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The area under the jurisdiction of Huayuan Police Station is located at the junction of urban and rural areas, with the urban area to the west and the high speed exit to the east.Zhongshan Road, the main road in Yanyang City, passes through the area.The Chaoyang Community Police Office, which will be under its jurisdiction, happens to be on Zhongshan East Road, with an area of 1.It covers an area of 3 square kilometers, starting from Chaoyang River in the west, Dongming Street in the east, and the extension of Renmin East Road in the south, with a permanent population of more than 7,000.Factory 527 is close to the Chaoyang River.It used to be a very prosperous military enterprise.At its peak, it had more than 3,000 employees and had its own hospital, cinema, kindergarten and primary school for children.I m different from them.Being an auxiliary policeman is just a stopgap measure.I will take the exam again next year.If I can pass the exam, I will resign immediately.I That s why I won t be an auxiliary police officer for the rest of my life, and I won t be in my thirties to wear a police uniform like Wu Wei.Smart This is the common language, and Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing.Driving a BMW to work is too ostentatious, and the director will be very upset when he sees it.Xu Hongliang parked his car far away from work every day.Han Chaoyang followed him to the door of the bank diagonally across, opened the door and threw the plastic bag into the back row, and then opened the passenger door and asked, Hongliang, cbd gummies st cloud mn did you have a blind date last night How do you know After a long time in the sun, the temperature in the car was estimated to be 50 degrees.The most troublesome thing is the targeted poverty alleviation.It is necessary to help three low income households get rid of poverty.Han Chaoyang thought to himself, I m still a poor person, my salary is only enough for daily expenses, and I can t even afford a house, so who will help me out of poverty If it were the other young policemen who HCMUSSH cbd gummies st cloud mn had just been assigned to the station, Yang Tao would definitely not feel at ease.He was worried that the young man, who was full of blood, could not control his emotions for a while and was accidentally caught by others.If not, you will lose your job.Although Han Chaoyang is also a young man, there is no trace of blood in him, let alone jealousy.What can happen to such a person, even if something happens, he will be beaten by others.What s more, Xu Hongliang is so smart and Lao Xu is so steady, they should be able to deal with something when they encounter something.There is no doubt that the three police cars that just arrived belonged to the precinct.No matter how big this case is, it is just a cbd gummies st cloud mn green ape cbd gummies cost gang producing and what is delta 8 cbd gummies selling false certificates.How could it alarm the branch office Just wondering, when six or seven policewomen got off the car, Liu Suo shook hands with a middle aged man in plain clothes who was leading the team, and then followed Reported the case just now.It turned out that the 19 suspects who were about to be arrested were all women, including those with children and even pregnant women.There were not many female policemen and female assistant policemen in the station, especially those who were moved from the branch apetropics cbd gummies free sample cbd gummies st cloud mn office.reinforcement.When the leader spoke, Han cbd gummies st cloud mn Chaoyang naturally wouldn t step forward, lest people think he was asking for credit.I know you re working with the work group on land expropriation and relocation.It s inconvenient to answer the phone.It s even worse to find the past, so I can only wait here.What s the matter Xu Hongliang is not an outsider, and Lao Jin is also not an outsider after knowing him for so many years.Manager Zhang smoked a circle, and said with a sad face It s not about recruiting security guards for myself.Now the investigation is really strict.Fenghuang New Village inspected the security of the property company one by one, and found more than a dozen undocumented employees.Manager Wang of the Fenghuang New Village property said that the security brigade would fine cbd gummies st cloud mn him 50,000.Very troublesome.Han Chaoyang lit a cigarette, and pretended to be confused, and said, You took the initiative to go to the security brigade, and besides, they didn t investigate you.The old factory manager patted his chest, got up immediately and said Xiao Wu Xiaoqian, okay, okay, I bought what should be bought early, and I won t buy your insurance if I haven t bought it.I m here tonight.You go back early, we Start rehearsing Chapter 42 Blind date 1 Sure enough, Manager Zhang, who had no better choice, finally made up his mind to break the wrists of a strong man and agreed to outsource the security of Dongming Community to the future Chaoyang Community Security Service Company.As for the cost Han Chaoyang was too lazy to inquire.Just because Han Chaoyang doesn t care doesn t mean the owners don t care.Security costs accounted for a large proportion of the property fee.Although the property company was strong, the owners were the real owners of Dongming Community.In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, and to set up a voluntary security patrol as soon as possible, Director Su and several community officials rushed to Dongming Community early in the morning, together with Manager Zhang and other management personnel HCMUSSH cbd gummies st cloud mn of the property company, called the community building manager and owner representatives We have a meeting.There are people on duty in the police station, and people patrolling the village and fields.Han Chaoyang doesn t need to do everything by himself as he did a few days ago.He goes to Yanhe Park to participate in the rehearsal of the chorus of Factory 527.After the show ends at 10 o clock, he goes back to the dormitory to sleep.He never sleeps.So fragrant.Nothing happened overnight, and I went to the institute to attend the regular meeting early the next morning.When Liu was arrested in other provinces, the instructor presided over the meeting, studied the spirit of the central document, conveyed the instructions of the city bureau and branch bureau, and summarized the work of the past week.The summary is based on the performance appraisal situation.If you deduct points, you should criticize them, and if you add points, you should praise them.These two cars will be used by us from today., We don cbd gummies st cloud mn t need to worry about maintenance costs, even the driver s wages are paid by the street. That s great The neighborhood committee doesn t have any buses, and the voluntary security patrol team has two, Han Chaoyang wondered if the sun came out from the west Incredible.The car is not free.Secretary Yang and Director Gu asked us to participate in the comprehensive law enforcement of the street as coordinators in the future.Our main purpose is to assist, maintain order on the spot, and ensure the personal safety of law enforcement personnel.No wonder the street leaders are so generous., This is to let the voluntary security patrols not only help the streets to maintain stability, but also let the voluntary security patrols help the streets with the work of urban management.

This is because the problem was not found at home, and those who found the problem last night must be severely investigated and dealt with.For the family that rented the house to the murderer, the law enforcement officers of the Housing Management Bureau issued a fine of 10,000 yuan without hesitation.Those who rent out houses to robbers, thieves, and drug addicts, and those who rent out the yards of old houses to waste collectors, will all be fined 8,000 yuan.This is just a fine, in addition to recovering previously evaded taxes and late fees.The compensation for land acquisition was not received, but a fine of several thousand yuan was dog cbd gummies amazon received first.The villagers were in a hurry and complained for a while.The streets have been prepared for a long time, and Director Cai solemnly warned them that whoever dares to obstruct official duties will be held accountable.He would patiently explain that it was not under the jurisdiction of the Huayuan Street Police Station, and would give them an address for them to report to the Xinyuan Street Police Station.If you meet Lao Xu, and if the policeman has a bad attitude, Lao Xu will even ask him to call 110.After becoming a comprehensive police platform, things on the opposite side of the road have to be managed in the cbd gummies st cloud mn same way.If it is an active case, you must rush to the scene to deal with it immediately.If you encounter a homicide, you must immediately rush to protect the scene.For the record, in case of a public security case, it must not only be managed but also resolved as much as possible on the spot or in the police office.It is impossible for the policemen from the Huayuan Street Police Station to work for the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and this involves a very serious case jurisdiction, so the Xinyuan Street Police Station will send a policeman over.A little time, said to give a reply on August 1.I hope it is not apetropics cbd gummies free sample cbd gummies st cloud mn a delay, if no reply is given on August 1, or the owners are not satisfied with the answer, we will suffer again. It should not be a delay, Zheng Xinyi put down the mouse, turned around and said, Director Su said that the city s affordable housing construction and investment company may take over the project.The current problem is mainly the bank and the construction company.These are things that leaders should worry about, and Han Chaoyang is just asking.Sitting opposite Yu Zhenchuan, he was about to turn on the computer that was just configured in the sub bureau to see if he could connect to the intranet.Yu Zhenchuan raised his head and said, Chaoyang, the master has gone back.I said that we will go out for dinner together when you come back.It was meal time, and the canteen was full of patients and their family members.A senior police officer in full armor and wearing a white shirt led two young policemen into the restaurant, immediately attracting countless curious eyes.It s all right, we re here for dinner.Gu Guoli touched a child s head, and while queuing up at the window, he smiled and reminded When you re out, comrades, be careful.Be sure to put your wallet, mobile phone, and bank card away.Take time to keep your wallet safe to prevent thieves pay attention to your mobile phone when eating or doing other things, and don t lose who owns purekana cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies it in a hurry.The old policeman was a little interesting, and a middle aged man with the appearance of a cadre raised his hand and smiled Thank you for reminding us.I will pay attention.Don t think I m long winded.Yes, we are checking.Manager Zhang, Manager Zhang , I m Han Chaoyang, has the electrician arrived yet All elevators lead to the basement.Please make up your mind quickly whether to turn them all off or take other measures.In short, safety comes first. cbd gummies st cloud mn green ape cbd gummies cost Don t worry Han, the elevators are fine, from now on Only go down to the first floor, not the basement.After confirming that there would be no major incidents here, and just about to find an umbrella to take to the traffic police, Li Xiaobin called.Han Da, Xu Cheng and cbd gummies st cloud mn cbd super gummies I have just arrived at work, and Guodong and the others have also returned.How is the situation in Dongming Community Do you want us to go there The first floor of the hospital is estimated to be flooded, so go over and see if you can help.Chapter 109 Emergency Rescue 2 The city was flooded by heavy rain, and the district launched an emergency plan to deal with urban waterlogging.He only knew that it was very important to assist the public toilet management center.If we don t take the time to remove the sundries from the rainwater wells near the public toilets, and if we don t drain the stagnant water as soon as possible, we will be in trouble when the stagnant water is poured into the public toilets and the urine and feces in the public toilets overflow onto the road.Everyone braved the rain and went on the road, and everyone including Director Su did their best.Young men such as Han Chaoyang and Yu Xucheng are in charge of the public toilet on the west side of the north gate of Factory 527.The accumulated water on Zhongshan Road has overflowed the curb, and the torrential cbd gummies addictive cbd gummies st cloud mn rain is still falling.Depending on the rain, the accumulated water will slow down over the steps of the public toilet in half an hour at most, and flow Into the public toilet, filling the septic tank.Han Chaoyang couldn t help asking What should we do next, should we go there No need, that brat doesn t think it s a big deal to put up a small advertisement to block the keyhole, and he was instructed by Ke Jianrong.I explained the policy and read a few paragraphs of regulations to him, and he honestly admitted it., and explained a lot of the situation.I reported it to the leader of our bureau, but it turned out to be self defeating.He made several phone calls and finally decided to transfer the case to the direct detachment of the Municipal Bureau.Is there a direct detachment of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau Yes , work in the same place as the urban management detachment of your city s public security bureau.Chaoyang, I m sorry, according to the tone of our bureau leader, this case will be investigated by the direct subordinate detachment and the urban management detachment, and our brigade will have diamond cbd gummies uk nothing to do with it.

