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She came to Auriel s side with tears in her eyes.Hey, Sean.Hey, Auriel.I m dying, Sean, tell my mother not to be sad, I died for German pride.I know, Auriel.Sean burst into tears.They are German soldiers, but they are also human beings, flesh and blood, who can shed tears.They will be sad, and full spectrum cbd gummy they will also cry A blush appeared on his pale and bloodless face, and Auriel suddenly stretched out his hand tremblingly Lieutenant, help me, I don t want to die, I don t want to die.Die Wang Weiyi held his hand, but he was powerless, he couldn t defeat death.Suddenly, the hand in his hand became limp and weak.As soon as Wang Weiyi let go, the hand fell down.Young Auriel is dead.Their home is in the depths of the sun, following the rainbow to the waters infested by humans, and usually hiding in sea tornadoes Sean s singing came again.

Under the violent artillery fire launched in advance, the British army fell into chaos and passiveness.The positions that had been voluntarily abandoned before were restored one after another under the ferocious attack of the German army.And the one rushing to the forefront of the German army was not the third battalion, but the first company of the W rttemberg Mountain Battalion commanded by Erwin Rommel For everything that Lieutenant Ernst Brahm did, Rommel s heart was full of infinite admiration.It was because of such brave and skilled officers that Germany could be invincible Lieutenant Ernst must be rescued, this is Rommel s unwavering confidence Lieutenant, come here and take a look.At this time, a soldier who stepped into the small forest in front of him and searched suddenly called out.

I can be very sure that hearing you say that Russians are the most terrifying.Wang Weiyi bit the bullet Yes, I think the Russians are far more terrifying than the British or the French.Ludendorff was a little dissatisfied Lieutenant, I admit that you are koi cbd gummies review a hero, but maybe you don t know much about the situation in various countries.In the Battle of Tannenberg, the Russian Second Army was managed by the Tsar before the war to fight against Germany.This army has the best equipment in the Russian Army, and its combat effectiveness is the strongest in the Russian Army.It is far different from those other armies with three soldiers and one gun, but even so, they suffered the fate of the entire army, and even their commander Samsonov committed suicide in despair.Do you think this koi cbd gummies review is the case Is Russia scary I m not talking about the current Russia Wang Weiyi didn t know how to say it I heard that some revolutionary forces have great influence in Russia, and I m worried about what they will do cbd gummies tired what is in cbd gummies for example Hindenburg s interest was mobilized.

Your Highness, one is Baron Alexon.When we launch an all out attack again, Germany with two Ernsts will be invincible.August s complexion suddenly became a little ugly, but He was still not used to hiding any of his thoughts Marshal Hindenburg, first class general Ludendorff, I don t think the war should continue.The people around were suddenly at a loss.Wang Weiyi knew exactly what was going on.Although Auguste was a fanatical militarist, after the Battle of Verdun, he became a supporter of peace and believed that this meaningless war should be ended as soon as possible.It s just that now that these words come out of his mouth, it is difficult for the people around him to react.Too many people died.August didn t take into account the feelings of others at all In Ardennes and Verdun, I saw countless outstanding German soldiers die, but what did we get We didn t To get the benefits we wanted before the war, even in the Somme we were forced to support hard.

When I went up to the second floor, I saw Hitler walking around in anxiety at a glance.When Captain Ernst finally appeared, Hitler rushed up to meet him.He walked in a hurry, staggered, and almost fell to the ground Standing up quickly Captain, it s not good, the Chinese was taken away by the intelligence agency.What Wang Weiyi raised his eyebrows What s going on Hitler hurriedly told what happened.It turned out that after Guo Yunfeng and Hitler returned to the hotel, a major showed up with people from the Intelligence Bureau, saying that there were some matters that Guo Yunfeng needed to assist in the investigation, and he took Guo Yunfeng away without any explanation.Hitler is just a small corporal, how can he stop these people from the intelligence agency Nicholas, the dog, had no choice but to attack his subordinates If I can t even protect Guo Yunfeng, how can I make my brothers trust me in the future Go to the Military Intelligence Bureau and ask someone to go Wang Weiyi said with a sullen face and murderous intent.

About the day before yesterday, I had dinner with His Majesty the Emperor and the Queen.During the dinner, His Majesty talked about you endlessly, so let I also have some interest in you, and cbd gummies tired what is in cbd gummies I really want to see with my own eyes what kind of person you are Now Wang Weiyi understands a little bit.No wonder the Countess took the initiative to find her, it turned out that it was because of William II.He didn t interrupt the Countess, but listened to her continue Actually, it was not my idea to invite you as a guest, but His Majesty s.His Majesty also knew something about Nicholas interest in you, but He never believed koi cbd gummies review cbd gummies get you high that a German hero would betray his motherland.However, His Majesty does not want to meddle in the affairs of the Military Intelligence Bureau, so there is only one way, to grant you a title, so that Nicholas cannot come koi cbd gummies review to him unless he has solid evidence Your troubles, but even so, His Majesty is still not at ease.

Wang Weiyi hopped onto the other wing Manfred, you can t dance in the air.Ha, I can t promise, especially in the When encountering British fighter planes.Richthofen started the plane while smiling.At this time, the British chasers have arrived The red fighter planes began to start slowly The British were dumbfounded, God, there are German planes here When they reacted and started shooting at the fighter plane, the red fighter plane had already slid out of the ground and rushed towards the blue sky It was too late, and all efforts were in vain.Lieutenant Colonel Robin stared blankly at the German plane whizzing past their heads, and shook his head bitterly.They were almost going to succeed, but it was only almost With the strong wind howling in their ears, even a man as bold as Wang Weiyi couldn t help feeling a little worried.

Crown Prince, Prince Shan The rain is coming and the wind is full.Now, in Berlin, all the people are ready, waiting for the decisive moment.Nicholas came to Berlin one step later than Wang Weiyi, but he heard it when he entered Berlin A piece of news that made him very unhappy Ernst Brahm had actually involved Military Intelligence in front of everyone.Damn He kept a low profile, but now he was disrupted by Ernst.Ernst was very smart and successful, and Nicholas began to have a premonition Ernst Brahm will be defeated this time., It may also be a situation where both sides suffer This ending is definitely not what Nicholas wants to see Prince Joachim is here.Foroman hurried in and whispered.Nicholas regained his composure, tidied his clothes and went out to meet him.Joachim s face looked very bad, even a little angry.

Wang Weiyi listened quietly, and he began to believe that it is true that there are very few excellent lawyers in Germany in this era.With Marklin s performance, how can he put himself on the pillar of how do i get cbd gummies shame For a full 20 minutes, Marklin was seen performing there, and Wang Weiyi did not protest or refute.Finally, Marklin finished what he had to say, and then respectfully said to Felix Dear Marquess of Yoxor, there is no doubt that Baron Alexon is guilty of treason, and I beg you to convict him , it will be entirely at your discretion whether to exile or hang him Felix s eyes fell on Wang Weiyi Baron Alexon, do you admit to these allegations No, I deny these false allegations Wang Weiyi stood up.Everyone s attention was on him, and everyone knew Baron Ernst Alexon von Brahm was about to defend himself.

Of course, I will be happy to serve as a judge again.Nicholas did not dare to speak for himself What excuses He just gave Elena a vicious look But what can he where to buy pure vera cbd gummies do to Elena Adjourn the court for ten minutes.I will read the judgment against Baron Alexon in ten minutes.Felix left his bench after finishing speaking.No one left their positions, and everyone was waiting patiently, even though they had already guessed what the final outcome would be Ten minutes later, Felix showed up on time.He said solemnly As for the case of Baron Alexon being accused of treason, after listening to the testimony of a large number of witnesses, I have a complete idea of the whole case Ernst Alec Baron Sen von Brahm Wang Weiyi HCMUSSH koi cbd gummies review stood up.Felix paused for a moment I judge that Baron Ernst Alexon von Brahm is a hero of Germany and a model for German leaders.

Due to the high shooting speed of the gun, the accuracy is poor, and it is relatively cumbersome.It is not suitable for individual use, so it is not very popular, but Perosa is actually intended to be used as an ultra light machine gun.Therefore, such a submachine gun can still play a role in Lance.Wanderer, I suggest you take your two French prisoners with you, I m sure they will be of great use At this moment, Xiao Ling suddenly said.French prisoners Wang Weiyi was taken aback for a moment, and then remembered who it was.The soldiers who were not soldiers that were captured by himself winemaker Pipondeau and tailor Will Tinland.What are you doing with them Wang Weiyi was very surprised.The French like romance, and their taste in fine wine and gorgeous clothes completely surpasses their interest in war Xiao Ling told the wanderer who knew nothing about these two aspects According to my information, Lance Lieutenant General El Raffarin, the supreme commander of the French army on the koi cbd gummies review front line, was in a state of frenzy in these two aspects Wang Weiyi said Oh Will they betray us According to my analysis, the possibility of betraying you is almost zero.

The information was sold to Japan.Give the German intelligence to the UK, and then disclose the British intelligence to Germany.If they 25mg cbd oil gummies know the truth about you and your real identity, what do you think they will do to you Ah, I heard that the Russians were very annoyed at the fact that their intelligence was leaked during the Russo Japanese War, and they never gave up on the pursuit.If they knew that Badmiyev s love would be the one who betrayed them, you cbd gummies victoria bc said you could How long to live This is what Sidney Reilly is most proud of and also most afraid of.A super spy, if his identity is exposed, he will become worthless, and his enemies will soon track him down , Even the ends of the earth can t hide.Kugla koi cbd gummies review smiled wryly Okay, I admit, I m Sidney Reilly, but what I don t understand is, how do you know my identity I have my way, Mr Sidney.

