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Sometimes warm, sometimes cold, what kind of person is he With him like this, I have the urge to peel off the mask he pretends to be on the outside.I still remember that the man who raped me also said that he wanted to marry me.He, could cbd back pain gummies it be him I stared blankly at the back of Gu Yicheng leaving for a long time, until my shoulder was slapped hard, and I sat down on the floor in fright.When I turned around and saw that it was Qin Zheng and the others, I was relieved for a while.tone.You were taken away by Zhang Lili just now Qin Zheng said, I nodded and told what happened just now.Said that a mysterious person appeared to save me.Qin Zheng smiled after hearing this, and said that I was very lucky, pure bliss cbd gummies shark tank and I also met an expert, and then asked me to take them to the place where Zhang Lili exploded just now.Xiao Xiao, do you know how I met Chen Yanjin and the others How I asked.Qin Zheng told me that it was Chen Yanjin and the others who contacted him on their own initiative Because of this series of strange murders, Qin Zheng was also looking for someone who could solve the case, so he knew about Master Chen Yanjin, the leader of Taoist Wu Kong who was well known, so he agreed to cooperate with them.After listening to it, I suddenly felt a little funny.This step by step is interlocking, pushing me directly into the fire pit, the calculation is really dead.After taking several deep breaths to calm himself down, he asked Qin Zheng what he planned to do next Qin Zheng replied that he didn t even know Chen Yanjin s method of killing people is too secretive, there is no evidence at all that she killed people, and we don t even know why she killed these people At this moment, I suddenly thought of a person.In the eyes of Xu Shi who noticed the matter, Chu Lianqiao, who was usually very noisy, became surprisingly quiet at this moment, staring at grandma s weird behavior intently.The weather in low November is already very cold, and coupled with the constantly blowing wind around me, every step I take is inevitably a bit slow.But the thinly dressed grandma not only didn t feel this, but the more she walked forward, the more excited she became, and the sound of her mouth changed from the original trembling to singing.Singing and singing, grandma suddenly started dancing, as if she was offering sacrifices to something.And the oil lamp that she held on top of her head, not only did not fall because of her actions, but it burned even more vigorously.Her royal cbd gummies cbd back pain gummies weird movements lasted for a long time, until she was almost beyond the boundaries of the village, and then she stopped slowly.Just when I thought that grandma was going to go into the west building, cbd back pain gummies cbd gummies 25mg she walked to the back of the west building.When I saw where she was going, I was afraid to follow.Chapter 21 The Legend of the West Building Because there is a yellow skinned tomb that is even weirder than the West Building The origin of this yellow skinned tomb was told to me by the neighbor next door, and I was so afraid to go to the toilet.Yes, I still sleep with grandma in my arms at night.At the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, there were still a lot of ancient buildings and houses in the village.At that time, the West Building was still in the hands of the richest Zhao family in the village., the village also has dozens of acres of land, and several long term workers and maids are raised all year round.At the moment when I was separated, there was a sudden commotion from downstairs in the west.Looking carefully, I found a pair pomegranate thc cbd gummies of green eyes popping up in the courtyard below, which was very scary.If I remember correctly, this should be Huang Pizi But since the incident at Huang Pizi s grave, there has never been such a gathering of Huang Pizi in the village.And the moment I looked back, I found that my grandma was already walking down.I wanted to follow, but Jun Li grabbed her and shook her head at me.It s my grandma who went down.My voice was a little cold.If Junli didn t let me go down, it must be dangerous.How HCMUSSH cbd back pain gummies could I leave grandma down there alone At this moment, Chu Lianqiao, who had been following behind us, sat down on the threshold of the third floor with a very relaxed expression.I was terrified of being stared at by Gu Yicheng, but I also knew that he was definitely coming for me today Sure enough, in the next second, Gu Yicheng let the five female corpses he brought control the scene, and then he made a relay, jumped up and wanted to come to my position.I took a few steps back in fright, and ran outside, but at this moment, Gu Yicheng had already reached the window sill, and with a single glance, all the glass in front of me was smashed.I just opened the door, but I suddenly saw the figures of Qingjingzi and Suxiu.Suxiu protected me behind her and asked in a low voice.Not hurt I shook my head and said no.Gu Yicheng said to Qing Jingzi with a deep smile on his face.Long time no see.Qing Jingzi looked indifferent, but it could be seen from his eyes that he was very nervous The next second, Gu Yicheng casually pointed at me and asked.Qin Zheng has been looking for me for so long and can t find me.Naturally, he can t be boring himself.After much deliberation, I always feel that it is abnormal for Suxiu not to contact me.Could it be my uncle s handwriting It can be said that Uncle is the person who shows up the least in the whole chess game and seems to have the least interaction.If it wasn t for cbd back pain gummies the showdown between me and Gu Yicheng that my uncle appeared to save me, it would be really hard for me to think of my uncle together with the person who plotted against me.He is obviously the person who has the most incompatibility with each other, but he has secretly laid out a huge chess game.I have a feeling that Junli will come cost of summer valley cbd gummies to save me, I will leave with Junli, or even meet Junli, it s all in my uncle s plan.It s really scary to have such a strategist by his side, but stay out of the way, a person who is deep in the city.Okay, if I have an accident, he can appear by silently saying his name three times Say yes, will you stay by my side But royal cbd gummies cbd back pain gummies I also know that Junli will not break his promise, it is very likely that something happened to him and he was trapped inside.I really want to find Junli, but I also know that I am just a headless chicken at the moment, and I cannot protect myself.I don t want to just sit and wait like this, but the current self is too weak.To put it bluntly, he is really a soft persimmon that can be manipulated by others, but there is nothing he can do about it.Want to be strong who does not desire.But the price of being strong is too terrible.I turned on the phone, flipped through the address book, and finally only stayed on Suxiu s name.Because of the matter of the Three Evil Yin Yang Bureau, I don t want to bother Suxiu.It was pitch black all around, and it was impossible to predict what the road ahead would be like.The stale smell came to my nostrils, and I took a breath and sneezed hard without paying attention.He wanted to go back to find Junli, but he sighed again.Even if there were no more powerful corpses in the sacrificial pit, just take that litter of dead corpses as an example, it would be enough for Junli and I to drink a pot.And it seems that Junli is very familiar with this place, there is no other way to enter the main tomb, so that s why he took such a very dangerous journey, right Standing where I am is not an option, not to mention the feng shui here is changeable, there must be a reason for Junli to let me go first.I took out my phone from my pocket, turned on the flashlight and wanted to take pictures around, but was stunned by the sight in front of me Except for the road where I was standing, there were funeral objects all around, including gold, silver and jade objects, and even the floor under my feet was made of gold.If you want to know everything, and don t want to be manipulated by others, then you should practice Compassion.This sentence is somewhat bewildering.If I didn t know that Compassion is an evil book, I would probably believe it.But the next text message from the landlady s old lady made me tremble all over.She told dolly parton cbd gummies me, whether it s Bai Yupei, or Gu Yicheng, Xiao s family, Junli, Huoyan, all the secrets are in the bag.There are two ways to open the kit.One is that I open it myself, but no one can guarantee what will happen HCMUSSH cbd back pain gummies if I open it myself.One is to practice compassion, in which there will be a way to automatically open the kit.I still remember the early days when the landlady granny gave me this kit to whet my appetite and asked me to wait for the kit to be opened by myself, but now she cbd gummies for anxiety near me cbd gummies hamilton asked me to practice compassion for life and told me clearly that it was impossible for this kit to be opened automatically.Hearing a pa , the yellow talisman in Suxiu s hand slapped the corpse s head fiercely, and the corpse was instantly frozen in the action of wanting to attack me.I was taken aback, and just about to say something, I felt a chill on the back of my neck, as if something was blowing on me In the next second, Su Xiu grabbed my hand and protected me behind me.With another snap , the yellow talisman was directly attached to the corpse s head.At this time, I realized that in the surrounding grass, there were livid faced corpses, walking towards us one by one with teeth and claws.Let s go Su Xiu s voice pierced the tranquility of the night.Just when I thought she was going to take me away, I found that she actually pulled me to meet the group of corpses, and took out a handful of yellow from her pocket.The woman s wild laughter continued to be heard next to her ears.What are you fighting with me What are you Your birth was just an opportunity to revive me.The woman s voice kept resounding in my mind.I want to struggle, I want to climb out of the altar, but I don t have any strength in my body Suddenly, I wanted to take out the kit bag from my pocket and open it.The moment I took it out, I saw a strong mockery on my uncle s face.In the next second, a force came from his hand., directly sent the kit in my hand far away.My heart sank, and suddenly I burst out laughing hahahahaha.The bag is gone.Is my last hope gone The blood from my lower body stabbed my nerves, and a great desire to survive rose in my heart.I slowly got up, but I was knocked down to the ground by a sharp pain justcbd cbd gummies cbd back pain gummies in my mind.Do you think you can escape now The sarcasm, teasing, and contempt in the woman s voice kept hitting my heart.Inner fluctuations.Oh, it s really boring to sit on the sidelines and watch a play.Gu Yicheng s voice