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Candy immediately smiled, Thank you Xiaoshuang.She took a sip of the little bear, her complexion changed a little, and she said, Huh Why does it taste weird Tang Shuang said, It s delicious, sweet and sour.This is a new formula and a new taste.Many children like it.I m drinking this.Tang Shuang took another sip after hearing this, Tang Shuang immediately looked at her with an expression that the taste must be good, Tang Tang blinked her big eyes, a little confused, but nodded and said delicious Tang Shuang laughed heartily, are you sure the candy tastes good Did you say it out of conscience Ha ha.Standing on Tang Shuang s side, you can see that the bear s box has been cut open, and there is a bottle of gooseberry invigorating spleen oral liquid inside.The straw is inserted into the oral liquid, and the candy is actually cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep drinking the oral cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep liquid Tang Tanger soon finished drinking the oral liquid, Tang Shuang asked, Do you want another bottle Tangtanger burped, shook his head and said no.

stand up.It s the one who was scolded badly on the Internet, who wrote about the relationship between the sexes.Li Xiuli said warily Why is there still such a book sent over Old Wei, please don t comment on such a book.I will throw it away later.Wei Daqun said wisely Throw it away and throw it away.Isn t this person s book banned A few days ago, can you buy cbd gummies over the counter the Writers Association held a meeting to discuss the issue of ethos.Now some authors dare to write anything just to attract attention.It s really popular.It s changed.Wei Tingting breathed a sigh of relief, and said, Dad, do you watch martial arts Recently Jin Yong s Legend of the Condor Heroes has become a huge hit.It s a TV series.During this period, martial arts themed novels were indeed very popular, and Wei Daqun hadn t come into contact with them much before.

Tang Shuang said Look, so you have been a princess since you were a child, so of course you are now.Tang Tanger blinked, feeling cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep vaguely wrong with this logic, but finally said can you buy cbd gummies over the counter what is the best cbd gummies for pain and sleep Xiao Shuang is right, I have been a princess since I was a child.Little princess.Tang Shuang said Then little princess, how about we continue talking about Princess and the Pea Is a pea a bean After the story ended, a new question came.Tang Shuang took out her mobile phone, found the pea man in Plants vs.Zombies, and showed it to Candy.Ah So cute Xiaoshuang, what kind of game is this Can I play for a can you buy cbd gummies over the counter what is the best cbd gummies for pain and sleep while Tang Shuang quickly confiscated the phone and said, Do you want to listen to Princess Pea She is a princess.Yes No Princess Mung Bean No.What about Princess Broad Bean Tang Shuang was mad inside, Princess Broad Bean is still in the field.

Seeing Tangtang pouted, I allow you to play computer games for a while, Can you Tang Shuang immediately said crisply Yes I want to play with the big fish and eat the small fish.After finishing speaking, the little guy briskly ran back to his small room, and Tang Shuang asked, Why are you going No Are you playing games I ll be right back Xiaoshuang wait for me.After a while, Tangtanger appeared with her little seahorse water gun, and proudly said If the big fish is disobedient, hit it with the water gun.Tang Shuang 600mg cbd gummies Opened the game for Tangtanger, and saw that she was playing very neatly, biubiubiu, manipulating the big fish to frantically chase the small fish, and constantly devouring the small fish to cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep grow up.Tang Shuang ignored her and continued to write After the death of all the disciples of Lincheng Library, Hero seemed to break through the bottleneck, ushered in cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep an explosion of readers, and the reading volume surged fiercely.

Tangtanger s face turned cloudy, sunny and cloudy again, and said unhappily Again It s because she thinks I m young, that s the reason every time, really Tang Shuang tapped Tangtanger s little arm, Tangtanger snorted, turned her head to the other side, and planned to deal with Xiaoshuang can you buy cbd gummies over the counter what is the best cbd gummies for pain and sleep with a cold war.Tang Shuang threw the Frisbee , But we can go to the dog park, do you want to go Tang Tanger immediately ran over with the Frisbee in her mouth like Bai Jingjing.Of course, she was still sitting on the chair, but she The distance in my heart has been shortened infinitely, and she smiled and said sweetly Xiaoshuang is great Tang Shuang Are you going today Tangtanger was worried that Tang Shuang would regret it, Go now I ll call Jing Jing.It s noon now, look at the big sun outside, you will suffer from heat stroke, go there after dinner in the evening.

First of all, I want to say that the world of music is very big.There are national music, world music, folk songs, pop, and bel canto There are too many of them.Similarly, music also has Yangchun Baixue, and there are people from Xialiba and Yangchun Baixue.It is said that the people of Xia Liba are vulgar, and the people of Xia Liba say that it is inexplicable for Yangchun Baixue.The debate here is endless.There is no conclusion on who is better than whom.In philosophical terms, existence is reasonable.You think some songs are so called fast food songs, but others may think it is very good and fits their aesthetics So your criticism of Girl s Day represents your own opinion, not the fact.Of course you have the freedom to do so.Li Yuzhang spoke eloquently on the stage, and instantly helped Girl s Day out.

What kind of chivalry and courage is this Besides, Changkong, as one of the best masters in the world, could have no restraint, but because of the destruction of his family and country, he was repeatedly in danger and assassinated the king of Qin When we discuss Hero , we should not limit ourselves to the category of entertainment novels.The meaning expressed by it has reached the level of serious literature, and it is a rare classic. Wei Daqun commented on Heroes with more than 2,000 words eloquently, which made many people suddenly realize that they should have understood it this way.Eager to try, want to see it.And when Jin Yong left a message in the comment area of Heroes the next day, The great cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep eagle e commerce group cbd gummies chivalrous cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep man cares about the common people, well cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep said, I have been taught , which caused even more excitement and attracted many martial arts fans to pay attention to Heroes.

Tang Shuang immediately took off her apron and said, Okay, let s go and have a look The grove was filled with birdsong and cicadas, full of life, but Tang Xiaohei and Tang Xiaohua s two little dirtbags were still silent, lying on the ground.The two little goldfish inside could never wake up again.Candy is about to wipe her tears again, the chick seldom cries once a year, but now she has a tendency to turn into a small bag of tears.After returning from the small woods, not long after, breakfast was ready, and the two sat next to each other at the dining table.Tang Shuang pointed to the sunflowers can you buy cbd gummies over the counter what is the best cbd gummies for pain and sleep on the plate and said, Look, candy, these three smiling faces, after you finish eating them, you will feel very good, and you will never be sad again You won t shed tears either.Candy Hearing this, Er er looked at Tang Shuang, and then at the flowers made of food on the dinner plate.

Now that the good times are over, I have to follow the old man.Tang Shuang asked How do you start Ye Liang said that he was doing sales in the South China area, running around under the sun every day, not cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep eagle e commerce group cbd gummies to mention suffering, where is the director Liang is such a little Ye Zi, dumbfounded, and Ye Liang noticed her, only to realize that she had slipped her words and exposed her.At this time the herbal tea came, Guo Zifeng opened a can for Yang Shuangshuang, and Tang Shuang poured a cup for Tangtanger.Candy looked at the glass and said, This is not beer I ve seen my father drink it, and it s not like this Tang Shuang I didn t say I poured beer for you, this is herbal tea, you can only drink this I want to drink when I m a kid Tang Tanger yelled Why can t I drink it You all can drink it, so I want to drink it Tang Shuang When you grow up to my age, I will drink it for you.

Tang Shuang said.Tang Zhen took Candy to inspect cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep the goods in front of the mirror.Tang Zhen praised Candy s water spirit, Tangtang er asked What do you mean by water spirit Tang Shuang was left out in the cold, and interrupted unwillingly Shui Ling is fat and white.Tang Shuang, Tang Shuang hurried out of the way Tang Shuang greeted the two eldest ladies for breakfast.Tang Zhen came to Guangdong Province to record a program yesterday, and the recording didn t end until early this morning.She ate some supper and didn t eat breakfast.Li Xiaozhi and Bai Yang er had already flown back to Shengjing this morning, Tang Zhen specially stayed for a day, because she was homesick and also worried about Tangtang, especially when she received a call from Tangtang to complain that day, she has been worried these days, Worried that Tang Shuang couldn t take good care of the cutie.

At the beginning of the month, do you want to organize an audition meeting to rush the charting and release work The person who spoke was Liu Yilian, and the singer she was in charge of was called Chen Ding, and it will be released soon It s the first album.Xiao Na said You can bring me Chen Ding s new song after the meeting.If there is no problem, I will arrange it as soon as possible Liu Yilian was very happy when she heard this.The status of singers who have released albums and those who have not released albums are completely different.Sister Na, I have another request Liu Yilian said a little nervously.Speak directly if you have anything to say, don t hesitate.Xiao Na s style of work has always been vigorous and vigorous.In internal meetings, everyone is required to speak directly to improve efficiency.

Not long after, she got up by herself, hugged Bai Jingjing and talked.Xiaoshuang really likes to teach people a lesson.Why is he such an adult He gets angry every now and then.Huh, my mother said that getting angry will make you old.Before I grow up, Xiaoshuang will turn into white hair.This big villain, he wants to get angry again.Teach me, the Lun family didn t do it on purpose, he turned bad as soon as my sister left, alas I m so miserable Wow Jingjing, you still say good things for him, really, he scolded you Silly, I want to throw you into the fish pond to feed the fish.Oh, I m so boring, I m so lonely, I really want to eat ice cream, what should I do, I don t know if Xiaoshuang is stealing it, should I go out No, Xiaoshuang is still angry, she will kill me, so she can t go out.The bored Tangerian started to have fun by herself, she threw away Bai Jingjing, picked thc free cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies over the counter up the two pink bunnies that Tang Zhen gave her, and walked around the room Walking over, she sang Little Rabbit, Be Good Ah Kitten is angry, okay, I ll sing for you too.

