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With that little salary, it s difficult to support his family and yet he feels good about himself, but he is not without curiosity.How do you look, does the girl look good, do you feel it It s no fun, I didn t plan to go, but my mother forced me to go.It s not good, don t you feel it Human He looks pretty good, he has a good figure, and he has a good job, so he has a sense of superiority, which is very realistic, and he doesn t like me.Feeling that the car should not be so hot anymore, Xu Hongliang stubbed out his cigarette and called Han Chaoyang to get in the car.Your family s conditions are so good, and you are so talented, why should she look is cbd oil better than gummies cbd gummies for male enhancement reviews down on you Han Chaoyang felt a little unbelievable, because the conditions of this person beside him were so good in all aspects.Xu Hongliang put on his seat belt and said with a wry smile She works in a bank and looks down on me as an auxiliary police officer.Or is it 300 for three people 300 for one person is a good idea.The auxiliary police and the auxiliary police usually only have one meal in the station.Thinking about it, it is impossible to subsidize 300 per person.Lao Xu said disappointedly It is better to have a subsidy than no subsidy.You can figure out how to eat in the future.I am not here.Eat out, I who makes smilz cbd gummies is cbd oil better than gummies ll bring my own food.Don t you just want to cash in Han Chaoyang and Xu Hongliang were completely convinced, who makes smilz cbd gummies is cbd oil better than gummies looked at each other and smiled, and said nothing more.Sending Xu Hongliang away, Han Chaoyang packed up his things and was about to go out to buy washbasins, bath tubs and other things when the police phone rang suddenly.When he saw that the caller ID was the fixed number of the duty room in the office, Han Chaoyang immediately realized that There is a warning, the cbd gummies and there is work to be done.Besides, Yu Xiushui asked me before My aunt s opinion Even if my aunt listened to him at the time, my aunt should ask my father s opinion.Although I don t know the compensation standard for the demolition, I can be sure that the storefront is worth at least a million dollars.Involving huge economic interests, this kind of civil dispute has no possibility of mediation.He didn t bother to eat dinner until now, Han Chaoyang was hungry and didn t want to do any more useless work, so he signaled Lao Xu to call Zhang Beibei in, and said with a blank expression Zhang Beibei, Jiang Erhu, not only I can t take care of your affairs, our garden The street police station can t control it either.I suggest you negotiate a solution on your own, and if the negotiation fails, you can go to the court to see how the judge decides.Before she met my uncle, her life I really can t live on, the house is dilapidated, Jiang Xiaolan and Jiang Xiaofang dress like beggars. Your aunt is not very hardworking After my uncle married her, he didn t enjoy a day of happiness, and he farmed at home during the busy season , go to the construction site to do small jobs during the slack, and come back at night to do laundry, cooking, and housework.He built the current house, and Jiang Xiaolan and Jiang Xiaofang were brought up by him.They paid more than a hundred thousand yuan to let them get married.As a result, when my aunt was sick, the family had no money, so they didn t ask, and they didn t even go to the hospital.My uncle had no choice but to go back to his hometown to manage Borrowing from brothers and sisters.Mom doesn t care, let alone stepfather My uncle s illness is not an incurable disease, colon cancer, which can be cured with an operation, or cbd gummies for smoking cigarettes because I have no money, I m too embarrassed to ask my brothers and sisters in my hometown.Han Chaoyang subconsciously looked at his phone, looked at his WeChat vest, and said ecstatically, Uncle Lei, this clue you always provided is too important.Take someone to take a look, and we will keep it a secret for you.It doesn t matter if you keep it secret or is cbd oil better than gummies not, I can still be afraid of them in the factory where the 527 factory is.The old man lit a cigarette with a look of indifference.Han Chaoyang was about to say thank you again, when Mr.Tai suddenly smiled and said, Xiao Han, we reported criminal clues, and you sent all the rewards Yes, is there any reward Master Tai, Uncle Lei, this this I have to ask the leader, I am not shark tank cbd gummies episode cbd gummy candies wyld afraid of your three jokes, this is the first clue I received.I m just kidding you.We have retirement wages and medical insurance for seeing a doctor.Who cares about that little reward Uncle Lei put down the tea mug and said with a smile, You just started working and are still in the probationary period.The Qian Da Chess and Cards Room facing the street was equally lively.It was only 7 30 in the evening, and more than a dozen automatic mahjong tables were filled with mahjong players.Qian Da was cbd gummy candies wyld wyld cbd cbn gummies busy making tea for the mahjong players The two cabinet type air conditioners have been turned on to the maximum, and the innermost table is HCMUSSH is cbd oil better than gummies still screaming hot.Qian Da put down the kettle and hurriedly went in to move the cbd gummy candies wyld wyld cbd cbn gummies fan The plan was better than a change.He thought he would be able to close the net in the evening, but stared at him all afternoon, and the two male suspects never returned to Factory 527.The female suspect, Huang Qiuju, had dinner alone, changed into a loose nightgown after taking a shower, with a mobile phone hanging around her neck and a small bag in her hand, chatting with an old lady waiting at the gate of Factory 527 and came here Mahjong parlor.There was an old man in the middle whose arms and legs were moving, but his eyes were closed, as if he was asleep.The more you go to the south, the more lively the 527 Factory Square Dance Team , 527 Factory Chorus , Chaoyang Village Square Dance Team , cbd gummies for ed is cbd oil better than gummies and Dongming Community Square Dance Team are next to each other.Compared with the organized 527 factory team, the teams from Chaoyang Village and Dongming Residential Area looked irregular at first sight.Clothes are not uniform, you can wear anything, a few aunts came here in pajamas.Director Wang, Uncle Chen, I m sorry, we re late.Han Chaoyang dragged Xie Lingling into the crowd and kept apologizing.no problem, no problem.The young man came as soon as he said, and brought a professional.Director Wang was very happy.He put down the erhu and went to the partners, and introduced enthusiastically is cbd oil better than gummies cbd gummies for male enhancement reviews Everyone, every team member, every neighbor, let me introduce again, this The spirited young man is Xiao Han, a new police officer in our Chaoyang community.Jiang Yifei also couldn t understand this kind of person who complained about the official police behind his back all day long, and always liked to tell is cbd oil better than gummies stories in front of the police and even the leaders, so he couldn t help saying Baohua, tell me what are you planning, now it s all right , Offending both the powerful and the rich, even offending Mr.Xu, who is a good man, do you want to hang out in the camp in the future Chapter 36 Right and wrong 2 Village committee compound, which is being There is a shark tank cbd gummies episode cbd gummy candies wyld small meeting, and a general meeting is being held outside.The working group obviously expected that the villagers would flock to the village, and wasted no time in watching the villagers outside, mobilizing the villagers to actively respond to the call of their superiors and sign the land acquisition compensation agreement.In the past four days, Han Chaoyang maintained order in the meeting place during the day, and patrolled the village or fields with the cadres of the working group at night to prevent villagers from engaging in illegal construction, and at the same time prevent villagers from suddenly planting Chinese herbal medicines or various trees in the field, and dealing with sudden incidents.In the event of an emergency, the police will be dispatched upon receiving orders from the institute.Although he is not a member of the working group, he actually entered the WeChat group of the working group at the request of the working group leader.Not only did he meet several director HCMUSSH is cbd oil better than gummies level and deputy level leaders, but he also handed in many committees of various bureaus in the district that he would never have the opportunity to hand in.Han Chaoyang didn t think that he would see such an amazing beauty tomorrow, so the three of them finished their meal, packed their lunch boxes, said goodbye to the cadres of the working group, took Xu Hongliang s dinner and drove to the neighborhood committee compound in a patrol car.As soon as he entered the door, Jin Dabao, a former community worker and future manager of Chaoyang Security Service Company, ran out of the office with a stack of resumes and said happily, Chaoyang, I signed up today.Police school students, see if it works, if it works, I will not go to the talent market tomorrow, and I will directly inform them to come for an interview tomorrow afternoon.Director Su thought it was just a kind of concern for them when he asked him to be the manager.I didn t know about this personnel adjustment until yesterday afternoon, and it was also a preparation for Chaoyang Village to be merged into Chaoyang Community.Three patrol members who went out in plain clothes were tiptoeing out, and a member in uniform was entering the police room through the back door, opening and closing the door with the same care.Huang Ying thought to herself that what happened to him caused the patrol HCMUSSH is cbd oil better than gummies team to panic What s wrong with the bad luck, life is not easy, how can it be without ups and downs, a big man can t stand the setbacks too much.She slandered secretly, and pushed the car door lightly, unexpectedly, when the door opened, there was a sad, lingering, melodious, poignant, but very touching music sound outside.It is a violin piece with piano accompaniment.The beautiful piano sound is like a soprano singer singing softly, singing a series of forbearance and confiding melodies in a low voice, which is well proportioned, long, slow and calm.They have something to do at night, and they want to ask for our assistance.If there is any action at this point, it must be to clean up the barbecue.