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Okay, let s have some hot edens herbals cbd gummies soup, I ll make it for you.Yi Lan smiled and supported Qi Fei to sit Get up and pour him a bowl of hot soup.Qi Fei drank the delicious hot soup and felt extremely comfortable all over his body, but he sighed in his heart I didn t expect that my good body would be tossed like this for life Sad, sad But After all, in the days after he wandered, this was the first time that Qi Fei felt the real caring care from others.He secretly vowed in his heart that he would repay Sister Lan if he had the opportunity in the future.Two days later, Qi Fei was discharged from the hospital, and all the expenses were paid by Yi Lan.She naturally understood that Qi Fei s money was too tight, otherwise he would not be malnourished.Qi Fei was very embarrassed about this matter, but Yi Lan just said it was okay and asked him not to take it to heart.Looking at the newspaper at his feet, Qi Fei suddenly had an idea.After he bent down to pick up the newspaper, he didn t put it back, but turned around and left.The next day, except for Qi Fei who also deliberately ignored the house whose newspaper box was broken, his work was normal.At five o clock that night, Li Dafa, who was wearing a neat suit, came to the publishing station and said that he was going there with Yi Lan and Qi Fei.Chapter 22 The customer complained that the dinner started at six o clock, and Li Dafa came over an hour earlier.Qi super cbd gummies amazon edens herbals cbd gummies Fei thought to himself, this guy probably did it for Yi Lan.The last time Li Dafa invited Yi Lan and Qi Fei to dinner, Qi Fei saw the clue.Li Dafa looked in a very good state of mind today, his hair was sprayed with hairspray, obviously well groomed, when he saw Yi Lan coming out, his eyes glistened, and he walked over and held Yi Lan s hand.In the final analysis, he still wants to get Qi Fei away.If Qi Fei is always by Yi Lan s side, he will always feel uneasy.While Li Dafa was waiting for Qi Fei to agree to his suggestion and then expressed his thanks, Qi Fei said seriously I thought about it and found that I am only suitable for the current job.I can t do things like real estate sales.Come on, thank you Brother Fa for your kindness.Li Dafa was stunned for a while when he heard this, and he looked at Qi Fei with a face full of surprise Are you serious Of course.Qi Fei said jokingly Brother Fa, you are poaching Sister Lan s corner, if she finds out HCMUSSH edens herbals cbd gummies It s okay.Li Dafa waved his hand The three of us are all friends.Because of the relationship between friends, I believe she is also happy to see your life get better.If you don t want to talk to her, then you Let me talk about it.Yang said to Yi Lan Manager Yi, you are here for this event It can only be done exclusively with us.Yi Lan nodded This is no problem.There is more.Mr.Yang continued I hopewe can order 10,000 annual newspapers, you can Send us 20 full page advertisements.Yi Lan and Qi Fei glanced at each other, and then said to Mr.Yang Giving 20 full page advertisements is beyond our bottom line, and we will not be sugar shack 10mlg cbd oil gummies able to pass our group advertisements at that time.With the approval of the department, edens herbals cbd gummies Mr.Yang, up to ten.Mr.Yang smiled Everyone is in business, and bargaining is normal.If twenty is really not enough, then we each take a step back, fifteen, how about it Yi Lan s expression was a little dignified I started It is to seek cooperation with the most sincere attitude, so what I give directly is the bottom line, and it is difficult for me to make any concessions.Those of us who work in the fields are stiff That s good, you two must pay more attention Body, you can rest assured that your daughter is here.Bai Xiu s face was full of smiles, she glanced at Qi Fei, and then said to Cheng Siyu Last time, Alan s father had an accident, but luckily Xiao Qi is here with us.As a guest at home, she paid 20,000 yuan to help me pay for the operation, so that her father can perform the operation in time Cheng Siyu looked at Qi Fei with a surprised face, Qi Fei smiled, rubbed his hands and turned his head to look at elsewhere.Li Dafa stood beside him and laughed It s really thanks to brother Qi Fei, but it s a pity that I wasn t there at the time, otherwise I could pay some money, Alan s relatives are my relatives Cheng Siyu said to Li Dafa with a smile Manager Li, your consciousness is very good, please work hard, I am optimistic about you.Pause After a while, she asked again Where did Li Dafa go Can you find him Qi Fei shook his head Let s not talk about whether we can find him, so what if we do Can t you expect him to sell everything Cheng Siyu Zhang He opened his mouth and said nothing.After a long time, she glanced at the clothes Qi Fei was wearing, with a look of surprise in her eyes Your clothes also cost 20,000 to 30,000 yuan, right Have you found a good new job Qi Fei nodded.What job Qi Fei pursed his lips, struggling in his heart.After thinking for a long time, he decided to tell the truth to Cheng Siyu I now work under Li Xuan, as his personal assistant.Cheng Siyu was stunned for a moment Youyou how can you follow him This is absolutely not possible Qi Fei expected her reaction like this I m already at work today.You Cheng Siyu s face turned red Youyou are not suitable to follow him Otherwise, you will learn bad things from him You should and probably know who he is right Mr.Okay you can use it.Qi asteroid gummies cbd Fei was so nervous that he almost couldn t put the hot water bottle down.At this moment, he wished that something else would suddenly appear to interrupt Cheng Siyu, and he even thought about whether he would intentionally overturn the hot water and scald himself.Seeing that the edens herbals cbd gummies mouse has moved to the qq icon, Cheng Siyu is about to click on it.Gritting his teeth, Qi Fei turns on the kettle and prepares to pour water.By edens herbals cbd gummies the way, he pours water on his hands.Although boiling water will definitely make him burn, but compared to himself If the secret is discovered, it is nothing.Cheng Siyu double clicked the QQ icon, Qi Fei gritted his teeth, and was about to point the mouth of the hot water bottle to the back of his hand.At this moment, Cheng Siyu s cell phone rang suddenly, and she turned around to get her bag.Although he didn t know that Li Xuan Will he be called later, but he also intends to wait outside.In fact, Li Xuan and Brother Xiao have almost talked at this moment, and the two edens herbals cbd gummies of them have already walked out of the private room after cbd isolate gummies edens herbals cbd gummies drinking and eating.Li Xuan took out his mobile phone and called Qi Fei.After learning that he was waiting outside, he immediately Tell Qi Fei that he is coming down soon.Brother Xiao, do you want me to take you back Li Xuan asked as he walked.Thank you brother for your kindness, no need, I brought someone here, why don t I see you off Haha, then I don t need it either, I just live in this hotel.Oh, that s good.Qi Fei stood outside the hotel, looking at the direction of the exit.He didn t realize that there baked cbd gummy were already seven or eight gangsters walking towards him through the crowd of vehicles on the opposite side of the road behind him.It seems that you belong to Li Xuan, right.Qi Fei nodded Do you know Li Xuan Hehe, of course, I didn t expect him to have such an upright and powerful subordinate like you.Qi Fei heard that Mr.Gongsun seemed to have some kind of opinion or disdain for edens herbals cbd gummies Li Xuan, that kind of feeling couldn t be called Come on, Qi Fei couldn t help edens herbals cbd gummies but secretly startled who the hell is this old man Even Li Xuan doesn t pay attention to him.Could it be that heis some kind of opponent of Li Xuan Probably seeing what was going on in Qi Fei s mind, Mr.Gongsun smiled to himself I have nothing against Li Xuan, but what I want to say has something to do with it.You don t have to think too much.Qi Fei couldn t help but feel a little embarrassed Mr.Gongsun is really amazing, you can see everything I was thinking.Hehehe, I have been in this messy society for decades, and some things can be seen through at a glance, okay, I won t bother you to inspect the venue , I have to go back, goodbye said the old man Gongsun and stood up.Qi Fei nodded Okay, let s eat now, I You have already ordered the food, and it will be served soon, you all sit down.Qi Fei edens herbals cbd gummies intends to get a preliminary understanding edens herbals cbd gummies of the basic information of these three people, anyway, he has to know what to expect, when he was the boss before, he also participated in many Even though there were few dinners, something could be seen on the dinner table.After the meal, Qi Fei felt that he might have a bottom line.At this moment, the door of the box was gently pushed open, and Qi Fei was sitting opposite the door, when he saw a man poking half his head in, with something wrong in his eyes.Chapter Ninety eighth The scene of the edens herbals cbd gummies arrogant homeless man was only seen by Qi Fei, and Qi Fei only saw the eyes of the man, but didn t see what the man looked like, probably he could only judge that it was a man.Goodbye Qi wyld cbd gummies Fei waited until Cheng Siyu stopped the taxi and went up, before he went to find the taxi he was going to take.Before that, He also secretly memorized the license plate number of the car Cheng Siyu was riding in.This is done just in case.Wu Wei saw Qi Fei s actions.After getting into the car, he and Qi Fei sat in the back seat, and he said, You seem to care about Cheng Siyu.Qi Fei was stunned for a moment Really Hey, I can see it When the taxi was driving, the lights inside were turned off, so Wu Wei couldn t see Qi Fei s expression, and it took a long time for Qi Fei to say Brother Wu, Don t make such jokes, Mr.Cheng She also has a fianc , and her fianc is my boss, so I have to call her sister in law.Oh So you still have such a relationship.Wu Wei s tone seemed very surprised.Qi Fei smiled wryly again and again, and didn t edens herbals cbd gummies say edens herbals cbd gummies anything more.Qi Fei stared at the ceiling for a long time, but still couldn t sleep.He was thinking, it s already the first day of the first month, and when it s dawn, Cheng Siyu should go back to work.All will be on vacation, and Cheng Siyu will definitely go to work on time.So Cheng Siyu should have gone to bed early at this moment, otherwise it might affect her going to work.However, after Qi Fei hesitated for a moment, he still took his