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2023-02-27 pure kana premium cbd gummies review biolyfe cbd gummies price And cbd gummies austin tx where can i buy cbd gummies near me.

Are you Xiao Xiao I nodded, and then she relaxed her guard and hurriedly beckoned me in.After taking the first step into biolyfe cbd gummies price the yard, I was stunned for a moment.Even a ignorant person like me can feel the difficulty of this yard at the first feeling when I come in.Who are the people living in it The yard is very large, surrounded by a super cbd gummies for hair loss cbd gummies austin tx dazzling array of flowers and plants, and full of buildings.At first glance, it may feel a bit messy, but if you look closely, you will find that they are arranged very regularly.Walking into the living room, a breeze brushed my cheeks.Unlike the previous cold breezes, this wind blows my whole body with warmth, as if stepping into an April paradise.There is a large tank in the center of the living room.When biolyfe cbd gummies price I walked in, I found that the water was very light, and there were two red carps in it.

You said, I saved you, and you will repay your kindness with revenge.How will you settle the debt Swallowing, she felt that she wanted to die now.Already knew that he had a dark belly.Now it is discovered that he is not only black bellied, but also very evil andvenomous tongue.I shook my head and asked him how he wanted to biolyfe cbd gummies price calculate, but he pretended to think about it, and then asked me.You can do whatever you want, can t you There was a hint of teasing in his tone, and I couldn t help but tense up, wanting to refuse, but I saw a hint of warning from the bottom of his eyes, which scared me subconsciously nodded.But he let go of me suddenly, looked me up and down, and folded my hands in fright.What do you want As soon as the words fell, Jun Li saw a hint of disgust in his eyes.Don t do it.Then he actually left So easy to talk to At the moment when I was separated, Junli s voice came from next to my ear.

As if he heard my footsteps going downstairs, he looked up at me, and then completely ignored me.Guess, I said yesterday that Chu Lianqiao s son was mad at him I lived at Junli s house for several days, and I biolyfe cbd gummies price felt uncomfortable all over.Before living in Qingjingzi, I was imprisoned and cbd gummies austin tx cheef cbd gummies free, and I couldn t get out.But in Junli, he is not imprisoned and free, so he dare not go out What if I was caught by that mysterious uncle when I went out Or, if Gu Yicheng and Chen Yanjin caught him, wouldn t he die in an ugly way The more I live, the more I think of the sentence my grandma said to me, don t go back to her, the biolyfe cbd gummies price cbd chill gummies more I want to go back to her.Grandma must be hiding something from me, otherwise it would be impossible to prevent me from going back to her.A thought came up, instead of being cbd gummies austin tx cheef cbd gummies led by the nose like this, it is better to let yourself discover some clues first, and give yourself a vaccination.

When I looked up, I saw rows of green eyes grinning hoarsely at me.I was terrified.But Chu Lianqiao blocked her behind.In just an instant, I was pushed down the stairs by him, and I fell so painfully, even those yellow skinned people who wanted to attack me were blocked by him.Sister nymphomaniac, you go first.I was a little embarrassed by his words, obviously I was the one who protected him, but why did he protect me instead.Moreover, a five or six year old child is not afraid of such a scene Before I turned my head around, I saw that Chu Lianqiao had already taken out yellow talismans from his pocket, crumpled them into balls and hit those yellow skinned people.Then he jumped down, his movements were very agile, and as soon as he pulled me up, I was still on the ground and ran towards the outside of the west building.

The stench seemed to pass through the window and reach the tip of my nose.I nervously squeezed the white jade pendant in my hand and the kit, as if only these two things could give me a sense of security at the moment A handsome face that I could recognize when it turned into ashes appeared in front of my eyes, as if Noticing my gaze, he raised his head and smiled at me lightly.And behind him, there were five women, oh no, five corpses.Those five corpses who died in the landlord s old woman s house and were killed by Chen Yanjin There were corpses bombing and attacking the man in the backyard, but they were blown away and hit a corner as they approached him.But super cbd gummies for hair loss cbd gummies austin tx How did Gu Yicheng appear Chapter 25 I want to marry you In the pure kana cbd gummies biolyfe cbd gummies price blink of an eye, the entire backyard has long been changed beyond recognition.

Gu Yicheng raised his eyes to look at the sky outside, smiled brighter, and suddenly turned his gaze to Junli s face.What can you do to me Gu Yicheng s sharp face was especially moving under the moonlight.In the forbearance, there was a sense of domineering, and under the condensed eyes, there was a soul stirring courage.Jun Li s tense complexion suddenly collapsed, and a smile appeared instead.I can kill you.Just when I thought the two of them were about to fight, Jun Li added a sentence, with strong mockery and disdain in his tone.But I don t like taking advantage of others.Taking advantage of others, what do you mean Before I could react to this sentence, I saw a familiar figure out of the corner of my eye.It belonged to Chen Yanjin.I saw her standing on the window sill, looking at me with hatred and malice in her eyes, then she rushed to Gu Yicheng s side, and she didn t know what to say to him, Gu Yicheng glanced at Chen Yanjin in disgust , then raised his head and turned to Junli.

Seeing Junli s smile made my back feel cbd gummies 125mg so cold just a sudden bang sounded from my ears, the door was blown shut by the wind.Before I could react from this, I was directly thrown on the sofa by Junli.He pressed his whole body on my body, supported my sides with his hands, lowered his head, and smiled at me with a handsome face.Didn t protect myself well, huh Junli s voice was pleasant to hear, and from time to time, hot air blew behind my ears during his words, causing a commotion.But I m so scared Taking a deep breath, I wanted to sit up from the sofa, but no matter how I pushed, I couldn t move Junli, who was pressing on me like a mountain The next second, I saw him in Junli s eyes There was a flash of distress, and then he let go of me and put his hands on my ankles.A warm current flowed from his hands, replacing the original cold Yin Qi.

As soon as I heard that the landlord s old lady was willing to see me, my originally frowning brows gradually eased, I cleaned myself up and ran to the old city without stopping.It was clearly in the afternoon, and the sun was shining brightly above my head, but when I stood in front of the rental house, I couldn t feel any sunlight at all.Instead, I felt even colder, as if something hard filled my surroundings Gently Pushing open the door of super cbd gummies near me the rental house, what came tophatter cbd gummies into view was a huge net woven by hundreds of silk threads, which was very frightening.I just saw this big net, and my legs and feet became weak from fright and I wanted to back away.But the voice of the landlady s old lady also sounded at this time, asking me.Aren t you coming in I swallowed, raised my already stiff head, and turned my eyes to the landlady s old lady, but saw that there was no dead body on the big net woven by hundreds of silk threads, so I was relieved.

When I can dogs have cbd gummies for anxiety biolyfe cbd gummies price wanted to put it out, it was already in my pocket.My hands were burnt to ashes, and I froze in shock, only to see the ashes melt into my hands and disappear.My eyes widened in disbelief, I looked carefully at my surroundings, and then at my hands, there were no more ashes falling, these ashes really melted into my hands Swallowing, I turned around and wanted to I went back to the old lady of the landlord to ask what was going on, but found that the door of the rental house could not be opened no matter how I opened it, and the cold atmosphere standing biolyfe cbd gummies price in front of the rental house disappeared.Standing under the sun, simple pure cbd gummies I no longer feel cold, but the sun is shining on my body and makes me feel warm At this moment, no matter how stupid I am, I can understand what is going on No wonder the landlady was willing to help me, no wonder she didn t let me tell others, no wonder she kept saying she liked me and asked me to sign that power of attorney I m afraid, what she asked me to sign was not a power of attorney at all, but asked me to sign Accept her HCMUSSH biolyfe cbd gummies price inheritance Is it a blessing or a curse, and it is a disaster that cannot be avoided.

One is for me to throw the jade pendant into the lake.One, let me strangle the child.But these three are impossible for me to do I have to say, Gu Yicheng is really ruthless, he can t be tough, but he can be soft.I don t know where he got such a ghost, so I have no way to start.Time passed by, and his face became paler and paler due to excessive blood loss, so pale that even a trace of blood biolyfe cbd gummies price between his lips seemed to be invisible.The child s voice, the voice in my heart kept filling my mind, I just felt that my brain was about to burst, if I hadn t gritted my teeth fiercely, I might have died here in the next second.I was very flustered and scared.The right eyelid is constantly flickering, and my breathing is getting tighter and tighter, as if in the next second, my anger will be stuck in my throat.

It HCMUSSH biolyfe cbd gummies price s hard to imagine what happened to him these days.After suffering such a serious injury, he still tried to be brave, pretending to be nothing, and confronting Gu Yicheng I saw Junli gritted his teeth fiercely, stood up from the ground, and walked upstairs with slow steps, and I followed behind.I wanted to help Junli several times, but he completely ignored him.It wasn t until he got to the door of his room and was about to close the door and go in, that he turned around and told me that the blood on his body was not his blood, so I don t have to worry, go back to sleep first, and tell me tomorrow.The biolyfe cbd gummies price tone was full of endless fatigue, which made me feel a little distressed when I heard it.While .

where can i get cbd gummies to quit smoking?

thinking about it, Junli has already closed the door, leaving me standing there alone.All night, I tossed and turned in bed and couldn t sleep at all.

