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Xiao Ling accepted this order, and did not forget to tell Wang Weiyi The progress of the machine s self reform and upgrade is 2.Wang Weiyi always feels that the upgrade of the Ziguang military base and There must be some kind of connection between himself, but he still couldn t figure out the relationship between them.Forget it, since you don t understand it, just forget it for now Wang Weiyi, who returned to the position, received the most cbd oil drops or gummies enthusiastic welcome from the soldiers of the third company.Hey, Ernst Hey, 3rd Company cheers echoed throughout the ranks.Lieutenant Ernst Brahm was the first in the third company to receive the first class Iron Cross, which is also a supreme honor for the entire third company.Seeing Hitler s envious eyes, Wang Weiyi smiled and told Hitler Sooner or later you will get it.Lieutenant Conker was a little whimsical.The person standing opposite him is the Rambler Wang Weiyi A walker who has received countless hell style trainings He nimbly avoided Lieutenant Conker s best stab, where can you buy cbd gummies for ed and then hit Lieutenant Conker s wrist hard, and the lieutenant s command knife fell to the ground.The frightened Conk only saw a figure flash, and then a bayonet was attached to his throat.Conk stood there stiffly.Who are you Lieutenant Conker asked with difficulty.My name is Ernst Brehm, lieutenant commander of the third company of the 16th Bavarian Infantry cbd for sleep gummies cbd gummy anxiety reddit Regiment Supplementary Battalion.You can also call me Wanderer Wang Weiyi know what that means.Walker Wang Weiyi Why is there such a strange name But he would never know why.The bayonet cut his throat little by little, and when the blood spattered wildly, Wang Weiyi let go of his hand.Come on, let us help you together.What You want to help me Wang Weiyi did not expect such a result at all.Manstein nodded solemnly Ernst, although your actions are too crazy, we can understand.The dignity of noble officers cannot be provoked, and I can t keep calm this time either.However, there are always several people around Pompestein, and the two of you alone can t do it.You need our help Take us, Captain Although Hitler s status is the lowest here, he still endured He couldn t help saying We will definitely provide support for you.A warm current surged cbd oil drops or gummies into cbd for sleep gummies cbd gummy anxiety reddit Wang Weiyi s heart.It s hard to imagine if you don t experience it yourself.The famous air emperor of the world, the Red Baron Richthofen, the future great marshal, the king of strategy, Manstein, one of the three famous German generals, and Adolf Hitler, the future head of the German Third Reich, She actually wants to help her to take revenge together What a luxurious lineup this is This is a luxurious lineup that can be handed down for generations Wang Weiyi even wondered if he was dreaming there now.Nicholas couldn t imagine why he would answer so simply.At this moment, a voice suddenly said I can prove that Baron Alexon has been staying in the manor.Nicholas looked there, and it was the butler Depsey.Depsey said very calmly Colonel, after Baron Alexon came, he and his Chinese friends, ah, and Fritz and Manfred You may ask me why HCMUSSH cbd oil drops or gummies I know, because I went to bring them coffee twice during this period, and I can confirm that I saw them both times.Unless they have the ability to halo cbd gummies 500mg kill people in such a short period of time, and then come back safe and sound.Depusey is equivalent to the spokesperson of the Countess, and his words are natures relief cbd gummies reviews absolutely trustworthy.But Nicholas still did not give up Pombestein was a little rude when he treated Baron Alexson s Chinese friend.I heard that He lives here now, can I go visit him and send him my apologies Can.Sergeant Spurrow, a military doctor, and Pastor Exon quickly came to the position to treat and pray for the seriously wounded.Lieutenant Colonel Rosen, who has become a prisoner, is not depressed at all.The battle is over.Although he failed, the burden on him can be removed.Instead, does eagle hemp cbd gummies really work he hastily bandaged and chatted with Captain Ernst about the war for a while.Captain.At this time, Sergeant Spro and Pastor Exon came over together.Sergeant Spro had a solemn expression Two are already dead, and the pastor prayed for them.Others are too seriously injured.We Lacking the necessary medical conditions, if they cannot receive timely treatment, it may be difficult for them to survive Poor people.Pastor Exon murmured They are still so young The battle is over, now it doesn t matter what happens to the country and the country, the pastor is completely thinking about the lives that are about to die.A little negligence, Richthofen s fighter plane will suffer catastrophe.But he believed in Richthofen just as much as August believed in himself.This madman like great pilot will definitely be able to complete this crazy plan The Red Baron made another forced landing Richthofen, who was sitting in the cabin, looked at the ground as if nothing had happened.To be honest, he didn t feel any nervousness in his heart.On the contrary, he also appreciated Ernst s plan to the extreme.How the hell did Ernst come up with this plan The red fighter plane finally landed on the ground, but it was still gliding forward terrifyingly.Richthofen desperately controlled the plane, and finally stopped the plane before cbd oil drops or gummies cbd gummies while breastfeeding it lost control.The red fighter plane stopped there steadily cbd oil drops or gummies like a faithful hound.It was so dangerous, I almost ran into the opposite side Richthofen saw Ernst and Crown Prince William, and he waved at them desperately.The two sides are currently in a state of confrontation, and no one is willing to take the initiative to initiate provocations.From the current point of view, the Battle of the Somme seems to have come HCMUSSH cbd oil drops or gummies to an end This battle has made a man famous Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm How many miracles did he create in this battle It s hard for anyone to figure it out.His name spread throughout the German army, the British army, the French army, and the entire Somme.The officers and soldiers of the supplementary battalion also felt lucky to have such an officer.The arrival of the rainy season makes life boring.A sharpshooter like Bon Crayley can still find some fun in hunting cbd oil drops or gummies enemies, but others will find it boring.The large scale offensive has basically stopped, the shelling has become sporadic, the planes have not seen each other for a long time, and the battlefield has fallen into a deathly silence.Wang Weiyi sighed I saved Lieutenant Colonel Rosen, but I didn t expect that Lieutenant Colonel Rosen would accomplish me in turn.As the old Chinese saying goes, where there is a cause, there is an effect, do you believe it When you really understand human emotions, maybe you won t be so cold and always mechanically execute what you say and do things After Wang Weiyi said these words, he felt a little funny, he actually expected a computer to have emotions I seem to understand a little bit and I feel your anger, and is it sadness Xiao Ling said suddenly, but this shocked Wang Weiyi.Did he hear wrong Xiao Ling could actually feel his anger This is understandable, and it can be judged from the way he speaks, but What about sadness Sad emotions are completely incomprehensible to computer programs Why Why did this happen Reminiscent of Xiao Ling once said that he would be bored , this is clearly a human emotion.

Wang Weiyi muttered to himself.Major, what should we do cbd oil drops or gummies Hitler, who was half dead, gasped and asked We were almost caught by the French, but fortunately Guderian had the police Ah, yes, I still I saw three tanks entering Lance, maybe they are preparing to reinforce the front line.Wang Weiyi smiled wryly, and the tanks had arrived.Moreover, after such a setback, Major De Sade will definitely not let it go.It has become even more difficult for him to lead his team members to leave buy cbd full spectrum gummies Lance safely.The truck stopped, and Okus poked his head out Major, it s not good news.We re out of gas.The team members got off the truck helplessly, and Steck and Bonkelilei closely monitored the cbd oil drops or gummies surroundings We won t be able to hide for long in Reims.Rommel frowned and said, The French must have launched a big manhunt in the whole city now Wang Weiyi thought for a while Fritz, you bring Some people go to reconnaissance to see if there is a chance to break through.Wang Weiyi smiled awkwardly.It is not easy to fool a computer with sophisticated calculations.However, I have prepared it for you.A little gift A gift Wang Weiyi was a little confused You have a computer to prepare a gift for me Xiaoling s answer made him even more surprised I know that you used the P18 submachine gun on the battlefield and asked Guo Yunfeng to bury it for you.This weapon appeared early and was used frequently, and it will be exposed sooner or later Now I can still find a way to cover it up for you, but if more and more people see the submachine gun, it will definitely spread the word.So to solve this problem, I invented a gun when you were talking about being bored and lonely You invented it Wang Weiyi s eyes widened Are you not afraid of breaking the track of history I invented it.Ellie When Na saw Wang Weiyi, her expression was a little special.Don t guess, she must be wondering what happened to Wang Weiyi and the countess during this period of time.Wang Weiyi didn t explain too much to her.We talked about it, and these team members are a little tongue tied.The mission is getting more difficult every time, and this time they have to go deep into Russia It s not the same as Lance, once surrounded by the Russians, it will be too difficult to get out The materials needed by Wang Weiyi have been prepared, and the three tanks have also been transported outside Berlin.Now we are waiting for when Wang Weiyi will set off.The next task was carefully assigned.Wang Weiyi s first unit was responsible for the main escort, Rommel and Manstein s units were responsible for the cover, and Guderian unified commanded the three tanks to implement the fire assault mission.And the offensive force we use on the front line is the 2nd Army under my command, a total of 15 divisions cbd oil drops or gummies of the German Army and the Austrian Army, and the 2nd and 10th Army of the Austro Hungarian Empire are assisting in our two wings Millions cbd oil drops or gummies martha stewart cbd gummies reviews of troops gathered here, and a large scale battle was imminent Wang Weiyi felt a little nervous.This was the largest battle he had personally participated in After briefly introducing the situation , Feng.General Bello said with a serious expression Colonel Ernst, you and your skeleton commando will be under my personal control as a d l combat force.Attack on Tolmezzo, the left wing of Plezzo, to directly threaten Plezzo The defense is to cut off the enemy s route to the north The Italian 33rd Infantry Division is defending there, equipped with artillery and mortars.Just relying cbd gummy anxiety reddit cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction on the 1,200 people of the Skeleton Commando is not enough.What Wang Weiyi has to do is to exchange the least casualties for the greatest victory.His subordinates are a little strange.Judging from the performance of Colonel Ernst, they seem to have expected that a big battle will break out in Udine.God knows why Colonel Ernst always knows in advance what will happen in the war Wang Weiyi even hired a large number of Udine locals to join in the renovation of the fortifications.He wanted to make Udine an iron wall.Most of those prisoners best cbd gummies for pain 2022 cbd oil drops or gummies of war were sent to the rear camps.Since the outbreak of the Caporetto battle, the German and Austrian troops transferred tens of thousands of prisoners, but a commando of more than 1,000 people could capture so many Captives are really rare.Some Italian soldiers stayed in Udine because of need, including Lieutenant Colonel Stino, who did not have time to escape, and he also became a prisoner of the Germans.After the British 92nd Infantry Division arrived, it did not launch an attack immediately, which also brought a rare calm on the battlefield.But everyone who participated in the battle knew that this was just a harbinger of the coming of a big storm.Soon, the sound of guns and guns will tear everything apart Sure enough, on December 28th, the war broke out again.Laurent received the artillery support he was waiting for.As soon as dozens of artillery arrived on the battlefield, they hurriedly launched shelling in the direction of the German army in Udine.The shells seemed to vent the anger of the British there, blowing up the battlefield with dust, and the people nearby couldn t hear what the other party was saying.Most of the time there is a skeleton commando supported by artillery fire, but this time you can t count on German artillery.I will let me My colleagues are so envious of you.Strange reporter, Steck approached and murmured in his heart that Beasley had a car, and he warmly invited the skeleton baron into his car, and Orcus replaced Langton as the driver.member.With the bumping of the car, Beasley suddenly asked I want to ask you a personal question, do you have someone you love Wang Weiyi was silent for a while, and then nodded silently.Beasley suddenly became excited Ah, Mr.Baron, I know cbd for sleep gummies cbd gummy anxiety reddit this is your personal , but I still can t help but want to report it.Will you allow me to do so Wang Weiyi smiled Well, it s nothing shameful.What s that lucky girl s name Where is she now Well, I think it s in the papers, and it s sure to make a lot of girls envious.You have to I know that there are many admirers of you in the United States.

