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By then, you can return to the base after completing the mission.Ziguang will make a new journey.I hope we will have good luck that time.Hell, you have to stay here for more than two years Wang Weiyi, do you have any questions there is none left.Okay, let s install the task tracker now.Again, the base will not directly intervene in the war.The purpose of the tracker is only to confirm that you have completed the prescribed tasks, and after you successfully hold the B position, the new tasks 25mg cbd gummies benefits cbd cube gummies full spectrum will be conveyed to you.A long mechanical arm stretched out.After a slight pain in Wang Weiyi s left arm, he knew that the task tracker had been installed.Can I call for backup Wang Weiyi asked suddenly.I have doubts about your IQ.Xiao Ling actually joked in the meeting I have emphasized many times that the base will not directly intervene in the war.General, a strange thing happened.A staff officer hurried in A reconnaissance plane returning home found that a fierce battle was taking place at the location of Prince Sobok s battalion.Prince Sobok s battalion General Galwitz was taken aback, and Colonel Rolle immediately pointed out the location of the Prince s Battalion to the general on the map.General Galwitz felt a little strange Why is there a battle here Which of our troops is there All the troops on the front line have been withdrawn.The thing is really weird General, you have to come over and listen to this call The words of another staff officer interrupted cbd green gummies His Excellency the General s train of thought.The general was thinking about the Prince s Battalion, obviously not in a good mood Tell him, I m busy.General, I suggest you come and listen.Manstein and Richthofen were not so quick.One of them is an adjutant and the other is a pilot, but they are not killers.But it was clear that they had their opponents under control.At this time, Pompestein had already been cornered.Too fast, really too fast, there was no time for him to react at all.Pompestein once again saw the Chinese who had been interrogated by him, but this time their positions were completely reversed.Guo Yunfeng became the judge, while Pompestein became the judged.Pompestein stared at the knife in Guo Yunfeng s hand.He had seen this knife before and asked what it was The Chinese told him that it was used to butcher pigs in China.Could it be that he, Major Orid Pompestein of the Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff, is going to die under a butcher s knife today This is simply a huge irony He also saw Ernst, Manstein, and Richthofen.Wang Weiyi s eyes narrowed Insulting an upright German officer, you will become the enemy of the entire German army Second Lieutenant Guderian is a brave and meritorious officer A chill came out of Marklin s heart.The person standing opposite him was not an ordinary person, but the creator of the miracle of the Somme He firmly believed that Ernst had an unmatched power in the army.Prestige What frightened him even more was that when Ernst himself was attacked, Ernst acted so calmly, but once his subordinates were involved, his behavior was so terrifying.Felix coughed Lord Alexon, as much as I would like to believe what you say, proof is needed in France.Second Lieutenant Guderian can testify for you, but where is he now He commanded the troops in my place at the front.Then the trial will have to be postponed, Baron Alexon, you have the right.Once any commander has an accident, the rest can immediately substitute to maintain the combat effectiveness of the entire unit.Colonel Thomas prepared everything they needed, and the submachine cbd green gummies guns used by Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng looked a bit eye catching and were temporarily hidden.Most of the weapons used by the team members were legal M1907 15 rifles, and a few people used M1890 carbines.The group of German soldiers in French uniforms should be able to get away with it as long as they don t speak up.Elena, Pipondu, and Will put on the clothes of French civilians, while Guo Yunfeng put on the clothes of Chinese laborers again.There are no Chinese soldiers in the French army.Wang Weiyi, who has changed into the French lieutenant s military uniform, always feels a little awkward are uly cbd gummies legit cbd green gummies The military uniform is a combination of dark blue and daffodil yellow.A kind of surprise appeared in Jeremy s eyes.He seemed to be unable to believe that he was actually standing face to face with Ernst Brahm.He calmed down his emotions The skeleton Baron Alexon, cbd green gummies you are surrounded.There are seventy of us, and you and your companions cannot break out.Major De Sade recommends that you lay down your arms and surrender.We ll keep you safe from harm.Yeah Seventy people Wang Weiyi smiled brightly There are only five of us, it seems that it is really difficult for us to escape.Please tell Major de Sade that I appreciate his kindness, but I refuse his offer, and I will fight here to the end.Lieutenant Jeremy, you can go back.what a pity.baron.Second Lieutenant Jeremy saluted, turned around and walked back.Steck fiddled with the Vera Perosa submachine gun in his hand Major, you must be crazy.If this continues, Ernst Brahm will soon slip cbd fruit gummies recipe stars away.Major, I just got a strange news.Second Lieutenant Jeremy walked in Several of our patrols encountered General El Raffarin last night, but then I went to confirm this The news is that General Raffarin super cbd gummies cbd green gummies never left his headquarters at all That s Ernst Major De Sade immediately reacted He must have a destination when he ventures out at night, otherwise he wouldn t It would be so risky.Where are you going Where are you going The roads are so strictly inspected, he dare not go anywhere After all Major De Sade suddenly stopped his words, and thought for a while while holding his chin Jeremy, is Watts here today Not yet. Watts home Major De Sade stood up suddenly Ernst can only go to one place, Watts Watts house, hell, why didn t I think he would go cbd green gummies there Major, he wouldn t be so adventurous, would he After all, if Watts doesn t show up for a day, we will be suspicious, and he also has a lot of men.He knocked down a Russian with one punch and cursed loudly.Hey, teach these Russians a lesson.Instead, Richthofen s entire spirit was mobilized at once.Ping pong pong , chairs and wine bottles flew around in the tavern.It is really difficult for two people to deal with seven or eight Russians.Although Wang Weiyi and Richthofen knocked down two Russians, they also received a lot of punches themselves.These two people were also beaten out of their anger.After being hit on the back, Wang Weiyi grabbed an empty wine bottle and smashed it down at the Russian in front of him.Blood spattered, and the Russian screamed and fell to the ground.Richthofen s cry was also heard from there, and he was also hit by a wine bottle.Stop it all At this moment, a Russian second lieutenant who had been sitting there watching all this with cold eyes shouted loudly.Yes, I guess there are some radiation substances on the gemstoneLead is the best substance to block electromagnetic radiation, and it is also very effective in blocking other radiation Xiaoling quickly replied I just guessed Hey, you guessed right, read what is written on it.Wang Weiyi lowered his head and read again I found a box left by my grandfather.God knows what it was made of, but it happened to be filled with gemsXiao Ling, maybe the box left how do they make cbd gummies by his grandfather It is made of lead, I, read to you I found the loyal servant Zahwoki, let him leave the manor with this box, and threw this gem into the Great LakeThe strange thing is that people in the whole manor are sick and dying, and only Zachwoki has the mildest symptoms.I also asked him once, and he always held up the huge cross on his chest and told me , God gave him strengthXiao Ling, do you think the big cross on Zakhwoki s chest is made of lead No one will give Wang Weiyi an answer Count Yevgeny opened the last side door that was not closed, and let Zakhwoki leave the super cbd gummies cbd green gummies manor with a box containing terrible gems.The sound of machine guns was still ringing.Every shot was destroying Mashataf s body.Nervous After a long time, he finally cbd gummies mg amount real reddit got up from the ground in fear.After thinking about it, he took out a white handkerchief from his pocket, and then waved it vigorously above his head Stop, don t move The waving of the white handkerchief worked, and the two guns were quickly aimed at him.Seeing this scene, Mashataf was relieved.It is much better to be a prisoner than to be killed by a stray bullet He was brought before a Russian Sergeant , and of course Mashatav knew that the person in front of him could not really be a Russian military officer I am Major Mashatav of the Russian 27th Infantry Regiment.Major Ernst Brehm of the Deutsche Skeleton Pushing Team.Skeleton Commando Major Ernst Brahm Mashataf felt as if he had heard this name somewhere, but couldn t remember Fortunately, they didn t Not those horrible Bolsheviks Major Ernst.Major, come here to take a look.Follow Adolf.Hitler s voice, Wang Weiyi saw the corpse of a Russian police officer, lying on the ground with his eyes wide open.Sergey recognized the body, he belonged to Colonel Fritojak.Hitler