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Wait, I don t think it s okay.Thinking you guys are not afraid, Han Chaoyang cursed secretly, while motioning them to HCMUSSH best place to get cbd gummies online look quickly, he prepared red ink paste.The situation is stronger than the person, if you are not honest, you will go to the police station.The sisters of the Jiang family didn t dare to mess around anymore, they read it carefully, and signed and stamped their fingerprints at the place designated by Han Chaoyang.Director Xie, can we go now Jiang Xiaolan asked cautiously, drying her fingers.Don t ask me, ask Police Officer Han.How could there be such winged cbd sleep gummies unfilial and unreasonable people in Chaoyang Village Director Xie felt ashamed for them, and his tone was best place to get cbd gummies online undisguised with a bit of disdain.Officer Han, let s let s go first.I want to leave like this after beating someone.How can there be such a good thing in the world Han Chaoyang said coldly while sorting out the transcript materials Next Thursday at 2 o clock in the afternoon, go to the police station to find Officer Yang for processing. Yes, there s still time to catch up Xiao Han, hurry up, you have an electric car, and the electric car runs fast.Three old men, you talk to each other, Han Chaoyang Exhausted from being messed up, he looked behind him and coaxed a child and said, Uncle Tai, Uncle Xu, you three calm down, you three listen to my explanation.I can catch up now, but after I catch up, I will catch up again.What can I do with him Punish him, confiscate his electric fish device Punish him, you always put it lightly, there is no legal basis, how do you always ask me to punish him Can t fine He What was violated was the laws and regulations of the fishery, and this matter should be handled by the fishery law enforcement officers of the Agriculture Bureau.Our police have no right to fine him, or even confiscate his electric fish equipment.There is almost nothing she can t do, a real professional level. Really, let her come here quickly, does she know how to get there She s on her way here, I ll send her there as soon as I arrive. Okay Okay, hurry up People flock together, Old Man Lei and Old Man Tai like fishing, and the old factory manager likes to play and sing, jolly cbd gummy reviews so if you want to have a good relationship with them, you have to do what they like.Han Chaoyang hurriedly called his junior sister, coaxed and lied a lot of good things, and then called Lao Xu who was on duty in the police station.Just as everything was arranged, Old Lei appeared in front of him with a best place to get cbd gummies online fan under the leadership of Li Xiaobin.Reb, what did she say She said she was on a business trip and would come back tomorrow afternoon.They can go on any business trip, but there shouldn t be any holidays when they come back tomorrow afternoon.After Xu Hongliang reported the latest situation, he immediately posted a few photos and a paragraph small video.The technological content of mobile phones is getting higher and higher, and the technology of network service providers is also ridiculously good.Compared with WeChat, which can transmit text, voice and even group videos, the radio station and walkie talkie of the branch office are really outdated.Han Chaoyang clicked to look at the photo of the female condor cbd gummies reviews best place to get cbd gummies online suspect, and asked by name Old Xu, where are you A few photos are not clear, I will take them later, and post them in the group.Take it if you have the opportunity, forget it if you don t have the opportunity, don t startle the snake.Before Han Chaoyang called his name, Li Xiaobin said eagerly Officer Han, The woman I talked to must have done a fake certificate, she secretly posted small advertisements all the way, on telephone poles, bus stop signs, wherever there was a lot of traffic, it turned out that they caused urban psoriasis.Then there are the greetings from a few classmates, who can only report good news but not bad news.The last one is a bit interesting.It was sent three minutes ago by Huang Ying, the street financial office introduced by Director Su, asking if I would like to go to the Regalia Hotel for a blind date tomorrow, what time to go, and how to get there.The girl took the initiative to ask, and had to reply.Han Chaoyang quickly typed in a line of text I m not happy if I don t go to the leader.I best cbd gummies for sleep reviews ll take the bus around 8 30.After waiting for about half a minute, Huang Ying replied Why Don t drive Please, I m poor, how can I afford a car Han Chaoyang thought about running to the door, took a photo, and sent it to add The unit is equipped with a police car , although It has two wheels, but it can t be used as a public car.I saw more than a dozen young men in the sunshade diagonally across from the houses, some squatting They smoked on the ground, and some leaned against the wall to drink mineral water, sweating profusely from the heat.This will cause heat stroke Han Chaoyang walked quickly to the gate and asked, Are you here for an interview in front of the gate.What time is the appointment on the phone 3 o clock.It s less than two o clock, and they came more than an hour earlier.But it s normal, Yanyang City is so big, and Chaoyang Community is relatively remote, some people may have never been here before, I don t know how long it will take on the road, so come here earlier to be safe.It s too hot outside, come in with me.Han Chaoyang didn t want them to get sick from the heat, so he took best place to get cbd gummies online out the key that Director Su gave him yesterday, took everyone to the conference room on the first floor, turned on the cabinet air conditioner, and turned the temperature to the lowest, while signaling They found a place to sit down at random, and said with a smile, My surname is Han, and my name is Han Chaoyang.Check your ID card and residence card.Hurry up and open the door.Here we are, getting dressed.The siheyuan of the small house, the second floor of the landlord s house faces south, and the bungalows on the east, west and south sides are full of foreigners, one next to the other, a total of 12 rooms.Light appeared in the small windows one after another, and the small doors opened from the inside one after another.Two middle aged men in their 40s came out of the room by the well, one was wearing a T shirt, the other was shirtless, handed over his ID card and muttered Only an ID card, no temporary residence permit, don t you need a temporary residence permit now We didn t check your temporary residence permit, we checked your residence permit.Xu Hongliang took the ID card to look at the photos on it, then looked at their appearance, and then swiped it on the patrol interrogation terminal to confirm that they are not fugitives , Probe into cbd gummy genesis the small room again, and found a pile of carpentry tools in a mess, and handed over the ID card to Shi Lijun for registration.

The can i travel with cbd gummies best place to get cbd gummies online Street Comprehensive Management Office may have all the prejudices against us, and deliberately turned the suspect to the branch to embarrass us on purpose.After understanding the matter clearly, He was right and wrong.Director Du lit a cigarette, stared into his eyes and said coldly Guan Yuanyuan, don t make excuses, you are taking it out of context The whole thing should be viewed comprehensively and best place to get cbd gummies online objectively.If there is no large scale investigation can i travel with cbd gummies best place to get cbd gummies online by the street organization, It is impossible for the suspect to be caught.In order to thoroughly check the migrant population in Chaoyang Village, check how many rental houses in Chaoyang Village have not been registered, how many cadres have been organized in the street, how many people have been invested, and how many people have been sent to your Huayuan Street Police Station Three policemen, one auxiliary policeman, and one co worker.In the morning, there are porridge, steamed buns, and pickles, and at noon and evening, there are boxed lunches.Can.The name is pasted on the lunch box, and you can take your own, which is neither mistaken nor hygienic.After the meal, the team members who didn t need to go to Dongming Community for duty gathered in the yard again.Fully armed, they marched to the compound of the village committee in two columns shouting one two one.The street cadres and working group cadres went by car.As soon as they arrived, they helped work under the command of Director Cai.Set up an awning and set up a desk.Pulling the warning belt is like setting up a security check channel, setting up eight channels for queuing up to receive punishment.The street was more prepared than expected, and even asked an advertising company to spray paint ten large posters urgently, and placed them in the yard along the courtyard wall, all of which were such as Public Security Punishment Law of the People s Republic of China , Criminal Law of the People s Republic of China , Legal knowledge on dealing with illegal and criminal acts involving rental housing, such as the Yanyang City Rental Housing Management best place to get cbd gummies online Regulations, the Yandong Province Floating Population Management and Service Regulations, and the Yanyang City Individual Rental Housing Tax Collection Management Measures.Let s go, drive a patrol car and go to the entrance of the village to meet me. Will the leaders of the district and the Municipal Housing Management Bureau come This is not a cbd gummy reviews for anxiett place to talk, go out and talk.Han Chaoyang was not at ease after thinking about it, so he turned around and told After Lao Jin and Xiao Zhong explained, they ran to the door and climbed into the electric patrol car.Director Cai unscrewed the bottle cap and took a sip of mineral water, resting his elbow on the car window, and said excitedly You don t know how significant the ongoing punishment is It s not an exaggeration to say that from the regulations on house leasing management Since it was promulgated and implemented, the total number of fines issued by the housing management departments in the city is not as many as ours in one afternoon, not to mention the amount of fines.Okay, Secretary Guo was about to give Zou Jingnan an order, when he suddenly remembered the two whistleblowers who came to the branch office yesterday, and turned around and asked, Political commissar, what about the two women who falsely accused Comrade Han Chaoyang Yes, and the small policemen did have economic relations with the parties concerned.Commissar Huang weighed it up and said, We think they are making false accusations, and people will say it is supervision.What can we do about this kind of thing Tell her that we have investigated, but there is no evidence.If they mess around, we will criticize education.Okay, Xiao Zou, you are responsible for this matter to the end.Yes.Wait.Director Du is not only the deputy secretary of the branch party committee, but also in charge of the command center office , police security room, and legal brigade, assisting the director in charge For the Performance Office work, I also contacted the Huayuan and Xinyuan police stations, as well as the deputy chiefs of the Armed Police Squadron and the Fire Squadron, who was the third ranked deputy chief of the branch.Wu Yafei sighed softly, turned and walked into the household registration office.Guan Xiyuan picked up the scissors and planned to open the carton to have a look.After natural one cbd gummies cbd gummies chicago il thinking about it, he raised his head Chaoyang, why don t you go upstairs to report and see if there is anyone in the investigation team.see them As for the report, it is even more troublesome.The leader of the office can t take care of anything now, and can only report to the bureau leader.Even if the report is urgent and important, in the eyes of the leader, it is a leapfrog report.Han Chaoyang didn t want to stand by like Chen Xiujuan, nodded slightly, and was plucking up the courage to go upstairs when there best place to get cbd gummies online was a rush of footsteps in the case handling area.Looking up, the anti theft door was opened from the inside.Three criminal police escorted Ge Baohua out of the hall.Stop and go, talk and laugh.No matter what questions the merchants raised, whether they belonged to the police or not, Grandpa Gu would take out a small notebook and record them.Han Chaoyang leaned over to take a look, and all he saw were scattered and trivial things, dense but orderly.Boss Deng, is your family recruiting Grandpa Gu asked, pointing to the sign at the door of the store after recording the water leakage from the air conditioner condenser upstairs.Hi, we re best place to get cbd gummies online short of two waiters and one handyman.The owner of Dafu Restaurant thought he was checking his identity card and residence permit, so he hurriedly added, Don t worry, you and Officer Han, I don t want anyone without an ID card here.If you work here, as long as you live in the dormitory that I rent for them, you not only have to go to the health and epidemic prevention station to apply for a health certificate, but you also have to go to the community to apply for a residence permit.