rang in my ears, if he didn t speak, I really forgot that he was still here.But the gazes of Jun Li and Xiao Jue did not stay on Gu Yicheng for a moment, completely ignoring him.The sound of collisions continued to resound in the sky, and the cbd back pain gummies cbd gummies 25mg radiance of the scroll of beautiful women leaving the bath that Junli threw became more and more intense, but Xiao Jue s complexion, on the other hand, became paler and paler.It could be seen from the purple hands he was squeezing tightly in the dark that Xiao Jue s end was approaching.He was seriously injured, but he was backlashed by his own strength, and he was supporting himself, how could he be Junli s opponent But all of this was caused by him.Yamu bird blood.You have to have a degree in doing things.Seeing that it was almost done, I quickly pointed to cbd back pain gummies the stairs and asked Chen Yanjin.Auntie, can you go up with me to have a look As soon as the auntie came down, Chen Yanjin could no longer pretend to be calm just now, and was furious with my anger, and suddenly pushed me off my body to the ground.Pointing at me, she opened her mouth like a poisonous woman.I don t even look at my own virtue, who is my aunt As soon as her voice fell, I could feel the contempt of the people around me.Even if I look ugly now, what s wrong with being ugly You know, I m the underdog looking for help right now.Instead of helping me, she pushed me directly to the cold ground.There were already people who couldn t stand it anymore, a short haired girl stepped forward, pulled me up from the ground, gave Chen Yanjin a disgusted look, and cursed in a low voice.The contract with ghosts, also known as the Yin contract, is protected by the heavens and the underworld.It is very troublesome to contact.You need to set up a formation in the room that can shield the outside world, and then pour my blood on it.In the bowl, give her a big bowl to drink, and let my blood fight with the blood of the former owner in her body until the blood of the former owner is knocked out of her body, leaving only my blood.Finish.He cut his finger open with a distressed face, poured about two big bowls of blood, and there was no more movement.Looking at the wound on his hand, he suddenly remembered the last time Junli took the white jade pendant to heal my wound.I took the white jade pendant out of my pocket, imitating Junli, and put the white jade pendant on my wound.Sure enough, within a few seconds, the wound healed itself as if intact.Jiaojiao.Tang Maru said, looking at the expression in the eyes of the blood girl, it was a passionate look.But when I saw it, my stomach couldn t help but churn, and I almost vomited it out.No wonder the blood girl was so miserably deceived by Tang Maru, she really has a human face and a cbd back pain gummies cbd gummies 25mg beast s heart, even I believe her acting skills.The blood girl s movements stopped for an instant, but this fruit knife was very sharp, and it pressed against my neck tightly for a few seconds, cutting a gap in my neck.The surrounding area is full of blood, plus I cbd back pain gummies am in a mess covered in blood, and there are bright red blood stains on the bed sheet, all of cbd back pain gummies which show that if you don t fucking save me, Tang Maru, I will die There is no way to continue this play In my heart, 11,000 muddy horses were galloping past, and I wished I could call Tang Maru s name directly, but he kept playing Qiong Yao there, pulling the bloody girl and crying how much he loved her.Ask her why she has cut off contact these few days, and even tried cbd back pain gummies to catch the blood girl s words on the sidelines, and asked her if a Taoist priest found her and helped her break the contract.He just ignored me, a big living person, and didn t even give me a look.He kept looking at the bloody girl affectionately, and almost hugged the bloody girl s body.But I can understand Tang Maru, because at this time, the blood girl not only has a scary face covered in blood, but even the maggots that are constantly shuttling on her skin can make people half dead from nausea.But if you really love someone, why would you mind so much Tang Maru looked at the bloody girl and said a lot, but the bloody girl s eyes were full of suspicion and murderous intent, as if she had gone crazy and didn t know Tang Maru at all.Xuannu Palace is proficient in Qimen Dunjia, so I won t be recognized by them when I go in But the master asked me, is she the kind of person who deceives the apprentice When she asked me to go to royal cbd gummies cbd back pain gummies Xuannv Palace, she arranged everything for me, and also sent me an address, asking me to find the person at the address, and he would take me directly to Xuannv Palace.In the end, let me tell you something.Before going, hide the beauty picture, Bai Yupei, and the evil book first, and don t carry them with you.It would be bad if they searched me and found them all.When I saw this, I was immediately overwhelmed.Even my impression of Master has improved a lot, and I sent her several thankful text messages, but she didn t reply to any of them.In the next second, I scolded her in my heart, and then said to the blood girl.If this fucking Liao Cuilian wants to trick me, just say it directly Asking her to arrange for me to enter the Xuannv Palace, I actually found the owner of the Xuannv Palace directly But what makes me different is that in front of me is a man of extraordinary aura, exuding a natural aura that doesn t detract from Gu Yicheng at all.How could he be willing to work under Gu Yicheng And seeing his desireless appearance, not only formed two sharp contrasts with Gu Yicheng, even when I was in front of him, I felt like an ordinary person, I didn t know how to get along with him.In the next second, the man took out a token from the side and handed it to me.He pointed to the Chinese style villa on the side and asked me to go in to get the palace clothes.After that, he ignored me and played again by himself.But at this moment, it appeared beside me.Lord Yunjing asked you to go down.When I heard this, I was dumbfounded, Ah , and asked her why, but she told me that it was not convenient for her to ask about Master cbd back pain gummies Yunjing s affairs.In someone else s territory, I couldn t say anything, so I took a deep breath secretly, firmly grasped the token that Yunjing gave me, and walked downstairs almost on tiptoe.The sound of me going downstairs has been suppressed to the minimum as much as possible, but it still reached the ears of Yun Jing and Xiao Jue, and they both glanced in my direction at the same time.There was a gentle smile on Yun Jing s face, and he exuded an aura that made people want to be close to him.However, Xiao Jue had a murderous look on his face, and an aura of refusal to be thousands of miles away was constantly churning around.Still not reconciled, he asked Yunjing again.Can you see cbd back pain gummies anything else The moment Yun Jing nodded, I felt like my heart was going to stop for a while.This did shark tank invest in cbd gummies shit, he figured it all out, and what else The next second, Yunjing s voice sounded again and said to me.Chunxia, start another game.When I heard Yunjing s words, I felt like ten thousand muddy horses were galloping past, but I could be sure that Master brought me here to Yunjing, probably because he didn t tell him my real identity Yes, otherwise, if he knew that I was the one Xiao Jue wanted to calculate, he would probably send me directly to Xiao Jue, right In my heart, I was so unwilling, but the game I calculated by myself was always a bit worse than Yun Jing s own calculation, right Of course, this idea is just a fluke, after all, all Qimen Dunjia cbd gummies hamilton cbd gummies for dog anxiety s layouts are in order, if I make a wrong one, the whole game will be wrong, and Yunjing will only make me heavy new Arrangement He took a deep breath, but suddenly remembered that the game cannot be repeated within nine days Just when he told Yun Jing this sentence, Yun Jing suddenly laughed.You can t see it as it is.The originally resplendent hall on the first floor changed in an instant, but Junli s anger was constantly spreading in the air For a moment, I couldn t understand why Junli was so angry Obviously he left Yunjing and me, causing us both to almost die, and he was the one who got angry in the end Before I could recover, Yun Jing was already running towards the stairs on the second floor like a puppy, my face turned black instantly, where is the agreed upon Xuannv Palace Mistress Gao Leng Why is it like taking the wrong medicine when meeting Junli I don t know why, but now when I see Yunjing so close to Junli, standing with Junli, I have the urge to hit him with a whisk.But Yunjing looked at my black face and said something very kindly.Chunxia, royal cbd gummies cbd back pain gummies I know you didn t protect me well, you don t have to blame yourself for this.But instead of stepping forward to help Yun Jing, Jun Li, on the contrary, after so long, he kindly reminded Yun Jing.Turn out the oil lamp in front of the coffin, and you can kill a corpse.As soon as the words fell, Yun Jing s face was half paralyzed goli cbd gummies in an instant, and he kept twitching at the side.I couldn t help it anymore, and laughed directly.I didn t know which cbd back pain gummies tendon was wrong, but I actually took a step forward and stood beside Junli and asked a question.Why didn t you tell Yun Jing about this earlier Jun Li glanced back at me expressionlessly, and uttered a few words lightly from the corner of his mouth.Teach him a lesson.The coffins in cbd gummies hamilton cbd gummies for dog anxiety the coffin array were very dense, and Yunjing not only had to find a way to extinguish the oil lamps in front of the coffins, but also had to find a way to jump over the corpses so that he would not be injured, and less than half of them were extinguished.Because the soul lamps of the corpses were all extinguished, the previously lively corpses had all turned into real corpses at this moment.In a few seconds, the air was filled with the smell of rotting corpses.Because the oil lamps were extinguished, the entire second floor became a mess.It was pitch black, and I didn t even dare to go forward, for fear of accidentally guessing some dead body, what should cbd back pain gummies I do if I kick myself disgustingly Before I could pull my thoughts back, I felt my body suddenly fly into the air, and a scent of ink came into my nose.I was actually hugged by Junli in the dark, and landed firmly beside Yunjing.The moment it fell, Junli put me back on the ground.The whole process took no more than five seconds, and the surroundings were pitch black again.Yunjing didn t ask me until he felt Junli and me appear beside him.The money is so happy.The surrounding cold wind blew by, and I was instantly terrified, and the goosebumps all over my body stood up, and I looked at the dark place behind