There was no sound other than the bump.But my already manic heart suddenly calmed down.The only one who can save me now is myself.Ordinary people would not engage in such a big fight if they want to kill me.The only person who wants to marry me is Gu Yicheng except Junli.If Gu Yicheng is really playing tricks behind the scenes, then there is still hope for my life.After all, he also knows that I am innocent and has been plotted by my family, so the grievances between him and the Xiao family have not been involved with me for the time being.Is this a stroke of luck The corner of my mouth hooked slightly, and my brain gradually regained its sanity and began to analyze.This is Junli s tomb.It is impossible for Gu Yicheng not to know something that grandma and uncle know, so it is not impossible for him to set up an ambush here in advance.

The surroundings are very lively, and the excitement makes me feel a kind of tranquility, as chumlee cbd gummies if I can t integrate with all these things, like a dream, but it clearly lets me know that what is happening now is no longer a dream.Instead, it really happened right in front of my eyes As soon as I slowed down, I was dragged abruptly by those shadows to Gu Yicheng, and handed my hand into his.My hand was held firmly by Gu Yicheng in an instant, even though I was unwilling in every possible way, I didn t have the strength to break free from his hand, so I couldn t help but glared at him fiercely.The crowd In front of so many ghosts and paper figurines, Gu Yicheng lowered his head very ambiguously, put his lips next to my ear and said.Are you satisfied with this wedding I didn t say anything, I just looked at him with a tense expression, but he suddenly smiled when he looked at me, and the moment he smiled, he put his hand on mine.

Gu Yicheng, who was already smiling, restrained the smile on his face at this moment, replaced by those eyes full of murderous intent.There was a strong wind blowing around, and Gu Yicheng s side was filled with a strong evil spirit and evil spirit.He raised his eyes and looked at my uncle.Fight This sentence is not a question mark, but a reminder In the next second, the figures of Gu Yicheng and my uncle disappeared in front of my eyes at the same time.I can t see where the two of them are.The sky continued to roll with thunder, and thunderbolts biolyfe cbd gummies price continued to emerge, splitting around the courtyard from time to time, and the entire courtyard was instantly shattered beyond recognition.The sound of the sky falling and the earth cracking sounded in my ears, the ground was moving, the sky was shaking, and I was quite frightened.

There is no doubt that this is Jingmen.But when Suxiu saw the wellness gummies cbd word Jing , she went crazy, pulled me excitedly with one hand, and pointed at the handwriting on the door with the other.Huayan s handwriting I nodded and said nothing, but Qingjingzi glanced at Suxiu in disgust, and subconsciously stepped back a few steps.When I saw his behavior, I couldn t help but burst out laughing.Just about to walk towards Jingmen, Qingjingzi suddenly stopped and stopped me and Suxiu, pointed to the somewhat messy footprints on the ground and opened his mouth.Before us, someone has already entered through Jingmen.Seeing this, I raised my eyebrows and asked.Is there more than one person After asking this question, I couldn t help but have some guesses in my heart, maybe Junli also entered the tomb of Huoyan from Jingmen, right Qingjingzi did not respond to me, but locked her eyes on the hand that started the game again, and then pushed open the door of Jingmen.

Could it be biolyfe cbd gummies price cbd chill gummies a higher level of jumping stiffness In a dazed moment, the zombie has already rushed towards me, and I subconsciously rolled to the right, avoiding him I wanted to get up from the ground, but he grabbed my ankle, and the sharp nails inserted into my ankle in an instant.The pain made me numb all over, and I lost all feeling in my foot the sound of heavy breathing With the bursts of corpse air constantly beating around me, the air was so cold that it seemed to freeze, my mind was spinning rapidly, trying to find an emergency countermeasure, but how could the speed of the zombies give me time to think about it Within a few breaths, he had already rushed towards me, pinching my neck fiercely with a pair of cold hands, and before I could react, he had opened his fangs and bit my neck fiercely.

The moment he landed, Junli put me down.The sound drifted into my ears with the wind.With me, what are you afraid of I looked up at Junli, held Junli s hand tightly, and smiled at him like an idiot, but in return he looked disgusted and said something.What a fool.Before I could fight back, I saw that Jun Li had already led me towards a corridor in front of me.This corridor is very dark, like a huge vortex with bottomless depths, which makes people biolyfe cbd gummies price think about it.There is a huge plaque hanging above the corridor.This plaque is made of stone, and three large characters are engraved on it.Nameless tomb.Jun Li stopped in front of this plaque, looked at the three words on the plaque, and faintly read the words Unknown Tomb.These three words were read from Junli s mouth, and they had a special flavor, so I couldn t help but ask Junli.

Some are colorless and tasteless, and they taste dry in the mouth.If it weren t for looking in the mirror, I would see the changes on my face with my own eyes.I really can t imagine that a small pill can have such great power I opened my mouth to say something, but suddenly found that the voice I made was still the voice of a duck I was completely angry.If my mobile phone hadn t been crushed by that jumping zombie in Fuyan s tomb, I would really be able to call the old lady of the landlady and scold her.Yajin has skills.Is there anyone who deceives his apprentice like this Arrange an identity, even if you don t help me find beautiful women in the city, it s okay for a woman to disguise herself as a man Looking at the clothes on my body, it was far from biolyfe cbd gummies price cbd chill gummies Zhang Chunxia s scumbag status.I ran to a store at random, and cbd gummies austin tx cheef cbd gummies after choosing a few clothes that couldn t be more filthy, I wanted to pay, but suddenly Suddenly, I found that my wallet was left in cbd gummies on cruise ship the hotel and I didn t bring it out I wanted to take off my clothes for the time being, but my right eyelid twitched violently.

I wanted to refuse, but her attitude was firm and she was helpless in the end.I issued an IOU to Zhao Yijun, and I have already taken so many things from him for no reason, so I am really embarrassed in this situation.Seeing me like this, she couldn t say anything.After I finished typing the IOU, she spoke to me again.Oh, by the way, the poison on the ring was poisoned by Chen Yanjin, and I cleaned it up for you.said Ata Jidi.After I heard it, I felt a lot more grateful in my heart, so I asked casually.This place is so remote, what are you doing here She didn t treat me as an outsider and said something to me.Looking for people, looking for things.As soon as I heard it, I suddenly became more interested.Ask her what she is looking for.She said three words to me mysteriously.A painting.As soon as she finished speaking, I froze all over, I only hoped.

After hearing this, I asked her, my complexion pale and pale.What happy hemp gummies cbd content s the name of the owner of the tomb She shook her head, said that the name was a bit strange and she had forgotten it, she rolled her eyes, thought for a moment before telling me, it seemed to be what the hell Oh Misfortune As soon as I heard it, my face froze halfway.How could that vicious woman, Huan Yan, who Xiao Jue was protecting, have such a strong identity and strength But if she was really that awesome, why did Xiao Jue protect her, and still get killed At that time, her coffin was not opened in Fuyan s tomb, and I don t know if there are pictures of beauties in Fuyan s tomb.But what exactly is this beauty picture Not only is it so powerful, it seems everyone can get it Seeing that my complexion was getting worse and worse, Xu Shi touched my head and asked me what s wrong, did I get sick because I didn t sleep well last night I shook my head and said it was okay, and told her that I had heard about this tomb of Huoyan, and that it was quite dangerous inside.

Thinking of this, I instantly filled myself with chicken blood, and once I flipped through this evil book, I flipped through it for several days in a row.The past few days have been very quiet, but also very strange.The girl who agreed to go away quickly disappeared, and Xiao Jue is looking for me everywhere I didn t even see a dime.And I didn t meet any of Gu Yicheng s men.I probably sorted out the three wonders, six appearances, eight gates, nine stars, etc.in Qimen Dunjia, so I concentrated biolyfe cbd gummies price on this matter and started a game about it, trying to see if it can be done.After rehearsing the stems and branches of Shichen, I decided to set up the seven rounds of Yangshield.I arranged the territory and the sky, followed by the nine palaces, eight gates, nine stars and nine gods.After I arranged everything, I just wanted to end the game, but suddenly Realizing that the handwriting I wrote on the paper was absorbed by the paper, I widened my eyes, and opened the evil book, Mi Sheng, in disbelief, but missed one of them.

But at this moment, it appeared beside me.Lord is cbd gummies good for sleeping Yunjing asked you to go down.When I heard this, I was dumbfounded, Ah , and asked her why, but she told me that it was not convenient for her to ask about Master Yunjing s affairs.In someone else s territory, I couldn t say anything, so I took a deep breath secretly, firmly grasped the token that Yunjing gave me, and walked downstairs almost on tiptoe.The sound of me going downstairs has been suppressed to the minimum as much as possible, but it still reached the ears of Yun Jing and Xiao Jue, and they both glanced in my direction at the same time.There was a gentle smile biolyfe cbd gummies price on Yun Jing s face, and he exuded an aura that made people want to be close to him.However, Xiao Jue had a murderous look on his face, and an aura of refusal to be thousands of miles away was constantly churning around.

Yun Jing spoke in a very soft voice, but Xiao Jue sat back in his original position in an instant and asked Yun Jing.Why As soon as he finished speaking, he brought up the emotions he had put down, and shouted at Yun Jing fiercely.The soul of Huo Yan is almost gone Hearing this, I felt like hehe in my heart.No wonder Xiao Jue reacted so strongly.It turned out that it was the woman s business again.Yun Jing nodded after hearing this, and replied to Xiao Jue.I know.When Xiao Jue heard this, he couldn t hold back immediately, and crushed the handle of the mahogany chair under his hand, causing dust to fly around in an instant.You know, why don t you help her Xiao Jue, who is so irritable, is more than a million miles away from the young uncle who planned strategies in my previous impression.It s the real him.

