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ambition.Since the same person committed the crime, the same method must be used.The few robberies that happened a while ago did not place pearls.How can we say that it was the work of the pearl thief Even if pearls were found in this case, someone may deliberately confuse the public.Feel free to jump to conclusions, your Taiyuan government is just investigating the case like this, why don t you resign from your official position earlier and plead guilty to the court.A cold voice came, like a basin of ice water poured Feng Anping from head to toe.Feng Anping shuddered solidly.Wei Yuanchen said indifferently However, buy cbd gummies amazon the current banditry case is somewhat similar to that of seven years ago.Feng Anping regained his energy immediately, and looked at Wei Yuanchen, as if he was listening to a lecture.

Lin said Could it be that the dead man who killed Zhuzhu belonged to the prince Cui Zhen shook his head I don t know yet, 200mg cbd gummies but I don t think the prince needs to use the name Pearl Thief if he wants to kill someone.Some people are secretly fighting against the prince, and by doing this, he wants to attract more people to deal with the prince.Madam Lin couldn t think of a reason for a while.Does my aunt know Wei Yuanchen Cui Zhen said, The third son of Queen Wei s elder brother, I heard the news that he has come to Shanxi.Wei Yuanchen was royal blend cbd gummy reviews ordered to investigate the theft of the war horse.Maybe he will find his aunt.Auntie wants to pay more attention to Wei Yuanchen.Take precautions.This person is ruthless and will use everything to the extreme.It is not ruled out that he will use some methods secretly to deal with the prince.

It s a pity to put the pastry here.Gu Mingzhu thought about it and found a piece of oil paper from the medicine box to wrap all the food on the altar in the oil paper.Even if she couldn t finish it, she could distribute it to the children in Yong an Lane.Anyway, this is If 200mg cbd gummies you human cbd gummies 500mg shark tank natures boost cbd gummies give her something, she doesn t have to be polite.She was so busy that she never noticed that her every move had fallen into the eyes of others.In a corner not far away, Wei Yuanchen watched all this, his slightly raised eyes seemed to be covered with thick ice, and Ah Jiu beside him was shivering from the cold.After they caught the Taoist priest who lit the explosives, the young master took advantage of the chaos and came to pay homage to Miss Zhou.Unexpectedly, just as the tribute was placed, he heard footsteps, and they immediately hid here.

The figure of the doctor disappeared at the end of the road, and Wei Yuanchen came out of the forest.ThirdThird Master Chu Jiu put on a bitter face, What should I do Finally, I have the opportunity to come to worship once, do I want to go back and make the red bean cake again Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, Chu Jiu bravely said Otherwise you will manifest as Miss Zhou and call someone to eat the tribute for her.After Chu Jiu finished speaking, he suddenly felt proud, how could he think Such a good excuse.He really is a little clever ghost Wei Yuanchen took a few steps forward and stood in front of Zhou Rujun s grave.Just now when the doctor gave medicine to the rabbit, he couldn t help but think about the past five years ago.Although the doctor was greedy, she was still kind hearted.She saved the little rabbit hiding next to her grave.

Wei to bring him to do meritorious service, otherwise, wouldn t he have bribed so much beef for nothing, even though all the beef went into the belly of a chicken, that s still Bribe.Cui Zhen said Surround the painting boat.No matter it s real or fake, just go and see it.Chapter 38 Enemy My lord, you can make the decision for me, the old bustard immediately greeted Han Yu and the others, Those thieves have damaged many things on my ship, how can I live this day Han Yu He reprimanded in a deep voice Speak well.The old bustard was overwhelmed by Han Yu s official authority, so she could only speak politely Those thieves have their eyes on the property brought by Mr.Ding, and they swam aboard while they were having a banquet in the big boat.The boat stole the belongings, thanks to being discovered by the steward of the Ding family Han Yu listened to the words and walked inside Where is the thief Where is it Just as the old bustard was about to speak, he saw Mr.

Wei Yuanchen raised his eyes The guards came and soldiers surrounded the boat, and then the magistrate came to investigate the case The current situation can be said to be both stolen and stolen.It seems that I can t get rid of the crime.Since In this way, my lord will send me to the prison, and I will write a memorial to the emperor tomorrow morning, and the bandits in Shanxi have already caught them.After speaking, Wei Yuanchen stood up Who will escort me to the prison How could the bandits It s Mr.Wei Han Yu said, he looked at the yamen, what are you doing in a daze, put Mr.Ding, Ding s nursing home, the steward of the painting boat, and the old bustard into prison.Your Excellency is wronged, Ding The young master immediately shouted, I don t know who they are, my lordMing Jian I saw a lot of them, I thought they were thieves, I lost my sense for a while My lord Taking advantage of the fact that the servants didn t come around, Mr.

Wei Yuanchen raised his eyebrows About tonight s matter, do you have anything else you want to ask me Han Yu shook his head No If he raises any questions, he is just asking for trouble for himself.Since you all have nothing to say, Wei Yuanchen said, I ll ask questions next.Han Yu s throat tightened, and it turned out that what Master Wei meant just now.Wei Yuanchen first went to see the deputy general of the guard An accident happened on the painting boat, which alarmed the guard.When did the Dazhou guard cbd gummies for sleep uk also take on the job of catching thieves The deputy was speechless for a while, and immediately went to see Han Yu.Han Yu pursed his lips and said, Recently, there have been cases one after another in Taiyuan Mansion.To be cautious, I sent people to go to the Wei Zhihui in advance, and asked the Guards to help.

What is the relationship between Miss Gu and the doctor The doctor who concealed her words and refused to show her face was as cunning as a fox, this point is somewhat familiar now, isn t it similar to Miss Gu s behavior in front of her.Did Miss Gu know the doctor, or the Gu family hired a professional to teach their daughter.Anyway, at least they are related.He didn t want to use people like the doctor and Nie Chen, just because he still had doubts about them.Those people investigated the case secretly, and even if something happened, they couldn t find them.Now he can mail cbd gummies change the method.The Gu family is probably deeply involved with those people.In other words, it is more likely that they are driven by the Gu family.The monk can t run away from the temple if he can run away.Now that he has found the gate of the temple, he doesn t have to be polite.

Cui Zhen s attitude was indifferent Don t make these things at home anymore, they are all deceptive tricks.Mrs.Lin Tai said When you go out to fight, it is not because I pray for the blessing of the Buddha in the nunnery every day so that you can return safely, but now you say such things.In the future, mother will not have to ask for it, Cui Zhen said, I can also win battles Mrs.Lin opened her eyes wide, and cried out for a while, feeling unspeakably wronged.Cui Zhen ignored Mrs.Lin, and Mrs.Lin grabbed Cui Wei It s not that the ghost of Mrs.Zhou has been haunting me for the past two nights.Maybe how cbd gummies make you feel she is here now.It s so unlucky.How can our 200mg cbd gummies Cui family be better , why don t you move mayim cbd gummies 200mg cbd gummies Zhou s tablet out.Cui Zhen frowned, he could understand that his mother had always disliked Zhou, why today he was afraid of Zhou again.

After he became an official, he realized that everything was not as simple as he thought, and some things could only appear in stories after dinner.The queen empress has no legitimate son, the prince s background cannot be admired, several princes are constantly fighting openly and secretly, 200mg cbd gummies coupled with natural disasters and man made disasters, the people are in dire straits.He searched everywhere for evidence of Wang Zhifu can you bring cbd gummy bears on a plane s corruption of ink, and wrote a memorial to impeach the court.If he hadn t been harmed by Wang Zhifu, he would go to inform the prince when does cbd gummies work for arthritis he came to Taiyuan Mansion.Later, he was pushed down from the mountain, and after a near death experience, only grief and indignation remained in his heart, so Mr.Jiang coaxed him to kill Wang Zhifu.Thinking about it now, Mr.Jiang and those people are not using him.

Many people, many things, until the last step, will natures boost cbd gummies amazon 200mg cbd gummies never know the truth.I just hope that he made the right choice this time, and Master Wei can eradicate those people and save the people in the mountains.Just ahead, Mr.Jiang ordered, Tie Yan Hao to the Zhuangzi.He had already ambushed people near the Lin family s Zhuangzi, just waiting to bring Yan Hao.Mr.Jiang is very satisfied, the matter is half done, and then he just needs to proceed step by step Taiyuan government office prison.Cui Zhen sat in the duty room and listened to the trial.He turned his head and glanced at the chair next to him.Wei Yuanchen had been away for half an hour.When Wei Yuanchen sat here with him, even though he didn t say a word, he could still clearly feel the murderous aura on Wei Yuanchen s body.It was as if there was a blood feud between them.

Mrs.Lin said The sister in law should know that we all just came back from the Zhuangzi.I was pregnant and took Zhuzhu with me.I was frightened a lot on the Zhuangzi.Naturally, I have to take a rest.Zhao Gongren sighed I m not blaming you.At this time, I should think about the elder sister.The Cui family is not easy now.The elder sister has also been blamed by the husband s family.Now there are still people who are holding on to the Cui family and want to use this case to drag the Cui family.Go into the water Mrs.Lin looked at Zhao Gongren Who is sister in law talking about Who else, Zhao Gongren pursed his lips, that imperial envoy.Gu Mingzhu took out a piece of candy fruit from his waist while listening Putting it in her mouth, my aunt came to Gu s family in a hurry, just to say bad things about Mr.