me.Looking at the two people in front of me who were illuminated by the flashlight of the mobile phone, I swallowed suddenly, and I was about to bite the bullet and walk up like this, but Junli snapped his fingers.In an instant, the lights on the stairs on the third floor All lights up.I rolled what is cbd gummies 300mg my eyes at Junli from the bottom of my heart, the light was not turned on sooner or later, it was only now turned on, but Junli had already strode forward.Yunjing hurriedly followed behind, directly ignoring me who was still frozen in place.Before, Yunjing could still take care of me, but now seeing that I couldn t protect him, he still chose to follow behind his Lord Junli.But I figured it out, instead of dying here, it s better to be found directly, after all, I m a sweet potato now, and all of them want to rob me, don t they royal cbd gummies cbd back pain gummies Chapter 102 From the Tiger s Den to the Wolf s Den Konjac seems to be sane, deliberately hanging me in mid air so that I won t eat.Xiao Jue, of course, also discovered such a thing.But he just can t leave me here to cbd back pain gummies be slaughtered, after all, isn t his little baby dying out of his wits How could you give up so easily after cbd back pain gummies cbd gummies 25mg finding me However, I just like Xiao Jue s cute little look who wants to kill me but desperately saves me.He also knew how difficult this corpse flavored konjac was, and while asking the followers behind him to help him, he quickly got up from the ground, wiped off the rotten smelling mud on his face, and stepped on it Stepping forward, he made a formula with both hands, and the magic spell came out instantly.I said ah and didn t react, but she wrote a few words in the palm of my hand.Yasi Guang carried it.She made me explode, seriously injured her, and then escaped from the bitch behind me, as far as possible.I looked at Su Xiu in disbelief, knowing that what she did was violating Qing Jingzi, the master who brought her up since she was a child.If she was found out, she would lose her foothold even in Xiao Jue.Seeing the struggle in my eyes, Xu Shi shook her head at me, and in the next second she slapped herself hard on the chest, flew far away, spat out a mouthful of blood, and said in the direction of Qingjingzi and Xiao Jue sentence.Master, save me.The moment Su Xiu shook her head, I realized what she was going to do, a flash of struggle flashed in my eyes, and I jumped into the blue pool behind me in an instant with gritted teeth.On the top of the bun is a hairpin with beads and flowers, with tassels hanging from cbd back pain gummies cbd gummies 25mg it.The tassels flickered as she spoke.She has a fair face, soft and thin skin.The eyebrows are slender and picturesque, and the eyes are shining like stars.There is a small mouth under the small bridge of the nose, with thin lips, and the corners of the mouth are slightly curved upwards, with a sad smile.The whole face is delicate and beautiful, so refined, it doesn t have the slightest smell of human fireworks.Draw with the Holy Diao.She was wearing a white blouse and a white pleated skirt.Sitting there, dignified and noble, quiet and elegant.So pure.Tender, like a budding hibiscus, spotless.But there is such a muddy and untainted breath, and there is a bit of wind and dust that I can t understand.And this time when I saw this woman, it was no longer on the battlefield as before, but in a petite courtyard, beside the woman, sat a maidservant, and the two of them were whispering, I was too far away to hear what they were saying.It was clear that even the attendants of the Xuannv Palace behind me had mocking smiles on their faces.But this compliment made Tang Maru s whole body go cbd gummies hamilton cbd gummies for dog anxiety up to the clouds, put on a high posture and hummed, his head was raised higher than a rooster crowing early in the morning.After a few seconds, he said lightly.You still know how to talk, but the people from Xuannv Palace attacked me and broke the sword in my hand.How do you settle the debt As soon as his voice fell, I was so disgusted that I wanted to leave him immediately Three feet away, I can t beat others, so I have the nerve to say how to settle this account A bit of struggle and fear flashed across my face, I pressed my lips together and asked him.Shouldhow to calculate how to calculate.The stammering voice showed that I was getting more and more confident.It was not until nightfall that the blood girl told me that I could act.Before that, I had asked Yi Xue to ask her to help me get a robe from another palace.After all, the robes of each palace are different.There are only a dozen people in Xuannv Palace.If I wear the robe of Xuannv Palace Going out, wouldn t it be fair to tell everyone that I am Zhang Chunxia I fully armed myself, smeared some black ash on my face, and even smeared a small patch of my body to make sure that I could merge with it in the dark, and then left the cloud scene to me The talisman, including .

when to take cbd gummies. for anxiety?

the beauties I brought with me, were all saved for my life, and then I walked in the direction the blood girl pointed me to.While quietly cbd gummies in utah approaching Tang Maru s direction, the bloody girl appeared from time to time to disturb Tang Maru s senses, letting him know that the bloody girl was also in the Xuanzhen Sect.Everyone was already covered by black cbd back pain gummies robes, it was difficult to tell who was right, and the dim light on the wall made it even more blurred.I followed one of the teams carefully, and I just wanted to turn around here.Turn around and ask where Tang Maru is, but a sharp voice comes from his ear.Come here.This voice is very familiar, but I can t remember where I heard it, until I raised my eyes, I realized that the owner of the voice turned out to be Tang Maru s old friend How could it be such a coincidence that I bumped into her just after I came in The snake spirit counted the number of people in the team I was in, but the moment cbd back pain gummies cbd gummies 25mg he finished counting, he hissed and said something.I remember that the palace lord likes to arrange the number of people in a team of eight Why do you have ten people in this team When I heard this, I was immediately frightened, and I nervously clenched the talisman in my hand.Shoot Edict Disease When I saw Zhao Yiyun s formation, I was shocked.Although I am very good at it, this formation is the only formation I have set up by myself I still clearly cbd gummies louisiana remember that when the formation was deployed, because I couldn t find the command flag, I took eight yellow talismans to replace it.But at that time, I used this formation to isolate everything, and I didn t even use one tenth of the power of the upside down yin yang formation.Today, when I saw Zhao Yiyunbu s formation, I really felt that I was weaker than one level.Naturally, Chen Yanjin didn t expect her to instigate like this, Zhao Yiyun was so determined, she was so angry that she became furious, but at the moment when she wanted to block the trick, the eight flying flags had already flown out , Locked up the entire hall.Now she just came in.You Unlock this formation, and let s go out to cbd gummies for lung detox find cbd back pain gummies her.She must know where the picture of beauty is in Fuyan s tomb It has long been thought that the thing they are talking about is a picture of bee bee cbd gummies a beauty, and it is not surprising to hear it now.It s just that he was inexplicably blamed and became the person Yun Jing arranged beside Zhao Yijun, so he was a little speechless.But he also became curious, what is the relationship between Yunjing and Zhao Yiyun, Zhao Yiyun actually wanted to find Yunjing so much I couldn t help but think too much, I found a support point, and I jumped directly from the high platform.There s no need to look for it, I m here.If I don t show up again, I won t be able to clean myself up by jumping into the Yellow River.The moment it fell, I released the bloody girl directly.At that time, I thought one was my master and the other was Yun Jing.But now when I think about Yunjingqi s situation at that time, I have another judgment in my mind.Yunjing still had a lot of things that he didn t tell Xiao Jue, for example, there were not just two nobles, but three.The third one is Zhao Yiyun.If it wasn t for her this time, I really can t imagine what kind of fierce battle with Chen Yanjin and Tang Maru would happen, and it s also hard to imagine, if I really fought with them with the bloody girl alone, would it be my first time One was killed.After talking about this, it was already five o clock in the morning, and I asked Yi Xue to help Zhao Yiyun and the others cbd gummies hamilton cbd gummies for dog anxiety get some clothes from Xuannv Palace to change into first, and then arranged a room for everyone to have a good rest first.She said that she made a fortune for me.I have recently been born in a difficult family, and there is a high possibility of trouble.Let me pay attention and be careful.If something happens, she won t come to see me I was very sad and depressed at first, but I was suddenly pissed off by Master s words For several cbd back pain gummies days in a row, cbd gummies cda idaho I didn t go to Yunjing.I seriously studied the contents of the evil book at home, and played games for myself several times, trying to calculate my involvement with Huoyan.The elephants are all empty.I can t figure it out at all.The direction after this incident.With a sigh, I had to give up.But at this moment, Yunjing actually called me and told me that Gu Yicheng specially came to visit his home, and even said by name that he wanted to see me When I heard this, I was taken aback for a moment, and then I remembered that when I left Xuanzhen Sect, Gu Yicheng specifically told me that he would come to visit me in a few days cbd back pain gummies But I really don t really want to see him in my heart, but I also know that Yunjing has called me, and I don t want to see him, so I have to go After tidying myself up, I hadn t walked to the door of Yunjing s house.Early in the morning, I cleaned myself up and took all the things I could bring with me.The moment I left the house, Junli specifically told me to be careful when I went out, and to call him directly if something happened.As soon as I heard Junli speak in such a domineering tone, a smile appeared on my face, I raised my eyebrows to express my understanding, and then walked out of Junli s house without looking back.Before I went to find Qin Zheng, I specially found a store and bought the most expensive fly whisk, and stuffed the picture of a beauty into it.How should I put it, Zhang Chunxia s identity as a local turtle is now useless, and with a twenty five speed whisk, not only is it particularly out of character.It s also easy to be suspicious.After doing all this, I stopped them casually.Said something to me.This girl looks like a ghost in this