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He is taking a self study exam.After getting his bachelor s degree, he will go to the civil service exam.I said, from now on, we both listen to you, and you can give orders on what to do. Wait, Lao Xu didn t understand, so he subconsciously asked Chaoyang, we are short of people here, but Xiao Li and Xiao Chen Who will pay the wages here, and how to deal with meals and lodging.Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Li Xiaobin couldn t help laughing and said, Brother Xu, don t worry, we re just patrolling on a voluntary basis.Our manager said that the company will still pay the wages, and we ll go back to the company for 100 cbd gummies meals.Cafeteria.Volunteer patrol, that s good, let s drink 100 cbd gummies some water.One more person is better than one less, Lao Xu wanted to pour a glass of water for the two cbd gummies side effects reddit what are cbd gummies for sleep of them, but he couldn t find the glass after searching for a long time.Just hung up Cutting off the phone call of my junior sister, WeChat came again.The old factory manager of 527 Factory Aite in the WeChat group said that all the partners who played the violin, erhu and flute had arrived, and asked him if he would go to the river to play together.The old factory manager can be called the leader of the Chaoyang masses , and his influence is not comparable to that of Uncle Lei.Han Chaoyang really wants to get along with him and play with them in the past, but he really can t leave now.Thinking of the junior sister who had just finished the call, his eyes suddenly brightened.Director Wang, I have something to do outside, and I can t get through it for a while.I let my classmate go first.A girl who just graduated from Donghai Conservatory of Music, who studies folk instruments, erhu, pipa, flute, zither, and gourd silk.No Tell me to pull it off.Huang Ying really didn t have any ideas about Han Chaoyang, she really didn t want to go on a blind date alone, and Director Su tried his best to make a connection, so she proposed to pick him up along the way.Han Chaoyang didn t want to say that she didn t care, and pointed behind him I forgot to get it for you just now, do it yourself, there is water in the back row.Thank you.Not to mention disappointed, he picked up a bottle of water and casually chatted with her while drinking.Chapter Forty Three Blind Date 2 Hurry up, but I m still late.The sign in counter outside the banquet hall on the second floor of the Royal Court Hotel has been withdrawn, the hall door is wide open, the inside is full of people, and there are also many people watching outside.Group blind date, what a lively event Not only were there hotel staff outside, but there were also many family members of young men and women who came for a blind date.According to Director Su, the street leaders are helping to coordinate with several construction units, and may take over the security of several construction sites in the future The voluntary security patrol team needs at least 80 people.It is conceivable that Chaoyang Security Service Company will become the largest security company with the largest number of people in Huayuan Street in the future With someone, Han Chaoyang is full of confidence.Tomorrow night, we can conduct a drag net check best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us 100 cbd gummies of the migrant population in the area under the jurisdiction of the police office, so as to get a complete count of the population in the area and clarify the situation, and complete one of the most important tasks in the duties of the community police.He called Zhao Xu, the driver who had just joined the patrol team, and drove back to the office in his pickup truck.A path.It s been considered comprehensively, so cbd gummy bears for breathing let s do it this way.Deputy team leader Ren nodded with a smile, signaling Han Chaoyang high dose cbd gummies for pain to continue.We have a total of three patrol and interrogation terminals, which can be divided into three groups for simultaneous interrogation.Considering that the superior has strict regulations on law enforcement, we will not divide the troops into groups.We will start with one team and come in rows one by one.The security guards at the terminal are swiping their ID cards at the door, and I can see it from the outside, so I just push from south to north.There are many rules in public security, isn t it just a patrol to check the terminal, and I don t trust others to use it, so I have to watch it with my own eyes Director Su thought it was a little funny.Han Chaoyang didn t know what the leader was thinking, and continued The entry registration and rental house registration of community cadres and comprehensive law enforcement officers are carried out what are cbd gummies for sleep at the same time as the ID card checks, and they advance from south to north at the same time.Moving to a new place also requires management of their migrant population.To this end, the working group has created a WeChat group.Community grid member Shi Lijun registered his ID card and phone number, took out his mobile phone and asked with a smile Master Jiao, Master Chen, do you have WeChat Yes, who doesn t have WeChat now Come on, scan it, add Just a moment.What are you doing adding WeChat Master Jiao asked suspiciously.I am a grid member in the Chaoyang community.You need to come to me to apply for a residence permit.If you encounter other problems in the village or even in the city, such as someone defaulting on your wages, our community will also try to help you get it.Since the rent Living in our community, we have to serve you, and the superiors attach great importance to labor security, especially the wages of migrant workers.The key is that my parents will be very disappointed.So You can t resign, you have to keep working.Is it easy to be a civil servant On the way here, I was really worried that he would resign in a fit of anger.Han Chaoyang made this statement clear, and Huang Ying finally let out a sigh of relief.After thinking about it, she joked You have offended all the leaders and colleagues in the unit, what will you do in the future I think it s better to just resign and do what you like.How nice it is to be able to play the violin every day, support myself, and deceive little girls Han Chaoyang was delighted, and picked up the small mirror on the table, and said self absorbed and embarrassed Elder sister, do you have any cbd anxiety relief gummies Misunderstanding, a tall, mighty, handsome guy like me can t find a match, do I need to lie Stop, I ll throw up if I keep talking Some people like you if you don t like it, Han Chaoyang smiled slyly , put down the mirror and said As for how to get along in the future, how could it be difficult for me.This is knowing and not reporting Han Chaoyang suppressed his excitement, and asked calmly, What kind of things does he usually help people settle Finding people, what else can they do besides hunting people.How strict the management is now, let alone that he, an auxiliary policeman, has no right to break the law As for the suspect, even the official police of the case handling team dare not release him easily.Han Chaoyang realized that there was something wrong with that kid, and it was inappropriate to ask in front of so many people, so he immediately changed the subject.How can Captain Tang not know that this matter is very sensitive, so he started to fight haha.It wasn t until the feast was over that he deliberately 100 cbd gummies pulled Sister Yuan aside, winked at Han Chaoyang, and sent the others off with an excuse so that he could continue to ask.In fact, it was caught by the fire 100 cbd gummies brigade.It was more 2:1 cbd thc gummies than four meters long and thick as a bowl.I was afraid of snakes since childhood, so I dared not catch it.Because it was a pet kept by the owner, I later notified the forest branch I have not been stationed in the police office for a long time, so I still have an impression of most things.Han Chaoyang said while recalling, Zou Jingnan listened and read the performance appraisal system of the police, and the inspector listened and read the work log brought from the police office in the morning, what he said and the work situation entered in the system and the work log records continue to be verified.It seems that there is nothing missing.Although I have tried my best, there are still many shortcomings in my work.Please criticize the two leaders.

