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After reading it for a long time, he couldn t see why What about the Soarer Project Touch the red progress bar.According to what Xiaoling said, Wang Weiyi clicked on the progress bar, and a page appeared The Soarer Project started, initiated by Rambler.Start time September 11th, 1916, End time November 1st, 1918.The first The goal of the stage is to stick to cbd gummies made in usa the Somme B position.Search for the progress of the task completion the first task of the first stage of the Rambler is completed, a tank support is provided, the tank is assembled, the status is standby.Activate the password identification the Rambler The first task of the first stage What is it When did you complete it Don t ask me, I haven t cracked it yet.Xiao Ling s words broke Wang Weiyi s hope When cbd gummy formula you left, you asked me to provide support viciously.Propaganda is nothing more than exaggerated propaganda.Now that the war has progressed, in addition to genius commanders like Hindenburg and Ludendorff, heroes from low level officers like Wang Weiyi are needed to boost everyone s morale.The Miracle of the Somme just gave German propaganda the best chance While reading the newspaper there, the hotel waiter knocked on the door HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears at gas station and told Wang Weiyi that there was an officer outside who wanted to see him.officer Wang Weiyi froze for a moment, straightened his clothes, and asked the waiter to bring in the officer who wanted to see him.He was a tall, thin faced colonel in his forties.Seeing that the other party s official rank was much higher than his own, Wang Weiyi hurriedly stood at attention.Hello, Lieutenant Ernst Brahm, creator of the miracle of the Somme.What.The girls circled around Wang Weiyi asking this and that, causing Wang Weiyi to have two heads.Fortunately, Countess Leonie, who appeared in time, borrowed money for him in time.As soon as Countess Leonie appeared , let Wang Weiyi feel the thrilling beauty.And this kind of beauty is completely different from Elena.Elena is full of youthful firepower, but the countess who is only in her early thirties is the kind of soul stirring mature beauty Her gestures and gestures are all suffocating.She was the wife of Admiral Crick de Bier von Schiller at the age of sixty.Count Schiller had never married before, When I was sixty years old, I met Leonie by chance.If someone like Earl Schiller could not help but fall in love with Leonie when he saw Leonie, he started a crazy pursuit and finally succeeded in marrying her back.Lieutenant Colonel cbd gummy bears at gas station Rosen, commander of the 43rd Battalion of the 42nd East Lance Division Lieutenant Colonel Rosen hurriedly said loudly Send these our wounded to the hospital immediately A sergeant hurriedly commanded several soldiers to help send the wounded down, and then asked strangely Lieutenant Colonel, who are these two Germans They are real gentlemen Lieutenant Colonel Rosen said solemnly, I have never seen a gentleman cbd gummy bears at gas station more chivalrous than that captain.The sergeant was a little surprised Who is he Ernst Brahm.After Lieutenant Colonel Rosen finished speaking, he stopped worrying about the stunned sergeant and came to Wang Weiyi Captain, please allow me to make another rude request.Can you wait for me here for twenty minutes Okay, as long as you don t hold us captive.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Then he lowered his head to see that a dagger was piercing his heart Just as his body was about to fall, a figure rushed up, quickly pulled out the dagger, and then looked at The body crashed to the ground.Guo Yunfeng Wang Weiyi saw all this clearly.There are still seven minutes.Xiaoling s urging voice began to come.The Lewis light machine gun in his hand roared crisply, and kept shooting at all the targets he could see.The machine gun in Guo Yunfeng s hand, who put away the dagger, also fired at the same time.One after another, grenades flew out of the hands of Guderian and others, continuously causing a series of explosions in the barracks.Holding a pistol and holding a sapper shovel, the melee soldiers looked like cbd gummy bears at gas station menacing spirits, screaming wildly, shooting and killing enemies not far away with pistols, and hacking to death one by one close enemies with sapper shovels.In particular, the first trench assault team commanded by Ernst Brahm miraculously disintegrated an entire French regiment and captured a large number of French troops, which is simply incredible.His Royal Highness the Crown Prince August, who was the nominal commander in chief during the autumn offensive, became more and more curious about Baron Alexon.If we were talking about the miracle created by Ernst Brahm before, he was not on the battlefield, but now he is.Totally different, he s on the Somme How on earth did Ernst Brahm do all this The commando team mode first used in actual combat by Captain Ernst Brahm also aroused the curiosity of the German army headed by Crown Prince August.In theory, such tactics can be promoted in the German army.However, it is still somewhat difficult to implement it.But I am a soldier, and I will never do such a thing as running away.Then you have only one choice, and that is to go to trial.If you are convicted, even your title of baron will not be able to keep you.You must know that no matter which country you are in, traitors are hated by all the people in the country.No, I will not be convicted by them Wang Weiyi replied confidently I know what I should do.To deal with them, and know what I should do.You may be a hero Xiao Ling said such a sentence unexpectedly.Wang Weiyi was a little dazed when he heard it.In his memory, Xiao Ling had never praised himself.He rolled his eyes Xiao Ling, I said that you will love me sooner or later.on mine.Humans have a problem, they like narcissism.This problem is particularly prominent in your body.I suggest that you take a comprehensive mental examination after finishing this matter.Let the King of Blitz Guderian go to the black market to get a bottle Liquor, I really wronged him Ernst.Before Guderian left, Elena s voice came from beside him.Looking back, Elena, Hitler, Mali and Ocus are all there.Wang Weiyi let out a long sigh of relief, and waited for Guo Yunfeng to gather the number of people as soon as he arrived.Hitler looked a little embarrassed I was spotted by the French on the way, and I was arrested by them.Wang Weiyi was taken aback, and Ma Li immediately said It happened that we saw it, and we killed the three French soldiers., rescued Adolf.Only then did Wang Weiyi feel a little scared.God, Hitler was caught on the road In case Will the future Third Reich still have a head of state Wang Weiyi didn t dare to think about it anymore By the way, there is some bad news Before Elina finished speaking, there was a loud voice, and she looked over there.Not a stab wound either, what kind of hands do you think they are, Erwin Hell, I don t know.Rommel pulled out a grenade and put it within his reach.Stek, left, there are enemies on the left, kill them In the dull roar of the Starkville Perosa submachine gun.Wang Weiyi said loudly I couldn t think of it at first, but I just thought it shouldn t be the hands of a pair of noble generals.Later, the words of Kilok made me understand.He kept discussing with me about alchemy.Yes, this is the hand of an alchemist, who has been in contact with chemical substances and machines all year round.The yellow and black parts were eroded by chemicals, and the wound was cut by a machine Rommel understood a bit But what if Kierok really likes alchemy yes.Yes, there is a possibility.Wang Weiyi lowered his head, and a bullet flew over his head, and the submachine gun in green ape cbd gummies ingredients his hand fired back in the direction of the bullet We have seen all the information related catalina island cbd gummies to Kilok.Wang Weiyi muttered to himself.Major, what should we do Hitler, who was half dead, gasped and asked We were almost caught by the French, but fortunately Guderian had the police Ah, yes, I still I saw three tanks entering Lance, maybe they are preparing to reinforce the front line.Wang Weiyi smiled wryly, and the tanks had arrived.Moreover, after such a setback, Major De Sade will definitely not let it go.It has become even more difficult for him to lead his team members to leave Lance safely.The truck stopped, and Okus poked his head out Major, it s not good news.We re out of gas.The team members got off the truck helplessly, and Steck and Bonkelilei closely monitored the surroundings We won t be able to hide for long in Reims.Rommel frowned and said, The French must have launched a big .

do cbd gummies make your heart race?