I have to support it.You have to raise four children, don t you Wang Weiyi smiled and gave him half a pack of cigarettes.The corporal greeted his companions happily, gave them one each, and put the rest in his own cigarettes.pocket Sir, you are such a generous man.Ah, you drive a Peugeot baby, I recognize this car, although it is old, but you have maintained it very well.By the way, where are you going This It s my duty, I have to ask you.By the way, you still have to get out of the car for an inspection, and I apologize if this troubles you.Wang Weiyi shrugged I think I m going to Germany.Germany The corporal opened his mouth What are you going to do in Germany That s a place occupied by the enemy.Wang Weiyi had an extra revolver in his hand, and said with a smile, Because I still have troops to command there.

In order to ensure the smooth attack, I will hand over the 62nd Infantry Regiment to you for unified command.Colonel , you have to know that I can t provide you with more German soldiers.But even though there is a huge gap in strength compared to the enemy, I still hope that you can complete the mission with excellence Don t worry, General Wang Weiyi is cbd gummies good for pain firmly He replied to the general Even if there are 10 enemy divisions on the opposite side of me, I will drive them out of Tolmezzo without hesitation Very good, Colonel General von Bello said to Ernst.Colonel cbd gummies tired what is in cbd gummies Blem was very satisfied with his answer After capturing Tolmezzo, you have the greatest autonomy and can make your own judgments based on the development of the battle Understood, General Wang Weiyi said loudly Maybe We can cross the Isonzo River and go to Udine for a happy performance.

Two hundred and eighteen.Attack plan 530 monthly tickets plus more The Italians are about to collapse.Major General Cross couldn t believe that his troops were so ineffective that they lost the front line in just thirty five minutes.How can I have the face to meet General Cadorna However, the bad news was far more than that within six hours, koi cbd gummies review two positions in succession were breached by the Germans, and the Germans were already close to Bonosa where the headquarters of the Italian 33rd Infantry Division is located Major General Cross was dumbfounded.Terrible, terrible The enemy spent six hours shelling, and then spent another six hours hitting his headquarters in one go.Did he become a prisoner after six hours Brigadier General Soqualia, I order you to lead the Swallow brigade to block the enemy.

They were originally going to be sent to reinforce the Borza regiment, but when the Germans fired such fierce artillery fire, the team of civilians exploded like a pot, koi cbd gummies review turned around and ran back to Udine, crying , What is called war is a matter for the army, what does it have to do with them Colonel Diago was not angry when he heard the news.In his opinion, the people s willingness to participate in the battle is their patriotic enthusiasm, and there is nothing to blame for their unwillingness to participate in the battle.The colonel was able to withstand the enemy s attack, and the shelling and machine gun shooting finally gradually stopped.The Italian soldiers still couldn t believe it.They had been lying in the position for a long time before they dared to raise their heads.The casualties are not big, as long as they can find a suitable hiding place.

Here, he lost too many troops, but the defense organized by the opponent with intensive firepower showed no sign of being torn apart.The feint turned into a real fight.Every attack will leave the 92nd Infantry Division with corpses all over the place every attack will make Laurend feel a burst of distress.Looking up, the enemy was not affected by the rapid consumption of ammunition at all, and they always fired ammunition and shells desperately in every battle.All thanks to the Italians.Without their assistance , the Germans would not have swept so unscrupulously.There is a strong smell of blood in the air all the time, and now, everyone is used to this smell.Both sides suffered heavy casualties.Even though the firepower was strong and fierce, death and injury were also unavoidable for the German army.

However, although Li Lu made a rash attack in the end, the how long does it take for cbd gummies to work koi cbd gummies review overall results are quite satisfactory.The Japanese army dropped more than 20 corpses in front of the position.It seems that the number is not much, but if the last attack is not counted, in this defensive battle, the defender only killed three people and injured two people.This is really an exchange of the smallest price for the biggest victory that I didn t even dare to think of before In the same way, the troops commanded by Wang Weiyi repelled the Neikou brigade s three charges one after another.During these three defensive operations, the officers and soldiers were highly unified in their thinking and resolutely carried out all the orders issued by Wang Weiyi.They never raised their heads when it was time to hide.When it s time to fight back, there is no fear of koi cbd gummies review death.

Wang Weiyi took He raised his submachine gun and asked Guo Yunfeng to stop the truck, and when he jumped out of the car, HCMUSSH koi cbd gummies review he said to the team members See me shoot, and shoot with all the firepower.After speaking, he actually walked towards the Japanese soldiers alone.In the past, Little Ling, how do you say Hey, thank you in Japanese.Wang Weiyi asked as he walked. , is really difficult to learn, Wang Weiyi murmured in his heart, and then he held a submachine gun in one hand while waving his hand , Second lieutenant, our people.No.The sentinel said But Kobayakawa Jiro did not relax his vigilance Why is one of his hands behind his back The Japanese he speaks is not a standard flashlight His military uniform what do cbd gummies do cbd gummies tired seems to be wrong too.The flashlight quickly shot in that direction, It s the enemy Kobayakawa Jiro couldn t help but yelled out after seeing clearly that the person who came was wearing a military uniform that didn t fit at all, and it was full of bullet holes.

When he saw Elena, he hesitated Get up This foreign girl Ah, that s right.Find three more men to come in for me, and I will reward them all.Hey, hey.The old bustard turned around and stuck out her tongue.Damn, three men, this foreign woman is really scary.Thinking about it again, can the foreign women who are crooked men under him like it Seeing the bustard go out, Wang Weiyi smiled How is this place not so good.Si Knife said in a muffled voice When I came in just now, I saw that the Japanese themselves were going to follow in.I m afraid it will be waiting for us outside soon.So, koi cbd gummies review I m trying to find a way to get rid of them Elena and the three of them didn t know what Wang koi cbd gummies review Weiyi was thinking, but seeing how confident he was, they felt relieved After a while, four women and three men entered the private room.

Although this may become the enemy s target, there is no way now.It is the first time for soldiers to carry out this type of combat.Even though I emphasized to them repeatedly on the road, it was still difficult for them to digest in such a short time.Chariots koi cbd gummies review need infantry to spot the enemy, scout the road, and remove obstacles.This is very important.What the infantry needs is the chariot to remove the enemy s firepower for themselves Tu Tu Tu A string of machine gun bullets swept over.Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng fell to the ground at the cbd gummies tired same time.But a soldier beside him was not so lucky, and he was killed by bullets when he couldn t dodge.Another soldier hugged the broken leg in pain and wailed there Get down, get down Under Wang Weiyi s stern order, all the scouts fell to the ground Report the loss Wang Weiyi shouted.

Otherwise, with his current strength, he will not be able to meet Chen Cheng s request If you can really persist until the 12th day, and at the same time our army s left wing is not lost, then I will be able to fight at the top of the Songjiang River.to 15 days.Jin Kuibi, Zhang Qing, how about you Can the left wing reach 12 days The two division commanders looked at each other and said loudly Battalion Commander Wang used the strength of a battalion to cooperate with the remnants, and he still has the courage to persevere.If we lose our position before the 12th day, how can we call ourselves revolutionary soldiers Wang Gongma said first Huang Xibei arrive A major stood up.All security teams are handed over to Battalion Commander Wang.Anyone who disobeys the order will be shot to death yes Hand over the 500 men from the 43rd Army to Battalion Commander Wang.

This is the signal In an instant, all the light and heavy firepower on the position sent out a roar that shocked the earth at the same time Grim Reaper followed him all the way from Germany to China He admired his best subordinate Ernst.Bram He is his own striker and his own capable man.Every time he appears on the battlefield.There will always be countless souls in my own hell.Maybe the Germans don t know where the Skull Baron cbd gummies tired what is in cbd gummies is now, but Reaper does.The firepower of light and heavy machine guns crazily blocked the way forward of the Japanese army.Dusty and smoke filled the air.The earth was covered with corpses, and the sun was shrouded in blood mist.Don t spare bullets.Even if there is the last bullet left, it must be aimed at the enemy Once, twice, three times On the 11th day, do cbd gummies go bad koi cbd gummies review under what do cbd gummies make you feel like the command of Wang Weiyi, the Guards Battalion relied on the artillery support of tanks and mortars, and relied on the fierce attack of machine guns and submachine guns.

If you like this work, welcome to the starting point qidian.Vote for recommendations, monthly tickets, your support is my greatest motivation.Two hundred and ninety eight.Chinese Air Force 1500 monthly ticket plus more We can die, but they can t.When more how long does it take for cbd gummies to work koi cbd gummies review and more students know this sentence, they begin to know what kind of ruthless major he is people.He is fierce, he is ruthless, and he did not hesitate when he drew his gun, but his heart was there to protect all the students.Listen to the major Don t bother the major Everyone get out of the car and give the car to the soldiers The shouts began to spread.The students jumped off the truck one after another, and gave the truck to the soldiers without any explanation.Soldiers can die for them, and they can die for soldiers What s going on here A car drove by, Guo Yunfeng jumped out of the car, and asked loudly in front of a group of students surrounded by everything.