Do you have a picture of her No, I deleted it a long time ago.Have you been in touch now I haven t been in touch since we broke up, Yingying, I m sorry, I know it s not fair to you, but it s no use regretting what happened.Believe me, give me a chance, I m not the same as I was before.I will no longer be flirtatious, I will only treat you wholeheartedly, and will only be responsible for my future work, life and even my family.Everyone has a process of growing and maturing, and he is different now than he was when he was first stationed in the police department.It is said that the army is a melting pot that can train people.The public security system, especially the who owns purekana cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies grassroots police stations, is like a melting pot, which can also train people.Now that he has really grown up and has a real sense of responsibility, Huang Ying believes that what he said is from the bottom of his heart, and not wanting to make the atmosphere too solemn, she half jokingly said Chaoyang, I would like to believe you, but you are too annoying.Thank you, thank you so much, come to the police office directly after work , I ll wait for you in the police room.At the same time, Vice Captain He of the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau Criminal Police Division, and Xi Hongbo, Chief Criminal Police Division of Yandong Public Security Bureau, were on the fourth floor of a building next to the national highway.Look through the glass at the vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot downstairs.In the past 48 hours, 7.17 cases have made breakthroughs one after another in the detection work First, the suspect was successfully identified through DNA technology, and it is certain that Zhang Qiuyan bit Chen Yabing before his death.Immediately afterwards, it was discovered in the surveillance video that Chen Yabing and his brother in law Gao Junfei had been in and out of Yangguan Village on the night of the incident.Huang Ying, you can t hide such an important matter from Teacher Ma Come on, let s take a photo together and show Teacher Ma.You are so beautiful and have such a good figure.Teacher Ma must be very happy.Huang Ying was so embarrassed that Han Zhaoyang hurriedly said Sister Miao, let s order first, and take pictures later, and besides, my mother has met Yingying, and knows Yingying Yes Yes.The younger brother was very dishonest when he was in school.Teacher Ma asked him on the phone.Miao Haizhu had a strong sense of responsibility and felt that it was his responsibility to help Teacher Ma discipline him.He stared at him suspiciously and asked, Really Do you know each other I really do, Yingying introduced you to buy the house of Bright Future.Why didn t you tell your mother I want to give her a surprise.Borrow the basketball gymnasium of the Polytechnic University Well, how good is the environment, with central air conditioning, lighting, and a large venue, not to mention one or two hundred people, four or five hundred people can be seated.Wu Wei just entered the backyard At that time, I deliberately went around the health care room.After all, I was a comrade in the same unit.I wanted to say cbd gummies addictive cbd gummies st cloud mn hello to Teacher Ma and Dad Han, but I didn t see anyone.I didn t expect him to come back.At the same time, he discovered that it is good to have a skill, and the branch bureau and the sub district office actually entrusted him with such an important task.This thought just flashed by.Wu Weiren was in the police room, but his heart was not here or even in the police station.He kept thinking about 7.17 cases.Yes cbd gummies st cloud mn There are street lights and cameras everywhere in the community, and if she enters the children s playground and doesn t come out, it means that she has been hiding in it, unless she knows the invisibility, flying or escaping skills.When Han Chaoyang suppressed a smile and rushed to the children s playground, he saw two security guards shining flashlights on the children s slide, and a figure could be vaguely seen in the plastic pipe of the slide.Lianlian, why are you hiding here You scared me to death Chen Jun jumped out of the car, ran to the bottom of the slide, squatted on the ground and shouted into cbd gummies st cloud mn the plastic pipe.Leave me alone, I won t go back Go back, don t make trouble, all mistakes are my fault, okay What have you been doing, do you know where your mistakes are There is no way to live this day It s over, don t you want to separate, okay, let s separate, we will go to divorce at dawn.The car was parked in the community, it was parked there, and the owner of the car who called the police suspected that someone was deliberately vandalizing.The traffic police didn t care, so he had to go.The second case was that the crowd found a man lying down on Hebin West Road, and rushed over to see that he was drunk.This is easy to deal with.The drunk has a mobile phone, checks the call records, contacts his relatives, and waits until the relatives of the drunk arrive at the scene before returning to the institute.I thought I could sleep peacefully in the second half of the night, but I was called up to the intersection of Zhongshan Road and Yangzhi Street as soon as I lay down and fell asleep.Strengthen the inspection, what kind of police situation is this Don t ask me, if you want to ask you, ask Han Chaoyang.Now I can finally feel proud, seeing the young man in a particularly comfortable mood, and patted him on the arm Responsible, If you can mingle with the masses and do a good job, that s what you should do in community work, but you can t be complacent.You must learn from your master with an open mind, cbd gummies st cloud mn green ape cbd gummies cost and strive to make persistent efforts and make new achievements. Yes Happy, he took a meaningful look at Han Chaoyang, raised the walkie talkie and made a gesture to talk to the director, and I will continue to organize the search.Zhou Ju nodded slightly, looked at Han Chaoyang with a smile and asked with great interest Xiao Han, you have nothing to do now, and you are free if you are idle.Let s chat casually.First, let s talk about how the clues were found and why the masses Reporting to you but not looking for others With so many police officers in the branch, how many of them can be praised by the director in person, and how many can talk to the director like now.

