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Cui and talked for a long time.Not yet.A hand left her throat and touched the skirt of her shirt.The sound of cloth being torn was heard, and her chance had come.Zhou Rujun raised her hand.Don t embarrass Lord Hou.Cui Wei gave an order, and whoosh several arrows were shot out in an instant, and then she only felt a chill in her heart, as if something hot was fainting in her chest, and then her arms drooped.down.The one who fell with her was the murderer who restrained him.I will sue my brother and try my best to get a reputation for you.I owe you that.Fame Rong Niangzi told her not to die because of her fame, but she still failed in the end.Zhou Rujun s eyes began to blur, but she was still panting hard, staring at Cui Wei.Cui Wei said seriously Brother is not a ruthless person, he will give you an explanation, you can go to peace Confession.Shanxi is not peaceful these days.I hope it will get better after the Fa Conference.Amitabha, Buddha blesses you to catch those thieves earlier.Those thieves are eyeing us in Shanxi.Seven years ago, someone stole the imperial treasury., burned the food used by the imperial court for disaster relief, and many people starved to death, and the man has not been caught yet.The thief seven years ago was really abominable.With less vigilance, he succeeded.The thief seven years ago still poured sewage on him Hearing this, Gu Mingzhu took a piece of candied fruit and put it in her mouth.The sweet taste of the candied fruit seemed to melt away the surging bitterness and soothe her heart.I have a sum of money.If you go out and do something for me, I will give it to you.Fame is all false, and money is the most real.I hope so, Cui Zhen said, I don t want any mistakes in the Cui family, it should be said I have already made it clear to him, but if it is really him, we have to deal with it first, or hand him over to the Yamen, or There was a murderous look in the voice.Cui Zhen s gaze was dark, but his face remained calm We can t let the Wei family win first, and then the fate of the entire Cui family will be in cbd bear gummies d9 cbd gummies the hands of others.Cui Wei also knows that this matter is no small matter, and the battle in the court does not look like a battlefield So bloody, but even more dangerous.If the elder brother hadn t handled the case cbd bear gummies of the second prince five years ago in a timely manner, the entire Cui family would have been implicated, and the Zhou family would not have been safe and sound.Cui Wei said I listen to my elder brother.Nie Chen paused deliberately when he said this.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyes The case of the government office is more careful than what you said.Nie Chen couldn t help sighing to himself, no wonder Marquis Dingning was so cautious, and he didn t hesitate to use ordinary people to do things.Without saying a word, he wanted to pour beans like a bamboo tube and pour himself out.Nie Chen had no choice but to get to the point My master found some clues that the government didn t know.The Pearl Thief brought Ao Cang out The rice grains were secretly distributed to the people.How much such things as rice grains could be moved out by one person at a time, he risked going to and from Ao Cang several times overnight.Store grain in the warehouse, if the grain is robbed by bandits, the people in the city will starve to death.Lu Shenzhi s words Cui Zhen was a little surprised, he looked at the thing in Lu Shenzhi s hand calmly, and the birth date written in cinnabar immediately came into view.Is this birthday related to Zhou s He didn t know Zhou s birthday, he didn t even look at what this girl looked like, sending her to the Cui clan for burial was already his best confession to her.After Zhou s incident, no one blamed him for her.If it hadn t been mentioned by others, he would never have thought about such an insignificant woman on HCMUSSH cbd bear gummies weekdays, but if such things were used at home, he could no longer act as if nothing had happened.Cui Zhen took the Yasheng doll into his hands.Lu Shenzhi didn t look at Cui Zhen s gloomy expression, and bowed to leave again.He left the Cui family s house all the way, turned over and jumped on the horseback, and took another look at the huge Cui family s mansion, feeling a little bit happy.Whether it is the crown prince or several princes, the court situation may change at any time before the real aspiration for the throne is reached, and easily getting involved in it will put the whole Cui family in a state of doom.So every time there is a slight hint, he will wipe everything out invisible.Not only did he fail to win the initiative this time, but he was also plotted by two parties.Brother.Cui Wei called out anxiously again.Cui Zhen recovered from his contemplation There are problems in those three villages.There are very few men in the villages, and they all said that they died of earthquakes.I checked the documents of the government office, and the corpses I found were far from the number of people who were expelled.The Yamen only used the phrase there are countless people buried , what if those people were not buried Cui Wei said Brother, do you mean that some strong men were hidden These people deliberately hid in the mountains and became thieves.Dead nature does not change.Just now he exposed the trick, and now he is backhanded to plot again.Wei Yuanchen clutched the note, and the doctor woman retracted her neck resentfully, then shook her head gently to him, indicating that she didn t see anything.It s wonderful.Wei Yuanchen couldn t help sneering from the bottom of his heart.In front of his eyes, a person was reborn and had a new look.He was no longer that cowardly, money greedy doctor, but immediately became a shrewd, sophisticated, and extremely sophisticated doctor.old rivers and lakes.He hadn t seen her true colors until now.Ah Jiu was dumbfounded, the doctor in front of her highest strength cbd gummies was the one they saw in Yong an Lane, right Or the one who ate San Ye s red bean cake If he hadn t gotten the news before, he would have thought he had read it wrong.Bell, he never expected to see an acquaintance among the thieves.He just said that what happened tonight was not that simple.Feng Anping swallowed.Isn t the person in front of him Chu Jiu whom he has been thinking of bribing Absolutely, he could recognize it even with his eyes closed.Seeing this scene, he really felt that someone was going to be unlucky, either him or Mr.Ding who was arresting people on the boat tonight.Thinking about it carefully, Mr.Wei s legs should be thicker than Mr.Ding s.After all, Mr.Wei is also a child cbd bear gummies of a relative, so the unlucky cbd bear gummies person is likely to be Mr.Ding.On the ninth day of the ninth day, he saw Feng Anping s head popping up, but before he could wink, Feng Anping immediately moved his body back.This catfish spirit only knows to hide when encountering problems.I saw the Gu family came looking for me and left.Mrs.Lin carefully recalled the situation at that time, and there was indeed a mark on Zhuzhu s waist.Wei Yuanchen s expression was solemn, he didn t seem to be lying, and he believed it cbd gummies to buy 80 in his heart.Therefore, Mr.Wei has the grace of saving Yu Zhuzhu cbd gummies to buy delta 8 cbd gummies 25mg s life.So what is the purpose of Mr.Wei s trip Mrs.Lin said It turned out that Master Wei saved Zhuzhu, and the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion will always remember your grace of saving your life.Wei Yuanchen raised his head, his eyes were bottomless, without any buy cbd gummies canada fluctuation Whoever is there will not stand idly by, and there is no kindness, and the Huaiyuanhou Mansion does not need to remember this matter.Madam Lin was silently relieved, but fortunately Lord Wei said such words himself.She was afraid that Mr.Wei Yuanchen narrowed his eyes Sir, can you see the crux of the matter Sun Langzhong said Miss Gu s pulse condition is gentle, the force is moderate, she is energetic and rooted, and her blood deficiency has been cured.In addition, she always runs around in the garden on weekdays.The woman in the inner house needs to be healthy, so the lethargy is probably related to her dementia.Is that so Wei Yuanchen put the tea bowl back on the table.When he was a child, he also used the excuse of reading quietly to avoid people sneaking up on trees to dig birds.As long as he washed his hands, put on a neat robe, and stood in front of people refreshingly, who would know What did he do Third making cbd gummies cbd bear gummies Master, Nie Chen is here.Chu Jiu came in and reported.Just in time, Wei Yuanchen said, Take him to the study Nie Chen can probably guess what Master Wei asked him to do.This case can t be closed if Yan Hao is caught, and the Elder also knows this, so he made arrangements in advance.Wei Yuanchen walked in the door.Nie Chen immediately stepped forward to salute, and when he looked up, he found that Mr.Wei was a little different today, with many black and yellow things smeared on his eternal cold face.It seemed like Master Wei came out of the lake last night, his face was yellow