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, put away the violin and walked up to the conductor , and said apologetically, Director Wang, I m sorry, I can only come here tonight.And with his joining, the performance level of the band has improved significantly.How can the old factory manager hold him back, hold his hand tightly and smiled It s okay, it s okay, go ahead, come back tomorrow night when I have time, and then I will send you a WeChat message.Director Wang, free travel hidden You always remember to help promote the sales trap, after all, there are only a few people who come out to play at night, and they may not believe what they say in the group, and there are many people who don t know how to use smartphones, WeChat, or join the group.Thinking of the promise he had made natures only cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction to Director Cai of the Comprehensive Management Office of Huayuan Street that night, the Dujue Bureau raised his head and said, Political commissar, why don t you let that kid drive back Political commissar Huang knew about this, and whispered This is also considered supporting Huayuan.The key to street work is that there is no car now.I promised to provide a police car for the Chaoyang Community Police Office, but I didn t say what kind of car it would be.Secretary Guo of the Disciplinary Committee came to his senses and couldn t help but ask Director Du, what do you mean The one just repaired by the police security office Huayuan Street doesn t care about the car, as long as they have a police car, it will be a deterrent if they stop at the scene during land acquisition and relocation, and can keep up with comprehensive law enforcement.In other words In other words, I don t know whether they are engaged in illegal and criminal activities in the room, whether they have weapons, and whether they are in danger.Because of this, everyone must obey orders and obey orders when they act, and pay attention Yourselves are safe.Yes Not only was the team leader safe and sound, but he also made big moves as soon as he returned, and the morale of the thirty four team members, including Chen Jie, was high, and everyone was beaming with joy.I ll assign the task first.The police officers in the first and second squads and I will go upstairs to check the third squad will be divided into two groups.The first group will be led by Lao Xu to maintain order downstairs the second group will be led by Squad Leader Wu.Lead the team and enter the backyard from the parking lot to prevent anyone from jumping out of the window and absconding.None, why arrest people Zhao Jie, be honest with me Guan Xiyuan, who was not so polite to the parole prisoner, yelled and showed his ID again Officer Han doesn t have it, but I do.Changsheng, take They re going downstairs.Yes A parole officer dared to yell here, and is cbd oil better than gummies Han Chaoyang was furious, and immediately took out his handcuffs.The team members didn t have so who makes smilz cbd gummies is cbd oil better than gummies many scruples.Seeing that the captain was angry, they no longer bound their hands and feet, grabbed the arm of the artist beside them and walked out.Chen Jie was in charge of two female models, so he took them downstairs and stuffed them into Lao Jin and others.People hail taxis.The electric patrol car cleared the way is cbd oil better than gummies in front, and the 110 police car followed behind, and finally took them to the police station.There were two police cars parked in front of the foyer, and it was clear at a glance that another bureau leader was coming.Yes You can t fit in your car.Arrange a few people to sit in me and Bao Suo s car.I can fit three here.Hurry up.Wait, there s me She ran out in a hurry.It turned out that she had gone upstairs to change her clothes.Now she was no longer wearing a white shirt and black skirt, but a heroic special service uniform.Director Su, get in my car, we ll start first.Okay, I ll sit in the back.The officers got into the car one after another, and police cars, electric patrol cars, comprehensive law enforcement cars and official cars drove out of the compound one after another.Deputy Secretary Wei Tao looked back at Deputy Director Jiang, and said enviously Director Jiang, this patrol team is doing well.In fact, we can find a way to form one.The team was not interested at all, but asked curiously What s the matter with Shenghai Garden As he walked towards the police room, he explained The earliest developer ran away because of a broken capital chain.I Wife has it, but Xiaojun doesn t, he has it with him. There should be a copy.No, it s okay, why do I want a copy of his ID card.Ke Jianrong walked to the door of the inner room and turned back to emphasize You have registered last time, you should have it there, he is not an outsider, he is in the same village as me, it is me I found it specially from my hometown.Okay, let s get your wife s first.You are deliberately tossing about registering ID cards and checking ID cards and residence permits, trying to force outsiders who rent in the village to move.Ke Jianrong thought he had cbd gummies for ed is cbd oil better than gummies a thorough understanding of the situation in Chaoyang Village, cursed secretly, opened the door and went inside to find his wife s ID card.Chen Jie was already ready, without Han Zhaoyang s reminder, she took out her mobile phone to take a picture of a small commercial, and then leaned over to pick up one and put it in her pocketChapter 102 Hot summer nights are the peak time for road occupation and outcropping barbecues, and the comprehensive law enforcement team also operates at night.Speaking of watching WeChat and talking about water groups, I found it was a waste of time.After reading all the Moments, and then replying to a few messages, an hour or two was gone before I knew it.Not only Waste of time and hurt.For example, you can t watch your circle of friends, go to restaurants or watch movies, or go shopping with beautiful young ladies.You are living a life of drunken dreams, and I actually want is cbd oil better than gummies to give you a thumbs up.Is this hurt People are more angry than angry people.Do you know that I am angry with you every day No, I have to block you, or I will always be hurt.You dare Huang Ying cursed with a smile, and said happily Unlucky, no Talk about nonsense, talk about business, you are famous, and your luck has changed.Famous, is there any mistake, I am not a celebrity.Aunt Mi was not happy, she put down her phone and sat opposite her daughter and said unhappily, I only have this hobby, just a few old cbd gummies for ed is cbd oil better than gummies partners and old friends, what do you mean by being more active than going to work Besides, you are more busy than the other, or you won t come back., when I come back, one is holding a mobile phone, the other is holding a computer, I don t even have anyone to talk to, can I really find you a stepdad My mother is very sensitive, last year because of square dancing in the community, several young people She said something like it s not that the old man has become bad and it s that the bad person has become old , and she was so angry that she couldn t eat for a few days.Li Yun realized that she had said the wrong thing, and hurriedly said Mom, I didn t mean to blame you, I was just joking with you.There is this.Maybe, after all, there are too many people repairing the rolling shutters.Even if he damaged it, the merchants may not necessarily ask him to repair it.With so many small advertisements, there is a problem of who to choose. Then let s take a look at these small advertisements first., to see if there are any that appear at the same time, and the one with the highest probability of appearing at the same time.If there is an accomplice, it is impossible for him not to contact the accomplice, just check the call records of his several mobile phones.Tang does cbd gummies make you poop team, we must abide by the case The procedures best cbd gummies for stress and anxiety are not something can cbd gummies make you itch we can check if we want.Very troublesome Very troublesome, Han Chaoyang explained with a helpless face, We at the Liu Institute don t have the right to do so, we need to ask the leader for approval.Don t rush away.Has the case been solved and the murderer has been caught Sorry, this needs to be kept secret.We can t talk nonsense Every time I knock on a door, I will be asked, and Wu Wei always answers like this.Although he ran around all morning, Xu Hongliang really didn t know how the case was solved.He didn t ask, and Wu Wei didn t say anything.Even if he asked, he probably wouldn t tell.However, on such a hot day, I went to the village to check the monitoring of the villagers home decoration.I can imagine that the case has not made much progress in solving the case.Old Wu, let s take a break, smoke a cigarette and drink some water.Xu Hongliang didn t want to leave anymore, and stood under the shade of a tree and took out a cigarette.Wu Wei froze for a moment, then turned around and said, This is the only time I left Xu Hongliang really didn t like the seniors of the police academy who didn t wear police uniforms until he was 30. Almost, in fact, we should think about it the other way around., It is a good thing that they have money.If there is no land acquisition and demolition, if they have no money, I will really help them.Donate all of your monthly salary to them Yes, it s a good thing, you can go there quickly.This is definitely the easiest task since taking office, and it can be completed without any work at all.Thinking that Deputy Section Chief Shan of the District Committee Office was helping the poor in a remote mountain village in a suburban county, and those poverty relief targets would not even want to come back if they did not get rid of poverty, Han Chaoyang felt very lucky.Just as he walked out of the police room with a smile, his phone suddenly rang up.I took it out to see the caller ID, it turned out to be cbd gummy candies wyld wyld cbd cbn gummies an unfamiliar number.Tang Junmei has been feeling very uncomfortable these days.She even had a nightmare last night.After thinking about it, she said Officer Han, I know Not many, but other people may know her better, why don t you ask Ji Zhaojun, who is also our classmate, Qiuyan mentioned her to me more than once, and they have kept in touch, and they seem to have a good relationship.Sister Tang , do you have Ji HCMUSSH is cbd oil better than gummies Zhaojun s contact information No, her family lives in Changbao Village, no, she should have a family too, her natal family lives in Changbao, and she hasn t seen her since she graduated from junior high school, let alone contacted her.The Great Fort is not far away, so it shouldn t be difficult to find out.By the way, Qiuyan seems to have said that Ji Zhaojun sells clothes at the is cbd oil better than gummies Huayi store behind Xinglong Department Store.The militias in each village are the same as the previous voluntary security patrols, whether there are materials or not in reality, and it is difficult to gather them together.If nothing else happened, they would have another identity in the future, and they would become the defense reserve force of Huayuan Street.He is not only a security guard, but also a security officer, and a coordinator, and he will soon become a militia reserve.Han Chaoyang also found it funny, thought about it and asked Director Wang and the others didn t is cbd oil better than gummies cbd gummies for male enhancement reviews call, and the guy from Dianyu didn t come today I don t know, he didn t call me anyway.Da Han, he didn t call, I ve been guarding here, maybe the kid from Electric Fish didn cbd gummy candies wyld wyld cbd cbn gummies t come.Zheng Xinyi just finished speaking, when the landline in her hand rang, she pressed the recording button, picked up the receiver, and