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beside him.Probationary period, so you can t work as a police officer for cbd cbg gummies do cbd gummies interact with other meds a few days Director Wang, why do you think so Others don t do cbd gummies interact with other meds know about your police, but I don t know The old man put the erhu aside and turned Picking up a big teacup, he said in an old fashioned way You cbd gummies 30 mg used to be called Pian er Police, but now you have changed your name.You are called Community Police, which is in name only.Relying on the masses and doing community work are important to say, but not to do.Anyway, I have been I ve never seen a Pian er policeman before. Yeah, I remember what you said, Director Wang, there used to be a Pian er policeman named Wei who came to our 527 factory every two days.He was tall and pockmarked.I haven t seen him since. That s Wei Qingliang you re talking about, he was an officer in the security department of a cotton spinning factory, he was transferred from the military to a cadre, and later he was transferred to be a policeman by the Public Security Reconstruction Agency.Before she met my uncle, her life I really can t live on, the house is dilapidated, Jiang Xiaolan and Jiang Xiaofang dress like beggars. Your aunt is not very hardworking After my uncle married her, he didn t enjoy a day of happiness, and he farmed at home during the busy season , go to the construction site to do small jobs during the slack, and come back at night to do laundry, cooking, and housework.He built the current house, and Jiang Xiaolan and Jiang Xiaofang were brought up by him.They paid more than a hundred thousand yuan to let them get married.As a result, when my aunt was sick, the family had no money, so they didn t ask, and they didn t even go to the hospital.My uncle had no choice but to go back to his hometown to manage Borrowing from brothers and sisters.Mom doesn t care, let alone stepfather My uncle s illness is not an incurable disease, recipes for cbd gummies do cbd gummies interact with other meds colon cancer, which can be cured with an operation, or because I have no money, I m too embarrassed to ask my brothers and sisters in my hometown.I couldn t find it until 3 o clock in the afternoon.Searching any further would be useless.Just when Han Chaoyang was about to withdraw his troops, the Xinyuan Street Police Station finally got news.Sister Chen, the child is found.Where did you find it The parent was too careless, what if he couldn t find it, as a woman, as the mother of the child, Chen Xiujuan really had lingering fears.Han Chaoyang climbed into the patrol car, leaned on the steering wheel with one hand and slowly drove towards the south gate of Factory 527, and held up the police notification in the other hand It turns out that the little guy thinks the little car pushed by the cleaner is fun, so he got into the car.The car was locked in the utility room, and the little guy fell asleep again in a daze.It was not until the people from the Xinyuan Street Police Station and the hospital security department confirmed that the little guy hadn t left the hospital, and organized forces to carefully search for dead corners in the hospital, and opened the utility room to find the still The little guy who is sleeping soundly.Back out of the room.As soon as I got to the downstairs door, I saw a few more police cars coming.The five police cars in the station all went to the west of the city.The masses always think that the police like to use public cars for private use.Han Chaoyang doesn t know if this is the case in the agency, and the other police stations don t have Han Chaoyang.use does cbd gummies help with pain cbd wellness gummies case.With such a large jurisdiction and such a large population, five police cars are simply not enough cbd cbg gummies do cbd gummies interact with other meds to handle public security cases and criminal cases of low value and not very serious nature within the jurisdiction, as well as 110 reception.Therefore, many policemen use the community police electric vehicles distributed by the sub bureau to go to the police.In case of an emergency, the police car is not there or even private car for public use , and they drive their own car to handle the case.It s okay, young people put work first.By the way, when you bring up work, I have some clues about what you asked me to inquire about.You should do your work first, and I ll talk cbd cbg gummies do cbd gummies interact with other meds to you when I come tomorrow night.What he inquired about has a clue Han Chaoyang regained his energy all of a sudden, and hurriedly said Director Wang, you always said that work should be the most important thing.I ll go over right away and bring my piano.Now that I have time, I know you will come.Factory Manager Wang made sly faces with Aunt Yu and the others, and said with a smug smile Then hurry up, we ll start right away.All right, all right, three minutes at most.Driving to Yanhe Park in a patrol car, Han Chaoyang was surprised by everything in front of him.The old men and cbd 5mg gummy women didn t sing and dance as usual.We have handled more than 20 cases.We only have 13 law enforcement officers, and we are too busy just accepting complaints, let alone other work.If you are busy and tired, the public opinion does not understand us.For example, the masses complained about someone occupying the road.Affecting traffic, for example, if the masses complain about someone s open air barbecue causing smog, you do cbd gummies interact with other meds can t ignore it.If you don t care, the masses will complain to us.But there is a risk if you manage it.Now people are not even afraid of your police, can they be afraid of us Often encounter violent resistance to the law In the last month alone, we were violently resisting the law 12 times, and 13 people including me were injured to varying degrees.Understood, it s really not easy for you.Han Chaoyang nodded with empathy.The night snacks of the participants are all managed by the working group, and all the money spent is included in the funds for land acquisition and relocation.Director Su took out his mobile phone to check the time, got up and said, Director Cai, sit down for a while, I ll go and talk to Director Gu and Director Weng.I ll also inform Captain Xia Tang and Manager Jin.Go ahead, don t worry about it.Me.I went downstairs to inform the participants that the action was delayed, and just after talking to do cbd gummies interact with other meds Lao Jin, Guo Xinyi and Chen Jie, who were supposed to be on duty in the police station, ran over, and Guo Xinyi said expectantly Han University, let us also participate Well, Hong Liang and Lao Xu are the most experienced in interrogating outsiders, and asking HCMUSSH do cbd gummies interact with other meds them HCMUSSH do cbd gummies interact with other meds to type on the keyboard to compare their ID cards is really overkill.Wang Bing has seen that suspicious looking guy.Have you ever seen him He doesn t know him when he stands in front of you.Obey the order and don t play childish temper.Why don t you let them change There is no end, obey the order and listen Command Okay.The young man had no choice but to put do cbd gummies interact with other meds down his equipment and jump out of the car angrily, and ran to the small east exit.After a while, Wang Bing, the team member who found do cbd gummies interact with other meds the suspicious person, arrived.Without Han Chaoyang s order, he led everyone to the third courtyard in Luxi tacitly.Li Xiaobin didn t need Han Chaoyang to say more, he didn t follow, but drove the patrol car around to the back row to prevent suspicious people from jumping out of the window and running from behind.Director Cai, Director Gu and others who were checking the ID card at the intersection just now also realized that there was a situation here.

