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Mrs.Cui Si smiled and said Go and rest, wait until you wake up Madame is back.Bao Tong helped the lazy girl to walk into the courtyard, and seeing that she was about to disappear before his eyes, Zhou Ruzhang became anxious Sister Mingzhu, let s go sit in the flower hall with us for a while Fourth Mrs.Cui answered with a smile Miss Er doesn t know something.Zhuzhu is not in good health.She has to rest for a while every clinical cbd gummies amazon day, otherwise she will get sick.This is what she saw with her own eyes.When she was doing needlework, Gu Mingzhu was sleeping soundly on the small bed next to her, and she didn t move her body for several hours.This may be the reason for the child s stupidity.Zhou Ruzhang s face became even more ugly.As the sky gradually darkened, the Cui family held a banquet in the flower hall.

Ma am, Mr.Feng s cousin is here.Mrs.Lin immediately ordered after hearing this Tell the kitchen to add more bowls and chopsticks so that Uncle Feng can eat at home.Feng Anping walked into the yard and looked at the people in the yard.Jingjing, with mixed feelings in his heart, was originally a house that his grandfather bought who owns green health cbd gummies quietly for a rainy day.Later, when the Feng family fell into poverty, his grandmother sold it.Before his death, his grandfather asked him to buy it back.He always kept this in mind.He saved some money by frugality, and only found out when he asked someone to ask about the situation of the house.Although the two families had some connections in their ancestors, it was this connection that made it harder for him to open his mouth, as if he was begging for free cbd gummies hair loss food.For an honorable man like the Gu family, the house and land he bought would not be sold easily.

With a high status, serving in the imperial court and investigating cases secretly, it is very likely that he is Wei Yuanchen in Cui Zhen s mouth.When she was still Zhou Rujun, she had heard about the third master Wei, who was brilliant and handsome, but because of her father s jewels, she also had a good skin, and she had heard too many such beautiful words , I didn t care much about it, so naturally I never asked what Wei Sanye looked like.After becoming Gu Mingzhu, apart from preparing for her own affairs, she just rested at home and kept abreast of the political situation in the DPRK and China.She didn t go to investigate someone specifically, so naturally she didn t have the chance to meet Wei San.If I had known what happened today, I might as well have looked at it back then.Liu Su whispered Will they keep watching Gu Mingzhu shook her head, no, she has no flaws, and HCMUSSH clinical cbd gummies amazon they have a lot of cbd gummies clinical trials things to do tonight, and this person who concealed his identity and made an unannounced visit probably didn t bring too much People, although he is suspicious, he can t get involved in everything.

They have not had time to clean up when they first arrived.Everyone is too busy to touch the ground, and they have never sent someone to guard there.The problem is that there is only one key.The mother in charge reached out and touched it.The key at the waist, the cold key in her hand exudes a chill.She has always hung the key on her waist.Although she never touches it from time to time, since it is still here, it can be seen that she has never lost it.How can you take something without a key Mrs.Lin Tai said Call Zhuzhu over and I ll ask her.Others can lie, Zhuzhu can t tell lies.After a cup of tea, Gu Mingzhu was invited into the room.Zhuzhu, Mrs.Lin picked up the doll and said intentionally, Tell aunt, who gave it to you Gu Mingzhu stared at the doll, then opened her mouth and said crisply Me.

I will go there early tomorrow morning Liu Su went to the back door, and now she held the document in her hand, and her guess was confirmed.It was not an earthquake but a scene of firearms exploding.So, are those people mining privately Chapter 25 Thunderbolt Gu Mingzhu rests her chin and thinks about the cause and effect of the whole incident.When she was in her own room, she didn t have to pretend to be stupid, she sat leisurely on the brocade tree, her long hair fell down smoothly, and the warm light reflected her slim figure.Baotong stood aside and looked at the young lady.She felt that the young lady was getting more and more beautiful.She followed the madam to many dignitaries houses, and none of them were as good as her own young lady.Her eyes were clear and bright, and she was very attractive at first glance.

Those who have not experienced the situation back then will not understand his choice.But when he heard that the bandits were going to be suppressed, Lu Shenzhi struggled as if someone had stabbed him in the chest.They re not bandits.Lu Shenzhi raised his head vigorously, and finally saw the person in front of him clearly.It was a young and stern face standing not far away, as if he had merged into the darkness, without any expression on his face , a pair of ink like eyes shone with a slight chill, which made people daunting.Lu Shenzhi s clinical cbd gummies amazon heart tightened for a while, this is Master Wei.Wei Master Wei After Lu Shenzhi was surprised and frightened, he seemed to see hope again, Master Wei has a case to report to you, please listen to me before and Lu Shenzhi replied clinical cbd gummies amazon Before he finished speaking, Wei Yuanchen looked away from him, then raised his hand, and slapped him fiercely with a whip again.

We found that he committed suicide when he could not escape, said the jailer, The jailer has always done his job well, and Lord Lu trusted him when he asked him to watch over the criminals, so I didn t expect him to do this.Han Yu hurried to go Looking at the situation in the prison Where is Lu Shenzhi Tell him to come and see this officer quickly.My lord, said the clerk beside Han Yu, Is something wrong with Mr.Lu Han Yu s whole body Yi Lin Where s the person who left the city Go and find out.Cui Zhen raised his head to look at the dark sky, it s not destined to be peaceful tonight Gu Mingzhu took Liu Su to a courtyard.Mrs.Chen had agreed with her that she would meet here.As for why it wasn t Yong an Lane, Mrs.Chen must be afraid of being targeted.When Nie Chen sent the news, telling her about the situation of the boat, she thought about it a little bit, but the information she could get was probably useless.

Ziyuan pinched the handkerchief and looked outside the door, with a sneering look on her face, she seemed to mutter to herself for a while Seven years have passed in a blink of an eye, Yan Lang, I m finally coming to look for you, don t despise me After Zi Yuan finished speaking, she remembered that the doctor was still in the room You go, this is not a good place.Gu Mingzhu reached out her hand to persuade Zi Yuan to let her stay, she guessed that Zi Yuan was worried about Ah Jin, and would Ask her to take care of Ah Jin, but before she expresses her intentions, a servant replies The steward will tell you, no one is allowed to leave the ship except the guests.In front of Ziyuan The kitchen ordered it to be delivered, girl, take it slowly.No one is allowed to leave the ship Gu Mingzhu frowned and thought about it.

The verbal wars in .

what does eating cbd gummies feel like?

the court have always been tilted towards the power side.Hurry up and push out someone to take the blame.Everyone is happy.The father is likely to be innocent and take the case.This is also the reason why Cui Zhen refused to make a move.Cui Zhen rushed back to Taiyuan not clinical cbd gummies amazon to thoroughly investigate the case, but to judge the situation and find ways to protect himself.If the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion is in trouble, the Cui family will disassociate themselves so as not to be implicated.Gu Mingzhu raised her lips slightly, now that she is here, she will not let her father and mother be bullied, she wants their whole family to be safe, and she wants the person behind the scenes to suffer the consequences.Come here, Mr.Ding shouted not far away, Someone stole the money in the cabin, arrest him quickly Gu Mingzhu dodged and hid behind the curtain, reached out and drew out the dagger at his waist At this time, she is the Ziyuan who wants to save those people.

Madam Lin frowned slightly, seeing that Wei Yuanchen was young, but how could he be so calm and expressionless, as if he had no emotion at all, which seemed rather reckless, no wonder the emperor would use him to investigate the case.And just now she just had a thought, thinking about the doctor s visit, Master Wei immediately noticed it.It was terrible.Mrs.Lin stood up Master Wei, sit down first.Although she didn t know what Wei Yuanchen wanted to ask Zhuzhu, she could tell that the decision made by this man could not be changed, and confronting him head on was not the solution.What s more, he how do cbd gummies make you feel who owns green health cbd gummies also saved Zhuzhu.Madam Lin breathed a sigh of relief when she got out of the room, and Madam Wang next to her also covered her chest Madam really want Mrs.Wei to meet the eldest lady Why did she feel so uneasy.

Han Yu walked to the front of the house, and was about to reach out to push the door, when he suddenly saw half a shoe print on the ground, the shoe print was still wet, and muddy water was dripping from it, it was stepped on by someone just coming out of the house, Judging from the shoe prints, it was left by quick boots, obviously a man.He has been ordering the Gu family and the Cui family nursing home to do things just now, and clinical cbd gummies amazon he has never returned to this house, and his entourage is also by his side, so whoever went in Han Yu took out the dagger at his waist clinical cbd gummies amazon and I held it in his hand, stretched out his hand and pushed open the door.The room was empty, just as it had been when he left.Han Yu looked at it carefully again.The wind blows in from the window, and there seems to be something rolling around on the table not far away with the wind.

I took people to check, and found footprints in front of the attacked window of the prefect of Han.It was the trace left by the fast boots, and there was a fallen sleeve arrow.Feng Anping said and handed the sleeve arrow to Wei Yuanchen.Wei Yuanchen held the sleeve arrow in his hand and looked are uly cbd gummies legit clinical cbd gummies amazon at it carefully.This kind of arrow case is light and easy to carry, as long as it is tied to the arm, it is suitable for sneak attack.There is also a bamboo tube.Feng Anping mentioned this bamboo tube with a proud expression on his face.He searched all the way from the place where the prefect of Han was attacked, and finally found this bamboo tube in the grass.There are no rain or mud spots, so they must have been placed there deliberately.He looked at it and knew that there must be something wrong with the bamboo tube.

