone is stupid, I really want to go back soon.Jock said standing beside David.Don t worry, maybe soon, we will be able to return to the United States and continue to enjoy the fairy like life.They can t get close at all.What to do, call the police.Who the hell is so shameless to make such a disgusting smell.It must be Qi Fei s environmental protection.They don t like our little handsome guy, so they make such a disgusting gas mess.Aren t there environmental protection products around power cbd gummies price us Well, just give it a try.I don t know who suggested that those who can still stand up immediately began to wear the new environmental protection masks released by Weiqiao Technology, but it seems that it doesn t work at all, and they should HCMUSSH cbd gummies para que sirve still vomit or vomit.Even so, Weiqiao Technology s environmental protection masks that were only used for exhibitions were still robbed.After struggling for a while, those who did not get the masks turned to Qifei Environmental Protection s release hall, because there were also environmental protection masks.It stands to reason that Wang Wutian could also choose to cooperate with Qi Fei, but the two sides haven t had a good communication yet.He became an enemy, so it goes without saying in the future.After all, environmental protection technology is one of the most core industries in China in recent years, and it has unlimited profit margins.At the same time, if it becomes bigger and stronger, it can even help the Wang family achieve certain interests that cannot be considered by ordinary people.Therefore, Wang Wutian refused to accept, and was unwilling to see Qi cbd gummies at local drug store dr charles stanley cbd gummies Fei and Qi Fei s environmental protection being so arrogant.Those things should have belonged to the Wang family.Now that he can t do it, no one else can do it.He would rather destroy cbd gummies para que sirve it.This villa is one of the best in the entire industrial park.

As for women and wealth, what are they Looking at the scene in front of HCMUSSH cbd gummies para que sirve him, Wang Wutian sneered.Self directed and self acted such a bitter drama, isn t it just to show loyalty in front of Wang Wutian, and to seek more support and resources by the way.Wang Wutian was very smart, seeing this scene happened, he guessed Hu Mingyue s intention deeply, but he didn t expose Hu Mingyue s intention.It s because Hu Mingyue still has a good set of teeth, and he can rush out to bite people.If Qi Fei can cause enough trouble, he won t lose if he is so used to Hu Mingyue.With Chen Yali raising a banner to attack Qi Fei in the future, fighting at the front, and Hu Mingyue stabbing indiscriminately in the back, hiding behind, it must be enough for Qi Fei to drink a pot.With such two women by his side, Wang Wutian suddenly felt very happy inside.This good buddy who grew up together can best understand his intentions and stop him in time.I can do it.If these channels are polluted, it may cause Qifei Environmental Protection some headaches.I am looking forward to seeing the faces of those arrogant people shark tank pure cbd gummies who are so arrogant.David said with a grin.Sometimes it s better to learn to be smart, otherwise, it s still easy to get slapped.This is your business, it has nothing to do with me.Wang Wutian said.He really wanted to see the scene described by David, but he didn t want these things to have anything to do with him, and he wanted to maintain a superior image.In other words, he was actually a little afraid of Qi Fei in his heart.After all, he was the one who made him taste the bitter fruit of failure one after another, but he would never admit it in his heart.It is a bitch in life, playing with people to death, no matter how much you hate it, you still have to get entangled cbd gummies para que sirve with it.Regarding the current life, Qi Fei is actually not happy at all.From a poor car wash worker to a big boss who doesn t even know how much money he has, such a huge change did not give him any sense of accomplishment in his heart , if he could choose, he would actually prefer to live his previous life.Go to work on time, work hard, wait until the payday, invite two or three workers to go to the curb to brag, and then pretend to be angry and point out the country.Although this kind of life is embarrassing, it is very comfortable, and there is no need to force himself to make choices, because at that time he had no choice in his life.At this time, Qi Fei, who was driving a Mercedes Benz, had to make a choice, or was forced to make a choice.Although he was a little upset, David didn t dare to express any dissatisfaction with this woman with an average face, average figure, and even a somewhat neutral voice.They knew how much energy the man beside Hu Mingyue had, and this woman was personally appointed by the man who could make them both have nightmares in the middle of the night, so they dared not express any