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It s time for me. I want to go home too.Wang Weiyi sighed.Lieutenant, isn t your home here My home is not here, not here Wang .

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Weiyi smiled wryly, and then said seriously Si Dao, we are facing a battalion in a while.Enemy, remember, everything is subject to my orders.When we break through, I will ask the superior to award you an Iron Cross medal, and then you will be majestic when you go home.I don t want that medal, you exchange it Give me the money.Wang Weiyi smiled Okay, I ll give you the money, four dollars, let s rush out together Twenty two.Tanks attack Please recommend In front is the Prince Sobuk s camp.The sound of the guns has gradually faded away, and it seems that this place has nothing to do with the war.Here you can see more than a dozen British troops on alert, with a heavy machine gun erected there.It was indeed Lieutenant Ernst Brahm who continued to fight.General, General Ernst Brahm s voice came from experience cbd edibles gummy worms the other end of cbd gummies health benefits 2021 the phone again, experience cbd edibles gummy worms which attracted the attention of everyone in the staff department.General, are you still there I have been waiting for you, Lieutenant Ernst.General, the battle is over.We captured the enemy s barracks and killed a total of 181 British.Casualties, we have no casualties The voice came out clearly from the microphone.There was an uncontrollable exclamation from the are cbd gummy bears legal in texas staff, and even General Galwitz almost dropped the microphone in his hand Say it again We killed one hundred and eighty one British, Sauber The Prince Ke Battalion has been defeated The exclamation came from the staff again, which was unbelievable.Two men took out a battalion of enemies Also wiped out one hundred and eighty one British soldiers No, only God can do this General Galwitz s voice trembled a little Lieutenant Ernst, are you sure Yes, I can be sure I guarantee it on the honor of the soldier Long live experience cbd edibles gummy worms Germany Suddenly, someone called out loudly Such a call.The battlefield has arrived, please open fire Wang Weiyi took a deep breath, and then said two words that were enough to make the British experience cbd edibles gummy worms completely fearful Fire The Breda gun made a terrible roar, and pierced it in an instant.The tranquility of the night.The cannonball fell on the enemy s position domineeringly, and a huge shock wave was generated in an instant, and several sentries were shocked into the sky at once The massacre has begun again Tanks raged arrogantly on the battlefield that was about to be stained red with blood and fire.At the same time, how many cbd gummies should i take for sleep hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed reviews the machine gun in Wang Weiyi s hand also roared crazily.This is the order The rest of the machine guns also fired together The artillery shells continued to pour into the enemy s position accompanied by the devastating firepower of the machine gun.Guo Yunfeng was also commended, and he was appointed as a sergeant.It is already a great achievement for a foreigner to obtain the rank of sergeant in the German army.At the same time, he was also awarded a second class Iron Cross.However, Guo Yunfeng couldn t get excited about any sergeant or Iron Cross medal.In his opinion, this is not as affordable as giving him some money.He just ate something hastily, and then proposed to go back to the hotel in a somewhat dispirited manner.There are all Germans here, and he can t understand a word of what they say, which is completely incompatible with this place, so it s no wonder he doesn t want to stay here anymore.Adolf Hitler also intended to go back, and he seemed too small among so many big men.Wang Weiyi nodded and asked Manstein to find someone to send them out of the palace.Leoni admired heartily Even if I don t know who the mysterious donor is, what I never imagined is that his descendants are sitting in front of me.Ah, we have a toast to your grandfather.Leonie s view of Wang Weiyi has completely changed.Before hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed reviews delta 8 cbd gummies 1000mg Wang Weiyi was canonized as a baron, he was just a commoner, but he didn t expect him to be so interested in music and Mendelssohn, just like the Countess.And what is even more unexpected is that his grandfather has made such a great contribution to the German music industry.Even how many cbd gummies should i take for sleep hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed reviews a real nobleman is completely inferior to Baron Alexson s family Baron Alexon, you let me In awe.Leonie said seriously Maybe people don t know about it, but I have heard countless people say that if it weren t for the generous donation from the mysterious person back then, maybe there would be no Leipzig Conservatory of Music today.Guderian smiled It doesn t matter, when we throw the grenade, we will immediately lie down on the ground, and the rest of the time must be up to you.It s done.Wang Weiyi smiled Then let s start Seventy eight.Late Night Raid Please recommend The night fell, and the moonlight spread lazily on the ground.The sentries of the French army walked back and forth there bored.It was natures only cbd gummies ed heard that the Germans launched a powerful attack during the day.Several positions have been breached.Those damned Germans are always so self righteous that they regard war as a kind of fanaticism.When will this damn war end It seems that someone is coming A sentinel pointed not far away.The heavy machine gunner should have entered the fighting state immediately, but when he heard the sentry s words, he just glanced there lazily.It s messed up, it s already messed up.A corporal named Adolf Hitler actually called General von Bello directly.In the name of Ernst Brahm.Corporal Adolf, are you sure Yes, General, I am sure that Captain Ernst needs reinforcements now I understand.General Von Bello put down the phone with a serious expression, but his words But he revealed a bit of anxiety How many troops can we mobilize immediately The two divisions on the front line can be directly launched into the attack.After half an hour, we can deploy another two divisions Listen, no matter how many troops I can throw in, let all the troops on the front line that can move go into the attack General Von Bello s tone actually had some vicious taste.But general, where is the target of our attack No target, experience cbd edibles gummy worms tell those officers that this attack has no target This time may be the craziest order that General von Bello has ever issued Their only mission is to attack, attack, and attack the British and the French Damn, don t ask me where to attack, I don t know either All the places where there are experience cbd edibles gummy worms enemies are their attack directions Command the artillery fire, all into battle Don t experience cbd edibles gummy worms ask me where to blow it up, just throw the shells to the front All the staff were dumbfounded.Richthofen Is a very smart man.He fully understands the meaning of breaking money and eliminating disasters.Let him go.Wang Weiyi waved his hand Baron Albrecht, we are not forcing you.I did it voluntarily, it is simply my honor.Richthofen said seriously.This crisis is over Richthofen forgot in a blink of an eye, hooked Rommel s neck and asked with a smirk Erwin, is your fianc e beautiful Hey, Don t get me wrong, I just want to know if there are any pretty girls in Danzig.Let s go, Manfred.Wang Weiyi threw his coat to the Red Baron.Richthofen put on his clothes Sandra, goodbye.Goodbye, Ernst.As soon as Sandra said this, Richthofen shivered, damn it, he should be well Why are you saying goodbye to this woman Wang Weiyi remembered immediately, seeing Richthofen trying to escape, he took a step forward, hooked his shoulder and walked out Manfred, we have to talk in privateI hear you have a nice horse Hey Ernst, I just borrowed your name I think my name is tarnished, A horse seems to make up for my wounded heart Ernst, you are too shameless The villagers stared dumbfounded at the group of smiling German soldiers leaving.

