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Hall, Boncrere, Steck Adolf, you also come along, and the rest continue to stand firm.Wang Weiyi loudly issued such an order.Soon, the party was assembled.Counting Wang Weiyi shark tank stop smoking cbd gummies and Elena, there were a total of twenty people.After briefly explaining the task, the soldiers seemed a little excited.Since the last time After the battle, it has been a while since I fought against the enemy.Now, it s time to teach those British guys a lesson.While the soldiers were preparing, Wang Weiyi quietly came to the side and whispered to the tracker Said cbd gummies for hangover Xiao Ling, Xiao Ling, call Xiao Ling.Xiao Ling s voice came again Call me so early, what s the important thing The battle hasn t started yet, do you want reinforcements Help me find a spy named Andreas.He seems to have stolen some information from the Germans.The search team began to set off along the west, but along the way, Elena still didn t believe it at all, what would happen to the intelligence of the Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff Department Error.That s it.When he reached do cbd gummies taste bad a forest in the west, Sergeant Hall, who was very familiar with the surrounding terrain, stopped There is only one place where the enemy can pass It s also a good place to ambush.Wang Weiyi looked at the terrain Sergeant Hall, you take half of the people there, and I will lead the rest to ambush here.Wait for my signal.Yes, Lieutenant.Sergeant Hall has never had any compromises in executing orders.Twenty people hid separately, and Adolf Hitler and Wang Weiyi were divided into one group.It can be seen that Hitler was a little nervous, which made Ellie on the side Na was a little disdainful.Wang Weiyi asked about the situation on the battlefield in his temporary battalion headquarters soon after the soldiers welcome ceremony.Yes, Captain.Hall pointed to the map and said In front of us, there is a whole regiment of enemies.That is the 43rd Battalion of the 42nd East Lance Division of the British Army, equipped with 42 machine guns The machine gun firepower of Battalion A Company has been attacking very fiercely in the past two days, and the D9 position has fallen into their hands, and the machine gun has caused a lot of damage to us.Looking in the direction of Hall s finger, Wang Weiyi frowned Brow This is a fire suppression point, why don t you organize forces to take it back Captain.Second Lieutenant Hall smiled bitterly The task I received is to hold on to the current position, although D9 can attack us.Crown Prince William August didn t say anything, just sat there thinking about something.Your Highness, do you need something to eat Booker came to His Royal Highness and asked after Marison left.August shook his head Baron Booker, I was thinking about something, don t you find it a bit strange The enemy seems to have completely mastered our route Baron Booker frowned Don t you think the bombing by the British plane was accidental I don t think so.August held his chin and mused The place we were bombed was worthless, why did the British plane come And I noticed that the place where we were bombed has a very obvious mountain mark, which can be easily seen in the air.The British planes came too timely and the bombing was too accurate.What do you mean Is it a spy among us Baron Booker understood what His Royal cbd plus thc gummies flurish cbd gummies HCMUSSH flurish cbd gummies Highness the Crown Prince meant.Adolf Hitler, are you there Adolf Hitler stood up, and then walked to the witness stand.Schlaf said Mr.Adolf Hitler, please report your number and rank.Corporal, 3rd Company, Supplementary Battalion, 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment. Were you there that time Yes, I am, sir.Please tell everyone what happened that day Hitler glanced at Hall with icy eyes That day, we received an order to retreat.Captain Ernst fought hard to buy time for us to retreat.When Captain Ernst was still on the front line, Second Lieutenant Hall We leafywell cbd gummies cbd gummies ingredients have been ordered to retreat.You are right, Mr.Lawyer, Lieutenant Hall, who has deserted his superior Hall opened his mouth, he hesitated to speak, he didn t know what to say.Schlaf immediately asked Corporal Adolf Hitler, please tell us clearly that Second Lieutenant Hall sometimes responded to Lord Alexon Adolf Hitler looked at Hall again, and then a lethal sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth Yes A third exclamation sounded from the gallery.The legendary Major Ernst Brahm, Second Lieutenant Mark blushed with excitement flurish cbd gummies Mark of the Second German Hunting Squadron Major, it is my greatest honor to provide you with air support.Thank you for your support, Second lieutenant.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.He has a crush on this man.Being able to stay by Richthofen s side, it seems that he has a pretty good relationship with the Red Baron.Schlaf, who came with them, waved his arm I have to tell you, I m writing a new novel, and I m sure it will be a great novel that will be handed down for many years.Ah, the title of the book I ve already read Take one temporarily, The Baron of the Skeleton , yes, it is the story of Baron Alexon.This book can be seen as a sequel to The Third Reich.In the book The Third Reich , the Empire Encountered a severe crisis, and in the new novel, the appearance of the skeleton baron will save the Third Reich Wang Weiyi s heart moved.The current Montagut is still very small, but after the end of the First World War, it will soon grow in the hands of Will Tinland.Xiaoling carefully explained In 1925, in Will Tinland Under Rand s leadership, Montagut launched women s underwear and stockings by knitting for the first time, which successfully established the brand s popularity.During the Second World War, the shortage of natural silk raw materials prompted Montagut to invent artificial silk instead of natural silk.The unique silk fabric produced by multi step processing procedures of polyamide fabric, because the appearance, comfort and feel are comparable to natural silk, and its strength and durability are similar to nylon.This kind of silk is called bright silk The knitted sweater has become Montagut s signature.And the leader of the invention is also Will Tinland.

But it can t stop the fleeing soldiers at all The combat effectiveness of Russian soldiers may be the worst among the participating countries in World War I.This often happens on the battlefield, and the Russians have an absolute upper hand , but because of the sudden appearance of a small incident, the battlefield, which was in good shape, could collapse in the most jaw dropping way.The Russians claim to be able to arm the largest number of soldiers in the shortest time, and there is nothing wrong with this statement.It is not difficult for the Russians to quickly organize an army of 300,000 or 500,000 troops, but the number of soldiers with real combat effectiveness is often less than half.The situation Vasilevsky is now facing is just another repeat of the countless poor performances of the Russian army on the battlefield.How can a defeated man come and talk to a colonel like this cbd thc gummy flurish cbd gummies After dawn, I m going to catch them in front of me, the gallows I ve got ready for them Vasilevsky, now From the beginning, you will act as my assistant, and all you have to do is to complete the task exactly according to my flurish cbd gummies instructions Yes, Colonel.Vasilevsky said helplessly.He firmly believed that what he did was right, but he couldn t argue with the colonel.The colonel followed the usual ethos of most Russian military officials arrogant, arrogant, and rude.Only failure can make them more honest Vasilevsky can titan infusions cbd gummies have hemp oil bet that what Ernst Brahm hopes most now is that the Russian army will launch a search across the city.Then he will have the opportunity to leave here Major Kiriyenko Vasilevsky was silent for a while I have another sad news serenity cbd gummies amazon to tell you, your nephew Hit by enemy bullets last night Kiriyenko shook his body, and then scratched a lice on his chest Poor little Dirk Second Lieutenant Vasilevsky, go and help the colonel catch those Germans to avenge my nephew.After approaching Omjet, they all changed to walking, and attacked Poyaevra on time at 7 o clock Ah, by the way Just as the team members were getting ready, Riley suddenly said, I found out the name of that Russian cavalry corporal liberty cbd gummies dr oz leafywell cbd gummies No, he should be called a sergeant now.Sergeantwhat s his name Ah, Georgi Konstantinovich Zhukov Wang Weiyi was not surprised, but showed a strange smile.Georgi Konstantinovich Zhukov If only In this era, I would be very surprised when I heard this name, but now it is different.I have not only seen so many bright future stars in Germany, but also the famous Russian general Vasilevsky.One more There is nothing wrong with Zhukov.But it is still exciting to confront Zhukov head on.Thinking of this, I couldn t help but glanced at Model who was busy preparing in the distance.Looking at the portrait.Major, please take a look.Pipondu handed over the portrait in flurish cbd gummies his hand.Wang Weiyi took it and couldn t help laughing It looks like I m the one in the painting, but it s not as handsome as me.Pipondu, Will, and Elena couldn t flurish cbd gummies laugh or cry, and it was obvious that the French are cbd gummies legal in all states already knew that Ernst was there.Paris is currently searching all over the city, but Ernst is still in the mood to make such a joke My garment factory also came in the police early this morning, but they got nothing from me.Will didn t want to make such a joke I came here flurish cbd gummies quickly, and Pipondu came in too The police.The police came here too How come I don t know anything about it Wang Weiyi was a little curious.Pipondu quickly explained There is a sergeant among the secret police who came here, who is also from our Xigang family.If you have any orders, just ask, as long as it can make De Sade suffer a loss that he will never forget in his life Wang Weiyi approached Desimov, After giving low orders for a while, Desimov kept nodding his head, and when the skeleton baron finished speaking, Desimov said excitedly Great, this is really great Don t worry, Alexon Baron, I will definitely settle this matter.Is there any chance to cooperate with you again in the future I think there will be, Mr.Desimov.Wang Weiyi nodded very positively As long as there is War, we will definitely have a chance to meet.Even if the war is over, I think I will come to Paris one day sooner or later.Of course, if you can come to Berlin, you will also be entertained.I will remember your words , Baron Alexon.Upon hearing this reply, Desimov did not hesitate at all, and hurriedly left here to do what Baron Alexon told him.When the British ambulance appeared on the battlefield, Lieutenant Colonel Stino couldn t help asking Will you kill them Why should I kill them Wang Weiyi looked very surprised If there are German soldiers bodies , Our ambulance soldiers will also go up to check, and now I kill them, I will be retaliated.Lieutenant Colonel Stino, you have to know that they are just doing their duty just like you., Wang Weiyi threw away the cigarette butt Take a good rest, Lieutenant Colonel, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow at the latest, there will be more wounded, you have to help me treat them.Speaking of this, his eyes don t know why It fell in the direction of Udine.At this time, Lieutenant Colonel Stino didn t know what he was looking at, but he would soon understand.two hundred and thirty one.Udine the Predator became a pain in the heart of Major General Laurent.

