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They are all future millionaires.Once the land is expropriated and the houses are demolished, they will be worth millions.Compared with them, I am the real poor.Zheng Da expressed emotion when the police cbd gummy recipe cbd living gummies coupon phone rang suddenly.You don t need to look at the caller ID to know that the call is from the office, and you know that there is an alarm.Musician, some people from Chaoyang Team 3 called 110 to call the police.The caller said that someone broke into her house and caused trouble.She didn t make it clear when she called the police.She didn t know whether it was demolition or relocation.You should go to the scene to see.You are not the first time this kind of thing happened.When you meet once, don t rush to intervene when you arrive at the scene, and let s talk after you figure out the situation.

Xiao Han, you can use the monitoring room as you like.I m going to find Lao Yang.Talk about it.Manager Xu, don t worry, it s not too late to fix the situation, we will talk about strengthening the management of migrants in the factory 300mg vegan cbd gummies area later, the most urgent thing is to keep it secret, one less person knowing is better than one more person knowing.Okay, listen.Yours, I ll deal with him later. Then it s settled, we ll watch here. You guys are busy with your work, I ll ask Xiaogu to bring you some drinks. Manager Xu, there s no need to do that polite.You should, you should be here for the first time.Deputy Manager Xu not only asked people to get drinks, but also threw the remaining half box of Soft China on the table, telling Han Chaoyang and the others to be polite.Interacting with the police at the police station is much more interesting than watching the gate of the community.

Su Xian murmured, Xiao Han, the sub bureau is very stuck with the finances of your police station, and the sub district has no loose control over the finances of our community.The working expenses of the neighborhood committees are included in the annual financial budget of the sub district, and the office expenses are less than 100,000 a year., the average cost per community cadre is less than 3,000.It is only enough to run water, electricity, coal, telephone, Internet, cable TV, drinking water, etc., and the usual expenses such as purchasing office supplies, ordering newspapers and periodicals, and sporadic small repairs are all stretched thin.There is no way There is no way, Su Xian pondered for a moment, then suddenly smiled The street has a subsidy fund for the management of floating population in the community.

Secretary Yang weighed it up, and pondered The foreign population exceeds 1,000, which strong cbd gummies anxiety meets the standard for applying for a special fund of 15,000.But what is actually needed is not a voluntary public security joint defense team, but a real public security joint defense team.What can I do with 15,000 yuan, it s obviously not enough.Squeeze another 20,000 yuan from the land acquisition and relocation funds Director Gu asked in a low voice.Since we want to do it, we need to make a good appearance and have combat effectiveness.The number of people should not be less than 10, and the clothing and necessary equipment must be complete.Including the salary of the 300mg vegan cbd gummies personnel, it will cost at least 250,000.The community has no money, and the street funds Just as nervous.250,000 is not a small number, Director Gu said thoughtfully We can t solve it, we have to apply to the district.

A leader who doesn t consider his subordinates is not a good leader, and this one in front of him is more sympathetic to his subordinates than Director Liu, Han Chaoyang Very touched, he quickly said Director Su, I have no objection.Then let Lao Jin be the manager, Xiao Zhong be in charge of business, Xiao Guo originally studied finance, let her be in charge of financial logistics.First It s the best way to set up the airs.Xiao Han, don t be too careful about everything.Although you are the guide, you will still be the main job in the future.You must manage well and lead the team well.I just said Xiao Han Zhong is in charge of the business, mainly referring to the management aspect, since the company is registered, we will use this advantage to develop the security business.Thinking of the future prospects of Chaoyang Community Security Service Company, Director Su walked to the bulletin board, pointed to the planning map in the window, and couldn t help laughing It s our advantage to rely on mountains and water.

He signaled the driver to drive faster and dialed his cell phone.Hello, this is 110 Farewell, I am Cai Xinyang, Director of the Comprehensive Management Office of HCMUSSH 300mg vegan cbd gummies Huayuan Street, Yandong District.When we organized community cadres and community voluntary security patrols to collect basic information and register migrants, we caught a murderer who had fled for 12 years.Ji, named Ji Qingyun, originally from Fu County, killed two people in Menya County 12 years ago, and he confessed to the crime.The 110 command center receives hundreds of calls from the masses every day , I have never encountered any police situation when I received the police, but I have never encountered such a police situation.While taking notes quickly, she asked eagerly Hello Director Cai, where is your location Immediately report to your leaders and prepare to take over the murderer.

Han Chaoyang was not frightened, but he was frank and reconfirmed I m sorry, I really don t know.Zou Jingnan thought to himself that he was 300mg vegan cbd gummies confident, tapped on the table lightly, and reminded Comrade Han Chaoyang, everyone before the party discipline and state law Equality, don t say that you just arrested a few suspects, even if the leaders with high administrative levels and positions violate laws and disciplines, the organization will find out one by one and investigate one by 300mg vegan cbd gummies one Give you a chance, do you say it yourself or let us ask, if you let If we ask, the nature will be different.I really don t know, besides, how could I violate the laws of the country What s your attitude I m sorry, I m a little excited, I really don t know what you two want What to ask.Don t say yes, okay, we have plenty of time, first report your work situation since you were assigned to the Chaoyang Community Police Office, detailing everything, one by one.

In fact, it was caught by the fire brigade.It was more than four meters long and thick as a bowl.I was afraid of snakes since childhood, so I dared not catch it.Because it strawberry champagne vegan cbd gummies 300mg 300mg vegan cbd gummies was a pet kept by the owner, I later notified the forest branch I have not been stationed in how many cbd plus gummies are safe in a day the HCMUSSH 300mg vegan cbd gummies police office for a long 300mg vegan cbd gummies can i fly with cbd gummies 2021 time, so I still have an impression of most things.Han Chaoyang said while recalling, Zou Jingnan listened and read the performance appraisal system of the police, and the inspector listened and read the work 300mg vegan cbd gummies log brought from the police office in the morning, what he said and the work situation entered in the system and the work log records continue to be verified.It seems that there is nothing missing.Although I have tried my best, there are still many shortcomings in my work.Please criticize the two leaders.

Just as he was about to tease her, the sound of a car engine came from outside.He went to the window and looked down, and immediately said, Hong Liang, Lao Xu, your director is here, hurry and hide in the next door.Hide.What did Liu Suo come for Xu Hongliang and Lao Xu were taken aback.They didn t want to be caught by the director, so cbd gummy oil they got up and ran out of the office.Liu Jianye knew very well that Secretary Yang was still not very satisfied with the police station, and asked him to come to the neighborhood committee to practice Tai Chi, but in order to thoroughly check the migrant population in the area, and go back to receive the people from the security brigade who went to the police station to check the work, think about it.Bite the bullet and come.He trotted upstairs and knocked on the open door Director Su, are you busy , I m not thirsty, don t be so polite.

Such a coincidence Yu Zhenchuan, who had been tormented by them, was happier than Guan Xiyuan, and couldn t help laughing No problem, I will figure out how to get the car myself.I will call the office and ask the office to send a car.Remember to leave someone to watch the construction site , In case something is lost, it s a problem. Don t worry, I know what to do.Once the foreman entered the police station, he could no longer command the migrant workers to work at night by remote control.Yu Zhenchuan didn t think that the few honest migrant workers squatting by the river would be accomplices in stealing electric cars, cbd gummy recipe cbd living gummies coupon so he asked one of them to watch the construction site, while the others got into the cars sent by the Xinyuan Street Station and sent them all to the Huayuan Street Police Station.

Gu Guoli gave a rare compliment, and then changed the subject Xiao Tang, what do you do I, I work in my uncle s company, and my family has some shares in the company.The company s headquarters is in the city, and the factory is in the development zone.It produces chemical materials, mainly for export.Ying and I Ying is a college classmate, and I work in finance like her, working in the finance department of the group.Chapter 125 Don t make the icing on the cake.The group company s products are mainly exported, which sounds high end.Her family has some shares in the company, which is an understatement, but it is clear at a glance that no matter how small the shares are, they will not be much less.Han Chaoyang thought to himself, don t say that I am poor in front of you, the villagers of Chaoyang Village who are about to get rich are probably poor compared to her family.

I was tossing and turning when my phone rang suddenly.It was not a phone call, but a WeChat voice.This friend forgot to make a note, and the number of friends is a bit outrageous.It s not that I can t remember it for a while, but I can t remember who it is for a day, so I just press the call button, Hi, hello, who is your friend Officer Han, I m He Ziqiang, I m a well HCMUSSH 300mg vegan cbd gummies off fellow, and I used to live in Chaoyang Village.Oh, hello, hello.Sorry, I m on the night shift, you asked me in the group yesterday I have news about the inquiring matter, I am afraid I will forget it tomorrow, and I am afraid that it will delay your matter, so I will contact you now, if it does not affect your rest.No, Brother He, tell me.The thing is like this, My fellow villager who lived in Yangguan Village changed his mobile phone number, but he didn t get through in the afternoon.