Seeing that the major had a guest, Hitler was taken aback This is Hermann William G ring.Hello, I m Adolf.hitler.Wang Weiyi had a strange and absurd feeling.The head of the Third Reich and his most powerful assistant actually met them here for the first time Major, I m almost starving to death.Hitler saw some pastries on the table, grabbed a piece and stuffed it into his mouth.Goering frowned.His first impression of Adolf Hitler was not very good, and he felt that this person was a bit useless.He was polite and rude.Although he was not from a noble family, his father was not only a lawyer, but also the governor of the Southwest African colonies of the German Empire.He had received a good education since he was a child.Hitler would not pay attention to what the other party was thinking , he took a sip of water and swallowed the food in his mouth Major, guess what I saw Lots of Russians, damn it, what are these enemies doing here What are our police officers doing They should all be arrested Mr.I think if I were their commander, I would order the tanks to hide somewhere, and then continue to support them when they return, but this is not important anymoreMr.General, look, O Mijet couldn t let the tank deploy.The terrain here is too copd gummies cbd complicated, and the advantages of the tank can t be used.I think we can set up an ambush here while sending a search party to catch their whereabouts, and catch them all when they come back What s your name, Corporal Georgi Konstantinovich.Zhukov.Sergeant Zhukov General, I am a corporal. No, you re a staff sergeant now.Kashanov gave Zhukov a commendation I think your judgment is very correct.No matter what the enemy wants to do, let them come and go.Colonel Fritoyak, I now order your regiment to set up an ambush at Omidet and wait for the arrival of the Germans.The Russian captain swallowed Yes, there are other things, a large number of shellsMr.Officer, there experience cbd edibles gummy worms is a serious shortage of shells on the front line.Under the repeated pleas of General Kashanov , Grand Duke Nicholas tried his best to get a batch of shells, which are now stored in Kasmidov Wang Weiyi s eyes lit up, a large number of shells This is a good opportunity.He looked at his subordinates and found that these desperadoes were as eager to try as he was.The elite troops of the Russian army They were all concentrated on the front line, and the Russians in Kasmidov were completely vulnerable, and there was a mutiny at the most appropriate time.This surveillance is the best opportunity God has given to the Skeleton Commando Major, Don t wait, do it.Major, while we still have time, we must go to Kasmidov s ball.Quickly occupy the market.What we have gained is far beyond what the lost money can compare to Elena suddenly realized, and Wang Weiyi couldn t help but sigh in his heart, as Xiao Ling said, Will Tinland was the one who brought Montagut to life.A business genius who turned a brand produced in an obscure family workshop into an international brand.From then on, under his leadership, Montagut will rise in an unstoppable way On this point, I can say He is not as good as him at all, he can be invincible on the battlefield, but in business, he is not at the same level as him All this is entirely based on the support of a large amount of money, And all of this was brought to me by you, Major.I wouldn t be able to do this without the money you gave us in Lance, said Will, with infinite gratitude.By the way, your investment is not paying you back right now No hurry, I m not in a hurry to get a return so soon.Now, the French look set to cbd apple cider vinegar gummies wash their shame here.However, they quickly understood a truth Even if all of Germany failed, the Skeleton Commando still didn t know what failure was When the French army approached the shooting range, the gunshots can you take cbd gummies on airplanes experience cbd edibles gummy worms that were so familiar to them rang out again.The overwhelming fire net taught the French the cruelest lesson at once Skull Commando is still here The Skull Baron is still here Even if they fight to the last person, they will still maintain their dignity never give up, never give up This belief is something their enemies will never understand Sean, who focuses on machine guns, Bon Cray, who uses rifles, and Steck, who throws grenades vigorously, everyone is fighting Beside them, is the skeleton baron Ernst Alexson von.Bram The submachine gun jumped briskly in his hand, constantly killing every enemy who tried to approach the position with bullets.Listen, since I am the highest officer here, everything must obey my orders Wang Weiyi s expression was very serious The Japanese army has strong firepower, good equipment, large numbers of people, and better combat quality than us.Disdainful expressions appeared on the faces of several soldiers, and they clicked on one of them Tell me, if you command the troops to attack now, what would you do Report sir, the big guys rushed up together and fought them Fight Set up a heavy machine gun, and you can kill more than half of you Wang Weiyi s tone suddenly became severe Large scale A group charge will only be used as a live target by heavy machine guns Let me tell you, the Japanese army usually has very high training, and every soldier in them experience cbd edibles gummy worms has received rigorous individual training, crawling while shooting, can you do it No, the soldier muttered. What are you panicking about Jiang Jieshi glared at Gu Zhutong There are so many troops here, what can I be afraid of, eh Boling, tell me how your 19th Army is going to fight there yes.Xue Yue responded and reported his idea to the committee.While talking there, suddenly the director of Chiang Kai shek s attendant room came in Report, Li Mingguang, the director of the Propaganda Department of the 19th Army, has urgent matters to see Commander Xue Nonsense, what time is it now.Xue Yue looked displeased.Chiang Kai shek said Let him come here to talk about anything.yes.After a while, Li Mingguang walked in Report Li Mingguang, what time is it now Do you have something more urgent than fighting a war When Xue Yue said this, he quietly observed Chiang Kai shek.Fortunately, the committee member didn t seem to be angry.

Report, Sun Qinghao, commander of the transportation company Following this voice, a lieutenant in his thirties stood in front of him.Company Commander Sun, this is Battalion Commander Wang of the Guard Battalion.Hello Battalion Commander Wang, I have long admired your name.Battalion Commander Wang fought at Sanhuqiao, and all the brothers admired him.Okay, okay, you will have a chance to talk to Battalion Commander Wang about these flattering words in the future.Qian Dexing interrupted him impatiently From now on, you will be temporarily under the command of Battalion Commander Wang, and you will do whatever he asks you to do. yes But Director Qian, I still have a truck with medicines on it, what should I do Medicines Wang Weiyi s eyes lit up Stay there hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed reviews delta 8 cbd gummies 1000mg and follow me. yes Okay, let s go.The whole brigade counter charges Your Excellency, Captain, please leave the reserve team.No Naomasa Sugawara firmly said There is no need to keep the reserve team against the Chinese army.The whole brigade will attack immediately Hay After receiving this order, the Sugawara Brigade, which hurried to the battlefield, immediately launched a counter offensive against the attacking army.There were only two or three hundred people on the opposite side, and when they saw a whole group of Japanese soldiers swarming towards them, they turned around and ran away in fright.Naomasa Sugawara is overjoyed What kind of enemy has strong firepower, this is just an excuse for those losers Since entering the battlefield with the 6th Division, the captain of the regiment has never sent himself to the battlefield because of his grandfather.Wang Weiyi will never do such a loss making thing.So when the Japanese military planes began to wreak havoc.Wang Weiyi decisively issued an order retreat Withdraw from the frontal battlefield and let the devils in to fight Some soldiers don t particularly understand.But this is not important, what is important is that there are only two words for what you have to do in Wang Weiyi s army Obey absolute obedience Unconditional obedience The soldiers quickly began to retreat from the frontal battlefield experience cbd edibles gummy worms what is cbd gummies 300mg and retreated into the street fighting fortifications that had been prepared long ago.Wang Weiyi, Guo Yunfeng, and Zhang Sandao were the last to leave.Wang Weiyi checked his weapons Four swords, three swords, how many enemies can you kill Ten.Eleven Zhang Sandao Immediately said unconvinced.The more the better, but you have to protect yourself.Shall I call him Wang Weiyi nodded First, call Boss Cai from the tailor shop for me.Things get done.Good for you.Little Yangzhou ran out excitedly, Zhang Sandao didn t quite understand Tuan Zuo My name is Manager Wang.Wang Weiyi corrected his address.Yes, Manager Wang.Zhang Sandao also found that he had made a slip of the tongue Manager Wang, what are we doing in Shanghai Doing business.Wang Weiyi smiled.Xiao Yangzhou scratched his head and couldn t figure it out.He was fighting on the experience cbd edibles gummy worms front line, and the group had to go to Shanghai to do something.Although Japan s own attack has temporarily stopped, it may launch an offensive again anytime, anywhere.The group seat was fine, and I handed over the whole group to Ouyang Yu and the others, and ran to Shanghai by myself.After waiting there for a while, I saw Xiao Yangzhou walking in with a man who looked like a shopkeeper.1 A type tank And on the tank, there was a battle flag flying this is a phil mickelson cbd gummies experience cbd edibles gummy worms blood red flag, a huge white skeleton, located in the middle of the flag, staring at the world in front of it with its empty and cold how many cbd gummies should i take for sleep hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed reviews eye sockets. Skeleton Battle Banner Fly it, skeleton battle flag The two g13 machine guns sprayed a terrifying fire net, covering experience cbd edibles gummy worms all the Japanese in an instant Bullets spewed out of the machine can you take cbd gummies on airplanes experience cbd edibles gummy worms gun continuously, sweeping toward the Japanese army like a storm.When Major Takahashi collapsed holding his shot chest, his eyes were still fixed on the battle flag Skeleton battle flag Fly it, skeleton battle flag The machine gunfire finally stopped, and all those lying on the ground were Japanese corpses.A total of twenty eight corpses Ernst Brahm came out of the command tower, lit a cigarette, and looked coldly at the corpses in front of him.He would never have imagined in this life that there is something called Ziguang Military Base, and with the support of the base, Wang Weiyi s subordinates Guo Yunfeng and Elena can go there anytime and anywhere.r this.Hiroshi Yamaguchi sighed.With trembling hands, he took out the necklace from his pocket.This necklace will bind him from now on.Without the threat of Sugawara Naomasa, Kobayakawa Koi became the commander of the Shanghai Gendarmerie without accident, and was promoted to major general.And his most proud and beloved disciple, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, became his subordinate in the Shanghai French Concession, the Tang Family Mansion.The Tang family was not at all psychologically prepared for Wang Weiyi s reappearance.Especially Tang Weihong, when she saw Wang Weiyi again, she couldn t help cheering. Skeleton team And command this team.It s Wang Weiyi He has never known what it is to be afraid, and no matter how hard the battle is, he will be with his soldiers The Japanese army was stunned.With such ferocious and violent firepower, where is the squadron that phil mickelson cbd gummies experience cbd edibles gummy worms I heard about before When they first entered China, these people in the Ueno detachment heard that the soldiers in the squadron had poor combat quality and inferior weapons, and some troops even shared a gun with several soldiers.However, why is the team he faces not like this at all Their firepower is so ferocious.It has even surpassed the Japanese army And even stranger.Those soldiers, they are not Chinese A huge flag is flying, and on it, a skeleton is staring coldly at these Japanese people The god of death has arrived These members of the skeleton team quickly wiped out a group of Japanese troops with fierce and intensive firepower.

