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One walks, one chases.She concealed it well, and he was very patient.Taking the opportunity of wiping away her tears, Gu Mingzhu took out a candied fruit and put it into her mouth.The man in front of her was really not that easy to fool.Fortunately, although he suspected it, he didn t have any definite evidence.The bronze mirror in her hand is from the Golden Pagoda Temple.She has been holding it and playing with it.The mirror will shine the sun on the man s eyes.It is purely coincidental.As for why she pushed the man, it is naturally because she saw a stranger rushing She panicked in her heart, so she stretched out her hand to resist.Although these remarks cannot come from her mouth, everyone will sort out the whole thing after guessing and checking.People in the temple will also say that what she holds in her hand is the Zhunti mirror, the Zhunti Guanyin.Chapter 14 Arrest Liu Su looked away, he couldn t figure out what the lady was thinking now, but as long as she put on this dress and carried the medicine box on her back, she would be a doctor.How could the doctor refuse the opportunity to earn money Such a good opportunity has never been encountered once in many years.Gu Mingzhu stretched out her hand, revealing her greedy look.Instead, Mrs.Chen breathed a sigh of relief Don t worry, your medicine money is indispensable.Gu Mingzhu nodded, looked at Chen Er who was on the bed, then pointed to the medicine bag in Mrs.Chen s hand, and took out a small hourglass from the medicine box.Liu Su explained My wife said that the patient has just used up the medicine and needs to take this magic medicine later.I know, I know, Mrs.Chen said, The old lady was just in a hurry, but she forgot about this You can t take the medicine together.He must be very enviable.Wei Yuanchen said Taiyuan Mansion The Cui family is a big tree.Nie Chen swallowed Because the Cui family is in Taiyuan Mansion, some things may not be fair.Since there are best rated cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies for pain walgreens Shangguans in Beijing, they must not be missed, and Ding Ninghou HCMUSSH best rated cbd gummies for pain relief suddenly asked us people to investigate the case, so there must be some scruples., I don t want to do it myself, I m afraid I ll be a scapegoat, so I m here to find out.Before Nie Chen finished speaking, he felt a chill all over his body, and said in a faint voice I have a different stand from Marquis Dingning.You can take both sides, and you will get more.Nie Chen s throat was burning with pain The villain dare not have such thoughts.It s said that people in the market don t understand the current situation, but you can see it very clearly, Wei Yuanchen lowered his eyes and looked at Nie Chen, Since you suspect that the case is related to the Yamen, you naturally know who owns the world here.Cui Si s feet, and Mrs.Cui Si was startled and stepped back involuntarily.The birthday was written in cinnabar on the doll, which looked extraordinarily weird.Lu Shenzhi looked down, and immediately stepped forward to pick up the doll Why do some people still use the technique of disgusting victory And it was at Cui s house, and it was held by several children.Several people were stunned for a moment, and Mrs.Cui Si immediately looked at Sister Lin Where did this come from We saw it when we were playing in the woods.Who s birthday is remembered on this Lu Shenzhi handed the doll in his hand to Mrs.Cui Si to see.Fourth Mrs.Cui finally remembered This this is the birth date of Zhou Rujun, Lord Hou s wife.She and her clan arranged Zhou Rujun s burial back then, so she knew this.Chapter 21 best rated cbd gummies for pain relief The technique of understanding the dislike of victory was banned as early as the previous dynasty.She is really kind Chapter 22 is about me, Lu Shenzhi, looking at Miss Gu s back.The girl is innocent and innocent, and I don t know what to worry about.It really hurt him, he couldn t think of Miss Gu s meaning for a while.Bai, what do you mean Lu Shenzhi unknowingly sat back on the chair, bowed his head in thought, after a while, the maid next to Miss Gu came in, and the maid saluted him and found a piece of silk on the wooden floor.It was Miss Gu who left behind.Such a careful servant girl, who stays with Miss Gu every day, must know some details that have been overlooked, but the servant girl is not a member of the yamen, and will not connect the details with the case, which requires him to deliberate.Lu Shenzhi stopped Baotong with a heartbeat Did Miss Gu say anything after she came back from Jinta Temple For example, the murderer who escaped The murderer Baotong was very angry when he mentioned it, My lord must Catch him and punish him, that man is simply too hateful, he played such a heavy hand on my lady.She would definitely get a thank you from the Cui family.Seeing this, the Cui clan also asked people to come and check.It s Mama Yu.Why is Mama hillside cbd gummies Yu here Cui Wei couldn t help walking to Mama Yu s side quickly when she heard a voice behind her, and when she saw Mama Yu s old face clearly, she told the do cbd gummies cause constipation people around her Take care of me.Send it home first Before Cui Wei finished speaking, Cui Zhen best rated cbd gummies for pain relief how long for cbd gummies to kick in s voice came from behind No hurry, leave her here, I still have a lot to ask her.Brother, Cui Wei said.Immediately persuaded, This is not good, after all, there are too many people with mixed eyes.He just went to inquire, and he already knew that Yu s mother brought Taoist priests into the ancestral grave, and he knew without thinking that this was what his mother meant.There are not many people who simply know the inside story.Normally speaking, even if those people escaped, there would be some clues left behind, but suddenly something happened, everyone was busy fighting the fire, and there were footprints and water marks everywhere on the ground, causing a commotion Chaos, even the best tracking technique can t find any clues.Cui Zhen remained silent, Cui Wei continued If you dare to come to our Cui family to rob the tomb, those people must be thugs, I will go to the government office immediately All the robbers around were caught and interrogated, there must be a result.After so many years, you are still so reckless, Cui Zhen taught his younger brother, I said earlier that this matter is not that simple.No one would rob a tomb hazel hills cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for pain relief in such a big way, The sacrificial hall was set ablaze.This was clearly a deliberate attempt to attract attention.

If he hadn t come, she would have left smoothly.When she pretended to be Ziyuan on the big boat, she should have had an idea, when and how to escape was within her calculations.When he entered the water, he also thought about chasing towards the nearest shore, but the thought was only fleeting.The doctor woman seemed vulgar, but her thoughts were very delicate.There is an open space after landing on the road, and it is difficult to cover up her tracks, so she will not choose.Being close to a forest a little farther from the shore would help her get away, and she dared to jump off the bow, at least she was a little watery and didn t care about the distance.He swam decisively, and when he was about to reach the shore, he finally caught up with the doctor.The doctor struggled for a moment, then gave up as if resigned to her fate, and was dragged ashore by him.He asked Lu Shenzhi to go out of the city in disguise, firstly to let Lu Shenzhi persuade the people in the mountains, and secondly, to make the illusion that Lu Shenzhi and the people have been fooled, otherwise how can he see clearly the movements of the Taiyuan government yamen.If the Yamen of Taiyuan Prefecture could do their best to catch bandits every time, I m afraid there would have been results.Wei Yuanchen said It s useless for you to want those iron ores, where are you going to send the mined iron Yan Hao shook his head There is a Mr.Jiang in the mountain who arranges everything.Find out, but there must be someone in Taiyuan Mansion to respond.Maybe you have another chance, Wei Yuanchen s voice came, Even if you die, at least you can hold your head up.Yan Hao subconsciously looked at Wei Yuanchen, his eyes Zhongman is full of longing.It s a pity for such a good hazel hills cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for pain relief child.In the final analysis, the Zhou family is too hateful.He thought Mrs.Zhou loved Rujun very much.If she could be as good as Mrs.Lin, Rujun would not die.Mr.Sun couldn t help but sigh secretly, thinking that Rujun and Miss Gu are calm and lively, but they are so different, how could he feel similar Wei Yuanchen looked at Mr.Sun Sir, what do you think of Miss Gu Very obedient, Mr.Sun thought about looking at Wei Yuanchen, better than the third next plant cbd gummies website master.Mr.Sun said Third Master, please don t dislike listening.It s not good for Third Master to be young and lethargic.Miss Gu s free and easy emotions are written on her face.She can cry when she wants to, and laugh when she wants to.Looking at her makes people very sad.It s a relief, if there is a chance, the third master can go to Gu s house more often, seeing that Miss Gu makes me feel much better.All this trouble Mama Wang said softly, You, Master Hou, and Missy together are not as scheming as Mrs.Lin Tai, so you have to be careful.Mrs.Lin nodded I know.The Lin family these years It s not easy, she doesn t want to make any more troubles.The Gu family s carriage went straight into the Lin family s village.Mrs.Lin stood on the high pavilion and watched Mrs.Lin and Gu Mingzhu get out of the car.For some reason, she felt a little uncomfortable when she saw Gu Mingzhu.That child can t do anything else, she is the strongest to cause trouble.Mrs.Lin Tai told the mother in charge Be careful of Miss Biao, best rated cbd gummies for pain relief don t let her touch things.After she finished speaking, she looked around, and the gentleman who helped see Feng Shui back then told her mother quietly that within three generations of Zhuangzi, there must be a best rated cbd gummies for pain relief very good fortune.Her son Sun Yong is still young, maybe she is planning for best rated cbd gummies for pain relief her son.Mother Yu has been unwilling to confess.If it is because she is protecting her son, it is reasonable.Who is the person who promised Sun Yong benefits What Gu Mingzhu is most worried about is whether there is an ambush in this village.There are still too few people in her hands.The identity of a silly girl is easy to use, but it is also a bondage to her.She regrets arranging both Liu Su and Nie Chen.I hope that Mr.Wei will not disappoint her kindness, and can find out the clues and catch the real culprit earlier.Mrs.Lin found that Zhuzhu s mood gradually calmed down, so she breathed a sigh of relief and continued to walk forward with Zhuzhu.Clan sister, Mrs.Lin chased after Mrs.Lin Tai, otherwise, I don t want to go to the Zhou family.Bao Tong looked at the Gu s Nursing Home Follow Madam and Miss every step of the way.Madam Lin couldn t help sighing.If she had known this would happen, she would not have taken Zhuzhu out, and hoped that what she was worried about would not happen.Gu Mingzhu took out two bamboo tubes from her waist pouch and tied them into her sleeves while Mrs.Lin was not paying attention.After doing this, she looked around, looking for an inconspicuous place to hide.Zhuzhu, come quickly.Mrs.Lin shouted, and Gu Mingzhu walked over quickly.Everyone entered the house, Mrs.Wednesday ordered the servants to pour tea, the tea had just been served before she had time to drink, when she heard hurried footsteps from outside, and then Cui s steward came in to report.Mrs.Our nursing home is fighting with those people.

