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In a township in Qingshan County, my mother is a middle school teacher, and my father works in the township government.She pharm cbd gummies is an only child and has no brothers or sisters.Qingshan County is quite far away.From the rural area to Yanyang, little Han Man Ambitious.The praise was rave, but the HCMUSSH pharm cbd gummies first aunt who asked if she had a date was a bit disappointed.She probably had a daughter who was about to get married and wanted to introduce a date for her daughter, but found out that the door It s not right to be an inappropriate household, and I don t like boys from the countryside very much.The other aunts who were more active in the group were very enthusiastic.When they learned that the young man planned to buy a house in the provincial capital, they made a big deal and claimed that they would help introduce a partner.The owner of the restaurant is a local, and there are many people.The chef suffered a bit, but the injury was not serious.When they rushed to the scene to understand the situation, the boss realized that it was wrong to hit people in arrears of wages.The chef was eager for wages and was unwilling to make a big deal, so the two parties agreed to accept mediation.If you are willing to mediate, it will be easy to handle, let the boss pay a lot of wages according to the prior agreement, and then compensate an additional 500 yuan.Both parties were asked to sign the mediation paper and criticized the hotel owner.Just after returning to Factory 527, they received a call from the office.A parent who was taking care of patients in the No.The little boy got lost in the hospital lobby No one knows if he was abducted, but this is not a trivial matter.The situation was urgent, and time couldn t be wasted here.After a brief briefing on the situation, Li Xiaobin, the security guard of Dongming Community, took them there.Chen Xiujuan s home is relatively far away, pharm cbd gummies and as soon as she received the order, she HCMUSSH pharm cbd gummies left her husband and children and drove her red golf to cbd gummies risks the 527 factory in a hurry.Compared with gay men, the work pressure of lesbians in Huayuan Police Station is still relatively small.Mainly organize case files, submit materials, organize invoices, clean up, and do some chores such as repairing computers, burning CDs, recording and video recording, charging walkie talkies, cameras, video cameras, law enforcement recorders, receiving subsidies, distributing clothes, helping to order takeaways, etc Under normal circumstances, you don t go out to work, at most you go to see the female suspect, or go out to arrest people dressed up as a girlfriend, but such cases are rare.Although Chaoyang Village has not been formally merged into Chaoyang Community, many tasks have been centralized in eagle brand cbd gummies the community.For example, the village clinic was abolished last year, and villagers have to go to the community health care center to see a doctor and get medicine.As the future party branch secretary and director of the Great Chaoyang Community , Su Xian is qualified and necessary to accompany the leaders to have meals in the activity room.Secretary Yang and Director Gu were busy last year creating a sanitary city, sweeping the streets every day, shoveling small advertisements, and cleaning up dead corners of sanitation.Secretary of the branch, I have the responsibility to make a deep review to you two.This cbd living gummies pharm cbd gummies was a rare opportunity, Su Xian 25mg cbd gummies effects finished her meal in three mouthfuls and seized the time to report on her work.Appoint Li Xiaobin, Gu Changsheng, and Gu Xinhua as squad leaders, transfer eight security guards from Dongming Community to the headquarters , and arrange six new comrades to go to Dongming Community on duty.Among the eight security guards transferred here, the only female security guard, Chen Jie, was assigned to the police room, and she took turns to work with Guo Xinyi, the insider of the brigade , Xu Hongliang, and Xu Hongliang, the assistant policeman, to ensure that the police room was staffed 24 hours a day.The other gay men were divided into two groups.One group went to Chaoyang Village to patrol Chaoyang Village under the leadership of the deputy director of the community in charge of comprehensive management and community grid members, to prevent villagers from sneaking illegal construction in the middle of the night in order to obtain more demolition compensation He and Xiao Shao, a college student village official from Chaoyang Village, led them to patrol the fields.Secretary Yang rubbed his eyes and pondered Lao Cai, since so many serious problems have been found, it means that there will not be much resistance to investigating and dealing with the problem of non record and registration of rental houses.No, they pharm cbd gummies are all terrified now Who dares to obstruct law enforcement As long as they can open their mouths like a lion, they can raise all kinds of unreasonable conditions every three days.Since pharm cbd gummies there are so many problems and the problems are so serious, we can issue fines confidently.Talk to the Housing Authority The comrades at the party made it clear, forget it, I will go there in person, and strictly investigate and deal with it in accordance with the laws and regulations.Secretary Yang, it is best for you to come.The people from the police station will be here soon.Enough weird things happened tonight, and Deputy Director Du didn t want to make an oolong too.He went downstairs to greet him in person, asked a policeman on duty to order takeaway with his mobile phone, and insisted on asking Director Cai and other comrades who turned the suspect to the branch to have supper.Buy time for the criminal police brigade, let the criminal police brigade confirm the identity of the suspect, and at the same time use this opportunity to figure out the ins and outs of the matter.Just as Director Cai and Director Su were invited upstairs by the extremely enthusiastic Bureau Du, Deputy Director Xing of the sub bureau command center asked several other policemen to invite Captain Tang, Li Xiaobin, Wu Junfeng and others to the meeting room, and he made a With a wink, Han Zhaoyang was taken to an office on the left side of the first floor.Young people should not be arrogant or rash.Guan Yuanyuan, the instructor of the Huayuan Street Police Station, obviously received the news that the leaders were coming.Sub bureau deputy director Hong stood at attention and saluted.Secretary Yang glanced back at him, and said again Secretary Ma, Bureau Hong, Comrade Xiaohan is really good.He has achieved so much in a few days after being assigned to Chaoyang Community.It is really a small community and a big society small policemen, cbd living gummies pharm cbd gummies Great work.These twelve words are good, Comrade Hong Zheng, your sub bureau can use these twelve words summed up by Secretary Yang as a slogan to motivate the police in the community.The leader of the Political and Legal Committee is praising this The shy looking young man was also praising the branch office.And the young man is really capable, otherwise he can capture the criminal suspect suspected of murdering the two and absconding for twelve years Can the security brigade of the sub bureau issue more than 100,000 fines at once Deputy Director Hong had a good impression of Han Chaoyang, and felt that it would be a good idea to provide a police car to the Chaoyang Community Police Office.