searched the corpse for a while, and found something.He stood up solemnly, and handed the thing to Wang Weiyi Major, look.It was a skull badge, and Wang Weiyi held it in his hand.Slightly trembling, he took it, then flipped it over, and he saw a person s name written on the back of the badge Sami.This is the skull badge that belonged to Sammy, and Sammy is dead.Wang Weiyi put the badge away, and he told Hitler softly Don t tell other people, let them all think that Sami is still alive, man, 25mg cbd gummies benefits cbd cube gummies full spectrum hope is better than complete despair.179.Early morning Breakthrough people always have hope.He told De Sade very clearly that all the police officers involved in his operation, even the secret cbd green gummies police and intelligence personnel, had been directly ordered by Director Telaus to be mobilized to the Mars Square to quell the Russian riots.No, Chief, you can t do this, what we re arresting Shut up, De Sade You ve already failed once in Lance, and I won t tolerate you abusing our power a second time, go Satisfy some of your personal grievances Ernst is nothing special, he is just an ordinary officer among any side effects from cbd gummies countless officers After speaking, he hung up the phone heavily, and Major De Sade sat down on a chair in a daze , He still cbd sweet gummy bears hasn t figured out what s going on.Compared with those s o Russians, isn t it Ernst Is Bram more important Major Second Lieutenant Simao hurried in Our people have all been transferred to the Mars Square.He shouted Surrender, don t shoot.He is now grateful that he has learned German.Those were German soldiers, hell, how did German soldiers come here Hitler understood He quietly swallowed a mouthful of saliva, it was hard to believe what happened before his cbd green gummies eyes.Nine well armed Italians surrendered to the two Germans without any resistance Guo Yunfeng also couldn t understand why the other party didn t resist Nine people can easily kill themselves and Hitler.Don t move, or we ll shoot you Hitler said with difficulty.Don t move, we don t move.Tony raised his hand straight, for fear that the opponent would shoot if he trembled a little Sir, I am Sergeant Tony of the Italian 15th Infantry Company.Sir, our troops are just outside here.Not far away, our company commander is Captain NegoniaAh, sir, you must be most of the forwards in Germany I would like to be your guide to urge our company commander to surrender.Moreover, he asked Colonel Nicholas to spend a lot of money to get through all the links through the relationship of the Military Intelligence Bureau, and even bought cbd green gummies a subpoena from Paris to Shanghai, China.But Guo Yunfeng refused without hesitation, Don t you want to go home Wang cbd green gummies Weiyi asked after taking a bite.I think, I think about going home every day.Guo Yunfeng was in a daze, but then he said firmly But General, I am still used to calling you General, and I want to stay by your side.Tell me this may be the last It s a battle, and when the battle is over, I ll go home Idiot, idiot.Wang Weiyi cursed twice in distress Si Dao, we are friends and will always be friends Well, We are friends and will always be friends Guo Yunfeng nodded vigorously.General, Colonel Nicholas is here.Following the voice, Colonel Nicholas appeared on the battlefield.You are Wang Weiyi Niu Zhenliang s eyes widened The one who killed the little devil at Sanhu Bridge Wang Weiyi Seeing that the major nodded, Niu Zhenliang stood at attention again Major, brothers have all heard of your reputation, and we are willing to fight side by side with you cbd green gummies Okay.Wang Weiyi turned to the supplies not far away Warehouse pointed Over there, material warehouse, you need to supply some supplies.Gasoline, ammunition, take whatever you see, you are welcome Yes There are 11 tanks, all types.British, Italian, and Chinese imitation armored vehicles At least for now, it is enough.It would be great if there were German Type I tanks, 300mg cbd gummies uk but now these tanks are cbd gummies amount all in Nanjing Hey.What are you doing, looting Hey, put it down, put it down, it wasn t you who moved itMortars.My mortarswhat do you need so many machine gunsthat truck will come in handy.What is the reason for this It wasn t until the contents of European and American newspapers were collected into the hands of R himself that R suddenly realized that maybe they were all just for this man named Ernst Alexson von Brahm.They ve heard the name before, and they know that America even made an Oscar winning movie based on the Baron, but is this man really that important It is undeniable that the Skeleton Baron plus cbd gummies mango is well known in Europe and America, but R himself did not pay much attention to this person.It s just that in the military academy, I would occasionally take out a few battles commanded by the skeleton baron to tell the story.Now, R himself has to take seriously the establishment of a group specializing in the study of skeleton barons, just like the S group back then.But quietly returned to Changshu as the head of the National cbd green gummies Revolutionary Army Academy.As he said, he took a thick bag from cbd green gummies hemp waves cbd gummies his side and put it in front of Frank Here is ten thousand dollars, please accept it.Starting next month, you will receive more money every month.Up to three thousand dollars.Frank swallowed, he felt that he couldn t hesitate any longer, if he let go of such a fortune, he would regret it for the rest of his life.He put away the bag Mr.Moyol, you are Mrs.Hermione s best friend, which is also my best friend.It s a real honor for a gentleman like you to ask me to do things cbd green gummies for you.Well, Where is that relative of yours Casanovic, come here, Mr.Moyol said to the guests at the next table.A young man came over Director Frank, hello, I m Kasanovic.Ah, Russian Sit down, sit down.Director Frank asked the waiter to bring a pen and paper, and put a pen on it.He wrote down a few numbers and handed them to Kasanovic This is my office number, you can call me anytime and anywhere.Look, Yamaguchi, what is this Wang Weiyi took out a bottle of wine Real Cuban rum Really Hiroshi Yamaguchi became interested.After receiving the wine and watching it for a while, he gave it back to Wang Weiyi Yes, real Cuban rum, this wine is not easy to get now.You take two bottles back when you leave later.Wang Weiyi opened the wine.He actually took out some ice cubes and put some ice cubes in the two glasses in front of him.Then he poured the wine Come on, Yamaguchi, we ve known each other for such a long time, let s have a good drink today.He drank from a classic cup, and Hiroshi Yamaguchi took a sip and put down the cup Your Excellency Colonel, you He is the most distinctive among all the Chinese officials I know.You even found ice cubes You have to know how to enjoy it.Wang Weiyi took out a cigarette Smoking See Hiroshi Yamaguchi Shaking his head, he lit the root himself None of us knows whether we will die tomorrow, a bullet, a second, can end your life, if you don t enjoy cbd thc gummy it to the fullest, it will be a very serious thing.I wish you Jun Gonglang.Kobayakawa Hongyi threw away the magnifying glass and snorted coldly, Your Excellency, the Chinese may have done it on purpose.In doing so, he wanted to frame Major Miyamoto.Hiroshi Yamaguchi said in a low voice Otherwise, why would they put the torn letter on them Kobayakawa Koi glanced at Miyamoto Yoshiro, and lowered his voice I know, Wang Weiyi 25mg cbd gummies benefits cbd cube gummies full spectrum did this on purpose, and wanted us to kill our own people.However, such an important person as An Fei was hijacked away.The higher ups will definitely investigate, we need a scapegoat Got it.Hiroshi Yamaguchi suddenly realized This letter is the best evidence. This evidence alone is not enough, let Miyamoto explain himself.Xiaobayachuan Hongyi sighed You interrogate him yourself, no matter what method you use, you must make him admit that he has colluded with Wang Weiyi, and rescue An Fei with internal and external cooperation, otherwise you and I will not be able to do business.The gunfire of the Japanese army rang again, and the staff officer came over and asked in HCMUSSH cbd green gummies a low voice if he HCMUSSH cbd green gummies wanted to temporarily suspend the lectures so that these people could return to the battlefield.Zhang Lingfu didn t even think about it.Waving his hand It doesn t matter, let the troops block the Japanese themselves, spend a few hours here, and best cbd gummies for energy and focus kill more Japanese troops Zhang Lingfu made a very important thing.It was also very correct to choose Guo Yunfeng, Zhang Sandao and Xie Laoji, and also ignored the Japanese attack.Instead, impart the knowledge you know.How to survive on the battlefield is a very important lesson The whole two hours were spent on teaching knowledge.Those with good comprehension had vaguely grasped other ways, while those with poor comprehension also decided to follow Guo Yunfeng and the others instructions meticulously.Waitwait The plane support will arrive in one minuteThirty seconds A few black spots began to appear in the sky Wang Weiyi also raised his hand at the same time The black spots gradually approached, it was a fighter R himself has also begun to notice The plane finally approached the sky, and what appeared on the fuselage