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Chapter 6 Prey Mrs.Lin looked at the pearl in Gu Mingzhu s hand and couldn t help laughing.This child, no matter what it is, is so novel in her eyes, and she looks so happy when she picks up a pearl.Mrs.Lin looked at it and said It s probably a female relative who dropped it here.Mine.Gu Ming held the pearl tightly in his hand like a pearl.Okay, Mrs.Lin touched Mingzhu s head with a smile, You take it first, and if someone comes looking for it, we will return it to them.Gu Mingzhu nodded and carefully put the cbd bioratio gummies pearl into her purse.Let s go, Madam Lin said, Don t talk too much in the Fa conference, we will pray for your father s safety.Gu Mingzhu followed Madam Lin and walked forward.Her voice was very loud just now, and many people should have heard it Here, if the murderer hiding in the dark wants to attack the mother, he will always pay attention to every move here.

Lord Hou should have some clues to this case.I m afraid the Yamen can t catch up with this.Why did you call me like this Come here.Cui Zhen raised his eyes, with a slight murderous look in his eyes, which is the power and power that a general who has been galloping 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies on the battlefield all year round What do you know Do you want to send the news to Lord Hou Cui Wei s surprised expression flashed away, but Cui Zhen s expression remained calm How do you know that the women of the Zhou family will bring me news Nie Chen said Then we have to come from Shanxi Let s talk about a few bandit cases.Shanxi suffered a drought last year.Although the imperial court distributed relief food, there were still a lot of refugees.After spring, refugees began to riot on the mountain.The government distributed seeds and fields to appease them.

The person who killed Zhuzhu might be sent by the Wei family.The most important thing is that they have been targeted, and the most fearful thing is that Zhuzhu will make another mistake.Cui Zhen narrowed his gaze slightly I 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies serenity gummies cbd never want to get involved in these fights, and I also know that my aunt s family thinks the same as me, it s always right to be more careful.Cui Zhen looked to the side after finishing speaking, Gu Mingzhu was tired from running, Sitting and resting on the promenade not far from him, he was very comfortable with his feet dangling.I ll tell my aunt when I have news.Cui Zhen stood up and said goodbye to Mrs.Lin.Sweet.Gu Mingzhu ran over and stuffed the candied fruit in Mrs.Lin s mouth.It turned out that Gu Mingzhu came here to deliver food to Mrs.Lin.When Cui Zhen looked at Gu Mingzhu, his expression was as gentle as possible.

Mrs.Lin said to Mrs.Cui Si After a few days, Zhu Zhu will come here noisy, but I m bothering the Marquis, and I will send someone to follow.You are being polite, Mrs.Cui Si said.Thanks to the help of the Gu family, we will keep it in mind.The carriage drove forward slowly, and Gu Mingzhu, who had been restless all this time, finally showed a smile on her face.The Cui family in the Marquis of Anding s family has a big business, and there are many children in the clan.Looking at the scenery outside, in fact, it is not easy to control the number of people, and the business is easy to be coveted.What Cui Zhen said to his mother, she heard some , being targeted by Empress Wei s mother clan, Cui Zhen s life is destined to be difficult.What Cui Zhen said was right.Their Huaiyuan Hou Mansion is just the in laws of the Cui family, and it is not appropriate to get involved in this fight, lest they be affected by Chi Yu, so it is not appropriate to live in the Cui family all the time.

The last time the child s medicine was used, the little hoof screamed for two days and two nights.It was not the first time that the woman had an abortion.Gu Mingzhu cbd gummies for sleep near me knew that the woman must have suffered a lot after thinking about the indifferent expression on her face, and she would continue to suffer the pain of being bought and sold.She could help people Buy the woman, but there are thousands of such things in the Great Zhou Dynasty, just talking about how many poor people there are outside Yong an Lane.She helped one right now, but couldn t help so many people.She will pretend to be a medical woman, just to go deep into the market to find some clues.Only by blending in with these poor people can she see the truth, but changing anything at will will break the balance.She walks the streets and alleys with different identities, and gradually discovers that the person who is most likely to expose this identity is not others, but herself.

The case in Taiyuan cannot be hidden, and we have already fallen into it.In this case, it is better to take the initiative and use our Cui family s reputation in Taiyuan Mansion to gain the trust of those people and let them speak the truth., can t get around us, if we don t have anything in our hands, we can t negotiate with others.At the last step, we have investigated the case first, and even if we are blamed, we are only doing it for the people., if the Taiyuan matter is inseparable from the prince, our Cui family will have a bad relationship with the prince.It involves so many people, and it also has something to do with mines and war horses.Cui Zhen narrowed his eyes slightly, as long as the case is clarified , the emperor will also doubt the prince s intentions, if the emperor wants to punish the prince, the Cui family will be safe and sound.

It s a pity to put the pastry here.Gu Mingzhu thought about it and found a piece of oil paper from the medicine box to 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies wrap all the food on the altar in the oil paper.Even if she couldn t finish it, she could distribute it to the children in Yong an Lane.Anyway, this is If you give her something, she doesn t have to be polite.She was so busy that she never noticed that her every move had fallen into the eyes of others.In a corner not far away, Wei Yuanchen watched all this, his slightly raised eyes seemed to be covered with thick ice, and Ah Jiu beside him was shivering from the cold.After they caught the Taoist priest who lit the explosives, the young master took advantage of the chaos and came to pay 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies homage to Miss Zhou.Unexpectedly, just as the tribute was placed, he heard footsteps, and they immediately hid here.

If she wanted to know the real inside story, now was the best chance.Didn t I tell you to take a shower and change into clean clothes Mrs.Chen grabbed Gu Mingzhu, Why does it still smell like medicine Gu Mingzhu pointed to the clothes on her body, indicating that they had already been changed.She changed it, and purposely didn t put asafoetida on her face.How can a place like Huafang allow a smelly medicine lady to go up there, but people who have been with herbs all the year round can t have the slightest smell of medicine.Details must be attended to.Mrs.Chen was sighing, and another person walked out of the room.Gu Mingzhu seemed to be the woman who asked her for abortion medicine last time.The woman wore a pink dress tonight, and she looked extraordinarily delicate.This is Ah Jin, Mrs.Chen said with a smile, you have seen it before, Ah Jin used your medicine very well, and this time it is also the job she found for you.

Those who used him were not only thoughtful but also ruthless, and they did not hesitate to frame the people in order to cover up everything.When Yan Hao heard that Mr.Wei would come to Taiyuan Mansion to investigate this case, he thought of revealing everything in front of Mr.Wei, butit was too difficult.Mr.Wei is so young, can he find out everything Even if he said it, Master Wei might not be able to believe it, after all, he was the one who committed the crime back then.My lord, Han natures script gummies cbd Yu and Marquis Dingning, the prefects of Taiyuan Prefecture, have returned to the city with their troops.Wei Yuanchen nodded when he heard the report from the guards.Now it seems that Lu Shenzhi persuaded the people in the mountains, otherwise the people would make some moves , will definitely be watched by Cui Zhen, and now they are anxious to come here to check the situation, which just shows that the mountain is peaceful.

Han Yu walked into the room and saluted Wei Yuanchen Master Wei.For a moment, he didn t know what to say.Lord Wei Han Yu s words revealed the secret, Ding Gongzi s expression froze on his face, and the deputy general of the guard who came after him was also there in a daze.The surname Wei is not common in Dazhou.It can make the magistrate of Taiyuan go forward to salute.At this age, Mr.Wei is only Wei Yuanchen who came to Taiyuan to investigate the case.Wei Yuanchen s methods and strategies were extraordinary, everyone in the Taiyuan Mansion waited cautiously for the arrival of Lord Wei, but they did not expect to meet in such a way.Wei Yuanchen sat on the chair, looking at Han Yu with his quiet and deep eyes Does Master Han have anything to ask Han Yu s forehead was covered with cold sweat What s going on tonight, Wei Wei Can you tell me, sir Wei Yuanchen looked at Mr.

The master didn t know where he went after leaving the Gu family.She sent a letter to Nie Chen to keep an eye on the master s movements, but no news came back.Gu Mingzhu closed her eyes and finally fell asleep.Before she could sleep comfortably, she heard voices coming from outside.The Cui family sent a message, let our wife go there quickly, saying that Mrs.Lin is not well.Chapter 49 Su Xin Gu Mingzhu got dressed and accompanied Mrs.Lin into the carriage.Mrs.Lin has always had heart disease, and it is impossible for Mrs.Lin not to visit when she suddenly becomes ill, although in Gu Mingzhu s view, Mrs.Lin s illness is probably nothing more than a trivial matter.The Cui family s old house was in a panic, and the servants were trembling.What s going on Mrs.Lin called Mother Jiang over to ask.

Out of her heart.Just like her rabbit, it was bright black, with no stray hairs all over its body.The steward of the Zhao family stared at Mr.Wei and the Yacha, his palms were covered with cold sweat.He kept looking towards the door, hoping that Mr.Zhao Gong would come earlier.A little further to the side, Nie Chen called to the yamen flying monkey cbd gummies 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies below, what s that place The yacha looked at the screen wall in front of him.They trubliss cbd gummies side effects passed by here several times but did not find that there was a gap next to the screen wall that could allow one person to walk through.There s nothing there, the manager of Zhao s family hurriedly said, This is the screen wall, and 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies the gap next to it is for drainage in the yard.Wei Yuanchen glanced at Chu Jiu, who immediately walked over quickly.Nie Chen also brought Gu Mingzhu down from the roof.