Han Chaoyang felt that this was a coincidence and absurdity, so he raised his arm and pointed to the house number above her head cbd thc gummy pharm cbd gummies Report to the leader, this is the community police office.I m talking about work with Comrade Xu Hongliang and Xu Chengshan in the office.Is Cheng on duty She was too busy looking for him, but didn t pay attention to the door number.Zou Jingnan realized that this accusation was pharm cbd gummies a little untenable, but it didn t matter, he didn t come to investigate the post, so he said coldly Comrade Han pharm cbd gummies smokiez cbd gummies review Chaoyang, we asked you to understand something, please cooperate actively.No problem, please come in It s not here, please come with us and go to cheapest cbd gummy bears near me green ape cbd gummies review the branch office to tell.Did you make a mistake, making it tim mcgraw and cbd gummies com look like a corrupt official in the Disciplinary Committee of the TV series.Morning, Director Su.You didn t take a shower last night Han Chaoyang looked down at the police uniform on his body, then looked back at the bed, and said embarrassedly, It doesn t seem like he fell asleep as soon as he lay down It s really unlucky that the leader doesn t like it after exhausting himself.Su Xian sighed secretly, covered her nose and said, Go wash up first, take a shower, change into clean clothes, and eat quickly.After eating, go to my office.I have a few things to talk to you about.Chapter 79 Overhead Chaoyang, sit, there is a cup over there, do it yourself, drink some water first, I ll be fine soon.It s okay, you go first.The director s office is the same as the community police office downstairs, with a desk and two Chairs, a bench, a filing cabinet and a wire bed.In fact, this was also the office of the party branch secretary in the past.The number of participants There are two types of one on one private shooting and group shooting.According to the shooting scale, Zhao Jie charges each photographer 600 to 3,000 yuan at a cbd thc gummy pharm cbd gummies time, and the model earns 1,000 to 3,000 yuan at a time.Since the organization of this kind of photography, there have been hundreds of people Photographers and more than ten female models participated.Liang Dongsheng held up Zhao Jie s mobile phone and added He has built several QQ groups, and there are 281 photographers who are preliminarily presumed to be unprofessional.Organizing a private shoot, and providing venues, lighting technicians and even make up artists, can be said to be a business.Liu Jianye asked sullenly, Did you organize prostitution At least there is no evidence that he organized prostitution, but from the private chat records of QQ and WeChat, many photographers made requests in this regard, but he and the model rejected them without exception.Judging from the current situation, Qiao Xianhong is a person with almost no bad habits.It may be because his father died early and his family was difficult in the past, so he is very hardworking, capable and willing to work.No one has seen him play cards.When they get together, they don t play with him, they don t smoke or drink alcohol, and they are very frugal.People like him are neither likely to participate in gambling, nor are they likely to get involved in drugs.From this point of view, it can also be seen that For a cautious person like him, it is impossible to lose money when doing renovations, it s cbd gummies gardnerma just a matter of earning more and earning less, and you can t owe huge debts because of the renovation. Qiao Xianhong disappeared, Zhang Qiuyan died, Qiao Xianhong s mother, Wang Qiaolan, had remarried long ago, what is going on with this family What s the situation, I can t find an insider The leaders studied and analyzed in front, and Wu Wei sat in the last row racking his brains and thinking hard.As soon as Han Chaoyang finished introducing the situation, he agreed straight away just cbd 500mg gummies cheapest cbd gummy bears near me I thought it was a big deal.It s a lot of work for you, but it s easy for us.Anyway, we have to go to the street every day.Let me ask by the way.I don t know about other districts.I can assure you, you can rest assured in our district, call them early tomorrow morning, and you can find out at the latest the night after tomorrow.Thank you very much, I am looking up the kid s mobile phone number, once I find out about the small advertisements he posted I ll take a photo of the pattern and send it to you.Thank you, I m not an outsider, and this is our business.Captain Tang thought for a while, and couldn t help suggesting Han Da, if this is the case, let s find out first.Find out the situation first.If I can confirm that the kid has committed many crimes, I will report to the superior.You guys 40 people here are enough, arrange 20 people to follow me.The leader really takes the Chaoyang community seriously, not only to use people from the Chaoyang community, but also to transfer people from the Chaoyang community.This is also not something that can be negotiated.Su Xian and Han pharm cbd gummies smokiez cbd gummies review Chaoyang looked at each other, and agreed immediately No problem, I will transfer personnel The command issue must be considered when sending people out.The boys are full of blood.The attitude of the cadres directing the emergency rescue was not very good, and they might really give up their picks.Su Xian called Lao Jin to come back quickly, Han Chaoyang put on his raincoat and greeted the team members who were about to leave with Director Gu.Director Gu also knew that the boys were obliged , and mobilized in a very sincere tone, saying that there is a rescue fund for the rescue, and the street will report the truth after the task is completed, and the district finance bureau will allocate special funds, so that the big guys will not do it for nothing Han Chaoyang didn t know where they were going or what they were going to do.Thinking that the company is organizing employee training, teaching employees how to run a website with 100,000 fans Wechat official account, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting the HCMUSSH pharm cbd gummies company s products and services.Li Yun s eyes lit up, and she felt that this was an opportunity to gain popularity, so she couldn t help asking Mom, do you know the name of this little policeman surnamed Han I know, Han megan kelly and cbd gummies Chaoyang, his hometown is in Qingshan County, he used to study music, and he passed the police civil servant exam last year.He is 23 years old this year and doesn t have a girlfriend yet.By the way, is there any suitable girl in your unit Xiao Han is in good condition.Although it is from a rural area, it can still be regarded as a cadre family.His father is a cadre in the village, and his mother is a junior high school teacher, and she is planning to buy a house in the city.

Feng Haijun sighed secretly, took a cbd gummies oklahoma few pictures from netizens messages, first sent them to the leader via WeChat, and then dialed the leader s phone number.Xiaofeng, have you figured out the situation Director Wen, I figured it out.It is indeed Han Chaoyang, a policeman who was assigned to our branch this year.He was carrying out the task assigned by the District Waterlogging Prevention and Control Leading Group Office to assist in the management of public toilets.The center cleans up the stagnant water near the public toilets on the west side of the north gate of Factory pharm cbd gummies 527 to prevent rainwater from pouring into the septic tankthe do cbd gummies make you feel different matter is urgent, and it seems that his handling is appropriate now.There are five sub bureaus in the city, and several more sub bureaus can emerge Most handsome cop Moreover, this most handsome policeman was spread by word of mouth, not by the sub bureau.Anyway, he was changing the law Let me ask for money.This was undoubtedly her sad thing, and she burst into tears as she spoke.For Han Chaoyang, the provincial office is too far away.As far as Gu Guoli is concerned, although he is not very familiar with the provincial department, the leaders of the department, the political commissars of the captains of the corps, and pharm cbd gummies smokiez cbd gummies review the leaders of various places still know a little bit.He can t think of a director surnamed Zhu, so he can t help but ask What happened later I found something was wrong later, so I cbd gummies with delta 8 thc went to the Public Security Bureau to find out if there was such a person, and the guard said no.They looked at their unit, and it turned out that today it will be delayed tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.No matter how stupid I am, I know that I have encountered a scammer.The good brother wants to return to the organization.There are still some tasks that have not cheapest cbd gummy bears near me green ape cbd gummies review been completed, and he joked In the future, you can encourage each other to study together, but one thing must be made clear, you can t be Chen Shimei after being admitted to the police and civil servants, Xiaobin is so nice, and I really love you.If you dare to hurt him, I ll be friends with you Chen Jie chuckled, What are pharm cbd gummies you talking about, look at how arrogant he is now, I m afraid he might be Chen Shimei.The director and manager Jin cultivated, the security company s stalls are getting bigger and bigger, and the management can t keep up.He is now the squad leader, and in two years he will be the deputy manager, and he will be the company s executive.Return to the executive, just take care of himself Chen Jie said so, but she was very happy in her heart.Someone posted on the Internet Dozens of photos were posted, not only photos, but even several videos.Han Chaoyang even wondered if any villagers posted the photos and videos of the afternoon gambling capture on the Internet.Being famous is a good thing, but it s also a hassle.It s easy to be recognized wherever you go.Han Chaoyang smiled gratefully, put on his glasses and asked, It s pretty clear, where did it come cbd gummies for sciatic pain from I bought it when I joined the police.At first I said that I would be assigned to the traffic police team.I thought I would patrol the streets every day, but I was assigned to the police station.I didn t have a chance to wear it.I made you worry, how much did you buy A A pair of glasses, and talk about money with me.I also have this one, and there is a piece of flannelette for cleaning the lenses inside.For personal gain, I do it for work.Remind me, thank you for thinking it out Secretary Yang was confused.The opportunity is rare and must be struck while the iron is hot.Han Chaoyang rubbed his nose and said with a bitter face Secretary Yang, our community voluntary security patrol team has been set up, but the funds are still not available.Don t think that the security company has a big shop, and there are also a lot of expenses., if the security company can t keep going, security patrols and assistance in comprehensive law enforcement cannot be carried out at all.It turns out that the ambush is here Secretary Yang stared into his eyes for three to five seconds, then turned his attention to cbd living gummies pharm cbd gummies Director Su who was sitting in the co pilot, and asked calmly, Comrade Su Xian, is the neighborhood committee also short of money Secretary Yang, aren t we There is a shortage, it is very short, and many jobs cannot be carried out without money.Facts have proved that having village cadres assistance is completely different from not having village cadres assistance.The village head Cui is the one who can t stand the two.One by one, Han Chaoyang even took this opportunity to set up a WeChat group for merchants along the street in Yangguan Village.Xiao Han, Xiao Li, it s too hard to cbd gummy withdrawal come out and work overtime at night.Let s go and have some supper together.I ll treat you.I can let you treat me again.Security prevention, group prevention and group governance, this is also our job, you are now a community policeman in our village, and you will deal with many times in the future, so why not be embarrassed.Go, go to the front second Home, my brother in law s store, I called to ask Accountant Chang and Director Lin if they were at home, it s a rare opportunity, just to get to know each other.Hundreds of thousands of drug money is a big case.Zhang Qiuyan once wanted to buy a house in the urban area, which shows that if she has a fortune of ill gotten wealth and the money is drug funds, the drug case that is about to surface is likely to be the biggest drug case that Yanyang has cracked in recent years.The runner up can undoubtedly be called a drug lord Deputy He s detachment knocked on the cigarette ash and said in a low voice, I have no objection, and I guess the leaders of the Municipal Bureau have no objection either.Video analysis results, and other DNA comparison results.Han Chaoyang knew nothing about it, and was helping Boss Le install burglar alarms and surveillance cameras in Yangguan Village with Xiaokang, who knew how to install surveillance cameras.It s good to have a WeChat group, one family will look at one family, and one family pharm cbd gummies will buy several and follow suit, and they buy the same model.