The blue sky, white sun, and red ground Almost at the same moment, Wang Weiyi waved his hand down Three green flares rose into the sky The battle to annihilate the 116th Infantry Regiment of the HCMUSSH cbd green gummies 26th Division of the Japanese Army has begun The fighter plane swooped down ferociously as if seeing a signal flare, and the machine gun suddenly let out a vengeful rage Fighter Chinese Warhawk At that moment, the Chinese soldiers on the ground were excited Once upon a time, the Japanese army was rampant in the sky of China, and the Chinese infantry on the ground could only endure silently.At that time, I was ready to surrender and was defeated by the baron.It s nothing to be ashamed of, however, just a few minutes before I decided to surrender, a miracle happened.The Baron had lost interest in our position, and instead led his team to launch an assault on our left flank.My My companion Colonel Mirek died.But I survived because of this battle, I was promoted to colonel and finally retired as a general.During World War I, in the army of the Allies, There is no clearly stated rule in such a rule fight the skeleton baron, as long as you survive, you will be promoted Therefore, in the UK, the reputation of the Baron Skeleton is not inferior to that of Germany.Germany stopped bombing, and Baron Alexon was appointed as Honorary Marshal of Germany at the same time.Is there some necessary connection between the two British intelligence services sprang into action.How could the enemy choose to use cbd green gummies such a method That s a marshal But Zhukov would never believe that Marshal Timoshenko had colluded with the Germans.That was such a loyal Bolshevik Comrade Beria, what do you think should be done Some thoughts in Stalin s mind could not be expressed by himself.Arrest him, let him confess all his crimes, and why we failed this time Did he collude with the Germans Did he deliberately lose this battle to betray our great motherland Bailey Aya s words without the slightest hesitation are scary.Zhukov knew very well that Stalin must not be allowed to nod, otherwise there would be no room for redemption.He hurriedly said I object, Comrade Stalin.Look, look, our Comrade Chief of Staff has objections again Stalin sneered Okay, let s listen.Zhukov boldly said Comrade Stalin, for the sake of political propaganda, the Soviet people still don t know the truth about the Battle of Kharkov.Yes, I m ready to do this.Doing this may bring a series of unpredictable consequences.No one knows what will happen in the future, and even terrible space time disasters will follow.I I said it once, and I ll say it again now.Time and space have nothing to do with me.Disasters, I don t want to think about them.I ve cbd green gummies changed a lot of history, and it doesn t matter if I change it again.As for what disasters, when they should happen, you want to I can t avoid it.I only know one thing now, I have many friends in Germany, and I must help them win.If the victory is really impossible to win with my efforts, then I also want to reduce the loss of Germany To the smallest.This is what I will do Since you have made up your mind, stubborn human beings, now we can only follow you on this adventure.Give orders, Rambler.The opportunity to get closer to Xiaoling came, and Wang Weiyi said cautiously Look, Xiaoling, if we are going to discover these treasures, we must need helpers, such as Sidao and Elena Xiaoling Ling immediately guessed his thoughts They can also be our most qualified assistants now.But let them restore their memories, it will be more It makes them even stronger.Wang Weiyi will never give up just like this.Now he gradually finds that it seems difficult for Guo Yunfeng and Elena to recover their memories just by himself We have been here for such a long time, and we are all good friends, Xiaoling, you Tell me honestly, is there a way to restore their memory completely Xiao Ling was silent for a long time It didn t happen in the past, but with the continuous discovery of the y element, I seem to be able to find some solutions in it, but it will take time, and it may be a very long time.I have no brothers, so now I am in charge of the jewel Sure enough, it was exactly what he thought, Wang Weiyi laughed He smiled It s a pity that you are not a competent custodian.I heard that you always like to take this gem as a mortgage when you are in a hurry.Because I can get it back smoothly every time, except this time.Queen Farida stared at Wang Weiyi Tell me, what price do you need to return the gem to me How much do you need I will raise it for you.Even if I secretly open my husband s safe I don t hesitate My wealth is beyond your imagination Wang Weiyi put away the gems Do you think your husband is the richest person in the world You are wrong, his Less than one percent of my fortuneah, I think I m flattering him too muchso money is just a symbol to me Law Queen Rida was really surprised this time.Yes, the British don t know that we already know that Colonel Fels has not been transferred, so this raid has a lot of significance.Big sudden x ng.Wang Weiyi also smiled lightly, and then his expression straightened The Myristel team is responsible for our outside security.Klingenberg s unit was responsible for killing the British on the second truck, and Guo Yunfeng s unit was responsible for killing the British on the first truck.Elena prepares the vehicles for our retreat.Do you all know your mission Clear.At this moment, Myristel suddenly asked What if we can t rescue Colonel Fels Wang Weiyi was silent for a while, and then said slowly Kill him Can t save it kill him He can die in the hands of the Germans, but he can never cbd green gummies be a prisoner of the British.The skeleton commando who accepted the mission quickly started to act.Yes, kill me.Miller s expression was very serious It s very simple, we have been surrounded by the British, in order to prevent more important information from falling into the hands of the British, cbd green gummies so you killed the cbd green gummies hemp waves cbd gummies German ace spy Kraken in a hurry .No No Klingenberg shook his head I can t do it, how can I kill one of my own people Miller said lightly Captain, you don t understand.I have been a spy for many years, but I have never obtained any valuable information.I have always been an outside spy.I think my superior selected me this time, probably because of my infinite loyalty to GermanyCaptain, you have to kill me, understand Otherwise, once I fall into the hands of the British, I don t know if I can persist.I think I will tell all I know before the cruel interrogation, so that this action will be meaningless Klingenberg was silent.Okay, please take Captain Lingenberg out, and then Invite Colonel Innschick here Ah, from now on, no one is allowed to leave his position without my order Wang Weiyi s expression broad spectrum cbd gummies for sale changed when he finished the order So calm.He knows he has the key to unlock the door of espionage As a traditional old school German, Colonel Innschick has always been meticulous in his dress.Sitting where he should sit is also motionless.Colonel Innschick, I hope we can save some time ah.Guards, please change Colonel Innschick s uniform, inside and out.The command is very curious.But the free cbd gummies guards faithfully carried out Marshal Ernst s orders.Of course, it seemed that Innschick s facial expression was unnatural.Changing clothes in front of so many people, who would be natural The changed military uniform was placed in front of Wang Weiyi, who glanced at the uniform Colonel Inschick, I want you to tell me why you use Enigma to encrypt an ordinary telegram Confidential.Especially for people like me.However, General Canlemu still has some worries Even if I agree to cooperate with you, when will the Germans advance into Egypt and enter Cairo You must know that the strength of the Egyptian army is far behind that of the British super cbd gummies cbd green gummies Commonwealth army.We cannot How long will it last As long as you lead the Egyptian army to carry out a large scale uprising and welcome the German army into Egypt, then the German support will cbd green gummies hemp waves cbd gummies arrive immediately.General, do you have a map of Cairo here Elena asked calmly road.Yes, here.General Canlemu didn t quite understand what this beautiful woman was going to do.Elena clicked on a point on the map Do you see this This is a temporary supply point for the British troops stationed in Cairo.Ten minutes later.This place will be bombed by the Luftwaffe.We must tell those people that the riots will never achieve their goals, only Unconditionally choosing to cooperate with us is the only thing they can do As for the German attack General Montgomery thought .

is cbd gummies the same as cbd oil?