Xiao Ling s voice came over.major general Skeleton Squad Attack When this order was issued, the skull battle flag began to appear on the battlefield.Skeleton Squad Strike Wang Weiyi, Guo Yunfeng, and Werner appeared at the forefront of the team, with three submachine guns forming three fires.The grenadiers smashed out the grenades in the grenades, causing bursts of explosions, and a sea of flames burned on the Japanese army on the opposite side.This will be an invincible force This will be the sorrow of the 6th Regiment of the 26th Brigade of the Japanese Army This will be a day that Tokushige Numata will never forget The current governance will also not forget.In the face of the attacks of the Chinese, their alliance seemed helpless.They were so passive and suffered heavy casualties.Airplanes, mortars, tanks, chariots, trucks, light and heavy machine guns, submachine guns, all the weapons you can imagine, Chinese people have them all And the equipment of his own alliance seems so backward at this time experience cbd edibles gummy worms He couldn t figure out why he had such an idea.The call back from Dizhou Libing came so quickly, there were only four words in the telegram No retreat At that moment, Numata Tokushige was completely desperate.Not allowed to retreat Do not retreat He threw the telegram on the ground, and then drew out his command saber The command of the division commander is not allowed to retreat Soldiers of the empire, for His Majesty s sake, smash the jade For His Majesty, break the jade took his command knife.Even if they die, they will not understand where the two strange telegrams from Dizhou Libing came from.Now, R himself has stopped talking about tactics at hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed reviews all.The order of Yu Sui has been issued, and the battlefield is irreversible, so let everyone die here The Japanese with guns in hand rushed forward desperately.There is no doubt that this is a suicidal way of charging, but now, do they have any other choices They have completely become targets for Chinese soldiers to shoot, and they don t even need to aim.When he breaks through here, there is nothing that can stop the Skeleton Master General Ernst, General Paul Hausser of the 2nd Panzer Corps telegraphed, Your Excellency, we are right across from you, we are completing the confluence Long live Germany Call back, you will soon see the battle of skeletons Flag Long live Germany Wang Weiyi said expressionlessly.As soon as he looked up, he saw Weidmann s body protruding from the Tiger tank Weidmann, can you continue to attack Hey, general, I killed nine Russian tanks, my There is plenty of fuel in the fuel tank But I need some shells Weidmann said without fear.Wang Weiyi smiled Find him some shells Weidman, if you are the first to rush to the Russian position, I will appoint you as the lieutenant of the Skeleton Division Are you serious, General Sergeant Weidman s eyes danced with fanatical flames.Having just gone through the siege of Demyansk, it was easy for 200,000 German troops to break through.Could cbd gummies good for you it be that the baron is going to launch a counterattack so soon Great, I just said give the Russians something to look at Hitler said without hiding his excitement.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly And I will personally command the battle in Russia, and I will personally go to the front No one was surprised by this decision.No one has been able to research the bullet that can kill the Baron.Mr.Gopal, can you make some biscuits for me Wang Weiyi asked suddenly.Biscuits Gobel was a little confused Of course, you can have as many biscuits as you best cbd gummies in colorado want.Wang Weiyi said with a smile But these biscuits of mine are a bit special.The secret military cbd gummies help stomach meeting lasted for three hours.Long.Except for these high level Germans, no one can know what they talked about at this meeting.There is no war between the United States and Japan, and it is impossible for the U.S.government to openly support the national government, and if it can get the full support of the U.S.government, it will be very beneficial to the national government.There will always be a way, and there will always be a way.I thought about it for a while Butler Depusey, you have to go back to the United States as soon as possible, so that the countess can t go back to experience cbd edibles gummy worms Germany for the time being.I need her and Hermione to stay in the United States, yes According to my instructions a few years ago, continue to coordinate the relationship between the United States and Germany.Second, I want them to do something.You tell them that I will go to the United States when I finish dealing with the matter at hand.Okay, Your Excellency the Baron.Immediately allocate special funds to them.Wang Weiyi experience cbd edibles gummy worms immediately said after knowing the situation We need medicines, and we must ensure the normal use of the hospital.War has nothing to do with children.Yes.Marshal, I will immediately Go do it.Thank you, Marshal.The dean said gratefully.Si Dao, distribute the gifts we brought to these lovely children.Wang Weiyi finished speaking, and Guo Yunfeng immediately joined the guards and gave the gifts they brought to the children, which immediately aroused cheers from experience cbd edibles gummy worms the children.You are such a kind Baron, Field Marshal.General Dietrich said sincerely In addition, some of our wounded German soldiers also live here.They heard that you are coming.They are very excited.Can you go and see me Are they Of course, General Dietrich, I can t wait to meet these brave boys Wang Weiyi said without hesitation.My dear sir, how can I thank you for this Rhonanova asked with tears in her eyes.Of course you can thank me.Wang Weiyi smiled Please go back and tell your father, Marquis Bierstoka, that Baron Alexon will visit him at noon tomorrow.Are you Baron Alexon Rona Nova obviously had never heard of this name.Yes.Wang Weiyi nodded, turned around, and poured himself a glass of water Now you can cbd gummies in utah leave, Luo Nanova.But when he turned around, he found an amazing scene Luo Nanuo Baby, she has already taken off all the clothes on her body, and a perfect and proud body is presented naked in front of Wang Weiyi.Ronanova s voice sounded a little trembling Mr.Baron, I really can t think of any way to repay you.Please believe that my body is clean.Then, she walked up to Wang Weiyi and hugged him firmly Baron Alexon Four hundred and thirty three.

The car dexterously avoided the rumbling explosion, and at this time the German anti aircraft artillery also opened fire quickly.Seeing that it had entered the German defense zone, the Soviet plane left the car angrily and stopped in the German defense zone.The German troops surrounded it experience cbd edibles gummy worms under the leadership of a sergeant.When the door was opened, the German soldiers were startled, and a guy in a Russian uniform jumped out of the homemade cbd gummys car The gun was raised with a squeak , and the Russian colonel hurriedly said, Don t shoot, I m Ernst.Ernst Which Ernst The sergeant still held the gun.Ernst Alexson von Brehm The German soldiers looked at each other, but the sergeant said dismissively Well, I am Adolf Hitler Hell, you damn Russians, why do you have to pretend to be Where s Marshal Ernst Wang Weiyi didn t know whether to laugh or cry, he looked at them, it was from the Skeleton Master Call your chief, he will know who I am.At the end of the war, Moscow will probably print this paragraph in the newspapers The great Bolshevik army, in Kharko 50,000 Soviet soldiers were surrounded Timoshenko is sure, Moscow will only say that only 50,000 troops were lost in Kharkov, at most 100,000 troops 50,000 soldiers Fighting bloody, killing and wounding 100,000 German troops or more Timoshenko thought sarcastically the great Soviet army, in the great Kharkov, showed German imperialism that the Soviet people will carry the Great Patriotic War to the end Therefore, the entire Soviet Union will be inspired by the news of the bloody battle of the Kharkov Soviet Army, and then devote themselves to the war even more selflessly, contributing everything they can, until their lives are gone forty five The result of the exchange of thousands of people is nothing more than this.But then, Abdul Karami was secretly arrested by the Turkish government and held in an undisclosed location in Ankara.The First Army Corps in the capital has always been trying to rescue Karami, but they can t succeed at all Klingenberg understood what the Marshal meant, he seemed to want to rescue this man named Karami Come out Wang Weiyi said slowly When Kahn was in Ankara, he had contact with those people from the Capital Corps, and he also vaguely knew something about Karami, so this is what we have to put Kahn on.Another reason to get out.I see, Marshal.Klingenberg immediately said loudly I will rescue Mr.Kahn, and then I will rescue Karami at all costs Brave captain.Wang Weiyi smiled approvingly This time, we will rest here for three days, wait for new supplies to arrive, and then advance towards Ankara.This will be a miracle that can never be replicated in the history of war But what if it fails Who can take this responsibility But the baron s decision has already been made, and it cannot be changed What Major Herbert can do is to mobilize all the forces in experience cbd edibles gummy worms Ankara and do everything possible to protect the baron I would rather die by myself than let the baron make any mistakes In fact, for Wang Weiyi, there is another purpose for doing this.If the war is at its most critical juncture.How would it affect the Turkish, British, or Soviet armies if they suddenly knew that the enemy s supreme commander was dancing in their own hearts a baron.Enough to be worth a dozen divisions Now a good scene is staged in Ankara With the help of Herbert, experience cbd edibles gummy worms Wang Weiyi and his commandos chose a place