manhunt in the whole city now Wang Weiyi thought for a while Fritz, you bring Some people go to reconnaissance to see if there is a chance to break through.The jewel box in the hands of Major Kiriyenko This cbd gummy bears at gas station is a troublesome matter.People can be saved, but how to get into Kiriyenko to get out the jewelry box I have a headache, and I really can t think of a good way Major, something happened.Guo Yunfeng hurried in Many Russians are coming to surround here.Startled, Wang Weiyi left in a hurry Go out, under the moonlight, dozens of Russian soldiers are slowly surrounding here.Where the cbd thc gummies for pain shark tank smilz cbd gummies hell are there so many Russians cbd thc gummies for pain shark tank smilz cbd gummies Wang Weiyi took off his gun Seize the favorable position and prepare to fight.Now Chong can rush out, but not with these eight Russians, they are a big burden.You can give them up, but this time it becomes meaningless to come to Fandis.Wang Weiyi has only one person here.Looking at the Russians on the opposite side, how long for cbd gummies to kick in cbd gummy bears at gas station there are no fewer than thirty people, which is really a headache.But I don t like war, not at all Rommel was a little strange.Ernst Brahm, the Skeleton Baron and creator of the Miracle of the Somme , doesn t like war Was he infected by that General Gedell Rommel could not understand that General Gedell.He was always full of pessimism, which would infect his subordinates.Wang Weiyi knew that Rommel misunderstood himself My so called I don t like war because I don t want to see war happen.But if only war can be exchanged for peace, I think I will still invest in it without hesitation.I am eager to win, and I hope to get countless glory, but only if such glory can be exchanged for peace At this time, Manstein also came over After returning from Danzig a few days ago.I had a long chat with that Chinese friend of yours.He can speak a little German now, and I have learned a little Chinese from him.Wanderer, a large number of Russian troops are chasing after you.You are still about an hour away.Xiaoling passed the news to Wang Weiyi in time.It s Colonel Fritoac s pursuer Wang Weiyi quickly made this judgment.Stop advancing Stop advancing In Wang Weiyi s loud call, the Skeleton Commando and the Russian 27th Infantry cbd gummy bears at gas station Regiment stopped advancing at the same shark tank smilz cbd gummies bradley cooper cbd gummies time.I think Omjet s pursuers will arrive soon, and we cannot face threats from the rear while attacking Kashanov s troops.Wang Weiyi found a very good excuse to cover up why he knew The enemy s pursuers are approaching.Why are you fighting here Rommel quickly understood what he meant.Yes.The Russians would never have imagined that we could give them an ambush after fleeing in a hurry.Wang Weiyi smiled on his face And now we have more than 600 people.William II decided to give him another honor, allowing him to express his opinion in front of a bunch of marshals and generals.I agree with Colonel Nicholas opinion When cbd thc gummies for pain shark tank smilz cbd gummies Wang Weiyi said the first sentence, Everyone began to look at Ernst Brahm with surprised eyes, even including Nicholas.As we all know, Ernst Brahm Bram and Nicholas have a deep feud, especially after the Berlin trial, the conflict between the two has almost reached the point of irreconcilability, but now he is actually on the side of Nicholas Are you saying you agree with Colonel Nicholas William II asked doubtfully.Yes, Your Majesty, Colonel Nicholas information is correct.Mexico cannot declare war on the United States.Wang Weiyi knew that it was impossible to change the high level decision, but decided to try his best Your Majesty, everyone, Mexico s attempts to recover lost land will surely bring it to war with the militarily stronger US, are we promising them a strong financial aid But that won t do anything at all There is no possibility for Mexico to use that financial support to acquire weapons and other Military hardware.Especially the large group of German troops armed with submachine guns, the power they erupted was really amazing.The sound of rapid firepower is seducing the souls of Americans, pulling them into a bottomless hell.In the vortex of death, they struggled desperately, not wanting to be dragged down by those souls in hell.But they pulled too hard, and when they finally couldn t bear it and let go, the flames of hell opened their mouths with a grinning grin.Smith also joined his soldiers in the same rout.baggage.No more, no more As long as cannons, mortars, and machine guns can reduce the burden of escaping, they don t want anything.The shouts on the battlefield have become a one man show for the German army In this raid, the U.S.0th Infantry Division killed 700 people, captured 500 people, lost almost all of their supplies, and suffered heavy losses.The enemy has been defeated and is continuing to flee to Feixinan.According to our judgment, they Tomorrow afternoon, we will pass Feixinan, and we will go further to S riere to break through.Our department has suffered heavy losses and will have to return to replenish Madst Smith.Okay, Colonel.The German telegraph operator said relaxedly.Wang Weiyi nodded in satisfaction, and only then did he think of Smith Commander Smith, I have to thank you.Originally, in my plan, our breakout would be much more difficult, but with your assistance, I think this will change.Take it easy.The how to order cbd gummies gunshots gradually subsided, most of the American soldiers were killed and captured, and only a small number of them escaped.Take off his clothes.Wang Weiyi compared his how long for cbd gummies to kick in cbd gummy bears at gas station height with Smith We are about the same size.I am very lucky to be an American general.Defense weapons are prepared.In order to keep the secret of the base, all life forms that enter the defense state will be killed.Where s my friend Wang Weiyi stopped in his tracks.Don t worry, they won t arrive so soon.In an hour, the gold will be shipped and completed.Take Elena into the base.Wang Weiyi hugged the comatose Elena and entered the extremely familiar base.Xiao Ling, how are you going to save her She will be frozen, and then start trauma repair, it will take a long time, during this period, she will not wake up.And there is one more thing, I hope you are mentally prepared.During the trauma recovery period, all her memories will be replaced.What did you say Wang Weiyi suddenly raised his head.The secrets of the base cannot be revealed.She will stay in the base repair warehouse, and I will replace her with a new memory.On the battlefield, there are bullets like the storm of the Skeleton Commando, and grenades like raindrops.The roar of light and heavy machine guns has never stopped, and the US military has suffered huge losses here.By October, more than 3,000 people had been killed in battle alone.Death Montfort Kong.Now, some people have cbd sleep gummies side effects cbd gummy bears at gas station begun to call this position that way.On October 1st, the U.S.military, which suffered heavy casualties, temporarily stopped its attack.On October 4th, the Americans who received a large number of supplements launched a full scale offensive on the Meuse Argonne line again.The cbd gummy bears at gas station battle of death broke out A full week has passed since the beginning of the Great War, and the Meuse Argonne bears a great deal of the hopes of the Germans.German soldiers are doing their final battle here, and they hope to use their efforts to stop the enemy s victory.La, one is Hannah.Sean.They are also proficient in Japanese, I don t think it s such a coincidence, right Damn it, it s such a coincidence.Wang Weiyi cursed in his heart.It seems that Kobayakawa Hongyi regarded his Elena as a German intelligence officer.Wang Weiyi said lightly I still don t understand, Mr.Dazuo.You are Claire Nicholas, and you Kobayakawa Koi pointed at Elena You are Hannah Sean Elena shrugged.Kobayakawa Hongyi showed a victorious smile on his face I guessed right, you are the pair pure kava cbd gummies of German agents.ah.But don t worry, I won t embarrass you, after all, Japan and Germany cooperate closely in many intelligence work.Tell me, what information do you want to get in Shanghai Maybe I can help you guys.I want to find out how long the national government can last under the attack of Japan Wang Weiyi simply satisfied the opponent s joy as a winner This is related to Germany s defense of the national government.Xiao Ling was silent for a while You take care of the matter in front of you first Xiao Ling is indeed different from the past, and no longer directly refuses so coldly.Maybe this is a good start.look up.The fierce battle in the sky is still going on.However, it seems that the Chinese fighter planes have begun to gain the upper hand, and the Japanese fighter jets are somewhat embarrassed.A national fighter plane suddenly pulled up rapidly, and then condescended again At this moment, two American made Hawk destroyers suddenly appeared in the sky That s the National Air Force The soldiers on the ground suddenly burst into thunderous cheers.On the Shanghai battlefield, the Chinese Air Force gradually withdrew from the battlefield when the Air Force suffered heavy losses, but now, shark tank smilz cbd gummies bradley cooper cbd gummies they reappeared the Chinese Air Force The Hawk style appeared in the sky, and immediately, like two goshawks, they rushed towards the opportunity The air battle breaks out here Strings of bullets skittered in the air.After the Battle 12 mg cbd gummies of Songhu, the Military Commission appointed General Zhang Zhi, the commander of the 5th Army, to command the garrison of the defense line.Zhang Zhi then stationed the 87th and 88th Divisions in the Suxichang Defense Zone to prepare for the war.Its 87th Division was stationed in Jiangyin, and the commander of the 87th Division, General Wang Jingjiu, was stationed in the Party Headquarters of Jiejiangyin County.In addition to repairing the national defense fortifications, Colonel Yang Zonghua, director of the division will cbd gummies show up on a dot drug test s political department, also presided over the Huashan civil defense training class., Has opened a student training class, youth training class, senior training class for Shanghai citizens.There are 2,000 trainees in each period, and the training period is 6 months.Zheng Shi, you go to Li Lu and ask him to do this.Wang Weiyi finished his confession Remember, you must tell Li Lu that you must strictly follow my orders.If you act without authorization, I will shoot him dead Yes The sky was completely bright.Iida Yona and his men yawned as they spent cbd gummy bears at gas station cbd thc gummies delivery a disappointing night.The soldiers looked exhausted, and no wonder, Iron Man would have fallen if he hadn t cbd sleep gummies side effects cbd gummy bears at gas station rested all day and night.Let the soldiers rest for three hours.Yona Iida had just finished giving this order, when gunshots and explosions suddenly rang out.Although it wasn t too violent, it was so frightening to the ears of the how long for cbd gummies to kick in cbd gummy bears at gas station Japanese.The Chinese attack