for a while General Alexander, please stay in Cairo and continue to suppress the riots or, and I will rush to the front to stop the German attack Bernard, with you in command at the front, Rommel will suffer new defeats.Obviously, Alexander was full of confidence in his companions As for this, please tell me.The top generals of the two militaries have made such a determination, which made Ambassador Storley a little helpless In this case, I can only do my best to cooperate with you, and there is one more thing I am worried about.thing, Farouk I If those rioters have used the king with ulterior motives Montgomery nodded, if Mr.The best way is to keep Farouk I in Cairo in every possible way But to achieve this goal, it is not enough to rely are uly cbd gummies legit cbd green gummies on yourself, Guo Yunfeng and Elena.Before , Rommel has sent Klingenberg and Myristel to lead their commandos to find a way to sneak into Cairo and get in touch with Baron Alexson, but until now, Wang Weiyi has not seen these two guys and the commandos they lead.What are you thinking, Monsieur Baron Wang Weiyi s train of thought was interrupted by Roliman s words.He sighed, What a beautiful city.To be honest, I m really not reconciled to just handing it over to the Germans. Who would be willing Roriman also sighed heavily But this is war We first lost the victory in Alamein, and then we lost in Kantara, and the strength of the Allied Forces was severely destroyed., our situation is very passive now, and the worst plan has cbd gummies for better sex already cbd green gummies been preparedMr.On October 2, Mussolini announced the general mobilization of the war at the Palace of Venice, declaring arrogantly We have endured for 13 years we cannot bear it any longer More than 200,000 troops, hundreds of tanks and a large number of aircraft are preparing to take down Egypt in one fell swoop.At that time, the Egyptian army only had rifles, thousands of machine guns, and hundreds of old fashioned light artillery.There were no tanks or aircraft capable of combat.The strength of the two countries is very different.However, things went beyond Mussolini s expectations.After the Italian army quickly captured several cities, it was repeatedly blocked by the Egyptian army, so that Ciano, the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time, said pessimistically, It is impossible to win this war.May 1936 In July, the crazy Italian fascists used gas bombs, mustard cbd gummies with vitamin b12 gas bombs and other chemical weapons to pour poison into cbd green gummies the rivers, lakes and fields of Egypt.But how can this be said to a pompous leader What s the matter, didn t you hear my question Mussolini was a little annoyed I ask you, will Ernst be among the welcoming crowd tomorrow I m afraid it s unlikely.Bianno He said boldly He is the marshal of the German army and has great power.I don t think he will come to welcome you in person.Mussolini was even more dissatisfied I am the leader of Italy, and I am the leader of Italy.He is just a German marshal, so is this how the Germans treat guests How rude In fact, Mussolini had his own agenda.If a god of war who made the allies fearful could come to welcome him, it would undoubtedly greatly enhance his prestige and give him more bragging rights.But now it seems that this wish is difficult to achieve.Leader, I think we still need Ernst s help.In 1933, after Hitler came to power, Nazi Germany declared that all Germans were the ancestors, They are Germans even outside the territory of Germany, so they call the Swiss Germans in Switzerland.On the map published by the nationalists, Switzerland is included in the territory of the Third Reich.Mid July 1941 , the leader of the Swiss intelligence agency Rui Ge.Mason had received information that Hitler had already planned to attack the small neutral country of Switzerland after taking control of the whole of Western Europe.He ordered Swiss agents in Germany to conduct an investigation, and the feedback showed that the German army had six divisions, of which two mountain divisions had been deployed on the German Swiss border, ready to launch an attack.Germany also blew up the Annes Lary Railway, which was the only way for Switzerland to fight back when the war started.The families who lost their children and husbands are crying almost every day.Once a large number of British prisoners were released, domestic dissatisfaction would be much lessened.At least from this point of view, Churchill is extremely eager to negotiate with Germany.631.A Gentleman s Agreement To be honest, Churchill found that he and Baron Alexon had a lot in common.Moreover, he liked the Baron.Baron Alexon is honest and never likes to hide anything.Maybe this is the quality a soldier should have They talked a lot, not just about the war.History, economics, politics, everything they could think of was cbd gummies side effects reddit 25mg cbd gummies benefits discussed.However, during this process, Churchill was thinking about a problem Without the help of the United States, the United Kingdom could no longer continue the war on a large scale, but just accepting the defeat like this, is the responsibility of all the United Kingdom, including Churchill.Boy, when difficulties arise, we have to think about how to overcome it.Instead of giving in to it.Every difficulty, there is always With great opportunities Every difficulty always breeds this great opportunity There is nothing that can predict the enemy s first general, an excellent commander, when a crisis occurs, how to get rid of the crisis as quickly 25mg cbd gummies benefits cbd cube gummies full spectrum as possible, and in turn give the enemy a fatal blow Vasilevsky was without a doubt the best commander.When the battlefield is at a disadvantage, he can sacrifice boldly and use troops boldly.Successfully put the legendary invincible skeleton baron in a very passive state, and may even be completely annihilated by the Soviet army Wang Weiyi also has his advantages.Responding quickly, and how to turn a crisis into an opportunity.but.I have to admit that.Therefore, the battle in the last ten days must be the happiest in the entire Stalingrad offensive and defensive battle.Ten tragic days.During the two days from the 1st to the 2nd, the German commandos launched no less than 100 attacks.They killed more than 20,000 enemies and captured countless prisoners.The Soviet army continued to start Shrinking, their positions fell into the hands of the Germans one by one, but until the 2nd, they did not see any intention of the Russians to give up.This was cbd green gummies a headache for the German army but helpless.On the 3rd , The battle has entered a fierce stage.All German and Soviet troops are engaged in offensive and counter charges, and the most intense battles are taking place on every inch of land.The Reich Division, Skeleton Division, and Alcor Group of the SS All the troops are suffering from the almost suicidal frenzied counterattack of cbd green gummies the Soviet army.All are troops composed of women, old people and children.The most elite troops were left in the city of Moscow, and it was impossible to consume too much when they were outside the city.How to fight with only such troops But Kachiko has no choice, he has only two ways to go Either repel the enemy s attack, or die here.Another round of German artillery fire ravaged here crazily, and then a large number of German troops under the cover of tanks appeared.The sound of Ula sounded in the workers armed forces.What they faced was the German army armed to the teeth.Men, women, old people, and children were all thrown into the battlefield, using their flesh and blood to block the impact of steel.This is an unfair battlePieces and pieces of Russians who were civilians before the outbreak of the war fell on the battlefield in piecestheir bodies were quietly lie down.They were preparing to launch a mutiny to overthrow Stalin.Stalin executed Tukhachevsky only based on this evidence.Khachevsky et al.It should be said that there were objective historical reasons for Stalin s large scale purges.At that time, the Soviet Union was surrounded.Various conspiracy activities to subvert the Bolshevik regime continued one after another.This isolated and difficult situation will inevitably lead to To a certain extent, it affected Stalin s judgment.But the tragedy and loss it brought to the Soviet Party, the army and the people is an undeniable fact.This also includes the psychological trauma caused to Stalin himself.The massacre launched by Stalin The purge movement not only brought great disaster to the whole country, but also brought great misfortune to his family and relatives.5 trillion U.S.dollars No Is it said that the wealth of the richest man in the world is only more than 50 billion US dollars How can someone have more than 500 times more wealth than Bill Gates When the international media hype Bill Gates with a net worth of 50 billion US dollars all day long Gates, when he won the title of the richest man in the world, if you believe super cbd gummies cbd green gummies it, you will be fooled.People are familiar with the so called rich list.You can t find the invisible avenue super rich people at all.Because they have already tightly controlled the major Western media.Vantaa s true identity was President Reagan s most trusted expert on financial warfare.He was a senior official of the U.S.Treasury Department, CIA, and FBI.In the 1980s, Vantaa was directly ordered by President Reagan to engage in a secret financial war aimed at subverting the Soviet ruble.The base tanks began to hide, quietly waiting for the prey to appear.At around 5 o clock in the afternoon, news came from Xiaoling a train full of gold and other things is coming A kind of excitement suddenly rose in Wang Weiyi s heart.Probably what Xiaoling said is right, he is a money fan. The sound of rumbling cbd green gummies wheels hitting the rails began.Then the speed slowed down significantly, and then a train stopped here.At this moment, three planes suddenly appeared in the sky powerful fighter planes far ahead of this era The fighter plane bombed the