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This is not what a German military officer should say.Wang Weiyi interrupted him with a serious cbd hemp gummies for kids expression Sergeant, Your words like this will shake the morale of the army before the battle.Yes, lieutenant, but I must report the current bad situation to you.Sergeant Hall is a stubborn person, and he still insists on his own opinion I think we must ask Major Deng Xiwei for reinforcements, at least we must make up for the people we lost.Sergeant, there is no reinforcements.Wang Weiyi s expression was still so serious Only ourselves, the cowardly, can leave my company.Sergeant Hall seemed to have been greatly insulted, and his face flushed You can t insult me like this, Lieutenant, I am willing to dedicate myself to my country, but not blindly.If I I made a mistake, and I will apologize to you.

Just like the current Wang Weiyi Ernst Brahm Guderian was equally excited to see Captain Ernst Brahm.This is a German legend, a miracle that no one will be able to accomplish.When he was transferred from the Light Infantry Battalion of the 10th Han Roveria, where his father was the battalion commander, he was still a little unhappy, but when he heard that he was transferred to Ernst Brehm All the dissatisfaction disappeared immediately when his subordinates acted as adjutants.This will be his great honor The D9 position must be taken back.After a simple welcome to Guderian, Wang Weiyi s mind returned cbd hemp gummies for kids to the war And it must be fast, just today Today When Captain best cbd gummies on amazon Ernst s words came out, everyone was stunned.This is somewhat difficult to cbd hemp gummies for kids understand.The fierce British attack was repelled, and the supplementary battalion was still panting.

Where is the tomb.Let us remember this brave man forever.After saying this, he cast his eyes into the distance Crown Prince William must have not cbd gummies shop in houston escaped far, immediately spread out and carefully inspected every place Gust did not run far, and now his situation sugar free cbd gummy bears is in jeopardy.Eighty seven.Shoot, shoot Captain, there is a gunshot.Wang Weiyi stopped his footsteps.He also heard the gunshots from the other side, and the five member search team immediately became tense.Guderian, Boncrere, Steck, you go to the left.Four knives, and I go to the right.Wang Weiyi whispered Shoot carefully, and we must find Crown Prince William.The five people quietly started to move forward Groping, the gunshots were getting closer and closer In an instant, the gunshots stopped, and Wang Weiyi s heart tightened.Don t let the thing you re most worried about happen Crown Prince William August knew he couldn t run away.

As cbd hemp gummies for kids soon as he came in, he said annoyedly, Nicolas, why did Ernst say those words so unscrupulously Your Highness, there is nothing we can do.Nicholas seemed very innocent You must know that he is a baron.We cannot arrest him until he is formally convicted.Even if he leaves Berlin now, unless there is an order from His Majesty the Emperor, we can only watch him Watch him leave.Does he dare to leave Joachim snorted coldly cbd hemp gummies for kids who owns kushly cbd gummies Then I will arrest him myself Nicholas smiled wryly, the prince is really impulsive, if Ernst really wants to Why should he be arrested when he leaves Berlin On the contrary, this can prove his cbd hemp gummies for kids cheap full spectrum cbd gummies guilt from another aspect.But he didn t want to tell keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes cbd hemp gummies for kids the prince cbd hemp gummies for kids this Joachim s anger calmed down a little Nicolas, His Majesty already knew about this and was very dissatisfied, but it s strange that he I didn t mean to blame Ernst, but said that you are incompetent.

Lieutenant Rommel has been given a wartime leave.He will return to Danzig to hold a wedding with his fianc e Lucy.I have ordered his officer to order him Cancel this wedding and go natures stimulant cbd gummies for ed reviews to the front line to join you immediately.Thank you, General.Wang Weiyi said with satisfaction At the same time, after we set off, we request the air force to dispatch every day to bomb Lance and other places.I hope that Manfred will lead it himself Your request can also be met, Major Ernst Wang Weiyi s heart jumped up, what a luxurious lineup this special team will be On the ground, there are three future German generals led by him Rommel, Manstein, and Guderian In the sky, is the German Romantic Knight Red Baron Richthofen By the way, Hitler, the future head of state, must also bring it.I never dreamed that such a day would come The three famous generals of the German Third Reich Actually fighting side by side with myself This will definitely be passed down in the annals of history forever All the requirements put forward by Wang Weiyi have been combining 30 mg cbd gummies with advil and transexemic acid hemp waves cbd gummies met.

Elena completely misunderstood Wang Weiyi s meaning of going home Although I m just an adopted daughter of the Livinsky family, but they all treated me very well.When the war broke out, I thought it was a very romantic thing, shuttling through the gunfire, dancing in the gunfire, but the real battlefield and I thought But it s completely different What is the real battlefield Death, blood, nothing to do with romance I have a very good friend named Julia Elena said suddenly He is a nurse., she was desperately trying to save a soldier s life, but a shell fell beside her When I saw her dead body, I cbd hemp gummies for kids could hardly believe it was my best Friends Elena s words obviously touched her nerves, and she gold bee cbd gummies for sale couldn t help sobbing softly.Wang Weiyi s hand naturally put his arms around Elena s shoulders, and gently hugged her into his arms.

Damn Ernst, Manstein kept cursing in his heart.Where did cbd hemp gummies for kids he get the French colonel What s more, he actually did such a despicable and shameless thing, combining 30 mg cbd gummies with advil and transexemic acid hemp waves cbd gummies and handed over this burden to himself Shameless, I am a little shameless.Seeing Manstein s gritted face, Wang Weiyi couldn t help laughing.He is very sure that when this task is completed, Manstein will definitely settle accounts with himself.Poor Manstein.one hundred and nineteen.Some people who sneaked into the headquarters swore not to fly again, such as August some swore not to ride cars, such as Stecke It is unknown what the future king of strategy will look like in the future, but it is clear that he is in big trouble now.Can you imagine carrying a fat man of nearly 200 pounds on the back of the bicycle and riding hard all the way When he finally reached the area controlled by the French army, Manstein was almost paralyzed.

Baron Alexon is fighting in Reims.He has to make Major De cbd gummies for sale philippines cbd hemp gummies for kids Sade think that his plan has succeeded, and we can take you back to the German position calmly.Although Second Lieutenant Ma Ma said it easily, his heart was heavy.He didn t know what was going on with Major Ernst.He once suggested that Major Ernst should come here to snipe and hold Lance s enemies by himself.But Major Ernst flatly rejected this suggestion Only if I am here, can Major De Sade believe it.Second Lieutenant Ma Li, please go and carry out your mission.I will go back, trust me.Second lieutenant, our time is running out, please evacuate as soon as possible.Lieutenant Ma Li nodded and asked someone to take von Kierock out of here immediately.At this time, another explosion sounded from the direction of Lance, which made Lieutenant Ma Li s heart tighten.

Not a stab wound either, what kind of hands do you think they are, Erwin Hell, I don t know.Rommel pulled out a grenade and put it within his reach.Stek, left, there are enemies on the left, kill them In the dull roar of the Starkville Perosa submachine gun.Wang Weiyi said loudly I couldn t think of it at first, but I just thought it shouldn t be the hands of a pair of noble generals.Later, the words of Kilok made me understand.He kept discussing with me about alchemy.Yes, this is the hand of an alchemist, who has been in contact with chemical substances and machines all year round.The yellow and black parts were eroded by chemicals, and the wound was cut by a machine Rommel understood a bit But what if Kierok really likes alchemy yes.Yes, there is a possibility.Wang Weiyi lowered his head, and a bullet flew over his head, and the submachine gun in his hand fired back in the direction of the bullet We have seen all the information related to Kilok.

He has always rejected everything that goes against common sense of science and hates mysticism, aha.It occurred to me that Schlaf must have had a good time with himwitchcraft, astrology, spiritualismhe doesn t believe in anything.He is said to have been angrily reprimanded when he was suggested to apply for a special fund to extract gold from seawater.Would such a person believe in alchemy Rommel took out the grenade and threw it out vigorously, watching the two enemies fall with the sound of the explosion I understand.So that kilok you see is fake Yes, fake.But why would the enemy try to confuse me with a fake Kilok The intelligence must have been leaked, we were exposed.Wang Weiyi looked around, and many enemies participated in the battle.Breaking out seemed to be becoming more and more difficult And that damn Watts, I sent Manstein to monitor him, he Entered Raffarin s headquarters several times, well, he was also with them.

