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Wang Weiyi was a little puzzled What if the real Ernst Brahm appeared No, he will never appear.When you who do not belong to this era appear in this trubliss cbd gummies reviews just cbd gummies 250mg time and space, there must be someone from this era.It will be replaced by you, otherwise it will cause chaos in time and spaceOkay, your certificate has been made Wang Weiyi picked up the certificate, and he was suddenly surprised to find that he could actually see Can understand German characters.Before the second crossing is about to complete, through my operation, you have already mastered German, and it is German with a Bavarian accent.From now on, you are a real German, and no one will doubt you.Oh , By the way, this is the weapon you use A submachine gun with a magazine installed on the upper part of the joint between the barrel and the gun body appeared in front of Wang Weiyi.Guo Yunfeng was also dumbfounded.God, what is this weird thing Killed so many enemies at once Where did the lieutenant find such support At this time, Prince Sobok s camp was completely in chaos, and they could see it clearly from the barracks.When those three steel monsters appeared, more than twenty soldiers were helpless in front of them What cbd gummies for cats is that TANK, TANK Major John, the battalion commander of the Prince s Battalion, was the first to react, and then shouted loudly Hell, that s TANK water tank The British took the lead in putting tanks on the battlefield, but in such a short period of time, the enemy also possessed them, and judging from the appearance and firepower of the three tanks on the opposite side, they far surpassed the British tanks Machine guns, machine guns, natures boost cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews stop them John hissed.Sergeant Spurrow, a military doctor, and Pastor Exon quickly came to the position to treat and pray for the seriously wounded.Lieutenant Colonel Rosen, who has become a prisoner, is not depressed at all.The battle is over.Although he failed, the burden on him can be removed.Instead, he hastily bandaged and chatted with Captain Ernst about the war for a while.Captain.At this time, Sergeant Spro and Pastor Exon came over together.Sergeant Spro had a solemn expression Two are already dead, and the pastor prayed for them.Others are too seriously injured.We Lacking the 10 benefits of cbd gummies cbd gummies for cats necessary medical conditions, if they cannot receive timely treatment, it may be difficult for them to survive Poor people.Pastor Exon murmured They are still so young The battle is over, now it doesn t matter what happens to the country and the country, the pastor is completely thinking about the lives that are about to die.Where is the target of the enemy bombing While the German soldiers of the supplementary battalion were guessing there, three British planes flew back, but they looked a little embarrassed, and one of the planes was obviously injured.Then, a moment came for all the Germans to cheer a big red German fighter plane appeared The Red Baron Manfred von Richthofen The Red Baron s fighter plane clung to the wounded British plane, and the flames spurted out from the two machine cbd gummies for cats guns frantically.Finally, the British plane exploded into a splendid fireball in the air.Before the German soldiers on the ground cheered, the Red Baron set his sights on another fighter plane.Soon, that British plane once again became one of the Red Baron s aerial trophies At this moment, cheers finally erupted from the German positions The last remaining British plane was in a panic However, the Red Baron s big red fighter plane started to fly at low altitude as if showing off, circled a few times over the German positions, and left arrogantly after accepting cbd gummies for dogs trubliss cbd gummies reviews the cheers from the ground heartily.Erwin , Please let these guests rest in the side room, no one is allowed to leave without my order.When the panicked guests were taken away, Wang Weiyi turned to Watts Mr.Simond, let s talk about our problems Of course, we have to search you before that body.Adolf, please check Mr.Simond politely to see if he is armed.Adolf Hitler cbd gummies for cats walked over, but Miss Watts did not dare to move.Hitler checked very carefully.The weapon was not checked, but a small cloth bag was found.Wang Weiyi was keenly aware of the fat on Watts face It jumped, and suddenly became very curious about this small cloth bag Adolf, please bring this thing to me.Holding the small cloth bag in his hand, it was heavy.When he opened it, Wang Weiyi suddenly felt dizzy.It was a whole small bag of diamonds.God, this is a huge HCMUSSH cbd gummies for cats fortune.Wang Weiyi also showed a smile on his face, it seems that Richthofen once again completed the mission and returned safely.Guderian suddenly asked I have a question, what if Richthofen regards us as the enemy We are now within the enemy s control.Everyone s face suddenly cbd gummies for cats cbd gummy bears australia changed, and Rommel shouted He scolded, Shut up, you can t say such unlucky words.Wang Weiyi stared blankly at the plane in the sky.I kept thinking in my heart, Manfred, you have to look carefully, we are all your brothers and friends Richthofen was groping around there, After a while, he smiled triumphantly, and he touched two aerial bombs.What a stroke of luck.I didn t expect that I didn t finish throwing the bomb in Lance just now, and those French guys would be happy later.Before pulling up, he glanced at Mark again, and he found that Mark was shaking himself with a bomb in his hand.I will send someone to bring his body back The gunshots at night alarmed the residents of Fandis, and they didn t know what happened.People with weapons appeared, but there was never a gunshot except for a misfire.At one time, the residents of Fandis thought it was the Germans who had entered.But after dawn, they did not find it on the street.German soldiers.Where did the gunshots come from The Germans didn t see it, but the residents saw a large number of Russian soldiers appearing.This is rare in Vandis.Moreover, the faces of these Russian soldiers are very unfamiliar.Did they shoot last night They whispered to each other, but no one could give them a correct answer Mr.Murdoch, where are you and your people going ah.Don t you know A group of Germans sneaked in here yesterday, Major Kiriyenko s nephew was also killed by them, and more than a dozen soldiers were killed, I m going to bring their bodies back now Oh, there really are Germans in here.We can t interrogate a German admiral We have reason to believe that the Countess Leonie must have learned some information from her husband We would be very grateful if the Countess would provide it.And we also learned that the countess has a good relationship with you You really remembered that Wang Weiyi sneered in his heart when he asked me to collect information from the countess.In fact, it is not necessary to find out the super spy What is difficult, just let Xiaoling adjust the information, but why should I help the Russians Wang Weiyi said indifferently Mr.Samoksky, what does this have to do with me Why would I beg the Countess for some super spy I have nothing to do with To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point qidian.to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.Wanderer, a large number of Russian troops are chasing after you.You are still about an hour away.Xiaoling passed the news to Wang Weiyi in time.It s Colonel Fritoac s pursuer Wang Weiyi quickly made this judgment.Stop advancing Stop advancing In Wang Weiyi s loud call, the Skeleton Commando and the Russian 27th Infantry Regiment stopped advancing at the same time.I think Omjet s pursuers will arrive soon, and we cannot face threats from the rear while attacking Kashanov cbd gummies with max thc s troops.Wang Weiyi found a very good excuse to cover up why he knew The enemy s pursuers are approaching.Why are you fighting here Rommel quickly understood what he meant.Yes.The Russians would never have imagined that we could give them cbd gummy reviews reddit an ambush after fleeing in a hurry.Wang Weiyi smiled on his face And now we have more than 600 people.