The one who left was Li Xiaozhi Or Bai Yang er Tang Zhen didn t know.But now everything is guesswork, collapsed in ambiguity, the matter is important, she can t tell the two sisters that this is her guess.Tang Zhen didn t know if the company had interviewed Li Xiaozhi and Bai Yang er, but at least they could feel that Girl s Day was in danger.Thinking of this, Tang Zhen felt uncomfortable.She and Li Xiaozhi and Bai Yang er had been together for nearly five years, and spent the most beautiful flower season and rainy season in her life.She felt like sisters.She thought that after going through hardships, there would always be a rainbow, but she didn t expect The end result is so cruel.Tang Shuang Cry if you want It s not a crime for a woman to cry.Tang Zhen said angrily, Cry for your size.Tang Zhen was silent for a moment, and asked, Am I really not suitable for development in the entertainment industry Her voice was as cold as ever, like a winter stone, cold and hard, but Tang Shuang heard the weakness hidden in it.

If this is an old man, I have already died.Alas, This group of lunatics, as long as the fans are deeply poisoned, they become lunatics, not to mention more, if dr oz megyn kelly cbd gummies they talk too much, they will become mentally abnormal.At the same time as the video live broadcast on the starry sky website, Li Haonan also followed Tang Shuang for the live broadcast with his mobile phone.He had both text and pictures, and his position was among the fans of Lincheng Library.Butler, butler, I just want to confirm, is the most handsome and youngest one really the three swords of our family The nymphomaniac can t believe it The butler refers to Li Haonan, Tang Shuang is the one who was accepted by Lincheng library group.Feng s owner, Li Haonan, is the housekeeper for daily management.Didn t it already be said in the live broadcast room, the fake three swords are really handsome, why is God so unfair Hate the pumpkin The butler quickly answered yes, I waited well Impatient, the hand of the big back is on the left side of the handsome guy Does that mean the big back is the one on the left Shock The watch upstairs scares me, do you want to say that the big back is the third A sword If you say it s me, I ll jump into the latrine The book fan group suddenly fell into anxiety and phobia, don t go to heaven and go to hell, be careful not to bear it.

Although she missed out on the more important Best Female Singer, she was still very beautiful and saved Orange Mai some face.Later, many artists came in one after another, most of them were from Orange Mai, and some were from other circles At 8 56, the venue was already full, and there were still two minutes before the ceremony started.The on site host walked onto thc free cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies over the counter the stage in a neat suit.It s time to meet Xiaoma yelled.Shi Yu is one of the best hosts in China at the moment.It is really difficult for ordinary artists to ask him to host an event.His appearance fee is quite high.Shi Yu started to warm up and said Dear friends, the signing ceremony is about to begin.I believe many people, like me, are very curious about this mysterious figure.Do you want to know now With the sound of cbd gummies watermelon rings thinking , Xiao Ma also raised his neck and roared excitedly.

The gift she received at that time was a painting.The content of the painting was a flowering crabapple, which had a good meaning, but this painting was neither a masterpiece, nor did it have any meaningful titles.poetry.Compete with the gift Cheng Mai gave Tang Zhen this time.On the stage, under the spotlight, stood a three legged tripod about 20 centimeters high Chapter 118 The news tripod for the new album symbolizes magnificence, dignity, and grandeur.And Cheng Mai actually presented such a bronze tripod to Tang Zhen who just joined this time This has far reaching meanings, for example, it can represent Cheng Mai s trust in Tang Zhen and will give full support it can also represent Cheng Mai s expectation for Tang Zhen, becoming Cheng Mai s future leader, taking over Su Lixian and Hu Zhongyuan banner.

I ll eat a little secretly for you.Dad will never know.Tang Tanger secretly turned to look at Tang Sanjian on the dining table.He really didn t pay attention to this side, so he quickly opened his mouth and said to Tang Shuang in .

how long does cbd gummies last for?

a low voice but hastily I want to eat cbd gummies and cream meat buns, hurry up Tang Shuang held back her smile, and quietly took a small steamed bun for Tang Shuang, The little girl swallowed it in one gulp, stuffed her mouth tightly, in order not to let Tang Sanjian find out, she lowered her head like a little mouse stealing food.What Tangtanger what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep didn t know was that while she was trying to hide it, Tang Shuang had already gestured to Brother Sanjian, Miss Xiangning and Tang Zhen who were what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep at the table, and the whole family immediately knew that Tangtanger was having breakfast Alas If Tangtanger knew about it, she would have to beat Tang Shuang to death.

What is it like him.Tangtang thought hard, and just when Tang Shuang was about to be disappointed, she only heard her say Everyone says Tangtang is fat, this one looks like Xiaoshuang.Tang Shuang stared straight at Tangtang, and the little girl flinched and ran to find Huang Xiangning Tangtang Don t run away, come here, let s have a good chat, why are you fat like me Not fat.Tang Shuang was far away, and felt safe instantly, arguing My father, mother and sister are not fat, but you are the longest and the fattest.Tang Shuang said I think your teeth are neat and tidy.You are white, this one looks like me.Tang Tanger bared her teeth This one looks like my sister.Tang Shuang waved her hand sadly Sang Xin, let s stop chatting, I m going to bed.Tang Tanger followed behind and said Xiaoshuang, there are two more paintings Don t you want to see them They re so pretty.

Actually, I don t. Some people spend their whole life and only meet once, but it takes a lifetime to forget.North Shore. Love is short, but forgetting is long. Blue Sky 009 Nothing can stop me, my longing for freedom. First mistake. This blue lotus is used to save souls, I cbd infused gummies fell in love with Tang Zhen.When did I meet you. Depression is really painful, I lose confidence in life, I don t want cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep to talk to people around me, I close myself up, full of despair If there is no music, I might leave early, blue lotus, where is the blue lotus in my heart The sky is gray. Such a shocking song, such a shocking performance, Tang Zhen is so talented, she should have gone solo long ago, we almost missed her, from now on, I will be a fan of Tang Zhen. Blue Lotus 11 Wow, you are not as fast as me, I am the authentic Blue Lotus No.

Every evening, she and Tang Shuang went to the playground for a run.Zihe looked for the little fat man.Tang Shuang guessed that they came in temporarily outside the school to play.He knew all the children around the teaching staff.If they were from here, he would catch them.Tang Shuang went back to her room to code The Romance of the Dragon and Snake after picking Tangtanger home from school that day.Li Haonan was urging the manuscript every day as if he was urging his soul.Tang Shuang now regretted that he should not have written such a long novel.Tired to death, it doesn t fit his position as a handsome man at all.It s rare that Little Pig didn t bother him.Ever since Huang Xiangning came home, he has been wrapping around his mother s feet, urging her to make cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep dinner quickly.The child is almost starving, and he habitually lifts up his little clothes to share with everyone.

This little guy judges people by their appearance.Sister Pan, just take the one with the bear, don t want anything else.After Tang Tanger got it, she couldn t wait to ask Tang Shuang to unscrew it for her.She wanted to try the taste, and if she didn t like it, she wanted to put it back and exchange it for the one with the little girl.Take it easy, don t finish it in one gulp, or your stomach will hurt.Tangtang er took the drink with a smile, and gulped it down several times.It seemed to suit her taste, but she didn t have to finish it all at once.Bar.Tang Shuang was about to snatch it away, but Xiao Niuniu suddenly stopped by herself, looking helplessly at the fire coming towards her.This is an extremely beautiful woman.Tang Shuang couldn t help but be attracted to her at first sight.This was an instinctive action.

Pan Wenling introduced Tang Shuang to Deng Ke, and the other party looked and looked in disbelief.Just as Pan Wenling thought, it is difficult for people who don t know him to associate Yu Xiang with Tang Shuang.He is too young, and geniuses are so unreasonable.of it Younger is better, although the cattle are a bit weaker.Deng Ke held Tang Shuang s hand tightly as if holding a treasure map.He had been fascinated for a long time.When I saw it today, it really exceeded my expectations It s understandable when you think about it, after all, even the string of unimaginable rain phases has been accepted, what could be more shocking than this.Deng Ke and Tang Shuang greeted each other, exchanging ideas on creation.On the other side, Tang Zhen held Candy and muttered, Whispering between two people.

The scene of the meeting seemed extremely small.Although there were few people, the momentum couldn t be weaker.The girls jumped up and down and yelled.It s like watching live candy at home.Tang Tang children s shoes jumped up and down happily in front of the computer, shouting We cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep want to see Tang Xiaoshuang Tell Tang Xiaoshuang to come out quickly Brother, come out quickly Xiaoshuang, you have the ability to come out Humph My sister and I are waiting It s been a long time Tang Xiaoshuang Tang Xiaoshuang Tang Zhen couldn t hold back, the candy at this moment was unstoppable.Tang Shuang was standing in the background.If she could hear such excited and cheerful shouts, she must be very happy.It really didn t hurt in vain, and she was very face saving at the critical moment.Tang Tang Children s Shoes was disappointed, because it was not Tang Xiaoshuang who came out Brother I want a brother Call Tang Xiaoshuang out The little girl pointed at the host angrily, and pointed her chubby finger to the computer.