mobile phone and logged in to QQ.The mobile phone still had a small half of its battery, which was almost enough, and another battery was charging next to it.Qi Fei knew that Qingyu would definitely send him New Year greetings.Cheng Siyu is Qingyu, Qi Fei knows this very well, but every time he logs into QQ, Qi Fei will only refer to her as Qingyu.Sure enough, Qi Fei saw the blessing sent by the other party Dear Piaoling, Happy New Year I hope that your work will be smoother and your mood will be better and better in the new year, and you will become more and more handsome Qi Fei leaned back On the bedside, seeing this sentence on the phone screen, his face was full of smiles.The bald man should be the head of a gangster in this area, and he has some relationship with the local police, otherwise he wouldn t be so rampant.But one thing is for sure, this guy has no idea who the boss behind Tingyinxuan is.The owner of Tingyinxuan is Li Xuan, and the middle aged man Li Xuan met when he brought Qi Fei over for the first time also bought shares.Qi Fei believes that the backing behind this bald man is definitely not as strong as Li Xuan s.In fact, this guy is looking for death.If Li Xuan was here, he would have been tidied up.But now that Li Xuan is not here, even if Qi Fei tells Li Xuan, it may be too late to use his relationship to solve the situation here, so Qi Fei plans to solve it by himself.At this moment, he was staring at Gao Wei and Xuan er who were standing on the edge of the screen.It was so dark that the two could not see each other s face clearly even if they were only two meters apart.Fuck What s going on The bald man yelled, he was thinking about kissing Fangze just now, but suddenly he couldn t see his hair clearly, which made him furious.Lin Xuan er was stunned for a moment, but she reacted quickly, and took advantage of this opportunity to kick the bald man under the sofa.The bald man was about to go crazy, he didn t hear the sound of the box door being opened under the rage, in the dim light, the bald man groped and stood up while cursing, at this moment, he suddenly noticed that there seemed to be more people behind him.personal.The bald man had always been facing Lin Xuan er.At this moment, he was taken aback, thinking that this woman was so fast that she went behind me in the blink of an eye But the next moment, the bald man realized that the person behind him was definitely another person, and he was a man, because he was slapped on the ground by the other party.very slow.Qi Fei hurriedly stepped forward and stepped on the water, and quickly brought the two fainted big fish ashore.The other one seemed to be within easy reach, but it swam a little farther.To ensure safety, Cheng Siyu let Qi Fei Come back quickly, don t worry about that one.Successfully caught two big fish, enough for two people to have a verma farms cbd gummies edens herbals cbd gummies full meal.At this time, Qi Fei was surprised to find that these two fish were ordinary freshwater fish with good eyes, not at all like the fish in underground rivers that have not seen the sun for many years.Cheng Siyu also saw this situation, the two looked at each other, and thought of a certain problem at the same time.That is, this river can lead to the ground I think we have a way to get out.Qi Fei s eyes flickered This fish obviously came from the river outside, or it was originally a river on the surface, but it gradually entered the cave.That Manager Ding, I didn t bring anything with me.Qi Fei said cautiously.You re quite cautious.Manager Ding said with a smile in his eyes, It s okay.If that s the case, I ll inform the old man and let you give it to him in person, but don t lose your things during this period.I ll put my ugly words up front, if something happens to that thing, you can t bear the consequences.Qi Fei s heart thumped, I ll keep it safe.Well, do you know what it is Manager Ding asked arrive.I looked at it, but I don t recognize it.Qi Fei told the truth.Manager Ding chuckled It would be strange for you to know each other.That kind of writing has been lost for thousands of years, and there are only two or three people who can be recognized in the whole world Forget it, I won t say much, anyway, you must Keep it safe, and it will be handed over to the old man when the time comes, and your benefits will be indispensable.Mr.Gongsun, there is something I want to tell you After Qi Fei left the office, he didn t think about those things, and returned to the private room.Brother Fei, you ve been in the toilet for so long, the tea is completely cold.Bai Jin said to him.Qi Fei intentionally showed a helpless expression I don t know what s going on, maybe it s because I ate something bad and I have a little diarrhea.Oh, I ve been straightened up, edens herbals cbd gummies and my legs are weak.Bai Jin sneered in his heart, he knew that Qi Fei was I m pretending, but I still have to pretend to be extremely worried Why is this happening Do you want to go to the hospital No, no, I feel much better after the stretch.Brother Fei, you come here to watch the scene, just sit Do you want some smilz cbd gummies ceo asteroid gummies cbd tea Qi Fei raised his eyebrows Almost, why, you don t think so Bai Jin chuckled Okay, of course, I don t understand, so I have to ask Brother Fei more.Before Qi Fei said his intention to resign, he was very nervous, but since he said it, he relaxed a lot, and his eyes became extraordinarily calm.Brother Xuan, there s no reason.I just think I can t do those things and I m not suitable for taking on such a big responsibility, and I also want to change my job.Qi Fei said to Li Xuan.Li Xuan s complexion gradually became ugly, and a pimple was formed between his brows.I said Brother Fei, could it be that you were scared because you went to the Yunnan border with me before You think it s too risky to stay with me, and you might die, or you just think I m Li Xuan.You are a gangster, and your methods are not visible, you are a decent person, you can t get along with me, and you have been insulted by me, right You have a ghost in your mother s heart Li Xuan s words were extremely blunt, full of anger, this Heizi and Baijin were so frightened that they didn t dare to breathe out.Li Dafa squeezed With a smile It s okayit s okay.Li Xuan stared at Qi Fei and Li Dafa with a teasing smile on his face, and then fixed his gaze on Li Dafa Brother Fa, come and find me I must have something, tell me now.Chapter 169 Asking for advice Li Xuan asked Li Dafa to tell the matter directly, which surprised Qi Fei.However, Li Dafa hesitated.It was obvious that he was very wary of Qi Fei.He didn t want Qi Fei to hear what he wanted to tell Li Xuan.After thinking about it, he forced a smile Boss Li, I m actually fine.The thing is, I just passed by here I came to have a look.Li Xuan stared at Li Dafa with interest So that s the will a cbd gummy fail a drug test case, I thought you had something to do.Li Dafa laughed dryly again.In edens herbals cbd gummies fact, Qi Fei is not very interested in the affairs between Li Xuan and Li Dafa.Anyway, more things are worse than less things.Today is the night shift.I can t help it.Huh You want to work overtime Ye Xiaobei s eyes revealed a look of extreme disappointment.Qi Fei was in a complicated mood.He actually didn t want to deceive Xiao Bei like this, but he had no choice but to be cruel Yes, I have to work overtime.Ye Xiaobei bit his lip and said falteringly It s so big here.I m alonea bit scared.Qi Fei laughed It s okay, this residential area is very safe, there are security guards down there 24 hours a day, it s absolutely safe, you should close the door when the time comes, if there is someone If you need anything, call me anytime.Ye Xiaobei lowered her head slightly and said nothing.Qi Fei said in a low voice Girl, you are so old, are you still afraid of living alone Ye Xiaobei said embarrassedly ThenBrother Qi, you can go.It could be seen that she was very nervous.It s not the first time Qi Fei has been confessed by a girl.He was pursued several times when he was in college.At that time, he was able to deal with it cbd isolate gummies edens herbals cbd gummies very freely, and politely and gracefully declined the other party s kindness.But now Xiaobei is the one who confessed to edens herbals cbd gummies him, which seems to be very different.Ye Xiaobei is a very good girl, both in terms of character, appearance and body, how many girls can combine these advantages in one body So no matter how you cbd isolate gummies edens herbals cbd gummies look at it, she is a girl that people like, and she will definitely be a good girlfriend.If they are together in the future, she will also become a good wife.However, Qi Fei always only regards her as his little sister.Once upon a asteroid gummies cbd cbd gummies store near me time, Qi Fei also thought that sometimes there is still a difference between reality and ideals.Once he decides to face something that may happen calmly, his mentality will change accordingly.Qi Fei feels that it is useless for him to think wildly at the moment.He might as well do what he should do.Send the note to the police station and let all the policemen read it.If it is said that everyone who sees the note will die, there is no one who is so awesome and kills everyone in the police station, right Thinking edens herbals cbd gummies about it this way, it seemed that it would not be difficult to solve it.Qi Fei breathed out a hot breath and reached out to stop the taxi.Sitting in the car, Qi Fei began to think about things after returning to the company.He thought that he would be able to return to Cheng Siyu s side to work in a short time, and he could see his beloved Sunny and Rain every day.A strange sense of happiness began to flow into Qi Fei s heart.Qi Fei ate, and said vaguely Well happy very happy.Hee hee.You eat too, don t just look at me.Ye Xiaobei saw that Qi Fei was eating very Xiang, her eyes were full of happiness, she asked Qi Fei while eating Brother Qi, tell me do men like women who can go to the kitchen and go to the hall Well, at least I like this.Ye Xiaobei blushed slightly As long as you like it is enough.Hearing this, Qi Fei didn t reply, because his mood was a little complicated, and he was worried that continuing the chat would affect the Feeling Xiaobei s mood, he started to eat sullenly.Ye Xiaobei is a very smart girl, even if Qi Fei didn t speak, she could still guess what he was thinking, and inadvertently, the atmosphere became a little subtle.Qi Fei pondered for a while, then raised his head and said to Xiao Bei After breakfast, I ll take you out to play.This kind of win win situation is really well done Mr.Cheng, you are