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He casually muddled the past The sky was getting dark, and the stars were dotted with stars.After arranging the necessary sentry posts, Wang Weiyi quietly came to a corner where there was no one, lying on the ground, looking at the stars in the sky, feeling a little disturbed.I was fighting side by side with a group of strangers in a strange country, and met Adolf Hitler here.Who will you meet in the future You will stay here until November 1, 1918.At that time, you can return to the base after completing the mission.Ziguang will make a new journey.I hope we will have good luck that time.Xiaoling said again It sounded in his ears, which made Wang Weiyi smile wryly.Where will the new crossing go No one can give himself this answer, not even Xiao Ling, who seems to be omnipotent.Wang Weiyi sighed, since fate has already doomed all these arrangements, let s go with it.And the two people behind the tank, with fire breathing guns in their hands, also played the cruelest movement on the battlefield Wang Weiyi Guo Yunfeng A tank stopped suddenly, and the 20mm Breda light anti aircraft gun exposed its bloody mouth that could swallow countless lives.Its target was aimed at the heavy machine gun positions of the British army There was hardly any pause, a shell flew out of the chamber, drew a nearly perfect trajectory in the air, and then accurately landed on the heavy machine gun position With a bang of .

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Boom, the heavy machine gun position was instantly destroyed Oh, God A cry of despair came from Major John s heart.What kind of tank is this In front of them, any resistance is so small At this time, Wang Weiyi took out the radio and started the communication with Xiaoling at the same time Hey, Xiaoling, help me connect to cbd gummy bears 5 mg any channel cbd gummies under tongue that can be connected.Adolf Hitler, are you there Adolf Hitler stood up, and then walked to the witness stand.Schlaf said Mr.Adolf Hitler, please report your number and rank.Corporal, 3rd Company, Supplementary Battalion, 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment. cbd australia gummies cbd gummies viagra en español Were you there that time Yes, I am, sir.Please tell everyone what happened that day Hitler glanced at Hall with icy eyes That day, we received an order to retreat.Captain Ernst fought hard to buy time for us to retreat.When Captain Ernst was still on the front line, Second Lieutenant Hall We have been ordered to retreat.You are right, Mr.Lawyer, Lieutenant Hall, who has deserted his superior Hall opened his mouth, he hesitated to speak, he didn t know what to say.Schlaf immediately asked Corporal Adolf Hitler, please tell us clearly that Second Lieutenant Hall sometimes responded to Lord Alexon Adolf Hitler looked at Hall again, and then a lethal sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth Yes A third exclamation sounded from the gallery.Marshal Hindenburg looked at the time Major Ernst, I hope you leave as soon as possible, I have prepared for you OK car.Very tight schedule.General Ludendorff and I still need to go to His Majesty, work hard, Major Ernst.All for Germany.All for Germany Several senior military generals left the manor, and Crown Prince William stayed behind.He stared at Wang Weiyi for a while Thank you, Baron cbd gummy dosage cbd australia gummies Alexon.You have already said your thanks in court, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.Wang Weiyi replied.But this can t express the gratitude in my heart August smiled I can t imagine what will happen once I fall into the hands of the enemyyou will become a legendary German general, Baron Alexon.I d love to join you in this operation, but I can t because I m the Crown Prince of Germany Wang Weiyi understood his mood very well.Wang Weiyi lit one and took a deep breath Why should I believe you A defected general who is about to be brought back to Germany for trial will always make up some very ridiculous excuses.No, Listen to me Before Kylock finished speaking, a stream of black blood spurted out of his mouth, he clutched his stomach and groaned in pain, and then his whole body limp He fell to the ground Something happened, Ernst Rommel hurriedly supported him, put his finger in his nose, and shook his head He s dead.Wang Weiyi He took a few puffs of the cigarette with his thumb and fingers, and then threw the cigarette cbd australia gummies butt away But our task is also completed, isn t it, Erwin Maybe Major, there are people Stark suddenly cried out in a low voice.Several people cbd australia gummies grabbed the weapons in their hands together, and at this time they saw a large number of enemies appearing Those French soldiers did not shoot immediately.I am Baron Alexon, and I will not deceive you.Wang Weiyi pushed the contract forward.Pipondu and Will discussed in a low voice, and then said excitedly Baron Alexon, what we can guarantee is that every franc of your investment will get a huge return in the future Then they did not hesitate mayim bialik news cbd gummies cbd gummy bears 5 mg Signed his name on the contract Take your money and leave.The contract was accepted.Wang Weiyi distributed the two suitcases cbd australia gummies to them Mr.Fritz will send you out.I wish you good luck.Baron Alexon, I wish you good luck, we will be waiting for you day and night in Paris Arrival.Wang Weiyi watched the two future super rich leave here, and then he heard Xiao Ling s voice in his ear Congratulations, Edifier, you own half of the shares of Chateau Margaux and Montagut from now on., but this method is a bit mean It s vile.Then the tank came into the hands of Ernst Brahm, and the situation changed instantly.When encountering tanks for the first time, Ernst Brahm killed the enemy tanks calmly, and then in the Somme, he commanded three tanks cbd australia gummies to achieve an incredible miracle.And now, there are still three tanks, and the same commander is Ernst Brahm.What kind of miracle will happen again Guderian is becoming more and more interested in tanks That huge skeleton battle flag is always fluttering in the wind.Commanding the other two tanks and all the infantry, they kept moving forward.Cannons and machine guns rang out incessantly.Played the music of death on the battlefield.Under the continuous impact of tanks, the French troops showed a state of chaos and disorder.With so many machine guns firing at the same time, it was simply reaping human lives.Except for the gunfire and the boom of the tanks, no one spoke, and it was an eerie silence amidst the clamor.Approaching Lance little by little The French were unresponsive, running in all directions under German fire.For them, the war has temporarily ended, and what they seek now is only one purpose to survive the war No one to monitor the movements of the Germans on the opposite side, the soldiers are the same, the officers are the same Now, whatever happens on the battlefield has nothing to do with them Crowell The colonel sat wearily in his temporary command post, and even the colonel lost the desire to continue fighting.He never imagined that the battle here was even more brutal than that in Verdun.In Verdun, facing the machine guns and shells crazily clamored by the German army, he successfully completed his task at the expense of the entire regiment However, the Nohi offensive and defensive battle he had just experienced was far worse than that of Verdun.Now that Ernst suddenly became obsessed with airplanes, Richthofen simply painted a biplane in his flying wing into the whole body.Black , to match the nickname of Skeleton Baron , is exclusively for Ernst.Since then, there have been two very special fighters in the German First Flying Wing one is fiery red and the other is cbd gummy dosage cbd australia gummies dark.Of course, Richthofen didn t expect that Ernst would one day drive this black fighter plane to engage in an air battle In fact, Richthofen still has one more thing he doesn t know Ernst knew how to fly a plane a long time pure cana cbd gummies ago.That was when Wang Weiyi was just a candidate for Rambler He flew many types of aircraft, learned how to use them, and how to use them for air combat.However, the biplane is a brand new attempt for Wang Weiyi Wang Weiyi also begged Xiaoling for help, but as he expected, Xiaoling stubbornly adhered to her procedure and would never go Deliberately destroying time and space.These damn Japanese monkeys, why don t you always reassure me What are they trying to do Immediately report to the Chinese government At the same time, China Give them the weapons that zh ngf needs in advance F hrer, I m afraid this is not good Listen, I order you to do this Yes, F hrer.There are General Ernst s Any news No, F hrer, we estimate that General Ernst is no longer alive.No, he is alive.Hitler disregarded the Treaty of Versailles and the Treaty of Locarno by sending troops to the Rhineland.Germany rises again At the same time, the German zh ngf and the Chinese zh ngf secretly signed a large number of military cooperation agreements.The German military officer advisory group and countless German made weapons entered China continuously.Germany is re emerging, and there are cbd australia gummies cbd gummies viagra en español still many difficulties, but Hitler rejected all opinions and resolutely approved a series of aid agreements for China.This gave Wang Weiyi the best chance Several Japanese soldiers protecting Neikouyan Temple saw the three men coming towards the captain, and hurriedly made stabbing moves.Captain, leave this to us Guo Yunfeng said in a deep voice.On the battlefield, always trust your teammates Wang Weiyi didn t hesitate at all, and he didn t care about the Japanese cbd australia gummies army rushing towards him.He had only one goal Neikouyan Temple Next to him, there are naturally teammates to help him block it And Guo Yunfeng and Ouyang Yu did not disappoint Wang Weiyi s trust in them.Baka Seeing the squadron getting closer and closer, the enraged Neikouyan Temple drew out his command saber.When Wang Weiyi rushed in front of him, Neikouyansi slashed at him viciously.With a sound of dang , Neikouyan Temple s command knife fell on Wang Weiyi s gunshot.Look what this says.See what this says.Qian Dexing s complexion suddenly became better, and he stuffed the gold into his pocket.This is twelve taels of gold Wang Weiyi saw that the other party accepted the gold, and he immediately relaxed his cbd australia gummies cbd australia gummies heart, took out a cigarette and sent a cigarette HCMUSSH cbd australia gummies Gen Director Qian, I still need a batch of trucks, can I get them Lighting a cigarette, Qian Dexing took a puff This is not easy to handle.There is a serious shortage bay park cbd gummies website of trucks on the front line.Help me, my brother is in urgent need.Wang Weiyi took out another big gemstone ring and put it in Qian Dexing s pocket Your elder brother helped me with this, brother will never forget.It s good to make friends with rich and generous people, no wonder this kid can even subdue German women.Qian Dexing smiled brightly Go, call me Sun Qinghao.And there.At a glance, .

