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In this case, she might as well make it clear through Zhou Ruzhang.Ma am, people from the yamen have come and said they found the murderer at the foot of the mountain.Mrs.Lin was overjoyed Let s go and have a look.Miss Gu was found on the wicked cbd gummies mountain, and the yamen found the murderer who fell from the hillside.This person was wearing a monk s robe and looked like a monk.The abbot of the temple stepped forward to identify him and found that he was not a member of the temple.Amitabha.The monks in the temple couldn t help chanting the Buddha s name.Fortunately, the Bodhisattva blessed him, and nothing major happened.The general judge of Taiyuan Mansion hurried over, glanced at the murderer who was seriously injured and unconscious, and immediately went to see Mrs.Huaiyuan Hou Madam, can I ask Missy to go and identify her The murderer, but she danced and danced to let everyone know the ins and outs of the whole thing.Mr.Wei has experienced this personally, and the way of doing it is naturally very clear.Finding HCMUSSH does cbd gummies relax you an excuse to send him to prison for this general sentence is easier than picking his feet.What a mistake.Thinking of what cbd gummies are good for pain does cbd gummies relax you this, Feng Anping lay down on the ground and took the opportunity to defend himself again Your Excellency, I have no intention of forming a party in a lowly position.The gift is really just to keep the official position.How dare he provoke the Crown Prince Now he says that the whole of Shanxi It is not an exaggeration to be in the hands of the prince.If you don t worship the mountain of the prince, how can you gain a foothold in does cbd gummies relax you Shanxi.Wei Yuanchen interrupted the general sentence Let s talk about this case It seems that no one except him is suspicious of Miss Gu, and he has no solid evidence in his hand, so he will mention it to Feng Anping.Lu Shenzhi s beating would make does cbd gummies relax you many people fearful.Once he had such a thought, he would not dare to tell lies when facing Wei Yuanchen.Cui Wei chased after him However, it seems that there is nothing suspicious about Lu Shenzhi, otherwise Wei Yuanchen would not have let him go.Cui Zhen lowered his eyes, and only Wei Yuanchen knew what the inside story was.I also saw that Nie Chen, Cui Wei said, with Wei Yuanchen s personal guards, this person is the most damned, but he took the money given by the elder brother to serve Wei Yuanchen.How dare a small street person make such a move Now that he is attached to Wei Yuanchen, is it possible that Wei Yuanchen can take him to the capital Nie Chen is a capable person, and Cui Zhen also knew that this person was not loyal to him.He didn t care at all, but when he heard these words, he couldn t help feeling a little angry in his heart., Now it grows together with the skin and flesh, that s why it often hurts.He persuaded Mr.Wei, it s better to let him do a surgical investigation, and if he finds the root cause, he can get rid of the pain.For some reason, Mr.Wei refused to agree.It s better to take a look and rest assured.Sun Langzhong insisted on checking, but Wei Yuanchen didn t refuse any more, went to the inner room and untied his belt.A scar about three inches long spread from the left armpit.Although five years had passed, the wound does cbd gummies relax you was still horrifying.Back then, Wei Yuanchen hid a sharp weapon in his flesh, which caused the wound to swell repeatedly, as if he had been injured more than once in the same place.times, so after healed, it looks even more terrifying than ordinary wounds.Sun Langzhong stretched out does cbd gummies relax you organix cbd gummies his hand to touch the wound and did not feel any foreign matter.Wei got angry and killed the innocent.After taking away the mother in charge of the Zhou family, Wei Yuanchen turned around and walked out again.Mrs.Lin ordered the steward to see them off, and hoped that Mr.Wei would leave cleanly this time and not come back again.Wei Yuanchen came out of the Gu family s courtyard and saw Feng Anping head on.Feng Anping was walking towards Gu s house excitedly with all kinds of gadgets in his hands.Your Excellency.Feng Anping looked at the gate of Gu s family behind Wei Yuanchen Master Wei is here to ask questions, right Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, Feng Anping raised the object in his hand Master Zhifu asked us to come back and rest for a while , I passed by the grocery store, and I happened to see these things, so I bought them to coax my cousin.Not knowing whether it was he HCMUSSH does cbd gummies relax you coaxing his cousin or the cousin coaxing him, Wei Yuanchen remained calm, took the reins and immediately got on the horse.Our Cui family and the Wei family want to come to the well water without disturbing the river water, why does he deliberately make life difficult for us Cui does cbd gummies relax you Wei gently persuaded Mother, don t be angry, just wait a while.My eldest brother and I went to the yamen to see why Master Wei wanted to arrest so many people, even if he tried the case, he had to give a reason.What reason does he want Mrs.Lin widened her eyes, The guards around you are no better than you.He just drank some wine and clashed with Wei Yuanchen, and was killed by Wei Yuanchen for no apparent reason, this man did all sorts of evil because he was a foreign relative, how many souls died at his hands Speaking of this, Cui Wei His complexion also became ugly.Mrs.Lin was talking about Zhang Xiao who was beside him.This person was good at archery.Wei Yuanchen rode on the street of Taiyuan Mansion.Chu Jiu was stunned.The only person who doesn t care about his appearance is the third master.He is so ugly after applying the medicine but still flaunts the public.Could it be that the third master is seriously ill again Wei Yuanchen said What s happening at the Gu family Ms.Lin and Miss Gu have both gone to Cui s house.Hearing this, Wei Yuanchen slightly curled his lips.Tian Gu Mingzhu will follow Mrs.Lin Tai closely.At that time, he will catch her again.Chapter 51 Seeing You Wei where buy cbd gummies Yuanchen went back to the house and changed his clothes.Seeing this appearance, Chu Jiu immediately said Are we still going out Wei Yuanchen nodded.Chu Jiu swallowed Otherwise, the third master will leave after eating.I don t know if there is any meat in the kitchen.The woman in the car looked at the old man s back and did not dare to move.There was a sound of footsteps, and several figures sprang out from all around, surrounding the two of them.The woman clenched the handkerchief tightly, looking a little flustered.The old man turned the car slowly as usual, turned around and pulled out a steel knife from the car, and stood in front of the woman.His back was no longer hunched, and his whole body became more energetic, and he no longer looked like an old man.He slowly raised his head to reveal his ugly face, which had been disguised, but people who knew him could still recognize his identity.He is Yan Hao.Ziyuan in the car bit her lip, her flustered heart gradually calmed down, looking at Yan Hao s back, her eyes became a little firmer.Yan Hao, where are you going A person walked over slowly.Mr.Jiang suddenly smiled and looked at Yan Hao I ll give you the money later.Ten dead soldiers, as long as you can escape under the eyes of the government, I will let her go, and you two couples can be reunited.Yan Hao looked around with full vigilance The officers and soldiers have come You let me escape from here No, Mr.Jiang said, I want you to run away with the banknotes you robbed back then.I have already does cbd gummies relax you dug out those banknotes for you, and they are waiting for you in front.Chapter 54 The Dead Yan Hao Walks in Shanxi For the first time in many years, I felt that walking was so easy, as if I had returned to the situation when I was just transferred to Taiyuan Mansion as does cbd gummies relax you an official.There were three members of Yan s ancestors who were officials in the court, and all Yan Hao had heard since childhood was that the elder grandpa begged for his life as an official, so he secretly made up his mind that he would become such a good official when he became an official in the future.Don t talk about it, Cui Zhen said, solve the matter in front of you first, maybe everything will be clear by then In the courtyard of the Zhao family.The steward of the Zhao family watched these uninvited guests shuttle in the yard, and the Mr.Wei suddenly took out the key just now, his expression couldn t help changing, he probably saw his panic, and Mr.Wei ordered the servants to break into the house to look for it.Yachai, Nie Chen and others searched for a long time, but they still couldn t find the lock that matched the key.Gu Mingzhu grabbed Nie Chen and pointed to the roof Let s go up and have a look.Nie Chen was a little surprised, could the lock still be on the roof Gu Mingzhu said in a low voice Some doors may not be on the surface.Look at the structure of this house, you can probably know the direction of all the houses, and then compare it with the reality.Gu Mingzhu didn t speak, and turned to Nie Chen for help.Sir, Nie Chen stepped forward and said, My junior sister is timid and stutters when I meet outsiders.I m sorry, sir.Langzhong Sun smiled like a spring breeze I also asked her because she is good at medicine.Teacher.Nie Chen immediately said My junior sister is not very good at medicine.Oh Sun Langzhong was a little curious, Then she Nie Chen opened the box that