Organize the defense on the spot No Iida Yangming said Now our soldiers are very tired and unable to deal with the attack of the Chinese.Order, all retreat What Retreat Yes, retreat immediately Under the order of Yona Iida, the Japanese army began to retreat, and those Japanese troops who entered Jiangjia Village also left the village where they stayed all night.But Kenkichi Ueda would never have thought about why the baron got this gem Before leaving Changchun, Wang Weiyi paid a special visit to Puyi again, and it was obvious.Puyi was full of anger at the baron.God knows how angry he was in front of the Japanesea gem doesn t mean much to Puyi, but losing the face of the emperor is a big dealand Malloc The Earl s call back arrived before Baron Andrew left.The telegram stated that he already knew the meaning of the Baron, or that he would try his best to meet the Baron s request within the scope of permission Kenkichi Ueda can go on a mission, although what happened in Shanghai has nothing to do with the Kwantung Army.In order to express his gratitude , Kenji Ueda specially set up a farewell dinner on the day before Baron Andrew was cbd gummy bears at gas station about to leave.Only Kenji Ueda and Baron Andrew attended.Wang Weiyi said with some emotion I am the famous Count of Monte Cristo.I will take revenge.Where are you going now, Mr.Baron I have to go, leave New York.Looking at Guo Yunfeng and Elena who were waiting for him in the distance, Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Take New York is in your own hands, Casanovich, sooner or later you will become the king of New York.No, you are the king of New York, and everything I cbd gummy bears at gas station do is for you Wang Weiyi smiled.King of New York It sounds like a good name Three hundred and forty seven.Guards Brigade 1937 was a disastrous year for China.In this year, Japan brazenly provoked a war in Shanghai, China, and an all out war broke out between China and Japan 1937 can also be said to be a lucky year for China.In this year, a person who should not belong to this era appeared Wang Weiyi This person successfully reversed some things that should have happened in history.Can you resist it cannot Failure has come But the problem is that Akasaka Yoshika still doesn t know why the 65th Wing failed Three hundred and sixty eight.Seizing the military flag Naoko, when you read this letter, I may have become a prisoner of the Chinese Qingkou Satoru wrote with a pen.He knew that he couldn t wait for tactical support, the place would soon be occupied by the squadron, and all he could do was to write another letter to his beloved wife.Perhaps the last letter we have failed, failed shamefully, and never thought I would fail when I first commanded this force According to the tradition of the empire, I should have committed suicide by caesarean section, but I will not die, because I want to know why we failed, what kind of people, what kind of power defeated usI will become a prisoner of the Chinese people in shame, and live in shame, and what I have done may not be understood by people now, but one day, everyone will know my painstaking efforts.The door of the head of state s office was knocked open with a bang It s knocked off Holding a telegram in his hand, Richthofen seemed so ecstatic, excited, but extremely nervous.Marshal Manfred, what made you lose your composure Hitler was very dissatisfied.On the Soviet German battlefield, the overwhelming German offensive was interrupted at once, and so many troops were surrounded in Demyansk.And his Air Force Marshal did not behave like a German top general at all I received a telegram from the front It was Ludwig, the commander of the Skeleton Division.sent.Richthofen tried to adjust his breathing I have to read it to you myselfthe telegram says he is back Hitler thought There was a click cbd thc gummies for pain shark tank smilz cbd gummies , and then he became nervous Manfred, is he back Halder and his staff were baffled.who is he Richthofen mellow out man cbd gummies knew what Hitler meant, he nodded vigorously You have to listen to mehe s backnow, the baron is commanding the Skeleton DivisionIn the cbd gummy bears at gas station name of St.We, the soldiers who are about to arrive in the German army, are full of fighting spirit They have no fear, even if there are many Russians in front of them, they still have the confidence to rush over More and more German troops are rushing towards the Radev area.In addition to the hope of life here, there is another very important reason the skeleton baron is here It will be a lifetime honor for German soldiers to fight with the Baron The skull battle flag is flying in Ladfu Countless dark red battle flags, surrounded by blood red battle flags That is the belief shark tank smilz cbd gummies bradley cooper cbd gummies of Germany And more and more outside troops have also joined the battle on the outside of the Demyansk encirclement.With unstoppable and fanatical fighting spirit, they launched fierce attacks on the Soviet army again and again.Among them, the battle of the Second Armored Army Hohenstaufen Division Rand Combat Regiment will always be remembered by the Demyansk battlefield.Command, suddenly a colonel whose leg was blown off, appeared in front of Wang Weiyi with the help of several soldiers.That s cbd sleep gummies side effects cbd gummy bears at gas station Colonel Peter of the 3rd Armored Regiment of the Skull Division Report to the general, we are no longer able to break out with the whole army, we will become your burden Colonel Peter s voice was so loud Please leave us weapons and ammunition, cbd gummies differences we will honorably fight for Germany and you Die Colonel Peter, is this what everyone means Yes, General, this is the truest thought of all 33 of our Germans Colonel Peter s answer was still so loud It is a lifetime honor to serve as the sniper unit for you It cbd gummy bears at gas station is also a lifetime honor to be able to fight side by side with you Wang Weiyi raised his hand Long live, Germany Long live, Germany Skull The division is ready, the 1st Armored Division is ready This is the last German force in the encirclement of Demyansk, and this time, under the command of General Ernst Brehm, they will launch the final breakout operation of Demyansk At the forefront of all the breakout troops, there are neatly lined up Tiger tanks, which will be their most important assault force The Ernst battle group will personally open the way for all the breakout troops Numerous flying dark red flags, surrounded by a blood red flag That is the skull battle flag When the 609 tank commanded by General Ernst appeared, all the German soldiers in the Ernst battle group raised their right hands straightly St.In the United States, we don t get respect.But there is a problem.We have been away from Russia for too long.We are here How much cbd gummies fort lauderdale influence is there I said you have, so you must.Wang Weiyi told the Marquis expressionlessly What I need is your cooperation, not indirect cooperation, but comprehensive.Open cooperation Gregory was still thinking carefully, this matter was too serious, and he didn t dare to agree easily.But his son Ilya couldn t bear it Father, what are you waiting for Such a good opportunity Do we really want to live our lives in this poor and dirty place Don t you want to restore Biersto Is it the honor of Marquis Ka s family If you don t want to go, then I will go, even if I die there, at least I will die in my hometown Even if I die there, at least I will die in another hometown Impressed Gregory He raised his head Are you really going to support me with all your strength Yes, not only me, but the whole of Germany will unconditionally support the Marquis Bierstoka s family Four hundred and thirty four.During the war, news of their own failures is rarely reported, and even if they are, they are often mentioned in passing.Germany is no exception.The Battle of Demyansk was an arduous battle for the German army to break out after being surrounded, but in official public opinion, this shark tank smilz cbd gummies bradley cooper cbd gummies was a great battle fought by the German army The German army defeated the strong with the weak and became the final winner of the Battle of Demyansk Such a thing is not surprising at all, it is the same in Germany, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and France And the Great Berliner Zeitung went on to write After Demyansk, Ernst Alexson von.A new great campaign under the command of Marshal Brahm dan bilzerian cbd gummies has broken out Kharkov Strikes Back The most classic Kharkov counterattack Under the command of Baron Alexon, the heroic and fearless German soldiers.Blood s wrapped everything up.The warhorse who had lost its master was searching the battlefield sadly.The corpses were piled up one after another, and those wriggling in the pool of blood were those knights who hadn t died yet.The cheers of victory were not heard from the German positions.It s nothing to cheer about, it s just that once again it couldn t be easier.But cbd gummy bears at gas station what does cbd gummies good for the most brutal killing.The once glorious cavalry unit and the knights who were once invincible on the battlefield have become vulnerable to steel.Their glory is dying.But what is not lost is their dignity that will never be obliterated From this point of view, all the Russians of the 26th Cavalry Division are undoubtedly worthy of respect.Colonel, we have captured a prisoner who seems to be their general after hearing this report.R Frank smiled.Well done, Mr.Moyol.Major General Leslie Glovis Leslie R.Groves Well, he had to admit, the FBI and Army Intelligence had always been at odds, especially after the kidnapping, when they blamed each other for inaction.R A letter with only one letter is more likely to arouse the suspicion of Mr.President and Director Hoover.Of course, there are still many loopholes in the whole plan.For example, why does Mr.R not use the phone, but write a letter, which is easy to leave evidence But this is not a problem.Now, what President Roosevelt and Director Hoover need is to solve the case, not how many doubts there are in the case.What they need is an explanation The Manhattan Project will continue to be so closely guarded that no one will even admit that such a project exists.Therefore, the authenticity of solving cbd gummy bears at gas station the case has become secondary.On the Soviet German battlefield, we don t have the power to take Moscow, but we want to settle our dream.For the Caucasus oil fields, barriers must be built on the long front of the Don River, but the problem is that once the Soviet army breaks through a little bit, our defense line will collapse.And in North Africa, Marshal Rommel, do you have the ability to take Egypt Rommel shook his head obediently.