I m really rich, my mother just sent me 10,000.It s early and good morning, Han Chaoyang is not hypocritical, he took out his mobile phone and said with a smile Okay, then I will order.Order, I will turn over.Take a screenshot.Xinyi and Xiaokang, take a look and be a witness for me.Now that you know you have to be cautious, what did you do earlier Zheng Xinyi cursed secretly, but still got up and glanced at the phone screen.Zhang Beibei felt uncomfortable in his eyes.The more he thought about it, the more he felt guilty.He really best place to get cbd gummies online wanted to say a few more words of thanks.Thinking that the closer he got to him, the more he talked, cbd gummy treat recipe the more trouble he might have, so he didn t say anything at all, stood up and pressed The neckline bowed deeply, then turned around and pushed the door away.Chapter 93 Homicide 1 Since it is a comprehensive alarm platform, it must look like a comprehensive alarm platform.This suspiciousness does not mean that he is suspected of murder, but that he owes money to avoid debts.Since he owes a fart debt, he must try to repay it.As a result, no creditors came to ask for it.He And best place to get cbd gummies online I don t care best place to get cbd gummies online cbd oil vs cbd gummies about borrowing money from relatives and friends to meet urgent needs.After working as a criminal police officer cbd gummies blood thinners for so many years, this is the first time I have encountered such a situation.Deputy Detachment Leader He pondered Maybe he really owes a big debt, but it s not from the decoration, and the debt he owes is far beyond his repayment ability, even if he borrows from relatives and friends, he can t pay it back.Just walk away.If this is the case, then the murderer who brutally murdered Zhang Qiuyan s mother and son is likely to be the creditor.Reporting to He Zhi, after we discovered these doubts, we immediately thought whether Qiao Xianhong might be involved in gambling or drugs, but we knew from interviews and inquiries.Han Da, I also touched a piece.The harvest is quite big, keep it safe.To Han Chaoyang s amazement, Yu Xucheng ran over by wading through the stagnant water.Hehe smiled and said, Han Da, it s raining so heavily outside, and Uncle Wan and the others are also idle.I called them and asked them to come over to touch the license plate and help us drain the water.They came to touch the license plate in troubled waters.It is difficult for the patrol team to control the money of the car if it touches the license plate, let alone the police.The masses can ask for rewards if they touch the license plate.Moreover, how much should be paid to the person who touches the license plate from the stagnant water in rainy days There has been a market in the past two years, usually 100 yuan a piece.Han Chaoyang was completely convinced, and just as he didn t know what to say about him, a police car came up ahead.Seeing that there was no one in the living room, nor in the bedrooms on either side, he went straight upstairs.On the stairs, he could hear a burst of noise from upstairs.commotion.Officer Han, what are you doing We don t have much fun, we just pass the time Wei Haicheng appeared in front of the door, blocked the corridor and explained with a flattering smile, apparently to cover for the people inside.Get out of the way Grabbing a bet is a very serious matter, not a dinner treat.Han Chaoyang pushed him in, and saw that Li Tianzheng and other two villagers were scurrying to hide things in the closet.They might have been best place to get cbd gummies online caught off guard.There was still money on the automatic mahjong table, all of which were hundred yuan bills.three thousand.Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One Subtle Changes Brother, Brother Han, I m going to use this money for errands, not for gambling Who is your brother Besides, I m not as old as you.Hurry up, don t dawdle.Xiaopangdun, Gu Changsheng, Li Xiaobin and other teammates also put Wei Haicheng and other three other players into the police car.Considering that the villagers all have some money now, they will get more compensation for demolition in a few days.Millions, who has seen so much money at once, it is possible that such a thing will happen again.Han Chaoyang decided to take them as a negative example, high tech cbd gummies turn on the police lights, sound the siren, and clear the way ahead.The villagers who cbd gummies chicago il full spectrum cbd gummies best ran out one after another to watch the excitement whispered to each other and talked a lot, watching the patrol car and the bread police car disappear from sight.Rushed to the depot, asked Lao Xu, who was on duty today, to take Xiaopangdun to the auxiliary police duty room, locked Wei Haicheng and Li Tianzheng into the detention room, then opened the security door of the case handling area and went upstairs to report to the supervisor, and then released the captured The gambling money was handed over to the case handling team, and the video taken by the law enforcement recorder was stored in Chen Xiujuan s computer.When the motor vehicle encounters the electric scooter, it ignores all the reasons.The young couple had no choice but to reluctantly swipe their cards to pay.The colleagues in the traffic police team were very responsible.They didn t say goodbye to Han Chaoyang until the relatives of the person riding the electric bike arrived and explained a few words to them.When other people s affairs are finished, how long will I have to wait After sending Officer Chai away, he just turned around, and a beautiful face appeared in front of him.Han Chaoyang couldn t help crying because he couldn t help asking, Sister Lu, if I really want to run, can can i travel with cbd gummies best place to get cbd gummies online you stop me and catch up The monk can run away but not the temple.If you dare to run away, I will go to your police office.Not everyone has the opportunity to detain the most handsome policeman.

