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2023-02-27 kids cbd gummies best cbd gummy for arthritis pain And wicked mojo cbd gummies grownmd cbd gummies amazon.

The housekeeper of do cbd gummies dehydrate you best cbd gummy for arthritis pain Cui s family tightened his expression, and immediately explained Miss Baotong, how dare we neglect Miss Biao, it s all a misunderstanding, just now He went to take a peek at Miss Tuesday.Zhou Ruzhang said Just now I was chanting sutras for my eldest sister, and this young lady rushed towards me suddenly, and I couldn t dodge for a while and fell to the ground.Baotong saluted Zhou Ruzhang, cbd gummies lafayette ga and then said coldly Why only My lady is in such a mess Zhou Ruzhang couldn t help frowning, only her lady was in a mess The most embarrassing person in the room wicked mojo cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking was clearly her, and this servant girl seemed to have no one but her young lady in her eyes.Mother Bai immediately said You can ask this young lady carefully.Baotong seemed to have been touched, and immediately widened her almond eyes My young lady is only three or four years old, how can she talk to you guys .She had people stare at Mrs.Zhou Ruzhang and Zhou Ruzhang these few days, and finally found some clues, so she took the opportunity to test Zhou cbd gummies time to kick in Ruzhang up close today, and she found this wax pill in Zhou Ruzhang s purse.Gu Mingzhu said Looks like Marquis Dingning will be returning to his old mansion in Shanxi in the next few days.Baotong said, Then what should I do with this purse nature ones cbd gummies Otherwise, the slaves would secretly return it, but the contents inside Gu Mingzhu Put away the wax pills, she will find a good way to make the purse disappear naturally.Miss Biao, the mother in charge best cbd gummy for arthritis pain cbd gummies 250mg of Cui s family walked over quickly, the fourth wife said that there are guests at home, and it happens that the weather is not bad, let the servants come and invite Miss Biao to go boating.Gu Mingzhu best cbd sleep gummy showed a happy smile Go , Baotong, let s go rowing.The Cui family might be uneasy tonight.The thief could not be found.Gu Mingzhu looked at Mrs.Lin Okay, mother protects me, and I want to protect mother.Although it was a child s words, Mrs.Lin felt warm when she heard it After searching do cbd gummies dehydrate you best cbd gummy for arthritis pain all night, no suspicious person was found.Cui Zhen watched the sky gradually brighten, and looked at Cui Wei Take it and go to the lake to salvage it Although he knew that the evidence must be gone, he still wanted to use it to get to know the person from last night.Cui Wei was about to leave, Cui Zhen said I asked you to find some people with good detective skills, do you have a clue The people the eldest brother wants are naturally not the staff of the yamen, nor are they ordinary spies.Their scouts are no worse than these people , the eldest brother wants those people who wander around the world and wicked mojo cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking make a living by catching criminals and receiving rewards.With these money, you can make two of them, and four of them.Make a fortune silently, be a rich and idle person They all went back then, but now that she is alive, they also want to live with her.Although the government failed to catch Master Zhang seven years ago, he was stigmatized and seriously injured by others.He fled for several years, and finally made the last case and was arrested and thrown into prison willingly.I know I won t live long, and I don t regret killing that corrupt official.I should have the same result if I killed that corrupt official, Mr.Zhang smiled boldly, It s a pitythe one who stole those Kuyin a few years ago The person is not me, I have never been able to figure outwhyif you can go out and ask him for me, it s fine if he harmed me, why did he harm those people.It s nothing serious. Miss, how can you go out by yourself, this best cbd gummy for arthritis pain servant has to protect you. It s different today, Gu Mingzhu said, You will inevitably startle the snake if you follow me.There was a person waiting outside the meditation room, and after a while, When he was about to check the situation in the meditation room, the window of the meditation room suddenly opened.Miss Gu climbed out of the window on the wooden couch, chasing the butterflies farther and farther.Fell asleep.Apparently the servant girl ate the pastry he drugged, but Miss Gu didn t eat it, but Miss Gu, who had placed the order, has become a fish on the table.Miss Gu walked all the way, picked wild flowers all the way, climbed up the hillside along the path next to the meditation room, and became playful for a while, completely forgetting where she was.Cui Zhen took out a damaged wax pill from his sleeve, he still found the wax pill, in the lake, there was a note in the wax do cbd gummies dehydrate you best cbd gummy for arthritis pain pill, but it had been soaked long ago.If he hadn t happened to find that figure that night, maybe he wouldn t have felt that someone was planning to take the wax pills.He suddenly had the feeling that he was being uly cbd gummies website best cbd gummy for arthritis pain led by the nose all the time.Walking into the inner courtyard, Cui Zhen raised his head and saw a paper kite, and then a girl laughed, and a figure came into view immediately, it was Gu Mingzhu who was laughing and playing with the maid.Chapter 11 reminds Cui Zhen to stand there with his hands behind his back without moving for a long while, waiting until Gu Mingzhu came to him.Gu Mingzhu was running out of breath, her cheeks were flushed red, she didn t know how to salute when she saw Cui Zhen, she pointed to the top of her head, and the colorful butterfly fluttered in the wind.After a good start, Lu Shenzhi lowered his voice The other person you saw in Jinta Temple, what does he look like Gu Mingzhu seemed to think for a while, but did not respond.This is still too difficult for her.Lu Shenzhi thought about it carefully, and looked at Mrs.Cui Si Sister, do you have a pen and ink in the room Let me use it.Mrs.Cui HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for arthritis pain Si said On the table in the inner room There is.Hearing this, Lu Shenzhi turned and walked into the inner room, and after a while Lu Shenzhi took a piece of paper and came out.Lu Shenzhi said Sister, the question I want to ask Zhuzhu is related to the robbery case.My brother in law is now involved in it.You are his wife, so I cannot let you see it.The wife had no choice but to nod I don t want to look at it.Lu Shenzhi felt relieved, and walked up to Gu Mingzhu Zhuzhu, take a look, is it this person you saw at the Jinta Temple Lu Shenzhi slowly moved The paper in his hand unfolded, and the person on the paper came into Gu Mingzhu s eyes.I watched the Pearl Thief save many people with my own eyes.Many of those villagers have received his favor.Now the people are suspicious and resistant to the Fuya because they feel that the Fuya best cbd gummy for arthritis pain framed the Pearl Thief seven years ago.They called them back from the mountain.Wei Yuanchen said Is there really no third person who knows about you and the Pearl Thief Lu Shenzhi thought for a while, and then said There is a third person, but he is already dead.Seven Years ago, he was just a small official.At that time, natural disasters continued and Taiyuan Mansion was in chaos.Wang Zhifu relied on the female family members of his family to enter the palace and gave birth to the second prince.He did whatever he wanted in Taiyuan.It was so difficult to sue Wang Zhifu, Yan Hao, the then co prefect, wanted to inform Wang Zhifu when the prince came to Shanxi for disaster relief, and the idea of forcing Wang Zhifu to release relief food was also Yan Hao s idea.It can be seen that the plum blossom sore is severe.Zi Yuan was so indifferent, as if she had long since put life and death aside.Gu Mingzhu buy cbd gummies online wicked mojo cbd gummies s gaze swept past Zi Yuan s waist, and she took the opportunity to check Zi Yuan s illness, which she had just checked, and Zi Yuan hid a dagger in her waist.The short dagger is suitable for close up assassination, does Ziyuan have any plans You must know that it is irrational to assassinate or steal property.The government will not think that the people caught in Yong an Lane are innocent because of this, but will think that they are all accomplices.Girl, don t think about it, Ah Jin said, Where did the plum blossom sore come from You just need to rest easy and recuperate.You can best cbd gummy for arthritis pain redeem yourself and leave this flower boat in a few days, so you can live your peaceful life.

