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Mrs.Cui Si said I have someone prepare the meals.Master Hou can wash where can i buy pure strength cbd gummies up first and then eat Cui Zhen strode into the yard Second brother and the guards will come over later, please trouble fourth sister in law to arrange them first..Mrs.Cui Si responded.Cui Zhen continued Where is Zhou s family Dressed in clothes, I wanted to say, I m afraid it s not good for Master Hou to go like this Considering Cui Zhen s temper, he finally didn t speak.Cui Zhen strode forward, the Zhou family knew why he came back, and since that was the case, there was no need to save face.Zhou Ruzhang heard footsteps outside, and immediately someone said Master Hou.She felt nervous for a moment, and wanted to get up and go behind the screen to put on a show, but found that the Cui family didn t intend to help her cover it up.Naturally, she had to flee immediately when she got a bargain.As for the medicine in the porcelain bottle, it was the most smelly herbal medicine, Ferui , which was originally used to cbd gummies for sleep tn 25 mg cbd gummies for pain cover up her identity and the scars on her face Use it, the smell is pungent, if you rub it on the abscess on her face, no one will be willing to carefully explore the authenticity of her abscess.Asafoetida can be used to treat sores, and no one will doubt her motives for applying this medicine.Now that she doesn t how long does cbd gummy last in system cbd gummies for sleep tn need this medicine, she keeps it as a gift for them.Thinking about it carefully, this ferulic taste is very suitable for that person, it is a bitter, pungent and extremely smelly thing.If her guess is correct, the appearance of this person in Taiyuan Mansion may also have the effect of dispelling ruffians and killing insects.The kitchen brought porridge, cakes and side dishes, and Madam Lin frowned as soon as she picked up the chopsticks.Gu Mingzhu seemed to inadvertently pushed the plate of fried Artemisia annua in front of Madam Lin to the side.She would feel uncomfortable when she was pregnant, so she put a piece of meat pie in Mrs.Lin s bowl.Looking at the meatloaf in the cbd gummies for quitting smoking cigarettes bowl, Mrs.Lin s heart felt hot, and she reached out and touched the top of her daughter s head.Today, she felt that she was being taken care of by her daughter.The mother and daughter had finished their breakfast happily.Mrs.Lin was about to order people to prepare carriages and horses to go to Cui s house, when the manager came in and said The mansion of Dingninghou has sent a message, please go with you and Miss, it is said that it is Dingninghou., We are really being targeted by the yamen, and we don t need them to do anything, we will die by ourselves.The old woman s eyes were filled with tears, and she patted Lu Guang s how long does cbd gummy last in system cbd gummies for sleep tn shoulders with rough hands over and over again, trying to comfort him, but she knew These are all in vain.Everyone in the courtyard fell silent, and after a long while, Mrs.Chen said, I can t come anymore, lest I be targeted, and you don t want to go out, Brother Zhang Let s go and save, Lu Guang interrupted Mrs.Chen, can i bring cbd gummies to mexico We will think of a way, since they framed us as the Pearl Thief , we are, and if there is another theft case outside, let s see how they frame Brother Zhang.Mrs.Chen s eyes uly cbd gummies en español can i bring cbd gummies to mexico widened You are going to steal Lu Guang nodded Looking at Mrs.Chen It s a pity that you can t help now.Ziying must be more careful when doing internal affairs alone.Mr.Ding yelled Come quickly, the culprit and strawberry champagne vegan cbd gummies 300mg the Yamen are attacking.The guards of Ding s family immediately came to this side, each of them grabbed their sticks, and only waited for Mr.Ding s order to rush in to seize the man.It seems that the prefect of Han is not going to let me go out from here Hearing this, Han Yu s expression was solemn, and his eyes looked extraordinarily complicated.The unbelievable scene in front of him really made him unable to relax for a while.Come on.My lord, it s better to take him down first Mr.Ding reminded again, We can t let these thieves escape again.Thieves If the Shangguan sent by the emperor to Taiyuan Mansion can i bring cbd gummies to mexico is framed as a thief, then his head as the magistrate of Taiyuan Mansion will soon fall to the ground.Who is Wei Yuanchen, the most valued descendant of the Wei family, how could he take the guards around him to snatch a merchant s property.When he got the news and arrived in Beijing, Mr.Zhou had already been buried.He hurriedly went to the grave to pay respects to Mr.Zhou, and then went to see cbd gummies when to take Mrs.Zhou at Zhou s house.Mrs.Zhou hugged him.The little Rujun looked sad, and he persuaded Mrs.Zhou that she was dead, and she must raise the child.Mrs.Zhou nodded in agreement, and also asked him not to mention the relationship with Mr.Zhou to anyone, not even the Zhou family.Later, Mrs.Zhou hanged herself.Although he had doubts in his heart, how could Mrs.Zhou how long does cbd gummy last in system cbd gummies for sleep tn cruelly abandon him Little sister Jun But after all, Mrs.Zhou was a female family member, so he couldn t go to check on the body, so he had to listen to the news outside.In the end, the yamen s official came to check and confirmed that there was no doubt that she had hanged herself, and Mrs.Just now, she felt that Mr.Wei was more indifferent and ruthless when facing the can i bring cbd gummies to mexico Zhou family.Could it be that Mrs.Wednesday promised Mrs.Wei something, but later found out that the Wei family was implicated in the treason case, so she turned around and regretted it.Master Wei s resentment arises from this Gu Mingzhu s eyes fell on Zhou Ruzhang s face.The shrewd Lord Wei would not look at Zhou Ruzhang, but five years ago, Lord Wei was still a young man, who didn t do one or two ridiculous things when he was young.Now that Mr.Wei has seen through the Zhou family, all the kindness of koi cbd gummies carbs the past is probably gone, leaving only resentment.Mrs.Zhou mentioned this at this time, not to intercede for the Zhou family, but to expose Mr.Wei s scars.Wei Yuanchen s jaw clenched, and his gaze became extremely gloomy Mrs.Unfortunately, too many people died after that case.There was no way to find out until I met Nie Chen.What Liu Su didn t say was that the doctor s wife found him.He was seriously ill, but the doctor s wife rescued him.Hearing this, the doctor took him to investigate the Pearl Thief case.Now Liu Su already knew that the doctor s wife can i bring cbd gummies to mexico was Miss Gu, but he would not tell anyone, including Nie Chen, her true identity.Wei Yuanchen held the letter in his hand.The paper and ink of the letter seemed to be old, but the letter was well preserved, which shows that Liu Su cherishes it very much.So Liu Su really came today to avenge the Pearl Thief.The timing of the selection was just right, he caught Lu Shenzhi and Yan Hao, and he was able to confirm that there was something else going on in the Ku Yin case.Just now She walked around outside, her eyes lit up and her heart widened.We don t have much time, Gu Mingzhu said, we have to pack it up quickly, so as not to reveal any flaws.Baotong nodded.Before that, order the guards to protect my mother.Han Yu is the magistrate of Taiyuan.If he miracle brand cbd gummies has no problems, he will take good care of this Zhuangzi.Even if he has problems, he will not tear off the skin on his face until the end.Even if he went crazy, there was no need to embarrass them, the mother and daughter, they didn t know anything.Gu Mingzhu arranged everything.Before her mother came back, she walked out wearing a bamboo hat.She wanted to find a big tree and put the small bamboo tube here.Yan Tanhua taught what stores carry cbd gummies her to make this small bamboo tube.The arrow will be ready to go, and when the uly cbd gummies en español can i bring cbd gummies to mexico mechanism is closed after releasing it, an arrow will be shot quickly.Wei s deep eyes.My lord was shot by an arrow, Han Yu s entourage immediately stepped forward, The arrow is poisoned, and my lord is letting the doctor wash the wound.Looking at the doctor on the ground, Wei Yuanchen said, I m afraid this man will not succeed.It s over, why don t I help Lord Han Without waiting for others to speak, Wei Yuanchen stepped forward, picked up the cloth towel, and pressed it on Han Yu s bloody back.Han Yu couldn t help but let out a scream.Wei Yuanchen s expression didn t change What should I do Shall I continue to shave my flesh I m pretty good at this kind of thing.Chapter 64 Fear of Death Han Yu knew that what Wei Yuanchen said couldn t be more true.Torturing prisoners in prisons requires the use of knives but not death.How to achieve this, no one in Dazhou now knows better than Mr.Wei Yuanchen went all the way to the prison in Taiyuan Mansion, and the guards and yamen hurriedly bowed down to salute.Wei Yuanchen went straight to Han Yu s cell.Han Yu had just been tortured and shrank in a corner, motionless.Wei Yuanchen said indifferently You will can i bring cbd gummies to mexico eagle hemp cbd gummies stop smoking reviews repeat the situation of being attacked by the Pearl Thief from beginning to end.Han Yu thought that Mr.Wei was torturing him again, and if he didn t say anything, it would be a harsher interrogation.There was no need to hide the matter, so he recounted it from beginning to end.Wei Yuanchen said You said that when you chased him out of the house, you didn t see the attacker Han Yu nodded.Wei Yuanchen went on to ask Is there anyone else nearby It seems that Mr.Wei also wants to catch the Pearl Thief , Han Yu said Only Miss Gu, unfortunately Miss Gu is mentally incompetent.After hearing this, Mrs.Lin understood What does Mr.Wei mean, is there someone else behind Han Yu The princes of this dynasty have been fighting overtly and secretly for the position of crown prince, but I don t know which prince s handwriting it is.After being reminded by Mr.Wei, They have to be more careful and must not get involved.While talking, Chu Jiu stepped forward to report Third Master, there is news from Beijing Wei Yuanchen