The gentleman said, The news from central Beijing said that Huaiyuan Hou was very worried about the war horse case on the surface, but he was either walking birds or playing with insects behind his back.He was impeached and sent to the imperial court because of this, and was just fined three months salary by the emperor.Prince Edward His eyes were full of hostility, he placed Han Yu in Taiyuan Mansion just to get some money for use, how big a deal could it be The imperial court collects war horses every year, which is not inferior to him.Without the money earned by smuggling war horses, how can he win over people to be loyal to their mother and son Chen.Now Wei Yuanchen is making a big fuss, saying that Shanxi has privately opened a lot of Tieshan mines.He really has so many Tieshan mines, and still worry about not having enough money every year Besides, there is no war in the big week now, and if there is a war, it is enough to buy horses with silver.

It is the first time that he sits at the table and tastes it carefully.Gu Mingzhu first put a siu mai on Mrs.Lin s plate, and Mrs.Lin also put one for her daughter.Although the two of them didn t speak, the atmosphere in the room was a little more cheerful.Brother Zhen, let s try it, Mrs.Lin said with a smile when she saw that Cui Zhen hadn t moved the chopsticks.If others listened to it, they might make jokes, but Cui Zhen could tell that the aunt was not trying to trick Zhuzhu, but was sincerely praising her.Cui Zhen looked at his aunt and cousin from time to time, and the two showed ease and joy in every move.Before he knew it, Cui Zhen ate two plates of siu mai.Mrs.Lin and Gu Mingzhu had finished eating, and they were sitting on the side drinking tea, while Gu Mingzhu was fiddling with the zipper in her hand, which reminded Cui Zhen of his childhood, and he had such a time in the past.

Gu Mingzhu said Master Zhao Gong said that Mr.Zhao Er asked her to help inquire about the war horse case.The information that a female family member can get is limited.Mr.Zhao Er has many ways to know the case.I have invited Mr.Zhao Gong from thousands of miles away.It s plausible, but in terms of truth, this argument doesn t stand up.Nie Chen nodded.Gu Mingzhu said Besides the Zhao family, Zhao Gong also has another identity, that is, Lin Sizhen s wife.Maybe this is why the second master Zhao must see Zhao Gongren.Lin Sizhen, Nie Chen finally understood what he felt What s wrong, Although Lin Sizhen didn t appear here directly, his wife is there.Needless to say, Mr.Zhao Er, that is Lin Sizhen s brother.Lin Sizhen is related.These two people went to Zhao Gongren to find out the true meaning of Lin Sizhen, and Wang Daochang finally got the secret order of Lin Sizhen.

After most of the banquet, the musicians have not been selected.If the master can t hear the sound of the piano satisfactorily, all of them will be punished.The corners of Gu Mingzhu s mouth hidden behind the gauze raised slightly, the prince still has the same virtue, and has not changed in so many years.When she was invited to the eldest princess s mansion, she didn t know that the prince would go there, until she saw the eldest princess s mansion.People hurried to the front yard 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies holding the piano, and the eldest princess smiled and said The crown prince came suddenly, and people were really caught off guard.Although we can t prepare a table of delicacies, fortunately, there are people in the mansion who are good at music, and they can also serve wine for them in the front.Help me out.The princess s ordinary words were later crowned on her head, saying that the princess had already meant something, and the person who 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies cbd hybrid gummies was good at melody was none other than Zhou Rujun.

The violin is ready.Everyone sat down and played the same piece of music.She was very familiar with this piece.Her father and mother often played it at home, and the score had long been familiar to her heart.Gu Mingzhu stretched out her hands to straighten her sleeves.What was the truth back then Was she being used by the eldest princess unknowingly, or did the eldest princess and her become pawns crossing the river in the hands of others in a daze No matter what, it must be related to the prince.Zhou Rujun didn t know who was the victim until she died, but she, Gu Mingzhu, will find out the truth.I came to the Prince s mansion tonight not only to send news to Lord 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies Wei, but also to find out what s inside the Prince s mansion.The person who set up the trick tonight must be in the Prince s mansion.

Outside Taiyuan City.On the ninth day of the ninth day, he followed Wei Yuanchen on horseback.Third Master, Chu Jiu whispered, They left the Prince s mansion smoothly.Wei Yuanchen expected that she would have a way.Things have changed in Zhao Er, the prince and the people around him are all staring at him, smart people will take the opportunity to run away, not to mention her, it is a bad idea to turn their eyes, those 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies servants in the prince s house are not her opponents.He didn t need to ask his personal guards to make sure, but he knew that she would not lose even a single hair.Then it was still the old routine, after changing clothes, he went directly to Wang Daochang s family members, holding the clues in his hands first.He didn t fully grasp her face changing, but he was very clear about her behavior, words and deeds.

Wang stopped crying, and she knew that Mr.Wei the little girl told her was the imperial 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies envoy who arrested the prefect of 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies Han.He heard that when dealing with the prefect of Han, he used He was tortured and cut off half of the prefect Han s body, not to mention how terrible it was.The same is true for the officials in this yamen.Anyone who is suspected of being involved will be whipped first.After the master Lu was beaten, he had to go around on errands.His blood was soaked through the official uniform.Many people saw it with their own eyes.of.That s why the little girl spoke to her in a pitiful tone.Thinking of her situation, Mrs.Wang couldn t help but feel chills in her heart.Those people wouldn t come up and attack her, right Gu Mingzhu stood up and prepared to walk out of the prison.This purekana cbd gummies scam 30 mg cbd with melatonin gummies girl, Wang s daughter in law immediately got up and threw herself at Gu Mingzhu s feet, please tell us what s going on here Daughter in law Sister in law get up I m just helping the yamen investigate the case, I don t know much.

Gu Mingzhu tentatively asked, Where is the thing Chapter 116 When the black face heard the girl s question, Wang s daughter in law panicked and immediately denied it.Wh what Girl what are you talking about Wang s daughter in law said and looked at the men of the Wang family.The Wang family men all lowered their heads.Gu Mingzhu looked at Wang s daughter in law s white clothes Suddenly getting a sum of money is a good thing that may also be a disasteryou think about it.The girl got up again, she didn t say anything, the girl seemed to know everything.I m afraid that the money is left there I can t spend it I don t know when it will take advantage of others, Gu Mingzhu said, What s the use of you crying like this If the yamen don t knowhow can they arrest you Wang Da The daughter in law trembled violently, these words really came to her heart, although she likes money, the money she finally got can t be spent by herself, and it is even more terrible to give it to others for nothing.

More than once.Gu Mingzhu thought about the hairpin carefully, in the past two years, jewelry with precious stones has become very popular, and the price of gemstones has also become increasingly expensive, and her father gave her mother a set of dove red hair masks, which her mother would not normally use.If the hairpin that Wang Daochang bought was really as Wang Dao s wife said, it must be very valuable.Although Wang Daochang is the Chancellor of Xingtai Pusi, with his salary, naturally he cannot buy such things from time to time.First pass on the owner of Liao s shop in Xishi, Lu Shenzhi said, go right away.The truth in the words.Mrs.Wang s daughter in law showed no worry on her face, but breathed a sigh of relief My lord, if we help the Yamen solve the case, will we be given a lighter punishment We only buried the money left by Wang Er and did nothing else.

Cui Zhen was expressionless, and looked straight at Zhao Gongren Auntie came HCMUSSH 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies to Taiyuan Mansion cbd gummies daily to inquire about information, but she actually wanted to threaten me with this matter and let me rescue Master Zhao Er Zhao Gongren pursed his lips tightly and did not answer.Cui Zhen went on to say In order to remind me about Shanyin, you took great pains.You first lured your mother from the capital to Taiyuan Mansion, and then ordered fake Taoist priests to blow up the Cui family s ancestor s grave and dug up Cui s ancestor s coffin.I did something bad when I dug the grave.Seeing my ancestral grave like this, I must have a dark ghost in my heart.As long as I do a little more investigation, I will know that this matter is closely related to the War Horse case.Intervene in the War Horse case.Once the War Horse case is investigated, I will not have good results.

They owe too much.The crown prince kindly asked Mrs.Lin Madam, please let someone prepare to return to Beijing with us earlier It can be regarded as a little help along the way.If you have any difficulties, please tell me.I will arrange someone to do it for Madam.Lin Madam said Thank you, Your Highness.The prince led people to discuss the matter, Cui Zhen walked up to Madam Lin I will ask the guards to take my aunt and cousin home, and I will arrange the rest.Madam Lin nodded.After getting into the carriage and returning to the Gu family s courtyard, Mrs.Lin let out a long sigh of relief.The case is settled this time, right Afterwards, there should be less worry and fear.I don t know if Hou Ye has received any news.Hou Ye will be happy to know that the case has a clue the capital.Marquis Huaiyuan came out of the palace with a somewhat gratified expression on his face, he did not expect the case to progress so quickly.

The motorcade started to move forward again, and the crown prince still took the lead.When they reached the woods ahead, he and he would sit in the carriage to rest.At that time, he avoided the crowd and went to Yangwuyu.Don t forget to bring me the two sons of Lin Sizhen.The prince said.Those are two excellent protons, they can save their lives at critical moments, if Lin Si really dared to mess around, he would kill the big one Wei Yuanchen watched the prince on horseback drifting away, and the prince really mobilized his people to go to the Yuanping mountain in private.Zhang Tong reported The local people call it Wufeng Mountain, and there is a cave for hiding soldiers in the mountain.The prince really surrounded this mountain with soldiers and arrested people.I m afraid he won t be able to come out for a while.

