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Chapter 6 Prey Mrs.Lin looked at the pearl in Gu Mingzhu s hand and couldn t help laughing.This child, no matter what it is, is so novel in her eyes, and she looks so happy when she picks up a pearl.Mrs.Lin looked at it and said It s probably a female relative who dropped it here.Mine.Gu Ming held the pearl tightly in his hand like a pearl.Okay, Mrs.Lin touched Mingzhu s head with a smile, You take it first, and if someone comes looking for it, we will return it to them.Gu Mingzhu nodded and carefully put the pearl into her purse.Let s go, Madam Lin said, Don t talk too much in the Fa conference, we will pray for your father s safety.Gu Mingzhu followed Madam Lin and do cbd gummies really work cbd gummies manufacturers walked forward.Her voice was very loud just now, and many people should have heard it Here, if the murderer hiding in the dark wants to attack the mother, he will always pay attention to every move here.One walks, one chases.She concealed it well, and he was very patient.Taking the opportunity of wiping away her tears, Gu Mingzhu took out a candied fruit and put it into her mouth.The man in front of her was really not that easy to fool.Fortunately, although he suspected it, he didn t have any definite evidence.The bronze mirror in her hand is from the Golden Pagoda Temple.She has been holding it and playing with it.The mirror will shine the sun on the man s eyes.It is purely coincidental.As for why she pushed the man, it is naturally because she saw a stranger rushing She panicked in her heart, so she stretched out her hand to resist.Although these remarks cannot come from her mouth, everyone will sort out the whole thing after guessing and checking.People in the temple will also say that what she holds in her hand is the Zhunti mirror, the Zhunti Guanyin.Then Nie Chen and the people behind him really had some tricks.Who is the person behind Nie Chen Is it related to the Pearl Thief seven years ago Chapter 18 Terrible Wei Yuanchen looked at a greeting card left by Nie Chen, on which Nie Chen s name was clearly written.People who have been doing detective work all year round can know it after a little inquiring in Taiyuan City, so Nie Chen Don t dare to lie.The real problem is what Nie Chen didn t say, such as how the map was obtained and from whom.It doesn t matter if it s true or not right now, it will all be known in the future.Third Master, Chu Jiu said, I ll have someone check out the details of that person.Wei Yuanchen threw the map in his hand to Chu Jiu Go here and check first.Nie Chen didn t say what the map is useful for, He also probably had a guess.The magistrate and fellow magistrates were all there.What can you control It has nothing to do with you now, but you have to investigate the case carefully and get everything out of the way as soon as possible.Find out.Lu Shenzhi raised his eyes, his eyes were calm and firm Sister, brother in law will be do cbd gummies really work cbd gummies manufacturers fine, I will definitely protect him, but it will inevitably be hard for you in the future, our Lu family needs your help.The younger brother s unreasonable cbd gummies manufacturers words made Mrs.Cui Si not sure what it meant.There is a second younger brother in the Lu family, so there is no need for her as a married woman.You I m actually here to look for Lord Hou, Lu Shenzhi said, I think about it, and the only one who can help my brother in law in Taiyuan Mansion is Lord Hou.I was a little worried that Lord Hou might have something to do with the crown prince.She has to run around Mrs.Lin s house, and gather around her mother in charge to find a chance creating better days cbd pet gummies ebay to get the key, and then hide in the Pianxia checked the things Mrs.Lin brought, thanks to the strange objects in the box wrapped in red cloth, otherwise it would really take a lot of effort to find them.But the things in that box are really interesting.Yasheng, talisman, paper money, ghost weapon, ghost torque stick These are obviously used to deal with Zhou Rujun s ghost, but unfortunately they are of no use because she has already tried it.She suddenly woke up from Gu Mingzhu.This situation cbd 1500 mg gummies was far beyond her understanding of everything.At one time, she also suspected that the ghosts and gods in ancient books might be real, so she took the opportunity to send paper money, talismans, offerings, etc.There are three villages near here.Chu Jiu stepped forward and reported.Wei Yuanchen got on his horse swiftly and wanted to check all the villages today.If his deduction is correct, there must be many stone quarrymen in these villages.The first Zhuangzi was not far away, Wei Yuanchen got off his horse and glanced at the nearby woods.Nie Chen, who was hiding behind the tree, seemed to have been stabbed in the chest again.He cbd gummies manufacturers immediately raised his hand and walked out My lord, I am here to help.I was afraid that my lord would not be able to get away, so I wanted to come to a nearby village to inquire about the situation.As for the news, as long as you get any useful clues, you will definitely report it to your lord carefully.He guessed that lord Wei would be stumped by those evidences, and he didn t expect to come here so soon.I didn t expect Auntie to think so much at a critical moment.No wonder there hasn t been any trouble in the Huaiyuanhou Mansion these years.If someone manages the Cui family like this, In the inner house, he can also feel at ease.Mrs.Lin felt tight in her chest, what does this mean Is she not as good as her clan sister Cui Zhen stood up Mother wants to make people do things, and I will let you cbd gummies manufacturers know.After speaking, Cui Zhen turned and walked out of the yard.Mrs.Lin waited until Cui Zhen s figure disappeared, and then looked at Cui Wei He is going to imprison me, so you just ignore it Cui Wei lowered his head, not daring to look at his mother s face Mother really shouldn t have asked people to go to the ancestral grave to toss about.We checked carefully and found that the gunpowder used by the culprits was placed in the things that mother asked to carry to the ancestral grave.Han Yu s face was worried.I don t see Feng Tong judge doing things so neatly on weekdays.Tonight he spared no effort in doing things, but I m afraid it won t be his turn to come to the trial.Han Yu said Send the person to the yamen properly, don t make any mistakes.My lord, don t worry.Feng Anping bowed to send Han Yu off, then found Chu cbd gummy worms extreme strength fun drops gummies cbd Jiu cbd gummies manufacturers in the crowd, and winked at Chu Jiu, he was rarely smart , this can be regarded as a great achievement, right The people escorted the prisoner to the government office.Something happened in Taiyuan Mansion, and the magistrate took HCMUSSH cbd gummies manufacturers people to arrest the bandits, and unexpectedly captured Mr.Wei who was sent by the emperor to investigate the case.The news was like thunder on the ground, and all the officials of Taiyuan Mansion, big and small, were awakened from their dreams.She knew that this was Zhuzhu s true nature, and she became a troublemaker in the eyes of others.Mrs.Lin hurriedly explained Zhuzhu is a child.She raises rabbits and fights crickets on weekdays.She accidentally bumped into Mr.Wei.Please forgive me.Master Wei apologizes.The mother in charge responded and was about to call someone.No need, Wei Yuanchen flatly refused, I still have something to do in the yamen, so I ll go first.Before Madam Lin could speak, Wei Yuanchen walked out.In a blink of an eye, he had already reached the Hanging Flower Gate.Miss Gu just threw grass leaves into my lady s tea bowl just now.This is treating my girl as her rabbit.When did my girl suffer such grievances A whisper came into Wei Yuanchen s voice ear.rabbit He thought of the black mass in Gu Mingzhu s arms.Mrs.Lin s words were still in my ears Zhuzhu is just a child.She raises rabbits and fights crickets on weekdays Wei Yuanchen immediately stopped in his tracks.Mrs.Lin was about to call Zhuzhu to go back to the room with her, when she saw the mother in charge running towards this side, and then she saw Wei Yuanchen s figure.Why did he come back again, Mrs.Lin couldn t help being startled, and was about to go forward to speak, Wei Yuanchen had already walked behind Gu Mingzhu.Gu Mingzhu squatted on the ground, caressing Yuan Xiao carefully, and she was quite surprised when she saw Wei Yuanchen.How could this person go and come back This time he just stood beside her quietly, thinking about something.Gu Mingzhu stood up, turned around inadvertently, raised her hand, and the rabbit fur that Yuan Xiao had just shed in her palm was scattered on Wei Yuanchen s face with the wind.Many people, many things, until the last step, will never know the truth.I just hope that he made the right choice this time, and Master Wei can eradicate those people and save the people in the mountains.Just ahead, Mr.Jiang ordered, Tie Yan Hao to the Zhuangzi.He had already ambushed people near the Lin family s Zhuangzi, just waiting to bring Yan Hao.Mr.Jiang is very satisfied, the matter is half done, and then he just needs to proceed step by step Taiyuan government office prison.Cui Zhen sat in the duty room and listened to the trial.He turned his head and glanced at the chair next to him.Wei Yuanchen cbd gummies manufacturers cbd 50 mg gummies had been away for half an hour.When Wei cbd gummies manufacturers Yuanchen sat here with him, even though he didn t say a word, he could still clearly feel the murderous aura on Wei Yuanchen s body.It was as if there was a blood feud between them.When the Pearl Thief was plotted against in Aocang, the person plotting against him was not Yan Hao, but those people like Mr.Jiang that Yan Hao mentioned.In the eyes of Mr.Jiang and others, the person who was going to be killed was narrowly escaped.If they knew something inside, it might be bad for them.It is safest to get rid of them out of prudence.Liu Su heard a crisp sound coming from outside the door, it was the sound of crossbow arrows shooting through the air.Whoosh an arrow shot in from the window, but instead of running towards them, it shot directly at the beam of the house, followed by the sound of fighting outside.Liu Su opened the door to check, only to see a cbd gummies manufacturers burly man pinned down on the ground, and the man pinning him down was the