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It s a proactive attack.You don t even need to notify your superiors temporarily.Rommel nodded thoughtfully.Bypassing a superior to execute an order seems unbelievable to a German military officer.Wang Weiyi smiled.In the future, when you Rommel becomes a general, don t you do little by refusing to carry out the orders of your superiors, or kats botanicals cbd infused gummies even temporarily changing the battle plan that has been discussed countless times before the start of the war Lieutenant Ernst, the soldiers of the third company were all very brave and well trained, with the exception of one person.Rommel was a straightforward person Corporal Adolf Hitler.At this time, Adolf cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews Hitler was in On the side, but the upright Rommel cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews would never hide his likes and dislikes for a person in front of anyone Corporal Adolf Hitler, although you try your best to make yourself a real German soldier, but from your battlefield Judging from your performance, you are not suitable for this profession.

But Guderian couldn t say exactly what it was.Or maybe you think too much about it.seventy one.Prisoners By the time the sun rose, the battle for position D9 was over.Once again, victory was firmly in the hands of the supplementary battalion under the leadership of Captain Ernst Brehm.Where there is Ernst, there is victory, which has become the consensus of all soldiers cbd gummie cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews in the supplementary battalion.About 200 prisoners were captured and are being counted there one by one.Guderian came over Captain, you have to come and take a look.As Guderian came to another part of the position, Wang Weiyi was surprised to see more than a dozen seriously wounded dying.Among them, there was even a lieutenant colonel whose arm was blown off.Lieutenant Colonel Rosen, Commander of the 43rd Battalion of the British 42nd East Lance Division.

Steck took it, took a sip, and then Handed it to Captain Ernst Captain, take a sip.Wang Weiyi also took a sip, handed it to Guderian, and then said to the Frenchman What are your names Captain, I am Pi Corporal Pondeau, this is Will Tinland.I ran a small wine shop before the war, and Will He is a tailor.Louis stared at Wang Weiyi, and Wang Weiyi suddenly became alert, thinking that he had hatred for him, but then Louis was very dissatisfied and said Captain, your military uniform doesn t fit very well, I think it must have been found somewhere temporarily.right Wang Weiyi couldn t help but laugh.When is this time, he actually has time to care about what other people wear If the neckline can be slightly larger, it will be much more beautiful.Will doesn t care what others think of him at all, and is serious and authentic.

Wang Weiyi said viciously The cbd gummies jar French must be thrown into chaos within 30 seconds before they can be given to us.Create opportunities.How much time do we have Wang Weiyi seemed to be asking himself.Xiaoling s voice came quickly Analyzingyou have eight minutes, within eight minutes is safe time, within ten minutes there are uncertain factors, within fifteen minutes you will not be able to evacuate Eight minutes to resolve the battle Wang Weiyi exhaled deeply Whether you succeed or not, evacuate as soon as the time is up.Guderian, Guo Yunfeng and I will be responsible for the break, and the rest will leave within the stipulated time Yes, Captain.Hey, Captain, what do we do Pippondu couldn t help asking.I really forgot about the two Frenchmen.Wang Weiyi pointed to the back Go to the prisoner of war camp.

As you said, when Ernst Brahm appeared, there must be one less person in this era, so I think everything is preordained somewhere.I don t agree with your blind optimism.Xiaoling had a rare debate with Wang Weiyi A person from the future, who knows what will happen in the future, will have the power to change the course of history.This is the most terrifying thing. real Do you really think so Wang Weiyi poured himself a cup of tea and took a sip During the assault on the 178th Regiment of the French Army, you helped me make the most rigorous analysis, and also helped me determine the most rigorous battle time and evacuation time, but you Will the French actually surrender A battle that should have been extremely difficult suddenly became so easy.Xiao Ling fell silent, and she had to admit that what happened on the battlefield was completely out of her control.

I didn does cbd gummies help headaches t think much about it at the time, but when I calmed down, I started to feel something was wrong.Why did you let me leave the protection of the guards Baron, this is not how Marison was before.If you say that, I also feel a little puzzled.Baron Booker s brows were locked together Our escape route was all guided by Marison, and now we are in such a dangerous place In fact, it is necessary to judge whether Marison is Renegade is very simple.August stood up Marison is looking for a way, I think we must find a safe place to hide, instead of waiting here for him to bring England.After finishing speaking, he said to Baron Booker very seriously Kyriyans, my friend, please promise me that if we cannot escape, and there is even a possibility of falling into the hands of the British, please Kill me with one shot.

A little negligence, Richthofen s fighter plane will suffer catastrophe.But he believed in Richthofen just as much as August believed in himself.This madman like great pilot will definitely be able to complete this crazy plan The Red Baron made another forced landing Richthofen, who was sitting in the cabin, looked at the ground as if nothing had happened.To be honest, he didn t feel any nervousness in his heart.On the contrary, he also appreciated Ernst s plan to the extreme.How the hell did Ernst come up with this plan The red fighter plane finally landed on the ground, but it was still gliding forward terrifyingly.Richthofen desperately controlled the plane, and finally stopped the plane before it lost control.The red fighter plane stopped there steadily like a faithful hound.It was so dangerous, I almost ran into the opposite side Richthofen saw Ernst and Crown Prince William, and he waved at them desperately.

He walked to the phone and directly connected Colonel Kinklock of the Bavarian 16th Infantry Regiment, and the colonel s voice on the phone was very helpless Captain Ernst, I can t Let me tell you something, but I firmly believe that you are a loyal German officer.Thank you, Colonel.Wang how much are cbd gummies for sleep Weiyi cbd cubes gummies felt a little relieved Please appoint a new battalion commander to command the troops.No This is necessary.Colonel Kinklock replied without hesitation Since I trust you, I believe that you will soon be able to cbd gummies stopped at post office get rid of the insults you have received from rumors and gossip.You can appoint an officer to take command on your behalf temporarily.Battalion until you return the daily buzz cbd gummies to your combat post.I see, Colonel.Wang Weiyi hung up the phone.Then he called several leading officers to his side If a man has not done such a thing, one need not be afraid wherever he goes.

As soon as Ma Li came in and closed the door, Wang Weiyi immediately opened the Lance map, and Ma Li pointed to it It s right here.This used to be a post office.It was temporarily requisitioned after the war broke out.It is used to detain some unimportant diy cbd gummies prisoners.Guo s luck was relatively bad.About ten days ago, some Chinese escaped incidents occurred.Therefore, in order to avoid further occurrence of such incidents, the French sent all the Chinese laborers here.transferred away Wang Weiyi immediately understood that Guo Yunfeng was arrested as a fugitive Chinese laborer Damn, it seems that the omen of this operation is not very good.First, Guo Yunfeng was arrested, and then the spies who should be connected have not yet appeared.After a while, he asked How is the defense situation there About twenty or so French soldiers, no heavy weapons.

Weidman Wang Weiyi hurriedly came to his side.Major, it hurts Weidman panted heavily, his face twisted together because of the pain.Hold on, hold on.Facing the injured comrade in arms, Wang Weiyi could do nothing.Weidman s eyes glowed with a strange light, and he said hard Major, it is an honor to fight side by side with you.I think, even in hell, I can t forget that I fought bloody battles with the Skeleton Baron After saying that, his head fell to one side.He died put down Wei Deman s body, Wang Weiyi s heart was filled with sorrow.At this moment, he wanted to call Xiaoling for air support.But he couldn t Red Baron Richthofen s fighter plane flew by from time to time , Even after dropping the last bomb, he still has no intention of leaving.He is trying his best to search for the figure of Ernst Brahm on the ground.

He brought Russia The army s complete defense information.Where are the number of people, where are the heavy machine guns, all are clear.This detailed information has helped the Skeleton Commando a lot.Poyaevla has about two enemy companies stationed.Riley pointed to the map and said Comparatively speaking, the defense here is weaker, but once the battle starts there, Omit s reinforcements can arrive within 20 minutes, so you only have two It takes ten minutes to pass here The officers frowned.All the members of the Skeleton Commando were elites.This time they entered Russia with Wang Weiyi, except for Guderian who was waiting.There are thirty seven people in total.It is too difficult to break through nearly three hundred enemy defense lines within twenty minutes with thirty seven people.Our numbers are really too small Manstein said, frowning.