did not let Chu Jiu finish speaking, Chu Jiu handed over a note, Wei Yuanchen glanced at it, and sent it waist.The corners of Wei Yuanchen s eyes slightly raised.He didn t hide it very deeply, so I don t know if she will come to fetch it.Chapter 70 Toxic Gu Mingzhu is a little curious, wondering what news Mr.Wei got.Just caught the handle of Han Yu, the crown prince and the court did not know so quickly, Mr.Who knew that she would meet Mrs.Wei, and now something happened She had to think carefully about what to do.I hope my mother will not be too angry.Mrs.Lin glanced at Wei Yuanchen who was on the bed, her clothes were disheveled just now, but luckily the attendants around her had a wink and immediately covered her with the quilt, otherwise it would be really hard to see.Chu Jiu pinched the corner of his clothes, not knowing what to do, and wanted to shake the third master awake, but now the third master is really useless.Mrs.Lin told Chu Jiu Follow me outside, I have something to ask you.Chu Jiu immediately responded, and cbd gummies for sleep tn 25 mg cbd gummies for pain before leaving, he looked at the third master on the bed again, not sure if it was his illusion, the third master was like After taking some elixir, the whole person is much better than before.The people in the yard have already dispersed, there is only one chance, and there is no hesitation.Gu Mingzhu hurriedly said The eighth lock spring is useless.Wei Yuanchen did not hesitate when he heard this, and ordered decisively Go back As soon as the words fell, the wings of the copper butterfly in front of him suddenly began to flap, and the gears The rack starts to drive.Wei Yuanchen frowned.Seeing that the gear was turning faster and faster, a plain white hand stretched out and neatly inserted a pointed hairpin into the rack in the center.The gear blocked it.At this moment, Wei Yuanchen moved towards the yard, and the box in his hand was thrown into the middle of the yard in an instant.A huge sound of boom sounded from the courtyard, the flames and billowing smoke rose into the air, and the blasted fragments shot out to the surroundings with force.The prince s face was full of disgust What kind of thing is the Wei family It s difficult for our mother and son all day long.Back then, the Wei family should have been wiped out, and Queen Wei should have been dealt with, so the troubles of today will be gone.All these years, Empress Wei should not die, she blocked my mother s way, and from time to time in the court, someone mentioned something about the son in law, those so called great Confucianism, extremely pedantic The prince snorted again when he said this The Wei family is too arrogant.Violent, with too much blood on her hands, even if Wei Shi is pregnant, she will not be able to give birth, let alone the prince, the third princess has only survived for a few days.Until now, those fools in the court still can t see through these things.Her feeling of confidence and hope was very similar to Rujun s.Thinking of this, he couldn t help but lost his mind.He didn t withdraw his thoughts until Lang Zhong entered the door.Sun Langzhong said The third master is busy with business, so I won t bother you.Wei Yuanchen reached for the small tea hanging Sir, please accompany me to have a cup of tea Sun Langzhong sat down, took the tea and took a sip.To be honest, sir, Wei Yuanchen looked slightly far away, I often think of Rujun recently, and always feel that she is very close to me.He hasn t felt that feeling for a long can i bring cbd gummies to mexico time.Chapter 94 Sincerity Sun Langzhong heard this, his face froze, and his eyebrows showed a bit of caution, for fear that Wei Yuanchen would cause his old illness again.Sun Langzhong said Sir, sit down and I will check your pulse.Chu Jiu suddenly felt that he was also a little insecure.Could it be that one day he would guard uly cbd gummies en español can i bring cbd gummies to mexico Miss Gu s room every day Gu Mingzhu watched Baotong administer the medicine to her.It s okay, I just got scratched and scratched, and there is no scar left.Baotong pouted I said that the cripple and Nie Chen are unreliable, how could such a thing happen if I was around.Gu Mingzhu didn t care about this injury, but until the scratches healed, she had to hide her hands well and not show them in front of others.Waiting for Gu Mingzhu to lie down, Baotong ordered another incense pill, the young lady went out all night, and asked her to sleep for a while.Gu Mingzhu closed her eyes, but she was thinking about the eight spring lock in her mind.This eight spring lock was the same as what Yan Tanhua encountered back then, so did it come from the same person Thinking like this, Gu Mingzhu slowly fell asleep.The last time Zhuzhu smashed her long lived tortoise, she hadn t punished her.The clan sister always protected this silly girl, so she taught Zhuzhu a lesson for her grandmother, so as not to cause big troubles in the future.Wei Yuanchen thought that he could plot against her in this way, but he didn t think that Jiang was still hot, she wouldn t just sit there and watch Wei Yuanchen use this to harm her younger brother.Gu Mingzhu went all the way to the study, and she heard what Mrs.Lin and the steward s mother said just now.The steward s mother had something in her words, saying that without Lin Sizhen, Mrs.Lin would not have successfully become Mrs.Tai.What does this mean Is there any secret that was not known back then If this is the case, then the mother in charge is even more suspicious.When Cui Zhen walked into the house, he saw the can i bring cbd gummies to mexico prince walking towards him with a warm smile.Cui Zhen bowed to the prince Prince.No need to do this, the prince stretched out his hand to grab Cui Zhen s wrist, as if very enthusiastic, The last time I met Lord Hou was when my father held a banquet in the palace half a year ago.When I came to Taiyuan Mansion, I happened to have a good chat with Lord Hou, and my father often said that the only ever victorious general in the Great Zhou Dynasty was Marquis Dingning, so let me ask Marquis Dingning a lot about the formation of the army.Cui Zhen followed the crown prince.Walking forward, walking on the Qingshiban Road, I heard the sound of a piano, the prince has a good temperament, especially the lyre.Cui Zhen frowned slightly.When someone confessed to the case of the elder princess, the elder princess lured the prince into the mansion with Zhou s beauty and good at the lyre.This banquet is also for Mr.Wei.When Mr.Wei comes, I will offer you a few drinks first.The can i bring cbd gummies to mexico crown prince mentioned Wei Yuan Chen didn t call out his name directly, but said Master Wei , which sounded like he gave Wei Yuanchen enough face, but when he tasted Master Wei carefully, there was a tru nature cbd gummies 300mg sense of unfamiliarity.The Wei family is a relative of the emperor, and the prince called a few nicknames at the private banquet.It may not sound formal, but at least it has the meaning of intimacy.The imperial concubine s party and the queen s party were already competing secretly, and they would expose their face at some point.Now that the crown prince has clearly distinguished the HCMUSSH can i bring cbd gummies to mexico relationship between the two, it is impossible to say that the two will fight in Taiyuan Mansion.This is not an omen for the officials of Taiyuan Prefecture.Mrs.Lin listened carefully can i bring cbd gummies to mexico to these words, and it took a while to understand the meaning Who has the guts to plot against the prince.When she said those words, she immediately thought of several princes.Cui Zhen went on to say I suspect that the crown prince didn t know about the batch of war horses I bought, otherwise the crown prince would have used this as an excuse to win me over.If he uncovered the Shanyin matter, the crown prince would know that someone has been secretly arrange it all.Mrs.Lin said Then what are you going to do It is said that the title may be gone, and the military power will also be taken away.Not to mention it is to cover up those people.I ve made up my mind, Cui Zhen looked at Mrs.Lin, I m going to report this to the imperial court.Although Mrs.Lin had some guesses, she was still a little surprised when she heard this.At that time, my mother was smiling and doing needlework.What a happy scene, the husband and wife are harmonious, the father is cbd gummy bears banned in texas kind and the son is filial.When the father was buried, the mother wore the same jade hairpin on the father s head.You can t believe the woman s words, those so called deep love between husband and wife are all fake, and he has seen through it since then.Afterwards, he also became a relative, and he had beautiful wives and concubines by his side, but just by looking at them, he knew where their smiles came from and what they wanted to get from him.Cui Zhen heard footsteps at the door, he raised his head and saw Wei Yuanchen.Master Wei.Cui Zhen walked over.Wei Yuanchen saw that Cui Zhen, who had always been calm on weekdays, looked a little out of order, his eyes were red, and he was trying his best to restrain his emotions.Cui Zhen looked at the drawings with the torch in the hand of the guard, and a white jade flower hairpin among them looked at it.The clothes are very familiar, and it was Zhuzhu who found it from her aunt s dowry.There is indeed a connection between Wang Daochang and Lin Sizhen.What else are they hiding There was a sneer on Cui Zhen s face, after hiding uly cbd gummies en español can i bring cbd gummies to mexico it for so long, it was time to see the light of day again Mrs.Lin Tai heard in a daze that it was raining heavily outside, and occasionally there was best time to take cbd gummy supplement thunder.She began to sleep unsteadily and turned over on the bed a few times.She slowly can i bring cbd gummies to mexico opened her eyes and was about to call out.The man brought tea and vaguely saw a person standing in front of the bed.Mrs.Lin Tai exclaimed Who Chapter 131 The mother and son thank the leader for watching the flowers bloom.One heart with me.I didn t take this word to heart, I believed in him so much, I have been with him through ups and downs for many years as a husband and wife, how could I have thought that he would do this behind my back.Six years, Zhao Gongren