west of Ankara City.It s really ridiculous to talk about weapons with a hero who is amazing on the battlefield Wang Weiyi would never laugh at President Roosevelt, who is physically disabled, but actually has a strong will.Four U.S.presidents.Not any healthy person can do it.I don t want to talk about hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed reviews delta 8 cbd gummies 1000mg weapons either.They can only bring harm to people.Wang Weiyi said calmly, I m here experience cbd edibles gummy worms to seek peace Peace President Roosevelt smiled again Let s see how the peace in Baron Alexon s mouth is.Wang Weiyi said indifferently Just yesterday, I talked about this with some friends I have been thinking about our enemies.Who Britain France Or America None.Our enemy is only one, Red Moscow, don t you think so That would cause too much trouble for the normal world order, that would challenge our bottom lineI asked Germany to stop the bombing of Britain, just to end the war in Europe as soon as possible and bring the world order into a normal track Wait, you just proposed to end it as soon as possible War in Europe President Roosevelt seemed a little puzzled Do you mean that Germany is preparing for a truce The truce has two meanings.As a result, the British army lost nearly 140 tanks, leaving only about 70 tanks.In the early morning of the 14th, the British army was forced to start withdrawing the remaining troops from the Gazala line of defense.As night fell, the Germans took control of the Via Balbia road.Early morning on the 15th.The German 15th Armored Division left a small force to guard the road, while the hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed reviews delta 8 cbd gummies 1000mg main force advanced towards the coastline.At this time, a large number of British troops retreating eastward easily fled.On the evening of the 16th, the German army captured Adem.On the evening of the 17th, Sidi Raif was captured.subsequently.The Germans captured the last fortress leading to Tobruk Batrula.The gates of Tobruk opened.Rommel s telegram said We have won, the enemy is collapsing.On the 17th, Rommel s encirclement circle tightly surrounded Tobruk again.Alexander immediately interjected If Iran is lost again, the aid of the Soviets will be completely cut off.At that time, the entire huge HCMUSSH experience cbd edibles gummy worms battlefield will be completely divided into several pieces, and our connection with the Russians will also be cut off Yeah, Iran.Montgomery sighed heavily.The German army will take the lead in attacking Iran.Judging from the current intelligence, there is no objection.The key question now is how long it will take the German army to occupy Iran.The situation will become more hostile to whom.Favorable Five hundred and thirty nine.Cairo thief The thing that the British were most worried about happened. On September 10, 1942, Germany undeclared war and sent troops to Iran.One division of the German Armed SS and three of the Wehrmacht The division and Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, and Turkey combined a total of 200,000 troops, and they rushed straight to Iran.

The loss is still increasing At 4 55, a bomb exploded not far from Lieutenant General Connolly s command vehicle, and the brave lieutenant general was injured.However, he did not ask his subordinates to tell anyone about the situation.Instead, after hastily bandaging, he continued to devote himself to the evacuation command bravely and fearlessly.Such a spirit is undoubtedly worthy of admiration.Although I know that judging from the current situation.I am already powerless, but as long as there is still a chance, Lieutenant General Connolly will try his best to save even one soldier s life At that time, General Orgo of the 21st Armored Division did not phil mickelson cbd gummies experience cbd edibles gummy worms know this situation.The only thing he had to do was to resolutely complete the task assigned to him by Marshal Ernst and completely bury these British people here The attack continued crazily.The tank number was 1128.It seems that there are cheers on the battlefield.Are those German soldiers celebrating maybe.The war is not over yet, and in Allamand, the British and British armies are still sacrificing their lives for the most brutal contest.But every German knew that the war at Alamein was coming to an end.Five hundred and sixty eight.Allies The end of the Battle of Kalman caused the Commonwealth Army to suffer the heaviest blow.The 1st Armored Division, 2nd Royal Artillery Regiment, 111th Field Artillery Regiment, 133rd Infantry Brigade, 1st Greek Infantry Brigade, 2nd Free French Brigadeall were devastated by the Germans.Even Lieutenant General Woodrow, who commanded these troops, ended this disgraceful war by committing suicide not only in Kalman, but also in various battlefields Like in Limsey.The 90th Light Armored Division didn t seem to want to wait for the follow up troops at all, but only relied on one armored division and the help of two Egyptian uprising brigades cooperating with the German army.Non stop attack.Why Montgomery couldn t figure it out.He would never have dreamed that sitting in the tank in Cairo flying the skeleton battle flag was the real skeleton baron Ernst Brahm The German attack was so fierce that the 8th Royal Irish Regiment, which retreated to Conlavev, had not had time to catch its breath before it was violently attacked by the German troops who had been following behind.Also in charge of defense here is a battalion of the 21st Indian Infantry Brigade.To be honest, no matter in the experience cbd edibles gummy worms first or the second battle of Alamein, the Indian army has never been on the battlefield except for undertaking auxiliary tasks.Now, Major Vettel has done his best.What he is waiting for is when the German army will be able to capture Cairo, and he can show up on the streets of Cairo with his spies.The sound of the cannon seemed to be telling Major Vatel the answer This day is coming soon 592.The German spies operating in Cairo are doing their best, and likewise the German soldiers are doing their best to capture this historic city.The two sides have been fighting for more than 24 hours here, but neither can win quickly.The German army has a slight upper hand, but it is not enough to capture Cairo.The Allied forces are extremely tenacious in their determination and defensive tenacity to defend Cairo.However, Erwin Rommel does not seem to be so Worry.Until now, the German army still has a secret weapon that has not been used Ernst Brehm He is in Cairo, and the role he can achieve is unimaginable The tanks roared loudly there, the soldiers shouted loudly there, everything was intertwined, Turn Cairo into a flesh mill.Quick, save people, save people Before falling asleep, Wang Weiyi heard such a voice, this time he can finally close his eyes with peace of mind the doctors 7 out of 10 cbd gummies Wanderer, Walker Xiao Ling The voice called over and over again, Wang Weiyi reluctantly opened his eyes.Everything in front of him was still blurry, and it took him several minutes to fully adapt.Where experience cbd edibles gummy worms am I Japanese Army HospitalThere are a large number of Japanese soldiers standing guard outside nowThe ward has been checked, there are no bugs, it is safeah, yes, you slept all day It s Wang Weiyi moved around and found that there was no abnormality in his body Xiao Ling, will hallucinogens cause damage to my body It will be affected in a short period of time, but as long as the injections are not continued, there will be no problem.And when you return to the base, I will give you a comprehensive examination to help you completely eliminate hidden dangers But before that, you have to explain the doubts in my heart.What I have to say is that everything Baron Alexon does is always so unbelievable.For example, this time, no one would have thought that he, who visited the UK secretly, would appear in such a high profile manner in front phil mickelson cbd gummies experience cbd edibles gummy worms of the public.The next day, major newspapers in Europe and the United States published this shocking news on the front pages The war between Germany and Britain is about to end Yes, after this incident, no one doubts that Germany and Britain will continue the war, and they may even become an alliance.The United States also heaved a long sigh of relief.Now they can devote all their energy to the can you take cbd gummies on airplanes experience cbd edibles gummy worms war against Japan In the UK, the most unhappy, and even the most angry, is probably Charles de Gaulle.Completely produced a feeling of being abandoned by the British.Baron Alexson of Germany visited England secretly, and no one informed him at all, and he heard some rumors vaguely from other channels.If such a person can be captured alive, it will be very useful for the future decisive battle.Baron Alexon s order must be unswervingly carried out.The German army began to look for Lindelof like crazy.Of course, Wang Weiyi s order also had some negative effects.Some SS officers who were eager to how many cbd gummies should i take for sleep hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed reviews do meritorious service began to take some extreme measures in order to complete the baron s order.They urgently needed to know the whereabouts of Lindelof, so they began to shoot the prisoners to intimidate those who experience cbd edibles gummy worms knew the whereabouts of Lindelof.This was hazel hills cbd gummies ingredients unexpected by Wang Weiyi.Fortunately, the tragedy on the battlefield did not last long.At one o clock in the afternoon, the Klingenberg Squadron finally captured the whereabouts relax gummies cbd of Lindelof s headquarters.Klingenberg did not attack immediately, the baron wanted to be alive Therefore, Klingenberg, who has always been daring, did something even more daring he appeared in the In front of General Lindelof I now roughly understand why the German army always wins.