Shen, and an arrow roared and hit him touched the prince s right shoulder.The long sword in the prince s hand fell to the ground immediately, and he stretched out his hand to cover his right shoulder and screamed.Lin Sizhen s soldiers and horses immediately stepped forward and stretched out their hands to press the prince s entire body on the horse s back.The prince of the Great Zhou immediately turned into Daozu Yurou.Mr.Shen slashed at his left shoulder with a knife, and his robe was stained red with blood.He looked at Lin Sizhen and said, I ll report the letter and ask someone to rescue the prince., so that time can be delayed, allowing Lin Sizhen to continue to take the lead.Excuse me, sir.Lin Sizhen bowed and saluted, watching Mr.Shen leave.The prince was sent to Lin Sizhen.Lin Sizhen lowered his eyes Prince of the Great Zhou Dynasty As he spoke, he suddenly kicked the crown prince off his horse, It s just a piece of trash under my feet.

blame him.Tao Duo couldn t bear it anymore and said His Royal Highness ordered us to come and arrest the rebels, and His Highness has gone to Yangwuyu.How many people will you bring Wei Yuanchen said.Tao Duo swallowed Dozens of guards in the East Palace.Dozens After the car was driven, it would immediately come out in full force, and the princess s chariot and horses circled around outside for half a circle, but there was no sound inside.Mr.Wei ordered people to sneak into the cave to check the situation, using the flag as a sign, one small flag means safety, and two small flags are heavily guarded.What they saw now was a small flag waving in the wind.Hurry up, Tao Duo said, the whole army will follow me to Yangwuyu.I hope His Royal Highness is safe and sound.Master Tao is going to chase what brand of cbd gummies are the best 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies after him like this Wei Yuanchen said, If I were Master Tao, I would first order a team of light cavalry and scouts to inquire about the news.

Let Liu Su come to heal the serious injury, and leave the minor injury to mother Baotong, Mrs.Lin ordered, Go and call Liu Su over.Baotong responded, and Gu Mingzhu followed suit.Ma am, Gu Chongyi saw this, his legs softened with practice, and then he put his 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies arms around his cbd gummies dosing wife s waist, My injury is fine, as long as I see that you and Zhuzhu are fine, I m relieved.Mrs.Lin I don t want to cbd gummies for sleep 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies talk about this, but after thinking about it carefully, I still said I understand the situation of Lord Hou.Over the years, because of my wife and Zhuzhu, Lord Hou and Gu s elders have been unhappy.It is always Lord Hou who shields us from the wind.Yu, Master Hou has an accident, and I really want to help, that s why I have to stay in Taiyuan Mansion, even if I can send news to Lord Hou.Husband and wife are meant to share weal and woe, but there is one thing that I blame Lord Hou.

, , Feathered arrows shot towards Lin Sizhen and others.Stop The crown prince saw the arrows raining down, and shouted anxiously, I am here, all stop Lin Sizhen only saw the team blocking him, the leader only wore Wearing light armor and armguards, with a silver spear on his back, and 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies a longbow in his hand, he straddles the horse s back, draws the bow and shoots arrows.With a muffled poof , the lieutenant next to Lin Sizhen was shot.Wei Yuanchen s face was condensed, and he continued to shoot with his bow.His whole body was as sharp as a sharp blade.Lin Sizhen frowned, and the soldiers and horses around him immediately came to protect him.Wei Yuanchen, Wei Yuanchen, don tdon tcome here.The prince shouted when he saw someone coming.Lin Sizhen gritted his teeth and sneered, it turned out that Wei Yuanchen was waiting for him here, this yellow mouthed kid was so insidious, he didn t believe that the Wei family dared to disregard the prince s life or death.

Cui Wei is in such a state that he just stays to take care of the prince Wei Yuanchen rode his horse on the road, and Chu Jiu didn t dare to say a word beside him.Just now Cui Zhen mentioned Miss Zhou again, now the third master must be in pain, but he can t persuade him, no one can comfort the third master.Chu Jiu sighed inwardly, it would be great if Miss Gu was here.When Miss Gu was here, at least the atmosphere was good, and even if the third master occasionally got angry and turned uglyit was because the third master was inferior to others and did not deserve sympathy.Even if there is a rivalry, there is still someone who is not, it is better than having trouble with yourself.But Zhang Tong couldn t help it Third Master, the credit for saving the prince will be given to Marquis Ning When you go to the guard, are you going to lead troops to the northern border to meet the enemy Wei Yuanchen s voice sounded a little a little Hoarse The purpose of going to the guard is to stabilize the morale of the army.

Princess Huairou pursed her lips, she really couldn t think of Wei Sanye Is there any good way, but since Mr.Wei doesn t want to say it, she can t ask again.Princess Huairou paused for a while before saying Could you take advantage of this matter to let the empress leave the Kunning Palace Wei Yuanchen thought for a while It depends on what my aunt wants.Yuan Chen.Princess, Lord Hou and the son in law are still waiting ahead.Mama Huang reminded in a low voice.When Wei Yuanchen turned to leave the kitchen, he looked at the stove again.Miss Gu had put away the thread long ago.Her eyes were slightly lowered and she didn t know what to think.She subconsciously groped for the plate next to her.There were a few pieces of dim sum that looked downright ugly.Miss Gu was not picky eaters, she held the dim sum that was about to fall apart and took a bite.

Gu Mingzhu saw that it was his wife on Wednesday and Zhou Ruzhang.It turned out that the uncle saved the Zhou family s daughters.I heard that the female family members of the Zhou family left together with Mrs.Lin s carriage, and then the two families separated.Unexpectedly, the female family members of the Zhou family were finally met by my HCMUSSH 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies uncle.Zhou Ruzhang cried hoarsely.These days, she was so scared that she didn t talk about it.She suffered a lot and used up all the money she brought with her.She finally reached Dingxiang.The courtyard and the woman in charge were also killed by the rebels.If someone hadn t rescued her, both her and her mother would have fallen into the hands of the rebels.Zhou Ruzhang was really frightened.When she was captured by the rebels, she struggled with all her strength and screamed loudly.

It was as sweet as a newly blooming peach blossom, so he chose peach red for the maid.There were some dowry on the long case, the clothes in the closet were ironed, and the roses that hadn t bloomed were inserted in the dendrobium, it could be seen that Huaiyuan Hou and his wife loved her very much.Wei Yuanchen continued to walk into the inner room, and stood still in front of the Babu bed, the scene in his mind was a little clearer again.It seemed that he had stood here before, looking at her lying on the bed.Waiting anxiously, looking forward to her waking up from here.Zhuzhu, Zhuzhu, come back It wasn t Gu Mingzhu who woke up here but Zhou Rujun, so everything had a reasonable explanation.She made up her own prescriptions to treat illnesses, and used Mr.Sun s prescriptions.She pretended to be a fool in front of others, and later used people from the market to avenge Zhang Yuan.

He didn t know how his mother was doing now, and whether the Cheng family would come to disturb her.He wanted to get up and find a reason to leave, but Master Wei opened his mouth for help.Cheng Yi stood up and said, The most important thing has been clarified.We will come back tomorrow morning to finish the remaining paperwork.If it hadn t involved the East Palace, the officials of Dali Temple wouldn t have been so impatient to invite Prince Consort and others to come.Seeing such a situation, it is not easy to persuade him to stay Master Consort, Marquis of Huaiyuan and Master Wei have worked hard today.Several people came out from the yamen, and the young servants outside the gate had already been waiting there with lanterns.My son in law, Wei Yuanchen walked up to Cheng Yi, The case of the Shanxi mutiny has not been investigated yet.

After seeing him, she still hid herself deliberately.As if afraid of being seen by him.Go get some tea.Wei Yuanchen didn t directly mention Nie Chen s matter, but ordered instead.There was no one else in the room except the three of them, and Liu Su was Wei Yuanchen s servant before.Hearing this, Liu Su subconsciously walked over to fetch a teacup, but immediately thought that Miss Gu was by her side.Immediately turned to look at the eldest lady.Gu Mingzhu nodded, and then Liu Su stepped forward to hold the teacup in his hand.The teacup was empty, and he didn t know how the servants in the yard served him.He hoped that there would be hot water in the kitchen behind.Liu Su walked out of the house and went all the way to the kitchen, only to realize that what he was thinking was too simple.It wasn t a question of whether there was hot water at all, the kitchen didn t even have a purekana cbd gummies scam 30 mg cbd with melatonin gummies fire.

, I haven t seen their faces clearly, even if they are still alive, I m afraid I can t recognize them.The old lady Cheng sneered In this case, how can you say that the Cheng family harmed you Mrs.Zhao looked quietly.Looking at Mr.Cheng Are you not clear I don t want to go by water.Who wrote a letter saying that there are mutinies around and asked me to leave by boat Mr.Cheng looked blank, obviously not ready to admit it.Mrs.Zhao said I thought you cared about the relationship between husband and wife and protected me secretly, but you wanted to send me on my way.Since you said you have a letter, Mr.Cheng looked unusually calm, Where is the letter Even if the letter wasn t lost, it was soaked in water, Zhao said, You re sure that I can t produce evidence, so you come to persecute me.Mrs.Cheng s expression twisted Look, her mouth How powerful, black and white, she can say whatever she wants, let me ask you, the river is rushing and everyone else is dead, why are you safe and sound Then who is Peng Liang Did you know each other before Zhao said I know some water skills, and I hugged a piece of driftwood.

After speaking, Gu Mingzhu realized that the person who asked him seemed to be Mr.Wei She didn t pretend to stutter just now, and just told the truth directly, as if she did not arouse Mr.Wei s suspicion.Is she too relaxed vigilance, or Mr.Wei has long been suspicious of Miss Jiang s identity Gu Mingzhu was about to test it out when she heard a voice above her head.Your stuttering is healed Gu Mingzhu hurriedly lowered her head, took two steps to the side in fear, a little whats gummy cbd further away from Wei Yuanchen, and then replied in panic Yessometimesit will get better, just nowto be engrossed in thinkingto regardMaster Wei as a senior brother.I don t know if someone opened a window, which made her feel a little cool.After hearing Wei Yuanchen, Gu Mingzhu said after a long while How can a commoner be so timid, wanting to travel the rivers and lakes without losing the face of commoners, the girl s stuttering disease should get better sooner, it will be more convenient to do things like this.