right.Activity plan Cheng Siyu said thoughtfully Your approach has also inspired me, and then I have to think about how to bring out the edens herbals cbd gummies advantages of our company as much as possible.It s easy to reach a win win cooperation with others Tan Jianren didn t know what to say at the moment, his eyes were full of shock, and he kept looking at Qi Fei repeatedly, if an old employee in the company wanted to Tan Jianren wouldn t be so surprised if all these plans came out.He simply couldn t understand how Qi Fei, a pureganics cbd gummies reviews young man with little seniority who came from a publishing station, suddenly became so powerful.He is a master of sales at all.At this time, Zhang Wei suddenly stretched out his hands to edens herbals cbd gummies hold Qi Fei s hand, and looked at Qi Fei seriously, and said to Qi Fei very sincerely I have to call you Brother Fei, I called you Qi Fei before.Qi Fei frowned slightly and sighed, stopped smoking, put it back in the box, and then returned to the company.Qi Fei entered the company building, walked upstairs, and saw Li Xuan went straight into Cheng Siyu s office, and Hu Zhiping, the cbd isolate gummies edens herbals cbd gummies general manager of the advertising company, just walked out of it.Hu Zhiping went downstairs and met Qi Fei face to face.Originally, Hu Zhiping s expression seemed a bit solemn, but when he saw Qi Fei appearing, he immediately became radiant Qi Fei, cbd isolate gummies edens herbals cbd gummies hahaha Qi Fei was taken aback, why did Mr.Hu laugh when he saw him Hu Zhiping held Qi Fei s hand tightly and said excitedly Brother Qi Fei, I just said that you are a talent I have never lost sight of you Just now I saw you at Mr.Cheng s side.The plan, I really read it carefully, the plan is well done tsk tsk tsk, it s so awesome I have to admire you, and I thought that what you want to do is only to discuss with me I didn t expect that event to have so much content, and it s so detailed, hahaha, talent Talent Hu Zhiping praised it from the bottom of his heart, but it still made Qi Fei a little embarrassed President Hu It s too much of an award, mainly because Mr.Yan Fengtao showed a half smile expression Cheng Siyu, you are really a heroine, where to order cbd gummies you are really You have guts For such a big matter in the company, you didn t even ask your superiors for instructions, and you did it yourself.You still don t care about the group Do you still have organizational discipline I handed over the plan to the Economic Management Office yesterday.Cheng Siyu said The action only started today.Yan Fengtao snorted coldly Just hand it in Has it arrived at my place Has it been approved by me In short, you acted without my approval and without my approval You just don t take me seriously as the group president Cheng Siyu s expression was slightly ugly In my eyes, I definitely didn t mean that, I also have a reason, I hope you can listen to my explanation Listen to your explanation Are you thinking about sophistry Don t make excuses for me, I won t listen to your way At this time, Zhang Li took the plan document He came out and put it in front of Yan Fengtao Mr.He still thought that he could make a splash in front of the chairman, but who knew that the chairman paid attention to Qi Fei and went away.Yan Fengtao rolled his eyes, pondered for a while and suddenly said The director of the Economic Management Office is still on sick leave.Zhang Li is really hard working as the deputy director.It is not easy for one person to be responsible for everything.Yan Fengtao suddenly appeared The purpose of saying such a sentence is to give Zhang Li a personal favor, and at the same time, it is also to show Zhang Li that Zhang Li understands that he still takes good care of her.Sure enough, Zhang Li got excited immediately, she stood up and said gratefully Thank you, Mr.Yan, for your compliment.In cbd gummies for depression fact, edens herbals cbd gummies it s all my duty.I don t think what I ve done is good enough.Really Do you think it makes sense Then you Qi Fei shook his head But I have already made I have made a decision and it will not change, so no matter how reasonable what you say, I will not take it seriously.Zhang Li didn t know what to say anymore, she rolled her eyes at Qi Fei and twisted her waist Quickly walked into the door.Qi Fei shook his head, turned and walked in another direction.It s not even one o clock in the afternoon, and Qi Fei s time for work in the afternoon is half past two, so he doesn t have to rush back to the office.Generally, when he is not busy with work, he will take advantage of the time before work after lunch.Time to go for a walk outside to relax and unwind.It s just that Qi Fei didn t know that before he could leave, Ye Xiaobei came to his company to look for him.But Ning Bin didn t say anything to Qi Fei.The hot pot restaurant was still full of people, and Qi Fei was busy all the time.The two strange customers did not go far after leaving the hot pot restaurant, but walked into an alley next verma farms cbd gummies edens herbals cbd gummies to it.The two were about the same size and taller.Since they were wearing black trench coats and there were no street lights in the place where they were, they were almost completely hidden in the darkness.That s right, that kid is our target.One of the guys with a high pitched voice said.The other person s voice was slightly hoarse Well, it can be seen that he is a Lianjiazi, let s be careful.The guy with a high pitched voice snorted coldly So what about Lianjiazi Could it be that neither of us can deal with him Our employer specifically stated that before us, he hired another killer, but in the end that killer died in the hands of this kid.I told you to wash the dishes.Ning Bin said again.Qi Fei came back to his senses, turned around and walked HCMUSSH edens herbals cbd gummies into the kitchen with extremely complicated emotions.By the way, wipe the range hood, it s dirty.Ning Bin added.Qi Fei went to the kitchen and looked at the range hood, and immediately understood that there was a window in that place, which usually looks inconspicuous, but if it is broken, it can barely get out.It turned out that Ning Bin wanted Qi Fei to escape from there Qi Fei hurriedly turned around and wanted to help Ning Bin.He vaguely felt that Ning Bin seemed to be ready to fight this time, but then he remembered that last time Xiong Jun left a mobile phone number for himself before he left.It should come in handy this time.So Qi Fei stayed in the kitchen, and immediately contacted the director of the police station.What did you say I said you have a catastrophe, do you believe it or not Qi Fei had a smile on his face.Qi Fei s abnormal performance made director Hu a little bit suspicious, but soon he didn t take it seriously.He felt that this kid was just scaring himself.After all, he was also a director, and this was in his own territory.A hell of a catastrophe Director Hu doesn t want to talk to Qi Fei, HCMUSSH edens herbals cbd gummies anyway, in his opinion, this guy s use is only to threaten the owner of the hotpot restaurant.However, Qi Fei s words still made Director Hu feel a little awkward.After thinking about it, he decided to take the two of them back to the police station now, and then slowly clean up.Director Hu couldn t imagine that it was how do they make cbd gummies this person who he didn t take seriously, and then he would let him bid farewell to his position forever, and he wished he had never been here before.Qi Fei is still a little worried about infection, but Ning Bin said that he has taken out bullets like this countless times.As long as the tools are sterilized beforehand, the problem is not big, and it will be fine to take some antibiotics later.It also took some time to sew up the wound.Qi Fei used only sewing needles and ordinary cotton threads, all of which were sterilized of course.This is not like sewing fabrics.The fabrics are sewn with cloth, but the people with flesh and blood are tied.Fortunately, the area of the wound was relatively small, and there was no need to sew too many stitches.Even so, after the work, Qi Fei felt exhausted.In comparison, Ning Bin s expression is much calmer than Qi Fei s except for his lips being a little pale.Brother Qi Fei, you have a lot of guts.If it s an ordinary person, I wouldn t dare to ask him to clean up my wound.Yi Lan said with a smile When you went to smoke, what I thought was that maybe the specific content of the office director s work is different from what I did before, but there are many basic qualities that must be possessed., I just wanted to use the working attitude of being a publishing station master to become the office director.There must be nothing wrong with this.right Sister Lan, you were at the publishing station before, and all the employees in the station liked you.This shows that at least your own quality is very good, and you are very good at coordinating the work and relationship between your employees.I believe that when the time comes Sister Lan will definitely become an excellent office director Yi Lan smiled until her eyes became crescent moons.She put the notebook and pen into her bag, and then stared into Qi Fei s eyes for a long time.He said that he hoped that Yi Lan would give him a chance to listen to him.During this period, Yi Lan also learned what happened to Li Dafa later.Li Dafa did not say that he was beaten into a disability by Qin Wu because he was a spy for Li Xuan.He just said that he suffered retribution and became permanently disabled today.Now Li Dafa is already a useless person.Due to the heavy blow to the head, although the injury has healed, this has caused his thinking ability to drop a lot, and he can t hit the energy for a long time when doing things, and he is easy to feel tired.This makes mental work impossible for him.Coupled with his physical disability, even if he was a manual laborer, it would be delusional.Li Dafa ended up like this.Although Yi Lan hated him for abandoning her before, she still sympathized with him after seeing him.Cheng Siyu, Yi Lan and the female staff left the office, and Qi Fei wondered if the chairman would come to see him Own After all, many employees saw cbd isolate gummies edens herbals cbd gummies me coming to the company today, if someone said it in front of the chairman Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan trotted all the way, the chairman smiled kindly when he saw Cheng Siyu, Siyu, the company is busy, so you don t have to come edens herbals cbd gummies viralix cbd gummies out.Cheng Siyu shook his head, Chairman, I don t know what you are doing this time Come on, do you have