The bright red beige, the skirt with gold threads, that s all.On her head, she wears a fringe that can reveal the hair accessories, revealing a big bun, which is full of gold and silver ornaments.She walks out unsteadily like a Dowry for long legs.No one in this world is rachael ray cbd diabetes gummies more gaudy than her.Chapter 34 Wei Yuanchen s yellow face was slightly darkened, the corners buy cbd gummies online wicked mojo cbd gummies of his do cbd gummies dehydrate you best cbd gummy for arthritis pain eyes were wrinkled again and again, and the air in the room seemed to be much colder all of a sudden.But the doctor didn t see it, she was still playing with the jade ornaments around her waist, those rings were hung on her belt one after another, there was no sense of beauty at all.She is wearing all of Miss Ziyuan s most valuable items, is she planning to snatch a few of them later Wei Yuanchen remembered that when he was in Yong an Lane, the doctor woman picked up the silver and took a bite.This font is strong and powerful, the structure is open and closed, with a bit of heroism, just like a ranger standing in front of him who has gone through vicissitudes and is in dire straits.Does this ranger have anything to do with her Even if Gu Mingzhu was pretending to be stupid, how could she win over a cunning doctor woman and a skilled ranger to serve her Wei Yuanchen strode towards Mrs.Lin and Gu Mingzhu.Seeing Wei Yuanchen approaching, Mrs.Lin became a little more vigilant, and subconsciously protected Zhuzhu behind her.This Master Wei best cbd gummy for arthritis pain really made her feel very dangerous, although Master Wei did not do anything out of the ordinary when he came to the Gu family last time Zhuzhu accidentally wicked mojo cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking met him, and she didn t suffer, but she just couldn t feel at ease.Ma am, Wei Yuanchen saluted, You have been here since Prefect Han came to Mrs.Wei is in Taiyuan Mansion, he can find out the prefect of Han, and other things must not escape his eyes.Thinking of Mr.Wei s cold gaze, Zhao Gongren couldn t help but shudder Trembling, when Cui Zhen walked out, he slumped on the chair.Everyone in the courtyard seemed to have gone out.Zhao Gongren muttered to himself Where did the second brother go Is there anything wrong Amitabha bless the second brother to return to Songjiang Mansion honeybee cbd gummies smoothly.Gu Mingzhu was sitting on the corridor.Why was Zhao Gongren so afraid that others would know about the second master Zhao What about in Taiyuan Prefecture Zhao Gongren is so nervous about the war horse case, the second master Zhao must have something living gummies cbd to do with the war horse case.Gu Mingzhu thought carefully about the war horse case.On the surface, the father came to Shanxi after being convicted of a crime, and found that there were a lot of war horses in Xingtaipu Temple in Shanxi, so he invited the court to come to review the horses.Gu Mingzhu nodded, Please take care of me, brother.She lowered her voice on purpose.Nie Chen took out a document from his waist and handed it to the yamen officer Master, I am a best cbd gummy for arthritis pain street person.I got a handwritten letter from the yamen, and I want to go in and check it out.The handwritten letter was obtained from Lu Shenzhi.It took a lot of work, but Lu Shenzhi readily agreed, probably because they made contributions to Han Yu s case and gained Lu Shenzhi s trust.Yacha followed several people into the shop.The shop was shrouded in pitch darkness.Thinking of the few people who died here, the clerk couldn t help shivering.The smell of blood in the room made people feel even more frightened.Gu Mingzhu took out a soft cloth to cover her mouth and nose.Although Yan Tanhua had heard about many cases, after all, she rarely went in and out of such a place, so she would inevitably feel a little uncomfortable, so she made some preparations in advance.Ah Zhao Gongren shouted in surprise, Why did they search the Zhao family s house for no reason Who gave them the guts.The time the two talked, also woke Mrs.Lin up.Mrs.Lin frowned and sat up What s the matter What s the matter Zhao Gongren stood up and walked quickly to Mrs.Lin s bed, wiped the corners of his eyes with a handkerchief The yamen has troubled the Cui family, I m going to trouble the Zhao family.Mrs.Lin frowned, with a blank expression on her face Why is this Could it be for investigation Someone died in the Zhao family s shop, so it is normal to go to the Zhao family to inquire about the case.Ask the case and ask the case.Why are you searching Could it be that the murderer is still hiding in the Zhao family Zhao Gong looked at Mrs.Lin Tai, Mrs.Tai, we can only rely on you in Taiyuan Mansion.If there is any discrepancy, it means that there are secret passages.Nie Chen understood.Come here, his lightness skills are good, and he can take Junior Sister Jiang to the roof.Wei Yuanchen was about to jump onto the roof to have a look down, when he found that Nie Chen put his arms around Miss Gu s waist and brought her up to the roof.Chapter 86 Happy Cooperation All the lanterns in the yard were lit up, illuminating the surroundings.Gu Mingzhu stood on the ridge of the roof and watched the office servants walking up and down below.From this angle, everything below could be seen clearly.The key was found in the Zhao family s shop, so I naturally wanted to ask the Zhao family.After seeing the key, the manager edipure gummies cbd of the Zhao family showed a surprised expression on his face.Although he immediately denied that it was not the Zhao family s property, it had already revealed the clues.Mr.Gong, the steward said anxiously, enduring the pain, the government office not only wants to investigate this courtyard, but also seizes all the property of the Zhao family in Taiyuan Prefecture.Zhao Gongren immediately looked at Wei Yuanchen in surprise Master Wei, what do you mean She turned her head to look at Cui Zhen and Cui Wei.Cui Wei was about to step forward, but Cui Zhen stretched out his hand to stop him.Master Wei must have his reasons for doing this, Cui Zhen said, his gaze fell on Wei Yuanchen s hand, What did Master Wei find out Wei Yuanchen did not answer Cui Zhen s words, but looked at Zhao Gongren Why did Zhao Gongren come to Taiyuan Mansion Zhao Gongren s lips trembled slightly I came to visit Mrs.Lin Tai.When I met Zhao Gongren at Gu s house, Zhao Gongren lied to me, saying that I had just arrived in Taiyuan Mansion.Seeing Cui Zhen s questioning gaze, Zhao Gongren s lips trembled II don t know if the account is fake, why our Zhao family bought so many tea cakes, it stop smoking gummy bears cbd s impossible.By now, Cui Zhen has also understood , Why did Wei Yuanchen come to ask him, the imperial court opened a horse market in Datong, and he led people to guard the border in Datong.The imperial court opened buy cbd gummies online wicked mojo cbd gummies a horse market and exchanged tea, ironware, cloth, rice, salt, etc.for horses with Fan people, but the situation in the horse market in recent years has not been very good.The imperial court spent a lot of thought on the horse market, but all they bought were middle and low grade horses, and they could not be exchanged for high quality horses at all, which meant that good horses in Da Zhou were hard to find.Whether it is a frontier barracks or a guard post, if you want an elite cavalry, you need to be equipped with high quality horses, but the horses distributed by the imperial court every year can only be used by low level soldiers to ride.

Gu Mingzhu called out Liu Su.Then she walked forward quickly.The mother in law shook twice, rolled her eyes and fell to the ground, but fortunately Liu Su took the first step to support her.Gu Mingzhu didn t care about anything else, tore off a woman s skirt, and bound her wound.Wei Yuanchen s eyes fell on Miss Gu, she was binding the wound of the mother in law, her every move seemed so strange, but for some reason it gave him a feeling of deja vu.Chapter 92 The wound on Granny s leg was still bleeding, and the cloth towel pressed on it was soon soaked.Gu Mingzhu looked at the old lady.When she faced those stone quarrymen before, she knew that they were terminally ill.I had no choice but to give some tonics as comfort.Now that the woman s life can be saved, she will naturally do her best.Gu Mingzhu looked at Liu Su You have to tighten best cbd gummy for arthritis pain it even more.Wei Yuanchen untied the talisman on his waist This was given by the emperor when I left Beijing.There is also the imperial government s decree to appoint imperial envoys.I made it clear when I came to Gu s house.Cui Lin s family is still doing whatever they want.If I act recklessly, if I turn a blind eye to it, HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for arthritis pain where will I gummi cares cbd plus review put the court s law I can t punish a female family member, so what position do I have to handle the case in Taiyuan Mansion Those who come to punish the Cui Lin family will be the Cui family if they suffer any damage in the future.What they do, I will make the decision for them, uly cbd gummies website best cbd gummy for arthritis pain and after this matter, they will follow me to Beijing to do business, and I will see who will retaliate against them.After Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he ordered lightly Do it.Mrs.Lin s expression changed Completely changed, several wives stepped forward and grabbed her arm, dragged her off the chair, and pressed her firmly to the ground.There are dragons and crouching tigers hidden around the crown prince, and she will definitely have the opportunity to see the methods of these people in a while.She was a weak woman back then, and she is still a weak woman now, but this time she cbd gummies gardnerma will not let them control her.Clean your hands and tune the piano.The sound of the piano flows through the fingertips.The tune played by several people was blown to the banquet by the wind.The prince who best cbd gummy for arthritis pain was originally a bit sluggish, suddenly his eyes lit up, and his musician came.Who said that no one in Taiyuan Mansion can play the lyre well, he already knew that there are hidden dragons and crouching tigers.Set the screen and let them come forward and play.The prince waved his sleeves and ordered the steward, with an eager expression on his face.Everyone subconsciously looked in the best cbd gummy for arthritis pain direction of the sound, and saw Chu Jiu running back to the yard quickly.My lord.Chu Jiu was followed by the guards of the East Palace.What is this for the prince angrily scolded the guards, Why do the guards around Mr.Wei have to stop them Get down.The guards of the Eastern Palace immediately bowed their heads and retreated after being reprimanded.My lord, Chu Jiu said, I met the yamen servant before I arrived at the yamen.Lord Lu sent the yamen servant to deliver a letter, saying that he found the whereabouts of the second master Zhao.The second master Zhao was held hostage in the mountains outside the city.Wei Yuanchen frowned, although his expression was calm, he still showed surprise at this moment Master Zhao Er is not dead Chu Jiu reported When he was discovered, he was still alive.Master, my wife is still waiting for you.My lordhow can you refuse to save me The voice of the mother in charge was hoarse.Master Zhao Er s eyes also turned blood red.The yelling finally made the murderer in the shack unbearable.He already felt that something was wrong.He had uly cbd gummies website best cbd gummy for arthritis pain agreed with Mr.Shen before that even if no one came from the Yamen, Donggong would bring someone to arrest him.it is good.Unexpectedly, not only the yamen servants disappeared, wicked mojo cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking but also there was no news from the East Palace, only waiting for the servants of the Zhao family to come.It might not be good for him to wait like this, but fortunately, the sky is getting brighter, and he has to go out to see the situation around him before making any plans.The murderer grabbed Master Zhao Er, pulled Master Zhao Er s body tightly in front of him, hooked Master Zhao Er s neck with one hand, so that he could drag Master Zhao Er to walk, and held the dagger with the other hand.Fortunately, they are involved in the same case.As long as he is ruthless enough, it will be enough to deter those who do good things.All he can do for her is to leave her a piece of peace, so that she will never be disturbed by those things again.It s almost enough to dream here, he is already in a very bad situation, and he must wake up soon.Just as Wei Yuanchen thought of this, the sound of the piano not far away suddenly changed, and the shift sound made him feel very familiar, as if a string was being shaken in his mind.The fog in front of him seemed to be blown away by the wind, revealing the person sitting in the pavilion not far away.Such as Jun.Wei Yuanchen stepped forward quickly, the wind gently blew her clothes, she turned her back to him uly cbd gummies website best cbd gummy for arthritis pain and slightly tilted her head, looking at the lyre under her hand.People cannot be resurrected after death, Mrs.Lin Tai comforted Zhao Gongren, Fortunately, the Zhao family still has your daughter, and Sizhen will help you.Although this crime may implicate the Zhao clan, Sizhen will help the court.It s not too harsh.Mrs.Lin paused for a moment after saying this But you have to know, if the Lin family is also involved, it will be different, no one will help at that do cbd gummies dehydrate you best cbd gummy for arthritis pain time, and some people will have to rush Step on it, and then there will be no chance to best cbd gummy for arthritis pain stand up.Mrs.Lin s words made Zhao Gongren shudder, she finally did not understand Mrs.Lin s meaning, it was a warning to her not to drag the master.Zhao Gongren focl cbd gummies reviews s expression suddenly became cold My second brother was killed just now, and the eldest sister didn t even askhow could she say such a thing Mrs.Lin Tai didn t expect Zhao Gongren to contradict her, so she couldn t help but startled I Is it because of you Are you out of your mind now How can you be so ignorant Seeing that you are so hurt, I don t care about you Mrs.Thinking about it this way, he walked out of the house and leaned against the wall with his sword in his arms.Another penny best cbd gummy for arthritis pain was missing.On the ninth day of the ninth day, best cbd gummy for arthritis pain pour water.A low voice came from the room.Hey, Chu Jiu was surprised, didn t the water just pour over It was getting dark, Mr.Wang carefully opened the door, looked around, and found that no one was guarding, so he walked out of Wang s house in a flash, and walked out of the village quickly.There is no one else on the official road except Wang Da, but Wang Da is not afraid, he is very familiar with this road, he has walked back and forth many times, even in the dark, he can find the place, what he is afraid of is someone following him.But he has to do this matter, and he must notify everyone who should be notified, so as not to make any mistakes.