Wang Weiyi s eyes lit up, but Xiaoling said quickly, But you have to be quick if you want to do it.These weapons and ammunition will be taken away tomorrow morning.It s done, I got it.Wang Weiyi returned to the position without any hesitation, and thought for a while Long Yin, Meng Zi hesitated Li Lu, you also Let s go to Ouyang Yu together, and be in charge of commanding the positions, I want to take them to do some things.He called the selected soldiers to his side, and there were twenty two soldiers in total.After carefully talking about his plan, the expressions of the soldiers changed a little.The captain is really a little bold, isn t it that 22 people want to do such a big thing R himself is fierce in war, but he is not invulnerable.Wang Weiyi said lightly If there is a large scale war, it will be difficult for us to win the war cbd oil drops or gummies martha stewart cbd gummies reviews in a short period of time, but in the situation, we can win by concentrating our firepower.267.The German consultant is in Sanhuqiao.This is an unexpected result. Neikou Infantry Battalion was defeated by a group of remnants despite having an absolute advantage in artillery fire.The news of the death of the captain Neikou Yansi shocked the battlefield.Where did such a force come from After defeating the Neikou Infantry Brigade, Wang Weiyi quickly divided his troops to support the 26th Division of Li Zhaizhichuan Army.It was day, and the 26th Division of the Sichuan Army went on and on, fighting bloody battles.Relying on the weapons supported by Wang Weiyi, they persisted hard, cbd and thc gummies but were violently killed by Japanese artillery and tanks, and the position was in jeopardy.But under such circumstances, the officers and soldiers of the 26th Division of the Sichuan Army worked together as one and fought hard.Zhang Sandao was confused, what do you mean Wang Weiyi laughed Zhang Sandao, call me Mr.Moyol after you get out Murderer, Wang Weiyi Kobayakawa Hongyi, chief of staff of the 5th Brigade of the 3rd Division of R ben, looked at the so familiar one on the wall, With such an eye cbd oil drops or gummies martha stewart cbd gummies reviews catching blood red name, his face twisted together.Wang Weiyi Wang Weiyi Wang Weiyi, his son killing enemy He didn t leave yet, and continued to kill three of his soldiers right under his nose Search, search Kobayakawa Hongyi roared angrily Sound Wang Weiyi for me He s here If you catch him, you must catch him To avenge my dear son Your Excellency Chief of Staff, something happened at Chizhi University.A German was injured, and our military police are dealing with it.German Kobayakawa Hongyi was startled Go there immediately.And Guo Yunfeng continued to lie on the ground, with the muzzle still facing the front The two Japanese struggled to cbd gummy anxiety reddit cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction get out of the truck, but before they could stand still, all the bullets from the submachine gun had already landed on them.Gaten Hideyori with blood all over his face.At this time the mind is still clear.He got out of the cab and kept crawling on the ground But at this moment, a ghostly bullet penetrated his thigh The scream, in the Garten show Words came from Lai s mouth At this time, Guo Yunfeng stood up slowly Check, kill all R himself Wang Weiyi ordered coldly, and walked to Jiateng By Xiu Lai s side.It s you Hideyori Gato recognized that this person is the British Baron who appeared with Toshio Aoki Wang Weiyi cracked his mouth and smiled, and said in the most proficient Japanese It s me.Wang Weiyi left the Wittgenstein Manor, and there are more things waiting for him.However, when he called Xiao Ling to help him, Xiao Ling told him Since you have met so many old friends, don t you want to see another person Who Wang Weiyi was curious.Remember that Russian Desimov in Paris, France Xiao Ling said, and Wang Weiyi immediately thought of Desimov.In Paris that year, he helped a lot.Thinking of this, Wang Weiyi asked Why, Desimov is also in the United States No, he died.Dead Yes, in 933, Desimov was attacked by another group of Russians.Assassinated, his family, only his son Sarah Kasanovic Desimov survived.Those Russian gangsters are looking for him everywhere, Kasanovic has nowhere to go, but ran to the United States, now In New York, life is very unsatisfactory, but his personality is just like his father s.They have also been in China for a while, and have heard many stories about the relationship between China and Japan.Therefore, the word punishment became a word on their lips.These daring Germans used good cooperation to keep advancing forward, and Wang Weiyi, who was advancing with them, seemed to be their spiritual pillar.Under such a strong impact, the Ueno detachment, which was gathering, had already become somewhat disorganized.The trucks and chariots of the Huben Guard Brigade ran wild among the Japanese army like wild horses running wild.The machine gun roared chug , grenades and best cbd gummies for pain 2022 cbd oil drops or gummies grenades were thrown indiscriminately.The countless scattered combat groups continued to divide the Ueno detachment with ferocious assaults, making their efforts to regroup come to naught again and again.Not for the purpose of annihilation Rip them apart, crush them The firepower used by these Chinese soldiers is really too powerful, especially after they broke into the enemy s formation, the soldiers of the Chinese and Japanese armies have been strangled together, and the advantages of the Japanese army s tactical and individual quality here have been greatly reduced Weakened, and even the situation they have created now is fighting independently, completely lacking a unified command.Guo Yunfeng looked up to the sky and smiled Brothers, father and mother, I, Guo Yunfeng, also have a wife Have you seen it, where can I find such a good wife He tranquil leaf cbd gummies reviews said He said firmly, Daughter in law, wait for me.Sooner or later, I will come to your dream to find you Brother promise you His feet slowly left the little machine Brothers, with you Here, our country cannot perish The day of the counterattack will come sooner or later Take back Shanghai, take back the Northeast Brothers, I, Guo Yunfeng, please After speaking, he suddenly lifted his foot from the mine and said Boom There was an explosion, and then the smoke filled the air.Si Dao Zhang Sandao fell to his knees on the ground with a plop sound Si Dao, I m sorry for you, I should be the one who died Si Dao My brother Fu Yu looked at Look, no matter what, she is already the daughter in law of the Guo family.