Reaching out to not hit the smiling face, Huang Ying thanked her and sat down generously.After chatting for a while just now, Su Xian had a good impression of Zhang Beibei, and felt that she could play a catfish effect , leaning on the back of the chair and sighing Yingying, it s not easy to think about Beibei, a fresh graduate, a A girl from the south came to Yanyang alone to attend to the funeral of her uncle who just passed away.The situation in her uncle s family is more complicated, and everything is up to her, let alone a weak girl s family, even a man may not be able to do it.How could Huang Ying not know that Su Xian was provoking her, so she smiled sweetly Inheriting the real cbd living gummies coupon can you travel internationally with cbd gummies estate is several million, although there is pressure, there is motivation.If it were me, I would do the same.

This sentence is repeated over and over again Grandpa Gu nodded, and said very seriously Because people behave according to their conscience.Although they have nothing to do with them, no matter where the lawsuit goes, they don t have to bear the responsibility, but thinking about it, your brother in law will go to them anyway.Those who work on the construction site can t wait to die, so they donate together and donate together.Good people should be rewarded.If you give trouble because of your love, and trouble because of donations, who will dare to do good deeds in the future.Your brother in law fell ill Where, who called 110 to 300mg vegan cbd gummies call the police, how they were sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, and what disease your brother in law is suffering from are all clear.If you insist on going to the construction site to make a fuss, not cbd gummies corona only will there be no results, you may even suffer Condemned by public opinion.

Not only is Xu Wei staring at him, but there are policemen in front as well as behind, everything is under control However, Xi Hongbo ignored Chen Yabing, who was rushing to inspect the goods, and immediately gave orders to the policemen squatting in the parking lot to monitor everyone who entered and exited the bathroom, and was ready to arrest them at any time.Fortunately, just when he was worried that there were too few people in the bathroom and it would be too easy to be exposed, two large passenger vehicles slowly drove into the parking lot, and dozens of passengers got off and walked into the bathroom at the cbd living gummies coupon same time.Wu Wei got out of the car, opened the cab door, and took out a piece of soap.Lao Gu opened the door on the left side, took out a towel, and the two pretended to wash their hands after repairing the car, talking and laughing as they followed into the bathroom.

After waiting for about four minutes, Liu Suo s voice came from 300mg vegan cbd gummies the phone.Xiao Han, Xiao Han, we are here, all get out of the car and surround yourself.Yes There are many restaurants and entertainment venues on Shijia Road, and there are many people in the car at night.It is not only inconvenient but also unsafe to drive there.Han Chaoyang hung up his phone, pushed the door open and got out of the car.Yu Xucheng, who had been waiting impatiently for a long time, opened the side door with a bang, jumped out of the car, took the steel fork handed over by the team members on the car, and followed Han Chaoyang from west to east.Xiaokang, Xiao Yang, you go to the other side of the road.Xiaobin, I saw you, walk slowly, hold on, yes yes yes, just pack it up like this.Old Yan sat in the toll booth and didn t know the road to the east.

After making the phone call, he sent a WeChat message and secretly took photos of his prospective daughter in law, so that his relatives and friends could see how good looking his future daughter in law was.The dinner was still held at the restaurant last night, but it was changed to a large box.The huge dining table can seat 24 people, and the food and drink are at least two grades higher than last night.Han Zhaoyang knew strawberry champagne vegan cbd gummies 300mg 300mg vegan cbd gummies very well that tonight was Huang Ying s treat, 300mg vegan cbd gummies and Huang s father and mother paid for it, and what they were talking about was all substantial content, so he was so embarrassed that he could only giggle along.On the woman s side, Huang Ying s aunt was speaking, and on the man s side, Teacher Ma was speaking.Grandpa Gu and Director Su took the main seat like referees, sitting between the man and the woman, but the two sides how do cbd gummies work for anxiety 300mg vegan cbd gummies talked very harmoniously, and there were almost no differences.

So good Han Zhaoyang laughed.Better to you than to me.Seeing Aunt Qian approaching with a smile, Huang Ying hurriedly changed the subject and asked curiously, Just now you told the boss of the wedding company that you want to change the microphone, what does the microphone do.A microphone is a microphone.A high quality condenser microphone should be used to pick up sound for a chorus.Now these dynamic microphones are not good.The frequency response range is not wide enough, which affects the timbre performance, and the sensitivity is also low.If there is no condenser microphone, you must use a dynamic microphone.Yes, the distance between the microphone and the mouth shape must be very close, and one person needs one, so how many microphones are needed It s 300mg vegan cbd gummies really interlaced like a mountain, I didn t expect that the chorus has so many requirements for the microphone.

Although he is a graduate of the Conservatory of Music, although he has been on stage before, it is the first time for Han Chaoyang to be a conductor.On the stage that he had not seen for a long time, Han Chaoyang was full of emotion.He first stood HCMUSSH 300mg vegan cbd gummies at attention and saluted the audience, then put down his arms and bowed deeply, and turned around amidst the warm applause, facing the choir members who had just .

can cbd gummies help you quit smoking?

been hit by the lights, Raise your arms slowly.Forward, forward, forward Our team is like the sun, our team is facing the sun, our feet are on the land of the motherland, and we are carrying the hope of the nation.We are an invincible force We are workers and peasants.My son, we are the people s armed forces, never fear, never give in, and fight bravely until the reactionaries are wiped out, and the flag of the Communist Party is flying high Listen The wind is howling and the bugle is ringing Listen How resounding are the revolutionary songs Comrades march in unison to the battlefield of liberation, comrades in unison, rush to the frontiers of the motherland Forward, forward, our cbd living gummies coupon can you travel internationally with cbd gummies team is facing the sun, the final victory, and the liberation of the whole country the same army Songs are different when directed by different people and sung by different people.

He was about to ask Huang Ying if he wanted to go to the front to pick up some free 300mg vegan cbd gummies can i fly with cbd gummies 2021 fruits, when his phone rang suddenly.Director Wang, Director Su, I m going out to answer the phone.Who is it Chen Jie, I don t know if there is another police case.Isn t that Wu Wei you mentioned in the police room There may be other things, and I can t hear you clearly, so I ll go out and pick them up. Go.Huang Ying didn t want to compete with them for food, and sera labs cbd miracle gummies she didn t want cbd gummy recipe cbd living gummies coupon to smell of oily smoke after taking a few bites of the food, so she how do cbd gummies work for anxiety 300mg vegan cbd gummies stood up immediately Wang Chang Director, Mr.Liang, you eat first, and I will go out and call my mother.She must be worried if I don t get home so late. Hurry up and call, and come over to eat after the call. Okay, thank you Director Wang These two people, you can tell they are in love at first glance, they are inseparable.

Two jobs are in front of you, one is to continue to be a police officer , one is to be a university teacher, a fool knows how to choose Yu Zhenchuan was not only reluctant for his younger brother to change jobs like this, but also happy for his younger brother from the bottom of his heart.After all, no matter from which point of view he looked at PolyU s work, he was more suitable for him.Just as he was imagining how his younger brother turned into a teacher of PolyU, Grandpa Gu suddenly said Jiang Director, Mr.Chen, I have something to do with Zhenchuan, HCMUSSH 300mg vegan cbd gummies let s go back to the police office first.What can you do, it s because you don t want the most handsome policeman to change jobs.But what can you give to the most handsome policeman , let him be the director of the police station, or let him be the instructor of the police station, it involves a person s future, Deputy Chief Jiang is not worried about what measures Grandpa Gu will take, and said with a smile It doesn t matter , you are busy with your work Grandpa Gu rushed to the police room, his expression suddenly changed, he sat at the desk a 300mg vegan cbd gummies few times and wanted to call the little apprentice to ask for clarification, and put down the phone a few times.

Why don t we work around it, because there is a big star who is going to have an affair.Is it time to hold a concert in the gymnasium The audience is likely to be large, and security issues cannot be trifled with.You can recommend the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company to the performance company so that they can earn some extra money.Sure enough, he is an iron rooster , and he doesn t take away any money.Du Ju was completely convinced, and couldn t help but think of the resounding nickname that the policemen gave Zhou Ju behind his back Zhou Papi It doesn t matter where the money comes from, as .

can cbd gummies make you dizzy?

long as there is money, it will do.Bureau Du was not sure how to proceed, and Bureau Zhou suddenly asked, Old Du, Kang Haigen has been in office for several days.How is the Huayuan Street cbd gummy recipe cbd living gummies coupon Police Station divided Kang Haigen is in charge of the internal police team, in charge of household registration, files, grade assessment, information collection and reporting, etc.

