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Inside, I saw that there were very few vacant seats in the venue, and I felt relieved.Brother Xiaolong, that person just now is really interesting, his name is actually the same as Guohao.Miao Kexiu chuckled lightly.Hehe, it s quite interesting.Bruce Lee remembered the way that person looked at him before, the burning eyes, it was not like the first time he knew himself from the poster.After thinking about it, he didn t remember meeting such a person, and the movie opened at this time, so he didn t think much about it as fate.Who is Bruce Lee , then I am too sorry for the name of the time traveler.Chapter 4 The pineapple bun movie is over, and the house is full of applause.Zhang Dong, a martial arts fan, was immediately attracted by Bruce Lee s fast, accurate and ruthless punches.Compared with Ti Lung s martial arts movies, he would be lifted up with coercion at every turn, and then he would do a roundabout kick at 360 degrees in the air.

In fact, the first prize ticket was not given to Zhang Dong to pretend to claim it.After all, the relationship between the two families is so close that it is easy for some neighbors to suspect it.So he thought about it, and put the first prize ticket into the box.Just because you can put it in, it doesn t mean you can t do some tricks, for example, stick the first prize ticket on the top of the closed box with transparent tape.Under normal circumstances, no one would pay attention to this.This person was able to win the lottery, most likely because the scotch tape was not sticky enough, it fell off, and he happened to be able to touch it.Li Guohao took a step forward, stopped the excited young man, and said with a smile, Congratulations to this big brother for winning the first prize, a TV set worth 1,000 Hong Kong dollars.

After all, second hand houses need renovation, even if it s just a simple whitewashing of the walls, installation of floors, etc.Pick up.It doesn t matter if you earn less, as long as you name your Maiqi Decoration Design Company, then the business will gradually increase in the future.Li Guohao really doesn t understand these real estate decorations, but it doesn t mean that It does not prevent him from giving opinions with his vision and knowledge of more than 30 years.There are so many business opportunities to be found in this era, as long as you put your heart into it and add a little bit of what you have seen and heard in the future, you can achieve great things.It s like the second hand housing that Li Guohao just mentioned.In later generations, the transaction volume of second hand housing in mainland China has exceeded 100 billion, and the second hand housing market in Xiangjiang is also extremely hot.

Yes, buying a publishing house not only saves time, but we can also receive their resources.As for the employees, we can let them continue to work in the early stage, and we can investigate from them.Those who are capable can stay, and those who are not capable can be fired directly.Shangguan Xiaobao became excited as he spoke.It was his long cherished wish to open a real comic publishing house.Unfortunately, he has been in the industry for seven or eight years.Apart from being the spot cbd gummies where can i buy botanical farms cbd gummies editor in chief of a publishing house a few years ago, The rest of the day is to draw some adult comics with friends in private to earn living expenses.If it is acquired, will the investment cost be very high Li Guohao directly said that he did not have much money.Shangguan Xiaobao also understood Li Guohao s potential words, and after thinking about it, he said, As I said before, there are many private publishing houses in Xiangjiang that are closed or HCMUSSH martha stuart cbd gummies have no business closures.

This lawyer Fang Jian was invited by me from the largest law firm in Xiangjiang.I asked him to check the situation of Sunshine Comics Publishing House before.Let him talk about it.At this time, Shangguan Xiaobao didn t speak., hanging his head and not knowing what he was thinking.Originally, when he was talking to Qi Shan, he just listened to what he said about the company, and never seriously investigated it.He always wanted to let Li Guohao buy it as soon as possible and become the editor in chief himself.Seeing that the prices mentioned by Qi Shan and Fang Jian were too different, he naturally knew that he was cheated by Qi Shan.I also feel very guilty.Boss Qi won t talk about secrets.I have entrusted a friend from the bank to investigate the situation of your company.Sunshine Comic Publishing House has not only lost money for three consecutive years, but also owes the bank nearly a hundred thousand yuan in loans.

Not to mention the hot sale at the cbd gummies kentucky martha stuart cbd gummies Lee Kee Central store.Inside a newsstand somewhere.Does the boss have the latest Mickey cartoons A young woman asked a four or five year old girl by the hand.The boss shook his head, It hasn t arrived yet, but there is a new batch of doll books recently, do you want to take a look The young woman lowered her head and said to her daughter, Baby, Mickey hasn t arrived yet, shall we come back next time No, I want Mickey now The little girl stubbornly shook her head and refused.The young woman frowned, and said angrily, Baby, you are like this, and mother ignores you Woo, my mother bullied me, I want my father The little girl burst into tears when she heard the badness in her mother s words.Seeing her daughter crying, the young woman also softened her heart.Just as she was about to coax her, she heard the owner of the newsstand say, Madam, if you can t do it, just buy another doll book for the children to read.

I am afraid that the guests will not be able to eat enough Li Guohao is also rare Arrogant once.Oh, really I m looking forward to your pastries Nick was surprised by Li Guohao s confident words, and chuckled at the end, pointing to a workbench not far away and said That s where you make pastries.We have prepared the material menu provided, and it is on the left side of the table.After speaking, Nick turned and left.The three of Li Guohao walked to the place reserved for themselves and others to make pastries.Huang He, who was making flour, glanced secretly at the foreign devil who was making banquet dishes at the other end, curled his lips and said, Boss, that foreign devil named Nick just now really looked down on me.Yes, boss, when that foreign devil was talking just now, I really want to beat him up, why do customers cbd gummies kentucky martha stuart cbd gummies not like our cakes Our Liji cakes are the best cakes in Xiangjiang Sun Dafu also boasted from the side.

In less than half a month, 40,000 copies were sold.Shangguan Xiaobao said Thanks to the popularity of cartoons, you must know that since the launch of cartoons on TVB, the sales of our comics have also increased.In the recent period, an average of 3,000 copies were sold every day.We are Planning the comic book for the second volume.It s good, by the way, TVB called me before and said to talk to us about cartoons.Li Guohao remembered that someone from TVB had contacted him before.TVB is looking for you What s the matter It seems that many people called TVB to ask them to broadcast more Kung Fu Panda cartoons.You know that there are only two episodes per week.Many people think that Too few and not enough to watch.That s a good thing, but the cost of cartoons is very high.At the beginning, it was handed over to TVB to broadcast, and there was no talk about the benefits.

This is What happened on Nathan Road last time happened to be that I lived nearby.I had also applied for a membership card at Lee Kee Palace Bakery before, and I have to say that the pastries of this shop are really delicious.Before the Christmas night banquet at the Governor s Mansion, I also invited the head of Li Ji to make dim sum.I was there that night and I was lucky enough to taste Li JiThe owner s exclusive secret recipe Top Ten Desserts in the Palace , one of the dim sums I like the most is Hundred Flowers Blooming , this dessert is made with dozens of edible flowers, not only has the fragrance of flowers, but also The sweetness of the dim sum is simply perfect Central, inside the palace HCMUSSH martha stuart cbd gummies pastry company.Ahao, you really didn t pay for this Yishu Li Qiang looked at the newspaper in his hand, and gave Li Guohao a strange look.

What do you mean, Dong Do you want to do it Store manager, or as a buyer Li Guohao asked Zhang Dong.Zhang Dong said Let s be a purchasing manager.I don t like staying in the store all the time, it s boring.After all, Zhang Dong is still a young man under the age of twenty, so naturally he doesn t have the heart to stay in one place all the time.That s all right, do you have any ideas for the manager of the Nathan Road store Li Guohao hasn t stayed in Nathan Road for a long time, and he doesn t know many employees of the Nathan Road store today, except for Sister Wang and Mrs.Xiao Min is the only employee who has been there since the beginning, and the other old employees have been assigned to the new store to open newcomers.How is Sister Wang Zhang Dong said Sister Wang is responsible and hardworking.

Li Qiang hesitated It s just martha stuart cbd gummies difference between cbd gummies and weed gummies that it will make people think that we are Some look down on the sanitation workers Give them the pastries that are thrown away every day That s how society is.If you are unconditionally good to others, some people will always inspect this matter with strange eyes, secretly thinking whether there are some unknown secrets in it.Hearing this, Li Guohao also understood that there are always some people who pretend to be dignified in this society, and later generations are called keyboard warriors.It s not that these people are bad, it s just that they look at things too much with words or strange eyes, and instead of taking action, they often attack those who do good deeds.Whatever, we make our own.It s just that these free pastries are only allowed to be left in stock on the day, and no more than two days are allowed.

You are the most experienced and best craftsman in Rongji.With you in charge of the new branch, I think there is no problem at all The main reason why Rong Binghua called Master Wang was that he hoped that Master Wang could go to Xiangjiang Island to preside over the opening of a new store.You must know that Rongji has never opened a branch across districts.Opening a branch in Xiangjiang Island this time is also an attempt.I, okay, as long as Rongji needs to come to my place, I m absolutely obliged Master Wang said travel to europe with cbd gummies firmly.Haha, okay, I feel relieved with Master Wang s words.This time, opening a branch in Xiangjiang Island will definitely be very popular Xiangjiang consists of three major regions Xiangjiang Island, Kowloon Peninsula, and New Territories.Wing Kee martha stuart cbd gummies has always opened a store in the Kowloon Peninsula, and has never tried cross regional.