Gu Mingzhu brought out, revealing all kinds of utensils inside What my teacher and teacher sister is good at is the ability to do an autopsy, and we detectives in the market are indispensable funky farms cbd extracts gummies to find does cbd gummies relax you clues.Gu Mingzhu nodded along, so that the doctor and sister Jiang can be distinguished, and the autopsy is not only an autopsy, but also an autopsy Injuries, so one must be proficient in medical theory, although no prescriptions are given, but this method of stopping bleeding is easy to grasp.In order to protect other people, he chose to kill himself.It s better to start with Lin Sizhen.Nie Chen thought of this But Lin Sizhen is in Shaanxi, this is Shanxi, how many people can he arrange here Gu Mingzhu said I think of one thing, about the Shanxi Guards Mutiny that year.On the surface, this matter may not really have anything to do with Lin Sizhen, butthe Cui family was involved, and it was when old Ding Ninghou was around.It may be an old case of the Cui family.As soon as Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, the yamen came to report I found the whereabouts of Mr.Zhao Er.Gu Mingzhu was startled, how could there be news so soon.Chapter 106 Trap Hearing the yamen s report, Lu Shenzhi quickly came out of the guard s room.Lu Shenzhi has been on duty all the cbd gummies with dr oz time to sort out paperwork.After Junior Sister Nie Chen came, the two where can you buy botanical farms cbd gummies of them analyzed the case.Gu Mingzhu looked at the guards at the door.The prince was really careful.He came to Taiyuan Mansion and brought out about half of the people in the East Palace.This cbd gummies for pain reviews does cbd gummies relax you is not like coming to Taiyuan Mansion to ask questions, but to question Wei Yuanchen Seeing such a tense situation, Mr.Wei would probably die in the prince s heart seven or eight times a day.Gu Mingzhu stepped into the house, followed the guide and walked forward.Ziyuan was still a little nervous HCMUSSH does cbd gummies relax you at first, but when she saw Miss Jiang s gesture of peace, her heart gradually calmed down.Nie Chen said that Miss Jiang was a little timid, but she felt that Miss Jiang was so powerful that she didn t need to take care of her at all.As soon as Ziyuan thought of this, the mother in charge of the prince s mansion greeted her Hurry up and go to the back house to try the piano, it will be your turn in a while.Mrs.Lin looked at Zhuzhu beside her.After Zhuzhu got off the carriage, her spirits improved a lot, but she was still worried.After returning home, she should find a doctor to show Zhuzhu.Mrs.Lin was thinking about it when she felt that Zhuzhu beside her stopped in her tracks.Madam Lin immediately turned her head to look, and saw Zhuzhu standing in the sun smiling at her, and then touched her belly with her hand Mother, don t worry For some reason, Mrs.Lin felt that Zhuzhu s eyes were not as dull and dazed as before, and when she looked closely, she seemed to be no different from ordinary young ladies.Mrs.Lin s heart warmed up Okay, it s fine.Zhuzhu is getting better and better now, and the joy in her heart can only be experienced by the master.Fourth Mrs.Cui hurried over to greet her Madam, you are here.Back then, Mr.Wei was young and didn t have much experience in the army, but he could hurt our brothers.Naturally, it was the Cui family who lost face.Cui Wei s skills in the cbd gummies hempbombs funky farms cbd extracts gummies school field were not as good as others, and he deserved the humiliation.I didn t take it seriously at all.Come on, but I don t regret stepping in to save Cui Wei, after all, the school field will not hurt lives But since then, do cbd gummies help with pain when I meet Mr.Wei again, Mr.Wei always reminds me of what happened on the school field that day.Even if there is no life and death fight with real swords and guns, the atmosphere is still the same.Hearing Cui Zhen say these words, Gu Mingzhu carefully calculated, so the grievance between Cui Zhen and Wei Yuanchen was before the school competition.What happened at that time Cui Zhen took a sip of tea and put the tea bowl back On the table It is true that Mr.Tai about the death of Old Lord Hou, listen to the meaning, old Hou Master Lin seems to have been killed by Sizhen Lin.Madam Lin couldn t help but stop What The mother in charge nodded Master Hou came here for this.Madam Lin looked at the heavy rain outside, even though she was walking in does cbd gummies relax you can cbd gummies give you diarrhea In Chaoshou corridor, he also felt the chill of Qiu Yu.Have someone bring a pot of charcoal to the fire.After Madam Lin gave her orders, she quickened her pace.When something like this happened at home, brother Zhen must be very sad.He is the Marquis of Dingning, and he wants to support the entire Cui family.It is also difficult to bear such a blow.Mrs.Lin entered the main room after thinking about 20 mg cbd gummies effects it, and her eyes immediately fell on Cui Zhen.She was mentally prepared for the journey, but she was still shocked when she saw Cui Zhen.Zhang in the prison.Changing Zhang into Chang is Miss Gu s way of deceiving people.For example, Jun is good at the lyre, Miss Gu can also tune the piano, she is skilled in fingering, and must have worked hard for at least ten years.Miss Gu is also good at mechanism skills and is good at solving cases.Rujun does not does cbd gummies relax you have this, but Rujun can read and write since she was a child and can carve gold and stone Wei Yuanchen saw the scene of Miss Gu looking at the box with ancient seal characters on it.And planning Miss Gu should be able to understand.What kind of person is Gu Mingzhu Wei Yuanchen was slightly absent minded, forgetting that the red bean cake was already placed on the table, and overturned the mold in his hand, crushing the red bean cake on the table with such a pressure.Third Lord, Chu Jiu turned pale with shock, You have ruined a plate of red bean cakes.She is so old, and it is quite pitiful to run around alone.Third Master, do you think it is strange that there was such a moment just now, I was so special Thinking what cbd gummies are good for pain does cbd gummies relax you Wei Yuanchen didn t even notice it, and a trace of displeasure flashed across his brows What do you think Chu Jiu swallowed the unfinished red bean cake Take care of her until she grows old.After eating a plate of red bean cake, this kind of thought became more and more intense.The originally peaceful heart lake suddenly became turbulent again because of the mention of the doctor woman on the ninth day of the ninth day.Wei Yuanchen s eyes flashed contempt.The cunning doctor woman was probably just a fox s tail.Now she hid that tail and waited.When he stopped staring, he what cbd gummies are good for pain does cbd gummies relax you would stick out again to confuse others.She heard these words on the ninth day of the ninth day, and she didn t know how to be proud.Gu Mingzhu walked out the door, and she saw Princess Huairou sitting on a stone bench not far away, with her head down, thinking about something.Princess Huairou gently shook the fan in her hand.There was no news of her son in law.She couldn t help does cbd gummies relax you but feel a little anxious.Just as she was feeling bored, cbd oil or cbd gummies a bamboo dragonfly flew towards her.Chapter 144 Concern Princess Huairou looked at the bamboo dragonfly, and let it crash into her arms, and cbd gummies amazon canada then a girl ran over, staring at the bamboo dragonfly, with a childlike smile on her face.Princess Huairou knew in her heart that this girl was Miss Gu.Miss.Baotong pulled Gu Mingzhu, and then bowed to Princess Huairou.Princess cbd gummies hempbombs funky farms cbd extracts gummies Huairou knew what the maid of the Gu family was going cbd to quit smoking gummies to say, and she just bowed and apologized.She heard too much, so she waved her hand and said, Let Miss Gu come here Gu Mingzhu knelt down in front of Princess Huairou and saluted.There are constant struggles in the court, both openly and secretly, and the son in law has never discussed the political situation with her.Even if there is any disturbance in the Cheng family in the court, she still hears the news from other people.The son in law had a big quarrel, and the son in law accused her of meddling in political affairs, she could not ask questions on weekdays, but she is Cheng s wife after all, if something happened at home, she should sit firmly in the princess mansion The son in law s complaints are nothing more than a separation from her and unwillingness to take advantage of her.In her anger, she even said the words of reconciliation, and the news that she was going to reconcile with the son in law spread all over the capital.She was more polite and rarely entered her door again.If he hadn t been does cbd gummies relax you suspicious of Wei Sanye s behavior, and Wei Sanye and Chu Jiu reminded him many times, he would not have noticed this.The girl Wei Sanye had his eyes on was really unusual, perhaps not as good as Juncha.The carriages and horses of Mrs.Lin and the female family members of the Zhou family have not come.Zhou Zesheng was thinking about it, and the guard stepped forward to report.Zhou Zesheng frowned and looked over, but sure enough, the two carriages were not behind.The guard went on to say I heard that Mrs.Lin s carriage still has the real family members of the Lin Temple.Zhou Zesheng sneered, What tricks are you playing again Leave them alone, protect the Gu family grow md cbd gummies s carriage