After confirming that there was nothing wrong at the gate, he was strawberry champagne vegan cbd gummies 300mg 300mg vegan cbd gummies about to continue walking west and go gummy cbd drops 1000mg to the snack street when a girl wearing glasses ran out suddenly and shouted from a distance Officer Han, Officer Han Hi, what are you doing Something Officer Han, my mobile phone has been hijacked by hackers.Can you report the case to the public security The mobile phone has been hijacked Han Chaoyang felt incredible, so he simply pointed to the guard room and let her in.Huang Ying also found it strange, followed into the guard room, smiled slightly with the security guard, and stood quietly watching how the unlucky man would handle the case.Han Chaoyang sat down at the desk, took out a small notebook and a pen from his pocket, motioned for the girl to sit down, took the Apple phone she handed over, and asked with a puzzled face Can t open it, can t it be used The password was changed by a hacker, and the phone couldn t be turned on.

He has the guts to come back.Isn t he afraid that the villagers will call the police Our place is different from yours, especially in a remote village like Lijiayao.As HCMUSSH 300mg vegan cbd gummies long as there is something promising, all go out, and those who stay in the village are either old people or children, or lazy people who just get by.Most of them have never been to school, and they are both illiterate and legally illiterate.When it comes to things, I really don t recognize my relatives.Jiang Li sighed lightly, and continued It s much better now than before, assisting colleagues cbd living gummies coupon can you travel internationally with cbd gummies from other places to handle cases, at least they can take people away from the village.It was not so easy before, as the old man said When he first started working, he assisted 300mg vegan cbd gummies colleagues from other places to arrest them in the village, and every time he had to find ways to confirm the whereabouts of the suspects like today, and then act at night, and leave as soon as he catches them, he dare not delay for a minute.

With a scream, he hugged him how long does cbd gummy take to start tightly and couldn t open his eyes and didn t dare to look out.They couldn t see the uninvited guest, but the police who rushed in could see clearly.Two policemen rushed to the edge of the kang, dragged him off the kang together, put him in the corner and shouted Squat down, be honest Another criminal policeman with a live ammunition rushed into the West Room, pointed a flashlight at his wife and shouted The police are on duty, cover the bed with sheets, and sit on the kang and don t move Report Jiang Da, there are only two children in the East Room There is no one in the kitchen The two rooms on the east side are empty, and the high times cbd gummies review fugitives are not here.Feng Changdong is most likely hiding in this house.Jiang Da was heartbroken, and immediately turned around and said, Open the lid of the cellar and search the water cellar.

Now, please Comrades warmly welcomed members of the Party Committee of the Municipal Bureau and Director Kong of the Political Department with warm applause, and read out the order how do cbd gummies work for anxiety 300mg vegan cbd gummies HCMUSSH 300mg vegan cbd gummies to honor and reward 12 comrades including Jiang Li from the Public Security Bureau of our county No matter what happened just now, it cannot affect such a solemn During the ceremony, warm applause rang out, and a third level police supervisor came to the microphone at the invitation of Bureau Wang.Comrades, please rest easy.Director Kong looked up at the police and armed police in the audience, opened the folder, and announced forcefully The order to record merit for Jiang Li and other seven comrades from Longdao County Public Security Bureau, Longdao County Public Security Bureau Comrade Jiang Li, a policeman from the Xinying Police Station of your bureau, has been open minded, eager to learn, and brave to practice, and has quickly become the backbone of the business.

Zhu reminded Brothers, strong dragons don t overwhelm local snakes.You d better take it easy.Don t act fake.I have to go to work tomorrow.I don t want to go to the police station with you.I know what we are doing, so it s okay.While speaking, the No.3 car had overtaken the front of the convoy, and had to slow down in less than two minutes after overtaking, and slowly stopped at the crowded village entrance.What are you doing, get out of the way, all the fuck out of the way for labor and capital Before Xu Hongliang could give an order, security guard Cai Shijie from Class 4 and security guard Zhang Yuchen from Class 6 pushed the door and got off the car, with stern faces and wide eyes, pointing to stop The villagers in front of the car asked cursingly.Two burly big bald heads There is a gold chain hanging around the neck, bracelets on the hands, and a black Tang suit on the upper body.

As a result, it took only a few days for this whole thing to happen.Fan Ju was annoyed and wanted to laugh, and hated iron for nothing, and said, Since I know it s not so easy to go to Renhe County to meet relatives, I can definitely do mass work in the area under my jurisdiction.Lao Gu, he can t do this ideological work, but you can definitely do it.Why do you have to do it Why do you have to make such a big show Fan Ju, you don t feel hurt when you stand up and talk.This ideological work can t be done, let alone Chaoyang, and I, Gu Guoli, can t do it either Now Girls are precious, and it is so difficult for a young man to marry a wife nowadays.The woman doesn t care how much gift money Mr.Liang s family asks for, and even subsidizes money to buy a wedding room for the children.They only 300mg vegan cbd gummies ask for such a little, and they want the wedding to be a good one.

So I asked a security service company in the community for help, and the security company sent more than 20 security guards, pretending to be gangsters, to come to our county to pick up the bride.It was because the villagers stopped the wedding car to get the lottery Secretary Qiao was stunned, not knowing how to proceed.Ji Yuqin took a deep breath, and then reported Secretary Qiao, I have been working in Renhe for less than a year.As far as I know, there have been no fewer than twenty disputes that occurred because of blocking the wedding car and asking for the lottery.However, it did not fundamentally solve the problem, and it even became more and more serious.It used to only happen how long do cbd gummies stay fresh in townships, but now it has gradually spread to county towns.At the crossroads west of the bus station, there are a group of old men and women who are waiting for rabbits.

We arrange them to watch the workers sifting the pile of sand in the gravel yard to see if they can sift out the victim s mobile phone or the murderer from the sand.The murder weapon used was not screening.I have been to the scene, and the pile of sand is estimated to be thousands of tons, when will it strawberry champagne vegan cbd gummies 300mg 300mg vegan cbd gummies be screened Boss Feng, there is no other way, if you were you, you would do the same.Arrange someone to go to the screening, in fact, you 300mg vegan cbd gummies screened earlier than us.That s true.Director Feng, what instructions do you have, if there are no other instructions, hang up first, I still have something to do here.Then check outside , this phone can t always be busy. Here again, what instructions can I give.Lao Teng, I just don t think such a division of labor is reasonable.I made it very clear in front of Luo Zhi at the scene that day, and I arranged to go.

It is obvious that he will not give up hemp cbd gummies for sale until he catches the murderer.What Han Chaoyang could say, he could only agree No problem, let s divide the work again, it s still the same as before, I m here watching the sand sifting, you go to the other side to visit and ask.The lucky partner in front of him Although the work attitude is not very positive, it is not without advantages, at least very easy to talk to.Thinking of being able to investigate the case again, Wu Wei said sincerely Thank you.My own, don t be so polite, and you are not doing private work.Then you stay here and watch, I will drive to Xianzhuang first.What time is it now, who can I visit now, who can I ask Han Chaoyang was so confused that he looked at him like a fool.I ll go get familiar with the environment first, Wu Wei took out his phone to check the time, then looked up at the dark night sky, and said confidently And the sky tonight is similar to the night on the 15th.

In hindsight, it s too late Even if there is a video, it has already been covered Wu Wei didn t want to let go of even a glimmer of 300mg vegan cbd gummies can i fly with cbd gummies 2021 hope, and said firmly Not necessarily, what if someone doesn t use the car for a few days.Then we have to hurry up and visit the nearby car owners, especially those who drove on the night of the crime.Traffic monitoring is stored for a long time.We can expand the scope and look at the traffic monitoring video around Xianzhuang at that time.First, find the motor vehicles that have been driving nearby in the middle of the night to see how many vehicles are equipped with driving recorders., and then ask the car owner to watch the video recorded by the driving recorder.That s a good idea.Can we see the key Since there is hope and even a chance, who doesn t want to solve the case Han Chaoyang weighed it up and said resolutely You go to visit and inquire, and I will report to 300mg vegan cbd gummies Bureau Feng.

After the arrest, mandatory measures of detention will be taken.Several people have been arrested since the beginning of the battle, but there is still no news of this Ren Guoneng. So the local court is also looking for this car Well, I just didn t expect the car to show up in our Yanyang.Cao Shengkai has never been to Dongguan City, so he has nothing to do with this old Lai Is it possible that this was caused by a private loan dispute In a murder case, is it possible for Cao Shengkai to help people collect debts, but in the end redeem cbd sleep gummies the debts were not collected, but his life was lost instead It is possible, and the possibility is extremely high.Just think about it, if a person like Cao Shengkai is engaged in a proper job, he can save money in a short period of time.Earn so much money in just a few months Vice Captain Gong nodded, thought about it and added It must be ill gotten gains Xiao Han, what do you think Teng Da suddenly turned around and asked, Han Chaoyang Startled, he felt that Wu 300mg vegan cbd gummies can i fly with cbd gummies 2021 Wei seemed to be pushing him behind his back, Han Chaoyang finally regained his composure, and said with an embarrassed face Report to Teng University, I I have no opinion, I have never learned investigation, I am not Criminal police, I really don t understand these things, I really don t know how to solve the case.

