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Oh Leoni really became interested Who does Mr.Baron like to listen to Wang Weiyi has never heard an opera since he was so old, but creekside pharms cbd gummies now he has to ask the Countess, so he said bravely For example, Mendel Song s opera Billa and his piano piece A Midsummer Night s Dream Leonie s eyes flashed a fanaticism that Wang Weiyi had never seen before Does the Baron also HCMUSSH creekside pharms cbd gummies admire Mendelssohn Yes.Wang Weiyi settled down If he hadn t left us prematurely, I think he might become the greatest musician in German history.As a result, the two of them immediately found a common ground.Leonie simply admired Mendelssohn, and she immediately opened up, talking endlessly about Mendelssohn s greatness and contribution to the history of world music.Wang Weiyi listened absent mindedly, he didn t know anything about Mendelssohn, but at this moment Xiaoling s voice began to come Tell her in a casual tone, creekside pharms cbd gummies your grandfather was once a creekside pharms cbd gummies cbd 750mg gummies lecturer for the Leipzig Conservatory of Music.In this case, creekside pharms cbd gummies then I think we can only meet after the war.General Monlington said with a little regret Captain, I hope you can live to that cbd gummies and glaucoma moment.If you are unfortunately captured, please be sure to tell the British army You are a friend of the 42nd East Lance Division.I will, General, but I don t want to be a prisoner.Wang Weiyi smiled and said, See you on the battlefield, General.See you on the battlefield.Meng Ling Dun nodded solemnly The 42nd East Lance Division will take the defeat and capture of Captain Ernst Brahm as the greatest honor This is the greatest way of respecting a person I respect I will also try my best to defeat your 42nd East Lansing Division.Wang Weiyi also said loudly Goodbye, General.Goodbye, Captain.The eyes of the British officers and soldiers of the 42nd East Lansing Division With their venerable enemy out of sight.Just like Baron Alexon The big red plane The red Baron On October 29, 1916, the second day after the start of the German autumn offensive, canopy cbd gummies creekside pharms cbd gummies a fighter plane with its entire body painted red appeared in the sky.There sat Baron Manfred Albrecht von Richthofen Red baron The Red Baron is born Seventy five.Trench Assault Squad Please recommend A red baron has been born, and before that, another baron has begun to show his ferocious fangs on the battlefield Baron Ernst Alexson cbd gummies vs cbd oil von Brahm The moment the artillery sounded, the supplementary battalion had all entered the combat position.And the first to launch the assault was the first trench assault team of the supplementary battalion Ernst s first trench assault team Xiaoling finally helped out.Although he refused to provide Wang Weiyi with an MP18 submachine gun, he provided him with two Lewis M1914 infantry light machine guns used by the British and sufficient ammunition.But they dared not show their faces in public, and could only hide until a German army passed by.They finally escaped.Where s Guderian and Guo Yunfeng Steck and Boncrere shook their heads in confusion Wang Weiyi sighed, now he can t do anything but wait patiently Captain, there are gunshots ahead Wang Weiyi pulled himself together Concentrate your weapons, divide into three combat teams and follow me The figures ran towards him one after the other.The figure looked so familiar, and hope rose again in Wang Weiyi s heart.Heinz Wang Weiyi called out one chews cbd gummies loudly.Captain A familiar voice came It s Heinz Wilhelm Guderian And behind him was Guo Yunfeng A stone in Wang Weiyi s heart finally fell.The German soldiers shot at the enemies who were chasing up.The British who were caught off guard did cbdfx broad spectrum cbd gummy bears not expect the German army to appear here, and immediately turned around and ran away.During my absence, Heinz Wilhelm creekside pharms cbd gummies cbd 750mg gummies Guderian , and you will take command for me temporarily.This appointment was somewhat unexpected.Before that, once the captain was away, Hall took command instead of him, but now the captain appointed Guderian.This message was conveyed very clearly, the person the captain trusted more was Guderian.There was a trace of disappointment in Hall s eyes, but strangely, there was also a trace of shame Wang Weiyi took off his weapon and handed it to Hitler Adolf, watch over me, I will be back soon.Yes, Captain Adolf Hitler replied loudly.Wang Weiyi turned around and said, Now, Second Lieutenant Foroman, please lead the way.His creekside pharms cbd gummies majesty made Foroman dare not neglect him, and he gave way respectfully to let Baron Alexon go first.When the figure of Captain Ernst left his sight, the entire supplementary battalion exploded.Wang Weiyi was even more surprised.He was a German nobleman by his name.Did he go to France General von Bello s words quickly confirmed Wang Weiyi s guess He is the chief of staff of the First Army, a major general of the army.A few days ago, he mysteriously disappeared, and we got definite information that he defected.At the moment his men are in Reims and will soon be sent to Paris.Major Ernst, I think you know the seriousness of the situation, right Wang Weiyi was taken aback.A German nobleman, the chief of staff of a major general, actually defected This was a huge blow to the German army.He has a lot of high level confidential information in his hands.We must not let him reach Paris alive cbd gummy bears for arthritis pain General von Bello s eyes showed very complicated emotions Your mission is to bring him back at all costs.Proficient in French Wang Weiyi is also proficient , but that is with the help of Xiaoling Second dragons den cbd gummies for tinnitus Lieutenant, thank you for your assistance.Major Ernst, it is my pride to fight with you.Hey, Ernst Just as they were greeting each other, a voice interrupted their conversation.Look down there it s Erwin Rommel Erwin When he saw Rommel, Wang Weiyi found that Rommel still had the rank of lieutenant, even if he performed so well in Romania, he couldn cbd gummy dosage sleep t get promoted.To be honest, although Rommel performed very well during the First World War and made many military exploits, he did not do well.Even the blue Marx Medal that he should have received earlier was inexplicably given away by his superiors.Awarded to someone else due to a misunderstanding.It was not until the end of the world war that Rommel creekside pharms cbd gummies was barely promoted to captain.People are often so strange.A cowardly person always thinks that he will be scared to pee his pants when he goes to the battlefield, but once he really goes to the battlefield, he will be accompanied by some people who are not afraid of death.The fear in his heart will be dispelled unconsciously.He would see himself as one of them are cbd gummies legal in alabama Only when the bullet pierced their hearts, at the moment before he died, he would think with some regret, if I was still a coward, maybe I wouldn t have to die But at this time, he has changed Became a hero These German soldiers who decided to fight to the death with Colonel Thomas, definitely not everyone was so brave, but there was only one brave man who showed their courage and inspired their comrades , then everyone will feel that death is not such a terrible thing From this point of view, Colonel Sylvester Thomas and Major Ernst Brahm have many similarities They conquered his subordinates with their compassion and courage The French began to attack, and there were patches of them at a glance.