Retreat immediately, I am very dedicated, I just like Lingling.This is better than Han Chaoyang, the key point is that he doesn t like you Huang Ying couldn t help but best place to get cbd gummies online give Han Chaoyang a supercilious look when she thought of her prospective boyfriend s relationship experience that could be written into a book.What surprised the two of them was that Xu Hongliang took out his mobile phone without any haste, clicked on the app for online natural one cbd gummies cbd gummies chicago il train ticket purchases, inquired about the train schedule for Donghai tomorrow morning, ordered one, and immediately opened the phone book, flipped to Lao Jin s mobile phone number was called.Manager Jin, I m Hongliang, I m sorry, something happened to me, I m going to resign.I didn t drink too much, I didn t make a joke, so I just worked for a few days and got paid for it.Liu Jianye and Guan Xiyuan brought five sets of handcuffs, and Han Chaoyang brought three sets of handcuffs from the police office.All were handcuffed, two team members held one, and the others either ran to drive, or cleared the way in front, or stayed behind.The police arrested seven villains at once, and the onlookers took out their mobile phones to take pictures.Liu Jianye was troubled by the flash light, raised his arm to cover his eyes and shouted Don t take pictures, don t take pictures, the police are on a mission, what s good to take pictures of What Stop taking pictures, everyone please cooperate, please give way.When Han Chaoyang maintained order while escorting the seven suspects to the entrance of the alley with his leading colleagues, the 110 police cars, police The bread police car of the office, the official car can i travel with cbd gummies best place to get cbd gummies online and law enforcement car of the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade also arrived.My brother and my sister in law took on a small project in Xiangtai.I heard that the construction period was very tight.My mother went there Help them take care of their children, wash and cook for them.This is the oldest newcomer in the institute, and he is very capable, and everyone from the director to ordinary policemen cares about him.Chen Xiujuan really wanted to introduce him to someone.Thinking that girls are more realistic than each other these days, she asked curiously Your brother does earth and stone works.He has excavators, loaders and bulldozers.He should make a lot of money.The money he makes Do you want to give it to your dad, do you have a separation It s hard to get money for a good project, and the investment is huge, it seems that the capital has not been recovered.Wu Wei smiled, and continued Most of the money for the equipment is It was from my sister in law s family.Although the whole family is out to make money now, although the house is deserted, it will definitely be very lively next year.He has just started working, how can he have the money to buy his own house, and at such an old age, it is really a big problem to think about it.Chen Xiujuan was helpless, and immediately changed the subject Since there is no one at home, let s stay in the camp.At least you don t have to cook by yourself in the camp.You re not left handed, and you can t even take notes until your injury heals, except to help the suspect downstairs to see what the suspect can do.Chen Xiujuan is planning to suggest that he go out to condor cbd gummies reviews best place to get cbd gummies online find friends, and see if best place to get cbd gummies online he can use the few days of vacation to find him.One person, Guan Yuanyuan walked into the reception room with porridge.Morning, instructor.It can be said that the competition starts today.Yes.I suspect 007 is among the people who participated in the rehearsal at night.Even if there is no 007, people from other units will come to find out what song we are going to sing and how we rehearse.So at this stage, we can only rehearse military songs, not like this Show your cards.Although it sounds absurd, it must be admitted that there is such a possibility.Huang Ying was delighted, and couldn t help raising her head and asking You are afraid that people will come to inquire, so have you inquired about what songs they sing and how they rehearse What do I do I m a professional.But Director Gu thinks it is necessary to know more about it, saying that knowing HCMUSSH best place to get cbd gummies online yourself and the enemy is the only way to win every battle.Director Wen agrees with him and has already arranged for people to inquire, and there will be news at 8 o clock tomorrow morning at the latest.I have learned that the content is single and cannot be interacted with.Internet celebrity , we must make full use of the advantage of Yanyang s most handsome policeman , and attract as many fans as we can.If we can get 50,000 followers, we will be able to walk ahead of other police stations.Zhou Ju said, After the official account is established, it can pull advertisements, the branch office cannot generate income, and the office cannot use the best place to get cbd gummies online official account to generate income, but you can.If there are real profits in the future, they can be used as funds to use these incomes for public security prevention and control.Unexpectedly, Zhou Ju thinks that the Chaoyang community voluntary security patrol team is an auxiliary force to maintain social order, like himself.If the horse wants to run, it must give the horse grass.

Wan Xin looked at the child through the glass, chatted with his wife through the intercom system for a while, and saw the nurse came to chase them away, so he had to go back to the police room with Han Chaoyang who had been waiting in front of the elevator Wan Xin, Binbin s illness was not diagnosed just today.You have seen it at the hospital in your hometown, and you are very clear that this is not a daily thing.Rest when it is time to rest, and be prepared for a protracted battle.Thank you Officer Han, just now just now I was a little worried.I know, I can understand.Han Chaoyang nodded slightly, and then changed the topic Wan Xin, I see that your WeChat is also bound to a bank card.How much money does Cary have No, really not.Fearing that the well meaning policeman would not believe it, Wan Xin hastily took out his mobile phone and gave his wife a red envelope in front of Han Chaoyang and the two of them, but it turned out that even the 10 yuan red envelope was insufficient.He raised his arm and pointed to the entrance All the things inside are arranged, and they are all marked with numbers.You can t move around.Go outside and see if there is any chair delivery car.Didn t leave, didn t leave, just let them borrow it, there should be more. Section Chief Zhang, will he lend it to me Just tell me what I said, they have my phone number. Thank you, Section Chief Zhang.Luck Yes, he ran to the parking lot outside the square out of breath, but the big truck delivering the plastic chairs did not leave.The boss who rented these things called Section Chief Zhang to confirm that they could be borrowed, and asked Han Chaoyang to unload them from the truck himself.There were more than 30 patrol members in the choir, and Han Chaoyang didn t need to do anything at all.Factory Manager Wang not only took a good look at the place as soon as he got out of the car, he even asked the chorus members to enter the venue best place to get cbd gummies online to find out who owned the cars best place to get cbd gummies online do cbd gummies show up in your system parked at the cbd by gummy creature entrance, and he really let them find the owner of the car, who was also easy to talk, and immediately ran back to move the car.The training objects are generally pianists or guzheng players.The harp score and piano score are basically the same.For those who can play the piano, there is no big obstacle in reading the harp score, and they can concentrate on practicing playing the harp.However, practicing the harp is very hard, and the fingers will develop bleeding blisters, which will be very painful, but stick to it and wait until the blood blisters turn into cocoons.It doesn t hurt anymore.If you practice hard for the first half of the year, you can join the band and participate in rehearsals while practicing.If students who play the guzheng go to learn the harp, the movement of the guzheng is similar to that of the harp, and the hands will suffer less, and it is the same as the guzheng The harp also needs to be tuned frequently.Why don t we work around it, because there is a big star who is going to have an affair.Is it time to hold a concert in the gymnasium The audience is likely to be large, and security issues cannot be trifled with.You can recommend the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company to the performance company so that they can earn some extra money.Sure enough, he is an iron rooster , and he doesn t take away any money.Du Ju was completely convinced, and couldn t help but think of the resounding nickname that the policemen gave Zhou Ju behind his back Zhou Papi It doesn t matter where the money comes from, as long as there is money, it will do.Bureau Du was not sure how to proceed, and Bureau Zhou suddenly best place to get cbd gummies online asked, Old Du, Kang Haigen has been in office for several days.How is the Huayuan Street Police Station divided Kang Haigen is in charge of the internal police team, in charge of household registration, files, grade assessment, information collection and reporting, etc.Xiang Yuqing s spirit was about to collapse, and she choked with tears and said Officer Han, II discussed with Wan Xin just now, the money didn t fall from the sky, so it s not a problem if it goes on like this, wewe plan to When Binbin s condition stabilizes, he will be discharged from cbd gummies legal in va the hospital and returned to his hometown for conservative treatment.Thanks to you, we may not be able to repay you in this life, but in the next life As she was talking, she couldn t continue, she put down the phone and lay down on the bed to hug her The child burst into tears.Wan Xin was heartbroken, and she covered her mouth with her hands and wept silently.Han Chaoyang can understand their mood at this moment, and also thinks that burning money is not an option.In fact, what Aunt Ye said the day before yesterday was to comfort them.So you also have a story.To tell a story, the two of you have a better story than me.I have a lot.That s right, we can t finish the three days and three nights of our experiences.Hey, the meal is ready, let s go, let s go to eat together, and try the old handicrafts.He hasn t made noodles for a long time.I know if the craftsmanship has regressed.The very distinctive noodles are really not delicious to Han Chaoyang.However, the leaders of the office and the policemen in the office ate with gusto, so he had no choice but to bite the bullet and eat a bowl.After breakfast, he went upstairs to change into his duty uniform, and put on all the single police equipment he brought from his original unit.When he returned downstairs, Jiang Li was moving the photographic equipment to the police car.Seeing him fully armed, he thought it was a bit funny, but the words came He retracted his mouth again, smiled slightly, motioned to get in the car, and said nothing else.

He has not been idle for the past two years and is still engaged in drug crimes.This time he came back to recruit soldiers.He doesn t trust outsiders, but only his own family.There is another one.Maybe, maybe he came back for the ephedra grass.The motive for coming back is not important, the important thing is how to catch him.Shi Ju touched the corner of his mouth and said coldly It s so far away, natural one cbd gummies cbd gummies chicago il just waiting like this, it s too passive.Pingyuan, you arrange work in the office, leave a policeman on duty, and the others follow us to Donggu Forest Farm.Donggu Forest Farm belongs to the Forestry Bureau of Longdao County.The area of the forest farm used to be small.The work of returning forests is constantly advancing, and the area of the forest farm is getting bigger and bigger, and it is next to Lijiayao.His wife didn t want him to be arrested and jailed, so he took a peek at Jiang Da and said tremblingly Comrade Public Security, ChangdongChangdong has come back, and left as soon as he came back, put down his things and didn t even drink his saliva, can you fly with cbd gummies tsa we really don t know where he is hiding.When did he come back Night.Which night Last night, I climbed over the wall just like you.How long have you been in your house Someone in the village must have called 110, otherwise the police would not have come so quickly, Feng Guoyu best place to get cbd gummies online cbd oil vs cbd gummies dared not No matter how lucky I was, I didn t complain about my wife, and said honestly with my head drooped I just smoked a few cigarettes and talked for a while.And then Then I left.Did you talk about it Where I seem to be looking for a national treasure.About what time did you leave It was dawn, around five or six o clock.There are only six of us, including the one you guard now.There are three guards in total.Pass, I m in charge of the pass on the west side, but I don t have a gun, you have to best place to get cbd gummies online arrange for someone to come over. No problem, I ll guard here, and Fang Jun will support you. Okay, contact me in time if there s any situation.Wait When Jiang Li explained, Han Chaoyang smiled and said, I m going to the west mountain.Chaoyang, I m sorry, the main reason is that there are too few people It s a bit far to go to the west mountain, and we have to continue climbing, but compared to the three below Pass, it may be the safest to set up an observation post on natural one cbd gummies cbd gummies chicago il the top of the mountain.There is nothing on the top of the mountain, and it is tiring to climb up and down.I don t even know if there is a way up the mountain from the south.Han Chaoyang got up and walked around in a circle, found a tree branch, put the flashlight on it, adjusted the angle, returned to the fugitive and raised the phone to start video.Strong light flashlight, the light is very .