and white.If it s not a special hobby, there shouldn t be any cbd bear gummies illnesses, right Will it be passed on Nie Chen deliberately took half a step back, he still loves his face very much.Chu Jiu spread out a map on the table, and Nie Chen walked over to look down.I m going to arrest people, Wei Yuanchen said, Those who opened the Iron Mountain in the mountains will be taken down, and Mr.Jiang, as Yan Hao said, after arresting them, he must punish the bandits nearby.Wei has a bad reputation, and if he goes against Mr.Wei s intentions, there will be no good results.Mrs.Lin said Where s Anping Where did he go The steward continued Young Master Biao went to the Zhou family village, but he hasn t come back yet.Gu Mingzhu rested her chin and thought, Cousin Feng is really well hidden Is this the Feng family s way to save their lives Cousin Feng had already taken refuge in Mr.Wei, but she didn t show anything strange.It wasn t until today that Cousin Feng brought someone into the Zhuangzi that she saw the clue.Cousin Feng comforted his mother with a determined face Madam, don t worry, the imperial envoy is here, nothing will go wrong.Cousin Feng, a cowardly person, can say such words, which shows that someone gave cbd gummies to buy delta 8 cbd gummies 25mg him great courage.Who is this guy Cousin Feng has already given the answer in his words.Women should know the etiquette, especially in front of guests.Auntie is doing this for your own good.The emerald embroidered shoes are like the tip of a small lotus, which rises out of the water for a while, and then sinks for a while.The pearls on the embroidered shoes are like the round drops of water on the lotus leaves Zhao Gongren felt dizzy after looking at it for a while.They are all well groomed, how many daughters in the family dare to be so presumptuous, now looking at Zhuzhu, their chests are inevitably bored, and what they were about to say seems to be stuck in their mouths.Zhao Gongren picked up the tea and drank it.The taste of the tea was not very good, it was best cbd gummies for cholesterol hard to swallow.She looked at Mrs.Lin, who was looking outside the house.Zhao Gongren s chest couldn t help but stagnate, her mother s family rushed to Taiyuan Mansion, but Mrs.There seems to be a warm current flowing slowly in my heart, so practical and peaceful.He seems to have returned to his cbd gummies starter youth, longing for someone in his heart, meeting her in his dream, uneasy, sweet and afraid of being known.In his dream, he can go beyond the rules, do what he wants to do, and look forward to the future with her.As long as he hides deep enough, no one will be able to detect his thoughts.Wei Yuanchen felt a little strange when he thought of this, he raised his head and met Chu Jiu s wide eyes, which were full of probing eyes.What are you looking at Wei Yuanchen said calmly.Third Master, Chu Jiu pointed out, What were you thinking just now, so engrossed in thinking about it There was a feeling of being prying into the secret, and Wei Sanye, who had always been calm, suddenly felt uncomfortable and raised his head.Lin said, If Master Wei doubts the old man, let him come and meet you.As soon as Mrs.Lin finished speaking, the curtain of the main room was lifted , and then several women walked in.What do you want to do Mrs.Lin raised her voice, trying to intimidate these people, Enter the door without waiting for the pass, is there no rule No need to pass.Wei Yuanchen s indifferent voice came from outside the door I obstructed the official s investigation time and time again, ignored the court s laws, and according to the law stick twenty, because Mrs.Lin Tai has an order, let s change it to slap her mouth five times What Mrs.Lin s eyes widened Youyoudare Before she finished speaking, she saw several women coming forward.Who dares to do anything, Mrs.Lin said, If you dare to touch a single hair of my hair today, I will never forgive you.The means are too lazy to perfunctory.Going back and forth in those few plays, he felt very tired even sitting on the stage.Cui Zhen has no shortage of wives and concubines.If the .

do cbd gummies have hemp?

crown prince mentioned confidantes to him, he was sure that he would take up the conversation and mention it.and the inner house, and then brought the topic to the mother.The mother had just been severely punished by Wei Yuanchen, if he could use it to complain to the crown prince, he would naturally lean over.Cui Zhen didn t speak, the smile on the prince s face restrained a little, and he felt disappointed, Mr.Shen was right, Cui Zhen didn t bow his head to him so easily.He has given Cui Zhen a chance, but Cui Zhen still hasn t wavered in the slightest.Is this to guard his reputation of non clique on the frontier The crown prince is unhappy, but this matter cbd bear gummies cbd gummies for teenage anxiety does not make him angry.If he was Wei Yuanchen, he would have already started to plan, a dignified son of a foreign relative, would he really be the parent and official who judged the case Unexpectedly, Wei Yuanchen didn t take action for a long time, and he focused where to buy charles stanley cbd gummies cbd gummies to buy delta 8 cbd gummies 25mg on searching for clues and evidence.I really don t know how the Wei family cultivated this descendant.People who are black and white, never live long in this world, and even cheat each other.I don t understand, it s no wonder that the Wei family ended up in such a situation.The originally glorious family was willing to put the current emperor on the throne, but in the end they were jealous and disgusted.Mr.Shen shook his head, and threw the chess piece in his hand back into the chess basket.Sir, the entourage came forward to report in a low voice, the government has received news from Mr.Naturally, these people cannot be allowed to talk about business.Even if the prince was interested again, he had no choice but to give up at this time and took a look at the steward.The steward signaled to take Qinniang down immediately.Wei Yuanchen glanced at the fox who was among the Qin girls, and the corners of his mouth raised in an unknown way, revealing a look of contempt.Miss Gu s every move just now fell into his eyes.If he hadn t blocked the prince in time, she would have cbd bear gummies to run behind him in the next moment, right It seems to be fear, but it is actually a threat.The reason why he didn t stop the prince early was to delay the time, and naturally he also wanted to observe her actions from the sidelines.She sensed his temptation, so she retaliated unambiguously.It s really not worth the slightest bit of loss.Master Zhao Er knew the truth, but both of them were dealt with.Wei Yuanchen lowered his voice and said If one day, war horses and iron objects appear in the hands of the prince, it will be even more unclear.The prince s expression did not change, but his heart sank Check, we must check.Clear and clear.If someone really plotted against him behind his back, he would definitely catch that person.Put him in prison, the prince pointed at the murderer, I will personally interrogate you.When the situation was settled, the officials breathed a sigh of relief.My lord, the people in the yamen walked towards Wei Yuanchen quickly, Wang Daochang s brother and sister in law have been stopped overnight.Yuan Chen whispered in his ear Third Master, you lost.They are all alive You killed Master Zhao Er.I am afraid that we will be a dwarf when we meet again in the future.Miss Jiang s identity should not be revealed, what s wrong Gu Mingzhu pursed her lips, time seemed to pass very slowly, and a strange atmosphere gradually enveloped her, at this time he was cbd bear gummies somewhat similar to the appearance of the old illness that day.It s just that he was in a daze at that time, but now he is awake.Gu Mingzhu coughed and wanted to speak, but the sound seemed to wake him up.Gu Mingzhu only felt the arms around her waist move away quickly, and the strength supporting her body suddenly disappeared.She was unprepared and her center of gravity was unstable., without even making a sound of exclamation, he just sat down on the ground.