They were all a little surprised.Baron Alexon was a newly conferred nobleman, and his manor was too small to generate any benefits.It was indeed surprising that a soldier could give away diamonds at will.When the dance music sounded, The countess invited Baron Alexon to dance with him.This time Wang Weiyi couldn t refuse because he couldn t dance.Being so close to the countess, bursts of intoxicating fragrance kept getting into Wang Weiyi s nose.No That kind of perfume smell.It s a kind of good smell unique to women Dancing with a hero is really special.The countess whispered, I think you got your diamond from Mrs.Watts, Baron Alexon Hugging the countess s slender waist.Wang Weiyi knew that this matter could not be concealed from the magical countess Yes, Watts betrayed me, and I took a small bag of diamonds from him as compensation Yes I introduced you to Mrs.

And when he knew that the person standing in front of him was the Skeleton Baron Major Ernst, best cbd sleep gummies combining 30 mg cbd gummies with advil and transexemic acid General Gedell was still a little surprised.What mission actually used this star level officer When he best cbd sleep gummies combining 30 mg cbd gummies with advil and transexemic acid saw the three trucks full of goods, General Gedell seemed to have vaguely guessed something Major Ernst, our troops are ready to attack at any time, you are ready When will it pass General cbd hemp gummies for kids Gedell calmed down his mood.General Gedell, thank you for your support.Wang Weiyi maintained the respect of the subordinates for the superiors I want to launch an attack at 5 o clock and keep attacking until dark, and my team and I can start to pass.As you wish, Major Ernst.General Gedell pointed to the front line This place has been quiet for too long Wang Weiyi didn t understand what it meant.General Gedel led him forward We have fought countless times here.

He told Wang Weiyi all the information here, and then asked, Major Ernst, what are you going to do with these supplies what you think Wang Weiyi asked back.Colonel Sergey was a little embarrassed I don t think you can bring cbd hemp gummies for kids who owns kushly cbd gummies back everything here Why should I bring it back Wang Weiyi smiled These are war supplies, in my opinion, destroying them all would be the best choice.Colonel Sergey s complexion changed instantly.It s terrible, it s really terrible.It s okay if the other party just wants to go back with some trophies, but they cbd hemp gummies for kids actually want to destroy them all How can I explain to my superiors Not to mention my status, even my own life may not be saved.General Kashanov is anxiously waiting for the batch of life saving shells at the front Ah, yes, the cruel winter is coming, The winter supplies of the frontline soldiers are all stored here Are you scared Colonel Wang Weiyi asked with a smile.

He didn t believe that the troops he personally commanded could not break through the enemy s obstacles Since the establishment of the 21st Infantry Division, the most tragic offensive and defensive battle broke out on April 19, 1917.The well prepared 21st Infantry Division was under the personal command of Romand Benweihao.Xiang Ci Nuoxi launched wave after wave of offensives In two days, no matter how many tactics General Ben Weihao changed, the final outcome was the same Ci Nuoxi, like an indestructible giant That skeleton battle flag has always stood on the German position At the same time, the German Air Force has also stepped up its deployment.German fighter planes frequently appear in the sky, providing all possible support for the army time and time again.That cbd hemp gummies for kids who owns kushly cbd gummies red fighter plane is the most conspicuous no matter where it is placed, and every where can i get cbd gummies to quit smoking time it appears, it always attracts cheers from the skeleton commando.

Rommel and the others still don t understand why they sent all of them They were all transferred, but this was a death order from Colonel Ernst.Dead order cannot be changed We accept the order, Colonel.Rommel gave Wang Weiyi a standard military salute Ernst, take care of yourself, we will wait for you to come back Take care, Ernst said everyone who was about to leave.I ll be back, I promise Wang Weiyi answered them with a smile.Elena suddenly hugged Wang Weiyi tightly Ernst, you must come back alive.I am still waiting cbd hemp gummies for kids who owns kushly cbd gummies for you to take me to Paris again.I will never forget that night in the manor.Saying, There was a blush on her face, and then tears fell uncontrollably.I will.Wang Weiyi hugged him tightly I will definitely come back safely.This is the first time Wang Weiyi and his good friends are separated on the battlefield.

With the end of the five cbd hemp gummies for kids offensives, the Ziguang military base s self reform and upgrade has rapidly increased to 2 , and the base s self reform is about to be completed.Three months and three months later, he was about to leave here.At this time, Wang Weiyi was reluctant to part with him and fought here for two years.He was promoted from a German lieutenant to a German major general.The Rambler Wang Weiyi has already left his own strong brand in this era It seems that the German high command is no longer ready to send their aces, the skeleton baron Ernst and the red baron Richthofen, to the battlefield.The morale of the German army is not very high now.Once the two barons encounter any accidents, it will be an unbearable loss for Germany.Bram also got the right to take a vacation under such a gummies 10 thc 10 cbd tense situation.

Zhang Xiaolin s The eye glanced over the target.Good guy, sure enough, all hit the target.With joy on his face, he called Wang Dehai up Dehai, well done, follow me from now on.I will never treat you badly.Thank you, boss.Wang Dehai said calmly.Zhang Xiaolin took in a right hand assistant, but he still didn t trust the newcomer very much, and he was usually not allowed to come upstairs, and stayed with Ah best cbd sleep gummies combining 30 mg cbd gummies with advil and transexemic acid Si in the yard.Only when going out.Only then did Wang get the car behind the sea.After two days like this, Zhang Xiaolin s travel route Wang Dehai has basically been figured out 7 00 am.The two cars drove one after the other.Every day at this time, Zhang Xiaolin would go out to the Xindu Club on time, and the route would remain the same.On this road, there are often French patrols, which is relatively the safest.

Continuing to forcefully attack under such circumstances will only bring more casualties..Doesn t the brigade commander want to continue fighting R s own officers feel strange.To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point qidian.to vote for recommendations, monthly tickets, your support , is my biggest motivation.Two hundred and ninety six.Death order 1440 monthly ticket plus more The small Xiguan cut off all hope of the 3rd Brigade of the 6th Division of the Japanese Army to lead to Songjiang.Even they are here Suffered the heaviest loss Xiguan, a very special team, is punctual, impregnable and invincible when attacking, and its combat quality is completely different from any team.On the 12th, Wang Weiyi Started to prepare for the retreat.The task of the guard battalion here is about to be completed.

What if they refuse to leave Long Yin asked.Use guns to force them to leave.Wang Weiyi was a little helpless, but there was no hesitation in his voice Maybe those ordinary people will scold us now, but we are saving their lives.Plant a large amount of explosives.Among the materials sent by the Germans, there is a batch of landmines, and I will use them all.Jiuhu Town can hold it, hold it If it can t hold it, it will turn into a piece of scorched earth Yes Long Yin said loudly replied.The teams are already in action.This is the time to test the ability of those captains to fight alone.They did that once in Xiguan.This time it is slightly different from Xiguan, but the essence is still the same.Over there, Zhang Sandao glanced at Guo Yunfeng Competition You are not an opponent.Guo Yunfeng knew what the other free samples of cbd gummies party wanted to compare with him Let you three.

This was beyond the expectations of Lu Mingzhai and Yuan Wang.When Wang Weiyi was about to leave, he suddenly said Send me to the Northeast Army Seventh Brigade Greetings from the brothers, Company Commander Lu.Yuan platoon leader.Lu Mingzhai and Yuan Wang s complexion changed drastically.Seeing that Wang Weiyi was about to leave, Lu Mingzhai hurriedly shouted Stay Wang Weiyi turned around with a smile What s the matter, Boss Lu Please sit down, please sit down.Lu Mingzhai and Yuan Wang glanced at each other, and their words were very polite Manager Wang, just now you said Company Commander Lu, Platoon Leader Yuan, and the Seventh Brigade of the Northeast Army.Lu really doesn t know what it means.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly When we talked about September 18th, the Seventh Brigade of the Northeast Army retreated without a fight.

Luo Weiluo kept wiping his sweat, he still didn t understand what was going on, but the threat of the Japanese to encircle the French Concession was clear It sounded in his ears.He called his secretary in fear Quick, go and inform Lieutenant Colonel Beyer, and ask him to bring the soldiers here immediately There are also police officers, call in the police officers first Luo Weiluo has decided to act according to R himself, he will not offend Japan because of a Chinese Three hundred and nineteen.You are always so arrogant.Leaving here quickly.Wang Weiyi found that he was being watched.Some Russian bodyguards, probably hired in the ballroom, stared at him.Wang what should I call you Tang Weihong didn t have any fear What s going on here Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Miss Tang, can keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes cbd hemp gummies for kids you help me get the coat Ah, yes As soon as Tang Weihong left, Xiaoling s voice came Wanderer, the French Concession police and French Concession soldiers will arrive soon, what are you going to do There are too many people now, and shooting will hurt innocent people.