personal guard sent by Master Wei.Besides, there were two other people standing in the yard, they were Cui Zhen and Lu Shenzhi.Mrs.Tai is right, Mrs.Wednesday wiped the rain from her face, Let s go Several people continued to run forward, cbd gummies effects last and Zhou Ruzhang held Mrs.Lin s arm again.After taking good care of Mrs.Lin Tai, Marquis Dingning owed her a favor, and he will never be able to talk to her coldly again.Mrs.Tai, there is a dead end ahead, Cui s manager said, Just now Wu Zhuangtou said that there is a small door to get out of Zhuangzi, but I checked and found no door.We have to change the way.After passing the stone archway, there are several small ancestral halls inside, and then there are high courtyard walls inside.It is easy to be surrounded by people when you enter here.Let s go.Madam Lin urged, being trapped here later, it would be really ineffective every day.Mrs.Lin just took a few steps when she found that the guards of the Cui family were confronting several people outside the archway, her heart sank suddenly, it was over, they were trapped here.Han Yu ran out with a dagger in his hand.Staying in place, Han Yu looked at the huge Zhuangzi in front of him, sweat dripped from his forehead and flooded his eyes, his eyes were already red, the more anxious he was, the more confused his thoughts became, where would he go to catch the Pearl Thief.Han Yu just ran two steps forward and saw a figure in the corner.He subconsciously raised the sharp weapon in his hand, but soon let go because it was Miss Gu.That silly girl.The silly girl was arguing to go out just now, she used all kinds of tricks, cheating, acting like a baby, and now she must have slipped out of the house again while the Gu family was not paying attention.Gu Mingzhu raised her head, and Han Yu really saw a dazed expression on her face.Her face was a little dirty, and there were still tears on her cheeks.Seeing this, the murderer holding Mrs.Lin Tai immediately pulled Mrs.Lin back.There was a sudden movement in the stone archway.The shouts of the murderer and the shouts of the women s family were mixed together.Cui Wei was in a hurry, and stepped cbd gummy worms extreme strength fun drops gummies cbd forward with concern, wanting to check on Mrs.Lin s situation, but Mrs.Lin was already pulled out of their sight.Brother.Cui Wei went to call Cui Zhen, his face was full of fear, I am afraid that Wei Yuanchen s action this time would anger the murderer.Cui Zhen infinite cbd gummies still didn t move.Wei Yuanchen turned a blind eye to the chaos in front of him, and said indifferently How is my arrow technique better than Cui Erye Cui Wei s complexion was as white as paper, and he clenched his fists tightly Master Wei s doing this I m afraid it s not very good.Appropriate, my mother and the women of the Zhou family are innocent, in case they are injured Second Master Cui has been an official for so many years, has his hands not been stained with the blood of innocent people Wei Yuanchen s eyes The coldness is even worse.It s not a cbd gummies manufacturers cbd gummy worms extreme strength fun drops gummies cbd problem at all.Wei Yuanchen said If someone gets hit by this poisoned arrow, can they survive If they can survive the poisoned HCMUSSH cbd gummies manufacturers arrow, then the person who targeted Han Yu today may be the Pearl Thief back then.Sun Langzhong waved his hand to Wei Yuanchen, and suddenly frowned tightly Let me think about it.His eyes fell on the arrow.The tip of the tongue is numb after tastingit s stronger than Datura flower, it s Aconitum Nonoit s not just Aconitum Lang Zhong muttered to himself for a while, then suddenly got up and cbd gummies manufacturers left the room, went back to his residence.Chu Jiu wanted to chase after him but was stopped by Wei Yuanchen Let sir think about it alone.Chu Jiu wiped the sweat from his forehead The dark guards have searched all around Cuijiazhuangzi, but they didn t find it.There was a heavy rain at the time of the Pearl Thief , and many traces have been washed away by the rain, and the dark guards will continue to trace.I also want to relieve his pain, what a pity, His poison has entered the viscera, his heart is full of holes, and he can t be cured.Wei Yuanchen looked at Sun Langzhong Who is the patient you are talking about Why did Rujun ask you to treat him Sun Langzhong patted his head, he only focused on talking about the toxicity and pulse case, and even forgot the cause and effect in advance cbd gummies manufacturers Because he was in the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice at cbd gummies manufacturers that time, Rujun took care of him when distributing medicine, so I knew about him, he was Zhang Yuan who killed the household member Wai Lang, and Rujun called him Master Zhang.I don t even know if the daylilies were taken from my medicine box, but Rujun told me later.Wei Yuanchen said, Hemerocallis Sun hgh cbd gummies Langzhong nodded, It s also called Daylily, Wangyoucao, Datong Prefecture has the most , Shanxi is often used for cooking.If cbd gummies delta 8 cbd gummy worms extreme strength the pearl thief had already fled at that time, then there would be a reasonable explanation.In fact, this is not the case.The Pearl Thief wants to deliver the small bamboo tube to Feng Anping properly.That is to say, until Feng Anping got the bamboo tube, the Pearl Thief must not have left the village, so where exactly is the Pearl Thief hiding so that he can not be discovered Wei Yuanchen s eyes suddenly brightened, as if a thick layer of clouds had been cleared away.He knew that after the prefect of Han was attacked, he ordered the hidden guards to search for the trace of the pearl thief, but the hidden guards found nothing.He believed .

how long are cbd gummies good for?

that his hidden guards were really there.Pearl Thief, they will find clues.The reason why they couldn t find out was not because the Pearl Thief had any ability to go to heaven and earth, but because they were all misled.The mother had to guard against leaking the news, and also had to order the servants to do things, so she was too busy to touch the ground for a while.In the room where Wei Yuanchen lived, no one else cbd gummies manufacturers dared to go forward, they just handed things to Chu Jiu at the door.At the beginning of the ninth day, she was still calm, but after a long time, she couldn t bear it any longer.Gu Mingzhu guessed that Wei Yuanchen s situation in the house had not improved, so she would think of other ways, and when the ninth day left, she would go into cbd gummies for sleep online cbd gummies manufacturers the house Look at the situation.Third Master, don t use ice anymore, I ll let someone grab the secondary medicine.Third MasterThird Master, can you hear me There was no response from the room.Immediately after Chu Jiu walked out quickly.Gu Mingzhu glanced at Baotong, Baotong immediately turned and entered the door, and quickly turned back and said, Miss, Mrs.However, it is not a good thing for the Gu family to see such a weak appearance.With Mrs.Lin s prudence and care, she should not say anything about it.Wei Yuanchen withdrew his thoughts, the most important thing right now is to control the situation When did you come to Taiyuan Mansion Zhao Gong only felt that Master Wei s voice was more indifferent, and replied without thinking I just entered the city today.Wei Yuanchen went on to ask Where did you stay the night before Zhao Gongren was stunned for a moment, and then said after a while It s more than 20 miles away from Taiyuan Mansion in a restaurant.Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu Go and see the horses that pull the carts of the Lin family.After walking for more than twenty miles, the horses must be tired, and if Zhao Gong is lying, he can tell the clue at a glance.Naturally, he needs various arrangements to win over important officials by their side.The war horse is quite profitable and can meet the needs of the concubine party.However, according to Mr.Yang, every item has its value, and exchanging for silver is the most short sighted choice.If you want to maximize the value of an item, you must give it to the person who needs it most.The greatest value of a war horse is not only silver, but also a cavalry, a victory, and even the throne.Without horses and cavalry, border cities cannot be defended, and even the most powerful generals will lose battles.At the critical moment, the horses were given to them, allowing them to win military exploits and gradually become the ministers of the Great Zhou.Those who accepted the horses also handed in the certificates of honor, and they lived together from then on.A slightly hoarse female voice sounded Sir, please don t move it, there may be something wrong with the lock.Wei Yuanchen narrowed his eyes, raised his head and saw Gu Mingzhu who was in a hurry to enter the door.As if she was afraid of scaring him, her voice was very soft, and her tone was as best cbd gummies to relax gentle as possible, but she could feel that she was nervous.Gu Mingzhu said Is it the eighth lock spring Did you find something strange If the box held in Mr.Wei s hand is really a thunderbolt, no matter how good his skills are, he will definitely be injured.The consequences of a firearm exploding in such a small room would be disastrous.Yan Tanhua back then was by no means an ordinary person, and he lost a pair of arms.Wei Yuanchen s hand had already stopped.He had been concentrating on unlocking it just now, and he didn t have time to think about some things.If they were hit critically, they would undoubtedly die.The moment Master Wei threw out the box, Gu Mingzhu subconsciously squatted down, and when she raised her head again, she found that there was another person standing fox cbd gummies in front of her, and it was Master Wei.Mr.Wei threw away the box and immediately cbd gummies manufacturers returned to the house, not forgetting to protect her, a little girl.In the words of ordinary people, he is a moral person, and he did not waste her helping her in danger.However, just now, she cbd gummy worms extreme strength was afraid of being accidentally injured by those fragments, so she deliberately dodged backwards, and at some point pressed Master Wei s instep.When she came back to her senses, she seemed to be leaning on Mr.Wei s lap.I have to cbd gummies manufacturers say, maybe the thigh was long enough, so she still felt a little at ease.After all, cbd