was about to speak when she heard the old factory director of 527 Factory Shouted on the phone Is it the police office Something happened, something serious happened.For grilled sausages and meat skewers, Su Xian has always laughed at herself as a is cbd oil better than gummies neighborhood committee aunt who doesn t care if she is fat or not, and asks the boss to add everything that can be added, and even asks the boss to add more peppers.Snacks are also eaten with relish.After eating and drinking enough to see that there was a stall on the opposite side, he went shopping at the night market.Huang Ying didn t send Su Xian to the neighborhood committee is cbd oil better than gummies until after seven o clock.The opportunity is rare, Su Xian naturally won t just let her go.He forced her to get out of the car, opened the back door of the police room and said with a smile, Come on, come in and have a look, come in and have a glass of water together.What s there to see Just stay with me.What the finance office said, Huang Ying suddenly thought about what the unlucky guy was doing, tightened her shoulder bag and smiled, Okay, just take a look, it seems that I haven t gone in yet.I drove the patrol car to the construction site of Bishui New City.The construction site was brightly lit, and the trucks delivering commercial concrete lined up outside.The slurry pump truck inside stretched out its long arms to transport the concrete to the huge foundation for pouring.A dozen workers is cbd oil better than gummies cbd gummies for male enhancement reviews in hard hats work below, vibrating pumps humming, and two managers in blue hard hats direct.Master Song, where does Boss Xia live The second room upstairs.Han Chaoyang and Li Xiaobin jumped out of the car and climbed up the iron ladder to the second floor of the prefab room.The contractor lives in the same way as the workers.The mobile home is welded and riveted with profiles and color steel plates.There is no air conditioner, and it is extremely hot inside.Not only is it extremely stuffy, but the smell is also very pungent.Isn t there a recital, you can become a performer Violin player Difficult, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is harder than becoming a scientist.If you don t believe me, you can check on the Internet, how many academicians there are, and how many violinists there are.I have never heard of many violinists, only one who plays the cello and A few play the piano.Huang Ying came to her senses, thought about it and asked again Chaoyang, if I resign, if I go to another city like Lingling, will you resign like Xu Hongliang and go to another city to find me Yes Without thinking, without even thinking about it, you will know it is a lie as soon as you hear it.I really know it, Han Chaoyang looked back at her, and said with a chuckle, Although I am not as rich as Xu Hongliang and not as financially free as he is, I have skills, and I won t starve to death no matter where I go, even if I can t find a job.His annual salary plus year end bonus is tens of millions.He bought a house there and married a wife.My cousin and sister in law are taking care of their is cbd oil better than gummies children.Where are your grandpa and grandma Not here anymore, otherwise my uncle wouldn t be able to go to Dongguang.So it s just your aunt and uncle at night And Su Sister, this generation is completely messed up, I can t be called Sister Su at night, I can be called Director Su just like you at night.Huang Ying couldn t help laughing when thinking of the relationship between her aunt and Su Xian.Han Chaoyang only knew that Director Su was a temporary cadre, and never thought of asking her which unit she was in.Just as she was about to ask, Huang Ying smiled and said, My aunt and Sister Su are classmates at the party school.We lived in a dormitory, we just met each other, and we have a very good relationship.Yes There are street lights and cameras everywhere in the community, and if she enters the children s playground and doesn t come out, it means that she has been hiding in it, unless she knows the invisibility, flying or escaping skills.When is cbd oil better than gummies Han Chaoyang suppressed a smile and rushed to the children s playground, he saw two security guards shining flashlights on the children s slide, and a figure could be vaguely seen in the plastic pipe of the slide.Lianlian, why are you hiding here You scared me to death Chen Jun jumped out of the car, ran to the bottom of the slide, squatted on the ground and shouted into the plastic pipe.Leave me alone, is cbd oil better than gummies I won t go back Go back, don t make trouble, all mistakes are my fault, okay What have you been doing, do you know where your mistakes are There is no way to live this day It s over, don t you want to separate, okay, let s separate, we will go to divorce at dawn.From the surveillance video, Chaoyang just now The four people who reported were very suspicious, they were inadvertently scared away by the hospital security guard Lao Gui, you know the situation of the Sixth Hospital, Lao Gui is is cbd oil better than gummies on duty in the police room, and he is wearing the uniform of the auxiliary police.Someone ran away from the hospital , and did not receive a notification that a major case occurred at night in any place, Deputy Director Xing really didn t take it seriously just now.But it s different when Grandpa Gu says it s suspicious, and from Grandpa Gu s description, it can be confirmed that it s very suspicious.Deputy Director Xing held his phone and shouted Xiao Hong, Zhongshan Road Police Platform, please call the surveillance camera, hurry up Click.Yes Old Gu, don t worry, within three minutes at most, I ll call you as soon as it s called.I, Han Chaoyang, please answer if you receive it Group four received, group four received, it s over.Group five Received, Group 5 received, please instruct.Group 6 received, Group 6 received, it s over.The security company only has a walkie talkie without a repeater, and it is a civilian use walkie talkie, not only can t shout far, even often Being disturbed, Han Chaoyang can only contact the seven groups in this area at the 10 benefits of cbd gummies moment.It is too troublesome to call one by one, but it is convenient to send WeChat in groups.It is impossible for key players to stare at their phones at the moment.In order to save traffic, some team members hardly use 3G or 4G at ordinary times.It was only one person who could be contacted.Han Chaoyang stared at Jing Xiaoan and Xiaogu, held up the walkie talkie and said excitedly All groups pay attention to each group.The three of them could play until 6 55, and the performance had already appeared on the large screens on the south bank and the north bank.track list.The music director took the list they had written temporarily, took out a pen and marked it out, and reminded Four, let s make some adjustments.This one are cbd gummies or oil better will be played when the garrison enters the arena, and these two will be played when the leaders enter the arena.Arrange for someone to come over later, he understands music as much as you do, and when you play, you guide, cbd gummy candies wyld wyld cbd cbn gummies and you have to listen to him when and what piece to play.Okay, no problem.Let s get started, don t tell the band that it s live, Prevent them from getting nervous.Understood, thank you Director Le.I should be the one thanking you, Xiao Han, you are responsible for the order of the scene, the crowd can watch, but you can t block the entrance.Old Wen was even more confused, and after he finished speaking, he looked at the entrance again.Qian Nana didn t want to be misunderstood by her colleagues, she explained Have you seen the policeman conducting the performance His surname is Han, and his name is Han Chaoyang.He is the Most Handsome Policeman in Yanyang who was very popular a while ago.I interviewed him and he knows me.What s wrong with knowing each other Listen to me, the day before yesterday he sent me a WeChat, asking me to help report a baby suffering from leukemia, please help forward the letter for help, and help appeal to the public for donations It s not like you don t know how many similar requests for help I receive in a day, and whether I can report them is not up to me.I can only help post Weibo and Moments.As a result, my Weibo and Moments have is cbd oil better than gummies nothing but these.Han Chaoyang has only started working for a few days, and the probationary period has not yet expired, so it is cbd oil better than gummies is too early to talk about this.The district leaders are very satisfied with that boy, especially Secretary Yang The municipal bureau and the provincial department may not necessarily want it, and it is hard to say in the district.Is it easy to get a most handsome policeman from the branch office He is cbd oil better than gummies cbd gummies for male enhancement reviews reminded Boss Zhou, Lao Gu will retire in a few months., it is unrealistic to consider an administrative position now, but he can be included in the party member development plan at the end of the year.He has done a good job in the community and the masses like it very much.Even if we don t nominate him, Secretary Yang will probably propose it. Yes, There is no problem with these two points.For other units, maybe you can talk to the leader of the unit who poached the wall.But what kind of unit is PolyU, what is the identity of President Nie, people can talk to city leaders on an equal footing, and they can call the provincial leaders directly when encountering any problems, and the provincial and departmental leaders will give him face.What can I say.The other party was too tough, the more Director Du thought about it, the more depressed he became, and he said with a gloomy face, shark tank cbd gummies episode cbd gummy candies wyld Old Gu, is Xiao Han in the police room No, the house he bought was transferred, his mother is here, he asked for leave today.Call him and tell him to go back to the police station.I ll be there right away, and I ll talk to him in person 221 Chapter withstood the test There is not much meat in a few gummy bear edibles cbd tens of catties of crayfish, but no one can eat crayfish as a meal.I suggest you is cbd oil better than gummies go back and discuss with your mother and your mother in law, and manage the short term rental as a hotel.Register with the industry and commerce department This is is cbd oil better than gummies It is necessary, not only to go to the industrial and commercial department to register, but also to go to the tax department to go through tax registration and purchase unified invoices, to go to the fire department to go through fire inspection and acceptance, to go to the security brigade of Yanzhong Sub bureau to apply for a security permit, and to go to the environmental protection and sanitation department Go through relevant procedures.Industry and commerce, taxation, environmental protection, sanitation are easy to talk about, and fire protection and security are not a big problem.The only problem is that according to the existing laws and regulations, the procedures just mentioned are for hotels and inns with more than 20 beds.There are more than 20,000 teachers and students in PolyU, you should give full play to your advantages and promote the Wechat official account of our patrol team.It has 10,000 followers.She didn t care about the WeChat official account one or two times, because the official account has already started to make money It didn t count to use every opportunity to attract attention before, but now he has the idea of PolyU.Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say, and Su is cbd oil better than gummies Xian said straightforwardly It s just a matter of paying attention.It s easy to do, and they don t need to spend money.Now these new formats That s great, it s not the wool that comes from the sheep, it s the wool that is cbd oil better than gummies shark tank cbd gummies episode cbd gummy candies wyld comes from the pigs and the dog pays the bill.We have already missed an opportunity, and we can t miss the second time.It can be seen from this that as long as those who were in Tanjiagou at that time were able to make meritorious service and receive awards.The only difference is that the Longdao County Party Committee and County Government are much more generous than the Municipal Bureau, and the four armed police soldiers all won third class personal merit Now, comrades, welcome Deputy Director Ying of the Political Department of the Provincial Department with warm applause, and read out the order of the Provincial Department to record merit for Comrade Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Yandong Branch of the Yanyang Public Security Bureau who came to our county for study and exchange Who is the fugitive It was caught, and everyone present knew it.Just now neither the city bureau leader nor the county leader mentioned Yanyang s most handsome policeman , but no one thought it was strange, after all, the grand finale is always at the end.This afternoon I reported it to you, and I just reported to Director Fang, and Director Fang said that he will come right away Director Mei, Director Fang and Director Tao will be here soon, we can sit down, we have prepared four tables Director Ning, Orchid Hall, I m just waiting for you After eating, take a few bites, if you can t drink, please, hurry up.Director Chu was busy calling the leaders of the provincial department who were upstairs, and Director Zhou was attending the meeting at the same time.The head of the public security bureau of the brother county bureau at the meeting made a phone call, and while calling, he looked back at the few subordinates who were very upbeat.Commissar Huang and Fan Ju finally realized why their immediate superiors had brought the boys here, and they couldn t help laughing.Where is the mistake I really didn t take their bag, shark tank cbd gummies episode cbd gummy candies wyld really I didn t steal their money.I m worried, I m afraid, I m afraid you think I stole it, I m afraid you will find the school Still quibbling Facts have proved that the most handsome policeman has laid the groundwork very well just now, and this kid is completely Panicked, already out of proportion.Yan Bin also slammed the table down, stared at his gleaming eyes, and asked There is no silver three hundred taels here, you didn t steal it, how do you know that the money is in the bag The owner didn t say anything, We didn t mention it either, but the video that is cbd oil better than gummies asked cbd gummies for ed is cbd oil better than gummies you at that time is still there, should I call it up for you to see Zhu Youwei, don t cbd gummies for ed is cbd oil better than gummies even think about it, there is not enough evidence that Officer Yan can stay at PolyU and wait here for you Throw in a net Han Chaoyang interjected without losing the opportunity, his attitude changed again, he sat down in front of him, and said unhurriedly Our leader has studied your case, and considering that you are a student, we even helped you with the school.There is no damage to the soft tissue of the abdominal wall, no rupture of soleri cbd gummies the abdominal organs, and no drowning in the stomach.The stomach content is about 20 grams, and the nature is difficult to distinguish, and the cbd gummies good for stress bladder is empty Yan Ju is not a forensic doctor, how can he understand this, He raised his head and asked, Let s talk about the cause of death.From the results of the autopsy, the victim Cao Shengkai met the characteristics of suffocation after being subjected to external force on the neck.Strangled .

does cbd gummies make ur dick hard?

to death It may have been strangled.Oh, why did you encounter such a murder case Yan Ju frowned slightly, motioning Teng Da to continue.We have basically figured out the family situation of the deceased.The parents of the deceased divorced before last year.His father, Cao Yongfu, worked as a business manager in a machinery factory in Kaijing County.Angkor, have you sifted the sand Han Chaoyang looked back at the shovel he had just put down, and pulled him aside to ask.Wu Wei dusted off the dust, and said lightly They are about the same age as my dad, and they are sweating profusely.I watched what they looked like.Anyway, I was idle, so I just helped for a while.Knowing that you are active in your work, I did not expect to be so active Well now, you made a good start and it would be even worse if I quit.Han Chaoyang was extremely depressed, and said resentfully Angkor, you are not helping others, you are stealing their jobs They are paid by the day, if you help them with one more day of work, they will pay less.If you work for one day, you will lose one day s wages But it s not just about wages now, the task force is waiting for the physical evidence from our side, the sooner the screening is completed and the evidence is obtained earlier, the case will be solved sooner.Hello, Teng University.Wu Wei subconsciously said hello.Don t be so restrained.I m busy today.Hurry up and wash up.I ll make room for you.After so many days of investigation, I finally found out the clues of a mindless murder.Judging from the situation, this is obviously a case in progress, and it is very hopeful to expand the results of the battle.Teng Da was in a bad mood, and he rinsed his mouth, not even wiping the toothpaste froth on is cbd oil better than gummies the corner of his mouth, so he squeezed Go to the door and give the lads a spot by the pool.The specific situation will be known later, Han Chaoyang hurriedly washed his face and brushed his teeth, and was not in a hurry to ask Zhang Qiuping.At 10 25, the meal is officially opened The traffic police team has a cafeteria.This meal is neither breakfast nor lunch.Let s report first.Han Chaoyang just smiled, and the phone was connected, only to hear Teng Da asking on the other end of the phone Xiao Han, what else is there Reporting to Tengda, Comrade Li Kaiyi and Comrade Xu Guoqiang, the policemen of the Serious Case Squadron of the Criminal Police Brigade of our branch, agreed that since Yang Jiandong and Tan Haitao s gang opened an underground casino in our city, it is impossible not to leave clues I really thought of going together , I am having a headache from which unit to dispatch the police to investigate this line.The investigation of the case has entered a critical stage, and Teng Jiming no longer cared about whether he would take credit for the Yandong branch, so he asked calmly, Xiao Han, so your manpower is not very tight Report Teng Da, The leaders of our sub bureau attach great importance to this case, and the bureau leaders support it, as do the leaders of Changfeng Police Station and Huayuan Street Police Station, and now there are five policemen, including me and Wu Wei., Playing with the mind is really not necessarily able to play them.What s more, these people are not all you can expect to meet.If you call him, it may not be the person who answers the phone.Even if you are the person, he will definitely ask you who you are first.Xu Guoqiang said abruptly again Chaoyang, haven t you stayed in the gravel field by the Beitai River for several days You should be familiar with the steel market.Although the name of the sixth company is Trading Co., Ltd., it is actually He is in the steel business.I have inquired about him, and he may be the biggest boss in our Yanyang steel business.There are several steel markets in the city with his branches, and there should be one in the steel market in the high tech zone. I am I stayed there for a few days, but I just stared at the migrant workers sifting sand in the gravel yard.Very serious and serious, like interrogating criminals, Tian Jiming was stunned all of a sudden.Village head Cui also felt that something was wrong, so he didn t bother to make a second cup of tea, so he walked across to Han Chaoyang and asked, Xiao Han, what s going on, I know what kind of person Mr.Tian is best, what problems can he have Chapter 345 Two cases Han Chaoyang looked up at Village Chief Cui, and then turned his gaze to Tian Jiming who had is cbd oil better than gummies just recovered from his slumber and said, Mr.Tian, you are a straightforward person.I won t make circles with you, so I ll just ask you a question, do you have any questions Have you ever played Ralac So that s what happened Tian Jiming came to his senses, took out a cigarette and lit it, took a few .

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puffs in a row, and said lightly I played it a few times, what s the matter, someone reported it Where did you play and who did you play with.And it costs money to treat guests to dinner.If the fugitive was not caught and a lot of invoices were taken back, the leader would definitely not be happy.It is conceivable whether the invoices can be reimbursed smoothly.In the words of Instructor Wang, colleagues in the sub bureau are embarrassed to bother them, but in fact they dare not trouble them But it s really unreasonable not to greet people when they come to their jurisdiction to handle a case.Han Chaoyang was very embarrassed, and hurriedly said Instructor Wang, I m not working on a case today.I m on vacation.The leader of our branch just mentioned it.Let me stop by when time permits, so as to do the work of the relatives of the suspects.Huo Xuebin has already gone online, he is the fugitive you want to arrest, and he is also the suspect we want to arrest.So the bank only has withdrawal records, not Transfer records, no one knows where he hid the money, and whether he used someone else s ID card to open a bank account and deposit the stolen money in the bank.More than 20 million cash can be packed in several boxes.He took it Xiaoqian looked in disbelief.It seems to be taken out three times, and each time I made an appointment in advance.Han Chaoyang paused, and added At that time, his father was also in Yanyang, helping the construction site.He rolled up the hard earned money of the workers After running away, a few small contractors found that something was wrong, and led a group of workers around his father to ask for an explanation, demanding that the father pay back the debts of the son, and it seemed that they even made a move.In the end, the police from our sub bureau rescued his father.He s afraid that I won t be able to get married I think your father is trying to blame others.What is blaming others Marrying you a big headed ghost Don t talk about it, I m going to investigate the case, just yesterday I didn t go to Xinmin Community, .