As Desimov entered his office, Desimov asked him to sit down Only Loban and Aojinian are the HCMUSSH cbd gummies for cats only ones who don t do their jobs all day long and often do things like rob their own people here.Sky, I can find them and ask them, but now let s talk about that gem You have to know, this happened on my property Wang Weiyi points Nodded, if you want to find Zachwoki, you have to rely on the power of Desimov, the local snake That is a big gem, a cursed gem, whether you believe it or not And I am a jewel collector By chance, I found out the whereabouts of this gem, so I tracked it all the way to cbd gummies for cats ParisMr.Desimov, I advise you You don t want to cbd gummies for dogs trubliss cbd gummies reviews touch this gem, but it s not just because it has been cursed, but even if you get it, cbd gummies for cats cbd gummies for hair growth shark tank you can t sell it.Who would pay a big price to buy it now Desimov said Yes , it seems that he does not object to this statement.Hearing the report from the new adjutant Simao, Major De cbd gummies for cats Sade, who was looking at the document in his hand, did not look up until he finished reading what he wanted.He ordered them to come in.Roban and Oginensky stood in front of Major De Sade in fear, even more scared than they were when facing Desimov.Tell me, what s the situation.Major De Sade asked with a cold face.Ah, it s nothing serious.Roban hurriedly said first, Everything is normal at Desimov s place.He has behaved a lot recently.All his energy is in his tavern Is that all Major De Sade frowned dissatisfied.Those Russians, no, all foreigners are to be closely monitored, and there will be many spies among them, and to grasp their situation as soon as possible, little people like Loban and Oginensky are necessary.They hide in the crowd, just like ordinary foreign hooligans, no one would think that they are the outside line of the Intelligence Bureau.When the German turned his head, Hiroshi Yamaguchi felt a thump in his heart It s over.What kind of German is this It s simply a tortoise slave in a brothel 10 benefits of cbd gummies cbd gummies for cats wearing a German suit Hiroshi Yamaguchi didn t even bother to ask, he knew that he was tricked by the Germans A back door seemed to be mocking Hiroshi Yamaguchi s incompetence with a half smile Captain, how did you come up with this idea After entering the French Concession, Zhang Sandao finally couldn t help asking.There are many ways, even if I don t use that method, I can still think of other ways to get out.Wang Weiyi smiled.I encountered several patrols on the road, but Wang Weiyi s identity as a German quickly allowed them to escape the arrest.When he found a French hotel to stay, Wang Weiyi knew that he had completely escaped.R himself is following.Wang Weiyi comforted his Madam and spoke rudely.Several officers who can understand English have already shown a hint of displeasure Ueda Kenkichi scanned his subordinates sternly with his eyes, and then smiled Your Excellency the Baron, madam, please sit down.As soon as he sat down, Ueda Kenkichi said in a sad tone By the way I am very saddened by the passing of the old baron.It is a pity that I am in Manchuria and cannot send the old baron off Your Excellency, my father will know your thoughts Wang Weiyi sighed, and then his eyebrows danced You have to know, my father left too suddenlyFortunately, I have no brothers, and there is no problem with the right of inheritance, otherwise, maybe I am not a baron now Ueda Kenkichi smiled, but his heart was full of contempt What kind of person is this, his father cbd gummies for cats cbd gummies for hair growth shark tank has left, and instead of Sad, but proud of himself for having won the title of baron.Oh, no, that s not what a decent gentleman should do.Wang Weiyi suddenly cbd gummies for cats raised his voice, and then lowered his voice immediately Besides, if he finds out, he may become greedy, that s a cbd gummies for cats ruby Oh dear, you are so clever.Honey, it s time for us to rest.Wang Weiyi hugged Elena s waist.Elena s face turned red.She had long forgotten the romantic and hot night in Chateau Margaux in France.Don t forget, we are Baron couple.Wang Weiyi whispered in her ear, and then sighed softly The Japanese must think that we are asleep Now is not the time, but Wang Weiyi believes that Elena will definitely Recalling what happened between them So it was for the ruby.Kenkichi Ueda was completely relieved Try to find a way to see if Puyi has that ruby in his hand, and then give it to the baron.Your Excellency, are you really going to give that haughty English boy a perhaps very valuable jewel Captain Aoki, what is a jewel compared to the fate of the empire If he came to Manchuria with other purposes, I would not only worry, but he is just a greedy person, and such a person is much easier to deal with., go back to your country now.Anna nodded, but there was some disappointment in her words What about you, Mr.Officer Where are you going I still have things to do.Wang Weiyi said Then, he suddenly thought of something Anna, you have to keep the matter of my meeting with you a secret for the time being.You have never seen any Mr.Officer, nor the Baron Skeleton, have you Yes, I ve never seen it.Anna said forcefully But, can I see you again I believe I will.Wang Weiyi smiled there Maybe a year later, maybe many years later, but I I believe we will meet again.We met 20 years ago, don t we meet again now Anna smiled sweetly and cbd gummies for cats bitterly She has been looking for Mr.Officer for 20 years, But it would never have occurred to them that they would meet in such a way under such circumstances.When will I see Mr.Mrs.Rorisa smiled and said You tell Mikenor that if someone who claims to be a baron asks him for supplies, he must unconditionally Give it to him Yes, I have explained it carefully.And he will carefully search for the baron s whereabouts Eliott, you will have great achievements in the future.Mrs.Lorisa Approved.Ma am Elliot hesitated to speak, but still said boldly I know, the person you are talking about is cbd gummies for cats the Baron Skeleton, and you also know that I have been madly adoring this man I have never seen before.Baron, but why don t you let me go to China Maybe I will find the Baron Madame Rorisa smiled If the baron doesn t want to see you, no one will be cbd gummies for cats able to find him.If he wants to see you, no matter where you are, he will take the initiative to find you.At this time, the white haired but still hale and hearty butler Prossie walked in Madam, Bankhead William Brockman, Speaker of the U.This is the full blow of the 13th Division On the flank, the 6th Division also launched an attack on the Chinese 26th at the same time.It made it unable to form a corresponding trend with the Huben Guard Brigade and unable to support each other.In the eyes of Dizhou Libing and all Japanese army commanders, there is not much problem in dealing with Wang Weiyi s brigade with the 13th division and the wild detachment.Even though it was the ace brigade with the largest number of people and the best equipment in the squadron After several months of continuous expansion, the Huben Guard Brigade has reached an astonishing 12,000 people, and the sharpness of its weapons is unmatched by any army.at the same time.They also have a series of powerful equipment such as cannons, tanks, and trucks.In terms of numbers, they cannot compare with the Japanese army, but in terms of infantry weapons and equipment, they have already surpassed the Japanese army.

The call back from Dizhou Libing came so quickly, there were only four words in the telegram No retreat At that moment, Numata Tokushige was completely desperate.Not allowed to retreat Do not retreat He threw the telegram on the cbd gummies for cats cbd gummies for hair growth shark tank ground, and then drew out his command saber The command of the division commander is not allowed to retreat Soldiers of the empire, for His Majesty s sake, smash the jade For His Majesty, break the jade took his command knife.Even if they die, they will not understand where the two strange telegrams from Dizhou Libing came from.Now, R himself has stopped talking about tactics at all.The order of Yu Sui has been issued, and the battlefield is irreversible, so let everyone die here The Japanese with guns in hand rushed forward desperately.There is no doubt that this is a suicidal way of charging, but now, do they have any other choices They have completely become targets for Chinese soldiers to shoot, and they don t even need to aim.Ernst, we will be invincible Long live the German Empire Long live the F hrer St.Ernst.Long live Now, the baron is commanding the skeleton division When hearing this sentence, Hitler s eyes were already red.He walked out of his desk tremblingly, and he stretched out his trembling hand Manfred, give me the telegram, give me Hitler took the telegram, read it again and again, cbd gummies for cats he Waving the telegram tremblingly cbd gummies for cats cbd gummies for hair growth shark tank He s backhe s backBaron, trubliss cbd gummies reviews just cbd gummies 250mg back Halder suddenly thought of who he was.At this moment, the voice of the chief of staff also became trembling Marshal, could it be that the skeleton baron has returned Yeshe is backthe baron has not abandoned us Hitler waved his hand Gentlemen, please leave for ten minutes Manfred, please close the door for me Richthofen, Hal Germany and the officers retreated quietly Hitler couldn t hold on anymore.Oh hey, why are you and the general still so young and haven t changed at all And who taught you your German, could it be the general Ah, yes, the general and I practiced in a very mysterious place for a long time , so we look younger.Guo Yunfeng said perfunctorily.Although Ludwig was still full of doubts, what could be more gratifying than the return of General Ernst At this time, Wang Weiyi, who had put on the straight SS general uniform, turned around.General, you look much more impressive in this outfit than I do.Ludwig said flatteringly.Come on, Ludwig, you have learned to flatter just like Manfred.Wang Weiyi waved his hand Did you call back from Berlin Yes, it was sent by the head of state himself, General, welcome Going home, I have been waiting for you for too long, I have followed all your orders.The German soldiers rushed up quickly, and within a distance of 300 meters, all their firepower was fully fired, suppressing the Soviet army.Under the guidance of the blood red skeleton battle flag, HCMUSSH cbd gummies for cats the second level commando trubliss cbd gummies reviews just cbd gummies 250mg of the van der Wegney battle group was the first to rush into the Soviet position.They fought desperately with the Soviet army in every inch of the position.They shot the Soviet army with submachine guns and stabbed the Soviet army with assassination.Slammed into the enemy in front of him.The German army is completely crazy Lieutenant Blank and his commandos.Forgetting the pain caused by wounds and the fear caused by death, they must abide by their most glorious belief they must live up to the name of the skeleton The Brank commando had already rushed cbd gummies for cats up, and a large number of German officers and soldiers of the Vandeweeny battle group also rushed to the enemy s position frantically under the cover of tanks Wang Weiyi put down the binoculars Send cbd gummies for cats electricity to the Supreme cbd gummies for cats Command.frowned.Look, these are the telegrams we intercepted.More than gold harvest cbd infused gummy worms 500x a dozen telegrams from the Skeleton Division were delivered to Magfedlov We are attacking the Russians and defeating Kaplo.How is the situation in your place We are fine, General Ernst is with us, we have routed about two regiments of the enemy ahaha, we have just destroyed a Russian artillery position, have you heard that Guo, the Chinese, with the third armor The engineer battalion killed seventeen T34s.I heard that he is the baron s most powerful assistant.The baron just said that he is going to take us to Magfedrov s headquarters for lunch Kaplo, don t forget to help me Say hello to General Magfedlov, he will be a prisoner, the baron has just given an order, Ernst battle group, go forward Unscrupulous Unscrupulous All these telegrams were actually generated in plain code, and those German police officials actually said such things Magfedlov s face was so distorted in anger that the Germans slapped him hard in the face with these telegrams Shame, shame on a Soviet officer Comrade Magfedlov, a telegram from Comrade Sling.The flames, the screams and exclamations of the Russians continued to come, and then the figures of the enemies could be seen fleeing in embarrassment amidst the smoke and fire.The German soldiers accompanying the tanks were silent and approached with the fastest march.They must tear a gap here, and then cover the troops behind to break through A few t34s began to appear, but they had to face their old rivals Tiger Weidmann s nerves became excited.He likes this way of fighting, and he likes watching enemy tanks crippled under his guns.The shell landed on the T34 accurately, and after the sound of boom , the T34 lay there like a beast that had only been pulled out of its muscles and bones.Two enemy tanks are quite normal for him, his goals are far more than these, and his friend Philipson is obviously unwilling to lose to Weidmann, after Weidmann wiped out the first target , Philipson also successfully killed a T34.He had to see what kind of abilities this chief political commissar of the 72nd Division of the Soviet Army had, and whether he was worthy of what he had given him.Comrades As soon as he spoke, Biryanlowski s tone was very heavy I know you are all very sad now, defeated and captured.Pride and dignity have been lost.But I am more worried Yes, it is our familymany of you, better than I, know the horrors of what our families face when we are captives.Political scrutiny, unfair treatment, Contempt, blindness, isolation.Our wives will be forced to starve to do hard work.To feed our children Our children will be forced to follow their mothers to work that is not at all The work that the children can doWhy Because they have a captive husband, and they have a captive father Marshal, are they really going to do this Ludwig Xi asked softly.It is still a stock that keeps falling, as long as Williams buys it, it will rise, rise, and continue to rise as if by magic Even the New York stock market, which has been sluggish for a long time, has faintly revived the undefeated Robben.Some people have started calling Robben that.Williams too.More and more people hired Williams as their stockbroker.And Williams can always bring them huge returns in a short period of time.So this formed flying with cbd gummies 2020 a virtuous circle, and more and more Americans were willing to hand over their funds to Williams for investment Williams, who was impoverished in the past, seemed to have discovered a gold mine, and he squeezed into the ranks of the rich in a blink of an eye.He lived in a luxurious villa, drove the latest car, and wore clothes specially made for him.Accompanying him by his side is the beautiful Miss Carlos He has everything he should have and this year Williams is only 26 years old.