gummies delta 8 cbd gummy worms extreme strength this meat shield is thick enough.It was obviously wrong, but it was just right.The prince, who was listening to the piano with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes, stood up suddenly, and shouted Who is it Who played it Who is it The atmosphere of the whole banquet changed, the screen was in chaos, and all the Qin girls stood up to apologize.Chu Jiuben was paying attention to that side, and just moved his gaze over there.The person who kicked the stone kept his head down, making it difficult to see his face clearly, but the gauze on the face of a girl beside her slipped off.This girl recognized her on the ninth day of the ninth day, she was Ziyuan.Just now the stone was to draw their attention to this side, and then Miss Ziyuan showed up.Chu Jiu fully understood that Miss Ziyuan must have something to say to them when she came here.Bah my man is lucky enough to survive the Tatars and the mutiny, so he will definitely be very lucky in the future Okay Now, Wang Da, who had always been weak and incompetent, suddenly scolded his wife at this moment, Speak less, it s not embarrassing about your own affairs.Da Wang s daughter in law glared at Wang Da, but stopped talking.Gu Mingzhu looked at Wang Da, the Tatar invasion and the Shanxi mutiny twelve years ago, Lin Sizhen s first military exploits were made during the Shanxi mutiny.It was because of that military merit that Lin Sizhen gained a foothold do cbd gummies really work cbd gummies manufacturers in Shaanxi Xingdusi, and at cbd gummies manufacturers are condor cbd gummies legit that time she heard those words about the old HCMUSSH cbd gummies manufacturers Ding Ninghou from Mrs.Lin Tai.Old Ding cbd gummies delta 8 cbd gummy worms extreme strength Ninghou died after the Shanxi Mutiny.The Second Master Zhao buys and sells war horses privately, so he must bribe the side generals.What kind of drama are the third master and that Miss Gu playing again Should he give more money Or should I pretend I have no money The third master didn t give any hints, which made him a little embarrassed.What can you do next Wei Yuanchen put down the paperwork in his hands.Now that the money has been calculated, he also wants to see if it is worth the money.Nie Chen said Let s investigate the Shanxi mutiny twelve years ago.Wang Da mentioned it.Besides, we will find out who the woman who was in contact with Wang Daochang is., but none of the ordinary people did well.It seems that Miss Gu wants to use these cases to make the ordinary people into a climate.From the beginning of Mr.Zhang s case to the present, she has planned little by little, slowly laying the groundwork, and now she has worked out such careful eyesight, which is really painstaking.Such a big matter can be handled by a small lieutenant general like you.Undertake it If your brother hadn t nodded, how could he have bought a war horse Then Wei Yuanchen wouldn t believe your words.What you did was to cut off the back of our Cui family and to kill me.Sin, I ll hang here immediately, and I won t be able to close my eyes until I die.Cui Wei was shocked Mother, you can t do thisI Mrs.Lin Tai said coldly You have seen how your elder brother has treated me all these years.You also disobeyed me.What s the point of my life Please keep this in mind, your biggest shortcoming is that you are too gentle, Renyi, no matter what time comes, you should think more about yourself, this is your filial piety to me.Cui Wei refused to answer My mother doesn t know what s going on outside the house, so I have misunderstood my elder brother Lin Mrs.It is really ridiculous, but some people will believe it.Wei Yuanchen said Then when will she come back He looked at Nie Chen carefully, whether this Nie Chen knew vena cbd gummies more.Nie Chen also heard from Liu Su that the do cbd gummies really work cbd gummies manufacturers mother in law had a very strange temper, and she never showed up after seeing her last time Why would Mr.Wei care about a medical do cbd gummies really work cbd gummies manufacturers woman Nie Chen said We people like to pay attention to fate, I didn t ask deeply.The corners of Wei Yuanchen s mouth raised slightly, it seemed that Nie Chen was also kept in the dark.Nie Chen noticed that Mr.Wei s face softened suddenly.What did he say to please Mr.Wei This is also good, because the next words may not make Master Wei comfortable.My lord, Nie Chen said neither humble nor overbearing, I have something to ask you about.Junior Sister Jiang said, as long as you treat all of this as a business, there is nothing to be afraid of.Mrs.Lin rushed forward with enthusiasm, her body subconsciously dodged backward again, and hit the wall behind her heavily.The man slowly stretched out a long cbd gummies pure cbd spear, opened the curtain as thin as a cicada s wings, and stabbed Mrs.Lin with the point of the spear straight.Ah Mrs.Lin cried out, Don tdon t It s the old Hou Ye, it must be the old Hou Ye who came to ask for her life.Madam Lin knelt down and begged for mercy while crying.Brother WeiBrother WeiCome and save mother, Brother Wei Madam Lin desperately called Cui Wei s name as if clutching a life saving straw.The hand holding the spear trembled slightly, and stopped not far from Mrs.Lin Tai.Why did you kill me Finally a hoarse voice sounded.Mrs.Lin Tai panicked and felt that the voice belonged to the old Hou Ye.The old Hou Ye wore this chain mail and carried a long spear to fight in the killing field.She is so old, and it is quite pitiful to run around alone.Third Master, do you think it is strange that there was such a moment just now, I was so special Thinking Wei Yuanchen didn t even notice it, and a trace of displeasure flashed across his brows What do you think Chu Jiu swallowed the unfinished red bean cake Take care of her until she grows old.After eating a plate of red bean cake, this kind of thought became more and more intense.The originally peaceful heart lake suddenly became turbulent again because of the mention of the doctor woman on the ninth day of the ninth day.Wei Yuanchen s eyes flashed contempt.The cunning doctor woman was probably just a fox s tail.Now she hid that tail and waited.When he stopped staring, he would stick out again to confuse others.She heard these words on the ninth day of the ninth day, and she didn t know how to be proud.Cheng Yi, son in law of Huairou, unfolded the note in his hand, and there was only one sentence written on it Go all the way east.Cheng Yi held the note tightly.My son in law, Mr.Lu whispered next to him, this matter has not been right until now.We have been led by the nose, not to mention that we haven t seen my wife s face until now, even who tied it up.Madam doesn t even know.Cheng Yi pursed his lips and said nothing, he knew that this matter was not simple, especially now that his eyes seemed to be covered in a layer of fog from beginning to end, without any eyebrows, he now felt that it was not just this time His cbd gummy worms extreme strength fun drops gummies cbd mother was arrested, and he had been plotted since he found her a month ago.Mr.Lu ordered the others to step back Keep an eye on the surroundings, and come forward to report if there is any trouble.Hearing what Mrs.Lin said, Princess Huairou felt that she had chosen the right person, and Mrs.Lin was pregnant and had to take care of Miss Gu.If she didn t tell her in advance, she would not bear it if something went wrong.Let Madam know first, Princess Huairou said, We ll talk about it when we get to the post.Madam Lin nodded.The two got into the carriage separately, and the team started to move forward again.Mrs.Lin thought about what Princess Huairou said just now, and couldn t help but panic in her heart.The things she encountered in Taiyuan Mansion were more than the sum of all these years, but this was also the reason why she wanted to stay in Taiyuan Mansion.The critical moment I can help the master.Mother, Gu Mingzhu held Mrs.Lin s hand, grandfather said Jiangmen Tiger Girl.Mrs.Lin s eyes lit up, did Zhuzhu understand what Princess Huairou said How is this possible But if she didn t understand, Zhuzhu wouldn t say that.Both Wei Yuanchen and Cui Zhen held sharp weapons, and their every move was extremely fierce, leaving no room for it.Wei Yuanchen s attack can also take the opportunity to turn defense into offense.Every move of the two of them looks very dangerous, and if there is a slight difference, they will definitely die.Marquis Ding Ning and Master Wei have fought in the field of the lieutenant colonel before, and both of them were injured.It seems that they will not give up casually today.The prince stared at the long sword in Cui Zhen s hand, wishing that the sword would immediately send it to the sword.Into Wei Yuanchen s chest, this way he will have one less trouble, the Wei family will go to Dingninghou if they want to pursue, it has nothing to cbd gummies manufacturers do with him.Suddenly, Cui Wei yelled Brother.Wei Yuanchen stabbed Cui Zhen s throat with a sword, and everyone was stunned Mrs.He couldn t help but think of Cui Wei s yelling.Cui Wei s yelling at that time seemed to be done on purpose.Could it be that the younger brother beside him also has another face Mrs.Lin looked at the blood stained cloth scarf on Cui Zhen s neck, and couldn t help saying It will take a long time, right How can you argue at this time You are not a reckless person Before Mrs.Lin could speak, Cui Zhen Zhen looked outside the door, Baotong stood at the door and looked around carefully with a pair of eyes.Cui Zhen s originally tense face slowly relaxed Auntie, don t worry, this is what I agreed with Wei Yuanchen in advance, we both only suffered some minor injuries, nothing serious.Mrs.Lin was very pleased Surprised You are Cui Zhen nodded, but Wei Yuanchen acted too much, when the blade brushed against his neck, the burst of killing intent was no different from the real one, Wei Yuanchen was real I really want to kill him, I hate him to this extent.Lin walked to Mrs.Fourth Cui, and Mrs.Cui was sleeping there peacefully.Although her face was still as golden as paper, at least her injuries were healed.Mrs.Lin tightly held Mrs.Cui Si s hand, her face was full of worry.Liu Su said It will take three days to find out.During this time, it is best patch adam cbd gummies to rest in peace.Baotong wiped the blood stains on Gu Mingzhu s dress cbd gummies manufacturers with a wet kerchief, and the blood