It seems that the young man got Lao Gu s True biography , Zhou Ju took the phone Let me take a look.Okay.I didn t know if I didn t read it, but I was shocked when I saw it.There are more than 70 WeChat cbd gummies addictive cbd gummies st cloud mn groups, and each group has chat records.The most Hundreds of messages, not a group of zombies with no one to chat with.Yes, if you want to do a good job in community work and do a good job in security prevention and control, you have to get along with the masses.Zhou Ju returned the phone to him, immediately took out his phone, and opened WeChat with a smile Come on, we will also add One, if you encounter any difficulties at work in the future, or if you have any good suggestions and ideas, you can send me WeChat.Report directly to you, what are you kidding Han Chaoyang knows very well that difficulties and suggestions are not important, what is important is adding WeChat itself.Okay, right now.Officer Gu, Officer Han, Zheng Sister Zheng, what a shame, I kowtow to you The man has gold under his knees, what a big deal, why kowtow.Grandpa Gu realized that it was inappropriate for him to stay here, and motioned him to go to the Sixth Hospital together.He smiled and said When everyone encounters difficulties, it is right to offer love.But as a recipient of donations, you must have a heart of gratitude.This gratitude is not for you to repay in the future, but to have this heart That s enough, take good care of little Binbin, treat him well, and cultivate him into an adult, don t disappoint the kindness of the big guy, let alone do stupid things.Yes, I promise not.Okay, let s go and see Binbin together, After reading it, I will find a place for you to live in, and we will talk about other things tomorrow.There is really no best but better.The most worse one is the Finance Bureau.There are no units in the district who do not deal with them and are very nutriwise cbd gummies uk familiar with them, but there are more than a dozen unfamiliar faces among the people who performed on stage, apetropics cbd gummies free sample cbd gummies st cloud mn clearly relying on money to attract foreign aid.unacceptable As soon as the political commissar noticed something was wrong, Zhou Ju immediately took out his mobile phone and prepared to send WeChat to Director Wei of the Finance Bureau.It turned out that the WeChat group that participated in the meeting last time had exploded, and the top leaders of each unit were mobilizing teachers to inquire about the crimes.Director Hua of the Education Bureau, who 50 mg cbd gummies greta van susteren cbd gummies was determined to win the first place, and even Director Gu of the Propaganda Department, who was also in the group.Two jobs are in front of you, one is to continue to be a police officer , one is to be a university teacher, a fool knows how to choose Yu Zhenchuan was not only reluctant for his younger brother to HCMUSSH cbd gummies st cloud mn change jobs like this, but also happy for his younger brother from the cbd gummies st cloud mn green ape cbd gummies cost bottom of his heart.After all, no matter from which point of view he looked at PolyU s work, he was more suitable for him.Just as he was imagining how his younger brother turned into a teacher of PolyU, Grandpa Gu suddenly said Jiang Director, Mr.Chen, I have something to do with Zhenchuan, let s go back to the police office first.What can you do, it s because you don t want the most handsome policeman to change jobs.But what can you give to the most handsome policeman , let him be the director of the police station, or let him be the instructor of the police station, it involves a person s future, Deputy Chief Jiang is not worried about what measures Grandpa Gu will take, and said with a smile It doesn t matter , you are busy with your work Grandpa Gu rushed to the police room, his expression suddenly changed, he sat at the desk a few times and wanted to call the little apprentice to ask for clarification, and put down the phone a few times.Chapter 246 Drug Dealer 1 Brother Jiang, what s wrong The village cadres who were doing some ideological work for the elderly said hello and quickly ran out of the yard to find a toilet.Han Chaoyang didn t care, and stayed where he was, preventing the kids watching from knocking over the tripods that supported the digital cameras, and preventing them from messing around with the computers.I didn t expect Jiang Li to go there for more than ten minutes.I really wonder cbd gummies st cloud mn if he fell into the latrine.What was even more unexpected was that after he came back, he would not continue to do the HCMUSSH cbd gummies st cloud mn ideological work of the few remaining old people.While talking and laughing with the villagers, he quickly packed up the equipment, cbd gummies st cloud mn said goodbye to the village cadres, and carried the equipment on his back.go home.Brother Jiang, you let him go up the mountain with me Don t the children in the mountain just run all over the mountain His grandfather is at ease, and I am also at ease with him as your company.This trip will at least stay on the top of the mountain until dark , There was a little guy who talked to at least one person, Han Chaoyang smiled happily Okay, I ll be with him, and I ll call you if there is any situation Having a guide is completely different from not having a guide.No matter what kind of question you ask, the little guy is too embarrassed to open his mouth.When he asks urgently, he scratches his ears and smiles foolishly, but having him is really helpful.First of all, don t go wrong.Feeling climbed to the top of the mountain.Along the way, he led Han Chaoyang to search.He knew exactly where there were caves, where people could hide behind trees, and where there were wild fruits to eat.It is an honor to receive an award for meritorious service Chen Xiujuan was not only envious, but even a little bit jealous, and muttered People are more angry than cbd gummies st cloud mn green ape cbd gummies cost others.I only got one award after working for five years, and he made a second class meritorious service during the probationary period.And this is just the beginning.It will be the same after I come back.Will participate in the year end awards, at least one third class merit, maybe two, he has a bumper harvest this year.Envy Liu Suo, one after another meritorious service, who is not envious Envy is to work hard, Honors don t fall from the sky, they come from hard work As Xu s instructor said, the street granted Huang Yingte five days leave, and she flew to Xinlan City with Huang s political commissar, and then took Xinlan Vehicles from the Municipal Bureau rushed to the Longdao County Public Security Bureau without stopping.

As Huang Ying said, Han Chaoyang was just tired.As soon as he heard that the kid showed up, he immediately put down his violin to apologize cbd gummies with or without food to everyone, squeezed out of the crowd and went with Xiaokang to the shade of the tree where Hua Yugang and the others were, looked at Zhu Youwei who was full of pimples and said with a smile Xiao Kang Good luck, HCMUSSH cbd gummies st cloud mn you haven t called home for more than ten days, your parents are dying of anxiety. Youwei, this is Police Officer Han. I know you, Officer Han.Pian er, a police officer in Chaoyang Community, Some time ago, it became popular on the Internet.Zhu Youwei really knew Han Chaoyang, but he had never met a real person or dealt with him.It was also because he knew that Han Chaoyang was just a police officer, so he wasn t nervous at all.It could be seen that his parents believed his nonsense.Today, I will help you with the mat first, and when I have time later, I will go to Chenjiaji to take a picture for you, and help you go to the administrative service center to get a card for free bus rides.It turned out that she always reported false police to cbd gummies st cloud mn green ape cbd gummies cost trick the police to send her home Second Sister Gui Thinking of the unlucky things that the unlucky guy said, Huang Ying burst out laughing.After waiting for five or six minutes, the bus arrived.Han Chaoyang helped the old lady into the car, asked a little girl near the door to let her sit, said hello to the driver s sister, and made sure that the old lady could get home safely, and then returned to Polytechnic University with Huang Ying.The old lady must be very disappointed that I didn t take a special car today.Huang Ying couldn t help laughing again.Han Chaoyang could obviously feel that he was not welcome here, and he didn t want to get into trouble again, so he hurriedly said, I m protecting the scene.I sneaked here to pick you up.I have to go back.Okay, don t delay the business Wu Wei didn t know why, so he rushed over to deliver the materials excitedly.Han Chaoyang suppressed a smile and went back to the sand pile.After waiting for five or six minutes, Wu Wei ran over dejectedly.When he saw him, he muttered, Chaoyang, did Teng Da of the High tech District Bureau eat gunpowder Sending materials, and it is a murder case material, you must sign for it.Ask him to sign, but he was reprimanded.I am provoking someone.You didn t provoke him, and neither did I.Even if you wanted to Not qualified.Then what 50 mg cbd gummies greta van susteren cbd gummies s going on Our bureau leader offended him.3 received Car No.4 received Following the urgent conversation on the mobile phone, the black Volkswagen car that Gong Da and other criminal police were riding in and the criminal police such as Team Ji took The gray Toyota sedans in the car merged into the traffic flow at the same time.Car No.4 followed closely, and it turned into the leftmost lane with its turn signal, and drove westward at the same time as the black Mercedes Benz saloon car that was getting faster and faster.The white SUV passed by, Han Chaoyang did not dare to be distracted, hurriedly pressed the electronic handbrake, lightly stepped on the accelerator and followed.Chapter 329 Tracking and monitoring 2 Tracking and monitoring is far less simple than in movies and TV.There 3000mg cbd gummies for sleep is a lot of traffic in the urban area, there are many traffic lights, and there are more large and small intersections.Despite this, Han Chaoyang still took out his mobile phone, pulled out Yang Jiandong s photo and asked, Aunt Wu, are you sure it s not this person No, but I seem to have seen this person before When did I meet Forgot Already.Where did I meet you I remember what you said, he seems to be with Xiao Cai, and I usually set up stalls in the community, and I don t go to other places.When will I see you The past is not very important now, nor is it important where he saw it now, what is important is that a third suspect has surfaced Rong Zhiping instructed tacitly, and asked Aunt Wu to keep it secret while helping to inquire and pay attention.Then he took Han Chaoyang straight to Yingchun Community, found the property, and checked the community surveillance on the grounds of investigating the theft of an electric car.He is 53 years old and is from Dongping District, Pingxing City.The mobile phone number left at the vehicle management wellbeing lab cbd gummies office cannot be reached.I just sent an investigation report to the local police station.I will reply after dawn.Does this Xiao Qingliang have any criminal record No, not only does he have no criminal record, he has no record of opening a house in our city in the past year.Teng Jiming looked down at his notebook and added In addition The Audi under his name did not have an annual inspection last year.Without the annual insurance inspection, the insurance company will not renew the car s insurance.Deputy Captain Luo realized that what was being traced was a problem car , and he frowned and said, Although it was unexpected, it was also reasonable.How could they drive a car that could be traced to them and swagger through the streets Luo Zhi, why can t they drive a car of their own The identity of the third suspect who came into our sight just this afternoon has been clarified.In short, we must regard the nature cbd gummies for ed pursuit of Huo Xuebin as a serious and important political task, further enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, strive to come up with a practical action plan within a week, clarify the target responsibility, strengthen measures, and continue to fight.Form an all round, stamped deterrent to this Huo Xuebin, and fulfill the solemn promise of our public security organs that chasing and fleeing will always be on the road to the masses.A clever woman can t cook without rice.Of course, Bureau Zhou knew that with the existing strength and resources of the sub bureau, it was not a little difficult but very difficult to catch the contractor Huo Xuebin who fled abroad with money.After summarizing, he packed up the pens and papers and stood up The meeting is apetropics cbd gummies free sample cbd gummies st cloud mn adjourned Yes He Yichang slipped out of the conference room as if he was relieved.