It is very exciting, but Junli plays it so exciting the tune.However, he poured emotion into the song, bringing out a bit of sadness and tenderness from this passionate song.Halfway through the melody, the style of painting suddenly changed, and the original passionate melody was played continuously like mountains and rivers.An indescribable HCMUSSH biolyfe cbd gummies price charm surged into my heart until the end of the last note.Immerse yourself in the music played by Junli.If it is said that I thought Yun Jing played the most beautiful piece of music I have ever seen in my life, then Jun Li is indistinguishable from him.When did you learn to play the piano, why don t I know Yun Jing s voice sounded in surprise, I heard it in my ears, but my eyes couldn t help but widen.Could it be Junli s first time playing the piano But in the next second, Junli replied him with six words, no memory, no idea.

Are you going in He obviously asked biolyfe cbd gummies price the two of us, but Yun Jing pulled me and said something.Go, why don t you go.My heart suddenly felt like a dog, and I really wanted to slap Yun Jing s face, but when I thought that he was still my immediate boss, I resisted the urge.In the next second, Jun Li turned around, walked towards the door of grandma s house, knocked lightly on the old wooden door a few times, only to hear a squeak , and the wooden door was opened.The familiar face couldn t be instantly seen in front of my eyes, my nose was sore, and I wanted to cry inexplicably.Although grandma was plotting against me, according to what Master said, she still let me live at a critical moment, didn t she Moreover, although it is true that grandma calculated me, it is also true that she was kind to me.

My agreement with Xiao Jue is that you help me bring out the coffin, and I ll give you the jade pendant, but the coffin is still sinking in the ground and I have to go get it myself.If I give you the jade pendant, it s not justified, right Grandma His face darkened instantly, and he said something to Jun Li.Otherwise, wait a minute.I best cbd gummies for smoking ll go and see who set up the formation to block her fate and break the formation.When I come back, I will calculate her position, find her, and lead the coffin for you.Jun Li shook his head, Saying no, he went down to see for himself first, if the coffin couldn t be taken out, he was looking for grandma.I could clearly see the displeasure on grandma s face, but the meaning of what Junli said was very obvious, and no one could object to it, so she had no choice but to swallow this breath back, and before she left, she gave Junli a hard look.

Involuntarily, I turned my gaze to the feet of Junli and Yunjing, only to find that the two of them were walking on such a disgusting ground, it was actually cleaner than a touch of water.Halfway there, he found that I was still at the stairs on the third floor.Junli suddenly turned his head to look at me, and then turned his gaze to the corpses in the hall on the second floor.With a slight smile on his lips, he turned around and walked towards Walking in my direction, the moment he hugged me by the waist, I faintly heard a soft word from Junli s mouth.Stupid.But when I wanted to listen carefully and looked up, I only saw Junli s stern and expressionless face.Yun Jing stood at the stairs on the second floor, when he saw Junli walking over with me in his arms, he was so scared that he could stuff a dragon fruit in his mouth until Junli let me down.

On the way, people all over the street looked at me and thought I was crazy.She was also wearing a padded jacket with such a cbd melatonin gummies canada big flower, and she was stepping on a pair of very bright red cotton shoes embroidered with small emerald flowers.But I completely ignored their gazes.After all, I didn t dress like this to disgust myself.Ever since I learned from Yun Jing that this robe was designed by Gu Yicheng himself, I have a plan in my heart.Yunjing is so rich that he sent a Bentley to see me off, followed by a few cars, wearing the same black robe as me, the entourage that Yunjing arranged for me.The faces of these people are not unfamiliar, I often see them in Yunjing s house, but even if I often see them, seeing me wearing a black robe like this, the corners of my mouth still twitch suddenly.

It is called Yunjing, but it is called Master Yunjing, and Gu Yicheng is called Gu Yicheng.its name.When biolyfe cbd gummies price he was about to reach the center of the factory, there was a sudden sound of gears turning underground.A few seconds later, a staircase leading to the negative floor appeared in the center of the factory.I was about to continue walking forward when I suddenly heard footsteps coming from behind me.Chapter 110 Before the confrontation had time to turn around, he suddenly heard Tang Maru s mocking voice behind him.Tsk tsk, the people from Xuannv Palace came really early.Hey, hey, when I heard Tang Maru s voice, I felt so happy in my heart, and I was thinking of looking for him.He hit the gun directly.And how protective the people of Xuannv Palace are, I can t be more clear.In the next second, Tang Maru s earth shattering roar came from his ears.

The moment they acted, I turned my eyes lightly and made a face for them, telling them biolyfe cbd gummies price cbd chill gummies not to be impulsive.But in Tang Maru s eyes, my obvious winking turned into a guilty conscience For a moment, the complacency on his face became even more overflowing.When I saw this, my heart burst into joy How can I miss such a good opportunity to slap face, can t I My face changed in an instant, and I put on a pinched smile.I cautiously moved to Tang Maru s side, and said biolyfe cbd gummies price to Tang Maru pure kana cbd gummies biolyfe cbd gummies price very respectfully.My lord, the envoy of the Outer Court, your lord has a lot, and biolyfe cbd gummies price cbd chill gummies the prime minister can take a boat in his belly.The small one is just a mouse dropping in your eyes.With your status, you will definitely not care about the small one.When you said this , I specially made the words outer court envoy and in your identity very clear.

Frowning and howling continuously, even the color of the soul became more and more transparent.The snake girl gave us both a hard look, and kept yelling You lied to me You HCMUSSH biolyfe cbd gummies price lied to me But her yelling ended up being aborted, and Zhao Yiyun took it out of her pocket with a smile.A glass ball, directly put her into the ball, and then wrapped a layer of runes on the outside.Plan in groups.When doing this, Zhao Yijun didn t communicate with me at all.Instead, after finishing all this, he put the glass ball into my hand and said something to me with a smile.I think you can use it.Without saying a word, I took the glass ball from my hand and said to Zhao Yijun from the bottom of my heart, thank you.Although I don t know what the position of the snake girl is in Tang Maru s heart, the body of the blood girl is still in Tang Maru s hands, holding the soul of the snake girl.

There are several passages around the main hall, all of which are blocked by iron gates at the moment.Looking at the weird atmosphere in the main hall, I suddenly had a bad idea Could it be that they are catching a turtle in a urn And the blood girl also told me that she suddenly biolyfe cbd gummies price buy cbd gummies for tinnitus sensed that Tang Maru was nearby.But I don t know the way to Youlan Palace, and I don t know if I m at the location of Chen Yanjin mentioned by the snake girl.I just wanted to ask Zhao Yijun, but she gave me a shh , and then gave me a slap He led me up, and walked up to the ceiling of this biolyfe cbd gummies price hall in twos and threes.It s strange to say that although this hall is weird, it doesn t even have a hint of HCMUSSH biolyfe cbd gummies price yin, but there are hundreds of extremely dark coffins hanging how long for cbd to work gummies horizontally on the ceiling, all of which are sealed with various yellow talismans.

Zhao Yiyun seemed to be very familiar with the road conditions here.After running with me for a long time, I finally stopped in a small hall without people.She and I kept squatting on the ground panting for breath.We looked at each other and asked her.Why did you run away and not kill Chen Yanjin She shook her head, saying that she felt that the person who broke her formation should not be underestimated.If she guessed correctly, it should be Gu Yicheng who came, and Chen Yanjin After all, Yan Jin is Gu Yicheng s right hand man, if she kills Chen Yanjin, it will easily cause trouble.After I heard this, I nodded.I just wanted to tell her about my time in Xuannv Palace, but she shook her head at me and said to find a way.Leave Xuanzhen Sect first.But when I saw her like this, I shook my head at her and said something with raised eyebrows.

Did mayim bialik cbd gummies brand I say it was mine As soon as his eyes turned to Yun Jing, Yun Jing poured cbd gummy bears shark tank out the tea in his hand and didn t even bother to reply to him.Their attitudes toward him and Xiao Jue were exactly the same.No matter what Gu Yicheng said, he was also his boss.He couldn t help but froze, so he asked a question.What I want to calculate is Chunxia s marriage.My right eyelid twitched for a moment, but I didn t realize it for a while.There was a bang , and a chilly aura instantly enveloped the entire hall.Is Chunxia your name Is she familiar with you The next .

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second, a familiar voice came directly from the door with a burst of anger.When Gu Yicheng heard this, he suddenly laughed.What s the matter, the emissary in my Xuanzhen Sect is not familiar with me, could it be that he is very familiar with you The moment Gu Yicheng finished speaking, Junli had already sat down beside me, and by the way, Gu Yicheng The sofa next to the city was shaken to pieces.

Do you think he is ugly Chunxia has a big face, small eyes, two smears of plateau red on her face are a little more obvious, the big mole on her mouth is a little bigger, and her clothes are a little rustic.Do you care about it You have Xiao Xiao, why are you going to hook up with Chun Xia You answer me Junli put away the smile on his face, but the smile that flashed in his eyes could no longer be resisted, Junli and I Li looked at each other, and the two couldn t hold back anymore.The moment both smiles burst out, Yun Jingqi went crazy.At a time like this, are you still flirting with each other Sure enough, Junli, I really misunderstood you.I told you everything about Chunxia at that time, but in the end, you are a kind hearted person who loves the new and dislikes the old.Treat Chunxia like this As soon as I heard that Yunjing told Junli about me, I couldn t help looking at Junli, but Junli s expression changed instantly.