However, this is what the Germans are used to.On February 1st, Colonel Ernst Brehm ordered a counterattack The artillery and mortars of the tanks spit out counterattack artillery fire at 6 am on this day.Colonel Ernst Brehm gave only one order fire the last shell The earth shattering gunfire made the British and Italians into a mess, and the Italians showed their essence as always run away Compared with fighting, the Italians are much more determined to escape When the sound of artillery was dr oz pure cbd gummies 300 mg the most intensive, most of the Italian army had been disintegrated.No matter how hard the British judges and judges tried to reprimand making cbd gummies legal in ct them, they could not gather these scattered Italians.General Laurent and General Bivorge had no idea what was going on, and the German counterattack fire was a bit too unexpected.Half of the multiple machine gun bunkers are unusable such fortifications must be repaired in advance within a limited time Otherwise, the fortifications would not be able to stop the Japanese attack at all These unscrupulous dogs Xue Yue patted the desk angrily The soldiers on the front line fought bloody battles, one division after another fell down, and the fortifications that cost countless money, manpower and materials have been completed like this It s time to kill Wang Weiyi, I understand, I will report directly to the committee, and immediately rush to repair the fortifications Wang Weiyi could only do so much, he saluted Xue Yue Commander, I m leaving.Go ahead.Xue Yue said indifferently.However, when Wang Weiyi walked to the door, Xue Yue stopped him suddenly, stared at Wang Weiyi for a while, Xue Yue said word by word Wang Weiyi, remember, come back alive Wang Weiyi smiled Commander, the Japanese who can kill me has not yet been born To be continued.What happened to R himself The Songjiang War has been fought hard until now, and all outside positions have been lost.The Japanese army was attacking the city fiercely.Under the attack of the enemy s superior artillery fire, the 67th Army suffered heavy casualties.But why don t the Japanese fight now What happened Nobody can give them an answer And not only that, even the Japanese planes and artillery stopped bombing at the same time.Military seat, military seat.Jin Kuibi, the commander of the 107th Division, rushed in.What s the panic Army seat.Reinforcement.Reinforcement is here Reinforcement One sentence attracted the attention of everyone in the headquarters, and Wu Keren couldn t wait to say How many people are there It looks like hundreds of people The enthusiasm was extinguished in an instant, and Wu Keren gave a wry smile.They put away their smiles and banter at this moment.They knew that the moment of life and death had arrived Twelve hours The Japanese army must not be allowed to approach here within twelve hours flurish cbd gummies They desperately repelled the attack of the Japanese army, but nearly a hundred brothers died in this attack It succeeded, but there was no laughter or any celebration They sat silently, silently waiting for the next attack This is war, there will be bloodshed, people will die But, they have no choice To live, isn t it to die The Japanese army attacked again and again, and the security team insisted on their lives time and time again.By 11 o clock, they repelled the enemy s four attacks During these four attacks, nearly cbd plus thc gummies flurish cbd gummies 200 security guards fell down there are still several hours before 3 00 p.m thirsty, hungrytiredThe fear of deathAll threats are rushing towards the security team members.Bullets kept flying past flurish cbd gummies his car, but Sun Qinghao didn t seem to notice it at all.It s getting closer it s getting closer the machine guns on the roof are roaring like crazy The submachine guns of the soldiers beside him were also firing tongues of angry flames.Firepower crazy sweep Firepower furious roar All the national soldiers in the truck were machine guns and submachine guns.Such intensive firepower would be extremely terrifying to any enemy.And the machine guns on the armored cars that accompanied the truck assault also gave the companions the best cover.They took cover ahead and fought their way.Armored cars charge up The truck on it The first one to jump off the truck was Wang Weiyi The submachine gun in his hand was swept out, and several Japanese soldiers who were trying to charge up were swept down in an instant.It s a good idea to keep one more excellent pilot like Gao Zhihang.Xiao Ling was silent for a while You cbd plus thc gummies flurish cbd gummies take care of the matter in front of you first Xiao Ling is indeed different from the past, and no longer directly refuses so coldly.Maybe this is a good start.look up.The fierce battle in the sky is still going on.However, it seems that the Chinese fighter planes have begun to gain the upper hand, and the Japanese fighter jets are somewhat embarrassed.A national fighter plane suddenly pulled up rapidly, and then condescended again At this moment, two American made Hawk destroyers suddenly appeared in the sky That s the National Air Force The soldiers on the ground suddenly burst into thunderous cheers.On the Shanghai battlefield, the Chinese Air Force gradually withdrew from the battlefield when the Air Force suffered heavy losses, but now, they reappeared the Chinese Air Force The Hawk style appeared in the sky, and immediately, like two goshawks, they rushed towards the opportunity The air battle breaks out here Strings of bullets skittered in the air.

The two teams met by chance, and the members of Li Lu s team were severely laughed at by Wei Dong.Judging from their expressions, they have nothing to gain during the day, and they will definitely have to work tomorrow.While waiting for the army to attack at night, these soldiers began to rest.It looks funny.Fang dug a trap waiting for you to jump, but the other party ignored you at all.Fang kept his eyes open all night and waited for the attackers, while the other party was sleeping and fighting.Not only can it be solved by weapons, but The psychological contest between the two sides is also very important.When the dawn gradually came, Iida Yona, who was in charge personally, was a little helpless.That night, apart from the constant attacks by those unknown bugs, the real attackers were not even seen.Although there is a smile on his face, God knows what is going on in his heart.Now he said slowly This time, I came to Shanghai to do some businessBoss Lu knows that even if he wants to come, what is the most urgent need for our soldiers to fight the enemy and resist foreign aggression Weapons, ammunition, medicines Hearing this, Lu Mingzhai s eyebrows twitched Wang Weiyi still said unhurriedly Big Shanghai, Shili Foreign Market, Huahua World, there are all kinds of forces.Here, as long as you have money.You can buy anything.So I want to set up a company here and specialize in whats the diffrence vetween cbd gummies and setiva gummies it.But this company is not easy to open This is the real purpose of Wang Weiyi s visit to Shanghai.The frontline battles will definitely become more and more fierce, and weapons, ammunition, medicines and other supplies will inevitably become the most urgently needed.I could clearly see the change in Qiao Zhihe s complexion, and then quietly gave a thumbs up Brother Wang, what a skill I can kill the Dongyang people like this, I am Qiao Fox.Then, Wang Weiyi came this time After talking about the purpose, Qiao Zhihe frowned The method is good.As long as it is to fight Xiao Dongyang, I, Qiao, are obliged to do so.However, the start up capital for this business is really too much.I am not afraid of your brother Wang s jokes.Although I have made some money in these years, it is absolutely unaffordable.He spoke without any concealment, and immediately aroused Wang Weiyi s great affection Mr.Qiao, I will come for the funds.Two hundred and twenty pounds Is there enough gold How much Qiao Zhihe s eyes widened.Lu Mingzhai had no idea how much 220 pounds of gold was.Yannick turned back and said to his companions.His companions stood up one after another.At this moment, R himself had to stand up too.The power balance is too great.Yannick raised his hand straight up Cut for Ernst The scuffle broke out, two of the Japanese were seriously injured, one was slightly injured, and suffered heavy losses.The melee was not over until the captain of the Prince of Bavaria , John Laws, forcibly ordered the sailors to separate them.Captain John Laws was very angry that such a thing happened on his ship.But when he heard what had happened, the captain picked up his pipe Why would anyone insult the baron I ve seen the baron once, in Berlin, and I can t forget the baron.Hell, flurish cbd gummies I have to go to the country Find a safe place for you to disembark, Shanghai is within the control of the Japanese, good luck to you guys.As time goes by bit by bit, the authentic cbd gummies in mississippi skeleton division s most covert, boldest, and most unlikely breakout operation is about to begin When the pointer settled down, Wang Weiyi waved his hand slightly forward Ludwig, let s start Start January 15, 1942 The Battle of Glory broke out Of course, some people gave this breakout battle another name The Battle of the New Miracle in Germany Three hundred and ninety six.Skeleton Master Attack For the fourth update, ask for various tickets 11 30 The battle of glory for the Skeleton Master begins Regarding this breakout, some people call it the Battle of the New German Miracle , but most people tend to prefer the former one.Its source is this breakout battle, Ernst.The code name given by General Brahm Glorious Let the light of miracles shine on Germany again 116 pieces of artillery and anti tank guns bombarded the enemy s position violently without any preparations.Four hundred and forty one.The first phase of the Kharkov Battle of the Anti Chamber Commission ended with the victory of the German army.Subsequently, the German army successively captured Volchansk and Barkovo, and then organized a strict defense.The Russians would never accept such a defeat, and Slim, enraged, severely reprimanded every general he could see.Including Zhukov and Vasilevsky, who also suffered failures at the hands of Marshal Ernst Brehm before.As for Marshal Timoshenko, needless to say, he was under the heaviest pressure.For this reason, Sling strictly ordered Marshal Timoshenko to organize all the troops that could be flurish cbd gummies organized, and must regain the leadership of Kharkov before the arrival of May, and drive the Germans out of this area.It is very rare for Slim to reprimand Marshal Timoshenko, who has outstanding military exploits, in such a harsh tone, because after all, before the outbreak of the all out war between the Soviet Union and Germany, the supreme commander of the Soviet army was not Slim, but the Soviet Marshal and People s Commissar of National Defense Timoshen Brother during this period, all military orders were signed by Timoshenko and Zhukov, then chief of the general staff.