Borrowing the form of cartoons to spread science and education.Shangguan Xiaobao frowned and asked, Director Gao, you mean to make an educational cartoon That s right.Director Gao nodded.Our comic studio doesn t have the strength to make cartoons.Why didn t Director Gao go to some cartoon companies and ask them to make them.Shangguan Xiaobao asked.I know Mr.Shangguan s comic agency doesn t have the ability to produce cartoons, but what I like is your comic agency s ideas and comedy style.There are many Xiangjiang comic agencies, and so far there are very few comics that can be sold well.And willie nelson free cbd gummies the Kung Fu Panda created by Mr.Shangguan is not only very interesting to watch, but also very creative in the story Director Gao stayed there for a long time, anyway, in the final analysis, it is just one word, boast Shangguan Xiaobao, who is martha stuart cbd gummies about to be in his thirties, has never been praised so much.

Then the second picture Picture, the child has a bad stomach, you martha stuart cbd gummies are adding text and dubbing After bawling, Shangguan Xiaobao completely understood Li Guohao s meaning.I understand the boss.Well, since it is a scientific and educational cartoon, you can use some of the characters in our Kung Fu Panda, such as Po, who usually eats bean paste buns, and he has never seen him wash his hands.You can use this Draw a good habit of washing hands before meals.The two chatted for a while about the recent comic club.After Li Guohao hung up the phone, Xie Honghe, who had been waiting for a long time, asked, Chairman, do you cooperate with Li s TV station We sold the broadcasting rights of Kung Fu Panda to Li s TV station.Xie Honghe nodded and said Then it s easy to handle, we can cooperate with Li s TV station for advertising on the TV station this time, although Li s TVB s ratings are not as high as TVB s, but the chairman has cooperated with them, so I believe the price will be lower.

Gu Qianqian saw that no one spoke for a while, maybe it was because the chairman and the general manager were martha stuart cbd gummies there, so she smiled and said It doesn t matter, everyone can talk freely, this time is just a simple meeting, what is good or bad At least there are no rewards or punishments.As soon as the words came out, a new talent in the marketing department stood up hesitantly and said, I, I think our company can win market share from product packaging.Finally someone spoke, Gu Qianqian glanced at the man and said, Yang Kun is okay, be bold, what do you mean by winning the market on the packaging, and be more specific.Yang Kun eased his mood.It is inevitable to be nervous when participating in such an important meeting.With Gu Qianqian s encouragement, she had some courage, so she opened her mouth and said, I saw it on the company s leaflet before.

, our palace bakery has always been committed to satisfying people s demand for high quality pastries, which means that our store is positioned as a relatively high end shop from the beginning, and the price is slightly more expensive than ordinary pastry shops.After Yang Kun finished speaking, secretly Glancing at the expressions of the people in the venue, seeing that there was nothing unusual, he reassured and said Since our court cakes are positioned as high end, I think we should give people a more high end and martha stuart cbd gummies luxurious concept in the packaging.Generally Most of the pastry shops use oiled paper or convenient bags to pack their products.Our company has done a good thc gummies vs thc cbd gummies job before, and has always used paper bags with the words palace pastry printed on them.But because during the New Year, many people use it for gift giving, so simple use Packaging in paper bags is total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews neither aesthetically pleasing nor table top.

There are good time slots and bad time slots for the best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 martha stuart cbd gummies advertising space purchased on Li s TV station.In general, Li Guohao s idea is that as soon as people turn on the TV and watch Li s TV station, there must be an advertisement for palace cakes on TV.For this reason, Li Guohao has to pay a lot of advertising fees, which is only the cost of advertising on TV stations, and it is still within the two minute advertising time.The cost of filming the ad will be calculated separately.Of course, the cost of shooting advertisements is naturally very low.Chapter 81 Zhang Dong s daily life, Long time no see, Manager Mai.Long time no see, Boss Li, Manager Zhang.Manager Mai.Zhang Dong was taken aback by the sudden appearance of Manager Mai.He came to Maiqi Decoration Company this time to hang out with Mai Xiaomin.

Guan Yunfei followed Li Guohao s gaze and said, What Guohao said is that the things in the store are too old Most of the money I made was used to buy this building.Guan Yunfei sighed.After nearly 20 years of hard work, I only got the real estate certificate of this restaurant.As soon as Li Renzhong heard that he was short of money, he said to Li Guohao Aren t you rich, Ah Hao Why don t you lend me some to Uncle Guan.Guo Hao is rich Isn t he studying Guan Yunfei asked in surpriseHe knew the situation of the Li family.Li Dexiao had been opening a small tea restaurant and didn t have too much money, otherwise he wouldn t have asked Li Renzhong to come over to take charge of the business.Li Renzhong likes to talk about his good grandson the most.Knowing that Guan Yunfei is not clear, he is also very proud to tell about Li Guohao s achievements in the past half a year.

Just say it, lose your mother Damn you Let s lose your mother Inside the Palace Bakery branch on Queen s Road.Li Guohao looked at the queue outside the store, like a winding long cbd d9 gummies dragon, martha stuart cbd gummies unbroken, swallowed in disbelief and said, Sister Wang, are all the people outside here queuing Sister Wang wiped The sweat stains on his forehead slipped down to the corners of his eyes.Hearing the words of the boss beside him, he also said helplessly Yes, all of them are here to exchange newspapers for honeycomb martha stuart cbd gummies cakes.You may not know it when you first came, but just now you have exchanged a total of more than 300 yuan.Honeycomb cake More than three hundred Li Guohao said in surprise.Well, the stock is running out now, and I m asking the people behind to hurry up and replenish the stock Just now, Sister Wang has been helping to distribute pastries with the staff at the door of the store.

It is reported that a batch of about one ton of best cbd gummies for pain on amazon problematic flour was seized from the Mong Kok branch of Rongji Bakery yesterday.Star Island Daily From the substandard sanitation of palace pastries to the food poisoning incident at Rongji Bakery, it reminds us that we must strengthen food hygiene and safety issues.I hope that relevant departments will pay attention to this incident The front page headlines of the newspapers for the next day were basically about Rongji food poisoning.Since the opening of the shop in Xiangjiang, there has never been such a serious food poisoning incident that is related to human life.Many newspapers and TV stations have discussed this issue Court Company.I didn t expect Rongji to make such a big fuss this time Li Guohao looked at the news that the newspaper was discussing the food poisoning of Rongji, and he felt a little thankful.

The rise of the Hang Seng Index is like a rocket, climbing steadily to reach its peak It eventually crashed due to insufficient fuel.As for the specific increase and decrease, Li Guohao can t remember, he is not very sensitive to numbers, what s more, when he read the book, he only glanced at ten lines at a glance, and what he wanted to see was just how much money the protagonist made.Li Guohao, who was thinking about it, suddenly went crazy, grabbed his hair with both hands and fiddled with it, and sighed It s so annoying Do you want to enter the stock market Ah Hao, the staff is here Zhang Dong knocked Knock on the door and come in from the office.Oh, good to go.The two came to the conference room, when all the martha stuart cbd gummies executives were present.Cough cough.Li Guohao coughed twice, martha stuart cbd gummies walked to the center of the conference room, propped up the long table with both hands and said, This time, I mainly want to tell you about the company s next business plan.

I discussed with the chairman before and decided to set up a product technology department, hire some pastry chefs with unique insights into pastry, and develop new pastries.I believe everyone knows that the rose wife cake was invented by our chairman.A novel stuffing.We authorized the signboard to others, what if that person makes trouble, or the same problem as Rongji happens Xie Honghe asked.Our marketing department and the franchisee cbd gummies most affordable management department that will be established next will be fully responsible for this.Li Qiang added Next, our company will establish a franchisee management department to be responsible for the training and guidance of franchisees.As well as all the business and other issues.For details, you can take a look at the document just sent out, which has a detailed franchisee business model.

This problem can also be combined with some factories in Xiangjiang to lower the ex factory price as much as possible.Then the company will sell this batch of raw materials to franchisees at market prices to earn a certain price difference, and then mainly rely on fillings to make money.Although it is not as profitable as building a supply chain by yourself, there is not much left.Palace cakes are mostly used, in addition to the raw materials such as flour, that is fillings, among which rose fillings, bean paste fillings, lotus paste fillings and the like are the main ones.Red beans and spot cbd gummies where can i buy botanical farms cbd gummies lotus paste are very easy to make, but there is only one thing, that is roses Before that, Li Guohao sent Zhang Dong to look for shops selling edible roses in Xiangjiang.After looking around, there were only two or three of them, and they were basically used for medicinal purposes.