The wound stopped bleeding, but Han Yu vaguely felt something strange.The rope was tied too tightly, which made half of his body feel more uncomfortable.Wei Yuanchen said Although Mr.Han was injured, the case has to be tried.How about Mr.Han asking me about the case here Han Yu pursed his lips, probably out of control Mr.What case Wei Yuanchen said Master Han, have you heard of Yan Hao Han Yu nodded The Tongzhi of Taiyuan Prefecture seven years ago.Wei Yuanchen said flatly I caught him.Han Yu felt pain in the place bound by the rope, and he couldn t help struggling.Master Han, did you hear that Wei Yuanchen continued.Could it be, Han Yu s mind was in a state of confusion, and ants began to crawl all over his body, making him breathless, is he the one who led the murderer to kidnap Mrs.Lin Tai Wei Yuanchen seemed to laugh How does your lord know Hearing Wei Yuanchen s words, Han Yu suddenly realized that he had made a slip of the tongue, Wei Yuanchen didn t say when he caught Yan Hao, he was directly connected with Mrs.

He just came back from the outside, and what he saw was the scene of the third master hugging Miss Gu.OMG.How to explain this to the Gu family.Chu Jiu clinical cbd gummies amazon rushed forward, about to help Wei Yuanchen who was paralyzed on Miss Gu.What s going on Mrs.Lin s voice came from the door.It s over, it s over, Chu Jiu just feels bitter in his mouth, all the things that shouldn t come have come, everyone has seen it this time, but what to do.He can t solve this day s big trouble with just one follower, so he can only let the third master talk about it.Third Master On the ninth day of the ninth day, Wei Yuanchen was lifted up and looked over.At this time, Wei Yuanchen s eyes were closed and he fell into a coma again.On the ninth day of the ninth day, Wei Yuanchen was put back clinical cbd gummies amazon on the bed, and Baotong also protected Gu Mingzhu.

I m afraid there is no one in this world who is more powerful than the third master.If something like that happened, he would be ashamed to put on airs in Gu s house.If it was him, he would wish to find a crack in the ground and get down.What are you doing Wei Yuanchen s voice came.Drilling Chujiu straightened himself up in time, There is something wrong with Lin Sizhen s family members.Chapter 77 Aftereffects Wei Yuanchen naturally knew who owns green health cbd gummies coral cbd gummies that Lin Sizhen s family members had problems, which was also expected.Ever since the imperial court wanted to investigate the war horse case, there has been an undercurrent.Now that Han Yu has been arrested and many clues have been exposed, many people can t hold back anymore, and one by one will slowly clinical cbd gummies amazon surface.Let s go, Wei Yuanchen said, Let s go back first.

Mrs.Lin also felt that she was emotionally unstable and speechless I have been busy for half my life, and I want to enjoy happiness when I am old, but he doesn t let me worry.After Mrs.Lin finished speaking, she told her mother in charge These few days Don t let my clan sister and Zhuzhu come here, my heart will beat wildly when I see Zhuzhu now.I m afraid I can only hope that Miss Gu doesn t want to come to play these two days, otherwise no one can stop her.Cui Zhen and Cui Wei sat down in the room.First Chinese website Cui Zhen was silent for a moment and looked at Cui Wei Are there any of our people who have close contacts with the Taiyuan Guards , otherwise there will be suspicion of military cooperation, but they are all in Shanxi after all, and they will naturally move around when preparing for military supplies every year.

Clearly.But how could a master be in charge of anything.Mother Zhao nodded.Cui Zhen then asked Have you ever met my aunt and Mr.Zhao Er Mother Zhao lowered her eyes and did not look at Cui Zhen No.Lie, Cui Zhen smiled coldly Since this is the case, there is no need to worry.Let my aunt go back to Shaanxi in a few days Zhao s mother panicked Master Hou, it may be related to the case of the lost war horse.My Gong family received the news from Mr.Zhao Er, and Mr.Zhao asked Mr.Gong to inquire about this case Cui Zhen s face remained calm, but his gaze changed.First, something happened to his mother Zhuangzi, and now the Lin family came to Taiyuan Mansion because of the war horse case.It seems that the Lin family and this matter cannot escape the dry cleaning, but they don t know how much they have been implicated.

Every time the steward called out, he couldn t help wiping his sweat smilz cbd gummies ceo clinical cbd gummies amazon with his sleeve, as if he was the one who would be tortured next.It seems shark tank well being cbd gummies that this person is very aware of his situation and status, and his mind has been crushed by Mr.Wei.Gu Mingzhu ordered Liu Su Pull him out.Liu Su nodded, and immediately stepped forward to arrest the man, and only when his hand fell on the man s shoulder, the man shouted Officer, please forgive me I platinum x cbd infused gummies 1200 don t know I really don t know anything.Liu Su threw the man beside the steward of the Zhao family, the steward of the Zhao family was beaten to pieces, with hot blood seeping through his pants, the man was even more panicked when he saw it.Don t hit me, I The man yelled, his expression was a little crazy, and he would be disabled if he was beaten with dozens of sticks.

How can my aunt live Even if it s for the uncle s sake, I should protect my aunt first.Come down.The imperial court s law is no joke, Cui Zhen ordered Cui Wei, Take people back to cooperate with the imperial court, and send them all to the government office.After saying this, Cui Zhen went to see Wei Yuanchen Master Wei, There is only one thing, Second Master Lin is just eight years old and still young, can he stay in Cui s house Wei Yuanchen said calmly I will go to Cui clinical cbd gummies amazon s house tomorrow morning and ask Lin s youngest son.Cui Zhen said Then we Let s go back to Cui s house first.After Cui Zhen finished speaking, he walked out of the courtyard, Cui s stewards and guards hurriedly followed, Cui Wei couldn t make up his mind what to do, and finally turned around and told Zhao Gongren Auntie first go with the Yamen, When the yamen finds out the truth, there will be conclusions, I will write a letter to my uncle to clarify the situation Cui Wei s voice was very gentle, as if directly hitting Zhao Gongren s heartache, Zhao Gongren couldn t help but swallowed more After all, the instigator was Wei Yuanchen.

Let me see.A familiar voice came, and Gu Mingzhu raised her head to see Mr.Sun, but she didn t expect that the yamen invited Master.Sun Langzhong carefully inspected the woman s leg wound, the wound was deep enough to show the bone, luckily the bleeding was stopped in time, otherwise I m afraid she would die before he came.Sun Langzhong immediately opened the medicine box, and then looked at Gu Mingzhu Come and help me.Since he can stop bleeding, he must be good at medicine, so it is suitable to be his helper.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Washing, suturing, applying medicine, bandagingGu Mingzhu helped Sun Langzhong complete the process in one go.After the completion, Gu Mingzhu looked at Sun Langzhong, and almost blurted out Master.Although they couldn t recognize each other, it felt really happy to heal the wounds with the master.

It s the same party, maybe the elder sister will go to accompany her sister in law next time.It was the first time in so many years that she said such a powerful word in front of her elder sister, and she suddenly felt very happy.It was happier than she thought.Chapter 96 Unlucky Mrs.Lin Tai never expected that the sister who was usually as soft as a dough person could say such a thing.Lin Qi inherited this branch, cowardly and incompetent, and has clinical cbd gummies amazon gummy bear cbd edibles long since lost his status in the Lin clan.Even if Gu Lin married Xungui, it was because of her favor that he could have such a marriage.There is such a reason, No matter when and where, Gu Lin will be a head shorter than her.Now Gu Linshi dares to stand here and contradict her.You, Mrs.Lin pointed at Mrs.Lin, do you have a conscience I am not only your eldest sister, but also your benefactor.

Lin immediately looked at the door when she heard this, even if she rushed out to save Zhi Geer now What can I do How could she stop Wei Yuanchen Mrs.Lin Tai s face was dejected I can t help it.I hope that my younger brother will receive the news earlier and come to Taiyuan Mansion to deal with it.There is only so much she can do as a female family member.Back then, my younger brother Kong Wu was powerful, and Old Hou Ye was no match for my younger brother.Of course my younger brother could help, but now it is completely different.Chapter 98 Being fined Mrs.Lin was frightened by Wei Yuanchen, and she didn t dare to move forward, so Mama Qian couldn t persuade her anymore.Mrs.Lin took a sip of tea and saw Gu Mingzhu when she raised her eyes.When did Zhuzhu come into the house Did she hear anything Zhuzhu, come here.

Then it must be a new piano biolife cbd gummies for ed piece.But everything came to an abrupt end at this moment, as if knowing that there was a beautiful scenery outside, but unable to open the window.The prince is obsessed with music theory, he seems to want to catch a glimpse of it, but he suddenly disappears, so cbd infused chill plus gummies naturally his mood is out of balance.If no result can be found in the end, the prince can only decide that it was Qinniang s mistake, because the sound was too short, making it impossible to determine whether it was intentional or unintentional.Who says what the smilz cbd gummies ceo clinical cbd gummies amazon eyes see and the ears hear must be true She performed live deceptions one after another under his nose, and everything could be a sharp weapon to deceive people in her hands.Those who have never entered the game will not understand the taste of it.

What order are you waiting for The prince became alert.When Wei Yuanchen said that he had official duties, all the officials at the meeting showed a cautious look.They had all seen the methods of Mr.Wei s investigation, and they had no favor with Mr.Wei, let alone room for negotiation.The prince said This is a private banquet, and there is no official business at the banquet.I will put the memorial in a secret box tonight, Wei Yuanchen said, I will send it directly to the capital after the prince makes a decision.As long as there is progress in the case, send it to the capital immediately, and if something goes wrong, the Holy Majesty will investigate and find out, I m afraid we will be blamed for delaying the business because of the banquet and music appreciation The prince s face darkened, Wei Yuanchen meant , if he continues to listen to the music, and something really happens, he is the culprit, after all, he set up this banquet.