After that Internal suppression of counterrevolutionaries and finding the person responsible, anyway, this has nothing to do with the great Stalin and the Supreme Command led by him.Comrade Timoshenko must bear all the responsibility for the failure Comrade Timoshenko laughed, very strangely, at a group of outcasts, those who are still fighting against Germany will never know They abandoned It was thrown away like a pile of garbage The news that the 49th Cavalry Division had been wiped out made Timoshenko feel a pain in his heart.It was over, another ace unit of the Soviet Army was gone.But this kind of heartache is only fleeting, because Timoshenko knows that such news will continue to come soon.However, the tenacious Timoshenko is cbd plus thc gummies flurish cbd gummies not willing to accept such a failure Moscow can abandon them, but as their commander in chief, Timoshenko swears that he will never abandon his troops At this time, battle reports continued to come from the front line.Kasanovic threw away the knife and fork in disgust To be honest, this is not my attention, It s a suggestion from a mutual friend.Our mutual friend Frank couldn t think of a mutual friend between them.Have you forgotten me, Chief Frank The voice behind him made Chief Frank turn his head.After being stunned, he immediately cried out in surprise Look, look.Who is here, my friend, Mr.Moyol He flurish cbd gummies could never forget Mr.Moyol without him.I won t receive so many dollars every month.Without the assistance of his friends the Wittgenstein family.Nor will he take the position of deputy director of the FBI.Mr.Moyol is his and Casanovich s benefactor Director Frank, it s been four years, and you still like Italian food so much.Wang Weiyi smiled and sat down opposite him.I have to go and relax.Casanovic wisely cbd gummies garden roots stood up and left them.Since the photos were not taken particularly clearly, HCMUSSH flurish cbd gummies it was not easy to see what those items were.However, it was Mr.Campbell of the New York Times who took HCMUSSH flurish cbd gummies out this photo.He definitely told everyone who read the newspaper in his column Gold, these things are gold This was taken by his companions at great risk At the same time, he also conveyed a special situation to everyone Joe Cole Brothers Investment Company owns more than 0 of the shares of this gold mine It s the newly opened Joe Cole Brothers Investment Company that has not attracted much attention When the reporter prepared to interview Mr.Manny Chocole, who owns the company, he refused to answer any questions, and only said this after being repeatedly questioned by the reporter Everything that has not been verified is a lie.The more you deny it, the more likely it is to become real What s more, Campbell also made a strong promise that Joe Cole Brothers Investment Company is planning to list on the New York Stock Exchange to raise more funds for larger scale development of gold mines then.Another one of his knees was pierced by a bullet He twitched in pain, and he couldn t look directly at the person in front of him.Devil, this man is a devil After putting away the gun, Wang Weiyi squeezed Daishanbingweimen s mouth.Then he flurish cbd gummies took out a pill and stuffed it into his mouth, and then he stood up.Target, eight people, solve it.Eight people Guo Yunfeng stood beside him, and looked at the painful R himself on the ground What did you give him Pills.Very good pills, after eight hours The capsules outside the pills will be melted by the gastric juice, which will create the illusion of his myocardial infarction.Wang Weiyi tidied up his clothes Si Dao, do you feel happy I really want x400 cbd gummies to go back to China again.Yes, yes.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly, and then flurish cbd gummies cbd gummies for libido slowly left here, leaving only Daizenbei gate with two knees completely smashed The workers in the parade are still fighting The pier security guards and police officers were on the picket, Wang Weiyi looked there and saw Kasanovic commanding behind, he nodded to Kasanovic.As for the military support from Britain leafywell cbd gummies cbd gummies ingredients and the Soviet Union, they will arrive in Turkey as soon as possible Although this is not what Inonu wants, but under the current situation, it is also the most helpless choice.In fact, Inonu at this time was still somewhat fanciful.Although the German side repeatedly accused Turkey of instigating the war, in fact, these were just official statements, and everyone knew what the truth was.So in such a hungry situation, is there any possibility of launching secret negotiations with the German army and forcing the German army to retreat Even, some Turkish interests can be sacrificed for this Of course, the prerequisite for all this is that the unstoppable German offensive must be stopped, otherwise the Germans will never give up.Inonu then appointed his chief of staff, Marshal Greruman, to command the entire Turkish army, and set up a decisive battle posture from Cukaxia to Bolu, trying to stop the German offensive.After my in depth inspection, the spider is so sincere, where is the monthly ticket Brothers who haven t voted for monthly tickets, look to the left, Comrade Ji and Comrade Sealed are looking at you with a whip and candle in their hands and grinning 501.Rescue in the hotel The Turkish Grand Hotel is the most luxurious hotel in Ankara.People with status always like to live here when they come to Ankara, so it is often difficult to find a house here.Fortunately, it is now during the flurish cbd gummies war, which more or less affected the business of the hotel, so Herbert was able to book three rooms smoothly.Wang Weiyi and Elena live together, while Klingenberg and his six team members can only squeeze into two rooms with grievances.When seeing Elena, Klingenberg and his team members were very surprised.They never expected to meet such a beautiful German girl here.

King Farouk would love it.Roriman laughed and said Of course, I don t know how many guests will be unlucky tonight.This is the opportunity for this Cairo thief to show his talents Wang Weiyi thought for a while, and still remembered what happened yesterday.What flurish cbd gummies happened at night was revealed.I thought that Mr.Roliman would be surprised, but I didn t expect the general counsel of the Egyptian palace to sigh Mr.Baron, you may not be clear about some things.The necklace itself is nothing, but The gems above are heirlooms of Queen Farida s family, with a very distant history.The Queen Farida was probably too lonely in the palace, and she was very addicted to gambling.Sometimes she always liked to use this gem as collateral when she lost her eyes.Whoever wins, since she s the queen of Egypt, gets most of it back.A few years later, these blood soaked lands will slowly dry up In a few decades, no one will know what happened here those A soldier who fought to the last moment for what he believed in.No one will remember their names anymore.War is just a contest between countries, a bloody fight for their own political goals.These soldiers are undoubtedly victims But.The soldiers didn t think so.They firmly believed that it was an honor to die for their country, and they were willing to give everything for it.Wang Weiyi watched the battlefield calmly, the shells whizzed around him and would explode anytime and anywhere, but he didn t seem to feel it at all.He thinks that when flurish cbd gummies the war is over, a big monument should be erected here to commemorate those soldiers who died for the war cruel, ruthless, cold blooded no matter how much blood was shed leafywell cbd gummies cbd gummies ingredients , no matter how many people die, war will always be war.mark.Heisenberg lay on the ground for a long time, until he was sure that the Russian sniper thought he had been shot, and then he slowly climbed to another window, leaning forward to search for the opponent s trace.After a frightening few minutes, Heisenberg spotted the enemy sniper.He was looking at the building he was in through the scope on his rifle, searching for targets.Heisenberg shot him in the forehead.At dusk, a large number of Russian soldiers surrounded in the city center raised their hands and surrendered.They were disarmed and headed south, escorted by several hundred German infantry.630.Biscuits, not bombs.On December 12, 1942, something that touched the nerves of countless people finally happened The honorary Grand Marshal of the German Empire, His Majesty Kaiser Wilhelm personally conferred the title of Baron Alexon Ernst Brehm Arrival secretly arrives in London.Although the three aircraft carriers and 22 other warships of the U.S.Pacific Fleet, the main target of the sneak attack, were not at Pearl Harbor, and the oil depots and shipyards were not damaged, the Japanese army s sneak attack was well organized, decisive, and costly., a classic battle that can be called a surprise attack Roosevelt finally waited for the news of Japan s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and now, it s time to declare war on Japan As the president traveled to Capitol Hill to demand a declaration of war on Japan, smoke rose from the exposed funnels of warships sunk at Pearl Harbor.The crooked triangular mast of the battleship Arizona and the overturned hull of the Oklahoma stood at the anchorage.USS Arizona has become the grave of nearly 1,100 officers and soldiers.The USS Oklahoma looked like a giant whale trying to wash up on sunnyvale labs cbd gummies the beach.There were less than 300 Russians left, and they continued to stand on the last line of defense Those captured Russians glared at the German soldiers.If possible, Myristel and his companions firmly believe.They will break the rope and continue to fight.Even the women among the captives Myristel really wanted to try to challenge an impossible task trying to comfort the last Russians to surrender, but the envoys he sent hadn t seen the Russians yet , was shot by the opponent s bullet.Forget it, let s give up on this idea The remaining seven tanks are already lined up, with their muzzles pointed horribly ahead.Then, the artillery shells roared down, and bursts of flames rose in the enemy s position.The explosion continued, and the Russians could be seen looking very embarrassed in the smoke leafywell cbd gummies cbd gummies ingredients and fire.Here, you don t need your own mind and soul.What you need is that you keep working, working, and continuing to work.Give your all to the organization Heisenberg swore he would go crazy if he worked in such an environment for a year.For three full days, Heisenberg found himself living in a state of fear.Fear does not come from physical torture, but from spiritual.Every day at the beginning of work, there will always be a meeting.The content of the meeting is completely unchanged, complaining about the atrocities of German fascism, and encouraging everyone to resolutely support the correct line of the great Comrade Stalin.Heisenberg swore that he would never come to such a place again At this time, Wang Weiyi also flurish cbd gummies started to move.He had to make a big noise in Moscow.Not many people, but enough.