stains were not so obvious when they faded away No one could tell that the person who treated Mrs.Cui Si s injury just now was the young lady.While her mother was visiting Mrs.Cui Si, Gu Mingzhu told Liu Su Let Nie Chen invite Zhou Qiye over.Liu Su had met Uncle with Master Wei and knew his identity.What Gu Mingzhu was referring to was Zhou Zesheng.My uncle had been in the military camp all year round and was very experienced in warfare.General Lin, the crown prince said, take me back to the court, I will intercede for cbd gummies manufacturers you in front of the emperor, and I will say that everything is persecuted by the Wei family and has nothing to do with General Lin.As soon as he ascends the throne, he will definitely give the general the iron certificate of Dan Shu, and this palace can make a written proof.The prince s hair was disheveled, and he was a little crazy.This prince is useless.Lin Si really understood that if the crown prince was so disrespectful in front of others, he would be expelled from the East Palace even if he returned to the capital.Wei Yuanchen took a fancy to this and dared to act so blatantly.General, there are soldiers and horses coming from the east.East Lin Sizhen became vigilant, there is no guard post in the east, unless it is the garrison from Datong Mansion.If someone covets you, you will definitely feel angry and wish to tear that person into pieces.Lin Si really knows Cui Zhen s temper , has always been tough, how can you bear such insults Taking advantage of Cui Zhen s hesitation, they naturally wanted to leave quickly.Lin Sizhen took a few steps and took the prince on the horse.Seeing that the group was about to leave the forest, suddenly a branch moved above their heads, and the man on the tree raised his sharp weapon to stab Lin Sizhen.Lin Sizhen s expression changed, and he immediately raised his arms to block it.Obviously, Cui Zhen didn t listen to what he said, healthiest cbd gummies reviews and he still wanted to make things difficult for him.Lin Si really gritted his teeth.He knew that he had assassinated this nephew in Beijiang two years ago.If Datong was also in the hands of the young master, how could he have ended up in this way The young master also wants to win over the general Cui Zhen too much.Zhou Zesheng drank it cbd gummies buy online usa all down, and then handed back the empty bowl to Wei Yuanchen There is no need to take care of the Zhou family s women, I have already done what I have to do, and it is the best of humanity.After one pass, no matter how shameless the two brothers of the Zhou family are, he really can t see the woman being humiliated.Zhou Zesheng rested for a while, and felt much better, so he asked Chu Jiu and others to send him back to his residence.Wei Yuanchen sat on the table and read the official documents, and before he knew it, it was time to light the lamp.Third Master, take a rest, Chu Jiu said, Liu Su has brought soup again.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyelids, there were a few more lotus seeds in the red date and astragalus soup, and after he slapped him, he wanted to use it A few lotus seeds to buy, is that worth a slap in her heart Qi Ye s soup is also sent, Chu Jiu emphatically reminded, There are no lotus seeds.With such an end, I just hope that Mr.Wei will not be implicated by it.Gu Mingzhu grabbed Mrs.Lin s hand and yawned.Mrs.Lin smiled and told Baotong Blow on the lamp, Zhuzhu is sleepy.Madam, go back and rest, Baotong reached out to help Mrs.Lin up, Miss, it s good to have servants here.Madam Lin nodded, she was more or less frightened when she met the rebels on the road, but Liu Su prescribed a few medicines for her, and she felt much better, with strength in her body, His spirit has also returned to his previous appearance.He is really not a person by his appearance.A young servant next to Mr.Wei is as good at medicine as those doctors sitting in the middle of the capital.Mrs.Lin walked out of the door, Baotong said in a low voice Nie Chen is back.Baotong said in a low voice Nie Chen stared at Mr.Not only because Mr.Wei found out the case, cbd gummy worms extreme strength fun drops gummies cbd but also because of the status of the relatives of the Wei family.Wei Yuanchen didn t say much, and followed Huang Chang to the guard room in cbd gummies manufacturers the inner court.The hot water is cbd gummy bears for smoking ready, and everything from the middle clothes to the official uniforms are brand new.Seeing this, Wei Yuanchen raised his lips slightly, with a sneering expression on his face, which not only gave the Wei family and him enough face, but also allowed him to be examined logically, and he had seen too many such methods.The palace servant came forward to serve Wei Yuanchen to change clothes, Wei Yuanchen turned his eyes to the servant next to him Come here Seeing this, the palace servant had to bow his head and retreat.The servant hurried forward, Wei Yuanchen stretched out his hand and removed the leather belt around his waist, took off his outer robe, and replaced it with the inner lining, there were bloodstains on the middle coat.Wei Yuanchen s expression was natural, as if he didn t take the etiquette to heart Master Hou, do you want to ask about the situation in the East Palace .Wei Yuanchen said His Royal Highness the Crown Prince was escorted into the capital city last night, but did not enter the East Palace.He was placed in a house surrounded by people from the Beijing camp, and cbd gummies delta 8 cbd gummy worms extreme strength no news came out.The imperial concubine gave up the prince, and it will not be long before there will be a decree to abolish the East Palace, but even so, she should not be careless.The imperial concubine is different from the prince.She has always been calculating and needs to be careful.Gu Chongyi can t show these thoughts in front of others, so he is relieved Said His Royal Highness finally returned to Beijing safely.Wei Yuanchen looked at the smiling Master Gu, his mind seemed to be very simple, he could be happy just by coaxing him casually, but he knew better than anyone else in his heart that he was afraid that Master Gu would put on such a smiling face in front of him in the future to shirk, He refused to marry Zhangzhu to him, so before proposing marriage, he had to find a way to make Lord Hou trust him more.After speaking, Mrs.Lin moved inward, and Zhuzhu followed her mother to lie down on the soft couch.The mother and daughter smiled and huddled together.Mrs.Lin took cbd gummy worms extreme strength fun drops gummies cbd her daughter s hand and tidied up her daughter s unruly sideburns.Whoever said that the daughter must marry off, it is also good for Zhuzhu to stay by her side like this.It is she and the master blessing.Okay, you can go down and rest too, Mrs.Lin looked at Mama Yang, follow us all the way, if you get to the mansion, there are others serving you, you can also catch your breath.Mama Yang bowed and stepped back, before Before leaving, he also asked the steward in the yard to pay attention to Mrs.Lin s body.Maybe your uncle will come from Shaanxi after a while.Mrs.Lin spoke softly to Gu Mingzhu.Gu Mingzhu s eyes lit up Then can your grandfather be with you Mrs.Hearing what Auntie said, Wei Yuanchen looked towards the door and saw Gu Mingzhu standing there listening carefully.At that time, the young master gave you money, how dare I just accept it like this, it is the young master who reminded me.The young amazon cbd gummies for pain 50mg master said that life is hard for a person, and I really think about it.Although I know that I may not be able to repay the young master for the rest of my life.But for the sake of the man in the family, I have the cheek to take it.Wei Yuanchen went to see Gu Mingzhu again, but she was still standing there, under the cover of the fence, her expression could not be seen.In the past, she would talk to the aunt when she went to buy red bean cakes, but now green lobster cbd gummies phone number she will come over Ma am, you don t need to take this matter to heart, Wei Yuanchen said, My aunt helped me far more than the money I gave.Find them two horses.Wei Yuanchen ordered Chu Jiu.Gu Mingzhu felt that Master Wei was looking at her.Chu Jiu led the horse over and handed the slightly shorter one to Miss Jiang.Gu Mingzhu stepped on cbd gummies beezbee the stirrups, turned over and rode neatly, the pony was very docile, she couldn t help but reached out and patted the horse s neck.Let s go.Wei Yuanchen took the lead, and Gu Mingzhu immediately followed.The little pony is very stable, but after running half a street, Gu Mingzhu realized that the horse was too stable, Liu Su went to inquire about the news, and left first, and then Master Wei led the people away, she beat the horse Following behind them, at first they looked like they were far behind, and then the front became empty, leaving her alone.The short footed horse she was riding, no matter how she drove it, she just walked forward in small steps, just like a female family member going out on a green trip in spring, the horse walked slowly to see the scenery clearly.At that time, he had no weight in her heart, he was just a patient.Thinking of this, Wei Yuanchen felt a little sad, and looked at the girl who was tightly covered again.Now that she is investigating the case, she will immediately think of him.His hard work is not completely useless, and she has left a lot of cbd gummies manufacturers things with him, such as the five black chickens and the string, which were hugged by the Gu family in Taiyuan Mansion, with him.Take a ride, there will be many similar things in the future, like a thread that binds her tightly, and it will be seen how she can escape.Barely considered some progress.Wake up, Wei Yuanchen said, Ask for a confession, I have to go to Cheng s and Yuan s houses.Gu Mingzhu signaled Liu Su to give them medicine.Wei Yuanchen briefly sorted out the current case.Fortunately, the eldest daughter in law is very caring.As she spoke, she looked at Mrs.Lin, Madam and Zhuzhu will come here often in the future, so we can talk more.Mrs.Lin agreed with a smile.Zhuzhu seemed to like the Wei family very much, and stayed by Mrs.Li s side all the time.Zhuzhu couldn t sit still when she usually creating better days 150 mg cbd gummies went out for a banquet, and ran out.In the past, she thought that relatives like the Wei family were difficult to get along with, but today she has