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Cui Si stepped forward to help Master Cui Si change his clothes, Master, you said, there should be many accomplices in the Pearl Thief.What nonsense The fourth wife was taken aback The concubine is just looking at the murderer who killed Zhuzhu.He is not very old, he looks like he is in his twenties.He was a child seven years ago.How could he steal Ku Yin It must be the robber.An accomplice.Fourth Master Cui s expression softened a little, and he sat down and asked Mrs.Fourth Cui to wash his feet What did you say Master Hou took people to the Yamen to interrogate the murderer Fourth Master Cui s feet immediately Take it out of the basin.Is the water temperature inappropriate Mrs.Cui Si hurriedly tried it with her hands.It s a bit hot.I ll be comfortable after a long journey.What, it took a long time to be served by Mrs.Will these quarrymen be interrogated as accomplices of the Pearl Thief if they surface Master Zhang did not reveal that he was the Pearl Thief back then, so who should wear the hat of Pearl Thief It is impossible for the case to go smoothly like montana valley cbd gummies review cost of cbd gummies for arthritis this.Some people will not let such a result happen.If you think about it carefully, the biggest .

how much cbd in gummies is absorbed?

variable should be the Wei family.Empress Wei and the noble concubine were incompatible with each other, and there was a lot of trouble when the crown prince was established.The old royal history of the two dynasties played that although the eldest prince was the eldest son, he was not a direct descendant.The emperor was also in the heyday of the spring and autumn.For a while, even if the empress cannot give birth to a son, she can still raise her adoptive prince under her body.Although there are still people who use it among the people, most of them are tricks made by fools.This thing actually appeared in the noble family.Lu Shenzhi rummaged through it , A mahogany nail was found on the chest of the doll made of white 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep cloth, and a talisman was found in the doll s belly.You don t need to think about it, you know it s something like a ghost suppressing charm , because Zhou Rujun has been dead for five years, and this doll is obviously used 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep to deal with ghosts.Don t look.Fourth Mrs.Cui covered the eyes of Sister Lin and Gu Mingzhu with her hands, for fear of scaring the two girls.Lu Shenzhi s face became more and more ugly, he had heard about the Zhou family, the Zhou family was buried with the ceremony of Cui Zhen s official wife, but there was no imperial order for his wife, and Cui Zhen did not come to the Cui family to attend the funeral.As for why there is such a situation, it is the result of the two tigers fighting between the prince and the Wei family.Even if the prince wants to liquidate in the future, he will not find the Cui family.Cui Zhen had thought of this a long time ago.Otherwise, he would not have come to Taiyuan Mansion.He has been in charge of soldiers and horses for so many years.If he easily fell into the trap set by others, the situation of the Cui family would not be what it is today.With his support, the Cui clan has re prospered.Cui Wei called the lieutenant general at the gate in It s not too late, let s take troops to that village to arrest people immediately.The Cui brothers were commanding the troops in the government office, and the news reached Lu Shenzhi directly.Lu Shenzhi couldn t help clenching his hands tightly, is Marquis Dingning going to those villages Cui Zhending must have discovered some clues.Before the master s case was finished, Mrs.Tai began to criticize them like this.In such a critical moment, shouldn t the clansmen watch over and help each other Mrs.Cui Si didn t dare to say anything, so she had to order her mother in charge to bring the account book.Unexpectedly, Mrs.Lin didn t read it, but this kind of news came from outside.Ma am, Wu s mother beside Mrs.Cui Si whispered, Could it be that Mrs.Tai did something Mother Wu saw Mrs.Cui Si being reprimanded just now, and felt distressed and uncomfortable.Now that she heard the news, she only hoped that Mrs.Tai did the crime 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies vitamin shoppe herself, otherwise she would have to blame her for this incident.After all, Mrs.Tai came to Taiyuan Mansion Just for the sake of the ancestral grave, I was picked up by the ladies yesterday to Ya Sheng Ye and Yan are colloquially pronounced ya.How is it Mr.Ding asked in a low voice.There is movement on the water, said the man dressed in short brown and dressed as an attendant.Someone should be swimming quietly, and they will come on board when they wait for the opportunity.If you make a move, you will be caught straight.Zhang San and Lu Guang s escape from the iron mine was already arranged by them.Now that the time has finally come, Lu Shenzhi s collusion with Zhang San, Lu Guang and others has solid evidence.This case should also be closed, lest someone Biting them to death.Mr.Ding turned around and went back to the banquet.This time he was ready to deal with it and went back to the single room in the back cabin to rest.If he, the master, left, the prostitutes and other guests would be more relaxed.That s when the big show will start.Ding was standing just now, but Mr.Ding had disappeared.She looked around in a panic, her heart sinking into the abyss like a stone being dropped.She backed away in a daze, and then saw the guards of the Ding family walking towards this side.She didn t expect them to come so fast, and she didn t have any time to breathe.The person who prevented her from assassinating Mr.Ding shook his head to her, signaling not to act rashly, and he was about to turn around and leave.At this moment, she 750mg cbd gummies montana valley cbd gummies review lifted the corner of 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies vitamin shoppe her skirt and climbed over the railing of the bow, and fell into the lake.Someone fell into the water.Shouting resounded overhead.The person who blocked her jumped into the water without any hesitation Wei Yuanchen was about to leave the big boat when he heard shouts.The guards around him immediately went to check the situation, and came back after a while to report The doctor jumped out of the boat, and the people who prevented her from assassinating Mr.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyebrows About tonight s matter, do you have anything else you want to ask me Han Yu shook his head No If he raises any questions, he is just asking for trouble for himself.Since you all have nothing to say, Wei Yuanchen said, I ll ask questions next.Han Yu s throat tightened, and it turned out that what Master Wei meant just now.Wei Yuanchen first went to see the deputy general of the guard An accident happened on the painting boat, which alarmed the guard.When did the Dazhou guard also take on the job of catching thieves The deputy was speechless for a while, and immediately went to see Han Yu.Han Yu pursed his lips and said, Recently, there have been cases one after another in Taiyuan Mansion.To be cautious, I sent people to go to the Wei Zhihui in advance, and asked the Guards to help.Lu Shenzhi s beating would make many people fearful.Once he had such a thought, he would not dare to tell lies when facing Wei Yuanchen.Cui Wei chased after him However, it seems that there is nothing suspicious about Lu Shenzhi, otherwise Wei Yuanchen would not have let him go.Cui Zhen lowered his eyes, and only Wei Yuanchen knew what the inside story was.I also saw that Nie Chen, Cui Wei said, with Wei Yuanchen s personal guards, this person is the most damned, but he took the money given by the elder brother to serve Wei Yuanchen.How dare a small street person make such a move Now that he is attached to Wei Yuanchen, is it possible that Wei Yuanchen can take him to the capital Nie Chen is a capable person, and Cui Zhen also knew that this person was not loyal to him.He didn t care at all, but when he heard these words, he couldn t help feeling a little angry in his heart.Not stable, he actually felt more tired at home than in the army.In the case of Taiyuan Mansion, he missed many opportunities.First, it was the clues sent by the Zhou family, then Nie Chen and Lu Shenzhi.Now that he can see the result clearly, Wei Yuanchen must have expected it long ago, otherwise he would not Let Lu Shenzhi take a few people around to arrest people.He now suspects that the Zhou family s clues, as well as the Ya Sheng who appeared in the yard, all came from Wei Yuanchen.It seems that it is time for Mrs.Zhang to tidy up the inner house.Come here, Cui Zhen ordered his servants, Let the kitchen make some children s favorite food for Miss Biao.I hope to appease Zhuzhu, after this incident, he has to visit Marquis Huaiyuan, if it wasn t for the Marquis who lost his horse , Who knew that someone in Taiyuan Mansion opened Tieshan privately, and it reached this point.Chu Jiu shrunk his neck and looked at Wu Hei Ji resentfully.When he finds a chance, he will definitely bleed this thing, so 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep that it can know who is the master.Later, Nie Chen was called into Wei Yuanchen s study.My lord, Nie Chen said, I went to ask someone to find out.The peddler didn t work around here before.He only came to this street in the last two days.After calculation, he should have delivered letters to the people in the mountains from Liusu.As Nie Chen spoke, he felt that Wei Yuanchen s expression was worried.Nie Chen continued I guess it s because Liu Su falsely claimed that the Pearl Bandit was still alive, and someone wanted to find the Pearl Bandit through Liu Su, and the person who looked for the Pearl Bandit , other than the Yamen, should be the one who schemed back then.The murderer of the Pearl Thief.All this trouble Mama Wang said softly, You, Master Hou, and Missy just cbd gummies 250 mg how many to take together are not as scheming as Mrs.Lin Tai, so you have to be careful.Mrs.Lin nodded I know.The Lin family these years It s not easy, she doesn t want to make any more troubles.The Gu family s carriage went straight into the Lin family s village.Mrs.Lin stood on the high pavilion and watched Mrs.Lin and Gu Mingzhu get out of the car.For some reason, she felt a little