Loyalty is still harsh to the ear, but now even the sweet and greasy words of flattery are harsh to the ear.For such disadvantaged children and animals as Tangtanger and Tang Xiaowu, life is getting more and more difficult.Tang Shuang Tang Tang, tell this little bird to shut up.Tang Tanger Will you make me breakfast Tang Shuang looked at the chick helplessly, with panda eyes on her face, okay, just do it , Heat up the chicken porridge that Huang Xiangning cooked last night.However, if he didn t beat the child twice, he would be unhappy all day.So Tang Shuang said to Tangtanger Come here I ll have a whisper with you.Chapter 184 coral reefer cbd gummies Sun Luoxishan Hong Xiafei When Xiafei was having breakfast, Tangtang er pouted best lab tested cbd gummies with displeasure on her face, While digging porridge with can i buy cbd gummies a small spoon to eat, he muttered and complained.

Tang Xin didn t come this time, Tang Tian and Zhang Yifen came over to watch for a while, then left quietly, not daring to disturb Tang Yu, worried about affecting his state.Tang Tian and Zhang Yifen were very happy to see their son on set like a fish in water.This kid is usually too naughty, and his academic performance is not good.Now watching him filming, he looks good.The two of them didn t think so far, just to be happy for their son , happy to see him happy.At 5 00 pm, the best cbd gummies with thc online filming ended, not that the filming was over, but today s filming ended here, because the setting of the story must be daytime, the weather is sunny, and once the sun starts to set, it is impossible to take pictures.After making an appointment for the shooting to start next Saturday, Tang Shuang took the two dolls and left.

biubiubiu play cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep games.Tang Shuang thought this would be a leisurely way, and after a while, Tang Shuang Xiao Shuang, Tang Tang wants to pee Tang Shuang Can you hold it in for a while I m eating very well.What s more, she has to pee, eating so happily, but she can only watch it, which is extremely uncomfortable, so she must make it impossible for others to eat.Tang Shuang I can t hold it cbd hemp gummies for pain anymore.Tang Shuang led the girl to the bathroom, and before she went in, took the phone from the girl.Candy The Lun family is still playing games Tang Shuang Go, go, go to the bathroom, and I ll play for you when you come out.This chick still wants to take his mobile phone to the bathroom.Knowing what she would do in there, Tang Shuang was particularly worried.After returning, Tangtanger stretched out her little hand to play with her mobile phone, and Tang Shuang handed it to her.

Tang Shuang Why do I feel that your smile is so pervasive, Ye Zi, look up what Dade School exists, know yourself and your enemy, and you can win a hundred battles.Ye Liang took out his mobile phone to check, and after a while, a swear word burst out, I am Cao Tang Shuang Is it really a scam Ye Liang handed the phone to Tang Shuang Look for yourself, Guo Zi, you have really strong tastes, and you will go to this kind of place, we don t ask you, are you planning to be alone I m not afraid to hang there.Guo Zifeng smiled cure well cbd gummies and said, It s not that serious.Tang Shuang had already finished reading the introduction about Dade School at this time.Emma, it s okay if you don t look at it, but you feel a little quiet when you look at it.Before I read the detailed introduction of Hong Kong Dade School, Tang Shuang already wanted to withdraw when I saw the first line.

Ye Liang jumped up.Come on, extremely dissatisfied.Looking at Tangtanger s disgusted eyes, he wanted to refute the rumors with practical actions.Tangtanger has unabashed contempt for those who sing worse than her.Ye Liang went to discuss with the singers on stage, and Tang Shuang and Guo Zifeng immediately packed up their things and went sunday scaries cbd gummies coupon code home in a tacit understanding.Let s go let s go pack up your things and go home Candy said in shock, Huh Little Ye Zi wants to sing Tang Shuang carried the little girl off the seat and said, Leave him alone, he sings too badly.Let everyone know that he is with us, it s so embarrassing, hurry up and leave.The friendship between Tangtanger, Qiqi, and Xiaoputao is very strong and pure, and I thought that everyone s friendship should be like this, but I just saw it today In a corner of the adult world, the three who had just been big brother and little brother, Xiao Shuangzi, Xiao Yezi and Xiao Guozi, were pushed and squeezed behind each other in a blink of an eye.

, glanced up and down, and exclaimed, Xiaoshuang has changed so much, it s very different from before Tang Zhen looked at Tang Shuang suspiciously, not understanding why her aunt said that, she what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep didn t think Xiaoshuang had changed in any way My aunt stared at Tang Shuang and looked again and again.The more she looked at her, the more she felt that she was different.How can I say that although the appearance has not changed, the whole temperament has completely changed.It was much better before, like the system has been upgraded and has a new look Tang Zhen, Tang Sanjian, and Huang Xiangning vaguely felt that Tang Shuang had changed because they often met Tang Shuang, but this change was not as strong as Shen Yi felt.Chapter 242 She is the elder sister.Tang Shuang was dragged by her aunt Shen Yi to study it over and over again, and she couldn t help being terrified.

Tang Shuang tasted the shredded lentils, and a fresh fragrance flooded into the taste buds instantly.It was delicious Seeing this, Huang Xiang smiled and said, Add chicken broth to the shredded lentils and stir fry slowly.The taste will immediately become several times more delicious.If Xiaoshuang likes it, eat more.Candy heard that this is delicious, so she begged Tang Shuang to give it to her as well.Hold one.Tang Shuang took a look at the little piglet sitting next to him.It wasn t that she couldn t catch it, but top cbd gummies vs capsules that she was busy, and the chopsticks had been tinkering with a large piece of sweet and sour fish in the bowl, so she didn t have time If such an adult wants me to feed him, I ll ask you if you re ashamed.Open your mouth Unconvinced by the words, Tang Tanger muttered, unable to speak clearly, opened her mouth and ate the shredded lentils with a whimper, blinked her big eyes, Nodding desperately, after cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep swallowing, he crazily praised his uncle, making the director of the education bureau smile all over his face.

Tang Shuang laughed Do you want it Tang Tanger I want it, Xiaoshuang, pick it up Tang Shuang decided to tease the child, because the one who yelled at him just now was very embarrassing in front of his grandparents, okay Well, how can I say that my brother is also a figure who calls the wind and rain when he goes out, such a small person, he doesn t respect him so much, it s fine if he doesn t respect him, he even wipes his saliva on him, and brings him a footbath to wash his face , is really too much.Thinking of this, Tang Shuang said Flowers bloom from the essence of heaven and earth.They are very, very precious.It cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep is not an easy task to pick a flower from grandma s house Tang Shuang is still in Balabala, Candy Moaning and chirping angrily, if it wasn t for Tang Xiaoshuang s request, she would hug his leg and gnaw right now.

It is about the moon.Look up, please listen to the question.Tang Tanger immediately raised his head, looked at the moon in the sky, and said, You write the question Then he yelled loudly without warning.Shouting Dad, Dad Come here Xiaoshuang is going to give me a test, what should I do if I can t answer it yet Before the question even started, she was already seeking support outside the venue.Moonlight in front of the bed, you say the next sentence.Tangtang er rolled her eyes and faltered.Then look up at the bright moon, what s the next sentence Tang Tanger Next sentence, is the next sentence Sen, the next sentence is Dad, come quickly Xiaoshuang is bullying children Tang Sanjian didn t A naive game for two idiots You are finished, you can t answer, you still sue, you lie against your conscience, where did I bully you If I don t explain clearly, not only will I not pick flowers for you today, but I will hang you on a tree to lose weight It s a ton.

After the meeting started, Tang Sanjian learned the identity of Liu Weiru, the vice president of Guangdong Writers Association There were two vice presidents of the Writers Association who came to the meeting this time, and Liu Weiru was one of them.Only then did Tang Sanjian remember that he knew something about this Liu Weiru, but not about the person, only about his works.He quickly thought about how he had offended the vice president.After thinking about it, he couldn t figure it out.The two had never met before.Since there was no intersection, why did the other party make things difficult for him There must have been a motive that he didn t know about, it just didn t occur to him.Based on the principle that more things are worse than less things, Tang Sanjian listened more and watched more and talked less at the meeting, but he was destined not to be a melon eater today.

Pan Fugui was overwhelmed with laughter, and everyone around him shunned him.Within a radius HCMUSSH cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep of two meters, it became a no man s land.He was the only one sitting in the middle of the area, with a mournful face, flushed face, messy hair, a lot of grass clippings on his clothes, and his belly button.The eyes are also exposed.This appearance seems to have been ravaged by a big man cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep If his father Pan Lunzhe saw this, he must have seen a ghost This little fat man dared to resist him, he was lawless, never seen him suffer such a big deflation.Even now, he still laughs conditionedly from time to time, and his stomach hurts from laughing.Seeing this, Tangtanger thought, oops, did I spoil Little Takako, and quickly stood beside him, patting him on the back graciously.This is how Xiaoshuang took pictures of her when she was choking, and now she has someone she cares about, but the person she cares about doesn t appreciate it.

Pan Fugui said Okay then Just buy strawberry flavored ones, oops, it s not good, the glass ball candy costs one yuan and five now, and we don t have enough money.Candy pouted and asked, Then what else can I eat Pan Fugui thought for a while, and couldn t let the Candy was disappointed, and had to think of something delicious that could be bought for a dollar and enough for two people.After thinking about it, seeing Candy staring at him eagerly, he suddenly said happily Wow, I remembered, we can buy Eat mm bean Candy doesn t know what mm bean is, but she is still very happy, as long as there is something to eat, she doesn t chew anything in her mouth, and her baby teeth itch.Besides, how do you call watching a movie without eating while watching a movie Pan Fugui rushed to buy MM beans, while Candy watched eagerly to see who was eating in the dark, and what was he eating Sniff, smells like rice cakes Hmm, it s a bit like chocolate, it seems to have a meaty taste, smell, why does it taste creamy Angry, angry, what is it, can you give me some to eat.