how does taking cbd gummies make you feel?

strong.Other places could not be seen clearly, but the young man and the fugitive under his feet could see clearly.The two blood men were like fakes, the only difference was that one was standing and the other was curled up on the ground with his hands handcuffed behind his back.Judging from the video image, the young man has just experienced a bloody battle.So much police force was invested, and so many cadres and masses were mobilized to participate in the search and arrest.As a result, the fugitive was captured by a Yanyang policeman who came to the Longdao County Public Security Bureau to communicate.It was too exaggerated, and the academy and our security office talked to him countless times.But he didn t make any big mistakes, and he never failed an exam.There is nothing we can do about him, but point him to graduate early and get out early.Han Chaoyang asked curiously, Have you made a lot of money He will graduate in the second half of the year.Third, he has been in business for two years at the school.I don t know how much money he made, but he bought a car worth more than 200,000 yuan.Some time ago, the logistics office invited bids, and he even planned to contract several snack stalls in the new campus.If he hadn t discovered it in time, he would have almost succeeded.What a talent He should not apply for the PolyU School of Chemical Engineering, but should apply for the Business School.Thinking about the next task, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing Don t think about it, it s useless.They didn t regard us as a member of the task force at all.We didn t know anything about it except that it was a murder case.If you think about it, you ll eat salty radish and worry about it.It s a rare opportunity to participate in the investigation of a murder case.Wu Wei really didn t want to just stay here and watch the migrant workers sieve the sand.He stared into his eyes and said, Chaoyang, you can call best place to get cbd gummies online and ask.Your superiors are right.It is very clear that the Criminal Police Detachment of the City Bureau, the High tech District Bureau and our Yandong Branch are jointly investigating, and you are now representing our branch, and you have the right to know I can represent the branch, don t be ridiculous, this call is for you.

The few owed two to three hundred thousand yuan in debt, and the most owed nearly one million yuan.They bet that the cash loan platform will not be able to carry it, pointing at the cash The loan platform closed down, so there is no need to repay the money.Brainstorming and thinking of various ways to repay the debt.I read the group chat records, and some people said that if they want to not repay the money, they can fake death.For example, write a suicide note, saying that they are dead, and they will pay back in the next life Their money some people plan to draw a few times on their wrists with a red fountain pen, saying that they will cut their wrists and commit suicide There is such a thing The world is so big, there are so many wonders.He Yichang sighed lightly, and continued Every day at 9 00 am, 3 00 pm and 7 00 pm, this large group of hundreds of people will be activated on time.I wandered outside all day, even if the people I knew asked for cigarettes and food, they would scold them if they didn t give them, and even fought with others.But he knew everyone and never got lost.Typical Han Chaoyang could imagine the headaches of the community police in charge of the Wu Crazy hidden dangers in this area.There is also Zhao Yinghua from our third team.He was not stupid before.He was just a nerd.He went to junior high school and high school, but he failed to get into college after repeating the studies.Later, he married a wife, gave birth best place to get cbd gummies online to a son, and went out to fight.Worked for two years, it was quite normal at that time, but then it was not good, talking nonsense all day long, talking everywhere, and then going crazy, taking out the things at home and throwing them around, swearing and beating others, really beat his wife Once he took a kitchen knife, the village cadre and his family were terrified.15 and No.16 Three days before the 17th, he and the boss went to Fengyong, I checked the Internet, and the Xingze Hotel in Fengyong Development Zone has their accommodation records.The efficiency is quite high, and the suspicion of Chang Mazi was ruled out so quickly.After thinking about it, Han Chaoyang asked curiously What s the other boss s surname, what s his name Is it the one who cooperated with Boss Hou and fell out what happens if u eat to meany cbd gummys later After eating the last piece of chicken, Wu Wei took out a paper towel to wipe his mouth, then turned around and said, Chaoyang, the Lu Hong you learned about, those unlearned brats, and those two crazy Wu s should be They are more suspected of moving corpses than Chang Mazi.But their suspicion should have been ruled out by the task force, and we don t need to waste time on them.Their family didn t spend much money to buy a wedding house.It s a problem for their family to spend more than 100,000 to 200,000 yuan cbd gummies chicago il full spectrum cbd gummies best for a wedding.Not big.Su Xian explained with a smile while holding the cup.That s right, how many people in their family make money.Huang Ying sighed enviously, and then asked curiously Xinyi, is there anyone stopping you from the bride s house Are the villagers in the bride s village more talkative How could it not be stopped It s not so easy to talk.It s just from the folks in the village.The woman s family thinks they should give some, and those villagers are too embarrassed.I asked Hong Liang just now, and I gave it four times when I came out of the bride s house., I gave a total of 16000 yuan, and if you count the wedding candy and cigarettes, there are more than 2000 yuan.It s not because the villagers like it If you stop a wedding car, you will get a lottery, and if you don t give money, stop people from letting them go.If you deal with them, they will definitely not be convinced.If the reason for playing the underworld is exposed on the Internet, public opinion will be one sided again, and Renhe County will become famous again because of this incident.Ji Yuqin reacted, frowned and said Fan Bureau, the most urgent task is to eliminate the bad influence.If you don t investigate, no matter how many, how do you ask me to explain to my superiors, and how to explain to the society I have already made it .

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very clear that things happen for a best place to get cbd gummies online cbd oil vs cbd gummies reason, and I don t look for the reason on myself, so I have the nerve to say something.If you really pay attention to the best place to get cbd gummies online fact that those villagers form a group to stop the wedding car to ask for the lottery, do business, arrest a few and fine a few, severely deter this unhealthy trend, and force the owner to ask for help from the Chaoyang Community Police Office Come on, can something like this happen today A few minutes ago, Fan Ju came up with such a bad native hemp cbd gummies idea to Han Chaoyang, and condor cbd gummies reviews best place to get cbd gummies online he was a bit displeased with the voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang Community for doing such a thing, but now he feels that although the way the boys handled this matter was wrong, it was true.In fact, he wanted to give the two policemen of Yandong branch a long vacation., it s just that the case has a clue now, we can t drive people away, otherwise it will really be like crossing the river and tearing down the bridge.Feng Ju knew it well and insisted that it only took three days.Han Chaoyang didn t know, so he only knew that the leader of the natural one cbd gummies cbd gummies chicago il communication unit would be here soon, so he first woke up Wu Wei who was sleeping soundly at the time last night.He explained the situation to Wu Wei, and then reported it to the police office Call, let Xu Hongliang and Xiaokang come over to help, arrange everything before taking a taxi back to the branch office.As for the 110 police car in the police office, it must be left for Wu Wei.If he didn t have a car, he would really have to rely on two legs to visit and inquire.