asked nervously.The invited people are all Yanyang s famous people, and any one of them has a net worth of tens of millions.For the police handling the case, suspected gambling and a huge amount of money are very serious illegal acts.To them, it may not be a big deal.Some want to call the leader, and some want to hire a lawyer.The attitude is more and more uncooperative, and the arrogance is more arrogant.To handle such a case, we must pay attention to the method and method.How can Bureau Du have the leisure to upgrade, and sit in the duty room to monitor the progress of inquiries in each office through the monitor.Bureau Feng was also very busy.He was calling the Technical Investigation Team of the Municipal Bureau in the conference room on the third floor.He had already grasped Fang Yaqi s mobile phone number that had just surfaced in the afternoon, and even asked the communication company to help retrieve her mobile phone call records overnight.He s afraid that I won t be able to get married I think your father is trying to blame others.What is blaming others Marrying you a big headed ghost Don t talk who owns purekana cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies about it, I m going to investigate the case, just yesterday I didn t go is green ape cbd gummies a scam to Xinmin Community, but I lost another electric car.Xinmin Community, Xinmin Community There is no property, no security guards, no technical defense facilities, and even the wrought iron fence has been cbd gummies st cloud mn opened so many holes by the owner that anyone can enter if they want to.Senior brother Yu Zhenchuan was overwhelmed when he HCMUSSH cbd gummies st cloud mn was in charge of that area, and now it s her turn.Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked Sister Miao, how are the preparations for the owners meeting and the owners committee cbd gummies st cloud mn going If you don t agree, you can t do it.When Miao Haizhu mentioned this, she became depressed, and said through gritted teeth I have tried everything, and I have done everything that should be done and what should not be done.Handcuffs, thinking about calling Xiaokang and Xiaoliu, who is taking a rest today, drove a police car and followed Yu Zhenchuan to Xinmin Community.The owner of Building No.6 was stolen this time.Her house did not have a small carport, and the electric car was parked by the flower bed outside the door opening of Unit 2.She went downstairs to buy breakfast for her children in the morning, but found that the car was gone, so she called 110 to call the police The technical policemen from the criminal police brigade of the sub bureau have arrived.One is squatting by the flower bed to take pictures, and the other is lying on the hood of the police car to draw.Old Tang maintained order with a gloomy face, and advised the owners who were watching the excitement to stay away and not to disrupt the scene.Miao Haizhu was holding a folder to take notes for the owner.Two electric vehicles were stolen in a row within a week, and she also had a very ugly face.The higher ups required that as long as it was a criminal case, the scene should be inspected, and the technical police were also very troubled.They had nothing to say to the community police of Old Tang, and it was even harder to say anything to Miao cbd gummies st cloud mn Haizhu, who had come down from the provincial department for training.As soon as he saw Yu Zhenchuan, he took him by the arm and asked Xiaoyu, what s the matter We ve been here four times, harrison cbd gummies is this the fifteenth or the sixteenth Yu Zhenchuan was embarrassed by the question, and said with his back to the crowd watching I m sorry, We haven t done our job well, so we ll let you go left and right. It s not a problem if you go on like this, think of a way to solve this series of thefts as soon as possible.He said that the pear bag was sweet, so he bought it back and ate one.It wasn t sweet at all.Try it, isn t this a scam Besides, I asked her to taste it when I bought it, the stall owner pointed at half a pear that had been peeled with a fruit knife, and said angrily, Look, the most important thing in my business is to taste first and then buy.She ran around with a bag of pears and said it was not sweet, who knows if the pears were bought from me What kind of thing is this, is it under the control of the police If you want to return the pear is not sweet, who should take care of it Industry and Commerce, or Consumers Association cbd gummies st cloud mn Anyway, it s not the police, but they add cbd gummies st cloud mn a suffix, saying that if there is a dispute due to the return of the buy cbd gummies hemp bomb goods, you have to do it, and you, the police, can t ignore it.I am a national public official and a policeman, so I won t go to eat unless I make it clear. Don t worry, I won t let you violate the principles.Zhang Beibei pretended to be unhappy.Huang Ying obviously knew what Zhang Beibei was up to, she giggled and said, Stop talking, go back to the dormitory and change clothes, I m going crazy from hunger Okay, okay, how about you wait at the door, I ll go change it on an electric bike. Here s the bike, we ll walk over there. Going back to the dormitory and changing into casual clothes, I rode my bike away from the west gate of PolyU, but just at the gate I ran into Xie Lingling, who had already received the invitation Xie Lingling from Xie Lingling rushed to the hotel on an electric bike.Zhang Beibei seemed to be thinking about her International Youth Hostel even when eating hot pot.Cousin s. Do you have his phone number Yes, I have his number, why don t you hang up first, cbd gummies st cloud mn and I ll look for it and send it to you. Okay, sorry for the trouble. I waited for keanu reeves eagle hemp cbd gummies about two minutes , Lao Song sent Hang Weifang s mobile phone number.Han Chaoyang recorded the mobile phone number, immediately dialed it again, and asked, Lao Song, do you know how he got to Macau I didn t have this condition before, but now I have the condition.I cbd gummies children m interested in going to Hong Kong and Macau.My family s old Xu said what s the point of just going to us.He planned to take the children with him during the winter vacation at the end of the year.Now that I think about it, it s lucky that I didn t go with them.Go.They, who else besides Wei Haicheng There are a lot of people, including Ding apetropics cbd gummies free sample cbd gummies st cloud mn Songkang and who owns purekana cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies Chu Hongbao from our first team, Kong Xuekun from the second team, Jiang Yuan from the fourth team, Yu Ming and Du Ji an from the fifth team, and others.

Speaking of the car, he said goodbye to Guan Xiyuan at the gate of the branch office.Turn on the mobile phone cbd gummies st cloud mn navigation and go straight to the development zone.Because it took a little time to help pick up the car, it was already 10 24 to arrive at the construction site of Xinfeng Food Company where Boss Chu works.It is not easy for the contractor to earn some money.There are not many migrant workers under him, cbd gummies st cloud mn and he has to catch up with the progress of the project.Boss Chu is bracing the scorching sun to tie steel bars with the migrant workers on it.ran down.A small contractor like him does not have an office, so he simply invited Han Chaoyang to the work area where the steel bars are processed, found a small stool nailed with wooden boards, and greeted Han Chaoyang, an uninvited cbd gummies st cloud mn guest, to sit down, while complaining in Mandarin with his hometown accent.Service center, let me hand over the work quickly.Secretary Yang sent a message, which meant that there would be no further changes, and besides, she was only seconded, and it was a level transfer , not a promotion.Han Chaoyang finally breathed a sigh of relief, and asked eagerly, Did you tell me when to report cbd gummies st cloud mn to the administrative service center Tomorrow at 8 00 am, there are a lot of accounts that have not been sorted out.If they are not cleared up, they will not be handed over.I may have to work overtime at night.Hurry up.If you work overtime, you will work overtime.If you are late, you will be late.Anyway, I will be on duty tonight.After leaving the old factory manager, he rode on the community police electric car distributed to Lao Tang by the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and rushed to the former Chaoyang Village Committee compound.I don t know how many sets of uniforms have been changed.It is simply a history of the development of public security.The applause sounded again and lasted for a long time.Han Chaoyang could clearly see that his old man was crying, and his wife was also crying, but now was not the time to be moved, so he hurriedly raised his arms to direct the chorus.The first song was For Who.Master, this way please.Shi Xiangrong hurried up to greet him, and together with Bao Suo invited Grandpa Gu to the middle position.Looking back at the surroundings, there are all people raising their hands to say hello, all comrades who have fought side by side together in the past, and some have not seen each other for more than ten years.Grandpa Gu was so excited that he couldn t speak, he could only come forward to shake hands and even hug with tears in his eyes.Before Cao Zefang took office, he inquired clearly.Although this person in front of him is not a community cadre, at least he has a decisive say in the community security service company, that is, the community voluntary security patrol.He is highly valued by the street leaders and even the district leaders, so we must establish a good relationship with him, otherwise many tasks will not be easy to carry out.He looked back at Lao Ding, cbd gummies st cloud mn held Han Chaoyang s hand tightly and said, The Street Comprehensive Management Office just issued a document in the afternoon, asking me to serve as the patrol team instructor.Do you think we are partners Since accepting When I come down to stir the spoon in a pot, there is no need for you to come and go to make such a difference.Chaoyang, don t you think so Lao Ding looked a little strange, obviously he didn t like the newly appointed No.Ling Bin lit another cigarette and exhaled light blue smoke to confirm, but I only saw it once.Last September, she went to see Ziyue and Xinxin and bought it for Xinxin.I bought a lot of gifts, Ziyue saw how happy she was, and she was so excited that she cried.And then She lived in Fujiang for three days, and I took her to the bus station, and I helped her buy the ticket , She said that her home is in Yanyang Development Zone.So your fianc e should have Sister Wei s contact information.Ziyue s mobile phone number for the past two years was set up for her by me, and she usually pays online.Change the service online, know the mobile phone number and password, check the call list, and view the call history.Ling Bin took out his mobile phone, found a few remakes of the call cbd gummies st cloud mn log photos, and said with a bitter face There is no Yanyang on it.If the mobile phone cannot be found, it is finally established.There will be no more voluntary security patrols at PolyU, and the leader of the loss situation thinks highly of you so much that he doesn t even have a view of the overall situation.Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, I m not a leader.I, a small policeman, don t need a view of the overall situation.Gu Grandpa quickened his pace and followed him apetropics cbd gummies free sample cbd gummies st cloud mn across the zebra crossing, turning around and cursing with a smile Don t be ignorant, although you are not a leader now, you have more leaders than ordinary leaders.As long as there are two patrol teams, you will be plus sleep gummies cbd the comprehensive police officer on Zhongshan Road.The actual person in charge of the platform.If you have what is cbd gummies people under your command, you can be five or six.If you have little blue cbd gummies no one under you, you are nothing Master, when did I become five and who owns purekana cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies six I m just reminding you, I m afraid of you Swell The phone is nothing else, and you must be quick to get it back.Your idea of establishing a plainclothes anti picking team is very good.What s even more rare is that the community is willing to bear the responsibility of the team members.Salary, Suo Kang told me at noon, and Suo Kang and I went to the branch office specifically for this matter, and we just came out of the office of Bureau Du.The efficiency of Suo Kang is quite high Han Chaoyang was very surprised and couldn t help asking Liu Suo, what did the bureau leader say I will allocate 50,000 yuan to you, and then distribute some necessary equipment to you, but you must do something, and don t let the 50,000 yuan be in vain.At the same time, I ask you to lead and manage who owns purekana cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies the team well.Assisting in maintaining stability is different, we must grasp the current situation, this who owns purekana cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies is law enforcement, if there is no problem, it will be a big problem The leaders concerns are not unreasonable, catching thieves is indeed very dangerous, otherwise they will be beaten up.