Just in case, she also asked Qiao Zhuang to dress up, hoping that Yan Tanhua would give her this identity for a longer time.As the sky gradually darkened, Gu Mingzhu yawned a few times in front of Mrs.Lin s door, and was led by Mrs.Lin to the house to rest.When Mrs.Lin walked out of the room, Gu Mingzhu got up and looked at Baotong Bring the clothes.Putting on the neat men s clothes, Gu Mingzhu looked full of heroism.This time, carrying the autopsy box on her back, Gu Mingzhu walked into the secret passage.In the dark night, a figure slowly walked out of the alley.She was dressed in men s clothing, and she looked even petite, but her strides were large and her movements were very neat, just like those who often walk in the street.The bamboo hat on the top was pressed very low, trying to hide his figure in the dark as much as possible, and disappeared at the end of the street in a blink of an eye.

There was a lot of blood, and my uncle dragged the man away from the inn.I was terrified and couldn t sleep at night.I went to clean the room in the middle of the night, and when I walked to the window, I saw a figure walking outside.At fusion cbd gummies that time, the window was not completely closed.Seeing that person s facehehe was the one my second uncle knocked out, hedisappeared in the blink of an eye.My mother told me not to tell what happened that nightbut I just forgot No way There will be wind lanterns in the corridor of the inn at night, and the light is enough to see a person s face clearly, so what Lin Runzhi said may be the truth, Gu Mingzhu thought about it a little, the second Master Zhao knocked out was Si Cheng, they inferred Si Cheng .

what does a cbd gummy do to you?

After fainting, he was thrown into the river by Master Zhao Er to silence him.

If he was Wei Yuanchen, he would have already started to plan, a dignified son of a foreign relative, would he 200mg cbd gummies really be the parent and official who judged the case Unexpectedly, Wei Yuanchen didn t take action for a long time, and he focused on searching for clues and evidence.I really don t know how the Wei family cultivated this descendant.People who are black and white, never live long in this world, and even cheat each other.I don t understand, it s no wonder that the Wei family ended up in such a situation.The originally glorious family was willing to put the current emperor on the throne, but in the end they were jealous and disgusted.Mr.Shen shook his head, and threw the chess piece in his hand back into the chess basket.Sir, the entourage came forward to report in a low voice, the government has received news from Mr.

The people in the yamen were not skilled enough, but the guards left by Mr.Wei were able to go to investigate quietly.On the east mountainside, the platinum series cbd gummies extreme strength there is movement in the shack built by Orion, Zhang Tong said.Even if we are good at it, we can t get closer, and it will alarm the people inside.Among the two people, one of them is not inferior to him in his lightness.He is not an ordinary murderer.If such a person can make Mr.Zhao Er run out to ask for help, it must be a trap.Lu Shenzhi swallowed and moistened his chapped throat.It seemed that their guess was right I asked the Yamen to continue searching on the west mountain, and try to find it slowly, so as to delay the time.Go, the prince s people have no reason to take over, after all, it s not that they didn t look for it, they evo cbd gummies couldn t find it for a while.

Lord Lu, said Mrs.Wang, their brothers stopped seeing each other ten years ago.Mrs.Wang stood up and pulled Wang Da from the corner out Look, brother is working at Xingtaipu Temple.Si Cheng, our family is living in such a poor life, if Wang Er has the slightest brotherhood, why are we like this.Wang s daughter in law spat Wang Er is a bastard.He forgot that if his brother hadn t supported him, he would have died a long time ago.Our family is a military household, and both brothers went to the army.My family Wang suffered a wound on his thigh.Seriously injured and unable to move back to farm, then Wang Er was lucky and made military exploits to achieve today s glory.Wang Er has become an official, so he should support his brother a little bit.Complain in every possible way, as if we have done something wrong to him.

What kind of drama are the third master and that Miss Gu playing again Should he give more money Or should I pretend I have no money The third master didn t give any hints, which made him a little embarrassed.What can you do next Wei Yuanchen put down the paperwork in his hands.Now that the money has been calculated, he also wants to see if it is worth the money.Nie Chen said Let s investigate the Shanxi mutiny twelve years ago.Wang Da mentioned it.Besides, we will find out who the woman who was in contact with Wang Daochang is., but none of the ordinary people did well.It seems that Miss Gu wants to use these cases to make the ordinary people into a climate.From the beginning of Mr.Zhang 200mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 1500mg s case to the present, she has planned little by little, slowly laying the groundwork, and now she has worked out such careful eyesight, which is really painstaking.

Wang Daochang and Zhao Er were lying to him, and they were doing these things in private under his banner.It came from the food and shark tank natures boost cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients grass consumed by Xingtaipu Temple every year.Look, there are many war horses whose whereabouts are 200mg cbd gummies unknown, which doesn shark tank natures boost cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients t match up with his private account at all.If it was all on his shoulders, let alone the heir botanical farms cbd gummies contact number apparent of the Great Zhou Dynasty, his head would be lost, and his mother and concubine would also be implicated.The prince s eyes seemed to be bleeding, and he said viciously Look at Han Yu, if he doesn t tell the truth, I will let him taste that life is worse than death.Tao Duo responded and ordered people to go to the yamen Informed, he is not worried about Han Yu s situation, .

how many cbd gummies per day?

even if the East Palace does not send more manpower, Wei Yuanchen will 200mg cbd gummies where can i find cbd gummies not let such an important criminal do anything wrong.

Cui Zhen stood up and grabbed Wang Da s lapel with his hand Are you telling the truth How many people died because of that battle, if it was true Lin Sizhen and others who made contributions to the Shanxi Mutiny back then I m afraid it s all the culprit.Chapter 130 My Father Was Killed There was a rumble of thunder from the distant sky, and a trace of moisture came by the wind.Cui Zhen s father s staring eyes appeared in Cui Zhen s mind.Before his father died, he wanted to avenge the old generals 200mg cbd gummies who died in the Shanxi Mutiny.Doomed.Cui Zhen still remembered the way his mother hugged his leg, weeping uncontrollably.You can t go, you are going to send mother and uncle cbd gummies have weed in them to a dead end.Your father was deceived and went the wrong way, and your uncle stopped him for the three of us, mother and child, even if you don t believe us, you go out Look at shark tank natures boost cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients the homes of those traitors.

Wei Yuanchen drank two sips of water and threw the water bag back to natures boost cbd gummies amazon 200mg cbd gummies Chujiu Who told you to buy this thing, next time you will buy Hubing.Wei Yuanchen grabbed the reins and was about to move forward, when he saw another woman in front of the carriage looking over here, that was Zhou Ruzhang.Knowing that everyone was going back to Beijing, Mrs.Wednesday took Zhou Ruzhang to set off together, obviously wanting to get closer to the Cui family, Wei Yuanchen raised his lips slightly with a sneer, Zhou Ruzhang was always ready to come forward.Before Zhou Ruzhang could make a move, Wei Yuanchen gave an order Let s leave soon after Xie, there is still a distance from the post station, so you can be safe when you arrive earlier.Wan took the guards around him and galloped forward.Seeing this, Mrs.Lin couldn t help saying Master Wei is really vigorous and resolute in his actions.

Without the Gu family s secret road, it would not be so convenient for Miss Gu to go out, and it s better if she doesn t come out, so as not to have to go around.I m here to deliver food to Mr.Wei, please accommodate me.Liu Su s voice came.Wei Yuanchen tilted his head slightly, with a calm expression on his face.People in the market were also trying to find ways to enter the post house.Without his order, not even a fly could fly in.Wei Yuanchen raised his foot and walked forward.He took back the willies cbd gummies badge he had given to Nie Chen earlier, and their actions would inevitably be hindered.Chu Jiu followed behind and began to count the steps of the third master.One, two Walking two steps forward, Wei Yuanchen remembered the account handed to him, he had already paid the money, why not use them Let him in Wei Yuanchen ordered lightly.

The man who was twenty six or seven years old, who spoke Mandarin and knew some Shanxi accents, was somewhat similar to the son in law of Princess Huairou he checked., Prince Cheng is twenty seven years old this year.The Cheng family and the Princess House are both in Beijing, so they naturally speak Mandarin.Cheng Prince s biological mother, Mrs.Zhao, is from Shanxi.Prince Cheng must have some Shanxi accent, but these are all his.Guess, unless some definite information can be corroborated.Wei Yuanchen looked towards the back house, could Miss Gu get some news He intentionally asked people to arrange the Gu family s family members and Princess Huairou in the east courtyard, just to provide her with convenience, presumably she would not be idle, at this juncture, there are too many things to do, and it is necessary to distinguish which ones must be pursued Clues, so as not to be too distracted by useless details.

Mrs.Wei mentioned Mrs.Huaiyuanhou, she thought about it for a while, and felt that this was the best choice.Ma am, Princess Huairou said, There will be an accident on our way back to Beijing this time.A big accident.Chapter 151 Teaming up Mrs.Lin was taken aback by Princess Huairou s words, but she quickly recovered and tried to keep calm.The princess would whisper to her like this because she was afraid that the people around would hear it.After all, there were a lot of people in this team.Apart from the crown prince at the front, there were also Lu Shenzhi and Feng Anping escorting the criminals behind.Regardless of the beginning and the end, this is the reason why Princess Huairou came to tell her these things.Mrs.Lin glanced at Princess Huairou gratefully Thank you, Princess.The princess trusts her to tell her this, don t mention whether to help, we are all together, if something goes wrong, can the Gu family take care of themselves Only by knowing in advance can she make better arrangements, so as not to be mayim cbd gummies 200mg cbd gummies involved in it unclearly.