Come Gu Changsheng s roar Come down, come down for me, we saw you, you can t escape Everyone ran out to take a look, only to see Director Cai and others shining do cbd gummies interact with other meds their flashlights on the roof.Seeing no one, Han Chaoyang searched for the location of the stairs, and heard Gu Changsheng shout Han Da, I ve got you, you bastard really knows how to hide, but you actually ran up to the roof.Be honest and see your feet clearly.Han Chaoyang was overjoyed.As soon as he ran into the living room, he saw Gu Changsheng and Xiaoqian escorting a thin young man down the stairs.It s not so much holding, it s better to say holding.He was so frightened that he was shaking like chaff, his head was sweating profusely, his face was pale, let alone walking, he might sale 10 cbd gummies cbd not even be able to stand firmly.Seeing that the do cbd gummies interact with other meds police are afraid of being like this, they have definitely done nothing good, and they are definitely not good people.A good start is half the success, as long as someone admits the punishment, the next work will be done.The villagers stopped commotion, and one by one were dejectedly thinking about how much blood would be spilled this time, and the yard became silent.The most worried thing does cbd gummies help with pain cbd wellness gummies did not happen, and Han Chaoyang, who was in charge of maintaining order at the scene, finally let go of his breath.Seeing that the well connected village cadre Xie Jun also had a gloomy face, Han Chaoyang realized that his rented house had not been registered, and the tenants who rented his green roads cbd gummy bears house probably did not report to the community.Just as he was about to go over and quietly ask how much his family would be fined according to the previous penalty standard, Director Cai hurried over with his mobile phone in his hand, and whispered in his ear Xiao Han, the do cbd gummies interact with other meds district leaders, the city housing management bureau leaders and The media reporters will be here right away.Okay, okay, I ll call him, and you have to hurry up.There are not many opportunities to show your face in front of the branch leaders, Guan Xiyuan is both excited and a little bit disappointed, thinking that he should go upstairs to report just now.But this thought just passed by, thinking of the current situation of the leader, he leaned on the steering wheel and asked Chaoyang, did you see Liu Suo and the instructor upstairs.No.Aren t you in the instructor s office All In the conference room, Han Chaoyang scratched his neck and said in a do cbd gummies interact with other meds bad mood, I took a peek and saw Xu Suo and Gu Suo, who seemed to be writing inspections, and Secretary Guo watched them write.Writing inspections Maybe it s writing materials.The leaders of the office are all writing inspections, maybe this is just the beginning, Guan Xiyuan glanced back at him Chaoyang, listen to my brother s advice, find Secretary Tong, and quickly transfer Let s go.Generally, they will be released on bail pending trial.And such suspects are generally sentenced to probation by courts.You don t have to sit in jail for a day, and those people think he s doing a favor, and the money is willing. It s that simple It s been verified, it s that simple, and it has nothing to do with the police.It can t be said that it doesn t matter at all.After all, he didn t manage it well.He took advantage of this loophole and caused bad influence.The policeman Lao Hu who led his prevention and control team, the deputy director Gu who was in charge of the prevention and control team, including Liu Suo and the instructors all seemed to be Everyone should be responsible for the leadership.Although they still have to be responsible for the leadership, it s better than finding out that the police were involved.Tai Shurong, director of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, couldn t help laughing Said Old Gu, Yongsheng is now the deputy director anyway, can you save him some face in front of the new comrades.That s right, you are all leaders now, I want to listen to you The master joins the work For more than forty years, not to mention in the branch office, it is estimated that no policeman with more senior qualifications than him can be found in the city s public security system.You can imagine how many apprentices he do cbd gummies interact with other meds has had Han Chaoyang suddenly realized that he would do cbd gummies interact with other meds no longer be a lone unlucky guy in the sub bureau in the future.Not only would he have a white shirt master, but also many senior brothers who would be leaders.He thought to himself that Liu Jianye and Guan Yuanyuan didn recipes for cbd gummies do cbd gummies interact with other meds t like me, Han Chaoyang, and Director Xing and Bao Suo couldn t look at me as a junior.Auxiliary police officers from Huayuan Street Police Station, including Han Chaoyang, hurriedly cleared the road to maintain order, and police cars with flashing lights drove in slowly one after another.Xi Hongbo of the criminal police brigade got out of the police car, stood at the door and exchanged a few words with does cbd gummies help with pain cbd wellness gummies Liu Jianye.After briefly understanding the situation, he turned around and assigned tasks to the criminal police, forensic doctors and criminal technical police.Han Chaoyang is not qualified to join in, the only thing he can do is to continue to maintain order.As if he thought he was in the way, Deputy Director Gu, who was in charge of maintaining order, asked him to come to the alley.Come on, come on, where is not to maintain order.After guarding the alley for more than ten minutes, another police car came, and Deputy Director Feng, who was in charge of criminal investigation, arrived.This is the best way.Okay, so I can report to my superiors.Are you in the police room, I will go to you, and we will study it carefully.If it were another policeman, he would definitely be reluctant to give up the initiative.The young apprentice next to him doesn t seem to have the concept of grabbing merit , but thinking about it carefully, there is nothing to grab for this merit.Gu Guoli thought it was a little funny, but at the same time he was a little emotional.He couldn t help sighing The masses have opinions on us, and think that we have a low rate of solving crimes.They accuse us of only knowing how to solve major cases and not caring about small ones.Indeed, the theft of mobile phones, electric vehicles, etc.The rate of solving cases is very low, but they don t know that there are only two million police officers in the country, and only a small part of them are responsible for solving cases.

Grandpa Gu, who had always been the protagonist, became a supporting role, not even counting as a supporting role.Chaoyang, smile, let me take a look, this one is fine, why don t you get another one.Okay, let s talk about eggplant Officer Han, all the photos are in my phone, how can I send them to you, or should I add them to you WeChat.Just after taking a big group photo, a tall young nurse asked to add WeChat with a face of embarrassment.You guys keep it, I don t need it anymore.Han Chaoyang didn t know what she wanted, so he hastily declined.How can this work Just add it Officer Han, the phone number on the police civilian contact card is the WeChat ID.It s displayed on my mobile phone, please pass recipes for cbd gummies do cbd gummies interact with other meds it.Officer Han, we are neighbors, and we need to come here often in the future.Go ahead, add it quickly, and save face.There are not many opportunities to show off in front of a girlfriend who is better than a good friend, Huang Ying smiled secretly Hit it, I will Not only do you have to ask him to come, but you have to ask him to pay the bill.Okay, hurry up, let him come over quickly Hehe, I didn t expect that I could also see the most handsome policeman, Shihan, sit across from you Go, let the handsome guy sit next to me later.What do you want to do What do you think, remember to take a few more photos of us.Why Xun Shihan was unhappy, and got up to change places with Huang Ying who was making a call.How could Tang Xiaoxuan miss this opportunity to sit with the handsome policeman, and suddenly said, I m going to Japan next week, do you want me to buy cosmetics for you Said Well, anyway, he is Yingying s younger brother, anyway, there will be opportunities in the future.The captain of the criminal police team is under great pressure., the director is also under a lot of pressure.Zhou Ju touched the corner of his mouth, held up the phone and asked, Is it possible that it was caused by private lending or other economic disputes Didn t the husband of the deceased go out to hide from the debt Zhou Ju, this is exactly the doubt we can t figure out.I can even conclude that as long as this doubt where can i get keoni cbd gummies can be solved, the truth of this murder case will be revealed.Everyone said that the husband of the deceased went out to avoid debts, but we have not found out who he owed until now, what he owed, and what he owed.How much, I don t know anything about these.Xi Hongbo looked at the relationship diagram of the characters on the white blackboard, looked at the photos posted on the diagram, frowned and said And we tried our best and used all means, but we couldn t find the whereabouts of Qiao Xianhong.What surprised Liang Dongsheng was that Qiao Xianhong went out to avoid debts at the end of last year.Zhang Qiuyan had been with Qiao Xianhong several times after he disappeared and lost contact.Each time, he chatted with Ji Zhaojun for a long time.Mentioned the matter of her husband going out to avoid debts, and Ji Zhaojun didn t find anything wrong with her, unlike a person whose husband ran away and his mother and daughter depended on each other.It seems that there is no gain, but in fact there is a gain, and the gain is very large.Liang Dongsheng could almost conclude that Zhang Qiuyan was not as simple as the villagers described, she must know something.Liang Dongsheng weighed things up a bit, and said bluntly do cbd gummies interact with other meds Comrade Ji Zhaojun, you must have guessed that I came for Zhang Qiuyan.A few nights ago, she was killed at home with her child, and the scene was horrific.Another rotten person in Shenghai Garden Han Chaoyang had a headache when he mentioned this project, and couldn t help but say Secretary Yang, no matter how prepared we are, we can only treat the symptoms but not the root cause.We may not even be able to cure the symptoms.This is not a time bomb, but a bomb that may detonate at any time.And the bombs will continue to explode, and our patrols alone cannot solve the problem.It s not just that does cbd gummies help with pain cbd wellness gummies patrols alone can t solve the problem, neither can the streets or even the district.Encountering such unlucky things, Secretary Yang was more depressed than Han Chaoyang, took a deep breath, and said expressionlessly The city is trying to solve it, it seems that there are several sets of plans, and the plans have even been reported to the province, and they will be resolved sooner or later.On average, they can only sleep for four hours a day.Wu Wei was really tired and sleepy.He forced himself to get up and asked, Master, do you have to check overnight What do you mean What about it Liang Dongsheng didn t bother to explain slowly, he helped him close the door and went straight to the third floor.Wu Wei hurriedly put on his police uniform, checked the pistol and handcuffs and other equipment, took off the towel and ran to the water room to wash his face, he was sobered up by the cold water, and hurried back to the room to get his bag and car keys and ran downstairs.Turn on the air conditioner, light a cigarette, sit in the car and wait for four or five minutes.The master and Captain He Yichang of the Second Squadron of the Economic Investigation Brigade, who was transferred to the task force the day before yesterday, hurried downstairs, opened the does cbd gummies get you high door and let them drive.Maybe I will I will ask you for help soon.This He Yichang insisted on picking up the most handsome policeman first, so it turned out that the drunkard s intention was not to drink, no wonder he was promoted to a deputy department at a young age and became a squadron leader.The Economic Investigation Brigade, like the Criminal Police Brigade, is 25 mg of cbd gummy a lot wants to solve major cases, but there are no clues sitting in the office.Therefore, many policemen in the brigade not only build their eyes and ears, but also develop informants, and even deliberately cooperate with some grassroots policemen who do a better job and have a wider source of clues.Make friends, and ask the grassroots police for help when the strike mission cannot be completed.Han Chaoyang was flattered, and Liang Dongsheng felt that He Yichang was blatantly poaching.