In the official first confrontation between Wang Weiyi and Vasilevsky, Wang Weiyi lost the first round He was surrounded Now, the second contest will begin immediately Order, the Hohendauffen Division and the Prince Eugen Mountain Division immediately launch a counterattack against the Soviet army Order, my two wings of the Skeleton Division, the Imperial Division, and the Great German Regiment , Viking Division, Nordland Battle Group, Arco Group, Paipa Battle Group, and the 12th, 30th, and 123rd Infantry Divisions of the Wehrmacht continued to follow the established route, in Wang Weiyi was silent for a while, and then said word by word The assault group in the Terek River and I have completed the confluence Marshal, what shall we do When his subordinates raised this question, Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Wasilevsky wants to surround me here and defeat me.At this time, the leading troops of the German army have arrived Tanks can be seen everywhere, and the German troops all over the mountains and plains quickly launched a fierce assault on Krasnodar as soon as they arrived flurish cbd gummies at the designated battlefield.Guo Yunfeng didn t have the slightest reservation.Put all the troops on hand into the offensive at one time.Rambler didn t give himself too much time, before the main force arrived, he had to tear a gap here to complete Rambler s combat concept.As his old cbd thc gummy flurish cbd gummies comrades in arms, Myristel and his battlegroup were the first to be thrown into battle.These .

can you eat too many cbd gummies?

experienced German soldiers were divided into assault squads flurish cbd gummies one by one, and they continued to attack the Russian positions with the support of tanks.The Russians acted a little flusteredafter all.They didn t expect the Germans to appear here so soon Two Tigers and a Wasp blasted a gap in the position, and then.I found that you still haven t completely separated yourself from the reactionary family, which is very dangerous Liaokov was hit hard at once.Over the years, he has always been an honest man, tucking his tail to please his superiors, but no matter how hard he tried, in the eyes of Colonel Plov, he was still a reactionary I came from the family.I will never be able to integrate into them I will never be able to get rid of that shameful identity All my efforts are nothing but my own wishful thinking Ready to attack attack Prepare Plov ignored him, but loudly issued such an order.A new offensive began, but as before, the Russians suffered the heaviest blow from the Germans.Those impenetrable fire The nets terribly blocked the way of the Russians.The densely packed corpses in front of the position looked so shocking.According to this speed, the Germans will soon have a large army on the border, and Stalingrad will be covered under the enemy s artillery fire Vasilevsky s prediction was correct, the German plane finally appeared, And launched an indiscriminate bombing of Stalingrad at the first time Stalingrad is trembling, the Russians are trembling According to this form, Vasilevsky is not sure whether he Able to last a full monthorshorter Khrushchev also did everything he could.Almost all the civilian troops here were armed by him, and Vasilevsky couldn t ask him to do better.Now, leave everything to God to judge.On the eve of the arrival of the German army, Vasilevsky continued to inspect the entire Stalingrad and his troops.Now, these people will be the last hope of Stalingrad.One telegram after another from Moscow was nothing more than emphasizing the importance of Stalingrad and urging Vasilevsky not to throw the city named after the great Comrade Stalin to the Germans.On this day, 2.4 million German troops, with Germany s most elite armed Ernst battle group as the central assault group, and the Manstein group and Guderian group as the two wings, marched towards Moscow If Goddess of Fate abandons us.If we never return to our hometown.If the bullet hits us, end our destiny completely.At least we still have iron armor as a grave At least we still have Armor as a grave March of the Armored Soldiers , resounded on the battlefield over and over againby Ernst.Field Marshal Brahm was placed in the German Central Assault Group.There is also a large number wana cbd gummies 10:1 of Russian Free Army.These troops, mainly led by Ukrainians, played a huge role from the beginning of the war.A large number of Ukrainian troops in the Soviet army surrendered to the German army without resistance The Soviet Union is a country composed of more than one hundred nationalities, established on the basis of the Tsarist Russian Empire.on the way.Russian troops keep appearing, they are desperately trying to stop our progress, but under the offensive of the powerful German army, they can t do what they want In all the battles, I always I was golden goat cbd gummies review with Marshal Ernst Brehm, and I had the honor to witness Marshal Ernst s commanding art with his own eyes.What I want to say is that Marshal Ernst is a complete maestro.He performed the war so artistically, turning the battlefield into a shocking stage When the Battle of Moscow broke out flurish cbd gummies in 1943, there were some rumors.I don t know where it came from, saying flurish cbd gummies that after the war, Marshal Ernst will leave us again to continue his spiritual journey of peace.I say it without exaggeration.My thought at the time was that if I were to find out the spreader of the rumors, I would shoot him without hesitationGermany cannot live without Field Marshal Ernst, neverWhen I tried Asked the marshal, the marshal only replied, When Germany needs me, I am there I still don t quite cbd thc gummy flurish cbd gummies understand the meaning of this sentence Let me return the story to the battlefield June 30th to July 3rd.

I am not wavering Vasilevsky was very sure that his troops never wavered in his beliefs.He listened carefully to what Malinovsky said I don t know what went wrong.But I firmly believe that serious problems have already occurred within us.The strength of the enemy and our own contradictions have caused the current situation.It is even more tragic that we have carried out a terrible purge even when the enemy has already attacked Moscow, I just can t understand it Speaking of this, he went on for a long time I was silent, and then I spoke again Comrade Marshal, I hope Comrade Stalin can hear these words of mine, but please believe me no matter what, I will never betray my cause, and I will fight as a true brave man should.Die as it appears Farewell, Comrade Marshal Vasilevsky.Farewell, Comrade Malinovsky The phone was hung up.There are often Soviet soldiers or civilians surrendering.The cruel war has destroyed their confidence, and the calls from the other side are constantly tempting them.When they put down their weapons, they came to the position of the enemy.Then for them it is survival The word survival seems simple.But in fact, sometimes it is the most difficult to do.Here in the German army, they got food, a safe place to live, and a rare peace, which was unimaginable before.Most of them have come to this point when they were forced to do so, and they are not willing to take up arms to turn against them.To attack former comrades in arms, but definitely not all.There are always some people.Willing to join the army of the enemy, to fight for yesterday s enemy.And the damage they bring is often very astonishing.At this time, Sophie probably regained her consciousness, said a little annoyed, and then turned her eyes to Wang Weiyi Who are you Ah, wait I know you, I seem to remember something I even remember your body Remember my body Probably because the memory has not been cleared Wang Weiyi suddenly thought of something, and a lewd smile appeared on his face Aha, of course you have to remember me.I am a wanderer, and there are people called I am Wang Weiyi, or Ernst Brahm, and you are my woman And you are my woman When Xiao Ling regained the control of her thoughts, she suddenly thought of something when she saw the rambler with an obscene smile on her face.Women have nothing to do with it Look at what you said.Wang Weiyi grinned grimly and walked towards Xiaoling or Sophie step by step I want to hug Sophie, kiss Sophie, and do things that computers will never be able to do.It is the only passage leading to the gate of the cottage.The parapet with numerous sharp wooden sticks was tightly blocked.The Roman soldiers who had just launched an attack on the stronghold had to fight in a dense formation on the narrow mountain road.After much discussion, the legion commanders decided to use heavy infantry to line up at the front.Although speed is sacrificed, this can reduce the damage caused by the arrow stone strike on the mountain.It s a pity that these elite soldiers in heavy armor can only be lined up in a row of ten people wide on the spiraling road.Such a long and dense Roman team is completely under the blow of stones.down.After the stones smashed the shields above the heads of the Roman soldiers, a hail of sharp stones followed one after another.This was launched by the Celts with the catapults they had mastered since they were young.Under the sunlight that leaked through the gaps in the clouds, the Roman phalanx looked extremely mighty.The neatly arranged shields make the entire formation look extremely thick, and the bronze helmets reflect the color of the metal, like the waves of the ocean the stars shine on the tips of the spears.As if to pierce the thick clouds above their heads from time to time there was a flash of lightning in the formation, which was the terrible light of the Roman short sword.Contrary to the practice of Roman commanders, Gaius walked cbd thc gummy flurish cbd gummies at the front of the phalanx.He looked contemptuously at the rout soldiers running past him, and soon came to the foot of the mountain, where he stopped and looked up the mountain intently.Go The little advantage that the Germans had in the charge just now gradually disappeared, as the Celtics retreated step by step.A cruel smile appeared on Gaius s face Pray to the gods Lieutenant Ax and Stick, execute the tithe blow Commander Gaius, Commander Gaius, please forgive them.Today s failure is not entirely due to their lack of courage, the terrain is too unfavorable, and such punishment is too severe for them.After the announcement of this cruel order, the officers were all shocked, and then the commander of the legion took the lead, and they pleaded with the soldiers one after another.When you become commanders, forgive yourself These pleadings did not move Gaius heart at all, he waved his hands viciously, Execute A monotonous and solemn drum sounded, and the first person who was drawn to die was a young soldier with light yellow hair and a few freckles on his face.He looked at the black painted pebble in his hand again in horror.