Your Excellency, the captain of the spy regiment.Since the imperial army entered China, it has been invincible.Why is the Iida team unable to advance in the small Changshu That is because He got a secret order.Try to buy time for the Chinese army to deploy in Jiangyin.Spray nonsense Iida Yangming s face turned livid.Wang Weiyi smiled Do you need evidence Of course I have evidence.As a spy of the empire, I will not insult an officer of the empire casually.After Ming walked over, Han Baiyang looked a little silly.How can the group how long does it take for cbd gummies to work koi cbd gummies review seat speak Japanese dialect What was he doing there The eyes of Mamoru Otsukahara and Yona Iida fell on Wang Weiyi s hands.Zheng Shi checked the time.My heart was beating wildly.The group seat is so courageous that they actually dared to enter the Japanese headquarters Zheng Shi is now at the corner outside R s own headquarters.

Wang Weiyi smiled, and took out a list from his pocket All the things I need are on it.I don t care what method you use, but I need to see these things for at least three months.Of course, transportation is also very important.Big problem, I believe you have HCMUSSH koi cbd gummies review a way to solve it.Gustav didn t answer immediately this time Wang Weiyi certainly knew what he was thinking in his heart, he clapped his hands, and after a while, a Chinese left He came in, put a bag on the ground, and quickly backed out.Wang Weiyi clicked on the bag, and Gustav opened the bag suspiciously, and a golden light rushed out, almost blinding his eyes.gold Here is thirty pounds of gold, Mr.Gustav.Wang Weiyi said slowly, It s the deposit I paid you.I ll give you the rest after you settle the matter.Gustaf The husband carefully pulled up the zipper, straightened his waist, and tried to calm down his excited emotions It is my greatest pleasure to do business with you.

They should go to the Paris square to worship the statue of the baron.Oh, my God, it s terrible.Are there still rules And do you know that private land is sacrosanct When the baron comes back, I have to put all this Tell him all French Paris Is our most terrible enemy still alive Until now, we have not forgotten the terrible and respectable Baron Skeleton, news came from Shanghai, Skeleton The Baron may still be alive.Should we be afraid, or should we be grateful.As enemies, we are afraid.But the war is over, and we should be grateful that such a great soldier may be alive.Losing him will be a loss.Yes, Such a great soldier is like spray cbd on gummies Napoleon, no matter what position he takes, he should always be remembered.Of course, what stupid things did our army do how long does it take for cbd gummies to work koi cbd gummies review in Montfaucon It managed to save the skeleton HCMUSSH koi cbd gummies review koi cbd gummies review cbd gummies get you high baron from being surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people Run away For the Baron For the Baron Piponduhi had just clinked glasses with Wilding Rand, and he drank the first glass of wine that he didn t know.

This battle continues, and the gunfire has never stopped.I understand field ambulance.If you understand this propaganda, koi cbd gummies review let me teach you how to shoot.I thought about it, machine guns and submachine guns are not suitable for you, it s okay to play with two short guns.Sir, you seem to look down on women.A female soldier asked.War is a man s business.If a country fights to the point where women are allowed to fight, it will be a shame to all men in this country Guo Yunfeng s expression became serious In the ancient Japanese, there koi cbd gummies review is a tradition that Women are responsible for doing the farm work at home, while men only need to do things and go to the battlefield with swords Sir, what country is R rmann Germany.Have you ever been to Germany Guo Yunfeng was startled, yes Ah, I have never been to Germany, how would I know this story After thinking about koi cbd gummies review cbd gummies get you high it for a while, he said a little unreasonably Sir, you are not allowed to ask questions Yes Three hundred and twenty eight.

I don t want to hear anything sorry Matsui Iwane roared angrily You have been defeated by that Wang Weiyi again and again, and you have lost all the face of the Emperor Now, even the flag of the 65th Regiment has been lost, how do you want me to face His Majesty the Emperor and all the citizens Dizhou Libing and Dian Yusaburo didn t dare to say a word They also knew why the commander was so angry.This was not just the reason for a fiasco, but it would affect the commander.Your Excellency s tough attitude towards total war Those local war factions in the country can now have a reason China is not so easy to conquer, look, look, you have suffered defeat This is the most important thing Influence Wang Weiyi, Wang Weiyi Matsui Iwane kept chanting the name, and the name stuck deeply in his heart like a thorn When this person appeared, the invincible Imperial Army suffered such disastrous defeats one after another Some local victories achieved by a Chinese general are not enough to change koi cbd gummies review the situation of the entire battlefield.

The attack of our Sixth Division I also encountered serious problems, and I was worried that I would also be reprimanded by the new commander The Sixth Division has done its best.Shimono Yihuo looked a little confused However, the Chinese army suddenly and inexplicably exploded with such a strong combat power, which we could not have imagined Wang Weiyi, everything is that Wang Weiyi.Gu Hisao looked very helpless Ever since this person appeared, everything has changed.A high ranking military officer of the empire.So many people have died in his hands.The repeated failures have not only caused the Huben Guard brigade to have a strong confidence, but even the squadron has become more and more confident.The more confident you are, the more confident you are As soon as the word Wang Weiyi was mentioned, the atmosphere in the car suddenly became dull Wang Weiyi.

Amid the rumbling explosion, the front truck suddenly overturned.The convoy stopped.The Japanese soldiers in the car jumped off one after another.After the bombing was over, the fighter plane quickly rushed towards the convoy and began to sweep at low altitude A row of Japanese soldiers fell under the sweep of the plane At this time, Wang Weiyi, Guo Yunfeng, and Elena also appeared from their hiding places, and three submachine guns burst into roars.One last mission On the first overturned truck.The surviving Japanese soldiers stumbled to their feet, but were quickly slammed by submachine gun fire kill them them Get rid of Tani Hisao The sweeping of the plane and the spraying of the submachine guns caused the Japanese army who suffered a sudden blow to be killed and wounded in an instant.Four knives.

Defend Nanjing Order Xue Yue is the commander in chief of the Nanjing Defense War Order The 11 newly formed divisions and 6 brigades are all put into the battlefield This combat order will take effect immediately, and it will be combined with the final battle on the defense line as the Battle of Nanjing Defense A new decisive battle is going on, and no one knows until this time that history has actually been changed Regiment, the Futian Infantry Battalion of the Japanese Army is being attacked by our 9th Brigade.Commander Li Lu told us to launch koi cbd gummies review cbd gummies get you high an attack from the flank immediately He s going to eat everything Ouyang Yu roared furiously Map, bring the map Damn it, where s Long Yin s artillery Why haven t you shelled yet Looked at the map for a while.Ouyang Yu koi cbd gummies review raised his head and shouted 1st Battalion, 2nd Battalion.

Where are you, exactly where are you Battle Commander, will the devil come Come, of course he will.Xie Laolan said weakly with a cigarette in his mouth It s nothing to be afraid of, devil.We have fought a lot.Don t panic.If you panic, you will be afraid.If you are afraid of that, the gun will be inaccurate.General Ever Old Xie regained his spirit You know what Say it.Success, I m in a good mood today, so I ll tell you about it.Hey, then, give me another cigarette.Xie Laolan took the cigarette, and immediately started talking That happened last year, Let s follow the travel seat and defend Songjiang Xiguan Once he opened his mouth, he couldn t take it back When he finished telling Wang Weiyi s story, the brothers were all dumbfounded by Xie HCMUSSH koi cbd gummies review Laolan He took a few puffs of cigarettes Traveler is God of War, and he is the only God of War in our house.

In addition, even in 942 the army launched a full scale counter offensive He successfully changed history So what about this time Wang koi cbd gummies review Weiyi remained silent until Ludwig came to his side, he didn t notice, General, terrible day.Ludwig said with lingering fear.Ah, yes, terrible day.Wang Weiyi settled down.Ludwig s eyes were still on the front positions We probably killed 20,000 is bay park cbd gummies a scam or 30,000 Russians, but our casualties were also very high.Some positions were breached several times, forcing us to use the reserves in advance., then beat the Russians out.There are still a few days left, and the battle will become even more tragic.Wang Weiyi frowned But we have no other way now, but to be nailed here.Don t back down.He said, thinking for a while For power generation, we need a certain amount of bullets, machine guns, submachine guns, tanks and artillery Let them bring it in for us I need it now Yes, I will generate electricity immediately.

Muzzle position Istanbul The SS is ready to go The Wehrmacht is ready to go The tank roared again, and the soldiers were full of fighting spirit.The unstoppable torrent will soon submerge all of this For Germany attack 4 30.The marshal s scepter in Marshal Ernst Brahm s hand was pointed forward, just like a magic wand in the hands of a wizard.A magical halo that can swallow everything is activated Start Countless German artillery roared, and in an instant, the whole of Istanbul was completely enveloped This is the day that makes the Turks tremble This is also a day that makes just cbd gummies 250 mg Istanbul tremble Shells rain down on Istanbul.The Turkish army, which has not recovered from the previous air bombing, fell into the most terrible nightmare again at this moment Burning Istanbul Burn Turkey In the do cbd gummies go bad koi cbd gummies review continuous sound of explosions.