In the woods far away from the chariots and horses, Wei Yuanchen and Cui Zhen got off their horses.Wei Yuanchen walked towards the forest with a sullen face, and stopped to look at Cui Zhen after a long while What do you want me to do when Lord Hou called me here There was no emotion in Wei Yuanchen s cold eyes, as if he was doing business.Cui Zhen looked calm Master Wei s scouts also found those horseshoe prints and horse dung Although Cui Zhen found them around, he couldn t be sure that it was related HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for arthritis pain to Lin Sizhen.Taiyuan Mansion was originally an important town in the north.When returning to the capital, you have to pass several guards.There are guards where soldiers and horses come and go.In addition, there are people and herdsmen nearby who raise horses on behalf of officials.It is also very common to have horseshoe marks.Gu Mingzhu nodded seriously.Cui Zhen strode out.This child, Mrs.Lin sighed, I hope he goes safely and safely.Gu Mingzhu could guess what Cui Zhen was going to do, and rushed back to Datong overnight from here to rectify the best cbd gummy for arthritis pain troops and horses to stop the border turmoil, or at least delay When the imperial reinforcements arrive.As for why a person who returned to Beijing appeared in Datong to lead the army, Cui Zhen could explain that he found something strange halfway, and he was afraid that something went wrong at the pass, so he went to check.In this way, he not only found an excuse for himself to leave, but also concealed Lin Sizhen and those people, and also made Lin Sizhen and others carelessly underestimate the enemy.Mrs.Lin pondered to get a dagger, and she wanted to carry the sharp weapon close to her body these days.Shen, and an arrow roared and hit him touched the prince s right shoulder.The long sword in the prince s hand fell to the ground immediately, and he stretched out his hand to cover his right shoulder and screamed.Lin Sizhen s soldiers and horses immediately stepped forward and stretched out their hands to press the prince s entire body on the horse s back.The prince of the Great Zhou immediately turned into Daozu Yurou.Mr.Shen slashed at his left shoulder with a knife, best cbd gummy for arthritis pain and his robe was stained red with blood.He looked at Lin Sizhen and said, I ll report the letter and ask someone to HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for arthritis pain rescue the prince., so that time can be delayed, allowing Lin Sizhen to continue to take the lead.Excuse me, sir.Lin Sizhen bowed cbd gummies baton rouge and saluted, watching Mr.Shen leave.The prince was sent to Lin Sizhen.Lin Sizhen lowered his eyes Prince of the Great Zhou Dynasty As he spoke, he suddenly kicked the crown prince off his horse, It s just a piece of trash under my feet.The arrows passed by the can i give my kid cbd gummies crowd.They are below, and some rebels have attacked the wall.Continue best cbd gummy for arthritis pain throwing stones.Zhou Zesheng yelled when he saw this.Some people were injured.Focus on attacking the city, don t find out that the son in law is leading troops to encircle them.Only in this way can we weave a fine and large net, so that the rebels have nowhere to escape.There was a slight sound of teeth clashing next to his ears, and Zhou Zesheng turned his head to look, only to see a thirteen or fourteen year old boy staring at the blood covered crowd in a daze.Are you afraid Zhou Zesheng asked, This is just the beginning.We will open the gate of the village and fight those rebels.Afraid, the boy said, but I protect my mother and sister.Zhou Zesheng He reached out and touched the top of the boy s head Go, help take care of those wounded soldiers.Second Uncle.Quick, Second Master Wei said with a smile, Come home with me, your grandmother and mother are waiting.The uncle and nephew got on their horses and rode all the way to Wei s house.Just before leaving the palace gate, Wei Yuanchen looked at Second Master Wei Is there any news about what my nephew asked Second Uncle to inquire about Second Master Wei sighed in his heart, he is really in a hurry, there is nothing important, first ask about best cbd gummy for arthritis pain the girl, whether it is a big deal or not About the doll Is it Zhou Rujun or Gu Mingzhu Chapter 195 Two people Wei Yuanchen looked at the second uncle.A gust of wind blew by, and the two mustaches on Master Wei Er s lips were an eyesore.At a good age, you want uly cbd gummies website best cbd gummy for arthritis pain to grow best gummy cbd a beard.If you don t make some noise at home, the second uncle seems to be uncomfortable.One of them was Zhang Yuan, who killed the household member Xu Lang Bin was imprisoned.You were not in Beijing at the time, so I didn t know about it, so I have to tell you carefully.The common people followed all the way and complained, but Xu Bin had solid evidence in his hand, best cbd gummy for arthritis pain proving that the magistrate of Yanzhou was greedy for autumn grain.There were all witnesses and material evidence in this case, and it was about to become an iron case.Unexpectedly, one day when the court time came, Xu Bin But he didn t get up, the Xu family boy went to the study to call Xu Bin, but found Xu Bin s body lying on the ground, his head had been chopped off.Xu s family killed Xu Bin without making a sound, and then left with Xu Bin s head.Jian Jian drank and asked the monks to invite the people from the yamen, saying that Xu Bin was killed by him.Now he is in the capital city instead of Taiyuan Mansion.When he was in Taiyuan Mansion, he could speak freely.Anyway, there is no one else around the third master.At most, he can be beaten, and he cannot be thrown out.But now it is different.There are Mu Qiu and the others in the mansion.Now, he is not so important.togetherHis eyes fell on Chu Jiu s body, which was a little sharp.Chu Jiu swallowed Otherwise I ll pick up Xiaobai.After finding a reason for himself, Chu Jiu heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, as if he had a backer, and suddenly became more at ease, the third master would not want him , he still has to take care of Xiaobai.Who is Xiaobai Mu Qiu frowned even tighter.If he says one more word, he will be sent to the kitchen to light the fire.Wei Yuanchen said flatly.When Chu Jiu heard this, he immediately covered his mouth and left the room as if fleeing for his life.When the room became quiet, Feng Anping boldly raised his head and glanced at Ms.Jiang.This Ms.Jiang looked best cbd gummy for arthritis pain very nice, she was kind to others, and had a gentle temper.No wonder Nie Chen mentioned Ms.Jiang many times in front of him on the way back to best cbd gummy for arthritis pain Beijing., and every time Miss Jiang finished speaking, she would stare at his face, making him think he knew this Miss Jiang.Now that I think about it, Nie Chen probably wanted him to praise Miss Jiang a little bit more.Nie Chen must have thought about Miss Jiang, and thought that others couldn t see it What a fool.Feng Anping decided to help Nie Chen and say a few nice words in front of Miss Jiang.Miss Jiang, are you Nie Chen s junior sister Gu Mingzhu nodded, answering Cousin Feng in her heart, and besides that, she is still your cousin.Feng Anping went on to say, Nie Chen usually looks stupid, but he s actually a pretty good person.