Coincidentally, I happen to have a fund on hand that I won t use for the time being Okay, Mr.Baron, how much are you going to invest Wang Weiyi was silent for a while About four million Reichsmarks How many Hermione didn t seem to catch.Four million Reichsmarks.Hermione was completely shocked there, this is a huge sum of money, with this huge sum of money, no matter where you go, you can live the most prosperous life.God, a newly promoted baron.How can you get it all at once So much money Hermione suddenly felt that it was reasonable for her father to refuse to accept the nobility of the Austro Hungarian Empire.The nobility of the Austro Hungarian Empire is completely different from the nobility of Germany.Do you really want the four hundred Does Wanmark invest at all Hermione asked mountain sky cbd gummies can dogs eat cbd gummy bears uncertainly.

Thinking of that endless spring night, Wang Weiyi s heart beat faster.Neither of them spoke, they just watched silently, occasionally taking a sip of the wine in the glass.So many days, from the front line to Berlin, from Reims to Russia, from Danzig to Paris, they have experienced too much together, and everything is already spoken.Wang Weiyi put down the wine glass in his hand, and hugged Elena s shoulders I could feel that Elena s body trembled, and the wine glass in his hand fell to the ground But Everything doesn t hinder anything Wang Weiyi s lips slowly moved closer to Elena, and Elena closed her eyes It happened suddenly, but it was also logical.Emotions mature on the battlefield, and this night in Paris was nothing more than a catalyst for their relationship.They kissed each other unrestrainedly, forgetting everything around them.

It s a big joke that the majestic skeleton baron was locked up in confinement.Stop making noise.Stop making noise.Richthofen also fell asleep on his own bed God, I was enjoying fine wine and beautiful women, but I was locked up in this place.Wang Weiyi s eyes Looking at the roof Manfred, do you know why you were locked up Hey, Ernst, we were locked up together, not just me Richter Hoffen cried out in protest.Okay, okay, we were locked up together.Wang Weiyi cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews smiled But do you know why Richthofen thought for a while, then shook his head in confusion Because we are the pride of Germany Wang Weiyi smiled lightly So we can t have any problems.If possible.They may not even want us to go to the battlefield Richthofen sat up at once Why is that He really couldn t understand.He knew that the they Ernst said in his mouth was referring purekana cbd vegan gummies 33 to the top German officials, but why Don t cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews get excited, Manfred.

I left Tolmezzo with honor and the key to completing this mission lies in Brigadier General Soqualia Colonel, there is Bonosa ahead.All the defeated Italians have fled there now, and the enemy s headquarters is also located there.If we can capture Bonosa, it will be equivalent to controlling the entire Tolmezzo Wang Weiyi nodded at Rommel s introduction.At least from what it looks like so far, Bonosa s outer defense is still very strong, and a large number of Italian soldiers have entered the position, posing as if to stick to it.Who is Cross most likely to order to be responsible for the perimeter defense Wang Weiyi asked calmly.It s time for Elena ully cbd gummies to answer cbd gummie cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews the question Colonel.The most likely candidate is Brigadier General Soqualia, who has been with Cross.In the battle against the Austro Hungarian Empire, there were still a few times when he was relatively good.

Ah, yes, Wang Weiyi.Xue Yue nodded You said this Wang Weiyi Could it be that he didn t die I don t know, but I think it s unlikely that the brothers who retreated from Sanhuqiao saw with their own eyes that he left two boxes of gunpowder and saw the explosion with their own eyes.Besides, if he really didn t Death, why haven t you returned to the army Xue Yue sighed, it would be a pity if such a good officer really died for his country.Now on the battlefield, what is most lacking are such officers.Notify the entire group army that our army cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews fought the enemy bravely in the big field.In the case of seriously backward equipment and weapons, we defeated the Japanese pirates with less and defeated the Japanese pirates.It was a great victory for Sanhuqiao.Special commendation Xue Yue thought for a moment cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews No, I always think that Wang Weiyi is not dead and send cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews some more people to look for me, and let those people from the Lixing Society and the Secret Investigation Bureau of the Military Commission also look for me.

Mr.Wang, what do you want me to do Ah Si, who spoke Shanghainese, opened his mouth and asked bluntly.I was introduced by Xiao Mabiao from Suzhou.Wang Dehai said with a smile.Ah Si was stunned, and then turned around and asked his wife My wife, is Xiao Mabiao a cousin Ah Si s daughter in law, who was born as a cousin, combed her hair and said impatiently Yes, yes, Yi Personal disappointment, Bai Xiangren, do you have any money in your hand, the two oceans I borrowed from the year before last have not been returned As soon as he heard that he was a bad boy , Ah cured bomb desserts cbd gummies Si s face immediately sank.Wang Dehai quickly cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews took out three oceans from his pocket and stuffed them into Ah Si s hand Brother, sister in law, here are three oceans.If there is still a block, it will be regarded as interest.Seeing that Dayang got it, Ah Si and his wife looked better, and Ah Si s daughter in law hurriedly said, Oh, it s really a blessing that Allah s cousin has a friend like Mr.

An officer was fleeing hastily under the protection of several Japanese troops.Wang Weiyi smiled Si Knife, don t kill me Guo Yunfeng said nothing, asked a soldier to take a rifle, and then raised it With a beep , the Japanese officer stepped forward.Chong fell to the ground.Wang Weiyi carried a submachine gun and walked there in a calm manner.Eight Karma The few remaining Japanese soldiers rushed towards here like crazy What greeted them could only be bullets After killing those Japanese soldiers, Wang Weiyi walked up to the Japanese officer who was moaning in pain, and turned him over with his feet.Oh, it s an assistant Wang Weiyi smiled Nao Masa Sugawara gummy bear cbd at gas station Yaka, I want to serve His Majesty the Emperor Naomasa Sugawara cursed loudly.Oh, that s it.Wang Weiyi nodded Very good.As he spoke, he pulled out the bayonet and threw it in front of Naomasa Sugawara, I ll lend you a knife.

He it s Gustave During the First World War, he served as a colonel in the French army Colonel Gustave of Reims up.Gustav, who took off his military uniform, obviously looked better You always tell me that there are many opportunities to make a fortune in China.Look, I m here. Come on, my friend.Luo Weiluo poured him a glass of wine and asked him to sit down I m really surprised, why do you want to leave the military I remember that you were a colonel a long time ago, and you can become a general Gustav blushed.Few people knew the real reason for his departure from the military.General El Raffarin was forced to resign together.In Reims, they suffered defeats one after another under the hands of that damned skeleton baron Ernst Brahm.Still gave them a chance to leave decently leave the army automatically After leaving the army, Gustav venice cbd gummies first worked as a timber dealer for several years, and finally became an arms dealer.

He didn t get along well in the army, but he did This arms dealer is very prosperous Lowell, why should I stay in the army Is it just to get those poor salaries Gustav would never tell his embarrassing things on the battlefield Look at me, how HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews good it is now, I earn enough money to buy a palace Luo Weiluo smiled slightly, but he scolded this fat man in his heart.Could it be that no one would know if mountain sky cbd gummies can dogs eat cbd gummy bears you didn t tell me Back then, you were the one who introduced the Skeleton Baron to Lance, and it was you who kept failing in front of the Skeleton Baron., and even implicated General Raffarin.Just a loser on the battlefield Of course, Luo Weiluo is now thinking about how to cooperate with Gustav, earn more money, and let himself retire in the future Life after that can be more comfortable.Thinking of this, a smile piled up on his face again Gustav, my friend, let s talk about serious business.

Puyi quickly understood what the other party wanted It was the fifty seventh year of Qianlong, when the Gurkhas attacked X z ng.My Emperor Xiaocichun commanded the whole army with the general Fukang an, and fought continuously across the Himalayas.Kuojun Speaking of Gurkhas, I heard that there seems to cbd gummie cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews be a Gurkha battalion in your British army, right Back then, he was defeated by the emperor of the Qing Dynasty These words were clearly satirizing the baron, but to Wang Weiyi s ears, it had nothing to do with him.After the x z ng leveled off, a giant overseas businessman offered this gem.Emperor Xiaocichun was overjoyed and ordered a skilled craftsman to cut it, but he tried everything but failed.Heshen and Zhongtang suggested that this matter could not be cut, it was God s will , it is God who wants to make the gems a whole body, and if they are destroyed, they will not be perfect.