and move on Mother, What are you going to do Cui Wei chased Mrs.Lin s carriage.Mrs.Lin Tai pointed the hairpin at her throat, surrounded by Zhao Gongren who was picked up by Cui Wei, and the carriage drove westward all the way.Not only because Mr.Wei found out the case, but also because of the status of the relatives of the Wei family.Wei Yuanchen didn t say much, and followed Huang Chang to the guard room in the inner court.The hot water is ready, and everything from the middle clothes to the official uniforms are brand new.Seeing this, Wei Yuanchen raised his lips slightly, with a sneering expression on his face, which not only gave the Wei family and him enough face, but also allowed him to be examined logically, and he had seen too many such methods.The palace servant came forward to serve Wei Yuanchen to change clothes, Wei Yuanchen turned his eyes to the servant next to him Come here Seeing this, the palace servant had to bow his head and retreat.The servant hurried forward, Wei Yuanchen stretched out his hand and removed the leather belt around his waist, took off his outer robe, and replaced it with the inner lining, there were bloodstains on the middle coat.Second Uncle.Quick, Second Master Wei said with a smile, Come home with me, your grandmother and mother are waiting.The uncle and nephew got on their horses and rode all the way to Wei s house.Just before leaving the palace gate, Wei Yuanchen looked at Second Master Wei Is there any news about what my nephew asked Second Uncle to inquire about Second Master Wei sighed in his heart, he is really in a hurry, there is nothing important, first ask about the girl, whether it is a big deal or not About the doll Is it Zhou Rujun or Gu Mingzhu Chapter 195 Two people Wei Yuanchen looked at the second uncle.A what cbd gummies are good for pain does cbd gummies relax you gust of wind blew by, and the two mustaches on Master Wei Er s lips were an eyesore.At a good age, you want to grow a beard.If you don t make some noise at home, the second uncle seems to be uncomfortable.No more trouble explaining.Mrs.Zhang also nodded Auntie s health is the most important thing.Mrs.Zhang ordered her servants to does cbd gummies relax you put away the gifts they brought, and then stretched out her hand to grab Gu Mingzhu Zhuzhu likes sweet scented osmanthus, and the golden osmanthus in our garden is all in bloom.How about Zhuzhu come over to play in the past two days Sister in law You make sweet scented osmanthus cakes.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Mrs.Zhang took out a purse from her sleeve and put it on Gu Mingzhu s waist with her own hands.There were two fluttering butterflies embroidered on the purse, which was truly beautiful.Mrs.Zhang was talking about tidying up Gu Mingzhu s dress Zhuzhu is a big girl, she looks better dressed up, and my sister in law will make you a beautiful dress tomorrow.Looking at the gentle Mrs.Gu Chongyi put his arms around Madam Lin and went to the inner room Zhuzhu is helping Madam treat guests today Madam Lin nodded I fell asleep when I returned to the house.Madam Anyihou and Cui Erye came, Zhuzhu went to the main room Talked to them.Gu Chongyi also rejoiced Zhuzhu has really grown up and knows how to do these things.I said earlier that our Zhuzhu is no different from ordinary female relatives, but it grows slower.Madam still refused to believe me before.As Gu Chongyi said, he hugged Madam Lin in his arms affectionately, Madam Lin s cheeks were flushed.Ma am, lie down and rub your feet for your husband.Ma am has been hard these days.As Gu Chongyi said, he was going to hold Mrs.Lin s feet, but Mrs.Lin was not willing to dodge, half smiling and half angry.The mother in charge heard the voice from the inner room, dismissed the servants, and slowly closed the door.Maybe it was because his skin was too fair, but after delaying for a while, there was still a mark after wiping with the towel.Have you ever seen Mr.Wei, such a carefree attendant Who made Miss Jiang a child of the rivers and lakes Taking advantage of Lord Wei not getting angry, Gu Mingzhu continued the topic just now, which was considered to divert Lord what cbd gummies are good for pain does cbd gummies relax you Wei s attention My lord Are there still many members of the Shen family in the court Shen Shoufu has been in office for many years, and he must have left a lot of connections, enough for future generations to benefit from, and he has to consult Mr.Wei for matters in the court.Wei Yuanchen picked up a pen and wrote the letter Shen Shoufu s eldest son is the minister of the Ministry of Rites, and the second son is also the Guozijian Jijiu.Shen Shoufu s younger brother is the deputy governor of the Metropolitan Procuratorate.The guards of the princess mansion stepped forward immediately.Mr.Cheng, seeing that he couldn t please him, just stared at Mrs.Zhao fiercely Okayyou are finethis is not the end, my Cheng does cbd gummies help copd family won t let it go like this., Mrs.Cheng noticed something strange about the mother in charge around her.What s wrong They re in a panic.Mrs.Cheng reprimanded them.Even if they were kicked out by the princess, they couldn t be seen in such a mess.The mother in charge looked ugly does cbd gummies relax you Slave I lost something.Just now, she fell down, and when she got up, she touched the purse at her waist, for fear that the purse would fall out.The purse was still there at that time, but in a blink of an eye, the purse disappeared.The mother in charge swallowed Old lady, this servant will go back and look for it.Use.The mother in charge didn t dare to say anything more, she lowered her head and helped Old Madam Cheng into the carriage, then turned and went back to the princess mansion to look for it.Su Fu went on to ask Who is it that took your family away Qian Yunsheng rushed to answer It s the Tatars.We have been walking in northern Xinjiang all the year round, and we can tell that they always have a fishy smell on their bodies and their voices It is also slightly different from us, and they HCMUSSH does cbd gummies relax you said that it is useless for us to report to the government, and the government of Dazhou can t control them.When cbd gummies hempbombs funky farms cbd extracts gummies Qian Yunsheng said this, the lobby of the Shuntian government office was quiet, and Su Fu frowned in thought.Mr.Cheng also understood a little bit, and finally knew why Cheng Yi brought him to the government office.Cheng Yi didn t want him to confess to framing the Zhao family, but to get him involved in Lin Sizhen s collaborating with the enemy.The reason why Mrs.Zhao was caught by Mrs.Princess Huairou and Mrs.Lin sat in the room with Mrs.Zhao.Mrs.Zhao didn t close her eyes all night, and her eyes were slightly red, but her spirit improved what cbd gummies are good for pain does cbd gummies relax you cbd gummies for pain reviews does cbd gummies relax you a lot.From sitting there silently like a stone sculpture, she finally raised her head to look at Princess Huairou, and said something to Princess Huairou sentence.After Mrs.Lin entered the mansion, she mentioned that the son in law beat the Dengwen drum, and Mrs.Zhao couldn t help but shed tears.After crying and speaking, Zhao seemed to have lifted the stone that was weighing on her does cbd gummies relax you heart, and finally it no longer made her breathless.Mother Huang walked quickly into the door and whispered a few words in Princess Huairou s ear.Princess Huairou was surprised at first, and then gradually smiled.Mrs.Lin and Mrs.Zhao both looked at Princess Huairou.Cheng Yi nodded, just like Master Wei said, grandfather There is another inside story in the case, otherwise those people would not be so eager to harm mother.The two returned to the flower hall and saw Mrs.Zhao looking out the window thinking about something.Mother, Cheng Yi walked up to Mrs.Zhao and knelt down, I have made my mother suffer all these years.Get up quickly.Trembling, Mrs.Zhao lifted Cheng Yi up.Cheng Yi s expression was firm My son only regrets that he was twelve years late.If he had known this, he should have let how to make cbd crystals gummys his mother break up with the Cheng family.I will leave the Cheng family with my mother.Ji Mother knows that you are good to mother, get up, mother will not go that way again.Cheng Yi recounted the whole thing, mentioning that Peng Liang was safe and sound Peng Liang is a good man, he knows those If someone wants to kill his mother, please ask Mr.There was a scolding voice from the courtyard where the prince lived What are you all doing here Watching my joke Don t think I don t know, what are you thinking Do you want to know who the next prince is , and then rush over to serve the new crown prince Master, the crown princess immediately stepped forward to persuade him with an ugly expression, it s hard for you to say such a thing, you are still the crown prince of the East Palaceyou The crown prince suddenly turned his head and looked at the crown prince fiercely Concubine, the princess took a step back in fright.At this time, half of the prince s face was covered with yellow and black medicinal powder, his eyes were blood red as if he was about to bleed, and most of his hair was burnt off.She advised the prince to trim the rest of his hair so that he could It s convenient to apply medicine, but the prince won t listen, put down his harsh words, he will kill anyone who dares to hurt his hair.After exhausting all his strength, the prince fell on the soft couch.What a waste.The prince seemed to hear someone whispering in his ear in a daze.What a waste, where did