Mother s money.If what Old Wei heard is true, then what they thc and cbd gummies near me did may be just general precautions, preventing us from following the victim s body to find the vehicle where the body was dumped, and then follow the clues to find them. General precautions are all done.It s so mysterious, almost cutting off all contact with the outside world, what if you take special precautions Abscond, the farther the better. Brother Li, you mean they may not have left Yanyang.The possibility is extremely high.Why do you say that There are three main reasons.One is what I said just now.If Cai Xiaofang really wants to go far away and go to another place to change his face, then he should arrange everything at home as if he were a funeral.After all From what you have learned from your side, he is a dutiful son second, Yanyang s money is very profitable, at least for them, if they really abandon everything in Yanyang and abscond, then they will have to sit and eat from now on.It s a new finding, if only analytical.Han Chaoyang felt the need to report to the special case team, immediately put down the lunch box and chopsticks, picked up the police phone and dialed Tengda s mobile phone.The result surprised Han Chaoyang.After listening to the report, Teng Da said solemnly Xiao Han, your analysis makes sense.The suspect is more cunning than we imagined.Because of our previous negligence, we may have alerted the snake.Now we can say anything.It s late, it s impossible to return the car, and it s useless, the only thing we can do is to try to find out their whereabouts. Yes Skynet is full of details, no matter how cunning they are, they will never escape the law, you continue to investigate Cai Xiaofang s whereabouts, I arranged for two people to check the car rental company, and then check the surveillance video near the car rental company, as long as they dare to play anti reconnaissance with us, it is impossible for them not to leave clues.Bonus, how much bonus is there It depends The situation, anyway, will not be less, and it will be kept strictly confidential.Afraid that the old lady might have concerns, Han Chaoyang emphasized We are Yanyang s police, and we will return to Yanyang after we catch people and pay the bonus.Anyone who has nothing to do will come here.We don t tell anyone who knows, so you can always rest assured.Okay, I ll keep this for now, and I ll tell my best place to get cbd gummies online son about it at dinner tonight.When the old lady heard that there was a bonus, she burst into laughter mouthHan Chaoyang transferred more than a dozen households while the iron was hot, made more than a dozen promises that he didn t know if he could keep them in the future, returned to Huo s house, got into the car, took out his mobile phone and dialed He Yichang s number.Thinking.You are different, you are his youngest apprentice, but he is similar to a junior when you say he is an apprentice, and he will not say anything no matter how well you are in charge.Master, the old man doesn t want to retire, let alone do anything to celebrate his retirement are cbd gummies sold at walmart This is the same reason that my uncle hates other people to visit when he is sick Han Chaoyang reacted suddenly, and asked with a bitter face Bao Suo, let me take care of it, but what about the bureau, what s the opinion , Is the Bayi Song Club doing a good job, I will leave this matter to you, let you come up with a plan as soon as possible, after the plan is made, the bureau will study it, and then consider whether to invite the leadership of the city bureau.Third Chapter 174 International After eating in the conference room on the first floor, the interrogation best place to get cbd gummies online on the second floor also made progress.Bet.Wei Lan is different from him.She was worried about her sister in law and children.She was really frightened and asked me if I should call the police.You don t care about this matter. What did you say best place to get cbd gummies online Of course I said I should call the police., she is worried that you will not only ignore it but also punish Hang Weifang, she is hesitating.All the cbd gummies nausea information he had before was provided by Lao Song.After all, Lao Song is an outsider, and he must not know as much as the relatives of the party involved.Han Chaoyang weighed it and said Old Song, help me with Hang Weilan s ideological work.If you can do it, quietly take her to the police station and tell her clearly that our police can t ignore this kind of thing.Just go Team Liang s analysis makes sense, it s impossible for usurers not to think about how to get back the money they released with interest Han Chaoyang also felt that this was very strange, so he went into the house to say goodbye to Kangsuo, rode his electric car to the police station to check the phone book, and called Li Tianzheng, a fake monk who had behaved well during this time and seemed to have reformed Li Tianzheng, who was on his way to pick up his son from school, was surprised when he received a call from Han Chaoyang.That s all.Case is strange, but I didn why eat cbd gummies t expect it to be a farce directed and acted by myself.Liang Dongsheng lit a cigarette, held his mobile phone and asked, The situation is clear, what do you plan to do next Han Chaoyang was dumbfounded by the question, thinking to himself that I am not the policeman handling the case, best place to get cbd gummies online I am reporting to you, why How do I know how to deal with it But he couldn t question Team Liang s question, so he could only say with a bitter face Team Liang, this matter is rather troublesome.Although he invited a few people to go to his elder sister s house to make trouble, there are clear regulations in the Public Security Punishment Law.People who beat, insult, or threaten others, or damage or occupy other people s property due to disputes such as marriage, family, neighborhood, or debt, are generally curt cbd gummies not considered to be picking quarrels and provoking troubles.

Chapter 401 The patrol team has made great achievements Shi Ju took time to come to attend the master s retirement ceremony , and went back early the next morning.Grandpa Gu s old comrades in arms did not leave, and the bureau even took this opportunity to invite veteran policemen who could be contacted to the bureau to have a discussion with the representatives of the serving policemen.Political Commissar Huang and Bureau Fan also planned to accompany the old comrades to visit the command center and the criminal police brigade And the new detention center that was just completed and put into use last year.Grandpa Gu has retired gloriously, and there is one person missing from the comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road.Knowing that Han Chaoyang is very busy, the bureau did not notify Han Chaoyang to participate., There are laws and regulations, but it is too difficult to practice, and I want to strictly investigate and deal with it, what a joke.Sister Miao, what do you mean by that, can t you still not control these guys who engage in black broadcasting and fake base stations It depends on how to manage and how to investigate and deal with it.If it is so easy to manage and investigate and deal with, such cases of violating radio management regulations in recent years will not show an intensifying trend.How many stubbles can come out.You understand Han Chaoyang asked.Please, have you forgotten what I do Let s put it this way, every special action best place to get cbd gummies online against violations of radio management is a joint operation between the radio management department and the public security economic investigation department.She is from the Legal Affairs Corps, thinking Think she should understand this.Han Chaoyang asked again Then tell me, why is it difficult to manage The special activities are all radio administrative law enforcement cases, which are generally accepted and organized by the radio management bureau.The public security mainly cooperates with the search and disposal, and they are used to leaving after an investigation, and they are all handled by the radio management department.So you don t belong to our police It s not that they don t return, but that the police handling the case don t have much contact with radio cases and are not familiar with radio laws and regulations.How can they manage if they don t know anything about these There are still a lot of people in the police office.As for the matter, Han Chaoyang didn t care whether the leader would be disappointed, and muttered Since it should be under the control of the Bureau of No Management, then I will call 114 to check the number of the Bureau of No Management, and let the Bureau of No Management send someone to take over.Results Liang Dongsheng was stunned for a moment, looked back at Liu Jianye who had just walked to the door, and said without hesitation Liu Suo is nearby, you can tell Liu.Han Chaoyang had to report again, Liu Jianye was surprised, but still I didn t think it was a big deal, so I pondered Since you really can t get away, then don t go.I ll call the Political Department later and explain it to you.Thank you, Liu Suo. Xu Weizhong also got up very early.Hearing that Han Chaoyang didn t even attend the meritorious service award ceremony held by the provincial department, he found it inconceivable.Walked to the corner of the corridor with Liu Jianye, opened the window and took out a cigarette, first handed one to Liu Jianye, frowned while taking out a lighter and said No matter how busy you are, you won t even have half a day, and you won t participate in the activities of the provincial department.The city leader felt very strange, turned back to look at the reporter who was carrying cbd gummies chicago il the camera to interview, shifted his gaze to Han Chaoyang and the others again, and said with a smile on his face, Hello, comrades.He shouted Hi, Chief Han Chaoyang didn t expect them to respond in unison.If cbd gummies chicago il full spectrum cbd gummies best there were no city leaders and reporters interviewing them, they would definitely burst out laughing.The city leaders didn t expect the team members to react like this, and subconsciously said Comrades have worked hard.Sure enough, Koyanagi and the others shouted Serve the people After checking this road, I have never seen such a funny The leader couldn t help laughing and said Okay, good job, let s keep going.Yes Not wanting to let these pushy brats embarrass themselves again, Han Chaoyang hurriedly stood at attention and saluted, then turned around and led them to Run in the direction of Dongming Community.It was just delivered.The driver parked the car at the door, so I had to unload it first.Why do the community buy grain and oil HCMUSSH best place to get cbd gummies online This Isn t it the end of the year, and it s blizzard again, and I want to condolences to the lonely elderly and poor households as in previous years, two bags of rice, two barrels of salad oil for the family, and another two hundred yuan in condolence money.Zheng Xinyi stood up and stretched her waist , and said with a smile But this time it s community condolences.These are all bought by the neighborhood committee and have nothing to do with the Civil Affairs Bureau.It is worth mentioning that before the Chaoyang Village Committee was abolished, the working group had mobilized several elderly widows and orphans in the village to go to nursing homes, but none of them were willing to go because they would not be able to get natural one cbd gummies cbd gummies chicago il compensation for demolition.

