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Office, responsible for the security of Chaoyang Village, Factory 527, and Dongming Community.Chapter 3 Who doesn t want to get along better, who doesn t want to be valued by the boss, and who doesn t want to get along with colleagues As a cadre family who was born and raised in a cadre family , as a second generation official , Han Chaoyang is not ignorant of the world.Although I never thought that I would become a policeman before graduating from university, but when I couldn t find a suitable job and decided to apply for civil servants, when I saw so many job openings on the brochure, I did not hesitate to apply for the police.It s not because the police officers and civil servants are easier to test than other positions, nor is it because of how high the police salary is.In fact, as early as middle school, I knew that the police are the hardest, most exhausting and most difficult to be promoted among the civil servants.That kind of scumbag policeman stared at it, and the old factory manager also whispered I don t live in the family home, and I rarely come back.I don t know where I was fooling around.I wondered what the little bastard did after he hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep came out.What unit would want the person, and he doesn t have a formal job, and he still drives a car every time he comes back, and he smokes the Greater China, where do you think his money will come from This situation must be taken seriously, and the key population for management is the community police One of the main jobs of a guy, and if that guy does something again and hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep you don t know, it s a serious dereliction of duty.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and then asked Director Wang, is he alone or several people every time he comes back I saw him come back twice, no, three times, and the first time he brought a girl Yes, the make up looks like a ghost, and she wears skirts and miniskirts on such a cold day, with her thighs exposed, not a good woman the second time she came back alone, Zhao Guiming was 60 years old, and came back to celebrate his father s birthday, You invited me that time too.Secretary Yang weighed it hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep cbd gummies on sale up, and pondered The foreign population exceeds 1,000, which meets the standard for applying for a special fund of 15,000.But what is actually needed is not a voluntary public security joint defense team, but a real public security joint defense team.What can I do with 15,000 yuan, it s obviously not enough.Squeeze another 20,000 yuan from the land acquisition and relocation funds Director Gu asked in a low voice.Since we want to do it, we need to make a good appearance and have combat effectiveness.The number of people should not be less than 10, and the clothing and necessary equipment must be complete.Including the salary of the personnel, it will cost at least 250,000.The community has no money, and the street funds Just as nervous.250,000 is not a small number, Director Gu said thoughtfully We can t solve it, we have to apply to the district.Since this is the owner s representative meeting, we will raise our hands according to the procedure and vote.Old Wang, what kind of mobile phone are you using for the meeting A owner s representative poked at the partner next to him., the first to raise their hands in agreement.The villagers of Chaoyang Village are smarter than each other, and the owner of Dongming Community is also very powerful.The few people on the opposite side were not playing just now, but were live broadcasting.They have a group of owners, and a WeChat group for each building.They are all very concerned about matters related to the property.Competent, Director Su believes in everything just said, and almost all the owners at home know.Anyway, the last program is over.From now on, the sixteen security guards in Dongming Community will become community security patrol members, and will become security guards of Chaoyang Community Security Service Company in the near future.For a while, there were police lights everywhere, and uniformed special police everywhere, and even the air seemed to be filled with a tense atmosphere.Chapter Fifty second Great Investigation 4 Director Cai, Director Gu, what are you hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep doing After receiving the notice, Zhang Branch Secretary and Director Xie of Chaoyang Village rode an electric car and rushed to the first row of residential areas in the Chaoyang Group.At the intersection of Zhongjie, police lights were flashing everywhere along the way.The intersection was full of working group cadres, special police and urban management.They thought it was demolition, but they couldn t see bulldozers and excavators.The car didn cbd eagle gummies t even bother to stop, so I asked eagerly.Many villagers and outsiders rented in the village ran out hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep to watch the excitement.At this time, the landlady also turned on the lights in the yard, and Han Zhaoyang noticed at a glance that the second room in the northwest corner hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep is 25 mg cbd gummies strong was neither open nor lit.Open the door, we are from the police station, do you hear me Gu Xinhua took the lead, ran over and slammed on the door.Nothing Han Chaoyang turned around, saw Wang Bing shook his head slightly, and realized that none of these people in the yard were there, and immediately said You all botanical farms cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep go back to your room first, and check your ID cards and residence permits later.Check, and say no, I have to go to work tomorrow, can you hurry up.A girl wearing glasses asked angrily.I m sorry to interrupt your rest.Please cooperate with our work first, and apologize to you later.Go in first, go in first, and cooperate.Xiao Han, what s going on Director Cai was confused Water, came over and asked in a low voice.You have a nose and eyes, and of course the Disciplinary Committee and inspectors must pay attention to it, so Take him to the branch office to understand the situation all morning.Is there such a thing, and whether he has received money.Just now I said that I am a friend, why don t I have any confidence botanical farms cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep in my friend It s a false accusation.Hmm.Are you okay It s okay, I should be back to work soon, and I will be the captain of our community security patrol team in the future.Huang Ying finally breathed a sigh of relief, and couldn t help muttering He really is an unbeatable Xiaoqiang You sound disappointed.I can t bear his snarky appearance.The Disciplinary Committee should lock him up for two more days, so that he won t get carried away.The more Director Su thought about it, the more amusing he became.

If Han Chaoyang can mature a bit, and don t lend money to that woman, can there be so many things After all, he was fuse cbd gummies not careful what to do Su Xian really couldn t think of any way to keep Han Chaoyang behind.Just as she didn t know how to speak, Liu Jianye s cell phone rang, and he smiled apologetically, took out his cell phone and answered the call, saying hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm to answer the call, His face gradually changed, and he became more and more afraid of people.Director Su, I m sorry, something happened in the institute, I ll go back first.What happened After working for so many years, Liu Jianye finally understood what hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep eventful autumn is until now.He took a deep breath, turned around and said, I m not very clear about the specific situation, sorry, let s take a step first, and we ll talk about what happened just now later.What tricycle, I m here to buy water.The man pretended to be calm and held up the half drinked mineral water to the proprietress, hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep as if he wanted to say that the money had been paid, and then turned around and was about to leave.Actually want to run Li Xiaobin thought it was funny, and grabbed his shoulder.Cao Zhiming was already blocking the door, so Han Chaoyang simply grabbed the man s right hand and restrained him first, letting Cao Zhiming ask.Why are you in a hurry, what are you running for Cao Zhiming turned his head and glanced at Lao Huo who had just followed him, and seeing Lao Huo nodded slightly, he turned around and pointed at the camera in the store Again, whose tricycle outside is it How could the police come here The man realized that he couldn t afford it, and said anxiously, Mine.After confirming that he could log in to the intranet in the police office, beezbee cbd gummies 600 mg Han Chaoyang took the interrogation patrol terminal, asked Xiaokang to go to the dormitory to call the patrol team members who could not sleep for two nights, drove the electric patrol car to the bus stop, turned on the police lights, and started the interrogation Passengers who get off here at night.Buses of six lines stop here, with an average of three to four minutes.The passengers who get off include those who go to the Sixth Hospital of the city for medical treatment, some who go to the University of Science and Technology, some who transfer here, and some locals who live nearby.Foreigners renting in Chaoyang Village.Seeing that the four people were too busy, Kang Guojun ran to the dormitory and called some team members.Xiao Lu was deeply impressed, and turned around to explain Reporting to Secretary Lin, the Yandong Branch Bureau said in the report materials that they built the Chaoyang Community Police Office into a comprehensive police receiving platform based on the actual situation, allowing the Xinyuan Street Police Station and the Huayuan Street Police Station to A community police stationed on the platform, while allowing the community police to do their hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep job well, at the same time take care of the 110 police situation, patrol and anti terrorism and anti explosion work of the University of Science and Technology, the Sixth Hospital of the City, and the section of the road, and also want to avoid mutual buck passing caused by the division of jurisdictions Wait for the situation.This job idea is good, but there green roads cbd gummie calories is no need to transfer Lao Gu here.Nothing hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep happened to us here.I heard that there was a lot of damage in the west of the city.A tree was blown down and a car was damaged.I don t know if the people in the car were injured.A billboard was blown down by the wind, and it was attached to the The wire flew more than ten meters, and it seems to have hit a car.Han Da, your senior brother didn t suffer much, but the traffic was completely paralyzed.After taking a shower, Yu Xucheng sat in the meeting room in shorts while waiting for his meal Eat, while scrolling through WeChat Moments, said happily Several culverts are full of water, and the motorway and sidewalk cannot pass through.Many people have to go around if they want to go home.The railway just passes through Xinyuan Street, and there are six or seven culverts along the line.While beckoning the two of them to go in, she muttered His family is in the third team, and we are in the fourth team here.Although the distance is not too far away, in fact, usually Not much to deal with.Comrade Public Security, don t waste your time with us, I don t know anything, I really don t know I did come to her house a few times.The first time was the morning of the second day after the murder was discovered.The task force organized the police to conduct a door to door visit.The second time was the second night after the murder case was discovered.With the assistance of the brother unit, the institute conducted a drag net check on the outsiders who rented in the village, and used the opportunity of entering the house to check the outsiders to conduct a visit and inquiry.Today is the third time, but the purpose is different from the previous two.