Liu Jianye stopped Su Xian who was about to pour water, put down her bag, sat down at the desk and said with a sad face Director Su, Han Chaoyang was taken away by the discipline committee and inspector of the sub bureau.I know it, although I don t know best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us 100 cbd gummies why, but as the director, I have a great responsibility, and I don t care enough about him, and I don t manage him strictly enough.So you didn t know that Han Chaoyang s problem has been figured out Su Xian came to her senses and asked calmly Director Liu, so Xiao Han did make a mistake, did he have a problem He, a new comrade who is currently on probation, should be allowed to stay in the community.If an experienced veteran comrade were arranged to come to the police station, these things would definitely not have happened. Director Liu, you are so busy with work, you have to visit our community in person Director Su, I won t go around in circles with you.Two carpenters were sweating profusely in the carport, as if they were transforming a police station that they had pulled from nowhere.The people from the telecommunications company were climbing on the poles to adjust the signal of the optical cable.The policeman Xiao Niu from the police security office stood at the back door of the police room and directed Li Xiaobin and other young men to move the tables, chairs and benches of the security company out.Chaoyang, this is Director Su was also there, as soon as he saw Grandpa Gu , he ran over.Han Chaoyang didn t care about parking the electric car, and introduced with pride while holding the handlebar Master, let me introduce to you, this is Su Xian, Secretary and Director of the Party Branch of our Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee Director Su, this is just Transferred to our police station, Inspector Gu who will be stationed in the police station like me in the future, Inspector Gu is also my master. Officer Han, it s not just about money.I m sorry, I ll give it to you.Sorry for the 100 cbd gummies trouble.No trouble, it doesn t matter if it s a big deal.Thinking of the scene of being interrogated that day, Zhang Beibei felt sore, and choked up and said Officer Han, the inspectors of your branch have all come to me.I know that borrowing money is not as easy as you said.I m sorry, I shouldn t care about your borrowing money.Money.It s all over, so what s the point of talking about it Let s talk about something else, how the lawsuit is going.The court just accepted it, and it said that the court will start at 8 30 am next Friday.The court also needs to go through procedures.There is no rush, the reason is on your side, I believe you can win.Thank you Officer Han.Here we go again, sit down, sit down and talk.Auxiliary police officers from Huayuan Street Police Station, including Han Chaoyang, hurriedly cleared the road to maintain order, and police cars with flashing lights drove in slowly one after another.Xi Hongbo of the criminal police brigade got out of the police car, stood at the door and exchanged a few words with Liu Jianye.After briefly understanding the situation, he turned around and assigned tasks to the criminal police, forensic doctors and criminal technical police.Han Chaoyang is not qualified to join in, the only thing he can do is to continue to maintain order.As if he thought he was in the way, Deputy Director Gu, who was in charge of maintaining order, asked him to come to the alley.Come on, come on, where is not to maintain order.After guarding the alley for more than ten minutes, another police car came, and Deputy Director Feng, who was in charge of criminal investigation, arrived.I know you re coming.Han Chaoyang put down his chopsticks natures only cbd gummies for sex and pushed the freshly opened Laoganma 100 cbd gummies how much does eagle hemp cbd gummies cost Beef Sauce in 100 cbd gummies front of him.He worked overtime every day and stayed up late every day.Nothing tasted like anything, and he couldn t eat without spicy sauce.Tang Junwei secretly thought that his own people don t need to be polite, so he simply smiled and said, Okay, I ll go wash my hands first.Hurry up, it will be cold if you don t eat.Just as Tang Junwei walked out cbd gummies 12mg thc of the conference room, the phone rang suddenly, and Han Chaoyang smoothly Pressed the hands free button and asked, Zhen Chuan, have you come back Where have you been I ordered takeaway.Come back and eat together.On the scene.What s going on Han Chaoyang was surprised how a police case that wasn t considered a police case could be so troublesome, while Chen Jie, Li Xiaobin, Xiao Wu and the others found it inconceivable and looked at the phone in unison.Comrade policeman, it is impossible for her not to know The key people say they don t know To take a step back, even if she knows, even if the car was bought after marriage and it is the joint property of the husband and wife, you can t just drive away the other person s car.You still have to go through the court, you have to preserve it first, and then go through the procedure.No To scare you, what you are doing is no different from robbery.Zhu Zhenxing has run away, and the phone can t be reached, so don t you want the 200,000 Why do you say that such a shrewd person is so confused on this issue As the saying goes, if you have a wronged person and a debtor, if you don t get back the money you borrowed, of course you have to find the person who lent you the money.Unless you can find out that they are a fake divorce and you can find evidence that they have joint property.The most urgent thing is to find someone, regardless of the case.What is the case, we must seize the opportunity to give them a personal case.Yes Let s take action.My mobile phone is turned on 24 hours a day.If you need coordination from the provincial department, you 100 cbd gummies can call me directly.With some eyebrows.Although Zhou Ju was not relieved, he breathed a sigh of relief, sent off Vice President Fan and other leaders and experts, walked to the side of the car and asked, Old Feng, who found this clue Chaoyang is the apprentice that Bureau Du helped old Gu take in not long ago.It turns out that he is the most handsome policeman, hahaha, this kid, he released another satellite without making a sound I have to admit that Lao Du still has a good eye for people.Yes, it s not an exaggeration to describe it with a discerning eye.It should be logical to be transferred to the police station in front of the station, and then you can say goodbye to Liu Suo, Guan instructor and Chen Xiujuan.Just as he was thinking wildly, a bus with the sign of Qingshan Yanyang on the front of the windshield slowly stopped in front.Chaoyang, Chaoyang, your mother is here Mr.Ma, Chaoyang is here to pick you up.Han Chaoyang came to his senses and ran to the side of the car in a hurry, only to see cbd gummies side effects reddit what are cbd gummies for sleep his mother getting out of the car with the driver s support, ignoring him The son said hello, covered his mouth and ran to the nearest trash can.Mom, I also have a convenience bag here.Knowing this would 100 cbd gummies happen, Han Chaoyang hurriedly took out the convenience bag, patted his mother on the back, and beckoned Xu Hongliang to help 100 cbd gummies carry the luggage.

It should be no problem to charge 30,000 to 40,000 yuan a year.When you have a girlfriend, you will take the house back when you are about to get married.Anyway, you are not without A place to live The master not only tried every means to help save money, but even asked if the down payment could be made up, and if there was a gap, how much would it be Obviously, he was prepared to lend money to his apprentice in case it was not enough.Han Chaoyang was very moved, he didn t say best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us 100 cbd gummies thanks for his kindness, and it seemed hypocritical to say those words of thanks.The only thing he could do was to do a good job and not let his old man down.After taking a shower and lying on the bed, I really couldn t fall asleep, and my mind was full of house mortgages.The more I think about it, the more I want to smoke, the more I control myself not to buy or smoke, the more I can t fall asleep.Wherever he went, he talked about it, what a playboy Huang Ying was completely convinced, and asked through gritted teeth, What happened next Not only was I physically separated, but I was transferred to another class.Her mother also rented a house next to the school, resigned to accompany her, and sent her to school in the morning.I went to pick it up at school at night.The teacher kept a close eye on it and monitored it 24 hours a day.She didn t dare, and neither did I.I made an appointment to continue talking after I was admitted to university, but after two months she asked someone to pick it up for me.I wrote a letter, saying that I should focus on my studies, and I won t talk about it after I m admitted to university. Dumped Almost, but this time I m not very sad, it s just for fun, and the study pressure is too great.Two tall men, a fat man, and a bald head were wearing shorts, jeans, and checkered short sleeves.Although they didn t know what their facial features were, these features were enough.While urging Guan Xiyuan to drive faster, Liu Jianye said Xiao Han, we are almost at the intersection of Xinning, you are closer than us, you should arrive in front of us, don t 100 cbd gummies act in a hurry, find a place to hide and wait for orders when you get nearby.When we arrive, we will act in unison.Don t hang up your mobile phone, report your location at any time, and keep in touch.It s closer from Chaoyang Community than from the office, and in a blink of an eye, we arrived at the intersection of Yuning Street and Shijiaxi Road.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to scare the snake, so Xiaokang asked Xiaokang to drive the car to a relatively secluded tree shade on the side of the road, dialed Lao Yan again with Yu Xucheng s mobile phone, and confirmed that the seven young men were still on the opposite side of the parking lot, and then he breathed a sigh of relief.Little Han is a good person.He is a civil servant and his family conditions are also good.Although he came from the countryside , but he has a house in the city, and he is still the most handsome policeman.Dad liked it, and my mother seemed to like it too with a beaming face.Huang Ying was very proud and very happy, and said flatteredly, I m planning to buy the house, but I haven t bought it yet.Jiahui s house, the one from Fairview, you introduced it, we all know it, Huang s mother held Watermelon walked over, and couldn t help but leaned over to look at the photo of the future son in law, and said 100 cbd gummies happily We used to be too anxious, and we should seriously consider life long events, and we should choose carefully.Picking and picking are not in vain., I finally picked the most handsome one, your dad and I have no objection, we agree.In the evening, I had dinner at the police office of Yangguan Village.After dinner, I started the first public security patrol with Lao Xu and the team members who had just entered Yangguan Village.It was of great significance.Village head Cui, accountant Chang, director Lin and grid operator Xiao Cheng all participated and were divided into three groups.One group patrolled on the busiest Xiangyang Road, and the other two groups patrolled in each team.After learning that there are people patrolling the village every day, the villagers, especially the merchants along the street, are very happy and satisfied.They all think this is a good thing and a practical thing done by the government.Han Chaoyang not only patrols, but also takes this opportunity to visit.He pulled the village cadres to find Qiao Xianhong s two uncles and talked about Qiao Xianhong s family.Your aunt was in the Cultural Bureau at the time.Well, my aunt s work was frequently transferred, and Sister Su didn t move around much after she started working.Go to the Municipal Secrecy Bureau, which is the Secrecy Office cbd gummies during pregnancy of the Municipal Party Committee, and it was not until last year that it was assigned to a grass roots post.Han Chaoyang really didn t know what the Municipal Secrecy Bureau was for.I don t care about these, as long as 100 cbd gummies I know that Director Su s original work unit is in the municipal party committee.After chatting for a while, we ate and drank enough and started shopping again.Huang Ying was full of energy.After visiting one after another, she didn t know how many clothes and pairs of shoes she tried on.Although he was mentally prepared, Han Chaoyang still felt that shopping with his girlfriend was more tiring than patrolling.Is a family member of Fa Yuen Street Central School.Xinrui sings so well, but she actually asked Xinrui to stand aside.How did he direct There must be something behind the scenes Which Huang Ying The third from the left in the first row in the middle.She is Huang Ying.I forgot who told me to introduce her to Tian Ende before.I didn t expect her to be so beautiful.Beautiful What s the use, it s singing, besides, Xinrui is also good.Tang Xinrui is indeed beautiful, and she started working earlier than Huang Ying, and she was a flower in Huayuan Street before Huang Ying came over.It s a pity that Huang Ying is more beautiful and is a civil servant, while Tang Xinrui is just a career establishment, so this flower has become eclipsed with Huang Ying s arrival.Zhu Meiying and Tang Xinrui are best friends, and the more she wants to be unconvinced for her best friend, she mutters What is HCMUSSH 100 cbd gummies Han guiding Conductor Han, isn t conducting just swinging a stick around, who wouldn t What are you talking about Don t join the chorus , Tang Xinrui had nothing to do, and when he came here, he heard them helping him, and he couldn t help laughing You are still teachers, and you are not afraid of being laughed at when you say it.Liu Jianye and Guan Yuanyuan organized the auxiliary police from the Huayuan Street Police Station and members of the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Brigade to maintain the order of the scene and remind the audience to pay attention to the order of the venue later.Please cooperate.Don t make any noise later.If you need to go to the bathroom, hurry up.After the concert starts, don t walk around casually.Don t disturb others watching the performance.Parents, please watch the children.There are too many people tonight.It s troublesome. It orange county cbd gummy worms 100 cbd gummies s okay to take pictures, but if you don t take pictures, how can you post them on Moments, but it s best to turn your phone on silent, and it s best not to answer and make calls after the show starts, so as not to affect others watching the show, this is the minimum respect for the performers , what are cbd gummies for sleep ree drummond cbd gummy Do you think so The leaders of the institute and the colleagues in the institute were extremely busy, and Han Chaoyang was not idle either.