Subsequently, a new order was personally signed by the commander of the Second Army, General von Galwitz 1st Bavarian Infantry Regiment Supplement The battalion broke away from the regiment immediately to form the First Commando of the Second Army, with Major Ernst Alexson von Brehm as the captain and directly under the command of the Second Army Staff.It is a skeleton battle flag, so the team is also called Skeleton Commando.The team members all learn from Ernst.The pattern of the skull emblem on Brahm s collar was made into a replica.So when you see a German soldier wearing a skull badge on his collar, buy cbd gummies legal mo cbd gummies colorado don t ask.This belongs to Major Ernst Brahm s Skeleton Commando Then Galwitz issued a new order.Erwin Rommel and Fritz von Manstein will be part of the Skeleton Commando.Wang Weiyi made some arrangements.This area is called the Danzig Corridor.And here is the place where Erwin Rommel got married.Wang Weiyi this A group of people didn t buy cbd gummies legal mo want to be too ostentatious.When they entered Danzig, no one could recognize them.They didn t want to spoil the joy of Rommel s reunion with his fianc e, so they all consciously found a hotel to stay in.Wait until Rommel After I finished enjoying the sweetness with my fianc e Lucy, let s hold a wedding for them.There are a lot of Russians in this city, some of them escaped from Russia.The situation in Russia is not very good.In the World War, the performance of the Russian army was very poor most of the time.They were using the flesh and blood of countless Russian soldiers to resist the wave after wave of attacks of the German army.But no matter how many people died, it would not help.Kugla said relaxedly.Bang Leilei, go there, that angle is good, point the gun at him, if he wants to escape, shoot him to death.Wang Weiyi said as if nothing had happened, and then said to Kugla Mr.Kugla, I think we canopy cbd gummies creekside pharms cbd gummies have to Talk, let s go, go there.When he came to the edge, Wang Weiyi straight to the point Tell me, why did you come here from Berlin You know, I am a gambler, or more precisely, I am A gambler who makes a living by cheating.Kugla seemed very frank I gained the trust of the gambling club by using the forged letter of recommendation from Marquis Schindler, and I won a lot of money there.But you know , Those people in the gambling club are not easy to mess with, they are powerful and powerful, and they will not be reconciled to being deceived by me, so I have to run away A very reasonable explanation Wang Weiyi said lightly But what I don t quite understand is, how did you manage to cross the battlefield Without thinking, Kugla blurted out I have some friends in Russia who might be able to protect me The war broke out, the Germans and the Russians fought hard, and I found my chance to sneak over It s still a very reasonable explanation.Officers such as Ernst, Rommel, and Manstein personally led all the team members and insisted on taking the French.People called back again Crazy, they really are.Are there many casualties General Galwitz asked.From the battle reports from the front line, the casualties are very heavy.They are facing an enemy dozens of times larger than their own, and the opponent s commander is Brave General Ben Weihao, It was a Frenchman who never read casualty reports.Ben Weihao He is an outstanding officer, but it is a pity that he met a skeleton baron who was even more outstanding than him.General Galwitz said in a trance When the French s spring offensive is crushed, we will give priority to resupplying the Skeleton Commandos, and give them whatever they need One hundred and ninety eight.Rommel s counterattack plan broke out in the Reims Soissons battle on April 6, 1917, which was the last war the French wanted to face.It was really bio life cbd gummies creekside pharms cbd gummies embarrassing.On such a festive occasion, if there were so many important people in the government, they were actually ruined by some foreigners parade The Minister of Education who was invited here frowned Mayor Pixiue, it s really embarrassing for such a thing to happen.I hope you can deal with it as soon as possible, so as not to affect the image of Paris I still have An important meeting, we must leave.After speaking, the Minister of Education ignored the embarrassing Mayor Pixie and left in a hurry.And as soon as he left, those zh ngf officials also found various excuses to leave this place of right and wrong.Mr.Police Chief, Mr.Tracy The annoyed Mayor Pixie vented all his anger on his police chief You must be responsible for this situation, and I order you to get those annoying Russians immediately Get rid of everyone Mr.Along the way, this army attracted countless envious and reverent eyes.In the entire German army, only this army can enjoy such treatment The speed of the convoy is not very fast.The theoretical top speed of creekside pharms cbd gummies the a7v is only ten kilometers per hour.You can t expect this bulky and powerful weapon to run as fast as the Peugeot Baby.In the sky, some escorting planes appeared, which were the 1st Flying Wing commanded by Richthofen.This unlucky guy was really locked up for seven days.Richthofen is always cbd gummies near sussex nj thinking about taking revenge on Ernst Brahm, but there is no other way now, he has to honestly help him escort Ocus, your driving skills are getting better and better.Looking back at his troops, Wang Weiyi turned around and said.Ah, yes, Colonel.Orcus concentrated on fiddling with the steering wheel in his hand It s my honor to be able to drive for the Skeleton Baron But to be honest, I m not I am very satisfied It will be a good one in the future.Colonel, what about you Stino seemed to feel something faintly.I m very tired, I need to take a break.Colonel Diego smiled Get out of here, go and surrender those Germans, Lieutenant purekana premium cbd gummies phone number Colonel Stino, this is my order Stino said sadly Going out, he knew what terrible things were going to happen.Colonel Diego sat there for a while, then took out a pen and paper, thought for a while and wrote My dear wife, today, I have experienced The saddest day in my life, Udine, which I was in charge of defending, fell into the hands of the enemy.I now have two choices, one is to surrender to the Germans, and the other is to commit suicide.Of course you understand my temper, I am Definitely wouldn t make the first choice.So I have to end this shame in an extreme way.Please don t be sad, my dear Cabrera.I can t let myself live like this, that s not what an officer should do.

Model raised one of his arms, and the whistles of the officers on the German position also rang.The German soldiers, who seemed a little lazy just now, immediately returned to their positions, and their light and heavy machine guns and rifles were ready to shoot at the same time.The British army began to attack rows and rows of British people appeared in the field of vision.Come closer and closer.Model, who was as calm as a rock, calmly issued his order Come closer, don t shoot again Closer, steady and steady The enemy was getting closer and closer, and their faces could almost be seen clearly.At this moment, Model creekside pharms cbd gummies said in a deep voice Start Now, it s time for the Germans to perform The muzzle of the machine gun began to jump, and the bullets like a rainstorm hovered in the air, forming a graceful figure, and then penetrated into the enemy s body one by one.The Skeleton Commando endured the enemy s bombing for a whole day on the night of July 16th, and the order finally came due to the failure to continue the attack, the German High Command issued a retreat order.The German High Command specially commended the heroic behavior of the Skeleton Commando in capturing the Marne River, and at the same time demanded that the commando evacuate the battlefield immediately.The ferry that was not destroyed Then, he glanced at the commandos again, We just intercepted a telegram.Elena came to Wang Weiyi s side It was sent by Brigadier General Smith, the commander creekside pharms cbd gummies of the 30th Division of the US Army.Oh, the United States Is the person finally here Wang Weiyi asked lightly.As the war progressed, radio technology became more mature.All countries have paid more and more attention to the use of battlefield radios, and have become more cautious and concerned about encrypting their own telegrams and intercepting enemy telegrams.Wang Weiyi smiled and said, We can go to the United States together and spend our lives in California or Arizona.However, Before that, you have to take down Samara Come on Sergey roared, Put all your troops in and don t retreat The first one to rush into Samara will get A reward of 1,000 gold coins His subordinates were extremely strange, they had never seen General Sergey so brave before.Can Mr.Ernst kill 520 tons of gold, or keep it all for himself Of course, how to transport it out must be carefully considered.Sergey launched a storm on Samara regardless of his subordinates.The team members watched the Russians beating the Russians very curiously.Elena pointed to the back of Sergey who personally went to the front line to command Ernst, do you really trust cbd gummies 08901 him Him Wang Weiyi smiled I believe that as soon as the gold is in hand, he will be the first He will find a way to kill us.Ernst He looked around subconsciously, but he didn t see those familiar faces, From now on, you will be the captain and commander of the Special Service Company of the First Battalion of the First Regiment of the Central Teaching Corps, Wang Weiyi, your ID and military uniform will help you Get ready.Wang Weiyi took off the German military uniform on his body, and put on the Japanese military uniform.After taking the photo, I finally don t have to act as a German anymore.You will defend the Great Field, the last bastion of the Sekt Line built by the German advisers.The trenches of the German advisers have a shortcoming, the lack of depth, which you also fully experienced in the First World War.The trouble is, the Japanese general Matsui Iwane, who commanded the battle in Songhu, is an expert in this kind of tough battle, and the German advisers are very respectful, and their self esteem is particularly strong.We will also use diplomatic pressure to force Germany to terminate its aid to China.It is very unwise to detain their people at this time, and I believe the Germans are well aware of this.Moreover, the German spies could not get any valuable information in Shanghai, they could only watch with their own eyes how the empire defeated China.The teacher is wise.Don t look for nice things to say.After losing his two sons, Kobayakawa Hongyi treated his favorite student as his son Now I need you to monitor those two German spies and see what they are doing in Shanghai.Be sure to report to me in time.I made a bet with the Germans, and the bet is my command knife.Hiroshi Yamaguchi s sunmed cbd gummies for sleep reviews complexion changed You bet him with this knife It was given to you by His Majesty the Emperor.So I can t lose even more.Do you understand Understood The artillery fire continues to suppress, move forward Forward forward The officers shouted everywhere, and the Huben Guard Battalion finally began its first battle since its establishment The chariot rolled towards the Japanese army unhurriedly, while a large number of infantry creekside pharms cbd gummies followed the chariot cautiously.Keep moving forward.Some soldiers around Wang Weiyi moved faster or slower.He is often severely reprimanded.The coordination is not as good as those, and the infantry s movements are still relatively stiff, and some people are even not used to it.But none of that matters, what matters is that this is their first fight.Wang Weiyi must ask himself to HCMUSSH creekside pharms cbd gummies teach them how to win the greatest victory with the least cost In fact, some officers are not very suitable for this kind of attack.This Feng Degui is the head of the regiment school of the Huben Guard Wang Weiyi Although the traitors of the reconnaissance team sent by the Japanese army hid themselves very deeply, they were by no means without any flaws.If one could observe carefully, one could still find some bio life cbd gummies creekside pharms cbd gummies clues.Wang Weiyi also encountered the reconnaissance team sent by the Japanese army like Xie Laolan.At the first sight, Wang Weiyi didn t quite believe that there were soldiers who could sway under the heavy blockade of the Japanese army and appear here unscathed.Especially when the Japanese army s attack was frustrated, Wang Weiyi killed them without hesitation when he interrogated the true identities of the three people and asked what he wanted to know.At the same time, a new plan was formed in his mind to infiltrate into Baihao County, make troubles in the Heavenly Palace there, distract R himself, and buy enough time for defense again There is nothing that Wang Weiyi dare not do, but he chooses Zheng Shi and Han Baiyang as his companions.