disobedience even if they had ten thousand courage.I heard that you two went to Yandu No.1 last night the woman asked.Yes, but we just went to have a glass of wine and watch a good show by the way.David s face turned serious, the heat in his eyes dissipated instantly, and he said cautiously.Carrying Hu Mingyue to Wang Wutian s territory, although Hu Mingyue and Wang Wutian are still in a cooperative relationship, but with the power of the Wang family, Hu Mingyue can be kicked away at any time, and then killed at will.The patrol who came to face him cut his throat with a knife, and the sentry who hid in the corner and dared not show his head was directly pierced by the long knife that fell from the sky, and the guards who found the situation and wanted to stop them were strung together with long knives Let s kill as much as we want.On the top floor of the underground world, there is a suite with the most luxurious decoration.The suite with hundreds of square meters has a wine storage room, a billiard room, a gym, and of course, the most important thing is cbd gummies para que sirve several luxurious and comfortable bedrooms.This is the suite closest to the ground, and the freshest air from the outside world can be breathed through the special air holes, which is the ultimate enjoyment and reward for them.Of course, this is Shangyuan Tenger s private space, and there are also his two exclusive beauties in it.Well, there are year end bonuses, paid annual leave, etc Hey, I think you are a talent, so I plan to let you hang out with our boss.The headed short inch burly man seemed to really want to solicit, and told them about their benefits.When Qi Fei heard the benefits, Qi Fei clicked his tongue.Grandma, why are the benefits of being a gangster so good these days It makes me want to quit my job and hang out with them.Cao Feng glanced at the short and strong man, and said with disdain You scumbags who have done all kinds of bad things want to recruit me, are you worthy Fuck This is better than white collar workers., Boss, what else can I say to this kind of person whose head is in the water Just hack this guy to death Grandma At this time, a strong man said very unhappily.Regarding cbd gummies para que sirve this, the headed short inch burly man also nodded in agreement, and with a big wave of his hand, all his subordinates raised their machetes and surrounded Cao Feng.Chapter five hundred and sixty first in a daze Turning around, he swung the machete in his hand, only heard a puffing sound, and the knife cut through the skin of the short inch strong man.The short inch burly man felt a burst of heat coming from his chest, and a spurt of warm blood spurted wildly.He covered his chest in panic, stepped back quickly, and looked at Qi Fei in great fear at the same time.He never thought that the young man in front of him would have such a powerful combat power Just a book effort, it cut his chest Once the move was successful, Qi Fei threw the machete in his hand casually, jumped up with force under his feet, and suddenly lifted his foot towards the short inch strong man.The body of the short inch strong man, which weighed more than 180 kilograms, was kicked out just like that.

Brother Zhuo, do you really want to use such a ruthless hand The families of the two are also well known in the capital, and some unspoken rules are still very clear.If Mo Xuanzhuo really ruthless You mean the Qi family Huh, what is there to be afraid of Yes, their Qi family is very powerful.But now, the old man of the Qi family is left to support us.The second generation of the Qi family are all useless.Mo Jiahe Tell you, if that guy appears, I will crush him to death with one finger Hearing their worries, Mo Xuanzhuo raised the corner of his mouth in disdain.When Mo Xuanzhuo said this, he was actually being encouraged by himself Their adverse effects of cbd gummies Mo family, if it wasn cbd gummies para que sirve t for the support of the Lin family, it is not clear whether he can sit here and drink what is the right dose for cbd gummies in style now.Moreover, if he did it himself, would the old man of the Qi family be really mad After all, the second generation of the Qi family can t do it, and the hope cbd gummies para que sirve can only be pinned on the third generation.Come on, I will take the responsibility of being a guard and rely on my skills to prevent Yanda basketball bench players from scoring layups.Yes, what I abused was to prevent you from scoring goals.Get ready shouted the jumpers from both teams.Okay Get ready Beep beep Ye Xiaobei blew the whistle with his mouth in his mouth, and the ball in his hand was thrown vertically into the sky.Then, she herself quickly ran to the side and took the referee seriously.Ah The two people in charge of the jump shot, when they saw the basketball flying up into the air, they yelled loudly and jumped up directly with all their strength.Snapped On the sidelines of the court, the Yanda Basketball Bench team