Anyway, it is very easy for them to go to other people s houses.It s easy.What a bystander is really a fan of the authorities Before, I only checked the houses where he worked, and never thought that the neighbors do cbd gummies interact with other meds on the same floor or in the same building had problems.He Yichang felt that it was necessary to report the situation to his superiors, so he stood up suddenly Chaoyang, you watch here first, I ll go to the bathroom.Go.Walked out of the guard room, came to the public toilet on campus, and checked that there was nothing around He Yichang took out his mobile phone and stood under the shade of a tree to call the deputy team leader.Xiao He, what s the situation, the express mail should not have been delivered Xi Hongbo was very surprised, and while answering the phone, he greeted Feng Ju who had just entered the meeting room.What do you mean Zhang Beibei was so depressed that she stared at her and said very seriously Accountant Huang, believe it or not, I came to Yanyang not just for best cbd gummie money.Why Jiang Erhu s situation, before Zhang Beibei opened his mouth, he explained Yingying, Beibei is not joking.When she meets two unfilial stepdaughters, her uncle can be said to die.Just as angry Jiang Xiaolan, Jiang Xiaofang, and Jiang Erhu are notoriously disobedient and unreasonable in the village, this lawsuit should be filed, and they must not be allowed to inherit the property.They were chatting about the Jiang family., Han Chaoyang and two team members rushed to the scene.Sure enough, there was a middle aged man lying on the side of the road, wearing a cheap T shirt on his upper body, a pair of gray pants on his lower body, and rubber shoes on his feet.Officer Han, this number is better than ours.Appropriate, in short, please please, our President Qian said on the phone just now, we will have a meal with him when he comes back, and thank you in person.They are really afraid of well ropes after being bitten by a snake for ten years, and the 30,000 is said to be a donation.Half of them were from Big Boss and Xia Yunkui.After receiving the money, Han Chaoyang felt a little embarrassed, and said embarrassingly Liu Gong, there is no need to eat, and it can be said that you can do this with the utmost benevolence.If you really have something to do later, call Call, I will help you with the work of the Luo family and mediate for you.Thank you.You are welcome, this is what we should do, the hospital is waiting for the money, I will go to the hospital first, and I will contact you later.Do you want to surprise Xie Lingling There is sunstate hemp cbd gummies review this matter.You and Lingling are classmates, why don t you go see her off when she leaves She s not a three year old, so why not worry about it.Besides, I don t have time, but I have to call later.Give do cbd gummies interact with other meds her a call and ask if she is in the car.Speaking of how good the relationship is, it s as good as a brother and sister, but they don t care about it at the critical moment.Zheng Xinyi felt that his senior brother was very incompetent, and murmured If you can t make it out after another hour or two of busy work, can Sergeant Gu not let you go I think you value sex over friends.With accountant Huang, you will forget royal blend cbd gummies for sale about your old classmates.Do you understand that the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water Besides, I am really busy What are you busy with I am busy with work, and I have a lot of work to do next.Just as Han Chaoyang expected, Huang Ying has received a notice to participate in singing rehearsals every night starting next Monday.As soon as the call was connected, baypark cbd gummies amazon she snickered and asked, Chaoyang, did Secretary Zhou call you Did he talk to you Talking about participating in cbd gummies by charles stanley the August 1st song meeting Yes, not only Secretary Zhou, but also the political department of our branch asked me to help rehearse.That s right, it s impossible for your branch not to participate in such a big event.There are only three choirs in our street.In addition to the branch office, are you busy enough We all come to the neighborhood committee, all at night, rehearsing together, it s not do cbd gummies interact with other meds best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin a big problem.Finally I can apply what I have learned, aren t you very proud Han Chaoyang looked back at his old classmate With a glance, he laughed and said I m not so vain, but I really like to participate in such activities.You and Wu Wei are comrades in arms, what are comrades in arms, comrades are life and death together My brother is the one who will risk his life to save you when you are in danger I was wrong, I will go back and look at him.The knot in his heart has not been untied, and it is useless to say anything now.Young people are like this, Grandpa Gu was not really angry with him, he simply said bluntly Chaoyang, I know you have a little misunderstanding with Xiao Wu, I have inquired about this matter.Liu Suo criticized a little too much that day, but you To understand his feelings, it is not so easy to be a leader, especially the head of the police station.He must not only lead the team well, but also do a good job, let alone make mistakes.Master, do you know that I helped Brother Wei save the scene Han Chaoyang asked with a bitter face.The Press and Publishing Bureau was merged, and she was transferred to the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee.Your aunt works in the Municipal Party Committee Unexpectedly, her family had such a relationship, and Han Zhaoyang was shocked.It s gone now.During the Spring Festival, it was transferred to the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles.Now it is the director of the Work Department of the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles.It is in charge of non governmental organizations such as the Writers Association, the Artists Association, the Calligraphy Association, the Photography Association, and the Music Association.It was originally Qingshui Yamen, and she was only a department Director, it s just an official department and has no power.China is a society based on human relations, and officials are based on the standard.

Unknowingly, it attracted many teachers and students of Polytechnic, cbd cbg gummies do cbd gummies interact with other meds and the stands in Area C cbd cbg gummies do cbd gummies interact with other meds were full of audience.Originally planned to rehearse for two hours, but at the request of Secretary Yang and Director Wen, the rehearsal lasted for more than four hours, and the rehearsal did not do cbd gummies interact with other meds end until 10 30 in the middle of the night.Huang Ying was not in a hurry to go home.She sent the leader and colleagues away to the police office with Han Chaoyang.She planned to say hello to Teacher Ma and Dad Huang, but when she went to see that the lights in the health care room had been turned off, the electric car was parked.At the door, the freshly washed clothes are hanging outside to dry.They took the bus for a long time yesterday, and they ran for another day today.They may be too tired.Then I ll go back.He has the guts to come back.Isn t he afraid that the villagers will call the police Our place is different from yours, especially in a remote village like Lijiayao.As long as there is something promising, all go out, and those who stay in the village are either old people or children, or lazy people who just get by.Most of them have never been to school, and they are both illiterate and legally illiterate.When it comes to things, I really don t recognize my relatives.Jiang Li sighed lightly, and continued It s much better now than before, assisting colleagues from other places to handle cases, at least they can take people away from the village.It was not so easy before, as the old man said When he first started working, he assisted colleagues from other places to arrest them in the village, and every time he had to find ways to confirm the whereabouts of the suspects like today, and then act at night, and leave as soon as he catches them, he dare not delay for a minute.It is now 4 51, and it will be dawn in a while, and the search can be organized as soon as it is dawn.It was timely for Feng Changdong to abscond, but the report from the Dongying Police Station was just as timely.No matter how fast he ran, it was impossible for him to be faster than the reaction speed of the public security organs.The Bureau of Stone was almost sure that he hadn t do cbd gummies interact with other meds run very far, and he was almost sure that he was hiding near Lijiayao.Thinking that the arrest operation had failed and that the arrest operation was about to start, Shi Ju do cbd gummies interact with other meds asked again cbd gummies in munford tn What kind of bag did he carry, and how much can it hold A backpack, black, quite big, can hold a lot of things. How big is it It s so big.Feng Guobao s daughter in law gestured nervously.It turned out to be a black travel bag, and Shi Ju asked Did you see it when he packed it Yes.Chapter 258 Search and arrest 7 The headquarters of the search and arrest operation has been transferred to the Nanshan Conservation Station of Donggu Forest Farm, the highest altitude.Small courtyard, but all in the command vehicle outside the courtyard.This emergency command vehicle belongs to the Municipal Bureau.It can access the Internet, make satellite calls, send and receive faxes, and even has a small conference table that can seat six people.It is do cbd gummies interact with other meds a police vehicle required by the Ministry of Public Security to equip municipal public security bureaus.When all communications are interrupted, the vehicle do cbd gummies interact with other meds can keep in touch with the superior through maritime satellites.It is equipped with a satellite static communication system.But it is not the most advanced equipment on the scene.Behind the command vehicle are three emergency communication vehicles of the communication company.Afraid of people, in fact, he did not fight the fugitive, but took advantage of his illness to kill cbd gummie for pain him, rushed up and brandished a wooden stick when he saw the opportunity, and beat cheap cbd gummies reddit him violently The fugitive has been hunted down for the past few days and nights.He has no water, no dry recipes for cbd gummies do cbd gummies interact with other meds food, and can only rely on wild fruits to satisfy his hunger.He even dare not stay in the same place for too long.The wild boar was injured, so where would he cbd wellness gummies just cbd gummies review be his opponent, but he got a big advantage by beating him sideways.However, being able to catch up to the fugitive when he heard the gunshots, knowing that the fugitive had a gun in his hand, still pursued so closely without hesitation, risking his life to reach a place only five or six meters away from the fugitive, it was not easy to do this.Captain Xu was about to say a few words of praise when a few people suddenly appeared in the video.He died in the night.The relatives of the deceased believed that it was related to the Xinying Police Station, and do cbd gummies interact with other meds they wanted to take the body to the county party committee and the county government for an explanation.Fortunately, the cadres stationed in the village found out in time, and the officials of Xinying Township stopped them.At the gate of the Yingxiang government.No wonder the complexion was getting worse than the other just now, it turns out that someone is dead Commissar Huang was taken aback and asked eagerly, Xiao do cbd gummies interact with other meds Han participated in the mediation No, but he was in the institute at the time, so he should know something. Where did the person die He died at home, on the bed.His granddaughter found it in the morning.Fortunately, he died at home.It would be even more unclear if he died in the institute.Please describe the situation at that time.Yes, Han Zhaoyang calmed down, raised his head and said, After dinner last night, He Suo is going to send me back to the county with Jiang Li and Zhang Tianxiang.When I was about to leave, a parent of a student from Xinying Middle School who was fighting came to the office.In order to see me off, Instructor Hang and Police Chief Chang drank some wine in the evening.Li received a report from the village cadres and went to the family camp to verify after dinner.The situation of killing wild boars.He Suo may feel cbd wellness gummies that the instructor and the police chief Chang have drunk alcohol and are not suitable for mediation.Li Suo is not at home, so he personally receives and works as a student s parent.Jiang Li, Zhang Tianxiang and I did not go in , we waited in the car until he finished the mediation and sent the do cbd gummies interact with other meds parents of the students away before coming to the county seat.