Although there is no problem in the production technology, it is a new store after all.Our company has more varieties of pastries.Bear Yi wants to ask if all of martha stuart cbd gummies them are made in the branch.What do you think Me How do I know, you are the boss, and I don t know much about franchisees.Zhang Dong shook his head and said.In the beginning, I positioned the palace martha stuart cbd gummies pastry as a boutique store.You should know that, but since I got a chain franchise, it may not be suitable to take a single mid to high end route.I think it is appropriate to take a cheap route.This piece Li Guohao also thought about it before.After all, if you go to a boutique, it will be difficult for franchisees to manage it.In addition, Xiangjiang has not yet reached the economy of the 1980s, and the wages of ordinary families are not very high.

Hundreds of flowers are blooming He Chaoying thought of the dim sum she once ate in Hong Kong Governor s Mansion, and her do cbd gummies get you high at all heart was indeed itchy.There were too many people at that time, so she only ate one piece, which melted sweet but not greasy in the mouth.It is the best snack she has ever eaten in her life, bar none But I don t know this pastry chef, He Chaoying shook her head and said But I don t know the person who made the pastry, and I still eat it at the Governor s Mansion in Hong Kong.I can t find it if I try to find it.Forget it, Arjun, wait a minute.The next time I come to Xiangjiang, my sister will help you.No, I want to eat Princess Arjun fell ill, and immediately leaned against the chair unwillingly, martha stuart cbd gummies silent.He Chaoying dotes on this younger sister who is a dozen years younger than herself.

Shen s car below, and shouted excitedly.I see I see how excited you are Isn t it only one hundred yuan Here it is Li Guohao angrily took out a hundred dollar Hong Kong dollar from his arms and threw it to Zhang Dong beside him without looking at it.Haha, I told you a long time ago, all the rich and powerful drivers are wearing white gloves now, you still don t believe it Zhang Dong white cedar cbd gummy memorial day sale stood there in desperation, as if he had had a private driver.That s right, Zhang Dong was betting with martha stuart cbd gummies Li Guohao.Before, there was a lack of a material in the store, so Li Guohao called Zhang Dong and asked him to deliver it quickly.After arriving, Zhang Dong was not in a hurry to leave, saying that he wanted to meet Ms.Shen, but in fact he wanted to eat dim sum made by Li Guohao.Speaking of which, after Zhang Dong opened the pastry shop with Li Guohao, he only ate his secret pastry once or twice.

Lion dance Hehehe Li Guohao chuckled and said, I didn t expect these franchisees to think of lion dance.Yes, I was cbd gummies with lexapro also very surprised.In fact, it is the most normal thing for Xiangjiang to open a new store at this time, but Li Guohao is a descendant, so he doesn t understand it, and Li Qiang has lived abroad for a long time.In his previous life, Li Guohao also had some memberships, most of which could not be refunded, and he didn t care much about the hundreds of dollars, anyway, it will not disappear in the existence, and it will be the same when you come to spend next time.But at this time, the membership system was still a relatively new activity, and it was not as common as in later generations.There were also many people who wanted a refund martha stuart cbd gummies after impulsive consumption.In addition, the money at this time is still very valuable, 500 yuan can maintain the living expenses of an ordinary person for a month, so it is inevitable for some people to ask for a refund.

When Li Guohao thought of the word 520, he thought of a good promotional event.520 couple event What do you mean Li Qiang repeated this sentence in doubt.Forgetting that the word 520 appeared on the Internet in later generations, Li Guohao thought about it and explained You read 520 ten times in Mandarin.520, 520, 520I love you Li Qiang read it ten times in Mandarin After that, the tone gradually changed and gradually became I can i take cbd gummies to europe love you.Li Qiang said in surprise I love you 520 It s very interesting.How did you think of it , let s hold a couple s event, not only young people, but also elderly couples can participate, you can discuss the specific preparations with Gu Qianqian. Okay.Chapter 112 Franchise stores jointly opened in the blink of an eye, six or seven Days passed.In the past few days, Li Guohao has been busy with opening a store in Macau every day.

Hahaha, I have long been envious of others saying that I am The directors of a certain company, now we also start a company, and each of them will be a director Yes, I, Zhang, will be able to become a director of the company one day, hahaha, this life is worth it Everyone present said one after another.Support Liu Peilin as chairman.Then I will show more favors from everyone.I, Liu Peilin, will not refuse.I will definitely guarantee your interests and will not let you lose I will work out the company s plan as soon as possible, and I will ask everyone to discuss it together.Gu Yonghe has recently become obsessed with stocks.Ever since he sold his Bozai Cake shop, he would go to the stock exchange every day to see the stock price rise.A point increase is tens of thousands Gu Yonghe also understands that stocks are not a long term solution after all.

Didn t I say it before, although the price of our pastries is higher than the average price, The profit is also very objective, but what we sell is not only pastry, but also the environment of the pastry shop After martha stuart cbd gummies a pause, he continued If the floor of our shop is dirty, we don t turn on a few lights during the day, so it s not dark inside.In the middle of winter, do you think someone will come into our store and spend money to buy snacks With Liu Peilin s tricks, it can be said that anyone who comes is welcome.As long as there is a storefront and basic hygiene is guaranteed, he will cooperate with the other party.Anyway, the pastries will be delivered every day.In the past, as long as they sold out, they would get a how many 250 mg cbd gummies should i take share of the money.Then we can start with health and safety Huang He asked thoughtfully.

This Why so many trucks Damn, how many fucking cars are there At least hundreds of vehicles One after another, one after another.After a full three minutes, the tail of the convoy has not been seen yet The pedestrians waiting for the bus to pass by are all amazed.Those who are interested have noticed the palace pastry advertisement on the truck body Advertisement.I smacked my tongue secretly, my good guy, I actually used hundreds of trucks, how many goods are there to sell Passing this road, more than 200 refrigerated trucks, dozens of them, went to other places in the New Territories area, and the rest went to Kowloon Kowloon.Doo My God Why so many trucks Yes, and all of them are pasted with advertisements for palace pastries, which is really ridiculous Manager, come and see, our company s motorcade is here Amazing The chairman is really amazing, he actually mobilized so many cars Pedestrians on the road looked sideways in surprise The Red Sea Tunnel connecting Xiangjiang Island in Kowloon.

Okay, Lao Liu, Lao Zhang, Lao Li, you go back first, it s so late.Well, let s go first, Boss Liu.The other three shareholders also left satisfied, you must know that each of them invested 800,000 to the company, it can be said that it is bankrupt, and now seeing the company s mooncake sales are so high, spot cbd gummies where can i buy botanical farms cbd gummies naturally they are very happy.After everyone left, Liu Peilin sat comfortably on the chair, imagining that the sales of mooncakes would continue to rise tomorrow.Suddenly, thinking of Li Ji again, he murmured to himself, I just don t know how much Li Ji sold. night.Dongdong Here we come.Brother in law, why are you here Haha, it s nothing, isn t it the Mid Autumn Festival, come and see the two old people.The brother in law walked in with a smile after speaking.Here you come, .

are cbd gummies detectable by dogs?

what gift do you bring The brother in law saw two boxes of things in his brother in law s hand, and took them subconsciously.

According to Li Guohao s intention, all the palace is cbd gummies good for neuropathy pastry franchise stores in Macau will be opened by himself in the future.After calculating the gains and losses, He Qianjin nodded with a smile and said, Yes, I will send someone to cooperate with you when the time comes.I went to your company to discuss.It s a pleasant cooperation.A pleasant cooperation.The two easily negotiated the cooperation.at this moment.Li Sheng Turning around, it turned out to be Cai Lan.Brother Lan, I didn t expect you to be here.Cai Lan approached and laughed, It s all thanks to Mr.Jin, otherwise I wouldn t have the face to let the Governor of Hong Kong invite me.At this time, Cai Lan was just a simple movie The producer has not yet created the name of the four great talents in later generations.Compared with Mr.Jin, he is already well known in Hong Kong because of his martial arts novels, and he is also the boss of Ming Pao.

Xiangjiang has held some competitions before, but most of them are small private competitions, such as football games and basketball games, which are all regional.It s like the Miss Xiangjiang competition, which existed a long time ago, in the 1950s, but the Miss Xiangjiang competition at that time was just a competition for choosing oirans in nightclubs.Well.Li Guohao explained If you want to participate in the pastry competition, you must join our pastry association to be eligible to participate in the competition.Otherwise, you are not allowed to sign up.Secondly, we can also charge a registration fee, ten yuan per person Hong Kong dollars, or more.Is there still a registration fee to make money Wang Zheng was dumbfounded.The association used to beg people to join the association, but now it actually charges registration fees to make money.

Yes.Luo Bin nodded in agreement.Li Guohao said to Xie Hong again Manager Xie, I hope you can find the person in charge of Li s TV program and tell them that our company is going to hold the largest pastry competition in Xiangjiang next time.Ask them.Are you interested in winning the right to broadcast live As for Manager Wang, you will be responsible for providing some manpower assistance for the pastry competition.If you don t have enough manpower, you can temporarily recruit some 250 mg of cbd gummies people.I see.Li Qiang said again The next specific matters, you can discuss with the people from the association.I am busy with the affairs of the factory recently, so I won t get involved.If you have any questions, just come to me.Good Chairman. United States.Li Qiang was holding a fax that had just been printed in his hand.