watched the ball fly out, the surprise smile on their faces froze, and then they all stood there in a daze Oh my God, why is the short guy from the Yanda security team so good at jumping You must know that the guy on the 10th is more than ten centimeters taller than him, and the ball was shot by the opponent just like that The height of the ball is about 2.Needless to say, this kick off, just a few mutual passes, easily brought the ball to the center line.Such an easy speed is not something that people from the Yanda security team can do.At this time, No.28, who is a center, dribbled the ball, and the big fool who watched Yanda s security team came to stop him again.No.28, who could have easily dumped him, slowed down and waited for the big stupid small forward to step forward.Hmph, this time I will let you know what is a game Yes, after being forced to pass the ball by a big fool last time, No.28 has always wanted to get the field back.It just so happens that this kid is blocking me again now, boy, I will make you never dare to stop me again.The big fool of the Yanda security team, when he saw No.28 provoking him, he ran quickly, rushed up, blocked No.Damn, that bastard just took the three goddesses away.We came here mainly because there are goddesses coming to class, but they all ran away, how can this class continue We are just outside the teaching building, do you want to come over Qi Juanjuan glanced at Qi Fei when she said this.Although Cao Ruoxin was Qi Fei s little follower back then, she chased and beat Qi Fei most of the time, mainly because Qi Fei always played tricks on her.Qi Juanjuan was very curious about how Cao Ruoxin would behave after knowing her brother s identity.Well, in fact, the relationship between the two was very good at that time.Most of the time, after the trouble, it didn t take long for them to pretend to be house wines.Okay, wait for me, it will be soon.After finishing speaking, Cao Ruoxin walked out of the teaching building with her heart pounding.So, she, who is usually elegant, also started to fight with Zhou Sisi.After Qi Fei paid the fee, in order to avoid embarrassment, he best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 cbd gummies para que sirve called Qi Juanjuan and went back to work.It is said to be going to work, but in fact it is to go back to the guard room to read a book and drink tea, and the time passes like this.However, Qi Fei has always felt that he is a person who loves his own business.Although today is not his first day at work, strictly speaking, today is his first day to spend most of the day in the the clear cbd gummies guard room.Well, it was also his first night sleeping in the guard room.During the afternoon, he was looking at the doorman s manual, only to realize that besides not letting boys in, besides closing the door every night and opening it in the morning, when the night rest time came, he had to walk floor by floor, for short, Patrol.No matter what, you all have to be responsible for your own actions In an instant, Qi Fei s voice came from the ears of the trembling three.In the tone, there was warning and bursts of coldness.The cold air was coming, and Xiaoqiang and the others trembled violently from the cold.This man is a devil in human skin Phew Qi Fei shook his head, let out a breath, looked at Xiaoqiang and the others who were lying on the ground, and stepped forward suddenly.His movement fell into the eyes of Xiaoqiang and the others, as if someone had stabbed his nerves with a needle.At the same time as the pupils dilated, an intense fear could not help rising from the bottom of my heart.Actually, do you know Although you knelt down, cbd gummies para que sirve the posture you knelt just now Qi Fei glanced at the people who were hugging each other, recalled the scene of them kneeling, and shook his head It s not very handsome, so wipe What does it mean that the kneeling posture is not very handsome Hearing Qi Fei s words, the blood in Xiaoqiang s body couldn t help rising, and they were short of breath, and the nosebleed was stimulated to flow out again.If this makes this guy anxious, maybe he will be unemployed after saying hello to his leader Back in the private room, Qi Fei gave Jiang Fan the ice cream at any time.There was another one, and seeing cbd gummies at local drug store dr charles stanley cbd gummies that Aunt Lin who was sitting not far away was startled by the scene in front of her, Qi Fei politely handed her the ice cream.In fact, Qi Fei didn t want to feed her, after all, she always wanted to push Ye Xiaobei into the pit of fire.Is this guy really a relative But thinking that Ye Xiaobei will meet her more or less in the future, if it gets too stiff, the impact will not be very good, so he gave her an ice cream.Seeing Xie Wenjin being beaten, Aunt Lin, who was a little scared, was still thinking, when she suddenly saw Qi Fei handing an ice cream to her.She was startled at first, and then looked at Qi Fei in confusion.