I couldn t stop asking Chaoyang, it s unlikely that the people Team Wang wants to keep an eye on will stay at Zhang Beibei s place all the time.Although youth hostels are cheap, it s inconvenient to take a child with them.It might just be a stopgap measure 20:1 cbd gummies to stay there last night.With a child It s inconvenient honolulu haze cbd gummies to go out and find a talent.Thinking of Zhang Beibei s phone call early in the morning, Han Chaoyang said confidently, Ling Bin originally planned to retire the bed today and go out to find another fast hotel.Seeing that Xinxin likes to stay Youth Hostel, I like Zhang best place to get cbd gummies online Beibei very much, and Zhang Beibei likes children very much, so I discussed with Zhang Beibei early this morning, asking Zhang Beibei to help bring Xinxin, and even plan to give money.Old Tang subconsciously asked Can Zhang Beibei rest assured if you entrust the child to Zhang Beibei Wu Wei and I questioned cbd watermelon gummies review him last night.He greeted the owner of Xinmin community and the owner representative of HCMUSSH best place to get cbd gummies online this community to sit down, and said happily Everyone, I forgot to introduce just now, our community security team is also the third squadron of Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol, and Squad Leader Wu is also the leader of the third squadron of the patrol team.In the past six months, they have assisted the Public Security Bureau in solving several cases and arrested several criminals, including a murderer.Really The owners of Xinmin can pregnant women eat cbd gummies Community looked at Wu Junfeng in unison.It s absolutely true Han Chaoyang accepted the words and confirmed with a smile Not long ago, our Yanyang City Public Security Bureau awarded the third class collective merit to the patrol team, and Comrade Wu Junfeng was awarded the third class individual merit.Chen Jie said with a smile Don t worry, I have enough people, but I have to Please do me a favor.What can I do for you, this is a task assigned to you by Manager Jin, not mine.Yes, you are not allowed to cheat.Zheng Xinyi couldn t help laughing.Chen Jie pulled a chair, sat in front of the two of them, and said triumphantly Our school leader called me.During the winter vacation, the school can organize students to come to us for internships, but it is impossible to come to the community security company.It is impossible to come to the patrol team.You can only go to the police station, and you can also consider coming to the police platform, but you must have a policeman who can make a decision.It turned out that she planned to recruit soldiers from the Provincial Judicial Police Academy Zheng Xinyi suddenly came to her senses, and subconsciously asked Is coming to the comprehensive police platform different from coming to our security company Why do we have to have a policeman who can make decisions Please, I went to a police school.Shaking the cart, I went in to buy some snacks, coaxed Xinxin into a ecstasy, and then continued walking east The police pay attention to quick detection and quick resolution in handling cases, and they are used to quick battles and quick solutions Sister Wei was very careful, cautious and patient.She seemed to never contact exhale cbd fruit gummies Ling Bin without knowing the situation.Han Chaoyang didn t have time to waste with her, so he decided to stimulate her first.Miao Haizhu carried Xinxin to the tea restaurant according to the temporary plan, opened the door and walked in and smiled, Xinxin, what do you want to eat Children like this kind of place, the little girl looked up at the light box, He grinned and said, French fries, I want to eat fries Okay, let s eat fries.From the moment the two of them entered the door, Sister Wei s heart was pounding with tension, and she recognized the fries at a glance.The thief will definitely not stay here for a long time after he succeeds, Wu Wei is not very confident about whether he can catch the thief in a short time, and whether he can help the owner get back the money, and his tone is somewhat helpless.Chapter 467 Merger full spectrum 900mg anytime cbd gummies of Police Office Jurisdictions The East Long distance Bus Station is the place with the most complicated law and order in the area under the jurisdiction of the Huayuan Police Station.After repeated crackdowns, there are fewer scammers, thieves, solicitors and prostitutes than before.Although the station has a police office, there is only one policeman, Lao Dai, who is stationed in the police office.Moreover, can i travel with cbd gummies best place to get cbd gummies online Lao Dai is already in his fifties, and he can t take care of the station by himself.There are two auxiliary police officers and seven or eight security guards, but many of the crimes committed at the station are habitual offenders, some of whom have cbd gummies chicago il full spectrum cbd gummies best been arrested for an unknown number of times, either because of insufficient evidence or not enough for sentencing, they are caught and released soon Out.Moreover, this is really a favor for the police, and the police can t do nothing.When it came to money issues, Grandpa Gu was also incapable of helping him out, so he simply smiled without saying a word, and looked at Kang Haigen with the same smile as Han Chaoyang.Secretary Cao, it s a good thing to set up an anti grabbing profession.I think the branch office will support it.Now the most popular words are big data and cloud computing.The Municipal Bureau is following the trend and is also engaged in big data.It requires all grassroots teams to collect basic information, encourages citizens to report cases in a timely manner and complete the database, and then summarizes the reports.Logical analysis will be carried out on the data, and the police force will be increased to investigate and crack down on lines with more concentrated alarms.

After Grandpa Gu finished speaking, he went to the community police office.Han Chaoyang also had to prepare.He was about to take a short cut from the police station to PolyU to change clothes and pick up the violin.The proprietress of the typing and copy best place to get cbd gummies online shop reassure hemp extract gummies contain cbd ran over from the back door of the police station with a package, and shouted all the way Chaoyang, there is Your courier was sent from Xichuan, and you also have friends in Xichuan It must be Director Wang s mobile phone, Han Chaoyang went up to pick up the package, and said with a smile, I just know, my friends are all over the world Do you have any friends here every day, they should be classmates.True friends.Han Chaoyang took the pen and signed her little book, then walked into the police room to open the package, and the chef packed the phone tightly Yan Shi, afraid of being broken, wrapped layer after layer with toilet paper., I shouldn t be talking nonsense, otherwise I would be in such a hurry. AIDS patients still have certificates, which department issued them, why haven t I heard of them I made best place to get cbd gummies online a mistake just now.It s not a certificate.It s an AIDS patient s medical card issued by the Provincial AIDS Prevention Office.It has a name, photo and ID number on it.It matches the ID card.It doesn t look like a best place to get cbd gummies online cbd oil vs cbd gummies fake.Peerless Han Chaoyang regretted it too much, and cursed himself that he shouldn t have suggested an anti picking team.It s all right now, one was injured, and the other was spit all over the face by a thief with AIDS.It s easy to say hello to the doctor and help disinfect the virus.The key is, is HIV so easy to eliminate If it is so easy to eliminate, prevent and treat AIDS It will not become a problem in the world, and AIDS will not become an incurable disease.We, father and son, do our best to respect each other, and thank you for your concern and support Thank you Minister Jiang, thank you Secretary Cao, thank you Section Chief Xiao, and thank you Branch Secretary Zhang , Thank you, Director Xie, I ll do it first.Han Chaoyang turned to look at the master gratefully, then raised his glass and drank it down.Officer Gu, please don t be so polite.Didn t you just say that there are no outsiders today.Since you are one of your own, it would be too rude to say thank you.Yes, yes, we support Chaoyang s work, and Chaoyang is also very grateful Support our work.Inspector Gu, let s have some food first.After a few glasses best place to get cbd gummies online cbd oil vs cbd gummies of wine, the atmosphere was even more enthusiastic than before.Vice Minister Jiang looked sideways at Cao Zefang, then looked back at Section Chief Xiao, and said with great interest The Yandong Branch wants to integrate our three patrol teams into one.The result is that both the anti pickup team and the Huayuan Street and Xinyuan Street police stations provide various support secretly.Han Chaoyang could imagine how much pressure Jiang Guangdong and Mo Xiaoqiang were under at the moment, and secretly made up his mind that he had to go around when seeing them Just as they were talking and laughing, the convoy had arrived at the intersection of Sihai Road, and two more cars from the Special Patrol Brigade came ahead.It is painted in black and can seat six or seven people, which is different from ordinary 110 police cars.The road team raised the intercom of the car radio and shouted, and two police cars followed slowly with their turn signals on.When we approached Sihai Hotel, we could clearly see Li Xiaobin, Lao Pang and other security guards standing by at the south alley.There are not many opportunities like tonight.Han Chaoyang thought about it and said while the iron was hot In fact, our reaction speed can be faster.The reason why it can t be faster is because the security guards of the community security service company are usually stationed in large and small areas.There are more than a dozen duty stations.If the bureau can help us coordinate a place nearby, I can discuss with the community whether the security guards can live together.If we can build a larger collective dormitory, it will not only improve the emergency response of the branch office The efficiency of handling emergencies is also easy to manage.For example, it is easier to organize security guards to use the handover shift to patrol the streets every day than now, and they can persist.If you find a place with a yard and a gate, you can even put a sign on it.Because he has been dealt with more and has a better understanding of the situation in the institute, he claims to have a very good relationship with the police in the institute and even the instructor of the director.He has dealt with his policeman The phone, seems to have added WeChat, and when bluffing and cheating, I called the police and sent WeChat in front of others, making it look like it was real.Mentioning that gangster Miao Haizhu got angry, and said through gritted teeth I know it s tricks.Nianhua has been taken by us.The boss, mommy and young lady are all locked up in the police station.He even dared to go to the gate of our police station to bluff, call and send WeChat to the relatives of the suspect, saying that he had already greeted the police station and was in the police station.

