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Xiao Zhong and Xiao Guo came back very quickly.They first ran upstairs to the office to get a stack of forms, walked into the meeting room with Han Chaoyang, sat on the stage like a meeting, and started the special group interview .Han Chaoyang was the only civil servant among the three, and he was also the policeman who guided the voluntary security patrol team.He did his part to speak first, introducing the situation of the Chaoyang community voluntary security patrol team and the Chaoyang community security service company under preparation.Comrades, I read your resumes last night.Is Wu Junfeng here Here I have worked in Xinyuan Security Service Company.From my resume, I have not only worked in a bank, but also in sol cbd gummies a party school of the Provincial Party Committee.But our next job is different from Wu Junfeng s previous job.You are an ordinary policeman at the police station, but In our community and even in the street, you are the captain of the voluntary security patrol brigade in Chaoyang community.Director Su, please forgive me, Secretary Yang is still the political commissar of green roads cbd gummies sol cbd gummies the comprehensive law enforcement brigade in the street.Who calls him political commissar Yang Well.The police station was too disrespectful.Both Secretary Yang and Director Gu came, but none of them came.Director Su had some opinions on the police station, so he decided to make things difficult for the leaders of the police station.He smiled and said, You are still a civil servant.Come with a high position.Han Da, I will call you Han Da from now on, Han Da is big, Tang team, do you think so Yes, call Han Da good.Han Da is older than Liu Suo, what a joke.Han Chaoyang walked out with the team members escorting the suspect.Evacuate the crowd.How could Director Cai miss this opportunity, and shouted at the top of his voice as he walked along See if you catch one, hide the dirt If you don t go through the registration of rental housing, whoever rents the house, don t go to the community to report, and don t assist.The tenant applied for a residence permit, and you are still not convinced by the punishment, are you convinced now Do you know that this is harboring a fugitive Director Cai, Officer Han, listen to me, I really didn t know he was a fugitive Your business Let s talk about it later, it s too late to say anything now.A suspect does walgreens sell cbd gummies cbd gummies for dogs pain was actually arrested Yang Tao was both surprised and reasonable.The urban village where foreigners gather like this is really a mixed bag.How can the good Huayuan Street Police does walgreens sell cbd gummies Station be in your hands The local police force has become insufficient.I haven t done my job and basic work well, and you actually want to solve a big case.You are a police station, not a criminal police team Undoubtedly, the leader is saying that the police department is trying to participate in the investigation of the production and trafficking of false evidence.thing.If he hadn t fought for the jurisdiction of the case, and hadn t cbd gummies 750mg blaze fought for the joint investigation with the Criminal Police Brigade, the police force in the office would undoubtedly be more abundant than it is now.Chapter Fifty ninth Invention Eleventh Due to the participation of Guan Xiyuan and other police, the efficiency of the investigation has increased several times at once.When Han Chaoyang arrived at the village, the investigation was nearing completion.The video sol cbd gummies is the most convincing.After waiting for more than ten minutes, the phone call came and the truth came out.Zou Jingnan was not in a hurry to let Han Chaoyang go, and went to the office next door to study with Deputy Captain Fei of the Inspectorate Brigade for a while.After Inspector Xiaolin copied the video from the Chaoyang Community Police Office, he inserted the U disk into the computer and watched it carefully.Then, together with Vice Captain Fei, they brought materials and a USB flash drive to Secretary Guo s office on the third floor.Secretary Guo is the deputy secretary of the party committee and secretary of the cbd gummies hoover Disciplinary Committee of green roads cbd gummies sol cbd gummies the Bureau.He presides over the work of the Disciplinary Committee and is in charge of supervision, monitoring, auditing and fire protection.Chapter 73 Restoring the impact sol cbd gummies Han Chaoyang took over from a policeman in the police security room after eating Car keys, followed Zou Jingnan downstairs, and came to an old Changhe van.This is definitely the longest serving police car in the precinct, more of a van than a police car.If I remember correctly, it should be used by the police security room to pull things.There are only two seats in the driver s cab and the co pilot.Wherever the chair is thrown, you may not be able to find it if you look for it.But what Han Chaoyang was thinking about at the moment was not the car, but what happened today.The Disciplinary Committee and the inspectors are too careless in their work.They ran to the neighborhood committee to arrest people indiscriminately.When so many people were taken into the inspector s car like suspects, they were taken to the bureau for repeated interrogation all morning.In the evening, there will be a sudden investigation of the migrant population in the two administrative villages, and dozens of numbers will be lost at once.How do people check Liu Jianye s expression sol cbd gummies changed immediately, and he stared into his eyes and asked, Can t you deploy He said he was just the captain of the voluntary security patrol team, not the manager of the security company, and that he couldn t make the decision.Can t make the decision.Right, okay, I don t need him to be the master His grandma is actually playing with me.Without him, Butcher Han, would I, Liu Jianye, really want to eat hairy pigs Liu Suo, why don t you give Yang Make a phone call from the secretary.No more calls, it sol cbd gummies s unnecessary.It s better to ask for help than to ask for yourself.The big guys work harder, work a few more shifts, investigate village by village, and investigate group by group.Deputy Director Xing smiled, and then changed the topic However, maintaining social order is not just a matter of our public security family.It requires the participation of all units and even the whole society.Chaoyang sol cbd gummies bio life cbd gummies reviews Community has done a better job in this regard.Well, a community voluntary security patrol team has been specially formed.The University of Science and Technology has a security department and a security team.The Sixth City Hospital also has a security department and a security team.It is absolutely possible to integrate resources like Chaoyang Community and form a voluntary security patrol Team, assist our police to do a good job of security in the campus and around the do cbd gummies help with alcoholism hospital.Let us organize forces to carry out security patrols, so what do you want your police to do Deputy Director Jiang didn t want to look for trouble, so he said with a look of embarrassment Director Xing, this proposal is very good.Nurses ran over from time to time to ask if the family members of a certain patient were there, and either told them to talk to the doctor at the end of the aisle, or handed over a stack of bills to pay.Han Chaoyang and Yu Zhenchuan took the initiative to clear the way in front, assisting the anti drug team to send the drug dealers to the X ray department, and jumped in to do the X ray first.It doesn t matter whether the film can be obtained now, what is important is to confirm whether the drug dealer s life is in danger.After waiting at the door for three or four minutes, the small door on the side opened, and a female doctor asked, Who is the person in charge, please come here.I am Those of you who have seen this formation all gathered around to watch the excitement.Han Chaoyang was the closest to the small gate and hurriedly blocked it.With mobile phone positioning, it is easy to find the restaurant where Da Jie eats.Rushed to the entrance of the restaurant, locked the electric car, walked into the restaurant and saw the mobile phone payment QR code on the bar, Han Chaoyang immediately realized that he had been cheated.Chaoyang, here it is Following the voice, I saw Huang Ying recruiting with pride, and beside her and on the opposite side were two big beauties who looked strange but familiar, smiling and looking this way.Come to think of it, I saw it in her WeChat circle of friends.No matter how stupid Han Chaoyang was, he could figure out what was going on.He quickly walked up to them and said with a bitter face, Sister, this joke is not funny at all.I m at work.If the boss finds out that I leave the post without authorization, I will be criticized again.Poverty, the family is indeed difficult.The land acquisition and demolition is really a timely rain for the old couple, and they finally have something to look forward to.After chatting with the two elders for a while, and listening to their plans for their future life, Han Chaoyang had nothing to worry green roads cbd gummies sol cbd gummies about, and once how fast does cbd gummies kick in again comforted him, he bolt cbd gummies drug test sol cbd gummies rushed to the second house.The situation in this