She is a silly girl, she doesn t need to be restrained by etiquette, she can play as much as she likes, so she can be at her HCMUSSH clinical cbd gummies amazon own pace, and when she makes things, she doesn t have to bother to cover her eyes with her eyes down, and she can think about things more conveniently.What is Cui Zhen looking for Nie Chen for Want to get some news from people in the know Gu Mingzhu twirled the blades of grass and made some guesses in her mind.Cui Zhen decided to report the Shanyin matter to the imperial court.She wanted to find out the war horse case, but she couldn t fully trust others, so she wanted to get some information in private.in order to judge the situation.It happened that she also wanted to ask Cui Zhen about the details of the Shanxi Mutiny twelve years ago.Although Cui Zhen hadn t entered the barracks at that time, various clues showed that the who owns green health cbd gummies coral cbd gummies old Marquis Ding Ning was related to .

will i be able to order cbd gummies online?

this matter.

Gu Mingzhu was thinking about it, her waist tightened, and an arm stretched out to wrap her around her.Because she had risked to warn him, he couldn cbd gummies with or without food t just stand by at this moment, he reached out to catch her, and it really didn t weigh much more than a bean sprout.At the age of teens, a gust of wind can blow away, so you still want to protect the entire Huaiyuanhou Mansion by yourself Now that the political situation is unstable and Xungui has frequent accidents, where does she have the confidence to do this Wei Yuanchen s mind suddenly came up with the scene of her holding the hairpin and stabbing it into the mechanism box, so resolute and firm, just like when Rujun took away the sharp weapon from him in the prison.Decisive, without the slightest fear.How could he think of Rujun at this moment.

If it was normal, Zhao Gongren would be surprised.How could such an unremarkable little maid beside Gu Mingzhu come from Great efforts, but now Zhao Gongren can t care about these things.I picked it up in the house Gu Mingzhu raised the rattle and pointed to the next room.The rattle was exposed under Zhao Gongren s eyes, and Zhao Gongren grabbed .

can you bring cbd gummies to australia?

it with his hands.The wooden handle of the rattle was a little worn out, but the picture of a boy chasing butterflies on the drum surface was still bright.From this, it can be seen that the rattle was bought not long ago and was often played by people If a rattle is found in the house, there must be children in the house.Zhao Gongren only felt a buzz on his forehead, and the blood all over his body rushed up.Is there a school yard in this yard Zhao Gong asked humanely.

Cheng Yi, son in law of Huairou, unfolded the note in his hand, and there was only one sentence written on it Go all the way east.Cheng Yi held the note tightly.My son in law, Mr.Lu whispered next to him, this matter has not been right until now.We have been led by the nose, not to mention that we haven t seen my wife s face until now, even who tied it up.Madam doesn t even know.Cheng Yi pursed his lips and said nothing, he knew that this matter was not simple, especially now that his eyes seemed to be covered in a layer of fog from beginning to end, without cbd or hemp gummies any eyebrows, he now felt that it was not just this time His mother was arrested, and he had been plotted since he found her a month ago.Mr.Lu ordered the others to step back Keep an eye on the surroundings, and come forward to report if there is any trouble.

But the loss outweighs the gain.It s fine for Baotong to deliver the medicine, just to find out the news by the way Wei Yuanchen s residence.Chu Jiu reported the information he found out After Cui Zhen was injured, many people gathered around to see the situation, Mrs.Huaiyuanhou and Chu Jiu paused here, pretending clinical cbd gummies amazon to be nonchalant, and continued The women of the Zhou family also We went, and Cui Wei and others waited until the East Palace said that can you have cbd gummies while breastfeeding there was no serious problem before we dispersed.Wei Yuanchen had been watching the news from Nie Chen, and only raised his head when he heard Chu Jiu s words, but his eyes fell on the map on the table again.Chu Jiu continued I think those people are very anxious, and the Gu family also sent a lot of wound medicine.This topic seems a bit dull.Chu Jiu tried to persuade him It s no wonder it s like this, after all, it s my aunt s cousin, half of the family.

Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to pick up the five black chickens, and the two followed the chief.When they passed a well, Baotong suddenly said This is an orange.An orange is used to draw water from a well, and it should be very common in the village.The head of the village nodded.I think of one thing, Baotong said, I heard that when the Tatars rebelled in northern Xinjiang, a general demolished the houses in the village and ordered the people and soldiers to make more than a hundred catapults to repel the Tatars.People, since then the people have known the benefits of the catapult, and have set up tangerines beside the well one after another.This tangerine is the same as the catapult, and the water can be pumped out with one pull, saving a lot of effort.Listening to Baotong s words At the same time, Li Chang s whole body stiffened.

After saying this, Princess Huairou looked at Cheng Yi and said, Let s go, clinical cbd gummies amazon son in law It s still safe, so the most important thing right now is to find out the whereabouts of the female relatives returning to Beijing immediately, so that they can know what to do next.Cheng Yi knew the priorities, and ordered the guards to keep an eye on the princess s carriage, and he also led smilz cbd gummies ceo clinical cbd gummies amazon the people to hurry back.Find out what s out there early on.Cheng Yi looked at Peng Liang who was not far away.After Peng Liang saw his mother was rescued, he stood by the side and never came forward.Cheng Yi didn t know what to call Peng Liang, and he didn t know the relationship smilz cbd gummies ceo clinical cbd gummies amazon between Peng Liang and his mother, but now Peng Liang was worthy of his trust.Leave this to Uncle Peng first.Cheng Yi bowed to Peng Liang.Peng Liang immediately dodged Your Majesty, you can call me by my name.

In the past, his junior sister was always dressed in men s clothes.Just now when he looked at the back, he subconsciously thought that it was the junior sister.He must have mistaken her, right If he recognized the wrong person, shouldn t he apologize He was so abrupt.Nie Chen was about to speak when he heard people on the village castle yelling, Master Zhou Qi has brought Mr.Lu back.Everyone in the city was on alert immediately.The matter was urgent.to help.Gu Mingzhu took a step forward and said Let everyone be careful tonight.The commander made the man made catapult available.People on the city wall must see the enemy and friends clearly before throwing stones.Besides, there is Princess Huairou and her son racheal ray cbd gummies in law outside, so don t accidentally hurt your own people.I hope the princess can receive the news and come here, if the rebels come to attack the city tonight, they will contain the rebels, and the princess s troops will surround them from the outside.

Baotong suddenly realized So it is like this It was dawn.Gu Mingzhu got up early and changed her clothes, then slipped away to the village castle with Bao Tong.The guards of Gu s family were used to seeing Miss Gu running around, but they still followed every step of the way to persuade Miss Gu to leave.There was a vague sound of horseshoes approaching from a distance, and everyone hurriedly started to be on guard.Gu Mingzhu clinical cbd gummies amazon finally got the chance to stretch her head to look around.From a distance, the person on the horse is very familiar to her, and if she gets closer Gu Mingzhu suddenly waved her arms Daddy, Daddy Chapter 175 Reunion Gu Mingzhu watched her father rushing over on the horse The figure was beating happily like a drum in her heart.She had long suspected that her father would come to welcome her and her mother after receiving the news, but she didn t expect it to be so soon.

Although I want to avoid disaster, I am still noble after all.How can you not do things with your salary Madam Lin found that her words would never match Lord Hou s, and no matter what she said, he would always be surrounded by him.Gu Chongyi thought about it carefully Why did Madam suddenly ask me about the Wei family Madam Lin looked out Your Majesty didn t see it, and many of them were guards from the Wei family outside.How could those few people be useful It was because of the help of the Wei family that they were able to get here safely.She was right, Zhou Qiye, Nie Chen, Liu Su and those guards were all arranged by Mr.Wei.Without waiting how much cbd in cbd liquid gold gummies for clinical cbd gummies amazon Gu Chongyi to speak, Mrs.Lin continued When how do cbd gummies make you feel who owns green health cbd gummies we were in Taiyuan Mansion, Mr.Wei took great care of him.Mr.Wei was the one who told us about the prince s visit to Taiyuan.

Cui Wei is in such a state that he just stays to take care of the prince Wei Yuanchen rode his horse on the road, and Chu Jiu didn t dare to say a word beside him.Just now Cui Zhen mentioned Miss Zhou again, now the third master must be in pain, but he can t persuade him, no one who owns green health cbd gummies coral cbd gummies can comfort the third master.Chu Jiu sighed inwardly, it would be great if Miss Gu was here.When Miss Gu was here, at least the atmosphere was good, and even if the third master occasionally got angry and turned uglyit was because the third master was inferior to others and did not deserve sympathy.Even if there is a rivalry, there is still someone who is not, it is better than having trouble with yourself.But Zhang Tong couldn t help it Third Master, the credit for saving the prince will be given to Marquis Ning When you go to the guard, are you going to lead troops to the northern border to meet the enemy Wei Yuanchen s voice sounded a little a little Hoarse The purpose of going to the guard is to stabilize the morale of the army.