Please be polite.After Madam Li said this, Madam Lin would not be able to mention that thanks to Mr.Wei for finding out the war horse case, it would be too pretentious.Mrs.Li looked best cbd gummy for arthritis pain at Gu Mingzhu I have prepared some small toys, I don t know if Zhuzhu likes them or not.As she spoke, she looked carefully at Miss Gu s face.Although she knows her son better than her mother, she is an old grandmother who has good eyesight and ears.Mother Lu best cbd gummy for arthritis pain is busy all morning.This mother in charge, who never does anything important, is out of the kitchen.This age.Although it is not fully understood yet, Mrs.Li can be sure that Mrs.Lin and Miss Gu must have something else going on This kind of situation will happen to the youngest son, either it is related to the big event between Brother Chen and the Empress, or his leg was broken by her.She is Gu Mingzhu and is no longer Zhou Rujun.Before she is ready and the case is cleared, she will not have anything to do with Zhou Rujun, and she will not let people around her get involved for no reason.in danger.She will not lose her sense of proportion because of Zhou Rujun.Now everything is hard won.The love of her parents is what she dreamed of in the past.She wants to stay with her parents and live her life happily.Do what she wants to do, protect those she wants to protect.She just needs to do it in her own way, and she believes that Mr.Wei s heart knot lies in the unjust case of the Wei family back then, and everything will be cleared up after the investigation.I hope Master Wei will forget Zhou Rujun s kindness sooner.Don t worry, my lord, Gu Mingzhu said, This heart disease needs to be cured slowly.Wei mentioned this, and thanked the concubine again and again.Gu Chongyi said Then Mrs.Li gave Zhuzhu these things Mrs.Lin pursed her lips Mrs.Li only said that she likes Zhuzhu, and invited us to a birthday banquet next month.Gu Chongyi was pacing the room.It sounded like Wei Yuanchen had made an unintentional mistake at that time, but he felt that it was not that simple.On the way back to Beijing from uly cbd gummies website best cbd gummy for arthritis pain Taiyuan Mansion, Wei Yuanchen also took care of his wife and Zhuzhu.The female relatives also got close to Madam and Zhuzhu, is it all a coincidence Or is it because of the so called kindness I will watch him carefully, Gu Chongyi said, If he is out of gold and jade, then he is deliberately bullying Zhuzhu.Zhu, I must settle this account with him.As for these gifts, Gu Chongyi said Mrs.Li s birthday is next month.Wei Er all over the floor, but that guy really tamra cbd gummies shameless.Gu Chongyi pursed his lips Have someone take their robes and go to the study, I ll go to wash up.So as not to scare Madam when she goes back.The wicked mojo cbd gummies steward responded, Lord Hou is trying to hide this from his wife, that s right, it seems that Master Hou has suffered a loss, and his wife will definitely be worried when he sees it.Gu Chongyi looked around and strode into the study room.He quickly took off his clothes and uly cbd gummies website best cbd gummy for arthritis pain changed them while the people around him were not paying attention.He had never seen such a shameless person.He grabbed his robe and trousers tightly, making him unable to move at all.After spending a whole night with Master Wei, he was really impatient and wanted to kick him away, but he suddenly fainted and lay motionless best cbd gummy for arthritis pain in the woods.Zhuzhu s quilt My aunt has taken good care of me, and she will catch up with me next year.Zhang s figure is considered medium among female family members, uly cbd gummies website best cbd gummy for arthritis pain but what is rare is her graceful figure.After being reminded by Zhang, Mrs.Lin looked at Zhuzhu.Zhuzhu s changes are not small, and compared with Zhang s Yi, there is really not much difference.It s grown up.Mrs.Lin sighed, the female relatives of ordinary families have already engaged in marriage.Mrs.Zhang said, sending a brocade box to do cbd gummies dehydrate you best cbd gummy for arthritis pain Madam Lin I also asked someone to make a pair of silver bracelets.I wore one and gave Zhuzhu the other.The bracelets are engraved with the merits and virtues of the original vows of the pharmacist Liuliguang Tathagata.It has been enshrined in Dabao Temple for a whole year.As Zhang said, he rolled up his sleeves, and there was an identical silver bracelet on his wrist.Hui Xiang began to tremble, This matter has nothing to do with me, it s not me Xue Laotong judged Madam Yuan dismissed the others, leaving you alone, who else is it Hui Xiang looked into the yard.Second Master Cheng said at this time You went to see your father in the study today.What did you say Cheng Yi sneered The witness is here, and you still don t admit it The old master mud bodhisattva can t save himself when he crosses the river, but will he save you as a servant Hui Xiang couldn t kneel anymore when she heard this, and sat there paralyzed Although the madam has no evidence in hand, she still threatened the old man and said that she would reveal Mrs.Zhao s affairs, and the old man called me to question.I am honestly saying that the madam has not obtained any evidence yet, but the old man thinks it will be a matter of time.The emperor looked at the courtiers in the main hall I wanted to wait until after the Tatars were defeated before bringing up this matter, but I didn t expect that the East Palace would not repent and let me down again and again.Hearing this, the prince trembled all over , as if he had predicted his own result.The emperor said I want to choose another prince for the Great Zhou Dynasty.Chapter 262 As soon as the mad emperor said this, the prince staggered, and the third prince beside him quickly stepped forward to help him.Brother The third prince had just opened his mouth when the prince slapped the third prince firmly on the jaw.You don t need to pretend here, you are the one who harmed me, the prince said and looked at the emperor, Father, this minister uly cbd gummies website best cbd gummy for arthritis pain was framed by others, they lured him to do this step by step, just wanting him to fail Your Majesty.Zhuzhu stared at her with blank eyes, as if looking at a fool.Disliked by a fool They were full of expectations, but they were played by Gu Mingzhu, who would wicked mojo cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking like these things.Gu Mingwan turned to look at her grandmother, who exchanged a ruyi for such broken things.Seeing her granddaughter s aggrieved expression, what is green cbd gummies the old lady Gu was also stunned.Who would have thought that the Huaiyuan Hou s mansion would return these things.In the past, they could exchange silver for gold, and elm for chicken wing wood, but what happened this time different.Is the fourth younger sister going to study Gu Minglan was called into the yard by the servants, and when she looked up, she saw the two older sisters standing there holding books with ugly faces.Gu Mingzhu stepped forward and took Gu Minglan s hand Third Sister, you choose, you choose more.

She seemed afraid that Gu Minglan would be wronged.Gu uly cbd gummies website best cbd gummy for arthritis pain Mingwan wished he could stomp his feet and leave.Good reading, Gu Minglan said, I like books, thank you fourth sister for the best cbd gummy for arthritis pain gift.What books can you read Gu Mingwan looked at Gu Mingzhu, Are best cbd gummy for arthritis pain martha stewart cbd gummies coupons you literate Gu Mingzhu raised her eyebrows and said with certainty I know more than Big Sister.Gu Mingwan rushed to the throat and was held back, she was really out of her mind, she would speak big words when she opened her mouth, if she questioned it, it would be like embarrassing a fool.Zhuzhu can read more words than her, so she won t have to eat in this life.Just like Mrs.Lin Tai said before, Zhuzhu is destined to stay in the Gu family.Such female relatives cannot marry.The Gu family needs her and her younger sister to come forward if they want to get married.We can t take the things in the Hou s Mansion as ours.Even Zhuzhu knows to study and relying on himself is the right way.In the future, if you have a future, you have to repay Lord Hou s kindness.Don t ask for things that you can t reach.The Tan family is willing to make this marriage, and cbd gummied they will let Baoshan come without the presence of Lord Hou.If you don t want to sister, don t force it.If you force yourself to marry, you will suffer.Gu Mingwan looked at Gu Ziyan in disbelief Brother taught me a foolish girl How can I believe what a foolish girl said Besides, this marriage, am I doing it for myself Mr.Tan is the nephew of Mr.Tan, Minister of the Ministry of War.We are married to the Tan family, and the elder brother and the second younger sister will have a good future in the future.If I hadn t been wholeheartedly trying to please Mrs.Thinking about it this way, Miss Gu is somewhat similar to Ah Chan.Mo Yangming looked carefully at the fancy lock in his hand, and saw that the word Dan was engraved on it, and it really was the lock made by Ah Chan.Mo Yangming couldn t help muttering If Ah chan is here, I will be happy with you.Gu Mingzhu raised her head Where is Ah chan Mo Yangming said She is gone.People s words messed up his mood, or because of the little girl in front of him, Mo Yangming s mind was full of Ah Chan s figure.Mo Yangming said She also promised me that she would be happy and joyful at any time, but she did such a cruel thing by herself, and her sister, who was the one who got it Really, Mo Yangming remembered about the Gu family, Huaiyuan Hou accidentally uncovered the war horse case, Huaiyuan Hou s various empress dowagers did not go into details, but mentioned that Huaiyuan Hou s daughter, Gu Mingzhu, was born with dementia , nicknamed Zhuzhu.Who brought these Tamba wild rice back from the sea Has the Bai family improved the dry compass The court of the Great Zhou Dynasty prohibited privately going out to sea to buy and sell goods, but there were still merchant ships that ventured into the water.These merchant ships ran around when they were captured by court ships, and it was easy to lose their way at sea.If there is a more accurate dry compass on the merchant ship, it will definitely get twice the result with half the effort.Wei Yuanchen said Keep an eye on the Lu family.The Lu family quietly went to the Yuan family to report the news, and they also had contacts with the soldiers and horses of Wucheng.There was also a dark room in that courtyard, so no matter how you looked at it, it was related to the Bai family.Maybe the person behind the Lu family is Bai Gongren s elder brother, Bai Guanzheng s son who has not been an official.Holding the jade tube, Gu Mingzhu felt a hot and spicy taste rushed into her throat, and then poof , all the smoke in her mouth was blown out.A puff of smoke blew on Wei Yuanchen s face, and Mr.Wei s face was extraordinarily hazy in the smoke.Gu Mingzhu didn t have time to speak, her throat was itchy and she coughed non stop, and then she felt a slight dizziness in her head.Gently patting her back with one hand, Master Wei s voice came It s fine to taste medicine randomly, but you have to try this thing yourself.Gu Mingzhu subconsciously said This is also a medicinal material.Gong Renhezu s grandmother can use it, so it must not be a highly poisonous thing, so it s okay to use it.At least what she heard about Tamba wild rice said that it can cure diseases.But listening to Master Wei s words just now when did she taste the medicine in front of Master Wei Gu Mingzhu didn t have it at the time.When they came out, Lin Sizhen and those people had already arranged the pawns into the capital, and they didn t want to try to catch them, and they didn t know what would happen Not far away, watching the Gu family s carriage leave, Wei Yuanchen s brows stretched out, his best cbd gummy for arthritis pain expression was rare and gentle, without indifference and alienation, the young man s face looked more handsome.Third Master, Chu Jiu felt that the third master was in a good mood, so he dared to speak up, Mo Zhenren accepted Miss Gu as his apprentice, will Miss Gu s sickness gradually recover Huai Yuan Seeing that Miss Gu is like an ordinary person, Hou Fu will naturally think about Miss Gu s marriage, that s why the third master is happy.However, Chu Jiu was still a little worried.Zhang Tong next to him watched Chu Jiu frown, and wished he could pat Chu Jiu into the soil immediately.Bai Jingkun swallowed Yesbut I was doing it for her own good.I was doing it for her.After taking the medicine, she really laughed.It s light, her legs are not so heavy anymore, she seems to be able to walk.Wei Yuanchen said So Ah chan made a compass for you, and asked you to exchange it for the fairy medicine Bai Jingkun shook his head If Ah chan Chan is as smart as my father.She is as stubborn as my father.After the medicine wears off, she still asks me where the medicine comes from, who is the person who asked for the compass, and what I have done in private.Father, when I heard this, I panicked, so I slapped A Chan hard and said a few harsh words.Didn t you kill A Chan A stern voice came from above Bai Jingkun s head , Bai Jingkun shuddered, he raised his head and looked into Wei Yuanchen s deep eyes again.Chapter 299 In the dark prison cell of the sweetheart, the adult in front of him was wearing a dark official uniform, with a majesty like a mountain, he was overturned head on, Bai cbd gummy and ibuprofen Jingkun could hardly breathe, let alone resist.Bai Jingkun kept shaking his head No, I didn t.When I was leaving, the second younger sister happened to be looking for Ah chan.I was standing outside and heard the second younger sister scolding Ah chan I listened for a while, and saw my mother rushing away.Come, I hurriedly took some money and left home.I thought it would be a big deal and I would run away, and those people would not be able uly cbd gummies website best cbd gummy for arthritis pain to find me, so I just gave up.Gu Mingzhu looked at Bai Jingkun carefully, Bai Jingkun was completely suppressed by Master Wei, under such circumstances, what he said should be the truth.