changed her mind.Even Mr.Wei is the same.When he takes off his official uniform and is not handling cases, he is a polite and thoughtful junior.When several people arrived at the flower hall, Mrs.Zhang ordered her mother in charge to prepare the dishes.When she saw the plates of exquisite snacks being served, Mrs.Zhang couldn t help being surprised.Mrs.Lin said This is really I don t know how the second master Wei was injured.Even if the second master Wei didn t know how to punch and kick, he shouldn t be injured too badly by the censor, and his father was by his side, and his father was at the critical moment.Will help.Gu cbd gummies for sleep online cbd gummies manufacturers Mingzhu was thinking about it, when the cbd gummies for enlarged prostate mother in charge came to report again The gift from the lotus alley is here.The lotus alley refers to Gu Chongyi s uncle s family.Mrs.Lin smiled Uncle Clan and the others are really well informed.After they came back from Shanxi, Uncle Clan has been watching from the sidelines.If the court didn t cbd gummies manufacturers make a regulation, they wouldn t show up for a day.After all, it involves the prince.Who knows whether the final result will be rewarded or blamed.Now that Lord Hou is promoted, the clan uncle rushed to come.Gu Chongyi was unmoved, he was so angry with Master Wei that he couldn t even take a sip of water now.Bring tea.Gu Chongyi ordered Yang s mother.Mama Yang was about to respond.There s no more tea in the room, Mrs.Lin said upon seeing this, Master Hou just went to drink in the main room.Gu Chongyi raised his eyebrows, and Madam cleaned him up without even blinking his eyes.Make it.Mrs.Lin shook her head The water is gone.The servant was just about to carry the pot into the house, but when he heard Mrs.Lin s words, he didn t know what to do, so he just kicked in and out of the door.standing.Gu Chongyi pointed What is that hot thing Mrs.Lin said indifferently, Does the Marquis want to snatch the footwashing water for my concubine It s like a big cat with its hair blown up.There is nothing else in my mind.If the patrolling censor of the Metropolitan Procuratorate finds that the Bingmasi is not doing things well, he can directly impeach the yamen.If there is any collusion between them, the defense of the city gate will be in vain.Qiao Zheng seemed to understand You mean that someone abandoned the car to protect the handsome, in order to keep the Metropolitan Procuratorate and Wucheng Bingmasi.So Once said, the Yuan family became even more suspicious.Now that Wei Yuanchen is still collecting evidence, they act immediately, and there is still a chance to make a head start.Qiao Song stood up and walked forward Also pay attention to those folks.Qiao Zheng said Don t worry, uncle, the folks in the capital are only doing things for Wei Yuanchen, and they seem to want to rely cbd gummies hangover on Wei Yuanchen for a foothold, as long as they guard against Wei Yuanchen.At that time in the Zhao family in Taiyuan Mansion, Gu Mingzhu also found the secret door, the eight spring lock was found in the secret door, the eight spring lock, Bai Guanzheng of Qin Tianjian, Bai Gongren, this clue seems to be clear.Bai Gongren has been recuperating in the Taiqing Temple.The Sun Zhenren of the Taiqing Temple returned to the capital yesterday, and the temple must be very lively.It just so happened that the family s grandmother would take her to the temple tomorrow, and she would not miss this opportunity.Gu Mingzhu looked at Baotong You can be with me this time.Baotong nodded with joy on her face, she was finally able to go out with the eldest lady, and she also felt itchy after not going out to do things with the eldest lady for a long time, Counting how many times I went out, it was not peaceful.They have been enshrined in the hall.Next, we will serve the senior brother.Do a few religious ceremonies.Zhenren Sun came out of Beijing because his brother became a monk in Shandong, I don t know if it is true, but Gu Mingzhu remembered that the Nalu family also came from Shandong.Walking into the gate of the Taoist temple, Nv Guanzi first led them to offer incense, and then whispered The quiet room cbd gummies manufacturers are condor cbd gummies legit in the backyard is ready, a few minutes Is there hot spring water Nv Guanzi said suddenly Interrupted by a crisp voice, Nuguanzi turned her head to look.The girl s face was full of enthusiasm, as if she couldn t wait to see the hot spring.Yes it s in the quiet room.As soon as Nuguanzi finished speaking, the girl ran out of the hall, obviously looking for the quiet room.Zhuzhu, the old lady Gu ordered immediately, Hurry up and catch up with the eldest lady.After covering it for the Empress Dowager, one after another came out to salute the emperor, welcoming the emperor like an inner room to visit.The emperor got up, strode into the inner room, and immediately looked at the empress dowager on the couch The empress dowager is suffering, and I immediately ordered all places to bring in good medicinal materials to treat the empress dowager.Don t worry, Ai s family is an old disease from the past, and it s not do cbd gummies really work cbd gummies manufacturers a problem.The emperor sat cbd gummies manufacturers on the chair, the mother and son met each other s eyes, and the emperor said The envoy Jiang said you are so angry, what is the reason The queen mother ingredients of cbd gummies sighed I heard that something happened in the Taiqing temple.The temple master Sun Huixiu also entered the palace to treat the illness of Ai s family, and enshrined the pills that prolong life.Huaiyuan Hou and his wife cbd gummies utah sought medical advice everywhere and now her condition has improved a lot.Yesterday Miss Gu went to Shangqing Temple and was arrested Mo Zhenzhen has taken a fancy to it, and Mo Zhenren wants to enlighten Miss Gu and pass on her medical skills to Miss Gu.There cbd gummies usa made gmp was a faint smile on the queen mother s face Before she was sad because of the death of her disciple, and mourned her family.I am still worried about her, now that I am accepting new apprentices, I have finally opened my mind, and she has been really happy outside these years, thanks to the Ai family who did not let her stay in the palace.The female officer followed suit.The Empress Dowager continued Let her female disciples also come to the Palace of Compassion and Ning, the Ai family wants to see her.She hasn t called anyone into the palace for a long time, and if any woman from outside enters the Palace of Compassion and Ning, it will arouse people s attention.So maybe Bai Jingkun really didn t kill Ah Chan.Wei Yuanchen kept asking questions along Bai Jingkun s train of thought, not asking cbd gummies big bottle questions first, let Bai Jingkun tell what he knew, and then he would ask questions one by one based on these words.Wei Yuanchen asked, What happened next Bai Jingkun cbd gummies delta 8 cbd gummy worms extreme strength licked his chapped lips, I was found by those people just after I left Beijing.I had nowhere to go and had to go home, and then I heard that A chan committed suicide Ah Chan died, the family was in chaos, we were busy with Ah Chan s funeral, those people never found me again, knowing that my father and mother passed away one after another, my brother in law gave me some money and asked me to do some business , I just met those people again.Those people didn t mention the matter of the drought compass anymore, I thought it was over like this, but I didn t expect that the second sister broke her leg again.In the end, she crazily climbed up to just cbd gummies the Baojin Pavilion in the back garden, threatening that she would jump down with the child in her arms if no saints from outside the palace were invited cbd gummies for sleep online cbd gummies manufacturers to see her third princess.Wei Shi, who had just given do cbd gummies really work cbd gummies manufacturers birth, was still bleeding from his lower body, and the blood flowed down Wei Shi s dress, which looked very scary.At that time, Wei Shi was trembling like a leaf in a strong wind, her eyes were full of vigilance and fierceness, she didn t allow anyone to get close to her and her child, and she no longer had the slightest appearance of mothering the world.This is the first time since the founding of the Great Zhou Dynasty that the harem has experienced such a storm, and everyone is in a mess.If the queen and the princess are really allowed to jump off the pavilion, then he, the king of the country, will lose face.Mrs.Wei Jiatai just arrived at that time, she fainted from fright when she saw such a scene, and before she could stabilize the situation in front of her, Fengxiang Hall suddenly caught fire.Fengxiang Hall is not far from the Compassionate Ning Palace, if the rescue is not timely, it is very likely that the Compassionate Ning Palace will be affected, he didn t bother to visit the Wei family, and immediately rushed to the Compassionate Ning Palace.The scene of that night still remains deep in the emperor s memory.The imperial guards were mobilized, and the servants and palace people were in a mess.If someone had bad intentions at this time, the consequences of instigating the palace change can be imagined.Empress Wei caused such a turmoil single handedly, to put the entire Great Zhou court in a dangerous situation, and make him surrounded by dangers.After hearing this, Princess Huai finally relaxed Tone It s fine.King Huai changed his clothes and was about to go to the study to read.Concubine Huai subconsciously said, Are you going to read those sutras again The doctor brought the students here, and they want to see the little gadgets that the king made a few days ago.Princess Huai said You don t plan any more King Huai said I just discussed with Shen Shangshu, The vice capital censor will return to Beijing in a few days, and it is not appropriate to act rashly right now.Princess Huai can t say anything more, she also hopes that the vice capital censor Shen Tonghuai will return to Beijing earlier, it s not that she doesn t trust the Minister of Rites, Shen Guicheng, compared to him The second uncle s temper is a bit dull, and the prince always listens to him, so it is inevitable that he is too bookish.The old man usually has bad legs, but now seeing so many dead people, he was so frightened that he fell heavily to the ground after running two steps.At this moment, when Tan Zigeng