From this moment on, Guo Yunfeng officially had his own nickname Blood Devil This nickname was called by the Romans, and eventually it was heard in the whole of Germany, and in the whole of Rome.Guo Yunfeng dropped the head of Marris in his hand heavily, then drew out his sword again, and shouted sharply R Erman R Erman Inspired by Blood Devil Guo Yunfeng, they rushed towards the Romans like a tide.They didn cbd thc gummy flurish cbd gummies t have as many soldiers as the Roman legions, and they weren t as strong as the Roman legions, but none of that mattered now.They have harvested the most precious thing on the battlefield confidence In the era of hot weapons, the influence of soldiers confidence on warfare has been greatly weakened, but in this era, an army with strong confidence will be a very terrifying force.The mentality of the two warring parties has undergone serious changes at this time.He decided to consume the barbarians at any cost, to win at any cost.Carleni no longer hesitated.Under his command, the Roman soldiers rarely dispersed and launched an attack.Although the Roman soldiers were seriously unsuited to attacking without the protection of the phalanx, it still achieved good results.Under the attack of the Germanic catapults, although the casualties are still increasing, there is no need to form a dense phalanx to face the terrible stone rain.Caesar controlled his losses within an acceptable range Wang Weiyi s worries are being realized, and Caesar has keenly captured the weakness of the Germanic trebuchet.The boulders are still flying out, and the consumption is increasing.The boulders that can be used are rapidly decreasing.However, in order to stop the Romans attack, such a loss is helpless, but it is necessary.It was covered with garlands and leaves.In these cupboards were kept sterling silver tableware of various shapes and sizes.Beside the sideboard were several bronze benches covered with purple felt, and twelve bronze statues of Negroes from Ethiopia.Each statue, adorned with precious collars and precious stones, held a sterling silver candlestick, illuminating the already bright hall even more brilliantly.The owner of this palace is known as the most elegant Roman Publius Kunctilius.Servius was reclining on the couch with his elbows leaning against the soft purple cushions, leisurely watching the guests he had invited.Servius is flurish cbd gummies like the legendary beautiful boy Narcissus sculpted by artists, with elegant lines on his face, Greek forehead and nose, and fair skin like a woman.Black curly hair covered a smooth forehead, two well proportioned long eyebrows.But deep in his heart, he still regretted why he came to this place.Otherwise, he is now in Rome, enjoying a luxurious banquet with his beautiful wife.Pompey, Pompey, if it weren t for the hard work of Pompey and those guys in the Senate, I would never have come here.But it selecting the cbd gummies that are right for you is too late to regret it now The Centumalus bridge was burned, and not only the Germans were happy, but also Caesar.What Caesar was certain of was that Centumalus would not succeed.But he didn t mean to stop the other party.Centumarus was here to snatch his rights.If he could use the hands of barbarians to destroy his legion, the only thing Centumarus can do is to return to Rome in despair.Here, I still say by myself The final decision.Moreover, no matter whether Centumarus wins or loses, he can always consume the power of the barbarian to a certain extent.Wang Weiyi replied easily.Major Bertinano looked around Where are General Armanck and your people When they appear, I m afraid some unpleasant things will happen.Ah, that s unnecessary.Major Bertignano said hastily.A whole battalion of Italians chose to surrender without any resistance, and handed Longenberg over to the newly formed Skeleton Commando.Unbelievable things happened one after another from the first day Major Moyol appeared.It seems that the Major was born to perform miracles.Go find all the gasoline immediately, we don t have much time.Wang Weiyi issued such an order immediately after all the Italians left.Are you going to do something big here Guo Yunfeng, who knew Rambler all too well, guessed what the other party wanted to do.Wang Weiyi smiled coldly There are a large number of pursuers behind our buttocks.However, other American soldiers were not so lucky The fire burned for a full afternoon before it gradually subsided in the air.There flurish cbd gummies was an unpleasant smell Those American soldiers who were lucky enough not to enter Longenberg couldn t help but feel lucky for themselves, otherwise, there would probably be one of their own among the charred corpses now.Lieutenant Colonel, seventy three of us are missing, probably they are all trapped inside Davis said sadly in front of the Lieutenant Colonel with a face full of pain.Lieutenant Colonel Kars trembled God, he lost seventy three men without even gaia cbd gummies meeting the enemy.He had ridiculed the Italians before, but would it be him who should be ridiculed now He walked into Longenberg with shambling steps.There HCMUSSH flurish cbd gummies were charred bodies everywhere, everything that had been burned Look, Lieutenant Colonel.

Wang Weiyi said calmly And you, tell me the specific place where Colonel Carus is being held.Gnapoli looked around Colonel Cherus is being held in a hotel west of Dessau Baron Preet, I know this is not your real nameI must remind you again.Except for the six detainees I just mentioned who are inseparable.The first floor of the entire hotel has become the material mobilization center of the Sixth Brigade of the US Army, and the second floor is the operation command center of the CIA.You must pass through these two places to reach the third floor.I really can t think of any way you can bring Colonel Cherus out.I have my way, thank you for the information you provided.Wang Weiyi pondered for a while If possible, can you find the architectural drawings of the hotel for me I think I can do this.This is my certificate.The one in charge here The American sergeant took the major s ID, checked it carefully, and then gave it back to him Major, where are you going at this late hour too unsafe Wang Weiyi pointed to the convoy I have already reported to Colonel Kevic, and got the colonel s consent, you can call to check, Sergeant.Oh, no, the colonel is very busy now.The sergeant had someone remove the obstacle Major, let your convoy pass.The sergeant s trust in his allies, or more precisely his carelessness, saved him and his companions.Because when he was talking to the French major, countless guns in the car had already pulled their safetyOnce there was an exchange of fire, none of the American soldiers on this sentry post would survive.The convoy passed by the sentry post slowly, and the Americans watched casually there.They were completely at a disadvantage, and they had no intention of giving up at all.Now, the sudden appearance of Major Moyol may make the battle even more tragic.This is something the Allied Forces absolutely do not want to see And, to the surprise of the Allied Forces Command.Brigadier General Budger even led his 3rd Marine Brigade in pursuit without receiving orders from the Allied Command and superiors.Under questioning, Commodore Badger insisted that he had orders from General Westmoreland himself.And General Westmoreland denied the matter outright Things became a little strange, which even made people wonder whether there was a German traitor in the headquarters of the Allied forces However, there is no better choice when things have reached this point Just as Wang Weiyi judged, once the U.Tell Colonel Gay to keep a close watch on the vicinity, as well as Brigadier General Budger and Lieutenant Colonel Karls, what are they doing Haven t they encircled the Nordland combat group yet I don t know about that, I heard that they even killed a battalion.Forget it, let them worry about it, we have our own troubles too Wang Weiyi knew very well that Xiaoling would do everything she wanted to do, and she could buy the most time for herself by intercepting and destroying the enemy s communication.And what I have to do is to gather all my strength and successfully capture Ibor.Then with Ibor as the center, a beautiful counterattack was launched.This will be a great victory for the glorious return of the Skeleton Baron Colonel Gay s command ability is still available.After learning that the German army appeared near Ibor, he quickly made his own deployment. He knew very well that the counterattack was indeed successful, but it happened under unexpected circumstances by the US military.Once the Allied forces come to their senses and reinvest in the counterattack with heavy troops, they will be irresistible given the current strength of the German army.Continuously gaining victories, constantly disintegrating the enemy s confidence, accumulating small victories into big victories, and looking for the most favorable opportunity to carry out a general counterattack is what he wants.The officers and soldiers of the Skeleton Division who returned to the position gave out the craziest cheers.They didn t cheer when they attacked, but now they can finally release their emotions completely.Baron Alexon Field Marshal Ernst, a godlike figure.He has always been able to bring about incredible victories for Germany in impossible situations.Guo Yunfeng smiled lightly I participated in the First World War flurish cbd gummies and the Second World War, and in all the wars I participated in, surrender and skeleton assault We have never had any relationship with the team.Even in the utter desperation of Monfuc n, we persisted until the end.So, I will reject your proposal.Do you really want to see Ibor destroyed New A round of air strikes is coming soon.We have already made preparations.Guo Yunfeng said calmly Of course, I can tell you about the casualties of Ibor.In the round of air strikes just now, 21 people were killed.The officers and soldiers of the 30th Reinforced Regiment of the US Army died.They died in your bombs.I am very sorry flurish cbd gummies Ah, I think you are probably also worried about this issue This hit Brigadier General Budger s mind.He was indeed very worried about the American captives headed by Colonel Guy.

