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Seeing three fire fighters walking out of room 1102 with a big bag, Han Chaoyang showed a knowing smile.It s just that Han Chaoyang doesn t have the power to enforce the law, not that he doesn t have a work permit.It s just that the work permit is issued by the branch office.In fact, even Lao Xu has one.The second lieutenant of the armed police looked down at his badge, and asked with a smile Comrade Chaoyang, this is what you plan to do with this snake after the matter is over Snake.It s your first time too.There must be a first time for everything, the second lieutenant of the armed police smiled, pointing to the big bag and continued We can t deal with it when we take it back, we can t keep it Well, why don t you send it to the Xijiao Zoo for you, or contact the forest branch.The snake will definitely be taken away, and the owner of Room 1204 will continue to keep it, which will definitely cause panic among the residents of the entire community.Han Chaoyang was furious, and immediately took out the police phone You are still messing around, okay, you say it is your home, show evidence If you can t get it out, I can help you check the household registration information and find out who the head of the household is.Check to see if you are listed in the household registration book.I got married, and the household registration was moved to the sixth team.I am not listed in the household registration book, but she is not listed in the household registration book either Not only was the letter signed by three witnesses, but it was cannativar cbd gummies also notarized by the notary department.Their mother and son served in a hypocritical way, and they talked sweetly all day long, and Yu Xiushui was obsessed with their mother and daughter, and she was already very sick and unconscious.Chapter 20 Clues Oh, why did you let him run away Master Tai, he is in the river and I am on the bank.How do you keep asking me to chase him It s impossible for him to float in the river all the time, he has to go to the shore Old man Tai was very excited, stomping his feet angrily, wishing that the young Pian er policeman would immediately dog eats cbd gummy 250mg cbd gummies jump into the river to catch the little bastards of electric fish.The fisherman and the electric fisherman were engaged, Han Chaoyang poked his head to look at it, suppressed a smile and said, Uncle Tai, he rowed to the other side of the bridge.The other side of the river is not under my control, nor is the other side of the bridge under my control.He ran over there, but he shocked the fish here.Xiaohan, Xiaohan, how do you work as a policeman If a criminal kills someone in Yanyang, go to other places , Don t tell me your police don t care about it.The police will be rewarded and punished according to the results of the performance appraisal.Based on the annual target personal bonus, the police who are dog eats cbd gummy rated as the first level will be rewarded with another 500 yuan the police who will be rated as the second level will be awarded according to the base The bonus is 500 yuan the police who are rated as the fourth level do not receive the target award.500 yuan is a trivial matter.If you are rated as a third or fourth level, you will be returned to training.The management and related matters during the return training period will be implemented in accordance with the Return Training System for Civilian Police.All expenses during the training period will be borne by yourself.Just when Han Chaoyang made up his dog eats cbd gummy mind to find out the number and situation of the immigrant population in his jurisdiction in the near future, Lao Xu arrived on his electric bike.The same seems to be the case in the urban area, where people from various units are asked to participate in law and order patrol.It s just sending out people, and you don t need to pay for it.Anyway, the security guards are under militarized management.It s really not a big deal to rearrange the shift and arrange a few security guards to go out with him in turn.Before Han Chaoyang could open his mouth, Manager Zhang immediately smiled and said, Man, I have plenty here.How many do you want When will the patrol be Two usually, four when there is a major operation.This kind of thing is a gust of wind.It s not that I haven t encountered it before.It s not bad if I can persist for a month.Manager Zhang immediately agreed No problem, you can call me when you report to the police office.Thank you Manager Zhang , You really helped me a lot.He took the smoke and said with a smile Manager Xu, you are the leader.If you can t even trust you Who else can I trust To be honest, we are 25 mg cbd gummy effects dog eats cbd gummy here for a case.There are three suspects in the family courtyard.I want to use your place to monitor them.Xiao Han, you are not kidding, how could it be possible in our factory There are criminal suspects Do I dare to joke with you on such a big matter Han Chaoyang pointed to the monitor and said very seriously Three Nanhe people, two men and one woman, live in Building 2.The security department has the obligation to manage the factory population, especially the migrant population.Each building even has a building manager.They always thought that the security in the factory was very good, but they did not expect such a thing to happen.Realizing the seriousness of the problem, Deputy Manager Xu pretended to be angry and said, What is Lao Yang doing all day long I don t even know if outsiders come in to rent the house.After standing at the entrance of the door and waiting for a while, Liu Suo did not go with them.Instead, he asked Guan Xiyuan, a senior from the community team, to set off with them, and immediately walked towards the door with the middle aged man.Hiding as much as he could, Han Chaoyang hurried upstairs and ran to the utility room on the second floor.The footsteps were getting closer and closer, and the middle aged man said Old Liu, according to what you said, this should be a huge fake evidence case involving a large number of people and a clear division of labor.I see, it s not supposed to be, but definitely is It turned out to be the Deputy Director of Criminal Investigation of the sub bureau, Han Chaoyang was taken aback, fearing that the two leaders would find him sneaking here, he hurriedly leaned behind the door to hide himself.And familiar, Xiaobin, Chen Jie and Xiaobin Gu and the dog eats cbd gummy others are obedient and capable, and when new security guards come over, let Xiaobin and the others be the monitors Old Xu, who had just arrived at the police station for a shift change, was elated and beaming with joy when he heard the news.Han Chaoyang looked at his phone while smiling and said, It s pretty good, but after coming here, they still focus on maintaining the law and order of the community and serving the owners of the community.So they will have to accept security companies, security patrols and The triple leader of the community property Almost.Han Chaoyang smiled, looked up and said, Who is Lao Jin He also served as a soldier before.After returning from the army, he worked as a militia battalion commander for five or six years, and worked as a security guard in the village.He looked up at the rules and regulations that had just been hung on the wall this morning, and said in a low voice, Captain Xiaohan.Combat strength, you can tell by looking at the internal affairs.The team members are all newcomers, and they haven t had time to take care of them in a serious manner.Han Chaoyang thought to himself that this should be the credit of the army and the police academy, but he still had a cheeky face He smiled and said, Thank you Secretary Yang for your praise.We will unremittingly strengthen team management in the future to ensure that we will live up to the expectations of the leaders and resolutely not cause any trouble for the leaders.The last sentence is the key point Now it is more important to keep an eye on your own door and manage your own people.Secretary Yang smiled slightly, then looked at a walkie talkie that was charging on the desk dog eats cbd gummy and asked Captain Xiaohan, the appearance of the team is still okay.