raised his head and looked up at the sky, as if Lin Sizhen was right in front of him, Do you still have a heart for Lin Sizhen You bought her a house in Taiyuan Mansion and let her enjoy the blessings here.When can i bring cbd gummies to mexico we were what does 25 mg cbd gummies do together, I thought you were guarding the border, worrying about you all mota cbd gummies review day long, and if something happened to the war horse, I even took the whole family hemp bombs cbd gummies review in, but you You let the outer room hide away.Zhao Gongren only felt that There was a burst of blackness in front of his eyes, and Lin Runsheng s urgent voice came from his ears Mother, mother I have harmed the Zhao family, I have harmed the second brother, Zhao Gongren murmured, I persuade the second brother to believe him and say He will definitely save the second elder brother and send the second elder brother out of Dazhou, but he has already planned to kill the second elder brother and put all the blame on the Zhao family.As for this case, father and emperor will forgive him for biolife cbd gummies reviews his outstanding military exploits in Dingninghou.Cui Zhen saluted the prince again.When Cui Zhen left the room, the crown prince showed a smile Look now, sir, is Marquis Ding Ning s heart towards me at this time Mr.Shen said The crown prince is wise, I think Marquis Ning will think it through.Although he lost the Tieshan Mine and war horses in Taiyuan Mansion this time, he also gained a lot.The prince let out a long sigh of relief I have been working hard for a day, and I should rest.Don t bother me unless there is something important.Cui Zhen went out.The door immediately told the people around him Prepare the horse for me, I will go to Beijing overnight.Hearing this, Cui Wei stepped forward and said, Brotherhow is your injury I just spoke out of a hurryunexpectedly, my brother was injured.The result of her blind diagnosis made some sense.Liu Sudao The young Riguan Sanye s complexion is red, he doesn t like food, he guesses it s a fever, can you go up and check the Sanye s pulse Wei Yuanchen didn t refuse, he still flipped through the official documents, casually showing his wrist Gave it to Liusu.Liu Su put her finger on it.After a while, Wei Yuanchen said naturally Do you know medicine Liu Su responded, A little bit.Learned from that doctor Wei Yuanchen seemed more casual, as if he was talking about something ordinary.Liu Su did not suspect him, nodded and said I have been a teacher from a doctor in the shop before, and then I learned a little from my mother in law.Wei Yuanchen s heart brightened, it really was her.Baotong called out to give some pointers, and when he came back, he began to make medicine.Chapter 158 Kidney Injury Wei Yuanchen stood quietly.The scene in front of him was like a picture scroll that people couldn t bear to break, and the person in the kitchen was blurred with the person in his heart.Suddenly a shadow jumped out from the kitchen, it was a majestic five black chicken.The five black chickens strolled in the yard, flapping their wings, with a proud expression in each feather.Wei Yuanchen hadn t noticed before that these five black chickens were indeed somewhat different, and they didn t elite natural best cbd gummies feel wronged by the name Xiaobai.The yard was very small, and the two houses were very close to each other.He moved to the side and saw her face.It really is Miss Gu.At dawn, Miss Gu can find a reason to run around.From a distance, Miss Gu was bending over to watch the food in the pot, her downcast eyes blocked her thoughts, but she was actually talking to Liu Su.The most important thing was that her children were missing.No one told her that her two children Where did he go, was he captured by the rebels She really wanted to rush over and ask.If brother Wei hadn t come over to pull her up and put her in the Cui family s carriage, she might not have left, just waiting for the rebels to catch her.Brother Sheng and Brother Zhi are gone, Zhao Gong asked humanely, Is it in his hands Then why didn t he HCMUSSH can i bring cbd gummies to mexico take me away He doesn t have me in his heart, only that woman Did that woman also come Mrs.Lin Tai felt that Zhao Gongren was insane.Normally, Mrs.Lin would not pay attention to it, but now if Zhao Gongren made a fuss, she would be dragged down, so she explained softly Don t worry, I ll send someone to find Shenggeer and Zhigeer news.Don t look for it, he must have taken it away, Zhao Gong shrank, He just came to take away the two sons.Looking at her son s back, Zhao s eyes blurred again.She seemed to see her father.His father was so firm and decisive before going out to fight.When she was a child, she hoped that her father would look back at her after he left the house, but his father never looked back Because as long as you put on the military uniform and step on the horse, you will go forward bravely.This time Zhao s tears flowed down uncontrollably can i bring cbd gummies to mexico There are catapults in the village.The soldiers and horses who were just about to attack the village did not expect so many stones to fall from the sky.They couldn t see clearly in the dark, and they had no preparations in advance.The incoming stones could only dodge in a panic, and the attacking team retreated in a panic.Ma am, they are prepared.It how long does cbd gummy last in system cbd gummies for sleep tn s dark and you can t see anything clearly.Zhao nodded with a smile I remember, Zhuzhu was sick when she was young Madam asked for medicine everywhere, and even named the child Mingzhu, which means pearl in the palm of the eye During the banquet, I said a few words to Madam how long does cbd gummy last in system cbd gummies for sleep tn Madam also mentioned that Zhuzhu loves sweet scented osmanthus cake.Madam Lin did not expect how long does cbd gummy last in system cbd gummies for sleep tn Zhao to remember So clearly, Mrs.Zhao is really a careful person.Thinking of Mrs.Lin like this makes her feel closer to Mrs.Zhao.Mrs.Lin smiled and said, We ll have a good talk when Madam gets better.Mrs.Zhao needs to rest now, so she shouldn t be too distracted.Liu Sujing went up to check Zhao s pulse, and then went outside to write a prescription.Gu Mingzhu didn t rush out to ask.Zhao s complexion was dark and her lips were pale, which was a symptom of Qi and blood deficiency.Princess Huairou also smiled, and it was rare that she could speak so easily under such circumstances, Princess Huairou stretched out her hand can i bring cbd gummies to mexico eagle hemp cbd gummies stop smoking reviews to straighten her temples Madam, do you think I am particularly embarrassed I I think it s pretty good, Mrs.Lin said, it s much better than the old princess sitting there dressed properly.The former Princess Huairou was like a puppet on a string, but now she is a flesh and blood person.Princess Huairou nodded lightly I think so.When I go back this time, I will not be the same as before.Mrs.Lin said Princess is so young, she looks good without those headbands.The headbands are all noble concubines Princess Huairou suppressed her smile and said in a low voice, I don t think it looks good either.In fact, the clothes of the concubines in the palace are all ugly.How did Lin Sizhen know this Lin Sizhen has been in the frontier all year round, so he shouldn t know about such secrets.It should be suggested by the person behind Lin Sizhen.This person can use the name of the prince to station troops and buy horses in northern Xinjiang, and subdue Han Yu, Lin Sizhen and others.It can be seen that its can i bring cbd gummies to mexico foundation is deep.In this case, foreign relatives like the Wei family must pay more attention.Now Lin Sizhen told Cui Zhen that he wanted to instigate Cui Zhen to oppose him.He is not afraid of Cui Zhen.If Cui Zhen was a sinister villain, he would have eliminated him long ago.The reason why he joined hands with Cui Zhen to deal with Lin Sizhen is because Cui Zhen still has people in his heart, but if anyone wants to hurt And Rujun, he will definitely not sit idly by.Will want his son again.Cui Zhen turned around decisively Follow me to the old camp.Lin can i bring cbd gummies to mexico eagle hemp cbd gummies stop smoking reviews Sizhen and Zheng Bian have been planning for a long time in Northern Xinjiang, and the can i bring cbd gummies to mexico guards in Northern Xinjiang are full of their personnel.He and Cui Zhen and others stabilized the situation, but even so, large and small military disturbances and conflicts continued.Taiyuan Mansion, Datong Mansion, and Xuan Mansion were all heavily guarded, for fear that the Tatars would go south.After the capital received the news, they immediately mobilized troops The horse came to deal with it, and the army went straight to Zhenluwei and Yanmen Pass.This battle is inevitable, but it seems that there should be no major disturbances.Huaiyuanhou Gu Chongyi led his troops back to the village.The only thing they could mobilize was Tao The soldiers and horses left by Duo, in addition to protecting the village fort, these soldiers and horses can also go out to quell small scale military chaos.Wei Yuanchen s expression was natural, as if he didn t take the etiquette to heart Master Hou, do you want to ask about the situation in the East Palace .Wei Yuanchen said His HCMUSSH can i bring cbd gummies to mexico Royal Highness the Crown Prince was escorted into cbd gummies not pot the capital city last night, but did not enter the East Palace.He was placed in a house surrounded by people from the Beijing camp, and no news came out.The imperial concubine gave up the prince, and it will not be long before there will be a decree to abolish the East Palace, but even so, she should not be careless.The imperial concubine is different from the prince.She has always been calculating and needs to be careful.Gu Chongyi can t show these thoughts in front of others, so he is relieved Said His Royal Highness finally returned to Beijing safely.Wei Yuanchen looked at the smiling Master Gu, his mind seemed to be very simple, he could be happy just by coaxing him casually, but he knew better than anyone else in his heart that he was afraid that Master Gu would put on such a smiling face in front of him in the future to shirk, He refused to marry Zhangzhu to him, so before proposing