reached the old man, he was about to stretch out his hand to pull the old man on the ground.Tan Zongqi had better not move.Tan Zigeng raised his head and followed the voice, cbd gummies manufacturers are condor cbd gummies legit a familiar face came into his eyes, Tan Zigeng subconsciously wiped the blood from his eyes with his sleeve, trying to make himself see more clearly.Tan Zigeng said Lord Wei, why are you here Wei Yuanchen said indifferently In the current situation, Tan Zongqi shouldn t ask me, I should ask Tan Zongqi, Tan Zongqi is here What did you do in Zhuangzi Tan Zigeng looked down at himself, his short brown body was covered with blood, his hands were also soaked in blood, and he looked in a state of embarrassment.The mother who was in charge of the Gu family complained secretly, not knowing how to explain to Lord Hou and Madam when they returned home.It s really naughty, Mo Zhenren couldn t help looking at Gu Mingzhu, Didn t you agree with your family Gu Mingzhu s face showed a bit of pleading I don t worry about Aunt Zhen.It s also your fate, since you are here Let s go in together, Mo Yangming said while olly cbd gummies looking at Gu Mingzhu, Are you afraid Gu Mingzhu shook his head.Mo Yangming thought it was the same, there was no trace of fear on Zhuzhu s face, this child was different from ordinary female relatives.Aunt Zhen lived in Anji Yuan before, and she had no relatives around her, so she had no one to help her with her funeral do cbd gummies really work cbd gummies manufacturers affairs.Mo Yangming and Gu Mingzhu walked into the room where Aunt Zhen s body was kept.Tan Gu Mingwan pressed tight Tightly pursing his lips I want to know, I Gu Chongyi said Your father s case has been handed over to the Shuntian government office.This case is not a simple smuggling of goods.It is also related to Tan Zigeng s murder in Daxing Zhuangzi.What you should do now is to stabilize your inner house and not make any more disturbances.Your father didn t do those things I won t let people wrong him As for your marriage with the Tan family, you have to wait until everything is clear before making any plans.Do you understand Gu 10000 mg cbd gummies Mingwan nodded with difficulty.Gu Chongyi has already made it very clear I hope Gu Mingwan can understand the meaning.Uncle Gu Mingwan still bit his lips and said, Mr.Tan is a good manhe will not do bad things, anyway he Certainly not killing people.Madam Dong s hands trembled slightly , but she didn t open her mouth to stop it.Whatever the master decides, she always does it without hesitation, and she will silently support it, because the master is always right Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Gu Mingzhu accompanied Mrs.Lin in the room for a while, and the mother and daughter lay down on the bed and took a nap for a while.After waking up, Mrs.Lin read to Gu Mingzhu.The cbd gummies manufacturers two of them were reading carefully, and the child in their stomach was happy The ground moved.Gu Mingzhu put her hands on her mother s belly, opened her eyes wide, and felt her mother s belly move, her face cbd gummy worms extreme strength fun drops gummies cbd was full of joy and surprise.Mother Yang said Young Master now knows how to pester Madam and Miss.Madam Lin followed with a smile Don t be a torturer.What s wrong with that Gu Mingzhu raised her head and said, I ll accompany you.Chen Weicheng looked at Tan Dingfang fixedly Master Tan, don t you have the slightest suspicion of Bai Guanzheng My lord, think about who made you not to reveal your relationship with the Bai family And who watched Miss Bai with her own eyes Suicide Although Bai Guanzheng has passed away, whose camp are his two children in After returning from Daning, I was eager to tell Bai Guanzheng the good news, but unexpectedly Miss Bai was hiding behind the screen in the study.Missy probably wanted to eavesdrop on the news about your lord, but by accident she found out how we framed Old General Zhao.Tan Dingfang guy gets busted for 400 lbs cbd gummies couldn t help but stepped forward and grabbed Chen Weicheng s collar So you are afraid of things It was revealed, you teamed up and killed A Chan.Chen Weicheng didn t struggle, and suddenly smiled when he looked at Tan can i take cbd gummies on airplane Dingfang You really are Miss Bai s confidant, and you know Miss Bai so well, you know her better than her father.Take everyone out.Gu Mingzhu heard a familiar voice.That is Master Wei.She raised her head, and it was those clear eyes that caught her eyes.Gu Mingzhu stared blankly for a while, Master Wei looked very embarrassed, his hair was covered with dust, and there were a few bloodstains on his cheeks, it was obvious that the firearm exploded with great power.When the firearm exploded, Mrs.Wei should take shelter in the main room for a while.The reason why .

do cbd gummies have any effect?

she was injured was because came to rescue her.An inexplicable emotion flowed in her heart.She didn t know whether it was the experience just now or the mood at this time, which made her chest flutter.The fence on the girl s head fell in a panic, and her face was exposed under the moonlight.She lowered her eyes, her long eyelashes fluttering, adding a little more tranquility cbd gummies manufacturers than before.Zhou Shi, Cui Zhen seemed to be looking at Zhou Shi squarely for the first time, and there seemed to be a vague female figure looking back at him, Are you wronged If you were wronged, I will fight for you.You seek justice and cbd gummies manufacturers return your innocence.Cui Zhen s voice was deep and full of unquestionable certainty I am your husband and should be like this, and it can be regarded as making up for my mistakes back then.Although there was no chance to meet each other, Zhou s She should also know that her husband is a hero, and his blood is hot.Cui Zhen came from the ancestral hall, and Wang Jing waited in the yard.It s all arranged, Wang Jing said, There is a reliable person who has been working in the prison of the Criminal Ministry, and he can come to see Lord Hou tomorrow.There is no need to bring him to the mansion, Cui Zhen said, find a quiet house Buy it, and go over there to talk if you have important matters these days.Wei So it caused the old disease How could Wei Sanye be so majestic and timid.Gu Mingzhu said Take the medicine on time Take it.Chu Jiu told honestly that everything else about the third master was fake, but the medicine was real.No matter what Miss Gu prescribed, he drank it every day.Can t stop.Feng Anping doesn t give him beef these days, and he has cbd gummies manufacturers to save monthly money.He hasn t eaten good food for a long time.Put a little bit on the back of his hand, and then he couldn t help but taste it.That medicineis as bitter as it needs to be, and I don t know how the third master drinks it every day.Gu Mingzhu shook her cloak at the door, preparing to let the cool air off her body before entering.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyes.He hadn t seen her for several days.Guessing that she couldn t help but want to go out for a walk, he came to wait for her in the small courtyard.Cui Zhen dismounted from his horse, and the steward rushed up to serve him.Stepping into Gu s courtyard, Cui Zhen heard a burst of laughter.Zou Xiang, hurry up, you re going to lose.It was Zhuzhu leading Zou Xiang to shoot arrows in the yard.Chapter 390 Envy Cui Zhen paced past following the voice, and saw the girl in the cloak with bright eyes and a smile on her lips, looking at Zou Xiang.The little Zou Xiang, holding a small bow, concentrated on dealing with the arrow in his hand.The arrow was originally very light, but at this moment it weighed a thousand catties.Zou Xiang finally let go of his fingers and shot an arrow.The moment the arrow was shot, Cui Zhen knew that the arrow was not shot too squarely, but it would land on the target.Sure enough, the arrow went into the target silently.Zou Xiang stood on the stool and looked at the tall figure going farther and farther through the window, holding his hands tightly.Although his adoptive mother told Cui Zhen about his identity, he didn t want to have anything to do with Cui Zhen.He won t go to Dingninghou s mansion, let alone call Cui Zhen s father, even if he dies, he won t bow to Cui Zhen Mrs.Zhang heard the news from the steward Master Hou has gone back to the mansion first.Madam Zhang was startled, and got up from the bed at a loss Why, is there something urgent at the mansion The steward shook his head as a sign cbd gummies manufacturers don t know.This child, Mrs.Lin couldn t help saying, Why did I leave you alone and go first After saying this, Mrs.Lin comforted Mrs.Zhang Don t worry, I ll let the steward take you off.Next time I see Zhen My brother will definitely scold him.Mrs.Zhang got into the carriage with Mrs.Shen, and Qiu Hai, who was following the carriage, told Mrs.Shen I ll go back and tell the Elder Lord first, In case the Elder is in a hurry.Shen Shi nodded, and the carriage drove forward.Qiu Hai watched the carriage drift away, and walked out of the alley quickly.Gu Hou hung a map of the sea area of Shandong in his study.The place pointed to by the map was the shipyard opened by the imperial court, and beside the map was a large ship structure map , is the warship they used.How could it be such a coincidence Did Gu Hou and Cui Zhen know that they used the imperial shipyard to build warships He wanted to report the news to the Elder immediately, Qiu Hai thought and quickened his pace Gu Mingzhu helped Mrs.Lin back to the house, and then told Mrs.Lin about Zou Xiang s life experience in detail.The imperial concubine wants to take advantage of this incident to raise the Ninth Prince herself.Empress Wei nodded The prince is a bondage, so that the emperor can go a few more times, and the father and son meet more, and naturally they will be more close, but the prince is guarded by the dragon guard, and the imperial concubine s palace may not be safer than the prince s.The imperial concubine tidies the harem, It is not a good thing to cause complaints and people s hearts to float.The people behind the scenes plotted against the crown prince and the third prince.Who will they deal with next Who will cause greater political turmoil Only when there is chaos, those people can fish in troubled waters.Empress Wei thought about it cbd gummies for sleep online cbd gummies manufacturers Order, pay attention