The class is full of top students admitted from middle schools in various townships.The class leader is a girl.Now that I think about it, she is not good looking, but her grades Okay.Her family is in the county seat, and she looked down on us classmates who came from the township.A few boys coaxed me together, and I was a little unconvinced, so I started chasing her and wrote her a love letter.Later, I caught up with her.No, she lost her grades.Her family had vees cbd gummies high expectations for her, and hoped that she would be admitted to Peking University and Tsinghua University.When they found out that her grades had dropped so badly, they began to investigate what was going on, and found out that we were in a relationship.This matter got bigger.Even the head teacher knew, so he called my mother first, and then talked to me with HCMUSSH pharm cbd gummies the homeroom teacher and my mother for a whole morning, and asked me to write a letter of guarantee.Arms wondering what their leader would say.Coincidentally tonight, deputy director Xing is on duty in the command center.He knows himself well, so he should be easy to talk to.After Han Chaoyang reported the situation concisely, he asked anxiously Director Xing, I have spent thousands of dollars now.If you don t pay the money, even Director Pang of the emergency center will not be able to get the medicine.The patient s condition is getting worse.It was more serious, and the treatment could not be stopped, and the deputy director of the aid station said that he did not meet the pharm cbd gummies conditions for assistance, and I didn t know what to do.The aid station didn t care, and the Public Security Bureau couldn t manage it either.This kind of thing often happened, and Deputy Director Xing also had a headache, so he asked calmly Where are you let go It s easy for you to give orders, but the key is whether you can run away.Gong Liu, so you don t care It s not that we don t care, it s not us responsibility.You have no responsibility, but this approach is wrong Han Chaoyang realized that they would continue to protect Xia Yunkui if they did not take some extreme measures.However, Xia Yunkui could not be found and it would pharm cbd gummies be difficult to contact the patient s relatives in a short time.More importantly, the .

can you give puppies cbd gummies?

hospital was waiting for money.Han Chaoyang took out his police pass and said coldly Mr.Liu, cbd living gummies pharm cbd gummies at least now you can be sure that there are workers on your construction site who have not obtained a residence permit.If there is one, there may be two.Please come keoni cbd gummies type 2 diabetes up with all the masters cbd gummies mayo clinic who work below.Check their ID cards and residence permits.Officer Han, concrete is being poured, and we can t stop now That s your business, Xiaobin, call Changsheng and Junfeng, and call more people over.Liu Gong could not just watch the shutdown, nor did he want to be exposed by the media, nor did he want the Sixth Municipal People s Court to send Luo Chunjun back to the construction site.You have seen his attitude, how can you tell me to talk about it, and what can I think of There must be a way, Lao Xia, your attitude is wrong, don t I know if you have money Liu Gong gave Xia Yunkui a cbd gummies help with anxiety chest pain hard look, then looked back at the onlookers, and suddenly had a flash of inspiration Officer Han, compare your heart with your heart, Lao Xia s concerns are reasonable, and this money can t be messed up.Twenty thousand to thirty thousand is a lot less, and more is more.There are not many, but it might be troublesome, and you can t get rid of it.Han Chaoyang didn t want to make it too stiff, and once again signaled the team members to wait a moment, looked at the two and asked calmly People must be saved, what do you think should be done Right Yes, but saving people is like putting out a fire. Thank you, master, for your concern.I will work hard. I don t care.Yes, please ask Director Su to be more concerned.If it weren t for Director Su s help, your boy can impress a little girl s heart You must thank Director Su very much.In future weddings, Director Su should be invited to be the host.How much respect should Director Su have A glass of wine.Yes, yes, I must thank you, and if one day comes, I must toast Director Su a few more glasses.Han Chaoyang was washing up in the water room, while Grandpa Gu and Director Su were teasing at the door.The conversation was lively, Chen Jie, who was on duty today, ran over in a hurry, said hello to Director Su and Grandpa Gu, supported the door frame of the water room, and said, Da Han, some people are looking for you.They came from the Sixth Hospital and said yes.I don t worry about your work.Why did Director Wang and the others rehearse every day, just to perform on stage They must be is cbd gummies a drug very happy to know this news.Han Chaoyang was about to call the old factory manager of Factory 527, when the police phone rang, and this time it was the officer Feng of the Political Department of the sub bureau who called.Han Chaoyang, my political department is Feng Haijun, do you remember me Remember, Director Feng, what instructions do you have There is a task, Director Wen told you, don t you study music, it will be August 1st soon On the Army Day, the district will hold a mass song Military and Civilian Fish and Water to commemorate the 88th anniversary of the Chinese People s Liberation Army.It will show the history of the founding of the Chinese People s Liberation Army with the artistic technique of singing, and present a tribute to the 88th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People s Liberation Army.Han Chaoyang finally breathed a sigh of relief, and smiled awkwardly Others don t know, you should know.In fact, it s nothing.It s all their nonsense, making something out of nothing, making trouble out of nothing, and finally made it seem real.I know it was others who made the noise , I don t know if it s true or not.Lin Wenjing smiled secretly, and continued But I was young at the time, so these things can t be taken seriously.Let s pharm cbd gummies not talk about it, how are you now Buying a house, did you have a girlfriend Talked about one.What does it look like, do you have any photos Yes.This is not something to be ashamed of, Han Zhaoyang took out his phone and found Huang Ying s photo.Lin Wenjing took pharm cbd gummies it and looked at it, and sighed It s so beautiful, so beautiful.It s okay.What do you mean, but you are not bad, you look good, by the way, where is she from , where do you work From Yanyang, work in our sub district office.

There is no need to watch them in the hospital.Come back first.It turned out that it was the policemen who were watching Liu and Yan in the hospital.As soon as Lao Lu came to his senses, Shisuo s face suddenly changed, and he asked eagerly, What, he s dead Said The injury is too serious, the rescue is ineffective, just died, why don t you let the doctor tell you.Lao Pang reported an hour ago that cheapest cbd gummy bears near me green ape cbd gummies review Yan was seriously injured and could not move while lying on the ground.It looked scary, but it was walking to the ambulance.Deputy director Shi felt a little unbelievable.After answering the doctor s call, he put down the phone and said with a gloomy face, Old Road, you can t go back.None of us can sleep tonight.Leave the three suspects to me.Hurry up and give up.Report to Team Qian, hurry back to protect the scene, and hurry to find those witnesses A minute ago it was a fight, it was intentional injury.The training objects are generally pianists or guzheng players.The harp score and piano score are basically the same.For those who can play the piano, there is no big obstacle in reading the harp score, and they can concentrate on practicing playing the harp.However, practicing the harp is very hard, and the fingers will develop bleeding blisters, which will be very painful, but stick to it and wait until the blood blisters turn into cocoons.It doesn t hurt anymore.If you practice hard for the first half of the year, you can join the band and participate in rehearsals while practicing.If students who play the guzheng go to learn the harp, the movement of the guzheng is just cbd 500mg gummies cheapest cbd gummy bears near me similar to that of the harp, and the hands will pharm cbd gummies suffer less, and it is the same as the guzheng The harp also needs to be tuned frequently.The police force is too tight.The auxiliary police force is the same as the police force.No one can do anything.We can only integrate various resources according to local conditions and mobilize everything.The forces that can cbd thc gummy pharm cbd gummies be mobilized to do a good job in security prevention and control.yes.Not only did I give money, but I also said that I would change the car.The money will definitely not be much, but it is better to have money than no money.As for changing the car, it is really necessary The van at the gate of the police station is too old.Every time I drive out I was worried that I would not be able to get back halfway.I heard a strange noise when I was driving some time ago.I don t know which part has a problem.I just stopped driving it for a few days.If it breaks, it will be too troublesome to send it for repair.It should have been like this long ago.It made us work so long for them for nothing.Deputy director Gu made up his mind to ask the new colleagues to report to the leader if he encountered any inconvenient things in the future, looking at Kang Haigen and Han Chaoyang Xiao Han, since the leader has helped you solve your worries, you can accept the employment with confidence and boldness.While being a lecturer at the PolyU School of Art, you should also be a good captain of the voluntary pharm cbd gummies how often can you take cbd gummies security patrol team in Xinmin Community.This is not just a relief for yourself.The pressure also relieved the pressure on the senior brother.Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, Yes Han Chaoyang hurried back to the police office cbd gummies for joint health and called Lao Jin to the police station together.They went about their own business, Han Chaoyang went to the police security office, and Lao Jin went to the security brigade.I also think it is called Yanyang University of Science and Technology Voluntary Security The patrol team is better.Okay, that s the name.The logistics department just cbd 500mg gummies cheapest cbd gummy bears near me is cheapest cbd gummy bears near me green ape cbd gummies review helping to purchase clothing, electric patrol cars and some necessary equipment.We are also pushing forward with all our strength to get the patrol team up before the end of the month.You go back and report to the leaders of your sub bureau, and there will be an inauguration ceremony at that time, and you are welcome to attend the branch leaders.Yes, I will report when I go back.In fact, our Bureau Du said that he will definitely come when it is established.Come What is a deputy director, Deputy Director Jiang calmly reminded Xiao Han, this is not a trivial matter, and then Principal Mu will personally attend.Understood, I will report the truth to the branch.The labor cost of security is only part of it.There are also the labor costs of cleaning, customer service, engineering and management personnel.The cost of greening, infrastructure construction and equipment maintenance is even greater.In the year before last, the technical defense and the monitoring system alone cost hundreds of thousands.The elevator needs to be maintained, regardless of whether it is broken or not, you have to pay every year, an elevator is 5,000, not a penny less.Manager Zhang paused, and then said The community is a secondary water supply, and the water supply facilities need to be maintained and cleaned.If there is a little impurity, the owner will find it.In addition to this, there are pharm cbd gummies various taxes and fees, which are more than half of the expenses.Moreover, the property fee can only be collected in the past two years.There are also geographical reasons.Our province is a province that must pass through the Eurasian Continental Bridge.Xinlan City is a transportation hub and trade distribution center that connects the east to the west, connects the east to the west, and is open to both east and west.This special geographical location and environment allow crime Molecules can take advantage of it.Drugs flowing from Nanyun and the Golden Triangle via the Eurasian Continental Bridge, India via Qinghai Tibet, pharm cbd gummies and the Golden Crescent into your eastern provinces will all pass through us.I know the Golden Triangle, where is the Golden Crescent The area at the junction of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran is shaped like a crooked moon.Now the Golden Crescent has replaced the Golden Triangle as the world s largest opium producing area.