He wanted the police behind him to take his body out first, but found that they all backed away in fright.One dares to step forward.In the end, it was Qin Zheng who pointed at the two strong and hot policemen, and assured them that nothing would happen to them, and then pulled the corpse out.Before they pulled the corpse, I was still a little worried, so I stuffed each of them with a locking yang talisman to ensure that they would not be blinded by the dirty things, and then I turned my gaze back to the scene, looking at the trembling people who stood aside in fear.The policeman sighed, reluctantly stuffed each of them with a yellow talisman, biolyfe cbd gummies price and asked them to clean up the scene carefully according to my instructions.But the viscera in the pot were picked up, and the corpses and heads in the toilet were taken out, but the face of the funeral home staff was nowhere to be found, and the face sucked in by the HCMUSSH biolyfe cbd gummies price mirror disappeared without a trace.

The blood and tears in my eyes suddenly flowed to the corners of my mouth.I rolled up my tongue and rolled it lightly.I tasted the taste of blood, which made the evil spirit around me even thicker.I seem to be able to control my body, and it seems that other people are controlling my body at the same time.The moment I look up at Bi Se, I feel the fear in her heart, her fear.I also heard her terrified cry, CauseCause face.The next second, my eyes were covered with redness, and murderous intent emerged from me, and another person seemed to appear in my body.Seeing her grabbing the air directly, he grabbed the scared Bi Se who had already fallen to the ground into his hands.Xiao Jue was so frightened that he stood there dumbfounded, his mouth was so wide that he could stuff an egg.And the woman standing next to him pretending to be a disaster was even more frightened and ran away behind her, but at the moment she ran away, I couldn t help but let out a sneer, Heh.

The moment I left the tomb, I felt a few traces of hidden magic breath in the air.Although these magic breaths were well buried, they were still exposed to my eyes.I was about to ask Junli, but he gave me a shush and told me to go out first.When I walked out of the tomb, it was already the next morning.I don t know if Chu Lianqiao s conscience found out, and before he left, he gave me one of the night pearls he brought out of the tomb, saying it was for me.Sorry, you can t call me nympho sister, next time you will call me ugly girl sister.As soon as I heard what he said, I was so angry that I wanted to stuff the Ye Mingzhu in his mouth, but in the end I accepted the Ye Mingzhu, and it was not until I went back to the hotel after parting with them that I remembered what I had just thought about in the tomb.

I pulled the bloody girl and ran towards the road back, but the strange thing is, as I ran, the surrounding roads were not only surprisingly empty.Pedestrians can t see it, and even a moving vehicle can t be seen.I don t know how long I HCMUSSH biolyfe cbd gummies price ran with the blood girl, until I found that I had run back to the gate of Junli s house, and then I realized that the master had already hung up the phone.I took the blood girl back to Junli s house first, but when I got home, her heart was still beating up and down, and I couldn t calm down.I wanted to call Master, but she was not in the server again.Could it be that something really happened Nervously, I took out all the talismans at home, and pasted all the doors and windows of his house.But I was still a little worried, even under the bed, in the closet, and on the mirror of the bathroom, I put amulets on them all, and I was relieved.

Junli s name was like the last straw that came out of my mouth, but I could only lie on the cold ground, feeling the flow of my own life With a sound of , a sword energy streaked through the air , ruthlessly inserted into Bise s heart.Bi Se s crazy smile suddenly froze in place.Damn you.A cold male voice suddenly sounded from the sky, and a scent of ink spread into my nose.It smells good, really good.I know that it is Junli who has come, but my consciousness is getting more and more loose I can dogs have cbd gummies for anxiety biolyfe cbd gummies price just feel like I have fallen into biolyfe cbd gummies price a warm embrace, and warm currents pour into my body, and Junli s voice keeps ringing in my ears.sound.Why are you so stupid Hold on Don t close your eyes Chapter 158 The medicine expired I opened my mouth looking at Junli like this, but at the end I didn t know what to say.

In the next second, Junli suddenly spoke.Then are you willing to come with me and see the brilliance of the biolyfe cbd gummies price world I was dumbfounded by Junli s question, staring blankly at Junli, not knowing how to answer.Is this a confession in disguise But I was very entangled in my heart, whether his confession was to me, or a disaster Does he know that I am a woe face, or does he regard me as a substitute for a woe face Instead of answering Junli, I asked him a question.Do you love me, or do you love Huanyan Although Huanyan is from her previous life, she still can t help but feel jealous of her previous life Junli didn t answer me, but told me to go to bed early, and then went upstairs directly.Junli s vague attitude made me even more messy After taking several deep breaths, I returned to my room, but my cell edens herbals cbd gummies phone rang suddenly, and it was Master calling.

I didn t understand it until I recovered my memory.Feng Shitian in Yunjing s heart is a ray of sunshine in the shadow viralix cbd gummies 300mg of his childhood, bright and bright, illuminating his entire childhood memory, so that his gloomy childhood will not be so dark.And Feng Shitian, who has turned into a disaster, should be another kind of existence in Yunjing s heart.I turned pale and didn t speak, but Yunjing asked me.Did Junli tell me that Feng Shitian was a disaster face I shook my head and didn t speak, but my face returned to a little calm, and I pretended to be inscrutable, so that Yunjing saw Yunli Wuli , It was not easy to ask anything for a while, so I was a little relieved.As soon as his anger calmed down, Yun Jing continued Do you think the emperor of Chu State is really that stupid He couldn t find any clues Everyone knows that Concubine Xian grew up with Yun Qi before entering the palace.

He is a demon.The demon that was sealed on Changbai Mountain.A demon so powerful that everyone fears it.The eyes I looked at him were very strange, but very familiar Boom Rumble The thunderclouds in the sky kept rolling, and lightning flashed across the sky from time to time, which set off the scarlet eyes even more strangely.I held my breath.If I guessed correctly, this demon probably didn t want to kill me, or But in this illusion, he can t kill me at all And he appeared, either to give me a warning, or to trap me in the illusion forever My face trembled, and I snapped off a branch from the tree beside me, and played a game directly in the grass.When I started the game, I clearly felt a bit of sarcasm from those eyes.In this game I started, I wanted to find out where the gate of life was, to find out where I could leave the illusion, but since these eyes didn t stop me, then he probably didn t want to trap me in this illusion Soon, the situation in front of me was settled by me.

But because of my father Yun Qi s cowardice, incompetence, worry, and fear, he pretended to be an eunuch and suffered all kinds of bullying in the palace of Chu State since he was a child.His father is the prince of Wei State.His lifelong dream is to prepare everything quietly behind the scenes, and one day he will return to Wei State and use his identity as the Ninth Prince to regain everything that belongs to him, including the throne of Wei State.Tudao especially died.But my father s lifelong dream.But because of a woman.That is, my mother Chu Yun gave up.I only found out about this matter after my father died, including his status as the prince of Wei.My father left me a letter after his death.There were two wills in the letter, one for me After his death, he slaughtered all the Feng family of the royal family of Chu State To avenge my mother.

Huo Yan is Feng Shitian, but she is no longer Feng Shitian.She came back with a secret, mysterious and charming.She taught me to play the zither, and even gradually made me forget everything my father taught me.Men Dunjia, taught me how to draw talismans, taught me a lot of Taoist things, and even took out the most precious beauty picture that has been passed down for a long time.If I hadn t seen it with my own eyes, I really couldn t believe that the legendary things actually existed in the world.But Fuyan told me that this is a token of love between Junli and her.She also told biolyfe cbd gummies price me that she would like to remain anonymous and take his last name.She really loves Junli, pure and without any flaws.I don t know why, but I am deeply in love.I watched her reunite with Junli behind the scenes, watched her get involved in the battles among the kingdoms again, watched her escape cleverly, and watched her, who was so flawless, gradually fall into Junli s arms.

The level of Taoist cultivation is divided into the realm of foundation building, the realm of alchemy, the realm of Yuanying, the realm of leaving the soul, the realm of extinction, the realm of transcending calamity, and the realm of transforming gods.Building the foundation means sinking the lower dantian.First, consolidate and widen the lower dantian, and make preparations for refining and transforming Qi.After building the foundation for a hundred days, the Lingtai will be clear, the dantian will be wide, and the sea of qi will be filled until the foundation is completed.Step into the realm of alchemy.The realm of alchemy is to use super cbd gummies for hair loss cbd gummies austin tx the dantian as the furnace, biolyfe cbd gummies price the mind as the real fire, the breath as the wind, and the innate water as the raw material to refine the innate true qi, and finally the innate true qi can biolyfe cbd gummies price penetrate the eight extraordinary meridians, open up the heaven and earth bridge, and the true qi It goes on and on in the big and small circles until an inner alchemy is formed and suspended in the dantian.

Their Taoist temple is full of disasters.When she took over as the head, they saw a book in the bookstore.There was a picture of this key on the book, called the magic key, which was the key to unlocking the seal of the demon king Ling Shun After saying this, she asked me differently Could it be such a coincidence I saw a cat wandering in the demon world outside.This door will be opened with a biolyfe cbd gummies price magic key.Could it be that the seal behind the door is Demon Lord Ling Shun, right I smiled awkwardly and replied, who knows.But he knew in his heart that the place where the Demon Lord Ling Shun was sealed was on Changbai Mountain.As soon as I finished speaking, Zhao Yiyun gave me a different look, and asked me Xiao Xiao, why do you have this key My face froze instantly, and biolyfe cbd gummies price in my heart, ten thousand muddy horses galloped past biolyfe cbd gummies price cbd chill gummies How do I have this key Why can t I have it But I couldn t answer her like this, so I smiled awkwardly at her, and before I could speak, a flash of panic flashed in her eyes.

The cyan color this time is pissed off The moment the eyes of the two met, if it weren t for the anger in Yun Jing s eyes, I could really think that they could spark love with their eyes.It wasn t until they turned their eyes away that I remembered .