Tangy Tangy it s me, brother Fugui, do you want to go and play, today is a lot of fun Pan Fugui ran to the door of Old Tang s house and invited Tangy to hang out with him.Tangtang er heard the words, jumped up and down the stairs, rushed out of Old Tang s house, and wanted to follow Fugui.Tang Shuang stopped her.As a child, or a little girl, how could she go with a boy casually Has the parent s consent been obtained No Then why are you running, just stay there I ll take you there after I finish what I m doing.When Tang Shuang went back to the house to prepare, the two children were playing at the door.Tangtang er rode her slide bike out, because she was so excited that her whole body exploded with excitement, so she couldn t sit still at all, and rode the slide bike back and forth on the road at the door.

Cuteness is justice But Shang Hui s expression was still stiff, and his mood was even more complicated.Qiu Sen looked at the little hand that was outstretched, hesitated for a while, then stretched out his hand, and the big hand shook the small hand, which was regarded as a formal meeting.Now that we have officially met, there are some things to ask.Candy Lun s family also has sunglasses.Yours is not as good as Lun s.And your spicy sticks.Have you finished eating them Children think they are delicious.What do you think Qiu Sen cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep loves spicy sticks and is more private People who are not particularly familiar with the hobby will not know.Hearing that he was Tang Shuang, Wu Shulian came over and asked in a bad tone, Are you that Tang Shuang from Dragon Snake Shang Hui also walked over worriedly, and several other people at the scene stopped talking and looked this way.

After everyone sent Yang Xia away, Li Yuzhen invited everyone to visit his house at night.Xiao Na and Deng Ke tweeted that they had something to do, and everyone knew that they really wanted to invite Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen.Li Yuzhen then left, and Tang Shuang and others sat down to discuss the follow up matters of the album.Now that the results of the audition meeting had come out, everyone decided to determine the first three title songs according to the results.Of these three songs, one is a folk song and the other two are pop love songs, they have a wide audience and just cover the target market of the album Dream Flower.A few people just determined a few major things and grasped the direction, and more detailed plans will be drawn up by relevant departments.Finally, Xiao Na what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep said That s it.

Tangtang er stopped her small steps, raised her head and asked, Xiao Shuang, can you ride HCMUSSH cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep a bicycle Little turtle wants to ride a bicycle She saw today Teacher Zhang rides a bicycle to sanjay gupta cbd gummies cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep work, which is very new, and she wants to try it, but she is too small to ride, so Xiaoshuang can only let Xiaoshuang ride.She sits on the back seat, or rides on Xiaoshuang s head.on the head Go dreaming Tang Shuang said that we will ride the car in the old place later, and now we will take the car and get in the car quickly.Tangtanger doesn t want to, she wants garden of life gummies cbd to ride a bicycle now Tang Shuang said Hurry up and get in the car, there is a surprise for you in the car Tang Tanger didn t believe it, stepping forward and backward, ready to escape at any time, and said review on gummy cbd oil vigilantly Huh You are lying Xiao Shuang, don t even think about taking Xiao Shuang Baby cheated into the car I won t be fooled Tang Shuang said helplessly, Why should I lie to you, I, hurry up, don t dawdle, I am so tired, I am not so tired from interviewing today.

Candy was dissatisfied, and punched and kicked the little boy in black from a distance, this guy was showing off his strength again.Tang Shuang put her big hand on her face Don t provoke others.There are flat races and mountain races, and the mountain race is also indoors, with a wave shaped terrain.Last time, the little boy in black ran from start to finish without pedaling.This is the terrain.It looks cool without pedaling all the way, but it doesn t run fast, just like car drifting.It s very useful to be cool, but in real events, very few people drift.Candy has nowhere to vent his energy, so he not only applies for what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep flat races, but also for mountain races.Tang Shuang You usually ride on flat ground, but you don t know how to ride on mountainous terrain.Tang Shuang said, You still have to run the relay race.

In the past, he used to show his personality on the stage, but here, all of them were criticized.The key is that what Shu Wuying said was quite right, so he couldn t summon up the courage to refute, and finally had to run away in dismay.So everyone privately called Shu Wuying s group the Eagle Dog Group.There were only three people left in front of her.Sun Jianmei kept cheering herself up in her heart, but seeing the exams of the three people in front of her, she kept getting discouraged.The speed of discouragement was much faster than the speed of cheering up, so she quickly became deflated.The main reason is that Shu Wuying is too aggressive, he doesn t have a smiling face all the way, and he doesn t look like a stern faced Hades.The person with the braid should have a little girl in his heart, which is very cute.

Tang Shuang No matter what you say, I won t listen.Go, go in, it s your turn.Little Zhuzhu hugged the silly Bai Jingjing and turned around to run, but was caught by Tang Shuang, who had taken precautions in advance, and carried her directly into the shop inside.The barbers in the store saw this situation and were very experienced in dealing with it.Those who served candies served candies, those who held grapes held grapes, those who brought tablets, and those who brought dolls The final result was that the candies Holding a Mickey Mouse in her arms, she is playing big fish and small fish with a tablet computer in her hand.On the left is a plate of jellyfish, and on the right is a plate of dried plum meat.Her mouth is still emptying out, and she is ready to cut it for her The big brother who made the hair Are you really the best barber in the world You can t pretend, I m not happy if the cut is not good, and Xiaoshuang will be beaten Tang Shuang Why me beaten.

Wang Kai said.Zuo Bin said he had never heard of it, and asked the author s name, he also said he hadn t heard of it, and asked if this letter was very special and touching, otherwise it would not explain why Tang Shuang was so persistent.It s very simple, with sincere feelings, and it s a must.Zuo Bin was stunned Passed Passed, not long ago.Oh.Zuo Bin pondered.His big boss, it is impossible not to give face.Hu Zhongyuan did not compromise, he could remove Hu Zhongyuan and replace him with pure bliss cbd gummies others, but Tang Shuang did not compromise, he could not remove Tang Shuang and replace him with others.In other words, if Tang Shuang didn t compromise, then he had to compromise.However, the The Sun Also Rises that Tang Shuang insisted cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep eagle e commerce group cbd gummies on was too low profile, and the author was relatively unknown, which cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep eagle e commerce group cbd gummies made him quite embarrassed.

Candy s face was full of surprises, she liked the little cake just now, but the one in front of her was even more pleasant, it was so big, it was almost as tall as her.The little man couldn t wait to jump forward, smiling and pushing the cake cart with Tang Shuang, and asked curiously Xiao Shuang, Xiao Shuang, do I still want to make a wish Cake This disappointed Candy, she still wanted to make a wish, the 6 wishes just now obviously couldn t satisfy her, she has many wishes, the diary in the cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep safe no, it s a weekly diary, emm it s not right, yes In the monthly diary, she wrote down many naive dreams, all of which she thought of and longed for during the year.For example, during the summer vacation this year, one of the wishes she wrote was to hope that the flowers in her heart would bloom sooner.

Chapter 444 From now on, I will only draw and not write Now that gifts have already started, Tang Shuang also took action, bringing a bunch of books and asking Tangtanger to distribute books to everyone.Tangtanger took the brand new book with Mo Xiang, and asked curiously Xiao Shuang, what is this for Look at those words and pictures.Tang Shuang motioned Little Pig to take a closer look.Little Zhuzhu didn t pay attention just now, and when he heard this, he lowered his head and took a closer look Huh This, this is mine Carrot essence Tang Shuang smiled and said nothing, and asked Little Piggy to check himself.Little Pig couldn t wait to flip through it, and sure enough, it was really the picture book A Garden of Vegetables Turned into an Essence drawn by her and her grandfather.How did it become a book Wow I, I, is the Lun family a writer It s amazing, little boy Tang Tang, you have really become a writer and have published books.

The little man s words were full of innocence, which not only made Tang Shuang smile knowingly, but also Hu Zhongyuan who was not far away With a gentle smile on his face, he knew this little girl, who had been smiling at him before, the one he didn t understand.Tang Shuang asked, Where are your parents Why did you come here alone Where did they go Then Tang Shuang remembered, where are her parents Where did they go Tang Shuang said speechlessly I m the one who asked you.Where are your parents Haven t you been with them all the time Aren t I here My parents are not here.Mom and Dad are together, where are they now I don t know.Then how did HCMUSSH cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep you come here I walked here.Where was the last time you were with Mom and Dad just now It s just outside, the bathroom.So this Taking advantage of the opportunity to go to the bathroom, the little guy slipped out secretly, and I don t know how she found it here.

You have to go home.You promised last time that you will never stay home at night again.The baby will listen to your stories to lull him to sleep.Xiaoshuang s sweet story to drive away bad emotions.The last time Tang Shuang had a meeting on the Dragon Snake project, which caused Tang Shuang to come home very late at night.Tang Tanger waited for him all night, but he still couldn t wait, and Huang Xiangning forced her to go back to her room to sleep.After watching them leave, Tang Shuang returned to the recording site of Seeing Letters as Well.Instead of returning to the lounge, he and Hu Zhongyuan stood in the corner of the scene, out of the camera s reach, and watched the readings of other guests on the spot Now the one who is reading aloud on the stage is the popular young actor Zhang Minglu, who is very young, only 25 years old.

, like a gust of wind blowing over, Tang Xiaoye, Tang Xiaohong, Tang Xiaohuang and Tang Xiaojiao were all rolled off the branches, floated in the air, landed on the ground, closed their eyes, and fell asleep.But, but I don t want grandpa to die I want to grow up with him.Candy raised her tearful eyes and said pitifully.Tang Shuang But there are some things that we cannot control.What is uncontrollable The laws of .

can i fly with cbd gummies 2021?

nature are uncontrollable.For example, leaves sprout in spring, grow in summer, and wither in autumn.This is uncontrollable., and time, for example, today is after yesterday, tomorrow is after today, we can t go back to yesterday, and we can t reach tomorrow, we can only wait for time to take us to tomorrow.But, I what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep still don t want grandpa to die.Well, let s try to make grandpa healthy and happy every day, so that he can grow up with Tangtanger and spend more time with him.

