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I connected to the British call and thought it was from the British, but I didn t expect it to be from you.General Galwitz had no time to think about why the British call received his headquarters Lieutenant, where is your current position I don t know, General.I m attacking Prince Thorbek s battalion The voice from the phone was very loud, and the entire headquarters fell silent.Almost everyone thought they had heard it wrong.General Galwitz also thought he had heard it wrong, so he was taken aback for a moment before asking You What are you doing We are attacking Assault on the Briton s Prince Thorbork s battalion God, when the German army has already retreated, there are still troops attacking Lieutenant, didn t you receive an order to retreat The Prince Sobock Battalion is the elite of the British, how many troops do you have on just cbd hemp infused gummies 100mg hand General, I have received an order to retreat There was a boom explosion on the other end of the phone, and then fell silent.Ernst, you and me, Manstein, you let the Chinese sit in front Richthofen has already considered this point.Fortunately, Guo Yunfeng s comprehension in this aspect is still good, besides, he only needs to sit in front with his legs folded, and hold the faucet for balance.It was wobbly, but with the coordination of Manstein s pedaling behind, the two people s movements quickly became best full spectrum cbd gummies for sleep gummies with cbd consistent.Four big men, riding two tandem two wheelers, this scene looks somewhat funny His assistant Boritz stood aside, waiting patiently.The time passed by, and it was five minutes since the usual time to go out for a walk.The habit of time.Pompestein finally finished reading the documents in his hand and closed the file The espionage activities of the British and French are becoming more and more rampant, and three more were caught yesterday.Yes, Colonel.Major Madan replied respectfully.Come on, creator of the miracle of the Somme.Fargud tidied up his military uniform Come to my tent, let s have a drink, you will like the rum I brought.Wang Weiyi and his subordinates took a look and found that they were as helpless as themselves.If fighting the British is very cruel, then fighting the French is really no different from a gameEight minutes to end the battle Well, Captain Ernst Brahm really overestimated those FrenchmenWang Weiyi was eye opening when he walked into Fargud s tent.It s amazing, this is simply an exquisite mobile villa.The orderly wearing a military uniform is not so much a soldier as a servant.For your victory.Colonel Fargud raised his glass without feeling sorry for his failure.For my victory When Wang Weiyi said this, he felt It s awkward.In this rescue, Ernst Brahm, the leader, planner, and implementer of the entire plan undoubtedly played a vital role, and Richthofen s superb flying skills and terrifying The spirit of adventure is also a very important link.August who was rescued did not express much verbal gratitude to Wang Weiyi, but before being picked up by General von Bello, August said to Wang Weiyi I hope that in the near future I will be able to see you in the future and fight side by side with you.August put all his gratitude into these words.Wanderer, here I show that the second phase of the Soarer Mission has been completed, and the completion rate of the base s self renovation and upgradehas reached 5 Wang Weiyi was taken aback by Xiaoling s words , and immediately understood.It turns out that this is the feat that the base wants to accomplish by itself, and this is the real completion of the mission.If I had the chance on the battlefield, I would shoot and kill Baron Alexon without hesitation, but now it is not about war, but about the honor of a soldier and the conscience of an upright man.If I don t come, I don t cbd gummies para la ereccion deserve to be an upright person, and I will be spurned by everyone who knows the truth Mr.Lawyer, I think you may not understand the thoughts of honest people Lieutenant Colonel Rosen responded unceremoniously.This is another humiliation that Marklin suffered today.Rosen no longer paid attention to him But I also hesitated, I thought about what would happen once I came to Berlin thing I m going to be arrested and wait in a POW camp until the end of the war, should I I told myself that if I chose to avoid it, I would spend my life in shame and guilt.I gathered all the wounded who had returned to the hospital that day on the battlefield and told them about it.He has always rejected everything that goes against common sense of science and hates mysticism, aha.It occurred to me that Schlaf must have had a good time with himwitchcraft, astrology, spiritualismhe doesn t believe in anything.He is said to have been angrily sera relief cbd gummies amazon best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon reprimanded when he was suggested to apply for a special fund to extract gold from seawater.Would such a person believe in alchemy Rommel took out the grenade and threw it out vigorously, watching the two enemies fall with the sound of the explosion I understand.So that kilok you see is fake Yes, fake.But why would the enemy try to confuse me with a fake Kilok The intelligence must have been leaked, we were exposed.Wang Weiyi looked around, and many enemies participated in the battle.Breaking out seemed to be becoming more and more difficult And that damn Watts, I sent Manstein to monitor him, he Entered best full spectrum cbd gummies for sleep Raffarin s headquarters several times, well, he was also with them.A bullet magazine was thrown to Wang Weiyi, and the submachine gun that had been silent for a while roared again.Hey, major, do you want a ride This is not a damn bicycle Manstein shouted revenge after throwing a grenade.Fritz, can t you be careless Otherwise, I ll assign you to the bicycle brigade when we go back Wang Weiyi smiled and enjoyed the pleasure brought by the muzzle beating.Looking to the left, Boncrele has quickly withdrawn from the battlefield.Rommel, Stecke and another team member also boarded the truck.Let s go, Major.Elena is still waiting for us.Wang Weiyi took one last look at Weidman s body, and jumped onto the truck s pedal Ocus, get out Others, Weidman Farewell, my brother We can only leave your body here, but one day we will come back The truck rushed forward again crazily.I have all my thoughts.This crow s mouth is rare in the world This mouth attracted the bombing of his own people, and now it really attracted the heavy weapons of the Russians Seeing more than a dozen pairs of annoyed eyes, Guderian also swore that in the future, he would never stop To HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon be best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon a man of few words Major, what should we do now We can t find tanks.Major, hurry up and get out before they completely seal this place.No, we can t break out now.Hitler gasped We will enter the Vatican.Diss road has been blocked, going out now is just to die.Wang Weiyi touched his nose, feeling a little troubled.He looked at his subordinates, looking at him expectantly.Are you trying to break in Under the blockade of two heavy machine guns, maybe everyone will die.Find a place to hide, and when can you hide Take off their military uniforms.Who was Ernst looking for.How could he be so powerful It took a day to figure out the general defense of the Russian army, but he could still get more information Wang Weiyi was also surprised.Although he knew that the person in front of him was a super spy.Wang Weiyi can get some information from Xiaoling, but Xiaoling has no way to know the specific defenses on the battlefield.And with Riley s assistance, the possibility of the Skeleton Commando breaking out will be greatly increased.Ernst, the time we agreed best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon cbd gummies sleep near me with General Gedell is tomorrow Rommel reminded in a low voice.If you can t stand out from Omjet, General Gedel can t do anything.Wang Weiyi made his own decision Kugla, when you go to get information, you must be careful and detailed.Especially Poyaevra and Kurokov Of these two places, which one is more suitable for us to break through, we must figure out Time One day is not enough, I will give you two days But before that, is there anything nearby where we can hide There s a run down manor house two miles from here.In Xiao Ling s introduction, this woman s persistent spirit is not inferior to that of a man at allThe richer people are, the more low key they are Hermione and the countess are very good friends, and even the countess has many assets that are handed over to the Wittgenstein family Reasonable, there is a dirty relationship between them.In the countess s introduction, HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon the Wittgenstein family could have been promoted to nobles, but Karl Wittgenstein unexpectedly rejected the title of nobles.He once said that he was a Wittgenstein, rather than a general Count of the Ringstrasse.Moreover, Karl Wittgenstein was unwilling to accept the title of nobility conferred on him by the Austro Hungarian Empire.Being born in Germany, he cared more about the title of German nobility.He had spread rumors on many occasions that his family might be an illegitimate child of the Sein Wittgenstein family, a HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon high ranking German nobleman.Such sugar free gluten free cbd gummies a result.Even the team members couldn t imagine it at all.What kind of battle is this It was simply a matter of who captured more prisoners in that competition.Although the results are gratifying, this is not what this group of desperadoes want.What they need is to establish their own supreme glory in the fierce battle Guderian stood up from the tank.The battle he imagined did not happen at all, so far, he has only