After a month of work, I don dog eats cbd gummy t believe in investigation.It s not over The leader was really angry, Yang Tao didn t say anything, but walked to the door and left the meeting room.Chen Xiujuan glanced back, and couldn t help muttering Liu Suo, I think this matter should be reported to Bureau Du.Han Chaoyang is too much.What he said yesterday, he changed his mind now.This is not against you, it is against Du It s wrong to obey the law.A dignified chief of the police station reported a police trainee to the branch leader, and Liu Jianye couldn t afford to lose this person.What s more, the little bastard is in the limelight, and the branch leaders think he is pleasing to the eye.The so called small community, big society small policeman, big action , is preparing to establish him as a model who goes deep into the community and takes root in the grassroots.The root cause is the lack of police force.Our community police must be all rounders.They must not only undertake community work, but also take into account the police station s on duty preparation cbd chewables gummies bag va beach and law enforcement.Handling cases and other police activities, the work tasks are complicated, the police are overwhelmed, even exhausted, which weakens the community work.The leader finally said a fair word, and Liu Jianye was so moved that he didn t know how to speak.Looking at the subordinates on duty outside the venue, Zhou Ju said solemnly After I finish my work, I will go to each police station to conduct a survey to see if I can tap the potential again, and if I can fundamentally improve the situation under the current conditions.Solve the problem that the community police cannot sink, let the community police go from into the community to in the community , and concentrate on doing mass work.Unexpectedly, the director who opened the order also followed.The place is too small and the surroundings are too crowded, so Han Chaoyang was squeezed into the small room in a daze.I don t know if I don t read unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus just cbd sour gummy bears it, but I m startled when I see it The plain X ray of the suspect s abdomen was displayed on the computer, and there were densely distributed high density lumps about two centimeters from the stomach to the small intestine, large intestine, and rectum.Jiao Da didn t seem surprised at all, and whispered Director Sun, can you help me Let me see if his life is in danger.The director leaned over and took the mouse, clicked it for about two minutes, then just cbd sour gummy bears cbd gummies for blood pressure turned around and said, It s not a big problem, it should be sorted out.The information we have is 53 , please count for us, please. Okay, Xiaoyou, you count.Even if they are not in my jurisdiction in the future, it is still a good thing to provide clues to crimes in other places.Master, you don t agree Believe me, in fact, my eyeliner is all over the street now, the parking guards in the street, the cleaners in the street sanitation station, I have asked them all, and they are all helping me to pay attention.Yes, just do it, our community police What, isn t it just to provide clues for the criminal investigation department. Master, today s incident has reminded me that it s useless to just know each other and ask for help, and you have to connect with the relationship.Who will help you.Yes, we are in this businessMake friends with the masses.Gu Guoli admired this self taught little apprentice more and more, and asked casually How much do you buy these melons, how much is a catty A total of eighty eight, like sixty catties.After eating and working, I found the warehouse rented by the construction team.The entrance is full of construction water pumps and pipes, dirty battery cars are parked, the warehouse door cbd gummies for osteoporosis is open, and the lights are on inside.A dozen migrant workers are sleeping soundly on the floor.The smell of sweat, foot odor and mosquito coils are mixed together., very pungent, very smelly.Guan Xiyuan put away HCMUSSH dog eats cbd gummy the flashlight and patted the wooden table Get up, the dog eats cbd gummy police station will check dog eats cbd gummy your ID card Hurry up, don cbd gummies delta 9 near me dog eats cbd gummy t fall cbd gummies evansville asleep.Who is in charge, and who is in charge here Gu Changsheng, Xiao Wu and other team members followed in, kicking the migrant workers feet one by one to wake them up.Han Chaoyang didn t follow up with the warehouse, but focused on a red electric car parked by the door.It was not only brand new, but also a red, women s pedal, using a lithium battery.With you here, I have nothing to worry about.As soon as Gu Guoli hung up the phone, Han Chaoyang asked anxiously, Master, what did Bureau Du say Three things The first is that I hope you can cherish your honor and not be complacent the second is that you should unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus just cbd sour gummy bears be more best cbd gummy bear generous and generous when you encounter the incident just now, don t let the masses down, and stop hiding the third is that a reporter may come tomorrow Interview, think about what to say when the time comes, and be mentally prepared, don t hesitate to make people laugh.That s all Han Chaoyang was skeptical.That s all, I said earlier that nothing will happen.Director Du is very happy, and he has posted on Moments.So we must cherish the honor.There are so many policemen in the whole branch.If you want to say hard work, no one is hardworking.The building was built by the couple with money, not only a two story building , and renovated it.I can hear and feel that she is very satisfied, even very happy.Didn t say anything else No, there is, just invite me to her house to play, I don t dog eats cbd gummy have time.Tang Junmei His tone suddenly darkened, and he sighed sadly and regretfully She is not yet thirty years old, and the child is only five years old.How could such a thing happen, and how could this pioneer woman and cbd gummies kind of thing happen to the two of them.Sister Tang , their mother and child were killed, and we are also very sad.I m sorry, I don t know much, so I can t help you.Sister Tang, what s wrong with this, I am very grateful for your call.Together since childhood The good sisters who played until they grew up just disappeared.It is said that they were cruelly tortured before they died.What Xiaoxuan, what poetry It s like the .

can u get high off cbd gummies?

name in a Hong Kong and Taiwan TV series, like the heroine in the CEO yummy cbd sleep gummies s online article.I can t hear the voice, I should know my avatar, why don t you add me as a friend Sure enough, it was the eldest lady with a big temper.Han Chaoyang climbed into the patrol car, leaned on 25 mg cbd gummy effects dog eats cbd gummy the steering wheel and HCMUSSH dog eats cbd gummy explained, Please, I m on duty, so I don t have time to use my mobile phone to check WeChat.If you don t believe me, you can ask Huang Ying.I usually don t check WeChat during the day.Look at it before going to bed at night.Didn dog eats cbd gummy t it be intentional How could it be intentional It s my honor, Han Chaoyang, that you can take the initiative to add me.It s too late to be happy.Are you happy that I added you Tang Xiaoxuan He smiled and asked.Very happy, ecstatic, very happy.

SUV to move.Using someone else s ID card and bank card to defraud a loan, even if it can be defrauded, it is a small loan, and judging from the reaction of the person in front of him, it is unlikely that the liar surnamed Yao put a huge amount of cash in In the house he rented, in other words, he should have nothing to do with the murder of Zhang Qiuyan s mother and son.Even so, Liang Dongsheng asked I should remember the model, what logo and color When asked, the young man are cbd gummies effective on blood sugar levels was even more depressed, and said with a bitter face I can t afford a car, I m not interested in cars, I don t know The car logo, I don t remember the license plate, I just remember it s a white off road vehicle. New New, brand new, with red silk on the mirror.There s nothing I can unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus just cbd sour gummy bears do about such a car idiot, Wu Wei couldn t help asking Is there a tire on the back of the car What do you mean Is there a spare tire on it Wu Wei simply took out his mobile phone and searched a bunch of pictures of SUV models on the Internet.Mom, that s a high end residential dog eats cbd gummy area, it s too expensive, our family can t afford it.I didn t say to buy it, and it doesn t cost money to have a look Okay, I ll call Huang Ying to see if he has time Hurry up.Yanyang s housing prices have been rising since the end of last year, and the increase has been huge.Ma Fengying really regrets buying it now, and she dare not delay any longer.Waiting for his son to call, while thinking about how much down payment is needed, and how much the couple s provident fund can borrow.The son has been working for less than a year, not only temporarily unable to get a loan, but even if he can get a loan, he can t get much money.Thinking about waiting for his son to work for a full year and use his provident fund loan for renovations, he will not have to worry about the mortgage.He Yichang flipped through his QQ chat history and said coldly You will never die until the Yellow River, what time is it, and you still haven t told me honestly , Zhu Linong regretted it too dog eats cbd gummy 250mg cbd gummies late, thinking that if he had known the police would come to his door, he should have cleaned up his phone and cleared all chat records.I can t be fooled, I can only tell the truth.He raised his head and took a peek at Liang Dongsheng, and said tremblingly, II really don t know him well, I just sold a few ID cards.17 case related.He Yichang didn t dare to be careless.After simply asking about the situation, he went to search the place where he rented.He was brought back to the task force after he found no suspicious things in the private house he rented.Han Chaoyang didn t rest until three o clock in the morning, and went to work normally the next morning. If you don t buy them online, where do you buy them Directly, 200 yuan One, some people who are in urgent need of money will sell it there are also lost ones, lost in Internet cafes, and bought from the network administrator.Use these ID cards to apply for bank cards and mobile phone cards. It s not me.You do it Instead of going to the telecommunications and mobile business halls, go to the place that sells mobile phones, even if you don t do it like me and the others.Banks are strictly regulated, so it s not easy to handle.I usually go to my girlfriend s school to find someone who dog eats cbd gummy is a bit like you.Some people use their ID cards to apply for a bank card.He Yichang asked Does Zhang Xin know I don t know.Why are those students willing to help you I m familiar with them, make up some nonsense, and then invite them Eat and eat.They found them and checked the monitoring of Building 5.Several houses are under renovation.The real estate agent found nothing abnormal when checking the surveillance, so he was advised to call the police, but the owner later said that he made a mistake, and the matter was left alone.Old Feng, you mean that Qiao Xianhong was in Hairun Have you ever worked in the new village Hairun New Village s property management is very formal, no matter which house is being renovated, you have to pay a deposit and sign an agreement.There are records of what work you do every day, and there are two copies, one for filing and one for the door of each house.The inspection records of the building chief show that on the day the owner of Room 1102 in Building 5 claimed that the decoration materials were stolen, Qiao Xianhong was in Work in room 1103 Zhou Ju followed up Who is the owner The owner s surname is Gao, Gao Junfei, a native of the city, opened a clothing chain store on Qianjin Middle Road.Zhang Beibei nodded emphatically, looking expectant.Group prevention and group governance, of course, the more people involved, the better.A good start is half the battle.If one person comes to sign up, there will be a second and a third.How could Han Chaoyang refuse He dog eats cbd gummy frantically flipped out a blank form, pointed to the pen on the police desk and said with a smile, Since you want to Well, just fill out the form, and welcome to join our Chaoyang community voluntary security patrol.The kindness of a drop of water should be repaid by a spring, and after much deliberation, this is the only way to repay.Zhang Beibei picked up the pen and smiled Thank you, Officer Han.It should be me thanking you, thank you for supporting our work.When will I be on duty and when will I start patrolling Officer Han, I have time every night, not once a week , I can participate every day, and I don t have anything to do at night anyway.The young man is now a relative., Of course, we must consider the future of our relatives.He is neither a police student nor a transferred cadre, so it is difficult to get ahead in the public security system.As for Yanyang s most handsome policeman , it is just a gust of wind, and no one will remember such a person in a long time.Gao Yueqing felt that the young man could make full use of his strengths, and he could find another way.He looked back at Su Xian who was smiling and said nothing, and said lightly Chaoyang, I deal with groups like the Writers Association and the Music Association every day.I think you should apply to join the Music Association.Association.You are a third level performer in the country, and you are going to guide and even direct the choirs of the sub district and the sub bureau to participate in the activities in the district, so you are fully qualified.Lao Gui from the Land Management Office is even more funny.Poet.If I apply to join the Music Association, will I be laughed at by others, will they think I am trying to gain fame You are different from them.You have studied music.I didn t know it before, but now I know you Although the school is not 985 or 211, it is very famous among art colleges, has a long history, has many masters, and has trained many musicians.I don t worry about that, I m afraid people will laugh at me.While chatting, a familiar A small figure appeared in front of my eyes.Han Chaoyang walked up quickly and grabbed the little fat man by the shoulder Xiao dog eats cbd gummy Bao, where are you going Hell, I met a very annoying policeman again.Little Fatty scratched his neck, and said falteringly, III ll go find my dad.Han Chaoyang looked up at the Internet cafe across the road, took out his phone and smiled, I m looking for your dad, I ll see you I want to go to the Internet cafe to watch other people play games.