Thank you, Officer Gu.Here we go again, let s leave it here.It s fine.Grandpa Gu and Wan Xin just opened the door and walked out of the police room , The mobile phone that was sending and receiving WeChat red envelopes suddenly rang.My girlfriend called, no matter how busy I was, I had to pick it up, but after I got through, it was the mother in law who spoke.Chaoyang, I saw the Moments you posted.The child is only seven months old.It s cbd gummies starpowa so pitiful.Let Yingying donate two hundred later.One hundred is hers, and one hundred is mine.I will forward it to you when I get to work tomorrow., please donate some from our colleagues. Mom, how embarrassing this is. It s not for you personally, you are doing good deeds, and we are also doing good deeds with love. Yes, we are all donating Love.Alright, Yingying will tell you.Qi Jie was really a little excited, and quickly said Tingting ran out, what can she say, she must be lying.She said that her aunt brought her here, come to Yan Yang is working on a summer job.In fact, it is not her own aunt.She said that her eldest aunt is my cousin who is married here.I have met her husband before, and I met her husband a few years ago.I have never been to her house.Where does she live I don t even know, and it s even more impossible for Tingting to know.Our two families hardly move around, and there is no human relationship.The young policeman is from his hometown, and the child s mother is not as restrained as before, so she couldn t help but interjected in her hometown dialect.And then Then Yang Qingyu left, he believed it was true.The villager who met his daughter should have transferred to a bus at the gate of the Sixth Courtyard, and should have gone straight to Chengdong Long distance Bus Station from here.All in all, happy hour.Han Chaoyang sent the family of three to the hotel, then sent Zuo Yatou 100 cbd gummies cloud 9 cbd gummies and Tang Yatou home, and finally sent his girlfriend off.I thought the matter was over like this, but unexpectedly at noon the next day, Chen Xiujuan called to let her go to the office.When she rushed to the office, she found that Qi Jie not only did not leave, but instead made a pennant and ran to the office to thank her.The instructor was not there, and Deputy Director Xu received him.Sending the pennant by the masses is a kind of affirmation of the work in the office.It is really an honor for the police in the office.Xu Suo is very enthusiastic.He chatted with Qi Jie for a while, and finally took Han Chaoyang to take a group photo with Qi Jie holding the pennant.Sending Qi Jie away, Xu Suo ordered the auxiliary police to hang the pennant on the wall of the conference room, and sighed It may not be a big deal for us when a child runs away from home, but it is really a disaster for the parents.Yu Zhenchuan knew that he didn t want the younger brother to change jobs, and he also knew that he didn t want to delay the younger brother s cbd gummies dosage for pain future, so he suddenly said Master, I think it s better for us to pretend we don t know anything about 100 cbd gummies this matter.Inspector Gu , What s the matter Chen Jie asked curiously.It is inconvenient to speak in the police room, Grandpa Gu stood up immediately It s nothing, you continue to be on duty.Seeing his old man open the door leading to the inner room, Yu Zhenchuan sighed secretly, and followed him calmly until he reached the neighborhood committee The community police office on the first floor.Zhen Chuan, I understand what you mean, but this is not a trivial matter.You don t know how much the bureau leader attaches importance to Chaoyang.He really can t resign.No more scolding or playing hooligans, no more struggling, eyes closed tightly, thin lips pursed, flushed pretty face, white jade like hands clutching the quilt tightly, panting nervously, chest Constantly ups and downs.Wife, I love you Han Chaoyang throbbed for a while, lifted the corners of the quilt and slowly got into the bed, the temperature of the air conditioner was turned on very low, it felt so good to get into the bed.Hmm.Huang Ying s lips turned red and purple, and she replied tremblingly like a mosquito.Han Chaoyang has been completely lost in the ocean of happiness.After some tenderness, he seems to have turned into a wild beast.His whole body is full of strength.His two fiery bodies are entangled together, ushering in waves of storms.At some point, her hot body slowly softened, and she lay in his arms and asked feebly, Honey, are we together now While stroking her fragrant shoulders, she said in a low voice When you called at noon, your father said to give you to me, and told me not to let you 100 cbd gummies be wronged.The heads of the various departments of the Security Department introduced Zhou Ju and his party PolyU campus security situation.Then go to the main building together, and hold a symposium in the high end and high end conference hall.Vice principal Mu and Vice principal Yu welcomed Zhou Ju and his party to the school for investigation, affirmed the branch office s work on school safety, and expressed their sincere gratitude to the branch office for its strong support for the school s establishment of a safe campus over the years.Zhou Ju thanked PolyU for its long term strong support for the work of the Branch, saying that PolyU is the vane of Yanyang universities, what are cbd gummies for sleep ree drummond cbd gummy and best cbd gummies for quitting smoking 100 cbd gummies PolyU s safety construction work has a typical demonstration effect.Invest in, promote the integration of traditional policing and modern policing, and jointly protect the pure land of colleges and universities The talk is all about the scene, but the atmosphere is very warm.Tan Xiaoying pointed the finger at Bao Shien who was hanging his head again Besides, the Anti Unfair Competition Law also what are cbd gummies for sleep ree drummond cbd gummy It is stipulated that operators shall not use property or other means to bribe to sell goods, otherwise they will be investigated for corresponding responsibilities, including fines, confiscation and even criminal liability.You use commercial purekana cbd gummies for sale bribery to obtain franchise rights and hinder the interests of other waste collectors.It also belongs to unfair competition I met an expert, but luckily she was not targeting me.Han what are cbd gummies for sleep ree drummond cbd gummy Chaoyang suddenly realized that just knowing the Public Security Punishment Law was far from enough.If he always knew almost nothing about the law as he is now, he might suffer a big loss when he meets such a client in the future.Manager Zhang also realized that he had met an opponent.Do, when the barbecue equipment and tables, chairs and benches are temporarily seized, the stall owners often violently resist the law, and the law enforcement officers and coordinators are often injured.It may be better if we are present, but this task is still very difficult and dangerous.Let you alone I don t feel at ease for the lesbians to go. There s nothing to worry about, isn t there still patrol members You must go Go as soon as you say, and quickly recruit people, and I will lead the team to set off after the personnel are assembled.Not only had the opportunity to perform missions, but also led a team to perform missions.This is no different from acting alone.Miao Haizhu was either a policeman in a police academy or sitting in an office as a policeman before.The thought of being a real policeman made her blood boil.