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help being a little dazed, and it took a while to come back to her senses.Master Wei changed so fast that she was really caught off guard.When your mother was seriously ill, your aunt went to Cui s house to take care of you.At that time, you were just able to walk, and you always cbd bear gummies ran after your aunt in the long corridor.You cbd gummies to buy delta 8 cbd gummies 25mg may not remember these things But every time my aunt thinks of it, my heart It s all warm, watching you grow up and make great achievements in the frontier, and your aunt is also honored.Brother Zhen, what your mother did is wrong, but don t be too sad, you have other relatives, wives and brothers Clansmen, people have to look for the better, so that they can live in peace and stability.Mrs.Lin changed from her usual gentleness, these words were sonorous and forceful, which caught Cui Zhen for a moment, this seemingly majestic but full making cbd gummies cbd bear gummies of concern He hadn t heard the words for a long time.Is he sad When he decided to do this, he expected the result, how could he be sad But when his mother called Cui Wei over and over again, he also best cbd gummies no sugar felt a dull pain in his chest.The prince looked Fruit.Can you give me one The prince seemed to be coaxing a fool.Mrs.Lin hurriedly said How did this happen It doesn t matter.The prince is very magnanimous, he can t show his kindness to others, only a fool is praised.Gu Mingzhu opened the purse and handed it to the prince, who took one out of it.Gu Mingzhu smiled so much that her eyes narrowed, wondering if this silly prince would eat it, in order to avoid touching her, Gu Mingzhu handed the purse to Cui Zhen next to her Brother.Thank you Zhuzhu.Cui Zhen took After putting a candied fruit into his mouth, Cui Zhen took a step forward to prevent the prince from making a fuss about Zhuzhu, firmly blocking the prince s view of Zhuzhu.Cui Zhen said Prince, let s ask about the case first.The prince nodded and walked towards Zhao Gongren.Huaiyuanhou said without waiting for Second Master Wei to respond, He hurriedly beat his horse and left, as if cbd bear gummies there was really something burning his ass.Looking at the back of Huaiyuanhou, the second master Wei stroked his beard again.Huaiyuanhou reminded him of the old farmer in the vegetable field when he was young, and he looked at his cabbage carefully.He just walked to the edge of the field and was about to bend over Stealing one tree was immediately discovered by the old farmer, who beat his buttocks with a clapper.Master Wei Er smacked his lips.After receiving Chu Jiu s letter, he heard that Brother Chen fell in love with Miss Gu, so he wanted to cbd bear gummies go to Gu s house to find out.Now it seems that it is not cbd gummies san diego so easy.If you can t deal with the old farmers looking at the vegetable fields, you may not even see the leaves of the root vegetables.This matter involves troops and war horses, and Yang s ability to intervene in these matters, apart from the fact that she is deeply trusted by Lin Sizhen, she must not be an ordinary woman.She had several conjectures about Yang s identity, one of which was related to Zheng Bian, but she didn organic cbd gummies cbd gummies to buy t know the situation of Zheng Bian s family, so she followed Nie Chen to Mr.Wei s place.She will not be idle, and must have collected a lot of information.She came to exchange clues, which will also help in the investigation of the case.Master Wei should tell her.After entering the yard, seeing Chu Jiu s sad face, she inquired and learned that Mr.Wei disliked the tea go gummies cbd too bitter.How can tea be bitter Either Mr.Wei was finding fault and tossing about the ninth day of junior high school, or he was too busy investigating the case during this period, or both, and there happened to be ebony plums in the kitchen, so she made ebony tea when she saw flowers offering Buddha.The breaks of the rope were uneven, as if pecked off by a sharp beak.She pulled Baotong Go and look for the side room where the flower cakes are placed.The two walked out of the kitchen and stepped into the side room, where Baotong and the two mothers in charge rested.Now they are all busy, and the room is dark one slice.Baotong searched around the room with the lamp, and found a pair of bright eyes in the corner.A big black chicken lay there motionless like a hill, looking at them with its head tilted.This shameless chicken really sneaked over here again.Baotong was filled with righteous indignation, wishing to immediately pluck the big black chicken and throw it into the pot, but thinking cbd gummies to buy delta 8 cbd gummies 25mg of Master Wei s frowning eyebrows and downcast face, She gave up on this thought again.Gu Mingzhu breathed a sigh of relief Master Wei has news that he is looking for this black chicken, send it immediately Baotong nodded, wishing to get rid of this trouble immediately, but she quickly thought Miss, You said that the tail of the black chicken is missing a few hairs, Mr.It flapped its wings to stabilize its body, and then rushed towards the yard with its big buttocks swaying.Gu Mingzhu saw the Wu Hei Chicken where can you buy cbd gummies cbd bear gummies who seemed to be fleeing for his life, and immediately ran forward cheerfully, hugging Wu Hei Chicken in her arms, and then she looked towards where Wu Hei Chicken came from.How could it be such a coincidence that the chicken got out all of a sudden and ran very fast.Miss, Baotong came over panting, Youyou found Xiaobai.Baotong looked at the five black chickens with resentment on his face I ran out just after dawn, causing my lady to search everywhere, but luckily ran back to Master Wei.Miss, please put this chicken down, this chicken It was originally raised by Mr.Wei Gu Mingzhu cbd gummies to buy delta 8 cbd gummies 25mg was obviously very unwilling, and ran out with the chicken in his arms.Chu Jiu coughed and said, I need to trouble Miss Gu and Miss Baotong to take care of this chicken.Lin s voice stopped abruptly.Cui Wei just left the carriage.Swish swish arrows shot from both sides.Hurry up, Lu Shenzhi ordered, take care of the carriages and go one by one, we will meet at the front.In addition to the female relatives, there are also clumsy prison buy cbd gummies us carriages.Feng Anping and others take the prisoners out of the carriages and tie them in On the horseback, Han Yu saw the crowd in a mess, with a smile on his face, as if he had expected this day.Han Yu s voice was hoarse, staring at Feng Anping You are all going to die you think you can see through everything, but in fact, you have already been held in the palm of your hand, maybe you will find out the truth, but the result will always be the same, you will definitely lose.Feng Anping punched Han Yu on the neck.Chu Jiu taught him this trick.The side walls and military forts were stationed against.This village has them all.Well, if Mr.Lu and others come, it may not be impossible to station here.Mr.Wei did not stop the prince, but waited for the prince to be tasty hemp oil cbd gummy bears captured, and used this as a reason to mobilize the soldiers and horses of the guard.She did not believe that the Wei family, which is good at leading troops, must have some means.In this way, they only need to survive In the first two days, the resistance of the imperial court would become a climate, and the rebels did not dare to stay near Taiyuan Mansion.The real purpose of Lin Temple is to rob the crown prince and take refuge in Tatars.As for the capture of their female relatives, they must be ranked after these two purposes.At the beginning, you can t fish in troubled waters, and you must focus on those two things later, and you will never die.Yang rushed forward with the guards around her.She had done so many things in Dazhou for HCMUSSH cbd bear gummies so long, she couldn t be lost in front of such a small village castle.She still has many, many things to do behind her.Protect me and go back to Ao er Dusi, and you will definitely have a share in the future Before Yang s promise could be finished, the guard beside him fell off his horse.Yang Shi saw the figure straddling the horse in the darkness.Cheng Yi drove his horse closer step by step, with a dignified expression, They won t be able to take credit for your contribution, but your head can be exchanged for military merit for the generals HCMUSSH cbd bear gummies of the Great Zhou Nie Chen and others carried the wounded soldiers into the house, and counted the number of men , and then hurriedly rushed to the tower to check the situation.Zhao down and sent her to the house to rest.Probably because of Cheng Yi illuminati cbd gummies s victory in the battle, Mrs.Zhao seemed to be in good spirits, and she continued to thank Mrs.Lin Thank you, Madam.You are welcome.Mrs.Lin remembered meeting Mrs.Zhao at a banquet However, it was just that she was busy with Zhuzhu s illness at that time, even the banquet was perfunctory, and she seldom talked to the female relatives, so she only vaguely felt that Mrs.Zhao was very gentle and always had a smile on her face.Twelve years have passed, and Mrs.Zhao has aged a lot.It can be making cbd gummies cbd bear gummies seen that these years of hard work, but although the appearance is no longer so glamorous, but the heart of avenging his father is even more admirable.Mrs.Zhao s eyes fell on the girl next to Mrs.Lin Zhuzhu has grown so big.Mrs.Lin was surprised Do you still remember Zhuzhu Mrs.Cui Zhen looked around.After the cavalry surrounded the forest, even if Lin Sizhen could leave here, he would have to pay a heavy price.Cui Zhen, A voice came from the woods again, How does my uncle treat you Didn t you receive my care when you were in the army Cui Zhen s face was stern When uncle killed my father, did you think about how much favor he received from my father There was silence in the woods for a moment, then Lin Sizhen said If I hadn t killed your HCMUSSH cbd bear gummies father, you might not be able to get the title safely.Old General Zhao and others ended up the same as you.Do you think Zheng cbd gummies to buy delta 8 cbd gummies 25mg Bian alone can handle such a big case Lin