They need a scapegoat, and they need a scapegoat for every failure.For example, in Kharkov, even such a highly respected Marshal Timoshenko became a scapegoat, let alone himself Faith needs to be established under the circumstances of incomparable trust.Wang Weiyi lowered his voice a little I also have some friends in Moscow.They also suffered very unfair treatment before.Later, I helped them a little Busy, they have regained their trustGeneral Lindelof, I am not afraid to tell experience cbd edibles gummy worms you this, as long as you are willing to cooperate with me, remember, with me.I can also help you with something, in any way I can help Cooperate with you Lindelof didn t quite understand.Yes, cooperate with me.Wang Weiyi phil mickelson cbd gummies experience cbd edibles gummy worms emphasized his tone You have not cooperated with Germany, so you have not betrayed your beliefs.Cooperating with me is completely different Lindelof thought it was a bit funny, and he was just deceiving himself.Liar You came up with such a stupid way to escape labor.What Apple story, what Kutuzov Kutuzov Who is it A general of a corrupt feudal dynasty, such a person should have been swept into the dustbin of history, and Lindelof and you still sing praises for him I am so stupid to believe your nonsense Avrona s tears of grievance fell down Did her loyalty to her country end up in exchange for such a result She knew what news her brother in law was conveying to herself, but why didn t the Germans come This problem is not something a woman like her can figure out Come on Hodwig s angry voice sounded again Put Avrona in the temporary confinement room of the military factory security department, without me No one is allowed to meet her Avrona exchanged her infinite loyalty to the country for such an ending University of Moscow.On this point, Prokofiev and Kunitzke were unlucky.These two Soviet commanders, who had just lost their tank brigades and brought their remnants into the infantry formation, were responsible for blocking the German assault here.The battlefield is full of galloping tanks, but as the commanders of the armored forces, they have to lead a group of infantry and a small number of tanks here to block the assaults from the enemy s powerful armored forces one after another this protrusion.Once lost, the flanks of the 81st Panzer Army cbd gummies omaha are bound to be violently attacked by the Germans.Prokofiev and Kunitzke knew this very well.They put in almost cbd gummies bay park all the troops they could put in.The Wasp self propelled artillery took the lead in the attack on the Soviet army.The 150mm howitzer burst out with power, enough to destroy any resistance on the opposite side.It started, it started.This night will determine the lives of countless peopleeven, Stalingrad.It will determine the future of the entire Soviet Union.They can only succeed, not fail He waited anxiously, about twenty minutes later.A car appeared.After a while, Major General Katanovsky appeared here, accompanied by several guards.Is there a traitor Or General Chuikov s men Katanovsky doesn experience cbd edibles gummy worms t think this is a good thing.You have to know, it will lead to a series of dire consequences.Comrade Lyokov, where are the traitors As soon as he saw Liaokov, Katanovsky asked sullenly.Comrade General.plz follow me.Leokov took Katanovsky to his headquarters.There was a man sitting there, and several soldiers were pointing their weapons at him.Katanovsky didn t feel suspicious at all.In front of the sitting person Stand up, what s your name Whose orders did you take The man stood up according to the general s intention experience cbd edibles gummy worms My name is Heisenberg, and I am accepting the order of Marshal Ernst Brahm Katanovsky was startled, and before he could react, he suddenly found that all the guns were aimed at him.But now the war is out of Russian hands.Is there really nothing you can do Comrade Commander in Chief Khrushchev asked unwillingly.I also hope that a miracle will happen, but it seems to be too difficult now Vasilevsky smiled bitterly We don t have any reserve team available, and the casualties on the front line have arrived.Terrible situation, I heard that almost all workers brigades and women s brigades were killed in battle They showed great bravery, and we should remember them, but wars are no longer won by bravery alone.Khrushchev fell silent, and it took a long time before he said Comrade Stalin has called to ask about the situation here.Vasilevsky said slowly Please tell Comrade Stalin the truth about everything that happened here, and please ask Moscow to prepare for the worst.Khrushchev nodded silently.Even a soldier can you take cbd gummies on airplanes experience cbd edibles gummy worms who has experienced many battles can t help but experience cbd edibles gummy worms bend down and retch, but he grn cbd gummies vomited for a long time.But I found that I couldn t vomit anything.In the interval between battles, as soon as they close their eyes, they will wake up from the nightmare in less than a minute, and then hold the guns in their hands nervously.Looking everywhere for enemies that don t exist.If the war ends now.So what they need is not a medal, but a very qualified psychologist This is the case with the German army, let alone those Russians.They live in fear almost every second.A fear that sees no hope at all.Those with a slightly unstable will have already collapsed in such a cruel battle.So on the battlefield, you can often see some Russians waving gun sand and shouting Ulla in their mouths.Their expressions and behaviors are very weird, because they.The changes on the battlefield encouraged the German army, but caused Moscow to suffer a heavy blow.Although surrenders often happened in the past, it must have been when ammunition and food were exhausted and it was no longer conceivable.But this time it was completely different.This time the troops surrendered bio life cbd gummies for ed without any resistance, and the entire Soviet army system is quietly collapsingthe once extremely firm belief.I can t see it now I was willing to sacrifice for my motherland without hesitation, but now the soldiers have fundamentally changed However, I really can t blame the officers and soldiers who surrendered When you see no hope at all, you may make the same choice Marshal Budyonny was severely criticized, and Stalin directly ordered him to stop the occurrence of such things immediately and isolate those who Officers who were suspected of surrendering were shot directly on the battlefield when necessary.

My generals, I know that among you Everyone in the world is looking forward to seeing the day cbd gummies glendale az when the war will end, so now you are about to fulfill your wish.I thank experience cbd edibles gummy worms you, thank each of you, for allowing me to lead this battle, Let me witness the glorious moment with my own eyes He was try cbd gummies for free silent for a moment, and then continued I don t doubt that the Kremlin will be conquered, and I don t doubt that Stalin will escape from ours.The only thing I m thinking about is what kind of carnival the soldiers will have after the war.The glory of Germany will be best reflected in that one.Now.I order you, go forward, great Germany Finished, He raised his hand straight Everything for Germany Everything for Germany Everything for Ernst On September 5, 1943, the last war in Moscow broke out In the frenzied cry of All for Germany All for Ernst , the heroic German soldiers launched a frenzied charge towards the Kremlin.Hmph, coaxing me again.You actually had the heart to abandon me and run to that desolate Germania, and you still said you were not cruel Singroa lightly stretched out his hand and thumped Centumalus chest, holding back She said with a sweet smile But you look so good in this dress Singroa played with the ornaments on Centumalus official uniform with his fingers.Although it is desolate there, there are a lot of precious amber.I will pick the best one and bring it back to my goddess.but.No matter how beautiful Amber is, it can t compare with Singroa s face.Centumalus kissed the sweet lips of the beauty in his arms.I experience cbd edibles gummy worms don t want any amber.If I could choose, I d rather have you by my side than those savages.Singaloa sighed faintly.Hehe, my Singale, it s the barbarians you mentioned that gave us such a headache that even the mighty Caesar couldn t completely conquer them.I m sorry, General, I told my subordinates that I m used to HCMUSSH experience cbd edibles gummy worms it.I suggest that you take advantage of this period of time to step up fortification renovations, readjust your forces, and launch some local counterattacks against the enemy at the right time.This will buy a lot of time for the defense of Berlin Major.why should i trust you You don t have to believe me, General, but you ll soon know I m not lying.One more thing I must implore you, a large number of German civilians from Schrothenburg are moving to Berlin.In order to draw the enemy s attention away from them, I must deliberately expose all communications phil mickelson cbd gummies experience cbd edibles gummy worms to the enemy.I hope you can cooperate with me.Do you have a radio station somewhere Yes, I found an old radio.Major Moyol.Let me make sure, you re exposing yourself to the enemy.Let the enemy chase you, I think, there is no problem with my understanding, right Exactly so, General.It s clear that Chekowelski is a respectable name locally.Even the Russians are the same.When they arrived at the Chekvelsky s house.The captain first made a request for a visit, which was quickly answered, and Mr.Czekowski agreed to a visit from his old friend, Major Henri Ren Abel.It seems that he has already guessed that the so called French major must be someone sent by Berlin to contact him When he entered the extremely spacious reception room, Wang Weiyi saw Checkwells, who was about forty years old Kei, was having a conversation with a Russian military officer.And this Russian police officer Wang Weiyi also recognized Papasolovsky Papasorowski met Henri Ren .When it was Major Abel, he was equally astonished Major Abel, why are you here Aha.He is my old friend.Chekvelsky stood up like a real stranger The old friend who met Wang Weiyi hugged like that Major.End its invincible myth There is no possibility of victory in Berlin, and her fall is only a matter of time, and the undefeated myth of the Skeleton Commando.Speaking of bringing great confidence to Germany, this is seriously detrimental to the future experience cbd edibles gummy worms rule of the Allied forces.This will make them face endless resistance, and all resistance must uphold one purpose in the name of the Skeleton Commando Driven by such thoughts, Westmoreland issued a new order to the front line US commander, Brigadier General Budger.Temporarily halt the onslaught of German Nordland battle regiments.Solve the Brest problem first.He used the words solve the Brest problem and deliberately avoided the words skeleton experience cbd edibles gummy worms commando.He had to minimize the influence of this team Brigadier General Badger Knowing more about the harm the Skeleton Commando brought to the Allied forces, he ordered the 3rd Brigade to continue to maintain high pressure offensive pressure on the Nordland Combat Regiment. But the enemy planes are still coming back to bomb Joseph reminded hesitantly.What does that matter Leoni s tone was so firm They bombed once, and we recovered once.Even if the enemy occupies here, Alexson Manor is still the most sacred place in the minds of all Germans At this time, Leonie and her companions heard Xiao Ling say cbd gummies and epilepsy in their ears There will be no more bombing, and the base will take on the task of protecting Alexon Manor.Of course Joseph couldn t hear this Ma am, that s great, I ll let everyone know you re back No, not yet.Erina said at this time We came back secretly this time, and are waiting for the baron s experience cbd edibles gummy worms order.This place will be a secret liaison base from now on.I think the baron will have many things for us to do.Yes, at your command, HCMUSSH experience cbd edibles gummy worms Miss Elena.Joseph is always so respectful, but he couldn t hide his excitement at all I can t wait to experience cbd edibles gummy worms what is cbd gummies 300mg see the baron again, and I can t wait for every German to share this good news with me.They didn t have the time to notice what was going on.Fighting became their only option.No one knows what crazy things those Germans will do once we retreat to the city But even that idea now looks elusive.When he led dozens of soldiers to look for hiding places.They encountered a group of armed fighters from the German Resistance.That was a combat team of a resistance organization led by Stephen.Members of these resistance organizations were excited by what they saw.The long awaited German army finally entered the city.The German counterattack finally came.The bad breath they had held in their hearts for too long could finally be completely released.They are looking for the US military to fight everywhere, and once they find it, the bullets will rain down on the enemy like a storm.These veterans of the Second World War, they know how to fight, how to protect themselves while killing the enemy to the maximum extent.