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Wang Weiyi saw two devils who had survived the sweep and were about to rush to a heavy machine gun.Wang Weiyi took off a Japanese grenade and threw it there forcefully.Boom R himself, who had already touched the 300 mg cbd gummy bear edibles heavy machine gun with his hand, was blown out The intrusion was completed in four minutes While the first commando was firmly suppressing the Japanese army, the second commando had also rushed up.Battle Step Joint Commando eight minutes The thirty minute battle begins Wang Weiyi called out.A catastrophic killing for the Japanese began Several heavy machine guns were set up on the ground, and they immediately began to sweep.The Chinese soldier holding a heavy machine gun had a cold face, the muzzle of the gun was oregon hemp cbd gummies the best online beating mercilessly, and the bullets were pouring out like a rainstorm.I m afraid they won t go.Not going You have to shoot them away with a gun Wang Weiyi said decisively This is our battlefield, isn t it The battlefield of the students Battalion Commander, come here and take a look.Suddenly, Zhang Sandao interrupted them.Werner Heisen Wang Weiyi actually saw Captain Werner Haisen here.Captain Seeing old friend Wang Weiyi, Werner Heisen stood at attention, and only then did he see the other party s rank clearly Ah, mayim bialik news cbd gummies cbd gummy bears 5 mg it s time to call you a major.Since Sanhuqiao.In this country major who can speak fluent German and is very strict and doesn t give the German adviser any face, Werner Heisen doesn t know why there is a strange sense of fear in his heart.It seemed that he had to be afraid of the woman in front of him.Wei.Why are you here Wang Weiyi frowned.Major, cbd gummy bears 5 mg best cbd gummies to quit smoking please don t get me wrong.The second lieutenant who led the team stopped suddenly, and pointed to the distance Hey, look, there are two weird people there.R himself looked there the person walking in front , wearing an m1899 Eagle helmet, and a military field uniform with a medal of merit on it.pedaled.It is m1865 type boots.The man in the back wears an m1896 style officer s large cap, with Bavarian light infantry double cuffs on the sleeves of the field uniform, and an m1894 style Bavarian version of the 6th level marksman ribbon on his shoulders.Hell, who are these two What are they wearing It seems the second lieutenant of the Japanese Army hesitated and said, It seems to be the old military uniform of the German Empire Maybe two retired German veterans drank too much We have to let them go back Second Lieutenant, are they holding guns Can they fire A Japanese soldier pointed to the weapons in the hands of the two Germans.If you can see His Royal Highness, please tell him, the old Captain John Laws sends him the most respectful greetings.The Germans nodded silently, and their eyes fell to the front of the sea.There, there are their dreams.Yannick and his companions began to cbd australia gummies sing in a low voice again His cbd gummies reddit eyes are black, his blood is red, his tanks are galloping, his planes are soaring.The badge made of skulls makes the enemy tremble., the banner of death makes the day no longer rose is his romance, steel is his will Ernst, Ernst, Ernst They chased their dreams, chased the footsteps of the Baron, and they never gave up on themselves dream.On the other side of the sea, they don t know what they will encounter, and they don t know whether they can realize their dreams.But they firmly believe that the skeleton baron will return to Germany sooner or later Three hundred thirty.What about the conditions You know best that I am a greedy person.Riley said without hiding anything.I appreciate your frankness.It s always good to trade with greedy people.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly All the benefits generated by these intelligences belong to you.In addition, I will deposit a large sum of money into your account every year.Enough for you to open a few more stores like this.Of course, I will give you a hundred pounds of gold as the start up capital.Riley became emotional What a temptation, what a challenge I have money and incentives, and I want to build a huge intelligence network among the four countries, so what am I waiting for Baron cbd australia gummies Alexon, your humblest servant Sidney.Riley is at your service.You are shameless, Mr.Sidney.Wang Weiyi laughed.I have to say seriously, I am really excited to be able to work with Baron Skeleton.As he said, he took a thick bag from his side and put it in front of Frank Here is ten thousand dollars, please accept it.Starting next month, you will receive more money every month.Up to three thousand dollars.Frank swallowed, he felt that he couldn t hesitate any longer, if he let go of such a fortune, he would regret it for mayim bialik news cbd gummies cbd gummy bears 5 mg the rest of his life.He put away the bag Mr.Moyol, you are Mrs.Hermione s best friend, which is also my best friend.It s a real honor for a gentleman like you to ask me to do things for you.Well, cbd australia gummies Where is that relative of yours Casanovic, come here, Mr.Moyol said to the guests at the next table.A young man came over Director Frank, hello, I m Kasanovic.Ah, Russian Sit down, sit down.Director Frank asked the waiter to bring a pen and paper, and put a pen on it.He wrote down a few numbers and handed them to Kasanovic This is my office number, you can call me anytime and anywhere.By November, the German army occupied 1.5 million square kilometers of land in the Soviet Union.Defeat the Soviet Union within time and end the war before winter comes.begin On September 30, 1941, Germany launched a blitzkrieg code named Typhoon to Moscow, the capital of the Soviet Union, to capture Moscow before winter, but they failed The failure of the German Army s Battle of Moscow laid the foundation for the turning point of the Stalingrad Battle.On December 6th, the Soviet Army began to counterattack from the outskirts of Moscow The ferocity of the counterattack shocked the German Army.By January 1942, the German Army had 8 divisions After being defeated, the whole situation of the war was reversed.The once invincible cbd australia gummies cbd gummies viagra en español German army has now fallen into a huge passive war and it has become unfavorable to Germany Boom Walker , the third space time shuttle is completedtime January 1942 Xiaoling s voice awakened Wang Weiyi from his slumber January 1942 The day he set was clearly April 30, 1938 He clearly remembered that he cbd gummies creating better days cbd gummies for seniors cbd australia gummies pressed the button on the Ziguang military base that day.This is the Skeleton Battle Flag However, this is not the same as the skeleton flag of the Skeleton Master.The flag of the Skeleton Master has a dark red bottom, which is also a tradition of them the blood red skeleton battle flag can only be used by the Skeleton Commando who are they Why so young Where did they come from Why are you wearing such an old fashioned military uniform Huge skeleton battle banner.Hold it high in the hands of the captain, like a loyal guard, protecting the young general.The officers and HCMUSSH cbd australia gummies soldiers found that the medals