It s a coincidence that he is a night owl, and he suddenly thought of calling me just now, telling me that he changed his number, and asked me to add his new WeChat He knew the guy named Yao.He met him at a small restaurant in the village.He didn t have Yao s phone number or WeChat account, but cbd gummies sex uly cbd gummies reviews reddit there was a QQ account named Yao.They were friends on QQ, and they were on QQ a few days ago.I ve contacted you online.It s really hard to find anywhere, and it s easy to get here Han Chaoyang was overjoyed, and hurriedly turned on the light and picked up a pen and paper Brother He, what s the last name of that fellow of yours, what s his name We met in the car, from the same township, so we left a phone number with each other, and later called him when there were fellow villagers gatherings.We met several times at the gatherings.If I call your subordinates, ask him to put down My job assists us in handling cases, and I don t say hello to you, and I don t give you a cigarette, what do you think, how will you lead this team in the future Isn t this just saying hello to you, don t even think hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep about cigarettes, It s not our squadron s case, if you want cigarettes, you can go to Xi Da or Feng Ju.Liu Jianye s work style is relatively tough, but he has one advantage, he admires capable people.For example, when dealing with Liang Dongsheng, he never put on the airs of his leadership, and discussed everything no matter what.For example, a few days ago, he made a special phone call to ask Liang Dongsheng if he had time to come back botanical farms cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep for dinner with Han Chaoyang s mother.17 Task Force.Looking up at Guan Yuanyuan who just came in, he said with a smile Captain He, don t talk about it.They drove there in a white Toyota sedan.The intelligence and technical investigation departments have achieved even greater gains.Not only did they use public security information technology to search, compare, and collide, and confirmed the recent whereabouts of the two suspects, but they also successfully locked the location of the two suspects through technical means, and successfully obtained the information of the two suspects this afternoon.To pick up the intel at this parking lot The report is big, the target has gone out, the target has gone out, number two is driving, number one is sitting in the co pilot, and number two is carrying a black travel hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep cbd gummies on sale bag in his hand when he goes downstairs.Don t follow too closely, and you must not startle the snake.Yes Gao Junfei and Chen Yabing are coming this way.Liu Suo, the murderers who killed Zhang Qiuyan s mother and son have been caught Caught, they didn t just kill Zhang Qiuyan s mother and son, Qiao Xianhong were also murdered.The task force will immediately detain them to identify the two murder scenes, to dig up Qiao Xianhong s body, and to prevent them from colluding with the confession, that is to say, to identify four times, both of which are under the jurisdiction of our police station , the pressure to maintain order is relatively high, please gather your team immediately, the more team members the better.The dinner could not be finished, but Han Chaoyang was happy to carry out this urgent task, and hurriedly said Don t worry, Liu Suo, I will organize the team immediately, Immediately rush to the scene.Hurry up and try to gather at the gate of the Yangguan Village office within ten minutes.There is only one Lingling.If you miss it, you will become someone else s girlfriend., Anyway, being able to catch Lingling is more important than being a policeman, I am not do cbd gummies get you high cbd gummies sex Wu Wei, I can give up everything for Lingling.It s so romantic, this is love Huang Ying was actually a little moved, and couldn t help giving a thumbs up Go, go chase, I support you mentally, I wish you a beautiful return soon.Thank you, I won t let you down, I ll go back first , I also want to go back and pack my things.Xu Hongliang was very confident in himself, full of good vision for the future, resigned when he said resignation, went to Donghai when he said he was going to Donghai, opened the car door and drove away when he said he was going home to pack his luggage.Han Chaoyang was so dumbfounded that he looked at the traffic on Zhongshan Road and suggested, Yingying, let s go to Yanhe Park.Okay, that s it Let s do it, let s divide up the work, each take care of a share, Luo Chunjun, you are in charge of the return visit, and I am in charge of the family dispute that Zhenchuan mediated.Tao Hui, who met a liar, also lives in Dongming Community, so I stopped by her house for a visit.See what she s been up to these days, and see if she s secretly raising snakes again.Chapter 168 It doesn t matter if you get a sponsor and go to the Yangguan Village Police Station sooner or later, Old Xu doesn t care at all.Anxious, I smoked and chatted with Dr.Chen at the community health care station as before.Grandpa Gu only mentioned Luo Chunjun just now, but Han Chaoyang knew very well that the old man was talking about more than just this one thing, he thought of many things by analogy, for fear of forgetting, he also used a small book to organize records like the old man, and he didn t even bother to eat breakfast Zheng Xinyi felt very strange, put down the account book of the security company and turned around to ask Da Han, Chen Jie said that Xie Lingling is going back to East China Sea today, that Hongliang really likes Xie Lingling, and resigned from his job, and is going to East China Sea.

He unfastened his belt, took off his pants, and raised his right arm to make a gesture.Wrapped tightly around his right arm again, and tied it with the waistband of his trousers.It s a bit loose.Wu Wei raised his arms and exercised, lowered his head and smiled, Fortunately, I m wearing boxer shorts.I wouldn t take them off if I had briefs.The big wolf dog s tools are too late, so this is the only way to do it right now.While retying the belt, Bian Guangping asked in a low voice Do you have experience, have you dealt with wolf dogs And that s a well trained military dog.Liang Dongsheng was a little worried, and there was no better way in front vegan cbd gummies private label of him, so he could only remind him Be careful when jumping over the wall.It s okay, it shouldn t be a big problem.Wu Weisheng was afraid that the master would be worried, he touched the pure science lab good vibes cbd gummies wrapped right arm, and put on a posture to deal with the wolf dog, After I got down, I leaned my back against the wall, like this, let it come and bite.He blushed and said in a mosquito like voice, It s too far away.Let s put it this way, Donghai Conservatory of Music has an attached middle school, and do cbd gummies get you high cbd gummies sex the first year students of Dongyin Affiliated Middle School have learned melodies at least above the tenth level..So the prospective son in law is so powerful Huang Ma was overjoyed, and couldn t help laughing and medterra cbd sleep gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep asked Chaoyang, you don t have a grade, you should have a certificate, no matter what you do now, you have a easy cbd gummy recipe certificate.I never thought of asking medterra cbd sleep gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep about his music level, hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep and stared at his eyes curiously.Han Chaoyang scratched his neck and said with a smile, There is one certificate, a national three level performer, but now as a policeman, there is no difference between having this certificate and not having this certificate.Huang s father knew a teacher who was engaged in literature and art, and subconsciously asked A national third level performer, is it similar to a national third level actor Almost.What happened before, hurry up and check it out, and report it immediately when you check it out.There is such a thing Niu Zhikuan, who was on duty at the west gate of Dongming Community tonight, almost burst out laughing, and hurriedly stubbed out his cigarette butt and ran inside to do cbd gummies get you high cbd gummies sex watch the surveillance.Chen Jun called frequently.Han Chaoyang and Dai Jisheng paid attention to both sides of the road.When they were approaching the north gate of Dongming Community, the intercom rang, and Niu Zhikuan shouted excitedly Han Da Han Da, the surveillance shows that the female owner is at 1 21 If you guess correctly, you should hide in the children s playground.Not out of the community Unless you climb over the wall.Okay, let s enter from the north gate, and you call the brother on duty at night to help Look for it.It is not easy for the sub bureau to give these, but what is it for the district Political Commissar Huang felt that he should add more, fearing that the police behind him would hear him, so he suddenly leaned over and said, Comrade Zhou, Bureau Du, Comrade Han Chaoyang must not have enough qualifications, but the results are obvious to all.A long standing criminal suspect, he played a huge role in the investigation of the 7.17 case.Especially the 7.17 case.Case 17 has been registered with the provincial department.Meritorious service must be rewarded, otherwise, no matter how to boost morale, two third class merits will basically not escape.Not to mention our sub bureau, looking at the city s public security system, there are several policemen who can win the third class personal merit twice within a year.I work in a hotel.I know better than you.Several colleagues in our hotel have listed idle houses on the Internet 50 mg cbd gummies review for short term rent.The location and decoration are not as good as our house.It costs 300 yuan a day.Our house also has parking spaces, at least 400 yuan a night.Short term rent Well, there are online ones, which are calculated on a daily basis, just like hotels.For a family of several hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep cbd gummies on sale people who travel, short term renting a house is more cost effective than staying in a hotel, and it is also more comfortable than staying in a hotel.Sheets, bedding, towels I know where to send bath towels for washing, where to buy disposable toothbrushes, toothpaste, and razors.And I m not busy at work, so I can help you take care of them.Long term renting to others, the rent is at most three or four thousand a month. Ms.Leng is 35 years old this year.As for the online name, you have to go to class when the school starts.It s great to have a holiday.Teachers don t like school. That s right, oh, I really envy you guys For teachers, there are many holidays, and you can rest normally, and there are winter and summer vacations every year.Being a teacher is good, but you are talking about primary and secondary school teachers.In fact, Teacher Leng seldom rests.She was introduced by our PolyU from overseas.He has a Ph.D., was selected into the Thousand Talents Program , and has several research topics in his hands.So you are a scientist or a professor Associate professor who was just evaluated this year.I have to tell Chaoyang about this, and I will let him know later.Go to Chaoyang and thank Professor Xia Leng.