Afterwards, Cousin Feng avoided Han Yu s entourage and looked for clues in Zhuangzi, which confirmed her guess, so she asked Baotong to throw the bamboo tube in the grass.Mrs.Lin thought for a moment and made a decision Then go and listen.Although she doesn t know what the situation is, seeing it with her own eyes is better than hearsay.Mrs.Lin looked at Gu Mingzhu Zhuzhu is waiting for mother in the house As soon as she said this, she regretted it again, Let s go with mother.What will happen, I d better take Zhuzhu with me to rest assured.Gu Mingzhu held her mother, her mother s hand was a little cold.Mrs.Lin stretched out her hand and patted Gu Mingzhu on the back Zhuzhu, don t be afraid.Mother, don t be afraid.Gu Mingzhu seemed to be repeating Mrs.Lin s words, her voice was clear and pleasant, which made Mrs.Marquis Huaiyuan inadvertently opened the curtain of the big case in Shanxi.When he came to Taiyuan Mansion from the capital, Wei Yuanchen suspected that Marquis Huaiyuan was not as stupid as he appeared on the surface.After discovering the strangeness of the Gu family, he became more and more sure of this.However, Marquis Huaiyuan is far away in the capital at this time, Mrs.Lin seems to know nothing about the inside story, and the Gu family does not have a staff member, who is helping Marquis Huaiyuan manage the overall situation Think again about the things Nie Chen and Liu Su said.Liu Su was rescued by the doctor, and Nie Chen made the elder to pretend to be the Pearl Thief to investigate the case back then.All these happened after Huaiyuan Hou came to Shanxi.Now the clue to the person who attacked Han Yu also led to Miss Gu.After hearing this, Mrs.Lin understood What does Mr.Wei mean, is there someone else behind Han Yu The princes of this dynasty have been fighting overtly and secretly for the position of crown prince, but I don t know which prince s handwriting it is.After being reminded by Mr.Wei, They have to be more careful and must not cbd gummy bears 500mg best rated cbd gummies for pain relief get involved.While talking, Chu Jiu stepped forward to report Third Master, there is news from Beijing Wei Yuanchen did not let Chu Jiu finish speaking, Chu Jiu handed over a note, Wei Yuanchen glanced at it, and sent it waist.The corners of Wei Yuanchen s eyes slightly raised.He didn t how many 120 mg gummies of cbd for sleep hide it very deeply, so I don t know if she will come to fetch it.Chapter 70 Toxic Gu Mingzhu is a little curious, wondering what news Mr.Wei got.Just caught the handle of Han Yu, the crown prince and the court did not know so quickly, Mr.When Gu Mingzhu went to Shaanxi, he wandered around Zhuangzi with his grandfather during the day, and listened to stories told by his grandfather with the children of the family at night.The results are different, but everyone likes to listen.There is also her little uncle, who is quite ambitious and wants to wait for the opportunity to become an official.Although he still helps grandfather and Niba every day, the whole family is very harmonious.Gu Mingzhu sat on the chair shaking her feet, looking at Zhao Gongren and her two sons, Lin Runsheng was seventeen years old, Lin Runzhi was eight years old, Uncle Lin was said to be good at riding and shooting, and Second Master Lin was said to be a three year old enlightened child prodigy.Looking at Gu Mingzhu s big feet under her pink skirt, Zhao Gongren couldn t help frowning slightly, and said best rated cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies for pain walgreens with concern, Zhuzhu, how is your condition It s getting better.Lin seemed to be out of her mind, she didn t even have the slightest intention to make out with her.Mrs.Lin was looking at Lin Runsheng.After the child saluted, he went to the front to get busy, saying that he wanted to take down the things he brought from the clan.She was not afraid of anything else now, except that Lin Runsheng ran into Mr.Wei, and hoped that Lin Runsheng would not wander around.Zhao Gongren put down the tea, thinking about the purpose of her visit today, she put down the tea bowl in her hand Why isn t Madam at the Cui family best rated cbd gummies for pain relief s ancestral house Is there any barrier between you and Eldest Sister The elder sister that Zhao Gongren spoke of was naturally Mrs.Lin Tai.Mrs.Lin met Zhao Gongren s eyes Sister in law, have you been to Cui s house Did you see the elder sister Zhao Gongren nodded.Without horses, it is impossible to do without horses, so Xungui and the general began to spend a lot of money to buy high quality horses privately.He also asked the imperial court for horses several times, but in the end he couldn t get what he wanted, so he had to take the risk and let Cui Wei buy horses from the black market.He didn t have enough money in his hand, so he set his sights on the graves of the former nobles among.Unable to buy good horses, the court blamed the cunning of the Fan people, but the Fan people said that the court deceived their good horses with inferior goods, and what the Fan people really needed were high quality tea cakes and ironware.Zhao family s high quality tea cakes, those iron mountain mines, could someone use these things to control the horse market Wei Yuanchen raised the key best rated cbd gummies for pain relief in his hand These accounts are hidden in the Zhao family s dark room, and I found the key to open the dark room from the shop where Zhao s murder case occurred.

Such an important key cannot be left behind.Now that Master Zhao Er is not in Taiyuan Mansion, the only person in charge of the Zhao family is Zhao Gong.Wei Yuanchen turned his best rated cbd gummies for pain relief head and looked at Zhao Gongren with Ruifeng eyes.Zhao Gongren s voice trembled What does Mr.Wei mean Wei Yuanchen said Zhao Gongren arrived in Taiyuan Mansion but did not enter the city.Is he covering up something For example, let people get rid of a few shopkeepers and assistants, and the court will find out., Zhao Gongren cbd gummy bears 500mg best rated cbd gummies for pain relief used the excuse of not being in Taiyuan Mansion as an excuse to avoid interrogation.Zhao Gongren could hardly breathe, Wei Yuanchen actually thought that she was the murderer, and those charges of buying and selling tea and other things would also be on her head.Chapter 88 Acknowledgment Zhao Gongren pursed her lips tightly, the Cui brothers stood there silently, and her whole body seemed to be roasted on a fire.How can my aunt live Even if it s for the uncle s sake, I should protect my aunt first.Come down.The imperial court s law is no joke, Cui Zhen ordered Cui Wei, Take people back to cooperate with the imperial court, and send them all to the government office.After saying this, Cui Zhen went to see Wei Yuanchen Master Wei, There is only one thing, Second Master Lin is just eight years old and still young, can he stay in Cui s house Wei Yuanchen said calmly I will go to Cui s house tomorrow morning and ask Lin s youngest son.Cui Zhen said Then we Let s go back to Cui s house first.After Cui Zhen finished speaking, he walked out of the courtyard, Cui s stewards and guards hurriedly followed, Cui Wei couldn t make up his mind what to do, and finally turned around and told Zhao Gongren Auntie first go with the Yamen, When the yamen finds out the truth, there will be conclusions, I will write a letter to my uncle to clarify the situation Cui Wei s voice was very gentle, as if directly hitting Zhao Gongren s heartache, Zhao Gongren couldn t help but swallowed more After all, the instigator was Wei Yuanchen.Really down to earth, happy, and don t have to guard against anyone.After eating, Cui Zhen and Mrs.Lin went to talk in the main room, and Gu Mingzhu naturally followed.Cui Zhen raised his head My mother brought Lin Runzhi to the door to force my aunt to intercede for Mrs.Zhao Gong Mrs.Lin thought for a moment I don t know much about this case, I m afraid I might do something wrong, why are cbd gummies legal in virginia I don t know if the Zhao family is real Buying and selling war horses privately, if it is true, you should find out the facts, after all, your uncle is guarding the pass at Suzhou Guard Auntie is right, Cui Zhen said, It is because of uncle guarding the border, these things need to be investigated more carefully, mother is acting so recklessly , will even arouse suspicion for his uncle, but since the Zhao family found out the account, the Zhao family opened the shop in Taiyuan Prefecture again, it must be for transit purposes, those war horses probably entered Dazhou from the northwest pass, and the northwest will Someone must know the inside story.Master Lu is here.The people outside cbd gummy bears 500mg best rated cbd gummies for pain relief the door came to report.Lu Shenzhi walked into the room quickly, bowed to Wei Yuanchen, and then handed over the document in his hand.He followed Master Wei s wishes and checked Sicheng s body again.Lu Shenzhi said The Prime Minister of the temple is called Wang Daochang.He has been working in the guards.He was in the guards of Pingliang Prefecture in the early years.Later, he was transferred to Taiyuan Prefecture.Resigned from the guard, and went to Xingtaipu Temple to serve as the Temple Chancellor.Wei Yuanchen raised his head Is there any relationship between Wang Daochang and Lin Sizhen Lu Shenzhi said Lin Sizhen went to Suzhou to guard the border, it is reasonable to say that The army and the guards will not communicate, but Lin Sizhen also served in the Shaanxi Guard when he could not be reused.Zhao Er.The situation was a little bit wrong, no matter how incompetent Lu Shenzhi was, he would not have reached this point, no matter whether he was suspicious or cautious, he had to inform the crown prince and get ready.At this time, the sound of the piano sounded, and he stopped in his tracks, thinking that it would not be too late at this moment, and it would not be too late .