worn by the general on his chest were simply dazzling the Grand Iron Cross, the Blue Marx Medal, the Iron Cross First Class God, some medals even some officers can t name them when they pass by At that time, every German officer and soldier had a feeling of being unable to breathe.In cbd australia gummies cbd gummy dosage cbd australia gummies addition, even in 942 the army launched a full scale counter offensive He successfully changed history So what about this time Wang Weiyi remained silent until Ludwig came to his side, he didn t notice, General, terrible day.Ludwig said with lingering fear.Ah, yes, terrible day.Wang Weiyi settled down.Ludwig s eyes were still on the front positions We probably killed 20,000 or 30,000 Russians, but our casualties were also very high.Some positions were breached several times, forcing us to use the reserves in advance., then beat the Russians out.There are still a few days left, and the battle will become even more tragic.Wang Weiyi frowned But we have no other way now, but to be nailed here.Don t back down.He said, thinking for a while For power generation, we need a certain amount of bullets, machine guns, submachine guns, tanks and artillery Let them bring it in for us I need it now Yes, I will generate electricity immediately.Wang Weiyi thought of Sidney Riley, and it seemed that Riley had done a very good job, but he was not going to tell Nicholas the secret As for the spies in Berlin, we must find them in the shortest possible time.Clear it up in time, leave it to me, I think I still have some time before I return to the Russian battlefield.It is difficult to express in words the surprise in Nicholas heart.He didn t expect the baron to have such a strong ability in intelligence besides being invincible on the battlefield.What Wang Weiyi thought at this time was that he had to rely on Xiao Ling, to see if she could help him find a list of spies from World War II.It s not easy.Some spy lists have not been deciphered until his own time.Nicholas chatted with the baron for a while, turned his head, and whispered Baron, the F hrer is here.Petain seemed very enthusiastic.He led all the senior officials of the Vichy zh ngf to welcome the arrival of Baron Alexon, and expressed his respect with words of praise.My most honored thing is that I have fought against the Marshal more than once on the battlefield.Petain said with a cbd australia gummies smile, But the thing I regret the most is that I have never met the Marshal head on on the battlefield.Dieter does cbd oil work better than gummies General Rich originally wanted to say that everyone who met the Marshal had become dead, but when he was so mayim bialik news cbd gummies cbd gummy bears 5 mg happy, it was better not to say such a thing, The Marshal is really young, cbd australia gummies cbd gummies viagra en español this is simply a miracle of God.Deputy Prime Minister of Vichy zh ngf Laval would never give up this opportunity to please the baron The undefeated god of war, the ageless baron, praise God, and praise you, Marshal The undefeated god of war Not old Baron Dietrich felt that Laval had said something quite brilliant.I m sorry Of course he left the restaurant, when applause rang out behind him.I m leaving cbd australia gummies tomorrow, General Dietrich. What a shame.Marshal, I wish you would stay longer in Paris.A few days.Marshal.According to our interrogation, it can be cbd gummy bears 5 mg best cbd gummies to quit smoking confirmed that the assassination in the hospital was carried out by people sent by De Sade.We arrested many participants in the assassination, but only De Sade escaped.It doesn t matter.Wang Weiyi Laugh I know this man too well.He is a veteran intelligence officer, and he is not so easy to be caught by you.But judging from the current situation, he can t make any waves.As long as more French people stand With us, De Sade s living space will become smaller and smaller.Yes, we will firmly remember your words, Marshal.Has that Sophie confessed A few things have been explained, but Obviously she knows more.Sophie seemed lighthearted He breathed a sigh of relief I am the youngest daughter of General De Sade.Wang Weiyi was startled, this is a bit funny, he actually caught De Sade s daughter Your father actually let his daughter stay in Paris to do such a dangerous thing Wang Weiyi was a little puzzled And he even asked you to assassinate me Even if you succeed, you can t leave alive.You don t understand My father.Sophie s tone became very strange, even with some anger and sadness in it He is full of his career, so my mother was not able to see it before she died.His eyes.My two elder brothers were sent to the battlefield by him, and they all died in battle.The same is true of my sister s husband, which made my sister far away from him, and now, it s my turn again Crazy De Sade, Wang Weiyi sighed in his heart.Go, call Guo Yunfeng in immediately Well, General Kleist must admit that his intelligence can t keep up with Marshal Ernst at all But he must firmly believe that anything Marshal Ernst does is to win for Germany.The final victory.Despite the But who shall I send to rescue Marshal Timoshenko What, you want to save Timoshenko General Kleist was taken aback.Don t make such a fuss.Even if Timoshenko is alive, Stalin will never let cbd australia gummies cbd gummies viagra en español him command the army again, because he has lost the last bit of Stalin s trust.Wang Weiyi pondered there for a while I have to find some jewelry and information, and I need reliable people.Guo Yunfeng Seems like he s going fine.Go, call Guo Yunfeng in immediately Well, General Kleist must admit that his intelligence can t keep up with Marshal Ernst at all But he must firmly believe purekana hemp cbd gummies reviews that anything Marshal Ernst does is to win for Germany.These In 2010, with the support of Wang Weiyi and the full help of the Wittgenstein family, Casanovich thrived.The French, Italians, or other forces before New York were all wiped out under the efforts of him and New York Police Chief Frank.Now, the New York gang has become Casanovich s world alone.Director Frank is also good.Also with the support of the huge financial resources of the Wittgenstein family, Frank became the deputy director of the FBI.This is a very high position.Frank is the deputy director of the FBI Wang Weiyi did not expect this.Ah, yes.Kasanovic said hastily He often how much cbd gummy to relax comes to New York, and he will come to me do cbd gummies stop smoking every time, and I will pay him a lot of money as agreed.But recently he is very busy.You have heard One is Charlie.Chaplin s Chaplin That comedy master Kasanovic leaned closer and said in a low voice, He s a filmmaker.If the Turks have you Half assiduous, maybe we don t have to worry so much now Ah, I think I have to say goodbye, see you tomorrow.See you tomorrow, Baron.Looking at the back of the baron leaving, Second Lieutenant Ernie admired him, what a well bred baron.He never imagined that he could meet a real baron in Ankara Flop After a slight sound, another Turkish sentry fell in a pool of blood Klingenberg dragged the body aside and wiped the blood on his hands Baron , how do you know that the defense here is very lax It s really surprising.It stands to reason that such an important place should