Bigbigbigyour lord is right.Wei Yuanchen squinted his eyes, as expected he was afraid of being exposed by him, and he stuttered even more.Stuttering also has its benefits, at least you can listen to a few more words flying monkey cbd gummies 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies words.Wei Yuanchen raised his feet and walked towards Gu Mingzhu What do you think is going to happen next Make a footprint and set him on the ground.It s only because she doesn t have the ability to change her appearance at will, otherwise she wouldn t be afraid of him, and she would fool Mr.Wei around like a doctor.Bigbigmy lord, that jug of wineis a strong poisonthe Yuan family servant poisonedthe twothe merchants are deadthe merchants are dead, whowill spread the newsThe matter of Mrs.Zhao s innocence IIsuspicioussomeone else is hiding in the dark to investigate the situation, and after the cbd gummies for sleep 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies two of them are dead, they will stand up and expose Mrs.

The unhurried voice of Shuntian flying monkey cbd gummies 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies Mansion Yin Su Fu resounded in the lobby of the government office.The villain Hou Yong.The villain Qian Yunsheng.Master Cheng clenched his fists nervously.Master Cheng, Su Fu looked at Mr.Cheng who was sitting on the chair, These two are the two merchants from the Liansheng Inn Blame, but Mr.Cheng became even more uneasy.Looking at the face of the naughty son, he could tell that Cheng Yi knew the inside story a long time ago.Master Cheng Su Fu asked again.Mr.Cheng coughed, Idon t know.Cheng Yi looked puzzled, Didn t father just say that he was aware 30 mg cbd with melatonin gummies can you give a dog cbd gummies of this from the beginning to the end Why don t you know now Mr.Cheng looked worried.Seeing that the father and son were about to quarrel again, Yin Sufu of Shuntian Mansion first asked Hou Yong and Qian Yunsheng Why did you two come to Beijing, and did you know the Zhao family How much inside information does it have Come quickly.

She took a candied fruit from the low table infinite cbd gummies reddit and put it in her mouth.After eating one, Gu Mingzhu found that the candied fruit tasted very good, not too sweet, but a bit sour.Gu Mingzhu looked at Baotong Is this candied fruit newly made at home It s delicious.No, Baotong shook his head, It 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies was sent purekana cbd gummies scam 30 mg cbd with melatonin gummies by Mr.Wei Er s Pinxianglou.The salted duck in Pinxianglou is good Eat, when candied fruit is so delicious.Bao Tong smiled and said Miss likes to eat, I will save the slaves for you, and we will buy them after we finish eating.Pinxianglou is in the capital, and it must be very convenient to buy candied fruit, as long as the miss likes to eat.Gu Mingzhu took a bite Hey, there is red bean stuffing in the candied fruit.Baotong suddenly realized No wonder the cbd gummies contain drugs Wei family boy confessed 30 mg cbd with melatonin gummies can you give a dog cbd gummies that this candied fruit can t be kept for too long, you should eat it as soon as possible.

Princess Huairou said There is news from the palace.The empress said that this matter is easy to settle.As long as you send the documents from the Cheng family and Li, it will be clear.Zhao was a little surprised.Gu Mingzhu, who was sitting on the side, also raised her head.The empress helped Mrs.Zhao.Given the current situation of the empress, how difficult it is to say such a sentence.The Wei family is behind the scenes of Zhen and others in Chalin Temple, and the people behind the scenes are most likely several other princes.Now that the people behind the scenes have repeatedly suffered setbacks in front of the Wei family, they will definitely find ways to fight back.Empress Wei is in the palace.Every word and deed was monitored by others, and whoever said it would attract the emperor s suppression, and the people behind the scenes might take advantage of this to deal with the empress.

Wei Mansion, in the courtyard of Mr.Wei.Cackling.Wuhei chicken kicked the egg back under the reed chicken s feathers with one paw, and lay down contentedly beside it, its pointed beak moving from time to time, and its mind was full of the beautiful flower cake.There is another flying monkey cbd gummies 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies piece of flower cake, and the chicken is complete Miss said, Master Wei knows all about it Baotong was are cbd gummies safe for heart patients surprised when he heard honest hemp cbd gummies the eldest lady talk about what happened tonight.Gu Mingzhu nodded.People like Mr.Wei should not be provoked.Once he becomes suspicious, he will hold on to it until the 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies truth is found out.Then Baotong said nervously, Will Mr.Wei tell Lord Hou and Mrs.Can you expose Miss in front of others.Probably not, Gu Mingzhu said, It seems that Mr.Wei was in Taiyuan Mansion.If you are aware of it, if you want to expose me, you will not wait are cbd gummies good for dementia patients until today.

The mother in charge said Muxiu, the third master, stay at home today, and let the servants come and report to the grandma.It s rare for the third uncle to have a day off, Zhang said with a smile, If there is anything I need to cbd gummies fox news arrange, my mother will come and order One sound.The mother in charge saluted Mrs.Zhang.The steward, Mama Lu, was brought into the mansion when the Elder Master was there.She followed the Third Master and took care of the affairs in the Third Master s yard.Besides, Mama Lu rarely talked to others, and she didn t care about other trivial matters at home., in Zhang s impression, 30 mg cbd with melatonin gummies can you give a dog cbd gummies this mother is reticent, courteous and well behaved in front of others, and she has a special feeling about her, just like those female officials in the palace.They are all from high family backgrounds, so the people in the house naturally respect ulu cbd gummies Mama Lu a little bit more.

She didn t expect Mrs.Lu to have such a skill, and she made these dishes without making a sound., the dim sum is not heavy, they are all the same piece, placed on a sweet white glaze plate, people can t help but want to pick it up and taste it.Mrs.Zhang went to look for Lu s mother, and saw Lu s mother standing respectfully in the yard, waiting for orders like everyone else.What happened today Zhang Shi really couldn t figure it out.She thought something unusual would happen, but nothing too special happened.Maybe she thought too much.Mrs.Li asked Zhu Zhu to sit down next to her I know that you little girls like to eat dim sum.This dim sum is made small, and each bite is not greasy.You can try a few more pieces.Gu Mingzhu picked up a piece of dim sum and put it on the table.In the mouth, the outer skin is fragrant with chestnuts, and the red bean filling inside is soft and glutinous, which is very delicious.

How can that be done, Gu Chongyi saw that the woods in front of him were just right and hidden enough, I don t want others to know.Then It s better to hit 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies the sun every other day, Gu Chongyi turned He glanced at the mustache again, Just now, Master Wei Er, give me some advice, while it s still early in the morning, do it before the court tomorrow.Is it still early in the morning It s not quite dark yet Second Master Wei was a little taken aback, is this true Gu Chongyi said What Second master Wei won t agree The Wei family is full of elites, so let s start with the little beard and see what the little beard knows.Pulling people to the grove at night, Second Master Wei vaguely felt that this was not a good thing, he has always been very smart, otherwise why would he be called Wei Congzhi.However, the second master Wei thought so, but the horse moved forward uncontrollably.

Before asking you about the prince, you just pushed back and forth, so why are you betraying me now Zhou Ruyue Gently said My father s official position is not high, and when he knows the news, it will be spread in Beijing, if he had known about the Taiyuan Mansion, he would not have caused the third aunt and second sister to suffer.Okay, Zhou Ruzhang raised his eyebrows, I know you are very proud.The second aunt is in charge of the family, and the grandmother values you the most.In the future, I will definitely find you a good family.But don t forget, back then, the grandmother was also the eldest sister.What is the fate of the eldest sister If the eldest sister can marry the Cui family, who do you want to marry Are you eyeing the seat of Mrs.Ding Ninghou I am afraid it will not be so easy.

Wei is bullying others so that Mr.Wei cannot continue to investigate the case.Of course she wasn t worried about Mr.Wei, she was afraid that they would not be able to intervene in these cases openly.Gu Mingzhu walked to the side and waited for Master Wei to come and speak.Wei Yuanchen stepped up to follow, and Gu Mingzhu immediately stepped forward and whispered Master Wei Mr.Wei is too tall, so she had to stand on tiptoe to get closer to Mr.Wei s ear Time is running out.Going through the investigation step by step, I am afraid that the result may not be found at dawn, and I have to ask the son in law to help muddy the Cheng family s water, so that it is easier to catch fish.Wei Yuanchen nodded in agreement.Gu Mingzhu happily said Then I ll go talk to the son in law.Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu, who immediately understood that the third master meant to let him work with Miss Gu.

The Wei family is the same, even if it is a famous family, it must be used by him.If he doesn t give it, they will never get it.What will be the result of A Yu s separation from him in the end Could it be that she doesn t understand his thoughts Since you choose to be the queen of the Great Zhou, you must look like a queen, not just for self interest.When A Yu took those cold medicines and held the spiritual tablets of the two children to question him, you 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies should know that this is not what a queen should do.Yes, since then she is no longer the queen of Da Zhou.Wei Yuanchen got up and stood aside, the emperor looked at Huaiyuan Marquis Gu Chongyi again.The war horse case started with Marquis Huaiyuan.If it wasn t for Marquis Huaiyuan, Lin Sizhen and these collaborators would not have been found out.

Mama Yang looked in the direction Miss Gu wyld cbd pear gummies pointed.After liking cbd gummies better than oil to listen to his 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies wife reading, the number of books in the study gradually increased.A few days ago, the madam even thought that she should ask the gentleman to enlighten the eldest lady.When the eldest lady saw the book with a serious look, she seemed to be very interested in the words on it.Seeing Yang s mother standing there in a daze, Gu Mingzhu raised her head Can t you Zhuzhu is willing.It s not a matter of reluctance, why would Hehua Hutong like such a return gift Gu Mingzhu looked at Yang s mother These books are not good My mother said that books are excellent things, more precious than gold and silver.Yang s mother hurriedly said Missy is right.But these words are to persuade the younger generation to make progress of.Then these are the ones, Gu Mingzhu said with a smile, I want to take them to the lotus alley, and I must tell my grandmother, uncle, brothers and sistersthese are my picks.