the ability to bully me when I was young I thought I could use you for a while, but I didn t expect you to be so miserable.After a while, I should let you die.Give me another ride.Chapter 232 where can you get cbd gummies in putnam ct The honored guest The prince suddenly opened his eyes, but there was no one in the room.It was already dawn, and the sun shone in through the window, but the bright sunlight could not illuminate the shadow in the prince s heart, and the prince looked around in fear.What about people Where did people go cbd gummies can they get you high The prince was about to shout.My lord, the Third Prince is here to see you.A steward s voice came from outside.It was him, the prince s eyes widened, it must be him, he sneaked in and said those words.Who knew that Bai Guan was just a stubborn person who stayed in that room without receiving the imperial edict.If the palace servants hadn t discovered him in time, he would have died of starvation in the palace without a sound.Later, Mrs.Li We have contacts with us, and we often mention this one.Gu Mingzhu heard these words, Mrs.Li deliberately ignored some details, it should be the empress who was thinking about Bai Guanzheng, and ordered the palace people to check in that room, so that Mrs.Li would be grateful and often came to In the Wei family, Bai Guan is not good at words, so he made some small things for his wife to bring to Mrs.Li.At Mrs.Li s age, she always wants to give rewards to the juniors around her.Such things cannot be bought outside, everyone.It s all novel.Listening to Mrs.I can t do anything well, just make trouble and cry.Even a three year old child should be reprimanded, but she is suffering from dementia, who can t help it Can compare with her.Cui Wei was thinking like this, but he didn t dare to show any impatience on his face, he still smiled and looked at Gu Mingzhu Okay, second brother will put it up again after it falls, as long as Zhuzhu is happy.Gu Mingzhu looked at Cui Wei s face The smile on his face was full of flattery, as if he wanted to make her happy no matter what, she seemed to know what he was planning.She had heard from the maid at home that Mrs.Lin once wanted to marry Cui and Gu.When Gu Mingzhu was a child, Mrs.Lin often brought Cui Wei.However, who knew that Gu Mingzhu s condition was getting worse and worse, so Mrs.Lin gave up her thoughts.Chu Jiu said in a low voice It s my good fortune to be able to do something for the eldest lady.It s just that I can t tell the third master about this good fortune, lest I end up with the same result as five black chickens.Seeing Chu Jiu s excited expression, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help but feel a little strange.She didn t give anything good.After a while, she asked Liu Su to give Chu Jiu some repairs, but Chu Jiu was the general of wyld strawberry gummies cbd enhanced the Wei family., How should she repay Master Wei Cheng Yi was invited by Chujiu to speak in the hallway, and saw a woman wearing a fence standing there.Chujiu had said in advance that this was an outsider invited by Mr.Wei to help investigate the case, and Cheng Yi knew that that person Nie Chen helped them a lot This also explains why Mr.Cheng has no fear.If no does cbd gummies relax you organix cbd gummies problem can be found out, Mr.The same is true for the second brother s marriage.My mother cbd gummies hempbombs funky farms cbd extracts gummies went to Linjiang mansion several times and prepared for so many years.Go to Linjiang Mansion.Cheng Yi said again Your mother s dowry when she what cbd gummies are good for pain does cbd gummies relax you married into Cheng s family, and the land you have accumulated over the years, are you clear in your heart Even if you didn t explain it before, after you passed away, you didn t let the mother in charge come forward.Do you want to tell me Before my mother went to Shanxi, she secretly gave the three Zhuangzi to the loyal servant, and asked the loyal servant to take care of me.Cheng Erye and Cheng Sanye brothers looked at does cbd gummies relax you each other, obviously ignorant of this.There was a sudden silence in the corridor.It took a long time for Second Master Cheng to squeeze out a few words from his teeth You mean that mother didn t commit suicide, but was murdered However, while the yamen is here to investigate the case, you can also ask the truth in private, unlike when I grew up power cbd gummies uk and found does cbd gummies relax you out the truth about my mother falling into the water, unless you don t want to ask clearly.Master Wei Er was exactly the same as he was in the woods that night.It s fake, Gu Chongyi thought about it repeatedly afterward, the Second Master Wei didn t seem to be suffering from any illness from fainting to waking up, and now he used this trick again, obviously to deal with Yushi.When such a thing happened in front of the palace gate, the censor didn t have the face to mention Wei Yuanchen again and blame the Wei family, otherwise it would be like deliberately embarrassing the Wei family.The Wei family couldn t suffer much from this stuff, Gu Chongyi glanced at Wei Congzhi on the ground, just in time to see a censor raising his foot and stomping on Wei Congzhi fiercely while taking advantage of the chaos.Gu Chongyi couldn t help trembling in his heart, he seemed to feel the pain, and Wei Congzhi on the funky farms cbd extracts gummies how much does eagle hemp cbd gummies cost ground remained motionless.The third concubine thought carefully, how could Miss Gu be able to marry in an ordinary family with such a disease Although Mrs.Lin has caused a lot of trouble now, after all, Cui Wei also has military exploits.Even if he is not as good as his elder brother in the future, he will have a good official career.It is normal chalene johnson cbd gummies to do this in order to get closer.After marrying and going home, raise them up, and then find a few beautiful concubines to serve by your side.Miss Gu is sick, and the Gu family can t say anything.It is not easy to marry a daughter, who really expects Gu Mingzhu to be a decent mistress, in charge of the middle class, and to deter the servants With such a female family member, who can really respect cbd gummies for pain reviews does cbd gummies relax you her when she entrusts her with such a huge family business The daughters of high ranking officials and dignitaries all want to marry high, but Gu Mingzhu is impossible.The shadow of the female crown disappeared, and Baotong immediately said Miss, don t worry, this servant will go and have a look.Baotong hurried forward to explore the way, but she didn t come back after a while, Gu Mingzhu tentatively walked forward.Short legs and short steps, I m afraid it s not easy to catch up with the person in front.A familiar voice came from behind, Gu Mingzhu smiled immediately, and the helper finally came.Chapter 285 Shuangshuang Investigating the Case As Gu Mingzhu was thinking this way, her eyes had already slipped into the mountains.My lord, Gu Mingzhu said in a low voice, the person is right ahead, if you don t leave, it will be too late.Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, and walked forward with long legs, not to be cbd gummies to help smoking left behind at the critical moment, Gu Mingzhu followed closely Come forward, the moonlight is not too bright today, and it is especially difficult to follow a person in the mountains.Seeing that he was about to meet Gu Mingwan, Sun Zhenren was hit hard on the leg.Fortunately, she was very steady in her footwork, and she stabilized her body after only a few staggered steps, but Mo Yangming behind her had already caught up.Sun Zhenren frowned, someone was hiding in the dark to help.It must not be someone from the government, who could it be Sun Zhenren had no time to think about it and had to deal with Mo Yangming.Mo Yangming said Brother, this is the end of the matter, you don t need to run cbd gummies 12mg thc away anymore, you should go to the yamen and make it clear, it is also atonement for yourself, take a good look at the Shangqing Temple, the master will be in your hands, and you can see how you can turn this place into something What does it look like The Taoist holy land hides filth, you are a cultivator, what do you want the money for Sun Zhenren was fighting with Mo Yangming while guarding against the people around her.Someone sent the news that all the merchants in the back mountain of the Taoist temple were arrested, and the leader was the elder brother of Yuan Zhixing s wife.Su Fu s eyes lit up when he heard this, and Yuan Zhixing could not escape.Have someone take care of Bai Gong.Su Fu straightened his official uniform, wait for me to interrogate.Su Fu hurried to Shuntian Mansion Yamen, only to meet Huaiyuan Hou outside the Taoist temple After the ceremony, Su Fu was busy with business and had no time to talk to Gu Chongyi, he just said The eldest lady in the house is taking care of Zhenren Mo, and even brought us a prescription.Gu Chongyi laughed generously, like his own treasure The moment he was touched, it was as if his eyes were blinded, and his pride was beyond words My children have always been so careful.ThirdThird Lord, Chu Jiu s mouth was a little awkward, Ijustremind youto prepare early, in casethere is still land around the Taoist temple to buy, buy a piece of land in the future If it s not possible, it s better to build a temple.Wei Yuanchen s eyebrows suddenly stretched, and a faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth Before that, I ll send does cbd gummies relax you you to the palace to serve my aunt.Jiu