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As soon as Han Chaoyang finished speaking, Everyone immediately burst into laughter.What are you laughing at What s so funny about it Chen Xiujuan laughed so hard that she burst into tears and said out of breath while laughing The old lady s surname is Gui, and her name is Gui Ermei.She is the widow of a martyr.Her husband died during the War to Resist next plant cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus US Aggression where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus and Aid Korea.She has two daughters who are all married.She lived in Chenjiaji by herself.Every one or two months, she has to go to the Sixth Hospital of the city to see a doctor and get medicine.Every time she comes by car from the village , every time after seeing the doctor and getting the medicine, I can t remember where my home is, so I just drag someone to ask him to call 110 for her.She, she lied to me Han Chaoyang realized, and asked dumbfoundedly She Did you report to the police because you want me to send her home Hahaha.As the saying goes, a distant relative is not as good as a close neighbor.Since she knows she s wrong, give her a chance.I want to give it to you, Xiao Han.You haven t seen her like that, and you haven t listened to her tone.Why did she apologize to me, she just went next plant cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus to demonstrate, condescending, rich and amazing I heard from Director Chen of Building No.5 that she is not a good woman and has been divorced twice.Really Divorced once Where do you think her money comes from when she divides the family property Instead of picking up the electric car, Aunt Wang went to the small park, put the freshly bought vegetables on the flower bed, and chatted with a group of old men and women who were exercising in the morning.Say hello Director Wang, Sister Xu, Teacher Zhang, let me introduce you.This is Xiao Han, a police officer who just arrived in our community.Oh, it s really flooding the Dragon King Temple, and the family doesn t know the family.If I had known you earlier best cbd gummies for anxiety reddit where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus and known about this relationship, we would have been wronged like this Jiang Xiaolan believed that as long as there are acquaintances in this world, there is nothing impossible to do, and she suddenly regained her spirits.Sister, this is not a place to talk, let s go to the alley and talk.Okay.Jiang Xiaolan suddenly felt hopeful when she had a relationship.With snot and tears, he scolded the dead Yu Xiushui, scolded Zhang Beibei, scolded Jiang Erhu, scolded Han Chaoyang who favored vixies cbd gummies hemp bomb because of their good looks.Jiang Yifei was right, he was just an auxiliary where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies near by policeman, and the one surnamed Han was a civilian policeman.If you don t kill him and let him get out, one day he will take revenge.I can t keep a cadre like her, and I will definitely leave after the expiration of the post.Major Gao, can t you do work and fight for it People go to high places, and water flows to low places.How do things work for others, how do you fight for it District Chief Gao asked back, and then returned to the original topic Old Yang, young people are just impulsive, we can t shoot ourselves in the foot, that patrol team must be managed well, There must be no accident.Don t worry, Chief Gao, there are police officers stationed in the community, and the patrol team s training, daily management and service are mainly handled by the community policeman Xiao Han.He is a good young man, very young and capable.Ok, here I m relieved.While flipping through the documents, District Chief Gao murmured, Old where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus Yang, since we have such a new force, we must let them play a greater role.In the end, he was reported for bending the law for personal gain, and Zou Jingnan really felt sorry for him.Guan Yuan s mood is more complicated.On the one hand, Han Chaoyang is also a member of the Huayuan HCMUSSH where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus Street Police Station anyway.If it is found that there is something wrong with him, it means that the team has not been led well He was very passive, and he couldn t be transferred away from Chaoyang Community for a while.If the Commission for Discipline Inspection and the best cbd gummies for anxiety reddit where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus inspector find out that there is indeed something wrong with him, not only will he not be able to work as the captain of the voluntary security patrol, but the probationary period may end early.Old Xu and Xu Hongliang silently followed them all the way to the gate of the police station, watching Han Chaoyang get into the inspector s car.Two carpenters were sweating profusely in the carport, as if they were transforming a police station that they had pulled from nowhere.The people from the telecommunications company were climbing on the poles to adjust the signal of the optical cable.The policeman Xiao Niu from the police security office stood at where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus the back door of the police room and directed Li Xiaobin and other young men to move the tables, chairs and benches of the security company out.Chaoyang, this is Director Su was also there, as soon as he saw Grandpa Gu , he ran over.Han Chaoyang didn t care about parking the electric car, and introduced with pride while holding the handlebar Master, let me introduce to you, this is Su Xian, Secretary and Director of the Party Branch of our Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee Director Su, this is just Transferred to our police station, Inspector Gu who will be stationed in the police station like me in the future, Inspector Gu is also my master.Her husband had a work related accident last year, and the other party was a private boss., The lawsuit was won, but the compensation was not received.The factory where she used to work closed down again, her child is in college, and her family is relatively difficult.She can bear hardships, and she must be fine at where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus work.Others don t need to give face, but white shirt has to give face, not to mention that the store really needs a handyman.Boss Deng weighed it up and slapped his thigh Officer Gu, ask her if she would like to come.If she is willing, I will give her 1600, regardless of the probation period.Thank you very much, let me ask.It is not difficult to do good deeds, it is not difficult to do one or two things for a year or two, but it is difficult to do a lifetime No wonder Grandpa Gu can be selected as the second level hero model of the national public security system.Thousands of people held banners and shouted slogans , Maybe they will march all the way to the district government like last time.What the sub bureau can solve must not alarm the city bureau.Xing Hongchang didn t want to ask the city bureau to send special police over to maintain stability like last time, and immediately issued an order Xiao Han, gather people and set off immediately Leading a patrol team to maintain stability is the command of the branch The order of the deputy director of the center was also at the request of the street leaders.Han Chaoyang believed that Director Su would not stop him, so he immediately turned around and said, Xinyi, Xiaobin, notify all shifts to assemble urgently.Yes Han Chaoyang stepped forward As soon as he walked out of the meeting room, Xing Hongchang called the leader of the bureau and ordered Tai Suo, this is an emergency situation, and the fighter plane cannot be delayed.I m really rich, my mother just sent me 10,000.It s early and good morning, Han Chaoyang is not hypocritical, he took out his mobile phone and said with a smile Okay, then I will order.Order, I will turn over.Take a screenshot.Xinyi and Xiaokang, take a look and be a witness for me.Now that you know you have to be cautious, what did you do earlier Zheng Xinyi cursed secretly, but still got up and glanced at the phone screen.Zhang Beibei felt uncomfortable in his eyes.The more he thought about it, the more he felt guilty.He really wanted to say a few more words of thanks.Thinking that the closer he got to him, the more he talked, the more trouble he might have, so he didn t say anything at all, stood up and pressed The neckline bowed deeply, then turned around and pushed the door away.Chapter 93 Homicide cbd gummies cheap HCMUSSH where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus nature boost cbd gummies 1 Since it is a comprehensive alarm platform, it must look like a comprehensive where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies near by alarm platform.Han Chaoyang looked at the slogan that should have been put up just yesterday, and couldn t help but say with a smile Four honors and four shame, so talented, who thought of it.The writing is very good, but such a slogan is not suitable for mass work.Gu Guoli pointed to the slogan on the right, and said with emotion Facing the reality, talk about compensation, and hand over the house quickly at a reasonable price wait until the last dream, stay until the last dream This is good, it is catchy to read, The meaning has been fully expressed.Master, this one is not bad either sign the contract early with a thorough understanding, there is no medicine for regret in the world.Wait until the dream of forced demolition wakes up, weeping and stomping in frustration.Well, the people who wrote these two slogans have a level.The 110 command center of the sub bureau is only the command center for emergency response.In response to urban waterlogging, there is a waterlogging prevention and emergency emergency leading group in the district, and the office is located in the District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau Urban Management Bureau.The head where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies near by of the district personally serves as the leader of the leading group, and the head of the urban management bureau also serves as the director of the office of the leading group.The member units include almost all government departments.The Civil Affairs Bureau, the