Chaoyang, why did you suddenly think of calling me Captain He, didn t you bother you to rest , I m still at work, I m a little hungry, and I m about to go out to eat something, what s the matter, let s talk about it. He Dui, I m not also the policeman stationed at PolyU.A student s mobile phone in PolyU was remotely locked by a criminal suspect.It s For Han Chaoyang, this is an isolated case.For He Yichang, the head of the Economic Investigation Squadron, this is the third case he has encountered this month.He regained his spirits and held the phone tightly, saying, Chaoyang, ask the person involved., Is 100 cbd gummies there a phone number saved in her phone book Okay.Han Chaoyang asked quickly, and Pei Xiaozhen nodded slightly.After He Yichang understood the situation, he pondered That s right, if the phone number is not saved, the suspect will not send her a text message, but an email.To those people 100 cbd gummies in the village Technical means, listening to their phone calls This is a major case, and he is a wanted criminal at level A This is indeed a major case, he is indeed a wanted criminal at level A, and he is extremely dangerous, and the use of technical means complies with relevant regulations.However Now he is not the same as he was two years ago, and his awareness of anti investigation is getting stronger and stronger.Although the special arrest team has missed a few times, he has also grasped some situations.He usually does not use his mobile phone very much, and keeps a high level of vigilance all the time.Run away when you sense the danger, green apple cbd gummies near me throw away the mobile phone you used occasionally before, and even give it to someone casually, so that person can mislead our sight.No matter whether Han Chaoyang and Huang Ying post photos or repost any news, they will immediately like and comment.Click to have a look, and leave a message after reading it.Huang Ying had to reply to her message, so much so that she used Moments as a chat software.Seeing the news that the police from the Yandong branch went to the Longdao County Public Security Bureau to study and exchange, and successfully captured a Grade A wanted criminal of the Ministry of Public Security and seized a May 4th pistol during the search and arrest operation., Hastily called his son.In the end, she couldn t get through no matter how hard she got through, and the more she couldn t get through, the more worried and anxious she became, so she called Huang Ying.Mom, how did you know Huang Ying was working overtime and was also shocked when she heard the news.At that time, a county party secretary just came and was working on building a clean and honest government.The opposite is typical, He Suo hit the gun like this.It is not an investigation by the bureau, but an investigation by the Commission for Discipline Inspection.The cadres of the Commission for Discipline Inspection who are in charge of investigating this matter may have a prejudice against the police.The problem can definitely be found.Just like this, I took a few people to the village to investigate.As a result, the problem was found after the investigation.The villagers said clearly, where the police car was parked, and how He Suo went to that house to eat at that time.For the mutton, the family that was beaten to entertain He went to the small shop in the village to buy some cigarettes, some wine, and even some seasonings for the stewed mutton.Han Chaoyang really had feelings for Chaoyang Village, and he suddenly felt empty when he thought that as a community policeman, he was not there for such a major event as relocation.Thinking about the next two years, I will be able to witness the transformation of 100 cbd gummies an urban village into an extremely prosperous transportation hub and business district, and I feel a little excited.Just as I was thinking wildly, I heard Big Sister asking on the other end of the phone We are still protecting the scene, didn t we call you into the task force What kind gummi cbd of scene, besides, there is no police in the high tech district bureau, how could you two protect the scene.The reason how many cbd gummies 30mg could i take for this cannot be explained in detail, and Han Chaoyang didn t bother to explain to her, so he simply said in a perfunctory way Whether it s a murder or not, someone died after all.You and Comrade Wu Wei don t need to come to the case analysis meeting, please stay at the scene.Chapter 294 Sifting sand every day Early morning is the most leisure time at Huayuan Street Police Station.Liu Jianye stayed at home last night, and he came very early today.First, he went to the detention room to take a look at the suspects who were detained overnight, and then went to the duty room to check the police records to find out what the guys in .

can cbd gummies cause diarrhea?

the detention room had committed., Knowing how to deal with it, I opened the anti theft door and went upstairs to the office to change the police uniform.The instructor Xu Weizhong also got up very early, and he was smoking a cigarette with Kang Haigen, the deputy head of the class who led the class last night.Smoking was also banned before, but only a few no smoking signs were posted. I also want to see what she looks like. Honey, she s not as good looking as you, it s not sweet talk, and it s not like looking like a beauty in the eye of a lover, she really isn t as good looking as you.Starting to flatter again, Huang Ying was so confused that she couldn t help saying Don t come here, I ve seen pictures of her, she s pretty pretty.She knows how to dress up.Her face is like a RMB that can breathe.It s more beautiful, right It s better than plain makeup.She can t compare with you even ten times.Said Honey, I m really tired now, I m exhausted physically and mentally, don t be angry, when you get angry, my heart is in a state of panic, the whole person is confused, I am on the way to catch the murderer, I can t calm down It s easy to get flustered when you do it, maybe it will be glorious, and then you will attend my memorial service and preach my deeds as a martyr You re what are cbd gummies for sleep ree drummond cbd gummy going to arrest the murderer again how does it feel to take cbd gummies Task, this is no joke, Huang Ying was taken aback.Chapter 325 The Fantastic Woman Han Chaoyang knew very well that the leader didn t doubt whether the two could take the dash cam back, but was worried that the video in the dash cam might have an accident.It is one of the key evidences for the conviction and sentencing of suspects in the future.There must be no mistakes, and it is safest to let professional people copy it.All I can do now is wait, but I can t wait.Sister in law, please keep everything that happened just now strictly confidential, especially about the car we found from the recorder.No matter who asks, you must not disclose it.Is the driver a murderer Probably.Don t worry, I won t talk nonsense.Please.After reminding Meng Wenjun, and just about to comfort her a few more words, Miao Haizhu called again.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to ask Wu Wei to watch in the car, open the door and walk to the opposite side to answer the call.

Xu Guoqiang, like Li can i bring cbd gummies on a plane Kaiyi, can understand Han Chaoyang s mood at this moment.After all, participating in gambling and involving a huge amount of money is not a trivial matter, and the boss Tian who participated in gambling has supported his work.As a policeman, I don t know it s nothing.It is necessary to enforce the law impartially, and to investigate and deal with Boss Tian.It would be uncomfortable for anyone.In this line of work, the first thing to pass is the human relationship.Xu Guoqiang didn t say anything, just packed up the empty lunch box and pushed it out of the car to find the trash can.Wu Wei was impatient, so he couldn t help asking Chaoyang, you have dealt with Tian Jiming before, do you have his mobile phone number Yes.Then what are you waiting for, go find him Being a boss is easy, as long as you make a phone call, they will definitely give you a warm welcome, but after this visit, you may not even be able to make friends, let alone expect them to continue to provide sponsorship next year.After waiting for less than two minutes, Boss Tian came out, not alone.Village Chief Cui also trotted over with a cigarette in his mouth.Han Chaoyang hurried up to shake hands and greeted him President Tian, Village Chief Cui, I m sorry to interrupt your meal.Passed.Cui Village Chief looked into the car and asked curiously, Xiao Han, who is this in the car Li Kaiyi, a colleague from our unit.Han Chaoyang didn t want to waste time, let alone cause adverse effects, and suggested Mr.Tian, Village Chief Cui, this is not a place to talk.How about we go to the village office Go, my car is parked at the gate of the village office.Han Zhaoyang opened the door, pretending to be relaxed and half joking Mr.Tian, you must have drunk at night, I can smell it, you can t drive while drinking, and you can t drive while drinking.Feeling refreshed on happy occasions, Zhou Ju put on his clothes and walked into the office from best cbd gummies for quitting smoking 100 cbd gummies the back room, plugged in the electric teapot to boil water, made a cup of tea, hummed today is a good day , waited for five or six minutes, picked up the phone again, and gave Xu The bureau called back.Old Xu, I figured it out.It s not that the brothers don t help, it s that this matter is more difficult., It s really not to give you a sloppy eye, it s really hard to handle Zhou Ju knocked on the table and said angrily Actually, this case made me very passive.The gamblers arrested by the Changlin Street Police Station are all cbd gummies side effects reddit what are cbd gummies for sleep famous and well known, and the arrests are not current.Many things are really unclear.It s easier to ask God than to give it away.I don t know how to end 100 cbd gummies it. It s easy to handle. Long live, understand.Lao Ding smiled, opened the back door and urged Hurry up 100 cbd gummies and change your clothes to get off work.It s still early.You can go shopping or watch a movie with your girlfriend.Clothes, I didn t know how to explain to Lao Ding, when the horn of an electric car came from outside.Looking back, Huang Ying arrived, with her left foot on the steps outside the police station, she just took off her helmet and was shaking her hair.Han Zhaoyang opened the door smoothly, and Zhang Beibei, who had been chatting with the proprietress of the typing and copying shop next door, ran over and stood beside the electric car and asked, Yingying, why are you leaving get off work so early today Off work Huang Ying subconsciously took out her 150mg cbd gummies effects phone to check the time.It was just a way of saying hello, but she actually took it seriously, Zhang Beibei chuckled and said, Don t look, let s have dinner together tonight.Liu Suo took a sip of water from his teacup and looked up at the crowd.The policemen in the audience didn t say anything but thought in their hearts, what s so good about this In the past, there were few policemen in the institute, and there was only one outstanding party member and one outstanding policeman per year.These two places were assigned by the director and the trainer in rotation, and there was no ordinary policeman.Later, there were more policemen in the office, but there were also several leaders, cbd gummies good for tinnitus and the leaders still took turns, and there were still no ordinary policemen.When everyone was slandering, Liu Suo looked down at the small book, and continued Who to choose and not to choose, I know everyone is very embarrassed, in fact, I am as embarrassed as the instructor.Fortunately, there is a performance appraisal now, so let s just talk about performance Comrade Han Chaoyang s performance score is the highest, and his performance is obvious to all and Gu Suo s performance score is second.Seeing Liu Jianye, Kang Haigen and other leaders all raised their hands, what can Police Chief Yang, Lao Hu, Lao Ding, Guan Xiyuan and other policemen say, not to mention that Han Chaoyang and Gu Suo are indeed in the front of HCMUSSH 100 cbd gummies the performance appraisal score, and hurriedly raised their right hands The efficiency was astonishingly high, and the selection was completed in ten minutes.As instructor Xu said just now, work is far more important than selection.In just a short while, six people came downstairs, one to apply for a new ID card, one to apply for a death certificate, two to accept mediation, and two I m here to make a report.Everyone was busy, Han Chaoyang was worried that there was also a police situation in the police room, and was about to say goodbye to the leader, when the instructor Xu stood at the stairs and shouted Xiao Han, I still have something to do, I ll leave later.Although other houses are closed and there is no competition, there is also no business.There is no car in the yard, but the red lanterns hanging on both sides of the gate add a little vitality to this deserted mountain village.Wan Xiaoxia has been here for almost a month, and there is no business in the store.Even the third sister in law spends all day playing mahjong with the women in the village.She, a waiter , can t help if she wants to.She can only pass the time by watching TV and surfing the Internet She always wants to go online, and what she is most afraid of is going online, especially in the past five or six days, every time she sees Ling Bin s letters to her on her blog, every time she sees Xinxin s photos, every time she thinks that he and his daughter are more than 80 kilometers away When Yanyang looked for her, his heart felt like a knife was being twisted, and tears streamed down his face.This place is big, and the public security situation is more complex than here, and there are several houses in front of the Sixth Court.Han Zhaoyang got anxious, and immediately got up and asked, Let s move to the Sixth Court, and tell the truth, is this your idea or Secretary Cao s Thoughts Mine.Your Xu Hongliang patted his arm, grinned and said, Brother, don t worry, let me explain first.Okay, explain.First of all, the Sixth Hospital side You are definitely needed more than our side, if you are willing to move the police receiving platform, the leaders of the Sixth Hospital best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us 100 cbd gummies will definitely welcome you, and will definitely let the logistics make room for you.In the period of social transformation, the relationship between the police and the public is tense, and the relationship between doctors and patients is even more tense.