I 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies will try to persuade my wife When the mother in charge said this, Mo Yangming paralyzed carefully.Sitting on the ground, Bai flying monkey cbd gummies 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies Gongren saw that Bai Gongren cbd gummy for sale still had an excited expression on his face, his eyebrows were raised, his eyes were wide open, and he looked a little abnormal.Mo Yangming frowned Is this Huixiu s patient Huixiu was the name of Sun Zhenzhen, the master of Taiqing Temple, and 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies the female crown said Master has been treating this good man easy cbd gummy recipe s leg injury.Mo Yangming Taking a few steps forward, he knelt down and pinched Bai Gongren s leg.The tentacles were shriveled flesh and blood, and Mo Yangming s expression became more serious.Send her down the mountain, Mo Yangming said, this disease can t be cured.When Mo Yangming spoke, Bai Gongren kept staring at her, as if thinking of something The real person doesn t remember me Ten A few years ago I once came to the Taoist Temple, and mysister A Chan is here to heal my wounds, I beg the real person to save me some time, I am grateful to the real person from the bottom of my heart.

Qiao Song smiled Wei Yuanchen doesn t have many people in his hands.The Lu family is in Beicheng, and the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion came to arrest him.People are more logical.Qiao Zheng bowed his head It s because my nephew is not good at doing things.Qiao Song pulled his hands out of his sleeves and combed his robes I said that Wei Yuanchen is very powerful, and those ordinary people who helped him investigate the case It s no small matter.Qiao Zheng said Although Shuntian Mansion has come, we are not left behind.We got the servants of the Yuan family, and the interrogation of Yuan Zhixing requires uncle to come forward.No matter how much evidence Shuntian Mansion gets, it will not be the end of it.Leave it to us.Qiao Song said and looked around You forgot one thing, we are all here, where is Wei Yuanchen Qiao Zheng wanted to say that maybe Wei Yuanchen was hiding aside and waiting to be accepted.

Holding the jade tube, Gu Mingzhu felt a hot and spicy taste rushed into her throat, and then poof , all the smoke in her mouth was blown out.A puff of smoke blew on Wei Yuanchen s face, and Mr.Wei s face was extraordinarily hazy in the smoke.Gu Mingzhu didn t have time to speak, her throat was itchy and she coughed non stop, and then she felt a slight dizziness in her head.Gently patting her back with one hand, Master Wei s voice came It s fine to taste medicine randomly, but you have to try this thing yourself.Gu Mingzhu subconsciously said This is also a medicinal material.Gong Renhezu s grandmother can use it, so it must not be a highly poisonous thing, so it s okay to use it.At least what she heard about Tamba wild rice said that it can cure diseases.But listening to Master Wei s words just now when did she taste the medicine in front of Master Wei Gu Mingzhu didn t have it at the time.

Gu Chongyi got on the horse and walked out of the alley all the way.He was about to let the horse gallop when he heard the voice of Master Wei cbd gummies in nys from behind him What a coincidence, Lord Gu, where are you going Do you want to follow me Go to Shangqingguan Gu Chongyi s eyebrows were furrowed into two beards, as if he was in front, and the Wei family thing was behind, why did he follow that thing Chapter 293 Avoiding Suspicion Gu Chongyi Doesn t Want to Pay Attention to Master Wei Er squinted.Gu Chongyi urged the steed to move forward, and he would soon be able to leave that ignorant dude behind.Master flying monkey cbd gummies 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies Hou, what are you in a hurry for Don t chase me.Don t chase me, why don t you listen.The voice followed like a shadow, no matter how fast he was, Wei Congzhi could follow him closely, that thing was really just pretending to be stupid Confused, how could a real dude be so good at riding.

The carriage of the Gu family was ready, and when the old lady was about to leave, she told her can you drink alcohol while taking cbd gummies In addition to praying for Zhuzhu, I also came to the Taoist temple this time for Mingwan.Let s talk slowly when we get home.She was sure.To use this opportunity to get Chongyi to help fulfill Ming Wan s marriage.After Mrs.Gu left, Mrs.Zhang and the 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies flying monkey cbd gummies 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies third concubine also came out together, and ordered the female relatives to leave one after another.The third concubine sat in the quiet room for a while, and waited until the yamen had almost settled the matter before preparing to return home.The third concubine looked the same as usual, except that she accidentally tripped over a crack in the brick while walking and staggered two steps.Be careful, Mrs.Zhang stretched out her hand to help, The dew is heavy at this time, and the floor is covered with blue bricks, so it will inevitably slip.

Lin realized that the matter of Shangqing Temple might be more serious than she thought, but luckily Zhuzhu was fine.When the two of them walked to the back mountain, they saw a Kun Dao standing there in a long gown and Taoist robe, Zhu Zhu, Bao Tong and the servants of the Hou Mansion were standing beside Kun Dao.Mrs.Lin s relieved mood is a little nervous, what s the matter Mo Zhenren took a few steps to meet Huaiyuanhou and his wife, and several people greeted him, Mo Zhenren said Good people follow the way and go to the quiet room to talk.Gu Mingzhu trotted over and took Madam Lin s arm.Mrs.Lin reached out her hand and touched the top of Gu Mingzhu s head affectionately No trouble, right She knew that Zhuzhu would not cause trouble, but it seemed that accidents often happened in places where Zhuzhu went recently, should she also ask for a talisman for Zhuzhu with.

This is the only time to visit the palace.Zhenren Mo and Gu Mingzhu s carriage left the alley, Madam Lin was about to go to the main house to rest for a while, when the mother in charge of the concierge came 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies to report Madam, someone from the Lin clan has come and wants to see Madam.Is there finally any news Mrs.Lin immediately said Please come in The steward passed on Mrs.Lin s words, and the mother in law who was waiting at the door of Gu s house led a three year old cbd gummies for sleep 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies child into the gate of Huaiyuan Hou s mansion.The mother in law frowned tightly.She had actually been in Beijing for a while.She wanted to see Marquis Dingning, but she knew that Marquis Dingning was fighting in northern Xinjiang.She went to see her, but yesterday she suddenly changed her mind.The Lin family was implicated in the real matter of Lin Temple, so it was better to come to Huaiyuanhou s mansion to seek a way out of Dingninghou s mansion.

Gu Mingzhu heard the queen mother mention the empress empress, and the queen mother s words more or less revealed her affirmation of Queen do gummies contain thc or just cbd oil Wei.The queen mother paused slightly after she finished speaking Sun Huixiu was able to enter the palace to offer medicine to Ai s family, thanks to the third concubine who mentioned it many times in front of Ai s family.It seemed to become quieter all of a sudden.In Gu Mingzhu s mind, the happy expression of the third prince and concubine appeared.The prince was demoted to King Gong, and the fifth prince was King Su, and Su also meant respect.In this way, only the third prince, King Huai, was superior.Someone must start from the title, hoping to guess the holy will, and after hearing these words, the third prince and the third concubine probably felt that they were sure of winning.

Let s read a book Mrs.Zou Lin leaned against the kang, watched Zou Xiang pick up the book, and was about to read when she heard the sound of running outside.Zou Xiang looked out the door purekana cbd gummies scam 30 mg cbd with melatonin gummies subconsciously.The maid of the Gu family entered the door and said, It s Missy.I m going to put a light boat in the pond.Do you want 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies to see Uncle Zou Children like to play with light boats.Zou Xiang s eyes lit up, but he turned his head and glanced at Mrs.Zou Lin on the kang, then shook his head.Gu Mingzhu by the pond did not see Zou Xiang.Baotong said Can Uncle Zou really understand that book Then he has really good eyes.Even her eyes would make her dizzy when she saw the densely packed characters, Uncle Zou can read at such a young age.have to go in.There is a certain energy in Zou Xiang, and Gu Mingzhu can feel it, a kind of tenacity that has nowhere to go but she has to fight on her own to survive, even if she 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies cbd hybrid gummies was adopted since she was a child, this is not the case.

Zhuzhu held the towel in her hand and helped Mo Zhenren to bandage the patient s wound.Although it was slower than the medical workers in the army, but the wrap was very smooth, but this was already very good, not to mention ordinary women, even if they were Those students in Tai .

are cbd gummies good for repairing mucles?

Hospital may not all be able to beat Zhuzhu.Zhuzhu really surprised him.Master Hou, Lord Dingning.The steward of Anjiyuan shouted twice before Cui Zhen came back to his senses.The steward of the Anjiyuan said The official document issued by the imperial court has arrived.Take a look, there is a lot of money allocated this time, and Mr.Tan also asked people to prepare a lot of food.When the wounded soldiers arrive at the Anjiyuan in various places, they will inevitably die.Don t worry about being properly settled Lord Tan has thought of many things ahead, and it has indeed saved them a lot of troubles for the soldiers who lead the troops, but Master Tan didn t notice the case of the war horse at all It s still because the East Palace and the Concubine Party dare not touch it.

I asked someone to go to Tongzhou Wharf to inquire.The ship that transported the goods of the Gu family had handymen on board to 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies help carry the goods.After arriving in Tongzhou , the handyman left without a trace, and he didn t even have time to ask the boss for his wages.Gu Chongyi s heart lit up So it may be that someone has tampered with it secretly.Wei Yuanchen said I have asked people to track down the Handyman.Gu Chongyi let out a long sigh of relief, before he could think of a solution, Wei Yuanchen found a way to start, and this junior of the Wei family is indeed very good.Chapter 351 Cooperating with Gu Chongyi to think about what Wei Yuanchen said, if someone has been staring at the lotus alley, then what happened to Tan Zigeng Was he wronged like Hehua Hutong Gu Chongyi put away the paper in his hand, Wei Yuanchen helped in this way, did he not forget his wife s life saving grace I don t know what the uncle and nephew are planning.