More expensive biscuits, such as panda shaped biscuits, use chocolate as the base color and the face is milk colored, which vividly depicts the general appearance of the panda.Li Guohao thought for a while and said, It should not be ready yet.This new biscuit is not so easy to make.First, you have to plan the colors of various animals, and then use what materials to make them, and ensure the taste is good better.This is why until now, almost ten days have passed, there is only one type of bear biscuit.Well, let s divide it into high and low grade martha stuart cbd gummies biscuits for the time being.The low grade bear biscuits are for the martha stuart cbd gummies purpose of collecting cards.The high end bear biscuits are for the purpose of collecting toys.That s why Li Guohao went to Datong Toy Factory and asked to customize a batch of jigsaw puzzles and toy cards.

Speaking of this, Master Wang smiled at Sun Dafu Sun Dafu, did you mix these ingredients into the rice noodles just now, stir them evenly, and then layer after layer of rice noodles made of different materials Yes, I considered that most of the past nine layer cakes have one flavor, so I wondered if I could try to combine ingredients with multiple flavors to form a real nine layer cake with nine different flavors.But it s a pity that until now, I can only use three kinds of ingredients to make nine layer cakes, so that it doesn t feel awkward when eating.Sun martha stuart cbd gummies Dafu said with some regret when he said this.It s a good idea.Master Wang nodded in praise and said that he likes the improvement of this traditional pastry very much.He is old and his craftsmanship is getting better and better, but his brain is not very flexible.

Secondly, Lam Soon bought a flour mill.It s just that the flour mill acquired by Lam Soon has not been listed.At this moment, the newspaper suddenly reported that a little known little man initiated the acquisition of Nanshun Group, which immediately caused discussions among citizens who were interested in this aspect.Even some wealthy businessmen and celebrities are discussing the acquisition of Nanshun by Li Guohao.Shun Tak Shipping Company.Gambler He cbd gummies co2 extraction and Huo Yingdong were sitting in the office drinking tea.Recently, due to the stock market, the business has dropped a lot.I plan to expand the shipping and transportation to Southeast Asia.He Gambler glanced at Huo Yingdong with a smile.This company is a shipping company specializing in maritime transportation that was negotiated by two people at the night banquet of the Governor s Mansion last year.

Li Guohao, who relied on his own flour company for his future, never thought about turning around and buying his own company.Looking at the handsome, young and vigorous face of the other party, Xu Guanghe s heart was filled with jealousy and resentment, he stood up and cursed Li Guohao, did you fucking mean it Did that bitch He Chaoying help you Shut up Xu Deming didn t expect his son to scold him on the spot, and even scolded He Daheng s daughter.He was afraid that Li Guohao would tell the He family about this matter, so he quickly scolded him.Chairman Xu, who is this Li Guohao glanced curiously at Xu Guanghe who stood up, and asked Xu Deming.Sorry Mr.Li, this is a dog.Xu Deming was afraid that Li Guohao would not let go of Xu Guanghe s words before, so he said in a low voice.Since it is an irrelevant person, I hope I can leave And you just mentioned Ms.

I want Zhao Yazhi to go into best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 martha stuart cbd gummies this kind of chaotic show business circle.Hearing the sound of the door opening, the four people in the room looked sideways at the same time.Cai Lan stood up with a smile and said, Mr.Li, you are here The two people sitting next to him also stood up at the same time.Ahao, you re back Seeing Li Guohao s return, Zhao Yazhi happily ran over and said.Yeah.Li Guohao smiled at Zhao Yazhi, then turned his head and glanced at Cai Lan, Why didn t Brother Lan say hello in advance when he came martha stuart cbd gummies cbd gummies for hair growth reviews over, so I could wait for you in the company, which would really waste your time.For Cai Lan, Li Guohao still has a good impression, and the relationship between the two is quite congenial.Cai Lang smiled and said, Mr.Li is busy recently, how dare I bother you In the past, Li Guohao was just a best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 martha stuart cbd gummies small company owner in Cai Lang s eyes, but after the newspaper reported that the other party spent several hundred million to acquire Nanshun , I became clear about the gap between myself and the other party.

But there are also things that can be done, like a well known food supply chain company in the United States, starting from the most primitive farm, farming, harvesting, producing, distributing and selling by itself.This method is also feasible in the mainland, as long as the purchase price is negotiated with the local farmers, and the amount is calculated according to the quality of the product.But it can t work in Xiangjiang.Xiangjiang has a small area and a lot of people, so it can t be self sufficient.Now the flour produced by Guohao Lam Soon, the raw material wheat is imported from overseas, most of which are mainly from Australia and the United States.In the future, Russia will also be a major exporter of wheat, but at the moment it is still the Soviet Union.Union, which pays attention to republicanism, rarely exports goods to foreign countries, but does import, but not many.

Li Guohao has a lot of ideas about instant noodles, whether it is from the development of instant noodles in his previous life , or its value, has always made Li Guohao greedy.I dare not say the world, but in China, HCMUSSH martha stuart cbd gummies basically everyone has eaten instant noodles Chapter 220 Separation of the Charity Department The pastry company has long intended to expand overseas franchise stores, but it was not very convenient because of raw material problems.This time, Li Guohao acquired Nanshun to develop more overseas franchise stores for the pastry company.convenience.Li Qiang also asked Xiong Yi from the franchise department to call together some Southeast Asian businessmen who wanted to join the pastry shop based on the phone numbers Li Guohao had left before.Sitting in the former chairman s office and now the general manager s office, Li Guohao looked at today s newspaper headlines, martha stuart cbd gummies most of which were international news tko cbd gummies 1500mg and some people s livelihood reports.

Li Guohao and Zhao Yazhi went home and changed into a new set of clothes, and then they drove to Villa No.8 in the villa area of Mid Levels.As the host and guest, Zheng Jiachun greeted everyone outside the door early in the morning.Zheng Jiachun didn t have much fanfare for this housewarming banquet.After all, it was just a simple move to a new house, and it wasn t a wedding or birthday.He only invited a few good friends and acquaintances who were more fun, such as Huo Zhenting, He best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 martha stuart cbd gummies Qianjin, Xiao Bai and Li Guohao.people.Ha ha Ah Hao, you came quite early Seeing the car stop at the door of the house, it was Li Guohao who came, and Zheng Jiachun laughed and stepped forward to greet him.Brother Zheng s housewarming party will naturally come earlier.As soon as Li Guohao got out of the car, he saw Zheng Jiachun coming forward, greeted him with a smile, and responded with a smile.

Zheng Jiachun thought for a while and said, I know a businessman.Not long ago, due to the stock market crash, the losses were serious, so he was planning to sell a few properties.He also has a villa in the middle of the mountain to sell.I have been to his place.The environment is good, much better than mine, but it is quieter and there is nothing nearby.Other residents.It doesn t make any difference to Li Guohao whether it s quiet or not, seeing Zheng Jiachun introducing a house, he smiled and said, Then I ll trouble brother Zheng for help. There.Seeing Li Guohao being so polite, Zheng Jiachun also laughed Woke up, even said that there is no need to be so polite.Zhao Yazhi looked at Li Guohao who was having a pleasant chat with Zheng Jiachun in front of him, and felt that he was very powerful.

When Zou Wenhuai was short of funds, he also allowed Xu Guanwen to go out and find investors on his own.This did not lead to Li Guohao.At first Xu Guanwen simply wanted to raise some funds, but Li Guohao actually invested one million directly, not only cooperating with himself and Cai Lang to start a company, the remaining funds were enough to make one or full spectrum cbd gummies 750mg two new movies by himself.Name Li Guohao thought for a while, and then he wanted to call Guohao Film Company, but he still had to rely on Xu Guanwen, Cai Lan and others, so he said in his heart, How about calling it Buddy Film Company Friend Listen When it came to this name, Cai Lan and Xu Guanwen were also speechless.The name was simply too casual, but it also fit the theme.Naming Difficulty Chapter 230 patent application Guohao Lam Soon Company.

It is precisely because of Dubai Shenhao s unscrupulous behavior of throwing money that more people realize that this country relies on oil exports to maintain its economy, and because of this series of money throwing behaviors, it has martha stuart cbd gummies driven the concept of Dubai as a country of luxury goods.Often a good building, a good logo, is the most able to attract people s eyes and attention After arriving at the company, Li Guohao took the elevator up after saying goodbye to Zheng Jiachun.Boss Sitting in the rest area of the office, Ni Xingqing walked over quickly when he heard the knock on the door.Huh Why are you back Seeing that it was Ni Xingqing who opened the door, Li Guohao asked in surprise.You must know that Ni Xingqing was sent to the United States by Li Guohao not long ago to recruit people to form the American palace pastry company.