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly I respect your honesty.We cornbread cbd gummies reviews are unable to take Egypt and can only delay the time as much as possible.This is the case in North Africa.On the Russian battlefield, why did I oppose the attack just now If the Soviet army could hide in the trenches and not launch Take the initiative to attack.We will not take the initiative at all, and there will be no victory in Kharkov His voice gradually became harsh The battlefield is frontal.Let s discuss the possibility of peacefully resolving the Ankara biolife cbd gummies cost issue.Wang Weiyi said relaxedly This requires your efforts, General Kistafa.We don t want to kill more than 400,000 Turkish soldiers, and we don t want the city of Ankara to die.Beautiful city destroyed Honestly, I m falling in love with this city cbd gummy bears at gas station Truce, just get your President Inonu out and Turkey secede from the Allies.Everything else We can discuss things.Ah, are you still waiting for the British and Russians to send troops I think that is unlikely, before they arrive.The battle for Ankara is over.General, the fate and future of Turkey is in the hands of In your hands Kistafa suddenly felt cbd gummy bears at gas station that he was so important The German said it very easily and calmly, and what he said was completely cbd thc gummies for pain shark tank smilz cbd gummies true, the German army was destroyed.Wang Weiyi smiled coldly They did not hesitate to cover up their secret at the cost of the destruction of a city and the death and injury of tens of thousands of people And our intelligence agency still doesn t know anything about it, foolishly thinking that Enigma is a code that the world will never be deciphered by the enemy, and the initiative has long been in the hands of the British.Every soldier we mobilized was well known to the British.Rommel took a breath.This is equivalent to an army with no secrets at all, fighting an army that has a clear grasp of its own weaknesses.Before that.You can still achieve such an outstanding record when military secrets are completely controlled by the enemy.That is simply a miracle, you are worthy of the title of Marshal of Germany.Wang Weiyi unreservedly expressed his admiration for Rommel However, such mistakes cannot continue to happenErwin, do you know one more thing After the British suffered repeated failures in the North African battlefield, after several investigations, they finally discovered the fact that the black code of the US military attache abroad was deciphered by us, and reported it to the Americans in time.Rommel nodded, and then let out a long sigh of relief.Ernst discovered in time that the Enigma that the Germans were proud of had already leaked.A terrible disaster for the Germans was averted.The most remarkable thing is that Ernst actually started to use Enigma.Constantly passing false information to the British.To be honest, Rommel still felt that Ernst was not like a real German general.A real German general would disdain to use such a method I have to take a break, Erwin.Wang Weiyi said Then, he walked out of the headquarters and returned to his room.As soon as the cbd sleep gummies side effects cbd gummy bears at gas station door was closed, the communication with Xiao Ling was immediately started Have you started listening The listening has started.As long as any hidden radio station in the German army sends a report, it will be transmitted to me as soon as possible Wang Weiyi lay down on the bed with peace of mind, all he had to do now was to wait patiently Klingenberg and his detachment went to meet the so called important intelligence of the British army in their hands The Kraken will definitely be known by the British, and the power will also cause the British to besiege.Montgomery knew that the Skeleton Baron was not mocking him.A person like the Skeleton Baron didn t need to mock anyone.Montgomery felt somewhat relieved Yes, he did everything he could As for surrender Montgomery doesn t think now is the time.Do you know why, Bobby Montgomery asked his adjutant after putting down the telegram.Major Bobby shook his head in confusion.Surrender now, and we will completely lose the last trace of dignity Montgomery said calmly Only by fighting to the last moment can we gain the most dignity for ourselvesBritain has indeed failed, but Our army cannot lose its due dignity Major Bobby understands a little bit, but maybe he still doesn t understand Is there cbd gummy bears at gas station any essential difference between early surrender and late surrender In fact, this is just the pride of the inherent British in Montgomery Even if they how many cbd gummies in 3000mg jar lose, the British feel that they should lose beautifully.He cbd gummy bears at gas station is the most dangerous man in Germany.Nobody can kill Ernst, can they At least I don t have such confidenceBut the war was started by Hitler, he is the chief culprit, if he can be successfully assassinated, it will plunge Germany into chaosI m not sure what will happen But this is the only chance we can try It must be considered clearly that the relationship between Ernst and Hitler will cause him even kozmic gardens cbd gummies greater anger Don t know, don t know I d be afraid to even think about what might happen Then just do it But you know what I always feel that we will not succeed Yeah, I don t have the confidence to succeed, after all, this is an action that has never been done before, and the possibility of failure is too great, but at this point, We have no other choice.Ernst, who has won the victory in North Africa, will soon set his new target on the Soviet Union.After Lawson Heaton was imprisoned in Cairo Prison, because he refused to cooperate with Major Wattl and often led crowds to make troubles in the prison, he was locked up alone in a single cell on the top floor of the fourth floor, without food and .

what is the thc in the cbd gummy?

water.They were brought in by the German guards, and they were not allowed to go out in the courtyard downstairs with other prisoners.From the moment Lawson Heaton was arrested that night after landing, it became clear that something had happened to Gilbert.Among those arrested later, he found many familiar faces again.Lawson.Heaton realized the seriousness of the problem and thought that London must be informed immediately.But how do you get the message out There is a running water pipe in the room leading to the downstairs room, and his classmate in the telegraph class, the British Lieutenant Holmes, is locked downstairs.I think about Are you here for the benefit of Africa General, should I agree to his request Procrastinate.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly I am plundering the original interests of the Italians in North Africa, where there are many important resources.And I have ordered the army to march to Saudi Arabia and other places.Italians Adolf, hold on.It is said that Germans are the most efficient in doing things, but this time I hope you can be more bureaucratic and lazy.I want to excuse that you have many Hitler also laughed Although I don t want cbd gummy bears at gas station to be a bureaucrat, the reality is that I have to be a bureaucrat this time.Don t worry, General.Wang Weiyi smiled and nodded, perfunctory Italians like this Things are really not very good.620.European countries In the battle of Egypt, two high ranking British generals became prisoners of the Germans General Alexander and General Montgomery.At this point, there are many things that can be cbd gummy bears at gas station cooperated between Germany and the United KingdomMr.Prime Minister, you should know that Germany has a history.I m not very interested in colonies Churchill nodded involuntarily.What Ernst said was absolutely correct.Among the old European powers, Germany has always had the fewest colonies, and they seem to be interested in There is not much interest in having colonies overseas.So, is Marshal Ernst hinting at something Churchill is not completely sure There is another piece of information that I would like to share with you.Wang Weiyi said lightly Japan is power cbd gummies uk about to launch a surprise attack on the United States The hand holding the pipe stopped suddenly, and Churchill looked at Wang Weiyi in disbelief Unbelievable, Japan is so crazy Want to take the initiative to launch an attack on the United States When the Chinese battlefield has been unable to achieve a decisive breakthrough, does Japan still want to go to war against the huge United States It is unbelievable.Commandership The newly organized 48th Infantry Division of the Russian Army was stationed in the Odessa defense area in its hometown.A week later, the Germans attacked Russia.Major General Malinovsky and the 48th Division were deployed to garrison on the border between Russia and Romania.After the German army aggressively attacked the Soviet Union in 1941, several regiments of hundreds of thousands of troops of the Red Army, which had endured the huge German offensive, were surrounded.At this time, Malinovsky was finally recognized as one of the few generals in the Red Army who had the ability to command a large army.His three divisions were only equipped with part of the infantry divisions, facing the battle line of the German Blitzkrieg offensive along the Pilt River.According to the practice at the time, the Red Army generals generally hid behind their own troops to command operations This was not the case with Novsky he would instead go to the critical front line fan shaped battlefield to join soldiers and encourage their morale Sovsky led the defeated troops to flee along the coast of cbd gummy bears at gas station the Black Sea.Ever since his friend Lard Mettler died at the hands of the Russians, Sipple vowed cbd gummy bears at gas station not to have any sympathy for the Russians ever since.Every time he fights, he always behaves so HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears at gas station bravely, he even doesn t cherish his life very much, and this time is no exception.Dom saw with his own eyes that Sipple swept a few enemies with a submachine gun, then rushed up, raised the submachine gun viciously and smashed it on the head of a dying Russian What a lunatic, how much Mu muttered in his heart Two machine guns blocked the commando s way forward.At this time, Dom and Sipple rushed to the front of the team, and Major Klingenberg s call sounded behind them Stella, Fletz , kill em, kill em Stella, cover me Sipple said, pulling out a grenade.The gun in Dom s hand rang, but it was difficult to suppress the enemy with a submachine gun, but the gunshot here quickly attracted the attention of the enemy s machine gunner, and all the bullets were directed here.Happy to serve you, Marshal Wittmann did not forget to add the moment he got back into the tank Have a nice trip, Marshal Follow the tank, SS forward Four T 34s, two T 60s, 2 6, Wittmann and his companions fell behind.But Wittman became excited instead, the s21 tank opened fire first, and knocked out a t 60 in the first round.In the sound of gunfire, Wittmann s whole body was stimulated with excitement Can you believe it I am in charge of cbd gummy bears at gas station clearing the way forward for the Skeleton Baron His companion, Jurgen in command of the s22 tank.Brandt also did not show any weakness, and also killed a Russian T 34.Wittman was anxious Damn Jurgen, is he trying to steal my military exploits Bobby, what are you doing Are you asleep He yelled at Wittmann s gunner Bobby.Wall, a super class gunner who can accurately hit the target on the move.This is probably a newly transferred armored unit to the front line.They think it s a great thing to kill an enemy division.In fact, such a record is no longer common