Leonie took his hand You have to do one last thing for me Now, I will exercise this right Ernest again, you must use the honor of the knight to promise me, live, live well I promise There was a voice beside the Baron , which belonged to Elliott, and Elliott asked timidly, Mr.Baron, can I fight alongside you one day like William Of course Yes Wang Weiyi smiled But I have a feeling that you and William may not be suitable for the battlefield.But don t think this is a setback, I think there must be another way that you are better at.Elliott forcefully nodded.What the baron said, I must firmly keep in my heart Leonie, Hermione, I m leaving, cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews I think we won t be apart for too long this time.Wang Weiyi straightened his clothes Goodbye Take care.Leonie looked at him obsessively.The British can t beat him, the French can t beat him, the Americans can t beat him, even the years can t beat this godlike enemy.

When the car drove into an alley, Sugawara Naomasa asked in confusion, Where are we going The car came to a sudden stop, and then the driver turned his head and said with a smile, Captain Sugawara, hello, look, we met again so soon.When Naomasa Sugawara saw this person s face clearly, he froze there Wang Weiyi Three hundred and fifty two.Necklace Hiroshi Yamaguchi took the last sip of wine viciously, then stood up, stumbled and left The tavern It s night.The luxurious night Shanghai did not arouse any interest in Hiroshi Yamaguchi at all.At this moment, he was full of frustration and anger.He swore that if he saw Wang Weiyi again, he would not hesitate Shoot cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews him to death, even if he dies with him However, he knows that he has no such chance.Maybe until tomorrow, he will leave the army he loves so much.

An Fei you caught is locked up in the post office Which aspect Why, do you want to save An Fei This is not an easy task.Hiroshi Yamaguchi hesitated Besides, aren t you afraid that I will betray you Of course.Wang Weiyi smiled As long as anything happens to me, I guarantee that the whole of Shanghai will know the special relationship between me and you, Koi Kobayakawa and green lobster cbd gummies review me within a day.Within two days, Naomasa Sugawara will be safely sent back to Iwane Matsui , and then tell Matsui Iwane how I colluded with you.Within three days, you will get the news of the death of your wife and daughter, of course, by accident.You devil Although you can t see the phone that Hiroshi Yamaguchi at the head, but he could hear his panic.After being silent for a while, Hiroshi Yamaguchi still said helplessly An Fei was detained in the leftmost room on the second floor of the post office.

The 91 type grenade it uses is only 0.45 kg, and the eight rounds in an ammunition bag are only 3.6 catties.Including the grenade, the entire combat system is less than 7 kg, which is much lighter than a light machine gun.Due to its joy organics cbd gummies review light weight, the grenadier team will not be able to fight with the front line infantry in time due to the heavy load like the mortar team or the heavy machine gun team.In actual combat, the grenadier team can even charge with the infantry.So this is what Wang Weiyi attaches great importance to The three grenades in the hands of William, Yannick and another German fired at the same time, and the Type 91 grenades fell towards the Japanese machine gun position one after another, continuously Amidst the loud explosion, the front of the Japanese army s position was in a mess.

These don t have much to do with the military soldiers who are preparing for the battle.The fierce battle is coming, and now they pay more attention to this.The soldiers were busy, and Guo Yunfeng was also busy.For the past few days, Fu Yu seemed to be inseparable from this taciturn officer.She didn t talk much, and she just silently helped Guo Yunfeng there.A group of refugees from the north sat a few hundred meters away from here, waiting for the opening of the porridge shed for disaster relief.A young man stood up and walked around bored.He saw that many Japanese soldiers were cbd gummie cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews busy there, and he also wanted to help.Helping to carry a few sandbags there, the young man straightened up and exercised his muscles and bones.There, reinforce it again A police officer commanded in that voice.The young man couldn t help but glanced there, and then, he seemed to froze.

Richthofen pursed his lips and said after a long time Yes, I feel very strongly that he will be back soon.My heart seems to be connected with him at this moment.I know that he is telling us in various ways that he is still alive.He is fighting for China and writing a new legend.Manstein sat there, holding his chin But since he is still alive, why hasn t he come out to meet us Has he forgotten us No Richthofen smiled slightly He will not forget us.Perhaps he felt that now was not the time to meet us.Then when does he think he will meet us Guderian couldn t help asking.I don t know.Richthofen smiled and shook his head Believe me, my friends, he will be back soon, soon wait for him.Let us wait patiently for his return Back at green garden cbd gummies her home, Lucy pointed to a cardboard box on the table and said, Your adjutant delivered it an hour ago of.

After speaking, he looked at himself in the mirror, as if he saw the baron standing beside him.Then he seemed to whisper to the Baron there Welcome home, Baron 415.Crazy Germany General Ernst, your special plane is ready, and the second hunter team will be responsible for your air security.The Imperial Division and the Nordic Division will be responsible for ground security.General Paul Hauser said respectfully.Ludwig immediately stepped forward and said At the order of the head of state, I will serve as your personal attendant to protect your safety, general Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Ludwig, you are an imperial general, and you will serve as my personal attendant.Is it General, I don t think there is any embarrassment, but in my opinion, it is my greatest honor Ludwig s voice was so loud When you became a general, I was just a little Captain, you taught me everything.

type, but I believe it will not be long before the Russians will also develop better tanks to deal with the Tiger type.So we are constantly competing, in order to win, we continue to develop a large number of new weapons, and then continue to send Go to war, but the enemy can do the same.How many resources does Germany have that can be consumed like this I am worried, and I tell you, I have never been more worried than I am now His friends fell silent, and the baron s words were exactly right, In fact, when the war did not go as smoothly as Germany imagined, some senior German generals also had the same worries as the Baron.But only the baron dared to say that.We quickly occupied Paris, and the domestic audience cheered, thinking that France has completely failed, and we can spare our energy to concentrate on dealing with Britain, but is this really the case Wang Weiyi s face gradually became cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews serious France s resistance is not over yet Resistance organizations, guerrillas, and all kinds of forces that oppose us can t solve this problem by relying on a puppet zh ngf .

And now all the mysteries have been solved The Skeleton Baron Returns The German God of War is back, the miracle worker who made countless countries in Europe tremble is back The British do not know how to describe their mood at the moment.Whether it is the British or the French, they have never won even a single victory against the Skeleton Baron.Even in Montfaucon, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of allied troops, the Skeleton Baron still calmly broke through.In this sense, he should be the nightmare of the British.But the fact is not so.The British have a very special fascination with him, and it can even be said to be worship.Anyone in Germany can be tried, only Baron Alexon will never be tried.This phrase was first circulated from England.To the Englishman, Lord Alexon was a true soldier in the HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews field, fighting for his country, and winning, and there was nothing cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews to blame for that.

Riley smiled and said, Aha, my friend, do you always come and go so mysteriously I have some good wine in my office, would you like to come in and have a drink Of course, the wine here is not very good.Wang Weiyi stood up with a smile and walked into Riley s office.Riley closed the door carefully, and then opened his mouth impatiently Listen, Mr.Baron, I don t want to ask where you have been all these years, and that has nothing to do with me.You pretend to be very old, but now, you have omitted this procedure at all, you have to tell me, what mysterious power have you obtained to keep you young forever I heard that you obtained the mysterious power somewhere Power, where is it Take me there Look, I am already old I will tell you how to stay young.Wang Weiyi smiled mountain sky cbd gummies can dogs eat cbd gummy bears But not now.He looked towards the office Looks like you did a good job Hey, good baron, thanks to the money you gave me.

Do you have a solution to this problem .Wang Weiyi pondered for a long time I will think of a solution.There is another way.Hermione looked at him Why not open up a transportation route from China to Germany Germany has given China so much help before.When he arrived in China, Wang Weiyi withdrew his contemplation How is the situation in China now R ben s attack is now in a very stable situation.In a short period of time, no one has the strength to start a new large scale war.Hermione immediately replied And we have news, given that we are deeply involved in the Chinese battlefield, R ben intends to Open up the second battlefield Okay Wang Weiyi couldn t help shouting out.Hermione gave him a strange look However, the opinions in Japan are not unified.Let s talk about what happened just now.