I couldn t even move my fingers, and it hurt to the bone.I can t move my right hand, so I can only eat with my left hand.Sprinkle the pickles in the porridge, grab the buns and take a bite, then put down the buns and pick up the bowl to drink the porridge.Seeing his clumsy appearance, Chen Xiujuan couldn t help asking Wu Wei, eating is so so inconvenient, how do you take a shower Wipe it 25 mg cbd gummy effects dog eats cbd gummy with a wet towel.How else can I wash it Go home and find a wife.If you have a wife, someone will take care of you.Wu Wei finished eating the buns, picked up the bowl and smiled wryly Besides, it s not so easy to find a wife, don t worry, take your time.There is no one at home, where are your parents My father works That company opened a branch factory in Xiangfeng, and the boss transferred him to be the workshop director, and he came back once a month.It can be said that the competition starts today.Yes.I suspect 007 is among the people who participated in the rehearsal at night.Even if there is no 007, people from other units will come to find out what song we are going to sing and how we rehearse.So at this stage, we can only rehearse military songs, not like this Show your cards.Although it sounds absurd, it must be admitted that there is such a possibility.Huang Ying was delighted, and couldn t help raising her head and asking You are afraid that people will come to inquire, unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus just cbd sour gummy bears so have you inquired about what songs they sing and how they rehearse What do I do I m a professional.But Director Gu thinks it is necessary to know more about it, saying that knowing yourself unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus just cbd sour gummy bears and the enemy is the only way to win every battle.Director Wen agrees with him and has already arranged for people to inquire, and there will be news at 8 o clock tomorrow morning at the latest.I have fought with others, and I also know that one of you was injured, and the injury was not serious, and you urgently need to go to the hospital for treatment.Now I give you a chance to open the door and explain the fight, and unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus just cbd sour gummy bears you will have the opportunity to fight for leniency cbd gummy bears legal in the future.Give you a chance Think about it in minutes, if you don t open the door in a minute, we will break the door Still, the leader s words carry weight, and after waiting for five or six seconds, a light appeared inside.The anti theft door opened with a creak, and the tall suspect appeared in front of everyone.He raised his hands and said in an almost pleading tone Uncle policeman, it s none of their business to be a good guy.You catch me, I ll go with you.Quite responsible But this is not an ordinary criminal case, and it is not the case of Yandong Branch.If it s 12 o clock, then it s 12 o clock.You can stand for a few hours first, and I ll replace you at 12 o clock Grandpa Gu accepted everyone s kindness, but his attitude towards changing shifts at noon is unquestionable.Old comrades like him who enjoy the treatment of investigators not only stick to their posts and stay on the front line, but also work overtime like ordinary policemen.Although they work in the same office, many auxiliary policemen usually have little contact with him.The true respect for Grandpa Gu, it can be said that it may have been oral in the past, but now I am dog eats cbd gummy really convinced.Send off Grandpa Gu together, and continue to eat what you haven t finished eating.Liu Jianye drank the last sip of soy milk, wiped his mouth and said Xiao Han, you have done a good job during this time, the instructor and I have seen it, you need such an attitude to do your work, you can t always be asked to do it You should take the 250 mg cbd gummies initiative and rush to do it.Under the command of Han Chaoyang, the treble part and bass part cooperated very tacitly, and the chorus was just right, especially in the second half of the song listen , which was really one after another and magnificent.Music is a language without borders.You don t need to know much about it.Even people with no musical ability can hear it well.Many audience members were deeply moved and couldn t help humming along.The applause was like a long lasting one.Secretary Yang, yes, you sang really well.Comrade Xiao Han is dog eats cbd gummy here.It seems that your street is determined to be in the top three in the August 1st Song Festival in the district.The goal of the top three is a bit low, Secretary Tong, to be honest , Our goal is to be number one.Minister Gu went to several other units to listen to their rehearsals, and couldn t help laughing Secretary Yang, you sing well, but the brothers units are not bad, and several units specially invited them from outside Professional teachers give advice, you have to be mentally prepared.Who Chen Jie leaned over and asked.The reporter who came to interview last time, she knows more people than us, and her circle of friends is more influential than us.Yes, I should have asked the media for help.Please help me.Han Chaoyang simply acted as the hands free shopkeeper and handed over the phone.Text chat is not video, and besides, his WeChat has been hung on the computer all the time, and Zheng Xinyi and Chen Jie have been helping to manage it.Chen Jie didn t think much, and just pretended to be the most handsome policeman and chatted with the reporter.Han Chaoyang had more important things to do, so he used the police phone to call Grandpa Gu s cell cbd gummies delta 9 near me dog eats cbd gummy phone.I m at PolyU, and there are a few debtors harassing students.Zhenchuan and the others have just arrived, so you don t have to come here.There were three chorus squares on the left, middle and right, each with five rows in front and back.There are policemen who sang March of the Chinese People s Liberation Army at the beginning of the party, some retirees wearing white shirts, black trousers and white dresses, some young men in special police uniforms, some also wearing white shirts, black trousers or white The street cadres of the dress.A beautiful melody sounded, but it sounded relatively unfamiliar.Following Han Chaoyang s gestures, the rhythm of the melody became faster and faster.When Han Chaoyang s gestures changed, the chorus performers who sang the bass unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus just cbd sour gummy bears sang loudly.Go to the enemy s rear Get the devils out Go to the enemy s rear Get the devils out Director Hua suddenly came to his senses, thinking to himself what Glorious Progress is this, it s clearly It s really not a good Go Behind the Enemy.The performance was unprecedentedly successful, especially the last song Deep Sea which shocked the audience.It would be hell if it didn t get the first place.Secretary Yang was so happy that he didn t care if Director Hua would protest in the group, and he didn t care if he saw it behind him., raised his arms to give a thumbs up to Han Chaoyang and other performers who were still standing on the stage.The QR code came out, and the audience inside and outside the venue began to scan and vote and participate in the selection.Secretary Ding took the stage to speak, and the big screen on the left broadcasted Secretary Ding live, while the big screen on the right continuously refreshed the voting results.I saw that the number of votes behind the chorus program of Huayuan Street and Yandong Branch and the number of votes behind the choir program of the Education Bureau rose sharply, but the speed and magnitude were very different.