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that before Yunjing came up, I saw a hand in the water tank, but the moment I turned my eyes back, the hand disappeared again.And the water tank that was opened earlier was locked tightly back to its original place at this time If I hadn t known that this place was very weird, I would have thought it was my eyesight.Afterwards, do cbd gummies help with appetite I told them about the man I saw outside the water tank, and they dragged me to the front of the water tank, but Junli protected me behind me, didn t move, and was thrown by Yunjing.He changed his face, Go and open the water tank.

Junli catches me.Then it landed steadily, but Gu Yiyun gave us both a hard look, and the moment Jun Li hugged me to the ground, he rushed directly to Ling Shun s coffin.Before everyone cannabis cbd gummies reviews could react, they quickly inserted the key into Ling Shun s coffin.Sure enough, you are a heartless bitch.You have cbd gummies austin tx cheef cbd gummies sealed Ling Shun for so many years, but you are unwilling to break his seal Just wait for the Demon Lord to break through the seal and meet his wrath Rumble.Rumbling sounds resounded everywhere.In an instant, a magic light erupted from the coffin, as if it wanted to cover the whole day and night.The sound of collapse continued to be heard in the tomb, and the surrounding buildings gradually collapsed.The originally splendid main tomb was like an earthquake at this moment.Raise layers of dust.Junli pulled me violently and ran outside, I was about to ask what was going on with Junli, when I heard Gu Yiyun s crazy smile as if something had succeeded.

I feel more and more insecure and want to escape more and more.But at this moment, there was a bang sound next to my ear, as if something had fallen crisply.I looked around, and in a flash from the corner of my eye, it stopped beside me, but I saw that it had been hidden in my pocket all along.The blood amber in the bag fell to the ground at this moment.And the blood amber at this time makes me feel a little strange Until I picked it up and saw the lump of meat on it, my heart trembled suddenly, I picked up the phone and wanted to call Master This movement stopped in mid air.Suddenly, I grabbed the blood amber, and the phone card, rushed out the door, almost scrambled and ran to the business hall closest to my home, bought a mobile phone, inserted the phone card, and called Master several times in succession , but they are not on the server not on the server what to do I still remember that when I first got involved in this matter, I was already pregnant, and I was pregnant for several months, but Xiao Jue gave me a slap in the face, and directly knocked out the unformed child And this piece of blood amber was given to me by my master at that time, saying that if there is a destiny, my child can be reborn here, but because there is no contact for a long time, and one after another, I can only bury this pain in my heart.

The word Heitian made my heart tremble violently, and my scalp became numb from being frightened This big Heitian was also introduced in the evil book.Everything in the world is clearly divided, and these divisions are divided into six realms, human beings, gods, demons, immortals, demons, and ghosts.Each realm has its own order and its own laws.No one can be happy, cbd gummies hemp but there is one.Objects directly ignore the laws of the Six Realms and do not belong to any class.This thing is Heitian, he is composed of all the dark sides, the most turbid breath in the world, the purest evil thoughts, and the Yin Qi accumulated in the eighteen layers of hell, and the evil energy in the abyss of the Demon Realm.Accepted by the world, at the beginning of his formation, he even had a group of biolyfe cbd gummies price shadowy supporters who helped him to abuse him and named him the Great Black God Until his strength became stronger and stronger, and the ruined creatures in the world were burned, the God Realm issued an order, They sent Jiutian Xuannv and other gods to subdue her and seal her in the darkest place in the demon world.

But the three flames on Junli s body lit up.Although it is different from the red color of people, the light blue is very beautiful But does this mean that Junli has successfully regained his body Chapter 228 Grandma s Corpse Did you get your body back I couldn t hold back, and asked a question, Junli nodded lightly, but my whole body was struck by lightning I don t know why , My first reaction when Jun Li got back his body was not to be cbd full spectrum gummies happy, but what he once said to me Wait until I get back my body.I won t let you get out of bed for three days.Inexplicable.I shivered suddenly, my whole face was pale, and even my legs and feet were weak.When Yunjing saw me like this, he asked me differently What s wrong with you I was brought back to my senses, embarrassed He smiled and said it was nothing, then quickly concealed his embarrassment, said that he was going to make breakfast for them, and then ran into the kitchen.

I was so upset that I didn t want to go downstairs, but Yunjing stopped me at this moment and asked me to go down.After going down, Yunjing asked me to sit aside, and asked me a question very seriously When your grandma gave you the key to seal Ling Shun, did she give you something else Unexpectedly, Yunjing would suddenly ask this, nodded, and said yes, it was a letter, but Yunjing asked me to bring it over.I asked him what he was doing with that thing, but he said, You ll know when you take it down.I nodded ignorantly.See Xiao Jue has been making faces to me I froze in place for a moment, I couldn t figure out why Xiao Jue made such a face on me Why are you standing there, don t you go get it Seeing my hesitation, Yun Jing asked.I smiled awkwardly, completely ignored Xiao Jue s expression, glanced at Junli, saw that Junli was reading the newspaper, and sighed, then went upstairs to get the letter left by Fuyan.

When Yun Jing heard this, his expression HCMUSSH biolyfe cbd gummies price turned a little ugly, but he was not suspicious, but instead asked me Do you remember what was written in that letter I shook my head and said I forgot, and then Yunjing asked me to think about where I put that letter, I thought about it for a long time, But he still replied to Yunjing, he couldn t remember, it seemed that he landed in Changbai Mountain, and he seemed to be brought back to Kunming.In the end, seeing that I still couldn t remember, Yun Jing had no choice but to give up, and chatted with Jun Li and Xiao Jue about the soul shaking nail.After chatting for a pure kana cbd gummies biolyfe cbd gummies price whole morning, the three of them came up with three plans, one is to negotiate with Gu Yiyun and the others, the other is to take a risky layout and try to remove the nail, and the other is to continue to search to see cbd gummies austin tx if there is any way to crack the soul shaking nail.

Uncle, oh no, Xiao Jue, sat on the sofa in the living room, saw me coming, and gave me a faint smile, his breath was very peaceful, and suddenly made me feel like the unfathomable uncle from before It looks like it s back again.Come and sit.He said, I walked towards him unhurriedly, and sat down in front of thc free cbd gummies samples him.The light in his living room was not very bright, but turned on very dimly, which made people feel a faint sense of oppression.It made my already nervous heart even more nervous but fortunately, at this moment, I am no longer the reckless Xiao Xiao biolyfe cbd gummies price I was before.quite calm.Xiao Jue and I stared at each other indifferently for a long time, no one spoke, not even blinked, as if time was frozen in this moment, I don t know how long it took before Xiao Jue showed something on his face Smiling, he said to me You are different from before.

When I heard Xiao Jue s words, I didn t answer him immediately, but stared at his face for a long time, trying to see some flaws in his face, but I couldn t see anything.At the earliest time, I felt that Xiao Juecheng s mansion was deep, he was very shady, strategizing, scheming, and very powerful, he never did things that were thankless, let alone things that were not good for himself.But what he did afterwards was far from the feeling he first expressed in front of my eyes.Ever since I entered the tomb of Fuyan, activated the beauty map, escaped from the dead and was rescued by the master, and never called him uncle again, the impression he gave me was that he was extreme, reckless, paranoid, and rather brain dead.Nothing else.But looking at him so introverted now, why do I feel in the fog Instead of answering the question Xiao Jue asked earlier, I asked him instead What does it mean that the highest level of a chess player is to use himself as a pawn Xiao Jue smiled, did not speak, but threw a question to me , Ask me, has he ever harmed me I answered without hesitation Yes.

In the end, Wuming was called Wo Wuming, and she and Wuming were called the same person.I watched her in the dark for a long time, watched her many ups and downs, watched her experience many people and things, but I never dared to meet her.Until one day, she asked me out alone, with an ugly face and an unknown identity.I don t know why she did this, but I know that I have nothing but the name of a young son of the Xiao family and a group of hidden forces behind me.But the forces behind me are strong, and they are no match for her status as the owner of the Xuannv Palace.She is always like this, if she doesn t make a song, she will be a blockbuster But I was very happy in my heart.She came to me, which means she already knew about my existence, and she was silently paying attention to me, investigating me, right And I am no longer an invisible person secretly, can I not be a passer by in her life Love is too extreme, it s either a lifetime or a stranger.

Looking at Xiao Jue s face for a long time.But no one spoke, but we kept looking at each other until the end, I finally couldn t help it, and asked him directly Why It takes a lot of courage to ask this question, after all Xiao Jue always gives I am a bit of a good and evil, vacillating, and I can pretend, and I can biolyfe cbd gummies price give people the impression of smoke bombs.Don t you think that the game under the wretched face is still a lot more monotonous If I don t add fire to her, how can she get on fire Xiao Jue asked me back with a smile, full of sarcasm in his mouth, I was stunned when I heard it, and stared at him for a long time, just wanting to can dogs have cbd gummies for anxiety biolyfe cbd gummies price see through him.Xiao Jue loves misfortune very much, I can feel it from his words, and I can also see it from his previous actions.After all, no matter how true a person s acting is, it s still fake if he doesn t reveal his true feelings.