fired one shell.If there is another big war in the future, as long as you give yourself more tanks, you can go to Paris in a few days Guderian thought so in his heart Now, he has He no longer hated tanks, and even the suffocating air in them felt familiar and familiar to him.He remembered what Lieutenant Colonel Ernst once said to him, what would it be like to command countless tanks one day He remembered that he flatly rejected the proposal that day, he couldn t even stay in the tank for a minute But now, he is infinitely looking forward to that day coming as soon as possible Ernst.Udine seemed to have been forgotten by the Italians.Colonel, I heard that the Germans have launched an attack in Tolmezzo.Stino, the commander of the Borza infantry regiment, entered.I heard Colonel Diego sneered, and he didn t best full spectrum cbd gummies for sleep gummies with cbd know whether he was laughing at himself or what A colonel, the intelligence on the battlefield can only be obtained by hearing, Lieutenant Colonel Stino, this is Is it ironic Stino didn t know how to comfort the colonel, the colonel was too isolated in the Second Army, a colonel, and no officer supported him, Forget it, let s not talk about it.Colonel Diago came to the map and looked at it carefully for a while Colonel Stino, I think General Cross may be able to persist in cbd gummies shop in houston Tolmezzo for a week.Send another request for reinforcements to General Cadorna.If Tolmezzo falls into enemy hands, they will surely cross the Tagliamento River and attack Udine directly Colonel Diego still He overestimated the combat power of the Italians.Hey, do you guys regret that you never saw the Baron Skull Do you guys regret it Never seen a Skeleton Baron 245.The five offensives of the last two missions ended with the failure of the German army, but the skeleton commando still maintained the most brilliant light in these five offensives.Ernst Alexson Von.Brahm was promoted to major general, and the youngest general was born.This did not make Wang Weiyi happy at all.Partial victories did not bring Germany final victory.The US military has begun to arrive in Europe continuously, with a large amount of supplies and a large number of soldiers.Britain and France were also rearmed, but they, pure kana 500 gummies cbd reviews who had been embarrassed by the German offensive before, were finally rejuvenated.It is now July of 191, and there are still more than three months before Wanderer Wang Weiyi leaves this era.Among the sound of rumbling guns, Wang Weiyi suddenly became interested If I can kill Neikouyan best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon Temple this time, how about you cooking for me and pedicure for three years To be honest, Wang Weiyi still doesn t know how Guo Yunfeng s pedicure skills are.I ll help you with your pedicure first and then cook for you.Guo Yunfeng replied angrily What if you lose I m going to lose, I ll help you find a wife in the future, how about it Wang Weiyi thought for a moment and said.Really Can I lie to you Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Success, it s a deal Guo Yunfeng was fooled.How could it be so easy to kill Neikouyan Temple Guo Yunfeng is going to lose, and he has to help Wang Weiyi cook and pedicure for three whole years.Wang Weiyi is going to lose In the future, Wang Weiyi will be talking about people like Manstein in the future It was all in the hands of Wang Weiyi.They often pounce on the enemy with the last bit of strength even when the bayonet has already penetrated their chest There are layers upon layers of corpses on the ground, some from the Chinese, some from the R himself The Japanese army began to shake up seriously Masanori Hasegawa understands that it is very difficult for him to win today, and the group of Chinese people on the opposite side are here to risk their lives.He decisively issued an order to retreat.The 42nd Infantry Regiment retreated like a tide.won Did r himself really win The soldiers of those countries still couldn t believe it Yes, they really won On the evening of November 6, 1937, the 107th Division of the National Revolutionary HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon Army took the initiative to attack and killed 531 Japanese bandits.Our side killed and injured 522 people.Loudly reprimanding his subordinates for being stupid Can t even describe General Ernst s face He has a handsome Japanese face, ah the chin should have an oriental taste damn it Hitler became a little annoyed He is a handsome and mighty German military officer In the end, he could only adopt a compromise opinion, combining everyone s descriptions of General Ernst, and then shaping it into a statue in Paris Square in Berlin.And all about the portrait of General Ernst.This statue shall prevail Looking at the portrait on the wall, Steck felt very much like General Ernst in his mind.But I always feel that something is best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon not satisfactory enough.Indeed, some essence is missing General, are you missing Baron Alexon again Hannah asked cautiously.Yeah, I miss General Ernst again, isn t your father like this Steck turned around and asked.Wang Weiyi s head exploded.Mr.German Officer Hell, this woman recognizes herself However, Wang Weiyi couldn t think of where he had seen her Mr.German officer The Russian woman finally called out, but there was no fear in her voice, but joy, she actually Like a child, he grabbed Wang Weiyi s hand and jumped up and down Mr.German Officer Mr.German Officer I know, I only found out after many years, your name is Ernst Bly Mm You re the skeleton baron of Germany Mister Officer, I ve been looking for you for years Years Do you know I ve been looking for you since I saw you in Kasmidov They say you re dead , but I don t believe it, I don t believe it I know you won t die WooI ve been looking for you for many, many years She laughed and cried, and finally cried out.She was crying so sadly, like a little girl who had suffered many grievances but finally found her relatives Kasmidov Wang Weiyi faintly remembered something.The sudden shells brought them from their deep sleep into the hell on earth in an instant Amidst the constant explosions, the engineers of the 3rd row of the 1st Battalion, 2nd Company, and 3rd Platoon of the 1st Battalion of the 305th Regiment had already dispersed.The explosives that had already been buried were quickly detonated.Jiangjia Village was completely submerged by explosions, gunpowder smoke and best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon flames The Japanese army was in chaos, completely and completely The mortar shells were still roaring and falling, as if they would never stop until they smashed the last shell Amidst the huge explosion and flames, Wang Weiyi stood up Attack Attack The tank roared.The guns on the Vik tank also smashed the bombs fiercely, and all the weapons on the six wheeled tanks, armored vehicles, and Italian ultra light tanks fired at the same time Attack attack The voices of the officers continued to ring out, and the soldiers followed the tanks and began to attack Jiangjia Village At this time, what has to be admitted is that although the Japanese army, which was hotheaded when they attacked Jiangjia Village for the last time, suffered unnecessary losses.In fact, this is just a myth, but the Chinese only have the highest honor, nothing more than that In addition to Wang Weiyi, a large number of officers and soldiers of the Huben Guard Brigade were awarded medals.Wang Weiyi became the youngest and most dazzling general in China the Huben Guard Brigade became the youngest kenai farms cbd gummies best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon and most dazzling army in China A large number of reporters flocked to Changshu, requesting to interview General Wang Weiyi, the hero of the Anti Japanese War, but Wang Weiyi only accepted the interview from best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon zh ngy ngr Newspaper reporter Guo Mengzhen, and it was clearly stipulated at the time of the interview.No photography allowed.This is a very strange rule, but if you can interview sera relief cbd gummies amazon best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon this general who has made great achievements, then the regret of not being able to take photos can be completely made up for Facing this young general, Guo Mengzhen The veteran reporter actually felt a little nervous.The 104th Infantry Regiment, the 5th Infantry Regiment, the 19th Mountain Artillery Regiment, the 17th Cavalry Regiment, and the 13th Engineer Regiment were mobilized.Even some soldiers of the 13th Regiment of the Supplies were added to the frontline troops.The Ueno detachment was also fully mobilized.There is only one goal Jiuhu Town decisive battle In Dizhou Libing s view, this has become a real decisive battle Either win and restore the dignity that was almost lost due to continuous failure or fail, then Dizhou Libing doesn t plan to go back again The shame has been suffered enough.The decisive battle is about to start, but what is Wang Weiyi doing at this time After annihilating the Huben Guard Brigade of the 116th Regiment, most of them returned to Jiuhu Town to best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon deal with the possible attack of the Japanese army at any time, and how does taking cbd gummies make you feel Wang Weiyi, after explaining the sour gummy bears cbd best full spectrum cbd gummies for sleep task.The only thing that can be used as a logo the huge white skull on the nose.Sen Leng s eyes stared straight ahead, as if he wanted to swallow everything up.Not only Liu Cuigang, everyone in the sky suddenly best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon side effects of cbd gummy discovered this strange fighter that appeared best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon from nowhere As soon as the dark fighter appeared in