Mayor Salesac wiped the sweat from his forehead.Klingenberg patiently gave them five minutes, and then Mayor Salesak asked cautiously Captain, can you really guarantee that we won t be massacred after we surrender You What do you think we are Devils Klingenberg shook his head and said, No, the one who commands us is Baron Alexon, the most upright gentleman in Europe, my God, when I hear such words, I feel like You are insulting the baron there Irigelu smiled awkwardly We just want to confirm it.Well, we agree to surrender on the premise of cbd gummies with pure hemp extract mountain sky cbd gummies ensuring that Joblu will not suffer more losses.He didn t think it was embarrassing.I have only one brigade, but the enemy has hundreds of thousands of people.What s more, the man who commanded the German army was named Ernst Brahm Four hundred and eighty seven.

What I want to say is that cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews the Russians are moving too slowly.They should cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews have reached Ankara long ago.Inonu Some helpless.The British are counting on the Russians to take the lead in the war, but the Russians are expecting the British to enter Ankara as soon as possible.They know the importance of Ankara, and no one is willing to abandon Turkey as an ally, but they don t want to waste their strength prematurely The strange mentality has prompted these two countries to watch each other The question is, how can I make the British general counsel in Ankara understand the current situation Ambassador Swelling Lear, what is the real situation in Ankara How is it After meeting with President Inonu, in the British embassy in Ankara, General Rosen asked seriously.It s not very good, General.Swelling Leer replied honestly Although the Turkish army of 500,000 is gathered here, without external assistance, it is hard for me to believe that the Turks can win.

The Germans will soon be able to launch a direct attack on Ankara without hindrance.Once Ankara is lost, the Turkish government can continue to retreat.Even retreated all the way to Russia, but what about Turkey It is bound to fall into the hands of Germany, and this geographically important chess piece will be completely controlled by the Germans.And all the previous efforts of the Allies in Turkey will be in vain Both the British ambassador and the Soviet ambassador secretly reported to their governments what happened in Turkey, and suggested the possibility of sending troops directly.Relying solely on the Turkish army can no longer stop the Germans 3 pm on the 26th.The invincible German army has completely broken through the Turkish defense.Successfully entered Ayash, and started street fighting with the Turkish army in Ayash.

Mafa was not in a hurry.Instead, he said patiently However, you have to face a problem.Opposite us is the German army that swept across Europe, and they are commanded by the legendary Marshal Ernst Brehm.It is impossible for Ankara to hold , we are not doubting your ability, but worrying about reality General Kistafa began to vaguely guess what they wanted to do now.He was a little worried about his safety Tell me the real purpose of letting me come this time.Kistafa said coldly.Save Turkey in collapse.Deputy Chief of Police Guyenrim answered this question for Mafa We believe that Inonu is no longer suitable to be the leader of Turkey Do you want to launch a coup Ki Staffa immediately became wary.It s not a coup.No.Mafa shook his head It s because of our infinite loyalty to this country, we must save Turkey.

When the first gunshot sounded on the streets of Ankara, everything began to completely lean towards the German side.A large number of mutiny soldiers appeared on the streets of Ankara, and they quickly controlled the main locations.At 9 a.m., Commander in Chief of the mutiny Kistafa came to Radio Ankara to announce the occurrence of the mutiny.At the same time, he announced that Inonu was no longer fit to serve as the President of the Republic of Turkey cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews liberty cbd gummies near me and demanded that he step down immediately and surrender all his powers.Immediately afterwards, senior government officials such as Marfa of the Turkish Internal Affairs Forces swore allegiance to General Kistafa.This mutiny came too suddenly On April 23, 1920, Mustafa Kemal Atat rk, the Father of Turkey , initiated the Grand National Assembly in Ankara and established the The national government at the head.

The German soldiers who entered Ankara saw this huge battle flag.All raised their right hands high, and the loudest cheers erupted.Hooray Ernst Long live Germany Subsequently, the German Imperial Division, Adolf Hitler Guards Banner Division, and the Wehrmacht entered Ankara in large numbers.Take complete control of the city.On August 7, 1942, the commander in chief of the German Balkan Legion , the German SS and the Honorary Grand Marshal of the Wehrmacht, Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm announced in Ankara The Turkish War is over Although there are still some sporadic resistances, that is no longer important.The main force of the Turkish army has been buried here.The British are gone.The Russians are gone They are not reconciled to what happened in Turkey, but they have no better way to drive out the Germans for the time being.

In the afternoon, a big storm blew up in the desert.Although the storm caused the British aircraft to lose the opportunity to accurately drop bombs, it also made the African Army s advance very difficult.During the night, the storm died down.Under the blazing light of the flares, the personnel, tanks and vehicles of the African Army all became living targets for the British army.Some British planes heroically rushed towards the advancing German tanks after dropping the bombs.The violent explosions were deafening, and the flames from the explosions lit up the night sky.Under the attack of the British army, the African Army soon became unable to move an inch, so it had to temporarily stop the attack.At the same time, the German attack in other directions was also stubbornly resisted by the British army.

But what Gilbert didn t expect was that London was still insensitive, and nothing changed afterwards.Gilbert was in despair.He didn t expect the well known British intelligence agency to be so vain What Gilbert didn t even expect was that not only did the alarm signals he sent out at the risk of his life never arouse the vigilance and attention of British intelligence agencies, even his comrade in arms Lawson Heaton went through untold hardships, He escaped back to London after a narrow escape, and reported Cairo s mistakes face to face, but none of them attracted the attention of the leaders of the Intelligence Bureau.Lawson Heaton has been held in a Cairo prison since he was .

can you order cbd gummies in michigan?

captured by the Germans, together with those British personnel who were captured by the Germans after being airdropped to Cairo.

But now the situation has changed.Ernst Brahm is back.This baron who has always maintained a good relationship with Britain and cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews wyld cbd gummies near me is even believed by many British people to bring peace has returned.All problems can be solved from the negotiating table And no longer just in the form of war Sir Monlington thought for a while I agree with about HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews half of your opinion, but I still doubt that Japan will form an alliance with Russia Why is there no such possibility Wang Weiyi smiled faintly I brought peace this time, when Germany and Britain ceased fighting.We will devote all our energy to the Russian battlefield Sir, please Pay attention, it is all energy In fact, before this.Britain s most important route to aid Russia, Iran, has fallen into our hands.The situation in Russia is not optimistic If Germany and Britain cease the war, I am now You can almost see the complicated expressions on the faces of the RussiansLet s talk about Japan again He took a sip of coffee, put down cbd gummies with pure hemp extract mountain sky cbd gummies the cup cbd gummie cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews and said slowly We all You know, the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan woke up a sleeping behemoth, but.

Naris was waiting, and he finally got it.An opportunity that belonged entirely to him to show off his talents The ball at the Duke of Westminster s house was held very late.Now, the skies of London are free from the bombing of the Luftwaffe.London at night is peaceful.Everyone can safely and boldly walk on the street on such a night.Prime Minister Churchill did not stay at the ball for too long, and there were too many things to deal with for him, so he left the estate of the Duke of Westminster very early.De Gaulle left with Churchill.He has no interest in such a ball at all, and what makes him even more unhappy is that there are people like Baron Alexon in the ball.When the guests gradually left, Baron Alexon, who had a long talk with the Duke of Westminton, got up to leave.Let s be honest.

Manstein the daily buzz cbd gummies replied inexplicably, but his attention quickly focused on the battlefield We can indeed achieve some results in the Georgian army, but what is the real use Going east, we can further disrupt the deployment of the Russians and spy on more intelligence.Ernst, what do you think The weather is too cold, it s really uncomfortable.I still miss Berlin.Wang Weiyi s answer is still so inexplicable Hey, Fritz, Heinz, why do you have to keep pushing in such cold weather We ve got Elklin, now we have to hang on there.I remember once saying that if the Russians can t hold out, with their fortifications and huge army, they will make us pay a high price.I don t want a large nighttime gummies cbd number of my soldiers to fall in front of the enemy s position Manstein and Guderian glanced at each other, and the two excellent German generals quickly understood Ernst s meaning Are you thinking of using Elklin as a bait Yes.