Sun Xuanyang suddenly looked back at the door of the room, and seeing that it was closed, he turned his head to signal Lu Youping to come closer, and asked, What did Yuan Jiangwei say Showing his favor, but refusing to come up with something substantial, I will go to him one last time today, and if I continue to be perfunctory like this, I suggest giving up on this person.Sun cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep Xuanyang If you don t see a rabbit, you won t scatter an eagle.Before the situation is clear, he will He won t completely turn to our side, let him go first, and leave him alone.Lu Youping said Then let him go this time about Xu Chengyang People will not join us at all.Since he is unwilling to contribute, then what s the use of keeping him, why not take it together this time and breakone of that person s arms.Sun Xuanyang looked further and said Yuan Jiangwei is just a villain who has gained power, he is useful, but not for now, but after I take office, I will sacrifice this person to clear up those obstacles.

Chapter 520 Tang Shuang s World of Martial Arts Tang Shuang said that the new book after The Romance of the Dragon and Snake is about martial arts The story that happened on the new road aroused great curiosity among the people at the cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep scene, and they all guessed what kind of story it sanjay gupta cbd gummies cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep would be.Everyone is very concerned about this topic, so the time was extended appropriately, and the audience hoped to ask questions.After Tang Shuang agreed, the host began to select candidates.It cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep s just you.Yes, it s you.What s your question This is a girl.Her question is, is the plot of the new book in line with Romance of the Dragon and Snake Will the characters in the two books overlap Tang Shuang thought for a while sanjay gupta cbd gummies cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep and said, Both these two stories take place in the world of martial arts.It s like playing a game.

Seeing this, Luo Yuqing breathed a sigh of relief, and then the appearance of Tang Tang s little friend appeared in her mind.She was a guest at the old Tang s house during the Mid Autumn Festival and met a cute, super cute, and super naughty little sister.The Shuang family dotes on her very much, especially Tang Shuang.Although she often quarrels with her little sister, she doesn t know how much it hurts.This little guy actually ran from the kindergarten alone to the Bird Hotel God How did she do it Why is she so courageous Fortunately, the little man is safe now and has not been harmed.At the same time, Tang Shuang and Tangtanger had already chatted.Hey, the Lun family is crying so badly, and it has caused Teacher Zhang, Li Baibai, and Brother Wu.I m really sorry for causing them trouble.Xiaoshuang, Tangtanger just wants to come to play with you, sanjay gupta cbd gummies cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep and I don t want to hurt you.

, this can save a lot of time, it can indeed be written, not all to make you happy, in my plan, martial arts will be written, this is a big project, there is no rush, I will write other types of books during the period, such as For the lighter urban novels you just mentioned, my dad asked me to write novels that are in depth and reflect reality, so while writing Kung Fu , I will think about writing other things.Luo Yuqing asked curiously Then do you already have an idea Tang Shuang Yes.Luo Yuqing wondered if this guy was making her happy.She had been talking about martial arts before, but when she asked, she said that she planned to write urban novels, and then Immediately I have an idea, hum, I don t believe it.I cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep can tell from your little expression that you don t believe me.I ve already thought up the title of the book, so it s called Pounding Heartbeat.

After sending her away, Tang Shuang said to Tangtanger Take off the down jacket on your body, the room is warm, you are really like a bear doll, almost into a ball.Tangtanger was startled, not sure You want to kick candy Tang Shuang I don t want to kick will cbd gummies show positive on a drug test you.I think you took off your clothes.The little sister unzipped the down jacket, took it off, and revealed the yellow bear sweater inside.Looking at the little bear on the sweater, she said, Xiaoshuang, do you know her name They all have names Pooh Tang Shuang asked.No Candy shook her head.Thinking of her habit of naming small animals, Tang Shuang said, Ha, that must be Tang Xiaoxiong.But Tang Tanger still shook her head Hehe, that s not right Tang Shuang thought for a while and said, Then Could it be a bear boy Tangtanger gave him a white look, and said proudly, Humph It s called Run Little Bear Run Little Bear Is this a person s name Oh no, is it the name of a bear Tang Shuang asked with a smile, Xiao Shuang, do you know why it told Little Bear to run Why Tang Shuang asked casually, took off her hiking boots, put on slippers, and took out a pair of children s shoes Putting the slippers in front of Tangtanger, she asked her to take off her hiking boots as well.

Do you want me to be a good baby or a wooden man Tang Shuang said without hesitation cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep Then you can be a wooden person.Tang Tanger immediately held the big persimmon in both hands, closed her small mouth, and looked at Tang Shuang with big eyes, blinking and blinking, which means that she has now become a wooden person , you speak quickly.Tang Shuang hurriedly said The little rabbit and the can you bring cbd gummies on a plane us giraffe fell in love, and they decided to live together, but after living together, they discovered that there were many differences between them, which made both of them unhappy, so they decided to break up and can t continue like this Go down.At this point, cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep the wooden man blinked wildly, and Tang Shuang understood in seconds Okay, let s give a chestnut.Emmmmm At first, the giraffe moved to the rabbit s house, and the rabbit s cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep house was in Duomao Mountain in Guangdong Province , Yes, it is the place for the kindergarten s autumn outing, don t blink You can t find them, and I don t want to answer why you can t find their home.

That experience was so special that she would never forget it, even if she was short She forgot about it in time, but as soon as she got home and saw the little red flower on the wall of the living room with the good baby award, she would think of the experience of pooping with little friend Tang Baoling.The only time Tangtanger got the little red what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep flower so far was because she wiped the poop for little friend Tang Baoling.Although the papa rubbing made her lose her appetite for lunch and dinner, the honor she brought was a bit amazing.First, she got the coveted little red flower, and later became a flag raiser because of it.Shuang took it outside to eat and drink what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep a lot, it was really amazing.If there is still such an opportunity, Tangtanger will still do it bravely.Although I will feel sick when I do it, but thinking of how happy I am after I finish it, the ten seconds will be worth it.

This little man s face is flushed, he just took a bath, his body is soft, fragrant, and hot, he is really a little Suckling pig.I won t talk to you Come on, don t move around, I ll give you a fluffy hair.Tang Shuang grabbed a long lock of hair and carefully blown it for her.Wait, wait Xiaoshuang, wait a minute, give it to me, I will blow it myself.The little man snatched the hair dryer and threatened to blow it by himself.Then you can blow it.Let s see how she blows it herself.Then, Tang Shuang saw the little pig turn on the hair dryer and whine and blow on his face, the flesh on his face trembled, his eyes couldn t open, and he couldn t speak.When it came out, I could only yell ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.At the same time, in a certain sea area, in the dark night, a warship was parked in the deep sea like a huge monster.

So at this time, even if Tang Shuang told him that Huang Hui couldn t do it, he wouldn t be surprised, but Tang Shuang said that Huang Hui couldn t sing, which made him very curious.He even sang heavy metal rock.Moreover, according to Tang Shuang, he has already prepared the theme song.When I was writing the book, I thought about the theme song, which is a hip hop style song.Tang Shuang said.How confident are you When you wrote the book, you were sure that it could be adapted into a movie or TV series in the future Hip hop Qiu Sen asked in amazement, but he didn t say another word in his what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep heart, that is, is hip hop suitable Although hip hop is very popular in China now, but it lacks a cultural foundation after all, who knows how long it will last.Tang what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep Shuang understood Qiu Sen s concerns, and said Hip hop is just a form of song.

Oh the child only has two pieces of clothes, which are not enough to wear.What if it rains and becomes swollen If there is no clothes to wear, do you want the baby to go to school shirtless Teacher Zhang will scold Xiaoshuang, saying that Xiaoshuang Shuang is a big villain, he doesn t give my little sister clothes to wear Tang Shuang looked down at the little man who was talking to himself, and exchanged glances with Huang Xiangning, and understood that calling him here was cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep not only to pay for food, but also to pay for food.Want him to pay for more clothes.Huang Xiangning shook his head slightly, saying don t buy them for her, there are already enough clothes, it s a waste to buy any more, and they won t be able to wear them for a long time.I ll take you to a place where the food is delicious.

When Tangtanger heard it, ha, there is such an official, she is not afraid of Xiaoshuang anymore, hum He made a face at Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang immediately retaliated against her by taking away all the books on her desk You still bring the books here when the exam is coming, do you want to cheat Be honest with me.Candy quickly hugged her books with both hands and shouted Don t snatch the books from Lun s family, go away Go away.Tang Sanjian asked Why do you use the books for the exam Candy immediately applied Dad, can you let Tangy read the books for a while There is still a lot of knowledge that has not been learned.Look, this is the exam state of a scumbag, usually not working hard, cramming for the time being, and panicking when it comes to the exam.Chapter 672 Tang Shuang still confiscated the books that Tangtanger brought over in such a hurry, the little man refused to accept it, and asked why the number one brother in the world stopped children from reading books, and refused to let children study.