suddenly felt a chill under his crotch, and his strong desire to survive made him shut his mouth tightly.Why should the third master be so heartless There is no need to be a eunuch.I can often come out to see Miss Gu and Bao Tong who is next to Miss Gu.That maid Baotong admired him very much.In short, he is loyal.Just as Chu Jiu was thinking wildly, Mu Qiu picked up the skirt of his clothes, and then Chu Jiu smelled the smell of horse manure, does cbd gummies relax you organix cbd gummies not only did he have to does cbd gummies relax you organix cbd gummies light the fire, but he might also have to clean the stables.Lin before doing something, but now I am jealous by the tribe.I went to several houses to ask them to take in this child, but nothing happened.I wanted to find the old man, but I knew that the old man I was entangled in family affairs, so I couldn t open this mouth.It s better to ask for others than to ask for myself, so I got a little angry, sold the land I bought a few years ago, and came all the way to Beijing to see a doctor.If I live for a few years, I don t have to worry about the child s whereabouts.I have seen a few doctors in Beijing these days, but they all said that they can only last for a year or a half.Zou Lin s eyes turned red I m not afraid of death, but this child is pitiful.I know Madam is kind hearted.Madam will give birth next year.If she gives birth to funky farms cbd extracts gummies how much does eagle hemp cbd gummies cost a boy, it is necessary to train several guards and followers of similar age.Both he and that Zhang family deserve to die.Shh, Zou Lin Shi covered Zou Xiang s mouth with her hand, Don t talk nonsense, if you talk nonsense again, I will I don t want you either.You didn t want me in the first place, Zou Xiang raised her head, her face was full of tears, You re going to die.Zou Linshi was speechless for a moment, the immature face in front of her, saying such words made her feel chills.Zou Xiang said Otherwise you take me away.No one wants me, so I will suffer if I stay.Xiang heard it Gu Mingzhu sat in the pavilion, listening to what Zou Xiang said, it seemed that she had a grudge with Cui Zhen and the Zhang family.Where is the feud between the three or four year old child and the Dingninghou couple For a child, the most important thing is father and mother.Baotong said Perhaps Marquis Dingning harmed his parents.Part of this inexplicable irritability and depression came from his mother, and part from himself.Although his father s case was found out, does cbd gummies relax you the darkness in his heart could not be driven away.Cui Zhen walked into the garden, now that he is awake, why not think about the real matter of Lin Si, this battle of real swords and guns is over, I don t know how many schemes are left in the dark, the guardhouse where Lin Si really led soldiers must be tidied up, His Datong is not stable.What he did in Shanyin, he fell into someone else s game.If he wants to seek peace for himself, he must bow his head to Lin Sizhen and others, and eventually he must serve Lin Sizhen s master.Many of this bureau was set up around him, and that man s intention was very clear, that is, he wanted to hold the entire northern border in his hands, and taking down so many guards and soldiers, he was naturally preparing for rebellion , who will be the person of this layout How many people were planted beside him If those people are not arrested, this matter will not end.I don t need to marry a wife to help me.I don t have much ambition.I just follow my elder brother in and out of the barracks.Although I am mentally incomplete, but carefree and carefree, I don t have many thoughts, and a person like eldest brother naturally cannot marry such a woman, but I don t have a heavy burden on my shoulders, and I don t need to support the Cui family s lintel, so why not Looking at each other, Cui Zhen s attitude did not waver in the slightest Zhuzhu is still young, and my aunt once said that she has no intention of marrying Zhuzhu, so you should stop thinking about it.Brother is still the same, Cui Wei smiled softly, As long as When you make a decision, you don t allow anyone to question it, it s the same in the army, and it s the same at home, everyone, including mother, must act according to your wishes, and if you resist the eldest brother, you will be dealt with mercilessly.I m going to get busy again, and some wounded soldiers will be brought here to be raised.Gu Mingzhu thought of the person A Chan mentioned, and the things that a general would use, and A Chan had difficulty moving, and she often The places to go are Guanzhong and Anjiyuan.Calculated in this way, the place where Ah chan and that person met does cbd gummies relax you is likely to be Anjiyuan.Through Ah chan s description of that person, she had a few candidates in her mind.The biggest battle in Da Zhou before and after Ah chan s death was Zhao The old general led the troops to the northern border.They speculated that the person who approached Ah chan was because of the mechanism related to the Hongyi does cbd gummies relax you cannon in A chan s hands, so this person s status should not be low.profit.There are not many people who meet all these conditions, but you can t doubt anyone out of thin air, unless you can find a place where he and A Chan intersect.It s safe, and it s okay to have a few more sons and daughters.At this point, all he can do is to make some changes so that those who accompany him will not be wronged.He has been fighting outside for many years and using his spirit in the inner house.It should not be difficult to do this.As soon as Cui Zhen thought of this, he saw Gu Mingzhu get up from the chair, and then the two walked into the room.Zou Lin was followed by the little Zou Xiang.The two saluted Cui Zhen and Mrs.Lin.Zou Xiang kept his head down from the beginning to the end, without looking around.Zou Xiang, come on, I ve met the Marquis of Dingning.Under Zou Lin s urging, Zou Xiang raised his head slowly, and called out, Lord Dingning.Cui Zhen nodded, and naturally stood up and cbd edibles gummy worms tampa turned to Mrs.Lin Said Auntie help me find a bow and arrow, I will go to the garden to shoot arrows for Zhuzhu and Zou Xiang to see.The weather was so bad that Gu Chongyi was going to stay with Cui Zhen for a while, when he saw the steward saying, Second Master Cui is here.Cui Zhen frowned slightly, and saw Cui Wei being led into the door.Cui Wei stepped forward to salute Gu Chongyi and Cui Zhen with a smile on his face, and said, I knew that my elder brother was here to visit my uncle and aunt, so I would come with me.Before Gu Chongyi could speak, Cui Zhen stood up and said goodbye to Gu Chongyi It s getting late Now, it s time for us to go back, my uncle rested earlier, and our brothers will come again some other day.Cui Wei s smile froze on his face.Gu Chongyi did not expect that Cui Zhen was about to leave.Brother, why are you in such a hurry Cui Wei didn t follow Cui Zhen s intentions as usual, I haven t even had time to talk to my uncle, brother is leaving.Baotong wanted to say something more, but Gu Mingzhu nodded and hugged the stove in his hand.Gu Chongyi jumped off the carriage, as if he didn t take the words of his daughter and Baotong to heart, took the reins from the servant, got cbd gummies hempbombs funky farms cbd extracts gummies on the horse, protected the carriage and left Anjiyuan Tan Sanye has been standing at the gate of Anjiyuan until the Gu family s carriages and horses disappeared, then he turned to look at the room where Bao er was recuperating.When he walked into the room just now, he saw Bao er s reaction in his eyes.Go and tell Uncle, Master Gu is gone, please Uncle go back to the mansion earlier, and I will go to the court in a while, so Uncle can rest assured that I will handle the matter here.Tan Family Steward heard Tan San Master s words were answered, and he walked quickly to the yard.What Zhuzhu s marriage Mrs.Lin said, Zhuzhu is really a big girl, will there be a day when Master Hou and I really worry about these things Madam Are you worried now Huaiyuan Hou said, Even if you want to marry Zhuzhu one day You have to find someone with good character who can treat Zhuzhu wholeheartedly.Mrs.Lin couldn t help but said How could the Lord be like this all of a sudden Think Zhuzhu has grown up, Gu Chongyi said, Zhuzhu can do more than what we think about.Zhuzhu didn t panic when she saw the dead body Can you tell that Bao er is afraid of Tan Zigeng It can be seen Zhu Zhu already had her own thoughts in her heart, she was no longer that child does cbd gummies relax you who could only be manipulated by others When gummies pure cbd it was daylight, the heavy rain stopped.The carriage from Hehua Hutong arrived at the gate of Huaiyuan Hou Mansion, and the steward immediately came out to welcome him.Many insightful people in Dazhou came and went from his mansion.How good is this palace as a teacher So quickly I just can t sit still, does cbd gummies relax you organix cbd gummies and I m an idiot after all.In the main hall, there were palace people adding charcoal to the warming cage, Concubine Jiang threw the sunspot into the charcoal fire with a flick of her finger.The chess pieces splashed a string of flames.Concubine Jiang said indifferently Tell the Elder Master to keep an eye on them.We must not let them get away this time.Let him remember not to show up until the critical moment.With the Wei family rushing forward, this made the father and son divorced It is best for the Wei family to handle the punishment of King Huai In the Hall of Mental Cultivation, the