Mentioning this matter, Han Chaoyang was depressed, and said with a wry smile What exchange and study, is to let me and the old manager go through hardships and receive re education.Fortunately, it is only half a month.If I let go for two years, I will not give up the job of PolyU to Lingling.What about it Chapter 224 Distinguished lecturers The party committee of the sub bureau mainly discusses and studies major issues and matters such as the use and management of cadres, and studies what to do.After the party committee makes a decision, the director s office will make specific arrangements and implement it.It is to study how to implement it.However, according hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep to the director s office meeting system of the sub bureau, not only the director and deputy directors participated, but also several members of the party committee, including the political commissar, secretary of the discipline inspection committee, director of the political department, and criminal police chief.Director Du didn t take it as a trivial matter, and after answering the call from Grandpa medterra cbd sleep gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep Gu, he came to the director s office and reported to Director Zhou who was about to get off work.The corner of the wall has not been dug out, and they plan to squeeze the remaining value of our police.I didn t expect the leaders of PolyU to be more ruthless than us in the issue of employing people Zhou Ju thought more and more funny, took the cigarette and analyzed But their abacus is right.Beautiful, it says it supports the work of our sub bureau, but in fact it is to arrange a few security guards to help us carry out security patrols around the campus.The security outside the hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep campus is not HCMUSSH hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep good, but the security inside the campus can be good.To put it bluntly, the school cbd gummies charleston sc benefits. They kill two birds with one stone.Those who have been working like me for five years, more than 3,200 a month, and the deputy chief staff member is 3,400.He Suohe, the instructor, is a regular teacher with such a long service life, and if everything is included, it is only over 4,000 a month.The salary is really not high, Han Chaoyang couldn t help asking I m still in the probationary period like me.Why did you ask this question, Jiang Li asked back Chaoyang, you are paid now Yes, not many. How many Two thousand and four a month. The probationary period can get a lot of two thousand and four.We have no salary during the probationary period here.Not only is there no salary, but even police uniforms are not issued.Those who graduate from the police academy wear the police uniforms from cbd gummies sex uly cbd gummies reviews reddit the police academy.Graduates from local colleges take the police civil servant exam.Chapter 263 Long face 1 Frontline policemen such as Han Chaoyang, Guan Xiyuan, Ning Junde said they came to Longdao County Public Security Bureau for exchange and study, but in fact It was deliberately arranged by the party committee of the branch bureau to hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep suffer for a few days, to experience the hard work and life of colleagues in cbd gummies sex uly cbd gummies reviews reddit remote areas, to receive spiritual baptism , and to be able to work harder and harder after returning home.Although Deputy Director Fan and Jian Yunping, a policeman from the Bureau Office, both came to exchange and study, they were more likely to come for inspection.On the evening of the day of arrival, I participated in the reception banquet of the Longdao County HCMUSSH hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep Public Security Bureau with the accompanying police officers.The policemen have to go to the grass roots units to study with their classmates, and they are not allowed to drink.If you have the opportunity to go botanical farms cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep to Yanyang, you must notify me in advance so that I can take care of it.Let me show you the friendship of the landlord.There is a chance, there must be a chance Instructor Hang hiccupped, grabbed the luggage and walked downstairs, and said enthusiastically Our county bureau and your branch bureau are paired units.After a while, we will organize the police to go to your place to exchange ideas.Even if I can t go, someone else will go.Even if we don t have a chance this year, we will have a chance next year.Even if it s our turn, it s our turn.However, their exchange in Yanyang is different from the exchange in Yandong Branch.Although Yanyang is not considered an international metropolis, it is also a provincial capital city, and its conditions are much better than Longdao County in all aspects.He Yichang was also on the train.Looking back at the suspects handcuffed to the steel pipes in the sleeper, he said with a smile, No matter how busy I am, you, Han, will be as busy as I am.I went to the Northwest to study and communicate, and I sneaked in to catch a fugitive from the Ministry of Superintendent.Serious service on the front line, honor Congratulations for making personal second class merit Thank you, Team He, but I was lucky enough to catch a leak.Finding a leak is not so easy.I run outside every day and I can t pick it up.No kidding, formal congratulations , you really did a good job this time.You won the second class merit, and you must treat me when you come back.Please, I m afraid you won t reward me.It s a good thing to promise.You don t necessarily have time to eat even if you know that you invite me.

If you touch them, you will definitely be raped.Even if you are not injured at all, go to the front of the car As soon as I lie down, I have to send him to the hospital, what will I do then.Mr.Liang should let his son and grandson do the work of the wife again.It is estimated that the work that should be done has already been done, and it must be because it can t be done.The worst policy.Then are hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep cbd gummies on sale you going or not Who wants to go to this kind of thing, the key is not to go, if you don t go, don t help this favor, how will I get along in this area in the future Since you have to go, go Go ahead and call 110 if you encounter anything.People find me because they hope that I can help them get things done.If you go to pick up your relatives like a crowd, call 110 if you encounter anything.It doesn t matter if I follow or not.Just say that we will take over later, don t make a record, don t pay a fine, and just let him go. Understood. I m going up.The professional matters are handed over to hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep professionals, and it s really hard to have them in Han Chaoyang s hands.Nothing to worry about.In normal times, you can join in to watch the excitement and learn how other people handle cases, but today is not normal, tens of thousands of people flooded into the school at once, and they have to go on patrol.Back at the gate, my girlfriend was already tired from propaganda , and was sitting under a sun umbrella drinking water.Miao Haizhu is still distributing leaflets, and is still beguiling new and old students who have registered, and even the parents of students to pay attention to the WeChat public account of the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team.It is not good to transfer do cbd gummies taste bad people from anywhere, but it is from us.The Zhongshan Road police platform is so busy now, PolyU is starting school, and hundreds of villagers in Chaoyang Village have moved.Gu can t be too busy alone.The high speed railway station construction project is a major event, Kang Haigen is not at ease, he went to Chaoyang Village at night, chatted with Grandpa Gu for a while, and has a better understanding of the situation there.This is the police station.It s normal to be busy, but it s not normal if it s not busy Liu Jianye has long been used to it, and thinking about what happened yesterday afternoon, he couldn t help hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep laughing and said, The arrangement of the Stone Bureau is very good.If the case is taken down by a fool, let alone Han Chaoyang can i take cbd oil and gummies together and Wu Wei will be transferred away, shark tank invest in cbd gummies even we don t want to stand here and smoke.This area must be developed, and it will be sooner or later.Thinking of the bright future, Lao Du showed a knowing smile again.It is also land acquisition and demolition, and it is also located in the urban rural fringe area, but you don t expect to enjoy the demolition standards of Chaoyang Village.Han Chaoyang thinks it is a bit funny, but now is not the time to talk about these things, so he asked while the iron is hot Master Du, your family lives You work here every day, so you should be familiar with this area. That is, I know all the bosses who do business by the river, and I know several steel bosses in the market. This Are there people who always make trouble out of nothing and like to do things that hurt others and benefit themselves Idle around, don t do business properly, and cause trouble all day long Yes.Teng Jiming picked up his mobile phone and found a photo This person s surname is Cai, his name is Cai Xiaofang, he is from this city, and he lives in Room 503, Unit 1, Building 6, Yingchun Community, No.79 Binle Road, which is your Changfeng Street, Yandong District.Yingchun Community.He is 27 years old this year, with a high school education.He has served in the army for two years.After retiring from the army, he has changed several jobs.Last night we found the owner of the company, who provided two important information First, in the past four months, Yang Jiandong rented a car from him 26 times, with an average of once every four and a half days.The car rental company lasts for two days.The car rental company has Cai Xiaofang as a full time driver, and Yang Jiandong likes to rent high end RVs.Five policemen, two of whom are members of the serious crime team Although Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei have made several breakthroughs in the investigation of the case, Teng Jiming is still not at ease with these two newcomers, and has a completely different view of the criminal police of the Serious Case Squadron of the Criminal Police Brigade of the Yandong Sub bureau.Considering that it was inappropriate for Feng Bureau s two subordinates to report to the task force, they simply came along.This idea is good, go hand in hand, multi pronged, I don t believe that I can t catch these guys.Teng Jiming suppressed a smile, and patted the case files that the police of the task force had just sorted out Since you have thought about it, let it go Go and investigate, and I will ask Xiaoqian to provide you with any materials you need.