The morale of the Chinese officers and soldiers was greatly boosted.While holding their positions, they even launched local counter offensives on multiple fronts.Although the effect of such a counterattack is minimal, it has greatly improved the morale creekside pharms cbd gummies that was frustrated by the failure of the Battle of Shanghai.The morale of the Japanese army seems to have been hit, especially the 13th Division.The Japanese officers were a little panicked.Since the outbreak of the Battle of Changshu, the loss of their officers has suddenly increased.This is mainly concentrated on the front line of Jiangjia Village.Those elusive small groups of raiding troops sniped the advance of the Japanese army with ferocious firepower, and sniped the enemy officers with snipers.This method of combat is disgusting and frustrating.Ten of them can t kill them Yuan Wang nodded in satisfaction Tell the brothers, we only want money, not life, and we don t hurt people unless it is absolutely necessary.Cheng, Master Yuan, you are a bodhisattva with the heart.Amitabha, you have to accumulate some dena.Yuan Wang fiddled with the beads in his hand.If you are willing to take out the things, it s up to them, so let s kill them here.In the place we chose, you can shoot with a machine gun and no one can hear you. Oh, I see, just look at me.Thirty brothers from the Green Gang were ambushing around, and Ding Lao Si was very happy.Knowing how to do it, the golden golden one, with so much effort, at least it can be divided into five taels.After more than canopy cbd gummies creekside pharms cbd gummies 20 minutes, three figures appeared in the distance.When they gradually approached, cbd gummies vs oil reddit Yuan Wang and Ding Laosi could see clearly that the three of them were wearing black suits, ties, pure black woolen clothes, and top hats on their heads.I have a friend in Germany.The manor can still support me Li Zufa s complexion changed after saying a word, but Tang Weihong became excited Do you still have a manor in Germany Yes, it s not big, but come here for a few days Ten people can still be entertained.Wang Weiyi said lightly Ah, I remembered, I still have a winery in France, a clothing company where is there any industry The UK seems to have I really can t remember, I have to go back and look it up.The crowd looked at each other in blank dismay.What is the origin of this person It s not a big deal for him to say these things so lightly.Li Zufa s face was very ugly, and he couldn t help but snorted coldly Who can brag Wang Weiyi didn t argue with him, and took out something from his pocket Miss Weihong, I don t know if you like this kind of thing.The skeleton team moved forward little by little.Layers upon layers of corpses of the Japanese army fell on the battlefield, and the 6th Regiment was completely divided into pieces, unable to connect end to end, and officers and soldiers could not see each other.Failure is inevitable.It s just a matter of time.Seeing that the headquarters was under direct attack, some Japanese army units desperately wanted reinforcements, but they were quickly attacked mercilessly by the Japanese troops.Now, there are very few Japanese troops gathered around the headquarters.The firepower is also very weak, and it is impossible to stop the approach of creekside pharms cbd gummies the team step by step.The final moment is approaching, Send a power call to the commander of the division.Our where to get cbd gummies for ed army really can t continue to insist on the request and break through Faced with such a bad situation, Numata Tokushige had to send this telegram that he seemed extremely humiliated.They know how to use all their strengths to win The Ueno detachment is completely different.When they first stepped onto the battlefield, they were full of confidence, thinking that victory was something that was within their grasp.But with their first fiasco.This kind of psychology has changed without even their own awareness and the successive annihilation of the 65th and 116th Wings of the 13th Division has also had a terrible impact on their psychology.A soldier s essential thing is flowing in them the determination to win must win When the Chinese planes amazon cbd gummies buy cbd gummies legal mo started to bomb, the Chinese tanks started to dispatch, and the Chinese infantry began to attack, the Ueno detachment itself had already begun to shake up first.Moreover, creekside pharms cbd gummies incredibles cbd gummies the tank on the opposite side is really terrifying The machine gun above roars like crazy and strikes accurately.Could it be that Xiao Ling used too many weapons that shouldn t be used during amazon cbd gummies buy cbd gummies legal mo the last shuttle, which HCMUSSH creekside pharms cbd gummies caused the current situation The task names are also interesting.When he traveled through for the first time, codenamed The Soarer , Wang Weiyi soared in that time and space to his heart s content, writing a glorious chapter of the Skeleton Baron.In the second time and space, code named The Daredevil , Wang Weiyi commanded the Huben Guard brigade to fight the Japanese pirates to the death.What about the honorable ones Do you want to create greater glory for yourself I don t know why, but Wang Weiyi always has a feeling that these three space time shuttles may have some inevitable connection.The skeleton master has completed the preparations to break through creekside pharms cbd gummies This is a plan made by Wang Weiyi himself Target Minsorsk On January 14th, the Imperial Division, Viking Division, HCMUSSH creekside pharms cbd gummies and Nordic Division of the Second Panzer Corps of the SS forcibly launched an attack on the Soviet Army to cbd gummies help anxiety cooperate with the Skeleton Division s breakout plan General Paul Hauser also personally commanded the Hohenstaufen Division to launch an assault at the same time However, the Soviet army had already mastered the intelligence of the Germans in advance, and they deployed a large number of troops in the shortest time to defend the Minsorsk front.It must be the fourth time to break through the encirclement in Ladfu Wang Weiyi pondered Can the soldiers continue to fight I am willing to die for you The soldiers are willing to tear open the gap under your command, and then act as a cover force For you, the skeleton division is willing to fight to the last soldier I need them to live Wang Weiyi s face cbd shark tank gummies is serious Order, Combat Group Paipa to launch an assault on the west, assigned to their 3rd Armored Artillery Regiment Combat Group Altino to attack on the Eastern Front, assigned to their 3rd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion.Order, Combat Group Vandeweeny Start the attack at Lamingden.I will personally command the consumer reports cbd gummies Ernst battle group to launch an assault on the 3rd Armored Army of the 3rd Soviet Army Capulo was stunned The 3rd Armored Army General, that is the ace unit of the Soviet Army commanded by General Magfedlov.