Movements everywhere in the palace.Before Empress Wei was imprisoned in Kunning Palace, she left some people outside.I don t know if it s right, but at that time you were already the governor of the Jinzhou Guard, if you hadn t feigned death to hide, maybe now you are the general soldier of Liaodong.You want cbd tincture or gummies to be under the roof of others to be a servant, you father and son hardly see each other, what kind of life do you live Even a small general cbd gummy worms extreme strength fun drops gummies cbd judge dares to deal with you.Seeing you being wronged like this, the brothers are heartbroken It s uncomfortable, not to mention that the old man is not what he used to be As soon as the man said this, the ship steward scolded him to shut up, and said that if the master s plan is ruined, don t blame him for his disregard for his position.Gu Mingzhu listened At this point, there seemed to be a flash of light in his mind, and Nie Chen couldn t hide his excitement.If the old man hadn t said such a thing, maybe they would have thought that the caravan steward Yan Shen was investigating was just a small role.The emperor looked at Huang Chang, Huang Chang already knew what full spectrum cbd gummies online the emperor meant, and hurriedly brought the commander of Long Jinwei outside the hall into the hall.The emperor said Lieutenant Long Jin led his troops to take him down.Only by arresting Zheng Ruzong can he find out whether the case in front of him is really related to King Liang.Commander Long Jinwei looked at Wei Yuanchen, obviously wanting to know the whereabouts of Zheng Ruzong and his two sons.Wei Yuanchen said Zheng Ruzong is hiding in a Zhuangzi in the middle of the capital.We guess that one of his two sons has studied in the Shen clan and is now the manager of the Zhang family.His name is Qiu Hai.This is the person who took over the pirates.The emperor didn t make a sound when he heard this, he was reckless, such a person is easy to deal with, and Long Jinwei can quickly catch people with his hands.After being promoted, the emperor regarded Tan Dingfang as his right hand man.How could such a person be Zheng Ruzong s son.What Wei Yuanchen said earlier involved the Ministry of War and the Metropolitan Procuratorate, so he was referring to Tan Dingfang.If Wei Yuanchen hadn t mentioned Zheng Ruzong and King Liang in advance, the emperor would never have become suspicious of Tan Dingfang just because of such a sentence.The emperor said Chen Weicheng intends to frame Tan Dingfang, and he buried firearms in Zhuangzi.You also found out that case, and now you say that Tan Dingfang is Zheng Ruzong s son Wei Yuanchen nodded Chen Weicheng actually did it in the Ministry of War Many things, including the case of Old General Zhao, Chen Weicheng said that these pure potent cbd gummies review were all for the Liang family and King Huai, and it was because of this that the court convicted the King Huai s mansion and the Liang family.Shin opened the curtain.The morning sun fell on Shen s face, Shen s face was pale, his lips were dry and bloodstained, and cbd gummies manufacturers his expression was a little dazed, as if he had suffered a great blow.Mr.Zhang knew it well.The Shen family was worried about the second master of the Shen family.After all, both Shen Tonghuai and Shen Guicheng had already been imprisoned.Right now, only the second master Shen was left in the Shen family.If the second master Shen escaped, the entire Shen family would be finished.After all, the Shen family is the daughter of the chief assistant, and she has always wanted the Shen family to retain the glory of her father s reign.Master, Shen s voice was hoarse, his eyes were red and swollen as if he had been crying, why are you here Mr.Zhang said, I have heard that the second brother has escaped.Boom.A strong force sent Qiu Hai flying, and Qiu Hai fell heavily on the ground.Blood dripped from the corner of Qiu Hai s mouth.No matter .

do cbd gummies help immediately?

how fast he moved, his right leg was still injured, and his eyes were dizzy.He struggled get up.When did they bury the firearms It was obviously when they were chasing after King Huai, sothey had arrived long ago, and they hadn t rescued King Huai for a long time.They were placing these things, and they couldn t care less about King Huai s life.Just as Qiu Hai was thinking, Gu Chongyi s voice came cbd gummies delta 8 cbd gummy worms extreme strength from behind Don t let any one go.Gu Chongyi heard Wei Congzhi not far away saying I can t escape if I m lame He cursed What a cheap mouth.If it were him, he couldn t bear it, and had to get up and fight Wei Congzhi for his life.Sure enough, Qiu Hai held the sword and rushed towards Wei Congzhi again.Gu Mingzhu s eyes flickered slightly, she had a wicked idea, and she didn t know if she could make it.But for the sake of judging the case, it shouldn t be a bad idea A few moments later, several palace servants and servants were escorted into the hall by the supervisor of ceremonies.These people had all come and gone with Jiang Gongren today, and Jiang Gongren knelt on the ground with lowered eyes, as if he was dead.Yes, admitting that she wants to kill the Ninth Prince with poison is tantamount to losing her life.After saying what she should say, she will not speak again.As long as she thinks about this, she will not be afraid even if the Queen Mother is here, Jiang Gong The man clenched his hands tightly, preparing to endure the next torture.If she was given another chance this time, she would take her own life.Concubine De s already weak body collapsed on the ground, she turned her head to look into the side room, only the emperor could save her In the side room.The queen mother sat on a chair and looked at Huang Chang Secretly invite the imperial doctor over and let someone wait outside.Huang Chang responded.The emperor coughed and said, Mother is worried.You are the emperor of the Great Zhou Dynasty, and the dragon body is related to the country, so you can HCMUSSH cbd gummies manufacturers t be careless The queen mother sighed a long time.It s my fault, said the emperor, I was negligent.The queen mother said How do you deal with this matter In the official office, then Chen Xiangmay be Lin Si s true accomplice, a pawn placed by King Liang.The Queen Mother frowned King Liang Until this moment, the emperor finally had to admit that what Wei Yuanchen said was true Otherwise, those people would not deal with the Wei family, and ordinary people would not be able to reach out to the chief inspector and try to stir up disputes in cbd gummies manufacturers the harem under his nose.At this juncture, Liang Wang would no longer hide, and simply went south in one fell swoop.Although it was the emperor s own fault, it could not harm innocent people.Wei Yuanchen nodded There are news from northern Xinjiang and the coastal areas of Shandong.Don t worry, Lord Hou has already prepared.I will also send news to the coastal guards.If there is any movement at sea, they will lead the troops there.Qiu Haishi and Master Wei also went together, it can be seen that Mr.Wei had thought of the danger cbd gummies manufacturers at sea long ago and made arrangements in advance.After saying this, the room suddenly became quiet.Gu Mingzhu looked at the teacup on the table.She seemed to seldom mention anything to Mr.Wei except the case.My lord is good at boxing and kicking, so I probably don t need her to boost morale.Tian s mother said Your maidservant has said everything.Feng Anping said Say it again.Tian s mother had no choice but to speak again The third master came to the old lady in the middle of the night, saying that he killed the eldest lady, and asked the old lady to help cover it up.What did the old lady say The old lady only talked about injustice, so she shouldn t marry the eldest wife in.It really is a disaster.If the elder is killed, he will mess up the Zhou family.It s good to die, let the servants restrain the eldest.The wife s body, if you find any traces on the body, try to cover it up, so as not to be discovered.The slaves can t bear this, the eldest wife treats people very well on weekdays, and has never let down any servants, even if there are servants who do not serve well.The wife won t take it to heart either.Who doesn t like such a master But the old lady is in charge of the house When Mama Tian said this, the warder next to him raised his whip.Mother Tian waved her hands hurriedly The servant girl is the person who is close to the old lady, so naturally she has to do things for the old lady.Although this matter is not easy to handle, the credit will be greater if it is done well.Thinking of this, the servant girl took people to the university.In the wife s room, untie the eldest lady hanging from the beam and put it on the bed.Feng Anping remained silent, and Tian s mother continued Seeing that the eldest green otter cbd gummies where to buy wife s clothes and hair bun are messy, except for the silk on her neck.In addition to the strangle marks, there are a few bruised handprints, some swollen cheeks, scars on the wrists, the skirt is torn, the shoes are gone, and only one sock is left on the foot.Lady Ning looked at the indifferent Concubine Jiang Is that what you plan to do Concubine Jiang said The right time, place and people are indispensable.Right now is not the time for us to plan, butwe can help.Ning The female officer did not understand.Concubine Jiang said Concubine De has a secret, otherwise she wouldn t be in such a hurry to get someone to investigate Yongchun Palace and the Cao family outside the palace to find out what s going on In case she can help with Concubine De s case Find a clue So why not do it When Concubine Jiang Guifei said this, her voice changed at any time She has been hiding in the dark and plotting against me for so long, now it s my turn.Even if she didn t get the result she wanted most, she would pay for what she wanted, and she won t lose In an inconspicuous room in Kunning Palace.Zhou Zejing is in trouble.Cao cbd gummies manufacturers Xueshi hasn t come forward to help so far.Is the Cao family planning to abandon him Zhou Zejing s eyes flickered.If the Cao family dared to do this, he would be killed.Don t think that if the eldest brother and sister in law are dead, no cbd gummies manufacturers one will know about the dirty things that the Concubine De and the Cao family did.The Cao family had better not push him.Chapter 493 Angry Zhou Zejing