Health Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, the Meteorological Bureau, the power company, the communication company all must accept the unified dispatch and unified command of the leading group office.Uploaded on the Internet.There was an uproar, the sub bureau knew about it, and the city bureau not only knew about it but also forwarded it on the official Weibo.Guan Yuanyuan felt that this was not a trivial matter, so he rubbed his chin and said, Is it possible that it was a posing Jin, he s going do cbd gummies show up on drug test cbd gummies symptoms to have to eat and walk around. But how could he go to Zhongshan Road to clear the traffic, he s not a traffic policeman. Call and ask, the political department is waiting for a reply, we have to find out what s going on , otherwise we will be in bad luck if we make an oolong.Ask Lao Gu, Lao Gu should know.Okay, call now.Han Chaoyang just sat down and picked up his chopsticks.Called Grandpa Gu remotely.Gu Guoli had been mentally prepared for a long time, holding up his mobile phone and smiling as he watched his apprentice pick up the phone.With me here, do you still have opportunities You have never seen a man, and you are not afraid of being laughed at by others, Huang Ying scolded with a smile He said a word, hurriedly made a silent gesture, and then said carelessly Unlucky, my sister was eating at the restaurant behind Xinglong Department Store, and forgot to bring cash, and mobile payment is not available here, hurry up and send some money to my sister.Han Chaoyang, who had just finished the interview and sent Officer Feng and the reporter away, was cbd lavita gummies dumbfounded.He nodded and greeted his brother who had just arrived at the police station, and asked, Sister, I m on duty, so I can t leave.Why don t you discuss it with others to see if you can get some cash.It s troublesome to find someone, and besides, I don t know you.It s not troublesome to find me Isn t it when you are your own Let me say, Are you coming or not The phone was very loud, and Yu Zhenchuan could hear it clearly, so he couldn t help but say, Chaoyang, if you have something urgent, I m here.It is undoubtedly a thing to be evaluated as an advanced person within a few months of working good thing.Han Chaoyang really had such a sense of accomplishment, he couldn t help but asked with a smile, Master, besides spiritual rewards, are there any material rewards The floating population and the management of rental housing also played a big role in promoting it.It is impossible for the superiors to say nothing, but the bonus for you is estimated to be not much, and it is only a third class merit.The bonus for the unit should not There will be less.There are also neighborhood committees The street will definitely be overwhelmed, so you should seize the opportunity to complain to Secretary Yang and Director Gu tomorrow, and help Director Su get more bonuses.The street leaders have a good impression of you, and this It s the first time you ask for money, and what you want is the bonus .

who invented smilz cbd gummies?

that belongs to the neighborhood committee, so you shouldn t let it go in vain.Now it is basically confirmed that Qiao Xianhong and his wife have a huge sum of money, which is enough to buy a house in the city center.It is almost certain that the murderer is Chong.It came with this money.Comrade Hong Bo, Qiao Xianhong is missing, we can t find him, and it is even more difficult for the murderer to find him.Wouldn t they shoot themselves in the foot by killing Zhang Qiuyan, the only one who knew Report to Mr.Fan, What if the murderer has already got the money Zhang Qiuyan couldn t stand the torture, or for the sake of the child, did he reveal the whereabouts of the money Maybe he revealed the whereabouts of Qiao Xianhong.Deputy Chief Fan lit a cigarette and frowned slightly.Said If you want to find the murderer, it seems that you have to start with this huge sum of money.3 Middle School to see which direction they went.Do you have any criminal records, have you dealt with them before Lu Dong from our anti where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus pickup team He said that he looked familiar and had never seen it before.He was very skillful in committing crimes, so he should be a habitual offender.He might have come here.But as long as they show their heads, as long as they dare to commit crimes again, they will be arrested sooner or later.How many good life cbd gummies buses are there in the city Car, how many bus routes are there, and the total number of people in the anti pickup team, even if they all squat on the bus, it is still a needle in a haystack.Gu Guoli pondered and said Captain Huang, there is a stop sign at the entrance of our police office.Why don t you give us some surveillance screenshots We have people here 24 hours a day.Ma Fengying likes it more and more.Thinking of the housing prices that she has learned in the past few days, she can t help asking Chaoyang, a bright future The location is so good, the surrounding environment is so beautiful, and it is next to the city hall, how can it sell for 15,610 square meters A better environment is more beautiful.Han Chaoyang turned his head and smiled, and continued Besides being next to the city government now doesn t mean it will still be next to it in the future, the development zone is to the east, and there is a new district to the north.Go to the new district, it s under construction there, and we ll move there when it s finished.Ma Fengying is not an ignorant rural woman, she murmured The land in the city is valuable, so sell the current office building to the developer, and move the municipal government to the city.There are seven people who go around the village every day, and the law and order in the village will definitely improve.Village head Cui felt that this plan was feasible, but he couldn t agree with it outright.He looked back at Accountant Chang and Director Lin, and turned his gaze to Han Chaoyang again Chaoyang, although our village only pays 20,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan is not a small number for the village., I, Accountant Chang, and Director Lin can t make the decision, and I have to report such a big event to the Party Secretary.Chapter 139 Clues in the middle of the night After dinner, continue patrolling.By the way, I checked the ID cards of a few drunk foreigners with tattoos on their bodies, and found that they only had ID cards but no residence permits.I kept looking for their landlord s house and confirmed that they just moved here yesterday.Anyway, it is very easy for them to go to other people s houses.It s easy.What a bystander is really a fan of the authorities Before, I only checked the houses where he worked, and never thought that the neighbors on the same floor or in the same building had problems.He Yichang felt that it was necessary to report the situation to his superiors, so he stood up suddenly Chaoyang, you watch here first, I ll go to the bathroom.Go.Walked out of the guard room, came to the public toilet on campus, and checked that there was nothing around He Yichang took out his mobile phone and stood under the shade of a tree to call the deputy team leader.Xiao He, what s the situation, the express mail should not have been delivered Xi Hongbo was very surprised, and while answering the phone, he greeted Feng Ju who had just entered the meeting room., It was very helpful to solve the bloody case in Yangguan Village, our instructor said that we may have to compile materials and give me awards.What is another Huang Ying asked curiously.Didn t you catch a robber and a murderer last time My master said that the materials have been reported to the Political Department of the Municipal Bureau.If the murder case in Yangguan Village is solved, they may be rewarded for meritorious service.At least one reward.I m still in the probationary period.Well, if you can make meritorious service, you can receive awards, and do cbd gummies show up on drug test cbd gummies symptoms you will be rated as an advanced individual in the city s flow management work, and I feel that my work performance and work performance should be considered acceptable.It must be admitted that he was very unlucky when he was in the institute, and he was exhausted.Huang s mother looked happy, took her daughter s bag, and helped her daughter get her slippers.What made Huang Ying even more surprised was where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus that her father was also awake, sitting on the sofa smoking a cigarette and playing with his mobile phone.The TV was on and the voice was very low.It was obvious that he was focusing on the mobile phone instead of the TV series that was broadcasting.Dad, why are you smoking in the living room I m happy, I just smoked one, and I won t smoke anymore.Huang s father was more afraid of his daughter when it came to smoking, so he hurriedly snuffed out the cigarette butt, knowing that his daughter didn t like the smell of cigarettes, he got up and opened it again.Move the door, go to the balcony and open the window for ventilation.Yingying, sit with your dad for a while and talk to your dad.Little Han is a good person.He is a civil servant and his family conditions are also good.Although he came from the countryside , but he has a house in the city, and he is still the most handsome policeman.Dad liked it, and my mother seemed to like it too with a beaming face.Huang Ying was very proud cbd gummies sellers and very happy, and said flatteredly, I m planning to buy the house, but I haven t bought it yet.Jiahui s house, the one from Fairview, you introduced it, we all know it, Huang s mother held Watermelon walked over, and couldn t help but leaned over to look at the photo of the future son in law, and said happily We used to be too anxious, and we should seriously consider life long events, and we should choose carefully.Picking and picking are not in vain., I finally picked the most handsome one, your dad and I have no objection, we agree.Although the whole family is out to make money now, although the house is deserted, it will definitely be very lively next year.He has just started working, how can he have the money to buy his own house, and at such an old age, it is really a big problem to think about it.Chen Xiujuan was helpless, and immediately changed the subject Since there is no one at home, let