be heavily best cbd gummies for pain without thc guarded, but Baron Alexon went outside during the day and made a decision to attack the pier when he came back at night.Originally I thought that the Turks on the pier would definitely defend heavily, but I cbd australia gummies never expected that the defense would be so lax.What s wrong, Miss Ruiman Wang Weiyi asked calmly.I m finished, I m finished.Ms.Ruiman kept repeating these words Joe Cole s gold stock is finished, and all my investments are also finished.Those houses and cars are about to be confiscated by the bank, and I asked my brother to borrow money.Ah, there is no need to cause you to panic.Wang Weiyi said very easily The house and car are gone, and you can earn them back slowly.As for the money owed to your brother, you can work hard to shoot The film will be repaid slowly, I believe your brother will not ask you to pay back the money immediately, right Miss Ruiman felt that Mr.Moyol had a strange tone today, but now Mr.Moyol is her only savior In addition to these, I also asked Mr.Casanovich to borrow a large amount of usury Miss Ruiman, this is a little troublesome, isn t it Wang Weiyi poured two glasses of wine and handed over one to the Miss Ruiman That s a gangster.As for the two Egyptians, Wang Weiyi was sure they would not go Report to the police, after all, it is not a glorious thing for the queen to send someone to steal things Okay, Rambler, I think I should go back to my room and sleep, good night.Elena smiled and left here.Damn it, damn it Wang Weiyi was very annoyed.Something very romantic would definitely happen tonight, but the people sent by Queen Farida Ruin all of this.Queen Farida must be made to pay for what she has done Early the next morning, Mr.Roliman sent someone Invited Baron Andrew Toxon to have breakfast with him, and Baron Andrew happily accepted the invitation.During breakfast, Mr.Roliman proposed to Baron Andrew another I s Invitation Mr.Baron Andrew Toxon from Great Britain is invited to a ball at his royal palace in Cairo tonight to celebrate his twentieth anniversary as Crown Prince of Egypt, Prince Said.Hasn t the fuel supply arrived During the few days when Ernst left, the first and second batches of fuel had been delivered, and Rommel was sending someone to transport them to the front line.Wang Weiyi didn t have time Explanation Erwin, stop fuel delivery to the front, await my order.At the same time, the Enigma is still used to generate electricity, and now the German soldiers on the front line are distracted.Mostly unwilling to continue fighting in unfamiliar landsour tanks are out of action and we only have enough ammunition for a medium sized fightthe italians are considering whether to surrender if The British are giving them a hard blow add such words in my name.Colonel Fels has been successfully rescued.From the intelligence analysis he provided, the Allied Forces are planning a strategic offensive.No matter what, Montgomery chose to fight with his soldiers when he had the opportunity to escape from Cairo.From this point of view, he is worthy of respect.It is rare to meet a good opponent, let alone an opponent who defeated me Bismarck really couldn t understand the thoughts of these marshals An opponent who has defeated him before is more likely to arouse his anger, but from the words of Marshal Rommel, it seems that he has great respect for Montgomery.Besides, can the enemy really surrender on time at 9 o clock, as Marshal Rommel said Bismarck didn t quite believe it General, it s strange that the Germans stopped attacking.No cbd gummies shop near me surprise, Bobby, no one knows our history in Egypt better than Rommel.Montgomery smiled slightly He knows we are waiting for the 9 00 This is the time for the British Empire to walk into Cairo with its heads held high.Five hundred and ninety eight.In Cairo No, I am absolutely against it Tamusta s voice echoed in everyone s ears Two hundred thousand troops to fight No, this war has nothing to do with Egypt His sentiments seem special today Excited The war belonging to Egypt is over, we don t need to sacrifice the lives of Egyptian soldiers for Germany, for the so called Axis powers.Two hundred thousand Egyptian troops participated in the war If it is two hundred mayim bialik news cbd gummies cbd gummy bears 5 mg thousand today, then tomorrow Germany will raise If you make more excessive demands, the entire cbd australia gummies cbd gummies viagra en español national power of Egypt will be completely sucked dry What Egypt needs most now is recovery, recovery Please calm down, Tammusta, Deputy Chief of Staff.Under the astonished eyes of countless Egyptian officials In the middle, Canlemu forcibly endured the unhappiness in his heart Germany helped us drive away the United Kingdom, and we have already declared war on the Allies.One day, Mussolini saw a British woman walking towards him with a smile.Mussolini was about to get into the car, watching the British women approaching slowly.Mussolini stood by the car cbd australia gummies cbd gummies for eyes hesitatingly, as if waiting for something.Suddenly the woman pulled out her pistol, and before Mussolini could react, the bullets came whistling.However, the bullet only passed through Mussolini s nostril, and only a layer of skin was injured If it went any further, the fascist leader would be dead This is just the beginning.September 11 of the same year.There was a man named cbd australia gummies Gino.Luchetti s youth wanted to kill Mussolini with a hand grenade.Before doing it, he observed that Mussolini took a Rancha car every day at 10 am to go to work in Palazzo Zigi via the Pia Gate.He prepared two grenades.On the morning of September 11, cbd australia gummies Luchetti hid behind a newsstand early.What I have to say is that everything Baron Alexon does is always so unbelievable.For example, this time, no one would have thought that he, who visited the UK secretly, would appear in such a high profile manner in front what are the top rated cbd gummies of the public.The next day, major newspapers in Europe and the United States published this shocking news on the front pages The war between Germany and Britain is about to end Yes, after this incident, no one doubts cbd australia gummies that Germany and Britain will continue the war, and they may even become an alliance.The United States also heaved a long sigh of relief.Now they can devote all their energy to the war against Japan In the UK, the most unhappy, and even the most angry, is probably Charles de Gaulle.Completely produced a feeling of being abandoned by the British.Baron Alexson of Germany visited England secretly, and no one informed him at all, and he heard some rumors vaguely from other channels.Although the Duke of Westminster is seeing Lord Alexson for the first time.But he was full of affection for the young baron, and cbd australia gummies wished he could continue to keep the baron to discuss those interesting things for a while.It s a pity that there is always a banquet in the world The duke personally sent the baron out, which was rare before.With such an honorable status as the Duke of Westminster, there is probably no one except Baron Alexon.Man deserves what he did.Two cars full of British bodyguards, one behind the other, surrounded the car with Baron Alexon .