something important to explain Yan Fengtao was a little displeased when he saw that the chairman had such a good attitude towards Cheng Siyu, she was a girl who was not as good as Zhang Qi, how could she get the attention of the chairman He also knew what to say and what not to say.He smiled at Cheng Siyu and said, Chairman, Mr.I ll tell you the truth who we re going to meet later.She s a member of the Yamaguchi gumi.People from the Yamaguchi gumi have business dealings with Myanmar.Business relationship, killed one of that person s younger brothers, and that person used my subordinates to blackmail me.Xiao Wu s eyes showed a strong murderous look.He didn t want to get involved in these fights between big guys and big guys, but he owed Xiao Wu a favor at the beginning, This time, I will repay the favor I owe you.After speaking, Qi Fei walked towards edens herbals cbd gummies viralix cbd gummies the tent, and Xiao Wu Wu looked at Qi Fei s back, and an imperceptible smile flashed in his eyes.Qi Fei didn t tell Tong Shisha what he and Xiao Wu were going to do, and asked Xiao Wu s people to send Tong Shiyan and Xiao Tie out of the woods safely.Xiao Wu nodded, and soon two mercenaries came out, He intends to escort Xiaotie and Hitomi Shisha back.What, besides, our family owes you enough.Auntie, I don t like to hear you say that, what do you mean your family owes me I am very happy to see my uncle in good health.Yi Lan s father liked to hear Qi Fei s words, so he took a stool from the side and asked Qi Fei to sit down and chat.Yi Lan s parents asked Qi Fei about his business trip, Qi Fei told them that the company arranged for him to go, and when he came back, the company had something to do, so he didn t come to visit them, but Qi Fei didn t tell them about his injury.Qi Fei, when did you come back Why didn t you tell me Wu Wei came to check up Yi Lan s father in the ward, and gave Qi Fei a big hug when he saw Qi Fei.Brother Wu, I just came back not long ago.The injury on Qi Fei s back was not healed yet, and cbd only gummies for sleep he was afraid that if Wu Wei exerted too much force, the wound would burst open and bleed.Your Excellency A warrior stood up and frowned at the middle aged man in front of him.You don t deserve to know who I am.The middle aged man waved his hand and walked straight to Xiao Wu.It was only at this time that edens herbals cbd gummies Qi Fei saw clearly what kind of person the third brother Xiao Wu was talking about was a man in his forties in a grade, with a handsome and mature face, and a wise man in his eyes.Third brother, you re here.Xiao Wu excitedly pulled third brother s arm.The third brother shifted his eyes from Xiao Wu, looked at Qi Fei and the female ninja standing beside Xiao Wu, and finally his eyes stayed on Qi Fei.Third brother, this is my buddy, the best and the strongest buddy, he is the one who came with me today, his name is Qi Fei.Xiao Wu introduced Qi Fei to the third brother with some pride.After speaking, Gongsun Hai stood up and walked towards the first floor.Qi Fei sat on the sofa thinking about what Gongsun Hai said, he couldn t understand why Gongsun Hai said these words to him, and Xiao Li had already followed Gongsun Hai down to the first floor.Qi Fei stood up and said to Jiazi who was sitting edens herbals cbd gummies beside him, Jiazi, let s go down and have a look.Gongsunhai s villa is very big, with a lawn, beside the lawn are pavilions, rockeries and fish ponds.After coming down from upstairs, Gongsun Hai walked to the fish pond and was feeding the fish there.Qi Fei didn t speak, just like Xiao Li, he stood by the fish pond and watched Gongsun Hai feed the fish.Mr.Gongsun, I will visit you next time.Qi Fei s phone rang, it was Cheng Siyu calling, Qi Fei frowned and did not answer.Gongsun Hai nodded, Qi Fei waved to Xiao Li, and left with Jiazi.Let s celebrate, cheers.After beating up several Russians, led by Hitomi Shisha, they came to epilepsy and cbd gummies a restaurant, sat in a private room and celebrated with wine glasses.I can t tell, our sister Tong is as edens herbals cbd gummies fierce as Zhao Yun.After Xiao Wu came out of the villa, he kept chanting such a sentence, which made Tong Shuiyan feel annoyed.It was the first time Zhao Yun saw Hitomi Shisha make a move.He used to think that Hitomi Shisha was a lady, but today he found out that this lady has a violent side, and she is also a master of black belt in Taekwondo.After drinking a glass of wine, Xiao Wu looked at Tong Shiyan and said, Don t worry, I will definitely find out about your fianc , and then we will beat him up again to make him regret his marriage.While drinking on the chair, Qi Fei brought some food for him, It s okay, we ll go to Tong s house tomorrow, if you can t get your grandfather to withdraw the marriage, then follow the method Xiao Wu said.Cui Yangze shook his head, If we follow the normal procedure, the probability of us getting the bid is very small, but if we go through the back door, there is absolutely no problem.I don t mind having a praying mantis catching cicadas and an oriole behind.After thinking for a while, Cui Yangze asked Qi Fei Do you need to tell Brother Li about this bidding With Gongsun Hai s status and identity in Bingang, it was just a sentence, and the bid for the square would be theirs.up.Qi Fei shook his head, Brother Li is busy enough on weekdays, let s not make trouble for him, call Xiao Wu later and ask him to come over to the hotpot restaurant for a gathering.Cui Yangze naturally understood Qi Fei s shout What is the purpose of Xiao Wu s coming here If there is a company that does not follow the normal procedures, this mercenary king is a good killer.With our current power, trying to deal with Xu Kaixuan is obviously a hit kenai farms cbd gummies website with a stone.Qi Fei will After analyzing the current form, the most important thing is that his current power is still too weak.Xiao Wu said nonchalantly What s so cool about the Yamaguchi group I think we two brothers had a fight at the beginning, and we were able to get away with it.Qi Fei shook his head.He still has the help of the third brother to retreat, if the third brother does not come, he and Xiao Wu will hang in Japan that HCMUSSH edens herbals cbd gummies day.Cui Yangze frowned, and said to Qi Fei Although Xu Kaixuan s power is great, he may not be the biggest in Bingang.Qi Fei understood what Cui Yangze wanted to say, and Gongsun Hai gave him a lot of help.Too much reliance on Gongsun Hai, some things can be solved by yourself, Mr.Gongsun also has a lot of things, let s not make trouble for him.There have been policemen who have come to search before, which policemen he can bribe, and the search is just a formality, but this time it is different, the policeman who leads the team does not accept bribes, although he sent someone in to inform the people who are doing the transaction to hurry up.Put it away, but the time is very short, what he is worried about is that those people haven t had time to hide the drugs yet.Report to the captain, no suspicious items were found asteroid gummies cbd cbd gummies store near me in room 1.Report to the captain, no suspicious items were found in room 2.Report to the captain, no suspicious items were found in room 30.Thirty policemen came from One after another in the trading market, they ran out to report to the leading policeman.After hearing this, the person in charge of the trading market lost his mind.Jiang Fan and several old fried dough sticks were sitting at the door smilz cbd gummies ceo asteroid gummies cbd of the hot pot restaurant washing the vegetables.When they saw Qi Fei coming, they put down the dishes in their hands and ran up.What kind of wind is it today that brought Brother Fei here.Qi Fei was a little helpless, he just didn t come to the hotpot restaurant for a few days, so why are Jiang Fan and the old fried dough sticks like this Okay, what should you do, don t surround me.After dismissing Jiang Fan and the old fried dough sticks, Qi Fei walked to the back kitchen of the hot pot restaurant.With heat and aroma.Qi Fei checked the food, and after confirming that it was all fresh, he left the back kitchen.Chapter 359 Milan s new product Boss, the ingredients are all freshly purchased.Jiang Fan and the old fritters saw Qi Fei come out of the kitchen.Is there any news about Qi Fei Gongsun Hai put the bait on stimulirx cbd gummies the hook and threw the hook out.Qi Fei and Li Xuan teamed up to take Qin Wu s two drug trading markets in Yunnan.After Qin Wu learned about it, he asked Bai Jin to clean up Li Xuan s property in Bingang, and Bai cbd isolate gummies edens herbals cbd gummies Jin cleaned up Li Xuan s cbd gummies around me Hei Zi.After asteroid gummies cbd cbd gummies store near me a short pause, Qin Wu do cbd gummies show up in your system stopped, not devouring Li Xuan s remaining property in Bingang.Li Xuan told about Qi edens herbals cbd gummies Fei.Gongsun Hai smiled and looked at the calm water, Do you think there will be a fight between Qin Wu and Li Xuan Xiao Li shook his head and nodded, When Li Xuan was still in Bingang There was a feud with Qin Wu, and when Li Xuan transferred the industry here to Langzhou, Qin Wu also got involved in Langzhou, and the struggle between the two of them was inevitable.Gongsun Haiqing Gently moved the fishing rod a little distance, and continued to ask Xiao Li Ali, are you talking about whether Qi Fei will help Li Xuan deal with Qin Wu this time.The employees of Milan were a little stunned, Is this still our president The female side of Hitomi HCMUSSH edens herbals cbd gummies Shisha completely shocked the employees of Milan.They always thought that Hitomi Shisha was a edens herbals cbd gummies viralix cbd gummies frail woman, so they never thought of her skills It s so good.When Ye Xiaobei, Jiazi, Ji Ruxue, and Meng Tingting came to the hospitality office, Tong Shisha and Jialin had already fought for more than twenty moves, and still there was no winner.The four girls squeezed into the office from the crowd and came to Qi Fei s side.Meng Tingting frowned and asked Jiazi, Can you tell who is stronger Meng Tingting shook her head, Sister Tong is about the same skill as that female assistant, and they won t be able to tell the difference for a while.Tong Shuiyan is in Taekwondo, and Jialin is in Judo.Hitomi Shisha became more and more excited as she fought more and more.A younger brother stood behind him, waiting for Qin Wu s order.What s happening with Li Xuan He couldn t believe that Li Xuan didn t know about the fact that he went to the police station to buy the share transfer agreement.The chief of the police station told cbd golf gummies Li Xuan