The deception is too much, Koda Duck covered his head and looked at Tang Sanjian, Tang Sanjian didn t care, this was a discussion between the two of you , he only looks at the results, not to resolve disputes.Koda Duck looked at Huang Xiangning again, Huang Xiangning smiled and said, I m watching your performance, I can t disturb you.Got it, little pig got it, everyone gave up sanjay gupta cbd gummies cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep on her, what should I do Do you want to give in to the big devil, this villain, who messed up her performance, will not let him go tomorrow snort I m sorry Little Piano Prince, you can play all the songs in the world, you are so good, can you let me go Koda Duck said aggrievedly, but Little Pig was furious in his heart.The bullying, she wants to fight back.The piano prince said thc free cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies over the counter reservedly and proudly For the sake of you being a little duck, I will let you go this time, don t do it next time, you can listen to me play the piano, but you must put your hands down and listen carefully.

Then, she patted her little head earnestly and said, Son, cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep don t be too picky, it s not good.Tangtang er rolled her eyes, worried that Xiaoshuang would beat her up, and immediately praised her Said Oh, what Xiaoshuang said is true, but why didn t you say it earlier, you said earlier that the Lun family brought money, but now the Lun family doesn t bring any money What should I do if it s swollen Tang Shuang started immediately, Rummaging in her pockets, Tangtanger slapped his hateful big hand unhappily, but the difference in strength was too great.Although she kept resisting, she was eventually searched by the big devil.No money hehehe.Candy said with some complacency.Tang Shuang pointed to her small backpack and said, Where s the bag.Candy was a little flustered, and quickly shook her head to indicate that there was no money in the bag either.

There are three thousand beauties in the harem, but hemp leafz cbd gummies my family is in Shengjing, and my wife is only one, and she is not young, she is three years older than me, so I think it is very good Li Ying stopped him from continuing It is true that showing affection regardless of the occasion It s very annoying.Liang Qiao said abruptly, It s not suitable for you to say that.Li Ying s wife is a famous beauty, although she rarely shows her affection, but once cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep in a while, it makes her sour Tang Shuang saw that her casual joke caused everyone to make jokes, and Zhang Fei didn t seem to be joking.She wanted to play for real and didn t want to cause misunderstandings.And my sister, go to Shengjing to see my sister before the Spring Festival, and then participate in our movie premiere.Tang Shuang has already discussed with Brother Sanjian and Sister Xiangning, they have not been to Shengjing to see Tang Zhen in the past year , wanting to take this opportunity to care about her daughter s work and life, Xiao Na kindly invited them to Chengmai after hearing the news.

They are all cbd gummies wholesale white label girls from the Academy of Art.They either study dance or music.They are very concerned about pop music.The promotional video of Hero was officially released in Shengjing not long ago.The soundtrack is extraordinary.At the press conference As soon as can you buy cbd gummies over the counter what is the best cbd gummies for pain and sleep it was released, it caused a shock and was reported by the media for several days, especially in the music circle, musicians and professional media all joined the discussion.Chapter 707 The Lonely Shadow of Heaven and Earth, Let Me Walk Tang Shuang, is this soundtrack, Lonely Shadow of Heaven and Earth, Let Me Walk written by Yu Xiang It s really amazing can you buy cbd gummies over the counter what is the best cbd gummies for pain and sleep A girl said excitedly.She took out her phone and opened the promotional video of Hero.It seemed that she liked it so much that she downloaded it directly.Everyone gathered around to watch the video for a moment, and the girl played the video in full screen, moved close to Tang Shuang and held up her phone.

This little pig just likes to see beauties and handsome men, isn t it enough at home It may also be that the family is used to watching handsome men and beautiful women, and it feels uncomfortable when they don t look at them.Alas, it s all Tang Shuang s faultand Sister Xiangning.Although Xiaozhuzhu was chatting with her first love face, the employees around her turned their chairs around and formed a circle, listening to her with great interest, occasionally asking a few questions, mainly responsible for asking, talking, Tanger has full authority Take charge, she singled out everyone I am happy today, the river is full of water, so naturally there will be more conversations.Tang Shuang approached and listened, her face turned dark, and the little pig was bragging, she said Your boss, Xiao Shuang, you call me a little princess, and I have to tell stories to the Lun family at night, and I also want to be a big horse for the Lun family.

Huang Xiangning finally stopped bickering with Tang Sanjian, Huang Xiangning said I won t argue with you, because you It doesn t make sense.Tang Sanjian said with a smile I don t make sense, I don t make sense.Tang Shuang asked, Where are my best pure cbd gummies Xiaozhen and Tangtanger Tang Shuang found the two sisters of the Tang family under the ginkgo tree.The little pig is holding its head up stupidly, singing happily to a group of sparrows on the tree trunk, jumping up and down while singing The sparrows outside the window Talking on the branch Go Looking at him, I don t know why this child is so happy to sing to Kazuki s sparrow, this the scene is kind of funny.Tang Zhen covered her face, wanted to leave but was worried that the little piggy would be lost, so she could only be forced to stay by her side.

Chapter 748 Rewinding the movie Halfway through the movie screening, the overall quality of the whole movie basically came out.Although Zhang Minglu looked at the big screen, her eyes were distracted and she was thinking about other things.She was also Feixue s candidate at the beginning, but lost to Zhang Yu in the end.Zhang Yu is a senior, no matter her qualifications or status, she is not comparable to her.After watching half of the movie, Zhang Minglu admired Zhang Yu s acting smilz cbd gummies and mayim bialik skills very much, but she didn t think she was inferior to her.She felt that if she acted, she could play another Feixue, a more charming Feixue.But if there is no if, Zhang Yu will play Feixue, so it is useless for her to think too much.It is said that Tang Shuang suggested to choose Zhang Yu, and Zhang Fei seemed to think highly of Tang Shuang.

Wow I never knew I never gave cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep Wai Guoren called, I need to talk to them The child was so excited, it seemed that he wanted to make international calls from now on, but who should he call Crooked little peacock How are you at grandma s house The little man chatted excitedly with the little peacock.After listening to it for a while, everyone 30mg cbd gummies 90 count lost interest.What should they do It s not a scam call.It turned out that it was a little girlfriend who called.This little girlfriend is so caring.When I arrived in the Goose Country, I didn t forget the candy, so I remembered the candy to call.The car was galloping in the night, Candy s little voice was always ringing thc free cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies over the counter in the car, smiling and excited, the voice was high, low, hurried, and whispered for a while, just like riding a roller coaster.Xiao Shuang, little peacock wants to .

what cbd gummies get you high?

talk to you Tang Tanger suddenly said to Tang Shuang.

The two who were bluffed finally knew the horror of the big master and the young master, and slept together for two nights, safe and sound, without any trace of a fight.On the contrary, it seemed that they had cultivated a friendship through this.Bai Jingjing would give Tang Xiaowu the dog food, even though he vomited once can you buy cbd gummies over the counter what is the best cbd gummies for pain and sleep and never ate again.This scene of being in love with each other finally made Candy feel relieved, and felt that she could have a happy new year.Chinese New Year is approaching, and everyone wants to be happy and reunite.Huang Xiang s family, who was far away in Meizhou, was in a hurry.His son Huang Qianhe, who was studying abroad, had already returned home, but his daughter, who was teaching in a valley in Shudi, kept urging her and refused to come back.Every time she said it was two days late, After doing this three times, I recently called to say that I was going to sanjay gupta cbd gummies cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep celebrate the New Year at school and would not go home.

Tang Shuang said with a smile, That would be jail time.Guo Zifeng looked at Tang Shuang with a surprised expression, but he quickly regained his composure and remained silent Ye Liang thought for a while and said, You re right.If he dares to think about other things, it s not a matter of not returning the lost property.We can sue him.Tang Shuang Hehe, be honest.You will have to stay in cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep prison for several years.Ye Liang You have already thought about it, right Layer by layer, waiting for him to fit in.Tang Shuang You can t blame me for this.Return to the original owner, I will let the adult not remember the villain s faults, let this matter go, but if he dares to be greedy, just wait to fall in.Ye Liang nodded and said This is using human greed as a bait, old Xu If you are greedy, at most you will be punished a little bit, if you are not greedy enough and move your bank card, then don t blame us for being cruel.

Tang Shuang stuffed it into the pocket of her clothes thoughtfully.The underwear was made of little material, and after a little kneading, it became a small ball.I m sorry, I m sorry, sister, it s none of my business, I m sorry.The dazed Tang Shuang looked at Tang Shuang, then at Tang Zhen, stood on tiptoe, gently opened Tang Zhen s pocket with her small hand, stretched out She poked her head out to see what was stuffed in, but she didn t pay attention to it just now, she didn t observe at all, although she ran from upstairs to downstairs, from indoor to outdoor with the top of her head on her head, but if you asked her what what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep shape it was, what was it She doesn t know cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep eagle e commerce group cbd gummies what color or what to do.Seeing that Xiaozhuzhu was still so bold at this time, Tang Shuang slapped her on the bottom with a slap in the face, and said seriously Little Zhuzhu, you are finished, kneel down and ask sister for forgiveness.

Tang Zhen There s nothing you can do about it.Tang Erjian said to Tang Shuang Your father never participates, and you can t even pull him over.Now you re out on your own., you will come here from now on.Tang Shuang asked directly Which leader from the military region is here Just as Tang Erjian was about to speak, there was the sound of a car at hawkeye hemp cbd gummies the gate of the yard, and then a soldier in an armed police uniform ran in.Tang Shuang knew this man.He was Tang Dajian s bodyguard.Both he and Tang Huohuo called him Brother Li.On Tang Tanger s 6th birthday, Brother Li also helped out.When he came to cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep pick up Tang Dajian and go to the army, he wore a bamboo dragonfly on his head.Why do people still have bamboo dragonflies After Brother Li sent 15 mg cbd gummy Tang Dajian over, what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep he didn t enter the house and just stayed in the car outside.