The soldiers and horses of the Wei family in the guard cannot be touched, and the court will not give us this chance.When we clear up the situation, there will be news from the capital, and someone will come to control As for the credit, I don t need him to give it.Zhang Tong understands that Mrs.Tai always says that it is not the written credit that can make the Wei family live, but the real deeds.Such a thing, even if the court does not mention it, cannot be annihilated, so even if the Wei family no longer leads the army, there are still soldiers willing to follow secretly.Wei Yuanchen said indifferently After dealing with these, we will join the team returning to Beijing.Chu Jiu heaved a sigh of relief, full spectrum cbd infused gummies it seems that the third master is still thinking about Miss Gu, and it is a good thing if someone cares Mrs.

Will want his son again.Cui Zhen turned around decisively Follow me to the old camp.Lin Sizhen and Zheng Bian have been planning for a long time in Northern Xinjiang, and the guards in Northern Xinjiang are full of their personnel.He and Cui Zhen and others stabilized the situation, but even so, large and small military disturbances and conflicts continued.Taiyuan Mansion, Datong Mansion, and Xuan Mansion were all heavily guarded, for fear that the Tatars would go south.After the capital received the news, they immediately mobilized troops The horse came to deal with it, and the army went straight to Zhenluwei and Yanmen Pass.This battle is inevitable, but it seems that there should be no major disturbances.Huaiyuanhou Gu Chongyi led his troops back to the village.The only thing they could mobilize was Tao The soldiers and cbd oil vs cbd gummies horses left by Duo, in addition to protecting the village fort, these soldiers and horses can also go out to quell small scale military chaos.

Wei s suspicion of her is still not gone, and he has never seen such a suspicious person like him.Gu Mingzhu pretended to be nonchalant, and sat aside playing with the rope.Wei Yuanchen groaned in his heart for being so focused on the things he was interested in.Sharpen your head and look around for news, what exactly do you want to do After the war horse case, continue to track down the mastermind behind the scenes, so as to pave the way for Gu Hou to go to court After all, it s not about the Wei family, it s about her aunt.Mr.Wei, Princess Huairou said the most worrying thing, how is the crown prince Wei Yuanchen said flatly, He was rescued, but he was injured when he was rescued.Hearing the injury, he said After a few words, Princess Huairou s face who owns green health cbd gummies coral cbd gummies changed slightly The prince was injured in front of Mr.

Suddenly, hearing Zhou Ruzhang say this, he couldn t help but widen his eyes, Which tribe are you talking about Zhou Ruzhang said It s the seventh uncle in the family.The seventh uncle came to our house to make a noise before.I have some impressions.Although I only saw it once, I think it is very similar.Why is Zhou Qi here Mrs.Wednesday subconsciously thought it was unlikely, but she had encountered too many strange things recently, maybe Zhang s sister was right.But Zhou Qi hated them because of Rujun, how could he save them Liu Su took care how do cbd gummies make you feel who owns green health cbd gummies of Zhou Zesheng s wound, and then found Miss Gu and reported carefully The injury on the head is a bit serious, and the blood loss is too much.In addition, 25 mg cbd gummies corvallis oregon I have been too tired these days, and the whole person is not too clear.If he didn t wake up, wouldn t he be hurt a bit How s Zhou Qiye s pulse Gu Mingzhu asked.

Cheng smiled are uly cbd gummies legit clinical cbd gummies amazon and wanted to have a few words with his uncle in private, but when he saw his uncle s angry expression, he immediately said It s nothing serious Father is fine, I have it, Cheng Yi interrupted Mr.Cheng, I want to ask Mr.Yuan why he instigated his servants to poison Liansheng Inn.Yuan Zhixing was cold Authentic It s fine if the son in law doesn t call me uncle.This is to ask the crime on behalf of the court Then you must explain buy cbd gummies for sleep the ins and outs clearly.Who is the Liansheng Inn Why should I instigate the family members to clinical cbd gummies amazon poison Want to say To understand the matter of Liansheng Inn, one must understand the relationship between Mrs.Zhao and those two merchants.Mrs.Yuan couldn t help laughing when she heard this, her elder brother is the best, and Cheng Yi would be dismissed with just one or two words.

If this matter is done well, there will be other rewards.What we have to do is also very simple, that is, go around the capital., told the Cheng family that the Zhao family had long lost their lives to the two of us, and the Cheng family didn t want us to go out and talk nonsense, so they gave us a sum of money.Raise your head.How dare a rich family make such a scandal I thought I would be rich and high dose cbd gummies for anxiety prosperous, so I agreed.After arriving in the capital, I was also more careful.Then one night I went out to relieve myself, and saw that Tatar secretly with A young servant met in private, and the Tatar said everything is well arranged, there will be no more mistakes, and this time Mrs.Zhao will definitely not survive.Su Fu said, Maybe you recognize the appearance of that young servant Do you know why work Qian Yunsheng nodded again and again Yes yes because I broke it, the Tatar had to tell me that it was the Yuan family s servant, and Mrs.

However, the Yuan family may not have these things.The Imperial Censor of the Metropolitan Procuratorate may not be clean, and it may not be true that he is really in the same party as Lin Si.My lord, Cheng Yi stood up and saluted Su Fu.There is no status as a relative in the courtroom.He is just a sufferer at this moment.I want to sue the Cheng family and the Yuan family for conspiring to kill my mother.They are also suspected of collaborating with the enemy and treason.Master Cheng s eyes were about to burst into flames, he stared at Cheng Yi angrily, but immediately he felt a cold gaze falling on him.Master Cheng turned his head and saw Wei Yuanchen who was standing there quietly looking at everything.Master Cheng shuddered and looked at Yuan Shi viciously What s going on I haven t told the Yamen clearly yet.

Let her go out.Bai Gongren cbd gummies lazarus s voice was hoarse.Gu Mingzhu looked at Bai Gongren who was writhing on the bed.Except for the knees, Bai Gongren was normal.When a person is frightened, what he shows subconsciously should be trustworthy.After all, with eye and ear problems, she can even pretend to be a cripple and a dumb person, so she has to guard against it.From this point of view, Bai Gongren s leg disease is caused by the severance of blood flow from the knees, the left and right legs are thin and shriveled, but the left leg is more severe than the right leg.Pinch the right leg with your hands, and you can still feel some muscles under the loose skin.Strange.Exactly how they were injured, they both happened to be injured on the knees.It was clear that the severity of the injuries on the left and right legs was different, but they all ended up with the same result, as if it was done on purpose.

Oh Wei Yuanchen She raised her eyebrows, I remember that the doctor can heal all kinds of injuries, and she even gave me medicine as a gift when I was who owns green health cbd gummies coral cbd gummies in Taiyuan Mansion.Gu Mingzhu blinked, but is she going to rely on her no matter what Gu Mingzhu said The doctor s wife does have a cure for all diseases, do you want to try it Wei Yuanchen s expression did not change, which was regarded as acquiescing.Gu Mingzhu lifted her skirt and turned to Baotong.Baotong took out a piece of drawn talisman paper from her waist pouch and returned to Wei Yuanchen.The fire sickle lit the talisman paper.She reached out and threw it away.The ashes just floated into the teacup in front of Wei Yuanchen.Her movements are neat and done in one go.My lord, this water is Before Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, Wei Yuanchen put the teacup to his mouth and mixed it with the ashes.

I will definitely go back and study the medical books carefully, hoping to do my best smilz cbd gummies ceo clinical cbd gummies amazon for my lord.Wei Daren promised not to expose her in front of others, Should also abide by the agreement.After Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, she looked at Baotong.Baotong understood and immediately looked towards the sky Miss, someone is releasing paper kites.Go, go and see.Gu Mingzhu stood up joyfully, and the master and servant ran into the garden without giving anyone a chance to speak.Chance.Wei Yuanchen watched the figure disappear into the green bamboo path, he slowly raised his head, the blue sky above his head, there was no kite there.Inadvertently, she slipped away again, but luckily the string was still in his hand.Wei Yuanchen looked down at the teacup in his hand, the ashes were still floating on it, clinical cbd gummies amazon burning talismans to cure diseases, fortunately she figured it out, and learned a lot of methods in the market these years.

Chapter 248 Childhood sweetheart Gu Mingzhu stood up, there was no body to look at, it would be nice to see what Cui Wei wanted who owns green health cbd gummies coral cbd gummies to do.Zhuzhu, run slowly.Mrs.Lin reminded her daughter, looking at her back, for fear that her daughter might fall.Gu Mingzhu walked out of the flower hall with Baotong and others.Madam Zhang looked at Madam Lin Zhuzhu is very different now.She used to always lie on the bed, which is really worrying.Madam Lin thought of the old days, It was also deeply touched, when Zhuzhu was sleeping, she didn t dare to close her eyes, for fear that Zhuzhu would fall asleep and never wake up again.Mrs.Zhang continued how do cbd gummies make you feel who owns green health cbd gummies Which doctor is optimistic about Zhuzhu s illness Can my aunt recommend it to me Mrs.Tai has been in poor health since she was injured.I invited the imperial doctor to see but nothing has improved.

In fact, it is not difficult for Cui Wei to coax her to be happy.Seeing how hard he worked, she made how do cbd gummies make you feel who owns green health cbd gummies him clinical cbd gummies amazon a success.Gu Mingzhu turned around and ran to the following maidservant, picked up a cup of tea from the tray and walked towards Cui Wei.Mrs.Zhang saw that Zhuzhu was holding a tea bowl, she smiled and said to Mrs.Lin Madam, you see, Zhuzhu can take care of people.Knowing that her second brother is thirsty, she personally brought tea over.Knowing Zhuzhu s benefits, he was about to speak, but found that Zhuzhu s slender figure suddenly staggered, and all the tea in his hand was thrown at Cui Wei.Chapter 249 When Cui Wei hadn t finished arranging the paper kite strings, she felt the beads go back and forth.He was about to raise his head to see clearly when his eyes blurred, followed by warm water splashing down on his head.