uncomfortable when she saw Gu Mingzhu.That child can t do anything else, she is the strongest to cause trouble.Mrs.Lin Tai told the mother in charge Be careful of Miss Biao, don t let her touch things.After she finished speaking, she looked around, and the gentleman who helped see Feng Shui back then told her mother quietly that within three generations of Zhuangzi, there must be a very good fortune.Give me some time, and I will definitely think of a cbd gummies reviews for pain solution for both.Seeing this scene, Cui Zhen, who was originally calm, couldn t help being moved.Although Cui Wei s temper has softened a bit after their brothers fought on the 750mg cbd gummies montana valley cbd gummies review battlefield these years, he would never bow down to such an extent.Wei Yuanchen s expression was still indifferent, as if he had never had any feelings on his body, Cui Zhen frowned.Wei Yuanchen looked away from Cui Wei, just so humble It seems that there is still a long way to go.In the prison five years ago, did Cui super strength cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep Wei ever think that there are other options Although he never saw family video cbd gummies price the scene of her being shot with his own eyes, he dreamed of that scene many times.He knew that as long as she was given a chance, she would definitely try to save her life.Thinking of this, the super strength cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep wound on his body ached like a fire.Not everyone can bear the pain of gouging out such flesh.Langzhong cbd with nicotine gummies was so scared that his face turned pale, and he stood there trembling.He had never seen such a scene Is this okay, my lord Han Yu gritted his teeth and well being cbd gummies on shark tank said, Continue to rinse with water.He could still feel the numbness The feeling is spreading, this poison is really powerful.No need The doctor almost fell to the ground as soon as his legs gave way, My lord, you d better invite another doctor to come, the villain is not good at medicine, I m afraid it will delay my lord.This is the magistrate of Taiyuan Prefecture, he Using a knife on Zhifu s body is not asking for death, and the wound doesn t look poisonous at all, how can he do it.Do it.Han Yu shouted again.But the doctor refused.What s wrong with Mr.Han Wei Yuanchen s voice came, and Han Yu immediately raised his head, and immediately met Mr.Who knew that she would meet Mrs.Wei, and now something happened She had to think carefully about what to do.I hope my mother will not be 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep too angry.Mrs.Lin glanced at Wei Yuanchen who was on the bed, her clothes were disheveled just now, but luckily the attendants around her had a wink and immediately covered her with the quilt, otherwise it would be really hard to see.Chu Jiu pinched the corner of his clothes, not knowing what to do, and wanted to shake the third master awake, but now the third master is really useless.Mrs.Lin told Chu Jiu Follow me outside, I have something to HCMUSSH 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep ask you.Chu Jiu immediately responded, and before leaving, he looked at the third master on the bed again, not sure if it was his illusion, the third master was like After taking some elixir, the whole person is much better than before.Now she is Nie Chen s junior sister, and she is investigating cases by Nie Chen s side.As long as she does her work in a peaceful manner, she will not attract attention.Master Wei has no time to think about a little girl.Nie Chen and Liu Su stepped forward to salute, Gu Mingzhu stood there in a daze, waiting for Nie Chen and Liu Su to call Master Wei.She seemed to understand the identity of the visitor, and immediately squatted down towards Wei Yuanchen Saluting, thinking that I am wearing men s clothes now, and changed to bowing in a hurry.After this set of movements, it is very nondescript.Wei Yuanchen didn t 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep look at Gu Mingzhu, she was right in this figure.He suffered a disadvantage on the painting boat before, and didn t pay attention to the characteristics of the doctor s wife.After going to Gu s house, he took a careful look at Miss Gu.After Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, Nie Chen said, Forgive me, Master Wei.My junior sister will be nervous when talking to outsiders.She always 30 mg cbd gummies for pain tells me, and I will relay it for her.A brother who always thinks about his juniors.The play was so real.Wei Yuanchen sat down and told Nie Chen and others Sit down and talk slowly.There cbd chocolates gummies is still some time before dawn, he is not in a hurry, presumably she is the same, anyway, the secret way will disappear without seeing the light, she just needs wellbeing cbd gummies review to take advantage of it.No one is paying attention, if you go home, change your clothes, and then look back at the eldest lady again, it won t arouse the suspicion of others.Nie Chen said Junior Sister has heard from Master that there is a kind of mechanism lock.It looks like a lock, but it is actually a mechanism that hurts people.Lin went into the main room to see Mrs.Lin.Mrs.Lin Tai was carried to Ruantang, her clothes were messy, her hair was in a loose bun, her face was red and swollen, she was even more embarrassed than the last time she was in Zhuangzi.You let him go just like that Mrs.Lin opened her eyes and looked at Cui Zhen, Whydon t you kill him Iwhat do I need you for Still calm in the yard, he looked at Mrs.Lin steadfastly Does mother want to take the entire Cui family to be buried with you Mrs.Lin s lips trembled What do you mean Wei Yuanchen just insulted me, Do you want to step on your mother again My son said it long ago, but my mother refused to listen, Cui Zhen said, I have nothing to do with my mother, but when my mother walks out of Cui s house, I should know that not everyone should.To save face for you, today is a slap, tomorrow I don t know if my mother will be sent to prison directly.There were several dead flying insects around the oil lamp.There was another flying insect whose wings were burnt, but it was not dead.The flying insects have the habit of catching fire.The residence of Wang Daochang s brother and sister in law is very simple, there is no one at home for two days, there should be mice in the mousetrap, but when we went there, we found that there was not 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep a single mouse in the three mousetrap.All the things in the 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep house were properly put away, and the porcelain utensils were sealed in jars.I discussed with my junior sister and felt that Wang Daochang s brother and sister in law hadn t gone far.They would go home to check every day.They took it away, and they put away everything in the house, and they must be planning to come back.The family is already poor, and even the thief will not patronize, only the owner of this house will 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep care about the family so much Situation.Shen thought over and over again, and always felt that Wei Yuanchen alone could not achieve today s results.He clearly watched Wei Yuanchen s staff firmly, who played an important role in it.People from the Taiyuan government office Dingning Hou Mansion Or those humble folks.Mr.Shen thought about it and walked back to the residence.As soon as he entered the door, a close friend came forward and said There is news from Jingzhong.He asked the young master some things, hoping to get an answer.It s answering his words.Mr.Shen put the note on the fire to bake, and the words on it gradually became clear.The Pearl Thief was executed five years ago.Mr.Shen s eyes tightened for a moment, so Han Yu montana valley cbd gummies review cost of cbd gummies for arthritis was not injured by the Pearl Thief, and the so called Pearl Thief was pretended by someone else.who is it Who is posing as the Pearl Thief Chapter 126 Worried that Mr.It is really ridiculous, but some people will believe it.Wei Yuanchen said Then when will she come back He looked at Nie Chen carefully, whether this Nie Chen knew more.Nie Chen also heard from Liu Su that the mother in law had a very strange temper, and she never showed up after seeing her last time Why would Mr.Wei care about a medical woman Nie Chen said We people like to pay attention to fate, I didn t ask deeply.The corners of Wei Yuanchen s mouth raised slightly, it seemed that Nie Chen was also kept in the dark.Nie Chen noticed that Mr.Wei s face softened suddenly.What did he say to please Mr.Wei This is also good, because the next words may not make Master Wei comfortable.My lord, Nie Chen said neither humble nor overbearing, I have something to ask you about.Junior Sister Jiang said, as long as you treat all of this as a business, there is nothing to be afraid of.Lin has been waiting for news from the prince.To save Princess Huairou, the horses and chariots should be parked in the post house.Ma am, Baotong came in and reported, People from the East Palace have come to inform us that we will be leaving in a quarter of an hour.Madam Lin was immediately disappointed.It seemed that Princess 1000mg of cbd gummies Huairou was going to be in danger this time.Apart from worrying about the princess, she also Feel a chill hit.If you don t know a lot of things, it s desolate to see the inside story clearly.This is still the princess of the Great Zhou, but she was abandoned like this.Mrs.Lin stretched out her hand to hold Zhuzhu beside her in her arms.Fortunately, the princess and Lord Wei had checked everything beforehand, so they had a chance to turn defeat into victory, and the princess and son in law would be able to escape safely.The guards around him drove forward a few steps, raised their heads and shouted Who is the guard in the city Hurry up and salute His Royal Highness The prince snorted 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep coldly, waiting for the people on the tower to panic.However, before the personal guard could speak, a spear flew down from the tower with a whoosh.Before everyone could react, the spear pierced into the chest of the guard.Bang blood exploded along the gun head, and then the guard s body fell off the horse s back and was nailed to the ground by the gun.The blood dripped from the guard s body and .

what is cbd gummies?

