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Han Chaoyang picked up the Civil Servant Law and looked through it with his head drooping.Read Article 53 Civil servants must abide by discipline and must not have the following behaviors Fourteen, brackets, engage in or participate in profit making activities, and hold concurrent positions in enterprises or cbd for sleep gummy other profit making organizations.I can t even read a legal clause, and I still have parentheses.What a mess, can such a person be a policeman The director became more and more enraged, and threw a red headed document from the city bureau, Reread this again It is strictly forbidden for the police to sing in public entertainment venues.It is strictly forbidden for the police to take a bath in the public bathroom and enter the private room.Those who really need massage and health care should do so in the business hall.

You should keep an eye on the snake first.By the way, has anyone seen this snake before Snake, is it raised by the owner of the community Okay, hurry up, it will be even harder to catch if it runs away.Comrade police, we have never seen it before, but you are right, how could a snake climb so high, how could Yanyang have Such a big snake must be kept HCMUSSH cbd for sleep gummy as a pet by people.It s not good to keep any kind of pet, if you have to keep a snake, who is so immoral, what should you do if the snake comes out and bites people Is it worth biting People are scared to death The fire brigade will take a while to arrive, Han Chaoyang and Lao Xu briefly divided the work, Lao Xu is in charge of monitoring the big snake entrenched in Room 1102, Han Chaoyang is in charge of solving the case , and is responsible for visiting and inquiring about the snake.

Although Chaoyang Community is not as rich as Chaoyang Village, Chaoyang Community is a real grassroots organization.He is a community worker, and is responsible for where can i get cbd gummy bears do you need a license to buy cbd gummies comprehensive governance, population management, and civil mediation.According to the requirements of the District Political and Legal Committee and the District Comprehensive Management Office, the village must form a voluntary joint defense team, and the community must also form a voluntary public security joint defense team.You can find Director Su later, even if you can t form a joint defense team without the corresponding funds, you must try to get her to arrange two people.After that, look for the security department of Factory 527 cbd gummies milwaukee and the Dongming New Village property.If there are two people in one family, there will be a public security team As long as there are people, they can thoroughly check the foreign population in the jurisdiction.

I stopped her.I got a three wheeler and followed her to see where she was going and who she was going to see.After leaving the property office of Dongming Community and just arriving at the gate of the police station, Xu Hongliang called.Now chasing may not be able to catch up, Han Chaoyang weighed it, and cbd for sleep gummy said in a low voice You follow first, if she contacts or trades with someone, she will contact or trade with that person.As for her, if she can run away, the monk can t run away from the temple., Make sure she s back and call again, and ask Lao Xu to go to the community to watch. That s fine, I ll check the situation HCMUSSH cbd for sleep gummy first, if it s just a transaction, and the contact is just someone who bought a fake certificate, I ll call you, and then you Come here to collect the evidence.That s it, I ll go to the small shop that collects and delivers the courier and see what she sent.

Why don t we find a place where we can hold a celebration banquet for ourselves Although Liu Suo still doesn t like him, the attitudes of the trainers and masters have obviously changed.Even Lao Tao and the policeman on duty, Lao Jiang, spoke differently at night.Han Chaoyang is really happy and has a sense of accomplishment tonight, and smiled happily.Okay, I ll treat you tonight Chapter 34 Don t kill or bury Morning boss Morning, Officer Han, you didn t leave last night, Officer Han My dormitory is in the police department.Where can I go if I don t live here.A new day, a new beginning.I thought I would follow the original arrangement and arrive at the institute at 8 00 a.m.for a 24 hour shift.As a result, as soon as I woke up, the duty room called and asked me not to go.It s not that there are enough people in the office.

If so, we will work hard to get it.Great, thank you Su Director.Thank you, this is also the job of our neighborhood committee.At the same time, Guan Xiyuan, who had only slept for two hours after staying up at 5 o clock cbd for sleep gummy in full spectrum cbd gummy recipe the morning, was called up to go to work, carrying a phone from the kitchen.He yawned and walked into the office with two steamed buns.The interrogation is still going on in several offices of the case handling team, and Wu Weigang took a break to eat.There is only a kitchen and no canteen in the institute.It is not good to bring food to the duty room to eat during how many mg of cbd gummies working hours, and I am too lazy to go upstairs to the dormitory to eat, so I simply follow up with the community team office.Old Wu, have you been doing it all this time Not only me, but my master and the rest are still awake.

More than 30 people lined up neatly.In contrast, the law enforcement team members and coordinators of the Street Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade are really not enough.This is the stability health gold cbd gummies maintenance force of the street As the immediate boss of the voluntary security patrol team, Director Cai of the what is the best cbd gummy bears for pain Comprehensive Management Office was very satisfied, looked at each other with the two deputy leaders of the working group and Director Su, and ordered Comrades, act according to the plan and set off Yes Following the leader s order, the team members and cadres of the working group immediately walked as planned, and some got into the car.The large troops rushed out, the police lights flashed, and Director Su, who also put on the special police training uniform, was full of emotion and couldn t help it.

I have only been working for a few days, and I have a strong sense of anti reconnaissance , please find out where this is, what kind of inquiry is being made, and think about it for yourself, for no reason we can ask you to find out about the situation, can we bring you here Wow, I really think I am the black sheep Han Chaoyang wanted to laugh, but didn t dare to.The police must abide by laws, regulations and procedures when handling a case.If they have evidence, they will be arrested.If there is no evidence, they must be released.Although the internal investigations of the police by the Disciplinary Committee and the inspectors have the same procedures, you can t do anything even if you don t follow the procedures.Are you really going to sue them, unless you don t want to mess around in the branch.

I can order takeaway.I ll search later and find the one with the highest rating.Speaking of ordering takeaway with his mobile phone, Gu Guoli sighed It s good to be young, and you can use everything.You can buy it on your mobile phone.Airline tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, buying movie tickets on mobile phones, and even buying meals on mobile phones, as long as you encounter things in life, it seems that you can t do it without mobile phones. Master, it s actually very simple.Download a few apps on your phone, and make sure you use it once or twice.Forget it, HCMUSSH cbd for sleep gummy I m getting older and have a bad memory, and I can t remember so many passwords The master and apprentice talked and laughed, unconsciously.Arrive at the neighborhood committee compound.The yard is very lively, with a small truck and an engineering vehicle parked.

It is not so easy for the housing management department to issue a fine for the behavior of not filing and registering a rental house.The construction are cbd gummies effective for anxiety unit that can undertake government projects has no background.It is also difficult for the environmental protection department to investigate and deal with this kind of construction that disturbs the people.It is conceivable that the boss is not afraid of environmental protection at all.Honestly, the migrant workers under cbd for sleep gummy him can only be beaten, not beaten, and he will not be afraid of the police either.This matter is very difficult, Han Chaoyang sympathizes with what happened to the brother, and also wants to arrange two team members to go to the scene to help the brother guard.But I can only think about it, not to mention that the patrol team is voluntary, even if it is not voluntary, it is impossible to help Xinyuan Street.

Chapter 118 Go to Han Chaoyang After summer, the temperature will be higher every time it rains.The streets and alleys of Yangguan Village, which were still wet in the morning, were scorched dry by the scorching sun at noon.There was no wind at all, and the branches and leaves on the treetops were motionless.In the bustling middle street in the morning and evening, few people could be seen, only the cicadas screaming desperately on the trees, and the external air conditioners hanging outside the cbd for sleep gummy houses were humming.Xu Hongliang had been running all morning, so he thought he could rest for a while after eating.Unexpectedly, as soon as he put down the bowls and chopsticks, Wu Wei proposed to continue the visit.People had to bow their heads under the eaves.The leader asked him to assist him in the visit today, so he had to bite the bullet and keep up.

What surprised Liang Dongsheng was that Qiao Xianhong went out to avoid debts at the do you need a license to buy cbd gummies total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews end of last year.Zhang Qiuyan had been with Qiao Xianhong several times after he disappeared and lost contact.Each time, he chatted with Ji Zhaojun for a long time.Mentioned the matter of her husband going out to avoid debts, and Ji Zhaojun didn t find anything wrong with her, unlike a person whose husband ran away and his mother and daughter depended on each other.It seems that there is no gain, but in fact there is a gain, and the gain is very large.Liang Dongsheng could almost conclude that Zhang Qiuyan was not as simple as the villagers described, she must know something.Liang Dongsheng weighed things up a bit, and said bluntly Comrade Ji Zhaojun, you must have guessed that I came for Zhang smilz cbd gummies side effects Qiuyan.A few nights ago, she was killed at home with her child, and the scene was horrific.