Because of this, there are many migrant workers from all over the country in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta , but few of them are from here.As a local, He Pingyuan was really annoyed, and sighed softly Okay, go play, I will lose if I lose, but don t play so big.As soon as he hung up the phone, Shi Ju folded his arms and murmured Now it can be confirmed that Feng Changdong is back, but it can only be confirmed that he is back.Everyone in the village and even the village knows about him.He was on the wanted list two years ago, issued a wanted order, and even issued a reward.Yes For him, his hometown is more dangerous than HCMUSSH pharm cbd gummies any other place.Since he knows the danger, why did he come back I can t stay outside.It s unlikely.If he can t stay, he can give Feng Guobao soft China and Feng Guobao Is there a good wine There is only one possibility.Captured just cbd 500mg gummies cheapest cbd gummy bears near me This was too funny, after listening to the report, Captain Xu was dubious and repeated it, wanting to confirm.It is estimated that several hundred catties of big wild boar fell in a pool of blood, and it katie couric cbd gummies cost has already sacrificed heroically , so we can no longer take its credit.Han Chaoyang pointed his mobile phone camera at the wild boar, regardless of whether the leader could see it or not, and confirmed Report to Mr.Xu, he was really injured by the wild boar and killed the wild boar.I don t know if there are bullets in his gun Worrying about his stubborn resistance, he rushed forward and beat him with a stick, until he couldn t move, and he was unlikely to fight back, so he was handcuffed behind his back.What s the matter prewium jane cbd gummies with the blood on your body I At first I didn t dare to chase too closely, didn t dare to get too close, and lay down behind the wild boar, using the wild boar he killed as a cover, until I confirmed that he was bandaging and he didn t have a gun in his hand before I did it.Xiao Han, where are those three guys Downstairs.Look, it s lucky to find out in time, otherwise the parents of the freshmen will see how bad it will be There was a thief in the morning, and it happened again in the afternoon.Vice Minister Jiang was in a very bad mood, and patted the table several times When we put up such obscene posters somewhere in Polytechnic University, Xiao Han, the impact is too bad, and your police must deal with them seriously.The content is very disgusting It begins with I am Zhuman, followed by ID card number, mobile phone number, followed by Because of my idleness and vanity, I am penniless, in debt and unable to repay, I hereby borrow money from relatives and friends to repay the debt.I Use the bodies of me, my mother and my sister as compensation, only 20 yuan a night, our oral work I hope all my dear teachers and classmates cbd gummies at night can help me, lend me 20 yuan each to pay off the debt, and I will do my best in the future In return, the following is the evidence that I cannot repay the loan.Okay.The little girl was stunned., hurriedly input text information under the reminder of my companion.Xiaojing, take a picture of me and send me the picture.Han Chaoyang sat down at the desk, brought a bunch of folders, and pretended to be working.The short girl came to her senses and hurriedly raised her mobile phone to take a picture, and then sent it to Deng Jing, who asked Deng Jing to forward it to Zhu Man.Saving people is the most important thing, the only thing we can do now is to give her hope Han Chaoyang didn t care about whether the promise could be fulfilled.Seeing that there was no response to the message, he simply took the phone and said directly Student Zhu Man, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Yandong Public Security Bureau.Illegal and criminal acts of fraud and extortion in the name of lending.If Shanggang went online, it would be disorganized and undisciplined.Not daring to show even a hint of a smile.In fact, Teng Jiming had a little opinion of him, the most handsome policeman in Yanyang.He said that he didn t know the details of the case, he didn t know where the project headquarters was, and there was no phone number Instead of reporting to the project headquarters immediately, but reporting to the leaders of your sub bureau, this is not what asking for credit is.Too vain, such a person can t become a master Teng Ji cursed secretly, looked sideways at the suspect squatting in the corner of the two offices through the window, walked to the side and asked, Who is planted, who do they want to frame Reporting to Tengda, Boss Hou and Chang Mazi on the opposite side are deadly rivals. Okay, please.Han Zhaoyang was still not at pharm cbd gummies smokiez cbd gummies review ease after thinking about it.Then he asked Mr.Bing, can you send me your pharm cbd gummies smokiez cbd gummies review lover s mobile phone number Yes, I will send it to you first, and then call her.Is your lover in the city Yes, I work in the development zone.Thank you very much, please contact us first, and I will wait for your call.Knowing that there will not be only one car key, Wu Wei was delighted to hear it, and originally planned to go directly to the car owner s company.Now adjust the itinerary immediately, turn on the turn signal and make a U turn, and decide to go to the development zone first.Han Chaoyang put down his phone and was about dolly parton cbd gummies to remind him to drive slowly when a call came in suddenly.Sister Miao, what s the matter Chaoyang, you finally turned on the phone.A man should be brave.No, I m just curious.Let s talk, idle is idle.Huang Ying seemed to forget that she was jealous of Sheng Yanwen and angry with Han Chaoyang just now, so she couldn t help laughing.It s okay to talk about it, and after talking about it, there will be no more misunderstandings.Xie Lingling let go of Huang Ying s arm and said with a light smile, Lao Li s pharm cbd gummies name is Li Zicheng.He is the oldest among our classmates.He is our class monitor and the student with the worst grades in our class.Every day, he fights with all kinds of students.He eats and chats with all kinds of people, including students in various classes, cadres of the student union and people from other schools.I have seen him and our counselor arm in arm for a drink a few times.He never participates in class activities.Organization, and almost no comments, but no matter who encounters difficulties or disagreements, he can always solve them easily.