That s about the same as Xiangjiang.Shi Yuda nodded head Li Guohao came to the factory not only to see the instant noodles, but also to inspect it by the way.Don t be afraid to buy the Lam Soon Group, but he has never visited the flour factory under it.As soon as the few people entered the factory gate, Shi Yuda took some equipment from the employees who followed him, handed them to Li Guohao and Li Zhengming in turn, and said, Chairman, Mr.Li, put on the mask and hat Go in with the white overalls, there is a lot of dust inside.After putting on the equipment , cbd gummies 5 count 10mg Li Guohao touched the mask on his mouth, it was very twisted, and he HCMUSSH martha stuart cbd gummies was not very used to it.Uncle Li Zhengming put on the equipment very sloppily.Go inside the flour mill.Looking at the seven or eight meter high roof, Li Guohao found that the flour mill didn t look very big on the outside, but inside it was a different world.

There were many pipes connected to each other in the air.Under each pipe, there was an hourglass shaped thing There s not a lot of dust.Li Guohao wore a mask on his mouth, and his voice was a little weird.Shi Yuda replied Chairman, this is the operation room, a place where flour is specially martha stuart cbd gummies made.If you go inside, you will find the filling workshop.There is much more dust inside than outside.Oh, that s right.Li Guohao nodded.After visiting the equipment used to make flour in the flour mill with Shi Yuda, I also came to the filling workshop.As soon as I walked to the door, I saw a vast expanse of whiteness inside.I could vaguely see that many people were wearing the same work clothes as myself.Wearing a mask, holding a flour bag in his hand, he is putting flour in a tube.The air is full of flour particles, and it feels like you have come to the clouds.

He spent all his money to get these weapons from Vietnam.Now the US Vietnam War has come to an end.Many black market dealers came up with the idea of this batch of arms.When Brother Qiang heard this, he also put the submachine gun aside, and took out all the things in the shoulder bag.There were two miniature submachine guns, five small pistols, and two grenades Xiao Wu, how are things going over there Raptor asked looking at the man sitting on one side.I ve been stalking that kid recently, but he has a driver to pick him up when he goes in and out, and he rarely appears in other places except where he lives and goes to the company.Xiao Wu told some of the recent stalking.Someone next to him said, Actually, I think it s better to change the target to kidnap that kid best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 martha stuart cbd gummies There are so many rich people in Xiangjiang, much richer than this kid, why don t we find a rich man and make a fortune Qiang martha stuart cbd gummies Brother pondered for a while.

Li Guohao also asked Chen Chen, who was in the co pilot position Is the house all arranged It s all arranged Chen Chen said, Fortunately, Chairman, you have the foresight.When I came to London, most of the hotels here were closed.They are all booked, and some of them are far away from where we participate in the competition.That s good.The place to live must be well equipped, whether it is to participate in the competition or live by yourself, it must be comfortable, After all, only when you sleep comfortably can you perform your best technique.Li Guohao asked again Where is the pastry competition this time The pastry competition is in the Victoria Hotel.There are more than 30 countries and more than 200 contestants., There are many projects, including baking production, dessert production, candy production, and final cake production.

Li Guohao then said That s right, Manager Huang and Chang Xiaotu are right.We don t need to compete with each other s strengths with our own weaknesses.So for this competition, I hope you can apply what you have learned.All of them are deployed, Master Wang, please supervise them a cbd gummies kentucky martha stuart cbd gummies lot, and try to make the most perfect dim sum.As the oldest Chef Wang who used to be spot cbd gummies where can i buy botanical farms cbd gummies at Rongji Bakery, he also joined the palace pastry after the pastry competition.As a pastry consultant, he specially guides some new pastry chefs in the company.Yes Master Wang nodded solemnly.This time he came to England to participate in the competition.Master Wang recommended himself.He has been making dim sum for more than 30 years, and he has always wanted to see how elites from all over the world make dim sum.of.Chapter 261 For the eternal classic desserts and candies, Master Wang still has a way to guide them, but when it comes to cakes, he is a little embarrassed.

But almost no one in Xiangjiang knew that there was such a competition.When Li s TV station reported Li Guohao s gold award in the pastry production project back to Xiangjiang, they only briefly introduced it on the international news channel the next night.However, Ming Pao, which has always had a good relationship with Li Guohao, consulted a lot of information, and finally got a martha stuart cbd gummies difference between cbd gummies and weed gummies clear understanding of this International Skills Olympics.The next morning, the newspaper s supplement also included Li Guohao s award winning works.Yi Shu also wrote an article on the theme of Clouds think about clothes and flowers, and spring martha stuart cbd gummies breeze blows Revlon for him.Not only praised Li Guohao for winning an international martha stuart cbd gummies difference between cbd gummies and weed gummies award, but also praised the award winning works severely.Praise Li Guohao for making the ancient women s glances and smiles so perfect.

What s wrong Ah Zhi I Just when she was about to speak, Zhao Yazhi glanced at the secretary Xiao Liu who was sitting not far away.Xiao Liu, go out first.Li Guohao understood.Yes.After Xiao Liu went out.Li Guohao stepped forward and hugged the slender waist of the beauty Qianqian, and asked, What s the matter, so mysterious.My aunt just called me and asked me to ask if bay park cbd gummies spot cbd gummies you have time recently.The two of us have contacted a master, let us go to the master in a few days.Feeling the warmth of her lover, Zhao Yazhi leaned on his shoulder and whispered softly.Master A fortune teller Li Guohao was stunned for a moment, and then he smiled wryly.Before, he and Zhao Yazhi thought that they could get married at any time, but their mother and mother of Zhao wanted to find a fortune teller to calculate their birthdays and get a good one.

I have seen the best one, before this, I only saw that the billionaire Li Guohao in Xiangjiang has this fate Really Although I don t know Li Guohao, but the woman heard the fortune teller say her fate Comparable to that billionaire, while secretly delighted in his heart, he quickly asked, Then why hasn t our family been so rich until now The fortune teller frowned, glanced at the woman, I thought this person was really annoying, so I gave a hundred yuan, and continued to ask questions here, but for the sake of my own reputation, I asked again, Have you remarried How do you know, Master The woman said in horror asked.The fortune teller glanced at the other person behind the woman, looked at each other and said, That s right, you should have been prosperous and rich long ago, but because of your remarriage, Wangve s fate was lost.

At the end, she thought of her own elder brother, and asked quietly, What about my elder brother What does Brother Zhao do Li Guohao asked as he wanted to help each other.My elder brother works in the British government department Li Guohao Chapter 271 Two months have passed in a flash for the gun club.It s approaching July.At this time, Xiangjiang is very hot, and the temperature has risen to about 30 , which is almost the hottest summer in recent years.This ghost The weather, why is it so hot Li Guohao, who had just returned to the office, also took out a tissue and wiped the sweat stains on his forehead.He got off the air conditioned car just now, and before he had walked for a long time, he felt the sweltering heat brought by the scorching summer while sitting in the elevator.Boss, the base of the gun club is under preparation.

Mr.Li is polite.up.He Guanchang knew how much he weighed.When he heard Li Guohao s words, he took them as a courtesy, and seeing that the other party was also here to visit Bruce Lee, he also said, Li Sheng, let s go up together. it is good.Li Guohao nodded slightly. It s almost seven o clock in the morning now.The news about Bruce Lee in the major newspapers spread throughout Xiangjiang in an instant.The news about Bruce Lee s hospitalization was revealed by the hospital and some people last night.This was not the headline news that was originally planned for the next day, but it was withdrawn overnight, and all content related to Bruce Lee was changed.Because it was too late at that time, there was no time to send reporters to interview and follow up, so they could only make up nonsense.Most of the newspapers were somewhat professional, and they only mentioned that Bruce Lee was taken to the hospital by ambulance last night, and his life and death were unknown.

In the future, whether it is the film company he invested in or the stores under his Opening always needs some spot cbd gummies star platforms.You must know that no matter in that era, there are brain dead fans.In the future, the three of them will almost all be famous movie stars in Southeast Asia.In the future, they may need their help to promote a business.When Li Guohao was chatting with Hong Jinbao, He Guanchang, who was not far away, happened to see this scene martha stuart cbd gummies difference between cbd gummies and weed gummies and frowned.Ever since the movie became a big hit, he once asked for a share of the box office, which made himself and Zou Wenhuai very embarrassed.Just recently, Golden Harvest has plans to promote other artists, and the most eye catching ones should be the big brother Long and the chubby Hong Jinbao, now I suddenly saw Li Guohao chatting with them, and I was wondering if the other party wanted to poach the three of them.

Lin Wenwei, the son of a family who runs a supermarket, also had his eyes lit up when he saw Li Guohao, and he quickly stepped forward to shake hands and said, Hello, Mr.Lin.Li Guohao replied with a smile.Chapter 281 The idea of a private club is two hours later.It s more than four o clock in the afternoon.Haha, this live action shooting game is really fun.Enough tension, enough excitement Zheng Jiachun came down from the battlefield sweating profusely in a combat uniform that was not very thick, and went to the office on the second floor to take off the combat uniform covered in colored powder.Not bad After a period of time, a shooting range will be established, and there will be special people to guide you to shoot, and then you can play with live ammunition.Li Guohao didn t go off to play in person.