What s the matter It is best to report the situation in time.Yes It turns out that the leader s worry is unnecessary, although the meeting room is getting more and more lively and there are constant noises, even though the meeting was a bit long and lasted until dark , but most of the organixx cbd gummies uk owners finally accepted the city s solution.From 7 30 p.m., owners signed one after another, and after signing, they walked out of the militia training base one after another.The tactics of disintegration and disintegration of the working group worked.By 9 00 p.m., there were only more than 20 owners left in the conference room.There are still nail households in the demolition.The situation of Shenghai Garden is more complicated than the demolition.It is not easy to be able to handle the work of most of the owners.The communication has been completed.From today onwards, members of the Voluntary Security Patrol Squadron 1, Squadron 2, and Squadron 3 of Chaoyang Community, where the stations are relatively close, will come to the PolyU playground at 6 a.m.to train with the dog eats cbd gummy security guards of the PolyU as long as they are not on duty.Although both are militarized management, there is still a gap between the training intensity and the troops.Run two laps around the playground, and walk the queue when you re done.As the captain of the two patrol teams, Han Chaoyang not only had to show his face but also participated in training.He cbd gummies while pregnant reddit was sweating profusely from running.He wanted to go back to the dormitory to take a shower and change into a police uniform, and go to have breakfast with his girlfriend, dog eats cbd gummy 250mg cbd gummies but Huang Ying had already left.Even the current homeowners meeting was established with the help of the neighborhood committee last year.Many homeowners are investors and are not in the community at all Say a few words, some don t even show your face, just say it in the owner group.If the neighborhood committee wants to make statistics, please ask the owner s representative for help.People posted it in the owner group, and some owners not only did not support it, but even ridiculed it in a strange way.It is simply impossible to expect these dissociated owners to work together.It is impossible for these owners to organize and play a sense of ownership.This is very common and sad in the whole country.On the one hand, the people in the jurisdiction protect their legitimate rights and interests, and on the other hand, it is a relatively conscientious property in comparison.He has the guts to come back.Isn t he afraid that the villagers will call the police Our place is different from yours, especially in a remote village like Lijiayao.As long as there is something promising, all go out, and those who stay in the village are either old people or children, or lazy people who just get by.Most of them have never been to school, and they are both illiterate and legally illiterate.When it comes to things, I really 20 mg cbd gummy effect don t recognize my relatives.Jiang Li sighed lightly, and continued It s much better now than before, assisting colleagues from other places to handle cases, at least they can take people away from the village.It was not so easy before, as the old man said When he first started working, he assisted colleagues from other places to arrest them in the village, and every time he had to find ways to confirm the whereabouts of the suspects like today, and then act at night, and leave as soon as he catches them, he dare not delay for a minute.It was delivered with great pains, Jiang Li didn t want the little guy to think he was superior, so he simply started talking to the little guy in local dialect, which made the little guy look embarrassed.Brother Jiang, what are you talking about I said thank him, let him go down the mountain early, don t worry the family, he doesn t want to go, he insists on capturing Feng Changdong with us, and there are very good reasons.What reason Han Chaoyang asked with a smile.He said that there are a lot of people down there, so those who deliver meals at noon must come first.He won t go back until ten o clock.He can help us take the charging treasure down and charge it, and he can also bring us food and water back up.Too Thank you, tell uncle, what is your last name, what is your name Han Chaoyang couldn t help but turned around and asked with a smile.Besides, Xiaohan is not without a family, so it is impossible for them not to consider our feelings.Well, I will call their Wang Bureau later and ask him when he will arrange for someone to come to our branch to communicate.The Longdao County Public Security Bureau is busy doing follow up work, and has not considered meritorious service awards for the time being, let alone publicity.The Yandong branch will not miss this opportunity, first report to the city bureau, and then send the policemen from the branch to the Northwest to study and exchange, participate in the search and arrest operation during the exchange, and successfully capture the news of a Grade A wanted criminal of the Ministry of Public Security, and put it in the branch s On the official website, official Weibo and official public account.The leader of the team, Han Chaoyang, had to listen to him, and the four armed police who assisted in the interception also had to listen to his command, and he was indeed the one who discovered that Feng Changdong had sneaked back to Lijiayao.Enthusiastic applause sounded again, and everyone, including the leaders on the stage, looked this way at the same time.Zhang Yongping, a dog eats cbd gummy policeman from the anti drug brigade of your bureau, as the backbone of the anti drug eradication work, has devoted himself to the control dog eats cbd gummy 250mg cbd gummies of ephedra grass and actively guided the townships to carry out anti drug work.Especially since the purchase of ephedra grass started, Comrade Zhang Yongping has made great efforts to control the ephedra grass in the county.Carried out a comprehensive investigation of the planting and collection, cleared the background, and established files, identified 12 people suspected of illegally buying and selling ephedra grass for control, assisted the business department in solving 4 cases, captured 6 suspects, and was affirmed by the Municipal Anti Drug Office.The booths of the merchants are next to each other, and the welcome slogans of the school youth league committee, student union, colleges and student associations can be seen everywhere.Han Chaoyang accompanied Vice Minister Jiang around and went back to the gate to find two booths related to him One is for the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team, and the other is for the Arts Academy Orchestra.The Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team went to the Polytechnic University Volunteer Security Patrol Team to attract fans.The name is not justified, so the posters in front of the booth and in the background all read Xinyuan Street Police Station, Yandong Public Security Bureau.Old Tang was on shift all night and didn t show up.The senior sister Miao Haizhu came here on behalf of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.

Go find the contractor.In the afternoon, the efficiency was much higher.The contractor personally supervised the work and transferred more than 20 people from other construction sites.If you don t work hard, you won t get paid, and no one dares to brag about it, let alone grind foreign workers in front of the contractor.The boss of the gravel factory, Hou, also stayed at the site all afternoon, and even hired an electrician to climb to the top of the scaffolding to install four headlights like those used on tower cranes.As soon as it got dark, the switch was turned on and the power was turned on, and the work area surrounded by scaffolding and plastic sheets seemed like daytime.Four migrant workers climbed to the top of the sand pile and shoveled the sand onto the conveyor belt with shovels.It s an exaggeration that so many people are borrowing money online.It s not an exaggeration.You ve seen more exaggerated ones.The one we arrested together last time was much more exaggerated than them.He specialized in scamming online loan platforms, and he cheated a lot.The procuratorate has already approved the arrest.It may not be possible to get out in seven or eight years Strange things happen every year, especially this year.Han Chaoyang was not as sympathetic as before to Zhu Man, a girl from PolyU who was deeply involved in online loans.He hung up his phone and was about to continue sifting sand.Wu Wei, who was supposed to be resting, ran over again.Chaoyang, if you were the murderer, under what circumstances would you throw the victim s body here What do you mean My mind is full of cases.As expected, Han Chaoyang did not find it strange.The only thing I didn t expect was dog eats cbd gummy that the political commissar and Bureau Du not only knew about He Suo, but even knew about the unlucky thing He Suo had encountered, and actually inquired about He Suo s current situation.Fifty thousand was paid to the relatives of the deceased.He paid for it himself, not the unit.I can feel that this matter has hit him hard.I feel it, how do you feel Director Du asked in a low voice.He didn t post on Moments before, but now he often posts, and all he posts are chicken soup posts.Han Chaoyang took out his mobile phone, clicked on WeChat, found Director He s WeChat Moments, and continued I will give you Nian Nian, the wrong person is not because he is blind, but because he is kind.Helping the wrong person is not because he is stupid, but because he values friendship too much.Cloud sharing What cloud computing and cloud storage are popular now, but I only know what cloud, so don t ask me what s going on.Han Chaoyang is not interested in what cloud is, but eagerly asked Hongliang, how much memory do current car owners usually choose to install in the driving recorder 8G, 16G and 32G are available, and electronic products are updated.It seems to be shooting in a loop.One section covers another section.It shouldn t be saved for a long time, maybe only five or six minutes.You are an old calendar By the way, you have a driving recorder in your car.For a long time Han Chaoyang shifted his gaze to Xu Hongliang.The memory of my driving recorder is 16G, which can record for about 240 minutes, and then overwrite.My memory is not too big, which is similar to that of a mobile phone.Yes High technology is good, and big data is good.As long as the vehicle information is input into the system, the system can automatically identify it, and the suspected vehicle will be discovered by the system as soon as it shows itself.Wu Wei was so excited that he subconsciously took out his car keys, walked out of the conference room quickly, and ran towards the green ape cbd gummies where to buy stairs, shouting, Old Gong, notify Lao Ji and the others immediately Xia Ming, help us find some casual clothes Tengda, do you want casual clothes A traffic policeman poked his head out of the office at the end of the corridor.This is your squadron, if you don t look for you, the squadron leader, look for someone, look for six sets, speed Yes It s not to arrest, but to follow and monitor.Han Chaoyang came to his senses and was hesitating whether to stop and wait until he changed into casual clothes before going downstairs.Many things that seem commonplace now would have seemed sci fi ten or even five years dog eats cbd gummy 250mg cbd gummies ago.As the deputy head of the criminal police, Luo Zhi certainly hopes dog eats cbd gummy that face recognition technology can be put into actual combat as soon as possible.If it can really be built into an application system that can link the marker library and the passer by library, and compare the photos collected after the event, it is found that Clues, identity verification, and greatly shortened disposal time can effectively solve many problems encountered in actual combat, and at least free the police officers from the crowd tactics While the technical policemen in the bureau were trying their best to identify the third suspect discovered by Han Chaoyang, Han Chaoyang and others were gathering in the attic of Room 601 in Building 3, eating the boxed lunch they just bought outside.Teacher Ma glanced back and said with a smile For us rural dog eats cbd gummy people, the house in our hometown is a kind of destination.No matter where we work hard, as long as the old house is still there, as long as there is a house in our hometown, it is like forever There is a retreat, there is a sustenance.If you have been fighting outside for many years, but the house in your hometown is gone, it is like turning into grass without roots, and your soul has no place to sustenance.So important Huang Ying murmured.Teacher Ma smiled, and continued The house in my hometown is also a bond to maintain family ties.Although people have moved to the city, family ties cannot be moved away.As long as the old house is still there, you can come back and take a look when you have time.This The family can still be reunited, and it is still complete.Some looked pachamama cbd gummies down on Tan Haitao and Cai Xiaofang Yang Jiandong did not lie, Cao Shengkai s death was related to him It really doesn t matter.Han Chaoyang came to his senses and couldn t help laughing and asked Ju Feng, how is the investigation of the gambling case going Is there much resistance He was very happy and said enthusiastically Yang Jiandong s POS machine transaction records are ironclad evidence, and there is no dispute about dog eats cbd gummy the identification of gambling funds.Those big bosses were not very cooperative at the beginning.Put the evidence in front of them and explain the laws and regulations clearly to them.I don t dare not cooperate anymore.Tian Jiming and other gamblers are all big bosses with big names and riches.For them, as long as the problem can be solved with money, it s not a problem.