An Fei you caught is locked up in the post office Which aspect Why, do you want to save An Fei This is not an easy task.Hiroshi Yamaguchi hesitated Besides, aren t you afraid that I will betray you Of social cbd sleep gummies course.Wang Weiyi smiled As long as anything happens to me, I guarantee that the whole of Shanghai will know the special relationship between me and you, Koi Kobayakawa and me within a day.Within two days, Naomasa Sugawara will be safely sent back to Iwane Matsui , and then tell Matsui Iwane how I colluded with you.Within three days, you will get the news of the death of your wife and daughter, of course, by accident.You devil Although you can t see the phone that Hiroshi Yamaguchi at the head, but he could hear his panic.After being silent for a while, Hiroshi Yamaguchi still said helplessly An Fei was detained keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes cbd hemp gummies for kids in the leftmost room on the second floor of the post office.

And you and Elena are the assistants of the walkers, and this level cannot be escaped.As for both you and Elena, in your memory There seems to be some fragments of memories in the memory, but I can t remember what they are, which is also normal, this is called space time memory dislocation When Wang Weiyi came in, combining 30 mg cbd gummies with advil and transexemic acid hemp waves cbd gummies he happened to hear Xiaoling s words, and he couldn t help but smiled wryly down.Guo Yunfeng and Elena obviously both had a very wonderful story of going through life and death with him, but he couldn t tell them.This is their sorrow, but it is also their own sorrow Okay, Guo Yunfeng, Elena, you are tired and need to add something, please go to the repair cabin and rest for 12 hours.Guo Yunfeng and Elena Faithfully carried out this order After they entered the repair cabin, Wang Weiyi sat down Do you think this is fair, Xiao Ling They have the right to know their secrets, where they came from, and what they have experienced.

Because of your victories, you have continuously achieved victories Wang Weiyi nodded Maybe Wanderer, carefully recall what you have done in this era.You have cbd gummies capsules won the full support of Germany and the United Kingdom for China, and in a special way, let the United States and the Soviet Union also join the ranks of supporting combining 30 mg cbd gummies with advil and transexemic acid hemp waves cbd gummies China.Hermione, Anna This is true of everything, even Riley is working for youa huge institution is forming A huge institution is being formed Wang Weiyi s heart moved, and it seemed that Touched something, but couldn t grasp What is it What is it Xiao Ling ignored what he was thinking Think about it carefully, in Germany, the skeleton assault you formed The team is invincible, and the name of the skeleton baron resounds throughout Europe, but you can t win the final victory for Germany, so what about in China The Huben Guard Brigade is still victorious in every battle, but do you think that a single army can stop so many Japanese troops Matsui Iwane is preparing for a big battle on the defense line, I believe you will continue to win, but what about the other defense lines Can it stop the Japanese army You can t be sure, and I can t be sure, because history has been changed History has been changed No one can make an accurate judgment on where the track of history will go now I understand, I understand Wang Weiyi murmured You mean, I can help my country in other ways Yes, you can help your country in other ways, like going back to Germany Xiao Ling s voice was full of approval Here, you are only a major general and can only command one army, but in Germany, you are the Baron Skeleton.

When Wang Weiyi set foot on the military base, he took one last look here This is, his country This is, his nation Leaving today is for a more glorious return in the future The door of Ziguang military base closed slowly.The third time travel is about to begin Xiao Ling told them Wanderer, the Yevgeni Gem has fully recovered its radiation.Now, you can set the time and place of travel by yourself, but I cannot It is guaranteed to be successful.Because the fusion performance of the two Y elements is not particularly stable.The two Y elements are placed in a special device, HCMUSSH cbd hemp gummies for kids and the strange lights flashing with each other cbd hemp gummies for kids cbd gummy benefits list seem to be mated.Together, but it always seems to be a little bit worse.What will happen if you fail Wang Weiyi looked at the Y element and asked.I don t know, maybe the base will explode, maybe the base will travel to any time and space.

This is not the most elite unit of the Hohenstaufen division.And the task assigned to this combat group was to complete a breakthrough in the Radev Sacrito area, to ensure that the German troops evacuated from Radev could pass through smoothly.Colonel Rand accepted the task without a second s hesitation.In front of them is a complete division of the Russians, attached to an armored combining 30 mg cbd gummies with advil and transexemic acid regiment fully equipped with T34.However, all this does not exist in the eyes of all the officers and soldiers of the RAND combat group Yes, it just doesn t exist Under the cover of Type 4 tanks and stalkers, the Rand Combat Group immediately went into battle.They continue to attack the Soviet positions.As long as they can break through here, they can complete the rendezvous with the Skeleton Division, and a large number of German soldiers will be rescued because of their efforts.

In the end, the whole of France will be against us, combining 30 mg cbd gummies with advil and transexemic acid hemp waves cbd gummies including those onlookers and Germany If you support us, you will also join the ranks of our opponents.Instead of forcing them to submit with bayonets, let them reduce our unnecessary troubles with bread.Instead of forcing them to submit cbd hemp gummies for kids with bayonets, it is better to use bread to make them reduce our unnecessary troubles.trouble Ovitz s eyes lit up instantly.Many members of these so called whats a cbd gummies resistance organizations don t even know what they are doing.Wang Weiyi took out a cigarette.Ovitz immediately helped the marshal light it.Wang Weiyi took a deep breath, and the HCMUSSH cbd hemp gummies for kids smoke enveloped the car They follow their so called leaders blindly, but in the end they find that they are not only unable to support their families, but even their own lives are about to be lost.

Immediately allocate special funds to them.Wang Weiyi immediately said after knowing the situation We need medicines, and we must ensure the normal use of the hospital.War has nothing to do with children.Yes.Marshal, I will immediately Go do it.Thank you, Marshal.The dean said gratefully.Si Dao, distribute the gifts we brought to these lovely children.Wang cbd hemp gummies for kids Weiyi finished speaking, and Guo Yunfeng immediately joined the guards and gave the gifts they brought to the children, which immediately aroused cheers from the children.You are such a kind Baron, Field Marshal.General Dietrich said sincerely In addition, some of our wounded German soldiers also live here.They heard that you are coming.They are very excited.Can you go and see me Are they Of course, General Dietrich, I can t wait to meet these brave boys Wang Weiyi said without hesitation.

I will give you one, cbd hemp gummies for kids and I will also green roads cbd gummies wholesale equip you with many sailors.Wang Weiyi s heart was hurting, but he had to tell his soldiers with a smile that there was nothing terrible about it I think you and your companions can sail the boat to England and return with a full load, ah, don t you Forget to bring me some loot back.I will, I promise said this.Sergeant Esk had tears in his eyes.Now you have to take care of your wounds, Sergeant.Wang Weiyi said, his eyes fell on the hospital bed beside him.It was a soldier in a coma, and a nurse was taking care of him attentively.Wang Weiyi asked Sophie next to him in a low voice What s wrong with him Sophie extended a little bleakly His brain was injured by the Russian shelling.It has been seven days since today, and there is still no sign of waking up.Miss Nurse, can he wake up .

The personality characteristics of this person are also remembered in his mind.In a few days, he selected a group of people he needed Most of these people had served as political commissars of the Soviet Army cbd hemp gummies for kids or had done propaganda work.They are exactly what Marshal Ernst Brahm needs The work started soon Accompanied by several German generals, Wang Weiyi quietly appeared in the temporary prisoner of war camp.He saw thousands of Russian prisoners of war sitting on the ground, and standing opposite them were several supervisors of the newly established Z y u Army Political Supervision Office.It is said to be a supervisor, but in fact it was a political commissar in the Soviet Army in the past And Belyanlowski sat among these people.The German generals were curious and wondered what Field Marshal Ernst needed these men who could not fight at all.

Don t you think these things are not necessarily related Beria said bluntly, and then his eyes once again fell on the small suitcase brought by Dimilenko What is this We found it at the house of Marshal Timoshenko Dimilenko put whole greens cbd gummies the suitcase on the table in front of the sofa.He opened it, and inside were some jewelry and a letter Something very valuable.Beria looked at the jewelry What about the letter Something is written on it.I ll read it to you.Timilenko opened the letter My friend Semyon Konstantinovich Timoshenko The Battle of Kharkov must have been commanded by you personallyI think we will be friends How I look forward to meeting you in Berlin or MoscowI think you used the 6th, 9th, 57th of the Soviet Army It is necessary to include the army group I think the place of the decisive battle should be chosen Congratulations on our upcoming victory Your loyal friend, Ernst.