dress.I nodded and didn t speak, but I agreed with it from the bottom of my heart.It should be scarier than ghosts.As she passed by us, I didn t even feel a bit of yin and death, but a strong smell of rouge.Qin Zheng was so scared that he didn t see the woman s expression, but I could see it clearly He was obviously smiling, but it made me feel extremely hideous.Taking a few deep breaths, Qin Zheng and I adjusted our breathing, and then walked towards the sealed door on the third floor.Before opening the door, Qin Zheng asked me in a low voice.Do you have any charms that can shake ghosts Put it on this door to avoid evil spirits I shook my head and said no.This is true, the yellow talismans that Yunjing gave me were not many, and whether the ones I drew are of much use, of course I use one and one less.I on the right hand.Tell me, what would it feel like to have this dagger pierced into your heart As soon as I finished speaking, Bi Se kept shaking her head in fright, shouting no, no, trouble face, I knew I was wrong, Huo Yan, please let me go.When I saw Bi Se s appearance of a dog in the water, I was naturally very happy, but I was still very puzzled, who is the other I in my body To be able to scare Xiao Jue and Bi Se like this and Bi Se, calling her directly, what a disaster I sneered twice after hearing Bi Se s words, and threw Bi Se into the air suddenly, the aura reached its peak in an instant, an aura of disdain for the world, which made people worship The light of fireflies, do you also want to shine with the sun and the moon It seems that at this moment, no one dares to resist in front of my eyes, to see gods kill gods, and demons slay demons The moment Bi Se was thrown into the air, the white jade dagger in I s hand flew out suddenly, directly slashing one hundred and eight knives across Bi Se s body, the knife was fatal.At night, I tossed and turned on the bed, and the scene of Junli accompanying me was constantly flashing in my mind.I only felt that Junli had only been away for a few days, and I was going crazy.Missing is like magic damage, layer by layer, like a lingering haze.Until I was about to fall asleep, someone called the phone suddenly, I picked up the phone excitedly, and saw that the caller was Yunjing, I felt like I was covered in cold sweat, sighed, and then put the phone away Pick up.Yunjing s first sentence was to ask me.Where are you now Jun Li s home.What are you doing at his house Help him watch the house.He has Xiao Xiao, why are you going to join in the fun Go with Xiao Xiao I jumped off the building.Yun Jing was at a loss for words, and then asked me to wait for him at Junli s house, and he came to pick me up, telling me not to stay at people s houses in the middle of the night.Chunxia, long time no see, I miss you so much Zhao Yijun s arrival immediately broke the weird atmosphere, and turned everyone s eyes to me.Gu Yicheng looked at me with a half smile, Bise snorted mockingly, Xiao Jue turned his head in doubt.Only the old man sitting in the corner didn t seem to hear or see, watching every move on the stage with relish, his hands were still moving like an actor, and he almost didn t sing.I slipped out of Zhao Yiyun asda cbd gummies s arms in embarrassment, and said something to her, what a coincidence.She nodded and said yes, what a coincidence, you came here for beauty Before she finished speaking, I covered Zhao Yiyun s mouth and gave her a fierce wink.Then she turned her eyes around and shrank back in fear when she saw the people sitting around her.Shrink your cbd back pain gummies neck.Asked me in a low voice.Let s talk about the matter, because I didn t lie But in the game, Xiao Xiao s house fell to the ninth palace, Li Gong, and when he came to Teng Snake and Xiu Men, he gave birth to Fu Tianchong.It means that the liar is Xiao Xiao.But when her palace came to the door of Xiu, Xiu got angry and gave birth to Tianchong again, which meant that Xiao Xiao simply didn t have the time to lie and deceive Xiao Jue.It was her, she was the one who didn t lie, the whole situation turned out to be chaotic Yun Jing s excited expression froze, and he froze in place.I just wanted to ask Yun Jing if I made a mistake.Yun Jing directly stuffed the paper into my hand and asked me.Chunxia, why do I feel like I won t end the game Come and help me find out if it s Xiao Xiao who is lying.I shook my head in embarrassment, saying that I couldn t break it, and Yun Jing was dumbfounded.I almost spat out a mouthful of blood, flicked Yunjing s head to let him talk about business, and asked him what happened tonight, Only then did he tell me that he suspected that Xiao Xiao did not accidentally merge into the soul of Huo Yan when he was reincarnated, but that someone deliberately manipulated everything behind the scenes.Since Xiao Xiao s fate was covered up, he wanted to break the situation, but someone took out Huo Yan s power dealt with him, and even drew out the afterimage of the demon, which can prove this point.Draw with claws.After I heard this, I didn t say a word.If I didn t know that I was a bad face, I would have been taken in by Yun Jing s speculation.It s just that what I don t understand is why Huo Yan would kneel at the feet of the devil and ask for protection.And the moment Yunjing and I stood up, I could clearly feel two eyes directly sweeping towards the private smokiez blackberry cbd gummies room where Yunjing and I were.I can see clearly.One is Gu Yicheng, his eyes are on me.One is Xiao Jue, he looked at Yunjing, he seemed hesitant to say something in his eyes, but he was holding back.Yun Jing sarcastically returned Xiao Jue s gaze, his expression was indifferent, cbd gummies for anxiety near me cbd gummies hamilton like a tiger that hadn t come out of the mountain yet.Although this gaze is not fixed on me.But I still couldn t help it, I was taken aback by this gaze, I looked back at Yunjing stiffly, only to see that he had already looked at me, and asked me with a bright smile.Who do you think this man next to him will be I laughed and said that I don t know, this man looks extraordinary, a hero among men.Yun Jing let out a hmm without saying a word, and the smile in his eyes grew stronger.Feng Jiu was wearing a green dress, standing beside Feng Shitian, acting like a clown, without any of her complexion and elegance.But the Crown Prince of Yan Kingdom is not close to women at all.Crown Princess Feng Jiu has been married for such a long time, and there is only one title of Crown Princess, and there is no real progress at all.So when Jun Li looked at such a beautiful Feng Shitian, he only took a few more glances than ordinary women, and didn t react much, and directly ordered the soldiers to attack the city The fighting next to the ear sounded again.But the emperor and empress were all dead, and Feng Shitian even stood on top of the imperial city dressed in women s clothes without any intention of resisting.All the soldiers of Chu State who could surrender surrendered, and those who could not surrender also died.Thank you.She turned her head, smiled at the little boy, and stepped out of the ruined temple.At that time, she never imagined that she had unintentionally planted willows and willows, and brought such a great fortune to herself after her rebirth.It wasn t until she was far away from the ruined temple, and Junli and Gu Yicheng were still following her, that she turned her head impatiently.The two of you cbd back pain gummies followed for a while, right Is something wrong, or Duanxiu has taken a fancy to me Tu said Shuaicai.Even though Qin Guofeng is open, but the man in front of him opened his mouth and shut his mouth while hanging the broken sleeve, which frightened Gu Yicheng and Junli for a moment, then Gu Yicheng burst into laughter, and Junli pulled the veins on his forehead After talking, he opened his mouth to ask a question.And these are not the scariest.The most frightening thing is cbd back pain gummies that these corpses are all wearing cheongsams from the period of the Republic of China without exception, and all of them are bright red.people.These corpses were all frozen in place, but the strange way of death and the hideous facial features made me feel that these corpses were more terrifying than moving corpses or ghosts.Because I don t know cbd gummies for anxiety near me cbd gummies hamilton when they will move I stretched out a foot nervously, trying to hook back the phone that I dropped far away, but the phone was too far away, and I didn t dare to move when I stood still , had to give up.The first floor of this three story building is surprisingly large, and the mobile phone can only illuminate a part of the area, but this part of the area has already scared me I nervously took out a yellow talisman from my pocket, and was about to I lit it up to illuminate it, but no matter what formulas I cast on it, the yellow talisman seemed to be dead and did not respond at all.The female ghost looked at me and smiled even brighter, but at the moment the female ghost in front of her cbd square gummies laughed.The corpses that were set royal cbd gummies cbd back pain gummies aside laughed how long do cbd gummies stay in your system The bursts of laughter seemed even more terrifying in this already quiet and weird atmosphere.As soon as I thought about it, I bit my index finger and remembered what Yunjing once taught me The volley drawing talisman directly used blood to draw a ghost killing talisman in the air.Taishang Laojun is as anxious as a law The moment the curse was cast, this talisman slapped fiercely on the female ghost, and a flash of inspiration suddenly appeared, and the female ghost was shattered by the blood talisman, and I immediately relaxed Tone, I was about to pick up the mobile phone less than half a meter away from cbd gummies from top living health me, but there was a click behind me, and there was the sound of the door opening I slowly turned my head away, and found that the door was opened by someone.Seeing my appearance, a stern look suddenly appeared in Bi Se s eyes, and she asked me with a smile.Xiao Xiao, are you showing off yourself, or do you want me to help you If I help you, you will feel very uncomfortable.If I guess correctly, Bi Se is not the only one in this room , there may also be Gu Yicheng, Xiao Jue and Yun Jing.But I am Xiao Xiao now, and they will never have anyone to help me.And if I show weakness cincinnati cbd gummies now, wouldn t it fuel Bise s arrogance Holding this white jade sword, I walked towards Bi Se s direction step by step, but before I took two steps, Bi Se actually said something to me.It seems that you want me to help you, Zhang Chunxia Withdrawing his thoughts, he heard Bi Se s insolent smile.Do you think we are stupid, or are you stupid Zhang Chunxia disappears when you appear, and you disappear when Zhang Chunxia appears exposed My hand holding the white jade sword trembled slightly, and my whole face was pale and ugly, but I knew that how much does keoni cbd gummies cost the more