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but I lost another electric car.Xinmin Community, Xinmin Community There is no property, no security guards, no technical defense facilities, and even the wrought iron fence has been opened so many holes by the owner that anyone can enter if they want to.Senior brother Yu Zhenchuan was overwhelmed when he was in charge of that area, and now it s her turn.Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked Sister Miao, how are the preparations for the owners meeting and the owners committee going If you don t agree, you can t do it.When Miao Haizhu mentioned this, she became depressed, and is cbd oil better than gummies said through gritted teeth I have tried everything, and I have done everything that should be done and what should not be done. No Question, I will call someone, and I will lead the team myself.Okay, sorry for your trouble.That area is under the jurisdiction of Lao Tang and Miao Haizhu, so of course they have to be notified when such a big event happens.Han Chaoyang was calling Old Tang when Grandpa Gu walked in through the back door with a solemn expression.Master, Sergeant Tang is in the office, and Haizhu is outside looking for clues about the theft of the electric car in Xinmin Community.It will take half an hour for them to arrive at the scene at the earliest.If you stay here and watch, I will go to the scene first. Go, leave it to me here.Don t squeeze, don t rush, line up and come one by one.Han Chaoyang opened the drawer and took out the police car keys, and while shouting, lifted the cover of the police station and squeezed out.He turned around and stared into his eyes and asked, Dai Zhitong, What did you do is cbd oil better than gummies as the police chief, and how did you become the squad leader Huayu Village was a key village suspected of selling stolen goods more than ten years ago, and the crime of dealing in stolen cars has revived, even more rampant than before You, lyft cbd edibles 20g gummy worms the bureau chief You don t even know anything, so tell me, what will happen next Cuiju, I didn t do my job well, so I have to take leadership responsibility. Not only you have to take leadership responsibility, but the county bureau s party committee has to review With so many colleagues from Yanyang around, Director Cui didn t want to make his colleagues laugh, so he didn t criticize any more, but suppressed his anger and said coldly I ll help you coordinate with Yuezhi, and your Jiangxi County Public Security Bureau will cooperate with you.Han Chaoyang didn t slow down until now.He set the alarm on his phone and went to sleep after washing up.To deal with the blizzard, the district has a plan, the sub bureau has a plan, the street has a plan, and the neighborhood committee has a plan.Zhang Zhishu and Director Xie didn t even go home tonight, but were on duty at the neighborhood committee.The phone alarm was set at 5 00 in the morning, but at 4 30, Xiaokang, who was on duty in the police station tonight, called.Han Chaoyang hurriedly got up, opened the window and looked out.The snow is at least 35 centimeters thick and is still falling.Han Da, the street has just issued a notice to clear the snow on the main and secondary arterial cbd gummies for ed is cbd oil better than gummies roads half an hour in advance.It is required to clear all the snow before 6 o clock.Understood, I will be there soon Sleep well, but Han Chaoyang didn t think there was anything wrong with the orders of the street leaders.Han Chaoyang didn t know the first level police inspector who accompanied the city leaders to inspect, but the first level police inspector standing next to the city leaders knew him.Looking at the back of him leading the team to run, he walked to the city leaders and introduced Mr.Commander, the Comrade Han Chaoyang who led the team just now is very famous on the Internet, he is the most handsome policeman in our Yanyang.You may not have heard of him because you are so busy with work, but you must know his master.Who is his master Comrade cbd gummy candies wyld wyld cbd cbn gummies Gu Guoli, a second level hero model in the national public security system, a provincial labor model, and a deputy to the provincial people s congress.It turns out that he is Comrade Gu Guoli s apprentice, so it s no wonder.Mayor Chen smiled, and then turned to point to a red flag in the distance The community vigilante patrol is also kind of interesting.After sweeping the snow and returning to the classroom, Huang Ying decided not to stick to the classmate relationship agreed before, and sat at the same table with him without hesitation.The leaders of the party school sat on the stage and talked for more than ten minutes.They didn t hold an opening ceremony or take a photo with the students, so they let the teacher start teaching.The so called teaching is to is cbd oil better than gummies let the students watch the online lecture videos of the lecturers of the Central Party School.From the perspective of the training schedule, it is mainly self study.The first three days are all about watching videos.On the last day, there are on site lectures in the morning and a final exam in the afternoon.Since you have to take the exam, you have to study hard, otherwise it would be embarrassing to fail.Qiu Genmao heard it clearly, and thought to himself that the most handsome policeman in Yanyang is nothing special, but he is lucky to have a great master.Han Chaoyang didn t know what he was thinking.After Wang Jianping finished asking for instructions, he discussed for a while, then hurried downstairs and drove to Chaoyang International Youth Hostel again.Huang s mother really likes children, and she is coaxing Xinxin, who just woke up, to eat cake.Ling Bin sat on the bench with several young passengers, looked up at Xie Lingling who was playing the piano for a while, looked back .

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at Xinxin for a while, and looked down at the phone for a while.Chaoyang, are you off work Seeing her son in law walking to the bar, Huang Ma subconsciously asked while hugging Xinxin.I m not busy today, get off work early. What happened next Then she disappeared and has never been heard from.Han Chaoyang sighed, and added Actually, I got lost twice before, but not far away.The old bachelor was worried that she would get lost again, so he put his ID card in her pocket, thinking that if she got lost again, kind people or the police They will send people back according to the address on the ID card, but the ID card finally fell into the hands of Wan Xiaoxia, and the facial features are still somewhat similar.Such a coincidence Grandpa Gu thought for a while and then asked Have the accomplices who were arrested met Sister Wei The experience of going out to work until the age of 21 and meeting Zhang Boyu in the past three years has not been investigated.China is so big, who knows where she worked in those three years, and who knows who she came into contact with during the working period.The younger brother of Kanshi Bureau is very young, but shark tank cbd gummies episode cbd gummy candies wyld it is not simple.He also serves as the captain of two voluntary security patrol teams.He has hundreds of patrol members under him.It is not a street aunt wearing a red sleeve, all of them are in their twenties Young lads, all ex soldiers and police cadets.Leading so many people Not only are there a lot of people, but they also have fighting power.Not long ago, their patrol team was awarded the third class collective merit by the Yanyang City Bureau, and several young men were awarded the third class individual merit.It is a good thing that there are many people.He has already laid a net on his side, and even borrowed Several cars are ready to follow and cheap cbd gummies review monitor at any time, Wan Xiaoxia will definitely not escape if she dares to go Master, there is not only one policeman, Han Chaoyang, but there are several policemen in their police office, similar to a police station.Although several old acquaintances left, there were still some, such as Wang Shuangcheng, or Da Liu who was on duty at the is cbd oil better than gummies bus is cbd oil better than gummies cbd gummies for male enhancement reviews exit.After chatting with Liu for a while, and learned a lot about the security situation at the HCMUSSH is cbd oil better than gummies station, Han Chaoyang entered the waiting hall from the parking lot through the ticket gate, walked around the hall, and came to the station police room with ease.Lao Dai just helped the female owner to coordinate with the station, brought a ticket, and said earnestly Comrade Xiao Qi, we have filed a case for the theft of your wallet and mobile phone.The police are investigating the case.The thief full isolate cbd gummies has probably run away.Let s solve the case.It needs another process, and it can t be done standing here.You go home by car first, and we will notify you as soon as we have news.Yes Sixty five cheap laborers came all at once, and everyone present Every promoter is either a squad leader, a deputy squad leader, or a master.All of them are beaming with joy, and they are full of anger with a yes.Seeing Xu Hongliang s embarrassing look, Han Chaoyang couldn t help leaning into Lao Ding cbd gummy candies wyld s ear and laughing It s a set, Lao Ding, is this the young master Xu we know Lao Ding also found it funny, so he kept his face Said Don t forget that he is also a graduate of the Judicial Police Academy.The leaders, teachers, classmates and juniors from his alma mater will come later.Of course, we have to make the scene bigger.If you don t tell me, I almost forgot I ve done this.Han Chaoyang looked up, and Chen Jie and Xiaokang were just as excited, and the uniforms had obviously been ironed, not cbd oil gummies amazon only fit but also straight.Vice Minister Jiang can not give Han Chaoyang Face, but I have to give Grandpa Gu face, put down the phone and ask Old Gu, what are you afraid of Subconsciously identify too much.I m just making an analogy.Grandpa Gu knocked on the cigarette ash, and then sighed Don t say that Chinese students are abroad, even we Chinese have been taken in and repatriated because of insufficient documents before in China.In the early years, farmers To work in cities, you must have a work permit and a temporary residence permit.Many migrant workers have been detained and repatriated because of this.But it was in a transitional period, and now it has improved.It will not happen now and is cbd oil better than gummies will never happen again.Han Chaoyang was so impressed, he thought to himself that the master is the master, and that he could go from inadequate law popularization to the fact strongest cbd gummies on amazon that the British training violated the immigration regulations.You caught a lot of thieves back then, but the law and order at that time was not as good as it is now.Not only were there many thieves, but