family is quite a headache.Han Chaoyang looked at the little chubby lying on the bed watching TV and asked, Where s your father Mahjong parlor.Which mahjong parlor is it I don t know, anyway, it s in the mahjong parlor in the village, and there s a phone on the wall.This Li Zhengtian knows how to play mahjong Because of not doing a proper job and playing mahjong all day long, the daughter in law ran away with others.Wei Haicheng, Cai Qing, Cai Ergui, hear me clearly, and be honest.Seeing Wei Haicheng s daughter in law cbd gummies effects does walgreens sell cbd gummies rushing back after hearing the news, Han Chaoyang raised his arm and warned, You ll get all the stolen goods.Don t mess around, anyone who dares to find something to do is obstructing official duties Everyone is in their teens, doing something wrong, they have to gamble, that s how the social atmosphere is ruined, if you don t deal with them, who will be dealt with Officer Han , We are all our own people, we can t flood the Dragon King Temple, and the family doesn t recognize the family. Yes, police officer Han, you see, we all cooperate with the government, sign for land requisition, sign for grave relocation, and sign for demolition in a few days , we cooperate with you, and you have to be considerate of us.Whether it was electrocution or drowning could not be determined from the body watch, but it was certain Not a criminal case.The criminal police and the forensic doctors stayed by the river for more than two hours before they left.The leader of the Xinyuan Street Police Station called the funeral home to green roads cbd gummies sol cbd gummies call for a corpse truck to act as the dead man who had just been found by the police and was squatting beside the corpse and crying loudly.Relatives work.During the artificial respiration, Han Chaoyang was also sprayed with water all over his body.The more he thought about it, the worse it became.He didn t care about it just now, but now he has time to wash by the river, washing sol cbd gummies it over and over again.Chaoyang, I m sorry, if I m here, you don t sol cbd gummies need to do these things.What s the matter, since you will sol cbd gummies encounter this kind of thing sooner or later in this line of work.I can t wait too longChapter 132 Poor parents in the world, no matter what, they have good intentions, and they haven t given them for several days.Calling home, Han Chaoyang thought about sitting up and dialing his mother s cell phone.Son, if you don t call home, I ll call you anyway.We ve kept such an important matter from us.If Director Qi hadn t told your father in the morning, you would have been kept bolt cbd gummies drug test sol cbd gummies in the dark.The most handsome policeman in Yanyang, this It s a good thing, a great thing, what an honor, what can I not say Secretary Wei, Mayor Hang, Mayor Peng, Principal sol cbd gummies Li Even Director Zhu, who just came to our Education Bureau, knows it.I don t know how many calls he answered today.Just say congratulations, and then let your dad treat you It turns out that good things can spread far and wide, and it turns out that all the cadres in my hometown know about the most handsome policeman.Chaoyang, I know you It means that there are so many outsiders, and the security in the village is not as good as before.It is not a big problem to find a way to raise 20,000 yuan.The key defense team has no deterrent force, and there are only two or three people in total.Maybe there will be an accident.If there is something wrong with the joint defense team, who will bear the responsibility Yes, if someone is injured, the street will not take care of it, and neither will your police station.Maybe even the brave I can t even apply for bonuses.The village cadres think that one thing more is better than one thing less, but when they think about it carefully, their concerns are reasonable.Yangguan Village cannot be patrolled by no one at night, and it is impossible for the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team to arrange members to patrol here every night.After the plumbing, heating and electricity are installed, it is the turn of the carpenter to enter the large cabinet and ceiling.If there is really anything in the house, the bricklayer and the plumber Should have been spotted before him.No reason well being cbd gummies 600mg could be found in the decoration process, and the investigation of the case fell into a stalemate again.As a member of the task force, He sol cbd gummies bio life cbd gummies reviews Yichang was also sol cbd gummies in a hurry, and subconsciously asked What else There are not so many coincidences.Zhang Qiuyan works in the magnetic material factory.It seems that she is in the packaging process.On the assembly line, she works from morning to night.She usually comes into contact with female workers.There is no office, and I stay in the workshop every day, so the problem is unlikely to be in the factory.The factory where Zhang Qiuyan works is not very profitable, and it is estimated that it is difficult for the factory to raise millions of cash at once, and Qiao Xianhong almost never goes there.Chapter 156 There is true love in the world.What happened next surprised sol cbd gummies Han Chaoyang.Grandpa Gu not only mediates, but also builds a harmonious society First do ideological work to understand Luo Chunjun s wife and son, and then go to the hospital to visit Luo Chunjun who has woken HCMUSSH sol cbd gummies up.The words convince Luo Chunjun and then do the work of Luo Chunjun s brother, brother in law and sol cbd gummies others.Chaoyang took the Luo family to the project site of Bishui New Town, and took advantage of the super cbd gummies price opportunity of the construction unit s managers and workers to have a meal, and asked Luo Chunjun s wife and children to bow to them and express their gratitude.Sister in law, don t be like this, don t be like this.Anyone who goes out may encounter difficulties.If you can help, of course you have to help.Besides, we are fellow villagers.Isn t there a recital, you can become a performer Violin player Difficult, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is harder than becoming a scientist.If you don t believe me, you can check on the Internet, how many academicians there are, and how many violinists there are.I have never heard of many violinists, only one HCMUSSH sol cbd gummies who plays the cello and A few play the piano.Huang Ying came to her senses, thought about it and asked again Chaoyang, if I resign, if I go to another city like Lingling, will you resign like Xu Hongliang and go to another city to find me Yes Without thinking, without even thinking about it, you will know it is a lie as soon as you hear it.I really know it, Han Chaoyang looked back at her, and said with a chuckle, Although I am not as rich as Xu Hongliang and not as financially free as he is, I have skills, and I won t starve to death no matter where I go, even if I can t find a job.It sol cbd gummies s important to do business.Let s go downstairs.The two walked to the bar together, and just stopped when Guan Xiyuan, who was copying the surveillance video, raised his head and said, Boss Bao, right My surname is Guan, and my name is Guan Xiyuan.We are policemen from the Huayuan Street Police Station.Others beat others, please follow us to the institute.What instigated others to beat others I didn t instigate them, and no one in our store fought Boss Bao, the surveillance video is here.He broke his nose and his face is covered in blood The facts are clear and the evidence is conclusive.What do you do, why do you think we came here so late to find you Boss Bao came to his senses and asked angrily, The guy surnamed Fan asked you to report the crime If you don t go to the hospital right now, you will go to the hospital later.They may have been enraged by Xiao Dan s behavior of raising the walkie talkie to call people, and they pushed and shoved Xiao Dan together.After being insulted, the big fat man even waved his arms and slapped Xiao Dan with two big ear blows all of a sudden.The car is on the ground, the people HCMUSSH sol cbd gummies are upstairs, and neither the people nor the car can run away.This fat man s building number and room number, call out his owner s information.Han Chaoyang turned around and explained, then took out the police phone and called out a number.After waiting for four or five seconds, the call went through.Without waiting for the other party to speak, Han Chaoyang said straight to the point Brother Ji, Han Chaoyang from the Huayuan Street Police Station, yes, yes, I have something to report to you.There is an owner in Dongming Community who drives while drunk.Cell phone, plausible words Xiangzi came back to drink, we drank here, drinking at home is none of your business, believe it or not, I will complain to you, I will call 110 first You are breaking into a private house, Haoer, call, Call 110 I ve never seen such an arrogant suspect before, the more I have to keep calm at this time, Han Zhaoyang took off the law enforcement camera and took pictures of the coffee are sunmed cbd gummies good for anxiety table, after taking pictures of the coffee table, he took pictures of the restaurant, and returned to them after taking pictures inside and out before.Drink at home, where is the wine, where is the glass, where is the empty wine bottle Han Chaoyang put on the law enforcement recorder, gritted