how many cbd gummies do i take?

for him to report to the prince after he finished listening to the song.As a danny koker cbd gummies 5 cbd gummies result, the sound of the zither was suddenly interrupted, and the sound of the prince scolding came from the banquet.How could the prince lose his composure in front of others because of his virtue.Mr.Shen still has to persuade, little Qin Niang, it s not worth disturbing the situation.Who said that this palace best cbd oil gummies for sale is angry, the prince said, as long as she can still play the voice just hazel hills cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for pain relief now, this palace can take her back to Beijing, and reward her with a hundred taels of silver for the musicians in charge of the East Palace.Then it must be a new piano piece.But everything came to an abrupt end at this moment, as if knowing that there was a beautiful scenery outside, but unable to open the window.The prince is obsessed with music theory, he seems to want to catch a glimpse of it, but he suddenly disappears, so naturally his mood is out of balance.If no result can be found in the end, the prince can only decide that it was Qinniang s mistake, because the sound was too short, making it impossible to determine whether it was intentional or unintentional.Who says what the eyes see and the ears hear must be true She performed live deceptions one after another under his nose, and everything could be a sharp weapon to deceive people in her hands.Those who have never entered the game will not understand the taste of it.

The battle between the crown prince and Wei Yuanchen in Taiyuan Mansion has already begun, and a move has been passed just now.Although he still doesn t know exactly what happened, it doesn t matter, this battle is obviously not over yet, as long as he continues to read, he will understand everything.Chu Jiu quickly walked out of the prince s courtyard.I interrupted the banquet of His Highness the Crown Prince, Wei Yuanchen picked up the wine glass at this time, I will punish myself with a drink.This was the first time Wei Yuanchen picked up the wine.But at this time the prince is no longer in the state of mind just now.He was the one who set up the situation before, and he only thought that Wei Yuanchen would be trapped here by him, but now everything is uncertain.After about a quarter of an hour, there was a commotion from the door.As the carriage walked forward, Ziyuan took out a tea hanging from the grid and poured a cup, and was about to hand it to Miss Jiang, but at this moment, the carriage suddenly shook, and Miss Jiang hadn t put on the fence on her head, and she was busy Come to help her, Leno fluctuates, eyes meet.What a nice view.She had never seen such beautiful eyes.No wonder after taking down Mili, Miss Jiang kept her head down all the time, koi cbd gummies for anxiety unwilling to look directly at others.It was the same when walking with her, there was gauze on the fence, but there was another layer on the face to cover it up.It turned out to be because of this.Don t worry, Ziyuan came back to her senses and said, I won t say anything.It s inconvenient for a weak woman to walk around, let alone such a stunning beauty, she naturally wants to cover it up for Miss Jiang.When Mrs.Lin Tai s voice fell, the person beside best rated cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies for pain walgreens the bed remained motionless.Lightning flashed across the night, and the figure was shrouded in that dim light, terrifying like a ghost.The most terrifying can you pass a drug test taking cbd gummies thing is that he best rated cbd gummies for pain relief is biolife cbd gummies review danny koker cbd gummies wearing armor and holding a long gun in his hand.Mrs.Lin Tai s heart best rated cbd gummies for pain relief constricted for a while, her whole body was shrouded in fear, and she immediately shrank back.The old Hou Ye was good at using guns, and the court specially gave him an iron gun.She often cleaned the barrel of the gun with her own hands.Come come come Mrs.Lin changed her voice in extreme horror, as if a big hand was choking her neck invisibly.Mrs.Lin stared at the door, but no one came.Where did the mother in charge and the maid who were outside go Why didn t best rated cbd gummies for pain relief they go in when they heard the noise With a crash , the chain mail made a crisp crashing sound, and the person in front of the bed took a step forward.Gu Mingzhu sat aside and held her mother s hand.Cui Wei s words sounded very ordinary, but it also made her alert.She always felt that Cui Wei was testing.What did Cui Wei know She knew that Cui Wei was not simple five years ago, and now this feeling is getting stronger and stronger.Cui Wei is not as ordinary as before, maybe his secret is hidden deep and unfathomable.Cui Wei got up and said goodbye I will send mother and aunt to the carriage first, and then I will visit my aunt when I rest on the road.Mrs.Lin nodded.When Cui Wei left the yard, Bao Tong came forward and said, Madam, I will help you change your clothes Madam Lin changed into a narrow sleeve for the convenience of walking around.Mrs.Lin glanced at Gu Mingzhu worriedly I m fine, you can leave quickly if something happens, I m just worried about Zhuzhu.After Mr.Shen finished speaking, the prince suddenly saw a person standing on the upper floor of Yangwuyu City.This person seemed to have a somewhat mighty aura.The prince said Who is that Let them come to visit the palace.Chapter 166 The waste prince came to Yangwuyu.The guards of the East Palace had already conveyed the news.When they got to the tower, Yang Wuyu s generals dared to best rated cbd gummies for pain relief stand tall and look down on the prince.It is simply a crime of disrespect.The prince reined in his horse and refused to go any further, his face became solemn.The generals on the tower did not move at all, just confronting the prince like this.What s going on the prince scolded, anger best rated cbd gummies for pain relief welling up in his brows, it was the first time he was offended like this after he became the crown prince, and in a while he would have Yang Wuyu s officials kneel down at his feet and beg for mercy.The important thing is to eat light meals and have a good biolife cbd gummies review danny koker cbd gummies rest.Mrs.Lin walked out of the house with Zhuzhu, and couldn t help sighing a long time.It s a good thing for Mr.Cheng that Mrs.Zhao is alive.Right now, the mother and son are reunited happily, but I don t know what will happen after returning to Beijing.The Cheng family has already married When the new mistress, the son in law can you take cbd gummies with advil married the princess, the stepmother, Yuan Shi, was given a royal order.The Cheng family didn t know how to deal with this matter, whether they would welcome Zhao Shi back to Cheng s mansion.Even if Mrs.Zhao doesn t want to go back to Cheng s house, and wants to live peacefully with her son and daughter in law, it may not be easy.The Cheng family and the Yuan family have always been close to the imperial concubine, so there is no guarantee that the imperial concubine will not be a hindrance.