marriage, he had to find a way to make Lord Hou trust him more.Even if Shen The peach ring cbd gummies can i bring cbd gummies to mexico gentleman can t tell the truth, but he can stir up the pool of water.Gu Mingzhu was relieved, she had gained a lot today, Master Wei told her so much news, she didn t have to bother to let people inquire.After Mr.Wei returned to Beijing, he was so generous, not to mention his expensive clothes, but also his words so carefully.But there are some things she still needs to say clearly.Master Wei, Gu Mingzhu said, Do you still need a common man for the next case What Wei Yuanchen slightly raised his eyebrows, is she trying to get away with someone Suddenly it occurred to her that she hadn t handed in the accounts for a long time, did she already have other plans If she said that thanking him for bringing the people in the capital to the capital, it would be considered as can i bring cbd gummies to mexico money and money, and it would not be impossible to find them in the future when there are small cases.Wei Yuanchen said flatly, No need.Anyway, hot water is readily available.Liu Su boiled a lot of water, not to mention washing hands, it was enough for bathing.Get out.Wei Yuanchen frowned, with a bit of authority in his voice.Chu Jiu s heart trembled, she didn t dare to say anything more, turned around and walked out of the study.Standing in the yard, Chu Jiu kept patting his chest.The third master s temper became more and more weird, and he would lose his temper for no reason, and he didn t do anything wrong.Who is that lady who just came Mu Qiu, who had been in the corner, suddenly stepped forward and asked Chu Jiu in a low voice.The third master and that lady had talked for a long time in the room, which had never happened before.The various unusual behaviors of my grandfather should also have something to do with that young lady.Zhao What secrets does Zhao still hide in her heart During these years in Shanxi, Mrs.Zhao and Peng Liang not only checked several guards, but also went to the Aoerdu Division to question Zheng Bian.For more than ten years, some inside information was concealed, and no one else could find out.The Cheng family s matter could not be resolved in a day or two.After all, the Cheng family did not find a bargain today.Princess Huairou comforted Mrs.Zhao Mother, don t worry, I will let someone guard the door in the future, and I won t let the Cheng family come in to disturb you.Mrs.Zhao nodded.Princess Huairou continued When this time passes, I will accompany my mother out for a walk.Madam Chang likes the scenery in the south of the Yangtze River.Our family has a house in Suzhou Mansion.After the winter in Beijing, I will go to Suzhou with my mother.Good boy, Mrs.Li managed to stabilize her emotions, cbd gummy bears bulk We were still talking about you just now.Mrs.Lin nodded, and before she could speak, she saw Wei Yuanchen bowing down cbd gummies for sleep tn 25 mg cbd gummies for pain how long does cbd gummy last in system cbd gummies for sleep tn again.She froze for a moment, not knowing What is the purpose of Mr.Wei s obeisance Wei Yuanchen said Before, my grandson didn t tell my grandmother and mother.When I was in Taiyuan Mansion, my grandson suddenly suffered from an old illness.It was Mrs.Huaiyuanhou who saved my grandson s life.Mrs.Lin was at a loss.thing Master Wei how long does cbd gummy last in system cbd gummies for sleep tn was talking about the time he fainted in the Gu family s house But she didn t do anything, she didn t even give medicine, she just asked Chu Jiu to carry Master just cbd vegan hemp gummies Wei around to hide.Mrs.Yuan looked nervous Brother Chen was hurt again when he was in Shanxi How is it now Thinking of Mrs.Huaiyuan Hou s help, she looked at Mrs.If you still can t let go of what happened back then, this disease can t be completely cured.As expected of the people Sun Langzhong taught, they all said the same thing, Wei Yuanchen didn t care when he heard these things before, because he was destined to have a hard to solve, He didn t care real fruit infused cbd gummies much about whether the disease was cured or not.How can I untie my knot Seeing that slender hand leave his sleeve, Wei Yuanchen couldn t help feeling a little disappointed, and frowned.Gu Mingzhu paid attention to Mr.Wei s strangeness Are you feeling uncomfortable, sir As expected, if you mention those things, Mr.Wei will cause old illnesses.Wei Yuanchen accidentally dropped the chess piece in his hand, and he had to bend down to pick it up.My lord, don t move.Gu Mingzhu said.Baotong, who had been standing in front of him all can cbd gummies cause dry mouth the time, just stood there silently as if he had fallen asleep.Second sister, try it.Came to the nunnery to help her copy the scriptures.Knowing that the third sister is cbd gummies 25 mg for sleep just like her father, she is a smiling tiger, and she just waits to peach ring cbd gummies can i bring cbd gummies to mexico please her grandmother Zhou Ruzhang sat down to eat noodles, Zhou Ruyue went to the desk and continued to help Zhou Ruzhang copy books.Why is it so early today Zhou Ruzhang asked after eating, Usually, we always come later.Zhou Ruyue said Father was summoned away by the yamen, so I don t have to follow my homework.My younger brother went to bed early today, and my mother just went to bed early today.Let me go back to the room earlier.Zhou Ruzhang didn t want to listen to Zhou Ruyue s nagging What is Second Uncle going to the yamen for so late Zhou Ruyue hesitated for a moment before saying, I don t know either.If there is anything I goldline cbd gummies reviews don t know, I just don t want to tell me Forget it, Zhou Ruzhang frowned, Second Uncle is in the Hanlin Academy, if there is any news from the court, there will be documents, and he will definitely be able to find out the news.Daddy, what s the matter Gu Mingzhu walked up to her and HCMUSSH can i bring cbd gummies to mexico stood on tiptoe to wipe the dirt on Gu Chongyi s face.It s okay, Gu Chongyi looked at his daughter and said softly, I went out to practice boxing and kicking for a while, why did Zhuzhu get up so early Baotong said with a smile Miss knows that the master is going to go to the yamen at this time, so she insists on coming to see her.Look at the master.Gu Chongyi couldn t help being overjoyed, a smile appeared on his face My good boy, you still remember that Daddy went to court at this time.Zhuzhu s illness is really much HCMUSSH can i bring cbd gummies to mexico better.Gu Mingzhu said Mother has a belly, Zhuzhu takes care of Daddy.Gu Chongyi couldn t help his nose sore, and reached out to touch the top of Zhuzhu s head Daddy is still in charge, Zhuzhu is young, so she needs to sleep for a while, but occasionally It s okay to can i bring cbd gummies to mexico come and send daddy to court.Chun Tao said The steward of Cui s family said that Second Master Cui will come to the door when Master Hou returns to the mansion soon.Gu Mingzhu stood up and took Baotong to find Mrs.Lin, and then carefully helped Mrs.Lin to sit down in the flower hall of the inner house.Mrs.Zhang also walked in quickly with her servants.After everyone saw the ceremony, Mrs.Zhang ordered the steward to put the things they brought on the long table in the flower hall.Mrs.Lin couldn t help asking What are these Mrs.Zhang said with a smile on her face, It s what Lord Hou and Second Uncle bought for Zhuzhu, and I made those two dresses.I made a small jacket for Zhuzhu.These women s red clothes were almost the same before.After my aunt and how long does cbd gummy last in system cbd gummies for sleep tn Zhuzhu returned to Beijing, I saw that Zhuzhu s figure had grown a lot, so I carefully changed it.Wei Yuanchen waved his hand, nonchalantly Go He didn t take this matter to heart at all, Cui Wei couldn t possibly get the slightest favor from Zhuzhu, no matter if it was Rujun or Zhuzhu.He can only guard against and deal with Cui Wei.Wei Yuanchen said Go to the Cheng family to see what s going on there.Even if the Cheng family refuses to let the government office carry Yuan s body to Yizhuang, they will have to wait for the autopsy before they can collect the body.The Cheng family blocked it as Yuan s wife, but Yin Sufu of Shuntian Mansion would never give king of chill cbd gummies 100 mg in, not to mention Princess Huairou went to stabilize the situation.If the Cheng family killed someone, don t just cover it up like this.The suspicion is very high.Mr.Cheng HCMUSSH can i bring cbd gummies to mexico abandoned his wife Zhao a few years ago, and it is very likely that he will repeat the same trick and kill Yuan.Some snacks, Gu Mingzhu said, It s hard for you to teach Liu Su boxing and kicking.This is a reward for him There should be food in this purse, Chu Jiu s eyes turned hot, in Miss Gu s heart, he 700 mg cbd gummies is indeed better than the third master, otherwise why didn t Miss Gu give it to the third master.Chu Jiu said in a low voice It s my good fortune to be able to do something for the eldest lady.It s just that I can t tell the third master about this good fortune, lest I end up with the same result as five black chickens.Seeing Chu Jiu s excited expression, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help but feel a little strange.She didn t give anything good.After a while, she asked Liu Su to give Chu Jiu some repairs, but Chu Jiu was the general of the Wei family., How should she repay Master Wei Cheng Yi was invited by Chujiu to speak in the hallway, and saw a woman wearing a fence standing there.Gu Mingzhu stammered It s our senior brother Nie Chen.Xue Laotong nodded Let him come to the Yamen tomorrow, and I will explain to him what is on this paper.Gu Mingzhu Mingzhu saluted again, and left Shuntian Mansion together with Liusu.Xue Laotong thought about it for a moment, and went to the second hall of the mansion alone.Yin Su Fu of Shuntian Mansion changed his official uniform and was about to go to court.Seeing Xue Laotong, Su Fu immediately said Mr.Have everything been arranged When Su Fu first came can i bring cbd gummies to mexico to Shuntian Mansion, Su Fu helped him a lot, and in private Su Fu liked to call Mr.Xue Laotong.Xue Laotong nodded It s all done, my lord can just rest assured and go to court.Su Fu breathed a long sigh of relief Seeing that the current situation is