his teeth and said, What do you think we are doing, so messing around.Don t even think about it, everyone in the community It s surveillance, when did you return to the community, when did you get on the elevator, when did you enter this door, and whether you have ever gone out after entering, the surveillance video is clear.No matter whether he has real power or not, no matter how big the official is, as long as he can be an official, his status in the family will definitely not be low.Han Chaoyang was also deeply touched by this, because although his father was only a deputy chief staff member in the township, he was very great in the eyes of his uncle, second uncle, sister in law, and aunt.Ask him for an idea.My little uncle is a teacher just like your mother, and he teaches physics in No.3 Middle School.Fearing that the unlucky person would mistakenly think that is cbd oil gummies good for pain the old Huang s family looked down on relatives who had no money and power, Huang Ying added, My uncle has worked in the factory for dozens of years.Year end fitter, but my cousin is very good.He graduated from University of Science and Technology and works in a technology company in Dongguang.Pause for three seconds, one, two, three, stand up straight, and breathe out slowly.Breathe and make a silky sound, not fast, slow and long, yes, yes, very good The young man is a bit interesting, at least he feels very professional, it s a pity not to become a music teacher Having never seen a professional chorus rehearsal, the eliminated leaders such as Secretary Yang, Director Gu, and Director Wen felt that it was very fresh, and sat on the side with their arms folded and smiled without saying a word.Okay, let s practice the chromatic scale, that is, the pitch of the melody.Teacher Liang, please play it for a while.Assistant Liang was already prepared, raised his hand and made an OK gesture, and leaned over to play the music.Let the choir members listen to and identify 12 accompanying voices with their ears, and then use the teacher student solitaire game for modeling training, so that people on the stage know and understand what pitch is, and then train two to three voices, one after another Play the music, remind the people in the stands to pay attention to the change of the third tone in the major and minor triads and chords, and encourage them to imitate and listen to each other., asked them to delete the photo, and asked them to apologize.The group of Dongsheng Machinery Company thought they had a lot of people, and they might be richer and a cbd gummies for sleep without thc bit superior.They put cbd cube gummies full spectrum away their mobile phones and said they didn t take a sneak shot, and the two sides started arguing like this.What about later The owner of the barbecue stall didn t want to offend both sides, so he came to smooth things over.The one who ran away probably saw that there were too many people, and was persuaded by the barbecue stall owner.He might feel that it was no fun to eat any more, so he paid the bill and was ready to leave.The result was that the girl used plastic While packing the unfinished meat skewers, she suddenly let out a scream, calling Yan Yongfei, the manager of the logistics department of Dongsheng Machinery Company, an old hooligan, saying that Yan Yongfei secretly touched her ass.Han Chaoyang has only started working for a few days, and the probationary period has not yet expired, so it is too early to talk about this.The district leaders are very satisfied with sol cbd gummies that boy, especially Secretary Yang The municipal bureau and the provincial department may not necessarily want it, and it is hard to say in the district.Is it easy to get a most handsome policeman from the cbd gummies effects does walgreens sell cbd gummies branch office He reminded Boss Zhou, Lao Gu will retire in a few months., it is unrealistic to consider an administrative position now, but he can be included in the party member development plan at the end of the year.He has done a good job in the community and the masses like it very much.Even if we don t nominate him, Secretary Yang will probably propose it. Yes, There is no problem with these two points.Tingting, run away These days, your parents are really anxious, you are already 17 sol cbd gummies years old, you are not a child, you should know something, get dressed quickly.Hearing the movement inside, Qi Jie finally felt at ease, and actually shed two lines of tears.Han Chaoyang didn t have time to explain to the restaurant chefs and waiters who does walgreens sell cbd gummies cbd gummies for dogs pain ran out to watch the excitement.The situation was very clear and there was no need to explain deliberately.Instead, he asked, Young man, where is your boss The boss and the sol cbd gummies bio life cbd gummies reviews boss s wife have gone back.Do you have their mobile phone number Yes.Call them, call now.What to do when calling the boss, the young man realized the seriousness of the problem, and subconsciously turned his head to look at a man in his thirties.Are you the person in charge here Han Chaoyang stared at him and asked.For other units, maybe you can talk to the leader of the unit who poached the wall.But what kind of unit is PolyU, what is the identity of President Nie, people can talk to city leaders on an equal footing, and they can call the provincial leaders directly when encountering any problems, and the provincial and departmental leaders will give him face.What can I say.The other party was too tough, the more Director Du thought about it, the more depressed he became, and he said with a gloomy face, Old Gu, is Xiao Han in the police room No, the house he bought was transferred, his mother is here, he asked for leave today.Call him and tell him to go back to the police station.I ll be there right away, and I ll talk to him in person 221 Chapter withstood the test There is not much meat in a few tens of catties of crayfish, but no one can eat crayfish as a meal.It sol cbd gummies should have been like this long ago.It made us work so long for them for nothing.Deputy director Gu made up his mind to ask the new colleagues to report to the leader if he encountered any inconvenient things in the future, looking at Kang Haigen and Han Chaoyang Xiao Han, since the leader has helped you solve your worries, you can accept the employment with confidence and boldness.While being a lecturer at the PolyU School of Art, you should also be a good captain of the voluntary security patrol team in Xinmin Community.This is not just a relief for yourself.The pressure also relieved the pressure on the senior brother.Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, Yes Han Chaoyang hurried back to the police office and called Lao Jin to the police station together.They went about their own business, Han Chaoyang went to the police security office, and Lao Jin went to the security brigade.After all, there are many scammers who pretend to be the police or even the procuratorate, and there have been many cases in these years.Then what should I do, should I go to the 110 command center of the sub bureau It may not work to call the command center of your sub bureau.The number can be changed, and now people have a strong awareness of prevention, and no one believes it.Geng Ming paused, and then added Some people simply block all unfamiliar numbers, and it can be set on the phone to only accept the deposited ones.The phone number of the contact person, and none of the other calls.This is not a strong sense of prevention, but a fear of well ropes for ten years after being bitten by a snake, or even ten years of being afraid of well ropes if you have not been bitten by a snake.Miao Haizhu felt that not everyone was like this, so she made a second call after thinking about it.The restaurant is located in this place where there is no village in front and no store in the back, so you can imagine how the business is going.Tonight there is only one table in the police station, and you can hear everything in the kitchen, but Han Chaoyang can t understand a word.Xiao Han, how do you feel Old Chang looked at the wine in the cabinet for a while in front of sol cbd gummies the bar, then returned to the round table and opened the stool to sit beside Han Chaoyang.It s okay.What s okay, tell me, you ve come here, what do you think of us here.The public security is a family, let alone get along with them day and night in the next half month.Han Chaoyang wanted to be part of this group, so he said with a blunt smile, It s a bit deserted.There are few people and cars on the road.It s not like the township government.Director He lit a cigarette and sighed I graduated from Xinlan Normal University.At that time, the superior had a document that some college students should be transferred to the public security system.To be a policeman, wear a policeman s uniform.I signed up impulsively, and ended up being assigned to Jiangli s hometown, where I worked in the Caodian bolt cbd gummies drug test sol cbd gummies police station for several years.At that time, there were only three people in the police station, the director, the instructor and me.There are no decent roads.To handle a case in the lower village, you have to rely on two legs, find a wooden stick as a walking stick, and wear out a few pairs of shoes a year.But at that time, the village level organization was able to manage affairs, and civil