Ms.Zhang seems to have genuine affection for Cui Zhen, but Gu Mingzhu always finds it strange.Gu Mingzhu thoughtfully looked at Wei Yuanchen, Mr.Wei s eyes were deep and deep, as if it was more difficult for people to ponder than usual.After a while, Wei Yuanchen said, Can t you see Gu Mingzhu got up and poured a cup of tea for Wei Yuanchen Although I investigate the case with the adults, after all, I am still young and inexperienced, so I am easily deceived., 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies cbd hybrid gummies it s very common if you don t see it.Wei Yuanchen s face became darker Really Should he remind her that the yamen is still arresting the pearl thief who shot the magistrate Han, and Gu Hou and Mrs.Lin don t know that Nie Chen and Liu Su belong to her.In addition, she also opened a brocade shop in Nancheng, and her house is also on Yaowang Street.

Qiao Zheng took Bai Jingkun and Bai Gong to the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice.Qiao Zheng will interrogate Bai Jingkun tonight, Wei Yuanchen said I gave Bai Jingkun a look at those two documents.Bai Jingkun has been asking about these things since Where did you come from Gu Mingzhu said Bai Jingkun is very concerned about the person who made this machine.Wei Yuanchen turned to Gu Mingzhu You can tell the difference now Gu Mingzhu stretched out his thumb and index finger to purekana cbd gummies scam 30 mg cbd with melatonin gummies open a small slit A little bit.When he was pretending, he was like the charlatan who set up a fortune telling stall on the street, Wei Yuanchen didn t want to look at this face more, but saw her stretch her brows and smile.Forget it, even a fake smile is still pleasing to the eye.Wei Yuanchen moved his gaze away again I asked him, is his child about seven or eight years old He couldn t bear 30 mg cbd with melatonin gummies can you give a dog cbd gummies it anymore.

He didn t sleep well for a few days.Did he become confused Why did he become as stupid as Nie Chen, admitting that he was also a member of the army of godsons Didn t he stay out of it and watch the play Never get caught up in it, or it s not fun but disaster In Zhuangzi s backyard, several torches illuminated the yard.My lord, be careful.Mr.Hu wiped the sweat from his forehead, and watched Mr.Tan, Minister of the Ministry of War, dig the firearm out of the soil.Tan Dingfang said This firearm is exquisitely made.In addition to saltpetre and gunpowder, there are also pieces of flying monkey cbd gummies 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies iron and broken porcelain in it.It is extremely lethal.A lot of objects like this came out, what is this Zhuangzi going to do with so much property and firearms hoarding Qiao Zheng ordered Disassemble the firearm and send it to the Yamen.

Mrs.Lin nodded Yes, especially after being enlightened by Zhenren Mo, Zhuzhu has to read and practice calligraphy every day, and is still tinkering with those prescriptions at home, and she also needs to tidy up the small medicine hall at home, buy more medicinal materials and put them away In case of emergencies, in case the family has a disease and has to go to the doctor.Zhuzhu s idea is good, but I don t know how much Zhenren Mo has taught her.Gu Chongyi recalled the appearance of Zhuzhu s pulse diagnosis just now, and said the pulse case It s the same as Jiang Langzhong I will only think more than Madam.Madam Lin laughed when she heard it That s natural.She was even more certain than hearing that Master Hou would lead the army to win the battle.After Madam Lin finished speaking, she found that Lord Hou was still sitting there frowning.

I m going to pour water.Gu Mingzhu said as she tugged at her arm, and then the sleeve long fingers let go and slid down the back of her hand.Taking this opportunity, she hurriedly turned around to pour water.Wei Yuanchen drank a glass of water, and Gu Mingzhu went to look at the hourglass on the table It s getting late, I have to go back, my lord, take a good rest, if you still feel uncomfortable, ask Chu Jiu 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies to send me a letter, I ll wait a while Leave the prescription to Chujiu, let Chujiu boil the potion, and you only need to cook it once.Wei Yuanchen looked at the light, then at the hourglass Time flies so fast.Yes, it s all to Xin I m old.Gu Mingzhu s mind was in a mess, and she subconsciously replied that the exclamations she heard these days were not the same as these two sentences, one question and one answer, but it was not appropriate to use it here.

This chicken is also used to running legs.How You haven t seen this bird, have you Wei Congzhi put the birdcage in front of Gu Chongyi, It s thanks to Prince Huai.Gu Chongyi said How to say Wei Congzhi lowered his voice Prince Huai s mansion was searched , Those officials who intend to defect to King Huai have prepared a lot of rare objects, seeing such a situation, many people took the things to the shop and sold them, I just just picked up a bargain.Gu Chongyi listened I understand that the ramming goods in front of me are not for the purpose of picking up a bargain, but to inquire about the news behind my back.Gu Chongyi said How is Huaiwang s mansion now Wei Congzhi said Chen Jia, the steward of Huaiwang s mansion, dug 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies cbd hybrid gummies out a box from Huaiwang purekana cbd gummies scam 30 mg cbd with melatonin gummies s treasury.The box was filled with patterns of various firearms.

Xue Laotong obviously also found Liu Su and the woman, and was about to check carefully when he heard Wei Yuanchen say Xue Laotong, don t worry, they are all trustworthy people around me.Wei Yuanchen said He took a deep look at the woman again, he never thought that he would enjoy the night scene with a woman tonight, but as long as the woman is willing, he will not care too much.Sensing Wei Yuanchen s gaze, the mother in law raised her head slightly.It took her a lot of effort to dress up.I don t know if Master Wei is satisfied Mr.Wei asked Liu Su to inform her of the news in advance, because he was afraid that she would show her feet in front of Xue Laotong because of poor preparation, right Several people entered the house together, Mu Qiu and others guarded the door, Liu Su turned around and closed the door.

Yan Shen said that there was something wrong with the people above, but Yan Shen did not find any real evidence at the time, and I didn t want to ask these questions.I didn t know who Yan Shen was talking about.I would like to ask you to help me find out the details of these people.Cao Cao Both Huai and Ding have news report cbd gummies been arrested, and the court has not found any confessions from them, so maybe we can find clues from other people.Seeing that Nie Chen was willing to accept the list he handed over, Master Shen s hands trembled slightly.It was as if there was light again in the darkness.Nie Chen put away the directory, then stood up You and I will do the paperwork, he paused slightly cbd gummies for sleep 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies at this point, But we have taken over your business, you d better not mention it to anyone, you apply We have an eyeliner at home, and if those people know about it and act in advance, we will not be able to find anything.

If she had a bigger appetite, there would be no chicken left in the pot.In fact, she even 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies left half a chicken for Nie Chen and the others.But on the second day, she felt that the food at home was not so delicious.Seeing this, her mother invited a doctor, cbd gummies for sleep 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies so she had to excuse that she had eaten too much and accumulated food.She didn t eat too much at all, she just felt that Master Wei s cooking was better than that of the cook at home.If Master Wei didn t become an official and followed Master Wei to open a few restaurants, the business would be very good.It s a pity that Mr.Wei s status as a cook seems a little inferior.If Nie Chen and the others knew that Mr.Wei was the son of the current son, they might not dare to eat the chicken in that pot.Gu Mingzhu sat on the warm bed and opened the letter sent by Liu Su.

Only then did Shen understand, but the master s eyes just now were very scary, staring at her fixedly, as if a very important secret had been touched.Shen said There is nothing else, I want someone to inquire again, but now no one in the Hou family dares to gossip, they only vaguely know that the maid who was involved in the case back then came back to report to Lord Hou.The truth is, the servant girl secretly gave birth to Lord Hou s concubine a few years ago, and the concubine is four years old.After Shen said this, she paused for a moment I still need to ask the Lord Hou to clarify the real situation.Zhang Da The master nodded when he heard this How is little sister now Shen sighed My little sister was so heartbroken that she didn t listen to persuasion at all, but just curled up on the soft bed with her stomach protected, which made people worry.

It was almost time before Gu Mingzhu got up to say goodbye.Sending Mo Zhenzhen and Miss Gu away, Empress Wei looked at the female officer beside her Is there any movement in the palace these few days Prince Huai s mansion has contacts, but he has not done anything wrong, please forgive me lightly, but the emperor has not agreed.Empress Wei said Where are the palace people The female officer pursed her lips The imperial concubine ordered them to I 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies ve been escorted out of the palace.The result of being escorted out of the palace is to find a place to beat him to death, and throw his body in a mass 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies grave, so that his family will not be affected.The female official continued The Ninth Prince was taken to the imperial concubine s palace and has not returned to the prince s place.The imperial concubine wants to take advantage of this incident to raise the Ninth Prince herself.

Lin s hand and said, You have worked hard.Mrs.Lin smiled shyly under Gu Chongyi s gaze, thinking of all the things she had just experienced, she was safe and sound Master, we want to thank the Wei family, We have to take this kindness to heart.Gu Chongyi said That s natural.But how to pay it back is really a headache.Chapter 423 I like Gu Chongyi before he can think of a way to repay the Wei family, when Mrs.Lin s voice comes from his ear.Second Master Wei will come to the door again in the future, and Master Hou will be more pleasant.Last time Master Hou yelled at people, even the mother who was on duty in the back room heard it.Gu Chongyi came back to his senses Okay, I got it.Next time that annoying guy comes again, he just needs to be more patient, instead of looking at the monk s face and the Buddha s face, with such a good mother, it will be cheaper.

The old man stood up.Should he go or not You just brought this food box in with you.The man came to the old man again, and stuffed a food box into the old man s hand, In this way, I won t ask you for money.The old man frowned slightly, and what he said seemed to be After eating free food, he came to ask him for money again with such a cheeky face, and even told him to go to do something.The subordinates are all so greedy for money, presumably the head of the family will not be much better, it doesn t matter if they don t go.Furious, the old man walked out of the alley with a food box.The old man walked out of the alley quickly, stood on the street and turned his head to look behind him, but no one was chasing him.It seemed as if he knew exactly what was going on in his mind.Did they already know his identity and guess why he came here It seems that they do have some skills.