In the telegram the F hrer criticized you severely Oh Wang Weiyi became more curious.In his memory, Hitler never criticized himself for anything.Paul Hauser and Ludwig glanced at each other, and said carefully The Marshal hopes that you will cbd gummies with pure hemp extract mountain sky cbd gummies stop being so reckless 100 cbd gummies for pain in the future.Deep behind enemy lines, he draws your attention, you are the cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews Field Marshal of the Reich, the only hope for Germany.So Ludwig, when did you become so talkative Wang Weiyi smiled and turned his head to Ludwig.Needless to say, this guy must have reported the information cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews to Hitler.Ludwig straightened his back Yes, I reported it, but I also hope that you Don t take such risks in the future, we cannot afford to lose you again.Wang Weiyi shrugged and said nothing On February 9, Tasotsky, the commander of the 190th Infantry Division of the Soviet Army, did not wait for the return of Major Waderos.

A few minutes later, Heisenberg heard the German artillery begin to return fire on the Russians.In addition to many 105mm guns, Heisenberg also heard the sound of some heavy artillery.soon.80mm mortars also fired from the foxholes.The artillery battle between the two sides lasted about half mountain sky cbd gummies can dogs eat cbd gummy bears an hour.To the panicked soldiers in the foxholes.This time seems to be longer.Heisenberg listened to the whistling of the shells as they came and imagined them plunging straight into the narrow foxholes of the commandos.A shell exploded very close to the commandos, and Heisenberg heard screams.He concluded that the shell hit a foxhole.Then he heard someone shout, Medical The shelling continued, the flicker of the explosion lighting the darkness.Thick gunpowder smoke filled the air.Not long after the foxhole was hit, a corporal came running up.

It seems to be telling the Russians in Floris We here we come At this time, the Soviet defenders in Floniss were the 57th Army.After the German army launched a large scale offensive, they did not expect that an elite German assault force commanded by Baron Alexon would appear in Fronis without warning.At 11 00 noon on March 6, the German Central Assault Group arrived in Fronis and immediately launched a fierce assault on the Soviet army.German planes continued to appear in the sky, and the Soviet Air Force was also dispatched tenaciously.A life and death contest with the Luftwaffe in the skies of Floniss The fire flashed across the sky, like lightning flashes across the sky Planes were constantly shot down.But none of the planes were willing to evacuate They know what s coming on the ground Bombs roared and fell, and then bursts of explosions and flames rose on the battlefield of Fronis.

Unity commanded by Comrade Malinovsky yes, immediately.No delay.They are closest to the Terek River and must reach the battlefield by tomorrow afternoon.Putting down the phone, Vasilevsky s eyes fell is it legal to buy cbd gummies online on Khrushchev again Comrade Military Commissar, although we have completed the encirclement, the German army is also racing against time on our outer line.In a time of great crisis, in fact, we are also in the midst of a great crisis.To be honest, I can t be sure that I can HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews win the final victory.The flesh under Khrushchev s eyelids twitched.This is not something a commander in chief who only knows how many millions of troops should say, and what is regrettable is that Vasilevsky has said such things more than once.Yes.While monitoring Malinovsky, Khrushchev was also responsible for monitoring Vasilevsky.

He must grasp every minute with precision.Under his strict orders, hordes of Soviet troops appeared on the battlefield again They had to fight, just like the Germans, fighting for their own survival From now on, they will not fight for any beliefs, not for doctrine, but to ensure that they will not be wiped out by the Germans Soldiers on both sides who fought for survival burst out their own spirits here.Maximum fighting zeal.People are constantly dying, but people are constantly setting up machine guns on the corpses of their companions, not to avenge their companions, but well being labs cbd gummies to quit smoking to allow themselves to live The flames of war spread to every corner of the battlefieldAt first, the shouts could still be heard, but later.The shouts could not be heard at all, and everyone was silently attacking and defending silently.

Victory is so close to the Russians.But at this most critical time, German reinforcements finally arrived The 3rd Skeleton Infantry Regiment of the Skeleton Division appeared first, and then a large number of German tanks arrived.These elite troops of the SS, without a second of hesitation, quickly invested in the attack on the cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews Soviet army.Afterwards, the Imperial Division of the Waffen SS, the Mountain Division of Prince Eugen, the Hohenstaufen Division, the Greater German Regiment, the Arco Group, the Paipa Battle Group the 12th, 30th, and 123rd Infantry Divisions of the WehrmachtRiddle s 9th Army, the Hungarian 2nd Army, the Romanian 3rd and 4th Armyall arrived on the battlefield The German army has completed HCMUSSH cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews the general encirclement of the Soviet Stalingrad Front Army War reversed When General Model saw Marshal Ernst Brahm and his subordinates, he couldn t believe that standing in front of him was the always handsome, neat and charming Baron Alexson in his impression, and he didn t dare I believe that standing in front of you are mighty SS soldiers.

S.dollar liquidity in the international hillstone cbd gummies reviews financial market.It directly triggered the worldwide stock market slump and commodity including gold and silver price shocks in May and June.On July 13, 2006, the Iron Mountain warehouse near the City of London fired.The fire burned for three days.A large number of original documents and vouchers of the international financial industry were stored in the Iron Mountain.Only to be wiped out.Coincidentally.On July 12, the Iron Mountain warehouse near Ottawa, Canada was also burned to the ground.On July 22, 2006, ario Roveraro, the banker of the Roman religious organization Opus Dei mentioned in The Da Vinci Code , was chopped up by the people.Marc Saba, an expert on Italian financial investigations against organized crime, said the strange activity between Opus Dei and Bank of America was closely linked to Vantaa s money and the death of banker ario Roveraro.

If there are some strange things on the battlefield, don t bother.Zhukov said solemnly For example, if the German army suddenly changed its attack target and frequently mobilized its troops, then it is very likely that they wanted to deliberately lure us into being fooled.You must know that although our cbd oil benefits gummies enemy has the upper hand, it is an urban battle after all, and their powerful weapons will be greatly restricted here, and they are forced to seize one position at a time.bound their hands and feet.And what about us Then we can patiently evade and find the most beneficial fighter for us when we beat the enemy in the position We understand, Comrade Marshal Yershakov looked a little excited In short, we are confident that we will cbd delights 3000mg gummies turn this place into the enemy s grave, bury all the enemies here, and finally win the final victory for the Great Patriotic War Zhukov said slowly Our future is now in our own hands Seven hundred and fifteenth.

It was there Invented some new weapons that had never even been heard of before, including a dreaded bomb.But Model and Paul Hauser didn t take it too seriously, in their opinion.Even if the new weapons No matter how great the power is, the end of the war still has to rely on the efforts of the soldiers.But now look at Ernst.Marshal Bram s expression seemed to have been waiting for this powerful bomb to appear.What kind of bomb was it Moreover, even if such a bomb is so powerful that it is unbelievable, but the Battle of Moscow is about to end, does the bomb still have any meaning What is Marshal Ernst planning to use those bombs that are probably being mass produced Wang Weiyi knew what they were thinking, he could tell them.The name of this bomb is atomic bomb.Germany, which has completed the development and successfully tested it, is mobilizing manpower and material resources on a large scale to produce more atomic bombs.

Yes.Delman The professor sighed It was from that era that the Japanese came before everyone.However, there are still many strange unsolved mysteries in that battle that have been puzzling all archaeologists.For example There were many incredible things in that war I hope this discovery can help us.Wait, what is this Professor Delman picked up a roll of ancient parchment, Carefully uncovered, it was written in ancient Roman delta 8 plus cbd gummies characters he came, the leader of the barbarians came again, he rode a black war horse, waving the black s The giant sword of the savage came again with the men and women of the group of barbarians.Wherever he went, it represented death and slaughter.Even the bravest generals of the Republic could not stop him General Reus ran away, and everyone ran away when they saw this death knight I hid in the corpse and dressed up as a dead man They left, and it was the same as before, in our On the banner of the army, there are words that are so familiar to us The leader of the barbarians who is it Why was it never known in the past that there was such a barbarian leader as described in the parchment that made the Romans extremely fearful Death knight Is this the nickname given to him by the Romans What did these barbarians write on the banners in Rome Professor Delman continued to read I have been here, I have seen it, and I have conquered it Professor Delman was taken aback.