the sky, it quickly and fiercely rushed towards the two Japanese fighters that were entangled with Gao Zhihang.The bullets sprayed out from the Diablo Fighter, so swiftly and accurately, when there was no response from the Japanese fighter, black smoke was already emitting from the fuselage of a Japanese fighter, and it quickly fell towards the ground.Liu Cuigang couldn t help cheering, he was here to help the Chinese Air best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon Force Gao Zhihang also couldn t figure out where this fighter plane came from, but what he was sure of was that this strange fighter plane was a friend rather than an enemy and the dark fighter plane didn t seem to care about anyone else at all.Especially those machine gunners corpses and seas of blood, Radfu has completely become a hell on earth On the morning of the 23rd, the Soviet army launched about six or three attacks, and paused for a while at noon, and in the afternoon, a new attack quickly started.The arms of the g34 machine gunners were already swollen, hallucinations began to appear in front of their eyes, they only felt bloody, and then in the bloody, countless ghosts were charging there.The submachine gunners wished that the p40 in their hands could also be turned into a g34, otherwise there would be too many Russians rushing up one after another, and it would be too late to shoot them.The gunners of the tanks and self propelled artillery were all going crazy.Their shells had never lucid dreams cbd gummies stopped since the beginning of the battle, and later, the shells were almost too late to supply.God, how on earth did the amazing Baron Alexon do it How dare he enter Moscow to save people Although General Paulus and General Kleist had long admired the name of the Baron Skeleton, they were not very familiar with the Baron, but they had heard some stories.For example, there is no place in the world best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon that he is afraid to go, and there is no thing that he cannot do.If the baron wants, he can go to London and bring the diamond in the crown of the British king back to Berlin There are too many legends about him, best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon and now it seems that all of them are completely true He disappeared for a total of three and a half days, and then he drove back to his own best full spectrum cbd gummies for sleep gummies with cbd position in a car and brought back the Kolkorok family.How on earth did the Baron do it This made all the generals in Germany feel green cbd gummies price uk crazy They HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon hope that the war will not stop all day long, so that the baron can command the battle quietly, otherwise, God knows what the baron will do if he has a moment of free time.At the headquarters of the Skeleton Division, which is also the headquarters of the Kharkov Group of the German Army, Marshal Ernst Brahm picked up the phone in his hand The Three Headed Banshee plan has begun The whole army assaults All Army assault Wang Weiyi has done enough intelligence work, and the real and fake telegrams continue to trouble Timoshenko If you want to successfully deceive the enemy, you must tell the enemy some real information.The best best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon liar 70 truth, 30 lie The Soviet Union has a very powerful intelligence system, and they can identify the true and false information in the shortest time.They did most of it too the German reinforcements were mobilized there, the Germans did want to attack the 9th Army but that s not all The destination of the German troops being mobilized is not Kharkov at all That was the troops commanded by Manstein and Guderian, and they had another fighting purpose of their own Baron Alexon No need for reinforcements Ernst.Therefore, the 306th Artillery Command of the German Army was transferred in its entirety, mainly attached to the 54th Army on the northern front, while the 30th Army and the Romanian Mountain Army encircled the first line positions of the Soviet Army in the south.On April 16, 1942, the second Sevastopol offensive and defensive battle kicked off.On that day, 203 German artillery companies assembled in the northern fortress group.Manstein tried to open a gap in the strongest defense line, thus launching the craziest German artillery attack in World War II.However, the northernmost Maxim Gorky I fortress suppresses the main northern road and the dangerous area of the Bebek Canyon, and the 305mm artillery can pose a devastating threat to the German infantry at any time.And ordinary artillery can t do anything to this extremely strong fortress, and its range of 44 kilometers makes it difficult for the German 54th Army to advance an inch.China has a lot of materials and manpower.Why didn t Germany choose to cooperate with them I have thought about it a long time ago.Wang Weiyi propped his chin and said But the premise is that we must open up a transportation line to Russia.If we want to open up a transportation line in gummy cbd brand Russia, it seems that I will prepare a new large scale attack again.Military Hermione didn t understand the matter at all That s your business.The invincible Baron Alexon will always succeed.But I will reveal another news to you, a secret representative sent by the Chinese National Government The delegation is visiting the United States, if you are interested in joining forces with the Chinese side, I think they may be able how much thc is in delta 8 cbd gummies to help.Oh, who is in charge of the delegation Wang Weiyi asked casually.The permanent representative of the Chinese national government in the United States, Song Ziwen, who has borrowed a huge loan of 600 million US dollars from the Americans twice, is mainly responsible.In the stock market, there are too many people who commit suicide.A few days later, a mysterious investor acquired The Danzig Fund, and announced that the debt of the Danzig Fund was cleared.The shareholders of those funds were shocked again All the big money can clear the fund s heavy debt But no matter what It is said that the shareholders have made up a lot of lost money, and they will no longer pursue why such terrible things happened.And Dan Zexi Fund now completely belongs to this mysterious investor.However, Dan Zexi The fund was seriously injured in this confrontation, and it will not be able to recover in a short period of time In this fierce battle, Williams, as the winner , became the most powerful star in the New York stock market.Dazzling star He has established himself as a god by virtue of his confrontation with Dan Zexi Fund best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon and won a big victory.Please allow me to express my respect for your bravery and romance.Second Lieutenant Erne said respectfully However, there are some places I do not recommend you to go to.I am afraid you do not know, a The German s spy has escaped, and we re hunting him.And these places will be searched harder than ever.Of course, I ll tell you where these places are.Nice windfall Baron Andrew thought to himself Second Lieutenant Erne told Baron Andrew those shouldn t go places without reservation, which also made the Baron express his gratitude very thank you.Now, I probably have some idea in my heart, where the interrogation is strict and where it is more relaxed.The baroness and his wife chatted happily with Second Lieutenant Ernest, and an hour passed by unconsciously.Baron Andrew looked at the time Second Lieutenant, thank you for the coffee.The opportunity to get closer to Xiaoling came, and Wang Weiyi said cautiously Look, Xiaoling, if we are going to HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon discover these treasures, we must need helpers, such as Sidao and Elena Xiaoling Ling immediately guessed his thoughts They can also HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon be our most qualified assistants sera relief cbd gummies amazon best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon now.But let them restore their memories, it will be more It makes them even stronger.Wang Weiyi will never give up just like this.Now he gradually finds that it seems difficult for Guo Yunfeng and Elena to recover their memories just by himself We have been here for such a long time, and we are all good friends, Xiaoling, you Tell me honestly, is there a way to restore their memory completely Xiao Ling was silent for a long time It kenai farms cbd gummies best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon didn t happen in the past, but with the continuous discovery of the y element, I seem to be able to find some solutions in it, but it will take time, and it may be a very long time.President Roosevelt still trusted the young man in front of him, especially his identity the future heir of the Wittgenstein family.He has lived in a business empire since he was a child, and his keen sense of business may be more sensitive than most people.William raised his concerns, but President Roosevelt had nothing to do.He could not directly intervene in the stock market, otherwise it would arouse the anger of the whole United States.And most importantly, the U.S.government best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon has no evidence to prove that this is a scam Now, we can only pray, best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon your judgment is wrong.For the first time, President Roosevelt hoped that William s judgment was wrong, otherwise it would really be a terrible disaster.The United States finally got rid of the previous economic crisis and put the country s economy on a path of rapid best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon development.Now all I can do is to try my best to save it As for the Baron Skull Montgomery was silent for a while Really, in the Battle of the Somme many years ago.I was almost killed by him What This