Encountering such a thing, Han Chaoyang really couldn t give constructive advice, suddenly remembered what Feng Ju said just now, and said slowly Sister Miao, I know that it is not so easy to set up the owners meeting and the owner s committee, and hire a property company, but you can t Don t do it because it s difficult.Many things can t be rushed.The reason for success is all through grinding, grinding slowly, and persistently grinding Chapter 362 People are in their hometown, and their hearts are in the work unit to mobilize new people Residential property owners set up an owners meeting and hire a property management company, which is a remedy for the past, and the most urgent task is to solve the case If you count the one just lost, there have been 15 electric car thefts in Xinmin Community this year.I m not afraid that the bastard will make a move, but I m afraid that the bastard won t make a move Yu Zhenchuan was having a headache, took out a tissue and wiped his hands and said, Don cbd gummies online ohio t be kidding, how can there be surveillance in Xinmin Community Come and watch the surveillance video.When did I install it, why don t I know It was installed a few days ago, it s normal if you don t know, maybe neither Old Tang nor Haizhu knew.Who installed it and where How many have you installed Xinmin community doesn t even have property, so how could there be surveillance, Yu dog eats cbd gummy Zhenchuan was skeptical.I asked Li Xiaobin to pretend, exactly how many I installed, and I don t know where.Han Chaoyang smiled complacently, and turned around to ask Chen Jie, where is your Xiaobin Night Patrol in the village until dog eats cbd gummy 250mg cbd gummies after four o clock, Sergeant Gu asked me to call happy cbd gummies him, he just woke up and was washing up in the back.Liu said that Secretary Yang asked all construction units to take good physical and technical defense measures at the meeting in the afternoon.Suggestions Build a command center, build a monitoring system covering the entire construction site of the East City Transportation Hub Project, and connect all monitoring signals to the command center, that is, build dog eats cbd gummy a monitoring center.At that time, we will have to cooperate with the security company whats tne best cbd gummies for pain and the security departments of several construction units Even if I live here, I won t be able to live there for a few days, and I will definitely move there when the command center is completed.How much would it cost to build a monitoring system covering the entire city east transportation hub project site Where did it come from, the construction unit or the Chaoyang Community Security Company Wool comes from sheep, but it doesn t matter who comes from it.She is more delicate, she is about to become a mother of a child, and she usually lives like a child.Her lover calls her baby at home.The baby is obedient, the baby is good, the baby is really obedient, the baby is so good Hahahaha Han Chaoyang said As he spoke, he couldn t help laughing again.Chapter 396 Poetry and the Distance Time flies, and a month has passed in the blink of an eye.From Han Chaoyang s point of view, this month has changed a lot.Several large construction sites are digging foundations.Hundreds of workers and various construction machinery are working all night.Trucks carrying dozens of tons are constantly pulling the excavated soil out., Transport various building materials to the construction site.The personnel changes in the community neighborhood committee were even bigger.m.My wife didn t know how happy she was.She said that the tickets are all ready, and she will wait for you to go to the bureau tomorrow.After completing the formalities, I will go to Sister Fengqing s place to stay for a few days.I don t know when the formalities will be completed, why is she in a hurry Grandpa Gu sighed, obviously not as good as yesterday, as if All of a sudden ten dog eats cbd gummy years old.Han Chaoyang was very happy, and helped do melted cbd gummies still work him fill the kettle with water, lifted the cover of the police station and said dog eats cbd gummy with a smile, Master, let s go, let s go to the construction site of the high speed rail station first.Let s stay here for a day It s also a day to go out for a walk.Grandpa Gu put on his hat, took the water bottle, followed out of the police station and climbed into the electric patrol car.It is precisely because of this that the masses love him so much.He paid and got rewards.I guess he won t be able to sleep tonight.Ju Jiang held the door of the car and changed the topic The deeds of the old comrades are very touching, but the planning and organization of today s party It s really good.There should be a video, and I ll send a copy to the Political Department later.The Municipal Bureau will coordinate with the TV station to see if the TV station can arrange a time to broadcast it. There is a video, and the cameraman of the TV station is invited tonight.Tomorrow Early in the morning, I arranged for someone to send a copy to the Municipal Bureau.The leaders left, and the crowd gradually dispersed.Under the organization of Zhang Changjian and Lao Jin, the boys from the patrol team helped the performance company dismantle the stage and pack the tables and chairs.He immediately called Chen Xiujuan, who was having dinner downstairs, to help.Chen Xiujuan returned to the back office, opened the drawer and took out a blank summons card.She glanced at the suspect s ID card information on Han Chaoyang s phone, and subconsciously asked, How do I fill it in here What exactly is involved Embarrassed, he said, Sister Chen, let me make a phone call first.What the hell are you doing Isn t this the first time to handle a case, and the circumstances of this case are quite special.Han Chaoyang smiled embarrassedly, dialed the mobile phone of Big Sister in front of her, asked about the corresponding legal provisions, and leaned over and said I figured it out.I m suspected of interfering with radio order.Is there such a charge Chen Xiujuan encountered such a case for the first time, and looked up at Han Chaoyang suspiciously.I didn t expect to be afraid of something.No, I have to call Sister Su Is it appropriate to call someone at night Lao Ding knocked on the table and said with a smile Don t worry, he is not a fuel efficient lamp, and Chaoyang is not so easy to mess with.Street leaders must be facing Chaoyang, Chaoyang is here, Chaoyang Community Can t be like Cao Zefang Chapter 426 First Secretary 2 It was past 10 o clock at night when I returned to the faculty dormitory of PolyU, and Huang Ying was not asleep.dumplings.Han Chaoyang had eaten dinner, but he listened to the master s talk, and when he saw something to eat, he suddenly felt a little hungry.Huang Ying served him the freshly cooked ones, opened the refrigerator, took out another twenty or so and put them in the pot.Is there any garlic Don t eat garlic at such a late hour, it s smelly Huang Ying glanced back and asked with a smile, Husband, did you chat with the newly appointed first secretary of your HCMUSSH dog eats cbd gummy community tonight Well, how do you know Han Chaoyang got up, picked up the cup, and walked to the water dispenser to get water.