Wei, and the two started fighting outside the inn.The prince still regarded it as some serious matter It is inevitable that there will be anger along the way, so don t worry about it.Don t worry, I ll just call them up later and talk about it.Cui Zhen and the Wei family s quarrel is a good thing for him, and he is happy to see it come true.I moved my weapon, Tao Duo said, It looks like he s about to see blood.Then the prince got up from the couch, I ll go out and have a look.Don t miss the opportunity to win over Cui Zhen, if he Support Cui Zhen secretly, and Cui Zhen will have his heart for 200mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 1500mg him.The prince walked out of the posthouse, the two people at the door were fighting vigorously, no one would intervene when the generals were discussing privately, but it onris cbd gummies amazon would be different if they were desperate.

, There are not many personal guards to protect the carriages and horses, and if there is a estrangement in the heart, it may not be good for the situation.The prince sighed If I don t say anything, I m afraid Wei Yuanchen will target you.Cui Zhen smiled faintly Wei Yuanchen and I have been in trouble for a long time, and now I don t know why.The prince s eyes flickered until he stopped Perhaps the northern border was once guarded by the Wei family.Cui Zhen s eyes With a flash of energy, there was faint discontent on his face What does the Wei family have to do with the territory of the Great Zhou It would end so hastily.The prince naturally understands what Cui Zhen is thinking at this time, and for no reason, he has passively moved the guards around him, and anyone will be furious.You must know that these guards are no small 200mg cbd gummies matter, touching them is like being forcibly stretched into his arms.

Ma am, Baotong opened the saber pouch at his shark tank natures boost cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients waist, and took out two daggers, one large and one small, I will also protect you and the eldest lady.Apart from the contents in the pouch, Gu Mingzhu and Baotong two Each of them has hidden arrows, which can be used at critical moments.Mrs.Lin looked at Baotong and didn t know what to say for a moment.Baotong had changed a lot in the past two years, and her aura seemed to be able to stand on her own.Mrs.Lin said We will all be fine.Speaking of this, Mrs.Lin thought of Cui Zhen saying that Master Wei was also 200mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 1500mg injured, should she send some wound medicine Mrs.Lin told Baotong Take the wound medicine we brought to Mr.Wei Her mother is kind hearted, and Gu Mingzhu was also a little worried that Mr.Wei s drama would go too far and really cause the old disease.

Gu Mingzhu sat aside and held her mother s hand.Cui Wei s words sounded very ordinary, but it also made her alert.She always felt that Cui Wei was testing.What did Cui Wei know She knew that Cui Wei was not simple 200mg cbd gummies five years ago, and now this feeling is getting stronger and stronger.Cui Wei is not as ordinary as before, maybe his secret is hidden deep and unfathomable.Cui Wei got up and said goodbye I will send mother and aunt to the carriage first, and then I will visit my aunt when I rest on the road.Mrs.Lin 200mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 1500mg nodded.When Cui Wei left the yard, Bao Tong came forward and said, Madam, I will help you change your clothes Madam Lin changed into a narrow sleeve cbd gummies make poop smell for the convenience of walking around.Mrs.Lin glanced at Gu Mingzhu worriedly I m fine, you can leave quickly if something happens, I m just worried about Zhuzhu.

Baotong suddenly realized So it is like this It was dawn.Gu Mingzhu got up natures boost cbd gummies amazon 200mg cbd gummies early and changed her clothes, then slipped away to the village castle with Bao Tong.The guards of Gu s family were used to seeing Miss Gu running around, but they still followed every step of the way to persuade Miss Gu to leave.There was a vague sound of horseshoes approaching from a distance, and everyone hurriedly started to be on guard.Gu Mingzhu finally got the chance to stretch her head to look around.From a distance, the person on the horse is very familiar to her, and if she gets closer Gu Mingzhu suddenly waved her arms Daddy, Daddy Chapter 175 Reunion Gu Mingzhu watched her father rushing over on the horse The figure was beating happily like a drum in her heart.She had long suspected that her father would come to welcome her and her mother after receiving the news, but she didn t expect it to be so soon.

Gu Chongyi was thinking and felt his hand being held by Zhuzhu.Father, let s go find mother.Gu Mingzhu pulled her father along and ran forward.Her mother would be very happy to see her father.Now that her father is here, her mother can raise her baby with peace of mind.Face, presumably father must make an apology during these days, and surround his mother to serve carefully.When the father and daughter rushed into the yard, Mrs.Lin was preparing food and clothing for the soldiers and the people together with her mother in law.Although the village is large, the surrounding people and so many soldiers rushed in together.If you hang around for a long time, the food and grass will not be enough.Ma am, Master Hou is here.The steward of the Gu family came to report, but Madam Lin didn t come back to her senses for a moment, and she raised her head after a while Who are you talking about Masterour master The steward just said After falling, Gu Mingzhu s voice was heard from a distance MotherMother Mrs.

Gu Chongyi couldn t help pursing his lips, but when he decided to expose the war horse case, he had already expected that the situation would definitely change after the case.It s easy.Fortunately, the Wei family best cbd gummies for pain control s reputation has always been good, and they have been frank and open in the court these years, so that he will not be too flustered.Even if the Wei family asks him to repay the favor, he will not get involved in party disputes because of this.Kindness is kindness and it must have its own principles.Besides, presumably the Wei family would not make any demands that would embarrass him.After Huaiyuan Hou figured this out, he couldn t help heaving a sigh of relief, the buy cbd gummies in memphis tn matter in the court was settled, as long as his lovely wife and his palm beads were in good condition at home, he would have nothing to worry about.

Waving When everyone enters human cbd gummies 500mg shark tank natures boost cbd gummies the capital, they will be interrogated in Dali Temple.You should go back and rest natures boost cbd gummies amazon 200mg cbd gummies first Wei Yuanchen took the order to step back step by step.The emperor s eyes suddenly changed, and there was a little kindness in his eyes The empress is not feeling well these days, so let the female family members of the Wei family enter the palace to talk with her.It is not easy for the empress to work in the harem these years.Visiting can also make her feel better.The emperor came back, his voice was a bit worried, as if he was very concerned about his first wife.My minister takes orders.Wei Yuanchen withdrew from the hall.The door of the main hall was mayim cbd gummies 200mg cbd gummies closed again, the emperor did mayim cbd gummies 200mg cbd gummies not move, just stood in place, and soon the curtain on the right side of the main hall was lifted, and the third and fifth princes came out one after another.

If the Wei family didn t take care of this case, it would be difficult for his wife and Zhuzhu to take care of him.Chu Jiu reported Everything is fine, my lord asked me to come and meet the princess and Lord Hou.Fortunately, he was smart enough and didn t say he wanted to pick up five black chickens.Gu Chongyi nodded That s good.However, they were about to arrive in the capital, how could Mr.Wei be so polite He also made a special trip to get someone to answer him.Just as Gu Chongyi was thinking, he saw Chu Jiu s eyes looking in the direction of the Gu family s carriage, and the guards of the Wei family were looking at the carriage following Madam and Zhuzhu.what s on that 200mg cbd gummies car holistic health cbd gummies joe rogan Gu Chongyi s heart skipped a beat, and he immediately thought of the five black chicken.Could it be that the Wei family came here for that rare bird After figuring this out, Gu Chongyi felt much more at ease, as long as he knew the purpose of his visit, the Wei family s concern for them in Taiyuan Mansion already made him uneasy, and if this continued, he would not be able to sleep well at night.

Zhao was not dead, and then set up a scheme to lure Princess Huairou and her son in law to Shanxi, and took the opportunity to capture the prince.He would follow the vines and learn everything Peng Liang and Mrs.Zhao did shark tank natures boost cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients in Shanxi, and naturally he would be able to find the two.personal.Behind this is the people behind the scenes strategizing.So who is it that serves that man The Cheng family or the Yuan family Or both The Yuan family seems leafywell cbd gummies to be close to 200mg cbd gummies the imperial concubine, but it is not necessarily the imperial concubine s party.What did you think of A voice came, and Gu Mingzhu subconsciously said Only by peeling his skin can you see the flesh inside.Is it red or black.The imperial concubine must also be very interested in this point.It may not be easy for the Yuan family to rely on the imperial concubine to escape.

She looked very obedient.It would be great if he was really obedient, would he be able to take her directly back to Wei s house if he stretched out his hand The room suddenly became quiet, and Gu Mingzhu raised her head, only to see Mrs.Wei s eyes were dark and she was thinking about something.Did Mr.Wei think of any good ideas At this moment, Lord Wei is like a hunter carefully preparing a trap, thinking about how to attract the prey.Doesn t her method work The Cheng family and the Yuan family probably didn t expect them to move so fast, and they would definitely be fooled Outside the door, Cheng Yi was led into the inn.Chujiu looked at the figure of the son in law and was a shark tank natures boost cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients little embarrassed.The third master finally met Miss Gu.The two of them were talking in the room and shouldn t be disturbed.

It was Qiao Song who arrested Yan Tanhua.When the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice was distributing the medicine, Qiao Song happened to be dispatched to the Fujian Cleaning Department.Otherwise, with Qiao Song s means, she might not live for so many days.Now Qiao Song lives in the left servant of the Ministry of Punishment.Her father uncovered the war horse case.She was afraid that Qiao Song would come.Fortunately, the emperor HCMUSSH 200mg cbd gummies intended to use the Wei family to suppress the East Palace and ordered Wei Yuanchen to go to Taiyuan Mansion.But people who should be met will always be met.She is not afraid of Qiao Song, but she will not be serra cbd gummies arrogant and negligent because of it.If she wants to act under HCMUSSH 200mg cbd gummies Qiao Song s nose, she must be more cautious and smarter than him.Gu Mingzhu was thinking about it when she heard a familiar voice from outside Master, I ll bring you some water.