they were also rampant.They even went to the police station to commit crimes.Your master and I met when we were working on that case.Can you save face Is it interesting to expose people s short stories in front of the juniors A lot of reporters interviewed him, but he never showed his full face on newspapers or TV.He had to wear big sunglasses or make a mosaic, which was required by the provincial department, in case thieves would remember his appearance.Old Gu, I ll mention this.Just to get angry, the leaders of the department know what they are sitting in the office all day long.They think that if they don t give me a full face, the thief will not recognize me.I ll ask Xiao Chen to help you order takeaway with your mobile phone.Anything your granddaughter likes to eat will be delivered directly to your home.As for the electric car, we will notify you to go to the Huayuan Street Police shark tank cbd gummies episode cbd gummy candies wyld Station to claim it as soon as the procedures are completed.If you really don t have is cbd oil better than gummies time, I can ask someone to send it back to you. Just as Grandpa Gu expected, as soon as Han Chaoyang walked into the backyard, Liu Jianye and Xu Weizhong arrived in a police car and brought a trunk.Chaoyang, find some people to help.Okay.The young men were all in the meeting room, Han Chaoyang went over and knocked on the window, and Wu Junfeng and others ran out.Han Chaoyang returned to the police car, opened the trunk, and couldn t help laughing, Liu Suo, instructor, why do you still have uniforms He explained Secretary Cao, the nature of the anti pickup work is quite special.Flash mob made Yanyang Polytechnic school flower Zheng Yutong popular among friends The two ladies were busy posting, and Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing This is going to be popular, You guys are headline parties What s wrong with headline parties Huang Ying chuckled, turned her head and urged, Don t just stand there, help repost, and repost all your groups.Ask your sub bureau again Official account and Weibo, can you post it for us It shouldn t be a big problem, we often help the branch to forward it, but it s not suitable now, what time is it now, people don t have to rest Others don t know, but I don t know.Your branch office must have a special person to monitor public opinion.There must be someone on duty at the moment.Fearing that Han Chaoyang would not want to contact, Huang Ying actually put down the mouse and picked up the phone, clicked on WeChat and found a WeChat public account No.They are all party members, so this vanguard of party members really lives up to its name.Ju Zhou, Bureau Du, that s what I think.Maintaining a high pressure situation against property crimes such as bag theft and pickpocketing will not take long to bring down the street crime rate in the jurisdiction of our police platform, but after a while This kind of crime will rise again.If the anti pick up team is disbanded after three months, it will not be so easy to form such a vanguard team of party members.Even if it can be established, the team members have to start from scratch.It makes sense, the backbones that have been cultivated with great difficulty must be kept.Zhou Ju nodded slightly, motioning for him to continue.Furthermore, apart from cases of property theft such as bag theft, it is hard to say whether there will be other cases in the jurisdiction, especially in emergencies.He actually asked Yingying and me when we were getting married, and said that getting married early is better than getting married late, even if we go first Get a certificate from the Civil Affairs Bureau.Su Xian thought to herself that your boy is in the limelight these days, but it hasn t reached the level where the leaders of the main bureaus including Zhou Bureau want to talk to you alone, so she put down her chopsticks and asked Chaoyang, has there been any personnel adjustments in those grassroots teams in your branch recently Yes, Director Su, how did you know It is the adjustment of the leadership team of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Some time ago, the Municipal Bureau conducted public opinion surveys.The masses were not satisfied with the work of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.For pickpockets, crowded people can fish in troubled waters, so the worse the weather is, the busier our pickpocketing team will be Mr.Ji s eyebrows were beaming, and it seemed that the result of today s battle was good.Mr.Wu smiled and said nothing as usual, but it can be seen cbd gummies for ed is cbd oil better than gummies that their group also gained something.The bureau is cbd oil better than gummies requires that the battle results be reported every day, and Han Chaoyang was about to ask about the current situation, so Cao Zefang got up and said with a smile Minister Jiang, please, you are the highest rank, and you must take the lead.No matter what level you are, it s good to sit casually.Vice Minister Jiang said that he could sit casually, but he still sat in the seat facing the door of the box under the warm invitation of everyone.As expected, they had already congratulated on the phone in the afternoon, and they congratulated again as soon as they sat down., In fact, if you don t integrate, you need to train as much as you want to learn.After all, the nature of security and security work is quite special, politics must be reliable, and business must be excellent.Security must be trained and must be learned Vice Minister Jiang subconsciously said It makes sense, let me tell you what you think.But in fact, there are not many opportunities to organize training and political study.The policemen in every police station are like this.The whole day is either one or the other.They have no time to train, have no time to exercise, and even eat abnormally.Many policemen have irregular meal times and no time to exercise.Fat.It s obviously an occupational disease, and the masses still feel disgusted when they see it.Grandpa Gu felt the same, and said in a deep thought Chaoyang s words are on point.Who knows that PolyU also has voluntary security patrols, And this not only does not delay work but also has the effect of training.Vice Minister Jiang thought the idea was good, and said with a smile Pull the team out every day and make a big circle, no, two big circles Shifts need to be handed over in the morning, and shifts need to be handed over in the evening.Think about this time and arrange it at When there are many people, the route must be well planned Cao Zefang knew better than anyone how satisfied his superiors would be if he could continue this activity, he patted the table and said, You must dress neatly and wear all the equipment I I have no just cbd 250mg gummies opinion.Section Chief Xiao also thought it was a good idea, and said with a smile Everyone talks about combining attack and defense, but for us, we focus on prevention.Lao Ding couldn t stand it any longer, and squeezed inside with a few team members, grabbed his arm, and shouted to his classmate Xiao Gu while pushing him out The police interrogated, please cooperate What are you doing, you want to arrest someone Right, arresting people requires evidence Whoever arrests you, this is an interrogation Lao Ding squeezed out the boss looking guy, and warned Get out of the way, let me get out of the way, who dares If you act rashly, anyone who dares to obstruct law enforcement is obstructing official duties, and I will arrest him I heard that there is no more, be honest with me.Seeing a few guys in the middle who were about to move, Xu Hongliang and Wu Junfeng immediately squeezed past.Capture the thief first, capture the king, and take down a guy who looks like a boss, and there will be a lot of peace left.Han Chaoyang grinned.Clutching the phone tightly, Director Du said with emotion Xiao Han, I think you should know in your heart that the bureau s party committee is putting pressure on you.Let me emphasize again, it is not only an exceptional promotion, but also a burden After you have built it, it is up to you, and you must not disappoint the expectations of the Bureau Party Committee.Don t worry, Bureau Du, I will never embarrass you.Work hard, I have confidence in you.Click to That s enough, Director Du immediately changed the topic You have to attend the event tomorrow afternoon on time, it s best to come early to help set up the stage, don t forget the band of PolyU, more people, more people cbd gummies 210 mg will be lively, only by engaging The policemen who live in other places will not be homesick if they are busy.Seeing that the chefs were more focused than one another, and all of their attention was focused on the pot, Yu Zhenchuan grabbed a garrison worker and asked, Where is Gui Pride cbd sour gummies wana The fourth one from the left.Yu Zhenchuan and Wu Wei were about to lead two team members each to outflank the suspect, when Gui Proud suddenly put the frying pan aside with a spoon, and was about to turn around and pile it on the operating table Seeing four or five policemen coming in at once, and all staring at him, they threw down the frying pan and frying spoon and ran to the back door of the kitchen.Chapter 539 Race against time 8 Where are you going, stop Gui is proud, stop, you can is cbd oil better than gummies t run away It will be troublesome if you splash hot oil on people, or grab a kitchen knife.More importantly, although the arrest was hasty cbd gummies for ed is cbd oil better than gummies in order to seize time, it was not unprepared.Do you know where Guomao is Why didn t cbd gummies without melatonin you report to the city bureau first Chen Bureau, I I just found out about it A HCMUSSH is cbd oil better than gummies police station in the Yandong Sub bureau actually sent police to Guomao to arrest people.Said There are two important meetings in China World Trade Center today.One is the work meeting for the deployment of safe production in the province in 2016, and the other is the economic and trade fair.Mayor Gao, Deputy Secretary Gan and our Mayor Meng are all there.Go arrest people Just arresting people, and talking nonsense about anti terrorism, Secretary General Shi of the provincial government was startled, thinking that there were some terrorists, and called the provincial department to ask if they should evacuate It goes without saying that the hotel is not within the jurisdiction of the Yandong Sub bureau.Grandpa Gu took a sip of water and said with a smile In our line of work, don t you just seek honor.As a policeman, you want personal honor.As a leader , We need collective honor.Meritorious service should be praised, and meritorious service should be judged and rewarded, otherwise, where does the enthusiasm for work come from But Wu Wei can t be blamed Why can t you blame Wu Wei, not only Wu Wei, but also Lao Hu.Grandpa Gu looked at Han Chaoyang with hillstone hemp cbd gummies for sex a .

are cbd gummies safe to use?