This is where can i buy trubliss cbd gummies a kind of propaganda.That s right, such a selection It s unfair to fight for popularity and personal connections.If we really fight, the superiors may really be disgusted.Liu Jianye smiled and changed the subject Xiao Han, let s talk about the second thing.Just now the instructor mentioned that the Xinyuan Street Police Station ranked low in public opinion surveys and was criticized by the superiors.In fact, it was not just a simple criticism.The bureau leaders had a talk with Gu in the afternoon.The leader wants to transfer Lao Gu to the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Liu Suo, I haven t written a word yet Gu Suo smiled shyly.I don t have a single horoscope, I think it s almost inseparable.Liu Jianye shifted his gaze to Han Chaoyang again, and said very seriously If Gu Suo is transferred, you, an old subordinate, can t look at the old leader s words.To be more specific, what is the relationship between you two He hesitated to speak, Huang Ying realized that there might be something wrong.Hidden feelings, and those words are obviously inappropriate to say in front of children, took out two pieces of cbd gummies delta 9 near me dog eats cbd gummy chocolate from the drawer, walked out of the bar and said in as kind a tone as possible Xinxin, there are a lot of fun things in it, auntie will take you to play, okay The little girl shook her head, holding her father tightly around her neck, and Zhang Beibei was about to go out to coax her, when her father kissed her on the cheek, and said in a soft voice Xinxin, listen to uncle Say, go play with Auntie, Auntie is not a bad person.No, I want to be with Dad.Okay, Dad is Dad, but Dad is busy now, and you want to talk to these two police uncles, you go to Auntie first Play It can be seen that he is not a little bit nice to the little girl, and the dog eats cbd gummy little girl is not a little bit clingy to him, and the few people coaxed together for a long time before she reluctantly went in with Huang Ying.The two fugitive main criminals finally showed up.The Fujiang Public Security Bureau will definitely attention.This way doesn t work.It seems that I can only use my master s method.Your master, Chaoyang, do you mean Sheriff Gu Well, he just asked me if I have made any progress.His master did the same Wang Jianping, the master of the stone bureau, was stunned, and hurriedly asked What did your master say Han Chaoyang introduced Grandpa Gu s proposal, and then gritted his teeth and said, The relationship between Wan Xiaoxia and Sister Wei is definitely not good.Generally speaking, from the information provided by Ling Bin, it seems that Sister Wei probably lives in Yanyang, that is to say, Wan Xiaoxia is probably hiding in Yanyang, and wants her to know that Ling Bin is here with Xinxin, so don t be afraid of making a big noise Posting on the Internet, going to the newspaper to publish missing person notices, going to TV stations to participate in programs, posting missing person notices to WeChat Moments, in short, as long as we can think of it, we will do it all Your master is right, just do it Waiting like this is not an option, we can try Wang Jianping nodded, took out his mobile phone and asked the detachment leader far away in Fujiang for instructions in front of Han Chaoyang.Aunt Chen and the boiler worker who were on duty tonight were standing in the lobby talking.Let s go later.My mother took Xinxin to the supermarket and hasn t come back yet.Mom just called and told us to go back to rest early.The supermarket that Dad went directly to is waiting for her in the underground parking lot.Pick her up.Let s send Xinxin back together.I have to go to work tomorrow, and it s already past eight o clock.Huang Ying nodded slightly, just as she took the down jacket from Aunt Chen, Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang again.It s the trainer, I ll answer the phone first.Han Chaoyang smiled apologetically, and habitually went to the corner to answer.Chaoyang, I forgot something in a hurry, and I just remembered it when I got home.Instructor, what s the matter It s not a big deal, and it s impossible to forget a dog eats cbd gummy big deal.She took off the long black down jacket and put it on the side, revealing a big red sweater.People have a strong visual impact.Grandpa Gu, who slipped into a gray padded jacket in his busy schedule, opened the curtain and walked into the store.He recognized at a glance that she was Sister Wei in the photo.Hello, what would you like to eat When a guest came to the door, the young and beautiful proprietress was very enthusiastic.She immediately got up to greet her, and pointed to the light box above her head with various drinks and dishes, expecting the guest to order.Youth hostels are not places for the elderly to go, and neither is this place.Grandpa Gu looked up for a while, and asked embarrassingly Little girl, what do children usually like to eat There are many things that children like to eat.Han Zhaoyang didn t want to comment on the big sister, so he changed the subject immediately Is it right to buy a house now Now is the most expensive time for housing prices For Uncle Miao, this is just a need, and it doesn t matter whether it is expensive or not.And Uncle Miao has money, so the down payment is not a problem for him.If he wants to buy it, he can buy it.What do we need How can you help me I just want to tell you.By the way, your mother must live in our house.Uncle Miao probably won t go.When the time comes Let unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus just cbd sour gummy bears s talk about the arrangement, let s pick him up at the station tomorrow afternoon, and treat Uncle Miao to dinner.Okay, I shouldn t be busy tomorrow.Just as he was talking, the police phone rang, and another call came in.Han Chaoyang didn t care about talking to his girlfriend anymore, so he hurriedly took out his police phone, and when he checked the caller ID, it was Dui Wang calling.They don t think that most of the pickpockets are habitual offenders.How can a recidivist not know me Don t give me a full face, so now my grandson doesn t believe me no matter what, and thinks I m bragging. I m so vain when I m old, thank you for saying so.Grandpa Gu cursed with a smile, then turned around and said Chaoyang, this is Old Wu.Your Uncle Wu was better than your Uncle Ji back then.You caught eight hundred thieves if not a thousand.The Municipal Bureau even invited you Uncle Wu to Lectures, teaching the police how to counter pick, speaking of your Uncle Ji should be your Uncle Wu s apprentice, and you have learned a lot from your Uncle Wu.Stop Old Ji was not happy, and corrected by knocking on the table Old Gu, don t arrange your seniority indiscriminately, the Municipal Bureau invited Lao Wu to speak out and informed us to study, but I, Ji Kaiyuan, didn t go there once, and I didn t listen to Lao Wu s class once.Because he has been dealt with more and has a better understanding of the situation in the institute, he claims to have a very good relationship with the police in the institute and even the instructor of the director.He has dealt with his policeman The phone, seems to have added WeChat, and when bluffing and cheating, I called the police and sent WeChat in front of others, making it look like level goods cbd gummies it was real.Mentioning that gangster Miao Haizhu got angry, and said through gritted teeth I know it s tricks.Nianhua has been taken by us.The boss, mommy and young lady are all locked up in the police station.He even dared to go to the gate of our police station to bluff, call and send WeChat to the relatives of the suspect, saying that he had already greeted the police station and was in the police station.

Zhang Jinhai turned his head and glared at him, then took out a cigarette and handed Chief Xiao a cigarette.Han Chaoyang knew very well that Vice Minister Jiang sent the three backbones of the school guard team, not just to actively participate in just cbd sour gummy bears cbd gummies for blood pressure mass prevention and treatment, but obviously wanted to use this opportunity cbd gummies delta 9 near me dog eats cbd gummy to train the three young men, and after a period of time, he would transfer them back to strengthen the campus The security force in the campus, to be precise, cracks down on the crimes of carrying bags and pickpocketing in the campus.Han Chaoyang weighed it up, and said with a smile If not, the three of you will take turns.For example, Comrade Tie Jun is on duty in the police office today, and Xiao Shen and Xiao Wei will go to the street with the anti picking team.Tomorrow, Xiao Shen will be there The police office is on duty, Comrade Tie Jun and Xiao Wei went to the street to pick dog eats cbd gummy up.The widowed elderly and some elderly people with limited mobility come to have a haircut.Secretary Cao, I find it really interesting if you say it can be carried out It s not interesting, it s very meaningful Cao Zefang thought more and more The more excited he was, the more excited he said If you want to learn from Lei Feng to do good things, every unit is doing it, but it is just cbd sour gummy bears cbd gummies for blood pressure difficult to persevere.It is to do it when organizing activities to learn from Lei Feng.We are different from those units.We have people and can be normalized.If I can persevere, I think we can take the activity of learning from Lei Feng to do good deeds as a job in our community in the future.Regardless of whether this political achievement is useful to me, it is better to have political achievements than to have nothing.Deputy Director Xing changed the subject, looked at him with a smile, and said, The bureau leader is right.The leader must have told you that your voluntary security patrol team can no longer stay in a corner.Under the leadership of the sub bureau, you must assist the relevant units in emergency response.In order to better coordinate and cooperate with the relevant units, you will also be on duty from next week Director, we have a shift in the police office, and I have to be on duty every week.I mean to come to the command center to be on duty, and come back to be on duty 24 hours a week.Bureau Du specially explained that this is beneficial Work is also good for management, otherwise who would be in charge of your boy Tian Gao Han Zhaoyang suddenly realized that this is not just good for work and good for management , it is the leader s attention Seeing Deputy Director Xing s half smile, Han Chaoyang said embarrassedly Director Xing, don t be joking, I can come back to be on duty, but I can t be a commander, firstly, I have no experience, and secondly, I don t have any experience.Chen Jie touched her fingers, then her just cbd sour gummy bears cbd gummies for blood pressure neck, and then her earlobes.Miao Haizhu reacted and exclaimed Wow, gold ring, gold necklace, gold earrings, all three golds, this is the next job This is the custom in our hometown, Li Xiaobin said with a smile standing behind his girlfriend But that s all.I just bought a house, and I have to renovate it after the New Year, and I have to repay the mortgage like you.If I want more gifts, my family really cbd near me gummies can t afford it.Who cares about your family asking for gifts Chen Jie She is also an only child, and her parents are very satisfied with Li Xiaobin and have already agreed to the marriage.She couldn t help but raised her head and said, My father said that my family will pay for the decoration, and you don t need to buy the car.That s great Wu Wei was very envious.Great, I m going to Guomao now Yu Zhenchuan was ecstatic, and he slammed the car door to report dog eats cbd gummy 10 benefits of cbd gummies to Baosuo through the car radio.Do you want us to help Han Chaoyang asked subconsciously.The murderer is to be arrested.Of course, the more people involved in the arrest, the better.Yu Zhenchuan said without hesitation I need it, I definitely need it.Let s go immediately.We will meet at the parking lot of the shopping mall east of China World Trade Center.Okay , you report to Baosuo, and I will notify Wu Wei.Or, the electric patrol car is too slow, so stop where it is, and let Jiang Xiaoliu and the others take the police car.That s fine, I ll notify them, and you report quickly The fighter plane was fleeting, Han Chaoyang didn t dare to delay for a moment, he yelled across the road, then turned on the police lights and sounded the siren.Yu Zhenchuan, the policeman handling the case, thought it was inappropriate to rush into the hotel to arrest people like this.Yu Zhenchuan said that he didn t care about so much, so you didn t insist any longer.Is this how things happened Brother couldn t be betrayed anyway, but the inspector had when to take cbd gummy already investigated clearly No, there is no such thing as selling or not selling.Han Chaoyang drooped his head, and said cautiously Yes.Do you still want to say that this is the case of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and you, Han Chaoyang, are just assisting If it was the past, I would not criticize you, but it is not the case now , you, Han Chaoyang, are no longer a community policeman at the Huayuan Street Police Station, you are now a policeman at the command center, and you are to be the chief of the Zhongshan Road Police District and the head of the voluntary security patrol of the sub unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus just cbd sour gummy bears bureau.Climbing super chill products cbd gummies reviews into the car, he asked, Junfeng, I haven t asked you all the time.Did you get anything out of watching until after 12 o clock last night Speaking of what happened last night, Wu Junfeng couldn t help laughing and said, Everyone said that the real economy is not good.The lady business is not easy to do.We followed all the way to several small hotels at the entrance of Yangguan Village, and found that the women who solicited customers were really suspected of soliciting prostitutes.Along the way, we tried our best to mobilize the guests who were greedy for cheap and stayed in small hotels to find girls.Unmoved.Is there a lady in the small hotel We stared around the small hotel for a while, and we can be sure that there is no one in the small hotel.If there are guests who need special services, they will not do it in the hotel.Life is really difficult.There are birds, like her, it s useless when Grandpa Gu comes, criticism and education are like playing the piano to her.Chapter five hundred and seventy one Show your face The day passed like this, just a false alarm.The two returned to the square of the East Bus Station.Unexpectedly, Cao Zefang, Zhang Zhishu, Director Xie, Lao Jin, Xu Hongliang, and Chen Jie and Xiaokang, who had participated in the public examination interview today, were all there, standing at the service point at the entrance of the ticket office talking to the old man.Ding and Tang Junwei talked and laughed happily.Secretary Cao, Secretary Zhang, why are you all here The provincial leader just left, didn t you know The provincial leader is here Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked.Lao Ding grinned and said This afternoon, Director Wang personally led the leaders of the Public Security Corps, Traffic Police Corps, and Fire Corps to make a surprise inspection of the safety of the Spring Festival travel.