It is not comparable to those young Soviet tankers who are full of enthusiasm The Tiger began to quickly withdraw to one kilometer behind the battlefield.Just as the T34 was also pursuing at full speed, 19 anti tank guns appeared This is a very fatal blow Those young Soviet tankers never thought about why the German army suddenly retreated without showing defeat, nor did they expect that there were still 19 anti tank guns hidden here After a burst of gunfire, more than a dozen T34 tanks were paralyzed there, and at this time the Tiger tank that was feinting to retreat was thrown into the battlefield again Weidmann s Tiger tank was hidden behind a hill.A Soviet T34 recklessly broke into his firing range, and the Tiger tank fired and hit him immediately.The engine cover at the back of the car was full of Soviet infantrymen who were blown to pieces.Wang Weiyi was the first to jump out of the tank.When he saw the two Soviet soldiers in the two T34s appearing desperately, the charge in his hand quickly swept out the flames.The corpses of the Soviet tankers were hung on the tanks Tank battles turned into hand to hand combat with tankers, which is very rare in any battle.All kinds of weapons were used.At this time, there were still two Tigers that did not join in the hand to hand combat.They were tanks commanded by Weidmann and Philipson.They picked a great location from the start The shells were fired one after another, and those T34s that fell behind completely became the targets of these two Tigers.And T34, who realized that the situation was wrong, was unable to rush through the severely blocked battlefield at all.One T34 after another exploded and caught fire, and the wreckage of tanks could be seen everywhere on the battlefield.Bread cbd oil drops or gummies is much more useful than bayonets in many cases The words of Baron Alexon echoed in the minds of countless Germans.The voice of the wine cbd gummy anxiety reddit cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction cbd oil drops or gummies bottle shouted Down with Germany, long live the French movement In an instant, the French in the restaurant were terrified Here, there are two German officials sitting there The major put down the knife and fork in his hand Sir, you are drunk, please leave.Damn German The drunk cbd oil drops or gummies obviously drank too much.He stared at the German military officer with blood red eyes I want to fight you Long live the French movement The cbd for sleep gummies cbd gummy anxiety reddit major shook his head Please get him out, okay A waiter came over Hey , sir Suddenly, the drunk man slammed the wine bottle in his hand at the waiter, and then pulled up a nearby lady, and then took out a sharp knife and pointed it at the lady s neck Long live the French movement Stunned, the whole restaurant was completely stunned The lady even let out an exclamation, and her whole body trembled, Sir, it is impolite to treat a lady in this way.Xiao Ling didn t find out the reason, and it seems that only Model himself can answer.But such a representative general, others do not know, how could Wang Weiyi not know This is like a treasure, and it must not be stained with dust forever.In the second stage of the Kharkov counterattack, Model will inevitably explode with energy that surprises everyone Four hundred and thirty nine.breakout Kolkorok was no longer able to stop the German attack.Under the strong attack of the German army, the Soviet army in the two directions of Oleska and Chuerminsk, the first and second positions have fallen into the hands of the German army in just a few days, and its core positions have become vulnerable to fall at any time.The reinforcements couldn t see the shadow at all.Now the only thing Kolkorok could do was beg.Hi, I m Kantelski, and this is my ID.Wang Weiyi did not know how many times he took out his ID.The man took a brief look I am Hodwig, the chief of the Second Division of the Anti Corrective War Committee.What are you doing here, Comrade Colonel I was ordered by Marshal Timoshenko to investigate him.I have a question about an officer.Wang Weiyi immediately said You can call to confirm.He was not worried at garden of life cbd gummies reviews cbd oil drops or gummies all, no matter who Hodwig called, Xiaoling would take care of it.Sure enough, Hodwig was calling After a phone call, his face became more polite Comrade Colonel, please come to my office.Okay, Comrade Hodwich.Walking towards the office, Wang Weiyi asked casually Just now What s the matter with that major.It s just a coward.Hodevich pushed open the door of his office During the Demyansk annihilation battle, he abandoned his position and ran back to Moscow, where we caught him Execution by shooting, there is no doubt about it.Mrs.Hermione and Mrs.Leonie heard that you are in the United States , I can t wait to see you.Will you go to Washington this time Yes.Wang Weiyi nodded I will go to Washington when I finish my business here.Tell Hermione and Leo Ni, don t worry about me.Yes, Baron.Wang Weiyi s big plan has officially opened from now on Four hundred and seventy one.The fate of the United States Wang Weiyi s grand plan has already begun, and this is just the first step.This will be a project that will take several months to complete.Wang Weiyi has already chosen his spokesperson in New York smart, bold, and adventurous Elliott Every step in this plan is interlocking, and there must be no problems in any link.And when Wang Weiyi started to implement his plan, the top leaders of the United States were already in chaos President Roosevelt, the FBI, and the Army Intelligence Agency.Are you saying this could happen of course.Wang Weiyi said as if garden of life cbd gummies reviews cbd oil drops or gummies nothing had happened But using this period of time, Britain has gained a respite.It can rearm its army and regain your assistance.The French government in exile can also find opportunities again Let Germany concentrate all its forces Wouldn t it be a good decision to deal with Russia instead of Britain What about Turkey Does Germany have a reasonable explanation for the Turkish incident Of course, for our strategic purposes.Wang Weiyi didn t seem to want to hide anything at all We have to own Turkey, and then attack Russia on two sides from there.The British were just involved in the inappropriate place and at the inappropriate time President Roosevelt is still Playing with the pipe in his hand What about America I would like to invite you to convey to England Germany s peace offer, a secret peace.

Wang Weiyi let go of his hand covering his mouth, and the wounded Egyptian was finally able to wail in pain, but his head was quickly blocked by Elena s revolver Sir, no matter how painful you are, don t make a sound.Come on, if I think your voice is too loud, I will shoot, I promise Wang Weiyi cbd oil drops or gummies smiled at Elena, and then turned his face to the Egyptian in front of him again Speak , I need to know all.Now, how dare the Egyptians hide anything Queen Farida sent us here, and we are the guards in the palace.Queen Farida Wang Weiyi was a little puzzled Why did the queen send you to me She asked us to steal a necklacea necklace with a ruby in it Wang Weiyi suddenly realized, this is the necklace he won at the gambling table, right From this point of view, Queen Farida s gambling style is really bad.In another period of history, it was because Colonel Fels was arrested that his identity was exposed that the German African Army was sent.And some of the deadly intelligence of the German high level fell into the hands of the Allied forces.Since then, the African cbd oil drops or gummies Legion has been passively beaten everywhere in Africa.Now that Colonel Fels is still in Cairo, we must try to rescue him.If necessary, he even had to be beaten to death When he was thinking about finding an opportunity to leave the ball, a maid suddenly came to Wang Weiyi s side Baron Andrew, Your Majesty has something to discuss with Wang Weiyi.Can you spare some time to come Of course.Wang Weiyi knew why the queen wanted to find him He quietly left the ball and followed the maid to a very hidden place in the palace.It s really very hidden.Cairo was covered in blood from morning to night.However, the British still failed to capture the leaders of the uprising, General Canlemu and Colonel Tamusta.General Kanlemu has always been under the strict protection of Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng, constantly sending information to the outside world.On several occasions they too had been in danger, and General Canlemu s prestige in Cairo was quickly manifested.When those Egyptians knew that the person captured by the British was General Canlemu, they all joined the ranks of protecting him regardless of their own safety This is what annoys the British the most Not only the British, but also the armies of the Commonwealth countries best cbd gummies for pain 2022 cbd oil drops or gummies also saw the imminent failure.At this time, they had to think for themselves.Is there any need to continue fighting to the death for Egypt The sacrifice was too greatFrom the beginning of the German offensive in Africa, the Allies suffered the greatest lossesAustralians, New Zealanders, Irishmen certainly.Rommel wrinkled dissatisfied Frown I don t understand what garden of life cbd gummies reviews cbd oil drops or gummies to keep such a person.Ernst, get rid of him, otherwise he will always be a threat.Do you really think he is a threat Wang Weiyi was strange at this time cbd for sleep gummies cbd gummy anxiety reddit He laughed Yes, he does have a certain prestige in Egypt, but he is a political idiot.He doesn t know how to hide his thoughts, not only offended Germany, but will soon offend all the people around him, For example, Canlemu or FaroukI really can t think of such a person, what s so scary, on the contrary, it provides us with an opportunity.Several German officials glanced at each other, and they I don t think there is any opportunity in this Major Vatel, closely monitor every move of Tammusta and the Egyptian officer corps.Wang Weiyi said calmly.Yes, Marshal.Erwin, the appointment of Berlin has been issued.So, Lawson Heaton was going to pass the news through this water pipe.One night, Lawson Heaton found a small wooden stick and tapped the water pipe regularly, just as he would tap the keyboard on a transmitter.But after several knocks, there was no response downstairs.But he was not discouraged, and repeated this action, and continued to knock.Finally there was an echo downstairs.Lawson Heaton, knowing that telegraphers have a professional sensitivity to long and short taps, decided to play a telegraph game with Holmes.I m Lawson Heaton, please answer Lawson Heaton sent a message to Holmes in Morse code.I m Holmes, I m Holmes Holmes replied downstairs.Lawson Heaton was very excited.He raised his wooden stick and continued to send the report Notify London immediately, I cbd oil drops or gummies have been arrested, all infiltrators have been detained, and the radio station is in the hands of the Germans Incredible Yes, the information passed through the hands of Holmes and spread to London seven times and eight times.And what is even more regrettable is that Tamusta has joined a British plan to overthrow what are the best cbd gummies for adults the existing Egyptian government Kanlemu did not believe that Tamusta would do such a thing Things are coming.Indeed, Tamusta has a big disagreement with himself now.He is a big Egyptist and refuses to cooperate with any foreign forces.He will definitely not come together with the British, and he will not even want to What overthrows the existing Egyptian government.There is only one possibility.Tamusta s previous words and deeds have aroused the anger of the Germans, and the Germans are ready to take action against their former subordinate Colonel, I suggest a more kangaroo cbd watermelon gummies 750 mg careful investigation Canlemu decided to excuse Ta Musta as much as possible It s hard for me to believe that Ta Musta would do such a thing No, no, Mr.Yes, I understand, but I m still worried about the stubborn de Gaulle.De Gaulle Don t worry, this man will be handled by me Six forty.Viscount from France After the outbreak of the war, Britain has been isolated from the European continent.During cbd oil drops or gummies this time, thousands of men and women crossed the German blockade and across the Channel to the safety of Britain.Some were fleeing for their lives because, because of their race or political ideology, they would be sentenced if caught by the Gestapo others were bullied and disaffected youths waiting for an opportunity to take revenge and organize resistance in Britain Others were RAF personnel and other British military personnel who remained in Dunkirk, and still others were German intelligence agents who had mixed in with the refugees.Where there is a will, there is a way.