If you let them know It was you who said it, and you won t even have to cheapest cbd gummy bears near me green ape cbd gummies review be friends in the future, but a big boss like you pays more attention to connections.How secretive you are when playing Cha Lak , there is a special car to pick you up, no mobile phone, only a bank card, No matter how much you win or lose, you will use the POS machine to settle the game.The people who call the game are very careful.Not only are they all acquaintances, but as the little policeman said, they all have status and status.The tone is stricter than the other.How did the police know of Tian Jiming couldn t understand it, and lowered his head, smoking a stuffy cigarette.He didn t say a word, and Han Chaoyang couldn t push too hard.Li Kaiyi said tacitly Mr.Tian, we know that you are righteous, but not everyone is as righteous as you, otherwise we would not have found you.Right now, I m on my way to Yu Qinggong s and his wife s house, Boss Gan and the others are going. Great, call Qiuping and ask them to start the video when they arrive. Yes There are 21 locations marked on the map, in other words There are 21 places to check.It was the middle of the night, and I couldn t even find anyone.How to check, the only thing we can do now is to ask the police to observe the surrounding environment first, to see how many cameras are near the place where the luxury commercial vehicle stopped, and then visit after dawn to inquire.People watch surveillance video.I thought I would have to wait at least three or four hours, but Zhang Qiuping s team was so efficient that they were able to find someone in the middle of the night.Teng Jiming lit a cigarette and watched Xiao Xu log in to WeChat on his laptop.Yu Zhenchuan and Miao Haizhu knocked on the door of the meeting room with a stack of transcripts, and reported pharm cbd gummies in front of Han Chaoyang, Wu Junfeng and others Bao pharm cbd gummies Suo, Zou Yanqing and Li Ziqiang have confessed.Not only did they steal the 16 electric cars stolen from Xinmin Community Yes, crimes have been committed in Xinyuan Road Times Internet Caf , No.22 Middle School, Xinmin Vegetable Market and other places.Because they stole too many cars, I can t even remember how many cars were stolen in total.I know that once such a case is solved, it pharm cbd gummies will be a hit.Chuaner, Bao Suo subconsciously asked About how many cars From what the two of them explained, they stole the first electric car in the community since August last year without being found.Afterwards, he became more and more daring, took frequent actions, and committed crimes crazily.I m not disappointed, it s justit s just a little sudden.What s sudden, I can t participate in the actions in your bureau, but I can participate in community actions.If I really don t want to go back to accompany Yingying, I can go and help watch it like I did.door.Strange things happen every year, especially today Han Chaoyang looked at her sideways and asked, Are you going to help with duty Yeah.Zhang Beibei nodded.You re not a security guard, what do you do I m not a security guard, but I m a shareholder of the security company, and I m the fourth largest shareholder.Zhang Beibei snorted with a smug smile.Han Chaoyang suddenly remembered that she also attended the security company s general meeting in the afternoon, and asked suspiciously, Have you become a shareholder And who is the third largest shareholder When it comes to who has the final say in the future of the security company, Han Chaoyang felt it necessary to ask clearly.Director Su, you seem to have missed something One.Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing.Missed Su Xian was taken aback.There must be another job assigned by the leaders of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Party Committee Office.Really, how do you know, how do you know better than me There is such a thing in every department of the unit and even in the job responsibilities of individuals.Afraid that she would not believe it, Han Chaoyang raised his arm and pointed to the community police duties hanging on the wall.Think about it, as long as there is an other in the job duties.Su Xian came to her senses and couldn t help laughing.Miao Haizhu also laughed cheapest cbd gummy bears near me green ape cbd gummies review wildly, and couldn t help sighing after laughing Director Su, you are too powerful.If the Secretary General of the Municipal Party Committee is the chief steward of the Municipal Party Committee, then you are the chief steward of the Municipal Party Committee Office You are kidding me From the aunt of the neighborhood committee to the housekeeper How can I, I want to be the housekeeper, but I can t be the housekeeper While chatting, Huang Ying called and said that the class would be extended until twelve o clock at night.Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing when such a thing happened, Shiju, so it s really hopeless to work in the institute You re thinking wrong.Working in the institute can really train people.I have benefited a lot from the experience of working in pharm cbd gummies the institute with my master.I was still very relieved of my junior brother Shi Ju, and my eyes suddenly shifted to Yu Zhenchuan.He said meaningfully Zhen Chuan, master never mentioned Chaoyang to me, but he mentioned you more than once, saying that you are very similar to me back then.Shi Ju, I Yu Zhenchuan was embarrassed by the words, wishing he could Find a crack in the ground and drill in.Being a policeman means becoming a criminal policeman.What s so embarrassing Shi Ju said with a smile as he greeted his juniors for a drink.Transfer to the police station, and there are relatively few pharm cbd gummies smokiez cbd gummies review transfers from the police station to the criminal police team.What are you going to the bureau for Han Zhaoyang asked puzzled.Xu Weizhong turned to the door, stared at him with hatred and said Are you really confused or not The arrest of Ji Qingyun, who is suspected of intentionally killing two people and absconding in fear of crime, is not only your personal achievement but also the achievement of the institute.To the patrol The team credits the patrol team, and the credit goes to the patrol team, not only does it have nothing to do with you, Han Chaoyang, it also has nothing to do with our police station It turned out that the leader was unhappy because of this, but it is understandable that no matter which police station is responsible for catching a murderer Both are great achievements.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, and said with a bitter face, Instructor, I only found out about the merits and awards for the patrol team at noon the day before yesterday.

He hasn t committed a crime for the time being, but you have committed a crime Are you kidding me, what can I do He is a key population in the area under the jurisdiction of your Huayuan Street Police Station.Han Chaoyang, who was busy writing a note, came to his senses, ran to the door of the classroom, held up his mobile phone and said, Yes, Mo Yunhu from Chaoyang Village was just released on parole a few days ago.Do you know where he lives I know, I live at his sister s house, in Room 202, Building 3, Xinmin Community.It s okay if you don t know, but Miao Haizhu is even more angry if you know, and asks through gritted teeth If you know, why don t you tell me It wasn t two days ago Are you busy with Bi Xunchang s case, and forget it in a hurry You can forget anything, but can you forget this kind of thing Miao Haizhu patted the steering wheel and said bitterly, Han Chaoyang, it s not my sister who scares you.Han Chaoyang was so dumbfounded, he thought to himself that I am a brand in the minds of you leaders.Just as he didn t know what to say, Xu Weizhong smiled and said, There are two other things.One is that I just received a notice from the Political Department in the afternoon that the Municipal Bureau will hold a selection for the favorite people s police.You are already Yanyang The most handsome policeman, Director Wen didn t intend to let you participate, but it would be unfair to our office, I went to the office in the afternoon, tried hard and soft, and finally registered for you.Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Liu Jianye stared into his eyes and said, It s different from the city s excellent people pharm cbd gummies s police selection, which is selected by the masses through the WeChat official account.How can this work, what will you do after the store is sold out I have no children, what do I want to pharm cbd gummies earn so much money for Wei Wei The elder sister held her hand tightly, and said seriously and sincerely It s too easy to support yourself.Just tell Director Cai that I can go to work in the scenic spot tomorrow.I don t want anything, but I want you to be safe.If you Have a good time abroad, let pharm cbd gummies Ling Bin come back to pick me up, let me also go see the world, and enjoy the happiness.Chapter 449 Technical means The leader asked to assist his counterparts in Fujiang to handle the case, but now Ling Bin has his heart set Feeling disheartened, if you follow him every step of the way, it are cbd gummies a blood thinner will pharm cbd gummies make him suspicious.Early the next morning, Han Chaoyang didn t go to the youth hostel again, but rushed to the police office to go to work as usual.Thank you.After she finished putting on her makeup, Han Chaoyang turned and opened the door.Wang Jianping, Lao Song, and Qiu Genmao walked into the office again, but Grandpa Gu didn t follow.Han Chaoyang, Kang Haigen, and Miao Haizhu walked out of the office tacitly, and even handed over the suspect and the office to them.Grandpa Gu asked Wu Junfeng and Xiao Liu to stand guard at the door, and pharm cbd gummies then said in a low voice, Captain Wang agrees to her meeting with Ling Bin and her child here, but you must be present when the meeting takes place., Subconsciously asked Master, why me Grandpa Gu sighed softly Help people to the end, if you are not present, they will be present.They stand on the side, how uncomfortable will it be to meet this face Especially children , meeting so many strangers at once, I will definitely be terrified.It s not Zhang, Zhang Ziyue s identity is fraudulent, her surname is Wan, her name is Wan Xiaoxia, she was suspected of drug trafficking before she met you, and she was the main culprit in a key drug target case of the Ministry of Public Security.Impossible, Ling Bin really didn t believe this was true.To be precise, he couldn t accept this cruel reality.He grabbed Han Chaoyang s arms and said hastily Officer Han, you are 100 wrong.No one understands Zi better than me.Yue, she can t be a drug dealer, let alone the main culprit of a drug cbd gummy affect time gang Huang Ying was also stunned, her mouth was wide open and she didn t know what to say.Brother Ling, I don t want to believe that this is true, but the truth cannot be faked, and the fake cannot be true.Han Chaoyang took a deep breath, grabbed his arms and said, She has already been arrested.Han Chaoyang took a deep breath, and reminded cautiously It s not easy to meet once, I know you can handle it, but Xinxin is still young, You first think about how to tell Xinxin, how to explain all this to Xinxin.Chapter 460 The operation is not over After waiting for more than an hour, Team Wang called and asked to meet.Ling Bin was stronger than he imagined, so he decided to hide Xinxin s words and ask Huang Ying to take care of him for a while, and he went to see Wan Xiaoxia alone.Han Chaoyang and Miao Haizhu took him to the property office of Dongming Community.Criminal police officers Lao Song and Qiu Genmao were not there, and they should have gone to the police room to interrogate Wei Dongmei.Wang Jianping looked Ling Bin up just cbd 500mg gummies cheapest cbd gummy bears near me and down, and then walked out.Miao Haizhu steals and plays tricks just like in the youth hostel, standing at the door and never going in.It s also hard work.In such a cold day, you have to go outside from morning to night.Lao Ding eagle hemp cbd gummies stop smoking is almost fifty and he is not in good health.Can he handle it I also think Wu Wei is suitable.He dares to work hard.Work hard, his good steel should be used on the blade.Han Zhaoyang couldn t help asking Master, Wu Wei is good steel, what am I Grandpa Gu smiled and said pharm cbd gummies You are a brick of the revolution, Where you need to move, it is equally important and equally honorable.He is a good steel, I am a brick, master, are you praising me or laughing at me Han Chaoyang was so confused, he leaned on the steering wheel and sighed Say In my heart, I may not be convinced by others, but I am still convinced by Wu Wei.But let me, a mortal, lead him, a superman who knows everything and can do anything, and an iron man who can even eat or drink in order to solve crimes.