disputes were civil disputes.The mediation is basically out sol cbd gummies of our control, and there are not as many things as it is now.To be honest, there is a problem with the law on wildlife protection.Local governments and local key protected wild animals that cause crops or other losses will be compensated by the local government, and the compensation methods will be formulated by the governments of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities sol cbd gummies directly under the central government.However, the province has not formulated corresponding loss compensation standards and supporting policies so far.Because wild boars have caused so much economic loss, the forestry department has given them some policy based answers, but they can t solve the problem of compensation.The common people can only look at the wild boars, but they can t kill wild boars.What do you think this is Think about it It s really absurd, Han Chaoyang asked again Are there wolves in the mountains There were wolves before, but I haven t heard of them in these years. I know. What do you know Wang Ju asked back, and said bluntly Major Guan talked with the deceased s eldest son in law in private, and the deceased s eldest son in law said that his two My brother in law wants 200,000.I m so obsessed with money, I actually want to send their father s dead money The lion opened his mouth, asking too much, not to mention 200,000, not even 100,000 Question Ju Wang, if you ask the comrades from Xinying Township to help with the work, can you give 30,000 to 50,000 yuan to solve the problem.I called the mayor of Guan, and the mayor of Guan is helping us Advise, strive for 50,000 yuan to solve the problem.He Pingyuan is not a rookie like Han Chaoyang, how can he not understand the implication of the two leaders singing and harmony, how can he not know that the relatives of the deceased who do not bleed will be unreasonable and endlessly entangled, but What the bureau and even the county are most afraid of is their troubles.I called Xiaobin just now, and the beating was so severe that two of them were sent to the hospital.If Sergeant Gu hadn t brought Junfeng and reassure gummies cbd the others to the scene in time, it wouldn t have been their family and a few workers who did it.It might be a gang fight, and it might turn into a gang fight.How much are the doors and windows worth, and it s not like they don t have money Chaoyang, do you know who did it Huang Ying stood up abruptly and asked.Who Jiang Erhu.It s not surprising.Thinking of that guy s messy appearance, Han Chaoyang sneered, If you sol cbd gummies hit someone, he broke the law if you were beaten, he deserves it The villain deserves it Bad news, Zhang Beibei is probably just having fun.I didn t have fun, but I thought he was too greedy, Han Chaoyang looked back at the bustling crowd, and sighed softly, Today is really evil, why are there so many things going on Fortunately, there were always sol cbd gummies accidents on the day before you came back.Officer Han, do you want this Yes The superior made it very clear that no clues should be let go.Branches were removed from the sieve and stuffed into evidence bags.Seeing his serious appearance, the elderly migrant worker thought it was a bit funny, and was about to tease the little policeman, when the migrant worker on the left noticed again Officer Han, there is blood on it, although it can t be seen clearly, it must be stained with blood.blood, do you want this too As soon as the short migrant worker finished speaking, the three migrant workers who worked with him burst into laughter.Confused by their laughter, Han Chaoyang ran over to see that it was a sanitary napkin, and it looked like it was a night use type to prevent side leakage Yes, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing.He picked up the sanitary napkin from the sieve and stuffed it into the evidence bag.The Economic Investigation Detachment of the Municipal Bureau opened the case for investigation, which means Looking at her To be precise, her parents don t need to help her pay back so much money.This is the first good news I received in two days.Han Chaoyang was very happy.After thinking about it, he asked He team, where is she these days Can you think about it She is stronger than you think.He Yichang felt funny when he mentioned this, and explained When she found that her debts were snowballing, she began to try to save herself.While continuing to borrow money frequently on various platforms , using loans to support loans while looking for solutions online.Finally joined a QQ group of like minded , sol cbd gummies you may not believe it, there are more than 700 borrowers in the same situation as her.These people think they They are disadvantaged groups who live on cash loans, and almost all of them have tossed around dozens of platforms.When eating at his house last time, her mother smiled when she mentioned this job, she was very satisfied with the status quo, and even said that the money for picking up scraps and selling them every day was about the same as her salary.They are very simple and great parents.Thinking of how kind they are to her, Xie Lingling is very happy.Xu Hongliang didn t know what she cbd gummies effects does walgreens sell cbd gummies was thinking.He poked his head to look at the bedroom, then walked to the opposite side to look at the bathroom, best cbd gummies on groupon and then turned around and said, Lingling, you re talking.I ll make an appointment with someone to do the transfer if I think it s okay.What Make me think it s okay, am I qualified to say no Don t sol cbd gummies bio life cbd gummies reviews like it It s not that I don t like it, but it costs more than one million yuan.Your family has a house, and it s not that you don t have a place to live.Call, I m waiting for your news. It s okay, who am I, how lucky I am, don t worry, wait for my sol cbd gummies good news, and attend my meritorious service award ceremony.Han Chaoyang suppressed a smile , and emphasized in a serious manner My wife, without your support, I, Han Chaoyang, would not be where I am today.No matter how much meritorious service you receive, half of the military medals will be mine and half of yours.I don t want any military medals.Well, arresting the murderer, can you be more serious and just come back safe and sound.Chapter 323 The predecessor 4 They were transferred to the research and judgment team of the special case team, not the arrest team.Besides, it was the case of the High tech District Bureau, and it was not their turn to arrest such a blatant action.This nonsense was too outrageous, full of loopholes, and Xu Hongliang almost burst out laughing.Jiang Siying smiled sweetly Okay, but where to sign Han Chaoyang hurriedly took out his small notebook and said with a does walgreens sell cbd gummies cbd gummies for dogs pain smile, Sign here, sorry for your trouble.You re welcome.It was a misunderstanding just now, which surprised you Yes, I wish you a happy stay in Yanyang.It s okay.Pretending to be a few compliments from the crazy star fans, Han Chaoyang changed the subject Miss Jiang, there is something else I want to trouble you, our team Ji The few questions you asked just now need to be kept strictly confidential, especially the matter about the car, which cannot be disclosed to outsiders.What case I also have to abide by the discipline of secrecy, it is a big case anyway.Well, I won t talk nonsense Yes.I m sorry to have surprised you and delayed you for so long.It s too late today.If I m free HCMUSSH sol cbd gummies tomorrow, I ll definitely go to the opening scene to take a photo with you.I didn t expect them to move so fast and with such high efficiency.Han Chaoyang was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly answered Yes , then dialed Director Feng s mobile phone sol cbd gummies to report the latest progress of the task force.This is just like a race.The Yandong Sub bureau rushed ahead, and there were only a few tens of meters left before the finish line.It was impossible for the Gaoxin Sub bureau to catch up.Bureau Feng was bolt cbd gummies drug test sol cbd gummies not worried at all.Yes, they are lucky, they can find out all of this.It s a pity that they are only suspicious now, and it will take at least tomorrow afternoon to find out.Han Chaoyang asked curiously Director Feng, we can lock the suspect before them Position We got the upper hand, they can t catch up, Director Feng looked up at the wall clock on the wall, and said excitedly We just made a few breakthroughs.No matter who asked, everyone knew that Xu Hongliang brought Xiaoqian to help do cbd gummies help stop smoking Chen Jie on duty.Grandpa Gu was also surprised.He walked into the backyard with Han Chaoyang, and quietly squeezed into the overcrowded conference room through the back door.Standing on tiptoe, Director Su, Lao Jin and Deputy Director Gu of the community were sitting on the stage.Zhang Beibei was clearly not from the security company, but they were sitting in the first row with Zheng Xinyi and Chen Jie.Although the community and the company always consider everyone s interests, it is no exaggeration to say that everyone s salary and benefits can be regarded as the highest in the industry, but the particularity of the industry determines that everyone s salary will not be much higher.Go.Everyone in this world, including me, wants to get something in return.The woman