She is now the chairman of the community investment company, and the community investment company is the major shareholder of our security service company.As the general manager, I have to be responsible to the shareholders.Why is she so picky, there is no heating in such a cold day How can I live here Huang Ying is a native of Yanyang, who can barely survive without heating in winter, and subconsciously pulls out her mobile phone If you can t make sense, I ll tell her.Stop calling, you can t It s useless.Xu Hongliang smiled and said, I made it very clear just now, this matter has been discussed, Secretary Cao, Lao Jin, Secretary Zhang and Director Xie have no objection, and even support it.And there is a reason not to pretend, No one knows when it will be demolished to the old district committee compound, if it will be demolished after a while, hundreds of thousands of dollars will not be worth it.Why aren t you wearing work clothes The director checked meticulously, from environmental sanitation to the placement of items, not to mention that some people didn t wear work clothes.The staff member of the tax bureau who was questioned felt a little stunned, put down the documents in his hand and said with a bitter face I washed it last night, and after drying it, I forgot to put it on the radiator.I didn t dry it in the morning, so I didn t wear it.I didn t wear work clothes.What class do you work on Besides, your unit issued you a set of work uniforms The director turned his head with a straight face and said, Xiao Huang, write it down.Okay.Huang Ying best place to get cbd gummies online sympathized with the eldest sister of the tax bureau, but The director told me to write it down Just like this, pick what dosage cbd gummies and prick all the way from the first floor to the fourth floor, even the exit entry management window of the Public Security Bureau.Okay, let s go and have a look together.The one who was arguing with He Hong was a middle aged woman who had been standing next to the bus stop for more than two years and no one cared about her.Today, she was suddenly not allowed to open here, and she was quite emotional I ve been here for several years, why don t I let it go After filling the eggs with pancakes and wiping his mouth, the paper towels he threw down warned According to the Yanyang City Appearance and Environmental Sanitation Management Regulations , spitting, defecating, littering melon and fruit peel cores, cigarette butts, paper scraps, leaflets, and chewing gum , food and beverage packaging and other wastes, the comprehensive administrative law enforcement agency will order them to remove them, and impose a fine of between 50 yuan and 200 yuan.Gansuo didn t think the office was a black sheep, but he didn t want to be investigated by the city bureau because of this matter, so he pulled Han Chaoyang to the police car and said expectantly, Xiao Han, you are a big hit in your branch office, can you talk to me The leader of the sub bureau said something, help us, can i travel with cbd gummies best place to get cbd gummies online and ask us, can we return one yard to one yard, and the cbd gummies chicago il full spectrum cbd gummies best anti drug brigade handles their drug cases, how to investigate and deal with Karoti and hand it over to us This request is not too much, if Huayuan Street Police Station When such a thing happened, Liu Suo and instructor Xu would think the same way, and they didn t want to disturb the branch or even the city bureau because of this incident, so as to leave a bad impression on the leaders of the branch and even the city bureau.In the past, prisons did not accept sick prisoners.Now it seems that best place to get cbd gummies online there are not many cases of rejection.At least I have not heard of them in the past two years.Bao Qing s head grew bigger, and Han Chaoyang also realized that Grandpa Gu s mention of Dai Li was really a drunkard s intention.Ni Jianguo was embarrassed by what he said, and he wanted .

is condor cbd gummies a scam?

to find a way to get in.At this time, Grandpa Gu changed the subject Jianguo, I know you don t like to hear these things.You bring your wife and children to celebrate the New Year.I shouldn t expose your scars, but I still have some where to buy power cbd gummies things to say.Speaking of which, Shiju is the first apprentice I lead, but the first time I lead an apprentice, I have no experience, I didn t teach anything, and he didn t learn much., I was the last to know even when I was transferred to the Economic Investigation Brigade.I just stayed for a few minutes The police came, like this every time It turned out to be a drug addict, no wonder he was so thin If what is said is true, then it is normal to be interrogated and even taken for blood and urine tests.Is it just cbd gummies 1000mg best price easy to quit drugs Han Chaoyang put down his mobile phone, picked up the police phone again, and asked coldly, What s your surname, what s your name, and your ID number It turned out that he was really Qiao Peiming, and he was really a processed drug addict.Han Chaoyang picked up his mobile phone again, and while looking through the chat history on the mobile phone, he asked, I m afraid of being checked, so I used someone else s ID card to impersonate someone else s identity Comrade police, this was forced by you.Qiao Peiming looked aggrieved, and said bitterly I slipped by twice, and you caught me the second time.

It is regarded as a major case, and joint investigation is required, and it is not a trivial matter to let the suspects suspected of drug trafficking into Beijing, so they have reason to intervene.Liu Jianye s face was flushed, he hesitated to speak, he didn t know what to do.Commissar Huang didn t have anything to do for a while, and he had to report to Zhou Ju when such a big event happened, so he dialed Zhou Ju s cell phone in front of the two of them.Not enough success, more than failure Let the police bring guns into Beijing, thank goodness he figured it out The political commissar hadn t turned on the speakerphone, Han Chaoyang could hear Zhou Ju roaring on the phone, and then turned around to take a peek Liu Jianye, looking at his frowning face, was filled with infinite sympathy.Zhou Bureau, it s too late to say these things now.Yes, yes, it is him Team Ni , I didn t expect you to know. It s very popular on the Internet, many people saw it, and many policewomen in our branch cried after seeing it.I didn t expect to see a real person.When Han Da arrives and the case is over, I will Be sure to invite Han Da to our detachment.The lesbians must be happy to see him, Captain Ni.That video was shot at night, and he had been squatting in the mountains for four days and five nights at that time.His hair was messy, his beard was unshaven, and his body was covered in blood.He couldn t see anything.In fact, best place to get cbd gummies online the real person is very handsome, otherwise he would not be the most handsome policeman in our Yanyang.He is very handsome, but fortunately he is not a professional anti narcotics professional, but he is not too handsome for our anti narcotics business.It is impossible for him to bring five or six people to Beijing to handle the case without asking for instructions or reporting, otherwise how will the travel expenses be reimbursed And They came with a letter of introduction.There is such a thing, if we leave our branch, he will work as a team leader for less than a month Young, and he has just made such a big splash, it s normal to be a little bit drifting.This It s not a little floating, it s just as inflated as it is fake, and it s so floating that you forget who you are Song Kaiqiang cursed secretly, and said angrily He is not afraid of embarrassment, but we are also afraid of embarrassment You come back first, let Xiaosun continue to follow, so as not to prevent the Yanyang colleagues from thinking that we want to grab the credit when we see the credit, and run away if there is no benefit.It turned out to be the boss of the anti narcotics team.Han Chaoyang was taken aback.Considering that the corridor when to take cbd gummies reddit was not a place to talk, he quickly invited Song Kaiqiang to sit in room 605.Wu Junfeng was busy pouring water, while Xiao Sun pointed to the three big bags and a dozen small bags of imported biscuits on the desk and introduced Song team, Han Da, these are what we seized on the spot, and this bag has been opened and inspected.The suspect is very cunning, and actually thought of using chocolate to encapsulate methamphetamine.Judging from the modus operandi, Liu Qingjun, who is being interrogated, is definitely not a first time offender, and he should have delivered the goods by courier frequently.Thank you, Han Zhaoyang patted.He patted his arm, turned around and said with a smile Captain Song, I have caused you trouble too.The moment the lighter was turned on, Han Chaoyang clearly saw through the rearview mirror that Huang Ma and Huang Ying were also in tears, and they were hugging each other and weeping silently.Han Chaoyang felt extremely uncomfortable and wanted to cry.In fact, do cbd gummies do anything he had already cried, but he tried not to cry out.His mind was full of Liu Chengquan s best place to get cbd gummies online cbd oil vs cbd gummies appearance during his lifetime, so much so that he forgot what Liu Jianye had explained.I forgot to report to Bureau Zhou, and Bureau Zhou called in person.Hearing the ringing and looking at the caller ID, Han Chaoyang quickly wiped away his tears and said with a sob Report the weekly situation.Comrade Liu Chengquan of our anti pickup squadron has died.II m rushing back, I Xiao Han, I see.Liu Jianye just called to report.The most feared thing is that the auxiliary policeman will be injured or even sacrificed.Jiang Qingwen was busy getting temporary access cards for them.Han Zhaoyang looked at it for a while, and asked in a low voice, Xiao Jiang, why do you do temporary work Xiao Jiang looked at HCMUSSH best place to get cbd gummies online the migrant workers who had just walked out of the construction site, and said with a smile, Mr.It s the same as Dongming Community and 527 Factory.All the access control cards must be tied with bank cards, and these two people are doing everything they can to generate income Han Chaoyang hated Zhang Beibei and Xu Hongliang s behavior from the bottom of his heart, and he couldn t say anything to the security guard who obeyed orders and was very dedicated, so he went to the hotel to pick up his wife and go back to the PolyU dormitory to rest, and then went with Cao Zefang early the next morning Leading the security guards who were changing sppoktacular cbd gummies shifts to patrol the streets, they did not go back to the police office directly after changing positions at each duty point one by one, but rushed to the old district committee compound that was still under construction.