Wan Xiaoxia had quarreled with him many 100 cbd gummies times, 100 cbd gummies and in the end he not only didn t care but beat Wan Xiaoxia.Wan Xiaoxia was disheartened Feeling cold, she started to play tricks on drug funds, she later bought a house and left Ling Bin money all stolen from Zhang Boyu.So that s 100 cbd gummies how it is.Let s not talk about that, let s eat first, Wang Jianping took out his phone and looked at it.Checking the time, he asked with a smile, Which restaurant are we going to Han Chaoyang was so confused, he looked back at the property office and said, Captain Wang, the suspect is still here.It s important to do business.There will be opportunities after dinner, so there s no need to hurry.Tonight.It doesn t matter, Wang Jianye looked to the northwest, and said nonchalantly, Lao Song and Xiao Qiu will be here soon, bring Wei Dongmei here, you arrange two or three comrades to assist them in custody, and we will eat ours , we will change them after we finish eating.Han Zhaoyang didn t want to comment on the big sister, so he changed 100 cbd gummies the subject immediately Is it right to buy a house now Now is the most expensive time for housing prices For Uncle Miao, this is just a need, and it doesn t matter whether it is expensive or not.And Uncle Miao has money, so the down payment is not a problem for him.If he wants to buy best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us 100 cbd gummies it, he can buy it.What do we need How can you help me I just want to tell you.By the way, your mother must live in our house.Uncle Miao probably won t go.When the time comes Let s talk 100 cbd gummies about the arrangement, let s pick him up at the station tomorrow afternoon, and treat Uncle Miao to dinner.Okay, I shouldn t be busy tomorrow.Just as he was talking, the police phone rang, and another call came in.Han Chaoyang didn t care about talking to his girlfriend anymore, so he hurriedly took out his police phone, and when he checked the caller ID, it was Dui Wang calling.But people are leaders, and you cannot say that leaders are doing something wrong.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and said in a low voice Kang Suo, don t worry, I m going back now, you should do the work of those migrant workers first.Tell them clearly what consequences they will bear for tipping off.As long as no one informs that guy, that guy won t run away and will go back.Let s wait for him to fall into the trap.That s the only way, I m going to talk to the migrant workers now.Let s talk.Chapter 480 Prepare for a rainy day Han Chaoyang is actually almost eaten, the work is urgent, the elders are very understanding, and Huang s father even asked him to drive back.It is rare for Huang Ying to go back to her natal home now.There are guests at home, and she has to accompany Teacher Ma at night.This is passed down from generation to generation, and it is a customary principle.You are lying Miao Haizhu didn t want to hear him nagging, so she said with a bitter face What about buying a house, my parents are worried that I won t be able to get married Isn t it Han Zhaoyang couldn t help laughing.Stop talking about this, are you bothered Miao Haizhu took out her phone to check the time, and asked curiously, Who called just now, and what happened Han Chaoyang briefly explained, and Miao Haizhu found it unbelievable Even if Kang Suo has never eaten pork, he should have seen pigs running.How could he not identify the suspect first Kang Haigen was sitting in the guard room watching the surveillance.Kang Suo, where are Xiaoqian and Xiaoliu Han Chaoyang walked to the door and asked.Inside, with the migrant workers.Wu Wenge, who hadn t spoken much, grinned With a smile, he pointed to Ji Kaiyuan and said, Inspector Gu, Team Ji and I only met later on.He is a criminal policeman or deputy squadron leader.How could he what are cbd gummies for sleep ree drummond cbd gummy learn from me, a security officer Grandpa Gu couldn t help asking Old Ji, were you not convinced back then How is it possible, I was busy catching thieves.You and I don t know, I must be unconvinced.There was no competition back then, a policeman and a policeman Security guards are no better, now you can Otherwise, when all the lads arrive, I will divide them into two groups, and you will take a group to see who can teach faster, and which group can catch more thieves and win.Those who win are more clever, those who lose are willing to gamble and admit defeat, and honestly treat the salary given by the community.We need to humbly ask the old man The predecessors studied and trained a pair of piercing eyes, which can recognize the thief from the vast crowd at a glance, and catch him when he commits a crime.Comrade Wu Wei is a policeman who handles the case and has been working in the case handling team.In the future, he will use his spare time to tell everyone about the public security organs This is the minimum business skill, and it is as important as learning how to recognize the thief and catch the thief.If we can t do this, we will work hard to catch the thief.It s also impossible to effectively attack them.Wu Wei placed his position very well, and said tacitly Don t worry, Han, I will organize training as soon as I 100 cbd gummies have time. Okay, you have to worry about this.Han Chaoyang laughed He smiled, and then changed the topic The two old seniors are in the yard.Deputy Minister Jiang suddenly became interested, and even took out his mobile phone to make a call, explained some work, and decided to join in the fun, and even half jokingly said that he would give him a close up when shooting the video.The activities of the band are the activities of the school, and Director Wang is even more supportive.Hearing from Han Chaoyang that he had to bring a lot of things, he was worried that one bus would be too crowded, so he insisted on arranging two school buses.Two buses painted with PolyU s badge slowly drove to the gate of the police station.Xie Lingling, who was worrying about traffic problems, was so excited that she could hardly speak.The deputy minister said hello, and immediately called the PolyU students who were carrying big bags and various suitcases and the old comrades 100 cbd gummies from Factory 527 to put their luggage in the car behind, and then boarded the car in front.You have basically implemented the Party Committee of 100 cbd gummies the Bureau.However, due to reasons such as the division of jurisdiction and personnel affiliation, many relationships on the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Police Platform have not been straightened out.If the name is not correct, the words are not smooth, and these relationships are not straightened out, which is not conducive to the next work.The words are on point.What is the Zhongshan Road comprehensive alarm platform It is a grass roots team If the three voluntary security patrol teams are counted, there are six or seven higher level units that have the authority to manage the police receiving platform, especially the personnel in charge of the police receiving platform.The reason why I ran so far a few days ago to help cbd gummies and dogs Director Wang of the Logistics Department of PolyU to find a mobile phone was because I was worried that PolyU would not support the work of the police platform in the future.