said without raising her head 1100, a cent is not a lot, you can ride away if you want it.Kneeling down in front of her to bargain.It costs 800 to take over from someone else, at least 1,000, and I won t sell anything less Tang Junhua continued to inquire if there were any others on the grounds that the price was too expensive and the model was not very satisfactory.A woman in her fifties got up and took him into the village and took him to a living room on the second floor.There are seven brand new electric cars parked in the living room, and there is a foldable bicycle that is probably new or new under the stairs.Tang Junhua asked the price again, and the woman folded her arms and said, 1400. I came all the way here just to get a cheap price.If you want a cheap price, you can go to someone else s house and ask, I don t have sol cbd gummies one.Let the team members stand by at their respective duty points first.There are more than 120 people, that s great.You should make preparations first, wait for my green roads cbd gummies sol cbd gummies call, and be ready to gather at any time.The same is the leader of the department, but he is only the deputy director after all, and not the deputy director in charge of the community team.On the issue of principle, Han Chaoyang didn t care whether Kang Suo would be unhappy, so he dialed Liu Suo s cell phone in front of Grandpa Gu and Kang Suo.Liu Jianye was depressed at the moment, and looked at Xu Weizhong, who was also dissatisfied with the bureau s request to adjust the division of leadership in the bureau, picked up his mobile phone and asked lightly, Xiao Han, what sol cbd gummies s the matter Suo Liu, ten minutes ago, the branch commander Deputy Director Xing of the center After Han Chaoyang reported the situation concisely, he thought about it and said cautiously This is the first time that the PolyU campus guards have assisted the branch office in a serious manner.Besides, this business won t last long, hurry up In three years, or five years later, people will come to collect the land and house.Officer Han, do you think we are going to open this family Zhang Beibei laughed, looked at him with a smile and said vigorously To tell you the truth, now This is just a small test.When everything is on the right track and the export of Beibei is operated, we will start to open the second, third or even fourth, chain operation, and set up a CYTS Group Co., Ltd.Maybe in a few years we will I can go public on the GEM. Which GEM When mentioning the future vision of Chaoyang International Youth Hostel, Huang Ying got excited and giggled, If the main board is a casino and the small and medium sized board is a labor camp, then starting a business The board is a slaughterhouse, so we don t go to the GEM, we go to Hong Kong if we want to go public, or go to the United States, go to NASDAQ to ring the bell Chapter 397 The last post circled behind Back in the front hall, I sat and watched them and Mama Huang figure out what else needed to be purchased and what things needed to be done.Okay, let s sol cbd gummies go and have a look together.Great., I m leaving now. Wait, let me change sol cbd gummies bio life cbd gummies reviews my clothes first, I m off work, I m at the station, I can t wear a police uniform anymore.The principle is still so strong, but you must not be allowed to change your police uniform now, Han Chaoyang hurriedly grabbed his arm Master, why are you in a hurry, the retirement procedures have not yet been completed, the retirement documents have not come down, and the retirement procedures have not been completed You were still a policeman before.Retirement documents have come down early The formalities have not been completed, walk around, you take the co pilot, we have to hurry, we can t keep Gan Suo and the others waiting for a long time.Chapter 398 At 6 17, the grassroots cultural evening under the police camp culture arrived at the Changfeng Street Police Station.What Open a restaurant, open a hotel.The old factory manager explained At that time, there were no decent restaurants nearby, and there were no guest houses.Even the banquet held in the cafeteria when my eldest daughter got married, the business was okay at firstCatching up with the second restructuring, he had some money, and he used all the people in the factory, so the working group sold these houses to him. What happened next Later, the business was not good, so I rented it out to others as a warehouse.The old factory manager paused, then continued At that time, he had a bolt cbd gummies drug test sol cbd gummies lot of money, so he didn t care about this small business, and went out to engage in real estate, and it grew bigger and bigger.When you have some money, you forget who you are, and you don t learn well.Divorced three times, and married four wives in total.How can I I didn t expect that Wang Jianping slapped his forehead and said eagerly Chaoyang, can you find a way to check his bank card, find out which bank it belongs to, and finally find out the bank card number.Debit card, I have already taken a picture of the card number, and I will send it to you.Great, send it quickly Han Chaoyang was very happy to be able to help.After sending the photos, he thought about sol cbd gummies dialing Wang Jianping s cell phone again, looked at the hotel gate through the rearview mirror and said, Team Wang, this line must be checked, but I don t think it s possible to transfer the money.Xiao Wan Who is Xia, the chief culprit of a drug gang, she is so cautious, she is unlikely to make such a low level mistake.What if she makes a mistake, chaos will arise when she is busy, she may make a mistake, no matter what, there will always be clues It s better than having no clues, first send the card number back to check.Anyway, they would never be able to stand up in this life.He is here for an internship, not an official policeman, not even an auxiliary policeman, and the bureau can only bear the medical expenses.How could the parents agree to find the school, the branch bureau, or even go to the city bureau or the provincial department to petition It s not over yet. Then what to do, I ve made an agreement with the school Chen Jie pulled his arm and said in an almost pleading tone Han University, we are not a traffic police team, let alone a criminal police team, and After they come, they will not be allowed to work alone, they must be brought one by one, there is no danger.I know you are also doing it for the company s good, so let s talk to Manager Jin first, and then discuss it with the school.Let s see if cbd gummies make me feel high there is a way around it, the security company will contact the school, and I will come up with a solution when the internship appraisal comes.Move the intranet there.Why didn t you say it earlier, good brothers, you are so loyal, and when you move to the opposite side, I will invite Director Wang and the others to beat gongs and drums to celebrate your relocation and reopening Four hundred and seventy ninth Zhang has no experience.Work is just a part of life.Han Chaoyang got off work on time, changed into casual clothes and went to the South Gate of Polytechnic University to wait for a while, then rode an electric car with Huang Ying, who also just got off work, to the old man s house for dinner.After Xu Hongliang became a community cadre, he was busier than Han Chaoyang.After finishing the meal delivered by Aunt Tan at the neighborhood committee, he drove to the cbd gummy tinnitus security company s duty stations to inspect.Now the construction site is becoming more and more tall and upscale.See, there are people on duty in our administrative service center, and they all help to forward it.This is to promote positive energy, not to advertise.Hurry up.Xie Lingling turned her head and said expectantly Chaoyang, help me Let s go.Okay, I ll call and ask.Han Chaoyang was really not sure if he asked the bureau for help with something else.But this matter is really nothing to Han Chaoyang.Some time ago, the superior assigned a task, requiring all sub bureaus and police stations to make good use of new media and improve the WeChat public account.There are requirements not only for the published content, but also for the number of followers.At the beginning, I helped my colleagues in the office complete the follow up tasks, later I helped the Xinyuan cbd gummies effects does walgreens sell cbd gummies Street Police Station, and then even Director Wen of the Political Department personally called to help promote it.Su Xian straightened her mind, put down her chopsticks and said firmly For the Yandong Branch, the Chaoyang Community Security Patrol Team is an important auxiliary force.Integrate the voluntary security patrol team of PolyU, the voluntary security patrol team of the Sixth Hospital, and the voluntary security patrol team of Chaoyang Community, and require the establishment of party branches and league branches, and the establishment of party member vanguard , youth civilization and youth commando , It is to make everyone, including the superiors and the branch police, feel that this auxiliary force is more important than before And then It s not a big problem to integrate, but the relationship is difficult to straighten out.You are also a civil servant, so you should be very clear No matter what you do, you must pay attention to equality.Huang Ying could understand their feelings, but they weren t the