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I m working on it.Demolition, a lot of things, I will contact you later.I ll go, if I say I don t care, super cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummies diy I don t care Han Chaoyang was in a hurry, and was about to emphasize the seriousness of the problem, when a beeping busy tone came from the phone.No way, now is a typical society of strangers, neighborhood committees, village committees and other flanking forces have withdrawn one after another, and they never care about any disputes between residents or villagers.The attitude has always been to call 110.If you really don t want to call the police, then you Solve it yourself, don t you still have to call the police if you fight It seems that he can only solve it by himself, Han Chaoyang took a deep breath, put away his phone and walked into the property office.What are you doing, don t scare my Yanyan, I ll be in a hurry with you if you scare Yanyan The owner of 1204 is 27 or 28 years old, tall, with exquisite features, heavy makeup, and big eyes with false eyelashes.

2.1 kilometers to the east is Chengdong Passenger Station, across the road is Yanyang University of Science and Technology and the Sixth People s Hospital of Yanyang City, usually with a large flow of people and vehicles, and it is located in the urban rural fringe.Not here, so the bureau leaders think that the Chaoyang Police Department should play a role.The leader s consideration is very reasonable, but the sub bureau has the jurisdiction of the sub bureau, and the police station also has the jurisdiction of the police station.Traffic accidents on Zhongshan Road are under the control of the traffic police.People who are stolen or lost on the bus are under the control of the bus sub bureau.Public security cases or general criminal cases on the opposite side of the road barrier should be under the control of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.

You always catch the fish with great difficulty, and you don t want to throw it away.Not good.Thinking about it carefully, the three old men fell silent.I went to Chenjiaji yesterday morning.I saw a river.The water is very clear.There must be fish.There are no businesses around, and no one stocking them.The three of you can go fishing there, take the 608 bus, and come back at noon in the morning , All the fish caught are wild, neither polluted nor farmed.Is there a wild river in Chenjiaji Yes, it s so close, have you ever been there No one goes there.I didn t go before, but I can go now.Either way, I ll take you there tomorrow morning.I happen to know an old lady in the village.If I m thirsty, I can find a place to drink.Come with us tomorrow morning, you said Since he is also a river chief , he must perform the duties of a river chief.

Construction investors, demolition companies and demolition companies cbd gummies diy The company promised to pay a part, and promised to arrive before Friday.Comrade Su Xian also tried every means to undertake the security business of two residential areas, which is equivalent to having a base, regardless of whether it can create economic benefits, at least it can support people.That s how you should do your job.If you can be flexible.To put it bluntly, there is still a question of courage.Comrade Su Xian is cbd gummies diy capable, competent, and courageous.She is really a heroine, but it is a pity that she will return to her original unit after all There are so many cadres in the grassroots, and there are not many who can really take root in the grassroots and do a good job.District Chief Gao also has a good impression of Su Xian, and he said with regret Don t talk about Huayuan Street, our temple in Yandong District is too small.

Check your ID card and residence card.Hurry up sera relief cbd gummies amazon and open the door.Here we are, getting dressed.The siheyuan of the small house, the second floor of the landlord s house faces south, and the bungalows on the east, west and south sides are full of foreigners, one next to the other, a total of 12 rooms.Light appeared in the small windows one after another, and the small doors opened from the inside one after another.Two middle aged men in their 40s came out of the room by the well, one was wearing a T shirt, the other was shirtless, handed over his ID card and muttered Only an ID card, no temporary residence permit, don t you need a temporary residence permit now We didn t check your temporary residence permit, we checked your residence permit.Xu Hongliang took the ID card to look at the photos on it, then looked at their appearance, and then swiped green ape cbd serenity gummies it on the patrol interrogation terminal to confirm that they are not fugitives , Probe into the small room again, and found a pile of carpentry tools in a mess, and handed over the ID card to Shi Lijun for registration.

Guan Yuanyuan didn t know what Han Chaoyang was thinking, he was thinking about whether to go out and call the director, when Director Cai and Director Su came out, Bureau Du and Xi Da personally saw him off, and even shook hands with the patrol team members one by one, and kept going.Send them to the car and watch their car drive out of the branch office compound.Ju Du, Xi Da, II Guan Yuanyuan ran up to the two leaders, wanting to explain the matter clearly, but he opened his mouth and didn t know where to start.Go upstairs and talk to my office.Yes Bite the bullet and walk into the office on the second floor with the two leaders.Deputy Director Xing walked in quietly and whispered a few words to Bureau Du, then stood aside quietly.Du Ju glanced at him with a straight face, sat down and asked, Guan Yuanyuan, where is that Ji Qingyun you arrested It was really captured by the police in our station, and it was also compared by the police in our station.

Fool old men and old ladies to travel, go out with a group, don t .

will cbd gummies fail a drug test?

spend money, travel expenses, board and lodging expenses All are borne by their company, not only the old men and women from Factory 527, but also those from Chaoyang Village and Dongming Community.Old Xu paused, then added I have seen this kind of thing a lot, they are high level liars, using The children of the old people are not around and there is no chance to care for them.They talk to the old people, go to the mountains and rivers with the old people, ask about their health, even serve the old people to eat, wash their feet, and play the card of warmth.In the end, the old people are really sorry , Those who didn t want to buy it would buy tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of insurance from them.Those guys are not only high level liars, but also legal liars.

Liu Suo paradise island cbd gummies zebra and the others also had nothing to do with the masses who surrounded the street cadres, they could only persuade them with earnest words.And they only have a few mouths, not to mention that the owners are indeed reasonable, and they can t justify them at all.Director Gu s situation was getting worse and worse.Not only was he sprayed with saliva, but he even went from cbd gummies diy being pushed to being pulled.The button of cbd gummies diy can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 the short sleeved shirt was undone, and a chubby female owner held his arm tightly a female cadre who worked with Director Gu was pushed and pulled by the emotional owner, and burst into tears The most worrying thing is that the owners outside are still squeezing in, the door watermelon gummies cbd of the sales department is locked, and people inside, including street officials, have no way to retreat.

What will happen.It should be, Director Gu, take a breath first, I ll ask about the situation ahead.Stop drinking, I ll go ahead and have a look.This is just the beginning, Director Gu dare not be here After staying for a long time, seeing that Grandpa Gu and his senior brother had followed the last row of owners on the road, Han Chaoyang simply put down the walkie talkie, opened the door and called Director Gu and street cadre Zhang Yuling to get into the car.They rushed to the front to make arrangements, while Grandpa Gu and Yu Zhenchuan slowly followed the big troop on foot.Yu Zhenchuan looked at the urban management law enforcement vehicles that passed by, and couldn t help saying Master, Chaoyang is fine, and he rescued the street leaders in a few words.See very clearly.He looked around and said nonchalantly, If you were you, you could also rescue the street cadres.

The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the more amusing he became.The more he thought about it, the more he felt that what the master said made sense.Sometimes the words of the leader can only be listened to and never taken seriously.Li Xiaobin was asked to follow the police car on the suspect s electric car, and rushed to the Shuxiang Hotel without stopping.He first checked and copied the surveillance video, and then made a record for the owner.Although everyone has proved that the electric car belongs to the owner, it cannot be returned for the time being.The owner needs to go back cbd gummies diy to the dormitory to find the car purchase invoice.Han Chaoyang assisted in these matters, while Cao Mingzhi took the time to interrogate the suspect in the car.After Han Chaoyang finished the record, copied the video, and explained everything to the owner, the suspect also opened his mouth and confessed to the crime of stealing the electric car, but claimed that it was a first time offender and refused to admit that he had stolen other things.

Looking up, the gray sky has been washed clean, and the gorgeous fire clouds are particularly spectacular.People have raised their mobile phones to take pictures of this rare sunset.Although the rain had stopped, the water on the road was still deep.While directing the traffic, Han best cbd gummy for sleep best cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes Chaoyang .

do cbd gummies require a prescription?

and his team members guarded the well to drain water.Cars passed by each other.Although the drivers were careful, the muddy water brought up by the wheels kept splashing on their bodies and even their faces.It wasn t until night fell, until the water on the main road cbd gummies diy of Zhongshan Road was almost drained, that everyone picked up the broom, swept the last bit of muddy water on the road into the nearest well, cleaned up all the floating garbage, and then covered the well.Rolling up the warning belt, dragging his tired body back home.

The law Cheating What are you doing, if you don t believe me, search the Internet. So even if you do meritorious service, your salary will not be raised until the end of the year It must be the end of the year, are you short of money I am short of money, but no one is short of money., I m just asking, I never thought about asking you to borrow money. The junior sister is very lonely, even though she lives in the same city, she is always so busy, it s rare to have a phone call with her.Han Chaoyang chatted with her, several team members walked into the meeting room with food, Captain Tang followed in a new uniform.Braised miscellaneous fish, watercress carp, crucian carp soupthe entire whole fish banquet , the ingredients are all caught by Li Xiaobin and the others at the Chaoyang River in the afternoon, and the aunt who cooks is off work.