If If I am not mistaken, General Tasotsky is about to break out in the direction of the east There are many civilians and even women in their ranks, and they are carrying a lot of materials and radio stations.I don t think they will be moving very fast.Where s the armed forces How many armed forces do they have Myristel hurriedly asked.Tsky thought for a moment I didn t see it very carefully, I think there was about one company etc.Weidman interrupted him Is he your front line cbd for sleep gummies cbd gummy anxiety reddit supreme commander with only one company around him Yes. Tsky nodded When your general offensive started, our troops were completely disrupted.I heard that even the commander of the 191st Division died in the chaos, so it is relax cbd gummies review not unusual for General Tasotsky to have only one company However, if you count the civilian staff around him, the number is about Seven to eight hundred people Myristel pulled Weidmann aside Hey.It was the Mauristel commando.Mauristel did not expect the pursuit to be so smooth, the enemy retreated It s cbd oil drops or gummies going to be so slow.Ah, the intelligence of Lutsky is completely correct.The enemy s troops carry such a large number of non combatants.From this point of view, the enemy s commander is still worthy of admiration.After all, it has reached this point At that time, he still didn t give up on any of them Commanders who don t give up on their subordinates are always worthy of respect.However, respect is one thing, how to eliminate them is another.Myristel didn t hesitate too much, and cbd gummies flavor immediately directed the team to attack.But after all, there are nearly 800 people on the opposite side, and they are extremely strict.What s more, among these Russians, there are cbd oil drops or gummies martha stewart cbd gummies reviews staff officers In addition to the others, there are also a large number of political workers.In my impression Hey, four swords, what is Vasilevsky s growth How It s been so many years, how can I remember it Guo Yunfeng couldn t help muttering.Now, the Soviet army has completed the siege, but the skeleton baron didn t think about how to get out of the crisis as soon as possible, and actually recalled the appearance of others.What the hell was going through his head all day, wanderer Wang Weiyi was actually extremely nervous at this time.The siege of Vasilevsky put the Central Assault Group into an extremely dangerous situation, and it may be wiped out anytime, anywhere.In this sense, Vasilevsky succeeded.However, just as Wang Weiyi told his soldier Stella before.Dom said the same Of course we will encounter difficulties, we may be strongly blocked by the enemy, we may be surrounded, just like in Demyansk, but what is there What kind of troops will not encounter To these Worse things have happened to meBut.When that time really comes, even if the Russians want to run, they will have nowhere to go However, your safety, Marshal The thing to consider now is not my safety, but the victory of the entire war Wang Weiyi s tone is unquestionable Even if I and the entire Central Assault Group are completely annihilated, the main cbd oil drops or gummies cbd oil drops or gummies force of the Russians in cbd gummy bears effects Stalingrad will be finished here What I want is the final victory.Not personal life and death In an instant, all the German generals finally understood Baron Alexon s true intentions.In fact, from cbd gummy anxiety reddit the first minute when he reached the Terek River, Wang Weiyi no longer cared about his own life or death.He knew that even if he really died here, the final victory would definitely belong to the Ernst battle group Stalingrad will eventually fall into the hands of Germany.The spider continues to be violent and asks for a monthly ticket 680.Marshal Ernst s promise.The disastrous defeat of the Soviet Army s 56th Army and 81st Armored Army did not fundamentally change the situation on the battlefield.Although The two troops were completely defeated by the German offensive, which had a great impact on the psychology of the Soviet army although the respected Dawa Mirsky seemed helpless under the German attack, the Soviet command The members were greatly shocked, but the huge Soviet attack group will never stop its offensive pace.After eliminating the people he hated, Voroshilov finally decided to perform well on the battlefield On March 18, the Soviet army used the 24th, 28th, and 39th armies to attack the huge force of the 5th army, and launched the most powerful attack on the German army since the battle of the Terek River.Wang Weiyi seemed very satisfied However, I don t particularly care about these.Once my outside troops launch a general offensive, the Germans will be out of the Terek River Army.They will be completely surrounded by us, and they will have nowhere to escape, so our mission here will be completed Seeing that Ike opened his mouth, he seemed to want to say something else.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly General Ike, I will not leave you.Yesterday, I heard a song sung by a soldier named Stella Dom before he died.I remember two lines very clearly, If my youth is gone, I will not leave regrets.I also don t want to leave any regrets on this battlefield General Ike understands, he knows.No force can pull Marshal Ernst away from the battlefield The situation of the battle on the Terek River was gathered in the hands of Vasilevsky every minute and every second.What about people What about people What about the 117 soldiers where are they The head of the regiment shook his body, looked left and right, and suddenly saw his subordinates Corpses were lying on the ground one after another, and his subordinates were all dead.The melatonin vs cbd gummies regiment leader smiled bitterly, a regiment, a whole regiment Now, he was the only one left He hated the German planes, but the reason for his hatred was why the planes didn t blow him up, but made himself endure such pain.He picked up a stick of sand, straightened his military uniform, and then shouted Comrades, for the Soviet go A lonely charge a charge of one person This is just an cbd oil drops or gummies martha stewart cbd gummies reviews abbreviation for the entire 210th Infantry DivisionEvery unit is experiencing the same thingSome of their companies and battalions were all killed, and the heavy casualties are unbearable to witness.

Let the rest of the Ukrainians in the village mistakenly think that these Caucasians were all shot by the Ministry of Internal Affairs In fact, these Caucasians were escorted by the Germans to the other side of the battle line.The remaining Soviet soldiers were mainly from Ukraine.Major Truchin Lieutenant Fulksam severely reprimanded them for their wavering emotions and ordered them to board the truck, ready to be escorted to McKemp to send these people Court Martial.Fulksam and his detachment disguised as troops of the Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs escorted these Soviet soldiers all the way to the security force headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in McKemp.The responsibilities of the security forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Soviet Union were that the nkvd troops were subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Soviet Union.September 16, 1943 at 1 26 am.Stalin committed suicide in the Kremlin.At that time, there was only one person accompanying him Lavrenti Pavlovich Beria.Beria watched Stalin die cbd oil drops or gummies with his own eyes.He originally wanted to bury Stalin s body, but it was too late in time.In the end, Beria used a pistol raced into the mouth.ended his own life.His body lay next to Stalin s Actually.Stalin had other options, such as surrender, but he knew very well that even if he could barely save his life, those people would not let him go.For example, Marshal Timoshenko, and those who have been persecuted by him Instead of suffering endless humiliation from them, it is better to end all this in the fastest way.Pain, sometimes just for a moment.Anyway.Stalin has gone through the last part of his life September 16, 1943, at 6 00 in the morning.He tried his best to force a smile, but he didn t realize that it made his expression look even more terrifying.Only he knows the true content of the letter. Decius quickly made a confident expression, for fear that something wrong would offend his commander.Gaius ignored Daekius and turned to Lukia s slave, who was already trembling with fear.Do you have anything else to say Gaius tried to slow down his tone.No more, my lord.Lukia s son pondered for a long time, and said in words Well, go back to your people and tell her I already know the situation of my son , I hope he will not suffer from another potentially fatal disease, because I am very worried about his health Do you remember my words Don t worry, I have engraved it in my mind Lukia His personal slave understands.Well, Decius, you go back to the summer camp with him, remember you have to take someone to escort him, and you can t come back until he reaches the first station On the road between the military commander s tent and the soldier s tent again There was a sound of horseshoes, and from then on, Gaius shut himself in the handsome HCMUSSH cbd oil drops or gummies tent.Under the sunlight that leaked through the gaps in the clouds, the Roman phalanx looked extremely mighty.The neatly arranged shields make the entire formation look extremely thick, and the bronze helmets reflect the color of the metal, like the waves of the ocean the stars shine on the tips of the spears.As if to pierce the thick clouds above their heads from time to time there was a flash of lightning in the formation, which was the terrible light of the Roman short sword.Contrary to the practice of Roman commanders, Gaius walked at the front of the phalanx.He looked contemptuously at the rout soldiers running past him, and soon came to the foot of the mountain, where he stopped and looked up the mountain intently.Go The little advantage that the Germans had in the charge just now gradually disappeared, as the Celtics retreated step by step.Otherwise, it is difficult to say whether this punishment battle will be carried out.But in any case, at least Caesar is clear about one thing, he cannot stay in Gaul forever.Otherwise, his influence in Rome will continue to decline.Caesar can still remember the happiness that the supreme consul brought him.If there is no term limit, Caesar is willing to keep doing it. Seeing Ernst riding a horse not far away, Caesar, who was in a good mood, asked him to be called into his carriage My friend, what do you think of my legion Although I have seen many Roman troops , but this is the first time I have seen such a powerful army.Wang Weiyi flattered I believe that under your command, those barbarians will soon surrender.I accept your compliment, my Friends.Caesar smiled and said, I think, this time I won t let them go so easily, I have to kill a thousand people and nail them all to the rack to shock them, you probably still No idea, after suppressing the riot of the mob Spartacus, I personally killed a hundred of those who participated in the riot, and then nailed them to a stake that meant shame This is actually Caesar putting gold on his own face, including Gaius saying that he followed Caesar to quell the cbd oil drops or gummies martha stewart cbd gummies reviews Spartacus uprising before, which is exactly the same.However, they will never be able to be together Really, such a brave warrior doesn t have his own wife Shisia felt a little unbelievable, and then she suddenly said Then, let me be the wife.Your temporary wife.What Guo Yunfeng thought he heard it wrong.However, before he could react, a fiery body had already pounced on him, and then.A pair of hot lips pressed up heavily Well, the enthusiasm and initiative of these Germanian women is completely unmatched by those Roman women.Once she falls in love with you.Then they don t care who should take the initiative.Xi Xiya s whole body was hung on Guo Yunfeng s body, her cbd oil drops or gummies hands and feet were tightly wrapped around this man like an octopus, her plump and sexy body kept rubbing and wriggling on Guo Yunfeng s body, her lips were almost there Kissing Guo Yunfeng fervently.Now, in their eyes, it has become a weapon more feared than a sword Retreat, retreat Kaleini gave such an order in a hoarse voice.He was a good best cbd gummies for pain 2022 cbd oil drops or gummies general, and it was clear that, under such a terrible attack from the barbarians.I don t have any chance at all.Continuing to let the soldiers attack will only bring them greater losses.After the order to retreat was issued, the Romans ran out of this terrible battlefield in defeat, and even the wounded soldiers did not care at all The Germanians also looked at the scene in front of them in astonishment.They couldn t imagine that they defeated the invincible Romans so easily cbd for sleep gummies cbd gummy anxiety reddit Crazy cheers rang out among the Germanians, and they released their inner ecstasy to their heart HCMUSSH cbd oil drops or gummies s content.Alexon Alexon Alexon Suddenly, someone made such a voice.Alexon Alexon Alexon More and more people joined in the cheers.