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sitting in the middle and drove slowly London at night is full of charming charm, not at all rigid.British.now.Wang Weiyi sat there with his eyes half closed, his body undulating slightly as the car moved.in front of him.Sitting was the British Major Rogermin.When he returned to the front line headquarters, Wang Weiyi immediately pointed to the map and said Tomorrow, the reinforcements of the Soviet army will arrive soon, and they will launch an attack in these places.Order, the SS Skeleton Division and the 12th and 30th Infantry Divisions of the Wehrmacht overnight cbd australia gummies Into the field.The 123rd Wehrmacht Division serves as the general reserveGentlemen.Can anyone tell me where the Alcor Group and the Imperial Division are now Reporting to the Marshal, they are in Herbert.Under the command of nature ones cbd gummies General Val, he advanced along Maslow in cover.Before we launch a general counteroffensive, the Alcor Group and the Imperial Division must complete the encirclement of the enemy in time Wang Weiyi s tone is unquestionable Has the rest of the Second Armored Army started to move Yes, Marshal.But what is it People are always going to die, but people always have to do something before they die.The breakout is still going on, but now the breakout looks a little messy.Under the powerful assault of the German army, the Soviet army s organizational system began to be disrupted, and cbd gummy dosage cbd australia gummies the commander could no longer control his troops well.Wang Weiyi witnessed all this with his own eyes.From the beginning of the siege, he fought resolutely.This victory will definitely belong to Germany, and any resistance from the Russians will be futile.And this is just the prelude to the future battle of Stalingrad He glanced at General Paul Hauser standing beside him What do you think, General Very brave soldier, I They are talking about the Russians Paul Hauser is a very frank general, he said matter of factly They can die without hesitation, they don t care about their own lives at all.Desu will do everything in its power to fight.This is a battle cbd gummies make you tired that will determine the fate of the two countries, and even the fate of Europe and the world.Soldiers from both countries will fight bloody battles on this battlefield.The collision of steel and steel, the fight of blood and flesh Countless people will soon die here, and countless souls will soon be swallowed up without a trace by this battlefield No one Will shrink back in fear, everyone will show their loyalty to the country here Fight soldiers For the honor of the country, for the dignity of the soldiers The loud and clear singing is sounding on the battlefield, and the rolling torrent of steel will soon gather into the most magnificent chapter on the battlefield Burn Stalingrad Burn USSR Marshal Ernst Brahm, like any war in the past, decisively joined the most dangerous and difficult battle on the front line.and.We mobilized so many troops, not only without success.Instead do you think Moscow will agree Khrushchev sighed.Davamirsky has been shot, and he has become the new scapegoat, so where is the next scapegoat Orders, Comrade Voroshilov must overcome all difficulties, without interruption To launch an assault on the German army, a major breakthrough must be completed today Vasilevsky s voice suddenly became extremely firm Don t be afraid of sacrifice, we have sacrificed so many comrades Command, cbd australia gummies cbd gummies viagra en español Comrade Malinovsky, divide the part into two, Repairing fortifications on the other side of the Terek River Khrushchev was taken aback, is the Marshal already planning for the worst If the Germans win, they will forcefully cross the Terek River soon When the Terek River is lost, it will be related to whether the new defense of Stalingrad can be established.Goodbye, my motherland.After Voroshilov finished speaking, he raised his cup cbd australia gummies For our family For our family, Comrade Marshal Voroshilov, farewell.After Varennikov finished speaking, he drank the wine in the glass in one gulp.Farewell These are the last words Voroshilov left in this world.Kliment Yefremovich Voroshilo, known as the Red Marshal , he fought extremely bravely, frog cbd gummies and the Soviet Union During the era of the purges he took an active part in suppressing the Red Army generals.But he lacked commanding skills.After he took over the post of former enemy commander in chief of cbd australia gummies the Stalingrad Front, his incompetence led to the largest defeat of the Soviet Army.On the night of March 28, 1943, Marshal Kliment Yefremovich Voroshilo and his Chief of Staff Valennikov committed suicide in his headquarters.I don t like it either.Wang Weiyi said with a smile I hope what happens here will be the last war we have ever experienced and you Marshal, what will you do after the war asked Mordel.Me Wang Weiyi s face became a little dignified Seriously speaking, I don t know what I should do.Maybe I will leave Germany again and pursue what I really want.What do you want Model asked very seriously.Maybe this is the only chance to get his true inner thoughts from the baron s mouth.Who is not interested in what Baron Alexon is thinking want to go home.Wang Weiyi said lightly But now, I feel that whether I can go home is no longer so important, no matter where it is, it will be my home.Going home Wang cbd gummies for seniors cbd australia gummies Weiyi has probably regarded the Ziguang military base as his other home since this time Six hundred and ninety five.In the previous series of battles, the Red Army suffered heavy losses.I don t think we have any chance of victory in a short period of time.Now, I ask you to lead the main Soviet party and government immediately The agency evacuated to Leningrad, where I will personally command the army to defend Moscow against the enemy Comrade Zhukov, you must evacuate with me Stalin said quickly.Comrade Stalin, someone must command here.Zhukov didn t seem to consider his own safety I want to fight the German army here for the final decisive battle Stalin understood the meaning of his words The loss of the Soviet Union The situation has become unacceptable, and the newly formed legions don t cbd australia gummies have much fighting power at all.And even if the factories in the Soviet Union were fully equipped with machines, they would not be able to make up for the losses on the battlefield.Wang Weiyi was standing at the joint in Moscow, wearing a worker s uniform, a peaked cap, and holding a rifle.He looked no different from the soldiers in the workers armed forces.The whole of Moscow has been turned into a fortress, and everyone in it is a soldier.Once the war breaks out, this fortress will take countless lives.The machine of war is already running, and no one can stop it Behind Wang Weiyi, Guo Yunfeng and Klingenberg followed, and the Sidney Death Squad was ready to provide fire support at any time.These guys are in the enemy s capital, the heart of the enemy, but there is no sign of worry or fear on their faces, and on the contrary, they are even eager to try.Adventure has long been commonplace for them, and they may not be able to survive without this kind of life.They long for danger to be with them at all times.Seven hundred and thirty nine.The Germanic Covenant But one thing I can be sure of, the end of Caesar and the Roman legion is coming Immediately, this sentence caused a commotion among the leaders.The end of Caesar and the Roman legion is coming This baron is simply crazy.Dada Lite didn t believe it at all Master Baron, I once again I salute you for your valor, but are you really going to destroy the whole Roman legion with your four men, oh no, seven men Then unless I m crazy.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly To defeat Caesar and his Roman legion, all of us must unite Dadalut s face showed sarcasm It turns out that, in fact, after all, we still want us to work hard for the Germanians Wang Weiyi ignored him at all Where are the leaders of the Teutonic people and the Simbri people Two sturdy and burly warriors stood up.Are these damn Romans still planning to kill themselves But the current problem is that the Roman soldiers couldn t resist the fast and fierce charge of the three person squad, especially after discovering the baron s actions, Germanian soldiers such as Anlugus and Tibius also took the initiative to join In the action of Lord Baron.It was getting closer, and to Su Keers embarrassment, he couldn t even escape.Once cbd gummies for seniors cbd australia gummies you escape, it will have a great psychological impact on your subordinates.Su Keers gritted his teeth and grabbed a spear.He is also a famous warrior among the Romans, and he decided to have a face to face contest with the guy wearing the skull mask.Already able to see the man in the skull cbd gummies for seniors cbd australia gummies mask, Su Keers clipped his horse and rushed towards the man in the mayim bialik news cbd gummies cbd gummy bears 5 mg skull mask, gnashing his teeth.This made Wang Weiyi a little headache, he really didn t like coral cbd gummies ingredients such a scene.Just when he was thinking about finding a way to escape, Xiao Ling had already contacted him first. The Roman Legion has a new trend.This made Wang Weiyi a little surprised.According to his estimation, the defeated Caesar would not take any action for a long time, but how could there be a new attack Everything he did in Rome was for the sake of the Germanic tribes.Once there was any mistake there, the course of the matter would be out of his control.Go back to Germany immediately.Wang Weiyi made such a decision without the slightest hesitation.He found Pompey and told him that he would go to find food for Pompey and Rome, and when he came back again, a cartload of food would appear in Rome.Pompey was overjoyed.You know, he hasn t been doing very well in Rome recently, he lost face at the Sea God Festival, and probably