Tang Shuang Little boy, jump up and have fun with me.Then Tang Zhen pinched her on the leg.When Tangtanger saw it, she stood up without any timidity, came to the TV, sighed with a smile, and said, Oh, I really can t do anything with you, let s do a cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep little fairy dance, what are you dancing for There smokiez cbd gummies 100mg are a lot of family reunions At 12 o clock in the evening, that is, zero o clock on the first day of the Chinese New Year, Tang Shuang, Tang Tian, and Tang Huohuo set off a string of HCMUSSH cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep firecrackers in the yard.At this moment, it seemed that the whole world was setting off firecrackers.Everywhere is extremely lively.Tang Tian returned to the house from the yard, and said to Tang Dajian Uncle, you go back to the house to rest, let s keep watch.Tang Hongjun had already gone back to the house to rest, the old man couldn t stand it anymore.

She now has new worries.The troubles of love.The phone vibrated again, this time it was not Tang Shuang, but her cousin Luo Peiqi.Hello, Peggy Sister, I am relieved to hear your voice.What s wrong Where have you been Why haven t you come back for so long Uncle and aunt are so worried about you, are you okay Is the car broken down Luo Yuqing realized that she had been sitting in the car for almost an hour, so she hung up the phone and hurried home.At home, it was very cold, and Luo Peiqi stood at the door and looked around.Behind her, Luo s father and Luo mother leaned on each other, with anxious faces on their faces.They didn t feel relieved until they saw their daughter came back safely, how long does gummy cbd take to work and they held are there risks combining cbd hemp gummies with perscription meds each other tightly.He let go of his hand quietly, and his eyes followed the movement of his daughter s car.

Teacher Zhang asked about you Ask me Ask me what Ask why Xiaoshuang didn t come, and she hasn t come for several days These days, sending candy to school is always Tang Zhen personally operated the operation.She doesn t have much time like this in a year, so she cherishes these few days especially, and when she can spare time, she insists on sending candy to the kindergarten every day.Tang Shuang was happy to be at leisure.Doesn t she like elder sister very much Every morning when elder sister sends you to school, didn t you say that Teacher Xiao Zhang .

do cbd gummies help back pain?

would wait for you at the school gate early Candy picked up a grape, stuffed it into her mouth happily, and squinted With big eyes, although the grapes are sweet, they are somewhat sour and cold.She misses you, and children all over the world can tell.

Zhang last summer.Didn t you really tell me Tang Tanger shook her head resolutely No, no, Xiaoshuang will be shy, Teacher Xiao Zhang will be shy, and Tang Zhen is also afraid.Tang Zhen asked strangely What are you afraid of Tang Tanger said solemnly Said to Tang Zhen Sister, don t talk like this, Tang er is afraid of many things, here, Xiaoshuang, my brother, Tang er is very afraid.Tang Shuang wiped the sweat from his forehead I What scares you so much What are thc free cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies over the counter you afraid of me I feel that you are the least afraid of me.Tang Zhen also felt that Tangtanger was not afraid of Xiaoshuang at all Yes, what are you most afraid of brother Tangtanger counted down in the small plate The fifth purple skinned grape was cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep eagle e commerce group cbd gummies stuffed into his mouth, he took a bite, and the juice splashed out from the corner of his mouth.

The lights in the living room are turned off Just leave one light on.The living room is still bright.Tang Sanjian said Who are you talking to Tang Shuang was taken aback for a moment, and got up obediently to turn off the light.Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning sat on chairs not far from the sofa, Bai Jingjing squatted beside them, Tang Xiaowu stood in the cage by the window, the little goldfish in the pond was spitting bubbles.Candy was standing on the sofa, and Tang Zhen was sitting beside her, holding a flashlight in his hand.everything s ready.Countless eyes of the old Tang family looked at Tang Shuang.Facing these gazes, Tang Shuang said with a little pride I ve been waiting for everyone, and I m here.Hey the eyes of everyone changed immediately.They were really looking forward to it, but after hearing Xiaoshuang s words, everyone was immediately discouraged.

A boy said Happy birthday, my girl We really want to buy a few more, so you don t have to go alone, but you can t, it s so difficult, so we can only do it here Fan Dingming stared at him Stop talking, she s already gone Your girl Er Seeing everyone s unkind eyes, he quickly changed his words Ours Ours Hehe.Then everyone let him go, and Fan Dingming said Brothers, this month we have to eat chaff and dill.The big guys pool the money together, and everyone gathers firewood to make flames high.They don t want to live, they just want to survive.I ll come .

are cbd gummies legal in mn?

first I still have ten yuan Xiaojing, how about you You still want to buy a few more, even if you sold your kidneys.Xiao Jing said boldly Aren t there 10 of us here If one person contributes one kidney, there are 10, which should be enough Chapter 840 Do I still need to work hard to be so successful After class, Huang Xiangning returned home, and the three children of the Tang family had already arrived home.

So the villain cautiously grew angel wings from under her HCMUSSH cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep ribs, her atrium couldn t close anymore, she got out from the crack of the door with a wheeze, and circled around her on the stage, three times After the circle, dizzy, he rose into the air and landed on the blue curved moon.Candy s heart sits on the blue moon of Nanshan Theater, condescendingly observes the audience, then flaps its small wings, flies to the auditorium below the stage, and hovers over the heads of the reno cbd gummies crowd, fluctuating high and low, fast and slow, Sometimes it flies botanical cbd gummies cbd by like a white cloud, sometimes it hovers in the air like a flower picking hummingbird, flapping its wings and twisting its butt, humming and chirping to the rhythm of the music, can you buy cbd gummies over the counter what is the best cbd gummies for pain and sleep sometimes screaming and making dolphin sounds.sound.Candy, who flew away carefully, got carried away and forgot to sing.

Tang Zhen began to sing songs from Flowers in Dreams one by one.Tang Zhen stood on the stage and said to the fans in the audience The next step is to order songs, which one do you want to hear first The audience immediately shouted.First Love Listen to First Dream first.Let s go to Blue Lotus first Sing the new song Looking at Each Other again, it s not enjoyable.Tangtang moved his cbd gummies st louis mo head, and immediately found the guy who said so in the crowd, give this guy a thumbs up She looked at her elder sister helplessly, hoping that her elder sister would really accept it and do it again can you buy cbd gummies over the counter what is the best cbd gummies for pain and sleep with her, because she didn t enjoy it yet It was time to show off my skills just now.But Tang Zhen ignored her and chose to sing First Love.The lights at the scene changed again, and Shang Hui led Tangtanger s little hand to step off the stage.

She stopped in front of the TV, just in time to hear the host praising Yu Xiang.After Tang Zhen was nominated for the best female singer, Yu Xiang was nominated for the best lyricist of the year.Ah Yuxiang Xiaozhen has someone to help you.Sitting in front of the TV, Deng Ke pumped his fists excitedly, especially after the host announced that the album Dream Flower was shortlisted for the best album of the year, he couldn t hold back anymore , jumped up from the sofa, and waved his fists can you buy cbd gummies over the counter what is the best cbd gummies for pain and sleep into the air Bai Yang er has already smilz cbd gummies on shark tank reached the other side of the ocean, and now it isDuring the day, in order to watch the program for the first time, she asked a classmate who knows the Internet to help adjust the Internet TV yesterday, and she is watching the computer with another roommate at the moment.

Shi Guangnan also waved goodbye to the two.Tang Shuang drove away and asked Shi Guangnan, What are you doing, Teacher Shi Are you attending the funeral Ah No way.Seeing that Shi Guangnan seemed to be joking, Tang Shuang breathed a sigh of relief and said, Don t scare people, okay You remind me of Xu Chengyang again.Shi Guangnan smiled, no Say what.Not far away, after watching Tang Shuang s car leave, the boy saw that the girl seemed to be distracted, and said, Tu Li Tu Li ah What s wrong Oh.Let s go, what are you thinking Ah, no, I didn t think about anything.After taking two steps, she couldn t help but said, That was Tang Shuang just now, and I finally saw a real person.Hmm It s also super handsome. At three o clock in the afternoon, Tang Shuang arrived in Shengjing and lived in Tang Zhen s residence.

The moonlight was like water, stretching the figures of the three people for a long time, until they entered the courtyard, entered the house, and disappeared under the moonlight.Chapter 886 The Curtain Comes to an End On the homepage of XX Literature Network, the original banner has changed, and now it has big characters congratulating Tang Shuang for winning the Silver Literature Award.Anyone who opens the website will notice this at first sight.Book fans are like a festival, very lively.Li Haonan is responsible for the update of Dragon Snake, and today it is a rare day to update two chapters in a row.Awesome, Tang Shuang.This should be the highest honor among Internet writers.It s all silver, and the one that can be higher than it is Zijin.Who do you think can get Zijin The youngest award winner Proud Proud This is my husband, licking the screen.

This caused the outside world what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep to criticize him, saying that he is not doing his job properly, not conceiving novels well, calming down and making persistent efforts to produce more weighty works, and always doing some heresy.First, he announced his next step in the online novel The Wind and Cloud Shocking Youth cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep , and then he took a controlling stake in Tuzi Entertainment.It seems that he is going to enter the entertainment industry on a large scale, and now he is even recording the show himself.Writers are not like that Youth is his advantage, but also his weakness.The temptations in the society now far exceed those of ours.He lacks concentration and loses himself easily.I hope Tang Shuang wakes up as soon as possible, focuses on what he should do, and doesn t waste his talent.A good teacher and helpful friend, people around Tang Shuang should help him, remind him more, warn him more, young people need to be guided and cannot be left to develop, this is not good for him, and it is not a responsible attitude.