s stay in the camp.At least you don t have to cook by yourself in the camp.You re not left handed, and you can t even take notes until your injury heals, except to help the suspect downstairs to see what the suspect can do.Chen Xiujuan is planning to suggest that he go out to find friends, and see if he can use the few days of vacation to find him.One person, Guan Yuanyuan walked into the reception room with porridge.Morning, instructor.What does this have to do with Han Chaoyang Guan Xiyuan opened the car window, lit a cigarette, yawned and asked.Old Hu was more depressed than he was, holding the steering wheel and said angrily Three people sent one to the No.6 City Hospital for treatment.After paying the money, they ran away before the inspection was completed.Han Chaoyang felt suspicious and reported to the command center, not only , and even pulled out the security guards under him.The command center said that we should rush over to strengthen inspections, but in fact they asked us to chase and intercept where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus them together.It s that simple It s that simple.To mobilize the crowd, not only we are going, but the Xinyuan Street Police Station also has to send people there, and he will not stop until he makes some noise.If he makes a fuss, he will make a fuss, why drag us, he doesn t want to sleep and we have to sleep.So good Han Zhaoyang laughed.Better to you than to me.Seeing Aunt Qian approaching with a smile, Huang Ying hurriedly changed the subject and asked curiously, Just now you told the boss of the wedding company that you want to change the microphone, what does the microphone do.A microphone is a microphone.A high quality condenser microphone should be used to pick up sound for a chorus.Now these dynamic microphones are not good.The frequency response range is not wide enough, which affects the timbre performance, and the sensitivity is also low.If there is no condenser microphone, you must use a dynamic microphone.Yes, the distance between the microphone and the mouth shape must be very close, and one person needs one, where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus commons cbd gummies so where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus how many microphones are needed It s really interlaced like a mountain, I didn t expect that the chorus has so many requirements for the microphone.No, what I m doing now is all useless, no matter how much money I spend, it will be in vain.Parents should be fine, right Not necessarily, the most worrying thing now is this, in case the bone marrow of the child s parents is not good enough, The bone marrow bank can t find a suitable one, so it s troublesome. Why can t the parents This is not a blood transfusion, anyway, that s what the doctor said.They take bone marrow for examination.If it is not worthy, and if the bone marrow bank can t find it, then there is no need to continue to raise donations.It s so pitiful.Who says it s not, so we will get married in the future, and you will get married in the future.Don t play with mobile phones when cbd gummy jars you re pregnant, don t get close to computers, I where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus just searched online, and it s said that electromagnetic radiation may cause leukemia in pregnant women s babies.Huang Ying didn t want to talk about where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus these unhappy things anymore, so she suddenly asked What time do you go to work in the afternoon, how will you go back later Go to work now, I will go to the office first, and find someone to take me back.Okay, I ll go to the police office after get off work.I ll go to PolyU for dinner with you.During working hours, and in a very serious government department, we can t talk too much.Han Chaoyang picked up his hat to say goodbye to his girlfriend, and walked to Huayuan Street Police Station.The Chaoyang Community Police Office is just a place to work, and cbd gummies a scam this is my unit, but now I feel weird when I walk into the yard.Maybe I have stayed in the police office for too long, and I feel like an outsider when I return to the office.What are you shouting about, don t even look at this place, squat down, and be honest You too, what are you looking at As soon as he walked into the hall, he heard Lao Hu scolding the suspect at the door of the detention room.Otherwise, the instructor will definitely be sent off.He has a meal, sits down to have a few drinks, and have a good chat.Chapter 215 Communication Facts prove that Lao Hu is well informed but not accurate.As soon as I got to work in the afternoon, the political commissar, Bureau Du and Director Wen came, and Deputy Secretary Zhou of the Street Working Committee and Director Cai of the Comprehensive Management Office attended the meeting.Director Wen announced the dismissal of Comrade Guan Yuanyuan as the instructor of the Huayuan Street Police Station the removal of Comrade Xu Weizhong from the post of Deputy Director of the Huayuan Street Police Station the appointment of Comrade Xu Weizhong as the instructor of the Huayuan Street Police Station the appointment of Comrade Kang Haigen as the Deputy Director of the Huayuan Street Police Station. That s right, you have to pay attention to the influence, and you won t be dragged by business matters. Thank you. Thank you, I m not an outsider, said the old man Jin thought for a while and then smiled However, you have to hug the big tree of the branch bureau for us.No matter who wants to hold any activities in the gymnasium, they must report to the security brigade.Not only the gymnasium, but other places are the where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus same.You at the branch bureau I have to take care of it, please help from the security brigade.He was so HCMUSSH where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus full of business that he didn t know how the pie that fell from the sky in the afternoon came from, he was really a fan of the authorities.Han Chaoyang glanced back at him, and said with a smile Manager Jin, it s actually better to talk at the sub bureau.There is no need to deliberately ask the leader to help introduce business.That s a good idea, let Xiaohan ask.Should we transfer Xiaohan from the Huayuan Street Police Station to the Xinyuan Street Police Station Old Du, we should think about it in reverse.There was nothing wrong with them, so their jobs are next plant cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus different.However, Xiao Han can t just ignore everything when he becomes the police stationed in the school.It s too troublesome, so I ll tell Liu Jianye later to adjust Xiao Han s work, Yangguan Village will let other policemen take over, and Xiao Han only needs to be in charge of Chaoyang Community.It s arranged like this, no transfer, just adjust the division of labor.Zhou Ju smiled while tidying up his desk and getting ready to leave work Sometimes a loss is a gain, at least in this matter it can be considered a win win situation.They want to use Xiao Han This most handsome policeman raises the school s popularity, both to help us is cbd gummies good for back pain publicize, and also to increase the popularity of our branch.Study hard, let Li Xiaobin be a family member if you pass the exam.Huang Ying chuckled, picked up her bag and prepared where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus to leave.Chen Jie didn t know that she wasn t going home tonight, so she subconsciously asked, Sister Huang, are you waiting for Han Da It s none where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus of his business, the main thing is that Old Tang doesn t know how to drive.This girl actually helped the unlucky guy, Huang Ying suppressed a smile and turned her head and said I m not angry with him, I have something to do, come back tomorrow, and talk tomorrow.She must be angry , Chen Jie was not at ease, and kept sending it to the door.Seeing Huang Ying crossing the road at the v lixir labs cbd gummies review zebra crossing instead of heading west on her newly bought electric bike, she couldn t help shouting, Sister Huang, where are you going Let s go.Huang Ying realized that she was almost exposed, so she simply made a mistake and turned into the gate of the Sixth Hospital cbd gummies symptoms where to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking as soon as she crossed the road, secretly reminding herself not to make the same mistake in the future, and to go west first and then go around.The heads of the various departments of the Security Department introduced Zhou Ju and his party PolyU campus security situation.Then go to the main building together, and hold a symposium in the high end and high end conference hall.Vice principal Mu and Vice principal Yu welcomed Zhou Ju and his party to the school for investigation, affirmed the branch office s work on school safety, cbd gummy subscription and expressed their sincere gratitude to the branch office for its strong support for the school s establishment of a safe campus over the years.Zhou Ju thanked PolyU for its long term strong support for the work of the Branch, saying that PolyU is the vane of Yanyang universities, and PolyU s safety construction work has a typical demonstration effect.Invest in, promote the integration of traditional policing and modern policing, and jointly protect the pure land of colleges and universities The talk is all about the scene, but the atmosphere is very warm.Officer HCMUSSH where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus Han, you know, you know how it happened Such a thing I just found out, how about Aunt Liu as the representative, and come in with me.Xiaoying, Xiaohan may not have known before, Xiaohan, Xiaoying is the person involved, 110 It was Xiaoying who beat her, she can t leave.I m sorry, I forgot to ask who called the police just now, go in, go in and tell.Han Chaoyang was not so polite to the person who beat someone, and he turned back and shouted You two, what to hide, can you hide, come in, hurry up Comrade police, listen to my explanation Come in first when you are talking.The property company s office is next door to the Ximen security room District, there is a conference table that can seat a dozen HCMUSSH where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus people.Han Chaoyang called the