Sizhen laughed twice If I hadn t thought about your mother and son, and I was caught by you, I wouldn t be where I am today.If my uncle hadn t stopped my father, he wouldn t be able to take over from Zheng Bian and work for your master in northern Xinjiang, right Cui Zhen said as he led people closer to Lin Zi.Mrs.Lin was about to shed tears.The rebels were obviously lured away by the women of the Gu family.Why did they suddenly come to besiege them like a prophet All the guards that the Cui family managed to raise were killed.She was pulled out of the carriage by brother Wei and hid behind her back.Brother Wei resisted desperately for her, suffered many injuries, and finally was stabbed together.My stomach fell into a pool of blood, thinking of this scene, Madam Lin burst into tears again.When she was escorted to run forward, she could still hear Brother Wei s voice at first, and saw brother Wei lying on the horse s back and trying his best to ride the horse, and then gradually moved away, Brother Wei disappeared, Her brother Wei Mrs.Lin Tai s heart is like a knife, it s possible that brother Wei is gone, right That would really break her heart.Cui Wei lowered his head after speaking, looking very fragile.Gu Chongyi shook his head After Lin Sizhen s death, the war horse case was finally settled, and now the old general Zhao s case is another one.The court didn t order you to investigate the case, so how can you intervene Cui Zhen fought in northern Xinjiang, which shows that the court Still trust him, don t worry too much.As for your mother, although she didn t kill cbd 3000mg mega gummy pack your father back then, she was not completely innocent, and the punishment that should be given should not be missed.Face, you also advise your mother, don t make troubles and do it for yourself Cui Wei heard this and said Uncle taught me the lesson.Gu Chongyi went on to say Do what Cui Zhen tells you to do, and you do it.Don t let him worry about it.When Cui Zhen comes back, those problems will be solved.Yachai said Something happened to the wife of this family.It is normal for someone to cry.There is no need to hide, unless that is not human The more I think about it, the more scared I become.Looking at Madam Yuan s body, I always feel that she Staring at me, that s why I panic when I suddenly see more people in the room.That s how it turned out.Liu Su said Why don t you take me to the green bamboo forest to have a look.In the room, Gu Mingzhu looked carefully at Yuan Shi s body.The appearance of Yuan Shi s death was a bit horrifying.Both her eyes were half opened, and her eyes were blood red.Those black eyes that had lost their luster stared at everyone in front of her.Her face was red and purple.Some are blackened, and a slightly cbd bear gummies cbd gummies for teenage anxiety protruding tongue can be seen in the articulation.Gu Mingzhu looked down, and there was a scar on Yuan s neck, where can you buy cbd gummies cbd bear gummies which spread upwards from the throat.Wei is bullying others so that Mr.Wei cannot continue to investigate the case.Of course she wasn t worried about Mr.Wei, she was afraid that they would not be able to intervene in these cases openly.Gu Mingzhu walked to the side and waited for Master Wei cbd bear gummies to come and speak.Wei Yuanchen stepped up to follow, and Gu Mingzhu immediately stepped forward and whispered Master Wei Mr.Wei is too tall, so she had to stand on tiptoe to get closer to Mr.Wei s ear Time is running out.Going through the investigation step by step, I am afraid that the result may not be found at dawn, and I have to ask the son in law to help muddy the Cheng family s water, so that it is easier to catch fish.Wei Yuanchen nodded in agreement.Gu Mingzhu happily said Then I ll go talk to the son in law.Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu, who immediately understood that the third master meant to let him work with Miss Gu.I want to see who of you said It s the truth.Third Master Cheng led someone to pull Yuan er towards Yuan s courtyard, Chu Jiu and Gu Mingzhu immediately followed, Chu Jiu just took off the embroidered shoes and changed back into cbd bear gummies boots.Things went well, he heard Cheng Second Master and Cheng Third Master talking, and followed Aunt Gui and Yuan er.The piece of cloth that Liu Su found in the green bamboo forest was the same as the clothes Yuan er was wearing.And tell Cheng Sanye the ins and outs, Cheng Sanye is more suspicious of Yuan cbd bear gummies er.Then he took care of the eldest lady s wishes, and went forward to persuade Mr.Cheng to let them help, so that he could find out the clues earlier.Mr.Cheng was eager to know the truth and agreed.Miss Gu had a good idea, cbd bear gummies she wanted to pretend to be Mrs.Yuan to frighten Huixiang, but Miss Gu couldn t do light work, so she needed his help to help her onto the beam.After thinking about this, Mo Yangming lifted the curtain, waved his hand and slashed at the man in front of him.The palm was about to fall on the man s neck, the man raised his head, his eyes were full of bewilderment and sluggishness, when he suddenly found someone coming, she showed a look of shock on her face, but she still tightly covered her mouth.The girl looked immature, and her actions were quite childish.Mo Yang obviously did not expect such a result, so he stopped abruptly.A gust of wind blew by, and Gu Mingzhu smelled sandalwood.The two were stunned for a moment, Gu Mingzhu let go of her hand first, and before Zhenren Mo could speak, she put her finger on the edge of her mouth to shush , and then looked outside nervously.Mo Yangming s eyes were gloomy.Could it be that there were people outside that the girl was afraid of, that s why the girl hid from her Thinking this way, Mo Yangming walked to the window and looked out.Gu Mingzhu looked at Mo Yangming The real person has seen Kunpeng.Mo Yangming said I have.Everyone has Kunpeng in their hearts, as long as they believe in it, it is true.Quiet, he seems to have forgotten what sincerity is.Really, don t be sad, Gu Mingzhu said, Ah chan will come back to see the real person.Mo Yangming sighed in his heart, Miss Gu probably didn t know what it meant that Ah chan was gone.Gu Mingzhu took back the purse at her waist, walked to the table and pointed to the box A chan will come back and finish these organic cbd gummies cbd gummies to buy things.Mo Yangming knew that it was an unfinished fancy lock, but he didn t understand Gu Mingzhu s hand.Why did Missy say that She stood up and walked over, seeing Miss Gu took out a piece of iron from it, then opened the lotus lock, put the iron piece in the middle of the lotus lock, closed the lotus, wrapped the iron piece in it.Our real people will come soon.The older Kun Dao stepped forward to answer.Su Fu looked at the Taoist temple in front of him.The real Sun in it couldn t come out.He might not find anyone if he brought people in.There are still female relatives in the Taoist temple, if this delay continues, in case something goes wrong Surround the Taoist temple, Su Fu said, Sun Zhenren will not come out within a quarter of an hour, and a group where can you buy cbd gummies cbd bear gummies of people will follow me into the Taoist temple.He went to protect the female relatives Always right A figure was running quickly in the Taoist temple.She was Xuan Wei, the eldest disciple of Sun Zhenren.When she heard that something happened in the back mountain, she and her juniors packed up the Tamba wild rice in the Taoist temple.To avoid being discovered, she hid the Tamba wild rice in the clay sculptures in several halls.The moment Xuan Ming was suffering from pain, his body movement was blocked, before he could react, a wooden stick suddenly stretched out from the tree, and stabbed straight at her.Look quickly, what is climbing up The girl s crisp voice came.The girl spoke without delaying the movement of her hands, and the wooden stick was poked fast and powerfully.The voice sounded soft, but there was no mercy in his hands.Xuan Ming was stabbed in the chest, and he let out a miserable cry, and fell under the tree with a plop.Xuan Ming, who fell to the ground, ignored the pain on his body, two words naturally appeared in his mind Liar.Didn t you say you cbd bear gummies cbd gummies for teenage anxiety want to see it How could you do it directly It happened so fast, the servants of the Huaiyuanhou s mansion were all stunned there, and they didn t come back to their senses until Xuanming got up, the Taoist aunt in this Taoist temple didn t feel at ease, and without saying a word, she hurried up the tree to catch her.The means of the master are not to be underestimated.Mo Zhenren said The Taoist follows the empress dowager, and has seen the methods of Concubine Kang s mother and son.The person in charge of this matter is more powerful than Concubine Kang.The empress dowager thought If this is the case, Da Zhou may have to suffer.Zhenren Mo stopped talking and asked the Queen Mother to rest for a while before pulling out the silver needle.The palace people came in to wait for the queen mother to get up.The queen mother moved her arms, and felt that the whole person was a lot more relaxed.She let out cbd