The headquarters was set up in the arena, which looks very strong.This ancient building has seen naked massacres, but now the blood here has dried up.Of course, maybe new blood will flow here again When the Guo Yunfeng battle group set off, Germany, which received the order, began to give him the most powerful support.The Myristel battle group, which served as the leading force of the entire army, also joined the cooperation with the Guo Yunfeng battle group Middle.The excellence of the German army is that while completing their own combat missions, they can also provide timely and strong support to their brother troops.And the current situation is exactly like this With the support of the German troops, the Guo Yunfeng battle group quickly advanced towards the arena.On the road, I encountered the blocking of the Turkish army countless times, but the Myristel battle group responsible for flanking any attack always took the initiative to undertake the most difficult attack task for them.

At the same time, the Air Force also contributed a lot, and it dispatched more than 1,300 combat aircraft during the offensive.Afrika Korps then rested and Rommel received some new tanks.He regained the koi cbd gummies review initiative again.Once again it is possible to free up troops to deal with the Ghazala line and to organize a counter offensive.The British army suffered heavy losses, with more than 400 tanks alone lost.So far, Rommel has become the real master of this war zone.On the evening of June 11, Rommel commanded the 15th and 90th Light Armored Divisions, together with the 3rd and 32nd Reconnaissance Battalions.March north of Bir Hakam.The British Army s Ghazala line of defense was koi cbd gummies review directly and seriously threatened.For this reason, the British commander Li Teqi transferred an armored brigade up.On the 12th and 13th, Rommel commanded two large scale tank battles.

You once swore that only they needed you, and you would repay them no matter what.Yes, but now you say you don t know your benefactor God will punish you who forget the kindness of others Your wife Nancy is a beautiful lady What do you want to do Dot s complexion changed drastically.We can give you everything, and we can destroy everything for you.Wang Weiyi said calmly The Wittgenstein family provides you and your family with a fee of 5,000 U.S.dollars every year, so that you can live better than anyone else.Everyone is good, this time the U.S.stock market crashed, your stocks were destroyed in the stock market, but you quickly got a check for 10,000 dollars.But what about you, how dare you say that you don t recognize your benefactor Dort Sighing Please forgive me, Mr.Baron, I think you are British, so I dare not admit some things in front of you.

What you provided to the Germans was only the United Kingdom.Human intelligence.This will do no harm to the United States.Colonel Dott, you don t have much time left Dott s heart kept beating, he knew it all too well.Now every choice I make will affect my whole life If I agree, it is tantamount to selling my soul If you don t agree That is to sell one s family and career What a beautiful night.Wang Weiyi suddenly sighed When the war is over, you can come to Cairo with your wife.Let s enjoy this beautiful night together.Night scene.But if you give up your cooperation with us, everything that belongs to you will disappear.I even have the ability to fake something and send you straight to prison Please, you can t do that Dort finally compromised.Look, this is a good start.A smile appeared on Wang Weiyi s face We will provide you with a subsidy of 30,000 US dollars every year, which will be stored in your secret account.

Miss Elena, I have a question Colonel Firth, who knew Elena for the first time, was obviously not so trusting How did you get such detailed information in such a short period of time He had every reason to suspect that even a good spy would not be able to make the enemy s temporary defenses so detailed in do cbd gummies cause a positive drug test such a short period of time, and he even had the number of the enemy company.Elena looked at him One glance I m not a spy, but I have my own intelligence system Ah, I don t doubt you.Colonel Fels said hurriedly But any slight negligence during the breakout may cause the destruction of the entire team.Trust Elena, Fels.Wang Weiyi interrupted HCMUSSH koi cbd gummies review their conversation Elena s intelligence is worthy of our unconditional trust.Well, gentlemen, now let s start the tour of Hibinko.In order to successfully break through the enemy s blockade and return to the German positions, there is only one last way left break through Behind them were the pursuers who soon discovered that the German spies had rushed out of Cairo, and in front of how long does it take for cbd gummies to work koi cbd gummies review them were a large number of British intercepting koi cbd gummies review soldiers.

The attack is in its final stages.By this time, the British had lost over one hundred and eighty tanks, but the rest, under the command of General Connorey, were successfully evacuated from Devil s Landing.The koi cbd gummies review loss of the infantry was unimaginable, and the entire Devil s Land was completely stained red with blood The shocking corpses, the rivers of blood flowing, are telling everyone that the British here What kind of terrible nightmare did you encounter After the German plane attacked the last bombing, it finally left here The British high command chose the Devil s Land , this piece of Germany Taking the dead land koi cbd gummies review cbd gummies get you high full of landmines as their breakthrough point, they tried to rely on the cooperation of engineers and tanks to catch the Germans by surprise, but they never expected that the Germans had already prepared and truly turned this place into a A place of death The wreckage of the tank is still burning, and a smell of burnt smell permeates the air The sky is already bright, and when you look around, the scenes that come into view will make you unforgettable for the rest of your life.

That is enough.Similarly, Wang Weiyi did not expect to be able to succeed in driving the British out of Egypt only by 2 500 mg cbd gummies relying on three brigades of mutiny soldiers.What he needs is that the mutiny can last as long as possible, destroy the existing situation in Egypt as much as possible, and plunge the British into panic and chaos as much as possible.Only in this way can Germany have a chance to take advantage Obviously, this is a contest between him and Britain on another battlefield, and this contest will seriously affect Germany s future in North Africa.He has ordered the African Legion to assemble in secret and is ready to march into Egypt at any time.At this time, General Canlemu, who has a profound influence in Egypt, has become a crucial pawn.His every move will affect Cairo indefinitely, and affect the whole of Egypt Under the command of Wang Weiyi, the mutiny soldiers re fortified their fortifications, and now they have some good anti tank troops.

Now, the victory is on the side of the Germans Make Kantara ours.At 13 00, Rommel received another call from Ernst.A telegram from Marshal Brahm General attack general attack All power has been thrown into the battlefield, all, without reservation The Australian 3rd Infantry Division was the first to collapse.Rommel concentrated his superior forces and launched a devastating attack on the Australian 3rd Infantry Division.Then, Rommel took advantage of the situation and launched an assault on the 42nd Royal Tank Regiment.In such a passive situation, Montgomery was forced to stop the attack of Rito Aioshi, and instead deal with the challenges of Germans and Egyptians one after another Rito Aioshi once again created a miracle After struggling to defend against the British attack, they managed to break through miraculously again Since the start of the war, the Italians, who have been performing so poorly, unexpectedly, Such a illustrious feat At 14 30, Montgomery, who was passive, received a bad news Ismailia fell under the joint attack of the German 21st Armored Division and the 164th Infantry Division, The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Brigades in South Africa suffered disastrous defeats.

Now, a new group of cadets has appeared at the Wollaston Center In the morning, Colonel von Groening handed the new cadet Chapman a pistol, which was a Brand new American Cottle revolver, loaded.Chapman had never touched a gun before entering the Wollaston Centre.When he real cbd oil gummies asked why he needed such a weapon, von Geller Ning just said lightly, You can shoot when you encounter difficulties.Leo, the firearms instructor, taught him how to aim and shoot, and they used something in the middle of Wollaston as a target.Soon, Chapman was shooting coins from fifty feet away.The revolver fully demonstrates von Groening s trust in new cadet Chapman, and allowed Chapman to move to a separate cabin so that he could practice mixing explosives at any time and burning them in the laboratory these mixtures.Homemade bombs are getting bigger and more complex.

On August 29, 1942, Chapman was summoned by von Groening in his study and handed him a stack of typed documents.Von Groening asked Chapman to read the documents and sign them if he had no objections.It was a contract, some clauses to be duly enforced, that required him to spy on his country like no other in the annals of history.The first part lists what not to do Chapman must never reveal the name of any German he met in Jersey, France or Germany, where he stayed, or what he studied.If koi cbd gummies review these rules were violated, Chapman could be executed.Chapman will engage in espionage activities in the interests of the German Supreme Command and unconditionally complete the tasks assigned by the German Intelligence Agency.He will be compensated in the following amounts twelve thousand francs a month in France, and three hundred Reichsmarks a month from the day of his departure until the day of his arrest.

Wang Weiyi answered very affirmatively.Sir Monlington smiled half smile So, will the war between Germany and Britain continue for another two years His eyes revealed the light of an old fox, and Wang Weiyi remained calm I think the war between Germany and Britain is almost over now.I told Prime Minister Churchill, and I might as well tell you again now, This time I came with a desire for peace.I am willing to seek a complete peace with the UK, and even willing to make concessions for peace.Sir Monrington was not surprised at all, as if he knew that the other party would say Look, I am old and don t know many things.It turns out that Germany and England are negotiating.Ah, I suppose this must be a secret negotiation So, who is the two year battle you said aimed at Baron, can you tell me about this old man Russia Six hundred thirty five.

He told everything he knew, the purpose of their mission, their method of retreat, even the names of their superiors.There is nothing hidden When Waderos said that once the mission is completed, they will evacuate from Erklin and report all the information here to the Soviet frontline commander General Lindelof At the time, Wang Weiyi said En thoughtfully.Then he said Tell me.What kind of person is General Lindelof including his character He is a subordinate who is very trusted by Marshal Vasilevsky He is also very brave in combat Major Waderos thought for a while In many battles, Marshal Vasilevsky entrusted him with the most dangerous and cruel combat missions.This time it is the same No exception As far as his character is concerned straightforward, honest, and loved by his subordinates, but sometimes a little reckless and, many times, koi cbd gummies review cbd gummies get you high he is too easy to believe People Very good.

