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Because of the sanitation fee for foreigners and the stall fee for vendors from outside, there have been disputes more than once, and even violent fights several times.The patrolmen only patrol to Chaoyang Bridge, and don t care about it further east, so when encountering such a thing, the Huayuan Police Station should be sent to the police.The signboard of the Chaoyang Police Office is hung at the entrance of the Chaoyang Community Service Station.There is an office room with a blue and white police logo and a 110 light box.There is a lounge inside.But the Huayuan Police Station has only so many official police officers, and the area it is responsible for is so large that it is impossible to arrange for police officers to be stationed in the police station.A co op is stationed.The salary of the auxiliary police is so low, it is impossible to require holistic health cbd gummies people to be on duty 24 hours a day, so there is still no one in the police room at night.It s a pet kept by a female proprietor.It may not be closed properly, and she ran away to someone else s house, which almost HCMUSSH how do you make cbd gummy bears scared an old lady into a heart attack.But Han Chaoyang didn t catch the snake.How could he Have the guts.As expected Liu Suo didn t have any expectations for Han Chaoyang, who couldn t grasp and stick to the wall, and subconsciously asked, Who caught that Who else is there besides the fire brigade the instructor asked back, sighing softly One more person is better than one less.If he is not in the Chaoyang Police Station, because of these two big things, we have to send at how do you make cbd gummy bears least one trolley, send a policeman over there.Don t mention him, just mention him and get angry.When the director and instructor were talking about Han Chaoyang, Han Chaoyang was patrolling along the Chaoyang River with Lao Xu.As a result, the man in the photo used electric fish equipment big killer.Not only will he not be able to catch it today, but he will also not be able to catch it in the future.This problem is very serious, at least for fishing enthusiasts like his old man.The duties of the river chief seem to include preventing people from electric fish and poisonous fish.Electric fish and poisonous fish are a fishing method that kills offspring and grandchildren , which will not only lead to the destruction of the ecological environment, but also indirectly cause adverse effects on the quality of the water body.influences.The how do you make cbd gummy bears Chaoyang masses came to the door, and this matter cannot be left alone.Han Chaoyang couldn t evade, and immediately raised his mobile phone and said, Master, don t worry, just keep an eye on him, and I ll be right there.Hold on, everyone, and act according to the original plan.I got it, I will act according to the original plan.Officer Han, don t worry, I won t do it in the last two or three how do you make cbd gummy bears keoni cbd gummies price hours.It s a surprise.After reporting the news, Han Chaoyang turned on his laptop, plugged in the how do you make cbd gummy bears data cable, and saved all the photos and videos sent by the combatants today into the newly created folder.Then I looked at the monitoring records of Factory 527, and intercepted photos of the three men who showed up in the afternoon.Xiao Han, you just said to act according to the original plan, what was the original plan Assistant manager Xu asked curiously as he handed over what is keoni cbd gummies good for a cigarette.Once all the peddlers have returned to their lair, Lao Xu will watch over there, and the others will go back to the police station in a bright car to change their uniforms and get their equipment.How many fake certificates and fake seals were seized, and he signaled everyone to be optimistic about the four suspects, walked to the bedroom balcony and took out his mobile phone to call the office.As a result, as soon as the phone was unlocked, the phone rang suddenly.Looking at the caller ID, it turned out to be Liu Suo How could he call himself Han Chaoyang was very surprised, but it would be best if he called, just as Han Chaoyang pressed the call button and raised the phone, he heard Liu Zuo on the other end of the phone roaring Han Chaoyang, where are you Liu Suo, I m at Factory 527 Before he could finish speaking, Liu Suo looked at the police room with the locked door, clutched his cell phone tightly and raged What did you do before you came to the Chaoyang Police Office I told you that the police office can t leave people, the police office can t leave people, how many times have I told you, what is going on in your mind all day You don t want to do it, okay, I don t believe it, I will treat you I can t help you, you idiot Liu Suo, listen to my explanation.There is nothing we can do.We can how do you make cbd gummy bears keoni cbd gummies price only race against time.Bureau Feng, this case is neither small nor big.Let us handle it.The Criminal Police Brigade has so many big cases to deal with.We won t make trouble for them if we can handle the cases by ourselves. You guys are just kidding Bo Feng, do you not trust me, Liu Jianye, or the combat power of our Garden Institute Besides, cbd gummies affiliate programs we have the clues.We caught the suspect, we destroyed the den, and we are the most familiar with the situation.No, I just saw that the address on the courier bill is all over the place, and it will take a lot of police force.You can t handle this case.Feng Bureau, I don t like to hear what you say.I also came from the criminal police team, and there are quite a few criminal police officers in the office.I will also draw some police from the community team and the prevention and control team to set up a special case team.And familiar, Xiaobin, Chen Jie and Xiaobin Gu and the others are obedient and capable, and when new security guards come over, let Xiaobin and the others be the monitors Old Xu, who had just arrived at the police station for a shift change, was elated and beaming with joy when he heard the news.Han Chaoyang looked at his phone while smiling and said, It s pretty good, but after coming here, they still focus on maintaining the law and order of the community and serving the owners of the community.So they will have to accept security companies, security patrols and The triple leader of the community property Almost.Han Chaoyang smiled, looked up and said, Who is Lao Jin He also served as a soldier before.After returning from the army, he worked as a militia battalion commander for five or six years, and worked as a security guard in the village.What hotel, where is it Pengcheng Express Hotel, just on Zhongshan Road.There is business Of course I take care of my own family, so my relatives and friends all live there.I often pass by Zhongshan, and the old factory manager said that the Pengcheng Express Hotel Han Chaoyang has a little impression.Although it is not in the jurisdiction of the police office, it is not far from here, and it is in the jurisdiction of the Huayuan Street Police Station.Okay, I see.Let s go back and find out what he s doing.Old Gu is a party member and a provincial model worker before retirement.Help HCMUSSH how do you make cbd gummy bears you pay attention Thank you, Director Wang, this is the best way, please keep an eye on it for me, and Zhao Jie will let me know when Zhao Jie goes to open a room again.Leave it on me, and I will be responsible for any leaks.Is it funny But now a very serious meeting is being held, so you can t be distracted and don t complain.At the request of Deputy Director Cai, I hurriedly went to the stage with Su Xian, saluted the leaders first, and then saluted the team members and guests in the audience.He received a red flag with the words Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol printed on it.A street cadre and a community worker hurriedly took pictures, and the warm applause lasted for a long time.It was very grand and lively, and the team members who sat upright in the audience were very encouraged.The leader with the highest position is always the finale.Secretary Yang s last speech, from the general secretary s spirit of comprehensive political and legal governance, to the comprehensive management of the Huayuan Street Working Committee and offices, especially the current status of comprehensive law enforcement.We have handled more than 20 cases.We only have 13 law enforcement officers, and we are too busy just accepting complaints, let alone other work.If you how do you make cbd gummy bears liberty cbd gummies shark tank how do you make cbd gummy bears are busy and tired, the public opinion does not understand us.For example, the masses complained about someone occupying the road.Affecting how do you make cbd gummy bears traffic, for example, if the masses complain about someone cbd gummies dosage do cbd gummies lower blood pressure s open air barbecue causing smog, you can t ignore it.If you don t care, the masses will complain to us.But there is a risk if you manage it.Now people are not even afraid of your police, can they be afraid of us Often encounter violent resistance to the law In the last month alone, we were violently resisting the law 12 times, and 13 people including me were injured to varying degrees.Understood, it s really not easy for you.Han Chaoyang nodded with empathy.Yes, 200 to 500, why not 200, but 500 The tenant didn t report to how do you make cbd gummy bears the community Fourteen rooms were rented out, cbd gummies dosage do cbd gummies lower blood pressure and twenty six people failed to report.If counted on a head to head basis, you can be fined 13,000 At the same time, the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade is also assisting the district housing