about your visit to the police station, Boss, but Li Xuan didn t do anything, and stayed in Tingyinxuan every day.They have been monitoring Li Xuan outside, if Li Xuan When Xuan left Tingyinxuan, they would naturally report to Qin Wu immediately.Li Xuan s abnormal reaction was beyond Qin Wu s expectation.He originally thought that when Li Xuan learned that he was going to buy shares in Tingyinxuan, he would try his best to stop him.However, Li Xuan was so calm, it seemed that Qin Wu bought the shares Nothing to do with him.Continue to monitor, and report immediately if there is any trouble.Gongsunhai Villa.Gongsun Hai was sitting on the sofa watching TV, which showed the latest international news, and Xiao Li was standing beside him.After Gongsun Hai finished reading the news, he asked Xiao Li Is there any news from Qi Fei Gongsun Hai.Xu Kaixuan can t help it.Gongsun Hai s eyes flickered, I haven t entertained for a long time, I hope Xu Kaixuan, a little fish, won t let me down.Gongsun Hai was a little depressed.The eldest brother s seat was given to Qi Fei, but Qi Fei didn t accept it, but he was not in a hurry, he believed that one cbd smiley gummies day Qi Fei would accept it, but before that, he still had to sharpen Qi Fei.Tell Cui Yangze that Tianlong is going to attack him, and let him prepare in advance.This little guy should be sharpened.Cui Yangze was sent by him to help Qi Fei at the beginning.Qi Fei will encounter many obstacles in the future.Cui Yangze If you want to continue helping Qi Fei, you have to continue to sharpen.Inside an entertainment venue in Langzhou.The employees of Milan were celebrating inside.Qi Fei and the others went around the private rooms where the employees were, and went back to the private rooms they only remembered.That night, Hitomi Shisha and Ruoyun didn t talk about cooperation, they played to their heart s content and let themselves relax.After coming out of the entertainment place, he said goodbye pur balance cbd gummies to Milan s staff and returned to the edens herbals cbd gummies small villa.Ye Xiaobei, Jiazi and Ji Ruxue went to clean up two empty rooms for Ruoyun and Wumo.Hitomi Shisha was sitting in the living room chatting with edens herbals cbd gummies Ruoyun and Wu Mo about homework, as for Qi Fei, it was a great honor to be left alone again.Ahem cbd isolate gummies edens herbals cbd gummies Long Ao stretched out his hand and took out a tissue to cover his mouth and coughed a few times.When he finished coughing, he opened the tissue, and there was a dazzling bright red on it.Long Ao put the tissue in his hand into his pocket, but this tissue could not be seen by Long Xiaotian.Outside the asteroid gummies cbd cbd gummies store near me living room, Uncle Fu frowned when he heard Long Ao s cough.He knew Long Ao s situation better than anyone else.For the first time, I couldn t help but want to tell Long Xiaotian, but I didn t say anything.That night, Long Ao said a lot to Long Xiaotian, which made Long Xiaotian have a new understanding and understanding of his father.It seemed that his indifference and coldness towards him before were all deliberate.Long Ao asked Long Xiaotian, if he became the patriarch, how would he manage and plan the family in the future, Long Xiaotian curled his lips, and told Long Ao that he was not interested in the position of patriarch.I sent one to Qi Fei, ordered one myself, and asked, What are you going to do with Mr.Cheng s matter Qi Fei smiled wryly.Li Xuan thought that Qin Wu would lose in the battle.In order not to affect Cheng Siyu s future life, he had edens herbals cbd gummies already entrusted Cheng Siyu to take care of him, and the two of them have now broken off their engagement.Seeing that Qi Fei didn t speak, Wu Wei thought that he I feel embarrassed about this matter.After thinking about it, if I were replaced by myself, it must be even more embarrassing than Qi Fei at the moment.A fianc e created at home made him unbearable.Qi Fei s shoulder, sighed and said Those girls are good girls, thanks to them all calling me Brother , I don t want you to hurt any of them.Aside from a wry smile, Qi Fei really didn t know what expression he should show.Your change is really big enough.Cui Yangze recalled that in the past, Jiang Fan s old fritters went to save the girl who had lost their footing, and Qi Fei went to help when they were picked up.Looking at the few old fritters today, they became Already able to clean up others.It was rare for Jiang Fan to blush, and he patted Cui Yangze s ass and said, The changes of our brothers are not under the leadership of you, Brother Ze Cui Yangze stopped Jiang Fan s words, and waved his hand, Come on, don t put a high hat on me.I know how much I weigh better than anyone else.If you guys really want to thank, go thank Brother Fei.Talking about Qi Fei, Cui Yangze s thoughts are very complicated.When he first met Qi Fei, this commercial street was facing the fate of being developed by others.It became Qi Fei.Haha Several old fried dough sticks smiled wretchedly, and followed Lu Yang , Climb up the stairs.There are elevators in other communities, but there are no elevators in the grandeur.The reason why they don t have elevators is purely for the consideration of those mistresses who are adopted.Nowadays, women complain of being tired after walking a short distance, and they all talk about losing weight and so on., There are not many who can successfully lose weight.Naturally, these mistresses don t want to be abandoned by their bosses one day.In order to maintain their figure, they are happy to walk from upstairs to downstairs, and from verma farms cbd gummies edens herbals cbd gummies downstairs to upstairs.Dong dong dong Yang Zhe lived on the sixth floor.Several veterans climbed up to the sixth floor, rested for a while, and knocked on Yang Zhe s door.Okay, even you little girl Learn to bully me with them.Meng Tingting stretched out her hand on Ye Xiaobei s body and laughed softly.There were bursts of laughter like silver bells in the car.After playing around for a while, Ye Xiaobei pouted a little dissatisfied, Brother Qi and the others have been out for a while, why didn t they even call back.Chapter 428 The situation is chaotic The mountain is high and the emperor is far away.Maybe Qi Fei is still happy in that gentle town at the moment.Meng Tingting didn t know how Qi Fei s relationship with Meng Tingting was before, but now she knows.Qi Fei s talent is well known to everyone, and a confidante must be indispensable to a person like him.His best friend Tong Shisha is an example, and Ye Xiaobei and Jiazi are also trapped in it.Qi Fei, Qi Fei, the hearts of Tong Shisha, Ye Xiaobei and Jiazi are all tied to your body.When he finished speaking, he didn t know why he said so much to the woman whom he cbd isolate gummies edens herbals cbd gummies met for the first time, the Bloody Queen.Which one named Yang Xueyu is beautiful, or me.The Bloody Queen said to Qi Fei coquettishly.If people heard the voice of the Bloody Queen at this moment, their jaws would drop in shock.Is this still the world s number one killer who kills so much No matter how you look at it, she looks like a jealous little girl.Looking at the Bloody Queen, Qi Fei really didn t know how to answer.She is different from Yang Xueyu, each of them has their own temperament.There is no way to compare.Pfft Seeing Qi Fei s embarrassment, the Bloody Queen laughed, tapped Qi Fei s forehead lightly, and asked with concern Does the wound on your head still hurt Qi Fei nodded He nodded and shook his head again, he wouldn t feel pain if he didn t think deeply about things.Everyone also knew that it was important to find Yang Zhe, so they didn t want to get entangled right now, so they split up.Soon Jiang Fan found Yang Zhe who was exercising on his mistress on the second floor of the villa.Jiang Fan originally wanted to get something out of his mouth, but this guy not only didn t cooperate, he even put on a show with him, acting like a big boss.Now Jiang Fan was angry, and pretended to be arrogant to him.I have seen a lot of people with arrogant faces, but I have never seen anyone who can pretend.So the angry Jiang Fan directly tied him up without notifying the old fritters who came with him, and took him to a secret and deserted old house, tortured him for a while, and beat him to death first to relieve his anger.Smelly shameless, pretend to be the boss with me, are you okay I really don t want to brag about you.I don t know, because I was having breakfast at that time, but she can answer this question for you.Qi Fei pointed to Li Wan and said.Beautiful lady, thank you for giving the most truthful answer.Brooke set his eyes on Li Wan.At the same time, Brooke was very upset.This guy is smilz cbd gummies ceo asteroid gummies cbd 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kind look, some people will be ecstatic.But instead of Qi Fei, this guy not only refused outright, but gave Wang Poluo a handsome back view, and even pulled out a sentence saying that he was anxious to go home and sleep.Why didn t you fall asleep.This pissed off Wang Poluo.It was the first time he had been slapped so loudly in the face after living for decades, so the murderous intent in his eyes was undisguised.Totally desperate play.Seeing Yan Ze s fighting methods, Qi Fei was stunned, and then gave Yan Ze a thumbs up.The buddy is too awesome, anyway, Qi Fei thinks he can t do it.However, seeing Yan Ze so desperately, Old Ghost Yan and the remaining two Shuras didn t show any signs of nervousness.Instead, they turned their attention to Qi Fei who was standing aside with his hands behind his back.Because they all saw Qi Fei s trick just now, if Yan Ze didn t have some skills, he would have been killed by Qi Fei.After this battle is over, the Yan family must get closer to Qi Fei.What a sad thing.Seeing Yan Ze in front of him such a brainless life changing behavior, Dongyang Ninja showed a cruel smile on his face.It is said that the three Shuras of the Yan family are all powerful, but the behavior of the guy in front of him is completely inconsistent with the rumors.Ever since Da Kunzi was cleaned up by Qi Fei, this guy has confirmed his goal in life, which is to retrace the Long March that Qi Fei walked.He believes that success can be replicated.What a lovely person.You seem to be right, but if they kill you now, I should have nothing to do with it.Hu Mingyue pointed cbd isolate gummies edens herbals cbd gummies to the gathered bodyguards and said.Crack Lei Dao drove the BMW to a steady stop at the door of the clubhouse, Qi Fei and Meng Tingting whispered twice, pushed the door to get off, and walked towards the gate.Sir, please show