What do you mean by that Can I still harm Chaoyang He is now Grandpa Gu s closed disciple and the most handsome policeman in Yanyang.We all have to learn from him.The relationship between you two is well known.If you don t work hard, aren t you holding him back, aren t you smearing his face It must be admitted that these words make sense.In the super cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummies diy past few days after being transferred from the Chaoyang Community Police Office, Xu Hongliang has been working harder and harder, and his work performance can be imagined.Working overtime at both ends has no time to read books.If this continues, I will definitely not pass the exam next year.You are right, there is no need to spend any more time.I will resign tomorrow, no, I will report my resignation when I get back.True words I don t count on this salary to live, why can t I quit.

I don fun shippers cbd gummies t know, the superior asked us to check.Got it, I m watching the groups I added, maybe some people don t read the group chats, I ll check them one by one.Okay, just ask, I There is still something going on here, please help me inform Changsheng and the others, and all the fellow villagers will help to ask.Chapter 134 Buying a House I thought that the villagers of Yangguan No.3 Team and the outsiders who rented in Yangguan No.3 Team would be the most likely to know the details of the surname Yao, so I rushed to ask a few of them.As a result, not only the people from the criminal police .

does keoni cbd gummies really work?

team had already asked, but they also had questions about the surname Yao.Yao didn t have the slightest impression.It s normal to think about it, since a suspicious person has been found, it is impossible for the task force not to organize a police investigation.

After hearing what you said, I think Zhang Qiuyan must know something.No matter what happened to Qiao Xianhong or what he did, it is impossible to hide it from her., Even if you want to hide it, you can t hide it And a normal woman can t be as calm as her when encountering this kind of thing, Director Lin also joined in, analyzing seriously and professionally If my husband ran away, a I don t call home, I don t know where he is, I don t even know if he will come back, I must plan for myself, otherwise how will I live alone, how will I raise the child Director Lin, if it were you,what will you do Look first, if you can t find it, call the police.I don t know what the law stipulates.Anyway, if you don t come back after a long time, you will be counted as missing.Then you can remarry and start over.

The tube building where her family used to live in was bought during the housing reform.The neighbors felt that the housing environment was not good, so they bought commercial houses and moved out one after another.Another chance.I didn t buy it when the house price was more than 2,000, I didn t buy it when it was more than 4,000, and I didn t buy it when it was more than 6,000.I didn t realize that I couldn t wait until it rose to more than 9,000, and the area of the Tongzilou where her family lived was not large., The environment of the family home is not good, and it is an old house of more than 40 years, so it can t be sold at all.Now think about how to calculate and lose.Your family is different from his family.You are a girl but not a boy.Your parents have no sense of urgency.Su Xian smiled, and continued My family is also a girl, and I think the same as your parents.

I sent him to the No.6 Hospital of the City.He was in the intensive care unit just after the examination.The doctor said it was a cerebral infarction caused by diabetes, and the cerebral infarction caused stomach bleeding Cerebral infarction, stomach bleeding, the person is unconscious, and is in the intensive care unit Xia Yunkui didn t know Luo Chunjun well, they were found by someone else, and they didn t know that Luo Chunjun was sick at all.When they had dinner at night, they thought he had a cold and that he was not acclimatized.He was the one who found him, and he was immediately stunned.Boss Xia, Boss Xia, are you listening Yes, Officer Han, he is sick.He was already sick.It wasn t a work related accident, nor did he fall down on our construction site.I know, Boss Xia, I didn t Other meaning, just want to invite you to come over, after all, he is your worker, and please contact his relatives as soon as possible.

Junfeng, you and Xiaobin take a few more people down to let the workers go to work.Come up the others are divided into two groups and check with us.Yes He Hong, deputy squadron leader of Chaoyang Squadron of Huayuan Street Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade, asked eagerly Han Da, what about us Just investigate and deal with it.Okay, Xiao Cui, follow me.Following Han Chaoyang s order, more than 30 heavily armed patrol members rushed into the construction site aggressively, wearing black special police uniforms cbd gummies diy and anti theft helmets.Some of them were holding shields and steel forks, and some were holding explosion proof shields and throwing sticks.Liu Gong was taken aback, wondering if this is a small policeman, why so many people were called by one phone call What made him even more anxious was that the two urban management officers actually listened to him.

Can it be done The special subsidy for the management cbd gummies for kids wisconsin of migrant population has been approved, and now it is short of supporting funds.20,000 yuan is not much, and the village is working Find a way.As soon as the money is in place, we can arrange people to go over here, and then you will be much more relaxed.Others may not be able to set up the public security defense team, but this one in front of him can definitely.Old Xu knew how highly valued he was by the street leaders, and was about to say a few nice words to flatter him, when Han Chaoyang suddenly asked Old Xu, when you came over, did Xiaobin and I catch those boys on Shijia Road at night cbd gummies diy cbd thc hybrid gummies peaks dispensary cbd gummies Let s go. How did you deal with it It s no secret that the office is very lively in the morning.Old Xu lit a cigarette, couldn t help laughing and said Detention is not enough, how can we deal with it, we can only hit 50 boards each, let the surname Bao give the boy the wages in arrears, and then fine him, it s like punishing him alone five hundred.

That s true, besides, it has nothing to do with us, and we will continue to patrol for them when we have the money If you don t have any money, you can withdraw people. Da Han, Manager Jin, let s talk about the matter at hand first, then set up another class, who will be the monitor, and who will come over To take money from someone else is to work for others, Once the money is in hand, someone will start to work tonight, cbd gummies diy and Xiao Zhong feels that he should be responsible to the employer.When it came to the personnel management of the security company, it was hard for Han Chaoyang to express his opinion, so he asked with a smile, Manager Jin, who do you think is the right squad leader Xiaokang and Xiaoyu are both qualified, but Xiaokang will take the civil service exam next year.Since he won t last long and we can t affect his studies, let Xiaoyu take it.

This matter can t be handled well.It will affect the morale of the team, Han Chaoyang thought about it and added After the drunk driving is checked, take them all to the prison, lock them up for a few hours, wait for them to wake up, then ask them and make a record.Okay, we will listen to you.After waiting at the west gate for about ten minutes, the traffic police arrived.Lao Ji greeted Han Chaoyang, advanced to the surveillance room to watch the surveillance, and after reading the copy, he brought two auxiliary policemen, Han Chaoyang and others to Building 2, and took the elevator to the door of the owner who was suspected of drunk driving.Who is it From the police station, go to the house to investigate and find out the situation.From the police station, what can I investigate here Furious.

Han Chaoyang had nothing to worry about.Just as he went downstairs to go back, he saw Lao Hu and Lao Ding coming back with a suspect.It looks familiar, as if I have seen it somewhere Han Chaoyang signaled Li Xiaobin and the others to wait a moment, and stood in the hall waiting for Lao Ding to lock the suspect into the detention room.He walked up and asked curiously, Inspector Ding, what did you do just now What did Liu Suohe think of him The change does not mean that Lao Ding s view of him has changed.In fact, not only has he not changed, but he has become more disgusted by Guan Xiyuan s stimulation from time to time.Just do your job well, and don t inquire about what you shouldn t.Lao Ding opened the anti theft door and climbed upstairs without looking back.Han Chaoyang got his nose dirty, and after thinking about it, he walked to the door of the detention room and observed the suspect through the small window on the iron door.

The people who can live here are cbd gummies side effects best cbd gummy for sleep either rich or expensive.You can t scare the snakes, dare not disturb the security of the villa area, let alone the owners inside.No police car came in, and the police all came in quietly from the southwest corner of the water park over the wall.Vice captain Jiao of the anti drug brigade of Yandong Public Security Bureau also squatted for more than three hours, and was also bitten by mosquitoes for more than three hours.In fact, it must be gathering people for skating, hold on, and wait to see if anyone else comes.Got it.Since being transferred to the task force, Liang has not had a good night s sleep.Dongsheng was tired and sleepy, and wanted to smoke a cigarette to refresh himself, but he could only put the cigarette under his nose and smell it, not daring to light it, for fear of being exposed.

Maybe you can still use coupons.Look at offline, try on offline, and then buy online, no wonder the physical store can t open Han Chaoyang couldn t help giving a thumbs up Honey, you really know how to live.I m not a rich person like Tang Xiaoxuan.I only have that little salary a month.Can t I be careful Huang Ying picked up the drink and continued I I also know that the quality of buying online may not be as good as buying in a physical store, but summer clothes can be worn for a few days, and they will cbd gummies diy not be popular next year.It doesn t hurt to drop it. It makes sense, I ll buy it online in the future. Do you need to buy clothes, just wear a police uniform Huang Ying couldn t help but give him a supercilious look when the blind date was actually wearing a uniform.Knowing that she wasn t really angry, Han Chaoyang smiled resentfully, and immediately changed the subject My wife, your mother is really kind.