emperor flipped through the booklet in his hand.The booklet was full of sutras The emperor glanced at a few pages and shook his head I m old Did I like these when I was young I really don t understand it now.Before Tan Zigeng could speak, the old man next to him said loudly to Wei Yuanchen The people in Zhuangziare deadall dead.Hearing this, Tan Zigeng immediately realized what happened, and he immediately defended I don t know what happened on Zhuangzi.I just came to Zhuangzi and was about to check the situation on Zhuangzi.Who knowssomeone rushed out to kill me.I accidentally injured them in order to protect myself Wei Yuanchen looked into the village, the fire was getting bigger and bigger, Zhang Tong invited the surrounding farmers to put out the fire, but even if the fire was extinguished, everything in the house would be burned.This fire has nothing to do with me, Tan Zigeng said eagerly, I don t know It doesn t count if I say anything about it, and it doesn t count if Tan Zongqi says it.We have to wait for the yamen to come to ask the case.Wei Yuanchen said, looking at Tan Zigeng, If Tan Zongqi has nothing to do with the affairs of this village, Why did you come here from the capital in disguise Chapter 342 Injustice Tan Zigeng licked his lips, subconsciously trying to find an excuse to avoid Wei Yuanchen s questioning, but when he heard the noisy voices around him, he saw some farmers taking When he went to Zhuangzi to fight the fire with his things, his face became even uglier.The current situation is different from what happened in Anjiyuan.Someone witnessed him murder, even if he said there was another story, no one would believe him casually.Tan Zigeng didn t speak, and the surroundings fell into silence, Wei Yuanchen didn t seem to be ready to speak again.Tan Zigeng became more and more flustered.He shivered solidly.He came to Shandong to inquire about newsmainly looking for the big boat that the Lu family used to go to sea.Drifting on the sea for the past few days, Nie Chen global green cbd gummies 450 mg has suffered a lot he vomits all kinds of meat does cbd gummies relax you and eight vegetables, and he has to work hard to mark it on the map.If he can t find the trace of the big ship, he may have to go farther Where As long as he thought of this, he couldn t help but spit out the acid water in his stomach.Xue Laotong stepped out of the cabin and patted Nie Chen on the shoulder Persist for a few more days, there will be storms and waves on the sea, and the boat will return to the shore to take shelter.Then it will funky farms cbd extracts gummies how much does eagle hemp cbd gummies cost be our chance.After arriving in Shandong, Xue Laotong There are not enough people around, so I ask the people in the market to help.The old lady Gu looked angrily Can t my old woman know the difference between good and bad Gu Chongyi was silent cbd gummies buy 5 get 2 free for a moment before saying You can t tell.Chapter 350 This junior is not bad.Hearing this, Mrs.Gu felt as if someone raised a big fist and hit her hard on her chest, making her almost out of breath.While everyone was talking, old man Gu walked in, reeking of alcohol, and when he saw the clerk, he stepped forward to tear him apart What do you want to do Why are you coming to my house You are so bold that you don t even ask where it is I I Take a stick and does cbd gummies relax you organix cbd gummies beat these people out.When Mrs.Gu heard Mrs.Gu s insane words, she knew that he was drunk, so she immediately ordered the steward Go and have a look.Gu Chongyi stood up and walked out of the yard , He came to Lotus Hutong because he was afraid that such a situation would happen, his uncle was drunk all day, his aunt only thought about his own affairs, Chongwen was not at home, and he was afraid that Mrs.Find the person who instigated that handyman Wei Yuanchen said The prisons in Shuntian Mansion and the Ministry of Criminal Justice are already overcrowded, and it is useless to arrest them now.It is better to get people to follow him closely, maybe we will get more clues, no matter what.I can t find out, and I can bring that person back for interrogation at any time.Cui Zhen nodded, and Wei Yuanchen s doing so would indeed be more helpful to the case.Cui Zhen said Did Tan Zgeng really kill someone I heard that when the yamen went, there were already six corpses on the Zhuangzi.The guard who Mr.Wei rescued from the Zhuangzi how do cbd gummies make you feel insisted that Tan Zgeng was the murderer.Wei Yuanchen heard From these words, it is known that Cui Zhen asked someone to inquire about the news, and he unit count for bottle of cbd gummies might have been to the Daxing county government because of this matter.Gu Mingzhu thought for a moment, then couldn t help showing her head and said, My lord, guess whose eyeliner is that man staring at the Daning people The opposing person is most likely Tan Shangshu.The two of them arrived at Huaiyuanhou Mansion, and with Mr.Wei around, Gu Mingzhu naturally didn t have to dig into the dog s hole.Wei Yuanchen easily crossed the Gu family s wall cbd gummies nashville tn and sent Gu Mingzhu to the inner house.Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen, reached out and took off the cloak Master, put it on quickly, it s still warm.The girl put the cloak on his shoulders, and then quickly disappeared into the yard.Wei Yuanchen looked at the girl s face.Looking back, it took a long time to put on the cloak and go out.The steward of the Gu family just woke up, rubbing his eyes and preparing to go to the big does cbd gummies relax you kitchen to prepare breakfast, when does cbd gummies relax you organix cbd gummies he felt as if a figure flashed in front of him, the steward subconsciously lowered his head and said, Master Hou.The new young Zhan Shi was a bachelor of the Hanlin Academy.Harm, now the evidence points directly to King Huai, how can Zhan Shifu just let funky farms cbd extracts gummies how much does eagle hemp cbd gummies cost it go.Someone questioned and someone spoke up for King Huai.The Imperial Court of the Metropolitan Procuratorate asked the court to conduct a thorough investigation.The Fang family has not yet been convicted.How can they be implicated in Prince Huai s mansion The person who framed Prince Gong has not been found.It is very likely that those people will use old tricks again.On King Huai.The two sides were at odds with each other for a while.The Criminal Department of Shuntian Mansion and Wei Tongzheng, who investigated the case, rarely spoke.A case seemed to have become the emperor s family affair.The eldest son and the third son were arguing endlessly, wishing to pounce on each other and bite each other.In addition, there are several traces of turning over on the ground, it is clearly like a bait, waiting for someone to come to check, Because no matter who finds this situation, they must step forward and check.Mr.Hu obviously also noticed the clue, and cold sweat rolled down his forehead.He was usually very cautious, but today he was caught in a bio lyfe cbd gummies trap because he was anxious and didn t check the situation in the yard carefully.My lordis she telling the truth My lord, it seems that the ground has really been dug, and there are does cbd gummies relax you still things exposed.Get out, don t step on the place that has been dug.Fortunately, the woman reminded her early, otherwise the person who accidentally stepped on it would be blown to the sky immediately.As soon as Mr.Hu finished speaking, he suddenly heard a series of crisp sounds coming from his ears, which seemed to be the sound of a machine turning, and then several arrows shot towards the main room rapidly.Cui does cbd gummies relax you Zhen saw Tian Mang s strangeness, Cui Zhen frowned and said What else do you know Say it together, even if it involves does cbd gummies relax you Master Wei, it doesn t matter, what I want to hear is the truth.Tian Mang nodded and said At that cbd gummies hempbombs funky farms cbd extracts gummies time, I didn t know many things when I was not in front of me, but later I heard a woman who was working as a handyman in the prison gossip.Tian Mang was very embarrassed, looked up at Cui Zhen again, and then continued The old woman said that the big family just ignores human life.They can shoot those rebels directly, but they want to pay for the life of a woman.The mother in law also said that she clearly saw Mrs.Zhou raised her hand, and Mrs.Zhou was holding a sharp weapon in her hand.If the Cui family hadn t shot the arrow at Mrs.Zhou first, Mrs.Zhou might have escaped from the rebel.After waiting for a while, there was indeed a group of soldiers walking towards this side.The leading general walked under the lantern and turned his does cbd gummies relax you head to look at the teahouse.The cbd gummies for pain reviews does cbd gummies relax you light swayed slightly with the breeze, but it still clearly illuminated does cbd gummies relax you the general s face, and the familiar face immediately caught does cbd gummies relax you Gu Mingzhu s eyes.That s uncle.After are cbd gummies detectable in urine returning to the capital from Shanxi, she hadn t seen her brother in law yet, and now he looked a little more powerful and energetic than before.Wei Yuanchen said Now Qiye Zhou is serving as the deputy general in the Fifth Army Battalion.Gu Mingzhu saw Zhou Zesheng, who was standing under the lantern, nodded slightly to her.She couldn t help but want to respond, but she immediately recovered, Xiao The uncle was signaling to Mr.Wei that the uncle didn t know her at all with