The requirement for ammunition is a bit high, although it is only some stones.For the appearance of the trebuchet, the Romans were not prepared.Germanic The Asians were also unprepared.Although Xiaoling provided us with such weapons, she couldn t guarantee enough ammunition.I ve seen that the ammunition we can store can at most defeat the Romans.Two attacks.I believe that not only we know this, but Kaiser will soon find out.Richthofen nodded.The cbd oil drops or gummies initial appearance of new weapons on the battlefield can indeed bring great lethality and shock, but the enemy will soon find a solution.Also, ammunition is indeed a concern.Relying only on a new weapon, you may be able to win at the beginning, but you will never be able to win the final victory Ernst obviously noticed this in advance.I hope the reinforcements can arrive as soon as possible.When winter comes, the cold Freeze all the wine in the tank and completely seal the wide Danube River, thus opening the door for the barbaric tribes who came to burn, kill and loot Krasicius recited the verses in The Lamentations with a sad tone, This is written by Ovid who never pays attention to his own doom It seems that he will no longer sing cheerful love poems.If the glass can be filled with good wine every day, and the house is always full of sincere friends.What more could I ask of the living gods Listening to the cbd oil drops or gummies conversation of his guests, Servius stared at the wine glass from Alexandria in his hand, and the Campania wine in the glass was particularly charming in this precious vessel.His words caused a burst of praise from the guests.Speaking of fine wine.Generous Servius, you don t mean to feed us with wine When do we have a meeting I can already smell the tempting aroma coming from the kitchen.Many people came to his place, offered a glass of wine to Spurius , said a few words, and then invited him to be a guest at a convenient time.The gates of Spurius will always be open.Wang Weiyi smiled and agreed to them one by cbd oil drops or gummies one.He knew very well that there were several types of people who were most popular in Rome powerful officials, generals who had won battles, or rich people like himself. Among them, the poet Krasicius seemed to be particularly interested in Wang Weiyi, and he kept saying some irrelevant words beside Wang Weiyi, and kept asking Wang Weiyi if he had heard this poem or that poem.Poetry is too difficult cbd for sleep gummies cbd gummy anxiety reddit for Wang Weiyi to understand, especially the poetry of ancient Rome, what is in it is simply a bible for Wang Weiyi.But despite seeing that Spulius didn t understand poetry at all, Krasicius showed no displeasure.Now the whole of Rome is talking about this kind of thing, everyone is questioning me, asking me to come up with a solution, but what can I do Spurius, is there anything you can do puur cbd gummies 250mg reviews to help me out I shouldn t be involved in such a thing, but your sadness makes me feel sad Wang Weiyi pretended to think about it there The most important thing at present is to stabilize Rome immediately.We must let the Roman citizens know that the failure on the front line is not your responsibility Pompey was startled for a moment What do you mean The closest to the barbarians, besides Centumalus, is Caesar.Wang Weiyi smiled When the 15th Legion did not arrive, Caesar suffered failures again and again, which largely aroused the confidence of the barbarians.And I also learned from some sources that after the arrival of Centumarus, Caesar was very uncooperative.The ownership of this house will belong to Governor Caesar Natis said coldly Mrs.Singroa, when the sun rises tomorrow.You must leave here.You cannot take this place away Anything you own, including your slaves, is a sacred right granted to creditors by Roman law But where do you want me to go Singoloa cried out cbd oil drops or gummies martha stewart cbd gummies reviews sadly.This has nothing to do with me Natis eyes suddenly fell on Singoloa s neck Ah, there is also this necklace, it can be worth a lot of money, and it also belongs to Governor Caesar.Now please take it off immediately.No Singroa covered the necklace around his neck at once This is my private property. You and Centumalus are husband and wife, and his debts should be borne by you as a matter of course.Natis said mercilessly If you don t want to take it off yourself, then I can only help you take it off yourself.When you give an order, you know when to pull the first trigger.12 American soldiers, a total of 12 people, were killed by them in the blink of an eye Which gteen roads cbd gummy bears unit did they belong to Cherus once Having seen the training of the Brandenburg commando with his own eyes, he can be sure that even the best commandos in the Brandenburg commando are definitely not their opponents.They are a group of real killing machines We will spend the night here Wang Weiyi lit a cigarette Raise your spirits, my friends Tomorrow, American tanks will appear in front of Americans.The whole day s running around has made several people a little tired.Especially before that, Cherus, who was interrogated by the cia almost every day, fell asleep early.But at this time, Wang Weiyi started talking with Xiaoling communication Xiao Ling, we now have an m60.It was an impressive scream.All the American soldiers in the two heavy machine gun positions fell down amidst the explosions.All the commandos stand up at the same time in such a blast Raid broke out at this moment They rushed in ferociously, and all the weapons in their hands made a clamor of revenge at the same time.And the grenade in his hand kept throwing and falling, amidst the constant rumbling sound, the massacre of blood and fire took place here.Those American soldiers who had fallen asleep were instantly killed by fragments caused summer valley cbd gummies price by the explosion of bullets or grenades.Richthofen, who had seized a heavy machine gun, began to let the heavy machine gun let out a ferocious roar, and the bullets shot and killed the enemies who ran out in a hurry.It was the most horrific scene, the one that Americans who survived would never forget.