cbd australia gummies half of the people in Rome are laughing at him now.Don t worry, I won t let go of such a good wine It s rare that the governor of Centumarus is so generous.He actually sent so much of his fine wine.We have a mouthful of wine today Hellman, speak up, Did you hear what we said Keluman was obviously impatient.I didn t miss a single word you said My friends, if I m not mistaken, we re in trouble Heilman poured a glass of wine down his throat and said.What kind of trouble Wuyer, who is delicate, asked, and at the same time, he didn t forget to shout good wine How could he tell these like minded partners Could it be that you tell them I have come to the conclusion based on the eyes of Centumarus and a little clue Centumarus has discovered the conspiracy This is just a little too ridiculous Heilman smiled wryly, and then reached out to the clay pot of wine.But Seeing that Hannah still wanted to argue, Kroll interrupted her impatiently mayim bialik news cbd gummies cbd gummy bears 5 mg Follow my orders, don t forget, I cbd australia gummies am the head of state of Germany.Hannah sighed softly, and left the head of state s office A sneer was always on Kroll s face.He used to admire the Baron Skeleton infinitely, but now, he feels that he is young The idea at the time was so absurd and ridiculous.What kind of baron, what kind of head of state Adolf Hitler, what kind of skeleton commando, that is already a thing of the past.The people who brought countless glory and glory to Germany at the beginning are now corpses.Of course , including his father, old Nicholas.He felt that his father s thoughts were really puzzling.Don t forget that old Nicholas and the skeleton baron were sworn enemies back then, and no one would put the other to death.Wang Weiyi smiled and refused his request We will fight very hard, and you are not a real fighter cbd australia gummies yet.Ham felt a little regretful Major, will I be able to see you again in the future Yes, but only if you get back to Berlin alive.Wang Weiyi said as he took a gun and threw it to Ham Hold it, when you encounter an enemy, you know cbd australia gummies what you should do. I know.Ham took the gun Major, I promise you, I will be able to return to Berlin alive Seeing Ham return to the team and slowly disappearing from his sight, Wang Weiyi came to the side and opened Xiaoling s communication Xiaoling, I need you to help me connect with the German Front Command connect.Okay, I was able to get in touch with General Olitz of the Second Armored Corps.After a while, the German SS 2nd Panzer Corps Command was connected, and Wang Weiyi heard the person answering the phone was a little surprised I need to talk to General Olitz immediately, it s an emergency, repeat it again.From this point of view, Americans have not been dazzled by wealth.Wang Weiyi politely expressed his thanks.At this time, the phone on the desk rang, and Brigadier General Jonson answered the phone.He listened for a while, said a few words, and then put down the phone Major Davyn.I m afraid you have some things busy enough.The skeleton commando that blew up Schrotenberg attacked Longenberg again, and we There is reliable information, they are approaching Dessau.David shrugged easily Let them come, I hope they can come to Dessau alive Wang Weiyi s eyes flashed Fierce eyes, who betrayed the news that the Skeleton Commando is coming to Dessau to the Americans so quickly I remember that I only talked about it with General Olitz, HCMUSSH cbd australia gummies and General Olitz probably already reported the matter.Are there spies at the top of Germany But at present, he and Leoni are still safe, and the Americans would never think that a member of the skeleton commando has sneaked into Dessau.what do you want to do cried Annette.But soon.Her lips were sealed by the Baron s.Annette made a woo woo sound from her mouth.The body kept swinging there.But gradually, under the baron s kiss, her hands and feet stopped struggling.Even though the baron had let go of his hand, Annette didn t notice it at all.Instead, he wrapped his arms around the baron s neck, catering to the baron s kiss to his heart s content.She completely relaxed herself, enjoying everything that was happening to her.I don t know how long the crazily kissed, the baron s mouth suddenly left.This made Annette suddenly uncomfortable and a little disappointed.Wang Weiyi stood up.Then he pulled Annette up, and he saw that Annette s face was red, so red that it made people intoxicated.He helped Annette clean the dust from her clothes, and then he took her into his arms and whispered in her ear This environment is not suitable for good cbd gummy bears 5 mg best cbd gummies to quit smoking things to happen.It seems that in the baron s heart, pastor cbd gummies the value of the treasure far exceeds that of the beautiful baroness.Then, after sending my wife away, we can start digging for the treasure officially.Ha Castle begins Wang Weiyi said vigorously.Brigadier General Johnson hesitated and said Aren t you really going to keep your wife General, that s just a woman.Wang Weiyi laughed When the treasure of William II is unearthed, I don t even have the title of baron.And I know my wife too well.When she returns to the Netherlands, she will never reveal anything about the treasure to anyone.Otherwise, she will also be held accountable by the royal family and her title will also be stripped.Regarding the status of Baroness, she was more important than anyone else.This shameless baron Brigadier General Johnson and Daveyne had such thoughts in their hearts at the same time Wang Weiyi gently pushed the door open.Some U.S.soldiers have already entered the building, and then .

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quickly established a temporary forward base in the building, and then more U.S.soldiers poured into the building.Corpses can be seen everywhere, and the militants remained in a fighting stance until their deaths.This also made those American soldiers gasp, what kind of enemies they encountered Even though the building was under control, the gunfire never stopped for a moment Grenades were constantly being thrown.The booming explosion made this building a hell on earth.Major Konrkoff had lost about seventy of his men, and he had less than thirty combatants left.And they know it well.They have nowhere to escape.Major Konlkoff didn t have the slightest fear.His only regret was that he didn t fulfill Colonel Papasolovsky s entrustment.Became a member of the Allied Forces.Colonel Wennery, cbd australia gummies who commanded the unit, was very satisfied with the regiment s performance so far.In the case that the Americans have been unable to attack Antwater for a long time.The 1st Ranger Regiment joined the battle in time and quickly gained the initiative on the battlefield.Today tomorrow at most, those stubborn Germans on the opposite cbd gummy bears 5 mg best cbd gummies to quit smoking side will definitely not be able to hold on Colonel, some French are going to pass by here.The sudden report surprised Colonel Wennery French What are the French doing here He walked out of his command post and saw a large group of French soldiers negotiating with the sentries outside the command post.The leader was a young officer, Wenneri frowned tightly Go, check to see if there are any French troops near us.Colonel Wenneri was very cautious, he must not let himself Troops have any problems.This army moved around, and its whereabouts were erratic.Behind them, there were still a large number of American soldiers chasing them, but they couldn t be caught.Associates of those idiots.Nothing can be done.Actually let these Germans go to Ibor.However, Colonel Gay was not too worried.He had a complete reinforced regiment in his hand, and he had enough artillery and ammunition, so he was absolutely sure of defending here.Besides, HCMUSSH cbd australia gummies reinforcements would arrive within three days at most.The strength of the U.S.military is not continuous, in order to deal with the Germans who resisted stubbornly.They had to put all their strength into it, from getting Ibor under attack to deciding which troops to use as reinforcements.When it comes to arrival, time is of the essence.Order the troops to step up their guard and prepare for battle.Marshal Otto Moritz Walter Model, I command, the North African Army, organize defenses on the spot, and you will also receive the reinforcements you need.Marshal Boncrere Hessen, I command, in our Before arriving, not a single soldier of the baron s guard is allowed to move who is this who is this Who is this important person in Fels mouth, who dared to issue orders directly to the three marshals of Germany Those who haven t reacted yet, broke their heads and didn t think Fritz Erich von Manstein takes your orders Field Marshal Otto Moritz Walter Model takes your orders Field Marshal Bon Crayley Heisen accepts your order Marshal At almost the same moment, the three marshals whose names were called stood up and said loudly.At this moment, their subordinates suddenly discovered that the cbd australia gummies cbd australia gummies eyes of the three marshals were filled with tears.At this time, besides the Empire State Building, who else where to buy hazel hill cbd gummies would listen to the order of the head of state Ernst.Once Bram returns, the whole of Berlin seems to cbd australia gummies have gone crazy and swears allegiance to him.How s the situation of the Empire State Building Claire asked suddenly.It s pretty stable for the time being.Wolfe replied through the interface General Vip, who is in charge of the Empire State Building Guard, and General Bach, who is in charge of the cbd gummies for diabetic Homeland Storm Division, are still loyal to you from the present point of view.It s just that a small incident cbd australia gummies happened before I came in.Question, Ernst Brahm and Bach talked mayim bialik news cbd gummies cbd gummy bears 5 mg on the phone.Kroller s expression turned ugly What was the content of the call Ernst