time it was Wang Weiyi who really exclaimed.Did he almost beat Montgomery to death Montgomery didn t hide anything, and told the whole story.Wang Weiyi suddenly realized that it was so.What happened so many years ago I never knew.If Montgomery was really killed that time, what would happen now Wang Weiyi couldn t even imagine it In other people s eyes, this is a shameful thing , but if I lost to the skeleton baron, I wouldn t feel embarrassed at all.A smile appeared on Montgomery s face Do you think, how many people in this world can escape from the skeleton baron And I am one of them.I always brag to others that even the Skeleton Baron can t kill me Wang Weiyi can t help but laugh.The spider continues to retreat to code words, and strives to have another big outbreak next month.Five hundred and forty seven.Colonel Fels was successfully rescued at the Nile River flooding festival, but this did not mean that he was safe.How to get out of Cairo is now a big question.At this moment, what Colonel Fels could not have imagined was that it was Marshal Ernst Brahm who came to rescue him God, the Germans are really brave enough, from soldiers to marshals I m afraid there is nothing in the world that they dare not do.Colonel, is there any good way to leave Cairo Wang Weiyi asked at the temporary hiding place.In my opinion, it is very difficult for us to escape from Cairo.Colonel Fels was not too afraid But we have an opportunity that is not an opportunity.At this time of the year, the Egyptians hold the Nile Festival, ah, tomorrow start The Nile Festival Wang Weiyi was taken aback.Caught off guard.Cairo is completely blocked, and no one is allowed to go out Montgomery issued this order decisively The Germans are now anxious to leave here.As long as they can be successfully trapped, it doesn t matter even if they can t be caught temporarily.I m afraid we can t interrupted General Montgomery, the British ambassador, Mr.Storey.Why Tomorrow is the Nile flooding festival, and all the Egyptians in Cairo will leave Mr.Storey s words made Montgomery frowned Let the Egyptians cancel this event, or postpone it for a few days, None of this mattered at all compared to the capture of Colonel Fels.General Montgomery, do you want the whole of Egypt to turn against the British Mr.Storey smiled bitterly This is the most important festival for the Egyptians.Once it is forcibly canceled, foreseeable riots will occur immediately.Hasn t the fuel supply arrived During the few days when Ernst left, the first and best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon second batches of fuel had been delivered, and Rommel was sending someone to transport them to the front line.Wang Weiyi didn t have time Explanation Erwin, stop fuel delivery to the front, await my order.At the same time, the Enigma is still used to generate electricity, and now the German soldiers on the front line best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon are distracted.Mostly unwilling to continue fighting in unfamiliar landsour tanks are out of action and we only have enough ammunition for a medium sized fightthe italians are considering whether to surrender if The British are giving them a hard best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon blow add such words in my name.Colonel Fels has been successfully rescued.From the intelligence analysis he provided, the Allied Forces are planning a strategic offensive.At that time, I sour gummy bears cbd best full spectrum cbd gummies for sleep had lost control of your body , how do you combat provacan cbd gummies the horrific effects of hallucinogens Wang Weiyi smiled The hallucinogens are not as terrible as you said.Yes, I did have a lot of hallucinations in front of my eyes.Although I don t understand medicine and pharmacology, I do know one thing, no matter what the terrible dose is., severe pain can keep people awakeI tore off a piece of flesh on the inside of my lower lip with my teeth Xiao Ling, and Elena, who was listening in the base, Guo Yunfeng is so stupid Guo Yunfeng even tried to bite the flesh on the inside of his lip with his teeth, and he found that just a little bit of force would cause pain, not to mention tearing off a piece of his own flesh.This is the human body One of the most vulnerable places Now they understand why Wang Weiyi covered his face with his hands and talked, it was because he was afraid of blood coming out and revealingwhy he sprayed before he passed out There s a big mouthful of blood Crazy, you are an out and out lunatic.Thank you, Colonel Shimizu.Please rest well, Miyamoto kun.I will meet you tonight.Bring their decision.Qing Shuidong bowed slightly, and then left in a hurry.Looking at his back, a satisfied smile appeared on the corner of Wang Weiyi s mouth After all, he succeeded, survived the most difficult interrogation, survived the most difficult stage, and completely won the trust of the Japanese.In those inhuman days, Wang Weiyi never wanted to make a second attempt But no matter what, sour gummy bears cbd best full spectrum cbd gummies for sleep he finally achieved his goal.Now, it is time to lead the Japanese into the big trap that they have set up a long time ago.Then, let Japan be completely destroyed destroyed in his own hands.For Germany, but also for the Chinese battlefield When designing this plan, in fact, Wang Weiyi himself did not expect it to be successful.General Paul Hauser HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon immediately replied Grossdeutschland Regiment, Viking Division, and Hohenstaufen Division.Prinz Eugen Mountain Division, Nordland Battle Group.Heading towards Elklin at high speed.It is expected that the general encirclement of the Soviet army will be completed on February 12.Very well, my general.Wang Weiyi nodded with satisfaction That is to say, we still need to continue to attract the Russians here for two days.Generals, please act, let us complete a beautiful battle of annihilation here and make a good start for the Battle of Stalingrad All for Germany This is the loudest answer of the German generals.After a while, General Paul Hauser said Marshal Ernst, is the mission completed now Yes.Any more questions, best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon General Paul Hauser some.General Paul Hauser HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon took out a telegram This is a telegram from the Marshal gummy circles cbd to you.The Russians are attacking.The Germans are defending but in other battlefields, the Germans are attacking and the Russians are defending Both sides are strangled together, and it is difficult to tell which is the attacking side and which is the defending side The Russians obviously understood one thing.Before the encirclement of the German army was completed, they had to make a breakthrough in Erklin desperately, otherwise what awaited them would be a terrible disasterbut.Now that Field Marshal Ernst is here, the baron will not allow the Russians to succeed He from hell Ernst Alexson von Bram Same as Raker said.The Russians had to make a major breakthrough at Erklin if they were to avoid a terrible catastrophe.However, Wang Weiyi will never let the Russians calculation succeed.Now, with nothing left to hide, the full strength of Elklin was before the Russians.ah.Now let me think about what the bad guys are supposed to be doing at this time I think about it, maybe I should threaten you now Avrona and your daughter are so beautiful, I can hardly imagine what will happen in the next few days No.You don t do that.Lindelof cried out loudly You are best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon the Baron Skeleton.All Europe knows sour gummy bears cbd best full spectrum cbd gummies for sleep you re the last gentleman, you wouldn t do that The last gentleman Wang Weiyi smiled General Lindelof, I think you have to understand one thing.For gentlemen, I will treat them in the most gentlemanly way, but for betraying me and trying to put me Dead man, I m a villain ah.It just so happens that you are the one who wants to kill me I can assure you, General Lindelof.You will know what real pain is What I can assure you is that you will know what real pain is At this moment, Lindelof almost collapsed on the spot.Let s be honest, my soldiers.Wang Weiyi said solemnly Germany has the best soldiers in the world, but it also has the worst cooks, ah, you can t let those cooks hear this, or they will Find a way to poison me.The laughter became more cheerful.In this regard, we are far inferior to Italy.Wang Weiyi said with a smile Although Italians don t know how to fight, best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon at least they cook and eat much better than us.When it comes to food, it reminds me of China.I have eaten a dish, ah, I can t remember its nameit s fried golden, one bite, the whole person will be completely intoxicated Some The officers and soldiers started drooling Listening to Marshal Ernst talk about food, and then looking at what he is eating, it is indeed a bit frustrating.I have to promise you one thing.Wang Weiyi raised his voice a bit After entering Stalingrad, I will treat you to a good meal, and then each of you will have a bottle of good wine Huge The cheers rang out, and the soldiers became excited.The Soviet soldiers who best full spectrum cbd gummies for sleep gummies with cbd were singing in their mouths fell one after another However, the singing did not stop, and the attack did not stop Their losses continued to increase, but from the company commander From the head of the regiment to the head of the teacher, no one cares at all.In their view, as long as there are still troops capable of attacking, the charge will not stop.Entire companies of entire companies were wiped out The 210th Infantry Division had fewer and fewer men to fight with.The division commander even organized all non combatants in the division into combat teams and put them into battle.They finally succeeded in assaulting