getting more and more turbulent, I don t know what will happen in the future.The Wei family is the same, even if it can i bring cbd gummies to mexico is a famous family, it must be used by him.If he doesn t give it, they will never get it.What will be the result of A Yu s separation from him in the end Could it be that she doesn t understand his thoughts Since you choose to be the queen of the Great Zhou, you must look like a queen, not just for self interest.When A Yu took those cold medicines and held the spiritual tablets of the two children to question him, you should know that this is not what a queen should do.Yes, since then she is no longer the queen of Da Zhou.Wei Yuanchen got up and stood aside, the emperor looked at Huaiyuan Marquis Gu Chongyi again.The war horse case uly cbd gummies en español can i bring cbd gummies to mexico started with Marquis Huaiyuan.If it wasn t for Marquis Huaiyuan, Lin Sizhen and these collaborators would not have been found out.Many officials in Beijing are full of envy for how long does cbd gummy last in system cbd gummies for sleep tn Gu Chongyi.This Marquis Huaiyuan has really good luck.The emperor said slowly The Marquis Huaiyuan has made great achievements in exposing the war horse case, and he will go to the can i bring cbd gummies to mexico Five Armies Commander s Mansion to take up his duties from now on.Although the Fifth Army Commander s Mansion has long been emptied by the Ministry of War, the matter is nothing more than a vacant post, but Huaiyuanhou, who has never been on the battlefield, jumped from his official position as a horse breeder to the Fifth Army Commander s Mansion.In the whole case, this What Marquis Huaiyuan did seemed to be urging the imperial court to review the horses.After discovering the loss of the horses, he complained in the hall and went back to Taiyuan Mansion to pick up his wife and daughter.Master Wei Er was exactly the same as he was in the woods that night.It s fake, Gu Chongyi thought about it repeatedly afterward, the Second Master Wei didn t seem to be suffering from any illness from fainting to waking up, and can i bring cbd gummies to mexico eagle hemp cbd gummies stop smoking reviews now he used this trick again, obviously to deal with Yushi.When such a thing happened in front of the palace gate, the censor didn t have the face to mention Wei Yuanchen again and blame the Wei can i bring cbd gummies to mexico family, otherwise it would be like deliberately embarrassing the Wei family.The Wei family couldn t suffer much from this stuff, Gu Chongyi glanced at Wei Congzhi cbd gummies for sleep tn 25 mg cbd gummies for pain on the ground, just in time to see a censor raising his foot and stomping on Wei Congzhi fiercely while taking advantage of the chaos.Gu Chongyi couldn t help trembling in his heart, he seemed to feel the pain, and Wei Congzhi on the ground remained motionless.In addition, the war horse case has not yet been concluded, so it is very natural for Wei Yuanchen to appear in Gu s house, and no one will say anything if it spreads.Master Wei cbd gummies for sleep tn Gu Ziyan couldn t think of which Lord Wei it was for a moment.Baotong said from the side, It s Mr.Wei from the General Secretary, the imperial envoy who went to Shanxi to investigate the case.Gu Ziyan s face became more respectful Mr.Wei is not very old.He looks about the same age can i bring cbd gummies to mexico as him, but the gap is also small It was too big, he would be praised wherever he went when he was a child, and now thinking of those compliments, he felt blush.Just now Gu Ziyan saw it clearly.It is conceivable that he has worked so hard to practice the iron spear to such an extent.The children of the aristocratic family are so diligent, but his father only wants to find a shortcut to wealth.My lord, I didn t do it on purpose, Gu Mingzhu said, My lordcan you get up Wei Yuanchen didn t intend to move, and she didn t want to leave without conscience.To help her.Master Wei raised his legs and held onto the tree trunk with his hands.He was can i bring cbd gummies to mexico obviously about to get up, but he stopped there, his breathing sounded a little rough.Gu Mingzhu leaned over to take a look, Master Wei s face was faintly flushed, it was from drinking his father s hidden bar, the wine didn t feel very good when he drank it, but it had a strong aftertaste.She only had sleeve arrows, drugs, and silver needles on her body, and these were not easy to use on Master Wei, Gu Mingzhu looked again in embarrassment.Looking at Mr.Wei s dejected expression, Gu Mingzhu suddenly returned to the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice five or six years ago, and she unconsciously felt a little more concerned.Being able to marry the Cui family is the best result, and she is willing to go with the flow when the time is right.As for how Cui Wei will get along with that stupid lady in the future, it has nothing to do with others.Anyway, she is not the one who faces this stupid lady.The third princess withdrew her thoughts and said with a smile Why best cbd gummies reddit bother holding her, let s go and offer incense.Gu how long does cbd gummy last in system cbd gummies for sleep tn Minglan was worried that Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to salute the old lady Gu Grandmother, granddaughter go and accompany Zhuzhu.The wife nodded Go Said and looked at Ming Wan, four eyes met Ming Wan understood what grandmother meant, and quickly stepped forward to the side of the third prince and concubine.The third concubine seemed to pay attention to Gu Mingwan at this time Miss Gu is really prettier than the other.Since the empress no longer stepped out of the gate of Kunning Palace, everyone gradually got used to this kind of life, and the whole Great Zhou also accepted the status quo of the imperial concubine in the harem.Everyone in the harem knows that the queen can t get out from here.A few years ago, the second prince rebelled, and the Wei family secretly supported soldiers and horses.The Wei cbd gummies liverpool family begged for mercy, and the emperor gave it to him.He didn t take away Empress Wei s position in the middle palace, but only a little can i bring cbd gummies to mexico bit of face remained in name.Husband and wife in Qiandi, the relationship ends here, if the Wei family makes any further moves, the emperor will not tolerate it, and Empress Wei will also close the palace door and think about it.Your Majesty, the Empress Dowager ordered Mo Zhenzhen to come and see your waist injury.The emperor remembered that there was such a thing.The emperor said indifferently The Empress has not rewarded anyone for a long time, so what s the difference with that net Huang Chang reported It was made by the Empress and Miss Huaiyuan Hou together.The emperor immediately remembered that Empress Wei made needlework Craftsmanship, he said naturally My Zi Tong has never been good at doing these things, could it be Could it be that there have been changes over the years The emperor suddenly felt boring when he said this, so he didn t continue to finish the sentence.Just now, I sent the little maid to look at it by sending something to the empress.The crooked net made by the empress and Miss Gu is eagle brand cbd gummies hard to handle, but it may be because Miss Gu has a slightly different mentality from ordinary people, okay The bad is not too particular, but it made the empress very happy.Chapter 316 Rejection As soon as Cui Wei finished speaking, he felt Cui Zhen s eyes become sharp.No.Cui Zhen s voice was majestic and his attitude was decisive.Cui Wei had a lot of things to say, but all of them were stuck in his throat.After a long pause, Cui Wei said Why not Cui Zhen frowned Do you really like Zhuzhu Or do you want to marry the Huaiyuan Houfu What did mother say to you Cui can i bring cbd gummies to mexico Wei s face gradually darkened, and his expression also became stiff Brother, you don t think that I want to marry Zhuzhu because I am thinking about Huaiyuanhou s family wealth So unbearable Cui Zhen looked in the direction of Mrs.Lin Tai s courtyard If Zhuzhu is not the eldest daughter of the Huaiyuan Houfu, would you marry her Will your mother agree Cui Wei said Zhuzhu is my aunt s daughter.I often go to Gu s house to see her, elder brother won t remember can i bring cbd gummies to mexico eagle hemp cbd gummies stop smoking reviews this, because elder brother is not at home, does elder brother know that Zhuzhu s illness is much better Cui Wei s eyes changed as he spoke, and his expression became sincere Sister in law is from a famous family, and her health It s also getting better gradually, and it s easy to manage the entire Dingninghou Mansion.Mrs.Lin and Mrs.Gu looked at each other Do you have a plan Mrs.Gu how long does cbd gummy last in system cbd gummies for sleep tn said with a smile It is precisely for this matter that I came to ask my nephew and daughter in law, and Sister Wan followed me.When Mrs.Ding Ninghou went to the banquet together, she met the eldest wife of the Tan family, who was the eldest sister in law of Tan Dingfang, Minister of the Ministry of War.This Mrs.Tan had a son of the right age who was not yet married.Serving as the general banner in the Beijing camp, although the current official position is not high, but being able to serve in the twelve guards of the Beijing camp has won the trust of the emperor.With an uly cbd gummies en español can i bring cbd gummies to mexico uncle like Tan Shangshu, are you afraid that you will not have a good future Sister Wan is married You will have a good life in the past.Mrs.Lin listened carefully without interjecting.The candied fruit of Pinxianglou is different from other people s, it can t be stored for too long, it s best to make it now and eat it now, the young lady likes this the most.It s not easy for the cook, Gu Mingzhu said, can i bring cbd gummies to mexico Next time, I ll reward the cook HCMUSSH can i bring cbd gummies to mexico with more money.It s done so early, don t just stay up all night Slaves are also like this.The people in Pinxianglou said that the cook can t sleep at night and has nothing to do in her free time.Now it seems that the eldest lady has a good fortune.Last night she asked the kitchen to make three bowls of noodles for Mr.Wei.Today The restaurant of Wei s family made candied fruit early in the