There s all the evidence of Hodwig s infidelity with us Look, a spy who was so well hidden in the Soviet Union, you managed to catch him, do you think Comrade Stalin would be upset Khodevich s position is very important Dimilenko thought for a moment Stalin will definitely interrogate him himself No, he will not appear again Wang Weiyi sneered He is missing, understand Missing, you will never find him again in Moscow Timilenko sighednow he knows.When the Skeleton Baron appeared at this moment, he had already Everything has been arranged.Yes, he admits that the skeleton baron has arranged very well.But one thing, if he agrees to cooperate with the skeleton baron, it will be tantamount to a complete betrayal of his country Time is running out, you guys There is no choice Wang Weiyi stood up at this time I will arrange for your children to go to the United States.

Edim loaded five rounds into the magazine first, then loaded one into the chamber, which allowed him to fire six what do cbd gummies do cbd gummies tired shots per reload.After the six rounds were fired, the Russian gunners had stopped firing and all lay on the ground.Heisenberg saw them talking to each other, and koi cbd gummies review he thought, they must be terrified.Their sergeant will definitely order them to keep firing, Edim said.After a few seconds, the Russian koi cbd gummies review gunners really stood up, manipulating the artillery to continue firing.Edim killed a do cbd gummies go bad koi cbd gummies review gunner with one shot, but he did koi cbd gummies review not shoot the sergeant.Edim shot and killed three more gunners, and the rest of the Russians panicked and tried to get on the guns and retreat.Edim killed two more, leaving only the sergeant.The Russian artillery sergeant ran off and disappeared in no time.Except for him, the entire artillery battery was killed.

3 and said viciously, Get rid of all the Russians on it The Klingenberg commando rejoined the battle, and at this time, behind them, the SS of the brigade also began to rush towards here fiercely.The flames and explosions flooded here In the battle that took place here, with the efforts of the two battle groups of the Klingenberg Commando and the SS, the No.3 Heights returned to the cbd gummies hong kong hands of the cbd gummies tired what is in cbd gummies Germans, and the threat of artillery fire from the Heights was lifted.Two hundred people The commandos, fifty one people were killed in this attack, however, they successfully completed their mission and successfully turned their threat into a threat to the Russians.The German gunners quickly used those on No.3 The cannon captured on the ground bombed the Russians non stop.Give the task to the SS commandos there is no task they cannot complete This long standing saying in the German army has been verified here again Dawn Breaking through the darkness of dawn.

After 10 minutes of artillery preparation, the 42nd and 46th regiments launched attacks to the north and northeast of the highland respectively.Despite heavy casualties, the Soviet army bravely advanced towards the high ground, but was immediately counterattacked by the Luftwaffe and ground German troops.During the battle for Stalingrad, the German army continued to launch a fierce attack on the Mamayev Hill Heights, but it has not yet achieved decisive results.Hand to how to have cbd gummies hand combat and hand to hand grenade throwing battles often occurred.Chuikov vowed that no matter what happens, we will hold Mamayev s post.However, on April 21, when the German army attacked Mamayev Post, the position of the 13th Guards Division began to collapse.At this time, the 62nd Army was in danger and urgently how long does it take for cbd gummies to work koi cbd gummies review needed reinforcements.

And this is the only chance he can grasp Night comes quietly, the sound of guns , Gunshots can be clearly heard here.Even at night, the Germans never stopped attacking Stalingrad.The tragic battle constantly tortured the troops of the attacking and defending sides, but at this time, the port A rare calm has been obtained.Once the number of German planes bombing at night decreases, then this place becomes a safer place Major Myristel is about to arrive, and they are all dressed in Soviet uniforms now , the major asked us if we were ready.Heisenberg came to Liaokov and asked in a low voice.Liaokov looked at the time Let them start Finished.He picked up the phone Please help me to pick up General KatanovskyGeneral, this is Ryokov, we have found a traitorI think you have to come here.He is from General Chuikovyes, I am not mistakenOK, I am waiting for your arrival Liaokov put down the phone and took a deep breath I took a breath.

They thanked Marshal Ernst for the glory they brought to them.When this war is over, their names will surely be engraved in the history of Germany forever.It was them.Accompanied by Marshal Ernst, and followed Marshal Ernst to the final victory Hey, bring that kid here.Wang Weiyi suddenly pointed to a child in the captive team and said.The child was brought here, about twelve or thirteen years old.Although his face was covered with filth, it was still childish.You call what name Wang Weiyi asked in Russian.There was obvious hatred in the child s eyes, but he still said Somroff.Why did you go to war I hate you, you are all German fascists, and I belong to the Soviet Youth League.For the Soviet, even children will take up arms and fight you bravely to the end Somruofu said loudly.It can be seen that he said these words sincerely Wang Weiyi and his generals exchanged glances.

Came to Timo Lenko s side Comrade Deputy Director Timo Lenko, can we go When they saw this person, the faces of Timoshenko, Volwork, and Belekov froze for a moment.Filled with expressions of koi cbd gummies review shock, disbelief, ecstasy oh my god.Who is koi cbd gummies review standing next to Dimilenko How could he appear beside Dimilenko No, it s ridiculous, it s incredible Ernst Alexson von Brahm Baron Skeleton I can t believe it, it s really unbelievable, he is actually with the deputy director of the Soviet State Security Bureau in a big way Could it be that Dimilenko is also one of his people Well, that s really scary.Moscow.How many people does the Baron have How many other forces exist enough to destroy the entire Moscow They didn t know at all You can go.Timoshenko said coldly Timoshenko, Volwork, and Belekov will ride with us in the car, and the others will share two cars.

Then he raised his glass and said.But dear Servius, why didn t I see the pipers, harpists and beautiful dancers sitting in the corner Pompey said with a smile, Don t disappoint your guests because of my arrival. Because I am preparing a show worthy of the sole consul Servius replied with the same smile What we will enjoy tonight will not be beautiful music and graceful dancing.Before the magnetic voice completely disappeared in the air, two gladiators wearing bronze helmets with shiny masks and silver armor all over their bodies walked into the restaurant, and a blood thirsty fight began.Both gladiators rely on shields made of birch to protect themselves.One gladiator holds a dazzling double edged battle axe, and the other gladiator s weapon is a sharp Roman short sword.The two gladiators were not in a hurry to attack their opponents immediately, but tried to test each other quit drinking cbd gummies s strength with dexterous footwork.

In a sense, Wang Weiyi An alliance with Pompeo has taken shape.It s a very strange alliance.The two should have been rivals who met life and death on the battlefield.Pompeo would never have thought of it anyway.The leader of the barbarians cbd gummies 750mg who had defeated Caesar several times dared to enter Rome so swaggeringly, and stood in front of him and talked with himself.On the contrary, he is now quite thankful that he has found a new ally with great wealth. Pompeii, how many famous actors did you invite for the Sea God Festival At this time, a woman s voice sounded.The heads of several people turned back together.Jian is a very young, beautiful and enchanting woman.A smile appeared on Caesar s face immediately Singa Roja, you are more beautiful than yesterday.You are really good at complimenting people, Lord Pompey.

Centumaros didn koi cbd gummies review cbd gummies get you high t know what happened The thing is, when he came outside the barracks, he found that a large number of soldiers had gathered there and kept pointing to the front and whispering.When they saw their commander appear, these Roman soldiers silently made way for him Centumalus passed through these soldiers, and finally he saw something very terrible a long The wooden stake was erected outside the Roman military camp at some point, and a large number of heads were hanging on the stake Centumalus tried his best to control his trembling heart, and the stake was lowered.Senardi walked over to look at it for a while, and when he came back, his face was so ugly They are all shark tank well being cbd gummies our people Are you sure Centumaros was still holding a trace of luck.Yes.Senardi s answer was so difficult They are all soldiers I personally selected, and I recognize every face, every one.

The bow made of straight wooden sticks in the Roman Legion is far behind in terms of range and penetration.The rain of arrows like migratory locusts fell on Hells and his shields, and the ears of the soldiers were filled with the swish, swish sound of the arrow tip piercing the air and the boom, dong sound of hitting the shield.The Parthians carefully kept purecane cbd gummies a distance of about 50 meters from the Roman defense line.They shot their arrows quickly without cbd gummies minnesota aiming at them.They just tried their best to shoot the arrows with the greatest force.Fortunately, I got a new shield Hers s gratitude to the new commander is beyond words.The wooden shields in the past couldn t stop the sharp arrows shot by the Parthian combined bow at such a short distance.In more than one battle in the past, the arrows of the Parthians penetrated the shield and nailed the hand of the Roman soldier to the koi cbd gummies review shield.

at last.It was Caesar himself who said I have fought in Gaul for less than ten years, but I have swept more than 800 cities.I have conquered 300 peoples, and at different times I have fought a total of 3 million what do cbd gummies do soldiers for a long time.In hand to hand combat, one million enemies were directly eliminated, and the number of prisoners was far more than this number.In the whole of Rome, no one has made a greater contribution to Rome than me Speaking of this, he paused for a while He continued And there are 10 legions that have been battle hardened and disciplined, and are willing to fight anywhere with me.Such a force, even if the whole of Rome is added up, it is not as huge as me.When the Senate decided to betray me At that time, did they think about this No, they didn t, they naively thought that I would do anything according to their orders, there was no resistance, no different voices, but they forgot one thing, I am Caesar They forgot to read one thing I am Caesar When he said these words, Anthony and Callini felt unprecedented encouragement.