When I opened the door, I looked around, then walked in, and immediately closed the door tightly.Inside, there was a man in the uniform of a Soviet major sitting there, fiddling with a pistol.California Eagle, you shouldn t be here.Kimilovich looked nervous Do you know that you will be exposed at any time, and we will all be shot.No, Kimilovich , I should add the word comrade, otherwise I don t look like a Russian. California Eagle put down his pistol and smiled Our head sent me to Russia, and everything that happened here is my head.The report has been made, and there is news about the baron.The strange thing is that the head is very interested in the baron, and he wants me to find ways to report important information to that baron Baron Alexon.Ah, Yes, Baron Alexon, look at my memory, I can t always remember it.The German army is preparing a new offensive Sling immediately appointed General Kolkorok to command the 1st and 3rd Soviet Army to deploy in Kharkov to block the German attack.And this battle plan was opposed by a person, that is, Marshal Semyon Konstantinovich Timoshenko with outstanding military exploits In the telegram from Marshal Timoshenko to Sling, he elaborated on the various disadvantages to the Soviet army of the early battle in Kharkov.The German army, which passed through the Demyansk breakout, is currently due to the return of enemy legends.The morale is high, but the Soviet army in Kharkov is weak and ill prepared.Under the torrent of steel from the German army, it is impossible to resist.The best way is to give up Kharkov immediately, ensure the vitality of the Soviet army, reorganize the elite army, and start a new offensive in Kharkov.The grenadiers swore they would never be able to throw a grenade again, their arms completely red and swollen.Those gunners sat down in front of the cannon, panting heavily, and best cbd gummy thc free didn t want to creekside pharms cbd gummies cbd 750mg gummies stand up at all.Some sporadic Soviet soldiers and tanks were attacking, but that couldn t have any impact on the battle situation.The breakout battle at Sletonya ended in such a terrible way that the Soviet 5th Infantry Division was almost completely wiped out, and the 4th Tank Brigade was also completely destroyed.While inspecting the position, the Germans found a corpse.The dead man belonged to Major General Kaletov Wang Weiyi stood in front of the corpse.What should I say curse him Or praise him A telegraph operator from the Soviet army was captured.Just a few minutes ago, Marshal Timoshenko sent a telegram asking about the situation here.The Soviet army, which had lost all its supplies and ran out of ammunition and food, also lost its will to resist.Even if there is some resistance, it is only sloppy and perfunctory The Germans tasted the fruits of their victory in one gulp, now, after sowing hard.Harvest time has come.On the position opposite them, in the eyes of the German soldiers, they were not enemies, but pieces of ripe crops, golden rice.Waiting for them to harvest.What a delight.The planes sang cheerfully in the air, the cannons played the battlefield symphony soothe 900mg nano cbd gummies 30ct briskly, and the soldiers happily danced on the battlefield.Feast begin A carnival of the Germans that the Russians will never forget While the German army launched the final general offensive.The police brigade commanded by Major General Belekov also embarked on nimo cbd gummies a mission that seemed impossible to bring Comrade Commander Timoshenko to break out of the encirclement In such a dense encirclement.Thinking of this, he sighed softly I really want to see William canopy cbd gummies creekside pharms cbd gummies again, but I can t now, my son and I will meet someday, I Leonie s face showed a mother s pride for her son He is very good, he has inherited your excellent bloodline.Maybe he is not as good as you on the battlefield, but William has done a very good job in other aspects.He is now The second person in charge of the President s Office is very trusted by President Roosevelt.We have made a detailed plan for him, and we are going to let him run for Congress when he is 30 years old, and then Speaking of this, Leonie laughed, and Hermione also Helping her continue with a smile Then, we want to train him to be the youngest president in American history Well, well, this is exactly the same as my idea.If his son can become the president of the United States, it will be the most beneficial thing for his future.The headquarters was set up in the arena, which looks very strong.This ancient building has seen naked massacres, but now the blood here has dried up.Of course, maybe new blood will flow here again amazon cbd gummies buy cbd gummies legal mo When the Guo Yunfeng battle group set off, Germany, which received the order, began to give him the most powerful support.The Myristel battle group, which served as the leading force of the entire army, also joined the cooperation with the Guo Yunfeng battle group Middle.The excellence of the German army is that while completing their own combat missions, they can also provide timely and strong support to their brother troops.And the current situation is exactly like this With the support of the German troops, the Guo Yunfeng battle group quickly advanced towards the arena.On the road, I encountered creekside pharms cbd gummies the blocking of the Turkish army countless times, but the Myristel battle group responsible for flanking any attack always took the initiative to undertake the most difficult attack task for them.Klingenberg was taken aback for a moment He is the last Sultan of Turkey Yes.Wang Weiyi said lightly He was eventually imprisoned in Istanbul, and then died there After capturing Istanbul, I have been looking for some information related to Abdul Hamid II.Thing, I found out that Abdul Hamid II s son creekside pharms cbd gummies Abdul Karami is still alive, but not in Turkey, but in Ankara, and is being protected by the First Army in the former Ottoman capital The First Legion of the Capital Does this legion still exist Klingenberg asked curiously.No, the Legion no longer exists in essence.Wang Weiyi s face was solemn But their descendants, under the command of the former army commander Ahmaza, tried to restore the position of the Sultan.After the death of Abdul Hamid buy cbd gummies legal mo cbd gummies colorado II, they put all the Hopes are placed on his son, Abdul Karami.

I m old, very old Lafke looked very calm Some of the people in the Capital Corps also know the existence of the gold treasure.There are twelve people who have always been fighting for the same goal, and now it is time to follow His Majesty the Sultan Miliwa understood in cbd gummies give energy an instant that his father was going to die with these people Father, you can t Mileva s words were just out of his mouth, and he was interrupted by a smiling Lafke I m really old, I don t need to live anymore, I hope my sacrifice , can thoroughly lay the most solid foundation for your future.My child, the future is in your hands. I will, Father.Miliwa said with tears in his eyes.Five hundred and four.You are free, prince Fourth change asks for a monthly ticket The plan to rescue Prince Abdul Karami has started.Ten daring Germans, twelve A Turk, this is all the power to rescue Prince Karami.Now, he has no other choice.The only thing he can do is to cooperate with the Germans to the end, even if he bears more infamy because of this, No hesitation.The sky in Ankara is gradually being covered by clouds brought by a heavy thunderstorm.Five hundred and fifteen.Skeleton Commando Reorganization Quietly staged.The mutiny will star two men Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm and General Kistapha.When General Kistafa was about to leave the deployment, he hesitated for a moment, and then asked carefully Can my child be cured I promise, right Wang creekside pharms cbd gummies Weiyi smiled slightly Not only will your child be cured, but he will return to you soon.I think that the position of Minister of National Defense in the future will always need someone to succeed him.General Kistafa s heart was completely relieved.Now, he has no other choice.In addition, Farouk is lustful by nature and often hangs out with girls.Has had relationships with at least a dozen women.In May 1936, Farouk inherited the throne due to the death of his father.At the age of only 16, he was sitting on a property of 100 million US dollars, 200 cars and 75,000 acres of fertile land.Until July 26, 1937, Farouk officially reached the legal age and ascended the throne.After inheriting the throne, Farouk married Farouk, an aristocratic lady, in 1938.However, he still seduced women after marriage.He publicly advocated that people should not be bound in love and that mistresses should be allowed.His mistresses are numerous, such as actresses and well known female talents.Besides, Farouk loves food.You can eat 12 eggs for breakfast, 40 quails for agora cbd gummies lunch, drink up to 30 bottles of beer a day, often lock yourself in a dark room and eat chocolate constantly, and your weight rises straight up to 300 pounds.There isn t that much Italian food on offer in a POW camp.And the performance of the Italians in escaping also made the British army incredible A company of the British got information on the way of pursuit, and there were a large number of Italians resting there in front.rest The British captain who commanded the company seemed unwilling to believe that at such a critical juncture, the Italians were actually resting there The captain decided that he would rather waste time and find out the enemy s true intentions.He must be taking too much cbd gummies responsible for the lives of his soldiers.But the information from multiple scouting teams has been confirmed the Italians are indeed resting there, and they are preparing lunch The captain was dumbfounded There are about 1,000 to 1,500 Italians Now, the captain has two choices, one is to wait for most of them to arrive and completely eat up the Italian army Army, but that might give the Italians time to escape The second choice is to launch an attack immediately, but the enemy has thousands of people after all The captain is very bold and decisively made the second choice launch an attack immediately The attack of the British company began, but something even more unimaginable happened to them.In fact, Lawson Heaton didn t go far after escaping from prison that night, and hid in a monastery only two kilometers away from the prison.Under the cover of the dean, Lawson Heaton has been hiding in the monastery.At this time, Mussolini had already arrived in North Africa On November 28, 1942, the Italian dictator bio life cbd gummies creekside pharms cbd gummies Mussolini entered Cairo complacently.This invincible dictator has long regarded Cairo, Egypt, and the whole of North Africa as his own, and does not think that Germany will compete with himself for interests in Africa.But if it was Adolf Hitler, maybe he would indeed do this, but for Ernst Brahm, he would never hand over the benefits he got to others.Especially the so called ally of Italy The welcome ceremony was quite grand.A large number of Egyptians appeared on the streets of Cairo at the request of the government, waving flags of Germany, Egypt, and Italy to welcome Mussolini s arrival.The Germans had hoped to capture Gibraltar through Spain, but Hitler told him when he sent him to consult with Franco.As long as you refuse, Hitler has nothing to do with you.In 1942, the Allies prepared to implement the Torch Project in North Africa.A large number of ships were concentrated in Gibraltar.As a senior admiral, he knew where these ships were going, but he told Hitler that the fleet was going to Malta.There were no aircraft carriers in the Allied fleet.Obviously bound for North Africa.The victory of the Allied Intelligence War could not have been achieved without his help Allen Dulles, the former director of the US Central Intelligence Agency, called him the bravest man in modern history.America led by France and Germany.German intelligence called him a trapeze acrobat.The Italian military attache in Berlin commented on him No scruples, superior intelligence.Most bullets either missed benefits of using cbd gummies or bounced off the tank s armor plate.The sound of these weapons firing simultaneously is quite startling, and the clang of the bullets bouncing off the tank s armor plate is clearly audible.As the Russians opened fire on the commandos, the flicker of thousands of barrels could be seen clearly, like the flashes of a large number of small cameras.Sergeant Keller yelled at the commandos Scatter behind the tanks and move forward.Free fire, kill the enemy Use the tanks for cover That s what Heisenberg did.He ducked his head and ran behind a tank.The tanks don t move very fast, they use 20mm guns and 7.92mm machine guns fired.Heisenberg didn t stretch his head to look at their shooting effects, but he could imagine that it must be quite tragic.There are also several medium tanks in the tank team, and they shoot with a slightly larger 37mm main gun.