Second Miss is afraid that our master will not agree to it, so I am not allowed to tell the master.Yuan s eyes widened Eyes, how dare Guan Shi say that Did my brother order it I didn t expect this woman to be so bold and reckless.Master Cheng looked at Su Fu, Just ask her if you have anything to say, the real case involving Lin Temple is very important, and there can be no mistakes.Cheng Yi looked at all this, suddenly Another sneer, he also hated Yuan Shi very much before, Yuan Shi always looked disgusted when he mentioned his mother, and no one was allowed to mention the Zhao family.He was immediately sold to Ren Yazi, and since then he has put away his emotions, for fear of bringing disaster to those around him.But seeing this scene, he suddenly stopped hating Yuan Shi, instead he pitied her, marrying into Cheng s family blindly, ridiculing others for not knowing that one day he would end up in the same end, no Mother still has him by her side, Zhao The family is also open and aboveboard and dedicated to serving the country.

The guard couldn t help hesitating when he heard this, and was just a little dazed when the Crown Prince had already rushed to him.Big The third prince just yelled a word, the prince threw himself on the third prince, raised the broken porcelain in his hand and scratched at the third hemp bombs cbd gummies 5 pack prince s neck.The broken porcelain cut through the skin of the third prince s neck, and blood flowed out immediately.The prince gritted his teeth and waited for another deep cut.The third prince came back to his senses and grabbed the prince s arm with all his strength, trying to shake off the prince with his hands and feet.The prince was pushed staggeringly, gritted his teeth and got up to fight the third prince again.He had a ferocious face, veins floating on his forehead, and the broken porcelain piece in his hand scratched his palm, but he didn t realize it, and was determined to kill the third prince.

Li s words just now, once the Bai family dies, one is disabled, and one person runs a business.The disabled is Bai Gong, and the business is Bai Gong s elder brother There 200mg cbd gummies is a man who should inherit the official position and go to Qin Tianjian to serve.Why didn t Bai Guanzheng s son become an official Who is that dead Could it be the Ah Chan that Bai Gong said Lord Wei must have found out who Ah Chan was.Who, otherwise would not have elicited these words.Gu Mingzhu turned to look at Mr.Wei.Mr.Wei had a natural expression, a calm expression, without squinting, does condor cbd gummies work and nothing strange could be seen.Because of the presence of Wei s elders, Mr.Wei looked It is extraordinarily docile, just like Xiaobai who wants to eat flower cakes, always rubs his head against the back of her hand, so obedient that people can t help but want to stroke its shiny 200mg cbd gummies feathers with hands.

Seventh uncle has no choice but to Playing a show and taking us to the village castle to resettle, it can be seen how much Uncle Qi hates our family in his heart.In the future, if Uncle Qi takes advantage of the Wei family and takes control of the entire Zhou clan, the land in those clans under our management will definitely be taken care of by him I want to go back.Grandmother, our family has to be united hillstone hemp cbd gummies website to the outside world now.Zhou Ruzhang looked at the white hair on his grandmother s temples.After the eldest sister left, the grandmother had been decadent for a long time.Thanks to the Cui family s willingness to bury the eldest sister in the Cui family The ancestral grave, otherwise it shark tank natures boost cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients would really shark tank natures boost cbd gummies embarrass the Zhou family.Now that they have finally breathed a sigh of relief, they can t just sit back and watch being trampled on again.

Chapter 248 Childhood sweetheart Gu Mingzhu stood up, there was no body to look at, it would be nice to see what Cui Wei wanted to do.Zhuzhu, run slowly.Mrs.Lin reminded her daughter, looking at her back, for fear that her daughter might fall.Gu Mingzhu walked out of the flower hall with Baotong and others.Madam Zhang looked at Madam Lin Zhuzhu is very different now.She used to always lie on the bed, which is really worrying.Madam Lin thought of the old days, It was also deeply touched, when Zhuzhu was sleeping, she didn t dare to close her eyes, for fear that Zhuzhu would fall asleep and never wake up again.Mrs.Zhang continued Which doctor is optimistic about Zhuzhu s illness Can my aunt recommend it to me Mrs.Tai has been in poor health since she was injured.I invited the imperial doctor to see but nothing has improved.

Maybe this time is an opportunity.Now Mrs.Yuan s two sons are in the same situation as the son in law.If she didn t want to come back, she must have been spoiled by Cheng s family long ago.After Madam Yuan died like this, those belongings in Madam Yuan s hands would fall into whose hands.My son has something to say, if he doesn t explain If he didn t explain, Yuan s two sons should be suspicious of it.If Yuan Shi commits suicide, the two sons of Yuan Shi will resent the son in law and Zhao Shi, and Yuan Shi was killed by others, will the two sons of Yuan Shi want to catch the real murderer behind the scenes and avenge their mother Even if they don t want to avenge their mother, they should secretly find out who is behind the scenes and threaten them.With two more people helping to investigate the case, the truth will surface as soon as possible.

Master Wei.Cheng Yi saluted Wei Yuanchen, I m sorry for your trouble.Gu Mingzhu saw Wei Yuanchen human cbd gummies 500mg shark tank natures boost cbd gummies holding Cheng Yi s arm I ll send someone to Daning to inquire about the news in a while, you go back to the princess first Report a letter from the government, change your 200mg cbd gummies clothes and prepare to go to court.Cheng Yi didn t know what to say, Wei Yuanchen was younger than him, although he was also a relative on the surface, but his status was not as good as his son in law, but Mr.Wei stood there , let him call out willingly Master Wei.If it wasn t for Wei Yuanchen, he would have been buried in Taiyuan Mansion, where he still had a chance to avenge his mother.In addition, the folks brought by Mr.Wei also helped a lot.If it wasn t for that girl s idea, Aunt Gui would not have been drawn out so quickly.

It is not difficult to find Bai Gongren who is resting here.Baotong stepped forward and said in a low voice Miss, you have shark tank natures boost cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients thrown me away.How could those mayim cbd gummies 200mg cbd gummies mothers in charge run as fast as she and Miss.Gu Mingzhu looked forward, thanks to the daytime, otherwise it would be easy to get lost in the Taoist temple, now that she has come here smoothly, it will not be difficult to go further Bai Gongren took the medicine and lay down on the bed relaxedly.Originally, her body was tortured like a solid piece of ice, but now that she took the medicine, the ice seemed to melt little by little, causing her to suffer completely.No, Bai Gongren let out a long breath of relief, at this moment she seemed to be able to get up from the bed and walk outside.Thinking of this, Bai Gongren struggled to sit up from the bed, and then moved his two withered legs.

The girl raised her face, wondering what she was thinking, and said seriously after a while It will open when you touch it.Mo Yangming closed the lotus flower and handed it to the girl again Open it 200mg cbd gummies again.The girl picked up the lotus, moved her finger on the wheel at the base of the lotus, and the lotus bloomed in front of Mo Yangming again.Mo Yangming s hands trembled slightly, she looked at the girl s age, she was only about teens, younger than Ah Chan back then.Mo Yangming said How do you know how to open this Gu Mingzhu took out a fancy lock from his purse and handed it to Mo Yangming You will know when you play this.There is also a small wheel on the fancy lock , Mo Yangming knew in his heart that maybe it was a coincidence, so he let the girl shark tank natures boost cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients open the lock.Mo Yangming asked, Who are you The girl replied without thinking, I am Zhuzhu.

Even if a man is willing to marry her, that man cannot be famous , let alone a hero.Even with my appearance, my father and mother found the Yuan family with great difficulty.At that time, my master was just a seventh rank official who had natures boost cbd gummies amazon 200mg cbd gummies just entered an official position.How could Ah Chan be compared with me The most ridiculous thing is that my father actually believed that he and his mother arranged for Ah Chan s dowry, and also sold the ancestral house to buy some fertile land for Ah chan, so as not to let Ah chan enter 200mg cbd gummies the house and be laughed at.Those fertile land can earn some money every year.Let Ah chan give it to the servants.Hehehe They never thought so much about me, they are all their daughters, why are they so partial mayim cbd gummies 200mg cbd gummies Ah chan really has such a thing, it is clearly a delusion, I am angry But I just went to find Ah chan, and asked Ah chan to stay awake.

If he had known earlier, he shouldn t have allowed his grandmother to bring Gu Mingzhu here.Such a mentally retarded fool would be everywhere.drag.The mother in charge said We are going to look around.Let s invite the people from the Taoist temple, Gu Mingwan said, Let them look around, we are not familiar mayim cbd gummies 200mg cbd gummies with this place, in case we go the wrong way She was even more afraid that if the stewards left and she was cbd 300 mg gummies left here, if the thief came again, she would be in danger.When everyone was in a panic, a female crown came over and said Good people, what happened here My eldest lady disappeared.The mother in charge said anxiously, and the female crown also showed a surprised expression Good Don t worry people, we will take the good people to look around.Gu Mingwan didn t want to wait here, she grabbed the female crown and said, You let someone lead the way, I m going to the quiet room in front to report to the elders.

If Zou Lin could raise the child alive, he would establish a household as a descendant of the Zou family in the future, and natures boost cbd gummies amazon 200mg cbd gummies the talented Lin clan could lend a hand to help, but once Zou Lin died, who would the child be entrusted to Mrs.Lin was also a little embarrassed.Zou Linshi urged the child What are you waiting for, Zou Xiang The child immediately began to recite the thousand character prose after being told this, his voice was trembling at first, but returned to normal after reciting a few sentences.Mrs.Lin looked at Zou Xiang, just like Zou Lin said, this child is really 200mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 1500mg human cbd gummies 500mg shark tank natures boost cbd gummies smart.After reciting for a while, the child finally stopped and looked at Mrs.Lin with an apologetic expression Forgive me, Ma am, I m not yet proficient in the rest.Zou Lin was a little annoyed, and Zou Xiang lowered her head.