confident I showed, the more likely I would be poked out.When they left, the sky outside was gradually getting dark, Feng Jiu s ignorant eyes kept staring at Feng Shitian s leaving back, and she never moved away for a long time.I looked at this scene and sighed.If in my previous life, I knew earlier that the people I saved when I was a child became my enemies in HCMUSSH cbd back pain gummies the end, would I choose to execute them before they have the ability, or continue to tolerate it However, there are no ifs in this world.The scene reversed very quickly, and kept flashing the scene of Feng Shitian sneaking out of the palace to visit Feng Jiu, getting furious every time he learned that Feng Jiu s life was not good, and Feng Shitian and Feng Jiu digging dog holes in the palace , to help Fengjiu name the fragment.Too many memories flooded into my mind and enveloped me.But my heart was also filled with the memory of the past life at this time.The memory flashed quickly, seeing that Feng Shitian had grown up day by day, about seven or eight years old, with Feng Jiu, who was pretending to be a court lady, shuttled through the palace of Chu Kingdom behind his small figure.With obvious cbd gummies made of fear and inferiority in Feng Jiu s eyes, she followed closely behind Feng Shitian.At this time, the palace of Chu State was decorated very festively, and the sound of playing music kept ringing in his ears.Feng Shitian carefully led Feng Jiu closer to the main hall, and turned around to say something to Feng Jiu in a mysterious way.Did you know Today, the royal father hosted a banquet in the palace and invited other countries to participate in the state banquet of cbd gummies hamilton the state of Chu.I heard that the famous Crown Prince Yan of the State of Yan and Crown Prince Wei of the State of Wei will come.Where is my grandma How can you leave without saying a word Although my grandma and uncle plotted against me and almost killed me, I will never forget the kindness of nurturing me for more than 20 years.In HCMUSSH cbd back pain gummies this world, apart from Junli, maybe the only person who has given me warmth is my grandma, right The scenes of living with my grandma suddenly flooded into my mind, tears fell from my eyes, Zhao Yijun stepped forward, hugged me in his arms, and patted my shoulder lightly.It wasn t until I finished crying that I suddenly realized, what the hell am I crying for If I can t get out of the village, I could die here Wiping away our tears, Zhao Yijun and I checked the house inside and out, and found nothing except the trace that no one lived there for a long time.But I found my clothes in my grandma s closet.When I opened the door, it was so dirty, how could I come in so clean What s even more weird is that the floor, ceiling, and walls here are all like mirrors, which can see through everything in the hall, but the more it is like this, the more I feel a little uncomfortable, and I always feel like I am being watched by others feeling.The giant blood of the native bird.I don t know if it was intentional by the designer, but the hall is so exquisitely decorated, but there is not even a corpse or a coffin If it weren t for the strong dead air exuding from the hall, I could really think that I had walked into a place like the Forbidden City.Zhao Yijun pulled me carefully, but the moment he walked into the middle of the hall, he asked me a question Xiao Xiao, do you feel that something is different after you come in When I heard this, I turned around and asked Zhao Yiyun How is it different But she asked me to hold a pen, and I understood it when I started a game in my hand, and then specifically told me to figure out if we could get out safely.The extremely dark imprint on the Yintang seemed to tell me She, she will never die Just for a moment, grandma opened her tight eyes, and the moment she jumped out of the coffin, she rushed towards me, muttering in her mouth that she didn t know what to say, but the spray from her mouth The corpse gas that comes out tells me everything.Grandma is dead.And, it s been a while since the dead one.My eyes were covered with mist for a moment.I haven t asked grandma anything yet.Why did grandma die like this While dodging, I cried and called my grandma s name, but no matter how I shouted, she was attacking me except for muttering.Until the end, I was cornered by my grandma, she grabbed my neck, and I held her head, trying to hold on so that she would not come to suck my blood, but going on like this is no way at all I gritted my teeth, turned my gaze, and was about to ask Zhao Yijun for help, but I saw her looking at me with a sarcasm, her hands on her hips, and she walked towards me unhurriedly.Pass Junli.On the contrary, it was Bi Se s eyes that kept lingering on Junli s body But didn t Junli in the previous life marry Gu Yiyun Although I heard that nothing substantial happened between the two of them, but this extremely strange gaze did not look like someone who had been married before.Okay, I ll give you the key.I ll open Ling cbd gummies for anxiety near me cbd gummies hamilton Shun s seal myself, but you must let me take it away first.The next second, I interrupted Gu Yiyun and Yun Jing from looking at each other.He interrupted and said No Throwing rubbish beside the soil.You have to open Ling Shun s seal before you can take justcbd cbd gummies cbd back pain gummies the two of them away.Just as I was hesitating, Yun Jing s voice resounded in my mind again, Promise them.When I heard that, I took a deep breath secretly.He breathed a sigh of relief and said, Okay Then, seeing Junli s and Yunjing s different gazes, I walked forward step by step.For some reason, it is the same piece of music, but when played by different people, it has a different artistic conception.Fu Yan played with a bit of sadness and domineering reverberation.What Yunjing played was like mountains and flowing water, stretching endlessly.At this moment, what was revealed in the tomb was exactly the same as the one in the dream, with a bit of demonic and demonic nature, which made people feel like they were about to cbd back pain gummies sera relief cbd gummies amazon fall into it Junli HCMUSSH cbd back pain gummies walked on the bridge, but there was no reaction , but when Yunjing heard the song, he stopped abruptly.Although his eyes were a little drifting, his mind was still quite clear.It didn t seem like he was confused by the song more like because of the song, he remembered something Xu Shi noticed Yunjing s gaffe, Junli stopped, turned back and asked Yunjing Should we cbd back pain gummies go You know, the Feng Shui here is already messed up.He shook his head slightly at me, with the meaning in his eyes.very clear.He told me that the scene was still under Junli s control, so I just let me watch the show quietly.watching a play At this moment, the silver amulet that Gu Yicheng had pasted on the mahogany coffin suddenly fell off and slowly fell to the ground.In the coffin, there was a billowing evil energy and devil energy, intertwined together, and the sound of scratching the coffin could be heard next to the ears, obviously the things inside were about to cheat the corpse Xiao Jue s expression changed instantly, he slapped the coffin with his palm suddenly, and wanted to lift the coffin board, but Gu Yicheng s movements were faster than him, and he firmly pressed the coffin board before he could do it.Gu Yiyun watched the cbd gummies hamilton cbd gummies for dog anxiety whole cbd back pain gummies show, as if she hadn t instigated this war cbd back pain gummies at all, while Bi Se was like a transparent person, she didn t speak, and no one noticed her existence at all.When I heard Junli s words, I finally understood that I was not the only one who saw grandma s corpse and laughed.Afterwards, Xiao Jue and Yun Jing brought grandma s coffin into the living room, and found a piece of royal cbd gummies cbd back pain gummies cloth, which was used as a cover, so that it would not be so unsightly as exposing the corpse.Then Jun Li asked Xiao Jue, what do you want to do with grandma s body After hearing this, Xiao Jue said that he didn t know either.Grandma s body was nailed with soul shocking nails, and the body turned into a scorpion.If the nails were forcibly removed, grandma would lose her soul.I don t know what this soul shaking nail cbd back pain gummies is.It always feels like it s very powerful.These seven nails on grandma s body make the three of them especially afraid.However, it was the first time I saw these three people sitting together and chatting calmly, and I couldn t help but sighed lightly.Pressed down, my face was black and proud.Suddenly, a tremor spread throughout my body, paralyzing my arms, legs, and brain.I just felt that I couldn t think, as if something was sweeping My whole body The cold wind blowing outside the window made my whole body tremble uncontrollably how do you feel, the wind is so cold today I lowered my eyes subconsciously, but was struck by lightning my clothes What Realizing this, I felt as if I had been shocked by an electric shock.When I widened my eyes, I saw Junli also looking at me.His eyes were beautiful, with red and cbd back pain gummies silver glints in his eyes.It sank in.Junli didn t know whether it was intentional or not, those beautiful lips were blowing hot breath less than three centimeters from my ears.I just felt that I was about to lie down I cbd back pain gummies can t lie still, but Junli royal cbd gummies cbd back pain gummies is still teasing me Junli s hoarse and somewhat affectionate voice suddenly rang in my ears Xiao Xiao.But until the army of Yan, Wei, Qin, and the Three Kingdoms contributed to the Chu Kingdom and surrounded the Chu Kingdom s imperial city, the moment Princess Rong Le died for the country, her figure jumping down from the imperial city suddenly met the savior she had been looking forward to day and night.Connected together who would have thought that the figure that saved him, that figure that was domineering and more masculine than a man, would be a daughter, a princess of a country No wonder Junli and Gu Yicheng couldn t find out Shi Tian s real identity no matter how cbd gummies for anxiety near me cbd gummies hamilton much they investigated, and it s no wonder that Shi Tian was still not abrupt when he stood beside the two proud sons of heaven.That child at that time hated him so much, hated himself so much, why didn t he meet Feng Shitian after inheriting the Xiao family s heir, and thank him in front of him Why did I have to feel that only when I was strong could I have the courage to stand by his side Perhaps, some people are 750mg cbd gummy rings born with this kind of charm.All I know is that at the bottom of the letter, there is an evil book called Compassion for Life, and the general layout of Huo Yan.It was also written in the letter.Even he and Zheng Qiuyun changed their lives against the sky.Eternal life is well arranged.She asked them to find Liao Cuilian, and also