It s urgent.The police car is parked at the botanical cbd gummies cost entrance of the police office, and the driving recorder has just been installed this morning.We are not allowed to drive a police car or reveal our identities for the mission we are performing.Okay, I ll be right there.Three hundred and second Chapter Eighteen Tracking and Surveillance 1 Han Chaoyang asked Xu Hongliang to borrow a car, not to show off, but out of financial reimbursement considerations.The four online hailing cars just now were called by Tengda, and they were also taken by Tengda.No matter how much it costs, no matter whether the online car hailing driver can provide an invoice, Tengda will find a way to reimburse it.It was not Teng University s request to chase after Wu Wei.To put it bluntly, it is self assessment, and there is no certainty how long it will take to follow and monitor.

There are not many short and fat men who are more than one year old.Li Kaiyi was ecstatic, staring at Han Chaoyang and asked, What s your full name , Many steel structure workshops in the development zone were processed by him and then installed on site.Han Zhaoyang thought for a while, then suddenly took out his mobile phone, flipped through the photos stored in the mobile phone, and continued Yangguan Village is planning to build a public security joint defense team.When the funds were insufficient, I went to cbd living gummies coupon can you travel internationally with cbd gummies him with the village head Cui to get sponsors, and he donated tens of thousands.When the public security joint defense team was listed, he and several other bosses were invited to cut the ribbon, and we seemed to have a group photo at that time.ID card.The photos on the website sometimes don t look like me, Li Kaiyi urged Look for it quickly, if you can t find it, ask others if they have group photos at that time.

He seemed to know that he hadn t had a good rest for several days, so he changed into his casual clothes and ran downstairs.Director Feng sat in the cab of a black Passat, holding the steering wheel and poking his head to let him get in the car.Feng Ju, shall I drive You 300mg vegan cbd gummies can i fly with cbd gummies 2021 are not familiar with the condition of the car, so let me do it, Feng Ju said while looking at the rearview mirror and reversing the car, You are in charge of answering the phone, all the mobile phones are here.Yes Century Lianhua Supermarket is quite famous, but it doesn t seem to exist in the urban area.Han Chaoyang felt strange at first, but he didn t realize that Yang Jiandong and others might be hiding in Fengyong County until Ju Feng drove up the South Third Ring Road and stopped at the roadside to set up navigation when approaching the intersection of South Third Ring Road and East Third Ring Road.

Didn t Huo Xuebin take away his wages He also came looking for you., People also come to collect debts.If you come at the end of the year, you won t be able to see anyone.Last year, his family went out to hide from debts on the fifteenth day of the twelfth lunar month.They hid until the sixteenth day of the first month this year, and they came back strawberry champagne vegan cbd gummies 300mg 300mg vegan cbd gummies after half a month.This is a new situation, Han Chaoyang chatted with the woman for more than ten minutes calmly, then walked out of the yard and continued to visit several nearby villagers homes.If you don t turn around, you don t know.If you turn around, you will be startled.The Huo family s cbd gummies popular popularity in the village is really not very good, and almost no one says his family is good.To sum up, it s all about benefits, some are jealous, some are because the Huo family didn t get the honor of the Huo family when they were prosperous, and some are because they didn t borrow money from the Huo family when they encountered difficulties.

I m not afraid that the bastard will make a move, but I m afraid that the bastard won t make a move Yu Zhenchuan was having a headache, took out a tissue HCMUSSH 300mg vegan cbd gummies and wiped his hands and said, Don t be kidding, how can there be surveillance in Xinmin Community Come and watch the surveillance video.When did I install it, why cbd gummies for smoker don t I know It was installed a few days ago, it s normal if you don t know, maybe neither Old Tang nor Haizhu knew.Who installed it and where How many have you installed Xinmin community doesn t even have property, so how could there be surveillance, Yu Zhenchuan was skeptical.I asked Li Xiaobin to pretend, exactly how many I installed, and I don t know where.Han Chaoyang smiled complacently, and turned around to ask Chen Jie, where is your Xiaobin Night Patrol in the village until after four o clock, Sergeant Gu asked me to call him, he just woke up and was washing up in the back.

From now on, I am a member of the comprehensive police platform cbd gummies effects last on Zhongshan Road.When a police situation occurs in the jurisdiction, you will deal with it in the past.You can arrange it as you like.Count it in.Kang Suo, how can this work, you are the leader.What kind of logic is this, the leader doesn t have to work Kang Haigen asked back, raised his arm and pointed to the bulletin board hanging on the wall Even if I am a leader, I can lead you, I can lead Lao Ding, can I still lead Comrades from the Xinyuan Street Police Station Can you still lead the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team and 300mg vegan cbd gummies PolyU University Volunteer Security Patrol Team But It s nothing but, you have the final say on the work of the integrated police platform.If it involves several key points I will also do my part for the work on the project site, after all, this is a task assigned to me by my superiors.

Secretary Yang and I recommended your girlfriend to the district leaders to fill this vacancy.Secretary Ding and District Chief Gao have already nodded, and the transfer should not be a big problem Chapter 391 The bystander is clear.People go to high places, and water flows to low places.Who doesn t want to be transferred to an agency to work The director is so awesome that he helped such a big favor quietly.Han Chaoyang was ecstatic, and hurriedly called Huang Ying to announce the good news.Huang Ying couldn t believe her ears, and asked suspiciously Second me to the administrative service center, but our street cbd gummy recipe cbd living gummies coupon has no windows there I made it very clear that it was seconded to the administrative service center.The administrative service center was originally a department level unit in the district.

I didn t even ask him to issue the IOU.He has become 300mg vegan cbd gummies like this.How can he turn around .If everything is true, the person in front of me is still very righteous Kang Haigen nodded slightly, and asked abruptly, So 300mg vegan cbd gummies you weren t there when Hang Weifang lost money I will pull him out, and I will definitely not let him sink in After Kang Haigen questioned Ding Songkang, he went to find Kong Xuekun, and he didn t arrive at the police station until 8 30 in the evening.Han Chaoyang and Grandpa Gu also just came back, talking to two crying women in the case handling area.From the dialogue, it can be heard that the tall woman is Hang Weifang s sister, Hang Weilan, and the short, fat woman with freckles is Hang Weifang s wife, Ning Junmei.Han Chaoyang was almost sure to have figured out the truth about Hang Weifang s bankruptcy loss in Macau, and comforted him Ning Junmei, please trust our public security agency, we can t ignore such a thing.

This The workload is too much, this is the rhythm of breaking legs, and I don t know if I can bring that kid to justice after working hard.Han Chaoyang was having a headache, and Miao Haizhu snickered again By the way, there seems to be a judicial interpretation that illegal production and sales of more than 3 sets of radio equipment or an illegal business amount of more than 50,000 yuan can be deemed as serious circumstances..That is to say, you can not only search down, but also type up.Find out who sells these devices, check whether they have sold the device to other people, and then type down, transfer a complaint, maybe you can catch it A dozen or twenty can be sentenced Chapter 408 Handling the Case 3 Maybe they can be arrested or sentenced to ten or twenty Han Chaoyang was tempted, and thought to himself that if he could really find out whether he could be awarded for meritorious service, at least it would be an indicator of ten or twenty criminal detentions and even sentencing.

After opening the anti 50 mg cbd gummy bears theft door and the lights in the house, there cbd gummy recipe cbd living gummies coupon was indeed a set of broadcasting equipment, which was exactly the same as the one seized in Washington DC this afternoon When how do cbd gummies work for anxiety 300mg vegan cbd gummies Xu Hongliang was in the police academy, he studied investigation and was responsible for taking pictures and collecting evidence.Miao Haizhu held up the video camera to record the video.The comrades of the Bureau of Wireless Management confirmed the wireless frequency illegally occupied by this equipment, and demodulated the sound signal with special equipment.After the two families obtained the certificates together, they organized the team members to disassemble the broadcasting equipment, and transported all of them to the car parked downstairs before going to the third den.It took more than an hour for one den, and the four dens ran down and added the time on the road, and the team didn t close until after 3 o clock in the morning.