Master Hou and Madam, can you see if this child is not good enough This cbd gummies takealot child has been strong since he was a child, and he is willing to read.Although he is only three years old, he already knows how to read.If he can be praised by Master Hou and Madam, he will be his biggest Blessing.Zou Lin stood up buy cbd gummies online wicked mojo cbd gummies excitedly when he said this Madam doesn t believe you test him.Madam Lin looked at Zou Lin and could feel Zou Lin s urgency, and she probably knew why Zou Lin found him.She, she is pregnant, in case she gives birth to a child, she will naturally find a child of the right age to best cbd gummy for arthritis pain be her bodyguard and entourage.Zou Lin s child is of the right age, but it is not Zou Lin s own, and his status is extremely embarrassing.It s adoption again.As Zou Lin s identity, he s not the kind of domesticated servant.She poked her head up to see the hands quickly threading needles and threads, with a strange expression on her face.Did I embroider it wrong just now Your Majesty made a mistake.But I don t think I am any different from you.The palace man couldn t laugh or cry My Majesty messed up all the threads at the back.Empress Wei said I can do cbd gummies have any effect t see the back, why not just sew a piece of cloth on the back I wear this dress again, and I don t dislike it.The empress does not dislike her craftsmanship, but the do cbd gummies dehydrate you best cbd gummy for arthritis pain palace people really don t like it.Zhou s queen, how could she do so well.Empress Wei took a sip of tea and continued to watch the palace servants at work.Kunning Palace was very quiet, there were only two palace servants in the inner hall accompanying Empress Wei, no one spoke, and needles could be heard in the room.Gu Chongyi nodded The Metropolitan Police The Court is supposed to set an example for all officials Up to the impeachment of hundreds of officials Down to inspect the internal treasury, salt administration, water transportation, and tariffs.If someone bribes, it will inevitably shake Chaogang.What did you do It is impossible to find out one by one for a while.Although he is put in prison, I am afraid there will be disasters.These years, the parties have been fighting openly and secretly, and it seems that they can check and buy cbd gummies online wicked mojo cbd gummies balance the forces of all parties.Is it also condoning clique formation in disguise This is what people can take advantage of.Cui Zhen said I don t know if the Shen family is involved.Gu Chongyi also had this question.The younger brother of Shen Shoufu is the deputy capital censor of the Metropolitan Procuratorate Now the governor of Yunnan, He Shou, the left capital censor of the Metropolitan Procuratorate, has mediocre qualifications He has been reprimanded by the emperor several times in the past two years, saying that Shen Tonghuai will take over.Back then your mother did say that she wanted to get closer, but at that time Zhuzhu was ill.So, we only care about Zhuzhu s illness, how can we take these things to heart So the two families have no ties to the marriage contract, whether verbal or written.You have never been married, and it s not because of Zhuzhu.Her illness is getting better, but my wife and I haven t thought about marrying Zhuzhu.Zhuzhu is the jewel in the palm of my hand, Gu Chongyi.No matter what time it is, the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion and the Gu family will protect do cbd gummies dehydrate you best cbd gummy for arthritis pain her and don t need help from others.You Entering Gu s house at night, regardless of kneeling in front of me and saying these absurd words, it must be because of a moment of unsteadiness and impoliteness, so I don t blame you if you call me uncle, but it s only this time, and I will talk about it in the future So don t blame me for disregarding the face of the two families.Looking at the location of the object, it should have fallen from the corpse.Wei Yuanchen ordered Mu Qiu Immediately send people to Shuntian Mansion to find Mr.Su, and tell Mr.Su what happened in this Zhuangzi.Please come to the office of Daxing County from the office of Shuntian Mansion.There are many things left in this Zhuangzi., A careful inspection should reveal more clues, but In the end, perhaps the large and small corpse in front of him is the person he is looking for.They searched for Aunt according to Bai Jingkun s confession.Maybe some people were afraid that Aunt would leak the news, so they killed him first, and then lured Tan Zigeng to come here.Wei Yuanchen thought for a moment and handed the iron cylinder in his hand to Mu Qiu Before handing this to Mrs.Su, show it to Miss Gu.Doesn t it mean that these things can t be forced Tan Dingfang nodded Although you say that, you still have to think about it carefully Maybe when will HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for arthritis pain we be able to see the truth through the clouds and mists, but there is always a thought lingering in my heart It s not practical if I don t figure it out.Mrs.Dong frowned If you don t know the cause and effect, what is the important problem that needs to be solved Untie it, master It s actually just a painting.Madam Dong said and stood up Master, it s better to go back to the main house to rest, the study is too cold Such weather is not good for the old injuries on the master s waist and legs.Dong Madam has always spoken sharply and aggressively, but fortunately Tan Dingfang didn t dislike it Seeing Madam Dong ordering the servants to remove the warm cage Then he went to tidy up the paper on the table, only to find that the master had written a note on the paper, writing crossed.In the middle best cbd gummy for arthritis pain of Beijing, Nie Chen helped Shuntian Mansion catch a lot of unruly people who were hiding in the market place.Xue Laotong judge had a good do cbd gummies dehydrate you best cbd gummy for arthritis pain impression of Nie Chen.But at sea, Nie Chen was a little unsatisfactory.After only a day of floating, Nie Chen lost a lot of weight.Many of the culprits offered by the imperial court are at sea.You are young, so you need to train yourself a lot so that you can show your talents in the future, Xue Laotong judged, Don t let your master down.Nie Chen s throat twitched.Naturally, he couldn t disappoint his master and foster father.He was quite strong, and he didn t intend to back down just now.He just felt cold all over his body inexplicably, as if another pair of eyes had buy cbd gummies online wicked mojo cbd gummies glared at him coldly.If he told Xue Laotong like this, I don t know if Xue Laotong would believe it.He had just entered the Zhuangzi that day when he felt a headache and was knocked unconscious on the ground.When he woke up, he happened to see Tan Zigeng fighting with someone.Gu Chongyi told this to Cui Zhen On the surface, it seems that Tan Zigeng killed people, but if you check carefully, you will find the problem.Wei Yuanchen said Bai Jingkun said that the real person in charge of the Lu family, Auntie, settled down in Baoding Mansion.We found the bank notes of the Baoding Mansion Bank on Zhuangzi, and best cbd gummy for arthritis pain the surviving guard also said that Mrs.Xiao brought them from Baoding Mansion.Therefore, the mother and son who were burnt to death seemed to be Auntie s mother and son, that is, Bai Jingkun s wife and son.After checking this, some people would think that the Lu family s incident happened, and Tan Zigeng s move was to kill people.