Wei Yuanchen looked at Pei Shangqing Sir, my father impeached the shipyard when he was alive, who was the one who suppressed this matter Pei Shangqing thought for a while It is Jiang Hong, the chief secretary who became an official.Speaking of which, Pei Shangqing knew why Wei Yuanchen asked this question.Zhang Congju, who was about to go to Guangzhou to take over the city ship department, worked in the chief secretary.The Zhang family was familiar with maritime affairs, not to mention the transfer of warships in coastal shipyards.Almost, Pei Shangqing said, with these evidences, coupled with the guess of Tan Dingfang s life experience, it is enough for the emperor to be suspicious.As long as the cooperation is good, these people can be captured.This is not a small pawn like Lin Sizhen., but will affect the layout of the people behind the scenes for more than ten years.

Wei Yuanchen said This person changed his surname to Xiong and was called Guanshi Xiong.He has been traveling in Daning and northern Xinjiang for the past few years.He also took over and arranged the private goods brought in by sea after they went north.The emperor felt his body tremble when he heard this.The blood in his forehead suddenly poured into his forehead, as if it was about to come out of his eyes What did you say Zheng Ruzong is alive Wei Yuanchen said Not only is Zheng Ruzong alive, he also sent two sons, one After entering the court to become an official, one clings to the Shen family and acts around under the name of the Shen family.This person colludes with the Chief Secretary Zhang Congju to make a big deal of money in the shipyard, using the timber provided by the court to build warships, and kill pirates along the coast.

The sword s edge slashed on King Huai s shoulder, and then kicked it over, causing King Huai to fall to the ground.King Huai felt that half of his body was torn apart, and the sword he was holding tightly in his hand was also lost.The man grabbed his injured arm, and when he raised his head.With a slap , he slapped King Huai heavily on the face.King Huai s eyes were staring, and his ears were buzzing.Another slap was thrown on the 30 mg cbd with melatonin gummies can you give a dog cbd gummies other half of the face, and then his crotch hurt, and he was kicked firmly.King Huai curled up and fell to the ground, and screams came from his mouth.Bah Qiu Hai spat, If you run away again, I ll kill you.Qiu Hai flew up and kicked King Huai s jaw again.Blood flowed from King Huai s mouth, and before the blood froth could 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies be completely spit out, he was grabbed by the bun on his head and dragged forcefully.

It is harder for a wise man to rejoice, because he sees farther and is more sober.When he was discussing the affairs of the world with the prince in the guardhouse, he had seen through the political situation, knowing that the flying monkey cbd gummies 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies person on the throne would definitely not let the prince and Daning go.They all know that the prince is more suitable to sit on the throne than the current emperor, but it is a pity that the prince is the youngest son of the previous emperor.The weak cannot compete with the current emperor, so they came up with a plan to be suppressed by the emperor s troops, and secretly wait for the opportunity.One day this world will belong to the prince.So what if he gave up his status as a guard general What he wanted was never such a small official position, he was a handsome talent, the unique handsome talent in the Great Zhou Dynasty, even his heir was firmly in the position of Shangshu of the Ministry of War, and all the soldiers and horses in the world were under the control of his Zheng family.

King Huai stepped back in an orderly manner, his steps were very small, and he was very cautious.He would always be like this in the future, and he would never have the slightest arrogance.When King Huai left the hall, Huang Chang carefully changed the hot tea and put it in front of the emperor Tianjia, you are just getting better, so don t bother too much.The emperor didn t make a sound, he kept looking at the place where King Huai was kneeling , there was a drop of blood there, and the smell of blood seemed to permeate the entire hall.Huang Changneng could feel that after hearing the name King Liang , the emperor s heart has been in a state of confusion.It seems to be calm until now, but in fact he has not really settled down.Your Majesty, someone from the Palace of Compassion and Ning asked about it, Huang Chang said in a low voice, The empress dowager is very concerned about the dragon body of the Tian family, what do you think the Tian family will do The emperor s eyes were cold Just say I m fine, Please don t worry about the queen mother, I am busy with political affairs, I will go back to visit the queen mother in a few days.

The three of them, father and son, gather less and leave are cbd gummies legal in pa more, for the day when the Lord s great 30 mg cbd with melatonin gummies can you give a dog cbd gummies cause will be accomplished.A sound of footsteps came from behind, Tan Dingfang turned around and saw a team of imperial guards entering the mansion, led by Long flying monkey cbd gummies 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies Jinwei commanding Tongzhi.Tan Dingfang opened his eyebrows slightly, there are not many people the emperor can trust, and Captain Long must be overwhelmed right now.Long Jinwei commanded Tongzhi to stand still in front of Tan Ding Master Tan.Tan Dingfang nodded Why is this, Master Tongzhi Commander Tongzhi Ma Dai did not answer, but asked Tan Dingfang according to the emperor s will The emperor ordered me to come here and cbd gummies any good ask my lord to verify something.Tan Dingfang listened carefully.Ma Dai said My lord, do you know Qiu Hai Tan Dingfang shook his head I don t know.

Master.Tan Dingfang was thinking about it when he heard shouts.He turned his head and saw that Mrs.Dong was walking towards him quickly.Master, Mrs.Dong tried her best to maintain her composure, but still showed an anxious expression, Master, you Mrs.Dong tightly clutched the cloak in her hand, pursed her pale lips, It s cold, Put on your cloak and go out.Tan Dingfang nodded, Okay.At this moment, he was also very peaceful.Mrs.Dong put the cloak on Tan Dingfang s shoulders.Master, don t worry, Mrs.Dong said softly, Neither I nor the baby will implicate you.Tan Dingfang s heart trembled when he heard this, and a bad premonition crossed his mind What did you say The child is asleep, Mrs.Dong said with a smile, I just let him take the medicine, and he sleeps peacefully.He won t know, and he won t drag you down.

Now Zhou Zejing can be sure that this Master Feng has a grudge against him, otherwise he would not set 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies up traps everywhere just waiting for him to step into it.Zhou Zejing stammered and continued to defend himself I heard that those people s eyeliners are all over the capital, maybe that Cui Wei has something wrong with our Zhou family.Zhou Zejing said with a flash of eyes It is impossible for our Zhou family to Has your lord heard about Cui Wei and those traitors The case of the second prince is also strange, and it was also framed by those people My niece was involved because of this, and died tragically in the prison.It was Cui Wei who moved it.Zhou Zejing paid attention to Feng Tongpan s expression, there was no surprise or surprise on Feng Tongpan s face, obviously he knew about it long ago.

He couldn t help but curl his lips, no wonder Uncle Qi has a reputation of being generous, he always goes straight like this without giving others any face, Uncle Er dare not come to the front yard because he is afraid of losing his prestige in front of others, he hides in the courtyard of the second room, at least he can To stabilize the hearts of the Second Household, many people still have expectations for the Second Uncle, hoping that the Second Uncle can beat him out.Mrs.Zhou shouted.Before Zhou s nursing home stepped forward, Zhou Zesheng s long sword was unsheathed with a clang , he threw the tip of the sword 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies cbd hybrid gummies on the ground, and the hilt kept vibrating.Zhou Zesheng gently kneaded his wrists Alright, help us brothers relax.When he came to Beijing from the guard, he brought a few cronies with him, in addition to people from the Wei family, the Zhou family Is the nursing home their .

does cbd gummies?

opponent chongs choice cbd gummies watermelon slices None of the servants of the Zhou family dared to step forward.

Zhou Ruyue exclaimed, and took two steps back in fright, and then she saw a figure wearing a fence, and the woman behind the fence said faintly I thought it was something sneaky, it turned out to be someone.Anyone can It can be heard that people in the market are deliberately taunting her, Zhou Ruyue is about to refute.Did you hear that Gu Mingzhu said loudly, Miss Wednesday said that you can talk about everything related to the third bedroom of the Zhou HCMUSSH 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies family.Anyway, what happened to the third bedroom has nothing to do with the second bedroom.The first half of the sentence was said by her, but the second half was fabricated by this ordinary person.She is usually knowledgeable and courteous in front of outsiders, but now being said like this, it seems that she is full of conspiracy and tricks, Zhou Ruyue thought of this and said You I knew you were such a person.

Back then, the Emperor personally drove the King of Liang, and the King of Liang was unbearable.One blow, the current King Liang is the same, sooner or later he buy cbd infused gummies will be beheaded by the emperor.Hearing Concubine De s words, the emperor felt a 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies little angry in his heart If I am safe, I would have decapitated King Liang long ago.So Your Majesty needs to take care of your illness, Concubine De said, As long as Your Majesty recovers from illness, all problems will be solved.Hearing Concubine De s words, the Emperor felt much more at ease, and rested peacefully on the soft bed.Concubine De was on the side gently kneading the emperor s forehead.The emperor s well proportioned breathing slowly sounded in the inner hall.Huang Chang bowed his head and retreated from the inner hall.He had been by the emperor s side for a long time, and he was able to figure order royal cbd gummies out the holy will, just like the emperor s love for Concubine De, he saw it without hesitation.

Liang, you can sleep a little longer.Concubine De nodded and lay back down again, but felt uncomfortable, and asked the female officer to change her sweaty clothes.Concubine De opened her eyes again after the female officer put down the lamp, she always felt that something would happen at any time, and only when the Zhou family s affairs were thoroughly dealt with could she feel at ease.Six years ago, when she heard that Zhou Zecheng s daughter had also died in the prison, she was both regretful and at ease.Finally, no one knew about her relationship with Mr.Na Xin.Now everything has come back again, some people insist on investigating the case back then, but Liang Wang is still alive, if the emperor knows that she had a relationship with Liang Wang when she was in her boudoir, what will happen.