asked Xiao Jue and Zheng Qiuyun to practice the contents of the evil book after changing their lives against the sky and obtaining eternal life, but she told them not to practice Qimen Dunjia.As soon as I heard this, I directly interrupted Xiao Jue and asked him why Why didn t Fuyan let them practice Qimen Dunjia But Xiao Jue replied to me, Fuyan s letter said so, not everyone.Everyone has the opportunity to see the way of heaven.Not everyone can escape the condemnation of are cbd gummies good for ed the Heavenly Dao by peeking at the Heavenly Dao.There were a large number of stalactites scattered above the head, which was unique.Because the entrance of the cave is vertically downward and not tightly closed, it has been scoured by mountain rain and groundwater for a long time.The silt in the cave is three to four meters deep.Buried under mud.Junli stopped in front of the cave, and finally hugged me and jumped onto a stone platform in front of him.Not long after he landed, Yunjing s voice rang in our ears.Brother in law, if you don t take me away in such deep mud, you think I ll fall into it and be buried to death Junli didn t say anything, but returned to the original place reluctantly, picked up Yunjing s collar with one hand, and swung Bring Yunjing to the stone platform where I am standing.This cave is a bit strange.The surrounding stone walls are very smooth due to the beating of rain all year round, but a stone platform was raised out of thin air for the three of us to settle on.As soon as I heard what he said, I quickly took out my mobile phone from my pocket, turned it on, and saw a text message from about twenty minutes ago.Get the snake gall before dawn, otherwise I don t know what kind of new conditions I will put forward.When I saw the text message, I was so angry that I was about to show the phone to Yunjing, but Yunjing asked Me, do you feel that the man behind the scene looks like a person I nodded, shook my head again, and said to him I don t feel like one person, but like many people.Xiao Jue, Ling Shun, Gu Yiyun, and Bi Se all have motives.Yun Jing is faint Hmm, he said, saying that he felt that Gu Yicheng also had motives.As soon as I heard it, there was a huge difference, and I asked Yunjing Why Gu Yicheng is now my man, standing here.But Yunjing cbd gummies hamilton cbd gummies for dog anxiety asked me, what is the easiest way to dispel my doubts In my mind, I suddenly had an answer.I always felt that since Jun left home, our words, deeds, and actions seemed to be under the control of others I showed the phone to Junli and Yunjing.Ask them what to do They asked me to reply a text message casually first.After I heard this, I sent a message to the anonymous number Yes.Then the anonymous number immediately sent a message saying let s walk 300 meters ahead, and after seeing an old locust tree, turn right and see a bluestone slab , Put the snake cbd back pain gummies cbd gummies 25mg gall over there first.Then walk forward into a cave.He is waiting for me inside.When I saw his text message, I replied to him immediately What if I put the snake gall on the bluestone slab, and you take the snake gall and let me dove Unexpectedly, this anonymous number actually replied to me.How dare I let you go.The tone was full of ridicule, but I felt a little twisted no matter what I heard, and I was about to reply, but Yunjing snatched my phone and quickly Edited a line The snake gall can t be given to you first, and the money will be handed over to the person.However, I dare not drink the water that Xiao Jue gave me.After politely refusing it, Xiao Jue asked me if I was afraid that he might poison it.I smiled and replied What are you talking about, you are my uncle, can you hurt me In one sentence, his face turned red, and I HCMUSSH cbd back pain gummies was even more mean in front of him He took out the water bottle in the bag, said that he had brought water, and then took a few sips in front of him.It wasn t until he had had enough rest that he followed Xiao Jue towards the Temple of the Empress.At this time, the sky was completely dark, and the new moon in the sky was covered by dark clouds, which blocked the light he should have been shining.Walking on the mountain, the more I HCMUSSH cbd back pain gummies walked up, the darker the sky became, and the more I wanted to take out the flashlight to illuminate the way, but whenever I talked about this, Xiao Jue stopped me, saying that the flashlight was used in the middle of the night, Words like disrespect to the gods.On the contrary, the red lanterns were hung high, and the door was painted with new paint.It was blood red, as if it had been splashed with blood.In front of this temple, there are hundreds of small pots half buried in the soil, covered with a layer of beeswax, and tightly wrapped.But my eyes just landed on these hundreds of small jars, and the faint cries of the children came to my ears again.I was afraid that others would not know that the buried ones seemed to be dead babies.Isn t this Empress Songzi an evil god Without holding back any longer, I stepped forward and pulled Xiao Jue, and asked in a low voice.But Xiao Jue pushed my hand away and made a sound of pee pee pee, saying that you must not disrespect the gods in front of the temple, otherwise the gods will blame me.I thought Xiao Jue was weird at first, but now that I see him like this, I feel that he is completely different from the Xiao Jue I knew before.What about the Empress Dowager Why isn t there even a god statue in this temple When I said this, I took a flashlight and swept around the whole temple, but not only the doors and windows were locked, but even the incense sticks were locked.There is no smell at all, except for the smell of blood, the smell of blood is still in the air Except that the appearance is exactly the same as the temple, I cbd back pain gummies really can t find anything similar to the temple Don t worry.Xiao Jue s tone suddenly had a bit of evil, and the more I listened, the more I felt that I was betrayed by him.Involuntarily, I quietly took out my phone from the dark place, and sent the pre edited text message to Junli, wanting to ask him where he is now.When I did this, I was extremely careful, but just as the text message was sent, there was a rumbling, rumbling sound in my ears.When I heard that, I was stunned , and asked Junli Then what should I do Could something really happen to Yunjing Junli didn t say a word, and didn t let me get out of the car.Instead, he stopped in the car and touched the steering wheel with one hand., with one hand leaning against the tree house cbd gummies door on the left, and the left hand on the edge of the lower lip, the whole image is provocative.After a few minutes.Yunjing suddenly called Junli, and asked in a very urgent tone where we were, and said that when he called us just now, someone poisoned Bise s food and nearly killed Bise with the poison , let s hurry over here.As soon as Yunjing finished speaking, Junli gave a faint um and said, We are already at your door.When Yunjing heard this, he was overjoyed and asked why we didn t come in at the door Jun Li didn t speak.Those who stood were a little tired, so I couldn t help but asked her in a low voice What s the situation now Su Xiu shook her head, saying that she didn t know, but it was very likely that someone was making trouble, otherwise it would be impossible for someone to make trouble here.The glutinous rice is so clean.When I heard it, I couldn t understand it, so I asked, Why is it impossible for someone to clean up the glutinous rice here so clearly But after I finished speaking, I immediately realized because, the dead are buried here After death, the corpse cheated the corpse and turned into a zombie.Even though the corpse is cremated now, only the soul remains, but it is still very afraid of Nuomi Therefore, it is impossible for the glutinous rice to be cleaned up by the owner of this grave, unless someone cleaned up the glutinous rice so clean after we left.When Yunjing saw her, he slipped a black silk from his sleeve and wrapped the two of them together.It was tied the same as Bise, and then Yunjing took another silk thread to string together Bise, Suzhou embroidery, and Qingjingzi, and said to me Aren t you going I glanced at Yun differently.Jing, asked him Where what is thc in cbd gummies are you going cbd back pain gummies The moment Gu Yicheng left, Junli also moved, pulling me to follow behind, not forgetting to turn around and patiently appease the young man who was already looking stupid It seems that I told you before A week to return your village to tranquility will be advanced.After saying this, before the young man could respond, he had already walked out of the village chief s house, leaving the young man in a daze.Whether the dragon vein is close or far is not far from here.After bumping and bumping all the way, it can be regarded as reaching the dragon s head.But at the moment when Junli, Gu cbd back pain gummies cbd gummies 25mg Yiyun, and Master were fighting, Xiao Jue suddenly leaned into my ear and said to me Xiao Xiao, I will help Junli later.When the time comes, you take off the peach talisman on the top of Huanyan s head, control that corpse, refine her, and refine the essence of this corpse into blood amber When I heard Xiao Jue s words, Immediately, he glanced at him differently, seeing his pale but extremely serious eyes, he was 20 mg cbd gummies startled Why didn t I go to help Junli, and you do these things I replied differently I asked Xiao Jue, but Xiao Jue told me not to worry so much, just do as he said When I said this, the tone was a bit aggressive, I gave him a light look, a little reluctant, but I had to do it.The moment I ran towards the altar, intending to get close to the corpse of Huo Yan, Xiao Jue had already moved, and the moment he moved, he changed from his previous decadent, injured and powerless appearance, as if the blood flowing from his body was not at all.Why don t we do something interesting Chapter 311 Marriage proposal Before I could react, another deep kiss fell hard, which gradually burned my whole body into heat, but he took advantage of this time to take off all my clothes.Even the shameless TIAODOU touched my most sensitive nerves, with sexy and flirtatious lips.Gently tearing my earlobe, brought the trembling all over my body, and at this moment, the big hand was walking on my body.My breathing is almost in sync with Junli.But he stopped at the last level and asked me with a sly smile.Xiao Xiao, at this moment, don t you want to say something Um what The moment I uttered the first word, my face turned red, and I was so frightened But at this moment, Junli licked my lips, and said lazily, Don t you want it It s obvious This Junli s black belly wants me to cbd gummies for anxiety near me cbd gummies hamilton speak first, but it s obviously He turned me into TIAODOU s desire to stop, but turned it into another, I took the initiative I was so angry that I immediately rolled my