I didn t know you couldn t eat chili like this.Li Guohao was very nervous when he saw that the beauty was crying, and he quickly comforted him.While comforting, he reached out and took out a piece of restaurant paper on the table and handed it to the other party.After receiving the paper from the restaurant, Zhao Yazhi wiped her tears and nose again, and said aggrievedly, It s all your fault You must forgive the young me.Li Guohao said in a deliberately funny tone.Puff Seeing Li Guohao s eccentric tone, Zhao Yazhi smiled through tears, covered her mouth and said, I m your empress, so you ve become an eunuch. Are you willing Li Guohao raised his eyebrows.Zhao Yazhi gave Li Guohao a charming white look, and did not answer this inappropriate topic.Zhao Yazhi took another sip of mung bean soup, suddenly thought of something, and said By the way, Ah Hao, yesterday the wife of the governor of Hong Kong, Ms.

The branches have already begun to stretch out, just waiting for the time to bear fruit.A storm completely blew away the branches martha stuart cbd gummies that were originally seedlings.At the beginning, media reporters were invited with great momentum to hold the opening ceremony of 50 branches.In less than half a year, 40 branches were directly closed due to the stock market crash.It has completely become the laughing stock of the industry.When Woodshun goes out for morning tea in the morning, he can often see the jokes in the eyes of some people who know him.After dealing with the company s affairs in the morning, Woodshun leans back on the boss s chair and looks up at the ceiling , fell into deep thought.Boom Hearing the knock on the door, Wood Shun frowned, and shouted irritably, Come in elder brother The person who came was Wu Shun s younger brother, Wu Ming.

I m going to start a new company, take a look at this plan. yes.Suddenly, there was only the sound of flipping through papers in the office.Di Yimin looked at it quickly, and after ten minutes, he asked in surprise The boss wants to make Chinese fast food like McDonald s Well, what do you think It might work.Di Yimin is not sure whether this Chinese style fast food can adapt to the environment of Xiangjiang.Seeing that Di Yimin only gave an ambiguous answer, Li Guohao was a little disappointed.After thinking about it, he thought it was normal.Fast food The concept is not very popular now.When people go to McDonald s or KFC, they just eat it as a kind of Western food similar to steak, and they don t think of the most fundamental point, which is fast food.Okay, you go out first.Don t mention this matter to others for now.

Although many newspapers and TV stations in Hong Kong have been tracking and reporting the events in the Middle East, due to technical reasons, the news will always come a day or two late.Li Guohao wanted to go to the United States early to wait for the opportunity.After selecting several English speaking bodyguards with Zhang Bowen, Li Guohao returned to his office, and just sat down when he heard the phone ring.Hello President, I, Shangguan Xiaobao.Shangguan Xiaobao s voice came from the phone.Brother Yuan What s the matter Did you call me for something Didn t the group send a lawyer s letter to Baoguang Publishing House a while ago Violent bloody pornography is involved.The best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 martha stuart cbd gummies comic Little Rascal has completely stopped selling, and we will compensate us for a loss of 100,000 Hong Kong dollars After listening, Li Guohao remembered that he seemed to have talked about this matter with the other party not long ago, but because it was really a trivial matter, he didn t remember it.

In order to commend Jian Fu s spirit of self sacrifice and saving others, the Education Department specially awarded him a spot cbd gummies where can i buy botanical farms cbd gummies trophy.By the way, his photo was published on the front page of Education Daily, so that more education practitioners Learning and learning.Following the reports of these newspapers, more and more newspapers published the news.Jian Fu made a name for himself.When the reporter interviewed Jian Fu, he asked him what force made him When you bravely rushed into the fire to rescue the child, Jian Fu almost told Master Dong at that time, knowing that this matter should not be known to more people, so he played the long winded speech martha stuart cbd gummies that every leader is good at.Looking at the newspaper headline A photo of Jian Fu in high spirits.Li Guohao couldn t help laughing, thinking that this kid Jian Fu martha stuart cbd gummies was in the limelight for a while.

To put it simply, when you think the stock price is going to fall, you can prepay a 10 deposit to borrow goods from a third party and sell them.When the position is closed, you can buy it back to the third party martha stuart cbd gummies and get back the deposit.The way.To put it simply if there is no goods, sell first and then buy.For example, if you see A stock at 10 yuan, analyze that it will fall to 8 yuan in a certain period of time in the market outlook, and you do not hold A stock in your hand, then you can borrow a certain amount from the person who holds A stock.A stock, and signed the agreement.These borrowed stocks martha stuart cbd gummies must be returned to the 500mg cbd gummies groupon original holders within a certain period of time.Suppose you borrow 100 spot cbd gummies where can i buy botanical farms cbd gummies when do cbd gummies expire A shares and sell them at a price of 10 yuan, and you will get 1,000 yuan in cash.If the stock really falls to 8 yuan within the specified time, you buy 100 shares of A stock at 8 yuan, spend 800 yuan, and return the 100 shares to the original holder, and the number of shares of the original holder remains unchanged , and you earned 200 yuan in cash.

For the Big Seven, this is a humiliation, and it will also reduce the company s interests.But now, the situation in the Middle East has once again erupted, allowing them to see the hope of lowering oil again.On October 14, the United States intervened in the Middle East war.On the eve of the suspension of the martha stuart cbd gummies U.S.stock market, news came that Egypt and Syria were defeated by Israel, which provided military assistance to the U.S.military the night of the 14th.Inside the hotel.Ni Xingqing sat there dejectedly.He no longer had much expectations for this money game.If the news that Israel defeated Egypt and Syria had not spread to the United States after the suspension of trading today, Li Guohao would have gone bankrupt.You must know that in the past few days, if it weren t for the fact that Egypt and Syria have been showing signs of suppressing Israel in the war situation, Li Guohao might have gone bankrupt long ago, and it wouldn t be delayed until today It is not to blame for Ni Xingqing s decadent attitude.

At the end, he said Actually, boss, you still have time to run now.If you wait until tomorrow, when the stock market rises, your previous money may be sold by the brokerage firm.If you close the position directly, not only will you not get any money back, but you may also be sued in court for defaulting on handling fees.run If you really close your position, you can go there now Li Guohao martha stuart cbd gummies said with a wry smile.He was indeed a little arrogant.He thought that he knew that the Middle East war would break out and the oil crisis would happen based on his memory., Of course, the manipulation of some capital consortiums cannot be ruled out.Then where did you go this afternoon We went to find someone, our only hope is tomorrow Li Guohao sighed.His only hope now is for the oil countries in the Middle East to quickly release the news and announce the oil embargo.

Of course I know this, so the comprehensive newspaper is not one newspaper, but several newspapers. Who does Li Sheng mean that the newspaper has more than one newspaper Publish multiple newspapers Hearing Li Guohao say that the newspaper society publishes multiple newspapers, this made Pang Heshuo interested.In Xiangjiang, almost every newspaper office only publishes one newspaper, and may also publish some weekly or monthly magazines.magazine.That s right.You can use a series.For example, if martha stuart cbd gummies the newspaper s name is Tiantian, then it can be called Tiantian News , Tiantian Finance , Tiantian Daily and so on.Pang Heshuo nodded slightly If you want to run such a newspaper, I think I m afraid it will be a big expense in terms of expenses, and it will be difficult to develop it in the short term.

Li Chaoren, Huo Yingdong And others have also been honorary members of the association.It is precisely because they were able to break through obstacles and achieve the status of Chinese businessmen that this song of manufacturers is a song that must be sung at the annual conference.It is a commemoration of the efforts made by the predecessors.Everyone guess why I specifically mentioned the Chinese medicine factory.Chapter 321 Cooperation and Technical School About an hour passed.The speech of this meeting is martha stuart cbd gummies over.At the end, the person in charge of the Chinese Import and Export Chamber of Commerce also came When I arrived at the scene, I frankly told the members of the Manufacturers Association that I have already negotiated the business of importing goods with some businessmen from the Gulf, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and other countries.

After that, Li Guohao stepped forward and grabbed Zhao Yazhi s hand and walked into the office.Chen Sheng, who was in the room, saw this and said goodbye tactfully, and went to the lounge outside to stay Here, you See, martha stuart cbd gummies turn on the button at the bottom, then wipe the record and put it on, to avoid dust and bad sound effect, now put the stylus on it.Zhao Yazhi slowly moved the stylus to the record.Immediately, there was a sound for a few seconds, and the sound of beautiful music soon rang out.Whose record did you buy Is it Miss Xiaofeng s Zhao Yazhi heard the sound of music, but she had never heard it before, so she asked.No.Li Guohao shook bay park cbd gummies spot cbd gummies his head, and just as he finished speaking, he heard a male voice from the record player, singing an English song.Whose is that After Zhao Yazhi asked, she saw the record wrapping paper on the table, picked is cbd gummies safe it up, and it said Wenner Band Sha La La on it.

The more expensive packaged snacks in the past are all discounted these daysJanuary 23rd, Chinese New Year.Afternoon.The Li family villa.Grandpa, parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins, all the family members gather together for the New Year.In previous years, the four members of the Li family lived This year, my grandparents returned to Xiangjiang, and my uncle who lived in Wanwan for more than ten years also came back.Because of the Chinese New Year, several servants were also on vacation, and my grandfather was also happy to cook for you.Serving a real royal meal.Grandpa and grandma are playing cards with aunt and mother Li, while uncle and father Li go into the kitchen to help grandpa cook.Li Guohao, who is rarely at leisure, sits on the sofa and watches TV.Cousin.The cousin sat down timidly.