the German position, and randomly occupied this position.When the teacher got this good news from the front line.The long lost smile finally appeared on the corner of his mouth, and then he put away his smile Order the troops.Then destroy the enemy s tactics.For the Germans, this was their greatest combat advantage while the 112th Division put up a tough fight.The SS Skeleton Division began moving best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon eastward in an attempt to isolate Gorokhov s 124th Brigade north of the Orlovka River in Spaltanovka.Under the continuous attack of the Luftwaffe and the 9th Army, the defense of the Soviet army s positions became weaker and weaker.Under the heavy bombardment of German artillery fire, Zoludev was buried under the rubble.Although he was rescued later, he was furious because the 37th Guards Navy Division he led was destroyed by the German army.The 308th Division is also in an extremely dangerous situation.Its right wing garrison, the 37th Guards Navy Division, has been defeated by the Germans.The west side is also facing the frontal attack of the German 389th Division and the left wing attack of the 100th Jaeger Division.crazy Crazy indeed, driven insane by the war Even Chuikov was almost insane.The series of huge casualties.The terrible battle report of the entire regiment being wiped out tortured Chuikov s nerves all the time.He really wanted to find a place where no one was around, and then tear off his clothes and yell, but he couldn t do that because there were still so many subordinates watching him Now, among the few troops around his headquarters, the most powerful force is the First Soviet Guerrilla Brigade.It was absurd that the commander of an army group could only rely on a group of guerrillas to protect his own safety, but Cuikov had nothing to do.Now that the battle has progressed, all the available troops in Chuikov s hands have been dispatched to the front line.Even these guerrillas were only placed beside Chuikov at the repeated request of his chief of staff.He also watched the heroic resistance of the guerrillas who were not regular soldiers.He is very pleased, at least until now, there are still troops loyal to him certainly.Failure is doomed.At first, the German commandos didn t know that this was the headquarters of the 62nd best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon Army of the Soviet Army.Judging from the firepower and combat quality of the personnel on the opposite side, they thought they encountered some Russian workers or women s troops.However, the intelligence agencies of the German army noticed from the telegrams exchanged by the Soviet army and the unusual movements of the Soviet army on the battlefield that they had caught a big fish.On the two wings, those Soviet troops who can still fight are approaching here desperately, trying to tear apart the German blockade.The Germans who noticed this anomaly.I must win the second battle of Moscow just like the first battle of Moscow.Victory.Comrade Zhukov, except for this, you can do everything else as you imagined There was a faint explosion sound from outside, that was the Luftwaffe once again best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon appeared in the sky of Moscow.Moscow is suffering.They have to face the indiscriminate bombing of the Luftwaffe every day, and there is no peace for a moment.Moscow, trembling Zhukov and Vasilevsky exchanged glances.They know now, no matter how persuaded.Stalin will not leave Moscow what can they do They could not change Stalin s mind This battle is best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon completely different from the previous one.Although Moscow looked extremely dangerous last time, in fact, at that time, the Soviet Union still had a huge power.The blow to the German army indirectly guaranteed the victory of the Moscow Defense War.They are just mechanically and numbly executing the order to continue fighting.Everyone of them knows that the war has long since lost hope for the Soviet Union.Zhukov s order saved them in the most timely manner.They should even be grateful Zhukov Volworkk came back less than a message after Zhukov made his opinion.He told Marshal Zhukov.Marshal Ernst agreed to his request.Now it s your turn to do what you should do , Marshal Zhukov.Zhukov nodded calmly, and then he issued this order to all the Soviet soldiers Soviet officers.Soldiers of the Soviet Union, it is September 15, 1943.On this day, though I don t want to, it is with a heavy heart that I must tell each of you that the war is over. Volwork s voice became deeper and deeper For balance.You have to know that the Russian free government has made great efforts in this military operation, and they are also a very important cornerstone for re establishing Russia under the command of Germany in the future.Then enter the cold storage to permanently preserve your body What s the point of that Guderian asked asked clearly.This injection is equipped with a cold storage.It is guaranteed that the body will not decompose.Maybe when I come back, facing your remains, I will still miss you Wang best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon Weiyi smiled.In fact, the real purpose of this injection is He didn t say it.Then the expression became extremely solemn Please promise me, please promise me as I promised you, and promise me that you will be able to do this at the moment before you die We promise Hearing the promises from his good friends, Wang Weiyi heaved a long sigh of relief Then, my friends, I think it s time for me to say goodbye to you.Wait.Adolf Hitler said suddenly Lieutenant, can you Come see something with me In the central square of Berlin, where Ernst Brehm s gigantic statue still stands, everyone will see the Baron Skeleton.After the three formed an alliance, their power increased greatly.When Bibulus announced that there were ominous signs and wanted to terminate the meeting, Caesar used force violently to drive the colleague out, and at the senate meeting the next day, No one dared to criticize or comment on this, cbd gummies in drug screen and decrees would be passed for events that were not as serious as this before.Bibulus was so disappointed that his first decree as a consul was to withdraw from all political activities.Since then This Caesar s political opponent could only hide at home and send ominous signs to the Senate or the Citizens Assembly through messengers until the end of his term.In this way, Caesar monopolized power, and the Year of Bibulus best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon side effects of cbd gummy and Caesar s Reign came to an end.The year of Julius and Caesar Xiao Ling gave a brief introduction, and then continued After completing his term as consul, Caesar was awarded the title of governor to manage the northern Gaul , that is, today s southern France and Illyria, today s Balkan Peninsula and the Adriatic coast area for five years.In order to complete the final conquest of the barbarians, however, I am not optimistic about the emergence of such a situation.After all, all people are selfish In sour cbd gummy this battle, the barbarians used a new type of Weapon, we call it Germanic trebuchet , this powerful weapon.I am deeply worried.But the source of worry is not how much damage it can cause us, but how many new weapons like this will appear in the future The legendary Holy German Empire might really existwill it be Rome s worst enemy When writing here, his attendant walked in cautiously Master Governor, Lord Centumarus has arrived.Oh, the newly appointed governor of the province of Germania After closing his notes, Caesar said coldly.Yes.It was the governor of the Germania province appointed by the Senate.Let him in.Caesar said coldly.Caesar also replied coldly I forgot, you are the newly appointed governor of the Germania province.In fact, I should not be responsible for punishing the barbarians.Dear Governor of Germania Province, in order to carry out HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon the order of the Senate and to show respect to you, my soldiers will leave here tomorrow, and then the glory of suppressing the barbarians will be handed over to you Centumarus complexion changed a bit, not to mention that his newly formed legion will take a long time to arrive, so what if it really best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon side effects of cbd gummy arrived today Although he disdains Caesar s background as a commoner, Caesar His combat ability is known to all the Romans, and he conquered the whole of Gaul almost effortlessly.Now, even Caesar has been defeated by the barbarians, how can the newly formed legions in his own hands Do it Caesar, my friend, why is there such a hurry to leave Centumalus changed his face and said Look, my legion is coming here.If you want to deal with him, what excuse can you find Even if you can barely find it, you will definitely be met by those who have regarded him as the new hero of Rome.The opposition of the citizens, even the Senate will exert strong pressure on you.You must know that you have a bigger enemy who is watching everything that happened in Rome in Gaul.Would you like to let him seize this time Chance That man in Gaul Caesar This hit Pompey s weakness.The person he fears the most is not Servius, nor the Senate or Roman citizens.There is only one fear in his heart Caesar He was on guard against Caesar day and night, day and night, worried that Caesar would take away his power one day, even though they had seemed such an indestructible alliance before.But once an ally involves its own best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon interests, it will be the biggest enemy.Presented in front of Wang Weiyi.That look seemed to be telling wyld lemon cbd gummies Wang Weiyi, what are you waiting for The best food in the world is waiting for you here.At this moment, Singroa forgot her