These women are just like men, drinking heavily.He ate the meat with big mouthfuls, and then kept shouting loudly Germania Germania There is hi point cbd gummies nothing more sacred than defending one s own tribe.Even if you die, you must die vigorously in battle On the battlefield This is the final destination of the Germanians The only one who did not relax his vigilance was Guo Yunfeng.His long career on the battlefield made him dare not slack off even a single minute.The Germanians can sneak up on the Romans, and the Romans can also sneak up on the Germanians.He arranged a large number of sentries.Monitor everything around, and these sentry posts are not sentry posts in the traditional sense.Those in charge of standing guard were divided into open sentries and dark sentries.Some Germanians with resolute execution were arranged by Guo Yunfeng to hide in the nearby woods or behind rocks.

They screamed wildly and rushed cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews behind the Roman soldiers.Unreasonably, they swung the ax down, blood spattered wildly, and their lives disappeared quickly with wailing.Inside, it was the Germanians who launched a counterattack against the Romans.Under the internal and external attacks, the Romans had no idea what to do at this time.If it weren t for the well trained Roman soldiers, if not for their calm generals, I m afraid they would have completely collapsed under such an impact Caesar knew that he had lost his best chance.There is a chance to kill all these barbarians here.On the other side of the battlefield, Gaius gloated a little.And feel a little bit lucky.In terms of combat effectiveness, his legion did not use its full strength.Originally, when the barbarian was desperate, he was going to join the battle with all his strength, but at this moment the barbarian s reinforcements appeared, which made him finally cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews not offend the one who might possibly Ernst who became his own greatest helper.

Caesar knows better than us what every extra day of delay cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews liberty cbd gummies near me here cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews liberty cbd gummies near me means to them.If my judgment is not wrong, no war will break out in the next three days, and Caesar will definitely use this time to readjust and deploy his forces Three days later, it will be time for the real decisive battle Speaking of this, his eyes swept over the tribal leaders one by one And we will make full use of these three daysI declare.The warriors of each tribe are still in the hands of their leader, who is directly under my command.Everything you do until the end of the final battle.I must know that any of you have objections Do you We are willing to obey your orders, Lord Consul.These originally sloppy tribal leaders said together.Now, they no longer have any doubts about what the consul did When the tribal leaders left one after another.

Absurd Pompey and Servius snorted at the same time.Wang Weiyi ignored them.Instead, he continued In the final decisive battle with the barbarians.Callene s legion suffered a disastrous defeat, but Gaius defeated the Vandals.Unfortunately, when the battle was over, instead of receiving any rewards, Gaius was severely reprimanded by Caesar.The sole consul, it is not because Gaius is my friend that I will support him, but a person who has won on the battlefield.Can t get a fair reward, but instead have to be punished.This is hard to believe Pompey nodded slightly.Everyone knows that Callini and Gaius are the two most powerful generals under Caesar, and they are also the most loyal subordinates.This is good news for Pompey, and it cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews would be great if he could defeat the enemy from within.What do you think about the barbarians Pompey pulled back his thoughts and asked.

Look, our lover.Richthofen still couldn t help laughing first Do you need me to help you find an excellent doctor to help you restore your waist My There is no problem with the waist, but I am worried about you.Wang Weiyi retorted without showing weakness It is you, I think maybe Krasicius will not let you go.Damn it.Thinking of Krasic Richthofen s back felt chills at Urs s terrifying gaze.He would rather go back to the battlefield and face to face with Caesar now than face Krasicius eyes.And all of this was provoked by Ernst. The bickering between the two didn t stop during breakfast, which made their housekeeper Barras very curious.He had never seen such a master before.Just after breakfast, they came outside to report the arrival of the sole consul, Pompeo.The two of them glanced at each other.

But deep in his heart, he still regretted why he came to this place.Otherwise, he is now in Rome, enjoying a luxurious banquet with his beautiful wife.Pompey, Pompey, if it weren t for the hard work of Pompey and those guys in the Senate, I would never have come here.But it is too late to regret it now The Centumalus bridge was burned, and not only the Germans were happy, but also Caesar.What Caesar was certain of was that Centumalus would not succeed.But he didn t mean to stop the other party.Centumarus was here to snatch his rights.If he could use the hands of barbarians to destroy his legion, the only thing Centumarus can do is to return to Rome in despair.Here, I still say by myself The final decision.Moreover, no matter whether Centumarus wins or loses, he can always consume the power of the barbarian to a certain extent.

Never use an atomic cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews bomb Head of Kroll said loudly In 1950, we signed our name on the Nuclear Weapons Convention.A convention can t affect us, of course.Even the Americans would not have had the guts to be the first to use the atomic bomb, which would cause the most horrific devastation.The chilling atomic bomb war He calmed down his emotions General Werner, Minister Hannah, perhaps.It s time for us to think about the question of surrender.No.This will make the pride of Germany completely lost Werner shouted angrily Countless German soldiers are shedding blood and dying for our country, fighting for the Germanic nation, whether in Berlin, North Africa, or the Middle East And at this time, do we want us to betray them Just like when the German government betrayed the German soldiers in 1919 His emotion appeared very emotional Also, we are not completely hopeless.

Gnapoli nodded I will send it to you at noon tomorrow.This is the last warning to you, Baron Platt, if you are not careful, you will also become a captive of the Americans.Wang Weiyi still smiled lightly I m always thinking.No life is complete without a few exciting adventures.Are you also taking risks Mr.Gnapoli Burr Gnapoli sighed softly, yes, he is also going on an adventure When the enemy approached Dessau, he received an order from his superiors to lurk down and spy on the enemy s intelligence, as a member of the Burr family.In order to achieve this goal, he took on too many grievances.The enemy does not trust oneself, and one s own countrymen also do not trust oneself.Every night, I am only accompanied by fear and loneliness Look, Mr.Gnapoli, although I just came to Dessau, I found that I have fallen in love with it.

Then I imagined the things they did on the big bed.Once such thoughts appear, it is difficult to effectively control them Annette tried her best cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews to dispel these images in her mind, but no matter how hard she tried, she found it was futile the more Avoid thinking cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews about it, the clearer these images and the two bodies will appear in her cbd gummies with pure hemp extract mountain sky cbd gummies mind Such thoughts drive her crazy, she needs a man s comfort.Also wanted to scream as loud as the Baroness.But she can t.Annette couldn t control herself anymore, her hand quietly stretched out to her chest.At first, it was lightly kneaded, then the movements became bigger, and then, the hands moved down naturally She had to bite the quilt tightly with her teeth.Only in this way can I prevent myself from moaning from my mouth When I woke up in the morning and went downstairs.

And not only the German army was ready, Xiao Ling and her Ziguang military base were also ready.At the first moment when the German army s furious revenge artillery fire began, the Ziguang military base will also intervene in the war again.The base will be shuddering with artillery fire.Come to assist the Wanderer to create miracles again The main attack force will be the cbd gummie cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews Skeleton Division, and all the front line German troops will launch a feint attack on the opposite enemy at the same time.To contain the enemy, cooperate with the skeleton division to complete this beautiful counterattack The enemy of the Skeleton Division the Second Armored Cavalry Division of the mountain sky cbd gummies can dogs eat cbd gummy bears US Army The officers and soldiers of the Skeleton Division in the trenches are quietly waiting for the moment when the stone will be shocked.

Kroll stood up, walked to the window, and thought of looking at Berlin outside the window.He was afraid of the Baron s return, of the Baron s entry into Berlin, because then he would be held accountable for the defeat of the war.And why Germany failed He knows best in his heart.If it is leaked, he will become the public enemy of all Germany.Especially that Baron Alexon, he will not let himself go.Therefore, it is now a critical moment of life and death for Kroller. The baron has won, and we have just received information from Little Spirit.In Alexon Manor, Elena brought new news And the baron is leading the skeleton division to Ibor.Strange, why is there no news about this in Berlin Leonie frowned Joseph, do you know these things I don t know, ma am.Joseph didn t dare to be slighted, even though he knew that Who is the little spirit who provided the information The streets of Berlin are celebrating the Baron s return, but no one has said anything about the victory.