He asked me to help him sell some things.I like helping others the most, so I helped him sell things.I didn t want the 560, but he had to give it to me The main point, what is it Two electric hammers, the kind of impact drills used on construction sites.Who did they sell to Aren t there many hardware stores on Xinde Road Sold to the second company on the left of the gate of the Xinde Hardware Market.Police Officer Han, Officer Tang, how much the two electric hammers are worth, and it s really none of my business.I haven t even been to their construction site.Just .

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treat me as a fart, let me go, and I will give you two clues later.I am well informed.If you don t believe me, you can ask Officer Hua of the Nanxi Police Station.I have helped him several times, and even helped him catch a bunch of drug addicts., wearing plain clothes.Protect the property of the masses.As a veteran policeman, I can tell you that the anti pickup work is not easy.It is hard work and patience, and it is also dangerous Liu Jianye did not say any more official words, not only emphasizing that anti pickup work is very dangerous , and even invited two old consultants from the Anti Packpick Squad to speak out.Having been engaged in anti pick up pharm cbd gummies campaigns for more than 20 years, Ji Kaiyuan has been injured many times, and the same is true of Wu Cultural Revolution, but the young men did not back down, scrambling to say that they would learn from their predecessors.At the same time, Bureau Du was busy with the work at hand, went to the opposite side and knocked on the door of Bureau Feng s office.After briefly introducing the situation of setting up the plainclothes anti picking team in Chaoyang Community, he asked with a half smile, Old Feng, do you want to take this opportunity to stimulate Jiang Guangdong and Mo Xiaoqiang and give them a sense of crisis Director Feng was stunned for a moment, Ninja couldn t help but said It s time to stimulate them, if you don t give them some pressure, their tails will go up to the sky.Speaking of this, Miao Haizhu Subconsciously pharm cbd gummies touched the bag The medicine is quite expensive, and the taxi fare when I came here cost a lot of money.I keep all the receipts.When you go back, you can sign for me and ask Chen Jie to report for me.Let s talk about it when we come back.Han Chaoyang was still not at ease after thinking about it, so he stood at the door of the police room and called Mr.Wu again.Wu Wenge and Yang Tao had just been sent out of the lobby of Xinyuan Street Police Station by Bao Suo, Yu Zhenchuan and other policemen.When they saw Han Chaoyang calling, they immediately stopped to answer the call.I thought that the command center would arrange some professional person to take over, but it turned out that a few patrolmen were arranged.They were all young like you.I was not at ease, so I helped them send the suspect to the Xinyuan Street Police Station with Xiao Yang.Han Chaoyang was stunned, and asked with a puzzled expression Miao Boss also invited Director Su The house is bought, and Sister Su introduced it.Of course, Uncle Miao would like to thank you.Huang Ying pharm cbd gummies signaled Han Chaoyang to drive her electric car, and explained The price is about the same.The main reason is that the developer is holding back the good floor and room type, saying that they have already sold it.My mother called me, Uncle Miao The house I saw in the morning is not in our Yandong District, so I can only ask Sister Su for help, but it turns out that she has a lot of face.After making a few calls, the sales department cbd living gummies pharm cbd gummies said that there was a mistake, that the house that Uncle Miao was looking at was not for sale.Go out.Where did you buy pharm cbd gummies it Pearl City, not far from the Public Security Bureau, I forgot the number of the building, I only know that it is 16 floors, 115 square meters, 24,210 square meters.I was on duty last night.I understand the situation.Lao Fan and I even went to the scene to see the situation.No.The seizure of this case of illegal transportation, storage, and sale of fireworks and firecrackers is purely a case of beating rabbits, if it wasn t for Han Chaoyang s Xinyuan Street Police Station, he wouldn t be able to show his face.Zhou Ju went to the district for a meeting early in the morning, and at noon he accompanied the Municipal Bureau and the police station.The leader of the fire brigade inspected and really didn t know what was going on.He asked curiously, Did Han Chaoyang provide the clue Fan Bureau s thoughts.Just knowing the results of the battle, I didn t expect to dispatch hundreds of people last night to make such a big commotion Zhou Ju suddenly realized, rubbing his chin and muttering It can be seen that the combat effectiveness of the patrol team can stand the test of actual combat.It s only natural for the police to catch thieves, not to mention murderers.This is necessary, I know you won t take it to your heart, let alone have any thoughts, but it s not good if you don t agree to him, and you can t sleep anyway, so come over and have a look, and go to the back later to see if the nurse is busy.Please ask them to take another blood pressure.Hearing what the old man said, Wu Wei suddenly realized that what happened today was really nothing, so he couldn t help laughing.How could Han Chaoyang not know the good intentions of his old man, and lost no time in saying Master, I m fine, the key is Wu Wei, he is really wronged.He ran all morning and threw down the suspect regardless of the danger, but he was also killed by Liu Criticize.If I were the director, I would criticize the same.This is the pipe supporting fee. How much will it cost Zhang Beibei rubbed her temples and said with a bitter face The account opening fee is 78 yuan per square meter, the indoor installation fee is 120 yuan per square meter, and the first and second networks are 48 yuan per square meter.The heating company said that it may build a heat exchange pharm cbd gummies station, which involves civil engineering, which requires water and electricity account opening, purchase of drawings, material copying, environmental impact assessment, etc., pharm cbd gummies as well as road excavation, restoration engineering costs, and equipment costs such as heat meters.I didn t expect it to be so troublesome to install a heater.I m almost dizzy He said a lot, but he didn t get to the point.Xu Hongliang couldn t help raising his head and said If a heat exchange station must be built, the cost may be more than that of a gas fired boiler.

This involves economic disputes, to be precise, consumer disputes, and is not under the jurisdiction of the police.Moreover, Xingye Plaza is not only not under the jurisdiction of the Zhongshan Road Police District for security patrols, it is not even under the jurisdiction of the Yandong Sub bureau.Although Han Chaoyang expressed serious doubts about Meng Lang s words, he couldn t say anything more.Meng Lang didn t want to talk about this topic any more, so he clicked the mouse, and then moved away Officer Han, in fact, there are pharm cbd gummies not many cheapest cbd gummy bears near me green ape cbd gummies review members here.If there are so many people, I won t close the door.Look, all Here.Seeing the member list, Han Chaoyang suddenly found a problem Before coming here, I just thought that Meng Lang must have the basic information of Little Fairy , but I pharm cbd gummies smokiez cbd gummies review didn t think that when I signed up for membership, I would only leave my name, mobile phone number and home address, and it was impossible to leave a WeChat vest.I don t know, how can Bureau Zhou care cbd thc gummy pharm cbd gummies about Lao Ding, trot all the way to the ticket office, salute and say hello to Director Wang and cbd gummies in coppell the leaders of the Provincial Public Security Corps, Traffic Police Corps, and Fire Corps.You guys are well informed, and you came very quickly Director Wang looked cheapest cbd gummy bears near me green ape cbd gummies review around cbd gummies interactions and said with a smile, I don t want to listen to your report today, but the policeman on duty at the station, please come here.Yes Zhou Ju responded With a cry, he immediately turned back and called Lao Ding.Lao Ding was pharm cbd gummies smokiez cbd gummies review really nervous, so he ran to Director Wang and other leaders and stood at attention to salute.Don t be nervous, we re just looking around.Please be a guide and introduce the specific measures for the safety of the Spring Festival travel.Safety, our Zhongshan Road Police District and the Station Police Office have strengthened a number of measures to ensure the safety of the Spring Festival travel according to the overall deployment of the branch Speak to the point Yes, Lao Ding was startled and dared not say any more In official language, he hurriedly said Report to Director Wang, after the station police office was assigned to the Zhongshan Road police area, more police forces can be devoted to the East Bus Station to ensure the safety of the Spring Festival travel than before.A romantic relationship Yeah.It turned out that the police came because of his girlfriend, and Cao Wenjue became even more nervous.Where is she Han Chaoyang stared at him and asked.Did something really happen Cao Wenjue s heart skipped a beat, and he said with a bitter face We had a quarrel a few days ago, she slammed the door and left as soon as she said she wanted to.She didn t bring funky farms cbd gummies fake her mobile phone with her, and she hasn t come back yet, and she hasn t called me.I m also in a hurry, I m looking for her.Before the quarrel, you lived together.Yes, you lived together for more than a year.For fear of the police misunderstanding, Cao Wenjue explained Officer Han, I have talked with her for a long time, I I met her parents, and she also went back to my hometown with me, we are going to get married, and we have bought a house.The East Bus Station is the most important duty point of our sub bureau, and the Du Bureau has already explained to the Huayuan Street Police Station that new comrades will go to your police office as soon as they arrive tomorrow, and will not return to the police officer training center for training until the end of the Spring Festival travel season.Chapter Twelve Changes One day closer to the Spring Festival, the lobby of the Chaoyang International Youth Hostel became increasingly deserted.There were few guests and no students came to rehearse, so Xie Lingling did not play the piano as before, but sat by the bookshelf and surfed the Internet with Huang Ying.Two beautiful women are sitting face to face, each with a laptop, and there is milk tea next to the computer.In this very literary hall with light music playing, there is something special about it.A policeman, a representative of the provincial people s congress, a just cbd 500mg gummies cheapest cbd gummy bears near me provincial model worker Before retiring, he was the only third level police supervisor in the city s community police.The most powerful one has already become the executive deputy director of the Municipal Bureau.Gu Guoli, how could it be him Have you seen it before I saw it this morning, when I first reported to the police office, it didn t look like a policeman.Hahahaha, Grandpa Gu doesn t look like a policeman.You didn t say something wrong, didn t you offend the old man Don t worry, it doesn t matter if you say something wrong.Who is Grandpa Gu, he is the most reasonable old man, let alone you Now he is his grandson, he won t care, as long as you work hard, he will take care just cbd 500mg gummies cheapest cbd gummy bears near me of you.Chapter 578 Desperate Saburo There are many dinners at the end of the year, and someone invites you to dinner at night.We are only responsible for public security prevention and control, street patrols, and temporary handling of 110 police cases.It s a bit like, after all, the area south of Zhongshan Road is still .