Nie Xuan thanked the host The guests also thanked Han Chaoyang, turned the camera back to himself, stood next to Han Chaoyang and introduced happily Some netizens know, some netizens don t know, please allow me to introduce again, our teacher Han is actually A policeman, and he is the most handsome policeman in Yanyang Teacher Han graduated from Donghai Conservatory of Music, and now works in Yandong Branch of Yanyang City Public Security Bureau.The level of performance is very high, our school asked Mr.Han to guide us in rehearsal, he is our special lecturer at the Art College of Yanyang University of Science and Technology The young man s introduction was really good, and Huang s mother was very satisfied, but she felt something was wrong after watching it, and asked subconsciously Beibei, why is there no rocket, why is no one sending anything Buy it, netizens want to see Zheng Yutong and Lingling You see, they are all scolding.Because of this little episode, the meal was a bit dull.But Han Chaoyang has gained something.Not only did he take this opportunity to ask friends in the show business circle who just cbd gummies are active in various night shows to help him watch out for clues of crimes, but he also has some confidence in whether the security company s collective HCMUSSH 100 cbd gummies dormitory can be equipped with air conditioners.On the way back, Xie Lingling was driving, Huang Ying was sitting in the co pilot, and he was sitting in the back row with Xu Hongliang.Just after the car left the hotel, he 100 cbd gummies suddenly smiled and said, Hongliang, when I reported to the command center in the afternoon, Director Xing didn t intend to It mentioned that there will be a concert in the gymnasium soon, and it will be a concert by stars Why didn t you say it earlier Xu Hongliang suddenly regained his energy, stared at him and asked, Is there any approval from the branch office, and how is the security arrangement I don t know if it has been approved, but under normal circumstances, it should not be rejected., Internet cafes used to have a lot of broken mice, keyboards, motherboards, and monitors, piled up like a hill.I just took a look, and they were all the same brand and model.Which one was used by the suspect I have to look for it.What about other places, are there any fingerprints left in other cbd gummies tinnitus places There must be fingerprints, but whether they can be extracted or not.Gu Zhongjie leaned against the car window and explained Early this morning, the network administrator who was on duty last night and the network administrator who took over in the morning cleaned up together, and wiped all the places that should be wiped.But we can t blame us for not protecting the scene well, it s not easy for us to send out the one who looks like Xie Liangju who absconded.The technical police couldn t confirm the identity of the suspect for a while, Bao Qingshan heaved a sigh of relief and couldn t help laughing Said That s right, if you can do the comparison, you have made a contribution.In addition, the Xinyuan Street Police Station suspects that the suspect s occupation is probably a chef, otherwise we wouldn t just visit nearby restaurants of all sizes.Lao Hu took out his mobile phone to look at the screenshot, looked up and said, Chef, yes, I will help you to ask those restaurants by the way.Why are those Internet cafes so tired of using other people s ID cards to surf the Internet It seems that the punishment is still Too light Yes, in the future, these Internet cafes should be more careful and look up from time to time.Okay, then we will be busy on our own, and if I find anything, I will call you in time.Han Chaoyang was crying in his heart , but said sincerely Thank you.Lao Hu patted his arm enthusiastically, and said with a smile My own, you are welcome.Chapter 535 Race against time 4 Anguan County, Xichuan Province , is a large county with a population of 1.Yu Zhenchuan showed his police ID and warned very seriously Xiao Chef, we are carrying out a mission, and this is a very important criminal suspect, please cooperate, please do not interfere with official duties It s from the police station Well, what happened to the police station The police station dares to run to my place If you come to arrest people, you dare to make my place like this The executive chef s lungs were about to explode, he turned his head suddenly, and shouted Old Zheng, go find Mr.Wang Xiaoqian, what are you doing in a daze, watch for me Good door, no one is allowed to leave unless I nod my head Okay The chefs of the hotel, like the stinky boys on the patrol team, fearing that the world will not be chaotic, unexpectedly surrounded them, and some even held kitchen knives in their hands.Take care of the food, 100 cbd gummies it s your fault that you don t have time to eat.Wu Wei couldn t help laughing and said, I ate, not only did I eat the food in your institute, but I also ate a batch when I returned to our institute in the afternoon.You will be criticized, and I will be criticized as well, maybe even worse than you.Yu Zhenchuan lifted the cover, urged the two to go to the conversation room, and said with a smile If you are criticized, you will be criticized, and it is only criticized 100 cbd gummies He hasn t been punished yet, compared to catching a murderer, being punished is nothing.His grandma, who has been a policeman for more than three years, has finally opened her business Open, what do you mean Han Zhaoyang asked puzzled.Catch the murderer Yu Zhenchuan took out a box of cigarettes from his pocket again, stuffed it into Wu Wei s hand who had just walked out of the office area, turned around and said with a smile, You are lucky, you caught two with your own hands, and what are cbd gummies for sleep ree drummond cbd gummy one of them was still holding a gun.Assist the Chaoyang Squadron of the Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade in law enforcement.Thieves are getting harder and harder to catch.Wu Junfeng is more interested in cleaning up the chaos around the station.As 100 cbd gummies soon as the meeting is over, he calls Shang Gujun, Liu Chengquan, and Zhang Bin, and pretends to be passengers who have just got off the station just like they did during the day.Track and monitor the women soliciting customers, see which small hotels they take tourists to, and see whether those small hotels are involved in pornography.They even caught pickpocketing with bags, and there was nothing to worry about following and monitoring a few women, Han Chaoyang.And if they find out, they will not act without authorization.Han Chaoyang chatted with Dai Da for a while, and then drove back to the police station.Are you kidding me, do you really think you are a star There are no outsiders here, and Wu Junfeng couldn t help but joked Han Da, you are bloated, you are no longer 100 cbd gummies the old Han Da.Well, it s a little bloated.Han Zhaoyang held up the remaining half of the paper bag of chicken chops and said with a smile I used to go out when I didn t eat.Buy an egg filled biscuit, add a ham sausage at most, and now I am so extravagant that I eat chicken chops and drink milk tea, this is not swelling.Hahaha so I seem to be swelling too Wu Junfeng couldn t help laughing Come out, because it was indeed like this before.Han Chaoyang actually doesn t like to eat fried food, nor does he like to drink milk tea.The reason why I bought chicken chops and milk tea today is that the warehouse is next to the viaduct of the North Second Ring Road, and can you take cbd gummies while breastfeeding there are no small restaurants around.

Calculated as 150 yuan each time, we should refund you 2,550 yuan.Chen Yuexiang didn t expect the other party to be so talkative, so she subconsciously said Okay, 2550 is 2550, how do you plan to refund, WeChat transfer or Alipay transfer I ll give you Mr.Meng s mobile phone number, which is also his WeChat account.Wait a minute, I ll find a pen.The police help decide what Meng Lang can say, and dare to say, After all, the money should have been refunded to others.When applying for membership, they recharged 3,000, but to sell the annual fitness card, they need to give the employees a commission.Every time HCMUSSH 100 cbd gummies an order is made, they need to give the employees 300, and the commission has been paid to the employees earlier.Thinking of 100 cbd gummies this, Meng Lang feels even more distressed.But the nosy policeman in front of him was watching, with 100 cbd gummies undisguised and unquestionable eyes.It s fine to change to an intercom system, Han Chaoyang smiled, and asked curiously, Chen Jie, Xiaokang, how did the interview go I m not very nervous, I feel that I can perform well on the spot, but I really don t know if I can pass it now.I m a little nervous, and I hesitated when answering questions.Xiaokang scratched his head with an embarrassed expression on his face.I don t think it s a big problem.Cao Zefang patted him on the arm and said with a smile, Director Wang came to inspect today, and reporters took pictures and videotaped the whole process.Maybe you two can be on TV at night and in newspapers tomorrow, and the branch office is working Promote the patrol team, these can give you impression points.I don t think it s a big problem, you two are different from me at the time, you are both police students, and you have been in the patrol team for so long, and you have even been commended by the city 100 cbd gummies best cbd gummies for quitting smoking 100 cbd gummies bureau , Hire you, train for three months, and you can do anything in the assigned unit.I thought only a small unit like ours would help reimburse the tuition fees You and your leaders By the way, your leader agreed Say it, I said it all morning, our administrative service center has a small number of people, and we have what are cbd gummies for sleep ree drummond cbd gummy always helped to reimburse tuition fees, but no one has reported.Great, this way we can Saved 60,000 to 70,000.Yes, the one year mortgage has been saved.Speaking of this, Han Chaoyang suddenly remembered something, and asked curiously, Wife, what majors do you plan to include MBA, if you want to apply, just apply Apply for the most popular one Han Chaoyang didn t know how high best cbd gummies for joint pain and inflammation the MBA tuition fee was, so he laughed and said, MBA is MBA.I was busy a few years ago, and you have time to help me buy some materials for the postgraduate entrance examination from the Internet.Han Chaoyang didn t feel ashamed or embarrassed, and he didn t think those present would really think he was a sycophant.Just as he was about to change the subject, Commissar Huang pushed open the door of the box from the outside.Apologetically, he said Director Gu, there is something urgent in the Bureau.It seems that this meal best cbd gummies for quitting smoking 100 cbd gummies will not be finished.I appreciate your kindness.I will treat you later, and I will serve wine to make amends.It s really urgent.The public security is like this, Director Gu can understand, stood up and said with a smile It s important to do business, why don t you just eat, there will be opportunities in the future, I will see you.Director Gu, don 100 cbd gummies t give it away.It s even more embarrassing for you to send it off to me.The leader couldn t take care of the meal, and Han Chaoyang was hesitating whether to go with him, when Political Commissar Huang said again Chaoyang, I ll eat the meal later Come on, come with me, get in my car.Guan Jie s psychological quality is far from that of Liu Qingjun s.When she saw the photo of Liu Qingjun s hands being handcuffed, her legs 100 cbd gummies suddenly softened.One hundred percent is an accomplice, otherwise I wouldn t be afraid to become like this Jiao Chengle breathed a sigh of relief, turned around and said, Xiao Jing, Xiao Liu, you two are optimistic about cbd gummies 5 pack 30mg her.Xiao Yang, let best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us 100 cbd gummies s search.Yes will cbd gummies help lupus Just as Jiao admitted that when someone rushed into Guan Jie s rented apartment, almost A 100 cbd gummies police car suddenly drove up to the door of the chess and card room.Zhang Yiyang, the anti narcotics team of the Nanshan Branch, and several security policemen and auxiliary policemen from the police station got out of the car and rushed into the chess and card room.The proprietress who was pouring water for the guests was stunned.There are also people in the room on the right, and several leaders are sitting around a small conference table watching the interrogation of Team Song, Jiao Da, and Team Liang through the monitor.How could Han Chaoyang go in stupidly, and he doesn t know what s going on in the other offices Has anyone, if anyone in the world been doing anything, been about to go to the end of the hallway to make a phone call, only to get caught up in the interrogation audio playing over best cbd gummies for quitting smoking 100 cbd gummies the speakers in the small conference room.He didn t know if he didn t listen or look.He stood by the door and watched for ten minutes.Han Chaoyang realized that he had to report to the bureau immediately.Xiao Han, what s the situation Han Chaoyang leapfrogged to report.Zhou Ju, who had just returned to the bureau in the afternoon and was waiting for the news with Political Commissar Huang in the office, was very surprised.There are specialties in this field.They are experts in this field, and we are really laymen.Han Chaoyang came back to see Wu Wei, Lao Hu and Xiaokang, held up his mobile phone and said Don t talk, I will report first.Surprisingly, as soon as the call was connected, and just after reporting the situation here, Ju Zhou laughed and said I see, the Nanshan Branch has communicated with the Municipal Bureau, and Bureau Chen himself called me just now.Zhou Ju, so we have nothing to do next Who said there is nothing wrong with you Your task now is to rest.Hurry up to have a meal, go back to the hotel to sleep, and recharge your energy.Get that Qiao Peiming back early tomorrow morning, cbd for anxiety gummies uk and escort the suspect.You said this task is heavy.unimportant What about after Qiao Peiming is escorted back Han Chaoyang asked subconsciously.Feng Haijun Patting him on the shoulder, he turned around and signaled the driver to pull out the car parked in the hospital.How could Han Chaoyang just leave like this, grabbed Xiao Gu s arm tightly and asked Where is Chengquan, take me to see.Inside, in the morgue.Seeing him would make .