Did she think can you bring cbd gummies on the plane about this when she felt sorry for the child in her arms and was full 200mg cbd gummies of resentment towards him The fire in Fengxiang Hall was God s punishment for the queen s immorality.He was furious.If the queen mother didn t stop him, he would immediately decree to abolish the Wei family.The palace people put out the fire, and the imperial hospital treated Wei, but in the panic, they did not see the Long Jinwei who rescued the third princess.It was not until dawn that he found the Long Jinwei, and found that he had been huddled in the Baojin Pavilion.He hugged the third princess tightly in his arms.The servant went to pick up the third princess, but the third princess had already lost her breath and had been dead for a long time.Wei carried the three thc cbd sleep gummies princesses to the Baojin Pavilion, and the three princesses even cried aloud, probably because of her weakness and being frightened, she lost 200mg cbd gummies her life.

Mrs.Lin said Come on, let s have dinner first.Zou Lin covered her mouth with a handkerchief Madam, it s enough for us to meet the eldest lady, and I won t have dinner with everyone in the main room, I Zou Lin Couldn t help coughing a few times, gasped for breath and said We d better go back to cbd gummies near sanford florida the house.Mrs.Lin said with a smile Just now the old imperial doctor Chai said that your disease will 200mg cbd gummies not spread to others.That can t be passed on Madame is sick, Zou Lin refused to stay no matter what he said, and gently pushed Zou Xiang, Go and salute to Madam and Miss.Zou Xiang was pushed forward two steps, and then again Bow down politely.Zou Lin said Okay, let s not disturb Madam, we will go to salute after Master Hou comes back.She also blessed Fushen and walked out of the main room with Zou Xiang.

Mother Yang ordered someone to find Zou Xiang, and the steward of Cui s family shark tank natures boost cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients opened the shadow theater box and began to tidy it up Items in the box.When Zou Xiang was summoned, the Cui family stewards were all ready.Zou Xiang didn t know what Mrs.Lin was calling him for, but when she saw a piece of cloth in the room, something seemed to be shaking behind it, and she stood there for a while.Brother Xiang.Mrs.Lin beckoned to Zou Xiang, Sit down and watch the shadow show.Zou HCMUSSH 200mg cbd gummies Xiang just walked over and was about to bow to salute, but was immediately interrupted by Mrs.Lin Don t be so reserved at home.After Zou Xiang sat down, Cui Jiaguan danced the shadow puppet in his hand, and Zou Xiang was quickly attracted by the novelty in front of him, and he forgot many things at this moment.Does it look good Zou Xiang vaguely heard a voice in his ear.

At this moment, the sound of a whip being whipped sounded in the prison.Listening to the sound, it was as if one could see the appearance of the flesh and blood being torn apart with one s own eyes.I said, said a hoarse voice, I went to see Yuan s family and found that Bai Gongren s injury was a little strange.It was getting better gradually, but suddenly became serious again.I believe that my medical skills are fine.There 200mg cbd gummies was a mistake in the medicine So I asked Bai Gongren whether someone changed her medicine on weekdays.Bai Gongren said that my medical skills were not good and the wound was not well wrapped Master Yuan had to re bandage it Master Yuan went to the workshop to invite another Gao Ming Although I am very angry, since the patient does not believe it, there will be no good results if I continue to pester me I never went to Yuan s family for treatment.

Bai Jingkun turned to look at Bai Gongren.The bound Bai Gongren also became quiet at this time, pain, surprise, and anger made Bai Gongren s lips twitch uncontrollably.Ihe was the one who saw Ah Chan s ghost Eldest brother asked for the elixir, and Sun Zhenren made it for me to eat.I didn t feel any pain after taking it, but if I didn t take it, it would be more uncomfortable.It was getting more and more uncomfortable every day.Why did he want to hurt me As a husband and wife, I gave birth to two children for him, and helped him with the housework, and asked my brother to give him all the money he earned to pave the way for his official career.He wants to marry the Cheng family.I don t hesitate to use my dowry for Cheng and Yuan s marriage.I live with him wholeheartedly.Ah chan is dead, and my parents are dead.

Chapter 339 Reluctant to part with Shen Guicheng s words made King Huai a little nervous, Wei Yuanchen and Qiao Song were indeed very difficult to deal shark tank natures boost cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients with.But he asked the princess about this matter again and again, and the princess, like those female relatives, went to Shangqing Temple only for incense and medical treatment, nothing else.King Huai said Mr.Shen, don t worry.Shen Guicheng said That s good, when my second uncle comes back, he will rectify the Metropolitan Procuratorate.Although the emperor has the intention to show his heart to Prince Huai, Prince Huai still can t be careless, just in case the noble concubine is shark tank natures boost cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients plotting.It s a pity King Huai didn t understand What is it a pity, sir Shen Guicheng said It s a pity that Empress Wei didn t intend to record you in her name back then.

Back in the courtyard again, Tan Zigeng saw thick black smoke rising from a room shark tank natures boost cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients on the west side of Zhuangzithe fire also ignited in the smoke.problem occurs.Tan Zigeng subconsciously ran to the west, but before reaching the house suddenly a figure jumped out from the hallway.The man picked up the wooden stick in his hand and hit Tan Zigeng on the head.Tan Zigeng swung his knife to resistand kicked the man s body, and the man was kicked straight and fell out.Tan Zigeng walked a few quick steps and was about to subdue the man to ask about the situation, but the man struggled to get up from the ground and beat Tan Zigeng with his bare hands.Who are you Tan Zigeng said What happened in Zhuangzi If you don t stop, don t blame me for being rude.The man didn t stop.There was a click The man s arm was twisted out of place, but he kicked Tan Zigeng as if he didn t know the pain.

Looking at the location of the object, it should have fallen from the corpse.Wei Yuanchen ordered Mu Qiu Immediately send people to Shuntian Mansion to find Mr.Su, and tell Mr.Su what happened in this Zhuangzi.Please come to the office of Daxing County from the office 200mg cbd gummies of Shuntian Mansion.There are many things left in this Zhuangzi., A careful inspection should reveal more clues, but In the end, perhaps the large and small corpse in front of him is the person he is looking for.They searched for Aunt according to Bai Jingkun s confession.Maybe some people were afraid that Aunt would leak the news, so they killed him first, and then lured Tan Zigeng to come here.Wei Yuanchen thought for a moment and handed the iron cylinder in his hand to Mu Qiu Before handing this to Mrs.Su, show it to Miss Gu.

The old lady Gu looked angrily Can t my old woman know the difference between good and bad Gu Chongyi was silent for a moment before saying You can t tell.Chapter 350 This junior is not bad.Hearing this, Mrs.Gu felt as if someone raised a big fist and hit her hard on her chest, making her almost out of breath.While everyone was talking, old man Gu walked in, reeking of alcohol, and when he saw the clerk, he stepped forward to tear him apart What do you want to do Why are you coming to my house You are so bold that you don t even ask where it is I I Take a stick and beat these people out.When Mrs.Gu heard Mrs.Gu s insane words, she knew that he was drunk, so she immediately ordered the steward Go and have a look.Gu Chongyi stood up and walked out of the yard , He came to Lotus Hutong because he was afraid that such a situation would happen, his infused creations cbd gummies uncle was drunk all day, his aunt only thought about his own affairs, Chongwen was not at home, and he was afraid that Mrs.

for urgent.Gu Chongyi got off his horse at the door of Tan s house, just in time to see Tan Dingfang walking out of the house.Tan Shangshu.Gu Chongyi yelled, staggering eagerly.Seeing this, Tan Dingfang subconsciously walked a few steps quickly to help Gu Chongyi, but fortunately Gu Chongyi stabilized his figure.Gu Chongyi s face was full of anxiety Tan Shangshu, where are you going Have you heard about your nephew My brother and Tan Sanye opened a rice store together.Does Master Shangshu know Tan Dingfang looked His eyes were still clear, but there was a trace of exhaustion hidden deep in his eyes, he hesitated for a moment and then ordered the steward Clean up the 200mg cbd gummies study, and Huaiyuanhou and I will go and have a sit down.Gu Chongyi followed Tan Ding and walked into the yard, passing by a young man standing 200mg cbd gummies beside him, and saw that the young man was holding a basket in his hand.

Yes, Yu Zhenhai understood, Aunt Zhen was afraid of being exposed by the Tan family, and did not dare to leave Anjiyuan privately, so she found a dead end.The second master Fang frowned and said nothing.A few members of the team told Tan Zigeng that if Tan Zigeng hadn t been discovered by them when Tan Zigeng was being investigated, they would not have known that Aunt Zhen had betrayed them Fortunately, my sister sent someone to inform them not to do Tamba rice business again Jingzhong therefore When something happened, he hurried to the capital to deal with it.After a while, Master Fang Er said, Is it a woman At the critical moment, she will only die once.Master Fang Er said this and looked at Yu Zhenhai You don t need to panic As long as you insist that it has nothing to do with Aunt Zhen, these things will be implicated Not on you On the contrary If you confess to us, what will happen to the Fang family You can t escape either.