from En After General Ster Brahm returned to command the German army again, the generals we killed and captured could hardly even count ourselves Still no news from Chuikov, that is for sure now.Chuikov was the supreme commander of the Russians in Stalingrad, and his authority here surpassed that of even Field Marshal Vasilevsky.One thing I have to admit is.If it weren t for Chuikov s outstanding performance, maybe the Battle of Stalingrad would have ended long ago.This is a very powerful enemy of ours I have some regrets.This guy named Chuikov is not a German general, otherwise he must be I can better display my talents However, things are not so perfect, I am satisfied if I can win I remember it was May 1, 1943.There are not many Russians left who can fight They are still working hard, stubbornly wanting to stop the enemy s arrival, but now it seems that any of their efforts have become useless.Chuikov put down the binoculars, then sighed softly.It s over, everything should end here.The dreams I once had, the beliefs I once had, should come to an incomplete end here If there is an afterlife, Cuikov vowed that he would never be a Russian cbd sleep gummies side effects cbd gummy bears at gas station again.Because he couldn t see so many sacrifices of his subordinates again, and couldn t suffer so many losses again.Stalingrad will be remembered with blood At 10 00 am on May 6, 1943, the German commandos completed an important breakthrough, and the Russians defending here were completely defeated.When they attacked the enemy s core position, they found the body of a Russian general Vasily Ivanovich Chuikov.But think about it carefully.Is there any magical thing that cannot happen to the baron Manstein murmured Timoshenko The request is that a negotiator with a large weight and capable of representing the German government must be sent to Moscow to hold secret talks with him.I think such a person may not be easy to find for a while Speaking of this, He suddenly seemed to think of something, looked at Wang Weiyi, and saw a half smile expression on Wang Weiyi s face.He immediately came to his senses, and hurriedly said No.No, never Ernst, don t even think about it, I will never let you take such an adventure again Guderian and all the German generals also woke up immediately.But before they raised objections like Manstein, Wang Weiyi said with a smile My generals, is there anyone more suitable than me Candidates I fully meet the conditions proposed by Timoshenko, and I will go there in person, which will fully let Timoshenko feel our sincerity.However, I like challenging things Speaking of this, Wang Weiyi put away his smile Since you have given me a difficult problem, I think I must complete it.I hope you wait patiently here for three days, and I will find a way.I could wait here forever.Timoshenko picked up his pipe and put it to his mouth I think this will be a pleasant cooperation between us.If you need help, Temitav outside will give you full help.You know, he still has some ideas in Moscow.Wang Weiyi nodded, then stood up I will remember such a pleasant meeting today, and at the same time, I will cbd sleep gummies side effects cbd gummy bears at gas station order my barracks to reserve a most comfortable room for you.I look forward to this day as soon as possible.Timoshenko said calmly.Seeing the back of Marshal Ernst leaving, Walter was a little worried Marshal, do you really believe him I believe.This is regarded as a shame by Admiral Malinovsky, who regards honor as his life.Now that the Germans had entered Moscow, it was time to wash away their shame.3 armies, 1 armored army, and 15 guerrilla brigades were all put into the counterattack queue at 8 o clock in the evening, but what worried Malinovsky was that the German army had stopped an hour ago.Stepped up the offensive pace and fusions cbd gummy bears 2000 mg entered the defensive state.This also means that the Germans have judged the Russian counterattack When weapons and numbers do not hold an advantage, offensive operations will always be more difficult than defensive operations But Marshal Zhukov s order has been issued, and there is no possibility of any changes.What Malinovsky has to do It s just how faithfully it was executed With the launch of several red signal flares, the largest Soviet counterattack since the outbreak of the Great Moscow War began Hundreds of thousands of soldiers appeared in the night, and under the cover of tanks, they launched a fierce attack on the German positions.Seven hundred and thirty one.The Nilia massacre took place right in front of Wang Weiyi and cbd gummy bears at gas station Richthofen.The naked massacre made Richthofen unbearable several times and wanted to rush out to stop it, but every time he stopped his impulse under the restraint of Wang Weiyi s gaze.This kind of massacre cbd gummy bears at gas station cbd thc gummies delivery is no longer normal here, and even the enemy will not blame it.Similarly, when the enemy had the opportunity to massacre the Romans, they would not let it go.This is the law of this era If you want to survive, you must follow such laws.Gaius looked at everything in front of him with satisfaction, and he didn t feel particularly proud of being able to capture this place.It was a matter of course for the Romans to win a war against barbarians.And making the barbarians fall under his butcher s knife one after another, this makes him feel extremely excited Ernst, my dear friend, I am very pleased with your bravery.This is just what we should do.I believe that one day, I will be named a Roman knight.You are lying.Wang Weiyi interrupted him unceremoniously, In your heart, more than anyone else, you want to see the Romans die at your hands.You are just controlling your anger Thibius was taken aback, and his hands moved involuntarily.Grabbed the weapon.At first, after the first Roman invasion and victory.The R Germanians knew that a new Roman invasion would come soon, and the strength of the R Germanians could not stop the powerful Roman legion at all, so they had to come up with some other method.Under such circumstances, Thebius and Anluges devised a conspiracy.While the Romans were recruiting people everywhere, Tibius cbd gummy bears at gas station successfully entered the Roman Legion with 200 warriors, and was assigned to the position of auxiliary soldiers.But, now he s proven wrong The determination shown by these barbarians is unimaginable, and what s even more frightening is that not only are the barbarians amazing in fighting power, but they don t seem to be afraid at all life and death.They use all kinds of weapons, such as javelins, spears, axes, stone hammers, and even daggers obtained from the Romans However, no matter what cbd gummy bears at gas station kind of weapons cbd gummy bears at gas station are in their hands, they are still alive.Being able to adapt quickly to them, maybe they are born fighters.They hit the Romans with stone hammers, and then hit the enemy s head with a few more hard hammers, until the enemy s head was smashed Sometimes, they would use the stones they took from the Romans.The short sword plunged into the Roman s body, and then drew it out to rush to the next target Each of their killing methods makes people feel extremely terrifying.When Wang Weiyi told his companion this decision, his companion didn t feel any surprise at all.There is nothing that wanderers dare not do, and there is nothing that walkers dare not go to.Now that we are here In this era, what awaits Wang Weiyi is one adventure after another.Si Dao and Elena stay.Wang Weiyi thought for a while Elena is responsible for the connection with Xiaoling, and asked Xiaoling to arrange cbd gummy bears at gas station a set of training suitable for the Germans.How our team trains the Germans to become a real army is not good Si Dao is responsible for carrying out specific training in accordance with the outline formulated by Xiao Ling.good.Guo Yunfeng readily agreed.Elina agreed reluctantly.To be honest, she hoped to go on an adventure with Wang Weiyi, but from another point of view, it is indeed inappropriate for a woman to enter the city of Rome with Wang Weiyi.Servius Pompey stared at the guy who was being cheered, the anger in his eyes was enough to burn Servius When the awards began, Pompey barely maintained his demeanor, and put the olive leaf symbolizing victory on his head.The crown was placed on Servius head.Congratulations, Servius.Pompey took a deep breath.Thank you, Lord Consul Servius smiled and said, Unfortunately, Yakulius was defeated.I think he is very sad now Yes Ah.Very sad, but this is something that must be cbd gummy bears at gas station experienced on the road of growth.Pompeo also showed a smile on his face I hope one day.He can use the same way of failure to hit you back I look forward to that day.Servius said without the slightest fear.Then he set his sights on the Romans HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears at gas station who treated him like a hero, and here again the cheers rang out The endlessly satisfying Poseidon Festival is over, and Singaroa is a little bit reluctant Spulius, will you stay in Rome for a cbd sleep gummies side effects cbd gummy bears at gas station long time I don t know, Mrs.Venicius Yakulius drove his mount straight over, and the two embraced tightly on the horse.Yakulius, you have won, and Pompey will be proud of you Seven hundred and eighty one.The elders who accused the Senate were sitting in danger.When Pompey came in, applause broke out in the Senate.Some cheered sincerely, and some may not necessarily cheer for Pompey from the bottom of their hearts.Today s Pompey doesn t want to care about these things.For him, how to completely remove the threat posed by Caesar is what he wants to do first.He quieted the cheers, and got straight to the point without spending any more words Dear senators, noble nobles, members of parliament who came to the meeting, I think you have heard the unfortunate news before, we are here Germania has been defeated, and our aristocratic Centumares has fallen into the hands of barbarians, who demand a ransom of thirty auris from noble Rome Sighed first, and then an angry reprimand came from the mouths of these Romans No, the barbarians must not be given even a cbd gummy bears at gas station Caderas ransom Conscript more troops to destroy these barbarians People Kill those barbarians, let Caesar march, and let the mighty barbarians cbd gummies para la ereccion tremble before our vengeful rage Such voices rose one after another, Pompey listened calmly, and waited until the voices died down a little.Finished.He put the muzzle of a gun on Peter s throat.Then he pulled the trigger.Peter died.When he died, his face was full of surprise, shock, and disbelief.When a legendary figure suddenly appeared In front of him, anyone would have such an expression.Wang Weiyi put down Peter s body and stood up.Guo Yunfeng walked over There are twelve people in total, and none of them survived.I said, 12 more American soldiers will die.Wang Weiyi looked at the tank.It was an m60 tank.There cbd gummy bears at gas station were four members.This is probably a coincidence.There were exactly four people here.Those corpses were hastily disposed of.Until now, Carl.Colonel cbd gummy bears at gas station cbd thc gummies delivery Chelus has