morning.Why does Gu Mingzhu feel like reciprocating This could not be Master Wei s order In Gu Mingzhu can i bring cbd gummies to mexico eagle hemp cbd gummies stop smoking reviews s mind, the cbd oil or gummies orlandl fl scene of Mrs.Wei asking her for candied fruit appeared, his eyes were clear and warm, and he took the fruit bit by bit into his mouth.Cui Zhen frowned because he had recently become suspicious of Cui Wei, and he still felt that his mother would make a big fuss about this marriage, and he didn t want his aunt s family to be involved in the troubled waters of the Cui family.Maybe both.When will it start The Cui family is so unbearable in his heart, I m afraid the Huaiyuanhou s residence will be implicated.Cui Zhen smiled He really failed to make the house look like this The Anjiyuan is simple and crude Fortunately, Mo Yangming is very familiar with it because he often comes and goes.The things he brings are also complete.As long as there is a clean place, he can heal the sick and wounded.Clean the surface of the wound with a towel, and then irrigate it with warm pepper water.Several people pressed the child, and Mo Yangming slowly opened the wound with a knife.Cui Zhen s voice was calm, without any fluctuations Second brother, please don t lose your manners in can i bring cbd gummies to mexico how much is cbd gummies front of uncle.Come back home with me Gu Mingzhu looked at the upright Cui Zhen, Cui Zhen had been in command of the army for many years, his demeanor seemed calm, but he already had a stern aura.Most people have to lower their heads involuntarily, but tonight Cui Wei was different from normal, instead of bowing his head, he said, Brother didn t talk to Uncle, where did our brother s misunderstanding come from Cui Wei.Cui Zhen Emphasized the tone.Cui Wei turned his head to look at Gu Chongyi, and knelt down towards Gu Chongyi as if he had no hesitation.Gu Chongyi s expression changed kids took a cbd gummy and he didn t reach out to help Cui Wei.Cui Wei said Uncle, I have liked uly cbd gummies en español can i bring cbd gummies to mexico sister Zhuzhu since how long does cbd gummy last in system cbd gummies for sleep tn I was a child, please promise to marry Zhuzhu to me as my wife, I will definitely protect her in this life, and will never let her be wronged in the slightest.What Just as Jiao Zhong asked, he felt that can i bring cbd gummies to mexico Bao er beside him suddenly held him tightly, and then, as if he was half frightened, he curled up in his arms.Chapter 332 Jiao Zhong patted Bao er on the back, soothing Bao er s emotions.A thunderstorm exploded in the sky, and the wind and rain intensified, even Jiao Zhong felt the slightest chill.Jiao Zhong looked at Gu Mingzhu and Baotong Who is the eldest lady talking about Just now the eldest lady went to see Aunt Zhen, could it be that she was talking about Aunt Zhen Baotong said Aunt Zhen, Aunt Zhen is dead.Bao er opened her lips and said in a weak voice Dead, dead.It seemed to be repeating Baotong s words, and also seemed to be muttering to herself.Jiao Zhong sighed for a long time Is it too late to go If I hadn t heard from Bao er just now, I wouldn t have known that Aunt Zhen was sick.What Zhuzhu s marriage Mrs.Lin said, Zhuzhu is really a big girl, will there be a day when Master Hou and I really worry about these things Madam Are you worried now Huaiyuan Hou said, Even if you want to marry Zhuzhu one day You have to find someone with can i bring cbd gummies to mexico good character who can treat Zhuzhu wholeheartedly.Mrs.Lin couldn t help but said How could the Lord be like this all of a sudden Think Zhuzhu has grown up, Gu Chongyi said, Zhuzhu can do more than what we think about.Zhuzhu didn t panic when she saw the how long does cbd gummy last in system cbd gummies for sleep tn dead body Can you tell that Bao er is afraid of Tan Zigeng It can be seen Zhu Zhu already had her own thoughts in her heart, she was no longer that child who could only be manipulated by others When it was daylight, the heavy rain stopped.The carriage from Hehua Hutong arrived at the gate of Huaiyuan Hou Mansion, and the steward immediately came out to welcome him.But in fact, Daning soldiers and horses did not enter the capital in large numbers.Only three lieutenants led hundreds of people to leave the guard post privately.After the court soldiers and horses arrived, those people fought hard, and all three lieutenants died.Those who were appointed to serve in Daning, and the court seized Wei Congcheng s secret letter ordering his family to send him to Daning, almost convicted Wei Congcheng.But if the Wei family really rebelled, could Wei Congcheng mobilize more than three generals and hundreds of soldiers Wei Congcheng was taken down, and everyone in the Wei family was sent to prison.Before the case was heard, Wei Congcheng sickened and died.The rebellion case of the second prince and the eldest princess is full of doubts, and Wei Shangshu s death is even more strange.The man looked like he was trying to test the depth of those people on purpose.He walked out of the alley until he reached the outside of the house.The commotion became louder and louder until the people inside were alarmed.The nurse in the house wants to talk about Daning, right These people come from Daning.It became more and more interesting.They followed Cao Huai to find the people from Daning, and found that someone was secretly watching these big people.Ning people.My lord, Gu Mingzhu said, let s go back Wei Yuanchen nodded and told Zhang Tong Follow that man.In are cbd gummies legal in italy this way, we can know what the man s intentions are.He picked can i bring cbd gummies to mexico up Gu Mingzhu in his arms and immediately ran out of the alley.After walking out of several alleys, Chu Jiu led the horse over.Wei Yuanchen helped Gu Mingzhu onto the horse, and then jumped on himself to can i bring cbd gummies to mexico eagle hemp cbd gummies stop smoking reviews ride with Gu Mingzhu.After saying this, the man looked around But my lord, why didn t you tell the Ministry of Criminal Justice about this Let the Ministry of Criminal Justice catch these Daning can i bring cbd gummies to mexico eagle hemp cbd gummies stop smoking reviews people This is the evidence that Prince Huai s mansion recruited officials and did whatever they wanted in the north.Will it hurt the killer With can i bring cbd gummies to mexico eagle hemp cbd gummies stop smoking reviews us people I m afraid two fists can t beat four hands.Chapter 370 is you killed her Tan Dingfang looked at the person who was talking beside him.That person is Chen Weicheng, a member of the Ministry of War.When Old cbd gummies to quit smoking as seen on shark tank General Zhao fought in Daning, Chen Weicheng also went there together.Over the years, Chen Weicheng has been promoted step by step in the Ministry of War, and now he is in charge of the Ministry of Treasury.On the surface, Chen Weicheng looked very solid and reliable, and he managed the treasury department in an orderly manner.My lord, I mean Without her needing to explain, Wei Yuanchen raised his hand and straightened her messy cuffs with his slender fingers I was fifteen years old then, and now I am twenty one years old.What is the best way to peach ring cbd gummies can i bring cbd gummies to mexico waste time like this In the past, Gu Mingzhu only knew that Mr.Wei was good at interrogating prisoners, but now she found that he was indeed quick witted, and could catch up with any quarrel, and what he HCMUSSH can i bring cbd gummies to mexico said today always made her Terrified, I don t know how to answer.Gu Mingzhu said dryly I really have to go.Put on the cloak and let Mu Qiu see you off.Okay.Gu Mingzhu put on the cloak and saw that Wei Yuanchen was still stretched, but peach ring cbd gummies can i bring cbd gummies to mexico she was still a little relieved No more My lord, lie down and rest.Okay.Wei Yuanchen smiled slightly, like an obedient child.Gu Mingzhu pushed open the door and went out, Chu Jiu behind him closed the door again.After Chen Weicheng was exposed, all the clues pointing to Tan Dingfang were logically transferred to Chen Weicheng.Gu Mingzhu said So Tan Dingfang, who is the Minister of the Ministry of War, who is the Minister of the Ministry of War Will it be planned for this child more than ten years ago Gu Mingzhu raised her head and looked at Wei Yuanchen I haven t mentioned Mr.Yang s matter to Mr.Wei.Wei Yuanchen s heart moved, Zhuzhu was talking about Mr.Yang in the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice She was finally willing to tell can i bring cbd gummies to mexico him uly cbd gummies en español can i bring cbd gummies to mexico the secret hidden in her heart.Does this mean that she acquiesced in her identity as Zhou Rujun Chapter 395 Too Fast When Gu Mingzhu just woke up at Gu s house, she was unable to walk for a long time because of her weakness, and she couldn t do anything else in bed.When he looked down, there were indeed a few wolfberries in it.Nie Chen said, Master Shen came here just now.Wei Yuanchen and Gu Mingzhu had already expected that Shen s family would come to invite people to investigate the case.Nie Chen repeated what Master Shen Er said.Wei Yuanchen said That s why the Zhang family is eager to hold the Shipbuilding Department in their hands.If they take down the Guangzhou Shipbuilding Department, they will be able to intervene in coastal affairs more logically.The documents handed down by the governor of the Metropolitan Procuratorate, firstly, the problem of Japanese pirates at sea has been calmed down in the past two years, and secondly, it is a good thing to want the coastal fishermen to make a living, but in this way, those people can also wantonly deploy people along the coast When Nie Chen heard this, he couldn t help gasping Isn t it possible to make trouble at any time Could this be what those people planned Wei Yuanchen looked at Nie Chen It s not too late to know now, Although the Ministry of Officials recommended the Zhang family to go to Guangzhou, the Zhang family is not the only one who can take up this position in the DPRK, and finding evidence is the key now.Finding out evidence can shake the emperor s mind, and before that, he will secretly arrange manpower to keep an eye on him.The navy along the coast will eventually have to mobilize the power of the court to eliminate these thieves.Nie Chen nodded.He didn t know anything about government affairs.Fortunately, Mr.Wei was there for those things, and Mr.Wei would have planned in advance.Nie Chen stood up and said, I ll go out and make some arrangements.As soon as it dawns, let people do their own thing.Nie Chen walked out of the room, and it suddenly became quiet.Only Wei Yuanchen and Gu Mingzhu looked at each other.Gu Mingzhu stood up My lord, are you hungry It s so cold, I m afraid it will be difficult to have an empty stomach.It just so happens that the candied fruit sent by Pinxiang Building these days can i bring cbd gummies to mexico is not to her liking, so she didn t bring it out.The girl s eyebrows and eyes were stretched out, and she looked extraordinarily beautiful, especially the smile on her face, which added a touch of brilliance to her.People can t help but feel happy when they look at it.Although Mrs.Zhang told her before that Miss Gu s illness was cured, she still couldn t believe it when she saw Gu Mingzhu like this.She heard that Miss Gu was seriously ill when she was in her boudoir.They refused to go out and walk around, never thought that Miss Gu would look like this.Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to salute Mrs.Zhang, and then looked at Shen Shi This is Zhang s sister in law, right Shen nodded In a blink of an eye, I didn t expect Miss Gu to be so old.Gu Mingzhu smiled cbd gummies for sleep tn 25 mg cbd gummies for pain , Several people walked into the Gu family s inner house together.Mrs.Lin was waiting in the flower hall.He had expected that what happened in the prison was not that simple.Wei Yuanchen said None of those people can escape.In the blink of an eye, there was a layer of frost on his eyebrows.Gu Mingzhu said My lord, let s drink tea Those things are over.Even if everything happened again, it was their turn to kill the Quartet.She didn t care about all the things back then, and she didn t want to make Master Wei feel sad because of her.Gu Mingzhu level goods cbd gummies reviews didn t know how to comfort Master Wei, she looked at the small box on the table, took out a jujube and a few goji berries from the box, thought for a while and put a big dried longan.Jujube nourishes the middle and Qi, wolfberry nourishes the kidney and blood, longan is strong nourishes the heart and spleen.The girl talked about these treasures.Wei Yuanchen watched her put more and more in the tea bowl, the girl seemed still dissatisfied, and took a few slices of hawthorn from the box before nodding.Empress Wei nodded Because the empress do deserve it.After Mo Zhenren s diagnosis and treatment, the Empress also felt more refreshed.She walked out whats tne best cbd gummies for pain of the inner hall, only to see the girl standing in the yard talking to the palace people, seeming to be avoiding those eyeliners outside the palace.The corner of the empress s mouth raised into a smile, Miss Gu seemed to be unintentional, but she knew everything.Come on Zhuzhu, said the empress, weave a net with me.Gu Mingzhu responded.The female officer also followed, the empress did not want to weave the net, but to tear it down.Gu Mingzhu didn t feel the slightest bit of depression in the Kunning Palace, and the empress didn t ask any more questions.It wasn t that the empress pretended not to care, but that the empress knew it in her heart.What kind of chaos will it cause.Third Master, sir is here.Wei Yuanchen hurriedly stood up when he heard Chu Jiu s report, and before he reached the door, he saw Pei Shangqing open the curtain and walk in.Pei Shangqing seldom left Pei s house, but this time the matter was very urgent, so he avoided people with the account and came to the yard to look for Wei Yuanchen.Wei Yuanchen said Just give me an order, sir.I ll just go home.Pei Shangqing took off the cloak on his body I know you can t get rid of your body, and there are too many things to prepare.I m waiting at home and worrying, it s better to go home.Come here.Pei Shangqing s health is really bad, especially in winter, he is especially afraid of the cold, so Mu Qiu hurriedly brought another warm cage and put it at Pei Shangqing s feet.After fooling Yang s mother away, Baotong walked back to Gu Mingzhu s side.Gu Mingzhu said Master Wei, I don t know what to do.Master Wei left Chu Jiu and Mu Qiu to her, what if Master Wei is short of manpower for something Baotong blinked, the young miss seemed to be feeling sorry for Mr.Wei more and more recently, and she mentioned Mr.Wei more often than eating candied fruit all day long.Miss, do you want to eat candied fruit Baotong handed the candied fruit to Gu Mingzhu, now that there is no Master Wei, let s make do with candied fruit Dingning Hou Mansion.Zhang s hair was loose, and she was sitting in the room wearing a jacket and skirt.She had lost a lot of weight in a few days, and she looked pitiful.At this time, her face became more nervous.Ma am, the servant girl said in a low voice, Master Hou has prepared his luggage and is about to leave the house.Was King Huai aware of their intentions After King Huai was taken out of the palace, he looked panic stricken, as if he had lost his soul, and let them manipulate him, so he relaxed his vigilance.After he captured King Huai, he bound King Huai, toasted him and refused to eat fine wine, and the next way was to make King Huai suffer.Qiu Hai was getting closer and closer to King Huai, and King Huai turned his head to look at Qiu Hai who was about to approach him, the sharp blade in Qiu Hai s hand glistened in the sunlight.King Huai didn t dare to think about what would happen after being captured, and he didn t have the energy to think about it.He made marks along the way, so that the court soldiers and horses chasing them could use this to identify the direction.Just when he stopped to rest, King Huai vaguely saw a figure flashing by in the woods, so he made up his mind, found an excuse to enter the forest, and ran back while the guards around him were not paying attention.The sword s edge slashed on King Huai s shoulder, and then kicked it over, causing King Huai to fall to the ground.King Huai felt that half of his body was torn apart, and the sword he was holding tightly in his hand was also lost.The man grabbed his injured arm, and when he raised his head.With a slap , he slapped King Huai heavily on the face.King Huai s eyes were staring, and his ears were buzzing.Another slap was thrown on the other half of the face, and then his crotch hurt, and he was kicked firmly.King Huai curled up and fell to the ground, and screams came from his mouth.Bah Qiu Hai spat, If you run away again, I ll kill you.Qiu Hai flew up and kicked King Huai s jaw again.Blood flowed from King Huai s mouth, and before the blood froth could be completely spit out, he was grabbed by the bun on his head and dragged forcefully.Concubine De wants to say something.The emperor looked at Concubine De s appearance and thought about what the female officer said just now.He didn t know whether it was because he was too disappointed with Concubine De, or because he was too angry, his chest was churning again, and this time he couldn t help it no matter what.Huang Chang saw the strange state of the emperor, and hurriedly stepped forward to help him.The emperor pushed Huang can i bring cbd gummies to mexico Chang away and walked quickly to the side room, just after entering the door, he spat out wow.In the filth, there is a decoction just taken, and some fishy things.Huang Chang wanted to shout, but he finally closed his mouth under the stern stare of the emperor.The emperor wiped the corners of his mouth with a soft handkerchief, and it took him a while to breathe smoothly.This girl from the Gu family is really good, if it weren t for her, today s case would not have gone so smoothly.Kunning Palace.Huang Chang brought people to pass the decree, and sent back the Queen s Treasure and Book, as well as many rewards.Empress Wei looked very indifferent, her expression was no different from when she was grounded in Kunning Palace.The female officer put away all the things and gave Huang Chang a reward.Huang Chang bowed and said My maidservant congratulates the empress.After saluting repeatedly, he led the others away.The queen went back to the room and sat down, looked at Mo Yangming with a smile, I m bothering the real person with this case.Mo Yangming said, The real person can t help you.Needless to say, the queen understood in her heart, It was the Empress Dowager who made the decision and brought Mo Zhenzhen and Miss Gu together to rescue her from Kunning Palace.Empress Wei can i bring cbd gummies to mexico nodded It s better to leave the palace earlier, Beijing and China are not peaceful, so we should pay more attention.Gu Mingzhu looked at Empress Wei s composure.Empress can hold the Phoenix Seal again, so she doesn t have to worry too much about the situation in the palace.Zhenren Mo and Gu Mingzhu went to the Palace of Compassion and Ning to talk to the Queen Mother for a while, and then they left the palace with the Queen Mother s reward.Seeing that the little apprentice got a lot of good things, Mo Zhenren said with a smile It s been a long time since I heard the Empress Dowager call someone a little girl , so it can be seen that the Empress Dowager likes you very much., lest Zhuzhu be targeted.The queen empress is also painstaking.When she was by the empress dowager s side, the empress dowager also treated Lu Wangfei at that time, that is, the empress empress.It s a pity, it s only one step away, but this time when he returns to Northern Xinjiang, he will start to straighten out his soldiers and horses.He can feel that Wei Yuanchen and the others have found clues.caught off guard.Is there any news from the Zhang family and Qiu Hai yet Didn t the uncle deliver a letter Zheng Ruzong looked at the cronies beside him.No, said the friend, there has been no movement.Not can i bring cbd gummies to mexico quite right, Zheng Ruzong sensed danger, and it was easy for Da er to send some news to him.No matter what the situation is, it shows that the situation is very tense.Let s go overnight, Zheng Ruzong made up his mind, it s not easy to be found at night.They are in the dark, and they can escape by the moonlight.Although there are many soldiers and horses in the court, they don t know where