Supplementary investigation.Some people who have misunderstood the public security always think that the police have great power and can almost do whatever they want, arresting or even detaining anyone who doesn t like it.In fact, the police really have no power.Public security cases have to go through the review of the public security brigade, which requires the signature and consent of the director in charge criminal cases need to be reviewed by the legal affairs brigade from filing to criminal detention, and the signature and approval of the director in charge are required They can be released on bail pending trial, which also needs to be reviewed by the Legal Affairs Team and then reported to the director in charge if the circumstances are serious and need to be transferred to the procuratorate for prosecution, they must be reviewed by the Pre trial Team So the police handling the case often joked that they were either looking for approval from the relevant department, or On the way for approval Han Chaoyang knew that handling the case would be troublesome, but he didn t expect it to be so troublesome.

She obviously started this matter first, but now that it is almost happening, she pretended to be embarrassed.When it came to personnel changes, Zheng Xinyi couldn t help asking Secretary Cao, Manager Jin will be the deputy general manager of the new company.What about the security company , general manager and legal person.Of course, this also needs to be determined in accordance with the Company Law and the articles of association of the security company, after the general meeting of shareholders.Cao Zefang smiled, and continued There is a lot of work ahead, and there is some work now It can be done.We did some research today and decided to register and set up a company under the parent company to provide housekeeping, medical care and cleaning services.We are not good at high technology and the Internet, but service is our strength and we have advantages.

But the more I was afraid, the more I wanted to read it.I read the blog over and over again.Every day I saw it at one or two o clock in the morning, thinking that Ling Bin and his daughter should be asleep, and then secretly logged on to the QQ of his sweetheart, and saved the photos uploaded by his sweetheart to his mobile phone Xiaoxia, are you still asleep I don t know what time I saw it, but Sister Wei s familiar voice came from outside.Wan Xiaoxia hurriedly wiped away her tears, got up and ran to open the door.Crying again Sister Wei sighed softly and walked into the room.Wan Xiaoxia closed the door, looked at the small purse in her hand with eyes red from crying and asked, Will you lose or win tonight These are not important, what is important is how to find someone Wang Jianping said in a low voice Chaoyang, you are right.

The matter is important, and how do cbd gummies work for anxiety 300mg vegan cbd gummies the reminder must be reminded, Han Chaoyang paused, then continued.You don t have to go.After making arrangements, quickly change into casual clothes, and talk to Manager Zhang, borrow his car for a while, and prepare for follow up and surveillance.After a long time of no big action, Wu Junfeng couldn t help laughing No problem, if I have enough, call another person.It s okay to call another person, that s it.Han Chaoyang picked up the phone and sent Wan Xiaoxia and Sister Wei s photo, and picked up the walkie talkie again Second Squadron .

what haooens when i eat cbd gummy bears?

Two Squadron, I m Han Chaoyang, please answer if you receive it, please reply if you receive it.The Second Squadron received it, I m Yuan Zhicheng, Han Da, please tell me Xiao Yuan, have you ever served in Dongming Community Qin, have you ever been to a youth hostel, do you know anyone from the youth hostel Reporting to Han Da, I was just transferred yesterday, and I was on duty in Dongming Community last week.

It s not good.What s wrong, this is what our detachment leader specifically explained, hurry up and call Sergeant Gu, Bao Suo, Kang Suo and the others.We have to give us a chance to thank you.Chapter 461 It s hard to win a meritorious service, and Han Chaoyang can only help organize the dinner.Unexpectedly, Grandpa Gu, who never participated in such social gatherings, would come here unexpectedly tonight.First, he went around the property office to make sure that the two suspects could not escape, and then he went with Han Chaoyang, Wang Jianping, and Kang Suo.Came to Chuanfu hotpot restaurant together with Baosuo and others who rushed over.During the chat, Wang Jianye learned that Han Chaoyang s girlfriend Huang Ying and Chaoyang Community Security Company Manager Xu Hongliang s girlfriend Xie Lingling were on the opposite side, and immediately asked Han Chaoyang and Xu Hongliang to call the two ladies to come with them.

Huang Ying was so confused, Pushing him and scolding with a smile As for the calculation so clear, although you are not related by blood, or even relatives, but in the city she is your sister, you should help her, she should help you, besides, you are colleagues now, now They are all policemen from the comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road.Chapter 469 Flash 2 The reaction was quick, and the lie was finally 300mg vegan cbd gummies rounded up.If Xie Lingling knew the truth , she would definitely have a psychological burden.This also reminded Han Chaoyang that taking the initiative to attack was just a bad idea, and it was best to get the understanding of Vice Minister Jiang.Only in this way would the Security Department of PolyU, especially the school security team, support the work of the police office as before.

We ll start after dinner.After going out for a walk, a thief was caught.Xiaokang, Chen Jie and Wen Wu Wei, Miao Haizhu and others who came to hear the news were full of admiration for Lao Wu.Looking at Lao Wu s eyes full of admiration, Ji Kaiyuan was very depressed and humiliated, and said angrily I ve been arrested, I don t care if I think about it.No Old Wu, I m not talking about you.You still like to steal the limelight at such an age.What kind of antihypertensive drugs are you buying, you re making a fool of yourself Han Chaoyang has never seen such a funny thing, and hurriedly motioned to Wu Wei escorted the thief into the room, and then changed the topic Uncle Wu, electric cars are very advanced now, and some of them have remote control like cars, and they can be opened without inserting a key.

If I can give my superiors a satisfactory answer, I believe the superiors will not let this politically reliable and high quality anti pickup team disband.Han Chaoyang looked how much cbd gummies should i take for sleep around at the crowd and added with moonwalker cbd gummies a smile It s not an exaggeration to say that politics is reliable.According to regulations, making and issuing auxiliary police work permits to big guys requires a political review, but it was reported yesterday afternoon, and the work 300mg vegan cbd gummies permit came down today.There is no political review.Why Miao clinical cbd gummies price Haizhu was curious.asked.It s very simple, because our anti pickup team is a party member vanguard Angkor is a party member, your instructor is a party member, Junfeng is a party member, Gu Jun, Cheng Quan, Zhang Binyou are all party members, what else does the superior have Don t worry.The political status is fine, and they are all reliable, and the next thing is to see whether the business quality of the big guy is too good.

Let s work.Dr.Chen raised his arm and pointed to the door of the computer, and Han Chaoyang suddenly realized that the emergency surgery room was full of people just now, full spectrum cbd delta 9 gummies but now it was empty, and all the patients who were in a hurry to see a doctor were scared away by the word AIDS up.Chapter 498 Abducting Han Chaoyang No matter how stupid he is, he understands that the Sixth Hospital does not want to treat all AIDS related patients.With Dr.Chen s attitude, the leader of the hospital probably has the same attitude, so he can only call the eldest sister and ask her to send Jiang Xiaoquan to the Second City Hospital directly.Okay, let s go directly to the Second Hospital.Miao Haizhu didn t know why, so she hurriedly asked the driver who had just driven to the gate of the Sixth Hospital not to turn, but to continue driving along Zhongshan Road to the Second Hospital.

So expensive Grandpa Gu was taken aback.It s been rising again during this period, master, don t think it s so expensive, people don t have enough to buy, now go to 300mg vegan cbd gummies the cbd gummy recipe cbd living gummies coupon sales department and ask only the lower floors that don t have sunlight in winter and the top floors that are cold in winter and hot in summer.This is too exaggerated.Thankfully, you bought it early.Grandpa Gu didn t want to delay the young couple from going to dinner, raised his arms and urged, Let s go quickly, don t make people wait, remember 300mg vegan cbd gummies to bring me a good one for Director Su.Okay, Let s go.Let s go.When we arrived at the restaurant where Boss Miao was treating guests, the elders were all there, chatting and waiting.The young couple walked into the box under the lead of the waiter, and Boss Miao asked the waiter to serve the food.

, so that the sub bureau has enough reason to break the rules and promote Chaoyang.Yingying, Director Su is right, what he said is so reasonable, this is what the job requires Dad Huang is so happy that he doesn t need others to respect him.Pick up the cup and drink it down.Raising you so much, and helping the truth about cbd gummies you buy a house in Yanyang, I can t even talk about it The other child will go to get rachael rays cbd gummies a certificate tomorrow, and his daughter doesn t even have a boyfriend.Boss Miao was so depressed that he couldn t help turning around and said Teacher Ma , you comment, can you say that I am a father, am I qualified to say it Chapter 506 Unbelievable The weather forecast is very accurate, saying that there will be snow in the sky today, and there will be light snow in the sky.After Liu Jianye arranged today s work, he received a call from Director Du himself as soon as he returned to the office.