asked Bach to surrender, but Bach didn t make a choice right away.Wolf was a little distressed Although Bach will not betray you immediately, I am worried that he will make some choices against his will because he is afraid of the Baron Skeleton.Before arresting those traitors, I promised that Berlin would not bleed.This time, Berlin will bleed.Our blood.And the blood of the enemy We will be everywhere Fighting the enemy, we will turn Berlin into a giant meat grinder.Then, we, will fight back Not only the Germans, but also the Allied forces are also listening to the broadcast from Berlin, including the Allied forces The commander in chief of Westmoreland What makes Westmoreland feel helpless is that no matter what method the Allied technical department adopts, as long as Ernst is willing.His voice can always spread in any corner.How on earth did he do all this counterattack Under the precarious situation in Berlin, Ernst Brahm actually wanted to fight back in a whimsical way Westmoreland really wanted to laugh at Ernst Brahm to his face.Even those cold guns that are constantly on the battlefield have disappeared, as if War is far from the city.Although peace is short, it is better to have a short peace than to never see the hope of peace.The children wake up cbd gummy dosage cbd australia gummies in the morning and can see the gifts from Santa Claus.From childhood They had experienced the torment of the war, and now they finally showed a smile on their faces.This is their happiest day of the year.At 10 o clock, the Germans who had breakfast gathered on the TV, radio, and street speakers one after another.Before the trumpet, on this day Ernst Alexson von Brahm will deliver a Christmas message.Just before Christmas, the Baron had brought the best Christmas gift to the Germans.He brought today s excitement to Berlin with a hearty victory, and he also made the Germans more convinced that the Baron Always the invincible Baron Alexon However, it was not the familiar young face on the TV, nor was the familiar voice coming from HCMUSSH cbd australia gummies the radio and speakers.An old voice stood up from Heisenberg s side 129 soulsoh, baby, look at youyou have indeed become a more powerful weapon I knowI knew you could do it The legendary old sniper Bolorsky stroked his rifle intoxicatedly, and rubbed his exaggerated beard lovingly against the wood grain on the gun.An armored soldier ran back cbd australia gummies from the river and shouted The pilot s face Shattered by bullets, the cabin glass was smeared with blood.Only one bullet Rutherford opened his mouth wide, unable to believe what he heard.Everyone s eyes were on the bearded sniper.The seasoned Bolorsky calmly brushed his mustache, happy He laughed happily Grandpa is home children The appearance of Major Bolorski successfully resolved the conflict between the infantry and the armored soldiers.The old sniper is a highly respected soldier.Bad news continued to reach Lieutenant General Boschek s ears, and what made him even more incredible was that, judging from the battle reports ahead, Italians cbd australia gummies seemed to appear among the Germans.At that moment, Lieutenant General Boschek felt a little confused.Italian Isn t that your ally The dubious lieutenant general risked himself to appear on the front line.He tried his best to identify the attacking troops, and soon got the result that made him dumbfounded Italians are really assisting the German attack And what the hell is that the Italian, who has always been so clumsy on the battlefield and has been made a laughingstock countless times, actually behaved so bravely this time Those Italian infantry, under the cover of German tanks.Braving cbd australia gummies fierce artillery fire, they bravely launched continuous and fierce attacks on the enemy s position.Peter Goff.The genuine invitation letter was purchased by Capone from the secretary of Minister Andreas for a sum of money.Mr.Andreas didn t know how many guests he had invited, and all of them were arranged by his secretary.All he had to do was sign his name on the invitation letter.This invitation letter allowed Wang Weiyi to pass the security inspection at the gate smoothly When entering cbd gummy dosage cbd australia gummies the manor, Wang Weiyi suddenly had a funny feeling.It is already the 1960s, but in Moscow, in the whole of Russia, there is still a group of old fashioned aristocrats who strictly abide mixing cbd gummies and alcohol by the cbd australia gummies cbd gummies viagra en español old traditions.This is probably only the case in Russia When entering the manor, men and women can be seen everywhere, and everyone is talking about the banquet with great interest.The rebellion in Ukraine will be quelled soon.If there were reservations before, then this time Berlin showed its full strength the strength from the Constant base The noisy artillery fire shook the entire earth, and the shells fell one after another, interweaving the cruelest but also the most magnificent scene on the battlefield.War since we have chosen war let the war be more violent A smile blooms at the corner of Wang Weiyi s mouth It s March 21, 1966in Berlin, on the eastern and western fronts of the German capital, the German army launched a full scale counterattack.The Luftwaffe, which had temporarily disappeared on the battlefield for a long time, soared in the sky again under the command of Marshal Manfred Richthofen.To the dismay of cbd gummy dosage cbd australia gummies the Allied Forces, in the previous bombings, they have never been able to find the secret air force base in Berlin, and this, all the credit should be attributed to the Ziguang military base.God, it was too fast, it was too fast.Your Excellency the Grand Duke, more than half of the 102nd Infantry Division of the 12th Army was killed or injured.The German offensive is too fierce Another new piece of information Gregory found his lips tremblingIf no subordinates were around, his body would also tremble Retreat As the supreme commander on the battlefield, Gregory asked such a question that he shouldn t have asked.Although the chief of the general staff, Marshal cbd australia gummies Donaski, is a flatterer, he is still a soldier, and he is much wiser than the Grand Duke Your Excellency, the Grand Duke, you must not retreat now, otherwise the entire battlefield will fall into chaos.Although the Germans have come, and They cbd gummies for pain relief dosage are aggressive, but their main force has not yet arrived.We are fully cbd gummies 20 mg per piece 600 mg total capable of reorganizing the defense.What this country needs is a sycophant like Marshal Donarski.Or someone hemp bombs 2000mg cbd gummies 70ct who dared to resist like Marshal Kerkrock.Alas, Warren Katzky is neither.So, in the end, he could only face such an ending Warren Katzky put down the wine glass in his hand Your Excellency, don t just discuss my problems, what good do you have for war What do you think Dalkrenff smiled wryly In fact, we all know the final outcome of the war, the only difference is that you bravely said it, but I couldn t do it.A hopeless war.Is it But we still have to persevere here, waiting for the hopeless hope.Until we all die in battle, maybe all go to the prisoner of war camp.No need to persuade me anymore, I am not like you All I can do is obey.Warren Katsky smiled desolately Then, I think I should go back to my position.Wait, General Warren Katzky.He won t give them face because of a woman, people are always like this, greedy desires can always overwhelm normal reason Milosevic, who has a violent personality, is the first to be unable to restrain himself , he finally couldn t help visiting Solkina.At the beginning, he was still able to restrain himself, and only vaguely asked whether Gregory had hidden property that had not been reported, and hoped that Solkina could report it truthfully, so that he could have an account with the coral cbd gummies review special investigation committee, otherwise if he was caught If found out, even Solkina would be in big trouble.But Solkina answered very simply no, all property has been lost in the United States.Milosevic changed his cbd gummies kaufen face.He looked at Solkina s house You still live in such a spacious house and live such a HCMUSSH cbd australia gummies cbd australia gummies luxurious life.I will delay for a long time in Bielerted.Yes, Marshal, I need to leave more for you Some troops No, it s enough to have my guards Wang Weiyi never seemed to worry about his own safety.Perhaps it seemed to him that there was a great deal of fun in adventure.The manhunt for Ryan began overnight.Bielerte is not a very large city, and there are not many places for people to hide.And what is certain is that Ren has definitely not left here.He must be hiding somewhere in BielerteWang Weiyi even personally joined the hunt for RenThey don t have a photo of Ren in their hands.Ren was a very cautious person when he came out.He was very worried that Gorte would be discovered by the Germans, so he deliberately did not leave anything related to him.And this has also brought great difficulties to the search Ren must know that the Americans will send special forces to rescue him.De Boer s The bayonet stabbed deeply into the enemy s stomach, but at this moment, cbd gummy dosage cbd australia gummies the enemy s bayonet also stabbed into his stomach Both of them held their cbd gummies for seniors cbd australia gummies guns tightly Ken let go.They just stabbed the bayonet in the enemy s body, and then stood face to face before De Boer lost his life.He still remembers a wound on the enemy s face Scars Finally, De Boer and his enemy let out a heavy sigh from their throats, and then cbd gummies for seniors cbd australia gummies let go of their guns together and fell limply on the cursed battlefield Derby Carl Sloan saw his best friend die with his own eyes, he roared angrily, and angrily fought with the enemy in front cbd gummy dosage cbd australia gummies of him.They lost their weapons, and they rolled and wrestled on .