There have always been contradictions between the SS and the Wehrmacht, and they are irreconcilable contradictions.The Wehrmacht is an orthodox military in Germany, and their officers are also orthodox officers.Honest, very honest buy cbd gummies legal mo cbd gummies colorado Comrade Major Wedros, watch your words.There are no honest officers among the German Devils.Although he said that.But Lindelof s tone was not so severe Continue Yes, Comrade General.Wang Weiyi interjected The officers of the SS are fanatical.They don t care about the purpose of the war, they only care about resolutely implementing the orders of their so called head of state.Therefore, it is not surprising that there are conflicts with the orthodox officers of the WehrmachtComrade General, I think this is an opportunity we can take advantage ofaccording to the information we have.Lyokov looked at his companion with his own eyes.One by one fell on the way to charge Even, the armored soldiers with these money didn t know how to charge at all Crime, this is crime Liaokov s heart was bleeding He spent countless hours groveling to please everyone he could, and finally climbed to the current position, but now he lost it all at once.When German tanks appeared.Liaokov closed his eyes in despair, wishing that a bullet could penetrate his body now, so that he would never have to suffer such torture again But when he opened his eyes again.But he found that he was not dead.But beside him, there are densely packed corpses Under the counterattack of the German army, the Soviet army lacked effective means of resistance.They should have attacked, but instead invested in passive defense.Wang Weiyi used the weapon in his hand to shoot the enemies who rushed up one after another, and said in a loud voice Major Klingenberg, stay here and fight with me, please remember, I will not leave my soldiers.Well, I m persuaded by you.Klingenberg quickly joined the battle sequence At least, with me here, I can help you block the bullets that shoot at you Wang Weiyi smiled very happilyWith such subordinates, why do I have to worry about it The Russians were so crazy in the attack on this day.A lot of artillery fire, a lot of tanks, A large number of soldiers appeared like a tide, probably they have already smelled some kind of crisis It is difficult for the Chinese assault group to continue to persist.Persisting until now is already a miracle in itself There are more and more enemies and they are getting closer, and the last moment has come.In addition to his 171st Infantry Division and Workers Brigade, there are also a large number of defeated soldiers who retreated from the Terek River and joined the guards do cbd gummies make you happy of the port.Major Lyonkov no, Lieutenant Colonel Lyonkov now, one of them.Liaokov, who was said to have been extremely heroic on the battlefield, even when he was surrounded, still struggled to command the troops to break through, was quickly promoted to lieutenant colonel, and was not held accountable for HCMUSSH creekside pharms cbd gummies the failure of the Terek River.It is said that during the first breakout, Liaokov charged with the slogan For Comrade Stalin, for Comrade Marshal Voroshilov , and in the second breakout, he shouted For Dear Comrade Stalin, for the great Soviet charge This also quickly attracted the attention of the Political Department after he led the troops to successfully break through.Yes, I swear.There is strong evidence that when the Baron completes his glorious mission.He will leave without hesitation He told his friends countless times , During the twenty years that Germany was looking for the baron, he was looking for peace of mind in the mysterious east.He would only appear in the most difficult time for Germany.His mission was to save the country and lead the country to climb The most glorious pinnacle of the worldOur frontline reporter once interviewed the Baron on this issue.After a long period of contemplation, the Baron said only one sentence, If the country needs me one day, I will come back Maybe the sad day will come sooner or later, but what is that We know that the Baron will never leave us, we know that the Baron is by our side, and we know that the Baron is the patron saint of Germany.You took the initiative to participate in the attack on the Japanese army.At that time, you did not ask me to authorize you.This time.Why do you need my authorization Xiao Ling was obviously silent for a while I feel that my control over the base is weakening, but on the contrary, your control over the base is being further strengthened.Let s put it this way, you might be able to understand a little better In some core programs, I used to be able to enter whenever I wanted, but now there are commands that require the authorization of the Rambler.And you, that walker Wang Weiyi understood a little bit.Wanderer is himself, that creekside pharms cbd gummies cbd 750mg gummies is to say, the little spirit who used to be omnipotent in the base can no longer do whatever he wants in some aspects.And I am gradually controlling all of the base.This sounds very good, but after going through three time and space, I finally gradually gained control of the base Little Ling, this time the treasure Operation Capture, named Operation Hunter Vulgar name.We Living in a world far scarier than we realize Yes, we live in a world that is more terrifying than we imagined.Xiao Ling agreed with him very much If someone controls the supply of a certain commodity, sera cbd gummies reviews that is, doing the so called dominant market business, then He will be able to obtain high monopoly profits.The difference between currency and all other commodities is that it is a commodity that everyone in the society must obtain.Undoubtedly becoming the masters of the entire country, they will be able to make super profits at will.What if international bankers finally control the right to issue currency for the amazon cbd gummies buy cbd gummies legal mo entire world People all over the world will become modern slaves of the New Roman Empire They will drive and control the fate of the slaves through debts, not the chains of the past Wang Weiyi nodded silently.

After a while, the Germans rushing to the front fell amazon cbd gummies buy cbd gummies legal mo down.Blood flowed profusely from their heads and bodies, staining the ground beneath them red.No bio life cbd gummies creekside pharms cbd gummies one snorted, and the rest of the people seemed to be inspired by this scene, and they rushed even more bravely.The leader, a young man in leopard leather armor, was especially brave.Without stopping, he left his companions behind.Suddenly, after dodging a few stones, a fist sized stone hit the young man.He couldn t dodge in time, and was hit hard on the shoulder, and blood immediately flowed all over half of his body.It was thrown by a Celtic kid behind a boulder on the side of the road.The young man swayed for a while, ignored the wound, and rushed forward again, stabbing the short spear into the body of a Dalmatian mountain man.When the stabbed man spurted blood from the can toddlers have cbd gummies wound, he kicked Kicking the Celt down, the drawn short spear stabbed another Celt, and when he drew the bloody HCMUSSH creekside pharms cbd gummies point from the fifth Celt, some Germans People also followed up Not long after the Germans rushed up, Gaius ordered the legion phalanx to move forward.He is the Skeleton Baron Ernst Brahm Caesar, who was also a conqueror, finally met an opponent he could never have met.A new miracle is being staged in this era Richthofen and Guo Yunfeng, like fierce tigers, slashed and killed among the Romans All the Germanians went and killed among the Romans like bio life cbd gummies creekside pharms cbd gummies tigers.The nightmare tormented the Romans will to resist.Some of them had already died, some wailed in a how long does a cbd gummies take to work pool of blood, and more began to run away.Although there have been failures in the history of the Roman Legion, none of them were as embarrassed as tonight In front of these barbarians, they don t even have any room to resist This was completely unthinkable before.Several Roman defeated soldiers rushed out of the barracks, and they suddenly saw two women, accompanied by two men, looking at the burning Roman barracks.They never expected to encounter an attack from the Germanians here, and even less expected to encounter the envoys sent by these three demons here.That s how the Romans called skeletons, vulcans, and blood devils, at least for now messengers from the devil The sword fell mercilessly.Blood was flying here and there, corpses fell one after another.They have no resistance at all.When they are passively attacked and are completely unfamiliar with the surrounding environment, the Germanians are hunters, while the Romans are a group of prey.A herd of prey to be hunted permium cbd gummies completely Roman soldiers are dwindling.Suddenly, a Roman soldier dropped the weapon in creekside pharms cbd gummies his hand, turned around and ran away.Then, he still did not escape the pursuit of the javelin.The fighting spirit has been completely lost, and Roman soldiers are no longer willing to face the threat of death like this.But soon, this bright sunshine will be stained red with blood.Countless people will fight here for their beliefs.Countless people will be here like wild beasts.Biting each other, stripping each other s life and soul.No one thought about what would happen after failure.These things should not be their consideration now.Roman legionaries and barbarian warriors have appeared on the battlefield The solemn atmosphere on the battlefield is almost suffocating Soon, the most tragic battle will break out on this battlefield up In front of the Roman legion, the cavalry kept running, accurately conveying the orders of Carleni to the ears of every ten captain.And here in Germany, Wang Weiyi, Richthofen and Guo Yunfeng, three people known as devil messengers , stood at the forefront of the team.Every battle will be their first charge, and they must use this method to inspire the determination of all barbarians to win.When they arrive, we can join together and give buy cbd gummies legal mo cbd gummies colorado those barbarians the heaviest punishment again, isn t it Wouldn t you like to see this scene The shameless and despicable villain, the guy who can only climb up with his noble status and beautiful face, Caesar kept cursing in his heart.But he didn t show it at all on creekside pharms cbd gummies his face Centumalus, I My friend, how happy I am to help you, but you also know the rules of the Senate.I am the governor of the Gaul province, and you are the governor of the Germania province.I cannot interfere with your affairs.Before that, I wanted to eliminate as many barbarians as possible for you when you came, but unfortunately I failed, so I can only leave here with regret Sentu Marus face became extremely pale.You know, without Caesar s legion, he wouldn t be able to stay here for even a minute.Surround them Senardi loudly issued such an order.but.There is not much time left for him The barbarian behaved very consistently, not at all the casualness he had on the battlefield in the past.Once the instructions of cbd gummies ireland HCMUSSH creekside pharms cbd gummies the skull battle flag were issued, the barbarians quickly began to retreat outwards.The Japanese German warriors in the innermost circle also acted as warriors to stop the Romans for the first time.And among them.Including Wang Weiyi and Richthofen Such a rapid retreat of the Japanese Germans was beyond Senardier s expectations.In his vision, the barbarians would have no points in the outcome.I won t give up so easily.But the reality is like this Under the crazy attack of the barbarians, the Japanese quickly escaped from the encirclement.The Romans had no chance of encircling them at all.But when the battle comes, do you really have the heart to leave your beautiful wife I am willing to do it for you.Fight, willing to die for you Silders answer was so firm My wife is the same, we don t care about death, what we want is land, freedom Is that so, beautiful Hesnia Hellman smiled and looked at Hesnia.Hesnia also responded to her leader with a beautiful smile What could be happier than this.My leader We know what we are after, and we are willing to die for you.Besides, we believe.With your leadership, bio life cbd gummies creekside pharms cbd gummies we will surely win the final victory Thank you for your trust.Heilman was a little moved And what I can guarantee is that I will not disappoint your expectations Just as they While discussing these, the envoy sent by Caesar to supervise them, the Greek Tenadus came over, and several people immediately shut up.