soaked the ground.If it is not sent out, it will be killed in full view.The prince had stretched his robes and was waiting to meet him, but when he saw this sudden change, he stood there in a daze.He raised his head again to look at the general on the tower, his eyes tightened, showing a frightened expression.They thought they would be safe and sound in a small village castle Yang snorted coldly Attack.Maybe Huaiyuan Hou s female family members are not important, but she can t return without success, as long as she defeats the Zhou army, she can make the guards and Yamen frightened, and become a powerful force for Lin Temple.As soon as Yang s words fell, the cavalry quickly rushed to the village.The cavalry gradually approached the village castle, and suddenly heard a sound, followed by a heavy stone falling from the sky in the darkness.Boom Huairou s biological mother, Mrs.Zhao, slowly woke up from the carriage, and faintly heard someone calling outside.The rebels are attacking the village.Zhao wanted to struggle to get up Is it her Is the rebel Zheng Bian s concubine Is it possible to avenge my father and many soldiers Twelve years.The Chinese massacre wantonly so that they can establish their prestige in northern Xinjiang.How fair it is to exchange Da Zhou s head for meritorious service.Boom Boom The catapult kept throwing stones out.Seeing that the people in the village were being fooled, Mrs.Yang slowly raised her lips.After all, Lu Shenzhi is just a civil servant and can only deal with small situations.She only needs to use a little trick to play them around.The catapult seemed to slow down.In the darkness, a rebel army approached the village fortress, and when they saw the right opportunity, they pulled the Liannu in their hands.Pfft The crossbow shot a civilian.After all, the people had no experience in the army, so they were a little stunned when they saw this situation.Nie Chen stepped forward and pulled back the people who best cbd gummies by angela were staring blankly.Although they were stopped by Tao Duo from the East Palace on the way, 10mg gummies cbd they did not delay for too long.Even if someone rushed to the Ningwu cbd gummies for stop smoking on shark tank Institute ahead of them, where in wisconsin can i buy cbd gummy it would take some time to stabilize the situation here, and it shouldn t be the situation like this anyway.Don t act rashly, Lin Sizhen super strength cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep said, the other party is not simple.As soon as Lin Sizhen finished speaking, he heard footsteps, several people appeared on the tower, a large flag was waving in the wind, and then a spear was montana valley cbd gummies review thrown from the tower When it came out, the long spear was nailed to the ground, and there were several bloody human thc cbd gummy bears heads on the barrel of the gun.The stacked heads were looking at Lin Sizhen s army with their dim eyes open.The man who threw the spear stood on the city wall, the armor on his body glowing coldly.Wei Yuanchen has no military achievements, but it may not be true that he has no contact with the soldiers of the guard in private.It really is hard stubble.Bing is expensive, and he needs to take the prince to the northern border immediately, and he shouldn t confront Wei Yuanchen head on.Who said he must enter Ningwu Pass.He can take a detour, and he will arrive at Old Camp Fort in half the distance, so he has no time to spend time with this yellow mouthed kid HCMUSSH 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep here.Wei Yuanchen s battle at Ningwuguan was just to contain him, and he would not be fooled when the imperial court s reinforcements came.Go, take a detour.Lin Sizhen made a decisive decision.Chu Jiu, who was standing on royal blend cbd gummies side effects the city wall, 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep saw Lin Sizhen turn around and leave, and couldn t help licking his lips, did Lin Sizhen leave like this There is absolutely no use for him.Lin kept talking, but she couldn t hear her brother s reply, and became nervous again.She just made it very clear that this matter has nothing to do with her , She and her younger brother are of one mind, so my younger brother should not blame her for this.Lin Sizhen finally spoke, his voice was a little hoarse, but he was very calm, as if the matter in front of him had nothing to do with him Elder Sister, what do you think I should do I want what is hemptrance cbd gummies to go to Laoyingbao, but Wei Yuanchen and Cui Zhen lead troops all the way I could only hide here if I was chased and persecuted, and if it wasn t for my personal guards who passed along the news, I might not have seen my elder sister.How dare Cui Zhen do this Mrs.Lin was sad and angry at the same time, How did I raise such an injustice You don t know that when he was in Taiyuan Mansion, he pretended to be the old master to scare me, and even made the Cui family stewards stand outside the door to watch my joke I If I I m not worried about you, I m afraid I m going to be killed there Mrs.When did his younger brother be so cruel Mrs.Lin Tai went to see her sister in law next to her.The sister in law was pinned to the ground, her mouth was covered with a rag, and she was struggling miserably there.Mrs.Lin suddenly realized, yes, that s right, this is her brother, but Nian came up with an idea to let her kill the old Hou Ye s brother.Now my younger brother used the method he used to deal with the old Hou Ye on her.Chapter 183 Retribution Next Mrs.Lin saw that Lin Si was really cruel.Lin Sizhen lifted Zhao Gongren from the ground, and said calmly Don t make 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep a fuss, if you are ordered to go back to Aoer Dusi with me, they will still be by my side in the future, and I want to bring those two children out, but they should have fallen into Wei Wei now.Yuan Chen s hand, that is their fate, I have done my best.Na Shen I don t know where to go, and I m asking people to look for this person everywhere.Before the crown prince s accident, Wei Yuanchen s secret document had already entered the capital, and the secret document reported that someone had secretly harmed the prince, the emperor stood up and walked slowly in the hall step, thinking over Wei Yuanchen s words over and over again.Wei Yuanchen went on to say Whether it is Han Yu, Lin Sizhen, or the staff of the Eastern Palace, they will open iron mines privately, station troops to buy horses, and stay by the prince s side to spy on news.Lord, recruiting side generals is for military power, and the same is true for stationing troops and buying horses The emperor turned his head and looked at Wei Yuanchen What do you mean Wei Yuanchen said Someone secretly drove Lin Sizhen and others.It was true, but he hadn t seen him for a few days, so he missed him so much.The third master really kept his secrets hidden.Before he exposed it, he still acted as the third master and despised that fat chicken at all.Chu Jiu immediately said Third Master, I will take someone to meet me right now.You don t need to carry me back alone.Wei Yuanchen said flatly.Chu Jiu nodded again and again I know, I know Don t let people know that the third master likes a big fat chicken, otherwise it will make people laugh, especially Miss Gu.I like to tune the piano and play chess so elegantly, but it s too shameful to raise fat chickens.No matter how much you like Fat Chicken, you have to hide it in your heart, and you can t say it in normal times.The only person in the world who knows the third master best is 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep him in the ninth day of junior high school.For the Wei family, grandma will be happy.The second master Wei left the courtyard with oil on his feet and walked onto the bluestone road, and then he felt strange, brother Chen was joking with him just now This is something that hasn t happened for many years.When Mu Qiu walked into the room, he saw that the third master had already changed into a moon white gown with an indigo cloak on the outside.This outfit was made by the embroiderer in the mansion today, thanks to Mrs.I can t understand the clothes that the third master wears on weekdays, so I asked the embroiderer in the mansion to prepare the materials, otherwise I wouldn t have made it so fast.Wei Yuanchen stretched his sleeves, raised his head and looked at Mu Qiu Is it 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep possible The third master would never ask such a question, Mu Qiu subconsciously said It looks good.Going down the investigation, there are many difficulties, involving the Shen family and several princes, it is not keoni cbd gummies mayim unreasonable for ordinary people to withdraw to protect themselves, she is investigating the case for the Gu family and Master Zhang, not Wei Yuanchen.Just as Wei Yuanchen frowned, he saw a few pages handed to him.Regardless of whether 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep Mr.Wei still needs the help of ordinary people or not, the accounts of this period of time must be settled first.There are several densely packed sheets of paper, all of which are listed on it.How much she needed money, but after writing so much, what she wanted in the end was only more than a hundred taels of silver.This case is handled well by the people in the market, Wei Yuanchen said, Add another fifty taels of silver, and I will let Chujiu pay you later.Gu Mingzhu sat in the mirror Before letting Baotong comb her hair, there are probably not many female relatives in the capital who can only get up after three poles like her.Based on this, she will always stay with her parents and be a pampered young lady.After changing her dress, Gu Mingzhu took Baotong to look for Mrs.Lin.I was about to ask someone to wake you up, Mrs.Lin smiled and pulled Zhuzhu back, Princess Huairou sent someone to send a post just now, and invited us to a banquet at the Princess Mansion.The Princess Mansion must be in a hurry now, she didn t want to be at this time To bother, but maybe the princess wants her help with something.I just talked about the Cheng family with Mr.Wei yesterday, and today I have the opportunity.Gu Mingzhu happily agreed to come down and go to dinner with Baotong first.I ll let someone watch outside Cheng s house, Wei Yuanchen said, but some things need to be done by you folks.Liu Su nodded and said, Junior Sister Jiang will also come later, we will listen what is the difference between cbd and hemp gummies to the adults tonight Order.Chapter 212 Shangxincheng Mansion.Master Cheng looked at the lights in the main house with a livid face.The mother in charge stepped forward to salute Mr.Cheng, and said in a low voice, Madam, 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep please let Mr.Cheng live in the front yard.Mr.Cheng knew that this was the result, and Yuan Shi definitely couldn t swallow this breath, and the anger would jolly cbd gummies to quit smoking reviews be directed at him.It s no wonder Yuan Shi is responsible for this incident, it s all the fault of the mother and son.Mr.Cheng gritted his teeth with hatred.When he heard the news that Mrs.Zhao was still alive, his heart sank.He couldn t believe that Mrs.If you dress shark tank keoni cbd gummies up like this, no one will recognize you An old voice said, Look what you look like What does it look like Thanks to you, you are still the general judge of Taiyuan Prefecture.After saying this, he said in distaste Go over there, how can you be present when interrogating the prisoner Then I heard Feng Anping whisper Master only thinks that I am serving on the sidelines.You didn t realize it before, don t say you are my student when you go out, hurry up don t get in the way here.How lucky you are, if this case is not investigated, you will be sentenced to prison , feel free to say something in front of me.