Sprint the second is to persevere and persevere, and you can play when you persist until college.Is college a place to play, is it a place to fall in love There are many students with problems, and when we investigate the migrant population in Chaoyang Village, don t we find out a person suspected of robbery Are you a college student Han Chaoyang could understand Zhang Jinhai s mood, and while logging into the intranet, he said, The current problem is that a college student is missing.If he doesn t report tomorrow or two days later, his parents must be more anxious than now Fortunately, it s summer vacation., or you ll be in big trouble.As long as the school is not responsible, of course you don t have to worry.Han Chaoyang didn t want to be as arrogant as he was, He didn t talk about a girlfriend, and he was unlikely to be tricked into a pyramid scheme, and he was also unlikely to run away because he didn t get an online loan.He doesn t have much money, where can he go, what can happen to him Old Tang put down the mouse, and said suddenly No criminal record, no punishment.How can it be impossible to be caught in a pyramid scheme Thinking of a time ago Huang Ying couldn t help asking about the news that a female college student was involved in a pyramid scheme.He didn t ask for money from his family, and he didn t lie do cbd gummies interact with other meds to his relatives, friends and classmates to engage in pyramid schemes.That s true, Huang Ying thought for a while, and said by analogy If he is caught in online loans, do cbd gummies interact with other meds he will tear down the east wall to make up for the west., The online loan company and those debt collection companies will definitely call his family, and even harass his teachers and classmates.So it s strange.Will there be any accidents Zhang Beibei asked softly.The air pressure is so high that it will explode if you just puncture it.The power of the explosion is equivalent to that of a tire.Hand grenade.Not only will it make a loud noise, but those who have a punctured tire may be killed or maimed.Han Chaoyang really didn t understand, and asked suspiciously But 7 tires were punctured, and none of them exploded.This shows that the crime was committed.The guys here are not laymen, and they know that it s dangerous to puncture like this.They deflate first and then puncture.It takes time to deflate, and seven tires must be inflated at the same time, how can one person be so busy.Team Liang smiled., and continued The driver is eating on the opposite side.There are so many workers in the construction site.It is impossible for them not to expect to be discovered.Okay.The little girl was stunned., hurriedly input text information under the reminder of my companion.Xiaojing, take a picture of me and send me the picture.Han Chaoyang sat down at the desk, brought a bunch of folders, and pretended to be working.The short girl came to her senses and hurriedly raised her mobile phone to take a picture, and then sent it to Deng Jing, who asked Deng Jing to forward it to Zhu Man.Saving people is the most important thing, the only thing we can do now is to give her hope Han Chaoyang didn t care about whether the promise could be fulfilled.Seeing that there was no response to the message, he simply took the phone and said directly Student Zhu Man, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Yandong Public Security Bureau.Illegal and criminal acts of fraud and extortion does cbd gummies help with pain cbd wellness gummies in the name of lending.The old lady is not as vain as you think.Han Chaoyang glanced back subconsciously, and sighed softly She is mainly because she is afraid of being crowded on the bus.Now some people really don t know what it means to respect the old and love the young.When the bus comes How could the old lady squeeze past them Besides, there was no stop sign at the door of her house, and the bus was parked far away.She had to walk back for nearly a kilometer.She was too old to walk.You understand it very clearly I sent Uncle do cbd gummies with thc make you high Lei and the others to fish in Chenjiaji some time ago, and I met some villagers from Chenjiaji by the river, so I asked about it by the way.Does she have children There are two daughters, No son.I have lived in Chenjiaji for decades, and I am used to it.I don t want to go to her daughter s house.They .

are cbd gummies as effective as oil?

were sent to a mental hospital for three months, and came back much more honestly.But after do cbd gummies interact with other meds a long time, he started to go crazy again, and now he is a lunatic.His wife found a Good friends, his son, including his old man, understands.By the way, he is not afraid of anything but his son.As soon as his son comes back, he will be honest and do whatever he is asked to do.There is a crazy Wu in the jurisdiction who is already very It s a headache, I didn t expect there are two of them Han Chaoyang expressed infinite sympathy for the community police brooke hogan cbd gummies officers in charge of this area at the Beitai Police Station, and at the same time felt that these two Wu Crazies were more likely to play pranks than those gangsters.I asked where I thought of, and asked for nearly an hour without knowing it.After thinking about it, Han Zhaoyang took out his mobile phone, took out the photo of the victim Cao Shengkai s ID card and asked, Master Du, you work in this area every day.They can think of everything we can think of, and they can do it.So if we want to catch the murderer before them, we can only think that they can t think of it., Do what they won t do.You just said that you don t know much about the case, but you definitely know more than me.What do you think they can t think of Although the person next to him is just a security guard, he studied at the Provincial Judicial Police Academy.His main focus is investigation.He had an internship in the criminal police team when he was in the police academy, and after graduation he went to the Huayuan Street Police Station as an auxiliary police officer.He knew a little bit of theory and practice, and he was far more professional in investigation than his good brother Han Chaoyang.Wu Wei no longer regards him as the young master who is lucky or lucky.