Percussion belongs to percussion, but it should also be encouraged.Han Chaoyang supported the steering wheel, and said casually You two cousins are not as heartless as you think, and they agreed to borrow money.If you can give them a helping hand regardless of past suspicions, you have to give them a reassurance.After all, their money It didn t fall from the sky, but it was earned hard.Tomorrow morning, I will go to the street with me to make a written statement for them, and ask the street leaders and village cadres to be witnesses. Li Jun Liyang agreed Dai Lishi was ecstatic, but also felt a little unbelievable.I agreed, not only will I lend you money to see a doctor, but I will also lend you money to compensate other people.You should think about who else you have borrowed money from, and take this opportunity to ask cbd gummies legal in arkansas your two cousins to help repay the other people.The nurse took the chocolate and closed the door with a bang.Han Chaoyang didn t .

do cbd gummies work for weight loss?

even have a chance to speak, so he just got shut again.This is to add confusion to others, but cracking down on counterfeiting is also very important.Han Chaoyang hesitated for a moment, raised his arm again and knocked on the door a few times.This time it was a young nurse who came out and I knew him.As soon as we met, he asked curiously Han Chaoyang, why are you here Sister Pei, is Dr.Deng here Busy.Dr.Deng is on vacation and works on the sixth day of the year.Why are you looking for her I have something to do with her, and I won t be able to tell you in a while.Do you have her phone number Yes, but I only remember the short number.You Wait, I ll check my phone and send her number to your WeChat.Okay, thank youAfter twists and turns, I finally found Dr.To be precise, they would help Dai Lishi to intercede.Dai Lishi can be given a lighter or mitigated dog eats cbd gummy punishment as appropriate.Han Chaoyang came prepared, and took this opportunity to ask Dai Lishi to reimburse the inspection fees, medical expenses, hospitalization expenses, and food expenses that he had previously paid in front of everyone.Everything went smoothly.Political Commissar Huang came to the Huayuan Sub district Office once in a while, and it was time for dinner after the work was done.Director Gu insisted on inviting Political Commissar Huang to dinner, and insisted on bringing Liu Jianye and Han Chaoyang to accompany him.The kindness is hard to turn down, and Commissar Huang readily agreed.Just like this, Han Chaoyang and several leaders came to the Xinpai Sichuan Restaurant, which just opened for business today, accompanied by Director Wang of the Street Judicial Office, Chen Yu, a street civil affairs officer, and two village officials.In addition, remind Xiaosun to keep an eye on Xiaosun, not just to keep an eye on the suspects, but also to keep an eye on them.Ni Guoxiong thought from the bottom of his heart that the leader s worries were very reasonable, so after asking for instructions and reporting, he dialed Xiaosun s mobile phone.Introduce what s new and convey instructions from the team leader.Xiao Sun couldn t believe his ears, he was stunned for a while, and then asked with a bitter face Captain Ni, since they don t know anything, and they haven t even filed a case, what s the point of me continuing to follow, isn t it a waste of time and energy What I said just now is very clear, they dumped people here, we can t throw face at them.More importantly, whether you dare to fight fugitives with guns with only a wooden stick in your hand, or Judging from the current incident, the kid surnamed Han definitely belongs to the kind of daring master.Vehicles, still responsible for dog eats cbd gummy the rear of the escort convoy.Ni Guoxiong is both a leader and a senior, and a senior in Beijing.Xiaokang never dared to smoke upstairs.Now that there are no outsiders in the car, he can finally enjoy himself.He lit up the cigarette and took a few puffs.He knocked on the ash and said sincerely Thank you, Han Da.Thank you for what Han Chaoyang asked puzzledly while leaning on the steering wheel.Thank you HCMUSSH dog eats cbd gummy for asking the branch leader to let me stay.If it wasn t for your help, I would definitely be on the train back to Yanyang with Junfeng and the others right now.Han Chaoyang patted the steering wheel, couldn t help laughing and said If you stay, you can stay.Whether you can seize this opportunity and make dog eats cbd gummy some achievements depends on yourself.When I see Jiao Da and Team Liang later, I will help you with them.As soon as Yu Zhenchuan lightly stepped on the accelerator and stopped, the police from the anti drug brigade in the clearing car opened the door and ran over to help The suspect was detained, and Lao Hu and Wu Wei were asked to go to the police duty room to collect the guns.Director Du explained that he had to call to report when he arrived at the checkpoint.Han Chaoyang had just finished calling when a call came in from an unfamiliar mobile number.Hello, who are you Is it Han Da Yes, I am Han Chaoyang, may I ask you dog eats cbd gummy Han Da, I am Xiang Yunhong, a policeman from the fifth detachment and the third brigade of the high speed traffic police.We are checking Standing here, our car number is Yan M0265 police, according to the instructions of the superior, we will escort you to the exit of Yanyang East Expressway after you come.The current situation is that whoever comes back first stops, and some old men and women even move a small stool to sit outside Reserve a parking space for their children, and if they come back late, they can only find a place to park nearby.This is indeed a troublesome thing A total of 300 parking spaces, who will not be given to whom It is not an exaggeration to say that this should be the responsibility of the district mayor or even the mayor.What can Han Chaoyang do He simply turned around and asked, Sister Miao, Xinmin District is under your dog eats cbd gummy jurisdiction.You are more familiar with the situation in the district than I am.Is there anything you can do Solution Miao Haizhu thought to himself, Isn t this a game of football, and said calmly There is a way, not to mention 800 cars, even 1,000 cars can be stopped.Do you want us to help No, we have someone with a car.Without even saying thank you, you really treat the public security police, especially the community police, as running errands Han Chaoyang was so depressed that he regretted notifying him.When I returned to the police office, I didn t expect Minister Jiang from PolyU to come.He was sitting with a man in his fifties wearing glasses and a girl in her twenties and thirties with a good figure and a very pretty appearance.Chat with Chen Jie in the conversation room.Xiao Han is back, Xiao Han, this is Professor Zhang, this is Professor Zhang s daughter Liu Xiaoyun, I watched Xiaoyun grow up.Xiaoyun is very competitive, a top student in the Chinese Department of Tunghai University Hello, Minister Jiang, and Professor Zhang.Han Chaoyang hurriedly shook hands with the two of them, then turned around and said with a smile, Miss Xiaoyun, I m sorry, we didn t do a good job in security prevention and control, and I surprised you the afternoon before yesterday.