only ones queuing up to apply for the real estate certificates.There were so many citizens watching behind them.If they were allowed to jump in line, they didn t know what would happen.Comrade, don t get excited.Huang Ying looked back at the staff of the Real Estate Bureau who were busy handling business, and explained with a smile The number of people in sol cbd gummies the Real Estate Bureau accepting business is a bit small, but today, it can be said that it is a special situation We learned about it as soon as we got to work.It turned the original cbd gummy bears review out that the comrade at window No.4 suffered from acute appendicitis.He went to the hospital last night and had an operation in the morning.It turned out that the comrade at window No.7 will attend a training these two days.This girl cbd happy gummies smiled a little weirdly Looking at Wu Wei again, he actually had a bit of embarrassment on his face.Han Chaoyang looked at Miao Haizhu, who had just sat down and was busy making reports, and suddenly realized that Wu Wei might not be working overtime for no reason, so he couldn t help laughing and said, Sister Miao, I bought the house, have you got the keys, and when do you plan to take us with you Go and have a look You have to pay for the keys, you have to pay the deed tax, you need some kind of maintenance fund, and you have to pay the property management fee.I m not in a hurry to move in.If I can delay it for a day.You think that if you don t get the keys, it s not counted.Your property fee I asked, it will be calculated from the day the contract is signed, but you can get a discount before you get the keys, and you owe the bank more than two million yuan.At that time, there were several of us, and people were ambushed by the back door of the kitchen, waiting for the suspect to throw himself into the trap.Why didn t you report such an important situation Zou Dayi rushed When we arrived at the Xinyuan Street Police Station, we were asked to put our mobile phones and walkie talkies on the conference table, we were not allowed to whisper, and we had to ask for instructions and report even when we went to the toilet.I mean, why didn t you report in the morning Morning I didn t take care of it in the morning.I was in a hurry to visit and inquire at first, and then followed Yu Zhenchuan and Han Chaoyang to the World Trade Hotel.After the suspect was captured, the hotel chef stopped him from leaving.It was only after the hotel boss came forward that we took him away.The captain of the patrol brigade, he will become a deputy department level leader at such a young age, which has aroused many netizens doubts Chapter 546 Too many things happened today.I am very concerned, and I don t even bother to turn on the computer to watch the news.You just said something, you re dying of anxiety What do you want me to say Han Chaoyang looked up at Grandpa Gu, and said listlessly Who doesn t talk about others behind their backs, who doesn t get told behind their backs, who doesn t talk about people behind their backs What can I do about the face of the elders.Besides, I am not afraid of the shadow slanting when I am upright.What is there to be afraid of when I, Han Chaoyang, sit upright, walk straight, and walk upright You re messing around with the deputy department.Community acquisitions have cbd gummies have little effect on pain community considerations.If the property management company can be acquired, community work will be easier in the future than it is now.Moreover, we are not only responsible for the security of Dongming Community, but also the security of Factory 527.As long as .

when will tiger woods cbd gummies appear on store shelves?

It will be much easier to acquire the property of Dongming Community, and then take over the property of Factory 527.Han Chaoyang pondered, Buy Manager Zhang s property company, take over the properties of Dongming Community and Factory 527, and then enter Xinmin Community.Zheng Xinyi s housekeeping and cleaning company can also benefit.Secretary Cao and Zhang Beibei must have considered lipt cbd gummies this, especially Zhang Beibei , She is so smart, how can she do a business that loses money.Chapter 556 Merger and reorganization Take the opportunity of shift change to normalize street patrols every morning and evening, Han Chaoyang gets up very early, even Huang Ying, who doesn t have to work on Saturdays They all changed into special service uniforms and waited with him on the PolyU playground.I thought that Lao Ding and Wu Wei would not participate, but I didn t expect them to arrive just after the security team at PolyU was what is the potency of each full spectrum cbd gummies assembled.Han Chaoyang pulled the two of them aside and asked in a low voice, How was yesterday afternoon Did you have any clues to visit Xu Aimin and Dai Lishi Old Ding looked back sol cbd gummies at Cao Zefang and others who were walking this way, and said helplessly Running all afternoon, I almost dug the ground three feet.It was not until the team was about to close that they found out that they had been to a rental house a few days ago.They didn t rent it there, but went to a peddler who rented it there Money.The peddler stayed in Lianglin for a while before, .

does full spectrum cbd gummies have thc?

and he was quite how many mg of cbd gummies for anxiety familiar with Dai Lishi.He also knew Dai Lishi s character, so he didn t dare to lend him money, so he took care of a meal.Name, do you have your ID card Yes.The man quickly took out his ID card from his pocket.Han Zhaoyang took the ID card and looked at it, and confirmed that it was his own.While putting it on the bar counter for registration, he said, Mr.Yan, tell me first what s going on.Isn t it the Chinese New Year I m off today.I want to get a haircut first.The barber shop downstairs in the community is full of people.I don t know sol cbd gummies how long it will take, so I turn here all the way.I asked when I entered the door.How much is a hair, she said there are thirty nine, sixty nine and one hundred and twenty nine.My hair is not too long, I just trim it, it is almost enough, and I don t need any styling.I usually cut my hair up to twenty.Thinking that the Chinese New Year is coming and the barber shop is very busy, they can only make some money these few days, thirty nine is thirty nine.Now the sky is dry and things are dry, and it is easy to cause a fire.It would be a big loss, Boss Meng, don t smoke.Okay, don hive cbd gummies t smoke.Meng Lang followed his advice and stuffed the cigarettes and lighter into his bag.This warehouse is very large, and the cotton spinning factory has now become one of the many real estate developers in the city.The huge warehouse in front of us has also been divided into many rooms, which are rented out to nearby enterprises and merchants.Meng Lang didn t come here very often, and he didn t even remember which room he rented.Looking through the memo sol cbd gummies on the phone, I confirmed that it was the sixth room from the left in the second batch, and then took out the key to open the iron door.The door creaked and was pushed open, and there were piles of fitness equipment such as treadmills inside, desks, chairs, benches, computers and other things piled up in the west corner.It s coming, it s coming, don t you bother After waiting for two or three minutes, the door opened from the inside.Cao Wenjue rushed into the room, grabbed the little fairy in pajamas and held the TV remote control in his hand, and asked angrily, What do you want to do Do you want to stay here If you want to pass through the hotel, you can pass it, but if you pull it down, let it go as soon as possible Cao Wenjue, let me go, if you don t pass by me, I won t pass by you Don t get excited, don t get excited, let go first Open.The place where a girl lives should be neat and clean, but this big bed room is not.There was a lunch box on the coffee table, and one could tell at a glance that Little Fairy sol cbd gummies hadn t treated meds biotech gummies cbd infused gummy bears her badly.She didn t even bother to leave the door, so she ordered takeaway when she was hungry.His surname is Han, and his name is Han Chaoyang.He is a good guy.No matter who encounters problems in our community, he will come to him.Leave the outside affairs to him, and we will continue to talk about our affairs.Tomorrow I invite the retired old chief physician of the Second Provincial Hospital to show you.For the Chinese New Year, how can you not prepare some New Year s goods Don t worry, we will help you buy the New Year s goods, and we promise to let you and Uncle Xu have a good New Year Just as he was speaking, Lao Xu s voice came from outside.Stinky boy, dare to come here.Do you want money I have a life.Believe it or not, I will fight with you Uncle Xu, don t get excited.Is there me Lao Xu, who wanted to fight desperately with the debt collectors, persuaded Go in and rest first, leave it to me.Where will he live if the house is demolished Solve the immediate problem first.There will always be a solution wherever you live.You can also rent a house outside.Anyway, he doesn t have a wife and children.It doesn t matter where he lives, and he doesn t want to go back to that house.Okay, that s all I sol cbd gummies cbd gummy for sleeping sol cbd gummies do Tell Xiao Han Han Chaoyang was stunned for a while when he received the call, he never thought that the bureau would