A small fine is a drop in the bucket for him, it s mainly to save face. Well, you know each other after all, it s definitely easier for you to come forward to work than me. I ll call him first. Well, let s call.Han Chaoyang He took out hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep his mobile hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep phone, pulled out the number and made a call Mr.Tian, I am Han Chaoyang from the police station.Xiao Han, hello, hello, you are a very busy person, why do you think of calling me today No matter how busy I am You are busy.I am in a hurry, what is the matter, is the joint defense team short of money again, I will still say what I said before, I will pay as much as Lao Tang pays.Mr.Tian, don t get me wrong, I am not begging for you Yes, I want to meet you and tell you something, it s not convenient to say it on the phone, and I can t tell you, are you in the city, do you have time tonight Han Chaoyang s character is in the two villages of Chaoyang and Yangguan Still very strong, Tian Jiming knew very well that it could not be a scam, and said with a smile If you have time, you gummy king cbd are the most handsome policeman in Yanyang.Bureau Feng paused for a moment, then continued This case is mainly in charge of the Economic Investigation Brigade.If you want to know something, or know something, you can call Comrade He Yichang, you are old acquaintances, I don t need to greet him for you. Okay, if there is any situation, I will contact Team He directly.There is one more thing I need to inform you about.Tan Haitao and Cai Xiaofang were arrested.The two confessed to the criminal facts of colluding with Yang Jiandong to open an underground casino and killing Cao Shengkai and dumping his body.The motive for the murder is unbelievable.Because of the quarrel.Cao Shengkai felt that Yang Jiandong was the big boss, and Tan Haitao and Cai Xiaofang were just horsemen, and he acted a bit domineering because he was talking to Yang Jiandong as a fellow villager.The Tourism Law HCMUSSH hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep has been promulgated for so long, and it has been agreed to strike zero Negative ground, the result is still the same, and even worse.Let alone want to make money, if you want to survive, you have to deceive people.You think I can do such a thing The ideal is too beautiful, but the reality hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep cbd gummies on sale is too cruel.Zhang Beibei sighed softly, looking helpless.Huang Ying was stunned, and asked half understanding Do you need to pay the travel agency for picking up the tour If you don t pay, they can give you the tour.The jargon is called head fee.It s 50 per person, and more than 4,000 per car.Tourists spend tens cbd gummies sex uly cbd gummies reviews reddit of thousands of dollars on food, accommodation and transportation.If you don t take tourists to go shopping to get some kickbacks, you can t even earn back your capital.Now people are very disgusted with shopping.However, at this time, social instability and signs of trouble caused by various factors in the construction of key projects also increased, and the large flow of people, property and property brought intrusions.Property crimes happen from time to time We must not let individual village tyrants , road tyrants , and walking tyrants become stumbling blocks hindering the construction of projects Illegal and criminal acts of construction materials and equipment.I hope that the public security organs at all levels will combine special campaigns such as cracking down on gangsters and evil, and crack down on rectification, pay close attention to the dynamics of key personnel, and continue to carry out special rectification of public security and order around key projects The leaders spoke one after another , It s all about law and order On behalf of the sub bureau, Bureau Du stated that he will do his best to serve the construction of the project and ensure the safety of one party.What is the review, what work has not been done well Just now, I went around the village and it was really shocking.Deputy Director Cui of the Municipal Bureau was full of anger , asked the leaders of the county bureau with a sullen face, then turned around and said, Let s take a look at Xianjin Village and see how your basic work is done Yes There were many police cars from Yanyang parked on the road At the entrance of the village and in the fields outside the village, there is a post every three steps, and a post every five steps.In the middle of the night, the police ranks and armbands cannot be clearly seen.Director Dai of the Jiangxi County Public Security Bureau thought that all the people who came were special police, and that this was an operation organized by the provincial department.Han, let s exercise Well, run a few laps.Stopped to one side, trotted to catch up, followed him and said Mr.Han, I went to the police station yesterday morning and wanted to ask you for a favor, but you were not there.It was a coincidence that I met you when I got up together today.You.The chairman of the student union can t be done if you don t have any skills.Han Chaoyang stopped and wiped his sweat and asked, I can t talk about helping.What s the matter A classmate in our department has a very difficult family.Her mother is sick She has been bedridden for a long time, and her father is the only one in the family.She also has a younger brother who is in junior high school.Her father contracted dozens of acres of mountainous land to plant pear trees at home, and it was hard for the pear trees to bear fruit.

My master guessed it.Han Chaoyang smiled, and asked curiously Director Su, are you going to raise the botanical farms cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep street level this time, or return to the municipal committee It was also sudden to notify me.Han Chaoyang asked, Are you going to be promoted What promotion Su Xian stroked the hair next to her ear, and said lightly, The director of the administrative and financial department was hospitalized, and it was found to be liver cancer.Even if I can recover, it will take a long time to recuperate, and the leader decided to let me go back to fill this vacancy.I am the aunt of the neighborhood committee here, and after I go back, I have to work similarly to here.It s almost the same.This is a department level real job, or a department level job run by the municipal party committee Although Han Chaoyang is not an official fan, he knows that not everyone can do this job.Han Chaoyang told him to call in advance when he was about to get off work, so that he could pick it up in advance, then put away his mobile phone, put on all the eight pieces , and went to the Sixth Hospital as before.That was originally the area under the jurisdiction of the clinical cbd gummies scam Xinyuan Street Police Station.Seeing him going on patrol, Miao Haizhu could not follow him, and hurriedly put on a single police uniform and chased him over.The business of the emergency center of the Sixth Hospital was as good as ever.Walking into the lobby, it was still full of relatives of patients.Han Chaoyang smiled and nodded with the nurse at the service desk, and was about to continue his inspection when a familiar voice came from the front.Are Tang Ling s relatives here Are Tang Ling s relatives here Yes, I m here.Chapter 401 The patrol team has made great achievements Shi Ju took time to come to attend the master s retirement ceremony , and went back early the next morning.Grandpa Gu s old comrades in arms did not leave, and the bureau even took this opportunity to invite veteran policemen who could be contacted to the bureau to have a discussion with the representatives of the serving policemen.Political Commissar Huang and Bureau HCMUSSH hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep Fan also planned to accompany the old comrades to visit the command center and the criminal police brigade And the new detention center that was just completed and put into use last year.Grandpa Gu has retired gloriously, and there is one person missing from the comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road.Knowing that Han Chaoyang is very busy, the bureau did not notify Han Chaoyang to participate.It is mainly to commend us for capturing a fugitive murderer during the investigation of the migrant population in Chaoyang Village.Assisting the police in siege and interception, maintaining stability and other uly cbd gummies official website achievements.Give credit to Xiaobin and Junfeng Han Chaoyang couldn t believe hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep his ears, with an incredulous expression on his face.I asked Officer Feng, and Officer Feng said that this time the Municipal Bureau mainly commended the auxiliary police officers of the city s public security system and some enterprises and institutions that did a better job in security work.It is said that several auxiliary police officers were awarded second class personal merit.From the City Bureau s point of view, Xiaobin and the others are similar to the auxiliary police, and they have indeed made some achievements, so of course they should be commended.All right, instructor, what s the matter Come on, go to Liu s office and talk.Yes Following the instructor into the director s office, Liu Jianye motioned for him to sit down and said with a smile Xiao Han, I m sure you are a member of the party.You should know about activists.Now recruiting party members is different from before.There are very few recruiting places, and it is difficult to join the party.Determining you as an activist in the party is an affirmation of your political awareness and work performance.You must not forget Keep up your original intention.Thank you Liu Suo, thank you instructor, I will never let you two down.Han Chaoyang hurriedly stood up.Sit down, sit down and talk.Liu Jianye smiled and continued It s do cbd gummies get you high cbd gummies sex almost the end of the year, first New Year s Day, followed by Spring Festival, and Spring Festival involves Spring Festival transportation.1 in front of him.secretary.Han Chaoyang pretended not to see, let go of his hand and said with botanical farms cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep a smile Okay, Secretary Cao, whatever you say, we will call you in the future.Did you eat Just did.Really Really gone.Cao Zefang looked hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep back at Lao Ding hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep again, and asked expectantly, Are you busy tonight If not, let s talk later Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Lao Ding blurted out, No, I m on duty today.I m not busy, Secretary Cao, let s go there.As soon as the two of them walked out of the police room through the back door, Lao Ding took off his hat and muttered, You can tell that he is a bureaucrat at first glance.Return Secretary Cao, the secretary of the community branch.What kind of secretary is that A full bottle doesn t ring and a half bottle rattles, that s the kind of person Officer Ding, don t be so loud, are you afraid he won t hear you Zheng Xinyi hastily reminded.