Then throw it hard into the sky.Fragments fell like snowflakes one after another Wang Weiyi raised his head to the sky and watched silently.A piece of snowflake fell on his shoulder, so he picked it up to have a look.Then he said, I m back.It was a quiet voice.But all of a sudden, the scene flurish cbd gummies cbd gummies for libido that was almost out of control was quieted down.I m back.Wang Weiyi looked at the German soldiers and civilians HCMUSSH flurish cbd gummies When I entered Berlin, I said that Berlin would not bleed, and it would not bleed because of relax brand cbd gummies my own people.No one has the right to do such a thing.German soldiers We, citizens of Germany, the enemy is just flurish cbd gummies outside flurish cbd gummies Berlin, they occupy most of our land, but this is not terrible, Berlin is still resisting.Germany is still resisting, only Germany has an inch of land.Such resistance is It will never stop The enemy may break into Berlin, but we can still fight in Berlin, and every inch of Berlin will become the enemy s grave.What kind of spirit supported him to do thisEveryone in the position The Germans are all like this.In them, I see a spirit of dying for the country.I think this kind of spirit can happen in any country.If the enemy appears in Washington one day, the Americans will also resist to the deathI m an American and someone asks me why I help Germany fight Is it just flurish cbd gummies cbd gummies for libido because of why do cbd gummies have melatonin the baron cult I think so, but not quite.War is not fair to civilians , is cruel.Especially the war of aggression brazenly launched by one country against another country When setting foot on German soil.This feeling is not strong for me yet, but as the war progresses, I see a lot.I saw the land of Germany burning, I saw the people of Germany moaning, what kind of war is this But, I saw something else I see When I saw the determination of the German people to resist to the end, I heard their voices, and I saw that they were fighting bravely for their country on every flurish cbd gummies inch of land.Most of the characters in his works are deformed and morbid, and the angry, melancholy and bewildered facial expressions are actually the expression of the author s inner feelings Famous painters know so well.Anne Marie exclaimed exaggeratedly.Miss Anne Marie, you probably don t know the German generals.Andert said with a smile Most of the German military officers have strong artistic accomplishments.Once they take off their military uniforms, they can become artists. Ah, yes, I think that makes me like the Germans even more.After Anne Marie finished speaking, she stood up I do have a collection of Max.Beckmann s painting, gentlemen, would you like to come and visit with me Of course, who can refuse the beautiful Miss Anne Marie Ondt said with a smile.Punet stood up holding the briefcase in his hand tightly Thank you for your invitation, I can t wait to see the paintings of Beckmann, a German master Eight hundred and fifty eighth.I feel ashamed, and some British people also think that I have lost the jolly cbd gummies 500mg face of the British Empire, but I have no regrets, only those who have experienced pain nation, to know who their true friends are.And now, I think Britain has found its true friends There was silence.Only the queen s words sounded there At one time, I didn t think we could win this war in the end, but when I heard that Baron Alexon had returned gloriously, I knew that victory was not far away from us.Sooner or later we will be able to win the war.Returning to London, sooner or later the glory of Britain will be restored.Your Excellency, can you do it Of course, Your Majesty the Queen.Wang Weiyi s answer is categorical Yes, the situation is very bad now, and the enemy is almost every minute.Seconds are bombing us, but soon the counterattack will begin, German counterattack and British counterattack.Wang Weiyi said easily.Look, this will be the most perfect cooperation between the FBI and the CIA.Captain Fletcher seemed to have seen victory coming Let us work together, and Cairo will soon return to calm.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Yes, I also believe that Cairo will soon return to calm Eight liberty cbd gummies dr oz leafywell cbd gummies hundred and eighty two.The Cairo armed uprising convoy was driving forward rapidly.Wang Weiyi, Benjamin, and the general director of the Abid Brotherhood , Luosan Rodibi, were sitting in the car in the middle.At this time, Benjamin couldn t contain his excitement.He had just captured Luo Sang, and now a greater credit was waiting for him.He could completely imagine that once the entire organization of the Abid Brotherhood was destroyed What kind of rewards are waiting for him.Of course, he is also grateful to Agent Brad Pitt.The Americans put all their focus on the Baron Skull, trying to capture or kill this legendary baron at all costs.Similarly, Wang Weiyi also became very interested in chasing down his own team.He never liked being hunted down.In his countless battles, he had always played the role of the chaser, and this time was no exception.So a good show of hunting and anti hunting was staged.The Bulgarians were struggling under the attack of the US military.They had no idea when their ally, the German army, would appear, or how long they could hold on.Or the Americans will no flurish cbd gummies longer appear.However, Baron Alexon never disappoints Just when the flurish cbd gummies Bulgarians were in the most critical moment, dense gunfire suddenly sounded behind the U.S.military, and then the German commandos finally appeared on the battlefield.

Okay.Captain Bondarev asked again What about you I still have some things to do.Wang Weiyi said meaningfully Said.Although Captain Bondarev didn t know what the Baron was going to do, what he firmly believed was that the Marshal could always do whatever he wanted Ensign Eric.Are you ready Yes, Marshal.I m ready.Wang Weiyi smiled as he looked at the dead U.S.soldiers on the ground, because the good show had just started.The Americans probably had received the distress signal from the two destroyed commandos before, and they were rushing here desperately.Since this is the case, there is still something to be done here Major Martha looked at the soldiers who were alive not long ago, but now they turned into cold corpses.He couldn t imagine how the Germans did it, and he couldn t figure out why these well equipped American troops couldn t even support the arrival of reinforcements.The boss s The attitude has become more intimate After a few glasses of wine, the two have become liberty cbd gummies dr oz leafywell cbd gummies friends who can talk about everything.And during this process, as the boss said just now, at least three groups of guests came to ask if there were any vacant rooms.It seems that New York s hotel industry has flourished to an astonishing extent.Hey.Locke.Wang Weiyi already knew the other person s name Why is the room so tense Is there any major event in New York.Hey, Mr.Moyol, it s been a long time since you Come to New York.Locke said enthusiastically Now people from all over the world are flocking to New York.War is a good thing.It has driven the entire cbd plus thc gummies flurish cbd gummies economic prosperity of the United States, especially in New York.In about a few months Recently, housing prices in New York began to skyrocket, and many people joined the ranks of real estate speculators, which drove the whole of Europe and the world.It s just that this time their betrayal has undergone some changes.The entire combat formation of the Russian army was completely disrupted, and they had to make changes in the shortest possible time.In order to reverse the current unfavorable situation.Moreover, there was even more unfavorable information, except for the German reinforcements who entered the city first.There are also a large number of German reinforcements rushing to Robin Stell.The sound of guns filled the entire Robin Stell Marshal, General Boschek, please see me.Wang Weiyi, who was commanding the entire battlefield, raised his head when he heard this report Let him in.Lieutenant General Boschek entered, and with him was a young man.Marshal, this is my son Tasowski.Wang Weiyi was a little surprised by Boschek s introduction.Wang Weiyi said to Daniel, Daniel, take out the wine in my bag.Seeing the bottle of wine, Migroski s eyes lit flurish cbd gummies up Snow Tree Vodka.Aha.Mr.Petergoff, you are such a lovely guy.I haven t tasted such a top notch vodka for more than a year.Tatiana brought them glasses and poured wine, Then he also stood behind Wang Weiyi holding a wine glass.Is Texas Hold em okay Anything is fine.Ivan, sit down and play a few hands with us.Ah, give them three hundred gold rubles each.Wait, I ll write a check to You.No, Mr.Petergoff.Migroski stopped Wang Weiyi s actions Anyone who enters the No.1 box, reputation means everything, and the winning or losing can be settled after the game is over.Wang Weiyi was noncommittal Shrugged The cards were divided into the hands of several people.For several rounds in a row, Wang Weiyi s hand style was not very smooth, and he probably lost more than 50 gold rubles in chips.Marshal, I suggest you go to the shelter to command.Jiangnar carefully put forward his suggestion.General Jiangnar, thank you for your suggestion, and my suggestion is to hope that you will be as fearless as your father, General Ludwig.Wang Weiyi said coldly In my memory, General Ludwig has never made such a suggestion like yours.Ah, yes, Marshal.Jiangnar was a little ashamed.Judging from the ongoing battle on the ground and General Jiangnar s report, the Allied forces changed some strategies during the second Berlin offensive.They increased their artillery attacks.Every All day long, condor cbd gummies for penis enlargement Berlin must be under heavy artillery fire No position has remained intact since the outbreak of fighting The 29th Infantry Division of the French Army.Wang Weiyi put down the binoculars Tell me about their situation.For the Canadian soldiers of the 27th Tank Regiment who leafywell cbd gummies have never set foot on the European continent, the current march seems more like a peaceful outing.They did not expect death to come so suddenly and so swiftly.As if falling from the sky, a group of German Type IV tanks suddenly appeared on the hillside flanking the road, 7.The 5 cm caliber tank gun slammed the dense artillery fire.Before the Canadian tank regiment was fully awake from the sudden attack, the dense German infantry rushed up.Judging from their excellent equipment and desperate ferocity, the Canadians thought they had encountered the old main division of the SS.Yesterday, the 27th Tank Regiment only had a short fight with the German 716th Infantry Division after landing, and gained the upper hand.But today s unit seems to be completely different from the 716th Division.