give such a solution, but after thinking about it carefully, he found that this was the only solution in front of him, so he hung up After the phone call, calmly help Dai Lishi go through the hospitalization procedures.Considering Dai Lishi s special situation, the Sixth Hospital did not arrange a general ward, let alone a high ranking ward, but creatively arranged him in a shed made of colored steel plates behind the police station.Han Chaoyang glanced back, and said in a low voice The east, south, and north directions are all shops, and there are no back doors.Even if the thief escapes, he can only climb over the wall from the west, but Xiaobin arranges sol cbd gummies security to tighten the wall.I checked, and the glass shards on the wall are intact, and there is no trace of someone climbing over the wall.So you are an insider It s Chinese New Year, and there is no one in the rented workshop and warehouse, and it is impossible for the security guards to do it.Yes, who else could it be if it s not an insider Who do you think did it if you know people and face but don t know your heart The young and old were discussing a lot, and if they were allowed to continue discussing, it would really affect the relationship between neighbors.It stands to reason that such a case should be handled in a different place and in Beijing, so a member of the bureau s party committee should be arranged Leading the team.But no matter whether Lao Du or Lao cbd gummies effects does walgreens sell cbd gummies Feng is asked to go, many things are not easy to say.I think so too, if the Nanshan Branch makes any request, can we agree to go, can we not give others face Commissioner Huang held his cell phone tightly and nodded, with a serious expression on his face.Bureau Zhou weighed things green roads cbd gummies sol cbd gummies up, and said with a final word Old Huang, as you said the day before yesterday, although Xiao Han was just mentioned as a deputy department, although he is not the leader of the bureau, he is the most handsome policeman in Yanyang and the backbone of our branch., and after the publicity, it is considered well known in the sol cbd gummies system.Yes, you told me to call Fei Yongsheng, does this count as meritorious service, can you be lenient Han Chaoyang shook his head slightly This only means that you have a good attitude of pleading guilty, and it is not considered meritorious service.Wu Wei During the interrogation in the morning, the policy was explained, and even laws and regulations on drug crimes were given to him.The sentencing of drug trafficking crimes is mainly divided into four levels, namely less than three years, three to seven years, seven to fifteen years, fifteen years to life, and death penalty.Smuggling, selling, transporting or manufacturing more than 50 grams of methamphetamine is enough for the fourth gear, and you may be sentenced to 15 years in prison, life imprisonment or even the death penalty Qiao Peiming thought sol cbd gummies that the amount of methamphetamine he had sold was far more than 50 grams, and he might lose his head.Zhou Ju, you are busy, I will stand Just stand.If you want to stand, just stand, just after eating, standing for a while will bio spectrum cbd gummies 250mg help you digest.Zhou Ju seemed to be a different person, sitting upright with the document in his hands, and from time to time he picked up a pen to write comments on the document, Han Chaoyang While peeking at the books in the bookcase, a policeman who looked familiar but couldn t remember which unit shouted a report at the door.Please come in.District Chief Zhou, please approve it.The policeman walked to does walgreens sell cbd gummies cbd gummies for dogs pain the desk and carefully put a stack of reimbursement receipts on the desk.Zhou Ju took it over and looked at it, then suddenly raised his head, and asked unhappily What did I tell you usually, and what should I call you in the bureau I forgot.Pay attention later.Yes Han Chaoyang also realized why Bureau Zhou was upset just now, because he had explained more than once that people from other units could call District Chief Zhou, but the policemen of the branch bureau could not.Because Xu Hongliang once said before that bolt cbd gummies drug test sol cbd gummies no matter who gets married, this group of brothers and sisters can just have a lively meal together.I m just relieved and very happy.I was HCMUSSH sol cbd gummies laughing to myself that I was worried for nothing before, when Sun Guokang suddenly called.Han Da, the suspect s surveillance screenshot has been forwarded to all groups, and the WeChat official account has also been updated.I will forward it to you.You see if it works.Okay, let me see.Chen Jie s pick up has completely messed up the work of the police office.The attendance of the anti pickup team, the reimbursement of the sol cbd gummies funds of the police district, the operation and maintenance of the WeChat public account, and the management of dozens of WeChat groups are all in charge., Han Chaoyang clicked on WeChat to read the clue collection announcement edited by Sun Guokang, and murmured My wife, I may have to work cbdfx cbd gummies with melatonin overtime tomorrow, and there are a lot of things in the police office, so don t worry if you don t straighten them out.But the starting point is for the big guys, to defend rights for the owners of the entire community.As expected.Han Chaoyang didn t think it was strange, looked around at the crowd, and said in a cadence, Boss Zhong just said examination one by one, and Director Yang also mentioned examination.I need to explain to you guys what interrogation is.People s Police Law It clearly stipulates that the public security police have the right to interrogate suspicious persons while on duty, which means that the interrogation is mandatory 15mg cbd gummies and the interrogated must cooperate.From this point of view, no matter whether the person entering or cbd gummies for anxiety and stress leaving the community is the owner or not, the security guard has no The right to cross examine.I said he has no right, since he has no right, why should he interrogate me Zhong Yong thought so, and couldn t help turning his head and glaring at Xiao Xu.If you don t inquire, you don t know, but when green roads cbd gummies sol cbd gummies you inquire about it, your heart will feel cold.As Dad Huang said before, Liu Chengquan can only be resettled and compensated in accordance with the Regulations on Work Injury Insurance.Huang Ying was in a hurry, clutching her mobile phone tightly and asking, Brother Xu, he sacrificed his life for work.Isn t the price different for the two standards Everything, Section Chief Xu was also unhappy, after thinking about it, he added Remember, the State Council issued an Opinion , which mentioned that the immediate family members of auxiliary police personnel who died on duty and died on duty You can enjoy pensions and other related benefits by referring to the relevant regulations on sol cbd gummies pensions for public officials in the country.However, this opinion is too vague and has not been clearly written as referring to the sacrifice of pensions by the people s police.The unit is a model, and I sincerely hope that everyone can inherit Comrade Liu Chengquan s behest, turn grief into strength, not forget the original intention, move forward with heavy burdens, and devote ourselves to future work with full enthusiasm.Make new contributions, create greater glories, and Practical actions to comfort the spirits of our comrades in arms.Seeing the political commissar staring at him, Han Chaoyang quickly said, Yes.Political Commissar Huang nodded in satisfaction, and cbd gummies effects does walgreens sell cbd gummies emphasized Comrade Cao Zefang, Comrade Han Chaoyang, Comrade Xu Hongliang, Captain Zhang, and Section Chief Xiao, the train runs fast, all thanks to the front belt In the past period of time, the public security of the Zhongshan Road Police District The reason why the inspection is carried out so well, and the reason why the voluntary security patrol brigade can do so much is inseparable from your close cooperation green roads cbd gummies sol cbd gummies and excellent leadership.Jiang Qingwen was busy getting temporary access cards for them.Han Zhaoyang looked at it for a while, and asked in a low voice, Xiao Jiang, why do you do temporary work Xiao Jiang looked at the migrant workers who had just walked out of the construction site, and said with a smile, Mr.It s the same as Dongming Community and 527 Factory.All the access control cards must be tied with bank cards, and these two people are doing everything they can to generate income Han Chaoyang hated Zhang Beibei and Xu Hongliang s behavior from the bottom of his heart, and he couldn t say anything to the security guard who obeyed orders and was very dedicated, so he went to the hotel to pick up his wife and go back to the PolyU dormitory to rest, and then went with Cao Zefang early the next morning Leading the security guards who were changing shifts to patrol the streets, they did not go back to the police office directly after changing positions at each duty point one by one, but rushed to the old district committee compound that was still under construction.Just like last night, the person and the ID card were all matched, and nothing suspicious was found.While distributing leaflets printed by Xu Hongliang to the workers, and