Is this a large scale gang Even if it is a criminal gang with a large number of people, this kind of situation is unlikely to happen.I can t guess what it is now.I will help you keep an eye on the traffic control center.The suspect vehicle has been entered into the traffic police As long as the detachment s collection and deployment control system is on the road, the system will automatically identify it, automatically call the police, and even push it to the mobile police terminal of the police on duty, and then we can arrange for the nearest police force to intercept it. Thank you Luo Zhi. Don t be in a hurry to thank me, you should hurry up and see if you can find out the basic situation of the owner of the Mercedes Benz before dark.Tengda is personally in charge of this line, and has martha stewart cbd gummy already contacted the Dongguan City Public Security Bureau.Wu Wei rolled down the window and said, Thank you, I won t get out of the car, we re here to pick you up. Sir, this is the lobby, which building do you want to pick up the guests from The guest rooms here are all detached, and there are a few luxury electric cars parked at the door to take care of them.Ferry , Wu Wei stared at the Mercedes Benz in front of him, and said impatiently My friend told us to wait at the entrance of the lobby.We won t stay here for long.We will leave as soon as he arrives.Okay, thank you.As soon as the waiter moved away, he saw a woman wearing sunglasses and even a mask get out of the RV at night, and walked quickly into the lobby surrounded by two burly men in suits and leather shoes and a short haired woman.Another young man came down, and together with the driver, he opened the suitcase and loaded five or six suitcases of various sizes onto the luggage cart pushed by the waiter.The patrol members are all politically reliable and military security cbd gummies orange beach alabama guards.There are more than two hundred People, I can ask them to help.There are more than 200 people under my command, yes, they are better than me, the deputy detachment leader Luo Zhi, I am voluntary.The voluntary is also very powerful, Deputy Luo said.The detachment leader was delighted, turned around and said with a smile Old Teng, it seems that we treat the heart of a gentleman with the heart of a villain.Director Feng is still very generous in his work.Arranging Xiaohan to come over is equivalent to sending us more than two hundred people., as long as it involves matters under the jurisdiction of the Yandong Sub bureau, Xiao Han can dig three feet to help us find out as soon as he gives an order.There are community voluntary security patrols, village security joint defense teams, and high tech zones as well Teng Jiming didn t know whether this patrol team was another patrol team, and he directly cbd cbg gummies do cbd gummies interact with other meds believed that Han Chaoyang just named the captain of the two patrol teams that only existed in the reported materials, and this captain was not recognized by the organization s personnel department.I know my mother well.Peilan has been in poor health for the past two years.Going to the market is easy and easy.It s hard work, the temple fair lasts only a day or two, and the stalls are all in demand.They go to the market like a war.Today they set up a stall here to sell clothes, but they have to think about where to go tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and they have to go to the industry and commerce first.The urban management wants a good place.Aunt Wu was very talkative, and while calling Han Chaoyang and the two to drink water, she said with an embarrassed smile It s far away, anyway, she hasn t been running outside every day for the past two years, going to the vegetable market in the morning.Food, chat with us when we come back, if Lao Cai doesn t run far, she will prepare the meal and send it there on an electric car, and go around the community in the afternoon, often chatting with me.No problem, as long as the facts of the gambling are clear and the evidence is conclusive, a chain of evidence can be formed. Is the pre trial comrade here do cbd gummies interact with other meds exist A pre trial policeman sitting in the corner hurriedly stood up.Director Du turned his head and said Old Ding, you have also heard the legal opinion of Comrade Jiang Ming.The gambling cbd cbg gummies do cbd gummies interact with other meds case that the serious crime team is investigating must be settled.Pre examination must strictly examine and check the corresponding evidence.yes Han Chaoyang figured it out, the bureau wanted to arrest the three suspects who killed Cao Shengkai, do cbd gummies interact with other meds and was also determined to investigate and deal with the people involved in the gambling, to be precise, to seize the gambling funds of Boss Tian and others from the previous gambling.Boss Guangtian won and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in one night, so many big bosses participated and gambled more than once.I don t know Han Chaoyang asked back, staring at him coldly Said Comrade Yu Yalan, everyone should be responsible for what they do, as well as what they say.Huo Xuebin is now a fugitive who is wanted by the public security organs, that is, a fugitive.He knows it but says he doesn t know it., This is harboring and covering up, and you have to bear legal responsibility Yu Yalan, if you don t think about yourself, you have to think about your child.Instructor Wang said without losing the opportunity Huo Xuebin absconded with the money, and the child already has a child.Fugitive father, if you go in because of suspicion of harboring again, how will you let the child hold his head up in the future, and how will he live in the future Twenty million yuan is not a small number, but this case is not a big one, Han Chaoyang After taking up the conversation, he persuasively said In the end, this is an economic crime, not murder and arson.Hearing that the sub bureau needs the assistance of lesbians, Director Su actually changed into a black special service uniform and decided to take part in the operation himself.She, Zheng Xinyi, Chen Jie, and Chen Xiujuan and Miao Haizhu, who hurried over to gather, stood in the first group with a heroic appearance, which was really a beautiful sight.Han Chaoyang was also wearing all the police equipment, and was about to take out his mobile phone to check the time.Zhang Jinhai leaned into his ear and asked curiously, Chaoyang, you need the assistance of so many people.What are you going to do I really don t know, really I cbd gummies for pain walmart cost don t know.Keeping it secret from you means it s a big move, and it s a very important big move They chatted in low voices, and Director Su was also whispering to Zheng Xinyi.

I almost forgot that he is different from other prisoners who have been released from prison.When his family was demolished, he had some money.Han Chaoyang nodded slightly, and said in a persuasive manner Mo Yunhu, the outside world has changed a lot in the past few years since you were in prison.People like to buy everything online, but online shopping is becoming more and more difficult.Go out tomorrow.Turn around and you will find that many shops selling clothes and small commodities have closed down, and it seems that only pharmacies have not closed down very much, but have opened more and more. I heard about it. I m not trying to dampen your entrepreneurial enthusiasm, I just want to I remind you that there are risks in doing business, and the risks are not small.Han Chaoyang sighed lightly, and continued These hundreds of thousands are hard won.Start memorizing it carefully.Grandpa do cbd gummies interact with other meds Gu suddenly opened his eyes, sat up and took out a small notebook from his arms Use this one for me, if you say you retire, you will retire as soon as you say it, and there is no time to hand it over.The superiors may also feel that there is nothing to hand over the community work, and they can t do it.I was not asked to hand it over.Although it was late, the handover is the same now.There are a lot of unfinished and completed things in the notebook.If you have time, you can look at it and help with it.Han Chaoyang felt that some trivial matters of the masses were precious, and hurriedly said Master, don t worry, I will take care of it seriously.Okay, just send it here, I will go in by myself.I ll drop it off again, and it s only a few steps away.It s all at the door, what can I deliver Go back, Secretary Cao who just arrived lives in the neighborhood committee, which recipes for cbd gummies do cbd gummies interact with other meds is Director Su s former office.There is a difference between a good master and a good brother, Han Chaoyang I was very moved, Huang Ying could hear clearly, and couldn t help showing a knowing smile.Feeling embarrassed to talk about this topic again, Han Chaoyang hurriedly said Shi Ju, actually I sent you a WeChat message so late, not because of the awarding of the title.Do you know who I met just now Who do cbd gummies interact with other meds did I meet Shi Ju asked curiously.Squad Wang of the Third Squadron gas station cbd gummies of the First Brigade of the Criminal Police Detachment of your City Bureau followed and monitored a man who followed him from Fujiang to Yanyang and lived in a youth hostel in my jurisdiction.He didn t say hello to us beforehand.Seeing them acting suspiciously, I ll go to check the house It was such a coincidence that Shi Ju couldn t help laughing and said This Wang Jianping is also careless, and he will reveal his identity as soon as he arrives in Yanyang. Officer Han, your family helped me bring Xinxin Helped me find Ziyue again, I really don t know how to thank Don t thank me, this is what I should do, who made me a policeman.Han Chaoyang patted HCMUSSH do cbd gummies interact with other meds him on the shoulder and sent him back to the small room , then walked into the hotel, climbed into the electric patrol car, and dialed Wang Jianping s mobile phone.Chaoyang, did you understand anything Team Wang, Ling Bin said that the CCB debit card left by Wan Xiaoxia used to have more than 800,000 yuan, but now it only has more than 600,000 yuan, which means that Wan Xiaoxia took it away.200,000.I don t know if the bank in Fujiang has any limit on how much depositors can withdraw every day, and I don t know if the ATM has any limit HCMUSSH do cbd gummies interact with other meds on how much money can be withdrawn from personal accounts every day.Compared cbd wellness gummies just cbd gummies review with Yanyang City or Fengyong County, Aikou Town, located in the mountainous area in the northwest of Fengyong County, is colder in winter, especially late at night, when the outdoor temperature only recommended dose of cbd gummies reaches minus ten degrees.The mountain has been closed since autumn, and it will be closed until spring when the flowers bloom.During the months when the mountain is closed to protect the forest, no tourists can be seen, and few people can be seen on the mountain road leading to the pass scenic spot.It is deserted, and many farmhouses are closed because of no business, and they will reopen in a few months when there are tourists.Sansao Leisure Farm may be the only farmhouse around the scenic area that insists on operating.Although other houses are closed and there is no competition, there is also no business.It looks like a Chinese restaurant, a Western restaurant, and a dessert shop.Chinese fast food such as milk tea, fruit juice, fried chicken, French fries, cbd cbg gummies do cbd gummies interact with other meds steak, chicken chop rice as long as most of the snacks that can be seen on the market are sold here, the taste is neither good nor bad, and the price It s not expensive, the working class can afford it, and the decoration is very stylish, but the business has never been good since it opened, and there are not many customers no matter day or night.The young proprietress may feel that the store is too deserted, so she plays light music as usual.Sitting by the window on the first floor, Sister Wei looked at her phone for a while, and then looked up diagonally across the street.She barely drank the milk tea she bought.There is heating in the store, so she may feel too hot, or she may be worried that she will catch a cold when she goes out later.Support, we have no problem here.But your other sentence is also very reasonable, we are security guards, not police officers, and we cannot let security guards do police work.Cao Zefang turned to look at Kang Haigen, and asked with a smile Kang So, if you catch a thief once in a while, you will stand up and act bravely.The anti pick up team is set up to catch thieves.This involves very serious law enforcement power, so the captain of the anti pick up team must be your policeman.The anti pick up team The work should be carried out under the leadership of your police.Kang Haigen did not expect him to be so supportive, and smiled happily Okay, no problem Cao Zefang secretly thought that I would how to purchase cbd gummied pay labor wages to help you catch thieves.Secretly cursed whether you are really stupid or fake stupid, touched the corner of his mouth and said bluntly Kang Suo, you heard it just now, our community can only solve the basic wages, overtime pay, bonuses, and anti pickup process of the anti pickup team members.