So I would like to ask you a favor.Go and ask him why he didn t go to Zhang Ziyue s natal family, instead of looking for a nanny first.Worried that this would arouse Ling Bin s vigilance, Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice Captain Wang , Is it appropriate for me to just run over and ask It should be no problem.Wang Jianping stroked his train of thought again, and analyzed Xiaoqiu and I should not have revealed our identities, and he probably didn t know he was being targeted by us.So yes For him, there are countless possibilities for Zhang Ziyue to leave without saying goodbye.The only thing he can t think of is that Zhang Ziyue is involved in drug trafficking.After all, drugs seem very far away to ordinary people like him, and it is difficult to put a gentle, considerate, beautiful or even kind woman and a female drug dealer.At the same time, everyone unanimously proposed that Zhang Zhishu be the chairman and legal person of the new company, Beibei as the general manager, and Lao Jin as the deputy general manager.Of course, this is just a plan.After the company is registered and established The general meeting of shareholders should be held in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Company Law and the company s articles of association.Kang Haigen didn t say anything, but he thought in his heart that for a company run by the community, you still have the final say on who to choose for the management.What is in accordance with the regulations, what is in accordance with the regulations, in the end it is not just going through the motions.Thinking of this, I can t help laughing.Han Chaoyang looked at Zhang Beibei subconsciously, and saw that she was hiding shyly behind Director Xie.Qiu Genmao heard it clearly, and thought to himself that the most handsome policeman in Yanyang is nothing special, but he is lucky to have a great master.Han Chaoyang didn t know what he was thinking.After Wang Jianping finished asking for instructions, he discussed for a while, then hurried downstairs and drove to Chaoyang International Youth Hostel again.Huang s mother really likes children, and she is coaxing Xinxin, who just woke up, to eat cake.Ling Bin sat on the bench with several young passengers, looked up at Xie Lingling who was playing the piano for a while, looked back at Xinxin for a while, and looked down at the phone for a while.Chaoyang, are you off work Seeing her son in law walking to the bar, Huang Ma subconsciously asked while hugging Xinxin.I m not busy today, get off work early.Poor households, why are there people without jobs It s a long story.Didn t they allow low cost housing to be built a few years ago The developer of Dongming Community has an agreement with the district to enjoy preferential policies when acquiring land.After the community is completed, 20 houses will be given to the district.These 20 houses were rented to poor households.Because of this incident, four houses were rented to unqualified families, and the cadres in charge of the review were all punished.He was ordered to move out again.Unexpectedly, there was such a thing in Dongming Community, Xiaokang couldn t help asking Is there still low rent housing There is no more now, and it seems that affordable housing is not even built.The two of them were chatting about the house when Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang suddenly.It looks like a Chinese restaurant, a Western restaurant, and a dessert shop.Chinese fast food such as milk tea, fruit juice, fried chicken, French fries, steak, chicken chop rice as long as most of the snacks that can be seen on the market are sold here, the taste is neither good nor bad, and the price It s not HCMUSSH hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep expensive, the working class can hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep afford it, and the decoration is very stylish, but the business has never been good since it opened, and there are not many customers no matter day or night.The young proprietress may feel that the store is too deserted, so she plays light music as usual.Sitting by the window on the first floor, Sister Wei looked at her phone for a while, and then looked up diagonally across the street.She barely drank the milk tea she bought.There is hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep heating in the store, so she may feel too hot, or she may be worried that she will catch a cold when she goes out later.Wan Xiaoxia had quarreled with him many times, and in the end he not only didn t care but beat Wan Xiaoxia.Wan Xiaoxia was HCMUSSH hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep disheartened Feeling cold, she started to play tricks on drug funds, she later bought a house and left Ling Bin money all stolen from Zhang Boyu.So that s how it is.Let s not talk about that, let s hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep eat first, Wang Jianping took out his phone and looked at it.Checking the time, he asked with a smile, Which restaurant are we going to Han Chaoyang was so confused, he looked back at the property office and said, Captain Wang, the suspect is still here.It s important to do business.There will be opportunities after dinner, so there s no need to hurry.Tonight.It doesn t matter, Wang Jianye looked to the northwest, and said nonchalantly, Lao Song and Xiao Qiu will be here soon, bring Wei Dongmei here, you arrange two or hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep three comrades to assist them in custody, and we will eat ours , we will change them after we finish eating.

And that black man can t speak English well, how to teach children, the tuition is so expensive, isn t he a fool Mother Yuxin, I never told you that all the classes are taught by foreign teachers You never said, That s what your teacher cbd oil gummies cbdrx in charge of recruiting said, but luckily you didn t delete the chat history, look, is it written medterra cbd sleep gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep in black and white Qin Mengqi raised her phone to Han Chaoyang again, and said angrily, Officer Han, look at this again Teacher Wang s circle of friends is full of recruitment advertisements, and the recruitment advertisements all say so.The female boss of the training institution was about to speak, but seeing Han Chaoyang looked up, she retracted the words.Han Chaoyang took the phone and looked at it for two or three minutes, then raised his head again and said, Mr.If it weren t for the fact that Chen Jie went to the school to contact students for internships, Vice President Chen would not have remembered him as a student, but now he is very impressed with him, and even thinks that he can be set as a role model for students who choose their own careers and take root in the grassroots, because Judicial police officer professional students are not the police academy of the public security system.They used to train prison police officers.Now prisons also have to take the entrance hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep cbd gummies on sale examination, HCMUSSH hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep and there is not so much demand for new police officers.The rate of students entering the police is getting lower every year.Really.It is very necessary to establish a correct outlook on employment for students who will be unemployed as soon as they graduate.Vice President Chen returned a salute first, then held his hand tightly and said with a smile You hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep cbd gummies on sale are already the general manager, whoever says that you don t become a policeman will have no future President Chen, I have let you down.As long as we can find this child and Nie Haichao s fellow villagers, we will be able to Contact Nie Haichao.Give him a call and do his work.I believe he will send the phone back.Inspector Gu, it s obviously not in your control, but you are still helping to find it.How dare you What s there to be embarrassed about We have nothing to do with each other.Especially Chaoyang.He lives in the school and is a special lecturer at the school.You, Director Wang, are his cbd gummies differences leader.As long as you don t violate the principle, you must try your best to complete the tasks assigned by the leader.Chief Gu, Xiao Han, I will trouble you both.Director Wang, you re welcome.Han Chaoyang didn t want to miss this opportunity to reconcile with Vice Minister Jiang, and said politely Jiang Minister, I will go to the west of the city to look for it first, and if there is any progress, I will call you as soon as possible and report to you.They are the backbone of the security company, Wu Junfeng and Gu Jun are even the shareholders of the security company.Wu Wei s expression was very exciting, he was hesitant to speak, and he could tell with his toes that he wanted to accept everything as ordered.Han Chaoyang put down the list and asked, What do you think Han Da, I really can t get away, otherwise I will join the anti pickpocketing team.Li Xiaobin didn t want to disappoint the old brothers, and said with a smile We may think that our work is very important, but in fact, the security guards really have no technical content.Let them join the anti pickup team, and then promote a few monitors and deputy monitors, it should not affect the work.Promotion means raising wages, where does the money come from Xu Hongliang asked in a low voice.If you are not a worker at our construction site, how can you live here Manager Wang told Mr.Liu, and Mr.Liu agreed.The leader of the construction site nodded, and the janitor could What to say, Xu Hongliang pondered Mr.Liu agrees and must report to the Kang Institute in time.You take a copy of the ID cards of these dozens of migrant workers and send them to Chen Jie, who will forward them to the Kang Institute.Yes After Xu Hongliang finished explaining, he was about to go to the construction site to look at the patrol logbooks hanging in several corners, when Xie Lingling suddenly called.Lingling, I ate in the community.I m inspecting the construction site right now.I ll go back when I m done.Don t wait for me.You can eat.Have you eaten Really.Xie Lingling stood guard in the hotel kitchen There was a large table of food, and he sighed and said If you don t come to eat, Chaoyang and Yingying will not eat here.Han Chaoyang was too lazy medterra cbd sleep gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep to talk to him.Seeing that the phone screen could be unlocked with fingerprints, he grabbed his left hand, and with the help of Old Tang, he looked at the fingerprints and said with a gloomy face, Isn t it just to look at the phone, you didn t do anything wrong.What Lu Shaotao, this is not the first time you have dealt with the police, so you should be very clear about our policies.Even if you refuse to speak up, Hu Qinglin will still explain.Old Tang motioned to Wu Wei and Li Xiaobin who had just walked in to help control the suspicion.He went back to Han Chaoyang and asked, Have you unlocked it Untied it.Han Chaoyang looked down at Lu Shaotao, looked at his WeChat chat records, and sneered, There are so many friends., this Brother Hu must be Hu Qinglin.Realizing that he couldn t escape, Lu Shaotao simply turned his head away and said nothing.