telling them to keep their belongings and pay attention to safety, an honest worker in his fifties ran over with a man who looked like a foreman.Xugong, this is Old Pei.He will stay here to take bolt cbd gummies drug test sol cbd gummies care of the pump.Don t tell me, tell Officer Han.Before the foreman could speak, Han Chaoyang turned around and asked with a smile, Master Pei, where are you from now on Look at the pump, right The old migrant worker was not good at talking and was a little restrained, standing behind the foreman and nodding.You have to live here to look at the pump, please show your ID card, we have to register.I can t stay here for a few days, and I will leave when the foundation is almost done.Han Chaoyang thinks that this kind of operation method can indeed facilitate the travel of citizens, and even the patrol team can benefit from it.For example, in case of an emergency, the team members must sol cbd gummies bio life cbd gummies reviews gather at the location where the emergency occurred, but there are not so many means of transportation for a while, so they can ride their shared bicycles at sol cbd gummies that time.But I also feel that they have a kind of blind trust in people.They only see high quality ones and never see low quality ones.If such a good bicycle is placed outside so casually, someone will definitely have an idea for these bicycles.Just thinking wildly, the girl and the two masters from the bike sharing company finished their work and left.Grandpa Gu murmured as he walked towards the police office It s okay to stop at the entrance of the Sixth Hospital of Li University.It was not known if it was a murder.Deputy Director Xing was taken aback, and hurriedly said Chaoyang, protect the scene and contact the Huayuan Street Police Station as soon as possible.I will report to Xi Da immediately.The criminal police, technical police and forensic doctor will be here soon.Yes Chaoyang called and learned that a dead body was found in the jurisdiction.Bao Qingshan got big and said eagerly Chaoyang, don t let the informant go, I ll be right there.Master Luo is by my side, he won t leave.Okay, wait.Lao Luo didn t expect that the person lying on the grass was a dead man, and he was so frightened that he couldn t keep his wits about him.He took out a cigarette and wanted to light it.Over there.Forget it, if you can t smoke, don t smoke.Tie Jun, don t worry about it here.Go to the gate of the factory and wait for Bao s office.Responsible for explaining that Bureau Liu trusts Bureau Fan.Trust, I can t see it.Don t talk nonsense, it s not good for the leader to know.I m just telling you.Lao Ding scratched his head and murmured Today I only studied the division of labor among the members of the leadership team, and did not mention the lack of a party member in the team.I guess Bureau Liu is waiting for Liu Suo to solve the case.Once the case is solved and the murderer is arrested, Liu Suo will be able to join the party committee team.It s possible.After all, the director of our institute has always been a member of the bureau s party committee.What s the use of knowing, we should help Liu Suo at the critical moment Han Chaoyang didn t expect Lao Ding to say that, so he couldn t help but asked with a smile, How can we help Help me with the investigation, your mass base is so good, think of a way to see if you can mobilize the masses to collect some clues.People panicked, not only did not intend to mobilize the masses, but also demanded strict secrecy.He didn t know how to explain it, when Han Chaoyang suddenly said If he was picked up by a sol cbd gummies few grasses, even if it was indeed picked up by a suspect, then it can be concluded that he is a local and tried to hide the body in the toilet of the chemical fertilizer factory.It s too far fetched. What do you mean, can you be more specific Ji Kaiyuan stared at him and asked.Rabbits don t even eat the grass by the side of the nest.We can think differently.If I were a murderer and I killed someone, I would definitely not hide the body near my house.The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the more reasonable his analysis became.Looking up at the crowd, free five cbd gummies he said in horror Is it possible that the murderer is a habitual offender who has killed someone green roads cbd gummies sol cbd gummies before, and this is the second or even the third time The pond may be the place where the murderer specially hid the corpse, and there may be another victim s corpse in the septic tank A stone caused a thousand waves, and Liu Jianye, Grandpa Gu, Wu Wenge and Lao Ding were stunned by their conversation.3.14 task force, immediately said to come back before 1 00 noon.Grandpa Gu even thought that since Bureau Liu asked for secrecy, the patrol team should not make the murder case so public, and suggested that the second task force be set up in the old district committee compound , The afternoon meeting will be held in the compound of the old district committee.Of course Han Chaoyang will not have any objections.Sure enough, they arrived with a few workers.They moved the police car and electric patrol car parked at the door to the backyard, helped the workers install the ground piles, and invited Lao Hua to the canteen of the Sixth Court for a light meal.Lao Tang and Miao Haizhu came back.Miao Haizhu even asked angrily as soon as they met Chaoyang, did you say anything to Liu What s wrong What s wrong with you Miao Haizhu asked back, and said angrily The superior asked me to go to the grassroots to train for a year.Hahahaha, it s so fucking funny As Han Chaoyang expected, sol cbd gummies Deputy Director Wang called Bureau Feng as soon as he returned to the street, complaining that Han Chaoyang did not support the work of the street or even did nothing.This is the first sol cbd gummies time Han Chaoyang has been complained about.Bureau Feng was very surprised, so he called the command center to find out the situation, and then he went back Director Wang, I checked, Comrade Han Chaoyang did not handle this matter properly this afternoon.Don t worry, calm down, I have already told the person in charge of the command center to seriously criticize and criticize education.Feng Bureau, it s not that I don t have the guts, but the impact of today s incident is too bad, directly affecting the street working committee and the prestige of the sub district office.It is necessary to invite unit leaders, colleagues, and universities in advance.Classmates, we have to arrange the work of the police district again, because there are two major events coming up.Fortunately, Wu Wei, Yu Zhenchuan and Xiaokang came back the afternoon before yesterday, and the bureau granted them a week s leave.Miao Haizhu and Miao Haizhu are going to pay homage to Liu Chengquan tomorrow morning, and they immediately decided to go together, so they are helping out in the police office today.There are many people going tomorrow, and the police office cannot be closed because of this.Han Chaoyang finished calling the command center phone, and then called Huayuan Street Police Station and Xinyuan Street Police Station separately to coordinate the personnel who will come to take over tomorrow, and then called the old leader who has been promoted to be the deputy county magistrate of Fengyong County People s Government and concurrently the director of the Public Security Bureau The 12th task force did not wear police uniforms, but tomorrow they are going to pay homage to their good brother Liu Chengquan.Jiang Yonggen put the cooked dishes on the table and brought bowls and chopsticks from the kitchen., then opened the box and took out a bottle of beer, bit it open with his teeth, and handed it to Luo Weixing.These bolt cbd gummies drug test sol cbd gummies days, Luo Weixing has no appetite at all, and nothing tastes good.After taking a sip of wine, he asked, Did you go to Ruyi Restaurant today A peanut, gritted his teeth and said Zhang It s too late to say anything now, stay away from the limelight, wait cbd gummies effects does walgreens sell cbd gummies for the police to catch Gan, and wait for you to get the money back, then you can talk about anything.Jiang Yonggen put the cooked dishes on the table and brought bowls and chopsticks from the kitchen., then opened the box and took out a bottle of beer, bit it open with his teeth, and handed it to Luo Weixing.These days, Luo Weixing has no appetite at all, and nothing tastes good.I think this is very good.It s not like getting married if you don t pick it up Huang s eyes lit up, she couldn t help turning around and laughing Mr.dormitory, and then go to Shuxiangyuan People want to marry their daughter off in a beautiful way, and this marriage must be reflected Teacher Ma could understand Huang Ma s mood, and smiled happily Nowadays, people pay attention to the sense of ceremony, and there is no sense of ceremony if they don t pick up.I feel pretty good, and it s not far away.It doesn t cost much to rent a few wedding cars.Since you all take it, let s take it sol cbd gummies bio life cbd gummies reviews too.Yu s father thought that his son Yu Zhenchuan was not so much marrying a daughter in law as a married man.He had no house in Yanyang, and after getting married, he would live together in the house that Zhang Beibei bought in the 527 factory.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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