bear gummies a long breath of foul air, and the queen mother was thinking about those words of Mo Zhenren.The court is really in chaos, who can escape There are too many troubles in this deep palace, but no one can trust her.Let someone boil a pot of warm water first, Mo Zhenzhen said, turning around to prescribe the medicine, First we must find a way to relieve the fever.Nu Guanzi took the prescription from Mo Yangming s hand, and Mo Yangming continued to check on the child.illness.The man said He fell down, and I didn t take it to heart, so I took him to the pharmacy and applied the medicine, but the wound would become so serious.This morning, he was so hot that he vomited after eating something.It came out Mo Yangming carefully inspected what are cbd gummies good for uk the child s injury, the ankle was swollen high, the skin was bruised, and thick water dripped down from the injury.Carry it to the house, Mo Yangming ordered, boil some hot water and bring it.I m going to clean the child s wound.The steward of the Anji Institute immediately brought someone to carry the child.The trial has come out.Wei Yuanchen said.He looked like he didn t have the energy to continue talking.If not, my lord, go rest on the couch for a while I ll ask the kitchen to make some food and bring it over.Very good.Wei Yuanchen nodded and stood up, walking towards the warm pavilion.Gu Mingzhu opened her eyes wide.Master Wei even knew where where can you buy cbd gummies cbd bear gummies the Nuan Pavilion in this house was Just now, she was in a trance and felt that this was not the Gu family but the Wei residence.There is a small couch in the warm pavilion It was the mother who was carried out of the library She was tired from reading and just took a nap here.The quilts were all newly changed, and there were silver red soft cigarettes hanging on them.She just said it in passing, but now seeing these things, she always feels a little inappropriate.Zhang thought about it, and took it from Miss Gu.The purse was carefully hung on Gu Mingzhu s waist, fearing organic cbd gummies cbd gummies to buy that it might not be tied tightly, so he tied two extra knots.Gu Mingzhu looked at the smile in Zhang s eyebrows, just saw Grandma Wei approaching, she grabbed it eagerly, Master Wei sent it forward, and the purse was in her hands, and now Grandma Wei It was tied around her waist, it seems that she has not returned this purse.Chapter 337 Good Omen Mrs.Li looked at the door, for fear that the eldest daughter in law would bring someone over to say that there was a disturbance in the garden.Fortunately, the eldest daughter in law came back happily with Miss Gu.It s fine.Mrs.Li breathed a sigh of relief.Today, when she saw Brother Chen wearing gold and silver, standing shining brightly in the sun, she knew it.Mrs.Li complained Look at you, what do you look like You can t do a little thing well, so why panic Speaking of getting up, he was about to meet the waiter.Madam Yuan saw that Madam Li was still holding the playbook, and immediately stepped forward to collect the playbook.Mrs.Lin stood aside and looked at Mrs.Li s pretending to be calm, and couldn t help feeling sour in her heart.The Wei family didn t expect news from the palace at all, otherwise they wouldn t panic like this.Thinking of this, Mrs.Lin glanced at Zhuzhu in the crowd.She didn t dare to think about what it would be like to not see her daughter for several years.Gu Mingzhu looked at Mrs.Wei s mother, Mrs.Yuan, talking to Mrs.Lu in a low voice.She should have told Mrs.Lu to go to Mrs.Wei.The empress has a reward, and the Wei family should go to the front yard to thank her.The lintel above the Gu Mansion , and then brushed the snowflakes on the robe, and then followed Gu Chongyi in.In the past, he used to find various reasons to come to visit.Today, this is the first time that Gu Hou asked someone to invite him into the Huaiyuan Marquis Mansion.Thinking of this, Wei Yuanchen looked organic cbd gummies cbd gummies to buy at Chu Jiu, and Chu Jiu hurriedly bent down to shake off the sweat on his body.There should be no dirt, so I almost wiped the soles of the shoes, for fear that the third master would be dissatisfied.Gu Chongyi and Wei Yuanchen took off their cloaks in the corridor, and then walked into the study.The steward brought two cups of tea and closed the door lightly.Gu Chongyi then looked at Wei Yuanchen Tan Dingfang said that someone secretly dealt with him, and Tan Zigeng was wronged.He also mentioned the battle of General Zhao in Daning, and what he said was probably consistent with what the Ministry of War medigreens nano cbd gummies found at that time.Ning Gong, but at this moment he changed his mind, he didn t need to ask the Queen Mother, he knew what the Queen Mother meant.Once Concubine Mi and the palace servant died, although many inside information could not be pursued, how could the Empress Dowager fail to see the inside story of Concubine Mi s crazy It is a fact that Concubine Mi secretly colludes with King Huai, but it is also the method used by the noble concubine to attack King Huai.That s why the Empress Dowager let the Wei family suppress the noble concubine s aura.The emperor turned around and went back to the inner palace.Wei Shi hid in the palace for a long time to avoid the sharp edge, and he also checked to see if she would walk cbd gummies to buy delta 8 cbd gummies 25mg out of the palace gate In Kunning Palace.As soon as Empress Wei finished writing a line, she ordered the female officer to put away the old ink block.Could it be that she .

how long does a cbd gummies take to work?

accidentally heard the thoughts in her heart Mrs.Lin deliberately said seriously What s wrong with Master Hou If she didn t pretend to be angry, Master Hou would not explain it directly.Gu Chongyi raised his head and finally said Madam, do you think Zhuzhu where can you buy cbd gummies cbd bear gummies likes Mr.Wei Ah Mrs.Lin was completely shocked, How is this possible Zhuzhu told Lord Hou Gu Chongyi shook his head.Mrs.Lin said That s Lord Hou where to find cbd gummies near me s own wild thinking.Gu Chongyi looked at Mrs.Lin When did Madam like me Did you tell my father in law at that time Mrs.Lin only felt her face heat up, and a blush appeared on her cheeks , she naturally didn t tell her father.At that time, she was not sure about the character of Lord Hou, so how could she mention it to her father But Zhuzhu shouldn t be able to, right Thinking of this, Mrs.Gu Mingzhu only felt the heat in her heart rush to her face My lord is the most powerful now, and where can you buy cbd gummies cbd bear gummies Marquis Ding Ning is hard to match.She must be right.You really think so A murmur sounded, and Gu Mingzhu looked at Mr.Wei as if demanding proof.Mr.Wei s cheeks were slightly flushed, and his eyes sparkled for a moment.Gu Mingzhu s palms were slightly wet, and she felt nervous for no reason.Why don t I regret it If it was like this five or six years ago, I wouldn where can you buy cbd gummies cbd bear gummies t have to watch her and the Wei family be framed, Wei Yuanchen said.I couldn t resist when my father was arrested.The night she was framed, I can only give her a sharp weapon From then on, I understood that life is long and many things can be done slowly, but it is not true.Once many people and things are missed, there is no redemption Opportunity.Zhou Rujun was indeed resentful and unwilling in the prison, but she, Gu Mingzhu, had already struggled out of the pain.The people and things she cared about had long been on her mind, and even if those who didn t where can you buy cbd gummies cbd bear gummies care were whispered in her ear, she would turn a deaf ear , let alone bother to inquire.If she has this time, she might as well play with Bi Tao.After the New Year, she will go to the palace with her master to meet the Empress Dowager and the Empress Dowager Miss, Pinxianglou has delivered some new dim sum.Hearing what the steward s mother said, Gu Mingzhu s eyes lit up Let s go, I ll try the dim sum with my mother The atmosphere in the study was gloomy.Gu Chongyi looked at Cui Zhen If this is the case, what you owe to the Zhou family s father and daughter is irreparable.Comparing his heart to heart, if his pearls are harmed like this, can a small sentence of compensation be enough to reveal it That is a life.In order to keep his throne, he killed countless people.Even if he is really the king of Liang, it will be retribution for him.The poor people are the people of Dazhou.Bear the pain of the war.Gu Mingzhu saw a dark emotion on Master Wei s face, Master Wei must have thought of the Empress Dowager, not because of Da Zhou and the Empress Empress, Master Wei is more willing to see the success, see The emperor reaped the consequences.My lord, Gu Mingzhu saw Wei Yuanchen frowned slightly, and couldn t help consoling, Your lord, don t be sad, we will find a way to let the empress come out of the Kunning Palace, and then the Wei family will be able to visit the empress often.As soon as Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, she suddenly felt warmth under her hands, and at some point she put her hand on the back of Master Wei s.Only when he was in prison