He asked me, Would you like to start a game Just as he finished speaking, I remembered this Am I good at fortune telling It s quick to say that it s urgent, I quickly took out a pen from my super cbd gummies for hair loss cbd gummies austin tx backpack, quickly rehearsed the stems and branches of Shichen, set the Yinshield, and then lined up the territory, heaven, eight gates, nine stars, and nine gods.The first round of my divination is that this event is good or bad Generally speaking, the three gates of opening, rest, life, etc.are the three auspicious gates, and the three gates of death, shock, injury, etc.are the three evil gates.The two gates are neutralized.So if I don t know the three fierce gates, it won t be too dangerous.But I found a very strange situation in the hexagram if the lucky family is restrained, it will not be successful, but the evil family will not be able to be restrained Ji Men Ke Gong is not good, but Ji Men Ke Gong is even more serious.

I always feel that Xiao Jue wants to get a picture of a beauty.But after hearing this, I couldn t help but burst out laughing Gu Yicheng is so imaginative, why didn t I realize it before But I didn t dare to laugh too flamboyantly, I only dared to hold back a smile, my expression was still very serious, almost the same as Junli s.I m done how to medicate gummy bears with cbd talking, why don t you tell me about Xiao Jue A few seconds later, Gu Yicheng looked back at me.Xiao Jue didn t say anything to me, and I don t know anything, what can I tell you I answered cbd gummies near fort worth this naturally , Gu Yicheng laughed out loud after hearing this, and stopped talking.The car drove slowly in the dark night, but stopped cbd gummies legal uk on a hey yo yo hill.Get out of the car.The moment the car stopped, Gu Yicheng s voice biolyfe cbd gummies price sounded, and before I got out of the car, he got out of the car directly, and even circled around to help me open the car door, and said lightly One It s very dangerous inside, remember to follow me.

Before I could respond, Ling Shun, who was standing across from me, was furious Surrounded by violent demonic energy, it seemed that he would not give up if he did not leave Junli here at this moment But Junli asked him indifferently at this moment Do you think that I stayed by Fuyan s side in this life, really for the sake of beauty Chapter 244 Robbery From Junli s silent appearance just now, it is obvious that he does not want to explain this matter, and Junli has never mentioned this before, so I can t imagine why Junli would suddenly mention this matter at this moment.Junli just finished speaking.Ling Shun was taken aback by his actions, and glanced at Junli hesitantly.Said Isn t it In my previous life, when I was still the Nine Heavens Xuannv in the God Realm, I stole your Hundred Ghosts Record and fused it into a beauty picture, causing you to be beaten into the mortal world.

I forgot to mention that only this bridge is real and you can walk on it.Everything else is imaginary.Jun Li looked at it.With a look at Yunjing who was in a state of embarrassment, the corner of his mouth rarely twitched on his face that has never melted for thousands of years Then Junli pulled me and walked on the chain bridge where Yunjing was.But at the end of each chain bridge is a stone wall.I really want to see what mystery lies behind this stone wall, but Yunjing passes through the stone wall in front of me like a wall, which scares me a lot Until Junli pulled me through the stone wall, I looked back, only to find that there are eight transparent chain bridges behind me There is only one bridge biolyfe cbd gummies price suspended in the middle of the cave like a stone.have to say.Although this tomb was not as amazing as Junli s tomb and Huoyan s tomb, the builder still had ulterior motives, as can be seen from the fact that he has integrated into the phantom formation in the yin and yang eight coffin formations.

And, most importantly, what about the ashes on his face The subsequent traps are relatively simple, and even I, with a little attention, can avoid them.I was about to go to the tomb owner s tomb, but I didn t meet Ling Shun and his party for a long time.It made me and Yunjing nervous like a neurotic, and we couldn t get excited even at the slightest sign of trouble.On the biolyfe cbd gummies price other hand, Junli still, still calm.It seems that in this world, there are very few things that can cause ripples in his eyes, as plain as water.When I arrived in a tomb outside the main tomb, I saw several coffins made of black paint, and they all heard the sound of scratching the coffins.And in the air, there is a smell of rouge from time to time.This smell of rouge is somewhat similar to what I smelled on Bise before, and I can t be sure if Bise has been here before.

I just found it extremely disgusting, but fortunately, the Gu was not too strong, and it was taken away by Junli with a light pick, otherwise I really don t know how much trouble will happen.It s already the second day since Junli and Yunjing returned to Kunming.I was so biolyfe cbd gummies price tired from traveling and working in the underground palace these days, and I lay on the bed for three full days before regaining my vitality.But the more it is like this, the more strange I am, that Ling Shun willingly let me take away the beauty picture Don t come to pick things up And this picture of beauties has seven volumes in total, and now I have five volumes in my hand, super cbd gummies for hair loss cbd gummies austin tx that is to say, I still have two volumes, can I gather biolyfe cbd gummies price cbd chill gummies all the pictures of beauties and restore my memory Thinking of this, it is inevitable that I still have some differences, and vegan gummy production cbd I am afraid that something will go wrong during this period, and some mistakes will appear.

Li quietly waited for Junli to come back.When Junli came home, it was already eight or nine o clock in the evening.When he came back, there was only one person, Yunjing didn t follow behind him, and he didn t know where he went.But when Junli came back, he saw that I was gloomy, sitting in the living room like a statue, I was a little surprised that I didn t even turn on the lights, so he turned on the lights and asked me if something happened I asked Junli Do you still remember that after you were plotted against me, we had a child After Junli HCMUSSH biolyfe cbd gummies price heard this, his whole body trembled, his eyes widened and his brows tightened and he asked me, Why Already I told Junli about Xue Po, including the anonymous text message just now, and Junli asked me to give him my mobile phone after hearing this, and then directly dialed the anonymous number.

White, melon seeded face or long face, concave cheeks, slender legs, thin body, a tear mole under the corner of the eye, easy to be emotionally hurt.In addition to the Teng Snake, she should be a more enchanting person in youth.After finishing this After that, Yun Jing added Why do I feel that this woman s face is so familiar, have I seen it for her Afterwards, Yun Jing s eyes widened suddenly, and he asked me Could it be I nodded softly and sighed.Yunjing s situation and hexagram images are the same as mine.But even so, I still don t want to believe that the person who stole the blood amber is the blood girl.What if someone has ulterior motives and uses the blood girl as 3 chi cbd gummies a shield to attract our attention Involuntarily, Yunjing and I focused our eyes on Junli again, but at this time, Junli, although his whole body was gloomy and terrifying, and his eyes still showed a bit of hostility, he restrained his whole body to the lowest level.

I don t know why, but after Junli appeared, although I was anxious, I was much more stable than before.It seems that, no matter how dangerous it is, as long as Junli appears, he can give me a sense of security and let me know that he is by my side.The car drove slowly on the road for a long time, and I asked several questions on the road, but all I got was silence.Even Yun Jing, who is usually very chatty and talkative, fell silent at this time, until the sound of the brakes sounded, Yun Jing took the initiative to biolyfe cbd gummies price talk to me.Chapter 254 The ship super cbd gummies for hair loss cbd gummies austin tx Here we come.Yun Jing said lightly.I quickly looked out the window, only to see that Junli where to get cbd gummies or oil in tampa s car had already driven to the suburbs, and the surrounding was dark without even review pure kana cbd gummies a street light.And the surrounding area is empty, not to mention the buildings, not even a small wooden house, it is almost directly opened to the wilderness Junli opens the car door.

He got out of the car directly, and asked Yun Jing and I to keep up with him while getting out of the car.But at the same time as the three of us got off the bus.A burst of cell phone ringing pierced the air, I quickly turned on the cell phone, only to find another text message from the anonymous number.He told us to keep going.Go through the grove in front of you and come to a river, there will be a boat there, let us get on the boat.When I saw the text message, I quickly showed Junli and Yunjing the phone, and then asked a little nervously, What should I do Follow what he said.Change.He took me by the hand and walked into the forest ahead.And Yunjing turned on the flashlight and walked in front of us, telling us to be careful.It is said that this forest is somewhat evil.What Yun Jing said was true.

I turned my head subconsciously, but saw the black dragon rushing towards Junli Going to the screen I was a little nervous when I saw it, and I biolyfe cbd gummies price cbd chill gummies wanted to turn around, but Yunjing grabbed me hard.Then he seemed very reluctant, took out a small wooden sign from his pocket, and muttered softly I m really defeated Here it is The moment the voice fell, Yun Jing suddenly crushed the wooden sign, and the moment he crushed it, the speed at which he pulled me away was more than a few times faster, and in an instant, he pulled me away from the snakes , I was relieved until I got to a safe place, but looking at the strange barrenness aside, I still couldn t help asking Yunjing What is this place Yunjing said he didn t know, and then asked me to Take out your phone to see if that anonymous number has sent me a text message.

There is no light shining on it, but the refracted light is more beautiful biolyfe cbd gummies price than the light I have ever seen in my life.And no matter how I searched, I couldn t find where the point where the light came from.The karst caves are exquisite and unique, plus the forests we passed by, the coast we drove, the dragons we met, and a series of encounters, all of which are interlocking and indispensable.In a short period of time, it is impossible to plan such a big one.frame It is enough to show how well the people behind the scenes have planned But until Junli and Yunjing, I biolyfe cbd gummies price cbd chill gummies almost walked all over the cave, but still didn t see the person behind the scenes.I quickly took out my mobile phone and was about to send a text message to this anonymous number, but I received a text message from him.Xuepo is in this cave, go find it yourself At the end, I don t forget to add the word Come on Chapter 259 Traitor I don t know why, the more I look at his tone of voice and his manner of biolyfe cbd gummies price cbd chill gummies doing things, the more I feel that he is somewhat similar to Gu Yicheng, and it seems that the person behind the scenes who plots against us is planning to come out What do you think.