Affectionate praise and infinite love Since it is a flash mob , it cannot be done for too long.As soon as the music stopped and the passionate and affectionate song was sung, the band members, including Han Chaoyang, bowed tacitly to thank the audience, and immediately packed up their instruments like normal people, carried their bags, and dragged their luggage Box scattered.It s over, let s play another song.A passenger was still thinking, and his eyes followed the most beautiful Xie Lingling.A lady in her thirties put down her mobile phone and said with a smile This is a flash mob, and people will flash after the performance I like to do this.It s pretty good, a middle aged passenger said while walking towards the security checkpoint, holding up his mobile phone and saying, Xiaoqin, do you know what I saw at the airport Flash mob with a group of kids about your age, playing I am the Heart of China in the airport lobby, and then flash away after the performance.Ding Sheriff, we have withdrawn.Go ahead and look for you at night.Lao Ding smiled, and led the suspect to the hall together with the do cbd gummies interact with other meds two students Miao Haizhu and the others also did not want to reveal their identities, so they dispersed immediately after handing over the case.There are a group of strong and strong apprentices, cbd cbg gummies do cbd gummies interact with other meds and Mr.Wu does not need to do it himself to arrest this kind of thing.He is still sitting on a plastic woven bag stuffed with a quilt not far from the bus stop, smoking leisurely.Smoked a cigarette, and looked under the stop sign from time to time, as if waiting for a bus.Miao Haizhu ran to the alley across the street, took off her backpack, took out a short down jacket from the bag and put it on, then went around a long way back to his old man s house, and said calmly, Master, what s going on , Usually there are so many police cases, we disappeared as soon as we came, and we caught one after squatting all afternoon.The army is a true veteran Wu Junfeng could understand Han Chaoyang s mood at this moment, and comforted him Han Da, Gu Jun will be fine.Didn t Chen Jie make it very clear that he just broke his head.Can it fall Han Chaoyang raised his hand to touch the back of his head, and said worriedly The brain is here, it s very dangerous, if it doesn t work, there will be sequelae.No, it must be a skin trauma.Wu Junfeng comforted him, and then asked curiously Han Da, you just said that Feng Shui is not good, what Feng Shui I don t know how many people will die in the Sixth Hospital in a year.Do you think the Feng Shui of the Sixth Hospital is good And we haven t had any accidents in Lunan for so long.An accident happened as soon as the police station moved to the Sixth Hospital.Isn t that What is bad feng shui It seemed reasonable, even logical, but Wu Junfeng was stunned, speechless for a while.In the past, when we encountered emergencies, we would urgently transfer members from various squadrons.If the anti pickpocketing team does not disband, The anti pickup team can be used as an emergency mobile force in the entire jurisdiction, and can assist us in emergency response faster and more professionally.This idea do cbd gummies interact with other meds is good, but where does the funding come from Reporting to the two leaders, I am working on To win the support of Comrade Cao Zefang, the first secretary of the community, as long as we win the support of Comrade Cao Zefang, we can seek special funds for comprehensive management and stability maintenance from the street and even the district.It would be better if the bureau can continue to support, no matter how much the bureau supports, we will At least it s easy to talk when you go to the streets or even the district to run funds.The room I rented is opposite to the window of their gambling room, and I can hear it clearly The clues of Gambling are also clues, Han Chaoyang picked up a pen and paper, and asked in a low voice Mr.You, which group do you rent in Chenjiaji The bet is the first one in the east, which is by the river.The informant paused and said a little embarrassedly Officer Han, you do cbd gummies interact with other meds can just call me Xiaoyou, I m at the hotel on the fourth floor of Yanxing International I m going to work, I m not a boss or a gentleman.Okay, I ll call you Xiaoyou.Han Chaoyang looked down at the caller ID, recorded the whistleblower s mobile phone number, and cbd wellness gummies just cbd gummies review asked, Xiaoyou, what time do they usually go over When do you usually start gambling I get off work late, and will cbd gummy nears show up on a urine test my girlfriend gets off work early, and my girlfriend said huuman cbd gummy they usually come at seven or eight o clock.The current funds mainly come from two sources.Secretary Cao helped us solve the basic salary of the team members, and the sub bureau provided some supporting funds, which are mainly used for bonuses and overtime pay for the team members.That is to say, when PolyU arranges players to join the anti picking team, we need to pay the basic salary of the players Special funds for stability maintenance.How could Cao Zefang miss this opportunity, and asked abruptly, Minister Jiang, should PolyU also have funds for comprehensive management and stability maintenance We have a comprehensive management office, of course there are funds for this, Deputy Jiang said.The minister didn t want to be underestimated by the first secretary of a small cbd gummies good for tinnitus community, he picked up his cup and turned back with a smile, Jin Hai, you will work out a document with Chaoyang tomorrow, and after I finish it, I will go to the cbd gummies online cheap school leader to get some funding.In the end, I was afraid of what would come, and asked five or six families.A police car that was too familiar slowly drove over and stopped at the side of the road, and a policeman who was too familiar and an auxiliary policeman who was also HCMUSSH do cbd gummies interact with other meds familiar got off.Lao Hu, a policeman from the community team of Huayuan Street Police Station, looked at Wang Jiayong and Wang Jiayong on the opposite side of the road, and hurried up to meet him and asked, Chaoyang, what are you doing Chief Hu, Lao Mao, what are you doing Lu Xi It s in your police area, and Ludong is still under my jurisdiction.Lao Hu took out a folder from the police car, opened it and said with a smile The bureau will randomly check the implementation of the real name system at each courier point.Let s first check the courier delivery points in our respective jurisdictions.

Do you know where Guomao is Why didn t you report to the city bureau first Chen Bureau, I I just found out about it A police station in the Yandong Sub bureau actually sent police to Guomao to arrest people.Said There are two important meetings in China World Trade Center today.One is the work meeting for the deployment of safe production in the province in 2016, and the other is the economic and trade fair.Mayor Gao, Deputy Secretary Gan and our Mayor Meng are all there.Go arrest people Just arresting people, and talking nonsense about anti terrorism, Secretary General Shi of the provincial government was startled, thinking that there were some terrorists, and called the provincial department to ask if they should evacuate It goes without saying that the hotel is not within the jurisdiction of the Yandong Sub bureau.Yu Zhenchuan and Wu Wei will go to work tomorrow, and Han Chaoyang can only deal with the brats they brought back.Pretend to be sleeping, come out Ah, Uncle Policeman, where is this This brat really knows how to pretend, he just opened his eyes to peek, but now he pretends to be dazed.Han Chaoyang pulled him out of the police car, brought him into the case handling area, motioned him to sit across from him, and asked pretendingly serious, Where do you say this is, where do you want to go I, I want to go home.The brat said He muttered to himself, but his eyes looked at the surrounding environment curiously.You can go home if HCMUSSH do cbd gummies interact with other meds you want.What cbd wellness gummies just cbd gummies review s your dad s phone number I ll call him and ask him to pick you up.Uncle policeman, don t bother you.I can go back by myself.If I can go back by myself, what if I don t Han Chaoyang didn t want to throw stones at his feet, so he said coldly Be serious, don t gossip anymore, don t talk nonsense, what s your last name, what s your name, you re in your teens, and where do you live Do you want to play games on the Internet for a while, and you are not allowed to play during holidays Uncle, do cbd gummies interact with other meds best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin can I call your brother, don t ask, I won t say anything What kind of attitude That s just my attitude.That s the only way.Han Chaoyang suddenly thought of Xu Weimin s parents who were very difficult, and couldn t help asking Aunt Ye, Lao Tang and I met two old people this afternoon.The family is very difficult.I don t know how to live this year.The foundation account There seems to be some money on the Internet, can you help me out Chapter 553 You are in big trouble Is it from our community It s not from our community, it s from Taoyuan community.You live in Taoyuan community Aunt Ye asked.Well, they are not widowed or lonely old people.They have a son, but unfortunately the son is not worried Han Chaoyang briefly introduced the situation, and pleaded Aunt Ye, when the foundation was established, Director Su expanded the scope of helping the poor to several construction sites , We even take care of migrant workers from other places, and we will provide help within our ability whenever we encounter difficulties.Dai Da, what do you think do cbd gummies interact with other meds Chaoyang, I know you want to clean up the chaos around the station, but this is not the business of our police district.Even if the street takes the lead, it may not be able to crack this hard bone.I also think it is a bit difficult, but You can manage those who can be managed first.Miao Haizhu felt a little funny, thinking that he really regarded himself as a leader, and wanted to do things that the director of the street comprehensive management office could not handle.Without any certainty, Han Chaoyang tribe revive cbd gummies would not hold this meeting.He put down the pen and paper and said confidently, It s not easy to control the water in Duolong, but the county magistrate is not as good as the current one.As long as we want to manage it, as long as we have the determination, we can definitely manage it well.Han Chaoyang didn t want to waste time, and tried to smooth things over Fifty is fifty, and I will fine you two hundred.If I don t pay the do cbd gummies interact with other meds fine, what can they do does cbd gummies help with pain cbd wellness gummies to me How about you, but you can go to the people s court to sue you in accordance with the law, and then not only will you be fined, but you will also be fined according to the highest standard, and you will also have to pay a late fee, and you may even be sentenced to administrative detention.Is it worth going to the court for this matter Okay Come on, fifty is fifty, recipes for cbd gummies do cbd gummies interact with other meds really poor and crazy Attitude Okay, I don t say anything.After finally mediating , I was about to go to the gate of the ticket office to continue mediating , when the phone suddenly It rang, and when I took it out to see the caller ID, it was the director of the local police station.Han Chaoyang do cbd gummies interact with other meds best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin knocked on the bar and said coldly, But every size counts.Do you want to let Mr.Yan go cbd without thc gummies or not Do you have to ask Mr.Yan to pay for hair washing If you insist, I will help you contact the competent departments, such as the Market Supervision Bureau, such as the Consumer Association.The female clerk didn t want to make matters worse, so she said bitterly Let s go, let s think we re unlucky, okay He said with a straight face As a merchant, you should have the minimum integrity.You are setting up a consumption trap, this is defrauding customers, and even intimidating customers in front of me.Is there any business like this If you go to other places to consume What do you think when you see such a thing Officer Han, it s not what you said, the master who specialized in cutting thirty nine is indeed not here today, Xiaoqian is too busy to forget.If you can t control yourself to accept the invitation to eat, you will be in big trouble sooner or later.Han Chaoyang didn t want to ruin his job, so he said bluntly, Reporter Qian, what s the matter with you It s okay, it s almost Chinese New Year, and I want to get together with new friends and old friends.Afraid that Han Chaoyang thought there were many people, Qian Nana do cbd gummies interact with other meds added Don t worry, it s just me and my best friend, who is still a big beauty, and no one else Reporter Qian, are you planning to introduce someone to me Oh, when you said that, I suddenly remembered that my best friend hasn t had a boyfriend yet She graduated last year and is about your age.She has good looks, and can cook good dishes.She can go anywhere in the hall or go to the kitchen.How about it Would you like to introduce me to you I appreciate your kindness.