Under the moonlight, she frowned slightly.Thinking about it, the eyebrows and eyes are so similar to Zhou Rujun back then.Thinking of what she asked about how to tell the 200mg cbd gummies truth, he replied that she is so smart, how could she not understand It s just that after the incident in the prison, she hid herself.With thousands of faces in front of others, asking her to show her true nature immediately would be too demanding of her.He didn t protect her well before, but now it s just a matter of patience Besides, she is already so close to him, and one day she will really be happy 200mg cbd gummies for him, thinking this way, Wei Yuanchen tightened his arms even more.My lord.The girl spoke suddenly, which surprised Wei Yuanchen.Fortunately, Mr.Wei has been HCMUSSH 200mg cbd gummies tempered all these years, and his spirit has been tempered so much that he will not show any abnormality.

The emperor said Why does she want to see me The servant glanced at Huang Chang, and then continued The Concubine Mi said Said The imperial concubine and the empress have harmed Prince Hui s lineage, and begged the emperor to help her and Prince Hui Make the decision.Absurd, the emperor slapped the case, What does it have to do with the noble concubine that King Hui died of illness Huang Chang who was next to him thought for a while and said, Your Majesty, is it because Concubine Mi asked shark tank natures boost cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients the adoptive clan children to inherit King Hui The emperor didn t agree to the same line, so Concubine Mi couldn t think about it for a while.The emperor said coldly, That s not going to be crazy.Hearing this, the servant kneeling in the palace raised his head Your Majesty, the concubine in the palace People say that the reason why the concubine became insane is because she took the fairy medicine.

Why doesn t she understand where the Wei family is Huang Chang didn t dare to speak out.The emperor said You don t need to pay attention to Prince Huai s residence.I want to see how much information you have about King Huai.As soon as the emperor finished speaking, he heard his servant come to report Your Majesty, Concubine Mi committed suicide.Do you want the empress to prepare for the funeral Chapter 369 Her child suicide The emperor raised his eyes to stare at the servant, and there was a burst of anger in his eyes, and Concubine Mi was carried back to the concubine s place , The pulse case diagnosed by the imperial physician had just been reported to him, but Concubine Mi died.The servant said After the imperial physicians had checked the pulse, they asked the palace servants to serve Concubine Mi to rest.

Ning Gong, but at this moment he changed his mind, he didn t need to ask the Queen Mother, he knew what the Queen Mother meant.Once Concubine Mi and the palace servant died, although many inside information could not be pursued, how could the Empress Dowager fail to see the inside story of Concubine Mi s crazy It is a fact that Concubine Mi secretly colludes with King Huai, but it is also the method used by the noble concubine to attack King Huai.That s why the Empress Dowager let the Wei family suppress the noble concubine s aura.The emperor turned around and went back to the inner palace.Wei Shi hid in the palace for a long time to avoid the sharp edge, and he also checked to see if she would walk out of the palace gate In Kunning Palace.As soon as Empress Wei finished writing a line, she ordered the female officer to put away the old ink block.

Do you think the Wei family thinks that the emperor wants you to succeed Wei Congcheng as Minister of the Ministry of War, so Chen Weicheng compared a dead man Afterwards, he stretched his sleeves So you don t want to let the Ministry of punishment intervene, so why don t you come and find out yourself first, sir, you are also very sure, you want to use me to persuade Wu Yuanwai, take advantage of the accident in wine and cbd gummies Huaiwang s mansion to abandon the dark and turn to the bright, and report to the court All the facts, when the time comes, your lord will not only have no fault but will also contribute to the court.A look of astonishment flashed across Tan Dingfang s face, but he quickly suppressed it and tried to look calm So you already know that I let people secretly We found those people from Daning.

Chen Weicheng s expression was more relaxed My lord, don t be in a hurry, and don t get angry.When your lord found out that I had secretly given more arms to Yongping Mansion, I admitted it very simply, not only because I had already noticed your lord s suspicion of me, And I also know that my lord may not be my enemy.Oh Tan Dingfang said coldly, Do you think I will join Liang Zhian like you No, of course not, Chen Weicheng bowed to Tan Dingfang, cbd gummies vt Your Excellency, you are a pillar of the court, which is comparable to lower officials.Even if Liang Zhi an is the uncle of Prince Huai, he cannot be compared with you.As long as you agree to help Prince Huai, you will be the chief assistant in the future, the number one in the Great Zhou Dynasty.Famous official.Tan Dingfang said What if I don t agree Chen Weicheng s attitude changed Then you have to explain many things clearly, for example, Wu Yuanwai has always been under your orders, and Wu Yuanwai released him in your name.

I stood aside and watched coldly, seeing her 200mg cbd gummies blood splattering, that scene Whenever I feel When it is boring, I will recall it carefully and experience it again.Tan Dingfang drew out the long knife at his waist and stabbed Chen Weicheng with it.Master, the steward stepped forward again, Master, didn t you see it This man has been irritating you, and maybe he wants you to kill him here.We are kush burst cbd gummies onlookers, and we can see clearly.You killed him.The blame will all fall on your head.Tan Dingfang stood there in a daze, he looked at Chen Weicheng You have this idea, you want to die at my hands, this is your scheme.They were ready to swarm up and hold Chen Weicheng down.Chen Weicheng looked at Tan Dingfang viciously, his face was full of disappointment and unwillingness It s just one step away I m your subordinate, if you kill me, it s like covering up your crime, and what you say will have nothing to do with it.

That dropped firearm.The firearm is housed in a porcelain bottle, and as long as 200mg cbd gummies there is a vibration, the falling stone on it will fall to drive the engine, allowing the flint hidden in it to ignite quickly, and then detonate the firearm.Child is not afraid of death, but suddenly the porcelain vase containing the firearm crashed into his arms, which still made him startled.He seemed to feel the stone falling from the porcelain vase, and then his body was thrown together with the porcelain vase.out.He was thrown to the South House.Child finally understood the meaning of that sentence.Firearms cannot be exploded in the main house, because it will detonate other firearms in the main house, while the south room is brocade.Even if the brocade is ignited, it will still endanger the firearms in the yard, but At least with enough time, the person they want to kill will definitely be able to escape.

King Huai mayim cbd gummies 200mg cbd gummies s status as the mastermind behind the scenes is sufficient.Although King Huai was still young more than ten years ago, the Liang family had already made arrangements for his nephew to aspire to the crown prince.Now, the Liang family can t control the northern border, allowing Tan Dingfang to gain military merits, and they are also planning to use the Bai family to win over a talent like Tan Dingfang.It all makes sense after such careful consideration.Since Prince Huai s mansion 200mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 1500mg and the Liang family have been calculating so meticulously for more than ten years, why they couldn t bear to jump out just after the crown prince was abolished, and endured this for a few more years.Having recruited more courtiers to 200mg cbd gummies serve King Huai, it would not be too late for King Huai to show his ambitions.

Gu Chongyi was startled, he knew that Zhuzhu was running around in the yard all day long, but he didn t expect that she would be so agile, she would slip away from under his nose in the blink of an eye, and he had no time to stop it.That s okay, Gu Chongyi walked quickly to the study.Gu Mingzhu asked Baotong to pay attention to the movement in the outer courtyard, and when she heard that her father had sent for a doctor, she knew 200mg cbd gummies that she must see Master Wei s injury.It would be fine if it were normal, but this time Mr.Wei did it because he saved her.She was always worried if she didn t see the wound with her own eyes.Thinking of this, Gu Mingzhu couldn t sit still any longer, and hurriedly asked Baotong to get the medicine box on her back, and walked along the corridor to the study.Unexpectedly, when he came out of the hall, he saw his father standing in the yard.

Mrs.Zhang looked at Cui Zhen s back, did this happen that she didn t know about Cui Zhen sat in the study with his thoughts on his mind, carefully looked at the map for a while, and Tian Mang s words rang in his ears again.What kind of temperament is Zhou Shi She is not as virtuous and virtuous as the Zhou family said, nor is she as well rounded and scheming as he knows.Originally, he shouldn t spend too much time on a dead person, but thinking about the tragic situation of 200mg cbd gummies cbd gummies 1500mg the Zhou family and Wei Yuanchen, he couldn t help thinking more.Cui Zhen suddenly remembered that after the Cui family and 200mg cbd gummies the Zhou family got engaged, the Zhou family gave some things as a return gift.The steward s mother asked him to take a look.He was not interested in those things.When he saw a box of books in it, he asked the steward to keep it.

Let s go, Zou Xiang, Gu Mingzhu said, It s too cold, let s go back to study.Zou Xiang nodded and looked at Zou Lin who was waiting at the side.Zou Linshi knew that Miss Gu was afraid that her body would not be able to bear it, so she repeatedly said, It s all my fault for letting Miss and Brother Xiang not have a good time, so I won t come out next time.Gu Mingzhu smiled bluntly Aunt Zu is coming out.Walking around is good for your illness.No one is watching, and Zou Xiang and I don t think it s fun.Zou Xiang also hurriedly nodded.Zou Linshi said gratefully Missy helped me diagnose my pulse and also took care of brother Xiang.In my heart Zou Linshi coughed again.Zou human cbd gummies 500mg shark tank natures boost cbd gummies Xiang hurriedly walked over and grabbed Zou Linshi s skirt, and Gu Mingzhu gently patted Zou Linshi s back.Zou Xiang looked at Gu Mingzhu nervously and expectantly, as if he took Gu Mingzhu as a support.