parties, the reporter and the witnesses to sit down, opened the bag, took out the pens and papers, checked the law enforcement recorder again habitually, looked up and said Some of you here know me, and some don t.She ran into the backyard through the back door, and should have gone to Director Su s office.When she came out again, she turned into a special agent.The black uniform was tailor made for her, with a cap on her head, and a multi functional belt around her waist.Her bags were bulging.No, I don t know what s inside.Chaoyang, Xinyi, how are you I almost didn t recognize her heroic appearance.Han Zhaoyang was surprised, but also realized why she was wearing this outfit, and his heart throbbed.Zheng Xinyi, who was about to get off work, chuckled A good figure looks good in everything, but I feel that there is something missing.What is missing Huang Ying subconsciously lifted the cover of the police station, walked out and took a look at the glass door as a mirror.Put on the body camera and the walkie talkie.As for the establishment of the owners meeting and the hiring of a property management company, the old man firmly does not support it, and even cited a lot of examples of black properties, saying that there is no need to shoot yourself in the foot.These masters don t need to spend money to hire a bunch of servants When I come back, I will be bullied by the servant in the end.Chapter 239 Difficult task 3 At 2 30 in the afternoon, Xu Hongliang and Xie Lingling came back with bags in their hands and bags on their shoulders.One smiled happily, and the other shyly blushed when they met.Work matters are important, Han Chaoyang can t care less about teasing his good brothers and younger junior sisters, let them put their luggage in the police room, and take them to the security department to find Vice Minister Jiang, and then go to the arts under the leadership of Vice Minister Jiang.Instructor Hang felt that this situation had to be clarified, so he put down his gun and found a wanted warrant from the file folder on the desk.Xiao Han, come here and have a look.Have you ever seen this person when I assisted Jiang Li in helping the villagers of Lijiayao to apply for the second generation ID cards There are more in the hospital when I was a child.Han Chaoyang looked at the photos on the arrest warrant, and then at the photos on the computer, but he didn t have the slightest impression.Although he believed that Jiang Li was right, he couldn t lie about such a big matter, where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus so he could only shake his head solemnly.Didn t you bring a law enforcement recorder Is the law enforcement recorder turned on Instructor, I m sorry.I wanted to apply for an ID card and I didn t pick up the police, so I didn t turn it on.The mobile phone signal how long until cbd gummies wear off in this area is very good, and it is necessary to install landlines and buy mobile phones.Cell phone numbers are not as expensive as they used to be.Going to the police station or the county public security bureau to call the police is not as troublesome as before.It is easier to call 110 to call the police.Even Han Chaoyang can think that Lijiayao is not a safe place for Feng Changdong, how could Shi Ju and Jiang Da not think of it While Han Chaoyang and Jiang Li were whispering at the gate of the courtyard, Shi Ju stared at He Pingyuan s hand drawn topographic map in the room and said coldly It is impossible for him to stay in the village for a long time, with his cunning Personality, I even suspect that he may not necessarily live in the village at night.We responded very quickly this time.If we do nothing, he may continue to do his business.If something is wrong, then continue to hide until Let the sound of the wind pass and then abscond.I think so too.The war opportunity is fleeting, and the stone bureau is really walking on thin ice, especially at this critical moment when making a decision, all possibilities must be considered.He stared at the topographic map for a long time, lit a cigarette again, and said solemnly He is a native of Lijiayao, and he is more familiar with this area than we are, and the terrain is so complicated.I want to organize a dragnet style search., estimated to be three or four thousand people.If he really hides, it will not be so easy to arrest him with our current strength.Surrounded shark tank episodes cbd gummies by mountains, south, east, and west directions, all the places where crops can be grown Terraced fields have been reclaimed, and as long as there are where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus terraced fields, there are roads, and there is no way to block them.We are not happy but worried.A fugitive who hurt the police with a previous record is afraid of people.You are lucky this time, but luck cannot always be so good, so you must be careful no matter what where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus happens in the future.Thank you Kang for your concern, I will pay attention to it in the future.For Han Chaoyang and other policemen, Xu Weizhong and Kang Haigen are the leaders, but not for Zheng Xinyi.She wondered if it was appropriate to say this in front of Huang Ying.She didn t have any scruples when she said it, and she joked I said pig man, the wild boar has helped you so much, you have made such great achievements for you, and you still killed the wild boar.You still eat wild boar meat, are you worthy of snooze gummies cbd wild boar, don t you feel sad It doesn t hurt to stand and talk.You don t know how many crops and people have been harmed by wild boars.It was too exaggerated, and the academy and our security office talked to him countless times.But he didn t make any big mistakes, and he never failed an exam.There is nothing we can do about him, but point him to graduate early and get out early.Han Chaoyang asked curiously, Have you made a lot of money He will graduate in the second half of the year.Third, he has been in business where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus for two years at the school.I don t know how much money he made, but he bought a car worth more than 200,000 yuan.Some time ago, the logistics office invited bids, and he even planned to contract several snack stalls in the new campus.If he hadn t discovered it in time, he would have almost succeeded.What a talent He should not apply for the PolyU School of Chemical Engineering, but should apply for the Business School.It s good that there is no police incident, what about Chaoyang Village I Master rests tonight, your master is patrolling the village, so many villagers move, and so many waste collectors, don t worry if you don t keep an eye on him. He s alone How is it possible, the street pays more attention to the villagers relocation than your house, and There was a fight in the afternoon, Director Su and Manager Jin are both there, and there are dozens of team members in the village now.The scene of more than two hundred households moving together must be spectacular, and the village is deserted enough after the rented outsiders moved out , I can imagine that the village will be even deserted after the villagers move away.However, this desertion is only temporary.In a few days, it will become a large construction site, with thousands or even tens of thousands of workers stationed there, and high rise buildings will be erected within two years.Another party member development quota is wasted.Thank you Director Su, thank you Sister Su, you are my own sister, I will not make it difficult for you, I will behave well.Just know, you are not going to the high tech zone to replace Chaoyang Well, let s carry out the tasks well first, and we ll talk about other things later, and we ll definitely catch up by the end of the year to recruit party members. Now it s much more difficult cbd gummies symptoms where to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking to join the party than before, there are few places in the whole sub bureau, and even fewer are assigned to the office.The community has a party branch just like the police station.Director Su is the secretary of the party branch.Every year, the community recruits party members.The community residents who eat public meals have either already joined the party, or are not interested in joining the party at all.I know how much I miss you in the past two years abroad.Are you busy If not, I want to go to Yanyang to see you tomorrow.Am I mistaken, I really want to come Xie Lingling s head was getting bigger, and she couldn t refuse, so she could only smile wryly Okay, I miss you too, how do you plan to come here, by plane or train, so I can pick you up After the phone call, Xu Hongliang also Guessing what was going on, he couldn t help laughing and asked The romantic debt owed by Chaoyang Well, it s the one who went abroad for further studies.I ll go, it s lively now.Who said it wasn t, This test is difficult for him, I know Yanwen too well, coming to Yanyang is definitely not as simple as looking for me to catch up on the past, and they didn t even break up at that time.It s not a breakup, what do you mean Yanwen is our The most beautiful and fashionable girl in the class, to where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus put it bluntly, the one who can make us realize that spring is coming, knows how to dress up best, changes clothes every three days, texture, color, style, all change with the seasons every day And the change of shades.Report Please come in.Deputy Captain Gong glanced back, and then made a phone call Report to Luo Zhi, the suspect vehicles have a total of 17 violations that have not been dealt with this year, including 6 violations of parking.From this city and other cities And the electronic police in other provinces captured 11 violations such as not following the traffic markings and speeding, etc.From the photos, the people driving the suspect vehicles kept changing, and only two violations were driven by the same person.A criminal policeman was in For the record, Vice Captain Gong drove on hands free.Han Chaoyang could clearly hear Deputy Captain Luo saying on the phone Even if a best cbd gummies for anxiety reddit where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus car worth millions is not worthy of a full time cbd gummie rings driver, it is unlikely where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus .

do cbd gummies really work to stop smoking?

that someone else will drive it casually.Tengda and I also find it strange. This shows that you have high vision. Actually, I don t have high vision.But where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus it s just not suitable.You must be using Han Chaoyang as a reference, there are definitely not many boys who are richer and more talented than Han Chaoyang, but there are not many boys who are more handsome or cute than Han Chaoyang.Empathy is even rarer.Xie Lingling sighed secretly, and said calmly It s because the fate has not arrived, and it will come when the fate does.Too much money, if you don t get into a well known band, you really don t look good to see Jiangdong s elders, you have to work harder and harder, how can you have time to fall in love.It s still so strong, in fact, there is really no need to make yourself so tired.Sheng Yanwen sighed softly, put down Chopsticks smiled wryly and said People are in the Jianghu, and they can t help themselves.Despite this, Han Chaoyang still took out his mobile phone, pulled out Yang Jiandong s photo and asked, Aunt Wu, are you sure it s not this person No, but I seem to have seen this person before When did I meet Forgot Already.Where did I meet you I remember what you said, he seems to be with Xiao Cai, and I usually set up stalls in the community, and I don t go to other places.When will I see you The past is not very important now, nor is it important where he saw it now, what is important is that a third suspect has surfaced Rong Zhiping instructed tacitly, and asked Aunt Wu to keep it secret while helping to inquire and pay attention.Then he took Han Chaoyang straight to Yingchun Community, found the property, and checked the community surveillance on the grounds of investigating the theft of an electric car.He Yichang took out the Police Pass to check the time, got up and asked, President Zhang, when will the results do cbd gummies show up on drug test cbd gummies symptoms of the inquiry be available However, I told them, please hurry up.Every time Tian Jiming plays Cha Lak , no matter how much he wins or loses, next plant cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus he uses Bank of China s personal debit card to make settlement through Yang Jiandong s POS machine.The POS machine transaction is to read the magnetic stripe information of the cardholder on the bank card through the card reader.The operator of the POS machine enters the transaction amount, the cardholder enters the password, and the POS machine sends the information to the card issuing bank through the UnionPay center.The system completes the online transaction, gives the information of whether it is successful or not, and prints the corresponding bill.It s really unreasonable.What is this Is this an escape Han Chaoyang felt that this could not be done, so he patted Li Xiaobin s shoulder gratefully, and immediately took out his mobile phone and walked out of the monitoring room to his girlfriend.Call.Chaoyang, where are you, has the murderer been caught Huang Ying was very surprised when she received the call at night.Last time I missed it, and in the evening I found an important clue.They can t run a second time.Han Chaoyang made up a lie, and then asked knowingly Ying Ying, how is Sheng Yanwen, she plans to spend a few days in Yanyang If you want to know, just call her directly After making a phone call with great difficulty, Huang Ying was really upset when she asked this question.I haven t contacted her for more than two years.How can I get her phone number Yingying, I don t mean anything else, I m still a classmate anyway, it s not easy for her to come here, it s not good to see her.What the police lack is people and money If the young man continues to be a community policeman and works at the Huayuan Street Police Station, best cbd gummies for anxiety reddit where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus he will be able to organize hundreds of security guards to assist the branch to carry out security patrols, do a good job in security prevention and control, and in case of emergencies such as siege, interception, etc., he can also organize hundreds of people to assist the branch to set up card control.Qiu Ju realized that he couldn t really treat the young man as an ordinary policeman, and was about to chat with Han Chaoyang, when Han Chaoyang suddenly turned around and said, Look, Feng Ju Yang Jiandong You won t be mistaken for this photo Xiao Han, are you familiar with the suspect Bureau Qiu was a little surprised, after all, no matter how capable the young man is, he is only a community policeman.I don t know if I don t come, he is also a bitter child , at least the environment where he grew up is relatively difficult.Huang Ying was about to ask if there would be a landslide in the mountain behind if it rained heavily, when Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang suddenly.Hello, who is your name The caller ID showed an unfamiliar mobile phone number, and it was a local number.He had no contact with his junior high school and high school classmates.Han Chaoyang was surprised to receive such a call suddenly.Xiao Han Yes, I m Han Chaoyang.Han Chaoyang realized that he didn where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus t need to speak Mandarin with the people in his hometown, so he quickly answered in his native dialect.I m Qi Guangyu, the director of Linshan Police Station.Xiao Han, your father is by my side.I asked your father to ask for your mobile phone number just now.Then what are your plans next Huang Ying asked curiously.I ll go to the talent market tomorrow to see if I can find a more reliable job, Zhang Beibei picked up the last piece of cake left on the paper plate with a fork, and suddenly asked with a smile, Where s your husband Ask my husband as soon as you come, is he interested in my husband Huang Ying couldn t where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus help next plant cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus teasing.As long as you treat him as a treasure, I m just asking casually.At my hometown, I ll be back tomorrow.Three women were playing a scene, and Director Su walked in with a stack of newly printed forms Zhang Beibei brought several boxes of cakes, one of where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus which was for Director Su.Considering that Zheng Xinyi would come only tomorrow, he specially asked the security guard who was going to help the kitchen in Dongming Community to take it and put it in the refrigerator in the cafeteria.Brother, the only one who can truly inherit the mantle of the do cbd gummies show up on drug test cbd gummies symptoms master is Chaoyang.Han Chaoyang was embarrassed by Jiang Ju s teasing, and hurriedly said Shi Ju, don t laugh at me, you are the most proud apprentice of the master.I m not kidding you, I m not joking with you.You are young and don t know much about it.Changqing joined the work earlier, so he should know something.I m really not the master s most proud apprentice.How can it be impossible Shi Ju put down his beer and sighed I don t know what you thought when you were assigned to work in the institute.I was very reluctant at the time What s the point of being a police officer Every day Faced with three aunts and six wives, dealing with family problems, how could it be fun to be a criminal policeman HCMUSSH where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus to solve a major case After working with the master for two years, he was in the office, not in the office, and even went to sign up behind his back when the economic investigation team was set up in the bureau , He didn t know until he had to report for work the next day after the transfer order, did you think he was very disappointed in me.You are different from them.You not only need to Evidence should also be collected to assist in the investigation.This involves whether the case can be successfully filed and whether the criminal responsibility of the suspect can be investigated, Han where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus Chaoyang blurted out Understood Lao Tang, who took HCMUSSH where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus the initiative to ask Ying to help, also divided his troops into three groups.Kang Haigen and four team members took Bi Xunchang to Zhonggui Building to identify the scene.It was clearly written in the transcript that he where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus used the first set of equipment seized to set up a black broadcast in Zhonggui Building, but the only confession was that Not enough, there must be evidence.Miao Haizhu and Chen Jie went to Yanyang Airport together, and asked the airport control tower and the airline operating the Yanyang route to find out whether they had received the broadcast signal transmitted by the suspect s illegal occupation of the frequency before, and if they had received it, would there be any impact on the airline dispatch, especially the flight Taking off and landing caused an impact Lao Tang took a team member to visit Yanyang Railway Station, Provincial People s Broadcasting Station, Municipal People s Broadcasting Station and other units.I ordered it online.When he called the car, Zhang Beibei took a look at it calmly.It seemed that he was going to the high tech zone.Wang Jianping got into Baosuo s car, put on his seat belt and helped him Steering the steering wheel, he said anxiously Bao Suo, Chaoyang, don t say much thank you, I ll take a step first.Go ahead, pay attention to safety on the way.Watching Wang Jianping leave, Baosuo entered the police room from the back door, greeted Zheng Xinyi who was on duty, walked through the case handling area to the police room door, and stood at the police station.Santana, who was traveling with