All right, all right, whatever you say.That s it, don t always disappoint.Xie Lingling poked him on the arm, and then Pick up the mouse to refresh the page.Talking and laughing, time flies by.Xu Hongliang had just ordered takeaway with his mobile phone when the electric patrol car came back.Han Chaoyang lifted the cover of the police station, ran outside and opened the door and asked, Inspector Tang, where are Mr.Wu and Haizhu Before Mr.Tang could speak, Liu Yishan couldn t help but said, Sister Haizhu sent Mr.Wu home.Mr.Wu said that he will bring his luggage tomorrow, and he will live in the community from now on, so there is no need for us to deliver it. Where is the suspect He will be sent directly to the prison.Old Tang took off his hat and said a little embarrassedly Chaoyang, The two thieves were caught in the jurisdiction of our Xinyuan Street Police hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep Station, so I sent them to the station and handed them over to Zhenchuan.There were so many people waiting to be questioned in the hall, Bao Suo turned around and said, Xiao Geng, take him out first Yes Old Ding, please arrange three team members to assist in custody.Okay.Take one out, the bastards present now know that they are afraid, and there is a commotion in the hall.Seeing a few guys quietly taking out their mobile phones and putting them under the table, Lu Xingen immediately warned You guys close the door and want to destroy the evidence You heard everything clearly, put all the phones on the table, put your Put your hands on the table in front of you Hurry up, do you hear me What about you, what do you want to do Xu Hongliang, Wu Junfeng, Li Xiaobin and others immediately warned the gangsters in charge of guarding them, and organized the team members to check one by one.There is nothing to worry about.Just call your leader and tell us that this place is suitable for us.Not only is it suitable, but we are also planning to invest in renovation.Don t be in such a hurry.You guys think about it.Chaoyang, listen to Hongliang, first take this place down, even if you don t invest in renovations, you can use it for other things, don t waste money on the place Fifth hundred and first Chapter Seventeen Liar This is a wishful thinking, and even if you don t invest in renovation, you can use it to do something else Han Chaoyang said in his heart that you want to generate income, and the street also wants to generate income.This place can be rented out no matter how dilapidated the street is.It can also be rented to a nearby construction site as a dormitory for migrant workers.Han Chaoyang grinned.Clutching the phone tightly, Director Du said with emotion Xiao Han, I think you should know in your heart that the bureau s party committee is putting pressure on you.Let me emphasize again, it is not only an exceptional promotion, but also a burden After you have built it, it is up to you, and you must not disappoint the expectations of the Bureau Party Committee.Don t worry, Bureau Du, I will never hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep embarrass you.Work hard, I have confidence in you.Click to That s enough, Director Du immediately changed the topic You have to attend the event tomorrow afternoon on time, it s best to come early to help set up the stage, don t forget the band of PolyU, more people, more people will be lively, only by engaging The policemen who live in other places will not be homesick if they are busy.If it weren t for Secretary cbd depression gummies Yang, I, Han Chaoyang, would not be where I am today.Yes, I just want to know when you and Xiao Huang HCMUSSH hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep will hold their wedding.The police should contact the case handling unit.Why did you call Xi Chuan without permission Before the identity of the suspect is confirmed, our Xinyuan Street Police Station is the case handling unit, and I, Yu Zhenchuan, are the case handling policeman I suspect that he is traveling with Xi Chuan.The suspect in the statistics is the same person, call to ask which article or paragraph the situation violates Han Zhaoyang laughed, and couldn t help but say It sounds reasonable, at least before confirming the identity of the suspect, you have a clear understanding of the case.We really have jurisdiction.So we must act quickly and catch the suspect before his identity is confirmed Afraid that the younger brother would not help, Yu Zhenchuan emphasized This is also what Bao Suo and the instructors mean, especially the instructors, He said that your kid is lucky, and I must ask sweet cbd hemp gummies you for help in this kind of thing.The World Trade Hotel In the urban area What s the matter in the urban area, the hotels in the urban area also go to the wholesale market to get food every day.Miao Si er was impressed by the people in the photo, and said happily Big hotels all have cars, vans.Last Wednesday or Thursday, anyway, it was those two days.The lame Yang of our vegetable farm parked his car too far and was blocked by their cars.The big hotel is different from us, and the vegetables can be delivered before 10 o clock.Just pull it back, as many as we want to send, the market still sells, and we can t afford to waste time.Yang Zizi was in a hurry, and took a few shots of the car door.He was seen by the guy in the purchase and photo of the China World Hotel, and ran over to teach Yang Zizi a lesson.A farmer, and Yang Laizi is disabled, can I see him suffer I ran to them and quarreled with them.

His surname is Han, and his name is Han Chaoyang.He is a good guy.No matter who encounters problems botanical farms cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep in our community, he will come to him.Leave the outside affairs to him, and we will continue to talk about our affairs.Tomorrow I invite the retired old chief physician of cbd thc gummies for sleep and anxiety the Second Provincial Hospital to show you.For the Chinese New Year, how can you not prepare some New Year s goods Don t worry, we will help you buy the New Year s goods, and we promise to let you and Uncle Xu have a good New Year Just as he hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep was speaking, Lao Xu s voice came from outside.Stinky boy, dare to come here.Do you want money I have a life.Believe it or not, I will fight with you Uncle Xu, don t get excited.Is there me Lao Xu, who cbd gummies sex wanted to fight desperately with the debt collectors, persuaded Go in and rest first, leave it to me. What happened before he became the leader Beforebefore, before, it really wasn t a problem for him.Miao Haizhu was quite convinced of the younger brother, and explained with a smile He used to be in charge of the Chaoyang community.He has a good foundation and knows many people.Help him talk.If he encounters such a thing, he can t explain it, but he can find someone who can explain it.If it happened in Chaoyang Community, including Yangguan Village, such a thing would not even happen, and the people would be very convinced.He likes him very much, so how could it be possible to embarrass him, let alone complain about him.Han Da is so powerful, how did he do it Take root in the grassroots, go deep into the community, and make friends with the hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep masses.Don t blame you for this If you want to learn from him, even I have to learn from him.Chapter 580 I was stimulated The Japanese and Korean restaurant on the 38th floor of the International Trade Hotel is very high end, but Han Chaoyang was very unhappy with the meal.First of all, the dishes are not to your taste.The Japanese like to eat raw, but Han Chaoyang doesn t like it.Salmon is hard to swallow.It was hard to wait for a grilled fish, and there was only a little bit, enough to fit between the teeth.The portion of each dish was very small.I really don t know if the Japanese will be hungry if they eat these all day.Secondly, and actually the most important thing, the dining atmosphere is not very good Tang Xiaoxuan s new boyfriend is surnamed Mei, called Mei Jianqing, who looks to be only twenty five or six years old, but in fact he .

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is already thirty.He has a doctorate in cardiothoracic surgery and graduated from a famous medical school in China.Sun Guokang really wants to be a policeman who solves crimes, because the real policeman is the one who solves crimes, but the senior officer crushes people to death.The young captain and master has said so, so he can only bite the bullet and say Yes In fact, these It s all Wu Wei s work.He is now both a case handling policeman and a community policeman.You go together mainly to familiarize yourself with the environment.Otherwise, once a police situation occurs in budpop cbd gummies for sleep the village, you only know that you are in the village and don t know the exact location, so it will be difficult to arrive immediately.The scene.Understood, I ll go find Angkor right away.No need to look for him, he eats in the cafeteria at the back, and will come over after eating.Han Chaoyang took out the car keys from the drawer, lifted the cover of the police station and smiled.He looked much more energetic.And he is not only very satisfied with this clothes which are 70 to 80 new, but also cherishes them very much.On the way to the Second Criminal Police Squadron, he kept smoothing out the wrinkles on the clothes.Han Chaoyang closed the car door, looked back, and quickly ran into the duty room of the Second Squadron.An auxiliary policeman stood up and asked, Hello, what can I do Is Team Qin here Who is on duty today Dai Lishi, who came in, raised his arm and pointed to the corridor Zhang Zhi is the second office on the east side.Okay, thank you.In charge of the Second Squadron, as a policeman of the former Huayuan Street Police Station, Han Chaoyang came here a lot.He found the instructor s office with ease, raised his arm and knocked on the door.Who, please come in.Don t pick up the hot potato randomly, and a lot of trouble will follow.How could Zhang Xugang be so easy to be fooled He grabbed Han Chaoyang s arm and said, Chaoyang, since you have said so, then I will interrogate first.Don t rush away, and interrogate with me.If there is a problem in the interrogation, it s up to us two If the squadron takes over, take over, and if nothing is found out, you can take the person away as you sent them, and hand them over to the unit that has the authority to manage them.The wishful thinking that caught him off guard failed, and he set a trap It doesn t work either.Han Chaoyang realized that he underestimated the heroes of the world, so he could only smile and said, Okay, let s interrogate together, just take this opportunity to steal a teacher and learn how to interrogate.