Yu Zhenhai nodded desperately Second Master I will never say, don t worry Master Fang Er said After this incident, I will give you a sum of money and let you leave the capital to retire.How many sons will you have Let them study, and they will have the opportunity to obtain fame and become an official in the future.This is the only one you have.A chance to turn around.Hearing this, Yu Zhenhai was overjoyed, as if thinking that the Yu family would also have a high rise mansion in the future The population is prosperous.I m not talking in empty words, the second master Fang took out a key and handed it to Yu Zhenhai.It s the Zhuangzi on the west side.That Zhuangzi and its contents are all yours After that, I ll give you another 100 acres.Good land.Yu Zhenhai s eyes widened Never thought he would have today.How much money will I give you It is worth your life.Madam Yuan stood up and said, How about Prince Huai s Mansion Will someone say that you are playing for selfishness No, Wei Yuanhong vegamour cbd gummies hurriedly explained, The third brother said Now, it is the Ministry of Criminal Justice who arrested Fang s family, and it has nothing to do with the third brother.So, King Huai is plotting against the crown prince Wei Yuanzhen said, Isn t this case just following the Lin Si Zhenbing s random investigation It s reasonable to think about it carefully, the crown prince is pulled down, and the most likely to become the next heir is King Huai.Wei Yuanzhen said with a happy expression on his face Buying and selling war horses and smuggling imported goods are all the work of the crown prince and King Huai.Let s see who they can blame.Whether Cui Wei can live here depends entirely on Cui Zhen s will.Cui Wei stood there in a daze, and after a while he came to his senses Brother wants to drive me away Cui Zhen s eyes narrowed slightly I will not let you move out of the mansion before you get married, if you have other thoughts, You can speak with me.But if you stay in Dingninghou Mansion, you must obey my rules, especially for your mother.If you are really filial, you should persuade her to live in peace, sincerely repent, and not to wicked mojo cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking cause any trouble again.You can t follow my rules Do things according to the rules, let s set up our own business earlier.Seeing that Cui Zhen was about to leave, Cui Wei took a few steps forward Brother, why are you doing this to me Don t you understand Cui Zhen said, Since you don t listen to what I say, I don t want to take care of your business anymore.Wang Jing said Second Lord Wei has been with Lord Hou since he became an official., The time I stayed in Beijing do cbd gummies dehydrate you best cbd gummy for arthritis pain was a bit longer.Speaking of this, Wang Jing raised her head Master Hou suspected that the second master had a different heart at that time Cui Zhen was not sure, maybe Cui Wei had other plans earlier, but was just waiting for an opportunity.Cui Wei stayed by his side because he also wanted to find out the situation of Datong and Beijiang Garrison.It can be seen from Cui Wei s affair with the deputy general that Cui Wei had long planned to take over Datong instead of him.Lin Sizhen puts eyeliner in Yulin Wei an, and Cui Wei can cooperate with Lin Sizhen best cbd gummy for arthritis pain if he wins Datong.If the Northeast line is added, the whole northern Xinjiang will be obtained.Losing the real Yulin Guard of Lin Temple, if they want to plot northern Xinjiang, they need to seize Daning and Yongping Mansions.Even if Mr.Zheng is not afraid of offending Shangfeng, he is willing to speak for us, but who will listen to Mr.Zheng What After Shen finished speaking, she began to cry softly Second Uncle and Eldest Brother went the wrong way, I m afraid there is no way to save them, I just dreamed that they died.Don t cry.Eldest Master Zhang said Sighing for a long time, he couldn t find the right words to comfort Shen Shi.Shen said I just want to keep my second brother and Shen s innocent people.Grandpa Zhang said while patting Shen s back Let me think about it There must be a way.After so many years in the court, it is not possible to just wait to die like this, father in law is the chief assistant of the two dynasties.Shen sat there blankly, as if frozen, and managed cbd hemp gummies online to recover I I remember my father once said that no matter how high he climbed, he would inevitably die well.Those nobles such as the old Marquis Huaiyuan who made great achievements at sea in those years also handed over their military power and wicked mojo cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking went home to retire.Mo Yangming didn t continue talking, the Queen Mother said You want me to best cbd gummy for arthritis pain write to Jiu Zhang, let him use his eyeliner to investigate this matter But you are afraid that the Ai do cbd gummies dehydrate you best cbd gummy for arthritis pain family will take a stand and be involved in this battle.Mo Yangming nodded.The Empress Dowager sighed When Concubine Mi was gone, the Ai family expected it.These people have been tossing around, and sooner or later they will fall on Ai s head.Even if Ai s family best cbd gummy for arthritis pain cbd gummies 250mg doesn t care, they may not be able to survive alone.Have you seen it through Otherwise, you wouldn t have spoken in front of Ai s family.If Guo s family has long been in the schemes HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for arthritis pain of those people, just like the East Palace and Huai Wang s Mansion, they were secretly tricked into the game, it s better to check in advance Clearly.If it wasn t for a critical moment, she would never order them to do something.Thinking of this, the female officer s face became solemn Your Majesty, don t worry, the servants will go to arrange it immediately.With such a commotion outside, there must be an accident in the palace, but I don t know where it will start Gu Mingzhu and Mo Yangming had just left the palace gate when they saw Baotong waiting at the door.Baotong s face was full Anxious, seeing Gu Mingzhu hurriedly said Miss, Madam may be about best cbd gummy for arthritis pain to give birth.Gu Mingzhu was startled.When she came out of the house, koi cbd gummies 60g her mother was still fine.Why is she about to give birth suddenly Mo Yangming said, I ll go with you to the Hou s Mansion.Gu Mingzhu wished she could step into the house as soon as she lifted her foot.Her mother would not arrive for more than a month, and she would check best cbd gummy for arthritis pain her mother s pulse every day, but she didn t see any clues.Gu Chongyi thought of Wei Yuanchen s appearance when he was exchanging lessons with him in the courtyard, his body looked better than when he was young, how could he have imagined such an experience.Gu Chongyi couldn t help saying Innately deficient, but now you can do this, you can see how much hard work you have put in.Mrs.Lin said That s right, I still think of Zhuzhu Zhuzhu is not easy.As she spoke, Mrs.Lin s eyes slightly redness.Gu Chongyi panicked Why are you still crying You can t shed tears during confinement.I don t know what s going on, Mrs.Lin said, I was happy in my heart, but I just couldn t help it Gu Chongyi persuaded softly for a while.Mrs.Lin sniffed When my brother landed, Mrs.Li looked at it and said that although my brother was younger, he looked better than Uncle Wei and Mr.

The old man thought for a moment, then turned around and walked back.He had been seen clearly by others, but he didn t know much about those people.In this case, it is better to find out the details of those people Watching the old man knock on the gate of the house.Zhu Wu, the man who took care of the flat food stall, smiled.That s right, why should we freeze outside in such a cold weather.Have a bowl of flat food.Come here.Just after the yelling behind him, the wooden best cbd gummy for arthritis pain door in front of the old man slowly opened.Lu Guang looked at the old man and the food box in his hand and said with a smile, Are you here to look for our elder brother Before the old man could speak, he saw a best cbd gummy for arthritis pain figure walking out.That person was Nie Chen.The old man came to see Nie Chen after noticing this common man.Nie Chen let the old man into the house, turned around and took the small hanging stove, made tea for the old man and filled it up for himself.Become a cold palace.It took a long time for the internal officials to leave with people and things, and then closed the palace gate, leaving only a small door for food delivery.Empress Wei raised her eyes and let out a long sigh of relief Okay, it s quiet now.will be monitored at uly cbd gummies website best cbd gummy for arthritis pain all times.As soon as the female officer finished speaking, several servants walked into the palace and stood best cbd gummy for arthritis pain in the yard one by one, ready to keep an eye on the queen s every move.Empress Wei smiled and said softly We should thank Shengen.The female officer was a little surprised.Empress Wei said There are so many people watching my every move.If someone wants to frame me, it may not be easy.If someone best cbd gummy for arthritis pain wants to kill me, these eyes are also personal evidence.She didn t dare to come again, didn t she want to thank the emperor What s more, without the emperor, she would not be where she is today.He will use this matter to maneuver around it, and he still has unused chess pieces in his hand.In short, in this way, the people placed in the guards have time to act independently, and the master can also see the right time to make a difference.He was afraid that his father would not be able to escape.If his father left, Wei Yuanchen and the others would not know their real secret and purpose, so all the initiative was still in their hands.Tan Dingfang was a little uneasy, just because the War Horse case and the Huaiwangfu case made him feel awed by Wei Yuanchen.This Wei Sanye was far more powerful than their previous predictions and understandings.If there was no evidence in hand, he always felt that Wei Yuanchen Chen would not move.Mrs.Dong stood up Master is busy, so I will go back.Tan Dingfang nodded.I exchanged money and came back to buy a house, so that the old lady at home can enjoy the happiness with me.Zheng Ruzong smiled slightly in his heart, this is the mind of ordinary people, Short sighted, busy with food and expenses all his life, always thinking that there will be a day when he will get rich, but in fact, that day will never green dolphin cbd gummies where to buy come.Do you have connections Zheng Ruzong said one way or another.The shopkeeper s eyes shone brightly, and he looked at Zheng Ruzong and said, Yes, this time it will definitely work out.I have been guarding this way for five or six years, and I finally got my chance.At last, my work was not in vain.Zheng Ruzong looked at the The peddler looked like he was experiencing the most proud buy cbd gummies online wicked mojo cbd gummies moment in his life, what a fool, this peddler didn t know what was going on at this moment, he was still immersed in his small interests, he couldn t see clearly for the rest of his life.Concubine De wants to say something.The emperor looked at Concubine De s appearance and thought about what the female officer said just now.He didn t know whether it was because he was too disappointed with Concubine De, or because he was too angry, his chest was churning again, and this time he couldn t help it no matter what.Huang Chang saw the strange state of the emperor, and hurriedly stepped forward to help him.The emperor pushed Huang Chang away and walked quickly to the side room, just after entering the door, he spat out wow.In the filth, there is a decoction just taken, and some fishy things.Huang Chang wanted to shout, but he finally closed his mouth under the stern stare of the emperor.The emperor wiped the corners of his mouth with a soft handkerchief, and it took him a while to breathe smoothly.After Tan Dingfang found out about Wei Yuanchen and Miss Zhou, he was sure that this third master Wei had almost the same heart knot as him.Now that he mentioned it, Wei Yuanchen should not be so calm and rational anymore.As long as Wei Yuanchen If he was even slightly moved, Captain Long next to him would also report to the emperor, and it might become the next opportunity to deal with Wei Yuanchen.The grievance of Zhou Zecheng s death was inseparable from the people who were present at the time, such as the emperor, the concubine, the noble concubine, and the prince.Although Tan Dingfang didn t know what the inside story was, as long as Wei Yuanchen was lured onto the boat, the emperor He has achieved his goal by guarding against and suspicious of Wei Yuanchen.What Tan Dingfang expected did not happen, Wei Yuanchen was in a calm mood and did not fall into the trap.Gu Mingzhu did not expect that the Zhang family, Qiu Hai, Tan Dingfang, best cbd gummy for arthritis pain and Zheng Ruzong had so many cases that they failed to notice this detail.Gu Mingzhu said When will best cbd gummy for arthritis pain the poison attack Wei Yuanchen said One or two months.Gu Mingzhu nodded If we don t find buy cbd gummies online wicked mojo cbd gummies Zheng Ruzong, there is no definite evidence, even if the imperial court arrests Tan Dingfang, it will be a while.The trial could not be concluded for a while, and the case was dragged on like this.Tan Dingfang suddenly died of poisoning in the prison a month or two later, and this became an unsolved case.At that time, the emperor will inevitably suspect that the Lord has tampered with it.Thinking about Liang in this way Wang is really good at planning, so he made arrangements early on.Gu Mingzhu raised her eyes Your Excellency is going to Northern Xinjiang soon, right I don t know if there is any news from the Northern Border Guards.Thinking of this, Concubine Jiang clenched her hands tightly.She grieved for herself and felt wronged by her two children.The eldest son of the emperor fell into such a situation not only because of being tricked, but also because of the emperor s help.Here, become the target of public criticism.Your Majesty, the female officer said in a low voice, is the emperor going to support King Su in an open and honest manner Concubine Jiang nodded her head The emperor did not punish King Su for such scandalous deeds.I can see the emperor s willingness to defend.Concubine Jiang cast her eyes outside the palace, the Ninth Prince had just finished learning calligraphy, and now he was playing with a small bow in the yard, and when King Su came to the throne in the future, the first thing to do was to completely eradicate her and her relatives.