His family shared 7 bungalows available for rent, and they have been rented out to others after they were built.But two months before Qiao Xianhong disappeared, Suddenly he stopped renting under the pretext of renovations, and asked the tenants who rented his house to move out.After he disappeared and lost contact, Zhang Qiuyan used the excuse that her husband was not at home and was afraid of being gossiped.It s a big doubt whether you have money or not.Deputy cbd for sleep gummy Director Feng added Whether this huge sum HCMUSSH cbd for sleep gummy of money was found in cbd for sleep gummy Qiao Xianhong s renovated house or in the house he rented out to others, everything that happened after that It all shows that there is a problem with this huge sum of money itself, and we can conclude that there is a case in the case Whether it is drug money or other illegal and criminal proceeds, I can t think of it now.

Speak and come Han Chaoyang was caught off guard and subconsciously asked, Dad, isn t he coming How can he get away They are busy now.They go to the village during the day and go back to work to sing do you need a license to buy cbd gummies total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews at night.The leader sneaked back tonight.Mom, you haven t traveled far, so I don t worry about you coming alone.Don t change cars, why worry Besides, Feng Xiaojie is my student and knows I m motion sick.He said let me sit in the front, the first row In Linshan Town, anyone under the age of 35, as long as they have attended junior high school, there are a few students who are not her students.There is really nothing to worry about along the way.Han Chaoyang doesn t know why he still doesn t want where can i get cbd gummy bears do you need a license to buy cbd gummies his mother to come.After thinking about it, he said Mom, this is buying a house.You have to look at it first.

People spend money on their parents when they go to college.Qian, you go to college to make money, if I knew I would also apply for the Conservatory of Music Although the score line for applying for the Conservatory of Music is not very high, you must have a foundation and a skill.Since I was 8 years old, my mother forced me cbd for sleep gummy cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction to learn from Teacher Yang who lives next door.Qin, after more than ten years of learning and practicing for more than ten years, it is similar to learning a craft, and it is not too early to start making money in college.He grew up in a teacher s family and was trained to be versatile since he was a child.I can t be envious.Yu Zhenchuan was about to say that he had no music talent, when a beautiful figure opened the glass door and walked into the police room, leaning on the police station and asked, Officer Han, are you here, are you busy It turned out to be Zhang Beibei, what are you doing here , and look for Han Chaoyang as soon as he arrives.

Wearing red sleeves, red vests, and holding small red flags, it is very interesting to think about it.We There are also red sleeves, and I will find one for you later.Chapter 147 Leniency for Confessions 1 Don t look at Huang Ying posting delicacies in Moments every now and then, but those are the treats of Tang Xiaoxuan and Xun Shihan, two rich people.Not only are they not particular about what they eat, but it is also very simple.She works in the Finance Office, and she is also a girl.The leaders of the unit take care of her, and she is not very busy at ordinary times.very busy.It s rare to get together once, and Su Xian won t go home at night, so of course they want to have a meal together.I didn t go to a big hotel or even a small restaurant for dinner.Instead, I bought two egg filled biscuits and two cups of milk tea in the alley of Huayuan Street Primary School.

Is there surveillance I can come to find you without surveillance You, Old Wu, let him blow it.Fatty realized that he was in serious trouble, stood up abruptly, pushed cbd for sleep gummy away the drunk driving tester handed over by the traffic police auxiliary policeman, waved his arms and roared What are you blowing I was driving, but I didn t drink HCMUSSH cbd for sleep gummy while driving.II drank it when I came back.I drank at my self supporting houseit s none of your business Walk around, this is my house, you are not welcome.Be honest, what are you yelling about Han Chaoyang snarled and winked.Gu Changsheng and Xiaoqian each held his arm and pushed him against the wall.He raised his arm and pointed at them and warned, Sit down.Sit down for me.The public security organs are handling the case.Please don t obstruct official duties.What obstructing official duties You are abusing your power.

Huang Ying took a sip of her drink, and then warned It s okay to yell outside, but you can t do it at home, and you can t eat at night.When my parents and my aunt heard it, they would embarrass me.Don t worry, my name is Yingying in front of them.How beautiful is this Han Zhaoyang found that he couldn t follow her train of thought, so he was addressing her However, she suddenly returned to the original topic, leaned over to look at the photos on her phone, and said with a smile, It s so beautiful, it s tailor made just for you.It s the best. Go buy it after eating. Don t buy it. Why Huang Ying could feel that he was really willing to buy it for herself, but she didn t want to spend his money, let alone wasted money.She clicked on the online shopping app on her mobile phone and said proudly There is the same model online, which is much cheaper than here.

Go to work soon, it s getting late.Guan Yuanyuan heard a few words when he entered the door, sat in front of him and asked with a smile, Wu Wei, are you sure you don t want to rest, are you sure you don t want to go home No I m going back, there s no one at home, and I m idle when I go back.The most lacking thing in the institute is people, Guan Yuanyuan weighed it up, held up his chopsticks and said, Since I m not going back, I ll arrange a task for you, Han Chaoyang s parents will come over this afternoon Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, he will go through the real estate transfer procedures with his parents.Only by living in peace and contentment, is this a big deal.We need to understand and support him, and granted him three days off.In this way, Lao Gu is the cbd gummies for hair regrowth only one left in the Chaoyang Community Police Department People, Lao Gu is old and in poor health, so he can t let the veteran comrades who are about to retire work day and night.

If you have these, you can take them out and talk to businesses and companies, so that you can promote them.This is performance, and you can talk to the boss.Even if the boss knows what they used to do, they won t feel so unlucky.You want to catch the show , he wants to crack the event , and want to achieve transformation and promote new ideas through the official activities.business purpose.No matter what the purpose is, he is the people in the jurisdiction after all.Han Chaoyang felt that he should help, and pondered Businessmen and enterprises are afraid of bad luck, and leaders leaders will feel uncomfortable if they know it.Otherwise, let s integrate resources, reorganize personnel, and build a civil society The band and a brass band will start rehearsing tomorrow night, practice a few pieces well, and then invite the leader to listen to it, and if the leader agrees, we will go.

I am Tonight s host, Shi Yujiang, welcomes all leaders, guests and friends After two days of rehearsal, Fan Xiaojing raised the microphone tacitly Good evening, comrades in arms I am tonight s Host Fan Xiaojing, thank you for coming.Tonight, let our hearts have wings, fly to the barracks, fly to our cutest people, and use our loud and clear singing to praise best cbd gummies available the motherland and the soldiers.Celebrate the founding of the army on August 1 Festival The coming August is brilliant because of the midsummer sunshine.The coming August is brilliant because of the music played in the army 88 years ago today, Nan The first gunshot of the uprising announced the birth of the Chinese People cbd gummies target s Liberation Army.The People s Army has grown from weak to strong, fought bloody battles, and repeatedly defeated powerful enemies.

The police department has so much work, because Xiao Binbin s affairs are almost becoming a charity foundation, and he has brought in all these troublesome errands in a daze.Never be troublesome in the future, never be troublesome in the future, never be troublesome in the future Important things are usually said three times.Han Chaoyang, who was so busy that he didn t even have time to talk who makes smilz cbd gummies cbd for sleep gummy about love, really regretted it.He didn t know how many times he secretly reminded himself on the way back.However, as soon as I arrived at the police office, after Chen Jie reminded me to go to the meeting room on the first floor of the neighborhood committee, my mood suddenly improved, and I felt that the world was really full of love.Chaoyang, you re finally back.Come, let s sit down and talk.Aunt Ye, this is I got them from home, and they haven t expired.

Avoid the rush hour of commuting and rush all the way to Yanghu Park at exactly five o clock in the afternoon.There are many units participating in the song meeting, but Huayuan Street is the most active, and it can be confirmed that it is the first to arrive.There are many people in the lakeside square, but they are all citizens and children watching the excitement.The big stage has been set up, and the square under the stage is filled with plastic chairs.It is divided into seven areas, A, B, C, D, E, F, and G, as on the tickets issued earlier.The stadium is similar to the stepped stands, and the entire venue can accommodate at least 5,000 spectators The lakeside square extends into the lake and is surrounded by water on three sides in the east, south and north.It is relatively far away from the east bank of Yanghu, an artificial lake, and relatively close best cbd gummies for pain 2021 cbd for sleep gummy to the green areas in the north and south.

The arrest has been approved.It is impossible for the superiors not to hold the leadership accountable for so many incidents.Liu Suo just took office this year, and it is definitely inappropriate to adjust Liu Suo, so the bureau took the best cbd gummies for pain 2021 cbd for sleep gummy instructors as the knife.How could this happen It can t be blamed You can only blame him for his bad luck.Guan Xiyuan was afraid that Han Chaoyang would be thinking wildly, so he pretended to be relaxed and said with a smile The trainer may not be very happy, but Xu Suo is happy, even your former master must thank you You.Police Chief cbd gummies cheap online Yang will take over from Xu Suo, and Xu Suo will take over from the trainer It seems to be the case, Lao Hu is very well informed, and he said that it should be close to ten.There are only so many positions in the grassroots police station, one radish and one hole , as soon as the instructor transfers other people, he can go on.