best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon husband who was suffering, and forgot the unhappiness just now.She only had lust and the desire to be violated by a man sera relief cbd gummies amazon best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon in her eyes.Maybe the capture of her husband before made her in a mess, all she was thinking about was how to rescue her husband as soon as possible and get herself out of the best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon current predicament as soon as possible.But now she suddenly figured it out, if she can conquer Senator Spurius, then she will become the richest woman in Rome It s a pity that she will never understand, No one can conquer the President of Spurius , without The passion dissipated, Singroa gasped and snuggled up to Wang Weiyi, she originally just wanted to use her body It s just a conquest, but I didn t expect sera relief cbd gummies amazon best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon that it was my body that was conquered in the end It s great, it s really great to have such a man by my side.Countless planes are circling over Berlin, countless cannons are bombarding Berlin indiscriminately, countless Tanks are coming and going outside Berlin.What the hell is going on Wang Weiyi cried out loudly.I don t know, from the point of view of the offensive side.It seems to be the US team, the Russian team, and the French team Strange.Besides the Germans, why did the flag of the British Army appear in the defensive positions in Berlin Wang Weiyi was dumbfounded Little Ling, Germany has clearly won the Second World War.The United States and Germany become allies.The Soviet Union was destroyed by us.Why is it that the enemy has reached Berlin now I can t answer your question Xiao Ling s tone was unusually solemn Do you still remember what I said to you before leaving Germany Of course Wang Weiyi remembered.The skeleton baron s money is not so easy to collect.General.Major, I believe this is only a very small part of William II s huge wealth.Wang Weiyi said at this time Using this as a breakthrough, I can find the whereabouts of other treasures as quickly as possible.And I can be sure.These boxes are also hidden in other places in Anhalt Castle.Leave it to us.Brigadier General Johnson said immediately Baron, you go to find other treasure spots.The second clue should be in outside the city, but I can t leave Dessau right now.Baron Preet said lightly.I asked Annette to accompany you out of the city.I have a special pass here.Davyn hastily filled out the special pass General best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon Jonson, you sign your name even if you are not ready.The baron can find the whereabouts of other treasures as soon as possible.They are allies, and allies should not treat their own people in such a cruel way In the front, there is a tactical group of eight American soldiers.American soldiers covering each other.Move forward cautiously.In the dark night, no one knows what kind of murderous intent is hidden Bang A clear gunshot pierced the tranquility of the night sky in an instant, and an American soldier in the tactical team fell down.The rest fell to the ground at once.Jerry was killed Amid such shouts, the covering fire of the US military rang out crazily, and countless flames spewed out towards the place where the gunshots sounded.The gunshots rang out for two full minutes, but the other side fell into silence amidst the noise The bullets finally stopped shooting The tactical team stood up again, but at this moment However, the gunshots in the darkness sounded again, in an instant.Became a member of the Allied Forces.Colonel Wennery, who commanded the unit, was very satisfied with the regiment s performance so far.In the case that the Americans have been unable to attack Antwater for a long time.The 1st Ranger Regiment joined the battle in time and quickly gained the initiative on the battlefield.Today tomorrow at most, those stubborn Germans on the opposite side will definitely not be able to sera relief cbd gummies amazon best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon hold on Colonel, some French are going to pass by here.The sudden report surprised Colonel Wennery French What are the French doing here He walked out of his command post and saw a large group of French soldiers negotiating with the sentries outside the command post.The leader was a young officer, Wenneri frowned tightly Go, check to see if there are any French troops near us.Colonel Wenneri was very cautious, he must not let himself Troops have any problems.The German commandos became more and more confident as they fought.They knew that the Americans were no better than that, even though they had a great advantage.But this is not best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon side effects of cbd gummy absolute.When the confidence of a troop is fully stimulated, the fighting power they will explode will be quite astonishing.They defended their own battlefield calmly, even though their casualties were also increasing.But what does that matter Even if everyone here is dead, they have relieved the pressure on the German troops on the frontal battlefield to the best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon greatest extent.And what has always accompanied them in the battle is the eternal Baron Song His eyes are black.His blood is red.His tanks are best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon galloping, his planes are soaring.Skeletons Made badges to make enemies tremble, Death s banner to make the day cease.The rose is his romance, the steel is his will.The miracles that the major and his commandos have created on the battlefield are being praised all the time.The major who appeared miraculously is praised all the time.If he is in command, Antwater will have a new Did a miracle happen Wang Weiyi didn t pay too much attention to their thoughts.In his opinion, things are moving in a good direction.When he returned to Germany, he didn t even have a soldier in his hands.Later, Sergeant Max They joined in, and the skeleton commando was reorganized, and he had more than thirty soldiers.After that, it was Captain Scherer and the Brandenburg commando he led to join, which brought his strength to more than one hundred.And now , the troops he can command suddenly increased to 1,700 people And.They are soldiers of the elite Nordland combat regiment.Wang Weiyi already feels that he can do many things Wang Weiyi soon The troops were adjusted, and 300 combat capable soldiers were carefully selected to form the SS Level 1 Manfred Commando , led by Manfred von.He said it so carefully that he even described some details clearly.If the lieutenant colonel was not so young, this would even make us think that he had participated in the battles he said The lieutenant colonel told us that in 1942, Germany was also facing a major crisis, They may even lose the entire war, but a cbd gummies vs hemp oil gummies miracle happened when everyone was almost desperate, and Germany finally won the war I know, he is encouraging us in this way, Germany Will be able to get through this difficult situation According to the latest intelligence analysisno one knows where the Lieutenant Colonel got the informationThe .

is purekana cbd gummies legit?

US Marine Corps No.The 3rd Brigade is chasing us desperately, and their fast troops will catch up soon.At the same time, on our left and right, there are also enemy troops trying to encircle us.But the attack happened too suddenly, most of the command of Brigadier General Budger was still far away from them, and the air force could not reach the battlefield in time.Americans must be on their own.But in the chaos, they no longer have the determination to resist.Under the continuous attack of German artillery fire.Those American soldiers either ran away everywhere.Or lie on the ground and beg God to let Occupy survive this disaster.But the German army didn t mean any mercy at all.They rushed up quickly and completely overwhelmed the defense of the US military A large number of US troops died under such a fast and violent blow, and some US troops who no longer had any hope The soldier raised his hands.Surrendering is their most helpless choice, but it is also the best choice Major Abraham swore that he would never surrender.That s where they ll find peace of mind, and that s the only place they can go They wake up at the crack of dawn, ready to go.This is their third day of walking.The fire caused them to deviate from the established route, and their progress was a little slow, so they set off early, hoping to make more progress.The god of luck favored them again.A farmer passed by them in his carriage, and he gave them a ride along the way, about six or seven kilometers, and they sat in the carriage.Feet dangling over the edge of the carriage, enjoying the pleasure and luxury of not having to walk.After the farmer let them out of the cart, they continued on foot.Whenever they heard the sound of military aircraft or artillery fire, they would rush to the ditch beside the road.Or crawl forward under the cover of trees.A large number of armed soldiers are standing on the only way to Berlin with live ammunition.They have been ordered not to allow anyone to enter Berlin through here.And this is exactly what Fels brought to Ernst.A message from Marshal Bram.I can t get close to them at all, and they don t even allow me to say anything.Fels was a little frustrated I think they got a special order.Damn it, don t they know that the Baron is back Jannar Said with a pale face.Wang Weiyi didn t seem to care best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon side effects of cbd gummy about anything Officers, I think someone did this on purpose, probably they don t want to see me enter Berlin.What should we do, Marshal Enter Berlin Wang Weiyi s answer was extremely firm No one can stop me from entering Berlin All troops, move All troops .