Your face can also be exchanged for more attention.Mrs.Wednesday s eyes were looking around, and she was immediately attracted by a tall figure.Isn t that isn t that Wei danny koker cbd gummies 5 cbd gummies Yuanchen Mr.Wei.Mrs.Wednesday was both surprised and delighted.After escaping from the dead, it was great to meet Mr.Wei.She was about to go up to speak, but she saw a slender figure.Mrs.Wednesday s complexion changed, and Gu Mingzhu Why are you here Looking at Gu Mingzhu s appearance, she was dressed in muslin clothes, and she looked very good, so she shouldn t have suffered much, so have the female family members of the Gu family been rescued by Wei Sanye Mrs.Wednesday s chest suddenly felt sore.Why, they tried so hard to escape, but they danny koker cbd gummies 5 cbd gummies lost to the Gu family.What about Mrs.Huaiyuanhou how is she Could she be safe and sound if she was so frightened and jolted while she was pregnant If there are female relatives who are more miserable than them, they will not be the ones being talked about after returning to Beijing.She didn t know where those things went after she biolife cbd gummies review danny koker cbd gummies died.Someone was plotting against the prince secretly, and placed all kinds of eyeliner around the prince.His father was also teaching the prince in the East Palace, and he died to save the prince.Does the death of his father have anything to do with the person behind the scenes Baotong took the lamp out, best rated cbd gummies for pain relief Gu Mingzhu turned around, and gradually fell asleep after thinking about it.Mr.Yang s face suddenly appeared in her mind.In fact, when she was in the prison, she guessed that Mr.Yang should know his father.Mr.asked, but was denied by Mr.Yang.She didn t get a chance to continue asking, and now she feels more and more strange every time she thinks about it.Don t worry, she will find out gradually that no one who should pay the price can escape Liu Su sent Wei Yuanchen the news from Nie Chen.He didn t know how his mother was doing now, and whether the Cheng family would come to disturb her.He wanted to get up and find a reason to leave, but Master Wei opened his mouth for help.Cheng Yi stood up and said, The most important thing has been clarified.We will come back hazel hills cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for pain relief tomorrow morning to finish the remaining paperwork.If it hadn t involved the East Palace, the officials of Dali Temple wouldn t have been so wana mango cbd gummies impatient to invite Prince Consort and others to come.Seeing such a situation, it is not easy to persuade him to stay Master Consort, Marquis of Huaiyuan and Master Wei have worked hard today.Several people came out from the yamen, and the young servants outside the gate had already been waiting there with lanterns.My son in law, Wei Yuanchen walked up to Cheng Yi, The case of the Shanxi mutiny has not been investigated yet.Yuan Chen was leaning in the bathtub, Fang Sheng made of colorful thread was very pretty, he looked at the lanyard he was wearing around his waist, although the lanyard was tied with gold thread, it looked very tacky.If the Fangsheng net that Miss Gu sent could be longer, it would be just right for a belt How long has it been Second Master Wei came to his nephew s yard and asked Mu Qiu in a low voice.Mu Qiu said The third master has been washing for almost an hour.The second master Wei showed a mysterious smile on his face, and he went to Shanxi, and Brother Chen was enlightened It seems that he prayed to God and worshiped Buddha a few days ago, it was useful.Otherwise, I ll ask, Mu Qiu said, Don t be the third master, he s going to catch a cold.What are you asking Isn t this normal Second Master Wei looked resentful.The lights in Miss Gu s room were also turned off.Miss Gu didn t like having too many people around, so she would only let Baotong take care of her.When Miss Gu fell asleep, the mother in charge and Chuntao withdrew from the yard.Bao Tong helped Gu Mingzhu change with a suit of clothes Liu Su is outside, Miss, be careful.Gu Mingzhu nodded.The master and the servant walked out of the courtyard avoiding people, and went straight to the back garden.After they returned to Taiyuan Mansion, the garden was refurbished, and the low wall where Gu Mingzhu went out was also raised.Only the loose courtyard wall behind the rockery could be used.The stone was moved away, and a small The hole is exposed in front of him, like a dog hole.Gu Mingzhu got out from the gap, and Liu Su was waiting outside the wall.The aunt was a little surprised, she just taught the son how to make red bean cake, how could it be worth so much silver The young master must have said this deliberately for her peace of mind.Liu Su brewed tea and presented it to Wei Yuanchen.The aunt looked at it and said with a smile Master, let s eat some red bean cakes.I will clean up the kitchen in a while.If there is anything else in the house that needs to be tidied up, if you don t mind my mother in law s rough hands, just order me.The mother in law turned and entered In the kitchen, Gu shark tank episode on cbd gummies Mingzhu at the door walked towards the yard.Gu Mingzhu walked up to Wei Yuanchen and saluted Sir my lord if there is nothing to explain we will go first check find out the news people in the market will report to your lord.Opening it, she obviously didn t want to stay and taste the red bean cake, maybe the appearance of the aunt here made her wary.

Cheng thought of this, she saw a lady with a familiar face pulling the girl to her side.Mrs.Cheng frowned.She had no time to think about it when she was flustered, but now she is much more sober.She had been asked before that the princess was entertaining guests in the mansion today.Although it was not clear who was hosting the banquet, she didn t take it to heart.She just wanted to make a scene known to everyone, and it didn t matter who the guests were.But the situation nowis different.Old lady Cheng s heart sank.If it was her, the Cheng family would really be speechless.Come here.Princess Huairou sternly yelled, If you don t stop, no matter who it is, I will kick them out.This is Princess Huairou s mansion, not Cheng s.It s fine for old ladies and elders to come without invitation.It also disturbed the female relatives of Huaiyuanhou s family, Mrs.The mother in charge said Muxiu, the third master, stay at home today, and let the servants come and hazel hills cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for pain relief report to the grandma.It s rare for the third uncle to have a day off, Zhang said with a smile, If there is anything I need to arrange, my mother will come and order One sound.The mother in charge saluted Mrs.Zhang.The steward, Mama Lu, was brought into the mansion when the Elder Master was there.She followed the Third Master and took care of the affairs in the Third Master s yard.Besides, Mama Lu rarely talked to others, and she didn t care about other trivial matters at home., in Zhang s impression, this mother is reticent, courteous and well behaved in front of others, and she has a special feeling about her, just like those female officials in the palace.They are all from high family backgrounds, so the people in the house naturally respect Mama Lu a little bit more.The same is true for the second brother s marriage.My mother went to Linjiang mansion several times and prepared for so many years.Go to Linjiang Mansion.Cheng Yi said again Your mother s dowry when she married into Cheng s family, and the land you have accumulated over the years, are you clear in your heart Even if you didn t explain it before, after you passed away, you didn t let the mother in charge come forward.Do you want to tell me Before my mother went to Shanxi, she secretly gave the three Zhuangzi to the loyal servant, and asked the loyal servant to take care of me.Cheng Erye and Cheng Sanye brothers looked at each other, obviously ignorant of this.There was a sudden silence in the corridor.It took a long time for Second Master Cheng to squeeze out a few words from his teeth You mean that mother didn t commit suicide, but was murdered However, while the yamen is here to investigate the case, you can also ask the truth in private, unlike when I grew up and found out the truth about cbd gummy bears 500mg best rated cbd gummies for pain relief my mother falling into the water, unless you don t want to ask clearly.The mother in charge said free cbd gummies samples I don t know what s going on, you should be more careful Watch carefully on the road, just now a little girl got lost in the garden and said I couldn t get out no matter what, I peed just cbd gummies have thc my pants in fear, thanks to being discovered by the rough envoy, otherwise there would be a big accident.The mother in charge said meaningfully You have always been prudent, and my wife treats you well on weekdays, presumably Nothing can go wrong.What can go wrong Got lost in the garden They are all servants of the Cheng family, and they can walk out of the garden with their eyes closed, so how could they get lost The mother in charge specifically said that Madam treats her well on weekdays, do you think it is Madam s reason Isn t that haunting The mother in charge said Don t be dazed, let s go If you cut off the incense, the crime will be even greater, and the wife will be even more angry.Hearing this, Bai Jingkun s shoulders began to shake, and he didn t know whether it was because of guilt or anger.Wei Yuanchen HCMUSSH best rated cbd gummies for pain relief continued Where do you come from these imported goods I m afraid there is your private boat in Dengzhou Prefecture Is the dry compass on your boat from your father s handwriting Bai Jingkun clenched his hands, nails Pierce into the palm of the hand.Or that compass was made by your sister, isn t it Wei Yuanchen s majestic voice forced Bai Jingkun to react, and he kept shaking his head Nonothat s not it, Ah Chan threw herself into it with all her heart.She doesn t have time to do that on the Hongyi cannon.Bai Guanzheng has been improving the dry compass, and this dry best rated cbd gummies for pain relief compass is best rated cbd gummies for pain relief made by Bai Guanzheng Wei Yuanchen said flatly, Then how did you make this dry compass Did you snatch the compass Did your father s death have anything to do with you A figure in the darkness moved two steps forward, Wei Yuanchen narrowed his eyes, and within a moment of interrogation, she couldn t hold back anymore and wanted to go up See clearly before.Mo Yangming responded, and looked at Gu Mingzhu Go and sit down Mo Yangming doesn t talk much on weekdays.Firstly, she is blunt and her words are hard to hear.Secondly, she is a deserted person.It is rare for her to take such good care of Miss Gu.The Empress Dowager knows Mo Yangming very well, so she is even more curious about this Miss Gu.The queen mother looked at Gu Mingzhu How old are you this year Gu Mingzhu stood up and replied, I will tell you, the queen mother, that she will be sixteen next year.Such a reply was stern, obviously it was taught by her family before coming here, the queen mother nodded best cbd gummies for psoriatic arthritis I haven t seen your mother for a long time, but when I see you, I can remember your mother s appearance.My daughter s mother also misses the queen mother, Gu Mingzhu said, rolling up her sleeves to reveal a bunch of rosewood, this is My mother gave it to my mother, and my mother has been wearing it carefully.

The more he knows how powerful Wei Yuanchen is, the more he wants to know about Wei Yuanchen and the Zhou family back then.Cui Zhen picked up the towel from the tub and wiped his shoulders with his own hands I remember you said that you met Mrs.Zhou before.How is Mrs.Zhou s temper say.Cui Zhen realized something was wrong, and turned to look at Mrs.Zhang, only to see two teardrops slipping from Mrs.Zhang s cheeks I want to ask you a few words, why are you crying Mrs.Zhang wiped her tears with a handkerchief Hou Master, do you think this concubine s successor is not doing well I also asked before, and wanted to take back Zhousister s memorial tablet, but Master Hou told me not to care about this matter.Concubine consciously neglected my sister.From now on, I will go to the ancestral hall to offer incense every day.The candied fruit of Pinxianglou is different from other people s, it can t be stored for too long, it s best to make it now and eat it now, the young lady likes this the most.It s not easy for the cook, Gu Mingzhu said, Next time, I ll reward the cook with more money.It s done so early, don t just stay up all night Slaves are also like this.The people in Pinxianglou said that the cook can t sleep at night and has nothing to do in her free time.Now it seems that the eldest lady has a good fortune.Last night she asked the kitchen to make three bowls of noodles for Mr.Wei.Today The restaurant of Wei s family made candied fruit early in the morning.Why does Gu Mingzhu feel like reciprocating This could not be Master Wei s order In .