The spider thinks that sincerity is still possible, so I beg the support of the monthly ticket.There will be an outbreak in the middle of this month and at the end of the month.The spider just wants to spend 2013 in the best way, and this, too, cannot be separated from the support of all brothers Seven hundred and ninety six.Baron Platt s dinner party Wang Weiyi has become more and more courageous.This time, he and Leonie came to Dessau blatantly as members of the Dutch royal family.If they did so, they might be exposed anytime and anywhere, but Wang Weiyi didn t care at all.He is very clear about one thing, the greed for wealth can easily make many people lost.Moreover, Brigadier General Jonson and Agent Daveyen probably would never have imagined that someone would complete an impossible task with only the strength of two people.

Allen did not hide anything If In the past, I would have suggested surrender, but this time it purlyf cbd delta 8 gummies was different.When Major Moyol named us the Skeleton Commando, I felt a kind of pride inexplicably, and I was willing to die for this name We It s the same.All the commandos replied so calmly.Max smiled again Then, let s do it together The commandos emerged from hiding together, all weapons in hand.It expresses the firm determination of the German soldiers fight to the end fight to the last minute fight until the last soldier falls Once again the Americans are feeling the determination of these tenacious Germans The German commandos fought like 19 maniacs.A soldier was shot and fell.But the rest of the people didn t see it at all, and continued to spit the bullets in their guns at those enemies.The tragic decisive battle the tragic last battle When you are called this name Skeleton Commando from the first minute, it means responsibility, courage, sacrifice.

In 1963, Kloer ordered the deployment of German troops what is the correct amount of cbd gummies stationed in Russia and France, as well as a large number of German local troops, koi cbd gummies review to the Middle East and North Africa.Although Manstein The Marshal and Marshal Model made fierce opposition, but because the Committee of Meritorious Veterans of Germany did not have enough people to convene the meeting, the two Marshals could only obey the orders of Head of State Kroll You said What German Meritorious Veterans Committee Wang Weiyi was a little curious.Yes.Fels nodded This is a committee established by Hitler in 1946.Its members include koi cbd gummies review pure cane cbd gummies 12 people including Marshal Manstein, Rommel, and Marshal Guderian.It is used to maintain the German government.normal operation.After the health of Hitler s koi cbd gummies review head of state began to deteriorate, the committee took on the task of supervising the next head of state.

Target US 2nd Armored Cavalry Division.Participating in the Second Panzer Corps of the German Waffen SS.Operation Commander Ernst.Alexon.Feng.Bram Results 2,130 U.S.troops were killed or wounded, and 1,109 were captured.Destroy more than 60 of the US artillery and armor forces.Combat Records Office, German Ministry of Defense, December 1965.This is a battle code named Winter Moon.All the Second Panzer Corps of the German Waffen SS participated in the battle, and the Skeleton Division was the main attacking force.The counterattack ended with a complete victory for the German army, and more than 3,000 American troops were killed, wounded, and captured.And this is not the most important thing, the most important thing is the return of the magical Baron Alexon, and just like in the past, he continues to lead the German soldiers to stage scenes of undefeated myths.

Before that, she was Countess Leonie.In the past, her reputation in Berlin was even greater than that of the up and coming Baron Alexson.Now, actually heard her voice Is the baroness still alive The voice continued to sound Now, let cbd gummies tired what is in cbd gummies me report a good news of victory to you On December 3, 1965, Marshal Ernst Brehm, Baron Alexson, personally commanded the German armed forces.The Second Panzer Army of the SS launched a full scale counterattack against the enemy, and completely defeated the Second Panzer Army of the US Army, especially died of illness Huge cheers came from the mouths of the Germans.Victory victory victory The Baron, the Baron again has achieved a brilliant victory The news of the baron s glorious return greatly stimulated the determination of the Germans to win, and now, the good news has reached their ears again.

Fels raised his voice amidst the sound of gunfire.My own voice I think the attention of the Americans will be completely attracted by us, they have no time to deal with those civilians General Fels, you are also ready to evacuate Guo Yunfeng Glancing at the messy Ibor This city has been completely destroyed.Fels looked a little gloomy, yes, this city has been completely destroyed Once upon a time, what a beautiful and quiet city it was.We will come back, and Ibor can definitely be rebuilt.Guo Yunfeng smiled and said, Trust me, General Fels.There was a smile on the corner of Fels mouth, as long as the Baron returns.Any kind of miracle will happen The U.S.military is attacking again and again, and Ibor under artillery fire is like a boat in the ocean, which will be submerged by huge waves anytime and anywhere, but this tenacious city, time and time again Fighting against the wind and waves.

Mr.Oldman is quite familiar with this area, My sister lives in Oberlim he said dreamily, I think she will be willing to help you.He was right.When they arrived in town, he took them to his sister s house, and she very kindly arranged for them a place to spend the night.The house next door to hers was bombed, but the storage was in the cellar The wine in the house miraculously survived, and she sent them some bottles later.They spent the night in the basement of a large villa, which the owner s family had turned into a comfortable place.The residence.Because it is underground, there are no windows in the room, but the layout of the room is very elegant.This family has children.Although the children in the family were already asleep when they arrived, the owner still gave them their toys to play with.

indeed.The path is fraught with danger, but she is proud of having a brother who does.But now there is koi cbd gummies review nothing to worry about, the baron has regained power, Germany is about to get on the right track, and no one can stop Germany s revival.At least these young officers headed by Hart all maintain this view Lieutenant Hart.The division commander told you to go there immediately.When he returned thc with cbd gummies to his defense zone, Hart quickly received an order from the division headquarters.Hart was taken aback.It was so unusual for a division commander to summon a lieutenant.Or did the teacher succumb to Bushman s coercion He knew that his division commander, Eredric, knew about the Young Officers Organization.But General Eredric took a tacit, even conniving attitude.It s just that all people will change in front of power or money When Hart entered the division headquarters, he had already prepared for the worst.

Even if it is profitable, they must judge how big the benefit is.Eliot fully understood this Gentlemen, I agree with you, but please don t forget that war money can indeed allow us to obtain a lot of wealth, but is there any other way Even allow us to completely control a country economy I think you have all experienced the economic collapse that swept across the United States Yes, Gates and Lawrence nodded involuntarily.When the economic collapse swept the United States, no one thought that this was a good show directed by the New York League.They have earned untold benefits in this financial crisis.We can do the same thing again.Elliott had already made up his mind Opportunities will not wait for us, and they will even pass do cbd gummies go bad koi cbd gummies review in a flash.I have a good idea, and I hope you can listen to it He told his whole plan, and Gates and Lawrence nodded frequently.

The machine guns, M16s, and grenades kept ringing, as if the bullets didn t cost money at all.During the assault at night, the brutal cold weather greatly reduced the strength of these US troops, but the rapidly warming weather after dawn began to help the Americans a lot, so that their firepower could finally be fully utilized.So the cruel climate is always a double edged sword Geyunser couldn t find a good way to solve koi cbd gummies review the dilemma in front of him.At this time, Major Ludman was waiting for them to make a breakthrough.The firepower of the U.S.military was venting almost crazily.Martin, can you find the shooting site Oh, no, Sergeant, we can t even look up.Tomp, where are you Damn, we re cordoned off, cordoned off Boom boom Just when Ge Yunser was at a loss, two explosions suddenly came from the US military s position, and then dense gunshots suddenly rang out behind them.

When the German planes withdrew, when they reacted, they found that more than half of the cbd gummies tired what is in cbd gummies tanks below had been bombed incomplete and crooked.Gattle couldn t help being a little frustrated In the opposite US position, the commander of the US military, Colonel Nesco, the commander of the infantry regiment known for his skill in combat and ruthlessness to the enemy, looked at the town billowing in smoke.The tanks were already in motion, and with a sneer on his face, he ordered All attack The US army began to attack, and the crazy bombardment made Gattle and the others unable to hold their heads up.After a few minutes of artillery fire, Gattle cbd gummies tired what is in cbd gummies and the others looked up and found that a group of armored reptiles had entered the village American tanks are coming Shostka said, leaning down.The soldiers in the building raised their guns one after another, nervously watching the approaching US troops The U.

American planes will not take off, you can rest assured and fight.Even so, when they heard that they were going to the sewer, the faces of the soldiers turned ugly again.Okay, this will be another tough battle, and we must be ready to deal with all emergencies at any time.In addition, the postal building has not been completely occupied by the US military.A recruit and koi cbd gummies review cbd gummies get you high three people persisted on one floor for a whole day. A recruit Jelden shrugged and said, Let s go then.We cannot lose to our children.Jelden put on his raincoat, went to the sewer, and opened the cover.The soldiers entered what do cbd gummies do cbd gummies tired the sewer one by one, and Captain Bondarev jumped in at last.No.Zaytsev said.Naturally, no one is sitting on the toilet.said Jelden.It s full of rain The soldiers said while wading in the water.There were also Americans in the sewer, but of course there were not many koi cbd gummies review of them.