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help smiling, and then saw Cousin Feng walking over with an embarrassed expression.This is the duty room where the prison guards rest.Officials who come to work on weekdays can t directly face the prisoners, they will stop here and wait.She took a candied fruit from the low table and put it in her mouth.After eating one, Gu Mingzhu found that the candied fruit tasted very good, not too sweet, but a bit sour.Gu Mingzhu looked at Baotong Is this candied fruit newly made at home It s delicious.No, Baotong shook his head, It was sent by Mr.Wei Er s Pinxianglou.The salted duck in Pinxianglou is good Eat, when candied fruit is so delicious.Bao Tong smiled and said Miss likes to eat, I will save the slaves for you, and we will buy them after we finish eating.Pinxianglou is in the capital, and it must be very convenient to buy candied fruit, as long as the miss likes to eat.Gu Mingzhu took a bite Hey, there is red bean stuffing in the candied fruit.Baotong suddenly realized No wonder the Wei family boy confessed that this candied fruit can t be kept for too long, you should eat it as soon as possible.Who would put it in the candied fruit Red bean filling, there seems to be some glutinous rice in the red bean filling.Gu Mingzhu wanted to try it at first, but she didn t expect to have an appetite all of a sudden.After a while, she swallowed four or five.Gu Mingzhu touched her stomach.Earn back the money she earned from Mr.Wei Qiao Song s sedan chair went straight to the gate of the palace, and as soon as he got out of the sedan chair, Qiao Zheng immediately stepped forward and told Uncle, Wei Yuanchen sent the servants of the Yuan family and the Tatars to the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion He also said He wanted to continue talking, but he saw Qiao Song raised his hand.Qiao Song said I know., but no one dared to show a frivolous expression in front of him.The person in charge of the Ministry of Punishment always has a fearsome official authority, but Qiao Song s official authority is not on his face, but in his bones.Chapter 226 Mr.Wei s Temperament Mr.Shen in the prison car looks at everything outside.Now he is no longer the former aide of the East Palace.They all slept in the forest, and after a few days of trembling, they finally couldn t bear to go to a farmer s house for lodging.When he woke up, a sword was on his neck.Those ordinary people probably had their eyes on him early on, and under Wei Yuanchen s orders, they fooled him like a cat and a mouse, trying to get more information from him.Hiding up, he simply shot and caught him.On the way to Beijing, super strength cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep he seemed to know that he would not reveal any online cbd gummies for pain news about his death, and those people didn t step forward to interrogate him, as if he didn t 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep exist.After Qiao Zheng and Nie Chen finished talking, he ordered the Yamen s servants Take people to the prison, and no mistakes are allowed.Now hearing Gu Mingzhu s words, he dexterously squatted down and picked up the white jade like chess pieces on the ground, and put them into the chess basket.The dead are gone, Gu Mingzhu said, My lord must have made a decision in my heart.I want to find out the people who framed the Wei family and avenge Mr.Wei.On that day, my lord can let go.Really Wei Yuanchen He said, If there are other knots in my heart, how can I solve them Gu Mingzhu said Your Excellency is right Wei Yuanchen was silent for a moment There was a person who took care of me in prison and was able to save my life.Well, it s a pity that she also passed away unjustly, every time the old illness relapses, I will think of her.Gu Mingzhu s heart trembled, Master Wei was talking about her, it turns out that Master Wei still thinks about this matter, is it because he feels that the kindness cannot be repaid Gu Mingzhu was silent for a moment and said Since that person saved your lord, you want your lord to be safe and healthy, and you don t want that momentary kindness to be your lord s bondage.After the accident at home, Brother Chen also changed.He was reticent and indifferent.He began to deal with those who are good at calculating.All lead to himself.Over the years, these changes have happened silently.No matter whether it is good or bad, he bears it all by himself, and never shows any weakness in front of her.This kneeling tonight really shocked her.Mrs.Li never thought that such a thing would happen.The most intelligent child, how can he be so dumb and stupid, before he can say a word, he kneels down a88 cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep and salutes.Mrs.Li took a while to come back to her senses, after much deliberation, she finally said, Brother Chen, do you like Miss Gu In this life, she is the only one who will not marry.Mrs.Li was surprised again You have already reached this point Wei Yuanchen said It s just my grandson.Zhou Ruzhang .

does cbd gummies help you sleep?

knew that the Cui family didn t like the elder sister, and she also hated the elder sister from the bottom of her heart.If she enters Cui s house and dies unfortunately, she will naturally enter Cui s house.After the old lady Zhou finished speaking, her voice suddenly changed But I can t understand now, what did you do in Taiyuan Mansion Why did Cui Zhen ask someone to bring your elder sister s spiritual seat into Beijing again Chapter 244 Help Zhou Ruzhang heard his grandmother s words, his eyes lit up immediately, and there was a bit of expectation in his heart.Grandmother, Zhou Ruzhang said eagerly, Did the Cui family say anything else Did they mention Zhou Ruzhang paused at this point, swallowing the rest of the words.Do you want to say whether you and your mother were mentioned Mrs.Said that the man went back to Beijing to recuperate.Grandmother, do you think that he is so secretive cbd edibles gummies legal because he is afraid of seeing his mother 750mg cbd gummies montana valley cbd gummies review and me My mother said that Uncle Seven works in the guard station near the capital.He is worried that his identity will be exposed by his mother and me.So I was in a hurry to leave Shanxi and return to Beijing.Uncle Qi secretly contacted the Wei family like this.Wei Yuanchen even handed over the guards of 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep the Wei family to him.How much trust did he have in him The granddaughter said that Uncle Qi climbed up to the Wei family.The mother and granddaughter have been chased by the rebels all the time, and the seventh uncle is obviously around but does not come to the rescue.It is obvious that he wants my mother and me to be captured by the rebels, or we are lucky enough to persist until the rebels are defeated.Cui Zhen has always disliked girl Jun, why is she so polite Jun girl is long gone, and the dead person doesn t cbd organic vegan gummy vitamins know anything, so who is this gift for Is it for girl Jun or for the Zhou family It may not be a bad thing for Zhou Zesheng to climb up to the Wei family, they are not far or close to Zhou Zesheng, maybe this keoni cbd gummy cubes reviews is just right, one more way and one more choice.What she couldn t understand was how could Wei Yuanchen trust Zhou Zesheng so much At this time, the situation became more and more chaotic.The second child was called to the yamen, saying that the prince and the third prince were fighting together.The emperor was furious and ordered to immediately draft a document to abolish the prince.The Imperial Academy also sent people to help.The prince s line is I can t rely on it, girl Zhang is useless, only girl Yue can stand up for her, but unfortunately this pawn can only occupy one position, there is no room for repentance if she makes a mistake.Baotong said hemp vs cbd gummies for pain Nie Chen found out that Bai Guanzheng s eldest daughter, nicknamed Ah Chan, had leg problems since she was a child, and she was paralyzed on the bed.She committed suicide at home when she was sixteen.Chapter 246 Seeking help from Hua Chanjuan, Fanchunquan, Zhuchanjuan, Longxiaoyan.To cbd infused gummies legal in california give a girl the character Chan, I hope that she will be born beautiful.Gu Mingzhu and Baotong sat down, Baotong took a sip of tea and said, Nie Chen said that Bai Guanzheng s eldest daughter has been kept in a deep boudoir, and she doesn t come out to meet people, and sometimes she goes 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep to live with Mrs.Bai in Taiqing Temple A few days ago, the mother in law who worked in Bai s house said that she had seen Bai Guanzheng s eldest daughter, she was very beautiful, but it was a pity that her legs were like a child s, and she didn t need the slightest bit of strength.After Madam Lin finished speaking, she ordered the mother in charge Hurry up and prepare a clean suit for Cui Erye.In such a cold day, the water has soaked the skirt of the jacket.If you delay it, you will get sick.As the tea leaves fell, Mrs.Lin stepped forward.Is Brother Wei hurt Mrs.Lin saw clearly just now, Brother Wei has not spoken, presumably because of Zhuzhu s anger.Cui Wei bowed and saluted It s all my fault.I didn t take good care of Zhuzhu.I m fine.Is Zhuzhu injured 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep Gu Mingzhu clutched her arm, her eyes were red, as if she was really hurt.Mrs.Lin was very distressed, but she couldn t just take care of her own children I will take care of Zhuzhu, go and change clothes with the manager.She quietly glanced at Mrs.Zhang, who