But still stood by my side.I closed my eyes, my heart was very blocked, as if super cbd gummies for hair loss cbd gummies austin tx being dragged by something forcefully, accompanied by a bit of pain.Actually, this bloody woman is not bad.Yun Jing s voice suddenly came from next to his ear, his tone was very soft, but with a bit of admiration.Sighing lightly, I was the first to turn around.Walking towards the outside of the cave, but the hand that was placed in the dark was holding on for longer and longer It s best not to let me know who the person who designs me behind the scenes is.otherwise.Don t let Junli and Yunjing do anything, I ll take it to pieces Leaving the hole, I saw that the box that was placed on the bluestone board was still there, but the snake gall in the box had disappeared.I turned around lightly, glanced at Junli and Yunjing, and asked them Who is the person who designed me say.

He pure kana cbd gummies biolyfe cbd gummies price twitched the corners of his mouth, smacked a sarcasm smile, and said to himself It seems that Gu Yicheng and I really did nothing wrong in cooperating.It stopped for a while, and I didn t see anyone wandering in front of me.Even Gu Yicheng, who said he would call me the next day, lost his sequence.It wasn t until Qin Zheng called me that he had found out about the Songzi Niangniang Temple, that there was a small wave of waves.Qin Zheng gave me a lot of information about the Songzi Niangniang Temple, and I couldn t explain it clearly on the phone for a while, so I made an appointment with him in a coffee shop.After arriving, Qin Zheng handed over a stack of information to me.hand.When I saw that there were so many materials, there were some discrepancies at once, and I asked, What are these He replied, I ll help you record all the legends about the Temple of the Son of God on Changbai Mountain for you.

For a while, Bi Se couldn t figure out my trump card, and even yelled He said Wait.Then he looked at me suspiciously and said, You really dare to go down I know.In their eyes, I must be a timid and timid person.Even though Huo Yan was reincarnated, I didn t have the majesty left behind by Huo Yan.So it s normal for her to ask me this way.But it s precisely because the me now is so different from before, it s like a natural barrier has been directly plated on me.As long as I don t expose it, no one can figure it out.I ignored Bi Se, but took out the picture of beauty I was carrying with me from my backpack, held it tightly in my hand, and walked towards the darkness with the flashlight on.Why Master is being used, I really want to know.I also want to know why I know such a weird and evil mother in law.

After the burning, he helped pick up the ashes with little patience and put them in a box for me.Fortunately, the carry on backpack I brought was big enough, and it was quite empty, cbd gummies austin tx cheef cbd gummies so it would be no problem to put an urn there.It wasn t until I put the urn away that the three of us continued to walk in oh no, it was a group of four, and Bi Se, who was pulled by Yunjing and tied with a rope here we are Buddha Hall, we just stopped, the three of us looked at each other, then Jun Li asked me and Yun Jing to sit in place and wait for him, don t move, he went up to have a look.Junli walked around here very carefully, and then paused for a few seconds on the corpse of the empress, squatting down, not knowing what he was doing, and then walked to the coffin where the master had previously cheated the corpse.

After all this was done, Yun Jing spoke again, with a somewhat oppressive tone, making it difficult to breathe.I didn t want to force you, but it seems that we still hazel heels cbd gummies have to start.As soon as he finished speaking, there was a sudden bang from the crowd, as if someone had fallen to the ground.Modal blood.The moment the sound sounded, the crowd suddenly stepped aside consciously, revealing the position of the person who fell to the ground, and at this moment, two or three sounds of falling to the ground sounded again.Yun Jing stepped forward lightly, took a closer look at the four people who died suddenly, and looked at the situation in his hands, and suddenly smiled faintly.Smiling, he said to the crowd again It seems that you are unwilling to come out But that s okay, I want to see what kind of person who can give Ling Shun and Gu Yiyun a heart to heart look like.

And when the four worms fell into their mouths, seeing their disgusting faces turned blue and wanted to spit it out, the worms seemed to have spirituality, and pure kana cbd gummies biolyfe cbd gummies price burrowed directly into their throats.In an instant, the faces of these four people fused, and in the next second, they all lost their arrogance in pain, and the four of them rolled on the ground together.But we outsiders looked at it, but we didn t know what the bug was doing in their stomachs.We could only tell from their expressions that they seemed to be in great pain.I looked at their appearance, then looked at the yellow talisman in my hand, and was about to ask Yun Jing, what is this yellow talisman used for But I see The four of them started to use their hands in pain, and kept scratching all over their bodies.They even tore a hole in the coat they were wearing, and the flesh and blood on their bodies was deeply embedded between their fingers.

He asked me if I could guarantee the safety of the villagers.Obviously, I thought that I wanted to use the villagers in the village as guinea pigs.What history clips.I shook my head and said to the village chief Don t worry, with the four of us here, the villagers in the village will naturally have no problems, and the reason why I think it s a good formation here is naturally because of me.Reasonable.How about this, when Daoist Master Qingjingzi and I go to find Shisha, I will let him stay here to protect the villagers, what do you think While speaking, I pointed at Junli, who was still in the same state.There was no expression on his face, but he nodded, agreeing.After listening to my words, the village chief also turned his gaze to Junli s position, and looked Junli up and down.He didn t know whether Junli was born with a kind of arrogance that made people submit, or whether Junli s silence made people feel biolyfe cbd gummies price cbd chill gummies deep.

But we are in the open, and they are in the dark.If they want to stab us in the back, or do something, it is very easy.After returning to my aunt s house, I told them all about Chasing Shisha and what happened in front of Chen Fugui s grave.After hearing this, they couldn t help frowning, and Qingjingzi even asked Now What should I do When he asked this question, his eyes were on Junli, obviously under such circumstances, only what Junli said could be convincing.But Junli said with a half smile Wait.Then he stopped talking.And Qingjingzi and Suxiu had no reason to stay in our room, they looked at Junli, then at me, and went back to their room.To be biolyfe cbd gummies price honest, this village is so weird, the longer I stay here, the more pressure I get, and the more I want to leave this village, but the more mysteries in the village become more and more trapped, so many that it seems to me that I am only one step away.

Is it really the Su embroidery I know When I saw this scene, I was a little excited and almost rushed forward, but Junli s reaction was very fast, the moment there was a little movement on my body, he directly held me down.When he was holding me down, he wrapped his whole body around my breath and lowered it to the lowest level.If he hadn t walked in front of us, it would be difficult to find out.There are still two people squatting here, right Why don t you say it Su Xiu s voice suddenly sounded, not loud, very familiar, but extremely eerie The young man s eyes were obviously full of fear, but also had a bit of backbone.I don t know if it s because Su Xiu and the others have done too much, and his bones have become proud, or because Junli promised him before that he would To save his life, I saw that he shook his head in addition to shaking his head, and a few traces biolyfe cbd gummies price of sarcasm were outlined at the corners of his mouth.

When Yunjing saw her, he slipped a black silk from his sleeve and wrapped the two of them together.It was tied the biolyfe cbd gummies price cbd chill gummies same as Bise, and then Yunjing took another silk thread to string together Bise, Suzhou embroidery, and Qingjingzi, can dogs have cbd gummies for anxiety biolyfe cbd gummies price and said to me Aren t you going I glanced at Yun differently.Jing, asked him Where are you going The moment Gu Yicheng left, Junli also moved, pulling me to follow behind, not forgetting to turn around and patiently appease the young man who was already looking stupid It seems that I told you before A week to return your village to tranquility will be advanced.After saying this, before the young man could respond, he had already walked out of the village chief s house, leaving the young man in a daze.Whether the dragon vein is close or far is not far from here.After bumping and bumping all the way, it can be regarded as reaching the dragon s head.

I was caught off guard, and a mouthful of blood suddenly Just squirt from the mouth.Giggle giggle.A sharp laugh came from the mouth of this corpse.I just got up from the ground, but she suddenly threw me on me, and the whole person was pressed on my body.Looking at my face, those blank eyes were facing me.And diamond cbd gummies with thc the fangs in her mouth, at this moment, rose rapidly in her mouth at a speed visible to the naked eye A foul smell burst out of her mouth suddenly, I felt a little disgusted for a moment, and wanted to push Open, but she hugged me even tighter, that big mouth with long fangs kept stretching towards my neck, it seems that as long as there is a chance, I will be sucked dry by her I really thought too much, thinking that she would run away as soon as she left the prison, but instead of running away, she even attacked in my direction I kept struggling, and put my hands against her chin, but the nails in her hands were too long, and they easily scratched my skin, and bursts of corpse poison suddenly spread from the wound into my whole body Is this fucking Xiao Jue trying to trick me Asking me to deal with the corpse of my previous life, and asking me to refine her, is this trying to push me into the fire pit Involuntarily, I gritted my teeth fiercely, and burst out with a burst of force, which biolyfe cbd gummies price cbd chill gummies knocked her corpse lying on top of me into the air, and then I got up from the ground abruptly, with both hands planning to deal with this corpse Yun Jing and Gu Yicheng, at this moment, came into my sight from the corner of my eye Chapter 302 I am a mischievous face, who are you The moment I saw Yunjing Gu Yicheng, I turned my head suddenly, only to see that they were tied up by Ling Shun and Bise at this time, and they were tied by Yunjing and HCMUSSH biolyfe cbd gummies price Qingjingzi before.