did he know that money is useless.Mrs.Gu also wiped away her tears beside her.Mrs.Lin looked straight and said, It s good to be safe, it s good to be safe.Although there is no danger, I would like to remind everyone that you should be more careful in the future..However, seeing that the Tan family was cleared of the charges, the imperial court handed over the affairs of the guards of Daning and Yongping Prefectures to Tan Dingfang.Ming Wan came to the Hou Mansion more diligently.Gu Mingwan had been waiting at the door for Mrs.Lin and Zhuzhu to return home, and she heard Mrs.Lin s laughter from a distance, and then two figures came into view.The girl helped Mrs.Lin to walk forward slowly.Mrs.Lin was bloated but her face was rosy, and her brows were full of joy.The sorrow contained in her before was swept away, making her look younger Five or six years old.Wei Yuanchen nodded I only used some dry food on the way back all the way.Gu Mingzhu said, Then I ll go and have a look organic cbd gummies cbd gummies to buy in the kitchen.Before making cbd gummies cbd bear gummies Wei Yuanchen could speak, Gu Mingzhu left the house and went to the kitchen.The kitchen was empty and no one was there, only the burning hearth.Gu Mingzhu was about to call Ziyuan and Ajin to help.During the new year, the kitchen had prepared a lot of meat and vegetables, stewed a pot of chicken soup, and served a few more bowls.Plain noodles, you will feel very warm after eating.What are you going to do A voice came from behind.Gu Mingzhu said without thinking Cut the chicken into pieces, then soak some mushrooms, and make a pot of chicken soup.As soon as the words fell, she realized that something was wrong.The one who asked her was not ugly cbd gummies Lu Guang, let alone Zi Yuan, but Master Wei.He was panting violently, and his body was also trembling.Gu cbd bear gummies Mingzhu pushed lightly, and the dagger disappeared into her cuff.Zou Xiang bit his lip, his face was pale, he cbd gummies nc didn t know what to say, when he heard someone beside him say Hou Ye.Immediately afterwards, he saw a tall figure, pressing his shadow firmly.Zou Xiang froze again, he turned his head and saw Cui Zhen, why is Marquis Dingning here He didn t see it just now, but Marquis Dingning must have seen what he was doing, what would Marquis Dingning do Kill him Zou Xiang straightened his back at this moment, and looked at Cui Zhen stubbornly, but he found that his eyes fell on Cui Zhen s deep eyes, like a trickle facing the raging river, and was swallowed up in a blink of an eye , Zou Xiang was completely stunned.Cui Zhen s expression was complicated, his eyes swept over Zou Xiang first, and then fell on Gu Mingzhu with concern, the stone he threw hit Zhuzhu, he knew the force very well, cbd bear gummies not to mention a weak female relative, even if it was a different organic cbd gummies cbd gummies to buy man cbd gummies turmeric spirulina It also hurts for a long time, he thought that Zhuzhu cbd bear gummies would cry in pain, but he didn t expect Zhuzhu to look calm, as if she hadn t been hit, still talking to Zou Xiang with a smile.Mrs.Zhang said Did Hou Ye send someone to ask me about my current situation Yes, said the mother in charge, You forgot, Hou Ye sent someone here just now.Why Mrs.Zhang looked at Mrs.Lin.Could it be that she was thinking too much In fact, since knowing that Zhuzhu s condition has improved, she has been a little nervous to help Mrs.Lin take care of the inner house.Thinking about what Zhuzhu did with Mrs.Lin in Shanxi, it may not be easy for Zhuzhu to be good.Will Zhuzhu be like Master Gu, a person who is always hiding his clumsiness Otherwise, how could the condition get better, and she would start stretching her hands and feet like this, she could see that many managers obeyed Zhuzhu s orders, the person in charge cbd bear gummies of the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion seemed to have changed suddenly, it was not Mrs Lin s handwriting at all, which made her feel a little strange , that s why she was flustered, she had to carefully sort out what happened recently, especially which Zou Lin and Zou Xiang, she had to ask someone to go to the Lin clan to ask carefully.Zou Xiang stood on the stool and looked at the tall figure going farther and farther through the window, holding his hands tightly.Although his adoptive mother told Cui Zhen about his identity, he didn t want to have anything to do with Cui Zhen.He won t go to Dingninghou s mansion, let alone call Cui Zhen s father, even if cbd bear gummies he dies, he won t bow to Cui Zhen Mrs.Zhang heard the news from the steward Master Hou has gone back to the mansion first.Madam Zhang was startled, and got up from the bed at a loss Why, is there something urgent at the mansion The steward shook his head as a sign don t know.This child, Mrs.Lin couldn t help saying, Why did I leave you alone and go first After saying this, Mrs.Lin comforted Mrs.Zhang organic cbd gummies cbd gummies to buy Don t worry, I ll medterra cbd gummy let the steward take you off.Next time I see Zhen My brother will definitely scold him.Gu Chongyi thought of Wei Yuanchen s appearance when he was exchanging lessons with him in the courtyard, his body looked better than when he was young, how could he have imagined such an experience.Gu Chongyi couldn t help saying Innately deficient, but now you can do this, you can see how much hard work you have put in.Mrs.Lin said That s right, I still think of Zhuzhu Zhuzhu is not easy.As she spoke, Mrs.Lin s eyes slightly redness.Gu Chongyi panicked Why are you still crying You can t shed tears during confinement.I don t know what cbd gummy worms for sleep s going on, Mrs.Lin said, I was happy in my heart, but I just couldn t help it Gu Chongyi persuaded softly for a while.Mrs.Lin sniffed When my brother landed, Mrs.Li looked at it and said that although my brother was younger, he looked better than Uncle Wei and Mr.Gu Chongyi thought about it.It seems that his idea of taking his father in law to Beijing was correct.In this world, the stick in the father in law s hand is the hardest, and the father in law s eyes are also the brightest.Otherwise, how could he marry his wife to him.Master Hou, the steward reported, Second Master Wei is here.Hearing this on weekdays, Gu Chongyi s face must be clouded, but today is different, he just promised his wife to treat Wei Congzhi well.Gu Chongyi got up to meet Wei Congzhi, and he heard a twittering sound as soon as he walked to the front yard , Obviously Wei Congzhi came with a bird cage.Chongyi, Wei Congzhi said with a smile cbd bear gummies when he making cbd gummies cbd bear gummies saw Gu Chongyi, I ll tell you the truth, I heard a magpie when I went out this morning.It s really a good thing.Look at me.Is it a happy event, with a happy face Gu Chongyi frowned, obviously he had a son, why Wei Congzhi looked as if he was hugging a grandson.It would be nice if the tea was cold.My lord, Gu Mingzhu regained consciousness after a while and found that she was thinking about the case, so she started to attack the purse in Mr.Wei s waist, When I think about the case, I am used to eating something.It seems that she likes to send candied fruit to her mouth at other times.Gu Mingzhu said This candied fruit is very delicious.Really Wei Yuanchen said, What kind of taste Has Master Wei not tasted it yet Gu Mingzhu pursed her lips again.In fact, she had forgotten what it tasted like.If she could taste it again, she might be able to figure it out.Thinking like this, the slender hand skillfully opened the purse, and took out a candied fruit from inside, she thought for a while and handed the candied fruit to Wei Yuanchen s mouth first.Then he looked at Wei Yuanchen with bright eyes Is it delicious It was obviously Master Wei s own thing, but she still asked her to ask.Concubine Jiang Gui said It s nothing.The pain on her fingers seemed to confirm the uneasiness in her heart.Concubine Jiang turned her head to look outside the hall, maybe it was because the happy event came too fast that she felt that it was a little unreal.Concubine Jiang s eyes became brighter, even the smart Wei family ended up like this, whoever dares to compete with her for the position in the middle palace, there is only one result, don t blame her for being cruel.As night fell, a servant walked quickly along the palace wall.The servant had a pack of poison in his sleeve.Everything had been arranged, but who knew that the situation in the palace was changing rapidly.Empress Wei, who had already come out for a walk, suddenly Then he was imprisoned again, and the inside and outside of Kunning Palace were additionally sent to guard, every move of Empress Wei and the palace staff was under the emperor s nose.He never thought that his marriage was so carefully arranged by his cbd bear gummies younger brother.Cui Wei has not been in contact with those people for a day or two.This time he goes to the Datong Guard Center and he is determined to win.Once there is a conflict, he will fight to the death like Lin Sizhen.Even if Cui Zhen is calm, he can t help but speak here in a difficult voice Our brothers should meet each other on the battlefield.Gu Chongyi