We will miss you too, but I think we will meet again soon.Mr.Moyol has an eternal smile on his face This cbd hemp gummies for kids who owns kushly cbd gummies ship will go to Switzerland first, and when you arrive in Switzerland, German agents will come to pick you up and send you to Berlin safely.Manny Joker suddenly remembered a very serious problem Mr.Moyol, has the batch of gold been settled Mr.Moyol and Mr.Garcia looked cbd gummies pharmacy at each other, and then smiled Of course, it belongs to our wealth, and of course it has been settled long ago.Joe Mr.Cole, don t worry, I will fulfill my promise, and one twentieth of the gold will belong to you, and when you reach the neighboring area, the gold is already smiling at you.Ah, you Look, I cbd hemp gummies for kids who owns kushly cbd gummies m not worried at all Joe Cole smiled awkwardly Then, I ll take my leave.Goodbye.Watching the ship leave, Mr.Moyol Wang Weiyi smiled and said A lovely person, isn t he A villain.

But for a long time, I didn t see Carlos who was on call before natural cbd gummy bears coming in Williams stood up unsteadily Mr.Williams, you can t go out through the main entrance, There are already many angry investors who are about to rush in to settle accounts with you.Williams face turned pale in fright You should leave through the back door as soon as possible before those people rush through When the guards Mr.Robben Williams, who was once glorious, ran away from this terrible place through the back door in desperation.But where could he go As Elliott said, angry investors would tear him to shreds at the sight of him Great job, Mr.Garcia.Thanks, Mr.Moyol.Wang Weiyi smiled and turned his head to Miss Carlos Miss Carlos, your mission has been completed, do you have any regrets about New York Noif The only thing I have to say is that I have any regrets, and that is that I will never see you again, and I will miss you, Mr.

But those German generals lived up to Baron Alexon s expectations, and they successfully defeated the Soviet British coalition forces in Zahed Barima.There are many pro German forces in Iran.After the Zahed Barima cbd gummy how to eat battle, those purekana cbd gummies reviews consumer reports cbd hemp gummies for kids pro German factions became active again after a long period of silence, ready to welcome buy cbd gummies the arrival of the Germans and the return of the old King Reza Khan.Prepare.The Soviet British forces in Iran are far less popular than the cbd hemp gummies for kids Germans here.Most people in Iran would prefer to see Germans appear on Iranian soil Subsequently, the German government began to announce the list of war criminals.After the British and Soviet troops entered Tehran on September 17, 1941, they arrested all Germans there, including diplomats.Half of them were taken to Siberia by Russia, and most of them died tragically the other half were exiled to Australia by Britain.

At this time the squadron leader was turning into the attack.So, Xiao Tanfu released the resistance board.Follow closely behind the squadron leader and dive down.Right now, two intersecting white lines are clearly visible.This is the runway of Lucca Airport.As the distance shortened, the runway became clearer in the sights.It turned out that there was only one runway, and six bombers were neatly parked at the end of the runway.The halo of the sight was aimed at the bombing target, and the navigator in charge of aiming continuously reported the altitude.Suddenly, he knocked on do cbd gummies really work for ed Xiao Tanfu s knee and shouted Vote Xiao Tanfu immediately pressed the red button on the steering column with his left thumb.The bomb left the plane.The ju88 aircraft pulled up automatically.At this time.Xiao Tanfu found that the squadron leader s plane was like a drunk man, sometimes on, sometimes right.

To be cbd hemp gummies for kids who owns kushly cbd gummies honest, Egyptian soldiers did not perform very well on the battlefield, but in the fight for freedom and rights, they performed so eloquently.They desperately fought with the British, blowing up the British invading tanks at the cost of their lives.The battle progressed to 5 o clock, and the suppression that was supposed to end in the British plan did not make any progress at all.At the same time, General Canlemu and his companions are still using their influence to call for an end to the battle as 360 mg cbd gummies soon as possible and to negotiate with the mutiny soldiers.Montgomery knew that the longer the battle was delayed, the worse it would be for them The density of the British attack was suddenly strengthened More soldiers were thrown into the suppression, At the same time, more ordinary Egyptians also joined the ranks of solidarity with the Egyptian mutiny soldiers.

Yes, these ungrateful guys Wang Weiyi said it like a parrot Mr.Roliman, where is His Majesty the King What will we do with him It s not a very wise choice to let him stay here.Yes Rolliman, who had no doubts about the identity of Baron Andrew , looked around, If Farouk I continues to stay here, and Cairo may be captured by the enemy.case, then the king is likely to be used by the Germans.So we are ready to evacuate it urgently.Mr.Baron, I think you can take the same boat and go back to England together Wang Weiyi noddedNow, he has figured out the attitude of the British towards King Farouk I , This is indeed a very important pawn.Once Farouk I is sent to London, even if Germany forms a new government after occupying Cairo, the British side can still use Farouk I s influence to give Germany Putting pressure cbd hemp gummies for kids on the new Egyptian government.

Ah, am I a spy If you catch me, will I be hanged for espionage Montgomery thought for a moment I think so, but you can get special treatment You are very popular in England, even if you beat revolution cbd gummy bears us many times.Your Excellency the Baron, if you are arrested, you may be imprisoned for life, I will come to see you often Wang Weiyi haha laughed Thank you, General Montgomery, I think we should be friends , and should not be an enemy.Let s put it this way, essential cbd extract gummies you are equally safe with me, and you will never be harmed.When the war is over, I will release you, but what do you want to soul cbd sleep gummies do during this time I will send someone to do my best to meet all your requirements. I cbd hemp gummies for kids want to write some memoirs.Montgomery s unexpected answer.Oh, memoir Wang Weiyi was a little strange.Montgomery smiled The war will end after all, but no one knows when the next new war will come.

mark.Heisenberg lay on the ground for a long time, until he was sure that the Russian sniper thought he cbd hemp gummies for kids had been shot, and then he slowly climbed to another window, leaning forward to search for the opponent s trace.After a frightening few minutes, Heisenberg spotted the enemy sniper.He was looking at the building he was in through the scope on his rifle, searching for targets.Heisenberg shot him in the forehead.At dusk, a large number of Russian soldiers surrounded in the city center raised their hands and surrendered.They were disarmed and headed south, escorted by several hundred German infantry.630.Biscuits, not bombs.On December 12, 1942, something that touched the nerves of countless people finally happened The honorary Grand Marshal of the German Empire, His Majesty cbd stress relief gummies Kaiser Wilhelm personally conferred the title of Baron Alexon Ernst Brehm Arrival secretly arrives in London.

However, every time he comes out savage cbd gummies review with the marshal, he always makes The equally bold and crazy Klingenberg was very excited.If possible, he was even willing to follow the Marshal all the time.Now, I have decided.Wang Weiyi s words are beyond doubt I will personally take best cbd sleep gummies combining 30 mg cbd gummies with advil and transexemic acid you to rescue our German hero Sergeant Keller.Second Corporal Edim, tell me all the routes the Russians will go cbd hemp gummies for kids through Marshal Edim found his voice trembling the same Yes, he saw Heisenberg, and saw that all the members of the Brandenburg commando were the same as himself, with red eyes We are willing to die for you, Marshal Edim muttered silently in his heart.We are willing to die for you, Marshal But Heisenberg said loudly No matter when and where, no matter how dangerous, we are willing to die for you anytime and anywhere Why die Wang Weiyi smiled If you want to live, live until you see victory, Germany still needs you, my soldiers.

For the sake of victory, a large number of outstanding cbd hemp gummies for kids soldiers fell on the road of charge.Now, Comrade Division Commander has made up his mind to make a breakthrough in the regiment, and the time to test us has come For the sake of the Soviet, I ask you, every commander Officers charge like ordinary soldiers For the Soviets forward For the Soviets forward The blood of every Russian military officer boiled in Comrade Troovich s instigated words.You have to admit that the agitation ability of these commanders in the Soviet army is still quite strong.At 4 o clock in the afternoon.The most tragic scene on the battlefield appeared A large number of Soviet officers appeared on the front line, and they stood at the forefront of the ranks without exception.Most of them have made up their minds For the Soviet Union for their own beliefs fight to the death Ulla The voice resounded on the battlefield again, and the overwhelming Soviet army launched the most terrifying charge.