Manny Joe Cole, the actual owner of Joe Cole Company, finally appeared Yes.The hall suddenly became quiet There have been rumors before that we discovered a huge gold mine in Africa, and today s press conference, I cbd gummies images will reveal the answer to this mystery.Mr.Joe Cole s opening remarks immediately attracted the attention of everyone present.Mr.Joe Cole slowly watched the scene Yes, we did find a gold mine with huge reserves The exclamation suddenly rang out in the hall.God, gold mines, there really are gold mines However, there are still people who are dubious Gold mines are not so easy to find This is a supporting document These are some trubliss cbd gummies reviews just cbd gummies 250mg photos taken at the gold mining site Joe Cole took out a large number of documents and showed everyone present one by one.The spotlights are flashing, and the reporters pens are constantly recording If all this is true, it will shock the entire United States and Europe When the hall became a little quieter, Mr.I am Kahn, the former German ambassador to Turkey.Hello, Mr.Ambassador, what should we do now, shall we stay in Ankara No, Mr.Baron will take you out.Baron Yes Yes, it is Baron Alexon who rescued you.You said he was a baron Did I hear you right You heard me right, he is a baron, and he is also Field Marshal Ernst, the pride of Germany.God, I was saved by a baron 505.Kahn and Karami were successfully rescued in the heart of the enemy, and now the problem is how to take them out of Ankara successfully The Turks must have been on alert throughout the city.Judging from the information fed back by Major Herbert, it is already impossible to sneak out.Forced to kill Relying on a dozen or so people can t do it at all.Or there is another option wait for the German army to reach Ankara, and then forcefully break out of Ankara under the cover of the German army Even, you can wait in the city for the entry of the German army Of course, the prerequisite for this to be achieved is that the German army must move quickly, and Ankara must be captured The first reinforcements from the British had arrived, tanks, artillery, weapons and ammunition.He only got the post of foreign secretary.Mafa was disappointed, but what could be done The list has been agreed by the Germansbut Marfa sees it very clearly.Everything is under the control of the Germans, and temporary losses are not permanent.Please the Germans and do what the Germans want.You will be able to get everything you can imagine.The Ottoman Empire is about to be restored, and the Turkish capital will be relocated back to Istanbul.The news of cbd gummies for cats Karami s impending enthronement in Istanbul spread quickly through different channels, which caused an uproar in Turkey and the world.hell.What the hell are the Germans trying to do Protests have begun in Turkey.Before the official restoration of the Ottoman Empire, the interim government, which served as cbd gummies for cats the transitional government, quickly threw itself into the suppression of protesters.And when Henry Morgan paid a secret visit to Joe Cole Brothers Investment Company, he did not 10 benefits of cbd gummies cbd gummies for cats see Mr.Manny Joe Cole, but Mr.Moyol.Has the real mastermind finally appeared Henry Morgan was not surprised at the appearance of Mr.Moyol.Wang Weiyi also smiled faintly there You are the head of the Morgan family.It is really disrespectful for the Morgan family to have Manny Joe Cole receive you.Mr.Morgan, do you need something to drink Coffee , I haven t had coffee in the office for a long time.Morgan found a place to sit down by himself I told Manny.Joe Cole has done careful research, how could a man like him have any gold mine There must be a mastermind behind all this, a mastermind with huge wealth in his hands.I cbd gummies for cats cbd gummies for hair growth shark tank originally wanted to know something from Joe Cole when I came this time, but I didn t expect to see you so soon.It cbd gummies for cats is not an easy job to work beside the President of the United States.You are the same.William s eyes A little flushed At least I don t gummy cbd peach rings have to face those cannon planes, but you are always in danger every day.Father.I want to accompany you back to the battlefield.No.William, you stay here than in the It can play a greater role on the battlefield.Wang Weiyi shook his head To be honest, I don t think you can become an excellent general, but I know that you can become the best president William smiled Do you really think that one day I will be president I don t have the confidence you have You are from the Brahm family, aren t you Wang Weiyi s words were full of With emotion No one in the Brahm family has ever been a coward.We will face countless challenges in our lives, but our task is to conquer these challenges Will fail.General Woodrow took out his pistol and gesticulated on his head.When the pipe was exhausted, General Woodrow put down his pipe and went out, pistol in hand.The deafening sound of guns and shouts everywhere made General Woodrow sigh condor cbd gummies amazon reviews cbd gummies for cats What a magnificent war He saw the German troops coming from the left and right flanks, and he saw the German troops coming.tanks are appearing.General Woodrow suddenly laughed at this time, and then repeated what he said just now What a magnificent war Then, he pointed the gun at his head On October 25, 1942, at 1 55 pm, the British frontline commander, cbd gummies for cats General Woodrow, took his own life with a pistol.He would rather die than become a prisoner of the enemy.He used a bullet to finish his last journey as a soldier.The moment he fell, a tank stopped in front of him.After the war is over, you can take your wifewhat s your name Ah, Rieko, and your daughter, let cbd gummies with some thc s live happily together Living in Switzerland This is what Wang Weiyi once said to him when he was in Shanghai.When Wang Weiyi disappeared, Hiroshi Yamaguchi was ordered to go to Switzerland before taking over as the head of the Kwantung Army s Harbin Intelligence Department.After Wang Weiyi disappeared, someone still remitted a sum of money to his account regularly At 2019 best cbd gummies that moment, he knew that Wang Weiyi was not dead The relationship between him and Wang Weiyi is the biggest secret in his heart.Originally, with Wang Weiyi s disappearance, everyone thought he was dead.Hiroshi Yamaguchi finally let out a long sigh of relief.Finally, no one knew this cbd gummies for cats secret, and no one knew about it.People are threatening themselves again.He didn t want to dedicate this great gift to Masaichi Shimamoto.Yoshimura Hidezo went straight to the Harbin Intelligence Department of the Kwantung Army, and as soon as he went upstairs, he met Duan Yimu, the chief of the police department, coming out of Yamaguchi Hiroshi s office.Unlike usual, apart from being respectful, the faces of these two people today showed a bit more complacency.Yoshimura guessed that these two people probably got some information and just asked Hiroshi Yamaguchi for credit.As he expected, after Yoshimura entered the office, Hiroshi Yamaguchi patted him on the shoulder, brought him to the desk, pointed to a few pages of materials on it and said You came just in time, I have something important I want you to do it.Yoshimura stood at attention with a snap and said seriously, Please show me, Chief of the Yamaguchi Agency He knew that it must be a big deal to be able to use the gendarmerie secretly.