Han Chaoyang didn t want to mess it up, so he put down the walkie talkie and took out his mobile phone to call Lao Ding.After briefly introducing the situation, he emphasized Officer Ding, I drank some wine at night, so it s not suitable to go in.Wu Wei is not wearing a police uniform, and the deterrent is not enough.Kang Suo and Sheriff Tang are off today, and Haizhu will have to wait I can only get there, so I can only trouble you to make a trip.No trouble, anyway, I have nothing to do at the moment.Lao 300mg vegan cbd gummies Ding walked out of the station police room, raised his hand to greet the police cadets who were chatting with the station security guards, and said nothing.He said without excitement I am wearing a police uniform, and the students are all wearing police uniforms.We should be able to help you suppress the situation in the past.

Immediately forward the photos to all WeChat groups and ask the group friends if they have seen this person. Wu Junfeng and Wu Wei just got into the police car assigned to Lao Ding yesterday, first clicked on the WeChat group to look at the photos, then raised his mobile phone and asked Just a few photos, just a wanted warrant, do you have any other clues Yes, the suspect is likely to be a chef from a restaurant in or around our jurisdiction.I received it, I will forward it immediately, and ask immediately To catch a thief carrying a bag and pickpocketing, no one knows whether the suspect will resist.As soon as Wu Wei, Wu cbd gummy recipe cbd living gummies coupon Junfeng, Liu Chengquan, and Xiaoxiang, the security guard from the Sixth Hospital who had just joined the anti pickup team arrived, Han Chaoyang asked Wu Junfeng to stay in the police office to handle intelligence, and the others immediately went to the dormitory across the road to change their uniforms and get equipment.

It was Aunt Ye from Chaoyang Village.Aunt Ye, what s the matter The lobby was too noisy, so Han Chaoyang walked into the station police room.Xiao 300mg vegan cbd gummies Han, Wan Xin and Xiang Yuqing just called me and saidthat the child is gone.Which Wan Xin Law enforcement on the front line, facing the masses, and not knowing how many people they have to contact every day, Han Chaoyang was momentary After a while, she couldn t remember who Aunt Ye was talking about Wan Xin.The young couple who threw the child at the door of your police station.Aunt Ye sighed softly, and said regretfully, The child s name is Binbin, you forgot, the one with leukemia.The doctor said to last for a year at most, but this It s how much cbd gummies to take only been a few days, and I left as soon as I said.I remember, Han Chaoyang took off his hat, and said solemnly, It s not that I didn t think of a way, but I really couldn t.

My family used to live HCMUSSH 300mg vegan cbd gummies in the fifth team of Chaoyang, just a few rows behind Li Chengguang s house in the .

can cbd gummies be laced?

fourth team.Li Chengguang, you must remember.Counting you Like his aunt.Cheng Guang, you know, we went there when his mother died, and we didn t move around very much after that I was dizzy, and I was so familiar Han Chaoyang s expression was very focused, and he listened with great interest, adding a sentence or two from time to time.Sun Guokang felt that this was a waste of time.The old lady s son was hiding from debts outside.According to Han Chaoyang s opinion, he did not commit any crime and was not wanted on the Internet.Is such a matter under the control of the police Even if it is under the supervision of the police, it should be under the supervision of the community police from the Xinyuan Street Police Station, not the Zhongshan Road Police District.

Well, I ll enter from here later.Han Chaoyang took out his mobile phone, dialed Wu Wei, and asked Wu Wei brought Wu Junfeng over, then turned around and said, Jiayong, go to the east intersection and wait for Jiao Da, and show Jiao Da and the others the way.Okay, I ll 300mg vegan cbd gummies can i fly with cbd gummies 2021 go there first.Go slowly, don t be in such a hurry.Understood.Han Chaoyang looked around to make sure no one was paying attention, and then dialed his apprentice s phone number Guokang, I told Angkor to get in upstate elevator supply cbd gummies your car, you guys stay put and act later.You two go up the elevator and block the lobby.Yes It s just a plan, you guys should make preparations first, and the specific actions will be decided after Jiao Da and the others arrive.ReceivedEverything is ready, I only owe Dongfeng As time passed minute by minute, Han Chaoyang waited anxiously.

If you catch someone and leave, what is that You are at the end 300mg vegan cbd gummies of Zhongshan Road and we are at the top of Zhongshan Road.If you encounter any problems in the future, you will not cooperate or deal with each other Han Chaoyang thought to himself, of course you are now Saying that, but you can t show it on your face.Instead, you said helplessly Gan Suo, if this is a case in our police district, I will definitely contact your office as soon as possible and ask for assistance.But this is not our case.We are also assisting in the case of the police district.You don t know how mysterious the anti drug team handles the case.Before departure, everyone must turn off their mobile phones.Only when 300mg vegan cbd gummies can i fly with cbd gummies 2021 they arrive at the place do they report the situation and tell us what to do.How to do it.The case of your sub bureau s anti drug brigade Well, the one just now is the deputy captain of our sub bureau s anti drug brigade, and it s not their case.

I know, Lao Xu is watching him for you, and this call is also made by my old Xu Rang Sincerity is as good as gold and stone If they hadn t done so much work before, the two old men wouldn t have made this call.But now is not the time to be proud, and Han Chaoyang didn t care about taking his wife back to the PolyU dormitory.As soon as he hung up the phone, he got into the police car, HCMUSSH 300mg vegan cbd gummies threw down the sentence Go to Taoyuan Community, to Uncle Xu s house how do cbd gummies work for anxiety 300mg vegan cbd gummies , and then called Liu Suo s phone.Liu Suo, I, Han Chaoyang, and Xu Weimin showed up.I came back at night.Guokang and I are on our way to his house.Which Xu Weimin I didn t respond for a while.Han Chaoyang said eagerly That Xu Weimin who is with Dai Lishi.Liu Jianye suddenly realized, and stood up subconsciously awesome cbd gummies Okay, great, you go first, I can t leave now, I will give Kang Suo and Lao Liang Call and ask them to meet you as soon as they finish their work.

If you go back, you will cook for me Even if you don t go back, the house is mine.Demolition, only thunder but no rain, let s talk about it when it s actually demolished Are you staying here because no one cooks for you when you go home Not only is there no one to cook, but there is no one to talk to, let go, give I let go, I m not going anywhere, I just stay here, I m going to die here He has no job and only has more than one acre of land.I usually eat too much and am too lazy to work, and I don t even bother to plant that one mu of land, so naturally I won t have any income.And it s not just that he has no income now, he had a bad reputation before, and no one wants to talk to him after he hurt his neighbors.Han Zhaoyang realized why he didn t go back, so he simply said Dai Lishi, you think you can go wherever you want, you think you can stay here if you want to stay here You haven t finished hurting people intentionally.

Chapter five hundred and ninety eight The solution I knew that Dai Lishi was seriously ill, but I didn t expect it to be so serious Han Chaoyang didn t dare to play tricks, so he hurriedly called Bureau Du to report.It s the middle stage, and the doctor said there should be no further delay., must be treated as soon as possible, mainly dialysis.so serious Did you ask about how much it will cost Director Yu how do cbd gummies work for anxiety 300mg vegan cbd gummies said that the cost of dialysis treatment is very transparent, not only in the city or province, but also in all major Chinese hospitals in China.A dialysis session is about four to five hundred.If you have medical insurance, you basically don t have to worry about the cost.Calculated, individuals who have received agricultural insurance only need to bear 4 , those who have urban medical insurance only need to bear 2 , and those who have employee medical insurance only need to bear 1.

There may be as many as New Year s Eve, only he and Wu Wei, two policemen, arranged for Miao Haizhu to rest, in fact, they wanted her to spend time with her parents.You said you brought the materials back last night, didn t you I ll take a look later.It s nothing else, the main reason is that it s so difficult to make some money now.If your family s demolition compensation money is thrown into nothing, it will be a waste of time.Sometimes it s too late to cry.And even if you don t think about yourself, you have to think about your mother.If you have money, you can be a filial son.If you don t have money, how can you honor the elderly After visiting Dai Lishi, Han Chaoyang made a phone call.Wu Wei 300mg vegan cbd gummies asked curiously, Who is it Mo Yunhu.Han Chaoyang put down his phone and picked up the police car key I have nothing to do in the morning.

Diagnosed, he is undergoing dialysis.Dai Lishi took a deep breath and lowered his head again.Brother Dai, Lishi said that the disease is very serious, but it is not so serious that there is no cure.As long as he can get dialysis on time, the problem is not very big.You two know his situation better than me.Even the farmer He didn t get insurance, and he couldn t claim any medical expenses.Although he was not very competitive in the past, and even got into fights with his neighbors over trivial matters, he is only this year old, and he will have a long time in the future.Sure enough, when it comes to money, Dai Lijun and Dai Liyang was silent.Dai Lishi really wanted to ask his two cousins to borrow money, but he didn t open his mouth when facing them, and he kept his chin in his mouth and said nothing.