Yes, I will happily best cbd sleep gummies combining 30 mg cbd gummies with advil and transexemic acid accept this task.Hearing that the Russians finally took the bait and reinforcements were about to arrive, Wang Weiyi smiled in his heart.The important reason why I continue to stay here is to fully grasp the Russians movements and ensure that the main force of the Russians will be completely hooked.Now, it seems that it is almost the same.Comrade Major Wade Ross, I need you to investigate the situation cbd hemp gummies for kids in these areas.Tasotsky pointed at a few points on the map.These places are probably where the Soviet reinforcements are preparing to attack Wang Weiyi thought so in his heart, this snowmen trees cbd gummies can be regarded as an unexpected cbd hemp gummies for kids harvest.Is there any combining 30 mg cbd gummies with advil and transexemic acid hemp waves cbd gummies question, Comrade Major Waderos No problem, Comrade Commander.Wang Weiyi replied very loudly There is only one request.Comrade Commander, the investigation mission this time is different from the previous ones.

Seeing Dawamirski, Straff smiled wryly I have fought the Germans three times, and my guards have almost died Comrade Dawamirski, our reinforcements Where are the troops Davamirsky shook his head in despair In a split second, Straff fully understood Ah, that s what Marshal Voroshilov meant my dear friend.Now we can no longer continue to fight, our troops will be wiped out in less than an hour Dawamirsky fully understood At this moment, Straff pointed to the cruel battlefield We need someone to survive and tell the Supreme Military Council and Marshal Vasilevsky what happened here I ll cover you out Before Dawamirski could finish his sentence, Struff said, No, in terms of military rank, you are higher than me.I should cover your retreat, let alone He smiled miserably My 81st Armored Army is finishedComrade Davamirsky.

At 17 10 on March 17, 1943, Major General Straff, commander of the 81st Armored Army of the Soviet Army, died in battle on the Terek River battlefield , This is purekana cbd gummies reviews consumer reports cbd hemp gummies for kids also the first senior officer killed by the Soviet Army after the Battle of the Terek River broke out.On the same day, the 56th Army of the Soviet Army was defeated, and the 81st Panzer Army suffered a devastating blow.The German army in defense gave the Soviet Union The army took the heaviest blow This is a tragic scene for the Soviet army, with more than 15,000 Soviet casualties, and such casualties actually came from the assault group of the besieged German army.This is even more a disgrace in the history of the Soviet Army The besieged German army actually launched such an invincible counterattack Of course, there are also heroes, such as Major Liaokov of the 81st Armored Army With hundreds of troops, he successfully highlighted the pursuit of the Germans even.

Even the workers brigade commanded by Yashinlev was involved in a fierce battle At the same time, Vasilevsky ordered that the few Soviet troops on the other side of the river also attack the port of Stalingrad at the same time.The only ones standing here are the Myristel battle group and the two thousand Russian Free Army commanded by Liaokov.They had to withstand attacks from both sides, waiting for reinforcements from the 123rd Infantry Division of the Wehrmacht to arrive.certainly.They had support from the Luftwaffe, and at the same time, they had captured Soviet artillery.This will build their solid and powerful defensive foundation.At this time, Wang Weiyi also issued a death order to the 123rd Infantry Division of the National Defense Forces.He must rush to the port of Stalingrad in the shortest possible time, and hold on to the port to do his best for the final victory of the entire Stalingrad battle.

several of the leaders.It was even an execution order signed by Stalin himself.However, no matter how many people were shot, it could not conceal people s panic about failure In contrast, Timilenko, who was appointed by Stalin himself to monitor and detect those who did not stand firmly in Moscow Not so scared.He knew very well that he had helped the Germans a lot in the past, especially the Baron Skeleton.The relationship with myself is quite good, even if the Germans scored in Moscow.As far as the skeleton baron is concerned, he will not do anything to himself.It just seems that the huge power I once held may be about to be lost But at this time, the skeleton baron came again, and now he is at their home A new Russian political situation is about to cbd hemp gummies for kids take shape.Wang Weiyi s words interrupted Timilenko s train of thought.

Well, is it Gaius seemed to be cbd hemp gummies for kids a little polite to the chief centurion, and after a short thought, he said decisively No, this cottage must be captured within three days Now the army in my hand The number is not enough, I can t let six battalions of troops be trapped here Go prepare, and attack again immediately after lunch The Roman officers in the tent looked at each other, and finally the chief centurion was more courageous, Excuse me , Consul Gaius, I think it is basically impossible to capture it within three days, unless Mars, the god of war, descends among us.Didn t keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes cbd hemp gummies for kids you hear me I ordered you to attack immediately after lunch You Do you want me to repeat it again Gaius said cbd thc gummy recipe impatiently as if he didn t hear what cbd hemp gummies for kids the centurion said.Hearing these words, the officers put their right arms across their chests and gave a military salute, then silently exited Gaius command tent.

Wang Weiyi issued the same order.Huge catapults were pushed out, and those Germanians were about to witness the terrible lethality of these weapons.Pieces of boulders were put into the leather pouches of the trebuchets.Then the projectile tip of the trebuchet was pulled down forcefully.The catapult shot by Xiaoling has three gun tips installed on a gun mount, which means that each catapult can fire three ammunition at a time.However, compared with the trebuchets used by the Romans, Xiaoling greatly improved the manpower it needed, using advanced mechanical devices, allowing only 25 soldiers to operate a trebuchet.This is absolutely unbelievable to the Romans.This kind of trebuchet that can fire three keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes cbd hemp gummies for kids ammunition at a time, in the eyes of the Romans.At least 120 soldiers are required to use it, and the loading speed is slow, so it can only be used during siege.

Of course the Baron and the others can escape successfully.But if you have you He didn t go on, but Leonie understood right away, and at the critical moment, she talked about being cbd hemp gummies for kids a burden to the baron.She was a little reluctant, but more concerned Ernst, can you promise me that if it is really impossible to hold this place, can you come back to the base I promise.Wang Weiyi smiled and said And I I have made contact with Xiaoling, when the reinforcements cannot arrive in time.I will force the base to open fire directly, and cbd hemp gummies for kids I will not hesitate to let everything here die I will let Caesar and his purekana cbd gummies reviews consumer reports cbd hemp gummies for kids Roman legion know.They are not as big as they imagined.Powerful, I want to let all the Romans know that they will encounter the fate of destruction anytime, anywhere The companion who came out of the base couldn t help but shiver.

The same failure can change everything.They were really puur cbd gummies review aided by the devil.Now, the Romans have taken that line to heart once Caesar.In the eyes of the Romans, it was a guarantee of victory, but since the outbreak of the Second Battle to Punish the Barbarians, Caesar had suffered one failure after another, and his faith was being shaken in the hearts of the Romans.However, the figures of three people have remained in the hearts of the Romans for a long time the skeleton, the Vulcan and the blood devil Maybe after a long time, the trauma of failure will disappear in the hearts of the Romans, but these three figures The shadow it brings will never disappear.They will be with the Romans for many, many years.The shouting on the battlefield gradually dissipated.Although the cruel battle is not over yet, at least people can finally breathe a sigh of relief When the leaders of the Germanic tribes reunited, each of them had something written in their eyes.

Although the barbarians have narrowed the gap in numbers, they are still a group without Just ordinary people with any training Caesar nodded.Then he turned his attention to Gaius Gayus, in several battles, your legion has not been challenged by the barbarians.But I know that among all my legions, your soldiers are Tell me the one with the most combat effectiveness.How should we win Gaius s heart beat wildly for a while.Caesar s words seem to be accusing himself of something there.He calmed down his emotions Dear Consul, you appointed Deputy Consul Kaleini as the commander in chief on the battlefield.My legion has been in charge of covering the flanks, so it was ignored by the barbarians.I and My soldiers are eager to join the battle and bring glory to Rome He cleverly shifted all the responsibility to Caesar, leaving Caesar speechless.

Then he sat down under the guidance of Servius.on the couch Slaves in light blue jackets first brought plates of oysters with pickled olives.This oyster is fat and tender.Like chunks of tender meat intentionally placed in a clam shell, it melts in your mouth, like a slightly salty sugar cube.Then a large silver plate was brought up containing a huge blue eel that was only produced in Lake Fusara.Gradually, after the clear and mellow wine flowed down their throats drop by drop, the people around the table began to feel hot all over their bodies, with expressions on their faces.A little trance, as if sunk in a mesmerizing, illusory dream.Praise the gods in the sky, and bless the great only consul.Thank you generous Servius, what a blessing to be a Roman Palermon, who was also a poet, beckoned the wine slave to fill his wine glass.