The large vehicles carrying construction materials go through the gate, and migrant workers and project management personnel have special passages, and three gates are installed like high end residential areas.All entry and exit must be swiped.All the cards have to be processed at the security guards.Xu Hongliang looked at today s card application records, looked up and asked The work has been suspended, what are these people doing here what is cbd gummies The security guard Xiao Chen got up and explained Manager Wang said that they are workers from another construction site.The construction period of that project is tight, and the work is not stopped during the Spring Festival.These dozens of workers will not go home during the New Year.The conditions here are better.Let them live here at night.Go to work in the morning and come back at night.Considering that the young man is really not easy to talk to their superiors, Principal Nie simply said How about it , I will ask Vice Minister Jiang to call your bureau leader.Principal Nie, please don t, I ll ask for it myself.You can ask for it, but you must take this cbd gummies st cloud mn leave.Send it to me so that I can help you book a flight ticket.Principal Nie s tone was unquestionable, so Han Chaoyang had no choice but to bite the bullet and call Liu Suo.The security guards of PolyU are veterans, all of them are strong and strong young men, and they are organized and disciplined.Liu Jianye has tasted the sweetness of Chaoyang Community Security Company, and he really wants to make the PolyU campus security team a real voluntary security patrol team, so he agreed Said Such an important event, such a show of face, and it was requested by Principal Nie, we must go, and arrange the work, isn t it just two days.Who else can I turn to if I don t look for leaders like you Chapter 500 Deputy Director The leader chooses to open the breakthrough on the senior side, so it s easy to talk about my own side.In the evening, he participated in the farewell banquet held by the members of the institute for Gu Institute.Taking advantage of the joy of the director and instructors, Han Chaoyang once again brought 50 mg cbd gummies greta van susteren cbd gummies up the issue of reimbursement of medical expenses for work related injuries in the anti pick up team.Hearing that Bao Suo had agreed, Liu Jianye and Xu Weizhong immediately said that there was no problem.In this way, there is no need to worry about the supporting funds given by the sub bureau.Han Chaoyang was so happy that he couldn t help but ask on the way back Suo Kang, Suo Liu only said that Gu Suo wants to be promoted, and didn t mention who will take over.The result is that both the anti pickup team and the Huayuan Street and Xinyuan Street police stations provide various support secretly.Han Chaoyang could imagine how much pressure Jiang Guangdong and Mo Xiaoqiang were under at the moment, and secretly made up his mind that he had to go around when seeing them Just as they were talking and laughing, the convoy had arrived at the intersection of Sihai Road, and two more cars from the Special Patrol Brigade came ahead.It is painted in black and can seat six or seven people, which is different from ordinary 110 police cars.The road team raised the intercom of the car radio and shouted, and two police cars followed slowly with their turn signals on.When we approached Sihai Hotel, we cbd gummies addictive cbd gummies st cloud mn could clearly see Li Xiaobin, Lao Pang and other security guards standing by at the south alley.Immediately afterwards, Xu Hongliang led the second batch of reinforcements from Chaoyang Community Security Company to arrive.Some took patrol cars, and some took law enforcement cars cbd gummies st cloud mn from the Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade.As soon as the cars stopped, the boys jumped out of the cars and lined up.Compared with the security guards of PolyU and the Sixth Hospital, the security guards of Chaoyang Community are more professional.The equipment is the same as that of the special service of the special patrol brigade, and even has shields, throwing sticks and invincible dung forks that the special service does not have.Including the special patrol, there are already more than 50 people at the scene Han Chaoyang finally heaved a sigh of relief, looked around at the crowd and ordered We will divide the work, Sergeant Ding and Hong Liang, and you organize forty team members to help the road team block the main entrance and control the hall Xiaobin, you take five Personally assist Officer Guan to block the fire escape Xiao Liu, you and Lao Pang take the rest of the people to assist Officer Pei to block the door from the kitchen to the hall Chapter 512 Big Inquiry 2 The scale of Taifu Hotel is larger than that of Boss Deng The restaurant is bigger, with six or seven more private rooms, but the decoration is similar to Boss Deng s restaurant, and it looks a little outdated, a bit out of date.Zhang Beibei was also very moved by the enthusiasm of cbd gummies st cloud mn the leaders and colleagues.After sending her parents to the hotel, she rushed back to the community and asked her about the situation of the community, especially several companies, when she asked for leave these days.Zhang Zhishu reconciled with the director and happened to not go back, Cao Zefang simply called Lao Jin, Xu Hongliang and Zheng Xinyi back, and held a meeting in the director s office.Let s talk about some tasks assigned by the superior first, and then talk about community development.Zhang Beibei didn t expect that the leader of the sub bureau would attach so much importance to Han Chaoyang that he would give him a sub department, integrate the three patrol teams, and turn the patrol team into a special patrol team outside the establishment.Deputy Director Xing changed the subject, looked at him with a smile, and said, The bureau leader is right.The leader must have told you that your voluntary security patrol team can no longer stay in a corner.Under the leadership of the sub bureau, you must assist the relevant units in emergency response.In order to cbd gummies st cloud mn better coordinate and cooperate with the relevant units, you will also be on duty from next week Director, we have a shift in the police office, and I have to be on duty every week.I mean to come to the command center to be on duty, and come back to be on duty 24 hours a week.Bureau Du specially explained that this is beneficial Work is also good for management, otherwise who would be in charge of your boy Tian Gao Han Zhaoyang suddenly realized that this is not just good for work and good for management , it is the leader s attention Seeing Deputy Director Xing s half smile, Han Chaoyang said embarrassedly Director Xing, don t be joking, I can come back to be apetropics cbd gummies free sample cbd gummies st cloud mn on duty, but I can t be a commander, firstly, I have no experience, and secondly, I don t have any experience.