train immediately without hesitation.The rails were blown off, the front of the train was blown up, and the train lay paralyzed there like a long worm whose spine had been pulled out. then.Those hidden tanks appeared Cannonballs and machine gun bullets flew towards the train like raindrops, and screams continued to come from the train.When it falls to the ground.The original appearance can no longer be distinguished at all The artillery preparations have been going on for more than an hour, and all the positions have suffered terrible bombing.Then, a large number of German tanks finally appeared.The remaining tanks of the 19th Panzer Corps of the Soviet Army, despite being completely at a disadvantage, still forced their way out in an attempt to cbd gummies side effects reddit 25mg cbd gummies benefits block the terrible impact of the enemy s armored forces.The fight is not fair at all.Those Tigers, Leopards, Wasps, and Stalkers covered the enemy with their terrifying bullet rain, and then let the targets be destroyed one by one in the sound of their explosions Soviet tanks were constantly destroyed.The burning Soviet tanks have cbd green gummies completed their final missionbut the Soviet tanks are still fighting one after another, knowing that they are not opponents at all.Although she is French, Sophie is using her efforts to win the respect of more and more people.In the afternoon, the German army launched They launched a new round of offensive, and they captured almost all the first line positions defended by the Soviet Manovsky cbd green gummies Corps.Their advance speed was very fast.As a result, the tasks of the field ambulance team became more onerous Sophie was part of the Marshape Ambulance Corps, which was on the frontlines, treating the wounded most in need of medical care.They were in a very dangerous environment, surrounded by There were Russian gunmen in hiding, and bullets could take their lives anytime, anywhere.But these people cbd gummies for bigger penis were not in the least afraid, and Sergeant Matthewman and Nurse Linda had done the most outstanding work for them all.Head nurse, can I do you a favor We have a seriously wounded man here, his chest is about to be smashed.But this does not mean that The German army will slow down the offensive, but prepare for a larger scale offensive.That is to say, in the next seven to ten days, the German army will launch a decisive offensive, and the fate of Moscow will be finally judged in this battle For the word judgment.Stalin clearly felt uncomfortable.He just likes to judge the fate of others.And don t like your fate to be judged.However, he must suppress such unhappiness at the moment Comrade Malinovsky asked me to convey his thoughts before he died.It has become very unsafe.Vasilevsky faithfully conveyed Malinovsky s entrustment before his death And Comrade Zhukov and I also have the same idea, it is indeed very unsafe here Kalinin legitimized the decision of the leader with corresponding orders, while participating in propaganda work.Ah, they are from Dalmatia Province, Gaius nodded Then Please tell me, what are you doing here Why don t you have any documents to prove yourself Gaius still had some affection for them, the two people in front of him were young and full of firepower, and they looked gentle.Courteous, a look that has received a good education.What s even more rare is that their accents really make me feel more cordial.Ever since I came here, I have been facing those vulgar soldiers all day long, which really ruined my mood Facing the questioning of the consul, Ernst Brahm said without thinking We are businessmen., I heard that the respected Lord Gaius Julius Caesar is completing the great cause of conquering the entire Gaul, we smelled business opportunities from it, so we organized are uly cbd gummies legit cbd green gummies a batch of goods to try our luck in this dangerous place Gaius laughed.But before that, I have some things Do it, if you like.You can come with me.That is our super cbd gummies cbd green gummies honor, Mr.Consul.Ernst said this, and Richthofen looked at each other, and then smiled at each other A dozen bloody objects were thrown from the hill to the Roman phalanx, and one of them was thrown so far that it was thrown down the hill.A Roman soldier picked it up and looked at it, then threw it on the ground with a cry it was the head of a Roman It turned out that the Celts in the cottage saw the enemy retreating, and boldly moved down a certain distance.Then, not knowing whose idea it was, they hurled the severed head of the Roman into the phalanx cbd green gummies with catapults.The sight of this approach brought about an uproar of terror among the Romans.These mountain people were overjoyed, and they became more and more vigorous in smashing a person s head down the mountain.The tribal leaders were shocked again.Some people dared to use Vulcan Loki as their own mask, this is not the scariest thing.The scariest one is the are cbd oils as good as gummies one with the skull mask.No one could see clearly the appearance of the man behind the skull mask, but this mask made of unknown materials made people feel a chill from the bottom of their hearts.Some people even had this idea in their hearts This person must have been cursed by some demon This is the Baron Alexson who was conferred by His Majesty the Holy German Emperor and he , is the assistant of Baron Alexson, Baron Albrecht who was also canonized by His Majesty the Emperor himself.Anluges solemnly introduced Wang Weiyi and Richthofen to everyone, and then introduced them one by one.Those tribal leaders introduced them.The order of the Vandals, Pilut, the leader of the Goths, Leubis, the leader of the Franks, Dadarit After introducing them one by one, Wang Weiyi didn t want to waste much time I think You all already know that. I m Spurius, and this is my companion, Tius.Wang Weiyi said with a smile, We are slave traders, and we are decent and good people, and we came from the province of Bisnia.We promise you no trouble.What about you Is this yours Of course, everything here belongs to me.When the middle aged man heard that he was from Bisnia Province in the capital, and he was a slave trader, his expression changed a lot I m Beyaki, I m in charge.Everything here, my honored guest.You can find everything you need here.Aha, slave traders, I like you, your generosity is known to all Of course.Wang Weiyi immediately understood what the other party meant, and took out two dinars that Xiaoling made for him and handed them to Be Yaqi We have to do some things here.Can you help us find a place to live temporarily Is there a place The two dinar silver coins made Beyaki s eyes bright, and the slave trader s money was really good, so he carefully put away the dinar Look, my friend, I have to say more What I have enough places here to provide you with lodging, the best wine and the most beautiful food every day, and only one Sestels a day Ah.Those men of Servius are quite old, but their skills are so agile, and the way of fighting is simple and practical, without any fancy places.They even knew where the weakest link of the human body was.Often when the wooden weapons were swung down, those Yakulius subordinates would scream and lose their fighting power immediately.How is this going Where did Servius find these people At this time, the corner of Servius s mouth showed a smile of winning.These sailors are all soldiers who fought with me in the past.Although they are no longer in service, they have experienced many battles, and their control over the battlefield is not at all like these Roman soldiers who have never been on the battlefield.can be compared.Under Yakulius, there were not many people who could successfully board the black warship, but under the heavy blow of the veterans under Servius, more and more people fell on the deck.Conquering the barbarians one day earlier and one day later had completely different meanings for Centumalus.But now such a thing happened again If it weren t for Senardi, Centumaros was sure that he would probably collapse completely This is what the enemy wants to see most.Senardi knew the inner thoughts of the young commander too well Anyone Everyone can fall down, but only you can t, what we consume is nothing more than some time And money.Centumalus said unwillingly.Yes, but what is that compared to victory Senardi tried hard to calm the other party s mood When the bridge is erected again, we can calmly set foot on the land of the barbarians.At that time, No matter how much you paid, you can let the barbarians repay you ten times, a hundred times The persuasion of his cbd hive gummies review subordinates made Centumalus feel a little better.His name is Cherus.Colonel Carl cbd green gummies Cherrus.He holds very important information in his hands.Yes, it is not convenient for me to disclose the specific information to you What Yes.Colonel Chelus is alive, we have sources, are you ready to accept this mission General Olitz never expected that Major Moyol on the other end of the phone would accept the mission without any hesitation I repeat, we have sent three commandos to rescue Colonel Cherus..But none of the commandos came back alive.This has been regarded as an impossible task by us.Now, Colonel Cherus is being held in Dessau, from your position to Dessau, the enemy is everywhere, there is no way cbd gummies side effects reddit 25mg cbd gummies benefits to successfully break through well, I know you will