they are, so there is nothing they can do Zheng Ruzong made a decision to go to Yanqing Guard overnight, but for the sake of caution, they would not go directly to the guard, they would go around and then inform the lieutenant guarding the guard.The old lady Zhou looked away from Zhou Ruyue, and landed on the steward of the outer courtyard.The steward hurried into the courtyard, Zhou Ruyue and the steward s mother went up to talk, after a while Zhou Ruyue turned and walked into can i bring cbd gummies to mexico the house.The old lady Zhou said What s the matter Zhou Ruyue pursed her lips Grandmother, a government agent came to the door and took Xu Gui from our house away, and he experience cbd gummies review still wants to question my father and third uncle.Old lady Zhou Surprise flashed across his leisurely face What s wrong with Manager Xu Xu Gui is the old manager of the Zhou family.He has been loyal to the Zhou family all these years and has never made any mistakes.How could he be arrested suddenly Where did the yamen come from Mrs.Zhou asked, Did you ask your father before you came to arrest him Zhou Ruyue shook her head My granddaughter doesn t know either, but my father didn t send a letter back, so he probably didn t know.Since the Cao family uses the relationship with their elder brother as an excuse to care so much about the Zhou family, he can naturally take advantage of this matter to pretend to be like the Cao family.Love pretends to deal with it.So he asked Cao s family to come forward to help him stay in the Hanlin Academy.The eldest brother was credited with saving the crown prince, and the court always rewarded the Zhou family.The eldest can i bring cbd gummies to mexico brother only had a daughter, and the woman would always marry out.It would be useless to leave her any rewards., it is better to give him a grace and make an exception to let him stay in the capital to serve.Everything developed according to his plan.He stayed in can i bring cbd gummies to mexico Beijing to work, and he got closer to the Cao family.He went to the Cao family more times, and was ordered by Cao Xueshi to do things.Finally, once in the Cao family village, He saw Bao Er.He always remembered that figure and recognized it at a glance.After learning that he was from the Zhou family, Bao Er s eyes flashed strangely.Although he was immediately covered up, he had already seen the truth.Bao Er should have arrived at Zhou s house early that night, spying on sister in law s yard secretly, ready to find a chance to make a move.Unexpectedly, Zhou Zerui broke into sister in cbd supplement gummies law s house first.After Zhou Zerui and Xu Gui left, while sister in law was still in shock, Bao Er He suddenly attacked his sister in law and hung her on the beam of the house.It is very reasonable for a female family member to commit suicide after being humiliated.Bao Er also concluded that after peach ring cbd gummies can i bring cbd gummies to mexico the death of his sister in law, the HCMUSSH can i bring cbd gummies to mexico Zhou family would help cover it up.Just as Huang Chang thought of this, he saw the servant covered in blood staggering and falling into the hall, followed by several Long Jinwei walked in, and then Empress Wei.The empress is here.Huang Chang s heart sank, and he subconsciously retreated into the inner hall.He couldn t figure out why Queen Wei came so quickly What are you going to do Are you plotting rebellion Concubine De had long since lost her mind, her voice trembling in panic.The imperial guards and palace servants in the inner hall pulled out their sharp knives one after another, and stepped forward to protect the emperor, concubine De and Huang Chang.Huang Chang tried his best to keep calm Empress, you can t enter the Hall of Mental Cultivation without the emperor s summons.This is Empress Wei s eyes fell on the emperor s face Is there any emperor here How did I hear that the emperor died Oh my god.Master, Gu Mingzhu can i bring cbd gummies to mexico watched as Master Mo was cost of cbd gummies wellness cbd fascinated, Have you thought of a Taoist name for your junior sister Mo Yangming woke up like a dream, and she was almost persuaded by Zhuzhu.The next moment, Zhen Mo told his beloved disciple righteously The Taoist should meditate, and don t talk to the Taoist anymore.So as not to disturb her Taoism.Gu Mingzhu rested her chin, and when Master Wei came back, she would have a new identity.When Master Wei saw her wearing a Taoist robe, he didn t know what she would look like.Chapter 514 Marriage Gu Mingzhu first sent Mo Zhenren back to Taiqing Temple, and then returned to Huaiyuanhou s Mansion by car.Baotong reminded Gu Mingzhu in a low voice Miss, can i bring cbd gummies to mexico eagle hemp cbd gummies stop smoking reviews on the ninth day of the ninth day, it was said that Mrs.Li from the Wei family is in our Hou residence.That chilling and dangerous aura slowly enveloped him.Maybe it was because he thought too much, Liang Wang closed his eyes, the feeling that Wei Yuanchen left in Gongji City s battle was too deep, and he couldn t get rid of it for a while.His arrangement was watertight, Wei Yuanchen never thought that he would return to Daning like this.The secret guard said in a low voice Mrs.Tang is ready, Li s big ship will arrive at the end of Yin Shi tomorrow.King Liang nodded.Marquis Huaiyuan and the Guo family began to clean up the coastal guards.Now there are many soldiers and horses in the guard.Once they find something strange in the sea, they will chase after it by boat.In addition, Liang Wang still has one thing to worry about.The matter of Concubine De s mother and son came to light, perhaps Wei Yuanchen had already learned that he had contacts with the Li family in Pyongyang.Then I will report to my uncle in detail.Important does cbd gummies cause high blood pressure matter Do you still need to bring the elders of the Wei family to the door what would that be There seemed to be a flash of lightning in Gu Chongyi s mind, and then his whole body seemed to be struck by lightning.He looked at Wei Yuanchen in amazement Youyou mean Could it be that Wei Yuanchen has been coveting his Beads Wei Yuanchen s eyes were frank and he did not deny it.He bowed again and said, I should have told my uncle a long time ago that Yuan Chen was rude.You Gu Chongyi blushed and subconsciously grasped the hilt of his sword.when did it happen Why didn t uly cbd gummies dementia he notice If he can i bring cbd gummies to mexico eagle hemp cbd gummies stop smoking reviews had known that Wei Yuanchen came to the door that day and they were competing in the school field, he should have hit harder.He had already told his wife that he wanted to invite his father in law to come to Beijing, but his wife refused to listen.Now it s all right, the jewel in their hearts is about to be lost.Gu Chongyi wished he could immediately punish the little thief in front of moon flower cbd gummies him.But this is the army, Wei Yuanchen is the general who just won the battle, he is injured all over his can i bring cbd gummies to mexico body It s in vain that he trusts Wei Yuanchen so much, he just misjudged the person like this.Gu Chongyi just thought Wei Yuanchen was very pleasing to the eye, but when he thought of his daughter being kidnapped and left home, he felt disgusted, no matter how young talents could compare to his daughter.Gu Chongyi s face turned cold You are right, this matter is unusual, and it needs to be settled slowly after returning to Beijing.After saying this, Gu Chongyi began to push people away I still have military affairs here, so I won t leave General Wei behind Wei Yuanchen did not leave.Cui Zhen said Who is teaching Zou Xiang At Zou Xiang s age, he can only practice basic skills.It s my uncle, the steward said with a smile, My uncle personally instructed me.Wei Yuanchen Cui Zhen s eyes deepened.Chapter 543 Injured Wei Yuanchen is going to marry Zhuzhu in March next year, and the members of the Gu family call him aunt in private, which means that everyone in the Gu family has recognized Wei Yuanchen.Cui Zhen couldn t help thinking of the Zhou family.Zhou Zejing and Zhou Zerui were both in prison.The Zhou family s case could be clarified, but Zhou Zesheng alone would not be able to do it, with Wei Yuanchen s help behind him.I hope that Wei Yuanchen will let go of the Zhou family and treat Zhuzhu well in the future.If Wei Yuanchen has other thoughts, even if the Wei family is not what it used to be, he will not stand idly by.Luo Yu ignored Mrs.Zhang, and still looked at Cui Zhen Master Hou, don t listen to Mrs.Zhang.This woman wants to get rid of the crime and put the blame on me.Master Hou must have seen it too.After I got married, I have never had any contact with her, this is a clear proof, if I really have any thoughts about her, I will never do this.Luo Yu looked like she was avoiding her, just like her What is pickled stuff.Mrs.Zhang stared blankly, as if someone was yelling heart piercingly in her heart, finally she slowly raised the sleeve arrow in her hand, and opened the sleeve.An arrow rushed towards Luo Yu s chest.kill him.She is going to kill him.Luo Yu saw Zhang s movements, he opened his mouth wide, and wanted to ask Cui Zhen for help, but can i bring cbd gummies to mexico it was too late, the arrow was in front of him in the blink of an eye.Do you know what they re going to do next Pei Shangqing raised his head, and Empress Wei, who was dressed in ordinary clothes, had a ruddy complexion and clear eyes.After taking power, although the government affairs how long does cbd gummy last in system cbd gummies for sleep tn are busy, the spirit of the empress is getting better day by day.Pei Shangqing withdrew his gaze and said, Prince Qing and several other clans are working together to make a proposal, asking the emperor to make the Third Master Wei the King of Wei.After the Taizu of this dynasty, there was no king with a different surname.King Qing revealed Wei Yuanchen s life experience in the Taimiao After that, now I want to show the world.Empress Wei nodded The next step is to be crowned prince.Pei Shangqing said Zhan Shifu and Zuochunfang are all ready.Thank you Pei Qing, Queen Wei said, Brother Chen I have been taught by you for these years, and I will need your support in the future.

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