smile, and said meaningfully Just now I said how the director of Qingshan became the director, now I want to ask How do you become the police chief of the police district and also the patrol captain The Xinyuan Street Police Station wants collective honor, and the Huayuan Street Police Station wants collective honor.Don t the police district and the patrol team not want honor Master, I don t quite understand.If the legal system thinks there is no problem, just follow They sign.The editor in chief is not a legal person, so his signature is useless.It needs to be signed by the legal person of the website, and the official seal of the website must be affixed.Chapter 560 platinum hemp herb natural cbd gummies review Thrilling On weekends, there are only people on duty in the agency, instead of everyone going to work as usual.If it weren t for responding to netizens doubts, Commissar Huang and Director Wen wouldn t be in the bureau today.It was also because it was the weekend, and the efficiency of the Political Department of the Municipal Bureau and the Organization Department of the District Committee was not as high as usual, and it was delayed until 10 00 noon before officially responding to netizens questions through the official Weibo and official WeChat public accounts.The ballistic is cbd oil better than gummies cbd gummies for male enhancement reviews inspection found that it was the one he lost.As soon as the appraisal report came out, the policeman who threw the gun was taken away, as if he had been sentenced to a few years in prison.As the saying goes, once bitten by a snake, you will be afraid of well ropes for ten years.Han Chaoyang had never been bitten by a snake, and he was also afraid of well ropes.He really turned pale when talking about guns , and said vaguely Director Wang, whether policemen like us are worthy of guns depends on what the superiors consider, not us.You can get a gun if you want to apply for it.What do your leaders think The reason why so many violent shark tank cbd gummies episode cbd gummy candies wyld terrorist incidents caused so many casualties is because they are afraid of wolves and tigers and dare not give you front line policemen guns.As he spoke, the old factory manager recalled the past again, and said happily Is it so scary to equip the grassroots with guns Is it really so easy to cause accidents I can t see it.It s not like lying.Han Chaoyang took out the police pass, and while checking Cao Wenjue s ID card, he continued to ask, Why did you quarrel It s not about money.But the salary is not high.My parents bought the who makes smilz cbd gummies is cbd oil better than gummies house for me.She also has a job, but the salary is not enough for her to spend on her own.She also needs to buy clothes, cosmetics, and fitness.It is really costly.Now All the girls are like this, and I didn t say anything.Isn t it the Chinese New Year She insists that I go back to my hometown with her.When I go to her house to celebrate the New Year, I can t go empty handed.I have to buy this and that.How can I pay it back next month I couldn t help but say a few words, and she got angry with me.The query results showed that he was a collective account holder of a state owned enterprise, with is cbd oil better than gummies a bachelor s degree and no criminal record.Registration fees, book fees, etc.I have helped you to register, and you will be rewarded as long as you pass the exam.But applying for an on the job postgraduate exam is different from taking the judicial exam, and the tuition fee is tens of thousands I discussed it with Yingying, she was very supportive, and my parents were also very supportive, so that I don t have to worry about the mortgage, and I can take care of myself.I usually save money, and the tuition fee can still be afforded.Everyone in the bureau thought of ways to help with reimbursement of tuition fees.In the past two years, more and more people have applied for the exam.Some policemen still apply for an MBA.The tuition fee is much higher than that of a police master s degree.Tuition is settled.But there are some things that cannot be treated in one size fits all, and should be treated differently., Immediately bring a big broom and other tools to dispatch.Every year on New Year s Eve, there will be a fire, and there has been a plan for it.When Han Chaoyang arrived on the scene, the boys had not only arrived but were fighting the fire.Artificially planted lawns, although the grass is dry and easy to ignite, but the grass does not grow high before it dries up, the flames will naturally not be high, the fire is not serious, and it will not even spread far, and will not cause further damage big fire.But let the fire go on like this, and the few cars on the lower ground will definitely be roasted.Sun Guokang didn t dare to delay for a moment, so he rolled up his sleeves and took out the big broom from the patrol car of the boys to do it together.Han Chaoyang was busy calling the street sanitation office that maintained the small park, asking where the faucet for watering the lawn was, and went to the opposite construction site to find tools such as water pipes, pliers, and steel wires, connected the water pipes, and twisted the joints with steel wires.If I hadn t been careful, he might have been deceived.That s no problem.Forget it, you bring him here.Forget it, I will ask Lao Guan to go find him with you.The case may be worth tens of millions or even hundreds of millions He Yichang was not sleepy at all, opened the door and shouted towards the case handling area Old Guan, Qian Yang, don t sleep, there is work to do, big work Captain He, what case Go first Wash your face and wake up.Oh, right now. Following He Yichang s order, the economic investigation police immediately got busy.After Han Chaoyang, Wu Wei and He Yichang reported the case, they assigned Lao Guan and Qian Yang to find Mo Yunhu, and then they left the Economic Investigation Squadron together with Lao Guan.I rushed to Xinmin Community again, talked with Mo Yunhu in the property office for nearly half an hour, and it was already dinner time when I returned to the police room.Yes It s definitely not a trivial matter to forget about food.Han Chaoyang hurriedly apologized to Director Gu and the others, followed Political Commissar Huang out of the hotel, crossed the road, and came to the police car at the entrance of the bank.Liu Jianye was on the phone, and the tone seemed to be for Lao Hu.Han Chaoyang s heart skipped a beat, wondering if something happened to Wu Wei and the others Feeling uneasy, Liu Jianye hung up the phone and walked to Political Commissar Huang with a wry smile Commissioner, Lao Hu doesn t know how to explain to others, so he can only find an excuse to ask for instructions and report to the bureau.He is waiting for a reply.I can t drag it on.How could it be like this, Political Commissar Huang was depressed, he held the car door and said, This is not a place to talk, let s go to the office first.Lao Hu knew very well what Xiao Sun was thinking, and he didn t care whether he would be laughed at by Xiao Sun, and then said Let s go to eat first, and after dinner, you should go to the hotel at the entrance of the village and get a room to rest.When I sent Han Da over just now I asked, there are not many tourists during the Spring Festival, and there are rooms.Reimbursement is a very troublesome matter, and it has nothing to do with the anti narcotics team.Lao Hu only said to open the room, but didn t say who would pay for it.Xiao Sun thought to himself that you are not afraid of shame, what am I afraid of, so he simply said, It s okay to open a room, but I forgot to bring my business card., I ll open it.Just now I asked the proprietress, they have invoices, and if they have the invoices, they can be reimbursed.There are some dirty clothes to be sent up.Junfeng and Chengquan also have to go up and take a shower.Come here, I m in the room.Han Chaoyang didn t know that they went through the garbage dump at night, His body was not only dirty but also smelled bad.He couldn t continue to follow without taking a shower and changing into clean clothes.Instead, he held his phone tightly and looked at Qiao Peiming who had just passed under the hotel with a smile and said, Old Hu, Xiao Sun s move is good.Holding up the mobile phone to start the live broadcast, the camera is aimed at the back, even if you walk in front, the suspect will not lose sight.Such a ghost, we can learn from this.That s what I mean, I will talk to the little girl in the group later Let Gu Xiaokang and the others talk.Okay.While chatting, the off road vehicle from Yanyang slowly stopped at the entrance of the small hotel.Unexpectedly, Team Ni went with Jiao Daxiang.He had checked Liu Qingjun s household registration information on the Internet, and was calling the leader of the anti drug brigade to ask for instructions from the Public Security Bureau where Liu Qingjun s household registration is located.There is no record of relatives in Beijing, especially buying or renting houses in Beijing.Ni Guoxiong put down his phone, lit a cigarette, and said, Jiao Da from your sub bureau s analysis is very reasonable, but there are only two people in the household registration information we can find now, one is him, the other is his son, and his wife has is cbd oil better than gummies been with him for a long time.Divorced, I have to wait if I want to know more.What about the addresses set on the navigation There are only two communities and one bank, and those two communities are very large, even if he rents in the community or in the We bought a house in the community, and we don t know which building or unit it is for a while.Call Liu Jianye and ask Liu Jianye to arrange a car It is best to go to the station to pick it up in person.The lads are obliged to do so, and they have done meritorious service.Zhou Ju, these are not the problem, the problem is that Xiao Han wants one of the young men to stay.Why, why did he make this request Feng Ju smiled and explained You have heard of that young man, his surname is Kang, Together with the little girl from the Zhongshan Road Police Office, she was admitted as a police officer, and she will report to the Fengyong County Public Security Bureau in a while.A leader who does not consider his subordinates is not a good leader.Xiao Han thinks this is an opportunity and wants to Xiaokang stays to participate in the investigation of the case.Hahaha, this kid, just a few days after he was promoted to the deputy department, he engaged in nepotism and wanted to support others Zhou Ju, he is the captain of the voluntary patrol team, not the captain of the criminal police team.There are workers around each construction site Vendors in local businesses, and migrant workers working on construction sites have this demand.Han Chaoyang smiled and said This is a good thing, but you have to say hello to Team