Jiang, said, Chaoyang, Old Tang, there is something wrong at the station, so I m leaving too.Okay, please drive slowly.Han Chaoyang really wanted to ask about the adjustment of the leadership team of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Chen Jie said with a smile Don t worry, I have enough people, but I have to Please do me a favor.What can I do for you, this is a task assigned to you by Manager Jin, not mine.Yes, you are not allowed to cheat.Zheng Xinyi couldn t help laughing.Chen Jie pulled a chair, sat in front of the two of them, and said triumphantly Our school leader called me.During the winter vacation, the school can organize students to come to us for internships, but it is impossible to come to the community security company.It is impossible where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus to come to the patrol team.You can only go to the police station, and you can also consider coming to the police platform, but you must have a policeman who can make a decision.It turned out that she planned to recruit soldiers from the Provincial Judicial Police Academy Zheng Xinyi suddenly came to her senses, and subconsciously asked Is coming to the comprehensive police platform different from coming to our security company Why where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus do we have to have a policeman who can make decisions Please, I went to a police school.Please answer.The third squadron received it, the third squadron received it, please tell me, Han Da.Coincidentally, it happened to be Wu best cbd gummies for anxiety reddit where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus Junfeng, the leader of the best cbd gummies for anxiety reddit where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus third squadron, who full spectrum cbd gummies for sale answered.Han Chaoyang said straight to the point Junfeng, it s an urgent task, quickly call a few surveillance cameras outside the south gate of the community, and then arrange for someone to go around HCMUSSH where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus the south gate to see if there is a middle aged woman in her forties or eighteen years old.Wandering outside the youth hostel with a young woman in her twenties, I will send you their photos so that you can identify them.Okay, send the photos quickly.I will send you , but there is one thing that must be paid attention to, you must be calm and composed, and you must not startle the snake.Han Da, you are not at ease when I do things.Captain Wang, I m Chaoyang, what s the matter Chaoyang, report a situation, Wang Jianping looked at the suspect who was being stuffed into a police car by several criminal policemen, and said excitedly, Zhang Boyu has been arrested, and this bastard is still selling drugs., More than 900 grams of heroin were seized at the scene, as well as an imitation May 4th pistol.The accomplice who did not come into our sight and the where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies near by two accomplices who developed later were also arrested at the same time.The arrest operation went smoothly and no policeman was injured.Great Han Chaoyang was so happy, he couldn t help asking Team Wang, how did you lock them , Organized the police force to monitor the hotels where he often stayed, and after three days where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus of guarding, he really showed his face.Captain Wang, does this count as meritorious service Of course Wang Jianping knew who cbd gummies minnesota he was asking, so he hesitated and said This can only be regarded as a confession, and we can only strive for leniency.Nie Haichao used to work in my friend s shop.The bad business is not because of his poor craftsmanship, but because he can cbd gummies cause kidney stones didn t choose the right place when he opened the shop. Can your friend contact Nie Haichao It s not him Can I get in touch with Nie Haichao It s about whether I can get in touch with him.Boss Wen sighed and said with a wry smile He used gummy cbd supplements to do wholesale of small commodities, and he spent all the money he made from wholesale on restaurants.Isn t the business of restaurants always stagnant Is that great I usually spend so much, so I borrowed money to maintain it, and now I still owe a lot of debt, so I don t know where to hide.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, next plant cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus and then asked Who does Nie Haichao get along with normally Okay Are you in my shop Yeah.He is a bit introverted, doesn t talk to people very much, likes to read novels, and reads them with his mobile phone when he is free.Vice Minister Jiang looked behind him, Then he said This is the lesson of not knowing the law.Tell her that you have to learn the lesson and learn to be flexible.You can also avoid taxes reasonably by starting a company.It is also okay to hire foreign teachers for English training.Just don t mention foreign teachers, and don t worry about it.Inviting international students to attend classes, we can have an exchange activity Just as Vice Minister Jiang was giving advice on the Yinglun training, Han Chaoyang, who had just walked out of the South Gate of PolyU, was complaining as do cbd gummies show up on drug test cbd gummies symptoms he walked.Master, if this news gets out, the masses will accuse us of where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus seeing the food served.Ordinary people leave their mobile phones and ignore them, but leaders have to 2500mg cbd gummies find ways to help find them if they lose them.Seeing the police car he drove into the emergency lane, several cars that had already entered the emergency lane hurriedly turned on their turn signals and turned into the slow lane, thinking that Han Chaoyang was a traffic policeman, and worried about being caught and fined.Han Chaoyang could see it clearly, and hated this kind of traffic violation that took his own and other people s lives as a disregard, but it wasn t that the traffic police didn t have the power to control them, and he could only watch them back into the lane they should be driving.Passing one car after another, just like this, I drove forward for about two kilometers.I saw three cars and an off road vehicle rear end, and they stopped crookedly in the middle of the road, occupying the fast lane and the slow lane, causing traffic congestion.The large vehicles carrying construction materials go through the gate, and migrant workers and project management personnel have special passages, and three gates are installed like high end residential areas.All entry and exit must be swiped.All the cards have to be processed at the security guards.Xu Hongliang looked at today s card application records, looked up and where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus asked The work has been suspended, what are these people doing here The security guard Xiao Chen got up and explained Manager Wang said that they are workers from another construction site.The construction period of that project is tight, and the work is not stopped during the where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus Spring Festival.These dozens of workers will not go home during the New Year.The conditions here are better.Let them live here at night.Go to work in the morning and come back at night.If this land is easy to sell, can the district wait until today Then invest two to three hundred thousand yuan and make a good renovation I think it s okay, go back and hold a meeting to study.Han Chaoyang didn t expect them to take it seriously, and couldn t help reminding Secretary Cao, Hong Liang, this is two or three hundred thousand, not two or three thousand, nor two or three Ten thousand I know.Before Cao Zefang could speak, Xu Hongliang smiled and said, Twenty to three hundred thousand is a lot, but we really need an office space and dormitory.If we don t have where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies near by these basic things, it will be very difficult where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus for the company If we want to grow and develop, for example, if we want to undertake some business, people will think that we have no strength when they go to the community.If we rent it out, think about how much it costs to rent such a large place nearby, so generally speaking, it is still worth where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus can you buy cbd gummies at walmart investing in.Besides, what is the relationship between you and Xiaoyu and him He will only help and not ruin our affairs Fighting a tiger is inseparable from a brother, and a brother is just as close as a brother.Bao Qingshan thought about it, and smiled as he walked If he dares to ruin our affairs, I will never end with him Contact me in time for any situation.Han Chaoyang had swept the Zhongshan Road when he received the notification, and was visiting a row of small restaurants on the east side of the coach road with Mei Tiejun.Passing from our side There will be no mistakes in monitoring.Baosuo is checking along the road, and will report any progress in time.Yu Zhenchuan turned to look at Xiaoxiang, and reminded bluntly Chaoyang, the same sentence , This is the case of our Xinyuan Street Police Station Han where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus Chaoyang couldn t help but said, Don t worry, I won t chew my tongue, and neither will the brothers.You are a criminal policeman and also a parent, and I am telling the parents this as a policeman.Han Da, don t you know how disobedient this child is, and Lao He and I are almost mad at him Sister Gong, it s not me who criticizes you.Although next plant cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus I don t have children, I am the son of my parents.There is still a little right