He would rather be a chicken head than a phoenix tail.Director Wang is neither willing to be a deputy nor an honorary person.He rejected endoca cbd gummies the nominations for the vice chairman and honorary chairman, and served as a volunteer like most of the participants.Because he voluntarily withdrew, Mr.Liang was successfully elected as the vice chairman.One director and two deputy directors, and the second vice chairman is Aunt Wang from Dongming New Village.Director Su promised to clear up an office for the foundation to use, and asked Han Chaoyang, Chen Jie, cbd gummies diy can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 and Zheng Xinyi, who worked overtime last night and did not come today, to directly discuss with the foundation as long as it involved Xiao Binbin and other matters related to helping the poor.With so many people who are enthusiastic about public welfare willing to take over , Han Chaoyang couldn t wait for it, and vowed to support and cooperate with the foundation s work in the future.

As soon as Han Chaoyang hung up the phone, Huang Ying asked with a puzzled look What s the matter, what made you frown College students claim to have seen Qi Tingting, claim to know where Qi Tingting is, and even take us to find them.They are locals.They not only watched our performance in Yanghu Park at night, but also lined up to take a photo with me, because they didn t close at the back.At that time, I promised to reunite after the performance, but we slipped away as soon as the performance was over, causing them to wait for more than half an hour in vain, and they were very angry, and asked me to give them an explanation.Let you attract bees and butterflies, I knew there would be trouble, but I didn t expect it to come so quickly You can t blame me, it s all caused cbd gummies diy by Director Su.You can do whatever Sister Su asks you to do, you are a three year old Huang Ying asked She rolled her eyes at him, and asked cbd gummies diy angrily What should we do now, what do they want to say Theythey want me to treat them to dinner, watch a movie with them after dinner, sing with them after the movie, eat supper with them after singing, and treat the police as escorts You say that college students nowadays are really I don t know what they are thinking all day long, which shows how failed the current higher education is.

Hurry up and accompany Qi Gong to find the child, and remember to send Xiao Zuo and Xiao Tang home after you find it.Yes Yingying, cbd gummies side effects best cbd gummy for sleep you also go together, isn t that child working as a waiter, he should rest now On such a hot day, it is inconvenient for Chaoyang and Xiao Wu to enter the girls dormitory, you hot chocolate cbd gummie recipe can help me.Okay.It s good if you can find it, Director Wang and Director Su sent everyone to the dormitory.At the door, holding the door of the patrol car, he exhorted Xiao Qi, Xiao Lu, we must pay attention to methods and methods in educating children.Now children are under so much pressure to learn, and they should pay attention to step cbd gummies diy by HCMUSSH cbd gummies diy step learning.Not paying attention to methods and methods will only be tree of life cbd gummies counterproductive.After finding it, add more care , don t just hit with your hand, or curse with your mouth.

They have bought a house and have no time to go back to live in it.They have to pay several million mortgages.It would be a huge waste if they are idle.Bureau Du understood Han Chaoyang s difficulties very well, and pondered Xiao Han, it s a good thing that you can think that this may be involved in illegal business operations.In fact, this is not a general illegal business operation, but a special illegal business operation.Legislation lags behind.Many industries now They are growing savagely.We are government officials, and we cannot break the law and follow the trend.So you can t rent short term It s not impossible at all.Don t worry, I ll call and ask for you.Only when you live in peace can you be happy Ye, the young man s difficulties must cbd gummies diy be solved with help Director Du dialed a phone number of a legal policeman in front of everyone, asked about the details for a while, put down the phone and said with a smile Xiao Han, first of all, just like you worried about, it is not okay to hang up the short term rental on the Internet, the local police station It will be very troublesome to find your place, and it will not be good if you know that you are a policeman.

Speaking of which, they is cbd gummies safe to take while pregnant always attach great importance to the construction of a safe campus, and hope to deepen exchanges and cooperation with the internal security team of the sub bureau to maintain campus security.Stability, work together to do a good job in the ideological security and network information security of colleges and universities, what to say will, as always, taking 200 mg of cbd gummies vigorously cooperate with the work of the Internal Security Brigade, continue to deepen the linkage mechanism between the police and the school, and jointly escort the development and construction of the school.In fact, they don t take the sub bureau seriously at all, and want to really study the internal security work with them.The deputy director of the municipal bureau and the internal security branch leader who are in charge of internal security will come forward.

Chapter 229 What is this A new day, a fresh start Han Chaoyang went to the police station first, and then accompanied Lao Chai, a community policeman, to Yangguan Village.He ran all morning and returned to the police office after 10 00 noon.live smile.The father in law and mother in law were so kind, not only agreed to Huang Ying s move but also helped to move.In the morning, I found a van and pulled over the old big bed, desk, dining table, refrigerator and washing machine.I felt that the big ass color TV in the past couldn t keep up with the times, so I went to the mall to buy a 32 inch LCD TV, and I m currently helping to install the curtains.I could feel that they were decorating the PolyU dormitory as a wedding room, and sent more than a dozen photos to ask how it was and if it was okay.

There are relatively few policemen in the institute, there are only six people in total, including the director, instructor and a deputy director.There is no auxiliary police, no co workers, not even an aunt who cooks.It is said that the entire Longdao County Public Security Bureau only dispatches all auxiliary police from the county seat.The county bureau assigned two 110 police cars to the office, and the two cars parked next to the police cars belonged to internal staff Zou Zecheng and community policeman Zhang Tianxiang.In other units, there may be cases of private use of public vehicles , but here it is generally private vehicles for public use.In the morning, the instructor drove a police car to the county to deliver materials and picked him up.The case handling police officer Lao Chang and the internal staff Zou Zecheng drove another police car to the police.

Chapter 246 Drug Dealer 1 Brother Jiang, what s wrong The village cadres who were doing some ideological work for the elderly said hello and quickly ran out of the yard to find a toilet.Han Chaoyang didn t care, and stayed where he was, preventing the kids watching from knocking over the tripods that supported the digital cameras, and preventing them from messing around with the computers.I didn t expect Jiang Li to go there for more than ten minutes.I really wonder if he fell into the latrine.What was even more unexpected was that after he came back, he would not continue to do the ideological work of the few remaining old people.While talking and laughing with the villagers, he quickly packed up the equipment, said goodbye to the village cadres, and carried the equipment on his back.go home.

The leaders were upstairs studying what Han Chaoyang couldn t hear, and even if he could hear, he couldn t understand.Instructor Hang greeted the first plainclothes person who got out of the car, and then took everyone to the two adjacent offices.Not only closed the door, but even drew the curtains.It is worth mentioning that although the twenty or so reinforcements who just arrived were all in plain clothes, almost all of them were carrying bags in their hands.No need to ask, they knew that they should be equipped with weapons and equipment.Officer Chang, Lijiayao is so far away from smiles cbd gummies cbd gummies diy the township government, why is it so mysterious It s too eye catching, and if people passing by see it, a phone call will make it known to everyone.Thinking about it, too, who would come to such a remote place if there is nothing to do, so there must be something happened to so many policemen at once.

Thinking of this, Jiang Li couldn t help sighing In the final analysis, I still have no courage.I hope he doesn t run far away.I really hope he runs towards us.He ran away from under our noses, and we should catch him Go back.As a policeman, Han Chaoyang can understand his feelings at this moment.But there are not so many ifs cbd gummies diy in this world, and he didn t do anything wrong at the time.However, it is useless to say any consolation now, so I simply changed the topic What are those people doing in the village Jiang Li licked his dry lips, and continued The head of the criminal police of the provincial department, the deputy director of the city bureau in charge of criminal investigation, the head of the criminal police detachment, and the head of the anti drug detachment are all here.The superiors attach great importance to it, and the county should also pay attention to it.

Shi Bureau After a pause, he added I have arranged for the police to go back to the county to visit the taxi drivers and black car drivers who solicit passengers around the bus station, and the minibus drivers and car owners who run cbd gummies diy can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 the Xinying line, to see if they can figure it out.How did he come back Expand the scope of the interview and inquiry, and investigate the surrounding towns as well.Yes Old Shi, we will divide the work.The found murder case is responsible cbd gummies no effect for tracing the clues of how Feng Changdong sneaked back, and tracing whether he has any accomplices.The political commissar and Lao Xia are in charge of logistics support.From now on, we will all work in two shifts until the suspect is arrested and the murder case is solved.Second.Chapter 156 Manhunt 5 At dawn, the manhunt officially kicked off.

Send away Zhang Jinhai, instructor Xu and Kang Suo who just ate.Han Chaoyang wore all the single police equipment, and like Grandpa Gu, Lao Tang, and Miao Haizhu each led three patrol members to start patrolling.The students will report tomorrow.It is impossible for them to come tomorrow.It is obvious that there are more cars and people on Zhongshan Road than usual.Some came by taxi, some took the bus, and some parents drove super cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummies diy their children.The business of the surrounding hotels HCMUSSH cbd gummies diy and hostels has never been so good.Grandpa Gu is responsible for checking the hotels and hostels on the south side of the road.He is not looking for fugitives, but wants to remind those parents and students who come from remote areas and the economic conditions are not very good to take good care of their personal belongings.