not yet recovered from the shock.The three guys in front cbd gummy bears at gas station of him, led by Major Moyol, are simply three killing machines.Their movements are fast, neat, simple and practical, and they don t even need a commander before shooting.This is the biggest gain. Someone.Guo Yunfeng suddenly whispered.The team members quickly found the hiding place, and there was no need for Wang Weiyi to give orders.Several figures appeared, and Wang Weiyi quietly raised shark tank smilz cbd gummies bradley cooper cbd gummies the gun in his hand.Is that Major Moyol When this voice came, everyone was relieved.It was Colonel Chelus who was cbd gummies west palm beach speaking there.Colonel, it s me, Moyol.Wang Weiyi stood up from his hiding place.God, you really phil michelson cbd gummies did it.Colonel Chelus walked over quickly, and beside him, there were still a few soldiers who were vigilantly monitoring the surroundings.This is Captain Scherer of the Brandenburg Commando.Following the introduction of Colonel Chelus, Captain Scherer raised cbd gummy bears at gas station his hand to Wang Weiyi Major, I have heard your name many times, and how often cbd gummy bears at gas station cbd thc gummies delivery This is the first time I hear about the heroic actions you and your team v lixir labs cbd gummies review members have performed.No one can do it better than you.When hearing this familiar name from the Brandenburg Commando, Wang Weiyi felt a warm feeling in his heart emerge.He had personally commanded this commando, and he was familiar with everyone in this commando.Now, even when Germany is at its most critical moment, it is still a reliable force. Captain Scherer, how many of you are here Wang Weiyi calmed down and asked.102 people, major.Captain Scherer quickly replied General Klingenberg personally gave the order, and he told us to take you back.Klingenberg Fritz.Klingenberg A knowing smile appeared on Wang Weiyi s face. This daring guy, this guy who never knew what fear was.He is still alive.And what about Myristel What about those brothers who have followed him to fight countless times Suddenly I felt a little strange, why did I need to use more than 100 elite commandos to respond to Colonel Cherus He frowned Captain Sherer, do you have any other missions Yes, Major, we will take Colonel Chelus back, and then we have another mission.That s Baron cbd gummies kenai farms Alexon Wang Weiyi quietly watched the enemy approach.He did not give an order to attack immediately, but kept allowing the enemy to get closer to some shooting ranges.He needs to be cbd gummy bears at gas station within the best range.Deal the heaviest blow to the enemy.A little closer, the Americans are a little closer Major.It s close to the firing range.Captain Sherer couldn t wait.Wait, wait Wang Weiyi s voice sounded so calm, without even a trace of emotion.When the Americans approached so close that their faces could be seen clearly, Wang Weiyi yelled suddenly Fire hustle and bustle.The initial smooth attack made the Americans lose their original vigilance.They probably thought that the Germans on the opposite side had been frightened by the powerful fire suppression just now and turned around and ran away.Until that person appears Captain.Someone s coming up from behind us heard the news.Captain Lampden was taken aback, did the enemy touch his rear He hastily picked up the binoculars.What appeared in the binoculars were about dozens of soldiers.They were dressed as French officers, but it was strange that they all deliberately placed their weapons cbd sleep gummies side effects cbd gummy bears at gas station where they could see them, and kept their hands away from the weapons to show that I have no intention of attacking here.and.The most shocking thing is that there is still a battle flag flying in the team.Lampden recognized this battle flag that all German soldiers were extremely familiar with at a glance Skeleton battle flag No shooting.No one is allowed to shoot Lampden vaguely judged something, and he hastily issued such an order loudly.These people finally came to the position.Napoleon defeats the Continent.was exiled overseas.Ferdinand also returned to power in 1814.Although he accepted the new constitution cbd thc gummies for pain shark tank smilz cbd gummies jointly formulated by the representatives of the people in 1812, at the same time, the monarch, who was changeable and easy to be influenced by others, overturned many reform measures of his predecessor Charles III.The torture returned to Spain.The story that Kroller suddenly told Wolfe quickly understood something.The overthrown German head of state although he didn t want to admit it still wanted to be like Ferdinand VII, and one day he could return to the Go to Berlin, take how long for cbd gummies to kick in cbd gummy bears at gas station over the power again, and regain everything that belonged to him But there is probably one thing he didn t think of.Now, his biggest enemy is Baron Alexson The baron will never hand over the power in his hand so review purekana cbd gummies easily But Kroller didn t think of this at all.Why would the enemy do this Does the enemy have any conspiracy The intelligence secrecy of how long for cbd gummies to kick in cbd gummy bears at gas station the Allied forces was excellent, and the German intelligence agencies suffered heavy losses due to the deliberate sabotage of Kroll and Wolff.Therefore, the Germans could not grasp the calls and telegrams of the Allied forces.This also reminded Wang Weiyi of Nicholas.Although old Nicholas was his enemy at the beginning, he didn t dare to neglect in the provision of information.From this point of view.Old Nicholas is a real German soldier The commanders of the German army also felt baffled, and it was meaningless for the Allied forces to do so.Or.Are they up to some conspiracy Wang Weiyi thought about it for a while, and suddenly he had a flash of inspiration Is the enemy in charge of the attack on the right wing Italian Yes, the Italian troops of the Terrasu Infantry Division and the Nestans Rapid Mobile Brigade.It s ridiculous to talk about gentlemanly behavior now, but in our time I think most people would Do that.It s ridiculous to talk about the behavior of a gentleman now, but in our era, I think most people would do that This sentence immediately aroused Romeo s infinite yearning , How much he wanted to go back to the era Sir Rosen was talking about.At this time, the air defense siren sounded terribly, and Romeo hurriedly cbd gummy bears at gas station said Sir, you should leave here.Although I know that you have more experience in war than I do, you have more important things to do.Romeo really This is the only thought in Sir Rosen s heart The war is still going on cruelly, and everyone here has completely forgotten the threat of death.Even though the god of death waved and practiced in the air over and over again until harvesting countless lives, no one would notice this.This matter has a great relationship with our country, and this mill should be preserved for a long time as a commemoration of our country s judicial independence and judicial justice.You are in difficulty now, and I sympathize with you.I will give you 6,000 yuan today.Mark, for your debt.Your dear neighbor William.After receiving the letter from William II, the son of the mill owner never mentioned the sale of the mill, and taught his descendants to cherish this ancestral inheritance.Therefore, the mill has been preserved to this day.Leonie s neighbor s mill is the story.However, immediately Leoni continued to ask When His Majesty the Emperor gave that neighbor 6,000 marks, do you know what he said to your father Of course, I heard my father say it.The Emperor His Majesty told him at that time, This mill should always exist.Tom shouted anxiously.A medical soldier ran over and checked, and there was nothing serious.Two bullets missed.Major Ludman came over, and Martin, who was a little weak, reluctantly saluted him.Ludman saluted back and said, Martin, Tom, you are our fighting heroes.I have two medals for you.Martin and the others took the medal and said But we feel that Sergeant Jason is really qualified for the medal.Major Ludman smiled I will not forget him, I have prepared his medal.You guys Now An Anxin followed our battalion to retreat to the rear for rest.Rest I think it would be better if we got more military pay, sir.Martin relaxed and finally recovered his original joking cbd gummy bears at gas station personality Ten marks up, how about it, sir No problem, I will give you bonuses when we arrive in Berlin.100 marks , Major Ludman also replied playfully, If I can afford it.Two hundred people were HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears at gas station killed in the first battle.More than three or four hundred people died during the derailment.It was really a bad start.Bonda Captain Lev met with a bearded captain who came for reinforcements, how long for cbd gummies to kick in cbd gummy bears at gas station and the cbd gummy bears at gas station cbd thc gummies delivery two talked very harmoniously.Oh How are you guys.Zaitsev said hello to the German troops who came to reinforce him.Hi, Colonel, it seems that you don t have money for fighting, and we are friends.but But what Jelden continued to ask.Since we are friends, we have to welcome you.A soldier said.Welcome to our hellyou are welcome to fight with us in this hell on earth Another soldier with blank eyes continued.Zai Tsev and the others jumped, not knowing what to say for a while, this is really a special welcome speech At night, Zaitsev found that there was suddenly no one on the street, only him, and there were people all over the place.Modor felt that this person was very familiar, and he was sure that he must have seen this person somewhere.Hey, you.Modor came to cbd gummy bears at gas station the person s side.Stopped his progress Where are you from Name.Milan.My name is Atedler.The man replied calmly.Do you have any documents Ah.It seems that there are none.The man said after touching his body.From Milan Without any documents Doubt quickly rose in Modor s heart.He found that the man s beard seemed to be glued on later, which added to his suspicion.People who have no ghosts in their hearts will not deliberately hide themselves like this with makeup Sir, is your beard fake Modor said coldly Please take off the beard , or let me take it off for you.Ah, I m afraid that won t work.Atedler said with a smile And you can t help me take my beard off.Sir, you haven t told me who you are.Atedler knew that the other party would definitely not Do what you want Okay, Mr.Mordor, I think you can call Phils first and tell him that next year s winter may be very cold The guy who called himself Atedler was a bit mysterious.He looked like a lunatic, but his tone of voice was so calm, which made Mordor somewhat hesitate.He decided to give it a try.He Let Atedler be put under guard first, and then he picked up the phone and connected to General Firth s office General Firth, I caught a suspicious person here Ah, no, no There was resistance, but he said something inexplicable, I didn t understand a word, what the hell was he saying there He wants you and all officers above one rank to see him immediately, yes , I also think he is crazy Yes, no one can say such