Shimamoto will definitely notice when you go back for interrogation.Your task is to secretly recruit a group of trusted subordinates to conduct a detailed investigation of the south of the city from now on.When Duan Yimu has a breakthrough, you will secretly deploy according to the clues you have obtained.The Kuomintang military commanders have been wiped out It s okay for the people in the police department to do some small errands, but we have to go to the battle in person for the key things.Yoshimura thought about it, and said Teacher, I have something to report to you a few days ago There have been breakthroughs in the killing of Tiandi officials, and according to the current situation, the Kuomintang army did it Hiroshi Yamaguchi signaled Yoshimura to go on in detail.While narrating, Yoshimura secretly looked at Hiroshi Yamaguchi s expression, and saw him suddenly contemplating, sometimes joyful, and sometimes showing a mysterious expression.Heisenberg pulled the trigger again.The second gunner fell screaming.Heisenberg was appalled at how easily a life could be taken.You just aim and fire like you re shooting at a range on a sunny afternoon.boom Someone was killed condor cbd gummies amazon reviews cbd gummies for cats Heisenberg trembled all over, wondering if his head was exposed in the reticle of a Russian soldier s scope.Heisenberg ducked behind the hillock.What s the matter, Heisenberg Edim asked, aiming and shooting.I shot two, Heisenberg whispered.Shot at this distance Edim stared at Heisenberg s scope Is this your scope Yes.Nice job, we have to keep fighting.Everyone is counting on Commando help.Just as he finished speaking, a tank exploded.But it was not just an explosion, because the ammunition in the tank exploded.Flames burst from holes and cracks that appeared in the hull.The families who lost their children and husbands are crying almost every day.Once a large number of British prisoners were released, domestic dissatisfaction would be much lessened.At least from this point of view, Churchill is extremely eager to negotiate with Germany.631.A Gentleman s Agreement To be honest, Churchill found that he and Baron Alexon had a lot in common.Moreover, he liked the Baron.Baron Alexon is honest and never likes to hide anything.Maybe this is the quality a soldier should have They talked a lot, not just about the war.History, economics, politics, everything they could think of was discussed.However, during this process, Churchill was thinking about a problem Without the help of the United States, the United Kingdom could no longer continue the war on a large scale, but just accepting the defeat like this, is the responsibility of all the United Kingdom, including Churchill.Who knows But now the cheers became higher and higher, and the British completely forgot about the man in front of them.They defeated the British army many times on the battlefield, and captured their supreme commander Alexander and General Montgomery alive in North Africa.It s really strange that an enemy can get so many cheers But Wang Weiyi s reputation has been widely spread in Britain and the European continent since the First World War.He has become a legend, very Few see him as their true enemy.While Wang Weiyi, King George VI, and Princess Elizabeth received the cheers, de Gaulle said angrily Mr.Prime Minister, what does this mean If I say that I don t know at all, would you believe me cbd gummies for cats Churchill said with a wry smile.He knew that De Gaulle would not believe it, but he was really completely kept in the dark.The two countries Still accepted Germany s peace.Even, they will change from enemies to allies.But what about France Who will guarantee France s interests Perhaps in order to draw energy from the British battlefield as soon as possible and pull Britain and the United States into themselves On this side of the alliance, Germany will make some concessions on the French issue, but these concessions have absolutely nothing to do with the Free French Movement.De Gaulle is sure of this point.Wang Weiyi suddenly asked Mr.What do you think of the Miselier incident De Gaulle who owns green dolphin cbd gummies was taken aback for a moment.The Misselier incident was between de Gaulle and the United Kingdom.Especially Churchill, a deeply hidden scar that no one could mention.Vice Admiral Miselier was the first to defect to de Gaulle The general with the highest rank among people is also a person with a difficult to get along with personality.Indeed, judging from the situation at the scene, not to mention that the Germans did not have the need to direct such a good show, even if it was really directed and acted by the Germans, it would be a He was joking with the skeleton baron s life.Major, who made all the routes.Colonel Menzies asked ponderously.It s all in charge of Lieutenant Colonel John Naris of the Second Management Departmentand we are responsible for protecting Ernst Brahm s route, and we are also starting Lieutenant Colonel John Narys called me directly five minutes ago.Major Rogermin s answer made Colonel Menzies silent.Lieutenant Colonel Naris The cbd gummies for cats brightest star of MI6 at present He is praised as the one who can enter the ranks of generals in ten years at most.John Naris The most recent Naris, became famous for destroying the German spy case around cbd gummies for cats the French viscount, and was also favored by high level officials.Marshal and Soldiers, El Klin, February 1, 1943.The cold was still the theme of all, for the Germans as for the Russians.The dire climate afflicts the humblest creatures on the surface, and even the most hardy animals are reluctant to come out to feed at this time.However, as the highest level human beings in action, they completely ignored the influence of the cold, or in other words, they wanted to use war to dispel the cold.The shells roared in the air, and when they landed, the sound of explosions and burning flames did not make people feel frightened.On the contrary, some soldiers even hoped that cbd for weight loss gummies the fire would burn more fiercely.warmth.The soldiers have been praying, but they are not praying that the shells will not hit them, but praying that they would rather be killed than be injured.The HCMUSSH cbd gummies for cats Germans suddenly appeared with such a powerful force, which the Russians never expected.No matter in terms of strength.Still in weapons and equipment.In one day, the German army had completely suppressed the Soviet army.Wang Weiyi s combat thinking was very simple and clear.He concentrated all his superior forces and used the fastest and fiercest offensive to defeat the Third Army of the Soviet Army in one fell swoop without giving them any time to breathe.At this time, on the battlefield from Erklin to Samilos, several elite divisions of the SS and three infantry divisions of the Wehrmacht were concentrated.Wang Weiyi compiled all the mistakes into Ernst battle group.This battle group includes the SS Skeleton Division, Reich Division, Grossdeutschland Regiment, Viking Division, Hohenstauffen Division, Prince Eugen Mountain Division, Nordland Battle Group, Arco Group, Paipa Battle Group, AI The battle group The 12th, 30th, 123rd Infantry Divisions of the Wehrmacht are powerful.

When the Skeleton Baron appeared at this moment, he had already Everything has been arranged.Yes, he admits that the skeleton baron has arranged very well.But one thing, if he agrees to cooperate with the skeleton baron, it will be tantamount to a complete betrayal of his country Time is running out, you guys There is no choice Wang Weiyi stood up at this time I will arrange for your children to go to the United States.It s a very nice countryand I can assure you that only I know your identitiesso.Tomorrow there will be a new explosion in the east of Moscow, and I hope that all the troops in the west of the city will be transferred to the east of the cityMr.Timilenko, I know that this thing will be done, even without you You can do it yourself, can t you With that, he picked up his hat and put it on.Comrade Stalin was also worried about the commander in chief.Khrushchev considered whether to Vasilevsky s remarks were reported to Stalin, but at such a time, he still mustered up his energy and said Comrade commander in chief, although you have just been promoted to marshal, in fact, in the army, many commanders think that With your qualifications and military achievements, you should have been a marshal a long time agoI don t mean to flatter you, but just want to tell you that you are expected by everyone, and you are not inferior to Comrade Zhukov.It is expected that you will command the Battle of Stalingrad, and because of this, I firmly believe that under your command, we will be able to win the final victory Vasilevsky smiled wryly, who said that Khrushchev Is the husband just a reckless and rude countryman There is no one who can hide himself better than him Well, Comrade Military Commissar, 10 benefits of cbd gummies cbd gummies for cats I hope to achieve the final victory as you said.Yeah, we re all going to die here.Davamirsky repeated his words Using armored soldiers as infantry to charge is suicide.Comrade Stalaf, in tomorrow s battle, my 56th Army will be at the forefront, and your troops will serve as cover and support missions.Straff was grateful The other party s kindness, he knew that Dawamirski was trying his best not to let his troops die in vain.However, Voroshilov would never allow such a thing to happen.Compared to death, I am more afraid of the insult to my reputation.Struff looked at the night sky blankly If he finds out that I am not attacking, I will be dismissed and sent to a military court.Comrade Dawamirsky, I am not afraid of death, but I am afraid of being judged by my own comrades and then being thrown into the shame of history.Dawamirsky was silent there, yes, cbd gummies for cats who doesn t think so Woolen cloth But they can t change all this at all, they can t even control their own destiny, and this is their sorrow.Vasilevsky did not panic at all.Instead, passively, he led the German army into the encirclement cbd gummies online store all the way, causing the German assault group to be wiped out.But the performance of the Skeleton Baron is also amazing When the entire assault group was facing a crisis, he didn t panic at all, and carried out resolute assaults while conducting anti encirclement operations.And at this time.There were serious problems within the Soviet army.Voroshilov replaced Vasilevsky s command at the front, and all the orderly order was disrupted.This is just a discussion for later people, and this time.No one knows what kind of ending will happen Wang Weiyi, who has been fighting on the front line, can t control his own destiny.He can t predict whether a bullet will go out of his head From today to now, the enemy has charged more than ten times.All rights removed.And it was also controlled by secret surveillance.Even his closest people can t reach him now.So he has no way to send someone who can truly represent him.Ludwig snorted coldly condor cbd gummies amazon reviews cbd gummies for cats Since he has lost all his powers, what else do we need him for Ludwig, you are an excellent general, but wars can t end just by fighting.Wang Weiyi smiled Yes, it is undeniable that Timoshenko has lost all his powers, including his personal freedom.But he still has countless followers and admirers in the Soviet army.Many current senior Soviet generals.They are all his old subordinates, infinitely loyal to their former marshal.Of course, the vast majority of them don t know Timoshenko s current situation, because 10 benefits of cbd gummies cbd gummies for cats the Moscow government is worried that once the truth is revealed, it will shake the hearts of the soldiers, so they have to find ways to conceal it Speaking of this, he paused for a while and continued I can say without exaggeration that once Timoshenko decides to cooperate with Germany in all aspects, the shake of the Soviet Union will be very terrible.When she heard this voice, Sophie ran over in a hurry.She checked, then immediately gave simple treatment, and then shouted loudly to the back Dr.Mashepp, we have a priority here.Healing The word soldier didn t come out of Sophie s trubliss cbd gummies reviews mouth, she suddenly lowered her head and looked at her body Blood was gushing from her body out A sinful bullet hit her Sophie covered the wound with her hands, but the blood still couldn t stop flowing from her fingers She fell limply on the ground , she seemed to cbd gummies for dogs trubliss cbd gummies reviews hear countless people calling from her ears, and then she felt her body being lifted up Her consciousness became more and more blurred.But there are many figures in front of my eyesthat s my father swhat about that She tried hard to see it clearly, and she finally saw it clearlyit was the cbd gummies for cats who makes smilz cbd gummies skull baron s Sophie let out a long sigh, and then all the images and sounds disappeared completely up Sergeant Thorpe, Sergeant Thorpe.Most of them are nobles of the tsarist era or their descendants.They hate you and your companions very much, such as Marshal Vasilevsky.Therefore, in order to make the smooth transition of Russia in the future, someone must do it Out of sacrifice I understand, I understand.Zhukov actually smiled at this time You know what, I want to see Marshal Ernst even more urgently now. The Marshal is waiting for your arrival.Zhukov interjected I can end the war, but I must agree to one condition.Soviet officers and soldiers who lay down their weapons must not be harmed in any way, and officers below the general cannot be judged.Let us generals or marshals bear the responsibility.I will convey it, but before that, please give an order to stop the fighting.Zhukov accepted this suggestion The gunfire was stopped in the Kremlin Few people refused to carry out this order, and the war has progressed to this point, and everyone is tired.After all, this is not theirs.The familiar era of using planes, cannons and machine guns is an era in which muscular fights can happen anytime and anywhere.The armor on Elena is so beautiful and sexy, which inevitably reminds Wang Weiyi of a certain woman.Some evil things When Richthofen came out of the base, he couldn t help looking at the sky.For some reason, he always had a feeling that his world should be above the blue sky As for Baroness Leonie, Steward Depusey and Steward Vidlio, they have nothing to do with battles, and Xiaoling prepared costumes for them that are suitable for this era.Especially Xiaoling for Baroness Leonie The costumes prepared, as well as the string of radiant necklaces worn around her neck, made the baroness look more irresistible and mysterious Originally, Wang Weiyi invited Xiao Ling to accompany them Going out to really see the outside world, but Xiao Ling seemed a little afraid of the outside world.