He was about to attack Cheng Yi again.Second Brother, Cheng Third Master immediately stepped forward to stop him, Second Brother, don t be impulsive.My mother just passed away, and we still have many things that we haven t clarified, and we need to think carefully.Second Master Cheng widened his eyes and said, What else is clinical cbd gummies amazon gummy bear cbd edibles there clinical cbd gummies amazon cbd lion gummies Can it be considered Third Master Cheng turned his head and looked at Cheng Yi After the elder brother reminded me just now, I remembered that my mother told me yesterday that she was going to help me and ask Mr.Shi to come and let me prepare.Mr.Shi doesn t accept apprentices easily, she will bring me to visit, and Mr.Shi will definitely ask me about my studies.Don t worry, she has her own way to get out of this case.At that time, my mother didn t want to commit suicide at all.

The courtiers who used to be close to the imperial concubine feel at ease seeing this situation.The emperor is at the peak of his spring and autumn.It is not certain who will inherit the throne in the future.The nine princes of the imperial concubine may not have a chance.Besides, there were also abolished princes in the previous dynasty who became the crown prince again and ascended the throne example, although the eldest prince seems to be insane, it is good to have a glimmer of hope.As soon as the emperor s words came here, the prince suddenly laughed, and then he stared at the third prince and said viciously Do you want to be the next East Palace Hehehe, then you can give it a try and try the feeling of sitting on the position of the crown prince., do you think you can do what you want Your end may not be better than mine.

Gu Mingzhu looked over and saw that Master Wei was serious, not like You re talking nonsense, is it possible that Mr.Wei remembered everything that day Then he shouldn t come to her to ask these questions, but should be ashamed and apologize.What Wei Yuanchen said, Can t remember She should have asked him this question, but seeing Mr.Wei s righteous words, he really forgot his impolite behavior.God has the virtue of loving life.As a doctor, how can he stand by and watch the adults like that Gu Mingzhu said casually, I have the same heart for Mr.Wei as I have for Yuan Xiao.My chest felt a little congested.Yuanxiao is the rabbit I raised.Gu Mingzhu was afraid that Master Wei clinical cbd gummies amazon would forget who Yuanxiao was, so he hurriedly added, Look, my lord, I treat a little rabbit like this, not to mention my lord, every word I say It s true.

Bai Gongren might be misunderstood by Mo Zhenren Sir, what I just said was just phil mickelson cbd gummies buy angry words.My sister Ah Chan s death has nothing to do with me.She committed suicide.Mo Yangming remained unmoved, his brows and eyes still indifferent.The sound of footsteps came, and Immediately after Sun Zhenren walked to the door of the quiet room, Sun Zhenren saw Mo Yangming and immediately bowed Why are you here, brother It clinical cbd gummies amazon happens that many good people came in front, and the brother helped me manage it.Mo Yang Ming obviously didn t want to talk to Sun Zhenren, but said There are many people in the Taoist temple, I d better go to the wooden house to practice.When Mo Yangming was far away, Sun Zhenren told Nu Guanzi Don t put the good man on the bed yet.Sun Zhenren stepped forward to help Bai Gongren, but Bai Gongren held his arm tightly Shenzhen, please help me explain to Mo Zhenren, I, what I just said is all nonsense.

The girl came all the way in front of him, breathing evenly, looking at Su Fu with her eyes.Miss, this is Master Su.Nu Guanzi whispered from the side.Gu Mingzhu just stepped forward to salute Su Fu, this courtesy was well behaved without any perfunctory.Before Su Fu could ask, Baotong said Lord Su, we are the female family members of the Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Su Fu immediately understood that the girl in front of him was the eldest lady of the Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Gu Mingzhu handed the prescription in his hand to Su Fu My lord, Master Mo said to use this prescription to detoxify.Su Fu looked at the girl with a serious expression on her clinical cbd gummies amazon face, but her eyes were still not as sharp as ordinary people s.Are you still ill Gu Mingzhu continued sternly The prescription uses aconite to attack poison with poison, and we must pay special attention to the dosage.

Ai s family is much better.The emperor should go to deal with government affairs.Don t worry about the Palace of Compassion.The queen mother waved her hand.There are so many people here with Ai s family.The emperor is at ease.The emperor was about to stand how do cbd gummies make you feel who owns green health cbd gummies up, but looked outside After glancing at her, she ordered the servants beside her Why haven t the imperial concubine and De concubine arrived The fifth prince s biological mother was recently promoted to be a concubine de, helping the imperial concubine with the harem affairs, and these concubines should have been there long ago.The Ai family didn t make any noise, the queen mother said, Even if the eunuch in charge went to tell the emperor, the emperor also knew that the Ai family liked to be quiet, and let them stand here one by one, and the Ai family could not rest.

If it wasn t Yuan Zhixing, then who was it A chan said that the man has an official position and is a hero who clinical cbd gummies amazon is dedicated to serving the country and the people, Gu Mingzhu said, A chan is very smart, even if the man lied to her on purpose, at least he appeared to be like that on the surface.Mr.Wei thought carefully about whether there was such a person among the civil and military forces of the Manchu Dynasty.In people s eyes, he was a best cbd gummies for lower back pain passionate official who did his best for the people of the country.He was good at riding and shooting.He is clinical cbd gummies amazon very familiar with Hongyi Cannon and other firearms, if he hadn t lied to Ah Chan about getting married, he hadn t married a wife fourteen years ago, so he is between thirty five and sixteen to forty years old now.After Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, she fell silent If that person is really a person with ulterior motives, we will definitely be able to find him, just afraid I m afraid he is not, Gu Mingzhu said, If he is killed in battle, Ah Chan After hearing the news, she would commit suicide if she had no hope, then But Gu Mingzhu always felt that Ah chan would not do it.

I don t need to marry a wife to help me.I don t have much ambition.I just follow my elder brother in and out of the barracks.Although I am mentally incomplete, but carefree and carefree, I don t have many thoughts, and a person like eldest brother naturally cannot marry such a woman, but I don t have a heavy burden on my shoulders, and I don t need to support the Cui family s lintel, so why not Looking at each other, Cui Zhen s attitude did not waver in the slightest Zhuzhu is still young, and my aunt once said that she has no intention of marrying Zhuzhu, so you should stop thinking about it.Brother is still 5000mg cbd gummies the same, Cui Wei smiled softly, As long as When you make a decision, you don t allow anyone to question it, it s the same in the army, and it s the same at home, everyone, including mother, HCMUSSH clinical cbd gummies amazon must act according to your wishes, and if you resist the eldest brother, you will be dealt with mercilessly.

Zhuzhu held the towel in her hand and hemp bombs cbd gummies cheapest helped Mo Zhenren to bandage the patient s wound.Although it was slower than the medical workers in the army, but the wrap was very smooth, but this was already very good, not to mention ordinary women, even if they were Those students in Tai Hospital may not all be able to beat Zhuzhu.Zhuzhu really surprised him.Master Hou, Lord Dingning.The clinical cbd gummies amazon steward of Anjiyuan shouted twice before Cui Zhen came back to his senses.The steward of the Anjiyuan said The official document issued by the imperial court has arrived.Take a look, there is a lot of money allocated this time, and Mr.Tan also asked people to prepare a lot of food.When the wounded soldiers arrive at the Anjiyuan in various places, they will inevitably die.Don t worry about being properly settled Lord Tan has thought of many things ahead, and it has indeed saved them a lot of troubles for the soldiers who lead the troops, but Master Tan didn t notice the case of the war horse at all It s still because the East Palace and the Concubine Party dare not touch it.

Standing below, King Huai immediately said Father spends so much time and energy on government affairs, it s not easy to worry about these anymore.The emperor closed the booklet and turned to look at the classics in the hands of the servant No wonder you usually stay at home These things are enough for you to be busy from morning to night In the future, the Ministry of Rites will revise classics, so maybe they will go to your place to search for books.When King Huai heard this, he was shocked I just edited some miscellaneous books No way The imperial court wants to check the classics Absolutely not Okay The emperor looked at King Huai and smiled.Just breathed a sigh of relief.The emperor picked up some tea to moisten his throat, and looked up to see King Huai still standing respectfully with his head bowed.

We have to wait for the yamen to come to ask the case.Wei Yuanchen said, looking at clinical cbd gummies amazon Tan Zigeng, If Tan Zongqi has nothing to do with the affairs of this village, Why did you come here from will cbd gummies help with menstrual cramps the capital in disguise Chapter 342 Injustice Tan Zigeng licked his lips, subconsciously trying to find an excuse to avoid Wei Yuanchen s questioning, but when he heard the noisy voices around him, he saw some farmers taking When he went to Zhuangzi to fight the fire with his things, his face became even uglier.The current situation is different from what happened in Anjiyuan.Someone witnessed him murder, even if he said there was another story, no one would believe him casually.Tan Zigeng didn t speak, and the surroundings fell into silence, Wei Yuanchen didn t seem to be ready to speak again.Tan Zigeng became more and more flustered.