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the ground like two wild beasts.At this moment they forgot their fear, and at this moment their hearts were filled with anger.Peter nodded at him and said nothing.Pozik picked up the quantum walkie talkie on his shoulder.Out of breath, he said Gormandel 40da called Gomandel HQ, we have restrained the non combatants in the waiting hall.I repeat, we have restrained the non combatants in the waiting hall.Over Gormand 40da, take care of those people, and we will send a helicopter to pick you cbd australia gummies up.I repeat, keep those people in check, and shoot as a last resort, and we will send a helicopter to pick you up.Over.Brother Mande 40da received, over.Edmund took out a pack of cigarettes from his arms, and took out a cigarette from it.He lowered his head and lit himself with a lighter, and then began to puff.This group of people is really troublesome.Some German soldiers shuttled among the group of non combatants lying on the ground, searching their bodies carefully.Oops, be careful You are waiting for us at the cbd gummies for seniors cbd australia gummies base, and you must take care of yourself.Remember, don t eat my breakfast alone Understood, don t worry Settled the two wounded and one After removing the dead body, Pozik forcefully closed the sliding door on the side of the cabin, and then patted the windshield in front of the cab, indicating that the helicopter could leave.The helicopter began to pull high, and then flew away with another helicopter in charge of security.Okay, let s go Platoon A withdrew the temporary line of defense and continued to move forward.This time the sound of gunfire was significantly less, leaving only the sparse sound of guns and guns in the distance and the sound of rain.But the soldiers didn t dare to neglect.They put the butt of their guns on their shoulders and tensed their nerves.Boom boom boom The heavy machine guns of the U.S.armored vehicles fired unscrupulously, hitting the Germans so hard that they didn t even dare to raise their heads.Fragments of mud, brick and soil were shot everywhere by large caliber bullets.Connor ran across the street with a rifle in his arms, jumped into a muddy crater, soiled his clothes or his clothes were dirty he lay on his stomach in the crater, Unfastened the muddy individual anti tank rocket launcher and armor piercing projectile from his back, and then stuffed the armor piercing projectile into the back of the anti tank rocket launcher.Connor s entire body was submerged in the filthy water of the crater.The raindrops hit the dirty water in the crater densely, splashing countless dirty ripples.Connor flipped the safety pin on the anti tank rocket launcher with his fingers.And I m still alive.Really, I absolutely don t want such a tragedy to happen to me again He pulled his hand out of his pocket, and a pistol appeared in front of Sam s eyes The strange thing was that Sam didn t have any fear at all.The smile on his face became even stronger Dear Mr.Lantes, I know that this day will definitely appear, and I have already prepared for it.You probably don t know one thing, if the news of my death spreads Go out.Then in one day.What you and I have done will soon be known to all France Lantes hands trembled.Hell, it never occurred to him that Sam would do such a thing.This is also the situation he fears the most.Despicable Langtes scolded angrily.Ah, yes, sometimes I think I m mean.Sam said with a smile, But I can t help but think about my can cbd gummies cause heartburn own safety.If I really mean mean, then I think we are actually the same kind.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, please tell me some more detailed information.Wang Weiyi talked to him a lot, which surprised Nash s bodyguards not far away.In their impression, Mr.Nash had never talked with someone for such a long time in such a place.I will Do as you say.Finally, Nash let out a long breath I will wait for your notice, and then eradicate all those who attempt to endanger the country.And I will not let you down either.Wang Weiyi said lightly In addition, there are some things.We have prepared some evacuation lists in advance, mainly for the family members of government officials.work.Mr.Nash, I know that some unpleasant things have happened between you and your wife, but I can still provide you with the convenience of evacuating them first.Speaking of cbd australia gummies his wife, Nash s face flashed a gloomy, yes, he was really sorry for his wife.Brown.I will never let such a tragedy happen in my city However, he did not have much confidence when he said these words.He is very clear that if this incident cannot be resolved quickly, the situation will only intensify and become out of control.He has already received news that the black people in Oakland are about to move, trying to give the Black Panther Party the most powerful support.It would be very scary if this happened The entire city of Auckland will be thrown into chaos.No one can take on such a responsibility.I will never become the sinner who condoned the black thugs One thousand eighty seven.The speaker situation has actually gotten a little out of control.The blacks in Castri College are well armed how to make homemade cbd gummies justcbd beyond previous imagination, and they milligram cbd 5 piece gummies even have rocket launchers.Attacking has become very difficult.The matter is not over yet.Wang Weiyi suddenly said at this time Lieutenant Colonel Mills will not admit it so easily, Captain, from my personal point of view, I suggest you take some special measures to stabilize your own Otherwise, once Lieutenant Colonel Mills has cbd australia gummies cleared himself of his crimes, I think he will take revenge on you first, no one likes a person who betrays himself, right Captain Pattinson couldn t help but hit A shiver.Yes, what Lieutenant Colonel Moyol said is absolutely correct, he must not let Lieutenant Colonel Mills out no matter what, otherwise, he will be the one who suffers.So you need a solid and reliable alliance.Wang Weiyi smiled and told the other party what the right choice should be And what I am happy for you is that you already have such an alliance that you desperately need.He actually said that his father still loves him, and he still loves him deeply.Does he really think he is a three year old child William, stop it.Elliott said in a low voice, This is a war between two countries.It is actually a war between a father and a son.The baron doesn cbd australia gummies t want to see it.Do you want to keep going like this William Shaking his head No, I won t stop the war.Do you want to go on like this forever Elliot s voice was raised because of anxiety Do you really think you can defeat the Baron He has always been an undefeated myth on the battlefield.Have you seen the current situation The baron has firmly controlled the victory of the war, most of Germany s territories have been recovered, France, Russia, and Italy have all left the Allies one after 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proud to be a member of the Wittgenstein family.Not only did he appear here desperately, but he even came to persuade himself to surrender.Mr.Annuo.I respect your courage, but I don t know what kind of confidence you have to say such a thing.Vitak looked at the other party as if looking at a monster Is it because of your A mob that has not had any military training No, I don t rely on those mobs, I rely on the courage that Her Majesty the Queen bestowed on me.Anuo remained calm I think.You probably have seen It s the direction of the war.Yes.You can arrest me now, or even shoot me, but our victory is no longer something you can reverse.Vice Chairman Whitaker, the powerful Queen s Army and the powerful Axis Soon will be storming Southampton and you will be arrested, then you will meet the same fate and be shot for brutally murdering a loyal subject of Her Majesty s Majesty.All American soldiers stationed in London immediately lay down their arms surrender Waiting on the spot for Axis soldiers to receive military facilities such as barracks.The American war is cbd australia gummies over At cbd gummies for seniors cbd australia gummies the same time, the Axis Revolution was also announced to London.They accepted the surrender of the Americans, and at the same time demanded that the Axis soldiers, guerrillas, and all British people participating in the uprising should maintain order and not allow any harm to the surrendered enemy.The end of the war is only one aspect.After the war, there are still many things waiting for the victor, including the post war negotiations with the United States and the reconstruction of the country.Crazy revenge at this time is definitely not a wise choice.The gunfire in London fell silent.And when this news reached the so called presidential palace, every official who continued to resist was dumbfounded.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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