Then we must try to help Dai Lishi pay for his treatment.He is Lao Gu s closed disciple.He is best at doing mass work.Ask him to find time to talk to those relatives of Dai Lishi, and see if he can mobilize them to lend some money to Dai Lishi to see a doctor.Director Xing thought to himself that this job is not difficult to do in one or two points, or even a Almost impossible task Just not knowing what to say, Du Ju got up and said Dai Li really has no source of income, but if he can borrow money, he is not incapable of repaying it in the future.He has a house, although the house is dilapidated and the bricks and tiles are not worth much.It s a little money, but the homestead is valuable.Their area will be demolished sooner or later, and the compensation for the demolition in the future will be at least one or two million.Zhang Beibei just said a little Sorry, as soon as Huang Ying hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep opened her mouth, she immediately squeezed to the kitchen in a tacit understanding.I ll help you.Yu Zhenchuan also squeezed over.Grandpa Gu couldn t stop him, so he stood at the door of the kitchen and said, Let me do it.You are wearing new clothes, so it s not good to be full of cooking fumes.Well.Master, leave it to us, Han Chaoyang said with a smile as he pulled Grandpa Gu s arm, Why don t we just cbd gummies and busipore sertraline use this opportunity to set a rule, and we will come to greet you and your wife later, or your family has What kind hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep of things, cooking, eating and tidying up are all left to us juniors, and you only need to be responsible for buying vegetables, do cbd gummies get you high cbd gummies sex wine and drinks.Make a rule, come to my place for free Your retirement salary HCMUSSH hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep is so high, and you usually have to pay Don t want to spend it, we cbd gummies mayim don t help you spend it anymore, why save so much money.I gave Jiajia 1,800, and the little girl didn t want it at first.She talked about her seniority, so she had no choice but to accept it in the end.Why did you just pack one thousand and eight, why keep two hundred What do you know, do you know how to be a human being Huang Ying rolled her eyes at him, and explained, Brother Ni will definitely be unhappy if you don t charge him a cent, maybe he will mistakenly think that we look down on him, and accept two hundred, Returning him for one thousand and eight means that we will take it.Honey, you are so good at being a man, I really didn t expect this.Huang Ying chuckled Actually, I also learned from Teacher Qian at our school.Wan Xiaoxuan and Shihan sent red envelopes to Teacher Qian, 188, and Teacher Qian replied 166, I think this is very good.What about the money Han Chaoyang leaned over to the back window and looked in, then turned around and said, You don t believe me even after I told you, and the loss of fifty thousand yuan is not a trivial matter Let the criminal police team take over, and finally found out that the 50,000 yuan did not exist at all.That yum yum gummies cbd review guy wants to blackmail the thief Zhang Jinhai couldn t help laughing.The problem is that not only did he want to blackmail the thief, but he almost made us take the blame.What happened next Han Chaoyang shrugged and said helplessly Later, he quibbled can you travel with cbd gummies to hawaii that the thief was too hateful.He was worried that he would be released after a few days.He deliberately said more money, so that the thief would be punished as he should be, and he would have a long memory.We can What to do with him, you botanical farms cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep can only criticize education.They all ran over to watch the excitement, and those who couldn t squeeze in whispered and talked about it.Thankfully the elevator came quickly.After the whole family entered the elevator leading cbd gummies for smoking reviews to the operating room, the relatives of the pregnant woman who watched the excitement went back to sit on the benches on both sides of the corridor.Under everyone s curious eyes, Han Chaoyang walked to the door leading to the hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep natural delivery ward, and just raised his arm to knock on the door, when the door opened from the inside, a nurse in her forties shouted Is the family member in bed 23 here If you bought the chocolates you bought, if you bought them, hurry up and buy them, if HCMUSSH hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep you didn t buy them, hurry up and buy them. I bought them, I hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep bought them Here they are A young man frantically opened his bag, took out a box of chocolates and ran over.As expected, Team Liang replied that he had not contacted the inspection team of Yandong District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, but directly contacted the Special Service Team of the Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Bureau s Inspection Detachment.certificate.Considering that hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep the owner is not at home, many things may not be clear in the future, so let me help you find two witnesses.After reading WeChat, Han Chaoyang dialed the mobile phone of the old factory manager without hesitation Director Wang, I am Chaoyang, have you rested yet Two thieves were caught at night.Smoking, drinking tea and chatting, subconsciously asked Xiao Han, what s the matter, do you still have accomplices I would like to medterra cbd sleep gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep invite you to sit in the South Gate hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep Duty Room for a while, and when Team Liang and the others arrive, you can help to be a witness.

Several rooms, these are trivial matters.Han Chaoyang smiled, thought about saying hello, went to the side and dialed Jiao Da s mobile phone to inform Team Song and Team Ni of the arrangements.The colleagues in Beijing also thought about it, Jiao Chengle let out a sigh of relief, and while signaling Yu Zhenchuan to drive faster, he said Chaoyang, there is one more thing, didn t you bring four patrols over there, the next investigation patrol If you don t help, you won t be able to help, and if they stay there again, the Beijing counterparts will think that we are treating the drug case as a joke.Team Liang and I just reported to the political commissar, and the political commissar meant to let them go back after we arrived.I m quite nervous, you can help them book the tickets now.As soon as you find out what s going on, you re going to send them back, isn t this crossing the river and demolishing the bridge It was really difficult for Han Chaoyang to accept emotionally, but Jiao Da s worries were not unreasonable.Chaoyang, you are the team leader and the general manager of our sub bureau here.How can you let Jiao Da give orders How could Han Chaoyang not know cbd gummies sex uly cbd gummies reviews reddit what he was thinking, so he pulled him into room 605, closed the door, and stood in front of him.He cbd gummies for high blood pressure piled up his luggage and said with a wry smile Do you really think of me as the captain of the voluntary security patrol team It s important to have self knowledge, let alone Jiao Da, even if it s just Team Liang, I, Han Chaoyang, have to step aside vitamin c cbd gummies Stand.You don t even regard yourself as the captain, can others regard you as the captain Yu Zhenchuan really wanted to participate in the action, but at the moment he was extremely depressed, and said with hatred The bureau leader trusts you so much and entrusts you with a heavy responsibility., but you don t take it seriously.Before she could speak, .

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a policeman showed his ID to check the identity card of the card player.Most of the mahjong players are old men and old ladies, and they don t play very well.Everyone, including the proprietress, was not very worried, and Liu Qinggui was the same, and he cooperatively took out his ID card from his wallet.Zhang Yiyang walked to their table, picked up his ID card, and asked coldly, Are you a local No.Liu Qinggui lit a cigarette and asked provocatively, Comrade police, What s the matter if you re not a local, can t you play mahjong if you re not a local As long as you don t gamble, anyone can play mahjong, but if you re not a local, you need to apply for a residence permit according to regulations.Where do you live, where is your residence permit I live in Yuhua New Village, and I have a residence permit.Xiao Han, let me introduce you.This is Commissar Yang of our county bureau, and this is Director Liu of the Political Department.Hello, Commissar Yang, Director Liu.Welcome, welcome, welcome home from the hometown Public Security Bureau The leader was very enthusiastic.After introducing each other, we went to the large conference room on the second floor together.Han Chaoyang, deputy county magistrate Wang and other leaders walked to the door, and they were surprised to see a large banner with the words Comrade Qingshan Civilian Police Comrade Han Chaoyang Hero Model Deeds Report and Symposium hanging on the rostrum, and there were rows of people sitting under the rostrum There are at least 70 or 80 policemen and auxiliary policemen.Xiao Han, don t be embarrassed.Political Commissar Yang turned around and smiled.It s not interesting to line up.It s interesting to participate in activities as spectators, and they all go to big hotels.In the conference hall, I also met a city leader for the second time, who do cbd gummies get you high cbd gummies sex can earn money and gain knowledge.Chapter 678 The police office was hit A university is a small society, with many people and many things happening.As a school policeman, I have to understand the situation of the school, especially the students.Although I have come into contact with many students before, they are mainly members of the orchestra, and their circle is very small, almost firmly fixed in their class, their dormitory and botanical farms cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep the band.Moreover, after the flash mob became popular, the school leaders and teachers treated them differently, and they were able to live broadcast work study , which can be called fame and fortune.The place to live is arranged in the Yandong Hotel, which is the guest house of the Yandong County Government before the withdrawal of the county and the establishment of the district.Director Wen has already booked the room and lunch.As soon as the Liu family arrived, they expressed their condolences and called everyone to go to the restaurant for dinner first.However, who can afford such a tragedy Even the old party secretary only moved a few chopsticks symbolically.After dinner, Director Wen personally accompanied Liu s family to the Sixth Hospital to see Liu Chengquan s body.As expected, as soon as the hospital staff opened the freezer, Liu Chengquan s mother, Gu Lanying, threw cbd gummies near 35901 herself on her son s body and cried loudly as soon as she saw her son s body.When I was sad, my good brother s mother passed out from crying again, and hurriedly sent the old man to the prepared ward together with Xu Hongliang, Chen Jie and others Grandpa Gu came, Cao Zefang came, PolyU University Guard Captain Zhang Jinhai came, Party Secretary Zhang, Director Xie and almost all community officials came.

Here, on hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep behalf of the branch party committee, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you.At the same time, on behalf of the branch party committee I earnestly hope that you can get out of the shadows as soon as possible, let the patrol team get on the right track, and restore the vitality of the past.Political Commissar Huang, don t worry, we will live up to the expectations of the organization.Cao Zefang is both the first secretary of the community and the instructor of the patrol team.One stood up and made cbd gummies sex uly cbd gummies reviews reddit a statement.Thinking that he was the actual person in charge of the police district and patrol team, Han Chaoyang realized that he could no longer be in a daze, and hurriedly said Yes You can t just talk, you have to come up with something real.Political Commissar Huang motioned for Han Chaoyang and the others to sit down, and continued At noon yesterday, Director Wen and I stopped by the old district committee compound when we passed Zhongshan Road.While chatting, a taxi where to buy hemp bombs cbd gummies slowly stopped at the door of the police station.Chen Jie opened the door and HCMUSSH hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep got out, followed by a girl in her twenties with .