The abandoned artillery of the old general blocked the Tatars.Gu Mingzhu looked at the dusty Wei Yuanchen, Mr.Wei s expression was cold, and his eyes were full of determination.To be do delta 8 gummies have cbd able to say this, he must have found evidence in Tan Zigeng.Wei Yuanchen said calmly Tan Zigeng killed someone in Daxing s Zhuangzi, and was escorted to Beijing by the Daxing County Government.He will soon go to the Shuntian Mansion Government.He confessed that Aunt Zhen came to clinical cbd gummies amazon gummy bear cbd edibles Anjiyuan with other plans.Here, Wei Yuanchen stared at Yu Zhenhai with burning eyes These things happened in Anjiyuan, does Guanshi Yu really know nothing about it The deep voice made Yu Zhenhai shudder, Mr.Wei It seems that everything is already known.Mo Yangming was stunned for a moment, and then asked Yu Zhenhai Did Ah chan be killed by someone What do you know Yu Zhenhai finally let go of his clenched fist, and sighed a long time Miss Bai and Tan Shangshu are indeed acquainted.

What s more, you have just been left in the Shuntian government office, and the clinical cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies in kentucky official department has not officially Please be more cautious when you get the papers out.Feng Anping nodded and obeyed Master Gu s words.In fact, his grandmother is only a member of the collateral clan of the Gu family, and he has no contact with Hehua Hutong.To be prudent, please invite Mr.Ji, the promoter of the government office, to preside over the overall situation, and he will follow Mr.Ji s instructions from the sidelines.Chongyi.A call came, and Mrs.Meng helped Old Madam Gu out of the door.Seeing Gu Chongyi, the old lady staggered even more and almost fell to the ground.Seeing this, Gu Chongyi rushed forward.Chongyi, Mrs.Gu s eyes were red, what s the matter What does the government want to investigate How did such a good person come to our house Do you know where Chongwen is Gu Chongyi s face remained unchanged and he ordered the steward Someone will come from the yamen in a while, and do as the yamen ordered.

Chapter 352 The reminder to Gu Chongyi He rushed out of the tea house and rode away on horseback.Just now he thought of the ups and downs of the Wei family in these years, and felt that Wei Congzhi was not easy.As a result, these two idiots always surprised him at critical moments.It s nothing more than falling asleep, but he s still being haunted.Don t you think that your drowsiness is the result of being drugged by the shopkeeper Otherwise, how could they yell black shop It s really stupid.After seeing Wei Congzhi, who would be ashamed to compare himself to being stupid Gu Chongyi looked at the clothes on his body.From Shuntian Mansion Yamen to Hehua Hutong, the robes looked a little messy.He wanted to go back to the house and change clothes before going to Tan s house.After thinking about it for a while, he went straight to Tan Dingfang, so that he looked even better.

Now Huang Chang felt that the heat was just right.The emperor frowned, looked outside the palace, and was about to order Huang Chang to send King Huai away, when he saw a servant walking quickly through the door.The servant s face was pale, and he was standing by the side only waiting for Huang Chang to come to question him.What s the matter The majestic voice of the emperor made the servant kneel on the ground in fright Your Majestysomething happened in the harem, Concubine Mi has gone crazy.The emperor frowned.Huang Chang immediately scolded the servant What nonsense, the emperor met Concubine Mi in the Palace of Compassion and Peace a few days ago.Stabbed two servants, shouted to see the emperor, and came all the way to the Hall of Mental Cultivation.The emperor s expression darkened, he didn t care about Concubine Mi, but Concubine Mi s behavior was really abnormal.

Such a change made Concubine Mi notice the emperor and others rushing over.Concubine Mi s dark eyes fell on the emperor, and suddenly she was overjoyed, and she flew over with her whole body.Stop the concubine.Huang Chang yelled, and several palace officials were about to step forward, but the emperor stopped him Let the concubine come over, I will hear what the concubine has to say.Huang Chang said worriedly Tianjia, The concubine holds a sharp weapon.The emperor said calmly, Will I be hurt by the concubine He was not afraid of a woman.Huang Chang had no choice but to dismiss the servant, but he still didn t dare to move too far away from the emperor, and watched Dowager Mi s every move nervously.Your Majesty, Dowager Mi ran a few steps quickly, her face full of longing, Your Majesty, you are here, Your Majesty, I have something to tell you, you must listen.

She knows that Bai Guanzheng loves her, so she used extreme means to persuade Bai Guanzheng to turn back.Chen Weicheng seemed to be very sorry when he said this I have never seen such a woman who acted so decisively and did not give us can you take cbd gummies to mexico any chance to save us.She asked Bai Guanzheng if he wanted to know who the innocent people in front of him and the soldiers who lost their lives were.What pain She suffered as a child on behalf of her father, and first apologized to those people on behalf of Bai Guanzheng, and then she swung a knife and killed herself, just like you saw, cutting her own neck.Chen Weicheng was saying something extremely cruel However, his smile never changed, as if recalling Miss Bai s death, he was very excited.Seeing Chen Weicheng s expression, Tan Dingfang gradually lost his mind, and began to tighten his hands continuously.

Gu Chongyi pushed Second clinical cbd gummies amazon Master Wei away and said in a deep voice What s the smell on you Second Master Wei sniffed aggrievedly I was eating flat food, and I choked on the news.There was a lot of pepper oil in the soup.The soup went straight to my eyes, just look at meit just looks like making cbd gummy bears this.Gu Chongyi wished he could kick Second Master Wei away.When he first heard the news, he was really taken aback, but after thinking about it clearly, something happened to Third Master Wei, how could Second Master Wei come to him, his friendship with the Wei family is not to this point.The second master Wei wiped his mouth with his sleeve My brother Chen was really assassinated with firearms, but fortunately the firearms buried in the yard did not explode, otherwise even Da Luo Jinxian would not be able to save my brother Chen.

Cui Zhen didn t feel like sitting for a long time today, so he got up to say goodbye to Mrs.Lin.Looking at the figure of Cui Zhen leaving in a hurry, Madam Lin felt a little sad, she was easily sentimental when she was pregnant, she always thought of the old Marquis Ding Ning when she looked at Cui Zhen.Cui Zhen left Huaiyuanhou s mansion, and was about to get on his horse, when the entourage came to report Second Master is back, and the eyeliner sent out said that Second Master went to meet some lieutenants of the Datong Guard.Cui Wei wanted this do what Cui Zhen frowned and ordered Go back to the mansion.A group of people hurried back to Dingning Hou s mansion.Cui Zhen had just stepped into the inner courtyard when he saw Cui Wei walking around the courtyard with Mrs.Lin supported by him from a distance Seeing Cui Zhen, Cui Wei raised his head Brother is back, I see the plum blossoms are blooming today, and I specially accompanied my mother to enjoy the plum blossoms in the garden, do you want to go together Mrs.

When Gu Mingzhu walked to the door, she couldn t help but turn her head to look at the situation in the room, clinical cbd gummies amazon only to see that under the light, smokies gummies cbd his whole body was like a clay sculpture, and he was about to fall into darkness when the light flickered.She was a little unclear, when she heard Master Wei s words, whether she felt guilty or touched, or maybe both, and she couldn t tell which one accounted for more.Gu Mingzhu retracted the hand that was about to push the door, turned around and walked back into the room step by step.Master Wei still looked at her like that, didn t even move his fingers, as if he expected that she would definitely turn around.My lord.Gu Mingzhu sat down.The girl lowered her head, enveloping a piece of light, forming a soft silhouette on can you travel to mexico with cbd gummies his heart, the silhouette gradually expanded, and finally covered his entire heart firmly.

The wound medicine sent by Cui Zhen disappeared.Gu Mingzhu blinked, Baotong would not take the medicine bottle away without a word, could HCMUSSH clinical cbd gummies amazon it be Master Wei Dingning Hou Mansion.Mrs.Zhang and Mrs.Shen got out of the carriage and walked all the way to the inner courtyard.The mother in charge came out in a panic.What s the matter Mrs.Zhang asked, Master Hou is back The mother in charge nodded her head Master Hou called Mother Jiang to the study for questioning, and ordered the door to be closed tightly so no one can enter and no clinical cbd gummies amazon one can go out.Until now she didn t figure out what happened, so she hurried to ask Madam.Mrs.Zhang s heart sank, Mama Jiang was her confidant, and it must be related to her that Master Hou called Mama Jiang.Chapter 413 In the study of Marquis Dingning s Mansion.Cui Zhen sat on a chair and looked at Mother Jiang who was kneeling on the ground.

Everyone has to go, but my aunt just wants to go first.She hopes that you who owns green health cbd gummies coral cbd gummies will be well in the future.Yes, in the future you will have things you want to do and people you want to protect, just like your biological mother and aunt.Zou Xiang wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes with his sleeve But my relatives are gone.In the future There will be, Gu Mingzhu said softly, Your mother is not my aunt s biological daughter, but my aunt has been unfair to her and has worked hard to raise you up.She also thought that strongest full spectrum cbd gummies she had nothing, even lost her life, but Now that she has a father and a mother, Master Wei suddenly appeared in Gu Mingzhu s mind at this moment.Zou Xiang clinical cbd gummies amazon finally raised his head I am Zou Xiang.As if to get Gu Mingzhu s affirmation.Gu Mingzhu lifted the handkerchief to wipe off the tears on Zou Xiang s face There is one thing that no one can force you to do, only you can decide.