couldn t help sighing, Cui Wei and Lin Sizhen had different positions in Cui Zhen s heart, and Cui Zhen and Lin Sizhen had a rift about the old Ding Ninghou.Therefore, the Lin Temple was really in chaos, and Cui Zhen led the troops to kill without hesitation, but Cui Wei had been by Cui Zhen s side all these years, and Cui Zhen had been teaching Cui Wei carefully.The person next to the pillow has never been so ferocious and ferocious, that expression wished to crush cbd gummies and tylenol her, and Shen s heart was completely cold.When she was stopped by her second brother after leaving Beijing, she was still full of joy, thinking that she had finally stopped her.After a disaster, she always felt that the Shen family would get better after overcoming the difficulties cbd bear gummies in front of them, and they could go back to the old days.She didn t expect that more terrible things were waiting behind.The Zhang family was using the Shen family, and the people next to her had been plotting against her.When they gave up Yan Shen cbd bear gummies and came together with the Zhang family, the result was already doomed.It camino cbd infused gummies was actually like this, Shen only felt it was ridiculous, how many times she had felt guilty towards her husband just because she had fallen in love with Yan Shen and thought about marrying him.The deputy general next to Gu Chongyi green roads cbd gummies 1000mg went to help.No need, Gu Chongyi said, capture those generals in the Beijing camp.With Wei Laoer s skill, he won t die under Qiu Hai s sword, they just need to surround them slowly.Qiu Hai felt that there were fewer and fewer people around him, and finally there were only four or five people left including him.Marquis of Huaiyuan Gu Chongyi had already stepped forward with a sword in his hand, but there was no movement from Zhang Congju, either he had fled, or he had already left.caught.Don t worry about it, Gu Chongyi said, Zhang Congju escaped by himself.Zhang Congju was released on purpose by them, they captured Qiu Hai and reported to the court, and then followed Zhang Congju to find the cbd bear gummies spies in the seaside guard, so that the emperor could believe that Qiu Hai and Zhang Congju were in collusion Coastal guard.Concubine De has a delicate appearance, full of talent, and a soft temperament.She rarely has any conflicts with others.When she first entered the palace, she was not summoned by the emperor., I still can t remember that the daughter of this great Confucian is still in his harem.The emperor and the great Confucianists were still interested in discussing morality, so they summoned Concubine De, and Concubine De also began to be kind from then on.However, although Concubine De is both talented 25 mg cbd gummy bears and beautiful, HCMUSSH cbd bear gummies the emperor s love for her is still not as good as that of Concubine cbd bear gummies Gui.Afterwards, Concubine De was only a small concubine even if she gave birth to the fifth prince.In this noisy harem, Concubine De seems to be an insignificant existence.The fifth prince she gave birth to is also weak and sick.The old man pretending to be rickety is hiding in Tibet.After passing the checkpoint, he will be fished into the sea.The court will never find his trace again.Zheng Ruzong turned his head to look at his cronies and followers Follow me out of customs.Everyone responded, and Zheng Ruzong walked forward quickly.Vice General Zhao said General, what happened in the capital Why is General so anxious to go north Zheng Ruzong said indifferently This time things are not going well, you should pay attention to the movements in Beijing.Vice General Zhao responded, but he believed There won t be any big mistakes.These years have been smooth and smooth.Now the guards have more and more people.Someone from the Ministry of War will help them to support them.If there is any trouble, they will report in advance.The three of them, father and son, gather less and leave more, for the cbd bear gummies day when the Lord cbd bear gummies cbd gummies for teenage anxiety s great cause will be accomplished.A sound of footsteps came from behind, Tan Dingfang turned around and saw a team of imperial guards entering the mansion, led by Long Jinwei commanding Tongzhi.Tan Dingfang opened his eyebrows slightly, there are not many people the emperor can trust, and Captain Long must be overwhelmed right now.Long Jinwei commanded Tongzhi to stand still in front of Tan Ding Master Tan.Tan Dingfang nodded Why is this, Master Tongzhi Commander Tongzhi Ma Dai did not answer, but asked Tan Dingfang according to the emperor s will The emperor ordered me to come here and ask my lord to verify something.Tan Dingfang listened carefully.Ma Dai said My lord, do you know Qiu Hai Tan Dingfang shook his head I don t know.Gu Mingzhu s chest felt hot, she took the reins, and urged the horse to move forward along the path.Her heartbeat echoed the sound of the horse s hooves, and she kept going.Chu Jiu also hurriedly followed, did he have to remind the cbd bear gummies eldest lady not to be easily coaxed by the third master, the third master must have thought about it when he left the city, and waited for the eldest lady at the mountain col, otherwise Zhang Tong would not send the message in advance give him.But Chu Jiu s head was covered, he seemed to be the general next to the third master, and he ate the food of the Wei family.If cbd bear gummies he said it, would he be beaten to death in the future Walking along the path, he saw a mountain depression.Gu Mingzhu reined in the horse, and before he could hold his breath, the sound making cbd gummies cbd bear gummies of hooves HCMUSSH cbd bear gummies could be heard behind him.At most, he has no intention of starting a family, but Wei Sanye has been a widower for more than five years.Compared with him, he is not so anxious.Zhou Zesheng coughed Of course.Gu Mingzhu said Which family do the matchmaker want to tell my uncle Which family do they want to talk about You girl.Zhou Zesheng was desperate, so he could only pretend to be angry.Familiar people and familiar scenes can only appear in memory, but now they are in front of them, and everything has returned to the way it used to be.Only now can Zhou Zesheng be sure that all this is not a dream.Uncle, Gu Mingzhu said, I think my father cbd bear gummies s death back then may be strange.The same is true for my mother.My mother said she would raise me well, but why did she commit suicide Zhou Zesheng froze when he went to grab the teacup, The smile on the corner of her mouth also froze, and turned into surprise You found the clue cbd gummies for anxiety and ocd Gu Mingzhu shook her head Not yet.In addition to the emperor s great trust in Cao Xueshi, Cao Xueshi was also the elder brother of the concubine.Cao Xueshi has been in the Imperial Academy for a long time, not because he cannot be reused, but cbd gummies for arthritus because he wants to avoid court struggles.Zhou Zejing knew this matter early on, so he also took the post of editor in the Imperial Academy in a safe and stable manner.The Zhou family has some connections with the Cao family.For example, Jun s father, Zhou Zecheng, entered the Imperial Academy after being cbd bear gummies the number one scholar in high school.At that time, Cao Xueshi s father was in charge of the Imperial Academy.The Cao family helped sort out the translations of Buddhist scriptures.After Zhou Zecheng passed away, Zhou Zejing went to the Hanlin Academy in the same way as his elder brother.Miss, Chu Jiu walked into the yard and whispered in Gu Mingzhu s ear, there s been some movement in the Zhou family.It s Zhou Zerui, right Gu Mingzhu was not surprised.Compared with the second uncle, the third uncle was even more restless.Chujiu nodded I m in Dongcheng.Zhou Zerui does some business and has a brush and ink shop in Beijing.On HCMUSSH cbd bear gummies the surface, his third uncle is bookish, often recites poems against others, and makes friends.In fact, he is greedy for money and lust, and is the easiest to control.If she wanted to find out what happened that year, it was easiest to start with the third uncle.Gu Mingzhu said Tell Zhou Qiye, let him go and arrest people The Zhou family is not peaceful anymore, so she doesn t hesitate to strike while the iron is hot Zhou Zerui wandered around the East City, and then entered a restaurant.Zhou Zesheng smiled and said It s just right.Gu Mingzhu said Then let s go there first, and if we finish our work, maybe the mutton will be so soft.Hearing cbd bear gummies cbd gummies for teenage anxiety that Miss Jiang was going out, Lu Guang and the others went to change their clothes After a while, everyone stood by and waited for orders.Gu cbd bear gummies cbd gummies for teenage anxiety organic cbd gummies cbd gummies to buy Mingzhu looked at Nie Chen first, she had told Nie Chen in advance, and Nie Chen knew what to do.Nie Chen said I ll go to Feng Tong and tell him, we ll help find clues about the Zhou family s case.Shuntian Mansion s yamen is short staffed, so it s only logical to ask ordinary people to help with small things.Nie Chen was about to walk out with Lu cbd gummies to buy delta 8 cbd gummies 