The old manager and I will go to the Longdao County Public Security Bureau next month to communicate, and we will go for half a month.Director Cai didn t say anything when he went back, but Huang Ying asked curiously, Where is Longdao County, is it far away Far, In the Northwest, it s estimated to take dozens of hours of train ride. How can I ask you to go there to communicate, it should be very cold over there, so you need to bring more clothes. Honey, I m going for half a month, so spend the time on the road You don t want to talk about anything else What do you want me to say, don t go Huang Ying asked back, and said with a sigh I really shouldn t talk to the police.Three days.Working overtime at both ends, going on business trips every now and then, tell me how you will live in the future.

It doesn t have to be equipped with all the instruments, as long as the voice parts are assembled first, it how much cbd in gummy bears can also cbd for sleep gummy be solved.The problem of lack of personnel with basic instrument performance.I know you have a way, talk about it, how to adapt to local conditions.In recent years, not only the country has attached importance to quality education, but parents have also attached importance to it.Students who can play the piano and violin should It s not difficult to recruit, so pianists and violinists don t need to worry about it.The viola is more troublesome, and few people learn it in primary and secondary schools.A lesser violinist how long do effects of cbd gummy last replaces the viola, which is often referred to as the three violas.Han Chaoyang touched his nose habitually, and talked eloquently If you have a harp but can t recruit students who can play the harp, you can only train yourself.

Captain He, so this case can be solved I can only say try my best, it s too late today, you ask the person concerned to come to our squadron tomorrow morning, we need to learn more about the situation, get a certificate, and file a case for investigation.It s fine if someone takes care of it, but I m afraid no one will be there because the case is not worth much Tube.Han Chaoyang thanked her again, hung up the phone and wrote an address to Pei Xiaozhen, after thinking about it, he left another phone number and asked her to take her phone to the Economic Investigation Brigade tomorrow.After dealing with a group of people calling the police to say goodbye to the security guard, continue to walk with his girlfriend, and continue to patrol while walking.Huang Ying looked back at the South Gate of PolyU just left, and couldn t help laughing Husband, your work is just a little cumbersome, but it s actually not difficult.

Where is the farthest Lijiayao is the furthest away.It takes half an hour to drive.We will go there tomorrow.Now the road is good, and it is more convenient to go to the village.Three years ago, there was no such a good road, and I could only drive a motorcycle.I fell down once while driving a motorcycle, and my bones were broken.Han Chaoyang thought to himself, not to mention the bad roads in the past, but I dare not drive on this good road now.It is all winding mountain roads, and there will be a sharp turn after a while.If one accidentally falls under the cliff, he will be smashed to pieces.Jiang Li doesn t know him Thinking about something, he introduced enthusiastically Because there are few people, there are not many police cases on our side, and sometimes we don t get together for a few days, but there are many jobs.

The train will kill other passengers. Water is so precious, if I don t wash it, I won t wash it, I ll keep it to smoke you. How dare you Han Da, I m Xiaobin, would you like to send you a few barrels of purified water Water I said, why are you people like this During the meal, I heard from the leaders of the institute that more than 40,000 farmers suffered from drought.Not only did the summer grain harvest fail, but the autumn grain harvest was probably not much better.They couldn t even recoup the investment in seeds and fertilizers.Now even domestic water is in short supply.In some disaster stricken villages, the villagers have to spend money to buy water outside, and the cadres in the county and township are all helping the disaster.You are lucky, you have no sympathy, and you actually talk sarcastic.

I thought there was no signal just like before, but unexpectedly, there is not only a signal but also a strong signal.It should be that the headquarters received a report of someone shooting here, and sent the emergency communication vehicle of the cbd for sleep gummy communication company to the vicinity.Han Chaoyang was ecstatic, and hurriedly dialed Jiang Li s police number.Jiang Li was cbd gummies positive for thc drug screen really frightened.In the middle of the night, he suddenly heard gunshots from the south.From the direction, he guessed that it should be not far from the mountain where Yanyang s colleagues were located.He hurriedly called Yanyang s colleagues, but he couldn t get through.It is not in the service area, and the headquarters can t lock the location through technical means.Cui Ju and instructor Hang were rushing to Tanjiagou, while he, Lu Gang and other armed police were divided into two groups, led by Uncle Yan and the little guy to search the mountains overnight.

Although there is only one bullet left in the gun, one bullet is enough to kill you., I saw that he had put down the gun and that he was bandaging his thigh before I did it.Injured by a wild boar Jiang Li subconsciously turned his head to look at Uncle Yan who was more interested in dead pigs.The comrade in arms also cared about him, so Han Chaoyang had to briefly introduce what happened again.He was lucky enough to go down the mountain and shit.After Lu Gang checked the fugitive s injuries, he got up and said with a smile, Brother Han, the fugitive s right leg and left foot were bitten by wild boars, but It s all flesh and blood wounds.The mess you patched up was rather ruthless.His arms were broken at a glance, not one, but two His head was broken, and a few ribs may be broken too.The escaped prisoner will not die You were beaten to death by a wild boar, but you were beaten to death by me How could Han Chaoyang not know that capturing alive is more meaningful than killing him He looked down at Feng Changdong who was still motionless, and said with a bitter face I didn t know where he put the gun at that time, so I didn t dare to return the phone to him.

The business is not so easy to run, the sky is still there It s so hot, these two students went home after running for a few days, they didn t want to do it, they didn t contact Zhu Youwei much after they got back, and I don t know where Zhu Youwei is.Old Zhu, have you ever been to the tobacco and alcohol wholesale business where your son works Yes, I went to the boss, and the boss said that he ran away after less than a month of work.He thought we were going to ask for wages., I didn t work for a full month, I didn t complete the basic tasks, I didn t pay my family Youwei s salary, and I don t know where Youwei has gone.Lao Zhu has a photo of his son in his phone, a young man with pimples on his face, He looks older than his actual age, and has strong genes, and is as tall as his father.Such an adult and a college student, what can happen.

So he should be a first time offender, Old Tang leaned over to look at Zhu Youwei who was busy filling up the ID card documents in the monitor, and pondered.He can make up nonsense, as long as it is nonsense, it will be full of loopholes.Ask carefully, interrogate carefully, and see how he justifies himself.When he can t make up, a showdown should be able to defeat his psychological defense in one fell swoop.That s what I think.Yan Bin from the Fourth Squadron of the Criminal Police of the Yanzhong Sub bureau said that the owner of the small restaurant that was stolen and his wife quarreled every day because of this incident.More than 20,000 yuan is not a small number for them.She moved her hands, best cbd gummies for pain 2021 cbd for sleep gummy cbd for sleep gummy cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction and the proprietress ran to the Fourth Squadron in a fit of anger, and asked the criminal police of the Fourth Squadron why they let him go when they knew he was a thief, and asked Yan Bin if he had taken the thief s favor.

It all relied on the analysis of the scene, making bold speculations about why the victim s body was buried in the sand, and carefully verifying it in his spare time.The result was really They got it right, the cbd for sleep gummy cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction gravel field on the south bank of the Beitai River was not the first site, nor was it the first site where the corpses were dumped.The reason why the victim s body was buried in the sand and was inadvertently taken to the petco cbd gummies high speed rail station project site, It s not just a coincidence, it s a prank that misled your investigation direction.The two suspects who transported the corpse to the South Bank sand and gravel field and buried it in the sand have been arrested and have just been taken to the South Bank sand and gravel field.Take it over.Sifting the sand is very important, in case there are clues in the sand, they can t always look at the suspect, and they can t lose the big because of small things.

The man on the other side who works with his men is also good, and his men treat you with the same same hatred.Those of your men It s okay, his subordinates are nothing more than that, to put it bluntly, they all have their own masters.Let me tell you which song you sing, how about harmony and wealth It has to be like this.He s gone too far.Mr.Hou, it s better to get rid of enemies than to end them, anyway, I don t think you can go on like this.Stop talking, you continue to eat, and I ll go out to do some errands.What are you going to do to settle accounts with Chang Mazi Han Chaoyang straightened his face, knocked on the table and said, Mr.Hou, if you bring people to your door like this, they will definitely call them too.If you don t do anything, it s just picking quarrels and provoking trouble.

So there are still models with vertical taillights Yes, but not many, I ll make a list, but it s not so cbd for sleep gummy cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction easy to borrow such a car, it s not that you can t borrow it, it s hard to see it at ordinary times.It s not a bad thing for us.Yes, the number of cars The less, the smaller the scope of investigation.Just wait, I will send you a WeChat message.After cbd for sleep gummy waiting for five or six minutes, Geng Da sent a WeChat message.Looking at the brand and model of the commercial vehicle on the mobile phone, Teng Jiming realized that there was no need for the suspect to identify him tonight, so he forwarded the vehicle information to a criminal policeman, and immediately turned around and said, Old Zheng, look at the WeChat I just sent you.Putting other things aside, you will be responsible for finding a car from now on, first go back and check if there are any 4S stores or dealers in the city that sell these types of commercial vehicles.