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move The Skeleton Division has completed preparations, and the Nordland Battle Group has completed preparations Destination Berlin From a distance, they saw a large number of soldiers with live ammunition, and even mortars and tanks.End the fighting by the 15th and form a direct attack on Berlin.No matter in terms of military strength or artillery fire, the Allied forces have an absolute advantage, and they cannot see any possibility of failure.But at this time, Wang Weiyi temporarily lost his most powerful helper Xiao Ling Within ten to fifteen days, Xiaoling s only job was one friends of the Ring Baron, activate the entire base In other words, Wang Weiyi had to rely on the strength of the German army itself to stop the enemy s attack.But this is not much to worry about for Wang Weiyi.in the past.He has tried countless times to fight alone without relying on Xiao Ling s power, but this time it is slightly different.Ernst.Marshal Bram personally appeared on the front line, and he will personally command this battle kenai farms cbd gummies best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon The appearance of the Baron.After the Blizzard operation best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon started, he originally planned to attack the enemy s position for the first time and perform well in front of the allied forces, but what he didn t expect was that he was the first to suffer failure.And then General Garden s phone call arrived.On the phone, General Garden sternly asked why Italy didn t wait for the general attack order to start before launching an attack.General Catavasso, on the other hand, justified himself, because he found that the enemy was preparing to flee, which was the best opportunity kenai farms cbd gummies best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon to strike in advance.Faced with HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon Catavaso s plausible words, Garden hesitated instead So what s the current battle situation What is the current battle situation The current battle situation is that under the attack of the German artillery, the Italian officers are fleeing in embarrassment, and the Italian soldiers are fleeing in embarrassment.He felt that he should force himself to survive, and then tell others what happened here.Someone has to record all this.This magnificent war It was finally can cbd gummies lower blood pressure completely dark.At night, the Allied forces would not take the initiative to launch an attack except for shelling, and this also gave the German soldiers a rare chance to breathe.Mario opened his notebook, and the words Mario s War were written on the title page.He was almost halfway through the book, and when he turned to a blank page, he wrote Today is December 14, 1965, and the war is going on very hard This morning, the Allied Forces A large scale attack was launched.In the face of the enemy s overwhelming firepower, the German soldiers behaved so bravely, and their bravery was even shocking.After a bombardment, a soldier s legs were blown off, but What makes me unbelievable is that when the enemy launched an attack, he threw another grenade before he died.Really Is there a safe place in Germany now Of course, if you think it is safe, then it must be safe.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Even if the enemy invades Berlin, Berlin is still safe.Michael smiled You are exactly the same as the baron my father said.I never know what fear is.After inviting His Royal Highness and his wife into the car, Wang Weiyi whispered to the adjutant beside him, Inform Fels to investigate the authenticity of His Royal Highness and his wife s identities.Also, invite Leoni here.At such an extraordinary moment, He must be cautious, he will never allow himself to make any mistakes.When he came to his office, Wang Weiyi asked Michael and his wife to sit down.At this time, their identities were a little awkward.Although Michael and his wife are the heads of the Hohenzollern family and descendants of the former German emperor, Wang Weiyi is theoretically their subordinate, but at this moment, the status of the two parties has undergone earth shaking changes.Yes, under the leadership of Baron Alexson.German soldiers.German citizens.I beg you to obey Alexander unconditionally Baron Alexon s order must be unconditionally implemented, this is the most necessary prerequisite for Germany to win Michael expressed his unreserved feelings for Alexon The support of the Baron was the same as that of his grandfather and father back then.The Germans in Berlin listened quietly, and when Michael s voice settled down, bursts of warm applause rang out.That s a descendant of His Majesty Kaiser Wilhelm, that s a real German.He did not return when Germany was at its strongest, but appeared at its most dangerous.From this point alone, he is worthy of everyone s respect.Then.When the applause settled, Baron Alexon, whom everyone was looking forward to, appeared.He is still as young and as dignified as ever I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, but I can t say such words, because the enemy is still preparing to attack Berlin.God, it s really a narrow road to enemies.It turned out to be the Annette agent of the FBI who was used by me in Dessau He even remembers how fierce he and Agent Annette were in bed and how Agent Annette was knocked unconscious by himself on the parting day Don t move, Prett Baron.Annette held the gun and forced Wang Weiyi into the room step by step Take off your gun and throw it aside, don t make any small moves.I don t want to kill you right now Wang Weiyi took off the gun , and threw it to the ground.Then he said with a smile, Look, we ve been apart for so long, but you pointed a gun at me.It s better than you lying to me and knocking me out.Annette said with cold eyes, Turn around.Wang Weiyi Turning around without any resistance, Annette took out the handcuffs and handcuffed him, then put away the gun at ease, and closed the door.Enemy tanks hit Miserable A car crashed into the tank and broke apart.But it just stopped the tank from firing.Starob took the opportunity to let the car condor cbd gummies amazon reviews go around behind the tank.Several American soldiers behind the tank were knocked into the air.The bullet shattered the windshield.Sergeant Starob reacted quickly and quickly lowered his head to dodge the bullet.Damn it.Let you taste the power of Lao Tzu best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon side effects of cbd gummy Starob pulled out the submachine gun that was pinned to his belt.He yelled and fired wildly towards the window.Sergeant Drive well Colonel Versten, who was sitting next to Starob, hit his head on the glass.Riding in Starrob s car is exciting More enemies More enemies Gattle yelled.A large number of US troops rushed out of the road ahead.Go to hell to meet your victory.The German trucks used dense bullets to kill a bloody road, but two more trucks were blown up alive Enemy tanks appeared on the left side of the road Don t pay attention to him The roadblock that the U.General Chenock, I am proud that you have such a father Now, Chenock finally knows why his father Then praise the Skeleton Baron.Why can t he forget the baron even before his death.Both he and his father were defeated by the baron, but the baron never underestimated them.An enemy who respects his enemy will always be respected by his enemy, no matter what position they stand on to each other.In the sky, the German planes fought fiercely with the Allied planes again.The German soldiers on the ground shot down an enemy plane every time they saw the war hawks between them.There will be loud applause.Among all the German war hawks, the most conspicuous one is undoubtedly the fiery red fighter Wang Weiyi smiled, and at this time Bodmer came to his side Marshal, the supplies are over , from here it is about a day s journey to Robinstel.I ve told you, I ll be back here soon Wang Weiyi said lightly During the time I m away, you have to behave more docile and helpless than before.If you need help, this is the number to call.Wang Weiyi took the paper and pen, and wrote a phone number on it Remember, the other party s name is Capone.You can tell him that Mr.Moyol asked you to find him.No matter what, he can help.Ah, don t keep the phone, keep it in your head and destroy it.Solkina recited silently several times, then nodded to Wang Weiyi.Wang Weiyi lit a match and watched the paper burn best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon into ashes in the flames See, a person s life is like this piece of paper, It only needs the power of a match to burn it completely.Solkina, you are the match that destroyed Grigory completely.Solkina nodded in a daze.She never knew that she best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon side effects of cbd gummy still possessed such great power, and she never thought that she could destroy Grand Duke Berstoka.the Vittorio.Mussolini He must be kept in Rome, and he cannot be allowed to go to the country, otherwise, this will not allow him to receive a fair trial Manusia stood up and said loudly Please tell us what to do.We trust you, Mr.Moyol.We are willing to listen to you and let the executioner get the punishment he deserves.For this, we will not hesitate to pay our all Calm down, my friend, we still have a lot to do Nine hundred and sixty five.The temptation to eradicate the Second Revolution for political opponents is very tempting for Manusia and his companions.They believe that the fruits of victory created by themselves have been completely deprived I feel that I have been shamelessly betrayed.If such contradictions have not been intensified, then with the appearance of Mr.Moyol , they have reached the point of irreconcilability.If that is the case, they will run back to the place where the German army came without looking back.The German armored support platoons gave them effective support, both physical and psychological.At least they saw a few tanks fighting with them, and they felt more confident They clung to some obstacles around the tank and began to block the approaching Russian crowd with firepower.The Russians who rushed to the front rolled over immediately, and the others each looked for best full spectrum cbd gummies for sleep gummies with cbd cover to shoot cbd gummy strawberries uk at each other Nocher admires the courage of the Russians Without the support of tank troops, dare to use infantry as the main force to attack the enemy s defense line with infantry and tank coordination from the front Maybe that s where their stupidity lies Perhaps not so many Russian families would have lost their loved ones if they had stayed in their best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon own bunkers.Courage Albjok, April 1966.Not far from base b, Sweet and Troman led people to ambush.Just now another troop has gone out from the b stronghold, Sweet thinks the time has come, think about it, De Gro is buying himself the most time at the cost of his life in another battlefield, he must grasp it well, he