I ll let the workers clean it up, so as not to get in the way.A bit of ridicule, even with a bit of sarcasm People are under the eaves, and labor and management recognize it.Ten years is not too late for a gentleman to take revenge.After you have the ability, don t ask the Yandong Branch, especially the Zhongshan Road Integrated Police Platform for assistance.Han Chaoyang cursed secretly, and was about to go back to continue sifting sand, when He Yichang, the most powerful economic investigation policeman in the sub bureau and the youngest squadron leader, suddenly called.Chaoyang, I heard that you are on the project again, and you are going to make meritorious service again It was also teasing, but it was pleasing to the ear, and Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing Captain He, since you know that I am on the project again, then I must know what I m doing.

Aren t you two, and you are at the scene, you can try to check first. Let s check Sifting the sand requires only one person watching That s enough, another person can go to visit and inquire.It s not that you don t have police access, and it s not that you don t have permission to log in to the intranet.It s a very simple matter.If you find clues, report them in time.My mobile phone is open 24 hours a day, and you can always Call me.Just know that you can t be troublesome Yesterday, I had a lot of mouth, and I wasted a day.Today, being pestered by Wu Wei tirelessly, I called to report this so called speculation casually, which resulted in a lot of trouble.Han Chaoyang, who was in the gravel factory but was in the Third Provincial Hospital, was extremely depressed.He put down his phone and smiled wryly, Angkor, you heard what the stone bureau said.

How good it is to make money with harmony, so it must be done like this.Chapter 300 Who would play pranks Chang Mazi has the motive of framing or even just wanting to disgust the boss, but Chang Mazi is not what it used to be.Now he is a big boss with a net worth of millions or even tens of millions, and has been dealt with by the public security organs However, no matter how much he hated Boss Hou, he was unlikely to do such a stupid thing.But the people under him are hard to tell.There are many part time workers who will do anything to please the boss.From the words of Master Wang orgnic cbd gummies pharma canna and Master Qian, it can be heard that the reason why these two big bosses who deal in sand and gravel and ready made concrete are in dire straits has something to do with the cbd gummies diy help of the people working under them.

After finally waiting for the ceremony to end, just as he was about to say hello to the school leaders and return to the gravel factory, Xie Lingling suddenly came over and tugged at his sleeve, and while letting him look at his phone, he muttered, I said that was a bad idea, don t you believe me .Look, this is a big trouble Looking down, it was a video of Xu Hongliang leading a team to welcome Mr.Liang s grandson.The bride should have just picked her up at this moment, and she should be standing at the gate of the Royal Court Hotel to welcome the relatives and friends who attended the wedding.Unexpectedly, what happened on the way to pick up the bride has already been uploaded to the Internet by netizens.Cai Shijie and the others really don t look like good people The comments on Weibo are all scolding, such as black bosses welcoming their relatives, hundreds of big hands mobilized, the scale is astounding The scene in the Hong Kong film reappears strongly urge the public security organs to find out who is so sacred, and strongly urge the political and legal organs to crack down on this kind of underworld.

Teng Jiming thought for a while, then asked Where did they find the body In the grass under the approach bridge on the north bank of the No.2 Beitai River Bridge.Who is that person He looked in the direction of his finger before reacting, and hurriedly explained Report Tengda, his surname is Xu, and his name is Xu Hongliang.He is a patrol member of our Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Brigade.He graduated from the Provincial Judicial Police Academy.We worked at the Huayuan Street best cbd gummy for sleep Police Station, and he came to deliver things to us.Considering the lack of manpower, I asked him to go with me to the cbd gummies diy can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 opposite bank to arrest the suspects, and I asked him to help guard them after we brought them over.What kind of patrol team, Also hidden dragon and crouching tiger.Teng Jiming figured out the basic situation, didn t want to waste any more time, and walked into the office without looking back.

Han Chaoyang hurried downstairs, took out his keys and got into the car provided by the special case team, and while calling Wu Wei, he rushed to the bureau with the steering wheel in his hands.When the car slowly drove into the compound of the sub bureau, police cars were already parked in front of the hall, including four explosion proof cars painted in black, and dozens of special police officers with live ammunition were sitting in the cars and waiting for orders.What was even more unexpected was that an old acquaintance, He Yichang, also came, running upstairs with his bag in his arms.Captain He, wait.Han Chaoyang pushed open the super cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummies diy car door and ran after him.Chaoyang, why are you here He Yichang stopped in his tracks and subconsciously turned around to ask.Boss Feng asked me to come here.

The leaders went downstairs together, and the yard became empty.There were only three police cars left in front of the hall, and there was no one in them.It was unknown where Bureau Feng and Bureau Du were handling cases.Although Han Chaoyang was 9.A member of the 18 special case team, but people are self aware, very clear that after all, they are just a community policeman, and they are really not good at investigating cases, so they didn t think much at all.A leader, go to the cafeteria and wait for the master to help Li Xiaobin and Xiaokang make supper.Chapter 348 Seeing each other is worse than not seeing each other He Yichang hurried to the bank.The stainless steel shutter of the business hall on the first floor had already been pulled down, but the counter was still brightly lit.As the most powerful economic investigation policeman in the sub bureau, he can be called a frequent visitor here.

Prevarication, push the case to the Gaoxin District Bureau, you think I don t know.He was already very tired outside, Huang Ying didn t want him to still think about work after returning home, got green mountain cbd gummies review up and opened the cabinet, found out the violin Sheng Yanwen gave him, returned to him and said This is a gift from someone, Courtesy is reciprocal, and there is reciprocity, and she will leave tomorrow morning, and I don t know what to send back for you.Stradivari, the king of the violin Han Chaoyang really thought his eyes were dazzled, so he sat up and took the piano box and carefully looked at it.After confirming that he was right, he hurriedly stood up and put the piano box on the dining table, opened it carefully, stroked the strings of the piano body for a while, and went back She turned her head and said with a bitter face My wife, this gift cbd gummies diy from her is too expensive, we can t take it back.

A girl can t be compared with a boy.She is 25 this year.If you don t talk about it, you will become an old girl if you drag it on.People in the city say they are leftover women, if there are leftovers, what should I do, when the time comes, I will be higher or lower Uncle Miao, my mother told me last night, I will help take care of it.Huang Ying turned her head Looking at Teacher Ma, he added Don t worry, Sister Haizhu has such good conditions and a good job, she will definitely not be a leftover girl.What s the keoni cbd fs 500mg gummies use of good conditions and good work, she has a bad temper, I know what my daughter is like.Boss Miao patted the table and said with a sigh It used to be difficult at home.I was busy with business, and her mother was busy farming.No one cared about her.I just let her go crazy.At first Crazy girl, she became a tomboy later, and she is still a tomboy now, do you think I am worried, are you in a hurry Huang Ying chuckled, Uncle Miao, Sister Haizhu is not what you said It s not much better Boss Miao looked sideways at Director Qi, then at Father Han, and said slowly, Yingying, Chaoyang, I think so, we are just a child like Haizhu, no matter how much money we earn, we still don t give it to her She is not in a hurry to find a partner, we have to be in a hurry, thinking about helping her buy a house in Yanyang, so it will be easier to find.

While the mother in law and daughter in law were chatting, Han Chaoyang had rushed to Sutou Village where Huo Xuebin s family was.His family built a small three story western style building on the mountainside.The exterior walls are covered with imitation marble tiles, aluminum alloy doors and windows, and many decorative materials such as Roman columns are used.There are many cbd gummies side effects best cbd gummy for sleep buildings but the exterior walls are not decorated much.The village is particularly conspicuous.The entrance is a piece of concrete poured on the ground, which can be used to dry grain during summer and autumn harvests.It can be used as a parking cbd gummies chesapeake va lot at ordinary times, and can park a dozen cars.At the same time, it can be imagined that his family may be the richest in the village a few years ago.Huo Xuebin s father, Huo Jianliang, was at home.

As long as you support me, I will have confidence.Han Chaoyang smiled and said vigorously cbd gummies diy Master said that I have a high starting point, but in fact I have a good foundation.Occupying the precious land in Chaoyang Community, you can come to a place close to the water to get the first month.I also serve as the captain of two voluntary security patrols.I have made so many friends who support my work, let alone Wu Wei who worked with me.Even Guan Xiyuan can t compare with me Don t take it lightly, one radish and one hole, if the police station in cbd gummies for snoring front of the station is really set up, there are really several officers and deputy officers, I don t know how many people will be watching, It will definitely not be Wu Wei and Guan Xiyuan who will compete with you at that time.My wife, you are right to remind me that the people who are qualified to compete for these positions will definitely be much better than Wu Wei and Lao Guan.

After all, Xinmin Community is also the patrol area of our police platform.It would be great if everyone had your awareness and sense of responsibility like you.Bao Suo smiled, and then changed the topic When Zhen Chuan came back this morning to apply for a summons, he said that your office planned to hold an event to celebrate your master s retirement.How to do it, have you thought about it No, Liu So I thought, what do you think I can make up my mind on such a big matter You know the temper of the master, there is no way for you Liu Suo to let you make up your mind.Why is there no way, Bao Suo, I don t quite understand.If there s anything we don t understand, we ll take the lead in doing it.If it s too shabby, the master will think it s extravagant and wasteful, and even drive him away and force him to take off his police uniform.