management bureau.Law enforcement officials punished villagers.In contrast, the fines here are more powerful.Those who fail to register and file according to the regulations and fail to make corrections within the time limit will be fined from 1,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan Since the base number is relatively high, and considering the difficulty of implementation, an intermediate number is taken.As long as they do not go through the registration of rental housing, each liberty cbd gummies shark tank how do you make cbd gummy bears family will receive a fine of 5,000 yuan.From the speeches of the leaders and the interviews with reporters, it can be heard that the large scale inspection at night and the large scale punishment in the afternoon belong to the floating population service and the management of rental housing.The management office, the district traffic management office must report to the municipal traffic management office, and it is conceivable that how do you make cbd gummy bears the urban traffic management office at both levels will commend the traffic management work in Huayuan Street.But that s the business of the leaders, Han Chaoyang s mind was muddled, and he didn t know what to do next.The vigorous punishment ended smoothly, and the leaders of the Municipal Housing Management Bureau, district leaders and sub bureau leaders left.The instructor, Deputy Director Xu and other leaders and colleagues of the institute also do cbd gummies lower blood pressure cbd gummy bears for sleep left.Xing Hongchang looked around and shouted at the top of his voice Liu Suo, Liu Jianye Take the owners and move on.The side of the road is not a place to talk.Go ahead and find a place, and move quickly Keep going, Go to the front to find a place.Is there any place in front that can accommodate so many how do you make cbd gummy bears people Liu Jianye was devastated, but thinking that there was nothing more important than evacuation, he could only bite the bullet and say, Okay, I see, Lao Xu, you are in charge of guiding.I ll go ahead and have a look first.At the same time, Han Chaoyang Still standing on the pickup truck and holding up the loudspeaker to shout.Please don t crowd and don t be in a hurry.Let s find a place to sit down first, and then talk slowly.The problem can definitely be solved.If it can t be solved today, it can be solved after a while.What are you doing , How dare you physically punish the team members in front of me, I said Li Xiaobin, you are doing a good job of keeping secrets, and you have already made love with others, but I don t know anything about it.I live in the men s dormitory, so don t say it so badly.Li Xiaobin looked embarrassed, and couldn t help but look back after speaking.Although the security company is managed militarily, it is not an army after all.Even at the higher level of the army, it is impossible to prevent soldiers from falling in love, but soldiers are not allowed to fall in love in the garrison.The beauty of a gentleman being an adult, not how do you make cbd gummy bears keoni cbd gummies price to mention that this is indeed a good thing, Han Chaoyang could not help but ask Xiaobin, do you want me to find a way to find a dormitory for the two of you.You may not believe it, even if you don t help, you will be in trouble later.What trouble See, trouble is coming.Tang Junwei followed Han Chaoyang s gaze, and saw two tough looking women how do you make cbd gummy bears koi cbd gummies reviews in their thirties, carrying yellow paper and other sacrifices to their ancestors, and carrying two A man and three old men ran aggressively 1000mg cbd gummy how do you make cbd gummy bears to the two tombstones on the left front, pointed at the girl and cursed.You shameless vixen, what are you doing here, robbing my house and trying HCMUSSH how do you make cbd gummy bears to rob my mother s ashes Go away, go as far as you can I knew there would be trouble, and trouble came.Han Chaoyang sighed secretly, turned on the law enforcement recorder, walked up to them and asked, Jiang Xiaolan, Jiang Xiaofang, why are you insulting others again How can you learn from a pitfall and have a better memory Ge Baohua, who helped, all went in.Seeing that there was no one in the living room, nor in the bedrooms on either side, he went straight upstairs.On the stairs, he could hear a burst of noise from upstairs.commotion.Officer Han, what are you doing We don t have much fun, we just pass the time Wei Haicheng appeared in front of the door, blocked the corridor and explained with a flattering smile, apparently to cover for the people inside.Get out of the way Grabbing a bet is a very serious matter, not a dinner treat.Han how do you make cbd gummy bears Chaoyang pushed him in, and saw that Li Tianzheng and other two villagers were scurrying to hide things in the closet.They might have been caught off guard.There was still money on the automatic mahjong table, all of which were hundred yuan bills.three thousand.Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One Subtle Changes Brother, Brother Han, I m going to use this money for errands, not for gambling Who is your brother Besides, I m not as old as you.Han Chaoyang was completely convinced that he linked public security punishment with land acquisition and demolition, and when he saw Li Xiaobin driving the police car over, he motioned them to step aside and said coldly Land acquisition and demolition It s land expropriation and demolition, gambling is gambling, and one yard is worth one yard.Besides, even if you are your own people, you can t break the law and commit crimes, and I can t bend the law for how do you make cbd gummy bears personal gain, let s get out of the way, let s get out of the way, don t interfere with public affairs.Chaoyang Village is like this Big, the news about the gambling spread quickly, and in a blink of an eye, all the seven aunts and eight aunts of the gambling people came, and even Li Tianzheng s little fat man not only came over, but even stood beside the patrol car and hugged him tightly.We don t care whether the dormitory beds can be rented out or not, but as long as you live in the school, you need to register, especially those who have graduated.certificate.Okay, I ll come after the meeting tomorrow.Tang Xiaoxuan felt that the handsome policeman was just looking for trouble, so she couldn t help saying, This is not good, he just nature fine cbd gummies graduated, and the rent in the urban area is so expensive, and the rent in the suburbs is not cheap.If you only have a salary of three or four thousand a month, the rent is a big expense, and living in school is just to save money, and driving people away doesn t make them spend more money. We didn t think about driving anyone away, we just want them to go Do foreign population registration.What s the difference between driving people away, Han Chaoyang, do you have sympathy Xiao Tang, it s not a matter of sympathy, it s a very serious management of foreign population.Not much to see or touch.If it is a redecoration, the previous things will be demolished, and even the owner will be moved.The problem may lie here.Well, that makes sense, go ahead.Why did his family build so many bungalows Isn t it just to make money for renting out, but he actually did some renovations, and after the renovations, he didn t rent out any more.This is also a doubtful point, which means that the problem may also lie with the tenants.body.The person surnamed Yao is the last tenant who has not been identified.If the person surnamed Yao is arrested and the suspicion of murder can be ruled out, it can be confirmed that the problem is not with the tenant.The reason why Zhang Qiuyan no longer rents out the house may be There are two considerations.One is that she has money, so she doesn t care about the rent the other is that she is safe, as there are no outsiders renting the house, and the door can be locked when it is time to lock it, so that it is impossible for unknown people to get in.Go to Donghai.Donghai is also fine, change the environment and start over.Let her go back to Donghai, are you kidding Xu Hongliang gave him a hard look, and said with a gloomy face In Yanyang, at least Brother Wei will take care of you, let her be alone Going back to the East China Sea, I have no one to rely on, alone, how pitiful.And you, Young Master Xu, will help take care of you Taking advantage of others dangers, taking advantage of others dangers, looking for any reason, Chen Jie said out of nowhere If you like someone, go after them, I didn t have a chance before, but now I have a chance, I m still a brother with Han Daming, tell Han Daming, can Han Daming help you He just broke up in love, so it s inappropriate to talk about it now.Xu Hongliang scratched his neck with an embarrassed expression on his face.Playing the piano under the overpass or in the tunnel.I m not joking with you.When I was in college, I performed on the streets and played for a whole morning.Kind people passing by threw dozens of them into my piano case. Where are your parents and your mother , resigned and eloped with me, what would your parents think, would they be disappointed in you No, definitely not, Yingying, you don t know how much my mother likes you, she called me on the way back Call and say Accountant Huang is nice, Accountant Huang is nice, let me take the initiative.If she knows we are talking, she must be very happy.Huang Ying just asked, not really wanting to resign, let alone going to another city.It feels so good to be liked by others, and just as we chatted, Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang suddenly.Hello, hello, Lao Yan, hello, hello, what s the matter Lao Yan, the parking lot manager on Shijia Road, sat in the toll booth and looked at the young people