What s so easy to learn, no one knows how to care.Li Lingling smiled.It s different.You have to learn a lot about catering management.The first is personnel coordination, and the second is how to deal with cbd gummies without the high all kinds of customers., human resources and so on too much knowledge.In Li Guohao s school, in addition to various culinary arts teachings in the conventional sense, there are also learning in catering management, guiding you how to become an excellent store management talent, and even purchasing, marketing, etc.have related subjects.can i Li Lingling s eyes lit up when she heard this, and she asked.You can try it.The school will officially enroll students in a short time.I read in the newspaper that it is HCMUSSH martha stuart cbd gummies still under construction Well, the school is still under construction, but it doesn t mean that we can t martha stuart cbd gummies find a place to enroll students to study first.

I don t care about the extra 2 million.On the other hand, after Li Guohao successfully photographed Zhang Daqian s Red Fu Girl , his face was filled with joy, and despite the surprise of Zhao Yazhi next to him, he laughed again and again.How well known Zhang Daqian is in later generations, almost anyone with a cbd gummies make you fail a drug test little common sense knows that his paintings have been sold for hundreds of millions of dollars.Among them, the painting Red Fu Girl best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety 2021 martha stuart cbd gummies can be said to be one of Zhang Daqian s iconic paintings Well, being able to buy it at a martha stuart cbd gummies price of 2 million at this moment is considered a bargain.Well, it should be regarded as taking advantage of it, but it is not necessarily true.If you buy two villas for 2 million, you can sell them for tens of millions in future generations.Not cbd gummies holland to mention money, but the value of collection is still very high.

After listening to Xiao Fan s explanation, Li Guohao smiled and said You translate for me, thank you for his welcome.Maggie After the two exchanged a few words, Xiao Fan suddenly said Chairman, he said that the two girls behind him want to send you flowers.After that, Xiao Fan whispered It s their custom that when receiving flowers, they have to fold their hands together.Do as the Romans do Li Guohao often saw this kind of scene in some videos in his previous life.After hearing what Xiao Fan said, he folded his hands together and lowered his head slightly.Li Guohao s neck, the little girl at the end shouted Sawadika.Soon, more than 50 people all wore flower necklaces, as if they were here for tourism.In the lobby Under the leadership of the manager, more than 50 people went upstairs to the hotel.

Then let s play, you can play as much as you want, but I can remind you, do what you can Li Guohao couldn t help laughing when he saw Chen Xuewen and the others nervous expressions.Don t worry, boss, I ll only play martha stuart cbd gummies difference between cbd gummies and weed gummies with one thousand Hong Kong dollars If it s too much, I have no money.Chen Xuewen laughed when he heard it.Except for Chen Sheng, including Ajie Amin, they all placed a small bet appropriately.You all play, so I ll play a little too.Li Guohao felt itchy when he saw that everyone had placed bets, and took a brief look at the player information brought by Old Zheng.The Muay Thai player in Chiang Mai is called Barron, who has won 13 consecutive victories and KO opponents five times.The Chiang Mai black boxing champion was named the Chiang Mai Muay Thai King locally.Prachinburi s name is Niertai, and he is also the Muay Thai champion with ten consecutive victories and six KO opponents.

That s cv sciences cbd gummies reviews right, it s fairy water, haven t you ever drank it It s the kind of yellow water that tastes very comfortable to drink.It was invented by our boss in our pharmaceutical factory.As he was talking, a middle aged man in his forties a year in the distance walked over slowly with a large bamboo basket on his back.When he saw Li Guohao and his party, he asked in surprise Wo Who are they They re looking for your boss.Hearing this, Chen Xuewen didn t bother to translate with Li Guohao, and quickly asked Are you Xu Guangbiao I am, you are Chen Xuewen said again Do you speak Chinese Yes, you are Chinese As soon as Xu Guangbiao heard Chinese, he already guessed that he was of Chinese descent.After Chen Xuewen translated it for Li Guohao, Li Guohao smiled and said Mr.Xu, hello, hello.Li Guohao spoke Cantonese, but Xu Guangbiao obviously struggled to listen Lei Hao, Lei Hao.

He turned his mind to the matter of Yihe again.Before the acquisition of Nanshun, Li Guohao understood that the terminal market was the root cause when the people of Nanshun tried to block the flour, which is why he tried his best to acquire Nanshun.In addition to controlling the flour, Li Guohao also pointed to the supply of raw materials for food, which was also the basis for him to buy land in Thailand to develop agriculture.But what I never expected was that after controlling the terminal of food raw materials, he was stopped at the retail terminal.This made Li Guohao very upset.Even if he wanted to file a lawsuit with the other party, as long as the Jardines delay the time, no matter what the final result is, he will lose the most.Chapter 350 No, we can open our own supermarket In this day and age, there is no Taobao and no online ordering.

Zheng have any opinions on the Xiangjiang Supermarket Zheng Baoxing hesitated for a while, and then said The opinion is No, I just feel that the supermarkets in Xiangjiang are not formalized enough, they are developing too slowly compared to Carrefour, and they are not very friendly to ordinary citizens.Oh Why For example, take Dalian Lilian as an example.It should belong to the first batch of HCMUSSH martha stuart cbd gummies regular supermarkets in Xiangjiang.But the items they sell, whether it is department stores, daily necessities, food, home appliances, etc., are almost all more expensive than ordinary small stores.In Carrefour abroad, the prices of items in the supermarket must be much cheaper than those in small stores outside.Di Yimin asked in surprise Cheap Why It takes only one year to open such a big supermarket.

Mr.Li, you should know my martha stuart cbd gummies painting Little Rascal.You came to me for this matter Li Guohao had roughly guessed the reason HCMUSSH martha stuart cbd gummies why Huang Yulang came to him before, and seeing that the martha stuart cbd gummies other party took the initiative to speak out, he said directly I don t care about this matter.It seems that the Panda Comic Club has issued a court summons to you , the specific matter is handled by the court.As soon as Li Guohao said that he should deal with it according to the meaning of the court, Huang Yulang begged on the spot I know I am wrong, I should not use Mr.Bruce Lee s name, but I did not mean it, I hope Mr.Li can give me a way out Walk.Last year Huang Yulang s Little Rascal was sued by Shangguan Xiaobao to the court.It was only two days ago that the court officially announced that Huang Yulang was suspected of infringement, and compensated Panda Comic Club with 200,000 Hong Kong dollars, and all of them were sold on the market.

He looked at Master Wang and asked, Why are there so many reporters outside, Master Wang I do not know either.Master Wang was a little at a loss.He was a little panicked when the group of people gathered around him just now.He hadn t read much, and he had never seen a big scene.How could he deal with the situation just now The director went over, but it was really difficult to solve.Seeing that there was only one Zhao Yazhi following Li Guohao, Master Wang couldn t help but said Boss, I can t be the principal.You see, there are so many students waiting over there.I am a little timid.Waiting The society wants me to speak on stage, but I can t do it.Following Master Wang s words, Li martha stuart cbd gummies Guohao looked sideways at the spacious factory square, and saw a temporary stage set up on the square, and a crowd of students sitting not far away.

I want to buy some small cargo ships with hundreds of tons in the inland rivers.Inland rivers Bao Daheng was taken aback, thinking of the mainland, knowing that there was only Li Guohao in the meeting room besides him, he still looked left and right, and whispered Does Li Sheng want to go to the mainland No no no Seeing that Bao Daheng misunderstood his meaning, Li Guohao waved his hands quickly, are you kidding At this time, the mainland is still ruled by the Gang of Four, and he has no guts to go there.It s Thailand.I have invested in Thailand and built a factory in Thailand.Among them, there is some distance from the seaside port, and the local roadside cbd american shaman gummies review is not very good, so I plan to buy a few ships to transport from the inland river to the port, by water instead of land.It s Thailand Bao Daheng nodded slowly, thinking about his own ships, he said Don t tell me I really have a few small cargo ships, which transported goods from Xiangjiang to the mainland and the Gulf in the early years, but later the two places After the blockade, I gradually started international shipping.

Tsui Hark, Selina Chow, and Cheng Yuling all worked in TV stations.It even used The Legend of the Condor Heroes to praise Michelle as the leading actress, which once threatened TVB s position in the production of TV dramas.Most people talk about Huang Rihua and Weng Meiling s Shooting the Condors in the 83 edition.In fact, Jiayi TV was the first to adapt it into a TV series, and Mi Xue played the pretty Huang Rong.This drama set a record for Xiangjiang s first ratings of over one million in that year.What do you mean, chairman According to the only memories that are useful for this era, next year seems to be the time when Jiayi TV will start broadcasting, so the issue of licenses this year should be true.Li Guohao knows that controlling the media means controlling the right to speak, which is why he insists on running a newspaper even if he loses money.