But so what Under the command of the baron, the German army won a brilliant victory Those national army soldiers who were buried in the mud crawled out of the mud one after another, and then quickly entered the position to meet the most powerful challenge from the enemy.And the assault guns that the soldiers had saved regardless of their cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews lives reappeared tenaciously.The enemies started to move, layer by layer, densely packed.A large number of armored vehicles began to advance like no one else, and the rumbling sound was enough to crush everything that tried to cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews block them.Opperman smiled contemptuously, he had seen such scenes too many times.As the enemy approached the range, the assault hemp clinic cbd gummies 1000mg guns on the German positions began to speak.The shells fell on the tanks accurately, and then in the explosion and smoke, those tanks became a pile of scrap metal.

Or the Italians, here, too, I can assure you.What is the cruelest complete serenity cbd gummies and bloodiest war.I ask you to surrender in the shortest possible time, so that you can return to your home alive Mr.Westmoreland, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, I also solemnly advise you to withdraw from Berlin.Quit Germany.This cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews liberty cbd gummies near me will be the last chance for you and your troops, and you will see the mayim bialik news cbd gummies counterattack come The baron s voice, word by word, reached everyone s ears so clearly.Every word he said was a great encouragement to the Germans, cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews liberty cbd gummies near me but to the Allies, it seemed that they had seen the terrible What happened In the Allied Command, the officers looked at each other.They still haven t figured out how Ernst Brahm used to make his voice whatever he wanted.Spread to any corner of the battlefield.Never underestimate the power of propaganda in war.

It is said that at the request of the Americans, Italy will send out a battalion to protect the headquarters, and it will arrive around noon, and things will be troublesome at that time.Today is really bad.Sergeant Nord felt that everything was not going well today.No way, Nord, this is the only way to do it now.Destroy the US military headquarters before the Italians.Second Lieutenant cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews liberty cbd gummies near me Geyunser showed great confidence.Well, I guess that s about all we can do The soldiers were dispatched immediately, and the road was safe and smooth, which is not shown here.An hour later, they arrived near the US military headquarters, where the US military was building fortifications and waiting for reinforcements to arrive.The Germans had cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews no radios and could no longer call for planes and artillery.Major Ludman borrowed a binoculars from Sergeant Kramm and looked around the US military positions.

The house deed is not a tulip, and the United States is not New York.Wang Weiyi s words have been confirmed once again that those who are lost are willing to withdraw from the headquarters.He didn t have any unreasonable thoughts about Sherissa, he just pitied the little girl Alice, so cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews he decided to give Sherissa one last chance You spent 26,000, and I m giving you 30,000 now.Put your Transfer the house contract to me, would you like it, Xie Lisa He wanted to save Xie Lisa.He didn t want to see Alice, who had lost her father, lose her present again at the moment when the financial collapse came.But she cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews never thought that Xie cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews Lisha misunderstood Wang Weiyi s meaning again, and she laughed mockingly Mr.Moyol, I finally understand what you want to do.Don t you think that a meal and what you call tulips Do you want to cheat the house contract out of my hands No.

Their old commander, Marshal Ernst Brahm, has always fought with them.And when the counterattack started, Ernst.Marshal Bram is still on the assault road with them Countless tanks bio lyfe cbd gummies appeared on the battlefield, and countless assault guns marched are cbd gummies legal in australia forward with the brave soldiers.As their old opponent, Lieutenant General Kerrett of the US 2nd Armored Cavalry Division had a terrible headache.Starting from the offensive and defensive battle of Berlin, he has seen victory countless times, but the Germans have shattered such hopes countless times.He is under pressure from the Allied Command and at home, and he has few retreats.If the first failure can barely find an excuse, then if the carefully prepared second Berlin offensive and defensive battle fails again, he will lose all face.What is the most important thing about being a soldier That is their unshakable glory Originally, under the command of Lieutenant General Corrett, there was also the Italian Akmote Armored Division.

But now that all this is said in the mouth of Mr.Moyol , it must be true No, we must meet those big men right away Beyasinyuk, who has a violent personality, shouted again I want to ask them why they did this I want them to tell me that they won t let go Let that executioner go Calm down, my friend.Wang Weiyi interrupted him lightly Your anger will only make you lose your correct judgment, and your anger will only make those traitors laugh.We cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews need a comprehensive plan to restore true democracy and freedom in Italy.We need careful consideration to prevent those terrible things from happening.When he said these words, Manusia quickly reacted Can you tell What should we do Of course, my friends, I am here to help you.Wang Weiyi said without thinking Although I am not a real Italian, I admire you for the freedom and freedom of Italy.

And that heavy machine gun kept roaring.Dozens of grenadier corpses were already strewn across the road.At least half of them are masterpieces of that heavy machine gun Nocher was completely angry Load He didn t need to think so much, Schmidt had already loaded the shells.Nocher was about to order him to fire again.But was interrupted by Bodilla.Bodilla calmly observed the situation on the battlefield The muzzle is raised by 5 degrees and firing Nuo Qier was very surprised, raised by 5 degrees do what Then the shells could not successfully fall into the Russian bunkers So what effect can it have Nocher did not refute Bodilla s advice.Ramel did as Bodilla said and raised the muzzle And Nochell cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews s mission.Just the next order.The second shell roared out The light smoke from the muzzle has not yet dissipated.

Of how should cbd gummies be stored course Wang Weiyi knows.The Kennedy family has a long cherished dream the dream of the president.Someone in this family must become the president of the United States.Joseph.Kennedy once secretly swore while praying in church I have climbed to the highest peak of wealth, and I will let my son ascend to the highest peak of power.The couple has 9 children, and the one with political potential is naturally 4.a boy.The four boys are the eldest son Joseph Kennedy Jr., the second son John Kennedy, the third son Robert Kennedy, and the fourth son Edward Kennedy.From his own experience, Joseph knew that in order for his sons to have status, they must first have money so that they would never have to worry about living.He set up trust funds that gave 20 million each to the children and his wife.In the mind of the father.

street fighting.There are two biggest features.First, it is the hand to hand combat between the enemy and ourselves, which is extremely cruel.Since the battles are almost always based on infantry light fire assaults.They are all carried out within the visual range, and the cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews liberty cbd gummies near me terrain is complex and unpredictable.Therefore, in street fighting, heavy cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews weapons are useless.The buildings in the city are dense.Skyscrapers.Even tanks and armored vehicles cannot lift the barrel to a sufficient height due to their own structural limitations, so they cannot effectively shoot high targets.The narrow streets also make it impossible for tanks and other large tanks to can i get cbd gummies from walmart turn around, making their sides and rear vulnerable to attack.In street fighting, the mobility of the troops is severely restricted the limited field of vision makes observation, shooting, and coordination very inconvenient.

The attack on the French stronghold.Immediately cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews spread throughout the entire area.The French army knew very well that this might be a counterattack by the Germans, because in the face of a tight blockade, I believe the best cbd gummies for joint pain they couldn t stand it any longer.Strive to completely block the recalcitrant Germans.Stronghold A officially welcomed the Russians who arrived in a hurry.All legions in this area approached outside the stronghold, and a chilling atmosphere slowly permeated.An arrogant French officer stepped proudly on the sand, looking around, the entire stronghold was silent.But he was sure that the soldiers who had been wandering around the French army recently were inside.Unfortunately, this stronghold was surrounded heavily, and there was no possibility of escaping.He smiled contemptuously, and said a few words to the guard next to him.

The heart of a greedy person is a bottomless pit that can never be filled.The vicious circle formed by greed, fantasizes that he will enjoy wealth forever, and even wants his offspring to also Enjoy wealth forever The greedy are really the poorest people.Wang Weiyi said lightly Everyone is like this.Mr.Frost, Mr.Casanovich, my task here has been completed, and I will leave the finishing work to you.I think we won t see each other again for a long time. I really hope to work with you again.Frost said sincerely.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly, and then stood up.When he came to the hall of the house contract exchange, he saw all kinds of desperate and depressed faces.Then, he saw that he was alone.Alice playing.He came to Alice s side Where s your mother Oh, Mr.Moyol, where is she Alice pointed forward Mr.