I never thought about finding a wife.To be precise, it s not that I don t want to, but I dare not think about it.When Han Chaoyang said this, Uncle Hong asked in a strange way Is the child so talkative now Anyway, the few I met are quite talkative, not only talkative but also very filial and understanding of the old man, Han Zhaoyang greeted him Sitting down, he smiled and said, I think Aunt Lu is pretty good.I have been to her house and seen the photos before.She was similar to a celebrity when she was young, and she was well maintained.No matter how you look at her, she doesn t look like someone in her sixties.Old Xu 300mg vegan cbd gummies gummies cbd for anxiety ran out to smoke and chat with some security guards from the Sixth Hospital, but there was no outsider in the police room.Uncle Hong scratched his head, and said with some embarrassment Xiao Lu is very nice, but she is only sixty two, and I am seventy three, eleven years older than her After inquiring about people s ages, Han Chaoyang suppressed a smile and said, I don t think age is a problem.

How could this happen, Boss Zhang stood up abruptly, and said angrily, Just He wants to celebrate the New Year, I don t want to celebrate the New Year, a phone call asked me to wipe his butt, forget it, I don t care After finishing speaking, he turned around and was about to leave.Xiao Ke blocked the way tacitly, and Han Chaoyang got up and said Boss Zhang, you can t leave or make phone calls until the matter is cleared up.Sit down and drink some water.Officer Liang and the others will be here soon.Why don t you let me go I m leaving, this is not my shop, and it s none of my business Han Zhaoyang took out his law enforcement recorder and said very seriously Boss Zhang, when you called Boss Liu, you spoke your native dialect, Police officer Liang can t understand, and I can t understand, but there are people who can understand.

Running all afternoon, I must be hungry.Let s go have a meal first.Wu Wei and the others Don t be in a hurry to eat, you should talk about your next plan, 300mg vegan cbd gummies can i fly with cbd gummies 2021 otherwise I don t know how to help.Lao Hu discussed with Wu Wei on WeChat just now, and said with a bit of embarrassment Wu Wei just went to observe Terrain, there is only one gate in that yard, just keep an eye on the gate.We plan to work in groups of two, take turns to stare, and each team will stare for three hours.This is the only thing we can do at night, and we will talk about tomorrow s affairs tomorrow.Let s talk about tomorrow s affairs tomorrow, like They handle the case like no one before or since, it s ridiculous to the extreme Xiao Sun slandered, and asked calmly The alley is so small, you can t drive in, you can only see half of the alley in the car, and there are so many cars in front of you, you can t move 300mg vegan cbd gummies can i fly with cbd gummies 2021 if you want to.

There are more than 60,000 RMB, several thousand Hong Kong dollars in the bag, a mobile phone, and a bunch of cosmetics that are not cheap.Minister Jiang has asked, and I have to go and have a look.Which Professor Liu There are so many professors in the school, I How can I know you Huang Ying was sensitive when she mentioned a woman, she raised her head and asked, You don t know which Professor Liu it is, how do you remember her name Didn t I just come back from the Second Squadron It s 300mg vegan cbd gummies 300mg vegan cbd gummies can i fly with cbd gummies 2021 progressing, I ve introduced the basic situation of the victim, it s normal if I know it, it s not normal if I don t know it, it means your husband s memory is wrong.Huang Ying cbd gummy recipe cbd living gummies coupon also realized that this jealousy was a little unreasonable, she thought about it and asked curiously How s the fault Since the leader of your bureau asked you to be the fault, you have to show something Mentioning these things, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said It s not a blessing to lose one s horse.

He was wearing a blue short padded jacket 300mg vegan cbd gummies on his upper body, jeans on his lower body, and a pair of dirty white sneakers on his feet.Regardless of body shape or clothing, they are very similar to the suspects involved in the robbery.Miao Haizhu was so excited that she immediately turned her head and winked at Wu Junfeng who was looking this way while registering online.Wu Junfeng came to his senses, and said calmly, Beauty, I m going to the bathroom too, please help me look after my bag.Go, I ll look after your things for you.The female network administrator smiled sweetly.Thank you.Wu Junfeng thanked him very politely, and walked quickly to the last row.Miao Haizhu stopped in her tracks, pretended to reply to WeChat, and stood behind the man cbd living gummies coupon can you travel internationally with cbd gummies holding 300mg vegan cbd gummies can i fly with cbd gummies 2021 her mobile phone.I can how do cbd gummies work for anxiety 300mg vegan cbd gummies t see the face clearly, so I have to check it out.

It was on hands free just now, Huang Ying could hear clearly, before Han Chaoyang could speak, she got up and put on her clothes in a hurry, opened the door and rushed into 300mg vegan cbd gummies the living room and asked, Dad, Mom, something happened to Chaoyang s unit We have to If you rush back overnight, will you go with us or take the bus What happened Papa Huang subconsciously asked.A drunk drove into the police office.Xiao Liu was injured and is being rescued in the emergency center of the Sixth Hospital.Teacher, Lao Han, why don t I go back together.Chapter 679 Sad news Such a big event happened in the unit, the person in charge must rush back as soon as possible Father Han and Teacher Ma were very understanding and supportive of their son s work.They hurriedly helped to pack things, and kept sending the parents in how to blend cbd tincture oil in gummies law, mother in law, son and daughter in law downstairs and into the car.

When such a tragedy happened, the bureau should not only investigate the cause of the accident, but also deal 300mg vegan cbd gummies with Liu Chengquan s funeral.Human life is at stake, and there is still the first time to report.What s more, it was an unexpected incident that happened at night, and everyone was so busy.It is estimated that the bureau thought that Han Chaoyang and others who went to pick up relatives overnight knew about it.At noon, I was busy comforting the relatives of the deceased, and accompanied them to the Sixth Hospital to look at the body, and then Liu Chengquan s mother passed out from crying again, and was busy asking the medical staff of the Sixth Hospital to rescue Han Chaoyang, so Han Chaoyang was kept in the dark.But it s not too late to know now, Han Chaoyang walked into the police room and asked eagerly, Sister Miao, can the surveillance at our door be dialed out The traffic police team only made a copy, and didn t take the disk away.

There were quite a few workers who came, and several of them looked like they might There are fifty or sixty years old.Han Chaoyang didn t want to leave a bad impression that the Yanyang Public Security Bureau was very vicious, so he stood by the car and said with a smile, Good evening, masters, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Yandong Public Security Bureau.I wish you all just cbd gummies png a happy new year, and welcome everyone The master came to work in Yanyang.It must be very hard to take the bus for half a day, please don t squeeze, don t rush, line up and get off in an orderly manner, and pay attention to your steps when getting off Yanyang police are very polite Several migrant workers who were waiting to get 300mg vegan cbd gummies off in the car whispered to each other.Lao Tang, Wang Jiayong, Jiang Qingwen and other security guards stood beside the newly opened trunk lid, smiling as they watched the migrant workers get off the car to pick up 300mg vegan cbd gummies their luggage.

No problem, I can arrange people to go over there to have a look.Then you arrange it, it is not appropriate HCMUSSH 300mg vegan cbd gummies for me to send people here.Why Bao Qingshan asked puzzledly.One of them is a construction boss who is working on the East Bus Station project site, and he lives in a youth hostel in our community.He doesn t look up and down, and he has to make friends for a long time.It s not good to be recognized, 300mg vegan cbd gummies can i fly with cbd gummies 2021 which is not conducive to future work.Work.Little junior brother is a ghost Bao Qingshan was amused, and couldn t help but say with a smile Since you know cbd living gummies coupon can you travel internationally with cbd gummies him and he knows him, it s better for you not to show up.What HCMUSSH 300mg vegan cbd gummies s that guy s last name, what s his name, you should know his physical characteristics, understand his basic situation, You send 300mg vegan cbd gummies it via WeChat, and leave the rest to me.No problem.

I know you participated in the operation at night, I delta 8 cbd gummies review m joking with you, your patrol team performed well last night, just now when you were eating in the cafeteria, Fan Bureau I m still doing credit for your patrol team. Thank you Zhou Bureau for your praise, raising soldiers for a thousand days and using them for a short period of time, these are all what our patrol team should do. Can you do this I don t know, it just felt a little sudden.Han Chaoyang took the phone, pulled down the screen, and suddenly found that Bureau Du was also on the list announced before taking office.Scrolling down, there are no more familiar names on the list.What are you looking at Miao Haizhu asked in a low voice.Zhou Ju, why is there no 300mg vegan cbd gummies Zhou Ju Zhou Ju is not on the announcement list, he should be employed elsewhere.