who were smoking under the street lights diagonally across the road.There was a murder case some time ago, and there are so many migrants, no one knows whether the superiors will check the post.The office can check it out.The unannounced visits by the bureau inspectors are even more troublesome.This is not a joke, during this time the city bureau and sub bureau inspectors were indeed making unannounced visits.Old Xu didn t want to lose his job, let alone implicate Han Chaoyang, so he hurriedly said, Chaoyang, don t worry, I won t doze off at night.Han Zhaoyang said as he led him to the water room, Persist for a few days first, and then I will find the village party secretary and set up the security joint defense team as soon as possible.When the joint defense team is set up, and when there are people, we will You can how do you make cbd gummy bears take turns on duty, at least you can take turns to rest at night.Okay, listen to you.Chaoyang, don t talk about my parents, talk about your parents, did you tell your mother about us No, it s not that I don t take it seriously, I just want to give them a surprise.How You have a rest on Sunday.We can pick you up at the station together.If we hold hands to pick them up, my mother will be very happy.Happy, must be very pleasantly surprised Hand in hand, you think so beautifully Not only was he an unlucky guy, but he was also a little hooligan, the more Huang Ying thought about it, the more amusing she became, and she pretended to be angry and made an extremely ugly face at him.What s wrong with holding hands We re in a relationship How could Han Chaoyang miss this opportunity, and said with a flattering smile, Yingying, I m really reluctant to rent such a good house to others.Okay.Zhang Beibei was also how do you make cbd gummy bears there, whispering and laughing with Xiao Ge who was on duty tonight.For some reason, Huang Ying always felt that this southern girl was a threat, so she put down her bag and said with a smile Beibei, you are more dedicated than the official ones.Not only do you have no salary, you don t even care about your meals, and you 1000mg cbd gummy how do you make cbd gummy bears come here every day.Zhang Beibei did the same I don t like Huang Ying, a beautiful woman, and thought to myself that you just have a formal job.She smiled nonchalantly, I don t have anything to do at home, and I don t have many friends in Yanyang.It s lonely staying at home by myself.Why don t you come and help me.Whether you like it or not, Huang Ying didn t want to leave a narrow minded impression on her and Xiaoge, so how do you make cbd gummy bears she pretended to be concerned and asked, How is the lawsuit going Did you say when it will be judged In any case, this is also a kind of concern.Avoid the rush hour of commuting and rush all the way to Yanghu Park at exactly five o clock in the afternoon.There are many units participating in the song meeting, but Huayuan Street is the most active, and it can be confirmed that it is the first to arrive.There are many people in the lakeside square, but they are all citizens and children watching the excitement.The big stage has been set up, and the square under the stage is filled with plastic chairs.It is divided into seven areas, A, B, C, D, E, F, and G, as on the tickets issued earlier.The stadium is similar to the stepped stands, and the entire venue can accommodate at least 5,000 spectators The lakeside square extends into the lake and is surrounded by water on three sides in the east, how do you make cbd gummy bears south and do cbd gummies lower blood pressure cbd gummy bears for sleep north.It is relatively far away from the east bank of Yanghu, an artificial lake, and relatively close to the green areas in the north and south.Tell me Advertising is useless, it s not about opening a store to sell things.I supported your work, but I suffered such a big loss.You have to take care of the Xinmin community.If other property companies are allowed to settle in, I will really scold you at that time.The rabbit is in a hurry and bites Chapter 235 750mg cbd gummies Miao Haizhu is here After one wave of unrest and another wave, Dongming District finally reached a consensus with Manager Zhang, and the command center of the sub bureau issued an order calling for Han Chaoyang to take 20 patrol members to Jinshan International to maintain order.Jinshan International is also a residential complex, and the owners are defending their rights.Bureau Du mentioned when he came here a few nights ago that there are hidden dangers in 8 communities in Yandong District, including Jinshan International.Street affairs are the affairs of the neighborhood committee.There is no need to ask Director Su for instructions.Send me a location.I can imagine that the unlucky guy is about to give a job to the big sister , is he revenging private revenge to avenge his cousin who was bullied by the big sister The more Huang Ying thought about it, the more amusing she became, she hurriedly turned her head away, for fear that Miao Haizhu would see her laughing out loud.In fact, her worries are unnecessary.Miao Haizhu is full of energy, not afraid of too many tasks, but afraid of lack of work, as soon as she hung up the phone, she said eagerly Chaoyang, what task, let me go Sister Miao, you just came here, so it s not good to make you stay up all night. What s wrong, tell me Assisting the street s comprehensive administrative law enforcement brigade to rectify open how do you make cbd gummy bears air barbecues, our public security work is difficult, and urban management work is even more smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies difficult.Because of delta 9 cbd gummy this, there are many migrant workers from all over the country in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta , but few of them are from here.As a local, He Pingyuan was really annoyed, and sighed softly Okay, go play, I will lose if I lose, but don t play so big.As soon as he hung up the phone, Shi Ju folded his arms and murmured Now it can be confirmed that Feng Changdong is back, but it can only be confirmed that he is back.Everyone in the village and even the village knows about him.He was on the wanted list two years ago, issued a wanted order, and even issued a reward.Yes For him, his hometown is more dangerous than any other place.Since he knows the danger, why did he come back I can t stay outside.It s unlikely.If he can t stay, he can give Feng Guobao soft China and Feng Guobao Is there a good wine There is only one possibility.If he wasn t in the village, if the arresting team was caught in the air, if he tried to scare the snake away, would he come from here Are we running here I don t know about that, but there is a possibility, otherwise the superiors wouldn t let us come here to set up a card.Do you have a gun No.I don sera labs cbd miracle gummies t either This is indeed a problem.It is not a joke to use two sticks to deal with a drug dealer who is likely to have a gun.Jiang Li didn t want to be a martyr, let alone make Yanyang glorious , so he immediately turned his head and said Chaoyang, turn off the light, the weeds are tall in front, let s go and ambush.If he really runs away from us, he will rush out and fight He was caught off guard and let him run away from under his nose in the morning, I don t believe the two of us can t deal with him Okay, let s wait and see.More than 1,000 people sounded like a lot, but the search area was larger, the terrain was so complicated, and There ulixy cbd gummies price was only one family within a few kilometers of the farm that returned their farmland to forests and moved down the mountain, and then sneaked back to the mountain, so the police force is still very tight.Regardless of whether it is to communicate or not, as long as they participate in the war, they must resolutely obey the command of the search and arrest headquarters.Comrade Han Chaoyang did not complain After receiving the order, I rushed to set up an observation post on the hilltop 1.5 kilometers southwest of Tanjiagou.Zhou Ju pointed to the photo on the curtain, looked back at his struggling subordinates, and continued, To complete Comrade Han Chaoyang stayed at the top of the mountain for four days and five nights for the task assigned by his superiors.side demolition compensation.Zhang Beibei is different from them, he is poor and short sighted, so how can he spend them with them if he has no money.Huang Ying came to her senses, thought about it, and then asked, Will Jiang Erhu pay you back the rent I have already, Zhang Beibei explained with a wry smile, My compensation for the demolition is with the demolition company.If he doesn t pay the lawsuit, he will continue to fight with him, and if he wins 100 , the court can enforce it, and it can be directly transferred from the account of the demolition company. Then what standard will the demolition company compensate you It s the same as before.I wanted to transfer the residence registration.I asked the village cadres and village representatives one by one for help, and they were willing to help.So it s not realistic, so there is no such condition.Can you be more serious Miao Haizhu reminded impatiently.I m trying to figure out a way, Han Chaoyang took out his phone to look at it, and added, I have to report such a big matter to the office.If the leader agrees, I will go.If the leader disagrees, I can only say sorry to Mr.Liang.I got it.In the end, I was still playing tricks, Director Wang and Mr.Liang really have a problem with people, how could they trust you so much Miao Haizhu seemed how do you make cbd gummy bears to realize something, and his eyes suddenly filled with contempt.Is there anything wrong with asking for instructions and reporting Why did I play tricks Han Chaoyang looked up at the rearview