So far, Germanic is only cbd gummies for arousal a general term, and the earliest use of the word Germanic was the Greek historian Posidonius.He first used the name around 80 BC.Caesar used the name Germanic in his Gallic Wars in 51 BC.In the Eastern Gaul campaign, Caesar collectively referred to the Celticized opponents and other mixed populations from the east of the Rhine as Germanic.Here, the former Romans called the peoples in western Europe the Celts, while the peoples in the east of Europe does cbd gummies help you sleep were called the Scythians.Until this time, the Romans realized that the Germanic people were not Celts, but an independent ethnic group.Tacitus says that the Gauls called the peoples east of the Rhine Germans.Later these peoples themselves called themselves Germans.The Germanic tribes, however, have many tribes, including Germanians, Vandals, Burgundians, Goths, and many other troops.It forced him to continue to follow Caesar s footsteps to complete new conquests before he could use those booty to barely repay some debts.And once Caesar had any problems, his future and his family would be completely destroyed.But just at this time, this man named Ernst Brehm appeared like a savior. Gaius had no idea how to express his gratitude.You will be my lifelong friend.Gaius calmed down his excitement If you can really do everything you promised, I don t know how to express cbd gummies for cats my gratitude.Tell me, you What kind of repayment is required, as long as cbd gummies sugar content it is within the scope of my power, I can do it.Look.I m a businessman, and you probably know it Wang Weiyi said indifferently Any successful businessman will always find the most suitable time to invest in the most beneficial investment.In that era, people had no way to get exact confirmation.Gradually, he believed what Caesar said.So, Caesar used this method to finally make himself one of the heroes of Rome.Seven hundred and thirty five.Caesar s scouts found traces of the barbarians, which also excited Caesar.The closer he was to the barbarian s lair, the closer he was to his exploits.He seemed to be able to see his soldiers playing the music of victory, and he seemed to see the citizens of Rome cheering for him.Everything was so wonderful, and so exciting, that he gave all his generals a feast that night when they set up camp.Originally, carrying women and drinking were not allowed in the Roman cbd gummies for dogs trubliss cbd gummies reviews legion, but the military action to conquer the barbarians was not worth mentioning in the eyes of Caesar.He could even foresee that the barbarians would be defeated at the first touch in front of the powerful Roman legions.When they start to attack, I will choose a suitable opportunity to let you run away from me, and you can return to Caesar s side Thank you, my lord baron, for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my wish.When Nelia said this, a pair of beautiful eyes were always looking at Wang Weiyi, which also made Wang Weiyi s heart flutter.However, now is not the time to think about it, although he has to admit that Nelia is full of However, Caesar s army is approaching here, and the most important thing to do now is how to lead the Germanic people through this crisis as soon as possible When he came out from where Nelia lived, he saw Leoni was already waiting for him there, and when he saw Ernst, Leoni went up to cbd 750 mg gummies him Dangerous times, isn t it Yeah, Dangerous times.Wang Weiyi sighed I heard that even you killed someone Leonie smiled slightly I never thought that one day I would kill someone, that kind of feeling is not good.Defeating Caesar has proved that you and your companions are warriors.Lorbis tried to make his voice sound more polite But with only four people, ah, there are three who can t fight Do you really think that Caesar can be subdued At least you re right about one thing.Wang Weiyi smiled and said The defeat of Caesar has already shown that cbd gummies for cats we have such abilities.Yes, the four of us alone cannot achieve victory, and our emperor, His Majesty, does not intend to directly send troops to intervene Richthofen smiled on the face behind the mask.Our Your Majesty the Emperor, did you intend to directly send troops to intervene Where did Ernst find the German Empire s army Did Xiao Ling really show up with the base Wang Weiyi continued But one thing I can be sure of, The end of Caesar and the Roman legions is near Immediately, this sentence caused a commotion among the leaders.On the night when Caesar was attacked, he also hesitated for a long time before deciding to send troops, and it was the same this time.If you retreat now.How to deal with Caesar s trust How should I tell Caesar So even though he has lost the wind on the battlefield now, he is still hesitating whether to give the order to retreat More and more Roman soldiers died under the strong impact of the Germanians.The Romans were beginning to show signs of collapse.Master Deputy Consul, we can t go on like this.His subordinates were a little anxious We don t have any reserve soldiers in our hands, and the barbarians are gaining the upper hand.If we continue to delay, we don t know what will happen.What kind of situation But.Your Excellency Governor cbd gummies for cats Your Excellency will understand what happened here.Our soldiers should not just die like this Kalenny s There was confusion in his eyes He had participated in the first crusade against the barbarians, and that battle went very smoothly, but what happened this time The horn of retreat finally sounded, which was undoubtedly a relief for the Romans who were fighting hard.They are suffering from the failure of trubliss cbd gummies reviews just cbd gummies 250mg the uprising, and they are also confused about the future.They were at a loss as to what to do next, although Stiles had conveyed Hellmann s dying wishes.But will the Germanic League accept them Before, they had already rejected the request of the Germanic Alliance somewhat rudely.Now, they are losers, but the Germanic Alliance has just achieved a great victory against the Romans, the mentality and status of both sides.It s not on a level at all.Just as cbd gummies brands they were thinking wildly, a large group of soldiers appeared on their way forward.Originally, these Germans thought that the Romans blocked the way, but when they saw that those people were also their compatriots.Only then did my heart relax a little.I am sent by Lord Ernst Brahm, the consul of the Germanic Alliance, and I am Guo Yunfeng, the three messengers of the devil The man with the two swords on his back opened his mouth, and it caused a wave of uprising tribes.He will never be able to return to Gaul, and he will no longer be able to command his powerful legion to continue fighting.He will lose his freedom in life, he will lose everything.Especially power, which is the most unbearable thing for Caesar to lose Calini, what do you think Suppressing his anger, Caesar asked coldly.I don t know, most respected governor Kaleini is too aware of the stakes, but the mystery is not his One can guess wildly.What about you, Gaius Caesar turned his eyes to Gaius again.I don t know, my Caesar.Gaius replied respectfully.But at this time, Gaius had a faint guess in his heart what was going on.Ernst Brahm once said that Caesar would definitely encounter a terrible disaster.And At that time, it will also be the moment to decide your own destiny He was glad that he recognized Ernst Brahm, and that he was able to stand in the right team, otherwise, there must be his own name among those who were lucent valley cbd gummies where to buy recalled He made up his mind, no matter what How to get out of the crisis in the central government as soon as possible, even if you turn against Caesar because of it.

Then not only will we not attack Gaul, but once those Gauls take advantage of Caesar s army to riot.We will also provide very urgent assistance when necessary Gaius s heart moved immediately.If the barbarian can really do what he says, then he will gain a very favorable and reliable ally in exercising power here instead of Caesar.Wang Weiyi suddenly said Next, it s time cbd gummies for cats to come Talk about the benefits you can get Gaius concentrated his mind at once, and he heard Wang Weiyi say Assuming cbd isolate gummy Caesar can win, then even if your allies participate in cbd gummies for cats cbd gummies for hair growth shark tank the battle against Rome, you can rely on you to fight for Rome.Thanks to him for stabilizing Gaul, Caesar will definitely appoint you as the new Governor of Gaul.Isn t this what you dream of But what if Caesar failed I don t think you need to worry any more.Hasn t Britain always been an ally of the United States Why did Britain fall What about France He remembered that when he left that time and space, the rule of the Vichy government had been very stable with the help of Germany, and their biggest threat, Charles de Gaulle, was also sentenced to life imprisonment.So what happened Xiao Ling is still unable to give an answer Moreover, what makes Wang Weiyi even more troublesome is that he cannot directly ask those German soldiers, otherwise, they will definitely arouse their suspicion.A major in the German army, why doesn t he even know these things I can only temporarily put the doubts in my heart aside.To get rid of this French convoy, disrupting the entire deployment of the Allied forces is the first priority.Colonel Tony and his French soldiers were as slack as ever.There was gasoline all over the ground.With the supplies they need, the German commandos are ready for new raids in various locations.Looking at the gasoline all over the place, Kars felt a little distressed.These are urgently needed supplies on the front line.The Italians were supposed to be responsible for transporting them to the front line, but Italy was always looking for various excuses to shirk there.The results of it Now the gasoline is wasted for nothing.If he hadn t come in time, the loss might have been even greater.A company of U.S.troops entered Longenberg and began searching for it, although Kars did not think they would find anything.Who would be foolish to stay here and wait for the enemy to arrive An American corporal kicked open a room and walked in.After a cursory glance, there was nothing inside.Wang Weiyi touched his nose Butler Videlio, how did you introduce me just now Dill Seymont van Preet Cheers.Baron Morrow.I ll have to remember this name, can t you just give me something simpler Wang Weiyi said with a wry smile.If the butler Depusey in the car in front says so.He will laugh at you for not knowing the meaning of names.After Butler Videlio finished speaking, he returned to the sergeant The baron and the baroness graciously agreed to your almost unreasonable request.Now you can go to check the car.The sergeant still didn t understand why he was being unreasonable.But it s better not to provoke an ancient European nobleman like this.When he saw the baron and baroness coming out of the car, he couldn t help being stunned.The young baron was handsome, tall and personable, but in front of the baroness, the baron suddenly paled a lot.The astonishingly beautiful baroness, with her noble temperament, made people dare not look directly at him.In an instant, The sergeant believed their identities Although he had never seen