your membership card.The security guard at the door stopped Qi Fei and edens herbals cbd gummies said.Suddenly, Qi Fei wanted to hit someone again.I was stopped the first time I came here, and Wu Lun took the opportunity to humiliate me.If you come again today, you still stop me.I know your boss very well, okay However, being angry, Qi Fei honestly took out his membership card and handed it to the security guard.At the same time, we It was not obtained that he had the experience of enlisting in the army, and the reason may be that the army has not asteroid gummies cbd cbd gummies store near me declassified his file.Xiao Liuhui reported.Hearing Xiao Liu s report, edens herbals cbd gummies Qi Fei nodded and did not speak.Jiang Qin and Xiao Liu whispered twice and asked her to leave first.President Qi, is there something wrong with this person Jiang Qin asked.As the human resources director, Jiang Qin is still somewhat sensitive to the judgment of employee information.It s not clear yet, please pay more attention.Qi Fei said.Okay.Jiang Qin replied.Has there been any results in the recruitment of personnel at the factory recently Qi Fei asked.According to Dr.Ma s request, 80 of the recruitment results have been achieved, and all the core positions have been filled.The rest of the staff gaps are the most grass roots executives, and they will all arrive within a week at the latest.Anyway, Meng Tingting is very clear, this guy has been sitting here for two hours, the newspaper in his hand has not turned the page at all, every time Meng Tingting looks up at him, he will pretend to be reading.What a lovely man.Did you see anything Meng Tingting said after finishing the work at hand, she took a glass of water and sat next to Qi Fei.I think my life is really great.As a man, to have a beautiful wife like you, endless money, and a high social status is such a great feeling.I am a winner in life.Qi Fei said, grabbing Meng Tingting s shoulder.Feeling the strength of the man s arm and the heavy breathing, Meng Tingting suddenly felt hot and shy.This man is too much, he s going to die so directly in broad daylight.Smelly poor, who is your wife, I haven t agreed yet.Meng Tingting patted Qi Fei s chest and said.I took a shower, washed my hair by the way, and changed HCMUSSH edens herbals cbd gummies into a very high end suit.The suit is neat and the shoes are shiny.In addition, this guy has shawl and long hair, a very character beard, and a mighty and domineering walking posture, which attracts the attention of all the little girls who come and go.This made Lei Dao very unaccustomed to it.He felt that it was very awkward, especially when he shook his hair, there would no longer be that dreamy snowflake falling.This is not his style.Walking to the conference site, the staff of Qifei Environmental Protection had already made all the preparations, waiting for the reporters and relevant leaders to enter edens herbals cbd gummies the venue at 9 30.However, next to their venue, there was another venue with a higher specification that was doing the same thing.At the same time, there were two people Qi Fei was familiar with standing in front of the venue.The Zhao family has such a good cbd isolate gummies edens herbals cbd gummies resource but doesn t know how to use it, so I m not polite.Hu Mingyue said, and then she stood beside Wang Wutian, Pulling up one of Wang Wutian s arms, he said, Look, young master.Standing here, you can have a panoramic view of the entire industrial park.This is a sign that Wei Qiao Technology will become better with the support of the Wang family and young master.Good.Hu Mingyue may also know that Wang Wutian has a lot of dissatisfaction with her, when she raised Wang Wutian s arm, she rubbed against Wang Wutian s arm with her plump and strong chest.This move is simply too easy to use.With this move, Hu Mingyue has dealt with countless people before and after.It has become her most powerful weapon.However, Wang Wutian seemed to be bored with her way of doing things, and he didn t seem to respond much at first contact, but later Hu Mingyue wished 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time and place, Qi Fei said.No need to decide, you can stay anywhere, and I ll be there later.After speaking, the phone was cut off.Qi Fei was a little silly.I am here to track other people, who knows that he has been tracked by more powerful people long ago, listen to what they say, find a place at will, doesn t that mean telling Qi Fei, as long as you dare to go out, we can find you in minutes you.No wonder I don t feel very safe living in this world.Going to the toilet by yourself every day is under the surveillance of others.Think about it, do you think you can still pee smoothly I didn t find any trace of you being tracked.Maybe someone else s technical means are too high, but there is no reason for that.On this planet, there are no more than five people who can surpass me in technical means.Boss Xiaohua sighed softly, with a strange expression on his face.He used to have a strong background, he used to have lofty sentiments, and he used to bear hatred, but now he has changed, becoming a master who will fight people to death for a broken bench.This change was scary, but he enjoyed it very much before.But now, he sees what he lost from Qi Fei, and he feels fear.He is afraid that he will become a person who does nothing but eats and waits to die.He wants to follow Qi Fei to regain his bloodiness and find the lost A long fight.Heavenly King, with this kneeling, those warriors who sacrificed their lives for the country for various reasons can also smile at Jiuquan.Cheng Susheng said.Although these years, Cheng Susheng always pretended to be crazy or foolish for some reason, or looked like he was doing nothing, but no one knew that these were all illusions.And the south dragon and the north tiger are one body, this is their destiny, no matter how far the distance is, no matter how big the gap is, the two will come together one day, there will be no ambiguity, only the trust that completely entrusts their backs to each other.You re still too anxious, but that s right.If you were as brainless as Beihu, Qifei Environmental Protection would not be able to do so well.I do need your help with something.Tianwang said.Hearing the words of the Heavenly King, Qi Fei cheered up, for fear of missing every word that followed.It must not be that simple for the first person in the Chinese military to HCMUSSH edens herbals cbd gummies ask for help in such a covert manner and with a pleading tone.However, fortunately, Qi Fei had already experienced all the dangerous things when he was in the special forces, so how difficult could it be Hunt foxes in extremely cold places, capture dragons in endless abysses, fly in storms, and keep ice in flames.Oh, ha ha The flesh on Guo Yunzong s face was twitching, and he could only let out such a edens herbals cbd gummies dry laugh.It is said that Qi Fei is very shameless, and now Guo Yunzong has seen it.Bang bang bang Just as the few people were chatting happily, there was an untimely knock on the door.Several people looked at each other, and they all found doubts in each other s eyes.Everyone didn t invite other people, and now there are guests visiting, it s an enemy, not a friend.Crack The box door was pushed open from the outside, and a dirty old Taoist walked in.All benefactors, let s go to Daoist Crazy.I smelled a strong tea fragrance from outside, so I came here uninvited and wanted to ask for a cup of tea.Taoist Crazy said.Come uninvited, enter uninvited, the Taoist priest is really rude.Guo Yunzong frowned and said.Qi Fei, you dare to come here.Do you know where this place is You smilz cbd gummies ceo asteroid gummies cbd will die here.See, as long as I press this button, everyone will die together.The woman took off her bracelet and showed it to Qi Fei.Click a white button on the bracelet.Oh, I m so scared.Qi Fei patted his chest and just cbd gummy party pack said.Then why don t you get out the woman shouted loudly.At this time, she edens herbals cbd gummies could hardly withstand the erosion of the smelly pill, and her head was about to lose the ability to think.You re stupid, don t you see that I m not afraid at all, scare me with a broken bracelet, please come back with some smarter props in the future, it s really unprofessional.Qi Fei mocked.You don t believe me The woman was going crazy.There s a lot of nonsense, hurry up and press the button, the ink is a piece of shit.Qi Fei said impatiently.The judge had seen Qi Fei s photo, and since Qi Fei and Li Er appeared just now, he was sure that this handsome but very annoying guy was the target of his trip to China.He could fully see Qi Fei s strength, so he couldn t understand why the masters sent to Huaxia missed one after another and were killed one after another.Logically speaking, Qi Fei would not be someone like No.3 in a head to head confrontation opponent.Yes.Huaxia people have always been cunning, and they must have killed people.Thinking of this, his fear of Li Er became less serious.Ya is a cripple, and the aisle still needs to be pushed by others.The fierce aura before must have been pretended to scare people, coupled with that kind of verbal stimulation, it is completely unbelievable.If this is the case, he is still afraid what.Now you look down on me with the eyes of a winner, doesn t it feel good Hu Mingyue said.She can hook up with the judge, she can hook up with Li Er, but she will never be able to hook up with Qi Fei, because Qi Fei is her enemy, and she wants to kill Qi Fei in her dreams.It feels good.I ve been looking for you for a long time.I didn t expect to meet you in this way today.You are so enthusiastic.Qi Fei laughed.Then he stopped talking to Hu Mingyue, because there was no need to communicate with her anymore.If someone is caught, there will be more opportunities for interrogation in the future.Uncle Li, let s get out.Qi Fei went over to push the wheelchair, but Li Er waved him away.I can go back by myself.These people are good men from Huaxia.You have to take care of them properly.Li Er ordered.If his eyes could see through Cuiying s coarse clothes, he must have seen all of Cuiying long ago.But even if he couldn t see the inside of the clothes, Cuiying s strong femininity and temperament that he couldn t resist had already made him go crazy.No, I really can t take it anymore, he s smilz cbd gummies ceo asteroid gummies cbd about to go, who cares about Mr.Lobster and Mr.Shrimp, he s nothing more than a pretender, with the leader around, can t he be covered The needs in the crotch had already controlled his brain.Finally, he lifted his feet and took the most important