Civilians assisted the soldiers in fortifying their positions and helping the wounded.Even those old people, women, and children are the same.At this moment, Lieutenant Colonel Carls understood that even if there were countless crazy bombings, it would not be able to destroy Ibor s determination to resist to the end.I m Lieutenant Colonel Kars.When he saw an enemy wearing a US military uniform appearing in front of him, he didn t know how to address him.First rank general of the German Armed Forces SS, first rank general of the Wehrmacht Army Guo Yunfeng.Lieutenant Colonel Karls would not believe that the young man in can you take cbd gummies on airplanes experience cbd edibles gummy worms front of him was Guo Yunfeng, the only two first rank generals in Germany.But this is the territory of the Germans, and whatever he says must be taken as true.General, it s an honor to meet you.At least in the eyes of the Allies, the possibility of any victory in Germany s fate In fact, this is the confidence accumulated by Germany over the years, a belief in the Baron that outsiders cannot understand at all.From World War I to World War II, no matter what the circumstances, the Baron could always perform miracles, and he never knew what it meant to fail.And it s the same this time.Westmoreland decided to organize a strong force and deal a fierce blow to Berlin, completely dispelling the confidence of the Germans and breaking the myth of the Baron s invincibility.Seventeen divisions and eight brigades of Allied forces were mobilized.Cooperating with strong air and ground forces, Westmoreland organized a military attack code named Blizzard on December 10th.The goal is very clear, to completely defeat the main German defense line composed of the Skeleton Division, the Prince Eugen Mountain Division, and the Grossdeutschland Regiment.Well prepared, and when the order of Marshal Ernst was issued, the 2nd and 6th Brigades of the German National Army also voluntarily abandoned their positions and retreated sharply.If General Catawaso knew that the Germans voluntarily gave up their positions, maybe He will regret it to death, this is the best opportunity for him to show off his military exploits The what is in keoni cbd gummies Americans were encouraged by the Italians, and the French were also encouraged by the Italians Li.Let.General Doss and his 33rd Infantry Division of the French Army had no idea that they were entering a huge trap woven by their own lies.But who are they to blame If you choose the Italians as your allies, then you should have such mental preparations.When they came to the designated battlefield, no Italian soldiers were found, which made General Doss a little surprised, but no Germans were indeed found on the opposite position.Each of them can master a foreign language proficiently.They even clearly understand some small actions of people from various countries.For example, the way of spitting is different between Americans and Russians.For example, the frequency of mouth movements when chewing gum is different between Americans and French.These tiny details can sometimes determine whether an action can be successful Heisenberg firmly remembers what the baron once told himself When passing through the enemy s blockade, even if you hold the gun in the wrong posture, or the pronunciation of a word is not standard, or can you take cbd gummies on airplanes experience cbd edibles gummy worms you subconsciously make yourself Do what the Germans used to do for decades.Then it may bring a disaster to the entire team.And such a disaster must be avoided.Now, Heisenberg and all the soldiers of the SS 1st Assault Squadron of the Brandenburg Commando under his command.If this is the case, then he will win Yes.Order all the troops to continue to strengthen the offensive, and ask our air force to increase the bombing of the German army.Completely blow them up, flatten them, and blow them up Ernst directly called my name, and now the whole world Knowing my fight with him.Ryan, don t HCMUSSH experience cbd edibles gummy worms you think that s a good thing in a way Ryan knew exactly what he meant.There are not many enemy generals who can be named by the baron himself.If Corrett can defeat the baron and break the myth of the baron s invincibility, especially when the baron is personally named, then he will definitely become a famous general of the generation.Who wouldn t wish they could defeat the Skeleton Baron And such a best opportunity is placed in front of Corrett.Of course, maybe the Skeleton Baron has another meaning, which is to use this method to give the arrogant Corrett the greatest humiliation in front of the whole world.At this time A soldier came in at the door, holding a telegram Colonel, the general asked us to continue to stand firm, and 500 people will be reinforced here tomorrow Although Colonel Fan Siteng is brave and good at fighting, he is also fully aware of his own strength.He knows that if he persists, the whole army will be wiped out.But he has no choice but to bite the bullet and continue to hold on.He waved his hand and said, Go back.US military headquarters.Colonel Nesko still had his sinister smile on his face, and asked the officer behind him Have our four regiments on the left and right wings arrived Yes.sir.Those Germans will be wiped out tomorrow the next day, 5 00 am.Boom Ahsoldiersget up, the American army is attacking us ah As soon as a second lieutenant woke Gattle and the others, his head was pierced by a shrapnel.Then they stared at the bread.They said that this way they would not be so experience cbd edibles gummy worms hungry.Saving food.The door to the basement was pushed open.Captain Bondarev came in Everyone There is good news When the soldiers heard this, they cheered up Can we leave here Captain That s right The cbd gummies ble ti soldiers cheered, and Captain Bondarev went on to say We are going to leave here, and another company will come to replace us.And we are in charge of taking back the Post Office Great, we can finally change the air But how do we get there It s raining so much outside, and the Americans are everywhere, I m afraid such a small force is not enough Kinot said.This is the crux of the problemthe sewer here is not connected to the post office.Is it next to the building We go down the sewer.The reason why everyone was dispatched in this ghostly weather was because of the heavy rain.