We have set a goal and will Will fight till death Only the mad masses are tame.The masses are blind and stupid.The masses are like a woman who can do whatever she wants.Of course we can t learn from them Only for my people Only useful treaties are effective.No one can take away our honor.For the German people, we must fight for 15 20 years.On the wall, such notes were pasted all over, cbd oil drops or gummies and everything written on the notes was repeated by Wang Weiyi.Familiar, but who said this Adolf Hitler And at the top of the note is the largest one, with these words written in bold on it When danger befalls Germany, I will come back That s what he once said Ernst Alexson.von Brahm Moreover, he also saw that what he said in the German military parade was posted here But if someone insists on carrying the war to the end, Germany will not flinch in the slightest.Yes, Steward Joseph, you should revive 365 cbd gummies reviews also rest earlier.Watching Krazer leave, Joseph s eyes finally turned red.His eyes fell on the sky, and behind the clouds, he seemed to see his friends.They re all gone, never to come back, and left here alone.Whenever it was late at night, he always felt so lonely, and always missed his friends so much best cbd gummies for pain 2022 cbd oil drops or gummies He sighed, his eyes fell from the sky.He looked into the manor again.Ah, in the darkness cbd oil drops or gummies of the night came Butler VidelioHere came Butler DempseyLady Elena cameThat s the beautiful Count Leonie Madame I have never seen those two beautiful beauties Look, I am hallucinating again, I am always hallucinating Suddenly, Joseph s whole body It s all frozen there what s that hallucination No, why do I think it s real No, no, hallucination, it must be hallucination It is absolutely impossible for all of them to appear here God, I must have missed them so much, that s why the hallucinations feel so real Joseph, look what you ve made of do cbd gummies for sleep work this place The Butler Vidlio in Joseph s hallucination was annoyed Pointing to the surroundings, he shouted How cbd oil drops or gummies should the baron live when he comes back Is this still a nobleman s manor Ah, I really regret it.God, are all German officers so lawless now Whatever you worry about, come here This Fels must have been sent by Kroll.Some good feelings towards Fels just now disappeared without a trace.Hart went all HCMUSSH cbd oil drops or gummies out General, yes, I did what you said.But Kloll has stepped down and become a cbd oil drops or gummies public enemy of Germany, and Buschmann is one of Kloll s dogs.He tried to run away.Berlin, you still want to pass through my defense zone.Everything I do is what I think is necessary.Even if you are punished because of me Of course you will be punished.Fels said coldly Buschmann did not Not on the list of thirty seven people declared guilty of treason, he is still a German general, and you, as a junior officer, openly beat and attempted to shoot a general, which is not allowed.Originally you captured Bushman , can cbd gummy anxiety reddit cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction be promoted to captain, but it was canceled because of your reckless behavior.Although Michael and his wife are the heads of the Hohenzollern family and descendants of the former German emperor, Wang Weiyi is theoretically their subordinate, but at this moment, the status of the two parties has undergone earth shaking changes.Wang Weiyi is the real leader of Germany.But this does not seem to be a barrier that affects each other s conversations.Wang Weiyi asked, Dian At the outbreak of World War II.After the baron returned for the first time, he had exchanged telegrams with his father many times to send greetings to each other, and he had also heard countless times about the baron s glorious legend from his father.Especially that time, he and Marshal Richthofen risked their lives to rescue their father.Your Highness, this place is very dangerous.Please follow me to a safe place.No one can give them an answer.In the major counterattack launched by the German army on December 23, the German army killed and injured more than 3,700 people under Colonel Marshall of the Allied forces, and captured more than 6,300 people under Brigadier General Joel.The unlucky French general Joel was not supposed to be a prisoner.He had every chance to leave this cursed battlefield, but he was used as a sacrifice.General Garden ordered him and his troops to take on the heavy responsibility of attacking the German army Ruoer faithfully performed this duty, so his tragedy began Under strong impact.Although his troops suffered heavy casualties, they still had a chance to retreat, but cbd oil drops or gummies unfortunately.A German commando suddenly appeared behind him.That was the Brandenburg commando commanded by Colonel Heisenberg himself.North Africa and Manstein merged with Riedel and commanded them to launch a large scale counterattack against the enemy.When I leave, will you take on the heavy responsibility of defending Berlin to prevent the retaliatory counterattack of the Allied forces The British guests were taken aback, and Rosen hurriedly asked, Your Excellency the Baron, are you leaving Berlin Yes.That s a very long road, and no one can know what will happen on the road.Rosen said worriedly Aren t you afraid of encountering allied forces Wang Weiyi smiled, his British friends will never know that he can reach any corner of the world anytime and anywhere Rosen, my dear friend, please don t worry about me, the enemy can t catch me.I can assure you of one thing.Of course, I will also be extra careful on the road to make sure I don t have any problems.However, the bullets on the side of the wooden shed are getting denser and denser, and the soldiers are unable to lift their heads under the weight of the m2 heavy machine gun.And the m2 is heavy The chirping sound of the machine guns made them uncomfortable.Sergeant Kramm followed Sergeant Nord s plan and led the men slowly towards the wooden shed in the trench.They rushed to the side of the wooden shed and headed a few Then, Sergeant Crumb jumped out of the trench and fired a burst of bullets at a machine gun, killing the machine gunner best cbd gummies for pain 2022 cbd oil drops or gummies inside instantly.Brothers Get in here A corporal rushed out of the trench with two South African soldiers.Within a few seconds, someone inside took over and fired again.These South African soldiers were beaten to death without any preparation.Fall back into the trenches.

Slater knew that because those words brought up their sad meeting, the bombardment of artillery formations, and the massacre of cavalry cost the German army a lot comrades.Those friends who lived and studied together in the barracks were massacred by the enemy that day.The anger in the hearts of the German soldiers would transform him into their firm determination to fight to the end.Eight hundred garden of life cbd gummies reviews cbd oil drops or gummies and ninety three.Fabaman s street fighting The encirclement troops will arrive soon, some of them were attacked by the French and Saudi Arabian cavalry troops on the road, and suffered some losses, but not serious, our encirclement plan will be completed soon Ernst, how is your situation there After resuming Manstein s phone call, the Marshal of the German Empire briefed him on the situation, and then quickly asked with concern.Soldier, it depends on what kind of belief you have.If you think you can win, then the goddess of victory must be smiling at you.But , if you don t have such confidence, then I will feel very sorry, maybe you will be the first person to die on the battlefield. Ah, I see.The soldiers immediately understood what Marshal Ernst meant No matter what, I will fight with you to the end.I believe we can defeat those Yankees.At this time, Second Lieutenant Eric and his companions who were fighting with Marshal Ernst encountered Here comes some trouble.They were ordered to block the enemy s attack at the Faberman Tractor Factory, but at this time the U.S.military had already launched the most violent attack on the tractor factory Second Lieutenant Eric and the others were only about half a kilometer away from the arsenal.And more importantly, Americans cannot imitate.A genius commander like you can t appear just because he wants to.Manstein smiled Wang Weiyi is not wrong.Since the Second World War, a large number of German genius commanders have emerged, such as Manstein.For example, Rommel, such as Guderian.They seem to be born for this battlefield, born for war.Especially Fritz Erich von Manstein, whether it is the Germans themselves, or cbd oil drops or gummies the British and French, all agree that he is the commander with the strongest commanding ability among all army commanders in the world.Regarding the command of the army, even Wang Weiyi felt ashamed in front of Manstein.A grenade exploded nearby.Interrupting the conversation between the two marshals, Manstein frowned General Heilimann, does the copd serenity cbd gummies scenery here attract you Ah, Marshal, I don t quite understand what you mean.Solomon followed his gesture and saw that the upstairs door had been opened a crack.He goes upstairs.Slowly push the door open.The shutters in the room were tightly closed, and there was a tall and thin man standing by the table, whose face could not be seen clearly in the darkness.Good morning, Solomon, the other said.The voice sounded familiar to Solomon.At this time, the other party opened the shutter a little.Solomon recognized each other, garden of life cbd gummies reviews cbd oil drops or gummies but he was not at all happy.Macklin, it s you, Solomon said coldly.Howard.McLean was a junior officer in the CIA.As far as Solomon knew, the man had at least two sources of income.over the years.He has been deftly maneuvering between the CIA and the secret service of MI6, even after the British royal family fled.Benefit from two aspects at the same time.At the beginning of the war, they lost their fighters, and they garden of life cbd gummies reviews cbd oil drops or gummies were forced to take part in brutal positional warfare as ordinary infantry.And now.They don t need to have such a helpless mood anymore The pilots are constantly pulling up and diving, and every time they pull up and dive.Accompanying them is the famous Stuka Song from the pilot s mouth.That s the battle song of the Luftwaffe, which has been on the battlefield since the beginning of the Second World War Many blackbirds fly over the fields and seas, and where they appear, the enemy flees.They can suddenly rush straight out of the sky to the bombing target.Drive the noble claws hard into the heart of the enemy.We are the black hussars of the sky.Stuka.Stuka.Stuka Always ready, if an order calls us.Stuka, Stuka, Stuka We swoop down from the sky and attack.Saint Ernst Major General Jeckart, the commander of the Army Junior Division, called out loudly.Saint Ernst All the officers and soldiers of the Army Junior Division raised their right arms straightly and called loudly and frantically.I have to apologize to you.Unexpectedly, Ernst.Marshal Bram bowed deeply to them, and then straightened up War is a bloody game among adults, and you should not be involved.You should be in school now, with your own Classmates together.Or should be at home, with your parents.But our military resources are insufficient, so we have to use you.Children, I know you are the bravest Germans, the most loyal German soldiers, but not here Belongs to you After finishing speaking, he said word by word in a shocking manner Now, I order, the Army Junior Division, to disband There was silence around, even though the enemy s artillery was still bombing, it was still a strange silence.However, out of contempt and distrust for the cbd oil drops or gummies Italian army, Lieutenant General Corrett never used it after HCMUSSH cbd oil drops or gummies the battle broke out.troops.However, the current situation is completely unreasonable, and Lieutenant General Corrett had to activate the Italian Akmote Armored Division.When receiving the order, the Italian general Taziwona was a little complacent.These arrogant Yankees always think how great they are.Now, should they finally bow their heads to the Italians Show them what the Italians are really capable of General Taziwona s courage is commendable, but he overlooked a small problem the combat effectiveness and determination of the troops.When General Taziwona gave the battle order, the Italian officers and soldiers of the Akmote Armored Division were playing a game that is popular all over the world and is also the favorite game of Italians football This is a tradition of the division.