eyes in my heart, and I didn t want to talk to Junli, but the heat provoked by Junli still refused to dissipate I almost gritted my teeth hard, closed my eyes, and yelled in a low voice Sentence Jun Li.But it was suppressed by unknown reasons After this incident was suppressed, even more weird things happened.Those women who lived in this yard before and were afraid of not being able to do so agreed to continue to live in one after another.In this yard, and have lived in it for many years, so that until now, I still live in that yard and have not moved away.But after such a commotion, everyone in the Rouge Hutong cbd back pain gummies knew that the courtyard was haunted, and no one dared to approach it.Even these women who lived in Yanzhi Hutong were regarded as ghosts.People hide It s almost clear at this point, but the boss has said everything about Yin er, but he hasn t said it for a long time.He put so many yellow symbols in the room to guard against Yin er, why are you guarding against Yin er After all, isn t this noise only happening in the yard When I asked this question, the boss obviously didn t want to say it, but he couldn t stand Yunjing s coercion and temptation until the end, and he was forced to ask it out.But the moment he turned his head, he gave me a hard gouged look, the meaning is obvious The future is long, don t let him seize the opportunity, or he will kill me to death I was frightened by his expression Yes, she couldn t help shivering, and he quickly made a smile on her face, but was completely ignored by him.In the end, Yunjing brought the topic directly to that tunnel.Even though the boss had been mentally prepared before, Yunjing would ask about the secret way, but when Yunjing asked this question, he was still very nervous.But the nervousness is the nervousness, no matter what Yunjing asks about the tunnel, the boss doesn t know anything about it, as if he just moved here and is not familiar with the illusion.When I heard him talking nonsense like this, I immediately rolled my eyes in my heart, who are you bluffing In the end, Yunjing didn t even know what questions to ask, so fortunately he asked the boss, Then before the three of them left here, did they ask you about the green lobster cbd gummies charles stanley tunnel like I did The boss obviously didn t expect Yunjing to ask When I came to this question, a bit of confusion suddenly flashed on my face, but I caught it straight.But the moment Granny Su frowned and looked at me, she quickly opened her mouth and called the original factory, saying that the three of us were tourists who had lost their wallets when they came to Yanzhi Hutong.After saying this, he pointed to Yunjing and green ape cbd gummies scam said that this was the young man who had called in our yard before.Although Granny Su spoke very fast when she said this, she told us one thing imperceptibly.She is nervous She is very likely, very afraid of the old woman in the red cheongsam in front of her As soon as I noticed the old lady s behavior, I quickly raised my eyebrows at Junli and Yunjing, and they quickly returned my eyes, as if they had received the message.After listening to Granny Su s introduction, Tong Xin looked at the three of us half believingly, and said in a very unfriendly way If you need to make a phone call, you can call us here.The two of them were caught off guard by the beauty picture, and they were also affected by the aftermath of the beauty picture.They never thought that I would be so ruthless at this moment, and both of them were hit by my spell if they didn t pay attention.Taking this opportunity, I glanced at Yunjing s direction, only to see that Yunjing, Yin er who was standing in the yard before, and the four mothers in law were all gone Meanwhile, the door to Granny Su s room has already been closed Obviously, when I was fighting with Gu Yiyun and Bi Se, Yun Jing had already dragged the five of them into the room behind him, asking me to delay them From my sneak attack , Bi Se regained her senses, gave a stern slap, and did not forget to scold me Xiao Xiao, I didn t expect you to still be so fond of stealthy things.Laughing there, I was hairy all over from laughing, I couldn t stop shivering, and asked again What are you laughing at, what s going gummies au cbd on As soon as the words fell, Yun Jing twitched the corners of his mouth, and replied sarcastically, I don t like the counterfeit goods in Gu Yiyun s hand.I frowned when I heard what he said.His eyebrows were even more frowned immediately, and he asked him, What do you mean Unexpectedly, he replied that he had already investigated this lamp before coming to Beijing, and prepared one and this lamp.The exact replica was used as a spare, and when the owner of the antique shop gave him the lamp, he had already swapped it.So, that s why when Ling Shun appeared with this ancient lamp, he and Jun Li were so confidentthey were probably laughing at the time, right After hearing what he said, I asked again Then what happened to the owner cbd back pain gummies of the antique shop and Yin er What did you do with Yin er just now, and why did you come out alone Yun Jing obviously didn t want to talk to Yin er.What should I say After I finished asking so many questions, he gave me a blank look and replied, Guess for yourself.When I heard what he said, I was immediately angry, and I almost pulled the shoehorn off my feet.Pull it out, and throw it directly on Yunjing s face Xu Shi Yunjing saw the anger on my face, so he asked me in a low voice Do you really want to know I ignored him and rolled my eyes, but his Yunjing is just a stick Bitch, when I asked him to talk cbd back pain gummies about it, he pretended to me that he didn t want to talk about it, and let me guess.Now I acted like I didn t want to hear it, but he told me all the things in my ear.Before Yun Jing said these words, he even best cbd gummies for focus sighed I often walk by the river, so I don t get my shoes wet.It means that both he and Junli were cheated by that cunning antique shop owner After chatting with Yin er, he realized that there were not a few truths in the mouth of the antique shop owner.When I saw this, I breathed a sigh cbd back pain gummies of relief and asked Junli, Why are you here now Ling Shun is like a dog s skin plaster, so it s not easy to shake off.His words were obviously telling me that the whole thing, He and Yun Jing had already made an arrangement, and the various expressions in the yard before were acting, but they didn t tell me It made me too involved in the drama, and I was worried Junli gently helped me put it on the ground, but at this moment he took my hand and led me to walk in this forest.I don t know cbd back pain gummies cbd gummies 25mg where Junli is going to take me, but my subconscious mind tells me that no matter what Where to go, as long as Junli takes me, it must be what I yearn for.Even if there is a fire pit ahead or the abyss of hell, I dare to hold Junli s hand and walk through it.Seeing Junli pulling me forward, Yunjing hurriedly said Hey and followed, wanting to stand beside Junli, but also seemed to dislike me and didn t want to stand side by side with me, facing me He snorted coldly, walked up to the two of us, and turned on the flashlight.The moment I opened my eyes, I found that everyone except me had woken up early, but they were all quiet.I sat on the side without talking It was the first time I grew up to sleep in the valley with so many people.I couldn t help but feel a little embarrassed, so I couldn t help but swallowed, and interrupted the tranquility Everyone is doing this What are you doing sitting there But Yunjing HCMUSSH cbd back pain gummies rolled his eyes at me directly, and said, Wait until you get up.I was too lazy to reply to him because of Yunjing s words, so I looked up Junli, but Junli let go of me at this moment, stood up, and said to Yin er We promised to rescue you and cooperate with you, and we will definitely rescue you and cooperate with you, but Now is not the time to save you.Junli should have said this last night, but Junli didn t know why, so he only explained it to Yin er now.How long has it been since I haven t come back, I don t remember anymore, standing in front of my house again, looking at the quaint gate, and all the familiar surroundings, an inexplicable sadness surged from my heart, tears even filled my eyes I got up, as if it would fall in the next second Sniffing, I forced back the tears, but the scenes of getting along with my grandma still linger in my mind.Among the suspects, one is grandma and the other is master.At such a critical time, Junli brought everyone back to Luofeng Village, and brought us all to my door.It was difficult for me not to think about my grandma.But even so, I still believe in my grandma, it s impossible for her to be that mysterious old man, and it s even more impossible for her to have intentions for me, to plot against me.That sound is really scheming Obviously she moved my grandma s grave by herself, and she deliberately cleaned it up so clean, leaving a shovel as a back way for herself, and pretended that she didn t know anything, as if she wanted to help me And the reason why Yunjing appeared here and transmitted the sound to me is probably because when Yin er got up from the room and slipped out of my house, he followed him, and has been monitoring his every move behind his back I think it s your grandma s grave.You should dig it yourself.What if I accidentally damage the coffin Yin er s voice sounded.The tone was a little shy, and the voice was very cbd back pain gummies delicate.What she said was quite reasonable, and for a while I didn t know what words I should use to refute her.And the reason why she is like this may be because she knows what is in my grandma s coffin, and what is in cbd back pain gummies my grandma s coffin is something she particularly wants to get.You are only one volume away, and you will be able to return to the Yin Division.Unexpectedly, Ling Shunming snatched , press grab, no fighting spirit, but choose to intimidate and lure However, is Jun Li the kind of person who can be coerced and lured The moment Ling Shun s voice fell, he laughed directly, and after laughing, he asked Ling Shun lightly Do you remember that I told you once that you don t understand love As soon as Ling Shun finished speaking, Ling Shun His complexion changed suddenly, and just as he was about to refute, Junli immediately said, You still don t understand, do you know what love is Ling Shun s face was a bit ugly when Junli was angry, he took a deep breath, Suppressing her anger, she asked, What Love is when you see the person you love, and you are very happy.Ling Shun s voice sounded, with a bit of surprise in his tone.He didn t listen to a word of what Li just said to him.Also, everyone is in the environment, and everyone s growth experience and thoughts are different.How can it change so quickly Since Ling Shun feels that possessing and obtaining is love, then this idea has long