Sweat was dripping from Sevia s face.Without the heavy shield, she could barely run faster than her sister.It was becoming more and more difficult for her to avoid Tiriya s weaponSuddenly, Sylvia staggered.It turned out that she accidentally tripped over the shield on the floor.Tieria didn t miss the chance Goddess of Luck gave her, and swung her sword at the shield with unprecedented swiftness.own prey.At this moment, an accident happened, Sylvia s battle ax came out of her hand, flew fiercely towards Tieria, and hit Tieria do jolly cbd gummies work s right shoulder accurately.Tieria fell down stroking her right shoulder in pain.Seeing that her plan had cbd hemp gummies for kids succeeded, Sylvia quickly picked up the dagger that fell under her feet, and stabbed at her sister without hesitation, with tears in her eyes.Suddenly, Sevia s sword hand was tightly grasped by a firm arm, and then she saw a young and handsome face behind her.

This scene, in the eyes of countless civilians crowded around the square, is very happy.These collectives with great strength gave them great confidence, made them even more proud of Rome s invincible military power, and never took the Danube battle to heart.At the beginning is the most famous legion in Rome, the most beloved unit of cbd hemp gummies for kids the Romans, the famous Knight Legion the Tenth Legion of the Roman Republic.As long as the Tenth Legion is there, no Roman legion dares to walk ahead of them The eagle bearers of the Tenth Legion marched ahead of the entire parade, proudly holding a spear aloft.The underside of the spearhead is cast in the shape of a peach, and a Golden Bull is painted on the flag hanging on the spear.This is the eagle flag of the Tenth Legion It is a symbol of invincibility It is the nightmare of any warrior who dares to face the Tenth Legion Following the invincible banner, the veterans of the Tenth Legion lined up in a neat line.

Surround them Senardi loudly issued such an order.but.There is not much time left for him The barbarian behaved very consistently, not at all the casualness he had on the battlefield in the past.Once the instructions of the skull battle flag were issued, the barbarians quickly began to retreat outwards.The Japanese German warriors in the innermost circle also acted as warriors to stop the Romans for the first time.And among them.Including Wang Weiyi and Richthofen Such a rapid retreat of the Japanese Germans was beyond Senardier s expectations.In his vision, the barbarians would have no points in the outcome.I won t give up so easily.But the reality is like this Under the crazy attack of the barbarians, the Japanese quickly escaped from the encirclement.The Romans had no chance of encircling them at all.

Look, am I persona non grata said Tenardus, cbd gummies mobile al laughing, otherwise why do you stop talking when I come The Saxons laughed, and to tell the truth, Heilmann still liked the Greek.This Greek has been very kind since the first day he came here, without the aloof attitude of those Romans.When the uprising started, he really couldn t bear to kill the Greek.Maybe I still need such a person, Hellman thought so in his heart He can bring more knowledge to the Saxons, he can tell himself many stories about Greece and civilization, and make the Saxons more Get stronger.He can even appoint Turnardus as one of his officials to cbd hemp gummies for kids work for him.It s a pretty good idea Another beautiful love story.Herman found that he liked Tenadusli more.There seemed to be endless stories in the stomach of this Greek Tenadus, when you no longer serve Caesar, the Saxons will always welcome you.

His arrival will pose the most direct threat keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes cbd hemp gummies for kids to Caesar, which is enough to give Caesar a headache.up.But Wang Weiyi cbd hemp gummies for kids s thoughts are not limited to these.On the night when the Germanic League was formed, he decided to return to Rome again.And it will leave tomorrow morning.Is Rome really that attractive to you Or are you worried about the pair of sisters Elina doubted Wang Weiyi s motives for his trip to Rome.Wang Weiyi laughed I have both, but sisters are far less attractive to me than forcing Caesar to take some action in advance.This sentence immediately attracted his companions, Richthofen opened his eyes wide and asked What do you want to do Do something to make history happen earlier.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Caesar will break with Rome sooner or later.He has nothing to do with us now.

Wang Weiyi smiled and said, I can do anything for you.From now on, any actions of Caesar will be heard in your ears immediately.Pompey was satisfied smiled, and Wang Weiyi also smiled with satisfaction.He succeeded in breaking Pompey and Caesar early, and with Caesar s character, he would never return to Rome under such circumstances.Well, he has successfully won the time that the Germans need most Seven hundred and eighty two.Everything about Anthony is already under the control of Wang Weiyi.This walker who can still turn upside down in the era of the Roman Republic is changing this era according to his own wishes.No one can stop what he does, neither Caesar nor Pompey.Rome is now in a state of chaos.The barbarians continued to attack Rome.The invincible Caesar was defeated.Centumalus, who was full of expectations from the Romans and the Senate, not only failed to win the expected victory, but even himself became a prisoner.

The two sides tried their best to fight on this battlefield.Mobilizing all their bestiality People here have completely become beasts in the true sense The spears and short swords in their hands are constantly falling into each other s bodies.Then his body was also mercilessly pierced by the enemy s spear or short sword The Germanic First Army commanded by Wang Weiyi did not directly participate in the battle.They were observing the Romans fighting methods.good location They are learning, despite their previous rigorous training.They must remember how the Romans fought, because sooner or later they will meet Caesar s legions again cbd hemp gummies for kids on the battlefield.Wang Weiyi was also observing.He found that although the morale of the Servius Legion had suffered a heavy blow, they did combining 30 mg cbd gummies with advil and transexemic acid hemp waves cbd gummies not panic at all under the command of Servius.

Don t betray our parents They have all left this world.Looking at Werner s back, Kroller sneered, and then turned his head to Hannah Hannah, continue to get in touch with the Americans and tell them that Germany is willing to surrender, but I only have one condition, and I must guarantee my position of head of state.In addition, I am willing to accept any conditions put forward by the Americans.Hannah hesitated for a while The secret contact with the Americans has never been interrupted, but do you really decide to do this In doing so, we have truly betrayed Germany and our fathers.Hannah, do you also believe in that illusory fairy tale that when Germany is in danger, he will come back There was no emotion in Kroll s voice What I m doing now is actually saving Germany.We are waging a hopeless war, and in sixty days the enemy will be able to occupy the whole of Berlin, and by that time there will be the most terrible destruction.

Behind them is Berlin the capital of the German Empire Under the frantic bombardment of the enemy, a large number of Allied tanks and infantry appeared.Let s get started.Jonall said coldly.He couldn t confirm whether he could lead the officers and soldiers of the whole division through today safely, but they were still in the position, so they had to faithfully fulfill their duties as a German soldier.The Skeleton Division invested their few remaining tanks and assault guns, entangled with the enemy tightly.On the frontal battlefield, no one can easily defeat the Skeleton Master, no One after another Allied tanks were annihilated, and similarly, the number of tanks and assault guns of the Skeleton Division continued to decrease.But for all the officers and soldiers of the Skeleton Division, they don t care at all.

But from the time the Germans left until the Americans came in, the Italians stayed in their cells leisurely and contentedly, and they were willing to come out only when the Americans opened the door.Why such an ally Kars hasn t figured it out yet.The performance of the Italian army on the battlefield was as bad as it could be.When they were in North Africa, they who betrayed the Germans took the lead in attacking the German army, but they were defeated by the unprepared German army.It took a lot of effort for the US military to rescue them.When entering the German mainland, the Italians vowed to the Allied Command that they would act as a forward.As a result, the striker fought against a small number of German troops three times, and each time the result was the same with the absolute superiority of fire support and absolute superiority of troops, he was defeated by the Germans The Commander in Chief of Westmoreland and all the cbd hemp gummies for kids senior commanders of the Allied forces except the Italians have been disappointed with these guys.

Cekowelski.Wang Weiyi replied We will only stay here for HCMUSSH cbd hemp gummies for kids a few days.Colonel Papasolovsky, if you stay here I hope you will forgive me for the inconvenience I have caused you for a few days.Look, our young major has not forgiven my rudeness.Papasolovsky s answer elicited some laughter, Chekvelsky said relaxedly Forget about those unpleasant things.In order to celebrate the reunion of my friends here, I will hold a private banquet in the evening.Colonel Papasolovsky, Major Abel, this is I invite you alone.Ah, I m afraid I have something to do this evening Colonel Papasolovski said this before, and Chekwierski said in a low voice Colonel, our plan needs the assistance of Major Abel.Wang Weiyi was a little dazed when he heard that, but Colonel Papasolovski s expression changed slightly Really Yes, do you think there is anything more suitable than Major Abel s French identity Chekevelski said calmly.

The tank entered the German positions.Then it stopped slowly.A large number of German soldiers immediately surrounded the tank.After a while, the tank s conning tower was opened, and a young officer jumped out of the tank first.This was a jaw dropping scene the officer looked so young, but what he was wearing, what he was wearing, was unbelievable it turned out to be the uniform cbd hemp gummies for kids of the Luftwaffe Marshal In Germany, only a very small number of old generals can recognize this military uniform this is the German Air Force Marshal Red Baron Manfred Albrecht von.A unique marshal uniform that can only be worn by Richthofen No one here can recognize it A Luftwaffe marshal Jonar and Coleham thought hard, but they couldn t think of such a young air marshal in the German army but.The marshal s uniform worn by the young officer, and the marshal s scepter in his hand.