Empress Wei nodded Empress Wei s expression seemed to be as calm as water, but her heart couldn t help but move.When Mo Zhenren came to Kunning Palace to treat her injuries last time, she had guessed that Mo Zhenren meant to help the Wei family, but clinical cbd gummies amazon she was not sure at that time.Unexpectedly, Brother Chen really invited Mo Zhenren.Empress Wei thought that Miss Gu s smile appeared in her mind, it should not be due to Brother Chen alone.Mo Zhenren said The Empress Dowager promised to ask the Guo family to help investigate the case.Mo Zhenren did cbd gummies reddit 2021 not explain the cause and effect to Queen Wei in detail, but Wei Queen already understood Are they going to use the navy Mo Zhenren went to twist the needle The empress dowager was really smart, and she didn t need to explain the inside story, no wonder the empress dowager was willing to extend her hand.

The old man thought for a moment, then cbd thc gummies reviews turned around and walked back.He had been seen clearly by others, but he didn t know much about those people.In this case, it is better to find out the details of those people Watching the old man knock on the gate of the house.Zhu Wu, the man who took care of the flat food stall, smiled.That s right, why should we freeze outside in such a cold weather.Have a bowl of flat food.Come here.Just after the yelling behind him, the wooden door in front of the old man slowly opened.Lu Guang looked at the old man and the food box in his hand and said with a smile, Are you here to look for our elder brother Before the old man could speak, he saw a figure walking out.That person was Nie Chen.The old man came to see Nie Chen after noticing this common man.Nie Chen let the old man into the house, turned around and took the small hanging stove, made tea for the old man and filled it up for himself.

Wei Yuanchen said This person changed his surname to Xiong and was called Guanshi Xiong.He has been traveling in Daning and northern Xinjiang for the past few years.He also took over and arranged the private goods brought in by sea after they went north.The emperor felt his body tremble when he heard this.The blood in his forehead suddenly poured into his forehead, as if it was about to come out of his eyes What did you say Zheng Ruzong is alive Wei Yuanchen said Not only is Zheng Ruzong alive, he also sent two sons, one After entering the court to become an official, clinical cbd gummies amazon one clings to the Shen family and acts around under the name of the Shen family.This person colludes with the Chief Secretary Zhang Congju to make a big deal of money HCMUSSH clinical cbd gummies amazon in the shipyard, using the timber provided by the court to build warships, and kill pirates along the coast.

Man, we have to find the second brother quickly.Master Zhang knew that the second master Shen was always suspicious about this case, so he sent someone to send a letter to the second master Shen before he left the city, saying that he had discovered that someone in the Shen family had contacts with pirates, After deceiving Master Shen Er out of the city, he will kill him, so that the court will think that Master Shen are cbd gummies legal in the uk Er has escaped.In fact, if something happens to the shipyard, the Zhang family will be targeted.It doesn t how do cbd gummies make you feel who owns green health cbd gummies clinical cbd gummies amazon matter whether the Shen family is killed or not.A layer of doubts will also attract some attention from the court.Mrs.Shen was startled when she heard Mr.Zhang clinical cbd gummies amazon s words, and then lowered her head Our Shen family has troubled Mr.Zhang.What are you talking about Mr.Zhang said, We are all one family, and I will try my best to save my second brother.

He never thought that Zhang Guangzong would be so ruthless.The yamen chaperone stepped forward to carry away Shen s body, and the second master Shen came back to his senses.He looked up and saw Mrs.Zhang being escorted HCMUSSH clinical cbd gummies amazon by the yamen chaperone.The old lady Zhang cried What s the matter Why did you arrest me When she saw the bloody hands of the second master Shen and the dead body of her daughter in law Shen, the old lady Zhang closed her mouth, and her face became even more panicked., began to look around for Zhang Guangzong s figure.It was Mr.Qian from the 12th Battalion of Central Beijing who came to arrest them.He ordered his subordinates to escort Zhang Guangzong and Mrs.Zhang back to Beijing and return to Beijing.He was going to take Zhang Congju and Qiu Hai with his hands.Master Shen Er wiped the tears off his face with his hand, and looked at Mr.

In other words, can Tongzhou go We need to change our path.Zheng Ruzong frowned, then he would be forced to change his route and could no longer go south.He told the Zhang family clinical cbd gummies amazon and Qiu Hai to go south all the way.They would encounter officers and soldiers in the south, so they clinical cbd gummies amazon had to go northwest.Such a coincidence Those people seemed to know what he was going to do.Zheng Ruzong made a decision Then go to the northwest.He didn t believe that the imperial court would block all the official roads, there was always a way for him to go, and if there was nothing wrong with the guard, he would inform the staff of the guard Open the gate and let him go.Chapter 448 The Way to Live Qiao Song and Peng Shi, Commander Long Jinwei, received a report from the Yachai.Zheng Ruzong didn t go to Tongzhou Wharf, but changed his way to the northwest.

The emperor s internal organs were burned and uncomfortable.If clinical cbd gummies amazon he had known today, he should not be merciful.He would get rid of Wei Shi neatly during the case of the second prince.Even if the case is re investigated, he can give Wei Shi a decent return Queen bit.He can be tolerant towards a dead person.After all, a dead person can t do anything.Now that the Wei family has come out alive, I don t know how many schemes he will have in the future.But in the current situation, he had to let Wei Shi go.The imperial court has internal and external troubles, and there can be no more disturbances.He must stabilize the harem, first clarify the affairs of northern Xinjiang, and then step by step, rectify them one by one, including the queen mother and empress, including the Wei family and the Guo family.

At this time, the palace servants came to report Your Majesty, the masters of the palaces are here.In addition to expressing congratulations and greetings, each one of them probably wanted to sue the noble concubine.She had experienced such things too much.Empress Wei looked at the female officer Let them go back.There are a lot of things going on in the palace recently.Let them close the door and check for themselves.Tomorrow the palace will ask people to ask about the results.They can all see clearly that from now on, they should stick to their duties, and she will give them the opportunity to interrogate the palace servants by themselves, so that when she does something, they will not cry out for grievances one by one.Seeing such a situation, Mo Yangming and Gu Mingzhu got up to leave, the empress had just received the imperial decree, clinical cbd gummies amazon and there were still many affairs in the palace that the empress needed to arrange personally.

You Zheng Ruzong only had time to say a word when Nie Chen rushed over and kicked him to the ground.Zheng Ruzong struggled with all his strength in anger.He was so strong that he almost overturned Nie Chen.Thanks to Nie Chen s quick hands and eyes, he quickly covered Zheng Ruzong s mouth and nose with a handkerchief stained with mandala pollen.The eldest lady said she wanted to catch people alive, but Zheng Ruzong couldn t be given a chance to shroud his body in cbd gummies for long covid horse leather, he didn t deserve it.There is nothing to talk about with these people.Back then, they used the mechanism to calculate Yan Shen, and now they should fight back.Nie Chen was sitting on Zheng Ruzong s back.Zheng Ruzong probably felt insulted, and he was furious.He smelled so much datura pollen but still didn t faint.Take your time, don t worry, Nie Chen muttered silently, he was confident in the way the eldest lady poisoned her.

Lin, and she is more straightforward and easy going.She often has a bright smile on her face, which makes people feel happy when they see her.If the Zhou family The sincerity towards A Jun can be half that of the Gu family towards Miss Gu, and A Jun will not die in prison.When Ajun was alive, Zhou Zesheng wanted Ajun to get rid of the constraints of Mrs.Zhou, even if she couldn t do everything as she wanted, she had to follow her heart, but it was a pity that Ajun ended up like that.It wasn t all the second prince s treason case that killed Ah Jun, but also the disregard and contempt of the Zhou family and the Cui family.He also regretted it very much.No matter how hard he worked back then, there might be a turning point.But Ajun is gone, so it is useless to say anything.Zhou Zesheng didn t know why he would think of this, the feeling of unwillingness in his heart shouldn t come out at this time.

In addition to the emperor s great trust in Cao Xueshi, Cao Xueshi was also the elder brother of the concubine.Cao Xueshi has been in the Imperial Academy for a long time, not because he cannot be reused, but because he wants to avoid how do cbd gummies make you feel who owns green health cbd gummies court struggles.Zhou Zejing knew this matter early on, so he also took the post of editor in the Imperial Academy in a safe and stable manner.The Zhou family has some connections with the Cao family.For example, Jun s father, Zhou Zecheng, entered the Imperial Academy after being the number one scholar in high school.At that time, Cao Xueshi s father was in charge of the Imperial Academy.The Cao family helped sort out who owns green health cbd gummies coral cbd gummies the translations of Buddhist scriptures.After Zhou Zecheng passed away, Zhou Zejing went to the Hanlin Academy in the same way as his elder brother.

Doesn t this mean that she admitted that she had a premeditated plan Been waiting for a chance to try it No, he s not that kind of guy.It seems that next time she will be able to see the rouge of safflower juice on Chujiu s face, Gu Mingzhu nodded Okay, Chujiu, you can clinical cbd gummies amazon gummy bear cbd edibles walk by my side Large female family clinical cbd gummies amazon gummy bear cbd edibles members probably won t cause too many surprises.Liu Su couldn t help being startled when he saw Chu Jiu, he and the eldest lady always went out together, now that there is such a servant , Liu Su felt a little weird, could it be that Chu Jiu will leave the Wei family from now on Are you serving the eldest lady The three of them left the prison and walked down the street.Before dawn, there were not many people on the street, Liu Su looked at Chu Jiu You will be one of us in the future Chu Jiu shook his head, he just wanted Missy to be happy.