to speak on the issue of educating children.When a child makes a mistake, the parents should also review it.It is not acceptable to open your mouth and extend your hand.Han Da, how do you ask me to review it Is it easy for us to let him eat well and dress well We are so grown up and don t know anything at all, which always makes us worry.Don t say it, it s embarrassing, and everyone will throw it at you Let s go, I have to let him have a good memory In the final analysis, let the child have a good memory Seeing He Xiaofu s frowning expression, Han Chaoyang realized that he had to fulfill his where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus promise, so he suppressed a smile and said, Sister Gong, can you save me some face Besides, you are a policeman, so you can t break the law knowingly.Thank you, Manager Qi, for your support.It should be, Manager Qi let go, turned around and smiled, Is there a service point outside, Director Jian is preparing, and the tables, chairs and benches will be moved out immediately.In order to cooperate with your rectification, I just told the passenger The terminus and the South Passenger Transport Station have coordinated, and they will arrange special personnel to connect with each other, exchange passenger transport routes, especially ticket information, and then set up a computer with Internet access outside, log in to 12306, and do our best to help passengers who have not bought tickets go home.Thank you very much, Manager Qi, with your support, our work will be much better.Thank you, this is our job too.Chaoyang, Manager Qi just said that the service point at the door family video cbd gummies is also responsible for statistics, Find out which direction has more passengers, and the number of trains in the station is less, and the number of trains will be temporarily cbd gummies which ones are really work increased. I won t go, my things are here, what should I do if I lose them I can t lose them, I Arrange someone to watch for you.Wu Junfeng and others arrived in a police car and electric patrol car, and Han Chaoyang waved and shouted Junfeng, help where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus this big sister close the stall, remember to turn on the law enforcement recorder, don t come I can t tell when things were lost. Yes Let s go. Comrade police, it s actually nothing, you don t need to go to the police office. It s nothing, that s not what you said just now.Han Chaoyang s voice As soon as it landed, the crowd of onlookers burst into laughter.The female stall owner was so astonished by the laughter, she pleaded bitterly Comrade policeman, this is a small business, and my whole family depends on this small business I know that it is not easy for you cbd gummies symptoms where to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking to make a little money, that s why she is so kind. Sorry, I just want to confirm.Han Chaoyang took a look at his ID card and asked, Miss Wen, do you have Don t how long do cbd gummies take to take effect you have the landlord s phone number Yes.The woman ran into the room, took out her cell phone, and pulled out a number.Seeing this number, Han Chaoyang was happy, because it was different from the mobile phone number on the Xingye Plaza lease contract.Considering that Meng s vigilance should be very high now, and he would not answer calls from strangers, Han where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus Chaoyang smiled and said, Miss can i travel to mexico with cbd gummies Meng, can I call him with your cell phone Yes, call him.Go.Thank you.He was not invited into the living room, and the police couldn t just break in.Han Chaoyang just stood no thc cbd gummy bears recipes at the door and dialed Meng Lang s number on Wen Liping s mobile phone, beeped twice, and the where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus call went through Xiao Wen, what s the matter Meng Lang, right I m not Xiao Wen who rented your house.Meng Lang could only bite the bullet and tap his phone, and reluctantly transferred money to the other party in front of Han Chaoyang through the other party s application for adding WeChat friends.Han where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus Chaoyang was staring at him, but his attention was mainly focused on Chen Yuexiang s WeChat summer valley cbd gummies keanu reeves avatar and nickname.After confirming that Chen Yuexiang was not a little fairy , he dialed a third number and played the role of an employee of Jinshi Fitness Center again.What s your surname Han Chaoyang s heart trembled, because it was a man who answered the phone My surname is Cao.Who are you What s the matter Mr.Cao, this should be Ms.Jiao Qin s mobile phone number.I m Xiao Han from Jinshi Fitness Center.I have something to do with Ms.Jiao.Please let her Answer the phone.She s not here, tell me something.He is so old and only attempted to commit a crime , so he can t take coercive measures against him, and he can t even talk to him loudly.Han Chaoyang signaled the stinky boys on duty at the construction site to stop watching the excitement, and helped the old man pick up the woven bag used for committing crimes , led him to a rusty tricycle, turned around and asked, Is it from here Did it go through the wall Well, I want to go in and have a look.The old man was not worried about being dealt with by the police, so he took out his cigarette and lit it on his own.Standing on the tricycle and climbing the wall If you don t stand on it, you can t reach it.It was the first time Han Chaoyang encountered such an old thief.The problem is that the parking is not stable, so I couldn t help laughing I can t reach it Why don t you go back to get the ladder if you can t reach it Your broken car is not stable at all, and you can barely reach it when you stand on it.You just now Didn t you say that your Public Security Bureau also guarantees it Guarantee, I will invite Director Liu of the Huayuan Street Police Station, and even Director Wang of the Judicial Office to be witnesses.I have participated in the entire demolition of Chaoyang Village, and I am quite familiar with the process of evaluation, demolition, and payment of compensation.The compensation is distributed by the district.If you can lend a helping hand, Dai Lishi will lend where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus you the money, including the interest incurred, which can be directly deducted from the demolition compensation in the future.Chapter 614 Borrowing money 3 Brothers Dai Lijun and Dai Liyang After hesitating, their wives simply kept silent.Dai Lishi is Dai Qiancheng s cousin anyway.Although he didn t learn well in the past few years, he was very kind to Dai Qiancheng when he was a teenager.It is necessary to quickly investigate and break, open a few rooms, and organize an interrogation on the spot.Ask the person in charge of the hotel if there is a parking lot behind or nearby, and drive the suspect s car there.In addition, remind the person in charge of the hotel that the public security organs will handle the case , ask them to keep the secret, and anyone who leaks it will be held criminally responsible.Yes You open the room first, organize the interrogation first, and I will report to the bureau immediately.After the report, I will pack up and go to meet you.Don t worry, Han Da, we are determined to complete the task.As soon as Xiao Sun got out of the car, he could not only hear clearly but also see clearly, seeing that the most handsome policeman in Yanyang who was about his age disagreed with taking the suspect to anti drug team, suddenly realized that he seemed to be busy for nothing, not only did he have nothing to do next, but also the anti drug team had nothing to do, even where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus if there was, it HCMUSSH where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus would still provide assistance as before, and the work would be just as wasted This is not a trivial matter.It is almost certain that he has had six or seven drug transactions recently, but I want to It takes time to finalize the identity of the buyer.Team Song has already reported to the leader of the anti drug brigade of the Nanshan Sub bureau.The anti drug brigade is reporting to the criminal investigation detachment of the sub bureau, and may ask for technical does cbd gummies give you a headache investigation assistance.I found several frequently used addresses but did not go, which shows that the colleagues in HCMUSSH where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus Beijing are very cautious, worried that they will startle the snake, and will not take action if they are not sure.Jiao Chengle and Liang Dongsheng looked at each other, and analyzed It has been verified that at least 300 grams have been sold, and we know that we can find out more criminal facts through mobile phone call records, WeChat chat records, and transfer receipts and payments records.But the starting point is for the big guys, to defend rights for the owners of the entire community.As expected.Han Chaoyang didn t think it was strange, looked around at the crowd, and said in a cadence, Boss Zhong just said examination one by one, and Director Yang also mentioned examination.I need to explain to you guys what interrogation is.People s Police Law It clearly stipulates that the public security police have the right to interrogate suspicious persons while where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus on duty, which means that the interrogation is mandatory and the interrogated must cooperate.From this point of view, no matter whether the person entering or leaving the community is the owner or not, the security guard has no The right to cross examine.I said he has no right, since he has no right, why should he interrogate me Zhong Yong thought so, and couldn t help