Mr.Li arrived last night and even drank with you, have you forgotten Chen Sheng looked at Li Guohao strangely.Really I drank too much yesterday and forgot, go down and tell Brother Xiaolong first, I will go down immediately after I wash up.yes.restaurant.Bruce Lee was playing with his son and daughter in his arms, while Linda on the side looked at the father and son with doting eyes.Li Guohao brought Zhao Yazhi to the restaurant, glanced around, and soon found Bruce Lee who was sitting not far away, walked over quickly and said apologetically, Brother Xiaolong, I m sorry I was washing up just now.It s okay, I just woke up.How long, do you want something to eat Bruce Lee waved his hand.Azhi, what do you want to eat Li Guohao asked Zhao Yazhi on the side.I m free.Then I ll order two rice rolls and shrimp dumplings.

Upon hearing this promotion Way, Li Guohao smiled and said Huang Yaohua s idea Yeah.Di Yimin nodded with a smile I have to say that the Wenner band is really popular recently, even my young daughter is chasing Wenner.Moreover, the album of Wenna martha stuart cbd gummies Band in Southeast Asia seems to have sold more than 30,000 copies, and the sales in Thailand are the best.Manager Huang plans to cooperate with Guohao Nanshun to release instant noodles.Yes.Li Guohao Said Isn t it the food industry park that has a new batch of factory buildings and laboratory buildings coming out recently Are they where can i buy vitafusion cbd gummies all moved We are not renewing the contract.It seems that I am still very foresight.Hearing that the lease is coming soon, Li Guohao couldn t help laughing, at the beginning he just wanted to build a factory by himself, so the lease was only signed for three years of.

He can hum a few lines, but he doesn t know how to compose music, and he can t remember a few words.He can t write classic songs casually like other time travelers.Chorus He Zuozhi wondered for a while, and it was quite good to have all the performers and the host come on stage together to sing a big chorus.It was not only lively, but also brought all the performers together.The chorus is not bad, but what should I sing He Zuozhi said to himself.Seeing this, Sun Yubiao next not pot cbd gummies reddit to him said directly, Why don t we go to the studio downstairs and ask those singers I think they know a lot of songs, so why don t you ask them directly.Okay. Jin Jiashi and Di Yimin looked at each other, as if they were asking who would speak first, and in the end it was Jin Jiashi who said first This is the chairman.When I first came to the company in the morning, I received a message from Thailand.

Boss, our chicken essence has submitted a cbd gummies kentucky martha stuart cbd gummies report to the Department of Health, and we will receive a reply within a few days.Do you think we are going to prepare it, publicize it, and then officially sell it Yes, you can go down later.Inform Manager Di and ask him to arrange people from the Propaganda Department to publicize in Hong Kong, and as for other countries and regions, design a publicity plan as soon as possible.Ni Xingqing nodded Yes.DinglinglingZhao Yazhi, who has been pregnant for seven months, is now as big as a ball.Apart from sleeping and eating at home all day long, she is walking around in the garden of the villa accompanied by Mother Li and Mother Zhao.At first, Zhao Yazhi thought about going to the supermarket to buy clothes, but Li s mother disagreed desperately considering the child in her belly.

Chapter 567 The five investment advisors blinked and January 1977 arrived.Guohao Lam Soon also officially entered Australia.Jin Jiashi personally led the team and took most of the company s executives there, planning to set up a branch there first, and then choose some suitable and spacious places, buy land, and formally develop agricultural projects in Australia.In addition to moving the raw material supply base of Guohao Nanshun to Australia, we are also planning to expand the raw material market in cbd gummies kentucky martha stuart cbd gummies Australia.We have been busy with the supply of vegetables in the UK for the whole year last year, and finally we have a good connection with them, on time and according to the quantity.transport past.Victoria Peak, Li s villa.Good boy, call him martha stuart cbd gummies Dad Li Guohao was teasing his precious son with a small toy panda Abao in his hand.

The three were reserved for a moment, and after they all sat down, President Liang did not directly say that he invited the two of them to the party this time, but smiled at Li Guohao and said Li Sheng, you told me that you wanted to taste I tried Longjing tea in the Mainland.After returning home, I sent someone to Longjing Village next to the West Lake in Hangzhou, where the best Longjing tea is produced, to have this year s new tea delivered.After that, President Liang handed the iron box full of tea leaves to the other party.When Li Guohao took the Longjing tea, he was surprised.I took my heart, and it was delivered so quickly.This year s Longjing new tea When Bao Daheng heard that it was this year s new Longjing tea, he immediately became interested.He took it from Li Guohao s hand, opened the box, looked at the tender green tea inside, smelled the fragrance, and immediately admired The new tea has a tender green color and a smooth aroma.

Hello four teachers, my name is Zhang Xueyou As expected, the restarted The Voice is still overwhelming.From the first day of its broadcast, the ratings have stabilized at the top of all programs in Hong Kong.This terrified the people at TVB, and at the same time, with the consent of Shao Liushu, they spent a lot of money to prepare for their own talent show.Just when The Voice was in full swing, Undefended Tonight organized by Liang Shuyi finally came to an end.The most important thing about this midnight talk show is definitely the host, and judging from what the chairman said and the supplementary copy from the people below, choosing four male hosts is the best choice.There are many well known hosts in Xiangjiang, such as Fatty Shen Dianxia, He Shouxin, Xu Guanwen, etc All have high popularity and popularity in Xiangjiang.

If the improvement is unsuccessful, the set meals will be withdrawn and replaced with new ones.These are just technologies related to eating, and other technologies, such as fresh keeping ohmic heating technology, canned martha stuart cbd gummies fruit processing technology, dried nut processing technology, quick frozen product processing technology, lactose free milk technology, etc., which have been researched in the laboratory, Guohao Group are all under development.It s just that these are just the heroes hiding behind the scenes, and it s the delicious delicacies that really come to the market.After all, when everyone is eating canned fruit, no one thinks about how long it will take to make a bottle of fresh and delicious canned food, and the technical content involved In a hurry, the time came to January 1982.

If we win this If there is only one bank, in a short period of time, the business can be quickly developed to the United States.However, it is very difficult to obtain all the shares from the Yoowen Trust Company and the founder of Yongheng.What Fu Zhengguang meant was very clear, Wing Hang Bank was lost by PASS.Then he mentioned Wing Lung Bank.The shares of this bank are not very complicated.Except for Standard Chartered Bank, which has 10 of the shares, most of the remaining shares are in the hands of the founder, but it is a pity that Two years ago, that is, in 1980, it went public, and 25 of its shares were scattered in the stock market.It would be very difficult and costly to get them all back.Wing Hang Bank and Wing Lung Bank are the two I value more, especially Wing Hang Bank.They have obtained advanced banking technology from the United States from cbd gummies kentucky martha stuart cbd gummies foreign trust companies.

In addition, I think the mainland is unlikely to send troops to Xiangjiang, and it is impossible for Britain to send an expeditionary force to Asia to compete cbd gummies charleston with China, as it did in the Falklands War not long ago.You must know that the era of the empire on which the sun never sets is long gone, and it is impossible for them to have the strength to fight across more than half of the earth.Therefore, whether Xiangjiang will return or not, the final battlefield is still on the negotiating table.As for the final result of the ownership of Xiangjiang, it must be born within a year or two, and I think the mainland has a better grasp.Therefore, taking advantage of the decline period caused by the collapse of Hong Kong s real estate, I think it is possible to carry out a Hong Kong wide real estate bargain hunting plan.

At the beginning of February, Xiangjiang was still shrouded in the cloud of war.In the New Territories closest to the mainland, housing prices in places like Yuen Long had already fallen.This New Year, Xiangjiang went up to the wealthy business class and down to ordinary citizens, and their lives were very unsatisfactory.On the contrary, people who have been renting public housing have enjoyed their lives.Shenzhen, the mainland, and other areas that were first developed seem to be enjoying a second spring.Property prices and land prices are gradually rising, almost double the increase compared to last year.In the early morning, inside the Li family villa.After Li Guohao washed up, he yawned and went downstairs.As soon as he got down, he caught a glimpse of his martha stuart cbd gummies difference between cbd gummies and weed gummies grandfather Li Renzhong sitting at the dining table eating breakfast.

Grandpa, why didn t you go to the restaurant Li Renzhong said with a smile There s not much business in the store recently, Guohui alone is enough, and it s rare for me to be idle.Thinking of the collapse of Xiangjiang Real Estate at this time, The wealth of many wealthy people in the past has shrunk severely.It is reasonable that the business of mid to high end restaurants like Fumanlou has deteriorated.Li Guohao nodded and said Brother Guohui didn t go back to celebrate the New Year this year Li Renzhong shook his head No, isn t this arguing for a war The back bay is closed to traffic.If you want to think about it, you have to go to Shekou.port, or fly there. No passage Li Guohao frowned and asked, Why is it prohibited It s not the fault of the maritime police.Li Renzhong said helplessly, People who sneaked into Hong Kong recently There are more and more people, after the implementation of the on base policy, there will be more people coming from there.

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