In fact, what s wrong with Tan Sanye Tan Sanye was also framed.If Tan Sanye hadn t discovered the clue and pursued it all the way, the court would not have found out the case so quickly.Tan Sanye is not only right, but also has merit.Why can t everyone see this, and still have to blame him As long as Gu Mingwan thinks about Tan Sanye s pale face, she will feel very sad, wishing to stay by his side to take care of her, she has made up her mind, even if Hou Ye refuses to show her face, as long as Tan Sanye asks the elders to come to ask Married, she asked her father to agree to the marriage, and she didn t want to wait for a moment.Gu Mingzhu looked at the clan sister behind the screen, her face was full of best cbd gummies houston restlessness, as if being roasted on the fire, it seems that the third master Tan has a lot of means, otherwise the clan shark tank natures boost cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients sister can t be so determined, she has been thinking, Tan Why did the family put so much effort into establishing a relationship with the Gu family Tan Dingfang knew that his father was deliberately hiding his clumsiness on weekdays.

Even if Mr.Zheng is not afraid of offending Shangfeng, he is willing to speak for us, but who will listen to Mr.Zheng What After Shen finished speaking, she began to cry softly Second Uncle and Eldest Brother went the wrong way, I m afraid there is no way to save them, I just dreamed that they died.Don t cry.Eldest Master Zhang said Sighing for a long time, he couldn t find the right words to comfort Shen Shi.Shen said I just want to keep my second brother and Shen s innocent people.Grandpa Zhang said while patting Shen s back Let me think about it There must be a way.After so many years in the court, it is not possible to just wait to die like this, father in 200mg cbd gummies law is the chief assistant of the two dynasties.Shen sat there blankly, as if frozen, and managed to recover I I remember my father once said that no matter how high he climbed, he would inevitably die well.

First, it s because of Qing girl s entrustment, and second, I also have resentment towards Mrs.Tai and Lord Hou.Even if Mrs.Zhang did it, you won t Is it half wrong Wasn t the Zhou family who hadn t passed the family murdered by the Cui family Let me hand over Brother mayim cbd gummies 200mg cbd gummies Xiang to you, it is better to let Brother Xiang be a servant of the Gu family.With this in mind, I went to the Huaiyuanhou Mansion to prove that I was right.The Marquis Huaiyuan and his wife did not treat me and Brother Xiang badly.Son, let alone treat Brother Xiang as a servant.Zou Lin looked at Zou Xiang kindly Brother Xiang, you shouldn t do this today.There are many bad people in this world, but there are also many good people.Think about Madam Hou and Miss Gu, you should be good.live.Cui Zhen felt a hot pain on his cheek.

Forgive them, please spare them It s really you.A figure rushed out from behind the screen, and she rushed towards Mama Jiang.That is Aunt Sun.Aunt Sun s voice was sharp, she reached out and tore Mama Jiang s hair and clothes, and then she bit HCMUSSH 200mg cbd gummies Jiang Mama s face.Mother Jiang was bitten and screamed, and Aunt Sun s mouth was full of blood like a ghost.You give me back my baby, you give me back my baby.Cui Zhen looked at all this before him.Before that, 200mg cbd gummies he never thought that his inner house was so bloody.Cui Zhen stood up and said calmly Take them and go to Madam s room Madam Zhang s face became even uglier when she heard the servant s report.Perhaps Master Hou asked something from Mother Jiang.Mrs.Zhang couldn t help regretting that she should have gotten rid of Jiang s mother if she knew this, but too many 200mg cbd gummies people died in the Cui family, which would inevitably arouse Cui Zhen s suspicion.

Auntie, don t say that, Gu Mingzhu said, I heard from my father that Zou Xiang is very sensible.You can t go wrong in the future, you still don t believe my father s vision Hearing Zhu Zhu s praise of Zou Xiang, Zou Lin s smile deepened If you have children in your family, you need to worry more, I know this, especially for Zou Xiang and Marquis Dingning It doesn t matter, after I leave, I m shark tank natures boost cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients human cbd gummies 500mg shark tank natures boost cbd gummies afraid he won t return to Cui s house for a while.Gu Mingzhu gently kneaded Zou Lin s cold hand Father said, if Zou Xiang wants to live in Gu s house.Zou Lin s this All of a sudden, he seemed to let go of all the burdens in his heart, and nodded again and again It s really right that I came to Huaiyuan Hou Mansion to ask the Lord and Madam for help It s really right After saying this, Zou Lin began to feel a little tired I I want to go back and rest.

Guanshi natures boost cbd gummies amazon 200mg cbd gummies Xiong s Zhuangzi was not far from the outer city, and within two minutes of burning incense, his eyeliner slammed the door of Zhuangzi.Something happened, he reported to the steward right now, Qiu Hai sent the news.If something happened to Qiu Hai, it must be related to the Zhang family.Xiong Ruzong put on a long robe and walked out of the house quickly.Although he hadn t led the army for more than ten years, he never slackened in his fists and kicks.When he walked, the wind was blowing under his feet.He came to the capital from northern Xinjiang because of the tense situation recently.First, General Zhao s case was investigated, and then the reopening of the Shibo Department was put on hold.The Wei family is like a gangrene, chasing them closely.Xiong Ruzong frowned.Six years ago, the case of the second prince only killed Wei Congcheng.

It s all her own fault.She chose this path by herself, and she will finish it by herself.Shen s heart was ashamed, she suddenly pulled out a dagger from her waist, and stabbed at the man beside her with all her strength, at the same time, blood gushed out from her neck.Warm blood splattered on her hands, her face, and her body.I don t know whether it was Zhang Guangzong s or hers.Shen thought of what Zhang Guangzong said when he married into the Zhang family You and I will be one husband and wife from now on.It s a pity that the oneness of husband and wife is not for sincerity but for profit.Now that the benefits are exhausted and people are separated, this is the final destination.After all, Shen s knife did not stab too deep.Zhang Guangzong threw Shen away, only to feel a pain in his leg, and the officers and soldiers who stepped forward kicked him to the ground.

Jiang Gongren was thinking wildly, and refused to see anyone in 200mg cbd gummies the hall, human cbd gummies 500mg shark tank natures boost cbd gummies nor would he 200mg cbd gummies listen to how the Empress Dowager interrogated other palace people.It s not good.The girl s panicked voice came, like a needle provoking Jiang Gongren s mind.The concubine de concubine is dead.Like a bolt of lightning struck Jiang Gongren s heart, the concubine de concubine died.How could this be possible The medicine she administered was only enough to kill a child, and the concubine de concubine could not die.The atmosphere of the hall changed.Jiang Gongren raised his head subconsciously, his hasty eyes fell on the female officer next to Empress De Fei.The female officer also opened her eyes wide, and turned her head to look at the eunuchs in natures boost cbd gummies amazon 200mg cbd gummies the main hall.She wanted to go into the inner hall to see the situation, but the sudden bad news made her legs go weak, and she staggered and fell to the ground.

Judging from this time, things in the palace would not be completed, otherwise there would always be chaos.The Wei family is still powerful, Empress Wei had been aware of it beforehand and hid in the Kunning Palace, so that the palace people of the Kunning Palace would not be easy to use.Victory or defeat is a common matter in military affairs, so he doesn t need to be too sad, he still has the strength to fight in prison.Tan Dingfang got up and was about to change clothes, but he felt a little tired after taking two steps.Could it be because he was too worried these days He was still not calm enough, he had expected the result long ago, and he couldn t stop the fear in his heart when the incident happened.I hope that my father can return to northern Xinjiang, then his efforts to stay and do it will not be in vain.

Gu Mingzhu told Zhou Zesheng what Tan Dingfang and Master Wei had said.Gu Mingzhu said Maybe Tan Dingfang said that his father was murdered to disturb Master Wei intentionally, but like I said, at least my mother s death makes me feel suspicious.Zhou Zesheng thought carefully about the events related to the death of his brother and sister in law As for the matter, the elder brother s death was sent by the imperial court to spread the news, and Zhou s elders took care of his sister in law s suicide.He knew that his elder brother and sister in law were deeply in love with each other.Zhou Zesheng said Your father happened when he was accompanying the capital.People from the court said that the prince was assassinated and fell into the water.Your father tried his best to push the prince ashore.

Gu Mingzhu told Liu Su Take a few people into the side room, where we can interrogate.Don t blame me for being ruthless, Zhou Zesheng said, It s fine for other things.No one wants to be implicated in a big treason case.It s fine if a man is killed.All the women s family members will be filled in Jiaofangsi.Has the clan aunt ever been to Fenzi Hutong The people here are still in the courtyard of Zhou s family today, so they may become low ranking citizens tomorrow, and their children and grandchildren will not even think about escaping.As a servant, if the master is kind, there will be a day when he will become a leader, and he will really be admitted to the Jiaofang Secretary The lowly nationality, really will never see the light of day.Zhou Zesheng said lightly People don t kill themselves for their own sake.

The family did not ask the eldest aunt to bring the dowry of the Zhou family.Those things were said to be left to the eldest sister.If the eldest sister is gone, who will those belongings go to Is this why you went to please your grandmother If you are sincerely good to your grandmother, why Grandmother is dealing with Uncle Qi in the front yard, and you want to sneak back here You must know that you live in grandma s yard every night. Second sister, Zhou Ruyue finally found a chance to say, Uncle s books are all locked in grandma s house.in the box.Zhou Ruzhang sneered, I ve been thinking this way too, until one day, when my grandmother was sick, I went to the house to attend to the sick, and I found the key to open the box, only to find that most of the books inside were missing, what should Third Sister do Would you like to say, those books have disappeared out of thin air, right Gu Mingzhu watched Zhou Ruzhang and Zhou Ruyue arguing in the garden with cold eyes, it turned out that they both wanted their father s collection of books, and profit was more important to them than anything else.