As long as Bureau Feng supports it, I cbd for sleep gummy will definitely be able to find it. OK, that s it Chapter 318 Nine days have passed for the research and judgment team, and Teng Jiming is at a loss.He has never encountered such a difficult case, and he knows nothing about the victim s actual performance after coming to Yanyang.He can only investigate his social life in his hometown.As a result, no valuable clues were found the victim s bank account had more than 100,000 deposits, which is a key suspicious point, but all of them were deposited by the victim at the counter or ATM without transfer information.The clues can t be checked anymore.Based on the victim s education, ability, and possible contacts in Yanyang, it is impossible to make so much money in a short period of time if he is engaged in a legitimate industry.

But what if I can t find it Han Chaoyang came to the third floor of Yuanfeng Hotel in such a disturbed mood.When he saw Gong Jinchuan, the deputy head of the criminal police of the High tech District Bureau who is also the deputy head of the cbd for sleep gummy special case team, frequently giving orders to best cbd gummies for pain 2021 cbd for sleep gummy the policemen who participated in the war to check cars, he felt very nervous.More nervous and apprehensive than before.Comrade Ying Hai, Luo Zhi helped us to coordinate, so you stay in the traffic control center and analyze and judge the photos captured at several intersections on the spot.Old Yan, do you need a license to buy cbd gummies total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews we are now racing against time, you must move quickly, there are not enough people Please help from the Beitai Police Station.Gong Da looked up at Han Chaoyang and the two, then shifted his gaze to the steel market outside the window, and continued holding his mobile phone The steel market is also visited and inquired.

The police from the Fourth Squadron of Criminal Police of the Gaoxin District Bureau just contacted you not long ago.You drove past Xianzhuang on the evening of the 15th.We are handling a case., I urgently need to check the video taken by your driving recorder at that time, did you take the car keys away The police had already called several times, and the owner of the car realized that the police were not investigating a small case, so he hurriedly said Officer Han, Sorry, I keep the car keys with me all the time, and it will take two or three days to finish the work here, and I really can t go back for a while. Do you have a spare key I have one, I gave it when I bought the car.Bought two, but that one has never been used, my wife put it away, why don t I call for you and see if she can find it.

The car stopped, the engine was still on, and he could clearly see him delivering a girl in her early twenties to the door under the headlights.The girl had long hair draped over her shoulders, with delicate features, beautiful and full of youthful vigor.Meng Wenjun trembled with anger, gripped the steering wheel tightly and gritted his teeth and said, Officer Han, don t let me destroy this video.This is evidence, evidence that he betrayed me and our family Sister in law, you Don t worry, even if there is evidence we need in the video, we will only make a copy and not take it away.If it weren t for you, I really don t know how long I would have been kept in the dark by him.The child is so old, you can have a good talk with him.If you can get together, get married and have children, it means that there is something for you.

After the arrest, mandatory measures of detention will be taken.Several people have been arrested since the beginning of the battle, but there is still no news of this Ren Guoneng. So the local court is also looking for this car Well, I just didn t expect the car to show up in our Yanyang.Cao Shengkai has never been cbd for sleep gummy to Dongguan City, so he has nothing to do with this old Lai cbd for sleep gummy Is it possible that this was caused by a private loan dispute In a murder case, is it possible for Cao Shengkai to help people collect debts, but in the end the debts were not collected, but his life was lost instead It is possible, and the possibility is extremely high.Just think about it, if a person like Cao Shengkai is engaged in a proper job, he can save money in a short period of time.Earn so much money in just a few months Vice Captain Gong nodded, thought about it and added It must be ill gotten gains Xiao Han, what do you think Teng Da suddenly turned around and asked, Han Chaoyang Startled, he felt that Wu Wei seemed to be pushing him behind his back, Han Chaoyang finally regained his composure, and said with an embarrassed face Report to Teng University, I I have no opinion, cbd for sleep gummy I have never learned investigation, I am not Criminal police, I really don t understand these things, I really don t know how to solve the case.

After two days and two nights of sleepless nights, Han Chaoyang was exhausted, where can i get cbd gummy bears do you need a license to buy cbd gummies and Wu Wei was also not hard working.He couldn t drive for more than ten cbd for sleep gummy kilometers back to the project headquarters.Fortunately, the last mission performed at night was within the jurisdiction of the Yandong Sub bureau, not very far from the police office.He simply insisted on driving Xu Hongliang s BMW to the police station, handed over the car keys to Xiaokang who was on duty at night, and asked Li Xiaobin, who had just changed shift, to drive them back in the police car parked there in the afternoon.He fell asleep on the way back to the project headquarters, and he didn t know when he arrived.Woke up by Li Xiaobin, sent Li Xiaobin to take a taxi back, dragged his tired body up to the third floor of the traffic police station, didn t even bother to take a shower, didn t bother to take off cbd gummies calories his clothes, fell asleep on the single bed, and slept until morning It was after 10 o clock that someone knocked who makes smilz cbd gummies cbd for sleep gummy on the door before opening my eyes.

From people s point of view, this case should belong to our branch office, and our branch office should do something.Calling Bureau Feng who makes smilz cbd gummies cbd for sleep gummy directly is like asking our branch office for assistance, and we cbd for sleep gummy still have to owe Our sub bureau has a favor, let you two be responsible for the investigation, at least you don t need to ask for help.Impossible Why is it impossible, listen to me, and report to best cbd gummies for pain 2021 cbd for sleep gummy Bureau Feng quickly.But It s nothing but , Don t worry about the Changfeng Police Station, I ll call the Gan Police Station for you, and they will definitely help.Thinking about it carefully, what the master said makes sense After exhausting all their efforts to find out so far, a total of two people who are suspected of major crimes have been identified.It is impossible for Tengda to hand over one of them to himself and Wu Wei, two rookies, to track down so easily.

In short, we must regard the pursuit of Huo Xuebin as a serious and important political task, further enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, strive to come up with a practical action plan within a week, clarify the target responsibility, strengthen measures, and continue to fight.Form an all round, stamped deterrent to this Huo Xuebin, and fulfill the solemn promise of our public security organs that chasing and fleeing will always be on the road to the masses.A clever woman can t cook without rice.Of course, Bureau Zhou knew that with the existing strength and resources of the sub bureau, it was not a little difficult but very difficult to catch the contractor Huo Xuebin who fled abroad with money.After summarizing, he packed up the pens and papers and stood up The meeting is adjourned Yes He Yichang slipped out of the conference room as if he was relieved.

In other words, The gambling case belongs to them, if Fang Yaqi and the things seized just now are handed over to you, how can I explain to them The key point is that this is a case, we first filed the case for investigation, and even set up a task force, you know the situation best , Xiao Han also knows that Xiao Han was sent by you.Old Teng, I can understand your feelings, but this can only be said to be related, not the same case.Why is it not the same case We started investigating Yang Jiandong and Tan Haitao s gang for opening an underground casino, and even captured two suspects who facilitated the gang s opening of an underground casino.Besides, this case is a joint venture between the two of us and the criminal police detachment.Investigators, hand over Fang Yaqi and the things you just seized to the special case team, and your sub bureau security brigade cbd for sleep gummy and the Changlin Street Police Station can participate in the merit evaluation and awards.

Secretary Lin and Mayor Yuan have just been criticized.How do you want me to speak Father Han was also in a hurry, and looked in the direction of the conference room while answering the phone.If you don t check early or late, jolly cbd gummies shark tank quit smoking you come to check today.Chaoyang and Yingying are coming to the county seat soon.You can figure it out yourself Ma Fengying threw the phone on the sofa and was about to take a shower and change into clean clothes when the phone rang suddenly and a call came in.She picked it up and looked at the caller ID, took a few deep where can i get cbd gummy bears do you need a license to buy cbd gummies breaths in a hurry to calm down, like He smiled and asked like a different person Lao Miao, why did you remember to call me, what s the matter Ms.Ma, is your family Chaoyang back I m back, I m back.I sent my elder brother back with his girlfriend.I called just now and said that I m going to the county seat.