Hurriedly rushed to the big playground, several square teams have assembled.Cao Zefang, Zhang Jinhai, Section Chief Xiao, Lao Tang, and Lao Ding checked the team members attire several times.More than 110 people lined up neatly, which looked spectacular Han Chaoyang went to Donghai University of Science and Technology with President Nie botsnical farms cbd gummies to exchange visits a few days ago.He never cared about 50 mg cbd gummies greta van susteren cbd gummies the patrol.He parked his electric car and ran over to ask Secretary Cao, Director Zhang, Section Chief Xiao, what is the route You, me, and Lao Ding lead the No.1 Squadron, No.2 Squadron, No.3 Squadron, and No.4 Squadron to walk along Zhongshan Road to the sub district office.After changing posts all the way, return from Yangdong Road, and change posts at several key project sites and Factory 527 along the way.Let me tell you the truth, I promise I will never go to an Internet cafe again, but you have to count on what you say, assuming that what happened tonight didn t happen, don t tell my dad, don t let my dad know. Sorry, you have no chips right now Talk to me about the conditions.How can you not tell my dad Han Chaoyang didn t want to disturb the old leader s rest so late, it was impossible to call the instructor Guan in the middle of the night, pretending to be impatient and said Look at your Attitude, hurry up, don t waste time. All right, let me say, my dad s surname is He, He Dafu, I m He Xiaofu, I m fifteen this year, sixteen after the end of the year, and I won t be a minor in a few days I m dead.Hahahaha, it turns out that Lao He is your father So you are Lao He s son Han Chaoyang couldn t control his burst of laughter, and after laughing, he couldn t help asking Old He is your father, so what do you say about you My mother is also my colleague, if I remember correctly, she should be the internal staff of the Criminal Police No.So you are in big trouble, so hurry up and find a way to remedy it, maybe it s still too late.Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Four Rectify Dirty Mess For the Spring Festival travel, the station has made a lot of preparations.Although there are many passengers in the waiting hall, the order is in good order.Han Chaoyang checked a few young people who were in a hurry, and confirmed that there was nothing wrong with them.He walked out of the waiting hall and walked around the square a few times.He found that the law and order was much better than before, but there were still dirty, chaotic, and poor phenomena.As a person who lives in the countryside and has been on the go for many years, Han Chaoyang has a deeper feeling for the overall environment of bus stations and train stations than people who live in cities and are accustomed to all kinds of chaos at stations.The reason why they have not been fined is not that they don t want to be fined, but that they are afraid of being beaten and dare not be fined.It will be different with our help.The fine should be refunded.I have to follow the Team Tang has a good talk, it s fine if you don t give salaries to you coordinators, we have to give you some bonuses. You can have this.Wu Junfeng grinned.The Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade has more than 100 law enforcement powers.They control the sky, the ground and the air.There is nothing they can t control, but they have no deterrent effect.Many behaviors that violate administrative laws and regulations can t be controlled.With the assistance cbd gummies st cloud mn of the police, they are definitely willing to participate in the rectification, not to mention fines. I won t go, my things are here, what should I do if I lose them I can t lose them, I Arrange someone to watch for you.Wu Junfeng and others arrived in a police car and electric patrol car, and Han Chaoyang waved and shouted Junfeng, help this big sister close the stall, remember to turn on the law enforcement recorder, don t come I can t tell when things were lost. Yes Let s go. Comrade police, it s actually nothing, you don t need to go to the police office. It s nothing, that s not what you said just now.Han Chaoyang s voice As soon as it landed, the crowd of onlookers burst into laughter.The female stall owner was so astonished by the laughter, she pleaded bitterly Comrade policeman, this is a small business, and my whole family depends on this small business I know that it is not easy for you to make a little money, that s why she is so kind.Chapter 582 There is no room for bargaining about the tuition and guns, and this is not just for the police on Zhongshan Road In the district, the prevention and control teams of all police stations will be equipped with guns when they patrol the streets in the future.Starting from tomorrow morning, front line law enforcement police officers in all sub bureaus will take turns to participate in training on the use of weapons and police equipment.The application for postgraduate entrance examination went smoothly.Director Xing not only supported but also helped to report to Director Wen.Han Chaoyang also came from the command center to the political office with a look of embarrassment.I want to apply for a master s degree in policing.This is a good major.Director Wen, I didn t want to cause you trouble.Take the tap water and pour it over to ensure that the hidden fire is completely extinguished.I was so busy that I thought that basically nothing would happen tonight if I put out the fire.Unexpectedly, this was just the beginning.From 9 45 in the evening, the police situation caused by the setting off of fireworks and firecrackers followed one after another.The fire officers and soldiers were simply overwhelmed.Just after extinguishing here, I have to go to the opposite side of Zhongshan Road, and I am exhausted.After Huang Ying had the New Year s Eve dinner at home, she drove to the police station to deliver dumplings, but cbd gummies st cloud mn she waited for more than three hours.When he first arrived, Mr.Hong was still in good spirits.While watching the Spring Festival Gala, he greeted her and Xiaokang to eat all kinds of snacks and fruits he brought.

Suo Liu, don t come if Kang Suo and Liang Dui are busy, his mother said he came back alone, ate dozens of dumplings, drank I just fell asleep after drinking half a bottle of wine, and Guokang and I can handle it, and we will send him to who owns purekana cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies the institute after we find him.Okay, thank you for your hard work, I will wait for your news at the institute.Five hundred and ninety ninth Chapter Eleven New Year s Eve 9 Sun Guokang came to Mr.Xu s house.Before that, he only knew that Xu Weimin owed a lot of debts outside.He suddenly realized that Xu Weimin didn t just owe money, and realized that Han Chaoyang had done so much for this moment It turns out that mass work is done in this way.If you want to get rewards, you must first pay.Wanting to win the support of the masses is far from being as simple as empty talk.Xu Weimin had no face to face Mr.Xu, drooping his head Squeak again.Han Chaoyang didn t expect that Dai Lishi wouldn t go back home, and would rather pick up trash outside than ask his relatives for help.But such a person must not be allowed to continue wandering.He must be arrested and brought to justice as soon as possible, regardless of whether he commits crimes after escaping control.Get up, Han Chaoyang pulled him up again, and said sharply, Go, come with us to the west of the city, and take us to find Dai Lishi.Why don t you send him to the hospital for treatment cbd gummies st cloud mn Old Master Xu was angry again, pointing HCMUSSH cbd gummies st cloud mn at his nose and growling If you tell you to go, go, why are there so many things Chapter 592 New Year s Eve 10 On New Year s Eve, only half of the police officers and auxiliary police officers at the Huayuan Street Police Station were on duty, and there were even more police officers than usual.If you go back, you will cook for me Even if you don t go back, the house is mine.Demolition, only thunder but no rain, let s talk about it when it s actually demolished Are you staying here because no one cooks for you when you go home Not only is there no one to cook, but there is no one to talk to, let go, give I let go, I m not going anywhere, I just stay here, I m going to die here He has no job and only has more than one acre of land.I usually eat too much and am too lazy to work, and I don t even bother to plant that one mu of land, so naturally I won t have any income.And it s not just that he has no income now, he had a bad reputation before, and no one wants to talk to him after he hurt his neighbors.Han Zhaoyang realized why he didn t go back, so he simply said Dai Lishi, you think you can go wherever you want, you think you can stay here if you want to stay here You haven t finished hurting people intentionally.Anyway, it will not exceed one thousand at most, but detention is not acceptable.If it is not for being imprisoned for ten days, it will be a waste of time.He drooped his head like an office.Han Chaoyang drove to the Huayuan Street Police Station, first asked Sun Guokang to hand him over to Guan Xiyuan, who was on duty today, and then he opened the anti theft door with cbd gummies st cloud mn the original password, and quickly ran to the second floor.Kang Haigen was in charge of the class today, and as soon as he saw him, he joked Chaoyang, why did you come to pay New Year s greetings in the third year of junior high, and still have nothing, how cbd gummies st cloud mn can you be like this Downstairs.What annual gift A drug addict who pretends to be someone else Han Chaoyang briefly introduced the situation, and then said There are more than 30,000 current deposits in the bank card, and the clothes are full of famous brands No matter how you look at it, it doesn t look like he went to 50 mg cbd gummies greta van susteren cbd gummies work in Beijing.It s the fourth day of the lunar new year, so just hang on for a few more days until you officially go to work.Is it okay to wait for the official work Liu Jianye didn t say anything, but he thought that after the sixth day of junior high school, the police and auxiliary police who were on duty during the Spring Festival holiday should not be arranged to take compensatory leave, but anyway, the leader s question was a kind of concern, so he could only stand aside and apologize Yanyang is more than 300 kilometers away from the capital, and it only takes two hours by bullet train, and it only takes more than three hours by car or long distance bus by high speed.When Han Chaoyang accompanied the branch and street leaders, as well as the Huayuan Street Police Station, the cbd gummies heart racing Judicial Office, and several village cadres to testify for the Dai family brothers, Qiao Peiming s long distance bus had almost entered the Beijing area.I stopped calling, charged my phone, took out a plastic basin from under the bed, washed my feet, undressed and went to bed.Too tired and sleepy, I fell asleep after lying down for a while.Xiaosun, who rushed back to the village from the Fuzhong police station, didn t know that Han Chaoyang was here to take the blame, and he didn t know that Han Chaoyang didn t rest after being on duty for 24 hours.I can t bear it either.All I know is that the most handsome policeman has come, met with Team Ni, and went to the small hotel at the cbd gummies st cloud mn entrance of the village to sleep in a room like nothing happened.I thought to myself that such a person can actually become the captain, so what if he has caught a fugitive with a gun, that can only represent the past Thinking about the mess that happened today, Xiao Sun was so depressed that he got into the off road vehicle that Lao Hu drove from Yanyang, and said with a straight face Chief Hu, the identity of the Northeast man has been clarified.There are some dirty clothes to be sent up.Junfeng and Chengquan also have to go up and take a shower.Come here, I m in the room.Han Chaoyang didn t know that they went through the garbage dump at night, His body was not only dirty but also smelled bad.He couldn t continue to follow without taking a shower and changing into clean clothes.Instead, he held his phone tightly and looked at Qiao Peiming who had just passed under the hotel with a smile and said, Old Hu, Xiao Sun s move is good.Holding up the mobile phone to start the live broadcast, the camera is aimed at the back, even if you walk in front, the suspect will not lose sight.Such a ghost, we can learn from this.That s what I mean, I will talk to the little girl in the group later Let Gu Xiaokang and the others talk.Okay.While chatting, the off road vehicle from Yanyang slowly stopped at the entrance of the small hotel.