Several pairs of American infantrymen mountain sky cbd gummies who cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews climbed up the ruins followed a pile of rubble and blasted into the sky.There was also an explosion in the smoke area, and several broken parts were thrown into the sky.Carl Withdraw Desk yelled.At this time, the smoke cleared, and a tank reappeared in the sight of the German army.Boom A 100mm armor piercing projectile was fired cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews from the barrel.The tank was accurately destroyed, and the tanks in the rear retreated one after another seeing this situation.Desk The main road is under attack Support is needed Steinman s cry for help came from Desk s headset.Desk slapped himself with his hand in depression.He cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews never thought that the main road is more suitable for defense Everywhere will be surrounded.He was a little at a loss Steinman Hold on.I ll send reinforcements right away Carl, Rabbi, take the Leopard 9 style to support the captain After speaking, he exposed half of his body from the bunker and swept wildly at the American infantry in front of him.

Moyol Ah, don t be too cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews polite.Wang Weiyi said lightly Mr.Bidler, I have a small thing that I need to get from you Moyol.Do you know Robito He is missing, and I need you to help me find him in the shortest possible time.Bidler was silent for a while I think You are probably talking about General Robito Ah, this matter has nothing to do with us, he did not offend us, and we will not rashly kidnap a French general.Of course, since you have made such a request, I will use all my strength to help you find it Tomorrow, this time tomorrow, I will bring you news Moyol Sir, if there is nothing else, I will take my leave first.Then, he left here without even looking at anyone else Berkeley didn t know what he should do except for a wry smileThe things classified as highly confidential by the French government are so unbearable in the eyes of these peoplebut.

The dead body rolled up on the ground, just like a soldier s tactical action to avoid bullets.Ryan suddenly saw a white figure rolling out from behind the big cbd gummies with pure hemp extract mountain sky cbd gummies tree from the scope.It looked like the guy was about to run away.Haha, it s not that easy to escape from my grasp.Ryan thought triumphantly Baby, the game has just begun I m going to kill you slowly Avenge the heroic American soldiers He moved like lightning Sniping the sight, Bang A bullet accurately hit the figure s thigh.Strange Why doesn t that German struggle Is he dead Ryan wondered, and suddenly his face changed No I was fooled, this cunning German Thinking of this, he immediately picked up The sniper rifle sprinted forward, he had to get out of here quickly, he firmly believed that he had been exposed.Eric quickly deduced the direction of the trajectory from the bullet hole shot in the dead body, thus locking the location where the ghost cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews sniper was lurking.

Baron, Longtes and Sam are here.Wang Weiyi nodded, then straightened his clothes and cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews ordered someone to bring them in.When Lantes and Sam came in, their faces were full of excitement, and Lantes couldn t wait to say Your Excellency the Baron, all of us are ready.The specific time for the uprising will be determined In a week.That is next Saturday Speaking of this, he glanced at Colonel Heisenberg This is Colonel Heisenberg of the Brandenburg Commando.Baron Alexson s The answer made Langtes and Sam gasp.God, the Brandenburg commando has entered Paris.There are too many legends about this commando in World War II.It seems that there is no task that they cannot complete, no goal that they cannot achieve However, this also makes them more confident Wang Weiyi did not talk too much about Colonel Heisenberg and cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews liberty cbd gummies near me his Brandenburg commandos Lanters, Sam, I also want to warn you that this uprising will be crucial, and I need to To arouse the anger of the people in the shortest time, the whole of Paris needs to be turned into a battlefield.

Its positive influence has eliminated a large number of turbulent factors, maintained the relative stability within the Republic guaranteed the Great Patriotic War The victory saved France pushed the French Revolution to the end, fundamentally attacked feudalism, and cleared the way for the development of capitalism in peacetime in the future.Wang Weiyi cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews put down the history of the French Revolution in his hands It seems that terrorism Sometimes it is really useful.Yes, Your Excellency the Baron.Litham replied respectfully.Wang Weiyi smiled However, the terrorism of the Jacobins also has very terrible consequences.The brutal killings of those fanatical implementers of the terrorist policy have caused extremely bad political influence, and the strengthening of terrorist implementation has expanded the attack.

He is in charge of intelligence work, and many things in the high level government secrets are hidden from him, and with his authority, he is not qualified to find out these things.But Moyue The appearance of Lieutenant Colonel Paul made him finally see the current situation clearly.Even the Americans were ready to withdraw from the British government.He was ready to die from the beginning of the day, and he was willing to dedicate everything to this government.However, he had to consider his wife and daughter.Everyone thinks that he is a hard hearted person, even if his wife and daughter die in front of him, he will remain indifferent.However, Nash wanted to tell them that everyone had misunderstood himself, including his wife and daughter.He loves them so deeply that he is cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews willing to give his all for them, but, in view cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews of his position, he is unable to express his love, so this has caused his tragedy.

Your mountain sky cbd gummies can dogs eat cbd gummy bears intelligence is really accurate.In Coventry, I captured John Oslow, an important regional leader of the resistance organization.This is one of our great Ah, unlike you who killed Norden, Norden is one of ours.Nash and Lieutenant Colonel Mills suddenly had a feeling that they were dumb and indescribableNorden Don, Norden.Now the events of Norden are all over again.Nash tried to make his tone sound polite Colonel, we have to tell you something that maybe you don t want to hearJohn Oslow, he cbd gummies with pure hemp extract mountain sky cbd gummies is one of us You guys People Colonel Jed frowned.Yes, our people.Nash replied very positively He swore allegiance to the government a long time ago, and we sent him to continue lurking inside mountain sky cbd gummies can dogs eat cbd gummy bears the resistance organization.During this time, he has provided us with countless valuable things.Intelligence.Now he has been arrested by you, in order to avoid the suspicion of the resistance cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews organization, I request you to release John Oslow immediately and cbd gummies with pure hemp extract mountain sky cbd gummies send him back to Coventry.

Although there is no delicious food in the barracks, I don t think you can refuse.Ah, I have a military meeting in a while.During this time I will let my adjutant Major Barack accompanied you to take a look in the barracks.Major Barack was called in, obviously he had heard of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, and after General Gendra left, the major enthusiastically accompanied him Lieutenant Colonel Moyol left the office cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews together.Our military strength has always been the one I m most proud of While walking in the barracks, Wang Weiyi said Of course, the British also have their strengths, that is, their intelligence work is still good.Sometimes they have information that even we don t know.Yes, no one can deny this.Major Barack said with a smile But what s the point Now it is an American who is in charge of intelligence and intelligence work.

Prepare for a terrible disaster, so the first task of my trip to London this time is to evacuate the families of senior officials of the London government headed by President Fenton from the city.General Gandra, this must require you and you With the full assistance of the troops commanded Everyone General Gendra hesitated.Seeing Mr.Special Envoy nodded, General Gendra said I m afraid this cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews is a little difficult.The enemy has launched a full scale attack on London.You probably saw it on the way here.It is difficult to organize so many civilians to evacuate safely.It s very difficult.General, I don t think you understand unwind cbd gummies what Mr.President means Singlager emphasized his tone We must be prepared to lose the war.Elizabeth established a The government in exile, we are very likely to set up a government in exile, and send these senior officials of the Fenton government to the United States with our family members, so that they can work harder for the US government.

Destroy.Colonel, I hope you can understand my difficulties.I hope you can know that there are many things that are unavoidable.And what I hope even more is that you can still stick to the honor of a soldier under such a request.Honor Colonel Depra smiled coldly in his heart.What is honor Is it the so called honor to let everyone die here Those are lives, and they have persisted in lies until now for the honor of the soldiers.What else do you want them to do Continue to die in a lie for this hopeless war Is this fair to those soldiers I m not afraid of death.General.Colonel Deplata tried to contain his anger From the first minute of the battle I was ready to die, but not in this way.Soldiers should not continue Bewildered, their fate and future should be chosen by themselves.Fight, die, or surrender.

Probably, it s rare for a woman to be able to wear a suit and leather shoes here.After all, being so neatly dressed is too out of place with the surrounding environment.Maybe a rich guy But how many rich guys are good things Think about it.The barmaid s attitude was very cold, and she put a glass of beer heavily on it.However, the girl thought she had read it wrong, cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews but she saw Mr.Suit walking in again.Aha, is it because of the days of war that these rich guys can t even find a decent bar A glass of beer.The man sat down, but the gentleman who came in first also ordered a glass of beer.But when the two men in suits looked at each other, they both showed surprised and embarrassed expressions.Roger.Patinson.Neither of them dared to call out the other s official title, after all, the situation here was too complicated.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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