Shen Lan still couldn t believe it The emperor has always been loyal to the emperorcould it bereally a man of King Liang If that s true, wouldn t the planning of the empress and Lord Su all these years 30 mg cbd with melatonin gummies become a joke Empress Wei said indifferently I also hope that he will be loyal to the emperor, otherwise I m afraid it will hurt the emperor s heart.What plan Empress Wei smiled slightly in her heart, she would not tell the emperor these things, nor would she bother 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies to find evidence to let the emperor see the loyalty and treachery, but let them prove to the emperor whether it was true or false.Empress Wei turned and left.Shen Lan looked at the backs of Empress Wei and Miss Gu, her whole body was as soft as a puddle of mud, and she finally understood why Empress Defei and Empress Guifei were so afraid of Empress Wei.

The emperor s breath seemed to come and go, and he was obviously about to die.God helped King Liang.Huang Chang couldn t help being happy, he was okay.It s easy to calm down, and the next thing is to wait for King Su to lead his troops into the palace.It must be the most chaotic time in the capital.King Su kills the king, and Prince Liang can enter the palace to get rid of this frenzied thief, kill the other sons of the emperor, get rid of the queen mother, queen mother, and noble concubine, and push all these on the head of King Su.Next, Prince Liang will stabilize the chaotic situation and inherit the great rule logically.Chapter 508 Prepared for a long time Huang Chang breathed a sigh of relief, and hurriedly took out the prepared edict.After the former emperor Concubine Kang s mother and son were brought to justice, the emperor who was still King Lu began to bloodbath Usa Mansion, Concubine Kang s natal family.

The emperor searched everywhere for the faults of the Wei family and the queen, and even scolded the queen in front of her, trying to isolate the queen.What the emperor did was to play tricks on everyone as fools.In fact, it was not others but himself who was stupid.She has been enduring this fool all the time, hoping that one day she will find a chance to help the queen, and now she has got her wish.The queen mother looked at Mo Yangming Is the emperor seriously ill Mo Yangming nodded, I m afraid the emperor s eyes will disappear.The queen mother nodded It doesn t matter, the eyes are not important to the emperor.The person who is so innocent, it is better to be blind than to let him look around and regard the mud as gold and jade.Mo Yangming continued The Emperor was so angry that he suffered a stroke, and it will be difficult for him to move around in the future.

Now it seems that his life should be saved.Looking at the two people lying on the wooden board, Gu Mingzhu let out a long sigh of relief.After a short rest, she was going to help the medical staff and treat other wounded soldiers.Liu Su heard the news from the outside, walked to Gu Mingzhu and said in a low voice Miss, I heard that Master Wei was injured, but luckily the armor protected the vitals, so there should be no serious problems, now go to the direction of Dagu I m chasing the King of Liang.After hearing the news from Lord Wei, Gu Mingzhu felt that her heart, which had been restless all along, was a little more stable.This time the situation was very dangerous.They found that it was too late for King Liang to plan, so they had to deal with it hastily, and mistakes might happen in haste.

At this moment, the majestic General Wei was a little less fierce, and more simple and sincere, making Gu Chongyi really feel like his own junior.Gu Chongyi said After I go back, I will report to the court that the credit for capturing King Liang is not ours.You lead troops to suppress the rebellion and capture King Liang alive.You will have a bright future.Uncle, Wei Yuanchen said, I have something important to tell my uncle.Isn t it important to capture King Liang Wei Sanye looked very solemn at this time, which made Gu Chongyi feel a little nervous What s the matter Before Wei Yuanchen could speak, Wei Congzhi said Brother Chen, if you have anything to say, just talk to Lord Hou, and Lord Hou will decide.I will agree, when my second uncle and Lord Hou were at sea, Lord Hou said that as long as Brother Chen asked, Lord Hou would agree.

An hour later, Empress Wei got up and stretched her muscles, and walked lightly to the emperor.The emperor on the warm kang seemed to tremble.The emperor is afraid of his concubines Empress Wei said calmly.The emperor had no strength to struggle, he was afraid of Wei Shi, Wei Shi did those things under his nose, after the anger, all that was left was fear.In order to save Wei Yuanchen, Wei jumped down from the high platform.At that time, she had just given birth, and Wei had a narrow escape to save his son s life.He struggled until now, and finally stepped on him., will never let him go easily.His present appearance is what she wants the most, no wonder she has to bring him by her side every day, whenever she sees him lying there wishing to live or die, she is very happy, right The emperor s chest was like a drum beating.

Wei Yuanchen said out of conscience The case is being suppressed.They don t know yet.She hadn t looked at the case for a long time, Gu Mingzhu said Let me think about it.Master Wei s face stretched, and there was a smile in his eyes.Chapter 544 Family Affairs Gu Mingzhu and Wei Yuanchen sat on the porch for a while longer.Wei Yuanchen said Mr.Sun is going to Beijing.Mr.Sun went around to collect prescriptions and write them into a book.Starting from Shanxi, he went all the way to the southwest and went farther and farther.The Wei family finally found Mr.Sun in Wusi Tibet, and brought him back.Gu Mingzhu was delighted to hear that.Wei Yuanchen said 30 mg cbd with melatonin gummies can you give a dog cbd gummies At that time, sir, please come and watch the ceremony.Gu Mingzhu nodded, and their wedding was not far away.The empress asked the Ministry of Rites to choose three auspicious dates, and I don t know how Master Wei persuaded my grandfather not to choose the latest one, but set it in March next year.

But this was not enough, when she learned that the Luo family uncle had been killed, how could it be so easy to make up for her heartache.If the uncle of the Luo family was alive, they would have already had children around their knees, and the death of a bastard is far from enough.The person she 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies liked was killed, but Cui Zhen had a wife and concubine, how unfair Every time she saw Mrs.Lin s arrogant appearance and the lively scene of Dingning Hou Mansion, she would feel even more resentful.She knew Mrs.Lin hated Mrs.Zhou, so she used Mrs.Zhou to make a fuss, leading Mrs.Lin to disturb the family.After she became pregnant, she deliberately told Mrs.Lin about the children in her belly.Believe in the Taoist priests, and deliberately bought the Taoist priests to say that the baby in the womb has a very good fate and will surely be able to glorify his ancestors in the future.

Cui Zhen walked into the room, sat straight on the chair, and then turned his gaze to Mrs.Zhang on the bed.There was a strange smile on Zhang s pale face Master Hou, you are finally here, I have been waiting for you for a long time.Next, it s time for Cui Zhen to ask the baby in her belly, Cui Zhen finally couldn t help it up.Cui Zhen ignored Mrs.Zhang s words, but said indifferently A few years ago, I just got engaged to Zhou s parents and daughter.The frontier was in an emergency.I brought people back to the Datong Guard.Do you know about this Cui Zhen s The reaction was obviously not what Zhang expected, and she couldn t help being startled.Cui Zhen didn t wait for Mrs.Zhang to reply, and continued, I won the 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies battle in Datong, and killed several traitors.Mrs.Zhang s lips trembled, and her already pale face lost all color.

Now that Wei Yuanchen knew what Master Zhou did, he would try to take the portrait from Prince Gong, and when he saw Wei Yuanchen, he would ask him personally.Cui Zhen said No need, did you ask Mr.Zhou who painted that portrait Wang Jing said Yes, I have already sent someone to look for that person.If that person has something 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies to hide, he will definitely take the portrait.Get it back, and I will never let the portrait of my wife what is kana cbd gummies fall into the hands of others.Cui Zhen ordered Do it After Zhou s parents learned that Zhou Rujun was killed by Cui Wei and Zhang, they wanted to come forward and move Zhou Rujun.He did not agree to leave Cui s ancestral grave.He has already dealt with many matters in the Dingninghou Mansion, but the matter of the Zhou family is always on his mind.Cui Zhen was about to turn around and go back to the desk when he suddenly changed his mind and called to Wang Jing, I ll go with you.

Fortunately, Mr.Yuezhang has returned to Shaanxi, purekana cbd gummies scam 30 mg cbd with melatonin gummies he ordered the small kitchen to prepare a table of meals, have a few drinks with his wife tonight, unravel his wife, and talk to his wife about the relationship between husband and wife.For tonight, he specially bought two pots of tomatoes , which were brought into Dazhou from Xifan after the sea transportation resumed.Is Madam back Gu Chongyi asked the steward.Madam would go to Zhuzhu s flying monkey cbd gummies 50mg full spectrum cbd gummies side every day to sit and sit, so it should be about the same time.I m back, said the steward, Madam is playing in the garden with my uncle.Gu Chongyi stood up and said, Go and tell Madam, let s go to the study for dinner tonight.He also has to change into a new robe, uncle Every time I come to pick up Zhuzhu and go back, I always dress brightly, maybe a change of clothes is really useful He had someone warm the wine in the study room and smoked the incense beforehand, so the tomatoes were naturally placed there, and Madam would be pleasantly surprised when she entered the door.

She was happy to leave alone and continue to accompany Brother Chun in the garden The steward politely invited Wei Congzhi to the study.As soon as the door was opened, there was a faint scent of flowers, and pots of red fruits greeted the eyes.Wine was warmed on the table, and pots were stewing on the small clay stove.Wei Congzhi s tears rolled in his eyes, and he turned his head to rush to Gu Chongyi This is all for me Brother, you have treated me so well.Gu Chongyi dodged away, his face as dark as the bottom of a pot No.Wei Congzhi smiled and said Don t lie to me, my sister in law has already told me that my brother has been thinking about me.Gu Chongyi s chest froze, and anger burst out from Gu Hou s eyes.He tried his best to control himself so as not to beat Wei Congzhi into a pulp.His banquet, his tomatoes and everything he carefully prepared How did Madam think about it He said that there was no meal prepared, but his wife asked the steward to lead him to the study, his heart was like being stepped on by a hundred blind bears.

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