Maybe it won t be long before Second Lieutenant Eric will grow into the best commander Hold the Americans by the nose and look for a more suitable battlefield.Wang Weiyi s voice alcohol and cbd gummies was not very loud In this kind of urban warfare, what needs to be competed is patience.Who can find the most suitable opportunity first.Eli Second Lieutenant Ke nodded vigorously Marsha s cold body was lying on the ground, and Colonel Nesko found that a huge sense of crisis was emerging in his heart.They are the real hunters, not the damn Germans But now all this is completely reversed.A total of three US commandos were annihilated.None of them could even escape alive.There is also Major Martha, who is his most powerful assistant.After the war broke out, Colonel Nesko firmly carried out the orders of his superiors, and Major Martha was the most steadfast executor of his own orders.

The initial effect was not bad., German soldiers destroyed batch after batch of enemies.But the opponents are cavalry after all, and such tactics will not delay them for long.They rushed into the formation of the German soldiers D Company and G Company.For the honor of the Empire For the Baron s will Kill Slat shouted the morale boosting words.The effect of this sentence is very good, the morale of the soldiers has been greatly improved, and they can t help but say for the Baron or for freedom and other similar words.They all became crazy war tigers one by one, and rushed into Naturf s cavalry to fight with them.Slat rushed to the front row, picked up a grenade, and threw a grenade into the enemy s formation.Suddenly, with an explosion, 4 or 5 cavalrymen flew in all directions.Many soldiers followed Slater s method and threw grenades, and indeed many of them were blown up.

Where is the major now He said he d be on the top floor of the hotel. Well very well.Heisenberg touched HCMUSSH koi cbd gummies review his forehead and tried to stand up, but the ground was trembling violently.Heisenberg was forced to stumble down again.What s going on Hasen looked into the distance.He frowned Russian tanks are attacking The sky was dark, and three huge searchlights were shining in the direction of the church behind Heisenberg.Russian troops kept coming.Terrifying figures of tanks appeared in the light, some were burning, some were chargingHeisenberg knew at a glancehe couldn t hold it anymore Go you go get Zoff for me Now Heisenberg pushed the young man away.Father where s the priest I want to find the priest Heisenberg grabbed Hasen back again Go to Zoff leave me alone Heisenberg turned over and crawled with difficulty among the flying bullets.

Prior to this, the heavy losses of the 13th Armored Division of the Russian Army, which had been the main force, made their commander, Lieutenant General Taborski, cry several times.What was even more frightening was that the 26th Armored Brigade, which had not been used, was put into service.The battlefield turned out to be all dedicated to the Germans, which was simply unacceptable to Taborski.And now the attack of the Baron s Guard has arrived an attack as unstoppable as Thor s hammer.Those swaggering German tanks and assault guns quickly formed a terrifying barrage in the koi cbd gummies review first place.Flames and explosions intertwined on the battlefield.The Russians of the 13th Armored Division in chaos had lost the confidence to continue fighting.A large number of Russian tanks were quickly destroyed.As for the surviving tanks, some of the tank soldiers even gave up fighting and got out of the tanks and scattered.

A fat man was giving his speech impassionedly there The wise and brave Grand Duke has personally gone to the front line.Those rebels will soon be defeated by the Grand Duke and the brave Grand Duke.The Russian army is defeated His words drew applause.In fact, what happened in Ukraine has nothing celine dion cbd gummies canada to do with these people.What they did was nothing more than showing their privileges they can know that ordinary people unknown things As the commander of the Moscow garrison, I have to admit that Mr.Duyoshenko has the most say on the situation.One person flattered.At this time, a lady asked Mr.Duyoshenko, what do you think of the war between the Allies and Germany I heard that we suffered a big defeat in Robinstel, and even Walter Marshal Tuksky almost became a prisoner.Ah, one defeat is not enough to turn the tide of the war.

I am willing to do everything I can to provide you with all the help you need.I, and the Liberty Alliance, will be your biggest backing.He paused for a moment It is undeniable that our enemy has the police And the army, our strength is not equal to theirs, but you also have a weapon that they did not have and never will have, and that is the entire Italian people.Make a second revolution, my friends A second revolution The eyes of Manusia, Nadov, and Beyasinyuk lit up They have always regarded themselves as the most steadfast revolutionaries, and exclusion and attack may not make them think otherwise , but the word revolution completely mobilized their adrenaline like a stimulant.Yes, the second revolution, only the second revolution can resolutely and completely solve Italy s chronic diseases Wang Weiyi s words sounded very impassioned And our first goal is to bring countless sufferings and disasters to Italy.

He had decided not to obey the Grand Duke s orders anymore.He couldn t bear a failure that was obviously avoidable, and he couldn t bear the death of his soldiers for no reason.He must be responsible for everyone.Even if he received the most severe punishment from the Grand Duke for this, he would not hesitate The Russian army, who had been waiting for such an order, all rushed out of the trenches and rushed towards the enemy regardless.With the charge of the Russian army, the situation of the battle changed immediately.No matter in which respect, the strength of the Russian army is far stronger what do cbd gummies do cbd gummies tired than that of the Ukrainian army.Especially in such an advantageous situation, they were sentenced to choose passive defense, supporting aimlessly under the enemy s attack, which further increased their inner anger.

He watched koi cbd gummies review as brave German soldiers, as brave as Ukrainian soldiers, launched waves of attacks on equally brave Russian soldiers.There is nothing to deny that the Russian soldiers behaved quite well.When the situation was at a disadvantage, they didn t intend to break up and flee immediately.Especially the 12th Army, which must be credited to the efforts of General Volyn Katzky.He tried every means to mobilize the courage of the soldiers to fight for the honor of the country, and he tried his best to tell his soldiers that the war is not over, but the war has just begun.All things are possible if you have faith.The 33rd Armored Division and the 101st Infantry Division, which were at the forefront, witnessed the collapse of the 102nd Infantry Division not long ago.Their commanders, General Jenov and General Destave, are actually very clear.

Mercy is not required.Especially the Russians.It s no wonder that the hatred between Germany and France is so great that every German hates the Russians to the bone.The Russian soldiers who saw this change turned pale with fright.They shouted angrily, but none of the Germans could understand them.Others simply jumped up, wanting to resist, but the answer was Mao s black muzzle.Bang bang bang bang.The whole world was quiet.DeGro reappeared after hearing the gunshots.He waved to Naba.The latter trotted all the way to him.Well, well done.Now what we have to consider is how to buy the most time to slow down the Russians.I believe Sweet and Troman are almost ready.Well, Captain.We just searched I found the stronghold by accident.There are still a lot of mines in the stronghold, so we can set up a minefield and best broad spectrum cbd gummies 2021 wait for the Russians to come and enjoy it.

Moyol.If Mr.Moyol is not willing to take you in, then leave New York, leave here far away, and never return to this terrible cityRemember, your mother will always love you, and you must not be greedy like me The envelope of the letter reads To Alice who has grown up.Three letters were addressed to Mr Murray Mr Murray, I m sorry I can t give you the rent, but don t worry, Mr Moyol will give it to you, my lovely daughter Alice knows where to find it Mr.Moyol s I regret not listening to you, ah, the same thing Mr.Moyol said to me, you are all wise people, only I am a stupid person, a stupid Humans are not worthy to live in this world For the sake of my death, please take Alice to Mr.Moyol, and he will give you what I owe you koi cbd gummies review After writing the letters, Xie Lisa let out a long sigh of relief.She felt that she had done what HCMUSSH koi cbd gummies review she was supposed to do.

Things will change too.However, there are never ifs in many things, and the mistakes that have been made can never be undone And this is the final fate of poor Xie Lisa Xie Lisa died, but Ilya absolutely did not have such courage.He was about to lose everything about himself and his father.If the stock market did not improve tomorrow, then the most terrifying thing would definitely happen.He was not willing to accept such an ending.He drank one cup after another in agitation, trying hard to find any way to redeem it.But what can he do The what do cbd gummies do cbd gummies tired news of the collapse of the two major markets in New York was constantly broadcast on the TV.This made Elijah even more upsethe wanted to shut up all those guys on TV.The phone rang, and Elijah answered it angrily, and are cbd gummies illegal in louisiana was about to reprimand the other party severely, but when he heard that it was Mr.

Babarovski.With the voice of Fritoyaf, this strange questioning meeting officially began.The Marquis of Andjak walked in with his head held high.He looked at the reporters arrogantly, and among them he even discovered the Russian The famous reporter Bordov.These incompetent guys, these guys who can only use pens.What qualifications do they have to watch a joke of the Marquis Mr.President, I ask that those irrelevant people get out of here As soon as he got to his seat, Milosevic exclaimed I am a marquis, and those commoners should not be here.This remark immediately aroused boos from the gallery.Quiet, please be quiet Fritoyaf managed to silence the koi cbd gummies review cbd gummies get you high venue with a loud voice Marquis Andjak, if the civilians can t be here, then I think I should leave too.Because I am also a commoner cbd infused gummies benefits The Marquis of Andjak and the Grand Duke of Bierstoka have been overthrown.