When he saw us, he immediately became stupid and confessed to the crime.Xiao Han, you mean the kid who robbed dog eats cbd gummy Xiaoyun s bag Vice Minister Jiang asked curiously.Yes, that kid.Entrusted by others, it s a matter of loyalty.The tasks entrusted by Vice Minister Jiang have been completed, and now it is time to do the tasks entrusted by his colleagues from his hometown.Han Chaoyang politely declined Zhang Xiaoyun s offer to help pour the wine, and sighed It s a coincidence, that kid is from Qingshan, and I m still from dog eats cbd gummy my hometown.The reason why the case was solved so quickly is thanks to the people in the Chaoyang community, and secondly.I would like to thank the comrades of the Qingshan County Public Security Bureau, the masses provided clues, the Qingshan County Public Security Bureau helped us find out the identity of the kid as soon as they received the investigation letter, and then followed the clues to catch him.He thought he was justified and felt how wronged he was.I ran out to work, but I didn t expect the local public security bureau to go online, so it was unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus just cbd sour gummy bears in our hands. In any case, since they bumped into someone, they have to bear the responsibility, and how to deal with it is the responsibility of their hometown s public security bureau.I will take the person away first.Take it away.Oh, by the way, how many team members can you send out for the night s operation One hundred and sixty team members, I have greeted Hong Liang, Captain Zhang and Section Chief Xiao, and they ensured that the personnel participating in the operation will gather at the opposite side on time at 10 30.Suo Liu and the instructors don t have time.I will lead the team, you gather at 10 30, we will definitely be here before 10 30.Once the crime scene can be located, evidence can be collected.What if the first scene cannot be found What if the scene is found but the scene is destroyed and no evidence can be collected How can there be so many contingencies Don t be afraid of ten thousand, just in case.The matter is of great importance, and all aspects must be considered.Then what do you say Grandpa Gu came here early in the morning to remind them, and he said bluntly Human life is at stake.This is not a small matter.We can neither add chaos to HCMUSSH dog eats cbd gummy the task force, nor do wrong things with good intentions.My opinion is to use what we have now.Tell Liu Suo unreservedly, if Liu Suo needs our assistance, then continue to investigate, if Liu Suo doesn t dog eats cbd gummy 250mg cbd gummies need it, then do what you want.Han Chaoyang didn t want to be led by the nose by the two old men anymore, so he blurted out I think it s okay.Han Chaoyang finished his last mouthful of food, put down his chopsticks and scratched his head, and said helplessly, It s nothing if they don t want to be auxiliary police officers.The key is how I can explain to the bureau leader.Would he be unhappy, would he think Junfeng and the others don t know how to dr cbd sour gummy worms flatter them Very likely.Old Tang nodded slightly.That s it.Han Chaoyang took out a tissue to wipe his mouth, and said with a wry smile, At 3.In the case of 14, we played a little role.Director Liu had a good impression of us and even decided to help us solve the cbd isolate gummy expenses, but we didn t appreciate it.What would Bureau Liu think, and what would he think Miao Haizhu looked at him sympathetically, and said gloatingly, Boss Liu will think that Junfeng and the others are all idiots, that there is something wrong with the management of our patrol team, and even doubt whether you have a leader.Go in, don t move Jin Qingrong didn t dare to be careless, and pushed the man into the room suddenly, threw the man down on the single bed, grabbed the man s wrists tightly, and shouted Liu Suo, Captain Yan, the suspect People here, Wei Ping here Here we come In fact, from the moment he called out the list of Wei Ping , Liu Jianye turned his head and ran this way.As soon as he finished speaking, Liu Jianye and Yan Dui rushed in, took out the handcuffs and quickly handcuffed the middle aged man s left hand, then motioned him to step aside, handcuffed the man s right hand, and then pulled the man up and put him in the corner.It s him, you can t go wrong Liu Jianye took out his mobile phone to look at the photo, then looked at the man s face, finally heaved a sigh of relief, immediately put away the mobile phone, grabbed the man s shoulder and asked sharply Wei Ping, do you know where we came from and why we came here Arrest you In the past few days, Wei Ping lived like a walking dead.I checked the time just now, so I clicked on WeChat to check.Okay, you are busy.After a like, he called to ask.Han Chaoyang was at a loss, but just 25 mg cbd gummy effects dog eats cbd gummy as he put down his phone, Teacher Liang also called to ask what he was doing, cbd gummies delta 9 near me dog eats cbd gummy and he only asked after seeing the likes in Moments.After explaining patiently, Aunt Ye s phone call just cbd sour gummy bears cbd gummies for blood pressure came, and she actually asked just cbd sour gummy bears the same thing Han Chaoyang was puzzled, and murmured, I just clicked likes.As for making such a fuss, don t they have nothing to do all day long, so they just stare at the phone to see if I give likes Liu Hui couldn t help but said Han Da, they are not making a fuss, they are jealous Are you kidding, how could they be jealous of me.Bring me the phone.What s wrong.Give it to me.Liu Hui turned around and took the phone, I clicked on WeChat Moments and browsed for a while, looked up and said with a smile You still don t believe me, Director Wang and the others are really jealous In the future, when you browse Moments, you either don t like it, or you have to like all the points.There are a group of runners in China who are keen on long distance running.They can sign up for this type of competition wherever it is held.Although there is a certain gap between the results and professional athletes, they can basically run.Athletes from 21 countries participated, and there are a large number of runners from all over the country There are how long does a cbd gummies take to work bonuses for good results.There are few races in other countries, and the entry threshold is high.We have many races in China, and foreign friends are welcome to participate, so they are very happy cbd gummies delta 9 near me dog eats cbd gummy dog eats cbd gummy to sign up for the competition.It is said that they are very busy and have to go to the race after we finish One stop.To earn a bonus Liu Jianye found it inconceivable.What s the fuss about it People in some African countries rely on sports to improve their lives and even get ahead.Chaoyang, it s not that I don t know good and bad, but that 25 mg cbd gummy effects dog eats cbd gummy this involves the Judicial Police Academy, how do you want me to talk to the leaders of the academy You are in charge of making connections, and District Chief Liu will come forward in person when the time comes.Liu Jianye paused, then turned back He said Chaoyang, what is most lacking now is people.On PolyU s side, you are responsible for matchmaking, school guards, and national defense students.You can pull as many as you can.Liu Suo, PolyU s side just cbd sour gummy bears cbd gummies for blood pressure may be more difficult.Han Chaoyang said bitterly.Why is it so difficult Liu Suo, you may think that the school guards refusal to participate in patrols is the fault of Hong Liang, leva cbd gummies 40 mg but it s not, and Minister Jiang is not the kind of person who ignores his relatives.The reason why he doesn t let the school guards take to the streets again Patrol, the reason why Mei Tiejun was transferred back to the new campus is mainly because we feel that our bureau is too childish.

Okay, you re busy.Huang Ying was curious again Ticket recognition is nothing.I heard leva cbd gummies that the Municipal Bureau will soon implement a face recognition system, and it plans to apply it to our upcoming international marathon in Yandong.Don t expect tens of thousands of people to come, but as long as there are fugitives among the contestants Here, the system can also identify him from tens of thousands of people.This technology is good, if it can be promoted, you will be much more relaxed in the future.That is.Han Chaoyang was bragging when his phone rang suddenly.Looking at the caller ID, it turned out that the call was from Shan Ketian, who had just been transferred from the security company to the construction site of the East Long distance Bus Station as the squad leader.Xiao Dan, what s the matter Da Han, something happened at our construction site.Going to Jiangzhong, his hometown asked Lao Hu and Guan Xiyuan to go.Liu Suo, we checked on the way back, and there is a high speed HCMUSSH dog eats cbd gummy train to Jiangzhong at 10 o clock.We are worried about long nights and dreams, so we plan to go tonight.Go, soldiers are fast, go back and pack your things.Liu Jianye picked up his phone to check the time, then raised his head and said Although you are looking for those bosses who are obsessed with ghosts, it s hard to say whether you want to cooperate with colleagues in Jiangzhong, after all, After all, it is actually a case.I asked Xiujuan to prepare the procedures for requesting cooperation for you, and then send it directly to your police office in time.Okay, let s go then Let s go, pay attention to safety on the road, there is Call me in time for any situation.The second bucket was soaked quickly, and when he returned to his position, can you use cbd gummies while pregnant he quickly tore open the packaging of the three ham sausages, and put them in sections for soaking together.Then cover it and fix it with a straightened fork, turned around and said with a smile I know you don t like instant noodles, so eat a few mouthfuls to fill your stomach first, and then find a decent supper at a restaurant in the middle of the dog eats cbd gummy river.Go to the river How much time did you score I have to do business tomorrow, so I ll eat this, I ll eat anything when I m hungry.Han Chaoyang supported the noodle bucket, thought about it and asked puzzledly Angkor, didn t you say that the high speed rail doesn t work at night Do you drive, why do you still drive at night I misread this afternoon, this trip is do cbd gummies show up in drug test a high speed train instead of a high speed train.He analyzed while drinking Brother Xing, just now you said that you are different from Wei Jiakang of the fifth team, but in fact you are also different from me.What s the difference Luo Weixing asked absently.I have no education, have never seen the world, and have no skills.You are different.If you do a big project and see the world, if you go to jail, your life will be ruined If you re okay, you can make a comeback.Even if the police in Jiangzhong can t catch the bastard named Gan, if you don t lend that bastard money back, and give you a few more years, you can still make a comeback and pay back the money. Yong Gen, don t coax me, I can t even leave the house now, why are you talking about a comeback Brother Xing, it s not that you can t go out, you can t reveal your identity.I thought about it for a day, you have so many bosses and friends, it s totally okay Continue to work on the project, at worst I will help you show your face, and you can strategize behind it.What s the trouble Yu Zhenchuan asked curiously.For you, getting married means having a drink.It s different for me.We have many rules here.We have to have warm house wine the day before the wedding.I have a lot of relatives.It s not good to invite this or that, so I just don t do it.It can t be done without people at home, and no one will say anything.After working in the Chaoyang community for so long, Han Chaoyang knew that there was such a custom, but he didn t expect Xu Hongliang to take this opportunity to sneak away because he didn t want to hold a housewarming wine, thinking about it and asking again Said Does Lingling know that you ran out Yes, she is very supportive.It s good for the three of us to come out together.She, Zhang Beibei and your wife can have a carnival as long as we are not at home.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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