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Gu Mingzhu s mind, the scene of Mrs.Wei asking her for candied fruit appeared, his eyes were clear and warm, and he took the fruit bit by bit into his mouth.Mo Yangming said Pepper water can numb the wound and relieve pain.Although this medicine is not as effective as Aconitum aconitum and other substances, Aconitum aconitum is poisonous.At this time, the patient is weak, so using it will do more harm than good.Gu Mingzhu Said Disciple, remember.While speaking, Mo Yangming pulled out a wooden thorn from the child s wound, and it was this wooden thorn that prevented the wound from healing.After the wooden thorns are pulled out, there are sutures, medicines and bandages.Gu Mingzhu watched carefully, and found that the medicines and healing methods used by Master Mo best rated cbd gummies for pain relief were rougher, because most of Taoist patients are poor people, and the treatment methods are simpler and more effective than those of medicine shops, which has something to do with the doctor s original intention.Baotong wanted to say something more, but Gu Mingzhu nodded and hugged the stove in his hand.Gu Chongyi jumped off the carriage, as if he didn t take the words of his daughter and Baotong to heart, took the reins from the servant, got on the horse, protected the carriage and left Anjiyuan Tan Sanye has been standing at the gate of Anjiyuan until the Gu family s carriages and horses disappeared, then he turned to look at the room where Bao er was recuperating.When he walked into .

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the room just now, he saw Bao er s reaction in his eyes.Go and tell Uncle, Master Gu is gone, please Uncle go back to the mansion earlier, and I will go to the court in a while, so Uncle can rest assured that I will handle the matter here.Tan Family Steward heard best rated cbd gummies for pain relief Tan San Master s words were answered, and he walked best rated cbd gummies for pain relief quickly to the yard.Chapter 339 Reluctant to part with Shen Guicheng s words made King Huai a little nervous, Wei Yuanchen and Qiao Song were indeed very difficult to deal with.But he asked the princess about this matter again and again, and the princess, like those female relatives, went to Shangqing Temple only for incense and medical treatment, nothing else.King Huai said Mr.Shen, don t worry.Shen Guicheng said That s good, when my second uncle comes back, he will danny koker cbd gummies 5 cbd gummies rectify the Metropolitan Procuratorate.Although the emperor has the intention to show his heart to Prince Huai, Prince Huai still can t be careless, just in case the noble concubine is plotting.It s a pity King Huai didn t understand What is it a pity, sir Shen Guicheng said It s a pity that Empress Wei didn t intend to record you in her name back then.Qiao Song from the Ministry of Criminal Justice would report the inside story of the case to the imperial court.The emperor would naturally decide whether to continue the investigation.Wei Yuanchen stood up and saluted Gu Chongyi I have news, I ll report it to Lord Hou again.Gu Chongyi said Mr.Wei is too polite.He hesitated for a while, but did not mention that he has an acquaintance in Daning , you can write a letter to ask him to help check the news.Although it is a bit dangerous, you can no longer hide your secrets now.The Wei family has people in Daning, Wei Yuanchen said softly, That is the contact left by my father back then.He has been staying near Daning for the past two years, and he is very familiar with the Wuliangha tribe.Gu Chongyi was quite surprised when he heard that Wei Shangshu died because of Daning s dispatch of troops.

Wei Yuanchen looked at the entourage beside him, who danny koker cbd gummies 5 cbd gummies immediately pointed to one of the Fang family nursing homes.At this time, Fang s family members were restrained by Yacha, who stepped forward and pulled the guard s hair, exposing his face to everyone.It s him, it s him.He said his name is Ding Da.I thought he was honest and honest, so I let him board danny koker cbd gummies 5 cbd gummies the ship.But when he arrived at the pier, he disappeared.The owner of the ship has a fleet that runs through the north and the south.He did not expect that there were more Tamba mushrooms in the cargo this time.The Gu family was arrested, and the goods of the seven merchant ships of the ship owner were also detained.His hard work will be in vain, so he wholeheartedly cooperates with the court to investigate the case.Now that he saw the suspicious handyman, his eyes lit best rated cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies for pain walgreens up.So I guess, after the murderer killed someone, he left two dead men to deal with follow up matters.The person who mixed the Tamba wild rice in the goods is obviously an accomplice, so the adults will let people follow the handyman on the ship.The handyman Ding Da came to Shen s house, and now Ding Da was arrested, and this person came to deliver a letter to Shen s mansion again.My lord suspected Daxing The murderer in Zhuangzi is in the Shen family, or this person in front of me.Naturally, she also had this idea, so she followed Mr.Wei to watch the fun, and Gu Mingzhu set her eyes on Cao Huai.Wei danny koker cbd gummies 5 cbd gummies Yuanchen stretched out his hands to shake off the snow where they cell cbd gummies on the girl s cloak, stretched out his arms to hold the girl and continued to move forward.In the snowy night, the sound of snowflakes falling on the clothes seemed to be heard clearly.The queen mother picked up the scissors on the table and continued to trim the flower branches There is no one with a good heart to frighten, and nothing is surprising.The queen mother cut the flower best rated cbd gummies for pain relief branches and helped her forehead Aijia feels a headache, I need to take good care of it, and no one will see me In the Hall of Mental Cultivation.Xiao Huangmen added new charcoal to the warm cage.Huang Chang first looked outside the palace, and there was probably a thick layer of snow on King Huai, the emperor s anger should have dissipated a bit.Your Majesty, Huang Chang said in a low voice, Prince Huai is still outside waiting for your summons.Speaking at the right time is a skill, it can t be too early or too late, the emperor feels that the punishment is not enough if it is too early, and it will hurt Huai if it is too late The body of the king will be blamed for lack of eyesight.Take everyone out.Gu Mingzhu heard a familiar voice.That is Master Wei.She raised her head, and it was those clear eyes that caught her eyes.Gu Mingzhu stared blankly for a while, Master Wei cbd gummies and pain looked very embarrassed, his hair was covered with dust, and there danny koker cbd gummies were a few bloodstains on his cheeks, it was best rated cbd gummies for pain relief obvious that the firearm exploded with great power.When best rated cbd gummies for pain relief the firearm exploded, Mrs.Wei should take best rated cbd gummies for pain relief shelter in the main room for a while.The reason why she was injured was because came to rescue her.An inexplicable emotion flowed in her heart.She didn t know whether it was the experience just now or the mood at this time, which made her chest flutter.The fence on the girl s head fell in a panic, and her face was exposed under the moonlight.She lowered her eyes, her long eyelashes fluttering, adding a little more tranquility than before.Gu Chongyi s mind Suddenly, seeing her daughter walking over to give Wei Yuanchen a pulse, it seemed that her daughter had transformed into a best rated cbd gummies for pain relief real apricot grove master.Gu Mingzhu checked Wei Yuanchen s pulse, Mr.Wei s pulse is stable and there is no sign of poisoning, and the cleaning of the wound can be left to Jiang Langzhong.After packing up the medicine box, Gu Mingzhu walked out with Baotong, and walked out of the study in one breath.Jiang Langzhong arrived just in time, and when best rated cbd gummies for pain relief he saw the medicine bottle left by Gu Mingzhu, Jiang Langzhong also praised him again and again After all, it was made by the real cbd gummy bears 500mg best rated cbd gummies for pain relief Shangqing Guanmo.These are good wound medicines.I just apply them to the third master.Waiting for Jiang Langzhong best rated cbd gummies for pain relief to wrap up the wound on his shoulder, Wei Yuanchen got up and said goodbye to Gu Chongyi I still have to go to the Yamen, and the Lord Hou has to pay more attention to the movement of the lotus alley in the past few days.Cui Zhen must know everything Cui Wei did in Datong.It seems that Cui Zhen had doubts about Cui Wei as early as in Shanxi, and he wanted to find out the details of Cui Wei secretly when he relinquished his military power this time.Gu Mingzhu best rated cbd gummies for pain relief nodded What did Cui Wei do, what did Cui Zhen do It will be more convenient to check, and cbd gummies for erectile it will be beneficial and harmless to us.We won t let him escape this time, Wei Yuanchen said flatly, If it wasn t for keeping Cui Wei to find the real layout person, more than five years ago , I ll kill him with my own hands.Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen, and seemed to sense where Master Wei s hatred for Cui Wei came from.Gu Mingzhu said At that time, my lord discovered that Cui Wei was related to the case of the second prince Wei Yuanchen s eyes were burning Even if he has nothing to do with the case of the second prince, I will kill him, but I don t want to be brave and kill that pawn in a moment of grief and anger.