However, those children flurish cbd gummies never made any request related to retreat.Guo Yunfeng has already stayed in the youth division.He told the Wanderer that he found Fu Yu s HCMUSSH flurish cbd gummies child Fu Yunfeng, and he decided to fight with the child himself.Life is really amazing.During the Chinese battlefield, Guo Yunfeng, who had been with him all the time, met Fu Yu.But they can t be together.Then, after traveling through time and space, Guo Yunfeng met Fu Yu s child here.Maybe God has already arranged everything The fierce battle on the front line has reached the point of suffocating and collapsing, and every minute and every second is so important to everyone.Whoever can grit his teeth and persist for a while will be able to are just cbd gummies infused or sprayed see the dawn of victory Persist for the last day.This is what Wang flurish cbd gummies Weiyi told Guo Yunfeng.One day, it s going to be a crucial day.They almost saw victory.But only almost.At the moment liberty cbd gummies dr oz leafywell cbd gummies before the victory, the German counterattack started without warning For General Aveeno, there is nothing more humiliating than this.He is facing a group of children, but even if his opponents are really children, he cannot win.The roaring German fighter planes and missiles blew up his team in can you take cbd gummies on airplane one fell swoop.Then, the Prince Eugen Mountain Division and the 21st Infantry Brigade of the National Army that appeared from the flanks cut off the connection between the 29th Infantry Division of the French Army in the shortest time.Nightmare, this is completely a nightmare for the French.The command system was quickly collapsed On the morning of March 21, the Allied Commander in Chief Westmoreland also specifically asked General Aveeno, and the French general gave the US Commander in Chief the answer that today They will be able to make a decisive breakthrough.Moyol cannot do Congratulations, Mr.President.Wang Weiyi looked at the office of the Italian President, and then smiled and made his own congratulations.Thank you, but I think I should thank you and Mr.Pipondu more.Even as president, Bertrul still maintained his humility Without your strawberry gummies cbd full support, I think I would be It s hard to HCMUSSH flurish cbd gummies do that.This is a man who can be used, no matter what the purpose of his humble attitude is Wang Weiyi sat down Mr.President, let s cut to the flurish cbd gummies chase.You You have already sat at the elon musk cbd gummies pinnacle of Italian power, but new challenges have never left you for a day.The Turin faction, the Economist faction, and the Vittorio faction are all eyeing your position.With the new The day of the general election is coming, and the challenges you will face will become more and more serious.The shell casings splashed, and the shiny bullets penetrated into the crowd of the Russian army.For a leafywell cbd gummies cbd gummies ingredients short time, the Russians wyld cbd gummies sleep saw a strong red color.They fell down one by one at the beginning and fell down in pieces Maybe it was because even they who despised life felt that they could no longer bear that kind of huge casualties, so they stopped charging Look for their respective bunkers again If it weren t for the machine gun to show off its power They really almost flurish cbd gummies succeeded Those grenadiers couldn t resist the crowd of Russians at all Their number is simply not what these grenadiers can handle fine.They are only human Nuoqier s spirit is highly concentrated And the whole person has completely entered a state of cbd thc sleep gummy excitement, from the desire to kill at the beginning to the current flurish cbd gummies panic.It s not like a war More like a massacre Those Russians faced the fierce German firepower like crazy Falling to the ground in pieces like harvested wheat.At this point, Sweet also Can t shirk responsibility Your Excellency, Colonel, we are confident that we will finish.The army still needs your command, and we are not afraid of this level of danger.Leave it to us.Don t the Russians love bluffing Elden emphasized the point Nodded Okay, I ll leave it to you.I ll take you to pick people in a while.After speaking, he will lead the two out.Sweet quickly stepped forward to block it, Your Excellency, is the plan still in progress There is more Not only Eldon was surprised, but Troman also didn t expect it.Yes, I would like to ask, Colonel, do you want to give the Russians a hard time Although according to the current plan, we may successfully escape, but there is no harm to the Russians.Do you still want to What should I do Eldon assured that he received too many surprises today, and now, he loves Sweet s mouth to death.Enough is enough.Troman looked at Degro s sincere eyes, his eyes were wet.Looking back at Sweet, he looked the same.He wiped the corners of his eyes and saluted deGro solemnly.With such soldiers in Germany, it is impossible for you not to rise.There was a chilling atmosphere in the air, although Albjok had begun to cool down.But Sweet and Troman were on fire right now.The flurish cbd gummies cbd gummies for libido faces of the soldiers next to him were full of perseverance and unyielding, and a sense of pride was born spontaneously.Troman diamond cbd extreme gummies s eyes lit up, and he stared at the distant base A and said to De Gro Your Excellency, I should attack the A base.The plan is my idea, and attacking the A base is very important and very dangerous.Before Troman finished speaking, De Gro interrupted him directly No, this kind of task must be entrusted to me.

But at least he saw one thing, Moscow was turning into a tomb But who will be buried in this grave A large number of policemen and soldiers appeared on the streets of Moscow, especially tanks.Khmelitsky, Duyoshenko, Tangroniv The order received by the admiral, once any uncontrollable things happen, they will be resolutely suppressed without hesitation.But the people of Moscow are not afraid at all, they still gather together, shouting against the grand duke And the slogan of the government No one can stop their determination to change all this Among the crowds of those parades, the secret police even found the editor in chief of the Moscow Herald , who was named by the Grand Duke in Bordeaux Mr.Fu.Major, I saw Bordov A secret policeman pointed towards the front of the crowd Should he be arrested immediately Are you crazy The major glanced at his men Arrest Poldorf The few of us will be overwhelmed by angry mobs in no time, and damn it, I don t want to take that risk.Suddenly, the booby traps on the entire battlefield began to explode.Boom Explosions were happening everywhere, and German troops were blown to pieces.People .

should i take a whole cbd gummy?

were blown up everywhere.The screams rang out, ketchup also burst into flames, and the entire battlefield began to heat up At this time, the enemy s light weapons sounded.As if by magic, tenacious Allied soldiers emerged from the ruins and began cbd plus thc gummies flurish cbd gummies to attack the German soldiers fiercely.The German soldiers who had been prepared for a long time also fought back fiercely against flurish cbd gummies the Allied soldiers.A war correspondent named Layton was running around, dragging the camera with one hand, and shaking the other hand desperately.He felt that the sky and the earth were spinning.The missile dragged long and thin white smoke and slammed into the target screaming.Pozik took this opportunity to lead the other flurish cbd gummies two squads across the fork in two different directions.The fire squad fell behind the bunker next to the fork, and Doe mounted flurish cbd gummies a machine gun and fired at the enemy.Fred lay on his side, killing enemies with short bursts.One squad crossed the defense line of the fire squad and moved towards the enemy s flank.Two American soldiers ran past Boa.Boa turned his gun on them, knocking one down with a bang while the other missed.despair The rifle was out of bullets.Change the magazine Boya retreated behind the bunker made of bricks, tiles and stones, and liberty cbd gummies dr oz leafywell cbd gummies shouted while pulling out the magazine.White smoke came out of the magazine and the ejection window every time.Boa stuffed the empty magazine back into the ammo pouch, pulled out the new magazine, tapped the helmet twice before replacing the rifle.But now, all these miracles really happened A complex expression flashed in the eyes of Long Tesi And this did not hide from Wang Weiyi s eyes Thank you, praise you, Baron Long Tess quickly returned to his normal demeanor This is a real miracle, you really brought Mr.Yetieri back.I don t know how to repay you , but from now on, my life is entirely yours.And mine, and all of us Yetili said sincerely From now on, you are our leader.No matter what you ask us to do, we will never look back, even if it costs us our lives.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly It s not that serious.You are friends of Germany and mine.Now, what we have to do is how to overthrow the Cathar government and how to truly restore freedom and democracy in France.I said I would give the Cathar government and General Robito an unforgettable welcome, and now it s time for us to do that.No one knew what he was flurish cbd gummies up to.The baron is back.The baron is back Dodoan ran in excitedly at this time Look, who the baron brought back Three people walked in, with Baron Alexon and Pula on both sides Te, and who s that guy in the middle God, everyone wondered if they had read it wrong it was Just Robito Dumbfounded, this is really a miracle that makes people dumbfounded The omnipotent Baron Alexon actually took Just General Robito is brought back Look, shouldn t we make some arrangements for the general Wang Weiyi said with a smile, The general just returned from the front line triumphantly, we should show our respect to him.Yetili and the others finally came to their senses.They welcomed the Baron into the house, and the excitement on his face was utterly indescribable.They were not even ready to ask the baron how he did it.It is a dog that can be summoned anytime and anywhere by becoming a baron I have also dealt with your predecessor Mr.De Sade a lot Wang Weiyi said calmly Do you know that Mr.De Sade tried to kill me countless times, but in the end, we became friends.What about you, Mr.Berkeley What can you give me No, give me this dog what There is a little despair in Berkeley s words.Many, I can give you what you can t even imagine Wang Weiyi smiled and said Power, wealth, and I will give your mother a special status.A descendant of a French HCMUSSH flurish cbd gummies nobleman Ah, although France has long since lost its aristocracy.But this is where we can take advantage of it, I will have a very detailed family tree compiled, and a lot of weighty witnesses, so that your mother and sister will no longer have to hide all day because of their parentage Tibet Baron Alexon s words made Berkeley s heart throb, and there is nothing greater than this kind of temptation.