her appearance.Although it was not the heyday, it is very impossible to overthrow the imperial court.It is difficult to win the hearts of the people from an unknown teacher.Therefore, from ancient times to the present, what the emperor fears most has always been the rebellion of brothers and heirs.If it is not the prince, the emperor s brothers are undoubtedly the most consistent with the person Mr.Yang said, but both the empress dowager s two sons and the emperor s youngest brother, King Liang, are all dead.When Gu Mingzhu thought of this, a question gradually emerged in his mind.From Lin Sizhen to Tan Dingfang, what they wanted to pursue was Beijiang.That person attaches so much importance to Beijiang.Apart from the fact that Beijiang is close to the capital, is there a special reason Holding Beijiang in his hands seems to be half the battle.Lin s side to meet her grandfather without hesitation.Mrs.Lin didn t blame Zhuzhu either, she was still chatting happily with Cousin Feng.Is the Hou Mansion very close to Cousin Feng Gu Mingwan couldn t sit still anymore, she bit her lip and looked at the maid beside her, who listened to her knowingly.Gu Mingwan said Go to the front and tell your father that I will not marry unless Mr.Tan is the third master.If my father changes someone else without his will, I will definitely not follow him.Ugly words are said up front, funky farms cbd extracts gummies how much does eagle hemp cbd gummies cost lest father will be persuaded by Lord Hou.The servant girl nodded, turned and walked out.Gu Mingwan breathed a sigh of relief, Tan Zigeng s emaciated face appeared in his mind, Tan Sanye found his father just after he came out of the prison, knelt down in front of his father, and kept apologizing to his father.The empress dowager stood up and walked around in the inner hall There is a layer of belly and a layer of mountains.Although Ai s family helped the emperor cbd gummies for pain reviews does cbd gummies relax you ascend the throne, the emperor still guarded our Guo family.The naval division is too involved.After the emperor ascended the throne, he ordered the sea ban.One of the reasons is to take back military power from the Guo family.The Ai family understands the emperor s thoughts.The Ai family is also tired after fighting.In order to change the emperor s peace of mind, the Ai family Let the Guo family move to Hangzhou to live in.Now the coastal guards have been left alone for a long time, and it is time to reopen the Shibo Department and tidy up the coastal guards, so that the emperor can naturally deploy his own people.These calculations of the emperor are sad Everyone can see clearly that the emperor s art has always been like this, if it is made clear, it may not be a bad thing, one emperor and one courtier have been like this since ancient times, but if they are used by others, the consequences will be disastrous.Empress Wei nodded Empress Wei s expression seemed to be as calm as water, but her heart couldn t help but move.When Mo Zhenren came to Kunning Palace to treat her injuries last time, she had guessed that Mo Zhenren meant to help the Wei family, but she was not sure at that time.Unexpectedly, Brother Chen really invited Mo Zhenren.Empress Wei thought that Miss Gu s smile appeared in her mind, it should not be due to Brother Chen alone.Mo Zhenren said The Empress Dowager promised to ask the Guo family to help investigate the case.Mo Zhenren did not explain the cause and effect to Queen Wei in detail, but Wei Queen already understood Are they going to use the navy Mo Zhenren went to twist the needle The empress dowager was really smart, and she didn t need to explain the inside story, no wonder the empress dowager was willing to extend her hand.Empress Wei nodded The female officer pursed her lips The imperial concubine ordered them to be escorted out of the palace.The result of being escorted out of the palace is to find a place to beat them to death, and throw their bones in a mass grave, so as not to burden the family.The female official continued The Ninth Prince was taken to the imperial concubine s palace and has not returned to the prince s place.The imperial concubine wants to take advantage of this incident to raise the Ninth Prince herself.Empress Wei nodded The female officer pursed her lips The imperial concubine ordered them to be escorted out of the palace.The result of being escorted out of the palace is to find a place to beat them to death, and throw their does cbd gummies relax you bones in a mass grave, so as not to burden the family.The female official continued The Ninth Prince was taken to the imperial concubine s palace and has not returned to the prince s place.Qiu Haidao Minister Liu of the Ministry of Industry and Repairs Branch has cbd gummies hempbombs funky farms cbd extracts gummies disappeared.Mr.Liu is in charge of the Shandong shipyard.He should have stayed in Shandong without a summons.But these days, Mr.Liu has been sick at home and has not gone to the yamen.Our people I went to visit Liu s house and found that Mr.Liu is not at home.The atmosphere in the study suddenly became very gloomy.Mr.Liu belongs to them.If something happens, the Liu family will send them a letter.There is only one possibility for the Liu family to cover up like this.Mr.Liu betrayed them.There is a problem with the accounts of the Ministry of Industry, and Wei Yuanchen may have personal and physical evidence in his hands, and he will present it to the emperor at any time.Grandpa Zhang looked at the jumping lights, and several countermeasures does cbd gummies relax you organix cbd gummies flashed through his mind.The emperor suspects that King Liang will send troops to Daning and Liaodong to investigate.They will definitely be exposed.There is no point in waiting, so it is better to take it before the court reacts.It will be more beneficial for them to lay down more territory.The steward s mother lit up a few more lamps to brighten does cbd gummies relax you the study room.There seemed to be a cluster of fire in Cheng Yu s eyes.Wei Yuanchen said Right now there is not enough evidence to point to Tan Dingfang, the emperor will not allocate too many troops to the son in law, but integrating the soldiers and horses of the Yongping Mansion Guards is not without the power to fight, I wrote Send a few letters to the familiar generals of the Wei family, and they will help the son in law fight against the enemy Cheng Yu looked at the map of the guards in Yongping Mansion, and listened to Wei Yuanchen s words.Leave this to me.I will do well.It was fast and slow, and the pulse condition was also very weak.He could only hold on with one breath, and Zou Xiang sat beside Zou Linshi without crying or fussing, guarding the last moments of the two of them.Gu Mingzhu didn t want to disturb any more, so she ordered her mother in charge to stay and help, and walked back to Mrs.Lin s yard.Chu Jiu just brought the news Master Hou has gone to the yamen, and there are three eyeliners watching outside the Hou s mansion.It seems that he is waiting for the opportunity to enter the mansion.Start with the female relatives, if you can kidnap the mother or their siblings, you can coerce the what cbd gummies are good for pain does cbd gummies relax you father.People outside knew that it was inconvenient for the mother to give birth to the younger brother, and they thought they must be waiting in the inner house, but they never thought that she had made arrangements early.He never thought that Zhang Guangzong would be so ruthless.The yamen chaperone stepped forward to carry away Shen s body, and the second master Shen came back to his senses.He looked up and saw Mrs.Zhang being escorted by the yamen chaperone.The old lady Zhang cried What s the matter Why did you arrest me When she saw the bloody hands of the second master Shen and the dead body of her daughter in law Shen, the old lady Zhang closed her mouth, and her face became even more panicked., began to look around for Zhang Guangzong s figure.It was Mr.Qian from the 12th Battalion of Central Beijing who came to arrest them.He ordered his subordinates to escort Zhang Guangzong and Mrs.Zhang back to Beijing and return to Beijing.He was going to take Zhang Congju and Qiu Hai with his hands.Master Shen Er wiped the tears off his face with his hand, and looked at Mr.At that time, the eldest brother regarded him as the one who planned behind the scenes, and vented all his resentment on him.Now he felt the hatred from the bottom of his heart.He hated being calculated, manipulated, and humiliated.If he was allowed to catch that person, he would does cbd gummies relax you organix cbd gummies also pounce on him.King Huai staggered and fell heavily to the ground.He didn t care about anything else and got up and continued to run.Even if HCMUSSH does cbd gummies relax you he was caught soon, he would still run, even if he took an extra step.In fact, King Huai was now in despair.The figure he saw in the woods was probably a branch blown by the wind.He made a does cbd gummies relax you mistake, a wrong judgment, and it does cbd gummies relax you would bring a fatal blow.Stop.A stern shout came from behind.Don t stop, don t blame me for being rude.The voice became deeper and deeper.King Huai shuddered, but he still didn t stop.The queen mother heard the news and was going to see his jokes.Huang Chang responded, hesitated for a moment, and then said The Empress Dowager still asked what happened to the Empress of Kunning Palace This is to let him release Wei Shi.The emperor took a deep breath I want to tidy up the inner palace.The empress is just