was looking down to see if Zhuzhu was injured.After Cui Wei was arranged, Mrs., How should she repay Master Wei Cheng Yi was invited by Chujiu to speak in the hallway, and saw a woman wearing a fence standing there.Chujiu had said in advance that this was an outsider invited by Mr.Wei to help investigate the case, and Cheng Yi knew that that person Nie Chen helped them a lot Even if Mrs.Yuan has no scars on her body, it does not prove that Mrs.Yuan wanted to die.Hanging does not mean that she will hang herself.It can also be a means to frighten others.Some people would encourage Yuan Shi to pretend to hang himself.Yuan Shi did not suspect him, but in fact, he was already in the calculation of others.This also explains why Mr.Cheng has no fear.If no problem can be found out, Mr.Cheng will definitely refer to Mr.Wei s book when he goes to court at dawn, saying that Mr.I don t know which family the Gu family is looking for, Mrs.Lin said, If it s a good one, I d like to extend my hand.If it s really a good thing, it s also necessary to fill in a dowry.The Gu family has few members, so there should be more.Take care of me.Yang s mother nodded I m afraid that the hearts of the people are not enough, the lotus alley has been seeking more and more in the past two years.Mrs.Lin said People are like this, the higher they stand, the more they seek.After moving to the capital Well, Gu Chongwen has also made money by opening a shop, but now the problem is that no one in his family is an official.This time, he will definitely find a son in law from an official family.Maybe he already has a reputation.Eyes, but 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep nothing.Mama Yang could tell that Madam had thought about this matter carefully for the Lotus Hutong, Mama Yang pursed her lips and smiled.Before the empress dowager was sick, it was only when the real person entered the palace to serve her in order to be healthy.The third prince often mentioned that I had the opportunity to thank the real person.The Taoist didn t do anything.Mo Yangming said indifferently, They are all wonderful prescriptions from the Imperial Hospital, and they are protected by the Patriarch of the Three Qing Dynasty.If the Three Princes and Concubines are willing, they will give the scriptures to my junior brother and ask her to enshrine them in a88 cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep the hall.Mo Yangming pure canna cbd gummies After finishing speaking, he bowed to the third concubine and others If there is nothing else, the Taoist will go back to read the scriptures.When Mo Yangming turned around, Gu Mingzhu was also anxious to enter the door with Mo Yangming, but unexpectedly stepped on a piece of paper.My father and mother passed away, and my legs have become like this again.She is an ominous omen.When the mother gave birth to her, Wen Po said that it would be better to drown her.What did the father and mother get after raising her Pa Bai Gongren felt a pain on his face and was slapped firmly.Mo Yangming said A chan is your own sister, you just humiliated her like this.Bai Gong trembled violently, her face was in pain, but she didn t dare to blame Zhenren Mo I was wrongthe real personI shouldn t scold Ah chanbut I also did it for her Well, this is the only way to wake her up.Ah chan s death has nothing to do with me scolding her.She didn t take my words to heart at all.At home, I went to persuade again Bai Gong didn t elaborate 750mg cbd gummies montana valley cbd gummies review on how to persuade, but Mo Yangming already knew that another round of abuse was inevitable.Bai Gong stood there blankly, thinking about the pain she experienced in those years.She was in severe pain.It was the wet nurse who helped her apply the medicine.Besides, there was also the master who took good care of her.When her wound rotted the last time, she wanted to die.The master kept comforting her and told her to persevere.It is impossible for these two people to betray her, and they will never betray her.Mo Yangming continued You Ever seen Ah Chan s ghost Bai Gongren was still lost in his own thoughts, and subconsciously nodded when he heard this Yes, I have.When you saw Ah Chan s ghost, was there anyone around Yes, the master is by my side.He can t see Ah Chan.Mo Yangming continued Then you can see the appearance of that ghost clearly Bai Gong shook his head She has disheveled hair, so she can t see clearly, but she is covered in 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep blood, and she is dressed like Ah Chan.In this way, Master Wei should not want to taste it.toothache Wei Yuanchen frowned slightly, it seemed that he had to put less sugar next time.My lord, Chu Jiu said, it s almost time, the people from the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion have arrived.Baotong stepped forward 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep to help Gu Mingzhu off the altar Miss, we should go too, something happened in the temple , the mother in charge must be looking for the eldest lady.Gu Mingzhu nodded, and left the next thing to Master Wei.She looked at the box behind the statue.It would be more credible for the box to be taken by Xuanwei green gummy bear cbd and the people from the government office.Walking out of the hall quickly, Baotong leaned over and said in a low voice Miss, just now Master Wei asked you for candied fruit Did she hear correctly The candied fruit in Gu Mingzhu s mouth moved from the right bone to the left cheek Master Wei is just curious.You can ask people in the market to find out whether Master Lu has a wife and children.Be careful, Gu said.Mingzhu immediately told Nie Chen, Someone in the Lu family may make good use of the mechanism.If you encounter the kind of box that Mr.Wei found in Shanxi, don t move or try to untie it recklessly.Nie Chen immediately looked at Wei Yuanchen, So what Missy meant, Master Wei was too reckless at that time, thinking of this, Nie Chen was actually a little happy.Wei Yuanchen narrowed his eyes Don t waste time, leave quickly The people from Shuntian Mansion Yamen are one step ahead.Nie Chen agreed.Gu Mingzhu saw the back of Old Tongsan Xue, and when Nie Chen was about to go out, she also chased after her, and said in a low voice, When we arrive at Dengzhou Mansion, take care of Old Tongsan Xue.Seeing Zou Xiang s appearance, Zou Lin knew Is it the Marquis Dingning who is here I told you a long time ago that you will definitely see him.This is because I changed my mind and came to Huaiyuan Marquis Mansion.If I go directly You have already seen him since you left Dingninghou s Mansion.Zou Xiang clenched her fists and remained silent.After all, I m a child, so I can t stand a big deal, Zou Lin said, I also regret telling you 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep these things.If you didn t ask me repeatedly and entangled me tightly, I was afraid that you would resent me in the future if you brought this secret underground.I oh no matter how thoughtful I am, I m still a child.Zou Xiang was unmoved by Zou Linshi s words, as if he had been immersed in his own thoughts for a long time and never wanted to come out again.Zou Lin didn t make things difficult for Zou Xiang, just patted Zou Xiang s back lightly with his hands I can protect you and comfort you when I m alive After I die who will take care of you You have to grow up by yourself Ah.Her grandson was not in a hurry.She thought that his grandson would have a chance.Seeing Miss Gu, I was afraid that he would be rude and rude to other girls.fine.Mrs.Li pursed her lips and smiled, and continued talking to Mrs.Lin.After the excitement at the banquet, Mrs.Li took everyone to the backyard to watch a play.As soon as Mrs.Wei Yuan gave Mrs.Li the play, she saw Wei Congzhi hurriedly walking towards the yard.Mrs.Li looked at Wei Congzhi and sighed in her heart.Her little son has always been elusive.When it was time for him to play, he was nowhere to be found.He came.Mrs.Li s heart softened, and she was going to wait for Wei Congzhi, for her mother s birthday, she should treat these injustices better.But when Wei Congzhi arrived, Mrs.Li couldn t help frowning.What s the matter Mrs.Li couldn t help asking, Wei Congzhi s expression showed a bit of panic in surprise, his lips were trembling, and he seemed unable to speak.The Wei family is useless.The female officer said in a low voice, Your Majesty already knows who killed the crown prince Prince Gong Put the chess pieces into the chess basket.Is there still a need to investigate Concubine Jiang Gui 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep smiled slightly, Is there anyone in the harem who doesn t know Only the officials of the previous dynasty have been investigating endlessly.After Jiang Guifei finished speaking, she raised her eyes to look at the female officer You Don t you know The female officer pursed her lips and said, The person who harmed Prince Gong must have wanted to get the position in the East Palace, and now there are rumors that the Third Prince was named King Huai, the word Huai The female officer did not continue to speak.Concubine Jiang continued Huai is the heart, King Huai means the person the emperor thinks of The emperor also called Empress Wei Zitong, which is a symbol of a88 cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep having a son.Before Tan Zigeng recovered from the breathless smell, he was immediately stunned by everything in front of him.Two people lay in a pool of blood on the ground, as if they had just died, and the blood was still flowing.Tan Zigeng drew the long knife from his waist almost immediately, the murderer might still be here, Tan Zigeng looked up to the side room, if the murderer didn t have time to escape, he must be hiding in the side room.Tan Zigeng walked quickly to the side room.To get to the side room, he had to pass two dead men on the ground.Tan Zigeng s boots were stained with 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep blood.He made bloody footprints step by step Finally reached the door of the side room He raised the knife and opened the curtain.The side room was empty, and no one was in the house.Ah Tan Zigeng breathed a sigh of relief just now A scream came from outside He immediately turned around and quickly chased out of the house.The mother who was in charge of the Gu family complained secretly, not knowing how to explain to Lord Hou and Madam when they returned home.It s really naughty, Mo Zhenren couldn t help looking at Gu Mingzhu, Didn t you agree with your family Gu Mingzhu s face showed a bit of pleading I don t worry about Aunt Zhen.It s also your fate, since you are here Let s go in together, Mo Yangming said while looking at Gu Mingzhu, Are you afraid Gu Mingzhu shook his head.Mo Yangming thought