things except Baron Alexon Ah, I immediately interrogated him But he Let me tell you something next winter may be very cold What What did you say General Firth on the other end of the phone roared.Of course.I must see your house deeds before Mr.Frost arrives.Ah, ok, If I don t trust you, who else can I trust Kasanovic replied without the slightest hesitation.Wang Weiyi took a sip of coffee.He felt that he was going to earn a lot of money in New York again After Casanovich left, he opened a communication with Xiaoling I remember I bought a lot of real estate in New York for more than 20 years Yes, when the financial crisis broke out, These properties were managed by Hermione for you before.Hermione.Hermione.My friend, unfortunately I will never see her again.Wang Weiyi sighed Can you help me put those house owners The proof documents, ah, are those so called contracts sent to me right away Yes, are you playing with your brain again Wang Weiyi smiled very happily No, you are playing with your brain It s not me, but Elliott and his friends.His inauguration ceremony was not at the Langley headquarters, but was held at the White House with CIA officials, so the most mysterious figures in the United States It was cbd gummy bears at gas station cbd thc gummies delivery exposed in front of the reporter s camera.Rayburn knew nothing about intelligence work and was pretentious, which aroused strong dissatisfaction among CIA officials.His only contribution in the CIA was eating white bread in the cafeteria, since he preferred Navy brown bread.This, then became Elliott s best prey.An extremely bold plan, the possibility of success is not very high, but if it succeeds, it HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears at gas station will cause chaos within the US government.And the main executor of the plan has cbd gummy bears at gas station already started all actions Nine hundred and one.Richard Solomon It was a rainy morning in New York, USA, and Charles got up in front of the hotel in a state of anxiety and paced back and forth to read. Paul.Rutherford chimed in Go get some mines and bury them in the church I want to see more sparks when the fireworks go off.Captain Reuben.Heisenberg raised his head and looked at the big man The museum is a two story marble building, and we should be able to hold on there for a while.I will give you 3 mg62s, and I will give you 60 grenades in the armored warehouse.Is that enough enough The big man stood at attention and gave Heisenberg an exaggerated salute.But Ruben, I don t want you and your people to die in the museum listen, when more than half of your people are killed or killed, then withdraw.Take you and Paul s men to join the priest at the cemetery position behind you.understand Aren t the armored assault guns going to support us sir When the big man said this, his eyes were fixed on Rutherford.Wang Weiyi smiled and said to Tatiana Miss Tatiana, these chips are my gift to you, I hope you will be satisfied Migroski and Tatyana s expressions really changed this time, in their impression , who is satisfied with such a generous shot.He really didn t take the how much is true bliss cbd gummies money seriously.Tatyana took a deep breath Are you really sure to give me all of it I don t think it s all.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly I should write my check for three hundred gold rubles.Mig Mr.Roski, I will issue it to you right now.He quickly wrote out a check and handed it to Ivan who came in after dealing with Tukedov This is the whole thing.Worth 900 gold The ruble chips now all belong to Tatyana.Nearly 100,000, it was the first time that Migroski how long for cbd gummies to kick in cbd gummy bears at gas station and his son and daughter saw such a big spending guest in the Royal Club.Daniel is totally looking stupid Nine hundred and thirty two.At the same time, it launched a counterattack in North Africa and the Middle East, and achieved great results.I decided to hold a general offensive across the board in June 1966 Before October.Drive all enemies from our land The crowd was excited.Although the German marshals and generals did not know why cbd gummy bears at gas station Baron Alexson was so sure But what did he do that turned out to be wrong The Second Battle of Berlin was victorious, but Berlin suffered great trauma.The capital of Germany, and also the largest city in Germany, has never suffered such trauma in history.The war brought The wounds will be healed sooner or later, but the psychological wounds may last a long time.The enemy planes that hovered over the sky all day and brought countless pains to the city disappeared, and the Germans found a rare peace.Moyol cannot do Congratulations, Mr.President.Wang Weiyi looked at the office of the Italian President, and then smiled and made his own congratulations.Thank you, but I think I should thank you and Mr.Pipondu more.Even as president, Bertrul still maintained his humility Without your full support, I think I would be It s hard to do that.This is a man who can be used, no matter what the purpose of his humble attitude is Wang Weiyi sat down Mr.President, let s cut to the chase.You You have already sat at the pinnacle of Italian power, but new shark tank smilz cbd gummies challenges have never left you for a day.The Turin faction, the Economist faction, and the Vittorio faction are all eyeing your position.With the new The day of the general election is coming, and the challenges you will face will become more and more serious.I am willing to do everything I can to provide you with all the help you need.I, and the Liberty Alliance, will be your biggest backing.He paused for a moment It is undeniable that our enemy has the police And the army, our strength is not equal to theirs, but you also have a weapon that they did not have and never will have, and cbd gummies make me tired that is the entire Italian people.Make a second revolution, my friends A second revolution The eyes of Manusia, Nadov, and Beyasinyuk lit up They have always regarded themselves as the most steadfast revolutionaries, and exclusion and attack may not make them think otherwise , but the word revolution completely mobilized their adrenaline like a stimulant.Yes, the second revolution, only the second revolution can resolutely and completely solve Italy s chronic diseases Wang Weiyi s words sounded very impassioned And our first goal is to bring countless sufferings and disasters to Italy.Nochier recalled the previous battles.The proposal given by Bodilla was really crucial.His combat philosophy was completely different from Noqier s.But he is different He is more inclined to focus The focus of the battle just now was to completely destroy the heavy machine gun, not to kill the Russian soldiers operating the machine gun Bodilla pointed to the opposite side Look at that A Leopard 9 Tut tutif only that were ours Bodilla yelled I checked the track just now, but luckily it s not badly worn There s no problem getting us to our destination Ramel looked at Bodilla in surprise, as if it was Bodhi La made a cold joke to everyone The workmanship of the Destroyer 3 tank.Are you still doubting Nochiel is still more inclined to Bodilla s words Remember The tank should be repaired But I think we still have to fight till the end.really.Robert interfaced and said Yes, the terrible market, this is the same as the prelude to any economic crisis, the stock market will collapse overnight, countless people will stage a scene of tragedy, but what about our government There is no solution to this Speaking of this, he looked at Wang Weiyi So, in such turmoil, what roles are Morgan, Rockefeller and Wittgenstein playing Businessmen always try to get something from it.Wang Weiyi said calmly Since the government is helpless, then we have no way to solve it.What we can do is to minimize our losses.Or Get a lot of benefits out of it Robert smiled meaningfully It doesn t matter, people who don t want to make money will not cbd gummy bears at gas station succeed, Mr.Moyol, I appreciate your frankness, so what can you bring us today when you come here What I can bring you is to win a stronger ally for the Kennedys.Bodilla pointed forward The only thing that can threaten us is the cannon Noqier s eyes never moved from the periscope I m looking Where Nochier lowered his head and looked at Bodilla who was speaking strangely What Bodilla tilted his head and sipped his nose in the direction of the Russian It s even targeting us Nocher understood what he meant I haven t found where the anti tank guns are yet Nochier was afraid of being hit by a sudden shell He cbd gummy bears at gas station could only pray in his heart that God would give ZJ even a little more care.Behind them, those tank units that could form a powerful armored assault cbd gummy bears at gas station force still did not give them even It s psychological support, they still stay at a distance they think is safe Klaus s Leopard 9 His Leopard 9 protective cbd gummy bears at gas station armor is completely sufficient to resist the frontal bombardment of the artillery Nochell can t think There is no reason for his tanks to retreat to such a safe distance, and ignore the danger of those grenadiers who are still entangled with the Russians Nine hundred and seventy one.If God is really merciful, maybe he can become a hero.A huge army with such a commander , will be their greatest sorrow.The fate of the Russian army in Ukraine has actually been doomed since this time On the opposite side of the 12th Army under the command of Volyn Katsky, the German troops who rushed to the battlefield quickly joined forces with the Ukrainian Army to launch a fierce offensive.In the sky, the German Ukrainian joint air force continued to take off and bombed the Russian military positions.And those Russian fighter planes seem to have lost the courage to continue flying into the blue sky.On the ground, the sound of the artillery never stopped, and the continuous falling of the shells caused a great shock to the Russians psychologically.They have not launched the general offensive, they are waiting for the arrival of one person Marshal Ernst Alexson von Brahm he and his main force.Moyol she knew when she was in the United States.The person who appeared in front of her now was so cold and ruthless The baron has already turned into an angel of revenge.Why did her father betray such a person Why did her father never think that the baron would definitely come back To be honest, she didn t want her father to suffer a terrible fate, no matter what happened to Gregory in the past.Regarding this matter, he is still her biological father after all, but she is also unwilling to betray the baron.She also has children, and she does not want her children to suffer any harm The only thing she can do at this moment All how long for cbd gummies to kick in cbd gummy bears at gas station I have to do is to accept the final judgment of fate The Russian army suffered a crushing defeat in Ukraine.On the TV station controlled by the media tycoon Fristoya, such a shocking news was suddenly broadcast My 11th, cbd gummy bears at gas station 12th, and 15th armies were defeated, and the commander of the 12th army, General Warren Katzki, was unfortunately killed At this moment, in his office, Fristoya and Mr.Petergoff judgedMigroski thought calmly.Mr.Petergoff