turning his head and glaring at Xiao Xu.I m worried, I ll call and ask for you, and I ll get back to you later. Okay, I m sorry to trouble you. People from my hometown, you re welcome.Chapter 672 Homecoming 1 Zhang Beibei played at the same time last year After two lawsuits, the lawyer she hired was very reliable.It is said that she is now the perennial legal counsel of Chaoyang Community Investment Company.Han Chaoyang also knew cbd gummies for sleep and pain such a lawyer.First, he sent the address of the Criminal Police No.2 Squadron to the suspect s parents by text message, and then called Zhang Beibei, asking Zhang Beibei to ask for the phone number of the lawyer Duan.Booked a room.It is worth mentioning that there were no standard rooms in youth hostels before.Since the hostel is relatively close to several project sites, several engineers and technicians and contractors went to ask if there were any standard rooms, and if so, they even planned to stay for a long time.However, although the deposit has been paid, it can still be refunded.Han Chaoyang calmed down 300mg cbd gummie bears and asked curiously Director Liu, what kind of electric car is it, four wheels or two wheels The ones issued are almost the same, and they are specially used for security patrols.Chapter 698 The case goes to the sub bureau for cbd gummies symptoms two rounds.It s better to have something than nothing The leading equipment is not active, and there is something wrong with the brain.Han Chaoyang couldn t care less about chatting with Lao Ding, where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus so he immediately called Xu Hongliang, organized twelve team members to rush to the branch office by bus, first went upstairs to the police security office to go through the application procedures, and then followed the police in charge of logistics.Lead the car in the backyard.Just as they were riding back on their brand new public security patrol electric vehicles, policeman Guo Yanfeng from the Xinyuan Street Police Station and two community policemen ran to the third floor of Shuimu Nianhua with seven auxiliary policemen.Master, Han Da asked us to go to the North Gate of PolyU.What are you looking at Mr.Ji asked subconsciously.Wu Junfeng explained, and couldn t help emphasizing It s only been a few days since PolyU started, and seven or eight parcels have been lost by just one courier company.There are several courier companies setting up stalls over there.Well, it should be a habitual offender.Mr.Ji regained his energy all of a sudden, and while following his apprentice to the row of shared bicycles that were released just yesterday, he smiled and said, where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus Let s go and have a look.There are many couriers over there.There are too many students in the courier, we can t keep an eye on them, call and ask Xiao Miao if she is busy, and let them go together if she is not cbd gummies symptoms where to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking busy.Yes Han Zhaoyang heard that Jiang Xiaomin had collected clues in the WeChat group, After giving the order, I rode an electric car just distributed by the sub bureau and went back to the PolyU dormitory to sleep.Han Chaoyang went around fighting fires like a firefighter on the night of New Year s Eve.He was so how much is 04 cbd gummies busy that he didn t even have time to eat lunch.He was so busy that he dragged his exhausted body back to the police room until after 7 o clock in the evening.When Jiang Xiaomin took over, he went to the cafeteria of the No.6 Hospital to make a meal for him.As soon as he came back, he took it to the security room of the No.6 Hospital to heat it in the microwave.Han Chaoyang sat down and took a sip of water, opened the drawer and took out the work log.Just as he was about to write down the things he did during the day, two old men, Ji Kaiyuan and Wu Wenge, were carrying a bag and a big thermos in a bag.Walked in leisurely.Chaoyang, what are you up to Writing a diary, Han Chaoyang looked up at them and asked curiously, Uncle Ji, why did you come back so late Did you really go to the fertilizer factory today Go, Stayed at the scene for a while, then wandered around the fertilizer factory, unknowingly turned around all afternoon.First of all, the identity of the victim has been confirmed.Teng Aihua, 26 years old, a member of the fourth group of Xiangyang Village, Dafeng Town, Heqing County, a senior high school student, was unable to repay the loan due to failure to open a restaurant, and was listed as a dishonest person subject to execution by the Heqing County People s Court.In November 2014, he ran away from Heqing County to avoid debts.It is unclear whether he had contact with his relatives during the period of hiding debts.Secondly, the murderer is most likely a man between the ages of 35 and 45, with a lame or disabled left leg, a height of between 1.85 and 1.95 meters, a weight of about 98 kilograms, a burly figure, and a tall man.Martha He spoke very seriously, and marked the key points on the white blackboard with a water pen while talking.Although the security company has undergone shareholding reform, the community is still the major shareholder, and it was established with the support of the street.It has always accepted the leadership of the street, assisted the street to maintain stability, assisted the street s comprehensive law enforcement brigade to enforce the law, and even assisted the street in emergency rescue and disaster relief.In short, the security company has the background and backing of the street Even if the security industry is special, the branch can only provide guidance on business.To use an inappropriate analogy, it depends on the owner to beat a dog.The branch office has to give face to the street, let alone deliberately make things difficult for the security company.Xu Hongliang is confident, and he is definitely not afraid of tearing his face.The marathon, especially the whole marathon, is different from the five kilometer training of the army.It depends on one s ability.Shan Ketian didn where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus t think the cbd gummies symptoms where to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking marathon was so scary, and smiled proudly Mr.Xu, it s not the same.We have to be fully armed in the army training.The backpack, water bottles and guns add up to tens of kilograms.Marathon doesn t need to carry weight.There is no time limit, just run slowly, and it s really not a problem whether you can run the whole distance Don t talk too much Xu Hongliang knocked on the table and said very seriously The gap between a five kilometer cross country and a marathon is huge.Big, I have learned that if most people can persist in the five kilometer cross country and half marathon with their will, then the whole marathon really does not depend on human will.Chaoyang, it s not that I don t know good and bad, but that this involves the Judicial Police Academy, how do you want me to talk to the leaders of the academy You are in charge of making connections, and District Chief Liu will come forward in person when the time comes.Liu Jianye paused, then turned back He said Chaoyang, what is most lacking now is people.On PolyU s side, you are responsible for matchmaking, school guards, and national defense students.You can pull as many as you can.Liu Suo, PolyU s side may be more difficult.Han Chaoyang said bitterly.Why is it so difficult Liu Suo, you may think that the school guards refusal to participate in patrols is the fault of Hong Liang, but it s not, and Minister Jiang is best cbd gummies for anxiety reddit where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus not the kind of person who ignores his relatives.The reason why he doesn t let the school guards take to the streets again Patrol, the reason why Mei Tiejun was transferred back to the new campus is mainly because we feel that our bureau is too childish.It is the talent who must stay, why didn t he apply for a position in our branch We recruited few people last year and the competition was too fierce, and the young man was worried that he would not be able to pass the exam.Since the relationship is in Fengyong Yongxian County Bureau, can you call how to make homemade cbd gummies justcbd County Magistrate Du, discuss with him, go through the secondment procedures, and second that Xiaokang here first.Feng Bureau could not know what Liu Qiuping was thinking, and couldn t help laughing Mr.Du probably won t agree.Think of a way, talk to County Magistrate Du, the Yandong Sub bureau is where to buy cbd gummies for tinnitus the place where he worked, and he should give this face.Old Du is so shrewd, can he let him go Feng The bureau thought for a while and murmured If it s not just a secondment, I can help with a formal transfer in the future and ask Han Chaoyang to help Xiaokang beg him, and he should agree.People take the elevator to the sixth floor.Mr.Qian, the construction site is just behind this commercial plaza.It only takes five or six minutes to walk there.There are not only restaurants but also express hotels on it.Although there are places to live on the construction site, the conditions are not good.Luo Gong and I also live on it.Booked for you, two double bed rooms, after dinner, I will accompany you to the lobby on the 8th floor to check in, put down your things and go to the construction site together.Boss Jiang, you are too polite, let you spend money.What are you spending money on , In your words, once you are born and you are familiar with each other, no matter whether the business can be negotiated or not, you will be friends after that, and of course I will do my best as a landlord when I arrive in Leken.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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