any baron, who else could have such a temperament except a real nobleman When the sergeant passed by the baroness, he found his heart was beating very fast , he felt that asking the baroness to leave the car for inspection was simply an offense to the lady.Now, he understood what the word unreasonable meant by Butler Vidlio said.The sergeant inspected in a hurry After a while, blushing, he said nervously in an unusually apologetic tone I m sorry.Ma am, trouble for you, you can now enter Dessau.Thank you, Sergeant.The baroness s nice voice made the sergeant s heart beat faster.Baron Preet Wang Weiyi didn t mean to get 10 benefits of cbd gummies cbd gummies for cats into the car immediately Sergeant, who is your supreme commander here Ah, it s General Jonson of the 6th Marine Brigade.Indeed, this is an American brand of cigarettes, and Wang Weiyi found them on the American soldiers who were killed by him.The farmer Kars frowned What farmer He said his name was Henri Ren Abel.Major Henner felt that the American s reaction was a bit trubliss cbd gummies reviews just cbd gummies 250mg excessive He and his The companion can speak fluent French, and he is not carrying any weapons.He still has a companion Kars s doubts grew even bigger.Yes, there are about a dozen of them together with the workers on his farm.A bad feeling rose in Kars heart.At this moment, an American sergeant hurried over Lieutenant Colonel, we found an abandoned tank and some m16s not cbd gummies for dogs trubliss cbd gummies reviews far from here.Damn idiot, that Henry Ren Abel is the one we want to catch Carl Si yelled at the French angrily Everyone get in the car and chase The Americans rushed over, but Major Henner didn t take these things to heart at all, and instead cursed at the American s back He got up You damn American fool, that is your fugitive, what has it to do with us It s a pity that the Germans didn t beat you to death After speaking, he took out a French cigarette and put it to his mouth How far is it to Hammer Forest About half an hour away.It was night now, and he didn t know the strength of the enemy, or whether the enemy had received reinforcements.What if the enemy launches an attack on his position Brigadier General Budger made a decision order all American soldiers to hold their positions, and at the same time order the 1st Canadian Ranger Regiment to retreat tactically immediately.It cannot be said that Brigadier General Budger s decision was wrong, and in most cases the commander would have made such a decision, especially when the morale of the Canadians 10 benefits of cbd gummies cbd gummies for cats was low.Now the Allied forces have a complete advantage, and they don t have to suffer losses when the strength of the enemy and us is unknown.After daybreak, they can still beat the Germans back But Brigadier General Budger probably didn t know.His decision was exactly what Wang Weiyi, who commanded the German soldiers, wanted to see The Canadians who received the retreat order did not hesitate too much, and immediately withdrew from the position they should have held.Of course, what you are dreaming is not a beautiful dream I will let you just see beauty I think it s a great shame to pretend to be a Staff Sergeant Bob gasped.Colonel Guy will be mad when he hears this.Of course, he didn t dare to say no to the enemy.Let s go, let s go back and convey these words intact.Wang Weiyi waved his hands Tell Colonel Guy again, he will see me soon, and he will regret seeing me Enter Bob I have never heard such confident words Eight hundred and twenty three.Chaos in the U.S.military I ll make you feel a huge shame just by looking at beautiful women s clothing Ernst.Bram made such an oath.At this moment, in Ibor, all the power he can use has been mobilized.The Manfred Commando and the Elder Combat Brigade have a total of more than 500 people.The number is not large, but it is enough.

He made effective reforms.He decreed the expulsion of the Jesuits, banned the order of monks, dissolved them, and confiscated their property.The famous action of Charles III, most popular with the HCMUSSH cbd gummies for cats people and most hated by the Church, ended the inquisition and cruel torture.Compared with his father, Charles IV, the son of Charles III, has been criticized by historians unanimously.Charles IV reused the jester Manuel Godoy.The government lasted for 25 years.Under the instigation of Godoy, Charles IV formed an alliance with the European upstart Napoleon.This decision making error led to one of the biggest defeats in Spanish history.In the famous Trafalgar naval battle, Nelson The British fleet led by the admiral almost completely annihilated the Franco Spanish combined fleet, trubliss cbd gummies reviews just cbd gummies 250mg and the Spanish Armada has since degenerated into an ironic historical term.He suddenly thought of his father, how wonderful it eagle hemp cbd gummies 750mg would be if his father was here Wang Weiyi and Bang Keleilei hugged for a long time before they let go.Bang Keleilei breathed a long sigh of relief Marshal Ernst, it s good that you come back, and the burden on me can be put down.I m tired, really I m tired.I ve been carrying it for so many years.Aging and disease are attacking my body, and I know I can t last much longer.Now, it s time to return these burdens to you, and I.I I think I have to take a good rest.Bang Leilei, don t be lazy.Wang Weiyi smiled and said, When you believe in miracles, you will encounter miracles Bang Leilei didn t understand this sentence Wang Weiyi did not immediately explain what he meant, but instead set his sights on Kalumbo Kalumbu Rommel Yes, Marshal I order you, all the baron guards are ready to go into battle Yes, Marshal, we have long cbd gummies and citalopram been prepared for this day But what about the Constance Base I king cbd infused gummies will arrange another army to take over the defense Yes, Marshal Baron The guards are the most elite armed forces in all of Germany.At least in the eyes of the Allies, the possibility of any victory in Germany s fate In fact, this is the confidence accumulated by Germany over the years, a belief in the Baron that outsiders cannot understand at all.From World War I to World War II, no matter what the circumstances, the Baron could always perform miracles, HCMUSSH cbd gummies for cats and he never knew what it meant to fail.And it s the same this time.Westmoreland decided to organize a strong force and deal a fierce blow to Berlin, completely dispelling the confidence of cbd gummies for cats the Germans and breaking the myth of the Baron s invincibility.Seventeen divisions and eight brigades of Allied forces were mobilized.Cooperating with strong air and ground forces, Westmoreland organized a military attack code named Blizzard on December 10th.The goal is very clear, to completely defeat the main German defense line composed of the Skeleton Division, the Prince Eugen Mountain Division, and the Grossdeutschland Regiment.And, we help Germany so much.Because of the Baron s return, he will be rewarded ten times and a hundred timesDon t just focus on the present, but put your eyes on the longer term.Today s investment is for the huge benefits in the future I see.Everything will be done as you ordered, sir General, is the meeting over Oh, it s over, Martin, help me with my bag, I have to go to and from the bathroom.God, two hours.Yes, General.When General Punet came out of the bathroom, his face was relaxed.The feeling of holding back his urine for two hours was really uncomfortable.He rushed here from Berlin and immediately participated in the military meeting.He didn t give himself any toilet at all.Time.He took the briefcase from his adjutant, Major Martin Major, you don t have to stay with me anymore.I have another more important meeting.In the attack just now, a bullet was shot into his body, but in order not to affect the emotions of the soldiers, he did not make a sound.There was a lot of blood, which made Captain Man dizzy, but at this time the phone had restored the connection with the division headquarters.Colonel, I m Captain Mann, and I ve recaptured position a3.Very well, Captain, congratulations, our casualty aunt The casualties are huge, 35 people were killed and nearly 40 were wounded.What about you , Captain, are you okay I don t seem to hear your voice right. Ah, 10 benefits of cbd gummies cbd gummies for cats Colonel, I m fine.I have nothing to do.I m probably tired from the attack just now. Captain, you must stick to your position.No retreat without my order.Yes, Colonel, but if possible, send me another platoon.I ll do something, but are you really all right I hear It s your moan.And the German commandos who accompanied the tanks were also very well trained.They followed the tanks unhurriedly.Once they encountered resistance, they would quickly hide around the tanks, and then the tanks would solve the resistance in front of them.And at this time.Wang Weiyi personally controls the machine gun on the tank.Like a ghost urging him to his death, he desperately splashed the bullets cbd gummies for cats on the opposite enemy.It s messed up, the Americans here are completely messed up.Under the double blow of tanks and commandos, they could not organize an effective defense at all.They gave up resistance A white flag waved desperately on the US military s position, and this seemed to be a signal, and the German gunfire stopped.Wang Weiyi stopped firing the machine gun, and looked at the Americans coldly while lying on the gun.For Annette, Marshal Canlemo, the man next to her has become her nemesis.In fact, if you think about it carefully, do you really want to catch him If so, what are you doing here by yourself Or, deep down in her heart, she didn t want to do this at all, but Annette didn t even know it.After figuring this out, and there was no way to change the environment she was in at the moment, Annette let go of her body and mind, and fully enjoyed the happiness this man brought her.When the sun spread cbd gummies for cats into the room, the two of them woke up.Wang Weiyi smiled wickedly at Annette, and Annette s body slipped into Wang Weiyi s arms.After a while, she met Wang Weiyi s eyes again Can you tell me what you are doing here now His actions in Cairo were more effective Listen, I m a German, and I m doing things for my country, but I m not a spy, I m just a pure soldier.Then you declined my offer, did you It s not a refusal, but I never thought of any possibility of surrender.Then, I regret to tell you that the German army in Baeza will finally face the only result of being completely and cleanly annihilated.I still suggest you think again.My troops will break through smoothly.Marshal Manstein smiled and said cbd gummies for cats I am willing to bet you on this.What do you want to bet on A bottle of gin would be appropriate, I think. Well, a bottle of gin.Good luck, Marshal Manstein. Have a nice day, cbd gummies for cats General Carlofi.The phone hung up, and at this time his chief of staff, 10 benefits of cbd gummies cbd gummies for cats General Walcott, came to his side The Marshal just got the information from North Africa, and the North African Army has launched a counterattack across the board under the command of Marshal Model.Moreover, it was specifically mentioned in the top secret telegram that Marshal Ernst personally commanded and deployed this counterattack.