Mrs.Wednesday s eyes were reddened by the huge gemstones, and her emotions became even more agitated.Mrs.Zhou looked at Zhou Zerui resentfully on Wednesday Master, is this how you treat your concubine This restaurant, this yard are like knives piercing her heart, thanks to her wholeheartedly working for the family.Mrs.Wednesday ignored Sanniang, and headlonged towards Zhou Zerui I m fighting with you.When she received the news that the master had an outside room hidden in a restaurant in Dongcheng, she refused to believe it at first, but when she entered the door and saw such a situation , Her anger suddenly flooded into her heart.The master set up such a restaurant and raised these women Mrs.Wednesday felt so much grievance that at this moment, she wished that all of them would be handed out to Zhou Zerui.Mrs.Zhou seemed to be hit hard.The mother in charge said The third master bought a restaurant outside and raised a few women in the backyard.On weekdays, Xu Gui helped take care of it.The third master knew that Xu Gui was involved with the rebel party, so he was in a hurry to go to the restaurant to manage it.Keep up.The old lady Zhou said anxiously A woman is raised in a restaurant He is The mother cbd gummies made in usa in charge lowered her head and dared not look into the old lady Zhou s eyes It s not wicked mojo cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking an innocent woman.The old lady Zhou understood Could it be like those people in Sipailou Fenzi Hutong The mother in charge nodded There are still many portraits of women in the restaurant.The Yamen interrogated the shopkeeper and staff of the restaurant and said that many people went there.Shuxiangmen How could she get involved with these places It really killed her.The old lady Zhou s feet were empty, and she swayed.Zhou Ruyue hurriedly stepped forward to help her.Zhou Ruyue helped Mrs.Zhou to sit down, and Mrs.Zhou said, What is the third wife going to do The third wife heard that the third master had a concubine, so she brought people over and fought with those women.The old lady Zhou gritted her teeth At this juncture, she only has these eyes.The third child s family is so useless.The mother in charge suddenly thought of one thing and didn t say The seventh master of the clan is also here.The old lady Zhou didn t respond for a while Which seventh master The mother in charge said truthfully It is the one in the clan that the elder saved.The enemy s road is narrow, but he did it on purpose, and let him come to the door again.Mrs.Zhou turned her head to look at the Buddhist altar.The altar stood silently, but now it looks gloomy, as if the entire Zhou family was surrounded by a crowd.Layers of darkness shrouded Someone knocked on the door of the small courtyard of the common people.Zhou Zesheng walked in.The mutton in the iron pot is overflowing with aroma, and the milky white soup is tumbling gudu gudu.Zhu Wu adds firewood to the stove.Gu Mingzhu sat on the brocade tree and watched the people in the yard talking and laughing, and stood up when she saw Zhou Zesheng.Lu Guang and others who were fighting in the yard also arranged best cbd gummy for arthritis pain their clothes and poured tea for the guests.It s delicious, Zhou Zesheng said with a smile, Is the stew ready Gu Mingzhu said, It s still a bit late, how is the seventh master In front of everyone, Gu Mingzhu couldn t directly address Zhou Zesheng as uncle.She was only three years old at that time, and these cbd gummies for anxiety amazon memories should have been blurred long ago, but because it was related to the death of her parents and had a great impact on her, these pasts were still hidden in the deepest part of her mind.After her parents passed away, she was taken to her grandmother s house.For a long time, she couldn t smell the incense in the nunnery of her grandmother s yard.When she smelled it, she would feel sad, thinking of the dark coffin, thinking of the heavy filial piety.Mai, thinking of her parents leaving her far away.When she couldn t sleep at night, she would huddle under the quilt and try to keep her eyes open.She really wanted to see her parents push the door and walk in.She thought about the places where the monks and priests said her parents went.Could she go How can I go Will their family be the same after going there At that time, she only knew the pain of losing a loved one, but she didn t think about whether there was any inside story.Will he use the yamen to suspect him and simply prove his crime, otherwise the people in the market will continue to investigate, what should he do He can t wait to die like this, he must first hold the key evidence in his own hands, and once he finds that something is wrong, he will go to the Yamen of Shuntianfu.Zhou Zejing made up his mind and looked at Mrs.Tuesday You were born at home.I ll go out.Mrs.Zhou wanted to ask, but Zhou Zejing had already stepped out of the door.Zhou Zejing walked quickly.In fact, he had been prepared for a long time.How could he be unprepared for the Cao family when he saw what happened to his elder brother When the sister in law passed away, he was outside the yard of the sister in law, and saw the person who killed the sister in law.Although he didn t say anything on the surface, he was secretly looking for clues.If the elder brother could go there by then, she would tell the truth.Feng Anping listened nervously After two mike weir cbd gummies canada days, will Mr.Zhou go Zhou Zejing nodded Brother went, but he couldn t see the lady hemptrance cbd gummies review again.The lady said that the inn caught fire and killed several people.One of them was a female family member, and there was a burned lyre in her room.Gu Mingzhu probably knew the result when he heard this.Since his father mentioned the lyre, he can roughly confirm that the female family member who was burned to death was the female gentleman.Zhou Zejing said Eldest brother has been unable to let go of this matter since he returned to the capital.My sister in law said that my elder brother wanted to inquire about the Cao family, but she didn t know how to start.At this time, the emperor went to accompany the capital, and the Imperial Academy arranged for my elder brother to accompany me.Su Fu thought of this and sighed The emperor is not good at knowing people, but the concubine De and his son who value the most are such people.Now the court is in chaos.If there is another shock, I don t know if I can bear it.I am still worried.The emperor s body is afraid of the critical moment Xue Laotong judged So we have to plan for the worst, if such a situation really happens, who can stabilize the situation.Su Fu said You mean the empress Listen to the empress arrangement to resolve this matter Before everything is exposed, let the empress control the overall situation to prevent turmoil.If Liang wicked mojo cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking Wang is staring at the emperor, and the empress arranges everything secretly, maybe he can win beezbee cbd gummy reviews the first chance Su Fu suddenly scolded I obviously have my heart for the emperor, how could I feel that Empress Wei will handle the current situation better.