I m General Stoke Olitz.On the phone, General Olitz s voice sounded.To the surprise of these German officials, the general s voice lacked some of the calmness of the past.On the contrary, there is more excitement I am honored to announce to you that in 30 minutes, our long awaited counterattack is coming This will be a counterattack that determines whether the situation in Germany can keoni cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes cbd hemp gummies for kids be reversed.This will determine whether Germany can achieve the final victory.A successful counterattack.And I am even more honored to announce to you that I will not be the one who directs this counterattack The officers were even more surprised, it wasn t Waffen SS General Stoke Olitz, then who is it Marshal, are you ready General Olitz said to the phone respectfully.Yes.I m ready A dignified voice suddenly came from the cbd hemp gummies for kids who owns kushly cbd gummies phone German officers.

General Bach, are you going to shoot me Oh, no, combining 30 mg cbd gummies with advil and transexemic acid hemp waves cbd gummies Marshal.It never occurred to me to shoot you.However, the F hrer also gave me orders for any unauthorized attempts to enter the Empire State Building.will be met with the strongest counterattack.You must know that it was an order from the F hrer to me.Kroller has been relieved of his duties as the head of Germany.That is an order I personally issued.Wang Weiyi was not angry General Bach, you are a general who takes obedience to orders as his vocation, and I also heard that Kroller is kind to you.But you must understand the current situation in Germany, no civil war is allowed, no bloodshed among your own people is allowed.Personal grievances or the future of the country.what do you choose I look forward to your final choice.There was silence on the HCMUSSH cbd hemp gummies for kids other end of the phone for a long time before Bach s voice came again Marshal, is there any hope for Germany Of course there is.

Wang Weiyi has been paying attention to the development of the battle situation.He is proud of having such a unit.Although they have been away for twenty years, German soldiers are still invincible.But at this moment, Wang Weiyi suddenly got a strange piece of news The 33rd Infantry Division of the French Army, which was originally participating in the frontal attack, suddenly withdrew from the battlefield, judging from the direction of their actions.It was moving towards the right wing of the German army there.What s the matter The positive allies did not take advantage of it at all.Why did they suddenly attack the German flank Although it was a defensive position of the German National Army, the German command could quickly mobilize reinforcements when the National Army was under strong pressure, and the Allied forces could not take advantage of it at all.

The boss It was a German, and he enthusiastically poured a glass of beer for the American lieutenant colonel Lieutenant colonel, do you need anything else Can I mix some gin in it Heisenberg suddenly asked.The face of the cbd hemp gummies for kids who owns kushly cbd gummies boss changed slightly Ah, I don t think so, this is the purest German beer, but if you really want to add it, I suggest you add some rum.I am Colonel Heisenberg.said Heisenberg in a low voice.I m Fendoc of the Underground Resistance Colonel, I have orders and you should have arrived yesterday.We had some trouble yesterday, and we were forced to divert when we encountered a small group of American cbd hemp gummies for kids patrols.But it s not a big problem.How is the situation here The artillery brigade poses a great threat to the front line German army, and it must be resolved as soon as possible.

What he was waiting for was the arrival of his troops.It seemed.After the Skeleton Baron came back, the German counterattack had begun in full swing Night fell quickly, and the news from the front was somewhat depressing.It is said that the offensive of those troops was not smooth, and they encountered the most tenacious resistance of the German army.But these have nothing to do with the French artillery, they just need to do their own thing well.Some soldiers who were drunk in the tavern staggered back to their camp with the help of their companions.Soldiers still on duty could only cast envious glances at their companions.damn it.Who keeps them on duty There was also the faint sound of gunfire in the distance.This is the usual practice of the Allies, and they have to use this method to make the enemy feel tired.

Not only here, in order to cooperate with Kerrett s attack, General Garden also invested all his troops on the frontal battlefield.All the soldiers appeared on the battlefield The battle has ended It cannot be described as tragic.At the most difficult moment, as the supreme commander of the German army, Marshal the gummies cbd Ernst Brehm, there were only a few guards left around him, and all his guards were 20mg cbd gummies for anxiety sent to the front line.Paul.Field Marshal Hausser, General Ludwig, and General Olitz frequently called Field Marshal Ernst s headquarters to inquire about his safety.But Marshal Ernst Brahm s answer was always only One sentence I m here, cbd hemp gummies for kids I m fine I m in, I m fine I want to see wins, and I m trying to win them.That s Ernst.Marshal Bram s answer.The artillery shells fell on the position one by one, and the smoke and flames surrounded the entire position.

Of course.I must see your house deeds before Mr.Frost arrives.Ah, ok, If I don t trust you, who else can I trust Kasanovic replied without the slightest hesitation.Wang Weiyi took a sip of coffee.He felt that he was going to earn a lot of money in New York again After Casanovich left, he opened a communication with Xiaoling I remember I bought a lot of real estate in New York for more than 20 years Yes, when the financial crisis broke out, These properties were managed by Hermione for you before.Hermione.Hermione.My friend, unfortunately I will never see her again.Wang Weiyi sighed Can you help me put those house owners The proof documents, ah, are those so called contracts sent to me right away Yes, are you playing with your brain again Wang Weiyi smiled very happily No, you are playing with your brain It s not me, but Elliott and his friends.

Colonel Bodmer s depression was reduced a lot.Yes, the Russians have already fought to the limit.The only thing to consider now is who can persist to the end.When the sun rises tomorrow, will the It is the arrival of a new day Nine hundred and twenty nine.The end cbd hemp gummies for kids of the war Our loyalty is written in blood.No one remembers who said this, but every German soldier in Robinstel is fulfilling this oath.In the city center, in the square, in the cement factory, in every place where you can fight, All German soldiers are fighting with their own best cbd sleep gummies combining 30 mg cbd gummies with advil and transexemic acid lives.Wang Weiyi witnessed the bravery of all the people and how his soldiers cbd hemp gummies for kids fought.When the dawn of the next day came, the entire city of Robinster It was dyed red, the color of flames and blood.The tank numbered 001 has been fighting since it entered Robinstall.

Now is the time for them to taste the fruits of victory.All the children of the Army Junior Division rushed out of their positions roaring and screaming In these days of defensive battles, many young lives remained on this position, and the time to avenge them has already passed It s here Once the anger that has been accumulated for a long time breaks out, cbd hemp gummies for kids it will become a very terrifying force Following the advancing tank, the children vent their sadness and anger purekana cbd gummies reviews consumer reports cbd hemp gummies for kids with the weapons in their hands.When they first stepped onto the battlefield, they were still looking forward to the romance on the battlefield.But when the first shots are fired, they realize that the battlefield has nothing to do with romance.The battlefield it s all about blood and death if Fate forsakes us, if we can no longer return to our homeland.

Notcher found a target worthy of their shooting 098 has a prerequisite for firing.Since the killing radius of the grenade fired by the 50mm gun is not very wide, if it is not a very dense enemy formation.Nocher will not choose to waste shells.Nochier discovered from the periscope that at a distance of about 300 meters directly in front, seven or eight Russians were working together to carry a door It should be a mortar They took into account the curved fire range of the mortar.But the German army was not taken into account If they set up that cannon, the time Noqill wanted the grenadiers surviving around their hulls would be measured in seconds.The muzzle of 098 is gradually raised, just waiting for the order Nocher has given the order to fire Targeted shooting.The car body shook in place, and a high explosive grenade drew an arc.

The rate at which Nocher ordered the fire to fire gradually increased.Because a shell flew out, the Russians in an area completely disappeared, but in a short time, the vacancy would be filled.Not far from the German 098 car body, several grenadiers set up a mg2 heavy machine, which also made Nochier feel sorry for those Russians who only blindly attack If they still choose to charge A hail of shells fell from the sky, knocking two grenadiers operating light machine guns into the air shelling Russian artillery The fried spots are not very vast.Small caliber gun There was a trace of uneasiness in Nuoqier s heart.If it s a small caliber gun, then it s not meant to be used against infantry The second shell came again, blowing up a soldier on the flank of their 098.Smoke and dust everywhere Noqier looked through the periscope.