step in his life.Because of this step, his life came to an end.Pa ta Before the foot fell to the ground, the man felt his calf was verma farms cbd gummies edens herbals cbd gummies a little cold, and then he saw the foot that was still good before fell to the ground, and the blood shot out.You d better not fall down, any part of you will be cut off if it enters the gazebo, Mr.As for Hua Zhihu, the only shrapnel was blocked by Qi Fei, and cbd gummies last this guy only lost a few hairs.As long as there is nothing to do, clean up and move immediately.In this bad weather, I don t want to be buried alive again.Qi Fei finished bandaging the wound on his leg, stood up and glanced at the storm vortex in the distance, and said with a frown.It takes at least 20 minutes to walk to the nearest place to hide.Looking at the current situation, it seems that I can t walk.Just when Qi Fei was having a headache, the armored vehicle next to him was suddenly started, making a deafening roar.Now we don t have to avoid the wind and sand, we just take advantage of the storm and go to the Scarlet Land to sweep it.Xia Zhilong shouted to Qi Fei with his head exposed from inside the car.This guy is a violent person, and he can play with a gun in his hand.At that time, if they have no intention of mental calculation, we will die miserably.Shen Cang said.What do you think should be done Qi Fei asked for Shen Cang s opinion.If it s fast enough, before the storm dissipates, we can rush directly to the target s location and bomb it.This can be regarded as the completion of the mission.If time does not allow, all we can do is walk forward at night.Shen Cang said.Qi Fei nodded, but did not speak.Shen Cang used to be the best star in China s military circle, not only because of his super strength, but more importantly because he can always show his supreme war wisdom and sensitive sense of smell at critical moments.Hearing Shen Cang s words, Qi Fei was a little unhappy.You said that you are also a person with a head and a face, but in the end there is a sudden reversal of the script, massacre of comrades in arms, surrender to the enemy, etc.You can take it.Old man Dong Cheng was completely scared.Old man Dong Cheng was really cooperative, probably because he felt that it was hard to say anything when he met someone like Qi Fei, anyway, he couldn t suffer anyway.What people think in their hearts is that Qi Fei is not a good person no matter how he looks at it.He just sneaked in for nothing to explore the way and then put water to drown everyone in it.What a cruel thing.Fortunately, the old man didn t speak out what was in his heart, otherwise, Qi Fei would probably spit blood all over the sky.My buddy is indeed here to take care of your lair, but you were arrested by a group of shameless orientals before you started.If you weren t smart, you would have been eaten by you long ago.Brother is the victim, okay Now that the old man Dongcheng has said all the things he thinks are valuable, there is no need for Qi Fei to talk edens herbals cbd gummies viralix cbd gummies nonsense with him anymore.Because his head has been held up with a gun.Want to be a hero said the man with a face full of hooliganism.You re not worthy.If it s Qi Fei, maybe we can be a little bit more cautious.Remember, not everyone in this world can be a hero.Goodbye.Boom , the man pulled the trigger resolutely, and after that, the driver s head was directly blown off, and the red and white streams were all over the ground.Hearing the gunshot, Wu Lan who was sitting in the car frowned.This is not the first time such an incident has happened, but this is the only time it has seen blood.After killing the man, the man seemed to throw the pistol on the ground in disgust, because a drop of blood was splashed on it, which made him unacceptable.Dirty Chinese people, dirty blood, bah.The man whispered.Afterwards, the three of them surrounded the BMW at the same time.Yes, so, if you two have any wish, please make it or say it now.The leader made a gesture of invitation.Ersha didn t say much, but walked over slowly, lifted up the body of their eldest brother Niu Jia, and walked slowly towards the BMW car Wu Lan edens herbals cbd gummies was riding in.Afterwards, they leaned Niu Jia s body on the front wheel, Wipe away the blood from Niu Jia s mouth and the stains on his face with his hands.Chapter 551 After all this was done, the two stood up, walked to the front of the car, glanced at Wu Lan who was sitting inside with four eyes, Liang Ran suddenly knelt down, and knocked heavily three times a bang.I hope that in the next life I won t be stupid again, brothers can get to know each other.I hope I won t be stupid again in the next life, and edens herbals cbd gummies master and servant will meet again.After speaking, Ersha s face showed a rare relaxation, the two stood up, turned around unsteadily, Suddenly raised his foot and rushed towards the leader.In July, Qi Fei came out after having a meal in a club called Jinghua Qiumeng in the capital.This clubhouse is a place opened by Tian Wang for the convenience of Qi Fei s activities.Nothing good happened, Qi Fei encountered many things during his two months in the capital, mainly because of the provocations from various forces in the capital.Because although Qi Fei doesn t have much relationship with the Qi family in the capital, he is still a member of the Qi family after all.Those who have been targeting the Qi family see that Qi Fei is weak and weak, so they unanimously seek trouble for Qi Fei.So during the two months Qi Fei was in the capital, he was too tired to deal with those things, and the time he spent with Qi s family in the capital was very limited.However, Qi Fei never thought that he would be able to return to Qi s family smoothly with the help of the Heavenly King edens herbals cbd gummies viralix cbd gummies behind him, and it s fine to see that the people in Qi s family don t hate him as an outsider.Some people may say that Cao Feng is stupid for doing this these days.After all, you don t know him well, is it worth risking your life like this But neither Cao Feng nor Qi Fei thought so.In their minds, there are some things that can be done with a clear heart.Yes, just ask for a clear heart Therefore, Qi Fei was very satisfied cbd gummies massachusetts with Cao Feng s performance.Especially when facing four strong men, even though he knew that he might not be their opponent, he still tightly guarded the girl behind him, and would not let these people take her away even if it meant death.It s stupid, but Qi Fei feels that this is a rare spirit of modern urbanites, which is very touching.Damn it What I don t like the most is you guys who are brave and nosy Since you are so ignorant, go to hell One of the strong men cursed very unhappy, and raised Holding the machete, he slashed directly at Cao Feng s shoulder.This person is good, but unfortunately, he is the enemy For such a good enemy, the short inch burly man didn t have much idea, if he encountered it, cbd isolate gummies edens herbals cbd gummies he would just send him away.Hehe, since that s the case, then you go to die Chapter 560 After looking for death, the short inch burly man waved his hand, held it in his hand, and slowly surrounded Cao Feng.Seeing that the short inch men had no intention of letting Cao Feng go, Xie Hanyan yelled anxiously and worriedly No Please let him go As long as you let him go, I will do whatever you want me to do Cao Feng slowly wrapped his clothes around his fists, looked at the strong men who were approaching him with a serious expression, and said coldly Go quickly, don t be fooled, I sacrificed myself for this matter No You don t want to keep your life for yourself, don t give it to me hypocritically I didn t ask you to die for me, you bastard, get out of here quickly, and don t disturb my cbd isolate gummies edens herbals cbd gummies happy life Xie Hanyan cursed.However, this was rejected by the people in Lingnan and Qi Fei s family Yes.Well, there was a method, but it didn t work.What method Mo Xuanzhuo and Gao Shou Hanzhi asked at the same time.Let them find Qi Fei by themselves.Unless Qi Fei forgives, Lingnan won t cancel it.Hearing this, the tall and thin man and Mo Xuanzhuo were taken aback, and then said in surprise Lingnan is so good to Qi Fei.Hearing the questioning of these two idiots, the fat man patted his head directly, and said how long does a 25 mg cbd gummy last The point is not here, okay You think about it again You re squirming there.The tall and thin man couldn t bear it at all, this kind of guy who didn t say anything halfway.Seeing Mo Xuanzhuo s questioning look, Chubby could only say, The point is, the Chen and Lin families will probably resolve it with Qi Fei privately.Okay, then call my sister, let s go out to eat tonight.Qi does cbd gummies help with smoking Fei thought, he hadn t taken his sister out for dinner yet, since Ye Xiaobei proposed a treat tonight, the three of them might as well find a place , have a good meal As a foodie, Ye Xiaobei laughed and said, Hey, it s a deal Where to eat, I have the final say Qi Fei nodded and said, Yes, you have the final say.But, I suddenly thought of a question.Ye Xiaobei looked at Qi Fei in confusion, and said, What question did you think of Didn t you say that your father planned to invite me to your house for dinner I have Kong, you actually asked me to take you to eat, are you sure you are doing this to your father Qi Fei looked at Ye Xiaobei and started joking.Ye Xiaobei gave Qi Fei a blank look, and at the same time said as a matter of course Take me to dinner first, and then talk about it.what cbd sour gummies wana The severe pain of the broken nose bone made the stone scream in pain, followed by two splashes of blood.His whole head was buzzing, edens herbals cbd gummies as if something had exploded in his head.The whole person s thoughts became numb, and the body was out of conscious control.He just felt dizzy, and at such a moment, his body became limp.Seeing this, Qi Fei kicked him on the knee again.thump After being punched, the stone with a dizzy head knelt down firmly on the ground under Qi Fei s kick.This angle happened to be towards the few books scattered on the ground.boom Boom Kneeling on the ground, the stone felt a sharp pain in his thigh, and once again felt that something was breaking.He only felt his body convulsed for a while, and then he fell down hard on the floor.Yes, that fall was heavy, but Qi Fei was merciless.She s cbd isolate gummies edens herbals cbd gummies quite eccentric.For an ordinary person, facing her like this, it s really hard to turn around.However, on the surface, Qi Fei didn t answer Ye Zhicheng s