mirror and said with a half smile Comrade Miao Haizhu, please don t look at me like this, let alone engage in personal heroism.The places are very remote.There are no houses nearby, and there are not even small shops at the door.Only about 1.5 kilometers westward along the how do you make cbd gummy bears road that was crushed by large vehicles, there are restaurants, shops and hotels, and these businesses mainly rely on the steel market there., compared to the city, it is not as lively.There are few people watching the excitement at the gate of the sand and gravel factory, and there are even fewer people in the sand and gravel factory.There was really nothing to protect the scene, Han Chaoyang could only stand under the sand and watch the technical policemen from the Criminal Police Detachment of the Municipal Bureau and the Criminal Police Brigade of the Gaoxin District Bureau busy.While distracted, the phone rang.Looking at the 1000mg cbd gummy how do you make cbd gummy bears caller ID, it turned out to be Wu Wei.The 16th is the fourth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar.The fourth day of the eighth month is my mother in law s memorial day.I remember Very clear.That day I invited monks to recite scriptures, went to the grave to burn paper, and left the stall late in the afternoon.I went there at that time every day.I was in a hurry when I was late, and I didn t pay attention to it when I was riding.The paint was scratched off, and it would cost hundreds of dollars to repair how do you make cbd gummy bears the cheap ones.The car I bought looked very luxurious.I was really frightened at the time, and I hurriedly got out of the car to apologize to him, and I almost kowtowed.That person was very angry and asked me if I had eyes, and was about to ask Lao Jiao, the security guard, to help smooth things over, but Xiao Cai ran over and said it was okay, and got into the car and left with that person.Captain He, I m Han Chaoyang, I ve recorded it, and I ll report it to Bureau Feng for you immediately.Chaoyang, okay, report quickly.Just as he was speaking, Bureau Feng also finished calling, staring at him closely and asking, Xiao Han, who is calling and what s the situation Han Chaoyang quickly reported the content of the call just now.Director Feng 1000mg cbd gummy how do you make cbd gummy bears sat in front of the laptop, clicked the mouse to zoom in on the electronic map, stared at the map ree drummond fox news cbd gummies for a minute, and then picked up the police communication to give orders to Deputy Chief Liu of the Criminal Police Brigade Old Liu, Yichang just found out that Fang Yaqi s Agricultural Bank of China debit card is bound to WeChat.This afternoon, he made a mobile payment at the Century United Supermarket near you.That means this bank card has been used in the afternoon.The Tourism Law has been promulgated for so long, and it has been agreed to strike zero Negative ground, the result is still the same, and even worse.Let alone want to make money, if you want to survive, you have to deceive people.You think I can do such a thing The ideal is too beautiful, but the reality is too cruel.Zhang Beibei sighed softly, looking helpless.Huang Ying was stunned, and asked half understanding Do you need to pay the travel agency for picking up the tour If you don t pay, they can give you the tour.The jargon is called head fee.It s 50 per person, and more than 4,000 per car.Tourists spend tens of thousands of dollars on food, accommodation and transportation.If you don t take tourists to go shopping to get some kickbacks, you can t even earn back your capital.Now people are very disgusted with shopping.When she went upstairs last night, she not only locked the faucet of the car, but also locked the rear wheels with a thick and strong chain lock.From her description, it is certain that using large pliers specially designed for cutting steel bars may not be able to cut the chain lock.Han Chaoyang was wondering how the two suspects in the surveillance video unlocked the chain lock.Standing behind him, Yu Zhenchuan murmured, It looks like a repeat offender, and they cooperated very well.There must be a hook in the windbreaker in the back., one end is how do you make cbd gummy bears hung on the belt of the trousers, the other end is hooked to the stainless steel bumper at the back of the electric car, and the rear wheel of the electric car is lifted off the ground.At first glance, it looks like the guy on the left is pushing, but in fact the rear wheel has not touched the ground Technical Police Click the mouse to play back and slow down.His family was not the only one who built a shed by the side of the road.His mother was busy selling fruits every day, so she probably wouldn t go to the back of the shed.That s all.Hurry up and taking too much cbd gummies take action.The car thief was caught, but only one dirty car was recovered, and Xinmin Community how do you make cbd gummy bears lost more than a dozen cars in the past half a year.The Xinyuan Street Police Station not only wants to follow the vines to expand the results of the battle, but also wants to find all the stolen electric vehicles and give an explanation to the masses.Old Tang and Big Sister are busy going on, and they will definitely not be able to return to the Zhongshan Road integrated police platform today.Grandpa Gu was alone there, and Han Chaoyang didn t dare to be a guest here anymore.He bid farewell to Bao Suo and several leaders who rushed back to the office from outside, and took Xu Hongliang, Wu Junfeng and other team members back home.Now it is just preparation.I have to know how many players you can transfer.Once confirmed, start on time at 6 00, and the team should be closed cbd gummies legal in indiana before 8 organic cbd gummies shark tank 00 tomorrow.Twenty people should be fine, but from what you said, a dozen or twenty people may not be enough, why don t I ask Manager Jin and Director Jiang of the Security Department of PolyU first.Okay, hurry up and ask, I ll wait for your call Reply.Chapter 379 Encirclement and Suppression 2 Just as Han Chaoyang was looking for Director Su cbd oil ohio gummies and Minister Jiang to borrow troops, Tang Junhua, an investigator from the Second Squadron of the Criminal Police Brigade of Yandong Public Security Bureau, jumped out of a long distance vehicle.Looking down at the electronic map on the mobile phone, I confirmed that this is Zhennan Road, Daqu Town, Jiangxi County, Wuchun City, and walked to several motorcycles parked by the roadside tightly with my backpack.Huafu Tiandi is how do you make cbd gummy bears a new community, and it is located in the most prosperous area of Yandong District.The monitoring system is very advanced, and the monitoring video is stored for up to a month.Called out quickly.As Lao Fan said, the renter was a young man, about 27 or 28 years old, about 1.65 meters tall, and relatively rich in terms of clothes.Han Chaoyang stared at the monitor for a while, then said in a low voice, Sister Wang, please check the other videos in the community on the afternoon of the 3rd to see how he got here and whether he has a car.It s slower, why don t you drink some water first. Thank you, no need, I m not thirsty.The female security guard asked her colleagues to help, and after waiting for about fifteen minutes, a young man Standing up, he said, Officer Han, you ve buy gummies with cbd been transferred.As a result, in many criminal cases involving radio communication, only about 10 of the criminal cases are actually convicted by radio communication.Most of the radio communication suspects have been charged with other crimes or even with administrative penalties.As expected of the provincial department, Han liberty cbd gummies shark tank how do you make cbd gummy bears Chaoyang secretly praised it, and then asked curiously Is it difficult to investigate It is difficult to investigate.Handling is to turn the case into mail.For example, most of the black broadcasting and pseudo base station cases discovered may have constituted criminal offenses, but due to the limited functions of the radio management department, they can only be handed over to the public security.Due to the complexity of the case, lack of evidence, or the fact that the parties involved are not the main suspect, or the scope of the case is too large, etc.Huang Ying was not as calm as he was, and couldn t help but say Master, you want to take pictures of snow scenes, and others have to travel If the snow on the road is not cleared in time, there will be many traffic accidents in the morning , I don t know what kind of congestion this road will be Facts have proved that most citizens are sensible.An aunt who sent her grandson to school turned around and said You people are really serious.You scold the government when it doesn t work, and you scold the government officials again.This little girl is right.If you don t sweep the snow away, the traffic will be paralyzed, children.How do you go to school, how do young people go to work You even go to the park to take pictures of snow scenes, I don t think you can even get out of the house Why are you lesbians talking so aggressively Looks like you have a dead rat hanging around your waist, pretending to be hunting.After eating the peanuts, Grandpa Gu said with a smile, As for what to do next, I can only give you suggestions.Some suggestions.First and foremost, you must have a good attitude.There is no medicine for regret in this world.You can only face the past and the present.Let alone you, Mo Yunhu, we are such a big country In the past few years, we had to hide our strengths and bide our time.Who made our economy better than others, our technology advanced like others, and our military strength unmatched.This analogy is not very appropriate, but it is