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short hair, dressed in a neat suit botanical farms cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep The police uniform, with the word judiciary on the armband, and one crutch on the shoulder.When they got off the car, they opened the suitcase to pick up their luggage.Seeing that there was a lot of luggage, Han Chaoyang came out to help.Han Da, Xiaomin has been here before., you should have seen it.Xiaomin, this is the Han Da I often tell you about.Hello, Han Seeing his future immediate boss, Jiang Xiaomin hastily put down his luggage and raised his hands in salute.You re welcome, welcome.Let s go in and talk, it s not an outsider.Chen Jie picked up the trolley case and a backpack, and warmly greeted the same school and fellow villagers to go in.I don t know how many are unknown.No matter whether the net is closed now or at a later date, the police force is definitely not enough.You must be prepared to organize your forces to assist in closing the net at any time. Director Xing, don t worry, no matter when the net is closed, we will never lose the chain.Okay, you should prepare first.Yes To arrest people, and if you arrest them, there will be more than a hundred or even more Many, that is to say at least 300 police officers must be dispatched, and the sub bureau only has a total of civilian police and auxiliary police.Raising soldiers for a thousand days and using them for a while, the voluntary security patrol team that has been upgraded to a brigade must play a role.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to delay for a moment, so he called glow of colors cbd gummies Xu Hongliang immediately.Xi Da didn t think that the murderer would find someone else s ID card and stuff them on the deceased to mislead the police in the direction of investigation.He was almost sure that the deceased was the Teng Aihua on the ID card.Finally, he breathed a sigh of relief and immediately turned around and said Qingshan, immediately organize the auxiliary police of your station to assist the second squadron to visit and inquire.Yes Xi Da paused, and then said Qin Tao, arrange two comrades to go to the deceased s royal blend gummies cbd house to check the basic situation of the deceased And social relations.Heqing is not far away, so start now, you must move quickly, but you must pay attention to safety on the road.Yes hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep Xi Da has rich experience in solving major and important cases, and he keeps issuing orders.Everyone present Immediately get busy.Ji Kaiyuan sat down on a chair and said with a half smile You can call Liu s phone number.After all, he is your old leader.You can ask Ask him if he wants our patrol team to assist in the investigation, and inquire about their progress by the way, and inquire about some information they have but we don t.Chapter 728 Murder 7 Not only did not report the situation discovered here , but asked to inquire about other people s progress, this is too immoral However, Han Chaoyang thought that whether he was the first policeman to arrive at the scene or the captain of the voluntary security patrol of the sub bureau, he was not even qualified to assist in the investigation of such a murder case.Han Chaoyang felt that he could investigate first.Anyway, the old fertilizer factory was Zhongshan The public security patrol area of the Road Police District neither exceeds its authority, let alone breaks the law knowingly.Han Chaoyang touched his face and sighed, It looks like I may have to take leave this month to go back for a few days.Uncle is so kind to me, so I have to go back and see him one last time.The news was not sudden.In fact, I had been mentally prepared for it.Huang Ying nodded slightly If you need to ask for leave, please ask for it.Whoever has nothing to do.Just as he was talking, the hotel arrived.Han Chaoyang didn t want to affect the business of the hotel, and the parking spaces on the side of the road were full again, so he simply drove the police car into Dongming Community, found an open air car and parked outside, and called the team members on duty at the south gate of the community.He said hello, and walked across the road with Huang Ying.I don t know how the hotel s business is today, but the yard is full of cars, and they are all good cars.

, I didn t have time to say hello to Feng Ju when I was .

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busy.Feng Ju also tacitly didn t disturb his work, so he and Grandpa Gu studied and found out the personnel one by one, and hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep analyzed and judged them until after nine o clock in the night.Long distance bus The East Railway Station does not leave at night, and Lao Dai got off work early but did not go home.He has been busy assisting Lao Ding and the others to find out outside.I don t know if their team s investigation tasks are not heavy, but it is more efficient to have him join.Those who came back in batches, as soon as they came back, they went to the cafeteria with Feng Ju to eat at Grandpa Gu s strong request, and then went back to the conference room to analyze and judge together.So busy.Just as I was about to say hello to Bureau Feng and go to the cafeteria for dinner, Lao Tang and Miao Haizhu also came back, and reported as soon as they entered the door Report to Bureau Feng.First of all, those who are local are unlikely to be the murderer.Han Chaoyang stood up and looked through the personnel materials that were found out, and put the local people on the left hand side according to the do cbd gummies get you high cbd gummies sex notes on the materials, and said while searching Ji Uncle said in the evening that the geese passed by to take pictures and people passed by to leave their names.The special case team investigated and we investigated in more detail.If these people were really related to the victim, even if there was only a little connection, we would have identified him as a suspect.After all This is Yanyang, not a deserted and remote place, as long as the victim has dealt with him, it is impossible that no one has seen him.Wu Wenge raised his head and asked Chaoyang, do you suspect that he is a local who is not here If Uncle Ji s conjecture is correct, so this is the only possibility.Chapter 761 Bad News 3.14 The murder case was solved, and the work of the sub bureau returned to normal.Han Chaoyang sent out the police as usual, but did not patrol the streets.However, the plan is not as good as changes.There are many members of the branch party committee, but there are also many inspections and assessments at the higher level, and there are many meetings at the district, city, and provincial bureaus.The members of the bureau s party committee at home couldn t be too busy for various research, exchange and other activities.Bureau Fan came to the engineering headquarters the day after the division of labor was adjusted, but never came again.The bureau leaders were busy with work and couldn t come.Han Chaoyang couldn t stop coming, he would come to the headquarters on average every day, and spend three hours a day wandering around several construction sites.We are only responsible for investigating whether it HCMUSSH hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep is hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep a work related accident or not.Whether it is a liability accident.Han Chaoyang I really 100mg cbd gummies pineapple didn t know whether there was a work related accident, whether it was under the supervision of the safety supervision or the labor bureau.It was not until the construction site in the jurisdiction that a person died that the safety supervision bureau was only concerned with whether the construction unit violated the laws and regulations on safety production, especially when it came to compensation.The labor arbitration should be under the jurisdiction of the Labor Bureau.Anyway, there is no police tonight, and there is nothing wrong.First take them to the morgue of the Sixth Hospital to look at the corpse, then take them to the police station to meet the contractor, and then accompany them to the construction site to understand the situation.Seven hundred and eightieth Chapter 1 Something Happened to Boss Hu s Construction Site 7 Xu Min was the pillar of the family, and his death was a great pity for his family.But in any case, he died of illness, and the construction unit did not shirk responsibility.Thinking about it differently, the construction unit top cbd gummy companies was also very wronged, and it was really unlucky.Han Chaoyang not only sympathized with what happened to the Xu family, but also understood the Sanjian Company, especially the small contractor surnamed Yang.He thought to himself that the Xu family could quarrel if they wanted to.However, he wanted to handle it coldly , but the first secretary of the community who had just taken office couldn t bear the Xu family s quarreling downstairs, so he asked Director Xie who lent the office and conference room to the Sanjian Company, and immediately lent him to him after he figured it out.Now he is the head of the sub bureau, and the district requires the sub bureau and other units to joint law enforcement.They even asked the sub bureaus to participate in stability maintenance, and truly realized that these seemingly unimportant tasks are actually very difficult to do.He rubbed his chin and asked curiously, What s going on in Xinmin Community Xinmin Community is an old residential area in Xinyuan Street.It has never had property, and it didn t even have a wall before.Later, the neighborhood committee took the lead and mobilized the owners.The family paid some money to build the fence.As a result, some owners opened more than a dozen holes in the fence for the convenience of travel.There is only a guard in his 60s at the gate, and anyone can enter and exit, and thefts often occur.

The construction site is here, in front of the office south of the west gate, where are you I m in Building 9, wait a minute, I ll be right there. Okay, sorry for your inconvenience.After waiting for about ten minutes, a middle aged man wearing a blue helmet ran over from behind a loader and asked from a distance, It s Officer Wu, you guys came early.Mr.Jing, this is Officer Wu.My surname is Han, and my name is Han Chaoyang.Oh, oh, sorry, I only answered your phone calls, I haven t seen anyone, so I messed up.After shaking hands with Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei, Mr.Jing turned around and said, It s too dusty outside, let s go to the office. Okay, thank you.Jing always works in fire botanical farms cbd gummies hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep protection engineering.There is no office for him in the row of prefab rooms next to the door, but it can be seen that he has a bad relationship with the person in charge of the construction site.The one who ran Didi Han Zhaoyang asked dumbfounded.Speaking of which, you have seen it before.It was the last time I went to the store to ask me about Gan Jianren.I remembered that his hometown seems to be the same place as Luo Weixing.This is a new situation Han Chaoyang didn t think there was such hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep cbd gummies on sale a coincidence in the world, so he asked eagerly, Miss Boss, do you have his mobile phone number Do you know his full name Phone, I don t know what the full name is.He said it, but I don t remember these little things. It s okay to have a mobile phone number, you can look for it and send it to me. Okay, wait a minute.Zhang Yuli s attitude towards the police is not very good, but she is more reliable in her work.After waiting for five or six minutes, a mobile phone number was indeed sent.Han Chaoyang hurriedly checked the mobile phone number provided by Master Xu just now, compared it, and was immediately ecstatic Eat or not, why are you smirking Huang Ying asked impatiently as she opened the door.After printing, we will split up.I will go to the Municipal Bureau, and Lao Huang will be in charge of the district.Li, Lao Wen, you are in charge of each detachment and brother branch, invite everyone you can.Commissar Huang laughed and said, That s what I think.Also, ask Liu Jianye, where is Han Chaoyang Tell him to come back quickly if the matter is over.He is the protagonist, and I don t feel at ease if he doesn t come back sooner for such a big event.Chapter 817 Special gift 4 May be Wu Wei and Shi Junhua leaked Maybe it was overheard by Le Ken s colleagues when he answered the phone.In short, the colleagues from the Lezhong Branch of the Leken City Bureau knew that half of the members of the arrest team from Yanyang were grooms to be, and they didn t want to delay their marriage, so they handled everything specially.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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