If he behaved well and was lucky enough, he might not have to report to the Fengyong County Public Security Bureau after the case was settled.The bureau leader saw that the young man was good, so he might be transferred to the Yandong branch after thinking of a way.Even if he couldn t be transferred to Yandong Branch, the leaders of Fengyong County Bureau would treat him differently after reporting to Fengyong County Public Security Bureau.Jiao Chengle reacted, and couldn t help laughing Chaoyang, you are becoming more and more like a leader.I have no objection if you want Xiaokang to stay, but I don t care.You can call the political commissar, and the political commissar can do it.Six hundred and forty five chapters 2.12 Task Force 4 In addition to sorting out materials and reporting them to superiors for supervision, Bureau Feng still has two important things to arrange.Sun Le and Liang Dongsheng sat in the car, quietly watching the Passat drive to Building 18 through the window glass with dark car models, watching quietly.The driver reversed the car into apetropics cbd gummies free sample cbd gummies st cloud mn the parking space.Team Song, there are two people coming down.The driver should be Liu Xiaobo, and the short one should be Guan Peng Can t confirm the identity of the person in the car Chen Feng, a policeman from the anti narcotics team, has been guarding the east gate of the complex, but the Passat actually entered the complex from the south gate.Aunt Yang, the building manager who was secretly invited, did not see anyone, cbd gummies st cloud mn so she had to ask Aunt Yang to monitor Check the monitor in the room.Guan Jie didn t go out, and Liu Qinggui s location was also locked.Right now, he was playing mahjong in a chess and card room near the community.Okay, okay, you Wait.It was a woman who came, and there was an announcement from the neighborhood committee at the gate, so there should be no fakes.Guan Jie believed it was true, cbd gummies addictive cbd gummies st cloud mn closed the door first, took who owns purekana cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies off the chain, and pushed open the anti theft door again.The moment she pushed open the door, the female policeman pushed her into the room, followed by Jiao Chengle and two plainclothes policemen.What are you doing Who are you I m calling for help Guan Jie was startled and screamed.What are you yelling about The female policeman held her arm tightly, another policeman showed his police ID, and then took out two legal documents from his pocket Guan Jie, I see clearly, we are from the Narcotics Brigade of 50 mg cbd gummies the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Nanshan Public Security Bureau The police, now summon you according to the law, and search your residence according to the law From the anti drug team Guan Jie broke out in a cold sweat, but quickly regained her composure, struggling and yelling, cbd gummies st cloud mn The police are amazing, so what if they have a search warrant, and I haven t broken any law, why do you search my house Why, you know Is this person The plainclothes policeman put away his ID and two official documents, took out his mobile phone, found Liu Qingjun s photo, and held it in front of her.I m talking about Han Da, and I m talking about you, and it turns out that it was right to arrange for you to come to the Zhongshan Road Police District for an internship, and you did not disappoint us.There is still a certain gap, but 10mg how much to take cbd gummies this time it is very good.What a good job, Liu Suo, I just did some of my own work.Sun Guokang was confused by the praise.The duty is very serious, the work is very responsible, and you can keep vigilant at all times, otherwise you can find out the drug dealer Qiao Peiming Liu Jianye smiled, picked up the cup and continued But the past achievements can only represent the past, and you can t just get a little achievement., you have to learn more from Han University in this aspect, come on, let s go one more time, I hope you can make new achievements without arrogance or rashness in the future Chapter 655 Treatment of Senior Officials Lao Hu and others slept last night It was very early, and I got up early today.Professor Zhang has no dealings with the police.I am very interested in the police solving the case, and asked with great interest The clues provided by the masses Yes, Minister Jiang and his sister in law know that our police office has a WeChat public account and many WeChat groups.After returning from Beijing yesterday, I went to the criminal police team to learn about the case.The photo of the suspect is actually a surveillance screenshot.Xiao Sun, a policeman who is intern in our police office, edited it and posted it on the WeChat official account, and forwarded it to those WeChat groups by the way.As a result, within three hours after it was sent, it was Two clues were collected Qingshan County Public Security Bureau was very helpful.They quickly found the identity of the suspect and helped us understand the situation of the suspect s home.In the past, there was a student in PolyU who was very good at business, cosmetics, sportswear, sports shoes, mobile phone cards As long as there was nothing he could think of, he didn t sell it.Now I am a senior student, and I have an internship in the second half of my senior year.In fact, I haven t seen him much since the end of last year.Vice Minister Jiang was very glad that the boy would leave soon, but before the boy left, another business talent appeared.Chen .

will cbd gummies show up in drug test?

Haisheng obviously admired Cui Jun, a sophomore from the School of Architecture of PolyU and a rising star in the business world of PolyU s main campus, and said happily, He earned 70,000 to 80,000 yuan last year just by taking orders from queues and attending conferences outside.What team Huang who owns purekana cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies Ying asked curiously.Going to the shopping mall and queuing outside the newly opened snack bar is to serve as a babysitter for others.As for whether civil compensation can be obtained, no one has any idea now.Han Chaoyang felt that he should fight for what he could get first, and was thinking about calling Director Wen to ask him, but Director Wen called again.Chaoyang, the situation of Comrade Liu Chengquan s family has basically been clarified.Thank God, he is not an only child, and he has an older sister.For his parents, there is still hope for a daughter.The next work of appeasement should be easy.Some.Director Wen sighed, stood by the window and looked at the police car downstairs, and said solemnly I just reported to the Zhou Bureau and the political commissar, and the Zhou Bureau and the political commissar also agreed.There is one person here in the bureau, and the seal is closed.The Navy has experience, and he will lead the team.