question, but ran towards the kitchen in a hurry.It s still in other people s territory.At this time, it s better not to make that guy unhappy.Dad, what does it mean to be incomprehensible Hey, don t run away, explain to me clearly.Obviously, facing his daughter s questioning, Ye Zhicheng, the head of the Ninth Police Bureau and the Security Department, could only run away obediently The dinner was very happy, a group of people had a lively meal, and at the dinner table, Mother Ye kept asking Qi Fei if he had a girlfriend, and if he needed to introduce one, and then how did they feel about Sisi For the tough question, even if it is the king of soldiers, it can only be defeated.In fact, he was fighting alone.Not only was his younger sister joking around, even that eccentric Ye Xiaobei wasn t afraid at all, and started messing around there.This made Qi Fei, who joined the army at the age of sixteen and had never been in a relationship, very embarrassed.What s the matter with you guys bullying a pure boy who has no love experience Fortunately, after the meal, Ye Zhicheng took Qi Fei to the study to have a secret chat.Strange, why does my dad have to let Qi Fei come to our house for dinner Is it possible that he really likes that kid Thinking of this, thinking of the blind date, Ye Xiaobei said directly to Mother Ye who was busy in the kitchen Mom, Qi Fei is my boyfriend, what do you edens herbals cbd gummies think Poof The girls who were drinking after the meal sprayed it immediately.Several people edens herbals cbd gummies looked at Ye entertainment today cbd gummies Xiaobei in astonishment, their minds widened.They were originally on guard at the gate, but after the incident at the gate, they were rushed to the hotel by the lobby manager to perform tasks.Moreover, five hundred yuan was deducted The five hundred yuan is equivalent to one eighth of their wages.If it s looking for a girl, two hundred yuan including nights or something, even if you include two nights, you can still buy Qi Leisi When they thought smilz cbd gummies ceo asteroid gummies cbd they could only recognize him like that, they didn t expect to see this guy Qi Fei again And, that s fine, what s even more coincidental is that this guy actually came to Mandy Hotel to make trouble.In this way, it cbd isolate gummies edens herbals cbd gummies proved that their decision to stop this kid in the hall and not let him come in was right Since it was right, then the two nights they paid for Jia Qilei s money were wrongly fined, so they got it back.They planned this sniper shooting, which was definitely calculated edens herbals cbd gummies carefully.In other words, at the beginning, it must have been carefully calculated.Since this is the case, they must have calculated the length of some distances in the escape plan they left for themselves.Because, only in this way can more police officers be deployed quickly.Ye Zhicheng immediately fell into thinking after listening to Qi Fei s explanation.major Yes this group of people are professionals Shoot their own daughter, what do they want to do If it was kidnapping, it would make sense.But this is an assassination, which makes people very confused.However, it can be seen from this that these people are not for money.For money, it is all kidnapping.Xiao Fei, what do you think these people want After listening to Qi Fei s analysis, Ye Zhicheng had a lot of questions, but he still asked this question first.Well, even if you are dissatisfied, that s the only way to go.Mister, hello, this is your family bucket set meal, could you please sign for it Ye Zhicheng said very politely.What Family bucket package I m sorry, we haven t pawned this thing before.The counterfeit Ji Zhai sent it to look at the receipt in his hand, and said very puzzled That s right, No.2 Building 505, it s all written on it Let s go.After finishing speaking, the counterfeit Ji Zhai sent the third child to read the list on purpose.The third child glanced at it and said, Well, what you wrote is the second building, and we have the first building here.What The first building is 505.is in place.After finishing speaking, the counterfeit Ji Zhai sent pretended to look at the list, and when he found out that botanical bliss cbd gummies it was a building 505, he apologized repeatedly, and then left without stopping at all.Chapter 637 Real gun At this moment, looking at the thing that was called a toy gun by the flat head, although it was disassembled and divided into several pieces, he looked familiar with this thing.Yes, it s still a very familiar one, so when Changmao saw this thing, he frowned.When Xia Mengan said that it was a toy gun with a crew cut, he rolled his eyes in a very speechless manner.The script seems to be wrong.According to the assumption, didn t they find out that it was a real gun after opening the piano box, and then they were scared to pee But the scene in front of him is really, really wrong.In fact, if it were another person, the script should be right.But who is the flat head This guy is just a simple guy, very simple and honest.When he saw this thing for the first time, he instinctively thought it was a toy gun.After all, the Newton classmate who sat under the fruit tree and let the apple hit his head told us from personal experience that there is gravity in this world.Although, the magnitude of gravitational force has nothing to do with physique.But the skateboard girl flies up like this, if she can t land perfectly later, won t she be thrown in a mess, with a bruised nose and a swollen face After thinking about the bloody scene, many people couldn t help but shudder.However, when they saw the end, they found that they seemed to be thinking a little too much.Because the girl is not doing gymnastics at the moment Have you seen the unnamed lake People are doing diving.Although it wasn t a three meter platform or a ten meter platform, they jumped without hesitation.The sun shines on Weiming Lake, and the summer monsoon comes out, sparkling the lake surface.Not far away, I heard someone falling into the river, and many students rushed over after hearing the news.Facing this scene, those students watching the excitement, they didn t do anything.At most, it was on the edge of the lake, shouting for help, no one wanted to jump down cheap cbd oil gummies full spectrum to save people.Alas, this indifferent scene is really frustrating to watch.In fact, there is a reason for all this.Don t you see, an old lady was kindly helped up by the side of the road, but she was blackmailed.There are too many such things that do good deeds but are slandered, which makes everyone not trust this world very much.This is not to say that there are many bad people in this world, but that good people are afraid of being blackmailed.Help Gudu The skater girl wanted to call for help again, but unfortunately, she couldn t swim, edens herbals cbd gummies and she struggled too much.You know, their father didn t dare to let Qi Fei be arrested casually, and he had to edens herbals cbd gummies cbd gummies for restless leg syndrome explain the matter clearly to the Qi family before he dared to do that.You re doing well now, you just took people over there, didn t you just slap the Qi family slap in the face Stand by My little sister is about to be kidnapped, don t you know You don t do anything, but now you still let me stand by.That person is your little sister After the elder brother tricked the younger sister back, Zheng Zheming felt that his elder brother no longer loves the younger sister.For the sake of profit, the guy who can casually trick the little girl back into the fire pit can love the little girl Because of this, he didn t bother to be polite with Zheng Zhechen.Why didn t I know that was my little sister Am I more worried about my little sister than any of you But, this matter is really not as simple as you think.How about it, isn t it edens herbals cbd gummies amazing Well, Zheng Zhechen was only blaming Zheng Laosan for this incident, but who would have thought that ranking of cbd gummies for pain this idea would be The second one is out Chapter 654 is so perverted, Hurry up and go to Suzaku Street, don t let the third child mess around, hold edens herbals cbd gummies him back, I ll rush over now.Hmph, it s all because of your good deeds Listening to the phone call Zheng Zheguang, who had no idea what was going on, touched his head and asked in confusion, What good did I do What good did I do Several of his attendants mistakenly thought that the boss was asking them, so they flattered them directly, saying Brother, you have done a lot of good things.It is difficult for us to answer your question.Hearing this, Zheng Er There was a flash of light in types of cbd gummies the young master s eyes, and he said with a naive smile, Really Of course, we have been with you for so long, and we can t remember how many good things you have done.Because, anytime, anywhere, it may become a reproductive tool for someone else.Yes, fertility tools, Cheng Peishan thinks so.Stop the car Qi Fei thought for a while and said directly.No I m going to the airport Zheng Peishan s little affection for Qi Fei just now disappeared in that instant.This damn pervert is so cowardly Hmph, I misjudged him He was so considerate to take care of others just now, but now he is a bastard who is greedy for life and afraid smilz cbd gummies ceo asteroid gummies cbd of death.Moreover, knowing that I was edens herbals cbd gummies in a hurry to go to the airport, why stop now, isn t this a waste of my time Qi Fei shook his head and said, Stop it, you can t leave anymore.What do you mean by that Zheng Peishan threw the used napkin to Qi Fei.Facing Zheng Peishan s surprise attack, Qi Fei casually picked it up and put it aside.Fortunately, it was just a napkin.Maybe Qi Fei was lucky this time, Brother Amu was walking on this road When I was in the company, I was working on the construction site.It was the contractor who ran away with their money at the beginning, and he embarked on such a road.Brother Amu, who works on the construction site, has no problem at all with reading the floor plan.Of course, if it s just like this, then forget it.Fortunately, this person also has a floor plan of the sewer of the Imperial edens herbals cbd gummies viralix cbd gummies Capital Third Courtyard in his hand.This blueprint is credited to Chen Tianming.After all, if he wants to bomb the Third Courtyard of the Imperial Capital, how can he do it without some preparation At the same time, in order to ensure that all the installed bombs can be detonated, of course special calculations have been made on the installation positions.

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