Zhou because he gave Zhou s face, but now he has a strange emotion in his heart.Is Mrs.Zhou really so strong A weak woman got a sharp weapon from nowhere , In that situation, she had to fight the bad guys.What was she thinking at that time Being in a prison, with such danny koker cbd gummies 5 cbd gummies a big crime under pressure and not giving up, she must really want to survive, and she finally killed her.The villain died at the hands of the Cui family, right She was resentful at that moment After thinking about it, Cui Zhen continued Do you know what happened when the second master shot and killed Zhou Tian Mang nodded I probably know that those people threatened Mrs.Zhou s innocence, and the second master had no choice but to do it.Although Mrs.Zhou died, it was better than being tortured by those rebels.Tian Mang paused for a moment when he said this.Her body was getting worse day by day, but her heart gradually became wider.She thought that the child Zou Xiang had come to a dead end, but she didn t expect that the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion treated them like this.She just wanted to hide the secret of Zou Xiang s life experience, as long as Zou Xiang an grew up safely, but now she hesitated, whether to tell the truth In the study.Gu Chongyi looked at Cui Zhen with a look of surprise What did you say Cui Wei secretly colluded with the generals of the Datong Guard Cui Zhen looked solemnly I let people stare at Cui Wei.Now that I have evidence in my hand, now I suspect Cui Wei Wei and Lin Si are indeed in the same party.When the Shanxi hazel hills cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for pain relief incident happened, someone threatened me with the Shanyin incident to cover up the War Horse case.Not many people know about the Shanyin incident.During the war horse case, his father s news helped Mr.Wei find out Lin Sizhen.Tan Dingfang suspected that his father had contacts with the Wei family in private.In fact, it was not her father but her who was investigating the case with Mr.Wei, but Tan Dingfang was right.After all, he is a thoughtful person who understands people s hearts very well.People with the same purpose must gather together.Even without her, Mr.Wei would not Will find his father because of the war horse case.If Tan Dingfang wins over his father, he will be able to find out the news about the Wei family, so that their every move will be controlled by Tan Dingfang.What is Tan Dingfang going to do Is Tan Zigeng an associate or has he been used by Tan Dingfang Gu Mingzhu said to Mrs.Lin Mother, I ll invite the grandma of danny koker cbd gummies 5 cbd gummies the general clan over here, and the banquet will be held in a while.But other than that, there was a lot of movement in the inner house.Mrs.Zhang said Can you go to see Zou Lin The mother in charge best rated cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies for pain walgreens nodded I m afraid Zou Lin is not well, there are crying in the yard from time to time, I saw the maid who served Zou Lin with my own eyes I was wiping my tears secretly, saying that I invited the old imperial doctor Chai to get a pulse, and Miss Gu has been taking care of me there.Mrs.Zhang nodded, which seemed to explain why Zou Xiang was out of mood, and Gu Mingzhu accompanied Zou Xiang to leave Didn t come back after that.Zhuzhu is a person who likes to be lively, if something important happened, she wouldn t even stop watching the shadow puppet show.Knowing this, it stands to best rated cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies for pain walgreens reason that she should breathe a sigh of relief, but Mrs.Zhang still has a bad premonition in her heart for some reason.Madam Zhang couldn t sit still any longer, she saluted and said goodbye to Madam Lin I ll go back and have just cbd gummies promo code a look, otherwise I won t be at ease.As she spoke, she glanced at Gu Mingzhu intentionally.Zhu Zhu was making tea with the servants, and there was nothing strange on her face.Mrs.Zhang s heart was beating wildly, and she wished she could follow Cui Zhen s footsteps immediately.Shen Shi also got up to say goodbye.Mrs.Lin sent the two of them out the door.Mrs.Zhang walked so fast that Shen could hardly keep up You are a double body now, don t walk so recklessly Before Shen finished speaking, Zhang Madam grabbed Shen Shi s wrist Sister in law, I feel a little confused, why don t you go back with me and find out what happened.Unable to bear it, she nodded Okay, then I will send you back to the Hou Mansion first.After talking about Qiu Hai s matter, Gu Mingzhu mentioned Zhang s matter.Zou Xiang is Cui Zhen s son, Gu Mingzhu said, Ms Zhang used Zou Xiang s mother to kill Cui Zhen s concubine and newborn child, and then got rid of Zou Xiang s mother.Cui Zhen and Mrs.Lin s mother and son were at odds with each other in the inner house.This was done in one fell swoop.After achieving her own goal, Cui Zhen and Mrs.Lin became more resentful to each other.That s why when she was in Shanxi, Mrs.Lin would treat biolife cbd gummies review danny koker cbd gummies Cui The attitudes of Zhen and Cui Wei are very different.Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen If the marriage between the how long for cbd gummies to absorb Zhang family and the Shen family and Dingninghou s mansion was planned, then Gu Mingzhu didn t continue, but she felt that Wei Yuanchen could understand.So as Zhou Rujun, she died tragically in the prison, is it also related to the Zhang family Wei Yuanchen frowned, and his eyes became as deep as the sea.

Mrs.Lin was sitting on the soft bed, thinking wildly, when the steward s mother came to report Mrs.Li from the Wei family ordered the steward to bring lanterns.Madam Lin said Please come in quickly, the steward s mother.Mother led the door in, and the mother in charge saluted Mrs.Lin.I made a few lanterns at home, Madam Tai saw it well, so I asked my servants to bring some to the young lady.Madam Lin smiled and said, Madam Tai is thinking about it, Zhuzhu just entered the palace by car.At this point, my stomach began to tighten again.The mother in charge of the Wei family saw something strange and glanced at Mrs.Lin s stomach Madam, is there something wrong Ma am is old, let s ask Mrs.Wen to come and have a look.While speaking, Mrs.Lin only felt this feeling It s getting stronger and stronger.Empress Wei said Where are the palace people The female officer pursed her lips The imperial concubine ordered them to I ve been escorted out of the palace.The result of being escorted out of the palace is to find a place to beat him to death, and throw his body in a mass grave, so that his family will not be affected.The female official continued The Ninth Prince was taken to the imperial concubine s palace and has not returned to the prince s place.The imperial concubine wants to take advantage of this incident to raise the Ninth Prince herself.Empress Wei nodded Mo Zhenren went to the inner hall to give Empress Wei a needle.After a few silver needles pierced the acupoints, Mo Zhenren said softly Before the real person enters the palace, Master Wei Yuanchen asked the real person to send a message to the empress dowager.The old man endured.I couldn t stop asking Are you talking best rated cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies for pain walgreens about Mr.Wei from the General Administration Gu Mingzhu said The box was aimed at Mr.Wei.He wanted to stop .

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the imperial envoy from continuing to investigate the case.After this incident, we secretly asked if there were similar incidents in the past.happened, so Yan Shen was found.The old man remained silent.Gu Mingzhu continued After coming to the capital, the mother of Huairou s son in law, Mrs.Zhao, was framed.We investigated the case together with Mr.Wei, and found that the son of Qin Tianjian Bai Guanzheng was colluding with pirates.Xiang Niechen Our steward followed Xue Laotong to Shandong.During the interrogation of the pirate, the pirate confessed to the Xiu family, and Xue Laotong s apprentice Yan Shen was investigating the case of the Xiu family before his death.It s no different, that is to say, the maintenance of these ships is all fake accounts.This is Da Zhou s more eye catching three masted gun ship, not to mention other ships.It is conceivable how many hands and feet have been tampered with in it.Your father is here Ministry of War, best rated cbd gummies for pain relief they don t dare to do this blatantly, so they can only act quietly under the guise of pirates.I also found the memorial that your father asked the court to rectify the shipyard cbd gummies for pmr when he was alive, and was suppressed by the Secretary of the Announcement.But this is also It can only be covered up for a while, and the best way is to get rid of your father and put your own people in charge of the Ministry of War and the Metropolitan Procuratorate.Pei Shangqing sighed long and hard Even if they have completely controlled the Ministry of War and the Metropolitan Procuratorate for only six years , but there are too many people who can be placed in six years.The emperor frowned, Is Cui Wei related to Prince Huai s mansion Cui Zhen shook his head Weichen will rush in after he has figured this out.Jing reported to the emperor that the minister felt that not only was Cui Wei not involved with Prince Huai s residence, but that they deliberately framed Prince Huai s residence.They had already made preparations when the court did not find out Prince Huai s residence.The emperor fixedly looked at Cui Zhen., signaling him to continue.Cui Zhendao While the minister was still in high school, Mrs.Zhang deliberately got close to Prince Huai s mansion.King Huai ordered cbd gummy bears 500mg best rated cbd gummies for pain relief someone to intercede for the minister in the court, making the emperor suspect that the minister was colluding with Prince Huai s mansion secretly.That is to wait until after the case of Prince Huai s mansion, let Wei The ministers also cannot return to Datong, so Datong can replace the generals on the border.The emperor raised his head, with cold sweat on his forehead.He stared at Huang Chang and said in a deep voice, Is what they said true Could King Liang be alive Was Wei Yuanchen lying to pure cbd gummies amazon him on purpose, or did it really happen Huang Chang didn t dare to say.The emperor struggled to get up Let Huairou son in law go to Yongping Mansion immediately, and send him a thousand light cavalry from the Beijing camp, so that he must guard Yongping Mansion.Huang Chang responded.The emperor looked at the memorials on the imperial case, one of which mayom bialik cbd gummies was presented by Tan Dingfang, the emperor squinted 300 mg cbd gummy bears his eyes, his Minister of War could never be from King Liang.Otherwise, his Jiangshan Sheji would be just a joke.Your Majesty, Huang Chang hastily entered the door and reported, The soldiers and horses of the five cities have had an accident.