will cbd gummies ruin a drug test?

him even sadder 100 cbd gummies and sadder, Xu Weizhong pulled him Said Let s see when you come back, let s get down to business first.Instructor, give me a few minutes, I m going to say hello to him, I want to talk to him.Xu Weizhong pulled him to the side of the car, like coaxing a child He coaxed Let s go, don t worry here.Xiao Liu will not be lonely.Several brothers from the patrol team are talking with him in the mortuary.Chaoyang, let s get down to business first.Xu Hongliang opened the door and pushed him into the car , then turned around and said, Chen Jie, Xiaobin, you get in my car.

Maybe because the speed of the car was too fast and he was too drunk and unconscious, he avoided the car that came out of the hospital and rushed towards us.In order for Han Chaoyang to understand the situation at that time more intuitively , Sun Guokang ran to the gate of the Sixth Hospital to make gestures, then returned to keanu reeves cbd gummies where to buy the gate of the police room and said, Sister Miao and I were inside.It was too fast at that time.When the car that caused the accident hit the first electric car, I heard a sound but didn t respond.Come here, until the car that caused the accident hit the police car and hit the steps, I didn t realize that something serious happened.I ran out and saw that Cheng Quan fell here and was knocked out three or four meters.The bastard was in the car, the airbag was full of air, I couldn t see his face clearly, and there was a person sitting in the back row.Call, ask them to work hard to investigate the 19 suspects on our side, and they will report to you and the Kang Institute in time if they find anything, and remember to tell me if you find anything.Okay, no problem.If it is really a pyramid scheme, the woman driving the BMW is probably the main culprit.And the woman lived in the Xinyuan Street Police Station area.Han Chaoyang felt that there was nothing wrong with investigating together.He put down 100 cbd gummies his phone and briefly reported the situation, then frowned slightly and said, Kangsuo, we only focus on investigating that technological development at night.How many people are there in the company, and I forgot to ask whether they went to the Yangguan Village Police Office to register themselves or some technology company registered for them.Let me ask.Combating pyramid schemes is very troublesome, and the crackdown on pyramid schemes is not just for the police thing.In the past, the industry and commerce was in charge and the police assisted.Now the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the Technical Quality Supervision Administration and the Food and Drug Administration have merged into the Market Supervision Administration, and the MLM is also under the supervision of the Market Supervision Bureau.Concurrently serving as the deputy director of the Publicity Office, still assisting.Lao Dai was not interested in this kind of troublesome case that was just assistance, so he stood up and stretched, yawned and said, Kang Suo, Chaoyang, I have to go to East Railway Station on duty tomorrow morning, so I ll go back first.Okay, I ll send you off.Don t give it away, I have an electric car, and my home is not far away.Fan Bureau attaches great importance to it and ordered your patrol team to organize all forces to assist the Economic Investigation Brigade in the investigation.Huayuan Street Police Station What about the Xinyuan Street Police Station You are assisting, and they are cooperating.From now on, this case will be taken over by the Economic Investigation Team.In a city with a serious MLM problem, this newly discovered MLM gang may not be much.But for Yanyang, who is not serious about pyramid schemes and is building a city without pyramid schemes , this is undoubtedly a big case.Since it is a major case, it will naturally be taken over by the Economic Investigation Brigade.Han Chaoyang came to his senses and quickly answered yes.Deputy Director Xing looked up at the big screen, and then said Bureau Fan is reporting the situation to District Chief Chen, and the district leaders are expected to give instructions soon, and the district publicity office is expected to take the lead in organizing the Market Supervision Bureau and our branch to take action soonNow more than 100 people have been found suspected of pyramid schemes.Such a thing happened Han Chaoyang felt incredible, thought about it, and then asked His parents have already paid the money to others, and the local police station didn t file a case, why did he abscond He wandered around the money box by himself, suspected that he had stolen it, and chased him to his house.He found that the proprietress of the commissary came .

are cbd gummies legal in arkansas?

to his door, told his mother that the money was lost, and insisted that he did it.The money matter was best cbd gummies for quitting smoking 100 cbd gummies exposed, so I jumped out of the back window and ran away, and I haven t returned home since I ran away, and I haven t called home. Where are you now I m on my way to the construction site.Lao Ding held his left hand.Holding the steering wheel and holding the mobile phone in his right hand, he added When the police from the local police station called me, his parents were there, and they also said a few best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression us 100 cbd gummies words to me, begging us for help, please take him to the station first, they chartered a car overnight Go to the provincial capital, and plan to take the train from the provincial capital to Yanyang to pick him up.The light is not good, so the photo is not very clear.Okay, send it here for me to have a look.The photo was sent quickly, as Jiang Xiaomin said, it is not very clear, only a person can be vaguely seen lying on the riverside in the grass.The chemical fertilizer factory has been closed down for a long time, because it is next to a cemetery and the surrounding traffic is not good.The area has been listed for auction several times but has not been auctioned.Inaccessible and deserted.There are few people during the day, and it is gloomy at night, and no one will go there.Han Zhaoyang didn t dare to be careless, got up and said, Xiaomi, contact the police, ask for his mobile phone number, and send it to me when you get it.Yes Dad, Mom, I ll go to the scene to see.Go Let s get down to business The police situation is an order, Han Chaoyang didn t dare to delay for a how long do cbd gummies stay fresh moment, put on his hat and ran out of the hotel, climbed into the electric patrol car, turned on the police lights, went straight to the police office, and called Mei Tiejun who was on duty tonight I hurried to the old fertilizer factory in the west corner of the only Taoyuan community.Mr.Ji got up and took Han Chaoyang With a pen in his hand, he found a piece of paper and quickly drew a topographical map of the scene, marking the approximate location of the deceased s body and footprints, and said happily, From the footprints, the murderer didn t descend from the end of Hebin Road.He passed along the weed covered river, but through the alley between the fertilizer HCMUSSH 100 cbd gummies factory toilet and the old warehouse, that is to say, his advanced factory area.Should you be familiar with the situation of the fertilizer factory We can t draw this conclusion based on footprints alone, but we also found some traces.From those traces, we can see that the murderer is not familiar with the fertilizer factory, but should be very familiar with it Chapter 727 Murder 6 What Traces Han Chaoyang asked eagerly.Taking advantage of Fan Bureau s opportunity to go to the bathroom, he dragged Han Chaoyang to complain, and asked Han Chaoyang why he didn t say hello in advance.Fan Bureau s new division of labor includes contacting the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Since he is here, he must listen to the report and check the work of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.It is impossible for Han Chaoyang to wait at the Xinyuan Street Police Station.He said hello to Fan Bureau.Ding went back to the police room first.As a result, when he was approaching the why do cbd gummies taste bitter police office, Liu Jianye suddenly called.Chaoyang, it s a false alarm.There are wild cat and wild dog bones in the septic tank, but no one is there.Although it s not a good thing, it s not 100 cbd gummies how much does eagle hemp cbd gummies cost a bad thing.If there is a second victim, it will be the murder of two people.