It s impossible After she finished speaking, she pulled her daughter up and stood up, and left here without looking back watching their backs.Wang Weiyi sighed deeply.He knew that Xie Lisa fell into these vortexes and could no longer get HCMUSSH experience cbd edibles gummy worms out, and there were many, many people who were just like them He paid.Then left the restaurant.But when he just went out, a burly guy came up to him and walked up to him with a fierce expression You damn little boy, do you know who I am Wang Weiyi didn t recognize this person at all I m sorry, sir, I don t know who you are, and I m not interested in knowing who you are I m f sha The guy s voice got louder.I know Maosha submachine gun, which was used by the Soviet army in the past.Wang Weiyi smiled I think.You probably don t have much to do with submachine guns The mocking meaning in the words Listen.But I think you d better ask William yourself this question.Wang Weiyi knew what he meant.No matter from which angle you look at this matter, it is better for the father to ask his son himself.Eliot sighed Originally, I could arrange for you to meet.But experience cbd edibles gummy worms since the outbreak of the war, William seems to be deliberately avoiding me.I can t remember how many times I haven t seen him, except on TV.Outside Baron, William has changed, he experience cbd edibles gummy worms has become very strange, he is no longer the William we used to know This time, it was Wang Weiyi s turn to be silent.William has changed.It has become very strange, and it is no longer the William we used to know Elliott s words hit his heart hard.But no matter how he changes, he is still his own son after all No one or any force can change this I will go experience cbd edibles gummy worms to William, if I want to see him, no one will It can be stopped.But your safety is my concern.It s hard to mother nature cbd gummies reviews reassure me here, I suggest you stay with me.No, I m right here.Wang Weiyi rejected the other party s kindness Does the little William Francis Raeburn you mentioned just now have any information on him Yes, I carry them with me.William Francis Rayburn Jr., promoted to Lieutenant General in 1960, retired in 1963.After the resignation of John Alex McCone of the CIA, his old friend Lyndon Johnson ruled out the most qualified the best cbd gummies for insomnia CIA Deputy Director Marshall Sylvester.Carter, who officially nominated him as director of the Central Intelligence Agency in April 1965, took over not because of his achievements in the Navy, but because of his staunch support for Johnson, both of whom were Texans.Everything later proved how wrong the appointment of political connections in intelligence work would be.To force him to seek help from others, said Solomon slowly, is too bold a plan, and too dangerous. Yes, it s a little bolder.But there is no other way.The daughter is missing, and the vice president must ask Rayburn to report the situation at any time.If Rayburn is not found, his prestige will decline, his power will be weakened, and experience cbd edibles gummy worms hemp bombs cbd gummies how many to take his relationship with the vice president and even the president will also be alienated.At that point, he s desperate to find his behind the scenes friends to help him out.Solomon nodded acquiescingly.This is certainly a clever plan, but for him it was the greatest adventure in his life.He drank his whiskey silently, and what he thought about in his mind was not the purpose and motivation of the action, but the plan and method of action This thing has to be done my way.The old gunner has been fighting with Kiritz since 1965.He has a calm head, he rarely shoots, but every shot hits.The old guy said that he must be completely sure of every blow before he sends it out.Whenever old Mel holds phil mickelson cbd gummies experience cbd edibles gummy worms this kind of grasp in battle.He sucked both of his cheeks into his mouth, and his hairless head made his whole face look like an octopus head.A high explosive shell hit the hull of the American tank steadily.Dozens of infantrymen around the tank were blasted into the sky by this cannon, and the dismembered fragments rained down like burning.American tanks also seem to be finished.It comes to a stop phil mickelson cbd gummies experience cbd edibles gummy worms from reverse.The barrel drooped.Marina didn t stop for a moment, she still rushed towards the American tank like a bull.40 meters 30 meters 20 meters Nash Armor piercing shells Nash Turrets Kiritz cannot take the cunning of the Americans lightly.This is all the armor power in their hands, of course artillery is indispensable.On the periphery of the position, they spent the past few days digging 3 anti tank trenches, and laid minefields on all roads.They were ordered to stick to it for 5 days.But the U.S.military s order was not intercepted, and the translator learned that the German positions were conquered within 2 days.At noon, the U.S.military finally arrived.Numerous heavy artillery bombarded the German positions for as long as 3 hours.Due to the advance arrangements and the experience cbd edibles gummy worms realization of intelligence obtained from local personnel, the German army was already in thick bunkers, and the casualties were not very large.Under such circumstances, the U.S.military lined up in a dense formation and advanced towards the German army.In front of the infantry, tanks and artillery moved slowly behind.What does the future of Italy look like Falling apart To lose everything we once had No, as a patriot I don t want to see this happen Pism sighed deeply I know you don t want to shoot your compatriots, but just an hour ago, can you take cbd gummies on airplanes experience cbd edibles gummy worms Commander Donani called again, urging you to destroy those people tomorrow.Resistors, launch a direct attack on Turin, you cannot disobey his orders.That s what hurts me the most.Tiertini shook his head slowly If I were ten years younger, I would even be willing to follow those insurgents.General, a man named Dinakale wants to see you right away.At this time, a report interrupted their conversation, and Pism my gummy bear cbd delray beach glanced at the general Dinakale That s our friend.Also the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turin.Tiertini smiled slightly I think he should act as a lobbyist on behalf of the Republic of Turin.

They are still driving in Bodilla s radio received a burst of curses from Klaus 098, damn it Get back behind me Who is covering for us Nuoqier cursed inwardly, idiot cover Look hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed reviews delta 8 cbd gummies 1000mg at the Russians now, what ability do they have to counterattack Cover who Hit the air with cannonballs Bodilla took off the headset, then shrugged at Nuoqier, he also knew what he should do 098 keep going The speed at which they drove in at full speed was just a little faster than the speed at which the Russians could escape So they always have something worth attacking Hans pulled the trigger of the mg62 machine gun like crazy The rapid and intensive firing of extremely lethal bullets shot down the lagging Russians who showed their butts to them one by one.They have nowhere to hide Even more powerless to fight back The sky is the German army s dive fighter group, and the ground is the German army s armored steel flow What followed was a huge number of infantry groups Unless the Russians have the power to recover They lost 098 hardly fires because they have limited shells And Hans didn t control the heat well.Although it couldn t penetrate the steel armor of those tanks, it could at least stop the infantry s charge.There is no need to draw lots to decide what life or death is.Anyway, everyone will die here in the end.A soldier picked up the explosive bag and rushed out with a howl.He fell, fell without suspense.Just like everyone before Another soldier fell down, the ground in the position was already red with blood, and there were corpses one after another.Looking can you take cbd gummies on airplanes experience cbd edibles gummy worms at it in all directions, people only feel sad and helpless.You can t change all this, all you can do is die with these people There is no hope, only despair.The gate of heaven is closed, and all they can go to is hell.And there, maybe there are even more terrible things waiting for them.They have no capital to fight against anything.This also includes your own destiny.This has never happened before.Your Excellency the Grand Duke, we have no money.Similov smiled wryly.In Moscow, without money we can t get anything.Gregory felt the pain of being cbd gummy test poor for the first time.He thought there for a long time, and suddenly put his hand into his mouth When he took out his hand, there was a gold tooth in his palm Similov, I know this looks It s disgusting.But now this is the last of my possessions Similov took the gold tooth.It could be seen that his eyes were also red Your Excellency, Grand Duke, please rest assured, I will definitely bring you food back.You won t leave me too Gregory s words almost brought Crying I beg you, don t leave me like them, or I will really die here.Your Excellency, Grand Duke, do you think I am the same person as them strawberry fields cbd gummies 1000mg Simiro As if he felt insulted No, I will never leave you Similov left, with the last of Grigory s possessions, the gold tooth Gerry Gao Li suddenly felt that he was so lonely.It is the most unbearable shame.If it wasn t for your kindness to take me in, I don t know what I should do.Milosevic was overjoyed, what he needed was someone who was willing to serve him faithfully He also stood up and gave Similov a strong hug Please believe that as long as this assassination is successful, I will definitely not let you down.I believe in you, Your Excellency the Marquis, and you can also wait Good news for me.Similov said impassionedly.Now, Milosevic is somewhat relieved.As long as Khmelitsky died, he would lose one of his biggest competitors.As for the impact of Khmelitsky s death Ah, it s nothing, when the time comes, just kill Similov and use him as a scapegoat.People like Mishilov do not deserve their trust and rewards The turmoil in Moscow has not been calmed down by Gregory s death.The waiter carefully closed the door and handed a hot towel to Khmelitsky, Marquis of Pereas.Then the waiter started to back away, and on.He stretched his hand into a dark compartment that had been arranged in the corner of the box With a slight sound, the secret compartment was opened, and then a pistol was held in the hand of the waiter At this time, the movie experience cbd edibles gummy worms was staged to , the protagonist was holding two revolvers and killing all directions, the waiter stepped forward quickly, pointed the gun at Khmelitsky, and how many cbd gummies should i take for sleep hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed reviews then panicked at Khmelitsky I greet you on behalf of the Marquis of Andjac The protagonist in the movie fired again, and the gun in the waiter s hand rang at the same moment Hemelitz Ji clutched his chest and fell down in pain The experience cbd edibles gummy worms waiter put away the gun, opened the door of the box calmly, and then closed it carefully.Removal of Milosevic and Khmelitsky from their marquis titles and all positions held by them.Since the removal of the title must be approved by His Majesty the Tsar, I will submit our decision to His Majesty the Tsar for review experience cbd edibles gummy worms as soon as possible.Of course, now I also have to exercise the powers of the Special Investigative Committee, the police, arrest Milosevic and Khmelitsky All these changes came too suddenly The nature of the questioning meeting that was originally aimed at Milosevic has completely changed Milosevic, who was in handcuffs, glanced at Khmelitsky, who was also in handcuffs Are you satisfied now Yes, are you satisfied now The final result may be a loss for both sidesKhmelitsky originally thought that he could completely kill his opponent Milosevic, but what he thought of with great satisfaction is that now even he cbd isolate gummies 30mg himself has become a prisoner The other two resolutions of the Special Investigation Committee are to immediately restart the investigation of the Kasjivov massacre, and at the same time, to appoint Mr.Why so fast Steinman had just dealt with this group of US troops, and another batch of reinforcements came from the direction of the intersection.Steinman pressed the headset Pay attention to the intersection After speaking, he moved to the direction facing the intersection.15 tanks and nearly 300 infantry were found Boom A US tank was shot in the back and exploded, and then another tank in the rear was hit and exploded.Hey, this is the Leopard 9, we are at the intersection now The intermittent voice of the Leopard 9 just now came from the headset, and Steinman pointed his rifle at the intersection The American infantry who appeared in the direction started firing We will support you You must find a cover and hold on We will come later Steinman turned and ran to the house in a hurry, and took out a radio handset Heavy pressure.