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under the jurisdiction of Huayuan Street Police Station.Chaoyang Community Police Office, Yangguan Village Police Office and Station Police Office are still the police offices of Huayuan Street Police Station.I don t care. Then he came to listen to you or to the Institute Of course I listen to me, don t laugh when you pharm cbd gummies smokiez cbd gummies review say it, the Liu Institute cbd thc gummy pharm cbd gummies may want to train him, and I pharm cbd gummies want my master to help guide him, but my master has retired again.He actually asked me to take him over and let me be his master.Hahaha, you didn t become a teacher yourself, but you still have apprentices and become a master I said the same, it s ridiculous, Han Chaoyang smiled, He sighed softly And he is not an ordinary police school student.It is open during the Spring Festival.You can also go to the Neighborhood Committee Look.I m alone, not too good.Not only you, old comrades from 527 Factory and Dongming New Village will also come, some watch TV, some read books and newspapers, some play chess, There are also some aunties who want to dance in the square dance in the meeting room on the first floor.Are they also coming during the Chinese New Year Mr.Hong was skeptical.Han Chaoyang patted his arm and confirmed with a smile We also come during Chinese New Year, but not all come.For some old comrades, it has become a habit to sit in the activity room and chat with old buddies and old sisters.There are people in the Spring Festival, there is such a good place Mr.Hong s eyes lit up, as if he had discovered a new continent, but after thinking about it, he said with a bitter face Xiao Han, I want to go and see.

Sending you off.This is not sending off, this is getting out of the house The Huayuan Street Police Station did not accept it, and the Second Criminal Police Squadron did not.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to take Dai Lishi into the car and go to the branch office.When we arrived at the branch, it was already 10 30 in the morning.Han Chaoyang asked Sun Guokang to bring him into the duty room, and ran to the command center first.I planned to report just cbd 500mg gummies cheapest cbd gummy bears near me to my immediate superior first, but I didn t expect Director Du to be drinking tea in the decision making room.After listening to the report, Director Du put down his teacup and asked, I don t care about Liu Jianye, nor does the Second Squadron Even more nervous, just send the suspect there, and he will send the suspect to the detention center, and the cbd thc gummy pharm cbd gummies detention center will never accept him.Chapter 605 Investment company After packing up the dormitory, Huang Ying came to the police office, and waited for her parents in law while accompanying Han Chaoyang.Father Han and Mr.Ma planned to come by tomorrow s long distance bus.Boss Miao heard that he The two wanted to see their son, and immediately decided to come and see their daughter together.Boss Miao has a car, although it is a van for pulling aquatic products, but he can still take a trip as soon as he wants, so the two came together.Boss Miao and his wife On the way to Yanyang, Miao Haizhu naturally wanted to greet her.She changed into a long black down jacket and ran over to wait together.Seeing the children s watch on the desk, Huang Ying curiously asked where it came from.Han Chaoyang raw cbd gummies explained After a while, he couldn pharm cbd gummies t help laughing and said What s the use of sending me a watch without a mobile phone card, do you want me to apply for a card and charge tens of dollars for the phone bill I really don t know what Liu Suo thinks, when everyone else is an idiot.They don t treat me like a cousin, their daughter in law hides when they see me, and speaks ill of me behind my back, and their children never call me uncle when they see me, you think they can lend me money But you They are indeed cousins, related by blood.Han Chaoyang didn t pharm cbd gummies want him to become a homeless person from the bottom of his heart, so he felt that he should try borrowing money, and urged Besides, I think it s right not to borrow money before.You are an adult, you should be Self supporting, besides, you borrowed money not for anything else, but for eating, drinking and having fun.Now it s different, now it s emergency, there is a saying I remember, emergency is not helping the poor, you are waiting for the money to cure the disease, good Tell me, I think they will lend a helping hand.Wu Junfeng was snickering, but Sun Le was also holding back.Han Chaoyang didn t want them to see the joke, so he patted the coffee table Since Team Song has said so, the standard for defining the principal criminal is determined to be 150 grams The East Branch was entrusted with a heavy responsibility, at least he would bargain, and couldn t help laughing Deal.Then let s take a look at these biscuits, first confirm the amount of drugs, and then report them separately Okay, take them apart first Take a look.Everything that happened next made Han Chaoyang realize what it means to be a professional Song Kaiqiang was not in a hurry to open the treasure box , but asked Xiao Sun to ask the interrogator what to do and whether he could bring the suspect here first.He sold more than 100 grams of methamphetamine at a time, and if the police found the stock, he would lose his head.After waiting for about four minutes, the elevator on the left came down from the 6th floor.Xiaokang was the first to get out of the elevator, and stood side by side with Han Chaoyang tacitly, cheapest cbd gummy bears near me blocking the front desk clerk s view, while Li Yiguang from the anti narcotics team of Nanshan Branch ran to the back door to check again whether there was cbd living gummies pharm cbd gummies anyone in the just cbd 500mg gummies cheapest cbd gummy bears near me parking lot.It wasn t until Li Yiguang ran back and nodded that Ni Guoxiong and another anti pharm cbd gummies drug policeman carried Liu Qingjun out of the elevator.Lao Hu cbd living gummies pharm cbd gummies and Wu Wei carried Qiao Peimin and followed closely behind.A drug dealer took it to the parking lot and stuffed it into the car.Jiao Chengle, Liang Dongsheng cbd living gummies pharm cbd gummies and other reinforcements from the Yandong branch went to arrest them in the car of the anti drug team of the Nanshan branch.One of the two police cars they drove from Yanyang was requisitioned by Ni Guoxiong, and Han Chaoyang and Xiaokang drove the other.Okay, I ll be right there.hurried to the police In the dormitory, Huang Ying had already gone back to natures only cbd gummies for tinnitus the dormitory to change clothes by herself.Han Chaoyang returned the car to the old security guard of the Sixth Hospital, greeted Old Tang who had returned from the police, and trotted to the dormitory, just as Huang Ying changed into clothes and went downstairs.Go to the Second Squadron as soon as you come back.What s the matter Huang Ying just cbd 500mg gummies cheapest cbd gummy bears near me likes to take a walk on the campus with her sweetheart, holding his arm as usual.Smelling the faintly familiar fragrance of her hair, Han Chaoyang explained pharm cbd gummies as he walked The daughter of Professor Liu s family, Liu Xiaoyun, was robbed of a bag at the gate of Yanxing International yesterday afternoon.The bag was just bought at the duty free shop in Hong Kong pharm cbd gummies Airport.Huang Ying clicked the mouse, refreshed the page of the reservation system, looked up and said, Another guest has booked a bed, there are three in total.Upstairs How many vacant beds are there Four, one in the boys dormitory and three in the girls dormitory.You can set it up, so that if people book online, we don t have any beds here.Set it up and go back to rest early.I m here.Dad, you have to go to work tomorrow.Leave me alone, I can t sleep right now after drinking some wine.Han Chaoyang cleaned up the kitchen, walked to the bar, and was about to ask his father in law how they schedule their shifts at night Yes, the phone rang suddenly.A call came from the fixed line in the police office.Han Chaoyang connected the phone and subconsciously asked, What s the matter Is cbd thc gummy pharm cbd gummies there a police report Han Da, there is no police report.