was frowning and thinking, the door of the study was opened, and then the steward walked in.Master, the steward said in cbd gummies what do they do a low voice, Jingmao Alley is empty.what Zhou Zejing s eyebrows stood up.The steward nodded It was moved inside cleanly, as if no one had ever cbd gummies manufacturers lived in it.Zhou Zejing s forehead hummed, and the Cao family let the people in Jingmao Hutong interact with him.Now that the people in Jingmao Hutong have moved away, it means that the Cao family has separated from him, even if he says something that is not good for Cao.Raising those women opened the way for the Cao family, and even the Li family in Pyongyang has ties to the Cao family, and the fifth prince is likely to inherit the throne in the future.No, Gu Mingzhu said suddenly, because at that time you could count on the Only the Cao family, if the Cao family is investigated in the future, you can still report this secret to the imperial court.When the time comes, you say that your brother and sister in law cbd gummies manufacturers died because of this secret, and you secretly try your best to find clues, the imperial court will definitely give you a credit You don t have any skills at all, and you can t rely on your real talents to gain a place in the court, but you are not reconciled, so you can only make these shady plans in secret.Zhou Zejing opened his eyes wide, as if cbd gummies manufacturers The most unknown side of my heart was revealed, and it was bloody displayed in front of everyone.Hearing this, Concubine De couldn t control her anymore, her whole face twisted and she wanted to tear Shen Lan to pieces.Empress Wei said You trusted Huang Chang from then on, right Huang Chang killed Zhou Xueshi for you, and you thought that Huang Chang would become your confidant.You spoke do cbd gummies really work cbd gummies manufacturers for Huang Chang in front of the emperor, and finally let Huang Chang be in charge of the Supervisor of Ceremonies., standing beside the emperor.Do you think Huang Chang will help your son ascend the throne Empress Wei cast her eyes on Huang Chang You never wanted to assist King Su, you made such a mess because you wanted to King Su is charged with killing his father, and then King Liang can go to Beijing to quell the rebellion.When you let King Su lead troops into the palace, you also send a letter out of Beijing, just to inform King Liang that you can do something.Gu Mingzhu s heart brightened Master, in fact, disciples can.Mo Yangming looked at Gu Mingzhu in surprise Are you willing to become a monk and stay in the monastery Gu Mingzhu shook cbd gummies delta 8 cbd gummy worms extreme strength her head, she can t become a monk, she has to take care of her father, mother and Brother, she still needs to investigate the case with Nie Chen and Liu Su.Besides these important things, she also needs to eat candied fruit.Mo Yangming looked disappointed, she knew it was impossible, and was thinking wildly, Zhuzhu beside her came over and said in a low voice Master said to the outside world that he has accepted another disciple, and then the disciple will pretend to be Junior sister goes to Guanzhong to help Master take care of Guanzhong affairs.Although she has many identities, it is okay to change into Taoist robes to help Master take care of Guanzhong affairs occasionally.Li Tai said with a smile.Said, I believe there is nothing that cannot be solved, just because we have the same thoughts, we cbd gummy worms extreme strength fun drops gummies cbd want two children to be good, and if they are good, our two families will be cbd gummies manufacturers good.I have married a daughter, and I koi cbd gummies nighttime rest know the bitterness of the journey.As a mother, my heart is cut like a knife, cbd oil relax gummies shop online this is still a trivial matter, and the feeling of being unable to sleep at night is the real torment, but even so, it can t change the situation of my daughter, so I will naturally be more cautious when choosing a son in law.Mrs.Li said and looked at Mrs.Lin deeply Don t worry, if Zhuzhu gets married, I dare not say that she will not be wronged, and there may be disputes between brothers.There is still a long way for them to go.There will be unresolved knots.I am old, and I may not see it one day.It became the main battlefield where the two armies fought, and when Li s army was exhausted, he would hold Goryeo in his hands.If you can t win the throne of the Hunjun for a while, it is good to recuperate in Korea.Next time you gather an army to attack the Hunjun, the Hunjun will not have such good luck.The son of the faint king will grow how do cbd gummies relax you up, and the imperial concubine party will not let it go, he can always find opportunities.King Liang laughed, he really can t be blamed for this, if the royal father could help him to the throne and marry the Wei family to him, how would the situation be like today cbd gummies manufacturers Liang Wang stopped thinking, listened to the sound of the waves, felt the boat sliding forward, and began to meditate Tang shi stared at the hourglass on the table, and when she heard the news that the prince was still alive, she relaxed and fell asleep for a while, but soon she woke up again, checked everything again, Li shi s big ship arrived, Their boat was also ready, and they left by boat after Master Hou rushed over.Controlling the situation is not for the sake of glory and wealth, she is not rare in those things, she just wants to take care of her children.Okay, Mrs.Li said with a smile, Mother and son, sit down and talk.Wei Yuanchen looked at Empress Wei, the lack in his heart was filled, and the loneliness that was often pressed on his chest when he was young also gradually disappeared.Disperse.Empress Wei s eyes fell on Wei Yuanchen How are your injuries She heard that Brother Chen had been cbd gummies manufacturers shot in the shoulder by an arrow, and several places between his back and abdomen were severely injured.Wei Yuanchen said There is no harm to the internal organs, it will be fine after a few days.Empress Wei nodded.Wei Yuanchen went on to say Although the king of Liang was killed, the situation in northern Xinjiang is not good.Mrs.Lin was thinking about how to get out of the siege, when she heard Lord Hou say Although the marriage gift is a bit sudden, fortunately, Zhuzhu won t get married for a while.Mrs.Lin s heart was cold, and Hou Lord, which pot is not open and which pot to lift.Oh Lin Qicheng said, Since the empress gave the marriage, the Ministry of Rites will choose a few good days, right When is the latest Gu Chongyi was dumbfounded, the old father in law walked around barefoot all day in the fields, but he knew all about these things like the back of his hand.At the latest, next August The Ministry of Rites selected three dates, one in June this year, one in March next year, and the last one in August.But still more than a year.Lin Qicheng frowned slightly, and looked at Gu Chongyi Come on, accompany me to the garden.The artist who painted Master Wednesday was in Beijing, so it was not difficult to find him.Wang Jing stepped forward and knocked on the door.The artist rubbed his eyes and looked at Cui Zhen blankly.He raised the lamp in his hand to illuminate Cui Zhen s face.The artist recognized it Mr.Dingning.Marquis of Dingning When he returned to the capital with his troops after the victory, the painter squeezed into the crowd to take a look, not only because of Marquis Dingning s great reputation, but also because he had seen the deceased wife of Marquis Dingning and painted for that lady.portrait.The painter s complexion changed, and he cbd gummies manufacturers knew why Ding Ninghou came here Master Hou, please forgive me, I is the Zhou family that Master Zhou took me to, arranged for me to meet Miss Zhou secretly, and made a portrait of Miss Zhou.Gu Mingzhu followed Mrs.Lin s wishes and walked into the room together.She could see that her mother was very nervous, afraid of where It doesn t seem to be perfect.The two walked into Gu Mingzhu s boudoir.Mrs.Lin looked at the red sleeved gown on the hanger, and couldn t help but tighten her daughter s hand, feeling joyful and reluctant at the same time.I have to make up the house tonight.My uncle will go to worship cbd gummies manufacturers the ancestral temple tomorrow morning.You have to get up and wash your hands at that time.Then Mrs.Quanfu will come.Mrs.Lin looked at Zhuzhu with a smile, Don t panic, mother will help you arrange it.Good.Gu Mingzhu nodded.After Madam Lin finished speaking and looked at the things in the room, she finally felt relieved I will take a break earlier, and I will be busy all day tomorrow.Her vision blurred, and she vaguely saw Wei Congcheng s shadow in the yard.She fixed her eyes on the shadow but it disappeared again.Madam Yuan couldn t help laughing, she missed the master so much that she was dazzled.Master, look, Brother Chen has a smile on his face again.This is the look that a child in his twenties should have.When you left, I couldn t say a word to this concubine, but this concubine knows what s in your heart What is the most worrying thing Although I am dull, I will try my best to help you do it well.Mother.Wei Yuanzhen s voice interrupted Madam Yuan s thoughts.Wei Yuanzhen walked over quickly Look at the third brother s appearance, he is much more stupid than I was then, right There are so many guests here today, and the third brother will probably get drunk at cbd gummies manufacturers are condor cbd gummies legit the banquet later.Afterwards, something happened to the Wei family again.The empress was plotted against by the King of Lu.After getting used to it, Congzhi s temperament seems to be fixed, and he can t change it.Now that the Empress is in charge of the power, Brother Chen will also be named the East Palace, so we should make some plans for Congzhi, we can t let Congzhi stay with her as an old woman all the time.She could tell that Miss Mu s family was very good, she could see through Congzhi, otherwise she wouldn t have followed Congzhi to Beijing, and Miss Mu should have Miss Mu in Congzhi s heart, otherwise she wouldn t have escaped in such a mess.It s just an elm head, Mrs.Li said, help him, and I hope he won t regret it in the future.The seemingly lawless guy said that he was afraid of getting married, who would believe it But that s what happened.

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