I will consider rescuing your husband, but that s all.After Wang Weiyi said this, Singroa kissed his body again, and then whispered You can do it, I know You can do it.No matter what the final result is, I can accept it.Woman, Wang Weiyi smiled wryly in his heart This woman was still crying just now.Even at the cost of his own body in exchange for his husband s freedom, but now his attitude has completely changed He originally thought creekside pharms cbd gummies that he could use Singroa s love for her husband to make her do cbd miracle gummies reviews something for him, But at the moment it looks like her love for Centumalus is very doubtful I will do it.But before you have to do something to rescue your husband.Wang Weiyi enjoyed the service of the woman s lips to his body I heard that your husband encountered some unfair treatment in Gaul, Caesar He didn t help him in any way, but made things difficult for him everywhere, which also became one of the reasons why Centumarus failed in Germania.At the same time, Pompey also urgently ceased fighting with the Parthians, Let the legions that are fighting in Parthia quickly return to defend Rome The great war is about to break out on the Rubicon River Rubicon River.The battle flags of both sides were fluttering there, and every Roman who was about to join the battle never expected to choose his compatriots as opponents.And in these battle flags.One side is particularly eye catching.That s a skeleton battle flag that s where the Germanic spirit is that s where the Germanic beliefs are Caesar saw Servius as Servius saw him.Then Caesar rode to the front of the two armies.Loudly said to those who had been deposed by him Servius, do you really want to become enemies with me We have already been enemies, Caesar Servius did not show any weakness You have become the national enemy of Rome, and I represent Rome to defeat you Represent Rome Caesar snorted disdainfully Why do you represent Rome Only me, Gaius Julius S.Thuk Thuk.Bullets poured out towards them like a rainstorm The two snipers didn t even have any chance to evade, so they were beaten like a hornet s nest.Major Gackley could finally breathe a sigh of relief.He came to the two corpses and inspected them carefully, but found no mysterious and valuable information on the corpses.Major, in that building, we found a large number of armed personnel hidden.This report made Major Gaekley look towards the building pointed by his subordinates.In amazon cbd gummies buy cbd gummies legal mo fact, to be precise, it can no longer be called one building.Under the previous Allied bombing, only half of the building remained.Under the orders creekside pharms cbd gummies of Major Gackley, the building was cbd gummies and stomach issues quickly surrounded creekside pharms cbd gummies by American troops.And just to be sure, the major requested reinforcements again.Another two companies of American soldiers entered the Goethe University half an hour later, and the enemies in the building had nowhere to escape Even Colonel Kevic himself was there at 10pm.This is my certificate.The one in charge here The American sergeant bio life cbd gummies creekside pharms cbd gummies took the major s ID, checked it carefully, and then gave it back to him Major, where are you going at this late hour too unsafe Wang Weiyi pointed to the convoy I have already reported to Colonel Kevic, and got the colonel s consent, you can call to check, Sergeant.Oh, no, the colonel is very busy now.The sergeant had someone remove the obstacle Major, let your convoy pass.The sergeant s trust in his allies, or more precisely his carelessness, saved him and his companions.Because when he was talking to the French major, countless guns in the car had already pulled their safetyOnce there creekside pharms cbd gummies was an exchange of fire, none of the American soldiers on this sentry post would survive.The convoy passed by the creekside pharms cbd gummies sentry post slowly, and the Americans watched casually there.Just like mine, I can hardly get in.We are under surveillance and our movements are restricted.Paul Hauser Marshal Er turned around and smiled Can you imagine that a German Marshal and a German first rank general are actually being monitored and their freedom of movement is restricted.But what does this mean It means that some people are already getting scared What should we do now, Marshal Berlin needs us, and the Baron also needs our stable Berlin.Marshal Paul Hauser asked the housekeeper to bring the marshal uniform he hadn t worn for a long time, and carefully put it on Body General Ludwig Ellierst, are you ready to go with me to rescue those German people Yes, Marshal, I m ready.Ludwig tidied up his body Military uniform But what about those people outside Also, is it just the two of us Marshal Paul Hauser still smiled there Ludwig, are you scared No, you will not be afraid, you have never been afraid, you are worried about my safety, but we have been born and died on countless battlefields, and we have never been killed by bullets.I will let our enemies know that German air power has not been destroyed, German armor power has not Destroyed, Germany is still a huge war machine canopy cbd gummies creekside pharms cbd gummies that scares you Field Marshal Manstein, sleepy zs cbd gummies review Field Marshal Model, all German soldiers who are fighting hard in buy cbd gummies legal mo cbd gummies colorado the Middle East and North Africa, I want you to know that you are not alone, Berlin will always be with you, and I creekside pharms cbd gummies will appear in front of you soon.Victory belongs to Germany Get ready for victory, German soldiers, German citizens.All for Germany All for the beginning of the great counteroffensive The citizens of Berlin, the soldiers in the trenches listened silently, and then they knew creekside pharms cbd gummies what they should do.All for the great counter offensive yes, sooner or later the counter offensive will begin when the Baron returns Berlin s resolve has never been stronger, and Germany s resolve has never been stronger.When the Allied forces suddenly stepped up their bombing here, Opperman quickly realized that the enemy had changed their main attack direction to this place.For a whole morning, the enemy s artillery fire did not stop for a minute, and those nasty planes in the sky flew over again and again, leaving bombs and incendiary bombs on the German positions again and again.This caused the National Army to suffer a lot of losses.When the artillery fire began to extend.Opperman knew it was time can cbd gummies be used with thc pot to test himself.A large number of armored vehicles appeared, followed by countless enemies.Opperman sneered.Do Americans think that this can scare themselves What I saw on the battlefield of World War II was even more terrifying than this.At that time, the opponent of the German army was the Soviet army.They had a larger sea of tanks and soldiers who could not be killed no matter what.