A girl can t be compared with a how many 300mg cbd gummies can i take boy.She is 25 this year.If you don t talk about it, you will become an old girl if you drag it on.People in the city say they are leftover women, if there are leftovers, what should I do, when the time comes, I do you need a license to buy cbd gummies total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews will be higher or lower Uncle Miao, my mother told me last night, I will help take care of it.Huang Ying turned her head Looking at Teacher Ma, he added Don t worry, Sister Haizhu has such good conditions and a good job, she will definitely not be a leftover girl.What s the use of good conditions and good work, she has a bad temper, I know what my daughter is like.Boss Miao patted the table and said with a sigh It used to be difficult at home.I was busy with business, and her mother was busy farming.No where can i get cbd gummy bears do you need a license to buy cbd gummies one cared about her.I just let her go crazy.At first Crazy girl, she became a tomboy later, and she is still a tomboy now, do you think I am worried, are you in a hurry Huang Ying chuckled, Uncle Miao, Sister Haizhu is not what you said It s not much better Boss Miao looked sideways at Director Qi, then at Father Han, and said slowly, Yingying, cbd for sleep gummy Chaoyang, I think so, we are just a child like Haizhu, no matter how much money we earn, we still don t give it to her She is not in a hurry to find a partner, we have to be in a hurry, thinking about helping her buy a house in Yanyang, so it will be easier to find.

She is worried that someone will leave the government, and cbd for sleep gummy that the person who will replace her doesn t understand business and management.Come over and command blindly, and bring down a good security company.How good it is to have a joint stock system, and separate sleepy z cbd gummies government and enterprise, which can not only prevent the new community party branch secretary from layman commanding the insider, but also play a certain role in motivating, at least the boys will be more motivated than before Enough.Director Su is leaving She was originally a grass roots job for training, and Chaoyang Village s land acquisition and demolition are so difficult, she has already gnawed down that hard bone, and a deputy department level cadre will stay here as the director of the neighborhood committee, right Overkill.

Grandpa Gu was very satisfied with the way the little apprentice handled things just now, so he simply picked up Kang Haigen s luggage, used an excuse to help him move, and invited Kang Haigen to the community police office on the first floor of the neighborhood committee.Kang Haigen is not a fool, how could he not know that Grandpa Gu deliberately avoided Lao Ding, walked him to the door, and said with embarrassment Inspector Gu, you are the senior I admire the most, if I do something wrong or inappropriate Please criticize and remind more.Grandpa Gu smiled, and while beckoning him to sit down, he sighed Kang Institute, do you know why I don t go to the office often, why do I like to stay in the community every day Why I m afraid you are like this.What kind of unit is the Public Security Bureau It is a law enforcement department with paramilitary management.

Who would dare to go to that ghostly place at night, Huang Ying and Xie Lingling were so frightened that their faces turned pale and they waved their hands repeatedly.The day the grave was moved left a deep impression on Han Chaoyang.Some villagers had already received the compensation for moving the grave and wanted to save money for cremation.Where did I find the firewood to burn it on Until today, as long as I passed by, even if I just mentioned the memorial hall, I would have the disgusting smell of burning bones in my nose, and even my throat seemed to have the air containing ashes that I breathed in on the day the grave was moved.He couldn t hide in time, how could he go Seeing that none of the three people were willing to go, Zhang Beibei had no choice but to give up.He took out his mobile phone and called the police office, which is also the duty room of the security company, to ask about the duty arrangements for each duty point tonight, and then volunteered to go to the duty room at the north gate of Factory 527 for help A girl goes to the door at night.

I think so, this kind of case can t be handled by our branch alone.Xu Hongliang looked back at the direction of the cement road and couldn t help laughing Said The sub bureau did not know where to transfer eight trucks.At that time, did we still want to have so many stolen cars Now it seems that eight trucks are not enough, and there are too many stolen cars.It cannot be pulled away in one trip.The stolen cars that were seized could not be pulled out, which shows how rampant the criminal activities in the stolen car dealership village are.Han Chaoyang gently pulled out the arm that was used as a pillow for his girlfriend, and said in a deep thought So many stolen cars have been seized, the director of the police station in charge of that area may have to be replaced, maybe even the instructor, the deputy director and the community in charge of that village The policemen have to move.

Be confident in yourself.They are all arrested, isn t it just a case, no matter how cbd for sleep gummy difficult it is, it is difficult to catch fugitives with guns Chapter 407 Handling the case 2 Liu said that he best cbd gummies for pain 2021 cbd for sleep gummy would just leave, Han Chaoyang, who was entrusted with a heavy responsibility, was dumbfounded.Li Xiaobin didn t know that handling a case was far more troublesome than collecting a clue or even arresting a criminal suspect, so he asked in a low voice, Han Da, what should I do Looking at the attic, he took out his mobile phone and said, The leader is right.There healing nation cbd gummies reviews is always a first time in everything.If you don t know it, you have to learn.Bi The basic situation of the surname Bi has been clarified.If you can run away, the monk can t run away from the temple.Even if you can t catch it now, you can catch it in the future.

I m sorry, I m waiting for your news.Money is not everything, but without money is absolutely impossible, and money is easy to do Zhang Zhishu only needed 40 to 50 migrant workers, but the Kang Institute actually brought more than 100 migrant workers from the construction site, and all of them brought their own tools.The money was spent by the neighborhood committee, and it was for the community residents.There were more than 50 migrant workers, and more than 2,000 extra wages were paid.Secretary Zhang didn t feel sad at all, and immediately organized migrant workers to clear the snow on the roads and roads.With a large number of people and high efficiency construction machinery, after more than two hours of work, the snow on several main roads was basically cleared.Knowing that the leaders were coming to inspect, Party Secretary Zhang asked the team members and migrant workers to display the red flags of Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team and Chaoyang Community Party Member Pioneer Team in the construction area.

He didn t know what to do next when a car horn sounded outside.When he looked up, it turned out that it was the Fujiang City Public Security Bureau who was following and monitoring Ling Bin.Wang Jianping, the captain of the third squadron of the criminal police detachment, came.Chapter 438 The outside is not the place to talk, so Han Chaoyang invited Wang Jianping into the room, brought Wang Jianping to the door and asked, Captain Wang, why did you come back so quickly, where is Ling Bin He went back cbd gummies for pain buy online to the hotel, I was watching He just came here after he went in.He squatted down and watched people like him, and Han Zhaoyang asked again No harvest in the morning No, he went to the high tech zone for a clear purpose, to find a woman in her forties, I don t know the name, but I only remember the surname Wei, and there is only a half length photo taken with Wan Xiaoxia, the high tech zone is so big, so how can I find this clue.

Although you may not be able to become a policeman after graduation, you can t become a security guard before graduation.And since it is an internship, there must be an internship appraisal at that time.The appraisal issued by the security company is valid.What s the use, is it possible for people to tell the interviewer when they are looking for a job in the future that I have practiced in a security company and have some work experience, so I am qualified for this position Afraid that Han Chaoyang would not help, Chen Jie said Han Da, all police officers School students, at least forty of them can come.Think about it, we can save a lot of money by bringing them in for internships, and we don t even need to issue uniforms Police school students are definitely more obedient than those recruited from the society, but this is not a trivial matter.

Although several old acquaintances left, there were still some, such as Wang Shuangcheng, or Da Liu who was on duty at the bus exit.After chatting with Liu for a while, and learned a lot about the security situation at the station, Han Chaoyang entered the waiting hall from the parking lot through the cbd for sleep gummy ticket gate, walked around the hall, and came to the station police room with ease.Lao Dai just helped the female owner to coordinate with the station, brought a ticket, and said earnestly Comrade Xiao Qi, we have filed a case for the theft of your wallet and mobile phone.The police are investigating the case.The thief has probably run away.Let s solve the case.It needs another process, and it can t be done standing here.You go home by car first, and we will notify you as soon as we have news.

You learn a lot of wisdom, and you must be more vigilant when you go out in the future.Opportunities for criminals to commit crimes.Officer Dai, when will you be able to solve the case My mobile phone is newly bought.I know, I can understand your feelings, don t worry, we will do our best.Han Chaoyang looked down Glancing at the ticket, he helped her carry her luggage The ticket will be checked right away, and I ll see you off.The female owner reluctantly walked to the door, thought about it and then turned around and said, Officer Dai, please.No trouble.No trouble, this is what we should do.Han Chaoyang helped the female owner to the ticket gate, watched her board the bus, and returned to the police room again, unexpectedly, as soon as she entered the door, Lao Dai frowned and said Every meeting says that the station is the window of Yanyang, and the security of the station is more important than anything else.

Take a fancy to that set.Don t let the people in the sales department see that you want to buy, otherwise it will be difficult to bargain.Okay, we will listen to you.Mom, have you bought a house before, will you bargain Huang Ying couldn t help it ask.I m a local no matter what.The sales department doesn t care if you re a local or not.If you re a local, they ll even think it s just what you need, and they ll charge you a lot.You know, but you don t have the time.You have to go to work tomorrow.Huang Ying was well prepared, ran to the sofa to pick up her bag, took out a stack of posters printed by the developer from the bag, and said proudly, I asked a friend from the Housing Management Bureau to help me find out , This is what the developer wants for me.You go to see it tomorrow, and call me for any real estate or building you like, and I will ask friends from the can cbd gummies help with pain Housing Management Bureau to tell the developer.