His family was not the only one who built a shed by the side of the road.His mother was busy selling fruits every day, so she probably wouldn t go to the back of the shed.That s all.Hurry up and take action.The car thief was caught, but only one dirty car was recovered, and Xinmin Community lost more than a dozen cars in the past half a year.The Xinyuan Street Police Station not only wants to follow the vines to expand the results of the battle, but HCMUSSH cbd gummies diy also wants to find all the stolen cbd gummies side effects best cbd gummy for sleep electric vehicles and give an explanation to the masses.Old Tang and Big Sister are busy going on, and they will definitely not be able to return to the Zhongshan Road integrated police platform today.Grandpa Gu was alone there, and Han Chaoyang didn t dare to be a guest here anymore.He bid farewell to Bao Suo and several leaders who rushed back to the office from outside, and took Xu Hongliang, Wu Junfeng and other team members back home.

Office to solve it. Inspector Gu, I m here to assist Chaoyang s work.Liu Suo and the trainer made it very clear that I listen to Chaoyang. You are partners, and there is no one who listens to the other.You must respect each other.Learn from each other.Yes, learn from each other.The topic of retirement is too sensitive for the old man.Han Zhaoyang smiled and turned around and asked, Director Su, why do you have time to inspect our work where can i get eagle hemp cbd gummies today Inspection work, why not inspect and guide, I said Chaoyang, I haven t seen you for a few days, you are getting more and more bureaucratic.Just kidding, I heard from Yingying that you plan to set up another entity, and it will still be a joint stock company Su Xian was amused, and laughed and said In this matter, although the security company is also an entity, you know that it is purely for making money.

The only difference is that the name and position of the leader are on the sign on the rostrum, and the names how long does cbd gummies to start working of each unit are on the sign below The Yandong Public Security Sub bureau is actually placed below, and it is relatively far behind.It can be imagined that the upcoming meeting is of a high level.Han Chaoyang squeezed from the side to the back to see that not only Liu was there, but also Bureau Du was here, and he hurriedly saluted and said hello to the two leaders.Stop saluting, sit down quickly.Yes Why did you come here now Liu Jianye asked in a low voice.Report to Office Liu, just now some people went to the police office to ask for help, and they were delayed like this.It s fine if you re not late, Director Du was easy to talk, and smiled back, Xiao Han, the police security office just picked up a few vehicles.

Team Liang has gone out to handle the case.When he comes back, I will tell him For a moment, please first ask the cbd gummies diy can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 people who provided clues to help us keep an eye on Sister Hang Weifang s house, and if those debt collectors go again, report to Team Liang immediately and help Team Liang bring those people back.Yes That s right, Is there any news from the patrol team No, Director Xing didn t say anything when the team members wana cbd thc gummies price set off in the afternoon.With this level of secrecy, it s hard for me to call to ask.Those who shouldn t inquire can t inquire, don t call to ask That s right.But tonight s action was too .

what do cbd gummies do for pain?

strange.More than 100 security guards were dispatched from the cbd gummies diy young man alone, and there were also a lot of police officers.Whether it was an anti pornography anti drug or some other rectification cbd gummies diy action, it is impossible that there is no news at all.

There was also a police incident during the day There was a dispute at the construction site of the East Bus Station.A foreman called six migrant workers.When they arrived, they said there was no work and asked them to go back.They didn t even pay for the round trip travel expenses.The migrant workers felt cheated.Yes, so I dialed 110.Han Chaoyang was stunned for a moment, and then explained with a bitter face Society Kang, my master may not be in the police room when the sub bureau dispatches the police, and it may be the police from Chief Tang of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Chaoyang, I m just a deputy director There are too many deputy level policemen, and your master still enjoys the treatment of investigators.He is about to retire, so he is not the same as the police, and even works overtime like us young people.

Officer Han, you haven t rested so late The young man also recognized him, and hurriedly got up to say hello, but his expression was a little awkward.Han Chaoyang turned his head to look at the young woman who california cbd gummies was pretending to be dozing off, and asked in a low voice, What s the matter, who is sick My mother in law denver cbd gummy bears has a stomach problem.I just finished the examination, and the doctor said that the problem is not serious.There is no bed tonight.You can stay in the emergency room first, and you can go through the hospitalization procedures when you go to work tomorrow.After Chen Jun explained, he felt that it was impolite for his wife to pretend that she didn t know him, so he gently tugged.I met a scumbag at night, and now I meet a really good man.Thinking of his wife s embarrassment some time ago, Han Chaoyang couldn t help but tease So you have to stay until dawn, the hall is cold, and you are easy to catch cold, so hurry up and find some clothes for the baby.

The 17 special case group appraised merit and awards.I am not a member of the special case group.I just cbd gummies diy did my job well and provided a little clue.The contribution is not great.It is already very good to be remembered as a commendation.Thinking of Wu Wei s performance during the investigation of the case, Han Chaoyang smiled and said Wu Wei is likely to do meritorious service this time.He was the only one injured by so many policemen who participated in the battle, although he was only bitten by a dog.The superior should give Angkor a credit, he really worked hard Ok.While chatting, the police phone rang again.Han Chaoyang looked at the caller ID and found that it was a very strange number.Hello, who cbd gummies side effects best cbd gummy for sleep are you Han Da, I m Fan Jiahai from the parking management office, we ve had dinner together Han Chaoyang was taken aback for a moment, then realized immediately, and hurriedly said I remembered, Brother Fan, I m Han Chaoyang, what do you need While wandering around the parking space outside the south gate of Ximei Department Store, Lao Fan held up his mobile phone and asked, Da Han, are your branches cracking down hard The law and order rectification before the festival can be regarded as a crackdown.

Kang Haigen rubbed the corner of his mouth and said You can go to Huakang Men s Hospital and ask.Since Huakang Hospital has asked him to advertise, he will definitely be able to contact him.There s no need to be so troublesome.Chief Lei looked back at the launch equipment and said with confidence Now the equipment is getting more and more advanced.This set can separate man from machine.He can tell when to play the program and when to stop it.Remote control.Turn off the transmitter, he will know the first time, and will rush over to check if the equipment is faulty.Han Chaoyang didn t want to startle the snake, subconsciously asked What if he becomes suspicious Lei The section chief said, Probably not.Why Kang Haigen asked puzzled.Because the cost of breaking the law is low Miao Haizhu grabbed the the cbd gurus sleep gummies conversation again, and said like a machine gun Even if he is caught, he won t care how much money Chief Lei can fine him.

The key point is that Zhang Beibei may not have time.Cao Zefang seemed to say yesterday afternoon that we will Hold a meeting, not only Lao Jin, Hongliang and Xiaobin, but also Zhang Beibei.Zhang Beibei has made it clear that she will not run for the women s director of the community, and Cao Zefang asked her to hold a meeting.About the shares of CYTS Han Chaoyang froze for a moment, and said nonchalantly, Zhang smiles cbd gummies cbd gummies diy Beibei is not the only one at the hostel, and the New Year s Day holiday will be in a few days.My mother in law is staying at the hostel, and she actually took four days off.She will rest from today.She was able to rest for 9 days during the last New Year s Day holiday, and she should have arrived at the hotel by now.She likes children the most, and even cbd gummies diy if the community meeting is not held, she doesn t need Zhang Beibei to take her with her.

Although other houses are closed and there is no competition, there is also no business.There is no car in the yard, but the red lanterns hanging on both sides of the gate add a little vitality to this deserted mountain village.Wan Xiaoxia has been here for almost a month, and there is no business in the store.Even cbd apple rings gummies the third sister in law spends all day playing mahjong with the women in the village.She, a waiter , can t help if she wants to.She can only pass the time by watching TV and surfing the Internet She always wants to go online, and what she is most afraid of is going online, especially in the past five or six days, every time she sees Ling Bin s letters to her on her blog, every time she sees Xinxin s photos, every time she thinks that he and his daughter are more than 80 kilometers away When Yanyang looked for her, his heart felt like a knife was being twisted, and tears streamed down his face.

Xiao Han, the Fengyong County Bureau has already coordinated.You ask the comrades from the Fujiang City Bureau to go directly to the police station in the scenic area.Aikou Town has been abolished long ago.There is no Aikou police station.You can only accept Fengyong County Public Security Bureau and Fengyong County cbd gummies diy Aikou.The police station of the scenic spot under the dual leadership of the management committee of the scenic tourist area.Understood, I will notify them immediately.You notify first, and call me back after the notification.Yes It is very important, the leader must want to know the situation here, after calling Team Wang, Han Chaoyang quickly dialed Bureau Feng s mobile phone to report the progress here.After listening to the report, Bureau Feng said in a low voice Steady, must be steady, drug dealers must not act rashly before they show their heads.