Yes, she said, clean it up today, and treat us to highline wellness cbd gummies review dinner tomorrow.Chapter five hundred and seventy three Newcomers 1 Huayuan Street Police Station went to work at 8 o clock, and Sun Guokang reported to the station at 7 o clock like a recruit with a quilt on his back and a suitcase.Although I have to go back to the Police Officer Training Center of the City Bureau to receive one month of training after the year, I have learned from my classmates who joined the police a few years ago that they will be assigned to work at the Huayuan Street Police Station after the training.As a graduate of the provincial police academy with a master s degree in investigative studies, Sun Guokang couldn do cbd gummies interact with other meds best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin t help but feel a little disappointed when he wanted to work as a cbd gummies ebay policeman at the police station.Because under normal circumstances, after the one year probationary period for postgraduate students, they should be promoted to deputy chief staff, but several branches including Yandong branch do not have this treatment.Oh.Huang Ying how many cbd gummies to help sleep hurriedly hugged Han Chaoyang s waist, almost lying on his back and asked Husband, who is that person who said goodbye to you at the gate of the police station just now I don t think I ve seen him before.Sun Guokang, the policemen who have just been do cbd gummies interact with other meds assigned to the Huayuan Street Police Station should have been trained in the police officer training center.The superiors considered that the police force in each unit will be tense during the Spring Festival, so they should go back and forth for internship first, and then go back to continue training after the new year.You guys.Isn t the police office separated from the police station Why didn t he practice in the station, do cbd gummies interact with other meds cbd gummies for inflammation and pain near me why did he come to your police office Passing a section of the road with many electric vehicles, he explained Our police area overlaps with the jurisdictions of the two police stations.Okay, hurry over there, I ll notify the anti drug team, if we can catch up, we will act together.Yes Arriving at the East Long distance Bus Station, Wu Wei, Wu Junfeng, Wang Jiayong and Liu Chengquan, who hadn t been home for the New Year, were sitting in the police car waiting.Sun Guokang honked his horn twice and galloped past them.Wu Junfeng immediately followed without saying a word, and the two 110 police cars went straight to Zhongshan Road.The nickname Desperate Saburo is very loud, but it is not glorious when you think about it carefully.Han Chaoyang didn t want to make a joke like when he was arrested at the World Trade Hotel, he raised the walkie talkie and shouted Angkor, Karoti s terrain is rather complicated, the hall is on the third do cbd gummies interact with other meds floor, there are several boxes in the hall, and there are stairs in the hall It leads to the fourth floor.This is not a bad thing, Han Chaoyang pushed him down on the old sofa, took out his police card and showed it See clearly, we are from the Yandong branch, not from the court, and we are not in charge of the money owed.I just want to know where you have been and who you have been with during this time Xu Weimin was confused and murmured, It s from the Public Security Bureau, what did the police want me for What, tell me the truth, how can there be so much nonsense Mr.Xu, who had been watching coldly, was angry, and picked up the plate on the old square table and threw it at him.The dumplings on the plate were eaten by Xu Weimin, and there was some dumpling soup left on the plate.Chaoyang was sprinkled all over in a daze.Uncle Xu, don t get excited, let him wake up first.Sun Guokang hurried over to stop him.According to the sentencing standard, the sentence of level one for minor injury is one to two years.The suspect has absconded during the residential surveillance period, and the judge will affirm the conviction and sentencing.Strict and serious.Director Du said with a gloomy face, Can t you run away for two years At least two years.Director Xing nodded and continued The victim has a problem with us.He spent a lot of money on hospitalization.As a result, Dai Lishi was poor, and he has not paid a penny for medical expenses, lost wages, nursing expenses, and nutrition expenses so far.He was already angry.Seeing that Dai Lishi was released after only a few days, what Nothing happened, and people didn t understand.I went to the Second Squadron more than once to find the police handling the case, and claimed to go to the city bureau to complain.The leader said responsible to the end , this is not a joke, in case he runs away or something happens, he will be with Liu some time ago He was also investigated by the procuratorate, and he might be labeled as dereliction of duty.Originally planned to go back to Qingshan s hometown on the sixth day of junior high school, with such a master at the stall, he definitely couldn t go back.Han Chaoyang was so depressed that he naturally didn t give him a good look.He took out the handcuffs from his waist and handcuffed his unstuck left handcuff to the HCMUSSH do cbd gummies interact with other meds steel wire bed.He went back to the bed and looked at him and said coldly Do you want Where do you live, don t forget your identity, you are a criminal suspect now, it s great to be able to send you for an examination, and help you treat your illness do cbd gummies interact with other meds best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin Dai Lishi really didn t take residential surveillance seriously, he really forgot about it.The car is coming, and I m on the highway at the moment, and it s estimated to arrive at 8 30.They re here for the New Year s Eve, and they re here for the reunion dinner, so I have to stay with them.Stay with your family.Section Chief Xiao took out a cigarette and handed Wu Junfeng one Junfeng, you probably have no plans for the evening, so let s be together later.Just now, I walked do cbd gummies interact with other meds best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin around the door, and Old Tang was there.I told him It s done.Thank you, Section Chief Xiao, I won t be polite to you.Han Da, don t stand up, sit down and talk.Okay.Han Chaoyang returned to the console, pulled out the chair and sat down , picked up the mouse and clicked, and then raised his head and said Chief Xiao, you know the situation of Dai Lishi who temporarily lives in the employee s carport.The residential surveillance decision has been issued.

Percussion belongs to percussion, but it should also be encouraged.Han Chaoyang supported the steering wheel, and said casually You two cousins are not as heartless as you think, and they agreed to borrow money.If you can give them a helping hand regardless of past suspicions, you .

where can you buy natures boost cbd gummies?