There is no invoice for calling a car online, even if there is an invoice, I have to be reimbursed.Go, drive the patrol car.Okay, I ll trouble you.In order to catch two thieves, he actually followed until one o clock in the morning.Han Chaoyang wanted to pick her up together, but he couldn t leave his girlfriend behind, so he didn t say anything, but he didn t just go back to PolyU for a rest.Huang Ying couldn t sleep now, she was busy forwarding the flash mob video, frequently refreshing the webpage of the video website, and even Xu Hongliang, who had just arrived at the police station after inspecting several duty stations, was busy with her.There is great power in numbers Director Wang, Mr.Liang, Aunt Lu and other uncles and aunts of Factory 527 who participated in the flash mob all helped to repost at home and mobilized their relatives and friends as if they were watching the Spring Festival Gala.

By the way, Zhenchuan asked me to send you a message.He is also on duty during the Spring Festival.Look cbd for sleep gummy do cbd gummies go bad at the time a few years ago, when he has time, he wants to invite Sergeant Gu to have a meal with you.Please invite the master to dinner, let me accompany you, why didn t you tell me earlier, Han Chaoyang returned to the case handling area, turned around and said with a smile Nothing to show courteousness, rape or steal, I didn t expect him to learn badly.What bad learning, the two caught at night should have been handed over to our police, Old Tang knew very well that Han Chaoyang would not have any objections, but He still emphasized Besides, the bureau leaders only look at how many thieves the anti pickup team has caught.It doesn t matter whether the case was handled by us or you.Anyway, we have to crack down on it, don t you think Don t think so.

Master, you are busy with these all day long, so you don t need to do business This is what It s business, don t complain Okay, tomorrow I will go to ask for advice humbly, and learn how to create the Youth Civilization and the Youth Commando.Huang Ying couldn t help but teased I have to be responsible for the business, but also to engage in Political worker, you have to be busy next time.Who says no Be busy, this person is afraid of being idle.Grandpa Gu smiled, turned around and asked, Yingying, didn t you just say to wait for Chaoyang to get .

how long does a 10 mg cbd gummy last?

off work Where are you going to eat Oh, I almost forgot Huang Ying took out her mobile phone to check the time, and said eagerly, Today Uncle Miao treats guests, Sister Miao has already arrived at the restaurant, Sister Su will also go, we can t let them Wait too long, let s go there quickly.

It s the same with the elements, compare performance with achievement, and whoever is not convinced will arrest two murderers and recruit two voluntary security patrols The young man s achievements are obvious to all, and this ideological work should not be difficult to do.Liu Jianye sighed softly, and said with a wry smile Two at a time, Bureau Du said they would arrange for two policemen to come over, but they are cbd for sleep gummy all newcomers, and they are undergoing training at the police officer training center.Don t say that you won t be able to get on duty for a while, even tomorrow Just to report for duty, you have to practice for a year or two before you can stand alone.It would be great if there are two like Xiao Wu.I told Director Du that we have to choose this time, and Director Du agreed.That s good Obtaining a marriage certificate is also HCMUSSH cbd for sleep gummy a big deal Huang Ying purposely put on the wool coat and sweater she bought a few days ago, thinking that Han Chaoyang didn t even have a suit, so she waited for the mall to open and bought one.

She can only say bitterly Well, I ll take you to the station later.If we hadn t waited for Haizhu, we would have gone by ourselves.Mom, I think it s better not to wait, she probably won t make it through.Your Uncle Miao called just now Call, she said she will be there in a while.Han Chaoyang looked at her with a smile and asked, How long has it been Teacher Ma was taken aback, and murmured, It seems that she is really busy, that s what she did when she called at noon.Said.Not only is she busy, but the auxiliary police officers at the Xinyuan Street Police Station are also busy today.If I guess correctly, they haven t slept a wink since last night, and the station has been overcrowded.So many suspects were arrested last night., all have to be dealt with within the specified time, and you may be too busy to eat.

The mutual visits and exchange activities of colleges and universities to share resources and open future chapters together The anchor introduced just like the host is a young man, Lao Guan asked curiously Who is this young man Huang s mother put down her glass and smiled It looks familiar, it should be a university student, I can t remember the name for a while Zhang Beibei remembered it clearly, and couldn cbd for sleep gummy t help laughing My surname is Nie, and my name is Nie Xuan.He is a member of the Polytechnic University Union.He doesn t know music and can t play, but he is also a member of the band.He is responsible for doing chores.Yes, yes.Yes, now that I think about it, it s Xiao Nie, I didn t expect him to be the host.Zhang Beibei wasn t interested in Nie Xuan, and didn t particularly want to see the most handsome policeman, but was attracted by the subtitles of netizens comments that were constantly refreshing below.

Yu Zhenchuan and Wu Wei will go to work tomorrow, and Han Chaoyang can only deal with the brats they brought back.Pretend to be sleeping, come out Ah, Uncle Policeman, where is this This brat really knows how to pretend, he just opened his eyes to peek, but now he pretends to be dazed.Han Chaoyang pulled him out of the police car, brought him into the case handling area, motioned him to sit across from him, and asked pretendingly serious, Where do you say this is, where do you want to go I, I want to go home.The brat said He muttered to himself, but his eyes looked at the surrounding HCMUSSH cbd for sleep gummy environment curiously.You can go home if you want.What s your dad s phone number I ll call him and ask him to pick you up.Uncle policeman, don t bother you.I can go back by myself.If I can go back by myself, what if I don t Han Chaoyang didn t want to throw stones at his feet, so he said coldly Be serious, don t gossip anymore, don t talk nonsense, what s your last name, what s your name, you re in your teens, and where do you live Do you want to play games on the Internet for a while, and you are not allowed to play during holidays Uncle, can I call your brother, don t ask, I won t say anything What kind of attitude That s just my attitude.

Everyone who was analyzing the cbd for sleep gummy cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction next winning numbers and playing chess at the lottery sales point suddenly burst into laughter.The bald man picked up his mobile phone and said with a smile, That kid Xiang Haisheng is not only stingy, but also I like to take advantage of a small advantage, but in the end I have suffered a big loss.I was cheated by a winning text message once before, and I was cheated thousands of times.Once I was bitten by a snake for ten years, I was afraid of the well rope.It is normal to hang up on your phone.Help me Call, use your mobile phone.Old Tang couldn t help laughing.Okay, wait a minute.I ll send a photo.Let s see if the person with Xu Weimin is the person in the photo.Okay, you can send it here.Cases awaiting trial or residential surveillance are generally not big, but now a small case has turned into a big case because the suspect disappeared and lost contact The procuratorate s efficiency is astonishingly high.

Do you usually go online or not Knowing this, you should have heard of Yanyang s most handsome policeman , he is your master Han Chaoyang is the most handsome policeman who is very popular on the Internet I can still lie to you, if you don t believe me, search the Internet.Mi Zixiao couldn t help laughing and said He will be a deputy department in a few days, and he is announcing it on the Internet.He is the youngest deputy department policeman in our branch and the number one celebrity in the branch.If you are not young Gao, build a good relationship with him, work hard under him, and you will have a chance to show your face.Have you made second class meritorious service Catched a fugitive with a gun, a wanted criminal of the public security level A, and the fugitive fired several times.Wait a minute, I ll forward a link, and you can click on it.

Wang Jiayong has participated in several operations, and he has great eyesight.When he saw a guy running towards the east door, he immediately chased him and grabbed him back.Han Chaoyang followed in, and at a glance, he saw the girl mentioned by Old Xu who didn t even have a top on.It wasn t that she wasn t wearing a top, but that she had even taken off her leggings, leaving only one on her body that should have been worn.The skirt was over leggings and was pulled up to the waist.What is even more unbelievable is that she is lying on the coffee table in an extremely exaggerated posture, with a man in front and a man behind Not suitable for children This is the first time Han Chaoyang encountered such a scene.He was hesitating to help Jiao Da control the crazy four men and two women in the box first, or let those two guys pull out the things that should be pulled out first, and let them lie on the coffee table.

Liang and Aunt Lu.OK , I ll come right after dinner, how about 11 o clock 11 o clock is a bit early, 12 o clock, I ll wait for you at the police station. 12 o clock is 12 o clock, wait for me.Finally found the organization, Mr.Hong was very happy and excited.After thinking about it, he said, I know you are very busy, so I don t want Xiaokang to send you.I can go back by myself.It is a few minutes from PolyU, and it is not far cbd for sleep gummy cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction away.There is no bus at the moment.Whatever car you take, it s good to walk back, just treat it as an exercise.Don t worry, the things are still inside.Nothing, I cbd for sleep gummy ll take the cup.Mr.Hong said he was going to leave without looking back Raise your teacup.Xiaokang said eagerly Uncle Hong, I mean the food you brought.It s for you, you can eat it Not only food, but also smoke, Han Chaoyang clearly remembers the old man When I came, I brought half a piece of soft Chinese.