been ingrained in his heart and cannot be changed.This time, Junli did not give him any response.Seeing Ling Shun, he became a little impatient, and cast a vicious glance at Junli, his anger burst out in an instant, and the devilish energy in his body couldn t stop overflowing.It seemed that the entire Luofeng Village could be filled in the next second.Junli held my hand very tightly, but his face was extremely indifferent.For a while, I couldn t see what Junli wanted to do, but the next second, there was a sound like a strong wind blowing leaves around, That salad salad sound.Then he opened the mineral water bottle on the side, poured about a bottle of water, and poured the water directly into the toilet.Let me look up after the human skin mask.I raised cbd gummies para quê serve my head subconsciously when I heard the sound, and only heard a snap , a sticky thing was directly covered by Junli on my face.I closed my eyes nervously, only feeling that Junli was adjusting the human skin mask cbd back pain gummies on my face, and after a long time he let me open my eyes to have a look.There is no mirror in the room, so I can t see what my face looks like now, but I can feel it with my hands Although my skin is not particularly good, it s not so rough The face feels as if it is touching the surface of the earth.The sound of the door opening suddenly sounded next to my ears, and the next second, Yun Jing walked out of the toilet, but the moment he walked out of the toilet, I couldn t help but burst out laughing.Otherwise, I really don t know what to do.It wasn t until I left the cbd back pain gummies cbd gummies 25mg inn that no one followed me, so I asked Junli in a low voice, Did Ling Shun and cbd back pain gummies cbd gummies 25mg the others just come back from Luofeng Village Junli nodded lightly.I didn t say a word, and then I asked again Then how can you guarantee that they will go when we go back can you buy cbd gummies over the counter to Beijing Yunjing gave me a blank look and curled his lips.He said meaningfully I haven t played with Yin er yet.His words were like a sap, which suddenly hit my head and woke me up.That s right, Yin er s business hasn t been played yet, since she activated cbd back pain gummies cbd gummies 25mg the scroll of beauty pictures left by Xiao Jue with blood mixed with her and mine, it s already doomed that she can t die now at all At least, she can only die after breaking the bond between her and the beauty map.However, judging from the appearance of Ling Shun and the three of them, it should be a battle with the old man, and Yin er was also taken away by the old man, even including the beauty picture in Ling Shun s hand, and the one activated by Yin er.As soon as Junli finished speaking, I turned my gaze back into the flashlight, but The moment my eyes turned back to the flashlight, I realized This old man jumped down directly after Yin er was kicked into the bottom of the well by her.The mouth of the well is neither big nor small, but the underground is very cbd back pain gummies big.Naturally, the three of us couldn t see that far through the binoculars.For a while, the three of us put away the flashlights.And when I saw this, I was naturally pissed off After staying here for more than a week, I finally saw prey appearing, why did it disappear so cbd back pain gummies cbd gummies 25mg quickly Taking a deep breath, I asked Junli and Yunjing in a low voice There doesn t seem to be anything down here What do they want to do Unexpectedly, just as I finished asking, Yun Jing replied with a slight sarcasm Who told you that there is nothing in the well Is there a baby in the well Baby What baby When I heard that, my eyes widened.I really don t have any malice.Can you tell me how you got here Bi Se s voice sounded, obviously wanting to seek our help, but she couldn t believe us and was still probing.Naturally, Yun Jing would not be so stupid as to tell us that the old man came to us so quickly, but at this moment, he opened his mouth lightly and asked Bi Se You you first said that you are a human or a ghost I cbd gummies for anxiety near me cbd gummies hamilton am a human Bi Se s voice sounded again, faintly struggling, it seemed that the are cbd oil gummies safe strength to say these few words was all forcefully squeezed out by her.It s probably not more than five hours since we saw Bise last time, right In just five hours, what happened to Bise and the others to make this happen.And Seeing Bi Se s appearance, I faintly began to worry about Junli.Junli has lost contact with us, what if he encounters something more deadly Thinking of this, my heart hangs in the air.But it is a palace in such a big tomb, not to mention the mechanism formation, and there is not even a corpse as a funeral object, which is strange, even the safer it is, the more flustered I am.A thought even popped up in my heart, if there is any crisis here, maybe I can be bolderand feel normal Involuntarily, I secretly called Junli a few times in my heart, wanting to see if Junli would appear by my side, but I called out several times, but Junli didn t respond to me, which made me a little disappointed.Especially when I walked around the palace several times, but found nothing, I felt somewhat frustrated in my heart.I sighed, I didn t intend to stay in this palace, I was planning to walk forward, cbd back pain gummies but when I stepped on Sima Road again, I finally walked through Sima Road, and stood at a gate at the end On the side, put one hand on it, and was about to use force to push the door open I found it I fell for it The reason why there is nothing in this temple is not because the owner didn t set it up, nor is it because this is the gate of life, which is very safe It s that the organ array here is HCMUSSH cbd back pain gummies the most cunning, creating something out of nothing Originally, there was nothing, no formations and organs, so that people who entered this palace could relax their vigilance.The construction of this tomb is neither brilliant nor simple, but it has its own characteristics, making it unforgettable.It can even be said that cbd back pain gummies it is the most characteristic tomb among so many tombs I have entered And this bridge naturally followed the construction model of the tomb.It is not ostentatious, luxurious, or simple, but it gives people a comfortable feeling at a glance.It seems that this bridge should exist here, and everything around is very peaceful, and this is a very safe place.If I hadn t been tricked here and almost died here, I would have been deceived by such a strange and peaceful atmosphere.Just when the four of us were about to approach the bridge, there was a sound of water splashing in the moat, as if something jumped out of the water.I turned my eyes suddenly, only to find that the water There was really something in it, but it didn t jump out of the water, but a pair of blue coffins floated out from the bottom of the water.Instead, they kept their mouths shut and walked around the lake.stand up.The two of them checked around the lake in a tacit understanding for a while.Only Junli and I were left beside the wax figure.I glanced at Junli and wanted to say something to Junli, but I was a little embarrassed and couldn t speak.Seeing this, Junli asked me directly What s wrong I saw Junli asking me, so I said to him It s nothing.But as soon as I said this, I regretted it a little.After all, I cbd back pain gummies really have something, and I especially want to ask Junli, why did I Grandma s wax figure will appear here, and why, my grandma s appearance on this wax figure is so disgusting In the end, someone knew we would come here and deliberately gave us hints.Or is it some coincidence, HCMUSSH cbd back pain gummies or maybe Grandma s dead body is around here But wasn t my grandma s body cremated by Xiao Jue And my grandma s body is useless, what can a dead person s body do There were a lot of thoughts in my mind, and it was very chaotic for a while, and I didn t know how to speak to Junli about it.After playing and making troubles, Yun Jing is not such a disrespectful person, so he told what he discovered in a few moments.What Yun Jing discovered sounds quite useless , but it seems to be the same thing.Yun Jing said, looking at the wax figure pointing to the sky and HCMUSSH cbd back pain gummies looking at it on the surface, nothing can be seen, let alone any outstanding features, but once you look closely, especially her finger pointing to the sky.The movements of the fingers and the ground are connected together, cbd gummies vegan mixed fruit 300mg cbd back pain gummies but there is a lot to say.In particular, linking this movement of pointing at the sky and pointing at the earth with the Buddha Sakyamuni in Buddhism tells us one more thing, that is, the old man must have a lot to say about his real identity, after all, this pointing at the sky Pointing to the ground is the symbolic movement of Sakyamuni, which means that I am the only one in the sky and on the earth.I hugged this jade pendant for a long time, the dullness in my heart, and those messy emotions were instantly swept away.I couldn t help but take a deep breath, gritted my teeth hard, held the jade pendant in my hand, and raised my head.She purekana premium cbd gummies price smiled faintly at Gu Yicheng and Chu Lianqiao Let s go.Chu Lianqiao gave me a surprised look.Although he didn t say anything, the concern in his eyes couldn t deceive anyone.And Gu Yicheng looked at me with eyes other than suspicion, as if he hadn t understood HCMUSSH cbd back pain gummies what was wrong with me.I took a panoramic view of the expressions of the two of cbd back pain gummies them, didn t speak, just walked forward quietly, but as I walked, the matter of the white jade pendant was always entangled in my heart, I couldn t help but stopped again , looked at Gu Yicheng very seriously, and asked him Can t you really tell me about this Bai Yupei I thought that what I asked this time was still nonsense, and Gu Yicheng would not answer me at all.She said a lot, like venting.After I finished speaking, I kept laughing there.After laughing, I still didn t forget to ask me viciously why I didn t refute her.When I heard her words, I just asked her indifferently Why should I refute When she heard my words, she slapped me in front of me with a wave of anger, and I was caught off guard and almost got hit , Junli ruthlessly blocked for me, blocking this attack, but her strength is too strong, so strong that Junli blocked the attack for me, but she was still injured Suddenly, I raised my head and asked her, What exactly do you want Give me the beauty picture.She replied viciously, but she didn t answer my question.The beauty map lay flat on her thigh, pointed to Chu Lianqiao who was bound by her, and asked me, Are you afraid of his death I didn t say anything, but Junli, who had been standing by the side very quietly, suddenly showed some killing intent.

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