This is already in Wang Weiyi s prediction.Wang Weiyi personally connected Colonel Hayeraf s phone call.On the phone, he agreed to all the conditions proposed by Colonel Hayeraf and promoted him to major general on the spot.Colonel Heyelaf no, Major General Heyelaf didn t have any hesitation anymore.At 1 am on the 21st, the 330th Infantry Regiment of the Russian 21st Armored Army defected on the battlefield.And under the order of the German Command, he cooperated with the German troops overnight to launch a night attack on the 47th Armored Regiment, his former friendly army.A sudden situation.The 47th Armored Regiment was in a mess, and Colonel Tolimasov, who commanded this unit, immediately made a decision that was crucial to his future Surrender Since Colonel Hayelav can surrender, why can t he surrender Who wants to spend their life still here In just a few hours, two Russian troops surrendered at the same time When the news cbd oil drops or gummies reached General Nestasrov s ears, the Russian lieutenant general almost collapsed What he couldn t think of was why such jgo cbd gummies a thing would happen under his own strict battlefield discipline What he couldn t figure out even more was, didn t those officers who surrendered respect the honor of soldiers at all His troops suffered heavy casualties during the day yesterday, and two relatively complete troops surrendered at night.One step after another, De Gro watched as the French finally came within rifle range.He felt the slight nervousness of the soldiers around him, and the current situation had already told him.He has been surrounded, just like the captives they surrounded, there are only two choices or passive to death.Or fight to the death.Another landmine was triggered.Degro looked at do cbd gummies help with tinnitus the advancing cbd oil drops or gummies French army from a distance.He felt his heart was twitching.At this moment, he had no fear, only regret, and wished he could kill more Russians.sigh.He carefully took out the pocket watch hanging around his neck, opened it gently, and there was a photo on one side of the pocket watch.That was his most beloved wife, and it was a pity that he recalled the happy time he had with his wife.It was the Russians in front of them who took it all away.You know, most of my wealth is stored in the United States, especially the batch of precious cultural relics and artworks.He anxiously got in touch with his son Ilya, and to his relief, Ilya proudly told him that he had already sold out all the stocks and house contracts in his hand before the disaster happened, so instead of being affected in any way, on the contrary Also earn a lot of money.Only then did Gregory feel relieved.He felt that he had not believed in the wrong son.His son was indeed a rare genius in business Since his property in the United States not only did not suffer losses, but also had a substantial profit.increase, then he will have the confidence to continue to do whatever he wants in Russia Armenia s oil exploration is also very exciting.A large amount of oil was successfully extracted in the shortest time, which means a steady stream of wealth It is rolling into the hands of Gregory Not only these, but also things that make him happy.He and his companions were taken to a dark basement.Hello, I m Capone.suddenly.Someone knocked on the window.Colonel Chernak Boch looked angrily, but his facial muscles froze there.Several people held submachine guns in their hands, and the muzzle of the submachine gun was already aimed at them Colonel Chernak Boch could never have imagined that as a hunter himself, But became the target of hunting.He and his companions were taken to a dark basement.Hello, I m Capone.suddenly.Someone knocked on the window.Colonel Chernak Boch looked angrily, but his facial muscles froze there.Several people held submachine guns in their hands, and the muzzle of the submachine gun was already aimed at them Colonel Chernak Boch could never have imagined that as a hunter himself, But became the target of hunting.S.over whether to continue the war.President William rejected all opinions and firmly supported the war to continue, but How long can he last Westmoreland, the commander in chief of the Allied Forces in Germany, was ordered to achieve a large scale victory in a short period of time.To boost the morale of the United States and the Allies, however, full spectrum cbd gummies australia this is not easy to do Arrived.Originally.Victory was within easy reach of the Allied forces Too many changes have taken place these days The Skeleton Division, the Great German Regiment, etc.The strength of the troops that participated in the battle of Berlin at the beginning has been greatly supplemented Rommel continued The materials secretly transported by the United States and Europe have also been deployed to these troops.We expect Launch a major offensive against the Allies before mid July Before he finished speaking, Guderian hurried in Ernst, Adolf.From now on, the British army will withdraw to the city, and we will be responsible for the cover.This cbd for sleep gummies cbd gummy anxiety reddit counterattack, the tank opened the way, and the infantry cbd oil drops or gummies cbd oil drops or gummies followed.The destination is at the fork in the road.When the time comes, they will form a circular formation and follow my command uniformly, understand clear The Germans shouted in unison again.Boom, boom, boom There was a huge explosion from the British positions at the three intersections.Flames soared into the sky.Debris of bunkers and weapons rushed into the sky, and the three way intersection carefully constructed by the British army The line of defense was wiped out under the hands of the British army The British infantry boarded a small number of personnel carriers and tanks and began to slowly withdraw to the urban area.Since this place is not far from the urban area, the British army only needs to march for 20 minutes to reach it.A team of American tanks and two teams of infantry quickly appeared in the sight of the German army.They advanced forward in where to buy eagle cbd gummies a standard coordinated formation of infantry and tanks.They advanced slowly and swayed to the corner.The tank paused.Then increased the horsepower and rushed to the corner, and rushed through the corner with the excellent speed of a light tank.Dang bang as soon as the tank rushed through the corner, it slammed into the anti tank obstacle arranged by the German army at the corner, broke the track immediately, and best cbd gummies for pain 2022 cbd oil drops or gummies collapsed at the corner.Boom A shell from the assault gun turned the tank into a fireball, and as a result, the entire US army was blocked.Fire.A faint sentence represented the beginning of a retaliatory massacre.Boom power health cbd gummies boom boom three rockets flew out of the window, directly hitting the top armor of the tank, and three US tanks exploded on the spot.

Those artillerymen fired randomly and smashed the shells at the position aimlessly, trying to stop the terrible attack of the Germans in this way However, such bombardment does not seem to be No substantive results could cbd hemp gummies hemp bombs be achieved They had no way to stop the continuous and powerful advance of German tanks As for the infantry, their situation was even more embarrassing Those soldiers huddled in their positions, constantly enduring shells and machine gun bullets whizzing past their headsUnder the stern urging of the officer, they reluctantly threw themselves into the counterattack Letting a group of soldiers on the battlefield for the first time to deal with the enemy s elite assault group is not a very wise choice But cbd gummy anxiety reddit cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction what better way could you cbd oil drops or gummies have Major General Ellington The fight lasted less than twenty minutes.They must ensure that the entire landing force can land smoothly to the designated location.Undisturbed by enemy artillery fire.But in fact, the landing troops were almost on the shore, and the enemy did not move at all.The gunship sent back a message that there was HCMUSSH cbd oil drops or gummies nothing here, and the bombing of the planes and the shelling of the navy turned the entire target city upside down.No moving objects can be seen on the ground, everything is finished, the landing area is absolutely safe If that s the case, I ll buy those pilots drinks Gawyn muttered.Chris beside him turned around and said, You think I HCMUSSH cbd oil drops or gummies don t want to After hearing the conversation of the soldiers in the cabin.The co pilot turned around and asked, Then cbd oil drops or gummies if that s not the case, I have to buy you a drink Must Lieutenant Pozik said to the pilots in the cab, causing some people to chuckle.The two of them walked through most of the base to the temporary position of Company D.Walking into the temporary position, they found the position of row A and unloaded their weapons and equipment.Sergeant Orison came over New here Sally Bird hadn t spoken yet, but Aklit stood up, straightened his back, and saluted the most standard military salute with all his strength Private Class Aklit.Rockier came to report Arklit s roar alarmed the others on the ground.They stopped what they were doing.They looked at Aklit in silence, effects of cbd gummies and then burst out laughing.Ha The military police are here to check You fought crazy, boy Don t be so serious.Boy, said Orison, laughing, it s not a war.In addition, you must never salute soldiers with higher ranks than you in the future.yes Olison shook well being cbd gummies stop smoking reviews his head, walked away with a smile.Moreover, the contact between them also died in that bombing.Berkeley believes that no one in the world can know this matter except himself.But now Mr.Moyol has said it If you can find a way to make up relax gummies cbd strnegth for it by selling weapons to the German resistance organization privately, then releasing important German spies is enough to put yourself on the gallows Mr.Moyol, how do you know these things Berkeley tried his garden of life cbd gummies reviews cbd oil drops or gummies best to calm himself down What is the purpose of cbd oil drops or gummies your coming to Paris What is the purpose of you telling me this Wang Weiyi shrugged Don t worry, I m just here to make friends with you.For Berkeley, this sentence was actually what he was most afraid of hearing One thousand thirty four.A dog I m only here to befriend you.When Mr.Moyol said this, Berkeley tensed up.Once someone says this to you, there are only two purposes.Eric didn t run very far, because he suddenly discovered that his sniper rifle was out of bullets, and the only bullets he had just shot out, and the food on his body was also eaten, so he had to kill one or two people quietly.He was a chaser and seized supplies from the enemy, otherwise he would not be able to escape the clutches of the US military, but this wrong decision almost killed him.Eric is really a bold person.Not only did he not escape far away, he even lurked on a dense cbd for sleep gummies cbd gummy anxiety reddit spruce tree.He hid in the tall branches and leaves, and waited patiently for the group to wait for the U.S.military to come.The search line was very sparse before he began order pure cbd gummies to make up his mind to attack a lone American soldier in order to obtain supplies.An American soldier with a musket in his arms happened to come under this tree.Moyol had promised him before.Then what are we waiting for Someone shouted again Sign the agreement immediately, no matter what demands our respected Mr.Wittgenstein and his lion make, for our future, I suggest that everyone immediately Accept Yes, immediately accept all the demands made by Mr.Wittgenstein One thousand thirty eight.A cbd oil drops or gummies request to cbd oil drops or gummies the Prime Minister of France Accept Mr.Wittgenstein s request immediately The board of directors of the French Dewey Bank unanimously adopted this suggestion.It was good news that Parisian high society hadn t heard for a long time.For a period of time, there have always been countless worrying things that have troubled them, such as the riots of the humble civilians, the constant wave of protests, the sluggish economy, and what made them even more troubled was the collapse of the US financial market.62mm armor piercing bullets are loaded into the chamber.That breath is getting stronger and stronger, and the pressure on Eric is getting bigger and bigger.He could feel, no, he was sure, it was him, the ghost.It was him who mercilessly took the lives of his friend Billy and eight other comrades in arms.The blazing fire was burning in Eric s heart, and it was time for revenge.A vague black figure loomed over the path of the distant forest.Eric was about to pick up the sniper rifle, but before he aimed it, the black shadow flashed and disappeared.Eric Met is a master, a real master.Only an extremely good sniper has such an instinctive reaction.He must have also smelled the danger and knew of Eric s existence.Eric felt inexplicably excited, and the more expert he was, the more fighting spirit he felt.