Mario lit a cigarette for himself, and then put the cigarette in his pocket What about you, General Bavaria.Opperman puffed out a puff of smoke I m curious, why did an American major come to help us fight Mario seemed to be lost in thought General, do you know that in the United States, many people were followers of the baron when they were very young , They always dreamed that one day they could fight side by side with the baron, and I was one of these people.I was captured by the baron, and the moment I was captured, my heart seemed to become more relaxed.When I knew that my captor was Baron Alexon, my heart was filled with ecstasy.I know it may be difficult for you to understand, but that s what I thought at the time.I can understand, because I have the same feeling.Thoughts Opperman said unexpectedly I am probably luckier than you, because during the Second World War, I once fought under the command of the baron.Wang Weiyi is the real leader of Germany.But this does not seem to be a barrier that affects each other s conversations.Wang Weiyi asked, Dian At the outbreak of World War II.After the baron returned for the first time, he had exchanged telegrams with his father many times to send greetings to each other, and he had also heard countless times about the baron s glorious legend from his father.Especially that time, he and Marshal Richthofen HCMUSSH creekside pharms cbd gummies risked their lives to rescue their father.Your Highness, this place is very dangerous.Please follow me to a safe place.Really Is there a safe place in Germany now Of course, if you think it is safe, then it must be safe.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Even if the enemy invades Berlin, Berlin is still safe.Michael smiled You are exactly the same as the baron my father said.At this time, the U.S.military stopped shooting, and the U.S.military had already walked down from the building and the platform, and opened the doors of the carriages one by one to see if there were any alive.If there were any, they would be executed on the spot.Zaitsev woke up Zelden and Second Lieutenant Shedevsov Yukinnot who were lying next to him I said.We can t just wait to die like this, what should we do Damn What happened just now Jelden said.Still asking The Americans must have taken over the train station, what the hell Kinnot yelled.No Keep your voice down.Beware of the enemy.Zaitsev quickly asked the other party to lower his voice.See if there is anything alive creekside pharms cbd gummies around you Sergeant Shedevsov was almost suffocated under the weight of the corpse.Counting Captain Bondarev, there are still five or six alive.Amidst bursts of explosions, all the weapons in the hands of the German commandos spat out terrible flames rhythmically.The unsuspecting U.S.troops fell a large number in the explosion of the grenade, and then.Under the violent fire of submachine guns, they fell one after another.This is a new massacre The Bulgarians, who had finally waited creekside pharms cbd gummies for the assistance of the German army, also breathed a long sigh of relief.At the same time, they appeared from their hiding places and formed a front and rear attack on the US military.The U.S.military is completely in the midst of killings from two places They have no chance at all to hide themselves in a safe place again, and they don t even have a chance to make any decent resistance, in the shortest time.They are completely messed up.One after another, American troops fell in a pool of blood, creekside pharms cbd gummies and one after another American troops lost their lives here.However, to everyone s surprise, just two days later, the price of this tulip bulb was about 0.15 guilders Wang Weiyi s voice became even deeper February 4, 1637, what happened on this day is the biggest unsolved case in the entire world s financial history, and there is no one.This morning, in Amsterdam and other exchanges in various places, the trading of tulips was going on smoothly as usual.Merchants stretched their necks to bid, and buyers stepped down from the luxurious carriages, seemingly no different from usual.When various transactions were going on, God knows what was going on, and someone began to sell out their tulip contracts.At this moment, the first domino of the tulip bubble was pushed down.What followed was that everyone scrambled to sell their tulip contracts, because no one wanted to be the last fool., for the sacrifice of his comrades, and more for his unpredictable future and fate, Hewitt shivered and put the bloody bio life cbd gummies creekside pharms cbd gummies photo in his arms.Sir, let s go A deep voice sounded in canopy cbd gummies creekside pharms cbd gummies Hewitt s ear.Hewitt looked up, and it turned out that the three motorcycle guards from the battalion headquarters had abandoned their motorcycles and faithfully surrounded Hewitt.The one who was talking was a 20 year old corporal, holding a gun in his hand.sniper rifle.Somewhat moved, so Hewitt asked him What s your name Sir, we all call him killer , he is in every way.A second class soldier next to him interjected.Everyone laughed, and Nora laughed too.Okay, let s go.Hewitt nodded, took Nora s hand, and retreated to the Amister Bridge with three guards.They walked along the streets that had become ruins.There were ruined walls, creekside pharms cbd gummies broken bricks and tiles everywhere.They had been so close to victory that they had almost even seen it.But at the moment of victory, all their dreams were shattered.German reinforcements have bio life cbd gummies creekside pharms cbd gummies arrived, the Baron Guard has arrived Once these wolf like Germans entered Levto, they broke out with terrible roars.They must return to these Russians ten times and a hundred times the suffering suffered by their companions They must let the Russians know that the majesty of Germany cannot be challenged by the enemy Thus, the tragedy of the Russians began at this moment A large number of Leopard 9 and Destroyer 3 tanks appeared in Levto, which was the canopy cbd gummies creekside pharms cbd gummies steel torrent of the German army.They launched a counter offensive to the attacking Russian army without anyone else present.With their strong will and equally strong fighting power, they plunged the Russians into chaos.

Allow yourself to immerse yourself in a person s world and carefully consider all issues.So far the operation in Russia has creekside pharms cbd gummies been going well.Especially the uprising in Ukraine, which was not planned at all.I have to say that Cole Korok gave himself a big surprise.Those seeds planted in the past.Some became bad results and eventually betrayed themselves and Germany.However, some are taking root and sprouting, becoming the most reliable force for oneself The world is always so elusive When the second cigarette is exhausted.Wang Weiyi saw the Grand Duchess quietly walking out of the manor.Behind her were the two female bodyguards.But when the Grand Duchess got into the Mr Petergoff car.The two female bodyguards didn t seem to see anything.The car started, and the Grand Duchess couldn t help asking Where are we going I ve booked a small hotel where no one will recognize the Grand Duchess.He left his troops and ran away alone.But why was no one held accountable for him Why was no one held accountable for his failure What There is only one reason, because he is one of the most trusted generals of the Grand Duke Bierstoka Ah, Bordov, can you really be so sure Yes, I can I m sure, I m sure with the conscience of a reporter.Bordov said heavily Our army is vulnerable to Germany.Please note that even the capital Berlin of Germany is under attack now, but our army still behaves He is so incompetent.Also, the great uprising in Ukraine was led by Marshal Kolkorok.Why did a Russian marshal with outstanding merits go to Ukraine to have an uprising Is there really no one who can think about it Is it The greedy high ranking officials only know how to exploit our people At this time, the TV signal was suddenly cut off Wang Weiyi picked up the phone again Capone, I saw a video on TV just now.Why should we care about the creekside pharms cbd gummies attitude of the Americans Touchwater took out his handmade pipe, put the shredded tobacco on it, and took bio life cbd gummies creekside pharms cbd gummies a deep breath.Even so, he was actually a little worried Go and tell Kerrett that there is a serious problem with our fuel Ah, no, just say that we were attacked by the Germanslet them hold on until we beat off the Germans and they ll be there soon Touchwater is about to give up on those Americans. .The Akmote Armored Division stopped attacking, amazon cbd gummies buy cbd gummies legal mo and the poor US 2nd Armored Cavalry Division has not known it until now.They are still waiting for the arrival of Italian reinforcements.It was perhaps the weirdest scene of the war.And it is undoubtedly the Italians who created this feat.In countless wars, the Italians will always do countless jaw dropping things.This time is no exception.Wang Weiyi said calmly.Elliott boldly said No matter what the future holds, please let him go.I know that anyone who betrays you will be punished most severely by you, but he is your son after all.He is my son after all.Wang Weiyi said in a daze Only sons are ruthless to their fathers.Have you ever seen any father who would kill his son Elliott, I love my boy, and it never occurred to me to harm him.Even when he has no place in the United States, I will desperately try to rescue him.A child will always be a child.Elliot knew that he couldn t understand this feeling, because he had never been married and never had children of his own.But in the baron s words, he could feel that feeling.What about William William also Will he do this Yes, William will creekside pharms cbd gummies definitely do it, Eliot knows this very well.A fearsome vengeful messenger.Gregory also became more aware that if he fell into the hands of the baron, he would have no chance of surviving.No.Maybe it will be more painful to live than to die.His only way is to defeat the skeleton baron here to avoid those nightmares.However, this goal was too difficult for Gregory.For the Russians, this is also an almost impossible task But for Marshal Kolkorok and his Ukrainian rebel army, it is great news On April 22, 1966, the day after the end of the Battle of Belsota, Marshal Kolkorok ordered the entire Ukrainian army to switch from defense to offense.Launch a full scale attack on the Russian army.Although compared with the Russians, the strength of the Ukrainian army is still not strong, but the successive victories of the German army stimulated them to the greatest extent.No, not a single one, fire cover Although Steinman was a little indignant at the loss of the first line position, but fortunately, none of the German troops died in the catastrophe of the first line position, and they all retreated to the second line position when they were attacked.But most of the British soldiers in the front line died tragically.Steinman s finger pulling the trigger gradually came down, and he saw a group of surviving British soldiers running desperately towards the second line position, and not far behind, a large group of American soldiers followed them closely, intending to use the British soldiers as a counterattack.Cover Captain, what should we do Seeing this situation, the German army ceased fire and asked Steinman for orders.Steinman looked at the scene in front of him and fell silent Fire Motherland Captain, fire We are nothing if we die Romeo couldn t help putting down the rifle, and he also didn t know how to deal with the scene in front of him He knew that his brother s life was a matter of a split second decision, but the American infantry behind him could overwhelm the second line positions at any time He didn t know how to make a choice.Under the pincer attack of a large number of enemies, continuing to fight would only lead to more casualties of soldiers.And now.There is only a temporary retreat, waiting for the arrival of large forces.However, the relentless pursuit of the U.S.military turned Sergei s smooth retreat into creekside pharms cbd gummies a retreat like a massacre The U.S.troops stationed around Teton began to show their true strength.The U.S.military attacked the British battle group in three ways and successfully blocked the British counterattack, leaving a 30 kilometer wide gap on the southern front.But it did not attract the attention of both parties.The main force of the British Southern Battle Group stopped advancing a few kilometers away from Vassano.The U.S.military began to attack the southern battle group with superior forces.The southern battle creekside pharms cbd gummies group was attacked on three sides, and its casualties suddenly increased.