No matter, I don t know your ability, who else can understand It s just the first cbd gummies zero thc time, and it will be fine in the future.Troman hurriedly comforted me.Okay, don t comfort me anymore, just do it like this. Okay, so what are we going to do next Continue to cause trouble for the Russians and attract their attention Troman didn t want to delve into this issue any further.Sweet shook his head and said The first thing we have to do now is to leave here immediately.I think those damn Russians have learned to take precautions after suffering a few times Nine hundred and eighty five.Death is the end The lazy sun climbed out of the clouds and released its radiance, and a new day has arrived.Court is still hugging the pillow and dreaming sweet dreams, and it has become lazy to stay in this deserted logistics base.

Some of these items are unique and precious cultural relics and works of art whose value cannot be measured by money at all.But in Elijah s view, things are dead, no matter how many things are stored in the bank, if they can t be turned into cash.In fact, it doesn t make much sense.However, his previous thoughts were just a flash.At this time, Mr.Elliott s words have a different meaning Ilya thought about it carefully there Mr.Elliott.Based on your opinion on artworks, how much do you think the oil painting Savior can be worth Are you talking about Da Vinci s Savior Elliott was really surprised this time.After seeing Elijah nodded affirmatively, Eliot said with admiration This is one of Da Vinci s classic oil paintings.It is said that it originally belonged to Charles I, but it disappeared mysteriously later.

Not daring to make a sound, as if a small noise would break the already unusual tranquility and bring about an eternal disasterA ghost like shadow flashed into the trench Contact A German cbd hemp gummies for kids shout broke the silence on purekana cbd gummies reviews consumer reports cbd hemp gummies for kids the ground.Yes, disaster is coming the sound of bayonets piercing the body The enemy is coming Ban Zai Ban Zai Sirens are on the battlefield Echoing, the voices of the American infantry were mixed together, and the frightening sound of long live sounded The American army is coming fire In the thick fog, the American infantry was still charging in groups, and they exposed themselves in front of the defenders when they were almost at zero distance from the defenders.Thousands of U.S.troops suddenly rushed out of the smoke, and the distance from the defenders had reached zero, and countless devil like shadows rushed into the trenches.

This is how the war was originally, and accusations and counter accusations are always full of it After the recovery of Bielerted, this is the first time that a large number of German troops have entered, and they have also been captured by the local German people.Widely welcome.Now, Germany has survived the most difficult stage, and the situation in Germany is improving.Some cities have been recovered by the German army or captured by local insurgents.When the Ernst group arrived here, Bielerted almost poured out of the city, welcoming the army from Berlin with their own greatest enthusiasm.Especially when they learned that this force was actually commanded by Marshal Ernst Brahm himself.The mood of the people has entered a climax.This place has been severely devastated by the war The local mayor, Gorte, was obviously saddened by the damage to Bielerted Your Excellency, the former Bielerted was a small city.

President, I know Ernst.Bram is known as the Baron of Magic, but I think maybe he s cbd hemp gummies for kids not that great yet.Major Jagger must have been our best Secret Service man.You new age cbd gummies don t know Ernst.William s tone actually contained a trace of elusive admiration This baron s magical power is unmatched by anyone.From the First World War to now, he seems to have never failed.No, he has never even failed.Haven t aged.Can you explain all this At least I can t purekana cbd gummies reviews consumer reports cbd hemp gummies for kids find an answer.Yes, maybe Major Jagger is very good, but he is facing a terrible opponent who can no longer be described as excellent I have a strange feeling that Major Jagger has been arrested, General Wren has also been arrested, and we will never get that information again.Turner hesitated for a moment But at least we still have The Harvester William smiled wryly.

Rotini.Look, Mr.Moyol, of course I am willing to do what you say.Rotini decided to struggle for the last time However, this matter is really very important.Well, I think that s the end of our conversation.Wang Weiyi interrupted the other party again I have a better choice than Dewey Bank.I believe that I can be welcomed no matter where I am.Ah, I also want to tell you that after you rejected me, the Lion Fund will use a sum of money to make a full scale acquisition of the shares of Dewey Bank.I believe that based on the current stock price of Dewey Bank, the acquisition funds will not be very large.Rodini s sweat kept flowing Yes, Mr.Moyol will not lie to himself.If he really conducts an all round acquisition of Dewey Bank, then this bank will soon I no longer belong to myself, and the positions of chairman of the board of directors and president will be completely away from me.

He is very clear that the appetite of these investors is very greedy, and they will never put their money into a market for nothing without asking for any return.Although this is not a formal occasion Sinager pondered for a moment But Mr.Wittgenstein, I would like to listen to your suggestion.Wang Weiyi nodded, and Rotini arranged them In a separate room, Wang Weiyi said We can invest up to 1.5 billion US dollars within a do cbd gummies make eyes dilate year Just this sentence made everyone hold their breath, but Wang Weiyi was still like that Slow and calm tone But we ask for some privileges in Paris and even in all the regions where we invest in France.These privileges include economic and political.Guys.I think you will be very surprised why I ask for Political privilege In fact, you know this better than I do.Bureaucracy exists in any country, and we don t want to have to go back and forth to get approval for the same investment Sinager He nodded involuntarilyMr.

The Piroko couple of the U.S.Military Intelligence Investigation Bureau appeared in front of Wang Weiyi.For the good friends in the past, the current Mrs.Delk just looked at them coldly and didn t say a word.She never thought that the Pirokos, whom she regarded as her best friends, would be such people.Apparently the Pirokos were still very embarrassed, and Piroko apologized to Mr.Moyol and said Mr.Moyol, please accept my most sincere apology anyway.You saved Mr.Dona s life.life, but I did something I shouldn t have done.If an apology alone is useful, then such a thing can happen anytime, anywhere.Mrs.Delk said coldly.But it seems that Wang Weiyi doesn t really care about it Ah, I think your identities must be unusual.I don t want to ask you too many things, but what I want to say is that you have your responsibilities, and I can t blame you.

Your Excellency, welcome to London again.Duke Stephen said brightly If I guessed correctly.London will soon be turned upside down and Her Majesty the Queen, whom I have been waiting for, will soon be back.Yes, you guessed right.Duke Stephen.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly The changes in London will surprise anyone, and Her Majesty cbd hemp gummies for kids who owns kushly cbd gummies Queen Elizabeth will soon return to his palace.Ah, Duke Stephen, judging from your current expression, you don t look like an old man with limited mobility.elder I never felt old.Duke Stephen swung his cane vigorously a few times, as if he was fencing If necessary.I can still have a competition with you.Baron, if I don t do this, how can I hide from those who have been watching me How can I do what I want to do Wang Weiyi was a little confused.An old fox like smile appeared on Duke Stephen s face Do you think I m really not afraid of death, and stayed in London for cbd gummies real full spectrum the glory of the so called royal family A dead man has no glory whatsoever.

Sir, I cannot allow you to carry a cello on board the plane.The space on the plane is very tight, and your cello will take up a lot of space.Yes.I am the brother of the Attorney General.Sir, either keep the cello, or you and your cello stay in London, we don t have any Attorney General here.Disorganized voices sounded one after another, men, women and The voices of the soldiers in charge of the inspection were mixed together, and every time they said a word, they had to try their best to raise their knocking voices so that people could hear what they were saying.At this time, a large number of wooden boxes have been sent to the plane and stored in the lower cargo hold of the Galaxy under the supervision of soldiers and federal agents.As for the upper cargo hold, it is where the passengers ride.

He poured himself a cup of coffee.He didn t sleep all night, which made him feel a little sleepy.After drinking half a cup of coffee, he felt more or less comfortable.Roger, come to my office.Colonel Jed s call came in time.When I came to Colonel Jed s office, the colonel seemed very excited Captain, the list of latent teams has been drawn up, and you are the team directly under your leadership.What do you think of the candidates here Captain Roger took over the list and looked at it carefully Caprias character has been a little weak since the first day he entered the cia McCree is a guy who likes work even more than women He knows everyone s personality well, and he can quickly analyze whether this person is suitable for lurking.and the best position for him.And this is what Colonel Jade admired him the most.

When he saw the Mr.Bram recommended by the Sir, he couldn t help but sighed deeply Although I have never how much do fun drops cbd gummies cost seen you in London, I know that there is a Moyol in London.Colonel , you are very similar in terms of age and appearance, if I guess correctly, you are Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Yes, I am Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Wang Weiyi did not deny it at all Now you have two options, one is to arrest me, and the other is to listen carefully to what I have to say.Bacchus smiled wryly You were personally recommended by Sir Monlington.If I arrest you now, then I may become the enemy of many people.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, although I am sure this is not your real name, I am even more sure that you are here to persuade you to surrender.Wang Weiyi nodded Of course, In such a situation, I must be here to persuade you to surrender Listen to me, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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