The whole scene became eerily quiet One thousand fifty.There was a horrible bang , that was the sound of bullets shooting, and then, everyone saw that Avako s body in the barracks of the 1st National Guard Division barracks froze there, shaking for a while, and then He fell heavily to the ground.The scene became deadly silent.Everyone saw this happen with their own eyes, and everyone couldn t believe what they saw.They saw Avako fell heavily to the ground, they saw Avako struggling in a pool of blood, but no one could help him.Gradually, his body stopped struggling.He was dead Avaco, one of the leaders of the Paris Revolution, was dead.The scene was still terrifyingly quiet, so quiet that it was almost impossible to breathe, it seemed that even the air had been frozen, and everyone knew that in such quiet, the most terrifying thing was about to erupt Lieutenant General Enova also knew it was over.With a clang , the bullet passed by and hit the earth and rocks behind him.Second Lieutenant Hiram, who had barely survived, ran away to arieyl cbd gummies avoid the cbd oil drops or gummies gunfire of the helicopter.Quick Go into the forest Lausman, who threw out his rifle and saved the life of Second Lieutenant Hiram, shouted and waved vigorously at Second Lieutenant Hiram.At this time, Second Lieutenant Hiram didn t want to go into the mountain forest to find a bunker.But the short tens of meters away from the mountain forest made him It was difficult to move an inch at all.The flexible helicopter above his head fired at him with machine guns and heavy machine guns in the cabin, forcing him to make non stop tactical movements to evade.The lurkers in the forest launched a chase.Armed helicopters are the nemesis of infantry, and it is difficult to survive if they are stared at.The three gunships never found this grove, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable The bodyguards and federal agents tried their best, but despite the guerrillas numbers, they still couldn t get close to it.The three armed helicopters that were raging then left the scene.Less than ten minutes.Reinforcements finally showed up.The appearance of tanks and armored vehicles in the British Army eased the tense situation at once.Those guerrillas saw the regular army and quickly withdrew from the battlefield.President Fenton is finally out of danger The tragic attack, which killed 28 and wounded 51, was the most horrific encounter since the establishment of the Fenton government.So much so that when the Fenton government reappeared in the cemetery under the protection of the army, its face was full of sadness and anger.Although there is no delicious food in the barracks, I don t think you can refuse.Ah, I have a military meeting in a while.During this time I will let my adjutant Major Barack accompanied you to take a look in the barracks.Major Barack was called in, obviously he had heard of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, and after General Gendra left, the major enthusiastically accompanied him Lieutenant Colonel Moyol left the office together.Our military strength has always been the one I m most proud of While walking in the barracks, Wang Weiyi said Of course, the British also have their strengths, that is, their intelligence work is still good.Sometimes they have information that even we don t know.Yes, no one can deny this.Major Barack said with a smile But cbd 100 pure gummies what s the point Now it is an American who is in charge of intelligence and intelligence work.Brown asks questions, for the sake of our children and families For the sake of our children and families this sentence made everyone completely quiet Brown was very aware of his responsibility.At this moment, he decided not to regard himself as a reporter completely.Bobby, please tell me honestly, are the hostages in Castri Academy safe Is anyone injured or even dying The hostages in Castri College are all very safe nowprovided that the police don t launch a new attack Bobby said quickly Except for someone who took some There are no problems with minor injuries and hostages.Of course, some people with relatively weak constitutions have some physical problems, but as I said just now, the problems are not very serious.Ladies and gentlemen, we are cbd oil drops or gummies indeed some black people, and we are indeed engaged in a so called riot in your eyes, but we are not executioners, and we do not want to give back to the white people the suffering that the white people once imposed on us Although the person standing in front of me was a black man, his words reassured everyone Mr.After the incident subsides, my fx cbd gummies at amazon partners and I are also willing to accept the court trial, all the responsibilities will be borne by us, and we will not regret it, because we did what we should do for the fairness of all black people in the United States , even if we are sentenced to hang, we have nothing to regret.Ladies and gentlemen, I think that s what a black man wants to tell you Bobby s words made every white person present feel a huge shock One thousand and eighty nine.I have a dream Black Panther Party leader Bobby s words still caused great shock in everyone s mind Everyone is aware of the experience of black people in the United States, but most of them are not willing to face it directly.Only when cbd oil drops or gummies things really happen, they will cause some reflection in their hearts.But there is this It is often too late for this kind of reflection.Negotiable, I will fulfill my duty as a mayor of the United States of America to use firm means to cbd oil drops or gummies destroy our enemies.Ladies and gentlemen, we have sent them the food and medicine they need.But we The hostages are not known at all.Perhaps some of the hostages have been killed.We can t be sure.The only way we can be sure is to rush into Castri College, capture the rioters, and then take your family from Kasli.Safely rescued from Sri College As your mayor, I can also make a solemn promise to you that I will rescue every hostage.I will let every hostage return to your Beside you.The crowd was completely silent, and to be honest, they don t know what to do now Mr.Huey.Mr.Bobby, it looks like the police are ready to launch a general attack.Naderman, the commander of the Brandenburg Commando, came in front of the two leaders of the Black Panther Party I must I would like to remind you that with the current situation of Castri College, it is impossible to stop such an all out blow.

I will lead all the latent personnel here to carry out long term resistance, all for the glory of the United States In fact, the best candidate for both Lieutenant Colonel Mills and Colonel Jade is probably Lieutenant Colonel Moyol Although the qualifications of this lieutenant colonel in the UK cannot be compared with theirs, But the brilliance he displays is completely reassuring the most important factor is that leading all the Lurkers is dangerous but equally powerful.Whether it is to let the FBI or the CIA lead these lurkers, the other party is unwilling, and at this time Lieutenant Colonel Moyol has become their best and only choice The initiative of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol lifted the spirits of Mills and Jed Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, thank you for your bravery, we cbd gummy anxiety reddit cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction will provide you with all the support you need in all aspects.Don Tanner lowered his voice There are no reinforcements, and all reinforcements have been captured by the enemy and guerrillas.It s contained.Colonel Depra was stunned.No reinforcements No reinforcements Damn it, there are no reinforcements So many soldiers are still persisting in such a passive situation because they still have a little fantasy in their hearts, thinking that as long as they persist a little longer, reinforcements will come, but now they have heard HCMUSSH cbd oil drops or gummies this from General Don Tanner.news.How does this make me talk to those soldiers who are still fighting bloody battles How did this make me face those el lay cbd gummies subordinates cbd oil drops or gummies who fought to the end Colonel Depra, please keep calm.Don Tanner sighed Actually, General Frank and his troops are the last reinforcements we can get.But the fighting enthusiasm of the soldiers cannot be suppressed because of this.They lost a large number of armored vehicles in just one morning of attack.The casualties of the soldiers were even more shocking.The air attack was the main factor that caused all this.The Allied air force seemed to have lost the courage to appear in the sky on a large scale after the Battle of Southampton.hard fight.General Denardo asked London for adequate air support several times, but each time he got almost the same answer London was also being bombed.Allied air support was woefully inadequate.Damn it, this cbd for sleep gummies cbd gummy anxiety reddit made General Denardo very angry, and now he is the one who is desperately fighting on the front line.And those damned Americans, can t even satisfy their own little requirements He would not blame the Fenton government at all.He knew that President Fenton and Prime Minister Wilkins were in an embarrassing situation.The Axis attack, dominated by the German army, seemed so violent and rapid, devastating the Allied forces like a storm.Their attacks again and again shook the Allied defenses, and their uninterrupted bombing kept the spirits of the Allied officers cbd oil drops or gummies and soldiers in a state of high cbd for sleep gummies cbd gummy anxiety reddit tension.He didn t know when the war would end.For him, all he was doing now was nothing more than delaying the incident and fulfilling the duties that a soldier should perform.Maybe the enemy will appear in front of him in the next minute, but who will pay attention to it He still has some hope.Although the support forces of the Allied forces have been trapped on various battlefields, in Milton Keynes, cbd oil drops or gummies the British army commanded by General Vincent has not been attacked.Moreover, Milton Keynes is so close to London, as long as General Vincent moves faster, he can become a new force on the battlefield.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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