25mg Guang.Master Ge also got up The old man also stretches his hands and feet.Gu cbd bear gummies Mingzhu said, Mr.Ge, I need your help with something important.In charge, but Miss Jiang s status in the market is at least not inferior to that of Nie Chen.Concubine De is as smart as Wei Shi, but Wei Shi will never learn to be submissive.The emperor purekana cbd gummies for ed said I let King Su try to deal with political affairs.When King Liang is settled, I will help him remove all obstacles in front of him and help him sit on the throne.It s the most important thing.Concubine De s tears fell on the back of the emperor s hand, Those are trivial matters.You woman, the emperor said sternly, but the look in his eyes became more gentle, the empress and concubine know how to read the political situation, especially the empress is no different from those officials in the previous dynasty.Saying such foolish words all the time, I want to make your son the crown prince, and he will definitely be the next emperor of the Great Zhou in the future, don t you like it Concubine De was still sobbing I want the emperor to get better.Now that he is suddenly released from a heavy prison, he definitely doesn t want to go back and suffer.Gu Mingzhu went to the duty room to drink a cup of tea, and carefully looked at the documents for the interrogation of Zhou s family.Baotong stood at the door and looked out, everything in the prison was so fresh, Baotong watched it with relish, it was better to come out with the eldest lady.See more and see farther.After a while, the jailer came to invite Gu Mingzhu.Xu Gui spoke.Xu Gui, who had been tortured so much, didn t have any good skin on his body.Cui Wei gave me money and asked me to deliver news for him.He asked me about the Zhou family a few times, but he didn t mention any traitors to me.I also took some money that had been sold, and later I heard that something happened to Tamba wild rice.Now he will definitely be able to use Bao Er to stand up.Zhou Zejing walked out of the teahouse, and he followed Bao Er with two people.He wanted to take Bao Er down without anyone noticing, so cbd bear gummies cbd gummies for teenage anxiety that he could deal with the Cao family.Holding a sharp weapon is better than bare hands.Be careful.Zhou Zejing told his cronies, he spent cbd bear gummies many years cultivating these two cronies, they are good at skills, they should be able to take down that Bao Er together.Bao Er walked through two streets, and there were pedestrians coming and going in the bustling market, so naturally he couldn t do anything here.Zhou Zejing waited patiently.Be careful, watch cbd thc edible gummies carefully.After several carriages and horses passed by, Bao Er s figure suddenly disappeared before Zhou Zejing s eyes.Zhou Zejing s eyes widened, and he searched around with his cronies.Su Fu thought of this and sighed The emperor is not good at knowing people, but the concubine De and his son who value the most are such people.Now the court is in chaos.If there is another shock, I don t know if I can bear it.I am cbd bear gummies still worried.The emperor s body is afraid of the critical moment Xue Laotong judged So we have to plan for the worst, if such a situation really happens, who can stabilize the situation.Su Fu said You mean the empress Listen to the empress arrangement to resolve this matter Before everything is exposed, let the empress control the overall situation to prevent turmoil.If Liang Wang is staring at the emperor, and the empress arranges everything secretly, maybe he can win the .

how many cbd gummy bears should you take?

first chance Su Fu suddenly scolded I obviously have my heart for the emperor, how could I feel that Empress Wei will handle the current situation better.Rong Niangzi instigated Jiaofang Si Lehu to serve Yongkang eldest princess, just because the eldest princess promised that after the second prince ascended the throne, she would abolish the decree that the criminal officials female relatives would be included in the Jiaofang Secretary.Those happy households scolded the emperor in private, how many officials were punished because they refused to attach themselves to the noble concubine, the emperor indulged the noble concubine, was insane, and should assist the Ming Lord.In fact, this statement was more or less distorted by the concubine party.Princess Yongkang would say that the emperor indulged the concubine, and would never say anything to assist the Ming Lord.The eldest princess Yongkang and the second prince wanted to be the crown prince, and they only needed to target the concubine party.Concubine De s panicked voice sounded again.Within half an hour, Concubine De had already yelled more than ten times, Huang Chang didn t have the patience to coax Concubine De, he stood at the entrance of the main hall, carefully paying attention to the movement outside.Officer Huang, it s not good.The empress has brought people to kill outside the Hall of Mental Cultivation.It seems that Captain Long s men have defected to the empress.What Huang Chang heard the screams from outside, and then It was the sound of swords clashing, Huang Chang clenched his fists and was about to go out to check.Huang Chang What s the matter What happened Huang Chang The voice of Concubine De came again, Huang Chang wished to pour a bowl of poison on Concubine De, so that she could keep company HCMUSSH cbd bear gummies with that stupid king, but soonHe just needs to be patient for a while, and when King Liang enters the capital to quell the .

is cbd cream or gummies better?

rebellion, he can kill this woman with his own hands.Blood spattered and horses neighed.Wei Yuanchen s men fell one after another An arrow rushed towards him, and Wei Yuanchen had no time to dodge, and the arrow shot straight into Wei Yuanchen s shoulder socket.Injured, Wei thief is injured.Someone in the rebel army shouted.Quick, don t let him run away.After finally injuring Wei Yuanchen, of course he had to pursue the victory and take Wei Yuanchen s head.The five square flag waved again, it was Wei Yuanchen s people who were about to evacuate.Kill over there.The eyes of the rebel HCMUSSH cbd bear gummies soldiers turned red.Wei Yuanchen fled to the east with his troops, and this cavalry team HCMUSSH cbd bear gummies was not as cbd bear gummies cbd gummies for teenage anxiety sharp as when they came, but rather embarrassed.The lieutenant general next to King Liang said The Wei family is nothing more than that, we will soon be able to take them down.We Zhuzhu married to the Wei family, which is considered a high marriage.No matter how long this marriage took place, but she I just can t bear it in my heart, but my daughter will always get married, so I can t stay with her all the time.Gu Chongyi was very surprised, he didn t expect his wife to say this Madam agrees Mrs.Lin didn t want .

do natures boost cbd gummies work?

to admit it Maybe Zhuzhu likes Master Wei.On the street just now, Zhuzhu got out of the carriage and waved a handkerchief to Master Wei, She can see it all.Gu Chongyi was stunned, that kid the anger that had been suppressed with great difficulty surged up again, he didn t even know when he quietly tricked his daughter away.Mrs.Lin glanced at Gu Chongyi It s better to leave Zhuzhu with my father, I should have known that you are unreliable.After finishing speaking, Mrs.Gu Chongyi looked at Mrs.Lin, and Mrs.Lin lost her mind.One after another, Wei Sanye s background hadn t brought her back to her senses, and Wei Sanye promised to marry Zhuzhu alone.The same is true for the succession to the throne.Gu Chongyi got up and said to Mrs.Li Mrs.Tai sits comfortably, I will come as soon as I go.He wanted to hear what the Wei family had to say, and then seek Zhuzhu to discuss it.Now he can only ask Zhuzhu first.Gu Chongyi went out decisively.Looking at the back of Huaiyuanhou, Pei Shangqing knew why Wei cbd bear gummies s parents invited him to come together.Huaiyuanhou really treasured his daughter.Even if he knew the identity of Wei Sanye, his first thought was to ask his daughter about it.Mind, this kind of pampering is not mixed with any interests.Marquis Huaiyuan and his wife have really good personalities.He thought about going to the Wei family to ask Mrs.Li about the situation of the queen.Although Mrs.Li denied it, he did not let go of his suspicions.As an older clan of the former emperor, relief cbd gummies he should actually remind the emperor to check carefully.But because of his relationship with the Wei family, he hesitated.Old Mr.Wei had been in charge of Nandanwei before his death.Guangxi Chief Envoy Si Neng was so stable.Old Mr.Wei contributed a lot, and he happened to be Guangxi Chief Envoy Si Jiufan.At that time, Old Mr.Wei often went to Pingle Mansion.The two of them They have similar temperaments and have a good chat.After Mrs.Wei passed away, the Wei family also had contacts with him.Wei Congcheng treated him like his own elders.He hoped that the Wei family would be good from the bottom of his heart, not to mention that the daughter of the Wei family could marry the King of Lu, and he would agree with him.

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