In late autumn, as soon as the scenic spot was closed, the police who came to support were withdrawn from the bureau.There were only three people left in the station, the director, the instructor, and the internal staff.Most of the farmhouses and homestays are closed, who would think of checking the foreigners The Fujiang colleagues didn t seem to be joking, thinking that there might be a fugitive drug dealer hiding in the jurisdiction, and thinking that there was such a big loophole in the population management work in the office, Tan Sifang was secretly startled, and hurriedly got up and said Is there such a person You ll know immediately.Wang Dui, don t worry, as long as she s here, she won t be able to escape.We ll go together.That s fine.Fujiang was in a hurry.Get into their car, rush to the east gate from the winding mountain road in the scenic cbd gummies diy spot, and see the locked gate of Sansao Farm from a distance.

Foreigners work in China, and foreign students work and study in China.If there is no 10,000, there are 8,000.Why not investigate and deal with others, but investigate and deal with British training.Isn t this selective law enforcement Minister Jiang Listen to me.Vice Minister Jiang lit a cigarette, took a puff, and continued Take a step back and say, you, Han Chaoyang, are not only a policeman at the comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road, but also Yan Dong A policeman stationed at PolyU from the Public Security Bureau.As a policeman stationed at the school, he knows that there are foreign cbd gummies diy students in the school, do you think you have the obligation to publicize the laws and regulations for foreigners working in China Han Chaoyang was stunned, not knowing what to do for a while excuse.

As a policeman stationed at the school, you neither publicized nor mentioned it to the security office.In the afternoon, cbd gummies diy you ran over to investigate the British training and criticize the international students in our school.What is this It s punishment for not teaching Han Chaoyang thought to himself about popularizing the law It is the responsibility of the Judiciary Bureau, and the police are law enforcement.Besides, the school security department should understand cbd gummies side effects best cbd gummy for sleep the law and strengthen the management of foreign students.How can it be entirely dependent on the police But these words can only be kept in my heart, and I cbd gummies diy can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 can only say in a very sincere tone Minister Jiang, as a policeman stationed in the school, I really did not do my job well.I will review it with you.I am not your superior, you don t have to Ask me to review.

I am on duty on New Year s Eve and the first day of the new year.Since you are also on duty, let s have a New Year s Eve dinner together.The New Year s Eve dinner here is definitely richer than that of the security company.Why don t we have a friendship and make the police All the staff on duty in the office were called over, and we had a lot of fun together.Why is this so embarrassing What s so embarrassing, you are the captain of the voluntary patrol team of Chaoyang Community, and the captain of our voluntary security patrol team at PolyU.During the period, both sides will be on vacation, and there are not many people left behind.It s a good time to get together and get in touch with each other.In the future, the cooperation will be more tacit, and more importantly, we can take care of each other in case of emergencies during the Spring Festival.

Don t be like this, don t be like this, Huang Suo, what kind of work can I direct as a policeman, besides, I have retired.You are a senior even after you retire.If you don t want to get down to business first, I ll go and tell the supervisor in charge first.You can organize HCMUSSH cbd gummies diy activities first, and then come to our office after the activities are over. How embarrassing.Yes, yes, just wait a moment, Minister Jiang, let s talk later.Some people are busy, and the performance is about to start.Xie Lingling and her students are very excited.Director Wang, Teacher Liang and Aunt Lu even dragged their suitcases around the airport hall, giving old guys, cbd gummies diy old The sisters chose their positions, and even used the last bit of time to figure out how to move later.Kang Wei squatted down and took out the sound pickup equipment from his bag.

The key age is a bit old.Then don t think about it, and think about who else.As the political commissar said just now, there are too many policemen who meet the conditions.Du Ju thought for a long time and felt that everyone was competent, and felt that it was not appropriate to select and appoint anyone, so he said out of nowhere Zhou Ju, political commissar, what do you think of Han Chaoyang Han Chaoyang Zhou Ju He never expected that he would recommend Han Chaoyang, so he couldn t help laughing and said, Old Du, the Yang Tao mentioned just now is too old, while Han Chaoyang is the opposite.There is nothing wrong with other aspects, but he is too young.It is difficult to convince the public, even if we try our best to reject the public opinion, there will be a lot of controversy in the future publicity.

Han Chaoyang never expected that Minister Jiang would arrange for them to come here.Just as he invited the PolyU group to the conversation room, Section Chief Xiao who was standing behind suddenly smiled and said, Old Qian, Xiao Xiang, don t be shy, you are here to report too.Yes, say hello to Police Officer Han.It turned out that it was an appointment to send someone over Lao Qian is an old acquaintance, but as the security guard of the Sixth Hospital, he wears the uniform of the auxiliary police, and has been on duty cbd gummies diy in the police room of the Sixth Hospital of Xinyuan Police Station.Once he was on the night shift and fell asleep on the table, and was discovered by an unannounced visit by the city bureau inspector.The Municipal Bureau didn t know that he was not from cbd gummies side effects best cbd gummy for sleep the Xinyuan Street Police Station, so they issued a notice of criticism and ordered rectification.

The most urgent thing is to expand the results Gu Zhongjie also wanted to make some achievements to make the Xinyuan Street Police Station turn around.Didn t find it I m about to call Zhenchuan, and from the four surveillance cameras I saw, the suspect should have come from the south.Come from the south Yeah.Bao Qingshan s There was a bit of concern in his tone, Gu Zhongjie certainly knew what he was worried about.Among all the directors of the police station in the sub bureau, Liu Jianye is not only the oldest, but also the most powerful.If he knows about this, he will definitely organize a search and arrest, and the south of Zhongshan Road is the jurisdiction of their Huayuan Street Police Station.There may be nothing medipure cbd gummies wrong with the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Gu Zhongjie knew both Liu Jianye and Han Chaoyang, and couldn t help laughing Don t worry, Chaoyang is not a policeman at the Huayuan Street Police Station.

Before HCMUSSH cbd gummies diy entering the kitchen, I asked the waiter if there was a back door, and Jiang Xiaoquan was guarding the back, waiting for him to fall into the trap.In order to paralyze the suspect, Yu Zhenchuan called out his current name while chasing him.The kitchen is huge, but the aisle space is limited, so Wu Wei simply jumped onto the operating table and rushed forward.In front of Gui Pride was a hotel colleague who was panicked and his feet were slippery.Wu Wei was not as fast as Wu Wei when he stumbled.Wei Lingkong pounced on him, and with a plop , he was forced to the ground.Yu Zhenchuan and Yang Tao followed closely, and hurriedly held down the hands and feet of Gui Proud.Wu Wei climbed up and took out the handcuffs, first handcuffed the suspect s left hand, then with the help of Yu Zhenchuan, handcuffed the suspect s right hand, and then put the suspect up together.

It must be.Officer Feng not only took photos of them patrolling, but also came over to take cbd gummies diy can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 a few photos of you.Seeing that you were sleeping soundly, he didn t wake you up.Chen Jie laughed cbd gummies side effects best cbd gummy for sleep and said, By the way, your sleeping appearance is not ugly at all, not only snoring but also drooling.Xinyi also came here in the morning and took a video of you and posted it in the work group You can take a look if you have time.As soon as Zheng Xinyi was mentioned, Han Chaoyang remembered the nickname Pigman and muttered I provoked her, is it interesting to take pictures of people sleeping Just for fun, Manly man, have a little stomach, okay Okay, okay, I don t have any stomach.Han Chaoyang cursed with a smile, picked up a towel and a tooth bowl, and went to the backyard to wash his face and brush his teeth.

I ve seen them at Zhuangcunkou.From what we ve learned, they don t have any money, maybe they don t even have money for food, so they shouldn t be far away, and they should still be in the city.This clue came too timely Liu Jianye was in a much better mood, and asked, Xiao Han, to be more specific, how did you confirm that they had no money Han Chaoyang hurriedly introduced what he had just learned, and after thinking about it, he said, Yongzhuang is in the west of the city, isn t it In our sub bureau s jurisdiction, it s not appropriate to let the anti pickpocket team go to assist in the visit and inquiry.If there are not enough people in the office, I can go to the East Bus Station to replace Lao Ding and let Lao Ding and Wu Wei go there.Liu Jianye did not think about it because the staff was very tight.

Call.At the same time, Director Wen was reporting to Bureau Zhou, Political Commissar Huang, and Bureau Du about the online public opinion and the instructions of the Propaganda Department of the district committee.Minister Yan personally intervened, and it s inappropriate not to respond to online queries.Isn t it saying that bad things spread thousands of miles Why did they just forward them on these few websites.Now responding to netizens queries, Zhou Ju felt that it was a bit anticlimactic, justcbdstore cbd gummies so he put down the public opinion announcement He smiled and said Since Minister Yan has personally intervened, you are all ready to prepare and try to post the materials on the Internet before going to work tomorrow, so as to clarify the doubts on the Internet.Wait until tomorrow to go to work How can Director Wen not know the director s intentions, not only know but even think that it is possible to let the bullets fly for a while , he suppressed a smile and stood up and said, Yes, I will prepare now.

Don t you need to investigate when you are doing news reports Isn t Jia Meng not investigating , This is to illustrate a fact, after all, after the announcement of the Organization Department of the District Committee, many netizens in several forums of Yanyang Online have questioned it.Reporter Qian, you are changing the concept secretly.Director Feng knocked on the table and said with a sullen face As a media, you must first abide by the laws and regulations, and abide by the discipline of propaganda as a media practitioner, you must have the minimum professional ethics.Without investigation or research, they sent random news and fueled the flames, which caused a very bad impact on our Yandong branch.So many grassroots policemen are dedicated to their duties to fight against various crimes, and they have worked so hard to change the accumulated image.