The case will not be solved, the special class will not be withdrawn, and the support will not be reduced.Yes Deputy Director Xing was stunned for a moment, and hurried to the side to make a call.Bureau Feng didn t say what he thought in his heart, and didn t understand the situation, why did he summon so many people overnight.Moreover, the conveners 300mg vegan cbd gummies are all the heads of various units.The detection of homicides is as important what is the best cbd gummy on the market as other tasks.Will such a laborious effort affect the work.Just wondering, Liu Qiuping picked up his hat and confessed Let me also inform Liu Jianye, he is a good hand in solving cases, and he will definitely help.Deputy Director Xing .

can you buy cbd gummies through the mail?

quickly said Yes Except for the Taoyuan Community Neighborhood Committee, this evening There really isn t a better place to hold a meeting nearby.

You can no longer mention buns, and if you mention them again, you will have to raise an argument.Han Chaoyang closed the work log and asked curiously Uncle Ji, Uncle Wu, you two have been to the scene and walked around the scene all afternoon.Did you gain anything No gain, but you have learned a new situation , I found some suspicious points.What new situation.What situation he can grasp, it was discovered by the technical police when they were investigating the scene.Mr.Wu hated him bragging the most, and raised his head and said The technical police found a few at the scene.Footprints, after the technical police made footprints and left, we also went to the river to have a look, and found that those footprints were probably left by the murderer.The soil by the river is wet, and it is easy to leave footprints Han Chaoyang suddenly became interested, and asked, Where are the footprints Can you tell from the footprints which direction the murderer came from, or which direction he was going Give me the pen.

Chapter 731 Murder 11 Before the leaders arrived, Kang Haigen arrived first.As soon as Bureau Fan saw him, he asked Han Chaoyang to get into his police car, 300mg vegan cbd gummies and took the time to prepare materials on the spot for the sub bureau to escort the construction of key projects.No one knows whether the provincial and municipal leaders will ask these questions, so prepare it and hand it over to Liu Bureau, if the leader asks about it, Bureau Liu can report it.The time is urgent, and it is too late to print, so it can only be written by hand.Bureau Liu arrived as soon as he finished tidying up.He took the materials and looked at them carefully, and frowned slightly.Han Chaoyang and Kang Haigen thought that there was nothing wrong with the security measures at several construction sites, but they didn t know what Liu Bureau was dissatisfied with.

Okay, okay, no kidding.Zhang Genmao found a box of cigarettes from under the coffee table, took out a cigarette, lit it, and said in a cloud of mist, I don t know him very well.His wife is from outside.We ve dealt with her before, and she hasn t talked to us much.If you want to know about his wife, you d better find Blind Wang, who knows her well. Which blind Wang Wang Blind who taught us Chinese in junior high school Blind man, have you forgotten The highly myopic Mr.Wang, why does Mr.Wang live in the same complex as you That s him.He didn t live here before.His wife died a few years ago, so he found another one.In our community, he moved here and lived together, and it seems that he hasn t gotten a marriage certificate yet.Old Tang, what do you think they are not clear Teacher Wang is 70, everyone is like this What kind of certificate do you need to get when you are old enough to find a companion to spend your twilight years with Lao Tang realized that he was led astray by his old friend again, and hurried back to the original topic Come back to business, you have lived in the community for so many years with Wei Ping s wife.

Look how do cbd gummies work for anxiety 300mg vegan cbd gummies again See if there is surveillance in Taoyuan New Village, and if so, call it quickly.Director Feng complimented Mr.Ji a few words before leaving, but he didn t expect him to take it seriously.As soon as Director Feng left, he transformed into the leader of the small task force Putting down the strawberry champagne vegan cbd gummies 300mg 300mg vegan cbd gummies phone, he walked outside and said, Xiao Miao, your master found out that the restaurant where Yu Xiufen works is at the intersection of Xingui Road and Jianshe Street.Can you find someone Yes Finally, Miao Haizhu got a clue, so excited, she quickly picked up her hat and followed.Grandpa Gu had a higher police rank than him before he retired, and even enjoyed the treatment of a researcher, but 300mg vegan cbd gummies he had never been a leader, let alone solved a major case in a serious organization, and solving a case is a very professional thing.

Mr.Hu, I suggest you think carefully about it.I have considered it very carefully.I have considered it for a whole year.If you give her a chance, she cbd gummy recipe cbd living gummies coupon will not marry her.Cherish it, I have a good life, but I have to make a fuss, since she wants to make trouble, let her make trouble, and I m not afraid of going to court.Han Zhaoyang thought to himself that you are Chen Shimei, and you are raising a mistress outside, but you speak like you have been wronged.Like, can you be willful if you have money However, it is difficult for an upright official to decide on housework, and this is not under the control of the police.Han Zhaoyang thought about it and asked Mr.Hu, green cbd d fusion gummies I was busy a while ago, so I didn t go to the youth hostel, and I didn t bother to ask.You are still staying in the youth hostel now.

It will be safer to wear the bulletproof vest every day in the future.Knowing that this was requested by the new bureau chief, she thought about it and smiled again When I came back, Chen Xiujuan asked me to send you a message, please do me a favor.She is Chen Da Nei, what can I do for you It s a personal matter.What s the matter Her father in law is sick, and her mother in law is taking care of her in the hospital.Now the management is strict, no one can do personal things during working hours, and no one picks up the children after school.Isn t there a lot of people here She wants to ask you to arrange someone to help her.Pick it up.When Zhou Ju was there, considering that no one would pick up the policeman s children after school, he had specially arranged for a female policeman to pick them up.

You can Talk to Manager Jiang over there.It s still the same sentence, you can defend your rights, but you can t break the law.Chapter 780 An lunchbox cbd gummies sleep accident happened at Boss Hu s construction site 6 Manager Jiang has a car, and the police car can accommodate a few people, and the Xu family To keep someone to take care of Xu Min s lover, Han Chaoyang just sent the short man and five others to the neighborhood committee.The police cannot intervene in civil disputes, so Han Chaoyang sent them to the local police station and returned to the police office to report to Xiao Gu.The result is surprising, Xu Min s elder brother and Xu Min s two brothers in law are both in charge, each of them has his own idea, his own family actually quarreled first, Xu Min s elder brother was so angry that Xu Min s two brothers in law let go When I went to the station to buy a ticket to go back to my hometown, Xu Min s son, Xu Jun, had no right to speak, so he could only stop his uncle from leaving.

And Xiao Liu When I stopped breathing, I didn t know who I was saving, and Xiao Liu s parents didn t know either.Take the person there to explain to Xiao Liu s spirit in heaven and to Xiao Liu s parents. Well, we should take that woman there.Let s go.Liu Qiuping thought for a while, then turned around and said, Old Feng, Comrade Liu Chengquan s deeds are very touching, otherwise, you should contact the media, preferably the provincial TV station, and do a good job of promoting it.Okay, I will Get in touch.Approve Han Chaoyang s leave, and ask him what day he plans to go.It s best for the party committee members to go too, so as not to chill the hero s parents.I ll go, Feng Ju said without hesitation Old Fan They are more busy than 300mg vegan cbd gummies can i fly with cbd gummies 2021 the other, I have less work, I will go there personally, bring something on behalf of the sub bureau to condolences to the relatives of Comrade Liu Chengquan.

Most of the people who have lost a lot have some strength and can huddle together to keep warm , while those retail investors can only ask for more blessings.Not knowing how to evaluate it, Zhang Yuli chattered again and again Comrade police, it s wrong for Luo Weixing next plant cbd gummies price to run away with the wages of your workers, but after hearing what you said just now, I don t think he can do anything If that bastard Gan Jianren Dan doesn t run away, how can he be forced to this position Who in the world will not encounter some difficulties I don t think you need to go online, hold your hand high, and give him a few days to wait for the Changshan branch to arrest him.If the surname is Gan, or wait until the government finds a developer to take over the offer from the surname Gan, what is the wages he owes to your workers, so the problem will be solved Do you sympathize with him Who, who They will all sympathize.

If cbd gummies indianapolis in you are unlucky and you are stopped, you will be in big trouble.Because of this, it was very easy cbd gummy recipe cbd living gummies coupon for him to come in alone.He didn t worry about the police and airport security patrolling around.He stood at the exit and looked up at the LCD screen of the flight arrival information for a while, then took out his mobile phone and called Qian Shangui.Phone, want to know if the plane landed or not.Han Chaoyang was standing in the monitoring hall of the airport watching his every move.In fact, from the moment his car entered the airport, he had already entered the sight of the airport police.The young man standing next to him holding the pick up sign at the moment is Zheng Bai, a rookie drawn from the anti pickup team.Although there were a lot of people coming to pick up the plane at the exit, and the arrival hall was rather noisy, Han Chaoyang believed that Zheng Bai could hear the general content of his call.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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