Xue Laotong shook his head and said Because my lord is not heart to the emperor, but heart to the emperor.Xiang Dazhou.Did Wei Yuanchen avenge your apprentice, gummies cbd price so you just Su Fu looked at Xue Laotong, shook his head before he finished speaking, You are not that kind of person, and neither am Iis that the current situation is so disappointing.Su Fu finally made up his mind Then do this, let s hide it first, wait for the Wei family to pass the news to Queen Wei, and ask Queen Wei to make arrangements first.Leading people back to the yamen, he walked up to Gu Mingzhu Cousin, you said you being Miss Jiang has something to do with me Gu Mingzhu nodded Did you tell Mr.Wei about the secret way who owns green health cbd gummies coral cbd gummies in the old house Feng Anping s eyes flashed, but he didn t know the reason, so he nodded blankly.I was investigating the case secretly and wanted to save my father.

Mr.Zhang s strict investigation of Mr.Hua Yang and his wife s case all point cbd gummies reverse tolerence to King Liang.The best explanation for this situation is that some people are doing the aftermath of King Liang, using their power to imprison those who threaten King Liang, and then execute them according to the laws of the Great Zhou Dynasty.It is difficult for people .

how long do cbd gummies stay good for?

to find out.Who is that guy from the Ministry of Justice Is it Guo Ji who was in charge back then, or the uncle and nephew of the Qiao family This time, as Liang Wanghui surfaced, hemp vs cbd gummies for sleep the court just happened to clean them up in one fell swoop.That s why she brought up the case of Mrs.Rong in front of Lord Su Fu.Gu Mingzhu sat down and wrote back to Master Wei.Lord Wei said in the letter that he was not injured, and that Prince Huairou and Peng Liang were also fine.

This pot of Wei Zi was originally her favorite, but she didn t expect it to be infested by insects.Although she took care of it herself, it took a day It s not as good as one day, since it s hopeless, you don t have to worry about it anymore.Empress Wei just walked into the hall and watched the palace servants bring out the flowers.The female official closed the palace door, and the queen mother raised her head and looked over What Is there something difficult Empress Wei nodded, I m afraid I need your help.The queen mother did not say much, but took out a few letters from the female official Guo Guo Everyone trusted by the family is here, and some of them are in the Beijing camp, why don t you take these letters and order them to do things as soon as possible.Empress Wei bowed to the Queen Mother The emperor dispatched the soldiers and horses of the Beijing camp to King Su.

Wei into the door, she said she should be more on guard.It s all right now, when Lord Hou goes out to fight, he still has the help of the how long does a cbd gummy work Second Master Wei, how are uly cbd gummies legit clinical cbd gummies amazon should he repay the favor owed to the Wei family She didn t care about it, and waited for Master Hou to come back and throw this problem to Master Hou to see how he would deal with it.Although she was thinking this way, Mrs.Lin became worried again, hoping that the court would defeat the rebel army as soon as possible, and that Mr.Weinoall the soldiers of the Great Zhou could return safely After the Su Wang Party was taken down, the emperor ordered the ministers of civil and military affairs, including the cabinet bachelors and the heads of the six departments, to go to the Hall of Mental Cultivation.This meeting is different from usual, because the empress is in power now.

Not only the stupid king, but even him was underestimated.This Mr.Wei.It can be said that the Wei family has put in a lot of effort in raising Wei Yuanchen, so Wei Yuanchen is only capable of this Wei Yuanchen s fleeing cavalry suddenly accelerated.King Liang was startled, and blurted out Not good.After being chased all the time, he should be more and more tired, why he suddenly became energetic, there is only one explanation, Wei Yuanchen was just pretending before.Pretend to be defeated and lead them to chase.Although Liang Wang saw something strange, it was too late.Wei Yuanchen s cavalry passed in front of Lu Guang and Zhu Wu, and after calculating the distance of the firearm s damage, Lu Guang and Zhu Wu pulled Ji Kuo, and then clinical cbd gummies amazon they split up.Fleeing on both sides, they rushed into the earth pit that had been dug long before the firearms exploded.

Ziying said Our eyeliner came back and said that Marquis Huaiyuan is in Andongwei, and he can last for a few more days there.Ziying said Wan Wan persuaded Tang Shi worriedly Madam, take a rest.After a while, the secret guards will report to you when they come back from inquiring about the news.Tang Shi rubbed her sore eyes.After hearing that the prince had lost the battle, she didn t close her eyes., Now two days have passed, and cbd gummies mayim bialik there is still no news from the prince.Could it be that the prince really died in the mountains I can t sleep, Tang said, You d better go out and find out the news.Ziying retreated, and Tang was about to put on her cloak and go out to see the situation.When the ship leaves, there may be chasing soldiers from the imperial court, so everything must be properly arranged.

Wei Yuanchen said, Don t worry, seventh uncle.Turning his head and intertwining his eyes with Gu Mingzhu, order cbd gummies from colorado There was a smile in his eyes, like the spring breeze blowing on his face.Thinking of something, Wei Yuanchen said Seventh Uncle, can you go to Yan s house for a banquet Old General Yan is in charge of Tianjin Guard, and Zhou Zesheng once served under General Yan s command.Zhou Zesheng s expression froze I ve been there.Wei Yuanchen said with a smile, What about Uncle Qi Old General Yan praised Uncle Qi in front of everyone.This time Uncle Qi returned to Beijing to serve, and General Yan also recommended him., it can be seen that Old General Yan attaches great importance to Seventh Uncle.In addition, there is an unmarried young lady in the Yan family, and Wei Yuanchen guessed that Old General Yan has the intention of marrying a daughter.

Wei Yuanchen Rui s phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, his eyebrows furrowed tightly.Gu Mingzhu said What s wrong, my lord Wei Yuanchen said Maybe this time when I took Gao Li to fight against Wuliangha, I was involved in old wounds.Gu Mingzhu was a little anxious I ll show you the wound.No need Wei Yuanchen said, There is no external injury, just help me sit down and rest.The two sat on the porch.The summer wind blew on the two of them, Gu Mingzhu said How is your lord doing now .His old injury was somewhat similar to her stomachache, but she felt that he was not like that kind of person.For the sake of adults being hurt, I promise my father and mother will do well next time.There is a case in Shuntian Mansion, do you want to go and have a look together tonight Gu Mingzhu s eyes lit up What case Maybe my cousin told Nie Chen clinical cbd gummies amazon about it.

The master of the Luo family was beheaded by Cui Zhen.The body was found by Cui Zhen s men and brought back to hang on the top of the city.Zhang s chest was full of hatred, what kind of General Ever Victorious, didn t he want to kill his relatives in the end.Cui Zhen couldn t hold it anymore.If there is still a chance for her, it is now.If she wants to see Cui Zhen being hit with her own eyes, it is best to completely defeat this Marquis of Ding Ning.Mrs.Zhang curled up, and was about to pretend to have a stomachache to ask her mother in law to invite Cui Zhen, when she heard her mother in law s voice outside, Master Hou, you are here.On the big kang by the window, she reached out and groped by the wall.She hid a sleeve arrow in it.Cui Zhen thought how do cbd gummies make you feel who owns green health cbd gummies that she was pregnant and locked her in the main room so that she could look forward to this meeting.

That was Zhou Rujun.Cui Zhen pushed the horse forward vigorously, blood kept pouring out of his mouth, choking him to cough continuously, and his eyes began to blur.This road is obviously very short, but he seems to be walking very slowly.He heard himself gasp, quick and weak.Cui Zhen grasped the rein tightly, gritted his teeth and struggled to support, finally he came in front of her.Everything in front of him was so dim that he couldn t see her expression clearly, but he knew that he owed her, and he still wanted to redeem it.Rujun, Cui Zhen said with difficulty, Can your husband be called a hero Could it make you proud She didn t nod or shake clinical cbd gummies amazon her head.Cui Zhen reached out to touch her, but her figure gradually faded.How is this going Why didn t she respond to him Cui Zhen fell off the horse and lay on the ground, vaguely as if he heard someone clinical cbd gummies amazon gummy bear cbd edibles say in his ear This is not going to happen, isn t this Ding Ninghou very powerful Why is this little injury about to die.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, Lord Qing admitted this, right Master Qing, this is King Qing s old eyes were dim and teary, and he couldn t see which .

are cbd gummies legal in nc?

family was standing next to him, so he came clinical cbd gummies amazon over and wiped his tears and snot with his robe King Liang framed Wei The family, the empress, and the situation of Empress Wei in the palace are obvious to all.After all, he is the flesh and blood of the Zhao family.I don t know what Da Zhou looks like now.The collusion between Liang Wang and the Tatars is to lure wolves into the house, and it is bound to bring disaster to Da Zhou.This move clinical cbd gummies amazon is worthy of the ancestors of the Zhao family.I don t regret it.I m not afraid to see my ancestors in the future.Now that the emperor is in his prime, I m afraid I won t be able to see how the throne will be inherited in the future.

With the sound of footsteps, Wei Yuanchen was surrounded by people and entered the main room.Seeing Wei Yuanchen, Mrs.Lin s uneasy mood calmed down at this moment.Brother Chen is very good, and she can rest assured that she can give the beads HCMUSSH clinical cbd gummies amazon to him.Wei Yuanchen knelt down and offered tea to Lin Qicheng, Gu Chongyi and Mrs.Lin.After the etiquette, Wei Yuanchen saw the relatives and friends of the Gu family and the Lin family in the room, his eyes fell on Cui Zhen, he hesitated a little but still called out Brother.Cui Zhen and Wei Yuanchen can also let go, but they will never allow anyone to hurt Zhuzhu again.Gu Chongyi nodded to Wei Yuanchen Go and pick up Zhuzhu Sitting in the boudoir, Gu Mingzhu was surrounded by female relatives, and was telling her what happened before, when he suddenly said, Young master is here.

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