Ah, Mr.Wittgenst, he is a member of the Wittgenstein family at all, no wonder he can control a huge fund at this age.Wang Weiyi greeted these French people with a smile A good show is about to begin After the simple welcome ceremony, Rotini wasted no time Gentlemen, As we all know, Dewey Bank has gone through a very terrible storm not long ago.It almost made it impossible for us to continue, but it is gratifying, relying on the efforts of all of us.We have maintained this traditional bank.It will go on However, we have to face the reality that the climate in the whole world is not very good, and New York, the world s financial center, has also suffered severe turmoil.Our investment in the United States has received extremely serious Impact.Some of the American businesses that we poured huge sums of money into are now bankrupt, and I have to admit that is the last thing we want to see The room quickly fell silent.Johnson was even more anxious for the private first class.At this time, he was less than ten meters away from the enemy.Go forward go ahead At this time, another group of new troops began to appear behind them, and they were severely attacked by the enemy as soon as they appeared.Although the previous batches of troops had already attacked.However, due to the tenacious defense of flurish cbd gummies conder cbd gummies the French army, so far there is not a single army Open the offensive gap.Seeing a large number of our own people being suppressed here, and then being violently shot by the enemy.This shocking scene is suppressed in the heart of liberty cbd gummies dr oz leafywell cbd gummies every soldier.I can t care so much, sacrifice a small part of us, In exchange for greater victories, victory is on our side Johansen took the lead and rushed up.All his subordinates followed suit.If it wasn t for this nice gentleman who rescued me , I don t know what my future will be. Ah, sir, you are my savior and Akning.Fatiha s eyes filled with tears You don t know, if I lose Kenin, that is more painful to me than death A good man will always be rewarded.The young man smiled and said, Congratulations on your husband and wife reunion, and this is a gift from me.He put down a document bag in his hand Then, I think it s time for me to leave.Ah, wait, sir, flurish cbd gummies I haven t had time to ask your name yet.Akning suddenly remembered this Serious question Please tell me your name, I can repay you.The young man smiled lightly Ernst flurish cbd gummies Alexson von Brahm.Then he left without looking back Here Ernst Alexson von Brahm, what a strange name.The Aknins had never heard of this man.But Ernst left them a gift.Elliott from the British government using legal means, no matter what happens in the future.The British government must recognize the authenticity and validity of these bonds.Yess didn t even think about saving agreed to come down At this time, he felt that Mr.Elliott s request was really absurd What if he wrote this certification document himself If the Fenton government has always existed, then this bond is of course real and effective, but if the Fenton government collapses.Will the new British government exchange Mr Elliott for the proof of what he has done Perhaps these super rich people have always been insensitive to politics, or they want to use this batch of war bonds to blackmail the new government in the future Then I think our cooperation is very pleasant Paris stood up and shook hands with Yess At this time tomorrow afternoon, I will still be here waiting for you, Mr.At this time, Wang Weiyi was very sure that General Gendra hadn t revealed any real inside informationHe raised his wrist to check the time We have to let them speed up, cbd plus thc gummies flurish cbd gummies otherwise we won t be able to take off on time.ah.These Englishmen like to take their time does cbd gummies have any thc in them in everything they do.As more and more people boarded the plane, Captain Eduardo, who flurish cbd gummies was in charge of escorting these special passengers, came over Gentlemen, the passengers have basically entered wild things botanicals cbd gummies the plane.Captain Eduardo, you must be responsible for maintaining order in the aircraft along the way.Lieutenant Colonel Mills said seriously to his subordinates Tell those people.This is a military aircraft.Not their kitchen or bedroom.Yes, Lieutenant Colonel, I promise to do that. Lieutenant Colonel, with so many people and so much cargo, isn t it too little for Captain Eduardo to only bring three agents with him Wang Weiyi very kindly raised his concerns.As long as he wants, even in London, the heart of England, he flurish cbd gummies can still come and go.No one can stop him, no one And when Commodore Luke ordered a manhunt all over the city At the time of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol , Wang Weiyi had already arrived at Sir Monlington s manor.Sir Monlington never asked how the baron escaped.In his opinion, there is nothing in this world that the baron cannot do matter.Exposure, in Wang Weiyi s view, is nothing extraordinary.Ever since he set foot on this land as Lieutenant Colonel Moyol , he has been prepared for this flurish cbd gummies cbd gummies for libido anytime and anywhere.In fact, it s not bad to think about it carefully.Everything that should be done liberty cbd gummies dr oz leafywell cbd gummies has been done.Now, you can put all your energy into other work.The Axis headquarters has sent a secret message that the New Sea Lion Project will officially start on October 8, 1966 There are still a few days to go.

Shus Major Te gave an En in agreement, and he looked around Captain, have you heard of the Ash Project Yes, I read it in the newspaper, but what is the specifics of this plan It s not something that a low ranking officer like me can get in touch with Wang Weiyi replied while inspecting the factory.Suddenly, he stopped in front of a boiler.He squatted down and looked carefully for a while, then stood up and pointed to the bottom Major, what s under it Major Schuster obviously lowered his voice I just mentioned the Ash Project , And our factory is one of the goals of this plan A cbd thc gummy flurish cbd gummies few days ago, I received an order that explosives must be placed in various core parts of the factory.Once the order is received, these explosives will be detonated immediately.But we were only halfway through, and we received an order to temporarily suspend the plan, but the explosives that had been planted were not allowed to be dismantled What the hell are those damn officials thinking about there Wang Weiyi looked very angry Don t they know how dangerous it is to plant explosives here Once any problem arises, who will bear the responsibility, you or me This is exactly what Major Schuster is most worried about I have reported to my superiors several times, but I have never received the attention they deserveCaptain, maybe you can tell them again The seriousness of the matter, I cannot bear the terrible consequences Major Schuster was venting his inner dissatisfaction This is an arsenal, and one explosion is enough to bring disaster The consequences Wang Weiyi and Major Schuster kept discussing the incredible flurish cbd gummies things they did above, and suddenly the air defense siren sounded sharply.Mr.Adams, once the war breaks out, Colonel Reeves, who is in charge of the left wing attack, must refuse to use all his strength.This can greatly reduce our frontal pressure.Concentrate all your troops and concentrate on dealing with the 7th Brigade of the National Army and the police.force.Yes, Your Excellency the flurish cbd gummies Baron Adams cheered up, but then he was still a little worried Your Excellency, I know that Colonel Reeves is a sympathizer of the revolution, and he has never denied this, but his strong family background prevents the government from taking it easy.Replace him while he remains loyal to the government.If he is forcibly ordered to attack, our empty left wing will be in great danger Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Sometimes the strength of a single person can equal thousands of troops Adams didn t really understand the meaning of this sentence, but he believed that the Baron must have been fully prepared At 10 a.Judging from the battle on the front line, the 36th Brigade has obviously fallen into a disadvantage, and if the main force used to surround Southampton is dispatched at this time, unnecessary losses will inevitably be incurred.Instead of doing this, it is better to let Colonel Enrique and his Blood Rose delay as much time as possible and consume as much of the enemy s vitality as possible.For this reason, he specially issued an order to Colonel Enrique it is allowed to abandon all positions if it is impossible to continue to hold on To be honest, Don Tanner s decision is not much wrong, and it cannot be blamed, but as the war situation changes, everything may become different.Beginning at noon, the Germans significantly stepped up their offensive.Major Stroop and his Skeleton Lancers have received new reinforcements, giving them a huge boost in strength in one fell swoop.Colonel Enrique gathered them all to the three core positions of Liposton, flurish cbd gummies and reported the current situation to General Don jason momoa cbd gummies Tanner, requesting that the reinforcements moving to Southampton arrive as soon as possible to complete the rendezvous with him.One third of the casualties.One third of the casualties were suffered in just over half a day, which made Colonel Enrique s heart bleed.But he must not show this pain in front of his subordinates.As a senior commander, calmness always comes first no matter what time However, Colonel Enrique didn t know at this time that it was his decision that completely ruined the Scarlet Army.Rose is the last .

what is cbd gummies made from?

ray of hope The German offensive suddenly intensified.A large number of armored vehicles and soldiers rushed up at once.Airplanes in the sky and artillery fire on the green roads cbd gummy ground frantically joined the attack.Not including themselves.Wang Weiyi suddenly said Although I don t have much interest in their families, I really want to see them stay in London for the officials.Captain Pattinson, when the war is over, what do devastated Britons most want to see other than trying to rebuild their homeland Captain Pattinson thought for a moment, and soon realized Of course, what they want to see most is the trial of the guy who caused them all this. Yes, in every country.Wang Weiyi nodded So I ask you to closely monitor the movements of those officials, and I believe that their every move cannot be hidden from you.Especially President Fenton, Prime Minister Wilkins and flurish cbd gummies Minister Capanong, they must be tried.This is not only for the British, but also for the Germans.Captain Pattinson agreed without thinking, I promise, I will report to you every day.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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