figure it out, but even if What good rescue plan can you have if you can reach Dessau Major Cherus is so tightly controlled are cbd gummies legal in wi by the U.Occasionally.A few brave American soldiers were also able to hide behind the tank.Fight back with weapons.And the machine guns on the tanks also poured bullets desperately towards the Brest position.The opponent used heavy machine guns, m16s, and rocket launchers to block the enemy s way forward.Bullets flew randomly in the sky, and grenades caused explosions everywhere on the battlefield.Every minute and every second has the potential to bring death.After advancing for a certain distance with untold hardships, the firepower on the German position suddenly increased, and more than a dozen grenades also fell like rain.In the best full spectrum cbd gummies for anxiety sound of rumbling explosions.The battlefield was submerged in thick gunpowder in an instant The gunfire didn t stop for a moment, but Lieutenant Colonel Kars could tell.German soldiers never shed tears.Wang Weiyi was also trying his best to control his emotions Raise your head, Colonel Fels Colonel Fels the one who was successfully rescued by Wang Weiyi in Egypt.Then he followed Baron Ernst Brahm to fight.The baron s most trusted intelligence officer Colonel Fels Wang Weiyi never dreamed that he would be here Meet Colonel Fels Fate always likes to play tricks on people Yes, German soldiers never shed tears Colonel Fels voice was still choking Baron , you are back, we have been waiting for your return, but we all thought you would never come back.But, I waited, I waited, I really waited for this day He almost burst into tears again.But Wang Weiyi said lightly When you have faith in your heart, miracles will always happen.Colonel Fels.I am back, and I will continue to lead you to fight Colonel Fels did not ask why the Baron came back, let alone why the Baron is still so young and full of vitality after so many years.Once, after an air raid, Blue Love was about to struggle to stand up, but found Avril Lavigne giggling, because Blue Love fell too hard on the grass.The face was dyed pale green by the grass.There are more and more cbd gummies side effects reddit 25mg cbd gummies benefits pedestrians on the road.Some of them are going to the same places as them.While they don t strike up casual conversations with strangers, they ll occasionally walk along with some of them, especially if they know their way.There are sometimes trenches called tank graves near towns, which are specially prepared by local residents to stop the advance of American tanks.Whenever we hear the sound of gunfights, we will curl up and hide in gummy cbd soda pop bottles these trenches.There had been a particularly violent fight that day, and they were both terrified.Avril Lavigne wrote in her diary The enemy attacked again and they had to retreat back into the cbd green gummies woods.Not only that, Wang Weiyi also made a bold decision that all the reinforcements of the Netherlands Homeland Storm Division will be under the command of Colonel Mario.This is very difficult in the German army Let a foreigner command the German army.Only one person cbd green gummies hemp waves cbd gummies could do this before Guo Yunfeng, two first level generals Trust trust will be a condition for determining victory.Wang Weiyi decided to trust Mario unconditionally This former enemy, Mario has fully demonstrated his bravery and loyalty to the Skeleton Baron on the battlefield He is not loyal to Germany, Germany has nothing to do with him, his only loyal object is the Skeleton Baron.And when the Baron took this form to express his trust, Mario knew that everything he did was worthwhile.He is no longer prepared to return to the United States alive.In the face of such a defense, although the battlefield seems to be unfavorable to the German army, the position has not actually suffered any substantial threat.This is probably the difference between the regular army and the national army.Corrett also discovered this, and the Germans finally joined the regular army here.He wasn t anxious and depressed, but rather complacent, which was exactly what he wanted.Attract the main force of the Germans little by little, reduce their strength little by little, and then it will be the beginning of the final offensive.At that time, even the Skeleton Baron can t save the defeat on the battlefield Eight hundred fifty four.There was a brief stalemate between the marshal and the general on the battlefield.However, if this state continues, the Allied forces can afford it, but the German army cannot carry out such attrition at all.Hey, Ham, are you a soldier Hearing that the Baron recognized him immediately, Ham seemed a little excited Yes, Mr.Baron, I m a soldier.Ah, Monsieur Baron, I never thought you were a Baron.They were my companions, Jason and Omi, both of whom had come from Schrothenburg and joined the SS Youth Division together.Congratulations, loyal soldiers of the empire Wang Weiyi respectfully saluted them.Perhaps they did not expect the Baron to salute them.The three young men were a little at a loss, and hurriedly returned the salute Thank you, Mr.Baron.No, I should thank you.Wang Weiyi smiled and said In your presence At this age, you should be on the campus of the university instead of serving in the army.But now we are very short of manpower, and we have to set up a youth division again.But I can assure you that when the war is over, I will definitely let you go back From the school.He never thought that something like assassination would happen to his own people.However, today it actually appeared.These Egyptians betrayed themselves, these officers who were single handedly raised betrayed themselves General, the situation is critical, leave immediately through the back door, there is our spare car.A bodyguard called hastily.Temporarily suppressing his anger in his heart, Ta Musta stood up and left in the direction of the back door in a panic under the cover of bodyguards The sound of gunshots and explosions reached Wang Weiyi s ears.Knowing that Nolak was on the move.He raised the sniper rifle in his hand and pointed the scope in the direction of the back door.Everything was expected, whoever fired the shot, who threw the grenade, and then forced Tamusta to the designated spot.Our soldiers always have some contempt for them, but when the war broke out.We discovered that the United States, like Germany, began to operate rapidly as a huge war machine when the war broke out.In terms of industry, they were even stronger than Germany.And their officers and soldiers, on the battlefield The ability to learn is also very strong.The earliest combat effectiveness, the U.S.military was on the verge of collapse, but as the war continued, they became more and more able to master how to conduct a battle, how to call for are uly cbd gummies legit cbd green gummies reinforcements, and how to avoid losses as much as possible to win.These have made cbd green gummies us encounter many big trouble Wang Weiyi nodded Have you thought about how to defeat them How to defeat them is your business.Manstein smiled faintly What I want to do is how to execute your orders and defeat the enemy on the battlefield.After Solomon entered the room, he revisited the background and experience of his current character.He has Drake cbd gummies side effects reddit 25mg cbd gummies benefits s biography and photo.The report from the Federal Bureau, the certificate from the Security Bureau it was all issued only four days ago.He also carried a few letters with him, and it was from these letters that vida cbd gummies 30mg . 2 1 . cbd green gummies . cbd green gummies . . 9 30 cbd green gummies fbi cia cbd green gummies 45,8 fbi cia fbi cbd green gummies hemp waves cbd gummies cbd green gummies cbd green gummies hemp waves cbd gummies fbi cbd green gummies are uly cbd gummies legit cbd green gummies v fbi v just cbd gummies bunnies cbd gummies for kids anxiety super cbd gummies cbd green gummies fbi 3 fbi cbd green gummies cbd gummies without thc for sleep 3 cbd clinic gummies cbd gummies ed cbd green gummies clinical cbd gummies mayim 1890 7 2 cbd gummies side effects reddit 25mg cbd gummies benefits 1890 76 1911 1930 1930 1944 super cbd gummies cbd green gummies 1904 318 23 19 20 super cbd gummies cbd green gummies t.The Amister Bridge was ahead, cbd gummies for anxiety near me but the figures of many Russian paratroopers loomed on the street.Rush forward is nothing more than a waste of life.Hewitt signaled everyone to stop advancing, and quickly inspected the surrounding terrain on the cbd green gummies right side of the German army, there is a commanding height a church tower tens of meters high The ruins of a destroyed residential building.It can be seen from the uncollapsed part that it was originally a three story building.Although its view is not as wide as that of the tower, it can be attacked, defended and retreated.It is an ideal place for combat.Therefore.Hewitt decided to occupy the ruins of the residential building on the left.Hewitt left a soldier in charge of guarding the movement behind.The German army quickly climbed to the third floor of the ruins, and through thousands of The wall full of holes can clearly observe the condition of the street in front.Really Wang Weiyi asked suspiciously.It seems are uly cbd gummies legit cbd green gummies to be true.Kalumbu also swallowed a mouthful of saliva in disbelief Marshal, listen, most of the gunfire in the war