Hand grenades were thrown out desperately one after another, and amidst the bursts of explosions, the rising smoke enveloped the battlefield.Occasionally, something flew up, and it was only when it fell to the ground that it could be seen that it was a broken arm.At the same time, the owner of this arm uttered the most painful cry.This is the most real battlefield Once you set foot on this battlefield, you will know what is the cruelest truth.Everyone who has experienced all this will never forget it.Even if they can survive the war, as soon as they close their eyes, the waste cbd gummies for cats s hillstone hemp cbd gummies scam limbs and arms will be broken.The dead companions will appear most clearly in their minds.But what can you do Now that you re here, you won t have any choice Colonel Versten also went into the battlefield himself, just like Marshal Ernst who was holding a heavy machine gun.Roosevelt I know that your country is vast and rich in wealth.To make you responsible for the history of the whole world and the history of all nations.And I, sir.In a much more mundane position and a much smaller situation I accept a country that faces total ruin because of trust in foreign promises and because of the bad institutions of democratic governmentI overcame the chaos in Germany, restored order, and greatly increased production in all spheres 10 benefits of cbd gummies cbd gummies for cats of our national economyI succeeded in expelling the seven million unemployed who cbd gummies for cats so terrified us Push into beneficial production Not only did I unite the German nation politically, but I also armed the German nation militarily, and I tried to tear up page by page the treaty which contained in its 488 articles the most vicious rape of nation and people.He is a teacher at the Robin Stell Central Primary School.He once helped the German army repair fortifications.His name seems HCMUSSH cbd gummies for cats to be Strunz or something.He is only in his HCMUSSH cbd gummies for cats forties.His face was so filthy and dusty that it was almost unrecognizable.Although Strunz s glasses were still on his face, they were already shattered.He was on the verge of death due to the serious injuries, and a mouthful of blood poured out of his mouth.He was already speechless.He tried to point to his breast pocket, but died without success.Unable to understand exactly what he meant, Hewitt reached into his pocket and tremblingly took out a blood stained photo.It was a photo of a child a photo of a three year old boy.On the back of the photo was written A line of words, Dear wife Susie and child Heinz.Colin, I love you forever At this time, Nora shrugged her shoulders and sobbed softly, and Hewitt felt very uncomfortable.The only thing trubliss cbd gummies reviews just cbd gummies 250mg that is invisible is a skull badge on his collar.That s a golden skull badge The Russians fell in pieces, and under the fierce German attack, they had no chance to resist.For the Germans, the anger in their hearts finally got a chance to vent.Less than five minutes.Most of the Russians here were killed, and all the rest scattered.Hewitt has seen it all firsthand, to this day.He still can t believe this is true Lieutenant Colonel Hewitt Lieutenant Colonel Hewitt The German soldiers shouted towards them.Hewitt slowly came out of the hiding place step by step The lieutenant colonel is not dead, the lieutenant colonel is not dead When the lieutenant colonel appeared, cheers erupted.This group of loyal and brave German soldiers hugged each other tightly.They can t believe it.They are actually still alive.For example, the management of the team should be stricter, for example, the soldiers should be closer.strict What kind of management is strict Get closer to the soldiers Hey, they are just a group of ordinary civilians, but he is a general.After receiving the order to reinforce the cement plant, Rajesf kept urging Travert to act as soon as possible, which made Telavit extremely dissatisfied.You know, what I am leading is only an armored brigade.So many cbd gummies for cats Russian troops have cbd gummies for cats been fighting for so many days but they have not been able to take down amazon cbd gummies for pain relief Robin Stell.Do you expect an armored brigade like yourself to be able to succeed However, the headache is that Travert cannot put such dissatisfaction on the surface, because once a fight breaks out.Commanding the battle mainly depends on one s own chief of staff.Kapunov, are you here to take my life Travert yelled loudly.He probably forgot that Kapunov was alone, and he was not only protected by soldiers, but also so There are many tanks Did you forget that when you went to my place the year before last, you got a grand reception from me Kapunov almost laughed out of his voice, this idiot and coward, he didn t understand this at all his condition.So he took a step forward General, my dearest friend, how could I forget your hospitality to me, and how could I forget the friendship between us It is precisely because of this reason that I can rescue you.Ah, my dear friend, come to me quickly.Travert s heart was relieved at this moment Tell me, what should I do now Kapunov came to him In front of him General, the situation is very bad.A large number of enemies have surrounded you, and do you know who is in command of these troops That is the Great Russian Division commanded by General Boschek.Shortly after Aveeno gave the order, the 7th Mountain Armored Jager Unit and the 7th Mountain Engineer Battalion of the Prince Eugen Mountain Division also joined the attack sequence at the same time.Here s the frustrating thing 1 On 30, Aveeno called again to ask about the situation on the front line.Colonel Qi Rang fully understood what the general meant.Once his 65th Infantry Regiment was breached, the headquarters of the 29th Infantry Division would be attacked directly.On the phone, he honestly reported the current battle situation to the general General, I don t think it is possible for us to persist until dark.I can t control my troops at all now.The soldiers are still very brave, but our combat units Cut by the enemy.If you could come over to my position, maybe you could see that we will be defeated in an hour There was silence on the other end of the phone for a long time, and Avanor probably didn t expect the situation on the battlefield to deteriorate to such a degree.Mr.Nadov, Mr.Beyasinyuk, please contact all our people, tell them what we are facing, tell them that we will never die meaninglessly under the enemy s butcher s knife And tell them that you will fight with all your might for your own survival.Wang Weiyi added Survival or death is in their own hands.Survival or death is in our own hands Manusia repeated heavily How about you, Mr.Moyol, would you like to fight with us That is my honor, Mr.Manusia, I will always fight side by side with the Italian people Nine hundred and sixty.Turin Uprising A storm is quietly brewing in Turin, Italy.This is true in any country.When the people can no longer survive, the only choice they have is to resist.They don t know Whether they can soul cbd gummies reviews succeed, but they are willing to try their best.Even if they die, it is better than living in humiliation.

When will the curse of Mr.Baron be lifted I am afraid that no one in this world can answer this question Nine hundred and seventy.Chaotic war Ukraine.Rummel slowed down the speed of 098.Should we continue to move forward He should be worried.Right in front of 098 , hundreds of retreating grenadiers rushed towards them.From time to time, some of them were hit in the back or The head fell, and obviously at this time, they even lost the courage to go back and help their comrades up.The Russians are just behind them, and the number is too large to count their reserve team 098 stopped and moved forward, this is cbd gummies for dogs trubliss cbd gummies reviews an order from Nuoqier If it is to cover the retreat of those infantry, this distance is just right.The Russians Molotov cocktails only exert their power when they get closer Those grenadiers have indeed not completely lost their fighting spirit.Romanov.The tsar, who has strongest budget cbd gummies been a puppet for many years, is actually unwilling to take care of too many things.In his opinion, those annoying countries are actually annoying him.It should be a good choice to be a puppet in one s own palace with peace of mind.However, more and more rumors have reached his ears recently, which made the Tsar have to pay attention to it.Otherwise, there will always be a lot of gossip Your Majesty, don t worry about these things, they are all blows to your ministers.In front of His Majesty the Tsar, Gregory vowed I am loyal to this country, all people are just because of jealousy As for Colonel Chernak Boch and King Walker.They are both traitors to Russia.They have committed treason.I will definitely bring them to justice Bring it to justice.Your Excellency, Grand Duke.Removal of Milosevic and Khmelitsky from their marquis titles and all positions held by them.Since the removal of the title must be approved by His Majesty the Tsar, I will submit our decision to His Majesty the Tsar for review as soon as possible.Of course, now I also have to exercise the powers of the Special Investigative Committee, the police, arrest Milosevic and Khmelitsky All these changes came too suddenly The nature of the questioning meeting that was originally aimed at Milosevic has completely changed Milosevic, who was in handcuffs, glanced at Khmelitsky, who was also in handcuffs Are you satisfied now Yes, are you satisfied now The final result may be a loss for both sidesKhmelitsky originally thought that he could completely kill his opponent Milosevic, but what he thought of with great satisfaction is that now even he himself has become a prisoner The other two resolutions of the Special Investigation Committee are to immediately restart the investigation of the Kasjivov massacre, and at the same time, to appoint Mr.And I can see that he has just been sick, I feel sorry for him After blah blah blah blah.Only then did Carmon say He s in the leftmost room upstairs Wang Weiyi cbd gummies for cats cbd gummies for hair growth shark tank walked up the stairs calmly, and when he came to the leftmost room, he straightened his clothes and lightly Knocked on the door a few times.Who came a voice from inside.I am Marshal Ernst Brahm of the German Army.Wang Weiyi said calmly General Wren, please open the door, I think we can have a good talk.Ah, don t try to escape by jumping out of the window, my people I m waiting for you below with a weapon.There was an instant silence in the room After a long time, the door was finally opened General Wren was captured.And he was caught before he was about to escape again, which made General Rennes a little helpless.If the Germans had been a little later, he swore he would have managed to escape.all participated in this combat operation.This is a perfect sea, land and air cooperation The code name of the campaign is Thunderstorm , and the commander in chief of the campaign Field Marshal Fritz Erich von Manstein The great marshal who commanded this German army to fight in the Middle East The main components of the ground forces participating in the war are the most elite group of German armed forces that have experienced many battles in the Middle East theater the German Manstein Group Previously, with the continuous victories of the German army in the Middle East, and Turkey, Iran and other countries joining the Allies one after another, and sending large scale troops into North Africa and the cbd gummies for cats Middle East, Manstein was able to free himself from the Middle trubliss cbd gummies reviews just cbd gummies 250mg East.He, by Ernst.Bram has been appointed as the commander in chief of Operation Thunderstorm One of Germany s most outstanding field marshals What is surprising is that such a large scale mobilization of troops was not even detected by the Allied forces.Arklit hesitated for a long time.Then he sat down slowly under the uneasy eyes of everyone.Some people chuckled lightly.Arkley Te took a book out of his bag.He opened it.A picture slid out.It was a pretty young girl with a smile that would captivate any man.Who is this The quick eyed Jakes snatched the photo of Aklit, It s so beautiful, is that your girlfriend The brothers suddenly became interested, and they all gathered around.Give it back to me Arklit reached out to grab the photo in vain, but Jakes dodged them all.Look There are words behind the photos Dear Diana, Jakes read aloud, flipping through the photos.I could die in battle at any moment, but if my death pays for someone else s life.If I can kill all those ugly enemies, then I will not hesitate Now that I have become a soldier, since I have come here, I must accept death at any time.What about you Shouldn t you think about what s next We ll be re entering France soon, I think.We ll re enter Enter France These words pierced General Robito s heart like a sharp sword The fate that France had once had appeared in front of cbd gummies ble ti him again one thousand ingredients in cbd gummy bears cbd gummies walmart canada and twenty nine.The music on the battlefield continued until the next morning, and the rain showed no signs of stopping.The rain was still pattering to wash the ground.The dirty blood was slowly diluted, ripples appeared in the bomb craters on the street, and the rotting corpses were wrapped in body bags by the soldiers and thrown in the corner, where no one cared about them.In a dilapidated low rise building, most of the soldiers in platoon A were nestled inside.The few remaining rays of sunlight in the sky pierced through the thick dark clouds and shone into the building.Buvic stuck his head out of the warm sleeping bag, slowly opened his sleepy eyes, and slowly adapted to the surrounding light.look around.Boya looked at Bouvitch blankly, then picked up his freshly cleaned rifle and moved it aside.Well, how long have I been asleep Six hours, Boa replied.Buvici rubbed his eyes and said, Ah, that s cool.You know, it s best to sleep on a cool, rainy day.There s a cold wind blowing outside, and the rain is pattering on the waterproof sleeping bag, and you Sleeping soundly in the warm sleeping bag, ah That feels really good Well, it s very cool.What time is it Eight thirty.The water bag next to him took a sip of water.It s a wonderful morning, isn t it The enemy will not attack us on such a beautiful morning.Donald said with a smile holding his rifle.Sally gnawed cbd gummies for cats on her dry food and said, It depends on the mood of the enemy.