Could it be that the guy s taunting ability is so strong that it attracts no thc cbd gummy bears recipes enemies everywhere Or did Qi Fei find those people Thinking of this, Ye Xiaobei glanced at Qi Fei, his eyes full of suspicion.Facing Ye Xiaobei s eyes, Qi Fei said angrily Hey, why are you looking at me like that Ye Xiaobei s eyes made Qi Fei feel chilly, as if being caught by someone who was trying to find him.The secret guy has been eyeing the general.That feeling is very bad.This damn Ye Xiaobei, when did he have this ability Or, what did she discover Tell me, I know everything.However, I want to hear it from you.Ye Xiaobei felt that it would be better not to point out some things.After all, the two are good friends no matter what.It would be bad if something happened to the friendship between them because of this matter.In view of the special nature of this mission, we need your assistance.After finishing speaking, Qi Fei picked up the Click on the remote control on the side, and then a light curtain appears in front of everyone.Pointing to the pattern above, he said This is the floor plan of the building.We have installed closed circuit surveillance on every floor.The three target persons are in HCMUSSH cbd gummies para que sirve a house on the fifth floor.These criminals are very vigilant.According to our According to the previous report from the Observation and Intelligence Division, the houses they are in are all closed, and they will only send one person every time they come in and out Chapter 629 What do you want Qi Fei looked at these people Looking at Qi Fei s expression, he said Just now we had people pretend to deliver food, but they were very vigilant, so we don t know the current situation in the room for cbd gummies para que sirve the time being.I wipe Before the slap from the skateboarding girl landed on Qi Fei, they discovered that Qi Fei s hanging silk had moved his feet.At this moment, the onlookers were not calm.Of course, the boys are the most angry.Bastard Are you still a man You actually moved your feet Fuck, which class is this bastard from Let cbd gummies para que sirve s flesh out this guy who can beat girls with his hands and black him to death.I said you guys What are the boys doing Watching from the sidelines and not coming forward to help, let a delicate girl be beaten by a stinky man, can cbd gummies para que sirve you stand it I deeply despise you guys.Said these words Yes, of course it s a girl.Well, on the surface they scolded like that.But in my heart, I was extremely excited.Seeing a woman who is prettier than you get beaten is a great feeling.how to say If you think you are pretty, you can act like that, hmph, people like you deserve to be beaten That is, you were almost knocked into the air by you just now, obviously you did not obey the traffic rules, and now you hit someone first Why, being beautiful is a privilege Boy, hit, hit my old lady hard.So, after laying the skateboard girl s body flat, cbd gummies para que sirve the first thing Qi Fei had to do was to check her mouth and nostrils.After all, when a person is drowning, it is possible to inhale a large amount of water, sand, and debris into the lungs through the mouth and nose, causing respiratory obstruction, hypoxia, and even coma until death.It is necessary to check this way.After Qi Fei checked it, he cleaned up the dirt and dirt in the skater girl s mouth and nose.Then, he pulled her tongue with his hand, so that she could keep her airway open because she couldn t breathe on her own.Then, Qi Fei directly knelt down with one leg, bent the other knee, and placed the skater girl s abdomen on the knee bending thigh, with her head drooping, and then pressed her back, causing the water in her stomach and actress cbd gummies lungs cbd gummies para que sirve to pour out Oh shit This is the best Just when Qi Fei used this trick to save people, some of the students watching took pictures of the scene in front of him from a very special angle.So, if you want to ask the police for help, I won t stop you.However, if you want to do something to my son If anything, I won t let you go Qi Chen also wanted to know if the kidnapping was true, and if it was true, it would be a disaster, so he decided to find the two of them first Besides.At that time, if it is a kidnapping, then well, give that kid a good beating.If not, Zheng Maocai, don t think I will let you go.Okay, with your words, I ll let someone do it.From the beginning to the end, isn t that what Zheng Maocai wanted After all, he still knows that the Qi family is powerful now.Success But you d better not mess around, I will pay attention.Don t worry, I have a sense of proportion.Of course, you d better pray that nothing happens to my daughter.Otherwise, our Zheng family will let you see our strength.If his elder brother cheated to return to the country, if he knew, he wouldn t be so surprised.It was today, the boss found an excuse to trick her back.Zheng Ershao said impatiently.Damn it You tricked her back, didn cbd gummies para que sirve best cbd gummies for child anxiety t you just want her to marry that surnamed Chen You are simply trying to push her into the fire pit How could you do that Zheng Laosan never waited Seeing my younger sister marrying that surnamed Chen, well, he is also the only man in the family who is unwilling to do such a thing.He had objected to it, but unfortunately, neither his old man nor his father listened to him.As the most powerful member of the Zheng family, facing this kind of problem, he can only do nothing.He also thought about telling his younger sister about the re engagement, but after thinking about it, it s better not 600mg cbd gummies cbd gummies at local drug store to let her know about such a shocking thing.Well, it s all a misunderstanding.It s my younger sister making a joke with my second brother.As you know, our younger sister has been abroad for many years.She said that this way of does amazon sell cbd gummies joking is very popular abroad.So, let the rental Big brother Che used this method to tease second brother.But who knows that second brother actually said that the younger sister was kidnapped, this is really In fact, Zheng s third brother couldn t continue talking about the latter.The main reason is that he doesn t believe what he said anymore.What cbd gummies para que sirve best cbd gummies for child anxiety the hell, a pure and kind man like me is really not suitable for lying.pure and kind This guy who hits people at every turn and is still lying all over the sky at the moment, no matter how he looks at it, he seems to have something to do with these two beautiful words, right Zheng Laosan, I don t know where you got the confidence to use this kind of vocabulary on yourself.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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