zone has stopped, and the telephone hotline between Boschek and you has been connected.Wang Weiyi answered the phone, and there was a burst of Russian on the other end of the phone Hello, I am Lieutenant General Boschek, the commander of Great Russia.I am Marshal Ernst Brahm.Marshal Ernst Brahm Baron Alexon Yes, I am also called that.Your Excellency, it is great to hear your voice here.I have decided to surrender to you. Thank you for your wisdom, General Boschek, you will become my friend.After talking on the phone for a long time, it was only now that Wang Weiyi believed that the Russians were really ready to surrender.Is it a miracle Maybe, this is really a miracle, and such a miracle happened without any signs before, and it was completely sudden.Sir, we only have five shells left Gunner Fu reported to Kiritz.Sir, a group of American M 60 tanks appeared at one o clock The observer reported to Kieritz.Take it when you see it Kyritz told Hoffman to reverse, and our tank retreated to the position against the glow of the sunset.It was getting dark gradually.The U.S.Army began a night attack.First of all, the h1 line of defense was attacked by the enemy.Second Lieutenant Cooper asked Kyritz for reinforcements.Their Leopard 9 tanks have been destroyed by American tanks Kyritz had no soldiers to send, so he had to order Lieutenant Cooper to form a circular defensive position for the final resistance.Then the Americans launched an attack on Kieritz s position.The German Second Company was basically composed of police, cbd green gummies SS and boy scouts, and it was not an opponent of the Americans at all The advantages of the proficient combat skills of the U.S.Army General Kerrett, the commander of the Armored Cavalry Division, also appeared on the front line.No one can question his loyalty to his country, but he can do nothing about what is happening in front of him.Many positions were breached by powerful German forces.Although in the long war, those American soldiers who had never experienced war before were growing rapidly, but compared with the German army that had experienced the two world wars, they showed shortcomings in all aspects.In the competition for some small positions, each department of the US military is fighting on its own.Each stood firm on its own ground, but the Germans showed a completely different battle.The commanders of some assault squads of the German army saw that the friendly forces were occupying a favorable situation.Besides, there are more important things.You should report this incident to your superiors as soon as possible.The large German troops have come to attack, so of course the No.30 people can t guard against them, and the blame should not be on their own.So, how many people are there in the German army There should be a hundred people.Well, no, it takes a thousand men to drive back such a great French soldier.Well, in front of the superior, that s all.The main general left, and the rest of the people ran out of the stronghold along with them.Who wants to leave their lives here.In less than five minutes, after Sweet and Clark met, there was no Russian in the stronghold, except for a few corpses underground.Sweet, who was still planning for the worst, never thought that he would occupy the stronghold so easily without a single soldier.This is a complete profiteer, Ilya cursed in his heart.But his greed for money has completely blinded him.Even if it is only 30 of the original price, it is good in his opinion.Besides, when he has made a lot of money , can also be redeemed from the other party.Tomorrow, if you are free, I would be happy to take you to see my collection.In the end, Ilya revealed all her intentions Assuming you are really interested, we can discuss the price of the mortgage. Ah, it is my greatest honor to 25mg cbd gummies benefits cbd cube gummies full spectrum be able to see those precious things.Elliot raised the cup in his hand Let s toast to the collection, I can t wait until tomorrow.Ilya, like his father, fell into the same trap as his father, but for him he still thought he had found the right path.Greed always leads people astray When Ilya left here, Wang Weiyi said lightly This is Gregory s last possession.The only thing we can do is choose Accept General best cbd gummies for pain near me Tangeloniv s suggestion and let him send troops to does condor cbd gummies work take you out.No.I kids took a cbd gummy will never give up Gregory roared loudly Then I am not afraid of traitors, I will I don t believe that everyone has betrayed me, super cbd gummies cbd green gummies and I will definitely find someone who is loyal He roared and shouted, but his voice became lower and lower, and after a while, he actually buried his head deeply in his hands Andreas, if I leave Moscow, I really have nothing.Ilya and I have completely lost contact, all my property is gone.I left Moscow, what to do I can t even support myself.Andreas shook his head involuntarily, until now His Excellency the Grand Duke is still thinking about the property issue God, saving your life is more important than anything else.Andreas didn t want to be buried with this stupid person.They have no evidence, everything is just the testimony of Similov alone Andreas quickly had his own answer You can completely deny it.As long as you can kill this For one thing, I believe those people must have nothing to do with you At this point, Milosevic could only nod helplessly His wife Natalia left came in.It can be seen that Natalia s expression is full of worries about her husband.Originally, Milosevic hated his wife very much.The reason is also very simple.When he married the Grand Duke s daughter, he thought that he could rise to the top from now on, but who would have thought that the Grand Duke would not take him seriously at all.What made him even more angry was.He later learned that his wife had actually worked as a prostitute when she was in the United States.Which man can bear such humiliation Therefore, domestic cold violence has become commonplace.Then the lieutenant ordered the firepower squad to stay to suppress the enemy s firepower.He took the brothers of the first and second squads and divided them into two teams under the cover cbd green gummies of gunship helicopters and tanks.They rushed in different directions to a building that seemed to be in good condition.next to the house.Sergeant Shook, Private Woody and Corporal Black were hit by bullets because they could not dodge in time.The ketchup soared and fell to the ground.Among them, Sergeant Shu Ke was killed on the spot, and two others were seriously injured, lying on the ground screaming.Sergeant Lingella led several members of the fire squad to desperately drag the two wounded soldiers behind a broken car on the side of the road.Lieutenant Pozik led the soldiers from the first and second squads into two teams.And this has brought great convenience to himself.When Long Tesi looked at Wang Weiyi, his eyes were full of respect and affection, and then he said word by word Baron Alexon, Welcome to Paris again Baron Alexon Baron Skeleton When the name was spoken, there was silence in the room, and everyone s eyes on Wang Weiyi completely changed.Even the big man felt extremely proud at this moment , How many people have pointed a gun at the Baron Skeleton How many people have been pointed at the head by the Baron Skeleton Very few, very few, really very few.Maybe it will become a memory of my life.I knew your mother, Isabel, a beautiful and kind girl.Wang Weiyi said slowly.Since Longtesi remembered, it was the first time he heard someone call his mother a girl , but the person in front of him was the Baron Skeleton, and he had every right to cbd green gummies call anyone in any way.Here you have absolutely nothing to fear.Litum said lightly As long as you tell the truth, everyone will do their best to protect you.Lontes stared at Sam viciously.But at this time, there was still a bit of luck in his heart.He believed that Sam and himself were grasshoppers on the same rope If he betrayed himself, It is also equivalent to sending himself to the gallows Sam was silent there for a while I am tortured by my conscience every day.Whenever I close my eyes, I dream of Mr Yetieri and Mr Orange.Yes, they were all betrayed by their own people and died at the hands of their own people.And this person is now leading our party leader Boom the whole meeting room was almost blown up.Everyone was whispering and whispering, and no one dared to Confident what he heard.God.Did a party leader do such a despicable thing Lunters was furious, but he couldn t shut up Sam in full view.From this point of view, Robespierre is quite great.That s it, it s too late Members of the Revolutionary Commune who did not receive the order to attack were automatically disbanded in the middle of the night.That night, the National Convention announced the deprivation of Robespierre s citizenship, and he was sent to the guillotine the next day.Speaking of this, his face suddenly became gloomy Come down Robespierre is great, but he is also stupid.He can use more violent means to stabilize his regime, so I will never be such a stupid person like him Clay Go and arrest all suspicious officers and shoot cbd green gummies them immediately Yes, Your Excellency, I will immediately follow your orders One thousand and fifty one.The betrayal of the French Paris Uprising quickly received direct support from the military, which also caused an instant change in the