cbd sour gummies not in good health.She will stay in the palace for the time being.Huang Chang said I will send you to the Palace of Compassion and Ning to answer the questions.The emperor s lips curled up., with a slight smile on his face, they are all persecuting him, first the Queen Mother Wei, it seems that his harem must be taken care of by the Wei Family, and the Wei Family wants to take advantage of this to get back the queen s treasure, it depends on his answer Do not agree.Those he likes will have everything, and those he dislikes will never get anything.Concubine De s already weak body collapsed on the ground, she turned her head to look into the side room, only the emperor could save her In the side room.The queen mother sat on a chair and looked at Huang Chang Secretly invite the imperial doctor over and let someone wait outside.Huang Chang responded.The emperor coughed and said, Mother is worried.You are the emperor of the Great Zhou Dynasty, and the dragon body is related to the country, so you can t be careless The queen mother sighed a cbd gummies hempbombs funky farms cbd extracts gummies long time.It s my fault, said the emperor, I was negligent.The queen mother said How do you deal with this matter In the official office, then Chen Xiangmay be Lin Si s true accomplice, a pawn placed by King Liang.The Queen Mother frowned King Liang Until this moment, the emperor finally had to admit that what Wei Yuanchen said was true Otherwise, those people would not deal with the Wei family, and ordinary people would not be able to reach out to the chief inspector and try to stir up disputes in the harem under his nose.desired result.That being the case, Feng Anping was about to leave, but there was another voice from inside the door I made some food in the kitchen, let Cousin Feng take it and share it with the yamen servants It s cold, I ve been here for a does cbd gummies relax you long time, eat Some can be comfortable.Gu Minglan handed the food box to Gu Ziyan, and Gu Ziyan put it into Feng Anping s hands again I will invite my cousin to come in and talk to me when I calm down.Feng Anping looked at the maid beside Gu Mingwan, who was caught The mother in law took care of her, her face full of panic.Feng Anping said I ll take her to the yamen for an interrogation to see if the Tan family has told her to pass the news.Tan Zigeng was guarded by the yamen, but the Tan family must still have many followers in the capital, and Tan Zigeng himself did not It s convenient to do things, maybe I will use Miss Gu to do something.Empress Wei opened the note in the female officer s hand, which was given to her by the Wei family, and the Cao family began to move.Go and keep an eye on Concubine De s people, Empress Wei ordered, Don t miss any of them.She just wanted to see what shameful things the Cao family and Concubine De had done The concubine de concubine sat on a stool and looked at herself in the mirror.She lost a lot of weight in just a few days.Has the emperor not sent Huang Chang a message yet Concubine De asked again.No, the female officer persuaded, right now the empress is in charge of the harem, and the emperor still wants to use the Wei family.He always wants to give empress Wei some face.It is inevitable does cbd gummies relax you that you will be chilled first.The emperor does this to protect you as before.Looking at you.Concubine De wanted to smile easily, but she couldn t.Tell the big brother about important things.The female gentleman said that if the eldest brother can bring her into the capital smoothly, the eldest brother will definitely make great contributions to the Great Zhou, and he will definitely pay homage to the prime minister and join the cabinet in the future, but she is now being watched secretly, and it is not easy to get out, please The eldest brother hid her in the cage where the Li family in Pyongyang paid tribute to the capital, so that she could reach the capital safely, but the female gentleman asked her father to do this before she could not disclose it to anyone.Zhou Zejing swallowed, moistened his throat and continued The only impression my elder brother had of that lady was that he was fighting to buy that piano score.At that time, my elder brother hadn t entered an official position, and he hadn t formally become Master Cao s disciple.The Empress Dowager showed concern What Are you feeling uncomfortable Empress Wei shook her head No, my daughter in law wants to have a few words with Miss Huaiyuan Houfu.From the behavior of the palace, it seems that the apprentice Mo Yangming accepted is a smart one.The empress sent her to the palace at this time, so naturally she had something to do.The queen mother said The Ai family knows.Seeing the back of Queen Wei leaving, the queen mother twirled the beads in her hand I hope that the Ai family will experience such twists and turns for the last time in their lifetime.The palace is doing things, and the truth of the case is found out outside the palace.Now I deliberately suppress it, just to give her time.Now that I am prepared, I will not be afraid of anything The Cao family.Su Wang and Cao Dashi sat in the study and waited for the news.Now the situation is very clear, although Wei Yuanchen is here, there are only a few hundred people, and the court has no more people.Reinforcements, killing Wei Yuanchen will be able to take Gongji City smoothly.Liang Wang looked at the back of Wei Yuanchen running away, and he was worried for a moment, Wei Yuanchen was defeated so easily Keep the green hills so that you don t have to worry about running out of firewood, maybe you just avoid them temporarily, and fight after you straighten out your troops.King Liang does cbd gummies relax you couldn t help but look deeply, but he still felt something was wrong.In the past, he thought that Wei Yuanchen seldom practiced in the military camp, but he was only good at planning and written official duties.Today, seeing him leading the generals of the Wei family to charge, he cbd gummies hemp bombs dosage couldn t help being surprised.After returning to the mansion, she gave careful instructions, saying that Brother Chun was crying and they were late leaving the house, so they met at the gate of the city instead.Lord Marquis didn t dare to say anything, could it be that she made a mistake in agreeing Even though she was thinking this way, Mrs.Lin still felt guilty, and she was going to make some food with her own hands as compensation for Lord Hou.Ma am, the steward walked quickly into the inner courtyard, Madam is happy, Lord Hou has been promoted.Mrs.Lin said What official position did you get promoted There, even though the five army governor s mansion is not as good as before, but the official position is too big, why does the court trust cbd gummies for stop smoking Lord Hou so much The steward said happily It s true, General Wei is now in charge of the Jingwei commander, and his official position is not as high as that of Lord Hou.Gu Chongyi did not refuse.Wei Yuanchen saluted Gu Chongyi again Thank you, Lord Hou, for your success.Gu Chongyi s eyes were full of the majesty of the elders I hope that Wei Sanye can remember what he said today and treat Zhuzhu well, otherwise I will not give up.Even if it is settled.Madam Yuan was all smiles, she stepped forward and took Madam Lin s hand Madam, don t worry, our Wei family will treat Zhuzhu as their own child and will never treat you badly.It can be seen that Mrs.Lin is very relieved.Mrs.Li said Brother Chen will buy a house next to the house.After they get married in the future, they can move here if they like.This way it will be much more convenient to move around.Move out Mrs.Li smiled and said Madam, don t you want to recruit a son in law for Zhuzhu When mentioning recruiting a son in law, Mrs.Old King Qing and his clan entered the door of the Wei family s guest room.Just as the clan was about to ask what Old King Qing meant just now, Old King Qing s eyes turned red, and he sat down on the chair and murmured, I m finally not ashamed.Ancestor.Others hurriedly said What is going on, is it really Old King Qing looked at everyone Now there is an important thing I want to tell you.Twenty two years ago, on October 22, I left a box in the Hall of the First Emperor.The box was painted with my does cbd gummies relax you private seal.The seal, there is a handwritten letter inside, which is related to Zhao s clan, if something happens to me, you take out that box and open it.One of the clan said Isn t the birthday of Third Lord Wei the 21st of October What are you going to Xianhuangxiang Palace on the 22nd Could it be King Qing sighed.Look at me, I ve only been in the southwest for half a year and I ve become so skinny, woo woo woo, Wei Congzhi said sadly, his voice was even more sobbing, his eyes were red, The robes on my body are all broken, They don t care about me, only the eldest brother woo woo woo.Wei Congzhi said as he picked up the lapel of his shirt, and it was torn apart.Gu Chongyi just wanted to ask what happened.Wei Congzhi turned around to touch the glowing red fruit of Tomato , and the sound of swallowing stopped Can this be eaten Eat you big headed ghost.When buying it, Fanshang said it was poisonous, but at this time Gu Chongyi really wanted to nod does cbd gummies relax you his head, poison this thing to death, so that he could be quiet for the rest of his life.Can t you eat it Wei Congzhi said, It s a pity, it s so beautiful, you can t eat ithow about you try it If you re okay, I ll try it too.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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