have to give them a reassurance.After all, their money It didn t fall from the sky, but it was earned hard.Tomorrow morning, I will go to the street with me to make a written statement for them, and ask the street leaders and village cadres to be witnesses. Li Jun Liyang agreed Dai Lishi was ecstatic, but also felt a little unbelievable.I agreed, not only will I lend you money to see a doctor, but I will also lend you money to compensate other people.You should think about who else you have borrowed money from, and take this opportunity to ask your two cousins to help repay the other people.Our comrades found out that Liu Qingjun s modern off road vehicle had obtained a pass in Xiangyang Community, and even rented a parking space.In addition, our comrades found out through side view investigation that Guan Peng had often been in and out of Yuhua New Village in the past few months.It can be seen that Liu Qingjun and Guan Jie lived in concubine in Xiangyang Community, while Guan Peng lived with Liu Qinggui and his son.In addition, our comrades found out that Liu Xiaobo bought a black Passat five months ago and also rented a parking space in the community, but the parking space is now empty, the car is not in the community, and the people probably are not there either.Where are Liu Qinggui, Guan Jie and Guan Peng Jiao Chengle asked eagerly.Guan Jie is at home.She went downstairs to throw garbage more than ten minutes ago.After thinking about it, she asked, When do you plan to go back and stay at home for a few days If you want to go back, go back, there is nothing to discuss, I have to go to work when you rest, and I can t go back with you.Thinking of the out of sync holiday, Huang Ying was not as happy as before, and her tone was a bit regretful.Han Chaoyang has always been apologetic for not being able to spend a good year with her, and said in a low voice, I ll call home first, and talk to my parents first.Report to them that they are safe.Calling home and learning that his son will rest immediately after his business trip, Father Han is as happy as Teacher Ma.But what surprised Han Chaoyang was that when it came to using the precious vacation to go back to his hometown in Linshan Town, Father Han do cbd gummies interact with other meds and Teacher Ma agreed surprisingly, and asked him not to go back, and asked him to stay in Yanyang and spend time with Huang.Thank you, go back, and come to our detachment when you have time.Han Chaoyang drove Yu Zhenchuan before The police car and Lao Hu drove the off road vehicle with the local license plate that he drove to Beijing before and came back today, and they do cbd gummies interact with other meds arrived at the branch office at 1 30 pm.Sure enough, Zhou Ju was waiting in the bureau.As soon as he heard that they were back, he immediately went downstairs with the political commissar, took a look at the handover list, and warmly greeted the two of them to go to the cafeteria for dinner.Lao Hu has been working for so many years, and it is the first time he enjoys this treatment, so he is so excited.Han Chaoyang has seen the big world.When he came back from the Northwest, he even had dinner with the leaders of the provincial department at the Police Officer Training Center of the Municipal Bureau.Although snatching also has the word grab , it does not rely on violent coercion, but takes advantage of people s unpreparedness.It relies on suddenness, speed and agility, which belongs to that kind of crime.Although Han Chaoyang also thinks that there is no difference between robbery and robbery, he still pretends to understand and said seriously Did you hear me, I have to learn more in the future.Stuffed into 2.The 12th task force will not be able to come back for a while, and even if they can cbd gummies do you take for sleep come back, they will not be able to stay cbd cbg gummies do cbd gummies interact with other meds in the police office for a few days.Chen Jie is helping the police office these days, but she will report to the Fengyong County Public Security Bureau in a few days.They used to be not only the security guards of the Chaoyang Community Security Company, but also the back staff of the voluntary security patrol team.His father bought a minibus for passenger transport and used it to run the do cbd gummies interact with other meds line from Huangyu to the county seat.Later, the county He set up a bus company in his hometown, sold the car to the bus company, and his father and his mother all work in the bus company, one drives and the other sells tickets, but they don t run on the same line. This bastard actually said that his father HCMUSSH do cbd gummies interact with other meds is dead The parents used to focus on making money and neglected discipline, so their grades were not good, and they often caused trouble at school.Director Qi lit a cigarette, and continued Comrades from the Huangyu Police Station found his home, his father and mother The news that someone else might be in Yanyang is both happy and worrying.The happy thing is that he ran do cbd gummies interact with other meds away from home after the winter vacation.He hasn t called home until today.Han Chaoyang put on his police uniform and was about to call Qisuo when he heard Huang Ying asking outside Where is everyone going Your parents are not in the room, neither are my parents Call and ask Hey.Okay, let me ask.The call was connected quickly, maybe he is not used to sleeping in a bed, or maybe he is curious about this small town at the foot of the mountain, Huang s father and Huang s mother got up very early, Han s father and Teacher Ma simply accompanied them to the market, and now they had reached the vegetable market and were eating breakfast at the small shop in front of the market.Mom, you eat your food, don t worry about us, and don t bring us any.There are so many dishes left over from last night, we can just hot them up.Huang Ying walked into the kitchen while talking on the phone, not wanting to disappoint the elders.

Factory Director Wang and Mr.Liang also made People s Good Auxiliary Police, People s Beloved overnight.A good son and Faithful, loyal, iron blooded tenderness and other banners.When Han Chaoyang and Section Chief Xiao arranged to return to the gate, Director Xing personally led the traffic police and patrol police to arrive, bringing six police cars and more than a dozen policemen.Hello Secretary Yang, Hello Director Gu Seeing the two street leaders, Director Xing hurried over and stood at attention to salute.Many passers by were watching, and Secretary Yang didn t want to be the focus, so he pointed at Han Chaoyang What s the matter, let s get down to business.Ask Chaoyang, how are you getting ready Hongliang and the others are setting up a hearse inside, and there are more than a dozen posters of heroic deeds being spray painted on the opposite side.No problem, Bao Suo, we will guarantee that they will be there when they are called.Okay, you can go and meet them first , tell them about handing in their gambling funds, if they have a correct attitude and can actively hand in, then there is nothing else to do I came here to make money, Mr.Tao is also very busy, thank you again Fan, pick up the bag and go with Guo Yanfeng to meet the four gamblers.Han Chaoyang got up and sent them to the door.After confirming that they had entered the detention room at the end of the corridor, he couldn t help but turn around cbd cbg gummies do cbd gummies interact with other meds and ask, Bao Suo, they are dishonest, swag brand cbd gummies so let Mr.Tao go to do their work Objection.Any objection It s normal.Bao Qingshan scratched his head and said helplessly If the bet is cash and all the money is on the mahjong table, then it s easy to handle, as long as the money on the table is all gambling funds.In this way, you have our phone number, and we also have your mobile phone number, if there is anything, we will contact you in time.Chapter 706 Inventory 4 At 11 46, after the inspection, the group rented in Yangguan Village For the ID cards of the outsiders in the first row of private houses, Han Chaoyang ordered the team members assisting in the investigation to withdraw, and Guan Xiyuan and other policemen also led the auxiliary policemen from the Huayuan Street Police Station back to the station.As for the suspected MLM gang in the village, the patrol members stationed in the Yangguan Village Police Office are watching.If there is any change in them, the team members will report it immediately.What has just ended is a big operation, which needs to be summarized and reported.Kang Haigen was not in a hurry to go back to the police station, and rushed to the Zhongshan Road Police Office with Han Chaoyang.Sergeant Ding, we have met.Boss Wang, excuse me.Boss Wang never thought that his good intentions almost made a mistake.He held Han Chaoyang s hand tightly and explained with a bitter face Officer Han, I really didn t know that Xiao Yang ran away.I really didn t know that he committed a crime in his hometown.Stupidly did something wrong.Boss Wang, don t worry, it s none of your business.Han Chaoyang let go of Boss Wang s hand, turned around and said, Yang Xiaorong, raise your head and look at me Yang Xiaorong s legs trembled in fright, and he raised his head anxiously.Why did you talk nonsense last night, why didn t you tell the truth II m afraid Now that I know I m afraid, why aren t you afraid when you steal money II Yang Xiaorong was too late, speechless, and lowered his head to dare not speak.Sit down and report to Director Gu frequently.Leaders don t say these things for no reason Han Chaoyang understood as if enlightened, and hurriedly got up and said, Thank you, do cbd gummies interact with other meds Secretary Yang, for your concern, and thank you, Secretary Yang for reminding you.Said This book was written by my niece.I haven t had time to read it, and I don t know how it is written.I am embarrassed to give it do cbd gummies interact with other meds away.I didn t expect District Chief Zhou to know.He praised my family for a talented girl, so he insisted on giving it to me.He has a copy, and I want my girl to sign it, he is working on the 9th floor of the district government these days, you can help me deliver it when you have time.This is not a book delivery, it is clearly a request to go to the district government to find Zhou Bureau.If they didn t really care, they would never remind them.First of all, those who are local are unlikely to be the murderer.Han Chaoyang stood up and looked through the personnel materials that were found out, and put the local people on the do cbd gummies interact with other meds left hand side according to the notes on the materials, and said while searching Ji Uncle said in the evening that the geese passed by to take pictures and people passed by to leave their names.The special case team investigated and we investigated in more detail.If these people were really related to the victim, even if there was only a little connection, we would have identified him as a suspect.After all This is Yanyang, not a deserted and remote place, as long as the victim has dealt with him, it is impossible that no one has seen him.Wu Wenge raised his head and asked Chaoyang, do you suspect that he is a local who is not here If Uncle Ji s conjecture is correct, so this is the only possibility.No one listened to the songs I sang, no one watched the dances, and ran over to make a fuss.For the sake of political achievements, I even called a group of community officials to be the audience.Applause, take pictures, is it interesting, who do you want to coax Coax the higher ups A woman squeezed to the front, pointing at the stage and mockingly said Still setting up a stage and such a big sound system, making it look like a Spring Festival Gala, this is a waste of money Because of the preparations for the construction of the owners meeting After this incident, the residents of Xinmin community became do cbd gummies interact with other meds unprecedentedly united.Street cadres and community cadres were blushed by what they said.A few young community workers even felt ashamed and quietly took off their yellow vests as volunteers and hid behind the crowd.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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