As a master, he also understood Miao Haizhu s mood.Hearing that Lao Ding said that he had business in the afternoon, he hurried to help advise.Han Chaoyang was too lazy to quarrel with Big Sister , seeing Lao Ding and Lao Dai coaxing her to dinner, he simply drove to the new headquarters of the security company, chatted with Xu Hongliang and Li Xiaobin who were preparing for lunch break, and by the way The conference room on the first floor was requisitioned.As soon as Wang Jiayong came back from the East Bus Station, he walked into the conference room and asked curiously, Han Da, don t be fooled, what is the mission Yes, what is the meeting Pickpocketed, today is wearing a blue jacket, it looks familiar, it seems that Mei Tiejun has worn it before, they pick it up on the street every day, can not be recognized by thieves and pickpockets, so they often change their clothes, this jacket It is likely to belong to Mei Tiejun.The money is given to the security company of the city bureau, regardless of the situation of the 100 cbd gummies branch bureau.Besides, Hongliang earns some security.It s not that the fee is in his own pocket, nor is it to help the branch to do a good job in security prevention and control.Just as Han Chaoyang and Liu Hui were chatting with Grandpa Gu about Xu Hongliang, Political Commissar Huang and Director Feng were also sitting in the director s office to prepare Mention Chaoyang Community Security Service Company with Liu Qiuping.The reason why I want to mention the security company and Xu Hongliang is because I received a notice from the district in the morning.In response to the call for national fitness and to increase the popularity of Yandong District, the district decided to hold an international marathon next month.At this time, there was a knock on the door outside.Please come in.District Chief Liu, are you busy Jianye, who do I think, what s the matter, sit down and talk.Although Liu Jianye joined the branch party committee team, he didn t manage much in the bureau , the main focus is still on the Huayuan Street Police Station, and I don t come to the police station very often, and today I didn t come here for no reason.I opened the chair and sat in front of my old classmate, opened the bag, took out a reimbursement slip, and said with a smile Liu District Boss, please sign for me.There are no outsiders here, don t be so stupid.Liu Qiuping cursed with a smile, took a look at the receipt, picked up a pen and signed it happily.In other people s eyes, the old classmate s leadership is not very good.In Liu Jianye s opinion, at least he is faster than Zhou Bapi in reimbursement of funds.It looks like you won t be able to go to Jiangcheng the day after tomorrow.It s always better to change, but Han Chaoyang didn t really want to go to Jiangcheng to observe and study.He raised his head and said, It s okay.Compared with observing and studying, maintaining stability is more important.That s right, we can t cbd thc gummies for relaxation spend the headquarters funds for nothing.Chapter seven hundred and seventy eight something happened to Boss Hu s construction site 4 The normal university is Yanyang, which is very close.The young man is really good, otherwise his classmates would not be able to accompany him in the middle of the night.Han Chaoyang would not see life and death the most, and aftercare is the work of the third construction company, he did not accompany them to the morgue of the Sixth Hospital, but sat in the police room wait for news.Because of the shortage of parking spaces, car owners in the community often have disputes.Commissar Huang was happy to introduce the situation to his immediate superiors, and then continued after a pause After the establishment of the Zhongshan Road Police District, cbd gummies side effects reddit what are cbd gummies for sleep Han Chaoyang first organized his team to guard and uncovered an electric vehicle.In the car serial theft case, the Criminal Police Brigade followed suit and organized police forces to rush to Wuchun City under the coordination of the Municipal Bureau, and jointly encircled and suppressed Huayu Village, which specializes in selling stolen cars, with the Wuchun City Public Security Bureau.Hundreds of stolen cars were seized, and criminals suspected of selling stolen goods were arrested.There are more than a hundred suspects.I ve heard about this case, but I didn t expect Han Chaoyang to find the clues District Chief Liu, in fact, the clues to many major and important cases were discovered by the grassroots police.This is not a bad thing, and he has always been right about things 100 cbd gummies and not people.Liu Suo, I have no objection to District Chief Liu.Do you dare to have any objection Liu Jianye couldn t help but asked with a smile.Don t dare.Han Chaoyang smiled after thinking about it.Liu Jianye was about to help his old classmate appease the old subordinate who had been tossing so much during this time, but the old subordinate s cell phone rang again.Han Chaoyang looked at the caller ID and said with a wry smile, Liu Suo, I m sorry, answer the call.It s important work, let s take it.Okay.Han Chaoyang connected the phone, raised it to his ear and asked, Junfeng, what s the matter Han Da, sister Miao and I caught a thief and we just sent it to Xinyuan.Street Police Station, do you know who I saw Wu Junfeng could be heard to cbd gummies side effects reddit what are cbd gummies for sleep be anxious, and Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked, Who A woman, in her early twenties, she looked exactly like the woman rescued by Cheng Quan Where did you see her Where is she It s at the police station.Deputy Director Wang of Xinyuan Street pointed to the residents who took the lead in the disturbance just now, and said sharply The community under the street is holding a cultural performance to create a civilized city.He, he, and he took the lead in obstructing, Interfering with official duties, you can do it yourself Officer Han, they are the ones who disturb the people The short man among the residents .

what age can you use cbd gummies?

also knew Han Chaoyang, lit a cigarette and said bitterly, I want to go to the theater, to the cinema, to those who want to perform.Square, what s the point of tossing around in our community, let people rest Yeah, it s so smoky that I can t even drive my son s car in Don t get excited, everyone, talk slowly.Han Chaoyang first greeted everyone with a smile, then pulled Deputy Director Wang of Xinyuan Street aside, and said with a bitter face Director Wang, it is different from before, the masses have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life, best cbd gummies for quitting smoking 100 cbd gummies living in The neighborhood is just trying to be quiet, not like it used to be lively.Chapter 797 Chasing and Escaping 3 Back at the police 100 cbd gummies office, Xiaokang is accompanying Old Tang on duty.Han Chaoyang lifted the cover and walked into the office area, sat down and said with a smile, Xiaokang, you will report to Fengyong tomorrow morning, go back to the dormitory to rest early.Xiaokang 100 cbd gummies didn t go back so late for a reason, stood up and scratched his head, He asked with some embarrassment Han University, what happens after the application is over Of course, Han Chaoyang knew what he really wanted to ask, so he couldn t help but put it off After the application and go to work, let s work for a while first.Time, wait for the Police Officer Training Center to hold a new police induction training class before going to the training.You should know this process, why do you think of asking this On the way back, Mr.

That s a good idea, but what if he doesn t what does cbd gummies do reddit call home or contact 100 cbd gummies his wife and children Probably not Eldest sister, why not You must know that he is a contractor.He traveled all over the world and contracted projects worth millions or even tens of millions.He has seen the world.It can be seen from the previous mobile phone number.Lao Ding nodded Chaoyang is right, he obviously absconded premeditatedly, and it is unlikely to contact his family in a short time.Chapter 798 Chasing and fleeing Four Since the last survival crisis, the patrol team has never taken the opportunity of handing over to patrol the streets.Vice Minister Jiang and Chief of the Security Section of the Sixth Hospital Ke Xiao do not support it.Xu Hongliang has an ambiguous attitude.There is no good way, so I don t need to get up as early as before, and sleep until seven twenty, when the alarm clock rings for the second time.There are two main points.Talk about this matter, let alone report it, or you will be investigated for legal responsibility once it is verified.Second, if Luo Weixing contacts you, you must help us stabilize him, and then contact us in time.Everyone will make their own calculations.The unfinished building left by Gan Jianren is obviously insolvent.In the future, when there is one less creditor in the bankruptcy liquidation, the remaining creditors will be able to recover more losses.Besides, Han Chaoyang made it very clear that if he leaked information, he would be held legally responsible.Which is more important, Mr.Jing weighed it very clearly, and said without hesitation Officer Han, Officer Wu, don t worry, I will definitely cooperate.To put it bluntly, Luo Weixing is not someone like me.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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