basically the same principle.We must have a good attitude and bear the burden of humiliation.Mo Yunhu felt much better when a respected veteran policeman could sit down to drink together how do you make cbd gummy bears and talk about it with confidence, sobbing, he said, Don t worry, Officer Gu, no matter how they treat me, I will never be the same again.Treatment, what a beautiful idea Han Chaoyang got into the police car, leaned on the steering wheel and said with a smile, I m so poor that I ve got my idea.Director Zhang, please invite me.It was you who invited you, who made you so rich.You have been promoted, why should I invite, and Yingying invites you if you want to.What is promotion, this is a promotion title, not much money, more than a month The little subsidy from her is only enough to spend a pot in the Sichuan government, if you have to treat this to celebrate, wouldn t it be a big loss Huang Ying snorted and pushed her away.Zhang Beibei was confused, and asked puzzledly Please, this is an exception, and it was approved by the Ministry of Public Security.How can there be no benefit at all Xie Lingling smiled and said, Yes.What s the benefit Many stars on the shoulders Make it look better.Thank you.After she finished putting on her makeup, Han Chaoyang turned and opened the door.Wang Jianping, Lao Song, and Qiu Genmao walked into the office again, but Grandpa Gu didn t follow.Han Chaoyang, Kang Haigen, and Miao Haizhu walked out of the office tacitly, whats the difference between cbd gummies and hemp gummies and even handed over the suspect and the office to them.Grandpa Gu asked Wu Junfeng and Xiao Liu to stand guard at the door, and then said in a low voice, Captain Wang agrees to her meeting with Ling Bin and her child here, but you must be present when the meeting takes place., Subconsciously asked Master, why me Grandpa Gu sighed softly Help people to the end, if you are not present, they will be present.They stand on the side, how uncomfortable will it be to meet this face Especially children , meeting so many strangers at once, I will definitely be terrified.It s not good.What s wrong, this is what our detachment leader specifically explained, hurry up and call Sergeant Gu, Bao Suo, Kang Suo and the others.We have to give us a chance to thank you.Chapter 461 how do you make cbd gummy bears It s hard to win a meritorious service, and Han Chaoyang can only help organize the dinner.Unexpectedly, Grandpa Gu, who never participated in such social gatherings, would come here unexpectedly tonight.First, he went around the property office to make sure that the two suspects could not escape, and then he went with Han Chaoyang, Wang Jianping, and Kang Suo.Came to Chuanfu hotpot restaurant together with Baosuo and others who rushed over.During the chat, Wang Jianye learned that Han Chaoyang s girlfriend Huang Ying and Chaoyang Community Security Company Manager Xu Hongliang s girlfriend Xie Lingling were on the opposite side, and immediately asked Han Chaoyang and Xu Hongliang to call the two ladies to come with them.Wait for the workers to enter the site after the festival.When the construction site starts, the pressure on safety and security will be greater.The students will need schools at that time, so Hong Liang and the others cbd gummies fort myers are busy this Spring Festival, and they have to recruit people everywhere.Does so many people need to be fireproof and anti theft Liu Jianye said in a low voice asked.Liu Suo, security companies are different from us.They take other people s money to work.If the bosses of a few construction units go to the construction site and see that there is no one standing guard at the gates and small gates, and no one is patrolling the construction site, they will definitely not I m happy, the next security fee will not be easy to get.Liu Jianye didn t think that anything would happen to those big construction sites, he thought to himself that the walls were all built, there were people standing guard at the gates and small gates, and cameras were filled around the construction site, and then arrange So many resources are wasted on the construction site, so he just touched the corner of his mouth and said bluntly Chaoyang, the Spring Festival travel season will officially start the day after tomorrow.Including the health office, there are already three policemen at the Chaoyang Community Police how do you make cbd gummy bears Office.Liu Suo asked Wu Wei to come over, which meant that Lao Ding would be transferred back, but how long has Lao Ding only been here Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang couldn t help muttering In the beginning, Wu Wei was asked to come.The bureau asked Kang to be responsible for the security of the Chengdong Transportation Hub Project site.Afterwards, the office asked Lao Ding to replace Wu Wei.Now they want to organize an anti picking team and ask Wu Wei to come.Changing old men, changing them like a revolving lantern, this is not something that changes day and night, it s too child s play.Grandpa Gu thought that the personnel transfer was a bit frequent, and said nonchalantly This is a job requirement, and it s a technical job to pick it up.Wu Wenge, who hadn t spoken much, grinned With a smile, he pointed to Ji Kaiyuan and said, Inspector Gu, Team Ji and I only met later on.He is a criminal policeman or deputy squadron leader.How could he learn from me, a security cbd gummies super chill officer Grandpa Gu couldn t help asking Old Ji, were you not convinced back then How is it possible, I was busy catching thieves.You and I don t know, I must be unconvinced.There was no competition back then, a policeman and a policeman Security guards are no better, now you can Otherwise, when all the lads arrive, I will divide them into two groups, and you will take a group to see who can teach faster, and which group can catch more thieves and win.Those who win are more clever, those who lose are willing to gamble and admit defeat, and honestly treat the salary given by the community.In order to strengthen the regularization of the police auxiliary personnel team, enhance the professional identity and professional honor of the auxiliary police, and standardize and ensure that the auxiliary police personnel perform auxiliary duties in accordance with the law, The municipal bureau uniformly printed and issued the auxiliary police work certificates to meet the standard clothing management requirements and facilitate the work of the grassroots auxiliary police.Next, let us give warm applause to Wu Junfeng, Gu Jun, Liu Chengquan, Zhang Bin on behalf of the sub bureau.Wait for eight comrades to confer the rank of auxiliary police and issue the work certificate of auxiliary police There were not many people attending the meeting, but the applause was very warm.Sitting under the stage, Ji Kaiyuan clapped his hands and leaned into Grandpa Gu s ear and said, Old Gu, you are not a simple apprentice, you look like a leader.Considering that the young man is really not easy to talk to their superiors, Principal Nie simply 1000mg cbd gummy how do you make cbd gummy bears said How about it , I will ask Vice Minister Jiang to call your bureau leader.Principal Nie, please don t, I ll ask for it myself.You can ask for it, but you must take this leave.Send it to me so that I can help you book a flight ticket.Principal Nie s tone was unquestionable, so Han Chaoyang had no choice but to bite the bullet and call Liu Suo.The security HCMUSSH how do you make cbd gummy bears guards of PolyU are veterans, all of them are strong and strong young men, and they are organized and disciplined.Liu Jianye has tasted the sweetness of Chaoyang Community Security best cbd gummies for first time users Company, and he really wants to make the PolyU campus security team a real voluntary security patrol team, so he agreed Said Such an important event, such a show of face, and it was 100mg cbd gummy requested by Principal Nie, we must go, and arrange the work, isn t it just two days.The overall look was harmonious.The big police badge has been hung directly above the gate, and there are four cbd gummy reviews how do you make cbd gummy bears keoni cbd gummies price signs standing at the gate.They are Comprehensive Alarm Platform on Zhongshan Road, Yandong Public Security Bureau , Chaoyang Community Police Office, Huayuan Street Police Station, Yandong Public Security Bureau , Police Office, Sixth People s Hospital, Xinyuan Street Police Station, Yandong Public Security Bureau and Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Brigade.Two on each side, looks very stylish The layout of the police reception room is the same how do you make cbd gummy bears as that on the opposite side.The west side is the reception room and inquiry room, and the east side is an office and lounge, with a set of office chairs, two canopy beds and a row of wardrobes.There are eight parking spaces at the entrance, 1000mg cbd gummy how do you make cbd gummy bears and if you can t park outside, you can park inside the hospital.Will the key detention center accept it It s not that the sub bureau did not set up a special prison area for AIDS suspects in the detention center before, but it was withdrawn after less than two years, because every AIDS suspect was detained for one month s medical expenses, examination fees, and nursing expenses.It HCMUSSH how do you make cbd gummy bears will cost at least 40,000 to 50,000, which is unbelievable Sorry, Bao Suo, can you break the law and do whatever you want if you have AIDS Of course not, but it depends on the circumstances.If it is enough to how do you make cbd gummy bears pursue criminal responsibility and transfer the sentence, it should be shut down, no matter how much it costs.Well, you have your difficulties, but I also have mine.Difficulties.Han