He sniffed.Blinking his eyes, he took off his goggles and wiped creekside pharms cbd gummies his face with his hands.Wipe away the tears.The convoy staggered on the bumpy and muddy road, shaking the people in the car drowsy.The sound of HCMUSSH creekside pharms cbd gummies the guns gradually faded away, and the surrounding scenery moved back quickly.The convoy rolled over the potholed road.Drove about ten miles.Drive out of the ninth area.The street scene outside the car window was desolate.Gradually, refugees suffering from hunger and cold appeared on the road.There were one or two at first, and as bio life cbd gummies creekside pharms cbd gummies the convoy moved forward, more and more refugees came, gradually turning from a sparse group to a large group that filled the streets.Like migrating birds, the wave of refugees with their families and their families moved slowly towards the direction of the convoy, and some even reached out to the convoy to pray for food and water.General Ainova actually had good intentions, but he didn t know how to communicate with people like Avaco, and his words quickly aroused Avaco s disgust Your Excellency, General, Do you really think that we will give up the revolution We are fighting for our dignity and the right to exist, and we have never been afraid of any threat.But you, Your Excellency General, do you think you are living happily, very Is it dignified I think you should bring your soldiers to the side of the revolution instead of becoming the biggest sinner in France, Your Excellency General, why are you still hesitating It was to persuade them, but now the other party wanted to instigate him.Is there really no room for negotiation Lieutenant General Enova asked helplessly after a long period of persuasion was ineffective.After the Kirk Fenton government came to power, the city seemed to lose its vitality creekside pharms cbd gummies overnight.Even in World War II, when the Luftwaffe bombed London indiscriminately, the British in London never gave up their faith.In the bombing of the Germans, they always remained calm, and they stood firmly with the city with their calmness and self confidence.Then, at last, they got what they wanted Ernst Alexis von.Baron Bram has replaced bombs with biscuits and war with peace.He brought peace to London, and he brought peace to all of Europe.But then everything changed.The respected Her Majesty the Queen was forced to go into exile abroad, and a so called more democratic Fenton government emerged with the full support of the Americans.In fact, the British don t care whether the leader of the country is the king or the president.Ladies and gentlemen, I must remind you that two of my colleagues have also become hostages.They maintain the law and order in Oakland.They work hard, but they are now kidnapped.I swear, I ll do everything I can to get everyone out of here safely, no damn negotiations What if the hostage s life is threatened I heard they all carried weapons.I thought maybe the storm wouldn t go so smoothly.A reporter continued to raise the most worrying question Or, there will be casualties of hostages.Director Douglas snorted coldly Then those black people must admit all the serious consequences caused by this 186.A letter from a black man The Cassily College incident caused an uproar in Oakland.Everyone is anxiously waiting for the result.Negotiations are possible, and a large number of police officers are already in place.After the incident subsides, my partners and I are also willing to accept the court trial, all the responsibilities will be borne by us, and we will not regret it, because we did what we should do for the fairness of all black people in the United States , even if we are sentenced to hang, we have nothing to regret.Ladies and gentlemen, I think that s what a black man wants to tell you Bobby s words made every white person present feel a huge shock One thousand and eighty nine.I have a dream Black Panther Party leader Bobby s words still caused great shock in everyone s mind Everyone is aware of the experience of black people in the United States, but most of them are not willing to face it directly.Only when things really happen, they will cause some reflection in their hearts.But there is this It is often too late for this kind of reflection.Captain Roger finished all he knew in one breath Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, what should I do now Wang Weiyi listened carefully to Captain Roger s words.He didn t immediately answer the captain s question Captain, are you ready to cooperate with me wholeheartedly Yes, and I will never regret it.I hope you can fulfill your promise, and my family can be settled properly.Wang Weiyi smiled Of course, Captain, your debts to the vitafusion cbd gummies bank will be written off, and your wife will get a large sum of money.Ah.Don t worry about being chased, I ll send someone to arrange for your wife to buy a bearer lottery ticket.Then she ll find out she s won second prize, 60,000, Captain, and after paying your taxes your wife still You ll get 60,000, and I think that s enough money for you to do a lot of things.Captain Roger let out a long breath.These cbd isolate gummies drug test were the only words General Don Tanner could say.The whole city is full of uprising British people, and a few minutes ago, he got another piece of news that he was even more unwilling to hear the main force of the SS Skeleton Division of the German Waffen SS has all arrived on the battlefield He reported to General Gundra, Commander in Chief of the Allied Forces in England.Including the uprising at Southampton and the mutiny of the 6th Division.And his report was like a heavy hammer hitting General Gendra s head hard.As the commander in chief, he didn t know what to do.General Don Tanner, I hope you and your soldiers can understand the importance of Southampton to the entire battle of England General Gandela can only say that he has repeated it countless times What he said Even if there is still a glimmer of hope, I must never give up on Southampton I will try my best to order the reinforcements to arrive creekside pharms cbd gummies as quickly as possible.

Something to be happy about, but it makes the baron look unhappy Grislow didn t dare to ask further, maybe it has something to do with the Wittgenstein family, after all everyone knows that the name of the president of the United States is William W.Wittgenstein.And many people know that there are some inextricable relationships between the baron and the Wittgenstein family.It s just that only a few people know the real reason.And this is also the biggest secret in Wang Weiyi s heart One thousand one hundred and thirty.At last the day came when the hopeless city so dreaded all Fenton officials and Americans.On October 16, 1966, the Axis bombing finally appeared in London.Axis planes roared past in the sky, and Axis torrents of steel galloped across the ground.It was a scene that scared the enemy and shocked the people.Those British soldiers have done their best, but under such a crazy attack, what can they do They were like lonely boats in the sea, they were thrown high into the sky by the roar of the terrible waves, and they were already torn apart by the time they fell General Raden Rom stared blankly, he He found that his mind was blank, he didn t want to think about anything, and he didn t have the energy to think about anything.Die, let everyone die here.From the first minute they can cbd gummies help lower blood pressure set foot on creekside pharms cbd gummies this battlefield, their fate was already doomed.The general put down the binoculars in his hand How many reserves do we have One regiment, General.Oh, is there only so many There creekside pharms cbd gummies is actually less than one regiment left in his hands.The powerful combat power of those terrifying enemies is buy cbd gummies legal mo cbd gummies colorado simply frightening Go all in, all of them.Indeed, it is a bit too despicable to do this by myself, but any kindness and compassion between countries is actually the most ridiculous thing.Two countries can become steadfast allies, but they can turn against each other anytime and anywhere.When the war is over, Germany also needs time to recover, and it is very beneficial for Germany to gather around a group of allies who cannot do creekside pharms cbd gummies without anyone.We will take revenge, Baron.Duke Stephen tried his best to control his anger I promise we will take revenge, no matter what price we have to pay All those who caused damage to Britain should be judged Wang Weiyi nodded silently Yes, all enemies will be judged, I promise This is not only true for Britain, but also for Germany Fenton, Everyone Wilkins and Capanong will be tried.Where is William Will William be tried Even Wang Weiyi himself could not answer this question One thousand one hundred thirty three.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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