Zhuzhu also took care of Zou Lin s affairs by herself.Zhuzhu would go out to see Zhenren Mo from time to time.Her feet didn t touch the ground, she really felt very distressed.Mrs.Lin was thinking about it when she heard a voice from outside saying Missy is here.The curtain was lifted and Gu Mingzhu walked into the room.Every day at this time Zhuzhu would come to see her and Brother Chun.Mrs.Lin ordered Let the nanny hug Brother Chun Before she finished speaking, Mrs.Lin changed her words Don t hug him yet.Mrs.Lin looked at Gu Mingzhu worriedly The eyes are so red You don t look good You didn t sleep well last night Gu Mingzhu had already covered it up with makeup, but she was still spotted by her mother unexpectedly.Gu Mingzhu shook her head It s just that I went to bed late.That s not good, it will wear you down after a long time, Mrs.

Now that he is suddenly released from a heavy prison, he definitely doesn t want to go back and suffer.Gu Mingzhu went to the duty room to drink a cup of tea, and carefully looked at the documents for the interrogation of Zhou s family.Baotong stood at the door and looked out, everything in the prison was so fresh, Baotong watched it with relish, it was better to natures boost cbd gummies amazon 200mg cbd gummies come out with the eldest lady.See more and see farther.After a while, the jailer came to invite Gu Mingzhu.Xu Gui spoke.Xu mayim cbd gummies 200mg cbd gummies Gui, who had been tortured so much, didn t have any good skin on his body.Cui Wei gave me money and asked me to deliver news for him.He asked me about the Zhou family a few times, but he didn t mention any traitors to me.I also took some money that had been sold, and later I heard that something 200mg cbd gummies happened to Tamba wild rice.

Qiao Zheng couldn t figure cbd trubliss gummies out who that person was.Qiao Song said The epidemic spread in the prison.Mrs.Zhou once helped Mr.Sun distribute the medicine together with the handyman woman, so Mrs.Zhou was able to enter and leave the cells where men and women were held.Maybe Mrs.Zhou passed some news to them at that time.Wei Yuanchen, after Wei Yuanchen survived, he will start looking for clues.This was the most reasonable explanation he could think of.Qiao Zheng licked his lips No wonder I always lose to Wei Yuanchen, it s because we were one step late from the very beginning, Wei Yuanchen also concealed these clues from the beginning, and my uncle joined him in front of the emperor.Ben, let s see how he explains it.Qiao Song smiled slightly, looked at Qiao Zheng gently and said, Even if Wei Yuanchen tells you all that, you can t get ahead of him.

The soldiers and horses brought by Cui Wei became disorganized after such a charge, and a thousand people fought bloody battles.This is the way of fighting to the death.Be careful that the rest of the soldiers and horses of the imperial court follow.Don t love to fight.Flash them away.Voices echoed.Cui Wei waved the sharp weapon in his hand.He knew Cui Zhen, and Cui Zhen also knew him, and he was blocked early on.Chapter 504 The cavalry brought by Cui Zhen, who killed his younger brother, was indeed not many, but he went out with General Changsheng with high morale.Cui Wei couldn t understand.Could it be that Cui Zhen really wanted to fight him to the death with a thousand troops The two sides fought for more than two hours, Cui Wei couldn t move an inch, but Cui Zhen s soldiers and horses also suffered heavy losses, especially the armor of Dingning Hou Cui Zhen s armor was covered cbd high blood pressure gummies with blood, and the horse under his crotch was also injured.

Concubine De finally made a decision Okay, I ll write a letter right away.After speaking, Concubine De looked at the Hall of Mental Cultivation I ll leave this to you first.Looking at the back of Concubine De leaving, Huang Chang showed a sneer.The emperor likes useless women.At the last moment, it was this woman who sent the emperor back to the west.Huang Chang turned back to the Hall of Mental Cultivation.The little yellow gate is serving.Huang Chang glanced at the window, the little yellow gate opened the window at some point, and a strange fragrance was faintly emitted from the inner hall.Huang Chang sniffed and looked at the little yellow gate 200mg cbd gummies Someone just came Xiao Huangmen said No, only I went out to change the charcoal fire in the warm cage.The weather is getting warmer, but charcoal fire is still indispensable.

The number of cavalry brought by Wei Yuanchen was difficult to suppress the rebels, but they were extremely flexible.The five square flag waved and immediately changed direction, and Wei Yuanchen turned around and headed towards Gongji City with his men.They re going back to the city, the rebel lieutenant yelled, follow them.They could take advantage of the opening of the city gate and rush into the city.Wei Yuanchen led the cavalry to the bottom of the city, but when they approached the city gate, they suddenly scattered sideways.The rebels who were chasing after them heard a sound above their heads, and stones and rolling logs were thrown from the city wall.As if in the blink of an eye, the dust was everywhere, and I don t know how many lives died on the battlefield.Liang Wang looked at the figure of Wei Yuanchen not far away, two clusters of flames were burning in his eyes, and he drew out the long sword at his waist.

Back in the mountains, Zhu Wu used the firearm he made to let them escape from the private mine.After they were rescued from the mountain by Master Wei and the Elder, Zhu Wu kept playing with these things, all he could think about was how to be his Fire Thunder.Sometimes Lu Guang was afraid that Zhu Wu would lose his mind when making flat food, so he threw saltpeter and gunpowder into the pot.Apart from money, this guy was thinking about his Fire Thunder , and he made another one by taking advantage of the kung fu.It s okay, Lu Guang held his breath, Just to remind you to be alert.Don t worry, Zhu Wudao, Miss cbd cat gummies Jiang has made it clear that there will be no mistakes.Is Huolei okay No problem.As Zhu Wu spoke, he took Huolei into his arms.Lu Guang looked surprised Why do you Zhu Wu chuckled Miss Jiang made a mechanism on Huolei, and used iron plates to block the steel wheel and the medicine tank.

This kid is more powerful than him, so he just wanted to catch him.Gu Chongyi looked at his daughter.She probably still had something to tell him.In order not to embarrass her, he asked first What else did he promise Gu Mingzhu looked outside the door Buy the house next to our house, Open a small door so that it will be convenient for me to go home in the future.This is to trick Zhuzhu into marrying him earlier, opening a small door is simple, as if she is not married, so that Zhuzhu can relax her vigilance.Isn t this the same as when he bought land next to his father in law s house Daddy.Gu Mingzhu thoughtfully took out a candied fruit and put it in Gu Chongyi s mouth.This candied fruit is pretty good, Gu Chongyi was eating and thinking about the origin of this candied fruit.Is this from Pinxianglou Gu Mingzhu nodded.

Looking at Gu Chongyi s leaving back, Gu Mingzhu couldn t look back for a long time, and a smile appeared on her face for a long time.The mother can go well, and the family will be together happily all the time When Gu Chongyi returned to the main room, his complexion was much better than before, and Mrs.Li felt relieved.Pei Shangqing strikes while the iron is hot In my opinion, Lord Hou, it s better to pick a good day to accept the lottery first.Now that he has to agree, Gu Chongyi can t embarrass Wei s parents anymore.Of course, it s another thing to polish Wei Yuanchen, but Pei Shangqing also I m 200mg cbd gummies too anxious, this guy hasn t got married yet and has a child To be happy, he also hopes that Pei Shangqing will have a caring eldest daughter, and he will go to Pei s house to be Baoshan in the future.

The eldest sister has been confused all her life, and this result is her own fault.They are worried about Cui Zhen when they come with their father.After seeing off Mrs.Lin and Huaiyuanhou and his wife, Cui Zhen looked at the people around him Go and ask Nie Chen after dawn, how is the investigation on that matter going Check it out, and you should have some clues Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Mrs.Lin served her father to rest before returning to the main house with Gu Chongyi.Father, mother.Gu Mingzhu waited at the door.Seeing her daughter, Mrs.Lin asked, Woke you up The Marquis of Dingning came to deliver the news, but she didn t disturb Zhuzhu.Gu Mingzhu shook her head My daughter is still asleep.She was about to follow Master Wei to Shuntian Mansion, but she heard the news of Mrs.Lin s death on the way.

Even though Brother Chen went to the side hall, it looked very different in the eyes of others.Besides, it was organic hemp cbd gummies King Qing who presided over the sacrifice, so it didn t follow what King Qing said afterwards.In the future, King Qing said that he took his clan to the Taimiao for the sake of Brother Chen.Can they refute it Without giving Mrs.Li a chance to object, the old King Qing looked exhausted Where is the guest room For tomorrow s big event, this king should also nourish his spirit.The old King Qing did worry a lot, no wonder he was tired, Mrs.Li looked at Mrs.Yuan Let someone invite Prince Qing to go and rest A group of people from shark tank natures boost cbd gummies fun drops cbd gummies ingredients the Dazhou clan followed the old King Qing to the guest room.Looking at the backs of the clan, Mrs.Li let out a long sigh of relief.What comes will always come, she already knew it in her heart.

Gu Chongyi was about to walk forward, but Wei Congzhi hugged his thigh.Brother, you saved me this time.I am willing to be a cow or a horse.Get up, how decent are you Are you afraid of losing face to the Wei family , Wouldn t it ruin his reputation if people saw human cbd gummies 500mg shark tank natures boost cbd gummies it Wei Congzhi held Gu Chongyi s trousers tightly There must be some place in the Hou s mansion where the golden house hides the beauty, stuff me in it, and let me hide for ten days and a half months before the Mu family left me.Just come out, from now on I will belong to you, big brother.Fart.Hearing these words, Gu Chongyi s hairs all stood on end, is he his Bah What else did you say that he is in a golden house It s really unlucky, how stupid is 200mg cbd gummies he, to think of such an idea Gu Chongyi ordered Please ask the steward of the Wei family to come in, just say that the second master Wei drank two glasses of wine in my study, and now he is drunk, and needs them to help him back.

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