it was the 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep same, there was no trace of fear on Zhuzhu s face, this child was different from ordinary female relatives.Aunt Zhen lived in Anji Yuan before, and she had no relatives around her, so she had no one to help her with her funeral affairs.Mo HCMUSSH 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep Yangming and Gu Mingzhu walked into the room where Aunt Zhen s body was kept.Married, Ah chan is not married, so what is the inside story that people are afraid of knowing Unless the relationship between Tan Dingfang and Ah chan is made public, some things hidden behind it can no longer be concealed.After thinking about this, Mo Yangming feels more and more that this is the reason.Maybe this is the cause of Ah Chan s death.After Mo Yangming said this, a rush of blood rushed to her head.She immediately stood up from the chair, wishing to find Tan Dingfang to ask for clarification, but soon Mo Yangming calmed down, she Acting impulsively may mess things up.Mo Yangming took a long breath and looked at Wei Yuanchen again Is the good man still planning to continue the investigation Wei Yuanchen said This case may be related to General Zhao s war in northern Xinjiang.If you find something strange, you have to investigate it to the end.Gu Chongyi pondered and said So they found the lotus alley Anyway, it seems to be a good thing now, Wei Wei Yuan Chen said, If Yuan Zhixing and Shangqingguan hadn t been found out now, if things go on like this, I don t know how many people will be attracted by the interests of these imported products and do things that violate the laws of the Great Zhou.I was caught.Gu Chongyi heard the meaning of Wei Yuanchen s words You mean Wei Yuanchen nodded Master Gu in Lotus Hutong should have been wronged.He took it out of his arms.Send out a letter to Gu Chongyi.Gu Chongyi opened the letter, and remembered that the letter was full of names, and the signature of the boss of the ship was signed.The Gu family s goods were transported all the way from Zhejiang to the capital.Not all the people used along the way were from the Gu family.When I came back, I was robbed of all the food and grass by the Tatars, so General Zhao was impeached by the censor after he returned to Beijing.Tan Dingfang nodded Victory and defeat are commonplace in military affairs, and General Zhao is not alone in defeating battles.What the Metropolitan Procuratorate questioned was why General Zhao did not defend the strongest city in Daning, and wanted to abandon the city Previously, the imperial court ordered the old general to defend the city, and the censor who accompanied the army reminded General Zhao several times, but General Zhao did not This will be the case if you go your own way.However, General Zhao s secret memorial had already entered Beijing.The memorial stated that he did not abandon the super strength cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep city and flee.The old general led his troops to rescue the people and handed over the task of defending the city to the deputy general.Zhang nodded, 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep seeing Cui Zhen was about to leave, she hurriedly said Master Hou, don t you blame the concubine Cui Zhen met Zhang s gaze, and there was a gentle flash in his deep eyes I know you are kind, go ahead, don t take it to heart.Zhang s eyes 750mg cbd gummies montana valley cbd gummies review trembled, and he saluted Cui Zhen Thank you Hou Lord.After speaking, he picked up the handkerchief and wiped the corners of his eyes.Cui Zhen looked at Mrs.Zhang who was leaving, and frowned slightly.He heard that Mrs.Zhang mentioned the marriage between Tan Zigeng and Hehua Hutong first, and his heart sank.Mrs.Zhang cried for a while, 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies vitamin shoppe and then begged him to come to Huaiyuanhou s mansion together to explain HCMUSSH 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep this matter clearly.Mrs.Zhang was only in charge of the inner house, and she didn t go out for banquets very much before, and she didn t even have frequent contact with her natal family.When she introduced the Tan family to Lotus Hutong, she probably didn t think too much about it.Cui Zhen thought of this and walked forward.He super strength cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep wants to get along well with Mrs.Zhang, maybe because the family has not been peaceful recently, and it is inevitable that he has not done well.Dingning Marquis, the steward of the Gu family stepped forward and said, My Marquis invites you to the study.After the steward finished speaking, he walked to the side to lead the way, and still did not forget to make it clear Master s study has other guests.Cui Zhen Subconsciously stopped Who is 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep it The steward said The third master of the Wei family.Cui Zhen narrowed his eyes, Wei Yuanchen Uncle met Wei Yuanchen at such a time, but because of the case of the lotus alley Does uncle trust the Wei family so much now Mrs.Questions from the government office He never said a word to others Wei Yuanchen paused for a moment when he said this Ding Ninghou thinks this nursing home is suspicious Cui Zhen followed Wei Yuanchen s words This person It s also like a dead man, if Wei Tongzheng hadn t arrived first, I m afraid this person would have died in the hands of Tan Zigeng.The death of a person is the biggest proof Needless to say, those people must have planned to do this No Thinking that Wei Yuanchen would rush to 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep rescue him.Gu Chongyi heard the whole story from Wei Yuanchen before, so he said The guard didn t confess, but what he said was very simple.The guard on Zhuangzi only said that he was doing business with Ms.Xiao Xiao Note 1.He was just called into the caravan, so he didn t know much about the owner.Mrs.Putting the lamp in his hand on the table, Yu Zhenhai still rummaged around.After a lot of effort, he finally liberty cbd gummy bears scam found 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep a mahogany box in a cage, and opened the box, and there was indeed a fish scale book inside.Yu Zhenhai was overjoyed, he bent his waist and leaned under the lamp, carefully looking at the fish scale book in his hand, the more he looked at it, the happier he became, and after a long while, he raised his head, and then he felt a vision in front of him.The flower, like something passing by in front of him, landed directly on his neck.Yu Zhenhai hadn t figured out the situation yet, he just felt his neck tighten, and his whole body suddenly flew into the air, being hung on the beam of the house.Yu Zhenhai struggled desperately but to no avail, the rope was too tight, he could not breathe, he could only struggle in vain, just when he was about to lose consciousness, his whole body suddenly fell, and the rope around serenity gummies cbd his neck broke.The rest of the Tan family stepped forward to pull.Master, you are an official ordered by the court not to use lynching, the steward said, You can t disappoint Miss Bai s wishes for nothing Hearing Ah Chan s name, Tan Dingfang seemed to be poured over his head with a basin of ice water, but He still didn t want to let go, so he was in a stalemate.After a while, the Tan family finally snatched Chen Weicheng 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep from Tan Dingfang.Chen Weicheng coughed violently, his face gradually returned to normal, and his eyes were indescribably malicious under the light of the torch I thought the Lord had much affection for Miss Bai, but now I can t see it, and I forgot to tell the Lord.I just saw the dagger in Miss Bai s hand, I didn t say anything on purpose, she is crippled anyway, so she couldn t possibly hurt me.What s wrong with letting the children call me second uncle A family wants to talk about two different languages.Wei Congzhi went to montana valley cbd gummies review cost of cbd gummies for arthritis the study while scolding, Gu Chongyi chased after him , he ran faster instead, Gu Chongyi was helpless, how could he mess with such a guy Gu Mingzhu fed flower cakes to Yuan Xiao and Xiao Bai after dinner, a fat chicken leaned against Yuan Xiao, its corns blurred and drowsy.Miss, Baotong said from the outside, Liu Su has sent a message that Mr.Xue Tongpan and Nie Chen have returned from Shandong.Mr.Wei asked if you want to listen to the clues found in Shandong.She naturally I want to go, but Gu Mingzhu thought of the last time he met Mr.Wei, and couldn t help but panic in his heart.He was going to meet again so soon.Chapter 392 Enjoying the scenery together Gu Mingzhu sat in front of the mirror and didn t get up for a long time.Zou Linshi held Zou Xiang s hand, took a breath for a while, and then said all the following things in one go Mrs.Zhang told your mother that Qing girl told her that it was Auntie Sun who instructed Jiang s mother to pretend to be a ghost.Aunt Zhao, but when she interrogated Mama Jiang, Mama Jiang refused to admit it.She was completely dumbfounded when she heard this, because Mrs.Zhang was lying, and Mama Jiang pleaded guilty, why did she suddenly refuse to admit it Said, Qing girl is framing Aunt Sun, the purpose is to get rid of Aunt Sun and the child in her womb, she saw with her own eyes that Qing girl secretly drank Aunt Sun s birth control medicine, Qing girl must be pregnant, if get rid of Aunt Sun After Aunt Sun, Qing girl is the only pregnant concubine in this mansion.If she can get a boy in one fell swoop, she will be the eldest son of the concubine, and relying on the eldest son of the concubine can reach the sky in one step.First, it s because of Qing girl s entrustment, and second, I also have resentment towards Mrs.Tai and Lord Hou.Even if Mrs.Zhang did it, you won t Is it half wrong Wasn t the Zhou family who hadn t passed the family murdered by the Cui family Let me hand over Brother Xiang to you, it is better to let Brother Xiang be a servant of the Gu family.With this in mind, I went to the Huaiyuanhou Mansion to prove that I was right.The Marquis Huaiyuan and his wife did not treat me and Brother Xiang badly.Son, let alone treat Brother Xiang as a servant.Zou Lin looked at Zou Xiang kindly Brother Xiang, you shouldn t do this today.There are many bad people in 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep this world, but there are also many good people.Think about Madam Hou 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep and Miss Gu, you should be good.live.Cui Zhen felt a hot pain on his cheek.After an unknown amount of time, a hand finally reached out and took away the silver pot, skillfully brewed the tea, and then placed a cup