Chaoyang changed the subject, and said green apple gummies cbd with a half smile Bao Suo, no matter what, this crime was arrested in your jurisdiction, and even the policeman Miao Haizhu of the team is your subordinate., After working for so many years, there is hard work without credit, and it s his turn.Where s Team Liang Han Chaoyang asked curiously.Team Liang is unlikely.He was the deputy squadron leader before.If the bureau wants to mention him, he can wait until today.Han Chaoyang figured how do you make cbd gummy bears out the situation and just called Kangsuo after calling.Ding called in one after another, chatting about the same thing.One position of deputy director was vacant, and now they are all organization ministers.Han Chaoyang thought it was funny, and thought to himself why you didn t have a chance to bother so much, he ended the call in a few words, walked to the door and asked, Master, where s Uncle Ji So.Grandpa Gu turned around to look at the bus stop sign not far away, then looked back at him with a smile and asked, Chaoyang, who did you call just now Appointment of a deputy director, the result is not.Be serious, listen to me.Director Du closed his notebook and said very seriously Since the police district is established, a sheriff must be appointed to preside over the work of the police district.Considering the jurisdiction of the police district Two police stations are involved, the police chief will be dispatched by the security brigade of the sub bureau, and other policemen will be dispatched from the two police stations.Han Chaoyang suddenly became a little uncomfortable, and thought to himself, no wonder he wanted to talk to me, because he wanted to parachute a police chief, It turned out that they planned to kill me, the actual person in charge of the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Police Reception Platform.With mixed feelings, Zhou Bureau suddenly said Considering that you are more familiar with the situation and have a good mass base, and at the same time serve as the captain of the three voluntary security patrol teams in the police area., so that the sub bureau has enough reason to break the rules and promote Chaoyang.Yingying, Director Su is right, what he said is so reasonable, this is what the job requires Dad Huang is so happy that he doesn t need others to respect him.Pick up the cup and drink it down.Raising you so much, and helping you buy a house in Yanyang, I can t even talk about it The other child will go to get a certificate tomorrow, and his daughter doesn t even have a boyfriend.Boss Miao was so depressed that he couldn t help turning around and said Teacher Ma , you comment, can you say that I am a father, am I qualified to say it Chapter 506 Unbelievable The weather forecast is very accurate, saying that there will be snow in the sky today, and there will be light snow in the sky.After Liu Jianye arranged eagle hemp cbd gummies full spectrum today s work, he received a call from Director Du himself as soon as he returned to the office.Many couples plan to get married during the Spring Festival, and there are especially many people who come to get a marriage certificate before the Spring Festival.Putting on new clothes and rushing to the District Civil Affairs Bureau, I waited in line for more than an hour, but it took only ten minutes to take pictures, take oaths, and get the certificate.The children finally got their certificates and finally became a legal couple Huang s mother was so happy that she couldn t help but smile when she walked out of the hall, Mr.Ma, Chaoyang, why don t we take a photo here Mom, why are you taking a photo here Excuse me.What s wrong with taking pictures here Mama Huang pulled her and Han Chaoyang to the how do you make cbd gummy bears keoni cbd gummies price signboard of the Civil Affairs Bureau.Watching Mama Huang and Teacher Ma take a group photo with the newcomers, after the photo was taken, he said cheerfully Chaoyang, your dad must be very happy how do you make cbd gummy bears keoni cbd gummies price to see these photos, I have to send them to him.Considering that drinking is inevitable at night, wearing a police uniform and drinking has a bad effect.I called my girlfriend and my mother respectively, went back to the PolyU dormitory and changed into casual clothes, and walked to Boss Deng s restaurant with Vice Minister Jiang and Captain Zhang Jinhai who had just got off work.Grandpa Gu, Cao Zefang, Zhang Zhishu, Director Xie, Xu Hongliang and two veterans from the anti pickup industry have arrived, 4 oz cbd gummies and they are chatting happily about the results of the anti how do you make cbd gummy bears pickup team today.It is windy and rainy, including snow.Fewer people commute by electric vehicles and bicycles, and more people take taxis and buses.Although you can now call a car online, there are too many people calling for a car, so many people still Choose to take the bus.When there are too many people, it will be crowded.Cao Zefang thought that your Sixth Hospital is trying to take advantage , but Grandpa Gu made it very clear in the afternoon that after the integration of the three patrol teams, he must be the instructor., Lao Zhang, Lao Jie and Hong Liang, not to mention, this is not a big deal, why don t you take this opportunity to determine the integration plan.I think it will work, Vice Minister Jiang said with a smile There are already enough meetings at the end of the year.There is no need to hold how do you make cbd gummy bears a coordination meeting because of this.On the way cbd gummies dosage do cbd gummies lower blood pressure back from Yangguan Village, Han Chaoyang considered this matter.Seeing that everyone was looking at him at the same time, he quickly put down his chopsticks and said with a smile Minister Jiang, Secretary Cao, and Section Chief Xiao said it was integration, but in fact it was just a change of number.Zhongshan Road Police District Voluntary Security The patrol team looks very formal Military management, closed management Fan Ju how do you make cbd gummy bears subconsciously asked.Fan Bureau, the community security company used to be like this.Later, the business got cbd gummies dosage do cbd gummies lower blood pressure bigger and bigger, and there were more and more do thc gummies contain cbd duty stations.First, there were not cbd gummies dosage do cbd gummies lower blood pressure so many means of transportation, and second, there were not so big dormitories.It gradually became what it is now.Political commissar, I think Xiao Han s idea is good.There are a lot of idle houses along Zhongshan Road, some in the street, some in the district, and some left over from the tertiary industry before the bureau committees in the district.Let s see where it is more suitable., find relevant units to coordinate, borrow for how do you make cbd gummy bears a period of time, the problem should not be big.It is said that it was broadcast for more than two hours the day before yesterday, and the income was as high as more than 30,000 yuan, and this is the net income after sharing the account with the platform With money, the first thing is to buy costumes.A decent evening dress for girls and a does cbd gummies lower blood sugar tuxedo for boys.There are band members, there are also teachers who organize rehearsals and even participate in the performance.Thinking of getting new clothes tonight, Han Chaoyang suddenly regrets.If he had known that there were free dresses, he should have waited two days to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get married If you have a certificate, you don t need to spend more than 2,000 yuan to buy a suit.Thinking wildly all the way, when he returned to the police room and saw Miao Haizhu sitting in the conversation room eating instant noodles, Han Chaoyang suddenly felt a little hungry.So much so that Yu Zhenchuan, who was still a community policeman at the time, had to humbly beg him not to fall asleep when he was on duty at night.Xiao Xiang may be the youngest security guard in the Sixth Courtyard, and his father also works in the Sixth Courtyard, and is the master cook how do you make cbd gummy bears in the cafeteria.Because of the proximity, the contact is much.The young man had a good time with Li Xiaobin, Wu Junfeng, and Liu Chengquan.He always wanted to envy Li Xiaobin, Wu Junfeng and other patrol members, and asked more than once if the patrol team was recruiting.What the community security company lacks most is people, but no matter how short they are, they can t dig into the corner of the Sixth Courtyard, so every time he inquires about Li Xiaobin how do you make cbd gummy bears and Wu Junfeng, they say they don t need people.Thank you, Manager Qi, for your support.It should be, Manager Qi let go, turned around and smiled, Is there a service point outside, Director Jian is preparing, and the tables, chairs and benches will be moved out immediately.In order to cooperate with your rectification, I just told the passenger The terminus and the South Passenger Transport Station have coordinated, and they will arrange special personnel to connect with do cbd gummies lower blood pressure cbd gummy bears for sleep each other, exchange passenger transport routes, especially ticket information, and then set up a computer with Internet access outside, log in to 12306, and do our best to help passengers who have not bought tickets go home.Thank you very much, Manager Qi, with your support, our work will be much better.Thank you, this is our job too.Chaoyang, Manager Qi just said that the service point at the door is also responsible for statistics, Find out which direction has more passengers, and the number of trains in the station is less, and the number of trains will be temporarily increased.But it doesn t matter who uses what nickname, what