Although it is also an illegal building, it is too difficult to enforce the law.There are small supermarkets selling daily necessities, merchants selling hardware and electrical products, some selling labor insurance products, some selling fast food, and various snacks The intersection leading to the village is full of rental houses or houses for rent There are even a lot of people wearing hard hats coming in and out, which makes Yangguan Village, which already has more foreigners than natural one cbd gummies cbd gummies chicago il locals, more lively.Han Da, how many foreigners are there in the village Did the Huayuan Street Police Department count them all Jiang Xiaomin looked back at the intersection and asked subconsciously.Migrant population management is very important There are community grid officers in the village, and there is a security joint defense team outsourced to the Chaoyang Community Security Company, plus village cadres who are familiar with the situation in the village.No problem, Bao Suo, we will guarantee that they will be there when they are called.Okay, you can go and meet them first , tell them about handing in their gambling funds, if they have a correct attitude and can actively hand in, then there is nothing else to do I came here to make money, Mr.Tao is also very busy, thank you again Fan, pick up the bag and go with Guo Yanfeng to meet the four gamblers.Han Chaoyang got up and sent them to the door.After confirming that they had entered the detention room at the end of the corridor, he couldn t help but turn around and ask, Bao Suo, they are dishonest, so let Mr.Tao go to do their work Objection.Any objection It s normal.Bao Qingshan scratched his head and said helplessly If the bet is cash and all the money is on the mahjong table, then it s easy to handle, as long as the money on the table is all gambling funds.8 meters tall., is fat, weighing more than 180 jins, burly and strong, otherwise it would be impossible to transport the corpse to the fertilizer factory and throw it by the river if he becomes lame.You can see this Han Chaoyang asked in amazement.Mr.Wu best place to get cbd gummies online suddenly said This is common sense.Where are the footprints The feet are so big and the footprints are so deep.Naturally, the murderer s height will not be too short, and his body will naturally not be thin.Mr.Ji was not happy, so he turned around and asked Since this is common sense, why can t you analyze it How old is it Or analyze it specifically, the murderer weighs between tens of kilograms and tens of kilograms.I m not a criminal investigation expert, I can t analyze what you said.That s it, solving a case is not a child s play , I have to pretend to understand.Don t know, let alone their family situation, especially the situation of their children.Mr.Ji also realized that it would be impossible .

does cbd gummy bears get you high?

to check through this line without making some efforts, so he couldn t help asking Old Wang, please recall again, among the more than 30 people including the factory leaders, is there any child with weak legs and feet Problems Is there a problem with your legs Yes, there are problems with your legs, such as lameness.No.Mr.Wang thought about it and confirmed I moved to the city later.Although I didn t have much contact with them after I moved here, I definitely have to chat with them when we meet.After all, we work together in the same factory.Seven or eight years.Most of the family members and children of the leaders and employees have seen it.I have never heard of any child with leg and foot problems.I said, why are you so familiar Han Chaoyang Thinking about it, she couldn t help laughing Xiaozhen, aren t you from the local area No, I m from Nanhe.The little girl blushed with embarrassment, and bit her lip after speaking.I know your dad very well, and I even went to your house to buy stewed vegetables.Huang Ying also realized what a happy event was tonight, and couldn t help teasing Jiayong, tell me natural one cbd gummies cbd gummies chicago il the truth, how did you trick Xiaozhen Sister in law, how can I lie, I We met last year.I m just kidding you, Huang Ying laughed, walked into the bar and said, Xiaozhen, you are welcome to work in the hotel.I was really joking just now.Jiayong is good, you really have vision.Mengzhen was not only shy but also didn t know what to call Huang Ying, and was at a loss, Huang s mother stood in the kitchen and shouted Everyone is back, right Let s eat when everyone is ready.Grandpa Gu put down his teacup , looked at the photos on the HCMUSSH best place to get cbd gummies online white blackboard and murmured I don t know what I have been doing in the past two years and who I have been with.How can I investigate this case So it is very difficult.A bit depressed, not at all as high cbd gummies chicago il full spectrum cbd gummies best spirited as when he was ordered to face danger a few days ago.Lao Ding said in a low voice Liu Suo, in my opinion, since there is no better way, I have to adopt a stupid way.What way Mobilize the masses and openly solicit clues.He was in Yanyang half a year ago, so it s impossible that no one has seen him Liu Jianye thought to himself that it s useless for you to say, if he could, he would have offered a reward for clues, but the problem is that the old classmates who just took office are worried about the influence, and they are worried about making trouble.

Feng Ju thought that the reason why Han Chaoyang and the old men were able to conduct targeted investigations was because they narrowed down the scope of investigations, so he couldn t help muttering What did Xiang Yaxin, the squadron leader, do The grass by the side of the cesspit was picked up and they didn t find it, which is too careless. Boss Feng, we can t completely blame them, it s because they were all focused on the suspect s footprints, looking for mobile phones, etc.On other items.Fortunately, Ji Kaiyuan discovered it.If the grass was really best place to get cbd gummies online picked up by the suspect, we didn t find such an important trace, which led to the delay in solving the case.Who is responsible for this Feng Ju raised his head, and then began to talk again.Turn The cowhide is not for bragging, and the train is not for pushing.It is useless to help migrant workers get insurance.Mr.Tao didn t want to waste any more time, he raised his head and said, Mr.Hu, it s not a big deal to pay hundreds of thousands, but the company has company regulations, and the contract is clearly written.I will help you fight for best place to get cbd gummies online what should be fought for, but Don t hold out too much hope.Hu Songping didn t want to offend the God of Wealth because he still had to work for Sanjian Company in the future, so he turned around and said, Old Yang, how did we sign the contract at that time How could Yang Jinjin fail to understand what he meant, and said with a bitter face Mr.Hu, I should be responsible for the accidents of my subordinates, but you don t know how much money this project can make, and I just gave it to my son.I bought a house, but I don t have that much money., my brother in law is working behind that surnamed Yang, and he is gone after such a big incident, why doesn t he show up, why does he hide from us Yes, we only recognize him, he must give us a face to face Explain The Xu family was really excited, and Xu Jun, the son of the deceased, stood HCMUSSH best place to get cbd gummies online at the elevator entrance, hesitating to speak.Han Chaoyang coughed twice, walked up to the crowd, and asked with a straight face, What s going on, why are you arguing The police are here, Comrade Police, my brother in law came out to work hard, but died inexplicably.This man surnamed Jiang stopped us from going to the construction site, and refused to can i travel with cbd gummies best place to get cbd gummies online let us go to the foreman.Please judge Don t worry If you have something to say, speak slowly.Han Chaoyang turned on the law enforcement recorder, looked around the crowd and said solemnly Everyone, you are Xu Min s relatives, please introduce yourself first, my surname is Han, my name is Han Chaoyang, and I am Yan Dong.She was sacrificed to save her.And it was the drunk driver, not her, when you see her tomorrow, you must calm down and control your emotions.Understood, no matter how much you say, you won t be able to survive.Fengyong is Yan One of the three suburban counties in natural one cbd gummies cbd gummies chicago il Yangyang, not too close to the city but not too far.The two chatted all the way, and they rushed to the Fengyong County Public Security Bureau without knowing it.The office conditions of the Fengyong County Bureau are better than those of the Yandong Branch Bureau.The yard is large, the office building is magnificent, and the square in front of the building is very large.The square is full of police cars, cars with local license plates, and off road vehicles.They are not the private property of the police.The car is the vehicle of the people who come to do business.He looked back at the purse full of money behind him, put down the wine bottle and said, Anyway, they will find them sooner or later, why don t we just go back and give them the money.As for Jiangzhong s money, I really have no choice but to go to jail at worst.Brother Xing, you can t be confused Jiang Yonggen was startled, and said sternly At that time, it was fine as soon as he left, and he owed money if he owed money.If you don t pay it back for a thousand years, it s not bad for ten thousand years.In greenotter cbd gummies the middle of the releaved cbd gummies river.Going back now is at most a surrender.If they should be arrested, they will still be arrested, and if they should be sentenced, they will still be sentenced, and the sentence may only be reduced by a few months.When the money is returned, will they be arrested and sentenced Brother, in this world, having money is different from not having money If you have money, reddit cbd gummies anxiety you pay back everything that should be paid.A fianc e with a marriage certificate.At 9 41 p.m., everything was ready, and two police cars, Miao Haizhu and Wu Junfeng, took a group of six people including Boss Qian to the airport.Unexpectedly, just after check in was completed, Xu Hongliang cheerfully chased him with his backpack on his back as he was about to queue up for the security check with his air ticket in hand.Wait for me, the plane at 11 30, what are you in a hurry for How did you know we were going to take the plane at 11 30, why are you here Han Chaoyang was confused, stopped in his tracks and asked with a puzzled expression on his face.Xu Hongliang said hello to Wu Wei and others, took out his ID card from his arms and took out the ticket from the automatic check in computer, while grinning and said The last few days before the wedding will be carnival, how can this kind of thing be less Come on me You and Zhen Chuan are here, of course I want natural one cbd gummies cbd gummies chicago il to come Han Chaoyang couldn t laugh or cry What carnival, we are going to perform a mission Xu Hongliang glanced at the air tickets in their hands, and selected on the computer One of them was seated by the window in the back row, and he laughed and said, It s so fun to catch people.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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