As for the babies, they need to be taken care of by the father who stayed behind.Feng Chaoqun asked Who will take care of it Cao Kai said You need to discuss this among yourself.You choose one person to take care of all the babies.Everyone looked at each other, and Tang Shuang asked Director, when can we come back An approximate time period.If we can come back before 10 o clock, then the parent who stays to take care of the baby does not need to take care of the babies to sleep.If after that, I have to take care of thc free cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies over the counter everyone sleeping, the tasks I undertake are completely different.Zhang Xingxing Yes, Tang Shuang is right.Director, you have to explain clearly.After discussing with the staff behind him for a while, Cao Kai replied The approximate time to come back is between 11 00 and 12 00.That is to take care of the babies to sleep.

In the camera, Dalin is tall and burly, a big fat man, and Tangtanger stands in front of others, just a little bit Now this little guy actually calls him big brother I have never seen big brothers with such a big difference in height and body shape Moreover, such a small child, uttering Internet slang seriously, and calling others brothers and sisters like a little adult, the contrast is too cute, which makes people burst into laughter.The car passed through the road with the scenery of the island, and got out of the car quickly.After getting Tang Shuang s permission, Tang Tanger rushed to meet the children with a small backpack on his back.With a flushed face, she ran to Xia Wenqiao, Liu Die Die and Feng Xiaofeng, and the first sentence she said once again made people feel that she was not playing cards according to common sense.

foot.Although Xiao Guizi is a brat and a listless person, he is not as bad as the owner who sells spicy strips.Moreover, he once bought spicy strips from that shop, and he is glad that he was not tricked at that time.Tang Shuang looked at Latiao trampled on the ground by the two can you make your own cbd gummies youtube children, and said, You can t throw trash anywhere, pick it up and throw it in the trash can.Xiao Guizi moved away, and then she looked at Pan cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep cbd gummies vegan dragon fruit 300mg Fugui with innocent eyes.The meaning is obvious, Xiaoshuang s words are meant for you.Tang Shuang Tang Tang, pick it up and throw it in the trash can over there.Me Tang Tang Tang Tang pointed at herself in shock, she had already backed away.It s you, you stepped on it.I, I, the Lun family, Xiao Guizi is closer.If you step on it, you will be responsible.Go, pick it up, and be a good boy, good boy.

Now, after hearing what this little man said, she couldn t help laughing and said, You are very strong and never cry.Tangtanger pouted , then tried to open it, and said in pure cbd gummies for pain a fright Wow I ate you Then he closed his eyes again.Seeing this, Tang Shuang wanted to wake her up to see the elephant.Last night, this guy was very excited because he could see the elephant.Now the elephant is about to pass by.If you miss it because you closed your eyes and fell asleep, it is what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep really pity.But since the little piggy wants to sleep, let s sleep, it will save effort.Well, save effort.Tang Shuang was just like the princess holding Candy, next to Liu Yanping holding Little Butterfly, who was also sleeping soundly, without any response.Sure enough, she is a cute little sister Among the three little girls, only Xiao Qiao woke up, got down from Xia Dashan s arms, held her father s hand, and stood by the tree house looking expectantly at the jungle below.

Tang Shuang I won t eat this time, you can eat it yourself.Aww Candy immediately put the candy in her mouth happily, her big eyes narrowed into slits, intoxicated with joy.Mr.Tang, can I take a photo with you the stewardess serving candy asked in a low voice.Of course.Tang Shuang replied.The other party took out his mobile phone and quickly took a photo of her and Tang Shuang.After thanking Tang Shuang, he went to entertain other passengers.At this time, the first class passengers were already full, and passengers from other classes were coming in one after another, and the plane became lively.Skipping all the way, the plane arrived in Guangdong at 4 o clock in the afternoon.Huang Xiangning drove to the airport to pick them up.On the way back, it was Tang Shuang who was driving, and Huang Xiangning and Tangtanger were in the car.

The yellow one was her little treasure, a magical little object that protected her when she grew up to 6 years old Yellow Mini Seahorse Water Gun Tang Shuang nodded and admitted generously Yes, it s yours, but so what, it s in my hands now, stop Don t come over, or I ll shoot Tangtanger was filled with righteous indignation When did you You stole the little seahorse from Candy You give it back to the Lun family Hey, I didn t steal it, I just took it, and it s on the sofa Tangtanger remembered that she had brought it on when she cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep eagle e commerce group cbd gummies was crawling on the sofa just now, and when she went to find her sister, she took the submachine gun, but put the little seahorse down.Tang Zhen saw that the little sister was so angry that she turned into a steamed bun, and said, There is no water in the small water gun, right Tang Tang Sweeping away the frustration just now, cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep she smiled proudly at Tang Shuang, Haha, there is no water I caught you Spank your ass Haha, do you dare to come here Is there really no water Tang Shuang threatened.

Tang Shuang said It s not like you haven t done anything.For example, you bought thc free cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies over the counter clothes for mom, bought cosmetics, and took her shopping.You did all of these for mom.Tang Zhen shook her head What are these It s not what my mother wants.I wasn t there on Mother s Day, and I wasn t there on my mother s birthdaybut on my birthday, my mother flew to Shengjing specially.As she spoke, her voice became deeper and deeper.Tang Shuang suggested In this case, shall we do something today Tang Tanger rolled her eyes and said, Make something for mom to eat.Oh, what a caring baby, okay, cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep let s Do as you said, let s make dinner for mom, okay Tang Tanger nodded without hesitation Okay Tang Zhen said Okay.Tang Shuang Mom cooks for us every day, We seldom cook for our mother.Today we have to work hard so that our mother not only does not have to cook, but also eats happily.

But Hu Zhongyuan didn t come out in the end.He knew that once he came out, the crowd would be even more reluctant to leave.I don t know how long this concert will be delayed.It s 11 midnight now 30.Tang Shuang saw that Tangtanger was yawning.Today was seriously beyond her sleep time, and the little man obviously couldn t hold on.For grown ups like them, this concert is of great significance, but for her, it s just fun.The child feels sleepy after making a fuss and wants to sleep.Let s go.Huang Xiangning said proactively.The tears on her face had been wiped dry.Tang Shuang didn t take the initiative to leave because of Miss Xiangning.For the old Tang s family, she was the one who touched the most in this concert, and she must be very reluctant to part with this kind of parting.Tang Shuang Hu Zhongyuan will go to Guangdong Province to participate in The Sound of Music in a while, and I will accompany my mother to watch it live.

Just now I knocked on the door and asked Tang Zhen to open the door, now knock on the door and asked Tang Tanger to open the door.Tang Tang, open the door, let me in Tang Tang Tang Tang Tang Tang Little man Open the door little pig You little pig Open the door for brother I called for a while, but there was no response.I guess I was no longer at the door and went to find my sister.Tang Shuang s heart was full of horses, and when the door opened, she was praising the cleverness of the villain, but in the end, she was too clever and turned into a bad boy, and even closed the door, shutting out a king cruelly Tang Tang My brother was locked out by you Where is your conscience Touch your own careful heart, is it still there Why are you so cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep eagle e commerce group cbd gummies swollen that you can shut your brother out Does your brother love you Da, hurry up and open the door, my brother cares about my sister, I want to see how my sister is swollen, sister Xiao Zhen Can you hear me Sister Suddenly a cute voiceless voice sounded from behind the door, and what does cbd gummies good for cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep he answered neatly Sister.

Tang Zhen approached her, holding hands that she didn t know how to put.Compared with the last time I saw Jiang Yue, her face is paler now.Xiao Zhen, you re here.Jiang Yue calmed down a little after Tang Zhen held her hands.Dean Li breathed a sigh of relief Xiaoyue, we thought you were not at home, why didn t we say it just now, I was so worried about you.Jiang Yue lowered her head slightly when she heard this, moved her mouth, but did not make a sound.Tang Zhen comforted her distressedly It s okay, it s okay, I must not have heard it.When I stayed at home, I often didn t hear the knock on the door.Tang Sanjian looked at Jiang Yue s expression, thinking cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep that it might be because of nervousness, fear, I m uneasy, but I didn t lock the door, which means I m looking forward to it.Chapter 1042 Picked up a gun After Tang Zhen and Tang Sanjian went to the nursing home, Tang Shuang took Candy to draw Tinkerbell at home.

Tangtanger didn t expect this trick to fail, and repeated in surprise The Lun family is thinking about Xiaoshuang.Don t think about it.Tangtanger said angrily, The Lun family doesn t want Xiaoshuang anymore.As you like Tang Shuang said indifferently, a dime candy can make her overturn what she just said.Candy continued to paint angrily, the little hand holding the paintbrush was very hard, as if he was drawing with a knife.Tang Shuang said worriedly You should draw carefully, and don t draw other irrelevant things.He was worried that the villain would draw his stick figure again.Got it.Candy responded without looking at him.The good times didn t last long, and within two minutes of silence, there was a voice calling Tangtanger from outside the house.The little person in the painting is like a little rabbit crouching in HCMUSSH cbd gummies for pain relief and sleep the grass.

After speaking, she quickly hid her hands, narrowly avoiding the little man s big mouth You really are It was the little dog who reincarnated.Humph Mom said that those who pinched the face of the Lun family are big villains I am the big devil, I am not a big villain Tangtanger grinned at the back of the big devil, wanting to pounce on it.Woooooo But afraid of being beaten to death.What is that snake Boles.Candy asked curiously, curiosity had overwhelmed her desire for revenge.Surprise, haven t you studied British history I don t know what it means I m also very good at English.But the Snake Bulesun family forgot.Candy argued with her head held high.Really, since your British history is so powerful, then quickly think about what it means.Tang Tanger thought for a while, and said uncertainly, What does mother mean Tang Shuang looked down at this idiot The child smiled and said, You really are a stupid child.

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