I forgot, it s not that I forgot, it s that I didn t remember it, whoever remembers it if it s okay, a dozen digits, so long, I can t remember it even if I want to.Why can t I remember it, the first six digits of your county ID card number are the same , and then the date of birth, even if you can t remember it, you can only remember the next few.Sun Guokang raised the young man s mobile phone again, stared at him and said sharply And your WeChat is bound with a bank card, WeChat is also a real name system, so it s impossible not to fill in the ID number. Uncle policeman, I really can t remember. I m not a few years older than you, don t call me uncle. You can call me anything, anyway, I can t remember, I really can t.Han Zhaoyang did some research, but he couldn t find Zhang Yifan in Menbei County.

He was a gangster from the same school when he was in junior high school.That is, when he was fooling around cbd essentials gummies with those guys in the county, the Menbei County Public Security Bureau discovered that they were taking drugs and dealt with them.What kind of drugs are they taking, and the source of the drugs Have you figured it out It was methamphetamine.When the colleague from the door was caught, his classmate from the same school was going to the bathroom.He heard the noise outside and ran through the window from the bathroom.He and the four others who were arrested at the same time The drug addicts all said in unison that the methamphetamine was provided by the kid who ran away.Drug use is illegal and not a crime, and there is no other evidence, so the Menbei County Public Security Bureau can only punish them with public security.

Do you think it is possible for him to play tricks on us It is unlikely.After all, the suspect they are following is in our jurisdiction.If there is no problem with the case, they will definitely close the net in the future.Yes, arresting in our jurisdiction, how can we avoid us, how can we not say hello to us Ni Guoxiong took out a cigarette, lit another, and analyzed while smoking I don t think he seems to be talking nonsense., may be really eager for quick success.He has just made great achievements and just been promoted to a deputy department, so he must want to make some achievements.The leaders of their sub bureau may think highly of him, so they may have a little blind trust in him.Hearing what you said, I even wonder if the leaders of their branch office know about this.If you know, you must know.

The person who joined the joint may also be on the east side of the road, or even just hide In the alley.Understood, we won t get out cbd gummies for pain free sample of the car, I ll drive forward slowly.One show hides all the ugliness, if someone can come and find out that Qiao Peiming is here to buy or deliver goods, then goodbye Ni The team is not as embarrassing as before.Han Chaoyang couldn t bear to chat with his mother anymore, ended the call in a few words, picked up the mobile phone with group voice turned on, and stood by the window to listen quietly.However, Xiao Sun, who was almost at the entrance of the hotel, did not dare to scare the snake, and decisively withdrew from the group voice.Xiao Gu was lying on the back of the driver s seat, and Qiao Peiming, who was looking around in front of him, said in a low voice Master, let s get down to business first, and the fare will be settled with you later.

With him leading the team, even if the city bureau, provincial department and even the ministry know about it cbd for sleep gummy cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction in the future, they will not think that our branch bureau does not take this case seriously.Xiao Han is still in charge He s young, so it s fine even if he said something wrong.You can call him later and ask him to stick to his principles.If the Nanshan branch brings up the old matter again, it s not impossible to cooperate with us in the investigation.But the principal culprit must The same is true for the drugs, drug money, and vehicles used by drug dealers and drug dealers seized from the main criminal the small drug dealers and drug addicts captured along the way can be handed over to them, and the seized small packets of methamphetamine and drug money can also be handed over.Okay, I ll call him later.

Even if several old men fight in the future, I think only Police Gu Long can mediate.Chapter 647 2.The 12 task force 6 was talking cbd for sleep gummy about the interesting things about the base area , and was explaining what trivial matters the base area had to do, when there was a knock on the door outside.Captain Ni, is Liu Qingjun dead No, he cbd for sleep gummy won t die until he reaches the Yellow River.Ni Guoxiong pointed to Room 601, and said excitedly, There is news from the brigade and the comrades sent out this morning to find out.Team Song, please go over there.I have news, that s great Han Chaoyang and Ni Guoxiong walked to the door of Room 601, when the phone rang suddenly, and he took out the caller ID to see that it was Jiao Chengle calling again.Han Chaoyang smiled apologetically, walked quickly to the elevator and connected the phone and asked, Jiao Da, how far are you guys The door is too eye catching, please find a place for us quickly.

The anti drug brigade of the sub bureau and the people sent by Song Kaiqiang in the morning found some clues.Waiting is a kind of torment.After waiting like this for five or six minutes, there was a rush of footsteps outside.The door was pushed open from the outside, and Jiao Chengle, Liang Dongsheng, Yu Zhenchuan, and two cbd for sleep gummy policemen from the anti drug brigade of the sub bureau who were familiar but a little unfamiliar came in carrying large bags.Han Chaoyang quickly stepped forward to introduce, but now is not the time to be polite.After shaking hands and getting to know each other, Song Kaiqiang cleared his throat and said with some excitement Jiao Da, Liang Dui, comrades, time is urgent, let s get straight to the point.First of all, let me give you some updates.Our anti drug brigade of the sub bureau Even the leaders of the criminal investigation detachment are concerned about 2.

Ni Guoxiong didn t dare to play tricks, so he immediately winked at Lao do you need a license to buy cbd gummies total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews Hu, picked up the bag on the desk, and walked out of the room with Lao Hu.Han Chaoyang also wanted to know what Qiao Peiming was going to report, but the drug lord was locked up in the room, so he had to watch here with Yu Zhenchuan.I don t know what Captain Ni said to Liu Qingjun just now, Han Chaoyang didn t dare to make his own claims, he didn t interrogate like in room 606, 3000mg cbd in gummies means just sat and waited for news.After waiting for about twenty minutes, Lao Hu opened the do you need a license to buy cbd gummies total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews door and walked in.Han Chaoyang asked eagerly, How is it This is not a place to talk, Team Liang is on the phone outside.Shall I cbd for sleep gummy go out and have a look Go.Han Chaoyang turned his head and glanced at Liu Qingjun, who is not afraid of boiling water., opened the door and walked out of the room, only to see Captain Ni standing at the end of the corridor to report the situation on the phone.

It was very fulfilling, and two days passed without knowing it.At 4 00 p.m.on Friday, just after organizing the students to perform together, cbd for sleep gummy Huang s father and Huang s mother drove to PolyU on time.Han Chaoyang greeted Xie Lingling and others, and hurried to the dormitory to get the luggage packed last night, stuffed it into the The trunk was already full, and they rushed to Yandong District cbd for sleep gummy Administrative Service Center to wait for Huang Ying to get off cbd for sleep gummy work.Yingying hasn t got off work yet.We ll start off after get off work.We ll bring food and have dinner on the way.It s probably after ten o clock at night when we get cbd for sleep gummy to Qingshan.It s too late.Don t wait for us Huang s father sat in the car In the living room, he called Lao Han enthusiastically into the Bluetooth microphone in the car.Yandong used to be a suburban county, Huang Ma didn t come here very often, and it was the first time she came to the administrative service center.

All in all, it is difficult to understand the situation of other students in the main campus through them, because they do not know very well.It s different for my cousin, who can t get anywhere.He has been living at the basic level , and he is smart, outgoing, and likes to make friends.If he hadn t met him, or to be more precise, if his aunt hadn t come here, Han Chaoyang couldn t believe that there are so many students in PolyU who work study and even start their own businesses.Some work as tutors outside, some who makes smilz cbd gummies cbd for sleep gummy work part time in social training institutions, some apply what they have learned to design for outside companies, some open online stores and some write online novels.It is worth mentioning that there is a talented sophomore girl who writes very well.She has become the do you need a license to buy cbd gummies master of the largest literary website in China, with a monthly income of more than 100,000 yuan.

The East Station does not leave at night, and there are few people in the square.The focus is on a row of small hotels, beauty salons, Internet cafes and other places on the south side of the East Station.I got out of the car and checked a few companies, and found nothing wrong, so I stopped by Chaoyang International Youth Hostel.The canteen of the Sixth Hospital is closed at night, and it costs money to order takeout for supper, so it s better to go home to eat.The father in law and mother in law are in the hotel and they have a party every day, so coming to the hotel is like going home.As expected, Mama Huang didn t take a cbd for sleep gummy break, she was lying on the bench in the hall under a quilt and watching TV.Huang s father works in an office at work, and likes to sit at the bar at the hotel after get off work.