Shared cbd gummies addictive cbd gummies st cloud mn bicycle companies have taken over, apetropics cbd gummies free sample cbd gummies st cloud mn and there are 70 or 80 shared bicycles by visual inspection.No wonder the media used to report every three days, how many cars a certain company put in a certain city at a time, and the streets were full of their cars overnight.This efficiency is really outrageous.Han Chaoyang, like Grandpa Gu, also believes that no matter whether there is any problem with this mode of operation, it is really conducive to travel.He helped Grandpa Gu download the APP, register an account, bind the bank card, and ran over to try it out.Download the APP and register an account.Although he did not deliberately take the lead, he played a leading role.First came Mei Tiejun and Jiang Xiaomin, followed by a few security who owns purekana cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies guards from the Sixth Hospital.By lunchtime, almost all the people in the police office and the Security Section of the Sixth Hospital had become users of the two bike sharing companies Lao Ding had been busy all morning and went back to the canteen of the Sixth Hospital for dinner.Chapter 700 One Stone Arouses Thousands Layer wave gambling can be counted like this Han Chaoyang couldn t help but laugh, but after thinking about it, he felt that what the senior brother said made sense.They used WeChat to transfer money, and WeChat was bound to a bank card.We can t roughly define that the balance in the bank card is all gambling money, nor can we just define that only the money is transferred out.It s gambling money.In short, regarding the definition of gambling funds, the current laws and relevant regulations have not given an authoritative explanation, and this is the only way to do it when you think about it.Hu Songping, who was who owns purekana cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies being held in the detention room, didn t think so, and said in front of Guo Yanfeng, the policeman handling the case, very dissatisfied Mr.Tao, I lost more than 50,000 yuan, and it s fine to confiscate the 50,000 yuan.Liu Jianye picked up his cbd gummies and trazodone mobile phone, Find a photo of the suspect This man s surname is Chen, and his name is Chen De.According to the preliminary investigation, this man should be the main criminal of the gang Chapter 712 Big Action 2 MLM leader They did not register any company, but in the name of the company, they helped the MLM personnel to go to several communities to handle the registration of outsiders.They thought that this operation would not arouse the suspicion of the public security apetropics cbd gummies free sample cbd gummies st cloud mn organs, and it seemed that they were very formal.In the end, they were clever but were misunderstood by their cleverness.Liu Jianye and Bao Qingshan According to the technology company registered in the population management ledger, they followed the clues to find out several of their dens in Yandong cbd gummies st cloud mn District.I m not very hungry, but if I don t eat now, I don t know when I will be able to eat.Han Chaoyang smiled happily Thank you, Aunt Tan.Your own person, why are you being polite.Following up in HCMUSSH cbd gummies st cloud mn the spotless big cafeteria, he found a seat and sat down at random.After thinking about it, he got up and ran to the cabinet by the wall to pick up the remote control , Turn on the LCD TV hanging in the corner and tune to the news channel.Aunt Tan moved quickly, and the food was ready in no time.Han Chaoyang hurriedly thanked him again, took the chopsticks and sat down to watch the news while eating.Thinking that it was past eight o clock, Han Chaoyang raised his head after a few mouthfuls and asked, Aunt Tan, you haven t got off work so late, and you will come to make breakfast at five o clock tomorrow, and you have to go shopping after breakfast.After being reminded by Grandpa Gu, Han Chaoyang kept a normal mind and did what he should do.The high speed rail new city is digging foundations, and earthwork projects are the most likely to be bullied.In order to prevent tire punctures or similar incidents from happening again, they go to the high speed rail new city construction site whenever they have time.The gang that tried to bully the city before had been eliminated by the Huayuan Street Police Station, which played a certain deterrent effect, and nothing suspicious was found through interviews and inquiries.After wandering around several construction sites for an afternoon, I came to the night exotics cbd gummies market that had just started operating in the evening.Director Xie has rich experience in managing the market, and the planning of dozens of stalls is very reasonable, and the small space is fully utilized.Undoubtedly, they went to investigate the family situation of the old workers in the chemical fertilizer factory that they learned about last night.Han Chaoyang nodded slightly, and ate as if he didn cbd gummies addictive cbd gummies st cloud mn t know anything.At HCMUSSH cbd gummies st cloud mn the scene, he took out his mobile phone and called Mr.Ji.Chaoyang, what s the matter It s nothing, I just want to ask what you and Uncle Wu are up to. What do you think we can do Ji Kaiyuan stood by the electric car, looked back at the community that had just come out of it, held up his mobile phone and said, Lao Wu and I are not familiar with this area of Xinyuan, but there are friends who are familiar with this area.I bought two, and found out the current address of the three, and planned to find a restaurant nearby to have a meal.After eating, I went to the old man of the three fertilizer factories I found out in the morning. Let me carry you on my back, you are more like a corpse.As soon as Wang Jiayong finished speaking, a group of brats burst into laughter.They are all good brothers, as was Liu Chengquan when he was alive.Han Chaoyang couldn t help but think of Liu Chengquan, and couldn t help knocking on the table Stop making trouble, imitation is imitation, don t say those unlucky things.Okay, stop talking., Jiayong, carry me on your back.The two of them just simulated on the spot, changing several poses.In order to look more realistic, Wang Jiayong even pretended to be limping when he carried Wu Junfeng on his back.Finally, he found that it was easier to hold Wu Junfeng s inner thigh with his hands where to buy danny koker cbd gummies behind his back.To be precise, the person on his back would not cbd gummies for dimentia slip off.It should be like this.Lao Dai looked back at Grandpa Gu and the three of them, and analyzed The arms of the deceased may be hanging down, but the corpse will become stiff after death, so cbd gummies st cloud mn it shouldn t be like Junfeng s arms.

Everyone laughed just now Inspector Gu, Han Da, I think that as long as they meet the two characteristics of body and weight, we should pay attention to it.I still think it is not reliable to judge the age through footprints.I think it is worth deliberating whether the murderer is lame.He s really pretending to be lame, and he s pretending to be very HCMUSSH cbd gummies st cloud mn similar, so we re being misled by him Okay, that s it Grandpa Gu made a final decision, Han Chaoyang divided the work, and then announced the adjournment of the meeting.Everyone split up and started planning according to the plan.Considering that this is a small task force under the leadership HCMUSSH cbd gummies st cloud mn of the task force, Han Chaoyang called and reported the results of the discussion and the division of labor here.Liu Jianye did not expect their speculation to be so bold.Originally, Wu Junfeng and other anti pickup team members also came to squat outside the construction site from time to time.After squatting for a few days, he concluded a Regularity, workers have to work during the day, and there will be nothing on several construction sites.You must come around 6 pm.Workers also come out to hang out after eating.It s hard to say if there are any black apples who brought things out of the construction site.Although there are security guards at every door, the security guards have no power to enforce the law.They often have disputes with migrant workers because of questioning and inspection of items.They put on the uniforms of the auxiliary police is 100mg of cbd gummies a lot and drove over in electric patrol cars, which can at least act as a deterrent.Theft is prone to occur at night, so four team members have to be assigned to be on night shift and drive electric patrol cars to patrol outside several construction sites.No one listened to the songs I sang, no one watched the dances, and ran over to make a fuss.For the sake of political achievements, I even called a group of community officials to be the audience.Applause, take pictures, cbd gummies st cloud mn is it interesting, who do you want to coax Coax the higher ups A woman squeezed to the front, pointing at the stage and mockingly said Still setting up a stage and such a big sound system, making it look like a Spring Festival Gala, this is a waste of money Because of the preparations for the construction of the owners meeting After this incident, the residents of Xinmin community became unprecedentedly united.Street cadres and community cadres were blushed by what they said.A few young community workers even felt ashamed and quietly took off their yellow vests as volunteers and hid behind the crowd.It s good if we can sit down, there s no room where can i buy cbd gummies for pain and anxiety for us to play There s no room in the banquet hall, high times cbd gummies winners 2018 we can play in the hall. What s it like to play in the hall, and it will affect other guests.What is the significance of a personal concert It means a lot Nie Xuan pulled He Qiyuan to sit down and explained patiently Mr.Han and Mr.Xie are different from us.They graduated from Donghai Conservatory of Music and are professional.We are amateurs, and our playing is actually more like self entertainment.In short, for professionals like them, whether they can hold a personal recital is very important and meaningful.Zheng Yutong emphasized Just like It s like a writer publishing a book.If you don t have a book, you can t be called a writer.He Qiyuan was so happy that he couldn t help but say, If it s meaningful, then do it.Call Yu Zhenchuan, who is also on standby in the parking lot, and ask the brothers to cbd gummies st cloud mn wait a little longer until Luo Weixing shows up before going upstairs.Shi Junhua returned to the private room from the bathroom, and just sat down to take the menu, a middle aged man suddenly opened the apetropics cbd gummies free sample cbd gummies st cloud mn door and walked in, and apologized repeatedly as soon as he came in Boss Qian, I m sorry, I couldn t pick you up at the airport this morning because of something.You have been waiting for a long time.Mr.Qian, this is our Luo Gong.When Luo Weixing arrived, Jiang Yonggen finally felt at ease, at least he didn t have to worry about asking questions.Seeing the master, Qian Shangui was suddenly a little nervous, but he quickly calmed down, holding Luo Weixing s hand tightly and smiling Luo Gong, you are too polite, we are all walking outside, now The transportation is convenient, so there s no need to pick it up, just send us a location and we ll come by ourselves.Here, on behalf of the headquarters, I request all relevant units to be uncompromising To implement the spirit of the meeting, in view of the fact that most social units are on holiday during these special periods, construction sites are not closed, supervision is weak, construction safety production accidents are prone to occur frequently, etc., carry out supervision, inspection and inspection of construction safety production civilized construction, and solve the problems found and hidden dangers must be filed in a timely manner, and rectification measures must be implemented within a time limit Director Huo was cadenced on the stage, and Fan Ju sat in the first row cbd gummies st cloud mn off the stage, taking notes while looking at the mobile phone beside him calmly.Seeing that there was a text message on the silent mobile phone, he immediately picked it up and took a look.Yes Following Fan Ju s order, Lao Ding, Guan Xiyuan and Lao Hu from who owns purekana cbd gummies 50 mg cbd gummies the Huayuan Street Police Station swarmed up and took over the suspect.When the two suspects were cbd gummies st cloud mn escorted into the police car again, Ju Fan shook hands with Han Chaoyang and the others, and said with a smile, Comrades, you have worked hard.Report to Ju Fan, this is what we should do, no hard work.Traveling thousands of kilometers back and forth, how could it not be hard work Now that the case is solved, the suspect has been arrested, and the wages of the workers have been recovered, you can take a good rest.Thank you Bureau Fan.Luo Weixing was arrested and returned directly.Send it to the Public Security Bureau, why do you have to come here for handover The contractors who participated in the meeting were well aware of the intentions of the leaders of the headquarters, and thought to themselves that this was clearly killing a chicken for monkeys to see Boss Hu was very happy, and he squeezed to the window and shouted Luo Weixing, you can t run, don t you run, run again, run one for me to see Mr.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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