matters is what will happen to the little fairy Wu Junfeng said Han Chaoyang s heart trembled, and he was about to ask about the specific situation relax babe cbd gummies when Wu Junfeng s mobile phone heard a WeChat notification.Wu Junfeng glanced at it, raised his mobile phone and said, Han Da, this is the last Moments posted by Little Fairy.These should be her photos.Han Chaoyang hurriedly pulled the car to the side of the road and took the mobile phone Looking at the screenshots of Little Fairy WeChat Moments and several photos of Little Fairy sent by the caller, the last Moments only had one sentence without pictures, and the content was exactly what Wu Junfeng said just now.It can be seen that the social circles cbd gummy bears 1500mg of the caller and Little Fairy have only a little overlap and do not overlap, because apart from the caller asking what happened, no other people left a message.No, it involves money.She has applied for a membership card in our fitness center.Maybe we didn t choose the right place, or there may be other reasons.We The fitness center is closed, but it can t cause economic losses to the members, and they are contacting one by one, and they are refunding the money one by one. Remember, you are the gymnasium in Xingye Plaza that said it was closed, Qinqin told me , I m her boyfriend, you can just refund the do cbd gummies lower blood pressure cbd gummy bears for sleep money to me. Sorry, we can only refund to the member himself. She went out, the man on the other end of the phone was a little anxious, thinking and emphasizing She has an annual card, even if it s all refunded, it s only 3,000 yuan, and I can still take away the 3,000 Besides, I m a boyfriend, and I gave her all the money for the card Who doesn t bring a mobile phone when going out Han Chaoyang felt very suspicious, and said calmly Mr.Huang Ying asked curiously How did Sergeant Yang take you During the days when he arrived at how do you make cbd gummy bears the Huayuan Street Police Station, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, Although the police office is not as busy as the police station, there are many things to do from morning till night, receiving police officers, being on duty, and patrolling.Whenever there is something to do, take him with you.Just do it and get started.Isn t this bullying newcomers Huang Ying slandered, and then asked You take it I will take it when I am here.After I get off work, let Police Chief Ding, Police Chief Tang, Wu Wei, and Haizhu take it.Anyway, he will not be idle.How did Sergeant Yang lead him Sergeant Gu doesn t seem to be the same.No matter what he does, the old man always leads by example.He is really persuasive, earnest in words, and teaches by precepts and deeds.Encountered local tyrants, even more embarrassing than the old factory manager medigreens copd cbd gummies of 527 factory do cbd gummies lower blood pressure cbd gummy bears for sleep Han Chaoyang kept watching the old man go to the south gate of PolyU, walked into the police room and saw Xu Weimin standing honestly in front of the police station, Dai Lishi, a fugitive, didn t treat himself as an outsider, and wasn t afraid to lie on the sofa at all.Wu Wei, who was sleeping soundly, was devouring the dumplings that Huang Ying brought last night.It doesn t matter if it s cold or not, and you don t even use chopsticks.Chapter 595 how do you make cbd gummy bears New Year 2 Eat as you please, you can t starve him to death.Han Chaoyang not only didn t say anything, but asked Xiaokang to pour him a glass of boiling water instead.Miao Haizhu didn t sleep as badly as Wu Wei.Hearing something outside, she got up and walked into the police room, and asked Han Chaoyang what was going on.I ll go to Xinmin New Village first, and then I might go to the police station.What s wrong with Mo Yunhu He met a fellow inmate who is doing big business, and I m worried that he will be cheated.Wu Wei looked at Xiaokang and said with a smile, Let s go together.Anyway, there is nothing to do in the morning.Even if there is something, it s okay.Xiaokang, just make a phone call then.Alright, let s go together.Han Chaoyang told Xiaokang again to keep an eye on Dai Lishi, walked out of the police room and got into the is cbd gummies safe for kids police car, and joked while fastening his seat belt Angkor, is the matter between Zhen Chuan and Zhang Beibei very sudden You have to seize the opportunity to talk about the partner.You have to be quick and slow.You 1000mg cbd gummy how do you make cbd gummy bears have to hold on tightly, and you can t miss one after another.Why miss one after another, this is Is it something that can be done in a hurry As the saying goes, you get to know Zhang Beibei at about the same time as Zhenchuan, and he came to us more often because Zhenchuan stayed with us for a long time, and he was suppressed in the end.Look, there is blood all over the body, and there are bullets in the fugitive s gun Dai Lijun dared not Believing that the person sitting next to him was a living hero, he picked up the phone and watched the video, and said with lingering fear while watching This is too close, Officer Han, you will be blessed if you survive a catastrophe.Yeah, what are you talking about.His wife glared at him and said with a smile, Officer Han, use your chopsticks.Li Shi, you can eat too Okay, thank you, thank you so much.Dai Lijun s son is a civil servant , Han Chaoyang believes cbd gummies dosage do cbd gummies lower blood pressure that the work of borrowing money is not difficult to do.Declining the kindness of pouring wine, he raised his chopsticks to take a few symbolic bites, and bluntly talked about the purpose of this trip.Uremia, have you been diagnosed Dai Liyang was taken aback, and looked at Dai Lishi next time., the most urgent thing is to find out whether the Northeast is the person Qiao Peiming is looking for.It doesn t look like it, Lao Hu looked behind him, and said in an almost certain tone He kept checking WeChat along the way, and the bus was very crowded.Xiao Gu squeezed beside him on purpose, and clearly saw that he was still trying to contact Brother Liu.Although we don t know what the surname of the man from the Northeast is, it is definitely not Brother Liu.Are you sure It is certain that he called the Northeast Ren Junge at the dumpling restaurant, and each mouthful of Junge.And they are reminiscing about the old days, talking and laughing happily, and the tone seems to be nostalgic for the old days.No matter what brother, let s keep an eye on it first.Positive As he spoke, Lao Hu suddenly quickened his pace, walked to the front and raised his arm to knock on the window of a car.The suspect was arrested for fifteen minutes The former came out of the foothold, and Xiao Sun was quite responsible and offered to follow along.Commissar Huang looked up at Director Du, and asked with some embarrassment, How did you inform them I didn t hide anything.Han Chaoyang grinned, and continued The other thing is about the situation of our branch office.I said that we are under a lot of pressure to handle the case, and there are 1000mg cbd gummy how do you make cbd gummy bears many strike indicators.I found that the surname Qiao behaved suspiciously, so I asked the leader on duty for instructions., and then went to the bureau to open a letter of introduction, and arranged for Lao Hu and Wu Wei to come with them.Youth has its advantages, youth is full of vigor, and inexperienced, the old seniors do cbd gummies lower blood pressure should allow young people to make mistakes.As for the reinforcements, we have to arrange for a best tasting full spectrum cbd gummies few people who can handle drug cases, and at the same time we must consider cooperation.Let Jiao Chengle make a trip, and let him draw two more soldiers from their brigade.Policemen.Liang Dongsheng from the Huayuan Street Police Station counts as one, and Yu Zhenchuan, a policeman handling the case from the Xinyuan Street Police Station, should go with him.There are already three policemen over there, and five more should be enough.What does it mean to consider cooperation Worried about arranging a veteran to go, Han Chaoyang might not be convinced.Liang Dongsheng can definitely be called veteran qualification , but he is a policeman of the Huayuan Street Police Station, not only has he worked with Han Chaoyang, but also arranging him to go means that the bureau has affirmed the achievements of the Huayuan Street Police Station.It s okay., as long as you can solve the case, catch that kid, cbd gummies dosage do cbd gummies lower blood pressure and get the things back.Finally seeing the legendary Yanyang most handsome policeman, and indeed quite handsome, Zhang Xiaoyun blushed pretty, feeling a little embarrassed.Xiao how do you make cbd gummy bears keoni cbd gummies price Han, I m usually in the new campus, and I often hear Minister Jiang mentioning you, and I finally met what is cbd gummies for the real person today.Professor how do you make cbd gummy bears Zhang, please sit down.You re welcome, I m causing you trouble.What s the trouble , Combating crimes, maintaining social order, and safeguarding the lives and property of the people are our responsibilities.Han Zhaoyang just greeted Professor Zhang and Zhang Xiaoyun to sit down, and Vice Minister Jiang asked bluntly Xiao Han, listen to Xiao Chen You went to the criminal police team yesterday, how is the investigation of the policeman surnamed Mao The whereabouts of the suspect may have been found by now, and if there is no accident, the suspect will be arrested soon.When he saw us, he immediately became stupid and confessed to the crime.Xiao Han, you mean the kid who robbed Xiaoyun s bag Vice Minister Jiang asked curiously.Yes, that kid.Entrusted by others, it s a matter of loyalty.The