The emperor suspects that King Liang will send troops to Daning and Liaodong to investigate.They will definitely be exposed.There is no point in waiting, so it is better to take it before the court reacts.It will be more beneficial for them to lay down more territory.The steward s mother lit up a few more lamps to brighten the study room.There seemed to be a cluster of fire in Cheng Yu s eyes.Wei Yuanchen said Right now there is not enough evidence to point to Tan Dingfang, the emperor will not allocate too many troops to the son in law, but integrating the soldiers and horses of the Yongping Mansion Guards is not without the power to fight, I wrote Send a few letters to the familiar generals of the Wei family, and they will help the son in law fight against the enemy Cheng Yu looked at the map of the guards cbd gummies with chamomile in Yongping Mansion, and listened to Wei Yuanchen s words.Mrs.Lin showed a distressed look on her face Thank you for your hard work.She gave birth to her brother.Times were not going well, and up to now my body is still weak and I can t lift any strength, the more I want to get better sooner, the more unsatisfactory it is.Really Mo is here.While speaking, Mo Yangming was invited in.Mrs.Lin wanted to get up, but Mo Yangming stopped her.Mo Yangming said Madam is unwell, please rest assured to recuperate.Zhuzhu sent me a letter, and I happened to take care of Madam.I m bothering the real person, Mrs.Lin said, The real person came from the Taoist temple Is this Beijing in chaos Mo Yangming said, Fortunately, the people in the government office are in charge, and the situation should get better soon. That s good, Mrs.Lin s eyelids drooped, I have to work hard to take care of my elder sister.King Huai stood beside him vigilantly, if there was any change in the woods, he would continue to flee until it was safe.The soldiers and horses brought by Qiu Hai were thrown into disarray by the sudden attack, especially Qiu Hai, thanks to him dodging in time, otherwise he would be severely injured.The person who threw the firearm actually came to him, he didn t realize it yet, Qiu Hai gritted his teeth, and it was because he put all his energy on King Huai that he fell for that person s way.Be careful with firearms.Qiu Hai reminded everyone that Huaiyuan Marquis Gu Chongyi was too cunning, using his father to disturb his thoughts, and then ordered people to sneak over and best rated cbd gummies for pain relief throw firearms.Qiu Hai had blue veins floating on his best rated cbd gummies for pain relief forehead, and he wanted to kill best rated cbd gummies for pain relief Gu Chongyi.Steward, to capture the thief first, capture the best rated cbd gummies for pain relief best cbd sleep gummies 2022 king first, you go and kill Marquis Dingning, leave it to us.The first two people also walked on that road.One of the two, Zheng Ruzong, had seen the portrait.He was a commoner who followed Wei Yuanchen to investigate the case.His name was Nie Chen.The old man continued to sprinkle paper money.Paper money is flying all over the sky, for the innocent souls who were killed.Zheng Ruzong drew his long sword out of its sheath and was about to fight, when there was a sound of horseshoes, the soldiers and horses of the imperial court chased after him.Zheng Ruzong was heartbroken, since this was the case, he didn t have to run anymore, he could just fight to the death in a dignified manner, and the moment he was really invincible, he would end it by himself.Thinking in his heart, Zheng Ruzong went to the old man, and now it seems that the best rated cbd gummies for pain relief old man is the weakest.Yuan Zhixing obeyed you and let you do whatever you wanted.When you are investigated later, let Huai Wang s mansion come to take the blame.Your biggest omission is the unjust case of General Zhao, and the second is Miss Bai.After Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he paused for a moment, and then looked directly into Tan Dingfang s eyes There is always that one person, even if she dies, she will stay in your best rated cbd gummies for pain relief heart and will always be there.Whether it s liking, guilt or resentment, it won t go away, and it will eventually become a knot in your heart.But Miss Bai Regardless of life or death, I must have abandoned you long ago, because you are so different from her.Tan Dingfang closed his eyes slightly, his chest rose and fell several times, and finally managed to stabilize his emotions, but his voice still sounded hoarse You How could you guess these things Guess what Ah chan is thinking Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, the people who really knew about Ah chan were Mo Zhenzhen and Zhuzhu, these were also guessed by Zhuzhu, cbd gummies no thc drug test because Chen Weicheng disturbed the case, and For too long, many evidences could not be found.The old lady said, When Marquis Ding Ning was about to leave, the HCMUSSH best rated cbd gummies for pain relief second girl was standing on my are 500mg cbd gummies strong right.Marquis Ding Ning never looked away.Only then did Mama Tian understand that the old lady had been paying attention.Mama Tian said Marquis Ding Ning best rated cbd gummies for pain relief is weird too, people can t figure out what he is thinking.He was so kind to the young lady all of a sudden, and I heard that she had visited the young lady in the prison, her eyes were somewhat unkind, As if she did something bad.Thinking of Cui Zhen s attitude that best rated cbd gummies for pain relief day, Mrs.Zhou was indeed a little strange.Not only did she say that she was going to pay homage to her son and daughter in law, but she also seemed to have some resentment towards them.Is best rated cbd gummies for pain relief this to complain about girl Jun If she could have understood Cui Zhen s actions six years ago, she would think that Cui Zhen had some thoughts about Jun girl, but the Cui family s attitude was cold at that time, and Cui Zhen cbd gummy bears 500mg best rated cbd gummies for pain relief didn t even show up when Jun girl was buried.

That was his sister in law Zhou Zerui shuddered.The second elder brother said just now that what Wei Yuanchen wanted to check was his elder brother s HCMUSSH best rated cbd gummies for pain relief Death, sister in law is a female family member in the inner house.After passing away for so long, no one will ask about her.Rujun s death has nothing to do with him, he just asked someone to draw a painting for Rujun, and he gave the painting to the crown prince.Master, what s wrong It s as if you ve lost your soul.Mrs.Zhou Zerui s voice trembled in fright, and then he said angrily, What are you doing, woman Are you going to scare me to death best rated cbd gummies for pain relief Mrs.Wednesday was anxious I wanted to ask about family matters, HCMUSSH best rated cbd gummies for pain relief but I was scolded for no reason, and I was stunned The concubine saw that the master s face was not good, so I asked with concern Before Mrs.Ge Ye said Girl, please tell me.Please help me to watch Cao Xueshi s residence in the Imperial Academy.Gu Mingzhu danny koker cbd gummies 5 cbd gummies nodded to Ge Ye, indicating that this matter is very important, and the mind of the third uncle can only be used by others For the sake of it, the second uncle is smart, but he is also serving others, knocking mountains and shaking tigers, and it is the biolife cbd gummies review danny koker cbd gummies Cao family who are really shocked.Master Ge understood Miss Jiang s meaning, he was familiar with the mansions in central Beijing, and he would definitely stay near Cao s mansion within a stick of incense.Zhu Wu stayed to watch the yard, passed messages back and forth, and if necessary, he would call other people in best rated cbd gummies for pain relief the field to help.Gu Mingzhu took Liu Su out of the yard, taking advantage of no one else around, Zhou Zesheng looked at Gu Mingzhu and said in a low voice, You still worry about the Zhou family.Gu Mingzhu smiled slightly, look, you can t hide.Chapter 483 Bah, you deserve it too Zhou Zejing greeted Su Fu in the courtyard Master Zhifu.Su Fu nodded.Zhou Zejing immediately said My lord, please go to the house to talk.Su Fu raised his cbd gummy bears 500mg best rated cbd gummies for pain relief foot and stopped after taking a step.He turned his head and looked out of the courtyard.Su Fu ordered Let the folks come over too Zhou Zejing froze, what kind of friendship is this, allowing Mr.Su to take care of the folks like this.Now that the magistrate Su said so, Zhou Zejing didn t dare to disobey, and nodded to Guanshi Jiao.Guanshi Jiao was a little nervous, he was afraid that people in the market would question him after entering the door, butthe prefects of Shuntian Prefecture are all here, I m afraid they can t cover up what happened back then.Seeing Guanshi Jiao walking towards this side, Gu Mingzhu jumped off the bluestone, and without waiting for the steward to come up to speak, she led her people to catch up with Mrs.Zhou Ruyue exclaimed, and took two steps back in fright, and then she saw a figure wearing a fence, and the woman behind the fence said faintly I thought it was something sneaky, it turned out to be someone.Anyone can It can be heard that people in the market are deliberately taunting her, Zhou Ruyue is about to refute.Did you hear that Gu Mingzhu said loudly, Miss Wednesday said that you can talk about everything related to the third best rated cbd gummies for pain relief bedroom of the best rated cbd gummies for pain relief Zhou family.Anyway, what happened to the third bedroom has nothing to do with the second bedroom.The first half of the sentence was said by her, but the second half was fabricated by this ordinary person.She is usually knowledgeable and courteous in front of outsiders, but now being said like this, it seems that she is full of conspiracy and tricks, Zhou Ruyue thought of this and said You I knew you were such a person.Lighting the torch, Zhou Zerui s cheeks were red and swollen, and his clothes were torn and stained with blood.It s really not me Otherwise, you will interrogate Zhou Zejing Maybe he knows, it is him, the elder brother is dead, and the sister in law avoids suspicion and refuses to see me, but she sees the second brother in private several times.I bumped into him once, and I asked What did the second brother and sister in law say, and the second brother also said that the sister in law felt that there was something strange about the death of the elder brother.This sounds like a lie to me.The death of the elder brother is already clear, where is the strangeness Chapter 492 Urgent Zhou Zerui s speech was not as organized as yesterday, his expression was crazy, his eyes were full of eagerness and fear, as if he was willing to say and do anything as long as he could get out of the prison.Huang Chang stretched out his hand to test the emperor s breath carefully.His breathing was a little weak, and he seemed to have fainted.Huang Chang was overjoyed.If the emperor suddenly became seriously ill, it would save his effort , but just to be on the safe side, viralix ed cbd gummies he still supported the emperor and poured the tea in his hand into the emperor s mouth.The emperor clenched his teeth in a coma, and Huang Chang couldn t pour in the tea for a while.Suddenly the emperor s eyes rolled up, and his whole body twitched.Huang best rated cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies for pain walgreens Chang stretched out his hand to tightly cover the emperor s mouth and nose, and turned over and pressed the whole body on the emperor s body, so as not to make too much noise.Fortunately, there are all his people outside now.After being suppressed for a while, The emperor s struggle gradually became weaker, Huang Chang let go of his hand, and he stretched out his hand to detect the emperor s breath.