judged that, under the stimulation of huge profits, the greedy Gregory would definitely use any available funds at all costs to take the oil fields as his own.He even takes all of himself.And now Gregory is following this path.Yes, I will do as you ordered.Migroski said calmly, However, if we want to squeeze out those Americans, I m afraid we still don t have enough funds.Gregory walked around restlessly Go, it is clear that a huge sum of money like astronomical figures is flying in front of his eyes, but it is still one step away.I will find a way to mobilize all the funds again Gregory stopped suddenly, and said viciously Including those for His Majesty the Tsar, the treasury, and all the funds, all will be Support for you.I will find a way to help hemp bombsl cbd gummies you mobilize as much as you need, and I am even willing to sell the Kremlin Migroski finally laughed in his heart, crazy, Grand Duke Bierstoka has really gone crazy That s it The death trap has been opened, and now, it s just waiting for Grand Duke Bierstoka to jump in What better way can he have Apart from driving himself crazy, cbd sleep gummies side effects cbd gummy bears at gas station he has no other way out When Gregory is going to collapse step by step according to Wang Weiyi s settings, the instigator Wang Weiyi has come to New York again.You have to personally supervise Migroski to convert oil into money as soon as possible.We need money, and we need a lot of money The Germans have agreed to start secret negotiations with us, which will allow us to We have enough time to rearm our powerful army He was talking there, and the chief of staff hurried in with a newspaper Your Excellency, Grand Duke, you must read it This, this is the temporarily added Moscow Herald.As soon as I heard the words Moscow Herald.Gregory s head was getting bigger Read it.Yes.The office director carefully read it according to the newspaper except for embezzling military expenditures and emptying the treasury.Our Excellency the Grand Duke Numerous precious cultural relics and works of art in Russia were also transferred and these walgreen cbd gummies things were kept in American banks, and were personally looked after by the grand duke s son Ilya Read here , the director of the office looked at the Grand Duke, and found that although the Grand Duke s face was ugly, he did not show any angry expression, which made him somewhat relieved During the terrible securities disaster that happened in the United States, Ilya used These precious treasures belonging to the Russians were mortgaged, borrowed a large amount of loans from the bank, and lost all of them in the securities disaster.Renew the alliance with Germany.officially joined the ranks of the Axis cbd thc gummies for pain shark tank smilz cbd gummies powers.The Turkish army quickly ordered that all allied forces in Turkey must leave the country, and at the same time ordered the army to prepare for battle.After the specified time comes, if the Allied forces do not implement the order of the Turkish government, then they have the right to shoot at any enemy they see.Although such an order was issued, the young men in the Turkish army couldn t wait.As a traditional ally of Germany, it was an unwise choice for the Turkish military to join the Allies and fight against Germany, which also aroused unanimous opposition from the young officers.These officers who graduated from the Turkish Senior Military Academy have never forgotten it.In the most conspicuous places in the school, there is always a picture of a person hanging Ernst Alexson von Brahm The baron is known as the father of the new Turkish army.As a shield, the tank group passed the British defense line HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears at gas station smoothly, but things backfired.When the tank group split into three at the fork in the road, the flanks were completely exposed to the guns of the British and German troops.The British army let go of the leader.Several heavy tanks aimed their muzzles at the following tanks and personnel carriers.Romeo observed the marching process of the U.S.military with a high powered telescope Every department listens to my orders and waits for my orders.Romeo smiled and said, Steinman, are you ready Steinman came to co direct to be successful, does cbd gummy help fissures and Steinman is the most critical figure.We re at the scheduled location soon.Why, the fight is about to start Steinman s mouth curved.What do you think Fire Romeo gave an order, and all the firepower points of the British army opened fire almost at the same time.Wang Weiyi seemed a little helpless I will never cbn cbd gummies take any risks, maybe cbd thc gummies for pain shark tank smilz cbd gummies you will find a way to escape, maybe you will be rescued, our secrets will be leaked, so you can no longer live in this world.As for the Reaper , I think I will find a way to find this senior spy Ren smiled bitterly, maybe this is the end of an intelligence officer I beg you Allow me to kill myself.Ren gave up all his fantasies I am afraid of bullets passing through my body, please allow me to die without bleeding. I meet your request.Wang Weiyi nodded General Ren, from a personal point of view, I am really sorry for you, you have explained everything you know.But I still haven t let you go.But in terms of national interests, I have to do something against my will I can understand your feelings, Marshal.Ren didn t have much fear at this time If we change positions with each other.Another boring wait.Gormandel 40 attention, the voice of Major Pask, the commander of the 40th Assault Battalion, came from the airborne radio communicator Company A is responsible for clearing the hangar around the airport runway, and then covering Company B in the blue area H Clear the ada around the runway, c company search and destroy all targets in the airfield, d company clear the buildings around the runway.The brothers of the 45th commando battalion will cover you and guard the rear for us, over.Bozik Gently rest your head on the back of the chair.After an unknown amount of time, the fuselage suddenly jolted, shaking everyone in the cabin.Pozik nearly kissed the ceiling of the helicopter.What the hell is going on There was a fierce exchange of small arms fire from below, as well as dense explosions.One is to really want to make friends with you Things you won t do.The intention of Mr.Moyol is probably the latter.Berkeley took a deep breath, and then regained his composure Tell me, Mr.Moyol, what do you want me to do Ah, I have to think about this issue carefully.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly Said cbd gummy bears at gas station Usually in such a situation, I will threaten you to be my lackey and serve me unconditionally.When I am in a good mood, I will reward you with a bone, and when I am in a bad mood, I will give you a bone.Give your ass a hard kick.I want to be your otherworldly person, but unfortunately I can t, I m just a normal human being.Yes, I want you by my side I have a dog, a dog that can please me anytime and anywhere Berkeley was so dumbfounded that he had even forgotten his anger.He how long for cbd gummies to kick in cbd gummy bears at gas station has dealt with many people, all kinds of people, and he has seen arrogant guys before, but he swears that this is the first time he has seen someone like Moyol The great humiliation suffered cannot be expressed in words at all.I will give those people the most fatal blow.Robito, Berkeley, and Langtes walked in and out of Baron Alexon s temporary residence every day, constantly reporting the situation to the baron.They all had a common idea in their hearts after the victory of the revolution, Can get the unconditional support of the baron.This is what Wang Weiyi is very happy to see.A disjointed group with a large following can bring unimaginable benefits to itself.And people like Robito are proceeding according to their own ideas.July 28, 1966, sunny.Wang Weiyi walked out of his residence.He didn t let the car follow him, but walked silently on the streets of Paris alone.Today is a nice day.The sun shone warmly on his body, making people feel like they want to sleep.Fortunately, it is morning.Otherwise, I will find a place to squint my eyes for a while.I have to keep checking.Do those people really think that there will be enemy spies mixed in here Major, I can t help it.Wang cbd gummy bears at gas station Weiyi put away the documents To be honest, I don t want to do this trouble.You know, one inspection would at least waste my whole day.Major Schuster nodded sympathetically Hey, Major, the defense here is not too strong.Go After entering the factory, Wang Weiyi asked casually.Major Shuster shrugged What can I do Half an hour ago, the guerrillas attacked an American military camp in the suburbs.I heard that dozens of American soldiers were captured.This factory is far away from the military camp.Recently, shark tank smilz cbd gummies bradley cooper cbd gummies some of my soldiers were urgently sent there.Hey, Captain, I have to complain.This is not within the scope of my mission.My only mission is to protect this arsenal Who made those caught Americans Wang Weiyi sounded very helpless Listen to me, if it were dozens of British soldiers, I don t think they would be so nervous.He threw himself into the last reserve team in his hands, and even he himself appeared on the front line of the most intense.Can he be accused of anything No, you can t blame anything, on the contrary, every commander hopes to have such a brave subordinate.It s just that Colonel Enrique s bravery seems to be used in the wrong place today.Several positions of the 36th Brigade have been breached.The casualties of the whole brigade were cbd gummy bears at gas station extremely heavy.Especially after losing the protection in the air, those nasty enemy planes began to ravage their positions unscrupulously, and the entire position was wrapped in thick smoke and explosions.Things got really tough.But even in such a harsh environment, Colonel Enrique did not give up at all.He ordered the entire brigade to start shrinking its forces and concentrate on several important core positions.Not for anything else, just because the words of Baron Alexon are still ringing in the ears of each of them We have not won a real victory.Southampton is just an insignificant part of countless cruel and hard battles.The real victory is to plant our flag in London, let our soldiers walk into London with their heads held high, and then, with the most enthusiastic cheers, welcome our Queen to re enter the city that belongs to her Marshal Ernst, I think I should return the command of the troops to you now.When he saw Baron Alexon, Jonall said loudly.Wang Weiyi shook his head slowly No, General Jannar, you will continue to command the Central Assault Group.Each level of commander has his responsibilities and powers.I will not interfere with any commander at will.I command you, General Jonnel, Colonel Romeo, that the main force rest in Southampton for a day, leaving part of the troops to defend, and the rest marching to London Trucks, trains, all the forces at your disposal must be fully utilized Use it Yes, Your Excellency Marshal.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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