of tea in front of Gu 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep Mingzhu s eyes.The aroma of tea burst into her nostrils, Gu Mingzhu raised her eyes and saw Wei Yuanchen.Your Excellency is here.Wei Yuanchen nodded and said, Then Qiu Hai is in a hurry to return to the Zhang family first.After the Zhang family hears the news, they will find someone to report to the imperial court and ask all the ministries of the imperial court to start the matter of reopening the Shibo Department.Decide on this matter earlier to avoid complications.Gu Mingzhu said In this way, we can find out the depth of the Zhang family, and it is also convenient to find out the accomplices of the Zhang family.Wei Yuanchen said I will also let people keep an eye on Qiu Hai and the Shandong coastal shipyard.Grandpa 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies for inflammation and pain near me Zhang said Qiu Haicai heard the news, and now that my little sister is in trouble again, the top priority is to stabilize the current situation.They can t be allowed to continue to investigate along the clues of the 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep Shandong pirates and 750mg cbd gummies montana valley cbd gummies review the shipyard, otherwise they will montana valley cbd gummies review cost of cbd gummies for arthritis be investigated soon.Come on us.Mrs.Zhang s eyes drooped I know what I m going to do, I ll send out the news, ask the Ministry of War and the Metropolitan Procuratorate for help, and let Qiu Hai arrange the things at hand, don t let others Grab the handle.Grandpa Zhang bowed and retreated Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Just before dawn, Gu Mingzhu got dressed and went to the garden to see Mrs.Zou Lin.From a distance, she saw Mrs.Zou Lin being supported by someone standing not far away, watching Zou Xiang bow and shoot an arrow.Empress Wei s expression seemed calm as water , but her heart couldn t help but move, the last time Mo Zhenren came to Kunning Palace to treat her injuries, she had guessed that Mo Zhenren meant to help the Wei family, but she was not sure at that time.Unexpectedly, Brother Chen really invited Mo Zhenren.Empress Wei thought that Miss Gu s smile appeared in her mind, it should not be due to Brother Chen alone.Mo Zhenren said The Empress Dowager promised to ask the Guo family to help investigate the case.Mo Zhenren did not explain the cause and effect to Queen Wei in detail, but Wei Queen already understood Are they going to use the navy Mo Zhenren went to twist the needle The empress dowager was really smart, and she didn t need to explain the inside story, no wonder the empress dowager was willing to extend her hand.If it wasn t for a critical moment, she would never order them to do something.Thinking of this, the female officer s face became solemn Your Majesty, don t worry, the servants will go to arrange it immediately.With such a commotion outside, there must be an accident in the palace, but I don t know where it will start Gu Mingzhu and Mo Yangming had just left the palace gate when they saw Baotong waiting at the door.Baotong s face was full Anxious, seeing Gu Mingzhu hurriedly said Miss, Madam may be about to give birth.Gu Mingzhu was startled.When she came out of the house, her mother was still fine.Why is she about to give birth suddenly Mo Yangming said, I ll go with you to the Hou s Mansion.Gu Mingzhu wished she could step into the house as soon as she lifted her foot.Her mother would not arrive for more than a month, and she would check her mother s pulse every day, but she didn t see any clues.Tai belonged to said Mrs.Meng She said it was Empress Wei s mother.Mrs.Gu was surprised WeiWhy did the Wei family come here Could it be that they made a special trip to see Chongyi s daughter in law Mrs.Meng nodded.right Mother, said Meng Shi, it seems that Zhuzhu is very familiar with the Wei family.If this was before the Wei family lost power, she would be shocked to see this scene, but it was the empress s mother s family, what Time is so good with Huaiyuanhoufu.The Meng family settled down and thought it was nothing.Even the Wei family is not as good as the Tan family.Besides, the Wei family is just the guests of the Hou Mansion.They and Tan Shangshu are related by marriage.Tan Sanye s mother will soon come to Beijing Get married for the two children, when the time comes, they will definitely be beautiful In the main house.The emperor got up from the slump, stretched out his hand to 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep take the box presented by Huang Chang, picked up the key with his own hands, unlocked the lock, and then opened the box.Huang Chang, who was standing closest, opened his mouth wide and almost shouted, because there was a blood book in the box.The emperor s eyes became blurred again, and he suffered another severe headache.It took him a long time to insist on unfolding the blood book to read.Almost at the same time, He Shou was also brought into the hall.Your Majesty, He Shou knelt on the ground, it 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep was sent to the hands of the old officials by the Lord Huai, and asked the old officials to present this blood book to the emperor.King Huai said that he was framed by others, and now those people are attacking him again.If he wanted to a88 cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep take him out of the capital, he would use his strategy to attract those people for the court.The queen mother slightly raised her eyelids when she heard this.Where did she poison it The eunuch, the supervisor of ceremonies, 750mg cbd gummies montana valley cbd gummies review brought up all the poisoned cakes.The queen mother stood up and glanced at Mo Yangming next to her, 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep and asked Mo Yangming to carefully inspect the dim sum made by the imperial dining room.The queen mother said It s really quite a lot.Is this preparing a banquet The emperor said, It was originally going to be a small banquet in Yongchun Palace.A person who doesn t rub the sand in his eyes must have disappointed her because of too many things, and finally his heart is ashamed, and Concubine De is one of them.The sound of Concubine De vomiting and moaning was faintly heard in the inner hall.The emperor subconsciously looked into the inner room, the imperial concubine tried her best 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep to restrain her emotions, the empress dowager felt that it was very good for the empress to be confined in the Kunning Palace at this moment, and there was no need to be drenched in the mud and filth.He has planned all his life, and he didn t even see clearly the people next to him, and he didn t even figure out what the Lord was thinking.It s all the same in the end, he wants to take advantage of the emperor s suspicion of the Wei family, so the lord has no suspicion of him.Tan Dingfang looked at Dong Shi Being by my side these years must have been very hard.He thought Dong Shi liked him before and was willing to take care of everything for him, but now he knows that she has been carefully hiding by his side.This is really hard work, and no one knows better than him.Chapter 460 Anxiety Wei Yuanchen stood in the yard and waited.Captain Long invited a doctor to treat Tan Dingfang s injuries.He would 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep do this now because he didn t want Tan Dingfang to die before he was arraigned.Master Wei.Open it, the candied fruit inside is still fine, why It seems a little unreasonable.Gu Mingzhu pursed her lips and did not speak.Wei Yuanchen s hands were still on the purse around his waist, and he looked at Gu Mingzhu steadfastly, his expression 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep looked unusually calm, but his Adam s apple couldn t help rolling.Master Wei in front of him looks a little more stupid than before, and looks a little cute.Gu Mingzhu only felt that she was enveloped by the heat from the warm cage Maybe it was too fast I didn t get it.Wei Yuanchen stretched his arms, speaking slowly and with a thick ending Slower this time Mrs.Wei s fair skin, slightly red lips, handsome face is amazing, the stretched slender arms look relaxed, but there is an inexplicable tension, just like her drumming heartbeat.Gu Mingzhu leaned over again, just as she was about to take the purse from Lord Wei s waist, but felt her waist tighten, and then she threw herself into Lord Wei s arms again.This was decided when her foolish disease was not completely cured.Gu Mingzhu knows the good intentions of her father and mother, and hopes that her younger brother can take good care of her in the future.The nurse coaxed 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep Brother Chun to fall asleep, and Mrs.Lin also lay down to take a nap.When she returned to her room, she became more at ease, and fell asleep in a short while.Gu Mingzhu came out of Mrs.Lin s room, and was about to go to the flower hall to order the stewards in the yard cbd gummies and dr oz to do things, when the stewards from the outer courtyard came in to report.The steward said Uncle Xiang sent someone to send the news that my concubine has passed away.Gu Mingzhu had expected it a long time ago, but she didn t expect that Zou Lin would leave as soon as they left.Maybe it was just like what Mother Yang said, Zou Lin was afraid Colliding with mother and younger brother, he persisted until now.Could it be that to tell each other is to mention the house and money After sending off Master Wei, Gu Mingzhu returned to the city with Chu Jiu and Bao Tong.Baotong asked in a low voice Miss, shall we go back home Gu Mingzhu shook her head Go to Shangqing Temple first, and then go to a teahouse not far down the mountain.Gu Mingzhu asked Chu Jiu to send a message and make an appointment with someone When we met at the teahouse, she delayed for some time, wondering if there was any hurry to wait.Gu Mingzhu was able to run out during the day because she used Master Mo as a cover, so she had to go to Shangqing Temple, and then she was 750mg cbd gummies montana valley cbd gummies review going to do something big In the small teahouse at the foot of Shangqingguan Mountain.Zhou Zesheng felt a little uneasy, Chu Jiu sent a message for Miss Gu, and wanted to meet him here.In addition to the emperor s great trust in Cao Xueshi, Cao Xueshi was also the elder brother of the concubine.Cao Xueshi has been in the Imperial Academy for a long time, not because he cannot be reused, but because he wants to avoid court struggles.Zhou Zejing knew this matter early on, so he also took the post of editor in the Imperial Academy in a safe and .

will i feel anything from a cbd gummy?