On behalf of the District Committee and the District Government, they expressed their gratitude to the Municipal Bureau for supporting Yandong s work for many years, and welcomed Liu Bureau to Yandong to perform their duties.Bureau, Fan Bureau, Zhang Da and Xi Da are closely united around Liu Bureau, continue to maintain the excellent style and tenacious quality of our Yandong County Branch, and protect the overall situation of Yandong s economic and social development.Xu Hongliang knows These are normal, because the security company needs the support of the sub bureau, and they have been very concerned about it since they knew that the leaders of the sub bureau were going to adjust.It is more normal for Lao Ding to know, he is known for being well informed.Han Chaoyang regained his composure, and asked curiously, Director Liu is here.Grandpa Gu put down his teacup , looked at the photos on the white blackboard and murmured I don t know what I have been doing in pharm cbd gummies the past two years and who I have been with.How can I investigate this case So it is very difficult.A bit depressed, not at all as high spirited as when he was ordered to face danger a few days ago.Lao Ding said in a low voice Liu pharm cbd gummies smokiez cbd gummies review Suo, in my opinion, since there is no better way, I have to adopt a stupid way.What way Mobilize the masses and openly solicit clues.He was in Yanyang half a year ago, so it s impossible that no one has seen him Liu Jianye thought to himself that it s useless for you to say, if he could, he would have offered a reward for clues, but the problem is that the old classmates who just took office are worried about the influence, and they are worried about making trouble.The boy wearing glasses became more and more excited, and slapped the table several times, emphasizing From this perspective, it is very Obviously this experiment has nothing to do with Majorana fermions, it is just an experiment in the scope of bright matter, unless there is a problem with my understanding The thin and tall boy was not to be outdone, pharm cbd gummies and said tit for tat Your understanding already has something.The problem is that matter does not necessarily have mass For example, photons and gluons.In fact, your understanding of matter is a lack of definition.I am afraid that the matter you understand is fermions and the like, and bosons that lack mass are not considered matter.In addition, there is no clear matter.The study of elementary particles is based on some calculations and assumptions, not because of gravity, and then assumes that there are gravitons.Although it was very close to the East Long distance Bus Station, the old district committee compound was in an alley, so it was not easy to find, so I had to use the navigation.When I rushed to the old district committee compound, I saw bright lights in the cafeteria and the conference room on the first floor.The boys were eating in the cafeteria while watching TV.Han Chaoyang was sitting in the meeting room answering the phone.There was a laptop in front of him and a laser printer next to the computer.Write your name on the back of the printed photo.There are so many young men in the compound, but no one came to watch the excitement.The secrecy work was done well, Ju Feng was very satisfied, raised his arm and knocked on the open door, pretending to be relaxed and said with a smile Old Gu, Xiao Han, you are the only ones here, what about the others Grandpa Gu was stunned.All those who have been contacted have been contacted, but temporarily unable to be contacted, and those who cannot be verified for the time being can only send an investigation letter to the police station where their household registration is located.More than 30 copies will be sent out in one afternoon, and Baosuo will notify us as soon as there is feedback.Okay, comrades have worked hard, sit down, sit down and talk.Seeing the boys just cbd 500mg gummies cheapest cbd gummy bears near me of pharm cbd gummies the anti pickup team still standing there, Feng Ju pointed to the chair and .

what time to take cbd gummies for sleep?

smiled Xiao Wu, Xiao Wang, you sit down too, pharm cbd gummies and ran away for a while.In the afternoon, I must be very tired.Ju Feng, we are not tired.You can just sit and sit, what are you doing standing Ji Kaiyuan knocked on the table, then turned and pointed to a stack of materials with photos on the table Feng The scope of the survey is not too large, and almost all of them meet the characteristics of height and weight.Until this moment, my mind is still muddled, feeling that all of this is true, and feeling that all of this is so unreal, so I asked in a daze, Where did you come from From Yanyang Liu Jianye Let go of your hand, took out your ID and held it up in front of you Look clearly, I am Liu Jianye, director of Huayuan Street Police Station, Yandong Branch, Yanyang City Public Security Bureau Can t find out, do you think we won t be able to catch you if we go to Dongguang Wei Ping became sober, stared at him and asked, Yanyang is here, are you here to catch me What do you think Catch me Come on, I ll go with you.The attitude cbd thc gummy pharm cbd gummies of pleading guilty is not good, Liu Jianye was very surprised and couldn t help asking Wei Ping, do you know why we came all the way here to arrest you Know.Know what I killed someone.This time, high standard equipment is required.It is said that all the official level cadres will be selected and sent.Difficulties and development.Director Tang came here yesterday, and Zhang Beibei also asked about it.In short, Director Tang is not very strong, and it can even be seen that he has no intention of flexing his muscles like Cao Zefang.Zhang Zhishu has always felt that being the branch secretary of the community neighborhood committee is not as interesting as the village party secretary.Now he doesn t take care of things and is waiting to retire.Although Zhang Beibei is very capable, she is a lesbian after all.Xu Hongliang is a gay man, capable, and a local, so the street leaders hold him in high regard.There is no need to wait until the future.Now he is the actual person in charge of the Chaoyang community, and he goes to the street and even the district for meetings every three days.

Grandpa Gu touched his face and sighed softly The reporters from the provincial TV station came to Junfeng and the community to interview Liu Chengquan s deeds.They came late and only interviewed a few people today, and they will come tomorrow.Chaoyang and Hongliang I don t have time, and Factory Manager Wang and I will help with the reception.The old factory manager lit a cigarette and added After the interview with us, he will go to Xiaoliu s old army to interview.This topic is too heavy, Huang Ying was stunned I was taken aback, and didn t ask any more questions.Thinking pharm cbd gummies that the young disciple closing the door will soon hold a wedding with the beautiful girl in front of him, Grandpa Gu also felt that it was inappropriate to talk about those things, so he hurriedly said Yingying, are you how often can you eat cbd gummies here to wait pharm cbd gummies for Chaoyang pharm cbd gummies He and Wu Wei seem to have found out A clue, I might not be able to come back in a while.I will go in and pick you up, and you ask the driver to park near the airport and wait for my call.Be careful After sailing for ten thousand years, if you don t cbd gummies rock hill sc wait for my call, it means that this is a trap.You pack up your things and pharm cbd gummies smokiez cbd gummies review leave first, and leave me alone.With the help of the Leken Airport Branch, they set up a net to arrest Luo Weixing and Jiang Yonggen.The elders of the three families were making the final preparations for the wedding.Even Zheng Yutong, the mainstay of the Lida Band, and Nie Xuan, the field manager , were pulling the student union Chairman He Qiyuan worked together to find a way to give a special gift to Teacher Han and Teacher Xie.Help Teacher Han and Teacher Xie hold a personal recital Yes.Zheng Yutong confirmed with big watery eyes.He Qiyuan was confused, and asked with a puzzled look on his face Is it necessary to go to such trouble Now that there are wedding shows, it s okay to let the master of ceremonies invite them to play a few songs at the wedding You can think of it, but we can t Zheng Yutong glared at him, pouted and explained At first we wanted to play the wedding march at the wedding venue, but they are three families who got married together, so they arranged it in the Shuxiangyuan banquet hall, where dozens of tables were set up at once.In the morning, I visited the leader of the airport branch.The leader of the branch was very helpful.I especially asked Zhang Zhihui, the deputy head of the criminal police brigade of the airport branch, to assist.What about the departure hall I didn t find it either, Zhang Zhihui looked up at the second big screen on the left, and said in a deep thought, It s not outside, and it s unlikely to sneak into the lobby, let alone in the waiting pharm cbd gummies hall.Come on, it looks like you are going to adopt the second plan.There are only pharm cbd gummies three entrances to the departure hall of the airport, and there are security guards on duty at the three entrances, and there are also police patrols from the security police station in the terminal building.The policemen at the Zhanlou Police Station had seen photos of Luo Weixing.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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