situation.Although Sinagel prevaricates every time with everything is under control , he knows that he can t hold on for much longer.You have failed repeatedly.Berkeley.When accusing the French police chief, cbd green gummies Sinager s tone did not have much anger You have not been able to detect riots, nor have you been able to arrest those I want you to arrest.Those officers.You have disappointed me greatly.Yes, Your Excellency, I am also very saddened by my mistake, so I am willing to resign to express my apology.Berkeley said smoothly.No, resignation is just something that all cowards will do Sinager rejected Berkeley s resignation request Now what I ask you to do is how to make up for your mistakes, you have to think about cbd green gummies it Do you, Berkeley Berkeley shook his head.Sinager sighed The situation is getting out of control, I can t foresee what will happen in the future.At the same time, they have lost the support of the United States, and now they are more concerned about how to save their lives and property.President Khatri and Prime Minister Sinagh are completely untrustworthy, and they are in danger now, so who should they turn to for help I don t know when, a gossip began to circulate among these government officials Go to the Dewey Bank, where Mr.Moyol Wittgenstein will ensure their safety.Many people have heard the name of Mr.Moyol Wittgenstein, the head of the Lion Fund , but what makes people wonder is, does a financial investment person are uly cbd gummies legit cbd green gummies have such a great ability But at times like this, it s worth trying after all.Salam, director of the Paris Personnel Affairs Bureau, is one of them.On the afternoon of the Paris uprising, the rebel army occupied many streets.Just now, the watcher seemed to have epilepsy Sick, God.I killed him, I killed him So I can use the phone Don t be nervous, Alinda Nash hurriedly comforted his wife See if there is anything that can make you escape.The place to go out No, I ve checked everything, the door is locked, I can t open it, I can t open it Calm down.Ilinda, I have to know where to save you.Nash controlled his heartbeat If you can see outside, tell me.Are there any special landmarks outside Wait for me, don t hang up.After a while, Alinda The voice came back again I can see that there are trees all around, and there is nothing else, ah.We seem to be in a two story building.Nash suddenly thought of a problem.How could Alinda, who was never willing to hurt any small animal, have the guts to kill someone But when his doubts just arose, the voice of his daughter Bella also came from the phone Dad, save us, save us Nash, Bella has a fever, she is very sad, very sad Nash, I only ask you this once.Today, I received several calls.Prime Minister Wilkins said slowly from one side In addition to expressing our condolences for Nash, he also asked about the successor of the new British National Police Commissioner.In fact, I am very happy.Knowing their real purpose, what they are looking at is not this position.It is the power vacuum left after Nash s death.So what do you think Fenton asked a little irritably.The Americans want their people to take over, nothing more than the FBI or the CIA.Wilkins expressed his opinion The Americans should not be allowed to intervene in such things, but now It is at a special stage that we have to fully rely on the help of the United States.Mr.President, I suggest that you temporarily agree to the American request.President Fenton smiled wryly, what else could he do besides doing this He sighed heavily Do you have any suitable candidates Lieutenant Colonel Mills of the FBI is the most suitable candidate for succession.From this point of view, he should fully thank Mr.Elliott and Mr.Paris.Of watermelon cbd gummy course, the time of Paris s visit may not be very accurate this time.The incident at Castri College had already distraught Obaker.Not only Duila and Douglas are under heavy pressure, but even the speaker himself is the same.The sharp words and constant questioning of Brown, the chief reporter of the Oakland News, made Obaker almost unable to answer.He hates these reporters, but he is absolutely unwilling to become enemies with these reporters.You know, this will be very embarrassing for him, maybe in the future Brown and those newspapers will get themselves into big trouble because of their incorrect words I know you are very upset now, Speaker Sir.Paris said with a smile The Casey College incident has been known to the entire United States.Is there a better choice I think there is.On the release list this time, only the family members of President Fenton, Prime Minister Wilkins and Minister Kapanong, you said, if other people know What kind of psychological reaction will this news produce Prouss seemed to vaguely understand something Yeah, what kind of psychological reaction would other people have if they got the news I probably know.Pross let out a long breath Then, Your Excellency the Baron, what should we do 25mg cbd gummies benefits now Aren t you willing to return to cbd green gummies hemp waves cbd gummies Germany after experiencing these things Wang Weiyi replied in this way Berlin will award you medals.Pross and his companions exchanged glances Your Excellency Baron, we agree that we can provide you with greater help by staying here We have spent many days in London and are very familiar with everything here.Army Intelligence Agency mainly analyze the battlefield situation and collect war intelligence.Provide reliable data, they will not interfere with anything else.Moreover, even if they come to the UK, they will definitely inform me first that they need our assistance.But I ve never heard of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Brigadier General Luke thought for a while, then dialed a secret number This is Luke, pick me up General Phillips.No, instead of answering his office, answer the red phone.Yes, a very urgent situation occurred.He waited there for a while, then turned back to the phone and said, General Phillips I m Luke from cia and I have a situation that I must check with you, yes, and yourself.Did you ever HCMUSSH cbd green gummies send a senior investigator into London Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.What You never knew Lieutenant Colonel Moyolbut it is said that Colonel Jade and the British side have checked his identity with you, and many people have proved that they called your office in personAh, they also said that you answered the phone in person No, general, please don t be angry.Please convey my gratitude to the Baron and Germany for me.Adams said respectfully When Ireland is unified.I will let everyone know how helpful the Baron is to us.No.I don t think I can convey this sentence for you.Will s answer was somewhat unexpected It would be better if you told him face to face, because Your Excellency the Baron will arrive in Ireland soon.Adams has forgotten the surprise, but at the same time there is also a kind of excitement rising in his heart the baron will arrive in Ireland The IRA is about to face the regular army, which has been under guerrilla warfare for a long time.The government s national army has experience in a head to head confrontation, and if the Baron is in command, then everything will be different.Do you think the Baron will reach cbd green gummies Ireland himself Adams still decided to confirm the news.He never imagined that such a day would come Elizabeth, Queen of the Mandate of England, to Colonel Edward Reeves, who is brave and good at fighting In 1940, your father, old Reeves, was a colonel in the British Army and participated in countless wars in England, and Achieved outstanding feats.In the Battle of Durduris, old cbd gummies erection Colonel Reeves held his position for fifteen days with his bravery.When he retreated from the front line, everyone saw his wounds and everyone hugged him This is the greatest honor of being a soldier.At that time, the royal family was going to award him a medal, but the noble old Mr.Reeves rejected this suggestion.He believed that the medal should be awarded to those soldiers who died fighting for England.For the first charles stanley and cbd 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battlefield and gradually became more and more confident.They will often occupy a house with a very favorable position, where they will continue to attack the enemy.When they can no longer hold on, they will calmly evacuate from another direction.There was an eerie calm on the battlefield.Presumably those Axis powers are waiting for the ultimatum moment.More than an hour ago, traces of the enemy had been found near the military base.But those enemies also had no plans to attack here immediately.The only thing they did was to closely monitor the place.General Gandra put down cbd green gummies his binoculars, poured himself a glass of wine, and then looked at Brigadier General Sherlock, the chief of staff who had HCMUSSH cbd green gummies just arrived cbd green gummies Mr.Chief of Staff, what a pity, you have been in this position for less than a month.But I have to let you see all of this.Sherlock shrugged Yeah, all thoughts about war romance are completely shattered hereGeneral, before I leave the United States to take up my post I still had fantasies, and I thought maybe we could create miracles together, but the cold reality is always so cruel.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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