can t Let their efforts be in vain.Let s go, I don t think there are many people in the stronghold now.Twenty of us should be fine.Troman said anxiously.Okay.Tell Rudock to bring ten people closer to see the situation.We will dispatch full spectrum vs broad spectrum cbd gummies later.Understood.Rudock was about to run over to ask when to attack, when Sweet said this , agree immediately.Hmm.Before Sweet could react, Ruddock had already run down to carry out the order.Sweet came back to his senses, touched the weapon in his hand, and couldn t help feeling a little nervous in his heart.The rest of the German army stuck to the wreckage in different positions, covering each other with the light weapons they carried.At the same time, Steinman also expected that at such a short distance, the U.S.military would not use missiles and artillery to attack, because the distance at this time has reached the point where the troop badges of the incoming tanks can be seen with the naked eye.Free fire Steinman gave the order to attack, and the attack began.Boom boom boom The German tanks fired one after another, using the wreckage as cover, the loading speed of the loading machine, and the accuracy of the fire control system began this battle with fewer enemies and more enemies.A round of shells shredded the front armor plate of the US tank, and then detonated it.One after another, the US tanks were destroyed and beheaded, but more tanks came from the rear, more and more, a steady stream.Wang Weiyi seemed a little helpless I will never take any risks, maybe you will find a way to escape, maybe you will be rescued, our secrets will be leaked, so you can no longer live in this world.As for the Reaper , I think I will find a way to find this senior spy Ren smiled bitterly, maybe this is the end of an intelligence officer I beg sour gummy bears with cbd and thc you Allow me to kill myself.Ren gave up all his fantasies I am afraid of bullets passing through my body, please allow me to die without bleeding. I meet your request.Wang Weiyi nodded General Ren, from a personal point of view, I am really sorry for you, you have explained everything you know.But I still haven t let you go.But in terms of national interests, I have to do something against my will I can understand your feelings, Marshal.Ren didn t have much fear at this time If we change positions with each other.It is rolled over from above to grind it into a sizzling patty.Along the way, U.S.tank shells kept hitting the back and side of the Leopard 9 , but they were unable to penetrate, and the Leopard 9 just swaggered through layers of blocking by the U.S.Army, and this undoubtedly gave the best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon German army Added new combat power.Go Get down Steinman patted the rabbi on the shoulder and ran downstairs, then squatted beside the wreckage of an American tank on the side of the road Leopard 9, turn around Face the enemy head on Don t take Give your ass to the enemy Steinman fired his rifle at the American infantry covering the Leopard 9, and the Leopard 9 began to turn around slowly.Is Steinman there It was.A familiar voice came from Steinman s headset.Lisa It turned out to be Lisa from the German women s tank brigade formed after the war.He was afraid of dying alone and no one would know.The rain splashed on Arkrit s body.He fell to pieces.Bright red blood flowed best full spectrum cbd gummies for sleep gummies with cbd 1000 mg of cbd gummies from his legs and onto the wet ground.Slowly washed away by the rain.He realized what real war is.Perhaps wars were waged to satisfy the needs of a few.War satisfies, or has satisfied, man s aggressive instinct, but it also satisfies man s desire for plunder, destruction, and brutal discipline and strength.But no one cares about these.Someone patted Fred on the shoulder, indicating that it was his turn to retreat next.Fred took aim calmly, held his rifle flat and knocked down one after another of the American soldiers who were trying to approach.When the enemy had a gap in firepower, Fred seized the time to stand up, patted the shoulders of the soldiers around him, and then ran towards the inspection shaft.He looked back, only to see a lot of American soldiers with m16 and sniper rifles less than 200 meters away, aiming at him.The dense bullets surrounded the roaring The screeching sound passed by him, and Eric jumped and lay down on organix cbd gummy bears the ground.The high speed bullets broke through the criss crossing branches and made a crisp sound of creaking.The dense leaves above his head seemed to be hit by a rainstorm.The same was smashed into pieces, shattered and flying, and landed on him one after another.Damn it, fight with these Yankees Even when you die, you have to pull a back Eric thought fiercely German soldiers cannot be insulted He was chased by the U.S.military for a long time, tired and hungry, which made him exhausted and embarrassed.As the saying goes, a dog jumps over a wall in a hurry.At this moment, Eric, who was forced to go nowhere, suddenly had a murderous look all over his body.Relying on the special agreement signed between the Lion Fund and the French government, a large number of German commandos entered Paris and major cities in France under the cover of the Lion Fund.Colonel Heisenberg became in charge of these matters.His mentality was completely different from those of Litham or Berkeley.He didn t have to think about how to court the Baron, or his own future.He only knew that he was a German, and that the Baron would never disappoint any German soldier.A total of 317 commandos have entered Paris now, and more commandos will enter in the next two days.Heisenberg quickly reported to the baron If Roberto can kenai farms cbd gummies best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon fulfill his promise, Then I think the plan will go very smoothly.Are sera relief cbd gummies amazon best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon the missions of the team members clear Wang Weiyi asked looking at the Paris map hanging on the wall.In contrast, those upright congressmen will never be punished in any way.They will continue to stay in their positions and serve our National service And I will also serve as the interim president of France.Until the new general election comes, I will do my best to serve this country.So, what about Captain Hayes and the two soldiers who were killed at the same time They will be honored as heroes of France.Robito s expression looked so dignified They didn t die on the battlefield, but were killed by their own people.This is the sorrow of soldiers, and it is also the sorrow of France.We must let everyone remember what they have done for France Your Excellency Marshal, the German army .

what is the best cbd gummy for pain?

has won another victory in France.How do you view the war Will France hold talks with Germany Will France withdraw from the Allies This is a very difficult question, and Robito suddenly felt a pair of eyes staring at him coldly behind him.Just now, the watcher seemed to have epilepsy Sick, God.I killed him, I killed him So I can use the phone Don t be nervous, Alinda Nash hurriedly comforted his wife See if there is anything that can make you escape.The place to go out No, I ve checked everything, the door is locked, I can t open it, I can t open it Calm down.Ilinda, I have to cbd gummies and thyroid medication know where to save you.Nash controlled his heartbeat If you can see outside, tell me.Are there any special landmarks outside Wait for me, don t hang up.After a while, Alinda The voice came back again I can see that there are trees all around, and there is nothing else, ah.We seem to be in a two story building.Nash suddenly thought of a problem.How could Alinda, who was never willing to hurt any small animal, have the guts to kill someone But when his doubts just arose, the voice of his daughter Bella also came from the phone Dad, save us, save best cbd gummies for quitting smoking us Nash, Bella has a fever, she is very sad, very sad Nash, I only ask you this once.They carried the glory of Germany and England.With the dream of victory, like an eagle soaring in the blue sky.Go straight to the target London At 8 03, as two Falcon missiles roared out of the Royal Navy s Queen of Great Britain , a full scale missile attack on the UK also began Amid the deafening voice, Hitler silently watched everything in front of him.More than 20 years ago, he personally formulated the Sea Lion Project to fight against Britain, but the Sea Lion Project ended in a rather strange way.More than 20 years later, another Sea Lion Project New Sea Lion Project was formulated under the planning of Baron Alexon.Same attack on British mainland, but not the same process.He glanced at Queen Elizabeth II beside him, and said apologetically in his tone, Your Majesty, I tri soothe cbd gummies sour gummy bears cbd best full spectrum cbd gummies for sleep think I must apologize to you.Singlag solemnly made his promise.A strange smile suddenly appeared on President William s face No.You can t catch him, nobody can catch him.Over the years, many people have wanted to accomplish this goal.But no one has ever been able to do it.Believe me, Singlag, you can t do it any more.Sinrag was a little confused.Since he couldn t catch the Skeleton Baron, why did he have to complete this task by himself Your purpose is just to let him know that best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon side effects of cbd gummy we have found him.President William s expression became solemn He what does 1000 mg cbd gummies do is a very smart man, his wisdom is beyond the imagination of all of us, once best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon he finds himself in danger.He will quickly leave the source of danger, then our goal has been achieved.Don kenai farms cbd gummies best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon t expect to arrest or kill him if that s your first thought.Then you will see how ridiculous you are.Those ubiquitous underground resistance organizations, those British people who are preparing to revolt anytime and anywhere, can cbd gummies help with tinnitus are torturing the already fragile nerves of the kenai farms cbd gummies best cbd gummy for arthritis pain amazon Fenton government and the Americans every second.At this moment, London seems to have become a huge powder keg.No one knows when this powder keg will explode.Just like in Coventry.The great uprising broke out suddenly, and it was so fierce that it was hard to resist.What about London One spark, just one spark.And this Mars came so quickly, completely beyond the imagination of the Fenton government and Americans.At 19 00 on the night of October 17, 1966.A day of intense fighting had just ended, and it was rare for the Axis air force to appear in the sky over London, and even the Axis artillery stopped bombarding.The originally noisy battlefield suddenly became quiet, so quiet that it even made people feel a little overwhelmed.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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