Thinking that the little girl was the last one to leave, Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked, Where are you now Are you home yet Just arrived home, just entered the door.Zheng Yutong looked at his cousin who went to the station to pick him up, and said with a smile Mr.Han, I just saw the video of you catching murderers when you went to the Northwest for an exchange in the group., Tell my cousin that you are both my teacher and our school s policeman, and my cousin still doesn t believe me Unexpectedly, this girl also knew.Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, Believe it or not, it doesn t matter.The important thing is that you got home safely.Help me give your parents a happy birthday.I wish your family a happy new year.I wish your parents good health and smooth work.What do you cbd gummies diy wish You are already popular enough now.

She didn t have much money, and she could afford to live in a hotel.The fast hotels in this area are not cheap.Since I have been running for a whole day on this matter, let s help people to the end.Han Chaoyang took Cao Wenjue to find an express hotel, showed his ID to the hotel front desk clerk, asked which room the little fairy lived in, and took the elevator up to knock on the door.Who is it Sure enough, it was her, and Cao Wenjue s lungs were about to explode.Han Chaoyang was worried that Little Fairy might climb out of the window because she was angry, so she hurriedly grabbed Cao Wenjue and said calmly, The police station, please open the door.We need to check the ID card.I m not upstairs.Have you ever registered, what is there to check The public security inspection, please cooperate.

Han Chaoyang sat in the back, put his arms around her slender waist, and cbd gummies diy said dejectedly My wife, you may cbd gummies side effects best cbd gummy for sleep not believe me if I tell you, I have never seen so many doctors at the same time There are a lot of doctors in the first hospital and the sixth hospital in the city.The daughter of the old Bao family in our service center is also a medical student.He said that his daughter must take the postgraduate entrance examination.Is it so exaggerated Why are you lying to me If you don t believe me, you can ask Section Chief Xiao tomorrow if they want a clinical master s degree in their Sixth Hospital.I knew that studying medicine is very difficult, but I didn t expect it to be so terrible.That s why many doctors don t allow their children to study medicine.Even though I said that, today, especially tonight, the impact was too great, Han Chaoyang said listlessly I accepted a master s apprentice in the morning, and I handed in a master s apprentice in the evening.

To help my doctor friend, I used to think that my undergraduate course was okay, but now I realize that my undergraduate course is nothing.I had already seen that he was not in high spirits, so it was because of this Huang Ying was happy, and couldn t help laughing I was stimulated, and I feel inferior, right It s right to be inferior.Now I really can t get a bachelor s degree.We are lucky and got the exam early.If we leave it now, we may not even apply for the civil service exam.I don t have any qualifications. There are still some, but there are not many jobs in the provincial government and the city. Anyway, the competition is now fiercer than ours, and this is not reflected in the public examination, and the promotion is the same, otherwise I would Why did all those colleagues who worked in the street apply for postgraduate entrance examinations You caught a fugitive with a gun during an exchange in the Northwest.

If you didn t have this credit, you would like to apply for a secondary department and wait.The organization department will definitely consider academic qualifications and degrees.The apprentice is a master, and the master is just an undergraduate.It s embarrassing to think about it Thinking that if Tang Xiaoxuan and Dr.Mei got married, their children would live in a doctor s environment in the future.With a doctor s father and a lot of doctor s uncles and aunts, Han Chaoyang felt very useless.He was thinking wildly, when Huang Ying suddenly said Husband, I think you should improve your education, at least your degree.Look at the list of proposed department level cadres announced this time.How many of them are not graduate students The sub department is just the beginning, and one has to pursue it.

How did you solve it in the end Don t worry if you don t ask.Okay, I ll report first.Han Chaoyang briefly purple cbd gummies introduced the solution in the bureau, and then said helplessly What Liu doesn t know The Second Squadron took over, and the Second Squadron avoided it, and in the end it fell into his hands.Until his condition stabilizes and the demolition is confirmed, the detention center will definitely not take him into custody.After finally catching an online fugitive, it turned out to be a big trouble Bao Qingshan really didn t know that such a funny thing had been discovered in the past 20 hours, and said happily Chaoyang, this can t be blamed on the bureau.The suspect was caught by you, and the trouble is that you found it.If I were the leader of the bureau, I would let you be responsible to the end.

But he falsely used other people s identity evidence to prove it, so why is he fined five hundred The stop sign and the taxi pick up point, and explained with a smile You think the office doesn t want to impose more fines.Although there is no fine task now, more fines are definitely better than less fines, but cbd gummies diy can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 there is a level of authority at the level.It can only be fined 500 yuan, and the fine of 1000 yuan needs to be approved by the sub bureau.For the New Year s Eve, there is no one to go to the office for approval, and the security team may not be able to handle it even if there are only two people on duty at night.Sun Guokang never thought it would be For this reason, he asked in surprise Afraid of trouble It s not because of trouble, it s because of work efficiency.Han Chaoyang smiled, walked to the police car and opened the door You may think it s okay to take a trip now, After working for a while, you will know that the approval process is not only troublesome, but also really affects work efficiency.

Han Chaoyang took out his mobile phone to check the time, looked up and said with a smile, I have nothing to do at night, I will go back with you super cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummies diy to have a look.I haven t been home for some days.It s the New Year s Eve You should go back and have a look.Why go back, there s nothing at home, nothing to see It s still a home, and your medical bills haven t been settled yet, so let s go to your cousin s house to have a look.The two cousins wished you a new year, said a few good words, and asked them to help, see if they can lend you some money to help you.I originally planned to borrow money at night This was what Dai Lishi was most worried about.He couldn t care less about putting on his shoes anymore, so he raised his head and said sadly, Officer Han, it s not that I don t want to borrow it, it s that I really can t Their father and my father are brothers, but they don t even know each other at all.

They don t treat me like a cousin, their daughter in law hides when they see me, and speaks ill of me behind my back, and their children never call me uncle when they see me, you think they can lend me money But you They are indeed cousins, related by blood.Han Chaoyang didn t want him to become a homeless person from the bottom of his heart, so he felt that he should try borrowing money, and urged Besides, I think it s right not to borrow money before.You are an adult, you should be Self supporting, besides, you borrowed money not for anything else, but for eating, drinking and having fun.Now it s different, now it s emergency, there is a saying I remember, emergency is not helping the poor, you are waiting for the money to cure the disease, good Tell me, I think they will lend a helping hand.

Hey Commander Dai Li sighed, stubbed out his cigarette butt and said, Since Xiaoqin said so, let s make it together.Liyang, I ll give you 100,000, how much can you give I ll pay 100,000 too, Dai Liyang Looking back at his daughter in law, he saw that she was not very happy, and said, Officer Han, my brothers will settle the accounts clearly, and you will have to guarantee the loan.No problem, I will go to the sub district office tomorrow.Six hundred and first Chapter Fifteen Pursuing Happiness Dai Lishi didn t know if Han Chaoyang had borrowed money from his two cousins for him, but he had already seen the money.He went to pay New Year s greetings to his 80 year old uncle cbd gummies diy at night.The old man was really happy, and just as Dai Lijun expected, he rebuked him bitterly, and finally said that he was a vapen cbd gummies child if he didn t get married.

The reason why your two cousins are willing to lend you money is because they think it is too bad to dismantle it now, and it is also for your sake.They didn t say anything else They Having said that, they never thought of wanting your family property.They live so well now, the house is so beautifully built, and the family has more people than you.If it is really demolished in your village, how much land can they get for demolition compensate I believe that.Dai Lishi muttered with embarrassment Lijun sports cars have made a lot of money these years.Liyang sells pesticides and fertilizers, and the fertilizers are pulled to the store by car, and they have made a lot of money these years.They all have money, and they all bought houses in the city.It s good to know, but I can t figure it out when I mention this.

The waiter lowered his head, picked up the mouse, clicked, looked at the computer, and then picked up the walkie talkie Aunt Chen, Aunt Chen, there are guests who want to see cbd gummies diy can you bring cbd gummies on a plane 2022 the room, 408 Have you packed it It s packed, let them come up.Okay.The waiter put down the walkie talkie, pointed to the elevator inside and smiled Sir, you go directly to the fourth floor.There is an aunt on the fourth floor.She will take you Both of you go to see the room.Thank you.You re welcome.Xiao Gu, I ll go and see, but you don t go up.Okay, give me the bag.Sun Legang handed the backpack to Xiao Gu, There is movement outside Qiao Peiming put down his cell phone, stopped looking around, and happily ran to the super cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummies diy south of the hotel.Sun Le responded to WeChat first for an excuse, walked to the window, and saw Qiao Peiming got into a black off road vehicle parked south of the hotel, but the off road vehicle did not seem to start.