tasks entrusted by Vice Minister Jiang have been completed, and now it is time to do the tasks entrusted by his colleagues cbd gummies dosage do cbd gummies lower blood pressure from his hometown.Han Chaoyang politely declined Zhang Xiaoyun s offer to help pour the wine, and sighed It s a coincidence, that kid is from Qingshan, and I m still from my hometown.The reason why the case was solved so quickly is thanks to the people in the Chaoyang community, and secondly.I would like to thank the comrades of the Qingshan County Public Security Bureau, the masses provided clues, the Qingshan County Public Security Bureau helped us find out the identity of the kid as soon as they received the investigation letter, and then followed the clues to catch him.Han Chaoyang called Bao Qingshan, the director of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and explained the situation of the police office.Bao Qingshan immediately agreed, Go to several backbones at once, and you won t be able to turn around.How about this I ll let Xiao Liu Go and help for two months.But she is pregnant, you can only arrange for her to work the day shift, not to work overtime, and not to stay up late.Liu Hui from the household registration office Yes, that s her.She has a college degree and has worked in our office for several years.Okay, great, thank you Bao Suo.Thank you, you are helping me, that quit drinking cbd gummies s it, I told her to 1000mg cbd gummy how do you make cbd gummy bears hurry up Hand over the work, and report to you early tomorrow morning.Thinking of the household registration coordinator of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, whose salary is paid by the sub bureau, Cao Zefang couldn t help laughing and said It s very simple, just make a few phone calls and the problem will be solved.Besides, it s not because of any accidents.The weekly bureau needs to be promoted, and the Du bureau also needs to be promoted.This is a good thing.Do you know where Bureau Zhou and Bureau Du are going to be transferred All without a chance to improve Lao Dai took off his hat, scratched his head, and muttered, It depends on the attitudes of Bureau Zhou and Bureau Du.Since the superiors want to adjust the leadership team of the branch, they should ask for their opinions on the candidates for the party committee members.Especially Bureau Zhou, his opinion It s very important.Wait, Han Chaoyang was confused, and couldn t help asking Dai Da, Bureau Zhou and Bureau Du are the chief director and the other is the executive deputy director.They transferred away, and Liu Suo couldn t take the vacant positions Of course Liu Jianye has no chance to serve as the director and executive deputy director, but there is still hope for joining the party committee., very sensible, very obedient, very capable Good, good, good.Han Chaoyang took the luggage and helped the old man to the electric patrol car all the way.The patrol car asked with a half smile Chaoyang, did you feel a little flustered when you heard that Bureau Zhou and Bureau Du were going to be transferred Being right, Han Chaoyang smiled awkwardly and said, A little bit.You, the captain, did it.Why panic Grandpa Gu asked back, and said meaningfully Leadership adjustments, this is normal.I don t know how many leaders I have changed from working to retiring.Don t you live the same life and do the same job You say you are the captain of the voluntary security patrol team, but you are actually a policeman.Just do your job well.Don t worry about it, there is nothing to worry about.Seven hundred and seventeenth Chapter new director It was already past 6 pm when he woke up, Han Chaoyang got up to wash his face, looked how do you make cbd gummy bears keoni cbd gummies price in the mirror, and thought to himself that he would not be able to sleep at night.It doesn t matter if I receive the award, because this is my duty.If I don t realize it, if the case is not solved for a long time and the murderer is still at large, my life will not be as easy as the members of the task force.The key is that it is so late, you let me Who should I ask now The chemical fertilizer factory that has been closed for many years is not the 527 factory with a military background, but a former township enterprise in Xinyuan Township, Yandong County.There are not many employees, and most of them are people from the former Xinyuan HCMUSSH how do you make cbd gummy bears Township.There is an office building and a small canteen in the factory.There is no dormitory for the employees, let alone a family area.It is said that the workers who worked in the chemical fertilizer factory in the past were all similar to temporary workers.Grandpa Gu thought that it s not good to grab credit or show off, but it s okay to fight for funds, so he couldn t help laughing and said With Liu Suo can do the math, after all, the patrol team is voluntary, but the anti pickup team is not voluntary, there is only three months of funding, and half of the three months have passed, the funding issue must be considered now, and we cannot always rely on alms.Chapter 752 Sleepless Night 8 Bao Qingshan is very familiar with the Taoyuan community, but the breakfast shops near the Taoyuan community open very late.Han Chaoyang remembered a shop that not only opened early, but also tasted good, and that Liu Jianye was familiar with.It was on Hebin East Road, not far from Grandpa Gu s house.Last year, he assisted the Fengyong County Public Security Bureau in rounding up several suspects who accidentally killed someone.Okay, you re busy.Huang Ying was curious again I don t understand, that s why we say that every line is like a mountain.Han Chaoyang wiped his mouth and smiled after eating the last bite At that time, the organizing committee will give each of the registered contestants a piece of cloth, that is, use a paper clip The one that is pinned on the chest, and each person is given a one time timing chip, and the timing starts from the starting line, which is inductive and computer controlled.You think that the referee premium cbd gummies 750 mg will stand at the start and end with a stopwatch as before.So advanced Huang Ying was skeptical.What era is it It s not that advanced.Mentioning this, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, Technology is developing too fast, and many people can t keep up with the times.Just like the traffic police who can identify license plates through the city s traffic surveillance, many suspects People find it inconceivable that they were caught because of this, but in fact this technology is very common, and now new residential areas have installed similar access control systems, the cameras can identify whether it is the owner s car of the residential area, and if it is not in the computer, they will not lift the pole.Yeah.Director Huo nodded in satisfaction, and continued Second, the progress of the project should not be affected by this.The aftermath personnel work in the neighborhood committee, don how do you make cbd gummy bears t how do you make cbd gummy bears take the relatives of the deceased to the construction site, and don t take them to the headquarters.Okay, I ll send people to the neighborhood committee tomorrow morning.It doesn t need to be early tomorrow morning, Director Huo looked back at Han Chaoyang again Xiao Han, please take the time to help arrange it.It is best to assist the Sanjian Company to deal with the aftermath.Director Huo s implication is very clear, the matter has already happened and should be resolved as soon as possible, and the relatives of the deceased should not be allowed to petition and cause trouble.Taking people s money is necessary to eliminate disasters for others, so Han Chaoyang could only bite the bullet and say, Yes, I will arrange the place.He worked so hard and almost lost his life.The promise made by the then bureau leader and the current bureau leader must be fulfilled, otherwise the subordinates will be chilled.Liu Qiuping no longer hesitates, gladly He said with a smile Since District Chief Zhou agreed to him, then we will go together.By the way, how did you go about socializing like this before, did you give them some money or some kind of gift A few years ago, a happy event like a wedding required some money, but it has not been done in the past two years.It seems that it started with Zhang Chengshan from the security brigade.I think it s good.Liu Qiuping also felt that it is not good to follow the trend of money, so he laughed and said Okay, then we will go with blessings Chapter 801 Chasing and Escaping 7 Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei arrived in Jiangzhong at two o clock in the morning, found a fast hotel near the Changshan Branch of Jiangzhong City Public Security Bureau, slept for four hours and woke up Yes.He greeted the two engineers, and they not only After giving up the office and enthusiastically helping to make tea, Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei thanked each other and sat down to talk about business.Mr.Jing looked at the photos on Han Chaoyang s phone, lit a cigarette and said with a wry smile Officer Han, Officer Wu, in fact, I knew Luo Weixing three years ago.Jiangzhong is how do you make cbd gummy bears only this big, and there are only so many projects.He does civil engineering.I m a firefighter, so I don t know if I want to.But I just knew each other before and didn t have much contact with each other.It wasn t until we were tricked by that bastard Gan Jianren that we kept in touch.We often talked on the phone and had a few meals together.When is the meal Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice.In the second half of last year, we met once a month on average.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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