When he saw the object in his hand clearly, Zhou Zejing s eyes showed a look of panic.It is a piece of jade seal material.Zhou Zejing opened the jade seal tremblingly, and saw a scribble engraved on it without any surprise.If you continue to carve, it should be a Zhou.Big brother, Zhou Zejing s whole body trembled, it s right big brother, he did too many wrong things, big brother is going to punish him now, maybe big brother best cbd gummy for arthritis pain will take him away soon.Come here, Zhou Zejing wicked mojo cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking s voice trembled, There are ghosts there are ghosts Zhou Zejing s voice grew louder.Come quickly Gu Mingzhu s carriage had fun drop gummies cbd just returned to the capital, and on the ninth day of the ninth day, he received a letter from Yongping Mansion.Chu Jiu handed it to Gu Mingzhu Miss, it s the third master s letter.Gu Mingzhu opened the letter, pulled out the paper inside, and the first three words came into view Are you okay Gu Mingzhu seemed to be able to see Master Wei s gentle and concerned eyes, she nodded subconsciously, but her eyes were hot.Gu Mingzhu was glad that she had come to Gongji City.When she got here, she knew that what she saw with her own eyes was far more terrifying than expected.The military tents in the city were crowded with wounded soldiers, and it was hard to find a quiet corner for Lu Guang and Zhu Wu to treat.After Gu Mingzhu cleaned her hands, she was busy cleaning the wounds of Lu Guang and Zhu Wu to stop bleeding and applying medicine, and took care of the wounds properly.When they got better, they would be sent back to the city.Lu Guang s injury was milder, and he wicked mojo cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking woke up while the wound was being stitched up, and couldn t help snorting twice, just like what Mr.Mo said, sometimes wicked mojo cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies to quit smoking hearing the wounded cry out in pain can be relieved.Zhu Wu hadn t woken up yet, but his breathing was steady and his pulse condition was slightly better than before.Your Majesty, the attendant said in a low voice, we can only go here, best cbd gummy for arthritis pain and at Yinshi King Liang and Mrs.Tang will arrive in small boats.Li Zhao nodded be careful, there are often big boats coming to the sea guards Patrol.When the personal guards retreated, Li Zhao stood up and looked out of the cabin, hoping that everything would go well, and that they would not reveal the identity of Li Shi of Pyongyang after rescuing King Liang.The imperial court was tearing their skins apart, and if they really couldn t do it, they had no choice but to use firearms.It was getting dark, and there was still some time before Yinshi on the second day.Li Zhao turned around and went back to the inner cabin to rest.Maybe the Li family in Pyongyang should not get involved.It is too dangerous to participate in uly cbd gummies website best cbd gummy for arthritis pain the battle for imperial power in the Great Zhou Dynasty, but it is also beneficial.Gu Chongyi said What are you still doing here Wei Yuanchen handed over the document The imperial court ordered me to return to Beijing with my uncle.Looking at the words on the document, Gu Chongyi s eyelids jumped up again, and he couldn t push him away, he couldn t hide Can t escape.Although Gu Chongyi didn t want to admit it, but in the current situation, his pearls probably won t be able to be kept, and they will be snatched away The news of King Liang being captured alive spread to Beijing.The atmosphere in the Hall of Mental Cultivation burst into jubilation.Liang Wang was arrested, and the overall situation best cbd gummy for arthritis pain was finally settled.The elders have not closed their eyes all the time, everyone is waiting for the result in the palace, and now they are all relieved.Empress Wei smiled and said It s been hard these days, everyone.Li praised Wei Congzhi in a rare way You have worked hard this time, let s go to the palace to meet your sister next time There are too many people in the Wei family Going to Kunning Palace will inevitably lead to gossip.Although her youngest son has two beards, he is still a master with fire on his ass.Throw it outside the palace gate.Mother, Wei Congzhi chased Mrs.Li into the carriage while the iron was hot, see if you want to give your son some rewards, let my sister give him a mansion.Go, go Mrs.Li seemed to be chasing flies.waving.Wei Congzhi grabbed Mrs.Li s sleeve Then give me some silver, and the bracelet in my mother s hand will be fine.A fight broke out in the carriage.Mrs.Li raised her youngest son s ear Do you still dare Do you dare To be honest, she misses this youngest son very much these days, and her hands itch.Mrs.Li, Mrs.Yuan.Mrs.Lin greeted the Wei family members, and they walked into the main room.Gu Chongyi looked at Pei Shangqing in a daze.Pei Shangqing stood where he was, and said with a smile, The last best cbd gummy for arthritis pain time I came to the Marquis Mansion was eight or nine years ago, time flies so fast.Gu Chongyi knew that Pei Shangqing had once again entered the imperial court, but the Pei family was always proud, and did not expect that it would be for Wei Yuan Chen s marriage came forward.Uncle.Wei Yuanchen saluted Gu Chongyi.Pei Shangqing saw Gu Chongyi s doubts Yuan Chen has been studying in Pei s house.For such a big event, I will come here instead of brother Wei.There should be other reasons, the Pei family will not come easily.After inviting everyone into the main room and serving tea, Madam Li said Master Hou and Madam also know that we are here for Brother Chen.Mrs.Lin quickly stood up Go and tell Lord Hou to ask Zhuzhu to change her clothes, and we will go to receive the order.Just as the arrangements were made, another steward came into the yard Madam, the old lady in law is here, and he has arrived in the city now.The door.Mrs.Lin was stunned, her father came, how could it be such a coincidence, father likes Zhuzhu so much, when he just entered the door, he heard the news that Zhuzhu was going to get married, she didn t know how she felt.Alas, the master s injury is no longer a serious problem, is best cbd gummy for arthritis pain it Mrs.Lin became worried again, hoping that her father would show mercy to the master.Chapter 539 Intimate Let the steward pick up my father, Mrs.Lin ordered, Tell Hou Ye again, so that he can get ready.That s all Mrs.Lin can do, anyway, the person who called his father to the capital It wasn t her, but Master Hou himself, and Master Hou was also in a cocoon.Mrs.Lin couldn t help sighing when she thought of these things.Brother Chun was born when the capital was in chaos, so he was an uneasy child, and he would definitely worry her in the future.How could this be nothing like Zhuzhu Although Zhuzhu likes to go out, she just follows Mo Zhenren to see the symptoms of patients, and goes to the palace to talk to the empress, so nothing big will happen.Compatriots of the same mother have such different temperaments.Mrs.Lin knelt down and stretched out her hands to meet Brother Chun.With a bang , Brother Chun slammed into Mrs.Lin s arms, and then kissed Mrs.Lin s face paw.Mrs.Lin was about to talk to her son, when Brother Chun twisted his body and broke away from Mrs.Lin, He ran behind Mrs.Lin.Brother Chun ran away buy cbd gummies online wicked mojo cbd gummies quickly with his butt pouted, Madam Lin couldn t help being a little dazed, she turned her head to look at Zhuzhu and said, What is Brother Chun going to do It was still her daughter who was obedient and sensible, and seeing her daughter made her feel much more at ease.

Everyone looked at each other in the best cbd sleep gummies blank dismay, Lord Qing admitted this, right Master Qing, this is King Qing s old eyes were dim and teary, and he couldn t see which family was standing next to him, so he came over and wiped his tears and snot with his robe King Liang framed Wei The family, the empress, best cbd gummy for arthritis pain and the situation of Empress Wei in the palace are obvious to all.After all, he is the flesh and blood of the Zhao family.I don t know what Da Zhou looks like now.The collusion between Liang Wang and the Tatars is to lure wolves into the house, and it is bound to bring disaster to Da Zhou.This move is worthy of the ancestors of the Zhao family.I don t regret it.I m not afraid to see my ancestors in the future.Now that the emperor is in his prime, I m afraid I 1000mg cbd gummies how much to take won t be able to see how the throne will be inherited in the future.Wei Yuanchen walked out of the room.Mrs.Li smiled and looked at Mrs.Yuan We have to make preparations.Oh, Wei Congzhi exclaimed, I forgot one thing, do I want to teach Brother Chen a few words Said that he is also the second uncle, and if he buy cbd gummies online wicked mojo cbd gummies doesn t admonish him at this time, he will have no chance in this life.That s a good idea, Mrs.Li rolled her eyes at her youngest son, Today best cbd gummy for arthritis pain you d better be honest and be careful about how my family will serve you.Leaving the house, I heard Wei Congzhi s voice from behind Oh, mother, don t kick, don t kick, these are my new clothes.Wei Yuanchen walked out of the yard, and the old King Qing came up to him It s almost time, it s time to wear clothes.I m going to the Taimiao.Wei Yuanchen bowed to the old best cbd gummy for arthritis pain King Qing My Lord Qing, I ll go to the Wei Family s Ancestral Hall to offer incense sticks first.Facing the ancestors of the Zhao family enshrined in the hall, Wei Yuanchen lit the incense and sent it to the incense burner, lifted his robe and knelt down to salute.The action is done in one go.This kneeling, everyone s expressions can t help but change, because everyone present knows that this kneeling determines the country and society of Dazhou for decades.The grand music of the teaching workshop was played.The rest of the royal family and officials knelt down together.A round of morning sun rose slowly, and the dazzling sunlight enveloped the entire Taimiao hall Chapter 558 Leaving the Pavilion Wei Yuanchen walked out of the Taimiao, turned around and saluted the old King Qing, who hurriedly reached out to support him.King Qing said It s over here, let s go to the Gu family Wei Yuanchen responded, pulled the reins and got on his horse.The emperor gasped heavily.The Wei family knew Pei Shangqing before he came out of the cabinet, the Wei family must have had an affair with Pei Shangqing, it could be said that Wei Yuanchen is the child of the Wei family and Pei Shangqing, and the Zhao family s world will fall into their hands.Empress Wei said indifferently Your Majesty, take care of yourself.Hearing the sound of Wei s footsteps fading away, the Emperor stretched out his hand and knocked on the bed, come, come quickly, he wants to get up and deal with Wei s mother and child, he wants to kill He killed Pei Shangqing, killed all those who obeyed the Wei family, and expelled King Qing and others from the royal family.Your majesty, what s the matter with you came the voice of the servant, You should be happy today, there is a happy event in the palace, a banquet was held in the Palace of Compassion, and the Empress Dowager and Empress also allowed a group of palace officials to leave the palace.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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