The population is large and the security situation is complicated.I really don t feel relieved if you are not here.Afraid that the young man would have an idea, Zhou Ju laughed again By the way, didn t you tell Director Wen that you would apply for a postgraduate entrance examination You don t know what the current policy is, and you don t best cbd gummy for sleep best cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes know whether you can be appointed.Anyway, it is better to be prepared than not to be prepared.Well, come back early and get ready.Chapter 654 Never Arrogant or Impatient Lao Hu, Wu Wei, and Xiaokang were in high spirits before, and they didn t feel tired after two days and two nights of rest.Now that there is nothing wrong with them for the time being, I found a small restaurant on the side of the road after dinner and returned to the express hotel.I couldn t bear it anymore, fell asleep on the bed, and didn t even bother to wash my feet.

Han Chaoyang took the mouse and clicked, and replayed the suspect s crime.I already took a screenshot, and uploaded the screenshot to the platform last night.Lao Gu helped to compare it as soon as he got to work today.He was still comparing it when I came back just now.Until now, nothing has been compared, or he is not from Yanyang.Either you have no criminal record.Mao Kangle took a sip of water from his cup and added Although the surrounding schools are not open, they are basically on duty.I will go for a run at noon and ask someone to help cbd gummies diy see if it is them.Students in the school, the screenshot of the suspect has been forwarded to them, and the results will be available at noon tomorrow at the latest.Brother Mao, you have worked hard.Han Chaoyang straightened up and said with a smile, Can you also forward one to me The patrol team has built dozens of groups, and there is also a WeChat public account.

By the way, I coordinated with the leaders of the Sixth Hospital.I will arrange for a female doctor cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety with thc to bring along an oxygen bag and a first aid kit, and I will arrange where the relatives will live after they are picked up.Your main job is to comfort the relatives.Yes Han Zhaoyang couldn t help but think about it.Question Director, when something like this happened, of course we will try our best to appease you, but we can t just talk about it.You mean pension and compensation Well, that s the only thing we can do now.Zhou Ju said , the bureau will do everything possible to get compensation according to the People s Police cbd gummies diy Pension and Preferential Treatment, and there is also a special person in charge of insurance claims, you can ask Feng Haijun for the specific situation.Han Zhaoyang felt a little better after getting a pension, and he was sincerely grateful to Zhou Ju, and felt that the director was courageous and responsible He rushed to the police station without smiles cbd gummies cbd gummies diy stopping, and the car that caused the accident, the damaged electric car and the police car had been towed away cbd gummies diy by the tow truck, and the suspect suspected of drunk driving and the person in the car that caused the accident were also taken away by criminal police and traffic police.

Huang Ying clicked the mouse, refreshed the page of the reservation system, looked up and said, Another guest has booked a bed, there are three in total.Upstairs How many vacant beds are there Four, one in the boys dormitory and three in the girls dormitory.You can set it up, so that if people book online, we don t have any beds here.Set it up and go back to rest early.I m here.Dad, you have to go to work tomorrow.Leave me alone, I can t sleep right now after drinking some wine.Han Chaoyang cleaned up the kitchen, walked to the bar, and was about to ask his father in law how they schedule their shifts at night Yes, the phone rang suddenly.A call came from the fixed line in the police office.Han Chaoyang connected the phone and subconsciously asked, What s the matter Is there a police report Han Da, there is no police report.

There are seven construction sites in the city, two of which are key projects Xiao Han told me on the phone Yes, it is precisely because we consider that key projects cannot be affected by this, we will sit here and talk about this.Thank you, thank you very much.Mr.Tao, please don t rush to thank.Bao Qingshan opened the folder and looked With a glance, he said .

how are commercial cbd gummies made?

very seriously I don t know cbd gummies diy cbd gummies diy if you understand the case handling process of our police, but let me briefly explain.Now the superiors are very strict in handling cases, and no matter whether it is a public security case or a criminal case, it must be reported immediately., and the public security punishment for gambling will ultimately be decided by the security brigade of the sub bureau, which means that the case has reached the sub bureau, and the final decision of how to deal with the sub bureau is up to the branch.

I ll go later Liu Qiuping took out the key and opened the office door, and smiled as he greeted Political Commissar Huang to come in and sit down, Last night, Director Huo of the cbd gummies diy Chengdong Transportation Hub Engineering Command called me and personally helped Han Chaoyang to ask for credit Help Han What kind of merit does Chaoyang ask for Political Commissar Huang asked in confusion.A work related accident occurred at the construction site of the East Bus Station project, and a worker died.The relatives of the deceased were not easy to talk about.If they make a fuss, it will not only affect badly, but even affect the progress of the project.Han cbd gummies with delta 8 Chaoyang and the anti pickup team assisted the construction unit to deal with the aftermath.Helped the relatives of the deceased to get through the work, and a compensation agreement has been reached.

Deputy Director Wang of Xinyuan Street pointed to the cbd gummies diy cbd gummies diy residents who took the lead in the disturbance just now, and said sharply The community under the street is holding a cultural performance to create a civilized city.He, he, and he took the lead in obstructing, Interfering with official duties, you can do it yourself Officer Han, they are the ones who disturb the people The short man among the residents also knew Han Chaoyang, lit a cigarette and said bitterly, I want to go to the theater, to the cinema, to those who want to perform.Square, what s the point of tossing around in our community, let people rest Yeah, it s so smoky that I can t even drive my son s car in Don t get excited, cbd gummies diy everyone, talk slowly.Han Chaoyang first greeted everyone with a smile, then pulled Deputy Director Wang of Xinyuan Street aside, and said with a bitter face Director Wang, cbd gummies diy it is different from before, the masses have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life, living in The neighborhood is just trying to be quiet, not like it used to be lively.

Han Chaoyang pointed to the law enforcement recorder on his shoulder , and said meaningfully Besides, if you want to continue, you have to wait a while.The masses called 110 and called the police.According to the regulations, I want to understand the situation.As long as the parties involved are involved, they must make a record, and then see the return.If it s not under our control, even if it s not under our control, we have to mediate first.Chapter 788 Good steel must be used on the knife s edge.The residents of Xinmin community have just experienced the establishment of the owners meeting one after another, demolishing flower beds to increase parking spaces, and installing elevators But it was not installed and other major events, they are very united and have a strong combat effectiveness If the streets are allowed to continue to organize old men and old ladies invited from nowhere to turn on the loudspeakers to sing and dance, the residents of the community may really pull out the sound cables, and may even have physical conflicts with the street and community officials.

Wang Can carefully placed the flowers in front of the stele, knelt down on the ground again, and Lihua kowtowed in the rain, crying thank you and sorry while kowtow.Seeing the reporter go around the grave and take pictures of the crowd, Xu Hongliang and Yu Zhenchuan hurriedly helped Xiaokang up.Han Chaoyang took out the cigarettes from the plastic bag, took the cbd gummies diy lighter handed by Feng Ju, took out one and lit it, leaned over and inserted the cigarette into the soil in front of the monument, then took out another one, lit it again, and inserted it into the ground again.In the soil, I lit cbd gummies diy three sticks in a row and inserted three sticks, right to offer incense to my good brother who likes to smoke.Then he took out a bottle of wine from the plastic bag, unscrewed the lid, and poured it in front of the grave.

He was most familiar with the situation.Director Huo of the engineering headquarters called him out and asked him to participate in the pursuit.Another policeman is in charge of this case, so please let me ask you if you have time on May 1st, and if you can take part in it.Liu Qiuping took the invitation, opened it to look at the photo on it, and couldn t help laughing This kid has Good luck, the bride is very beautiful Xiao Huang is very beautiful.When she was first assigned to Huayuan Street, not only the single cadres in the district chased her, but also the police from our branch, but no one caught up.Chaoyang has caught up By the way, the reason why the district transferred her to the administrative service center is also because she has a better image.Now it is not like before, we must follow the mass line and implement the spirit of the eight central regulations Liu Qiuping neither agreed to go nor refused to go, but put cbd gummies diy down the invitation and asked, Where is the Shuxiangyuan The guest house is inside the University of Science and Technology.

Yes Following Fan cbd gummies diy Ju s order, Lao Ding, Guan Xiyuan and Lao Hu from the Huayuan Street Police Station swarmed up and cbdistillery anytime cbd gummies took over the suspect.When the two suspects were escorted cbd gummies side effects best cbd gummy for sleep into the police car again, Ju Fan shook hands with Han Chaoyang and the others, and said with a smile, Comrades, you have worked hard.Report to Ju Fan, this is what we should do, no hard work.Traveling thousands of kilometers back and forth, how could cbd gummies diy it not be hard work Now that the case is solved, the suspect has been arrested, and the wages of the workers have been recovered, you can take a good rest.Thank you Bureau Fan.Luo Weixing was arrested and cbd gummies side effects best cbd gummy for sleep returned directly.Send it to the Public Security Bureau, why do you have to come here for handover The contractors who participated in the meeting were well aware of the intentions of the leaders of the headquarters, and thought to themselves that this cbd gummies diy was clearly killing a chicken for monkeys to see Boss Hu was very happy, and he squeezed to the window and shouted Luo Weixing, you can t run, don t you run, run again, run one for me to see Mr.

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