Tang.Otherwise, Team Tang and the others will come and ban them as soon as they set up the stall.Those who cooperate are fine, and those who don t cooperate will even violently resist the law.At that time, there will be a lot of troubles.I said hello earlier, and Team Tang said that as long as they don t engage in open air barbecues and don t affect the surrounding environment of the construction site, there will be no problem.That s fine, the vendors have business, and the migrant workers What you want to eat and buy can be settled on the side of the construction site.I was not convinced, so I argued, but he did it, pushing me from here to there.The one who pushes you is not the one who hits you.Isn t pushing the same as doing it Is there a difference There is still a difference, but pushing is wrong.Han Chaoyang put down his pen and turned around and asked, If you don t I remember incorrectly that your surname should be Xu, Xu Guangming, right Yes Xiao Xu said hastily.Why do you push Boss Zhong Report Han Da, I pushed him, but he pushed me first.Xiao Xu walked to the opposite pedestrian entrance, and explained while gesturing I am standing here on duty, and he came in from here.I asked what building I lived in, and he scolded me, spitting on my face.I asked him why he scolded, and he pushed me, from here to there I knew it was deliberately finding fault Han Chaoyang pretended to be skeptical, and returned to the man who called the police Boss Zhong, you all insist on your own opinions.My family, Xiaoyun, is also studying in Donghai, so we just have a chat.Han Chaoyang was thinking to himself that I am a married person, what is there to talk about with your daughter, when the phone rang suddenly.Minister Jiang, Professor Zhang, I m sorry, I ll answer the phone first.Go ahead, we ll wait for you at the door.Tribe Internet Cafe has been online before.Forest Tribe Internet Cafe is one of the six Internet cafes behind PolyU, the decoration is average, and the scale is not too big.Han Chaoyang never thought that the little bastard who ran away from home and came to Yanyang to commit crimes would have surfed the Internet under the nose of the police office, and subconsciously asked, What about now I don t know where it is at the moment, I plan to go to the forest tribe first.Didn t goldline cbd gummies ingredients find the check in record of the hotel No, but a little bastard like him probably uses an Internet cafe as his home.They have a newly built two story building.It is a one story office building with a large yard, bright and clean windows, and beautiful decoration.It has electricity, water, mobile phone signal, intranet, and police cars.But once you walk out of the yard, the feeling is completely different.Han Chaoyang looked around.Looking at the colleagues from my hometown and the auxiliary police brothers in the audience, he said affectionately is cbd oil better than gummies The market is very small, so small that there are only the township government, the police station, a grocery store that sells daily necessities as well as seeds and fertilizers, and a small restaurant.Standing at the police station No matter which direction you look at the door, there are endless mountains, and they are the kind of earthy mountains with no vegetation. My wife, I didn t expect that you also like literature, and you also have literary talent What literary HCMUSSH is cbd oil better than gummies talent, Internet novels don t need literary talents.Tang Xiaoxuan and the others have summed up that the novels written by girls are all for sunmed cbd gummy reviews junior high school girls.If I want to be popular, I will have to lower my IQ by ten years. What about male ones Han Zhaoyang couldn t help laughing asked.It s the same as men s.Huang Ying closed the laptop and said with a chuckle cbd gummy candies wyld wyld cbd cbn gummies Isn t it that although is cbd oil better than gummies the world is big, I am the only one who is the only one who bullies my woman and kills your whole family Hahaha Wife, I didn t expect you to do research on online HCMUSSH is cbd oil better than gummies novels, but I think your research is still not thorough enough.You should reflect on why other people s writing is so popular and earn so much money, but you write but no one reads it.Comrade Public Security, I don t know about this, and neither does my brother just live cbd gummies review in law.I m sorry, I ll call my brother in law first.You Who is brother infused creations watermelon cbd gummies review in law Xu Gong never expected such a thing to happen, and subconsciously said Their boss.Let s talk about your matter later, let s shark tank cbd gummies episode cbd gummy candies wyld talk about the matter in front of you first.Han Chaoyang looked back at the aggrieved Pei Chengdong, coldly He said coldly Who is responsible for it, we will definitely find out.This is not a place to talk, go, come with us to the police office first.Let s go, isn t it the police office I ve is cbd oil better than gummies been there It was the first time that Mei Tiejun encountered such americare cbd gummies a situation, and he was really a little excited when he checked his ID card and found a fugitive.Fearing that the suspect would resist, Jiang Xiaomin was asked to sit in the front row, and Lu Yibin, a member of the community grid, held the suspect s arm tightly, and assisted Han Chaoyang to bring the suspect to the Zhongshan Road police station.In this way, you have our phone number, and we also have your mobile phone number, if there is anything, we will contact you in time.Chapter 706 Inventory 4 At 11 46, after the inspection, the group rented in Yangguan Village For the ID cards is cbd oil better than gummies cbd gummies for male enhancement reviews of the outsiders in the first row of private houses, Han Chaoyang ordered the team members assisting in the investigation to withdraw, and Guan Xiyuan and other policemen also led the auxiliary policemen from the Huayuan Street Police Station back to the station.As for the suspected MLM gang in the village, the patrol members stationed in the Yangguan Village Police Office are watching.If there is any change in them, the team members will report it immediately.What has just ended is a big operation, which needs to be summarized and reported.Kang Haigen was not in a hurry to go back to the police station, and is cbd oil better than gummies cbd thc hybrid gummies rushed to the Zhongshan Road Police Office with Han Chaoyang.If you have anything to do, call me, I m still waiting for you and Xiao Huang Wedding wine.Walking into the restaurant, the dishes are already on the table.Huang Ying and Miao Haizhu curiously asked about the results while eating.Han Chaoyang gave a brief introduction.It s different, when he puts on a white shirt and comes back, he will be the leader of the city bureau Huang Ying put down her chopsticks, thought about it and then snickered I was also worried that changing the leader would affect your future.Now it seems that worrying is unnecessary.No matter how big the new director is, he can still be as big as the leader of the city bureau, hahaha I m not worried.What are the leaders of the municipal bureau We have a big backer, and we have the leader of the provincial is cbd oil better than gummies department, Sister Miao Are you kidding me What kind of leader am I Don t be humble, you are all leaders, and I am the one who suffers the most.You are a policeman stationed on campus, or a specially appointed lecturer at PolyU, you have to tell Minister Jiang about this.Well, find an opportunity to report to Minister Jiang later.There s a reason why Lao Ding didn t go home, so he asked in a low voice, Is there anything going on in the morning How could Han Chaoyang not know what he wanted to do, he opened the cover and came out with a smile, I m not busy in the morning, let s go, let s go together Go to the opposite side and see what Uncle Ji and Uncle Wu are doing.Ji Kaiyuan and Wu Wenge came back late yesterday, one stretched his legs and feet in the yard after breakfast, and the other just woke up and was washing in the sink.To the surprise of Han Chaoyang and Lao Ding, Grandpa Gu arrived on a small yellow bike just after greeting Mr.This is a happy event Huang Ying is here, and Old Tang is here.Miao Haizhu is the instructor of the Anti Picking Team, and he will come even more.Even Ji Kaiyuan and Wu Wenge, who also slept for a day and just woke up Attended the meeting.However, the reaction of the team members surprised Han Chaoyang.Wu Junfeng looked back at Xiao Gu, then at Wang Jiayong, and said with a smile Han University, there is no need to apply for a job.It is very good now , We are already auxiliary police officers.We even have work permits issued by the Municipal Bureau.Xiao Gu thought it was right, and echoed, That s right, the auxiliary police officers will cbd gummies help anxiety who become sub bureaus will be under the supervision of the sub bureau, and they will also be subject to performance appraisal.It s all formalism, and the trouble is dead.Luo Weixing did not dare to take chances, and honestly explained I asked Yong Gen to pick him up in a car.How did you contact him Call Which phone did you use I m worried that you will transfer me.I didn t dare to use my mobile phone to make calls.I wanted to buy an IC card to make a public phone call, but I couldn t find one selling IC cards.I heard from a roadside vendor that all the IC phones on the street seemed to be broken, like headless ones.The flies wandered around, and finally went to is cbd oil better than gummies cbd gummies for male enhancement reviews the sixth courtyard, and saw a small shop next to the east gate, and there was a public phone in the shop Does Jiang Yonggen know why you left Yanyang Yes.Be specific Chapter 814 Special gift 1 After receiving a call from He Qiyuan, Zheng Yutong called Nie Xuan and ran all the way to the milk tea shop opposite the small cafeteria.He Qiyuan knew that she liked to drink red bean milk tea, so he ordered it for her earlier, and also ordered a cup of taro flavored one for Nie Xuan.Zheng Yutong couldn t care less about drinking it, and asked eagerly as soon as he sat down How is the matter going Is there any play Fulfilling the mission, it s finally done.Really Nie Xuan couldn t believe his ears, because this bold idea belonged to Zheng Yutong, and he felt unreliable from the beginning to the end.There is no hope of holding a concert in such a prestigious venue.Although our student union and even our youth league committee have no power or money, we have enthusiasm, resources, and a platform.He Qiyuan smiled smugly.Zheng Yutong couldn t see him showing off the most, holding a milk tea and asked Don t worry, is it the Provincial Art Center or Yanyang Grand Theater Yanyang Grand Theater.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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