When I patrolled the Huayuan Subdistrict Office, I happened to meet Secretary Yang who had just started work.Xiao Han, are you Busy man, I haven t seen you for a few days, let s go and sit in my office.Invited by the leader, he had to go no matter how busy he was, Han Chaoyang couldn t help asking Secretary Yang, do you want to disturb your work Don t bother, I happen to have nothing to do in the morning.Secretary Yang nodded to several street cadres who just went to work, and led Han Chaoyang into the building.After following up his office, Han Chaoyang walked to the door and asked with a smile Secretary Yang, I heard that you are going to be promoted What is Gao Sheng like No matter where he goes, he is working.Secretary Yang greeted him .

do cbd gummies help arthritis?

to sit down and said with a smile, I didn t expect the news to spread so fast that even you knew about it.

I know who picked those grasses, maybe the leaders picked them up when they went to the scene last night, anyway, you can t talk nonsense about things that don t have a word. But But what, Ji Kaiyuan patted him Arm, and said with a final word Anyway, we are idle, so first check whether there are any burly lame people in the chemical fertilizer plant and the surrounding areas of the chemical fertilizer plant.Report it.Otherwise, if you report it like this, the leaders may think that you are crazy for wanting to make meritorious service.It is not good to report and ask for credit without evidence.Not sure about the situation found at the scene, he couldn t help but nodded, Yes, let s check first.How Han Chaoyang asked subconsciously.For visits and inquiries, first go to the chemical fertilizer factory to ask, and then ask each district by district.

In short, the former Xinyuan Township has become the current Xinyuan Street, and it is close at hand, but it is not so easy to find someone who has worked in a fertilizer factory in the middle of the night.No matter what time it is, Mr.Ji stared at Han Chaoyang and said, When I was on the phone with Liu Jianye just now, I said that you are the best at finding people.I didn t ask you to find the murderer, but just asked you to find the old man who worked in the fertilizer factory.Besides, cbd for sleep gummy you are cbd for sleep gummy Gu Guoli s apprentice, your master knows nothing about dealing with the masses, and you have the kind of master you have, so you have a good foundation among the masses Chapter Seven hundred and thirtieth homicide ten Ji The old man has already talked about this, and he only needs to write on his face whether you are a policeman Han Chaoyang had no choice but to agree to search overnight.

Maybe the family s economic Xu Min was under a lot of pressure, and Xu Min begged hard.People looked at Xu Min as pitiful, and at the same time, considering that Xu Min had followed him last year, and he really had nothing to say about his work, they let him stay.In the end, you are afraid of what will happen.Is he unlucky Han Chaoyang sighed lightly, and continued Last night your brother in cbd for sleep gummy cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction law fell ill, and they sent Xu Min to the Emergency Center of the Sixth Hospital as soon as possible.No matter what, save the person first.It s a pity that Xu Min s condition is too serious, and the medical staff tried their best but couldn t save him.When he heard that Xu Min was not rescued, he couldn t stand still, so he just cbd for sleep gummy sat slumped in the corridor.This is the hospital.The security guard helped him out The contractor is beyond reproach for doing this.

Considering the special situation of the patrol team, it is best to invite the leaders of PolyU, the Sixth Hospital, and the street to participate.You should first inquire and see Minister Jiang and Secretary Gu of the street.Someday they will have time, and they will issue a formal invitation letter when they are determined.Some time ago, they said that they would not hold the listing ceremony, and even wanted to let the patrol team disband through cold treatment, but now they are letting it go, isn t this backfired Han Chaoyang who makes smilz cbd gummies cbd for sleep gummy s head got bigger, and he said with a bitter face Director, it s impossible for others not to know you.The leaders are busier than each other.If you have time, he doesn t.It s hard to 8 count cbd gummies decide this day And the last time I invited you, he I put it on the schedule, but it turned out that I will not be listed for the time being, how do you want me to talk to others How can Deputy Director Xing know that it is difficult to determine the date of this kind of event, because the leaders have time to rely on touch, besides What I want to invite are the leaders of several units, and more importantly, they have just let go of their pigeons not long ago.

She seems to have come to report the crime.She just entered the case handling area.Liu Chengquan gave his precious life to save others, but the woman he rescued was actually He ran away and never showed his face.Before finding that woman, Han Chaoyang always felt that Liu Chengquan died for no apparent reason, and said eagerly, Stay there, I ll be right there Wu Junfeng, who was guarding the entrance of the hall, immediately greeted him.Han Da, she s on the second floor Is there any mistake, it s not the same person Han Chaoyang got out of the police car and asked eagerly as he followed him inside.It looks very similar.The anti theft door leading to the second floor was open.Wu Junfeng stepped over the threshold and said through gritted teeth, Sister Miao also thinks it looks like one, so I shouldn t be mistaken.

What should be investigated has already been investigated, and the suspected drunk driving accident that night The driver has been arrested, and he will not only bear criminal responsibility but also civil compensation.These have nothing to do with you, because Comrade Liu Chengquan is performing his duties in rescuing you.But as a person, I think there should be the minimum gratitude.He and his parents didn t know who you are until this moment.I sincerely hope that you can take a moment to go to cbd for sleep gummy cbd gummies 300mg erectile dysfunction his grave to say thank you and talk to his father and mother face to face.Saying thank you is more effective than saying sorry to us 10,000 times.Wang Can burst into tears, hesitating.Miao Haizhu couldn t help but said It doesn t matter if you don t want to go.Liu Chengquan s spirit in heaven doesn t need any explanation from you.

Haizhu was as heartless as ever.We enforce the law impartially, but in Director Wang s opinion, we are doing nothing.As long as we don t support their work, is it doing nothing Laughing, he turned around and said, Guokang, this is the first time you have encountered this incident today, but it will definitely not be the last time.If you encounter similar situations in the future, you must remain calm.You must know that our law enforcement is based on the law.We must not do anything without permission, and we must not be fooled by others.Once the masses are dissatisfied, our life will be difficult, and if we fail, we will be suspended or even punished. Don t worry, Han, even if I am criticized I would do that kind of stupid thing. It s good to understand.Thinking of his current job, Han Chaoyang couldn t help sighing, We re okay, we re only responsible for temporary handling and not for dealing with it, and we don t do much to offend people.

It was only at this moment that Han Chaoyang really felt that he was good at helping others.The food that Jiang Xiaomin saved for them was taken to the security room next door to be heated in the microwave, and Wu Wei also rushed back from the office.Angkor, you didn t eat, did you Let s talk about the meal.I ve eaten in the office, Wu Wei lifted the cover and walked into the office area, multivitamin cbd gummies then turned around and said, Officer Ding, Haizhu, you eat your food and leave me alone.He is a fake desperate Saburo.Miao Haizhu expressed serious doubts about this, and subconsciously asked Is it true It s really delicious.If you don t believe me, you can call the old manager. Well, it s not me who is hungry and hungry anyway.Watching off Lao Ding and Miao Haizhu, Wu Wei took out a stack of materials from his bag, sat down and HCMUSSH cbd for sleep gummy said, Chaoyang, the assisted investigation letter has been sent, and the local colleagues promised to help us keep an eye on it, and they will report to me as soon as they find Luo Weixing s whereabouts.

Yes, I was about to call buy cbd gummies amazon him.Don t call him, Lao Ding just called him.Huang Ying thought to herself that if she didn t come back, she wouldn t.Come on, since you decided to be a police wife, you have already made the psychological preparations for this, pretending to be relaxed and smiled Then I won t wait for him, I will go to PolyU to find Lingling.Go, Lingling is not busy, you guys Among the children, she is the most leisurely.Xie Lingling is both a counselor and a music teacher at PolyU.Compared with Miao Haizhu and Zhang Beibei, she is really not busy, but she is not as leisurely as Grandpa Gu said.The band members have to take cultural and professional classes during the day, and Xie Lingling can only use their spare time to organize their rehearsals.They have just finished rehearsals and are packing things with Zheng Yutong and the others in the small auditorium.

It s up, and I hugged the little guy for a while, so cute and chubby.Although Liu Hui is cbd gummy bears shark tank an auxiliary police officer at the Xinyuan Street Police Station, she has been helping the Zhongshan Road Police do you need a license to buy cbd gummies total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews Station for so long with her big belly, cbd for sleep gummy and she is in The sixth hospital gave birth, and Han Chaoyang felt a little regretful because he missed seeing her and the baby for a few hours.Just thinking about whether to take time to visit Liu Hui s house tomorrow, Tang Xiaoxuan rushed in with a bag on her where can i get cbd gummy bears do you need a license to buy cbd gummies shoulders, and said like a machine gun as soon as she came in Handsome, cbd for sleep gummy you still know how to come back, I thought you didn t plan to marry Yingying, and you didn t plan to marry Yingying.Yingying is getting married How is it possible, I m rushing back as soon as I finish my work.But why do I feel that you are not very active.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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