With the support of everyone, Fred and Arklit moved forward in the knee deep sewage of the sewer.When Fred was pulled up from the sewer by soldiers, he had already lost consciousness.Soldiers dragged them to a house that had been battered and mutilated by the bombing.Medical soldier, fuck the medical soldier Bring me your fat ass In a trance, Arklit heard someone growling.A medic from the 2nd Reconnaissance Company ran how long does it take for cbd gummies to work koi cbd gummies review over.He knelt down beside Fred, took off his helmet, threw it aside, and then peeled off Fred s bulletproof vest.This kind of bulletproof vest can t prevent American bullets at all.In the words of soldiers, apart from being waterproof and increasing morale, this thing is simply an ornament.The medic pulled off Fred s bulletproof vest forcefully and threw it aside.Four koi cbd gummies review bloody bullet holes on Fred s body were exposed.

After listening to the call, he reported the very bad news to Ambassador Robin.The US military camp had been surrounded by French troops.Do they have the intention to attack Ambassador Robin asked immediately, who was taken aback.According to our reconnaissance, they have no intention of attacking yet.Colonel Wenger quickly replied, They seem to koi cbd gummies review want us not to leave the barracks.That s sending us a warning Ambassador Robin pondered and said It is still unclear the real purpose of the French.Tell all officers and soldiers that they must stay in the barracks carefully and do not leave a step before receiving orders.The president reported it.He looked at Colonel Wenger Colonel, the current situation is very complicated, in Germany itself.The Axis powers have launched a strong counterattack, and in France, the German army is on the offensive.

Captain, many times I have been thinking about how such things happened, it is really terrible.Lieutenant Colonel Stam didn t know what to say with such an answer, but in fact, such an answer is that anyone can not be interfaced.And how do you see Germany as a country asked Frau Derk with interest.Mr.Moyol thought for a moment It s really a difficult question for me a nice country.Yeah Even if we are now in the position of war we have to say the same.This country has always had many excellent qualities.If I were to sum it up, I think it can be described in three points.Courageous, tenacious, meticulous.The conversation here attracted the attention of many US Navy officers dining together koi cbd gummies review on the USS Arizona.They all listened attentively to Mr.Moyol s words Let s talk about bravery.No matter which nation has a certain understanding of it, but for the Germans it seems that the bravery of sacrificing everything for the ideal is indeed a responsibility and an obligation.

This miraculous escort has been recorded in the naval history of the United Kingdom and the United States, and its secrets were not revealed until after the war.When the officers and soldiers of the Royal Navy on the British Victory and Spirit found out that they were actually escorting Baron Alexon, they couldn t help feeling extremely frustrated.If they had known earlier that day, they would have vowed to send The Arizona escorted farther, and even did not hesitate to fight the enemy s upcoming warship Just for them.One such experience is enough.The Arizona slowly approached the do cbd gummies actually work for pain Plymouth Naval Harbor.Those guys from the FBI and CIA have heard about this miraculous escort for a long time, and they were ordered to find out the truth, and without exception, they cast their suspicious eyes on the captain of the Arizona Stam.

Paris nodded.However, I can t imagine that ten million pounds has any special meaning to Mr.Elliott Yess frowned and said, This is an astronomical sum for ordinary people.But for Mr.Elliott, he doesn t care at all.Paris smiled slightly Mr.Elliott has a special affection for Britain, and he knows that your war bond sales are not very good.The British people are not interested in using this war bond, and Mr.Elliott hopes to use his way to tell everyone that the Fenton government is trustworthy.Although this explanation is a bit far fetched, it still fills Yess with grateful.After all, there are still some true friends in the most difficult time in the UK Of course, we have a special request.Paris continued Mr.Elliott asked you to write a document yourself, Prove that the bonds were purchased by Mr.

Speaking of this, he came to the main witness Stuke Mr.Stuke, you said that you and Shukako met in a bar two years ago, didn t you Stuke seemed a little flustered Yes, yes, we met two years ago.Randolph then asked Peter and Tell, and got the same answer.At this time, Randolph smiled slightly Ah, two years ago, two years ago, I remember two years ago and my present My wife met, we fell in love, we got married, and we had a lovely child the following year.I still remember that two years ago I won a lawsuit that seemed impossible to outsiders, and that lawsuit brought my reputation to a new koi cbd gummies review cbd gummies get you high peak He suddenly recalled his past, which made everyone wonder what he wanted to do.Suddenly, Randolph put away his smile Two years ago, my client Shukako was in Cleveland., yes, Cleveland His father, General Gendra, forcibly sent him to the army in Cleveland, hoping that life in the army could change his son.

Many appeared in front of the British It is said that this lieutenant colonel possesses great energy, and he arranged for the release of the family members of senior officials headed by President Fenton.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol has been criticized by some.Some people think that he has betrayed the interests of the United Kingdom and the Allies, but more people are full of expectations for this lieutenant colonel since he can succeed Rescue the hostages, so why not beg him to save his family from the kidnappers The Minister of Transportation of the Fenton government, La Torfort, was the first to find Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.He brought a bottle of fine champagne for the tom selleck super cbd gummies lieutenant colonel, and he also brought photos of his grandson and granddaughter Lieutenant Colonel, look, are these a pair of lovely children Yes.

Come on, let s not talk about these codes.Tuna opened the door completely, and let two people walk in I noticed it at the window a long time ago, you have three cars in total, and now your people have quietly blocked them.Hotel entry HCMUSSH koi cbd gummies review and exit.Well done, Colonel.Your men are very well trained.Captain Roger noticed that Tuna was holding a pistol in his hand as he opened the door Conditions here are not great Good.Colonel Jed looked at the environment in the room If you need it, I can definitely change you to a hotel with better conditions.Tuna shook his head No need, I feel comfortable living here.Very satisfied.Colonel Jed.I m here for work, not for vacation. Of course.Colonel Jed had long heard that Tuna had a weird temper This is Captain Roger, my assistant, and at the same time He will also assist you in infiltrating the underground resistance organization.

He smiled wryly My real name is Olaviecki.Wang Weiyi did not expect this Okay, Olaviecki Mr.Cisky, you have carefully designed a good drama, and even sacrificed a cia agent, just to gain our trust.You successfully broke into our organization, but it is a pity.You have no way to leave Yes.You have given me your best cbd gummies in canada real name, Mr.Olawiecki.Now let s move on to the second question.The details of your conversation with Colonel Jade in the office this afternoon Olawiecki was taken aback, he had no idea that even Mr.Bram knew about this matterHe was silent there without saying a word This is not a good attitude.Wang Weiyi smiled It is said that you are a senior spy, since you are a senior spy, you should also know that we have many ways to make people speak.In my opinion, why should you suffer such a situation What about the pain Can t we talk in a rapport When the war is over, you ll be in court for espionage.

I am a German, a German fighting for my country.Mr.Robert, you needn t worry about anything, if you have time.Half an hour later Can we meet No.I will never meet a spy.Robert suppressed his inner fear And I will arrest you Really Lieutenant Colonel Moyol There was actually a bit of a smile in the voice What you have to understand is that I am not your enemy, but your friend.Furthermore, before this or under this situation, many of your colleagues and I got in touch and spoke to their families, how about you Would you like to meet with me now Or are you ready to accompany your Fenton government all the way to the end, until the powerful Axis squad appears In front of you Robert s hands began to tremblehe was one of the senior officials who knew about the successful landing of the Axis forces early on, and knew that the Allied forces had been completely overwhelmed by the Axis The team manipulated in the applause.

but.When he saw An Nuo walking into the police station alone holding a white flag, he realized that he was not dreaming.Arrest him Almost without any hesitation, Whitaker issued such an order.Since the Fenton government came to power.An Nuo is a very important member of the government s wanted list, but he has never been able to catch this person, and now he has delivered it to the door by what do cbd gummies do cbd gummies tired himself.Deputy Director Vitak, I hope you can listen to what I have to say before arresting me.An Nuo put down the white flag in his hand and said calmly.Whittaker hesitated for a moment, but still gave Anno a chance to express his opinion.An Nuo smiled Deputy Director Weitake, I m here to persuade you to surrender.Deputy Director Weitake was taken aback.Then I almost laughed out loud.Crazy, then the individual must be crazy.

Wang Weiyi smiled lightly He was afraid that he would fall into the hands of the angry British.When it really came to that time, maybe he would Suicide would be best.Major Stroop shrugged.Who can blame this God bless the queen, wish her a long life, God bless the queen Always victorious, bathe in glory popular with the people, happy heart God bless the queen Spread the power of God, spread the sky net, protect the royal family, wipe out the enemy, clean up with one blow.Break the conspiracy and destroy the traitor party Sweep away the chaotic alliance what do cbd gummies do cbd gummies tired let us all look up, God bless the queen May God bless you, select the best products, pour out the treasure, long live the queen May she protect the law and make the koi cbd gummies review hearts of the people return, God bless the queen There was a voice outside singing in unison, and then all the English soldiers and people koi cbd gummies review joined in this chorus.

I believe that the vast majority of people will do this.Brigadier General Luke stared at the man in front of him I will not cooperate with you in any way.Wang Weiyi smiled, very happily General Luke, I think you overestimate yourself, I don t want to cooperate with you at all.Do you know why I want to arrest you Since your koi cbd gummies review tireless work has caused me a certain amount of confusion, I feel I should get rid of you.Other than that, you are of no use to me.This time, Brigadier General Luke was insulted for the second time today.He had already prepared himself to be coerced and lured by the other party, to make himself betray his faith, and even, the other party would use some brutal methods.However, the other party simply He didn t take himself seriously.What s this What s this How could a senior commander with a lot of intelligence resources be underestimated by the other party What you have, I have.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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