Boa squeezed to the position of the turret, opened the top door, and leaned out.Take a few bottles of water and a few bags of instant food and throw them at the fleeing crowd.These are the people who were too late to evacuate after the outbreak of war.This war came too fast.There is no way to react at all.The supply was cut off by the Allied forces, and the logistics hub was violently attacked by the Allied forces.The local government organizations could no longer support these people, so they had no choice but to negotiate with the Allied forces to let these people survive.From time 10 benefits of cbd gummies cbd gummies for cats to time, there were a few Allied soldiers on patrol in the crowd.They were members of the 70th Infantry Division.As the convoy slowed down, curious soldiers poked their heads out of the car windows and overhead doors, looking at the group of homeless people.If it wasn t for this nice gentleman cbd gummies for cats who rescued me , I don t know what my future will be. Ah, sir, you are my savior and Akning.Fatiha s eyes filled with tears You don t know, if I lose Kenin, that is more painful to me than death A good man will always be rewarded.The young man smiled and said, Congratulations on your husband cbd gummies for cats cbd gummies for hair growth shark tank and wife reunion, and this is a gift from me.He put down a document bag in his hand Then, I think it s time for me to leave.Ah, wait, sir, I haven t had time to ask your name yet.Akning suddenly remembered this Serious question Please tell me your name, I can repay you.The young man smiled lightly Ernst Alexson von Brahm.Then he left without looking back Here Ernst Alexson von Brahm, what a strange name.The Aknins had never heard of this man.But Ernst left them a gift.Aw Da da da Oakes let out a high pitched howl, wanting to shoot down the helicopter, the muscles of his two arms formed thick lines to resist the recoil, Full of powerful and sturdy.Ochs, withdraw Pound grabbed Oakes who was being cut off with heavy firepower, and shouted loudly This is an armed helicopter, the fuselage can withstand machine gun fire, withdraw, withdraw Eyes fixed on Yue Feiyue Oakes didn t care about Pound s yelling at the nearby Tiger helicopter, and continued to shoot the Tiger helicopter with Gatling steadily.Under the action of his powerful arm strength, the fired warheads formed a circular impact point and hit the cab directly in front of the helicopter in a dense manner.Da da da Keng Keng Keng The bullets pouring wildly hit the bulletproof glass of the helicopter cockpit in an instant.In the First World War from 1914 to 1918, about 6 million British adult males went to the battlefield, and their death rate was 12.5 , but the death rate of the British nobles was as high as 20.At that time, the famous British aristocratic school Eton College The casualty rate of the children of nobles who participated in the war was as high as 45.According to common sense, most of the British nobles served as military officers.Why is the death rate much higher than that of ordinary soldiers The answer is simple, the British nobles with a high sense of honor always charge forward and retreat behind, and they insist on not leaving the line of fire with minor injuries At this time, Captain Pattinson probably understood So the British do not object to the existence of the royal power and the aristocracy at all, because they have to bear more responsibilities than the common people.A figure appeared faintly, and that was you.But I couldn t believe that you were a spy.But just over ten hours later, Special Envoy Singlag was killed, and Major Barack has also disappeared.I I called and asked, Major Barack had left the barracks twice in a row.Lieutenant Colonel, please tell me, where did he go He met me twice.Wang Weiyi did not hide anything He told me that Special Envoy Sinagger came to London.He also told me the purpose of Mr.Special Envoy s coming.General Gandra s eyes were beating with angry flames So, you are really that person See Lieutenant Colonel Moyol nodded.General Gandra stretched his hand to his waist involuntarily, but he found that he was not carrying a weapon Moyol, I don t care what your name is, but you have been arrested for treason Are you arresting me What qualifications do you have Wang Weiyi smiled faintly You are just a soldier with a relatively high rank, as for treason I think a German who has done these things can only be arrested for espionage at most Germany people Is the German standing in front of me General Gandra only felt cbd gummies for cats cbd gummies for hair growth shark tank that he had heard the most absurd thing in the world.Soon his face changed No, this is not Edward Lieutenant Colonel, the FBI conducted psychological evaluations on some agents a few months ago, didn t you Seeing Lieutenant Colonel Mills nodding, Major General Rodel quickly asked So, for Eduardo What s the captain s psychological evaluation like Lieutenant Colonel Mills thought for a while Everything is excellent.They think that Captain Eduardo can continue to work as an agent until he retires Is that really the case Yes, I can assure you that it is.Rodel then asked someone to hand over a document to Lieutenant Colonel Mills, who took it over and looked at it.Soon his face changed No, this is not EdwardMultiple Captain s assessment reports, no This report was dropped, I m sure.This is definitely not the previous share Is your answer always so positive Major cbd gummies for cats General Rodel said with sarcasm These psychological evaluation reports have always been in your hands.George, you swore before you went to the witness stand, I hope you can tell us the truth George s lips began to tremble, and he tremblingly said Yes , Mr.Shukako did come to the bar that night and left trubliss cbd gummies reviews just cbd gummies 250mg around 10 o clock after drinking.Then I got off work too.Ah, I didn t mean to perjure, and Officer Leeson found me later.He demanded that I have to Say that, or I ll get myself into trouble.With a boom , the entire jury box and public auditorium were in complete chaos Quiet, quiet The judge had to raise his voice.Sound can keep the condor cbd gummies amazon reviews cbd gummies for cats scene quiet.Nonsense When police officer Leeson was summoned again, his face was deformed with anger I never threatened anyone, that s what he told me when I found George that day.No.I swear, I never threatened George, why would I do it I have no reason to do it Because your wife is black Randolph said suddenly, Dear jurors, Leeson The police officer s wife is a black man.His mood was still so gloomy.There is always a voice in his heart, and the footsteps of failure are heading towards Southampton little by little The First Division of the British Royal Army who reached Southampton did not have too many Under the command of Romeo, they quickly launched an attack on the city.At this time, the morale of the soldiers of the Queen s Army was high, and even Romeo was surprised by their enthusiasm for fighting.You must know that just last year, this force had just been formed without any actual combat experience, and with the progress of the war.This army has become the most elite armed force that Her Majesty can trust.The flags fluttering one after another seemed to announce the determination of all the soldiers there.A cannon with its bloody mouth open, can t wait to taste the flesh and blood of the enemy.

Romeo took a deep breath, so that he would There is nothing to worry about.The Magic Baron can always do amazing things.certainly.This was beyond Don Tanner s imagination.He could not have imagined that the magical baron who had been active on the battlefield since the First World cbd gummies stack social War was actually in Southampton, right under his nose.What he didn t expect was that a conspiracy was quietly going on.Frank didn t think about it either.He offered Don Tanner his congratulations.He also believes that under the command of General Don Tanner, he can create a Southampton miracle that belongs to him.Despite being very humble on the surface, Don Tanner is honestly very happy inside.An excellent commander can always make the most correct judgment in a passive situation, and can always create his own miracles in a disadvantaged situation.I want to continue to lead the British people to fight to the end, can you do it Of course, I can do it.Colonel Pierce hesitated But Endor What about General Ke Him I feel very sorry.Fenton sighed again He is a brave general.When we make a comeback, I will posthumously present him as Marshal.An Englishman will never forget what he has done for this country.Every Englishman will cherish his memory.Colonel Pierce fully understood that General Endoc was ruthlessly abandoned, and for President Fenton He is just a victim.What about yourself Will I also become a victim one day Will it be thrown away like a broken sack when it has no use value But Colonel Pierce did not dare to ask such a question.Well, let s get ready to leave here.After dismissing Colonel Pierce, Fenton said with satisfaction We won t die here, and we won t be judged so damn well.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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