Not even in contact with anyone.You must know that generally, women who have been contaminated by the wind and dust will either creekside pharmacy cbd gummies choose to biolyfe cbd gummies price marry in another place incognito when they are old, or they will leave this place of right and wrong far away.But even after listening to this, I still feel a little puzzled, because the cloud scene is talking about it.Not at all on the topic Involuntarily, I frowned, and asked him China is so big, there are so many places where people have died, and there are so many inexplicable places, even if these bosses lived in Yin er s yard once, and Yin er s hand was in his hands before he disappeared.The painting I m holding is very likely to be a picture of a beauty, so what As soon as I asked this question, Yun Jing shook his head meaningfully and said, You ll know if you go there This sentence is obviously telling me that he didn t intend to explain it too HCMUSSH biolyfe cbd gummies price clearly to me, but after I heard it, I still couldn t help but roll my eyes, and I knew such a simple truth after I went, would I still not understand And I understand better.

But it was suppressed by unknown reasons After this incident was suppressed, even more weird things happened.Those women who lived in this yard before and were afraid of not being able to do so agreed to continue to live in one after another.In this yard, and have lived in it for many years, so that until now, I still biolyfe cbd gummies price live in that yard and have not moved away.But after such a commotion, everyone in the Rouge Hutong knew that the courtyard was haunted, and no one dared to approach it.Even these women who lived in Yanzhi Hutong were regarded as ghosts.People hide It s almost clear at this point, but the boss has said everything about Yin er, but he hasn t said it for a long time.He put so many yellow symbols in the room to guard against Yin er, why are you guarding against Yin er After all, isn t this noise only happening in the yard When I asked this question, the boss obviously didn t want to say it, but he couldn t stand Yunjing s coercion and temptation until the end, and he was forced to ask it out.

The more it can destroy the bottom line in people s hearts, finally the boss couldn t help it anymore, sighed, and said, What do you want to know Junli and Yunjing didn t speak, and turned their eyes to me, meaning Obviously, they want me to chat with the boss.Involuntarily, I asked him, What s the matter, aren t you afraid that the wall has ears Do you dare to talk about Yin er at this breakfast stall My voice was a little loud, and the big passers by all turned their heads to look at us, especially Mr.The bosses of the breakfast restaurant stopped what they were doing and raised their heads.I glanced suspiciously at the owner of the breakfast stall, then looked away.But this boss was asked by me.His face was embarrassing.It seems that he wants to stand up and take us into the antique shop to chat about Yin er, but he doesn t seem to know how to speak.

Anyone will find it very strange, let alone someone who is particularly wary I saw that the old woman had a strange look on her face, but she didn t speak, but took a close look at the three of us, and asked us What s the matter with you All the eyes were talking nonsense Grandma, do you remember the last time my partner and I got separated and came to answer your phone call I don t know if this sentence seems to have worked, but the old lady s complexion suddenly calmed down.At least, he said lightly I remember.Then, Yun Jing said Although I couldn t contact my friends when I came to your house to borrow the phone number, I still found them later.After I found them, I always wanted to come and thank you, But biolyfe cbd gummies price we haven t been able to come to Yanzhi Hutong again, this time we come Before Yunjing can dogs have cbd gummies for anxiety biolyfe cbd gummies price could finish his polite words, the old lady interrupted and asked Yunjing, Are you here to thank me There is no need to say thank you.

The person in front of him The old lady s words were quite blunt, obviously she didn t want to have too much contact with the three of us, if it wasn t for being polite, she might have kicked them out directly.But Yunjing, who can be dismissed so easily Immediately stepped forward, seeing that the old woman almost didn t cry, she held back her tears and said, Old woman, to tell you the truth, we wanted to thank you, but our money was stolen, and we have no relatives or reasons in Beijing., I only thought of you Seeing Yun Jing s exaggerated acting skills, not only me, but even Jun Li was speechless, if there was a trophy in front of me, I would definitely give Yun Jing the Best Actor Award.You guys should go to the police, it s useless to go to me.Wai Niao said.Obviously, this old lady didn t like Yunjing s set at all, and she directly rejected us, and the atmosphere on her face suddenly became a lot colder.

As soon as I saw this extremely pale face, the vermilion like lips, and the convex and convex cheongsam, it was not the other junli and I met who lived in the yard a few days ago Fengchen girl , Granny Su said the more mysterious woman whose stage name is Tong Xin If the person is a young girl in her twenties named Tong Xin, I can still call her out, but for such an old man in her seventies, I really can t associate her with this name.go.Who are you As soon as Tong Xin came in, her tone was a little harsh, even unfriendly, and she didn t treat herself as an outsider, so she moved a stool smilz cbd gummies quit smoking reviews and sat beside Granny Su, narrowing her eyes slightly, not too friendly.In fact, if Grandma Su didn t say anything, I would also feel that the old lady in front of me is the most mysterious one who lives in this courtyard, not for anything else, just because of the fact that she opened the door and waited for the sound that night.

I didn t realize that there seems to be a behind the scenes pusher behind everything and everything, pushing me forward, and it seems still pushing me into a big pit, an endless abyss Thinking of this, the thoughts in my mind suddenly became chaotic.I took a deep breath and asked Yun Jing You and Junli, do you know my grandma and master Do you know where they came from Yun Jing shook his head when he heard this.He shook his head, said he didn t understand, and mocked me Could it be that you are suspected of your grandma and master I held my breath and didn t speak.The strange thing is that the master said The sentence I ve said the most, don t trust the people around me, keeps circling in my mind, disrupting my whole thoughts.But at this moment, my feet were suddenly empty, as if being hugged by someone, a very pleasant smell of ink came to my nostrils, I turned around suddenly, only to see Junli s iceberg face Just right behind me.

Coquettish, but also with endless attractiveness.But her beauty had been covered by a shell before, and it was not until after her death that she revealed her original super cbd gummies for hair loss cbd gummies austin tx appearance.Both the picture of a beautiful woman and this ancient lamp were placed in my hand, I was a little dazed for a while, staring blankly at these two things in my hand, a little at a loss.But Yun Jing spoke lightly biolyfe cbd gummies price at this moment, and asked me Xiao Xiao, are you an idiot What are you looking at No, some people don t know how to transcend Yin er It s not that they haven t transcended ghosts before, but Yin er is full of yin.Almost all of them are directly connected to the Yin Division, and they are so thick that they exist like a ghost king.I really have nothing to save her Suddenly, I took a deep breath secretly, and took a very serious look at Yin er.

This time it has something to do with grandma, so Huang Pizi appeared collectively And seeing the way Junli hugged the white haired and yellow skinned children, he seemed to be very familiar with this group of yellow skinned children, biolyfe cbd gummies price cbd chill gummies I even felt that Junli s vigilance in the room was all pretending to show me.He must be planning something, and he was afraid that I would accidentally leak it, so fortunately he kept me in the dark, and told me when he arranged everything Yin er and I stood in the same place, and both of them looked nervously at the dense yellow skin around them.After a long pause, Yin er turned her head, as if she wanted to see if she could find a way to escape, but she was turning around.The moment he turned his head, his whole face froze, and his whole body trembled uncontrollably.

It is as strange as it is to match my petite body.Fortunately, Yunjing s emotions were imprisoned on his own face, so he didn t have time to laugh at me, otherwise it wasn t me laughing at HCMUSSH biolyfe cbd gummies price Yunjing just now, but he mocked me to death Sighing, she came out of the toilet, only to see Yun Jing sitting there with a gloomy face, carefully raising her head to look at Jun Li secretly.And Junli didn t look at Yunjing at all, but turned his gaze to my position, saw me coming out of the toilet, and waved to me to let me pass.After I passed by, Junli also issued an ID card to each of us.I was very curious about how Junli got these three faces before, but now he can still show his ID card, I turned my curiosity into shock One couldn t hold back, so I asked Junli directly How did you get HCMUSSH biolyfe cbd gummies price this face Junli was silent and didn t answer me.

, I just can t sit still He wanted to ask Junli, but when he opened his mouth, he pointed at Yunjing and asked him, How long do we have to stay here Ling Shun pretended to close his eyes and didn t answer me.That expression is simply unbearable He didn t answer me, so naturally I could only ask Junli, but damn it, just when I was about to ask Junli, Yun Jing, a bitch, said quietly, How do I know I m not a biolyfe cbd gummies price god.When I heard his words, I snorted coldly and clenched my fists so hard that I almost beat Yun Jing up.But the days of waiting are really unbearable.A week has passed in a blink of an eye.My fierce fighting spirit has been turned into a puddle of spring water.There is still biolyfe cbd gummies price not a single feather in this yard.I am so anxious biolyfe cbd gummies price that I want to smash it something.Yun Jing on the side saw me, and taunted me twice Xiao shark tank green ape cbd gummies Xiao, I really didn t mean you, it s just that you have a bad temper and want to sit on the sidelines and play tricks with others, so you can do it when you walk by the river.

My hands and feet were trembling, and my teeth were chattering constantly, but the closer I got to the beauty picture, the lower the surrounding air became.Seeing that I had walked more than half the distance, the pores all over my body stood up in a daze.Chu Lianqiao who was standing outside saw me, and shouted to me Can you do it I ll come if you can I ignored him, but gritted my teeth and continued to walk forward until I was standing Standing in front of this bronze tripod, and seeing that my hand was about to touch the picture of a beauty, a sharp smile suddenly came from my ear.Hahahahaha.As soon as I heard the laughter, I was caught off guard and shuddered suddenly.I was about to turn around, but the moment I raised my head, I saw a figure appearing in front of me.This figure is so dark, isn t it Yin er who was taken away by the old man The moment I saw Yin er, I just paused, and then I stretched out my hand suddenly to hold the picture of the beauty floating on the bronze tripod, but Yin er s movements were surprisingly fast, obviously she was far away from the bronze tripod, But in an instant, she appeared directly in front of me, and the moment I held my hand on the beauty picture, she also held it.

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