stable manner.The Zhou family has some connections with the Cao family.For example, Jun s father, Zhou Zecheng, entered the Imperial Academy after being the number one scholar in high school.At that time, montana valley cbd gummies review cost of cbd gummies for arthritis Cao Xueshi s father was in charge of the Imperial Academy.The Cao family helped sort out the translations of Buddhist scriptures.After Zhou Zecheng passed away, Zhou Zejing went to the Hanlin Academy in the same way as his elder brother.The people of the second room quickly recovered from the previous panic, and stood in the yard waiting for questioning.Gu Mingzhu looked over, after all, the second room was not affected too much, and it is a bit difficult to let the servants tell the truth now, but she did not expect to kill the Zhou family all at once, and it is more important to find out who is behind the second uncle.When Cousin Feng came, she could follow Uncle Qi to the prison to see Zhou Cherui and Xu Gui.Gu Mingzhu turned his back and reorganized his emotions.Chu Jiu, who was lying on the beam of Zhou s house, saw all this in his eyes.He could feel that the eldest lady was not in a good mood.She avoided the crowd and stood motionless in the dark 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep several times.It took a while to return to the original state.When the third master left Beijing, he had explained that if there was anything on the eldest lady s side, she would send news to Beijiang.Concubine De hopes that Empress Wei will bring people to come.What the Emperor hates most is the overbearing and arrogant Wei family.The more empress super strength cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep Wei is like this, the more the emperor hates Wei and loves her more.Ms.De Concubine, Huang Chang said when he walked to a secluded place, Have you heard about the Zhou family Chang heard other news Huang Changdao The investigators are Mr.Yin Sufu of Shuntian Prefecture, and the ordinary people who followed Wei Sanye to investigate the War Horse case and Zheng Ruzong case.These people are very powerful.With some clues, they found Zheng Ruzong s whereabouts.Zheng Ruzong They caught it.Huang Chang stopped here and turned to look at Concubine De You should have a plan in mind, if the events of the year are revealed, I m afraid the emperor will not be able to explain it clearly.Lady Ning pursed her lips, Even if she becomes the crown prince, she may not necessarily ascend to the throne in the future.Speaking of this, Miss Ning s face darkened when she thought of the crown prince.Concubine Jiang looked at Lady Ning You don t have to be so secretive when you talk to me.My son has been the crown prince for many years, but he was deposed.I used to think that the eldest prince is not talented enough and I can t blame others.Now I can see it clearly.Well, what the emperor sets up is not the crown prince but a target, and when the target is full of arrows, it can be discarded.King Su is different, he is the one who the emperor really wants to help the crown prince.Concubine Jiang looked at this point Slight change Even so, the crown prince is not the emperor after all, and there are still changes before he ascends the throne.Could it be that he was wrong Or was Chu Jiu resentful towards the third master because of cleaning the pigsty, so he defected and took refuge in the common people Gu Mingzhu said Master Ge sent the news back.The Cao family has a village in Dingxing County.The Cao family moved all the people in Jingmao Hutong there.I just asked Nie Chen to take someone to check it out, in case they got it.The news is to escape.Gu Mingzhu could imagine what was going on in Dingxing County, and she also thought of Rong Niangzi.Rong Niangzi was born in Lehu, and Tang, the daughter of Dejiaofang s criminal minister, personally taught the piano art, and was good at singing and dancing.She was a famous beauty in Yanle Hutong in the capital.Rong Niangzi was accused of gathering other entertainers to buy officials for the eldest princess.Wrong, people who do great things can t have the benevolence of women, so he asked someone to give Mr.Yang a ride.Zhao Qi watched his cronies go to straighten out the troops, and he also drew the long sword from his waist.Under the sun, the blade of the sword glowed with a chill.Zhao Qi said Take down Xingzhou Zhongtunwei first.I believe that Huang Chang and others in Beijing can also play by ear In Kunning Palace.Shen Lan heard footsteps outside, and then the door was opened, and someone walked in.Shen Lan raised her head and looked hard, trying to identify who it was.The empress was walking in front, and there was a girl of sixteen or seventeen beside the empress.That girl seemed to be Miss Gu who often entered the palace with Mo Yangming.When the empress was poisoned, this girl also followed the empress dowager to Yongchun Palace.We Zhuzhu married to the Wei family, which is considered a high marriage.No matter how long this marriage took place, but she I just can t bear it in my heart, super strength cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep but my daughter will always get married, so I can t stay with her all the time.Gu Chongyi was very surprised, he didn t expect his wife to say this Madam agrees Mrs.Lin didn t HCMUSSH 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep want to admit it Maybe Zhuzhu likes Master Wei.On the street just now, Zhuzhu got out of the carriage and waved a handkerchief to Master Wei, She can see it all.Gu Chongyi was stunned, that kid the anger that had been suppressed with great difficulty surged up again, he didn t even know when he quietly tricked his daughter away.Mrs.Lin glanced at Gu Chongyi It s better to leave Zhuzhu with my father, I should have known that you are unreliable.After finishing speaking, Mrs.What concerned him the most was that the Wei family did not avoid Pei Shangqing, and even specially invited Pei Shangqing to come with them.Wei Yuanchen s life experience can be involved in the Pei family, which shows that it is very important.You must know that the Pei 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep family only teaches the crown prince, Pei Shangqing just pointed out in the first sentence at the gate of the mansion that Wei Sanye is his student.Thinking of this, those things that Gu Chongyi couldn t see clearly before are now clear.Although Empress Wei is currently in charge of the government, if she has no son to succeed her, she will still have to choose one of the emperor s heirs to take the throne in the future.The new emperor must not trust the Wei family, how will the Wei family protect themselves then The Wei family said that after they knew the truth, it might be difficult to push back this marriage.Gu Chongyi looked at Mrs.Lin, and Mrs.Lin lost her mind.One after another, Wei Sanye s background hadn t brought her back to her senses, and Wei Sanye promised to marry Zhuzhu alone.The same is true for the succession to the throne.Gu Chongyi got up and said to Mrs.Li Mrs.Tai sits 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep comfortably, I will come as soon as I go.He wanted to hear what the Wei family had to say, and then seek Zhuzhu to discuss it.Now he can only ask Zhuzhu first.Gu Chongyi went out decisively.Looking at the back of Huaiyuanhou, Pei Shangqing knew why Wei s parents invited him to come a88 cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep together.Huaiyuanhou really treasured his daughter.Even if he knew the identity of Wei Sanye, his first thought was to ask his daughter about it.Mind, this kind of pampering is not mixed with any interests.Marquis Huaiyuan and his wife have really good personalities.Zhou told the steward The house of the long house must be cleaned up every day.If anyone is negligent, don t blame me for being rude.The steward responded and hurried out to make arrangements.The old lady Zhou cried again Zhecheng, mother is all dependent on you, you have knowledge in the spring to help mother.She was right, if it wasn t for the choice, she would have become a traitor now and was taken to prison.The old lady Zhou s voice was hoarse Zecheng, tell me, is there any hope for the Zhou family to return to the past The room was quiet, and no one would answer the old lady Zhou Zhou s parents placed wine and food in the main room.Zhou Zesheng sent all the servants out, and Gu Mingzhu took off the fence.Gu Mingzhu carefully looked at the furnishings in the room.Zhou Zesheng said I don t know what it was like here before.Wei Yuanchen also went up to offer incense, then lifted his robe and knelt down to salute with Gu Mingzhu.Gu Mingzhu wanted to stop her.She and Mr.Wei were not married yet, so Mr.Wei didn t have to worship her parents with her.She turned her head to meet Mr.Wei s bright eyes, and Mr.Wei nodded slightly.Gu Mingzhu s heart warmed up.The couple bowed down together, and in the dreary and desolate room, there seemed to be a hint of joy, amidst the green smoke, Zhou Zesheng seemed to see his eldest brother and sister in law standing side by side, looking at Ajun with a smile.Zhou Zesheng couldn t help feeling blurred.After a long time, Gu Mingzhu and Wei Yuanchen stood up.The food is ready, Zhou Zesheng said, Let s talk in the main room.Gu Mingzhu nodded.The three returned to the main room, Zhou Zesheng said I have sorted out all the things left by your father and mother, these things should be handled by you, don t worry, I have informed the family, no one will ask about it Gu Mingzhu said Thank you Uncle Qi, I will pick some to take away, and I will trouble Uncle Qi to hand over the rest to the Zhou clan.Gu Chongyi hurriedly looked at his wife, but his wife turned her head away from him, her face was full of disgust.Grandfather, Gu 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep Mingzhu stepped forward and said, Granddaughter will also accompany you to talk.Gu Chongyi looked at the smiling Zhuzhu, with tears in his heart, and his daughter is caring.Such a good daughter is about to get married, and in the days to come But how can he live.Lin Qicheng agreed Then we two, grandparents and grandchildren, will go for a walk in the garden.He also wanted to ask montana valley cbd gummies review cost of cbd gummies for arthritis carefully how Zhuzhu recovered from her illness.No temple.Watching the figure of the old and the young disappear, garden of life cbd gummies extra strength reviews Gu Chongyi looked at Mrs.Lin Madam, do you think it s not easy for my father in law to understand me, so don 50 mg cbd gummies for sleep t care about me First snatched someone s daughter, and then quietly married someone s granddaughter, just want to escape easily like this Mrs.It turned out that Cui Zhen didn t care anymore.Mrs.Zhang put her hands on her belly, baby, her baby.As if she had finally figured it out, Mrs.Zhang turned around and ran to the table to open the food box.She hadn t eaten for two days because she didn t want to give birth to this child at all.It s different now, she wants to eat and keep the child, maybe after the child is born, Cui Zhen will change her mind.Mrs.Zhang reached out to grab the rice, and stuffed it into her mouth.She stuffed it desperately, and the rice sticked to her face, messy hair, and body, but she didn t care, and she swallowed hard.But at this moment, she felt a burst of pain in her lower abdomen.Zhang s whole body froze, she lowered her head to look at her stomach, she seemed to have hurt her stomach when she was beating Luo Yu just now, but she didn t care, but now she felt the pain.The royal family watched Wei Yuanchen lead a group of people away.One more word.Just said it was a sacrificial ceremony, but it is better to say that they recognized Wei Yuanchen s identity, who would dare not admit it The Wei family is in power, and the empress is in charge of the government.Now they expect Wei Yuanchen to be a descendant of the Zhao family, a member of the royal family.As long as they have no intention of usurping the montana valley cbd gummies review cost of cbd gummies for arthritis throne, they all hope that the regime will be stable, the country will be peaceful and the people will be safe, so that they, born nobles, can live forever.Have a good day.And those royal families who want to seize power, they can see clearly what will happen.So many brothers and sons of the emperor have died That is a lesson learned from bloodbath.Prince Qing, someone finally said, Yuan Chen is getting married, shouldn t we also go to Gu s family to welcome his relatives I think we should go.

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