The guard frowned, and drove his horse closer to the woods again.Liang Wang looked at the back of the guard, and his calm heart was once again turbulent.What appeared in front of his eyes were Wei Yuanchen s hazel hills cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for pain relief cunning methods.Finally, the guard saw a figure swaying in the woods, and he breathed a sigh of relief You After saying the words, the guard sensed something strange, that was not their men, not the people they stayed here biolife cbd gummies review danny koker cbd gummies waiting to pick up.He wanted to pass the news to the prince.But in an instant, the sound of crossbow arrows piercing through the air sounded, and the arrow was pointing at where King Liang was.The personal guard swung his sword to block danny koker cbd gummies 5 cbd gummies the feathered arrow.Now everyone understands that the soldiers and horses they stayed here must cbd gummies quit smoking canada have been besieged, and someone cut off their retreat.Ziying said Our eyeliner came back and said that Marquis Huaiyuan is in Andongwei, and he can last for a few more days there.Ziying said Wan Wan persuaded Tang Shi worriedly Madam, take a rest.After a while, the secret guards will report to you when they come back from inquiring about the news.Tang Shi rubbed her sore eyes.After hearing that the prince had lost the battle, she didn t close her eyes., Now two days have passed, and there is still no news from the prince.Could it be that the prince really died in the mountains I can t sleep, Tang said, You d better go out and find out the news.Ziying retreated, and Tang was about to put on her cloak and go out to see the situation.When the ship leaves, there may be chasing soldiers from the imperial court, so everything must be properly arranged.Your father once swore that your father and son will always be the vassal of the Great Zhou as long as they are alive., if you betray the best rated cbd gummies for pain relief Great Zhou Dynasty, the throne of the Li family will come to an end.After Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he raised his eyes to look at Li Zhao Li Mao has five sons, he will give up the throne to other surnames best rated cbd gummies for pain relief with his own hands, or he will re establish the prince.How much benefit will King Liang promise you Twenty cities Li Zhao didn t speak, but the look of horror in his eyes became more intense, and best rated cbd gummies for pain relief he clenched his teeth tightly, fearing that he could not help shaking after a little effort.Wei Yuanchen saw that Li Zhao changed his words like this It seems that best rated cbd gummies for pain relief only fifteen cities are allowed.With your ability, you won t believe it if you give more.Li best rated cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies for pain walgreens Zhao finally said Youyou are Wei He could think of the person who appeared here without making a sound, and who could say such a thing, should be Wei Yuanchen who found out King Liang, otherwise he would not know King Liang and his covenant like the back of his hand.She also sent people to the guard to keep an eye on it.As cbd gummies los angeles ca long as there were patrol boats going down to sea, she would receive news.This night was very peaceful, and it seemed that the Great Zhou court did not notice anything unusual.Ma am.Ziying entered the door with the hidden guards beside Prince Liang.Seeing the hidden guard, Tang immediately said, Is the lord here The dark guard shook his head and said, Not yet, but the lord told his wife to get on Li s big boat first, and he will be there later.Hearing this, Tang felt a little more at ease, but she insisted I ll wait until the prince goes with me.It will slow down the speed.The dark guard s words stopped short.Tang understood what it meant.After all, she still had a few female relatives with her, and she was burdened when she was in danger.Wei Yuanchen said, Don t worry, seventh uncle.Turning his head and intertwining his eyes with Gu Mingzhu, There was a smile in his eyes, like the spring breeze blowing on his face.Thinking of something, Wei Yuanchen said Seventh Uncle, can you go to Yan s house for cbd gummies for sleep where to buy a banquet Old General Yan is in charge of Tianjin Guard, and Zhou Zesheng once served under General Yan s command.Zhou Zesheng s expression froze I ve been there.Wei Yuanchen said with a smile, What about Uncle Qi Old General Yan praised Uncle Qi in danny koker cbd gummies 5 cbd gummies front of everyone.This time Uncle Qi returned to Beijing to serve, and General Yan also recommended him., it can be seen that Old General Yan attaches great importance to Seventh Uncle.In addition, there is an unmarried young lady in the Yan family, and Wei Yuanchen guessed that Old General Yan has the intention of marrying a daughter.The old King Qing obeyed, and then slowly left the Hall of Mental Cultivation.After leaving the hall, the old King Qing took a deep breath.It is necessary to use methods secretly, at least to find more evidence, and when the time comes to pass the throne in the future, Wei Yuanchen must become Zhao Yuanchen.After doing this, he can also go to see his ancestors.After the old King Qing left, the female officer poured a cup of tea for Queen Wei.Empress Wei took a sip of her tea.She had already thought of today s situation.King Qing was the first to mention this matter.What King Qing was most best rated cbd gummies for pain relief afraid of was that she would control the government in the future and turn the Zhao family into the Wei family.Bring the memorial to the inner room.Empress Wei ordered.Now that the emperor has had enough trouble, she can write the memorial here with peace of mind.

Lin back to Shaanxi for burial.These are all things to come, but Cui Zhen can understand.Cui Zhen stood up and bowed to Lin Qicheng Thank you, grandfather.I can t help you, Lin Qicheng said, Go and wash up.The three generations of our grandparents and grandchildren finally get together, and we always have to drink two cups.I ll best rated cbd gummies for pain relief take care of you.Cui Zhen responded, and went to the inner courtyard with the steward, and danny koker cbd gummies 5 cbd gummies just entered the guest room when he saw the imperial physician waiting there.Cui Zhen s heart warmed up, his aunt had expected him to come, that s why she prepared so thoughtfully, and he also indulged himself for a while, temporarily forgetting all the troubles in the mansion.The servant stepped forward to serve, Cui Zhen stretched out his hand and asked someone to take off the official uniform and robe.Provide a lot of information, the court wants to conquer Wuliangha, it will definitely be useful, I can still make contributions, the court can separate the tribes of Wuliangha, and defeat them one by one, I also know where the food in the northern border of Liangwang is , Liang Wang still has a lot of eyeliners in Dazhou, I can hazel hills cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for pain relief help the court catch them.I just hope that the court and Lord Hou can give me a chance, Lord Hou, if you can save my life, I can be a cow for Lord Hou As a horse, I was forced to become a Liang Wang party, and now I have come to my senses, and I just want to wash danny koker cbd gummies 5 cbd gummies away my sins.Luo Yu s words hurt Zhang deeply, not because Luo Yu justified his fake death before, but now Luo Yu didn t take her matter to heart, after dealing with her, he changed the topic It was led to King Liang and Wu Liangha.Looking at the little baby, Cui Zhen frowned, a little fear welling up from the bottom of his heart.In the little swaddling baby, he was once a dead son and a concubine, so small, so fragile, as if his child would never survive.Cui Zhen was thinking about it, when the baby in his arms moved, loud weeping came.The cry was earth shattering.Only now did Cui Zhen come to his senses, this is his child.Yes, those previous experiences were just a nightmare, and now they are completely washed away by this loud cry.He looked at the little face flushed from crying in his arms and couldn t help laughing.The little child was hugged and coaxed in his arms.It turned out to be like this, but there was such strength and vitality in his small body.This is the continuation of his blood.The one who can still laugh at the baby crying is Lord Hou.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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