Now things have become complicated.Sentence you Robito s lackeys to death Undoubtedly, the assassins were all those who opposed General Robito, or to be more precise, they were all radical revolutionaries.Because in the ranks of revolutionaries, it was suggested more than once that Robito was A running cbd gummies romania dog of the government, he is not qualified to lead the new France.Then, the assassination has implicated these so called revolutionaries.Berkeley s efficiency is surprisingly fast.In less than three days, he has already More than a dozen suspects have been arrested.It is entirely conceivable what kind of tragedy these poor creatures will suffer if they fall into the hands of Berkeley.What crime, but it doesn t matter, the important thing is that Berkeley needs some people who are willing to speak according to their own wishes.President has never had any feelings for the Baron.Anger, on the can you take cbd gummies on airplanes experience cbd edibles gummy worms contrary, is always full of respect.Maybe the baron is indeed worthy of everyone s respect, but after all, President William represents the interests of the United States It s just that you should ask less about personal matters like Mr.President.Wonderful Mr.President, the domestic situation is also not optimistic.Turner calmed down and said The economic crisis has not been alleviated in any way, but has intensified.Large scale riots broke out in multiple cities, and suicides occurred almost every hour.A large number of unemployed people are constantly protesting against the government.Some congressmen demand that we end the war immediately and return to the construction of the United States.The general election is just around the corner, and the situation is already very serious for us.Marshal Erwin Rommel was appointed as the commander in chief of the German British Allied Forces.The Desert Fox who shocked the world back then will reopen his ferocious war on another battlefield.Fangs The intelligence personnel in various cities in the UK have sent us intelligence about the UK In the joint operations conference room, General Fels introduced In the There are more and more people opposing the Fenton government in various parts of the UK, and the calls for the Queen s return are also getting louder.With the cooperation of intelligence personnel, experience cbd edibles gummy worms some sabotage operations have experience cbd edibles gummy worms begun.The current Fenton experience cbd edibles gummy worms what is cbd gummies 300mg government is very embarrassing.On the one hand, they have to deal with the upcoming war, and on the other hand, they have to deal with domestic challenges and I think all of this must be attributed to Sir Rosen As he said that, he glanced at Sir RosenAlthough the Sir also arrived in London with Queen Elizabeth II, he still has a lot of power in the UK.Elliott from the British government using legal means, no matter what happens in the future.The British government must recognize experience cbd edibles gummy worms the authenticity and validity of these bonds.Yess didn t even think about saving agreed to come down At this time, he felt that Mr.Elliott s request was really absurd What if he wrote this certification document himself If the Fenton government has always existed, then this bond is of course real and effective, but if the Fenton government collapses.Will the new British government exchange Mr Elliott for the proof of what he has done Perhaps these super rich people have always been insensitive to politics, or they want to use this batch of war bonds to blackmail the new government in the future Then I think our cooperation is very pleasant Paris stood up and shook hands with Yess At this time tomorrow afternoon, I will still be here waiting for you, Mr.And what I have to do is to find the weakness of this person, and then accomplish my goal.And General Gandra s weakness has been found by him General, I don t think you should say that.Wang Weiyi said calmly I am not just for you.Such an excellent doctor , if he is in the United States, he can treat countless paralyzed patients.Isn t this the luck of the United States You have probably heard that our mission is not only military, but also a very important and very special mission.Look for people with special talents all over the world.And use all means to bring them to the United States General Gendra nodded silently If this is the case, at least he can make himself Maintain a full sense of honor I will help you deal with this as soon as possible.Wang Weiyi said indifferently Maybe in a few days you will be able to get the Dr.And Colonel Jed and Lieutenant Colonel Mills, the two natural rivals, have already shown their special abilities, and they are desperately trying to use their abilities so that they can sit in this position.One wins over the Prime Minister, the other wins over the Minister of Defense, and neither of them wants to lose easily to the other.On the contrary, they relaxed about their own work.The funeral of Nash was carried out in a rainy weather.A few days ago, the weather in London became particularly sunny, but now it has returned to rainy weather.Maybe God is also foreshadowing experience cbd edibles gummy worms something.Many Americans and senior officials of the Fenton government attended the funeral.No purekana cbd gummies on shark tank matter how Nash was, no matter how cbd gummies discount 1000 mg many enemies he made for himself, he is now a dead man.understand.This is a respectable person, this is a person to admire.Please also allow me personally I would like to express my gratitude to you President Fenton said with a smile on his face You can completely refuse this appointment.To outsiders, this position seems extremely important.But in fact, this is a very difficult position.It requires Loyalty, risk, and sacrifice require the most tenacious perseverance to meet all unknown tests, and in my opinion, no one is more experience cbd edibles gummy worms suitable than you Doing to Lieutenant Colonel Moyol After some HCMUSSH experience cbd edibles gummy worms encouragement, President Fenton said immediately After Nash was assassinated, we encountered many difficulties.It is necessary to find the murderer for Mr.Nash, but it is not something you must do right away.Search, the underground resistance organization The activity is getting more and more rampant.They are in London, they are wreaking havoc all over the UK.

This is one of the top concerns of countless Americans, especially black people.The death of Lucy started a new wave of struggle among blacks.It can be said that this incident is the fuse of all black struggles.Shukako has a very deep background, he is the son of a general, and more importantly, the war has reached the most critical moment, and the US government must rely on General Gandra s outstanding command on the battlefield to win the war possibility.Therefore, under such circumstances, a piece of news is quietly circulating in New York and even the entire United States due to the intervention of some special forces, Shukako will eventually be acquitted.to be honest.The reliability of this news is still questionable.After all, all the witnesses and evidences are seriously detrimental to Shukako.Brahm Wang Weiyi said with a deep smile We must thank you who risked their lives to save us.Before Tuna could express his humility, Wang Weiyi continued But what makes me a little strange is, what should I call you, Mr.Olaviecki Or Mr.Tuna Tuna s complexion changed drastically, and his hand involuntarily reached for the pistol at his waist But it s too late.The muzzle of Thorpe s black hole beside him was aimed at him, and then he took away his weapon without him being able to resist.Wang Weiyi sat down with Sir Monlington I think we should have a good talk and don t try to resist.Olaviecki or Mr.Tuna, here we can easily kill a person, and no one will ever I know.I want to be able to get all the confessions I want, so let s start with your name.What s your real name It got to the point.Tuna knew that he was doomed, and he could only be the one who suffered from the futile resistance.Just like he was about to lose Southampton.He looked back at the city hall building, which seemed to be mocking him.Don Tanner smiled bitterly, What is more sad than this Wang Weiyi experience cbd edibles gummy worms what is cbd gummies 300mg also saw what happened in front of him.He didn t think there was anything strange.When experience cbd edibles gummy worms cbd gummies expiration date a soldier, when an army completely lost his faith, it would be It will be an inevitable result.And the tragic battle that took place in Southampton can finally be truly over at this time 1125.The huge battlefield that took place in Southampton is coming to an end A large number of U.S.troops chose to lay down their weapons and can i take cbd gummies on plane surrender.Don Tanner knew that he was powerless.What else could he do When a commander loses the support of all soldiers, the only outcome waiting for him is failure.And Like Frank, despite his defeat, Don Tanner did not discredit a soldier by killing himself with a experience cbd edibles gummy worms what is cbd gummies 300mg single bullet.In the United States, President William was the most staunch supporter of the war, and this once won him great popularity.But as the war progressed, news of the defeat continued to spread to the United States, and President William s reputation was declining sharply.With the outbreak of the financial crisis affecting the entire United States, President William and the US government led by him have suffered even more.Then came the serious racial crisis in the United States that followed.The current United States is almost turning into a battlefield.The frequent outbreaks and even armed uprisings of black people have caused the US government to be devastated, and they have to spend a lot of energy to deal with the domestic racial crisis.The most troublesome thing is that the strikes and riots of black people made the US economy, which was already in deep trouble, even more unable to extricate itself.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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